Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1860 Page 9
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loippivn. ?n?aT oomni mo ?TWJI BY BISAM BAITTOXR f New Tort ud IJrerpoo! aalUn# at Quoeoatown Ire*Dd< to Uad and en bark rMaeojrert and deapatnfcra -Tba UftrpouL he a* York and PhiladelplAla F -amaoip Caipaaj'a pfertLi C i- do built lroo acre*- ??*roahl p? are intended to aat rb toltowe ? rmOB ?r* to** rot urwtroou DTNBUR'IH s?".rd*T. Antpwt * LAKOOW Saturday. Sept. 1 CITi OF UALTIMOKK RaturCy 8?;'. ? Rod every bat-rdAj thrripkom the rear, true* pier No. U Mottfc rirer. tint or rivtoB. Cabin to Qr.eenelown or Liverpool ?W* Do. tc Lonrtou, vie La vet-,* Mi jjr i?er*RO to Q-ieenatown or Liverpool *> IX). to Loudon * Do. ret'im ticketa. & tillable for alz monUia frooa Li* ^ p^b^/jeiA VwAArded to Havre, Parle, liambttrR, Bremen ??v^SXu^rom L'rerpoo! to New Tor* *0 ^j>o7^ Bo. from Queeoatown to do 30 Thear eteamer* here *uperlor aciommodatfotia for pvneaenie. Are vOUAlr noted with watertight compartment* ao J carry Sperirooed BcnteooA Kor freight or pmeage Apply At lb* TYalr, U 8 road trAy. New Tor*. A ye at. In Ueerpoo' lo WM. INM AN, Tower Baildlnji. ? OIamow to W*. INMaN 13 Dixon ttreet. dTSAMKK OF AU'JURT II. Jj SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVER. w The United Suites Mall Steemship ADRIATIC, Jomrp* J. Ooouitonk, commander will eall from the foot of el.n.t street on Saturday, Auyuat 24, at 12 o'cloclt, with tualU, .|Mtmenr?rH aod epede, for the por*. For (reuhtor p.imre Apply At the ufll--e of the North atlas IB . Company, room N?. 4, 88 Wall utreet. * - J. p. RTKPHBN8. Secretary, The Aif<?tis will mil &*nin on the 6th of Octooer. gt?lH ? VKW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. Th? VnudecWtt European Una L smu o?u jiuli. Hriauvm 4SL between Vow York, SouUnunplon :?ud Havre. From New Yo.-k for I Returning from Bo'i'biunptoD and Havre and South Havre. I ampuu. VANORLSILT Sat , Sept. 8 I Wednesday. HePt *8 ILLINOIS Sat., Sept 23 Wedreaiay, (H 10 VANIWRBILT Sat., Oct. 10 : Wedi.ea.Uy, Nov. 7 UJ.INOIS Hat.. No*, si Wednesday, Nov. U These " amshlpa have aater tight compartments. 4 ert t.vatej o: passage issued from Europe to America, hpcci delivered la Loudou or Parla. D. TORR * Ni'R A rent No. 6 Bowltnt flreen. New York. B U. WAIN WBlUlir A CO., U Hue Faubourg, Monlmaltre, Perls. A N CHRYSTIB, Ha*Te. OAK FORI) A CO., 67 Omee Church street, London. UKLUP. bUOALBS a CO., S.viMiamptnn. ?NTEAM.KK OF SEPTEMBER 8. FOR SOUTHAMPTON ANT> HAVRE. United Statea Mail Meatuer VANKBaUIL'f. Captain i'. K LetVvre, W. m 1 from pier No. :i North river. New Trrk, at noon eo flao rday September 8, with mulls, pusaengeri and ; ec.e. for Kcjglaui and France. PRIOR OF PARSAUK. Fi"? rib in 8130; aecon.l cabin. 160. Third cabin to Havre, ?06, to aouiiiampiTU. ESQ. D Torkanvk Age-it. No 5 Bowline (Jreen, New York, bteauiin-p ILLINOIS anils September 23. Atlantic royal mail steam naywytion company. NEW YORK aN? OALWA Y LINE. Touching at st Johns, N. F. V Carrying the British m.. I! and government despatch** The reaai?.-s comprising ihta Uue have been approved by {fee Admiralty, and are the _ Nliir IRON side WHEKI. bTKAMKRS OONNACOHT 4.001 tons burthen. JLKINSTER 4,400 " " rl'NKlKR 4.400 ?' ' LBTX R 4.4O0 " " PARANA . 4,400 " " The ner drpartnre will be the PARANA. Captain Jleenan, Tuesday, August 3%, from ?oston OONNAUOHT, Cap a: n Leltch Tuead&y, September 11, Trrm New York. Rates of passage lo any part of Ireland on a railway and to Ike prtn 'toal rltles of England and Scotland:? ' First ousg 1100 $9u and $7a, a, .ruing to Rate room acoomtnodatithird class. 830. lortn liny rooked provision* And to St Johna N F., fl at c'.aas 130; Uur.l class. 130. Children i Oder 12 years, half price; under 1 year, free; third Class passf u 'rra are repur-d to fnrnlah beds and Una. Pen *>s taking passage at New York for be steamers selling from Boston wall receive free p;.s< from New York to Breton. The steamers of this crirpany have been constructed with thr /r est. rare Strega- 1 nfetvand ci mfort, combined with taodelsnd propelling power, and are built with water light oomparta tU. They sre orul^eutly exported to snross*. la Speed acid rough weather nallties, any veserls ever nuilt, sod Stre replete wuh ele.gencte* an I convenlcncea An expe. raced surgeon auarbed to earb ship. Persons wishing t send for their fririr's can obtain reiuru tickets at low rates. For f:e s'-it or pawage a-mly lo ii0wlanu a aspinwall, Agents, 64 and 45 South street. Thk n )Kin oerman LLorirs steamship new Y ItK. II Von Hauten, commander, ca rrylng the United Mis' '< mail, **I!I sell on - ~ t .. 