Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1860 Page 6
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6 M1TV&TION6 WJHirED-FEMiiLKM. ' . AK8PK0X AKLK UCR?*N UIKU WANTS A SITU A !?o?v-n AO Ani?r.:?D family, sjt chain t-.rn._a or Co k. 1 ** Suffolk ?t., u .iK re at. A 'RENPFVTABLR'WOMAN WISHES A STVATION JV M la .Oilr'n, or hna no ob'e<-tlin ? > do the w irk .f ? an. 4.: "?'? can k>v? axkI reference. Call 11 Idl lit at. Aral Boor, back room. A respectable young woman want* a ?itcaUod to do aenenu hoateework In a rru'.n fatat'y; .? a Weud pW.n -oob and a t'Jul role sttbrr and roller; a?x1 City re?? rerv e from her .mat 1 lace. Call at 74 Jjhiaoa 1', Hr.j a the rear. A INSPECT ABLE MARHTP.n WOMAN WASH A .A. baby to wet n trae at her own h me no .k la 1 ! > ? 1. dkui he teeu for two tlaya at No. 4 Wkldron r'ace. y r? iNaklya 4 NNSPNC FABLE YOUNG <.!?!, VD I A Ell * A. Uon aa ham lermanl and wtitreaa: or h .1 n 1 O r ' >11 do c- n?'ral ho nework in a nnall private fam t ha* the vara beet of t ty re cren<-e from her laat r *b?re ore 'lead to :r yeart. Call for tiro daya at ldl Paclti" at.. Henry, Brook yi. ? AMI 'AT KMPHTTAHI.K V??rNO M ARMED W< MAN w.fhoe a t '.natriti a* *r| 1 rro *ho h.44 he' her htld, |vr n, u,h* . I t'?Q be Been at dl If'h *' be,' wa* 11 ?*n and Ihh (. >n M eidav and Ttieaday. H?? t ie beat 0 reference. None t r?. c.tua amdiea need apply ?'- be Been U.I eU?K*v i H n... ps>PECTAPl.k makhieu woman, A *-! .? Htlmi, ?? wet mine, ID a reapc-table family; ."\?o i * haa ro objection i?t ch< or country. >\?u t, ,rrb I <-m ..?frd al All K.-at lilh at., i r?t hoor. ? ?IT ATION wantkfv-wv a nice, twy a via rr 'I :?Ke k rl. to cone, anil iron '.a p. nm?ll private fcu.!'i . bar to ol ection lo do general housework. Call at 1(1 Perry *. Ma-nod l onr, froot room. A "t' yuon wantkd-uy a RESPECT ami E U1RI, ?* -f.\m(?erti'.?id and Ui do wasting, or tn take cere of itnVren. Hert of city reference given. Call at Jew tUit lifts a, tiraf > or, tack num. ARIJ" 1'ECTAB1J) YOUNO OIRI. WANTS A SITUA .liu .oik general housework in a private l.. nily, w a good waatf r aiul .roner and rood plain cook. lieai if Ci'y reteren e ?t*en Irt.rn her ..oil p.a -o. ( an be aeon for two day* at t>>! dd ?vo, near WRk it. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY V PRoTK-TA N T OIRU J\. to lake -are of children and to |o .i> rn work an-i tlatn mswit i' Oood tj relerer. - ' . ; ? Winn-, street, reoktyn Akevi KCTAULB YOUNO WOMAN WAN 13 A Stru. anon * ourae either fur a ch id anluNnt. tn do pla.n erwuig. want* to go South or any par- of the fry; can give mod cit. rrlrrri.i l-. ia w.lllog 1 > take ol .u invalid, Can be Bern for tiliee dayi at 2117 Spring at. A SITUATION WAN rKD?BY A YOUNO OIRI., TO do general in a -x .11 t'r' .at" ,'amily, ir ae fcidret. h uitid- t all at ' IB Monroe ?l a OOOR wivis v IITUATION IN v PR! VATS KAMI ly. prrtrctly un-lrrsUUol* f. -r b-uiue-wl, bax lived three er four year? n her laat p a -e. Call at Z6 Slant Maltle atreei. Brook vt: _ Ari SPKi tah1.k woman wants a situation, .* a * -> cook, vvaabrr and Ironer and a gwxl hake*; no abject*, n to do genera) housework. Can com-- well vended Call at 71 T2d at. between Leui.g'on and llh are , fur twe Maya. Abespbctari.r youno woman wants a situ allon aa rook; la a t.rat rate baker and underefanda all mde of paatriek and <?-saeru wood refereoore giw-n. No bjectvon in aeatat It. 'J.e washing and iroi.ia.f- Call at ldi Aaakv ct. in Ibe rear. AmrArto.v wanted-by a competent younu woman, u ?.mt rate haiiiwriniiid. <r ?? waiter and efcambarnuUd and to in tbe wnablnr and lnniu?. beat of reference. ran be sees fur two-daya at Wl flat at., between 2d and 3d ar? , accon.I atory, front room. AHESFEi TAB ,H Kb ' L1BH V O.M A N'.V AMS A SITU anon a* rook n a private familr; unleratamla CO ntlng la el Ita branches. fall ti" a .ifed at t'.m 'at il et. AYOUNO tilRI. WANTS A SITU ATI IN ON BOA HI) A liaamrr aa chambermaid, no objection t > the diatom? rnn. aabjection to go aa Indira' watt log-maid; can en r eejii reftrwce. Apply al 3-1 ilreenwicb ntreet. a?imd flair. A RTTUATION WANTED?BY A I.ITTI.K UIK!^ 13 JL yeara old, in a reapwuDla family, to take , ar if a child Ad make bereelf j*lgl fall at N'). 3 Mott at. ABIOHI.Y HKSPKCTAItlJI MARRIED WoMt.N wants a baby to wet nurse at her lenden-e. her own aaw month old. or w u.d take t baby u? b ard I'all a*. .'tod 7lh a., fret Boor, front room. AHOCSFKREPKR'S HITV \Tl'tN W | s RD IV A Lt dy of reBued mind, who hut always been arc tetomed to tar am home, baa no objection to tr ire!. Addreaa 111 lte are per. Herald office. , Anoou AORI) MOOUCAN WIDOW I -A a eif nation to take cart ot theaick; cm give >d rele- 1 rfM to that efTec*. Call at 133 West 13tb at. AumcTiiu tomto ouua iraa i , bitcta uon aa oaraeandeeeiwetrca. wool.I liar to nolh; can he wall rrcomui n.le?l (Mm ber last '-niployrri. Call it St Wea: IT'.h at. la the rear. <>F.RMAN <>"K AND OIUM CHUBIUItlD .T want to c't ket altuannna In city orrodi.n > . no la a foil plof oak end taker, and very wool w?h?r andi one etiteaioo to d < bona-work if re, need; 'be other aa chamber alb an i .r r?a Call at M% Hr- -' V^fTDATTON WANTKD-P.Y A YOl'Wti WOMAN. TO DO general bn'ieewvrk Hon! ci-j r-ferewee. Call at No 63 1? nglasa at , between Smith and Hoyt >'Brooklyn* Siriaiit* w (ninu-nr * nwrh rxm.k \\ i _ u.Mrmm I IMkurwt, pdnW biar ' ni knots or IfinMliaili. >11 jraara' raferecm iron: fcer :?it p M I 'All M 17 f rinra at C'TVAT: N WANTED .<> < > .E.MAN *\n H- ?*b '-ma'- ! ;> *n *!'? ? V ?*' - 'I'K p.. X1T(I1' .1 CO "? Oottftl bi im*ii IP? if n?ar the iiowrry. opposeM A. irtm pi mm 0 mtuiiri. TAfrKV - A EITCATIHW T< :. AI:N*v di ??m%0 r g. by *o iid:a'?l > m v > ? wr in ?rb b ? . kvt x : e * . -e. Appijr *t : a. , Mr >k'rn u'\nt1td-a httl'atio*. by a rk-"p*ct \.n'.r YY * ?w w.r, o do iba, h war* <rk a prn iv fimi'r. 1? an pimim wp-*lrr and tmorr. Cor. b? ? -n ?t t?r prr*?- it Ilarr tkla w??k >ii .Tii IVr?! T *-'-ntj f . ir.h i'rert, wh?r? ?tL'trt rv rrf?r-t ?e will br flint \l*\NTr? A* stTT ATTOy. nY A RESPE'T VI1T.E " j, o: !..!<?* J ? < i t an ? . roi .major and lri't.T B"< n . r?ff?oc'*. t'an b 'arm f ir 1 arj .lapt >. jb 70 .v* . o?.r litl. ? . x-aiud mor, bock roam. " A ^ A KWK.TAn.i-: W.iMAX. Wil ) has - I l j I . *. t.r A , '.j *. ljj K.i*t ai:h - Yk" A NTKI> lit A REM'KCTAHLK WuM VX A ftlTCA Yf dot. .? uMauuMi > A, *.i ."Ma meru it oJ Alnda, pal:r? ood -air-uonan, .l*Mrrta and >b k ndi ?t aonna, to an n-rltem h..0iT noo -jr.Uou l? s<> a ah vt dl*: Alter .athoc.-ruo try t"-*t of r?frr?nr? ran In- alien. A'an b* men 1--r l? o d?|i >: 183 W?c. J.-di >t, D'or -lb >\. wartip a siti'ation. by a bbhpkatr abi.k ' YY )< i>s *iimu. u>?wt, wmO U'l ir m ia * amall prt *?U foKoy fo-ir yean raf?rrnc? trim I'.rr .MA piace. Coa Or two for two i!%y> >t N! Pearl *l UTAHTRD-BY A RE-'I'KT A MLR Vol NO WoMAW. A YY atluaUon a? <Ui d* >11 kind* "f b>?ms n i ild to widtnf t? iwist in -bo w?tiins: th? t>??i of r?frmicr -on iw |!T?a Aprly >' 101 ivr? iso tn to? reur. -nfaktkp-?y a rkspk' tahl.kprotkstaxtoiku YY ort iorm >? hombi-p <i >l ' >r ' i !o orwinj, rr ?ri.rr>: b- .*r?<irk tn > ??oJ crl?>i? foaiir i*<??t c;tv ro ' Atl >t .'II ilk >?., bvAnrrn Ud >s I Mib , on the iktrd Boor, front mom. 11'axikia-by a rkmpk. tahur protkryakt Yr p i aon inn j? >r>ji ilrr?* or :* '.irs* of an in rand tad), im noob^.-ti-o to do 1 sit chain'irr* .rk, mr rrnftt. j o at- . ly and okar .rler aoM (irrn. Call at X; bth it , i ?i*im .7 t iwii ju.l * a, h/ANTtlA-my a rrrvr""t ami e a*iri>. a BltVATIOM YY M .laa.' - rmaidor waltrr, or lo a?*iat In waablns and Iror.ias BwtstinfWMN. pl-aar oall at l?" i'b av#., n .-ar Bid at, > '?d Conr, back ioap. "sir axtrp?a bttvatiox to do okxrral h-tcsk WW a nfs * >ma rr rn . IB.lY (** 2 fuT I * ? -V?4 WaaAirt'.i at., nnajaljn. Wuno-ir a ?rni k< Tami.k -.1*1. a htcattov tf et.nk< nu t ? w attar. >r . -h*m, ?rtnu! and ut* am of rbi dron or luht hniaonnrk find ro: araarn. Call M HI fartf! at. llrooAlr? n'axt^p-a situation ?v a tim'hi* >*\n as . A ('an aim ( **1 i -T- n ? Call at ! p .<;* at , o? .Wf?D Omni) and Hojt alo HronAlyn U'A^ft-RT A st* APf. A'TIT* WOMA* A PHOTt i at mad m xi i? ?. ?b- todiTt'*nila m'*i r ?a?rr and All Ita brar -boa raatrlna. All kiaia Of AOttoA. a?i<tliwr in dorwa and but't * of f-.rbi Pat tbo So? of . ty r? i?raw>. pan aorn far l?o d<ya ?? >?' ***? at. \1 * A NTKP BT A **sr*rTABI.? OIRI . V ilTVATTOX " i A'i r*nar?l l? iaa? it, j fodfltla And A fnt ??? A?Ab?r and irooff H .a 'Aa boat of ally mior?nT? from >t?r Mat v'.aoa. Ttoaan cAll for .? > da.a At IIS) JSdltorrjr r . TMAT bOUA*. la'ahttp-a pit' at!??tf, nv a <K*f?p rt,\TV COOK. M aod tr*aM AO* a' 'i Uh* a ih >1| All 1 r n ir K if ralr ran * ? all at It* Baa LkJi at . to.worn >1 an t itA A^a , ikird ??, froa 11' ANTKl?