Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1860 Page 5
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< THE PRINCE OF WALES. TIC OUTPOUBIIG Dl MOMTREAL Additional Particulars of Saturday's Celebration. The Prince Reads and Laughs Over the New York Journals. Vogiis Incidents of Our Quadrilateral Cotemporary. I Thomas Darcy HTGee and the Fate of his Speech, Ac., Ac., Ac. Special Despatch loth* IVew Vork Herald. momksai., august 'j6,1160. Tm remarks of the Hbrald 1b regard to the approachtag disturbance between the French and English in Montreal are much commented upon act alternately approve! mad coatradrcted by readouts There seems to be a pensrai feeling among alt classes that the departure of the Prince w4W be the signal for the settlement or the quarrel between the ultra French, English and Irish, whom they Insulted. The !f?h occupied s singular position at drjeuner yesterday. Darcy MoGee, the Irish refugee, was to speak la response to the Grand Trunk Railroad toast, and it was CO anaouncrd in the newspapers, and McGee, it is said, had received and accepted an invitation. The Governor General refused to allow him to speak, and the people re (Solved that no one else should reply. An interesting scone was therefore expected to ensue. As soon as MrOee attempted to rise to speak, the Governor Boners' and Prince withdrew from ihe table. Tills prevented the speeches from being made, und resulted in the Prince leaving as sjou as he gave the toast. The toast was another piece of Cnesse of the Governor General, much disliked by certain parties. The I'rince put Cetadetad the railroad in the same toast, so that none would refuse to drink. It is said that the government avIH pay tbc expenses of the banquet, which was got up In One style by Ilogan, and of tne illumination at the bridge, ia order to relieve the railroad company. The bridge, like the Great Eietern, is very largo, but a pecuniary failure. The friends at the government explain the reason why Hodges, the builder of the bridge, was not knighted to be on account of a strong feeling in the minds of ths Canadian 1 against the bestowal of titles, and especially hereditary titles. Canadians are very democratic, though opposed to aaueaatioo to the I'nltcd Stales. The Mayor w. swmrev w.i; pronaoiy receive mc nonor 01 tinigniuooa, although tire little Mayor of Quebec, who la now bore, will dwt (rom mortification if he oe thus surpissed. Already ftodier's scarlet robe his made bun sick with jealousy. During their passage in the Kingston from Quebec, the Priuce's parly enjoyed themselves wonderfully. They gal up bill twelve singing French songs and uejro mclo diee, eucii ai "Carry me back to Old Virginia"' In primate the party is very affable; tbey address each other, 'air," aad not hy titles. On arrival at Montreal the Prince determined to at.iy on board alt night. The in lefitigable Sanderson, however, discovered that he bad no provisions for dinner. Just as the boat touched the dock Saadeieon landed, fought h s way through the crowd and employed police lorces to bud Clara Vi market; they bad no keys, but got ladders and scaled two story windows end found provisions, snd dinner ?ii p?e; ared. The Priace laogbed heartily at the prospect of starvation. Members of bis suite hare sent despatches to England on fTery possibleoc'.avion, giving full details ol everything that has happened. haodersos took the letter frcin the New York Com miltee to Lord Lyons yesterday. Lyons Immediately seat scsrr'.age for them, and overwhelmed them w.tli attentions; he gave them a place in the royal car, and Witt introduce them to the Prince to morrow. The Prince sod the Duke of Newcastle ray that they are pleased to reoeive Americana of aucb standing, and are delighted with their attentions. The Priace rewla the New York paoert retularly. and taogbs at the remarks about him The Duke of Newcastle it very angry at the misrepresentations and laaccuracies, especially of the Time* The Duke of Newcastle aud the Governor General are both unwell, as well as several of the suite. The Prince drove iucop'itlo through the town last ersntag to see the illummatloo, which, in detail, was very floe. Toe streets were crammed with people; the police made ee>erel arrests of pickpockets. The New York detectives were very active and useful Thwe will be s greet crowd of stranger* at the ball to morrow. The hotels chore* ,be regular price*, but ao room caa be bad at private bouae* let* than three or four dollars a dajr?three in a bed at that. The director* of the Grand Trunk Railroad addreaaed t!i* rrioee yesterday, in I he tunnel, with few apecta tor*, aud ao quietly that but few knew anything about it. It wat impossible to obta.n a copy in time to telegraph it laat night. The addreaa gave a detailed account of tbo work, and thanked the Prince fur coming to Canada t-> complete It. The Prince read the following reply Cue mm?It ia withmmgled feeling* of grat aliou at the duty whith I am called upon to undertake, and in aJBi'.ratiwu of the magnificent spectacle of auroeneful art ence wb.r i it before me, that I proceed to comply wi jfur m v'lai.oo, and in the name Of tbe cpieen to inaugurate a wink as unsurpassed by the grandeur of t^ypt or of Pome a* It is unrivalled by the inventive gi'iipia of these dai not ever active enterprise I regret that the feat man wtuae name it bow durably enrolled in that page o' rny country * hialorv in which ita worthies arc i itcrlbed tus not lived U> ace (ma day. I regret that ill bea'ih p-eventa the prcFeere of another who la'"?red ailh b aa to pla i and execute this r.cst design Bit to them, aud to the tm .ueot firm and itoae eropl >ytd b< th-in id carry 'ng out the worfca, no >aa than to your cn-intry man, who^e rnerjclte xertiona fir-t gave birth to the achemo! wn rb lliia bridge ta the rt raumiradion, the thank" of toe great community *f N'urth America ar* owe Vo r aovrtnga use teatihe i ber ap irmatMa of th- ai-?;ui t'lde and importance of l(ir enterprise hy dupiting roe to come ao fhr to commemorate on th" spot on bar behalf tbe ccmp'e'ioa of a annum-tit of engiaeeeirt; ekill which will h*rcefortb bear brr name sod convey to future generations another proof, in add: t <m to tbe many which exist, of the a ,cc.?a?f ,1 indiutrv of the treat people oommitied by I'rovidenre to bar rule May tb'a cere moor be auspicious to ail concerned. roar tbe railway, sod this bridge, wbicL in its connecting liuk, rva?.? ao the expectati' lis of their prorootera, and con I sue toro. ghoul the great future of Ida pterin ? i source of permanent and ever increasin? prnaiwrity. After de ,* ', tbe Prime-lock a state dinner a? tbe gscat of ton William House, and to day took It.ic'iaaJ di inn' at home uuder purvtj or .-Sandersm/a charge, t tw also tat? care of Lord l.yuteard l>rl ifutgrarr, at 'hSt. law eoc-e Hotel, by tbe k ndi>c?t of the proprietor Tills m>-i i s the Prince wit), suite, atteo let' tb-' lagiieh ( a'hrdral. dretscd in hack lrc<-t icat end hgbt pants and scat. The bouse was crowded No one could ebia,o a t o,tunce fhept by K< ket. Th re was great excite meat It was truly a H range s-ght to see crowd! around rhorrh, w itL icng Gains ol nuns <u th r way to the f'alhohc Tbe metrop< I tan Bishop,Folfni l, presets- i the netmoii. and alluded to the l i ne, in hi? pro, e: fl text was In the ninth chapter of Plr?t Coe!n titans, twraty 0 th verse ?"And every ma" that strives 'or the ma-try is tem|?ra # in all (hinge soar they Jo It go oMan a corr ufrt Ible cruvm. but we are inre>ertiptible " veve-airo er whoa wri. pretrni and took part y |ji fflfrt '10 mroow tba Prince t Ml* I he lud-enr, an I told- a ' mj* .a ?