Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1860 Page 7
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^ the fatal result* 01 buuu a course, and siJEcieut iuSuence with their youug Emperor to prevent hun ruSuUig madly on his destruction. Movements of Mr. Donglsi. BuLTlllOKk. August 34 18'jO Senator Doughs Arrived here at one o'clock t > day. Ho was receiv-d by a committee and esoorted to the hotel lie left for Norfolk tbii afternoon H will address the cit.z<n3 of this city on his return, in ubov.t two weeks. Ciovernoi Uunki snrt the Illinois Ccntrul Rwllroud. Bohtov. August 3*. 1880 A rumor apparently well founded, states that Gswior Banks has accepted the Presidency of the Illinois Ueutrsl Railroad, and that in corsequencc he will decline a re . nomination for Governor ol Massachusetts Boston, Augurt 24?10 P M The withdrawal of GovtriHir Banks is conflruu-J, and the announcement cimin^ unexpectedly, just previous sn ih.? KKsembiinr of the Republican Sute Convention. active caLvara has already commenced for a gubcrnuto rial nomination. Among prominent gantlemca named are A. H. Rice, John A. Andrew, G. 3 Bontwell. and E. j a. Keilogg. fnugreaslonitl Nomination. PuiLADairara, August 24, 1400 Ttie republican* of the First Congressional Jistiict of I Sew .'ereey have nominated Hon John T. Nixon for re- ' election. Chic .too, August 24. 1*90 The Democratic Congressional Convention fin- the 1 :rs district, held at Rockport today, notniuated 7. A C Beard for Congrefs. Rockland, Me., Ajgutt 21. 1800 The democrats of the Third Congressional district u Convention to Cay, nominated A W .lolioson, of B>irnt. tor (Vug era, and Kdwin Smith, of Warren, for Pr s dental elector. Front IVtahlngton Washihoton, August 24 IviO | Surgeon Wbelan, chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, has been ordered on a tour of inspection, and will vilit the naval hospitals and sick quarters between Norfolk and Poi Lsmoulh, N. H. The slcamsh.p PowUa tan wt1! be despatched for Rpecial service in the Gulf. Drat met I ve Fire In Oswego. Osaku i, August 54. litjO A hie last nignt destroyed the worksnop aa<l p-aning mill of Jesse King and others, bra* $2,(00. insured Al .tea). Woodruff, carpenter and Joinor, $2 COD; insured g"o0 workmen and others, $2,(00 to fi.OCO. no insurance. Tne tire thee communicated to the hull ling occupied by tV* Oswego Knitting Company, which wa* mainly saved, b it i.? ....... v.,.,..... ...H , hatlv damae-'l bv Wat T l-otw about $6,000: injured. lb-* Una ?u building* owned l>y (reuige Aim.* amount to about $4,COO in->urrd. Tin- lolauibla at Charlnton, CaAKLi-tr >.*, Aig.ixt $4, Hi.) The iSMinsliip Clumbla, GtpUia R>'rr]r, trriv ' a*.-1 wt noren o'clock tbi* iiioriiiuu. ! Markcti. rait. A IA WUOl I'jUlaoki PHI*. 4Ug".iJ'. .4 149u 1 SfjrtCB Arm Pennsylvania SUl- 6* 37. K-ai;.ig j Ctbroad, 22 \. Morris Catial.67: Long UUu I Railroad Id , I'dnidtj .-.wuiia ttailroad, 41or. New York At par. Nrw Oxlkavm, Aug<iat 21 ( Cottcn; steamer's imv.i ctiwl frenter ananas*: ' ' s l)J?) 5710 b*!e?, Including 1 600 bales neu at i lOljr alt t'er tuiiM'itijj. &?l-s of |Q" week 15,000 ' turns. tfci ij't* <l?., 12 250, apaiuMt ft.OOu bales the nam i I me ImI year l't|M.>u 7 2.r>0 b?ii-. total r^p.rtt to ilate. 2 243 ICO bales Rec-lpU abea t ot l?*1 ye?r,474, | CCttti?:i>?< rwsiuti) at ai! Southern t>o-ls ahead of imt year, 774 1)10 >?! ?. K-CfttiiU of tie A* i i late. 17.(.CO bales, ata:. -I 0,U>? l-xleS li"t year, Stork in po't, .'.0 500 !uk?? flour tltadv a 15 40 a 15 6J tor ?.i?rliue Sogtn bi.oyant at be. * #'41. for fair to i t'lv tur CoT-e firm- ' M M or the week f.50 big* At li^f a 13: import*. O.COO b?f?, stock 111 port, 7,000 Oar,- t'ot>*.-;> fl-tn lug?n 8<\ a 4t: , tit.'- leal 7c. a Sc. Exchange on London at 1(3)4 a 110. a '1 with bids r't li l t.g at lus , a IjJ\ fsgtlT enlarge"* New York at par a \ per coat pre m iwtn. 1'rclght?Coltjn to Liverp Kil i bai.timohi, Aujuat 24, ISoO Florr active At 15 37>4 Wurat active, a' il 22 a $1 for ii ! n:,.| It 3d a $1 02 for white Corn dull sales rttiacd at 6H- a 70: ; yeloo, 72' a Tod ; wbiis. 72 a 0v l*rn-t?t"l.i Retire And Btealy inera pork, ltd 75 C'..C <tnl! ant drooping' rales at 14 111 a 16\c. for fair to print?. Wblkkr; skad| aI 22 ' ;i 22 JjC. puiladsu'uia, A 24,1330 4'iour ni-rbatgr J. Wheat?Prim* to demand white At *11 IS a *1 55. red at 1130 a $1 30 Corn d ot l'r?vi si'iOA nr.iei?Mors pnrk at $10 02', a 120; baron 10- a 1( t?c. tor thou Wert, 13c a 12 V;. ' * alder Coilee dull, with Urge mritiii; Rio, 14'aii. a 16c.; 1 tgrayra. It ?c. at lbc. wbbkey wanted at 21,'ie. a 22S'cBuffalo, August 24?1 P. M rr.r anal ai.d linehangod W n?ai rtrmiT: aalea 5.trw l?r>+."U pritrr No. 2 Ft?rizjj at 93c ; 20.000 biisbrla rod woter Ohio and iDd.aca at 110WH. 6 ia 0 bushel* wmto Indiana at Jt 12 CVirc dull anrt n? ealea (lata?tale* II COO burhrla at 27c Cana'. frel?!ita. 4Tr. oo flour, 151,0 od wheal, 14'.o. on ore to Nu* lora Iraporta? A (00 btiia flour, 105.000 b-uhela ab-al. Caoal OX|Mrtr ? 47,000 but bet* wheat, V.UtA) buohela c?rn, 11 000 buabele Brrraro, Anf??t 24. 6 I' M Flour a'.'ady and iter.iind ta r oah-* 1.400 bhN , at 04 74 a 15 'oe extra Michigan, and a 15 25 for extn Indiana acc < drift. Wheat lirrn-r and n g-xnl demand oaks t5 l(C hu ll , a* 33* a0 : f.'r . boire Nn^2 Onjia*' apr'tug; $1 60 for r?H w nicer in noa, ?, v?.... .. Oh'", !nd,.iia artd Michigan; 61 12 a $1 13 lor while w .uler. Corn dull an 2 no tales. Otlf stead) *al< * of 17,000 kuafa at 26 ac. a 27'.o. Wbiakev steady aa'ea CO bbls a? 20c final froi h???47>' on lour, 16'?c. on wheat, 14?';c. en corn to New York. Lake iuioorta ? 4 COO hblr Baar, 68 000 bunbelr wheat, 52 000 burbt-la cot*. Canal csjortr?34 000 buabela wheat. 0 000 buabela corn. QRC.tno, Augoat 24?6 P M. Flour adtre and 6i. a 10c higb?-r lor spring grate*. Wheat quirt and advanced l ,c a 2:.: rales 140 0C0 b .ah u at 79c a ISOc for St 1 apr'ni Nt * TTj Wt Ma I in More, Mc. a 96c for No. 1 red liorn Arm anl advanced lc sal at 62.000 bushel! at 36: a 36:. in atore. oats Kecetptr?3,300 bbls fluur, 107,600 buahela wheat, 40.000 bushcla corn, ih:p-nents?3.600 bbla. 'lour. 81.000 bu-hela wheat.9 000 buahela corn. Freighta daclmlng 12c. on wheal t t j i" Sight exchange >u New York ;; per cent prcrr urn. ij-wrnn, August 24?6 P. M. Flour dull but unchanged. Wheat In good demand and market cloar firm, aalea 15 200 bushels No. 2 Chicago apr in g at 61 03'.,,6 00u hcih-i- red Ono at 61 12, 5,606 buahela red Indiana at 61 14. at: 6 000 bmhela red do. on private terms Corn market . loaea at an adrance of about le : tale* 6.0C*.1 bu'-hela Inii.ina at 61c.. 12.800 burhela do at 61 tgc., 6,000 bosl.ei do. at 62c , and 13 600 buahela choice do at 62'jC. Other fri'na quiet. Canal freights ad - am ed >tc. on grain. Flour 32<v, wheat 10c , corn ptjr. to New York. Lake in.