Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 8754. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Arrival ol" (be Vanderbilt at This Port. Tlurwhteaiiig (oiplic&li?DS on (be (ontiaeDt* VN&LIKE l*PECT OP JIPPUE8. THE IRbW IN NAPLES. Immense Preparations of Austria in tbe Venetia. THE mLNtE OP WALES IN LUERIGI, I i<n ttii ate. Tbe e^eamsbtp V underbill, P. R. Ie Retire, commuter, ' rttn Bavre and Southampton, on Wednesday, 15tb M., at ~U P M , arr'red at thin pert yeeterday at ?M trcloek P. M., bringing 361 cabin paaaecgere.a fall Irrigfcl and lie usual French ani English ma. Is. The ear tier part of tbe voyage w*e extremely bueterous and wintry, witb beary westerly galea. At two o'clock yesterday morning puted tbe a.eam iifc Adriatic and Edinburg. Tbe Vaaderbilt on tbe outward passage left Sandy Hook i ?a Saturday, July 28, at balf-paet two P. M., and arrived at she Seed lee, Iele of Wight, exactly atmidalgbtcn lk>Dday, Acfjt e, which, after tbe deduction of allowance :n difteteece in time, ia by far tbe moet rapid passage frost atoe Atlantic. la the Bouse or Commons, on the 13th It*.ant, Sir C. Wood, ia moving a resolution etabling the Secretary of Abate ia tbe Council of India to raise money in tbe United Kingdom for tbe service of tbe gorerument of Indin, proceeded to chow the stsle of the Indisn Anances. The deficit for lb? present year, ending next April, wn eeti- , ?* "*_ at ?7.472.000, including guaranteed interest on vaVways amounting to ?1,276,000. Re-etnbarliaitoo or troopa of all arma ia being pressed forward with Urn utmost rapidity at Toulon. The Pari i correspondent of the London Post say a:?According to deepttcben from Kaplee, which reached Parin ca Sunday, Ibe King in likely to abandon bis dosiiniona. Keitbor tie army nor tbo navy, it ? aald, will fight for nwacts u. Tbe London Tina says ? There can be no doubt of tbe injury done to tbe bops by tbo i in genial weather, and tbe intelligence of each day naaflnu tbe opinion that la many districts they will ism a total failure. The London CVurt Journal bays ? It a expected that herJlajeoty wiU not remain at Balmoral longer than a month, and Ibat the Queen and Prince will then sraas to Hamburg in tbe royal yacht, proceed to flabnrg, and, after a abort stay at Rbtnhartabrun, go to vrOiLa It ia here that it ia expected tbe meeting bttween the Princess Koyal and ncr Majesty will take place. Ibe Loodoq lima says.? The new acts for taking the census in England and Ire land next April have been leaned. The act for Scotland bee net yet received the royal assent. There is nothing aa to "religious professions ' in the English act, but there te js the one relating to Ireland. The oonaue la to be laid before Parliament within twelve month' arter next June. Tbo leading article of the London rimer of August 13 cays:? By this t'.me tbe plenipotentiaries and armaments of fibglaail and Prance most have re*, bed tbe well known 04 where, eighteen months ago, liord Epin and Baron draw wars deliberating upon the brat means of obtaining n tren'.y with China. The diplomats probably arrived at lbs general rcadeavous about tbe nrst or second waek in July, and we may calculate, therefore, that Lord Egin has already bad for one month the services of the very powerful army and navy by whtrh he is supported. Henceforward we must expect the mails from Coins with very great interest. Tbe Cotton 3uiUl of China has. according to the last vrrocious story trom U?g Kong, oflercd s bet of 130.000 that the Frenoh and English will again be re pulsed from tbe Taku forts. Tbe Inadon Chronicle of the 13th says ? By despatches jusi received from Naples we learn that Garibaldi stood ready to rross tbe Ptiaro of Messina. He bad eagaged a number of boats, each capable of carry iac <m the average fifty men, sad it wsa reckoned that b>would thus throw over a lorcc of s 000 Tne Neaps i tan have concentrated * force m tbe Calabrias of o^ar 40.000 men. aari the Bar: bald isn* expect a >m? sharp wurfc be Tor* they get up to Naples. Garibaldi, wr.tiog to the Secretary of ll?? Garibaldi Fund, London. Mfl ? Sm> ild you ? ink to employ toy m?ney generously cub scribed by your fellow countrymen f?>r us.send u*, before nil, markets Willi bayonet*. Great af .Ut'.on aga.t?t Turkey prevails In tome part* of tbe R .Mian empire, and particularly at kioaco*. Tlie Greek !e-jy are preaching up a holy war,and crying Out lor the RuMiana to march at the same time a* me French to avenge Christian blood. A letter from Vienna, 'n the Cologne Go:*rte, itale that Astir a will not be able to contribute to tlie eipedlii' n to Syria. The Austrian Cabinet, in tbe present a.atoof lie tiaances, can tcaroaly lake part In a distant expedi tioa, audit* (bribe Christians are forcedly startle In tbe Htruer of lords on tbe 14th L>rd Stanley state I that the British goTernir ent bad undertaken to guarantee 4X per cent on ?100 000. or ?1.000,000 uocoedit, maliy, ta aid of the Fast India Telegraph, notwithstanding the act that the lma ?u completely destroyed. Oar Paris Cerretpshdi nr? Fame, Aug at 12,l<t00. Imfrtanl Mcurm'nti nf Fuum S nd Augrim? tt'srtOre At prof <f Jffairt in A'ampe?/"*? Syrian and /'-alien y-tet ham. 4c., 4c. I have just aaoertsised that the P.umtaa government haa aect to this goTtrameat an men < tic protest agamst the promaed aoa intervention la Ita'y. The tar no doubt fears that once Italy free, Co land sad Hungary munt follow the example, and be*idee, the Kmpcrors of (' ma ml hoatrta n?t Ibel that the preaeal movement it tlx ncctn of constitutional governments against aoaolut am 1 am aarired froM food toorc-t thai Rama wilt invade tha doatinioat of the R..tan thou Id any disturbance take place any ? here aaar b-rfioatiei | That they will occur aoae can doubt, for tear* soon at Me a struggle bam tea the aad I he Moslem* that can but term nate by tha uUer prostration o tha tat tar. KMiia wlthhatd bar cooacnl to tba intervention of r>a(K? In )?yrM to the la-i moment, iwaJt.uf * a "?>id</w??i truk /Vhnce Aal t\t Mould tntwf'rr ^ luUf To. n i? t known bol yon May mat amured of tba cne rartaaar of mr statement I bold tba informal on from thoaa who know what occurred. Tha Naapolitaa grrenmeat, hartBc tailed to obu a tha laternenlion of Frears or FagMa<l. hat concentrated forty thousand troops la COMhria and put Napl | oh tha de<Owaira da t'honor a ad d^MMfe*, hot fern nac/wdnf V.'Kren Bow awd A'apl*, n id Inr fmopt yfcirrnl Lomnr *nrt *nH to *p?< ou ?vh lk-f of ' FrontHit. Thla wlU, of eonm. enable Oar batd. to pur- j awe hM advantages should ha gaia say, hayoad tha tern- I tary of Naplea. and gtra cause for i'lodmont to battle with biM M de car our has formally aaaor.aoe<i that Sardm.a woo d Interfere ? caae Rome aided Naptee Tax farm* j at It ta, a alee imbroglio hut to add to the alarm fait, a the fast that AutUi* wUl omtmt th rfnuirt, oa..,^ ;? *11 tffmrtn *. u i ?o ax I i4 atfo M Oar prapamioaa m Vaaatia bar* barcaaa ao gigantic that II MtrMaat aba ou bat inland ai II r J44 lo ff?n ? ?? u Italian A faar day* aar* w\/ral tuatrlaa ^taa war" arrantad at Touloo. They vara taking aai?a aa la tba manner of prooaadiag of a Fr?xob K71 (f'amn, ? oompagiv Tiiey ware ?a mrUd oat of U* couatry and tkalr paper* aeiaad li m i known I. err ikal Aaatria .a too da aaakiaa a midden coup. (Km ratalatioaa made by ink ? real pem^n* attached to U>a "m;iaa?T of Auairla a tbla city. Too aa)- ten vaoa | lo aoa tba mpcrtaat guaatioiia pluming ail Karaj a?tba I tfu-at*rm <T '*?