(> > evening a< it r M | wreitrr Rail, ?tw'i,ch the Iiimku O'MCl, It ">rt, I h about a hi.odred Atuer -an* to | There will he a grand ball In the even inf. The Kibgalon atramrr alartaup the rieer m Tueaday eeat, a ith proeiaiooe lor (be etenrelon party. Ibe hail rn ti where the ball ta I" be held waa itc igtK ! aaJ e reel (I by Tlfln, of New York Be wan rtrottfy oppiael at Ural. iM-eauae be tar net an Ami r can. but aow ere< y one *< eeno plena i it Mil'1 Wrotworth, ol rhiracn, I here to confer with Montr- ai mercbanla and take aneh atepa -tber t uk neeeeare to Indnre Ibe Priree to rieit Chlmij.. and th? IIUWoii* rlrer, t hi ok log that the ropreunatatloua of tbt ITi ire wll initio# Britirh rapHalieu to laved in tba ail line road f*"tr Chicago to the PaeiSc, throngh the PlatU Valley, oooaectiaf ai Chicago with the Grand Trunk Rail road R" i.*?r? no aerret o( what be inieoda to eay tt tba Prince f!? aot only warta the Prior# to aatlnfy him aalf, but want* blm and hit auita to tee ibe route. e> thai Cagtand may know what lavealmeut ba oflhru. Goraraor t.eoeral Heath waa raoeirad with nvirke.1 ootaam at the cclebratie* ye terday, and there i a romoi Mvmg tba politician# to day that the Prior# doe* aot like tbe Ooeernnr, tad baa ao lafhrmed hla Ite TV# feei ng JJ^b^abowu to a greater at teat by Ibe people It I'ppet THE UtttT EASTER* HOMEWARD BOCAD. Omr lUliru C#nN|?wU?t?. Haj ir ak, August 18, 1800 Incidents of He* Departure from AVui I'ork?Ifnytukmen Disgusted trit'i the Jape M?y Tr\p? N'Sa; 8kail he Done vouA Ooi?li.s Disappearance in (he Donets of the Skip? The Jhmeter Crossing the Bar?The Ureal Eastern ami Qri-at WtUe-n Side by Sid*?Second Edition gf tke Cape Uvj Vir/age?Improvement (he Second Morning?Iietry Roil of th* Ship?ller Speed?incidents of, the Voyage? The Rig Ship Among the fVJiing Sihooners?Reception at Halifar, itc , <fc. Whatever opinion mi/ be enterta.ned of the threat Ksm-tq, or rather of those who ire responsible for her i management. it nr>st !>e conceded to her credit that she bis not acquired so bid s reputation here for want of piiDCtualit/ as that she etjoys in the Old Country. True to the tine appointed for ber sailing, the great ship got under wij r ber return voyage to S>rope, oo Thursday afternoon, A g st 18 about four o'clock. Whether it was that the men are getting more used to their work, or whether the Trotman anchor felt less disposed than usual to"h?.d on," your correspondent kaoweth not. but one th:rg i* certain, it cam-- up to the bows more readily sud with less clipping of the cable round the capstan than on any previous occasion. ship waa i idlog with her head upstream, aod cou I B<r<|ucuiijr iuo ujiriatiuo ui mining nan 10 oe performed. A powerful slesmtug ru In attendance, b'it Admiral Murphy seemed to think that ber assistant e was not necessary. Strong in the coo fldeuco lie bat acquired by tits somewhat extended manl pulation of the great ship, be proceeded to get ber bead pointed towards the Narrows by the help of ber own mo tiro power, and by a masterly employment of some of tbe csuvasa. As a Quo breeze was blowing fron east south past, as soon as the anchor Mas rairly up to the bows, tbe fore staysail Mas ho,sled and the auip's head canted slowly over towards the Hoboken shore. This brought the wind round by the stern on to the port quarter. Tbe fore staysail was then hauled dowu, tbe digger trysail set, the helm jammed bard aport and tbe arrew backed. Ktve minutes under this skilful management brought her fairly round, (hiring the process her stern came within , one hundred feet of the Adriatic's graceful bows, aa she lay at her dock, anl the mud was so stirred up by tbe rapid rerolut.ons of tbo screw as to give tbe water the consistence of pea soup. There were more people on the docks to witness our departure and more interest shown than we anticipated,considertag the bad odor Into which the ship bas fallen-, but to those who witnessed her progress up the bay,.on ber advent to our shores, tbe parting scene was tame indeed. I.ike a courteous adversary, who acknowledges the presence ef an antagonist worthy of his steel, the Adriatic sainted hor gigantic rival srith two guns, and displayed the Fug lish ensi-iu at her foremast bead. The Kd-inburg flrel two guns at we fairly got headway down the Nerth river, ] a compliment that was re;eated by the Australasias, which lay out In the stream, bound, like ouroeVvee, to the " fast anchored Isle." Replying to these nautical civilities by the discharge of our four long cigbleesa, paddles and screw were set In motioa. aad we began our stalely course towards the broad bosom of the Atlantic. Tbe (maseogera on board tbe ferry boats John Fitch and Peterson wa\ ed an adieu with hats and handkerchief*, and thereby earned the eternal gratitude of an cnthusi aatie Britisher on board. Ths gentleman come out in tbe ship on bis first visit to the United Platen. Tbo very favorable impression of America and the Americans he recoil CO me muiupwu progeria inn* amuny urn to tbe city appears to have ban In no wtae weaicaeed by a tour of ten thousand mllci, from Portland to New Or bans and from New York to Kansas. Dtsfuatad by the { chasg" produced in popular Ceding by the mismanagement of the Cape May axe lira'.on. he grimly suggested hanging the caitiff Cox at the fors yard arm, aa a peace offering to public opinion. The experience of a few hours later would probably have Induced the subscriber to very cordially aupport such a ivopoeitlos aa it was> be confesses, with shame and contrition, that be ead?*vored to deprecate the wrath of the ireful Brltos, by augfestiag that the inability of Mr. Cox to "hasp a hotel" sight be more com parative than absolute. and that he would ahow hie remorse for the suaerlug* of the exeuratontsw by redoubled vigilance 10 secure the comfort of tboae whom the ta'es bad bow placed under hia I charge. He further ventured, with great humility (for i his auditor waa a strong man and of anquesttoaable ferocity), to suggest that the course proposed, in re'a : rence to the miserable Coa, however consonant with the | practice of Kansas or Western Missouri, was a little un suitable to the latitude and longitude we were then in. on account of the extreme jealousy telt by the regular practitioners In that line lo any interference on the part of Judge I ynch. The persuasive eloquence and the powerful i rescuing or your correspondent at length produced their natural effect; hut only that sort of grurabting as sent was yielded that implies rather, inability to refute *n antagonist than conviction of the soundness of his argument While wc were yrl talking, the uuhappy subject ol our conversation came in a most unblushing way. along the dec' near lo us, whereupon our muscular Oteud cinfronted him with so stern and sanguinary an etpr?K sion of routtenaiice that the wretched Oo* (altered.atop ped short and seemed to consider for a moment whether to turn aud (lee from the wrath to come, or to collapse into a promiscuous heap of coals, paiita, boots and huttoos oo the deck before us. Adopting that golden medium, vvbicb the w l inm of ages assures ua to be the best, be sought with trembling baste the shelter of the ne.irost rompan'oo, dived down into the Imarc's of the ship sa l wss seen no more. It is whispered darkly amoo.??t the stew an'- that he took refuge n the forward stoke hole, where he intends to rvmain, until, by the dihgvnl performance nl s fireman's duty an I by the natural warmth of the Situation, he bat -o fir reduced Ills natural obesity aa to be unrtc) gni/able by the |<assengeis. Tbe correctness of tb<s .'tatemrnt cannot be vouched (or, but it is unite certain that from that moment until our arrival in Halifax no one. so lar ao we can learn, has had an opportunity o* inspecting the corrugations in his cast i on counts canoe "Let u* ' no*. however, "return to our muttoe*," m (tiarl.aiagne or aoae other French poet profoundly remark*. I i drr the combined intbieure ot paddlea ani} (crew, a few minute*' r'eeoilog brought ua ahreaat of the Batter} . where a few ulten were cot I reed |o *ee utofl Tbe Contrast between the u urn tier of ipc t atom at this point on the da; of the ah p s arrival ani now wa? striking in tbe extreme. Then, a dense maat of human beings covered Ibe ti t ?