-l?V a k*xr*< tabi.k wi'ITAH a -itua?f US' o ? * do ron-rai b ?'*.i a .a a aaco . iau> j. lA JTB At lUPat' ti atrao* ?? lb Hr> * > U'A.Ntf ? 1<> TV* **- *. r ASt * t"f* ill*..-!, a!' a *a rdl r'tnc??h?'; It f ol nla>a -""k, a a-A-r ir. 1 ?r lb?'*A?r aa ob^iBtMrma'd. and b> aaaiat In aran' IB t A' ' imnna an! |i.aln an an' ? (all at U Ham Ita at ii'axtkp a pitvation t<i no ??r** ai. ?i6v-* TT tr -rfc. ?.?id rtoanun?AlAt.-at r a kar laat p!a.-o. 44 *<<1 at. \1' apttb-ht a norRSPRll wei* ta cim?k-A sit tt Alton m : ?ad * t.i a -n tart la A nporWtr < ?AA?ry and .l?aa tm of ai) ktn-la, raaak aatd Koadah atyloa luppr't aud itinnoia ? p , r . arltoa la tba i- iioat > aanor la A liral i aa h ,a?A?r?r. ajinbloof amf ortiitoo i'a* AnrlAnrr "otai !lah-a?tr tin ,1!,^. I Junto aaa pan of tto Sou'.k H-ai ot roforOA'a ton 1 ?a to ?'t for on* not at 181 17 lb at., b-fx?-n I at as id ara. w,'a*t*n-a SiriATIO* a* i.aptx malp axo Ta aMAB.aii aa. if aa n iraa ??'! c..n> ?. h 1 i.'ir j mk) rndarntaada d.Hi>a Uf ail Hind* B4.*ry M. I u w d'*a? na & Mat of ui> roitranoa ?i'#n Cm. ! >r to i l?>f at S. W**t I9*b tu. oaor 6tb Ato. "|A,'ARTTtV-A HTVATIOR. BY A TOCIM WO* A*. AW " prof*a*?d wk. Id a v.r1> *? 1 <*r<) .>g bona*, bntal or . 1' ? .m h ndr rau >xt? (vtrAiioc In all tla hnockaa. th I oaa: of city r?trrom? (UN. Coll fjr nra? daja al A? Wll l*t ! . ???r Ml M*. j ' rmmwcw ^vuTiiinBm. _ /\* rmA!?r?? row. RorRBifm fr ari'aiak ax V" -rrulu?A* a praodraafo .to mluu Wprffln :iN ?jnl o? rarfo pm on r?? parti |u* pool , \nc ma. .:wr on Rn Vn Son* Alrooti*. a^v1 n**a*n?-rii?a?<>>ifarma!*cai? rom ?mr V rtr lUklt, aroe do buaixra r?. mtaiuidaL ut. t> alr**a?r o >a Ml So* ?*. XTRR .r?cim DKV'tfftttJJI AIXIMARD*, qca F f RT.B J > *m to Fraof*! . i ! .' * of ' Ai ?.?. *i j .1 a #r ? tooa* i?Mr too onfanta. *'*??? pla<ar ??? m* r'T?i-'*- ai awio ir*ar?.->ar.aiaa.l?lkw>? Adraaaar < L. A . Il-ra.l ,?T..-?. ITRS mJ.? KB A WANS PBRfRB 1* m 0OTT 1 po-.r twoiio d anfant > f*air* do ham^ra, #** a<?ar I 6'?tlOMr aa |t? )M Tfci ?T*r lO, ' ;<3 A I I I hi i p want* A BOY WaNTED-TO RT'N uK KKKANDB. .h?4 IRE at .17 Maiden !, up stairs 4 coachman wanted?to go to ahtoria; . J\ a. L-t have good cliy reference*, an English a >*1* mm I preferred < 'aU between 8 And 1U A. M. 138 We-., llth at., comer c( 6U> ?v. _ | B~OY WANTKD-IN A TOY AND RANCY STORK. Apply at 87V Broadway Boy wanted- neat, genteel, lad, it" oonn address, from 15 to 18 yarn al aye; out write very veil, w hites I" fe generally useful. and content with a moderate alary A, i ' }. with te*..menisle, at U3 Grand r.reet, h ? nf tertww, from 4 to ti. Boy wanted- an honkrt, active, to rcn errands in a aa-'.licery establ-shmenl. None r.eed apply who i-.icnot give good refer-ace. Apply at IS.'. Hire ?.-r it, Coachman wanted-one who can tike care (M a hone and bu be?:i engaged for me yas roach tan, also willing to make himself naeful .1 .n I. * may addras, stating term*, K. D., Herald "ce. A m'.'d.e aged Bngdabmoa preferred. CTIOTHINO SALESMEN WANTED?WHO HAVE A J g.?d trade from Kentueky, Tennessee .c 1 North And South Carolina; none others nk*d reply A . Irear, vrUh ;J particulars and rsterei. .-a, A. B , ts.i 1,466 Piet 'It e. IaBUO CLSEK.-WANTED, A QUALIFIED DRi " r.erA C>ne with unexceptionable relereoces may app.y at 143 Rigl'h avenue I^MVI.OYMa.VT ?VlltTlTK A CO , PUBLISHERS, 7 > M Ai Ji nn street, oll>*r employment I/t resiieua l? tr-r of gtxsl t sloets hutilts to Introduce ihelr illuarrnte. . t'-.r . publications. A| ply bet ?r-n 'J and I- A M , for two dojs Foreman wantep-roR a new ka< rosy; one who Is accustomed top king charge u i? t* rt ."'- if WN>e nee.I apply e\. ei t an experience 1 ;or? "l the at reference required Apply at 114, 14t) ini ISO Cban>'"'rs St., bltWNU Rand 10 A. M. Men wanted?in ali. the principal cities villa ye* and "i" tovna la ihe CijUod .-'tie* and ' idas, to a it as agente can muse > roin S75 to $150 per month, for f :i parti'tjlars .I 'dres- unmedlnt-ly and receive our reply w> return tnail, K. II Osborne A Co , 417 Walnut street. rbiUr.elf bin, Pa. nill.K MEN SKKK1 V(l SITUATION'S AS I? t: > ?; i' 1*1 *?, aalesmea, o<>' *r?, b.-rkeep.'-e, A" , h 'd ill'. . R. 'K* .cits' K 'tlntry ' U\'. 7> i'r ii i :v. *? 11."i ? proc ire.I S i romtnlse on In ad v r t| plicnm* l>y mail must V*e two "tarn' i E-'tbIJehel UN O. KA?UM I FT1 <' AN VAR^KR ! ? V \IfTED, TWO OR riJR''E ENV'f I geti.t men to can .a?a tor tl*st berinl work*, entirely in w lo thta market Kapen?u irj r,nui era wUldu w-'ll t) * P ply to .1 h.MMl.N'S X CO., 388 r >..;! li ? , near Franklin i.ire. Y*?"ANTKD-A YOUNOMAN, 16 OR IS YE \RS OF A(JK, tt ubtUclrik; moat t airood, qnkskpenmnn; no ne~u apply. state ur, wl re l*at etai loved and references, H> i < . . k, Hera', t. (lije. WANTKD-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY L'NDKRStan Is the weaving of ha.r cloth In ev try p.irti ;Ur, or oamental and otherwise. Addreaa box 3 It*.' foal ifllce. \l AM Ell?A YOUNG MAN AS CLERK AND HAI.BHII nil In a pan fixture china and glass store, in oat be at piainted with th h'p'n* -a and hint goo.) re,pr?r. '*a. None oth-ra need apply to W. H. Kiilluian, Brua lw ay, corner of a-ili at. IIT ANTED?A FIKNT RATE BARKEEPER; A LEO, A TT idei K for a grocery *tor? and three bell boj a for a hotel Apply ,t Redpath's Merchant*' Clerka' Registry Office. 78 Broadway Hltoatlona procured No commissi m in advance. Itetereice U) first class Lunar a. Kat is,tahed 18J6 O B0.WLIN8, Superintendent. Tl^ANTBP-A EAI.KSMAN FOR A FRUIT STORE. TT German preferred. Alao i clerk to make hints* If gene inly useful. and a '-ollectrir. Apply at Redpn'.h's Merchants' < lerka' Registry office. 78 Bro*dway Situations procured. No commission m advance. Eat* otah-'d 1KM. MA RA WEI NS, -tip!. WANTED-* MAN AND IIH WI'R, WITHOUT t'HTTj. dreo, on a farm In New Jersey; most understand 'armIn. we'd; the woman to be a go.*! washer ami lroner, and tin demand making butter. Apply at 48 Chatham it. WANTRD-A RESPECTABLE HOY, ABOUT If YEARS old, to attend ( dor tor'a office. He most com* areU re commended. One reaidlng'.eith hie parent* preferred. Call cm Dr. Lmqtiigt, 73 Ci'jiby atre jt. 11'ANTED?A STRADYMAN, TO WORK BEHIND AN IT eating counter, none need apply but those who lader stand carving, city reference required. Apply at the Wordeu llouae, coi ner of Bayard at. an 1 Bowery. W A NTKD-ONF. MM OYSTF.RMVN AND Ml TT waiter. 1 tuiulre at 212 Broadway, basement, from 7 U A. M . of O. W CTiafiaey A Co. YYr ANTED- V SALESMAN IN THE RETAIL DRY TT g'uxla b r.ea*. mu?t be we'l acvrv'os*d wkb the dress goods den rime nil a good pushing hand. Apply to J. j Mooney, 89 Fulton St., Brooklyn. W'ANTKD-A YOUNG MAN OR BOY, 17 OR 18 YEARS j old, Pi open - era .uid wait on table; one not al raid to i work. Apnly l-etween 10 and 12 this day, at 3'.'8 Broadway, j corner of Walker street. TAf ANTED?AT SWEENY'S IIOTEf,. A STOUT TOt'.ViI Hand tb" oi obrrti Apply la the, between 10 and U A. M. XI" AITF.A8 WANTltti.-RRYKRAI, GOOD RS^TAURANf TT w.Jtrra may find g ad situation* at #1)7 Hr Midway. HRRi'HUTT A RRGS. _ itiriATlOIlS WAXTKII-flAlibl. Ail ITr.K. ftltO (A# IN'Fl.l RN.'R A HOI t Ki.iilY ihim wild toilira fipantah 'rade, lu the Sailor.or minuet*, wume* lo find a writ eaial>liah"d boil** where bin ?ei ?n > * can I": re m unem 1 d. Addi?* Pf? * boj .i Si1 J f xl otlice A1' il' Nil MAN WANTd \ Siri ATION 1.1 v a,, ! H pto|MM b'i*ed Pimm* Md :rti*i-r MOda Tb i 1 ?>r?t of rrfirnifiain be given. Irp'\ at l? tV.-t i .;fc .... f roi.t r -an i \] RAl'TIi Af. FA RUHR. AN AVRUliVAN. V 1 KRi: i> w\*ha? i 11??-.'barer* m a ?iB?ll i '-m i uu-frin ftY rk. fi iy nnderwtaad* uj ooe.uca* .ah rem t r t* d iti C. !> C.. Heraldat. * * i AH1"NOi;R l"!'! a|f. if; i m? i v . "i b> ,'f report' -r titnet ivMirn teeh t it r. i or t h'traelf ? '# . neeeymer or vl it .pin uln* iwrfr'l (id "f. World s> to tbe bjiih r *>?;. iddrea* a. K. t Apron, St. Jtlchnli* Hotel. A Yd I N I MAN HA' ?N . A fill V! I . U'iT A'., (H J\. <v>n?i.l''r.ible ' penence In ih?rr?*?r. < mi, ? a M'latinn either a t'.e ahove, or any Mfe pay ins' .'en Adlri u H A. C., ri ra.d oi;i. ? Ab tocnu man. haying riva uoi H. >.y:::iy" r?\Y no .'Upled, ? ahi* for employ nieut a* Loohk wer In ' >me large c roinerdal t?'i?e, h.t perfr, .y ^ualii'.od for the Uek. taUjfaOtlon g'.ren .n : lal or no b?rgJn. 8pe..kl and wr"u? ftpaiMeh ana French World nlnokeiep tbe tjv ti in Hr otah II reaalrtl. Addiea* Franc* Head, boi ISO II-raid | tAce. a fc'TVATt. lN A I'l.RRK, B'lOK RflXPAR OR ASSIST J\ ant bookaeepei' i? .lea od oy a to in "bo uiea.t tho il.