Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1860 Page 2
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2 Folic* CwuilHtoun. UrOtT OP TBI OKNKKAL BUTERINtin. The Police Commissioner* met yesterday at two o'clock lYeeent, Mtssrij. Aiken and Bo won. Sergeant George N. Dennett, of the Twentieth precinct, wan d is mused for inaubordination. General Superintendent Kennedy presented hi Drat quarterly report It G a* follows ? Orrus or rut SrrKRurrajniKjrt. August I, isflo TBI HOSOAABLE. lHK Board OF MPTROI'JUTA* POLK K ? Gmtli?.\-ae requirid by the tbirtyuioth re hi the Act of April 10, ImSO, ' respectfully submit tu> quarterly report "of the suite of the Metropolitan Ponoc / district." 1 Tint forcii. ' The entire force of tue department cons, la ol 1 S7S < persons, and embraces the following ? I Superintendent 1 InmisAtor *1 1 Chief, Ikiputy and Property Clerks 8 Surgeons ? 1 Caput lii & Sergeants ?Roundsmen 48 Policemen on patrol duly ,1,181 Policemen on detailed precinct and squads 272 Policem oa on special luly lol Messengers, janitor, &c 7 iHrormeij 78 Total 1,878 PATROL SOU 3t. The accompanying reports from the olh.:? of 1qh|>oc. tors of New York and Brooklyn, respectively. exhioil iu detail Uie disposition of the force. And by amen It will be seen that the draft upon it, lor the discn.vge of nurac ious other dutu-g. reduces the active patrol lurce in the district to 1,181 tutu; ol which 1 010 men are on duly iu New York, ana 171 lu Brooklyn, l'uis uumDer i- suu.cct to a lurtlier reduction by giokness and abt-eocc. stick neaa alone. notwithstanding tin- improved health of the ten, has* uused an avenn e dally reduction ol 23 16 llHl men in New York, and 7 6 100 men in Brooklyn during the quarter; so that wera tuers no other cause lor alt sence than Illness the available force- of palrolmeu caps blc of performing daily duty. tia? beeu reduced to 981 86 100 In New York and 1 > W6 100 In Brooklyn. Tho needful requirement for rest aud refreshment pre j vents more than one-half of tuis number, except in ex t re me cases, from bel. - on post at tine time. hence all the streets aud piers oi the city of New York are guard- j ed by not exceeding 41)1 men. aud those ol Brooklyn by 81 1 have deemed it necessary Pi be thus particular in presenting tlte actual number of meu employed in tho I duty of watchmen, to meet thepopular error which re- 1 garils the police force unnecessarily large. ralROUJ.NM l.V NKW YOKi\. But to lemonstratc this lurther, on reference to table A 3 it will bo seen that there are 412', miles of streets, and 11', miles of pn rs in the city ot New fork, beiug in aggregate 01 423 ,'a tniies. Should every man whoso | duty it is to patrol, deducting the Bickonly, be on ptiet, i the average length of the beau would be 802 1 000 mile? very nearly \ ol a mile for each man to guard. But as in many places, from the lurbuleul character of the l*; >u, ur umcr cause, ucqpairoi is requireu 10 uc doubled, und a further reduction occurs in the number of lbi' men by occasioi al necessary absences, the actual torce on duty will not allow the length of boats to average less than 1',?a line entirely loo long lor any man to guard w ith ibe success expecte 1 by the citizens of New York from members ul the Metropolitan police force. I'ATIUILLINU I* llHOilKLVX. I regret that I um unable to lay belore the Board the data by which could bo shown the inadequate force employed in Brooklyn. The number of meu on patrol duty in that portion of the district is cot one half of what is required Some of the more important precincts are too largo to be pflertively operated and as population Increases and improvements extend, the weNkness of the force becomes more manifest. Steps should he taken to satisfy ! the municipal authorities of that city of ibe absolute ne- < ue.'sily for an increase of the force employed mere. nriAiiKii iones. In order to strengthen the patrol force as much as p js- i sible.I have adopted measures for such redaction in pre- I c.inct dcta lmeuts as a proper regard to the convenience j anu security of the public will )>ermit. The short time I ! have been connected with the i>vpartment has not yet af ' forded me opportunity to determine what trauslers can be made from the detaded precincts and squads to the patrol force, with advantage to both. At an early day 1 shall communicate my views more fully on this subject. PfcTKCl 1VE t OKCS I am loovlncod, however, that the detective precinct, although active and cllicienl at present, may be greatly improved by a more systematic organization: a proper i division of employment, and a more atrict accountability l of Ibe members of that branch of the force. In ta>s con- I nreturn I would also suggest that the great object of a detective police would bo subserve! by the adoption of a system of periodical interchange* of intelligent, active and capable detectives, with the police authorities ot the larger cities in this country and in Europe. m h a ays tem would be mutually advantageous, the New York detective would be enabled to impart his knowledge of the itinerant persons of auspicious character who nad been notorious In this district, to the author.ties to whom he may be accredited; aid ibe compensating oilioer received trcm the sllaame locality could sender similar , service bere In regard to persons of like character, who should visit this district In the prosecwliou of their venation. Kor such serv.oe a residence not exceeding two years in duritiou for any one officer would be ample. In that space of time bis knowledge of the persona be left behind, would lie sumciently impaired to require renewal; but ho would como back with a stock of acquired information which would make his return as valusble as his sojourn abroad had been. I would recommend that Invitation be extended ti the proper authorities alluded to, for a free conference on the propriety and advantage ot such a system being adopted at an early day. The last clause ot section 13 of the act of April 10, I860, confers all needful power on your Board o consummate it. RSRIIOK FOW*. The Twenty-fourth prociucl, devoted U> rendering pro teetiou oo the waters of Uie harbjr. I;U proved itself. ' toe* IU establishment, to be of gr<wt value. But, like oil other eOorla of tinman ingenuity, it 1* capable of being improved At the time thin precinct ?u organised, tic )?rticv against whose acts it ?