*! at J tha Q*e*i*1 k7r.fl/ 7V Eng'fab Pretni?r oppnaea to Uia okab ibe iatvaanli/ai, aa may ba aaea by Iba I'Mler of bta organ, Ik * '%r>g Pott. 1 m"0licnn>t ?oaa lima aiaca (bat a new pnriy ?a* In Kaflbbd?a paara party, ar nlbaace aaa rmatereiai treaty party, ailk Ula twa at Itt band l*r4 i"a.m*ratoa, who faaraib" lafcnw I bat Gia-talaaa ? bit H i K',mra, n Ub pa?.'.nvrunlf|. E N E_' rb I?i ' and cticr*? 10 tbe.r jca-ocs eatj of the rising .i i mere of l>u< ?. Wmi wld col kite for* of power re.i. t ao"n Oof Res. assured that the ,nte..pence ccxvejed in ibis let tor x authentic?1 t*ve obtained it from good and reliable BCwrce*. The Ovations to the Prince of Welti In Antes lea. |Prcm tbe 1/ocdon Telegraph, August 16 | > ?** Wto c*n follow ibe transatlantic "prngre a" of the iTxcc of Wales without arriving at tbe conclusion ibal our t^-eee's son is s young mu with whom any other young men .n tbe kingdom might well be pleased at this mi meet to chenge placet? His career, indeed, up to toe present time, bee been fer from unenviable. Ho bee bees nurtured In tbe Up of luxury; he baa be<l ell tbe been of men could crave for. or the tongue of man demend, be bes bed tutors to instruct him iu tbe sciences, to expound to him tbe philosophy of (Ireece end Rome, to recount to htm tbe tele of universal history, to store blm with the wisdom WMHhM during centuries o '.bought end investigation, to teach him the languages o' | modern Europe. Hs bes studied in Edlnburg sod Fn Ox , ford, and baa paid bcrr.Rge to leerc'.rg m tbe Eternal Ctg Re bar :o .rneyed hither, be has ourueyed thither, be baa | seen foreign lands and foreign jtenple under more fevora Me circumstances than nrlnce ever saw U.?m before: and now. while still a more uripllrg, be .? In Ibe dtstan West, represent.og the ma.eaty of hie august mother iu i tr.e midrt of a loyal and delighted colonial populatron 1 And what a very agreeable occupation it must be to Ure I fortunate vooit who is thus employed. He may be new to the w< rU, but It ia <'?*y to e^e that be takes to It like a youthful Louis XIV. Only one little mishap do we hoar of In the record of the jubilant proceedings hi Halifax. H.s Royal Highnces made "a slight mistake" in reading bis address to the President i of the Council, and "oolored" at bis awkwardness. But Ibe blush of annoyance did not long suffuse bis cbeek, : for we are told that be at onoe regained his self possesti >a : and went on with bis harangue. It would seem almost : impossible, indeed, for even a passing cloud to dim ibe ! brightness of bis Nova Scotia sky. Albert Edward's life is, tor the time being, one continuousj'ett- Toe moment I he enters port his long expected arrival Is smtcomed by the discharge of cannon and the sound of ringing cheers. I Ere be can step on shore smiling deputations bave boarded tbe vessel be voyages tn, to tell bun of tbcir devotion in exuberant prose. The mo j n cm be lands crowds gather round htm, all eyes, are strained to catch a glimpse of hie peraon, officials press forward to bask in the sunshine of bis gianoee, fair maidens look lovingly into bis race, and, as fee passes onwards, he finds tbe streets lined wtlb eager thousands, hags waving from tbo windows, festoons Unking bouse to bouse. and triumphal arches erected along ! h i pub, every step of which is strewn with roses. No wonder that \ ictoria's son looks gratified and happy. No wonder that be capttvatos all hearts by his genial IrearI ing, and by tbe evident Interest be manifests in everyI thing that takes place around tun. It would be hard, indeed for bins to be otherwise than gratified with the auentiocs showered down upon bim on every side. And thee tbe nigbt is even more delightful lluin the day. Eor there it the ball room alluring btm with its dazzling Animation, and be knows before hand that youth and beauty in their moat ssducltve j aspect w ill strive there for tbe honors of his hand. Who can f i), indeed, what havoc the I riace may have already committed amonr tho hearts of our lair colonial sisters? lor A'bert Eiiward is an ardent devotee of Terpsicbore, and enters into the spirit of her mazy evolutions with I the art or of another St. Vitus. Hie polking is pronounced by colonial authorities to be superb, while his ; superiority in thr"Vahe a Onus Temps'' la nothing abort . of marvellous. as for his "Mazurkas," eulogy has do P-rms to express her admiration of them, and even tbe ; Goddess of Grace herself would be dellgnted wltb the | Crushed elegance of bis quadrilles. Then, too, a?k j tbe fpecuU correspondents of transatlantic journals, I as a partner, who can equal bimv Not only does Do dance 1 to perfection with the lady whom be honors with bis i choice, hut he continually given her grateful "rests," { and litis up the interval with tne moet entertaining and animated conversation Kndoutly, tr the trlneemmvie happy by the reception areorded u> bim, Die colonists are rendered even more so by the graeiousnens and urbanity whx'b be responds to the.r loyal demonstration*. So we offer our warmest congratulations to Albert Ri : ward, and wish him a hearty Hod ejieed on lb) Journey I f baa still to perform. According to the latest ad- , rites be ?ai boot, to teare lor Quebec, and probably baa ere this been received with acclamations in tbat iropw tant Canadian city. !f be n to be envied as the betr apparent to tbc Knglisb throne, upon whom an entire | coicny is mat now lavishing its entb -s.a-im, ba la still more to be envied a* the ambassador wbo ie charged by bie eovereign with a mission of peace and goodwill to the distant possession of a great empire. He is In Canada * the representative ol a couutry powerful by 111 ptiyel cat siren-, tb and its material resources, but" still more (- werful by the progressive rp.rit of its rule and the ; freedom ol its inatitutlona. He goes with a message of sympathy from tliat country to h va?t aud important { colony rubje;! to 1U sw ay . and be must be prond indeed j ?I iM be feels that hi* mere pMHMt on thiee American I (bores cannot do otherwise then wis -?wds of ait-ui ion aud baroxmy between |tople and people, which will near good fruit lc the Immediate preueni aa well as In the re mote future. The Tees HIcUlcs. I urn a Naples letter ol August T.J Wlo-n 1 lieepttched my Saturday's Tetter the council was still sitting, and did not break up until half pa*l seven i - a At its terminal on I aaoerlaiund tbat no resolution bad been come to witb reirard to tbc ministerial pro gramme, and it was not until Sunday morning tbat It waa accepted, nor until later in the uay tbat it was published. fcrfhre ! Ifl to make any obeei I alioue on it let me gWc it you entire ? I ROURAMMI OS TIC* WINlTttV. t ?When it was proclaimed by the Minister of the Interior that a prfT mm' of tlie political tendencies of the government would was the una E.asoiic apre-s.oe ol Km Councillor i of the Crown? I a programme to winch tbs ministry do not now propoae to create any fartner delay at a mo meet when !h' nalvf* u prrywrtng to tnd its rrj fj-ti a/ir?? (? il* tint Portia nent It ie oeces eery tbat the country sbouid snow the peaeral laws bv I which the Slate ie guided?the prtDC'.pl; in wbirh the goverrmenl intends to trust at pr -sent for the settle mtui of the future that it sbouid see the flrst steps of . i.a i nai ?t.?lei..