19 ?>lork If.. DMtniul, am* ? , ros BRIMRN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking d im?n?rr* for LONDON", HAVRK. s'VUTll \MPTON AND BRKMElf, At the followinc rttea? fW r?'h 9100 aco>n 1 cvtuin. $ou, ateerage, IK. For fretoh". or pnaaaj;e ajply to (IKLPCKK, BKUTOKN a BRICHKLT, IB Broadway. JPOS. SOUTHAMPTON AND havrk jt on Saturday, Sept 1a Tha Called RtVra mail neamahtp FCLroN, J A. Wallop, t -noimander, rlli ?b11 from pier 117 S. R., tout >?f Uem h alt eat, on Satarday, bept IS. a: noon. Tina Aai'T -noaicj aaaed f..r safety and comfort ? haa don tile eo/i.ira/unrfer deck, chc1.hi.m1 by wa cr tight comport twenta whielLbeaidts other rasn'ta, tend. In tha erent of colHai m or at-?*liti* to kce tha pampa free to work, aad aacure Bbc aaf et> at isaacl and >? act'si ,tc "* ? r* > ac< ?'d cabin ?;J and PM. For lrel?k M passage apply to SAtllKL M. FOX. 1 . . OKU *ACKRNZIK,i No. 7 Broadway. Tha a*eaaicr aRAOO will aall Oct 19. Tax HAMBCRO AMERICAN PAUKCT COJfPAim mat. vataah.p HAMMOelA, Hchwcnacn. eontraanrer, will leave for Bambnrg, Southampton. London and Havre na Hatnrda .Ftp'. 1. at U 41. f rn cabin, flui; aeoond rabjt, RW. at cerate IK C K. RICH ARD A noAft, 1S1 Broadway, N. T. Toe steamship Bavaria will it'ceeed the Hurniv nia Atlantic royal mail rteauhhip naviiation o lipaay-1 :ic rv-?tra>iip Parana will aall from Bernlata, vt' ht h bna. N F . for Uaiway, A at oat At For frr.?hl ur p*as?*e apply to HOWLAND A ASPINWAI.L, SI and 65 South it reel Atlantic rotal maji, btkam navigation c. >mpan '< ate inter PAR IN' I will aall from Hm.*i for <>a|. war Ml 1 ired*;- Au *t 2?, a to MA.M A ateain tiut tin take , iaaeo(ere on bourn fr in Buttery wharf at i o'clock. STXAK TO IBFT.AND FOR RV) BY TTIK UCNARD Use ?The ateainih:; KTe A aala for Oork on Tturaday. A' trust :at JL 1*. tieplei: ,i?r 11 Paaaatre can > wared ?""> t'erk fur apply to the agvLta, tlOODEk AR SkLiKLUOt, )H ?rw.'.w?y. I3UR UVERPOOI..?0?,T> BLACK STAR L1RK?THE 1 parko' ahlp .ANTaRi' !(", lying at pier II. Kxi l(n?r, noeltlTely f If ibti ' 7, ?t noon, from me do-h. The TUift 'ii" ei ll Anu'et M. K.,f Apply to Wli.LlAMd A OUH'R, 40 Fallot) pireel. IjMRST SHIP POR i nyrw-lT SA1T.A Al* 11RT 30. TT1K ' apl-ndid clipper ?tly ? VKHM'aR COM'IRCS* Mm*.,, 4 t-abia and fraud H& P?<"ece brought out from the Old Adountrj a' rednre I ratea ror lit of 4?ncea, l ivA ke , Al l'1/ if rUoS C. Wt'CHK. M<to' 'a Mreet. -E3ROM IP.KL.ARD TO NEW TORK BT BTRAM -PAHP arageri buutrd from V' (Ireland) to Mew Tort for K*l. lii> V.Jini prn.:i? na, by theip'eadtd faat ateamahlpe Of tie Liverpool Rrw York vm Philadelphia hoe. leaving Qvni i? ii nrry Thuraday n the ytar. ror pi Huge Apply w Ike oi>mp?o7 (Mot, it drued way. JOUR ft. DAIJL, Agent. TDOR ('ALITORRIk VIA PARAJIA. J A drat ciaae it-sAiner will teate Nf? York the lit, Utk uf flat of each month wept wt.? n ihoee data* fall on Sunday, . erhrn the lay of ilepar ire will he tke Mn.lar fallowing. for freight or paeeage apply el Ike only office. No. 177 Weal (greet. eoruer of warren. 11. B. Al.l.K.V 4genl A CBTRALTA-K ARf? AROO LIB*?PACKRT POR tgX Meo'eeber The rplen.lld, faet aa.'In* Al harkCRUMA f)KR. 1 JW? toea eaparlty, w'll be deepat bed fur Melbourne. ha a bo r She ha. anperV,r ar en a-wlatVuii 'or lirat and aeeood . jabta paaaengere. Apply na board, at piw 10 Kaat rlrer, or to MAjLlRR. IXIRD 4 qmHlAD. liw WaJiaireat. AUSTRALIA PIONEER URf-RXTRRM CUPPKR SWKKI*"TAKKS, 1,77.1 ;oua r-glaer, t ?a) 'una, at rlrr 13 Feat rhrr, win r>? draoatrhed for Jgelbouree on the a.h of Hry tenibrr. Clipper ihlp dPl.KBDID will encoded and na' JOth brp'Mabrr. Clipper ahlp HiAYKR, alao at pfer 13 V.aat rlrer, will be drepa'cMil fir Sidney, R. S W , (hh Sep. Jemb.-r Tor freight or paaaage apply on baard, or to K. W. CAMERPB, *? Beaver Mr-el * 1 *wrh ?* nor Bi*4 ?P i Q < i / W c^i ij'Uk ha* - - ? ww. . J Oa Kwturdar, Aufuat U. WO, at I o'closh, from f ?k of I SVarran .