-ea ind made tbe welkin ring with their ar etasiattous now, a few people atopped for a minute tv gaze ro'dljr on the great rhip, and then departed on their re vera! ways. While we were paaaiog Ui<- Harriet I me the .Mi riran ensign we carried a* the ma.umaM bead gut l'oul. Io clear it. tbe halyard# were ha led d wo When abo .l halt meat high lb* lag Mew out rtrar, but the rig oai halyard* got faat, and tor a while coi.'d not be dnwtigaged.' The spectacle muet therefore iiaee t?een presented i to lb-"' ahore ol the ata-a and Mr-pr* lieing deliberately 1 ba.h Jill n to bait maat h jb, left to tlont there grandly fir a m lute or two, aid event ally doueed altogether. Net be ngtufJtc'entiy wet! potted in inlernaliotja etiquette I do know the hater.? of the o#<ilt that m>gbt be ?ed fiom turta a jirocrsdiog, but tu tging from the . it- '. - tat' of v..!. nrr; that a inild l-mfcing offc-.-r jot I .nio and fri.m tsi rr ;>hai-it with which be rapped out ao oath aa big <a a cart wheel, it mnat be someth.og I .e'y dreadful, yo1 MTI - lent deem* it bis duty, m the inlerrau of peace aud ao. to stale .feat tbe 1 i <-ocuire*e* wa? purely are:' mtal Ftireuteg the en n itnor of our wt/, nothing ucurre I ' ' until wo wetc with ' a mde if the harrows. Here a lienut.ful yacht roundel to and ??. iited ur with four gun* ?Ig? war :t*' ? * 'gmeut, and Imm ati after the American tf*|at Fort MMWiltM wwa raftar l w tb tnraiy or.c UPcba/er cl o..r ?;gb?e< a pouudee*. Tlie star- and >tr!pe* hi t ie tall ligvlat at the Fort tank Into a -r**a ot mho.' I d apery in >eply, an t be ior* tit I moke of our guu* had well I t me t" me t aw* w? w ?e cutting tbe water* of the lower hit ttid tits'- ij * ? o the H"r*e?hoe Just In ?lCi' of fltr.dy H'*'? two unait tt< mu<r?. the .1 A Steven* ' | stid the li uaspelir k?c -d with en riKitrlt, were i p*er<d. i rom lb* m we got tbe sj' -eati * adieu* Hat* i and C.*n iki reh V * ?tr<-.,, w,| lirsrl; chtrN wi'Uil i t? ne i v ' tbe p ir d -tiffac ?>( th< wafer Their warm > i hearted lar ?t I *** cotn ally icrpou'ed to by e'l nor passenger*. and, with the ?!:idly m*l .in* ex> ted by thi* cire.artaaie in fell ;:ay,wr peewl the end of Sandy H> at pa;,ally uear <i ">jgti in throw abbealt owabore. 1 S? me rgbtom or I went* p< nde wrre ctv g'egnlcd on tb* j beach, who mutt tare e. joyed n rlet* of the t.real iastern under the wet fa.viable circumstance*. Tbey made no ?'*n. however, hut stood motion ene, ! watrh eg oitr pt g*i * .ttt * liad 'atfly crossed tno I bar Whatever Iripdnvn our skilful Palinurwi, tfr Murphy, ir ay bae* i?i wher he g>*t b??'gtit tbe ship oerr that to gbrar t Ph'aderpbia and Ronton editor*-the N?r ? he bar ft bra. e'y over it, and there war a jaunty nock to bis white hat tad ao avt .mo in tlie mo.ii ' in wt'.T'i b" 3imr!?h? ; a l>; telcarope .era-tonally, whfi Saul me'o inent'y than wore* that there war uo d'UI. ?iidy the matter A* a u.alter of form. *nd proba i h'y ?" glrr the uu ft a led notice liial tbe critical rti" me.oi bad arr ,7?d. ordi * w.*r* giren to go 'Half ?t*i<t with pwdd>? and uerew Precisely Itv in note* afterwar tlie rent la>t*rn ?m a d<ep water, and tbe pilot re* M rd charge of feet into the ban da . .f > apt. J Vine I Ilall Tti? bar wn* r* a*e-l about a t P M , aud went a't*r to* mgi'iee were Mopped i Suih '.he g*eat tn'rcraium of tbe abig, and the "anew i rti rh the pavee* through (he water, thai ?h? ran in' nearlr tco mm te* by lier own iropetua. and he ' fur* ?br i f> ! 1tn float';- 'topped *t aa to admit of tb? j>|. * lot* tvat coming aloe 1.1 de. th" paddle* bail to Ih> rt wti**o*l After a oordlai adieu lo the captaia. ottlnara, >M roc ton aeraral ot tbo paaaenBOr* who cam* not in the rhlp, Mr M"rphy. a< campuicd by Mr coll I'.uMol], Jr , aa i one if t? i ounr grntlenun, got aaf'ly into the r cockle ?h<-U, * b !e the band played 'TTa i Columbia," : "The Star rpaagl-l iaa.-i?t" aad ' Vi.M tatigfyne." Ill '? el! .tt oi'r :he bar ?e patted by the aa It j* 1 poc*et (, >%? weatern bong to*ed out For a brief apace the tircat Va>tfi and tt* ( real Weatrra jo??od a'o ija'da of each other aery a-nlra I bly H.a la a 3a? ?b p. aod probab y nearly f of t!i uat t- nnag? a* b-r 'ami * aamaaalie. The com , par?m bet??oo her and the t> g atalp, aa we toweredo^r S?r. with o-r rtecia oi a leral with bor topa, w*a moat t ' riot rt If two aad twaoty y?ara oaly bad hnaa aa* fat to prod oca the grat oooaa ataaiaar of 1 JtQ> loan and th) 'an graad . reathia of VI.M, what i|hi aaf lwp'7 NEW TOME HERALD, M( I two years more d?# and how soon m'gbt not Kf Murpt17 1 be called upoo to lake over some emanat 'on of American genius which would eclipse thia world'* marvel thai ?? now greeting, with the graceful inflection of a monarch, 1 the bear? easterly swell? Absorbed in these reflections and gasiug idly ut the yawl aa It rose and fe'l on its way to I'llot Dchoouer No 4, which lay hove to waltiog, II waa not uotil the daah ollhi huge pa-Idles at d the busy revolutions of the screws bad kit a ncamy wake half a mile long, that one was ccuscIouh I bat the tlrat Kaatero trip of the great ship bad fairly begun The experience gained on the voyage out, and during the tripe along our coast, has thoroughly familiarised the chief engineer, Mr. McLennan, with the capabilities of the machinery am the safely valves on all the 0otl*r3 are now weighted to twenty Ore pounds, a greater pres- ; sure can be got than before, and, aa a oonaequeace, a greater apeed attained. Half an hour after alar ling the padMes got up to eleven revelations, and the screw to thirtymas revolutiona per inmate. With these numbers the ship 1 began to roll over tbe loog swells in the majestic way pe cuiiar to aer, ( (he rule or fourteen Loots pot Hour, which speed was fully MrinUtard duriug the night. A tine day was followed by a lorely utght. Although there was no mono when Hie dark new fairly closed around ns the faint light of lha starry boats and the brilliant oorruscatk)DS of the aurora boreahs In the northern heavens were sufficient to show the chiater of passenger* on the forecastle, the great amp swtngly grandly from i aide to Ride, &ud holding her course, straight as an arr?w, , for Halifax. Your correspondent's attention had been too ] i much occupied during the ran from the Battery to the ; j Narrows to pay any attention to the invitation to dinner I extended to bim, in common with the rear of the passcn . f grra through tho medium of a key bugle which blurted forth, most vigorously, "the roast beef of ?M England." I When, therefore, about aeven P. 11. the same effective In1 Mnimeut performed (be equally well known melody, 1 "Polly nut the Ircttle on and we .1 all have tea," to in- | ' form all whom it might concern tbut that refreshing meal , ! was on the table, ho gladly availed himself of the oppor ' ti inly l<( app? ase an appetite that the froah sea bree/e ; had rhariH-ned up very satisfactorily, rvsccnding to the ; Brat dining saloon, be found three parallel tablr] extend | icg the whole length of that spacious apartmerrt. all of I which were pretty well occupied by passengers, arjd tluee | or four waiters or stewarda ruahtag about in a j stale of incipient insanity, caused by their fraa'.ic efforts ' I to satisfy the demands of twenty' pcopl" at the aaine | i time, and wtth very little to do it withal After valltn.,' ! (not patiently) for thiitv minutes exaitly, he succeeded i in getting a cup half filled with tepid tea Ten minutes 1 more resulted in some fragments of crackers, whers-.ipou a dirma) foreboding took |>osaess on of h.ta. H-' e was a [ secocd edition of the Cape May exrursio r. aud?horrible rcflictioo?It was to endure for ten Joys, at !ea.