< designed to operate hat , been emboldened by the impunity w itb which toey had ' ' been suffered to prosecute their n- Uriou* prac hereto auch a degree that little elae waa required to restrain, and | | measurably auppraaa the evil, than a bold excrciae ol I power. i Since that took place, a gradual change baa been going ! on in the manner in which depredations. of the deecrpuon alluded to, are conducted; and au equivalent change la required m the mode of prevention aud detect,jc Toe river Uneven are not now the bold buccaneers they ;ormerly were, but have dwindled into more ?ne*<- and muat be treated correspondingly. Lnder the>< Ui.oee, I would reoom io n 1 the , large twenty (our feet boats (with a siugte exception) to ba withdrawn from actual aervice, and mat MgMMl i bwata. manned by coxswain and two oarsmen. besubstl< I luted in their place. In nearly every case that may require attention three m m In a boat can be an useful as uvo, and by tliua disponing of the members of Una com onto J five boat* own be operated by the name force aa te now required for three of the twenty four feet boata. | Without increase in tho number of men, a more extended j and compact security can be rendered to the ahipping in | port and to the waur i roots of the piers aud wharves by ' such disposition of tbe force. i oanmos or th* panes. Tbe physical aud moral condition of tbe member* of I the force will compare favorably with that ut any equal | oumbr of persons. Tbe biaith of the men is au indication uf tbe advantages derived Irom the improves >nt? bow in progreaa to the construct on ol the aut.on b-'Oi <a. I The newly ended edifices, and tboee undergoing repair, are evloeuoee of a desire to nilord proper ant healthful j shelter and rvpowe to the weary guardian during bis ranpite from bin laborious rounds. r> re- j mains to be dona before It can be said that n every precinct the a la I ion house it what It ought to b , I but the authorilien of New York especially deserve com mandat es lor what tins been lone. Kjuai liberality <>a the part of the authoritl<? in Brooklyn wruU, uo doubt, ; place the force in that city tn as healthy a stale as the portion tn New York enn alla.c But tbe tab lea show a different roodilioo at prewnt. By these U>tea it will be area thai oo the avcraxe. each man u New Yor'u haa be>-u tick 1 Mfi-1,000 days, and in Brooklyn 2 iA - l.otx aya m ihe last three months Aud this is an improvement u> both places, when compared with the report of a y oar ago. when the time lost by aickn-'ss for uncu una in New York was J'?. days, ana tn Brooklyn 3 days. Ptartiux* ov thb MM*. Dtncipline la n body of men such aa compact tbe Metropolitan folioe Fevow, is aa essential to their personal well being aa the air the) and to their uti ity. aa an arm of the civil power, of equal tnp>rl*oce. To in tire a perfect state ot dtartpiine m am h a b<?-ly, w ?e and i end a prompt, undevtatiug Mid never felling in cliva of ' Callv about-i follow crery wilful Viotalioo In ?u :b lea, u everywhere clae, certainty of ibe infliction of a pnallf, however I ght It may bo, :t m re etlecuve la ! preoerviag proper reaper! for ibe govern ng aulB >roy, | , than p iDiebmi ut of more (ever-? character ipafUM-di saliy < aOm in uttered l>nring the portion of la-d quarter la which 1 have bold oilm, vtotalioaa uf the rulee and reflation* bar - own mora frequently rrierre-l to y ir Board fbi a<1 id utoo than baa heretofore been deemed no raaary UMv Ibe ] aw coaatilutiDK the department I re fjni tbe Dilation to regard tbe Hoard ae tbe only tribunal by Which tbe prearrlbed peoaltiee are to be enforced t- weU t< I fled it to be the duty of the shiper ntendent to uriog every of- I ' lender to trial It w my latent ma to pure e in tae lu- 1 tore the oourae already taa n. but, with tbe bo- e that Ibe complaint* will leaaeo in n-imoer. not from auy indu fereoce on my pdrt aa to tbeir importance, but tr n ti,a inrreaeod edc.ency cf the force, an: the attention of , I hav* regarded It proj*r to r*aura* it" pt*t *>o !r "i brfor* tb* *?ptrntioh or tb* u?ua' lummw rec?a# a ihougb lar*e |??riioo of lb* fore* are j.r<n'-m>t m mrr ueuai ***r? i?* yet a ocMlderabl# atiitjer lequ.r t.-c aid of a eaiif-il teacher I mt*rta a ?*J ,a? l , i a market unpf" imfnt, within a few nt"D n? u. tbf !? larlmaol of tb* prroooai discipline of the ?r. < onwajn ikbi-acroM WhaVarar of improvement baa been m?1? in lb* I ?cl pita* of tb* fort* ta da*, to a (real measure, to the tu iaatry at I actire reliance of U>e District Insprt ?r* Ibeir * dfort* liar* ?>**o untiring, an I tho resu.u 01 U>*r labjf hsrc b**o corr**PO?idMi|tiy Moe ?a?ul. I herewith ai:b nil their a* port % far lb* tl.av have l-aa a nifl.