-art N''rib river The etaunnh and far i. It* at?am I nhip EHI'IRK OUT, nrwly dri ll planted and mpoerad I t mat ber keel up. wild Ann n?w lank, atat*r?wna engirt* and lioUer it,'in..i?klj repaired and trau?d. and the treael through. Out pu: ta lira rata mdUirm. trill be rlnaptu be-i at above. *tilla '4 lad.nn M Uia pnptr t trm f urn label al Ihn 'iflloe, and r*. blUa M laTltiR will be abo re" after Urn hour of aatliog. for (might or paaaage hpply al 177 W(* eiraat, e run, of ?#ar-aa 4 <>. KuHCRT* p. R _FrelgV rerkPed wt aott afar W.-tneaday. Anroal IS. Iimu'ajt n rail on Hue (learner can ha bad la UM boat oumptMt ai IS par can*. Hat/ha aiid www obt.iuwr. K\ RRV TFW PATH. PARRA'IB rirtT POI.UARR. Ito (*n m Hat'rfay. Hej.wmiier I, al 13 o'eloeB. The rmaahlp HIKWV'l I K. ilapt J. P ll.iH.mb, will erm rnonra 1> revive fmty.Ut on 1 i. etay, Am id W, and allM Above from pier frvrf 4 Murrat street, North rlrer. Wo blllg Of lading a cur J after the bo of of tailing. MVIWORTON, C'R'jCttitRi iW A CO.. Rnrrav bmi Hte*m?hlp CATl aWHa aalit on Tieeday lltb. and PK W/TO on Friday 114 uf September. XpPB HAVAWA, VIA S.Altll, W. P.-TIIK BRrriRH J and Worth Amarl. aa It /al kail rtteamahip KARWAK. fapta'o Rmtrnleaa will aa. for tha aViTb porta from th? Ompatf't wharf al Jeikey l.Hy, ok ifcliBBkf ~ Uepteother 15. Vooday October Id. Muakiy II. A'amagn money V> Wama |M t>a to Havana W For (ralctl or paaaage apply to W. CTTW A RD. N'x 4 thiwIilMI llrmk. I no* RAVAWWAH AWP OTffIR POINT* AR RRI.OW.I Tb? fl'A flam ?11a wheel ataamahtp IK A. Ohpt a laorrr R. f* beoak, wW leave oa Saturday, An? ,? ?, at 4 P. M. (raw plnr Wo. 4 Worth mar. Through t token aan ha had *?rI'w Oeleeoa.VW 74. Mobile. WW. Mwitgnmerv 92s Ootkm Tint Ml Alhaay. Ml Ati>.,ita ?3I 'bjUAn ?* ?7* *1 Naahtrt.ln SST fci Rootrtl>, I* Wamphia. Ml 74, Argoata >17 ?. *aaoa.??). Raranaed SIS K V Vi'rTT ^.nomM 1*,. a WilU aureeed. and 11 Qk ^a^AnrW.^A ? T. ^ ^ PirfAnitR awp rawri.w row wtwopf ftp forwardad by American RunfMa Ptpraat p-r i;-nnr twine every tread, for all narta of WnrT?. "t I * < awl r-Mi dnai ab-h. Hairplea dnllirarnd at fr?n ta t 1. at >r J r I AVtfUW. BAUiWUt A Wtdo froprt?>?v. fl 1 _ NEW YO tmrmn. FOA LIVKaPOOL-TUK bPLKNU'L aHIl* LA I i FHAWKR1N. nr?n 'yinf i; it.' alii '.k,** a?r .1 ? o'clock- Porpuwac* a;>rly numedialaly to JUHJCPil H0it PHV, CI SoutA aUtel, bfAf Wkl_ ttlOH hA VAH NAH AVDTItS SOUTH JT R.C*nu?Uip TI N 1 b VILLK, Cap. A. P.oi, wC. tea?. p!cr It Mortfe liver, on fin'iirtaf Argru* V at i P M Pmmid to Savannah, with uitauop>. ??< ae MtnmodaUoae, CIS. TUo ,..i Uckcta tc Ktw Or.eaoa. UO 78, KcUJa Si>, Ifrntgnmarv, *?; Mbmphla, SSI 7?; ftaabrtUe, ?r 74; Knot vt.le C23 50. C'^a *L> Aibftuy, t-i ' a all Atlanta. KI. Hae.c.SM Aujuata, Cl'f st Frefpht. 10 oactj per foot onin'inr^?F'\}'**''?* ^coreda^, Aufti* "0 imp! u?e U H il. B. I'KOMWS^ltU, Ki 3f 7Teat atroe'. a^d 3j5 Broadway FREIGHT FOR lKN.Nh*t>SK, NORTH CAROLINA. rortamP'rlh, Ko-f iti Pity Point and Richmond, recelred e*e: dp v t*. tie No II North River Steamahlp RuaNOKi. (' plain (TouoIi, ? tir. j Iur?loy tl u F M. ciumi at Old Pu.ot COiBtJrt to land pawrrprrp fiotamnhlp VOItK TOWN, Cayta n Parrlah, every Saturday, at 3 P. M. F rale hi to PorUtnr utli c: N^rfcJt 7 ceata per foot f (!t.y Foiot, 8 cent* eud to Rlc oitjonri, p rent" Passage tc Norfolk (state room and oie?ii Incl aedi, M. tc Petersburg or Richmond, $1.'. K .c :ra(en Cc Rets u. rtlahmoud o: Peter*burg andtacX $15. To Norf. Li ana back $13. LULLAM ? ait:K"<CK.V, No 115 B "Cadway DAtLT LTNB t07. CAPS MAT AND PnTLAPTLPIUA, via bvnpporr a link steamship*. Prom pt?r W North rlrer, Ar 5 o crook V. K . Sunday excepted. ?w>a.t-r =?;)rt "a, dslawahs Ml KSNNI090. Goods fenrurded &h ih aa l Wa* free of oon i liidoa. through in vwentr nonu;. fredsrio PSltCINB. AiS?t POST OFFICE HOTK E POS1 on OK NiTICF ?THE MaTUS pps BUSOPI via br th .MP'rn ar.i It* re, per United States Steamer ADRIATIC, wAl'tone at this o l:e oa Sal rday. the 2"-*n day of A a atl'."io\ockA M JOHN A. 1)1X. 1 oaxnaclev murAU J^ORKaXur .MMCVRD PIANO FORTH IMHTE a BP.ADBPBV Manufactures-* of A NSW PC A US OTEPSlRUND BAFW PaTCNT CNKUT ATRD P'JU, IRON PRAMS GRAN3 AND HQrtA R.'t PIANOPORffel No 421 Broom? strew PIANOS TO RANT Qm ISIING- A SO!is, Minifastmer* oP GRAND SQUAT*.1* and UPRIGHT plan h Wararooma 61H Bread* a/ C f h ' Vi h.