-r man. Knclinb. French and Italian 0 >1 cl y reftrtata given. Addrree for one wee* l?, K . llera'J "fli -e. A I GARPRNFKH nt rT* ATION WiNTRD-lll A X A.N f'illy capable '. * Klneaa in all It* branrhe* and on rah'.'- ot lupe'Uitrii t..ig a Infill, hi* the ben. ol i l.'fn. j from hl? Ia*t tit,. "r. ''an bo teen at ,"S Joi.4 at. :tr Hire- , deyA TO HOOTHRRMFRa?AM V aPKRIMN 'Rl? lial.-'.nM AN. ; a ii |..i itfWMR inal.i a altiat'.iMla a brat Inn tty r?>le eaUbllabiDMil. amib or anithtreet of l"h?x,ealoi, H. 0. Hlb or fancy ilrraa tepartmeat pre;erred. AudreenJ. I., art til Fi?k office, i harlaaaon. H. 0. T1 HRRfll AN I* ?A RKhPRtrTABLK YOI SG M VN, 1 a rrmpetenl b a hheeprr and trto apeaM at. i t*n ea pe; fe i r -b.- hn(linb. Freneh. Hpaateb a-jd Ittilak. arlabeaU> i < a Mtuatf 'I ?a Hxiarrper te e n rei^'ftideut iu tome. o umt rt'ii ' h. ... ?. . . i-?-* e m Ho nib or warn. Addreea J. F:.-ji< j ll. ae, uaung wb?r? an totarn.'R ran or bi t, r) HOTk K *f U.-VAKTBO. A BlTl' v r. s * brad ttiirr In it kutrl, or aiaward n a cluk b^j>r The adVrrunrr is krrltah baa had Bitch aipar'.auoa la Prat elitaa te/ela wajrfi yaar* bead waltrrat thaftt. f"har>a H tal, Nat? 0 Htna tlnaa jf?rr S?wkH of tha X, O. I'loS, nod i,m H (or aarvral saaaona ? tka ' rrmn llnoaa, Nawpan; tua lb* seat (X palerance w ?kjr?iUB lit (n Sim lb or Waal. Nay ha hoard 3i for una ait b? adUneeui* 0. <>., bui US3 Uaiald vC.?. \l* ' YTTP?BY * YOl'N'l MAN OF Onop griTXW* 1 *? oab .ta and .-"?iOdar*Ma ?p?r,aTtna, a altuatmn a* aa?? i ant h>.ka?rp?r or -nak'ar. Hood ratoraacaa. Addraaa A. B. 0 , has 1*0 Ilrrall ofl.or. I fl'AMTBIV-al-n-VTTOFrs XT I XIX AND H1A WIPK. ' ** lk? r.ian I * w iH-hnan * .! laha nara >' b >r?aa, and ' mala h n.arl: unafnl, lb? wila oatt ??l ?aa>i and I 1 n, " ?b" 1 ' r i?rail/ lorfitl do objnrtl in to tha r nirt l'ii? ' ? ? -f mvmor 'ni* bur l??i anility- i mrnt Irr'j ' r'hf-d day a a; xt Tth ? , cnrcaa ol "tb at UMtTr" \ Ml ITVIN IN Tllf WlTiM! 1X0 raelry b < ir da, bya ? :it> eyn who i? ,vior--i jhIt I nad i ibn t > . "? i lataiia i *ok all tk- mail trade In Mt?. r , Kai; a, I an 1 tk M ? nap't n*T t nn ia N".? n? -i a farv-ry ra'-ran i? roan In Nam fork PMI?'"'pl .t and Loula. \dlr-oa 'ni j,.*M si, l?m? ?' ? ! U'lVrn a -TTV aTITiN HY A XIM'i 7*III.T IT i ? drmtait 'b?- but i "? waii and can >nta w?:| aaa-roaoread. ?i ,i '-hnt?'??h ld8 rkarl'>o atmal. New Yora ll s I Bll ?i H - FHT1TI IT At ' ' i v, " man. H*M tf rafer?o -?. 11drew R. It , Mat n A I" -at iXBon Jki.p WAXTKO-rNNAUM. A\ k r ?|M k - WANiri> fo? a , , v , . Wftik old to ba o iro?l oat. Tar n* Hi. > **. 1 nre? rr rod. Apt y In '.bn rnafof ill Unwary, - i llaalf. A LI. RK?r*rTAB' F. FFMAI K MOVANT* IN EFFilY apv-My alart, an-n ?'r!? lately Und"-', ire r? naa ad to apply iBina-iiktaly t ibe nrat - laaa te-nai* *. , 1 oar ?11 at A la.1) in apan I, oca. ll (k?oi ir(M paidAIJ. FAMI1.IW AXB HOOD AKNYANTM WfM. r?ND Oik lar*aat and b~t slor In tka m> at luS lltb ak,, 01 ?a ar. iktnd inatnma InaaiBllak-./. alan *uod, ctn -anaMa na p to tntt all trbo ralL Utrla lalaiy kaodml wantod. aad Ba (ira la (nod. raapot-tablo piai-aa. A 1J. t WTLIM. II* riTY f>N CUVHTHY lYVYtNT ^ ? aa. a- t -arm o -s-.. b, F . I Illah, call baa tiaj lik-mt Rnr. trta <n ? ' g-t .1 attual tan oar in tbanl wtik-mt watnaf, at ii? Rart viva' Ina i tut*, W? llromaa at | COLonicn xrxpx wantkp-rbf ncht ?fk*k oMkar Fran b or Hpaniak. Ad Vaaa U d. U , b i 111 ilaraid Jiic mi'T a * - .tkvr ' APPLY tr ;? IP Br?4? ?y, al llda-r H Xirm A . . f-tTBI.s tYABTFn INMt PI aTKl.Y IMR BITV1TIP.YA T ,d ti rin :a ID tka - Hy a-.d taotri, Fir?t<<aa-i 4 attona w :; ' < *i?f? ? ik?> ? n br^nc'i- * a-*>'-mao* ott fa* u a* b-b w utm go 4 1* MU?"W. MWr.h * *t. ia. W?f*TFI? Vt'TT '?TRM T.) W)*ti ,?f I >~ -Ti?* n? pan '4 i-?- -n -4 l? i>.? put so l-*m ita ?prl? at iha Knuaijn *?in Oiwpaay, 17J r-j - ? ? i?i??J lfali>. Hw**.th wAiintn tjmnv*Tin.T<?onr? ^ - t <.< Mbar *rd 'fvifr, f w ? 'airily r* f- if p?f? ir, i ? *? ? ' * iPtfa* *-vl ^* i a>vt * 'h*aiVn??M mil I ?w?r. v"f? ?(? ti-?n ? i ? >? ?ian % mtaa4il arm* 1 far o?? fcrApply ?l 19 ^iJ^fy M , *m*iyc. HEW YORK HERALD, MC ia.Lt> W a Vltb-fRMA UtL* SALi>\W<iV.AN WANTE.tWEOH THC WoRATk.ll tN> trtPiiuiiug .apa- u.ei:i, t rat v..nit t^uuf Apply a. ftrlli 'fcdway. rRKE K\pvFiieycEr? SERVANTS ARE WWTEO IN a private famil. a niirw, t aeaiiiatraa* and a 'huhl'eriru.d. h.I m ?i I? I'rnteatunts. Apply, with tp'.m niwh. it the S- rvHpt* loan r, lttf Gratia ?. A'tw wader p.r sand irouera. TBMEYOl'MO I.ADrM KVUA4B0 TO l.rvRN rnv fancy paper bo* trade, will pleaae local) lo-Uy Two mure \tu> iio n iturla wUl tat tautibt at th? usual lerui t. fa renta will nlr ?? to nt ter-.e th*t th i eatahllfhmant h m > rr"> ne.:ton with ary other u. New Y.ira, a* "loular homflvr lUrnien'a hire apt"'trad, promising but not fululluig their promises Apply at 39 Liberty street. WAVTElt-A Yorvo l.AIlY WILLING TO ASSIST IN .he c?re f a prl'ste hnardlne li viae, aa a tmpanlon; aba mn?t he drone>- c wPh f l reference*, who would ttuak a pood k n aquuslant. Apply at 178 \Y"?l lltb at. YirW'TFD-A GERMAN OH AMERI IAN GIRL TO 00 ?T (literal! .M'wurk, mnathea JC'V vt conk, washer and, neat, rm-.rt and uhllfiDg; reference# required Apply I at No. SO W eat .""".li ?t TREANTICI)?A 11>T OL \?S PROTESTANT MM.LINER TT i.i : t to <tolon.l la. S O. terma art i di'irtL C.J1 at A. insii >K A b itterly a, 91 1) . -i.e t. Wan i ad?a i.oort milliner, to whom a <io<ir? TT * ary wol be riven. Only noul one# need apply at the u.- 112 cb tut . - , ..t II o'clock a M. "Ik" t V rs.ti-A SMART TIDY OIKL. TO DO T fT '** i.F< l? rral h ih*w ? il a* family Must be a 30'I ,' ? ?. v- .n . r > d i -ourc n.1 t *11 wines obliging Ketereueea re., red At .j ?' 77 Wen U'.h Y?r ,.yi e:>_a p fi r Rut ART WOW a V, AS KURSK and T . -?a. 'ullonW. tlay, between 12 and 1 o'c. a, ?t No. S D?v i row Hlaacker at. TITAN', ID- FOB i.KNRRAl, IIOI'HKWORK IN' A KAMI Vf v ,i | or- 'iw i- -?t rite nook w tshrr ami li-ocmr, oralid uriVi'v, haerf 1I reap.'-nul. None ae- I .p ? ih<iutr l rwoommendutirms, ?' 10k Went 77th at, before 1 : o'clock TiVTID HWRMil*.T-POni M RTR nfCIIIf? meed Bonnet Tnum' r?, lo whom steady employment nd J ? h ;b"?t ?u"i wilt o given. A lao, eight or tea i . I hrs n."iner*. Aru'y i.t W Canal street. ' TV.A NTKD TO HO ?(TT'I TTO I.tniES, AN' 11 < I * TV !* r.i'-'d nr. 1 ' : 'y I .?r mil h tn-'yanT - > i-h ml' lln"r, h . '><!-Alary pale, the lo'.ilon Is healthy and pies sent ' " \ arm at r tt< M or *4 utfarge Hou?i\ at.i"n-' | to 9 a. at .ind Aran .'i ll' m TlTANTKn-A ? imrnRRMAID. NURSE, WAITER * V 1 rl . k. ? ! r . I.' li'uiier. r a urai class priv i ? family wl ihave juat rat .rmd from the cmutry. Apply at N Tilth it., eral dura w \-t of Broadway, from 9 to 3 | o'lock. Uf ANTKII?TWO URLS. TO OPERATE ONRIN'iKRS Feeing machine; ateady wo-k. ("all at 127 Mott at Also, one girl t. i lab al or b- m . bine by ban I; g id wagec TITANTKD?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO OIRI.s, Vf oca t" assis' hi washlna, ironing, and to do the chamber ? irk, 'ii' the Aher to e riu an t aa waitress. A. 2(12 W?st 2.Y1 St., between 7th and sth ara -|\rARTH!i-AT .US fl'lll AVE.. A FEW FIRST ft.ASS ft mil iners h-so* who are acnurtomed to Bruadw.iy nr. none oibei a need apply. < all for one week. WANTED?AT TIL.MON'S AtlKNCT. 7C'EAST TIUR teenth street, me door east of Fourth a?enue help, oclnred and white, Hermans 1'rotealant oooka, chamb. r. maids, waitresses, house workers. roa'-hnn'D, waiters, k . for city and oonmry. Now la the time; fall ta near and families are commit lit. WANTED TKMl'D'ATK1.Y?HV A FIRST CI,ARA CITY mtlllimry e?tabn.di'nent. two milliners and two trtinmera Ladles o' the i'r? . h . aeter and skill In th-lr bumaesa will b? bherally ileel wilh V>oihere need s iply. Ad'.resa, with real deuce J. W. H., New York Herald office WANTED- A HOOD PI.AIN PASTRY COOK, A WOMAN of middle see preferred, to go Sooth: permanent situs Hon ss-' ired. App'y between the b"'ira of Sand 7 o'clock P M at the Hmodretfc House, rjom No. 81. F. O. Tlr ANXFll THREE HFRVANT", A LAUNDRESS WHO TV tfPfroighij understands ber business. a waitress willing to arsiMt wi;li tine was'ing .ipd In i log and a young girl lo ass's! In the kitchen work. Apply at 21 West 2dta st. TIT ANTED?TEN OR FIFTEEN OIRI.S To WORK ON "? tomatoes al J Warden's, 391 (ireennl.