Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1860 Page 3
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n<ri.<tcuu Gam lxohtbto k foe hale-in various ottt eunpA&Jes, payioe libaral umaeoda JOHN it murray , MM Of iBWUll tiu Light Jc Ju!, 1M UfcLai rLTftt near BFoadway. TATOTICR TO BONDHOLDER!).?THE BONDS OF TH1 XT New York end New Harm Railroad Company, due la Beeeeaber, tfeflu, will be paid, wiib accrued Internet, uo pmnea Mtoo and cur render, at the Treaeu'er'i uttioe, oorner of TweaV-Meealh aueet and Fourth avaaue. Haw Yoaa, Aoguat 7. lbW. W. BEXENT, Trearirer. ThTEW obleanb AND mobile FUNDS bought B1 In AUGUST BELMONT A CO., M WaUatreet QFFICIaL. BLECTRI3 TrXEir.APn~BETWY.EN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC 8TATBB. tiiuiikt DarektaaJiT, July 10, 1880. Propoaala will be received at Ibia Department until the tenth day cr Ceptember ncc, p jn uu-t to the folio win* act of com Sn u.t to fuel U'.e mm .u-ca'tm between the Atlantic and Pacific sute* by Klectrta Teleitjaph. Be It enacttd by the henate and Uouaa of EepiMntaUyee of Ae United Htatee of America, n CyngreM Membled.^that the ti+cjtuurt of the Treasury, .utler the direction of the f resident f me United ?tate? a hfreby a .th 'rued and dire trl to adverse for leaied proooaala. to 1 e re elred lor auty day* uutwe . e .v,tu ?.v? oi'il f-ilflimtmt of which ?hrj 1 ha srrnt ranttod Mr responsible parties, u .a the case of tuda for mall -ontraital for '.he .& by tb? government of a line or lines rf magnetic telegraph, to be coostri. ted within two yean from Ike thirty first lay of Joiv, eighteen hundred and tuty. from aaane point r? pofc.u on thn went line of '.be State of MlmoorL by noj r "ite rr n a which the Raid OOOtractara (may Relent reev.iierurp at ?ucb point or po nta by telegraph with the eltlea ml Washington. hie- New ? .r? t'harletUin. PhhadeJpbl.v bor.ou and other cittea In the At antic southern and Western nates', to .he ntv ? mi brands >, in the State at 4*altf rnJa for a period of ter rearM. at ! shall award the oon tract to tbe lowest reapo, . ? ' .dder or b ddere, provided eueh troller doe* lci re",..ire .t aig-r amount per year the 'toted States than l td ioiiara and paraalMion la serehy graced t the and partiea ta whom a&.d contra-1 to he awarded, or a majority ef them, and ther aer it>, to .se, . hi the end of the aaltl iciin, M.cb moot t;e . ; -biiciauusol b . u Udbttteaas may he to-. ? rj : r . nd ' i urj we of establishing au.i.Hta tor repa-ra 'dona aald I. ' r it "tree,Una at any malum one qnatter fee', on of land, s u b stations not to aceed urn m fifteen miles n an nverage of <he whole .lis taore, ttnieea ncB lands shall be req ireT by the government f Ute t tdt> 1 Sialea for lailruttd or thrr purvoaaa, and proWed that no r'ch' to - re er pt ny of -dd iuttda '..n.wr the iawt of the Unted n.?tesar.ul iu ire tiiaaid company, their agents ran ?:i>, -r Ui u.) '.harper- n or pa. -.jus wnatnoe'. er; t*ro Tided. Tht'.iio ?uch . entra thall be made until the Raid line shall be in actual operation, and laymen's thereunder ahalt cease wh? i ever the intra-' irs 'at. t> r-iinp'T with '.heir ooa tract, thai the goiemm- t shall, at all tin e?, be entitled toprt rity In the use of tbe lire r I res and shall hare the priyl lege wben * ihortre't by law, of onnerili ;t said line or unea by leiearapti wl.b any military p *>t? of the I'm test Ktates. and to lie the f ine tor jti "n it nt i .rp ee*. and provided, a!ao, that raid :;ne or lites, eicert R't.'h ?s may be t-< instructed by the govern mem to o meet * b .i'ie >r .mea wi b tne military |MWt? of 'he 1't:lt?d e' iter, ?fcr 11 re pen to the use of ail nitnmna othne 1. ntfd Btates '.be tenu of the said con tract. on payment u:? 'Br ur -h.urg-a ror transmission of despatches and pr .ided, a ->. '.ha*, nu ll "I.urge* shall not ex-red dd-ec dollars for a ?log> despatch of ten words with -be usual proporu.i.ale us.1 cuors upon despatches at ' Rr? ter length. i ro video that nothing herein cor.uir.ed shall tonter upon ne said i ui >ee cxc.naive right to construct s telegraph to the Pa;.fo,or lebar the err.mect ..f the lTnited Mates Irons graining iron Hint to time. ctmdar franchises sod piiviitgne to (I'.ksr paitiev. hec. 2. A nd be it t ui r .acted That the sold contractor* ar their asiwgns, anau Lave right 11 c niti cl and maidlalu, Uuonghany i f the Territories of tie In.ted states, a brauoh ttne, so as to connect 'he r add line "r line* Oregon, and th? ttbey rbad have tte prima'-nt right of way tor said line r lints, iiiler or uTer my appropriated public dtnds and waters ui the said Territorfee by any ru .te or routes which the saai .. . I n.a.. v. .. w :l. ne r? re daring the said teim of anch iaiuis as may iie Bscessary forth* porpweof establishing -.utiona for repairs along aid lire or hoes, notes ceedlny. at any station ne q iai w, n.-t'eti ot v.d, such sis done not to exceed one .n CI teen n. Irs on an ..verage af ins whole distance; but should any u said quarter sections b* tieeateu esaeuiial by the governui-at, or any company actiug ucder its aa'horlty, for rai'rosd p .'| oees, the said coutractors Shall reiiaquiah lb- OCC .paiay il So ui.c b as n.av be necessary for the railroad, ?n ui amc ait of laud for like in .is stead. Her. 3. MA be it f-irtkcr enacted, That if, In any year daring the < ontln -M.ce ?f the said contract, the h. siness done for the Sorerr.oicut as hereinbefore mentioned by ?reh cootractus*, or ifir ethics, sbk'l at the or ilu,_ry rate f charges fur private mesaup?s, exceed the price contracted to be pa'.l as aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, poo said accoan'S being dily antb-pt ntee, certify the am -nt of snM excess to Conare-s? i ided, that the use of he hue be glceo at any lime, free of . at. to the Coast P _rvey, be Smithsonian Institution and the National Observ, ; try for sce r.titte purposes; and prosided further, that messages re etved from any individual, usnpatij t> corporation, or 'r ?n any telegraph line* connecting with ttis lim at i'.her of Its ' rmli i shall be 'np . Cally xrati"m:tud in the order 01 their isceptioo, excepting that the despauhes of'.be g iverum-nt ?L !. hare pra;ntr. ai i provl ded further, that t'onerese shall ..'.any time hate the right to alter or amend ;txl? Set Approved June I*, IsdO. ??? Tlie low- st of er for lb* s? of v h telegraph for the pub II* servi -e wit) be accepted, provided ibe terms sod conditionsrx. pressed m 'he s*t sba'J be i lly set forth snd tupnlaed In tbs rop?6sii>. which must be s- -ompanied by a guarantee, hi com TormUy wnth he twenty-sevei th section of 'he act of July 2, iKJb, ia regard to mail set vice, pi he effect that the line o* l.oes absll be comi le-ej * fthln 'be it ne prescribed, and that the guaran: ITS shall 'hen anlarift o . t .igaiim.s to the L ulled Slates 'or th? performar? of the si rvlce for the government, onci r said s < at the rsles > ftrrert iu the prop earn, t u li jptarat lee may h* in the fo.lowing form ? The undersigned, mauling si , in the state of ? . and p. mlse that if the Secretary of tha Trens^ry "bsdsoi-ept ibe witfcm proposals, in ter the act of J ane id. I860, the '.ne or Hue* of marnrUt) telegraph shall b* ocmutcted and p .1 Into operation on or bef ire the time stated In the set, snd that we will 'hen exec .te with the parties signing the wiilun prop sals an thjlga-don to the United Rules. la dim form, as soretlsa for tha p?: i> rtnaocs if the service, as 1 ordiog w the terms and jnd,l!oii* ci ntalned la auch pro glWalS The above guarantee in t.e a? .mjardc t with the certlSante of a United bta'es ritsli i t attorney. >r district judge, mating tin,t he a a- minted with each ,f the peiaons signing tiig guuar.tee, and Xr ws tl.-m ' i be men t tfll .em property in make good the a) c-s g a. -r'-e. Tf.. mi v r-.-'e,-rr il VsHpet nr xnit flraSsi to ' Ibe Secretary cl be Treea r*. Waeblnrton, ,D. Cn" and endorsed ' .uiop *m? for Pfc.Xc Telegraph/" COBB. c*creUrr of tae Treaj .ry. PBoroBtidi for ??:3ooof thb crotow water Pluck of tbe city of Me* York."?Sealed propoealt sriil be rerelin.1 at the CV .iptro/er'4 officer u?til rhured ?y, 1?| ber 13, 1880, at I o'efick F. M.. wbei. la* tame will oe pvbUoly petted, for tbe at ,:e rr any part f the nn of i?r<> hundred end fifty tbuuiaud doUara of "the froInn Water Stock J tbe city of M v YnrY," a tfc >rt?od b? chap. S72 if the ! ? ? f IW. and by an .nt'.oanee o? tbe Ormm<-o Oo r.etl appnrrej by tbe Mij r, A * - 9 ISdU, fur tooreanl. * tho ? tpply of < rrot.m water, and ejterut i.