- ;r-. ai l .ndSpeadSBi to such a way public opin on, ilh m nate-i hy act* and intentions. win I'rww'i i? mj*1 wvnwr %ri lur riwivrn ii|ui wim I c? rr, con?. erne in the flroioeae of tti? tien order of ! Ihiogt.aad with a outer ."ni.oua deliberation .n the choice I of drpotie* (me of the Orel < ?r?? of I be Mm J ry, convinced, m it i?. I Oct there ran be no net,hoc. primp my m.icb .? not l>*wd upon I lie .nflallible principles of morality ami re lig on, wili be the1 of protect'.at with vigor the worahip ol our forefather*? the grand, tolrmo. tmt- rtvhab'.e cx i i . of itet a.ocpe. *hi lm a mr t tbf therbcod of men. the tuian, pit) n of th- people Ae to the interior, the full an-l eitircre xeculton of the cuatti Inlun of IMS ltd the strong and local repression of every eflort to the ouurary, ? ill torn, tne un hinpeaMe | r beiraturr ( 'tlie goi eminent In the se ctary eiercme > of iftite ao?1 Untlee tb' te eoaaerrate^ w.ll be feund the ! political regeneration of the country, which reasonably wait I to -? vital, a< live virtue Usui. j?vd ml > all and every part ol the organ./altos of the government?an ob jeet t# wb.cb the government w II pay record. To begin wnb tbe cardinal re for ma of togtatativa principles. the government ? prcpnr.Dg for tbe conanteralicn of rarltament proiectx on varimt* hravclir* of public Intereat, j and eeper .aJiT the foimdat ->n in the rnam.-.apt of a new life, more in harmony nth puiilnial loelilnteioa torn troduec a tieuer arranged -hn.mitral.on. and while rel.ef tc tb"?e ciamer retily tn want to a*ai?t In e amelioration m ibi' r m ml meote while withdrawing them fbom idiewem and 1#bone>ty, to urge on the of public w.vri* wltb ai much energy aa theitate of the pror.nciai an J uat.ona. funds w.i: per. mil. and by elmplr and rap .. method* to liborate public mouuetmr. ir< tr the t>< ode by which it ? restrained, and to render it la tbe htghert een-r tbe '-educator,'' cerre rpoauieg to tbe new life of the citizen, aad common to eTery aerial con <11 i ?b the form* of a hap pter progreee of a!! material internets which on <>oe . MM to tbe roe-, rat. in f tbe flour, or by methods ore useful to the State and .? #? oppress, ve to the naliou. ( ai d, or, the other, t> pro.eoh ?J min t or ptutik!' oensmerrr, whffry. grand rw'erpiveer?-zp?- tally row-r/t, *enn*i of t,? dmetener adm- 'ap?< hMA ?/< a>??TwW-ie f'aaatog on to eccondary am olio rat ;on? which enter Into the cxerulive prwrt ?.* government, it wilt oarry them out with prompt and deliiiorative reaoiulioa. In the judicious and goo- of pehlic oBI<-eie the government una aa ai med, aad will bold, wtnie, in giving public tmploy. ment, tbe ne- ?e? ty of talent and the well proved inertia of citizen?, certain thai where they reeide will he found | love of notice rectitude, and regulated l.berty?never a , uoe'.rct of the dunes due to the conel,tattoos', guar To > three proposition* the government colli the patr'oi.aa of II booora'do men to aeai'l Uiea. and remade them of the wov<? of a gmat Italian. Iret not men any, *1 bare not dune t? l have am eaid it ' because cominooty tbe I -We praiee ia to ho able to ay, 't have done It; I have amd It ' " Ai rega-da the eoarfnrt of tbe gnverument in IU reflations with tbe foreigner. It ,e rearmed at every coel to hold lugh aad , r.-m the italiaa dag which the ynoag Fvtn< e n?a nf ?i. i to tbe patrtotlea and the devotion of tne net onai aad raid nae amy. a M< re v ? N'fer>a/< a iw-gW' w?fA Avtbeel "iwf IK* Jft/'.-'cv ?t| ?n?rwr?mn'vnr. w?i a- n?, tf ,'knrfi-j) tfnrt), u-uiml .? < <idimrJ"Mf fami IS- J'rr'"'fi if p fr a licit ami tb l aoble land abandon ag Wolf, ar cnrr nn<l trualf tl, and wltiioul bay obstruction* fr< m aril paw orp, lr lb' r 'ran t ol ;t? iif w dent rMB A? to tb? ?tu eminent e>iml to IW loyally lathe mnatant wish it will manifaat t<? overcome the did*olt.'? of the t.srn, to retablieb and aoromniab tha fort nea of thr romia o country on the bi a:? of liberty. and yet more or natimai itdcpmdenc*. Uw supreme tboafhl of all Italian mod* wberefbre ibe Ministry are decntod to andertak* <iU. to at l? tnpl all, to ntuin the great o'-'eet of the rnnaondatloo or th? roMtttutional monarch)- aoi of Italian iodepen dot o?. Meanwhile, . tnlaed br the eotaetentiotie execution of | it* dullee, It InteW that the avipport af public ordw and ror do#"- will bo coin jwod to It: and that in the entuin* election* there will be a noble and acuee em lotion ia all c a??e* of the elector* t? eluit from tbe oat on.ti repre eolation Ibe loyal opinion f the real majority, to whl< b j aiei.a it iaamiidH, to d.eaipeteall n.certainty, to deetror ' t'B tb< nooriunat' eci.oaa of tbc paat, and caWe iWetf to be tbe guide of ju#t an J .egal a?p'ration*. msWu, ?lAC>MO Dl *ARr.Jf<? fP.AVC I A\?V.IO HARGfAlJO, rni*CtPR Dl T0RM.1.I, I TAVH.U, 1 .fb Rl'i H itltNO, I U IASUJU. I W YO MORNING EDITION MON n?vi?h, S?tnr<l*y eveing. Tbo lotellm-(> '? .if ibo k'.?caftD?rk~>iB of l.SOO arl u?w>id? in c >> %br.a ,l u'iii rui m. lb* d?*pnt bntJuui uriDj.; iom fc?'t be*.o ;n ib? d* iphboriood of Supfiai. U' rnafT wun the &**<!? of tbo 1 i*l-no m .vrmrnl. m Dot * itirr.l'r .u-.. Sprues, Ai.^'uei 7 (\.i Marseilles). . Gsribnldi I t>nJ to b?vo buun >u e cu S*t?rd?v 'ail, and to b ive ooni'crwM wtiti ifcv pr :dc:i'-1 .uLatiiiantS. He left again wi Sunday. It w<.<? <k?:l>U <l to uwait tbe as- ! Bembttng of l*ar:>am< nt, ice elections to which Will take place oo tbe 19;n. Refugees are ibe conciliates pro- j ferred by tbe -lector. Tiiey openly do.iare themselves ! lor ibe nnr.e valine of Naples to Piedmont. "no electoral district baa elected General Ooeeoz as its representative. Tbe Sardinian Admiral baa arrived in bia ship from i Palermo, and baa beeo v.sited by tbeOount of Syracuse, > wbo prooouDced biaaaeii favorable to acnexattoa. Notwithstanding tbe severities of the King an t Count d'AgulU, numbers 'if naval ..(flo ra have rufuaed to fight anainsl Garibaldi. The Papal States. Rous, August 1, 1M0. Tranquillity reigoa to tbe oily. Tbe ??* nlcipeiily of 1 Rome, (raring a dearth, baa demanded tbe prohibition of I tbe e?|>orUtK)n of corn. Sardinia. ft. wis, August 13,1660. Signor Manoa has led for Parts. Tbe ofboial ilnutu af Turin says tbat 21 ,(*91,240 iire of rentes were subscribed. A circular baa been published drs gned to repress illegal interference . tbe aftaira of ;bo Mate, and to prevent the undertaking of hostile steps against tbe neighboring gtvernmenta, ss well as to punish tbe instigators of desertion Tbe same circular announces the formation of a corps of volunteers to join tbe National Guard. Tbe Gersitaa Coiafederiallom.>, August 13, 1800. It is certain tbnt Austria had abandoned the idea of having tbe possession of Venella guaranteed by Germany; neverlht lees, at the interview at Toplitz. a perfect under standing was established between Ausir.a aud rrusa.a relative to tbe basis of the principle of nun intervcntiun In reference to the affairs of Italy. Tbe following will explain the nature of this understanding.?There is no doubt that Garibaldi, aided by the Neapolitan beet, which be hopes shortly to po-sosi, intends to attack Venice; yet Austria feels strong enough to sustain a conflict alone, even against tbe wbots ot Italy. as long us tbe conflict is only between Austrla and Italy, Prussia will observe ibe principle of non intervention, but If otber Powers interfere, and thus violate that principle, tiei many would not hesitate to support Austria in the maintenance of Uie rights guaranteed to her by trea ties. Sai /ri so, August 12,1880. Tbe inauguration of Uic railway from HaUhurg is Munich took pla^c to day . At tbe dinner nm iu honor of tbe event, tbe flknperor of Austria, in proposing lb* health of the Ring of Bavaria, said?Tbe sentiments of unity which, as neighbors, we bear towards each other, I apply towards all German sovereigns. 