\-? b "?n a warded thirty eight ; rt * m ad wi f : thr ? per Ity cf their manufacture for the p v* thirty U-m yeai PIANOS TC BENT. First fremitus gold K7UA*. riANCFOaTK?. Kamifact rera?".'TCRTZE A LUDLOFF 152 br> m; etre-w Pianos warran od, an J at radioed ratti \ftstc tfactlfr -a toung i.ady whc has had 1?1 acme e?p<-rtence m a t?noher of muMc on the piano would lise to tind a altuatirn aa lunlruc'.reas In a acboo' or pr.i pats ^amlli nr wen'u aaa.m'. baiiia In hi Atiphst if rAiu.rwI. he ob.erLou to pi 1:; the country lhe beat of references givec n to oualfiicsUcss. Addrim W. P ftn'th N . I iu ' street. New York. MrFTCAT ?AN NTPKRTKNCKP ANP COVPFTENT prrfevaor o' tnuetc it desirous of obtainns Board with wane leipectablt ft. .7 where pianof? ."e n' tlDRlcj; l?a*M we'd I' i.rrep ed a* iin e luiralen'., heat references ?dv*a. address K., Firth A I'ond a, 747 Broadway PIANO*, KKLOPEANB, If ARM'tVTrVS Flrsl ciaaa fo- sale, v l*t rr eold on irura intents. r: f\rort'iio to-me Spr-io- Hs?-nn>ulunaj of ntne varle'irs fetch urcbee. Ac,, at $175 to KOD. J. V. PEITON Ml an 1 MS Broad tray, N. V, SRVIRAL BOT8 OF RFSPKITABI.F PARENTAGE. are wanted for a churcb rbotr; pood eopranc vo.ces reijui site ! " ?<> whr li .?e hi' .hoc etrerfen' e ;n reading m. t will have the preference; age no! lc exceed 14. Halarln liberal. Addreaa ft M.. lie; wid ollde, giving name and rea-dente and othe- pait'rulars TIIK TBOLOPIAN -APAPTKD FOR BOTH SaCRRO and secular music Wkre-ooms, C?H Broadway, New Turk Patented lt(5h. Received large eiiver medal at tut fair of the *nie-:caa Ine'ltute and the b sheet tes'tmonlak from the profenlcn. This Instrument ta peculiarly adapted for ch are tea, Ac For tevhmnciaji eee our circulars. Tl'ANTKO IMMK HATKI.T-A JPRAVO TFNOR ANP TT Baa', for a Oa'bcfic church tr. this city; mnat he good rosdo-s of nrmlc and hat e good v< tcea. Apply a'. JLi.udget church, from 111 A. M to 5 P M. ~ jihSTBCtlTlOIB A CARP-TilK SUiWCfclBia IIAS R?Ml. ?T> HIS A. Acvdi uiy of Penmanship from No 34- '.0 "oe. Ftl an! 9S3 Br a t c ,t.c r.e-r' f rr.ty fir# Mild New pt"Cl ;# K.v?: daily, BUtTC-seopte Mu-cum aanae hrtVdne OKIVKB 11. UOLOSMITH. Af \DMCVOT PENMAN.'!UP AKP BOOKS KSPIN&? ;>&' Broadway, cuii-nued I y W.C. UOOOLAND.for many yenie aaslii'.iiat f t (>!i ?" B OoldKm' ' Orer day anl evrulnp, fur thorough prr.cUcal lustre.-turn. Careful aiteutlca g.-ec it ' eu'.--e ctlo a v. ..-anti el. AT PATNRS MERC ANTI1.F C-Ol.T.EGEB. fti BOWKET, New York, an' 5-3 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn ycua* men fr< tr. city c - couiter receive atrtctly individual t trueuon at hours anitiug. twlepenreut of clar-'-k. i.ud uicte as ray dly ><s theL- enterprise and fM.lty will permit. LAlies writing lease ns 57 18 .essoin.; boys E' per month. ABOMAN CATT'OT.TC vorwo f.APT, r 4TFEV AR rhed fr -n Kuri pe. would desl.-e n situaticnar goeerness ta a respectable family; the la corouetcut lc teach Fug Uk. Franeh and movie and knows sr.methlng of drawing aud paint inc. (.in g e iucm?; satlalactory references. Ad,treat bci IE Ueraid Jdloe. AN FXPFRtFNf Kr. COLLEGF (?HAPI ATE IS REAP! f - anengaRemen* t;. r.u hiititdtlor o p iv.ctr ;am.'.r 1 rall y ladiflerrn'. The College braocbea rreuch (^p(^' n, Or man. Srauith. Italia:. imanagM add mla; ta; ;:ht. Ad diee J. It. Ih mptc. , 411 Br ,'wii Gr.NFRAI. KPUi^ATIONAL AO"-Nrr. 54 MBI.IC HOC**. New York?For engaging a<enmr';ahed Tea-tiers foe fnmfNca ?'h 'ts and cotlerea. and fmnlahio* Ptaana A bloc Furoi'vrw. At oaratoa. Ar . ol the beet quality ai d at Lie I.iweet frwva. PrtnclpAJa aud ocherj louiUng lor Peachma or a lanine lforma'lrn reaped ILL eJ uati. ra'. matters are Invited to cat.. Referwncea?Rsr. 8 u Prime, P P . New Tort; Bee. C. Ho flch, I' P . Feeretary Ame-lean Bir-lw Soelety, New T jk; Rer O Praee, P P . Preeldent CntrerBKy of Vsrmoat Ree. O. W. Katon. D. P, Prew-enl Madison Cnivermtv, N. T and others in all pans U the hnioo. 4 nrlrem Her. <i. O. Aaxa. A. M., box 1.571 > Y. 1'iAt uXce. MR*. OflDFN HOFFMAN'S FNOMSH AND FRENfTI Board.:.g i.nd Pay M100' for Yrung f,View Wr 5 Fast rninr U'at rrri. wi. op*u rn iuiuwbt. wfk mi bt*. Hetlmi.n ?U1 be at h n>e i fter Hep*. 