( tbe narm?ry wirka for aeeuoo : toUi.? and dla nbut'oe tbe . me. Ibe taid ?V rk ill tear 'a'.ereel at tbe rate of air per c?at per pa) a' a uvaro-r yea. .y, ar.d the u.-up ipal * ud -? redeemable on tbe -".ret day ii November, IuP\ Tho p: ot"* \<s wi atate -be aaaouat of at k de*:r?d a:.d tbe prtrr per et. a.A '.be per-** wh we pup, a*'a o-eaow-ted will be r? ;tjtre<l u> deuokit with tbe Chamberlain if ib* c.ty, wttt.m tea da.. a"er the pentr* of -he bid*. tbe eum awarded to Lbt in reepcci eiy, toe.-ding tfi' pr uu una n tae a,io?. On presenting ? ?e t'owptr iller lb- remlrta if t e fat < a drj ?!'.?, be , ?neiuw.J*hr eitUUcd to re -iv e xrUfi.-f.tee -.r r , t?l eat a of tr* par rel :e ? the atook, Veto , g utereet from .be oatea of pa/meula. R?; h , r roe't) i ?fc <1 be eca'e.) *o<* end u-aed Fro,it. for I'rove Wut fei ? It' .be city of New York," and tbe. ear kit bred to a ae" kid envelope, %ddree?ed to tbe Comptroller. Tbe rlrbt Is leeervtu t J>* part V -fie C imptrr.Uer to reject a- y cr a.l J t'.? ' j ;red .-eceaaery to pr -.ot or p.-wite X' .1 lie :y HjCT. Y IIAWR, ' .nptrod-r City Mew ** -^erw-?'.i of F-cance, CompUiUer'a ?*.e, Aup. ji it. .nr.. Vl'AMTR Trrr\Tt it ."1%'of ?.' K\ B,"or TlIC ?? bi 4.?anlr>* lg Va ir T tir 1 -Benny, -hate P'l-e. a a- t. tr h *. j .or, t. l'teas, Uertlil /i.-e. <)? nnn wa? ritP i rttt m^rt^ao! os u...- ncr-.ed r*af f> te a rtb u i.ble be eW' irt. kddreac cr a.iply ' f fLfdi.'Rf 404 '"nnal etrre* t leo, a rn- k irm ' ?.? r -- le land In lireep er- nij, p. 1., w.1 :io ir-n I: ".yt. ' U.A.n Broakl/n. .t?TN.OLU?iV. 1 BONA FIDE AaX?> Lotii<T IHaT rJTRRY ONI A .at tirpwod i batlWcum front * wlLAnN, won twin, tb- uijfiurtiwi ?awH. m ?.. ! ni ? ber m?n All bfc mid u?b thlb oat irnUf g)l wl iMr. m m?tt mth ib?a? miry crtmur mb ?hw * ??b iteH) Mbirtabrb bn 1 t*J? b.l .bat . on--nib > .r wh H?r Ba. n.jni vt to tm? tfebt ib-.y i rt rw-n.l ?h i ah tit aer wili.a- A* U|/.i?rMtfMMail? wo i t. Ml IbbTTwa Jl i ! j ' wh. I- H?i Ml , 1 tJk :.f rrr hr#e lw?n to fall. AU wb j c ntault tlw tnOBt w.k an i in>? Wn- 11 Mill k-b.. dMnr ("1 *! wunn.maat tbaitaioa WtAou ?*!< M tr..? iMt ?..<r.a ivliaa v 1 tfco .?h h*j uw l ami f"?r ' * i rbrtlc* ontb n< 1 at ?hal m r?o* ..ab.? ') tit. toi !) in? * .lew 4r-rt r.fif l^tunt/io, ?w?r tbo twbery. r*r fi r Ik:'*# .j.d ^baUetinni. U'.j crtt'w. AiCOf.rniNfJ.-aA^AyE RURROW. blYRATB .. *c*h>r, bora w.tb b cool bad (1ft 4 foraalgbl, iwllb bow t botl ''? jjn w.: njurj, bid many iwm, tv an r.rtj awry tbo *kt?. M eta . .ifcara iw <...p jta mi bd BMMMMlb 18b " tdltw um Lbirw Co wtrat Oactwmwa wcl btdm-wd. d~ll.bir. oyan r - mr-" cefkocrh mki>! ' vi. \ ' Mir. ijrwat Ho on. k1 f*j ;rtb utr -at. two i>1- ?? wm: o drab* ay IF* m-w r tU*l rtrnf: at *od taMa M>*uiui drawbar km ?-oir r. wad , ' ?.. . Way#, or r. > , ?j twbw. wadamrxay ;s m iirnt lairvoyant and ih a at: !. ?('?t M 'a* ^Bi'aW ? nlTb. tblvwa -by oumhwrw <a art K\rTl.i(TT * ? f hart mi?fr. .?? a* entb t tttAburToR ji* 'i lia: *w. m?1 * le ceo'*. *hit M?u LJ .WOlA Mt HA* Hint ??*0T 0 T!t~* H ATTORXY (tivt to 21 -j H" ?' m meat, ..rr a'tw ! l! .? n?r tie ladirT Li t V mi. Wi? at 1 awoUc "b to tw.t , Iht. oib'rlac, Ow?nt I rwmda. li':*.na?a. Dp t .1 jrc?t .ba a raMr. tia Ma i r. A bdMitlad. 11H . U IIVNY > TN?- -Ittl HK1 ?tN, iu In* 1 bw Jbb!l< ib?- ab*. *: oe u-i-1 i. *1, ,h? f *b'? ! ' A*, ba "ibt p~aa*ni brd f i'. jta, at Jib 'lrbo.1 ? , BMtAJTlbWf. N' B-W ?> A" "f: T Kb?tn nr THY CYt ?lt HTKD . rRHWHtl'.*' Lib b hw?o e ran 1 t; lb. Ibb.'.i!a la Jilb ia.1 ''iwr lAliaa a I'h trt rw ?AB?f?w < Aba wale-will. 1WIW ?* b ? r > 111. t.i? m nbji" "f fi t :r? w'f" or I c?l>aad, b.*< lint" brr rta. >r If, ?u a :<b u.? u lb ?tr? lw? "all. at Ml Yklrd ?' w , bVjT# Tw?atf f;?wt (travt CauMr M cbBta. #rwcti. RRAD YY1TN ? A f'TRKNOIdl i NT AND A?TROlANlTat tlbl bwata lib ' ?ld. and M *b) rawbr' tor act "WW woo raw rrtal bw nil LI NOT .4. who m bttwalr^.l -a ba lb* ?t lb \y to lAWt otty wh? r bf u.y r'-a lef jr.r.aia.n >oa harr'nt In aw a. '.barb la. J !?!??> . bha?ot frtbo't#, kir?, ww.r". bhfp. mwrr v?. Valtb wwwbh. bi b w+io will r-r'Km b' obwa arid .uuutnri.i r larafuM mum w. um ni| pwit n \mm "<tj who baa -br (p-n mm R ?mi aid amlvaa tmtiair.iaa 'or Vir* (r?>i t-jofc aad aJ b alliaaa affaira, and ara ffua -a tit < .'<* i.fa. IV la/ r.t to van .K 'dr.* nat ja.'.r fi.>J and araii'df-A)*'adv. 1. r*f un'ani fit an I'.aVr r>tiwr\ atla -:tT rafavanofd nam ia araa at W rartdanor. Ml and attaa, cpo ?*r EtcMi raw! or ho par hot"sharp or tok cSlkbc wm W Hadatnr 9 \ It VY' M?(aa,>a?n .-naa#'t??1by k.inatadaio Wtiv1 Kkar ?<tlaa ah -** rm <lrnt *fer baa no aiual i prrarvtaad f ttar* w th aat.ra aatla ??l.oa. h'f 0*11 ? do *' Tan h awau?. batwran Ihlrtj fa irM andtbtflj t t**ti. Lad.-* IT' .ana. "trat-r-o *.* ad Mad. 7 ? . r iiuiTul'liW "TdrrT-tiMi H7~Rr<Ri>i* Tr*l 1h? tatnaiahi + tad arttr 'al.iar aatmi mat. r?r wd fltfic i adyJaa i **. .? a< I gum, try* lof "it? intf cl a'.i dZa. - a Ji ?? ' a rtt.-fin brail*, waalik ai.d marr-tml. lava it J ?t?, iwntta. dl?"^ io >--.t r.*?? ? ?.?? trim.:* a . tin *. *r* R *vtrr iK-oard* wJwn all <v* ~t fail Jtawarairf at#-*hi"at and taaaalar h?r raa?. dr_ ? ?11 hrta **r r raal ?? ?' fvirtli ?trr?t and ? ?>t art morn. Tee ladwa ,i nvi Ml catitt n tidt-ri " /YiTn/ror"A''- tr-TRt m 4 rifcrf laaa to na- T?rtr? #, o* r? "*' "**kv'f" alt .*( ft ma ?atl at I r N" '* wdor uoila. fthn ? .*#., nallad. r t't?t - 'jo* * baib.-i# i a r- - ^ *Ma* a II i. '' ib?". *<i it *?'- abort ___ _ s fffttROIfO 1*TP LOPgl*> *? ~RIi"IVT*u? ~t MANY YCAtth KX)'i1R1KN<'E, A t firms uheu i? U'jji- and oommodui'ia hi >wn alone bo ? 10* ami lot >'..?? F "irteeeih air*-l. 'lieV Union ?- H.e) which hiee m>*n during the eommer thnros.ghly ret-a'rrd n". tr:*<1 ?n?1 d--.>r?t*d, will b? ready forme eoeplion I ; -ward*'* b. l??uf > !!' other Families <>r tingle gertfe men desiring e #c l ro ?t?n or single. where the* will udassKi Ikh.e tUe.rry itwntioi ihat wlU render home ! c a rort*b)e, are respectfully in* ted tociil, a* there are several m.e ro<.ii.? till) di?*ngng*<t A KM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LKT TUB Fecund PVmr, ronidetfnr of a parlor and two bedroom* )o an elegantly ft rniaheu brown *tooe ho ne, coutaioteg aJ the mieiera irapro*emetila, with full or partial Board. Referetoet et changed. at 2U Laauiguju avenue, dun aboee Thirty eighth street. A LIMITED NUMBER or IIK8PKOTABLE PREHONb may now obtain superior Rooms and Board In a tirat elaae bona*. possessing all modern Improve nenta; an eieellent labia l provided homer at 6 o'clock Isjcaliou central and ounvan.rut, 831 Broadn-ay, belo e Union square. A WIDOW LADY HAS TAKEN A PIRHT CLAPS HOUSE, and will let come A parltnenta to a few select boarders, gentleman ?rd wire rr single gentlemen. <'*11 at No. 183 W e d Eleventh (treat, between Bulb and Seventh aveu iee. ArMALL - A MILT OCOCPYINO A FIRST CLASS h. ae, on ReiL.sen street, near Wall street ferry. Brook : lyn wo . d minodata two gentlemen Board and fur! nabe<t R joins. Address Edward, boi 2,0Al New York l'oit j Cilice. A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY HAS A BACK PAR lor to let wiih Board, to one or two gentlemen, alao a P otn an second tionr to one that arotihprooij with anothe*. Apply at 111 Eighth avenue, between Jane and Twelfth street a near Abingdon ; tare. AVERY IT A N OSOM K SUIT OF ROOMS, ON PICOND t'oor, containing all the modern Improvements, id a lirst elms* house tn let, with Boerd. suitable nriMUll ramily, a Dirty of gentletnew or married couple; : van a. very tine; .table good In .ture at 168 Lexington jvenoe, orn-r of thirtyflr?t street. \PF IV A IK FAMILY WILL LOT A SI'IT OF HAWDaomely furnished consisting of tb? entire *e. rind t!'<ir together or separate, without board, to gmuleoi-n only, by applying at U1 Nl.ith street, third door eaat of ' wdway. A NUMBER OF ROOMS TO LET, FURNI?HED-WIOT or without I! iard, in a neat tb ee story brick b ;?e o<^n pled by a smell family. ilonvenieot to -eeond, Third mil > intui avenue does orcara and stages. 