-t. Visions | of iced water at J1 tbe glass, of wash ua one's face being a (libelous Inaury, and of dying miserably of starvation, 1 kitted rapidly over bia depressed mind. Then came the j thought, bow bad tbe powerful and irascible subject of her Majesty Qneen Victoria borne this frightf ul revelation I of 0* unhappy petition? He was not ;>resc?t at either of j tbe tables Yeurcorreepondent. with the oenetratloo for i which he is so remarkable, saw it all Immediately. That . redoobtable Briton bad become aware of our m.serable ' condition, and had gone in aearch of the accursed Cox to j contaminate what tbe passengers now locUed upon aa r..rei.,j.?i.iij..reii..iiiuiu" II u?p,j ?*'?' "B ' ; Fenffrbrd all throng a the ship, he had at lact found the : retched being in the forward stoke hill, and after strasgling him. bad thrown bin fat carcass into the nearest lurnace. Ksawing that the violent character ol the tloedthirsty (englishman rendered such a course highly probable, not to say certain, your correspond.'^ sought the deck and wan kori itied to find a strong sme'.l of burning fat, coming evidently from the forward smeke stack, f mothering hie emotions, he sought the recesses of his awn state room, with tbe melancholy convictica that he was aa secretory after the fact to the violent taking off ot Ithe miserable Con. Can }ou wonder that your corret poadtat parsed a miserable night, albeit bis ac?ommodaturns were very far superior to those he egjoved on tbe ! Cape Msv excursion, when he slept one nigh; with the . sow, and tbe other is the boiler of a dookev engine. The nest morning when the breakfast bugle rang out the 1 roveille, be sought tbe dining saloon rather an a.matter i of duty than with a well defined hope of gett ng anything ! to eat. Words are not strong enough to expressIns sur- I i prise at finding the breakfast proceed Jig in a very nails- , [ fartery way, with no apparent want of tbe necessaries ! ; and evm tbe luximvs of that very necsr-ary meal What i ; was more, be found the muscular Christian, already re ferred to discussing with great gu.-toa ha^e jurunk of i beefsteak, and keeping watch and ward over a vacant : I chair which be bad thoughtfully retained him for 1 tbe behoof of your correspondent, liy s; u l.c.ous oross-osaaaiaatton, while satisfying witii aralofU avidity tb* demauds of hunger, be elicited the fall jv..iig ]>articu lars in reference to the past night's proceed tags of bis | powerful friend. Tbst gentleman hid not sasa Con. uor did he went to sco the humbug any more wtulo he wm | i aboard tbe ship. He bad taken dinner down the hay. It was not a bad affair, although the stewa: 1. were net up to their work tbe same as | I in tbe Cttnard line; tbe woist part of i lbs business was that tbe lubbers rave yor decanters ; for your wine wtth no stoppers to tbeas. He had not i gone down to tea, because he did not indulge to cat-laugh | sa a general rule; but be bad beard there had bee? a mess I I ssade of it, because the stewards had had a jollification | 1 wtth tbeir dinner, and nine tenths of them had got dm us. [ That was the reason why the beggars looked so seedy and I moved rouuil so slowly ibis morning. These statements I relieved your correspondent s naiad as mush as tbe mr.t j ton chops, beefttealcs, potatoes, kippered salmon, hart | aud egga, toils butter sud cofiee did htS bodily sufferings, and from tbst moment he felt that be could devote himself to the performance of the duty wtucb had been to ju diricualy confided to bis care. Your correspondent bads adieu to the 'lend of tbe free." wbeu tbe twin lights on the Highlands of Naves ink, ( wblch had glimmered less and leas distinctly, finally sank below the bori/on, and when the ashes from the r?vol ver on l ite Island could no longer be dhtingeiahed with oertstnty. Steering K >? 8. by com pais, tbe great ship ) pic tig bod ber way grandly tbroagb lbs long swells coming > from the southeast. Tbe ship is so much higher out of the water than tbo should bs that lbs rolling motion la I quite considerable A tougb approximation to tbe truth gave an average af six complete rolls per minute, aver aging 16 ileg to port-and B>dag. to starboard. I'nfortu- I cately the wind was from tbe N N E , so that tbe fore and aft canvas* would not draw. If that could b<- set the motion would be diminished very considerably. The morning of the ITtb broke clear and beautiful; but a misty haee basgtag about tbe bor roa in tbe ' southwest quarter srarued us tbst we were running Into tbe regions of fag, sud that i onl] wanted a iialf hour's shift of wind to envelope us U that damp < billing n\*\ winch brood* 10 frequently >t>*t the tubaarine plaWats ?t were now approa thing u 9 fl? A. M Nantucket light was sighted, a tresh departure taken, and a CoutM atrrred for tta* out?ide ot Pt Geo.go * Bank. Observation* at noon showed that in the ?<-vratten hr ui i sitae starling we bad made a n o of two taadrcl at ti tbtily levrn kbnla ?r caul leal mi'ca, be.og a.? aear aa possible fourteen kuota an hour. A* Die tui> btutry ii wow getting waiaatd up to ila work eon may aipeot to > tv ar of a qr.K k rnn from Halifax to Mltt'ord Ha-ea. Mr. Nilennan, our sb'o and gentlemanly chief toj mer, make* no recrM of be belief that there la more than , fouttren knot* in the ahip or of hi* Intention to get aa prrat a speed out of her aa the exertion* of hiBiielf and fetafl will eflect. At T P. M the ngiue* wrre stopped, retremed, and dually the great rl ip broogtat to a siand. A ca*t of the de^p tea lea l gave bottom at tv.rte eight fathom*, of dark eand Thia .lowed thu petition !? bo acme filUrn miles to the eaatarard of M tioorgp'-Bank A swart looking, dapper Englishman, who apt ared to take great inlereat ta the proceeding, provedto% Captain tiuildford. the Ha! 'at (itlot of the t.'unard lit# of aleamern, who had rome to New York to take In the ?>rrat Eastern. Getting ngaio under weigh, the huge tbtp rolled onward on ber courte. steering a ' atu.gbt c urse for tbe edge of the ueil hank we bad to iw?? Nothing worth rreordoorurrrd durlrg tii night The brevy swell, which appeared rather to 'a-re*** tttan diminish aa we got to the eastward, rocked the sleep,ug I m rg? r? "in the cradle of tba deep, ?err (ftmulf producing, with therm air, dce.dedly *om;il;erot? el ft The morning of baiurday. Angu-t IS, broke gioriou-l.. . Mot a breath (f wind ruffled the -m-tb surface o the water, which, but for tbe long undr.lationa from the *o,:lbearl, would bare -emed like aome huge mirror the deep arure of thp V j shore Pan Ires of weed that bad drifted out of the mrrrnt sbowrd that we were i d far ftrra the edge of the Gulf St:-am. Graaspikct. or blackfl-h, name to tbe surface and pt.fleJ their reetbuy ckmd of ?pray into tbe nir, while renoo' of imt.l fl-h, levelling iu tkewairu beams of the morning inn, flecked tbe dark blue waler as with drop* of molten *._ rer The wistem edge of tba I * Have Hark aw truck t seven A M , and, as tbe morning adranoed. scholar* were aren to the northward, am bored out on tbelr fl-hirg gim.ud, ebowrg tbel we sere r, p d'y drawing to with I be !and. At 10 A II 'aid wis sighti d fruea tbe top of the wheel house, a I.Ufa to the southward of Croaa Island, wiiempon t apt (.u.ldftrt tr< k barge and tbe ship's head war puin*'j st-aight for Ilaldaj harbi r. During the early morn,tig tbe revolutions of tbe paddle mg new got up to 12 a.i 1 fl at of tbe screw to 40 per minute?tbe ahip goiug flftoeu kaot* h* tbe log fhe latitude and longitude resvr lav at D?M? were 40 <2 N 'at . 