1; bef >re whkt Jm ad plication* by let ?r a 111 meet prompt attent'cia. MK8SKS. LKAPI.S AFfc? AND ARTF.AliAS PRaMCH day end boerdiap eeboo:. Not 117. lit ar 1 111 TTntn-i place, rrupene on Tuesday, hept. A CUaaleat MethewnHa*; ai.d Commercial I?t te The loeenlts department * L'.weyi ur dei ite spec .a'. care of Mae. Letrmarna. ?XJAVIOATI0N." il All the ren' lei: no* for ntrlrVin* * ablr to any ptrt of the world, taught by ibe m.? t e.mplr ?U) ai d ?ji.u ?.ee' me tbrnlnf mftklnc aoc Plitaf otrt blen*i. b? B f. Rli.'K RTHoS practical enrreyor nericatrr and com* pilot Keen'* fn-.r P-roth Ward HdM, corner of Nraod end Rtlraneth stroete Manure. Aoadem> Tea< ber'a hoar* from lo P IJ A. K . eed S u) 4 P M Op.t p p..pda st dy at all b. urate iLrda. jme, buoday eiceptrd. SCHOOI* AMD nomr BPUCATIOM.?FRRMOII AWD Enrba". OhtfMral and Commerelal Boarding and Day Behont, a Kb line playground and grmaaalura, 47 and ?v Weal Twenty With tree', between llrnadwaj and hath a .Mia. Mr. LOl'IH IRMhT, tabes charge at a llmithd number of l?ya only. Rtopena Beptember l'l rto LA IMF* WIPn TO RFC*TTF T S.SOKS TW hPA null at their rrstdrnee. Addreie *'a''ng te-rna vnI I. T., Broedway Pflat tdBce. Tr'AKTtD-A MALI TVACH"R, CAPABLE OF TARIKI TT charge of a frre aahuol. ?t lltghbr.dger.l r. Weil, leti: county. Mono need apply e.cept thaw ' rtnrnjj g?*<l refereree? Hahry (600 per annum Add; 1 5It Mew Tork Post office WAMTBP-TO OO Tt) THR IBI.AMP OP COMA IMM1 TT d.etely. a lady of reepeelabiiii. an* edueelio* aa sorer am to a young iady. she m 4 be proftr.eut to fcxr ab and Frecch. and miula, and desirable that she knew something of draw Ids and painting For fu.-th-r partte-.tars app'r rn':i tbe Kb in# . beta ran It and 1, at the office of t. M CebaUos 17 Braedaray ~ 8 PORTIM q. DOOM FOB FA1.B-* FUB BUULAFO MAATI?F A goni dei tor a store or be th? country Cat at LOt Grand itrrei. near Broadway. FAM<"T riOFOMB.?A T.AMOS LOT OF F4MCP PI permA cotpdotiag off*- tela Mr f.rte's Ihnuire a Mo. 1 llamf.t n ivretne. Rroob 1 yn. G1MTLKV1M WHO WAMT TKORt FMDFM HW. or tine Watrbea, or went lb* iDilejet.denl liana applied to their whin, that can ?p>, ped or * arte 1 with wit trierfcOns or ah . riri tbe rpgnlar tlm", at a rmdr:>ta coot, wui do well tc ea'J and stamina my 'mpraremaat MBit Bit A PRIOR 24 Jnbr Street. JIB AMD MAIMBArt BAILIH'AT FOR MALM-16 FPMT oog si. fee- team, ooppw fastened, ooe of ibe f?? est , [.rjnc r??M la, Jrti: J.UUUT' S 0 -.4 I Urand Mraat. iwa 7 CUf. I CAII. R< *T ' R * 1 TWF*TT * v'Rrvr 3 ? Tfi J faa> aa)'?r and In omnplrta ofltor Apr-:. 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Rf'tf'IUtl TICS IS TNB I,AST NIO'TT ItlMKMUKR, THIS IS Till I.AST NMII f 11R.MBMHKR T'lls IS TMK LAfl1 MOHT KKMKNUKR T l I? IS T!!? I,AST NIGHT RFMRMHR* TT8 is THK l,A*T N'UtIT RKAJKMBRl THIS IS I UK LAST MIUHf Tiiavjtt'. SATPRrAT August V IR'.bli ASHORAMi An J TANRRK HOP'WT Pat (an ,,*uaoy?.... u. PI.ORItNOl NAN 'Y (% *Ai.T:?Gu wT.ii sonar* of "AWAY DOWN IN MAI KM" !Ul1 aroiho cn a jiraoAD CAR.1 Mm RLORBNCH To conclude Ait i new protein Fsrce, written bj Blsn cttard, oC iA'.-icu. . lb Flo. er>ce?, and callad WORKING TI1F OPAOlJt. F-ed O'K'esry a barte Nr. Floeenee Toothy, m triable .c Mr. riontM Men T.'irboy, aisllor. Mr Florea e Pedr. Sprout. A Ihltcis .an Mr Florence Polly8parksdl. ntnUliaer .. , !r;? VT. ?. F.arm is M.s Noutgrowley. an old wnuu Mm W.J Florence I'o'.Iy Plsernn a Yorkshire p-rl. M ? W J.liorence FeUi Rtal|F>:i, an FdrIUu e?iv!:<l.e wub Soups *! W. J Florence L'<x re opeu at 7 j to et a. j o cloc?. 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Trouble* of a ?'.oicred Ph'-h a-eplier, original Plan IVJoti Hocga, l>anroe, Ac Itoorfi open at 7. commence", at 3 Tioketa 25 ret'? ^AU.Ai K'TniKATR K YY The highly uie.tied auJ bea-Ufiil yeunf American C ^ MTSB JANE COO ? BP art now led red by the piea? and public the moat elegant arua'.e ct the age. tut* beou . aaaae1 : rianigh m only, aui will apt ear u LADY EVKI.TN'E AVTOTr lu *?.? (OTi r.'s ouLiT n ir or TDK WIKKd SK1RKT the authorized cocjr 01 which play haa recently bee a 1 rcetved by Mlaafoam - from belaud, aul will be prodec'd In lit or) g.uju, una! ridged form. a& actab iiv *" atp Mite cuaruu, OVFIC NX) NIGHTS The diatluculahed ' omeduui. MK. UKO. JORDAN, haa ' een engaged oi-.