*, to which you ar<* referred for a miante Jeacriptoo of tb* condition of each precinct* o* tMKMM. | Tb* rbaa^f* in the awiH of toe fore* doreg lb* \rtar embrace th* appointm-nt rf a aup?ruitimd*ot. impact or*. on* am g*?a, a ujr terra pair m o an J oortnen. While on* sergeant, twenty ?u patrol 1 errea doormen ?*r? lism?*e.l ?o* '-?-,tau?. -at* and (Direo patrolmen ren*n -d, tea t?> nd <>o* doorman dec .a*.I \T n* patrolmen < ** were placed on tb* retired INI amMt arrest* efl**t*d wiUi a a p?r id an ?hort 'arni'h very uncertain data ae to th* They majr be ntnlljr IW rflmra ? tb* terra cmraeoe*(1, and thus awell 3 Ibe nppareol amount. or the coo tots* oT tbt* would, la the same manner, apparently reduce Mi? number 11 requires 4 lunger period than a single quarter lo r-atb it r?*ult at ail reliable; and then it ?dl depend on lu? eifl cieucv of the polite Wring uniform, lo allow tb numbT pt arret-1. to indicate the or diminution of crime To altord an approa ill toward reaching a judg rnentnilbe subject, the number of arrests for several quart r* bacW is pre-etited for ooinpari-ou ? 1869 IKoO Ma* 1 19,900 Feburary 1... 10,84: jti.iri il -t -m May 1 '.7.lilt ' ni*sr 1 23,971 August 1. -2,041 I whole number arre ted by the force during the r w.i* 22 021 Of the per->u: arrested, 15,92" eere uid 0 894 were female,AL>o, of tbu uuutb. : , liisilO could read and write, 690 CjuII read only, audi til could neither read uor write, 116>9 w. , uia led, and 11,10*2 were siugle. On* ei every 43,S ve >i olored purs <n. Two-ninth , tnciudiug colo ed j * a- :ia, were native. of tile United State , and . e ven it nth- w jt foreign birth. Tlie tables of age do not furnish data by wbi h a prop, image can be made I therefore pref-r to nU* thwl 2,606 of the males were betw.-eu ten and t? ruty yearn, 5,763 were betweeu twenty and thirty yeara, 4,181 wore between thirty and forty years, *2 200 a ere betwoeu f.rtv arid fifty years, and 1,097 u re over h.ty ears, an'* 800 of the females were between tor. and twenty yea s, 2 840 were between twenty and thirty years, 1 *98 were be tween thirty and forty year*, 79? were between forty and fifty years, and 427 were over City years of age Of the whole number, 12,119 ai r, i;; der thirty yeai , a. J 10,702 were over thirty years age The number of arrests for offence* aga.uit property wore?males,8.441; females, 046?total ;-,ps*, nod fu oth-ucob ataii.rt peraia.a Ol th? public Jioue'0 W'jre?ua.'S, 12,846. femaha, 0.348?total, 18,034 The amount ol loswn by ollences aga. i*t property l is carta ned to be J4.',20?00. of which the ea>uc ol 318 394 08 has been leoovtred Ta-KOkil'H TYim wi'iirf tf fvranh hki* r.M?f1?-r?v1 tl tdAtiA.1 dm uK ftf valuable aid t< toe depa. traeul. By tue rojiurt of IU? in tpector of Tel. .iaph, herew.thsubmitted, it willlw (.ix i. thai I'S,780 no i-iiges were rectived ot or sent from the reut;at office aloue during the quarter Although a 1 arte share of I- M* wore on office ouainesfe, connected immediately with the depart mm I, .. et a considerable portion were ir.ei<leuta!ly ho, being used to coram'" to all ;srts ol lb" city the exact locality of Urea, ami tu a here about* loel fch. dreii, an 1 ot atrayed borate and caltid and numerous other items ul value Tue advantage the Uadiug public derive Irora th- ear.y it spretds of the issue of new counterfeit bills is of itself worth the t xpeuse incurred iu Ueeiuog it ul wort The system on which this toll graph Is unrated is probably thelioot for the purpose to which it is applied mat has yet b?'o discovered. But improvement is tended to render it less liable to gettiug out of order. The line between New York and Brooklyn is now in working c mdition, and the Ictqx-rtor'* office is in direct communication with the central office. The new instrument is being put in all the stations in Brooklyn, and we have reason to expect as good results from its use there as iu the city of New I ork. MlMCKlXAMCor officer InsjiecUir Carpenter reports the wurk or the por tiou of the district within the city of New York, in add! tion to arrests and recoi ery of stolen property, to have been as follows ? lost children sent to the Almshouse 140 l/iet children restored to parents nod .... .2.101 Sick or disabled pci.ous assisted 420 Horses found astray aud ristored to owners 138 llorsca aud vehicles restore i to owners 01 Stores found o|>en and secured 1T0 Dwellings louud open and secured HOT Fires attended by members of the lor re 91 Fires extinguished by policemen 32 Persons rescued from drowning by the police 11 Abautlintd infants cared (or by the police 27 Amount taken iu charge and restored to lodg ers and others $18 663 66 Institute persons furnished witb shelter Ib,667 Violations of Cor|>oralioa ord.nances repot tod (or action of authorities 13,647 Violations of fvinday I.uiuor law reported to Di-trict Attorney for action 7,428 xu.vrrajii ivsrisi. The .Sanitary Company, orgaui/od in pursuance of the prolionsof Uie & t of April Id, 1860, has rendered valuable aud imoly service. The summary report of ttergeaut Ford, icrewtth presented, exhibits s large amount of labor well h-rfommd,by which, iuh great measure, has the hoalth of he moru densely populate 1 districts been so happily >r?*erved. This squad has reported 6,277 cases subject to their lupersision.cousistmg of overflowing sinks, filthy horses, yards, cellars, Ac., unsafe buildings, Ac., of wbici the nuisance was abated by the City Inspector in 1,07G cases, by the owners in 3,834 cases, by contractors under authority of the Board id 348 cases, and 20 cases were referred to the Unsafe Build lug Commissioners; in addition to which 367 steam boilers have been examined stkciai. roiicr The subject of special appointments is ono that I have tot yet bail npjHirlunity to examine carefully: but from a ursory view 1 am ol opln on that the .