69 02 W. k.Og to da/ the/ wefs 42 IS S 'at , 61 IT V long ?ahnwng that the tblf hal maCe dtaMnre equivalent to thirteen knot* per liour Tbe riillorinre brtwi the diatanre made an i that shown by tbc Im (W m?m) wwiiuj tee by the kMmm of t into tnot westerly current lb t one P V w -ea fbtotgb ? fleet of Am*i < ? flehiaf er burner* atant eg :i Inward* the land and acknowledg- t Ihc.r a?l'.v.-a b> hoiatitg and dipping the ODi'in A rolonial roaat'-ig arbonoer ba nt to Ha 'at, wiih every eiitth of isnvstr ail, ?a~ paaaeu, eluee aim/tide. aa <t ah? were atanloi all' Her ani t wanned into tbe top* to get a belter view, an I i the r?H?n anl bis w-fe tawtnii'd to tbe t4>r> f Ibe I mpai ,< o mr tlie name fOTMM. A'.ifil | Of H. ? tonad' d tbe t>|btboi<ae on iuloro'tli aad Mood Inwards the harbor of Hal'fet. weee-a. at??m ?e??e ? it'" t in--et ne Tbe> ?er- tfu?<H with ga?i ?to. ten rted their aatufaetk.d in .be log timate I ugllab 'a I ti. Hip. hip, hip, and then au'li a rowing tauer-ib at o?l> tngl >.h luoga or lao*.. ta'io <\* m a wr> fuatrb ol Knglbn blood. arrm capable of rmlitln/. A' tbe veaeela at tto dork* were drdt-ej out ti??l>rs, j their dork a and r ggng airarnt.ii/ ? tb SperUh ra. ai.d ti *. <aeei tbe imaiiir l) at I tlhhoMM crowded a tan fternal thonaan.i* had e imbed tbe ritajel hi;;, toe ; ah trai ns (f wh'rb enabled them v> seethe ab.p > ay pinarli tr the city 'or ?? .-rat tnilrc. Salcb t wereilrol from tlie crew eteamor IWlla, n( C.Uagnw, wh'Ob ran otit itb e*rni%ionlHa ?o aai < ( us, from several private .?a , taN ahmenta and from thegnvernme t dick. whore Ibe oi promotional artiller. moa ??.?rn brought :jI i reqiilaltlmi We Oj cH frat 0 fkrn, ?o<l <ror ' ul n?l n?; ?o-l ;?lr* .?;< tir? to fart, tha ffcrpt.m i* th.' f.roat (ubm at Ha.ila ?a?. on a uatl oca.*. in"lty much what it wne n Nnw Vnrx ?a a rrrj arjs t one, Tin- nhip ranm In an *?< hnr nfl the r<r?ern*o ?? l.wli * inctijr al 4 46 P SI The lenal-i* of the mai rwr Im Ianjr fnrtbrr (fetal* A nolir-- p.tfr.1 >o tue aa.oon-w forma pawner* thai tbe grrai toip -a, a to -nc-rr v? fPuadaf. Aw at 19> m ifn'cy at 6 oVlut-W ra**?? ; f'ondMt bopra to bo able tr> * du j<- . a. aororot of ii.1 ahip'a m aooaa the Allan! c tl'-? nan thin catch tiit ?tca??r arhlth l?a?f? I.ivcrp oi A'tr-'i eaally loon If a boat ! *??* W !? Ba ran far pa?autV'W i on* he day the Uf'at tnatam nor Iran Of??rut Tori o- Norni Caantou ?'tha art '? ve raat at tba w?at tubemau.rlai e-artma la No-la Gar-? Una araa 112.l.*>3, being a?i iarr?aoa?f 19 AT m i. "n'e of IV* The ran o? ly uf Mi $ 'lean c-at la (>>-.* bo ig a rcdacuv* 4 9fl9 ? 16* .J.otoer*; v. t.*f 14 a hi. )NPAY, AUGUST 27, 13CI A Riiponi# fruu the (ailbaldl Camtultt?f?No Mates ial Aid for i?|rng|l(B| Italy?An Appeal rtom the tea, if. TO TUI EIMTOR OF THE KEKA.LD. In your paper of the 2 2d mat you expressed a wish to Lear fr>m flu* GarlbaUli Fund Committee of this city, la regard to the progTess of the work undertaken by them? namely, tLt collection of foods to beoalf of the Italian war. Since we published a statement, some two months ago, of all moneys received sad remitted by arrr committee to the proper authorities Is Italy, our work has not progressed ao faroruWy as our previous soccer? led us to anticipate This in probably ewinj to the fart that the greatest part of the amount reflected last year tm raised among our personol Jrteuds, v\t? of course canncO be expected to renew their offerings after so short a Wp~e of, although some oftbem havs given fresh prcofs of their generosity. If the public press is 'jo be understood ai a fair rrpresrclatlve of public opinion, 1: must be conceded that the sympathy of the jieoplc c* .S'eW Yord is by far greater towards the Italians atiugg.lag for tbo'T freedom than .V the l'ope, who insists upon rlieatlng them out ofTlt. St." little or nothing is contributed towards our (end, while we hear tbut over 150.000 have been laid on the nltars of Chr'stias churehet (Romish though they be) to aid tbe lk}<e in maintaining his bioodysway oversceeral alliions of wrctrbed fta)mn??wretched as a'l Europe knows through ibe d irbarity of priestcraft. ttrw, wc wish to a?k if the flemish alu-s are net polluted by tbe gold that will go Se hire me rcenarie-v and pun aaee iron aau nice. lo renew in* seen n or .Vr'-g'.a, to fonts Mortars boys from their homes, to eiclud.'the teacbn^s of the Bible from bocaes and schools'- Will lbotcnaut rlrurrttn regard II is i t >rail for mercy f.-ean heaven and gold from the people that the blessings or Christian freedeta may once more ae obtainr-don the e?n of Hal)' or, at Isoat, roes not the Attestant rommim:;* know and feel that assistance is nowlcd in Italy aa much, if Lot more, than my where else From on- private correspondence we learn that Garibaldi is !r. as great, 1 not greater, need thaw ever of funds and lmmuutt'.eii to earrv out lift, plana. He needs, nwtcrial a.d. It is Jttr mission to nolicit it. AH # us, therefore, to avail onrselves ot this opportunity to urge every one to ooatr V:te accordiug to his means. The dime of the poor will do its share of .tend as the dollar of the rich. Iau every hand joto in the glorious work. let, al-o. the money go throi ah any channel moat satisfactory to the givers ou.y. and for Heaven's take let it be forthcoming, as orr commit! v it in dlroct com muuicatioo with Garibaldi we shall be happy to fbrward any funds that other commuter*, orgmsiied in th?t niun for the tame pu.-.oae, may see fit to transmit tout. A regular receipt from .la y will be oblaiued and given m due course. K. IV KABBR." Vice President. G. Ha.nai, Secretary. taste: sir's Or. 9>: i*eart street, ? Nsw\oa/. Aug. 26,ltdO. > PertoMl latslllgsare. O. larsars, Minuter from Spain tc the t nitei Sltles: M. Hulsemar.n, Austria? Minister to the I'nited Mates. Rev. W K. Wyatt, of Baltimore. W. 0ock and F. .tothchlld aid lady, all of C* >rgia, are sto s- ^ at the Clarendon Hotel. Hon. Caleb I yon, of Lyon.odale, ? W. C. Taylor, of Clnoinnati, and G. 11. Cleveland >.a, are ?t the In ion Place Hotel. Dr Parker, of Minaasippt. Mr. I>. C Houston %nd Itr. G. W. Llnder, both of I lie I nitol t talra army, and Q. Pollard and lamlly, of Richmond, VY, are stopplcj at the New York Hotel. Dr. G. W. Holmea, oi Georgia; Cap!. Wallace and Ady of Baltimore; .lames It troll, of Qoebee .!. M. Korbei. oh Boston, and John WHetts, of Texas, are st >pping at the St. N'lcholaa Hotel. Col Ben. Hallida.' and Dr Bradf i.A, both of Califcxaia: Col. T. R. B. Kldr il ps, of St. Paul Judge 'Atbrisk:*, of New Jersey; Mr. F. Farrell and liuMfy. of New Orlsauo, Mr. E. M. I>avit, of the I'nited Siafc* army; James T Sawyer, of lllloo a, and I>r. BAtuburue and ol loulsiaua, are stopping at the Met.