121 Last Nioeteen.b street, near Third a.enue. A SHI EN DTTt SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET- AT 10 Bond street, hree rooms deep, and containing ??ven st-v t on.vy minors. These rooms would be very deslr. lle for club looms or ? flrst class dentist. A>tlVTLKUAN W,orLn LIKE TO MAKE AP.RWUKmeuts : i B >?rd Brooklyn ir New Tork, be wo rld like t obtain it where'h?y set a good tab'e ail where young la .lies' s y could be ei joyed. Andreas for three days 1. VV., Herald otbre and Brooklyn Potto't'ce. \. KVTI.KM A V A VP WIFE. OR SINOLE IKNTi.F u.en, cun be act mm-slate', with Booms and Board at 11.' Fourh ?tn tt. A FAMILY WILL LET SEVERAL PI.EXRVNT FCR Dished or nr.i-nlshed Roo ns, to sing e gentlemen and pentiemrn .ind their with fall or partial Board, house c attains all moiiern Improvements; ne'ghborb'Xt.1 desirable. Apply at ITU West Thlrlv a.sth strest. between Setenth and Flights aventiee Pri.liege of practice on piano; jomftrtuble homt; terms moderate. A COMTORTABLB ROOM W ANTED? BY A GKNfLKmar.. Io a pritste ho use. s listed above Fo rteenth itreet, wev of Bro .dway Brent fast only required. Address, with full rartletilitr* md term*. S. H , hoi 2,1V-' Post office. A TOrN ? 1ENTT EMAN. OF EDUCATION ANP RE linen.em wishes Hoard io the family of a widow lady, where there are no other b and where all he comforts of a home car. be enjoyed. AdJrrsx Frock K.vutgt te, Union .r- Host office. A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON SEoad lloor, with gas and tee oi bath, to let. Board in clrded Pomrs dnlnnj to make arrangements'or the w.etrrwi J please a) immeuia'ely at No. * Second street, near Bowery. nniuniyn .nnitrrisi ctrvvt vrsvKtirit u Roaoa. with Hi *rd, two or throe gentlemen cad be ac- i ccmmodated wi'.b meals. BOARrr.NiJ-VERNlSlIED ROOMS, WITS FUhL OR partial board In a private famtlr without children. Thine wtasir.g nuuiat heme where all the comforts of atu-h nan be enjvycd, Ml call at 467 Fourth mm. T?rma moderate. Boardin 1 - rooms fcftt abi.e for fami1.trs or a-ugle pro emeu can be obtained at 41 Hast t ifteeuib 1 RUeft, near I uioo triare. Terms tea- uiable. Dinner at <S o clock, i-oouion unanruagaed. Board in harlrm-a rmw <jf.nki.emkn. or gentleman and wife, without children, can be acoomm > 1 dated with furnished Rooma and Hoard, at moderate prices. I In nitre in 13ith street first brick bouae wcat at Third avenue, j south tide. Board in hknrt strekt-a rare chanib-a few select gentlemen can have Urge anuurs Ro w*, on ee??nd floor, with tftia. bath and every comfort of a aoine in a nr.vete American lemlly, wle> have only two other boeM-re. T. rma tory m.?!eraie and rsfeiences exchanged. Apply at 7d Uenry street, near Mai ??t Bo.ARD.-TO I.BT, WITH BOARD. AT li7 SB ond attcje. tetaeen Etrhth and Nluth streets, one nicely: i. ahadMooaa,wattahtafWa pmlimaaaamihm wtfear two | gentlemen. la?c*iion very detlra' le. References eicumgel. BOARD.-TO 1.ET, WITH BOARD, A I.UIUF. HaNt) nire Far.or. w ith an extension on -.he iir<t floor; also. a I a-lit >i R K>ms on the second door. Apply a. lb t'Li.tou ulace, I | Eighth atre*-. Board.?fern isiied room*, wttd roard, tan he proc .red by *it.ale gentlemen or laiutlh-*, in one of the nr.c p.eaRAjt neighl) hoods In the city, hj app tn?- at 151 1 Kaat Thirteenth street, first hooae weal of So,- ja ?ina?. Board-a i.ady and gknti,bman i an obtain a It :? wetf f t u.aned 1( m. "1th II t for th? lacy on.., In sui ivate I iBtllr. in the ntigVuihont f Mnrdongsl I and B'eeoker tl.e? s House b s g?s. hot and -"ltd woer, ba.h and all mud-tin UEpre>e-;eiHj Address Retired, boa 1ZJ I Herald A e. Board,?a family drqaimo roprrior acxmm oi * air** f u he r suing w iot? r san i>s atr - na oU'el I with the enilre Se<. no F1 *>r. well furn'aheil, In * bwse h.v ca 'b? inia- .u urpro. ir-sr. a. h>ia4iou desn ?>le. a cesai'jle by satdst-aet .a t y ..t 171 West Twenty fl-?t street. BOARD W \N fBll-IM A RKKi'lUT ABI.E rA MThY, I'P ' 'own east 'ertnt moderate, by a - ale gan'leman. I i A 1 la na llrtwii, boa lib tl-rald olh-e, slating terins, local on, A BOl R7V - % fintTI IT" A" AND WIFE. OR tw l s?i.tinmen in ob'-tln i >a Rut 't m < w h Hoard in a m-vlerr. hoi ?e inrsteJ at No. 131 Ntrth air""', a few d'-ora west at broad way. Board?toenq oknitlkvbn wlflhikt to k' owo attar, oaa iln 1 .?-. 161 i.raud Street g"Od c'.es.i ale pin ( | R >idj, at (nut II to tJ a week, with partial Board in propm ] tion, lociUol central, stages and car* , ssa every two mluot-a. ?? "HOARD.?A h.ANDsoMK ITT OF ROOMS ON KRAI r tie "-?o- W< let 'o a lady aad gentleman, with Hoard for ' lacy Iw the lamj.y of a widow, where home prtvtlwgea may be 1 had -iinv-nleut to car* and atages Terms |12 per we'h. Ad| ( rate Mia. H. B. H . Madlaoa equare Boat office. 11 t, ... lc*?Ti,tK- ait uitnd up P>w?, ooaln.og all th? mo drrn Impio -aiaod bavin* mora r<vwn than thay raqilra. wim].: ?? ? .mi n 't but ?i!e with a lit of f iruuha I or mtirElBh?d Bonn* and Hoard. Call at U) iV-at : BOAKD WA.MrCD-BY A WIDOW LADT. FOR IIKR oil and InCr bor lh??e pil oM, lot p>aa.p- amlly i h*?'.Bg Boax* or but faw hnardm t, Inoauoo ram of Br ad.wy [ und nrar Orand r.raat prwfr-md. Addr*w with fall I lan. M. O, Hroad wayfor- idhca. BOABD OR MCRBAT HILL?A LAROR H ARDAOREIt f imiahnd r>utt of Rvnii* a>nl a lw? Parlor to lot, with i Hoard .pn?rt? tahlav. a di Kant Thirty tifth itrr.ri nw Bai fc : aTrnuo Hc:?mjra? axrbaogrd. nutRP-A NR.TLY PnRNISHKD BACK lO^Lfll D . .1 >r w.tb iaotn?? aad aa. t > !< . with Hoard j The faaH.y a aina.l and p attain. Tarma low. Call at 17 Keo | wick atrt't. roar Ooal. Board in brookltr.-a okntlkvar and hm Wifa or a frw wngln *collnm?o May fit.! drntranl" K. iwna , with Hoard, at In- t'linmti a ratal, r inwnirni in Wall lira* and ' ro-itfc ferrra RrtTnaoaa i"han*r l Ijoard in Brooklyn-a widow lady, o.;ccpt J D| 'Ho p.-* o.tiy lo-atrd ho i?n 73 Blcka a'rwt, Hr ? dj n r *b'a can arnaamodala ym Inn-rn r !?d:?? with lartr an apaeioi % Roon.a. atcglr Rnoaca togatkar with limrt, ham a ciinf, rab> b may ba lea : -ad. Ra'?m. wa nehMgtd. Board wanted in brdoklyr- ht a yocro gcnllrmai.. hta wlf? and a join* an' :rtand J v I lag >?>! ?I In N?w V irt), in % gat taal pnra'a .a a plriaat part aI lb? idty and wkw? no nt jar* trill ak-r Lhow k rap j.g board?r? nor A *<<> aaawnr I'lnaan adit raw cot 4..W I?w Tor* Pnei oWcn, gtrlag tanaa ( a d parttc'Uara. Board in brookltr -roobh to lrt with Hoard a' at OtMeord mrant Isvm'i ?t plateau' only a 1 lew mit-maa walk from Prlttq '.Try. Ra; ?rw?5"W rwrtlral , TJ aip !R BROOKLYN-4 LAB<IR PR INT ROo*. 1) wt'h Bad -ran ntract;ng. ,r ?c ?d floor. can br h id a rh f .11 or parita B> ard, at 111 Pactf d alrmt. n?ar do' ih and Watl atro?t frrr^a. Bi nalyp. Board in hk oki.yh.-a oertlkvar and wifi: nd !?' ? gaat'laman r?n ha a" oraM.?U ?1 w'h Board to a ?*a.l i.iel.y whar? tdw hc*rdnnt ar? u?k?n, at-.l "wran'rut :o f too and wtl ?tr??t ler i?a A ; !; ?t 1> H?ni / atraatt Din u?r at A. Hoard in Brooklyn WANtm-Po* a .adv and j two da rtitTT, a*?<1 i and 17 yaara wlthto awi tlxlar I 'he Ottjf Ilk i ??n t umiak :b?ir an noma. % u, m a | |.n? pri<? -?, tat. Addme< W. B IF? boa l ilt ) ?? Tvk i P m .fl'.re, a* nR W>'?tl /o, irnna frr?W?|./ar, ircukad. 1 MmaMKitabMii | BOARD in BROOKI/v*-A fkw F.Ksr atm Itnar>r* <air fnd p'??aari H/runa, ih dlnrer at ate. i I Local. u rat traJ, tlv# walk lrn? Wall an ; s<? ilk fer ilea Arp ? at 13 fat trmcrh irn atrea*. b? w?<*0 ' r' imk! C-.. .as. Board :* or J n*i an<1 lht<r wire*. an hod u -?a*tr R . .m? \ b Hoard. mKuai ?-??. tHar or u C Vrluea. Board in Brooklyn.-a m? rimolB okntiji bi?ii e .'aat. i*e iaa be arnoaiauaiated aitb p aaai.t ifvaia Mil Board at Ifcv o .u Oifwl ?i>n it? e>u?n A Mllflilli.:!#. inlMl, Mil*!. ? aJ ih? aivtarn hrrf tmmla. bath. > ?, Ar . atuj rwy roarruleat to A Okr tie t F-.tinai areat* oA/a. rARD In WILUAMRSOM-A ilKRri.KMAN AND w >. r I au/l? nwt ? ran, . in tiw i aSaamnt a* nd awry *r wt Ronto R i I Third atraet; pieaaaat Halation dm Irair ra:a ealh Iran " rush K ehib atr?rs ferry, rrt in ?:e* -? 1*0 I * MM _ ___ OLKOAJni T flURIHiRD ROOK* II .* UlTd. OR CJ a.ap Roman, to tot. ?dth t nil or partial V 'a**! to a fiaat 'jMib.ii*-. one ml nine ail M>aJ*ra c >n?nn>r'-iea. la the n , rlnay of t Oh Avar'ie 8a??l. Tad'am aid OaJ parka. F r* *av moto-rate . raftomna -m-h vuend. Apply aa fid i _________ _____ IP'.f.iant* r rtmr-irm roo**? at thk hotw, J ' ' ? I api.Fif'ha mi*, Bn-Uiaay aad Temty aemad 1 <v?et. Ya?i.!it?e ?R1 aiu?l* *ea:lra'.<ih d*?irl >Rti toate per eanept afratitfamen.", ran now roeaje i?ry-hide* a tula of * ?r*jti?ata n Ira it. ' and l*.i?RKaly bWto'ed hntol , F*"RR*AHTD FRONT .ROOM T I ' RT-T'I A ORRtl.W* man aori *ifa. w'sb p? rRej* . tw, ,a?k??;ta"*, li i *r | ? ??. rr </->ial h?ir1 ihr lad* k" a am* I pr'*at? f*tok r* ?-> ikl I .?air? f.r chid. At -aaa '. ?a'.? ;t. F Ttri ? ?*? r. ' I la* oar ?? ? ' I nsw YORK HERALD,,M< BOARD1WO A WD U)DT.l\(i. Iiwrnmrkd.