| oris?60 bbla. Hour, 177.600 buatiela wheat. 70.600 bu-hel- corn Canal ex porta?1 .J'-.'- bbls four, 24.100 birhiui wtieat, 21,HOC buahela corn, 9,300 buabcla oata. C.ati, August 24. 1860 Flour very doll: aalea un.mpurtanL Whiskey 18c '"rotialona dull, nominal and nothing done. Money mar set eaay. Sight exchange on New 1 ork Arm at pet cent premium. Onr Washlngtaa Carnapmdaaee. Wt?rri.iw, August 22.1660. ? ir.iir.j/1?Pui.(uiohs Mud CniU at IV ItmiWOi ... They mil bt Htm Over by the I'-op'.?It t>u lleral i a ihm met?? BrmwU tke PibJ (k?? TFVn'Vri (ke Storm?A Tfetct t'<m Me*i??Mr. O^Jtanm'i Ifeztnsn P, luyHmrofmn Manmttes Sot to bt Tolerated, Sc. Ttin country doea not int-nd that -'Abe I.lncoln'' aba bs President. ^Republicans may brag u they like, and the leadem t thea* may quarrel With all the acrimony < tamper added to duior:nce n what they call prlaripli and to give ?oo>* appareat nnlrr lor republican baaatinj But aa the peofde agr-e a 'h cne of th- ?e, they Intend ( take the matter into tho.r owe bar da, and aare the ooui try from the hazards and the d:?gra e ot l.iocoln'l aleri t.oa, la eptte of the bad tactics of would be manage* ar the incapacity ol would bo loadcra. Pie demand of tl country ? for the hearty jni >n of ill who are againat lb 'lertios of the candidate of the ropqbli cast, Wlioaoan Jieada tbta combination, lot blm tremble, for the day assuredly coming?It sow is?when squabbles about t! -a a ^ fur th .J or til Territorial quratlon, or annui . ? *-?* , taual give way ai.d be burled in a omrnon organ - lion the action tb*t are beet on deatroytng t <'nloo by overthrowing tbe onnat itutloo. the equality che nutr%, ud ilie rights ol property. For advwatu.g iina d-raaud "t tbe p *ople, Ibe H*"".a /* eimmliaed by aome Ign ratnuaea aa a trimmer I you may ray, aa old Kit North did. la reply to ..toiler charge from i ,* gnn,-.? ol I..- day?"; am men -rlaim ug the vr-aee! 'g my own moral reanoa, remor o th? ce? Iro th' th fted, on my viyi .-to the ahon of truth and triumph, abe may net. . naeiiig iiteay. drift ont of ber omirae and fall id an* be lnra?rr?, and tbrr, after patting and erring ail r g i ft-1nra like a a'""! I'" to the wheel, and, with all i art, work np. with my merry crew, In tbe wtnd'i ey# the twfret harbor In all the land of promtac." What la the greatr ? dinger of tbe time The elect ?d Abe T lacoin by tbe popular rote. Prevent that, i wnborditale matlere can he ndj'iater afterward* at Iriiure Thl* i? th" aentlm'iit, the w'ah and the i?< wnoal ne of tbe ?n -ervaUfe uiaewn If political "l< rti" do not i bonne t > run In thl* direction, they will ran orrr The m<n nnut iaggi"?ted by tb H*tai < fi \ kt eat I a ion d. i. at New Vm; well rcrc.i It wold be noch a gathering m ' fe'.l to j ?t?r?ih and oooBdcnce t? the ana uncoil e'r-renU every Plate f>!? tvWf Trim Jdentoo reeolrod by tha g *:-iuv NEW roil 1 4 troublesome look. Ua l the Pre .chut Veen supported ) ' y lie. aeuale tu h~ Mo-titan poll, a- t- would time .1 but fur that predominance r.| fa ton which is the I -?h of our national couiici a. every government la I r, , _? -*o-,:lu have rejoiced, for the ski- of their afcI "111,*' * _ " a* themselves. But by the reeetlou of | the treaty Ifciu. Vr,'1 ,'UI to recianiatirri# tf ?. , ,'u WC4' a y 1 B|a.:i ii. h.-ntaly jwri! *~\l> a*U H" "g in U- national life. TbJ ? Mother warring to our countrymen -L ?l-! * 10 P"*er who are uuacquAhitod u.W.oaa questions. What does Abe know about Mo ro ! Buchanan whose lite baa been dedicated to publ'f aha.-*, brid n"t been tbwafted l>y a crew of infer:, r p U.4-iS- utterly hfuo ran: o-the matters involved ai: the troublee between Iks church party and the liberals party w. 'c;,i km b settled ierg ago, and a c.instd .t.i na* g,ovai.'5c:,eut would have been eelabitlhed. But the-ape u! party JtmtW the consummation of tb.s purpose toialy became a' would have redounded to the honor of Air. D.'rh&aan'a aduJinistrut.oD. Fcropean Intervention in the affairs of Mtx co, beyond the arc. 'tainment and security of the r ght* of European sub ects, can never be allowed' by any American ad minis trat on. An army of Americaus who " would rather tight thau eat." if I may use a back woods comparison, w >11 be always ready at the call o! any ilx<cuttve to resist combination ol huropean powers. The Alleged Sluver Thouiai Ac liorn-Dls* charge of the Captain and Nate. CNITKD 8TATK8 COMMI88IOMK'v OFt'll'I. , Before Commissioner Morell. The captain ami mate o! the alleged slave br.g Thomas Achu-rn were discharge 1 from cwstody yesterday by the follow ing decision of the Commissioner. TVs ends the ease that baa helped to occupy the public mind for the last three or four days. The brig Thomas Achorn cleared at this port, March 27, 1-<60, tor Kio Grande and a mar- j Wet, w ith the privilege of one or inorr ports ou the west j roast of Africa, wiic a crew ootisiiting o! a captain, two mates, cook and s!\ seamen. rue caigo consisted of j 10.000 feet of lumber, 80 oil casks Bill <1 with ballast. CO barrels navy brcuo. le tierces rice. 1 box How are, 20 ; bunch corn meal, 15 barrels of beans, 4 barrels of ntu, 1 hex harlwure, 1 hiuti S>be arrived la lva'>enda Bay duue 27, and was boarded by Mr. Ureeu, a master In the I'uift-d Mates steamer Mystic. Mr. Green brought the brig borne, and is' th<pi int'pal witness f it the gut'eictuent Ho state, that be I marcel the brig a lew moments before she came to anvher and *t- met by lupin n Parker at the gangway. W liners BfVed to sec the b-g's papers, we.-v she vrn him. lie foutd them correct. Th ro werctive men on the br:g whose names were not on her papers, una in wbote posscsslm were (ouud luglsh coin to the value tf Si '.as) Captu.u Parker sai l th y were pats*m ge*? It enough to say (hat altbo -gl. some tb'cgs f mportance were wanting to ci niplttr her equipment fur csrryit g Slav.s the coine luigo oi? tin. Ac burn consisted of alliens r?<|uiri j in th" slan- trade and ii|>oa th - fact the uovernnjcLt relies to retain the charge against the o.I. nounis ol jroluiilar s. rvit.g on h aril * v.esel eui I lot ec It the slave trace. I- t->i.l -.cot for that p irpot e nn<i< r the construct) >u giveu to th statute, i have examined all the ca>> a oilod , and ibiLk that l la clearly sett ed that it is tnbnl'tt leut Idler 9 <s nothing iu lUu ac t whereby an American veer-el prohibited Irum carrying ant description or cirgo mile t.?rtef Africa ?ne may Id legitimately let idi *r? ight or chartered 'or such a vny ' ?, . It otcrytbmyj she ./miviak"- ' d-j as a vesst-l ol ' the lulled dates to earn I and dt.'.ver a cargo she | ?.o ild I nt in Such all ebgsgemeul oHJ? wttVn the | rohibiPng nactoict ts i th.