1 cannot but joyfully direct my thoughts to the day on which I grasped ibe bands of tbe l'nnoe Regent, to strengthen the unanimity of sentiment which brougut us together. Long live the unity of tbe Princes and peoples of Ueraany! The tmperorconcluded thus?"The health of lbs King of Bavaria; cheers for tbe brave people of Bavaria." The King of Bavaria said?1 bail with joy and full of hope tbe late friendly meeting of the rulers of Austria and Trussia. Tbat meeting is a guarantee for Gorman unity, for therein lies our power and strength. "Tbe health of tbe Kmperor of Austria; cbecrs for Austria s true and valiant eons cbecrs for the unity of tbe two German great Powers France. I'Aaie, August 12, 1M0 Tbe Paris Momtevr of to day publishes a decree uvjig I tbe interest on the bom du (nisei- for fire months at 1 >v> | The Parte Moniteui also announce* ihal on Friday night a Ore broke out at the barracks of the Emperor at the camp ofCfc.ilooa, near the rooa of ttie Imperial Priore. The ire waa promptly subdued, and the Prince was not even awakened The Pans Manittvr aleo publiabee an article on the labors of the legislative eeesion and elates that the trial made ot the Imperial constitution has been favorable The constitution of Kranee can bear a comparison will the most vautiled organizations. Ibe loniton Tinu Paris correspondent says ?A private telegraphic despatch from Turin, dated the 10th net., states thai the forcxn Mn liters at Naples weie tending their families on l>oard ahlps of war. No ?Qi ual c<-nflimatton haa been recelred of the above The general leuor of recent advices leads to a belief that ttaribald. . operations against the mainland will uol be long de ferred, MIf to this lime of writing (.?"'.ndajr, Ac Si 1 i) no frexh authentic and important Intelligence has t*on received A report teens to father strength and credit to the eilrct that when <>aribaul; lands <n the kingdom of Nap na lamortciere will also crosa the frootier It is cited in connection with a rumor that the Kmperor of Austria Is about to declare himself released from the of ihe lieaty of Viliafranca Tii<<?e wrbo attach weight to this on (hi, which oo title ol oihciai n "r mat loo as vet rendem probably true, suppose that UwrteMn has some aseuraote of Auati.? a support. Jules Kavre, known from his opposition ti the govern meat, baa been elected Chle'of the Barristers of Paris The Paris papers of August 13 publish a dcepsl b, dated ( Naples. August 11 (evvaingj, which asacrta thu oa ' Thursday uigbl the fieri naldisos attempted t > land at Al Ugotne, aear Reggie, and al faadrilello, but were re piiMM by lha rnyat troops Two hundred oily are said to t are fi'e?edsd in Land irg. and were pursued into tie a tar tor. The fmpulat on ' of the whole kingdom in perfec t/quiet Spain. It Is reported In Madrid that the Queen Intends to re store to lain Sebastian his revenues and estates. Aastrls. Vimm, logout 13. l^<50. The deliberations of the committee uf twenty one mem j bers of the lU.iksratb will last at Icart another week. II wilt therefore be .ni|??aible to promuigtle u>c coi.'ti lultonal reform* on thr 181 h mat . the anmvcr *?ry >( the Emperor * birthday. Anbdiike Eieuieraud lite majority of the Mimtteia *>e favorable to tbe propjeala of tbe committee Tbc promul. (ration of reform* la therefore only a <(uc t.oo of time Toe hidrptitlon" BrUj?, of the IJtb, siyr ?Oar c jrre*. poudrnce trom l"ari* treat* of the approaching mere <> a manifesto by the Kmperor of Auat'ia fur a count* late that there in, in fact, aornc question of the pu ultra I tmn of a dorummt of tbt* kind on the IStb the nr.: .err tary of thr iroperia! b.rtbday?a publication whujh would coincide witn the promuJjtai.ori of ne* conreaaton* to public opinion Krancll Joseph, an early *t tark on Venetia. wother it la aid.toanakr all pas* 'ute ' o'?a*.'hi? to ha Magyar and Sclav* ? bo't, a ibit he may not hud himeeir preened at the Mat time by two rrrolr.liobary current* in Hunrarv and Italy Arr< to other account* it w,i! not be a aaaaifrato properly i called, but an allocution, ia which tbe Emperor w.ll de tiara himself freed from the engagement* of V.llafrasca, adding aome threatening word lor r.edatont. At Turin there ia a report of an approaching decUra lion of war by Aueina agamm Sai u nla. arc ing not of tt.e titer of Garibaldi to tbe King, in which the f'ctatur of ! Sxlly openly anooimoea hte Intention of attacking Vthioe Evplai atioua on thia bead have been demanded of Count Utvour, wboae reply baa been deemed nnsAtisfactory. The enrolment of the cImbm of 1 ?,I4 a?: 1WJ by tbe 8*r riiniaa goreunment ha* also ggeen new umbrage to Au? tr.a Although thee* rumor* seem to <ta at Iceat j rerra tore, tbey agree etlh a mam .aicalun wbich we tie : amured baa been made by tbe Emperor Napoleon to King Victor Emanuel on tbe danger* or too an at tdixie againet Amlrta Tbe French aoreretgn baa * per .ally shown tbe impossibility of hia rilerf"ren<-e a cane of a long a* Austria remain* on the defensive ft masts. We have despatches Irom fB Peter*barf which apeak ia terma of tbe atrongect confidence that lie .ntcrvenlion of the foreign Power* suit be extended to the I .uropran province* of Turkey A corps of 30.0S0 men ia at prevent in Bessarabia other Bsrpa are wtthln reach, which would raiee aa army nn ' the Prutb to TS.000 or *0.000 I uder* a already named aa | the commaader. Tbc soldier* are well disciplined, hut burning to avenge aud ibe repute o' tne Row an army Tbe name deapntchee mention that the Fmperor is about t" m*H bit Polish p" v l.r-v - ni|ian.ed oy Prion* Gortcbakoff and other* of hie mm;-tars Re will natt Germany in September, and will then repn r to Warsaw, where he will meet a atrcng gathering nf llu**iao state* men and diplomatists. The Kwat. 1 itie-TF., August 13, mas In virtue of tba protocol signed at Pari* on the 3il mat , Austria ia about to angment her aaval force ia tbe Syrian waters i>y three *hipe of war. taring the last few"dtya extraordinary activity ha* been shows o tha Au Ir an loarln* All v*?*cla ft for ?er*,re are hem* irmnl Tha material of the arsenal of tealoe la bc.nv trnnaporlcd ti fVla An attack by Gar.haldt la ft peeled China. IIom. Koto, Juno J3. 1 '40 The 7'ime.' correaper dent aaja ?-<ir Hope i.rwil end Admiral Hop# reached vbanghae no the met and were lo lenre for the rradexronn in tba unlf of Prche i en the lath An an J on* wiab ta gm*r?|]y foil that tba > Taker fort* ahoud ha taken and destroyed before any I diplomatic art inn f imnrn<'?i a* the moat effectual tnetn* I of inducing the Imperial Cwrt to deal h?naat!>- with sud aeqnent friendly overturea. In tlew of the a arming program of the rebels no both sirimof the rlrer Yangtze it i* aimoat inmticeirabie that the Chineae government ahotild not ncek to renew lie relatioon with Norland and Frano* Sooehow, a lown of the rreeleet Importance, contain ing nearly i (100,000 inhabitant* and eurrounfed by a wall nearly ten mi e* in clronmference. ha* beer na ked 1 and burned It iianid thai the Imperial troop* had join- ; ed the rebel* Trade In the north t* con*e>|ueatiy para lyred. Here and at C*i.ton boa nene ha. been very dull during the fr>rtni(ht, but in and about Ih" latter ibe greate-i tranquillity preralla. Tea. if It reach fliaaglmi ) at all tiits neaaon, will be very late TilK I. tTHaT * K V% ?. nr TkM'wtArn i how lohpow to ?ot ruAttrrow. OMi, Align*! U, tSHO The Ceno* jenirnale publish Jeep* < boa annuo*' og 'he roppreed dlvmbarkiton of <iae:>?!dl w lb 4 i?Q man, | rear refgto, on vtc r, |l.l?