-A PRIVATE TAMJI.t OP two P'"*o.ia would let a few newly furnished Rooms to gentle mm, without Board the house te nrst class itnd convenient to oars ami -t**?? and Broadway. MU Fourth street, Albion place FUBNDfTKD roomh for UENTI.kme<1?kn suite or eeparale; bouse tirat class. haudsumely furnished; poe eaaea all the modern Improvement); Rooms w !) kept; alientl?e servants, every facility and oomfort afl'or I'd. uo.uiire eltelble, central or eon van lent location; Brotlwsy. below I'nlon xuiare. Before locating for the oooung season, please address D. o. t.. atatlou D. Post otto* Furnished rooms to let-with full or pa*tie! Hoard, at U West Eleventh street. References given acr required. Furnished hock* to lbt-or tub lower part only I' desired; ihe bouse is three story high it top, eon. tains all impr ivemeuts, ant within four block* of Broadway. Apply at ISO Tbompaon street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, WELL VENTILATED Rooms, single or in suito, with or without Board, at Mo. U Clinton place. NO. M WEST NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AYR nue.?Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnished, in suits u ahigly, to gentlemen only, In a quiet, first elaaa house, with breakfast If dsstren; every attention paid; unexceptionable references liven and required. PER X A MI.NT BOARD WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, in a private family, where a good breakfast and six o'clock dinner will t>e g;-en, with u comfortable Room,.wuh clothes prise In It Location al>ove Twenty third street. Six dollars per week will be Riven. Address 11. M. K., box Foal oSce. Planters hotel. 6h broadway.-the proprie Mrs of -be ahov -house having completed an addition .>. forty paolors and bedrooms, offer '.hem 10 permanent or transient boarder*a reasonable prices The house baa all the Improvements and a generous tall-. Tranaient boar lera (1 Ml per day. Rooms and board wanted-by a qrnti.eman and wile, tn a private family, 'Jermaa preferred, when i there are no olher boarders; two or three unfurnished Rooms on seonnd floor, with modern Improvements; locatiou betweeu Bleecker and Fourteenth atreew. near Broadway. Posseaal 11 wished for ;n Otober. Address, with particulars, D. B , box 1.MJ6 Post office. Single 0ent1.em1n. or oknti.emkn and their wives, desiring boh id ean now engage superior a -e >m n d.alons for ihe winter at ;i1 Oath street, between Fifth and six'h svenues. Unexceptionable references given and required. TWO OR 1HRKK VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET with Bo?rd ,n a small family; the number of hoarJers are'lm.te.l; l.vaU a central, one block from Broadway. MM Vast Fourth s'reet, To I.ET-T'i A OSNTJEMAN AND WIFE. IN \ PRI vet* :amlly. at LIS West Sixteenth striw-i, it front Room, on eecrnd floor, . ith all the modern ImproyemenU. TO LET?A HANDS! MELY FURNISHED BA 'K PAK lor n rentleuan and lui.. board for ;be 'adyoui>, n a sir .! luiet naUy wbepe IM'I pro no hlldran House ronisma sll the modem improvements. Ligation (Old. Ad r?r r il), foe rehet und foil Pun?l Papere very <'h*ap. *!?>. f ne k U cbadra ft per pair; Cue velvet ,?od sold Sh w1o?, fj M per iielr. A >' arpeta and "!? !ni*ry l ?? ,?l i'OAT'.S', 91 < fludaon aireet, above upr!' *. A card-w. jarksrtjf, xo n\ iiroadwat. rtt eninan'.'y >o hand every ani?*> dee -i!>le f ir fatnfy mov.rn.iig. ? raaaonable pric?. Peril llv lentton la eal'?d to our nova of H imhvzfnea. M H.?Scmee ,f TaU (iooda, In eee and deeirahle tty'.ee, are r >w open for "paction. Bargain*. 1-eree iwldit'ont will ha made to the ki< u HOI HI.E ruouy ed n acs At $M eacb. (Value $30) Alao, To ibe arlend d onalitv NRO< tfr' K And Pti'OflN* POULT HE AOIBe, At II p?r yard. iWnriA 11 10 ) Hobday, A ikoat 37. a. t. stewart *00. fUOAIA- tXO A*R BBonict FALL AND WTATKR CLOAKS, ARB *OW~RKADT. onlbera btjeee are parucuiarly Icvlted jo naaM kb aeveitiee before mab lng p urrbaaaa. N#rt !oor atwrr MMropuVten I! tel. War '.tartr.rem and d?*Jera te Iron Rat.nx ?'irm #. *-* ] ran \ rati'taha, Iron r>irnit'ir?, i anCri#a and a r?nertu ra rVl) nf (inammtaj fro* Work. K(H?riv T? ' r 7?TPC m.?; k -i.*Tr <t,*p*m are of ?>ip?rVw qmlKy, low rod. (Ire proof ylaW p-irt nod unla nted rain water, ar.,1 1*ju Ule'tmn BuiMrra *d dreaa Ue A#*n? of lk? "Span jr. ' f trnu, R (,'<jrtin?<* UK >?* f )rt. Show Ckaafc-SCJTV a bkotu*?h, Minrr*. r?m? and *arerir>?na, Jfo. 5 JfmUt Wirhara alrnat, amr #r%i,a fl, Raw tor*, and !*n do Main arret. <Hannui, (HPo A area aaror'.m?"' m hard Old afcnw run taten tn ? 'hand* I nuWia prmtp'-lj earrnmt | cms. rpnsHoa O IM>LI.:VO. TEMPFRHQ AXI? COVBRiXO. :tN M-n a err #, .. lelatfc Twenty tbr&aad fa odp.iinuia ?/ee?w .<(. f. X. HVftrtMW. THF OBF.AT KHQ1 T"i! RK*R1?? 'Of! IOCT kHI> Rk? jaa?.aa> ? All a tfer?ra fr tn the *>irr irn,':? dii, Uh-r iw?! <;r mm -laailto,: am a4< a-l (Ion-ae>. Khr<un ,11 ri'ta. Thr) nan *? repel p in aa ih- 1 tanat aafr and ?It art ei remedy ev r ( the t ' a ' haro hrrn nnteraall# <ed n P. i oon f ?r maty .if the a" r?e ermplaliaa Vr?r?red 'it Pltrit A ifnrpail*, 2 A -'rand, fr>nAnn Knil^ijt and aotd ha -I air a., nt ttrtTnK It ? I! at hi r?lv .MM MtM ?rd (V *!? >. >od h? r fR*M*K?<4. -:i H W- n ".r?f. H V K<? ir,-k J-| Ij w !!v '! f iM r??" ?i>4 'U'Wm Tr ,nt. 1*1 Ifai <1. ? '* to h? i'rtr? d ,,> i r >. 1|> iffnd i* ?j?t ?-* ?' t? ( ,* .? areis it a n , union square rost uu ce. TO GENTLEMEN -TO i.kt, AS ELEGANTLY KTRntshed Parlor with bedroom and bath room .it ached, for one or two iieii'lemeii, in a tirst clam brown amue b<iu* In Thirty fourth street, near Kl th avenue. Kainiiy private. Ad drers I. K Herbert, Herald ollice TO LBT-TO ONE OR TWO I.ADIKR. A LARGE, NKAT ly furnished front R mm; meals sent to the r mm. Appl y to Mrs. Wi'.aon, 443 Fourth avet ue, v mer Thirty Oral ali.t: Kntrance in Thirty 5nt street. TWO GENTLEMEN AND WIVEd, OR A P ART? OK frW nda, ran be a toonim.vUte.l with .1 ntee 11 Kn..n>s and Board at lit! Went Tw enty second street. No hetterlocaUou nan be found, and the house la urat ciaaa. Kdferenuea re , tired. TWO ROOMS ON THE SECOND FLOOR. WITH BED room and CI met adjoining. may tie obtained, with Boar 1, in a private family The bouse la pleasmtty situated and hit the conveniences of gas, hot and old water and ?in AdJressC P B., If. Ten.:, aveu 1-, corner 'if Twenty flr?t street. New York. TO I.RT?TO A RINGl.R OKXTI.RMAN, AN ftoKPENdeal and nicely tun.) hed Bedroom, without Boird, in a prlTate French family. Apply at 4t7 Broome street. TWO OR THREE ROOMS IN A FTRRT OLARS PRINTS bouae would be rented, without board, to satisfactory parties. No IS Etisl reti nteeoth street, between Union square an 1 Fifth avenue. Williamsburg.?a frw oentlrmbn can or tain pleasant Rooms, with Board, on reasonable terms. In a private family, within a few dooreof Bedford avenue, and within Sve mlnutva walk of the ferries. Apply to Worcester A Co . SO Broadway WANTED?BOARD IN A FAMILY, WHERE THE Hpanifh language 1a spoken. by two or three n trains do rlnna of p- .fusing in the at>ove toogae Address W , but 1.971 T'oat. flic. WAVTBD?BY A RINOl.R GENTLEMAN, AN CNFUR if bed by the tirst ot 'eotnmlrtr; location central; n. t slaive Four'eruth itreet. In a private family, Frvo'-h pre ferredl. Address bo* 4 il7 Post slice. WANTFD-HOARn FOR A YOUNO MAN, WITniN fen minutes' walk of Third avenue anJ Tenth ktresi Address W. II. T., Stat.on I). Pot', oflloe. WANTRD-t NFCRNTRHKD ROOMS WITH BOARD, lea plain respectable nr.vale 'anilly, 1 >r w gentleman and lady, a llt'.'e g.rl and Infant, ad.tree.', stating terms and location. Edward, lleraid iBce. TXT" ANTED-BY A YOUNO GENTLER A N, ENGAGED II In h'lainiaa Jowui town, a ne.itly urntshed R >m, wt h {artlal Board, in a pi . in. prt ate amtly. tonal! ,n to be rtween 14th and -td da, and 3d av and Broad vay. Ad dress Tentun, Herald TtrANTED?BOARD IN BROOKLYN, CONVENIENT IT to Fu'ton ferry by a gentlem in, wile an 1 obil ; tertm n t to t\eee.l fl?M dollar* ?n iinf i unlet e-1 rojtn preferred. Call ai or &d 'rest -7I Pearl rreet, immediately. 11 ABIRHDOR tKJUAKK ON rflJDHOR MTRKKT HIOR, 1r betwem H-irk *n(l Trry-dreeta ?Board. with hundririj furniahid iiomna, n a.-it* or aiue.e, *t re.wt.inable rate* House C.-ai Clare, I'nticrpi: nahle r-fereuceti flveo and required. 1?* HAHVOXr) TK' KT - \ RCIT OK ROO*?, Off SR J.O MOd ' r ? ' trecy Mil - MO < with first '-||>S* l:,?r to * ?m*>! f.iituly or party ol fWnilemen; referense* ?> -Lads*.;, .-ourenient hi fare and sUkgta. dinner -it aut -.'eJuik. inn WKsT fwanum mn^uMi awn Ave/ moli .ra m ed R ma. on aec-m I do <r, *ti;tab;? f ir t*mU!ee or ton*!" pentl-aiert. lo In-, with firat *** Ronrd; h. w a t ery In1' "re. wl.h ? . > ry ImproTeoi ..u and m at ,xm -, enleot!) and i l?*aar.tly located. 