-h at , t iruer of Beach. TT"AKTED-A STEADY WOMAN AR U K)K FOR A TT ho el ..i d ditiiiiit saloon, one tvbo thoroughly unde stands ber business. None other need apply. Call this day a, .he Franklin li ning Kuoma, 17 Fulton at., llrook.yu T1TA RTRD? A (IIRI. TO HO TO HAVANA, ONE WHO Vf unil' MunAs plain acwiug; she will tind a romlortable ho'.ne and ' ry (iWal wages will be paid. None nee.l answer Inil those wlw cm. gi e giasl retereacea. Address A. A. M , Herald office. Vh'ANTKIi- A OOfili TOOK. WHO CAN DO THE W.AB'l IT ing and iron i c in a ainuil prtrate famllr. Rest of city retnancrsi will be re,'bred. Apply Iruui 9 lo 11 o'clock al St Kast 23d st. 11-ANTFD- OPERATORS ON kINOER'8 MACHINE Tl ar.d Lsiloresses. at n ? 1 Chambers st Call i'.... tkM. dayt. TI' VNTFP- V SV VRT CIIRT, FOR QKX?R VI. llOt'RK*t work Sha mi .?? ? (.. ! rook, r utir m?l Inj.i r; f. nCy am ill. W< gift to tend ?*rl fa parmmth. Apply ftt ICi I'rlrra ftlroftl U'MITRIVl!! A Mtt.URKRV BRTARMSHMV.NT. A *' J? "V '"dy ta **l?**w">raiio. to rr?l la in tht bviv. nt who h?" In) r^p -imoi ift tha imint-** and ran five ftattsfa. lory rtliracoa. Apply to Mr? Ita. idaou, iZi Hlenckei" ?lreat. vrisra-Tvoa ID riuit areu oxtr 10 *? i 1 !< ?r.1 xi? t i .in iu,.in nrftieg ?ii.| uk-Ofti'i <ii chl'drm. In ill* ftt 1" Koari ?i Tl" l*UP- in PERATOR ON ?hrr*RK A WI1I? ft I. . ft-wir. it... Jilnu. Aypll tirl'jre II M at 1a; . Sr . k in .I* Hroftftwsr U' \\rKH-A . joD ,-o< K. oxi: W nil TR, ?ROt*' 1IILT i\ ii. . ipi-'ii .i ? m(o ! m v . r?. aj.'.'v ? rh i*r?rin ?, ftt No. . Witt Jin ft! b-tnaa.i I Hint 12 .. ft li'iitivn k m vittit >>r < titi.ft i > wo. . \r til : II |r- n.ary I fti.1 ??. It , in o / bir., A 'i, ti MMf. \l"ANm?-A WOMAN COOK, AT 12J U" UkX II ft! / .fly i.lrr V o c.noA day. \\''RTKn-A tftrviT' TARI R VOVNU OUT. T.I PO i ll i? r. imiwrtRrlmkillMRRMR bin n4 ?.?bftr ind l titirr. Itaiamnan la.nlraa. Aoply at 17.1 ltb'^knr ?t.. *>' ? "or 2 nrd 4 o rl.ft-k' Wag.m l-mrpilTtlVA villi 1 WOMaN. HKTWKRX Til* If ?, of IS ..nd DO. to do pWli laving ftnd tftko cn'e | fV,.' fftn t'ft!I tit 77 Kft?t 12th *t . betwaan At ant ith ftv* \l' INTRO A riRKT R VTF It'H'-KRKKPRR (AVRKT II ?ii two . ftt ? i,tor gir'.ft, . tin pii'iti > jtrl ?o<l ? *.?'1 \i iiiftn'ftkr Bftftt of left-Truce ra pilra.l. In euro at the C r. ndl lUtft ITiOL 8. 8. STKUBIN'S. W'ANIID-A Rh.-l'E TAHI.E PROTF.8TANT WOMAN, IT u. t " r'?ll . en-ark <>' a ; . at.- laiiiih . mii?: il .I put >k. uftfthtiraiol Iruoar. Ona who thonnnrhlr I.lift. >t tviy *i ; .jr .uiiutdiitelT at 21J rh ispac H'ftftt. tl t\i i.AVit. Itk till AKil ff tirHKW, (IM II 'ha- tvlmt ill l? *a aing; food ilti rftftroocc rf ,n r.d. . ?.i niter 10 <> Uoth A. M. at Wt Kaftt 29th ftt. -||\ rOoRR. A I.AnmiEEsnlW. tt i llAMHKKMAtRR III Hft,i . .ft. .'.a*. ftftHhcraaod n vara. 10 gtri* for gn?r .. ft,, k. It u .iM and muhumn*. Id >MaU girla. a it n.n and rardrcrrt waatad oatualintay hi lha Bar. n.ita' Itwtit ta. lift Ntatb atraat naar Bradwar. I'lo ^e r t, ; rt .fgHfta Ml'lflll 14\rv 01RI.D FOR IBAVR WnRK OX KNOTTED J'JU ftiita Alftj, a ?BI ?rt boy for Odlra ,.nd arraoda. I Host A OO, tl Hrtwdwar. i i\n/i skirt hards ra.vr*i>-roi? a nrw l.UUU fa .xTtairartenrad handa caa find etaair w .rk ,w.g ? ! pay at lh" Koiprnaa Sain Factor). (4*. IM and lit) ">mn I I Kit tiMSions. C~n7.KRA H AUCR - TH PICA HTRaNEK It HfTRlCHH. Oapt I Ihirall, wt',i niakn an Kirunm lu tint tTioJnra Hark*. <n Itiaaday, Aiiaixt V, leaving 'aciaoa alrpM at 6, f v* dock. Mra-npo ot, at l'rck allp at 7 A M. Far# fl. cbowdar tnclticed. VAR1.T MoHWIMO RXfTMlOM TO TUB fffOLRR A Fa Panka ?Tha farortt-aea afram.-r HUNTKKR?i, f'ap . J. V-i. jiU. all', wit a an aarly aictiraion la tha t h -lara Bai ?a in Ihiralai, Auiwl V, 1-dl). leaving Jtrkagn atr-.t ?i 1 , .I'cinrk rack *1 p a'J r*act?aiT. Pall anil chowder furntah?<t free Itch eta W R?f reahmen'a of tha he-t qna'tty fur. tabed at tha bar. l.'nea an ba pror red on hoard MCK LOOK WOOD. 1 JUK OoLKS. < HaKI K* M. orNJt. >0-anml taa JOHN V HFRi>! . ! JOhN < liKtlltt. J W.lllli o.ntAdirm tod Oatara' fAKLT MOKMKO K\i'17R*K>N To THE CHOLERA Pj Haiku?H K TRESS. Oapt. J ,I>ural: ?il rnpaal b'r e ,r'v tt r i,)i' ot-on on Wedn-aTay. A'anal At, learinr ,ta<n.? n ilrrri i t 11, A II . I'wk Pllp at 2 o'cl k A. *L. bail n-o?i ad i rat llnra and rafroabme. t? can ba had on t iiard. Fare A.' \\ Al.TKH P ClHOUUH, JOSEPH PCVALU r-?RVVn MOONLIOHT KKTMIOH TO PLKARAVT T Va'tap, ' Wa^naadar rta> nr. Annual? lshD Th? r?ant i'K PRICK w i trava Rohlnam atrca' at *, s rr a cart at - , Aiuiwarcai at ai,. Twenti aeciail wra. , at tt and forty th'rd Wraat at a'4. oYkvk Tick eta Su oenia '< rr a rent'eman and lady. To T*R<i>rr c iTAHtm,-* w*w PLAOB-rAwaio ?ii < I'aiaraor. .1. J ? w? ar? cj*n In rwrrP-n ri ! r .raiima. f i nr? at frva WcentaWill. r. i>artioul*r? ap pi) . IAM*M WllJUlR ltd Wr.? TVf. 'fit, air**, or by tau.r U ahrr to '+r pr-nirtotora. V .whio* A Wllana. ?WmTHO. ~ ARF.IATTA WIIJ, TARF PI.A?B AT IIUCR OOVB ml A*li>*?.lay. A'if'iM ?. frma for all tvvt 'mdarlhirty1 h* m>?w r Jmum .A. tRarana trUlla-tra f ?* of ?l rit k aurrt at 7v? o'elTh. ?'?><* "lip at A. Bnoma tlrret H ?; rnih atra* *'?, And *U1 tm tM Hartrm. Whlia* >nr, Tkmc t Jirrh, tltr liUad Brw R cA'iitHA h ar#jr. Faro f?>r Ifca f .rood SU ort tA Ihunrr wlU hr ontWM ?t tha Tr tun Hp-hr. J. MlUdtK. I'roprtalor. WMPTR* CTTT R ltd APT A OLCB.?TIIB MBKHKRR fi trill mart Monday araala* 17 lI in#.. At Ml. M?r%'? Ha ? ilotrl. ornnr of Third ar*>i? and Rt?hlk tlrori. r uim. *Vi ItMlf m?Ml hi* MaI from R. ?on, will bo cmM. Th? hooka ar? now npon foe Rnlrlna Tha reirne oa liar'** rlr-r li VKtyrd, and hoaia danm'tr** row la lb* -w.-oa am prvdoa orar tna eo iraa Frogr unotaa and ruiaa rradj for W)??f. MTKmSN ROBERTA. PreaMant A. M. KilBtws, Racratary. I li*<tR RA1.K? A FTRF, t.AROR ORRTHOCVO. OAK BR r a~n at C. r. Mortntor a. Mytt> arannr, near Kant, ?ta? I Bmcltlyo. Kntw a. TIOOKKR TAOITT FOR PM.F UIW.-SUK IM 41 fr* k?a, apImdM ra^'n aad f-trtiltnr#, bntH and | *i ilrpod w*hno* rrrard w?tp?n** and la *rary way rtaht; 1 la fan andaaf*. >nar'rt*l Jan* laal. lb* mm?r now harlo# an oar for b*r aha will bo * id M n unmana* rod jrtlT fr w Mi To br at?n at I* < Kilful.l. P. lartrw aad ekaapaat naa uBk aad wnudra bnat baaaar la tha world, lal Ro?5#lrn at. SptftTTKU ?frl'WM Riri.RB RRPOfA VRM AO.-dOWT reo# rrd I M 1 ibla and airtrlp 'Itina. ard for aala a* tarj law p-t # at 'PAKfl* RRT.rt't,; , r?t*hH?)>*1 / n nora, 4f (h atma. Aii fnoda warrant## a# r?rr?PWi )NDAY, AUGUST 27, 1860. I lUltl AOCTIOII K UK't NOHTIMKK UKIKFFN * CO . APOTIONMEXH 1 J\ MAGNIFICENT HOuKEHi'l.I) MIHNITUKK J AND WORX8 OK AKT * At PubB Aueilw, o iThe property of a family declining housekeeping), k On Monday, * ugnst 27, at III)* ./clock precisely, j F | At the elegant re?ulcocc of Judge Oliver Chepman, : w Ko. t? W< ?t sixteenth street, lotween Fll'h and Kl?th avenues, m being the largest and riabeal aaao- intent of ll Housed >id Fnroiture ottered a aiirUoo'this season. rt Tlw S'urnilure wu? all main to order for thn presentoa ner by (t those celebrated cabinet maker*, Banned trf, Wed A <7u-, a And.em' the best description. CS Catalogues at the home on morning of aale. Buperb ~-2 octave Plnnoiore, * Elegant drawing room Suite, 1 Hard and coetiy Worka of Art. la Oil Paintings, by eminei l artietf, ai Bronze and ormolu Chandeliers, J Velvet medallion Carpete, Dresden and Rev r<* China Vases. * French plate Pier and Man.el Mirrors, J Embroidered Laoe Curtain*, a. Solid oak Bull e*. and Table. sj Solid Siiyerware, Ruby and Crystal Glue ware, r Sheffield TVde Cutlery J Rosewood < "batcher r irnitnre, style of Louis XIV. Bonke, Ktigravlngs Table Linen, Ac. DRAWING ttCOMn. Magnificent Rosewood 7>, Octave Pianoforte, The richo.t It stroicent "tiered at auction this select, carved p, leys at.d case four round loravri, overstrung diss, lined wllh 1, sai.awood. utiul-* with pearl. Unit had all round, solid pearl r, kevc. made by city makers an l fully guamntr.ed; Krcn -h cloth cover, itool covered In brocade; rotewoM Cmterbttry, Becretary and Bookcase tails de rose Vlaruueierie Cablue's. lady's V . k Tab'e an.1 Writing Desk inlaid with pearl, English. Bros- _ eela *nd medallion Carpets, Mosaic Rugs, French plate pier j.Vtrrors m .r> 1* rilib and Brackets two large mantel V.rr .r- * richly carved irames. heavy embroidered Ive Curtains, |, French shade*, Cornlofa, two magnidcent milts Parlor Fund ,, tore, cov? red In three colored satin bro"tde of rich- ' .at d> tcrip Ic.n, cu'V-d in solid rosewood and two 1_ tete a te*c S"ft?s, reception and oval back Chairs, roseis.v*l ct n'.re Tables, Grecian marble top to ina'ch the _ suits, F.tegeres, marble top, lined with saiinwood, mtr- _ r< r doors and hicks; KUg's patent easy t'hslrs, pier. V mrtette and side Tables, OH Paintings I,y"West, L'grand, ^r Cole. Kglaw and other eminent Artists Asaumolion Vlrgiu J? Mary, from the celebrated painting in Louvre, I'arta; Ktorm , , Scrne by rlngernab'e Aa.; ink Hatstand, cba.ra to dhicIi, velvet stair Carpets, silver Rods, I llclnth Chambers? Wilton i' ami Ingram Carpets rosewood marble tup dressing llure?us, ^ Bedsteads and Commodes, Armour .t-Glare, Toilets. IWanl- _ r>> c#. TaMe de Nutt, Conches, Rockers arm and oval baric i'bans covered in nf qnet; hair and?prim: Mattresses, lied V nitre ails f?ii>"r Beds, Bolster". Pillow#, oval Mirror#, pastel kFaluungs decorated china Toilet*, broc.itel Cor aln# Ac. 