-e?ilv to renreaent the rart, MK WALTER AhVlin The piece a ill be produce! w tb New Dreeae-i *ad oew \a! appropriate Scenery. A" MERR.VN CONC ERT HALL (44 Itroadvrar. Ca Mrudaj. Aupuat T firs* r'rh: of BILLY 0 NEIL'S Irtah Faice of BA&NKY THE 11ARON. TRfANTKD-AT CANTKRIiUBT MUSIC HALL WO Ml TV BruaJway, twt aty Lady Dauoer* ~~~ dr% ftwd.v ac. At thk NEW RETAIL tTORR 8*1 n roadway. Opooat* the UebopcaAa IkiAL. Opening of new ! ALL goodi AT m'Atl We t>ejt to announce u. our patron*. and tadtea ?a.u? uta CIi'KP*1 WC *** ? W o?re'lus Cto l*L*. uo.eld'-a ta ' 'PARIS DBEAA OOOD8. _ MRttOTDRRTRa LACS4 manillas. ac. abv> BALMORAL BE Rio, l.N LAU I VARIETY AIAO. A new make of FRENCH K .D OLOTK4, Made ezrreaa'y fo- /?. and a*..' tc be the beet Qlore e e- 0' ft red ta Una eoua: -y. EPVTA1.D LAMBERT A CO. HOOP -KTRT.- -I H7.KERT CACTION ALL Vfff aooa from pursie?.aa or ?auafar'.^rlag my Patent Spiral Hinp rklrt w i..htuy to | rrbanc tbia rabuhla | aten'-, cau apply tc the pa'.ru'.ce. S \.KCK I. PKHKltgY, (itraru avenue and t harlc... a'.icc' Pbl^dfli'lca OILS yrlvfth ARNOLD, OONBTARLS A CO Carp .idled to tilt- well aaente! atcck an ~.r a al'f Arje imrertatoo of LYONS ANP GERMAN bile vel\ eiu, Wl'-fc Hi: tho choice new anadca?*. hue a.u ?u w color* in ahtcb th?y car the ape*1*! M'en'lon of jewi'.-y t t I anufai'.urrra. floaer traher* ?* and drewunaker* NU.UNK1H . MILMNKRT-P it? UNH ?fAl.T. BONNKT* NOW inJj. Iv uL*i Bio Mr*, tumav\i m.1 nnVniumr ierj f h- *r B? oreta aot KMtny Ilau at V and M worth I ergeri In the e.:r L. BIM?* Mtmnery Roomr, Mi Broad v ijr up ataua, oppoait. Ike Mc-rop ^iilat i'e'-al. \f|P nrtfOIRAT> MAGAfllN PR* MOPK* MO. ?ft ill lti.-a.lae) -(>r?t,d . , oMmporwsl Parta Paehioui u. Monday. Hepl I. pre*entlng a brilliant diapiay of pauarie of paw and recherche drstgna for i?n?i'ira. h.eeraa, Walala. Mant tm. Jac.arW Ac a: d chrirwr.'a .i*a.*o? ? *-*at ra-t*t? Uraoehea XX Canal afreet and LM Plat-repent eirert. Hrooh tn kL! p.'taeipU ctUa* at Jx VoUjl bead to. 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Pulton wrpeIRJPH WHIhRET ' IRI.-H WFTSX ET tl-PCB SAL.I fof.y p- -i-oe tap I. W*4nr?ldp Matt Wbiakae d?ily rapt***! t aril r, <Lre?i ff ia uondowderrf. Apply to Pnf HlcK CVPP ?? cHM>i aaeanp New T -1 MONOM -A1 XI.A WHITE ET -KTXIKkR BARRKi. r?rr old itid rtnb dat* i-ed i parlor Ir lay la ?***- . Pnr ant* bf OBO. W. PaRLBT. 144 MarkotoUwc MKDICAL. API'KEMXU TO BAitRlRP AMU MM KJI -UR WAT If N ob !>?' I'Jti, Ac , ?rltt *n?'. :ilo?! pIU?* and dra? Ira*. ' Tbe boot ?rorb f w 'bo nop prof mat oral rendnr" ? 4,mI Ri if* Pnr-o Rl. N4d \-j I'WiB b.UHr, All Brand ? ,i- N V a'i 1 a i>- - h' i.'it Brrv p. a''h?> axr-Mid t rl W? o? Brmdway wUrrp bb raiib* ounaoltad IiOiLW f* -t*i?a ' f thin :la? fr. ? A M. tc If. It ARFW hi K X POR TRTAUN* I>R. RAPMOBP OR Mrrro ij Pebll..y, ait* oilor a*? o.' pettier Ui I ruoi-r b. '.be Roaa Trrn n??.t 'W< rtb ?re'y roe a twotag"?h T Uom? Journal P.trr Rl iofi?j[?trr? t *1! edition I ' r-tl? P'.'d b) Kftn A TCH'elY. Til W?4 o*it r-apt l.aWKBMCR, An I '>?j owl, Aal' r Hi uit OO^PRKV Ml Hron4?*y. A .da t add. ?a* ? b?**al*r*> flrot fl-or. ui *un i, Me? Y' r* (mm I t 1 BbdC V ff ?r?c ip * a < "O'l.mKi oti Pram o*. 1 |R RR'iPnt t*t RROXPWAr IfAvUfrj TUP t* 1/ ye; racuce. nfli--* hnaelf *? n d< a rat le , hj?* ? . ; T f>notI'.nUia Attend* iv **><1 e enl ,g. T~*R. WABPOAR Ri: < OR.HT70TRD AR TTUAi. PR? J t ?? . .re dera,' no t A.nt. *d dVia* aUoctnally cured [ - .... v - a iln.' , . , ?? ? r?.,aw U.A. Ojim. Uu ton t. tt tar R cvnprrr han KRnor?p run* pr* ot.n I ' Tw at No. 1? Domic gtrn? to big prcannt ?f rj rabtooj not *"lt of nWrca, Nr XltVot.i la>tv,oon ("wnito.-* ?".| Kradc KfwX, having * pnrata fnlrtao No I City Hal i arc, where h" <?a 1f o.uguil?<l. i>". C la a m?ui tor of th? Now V"-* L'atveraU)' V Vie*! <V.!?k- f**? hi# dl| > tth in Ua o?e?. N. h ?OMeere well the nam# and a amber. DR. RAI.PH N omt'K TDK RM tot; TO I AND C TO Ml. IS a??l Kr-r. -<f iloogtno. I vH < U.K. II II' AN|' r.KKl. kUIHU U THH J./ rol ?g?of Pbjg>ai?ng aadKnrgo na'' Bit Yn?b, rr?.j be r o.aibod <!? :, gt big ouicg. f-w? & in Uie aornlog oau 9 .g lue gignlng _______________________ IKmRTANT TT'o K * RRtFO AND TUO?R ABOCT J to be married?Mr A N Wai.rtrea. . Prr.'wr of ( dweggea of arrgnen baa mat pnhllglie I'he'llbrh odiu m o( hi# , valuable boob, epi '.tr 1 "The Rut!"