-mailer the num. >er ot rticb commissions Issu-hI the better for tbe repulsion ot tbe tiirce. 1 shall take another opportunity to qieak on the propriety of recalling those outstanding, ?ucu lit are usou id tue central rirn ana a lew rtber ntttcial plat <?a. H will bo m-ceeenry for me to defer presenting formal report* relative to tbu ITupertj Clerk'* Departineol aod tbo House of Detention, owing to my Inability to spare the time ueceraary to ac quire a* full information in rela tiou to there branches a* their importanoe requires. TH1C TVHr. ACARD.-IT 1IAVINU REIN PUBI.IOLT A I) VCR. lined and riven out thai the Mailtos tieorge M. Pair ben. together with ether celebrated Horse*, are engaged to ointend for a premium of tl.tOU at an International Horse Fair, lo be held at Walerkiwi, N. V., Autr>M St. 3D and 31, I deem It but j list aad proper to stale that such adrertiaement. as far aa tieorge 11. Patcheo la sonoeraed, has beeu made without the knowledge or consent of the undersigned, end that no rut engagement haa ever been made (or the horse tieorge M. Pa'.chen to oontend for any prtie or to be preaent at aaliT fair; that, on the contrary, tieorge M. Palahen has aa enKagaaaaoi with Flora Temple, at Boston, on the 23th at Aug* a instant, ?hich would of Itself prevent the appearanos of Ueorge H. Pan-hen at Waleriown on either of the abore days. WILLI AC WATLKKMIKK. owner at Purge M. Pstahss. Bsw Yoaa, August 31,1MB ITNIOW COOKRE. I? L-TROTTIlfO.-OI* THURflDAY, J Aiig-^t 30, at half put three u'cloeh, a match for SA.UDO, mile beau, beat three lo Me In hsruea* ? Horace F .(owes names gr g Prince 'John, H. | W ?.irj.1 names ' .a g Native American. This race Is made pUy or pay, to ootne off, rata or shine. The cars will lease the South ferry, BrouSlya, for the Course at a quarter to two o'clock, and return aa aooa u the tret is over rare U> go nud return, fifty cents. SH A W A WHITE, Proprietors. LUST AND POI ND. ~ Doa LORT.?STRAYED FROM NO 13 WMT HKVK.V. Monday IsM. a blenh and tan Terrier, baring a white spot oa hi* brcaM. and ansasring to the uatr -of Spring A suitable reward wtl' be paid on hi< being lett at the above summer. CTlRKXANTt BtDOE I ' XtT?Off T1IF ori! OF A Til I* ST " a Ftreasan's Hadge iKcglne ('i No 1' ,v Ibettnder a.11 i lease leave u Willi, ibe Fire Co.ns.ei ne<? Firemen's Hal., or at tb* "dbe ot the Cbiel Rugiueer, 21 Kiliahr h street. t^OCND?ROUND ABOUT INDIAN HARBOR. PREEN, Connecticut, a Poraettssik. cosialotng a rm of Money. The owner own have the aoove oa proving property by tngQlrng at tieorge (lundrum, (OS Br mm mrrot. Firxn-t.,a>.t ai'NPAT, a i.apvs hrf artpin, i wb'ck Ike owner cad have bytrorinf property and pa> Ida !.>r tkia ?d' eniermenl. f. L. Neiiukkein, Ml Greenwich own. tkor.wd nip person who i/?st thk pookkt r b.?k ot> eu'ortkc St Paul a chapel on Monday e. en uif. Ink luai . will luiuircot K. Vtunluat, No 6 knn arwi LittiT-ON HAtt/RltAY AITRRNOON I.A8T IN A Twenty Uurd *tr? t UN, llMMR ?nl Weat 1 biry wonit atreeu a r>eari Pinwni nnaie ooatn.uinir be l?eeo hi MJ.i ?r?i id bills aa Papeete 1 b- under will h>- o a I a ately rewarded bjr leaving It witk Mr. Fikfce, No. j| Veoey ureei. LONT-a BWRSKIN PORTFMONAIF. OPPOSITE 1JA Spring atreei ru-' gentlraum who iinM it up wul legie it at tlie aboee nomber.or at 7S * add ing al airert. m l >Oiig? vb? now and rewire a reward a* wall. LOSr-lN COMING FROM NO. U1 STaTK RTRKItr, Hrt?A.>n, tkr ?jgh At ran.- airoet U> tke Snviih terry and ike Barter) bi pier No. 1, North nrer a ckud'a ? >. l, with coral hea f netting. (be i.ider wi I be liberally re w ?nle.l, a? It bieaao the pel. bjr annc ike uw at No. .'SI Htato atreei. Brunt)yu. * No. IJ7 Waehio.-via etre-'t. New York. LIWT-OR TAKKN BY MIST.AKU, ON OATCRDAY All*. H. Isk. at tne tool >t lkriiaudt r;reet, ir n StM.boiaa Hotel coach, mil Carpel Bat. with rard attack".!, marked K. ST. A ii ii. t..nta> I k" :indar w ill ddrew.r. si by letting I- at the .dbee el tke 9t N rbol ia Hotel. Lost-a fkrtint atr. no. itr for f1vf sharks sranad Airnue Keep ad, at idip< la Uie urate is ' karlea lolly wanNxdln Hruodway or P?rm place My leartag h el be <dkce if M. Tnlaod A sua. It) Krrbanre place, tke nader a ill be atulaMy rewarded LOST?RATI'ID AY NIGHT AUGUST % IN TWKNTT necuad atreei between Ktghik aod Ninth aren iaa, u In ke KichUi aienor aim, belaeen Teeoly ae-ond aod Jar" nreeu, or In >ane Wreet. a larrt t'aiuwi Brraaipia The : ad rr nul be liberally rewarded no calling with It at 7k Jane Ur-et Lort A <H>U> PKN AND fKNCIL l.'ANK, markr1* o. l>. N. t) K i). li. The i.uder "ill rerrite Ski tatari, and n.' (Meanooa aaked. by leafnr II wltb Pelimte a Ha . a. .VI rueet. mwner of I'Itabw. IOWT-ON Till)RRJAT rr?. IN FIFTH AVUN'K IIP J tworo rtevenit umik aad U?*k eiree-a. enirai Par a I m IVait. My .earint It al nereoi) eltklia atreet. rear F.lti ate noe, kko i.oder will reoeite the ikauka ? ( ltd owner. N'OTII'R-TIIK AP\ KRTIAKMRFT IN THF IIKKALD Id A"f. It whi-h repraaei.U r *- 1 are Old inaertrd by m? No leiteta haee -een h ai by any One aHaehed 10 ID) ofllee 1 he .-u-ra referr-d k> were'. ? >.y a boy wk > wao aeni (rout Ft ml oua-et, hm rame In my lb . P. IV. h K.N Yi >S, Iet?r Mh ". If] Pearl aireal HKWAI1P1, FA1MC DtH.UARR krw ARP -I.OST. IN P kRK ROW, A 1 morneon m?a?oraT ' nn IVmt, enatrinloc re. e.ptr a , w biro are a I all tie lb. Ike above I '.laid aid be pael to ai tbodr lattikt It wit a tne le-iatee er at ike .St Nil-boire Hotel. 11 RlWARH.