'f I'pter chambr rt?Mahogany and enamelled Bureaus, Bed- ? mends W(inkstand#, tofaa, Rocker*, Ac. Dining Room?Kv :en?ion dining Tattle, Id feet draw, Couches; arut Chairs. ele {" Haiit sets crj'Hal and ruby tllaasware vir: Decanters, >1 oh- }l' let#, t hampagurg, Levomuies, Wines, Cerutls. Preserve, ' e lary i.ud fruit Stands, linear Howls, Parian marble and ruby p'nn.-h Bowie, ttqocr Sets, g-dd hud dinner Set, 210 I place#, rich de -orated tea Set#, 44 pieces; solid stiver tea and ' nhver fftk* RUwrware, t'aatcrs, iota Basket" Ivory handle nl table'"uLery, Rpinns Fori* napkin Rings, A ; ale- a Rene- CI ral assortment ol luueinent and kitchen Furniture, ierina if m sa'e cash, in bankable money. D A J. 11 STKVKN'S ,t CO , AUCTIONEERS. O . executors sai.e ?l Of msynifi'-ent Rosewood Household Furniture, At the private reanicnce of Henry F. Oobh. Esq , No. 69 West X street, near Fifth avenue ' THIS D AT MONDAV) AUGUST 27, AT 10), O'CLOCK, ? ELEGANT PEARL KEY ROSEWOOD PIANO. P SUITS OF DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE. tr ROSEWOOD CENTRE TaHLK m KTEGKKP.S. MIRRORS, AC el All of Mid Furniture was made to order and new only last fall i sl*1o?u s atw ready and c?n be had at the ollioi or T house. " DRAWING ROOMS. la Elegsrt Rosewood Plai oforte, islakl with mother of 8? pear', and solid pearl kejs; three suits of Parlor Furniture; Ti solid rosewood, uirved and covered with Ooll ant Crimson I Pstin: Damask snd lmec Curt sins, "II Painting* by eminent ~ art'ita; t entre Tables with martae tops: Amiinster Carpets, ^ Mosai Rugs, PicranJ Mi ltd Mirrors Bmn/e Si a "iett-# Pari an Ornaments, en suite Rosewood Chainlier Furulture, sold I heavy carved Bedsteads. marble toj Dressing Bureau, W ish fstsmf, Commodes, Amour de Glace, llalr Mattresses, Feather , Pillows Bed Linen, Hrusaell <'arpet. 26 yards; Talde de Nutt. '* ' Upper i ban hers?Mahogany and Walvut Bedateicts, Bureaus, *? Ctalrs, Mirror*. Engravings, Ca-peta. in each loom. Dining , Room?Oak Ritras on Table, Oak Buitet Table, Cutlery, SiF _ . ve.r bpi-ons, i aster, Ac Alan Basement Furniture, ktluheu 1 Utensils, Ac. N H.? Sale positive ram or shine. J ADMINISTRATOR'S AUCTION HALK. dl This day, (Monday), at 10li o'clock, P' At the elegant residence <>l Gen Mary, No. 1UU West Fifteenth ^ street. between SI tb and Seventh avenues ("<**!> Rosewood Pianoforte, Ilurare Waters, Maker, / Suites of Furniture. Jl'ier and Mantel Mirror*. *l Rare Jfl Paintings If WORK'S OF ART, AC. L* At Public Auction. this day, Monday) , " The Parlors contain so-id magnttieent Kneewivod Pianoforte, ' ? new lust May and c>at fTUU; two suites of dining room Form j tore, rasrte to order by Undine, and covered with satin and A kro< s'el of the ?oet evpenmve description; pier, mantel and jp, oval Mirrors, velv t ?nd tapes'ry Carpets, elegant Oil Paint- ct ins#, and Kngravtnga Dining Room ? Ri tent ion Dining Table, SAleen feet long; nuk Bullet., English Glassware, French China ? lea S? tt. ion) 1 bundled knives and Forks, table end s tea bpooua. Casters. Carpet, Broiue Clock, Ac. Chambers.? M Solid tv attwnod, mahogany and black walnut Bedsteads msrble e2 lop IturMho*, washsbtods, Commodes, Shaving Stand, Ward ? , robe, curled Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, Pillows, Sheets, eri }t?d l.ineu, ( i ntre T.ibb-s, Carpeting ill ?a h r-#>in. tl o< kt, m. Mirrors. Ac. Bavcmeul Furniture and kitchen Utensils of every description. N. B ? Horses. Carriage, Library and *" Milch C>w?willbe sold at the salesroom, on Thurwlar neti. k Rule positive, rain or shine. Ter ius cash. Deposits In banks, ble money required. ALLAN A CO., Auctioneers, ye I Ollice and Salesroom, 170 Brood way. ev Albert n. nioolay, aucfionker -will hklt. this day Monda<). August 27. at 12)* o'clock, at the stock I i saiiwroom No 62 W illiam strest, near Wail. - ? 20 Bank of Commerce flUO 5 commerce Ins Co. f 100 N' 2l< Union Bank N) .% Marine Bank a*> lei 10 Home Fire Insurance In) 20 East River Bank 15 In 10 tisllaUn Ins irau-'e.... to .V0 Knurs To. Insurance . 20 Co [ 10 Rcolnte Insurance... . 100 20 N'u lonai Insurance,.. 37l? oo 20 Great Weelern Me .... 100 tfo N. Y. Coo. Slg Co . . 2i 20 Eagle Eire til U' Gro cr's liisuiauce .. .V) f SO Chi A Nth Western KR lt? S Am. Exch Ins 10) V 20 Mercantile Mu) 100 40 Washiugl n Ins 90 la ' 20 Jersey City Insu ince. 4" 10 W#ah:ogt u lie. lot Fi SuCuhtmbiaVc 100 1U) F.remc-i's T .ist Ins.. 17 pr ! | ft ts?i Ytrgit ia btvte (i per cent pon Is. 02.910 La Crosee A MiL K't fi rm m'v - ;>er oeai bOMda* 5* jsiikt ou t He , ig\ alley UK 7 pel enttooii. CP 05 i ihio \ Ml*s KK Judge 7 I .t bonis Ki 11 "*l North Carolina Ftate 0 per cent c '- G. Nc?> jegnlar sr.'e on TbunwleReg Uapau'Hon rkl sale ot ">*. rka ami 1 loads eveiv Monday sr I h r#t..>- r A. every cav w b?n required, a' 12 , <V|.c < at de m ? a aai?#-i>>ur, _ 2 ' 92 i ?: . i-r st 11 ' r.: i- , !, u | rs ? rred. Storks ai d B.iuda boorhi and a .. J a' i rivate tale, and \ 11 i ker s Bonrd. IL ' ICO .AT ? , nnv "r, :? .V" (2 William atrpet, near Wall. j "J . II;i I N rv P<IR uys ;V want \ uf 'WfUM " I "I T.U' -e or 'I . ' . iobds if . ~7l U> dearrlptlon. Ilic '>ot?ota of lb* suverb'y furnUt cd rest- ]? I'M No ISt'liffn p"'? la Elghib atreet .1 f?# a m neat !? n' Hroadw ty, will b" wild ?t rrlrate ta'<* at i i half )?? vjiiv lh" arivrtTnetit rmbr n-ea entry thing n - . r> and deetranle _ for a genu el and urtvuta family. All dret Ia?? goods. la line I J2 otter AftwaftMleWllHli aoaL I J2 7 kl?v roeeai >1 PmO'. 1'icr eu l Mau;<*l v ruamet.U. Velrel I J*1'1 i I oth-r I'arprta, t'orwood 1 > \ a] I mahogany ?* l'nrVr, Pltnncronn aod t'bam'>er Fu-nHare. rich Wii-tow i IA, Prapeiy Manul CV ks. Brmim ml UeooraVhat Oil Faint UIL liiga elegaot Table Ware of all deeoidpttona \r. There 1* no no to the catalogue Nntbtnc pan l<? for thai ?i bio T Dot t' l. < ail ami are from iA X loiP.ll X At'CTIOK Jff'TIi E.-A FAMILY DE'U.NINH HOUSE *c ki'pptng will dtapnaeof. at private aula, their rueewvod | tie inn nctaec Pianoforte for Fix) coat $.'> >' , Including itoil and c.ver: Parlor Soil for flit) u-nat $T0, It > >k. v?e, K eper I'entre Tardea Mirmra. < .trprta. Koreans, lt*1?e?la. lietkiing. Ac.; Table thin*. Ul**#*?re. Will be aold at a , ~ groat lirtlll Inquire at No 70 IVeeA Twenty iivih etc. <, a ic ar Mith aveuue. Mx.U avenue car* and stages pass near A lbe e. j |o| VrtTIOK FAI.R OF RKAT>Y MADR fn/ITlTIIla. AC.- | ht A. M. 1'RISTAI.A R. auctioneer. 28 llowery, will aell, bit line day, 27lh itiet , at 1"', oYl.vrk. a largo a?? .ri n nt of sea- u? a**nable ready mule t:.i4a*ng. rnmpri-dog c|n<h oaMinrre an<l As aaUnet frork, aack, iusine** and overtv?t* dowakin rloth, en raaannere and a?U? et Panta, ?ttk avln, caaeliarre and eel ret Pa Ar Al?o. St don n Frenrb felt an1 brawer flat*, abytil 1K| Noatraw U.ta, and a large lot of flo^p Skirt a. A J RLERl'KKR. RON A tX> WMJ. REM. AT ATP i\i ti n, .'0 Wednesday. Augtiet Z>. M U o clock, at the Mcrrbanta' Richange. three LoU and Httlldln* occupied a? I 1 ana cry, tnark-1 and dwelling, on Rpurten Htiyvil rre*k har I _ lrg 7."'tret fr?nuge oil the I'v-k la ? mott i f-ellent b ietneea r ftarnl. and will rent for t-NSO. Sale piaiitee. Terror A . at 1 M No 7 Pine atmet. j T A CCTION NOTICK ?W1NIM, I.IQV0K4. RR IARR. | ] llbNKV t'RaRN. an I-ueer, will aril Ihta day. at Ito, o'clo- k, at !W WiUiam ?l-eet, a niaitity of L"m i-a. rtranfy, | Oln. Him. Wklafeey, Ac. In aak< and ea<e?; AI (kH i-ter ara. I _ > tWr ;t nana p r T ? t alto lantHy ^ Acotiox itu of cMotm, M-nnT a ? JJT A N k, ? | .ui, in Mi to ? .it it/ and oo intrr retail tr ale. jg, on T' eadaj, Angtw dH, at Wn o'c:.jc? a; N i 5 M.i.l>-i line a _ lai ge and coaptele of Wb'te Oraalte an I ' inm m ynl M are, i?'aaaware. Sale p.a.litc.and goal* ,* if M packed for ahtppiug % AT ACCTION?ON THE PRKM'SRS, sKPTKM ,>KR 1, AT ' = 1 o'clock P. M . I to aoreaof ice uan l i d .11 ee atad), near Dtbbe' Ferry, Weeubenter ootinty. In.dire of ? gDXl'NI) CuH IN. 27 S..aeau aArn t Te.