17(1 wwvVUlJAfUNia rtrekt -hardromk ao I U eomr.odatlone for a family of four or Ate adult param* parlor, few at m aleepln* rooms, with ba'h room acd other nr. raaar. oonrrnlaacra attached. Aao, one or two noma for on* or two ainfle gentlemen. fj4i\ wiwt twent1rth strkkl -kcrnimukd Z4 U Romna In Irl, with Hoard corwtity board. Board in artoria or hobokmn wartkd-ar hnpMeh gentleman daatrra partial Hoard tn momi tuba an Ual and aettled Knyliab or tcoteh family. N'R particular about prim If ocaaf triable. AdilreM for one weeh Hrory Clifford, Herald ufflcr. (ROCNTRTBOARD-KOR fllK TWO MOST PI.RAM ART J month* nf -h* * ear. ?A party of gentlemen, or gentlemen and lhair wlvee, can be ti ,nd*omelv accommodated at the da llgbtful prlratr nnnnaa n. opp<alt'* iluUi atreet, Hkmtnii.g.Uie aiad. the ground*. he , ooasprta* ten ?-re*. wuh erery rarlo ly of fruit an-1 r-artablrt. t-aal ttaliUiip and paeture, refer cuora rlobai-ired. ffAOURTRT BOARD IN THR C1TT lUATR BRRVOORT'R A7 mansion I. font of Rlfly dfUt Weel, 1'u* tin taate.1 tn the banks of tkr Beat rlrer, rorty IK* remutre from 'he City Hall by the Third at re ue -am. Horns aad board ..ret -Am. Terms eiodrraM _ THE MlLITAKf. JOtKPH eu.iott MCRKRrr.RRM.-A MKRriNti or the shore aa?*d eoMpsny will be held el the Kteal-14 Star, Ro ?'i a-eoue D, near With street, on Monday, A ig 1*1 i7, aldo'el k f V. The inkMlers aad all thoee wishing hi jo.n are ir ittested > attend. W a., CaplalU. ?. II H?' ana, Secretary ihiscklieaxbuur. BI RROWR INNANTR KK1RND, UR OMAT MIX ture?Ar-know lrdt -d by emoent pkyal lana to be the afeet mrwt pleaaa-1 aad Hfeetlre relief for mfaair teething aad all trer-dai itiee of 'J.' bowele, rrer prod wed. la for sail by all art apteta PrV-e ? e?t? per botlM. vnt .1 itl'RKOWR. - : in at, Albaay, N. T. Clon.-TIPATIOM ( "tmtltrrk*dl and dtsrk.phia J rt'ti.pletely eure*l ..ithent in' Ilrioee n.- et me or bathe, by liary's Rrtalepta 1'rae.arra, aa Mreeei-le and .ntrleto repeutla f<?<l msntfS'-t'Uel 'rotn Wbarvm's fiCnai (erune ertaletila Rmlnn-t -bemitte aflirm that the erta.ei.u eontaii-t more i-utriinen' than the peel wbe*lea four. In the ratio of 14 1 K (VrtlBe.ate* 1 then mild and Sewed.m! Lid teooe na the enima-h at. '- weis oau 1 seen al the- .her/ Mamtfae tueeo .1 .ul ? 11 .' 111J b? the a .'aertoer, al hi* wbofeaaJe and ratad ra-fe y '-aker/. Ptiee ki ee ta per p mad ' -AA KcOAT, ltd t eyth atreet, near Ho mVm. f E.ARR Of A RCrnCRKR WTO 11 AR 'IRRR RTKRC Li tumly -ore. if R#ri( -.* lie- Illy, Iras of Memory, Dim - 1 - -m early err we. bj f-i.low.up the .a atrt'-tlio# a It en In a medleal wort, ai.d who eonatdere It hit i ttj, la rrautude to the auth>1, hi pubi'ah ard elrca-ate K ?< jt?i "..e-jtly. He wld there!.w? aeed free, in ar.y ad.lrraa, na er, ri|-t of 1 art Starr,-a. a e*. ? e in'.t.nlna erery ,ol rmaU-ia reqtttred AddraM lot R. ffe I'twt o?re Albany. N. T. II BRT AllRI Oil j tri ih' retineo, 1 .?/ih-<1 COt Hi. I Oil. mun.'i .ran a -l ir aal# by jflMR < n ATekiR A*"tl# for the **le o the artl lie, lld.iud .11 Naae* ' ?l. B (i*? h Tlsrt Ibet'Ht; se aid el 1 A. W Dsn >? Al?. Pallndelphta N-KW TOHR W1RP RAM.WAV trhMPAWT. Ht tt h1rs ir A vri' KKRallAM, 3NDAY, AUGUST 27, I860 HortEi, noonw, *r., to iwr. ^ Afartmkn if to let in a f1hkt ol*s? tun ant c MtfUliff of aottfl ol f.VQ 1"OILj?, f *rumbel ?ri.!| Kaad OrAon water ip^v j?e pr-maea, N i9Rns ^V' A' ?a*FIeli>, Agent. 8uad : a amies preAPARTMENTS TO 1.ET-WITH ALLTIJEMoDEKN 1M pruTementa; wurr and gas on every floor, wider ensue.*, do., biuine jua; tiniahed; oilcloths <ui halls and stairways, all .u complete order; will be let by floura through, five men ew-t and pantries, (o desirable tenants, rent fcnoderule. Arplv < u the premises. 127124 and 1S1 forty tlret etreet. between Heeood end Third avenues, from 111 to 3, or to the agent. J. H BL'TDAM, *117 Second avenue, ln? 7 te 4 A. H. end C U> 8 Amobt completely furnished uovkb to i.etFnrnlsbed with bed end tehle Lines, -lane and rliMwnrr. end In fact, every article for housekeep ng. with niuedn.'.o poeeeeelon splendidly located on fourteenth street; rent til 01)0. KlNStHMER A CO , 3*3 fourth aveuue. AFUBNIBHED FOUR 8T0RY HIG1I 8T0O1' HOUSE in Clinton place, near Broadway, to let until April or May. The houec i? In rice order. Security required l ir the furniture not being abused. Address I)., station I) FURNISHED HOC81 TO LET?NEAR FOURTH AVE nue; twelve rooms. In perfeol order, suitable for a smud genteel famllv Poswasi'in immediately. Apple to H. 0. READ, 58 East Twenty second street, from 12 to 3 P. M. House to let-rent only t wo-the (un story brick House No. 5 Second etreet, Williamsburg, only two minutes' walk from the ferry. Inquire of Wk. MORGAN, corner of South Seventh and First street* House to rent-pbkirable location up town; possession in September or 1st of October; part of the Furniture for sale; at the rale of fftX) per annual; removal May 1 If desired. Call at 31 Hurling slip, up stairs. STORRHOlSlC TO LEASE-2? FEET BY 90; NEW floors, wry slroug walla and heavy limbered. In perfect order. No. U>9 Witahingtna street, near Rector. Apply Ui A. B. CLARKE, 212 Broadway, rooms 10 and 17, up ' aura. fJIO LKT-A LAROR THRER RTCIRY BRICK DWELLA. Ing, suitable for a or club hittse, No 10 Netlaoo place. Merer street. Apply at North Amerf ;uu Fire luaurXire Company, No. 6 Wall ttreet. TO LET?TO A PHYSICIAN, A FRONT BAHKMKNT, In a hand mroely furnished brown stone ho ire. situated in baling.- n avenue, near Thirty-eighth street. Addreaa K. R., hoi 142 Herald office. TO LET?THE 8ECU.SD FLOOR OF 1IOUPR CORNER of Houston ?nd 1 bumps'-n streets, containing four rooms. Kith all lh- modern improvements, ami two Itwui on the Hi'.;, floor 111.;, ire if JOHN F K: \NKK, No. 3 Varick place. TO LKT-THK STORE NO. SS3 BKiMDWtY. APPLY to RNOX.ite batter, 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton a'reeL ?pO LET?AN ELF.'l ANTLY AND COMPLETELY FCR1. tuahed House. in l.eilngton aver. i?, between Tblr.y llrat and Thirty lecoed streets, w ith all the modem improvements. Immediate poetess Ion given. Apply to FREDERICK EIEOLVK ddl 1'earl street. New York. r LKT-A FIRST CLASS BAR AND RKnTAlIRANTtn the most central business location to the city. Furnl lure. Futures and contents generally will lie sold very be ip. the present occupaut being about to go in the country. Apply 10 JOHN McDONOUOH, 12o Franhiin rtreet, and LIB West Eroadway. 1IO LET?IN HROOKLYS. 1HK- -KCOND ?L<> 1R <>F A llr?t clays brick house, 101 Oxford street near My Alt avo n"t, with b .ib, hut and cold water, by a gentleman and l.ts wife only Ken'?20t) Pcseeseloi given at once. A-aly as above, or at M l'.kc sirevt, up stain. N. t thrte mmulea from thi can. TO LET?r ART CF A HOl'sR IN SR.II.LMAN STREET, Br.toklyn, east of Mvrtle avenue, three, four or Ave rooms; rent mo-ent.-: bill on the bouse, luuolre out he premises. r> LIT IN JERSEY CITY -HOUSE lff7 WASHINGTON treat, betm-een Main uJ Steuben streets, ?r1'.h all the molent Improv rmenta; will bs let very low or for a boarding bom. Inquire next door. i TO LIT.?ISM A YEAR TOR AN ENOI.tsn BARE Hi nt btlrt Hd.ji*'. contaiulnt; 111 room*. desirably located on Lafayette avenue Brooklyn. P. tnadoii at tiiee. 11 ill oil cloth tor tale 'heap if iletlred. Adcrss R. D., Brooklyn Put oBj je. m<) l.ET OR TOR SALE?A NEW THREE STORY HIGH X basement brick House, with all ibe m .Jern Imnroveinent# 279We?t Kort\ f> rth street. Kor parti "Cars inquire of II, O. LAWRENCE, Uo >k seder, Na 1 Veae_, itrwt, Asty lionet. rLKT-P\ aT OK HOUSE Tci. a LISTENA^O itr?et. rent reaacua'de; references i;iv?o and required. Apply a* above. rj LET IN JKK8KY CITY HOUSE iri? WV.SIIINOION street between Mala and Steuben streets, with all the modern Improvement*; will be I'd very low or for a iardm^ bouse. Inquire neit door. 1TPPER PABT~OF HOI S* 27i MaTcmTN"STREET To J let, with t uck bmmeut. mom la 1 ry. brtafe rooms large. In a pleasant n dshb >rb -1 ' vn 'ie -.-en any time durlna the day For partic :lari in of it I. HaI. LOO, M H mad way. fl?T O PER MONTtl.-Til LET. To A - Al iliN i'KK ipj m family, a p.eaatnt Eeaideuce in V> I i mis'i ir#, u taliiina Rldgewood water, r*.< and kiiobeu all u one tl . .r. Cms three rents Mi bea nful apartm o A Inquire at 1S2 Urand aire*', Williamsburg. ~~ ~ dh v ooom, 4c.. At the new retail ? tore, irl Broadway, Opposite the Metriq .,_n 11 ,tei. Opening if JT.W PALL <?<X1DB AT KSTalL. We beg In Aon mee ir pat-. na. and ladies *,?ung tb# citj.that w? are now Ad 'be sen aove. a o PARIS DREfg loons, K.V BROIDERIES, LA'"PL MA V TILL AS, AC. BALMORAL 8K:RTS'I-' LARGE 'AR ETT. . aiao. A new mak* ,.f PRKN.