(tht Jtith iflC j^atanct *. RK E 'DAY, AUGUST 27, 1860. pstcbes report ?te nriiMiri >1 tbe lortreaa 01 8;y!la by the . The kScte st.ct be reoesved with treat reeerve. Pi*i?, August 16,1600. The*eentAttv? f Cut land, A tit trie and Prusrva at tbe Court of TullJeries tare already receded the full powers aereesary for oonvrrun? the protocol of tbe 3d inn. into a iormil convention. It is espected that before the departure of the Kmperor for Savoy and Algeria, tbe Ambaeaa 'ors of Russia and the rone win nave iikcw.b' ' wtivbu iuh niw er?, and that the Conven: .on will tben bo definitively Ifince Mettcrnich ?n 1 Count Klssele X will immediately afterwards quit Par s on leave. Prince Metierui.-.b will proceed to his estate in Bohemia, where he will remain during tbejmrney ot the I'mperor of ibe French. Tksktb, August 16,IMO. It in believed that Garibaldi intends to attack Austria not on the Venetian, but on the Croatian coast, by at tempt jig a disembarkation at Pit me. Tee Ar.etrtan au tboritlee believe Garibaldi will flret endeavor to provoke a revolution .n Croatia and Hungary, before proceeding to Venetia. A>l the coasts are v'gorously watched by tbe cruisers of the imperial marina / Gmtos, August 16, IMO. The Giand Duchess Anne, of r im a, s.eter of King Ieopoid, diml this m< at Elfoaem, near Be no. Tbe London Timu correspondent telegraphs:? Kaius, Ar.gust 14?3 36 P. M Tbe camp has jnat been proclaimed iu a state of siege. Tbe proclamation .a now posted. Too regular troops and the National Guard are exbortod to do ail in their power to maintain public order. Operatic and Dramatic Matters* The official programme for the ensuing operatic reason will be found .o another part of this pap v. U will be seen that the managers of the Academy have been successful la their eitoris to combine ail the available arttstlo talent in tbe country, and they commence tbe season with a < orpa which compares favorably with the great com pa' tics collected in Europe. Eere is tbe list:? /Visit Dvim*?Madame Cortesi, Adeline Patti, Madame 1 abbi i, Madame Cclsoa, Madame S.rahancQ. I')imo 7cj:crt--S:gncrl Tamherlik, Brignoli, Musiana and r? maro. Primo Benfmi??ignort Amodio, Fern and Amodio frrr* Pi imo Sou ? llerr Formes, Sigsor ?cs'.ot. Conductors? Martlzek and Mumo. Tbe season will be commeacod next Monday, with Ade j 1 im PaUl, Brignoli ami Amodio, in "La Sonnambula." Aider a lew nights of Ue light operas Madamo Cortesi will make her / tut itc, and Madame Fabbri will sing for the first time at the Academy. Subsequently Signor Muzio's opera, "Semiserla," written expressly for the Academy, will be produced. Tne wise policy of the managers In consolidating al tne operatic forces at the theatre, whirh Is the opera house of the country pir oa o-lfrtice, will undoubted y meet with Its appropriate reward at the hands of the public, and it Is quits safe to predict that lbs season of 18C0-61 will be one of the most prottable on reoord. Tbe artists are all good, and the public is quits sure or receiving more than its co ney's worth. The dominant sensation or tbe week has been tbe rm'ric or Mr. J. B. Anderson, who returned to Now York after an absence of several years, and commenced bis magical soirees at the W.uter Garden on Monday last During tbe week, the capacity oi the theatre has boen fully tested, and upon no ore evening ciuld there he fouod a vacant place when the jiertVrmaucos cimmeaaed. The entertainment given by Mr. Anderson is a cijMtal one, and tie always romls bis audience away io the best poasibte frame of mind. II nay be wott lo remember that the preasnt is Mr. Anderson's lau week bat one, the regular tbeatriual season commencing on lbs lOib o( September. In addition to tne night performances, Mr. Anderson g res tualinc s on Wednesday and Saturday? an arrangement for tbe especial benefit of ibe juvenile portion ?T lbs community. Mr. W. J. Florence closed his third summer season at Walla. k's Uieatrs on last Saturday esemng. On Friday Mr Fforewce rsce'red a complimentary benefit, tendered l>y ibe artists of Ue theatre and others. The bouse w<< crowded to exross. and the bscailJiary received a sab stantial token of tbe public fkvor. Mr. Florence and Mrs Florence will shortly leave town lo fulfil a round of provincial rrgagsmenta. Wallack s theatre will ho re ( enod this evening for the rmirif to the me tropol.iaa boards of M:ss Jaiis Coombes, wao is said to hare been m eh improvd by her provincial espori?iic*a. M.i' Coombcs will play Lady Amyotl In "A Wife's So oret," sspported by Mr. George Jordan as Colonel Amyott. lbs present .s the last week of Mr. Jefiertin's very successful season at l.nura Kccne'a theatre. Tti manager has " pot money in li.s prae," and retire* from power with tt e finest prest ge As s mt'.ler of course, tbal famous "OurAmi.ioas Comsji,' .s to be continued during tbe rcirn.n,ng nlgbts of the season On this evening ttr. Sotheru, who created tbe |>art of Lird Dundreary and made of him tbe most Jei.o.ous of caricatures, take* bis beseflt All Use noble lord's sdm.rers and imitators will be on band. Mrs John Wood takes her farewell bem-fll on Wednesday At N.blc * Garden an entirely new feature in public ami * m-nla will be introduced lit week. Onevry night a number of amateur gymnasts will contend for valuable pr.zes with li.e regulars. Tbe usual circus |>cr romances will bs added. At the New B -fry theatre tbe performances on ihu evening ill be for tks benefit of Messrs Fox and Lingard Mr IA1CIJ -l? TO,: cir-rru 1..? BHUMir r, anu j ?j ? iu "Tbe Kagp.cker ol Paria." "The Four Iorcra"' (pautomime), and -'{Larry Bla?e" (drama) will be added. A nee apectacular drama, "The .-'oge of Palmyra,'* la to be produced sera abort)? IB grand atjrle. At Barrum'B Muaoum the elorer and popular Wren children appear Uila afternoon and in B<n Boil." The Bryant H natrcL*, at Mechaaxi# Hall, give a Uae prcframaae to n<|bt, Iochiling atrerai new Bong*, danore, b r-?o-,.ien, he. The Bowery theatre it to be op< or.l s.?r the tea* cm on re xi Thureday I fx tneatre ha* bees entirely renovated, b-i.b before and behind Ibc curtain A mm' Mm 4B?i? ?Mr. Forrent rommeneea h .* proMi,onal tour at Baltimore U.a even i.g, Hamlet. ! Hj engagement la fbr aix n gbt*, tbree in ancb week, and 1 tbe pruea are doubled. Toa I'.areii are at the B..?ian i Aewdrmy ol Mm. '.. TBe One old cotnody, "Jtocreta Worth Knowibf ' ha# bora ret red at the Buaton Mueoum <>ur j California eernipondent aendi the follon ing ? 4 r ry lunrewful opera aeeeoe, laaliag over two j mr othr, ta* p at been concluded at Mag'ire a. Mr# K* I ott and Mr. ttqolre were tbe principal aiagera u?ey j were aw Med by Metarn. HeHaga. loaih, I yetor, Kuiorc . H #(? . jint. and Miaaea Hideoa, Ihirand and ada King cow tiling rh'ei.y of Herman*. wa* exreiiaei. urn tbe rrrbeetm, numbering twenty tee performer*, I wi II trained and ol good mater al "Norma '"l.urretia ftrg.a,' 'li TroTatore," 'Trnviata," "Frnani," "Bon nainbiiia. ' "Rieoletti and "D Puritanl" were g.ven in Ital an Tbe ftigltab openm were "Riw of laatite,' | Marriage of Figaro, he. ihuoil and Squire are rrml le\ oritf. and tkc>r trip ban- miart prove eery profitable, m 1 unit' ratand Mr Wagttira, wbo eojoyt hairprofit of the erfey ment, ha* already mail* too tbnti'iuid del- | lara. Squire baa mi riceadlagly ittW lewr voice, | wbicb, '? >u' " "P'io. place bins In a ?, Ul light before the poMto In Ka|li?b oompoaMione, | ubiif d .ilogee wet ia, be Tail* in tbe eel; mat ion II dramal i power* 001 "* mu<ib ' ooanl, and h - there (bra la: a to pleaae ia Ibe 'fa baair<*a and "Roan ef Caattle." Tbe tronpe la now In *<-m?erln. Mr Wl. al Icigb baa (wen playing at Mateire'* d-iring tbtw-wk, | harm,' nneeded lyrli p?rf<>rmanr*>a H? appear-d for ! e cbt ut|bia In tbe "Coli-^n Bawn '' Bopported bp an r* crllrnt r-mpany Tbe pleoe waa a r jwtpleie < eeea nod I drew crowded hoi ana fTWJ evening Kenrybody wont i In tee the "Ooilren, iad the pn ai rerdlet ia that II la i the btai Trab drama y-t bm\gbt before the ptblio Mr 1 Wheal In gh M I'anney Man ban "trnrd gnl-.en np nlnn* / >naf arlreaa, nam- d Apnea land, played gtley ov?