-'/MIT. LANT *\ KNIN I. AH<>CT UALl pa? -tfbi lo an Kl?tith ?t nue rr, am r.l P r ?-r o tiai SMMhIkmwo tort banf" an I lirk ? I i- Ho.'er will reeeive ihoobute reward and Ikanao m lie- owje t>> leattnt it at Ss ttar ou-eeA, alter ? P M me hmiaiiii on mimi'ai, *1 iti m 1.1 ?P*J Hmadway (* r*nal im n?*r Boialwar * <I ,1 i nwa and T'?>? *?al, ?iiacfer-t by a rhuaml Hold Hid* I krn Bnro TalntNd Vi lk? otwr ikan utm> He, w it'r ? -ifc* ?in <f A ilwwd trlaad. Ik* flod*r will r*r?p* the above r**ard m l u>? r?"'*kaak? A Ik* iiwnn br I**t n< lf>*? at M rminb ngar l*ilay*u* |i.< . nia hi'turm o* muwiwpw morwivj, J1U A .?llkt tT a > !? liar, *n??*r? ifl lb* "* * -I I'.aap*? IV ?i 0li Meat fafkl; lwn> krrri. ^ ton rnrmo i/m nn wnoirnnat thk *ZU in?; ail'>d ftaii-h I'aala. ?lib I ?r- laaiaf h? r I'owpnei and K*v att*rb*d A?th- ??**?. ?Hrrf| ai' fh w ;l alt* ik* ab<w* r**'-!'I.-lb* A i.t'i wvknn: A??n? ?l b? Ira' Uw( H a: t$i A ? TwcMf at-wad ft.'**;. raw YORK HERALD, TU) urinu lornm ACAEn -A WIDOW LADY, OH REFINEMENT. H Avion be?u reduced In circumelnaee# from dlueuc* in or i ertj. appeala to the charitable public (or -? -* tu eon blu lu-r tu purchase a Machine, ao aa to ear* fur Ixraau and two l.uia daufbleie a livelihood by luduatry Any entail amount aa a donation, either by note or In perecti, wtll be rereived with ten oM tbaoka by aiHrnaaun or caUlau for Mra ti . 119 Waverley place, beta ecu the hour* of 4 and 6 in (he afternoon. /lADTTOrf -ONE NOTE, DRAWN BT CELLBB * 1 " J Dunn and cudoraed by them In blank, dated A ujpiet Ul, 110 four luou'ha. for 71 l( kavlna bean loal la trauemUaion bt mall from New York to PetemburR, New York Every but-u i squealed not to ueqoclale the earns, aa payment baa teen atopped. C1R0HT BRICKLAYERS. NOTlCR-A MSKYINU OF r the From bricklayers of Urn city of Mew fort, and a.l ' urn wxneij brickiysri will o? held at Jackson Hall. cornsr at Greenwich Avon tie ?nd "thirteenth street, on Wednesday evening. Auguet it. M 7)< o'clock. P. H. HOPPER, j A. J. McCoou., y Chairman. "\lKyHfc"B8 OF CHARTER OAK LODGE. M, V- AMD ! 1*1 A. y are reuurated to b? punctual ia their attendance I on * adnesdav eve ii-ng, a igusl 2?, an au election for eeereter;'.wffl take pinew OhO. VCH/NO, W M. I \r: W \ ift a MKDICAL COLLEGE, i is No. * Ka? l tilrUu-oLh atreti, near Fourth avenue, fcto VIMTH t ACUliTY Robert Cgdrn Doremiis, H i>., Professor of Cheialstry Jbtin h :r?; i '? rui-clian, M I)., PrutMeor of Clinics! nod Operative Rurg-ry 1). Mereoun ileesr. M L>. LL D.. Profeeeor of -Use Theory nod Practice ot M idcine And Medic 4l Jurisprudence ii. ! KV"?r M D Professor of Ui* l'rinciplea and Practice of Surgery wtid Surgical Paiioiogy. a K ion .-i\ M, !>,. Professor ol CHnieal Mid *U try mud Dlaeu.- . ot Wooi?n Jr.a u oiooaoa. M X?? Professor of Anatomy. Cbaa A. Hudd WD Professor ol Theory and Practice ot M idw i fe< f . A. Jso bi. M. D , Pro'eaaor of Infantile Palhologi wild The rapeMi'-s. i'tu L. budd, M D.. Professor of Toxicology. I H.e I hairs ot Physiology, MhUria Medics ui Clinical I b -dicine act' viuBl. but win be tilled in lime for toe opeutng Io the ar-a o iuwler 1'moUee, M- D , Demonstrator Of Anatomy. Tli w H V* tii'.uni, M D. A sstslaot Demonstrator Jituctu. liri'jtb. Si. D., Prosector lo the Profess" of Sur ??ry. bimeoa Abrahams, M. D., Assistant to the Professor of Surgery A W Wl.kiuaou, Aai.atautto the Professors of Cliemutry sod Toxioology i lie Pi u.un nsry Course by the Karulty will opeuon Monday, September 17, w ith oa'ly lei lures and otlnl<iU?*, riul be free to all matriculants. 'the regular acsriou tor l-itiO-61 will com oionce on \i edneeday . Urux>er 17. and continue uutll ttte middleof Worth, v Kb tour It-dun a on esch day, in addition to daily cliulques ou Medicine, riurgery and ubatetrica, conducted by the Facuiti lieonoiotralire and practical trncbina will be a disuurllve 1-ature in Una school, especial]/ Analysti. Operalli c Cume y and I'ihcI caI Analoiny. Fi?.?Por h fi ll course of Irciures, Kllft, MairiciUatlua, f(< I ?enioiistrs lor fee for tlnai ewsaunalioo tor a degree Ji'VJ Good boar lnii( may e hud u the vicinity of the Colleic*. at Imin At to >t per week Further information may be unt uned by ad dreaama the underslgnrd, No. 7lf biimu pace. New York 1 K O. DORaML'b, M. D., l*eanof the Faculty. Niw Yor.z Augiui ti. ldGti. N'oncf. TO BUTCHEM ? THE SUItSCRIPTION HOOK of the butchara' Hide an 1 Melun* A as -citiion u now open for aiguatures a. tiie.r oifice, comer ot Kirat avenue and Filth street Hutchers are in rued to sign and become member* of the Aaaocu'dvn VJ-OTICE TO CONTRACTORS.?THE COMMISSIONERS la under the act of the legislature of the State ol New York, pasted April 16 lS6t "for removing (batructioua froia Harlem river, and lor building a free bridge over the same," will receive sealed prop-walstoi the constriction of the approaches to thr brif gn ontll Monday, the third o September next, at 1U o'clock A. M., at the odloe cf Richard I'. Carman, Mo. t.iM llroadwsy Plans and speciflcaLona ran be aeen at the otRca of John 0. CamptieU. Us broad way, room No. t, where plsnk prouosiIk.ns will be turi isned Ui contractora All propoaiuont must j be Idled out in secordani ' with the hlinka furaistiKt, em loa.-d In a sealed eovelope, and directed to Lewis G. Morris, Chair! man. Propositions must be accompanied with the written consent | of two responsible parurs to sign it tmd lor the two thousand dollars for the faithful perf irmanreof the coalmct If swarded to the proposer. 