- sta'i.te. The rutin711.. her only wimi iheev ence shows her out* at a to., age Is id ly in jiart fulftimt i.t id her employ metit a* an j An rlcan vrvfel which 1st' be ?nlinued aa-t ro-tatim mated by transporting slat- s to thn> co mtr; (butted ! xta(.s ts HcLooi.. . cutis*-:ue. 2 i'auiec'v, p 7i ) The j iuti ntion or pur nor..- no st be n ele out to as to I >avo no reas u.abl" it. nit s- : tt." iibj.-i tg. This is mutter of pn?'f Id this C*.'i\ hmu tb?r t I.vivos, (here is in evidence that the owners, having tue dirrc tiou of the titling out ol '.he Actio,n, -.'illacf as o arutf or .'actor or ma-rttr, at any" wb-le hsv'ng s> hcirer P.r>a, f ha* it been tiated tn.-.r the i.m.. t;.er v->ys*c<a-?s e?i r connected in not way with the l-attiy <t iraus- j lor a-iou --f slaves, urn' th-.- pits-jmpti u arriv ug from ' U.,. e .... .... I a e /!?- -> enough t . warrant tbe Infer,'cec that a - royage tu i tdipai .S? mi oh ibe livlVi taut .1 ( iieerned. ilie pre >jii!.-ii''U arUtog in m bin o*: act* art- :o b < lavor fue rr-srlwas hi sight 11om thi> Mistic lor anuut three bourn, and as n her t!.*ig c .:'t<J bo rna>v mt it wn> b\-U (bit she dirplajrJ the Aciern au dag. tie met M' UT'fti at the gangway u. i exhibited tar br:g'? papers, a- i acrornpaij u*d i .rn lo ?jtamiLe tb<* hod Without hes lata i From all the *t i> ?!' I be case T are ofopln' "j tint la d'-'fti .taaln Burnt be discharge J Sapitiat luurt?Term. Be.'cre Hon Judge SutUtr'ja-J. DICISIOSS. An t.,i 24?f u hii'ioh a- ih* cotaecfuul mut.a'. /.i/t h.;: anct Com/u up ?the motion ttm d.-uied. w.tb out c* Ms to ritbir |??rty. // o*y h H'vU r . JV'f tr C /?'<?,larr ?M Vion to va- 1 rate orut-r of arrest. No osts to e'ther p.irty. IMTH' STATICS lOMMIaMIONCK'S OKFTc i?THE AL* LEUKD SLa\ t.K KATK. Before Coimr.ttlnner Kelts TheVvlda^Ta' A*a - ? allegedslaver Kate was liken. an<t referred to the lu.'ed -date a ComtntMioncr (Mr. Betm). who will reader h'.s ticcleitib on Tuesday. t ..itfd staui ri //. irici />a Oa'a ? Gbarltj Cleveland, a natural of Williamsburg, supposed to be wortn at leaat flty.lWJ over all bis llabilitns, was ofr-ed as ball. The Iimtrlet Attorney proved by e vidence that tbere stood liidgnunt* amounting to ST 000 again# Mr Pie elan!, and that, therefore. ae waa not >i 'a Oei. The matter was puatpontd lul Un* 26th. Tli? Abolition a nil Inrentllnry Excite* ntenl In Tela*. By our Tevaa exchangea are receive further par* oulara It* ri gard to the excitement grow n; out of the e jspetted abolition conspiracy. the Nac >giia hot Chumiolt, ot the 7to ust . has the following items on ttds sui?y*ot.? ( ot trrr A young man who bud been employed i a atore at Waxahatrbi * was hurg aba dayssince for pi iLgstryiliLine to klaTCS to put in wel'a -SIITM WMfi Tbe man who was shot in the atle:.*.j>t to let lire to T) 1<r, has be?n found dead. I'ltf KOKIS SATX'.V Ttie rnris PrtM speuks c t a rumor that a b oody flgbt had ti.keb place in tl.e Vat. a, between a*>? t.oniats and pro slavery mru, In which 160 of ta* former were Ei'lcl and ?. veu ol the latter. Th.i ?u>ry Is most probably a fkbt lent ion. wc<?t> mm. On the 25th ult. an aimed committee o?.r.rt"d the Rotor tout J E I sic on out of d comity. just before wbkb he signed a document binding himself. tinder pi n kit J of hit life, not to return to Wood county, nor pubimti or circulate abolition documen Is u UwftiK. ciokorbb cut rrt The citizens of Cherokee h?re organ.z*d Tor their pr t< a mo. MOKR IX OIUAKlSIf. I Another attempt Lu been maat- to Are butld'ug* near Tyler, also in Urenlitm ind el Ueorgalo in AXOTHKII tlBKAT 1IHI The H cstou rtlftrtjJt, of the 11th. lie* ?We loom frtui fi.ilemao who pu ?i-d through Henderson, In Roth county. on I net Holiday amrilug. that the toirn of llrioetMHi was set on Ore last Sun.lay tight, the .'.th In it , and wi almost entirely consumed Every bouse n the ti|uare, except one, Including all the b<Mim<?a homos, were destroyed The people of lleu.h-raoti, our Informant aaya, put no faith In the reported conspiracy ' and neglected to appoint a patrol or keep watch The 0r< . ttl discovered on Sunday night about l.t-o'clock. N: clue bad been discovered to tbe perpetrators u( the d> ed raaacwit m ac at vast's ftatiox. The Fo-i Worth Ch\,f, of tbe lat iu?t , has the follow irg brief notice of the eieeullou of an abolitionist con sp.rator.?He learn that a preacher by th" name of Bu r ley aas bung ?t Veal'a .u' itl >n lv-l week for iwiog ai active abolitionist. A majority of three hundred rue condemned him a mannvsar la Mtav.uw The Bienb.'im H"njrr, of tbe HHb mat . aays ?A fei luyi fluce several negroes were arretted ou Kill creek * in this couiiiy , who acknoa ii-.lgr ] Pi th ir bar ng potao . gtvrn them by white men lor lie- purp>** of polsnait their owner- and famtllee, and that U>e <Uy of eleclioi was flxrd for a genertl Insi rrrction. They also Irnpl catcd reiiie n-grt*" .bout town .i* b> ing concemcJ ,n th murderooa plot. , .. raoi m r. la the Taavrwufct colour. TV KairOeld /V~v.r. of tip 9th inn , has tbe folios ing ?Mr Tengue, a printer in our office, bas pml arrive g frnin Tennessee Colony. Anderaon county. and brings lb , new* that be wltnesfed the hanging of two white men I that place cn Sunday, the 6th mat., who were proven I ?. be guilty of inciting Insurrection among the slates r. that neighborhood Their name* were Anthony Wyrlcl , sud blacousin, Alford Cable. Tliey were engaged nei the eciony at their trade* of wagon making and blac ? snntbirg, whero they have been living Tor three or !o , yt art. Wyrtck bad been previously taken up for barbe . ing at d telling liquor to ucgroea. N"gross were found the l>?ersU u of drvarms ami strychnin", furnished I H th *? men * AVOTHKK BMISSARV. Tb? Flo us ton TWcyenyi* of the 11th nst., says ?? "" Moaday last, a whit" rnau rod'- up to Mr. Pick Breeding la rear Hound Top, at noon, and Hading nobody but a neg girl at boBM, qnectloned her about runaway horses, ? and Ana'i) ark-d h -r how she and the n< groeo were i lis fled. He then went off, and fifteen mtnutca afterw* it- r> turned with three mgru<?, demanding something rat. The w .man gave them food. Alt r eating, th to. k" ojsn a trunk In search of money They thru f a shovel full of fire Into th- bed and loft After th were gone tbe negro woman extinguished the fire, a then rail to the ovrwoer's bouse to tell bim what L happened. Tbe a (tab created a good deal of exsitcme n fmr ia Ha.vMta*?*, Tvia- ?Tbe nalveaton .V**i of I ?'