-H KID (lf.1V -~S, Made eipremly f"r u?. tnd said to be be be*' re ? er -f ferej fa tbla country. VDT' TIP f AMBERT A CO. AT OIK HALT Till PRT 'L F IMPORTATION, FR " ! auction, *.v"k,?) worth of fkks> ii PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW S'TADEB, AC Flna Satin Pacer. 12 rent* i sr roll; tins a >M Paner. 3<l cents 900 CANAL tT&Ut. TO ALL DAT OOODfl AT MlAlU A*NOU>. CONNTABL1 CO. WTLL Ontl* ON MCNDAT, KUOUXT /J. A fholeo mootMbom of the Aburo gonilt, > ifc? rf TEE LATENT NOV CM: UN IN TLX A, OTTOMANM, VrLOUNA. rOPLINA, If. DKLA^fMP, HENINON. CAM3NKH?A, CAUCOHP. RIAL LACM, FRAP II R*HRO!DKRrEN, Nr.. Ar Tfce ottrcUoN of nrar|?ri mc*:*4 10 thl? Afi??i CANAL ATRCTT r ;m#,r if M?r?w_ Ghanii expomtiow At r?U 1, of rich rall p;i.k ailRNK JlKlDS RF.4LLA' AS AND RMBK'HORRJM, AH t?i ?, M A HT1I.T.4- A^tl <*T "? ASfUUROKP. P I*!.: MA. Ott.AlNKM, A- ?.. OB 4i|? /7 A. f. MBW.ART A O. >*EW ? AtrUTA, FOR FALL TR 4 MR, \T R MV. *T> I pr. * (I o.l? * ? Ma '? ?. ?' f -V ' ,i t?ly. ?iv1 ?t nnlfmn r1~'? Vol?*t at, :r?nr> fl ;4 > II . TmmUj d r>t? -1 , loll. Hi "aaV 'i , I'll J7H; 1 hr?? Pip fo fk. ) II 10, Aip?i I (1 to : ? ; Pino Iu*rAln Ho., All Nonl, ?* . e? ? ?- . t.'.mx ?ir,' U o A'd wool. Mr In S? Vrn*tiAii? aJ *ul-Jk*AOii vJL'?i. OOololhA, tati ioa a 'life* it* aro <r*ll l? ? n?J tt' .rtb It . rv?.r * aA. ?iAtr R'?J?. 1 4 to l< 4 Or-*?* T?M? ;-1 I Ivto tVvrrA. H?*tinfA, An URti K. L 1! t Afl. I7J t'a il Atmri, Ar'vh'lo SI Ho*r*r' *"**', b*-?on Pi f""t; ul Eire i^ii.R rmi-VETs. ARNOLD, oONSlAiltJt A, O. ilA>? kildrd 10 Itr.r ? ;! 4??urt*.| ? . A AO A. * k ') Jm'ft 'tr povteUoN of 1 T''.?s AND ORR?AN All K VtLVRtN, WtA %JI ft. ? r?w v! ? - r * <f?. Wj?h-A '.h?jr n?Ji ?f j*w?il / >0? ni?rM> i i a. tin *+r niu?r? n ln*r? .r.| 'raaaf a*?f?. yy HtlUWAi.l I>KI?A?lMENr. LORD * 1 ATLCR, ?C) la *T .1 Inn* x tnlr ww m i if ' ML.. ral * am Tomh. **3ind ng <??.? *aJ and W r aw M ARt^lUS AMD AM "Ai- , ft 'OA -4 ?tnj <:?* r'rt 'A. wLrti J?T mw rMrrtng ?C "B Bgl/;W Rr ?t?LA* FWBM ?? j U'< ALT* > n Dr.-FD TO us i rar! n? n? ?!?'? :r>.m U?rm. prat;?nj ainmt*: I l?V?f m?. r r nr-. n p h a*i* m - in * Aft) -Uja ai Mt.'tKM \ -? ' ?.?!? ). Mat i.K af.A r?t to ?m ,a?.f? Mora. i. _ __ | rrm f>*r.r. Anrat and *kspr tahi k br" kak-i t oohil octed, us?y le p i "h\?ed for a sui Jl a un a* the pr" orator .? eoticrroej n m.oU .eg bak.ahae ..nd .t.not alien! : > btth. Apply as the CbhUiaui aquare Par Bo*. A RARE CHAWCt-rOK 'A!.E, ' SK op THE largegt and htet located PI. gr..;l i>i ?i -i H mor?, Aid., with or vtilboa: inrirutii'."v frimiii *'?? ! For varuiA, Ao.. add raoe w i? P , i" .'tlin rv Aid "it Olf.CO . An oi p br<>' vari rr on ioin I -r n.p heap N - ( eon need atip ? '' it ?> ?.' or Kit*! i..?h. Au.jf?? H-iuhrr, litu ltd .! ta 4 t' v. Boot and bbok stork, in a wcoo i/? 'ation, mul low dou g i good b'taliiega; a a""*! c i?'->iu fade i* i already ealas'tahril; the at..jk w "u alt and rati he h ingbt i Cheap t rest vorj low. Apply ui the nwra, ?i6 Uudauc ?ue<.l , Bakfrt r(>r ha1k-1nthr tks't: wak ? si a to i uwe >eax?'leaae. rent iree A g , i. 4L ? for a Jeru:tu I wRh a ainul p v. , c B. 11 ,vta ,k . , n . s,. et.ti?s itreet, uppuaiie Uir 1 ark. Dining kv! ws, bar an'' i;n, moi'-pf ir sale.?Isaig lease, rem reavv ni- o ? v . , ,i B700 to ?9i.O . ?r ?nk . ,-ll WKS * No. 4Choire-,r, . , v.. sb, j.,,;,. FOR BALK-TBE LEAKE tiK fHRhtl YK.vRS AND fist .res f.. dee Mnr", u j . ... .. ,gb hood, where u good b, lues* >0 ,1(1 re dune. In re ,u u,e i premises370 1 daon s'reet, or at .00 tr>-u . '..-v., here 1 setisf.clory reasons wljl tr j ven for .1 ipo, ,ig of t?. FOR BALE- A PIIOTO IRANH OALT.ERY, WIT;, everjO-'UK c tor cvrr,iug o., all t -ceh< Vtnrnine sr. ?c: idtng A " ?! 4 4 sod , ?t/e.. cv.u.erss. tji3. Cost more thin do aide the mooej. Apply eklhtl it?n siren, northeast .:orner of the Bowery. For sale-fdr half its valce, took. Fixtures and Irve of Ij por ud Oyster (it.; ju,In ? good locate n dow n town, as the o.vuer leaves the itj. Atp.y ui 0 THORN Jftl Greenwich street, cot or r Murrey. FOR PA1 B-I.V BROOKLYN, THE LEASE KTO K WD Fliturw of th? But' em <!? > , So. 30 Mlji doing h good business. For particulars apply to '.be rroprletor. TDOR HAt.E-THE STOCK AND FIJCTI'REH Op a milk P and B .tter Depot. retailing at present H.TI quarts per da?. a f joti Btend for a rrocery if lli" i-srties wish to extend the It..emeus. Apply at Itil Esrt Twenty it'lb street. tj*OB BALE?FIX STORE DORTERS, A.-' OOOS AH r new, suitable 'or tlothiotf or dry goods; one tin sbow ?', also >i grrp Writing I>e?K. Vhe above will :? - Id for one half their vaiue If applied lor Immedi-'.ely st ii7 Green wifh street. F30R RALE?1MB stock AND FIXTURE* on \ wbriesale ard reta.i t.i |ii?r Ktnre located on n - wt thu rotyh'sre, with tlve yeara'li see. App.y -'.HO Wet: Twentyfourth s reet., f ir two days. IfOR BALK?TBI LEASE AND FIXTURES OK A FIRST 1 olssa lii] i' r so n The store is ii;'ed up in the iiest HI ner, the house Is f It in modern etvle, w ith both water and gna tutu*e?, there Is ?n unexpired ease Of premises for four yearn. The Mice will be let furnished or nnf .rntahe '; Is now Juinu a good wisincse, and aatialactory reums will ne given for selling by applying u tbe premises t I'lTER HYNKH, Myrtle avenue, corner of Urabam street, Brooklyn. For balb-a dinino and billiard saloon, now doing the beet business In the Twentieth ward, situ atrd at the teratoma of one of the Broadway stage lines. The | ow ner cen be teen from 1J to 3 o olock, At 383 Ninth avenue, 1 or 63 Orlandt street EfOR HAL* f'TIBAI'?A HMALL FARM, 14 ACRBH, IN A 1 ec ml stair f cultivation; a variety ot bearing i'ruit trees, good Dwelling Hf use and Outbuildings; will he sold with or without the crop*. Situated within a mi e of Utoksvllla, Lon< 1 1*1 ind Rai'rr ad, and twenty five m'les f mm this city. F' rther j jit inr..Hon at Wl cherry street or "7 Oliver street, . irner j tt ore. For sale?the stock and fixtcreh of a lin-s"sh letng and HU ?str...ti a fib p, ,n a good orat on, | and d .ing i ipxxl cash but'uess. Inq iire at 2?i West Twenty : siith street, betw een Ninth .aid Team avett tea. FOR SALF.-A I.AROE Family (IROL,E'".V hTORE, elepastly fitted op, bss a first c'nta st'Xik of jpt i 1a. b i-jea, wagons. An . ard a loop le;>e Wl'l he atfil'-w fr.'ish or approved paper, or exchanged f< r pr al tctire phipe. v. Apply Between H and t o'clook, a' b rtoer m ?-r - > g- is'yrr For sate-the lease, hto. f a.v . btxtmpes of a vary desirable ooraar saloon low n. well fitted up : and doing ngvwt buMness, eufl! lent re?a ? for selling, in quire at No. i CortlAnlt atrset, Art; uOjT ir m lir iadway. Intseinett. Fanct fiqeonr-a large lot of FANi y ri geena, coin ist.og of fan tails, Ac., for aula. Inquire at . No. 1 liaiiii.tjii even Brooklyn. ' P tula DEI 1 HIA UO^fiE YET FOR S4I.B-i IHi' ahh, ! LUW; for trade, $4 LOU; the h'tel me Bfi.'IOO for for uivbing and fitting ip, Apply to E. l. TVOKRIt, 133 and 135 1 Fi'into -treet, WdUamshurg Ahoy 14 years >ld, ia Walter; i one 18 jrnr? ok), for billiard room | GHUCKKY AND LIqt'OB STORR FOB SAI.R OQSAP. Must be Hid fce'ore Thursday on ae- -f .the'h .si Lets Oood stand. Low rent Apply a: .41 Weal Eighteenth itr??'' PROFESSIONAL-A LAWYER OF SIX YEARS' J'R \r tica, desires, on account of hi* health, to ilwo *e I his fc isireva, be bu a lint- a til1 i iffieaa a fair hrsuem aid "la pood olass, with some heavy aiila; bit <s a piod cbtace for any lawyer deairlas f > establish himself !n S^w York. Ad : dree* Wa I street C M.rr. STEAM ENH1NES AKP ROTI.RRR FOR"ALB TIE. VPThe arceststock and cre..utit variety of new and second hand Hollers In Ui" city , also S'eatn r..m two to a bunur-d horse power. iaMKS WYt.lK, d5 Oaoae.ocrt street, bet veen Oreenwlch ai-d Washinp'.-'B streets. KUith aver, ib ( .rs p.ter the door. I Steam f.n .inks and for h.vlr i nk ho hen* powrr, one 18. one lf>, meld, > 0, <a? 4, with Coders. 1 be above w U be sold .-heap. Iriulru *t SJB A est , str?e?. OTOv.'K, FIXTURES ANTM BASE OF \ FAN Y lO'H O and r v v iw roe aa>, ..ted M . . L'rwadwsy. in q tire on the prem ises /jn who, RfY TH:: ST K AN.) IT ; ties .?F vl"'v ;.n Oys.-rand I'inlnp n. n o- |, g a <* ?) I and pr .liable tn;4.nes?, w ith fo .r y js' r .se The .?