-opol'tan Hotel. Col. J. Bang, of.bafUSta. Ga.: G. W. Van Hook, of Mississippi; A Wolf V Mount Pernor, G. H Mousarrat. and 1.. J. IHipree, troth-of Tennessee, a A 8. Fairbanks, o." Florida, are stopping at the I afarge Ilbuae Gen. Clagltt and J D PanieU -sad party, all of Taitlmore. O T. K. Paa?an. of the Ur.iied States Coast Surety; W J. York and J. Shelly, of CI Ireland; Peyton Mid tietrvn cf W f. \int\r*. fil konttirkv ??J V A Fankutley, of Tmu, arc atoppiug at the F.verelt Boune. Hon H. S. Fooio,of V *<t.*..p;d Walter CoodaM,Prer.oent of the Mia. i? ippl Oat: u Railroad; Jud^ John H Campbell and family, of New /ork; J. O. Kl: on, of the New Orleans CrnterU, Ool. D. ai. Oathennaa tod Col. C. I.. Nelson, l>oU> 01 Tennessee Hen V C. A?'._tay of Arkansas Mr Thomas I awso i 4 tlie t atte.1 Slao- - Army T. L Barrand, of Virginia, ao.t J Thorahi!!, aid (I. M. I'irkard. both of New Orleans, are atoppmr *t the Fifth Areutie Hotel. Hon. W-ft. Bi(5'?r. ol ' eaa.-ylran.?. tad Ikon T I.. Clubman, at North Carolina are in Watht igtoa. Arrlvala asil Drpaiiaaii. AJMUt At.!-. Sooth .ar jot >ao Uarea?S'aamalii n 7?ad?rh!H?.1 A Hell, lady and aoa; Jeaar .taJgniaa lady. n.-ee ch; iren and two our***. J Meithenae.-. lady, throe c'dldren aad arrrant, A Robtoa. lady, Mlaa It . una, Manu-r A K Uro. > apt < So-"G:i. aou. H ladr. ar t aad ila an er Kusnel Rr-nnan. A flnortier, Dr C II Dur.ll aad lady. W loai-Aa Mlaa Virrlnl* la ainea S Hoi Hainan aad lady. M < ndlea, '.i 'M jrovareu Mra H Harr a, K Hamburg. ii 1 tttiret, Mia* fhraoc, C Mattaer. Mju Mat ter, Mia? A Bl>< u. A Jaeqnrm.d, \ De huge lit, K Kd tnc'aJa, K S mnn. J C Calhoun. 1>? K PreMMTe, A Perplgnau. K tTUaoora. lady aad daughter. K"iT Trier Mra H Carroll ai d sun. ORaiirmuin and lady .Mai i Kta dmain, 8 Hatebatet'er, Tlom . B' ta. A Ottlonrc aad lady. .! P Abraha:ua. M I'nfaarti er, J M I'nvia, Bljrn.. Cigar*. J H Wear. L Delrurle. A Earaou. J V ???ia, lad/ aixl daughter. J Eltiel. rferrr Alien, Oeo h Ktllot, Uto VlrC < . P tJiih, C v.beifeabera. W WatJare. J J Am a. J .uiea Hewitt, 0 H Jartaoa aad lady, Mra K Bird. K A Jeiael. lady sad bob. Mra J ,'oneaaad oh!M. Mary Inaloea, (' A Uviii aad lady. O T Rirharda W H Italia. Iter T W Hrlse.h. a*i aa.l lady Miaa Si as i Ueiaenhalner. Mlaa II Ba-k ha'ler. Mra A brapanrlie, Mlaa L Urenaurbe, Mrs H H <lre<*n bo i b M ta A I. Orrenhongb, F Heherferr#r;r. U Vt Bi.U. Mr, 0 M HoJ. Jr, I...It ami and r iraa. Mra t 1a nnmln . I la mti'a.u'. J Ie Til .1 ? .[? K ' 'ape' t Rm-...- M.a* A Ftciffe J M Cooper. Ml - K W l?> r, four rbildten .nd aerrant Mi?? V Haee r. A?l? iAia id M id lady. MraTIararde iu <1 ila.'/l U i Mlaa M Ma.ap.nie, V llafr n?a, J Knkeita. J mil>, V Wrt.'bi, K Brli edi. J aa Jo-eph, lady an.l hair ehiv drea; M Wll'lawa, C Mania II Montantan. Ur <1 C Wllaon ma aerraat, C Wefaker. Alljleiiot, T A ltu|eTiaan. Y. te-irrat, thralMer, H bol.le 1! t)o ./ aa. .1 T Prtdailt. *" I and dmab te . M Meredith, kta- V.?rl!?h aad I* ? Brown, .lo-<-|iliine llrowo. Mra M Prrrtit, M Coaterao-te.?'II B.oda merer, Dr|ib )ler ? tkki i the aei d.t r.. mi Tt-.lVl. On n?o>n. .Ii - .staamabln Rnanoke?R S ta. C Wad tlnger, lleo Ha'ria??. Miea Hurhe. Ueo Itm -htr. Mr Har laai. Mi Manhrad. W S rhanar.t. .Ia? Scoflel 1. J tinnier, J P Argyle Wm Maaoa. Mra Rider ao l ana Mra, H Hi.'ni rCn. C J Be it er, Jaa Hearing T K K ??-r l?r .'aa t ?ei Sana 1 Any, I, Sntlon ti T Jarrla. W H Ward. H II T jt_e P K Rtianul, W II Brown?7 In tlie alearage Hraao? AT*??-Rark Tnll?man?I.ieot Ch*a P Mclary, t>N. lady asd rhlld, J?? H Pitch. Ixrara? Raik Camllo?W U Vo ig, lady aad oh'.'.d. J II Sherman. V. Tompama Ai U 4M1--Brta Ocean Ware?1 Hotkora. OrhwlNfi of the Delaware State Lntthrtea.?Wood BOOT * co., Manaceraol kha uilianf, a i - ten r aan oiawtoat btato i /reran r1 UhLawaai?Ftraa Ciam ? -. Acatr?t 1*>, 1W 30, 51, 4t. 11. lb, 50. 01. Mi. 2b, U. I, 72, 67. Oaimwaaa?Ciaaa ton. a no tit 2.V lAMl. 31, 39, |3. 4?. P, 3, 2?, 34, 20. 1^, 4', 04. 1 Irrtbara aen' free of eharae br add-eaMee either to WMjD KUDY 1 00., W.l?!-i*U<n Orainra, Or lo WOOD. KOP'. A CO M. UluA Um> .r\. Drawings of Franco, Broadbeaia A Co.'i Delaware l?i>rN ? iMii Oovrrr-Ti^M ?'"s AWWT IS. LW) II, ?0, 61. Si, 22, 50, 40, 22. 25, 4*. FT. 20. Oonou carta ?t Avotm St. lh*). 23. 41, 50, 04. 1G. 63. tt. 6s. 52, M, 1?. 65, 47. rlilri ( HROAPRKITYS A CX> , MtuagTa Wilalaf'/ip, Delaware. ('linr)'i Otllrrf, W BROADWAY. rraocr*ph? Irur, ln!atur*? la OJ, *nj Brooklyn Pholafraolu?Hlnlitsrr, Cabinet. '. red I. f? " ? OIAK H WII UAitWO*. ! '. i abaU IJSl. An hllnUr*! Phs1Mrapli|r >1.000 Rroo. tl'ii M .l .l'i*? Cltr Mewa. Ac W f?BU a e*pjr, it IfoUDCV o* -n. 2;1.' nr??.i? ?r fttelawny dt HootOreret ;og |ru4 UJ ?i or* Plant* Or* wtrr* ii*I fnr flee 7#*'i (ta.-ercum* St *n t M W? tmr ?rwt Herring'* Palcat < (tampion Ftro and bxrfler I'riWHk. e, 2fl Hr tdwa), cnr-ier of * >.-r?r "** Ken York. I p Town Milrt. Iloalerjr and Oantlem't t f r\ ahb.f S?"r* I Y. S l/m.4r> > Tm? flVrt* rn?.|? VIorder n aaucenor taeaaer. Alt (' At YXI RrtUr |.' K T. RhlMil RhliOtl.Mt fot Bad* from lb beat Wtai * tjt ?nd wirr tw!*? m ?ita P#oo! ICS < aalkaa vf. r '-ler of P?ir! Knieka .Sewing Hat hian, UlVYKAR aT?a( r'tp, PBICt l>i Wl.1 aTK'H 1UB. CAv H* Ytjj n * pfv rt u. oaTOKr ik w **lt A r i Itt A P Wf".YH:,r t**t?' m \ tV. ?? j>> *1 As'. * w? ii*4 out f * ' nroadoer Cro'rr A flakrt's Celt'irafed Y#lnl?n 3e*B* BkrlJ'n-, tV- ' ??. i ? h f? o. , ? W u t.'Y Brn*.i? a/, Bee Y . an I ' ?t r jv t.e*1 I orAtfn AS heeler A SSI Won't vai*l narhlnit, oSr* W6 BrMedwajf aewT-.k The heat Naitamilarlna and tamfiy Ma<? ta'j * -J ?:*. M :ko** I en ? Beroi ll)f 1'< 1 VP" iim?i in*/ no* l* ?* ivr t-kJ'B WXM 4 (O ;?) a- vi ,7 llalr !>)?. M i|i and Inu!>??? *- !*? ) 1- t>? w?4. W 'ai i*?* an I I "i? 1 r* I.'J ?m>L>-J >0 ? '*cr/ln ?c Braalifal (ompUtlart -Lalrd'i l.i ??l<l p??Bk4i . ti hn m fim. < t y* . fj I-UM 4 arfaari r?r tic nana ci < -? ?.i I m.j ?. I ?> %. jr ? tl? 4 rr*.nnp^. .lap *? T?." ? .,t ?tj Hr?J ??/ Kali h?lur'? IUI( U^? ti ih? Scat In tht ?K'I *w?, fcWJ Ui 1J ui-<n-444 ar>r%M . <>*4 i M n '?4V0"7 II .V?a MT lailvliai taaianiptlaH ( ar?4> Tic fara ? ro^t ft.aJ ?' f r T 4.<aa l? ; f.lfa Brr-J " P** x*: Dc-cr. M MX-.* a) at Baf lh?( hrap'it an ?t?a Baal -Mal' w ,j ? f ? I c j?^n r>, in lt? - C -? >? '? ,C ? K V I iww.4 v taw*.>.? >?? >. .*. cj?ra. X | Ttmaari.?Dr. PI rati Coatlnwc* to tapijr , kla ra Uoal otire Truss wlU success la tie U-eeimeui of Henna. Tv.-.***. Support*ra, Slxiiude/ It n nee, Suspension rieSdatfCe, silk elastic Htorklpse. Bella. Balking Trusses end ell snrjflral eppiianers sppliwL A lad r la ettrnkaaee In (kefwkaldde ?>ailment No. t Vss / street, Astor Horse, opposite St. l reu. a ehurek. 1 Bjiowiw?Mamo.v ?In this city, on Wednesday erelong, ! , August SB, by the Rev James Millets, al bis residence, ' Mr. (i tonus R. Baldwih to Ml#- Ijz'.in Masd\, all of Ibis , city. &cmgAM-*?? ?Tn Brooklyn, oa Friday, August 1 "J4, in St. Mary a Ep oopal cbarrb, by Rot. I> Y. if Jobs son Jainrs R OKn*?.iABK to Mir Km M , eldest daurti ' i ler or Wm. O. Mott, all of Urookiyu ? | OIH. BASNAPrg ?On Uatorday, August 20, after a rerf-e ill- I nest, Thomas Bac. nanus, aged I years and 2 months The frtendg and tt^.aaln-fi ai e roepeeiruity laYMMd 1 to attend the Itinera!, this (Mwnlay) afiemoon) at two | o'clock, Irom Ibe residence of hia paresis, :tl8 West Nine- ! leenth street, without huUter nmtaOcu. Ranri-rrr ?At IsfeU. on Satm-Jay, Augu-t 18, Gi"?. brmika IsAHi.i. Infant daughter of Win H. aud Carol inn C Hartlett, or New York, aged -I weeks Bansk*.?On Beads/. Avgnst 2ft, CafMnsl Bans** ,1er relativts ond friends aire respeetlu ly inviud to at temlber 1'uecral thu (Monday) aft-r-.ioon, at three o'cloak, from the residence of ber brother ra Iww, Edward Kilzpatrii'k, No. 62 W. licit street. Bar at?On Sunday morning, Ac?u?t 2ft, Makv Bukhk aged 7C years. The relatives and friends of tie family are incited to attend tha funeral, at tbo residence oi ber sou in law, Jutius W. Beebe, 487 Greenwich street, this (Mouday) jnojumg, ad half past eight o'clock. Ubr remains will be takcu lo ViWtle, Columltn county, for interment Borne hk. ?On Sunday mommy, August 26, Mart Cathrri.nx, daughter of Jelm H. L and Sarah Botefuhr, sged 8 vests, 7 nicntha and IT Jays. The iriends and relatlverof tlie licully are raapectfully j Invited to attend the funeral on this 'Monday) afternoon, ' nt two n'c'ock, from the reoideuoe if her uucle, Charles S. | Bernard. 