? met. raya ?The doubt* entertained by many aa tbe destruction, by Ore. of tbe flourishing town of H "* oars on. Rusk county, are dispelled by news from if* ron- qoarters. wh > h renders tbe calamity only too ci ? ..? ,_r?, tain The Cni/Ufl m y eaieruaj *? the (1 arier from Mr. f. I'llaborr, a wall known New k?. lean mcrhant, who i? <ilreat from Hen leraou " lad principal hotel ami all but nor of thr boaioeaa ho? , to were rfealmjrrd Tbo Inaa la eat mated at tr <m $17..,i tjli O.OOO $*>0 0(0 worth of (nod* werr burn ?d In ? -trert, altar raw v^l fr<. n the atom. All t!ie anpplte "i t prnerrra be for the town and neighborhord were biiri ?or irarlng raanp fatmlira rcdacej to want. A negr woe belonging to a man cimel Hemdra.a amall tar 'At- keeper. r.iofeeaed to bnr ng ?tert?<i the flre The mv be and bt< brother ara coder arret: aa roarer or-' 1f * the sfl?ir Hrrndt* wn* a 'eadp accu.rad of ba tag d ""d ? iili alarea for atolen fiH-ida Tba committee were in' flee lijiafng the aTair, ar.1 rr.aty nogr<-a et ofe.aod b ' o kmwledsreof a gane'Al plot for tar^idlaram and n der It waa believed tU i coa'af?.tlra waa Tart ef pljt. K HERALD, SltUED-iT. THE CROPS. The Colic? "ni1 Corn l roj>r?K?tlinnte of i he I iu|? of l^iiV. A C'(.'respondent the ApaiwohicoU Ton i writer m i t* ? Ha.'::g trarei.'*3 recently through a portion of KaMet a Alabama, Western **"* Southwestern lieorga, II ma; la be uulntcrcstit 4 ic? s.on.'- ?' your reader* to learn it . condition of the crops in those hOOttons tributary to tn place. The crop* of corn aiohf 'he Apsiaehooia river art more Can suli,cleat for tlie wjat* of the country, d< monst.-ating the fact that the dreoglt of these lands n> adequate with tvtu a very dry stasoa for a heavy yield el corn The cotton looks health', and wth moderate rains will, n(i doubt, produce an average crop With the exception of a few crops in Decatur and Karly eouuties ulr g the river, bath corn and cotton rrop? will he tar beh w an average, and through Clay, Randolph, yi: tman, Tom i, Stewart and Chattahoochee, without heavy rm-j portations cf corn, there will be much actual suffering lc const.1 Deuce f the Ida! fail ire ot the corn crop?many tides wHI ni t avesgo ot? bushel per acre, and planters ' | in many instance* are cult eg down fin forage As to the ' cotton crop, tin pneperts are equally dcoJorabie, the . wtcd is small, and, notwithstanding oeriwiooai showers, 1 thr forms and young bolls continue to shed, while the 1 half grown bolls are opening prematurely. The crop will be gathered early, thereby creatti g an crroneou" inupres ' r it'll ah real that* it is it heavy one. than which there aover 1 was a greater mistake The allusion to the crops in the 1 count i s adjacent to the river on the ticorgia sides, ap plies w ith i- qual free to some portions of Barbour and Henry counties, Alabama. SOUTH C VKOLIMA. A correspondent writes from Run?It U truly | distressing to -ee the coudltioa of our h ag cotton crops Moat of our S i Island plautt rs planted very doe cotton tills year, . It 9 I IO dO so fri lu the f Igb 1 re '' tallied 1 last year for that description oi cotton, and 1 think there is nothing to satc them from a very short y.eld. The plant, 0 r.iost ca-es. Is diseased from bottom to top. I have n >t seen the Island crop, but 1 am informed that on all the Islands (where planters g.-nerally plant floe) it is much worse than on the maiu. bordering these islands. OWNIi. In Scrlven county, owing to the beneficial eiT.ct of Into rair.a, the corn erupt are represented as bciog very flue. Cotti n. however, is snilering hatiy. The tonus are suedding nr I tbc rust it qa te preva ont. lu Hara'sou county the corn has bsen badly tniured, but 1 he cot!uu las ni t suffered to the extent it has in 8 mo other sections A coriespctidfiil in Heard c >untv. Aug-it 0, says.?Our rrop-art lite:ally burned up 111 this section of Georgia. t\ e cannot 1 robably make halt cro|w of corn or rultoo In Chattooga county a writer say*?The times are indeed a arming in this" region of country, as well as other l>ortious The drcugtt is still torero. Corn it cut oil almost cot rely Some farmer.- are row cutting tt .town in llii* lie ids. Never ws I there a more promising prospect blasted tn Cherokee, (la Since the middle of June we have lad no ran?none to do any good?except u few partial showers Provisions will aoou reach famiue 1 prices a ready do the poorer cross ofpeople begin to Hiill-r. Mill a worse slat. i>( ai'airs exist m Cherokee 1 county, Alabama, In Calhi-uu aud Shelby couoties I K uril tout i..e corn is literal';- burnet up and can make u db UK In I'utnpm county iV cor-i rr >p Is cut off one half, ' ami a ranespoode- t ? of opinion tbat the cotton crop j will fall abort of la.-: years' crop more half. In Meriwttfcer ccuuly the cotton has been almost do- I ?lii i ril by it,-ought ai.u rust. lu (iordon louuij tLe com < rop will l-e almost an en- ! tire failure, on two th.rds of tlte crop is past recovery, | even if tl :houUl rain. ALtttMi. The Camden J&ou.-.'ic oi the 9th inst says?A gentle ttisn of veracity, fi'uui the lower edge of tho county, visited us this wetlt. and said lbs* on one hundred acres of h!a 1-rt land he would not make a peck of coru, that his cotton was bouquet cotton. and his negroes were em ployed during thv evenings iujwateriug p-itat ae vines Ibis w. of course, lo estimate of the generality of the crops In Wilcox county. the prospects are howover, gloomy There will n-it lie a snttte'ent quantity of corn mace to rupjdy the r; habitants ot the rottniy. A gentleman of our city, say* the Montgomery (Ala.) /'os' jvst returned from a tour through Montgomery, I'ike an 1 low -, l< ) counties, repre- nt? that the <*oru crop Mil! be in lib more plentiful than it has heretofore been n j n -i-Lioc. most planters having made an air.plo sup. j.iy, and a feat many of theu. wi' b corn for sale. Ill Cot leu crop through the sauie scutum, our lulormaut tb.uw ! be a vers short ore, av.-aa'ag not mere than ! ci. half cf last year's cop. AKXTUKV. A correajguidrcl if the Aug Ma (fia ) C , under dx'e ?'. August 11 w ilea thus?I have been visiting Kentucky for the last twelve y ears, sod have never seen j a wore Batt.r'ug pr wpect for coru aud sbu .iJ the rtin { continue a little iut ft r, Kentucky w'ti be able t supply 1 many porfiocs wtt! corn at moderate prlyes TtCNNftdsg*. The Chattac-oga Oyrefe ot the 10th Instant iay3 ? , The crr>|o -ibv t Jasper and in the i wer eu 1 of Sequatchie valley are very g"od. In the pper end of the vatlny the dry weather baa destroyed t farmers pros epeels, t'o road from Was!, ngt.iu R ea county, to this city, the only good co-a we saw was that planted very late in the reason A etter from a gentleman at la-ban o. dat?d August 7. rays ?Not oniy is the m at excessive, but the drought idroatf l In the part of the #taio we have all the ap pearancc M a taminc. The fruit, though protr.t?iug ab udance In the tarlyr pert of the season has wilted, and ts (tr -pp Bg cl tlie tre?-? The corn Is an entire fad r?* K.terybods .s complaining ai d barking blue. Won fa", may do for us re:-.aiua to be seen. Tr vut: as are en r In Bradley cboh't>."iWcd-tf tfWA .