>o nor aad Mr*, fiaugbley Soeelah, in a nyle ibat rieallod cat -i* Tbc "Octoroon" la n rw performing and Oil* the h iviT every evening. the American wa? oproo.1 lino ( day by < orge "ynf with a e- nantinn piece, entitled "Til" IKTll m Sen fraaciac>." It dmaia large a idloacee, not I t *< or over aalecl. Tl.e Marah Jorealln r mediant, alter \ r .t'.og our t?iwn? In tbe Interior, hive retimed to San Iren- iaro. They c- mnaeeced a farewell engagement at It.' : jcena laat eight. 1 bey are "played otTt" h? re I Tl^j ire bo nd for .inatrai a. 1 laaaatfB baa aeeepte>| ar -ngaremeot at t|,e grar.-t Ibe ttrfof Idfboa tieommeiJce oo the tat of o 'ibebbr 'a I icew.?e engaged for ine neat *ee?nc attbeRiyai j ! ellan 0 era fCbient fiardet;), I md-m. ?gnor AlMten ia | . ? .':*? aem/i '.? ). Th* ro-oirnera at V?-??vwi ' ad a feiwui -n lb* ott er-iay -trwd byarv-e | betae. it Mr A# , tt<> r a?t trot'.era and a pa r owned -iy '"pat lb r tie ->j- n * ! r W D t*i? d -y Tfi< I w ,i-?r VMff ,-pr 'Uilft/prrr-ne to' .t f ng [ERA MOVEMENTS OF SENATOR DOUGLAS. His Rcceptloa and Speech at Norfolk, Vlrflste. KPEOAL DfcsPATvH TOTHKKKW VOKIC KER ? LD. NoKrOlH, A lf.?? 26. 1"<80 Tbe Lit lis WadI arrived here &yesterday. Hi reception was most enlbui.itt c He baa entered on the earn* gn ^eth nvl?r reut'. a .? picious circumstance#, ar?l be pium h:invs. ac cordingly. Had he arrivod on Friday, r.? expere 1, he would have bad more cause a', first s.gU f >r self .oration, for od that day a large body of eie.lori bad 1'grtn d .n procession, who, wilb a band of music and a cannon wboee rude throat wan irtor, od to add to tbe nV'y character of the welcome, a*aite.l hie arr va'.. He did not mafeo bia appearance, but tbe j>eopld cb?ere.1, how ever, tbe mosic played, and the cue loo awakcB'.d tbe echoes of tbe allll region all tbe tame. Wben tbe boat arrived on Saturiiay, t) ere was at cosa'derablecrowd to receive and, tbe mu?! and the big gun, and all tbe little boy^, black ac l wb te, assembled to welcome blm and r?;ort bim to bia bote On landing, be expreued hia ibacks for the ucexpe :te warmth of bia welcome, and for a couple of hours after wardo waa occupied in receiving hia frlecda at tbe bote) During the day be viailed I'ortaicoutb, by invitat or, and was escorted to the Ocean Home there, cod underwent tbe inevitable and dreary cerenony of a re -ep on. In tboevening an crowd gathers! on lie streets of Norfolk, bonfires were lighted, bands played, and a queer time of it altogether wm bad, fermenting an eclbusikFin foreign to the Nerf liter.tee. A committee of arrangements waa forme t, am: under the:r directions tbe wbole body of people proceeded to tbe Court Houie yard. Judge Douglas soon appeared there also, and tal ing he stand on the topmost step of the stone eight leading to the entrance of tbe building, be proceeded at ouce to ad dress the assemblage, computed at aix thousand people. He npohefor nearly two boms, and made one of the moat forcible of bis popular sovereignty speeches. Tt.? was the burden of bis song throughout, interlarded with occasional references to tbe men and topics at trading most attention a few years ago, and with which, from his late speeches, tbe readers of tbe Hatuut are familiar. In tbe middle of bia addrrss a slip of paper was handed to bim. U was oil from the Norfolk Aitfy A-gut, and contained two polite questions for Judge Douglas. Having ascertalled the questions thus propounded, be said thereon, I am not in tbe bablt of answering questions propounded to me In tbe course or an address, but on Ibis occasion I will comply with tbo request and respond very flmnkly and unequivocally lo these two ques lions. .? , * Tbe flrst question is, if Abraham Lincoln be elected president or toe i nitec coated will toe southern Elates be justified In seceding from the Union? To thin I emphatically answer no. (Great applause.) The election of a man to the Presidency by the American people, In conformity with the constitution of the United Slates, would not justify any attempt at dissolving this glorious confederacy (Applause.) Now 1 will read to you the nest qMatlon, and then answer it. Qaesttoo ?Ifntey, the Southern States, secede from the Union upon the Inauguration ol Abraham Lincoln, before be commits an overt act against their constitutional rights, will you advise or vindicate resistance by force to their secession; Voicns?"No, not" "Bell men say no, Douglas. " Mr. DoroLiA?I answer emphatically that it It the duty of the President of the United .States, and all others in ' auiaorlty under him, to enforce the laws of the United States sa panasrt by Congress and as the courts expound ' litem. (Cheers ) And I, ss in duty bound by my oslb ol fidelity to the constitution, would do all m my power to aid the government of the United Pules In maintaining the supremacy of the laws against all resistance to tliem, come from what quarter it might. (Good) In other words. 1 think. the Prtaidentof the United States, whoever be m*y be, should trial nil at l? molt to breat up I tie I falsa, bj smtaoce to its laws as Old fliokoiy treated the milliner* in 1832. (Applause ) The laws must be enforced, but a) the same time, be It remembered, it is the duty or everv cilixen of every State, and every public functionary, to preserve, maintain aad vindicate the rights ol every cili sen and the rights of every Slate la the Uui.m. I hold that the constitution has a remedy for every grievance that may arise within the limits of the I moo. I am very (rank In answer.og these questions. 1 am not in favor of any policy which would tend to give rise to rompiaiots or murmuring*, much less to a.icfa ss would call for re. eiatance from any quarter. I acknowledge the inherent aad Inalienable rigni to revolution whenever a grievance becomes loo buriluonome in be boroe. J sekoow.edg' tu. right of every man to rebel and change the form of gov. eminent under which be lives it prmewdsstractive to the ends lor which It was eMabllahied l'o?t is a right, however, never to be rcaorted to until the operations of the government b. come more grievous than the consequences of re rotation Aad tbsnfbre I ray that ttM mere inauguration of a PmUlSt of tinUnited States whose political opinion* were ' in my dgment hostile to the Const.IsttSa andsnfi-l v si I U.r Union, without an overt act on hia part, m.itnu.t I striking a blow at our constitution or our rights, is not i such a gi icvance as would justify revolution or se ssion I (Cheers ) Hence 1 say whoever may beelei ted l'r<-tideul of the United Ptatcs. be must he sustained in the of all his lust roostItutiooal prerogative* and powers, ii he transcends them we will puuisb him with a I the rigor of the law, as you punished John Brown when be >i...?v>->. j?ur i*w*. it iu?rm m appiauae t l lor . re Wlllaualao Willi all my energy 'ho f'reeldent w henevcr te may be m the cxer.uae of all the |>o*era conferred upon { him tM ronatitutNT, but I would take |M a* rr. h ] pleasure a him if be Iranm-nded tuo>e powerr, ' an I feel pleasure In knowing that you hang*) John llroarn ! when ho waa guilty of murder and treason tin* i Stateol Virginia. (Renewal of ?