*: Womao a Pro aie JCsJi , r a 1 Cora 1 amor." rrtcaNt a id by 8. (I. LaWRPN'cF N 1 J Veaej atre?t Agtar H< uae and At hw ofbr IS Unert.. Mre?t | N?w Turk, ;.r arid be a- it M mi1; tc f f part <" !V ' ""d 1 Nfalea -d Oar.ada, on receipt of $1 Addreg bet 1 *2l Now 1 Tart rRf. I It-HT lb?U*D- A Rl'W UnfTTON Of t>R BA RROW A ' y popn'ar ?? ?| * ?fi o.agi fr* ''1. < - ''hpr ' r * Peaearr.bng aneoi.-V %|,p f.Ingtra>#?1 aob.b I W wool ecvavinga P"1ce S rerta. 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FAMILIES AND L.iDIH IMIIUto AND LA OIKS FAMILIES AMD LADIES FAMI LIKi* AND LA DIM FAMILIES AND LAI IU KAVMAB All) LADIES NBOPir ATTEND TO DAY 8 MAT1NBB. biiuULD attk d to daY'.j maunbr. klim i n jl'Tifwii Tuiiira HiTiavv MIOUIJ) ATTK N p TO I'ATS V aTiN kk. mioui.ll attkni) to pay 8 matinsb. buow) attkni) topAy'k mAT1*r* J'ROf'KHKOR. 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M> a feidr A...I Uj? \*js> :D iii aia* of II \N!?OMK ... _ 'UK UJU.l WA 1 MAN ' ' \ a? . Haudae-nr JmM . ???_Ly am ....... .. .lem Taker" gA a> 71u AHA:v w.i snv h D ? ?/*"* ' ' 1 !? "?.. ,on of r r hah mm. If- VaM.i . IKU I.Ki IUKK ROOM id Uia wo. ! at. Jel.uV mk>i m?? pn.-..v,, l.ftui vork bu. Ohe ol laSOUNT 3AB., A_li~f FAVTT.Y, WHAT OS TTT i.i7iif(i i.iiiumM, 41 y wblc J me cnl.,.s;; :?^a, hi c. ir polled Ic remove, to #r? notn to Other auraj-llorj Tame * o~ oare no. mter. L iuk wonde.e ran imeoma Me* h>? K'vat r .ri Mft.ea they a-r They ti .At aoethna ;Ma, oi tbcy ?rli. be forever too law- Thar all he oa cUdoMtoa m a11 bo-ro, day *u? e.eonia together witu U. i LADY wTTtf I/'NO IIATR diwtijij rtv.1 *i llj ore her abnuldera and bvi. Ml T; a' .'ng or tiio floor aa abe walk* "TIF fIB? 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OOHM R'INoS, OFFRKTTA8, PKaMIS AO A.', ti me beolloa all tbj Wrnleva mrj NnvrUof of tbo K J3i UXi'V '.vi wblok ettoraerw not laaa thai. a.' r'-ari.RTTTKa from e-*-y purl of We world, xra all, rM ALI. TO llf 8KKM FOB. ZO URftW Obildren under t?n fears, 16 cents MHSRUM Ol'KN FROM 7 A If 1114, 10 F Lest'X e Room l'erfai-rxa..ce.i si 3 and 7\ o'closh P. M. LI3?AXT HAIC* NF.VARZ N. J BPDWORTH'S KINSTRKl^. un WOOD'S. WlL ?i /i* two of tlielr ion ulsr KTliloriAN KNTRRrAINtfRrfTfl At the Store ball Friday sad Saturday ertnlogs. August to sad i?. AMJimriKiaf si etgftt o'clock. Osrds of adntsassto tsen'.y 0?a osala 8 HOWARD, Areas. ^ RARE! C'iANCS FOR SR80ULA.T0BS 08 MAM* Tus'Sdi.ODRON. 189 R-oadway, If offered fof sal*. M ban IS doeir spiendid business aud is U, bua t -dor. toaMM be'on li-ensert for thrali-tr-i? eiAtbtuooa Aoolv between 11 and U A M . it lbs hslj. Haw Ml principals swt upp'r. TUB TIRRALD 18 NOT AlIC't'BTOMK.I TO PUFFIN?, aaJ therefore be 'oe'iered wl.rn li says, with lu 0<V thousand tonsuto. that BARNI'M 8 *H 'SKl'M U lbs be* ma uagrd best kept snd bed. patronised pis>o of affiriemeai to Now Tcrlt, aod that ttr 1.1.lng i'urtnsitlra sol recture llaam t ntertaii ments by th* joT'.tbful Wi rn J-'amt'y hare not the* equal at any ests thehaseni ia the world, 'they giv? their NT . orm.vacos to dy at g and .juarlar to 8 o'clock 1'. M TH OOD8N . TUE rilfHH AMriAHSADON, THE IRWll AM 15AHS ADOE 18 C JN IN* AMKRICAH CONCRRT T1AI.L ?M BPOAOWAT. PKK1) STIaW the qrrh' eremporane wis ameer, w? annev s?c , e*ru if n s n"w ? t Horn"- oos.ts R W lU'Tt.*K Proprietor BILLY U'NF.IL AssaUi:' Manager PAL AC* OARDRNfl. Faurtseath street sad Birth arenas Th.? pre ilar grand M uMvsl EnVertaiaBten. by Jti (Als rtog etai&eal f.^'s filONOR MONTA NAR ' . . ~h? greatest Lno* Bade Stsfer, Hecelrel nightly by lbs must fashionable sad appPfctaL ,"6 U ? dtrnrrw SLtboatASUr apj l* s? sn.l del rh Mito J U LI A MRLVILMf from the f)p?a Mr W.;0. OKO/JKR. Te.ior frflJHK lajn 'os CoeoertA M-- * ? sJTRArTVN, Ooolurto.- of ta; O-eh etra. If r. I) KRiRK. l.esdsr Mr W Q WBll.B Ooodueturof the iTauo. i. F sraATTON H FALACV HARDEN ORrH*.,rRA. Admtoion2.. cms C V. DN POKKNT I'rornotto P K not.*AN JUVFN'I V riflRi TRtjo'R sjs ? Ts/"M and wi ' sjpsy m ? -alsy. yth In* CI A SO. / MR SAM OONTTLL OANTRRBJBT^MUTM* HALL Nat wt'tsiaodi-ur tie UHrA?