* ? ? reuiu one th rd of an average crop Thrrc a II bo many hc-1 's tbat will Dot produce two bualiebt to the acre. LOridTAKA. The following tn regard to the effects of the drought an 1 navigation we copy from the Ab'sandrta ' ??' " I ,f as cur evidence of the uuparalieled drought, we wilt cite a statement of one of our sinall planters >o Cai car-.e who tiaa planted seventy Ore acre-, aud Mpects to cs'her se* tn bushels of corn We know o! sections ten miles > tuare tbat wi I not yield ten bushels of c. ru. Tb Tensas (V issffr of the 4ih icai asi s?This parish hnn ... . Visit.-u during tbi Past wer k by several delight M rains. which hare Tall the dint and parti; ftpWlltah I ed the cisterns Th* ecrn, however. has long since been beyond rel.ef. and many plant ra nill be iuiui>elied to purchase largely tr iupply bone necessities. The cotton is to ng tol. rab'y well, and tbc picking actively comnieticed i n mutiy plaotntli ns. the Rich: ond tVim* i( (Mad.son pariah) of the 1st lust , lay -?F. r the last we-k or t*o ae ha e ba t a great deal of rain. The crops throughout the parl-b are gooc, better than f< r several years pas'. The corn cr< pa are made, a t rf the frequent ahowers de not in .re the cott a, Mad > c wtll ship more the year than ever before. Aa we |m ncil tb.a it 1a ra ntng, and baa been for three of four hours. nMnim. The Oiford (Mia- > Intel'.ifTW of August I. says ?On eaterilaj and trundav last we were favored u ith abundant rilat, v htch will leave notfa tig mora to he utwired on bahalf of the growing cops Tt>e corn. In this region, may be re garde I as made - the cotton crop is highly promism for the season. though It until sub. act to various conttn cmcles which may yet rTaappotnt'. u some extent the hope* ot the husbandman. fHill. M< at of oor Arkansas exchanges give a favorable flaw of ibe rro|*. Cotton bids fair to remunerate the planter. Kama have of late beet frequent In large section# A the Slate. The I .tLe K? k f7d:?"e of the 2ilh ull., aava ?Si ght rams hate toi'en nnce our 'a t.l. ti t tn-ugh t- b- .t lite crops. There 1? a complaint of Injured or rumed erupt from almost all <iuartera. TKXA?. i A correfpoodeat In Harrison county says II that aec t:on there has en an tullre Mat ia the o m cropa i a id the prospect fi r cotton looks qnttc gl"oray. MAHMACtUatTT*. rBsRiavTuw- ?The total population la I'd'-U' en lueivt of unranied infanta, and of Ibis number only 1C1 are co 1 lored pertons Four black men were found wit> white wlTtt, three being Irish and one American and Ml whiti man wlrb a mulatto wife. The public shook are attend rd by 4 746 pupils. There are 11 churches, capable o aocommixiittiL : 9.800 jwrtntss, and the chnrvh property ti valued at 9360.000 there are also P.800 t'alhol ot. buo-i'j n Irish (hi Ibe drat of .'une there arra 62 paupera sup n ported by the etty. 46 natives and T foreigners. Tui number of horses owned ta Cba-iestown is 1.870 l'X and kbcotrs The population durm. the iasilwrntj r years has here as followa ?1M0?10 STll 1660?16 9C2 JW>?21.74J 1S80? hi 12P The total valuation or lh( 0 City is?real 'State. Ikt 100 personal, f l"i) "00 * total, 616,TOP 400 rLi.tsofP. , i <nta Oorsi v ?The ?glt county K / f ive* the pope alien ot that count' as returned by the eersux takers 18.16 1? tfl L 13 It ^ Increase 8 7*. in WI SCOOT I*. lo By be sat cen?i a ttie populatl -n of W'atertown a 5 St of the population u! Heaver Iwui. 6,015; a Cf'.aav. mcludir k, j Nortli la Crt -e 6.26u ar j B'TIMATX OP CHOPS. [From the Jlen ( rieana i'ltaruue, A- gust If ur | In the early part of Jul; an oct. talon presented fo-son ,r ; reflection* in cgard to the .?i ?> el g vit u t "ar'y 10 currency to rrop estimates, a? toe resell of tv t.arv? *y , then depended upon so mar.y cont.ngcncieA correspondent writing troi Rapides ?rV|.' ickv .lull)' cutur^rf (?f ?C0 ur t/pimoa. rrw ?r11 ti ?-x ,**> SlblC at the prea< Dt tn'<in< nt to make an ippmi'.ult'K: * the number of bale* Ibal I* l.keiy tu be oi.vle ihwacasj ro No rtouht. Ir |?rtlC':lar localities i f narrow l.tuts a pin 0 i ler who baa actually rnrrrjedlhr field" might .luugeflh prison! appear m < * ah 't.'r it'; pr . i ? or a half, or !e*? than that prtipo-thm of a fair crop F 19 ercn how, a hat ought hot be the result of an nutisua *7 late frort on plan tat li ? that I ?ve > oa!l saflkrM W 'ttt drouth' We bare seen cotton picked as [ale aside? >*> of January, and also the Oelds ha'c early n I stub her The BUI, judging from the atnoatil of rain already j> ^ clpilated itnce January last, must be wet?at I* nt ; marked by an abundanre of rain Bui It la to be ! marked that the whole rnltrm rcgen. though tnere I the been w!tt> -?eed a Ttry -tj aummcr, <t tu t coibplalt i to l<*a fr'-m drouth. The cp inda hare been ir urt'l ' ea- new opening* and the lowland* promise wott. va- It !a, therefore, rery doubtful whether any deln er atatemchl. thai the rrrp w II be short one tbi'rd or o i of bait, should be relied on as tr ie. of any other pari of 1'r- fotp r 'eg'on tbaa tbat of v. a^h th? writer haa tn The peraonal obser-atioa nat th'dr"utb has d tnlin-l aea the crop of taaay plan tat ioM?perhate the majority of 000 old upland*?mi bo art nutted The eatent f the ill the nutioL is another matter, to be decided by the nature a of the coming "at" 9 t this artm'ssion d<ea not g re d ed. 6rarel.ab'e est male f-r the wholr crop How m nan wore land t* ondcr cwll'.nt'on in* vpV inu era what avion! ban ttaa fore* in tbo cot'ion Hold brat t?r li-faa Tb^f ntiMi :>os mu?t bo m?*r -ad ,vlnr ??1 tBlfJl*''**11 tbM *6'1 ' <l Jt?r? tro; tl r ron- Ivrn.r *|?>ndrn! fnra "ipd** dorv nol I*' o 01 in t i-iv ball omj. r < mad* lb'* ??%= ,; IJ no/- ? ?"*? '? baaed on tha appoaratm 0f Ibr or pa In tM tr ,-hb-r -*<4, and aa (ho 'itpro?-a'nf r"ort.t..?n of via #? :t? **ra lb- U' jtb, b? r-ff < Arc;I'ST 25, I860,?TRIP same failure ?n "d places where it has bee experienced. Such muy be l,u" *<*ull, Out i w jet too early tot ,dlB estimate to b? mM relied on. iWh data a.< he ?.irihas ?)m. value I aiding ajucgmeiit. at the present tlu' " ,tl"u I1 I IH'Ct. but, to tie USed, 11,1.31 1)0 14, I'.it. OjUIIOd W ilb loduit | item fWm all pa-ts ot the rultoti W <tv Then the cat [ mate obtained in yet only conjectural, Uk* result bow , drjk-ndiul ou future run.- t uiinratuje ana 1 ti *ueax o fronts. * j Another correapondent. writing from St. Jtttbt*, give, i Lis views of the sugar crop. We present Item w?lbou comments, except that we thmk he U uot SUiBcwallj j Cheerful.? ST Jawkv. AiupM 14 1S?0 | Mi.-sh.? Fj>rros*?For several years I hiVe made it > duty to give in those iulcreateit u correct o.-lint.