|nrm ) I am a I*. I abuiing man, a I o on loving man. and 1 believe the I moo can be WA.nta.ned by a faithful obterran ot tbe com t. tut.on, but I in cxa ling the fulfilment 10 pood ! fa lb of every proviaton of that maetiiut .hi . i or *; on i a line of g*> wb.cb will plana all the people of all the Slalna lu an aact equality, and maintain and protect 1 lb<m n their juat rlghta, but which will alao compel I iMNM to tbe oooatilutioa and tbe coaal tilled lam i r:t en oi the country. Now . there queationa put I* me ' the Oral da* 1 landed on Virginia ami, having emanated 1 rom the frlenila of the ar. candidate I a*k th. t I like nneat oca may be alao put to tbowe candidate*, and 1 Ibat you Intiat uprc aucb frank and ucc.,uiro- al anawrra j aa I have given. A Voica?"They could not not do it aquare " Mr. Dot iii-r*.?Remember that Mr HreriuorMge war ; comiaated oa tbe theory that the election of l.mcuik ?aa preferable to tbal of Dougla* Now. no man doubta that 1 if,dge'? fr eodg had not ao cd't at Baltimore, but had acp.ieaced in tbe leritimatc action of the o? ventton, I would have in Ih.f ontc/t beaten Lin oln by the pvpi.Iar vote A Vo;r*?"That'k to " Mr. Dort.i ?e? leaa than <>ne-tbird of tbe <. nwition ar ceded from tbe two th.rda on tb< gro ind that f them lonor andRoulhert nphta wrr*. not aaie ti tr y I n *. an I that ben.* It waa neenwary to divide the parly in every Stale of the I niou that Lincoln migbi have a chance of rinmag la between tbe democratic torcaa of th demo crate' i.arty and get elr-ted by a majority vote. A Voir a?1"That * ao " Mr. Dottit-xk?The only oai'ne b|c and true oluect Fought io mak ing a Bre? hinridge ticket io tbe kWllW Statea waa to dlnde the democratic party ao ae to give L.ncoln every one of three -later, ao that I tell you If Lincoln be elected I'reaideot, it will be the ar* whom you will have to bl ime for it. A Votcn?"Tbat* a?. 1 Mr. Dorntaa? Lincoln haa no bope of b< ng elected ev c pt through the rflor'.k of the aeeeariouivta. who have divided the democratic party?stuppce.og that irackuridge could carry every Bout hern State?though II now reemr be ia not going to carry a an gle Mir by tbe people Skill, by dividlog the North. be give* erney one of thr state* to Liooobt. ibua allowing hint to ae elected by tbe p-.polar vote. Why, what war the true a* poet of the con leal before U:e ac-oaaion r I .In r .|n had no abr w whatever lor more than two state* till the Brekeor/tge dlviaion look place, and I would have bvatcn dim in ev<*y State bin Vermont aod Maaaar In etta, Aa il la. I think I wilt brat h.m In almort all of them yet (Cl.eere ) Hul ahould I it. oln be elected, tbe receraton.atk, who gin rated an I now aupport Breckinridge, will be entitled to th? credit of it and upon tbem will reat tbe reapontlblllty of laving adopted the fatal policy, and dreading' the rrult of tbeir own raah and unpotri >1lc a-ta which g ve* to I r.coln a chance of uoee. they come forward and 1 ggr me if | will help them to dlaaolve the I'o on m 1 event ol Lincoln being rained to tbe Prokl- | dentmicbnlr I tell tbem ne?never on rarth. (Cbeera . and crlet of "Bood " I am for p'lMujr down Northern I abolition in. but am alao for P itllng down Southern re 1 caaum.ata. and that, too, by the exercite of Ilia ram* nonet itutioaai power. ("Hood. ) I believe thai the pearr, the harmony ai.d the ty of tint no ntry depend upon dentroytnt both fartione (Cberrt.) Both pnrtlee, if partiea they c-ir be railed, are all ea in a common nauae; for MRIfN li >*ti tbey may be to each other however oppnend n p i-poena and bjecta, yet tbe.r coirae of action tend" to 'be acme deplorable reault and * Itboul mnatneg aay dier-epei t o t personal unkindneea, I behere that, in tin rvenl of the I nt-vetof ether party, the nerrae of Northern abott- | t.eo u or that of Southern tei-enetoniat*. the Union and our glonout i onalitutiua are a'Ice put in peril ani darter. Northern abolition am eonld not e? for ary lenytb of t me etnept there war a r inierpo* d.v mendrg the r >rr"tt oo of the - u it I?e rep-ib', car* den aad Umfeaaiennl ial' rfereoce aye rat tUvnry, all a the rari-aa on lata demand t!?lOoyrr?< tha'.l hi terf e to prn*e. and evtend r'.arery ft. It li?? pirot yiiah nb lb |?rtiea tern th,?. my fr..nlt. ii the > Itate nf tin raae are the dar.? er- Ial be nt r-t n'ed, ard tt t it d* v v-a <ipd y to rni y to the L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. rescun, and by voting tbo national dcmxvat!." u.ict pitied before the country by the Buitimoro Convolve, to ptt-wrve this glorious Union. ({.'boars ami crt? <C And *i- will do it.") Hit fpotrt b baa made a muct favurablc iiuprteajou tmro in Norfolk. Number8 of Breckinridge men ptbi.oy pro i.Aim ibeir defection Irum ibat party and their aubcren m j U> Douglas. Tbe Bell ami Everett men aland fait to their colore, and are raaguinc of tho success of their men. Tbey w 11 certainly carry ibis State. On Boniluy Mr. Douglas will visit Old Point Coavort, acd tbcnce proceed to Petersburg. He will address the people there on Tuesday, and proceed to Raleigh to at. tend a convention to be held on Thursday ncit. He wbl ; apeak there, and then proceed to Richmond. Be ha ts { there, mil addresses a public meeting on Friday. Senator Doug1** will Speak In Baltimore. Raimiiou, A ug jt 211,1800 Douglas 11 to be here to mai.c a speech on the dtb of September. Police Intelligence. A Fori' Oi res Iadv m Tkoihio ?Senora Potm Pedr?T a Portuguese lady, about forty five years of a4e, was bri ugbt before Justice Coonuiy on itaturlay on cnargo of false pretences, preferred against her by WiU.un t?, oi No. 1.061 Broadway. Tbo affidavit of the etmpia.natt being rather an Interesting document we subjoin a copy of it, as follows:? Mill.ana tirigg, being duly nworn, nayi?Ttat tome t'ino abont the middle of May, 1880, a woman, cad .eg herself Senora Donna 1'edro, cumu to bin bouso at No. 1,061 Broadway, and made the following represents t,one, viz: that the was a Portuguese lady of royal b)>oJ, tbe only child of Don Pedro, be being a miliioceire, and support*d ber by ?>udlng ber 83 000 annually; and further elated that she was banished from her country for mairy'ngan alien, her husband being an JCng iafcman ; wis banished for seven years, which term wucH eaprs nest spring, when she would return to her dssr father again; that she was worth, in her own right, 826,000, consisting of a place on Statrn Island sho paid (16,000 for, and mortgages on real estate in the city of New fork; a!- u a line pair of burses and a carriage Mr. Schiyier was keeping fur the buard of said horars; one of sa d horses she tad beer offered 11 000 for, that she burled tor bus band, whose name was Powell,shout fouryears *('>, a'ter which she look the name of hrr father, of vrh-ih she was ve-y proud - that she had as hue a wardrobe as any ltdy In New VoiV cily, and the reason she did not lre;s ar.d go into society was, her trouble s had been so gTeat a n e she had been in this country. tho losing ol her husband and tbe manner In which she had been cheated and robbed by those who had pretended to bn her flrlrnds, had made her sick of the country and all who was o it; that she kept her troubles to herself as much as pees bie; that she had a groat circle of friends and acquaintances .n New York, but she did not wish them to find her; that Prince de.foinvillc was her cousin, and August Belmont, General Patz. Kiibaid Bur teed, lawyer Breed. Mr. Merrrn. a nrh man od Broadway, ami many other*, were her intimate friend* that she wanted a tarnished house; that depo L?nt, br ing in that buv.ip-*, upon the *tiengUi of the above representation* and many other* of the aamo aa lure, took her Into hi* farm y to board nntU he ocutd ret a house ready for her, and then, at her rwjucst, let her have a house. No. 8N Broadway, she at the tunc Hating that rhe bad receivid a letter from her father informing her that a draft for $C,000 and a very valuable present for deponent was than on its way to her in this rite that rpoa t ho foregoing 'acts and circumstances he let tor tad bouse at No. 884 Broadway, lor three months, at the rent of $76 per month in advance; iluit deponent soon asccr talned that abe.satd Senora Itonna Pedro, was a more procurve* of lancy women for a clam of faat men woo are expected to pay high price*, that *hc acknowledged af forward*, when dci>oneiil was trying to ctl.ect L.