>n r vdi rc the t < pHet * la ell fed : c ,o o.iuaja. A. p / at | ShO biitb avso i*. Qilnfl WILL BUY A E NKT.Y TTCD Oi' R m ire. 1m .. a r> I1 dn I y. corner of Twenty i.e.rib street and avenoe A, pp > e irsen tot ferry ifa tory r nance f -u : ar ae. ! ,a | the premiaea. ?1/Irt?1'iWROM w :H rhf- AMC>T VT< AN VT\/l/. l uj a i h 1 .01 w lb . w.r..i ?. ). .i ^ warr?n)".l to ray to per te>k 'ei.r Eor pai ic . t .lip'/ Ih per* m at lid Orchard street f r t? nays. uwt atd Pori vd. """ _ ~ F*. i ni>? round about indian hiph 1. "rfen wlch, connecticut, a Pocketbook, n- lud ^a n of '.Hey. The owner can hare the Sboie on pruvlnp property by inq '-rnp if George tjnalriiaa US Broome str et. choird-or frii) tt, thkr.tii inst., v r t'le }i R. P lent Railroad depot, .rum if Tr s'ree ao Fcurth a.t n te, a P >rt- m vntaie, < >ota n m, m of n u?j. I the owner cao h*. the s ? by i"t 'y r,;- at 'L iat lb j tint street. LOST?OK FRIDAT RVRKINO. A .?*NF HO"K MR longing t"> 'be Harriot, of th R,seeker #tr?-t r.v era Hank. Anv pera.ti rat rmag tha asote to tr. fash >- t.Ni, , 10 laoth area a, w e- a the tb.m.ha . the wn-r. who ta | a poor ma:. . LOOT?Ojt FaTC A"/. AtJOCOT :j, TM TRWT-i ???T : or HJjtb ???'?. ft iid) ..ft. lt:ftt4tpo, imtft ? .i( I t?rn?t?, Wilb link* In Ihe back. Any pernor. t dlnn It wl I I p? ruilftily rewiirded hjr?:.rnl:ft . to ieortft v .0 I Put-bin p'Afft. IOIT OS SUKOAT. MTH IN8T, ON BROADWAY, 1 J A?tur l*L? * II"UI ftnd FutrA ft rem. a P ?be, L ...k, . ii aiOK ft ?.Ae f r w h- iriler i! Or nr..L? KuIllTftn. IS'.' In blllft. ft few laHViAnn, A* Tt? I finder trUl bft llberAily rMrnraed by ]e?r jt . * ih rr),? I t alllTftn, Mo. Jfi <Vu"b ' T OAT ?A rr.RTTHr\Tt ov Tin; jfKCOAX r a*t> ! L Itfti.k, ?.x '/W, t.yi.ble to :b? ir.Ier of Moorcn rMtftfAMv. Ttr Csilu will bft liberally re to mled by |e? >.? it tt tbft Uftok. Lr?T?nn Brvnw ac?;rgr ;19, iv dp b :rai *?: ? church. Ttrer.ty i rit ktree an itlfiftl r-ned ,vr.| M . I ftftlc 8riw b tftbo riluft U> ai.y b it lie 0*1 -r. TL? udet wtil ; receive ft librrftl reward by |e?e1nt 1 lt?i W- r sr-?ntb ' Wrtet. | I "I OeT? ON FRIDAY. JiTH. OH II.'f. K". It. or i .IK I 1J iAtog Inlftti I Rftlli ..Smith !er. r it e. ? r re-- ?.. . i In lb ii rn ift 5?r?, ?n old r?*b. T"0 biiH Hrctt live inn < ' I cf ftol I rhftln ftUftohul to ft c'.ftftp with An ft reth t tm .r libit IlieflE'ter will be tmtet ;j ie ?rled !? 1114 ,h | aninr .n tbe a*i- H vtn H Rabuft, 77 "o th ?r? BEWARM. OOil KB* t H?? ?I.'?~T o.V WIUfF i.'tT, If. ' ?t . * . ii W?- \ -tit Ii 'i I ft"I n'o h* r t nvrrftM ftnd Key Mlm-h -d. A* tbft ntrtftfti' .ea It ?ery tnrh. wtil *i?ft tre *k.?ve re-i ibt he Ruder * b . - >M / ; ' Ml . ?' ?, hy l? :#7 * -? Iw-oiyftr nd ?' ?m. | I ? AM HO AT ?. Day BOAT FOR WK.<r rolMT. t.w. .? bi.rt, MuU? ftftil l'u i*h?r "p*'" -Thft i^teVn tl.'lit 111 :?* ? J?y ?tr?r't'rr (ktlly -'AM u r.'i ttTh? Jtlb ftlrftftt. ftnd *' rouit11- . ti? ti I f. M lrt? 1 ? ?r .|thkr*t"ftf> *1 J P. M rr .'i'Jnft V> 'Aft yfti ft.?) P. M Pftftftri(t?ni for Albftny, Tr nr. K*r?l rr ftny rn _ < run ITftftft i-iTft OCBftTUdtLft ft! Pi- Ifhktri * r. ft* r*. : rrt ffftft. CKRRY TO HRT IM.AVO APD F'.RT TftA.lT V r T'f IfAl Bni 'P trill r diul n Ami*fttrftftt ! J'4, IJ'4 aad S'l. ft. In* it - r , . ' J ml i'?. p>r P" ft Porth r ttr ? . Al, J ftbd ft. phi * wm J t?t, 2A ?i 'ft. nvtrim imv 1. it m t . 1 1 ms PCQfLraT:** r ? . .. XH.W WORLD 4HD ISA* h K: . owrxu FUHTtjgi .v rj : POfllTlVLLT ./I. lit II WH1 ?*s 1 ' A!b*ny !> nr' r* f*. n, ?,? ? .- % ' rut i*4 ? t. J" I' M. NuTwnHAtnniRo t?.p. wt-r kxk> r *r nw? of tbide wtOM obj?;l It 10 Ji.ortlb* * bj ??. of I Tmr. All pftraon* ??(I . ma , t??? * 1 u r. t > t l*n?,?nd orr! Ine tb-?* a? *n? . ir* m ' * ? lo tvrt and thrm in *?itoie, I ewwl*? jwU k??i> vt?, Will * I Mill ff?? O N# t P* ? t . * w. Hit >t;nr. Ae?o' ? I .)? , 4JF>TIirKV. ARTTViJAL hex. FlLURJ rj-R nf-.-ATRD TK.>. i, p jl Id wbi't ? t, Hr'.mr q i pf'V * aid t * 0 a0t>. wAirr W?lA ?? IT ? I on >M ai.pj ,tt V .or* lift r>?? t*l?r I m fr-agiw+i. *orr<? r Thtm '.? r#i4 .'AMkW KICAlU- >X. 1 ft. '0m. "*r i Ttll HJtT, JfetJOinttY, OPFOUTR rl. T l?U r, I ' ?pt? llattaof r?" > ->n .i. ?f .'? t , 1.1, puuiHk. |.t? Artifr <? v?m p.:,. .i mhim f *C "* (?; 4 d >J \# Wi II luik.oc* . t" * ?o ? ?ri4rH*it*'i. Ln-'Kwrri,mraiuaTRDU,i?mii-r m? , P*TD TT* I vi J*1 *rdi Tw*t..^ o' .wb*u*? *?r diund ??; i ??u> ?t?i n. Nh iRi?br?? ? 'in ?. PT.NT 'i *o. 'jM'utn . (W|, lit iA v? W7 F . vo t. Mr ki'jrti n Wf*. f i I or p?rU?l 'it ~f T'?'? > Jt?ir 'tip" ?d ? vrvr L'Ute, t lb <n m ?*. .1 g lb* r > t? n ?4t Jr. 4 ? fc?r-i* r i-t+r fl?' r d Mb l'? ; i.O'u-1 ? !* if,1 * o?? r iA. ?. i?? II. ft?!' !..*] *nh r?4d, II,q 4?rt? ? fit?? 0 Jl Wem w r*? J- *rt>%rl*4 wI'Jm i rv? 1* ><-t?. 3 r.r* or Rgi r.^trx y. A i. ah uk ftu'htkv kluka am? * <% " "?'>Ol?S Al?> a v ":>i i' A ao r r'ruut I roperty, r> k -ai.k, a* PTn*b"Mf U i la or.Vr 'prime lh>- e .tr . I - I .I" reman 'h? ernlor partner of tH? iii? * ' ?M rnf rhlnh" 1 ti > je*m<- I'ech A Co . ur.d "I leiimc Pmi A on >11 thv I^^Ke I village of Mn.Mnf, 1, I.), the Morn end wrfh vho ! fork of (Juode cotinauiiK of 1 'rr tlooda. <lr eerl ?. Croni. eey, i Ii..rlv?mn- .i .tlko the OuUlde lioeiiiema o' 1 he hum Into fruit, i niprmlug l.umher md iiuililin < Vat?ri:tle to ail of ita tarlone loan. lira. iml, Wood. li'lct Lune, Ac, ore now t?re,l for eele either nen-irately or In aomiectloii. on the moat a>lvaiiUraoi.K in ma. To * party deairoua of oonmeaciag the mercantile hu'tneae ILia ia an oppo-lunltf proaeuted rare'v with Wi ll the above ia alao ottered fur male about SOU fett of t> il muet valuable watkr kh'-urr and r?^?k propkktt, Im-a'.rd ia Clinton .venue, with all the improvement# thereon. Th" vn'ne of lhl? pr. iirrlv for mam kaitl ilinu ok bi'sinkhs pl'ri?ohk.s Ie in- h ihat the I icaiiuo of it la only ue. eaaary t. be aeen to bn fully appreciated Vt ith Ihi greul farlliiiea, of alraoat hourly rammonli-atlna with the t , of a a ram ferry to the property, lo full o jar* nor. ami aito of a railroad, otvra it ao import vooe w rthy the atieniion of Ciipllalia'a and loialnraa men Apply to ISAAC rlCK S IO.TI. FiC.iovi T.a.ypiMJ, Auir'it 27 1*60 A neatly t.iL.heft, basement brick hiving mui'li iraa anif v .ter, I rice II 260. AJui a brick Hdum rnr f'.tJUU, with ail nmd<-rij ci inform. Aiao a comer Residence, nujuiH cut in aij i*. price tlU.iM). Tcrma eiuy. Apply at 79 Jeraey ivfniui AriNK PaHM, H4NH80MKLY I.OCATKD, WTTU truiuot nil ktudn r>ear and ?* >* of ac'hhi to tha city 1 f'tr t .ii h<?,uje, baron. Ac. In | .ire o 1 (J. W. I --- K> 1 No 6 Tr> on row, room 9. 1 jVl'STRV comnwi rARMS and HUII.DIMO SlTltK. ' kiu'sand prices, near .hi' city, at bargaina. Inquire, " ' '* ica'cr co inly Real Kaiale kxcuiuige, CO. i Tryoo row, roctn N n. y. /ikNTRAt. PARK i.OT FOR 8A1.Y SI'iHT OB TEN \J l.ota west oi tin- Park. l> in <j in a holy. Pri c *1.600 per it. \i?".hiowii ne House "n l'hlr..eth vtreci, pels eel. fourth nod .MadUu. .vi u .es, ?11.600 klNMiIMKR ,v tiO., hi Fo'irthavtsuk For 8 alu?1,00 4ti<>ns for C< luntry rb8t itcncra. In the count* iif Wcatcheatcr, about four tr.ilme trotu lie Central Park, via the Oclral Park ItrMge, at the alii'of Maivtnb'c Ham. Harlem river, and al?>ut tUic? quar a mils north f tbe High Bridge, In quantities to gnit purchasers. frun luree U) twenty vena, auJ 10 val ie f?nm *1 COO hi $3 000 per acre, in a neighborh khI already es'.ibllah 0 an one of Hie licet 111 the eitv of New York, which a. I aecure It from nuisancer. Aleo in aald county bv ihe yame proprietor aeventeen miiea from the Central Park, parcel* varying in size fmni 10 to AO acres. and in value 'rum MM to HOu p, > cie; neighborhood ai it aurrnunilir.i'a an shove dcv r Vt InI 'modioli cao he had by applyLg to ANDHKW t'lNlil.AY. M'J Pearl Street, or ot be proprietor, LKWId (1 MORRIS, Mount I'ordhani. Westchester county, and at 'i her place maps may lie seen and appointments mate to view the premise-, V ine if tl.e ?h,r.c property wilt be aold unices the party pur < baaing intcnda to bulkl for occupation. Terms easy. For balk or exchange?for a snall placb ort-arinnn he lludaon river, and not above Tarry town, a tirat claa* Houre in Rmoklv n well rented, paying tru per cent, near trr ieaand cam, with evary eouvenieuce, or w luld i rehsre if i heap Avhlreae, with price, terma, Ac., Morgan to: 162 hejall office. warm or corntry pkAT wastkd.-i WANT a r .'.at Katiu or Cuuuiry S**at near New York, .or wtn, li I want to pvy in a mortgage on the place for a part, and for the other part e yond manufartui tng itock Call at 'he I ihn<u Houae, on < In l ibera atreet, rumn 8H, between the hours of 11 A. M. and 2 1'. M. For rai IC? a braitiki L I vhjntr* ae*io*n' cumin ug of 22 acrea tac t. In a high at tie nt culture-, one l.-rge ' ibli Mouse and one ue C page Bints, ttabln. nil out h.i sll It. ,*>.< a m.Utl.m- .tsvl fruit lit ah ...;i.-, .