- of tin ' cropn Jn the parishes around me. In comingon the I Capitol, a few day* ugo, the conversation (as aeiMl ho; tsrien planters) turned to the prospect of the cmi? and corn In I/misiana: we were not a little astouished a the remark tuude by a com mission tuerchaul from Ni-W* K'aos He sold that In the city many estimated the g.'vvr !bg crop of sugar at 400 000 hhds I had b.wu abar."* from home one month, ami had received letters from utj orera?er, stating tliut the caue did not improve for want of tain. Ait r ^oiog over the Arid t concluded that one whole mouth had beeu Irretrievably lost, tsud at this mo ment fhe sugar crop does not promise to bv equal to that of last year. The weather at this time is cool and dry, with no pros pcct of ram Our corn crops are fair, nod rswatgh will be made for home consumption. An KVphtnt 9w(mmt?n IK< Uklo. The people oi Cincinnati enjoyed rather a novel scene ouThurulay lout, in the cross* g of the (Midi by n trained elephant belonging to a circus. The way ta which the bnge beaut accomplished the trip is thus th-sor ibed l>y the (Immrm'al ?At tiine o'clock Madame ' I dish ltookh" was discovered by the noxious crowd walking leisurely down t.. the landing upon the Kentucky sue, tluppir g her huge eais. the motion of which was din tinctly visible upon thla side of the rivor. Everything being in readiness, ' Lulls Rookh" plunged into the " flowing w.iti rs. i n; waf ulne d immediately lost to Bight. The cooling elfrrt8 of tbelluid were 8oa;rooablo that her ladyship Heemed disposed to ueglrct the task assigned her. aud regardless of the expectations of the assembled multitudes, roiled and splasled itrouud at her ease. The exertions of her keeper, who piloted Iter tu a skill', soon brought her to a sense of her duty, and she iruek out manfully into the stream. At tiroes nothing but the eud of her trunk would be visible, thru the top of her head, and again she wijuld dire entirely out of sight, remaiun g under water until tlx ?e on chore began to think she was drowned, when of a sudden she would come to the surfsee with a surge that would throw her huge bulk half way out of the water. Thus she proreeden until opoosite tie1 Covlugiou ferry landing, when an mnuslng incident occurru I. Tin'tleet of skills that acciuiipauleo her upon her trip b.-oano so niimeiousas to seriously Incommoie liar ladyship, when, becoming indignant, she turned about and gave thorn cha.-e. the result was gome rowing which would have put even the onions Htr\aM boot club to the blustk One of the skills siie pursued to the batik. The conso (jucnce was. that allow ing due calculation for tlx) force of the current bo us to make a landing at the required |sont. It became necessary to take her ashore suit let her try a resh start. The second time she Btarted a short distance below the n.outbid the kicking, aud proceeded diagonally ucroes the river, dirirg ano rising with a ' blow' at tinns,and larding safely at the foot d Race street, thus giving the ? hole hue of Spe '.tutors a I'u I view of her perKjrtnancex The -oghl was cut truly novel to the great -r |s>rti<>ii of those present, aud all seemed to eujey the spectacle amusingly, notwithstanding the intense heat to which their positiou exposed Ih -in. North Atlantic Telegraph. The folk.wing is acopynf a letter which has been received from Captain Alien Young, commander of the f ox steamer ? Thorsiuvsjt, Faroe Islands, Aug. 3, 1M0 "ir?k? the mall probably leaves for home tomorrow, I the op|Mirtutiity to report our progress. We iitae had a tedious passage, with contrury winds all the w?y ; but I hojs* our g?x?l luck is to come,and we are all hap y. I have almost all our coal remaining, aud am ready to start fair from here. In making these .si cuds we ran a line of sounding* from some ten miles off into the north jtoint of Naalsoe island, a tine randy bottom and shells, with depth varying frota thirty live to tweu ty sit fathoms. We anchored here to day, aud tmtoedi utely commenced aa examination ot the locality I lin t Thorvbaves perfectly adapted for the reception r.f a ca bis, but as It would be llatde to damage from ancbora, I lave (elected an excellent little bay, called Aiudyyenio. Tins hay lies threo quarters of a mile south of Ttimsha ren harbor, and there s cable might be landed aud l?e id (erfect repose, on a sandy bottom and aaudy beach, and pei feetly land locked. We have also run wmndiugr. across Naalsoo Fiord, and the depth of water, bottom and strength of stream are sucb ag will perfectly admit of a w irv Ueii g carried through it. either by mrrtta orsouth, into Sondyyerdc Bay or Thorshtver. The violent c irrcBl* here are %cre bugbears. I bavo narrowly watched bortt ebb and flood, aud now, In tbe strongest spring tides,I cannot detect more than a three knot stream in Naalsoe Fiord. As MTTiutock bos examined Weatmansbavea, and in cose that liord mulit prove uufavorable, I shall go to Haidervig. near the northwest entrance to the nord dt vldiug Slromoe and Osieroe, and Indeed tbisa>|iears to me to be the bit point of departure from these Islands. At any rate, we ahalt thus hava two strings to our bowthat is, bollr \Y eslmaiislia . en and Ha'dervlg Shatfrea and Rue cross the laud to morrow, and I pick tbem up on the other side, anil, having surveyed Haltervlg, I shall ' n ewly t'rCd wi^t'Ce'aSf. tfcufc J9I *'1?^*ru0D ?/? yourr. very truly, ALLEN iOL'NU. : j. r. Ckohi.xt, Esq . St King William street. THE HEW f OU WEEKLY BEKALO. The nrpsbllrsn State Convention?The Japanese Kmbauy Homeward BuunilHnvcarsti of tho Prince of Walee?The Prtxe Ring?The Latrit News from Rs> rope, California. Month aad Coatral America. Mexico, Ac.?Market K? porta, die., Ac. J The Wkkxi v Uir vto for this week will be published I si ten o'clock this morning. Its contents will embrace i a full report of the Proceedings of the Republican State Content ion?Names of the Candidates Nominated?TUi Struggle botwien the Weed lies mJ Grceleyltes, Ac.; l'ro ' gn ?s of the 1'rlnce of Wales in Canada: Interesting let ters from Our Correspondent on If x?rd the I nltcl Slabs sf. am fr'gate Stir- ra, together with an Autograph Tatte from Tommy; A full report of the Fri? Fight bctweoi Jim Kelly. tb? Austral an Champion, and f?an Kcrnrao of Nw. York: Movement* of the Y?ctit Squadron; Th Uhtl \<ffo:u I .irope, J-tpan, California, British uc luiubi*. <irrg-<a, (Vntr* America, the South I'm ilie Mriiro, Cuba, the Wert 'nil en, kr editorials no Prom bent Toplca, Reporlr of tha Cattle, Provision and Mono Markets. aid all Interesting uewa of the preceding weed rmlTtd hy tclcgruph or other*.ae. 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P ATSlC Jut | , _ ! lea Da a Ureal Wrong to Thtmael l'** a:?: ihnr tnende by obliging on' le men like Pr. K. <> I' "" ' rui <1. *7 lat/.?' Ne* York. ?ml Mr. . It).. abnt-ior of Trrnton to an> rirtro Ihn'r r*l>uiM# Nrr* u i to torni U to *?