* rent ol her. that she had sent letters to [var'ocd re Deniable and iufluenllal ctUaaM are here mentioned | with . tbe card of a lady calling berst ;f Barooew* Van liamhan. h, I whom *be rx|>ectod would call aud nee toe *axt ! Raromsa; that abecx|>ected to get as mi.jh a* $600 from * | the nice- of n well known military gentleman m here . i.erdj provided he liked tlie lady, aud ei nilar amounts j other*, thatshe iut-uu*t to tnxke 1100 000 out of I the 0,'HTalion; that alter tbe above enclosures jeponent (ommencrd nuking Inquiries about the *aid Scnora, and upon said inquiries he ascertained. finui several pvrlies where ibc had slopped that she ha-l told Uitm the van. *torie* concerning herself above rrlated to deprocnt, that I l y auch repivacillation abe had got board and a-eemmn > da'.iona fiom ttirm and left the bllla unpaid thai depo ! nent it iiifoimed that th- following hotel ad bn-rd rp ! bouse keet* r?. k- , have b". u iwindlcd out of amrur.t* i of from $2l> t? $5I"0 by *aid woman, vlr landlord* ol I i ramcrcy Park Houae. bnilthsoman H"U*e, Kr.^hi'a Houae, A*tor Place H' del Eunqvitu House, Mrs. f or mac'* , Houpr. (twenty seventh Rtreet,) IMbum> u.d other I stable*, thi t she never paid deponent any rent or b>e-1, and i* now indebted to him in the *urn $J0Q. teal re . t?u.enl took moan* to di*|mt*o?* sa.d Senora Ucun i Pedro, I ly prnri ?a returnable on the 20lb dag of before T.J londa, Justice nf tbe di*t riot Court of ih* c:ty el ! Sow Y.<rk lor the Sixth INMrint; that tor aruw?r In h afi fidavil todJ?|K?*e * for non [my mcut, Sraora l).>rca -j I made swore and *ufr?< r lleal U> the srti-t*, i , m ,f which il hereto attached, marked "A", upon ,o ouiry depjncu'. U informed and belicrrx that a. d Sroera la.n * IVilr > hat no pr<>|- rly of any kind, at d tti.t the in not What thi repretenta herself to he many rcspr-t, thai the it f|iiit' a noted imimslnr, and has heat srryjvg < n ber impost I iom in tbit city for about three y<?rr,r.J pays lor notbiug abe got* ?f a general thing The a vnced, on being brought before the ictt.>tratc. Indignantly denied the charge prefeired a aitsl te?, aid -an. tbe felt confident of beniE discharged v hen ihc IBS' tor > as I'.ilJy investigated Ju'tios Connolly ccrr.milud the fair prisoner for elimination. AattfT or Ji vworj m m.i ?*.??S? Sior.?s lino n I.mii imi fiat i to?Between ten and ele?<n o'clvk yea terday morning* tbe police of the Third ward d aroveroJ the atorr of 1-3 Washington flrect, occupied by K.ller a l.'itbur, ft nt deal< rr, broken open, and from the appearances it war soon aaccrlained that there wertt pul o Willi.n the building, .s rgcanl Mathews and offlo-ra R-ee ai d hpenae immediately i nu red, and ou searching the premises four jonng boys were discovered con -ealed uo der bags and tin*en on the third story. The od err then went to tbe upper i.uort. where tbey dttcotrre 1 the sc..t tie o|?'U. On going out on the- root two more boy* were there foeod. Thtv were all arrostcd and to th rtrtlim k*?cr irfcnrr Ihrr itiht tmrtrrt tp Cpw of i Ing to tbe rear ?like of tbe arore building* a large bag . . onla mng a"oul $100 in pennies, war mtd, tl (Colly ready to be < a-rled oft. An o il trunk oontaurg a *'gc amount ol pennies, also two baskets filled with lienor, war also found in another portion of tbe *k re 7? ? sky light over tbe rear omre was found breken, at. t one of tbe oSlonrc getting in?ide found that tb- bey* had broken Into tlx Stor< No* hi. 60 and 6H 'Vy street, s.#o Noa 181 and 18Washington ilrret, bar op gained ad mittance by break in i through tbe akylubi* o it? rear of each-tore. In moat of the abov< nlitor- the drawer* r Ibe alort- ware lo'iiul to bare been <>reri.a- dad, urrt a good iriBir goo:' dmplaeod, but wtiathcr any t.v' baan rent-cod tbr poiice ware unable to a cartitn !ne n* t ay fiotd Waa rcmor ad to the ctati >n bourn-, an<l ti.? jv.x em a h< Id for i 'aw.tatioo. They pave their nam'* *? .? Tta-> 'Cor ner, at ad fifteen year* John Terry, aged I.fteen ya?r?f \npurt J! man agrd twelve y< are Ma ha< i Rum*, aged tflc.-e year* John Conway, ap.d ail lean year*-, ant Jam'a lit. ca!l, aged rtft?on yoara Terry >a t.dlohav* hfr, rmi'i< ji <t in the acre o< Miller A I ibar, b it l?'t atwol Ibur week* ago. Ha i* tbifht to have * arter! the burglary. f f A**>t it tan* a 1'OUiIha.v ?Aa pel. CI Irtilge, of the Twenty flrrt precinct, waa n acar-hif a'iiia tbiavee ia tba Eleventh ward on Saturday n ?r,t, bn v. aa .-'ttackad by a man named Eiiiila Cbeeter and eeve'-ly tabbed with a rword. The policeman pave Cberttr ao prove rat on for the aanault whatever Tba aaaaCaei waa arraati d aoon afb rwarda by tba Uevanib pencil: :t police an noevcyad to tha aution, wher* ba waa "nSna?t for tba rrma.nder of tba night. Yea tarda y tha p r?*rrr v.iiii?veiai to tba Earn-* War-at 1'olicn ' o-irt, b? e? he waa i ommilled for trial. Tha ufltnar'a woun.ia ,Va a,dared daag'rmia and much apt ri-henr on ta fait ' >r h a tfaty. Rt itctjtr.t :* Ba'utiwvt. ? Tba premier* ol Maaara Corbran & Co , No 442 Broadway, rttend rg through t? Merrer atraal, war anterad by burglar* on ja' .r>U) right, by iti?*ii? of forcing off tba actitlia. but betore tba it. etee could awt afy their want* tbay ware aurpr.-ad by a private watchman and a member of tba Eighth pracinH po li-e.and nbligad to decamp Tlia burglar* tr.roa?ed to make good their aaeape, hot not a dollar * worth of property waa earned off. rtvanivr. Arnut B t* **.* Two Bot? ? Far'y iaat ?van ing two > ?>?, earned Jamea Campbell and William Murphy. br-tb about twelve yeart of aga, got ,nto a -*y' mi iDr r?mrr c*i \.mrmi mu '-rrrnwirn airrrn, wr'i m .r nbjr drew a feaife ai d tb? otbrr o ?fc* da. o Picting fjnite a wound. Tb< im/ Murphr wae pr- opt J arretted, m d UK won oil <*4 tv.y taken to the boiae ' h < parenta 1? Greenwich itwi. Wllllamihari City V?wt. Apnea Fieri Frontm ?Two negroea peoterdag aftem l?ob met ?t Oreenpoinl for Ibe parpore of deriding wbicfc w?a the proprietor of the bent "bunch of Oree,'' thr, rgh Ihr medium of pnae fight drawirg together. u a nit. ter of ronrte the uaual crowd of rougha aad rowdeO Th? j had fought two roundt, when aoiw oA>era of the .spienth diitrtel. Wiiliamaburg, appeared on tb' grout<1, aad put a atop to further hoatllitiee be arrratlng the bell). ger'M dark re, who were both marched off to the polk* htatior 'iff of the nrgroea r*rr but tame a* .,am.?a Wagner, r **J in Gannewim Sratn ? About term o'ckck ot> Ban rday rTi Btng a Ore war discovered on the eecoad floor of the bulldlDg, No. 171 Greer wiob rtreet o the ?? aroon of C F rfrifler \ Metge, m*i. r? t ng ewel ere The Ore originated underneath ttie counter, and w?a rpe dlly ettinguiaked b\ thrOrt men Ine . at ,a?e done to the thick nod flilarra bp Ore aad water will niaouat to atxiut fl COO, Mured for git MO IB the New V rk fire Marine Inatirnnre CVmpnr , g:, .too la the , r, mm fund, tad gt 000 la the Bereftl/ Ina iar.* < d.^aajr. Offl. -r# .1 l> Gtlmof and A'bertarn, of tb he*rr.?iM nv-indArre-ted '"hariea T Merge mi mm.. , *< '4 ilring the prei laea Yeetrrdup m?rnlrr Funce He>?h dincharged tbeeee.iaed, the evld"nee f|,t I i ? 0 eet to b' <lte I'.eger in ontvtjr.

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