-x? naay. / ' AM tt'TIOM NOTICE.-fROTKRltY AND QLAS-WARIt. * II) I. P II HaKTI.KTT, Auctioneer, m l< ?Uy, ' A<>*11*117, at MTo'elnrk ilMI Ptwlmrwl, All kln.l*, whi'e .unit*. eonunon *n<l dipt Ware for city or court uy . ade. 1 Go,*:* aeU pack*d for *IJ|>ptuc. 1 ? In Aictipn xrrtTi R-To hATnrm ? *, . rtpta- ? I.AR a Knarry, will ael'.thi* day. 17th irat.. a> llo'rVf'k. ? 1* Jtl do/ea Freock foil and beaver liar*. iuvI a' >ul At) l atrnw Hat*. r ? . kli Br i7.r A UrnirOW. jr. ac TION r kr-AfniT VI* ru trai r a Ma a?Thi'o nlet'*of die Truraand Ilandtpe I ?| * I.pv. Xo I Ann atreet, <!<? p- unity if the la'e l?r. Hm rr I. ~ 1'ar# .lie, il^ifieeed, ill be *">a M public ?nrt? nun We < X rtav, A rnat ?. at Xn t Ann atrnet, at 12 <a< V-*k tf the J a rk o it ?t#l? >f * o unnle ' *? .rbnanl of *11 Vied* if Tr i? In Hai U?e?. ali.l mloal Ite'i*. KUai.c Pt"*X-r*. A', ?n??thep hr wlik the U*'!* and linplr aeiit* beioa*.n*to t". I .< ??. and 7' the Wore. Fixture*. hit.o?, ' aaea, *,\ Tb,' in , n?i m. bare a It ate if he - tore np : the Tat of Mi IV..' , * V proper and rolletert aerur ii ferni*ra?li R\M*N'ii.'> ,H J admlDlatrator of eat ale of If. I.. I'ar a ma. de *..ted r>? GrTTRNRERfl.?t.ART AUCTION RAI-tt l>? Tore. at. oeitMoaoa/, Au* .at 27, onraateocin* at 2 .'cinot F ? , It the Utilteuber* Nreeerr. j011x uwy^k, Aue:*in??r j Go drill ton, al'cflonkbr?p ai.emrooll x ? t*l tb Hn laon atree;?will aell thl* day l|o..,?*y, at 11 i'elr In at 2.M Ninth arena*, near Twenty ..rentii atrnet. Ike St.* * and Flrtorea of a Tea pit*, rir Taaa. Onffee raap. fancy tea T Bote*. Ptmlea, Cmintara, She,Tin*. Barrel*. As., a . j" ttbxrt t. HOG cut. AtTTIOREKR. jjl acctijn nott'e t bf wn.MKmniXO, IIOOWBT a hl'.mrkrt. p Halatr mat* Rot. ip ami 2s tt vrrlar atreet. * Toeapay. An*nt ip. na tat monika" ertdH, <t to o'clock, i lJobber*' Work of Mild inrrt OOODK, ' ** To ejote a Outwent, oanrrb te rich Bonnet RibVma, plain and faney Oreao t Trimming*, irtnye*. Hanet Tel re la and Milk a. FealAero, Flow- j i two. be., le. I \? . . ? < o JOPRTH BKOMIAP.-TrtflfAT. AUHUtfT *?. AT h vie t art 1 it'rl ek P. '1.. .it No Rt> rUmp i?a atre"t. be T la een Huntnm pla*e ant Allan's- at reel Itro-Aljn f-ml. x tore lo ?' "t order. Roaetmrl ?iano; nth *tnj, aa'DM' and o> Iroo fWweed* Bureau* ''hair*. Mattre^ea raatlior b-v1* ' ? mabnratr Tahleo, Fitenalon do., Olaarware. Brueaet* and 'n AT *ntin t'aiTeta. O'ttlf, hit and Mattin*. wltb Kllehen fitrnr ire. | JMOB1ARTT, Al'htioiirrr- Wll.I. RttLU, AT 1 . * . a'ol.wk, at 17.1 < hatban aquara tbtadav. Mofa*. Pofk Bad- ? WQI. ? :i* rn, nnm nwn-mna. < nru r -?iwr rw~i?, irmr?. Oil fV.rtlaf* I?tt and F*?cr ifcMd* Ulaawve, CuU?r/, , U.t rartr>"? lb*? rnortt | MOBT iAWKRA BALff^fBTUF TA? AWTWHT. 1 A .M-wr, *<11 ? 1 .* VnfMS?jr, A'lfiM 17, ?t II oVl-wk f> ?l ih? of fHrt.l F?rr, o? lJl'tl ??< ? ?, h"t?<-?i Tfclr-I ?n<l Fn-irlfc *fun*. on? WAgrm. am nr.r wt of * k* it ttr\ i v, Vamri Ac Ty-mi T I ~vsSwkxT .1 aiL&H A'f AIICTIOI. AC<rr101KK:KKXKt;UT0R'SSUI L of ct^KUit oniebold Knrnlturo.? PHILIP R, WILRIX8 rill aell at a.ictton, ou Toenday, Augt^t 2S, le$0, at H>tf 'ekieh hi JM Wt m Twenty-third street by order >>f the execu >re of the esute of the late John Walton, d*ee?*ea the entire omit ore contained In said hou?* ,-<>u?i*Uoi;i a part of roaerood bofaa. Chaos and Voltaire Chair* to plush add tro ?lel, ard end reotre Table* with marble tope; Pier UU**e*, toe at d brucatel Cu'tuns, c'han lebert, Kiteosiou Table, chly carved French Bediteada, Dresiin* bureau*. Wash and*, Hair Mattresses, Feather Bed*. Plilow*, velvet. Brut l? and ingrain Carpe'*. China, Ulnae an l >Uver A' . A, aulof tie* at the office of the auctioneer, 10 P ne street. 3AWNBROKER'8 8ALK.-J. MORTIMER WILL SELL, thla day, at hl< auction (tore, No 13 En*l Broadway. a ,ry? assortment of unredeemed pledge* consisting of men ml women'* (' othin*, also, Unlit* lllanket*. An ,,B? inltir of . l.fWCH <1 Urand ?treet. PAWNBROKER'S 8AI.K -B LEVY A CO. WILL BELT., this d?y, At 10'j o'clock, ut 22 Cathar.u* a Uinr* ifortnusoi of tl'li !?'! oth r Sfclrt*. . *?, HUatrls, antilias, meD'a <"l<j king, Pi)Iowa, Sbe?"#, ?boe* ami JALK FOR ACCOUHT OF THR UN2TKD STAIRS. MUSKETS, Pl'MPS, TOOL', to, Ac. ON WEDNESDAY MORNINU, sptember 9, at II o'clock at the Krankt cd \rr?na\ Rrlde*try, Pa . for account of the Uilte l State*, t'rj il'ultets, per ' tuioo, 74 Muskets, a.tere<i to perenaruou one Eugtne Pump, ! :t and force Punii ; also a lot of l'n*er\ ieeible T >ola M. THOMAS A SONS, A p'tioneer*. 139 and 141 South Fourth street, Philadelphia. SHERIFF'S RU,R OK DltY UOOIH KAMI'Y HOODS, 5 AC ? CHAMBERS A FAIRCIIILD areuiueera oHit .1 Na?sau street, will mil. this d?y, at 10 o'clock, at lit Went | i f-dw sy, c rtier of North M'-ore street. ! irge mrt general n'rtmeut of I>ry i.oods, K?r<;y On xl?, Ac., in aUthiii vi ' ety. Also, Awnings, Store Fixtures, and I.e-se of premises. .JOHN KELLY, Xaerii! JHERIFF'B BALK?GROCERIES. I.IQCOR8, AC.?OH AM. ' BKKS A FaIKCHILD, auctioneers, salrstniin tilt Nss ,u street. *111 sell on Monlay. August 117. at 10 o'clock, at 0. ? Hudson street, comer of Doinin'ck, tlic entire contents store, comistinv of Groceries and Lbptora in ilia usual as rlment, leal, I 'oft'een. Sugars. Spites. Roups, Star eh and all' goods gtut rally; Wiles, Brandies, tiin. Ac. JOHN KELLY. J A J. HOG ART, A OOTION KICKS?STORK HO. 1 / Noilh Wi liam stieet?will sell on Monday, August 27, at I O'clock, at ,V4 Catherine street, a large (uantity ol Dry o-ats, Hosiery, Ac , damaged by water daring the late storm, ins stiDg of ineu'? flannel Shirts and Drawers, pea Coats, ten Fan's and Frocks, Prints, Muslins, Line a white and own Tultle Cloths, damask Diapers and Napkins, Alp teis, lalds, Detainer, Broadcloths, Caasimerts, Satinets, Jeans. Ac. ?M. WITTfRS AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON MONday, at 2 o elork, at HI Canal street, all the genteel Furtnre of a large house, Sofas, Sofa Herts, mahogany and other hairs, m?hog any French nnrt cottage Be<-tcads. pltr and Mirrors dressing and other Bureaus. Wa'drobes, cen e, tide and other Tallies, lealher Berts, Bedding, table Linen, it,retry, Brussels three ply and other Csrpets, Silverware, inlery, dining room sni kitehen 1 urnlt'n*, Wood, Tin and her ware, tunable for family use. VM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON TUBS (lay, at lid-, o'clock, at 117 and 12"J West Broadway, the itire Furniture of two large Houses, Sofas. I hairs, mahotoy and cottage Bedsteads, feather Hoda, Bedding, hair Matesses, Brussels snd ingrain Csrp-ts. mahogany H ltiaus, ahogany and other Tablee, kitchen Furniture, Stoves, Crock 1.*errtI WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL NELL, ON MON '? day, at If.'i o'clock, at 241 Weal street, the intents >t a rpe wholesale aud reta 1 Lienor Store, consisting of Lienors, gars, bar and bar Fixtures,' Casks, Chairs, Ac ', also a Beer ruck. INSTRUCTION. , l ROITUKRN GENTLEMAN STOPPING WITH HIS i V family at the Si. KIcMnlse Hotel, where ho WnlIMUhl I r two daya, demres to cmp'oy a genteel Udv to go South a .d kn charge ot a family school One capable of imparting i English education, with m' Sic aud French deaued. 11 i herwlie mHMitM won: of French would be diapt M Ith. Inpilre at room 214. 1 T 95?BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC.? V. Mr. DOLHKaK, 609 Broadway, will iceeive pupils this ty and evenlno, at (A for a full course In Bookkeeping, usual ice 915. lnslr .etiou private. Two seats vacant. Apply lai edlately. 1 T 92 60 FOR WRITING. BOOKKEEPING, ARITHME V tie. AC.. 95 per month, or 91U per .planer, at 02 Bowery 1 el 2X3 Fulton street, Brooklyn Ladies' writing lessor- #2 r sixteen lessons. From Gov S. K ing ?Mv sons and dough rs attended Col. Palne's Academy to mv entire satisfaction, is plan el Instruction Is systematic and expeditious. L CARD?THE RFBSi'RIBKR HAS REMOKKD HIS V i cademy of Penmanship from No. 362 to t'21 aud P2.1 oadwav. eurner of Tweet* Aral street. New pupils re ived dail]. Stereoscopic muscuiu a ime hni'diog. OLIVKR B. GOLDSMITH. i CADElfY OF LANGUAGES, 920 BROADWAY, COB L ter of Twenty Brst street, inatmetion given In French, isnish, German. Italian, English, lastin, Greek and Hebrew, ; dire classes frym 9 A. M. to I * M. Gentlemen's elaasee fin 8 A M. to 10 P. M Terms ' classes 910 oer ouarter. ftirthri nformallon apply to T. If \ RTINELLI, Principal. . CADKMYOF PENMAWHHTP AND 'BOOKKEEPING? L 062 Broadway. coutiuue.l i.y W C. Uooiii.AND.ior many ara assistant of Olher B (loldsmilh. Open day and ruing, for thorough pra, tiral instruction. Careful attention .en and entire salisl artiou guaranteed. 