< tl.?m froB wator? *-**n* at lym* Hran li uj florMtnk. A 1'U'a mnntf win hny Mf* firwrrine hw brow**, wfc??!. ?n*?r? porfrrt **f>ty. and trr ? . ?: Im l.tfr Prwnrr n* Wsi?*a for wnaann and rhllrtram, Vaaui I ^ and H?tk<nj ' hirU tor g? "ttomon th? |hki>< I tf? Pr'Of Ir4 I * and \ oat t nmpinr, ??a 2M tlrroAwnj. nppnatt jtU 1'tl} II*U. Bfh ?? T<> Frmrh't ("oaleal W?Mi| Narhhi n ftpofll# Broad way. enter nt Canal *?>?. Prtoa ?lt). o lMI Btithrlar'i flair Dja It ih? 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The most lever* rough cured '.>7 1 r Tobias' Pulmonic 7 fe bynip . (1 per fc.Mtle Depot hfc Cortland! at. Whtrler AWIlsoa'a Stwlaf l^chlnst. office 606 Broadway, New York. The best HTkaafariaiing and Vantlly Macliiues in the wo. M, at I. M SiN.iklt A CO.'a, OH Broad; w?r Barry's Trleoyinroaa Is the Bert sand | cheapest article (or dreeaing, beauUfytig, curling, c!valuing, ! preserving and reatoring the luur. Ladles. try 11. bold by all Irtigglaw. I | I?i. Ilnlloway?Vor Years I tustl been Af' dieted with pile* and inerivetivas, and c wld Itnd no reoaedy. i Lately I bave used your Cilia nod Oinlmsnl. Tbe piles hart i disappeared, and my bowH* are regular. 1 J auk Jackson. 32 Carmll Street, Brooklyn. Campbell, Apolbtrary and Chemist, rorner KU bth avenue and Twenty eighth id reel. Cure ami genuine Lruge. Medinnes and Certiimerv Trasses, Abdominal Supporters, Silk Kluatle Stockings and ail kind* of Orthopedlcil Appnrutnaap plied (on males and femalesi at WADE A EuKD's, S6 Culton artel. Uayal Havana l,ott*ry. Noa l?.rt?7. 23.B7L 2 523. 2.3*6, 1S 6I1 drew the five capital prize. In the drawn* o( Aiisuel ?, 1*60. Circulars sent free of expense by addressing l>ou llodi iguez, care of City Cdst, Charleston, S, 1. Shirt a! Shlrtsa!!?Six for $N. NiCe from the beat WaamiUa aud water twist muslin. Depot R>6 Chatham street, corner of l'earl. New I)e*l|(iteln Fancy Cuselmeres, Overcoatings nad eatings are being offered by 8UI.LI VAN. R AN* POI.CW A Ht'UD, 3d, 32, 31, do, l'ark place, successors to VYil son U. Hunt A Co. Married. rMmun?Bkjks?Ou Saturday, May 2C. st the reel- , dnticeol K (i. Brivn, I 'd , Richmond, Melbourne, Aus trails; by the Xev. A. Mori iron, assisted by ttie ruber of the bride, Wiluam Coiiika.vx to mcat Eliza us i n, second daughter of the Rev H. (1. Urien. Nusox? O-w*?At St. Thomas' church. Itavrav.vo.vl, I I.. I , on Tuesday, August 21, by Rev. Sainuel W. Ssyree, I Amrst) Nxftiv to Emily Y. Oi.hkx, daughter of the lalo f I Samuel U (tgden.nt Astoria. I, I. I SattbiAT?I low xt A?In this city , on Thursday, August 23, by the Rev. kruuk Remington. Mr. W. E Smkmkx.o! Iz-xinglon. Ky , to Mnu< Emma 1.., daughter of M. H. Ho'.vj ell. E?ij , of New York bsint-Kraot'eos?At the Manufacturers' and Mer! chant*' Rank, tu this city,uu rhursdiiy, August 23, by the K< v John Brush, Iuomas ,!. Pmitii to Ehzarith F?:r i;i -ox grand daughter of the late Alex. I'urn.'S, Corttoner Kztrlvtou. Rt-rwicinhlre, Scotland Kelso and (ialaabsiia papers please copy. Died. Alias ?fn this city, ou Friday, August 24, Joan T. | Allan, aged 48 years. Notice ot funeral In to morrow's paper. Rakbk.?i>n Friday, August 24 , Kaik H , daughter of Auuu< I ' and Mary .1 Raker. In the lOlli yetr of MT age. The friends (if tlie ramily arc rcquealcd to atn-ini ttie funeral, tin* (Saturday) afternoon, at throe o'clock, from No IT Kkvtngton street, corner of Christie. Her remains a ill l>c taken to Chapaqua (or intcrmcut. Brines?At Mornsar.ia, Weatcbcxtcr county, N. Y., ! on Friday, August 21, Ki>waki> B. tu tue 78lb year of blh age ' two o'clo?-V^ VrtiS-'iViVr^?C.fbo/Anjj|v aro respectfully i between 1 ightn and Ninth sireols. Tho body will be takcD to Fast Chester for interment. Cosblt ? At Cbatbatn, N J , Wednesday, August 22, SSMrrL Connrr, aged AC yr ars. Da aw ?On Friday, August 24, Wilu.ix U. Dm*, in the bulb year of bis ago. i The relatives and fr.ends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence. Sixteenth I Street, between Third and Fourth avenues, Brooklyn, i Da Kin ?At Scotch I'latLS. N. J , on Friday, August 24, i Jo-ii'iS Daanv, In the .'i6lh year of his age The funeral services will take place at the late rosi- i 1 deuce of the deceased, no Sunday afteroono, at one i o'clock. The fries da of the family are respectfully Invited to attend, llisruirr ?In Brooklyn, E. I) , on Thursday, Augiutt 23, | ' 1M0, Wiiitma* (.. lliMMjcv, uged 26 years and 11 ) months. . The memlier* of the New York Typographical t'uion No. 6 are requested to stlcnd the funeral, from his late rest di LCiI, Nu 176 Taylor street, on Sunday morning, at ten o'clock 1". II. BKmW'NK, I'resident V W firm, Secretary. Hackwit?In Brooklyn, F.. D., no Friday, August J4, * 1MU, of diarrhira, Pssaa Ban., ouly child of Mltclielburne r au'j Ismtse F. H. Hackrtl; agod 1 year, 1 month and 16 a da?"' The funeral services will he held this (Saturday) after '? 1 noon, at Bve o'clock, at Heliport, I* 1. e Jasmsi ? on Friday, August 21, Mr. Jon-. Jaroivs, I h aged 66. The runcral will take place from the residence of hla ' ion, No 146 Mercer afreet, Jersey City, oa cunday after I- own, at lour o'clock. The relatives and frteoda ol the family are invite i to attend. ' ! I a h.'h win in. ? lii Brooklyn, on Friday, August 24. Ki> i I? ward Isickwocd, sged 44 yeara and lu months n Tire friends and ayqualolaocei of the family are re spccttuiiy incited to attend the faneral, from hts late realdeoce, No. 106 (Vu.cord street, tni* (>*tur?l ?y) morning, j at nine o'clock. Ilia lemalns will he taken to Hudson tor Interment. Troy paper* please copy, h. I.1111K?At Middletown, N. Y., on Friday, August 24, Jam- KaT.wifeof Thomas Ltllic, of this city.. * Funeral will take place thia (Saturday) afternoon, a1. Ore o'clock, at the First 1'resbylerian church, WniP- Plains, West* bester county. Train learea l*-nty nth street depot at half past two o'clock. Lovrtl.?"n Friday, Augur I 24, of scarlet fever, Fung2.; Mica Iiw, the beloved ion of John and louiaa Luvell, aged 2 year* and 7 days. The relative* and friends of the family are reapeotfully i>g Invited to att~ud the funeral, this (-Uturday / aneruoon, ?!l at three o'clock, from the rra'deuce of Ids parents, li Church street, near Hamilton avenun, liruoklyu. Ijw-.xasi. ?In the city of l/>ndno,on Wednesday, August 1, of CAjuaumptlon. P. (1. Jow* O. LsnxARD, in the 46th year of bis age, for tnauy years an active member of ' ? Hancock lodgr. No. 40,1. O. U. F. A KEW6TB4D. Secretary. Mart;*.?Cm Thursday, August 23, Bsicyarji Martus, ; aged 69 years, a native .