/U,I.KT.HP norma tie rrfurmaot. the fob jwIor all p.fibiJ wlil KM Uvely I the last or b>? app'hum Id thli ellr. a* be MD mmr/-* I a aer > :! roor. rt ton.-Hit r?b u? L'alted Huure mm Up I uidM M: Monday, Keptem) er ff Durlua u? follow InanlabU of bin pr raawmaiu KR BAM qnWRLL will a'jtg M fc'j rwa uiahJn* Chan** V Dr^*v?'?? AWT reo'tit ? r/^-tf?r1 Lady VitTf 3pl.. Itu Anfhl {UlCttrber'* !>ki pliter Tt>? Wortboane Boy, Hp' Ueo WriaY. and rh?b? Brown. Rvoo and (freer.*, Aloar/i U - bra' e ix.4 Fa.- I noncwd, Tankee W< udrrn rerp? >?? * o.or. u*C>rt be*, HlrCrd the Third And UiP oeeer to bi auBrent'.y Admlrwd %ai r*r*ott *T M?a of BtTJ.T BARLOW. MJL SAM~COW1ELL Seija t? tpolp- MP eery ?' ?< -re arki"W>.1rmpi?* uj UKH?Rh H>X A CUKK Af? or their uniform < , r'.eiy ?nd alien!! e to I'm drwlna mi# m Itreoiftl andtllnfnrw .he Hew fork pnOJie **!? I f eu?rouei> ? ,r|H,rtPd bitn. that be ?U make L.a f a. a web ea mermen1 *t lb.* eat a' '.lahmeat prior io bia r*' t-i I ifl arly la freeember. A MKRICAN PONCVRT HALL, AkBSICAN COMCK.IT liALL, Ml BROAD WAT. Ml BROADWAY. The arei'ew Poorer! T!*!, Ie the eit? rreaenfed U> life pnbltr * r uMaatlna of Uleat and ?ar? Ullly, thai canon* be a-piatied tn any< her OnM alnoa hi the world. The fol owioc brat eiAM perform* n a?pn?w e very evrujia *r lt:"r O'FeU, the fiwrltf f'Ah Ojar tlaa, Tn*H*1 and Banc*W W. Mem, frank I'ell. Fred bhaw, Ike Wh?!ptf, Hi ma La 1 boer, W. J. 1 MlaaPlaM rTarflngtoo Tb- American HyU'uatai*, Hi a* Fanny Tbowipe-oi. Hl? Jpat T PhrkBlne Miaa K.inUy laail', I n ka'e Hamilton. v an Juiia PhrtattiM, la* Tltlj ArhulU. V a. JoflA Ilun-,. w Kim Uftj ftrimii* mim n*itir jmm Htm P. CU*rl?B, mil- i hh Mia fiiJaC And a box of >.tert v* nuntroia v- mm-oB. R W itt'Tl.KR PropHwar w 0'*RI|?, Aottn? Naoacar. HwB I.* THORN *Vkr? M?lia*a A rtx r, trot ni*V. of UAKNIV. TU BAKO" nTHB CH.KHRATln BtXlNDtR. WHOM! VORMim 3 faau no the u*ki m? k>? iimmhx an mc x ma|v? Paila. WU ai>pn*r MurUj la Mow Tor*, at Jom fal ctmannrnn rw m* rrrr rtiopi-d mot rati. ti O riart lb# PlirrnolnrleaJ CahtiiX and Mi-arom nf K MM t. rnWI.RR A wil.lH, pk Hmadnajr. h<r? air l>? mm fadajw?m frrm I untn And < >?ta fmm tb- b*v'? of mtii nf (At n ?t . irUbrnoVd and Brlor" ntr art of lb* ua nBauwuaa. ffraiorn, rblkw tpkori. Mnrdemni TWrna, fVmiplMO pfc-rrt I'Wf'X drllprat'OMat eharartrr, wild foil dracr. '.OCX i'te-i tliro drw.-r<1. MVRTC? IK TI'B TOWTRAt, PARK ?*100*0 AHA-If Bit r id M# ihnr* trUl b? grtod Pr > B mod# <> or--t on 'br Hall In thn f'-n'ro! Park ?w i*f fa* afternoon. kilorUL 11 Alt\ FT B !> -PWi >KTM. Coo 31 rf-tor. xrorrc*.?n?rn?o* miimmi kinhtata wn^ JLn pnrfi. ni in A. r? -i; V A ig V, HtK *. V, Tmy, tOOi AP-nnir. SPth pnd Sirt Hndown Mopt VI p Mtnomo-io omonioh?nk I Wy.s nat-tiaed lp? Mm of (IhrtXr'a M nntrela tB? pop lie km I informed tbkt VhO >*1/ nopU) lm?l?lil,l* boviu flrot to Iho den'?nntion. V noOor IB* < ?ti <y)i?te <? rrtrUa of Ukf'B'H (1/11 ATT Til. OODKM, . tvir irw1 a*ba**ar>or THK IRIRII AKUAAMADOR __________________w oomwm. aacbic ik thf. crktral park ? arrarftlqfkktl* iTi Mil ben. made tc h?re in'iMr tj lN?l*m-th'a Rand fa Ur MnO. la il>* i Va'JBl Park. on ftalurdat nfvprj-en *! fijt* c'rtock VTATIOHAI, TMfATH*. rTWf'IKNATI, OHIO-/OHH i> Hams, pernio.tor Thin nto t-aaSliabad and (amnio plaaa of AWunetner.t will npon for UM fall aad auiur ?i?", ox Pntnrdt) rreninn nrptraNor 1. IM1 Tho Indira aad rmtlA ae? ??? ? & w'" n.m In tho flrarm room, ?b Th> -ndar A? ?nt .IP t? nt It- A M , | rrprtrBlorr to 1Mb whir wRf ?;. rmpv r i, low J.O. BA.WL1I. Aumt* Minx* CV.HTIKIBtM, TTIRATRK a.ATK RATIORAJJ. WAJU) %ni rtt'tUinl Vu Kfb'A ?f*H. P?U*a-;tihJ??fii Wb ? lor Mli th? Theatre n In n??retn? r.niir. ?ml ow*i * 1 annua* I.n? pfWA AeArnaa D M< i?m. na naore. MIltATRKIJI WAHT*n TO TlUriO. -/llfT.***1* OT flffl rtana ability In ' Tj 'bin aau *W m'h n Inraa *Ml rr*l ' Imm bnix! N. n? h . tfc m ??>i up '? 'h? hn?'i??? n?a<! npplir. f' |I? I' ll ?rill?n ?t? c,?Mnn? Aili be aoUeeA. |o Km. A. < brlrty. I* irm* * H. 1. r**tpr tq *?i*t -ittk inri"<r m^irr rnwa t-n In U?a n"yr-f A'hur. wi't be rani** 'm ??> <wn?l->? Air nl f iWl'Ml Purr* * f '# ?"V VWi.i'h wm-h nt *! * ? atpfcl H Ml "1? Ur??n, m?I r.n.ib'?lb '* anl ben. f vM I'f .f rornl hi lb? cflr "<* f>4?* gN.-aaWfc U ?A f..?Uv*a? M W'i??

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