1 SITUATION WANTED?AS GOVERNESS, OE TEAL cher, by a lady, graduate of one of Uie beat acmiuaiies of iw Fnglard, anii aorne year*' eviierirn.-e. Competent to ach ibe higher Kng'iah hraochet, Freti. h, music and paint g In oil and water color*, 'the heat reference git en. A untrv place or village pre!erred. Address Ml?a s. 0. A., Con rd, New Hampshire. t KNKRAT. KDITATI'>NAL AQFNCY, 34 BIRI.E HOUSE, X New York?For engaging airomplisbed Teachers for mDies, schools and ordleges, and furnishing Plan*. iruilure. Apparatus, Ac., of the best quality as d at the lowest us. Priuclpal* and others looking for Tea. he.? or wishing 'tmalion respecting educational matters are invited to call, ferences?Rev. N. T? Prime, D D., Ke# York; Rev. C. Hoih, P 1) , Secretary of American Bible Society, New Yoyk; i?. 11 Prase 1? 1)., President University of, Rev. W. Falun. P. I> , Preaieent Madia. u University, N. Y., and re in all parts of the Union. Aad. ese Rer. O. O. Raaa, 11., boi 1,371 N. T. Poat oihce. i IRS. A. TMBAULT, FORMERLY OF NO. 15 WASH . 1 Ington place, having removed to No. 36 West Thirty flrat eel, betv een Fifth avenue and B mud way, will be prepared receive her pupils on Mouday, Sept. 17. rRSSRS. I.E8PINAPRK AND ARTKAOA'8 FRENCH 1 I day and hoarding school. No#. 117, llii and 111 Ohnum .re. reopers on Tueed.r'. PepL A Classical, Mathematical 1 Commercial Institute The juvenile department la alwaya der the special uare of let. Leapinaane. CHOOL ARD HOUR EDUCATION.?FRENCH AND ! Knrlish. CUsatral and t wo men ial Boarding and Day ' bool, with tine plavground and gymnasium. 47 and 49 West rentv With street between Heslw.. and Math avenue. Mr. lUIH ERNST, ukea charge of a limited number of boys ly. Reopens September 10. FIK MISSUS Rt.UK AND MRS. TUFF S FRK V 'U AND KNOLISII ROAKDINti AND DAY BUHOOL, >. 11 Wr?t Twenty fourth street, near Madison square, will re opened on I Tlirr.SDAT. SEPTEMBER 13 ti1rb TURF. ttarn-rr having hern ruruclt apyer ! L Used aad given out that the etallkm Oeorge V. Pap'hen. te' her with ether celebrated Horses, are engaged to contend r a premium of f I.3U) at an Interaan.inal Horse Fair, to be id at Wnlsrlowi. R. T.. August 29. 30 and 31, I deem It 1 l just aad proper to state that such advertlaamsul, aa far aa orre M. Patches la armcerned, haa bern made without the I ow ledge or consent ot the undersigned, and that do sick rtgassent baa ever beee made for the borne Oenrge . .Then to contend lor any prize or Pi he present at said fair, it, oe the contrary, George M. I'atchen haa aa engagement ' ' ih Fhwa Temple, at Btwton. on the 2Nlb of August '**'*" ilrh would of itself prevent the appearance or Ueorge M. I' hen at Watery..wn on either of the above days. WILLIAM W ATLKRM1KE. owner of Oeorge K. Patches. Rgw Tohk. August 11, 1M0 1R5NKL1N TROTTING PARE. RORTON. Purse 91..YJU, mile heats, best 9 la ?tn harases, on Tms f, A igus JH, 1360. l.mes McMann enters b m Flora Temple. n. ajimati entire D. a. w? rge a. i lu nfo. AdmlttBDf*- bo rant*. HITfHOOCK. FMKIMO* A CO.. rrnprtetaw. "KTOR CnrHFR. U f.?TROTTIWO-OH THflUnAT, A>; Ml St. *1 half p wtt three o>ln<-k a matnh f ir*l. |p h??u N*t three la Are tn harniw ? H-r are F foeee KIM tT t Prlnee John. II. , Wondrfl gun'i hlk. a a,re Arr?n.-nn *?ia rare la made play nr pay, In mm* a#, T?nnr The rant arlll leare the ttootb fairy. Rr.'iljru. Ike i n-iree at a anaruir tn two o'clock. and retoni aa aoua til * trot la ovar Kara to (n and return. Bftr rente RHAW a WIIITR, PntprMore. J HORBKB, CARRI IttK*. <%< . lARRttU* ARD If AR1HAS.?A Klf-KtT >1 ' Rrrkaway drab Itnlntr patent vlee. WlV. nrlnefMl I oa don Me a-M of plated Hnrneaa In Ural rate order, prtaa < ) Itqsllt at lllm atraet, op e'?tia. 11 iiU RfARRItOKS AMI P*.?UK?t FOR RAMI I Itelootrtn* In I M KIlfOKK. Ian . wh<< la about tn travel Kur >t e. fallal the varnare boner, db Weet Rintk alreet. i ar filth area tie V?R RAI.F HORAF FOR HALF. A BAY HORSR, T yeara oM. a'out lftt? handa h *k aamaM old and nd. will atand without lytn*. an em'tlerit brerne fornphrW in nr a faintly, fan be teas by In t or n? f H 1). I'KTtkrt. II H'Mlauii atrrf* fOR FAI.K? FOR WART OF USE. A DAPP! K BRoWR 1 llcwaa. 1* hands huh. parractly ? ml 8 r?n old. kind rlthcr ulnjle or donbl- harttraa. la alai * ai> and Id ailllr?r. C. L.ALKT, wimd yard, onrarr Fnnrtranta ttrmJ and ?tb aaannn. tOR FA!Jt-TTIR RRsT DOURI.i TRAM IR THUCITY 1 IB hands hl*h. aouod, kind and fart. Ro r?*j? paraona rd apply l'an ha anan on application a*, the Mtlea Hrmaa rnar at Thirty a-rnnUi atrial and Klaianth aiaaaa. uabl Id. |V?R SAI.R-TWO YRRT fAFT TROTTIRO HORFRR, 1 1M, handa hi?h. < yaaraoid. ami ad and kind, a rvrla nr to a I' Mr. a Ian, <ata pair brown Cari ?ar lloraaa. Ithanda I rbaa high, rrry aljUak. laqolre at M iJold atrarl. jV>R FAI.E-AR RAFT OOIRfl LADICP FADtM.R I Hour, pratlr and aril trained; wlU br anld k>w. Apply II Wrsnd atrrat, Jrtary City, H. J. |t< F ALU?A T< P W AIIOR THRKR RR ATF IR (>OOD 1 ordar, with pn>a and abnf!* and a alnrtr anal fop Waptm. >la and abaft* in pood <w?ar. aA L'ndartaUl * Fleet'a slab la. la laianth atrrat. aaal of Faantid a man*. TARREMF. tIARRRMF. ?FOR FA 1.1 CHEAP, FRTRRAf. arm llgki strait dbfr mnnnvnl llararaw, imp. for aair tyrnrap Apply fur two days at M Utabard awaat, a?ar rand, in thr ahop >ORT AKI> OOAT ? A OKFTI.R PORT FOR A OHIt.n, J It handa. piirr MB: aa amallant trainrd itnat, new Har 1 m aad Rapoo, prim >1A Apply at TF Haatnr atrrat. X, ARTRO?A PAIR OF FARCT MATCHRO PORIRR, f not mw fourteen a or hatow thirteen handa htat. nrdnr In In preferred Addraaa Wm (Vwaptn. Umry stable aw* tetnr. 1BR Mnafcst airaet, Rawer*. R. J., RRRg perUcuJera id prta* I VARTtll-A OOOD ROAD RORFF. II4RRRFF ARO top Hippy arjviair bm i. mutable to I rami la the nonatry lib, for which Ibjonra will ba ri hen fed at oaah prima Fan aa 'an ha arm at mir atnra. PATRR, CARR A Rl.ARl H ARP, 141 Fr?t at , R. T. RTARTRP-A OOOD FAimt.R JTORFR. TOIRO. if arrtpf'y tad i?m " A^tdreea A. O. H , h? JBUtWnid ** RMUp pried aad tbar particular* AMUHKMKlVTft. ) ijiib ni 114 br ikdw-v. THIS MOIiKL THOlrK OF llIE WOULD M 111 iuiu start OQ their aim uu Wealern and Southern toor. Notk k.?Aa numer.iu strung us rule of m mule'iauka are Iiaiellui* under the ti>|a of chrietv'a Miasm le some with a prelt*at I una. Dick, Meurge or Utrrr, the uitde signed J?f'" u.a lbs public thai his it the only band 0f u .uetrols no# ia ? kief nee I * ing anv right u> the dean; oat. ou he being the son ol K. r t brleiy. the w irla rchoxrtibd pioneer and i?i?" ct negro minstrelsy. Keap-c'.luily, jours, WM A CHRISTY. Go lo ho pr < hapki. 1hi8 kikjun.] And bear Mr J. C. ERKDRRICKS In hn? nunva.l-d delineation of Poe'e Msren CNO AND UKAR J. O. KRKDKRI0K.8' j Kubllae rendition Of lb* choice-' selection t otn 8 bub (pare Ibis eveoljg at Hope (*hapel. AMRItli'Alf CONCERT H W.L. 414 broadway. Klnit night of Mr. W''lv O'NelVi Ir?h Farce ol BARNEY, TBI BARON. NOIICR ?OKNTI.BMK* DESIROC8 TOOOMPBTO IV-' the Amateur Toumamer.t to taae plane .4 Nlhlo'aUAr den. *111 please meet at the Usidea on Monday, 127th teat., Ml lr'clock precisely. Ja8. M. RIROlf. Niblo i (IkMi tw. Angnat 26. 1-dO. TOIIN C. HKK.NAN S ERfiTIYAL, ?J at PROVIDENCE, MONDAY August 27, NEW 11 <ven, rCKBDAY, August 28. HARTFOKO. WEDNESDAY, August 29, . with hkknan, AARON TONES. john mi donald. james cusalck. ADMITTANCE 50 CK.NT8. * 0* ?