>f the parish of Kiiland, county Chvan, Ireland, for the last thirty svet years a resident ' of this ctly. His frienda, and thine of hi* brothers In law, William and Michael Foley, and hi* slater, Mr* Nevill, are re spertfolly Invited P- attend the funeral, thin fSalurdayt rT afternoon, at tare o'i I-^k , without further invitation, fr?iu bis late residence, 62 Pitt street. MiCamry ?On Thursday, August 23. of consumption t?l Caiiiarim-, w :fe or Richard Mdiarry, Ag?d 34 years ed: Her frleads and relative* are request-d Pi attend her k'r | funeral, from her late residence, 347 West l-wtjrs.itb : street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock H--r r'-ma;n* will he taken to Chlvary Cemetery fur mterir.'Ct i lAUigtnrd (Ireland) papers please copy. O'ltommx.?At his residence, corner of Third avenue i and Twenty eighth street. Brooklyn, on Thurs-lay, A'lgusl ? 2- Patrick, the beloved brother of Jeremiah tPp-innnll. aged 44 yeswt and 20 days e?a The relatlvee, friends and acq nam tan era of tb fa n-ryare respectfully invited to attend the I -i.era' ir m bM late residence this day (Saturday/. The funrral will prcceed from bla late residence pi 4t Paul a rtiurcb.cor __ ner lot-grres and Court streets, at nlm o'clock lull. wn .mm m ill be said for _ morning. ?o?" i ? ? -? the r?(w b* wwl. I1**!**? (*> Friday, Aofual 34, F*a*k Ntaro*, young mi sou of Oeo II and Mary A ferine ,, I ur.eral ernice at their rrrldenre, 374 F>inA a, 1 on Sunday morning, at did* o'clock I ?4end? eg * '< . mi!y trr incited to alt?nd without furthgr N?w I/mdon, ?>nn , and t Ilea paper*!* ? | l'?n?? ?fm Friday. Aoguat 34 . Thowa* l'Ai.<?Aed J] year*, 11 month* and 3 day* ** The reletitn and friend* of tha family aodKn,;.' far backer lodge-No M,are Halted In attand the funrra; tut met, (Vamrday) aftemooo, at two o'clock, from h late rat. * denoe, :iUl Cherry atreet. *' Parr* ?Suddenly, on Friday, Augdit 34. at r.iahen re* <oange oounty. N V , T*"??? I rami ?# -! . pwb torn?<?n Tburaday, Auguat 33, Mra Cat*?? .*?Tout Joha aged Tt year* 1 i!r The relallaea and frlenda of tha family are reaper Jill Ihm* In Ml to at lead the funeral, on ttunday afWjooa.M ta mrr ' *VI?'k. fr>>m the ra*ld*BO* tf her dhugtHaa, Mra Dowi 3mm 12* Bailer atreet. I ^ ' CB'aXAAIBIBOC^ Andthkr NovKhTT? omoeocb Fftaac* or m tugnahy. I THF. rnt'M Ml UHATH ' Introduced Ihla dy 'Jf . _ tha Kt*TOn,A B OTIC WOOD m Urea.Iwa, IT HURT*. 4*0 RR()VI?WA*, FIRS DRRM O* A Root*, ready rjie nt ?, ordae, Bt go I*. Ml- A T eYRRPW.t 1 .ITirarAURI. NftTR*. -M iee* of A Hie Orange HI near ?n Herein**. N? *av?j f> *?l Mr-i I. * fay. eonter of Duaar. a 7 j ^ WT?C RLLA!Yf:OrS. A*. .V*1,'1Tf'v " ","K -OW1--R, K??RrrA:r'V I n- : '? ?'. *../. , . . * . h. .??- i*e:u jiiU U.Mi. jx juI i*t" z. " 1 *" ' ^:u' ^u< ?*= 1 . K ? top pi.onT'f \ n,;, ??.'".?< re! ' ?. > ,,uh * V,.,? . perfect,, ' <* We???: u < !.? . h.iu, . ... "' * I ta oiiii'f bjr* iiO.'MT, ??d i W . nWe , * 1! Power unit V " i?i,.7 be e* am "i ? r , , >'i<- ' Ui 'A ?'re~ \f:? l ? ,. t i ,r?r.-n i i ____ j v. iig -iilt. AOP A*!' l>AMQVttt\l t HA, ?. wn.i. .nx !I!VPV (V tie t -. jHi I1 WrJrrt\' n evening, iupitS IMC I' 1'. PKTKX!^ T->r?et? At K-^HoKa A?r> ca!?".? \t joxr.r, : < y.-i? j Ami Mreet, n aevr ety.e, inc: wvrraaW* i VtrHR etirfacAlon. I^KAhDY. WISB. ICHfiAPiV, HTM aBu ITHi***, lu.UJU ow i at .-?K a M) Y, rnrl'ju rxmf t ouie three /rara in store very Sue i.OCOeasrs PORT WINE, rartnravintage* nod evaiof 1 <fln??u! MHKKKT WINK. Taie and bma j. oi very superior qttaMy, for pr^ratA *a*> tt<? " rase* of MA DEER A WINK. 1 b:? vrli.e was unpolled dtrect lro.3 Madeira. l.CW raiea of BOoTCH VTTII-'XrT. lav be?t whisht* * laportal. 8 ? rnae.oM JAMAICA RUV > ' .?<Uil wn.n great care, vr.-y it;*, 3u rj?n n( old St. i'SOIX rum Ik,me very old at, j Cu9 Southern nrrh'nte are respectful: 7 invited toti iniMmt*e lb* alJa*-? sfcx'h of Wines end 1,mors. Cans* tlhrM the I raj- of ?'dtraa lcUon. that I have ;b* largos'. eu*2 bnatMlecual stock vf say b'Js* in Uu* eouutrr v Kur-oe. " u louth > wot?* 2 Rea.vr ti'MA. BQ0BOIR SKWINO jMAA'niNKK, H'ltP.I.S PATl-.NT.Ibie-celel ntlrf'rtrw tfuproted double ."tread. price "?? WO. Salesroom 6I? .'O-indwa.v, opposite the St Nlebo'joi Bprdsau.r arnica Lummrr r?ivns dukam out of tbe ttesh. muscles glAsde. sun- ?* : ) houra. alt the Heat remedy for henim.tiMu ever ml rrtloe Price it Bents. Depot at Beekitmn atreet. CIBUfUT INSURANCE IN THK VDVA ) We are raw tnuktnjf without tueeptio?, ho Heat Sa/R ? ever ottered to the public. Our Safes preser.v ttetr e nxm, when rvpused h) ibe tire, la the ben manner ? ;d our li .-(tar Proof Snip defies the wo.-bt. Any one about to pmhu# M ret) nested to call and examtai for himself. Wc give the beat lutte for the leant money. StRAKNS A MARVIN, 335 teoenw vy, c iwrof Worth atrae; NowVorfe. /AORNS, BUNIONS. INVERTED NAII.S 'M 13DM \ J Jutma nnd a'.' diaraaee of ihe feet cured wi'Vt?" pwa 4* liicuarenlotiro t i iht patten', t'jr Itr '/ M it A fVP, Surseam Chiropodist, 76u Broadway Ketera tophysician* --'y -- unmi the en; D1SKASVCS or THE MINOR ANI? THROAT tlUOeiMifully treated by I?r K D I'tl'K a' bui realu.'nse. 114 E-ast TwcQitelh aireei. pertul consultations Irom . ?tp. p. daily. DR. iJtvKit's PATENT atmospheric PLATER -tm Teet'ijb u-o?t wnndertul Improvement. .? Weverley place, sear Hruadwuy. DIARRTI'K \. DIRK NT ICt T AND OOLIt IVXEIMately co-ed By Dr. TOBI 13 ee'rbrated Vantttaa I.h, etnt, Mid warranted rut to r msi pate Only 25 rents It r.~v*s fat]*. Bold by a} tint dreggy da. Depot 86 C'ort land! at. J JEAKNKSS AND SIi.IlT KKS'TOR ED Dr VON Mosi'llZISKEK Oculiat and AttrUi Restore* with lit nrwlv invented ear v apoki a/.kr wiid ;/ restores thk hkarid* is rat Mb ST OltbTINATK CASES. AND STOPS TUK NOI-iE !W TDK HEAD avr-satros iuvk ?r.n> m-tm ui ro 4 #h atauT. KKaD. llANKr0K THK RKPCBUC. flnr Voi'.a, AiiK'irl 15. 1 Jd>> > Dr Von Me" hr:'ker're*te<l me for deafnes* very ?:r readt.Uy and HaUafactortly. M? bearing w?a reeiorad, and c. ?inuea an no, at aa ever ami I add no !e?tinv>nv In h a fa.nir ti. 11. LAMAlt, Prea. tenl of ihe lltnkorthH Kep'.hiic Dv VON M dSCH'/.ISKER. the well known and nalr 1 ><n? mate European OvulUt and A mist, ma; le oonsultewoo aB disease a of the Kye an : Ear, from Jt till to', latk, at lUlt'UNTON PI.At'E, KK1HTH ST RE ST. Bi. NcmcioBO bk ni kta torn. mr rOPVI.AR SPANISH AMERICAN PAPER. roar ism r o TO DAT PUR HATANA STKAMKR, ort.VTKRKBTINO NEWS, AC. runs all parts or kuaopK and amf.rica. A D TtlF. RKtH iRT AND tWAdl I T thrwrkat par at-miay claim. paper for panama ktkamcs l uha. mkxuo and UEITfcjVsTATKN, rnr. bk>r advertising medium. TXRMfl MODERATE-OFFICE 21 ANN STREET I?STAM.ISHED SIXTY YEARS. Superior Parlor, library, Dtdlne and Bedroom Tiir^IVr* ea Erery strle. Froaa the plate And nbetanUal to the rtrganl aad r ipeartf*, M R^Hioaibi# DHTM. Interior DeeoraUooa. Pier. Mantel UUeeee. Aa. Oooda parked and iklpped to all parte of Ike world. INKRNCH PATENT LEATHER BOOTS. READY MAJM 1 or to order, for ft. at HUNT'S. *3U Broadway. 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