1 be touimissh vera reserve the right to reject nil propositions the) may tlunk ere wot (or the internals of New York mid Westchester comulee to accept. NMT Vo?k, August IB, lhdO. L. 0. MORRIS, Chairman. SPECIAL NOTICE.?TO TUB ANDREWS FAMILY.?A met-tin* of the descendants rf the early teulrrs of this country, by the name of Andrews, wtil be held for the purpose of eocUl recognition. nt Wallingford, Connecticut. on the 2Mb lukiknt. It) onler ot * committee of twenty of the name. HOUIMON ANDREWS. M.iX. uf Perth Amboy, N. J, To bl ILPKR8.?ANY RESPONSIBLE CONTRACTOR, who would like to put up lor ihe subscriber s brick dwell Inn house, I urnisl In* fill the mwiertsls, may address H , box 2,;?7 New York Post otBce Ttw locality la two miles front Perk slip lurry, Williamsburg, nvwr the croselac of the Division kdo M.vrue avenue railruwda To cost froaf2.IMU toff Ml, as computed. Terms of paysunt?A6U1 when t?<- walla are up, end the balance in four payments, throe months apart. Work to becomoxenosd at once. WHEREAS. IT BAR BEEN MALICIOUSLY REPORTED by Interested parUes, taat the Ocean House w'll be iloscd on the 3d ol September, we beslo miorm the public that tun* report Is entirely without that the Ocean H >uee will not be rinsed earlier than th* Ifcn of Kept ember, or U lbs weather la very favorable, the Alb el September. EKKNKK A BIRCH, O-ean House. Newport. R I. ITKAMWiW. Day boat for west punt. Cornwall, nrwburj. MUtoe sad PuughkeepCe -The neemhoei ALID A will leave Jay street pier dally at 4 SO A M , touihUu at Thirtieth street, end arriving at roast keep sle at 1 P. M leaving Poughkespm* at t pTm. returning to ihe city el JO p. If Paseengeri for Albany, Troy, Saratoga, or say point west, cam , make aura enwaeetlo? at PsughkesMi Haggngs transferred free. - , 1 For rooeaway-thb bplrndid steamboat CERES, Walter Otariy. master, will resume h- r regular dally trips for the aeaenu, cm and alter Tuesday, Auk i-i Z* I "do, stopping at the rieemde House each way Deevuu; New Vnrk i Eihni ihn mJin ui N jphiw ti r? ?* ui 9 m.nA mer K , a t- for-jr-for the t.o\ c ok ood. i,mt mi krow VT *kr? you irr. Wnto no iboMiiim. Mr b-*n to lifObPO MACAKTHT F jr . on*rues Mcacuffe, late of rmw oeusare, J will p:?tw Ail or teoJ bio oiMr-o to IKf?. Toreatyr.ybtfe h? will !?r trial bis tutor. Jcocso iodanrm. v*w Orlout r?poro pleoor eouy. IRFORM *TIOR WARTKO-OF HKRRY THO* AH. A boAcr, irom Rye, Kn*litod, why left is 'bo ?bip IWr, ntbtr* l?th nf Jin'. Adj lot >nrA'Joa rrij?.-tirc bin rill be ibju>kJ'jllj received by '* Moo em. IJS WlLiur su-oot. Rett Torb. I RflOCLD 1.1KB TO K?OW WHO IS IS HE A 1 liI-LJ T tor CAAR1E. \i vj"K hki.m i xiTvn starKn . ojrsi i. is nil i*l y-'iof litre**, now rippnoed lo bo tl or Doer tMo "Ity, out boor 4 nifOHBiio? imp.Hunt* oy erii.lini h.? > :Orv*o v> 'r?. A Th?w o H. Aefct'-r X South tir-ei. 0?4R P ?TOUR MOTHER IS RRAR1.T fEAIY, RE turn borne, ell mey be firotTeo Ai '?swt, writ PRO, rrxo 'ot. Weombewr vioiy. Tt. T.-THE YOl/RO MAR WHO CALLED OR HIS mtbrr to Tburtdey nlfM * > mi he wm rln* to tut bee. ?he bt?m<*hei M etreld bo hit tor* >t en. ms b? It loot u?b bo Omter tn lludaon ev?noe, erer tbe .<? boor, ferry THKOHORA-'HO." M AX. THE tJFRTLXM AR FROM ROSTOM WHO I.OST A ni ot m- ney on Ftidey evenine, tufutt ft. wUI pl?eeo oell oi lb Oreeiie arret. ot tnoary boo been found. n-wtm pe yit pleete copy. U Ml J J AM CaRLISLE RIi 'HOlJI. REPHMW Of TH* i*.e or*. <t?a? M. Hoy, <4 l?r 'h*in, Miwl i?.-u? wtll cN i' tr bio ed.lmai to I. J. it., R?. v?| hruedwey, R>'? Torb. core ot P. f. Uodtrny. \\*v\TFI' R11I4RP SASSY RATIVKOE AMIWBU* *? it- nt W*. U I Iro A . n? ... V! ?' W bo h-.pel, l-ondon left Fntlt" I IS* or bit bete* Al?e r-?w? A 'M-fPOi n? b.r 'end Apply to V Mat* hfenMrr <?Mi e. oti I'.t.WluoT. St* Vurfc, ESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1881 NMICAL. ^ OBRA.TLY IMPROVED rLAMOPtfBTR. UJUTE A bitADB'JSY MaaufacLirera of A MEW MOAL1 OVKKMI KITNO BASH. PATEM I IMSULaTKD FOLL IRO* rKAHA UttAND AMD MJUAKK PIANOFORTE* Mo 421 Broom* Ire*. PIANOS TO BMMT. A lady. a COMPETENT tbachrk OK vocal and inatrumrnlal, ?rl?hnioiear.h th?w brvieii** tor ber botrtl, In muat rwiiwuih family readmit between duih and Third aermiea and KUlrrnth anj Thirty Qftb ?trn-li. will l nn?! ? plaao It <lMU-e<l Adder* 0 (J b . MUiuci K Pj?t oBcc. ^JHICKKRINO A BOMS. Maorinote./ere of ORAMSQUARE AMD UPBIOHT PLAM'JS WarerooniH 681 Broadway 0. A BOMS hare bora awarded thirty p-l* medale for the operljrUy of their mauufactnre f it thu past thirty lire mn. PI AMOS TO RENT. Depot op thr Alexandre oroam, For Chrrchea CoapeU, School* aod Drawing Rooms, SUl BROADWAY. BOLE MEDAL OP HONOR, at the Uuireraal KahihiUoe of laoo ThU magnificent Instrument (patented In lb,- Culled States Ha7 3, wbicn the brilliant pertorm..ucc* >f THALBKRO, VII.ANOVA, MLLK. WKLL18 h*?? rendered m popular In America aa la Kurope b** Pone adopted by the greatest am da and composers of coatl neoia. OOl ischalk. lists, ROSSINI, METEKREER, ac , %a. Tl.c Alexandre Organ la cdebrsted for 'he abi lity an.t |>ee etakxi of tia mechanism, aa well aa for the t'ullneaa toil power of tta Uxea, aod the remarkable quality of keeping pertectl} hi tune in til climates. 1'rlceaat the depot, *45, $40. sun, flGO. SUA *r?. Sffiri. SHU. $340, $400. A descriptive circular sent to any addrra* on applleatl.Mi to BKRNARn A FABRKOUKTTKS. Jr., DJCl Hros-lwaj. Importers of Buaaoa Accordoout, Violins, YtoUu Stimgj, fee First premium gold MEDAL PIANOPOaTKS. Manufacturers?81IHUKT7C A LUDLOKF, 462 Broouie street Pianos warranted, and at reduced rati a PIANOS, MELODKANR, HARMONIUMS. First class, for sale, to let or sold on instalments, on farorahle terms. Superior Harmontume of nine for churches, Ac., at $171 to $4UU. J. M PKLTON, 841 anl 843 Hroadwi*r, N. Y, PIANOS.'MELODKONR. AND ALEXANDRE ORGANS, new and second hand for sale or to rent al great bargain*. Melodeont aalow aa 830. Planus, 873. Ms- lhl) payment* re oelved for either. Rent allowed it purohased HORACE WATER*. Agent, 333 Broadway. PIANOFORTE FOR RALE ?SPLENDID PIANOFORTE, cover and stool, which coat AVii but nine month* ago. will be (JlspuMd of for less than hull its actual value ll purchased Immediately The piano la full 7 octave, elegant rosewood case, serpentine moulding*, rouud corners, scalloped k-v?. carted legs, I)re and desk (An be seen (or two days al 143 avenue A, corner of Tenth street. OTODART PIANOS. O (IRANI). SQPARIC AND PIOOOLO, *HE BEST MANUFACTURED WAJEKEOOMB. MM BROAD WAT SEVERAL BOYS, OF RESPECTABLE PAllKNTAGE,