>o ft wau (tract, jc. y. 1 > ARK i HAWK ?f<>R KAI.K, IW PfLTOR A VERt'P J? Ilm*Ivn, lo r!n? a r?iw?ni, l?nlirw my bflfl Hoiar* and T <*a, a I*ran naft of the m<*ry ran remain #*r yearn, Ike Corner atom baa been erupted th? I art all year* m a Oenaan *io<?ry Apply in fuMKR A Id li'RK, Ho. 4 Hauda airrrt. onrnrr of Fnltno WARTKD?RI.OOO AI'RKR TKXAR LAID*. IRfnil tka Rraana ami Trinity rt?rra. Parana* owalna y.rl aitn laada wlahlu* to aall plnaae arml dearrlpUon if Lan>1 hat county la and abatrarl of UUaa, u. II Piatt (tract, aara at RickanU A PWary, oraddraaa and I vtU oaU na ibrm JAR. UUITRRHl TXrARTED? IR IXi'HAWOF FOR t.ARDM IN ILLIROIR. ?? l"*? and Riaaonrt, K ?4a Rhnaa, I lata. Dry Ouoda flneerlea, Hardware, Morale* and ''arrtayar, for the XoiTt market. Alan, i-asl* la Mlaneaol* In aiehaoyn fur Rnuka Priotnf MrterUla. Dniaa. Ar CHICK KNINT A <T?, Hea! Relate and Uearral tfenrr. Id WaJ atran. If T. txtantkd?tonxtr aron mmris monbv and ft red barm of SOI acre* In (lenete- mafy, S-w Tor* wl'.h inrye and bolldln** orrhurd* .t , and within our tile a Rod l?nln? and two ral'r ula for a atm-K of freak gouda Addi ?* bni 117 R?? beater S. V. ThR TWO f?T*-VriT HP ROt.D-OR A HO ?T?Jt/iy tttte'i Burner, nrar lii? depot on the Har >m Rail road at frrmnnt a bargain. Alan, a II ?ar, Itarn and two arrra Pner ?l 8*4*. In-intf at R" a Trjoo rowr, re? Wo.?. fl?7 lllWI -FO,t "H*AP, A LARUR, FIRST V I 'A/. ci.i*a lltfrl, in complete >Td?r. we,| r.-abliah'-t nd u t iocMful operation. b? i itifnll* aitualad on iha ortb auS-of I,<<ng latent fifty nuira iraw Hew l ak 'lied hath li-.p, . akinr. A* C A HL'H' K. Ho S f*|ty Hail plane r. wrier of Chaiabera atra-t. ''" f'API. XTEWJIORK AND IURI.PW RAILROAD. 1\ PAHK TO AI.IIANV n 'Hi and afler R-ciday, Jon# li, l*8i iralna will Mac* Twwa ty at nh ?feet at* Hon. Hew Vorh. it* follow ? ? For R d lamaorl tge anl all way aUUona lit II A R and V I' M. Fr r WhHe Plata* and all waj Rukiait i JU, t and P V It For White Flat-* and all ?i- nation*. it. ma* Whttr crecA depot. For Oruoo Falln low* Twenty ali'A (track dr.'*. B 15 A. M. (topping at VAiiitama rrldge aa I *taUoaa kb rp. I nr Ikovnr I'laina I rota t wetny aitk *ceet depot, t JL? P * . aknp.ilnK at Wklte Plalea and (taPon* kl. rrn hi* train r .0* to M linruw, every Saturday raolngi Pur A.tuny frnaa tan'j Milk atrnrt depot. 10 18 A. M . atpreaa m . I train t/tpilnc at * fell* rutin*. Rtdt>?*. tropin Pali* *n?l lUiin* tntlk RKTCRWIWOWlli I*?t# WiniuW rtdr* ft-ppln* *1 *11 w?f < .t."*a. ?o. f \ V ?rd I I' W Whllr ItAln* *ntrplft* M til ftj < Alton* ? .n1 7 A ? , ? l#M.d 7 r. M Iftrtttr l*i?ta*. ? .;.p n* *1 *11 *t?u<iti? oft* I* rirtlbitm, * A ? tin* tr%tn Iftrp* ?.|)f rvw rv?rt ' ffl*} mornio* *1 ? M ) tVAnn Kali* A y JR. atinptfta u JJ?V>UdM north * 7?pIii?i? Albany, I A. M , (Viplna *t it I'.ttnf ?nrth of ?M4* I'IaIml Jul*N HUH'HIIX, A?Iftftnl Bup?rttf ail**! NFW TORR Ann HARt.rM R in.ftOAD-*y?MEa *r-*n*mtfn?? f w j)la**r.-r tr?r*l -Train* If *t?t f*r*nt> ?lit> CM nation at/nUnnm ? In II A. R -R?pr~*i fr? /|. t j. Troy Kami..**. HI %r-*t nprtnr* Nla?ar* 1*1.*. UK* l^kirii Hpnn** and !*k? ??l. .pv f mnffMna ** Alhar. fit* ?*w Ynrht**Lr*J Kal i row* for *W - "prni-n. T u* F*ll* aril *11 plow* * *? . *1*. ?ri*h Int'nt n>r *mi to..* antl *>i p. ,ut? Aordt SUA M - for <>*.n rm ca. ft Un| ?t iloMfi.'* Prld*r ttuh w?*r. for l.??f ?af*? ?rv *1 "prt?n Pall* with MA|*? lor l,?*n H*?ra? 4 ?'I R ? Par l*>r#r rixin* fttnttf. hi.r ai it i .ten * Kntlnn trtl? ?Ap?* I T 1 H*f ? ?ro*b*o and *1 t fArVm Pal * wit. wrrr* firw | 14 n?TW Hr*iH71J. tfifOwt *M?-f1t,u-?f4??t H KTf'IIM JK WKLJt V V'lf, ??!,*_* ri**T ' i.aha n.\t\ n *irr? / r tl'tff*. /fflff ft* ?p I .lfd In Ikf n> ?t ffft'TAl pwrttoa of t? r. i ! R.ot'f. mrrr A'? T>+ fair ?-l? 'n attu or #"i hAfinr m*f ? " rarrr it on a* jrfrfH. mr rafaAWif la a K Ihlf . If >U1* MtJttfwt'hf ? An II f -.At raraiy * ?H*_ r? pvh n,~? .ftft.fn if i Ha AIX? J WlUWW/? ?*M?t> !**?. r?od fencea, ho., aitualed <> !? m*le front the Hath It- 'el, no the road to t luthnah, I. 1. A Urr port of th- utr bane mi? ey con remain no boo' on1 inorV"*e for a term < ? i-cra Inquire nf II. P. I.KaKK, I ,rm? alreat, H V all) WaRI) IIaUAN, on the prembea I^OR BALE (BO.Oa Mini ; LANDS, W* L0 1 ated n rniintica wall fettled. i M b: -o and W > nun, for ?ale, or would rirbauir lor in. n biimwi ? d p?? port roob. Addirs* J. J. 11., Herald ott. e. Ail comuiua ..lions ?! otly eoniidan u). Farm wanted-or not lens than ririv a?-kkh. with rtecaaairy Bull lint;*. Ac., within about thi-tr on a, n' New Jork. Addrraa. with real noma. muting In 1 parti.,nail ond boot ir.rmH E. L, Hvrold office, for ore ?t ;k IjkOR KWHANOK IN HEALTHY softtd.'.RN 1ihmk I1 acta II itel completely I .muhe.t. ttrii? h-iWiIJiimi fool Ntable or Hern; ulan flue dranury .ud 160*? -oci and iirni the town, all clear of lucumlieriin e, ? tin" . ipf ty Ibe owner having rejoined health won! i ?Tch?r*?(. i property in tbr Hate of New York or New Jer?ej, va....d at M.UUJ. Addreait K. K. O., box 177 Uetnld office FOR HAL*?ON MURRAY HILL, TH* FIRST rf.AHF four abiry brown otona triad Uottaee. with both atoope, I Nne 76 ot,d 77 Thirty fourth atreet, near Fourth arriogk.' A | hr.mea are built on au entirely new and Improyad plafyhnnn* three rooma deep, replete with all the modern ln>| rnAHai t?r ' bttflt by dojr'o work; hardwood doore and black vralnut atair* | Termitokult ptuchawra. Apply to MATTHEW HVHNK.J, i on I be premiere. Thirty fourth atreet la a una hundred foot I etlrrl F[*or hai.r-a valuable fruit and oaffiden ' Farm, tuated In Ro Aland count*, N. Y., on# aJm from the upjet 1'iermont ataiiou on the Northern Italic .id, N. J , tx i taruio: forty acre#, with abundance of ch eea fruit a ui | r<?*5 bulldinya. water brought fnan a spring l i Uie oouaa and 1 barn. Price Li,OKI. Terma of pavmrnt ealy Korpnr.l.ui , lara inuuire ol N. t KYMOV R, 30 P'nr atreet N Y. ITJW>R SA1.R-A THRKR STORY, T'MH RTOOP BRJ' K P brown rtnne haeimant Hdiui>, with errry n> lirn Im i provrnian', tn perfect order, i??r llanaon pl? ilronklrn. In. ml li? wilj immediately end wit. "it ranftl to ooat; U IMP Cint rrrviln. Aleo * Farm ol UK) aerea In Kaatern New York , pi a .rbaiuta for an erln'-brln- l roarrentlle bualttoae in the city I Ai!d?e?a P. B. Rillterna Herald oil,on. riR HAI.R?AT A SArpirirg. OK WJM. THAPK FOR city Propetty, a baautful t'junlrv Baal anda. < Km <>? I Omtiril. 5', m'Vw from the famv. Pnwulan tmii>?dUn It I If required. For further partlrnlara lu'iulreof HUliillrl 4 | rNnKKHIIX, .'.77 Fulton elreet. Ilrn..kit n. DOR SAI.R?ON I.I KIR AI, Til.VS. A fOl M 4\I? .F arm 1.1 land, beautifully al'tetr1 ,11 the v Ii^ 'nr W-.| ! lawn. Boulb H'n'tt, N I , within throe hundred n. h of ti.? I boraecar railroad. between Jrrwtjf t "I y ..Till Berjon I". nt Tn quir-of WM. ball mu) trcit, J. r*?y tty. hf?OR HAI.R I HKAP-UEBs THAN < t?RT -TWO rl'U l.nU and Apr rouagra on Wr? lhi-ly it: h etro.', Ninth even tie. A lao, two de?irah!e plerae .?f ?tore pr party 'D Wrnt aide o' Ninth arenii" Ale> alb'"' ? y ? nit frt.nt llo i?? or 1 Flliletb street. on ir Kiytib to. A let, on-- & Forty eighth street, near Wth th avr? a. J K HtTt'll. X. >75 Nin h it?u? LXlRSAlE OR HXI'll A.VliK?A PKSI It A lll.rj IIOl'Bh: r with ?ti Lota, at h,f.lrR laiani, within a few am nt Ktaplntm Hrdlnr, and romraandirr a One view over the Nov \>wl pr party of aatla artory dr? rlptlon wtll t>o ut'n In ?i cbanre Apply lo A. K FOSTER k t'O . No. II Pine at <o LtORTAI.RO* EXCHANGE- FfRNISHRD, TI!R IIAM1 F acme re?Hrnoe and mnnwit urn of land, at Ka.irtim I-'. Wrati heater onootv, adjoining the u.wn laudina. Pigciher with the whiilr of tbo Furniture, Plefuran, Pianoforte, HVatk. Caritacca, Ac., if dealred. A fit tumble opportunity lo wnr" en elegant eat-iMbhmem at a low prl~e Piatan.-e from Ne ? A irk tortv l<r '.iiiii ilea by Mew Haven Railroad. Apply lo U HA I.I, W IN, til liberty Mrnet. 11 K'J Ul. A R GOI.n DIOttlNOrt JITT Of KURD. II ilRf.A r IIAK 1AIMA. f toe it th. beat hlorrs and l.e*ae* in llarrlay II oet, marble r u. a i? callar and anb-e Uar aittW F mr hf k llonara and Irya in Oraene airaeL A fiiantry Kan lnnra with twaotr 00a ncreaof land, aaren lam milaa froo- 'ha Cltt Il*|t an 1 a few rale .'roin '.ha liar 1* 11 Hal.i oad d. put, at ill nirllle, where the care paaa alnxat eter V.ur f ha .lay A il . iao an t abonl ha.'' kn acre of tlro'iml at Tram wit, eli'Tro milan Jr m tha ilty llali, ai. l about twaoty ruda from b* *1 road A'fiM.ti '.4a of flaotind on Eirkty Aral atrnet, bet wean II I aud Fo irth 1 all .1 Irk and aea

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