*Gioldfmhtcs rt?reos"opto museum, nob. 92' ? II ud w:i 11 road w ay, ooruer of Tweii:v urst street. Ad mlrslor 25 ceuta Writing academy same bvuldiu;. Kn.ii . pllwi.l receive the personal Instruction of OLIVER U. GOLDSMITH. SPECIAL SO'ITCEN. At a special meeting op mohawk engine Company No. 1*. held at the engine house, on Sunday evening. August 2t>, 1-?U, the following preamble ana reso.'n* tlon* were unanimously adopted ? Where. a. tlda Company haa been called on again to mourn the l ?s of ..notDcr inemlier of our organization. la the dereaatof Mr. Kd vard A Klvnn, whose demise h.n Idled our heart* with the m rt profouud furrow and regret an t whereaa, while recognizing aod bowing wux ?H due humility to the inecruub.e wisdom of the Almighty Dispenser ot human event*, we still have the sad satisfaction of. oilering our ouaoiatioo* and mingling our te-trs a: d burrow, the living therefore be It Kesoh en, That In ibe death of Edward A. F'ynn we mourn the Ion* 01 oue who, though he w as with ua but a short time, bad shown all the l eit attributes of human nature m ail the relations of life, as citizen, tlrem to, friend and relativelit solved. That our most heartfelt sytupaimed t?e esten led to hi* sorrowing parenu and friends, anl that we aaaure tie nc thai ilietr lorrow* a?e ours also. Resolved, That the bouse be draped in mourning for thirty, dsys. and that we attend ht* funeral In a body. Resolve-1, J hat a oopv of these i. solution* duly anlhenti rated, be forwarded to the parents of the deceased, and thai the tame be publiahed In the New York Herald and Sun _ _ EI)W. BYKNEH, Foreman. Cue ii PoTTr*, Fecretary pro tern. All persons having claims against th* estate of Edmund and Ann Kuget, late of the city of New > York deceased, are hereby notitlrd to preaent the same, wttl1 proper rouri era thereof, to the undersigned. at hla a tore No. .2 Koraevelt street, on or before October 11 Its?. CH.V8. MCRRaX, beentor. Nrw Yorg. April 10, )8bo. vtkw york city and county LIQ( )R DEALERS' i.a Protective Horu ty ?Members are reij eated to attend a meeting of the aoovc society at the Hleeeker tlo iae, earner of Hleeeker and Greene btrteta, on Monday, a usual 27, at 7\ o'clock P. M. By order of john d. homergce, President. Pltkr McQvapf., Recording Secretary 1kT0TICE.-TTIt JOURNEYMEN TAILORS OP NEW ll York, are requested o meet at HtbernU Hall, 12 Prtroe street, on Monday evening, ANgWl 27. at 7H o'clock, for the purpose of tugmentii g the. number, of the uew organ aaiioa, and to consider *ome mode of *uvarctug our condition aa working men as the movement ! in c .meat, a good attendance Ic hoped for. l'.v order of the Committee.?J.tme* Lowrey. John T. Welsh, William Dennett, Louli Ptaer. Krs tertck Kunie, James Regan WM. DCPFY, President. Richard Morris, Secretary. Notice to butchers-tub subscription book of the Hut hern Hide anl Mel: lag Association la now open for signatures a their oltlue. corner of First avenue and Piftb street, llutchers are inv led to sign and become member* jf the Aaaociation. SPECIAL notice-to the andrews pamily.?A nieeltng of the dewend ,nta of the early *?M'era of thla country. by the name of Andrews, will be held fur the purpose of social recognition, at W aillngfo-d, CooBtclleut, < n the 29U Instant. Hy order of a committee of twenty of the name SOLOMON ANDREWS. M D., of i'anb Amboj. N. J. mo SOUTHERN CAPITALISTS.?AN ARCHITECT, A builder and civil eng.n> ?r of III years pr.* ileal experience ou first class w ork to ity, is abont to visit the South and wonld like toa nkc at rang' mens with any gentleman contemjdatlng building, or other work in bis line, be-t oh reference guaranteed as to character and competency. Address for ail da;.* W. W. Y., Uiilcii square Puat ollice. fTBK HEIRS OP PEYTON CRANE, NATHANIEL CRANE, moved from Virginia many jcan ?go, if there beauvau-b am Inter-at-d In a rum of money no # in the hande of the ?"1rCult Court of King and <Jne*u eounly. Virginia and tbey arc ramified to r namnrfeaie with .IiitIN' POLlard, Kteveraviile, King an i <7ieen county, Vlr-lnla. Treatreb'8 office. watertowm amd rove I! Lb*1 VIt .'OMVANY. w (t- .tows, n t. a iqnwt 1850. The 1>op'? of ibia Com; an , an tiringlat of S? '.ember, tiro the Ir'eieat upena due at ".me time, will be paid on and after that da;-* on prtaauMit ?, at the People's Hank, Nee York, or a' thia ofllee. r F. ill' V(JBRFORD, Treasurer. THE MKMUEfR OF IMP E-riKNr LODGE 19, F. a. t' , are r?'|iieeien ton-" e' J t mir Room, r'irrerof Hr w and Cr.ia, j * . . ., V ,r. *.uy ev ening. August 77, at 3 d lock l.jr i ider of K. L. Patterson, W. \(. J. A. MfLLER, Secretary. rpilK MKMIIKHH, KaHSKKKM AND FAIKNDS OF 1 Mohawk ie ''mm , y .an. If, tegetfc-r wit1, the Fire IiepHiimenl log neral are re?pe -.fully Invited in ittend ihe funeral of Kdwni .1 a. Hyi.n lat> t miab-t ofaatdrom. unj from hla late t aldenoe ho 17 ffnnh arret, atlo'el>-k I'. M K. BYRNE", I't.Umao. < has. II. Pot ; i:b, 8r ret try prtMena. Yl'II- R'-y rr HAS BKKN EAMC!IOl*?I.Y REPORTED V? by parties, ta it the Orean Il iuM Will b? A med m the 3.1 of SrptemVer, ive .eg to la form the public that iMh report ia entirely without fouuiUlii i.aii.l that the < h-nao H will not be closed earlier than the lAth of September, or if tbe weather ta very favare-le. th? Jhtb ef September. KKKNKK A lilECtl, Ocean I! -viae, Newport, R. I. COPARTS KttHHIP NOllCEsi AOOOD opportunity FOR InVestVIKNT?amy perron having $&?) cmn Invent It in a aafe each boatneee, where he ran realtor a Hoot one s100 per monlhjwtihou'l aay eflort, and have It well aero red. Apply at No. Alt way, room 17. A PARTNER WANTKD.?AMY OBNTI EE AN HAVING at b'a command tWlt of P6J0 In narb will 'od a fret elk Inveatmrnt for tbe awme and the beet necn-ttj (or h'.v m-> a. The enterp toe la new ami n?veL and will pay .t lev at MM |g in monlha The money to be expended under bw own aoo* r talon. AdJmr Rnterprtae, stet on d Pr?t, M. T , a,pointing an latere tew Mo notice taken of agenta [ TUT AKT5 RKIMir.?THK Hi: Mm III HICK* HAVK TIITH U day tornird A r.nartnarthlp, uodar tha n-jna And Arm .tf M iVthan A ?'? , for tha nurpoaa of carrying <* IB tha -?t o# Mobil*, Ala., ? ganerai wbo4eaa.a and raU.l dry b *1 nroa. JAOH RTA >IKKR MBtRK OOIIKW, Wiw To**, A'Urtat 1.1*6TV FmFDRI'H WOL.FF. N rw lORK. ACQCUT Ji, IMU.-THK 'XPARrWRB*hlp hrroo.fnro eniliuf ;n1*r lb* unc of Class Dobr mi A Co Wo C3I Waahloe*- n it-wt, la thU day <"laaolTPj by ir Ht. .1 r.ioirDL *U parti.* ha .iag claims a* a.oil l- I in* iia karabj r- , " tad to prsarnt tha turn fnrthw.'h. run THiimvaiv, JOHW RtBRFKM*. _ \3LT A NTRD?A MAW WITH r-APttAL. AH PART MR. v? maanrarliira a pUml rlas to bad bot ua a.Ji old NOii. n?d cord . mNn' l, >: patent fur rap. AUdfaae R. H. iTin>, I otajoj a ll'dal. *1 7K-WAWTO0, A MA* TO TAKR FCt.t, d*HAB*?W **11 <* of a irro'M? ifrl K>r Mora a? partner low r-? *1.1 laar who' mmr; a" Btr an ?|ara aol wo i 'if tb* ba no*. Apartmrnla for a faially. rani fran. Apply at 1M Raft Kl*. ro'h aura) *1)1)11 WANTKP, A PFRIOTW WlTTI TUT A AMOCNT to An the ad?rrtl?ar In * nralar,lad mat M. 1*111 prora tbrt lhay oan malwa frm #t6to$K) r rrb. and gtra food city rat armor. *ddrr?a O. A O., 1'r v n, :? ?||-Il WILL TAKK TTTK lNTPRKAT T* A 1 TIRTNll partnrr la a rr... taMr k n na? r^i ilrlnf a lamia dally atiatnh n. <-:?*nuc ??5 to Ml par r?b to ??rt | ?/l?. ? in#?th?r for ca?ft. Apply to T. iJAFFNBf A *0.? * ' yi I, aural. TO fftnu -WAWTKP, A Torwo M\W W't P OlAI tb' abnr.- im ?iat n -sab. t.taka ?o tniaraa1 u> a lir?'rlaaa i. Art In a t'nur.ahlntf oily, hi moti m "i?y. Or?.| lnd.wrn.rnli arr offrrrd to a .mart anargati; -nan to ma tnrnc* In ibr hol<) b'Winr?? A. JOHN SOW, 11# Wrt, Hd-tafm atiwrt. ?oor -partnkr * imn, in a cash van fai't'iiii.ii '!? * P'tinp n??r *'0 par hOWM angapr 1 fai 1? aiV r I to any ..mortal Capital Vr i* ia? < *' la tha hoainaa* i.n it..- !.!? j Apply In U. T. T. TOWPKINN, tr a ifanory N?. ft nra lU.wary. ' O "f\t\ -PARTNRR WANTKO TN THR MAWCFA'T ?r?M"F. Inra of light Pblier Oonds stib tha aboaa aaniat tr. jo n thr n'-arrthar, ?b' ha? all Ihr na a??*rT ma-hinar., k* ? " l nt air'tiaiw r . M-r'1 nffl-a ?"nil A PABTWRR^WAWfRD WITH nil ABO o "" am-i'.nl. In tha ".'nir an.l P?.?lu.-a h r'naaa ?a J u,... ..v., , r. ' Tba h'ivnna ra ilr <? "aa aarrl- a |of o. >pVly to C.U. HO#IW .% CO., Na 6 >ntre itr#* opposite ih* F?rk. 559 000 -!TAN7r,,_A 1,p*JITOT*. T.? ATTRWTV rA.UUU. UlOort.o* ?M Ml onl*r* f ? ? n.w arti-ia <mF MUmfartntw, parta* . *>) por rant pmfli, ant a ?4 to ?? attar > of fa tU) p. r annum <>*. half !nUT-? ,n 'ho bo. nam o> patant will ha ?1van Wo hatfar opportunity i * ho o#?rnil? making mon? rmpMlr Ud HhiT At,*,yio Jpdgp SHO K LKflih N 1 i ??m r . rrr- h . . .r, r ? > In, mir t*> R()n ? a araciAL paatnkr wa* rito wir; nana, wbh b baa AooJlaat or.iap-ww of r wi-n.lng a?.' ?i ?^riT?l, A ldr-anR. aiT. |A (MM) *t*wT wawrm i* C I - !_ awao'ahnrt Mwlna macbma naawwaatc* ail J^TT """A wbol^Ja and ralarf, fr? ?A A* *v,k,n^ n.r?M nfflno for oat woofcTTroai pala otily to apply, with aAAmaa niluheht. HIK CAWAL KTRKKT ?MAPAMR BALMIflW JJI OlO titaa iba a-b nibnof Pmithnrnnad W*pp?*n laaaahartw ?o a larga an<1 alopaal aatruant of F ranch ratiaaa Bonaota, juat iwonrd. adatled by ?r. Railing. fima 'ho moat fanhiwiah a "ataMI*bm?ntj In raria. alan v>a aartmr of boo'rttfil b?n I Ml of bar own manu'aatara. Mr Railing. baring roro.Mp irtnrpoi to Wo ropa, will Mad on tba lai?w? ?tt'? of booca* amnrny. Wbnla.aln nfm Uloi with aarw and laapatah. WMRI AMD U?H <>H?. worowmhrla WHmin.-Mirtni >imiu c ^webaannsxrjw.* ?

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