are wsnted for a church choir; good soprano voices requl site, those who have had some experience In reading music will have the preference. age not to exceed 14. Salaries liberal, a rid i it* K. M, Herald office, giving name and residence and other particulars. r CHOIR LBADKKA ?A TENOR 81NOER WILL AC er|>< an engagement In a Pmoment church up to ?n. May be s?< n by addieneing a line to Tsnor, 72 East loth st Tuk tkolodian -adapted fob both racbbd and recular rnuMr. Warerooma, <18 Brmdwiy Mew York. Patented 18fi& Received large silver medal si the fair of Ike American Institute, and the hlgheet testimonials from the Iinitrwia. This Instrument Is peculiarly adapted far ehurcaea, Ac. Tor teatimooiala see our oiruulan. copahtiikk8hip iot1ck?. A widow i-ady without incumbrance, havios; oouaidemble bedroom and kitchen furniture drat res to join > lady In Inking a email house where they could aocomno late a lew murders, or do any respectable paying business. Adrerilser underatanda catering and housekeeping .terteotly. Address Mrs. K. Armltage ataliuo I) 1'oat oMce. Net* York. A partner wantrd.-ajit qintlbman having at hia command $600 or MOO in cash will And a Ural clam Investment for the same and the beat security for hla mn?eT. The -nterpilae Is new and i.ovol, and will pay at least <1.000 In six months. The money to be expandnd under hie own super vision. Address Enterprise, rut.on D Post ufltre, M. Y., appointing an interview Mo notlm taken of agents. Partner wahted-with moo to $i,too capital, id a well eaishliabed business. Mo bonus required, but the money to be used in extending tbe huatnean Partlcluars ascertained by addressing Worktagsaan, oox No. 130 11 am Id olbce. Partner wakted-to joim*the advertiser in a profitable cash man tfacturlng buataesa we 1 retail hahed. A party with <1.UW cash, willing to give Wa time, Me., may address, with real turn a. Activity, tiers Id oWre, lor three da yes. IfUH 1'ARTNKRM WANTK1) -ONE. WITH ??!. IN A h ugai irtaiuanunsn nuaintwa ?> aa>ingaoaj i? an old eataiihaba.1 down town tirsl rlaaa hq i * h'Weeaa >< fdii In ib' coauniaaum bualneaa. Apply M < Hmw aueat rang No. 3. (l 7c~ wamtkd,"TIIA!* TO TTct~rrix~c?TlQK vl I ?J| of a iroofrjr ud bqanr Ml aa panaer, t>w r-at, will take what money mau car tpar* aad w.a for the be! ?u(?. Apu'ori'j for a family, mil Irae Apply at |pt Kaal Kit* tenth iU"i l. ?o"o will huborahr half is Tier, fat in a V-itJU B'laincaa, <au. nhed for aerati years. will dear 113 ui Ub on week to and. party, aa will be abdwa Apply to T. UAFFNKY A CO , Wo. fChambers atraet S'lAA TO KOO-PARTSKB WANTKD IS A CASH OUU menulacluriag bosuieM. large orders from wbo> -?,e h.>uae? . Dgage I. Cau be etieuded to any amount. Ap ply at <17 beventh avenue. -PARTNER WANTKP, IK A CARH MANU f O-i), a riar biudmaa, paylagorerM) percent large rdere treat who lean la binuiiia ea|?jea i an ba extended to any aanoiiat, capital to luteal la the buaiaeae Apply lo (J T. loMI'klNB. manufactory, No. 6 New Bowery, corner o( OU Ter at reel, near Chatham aquare. -PARTNKR WANTKD, IN THK MANCFAC )"U. lure of light Fancy tloode. wttb tba a bora amount, bi.O'D the snbecrlber, who baa all tba neraaaary machinery, aa - . eg eiperirnca. Addrex* M J. C . Herald ofll.-e Criin to wwv-partnkr wantkd, ritukr tJv'U ?. tlve i vi.eoi u a i.rat clam wholesale bustneaa J '*ti own. no rtih, aa good* are all on commtaaiin rrotlta *:<> u te iOU par annum. Apply at SJt Broadway, rooaa No, 17. $ -ik|A -P.lRTSKR WANTKD, IS A BUSINKSA THAT Jl'U. a lirit tod pleaeaut. and pay a tba beat ot ?nym ib - cMy a eaadr .r.deraiood. la a good cliaoce for a tr ar not nblc to Libnr. Coll at til Raat Broadway, baaeuieot, w r -re the lank* caa be aeea o/?fm -wastrd- a good mkchantc, cabinet VOvVi maker or a t arpecter, that ran in-. aat the abora air out w here u will pay him ?? hundred per oeet. good r ret. # will b? re pured. aa be would have charge ot all tba boaiaaav F<* ortbai particulate eali at .ba Mora it Bleecker a* rael f'<r one w a?> noil -PARTNER W ANTKD, Tt? IOlN ANGTHKR 91 ivUU, in p irabaa ag and couMnttmg a wd) aaui liahed l aaa n latnem; wild ta isnee-, ".ace ot death, baa ylaldad from 1J I1?< t? ??WU ft .'Kill, ir"dr <'ft 41 *lftl>4, ftSd bllMHMft HIGHS A Sol'THWICK. 82 Raaiaii ilraM. CI mill WANTED. A PARTNER IN APMtAdANT i. ib dnor m^ftiua b'l-oaatft a monopoly, aaady . "mprrbmded. ftsd *iU my Irm r 12 lit) inSIt tin par >mr. Asp 00 wuthuia ft prrmkarul c?M buamaaa mkj apply at u d (<lft Hioadway, room 0. nnn"-** rutkhpriuno bcsirww perron fOiUVVi Ivvidi iron W.?W Ui M.UJI on b?nd, ?*o la -? ? 'b* muh* la a mli tmaiLrak, pay Lip ft lair MrmaU(?, jar ta a uiftw or ?<dlTe 1 armer. iadr<w* X. Y f. , Out at N o m*m? or boria aapiialaau need reply. 