176 Willow street. Hoboken. N. J. Her re I ms .ns will be takeu to the Methodist church In Garden street, sod from thence to the- New York Bny Comotery I for intermeut. Bar-sr.?At N'les, Mich, oa Thursday, August 28, Eli 7. a situ Barker , widow < f .be late James Barker, Esq., in tb( Sitli year of her age. The funeral servtcvii will take place at Christ's church, Kye. tins (Mouday) afternoon alt wo o'cloe'e. The relatives and friends of the family are r.rpc tively .nrited to atttnd. The New Haven cars lesvo Tweuty-a-'venth street j 1 at 12.16 P M. I Or RMVNT* ?On Saturday A newel'Ai ? ?i.o?rr ill. ices, Mr. James, In the 40th year of- hu age. TUe frteiidB of the family are roapecUully .netted to attend the funeral, from li:a late redone*-. 107 Columbia j street,one doorfrotn Degraw, th.s iMcuilay) afternoon, at fbnr o'clock. Burial In Greenwood Crai-mam ? At Perth Amboy, on Sunday. August'JO, 1,-rrtsA J., e desl daughter of James M. and louisaJ. Chapman, in the 7tb year of her age The friends of the family are invited to attend the fune ral. at St. Peter's church* Perth Aroboy, on Tuesday, at fhur o'clock In the afternoon. Staten Inland railroad line leaves from Whitehall street at one o clook, and returns a.ler the services. Corns ? In this city, oa-Saturday evening, August 25, Eoward G. youngest son of Alexander CoAu, aged 9 months. Funeral services will be held at No. 3f2 Weet TwentyfovrtbRtrret, this (Mondayj morning, at half-past nine o'clock. The Kmalns vs ill be taken ta itudeoo for Inter meat. toriam ?On Saturday. August 2ft, Davto ii. Coctatt. Dearest father thou baal left us, And thy lows we deeply feel; But 'tie God that has bereft us, Be can all our norrows heal. The relatives and rriends of the family ore respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hie late resldense, corner of fortieth street and fes.ngtoa avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, at fbur o'cJook. Also the members , I of Howard ledge, No. 60.1. O of O. T. are requested to i attend, and will meet at the bouse of Mr. Keese, corner of lex log too avenue and Fortieth street. Cramhme ? At West Bobekco, on Friday, August 24. 1 John p. cramurck, formerly of New Fork city, aged 63 years, ft months and 21 days. His friends and those of hie sons, Peter, William and Theodore, are respectfully Invitod to attend the funeral, i from his late residence, West (inboken, this (Monday) afternoon,at three o'clock. His remains will be taken I to St Stephen's church, corner of Christie and Broome ! streets. Stages from the Hoboken terry every half hour. ! IUceishon? At Marlaono, near Havana, Cuba, on 1 Wednesday, August 8, F.'Ien, wife of John Dickinson, and ' daughter of the late Joseph Peaisoa, of this city, aged U } ears and 4 months. Dosiom ?On Sunday. August 24 Mart A. Dos cm, daughter of James and Margaret Poo Ion, aged 7 year o and 6 mooths. The friends of ths family are respectfully invited to at I lend the funeral, Deal the rvs.JeWi < of ber parents, 6J Pitt street, this (Monday > afternoon at two o'clock, in ' termeut in Calvary Cemetery. Fkkra:> ?At her res.denc?, 142 Smith street. Brook- | lye, After a sickneai of eight months, Mariamnr 1 imaix, i wife of T B. t errain, H years of age The members a! the Concordia Lodge, No. 43, I. O of O. F . and the fr en la of the, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, lbs (Monday) afternoon, at halfpast two o'clock, from her late residence. Philadelphia pipers pl >aso copy. Foanry ?OnSunday, the 26th inst., at the -as dtneeor hn brother Jk law, lAddleton Btll, llott Hs/roa, West cheater county, N. V , Can. Sath R. Foster. Mis remain* will !>e taken to Carmel. I'i.,aam countv, on Tuesday. the 'Jti1. m?t , for interim at ftn leave I Twenty*.rib street station at quartor I. way or Harlem Railroad. Relatives and friends are re sportfully invited to attend. Clint! r.?On Sunday, August 29, C:e wife of Peter , Gubul/,s native ol the ronnty flwrosnua, Ireland. The TYirnds and acquaintances of KJtas sad Bridge'. CHhulf are renpertfjIK in vied to nt.jud her funerai, <\a. this (Monday) niteruoon, at two o'ulotk, from her late rsaklSlice, No. S9 latt Th.rtr Fri.iud atroet, without. fuilher notice. The remains will be taken to Calvary Ceaielery. Iiasat ? On Sunday morning, August 29, .7 ?xw H jrs*. ' ??n of John and Mary Ana Hay an, aged & months and 1 I d*Z The rneuds of the fhmily am respectfully me ted to , all. od the funerai, from the residence of his parents. No 1H0 Christopher street, tins (Monday / afternooi, at two o'clock. Jasvau* ?At Rockaway. U I , an Sunday, wign-l 2ft DiiiuT .lavMM,*, in the 7 Ah year of bit age Hie trend* and acquaintance* are reapeii'nliy Invited to attend the foucral, Irani ha Into residence on Tuesday alter t oon. at one o'clot.. liB n .-On Raturftav, August ?.\ Mus VarrnnBtLT, , MMil daughter of N. B. and M. A ha Bau, aged 7 i , rn>.nth* and 11 day a The fnceral wl I tads place at three o'olr tba fU mdag) I a fieri oon. trom the rcaidsaoe of her parents, 1 .it,? Clove, 1 Stain, laland. Mik In Brooklyn, no Saturday, August 86, a! the | rra.diaceol his par eats. New York avenue, Aforsrve A'aaar* youngest son or Charles A. sad Julia A Meigs, , agi 4 6 months and 19 days. Is It well with the child? It is well. The rtms.ns will he taken h> tiaadsa.< tt, 1. I , for IsI teiment. V.*n at * ?In Mr ioh!vn. on Sunday morning, Augrnt 80, I ag> j n j ears, I'll'" Wn< ur Th" friends of the family are invllcd to attend the fu n* s . 'n i, his late residence 1.4 Tilisry atrat, Brn-iklyn, I.I, this (M. inlay) aflernncu at four o'c'uik. New n>m|i.btrs papers please copy. Mauot?Ruddealy, on Saturday, A-gunl tin vast Hiuni aged : , ears Tlie fi icuda and rt latires of the rann y, and ihoeo of his brother in law, Jtweph F. Carroll, ar - ln< lied to at tend tb- funeral, Prim hi* 'al? row leore, 110 (Anson street, on Tuesday aft"rnooo. at two a'rlork. rbilaueiphla and Ralunore. Md., papers please copy Mnia?In Brw-ljn, oa fteturday. August 26, J>a" Wama, infant too <1 W and Uuabeth M Mtiia, aged 1 year, 1 month aud IS days I lie fr ends ot the family are re?pcetfully invited to sttend the fnLera), from C1 Atelplii atreet, thi* (Monday) Mernorn at hall ta-t two o'riork. V iMvtw ?tic Sat' 'day even n*. Aug- ?l -S. Has i Mors., daiigblur of James sod Harriet 1 Marctiester, aged It yrara, 3 months and fo,.r days. The fri'ntfsof the ere mv.iod to attend the tuneml, !rtm tho rputhwrst corner of llhth atreet nod H> road a ten tie. in Tueeday aflersoon, at halt! past four o'clock, without further invitation. yvr ? tt Hi onset, I I , Aflc a abort illaese. Oter i H.,ou i *.o, < f R V and Adntne E. Mount, afd 2 years, i t ni'.l,i.i* anu 2 dais. I The f-iend* ml arq'A'Utsnoes of the laiaily are re at>actfully inrtwd ?"an4 bin tnoaral. ntn (Moadat) | attarnroti at two o't ?, Ihk' liifiilKu atroot, corner of Hi?h, Hrotibljrn. fiu'? f>n ?t ndajr, Acribt IM ratoua H f*nj'i, yo'.nc f*l mm) of JoliB at). I Aoo .:ana I'm a. a*'ad 5 inootha ait IS rtmj?. T * tta a apcaka. "I ftn.1," xa'd br '-I'rotaction W- ahall tin I .a m?, in m? ha erar bii ad " Tba tramta and aoqna staiKva ara raajiortru Ijr mrtto-1 to attend tiia fijaam) tb? (Momm/i artaia?o.i at two | <? r'OfIt fr oi No 7 Union pur*. JAn.Ui item blvn hi ?t ?aid Bandar, Aofoat ? , Mart tiKtlfni at?< A ! )<?( ?> iroott. and 1<> 'la>a. i 7or t ,i< rai Will tako p.ara from N.. 27 (Hi?fi aire*! oa j | tli 10 fV mla., aftt'noon, at loo o'clock Mar raioa.m . ? ..I br taktb lot'alvarj Cf irrlcry for m Ml Mint J*. TI *?!n Brno* TB, OO f'rida/, Anguat 24, Gwm a W fmngfat aoo of (rib and Marjr AO j Kjtder, la lii< bS<i orar r.t h ? ajr * I'ir it itnn and fr'?c<l? of tli* ara >?*ta<t ?r alt'ad tbe l.jaraJ, at tbr raa droi * of ti.a lalbar,?2t Br.dje ?t ?t. al thrrr o\ lo. k this VfooJav afternoon. I a IU <?.! lurtiirr rol e# f- ?o?> At Brooklyn. oo Bain/da/, A .if oat if, An <a I in* rt . - ??,. to Ibr Slat }aar of b? ??? r.i?'' iTda of tb?- tam ly arr iO| ?moI to attaol tha ruB'ra .on r.riitar aftt rnoon. at tl>'or o'i'l ab. f'on ti* Into ; n?iirr, tKb A.ataa aomr, naar H Har Mi"ot, Buna Ij n w ttbotit rsrthsr not > * i t at ? On ^at' tnj, Ai.r ?t V< .f ^a sa??i ar, a/?d < "B.-a "irnmi'.u i V tab?n t> II <ni>t *1, l"D( la ml, j h tbr tao o'f.r k tiam oo tba <M todayt tnaram; Mar . ra tt.ra* an t friiadr ara BMprtfn'ly innlad to at'aod V m\? <ii f uutav, A roit U4, taut MooaUcB ? -i?snt ?>D of Anlfiony \a and Marginal t vv>nai ? * ?aib Saturday arnUif, A .gnat?.!. f'apt H?adt v Omoba, of tba I n'tad Btataa oar?, ?g?d *) ??ar? II a rotation# ami, logrtVr tnUi th? ot||aa*?rf th? navj ant of tbe armr. a;a r,*i*rtiu.i/ larttad to Dt'?n I tSa ft naraJ at t-o r o'r ,.i b i o .jrrJDy aftrrnooo, at Bt f'itmrota flmrrh, n Amttj "tratl. oaar flitli | t^aDito. W irait ?f>D f rtdav , Aui' t'.*4. Si rtarrn W , rrlw-t of til#'air C I W'Dia"r n _ . ?. a^A ... .4. . . . A Ik na *< bar Santa) A tod Hi HiiHi'n W , alto I . irf b?r *oa ia law, L? ?> , 1 i'l'.it*, ar? i<> atcitii t>?r ptaafil, lira i taj i aftrrnnim rrooi lb* rrp .ttur* ol Hi ) "l.,t m I <blj i:t uhi tb* N'.rtti fin-f, *l twin> ork. tarr ?? ?* * !* ???# II T< If ?? <? atr?Ct ba ! ?? t Itmatfwar aad **Ui a<w?of,at o?n? o'clock K M Wt*i*i -?AI MfraflaM. N . aa Haii.rJ?r. AafuM * i.i i*d y of aaftfay, j?ro? Wivi*. ?f?d n4 ,"ara viJ it ?..|?a< a?? of W...4uo aa.l Jaila Wul.a. ?ata of ia>a c?/ TV r?<a?. <* aai ft i<u U ? tfc* art raaj??t4uUf 5 invited to attend tot funeral, tit.s (MoodJ/) afternoon. ** two o'rioi k, Ironi Ule residence of bis motiier ta .-VprfagU/i leave loot of Cortlaudt street it (K aaj 11 if A tt , at 2 40 and 7 I'. M. 1 oo? Island papers please oooy. BlUftlJiAJWWI. At KvrRnru/H, w* nmmi cabim, ivvtbs. at: -mm the Oronjre Htoar-vn Envelope, new 8aUu Tla. Wl BmbBw*y, corner of Duane. gKAKDT. WIN*, fCRNAPIW, KCB AKO W3HBMv U).006 ease i of BRANDT, rsrtoas rtnlagea. 39 000 cast! of HI'HKIDAM lt? HNAITB. tome tare* years Lu store, rery Una. B.0WJ cues PORT WINK, rarioma vtotaiK eedewB*. 10 M eases of~8UBBBT WWfB. Pale and bronu. of ?erv superior Quality, for srtvska aaa am Mae* of IL1DORA WIHK Thta wine ? u LnportoddiTMl fro* Madam. 1.WU eww of WOOWH WHISUT. The beat orhlohey taper**. X.ODO rtvi old JAMAICA BUM. Heleotod with ere* curt, rcrj CM. J MUO (Htm of old St. CKOIM BUM. Home rerj <4d to* CM. _?2?*5rrn, a.nhMit. are reapertfmUy Inrlled to (Mil Mtf** wla. tiw mock of* and Lkition. Om <kT? Wtfl65l watmdWou. that 1 oare the larpo* and 55*7 loc.M etovh Jur bo..* hi tad country or Xaropo. VOOLTHO WOLTWk _ M HaneorMW* P*~r r w?r T T F *rr T"Y T7 TT"T ? rrjnrrrrtrTr tyn r yyyt *?? r? *? w yy mt ?J rr rt i, 3s gvj %, jpt TT j? IT TT *5* rmr rrrrr * ? ? rrrrr nrrrr ihbh JBAJXOU'c" f ATKtfT IMPRO TtW> PKKMC8 DU M3CBTS. A.JTItW BTTI j OR BlflllT, WARBAKTMD TO PIT He?? by erpreaat- My port of tha United Htatmnpoo roaapi. per -wall, of the following aeunrM. which wO! tnanra a par faW - f<? " <17 ?lft Bit *tw* MB A IT 1 er or ieaa than half a dorea ehlrta. Tkt atuwMmiaM Iowt^? Week?The dlatanee renad U Take? Th?n?irra from the pof.rta of each abouldsr. Blears? The length from the mn of the bark to the wr ah with the aim bent JMhK DMmm around the body, under theannplia. Waist?Dheaaoe arownd. Al?.> the length of theehdrt. By (fading the nbow measure* w? eaa pamlM a PKfNi t of our of w Kyle of the IMPROVKD PBKNCH TOKiC BHIBT. A.?o. Importer* an.-laeters la MEN'S iTJBNlriHIND OOODH. Htt.MIU H ROTH MB. No 400 Broadway, Wow Tot*. Wholesale Iradf supplied on the usual Irrma. TttBRH.SJLLL'S AP.MMl.t L1NTMKNT QUVNtaJf* V KtBJJ rlur Intlammaiioa nod ;.aiu, ?nd mm nil (*ma <4 ma nab. muarnlar flbr?, s>aad? alnewn and boufa. 1> ovA >4 Htf..a(B street. Pr..-e ;5 tens CHEAPEST INSUBAWO* II* THE WORI.D We are now maatnj, wilhout eiocpbon, toe beat MAP* ewr oflered to the public. Onr Safes precerre their eomaedm she a exposed to the .lee. In the beet manner aod oar burlaw Proof Bate deflea tha world. Any one about lo nurehaae fc requested to rail auJ r-s .nfae for himself. We glee us ham sate fur the least mnaey HIS A .INS k MAR VIM. 1U4 .'tsnaawap, corner u.' Worth street.. We* Tor*. CIORWS. Bl'MONS, INVERTED NAII.S, KWLARtMD ' JoluU and all (lawasec ol tha feet mired. . th m p?hi or uiroeienien. f to the latleet, by Dr /.At'liAKK St rgear. I htmpodlsi. 7bo itrnndway. Refers to physic.xua and margeoaa of the city Diarrho t. niax>rxRr and colu ikmmm ately cored by Dr. 'TUBI AM' ee cheated t e a baa I.loi'aset, and warranted not t > constipate truly "i rents. It newsa Bold by al toe druggists. Depot .?> ? 'r .via-t tt at. Tj?KQLT8H WATVHeU. THB t'El.'-'BR ATE.D I.ONDON WAT.XKd. I. k M T. VFVITT k MORRIS TOBIAS. Chr^sanaeler Makers to the Royal Nary. For sal# by J. H BRADBURY. 19 Maiden laoa. Hole Importer SJiHT WATI HFH IN THB WOBI.D Most Durable and Accurate Tiaaa Keeper*. Each Wamb la arcasnpaaied with a aarUS. ale fHUtcntpas by J. H. .'tradbury. A large aaaurt-aent of Eog'tah (MTlMi MS her Wambca of erery deaurtpUou alwn/aoa Imad. J^KTAlJl.IdiiBD BUTT TBAB8. M^CTS' CABINET FUBNITURR WABBROOMR j? uj jam *ueo*. wonawooi corner of Brou?W' K'lpfi.ji Parlor, Llbrarr Dlrtlnc ?nd Bedroaoa Finkn <1 Prosi.'JM plain and anboUuilal to Lbr 'elegant aad ?HQb*aN. m Reaanaable prkeoo. Interior PaooraUooa, Pier, Huloi OlaoMO. Ro. Ooodo pocked aad eblppad to aU p*rs ot lb# wwtd. ft IS ?iITURlta, *r oa;. /.<n a? ua LARQFNT. OHiArnr, awn mi AaOGrtuexit In Now Turk, la to bo fnosd al tb- r.ure at W. J. K DAII.PT A CO., _______ 'o K*l Mrs* J wop. Look out MR t'ak Cak> wi> kn tup uiionornrv, WHISTLES Tbe Kotirlh Kd'.lWn for Auatiot of a Mmlb'r (inlje l*auef in New lork be* U>* !<41?wlne time :?xio? wr - ig ? savannah, ai.i-anv and ufi.r ?aimmiad. ( IIAKIKMON ami savannah kaii.hoad. NOU1H RAsTRIJI It AII. KO A IV KA>TTKNN*s>\* AND I I K'tlNTA R t II.ROAD. ItA.-T TKNNKh iXE AND OKOftOlA KaILKUAD PAVTON AND NH'HIUA.N KAII.KOAD. KEOKUK AND fOKT MtsMOINs K Afl.KOAD, HA 1.11 MONK AND OHtO I*. A M.KOA I) hTONINOTON AND I'KOVlllKNI K KUI.flOAP. DKI.AW'ADJ KAII.ROAD, POTSDAM AND WA1KBTOWN I A N.ROM I. WONTOOMIItr AND WE.-T POINT K AII.'O AD. AND HONK KAII.HOAD I'KORIA liOli AN -I'ORT AND Bl'KLIXuTOX RAN MaJ?. St'NHt t Y AND KRIK KAII.KOAD, ? II A P.I <>11 K ANDnOCTH I AROI.INA RAII ROAJ>. I.Al'HKBS MHTH CAROLINA KAII.KOAD. Mil TSKRN MDMs-IPPI RAILROAD NKW HAVKN AND NORTHAMPTON RAI5.ROA , AND A I.ONU STRING OK HTHRRs. Al.t. \V'*OW ANN WIIHKY ANNOI ?H> THKIR lll'IDK AS ART MO IN S0RD CND>r. 1HV HUPV.RVIslON or T! 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