4'j (uui TO A oBNTUCEAR AfeOCT PROvO.vUV r??dia? %o Europe, w u-w to Oad a purmr with tbr abnte kboiw, 10 j-*a bur. aad, oom'iuim piwii km with pleat ire durum ibrtr W'tr. the advorttar (uartat*?a 10 i?*a Ifty err eat 00 ib* ?bo>e an? by puirhaee of oerain rondi f w 1 kit :ior<W. Kr:?ff?i tla* ard r? 4 ilred. and llra wy ti i-ania uadar lb* oocu-ol oi the puaeaawir. ibe tdrrrllerr u. -r-', v eipeeuir an equal aba>* of tb? proCia. illtoWR A Rows. *J Raaaa 1 ttrert. New Turk. & "Ci irm *RTN'1'* WANTED TO~T4KK T1IK 9U.UW. r-ft "? <* ?or retina*. a lb* our* uus il ft ir am a ?arM ny new patrol nurkiix. one aa buir nuu?akU 10 A" rroft* per day. Apply ft! Ibr x>o Cm-lory, ftS ' >nvrr at. & l?| I ltd tit A PARTNER SPK> 1AI. PRKPEA-tltU . r-ll.VUU. VV.ib W.itft) m la a wi?U eauWtab fdt'O r?.rj lueraure taaauia torti* onanteea to mart be rapidly 10 nwiii Jnatnd. Aa <ia lanal food i-haa-e tor a aje Itiiiwami. BH.I.S A (M iCTH Wli'K . 1 Xkku I iirm PKHIOM AU ART PKRAf.R WTRUIRO TO ADOPT A~r AS DRONE aad beaiiby My, two am'ii old. wiU a-li. -at K. P. Child, boa 124 Hera'd ottuw. AHnorrioy -? uapt wishes to adopt a pine healthy two year* old. a ,irl preirrrad. > ail at 111 Caaal a ft' T ?CALL TO DAT. AT HAKE H.A K ARD r *? r ' ST HKLKRA. at 9 JO. Splendid bliie IWh'n* and ? * baihiny Fkrrt to conev island and fort Hamilton - : The NAURHON will run daily through the aaaann. leering A bum atrrel at Pl?. ll1, and Spring aire* at 1.'., ,,l0 SV pier No. ? Nortli mar at 10, I and 1 Nam, ?tui % rutin ;trkrt. 26 i-eota. TRAVEL FROM SARATOGA. TDK I'EOPLKU LINE OF STEAMERS. NEW WORLD AND ISAAC NKWTON UNTIL FURTHER N0TL7K POSITIVELY KVERT NI IHT Will await at Albauy the arrival ot the rata, wktch leiv?e t* I raioga at O R) P M. .MiTWIIHSANPlNll THK MISREPRESENTATIONS of tbuee a boar object It la to divert fee Uetei b) may ( Tr">. All pentoaa ?b<> nay take an id tr.Ua to ran- our boat* in A. Sany. and. arr.vtng tbara at any Una befot? 11 o ila-t f M , | do niA find them m waiting. I o ledge myaeil tj keep over cue 1.1 and aeud free to Nam- fork the neitday j w. haRMI'RT, Areut Pe-ylr ? Line. Albany. OTFAVROAT CNPEKWRIfKR FOR SALE.-IS 170 O 'eat loug TJ1. leet be im. AM) t-ma burthen, ba? a IS tea cylinder !* In* air ke, b..a a Baw butler, and la in perie.n ori der lor bualneaa. < an b-- ae>-n at Ibe tool <d Thiru-lb ?i-ee-, ! i North river For terma ot anle apply w W. DfelltOOf, Idg | Front at reel. i ~ IIIITHUCTIOII. ~ j a SOtTMKRN "ikn TLKMaN. HTOPflNO WITH sid 1 A family at the 8-.. Na-bolaa Hotel, wbert ha will rrai.n lor tm day*, dealraa to ernp'oy a neutral la.fv to go Sooth aid take rbarie ?l a tastily One eupabla ui m-.jarung . an Rnrliali edueeuon. with mnalr an t Priueh dea rod. I: other* ra unalined. the amlut 1 reucb wtuid be d?pece.<d | wt'b. Inyure at m-'ir. 211. Aruil FOR WRITING. ROOKbREPlNtl, AHirtlMK- I uc, Ac.. *J p?r m Hith, or III) per . I tinier, at &I rtowery | and JN6 Fultooatreet. Hi -*:>n. I*diea' anting --wea rJ i for auteen It-aeona. From <>oy S. king ?My ?? ai d da 1Kb tera attended i'ol. Paine a Atademrlo tny entire aeualacu .a. Ilia plan at InatrucUon la yatemau and utpedlUuiia. A CARD.-TDK RUBS' 'RIBER HAS REVOKED HIS ?A Aivlemy-.t l enmaiiaMp trout No. deal lo "II and MU broadmar. v?rner ot r??ut> Aral fia-t Saw pupila received daily, etereoncopf rsi'iaeum ma* trai'dioc ul.IVRR d. GOLDSMITH. AfMDKXT or ritXXAimnP ARD'OOORRRRP:*'*- ' W ltn?d?Vi rouUnnH tij W.f. HKMLAXD.inr many ^tra u<l?u at of Uj ? B UnMwik 1 ipm day and rvmiag. lor thoroaick pra< Unai lnatru??iaa. Caraful aPrauna i ?lvea and cauro Batmlacuiai auarmuicad. i A^m snunox wa.mtkp-as ooyxxxmi, or tka- 1 cb<T by * lady, rrwintr of >? of lAr bmt vn. of I h?w Knyla??d, ant ?nOi<" v?*r?' aiparmva. t>wnp?t.T; in trarli ik* biabrr Aat iab oraacAra. r ratx-a mqw fnf palntinc in oil wad walrr onJora. The prat mloraom ivro A , ? .riiry placa r fiUa^-a praicrraU Addraaa Mua S. 0. A., Ona cord, >?w Hampthif*. AMI.API WOCLDMKK A 8TTC ATIO!* AS TRACIIRR of tka Kr(li?A branoAr" and Francfc. uialoaoi> m ?fca wrtld ?n? iiarim..>r ailri.t. m Adfwafuc tau !aya M ?? R K . uronklja, L. I. MKAKRR. I.K8TIMA8AE A*0 ARTRAOA8 FlUCBOH day and koarALaa achml. No# H7. ll? and 111 CUntna plara. mopnaa on t iaaday. jvpu A. ilaaaioal. Maihrmau ?. and ' mmamial Inatltuir. Tba 'ltrnilr drparUaaot ia alwaya nader (A# (padaj oam Of Hat. Lmpinaaaa. ????????? 1 MOV8 |!- OR ORAND VAL'B FRklOH BOARDIRd Bcfcnol, cia??..-#1 a*4 miDBfrritl, Hidaoa larraoa, . 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MtAlnii o?p?ienl l-? .itro, | in tort Or |imv mop*. r?n ntiuii iA? (- ? ulont for *nf 0?o*n , n?'*Bi miiw- t ?-' *, h> ltd ietwo? tbe Rouoml fwtoh t?' Jo ?Uln??. .-.ift llruMluot, A T. A rt-fpuben wonted, AMHIip lnhe.f to t*e rorio'in broncho* I rpnr. XtMEK ROHR AAP MRS TCFF'R i 1 KRh.X H A?H KJf tLlSH BOArtPlNU A!ft? DAT BCHOOU ' 5o 1.1 Wm Twentj fount nrtrt. ,?*r tJndwii ?. :*r?, will I bo ro-opeticd <w tHVRSDAT. RKPTKMBRR U TKtiHXR-A WK1.L ROW tTKD LADY. HAV1ITO umk. anto) pontoon me 'lid on) new iwWtuieiM, !-oirao i ? aRn<lkm ?? t r,??n in o pritole oewwoJd muoJre I dor f*o.?r. Ill o oino.. own whnro >. md(Ii?' > r?oor?i. ihn :?o*'jene?. ?br trlir mon mid oUuins j rem ? *:>fti nod taken. ttiireon K. H. IM Hon W hi eroeu , TietWTVO -A torno 1 APT A PtTtl. OF TTIr' ?Y r.rW mtm -t, ml nhn hut hot rtpertenee in lewhto*, WtwiM lite I n In ? ?irwt .1 ,w r> niu Imtteo orbieil in , ! w h w ~ pie no I'teaee n.Mr??a iorepeidi U . lew I7W 1 Uer? .1 nli ? outlier teinn end pnnnntor*. for tkree tupo. t ?. aimso, ThTTXKLY OOHIIUNlUeTION H* HTK>" Mimwrjtlf n New York and Uverpont, calling el yueetuMown, Ire lend, to Land oud rmbirt p?Meoge'? and dr?, *i.-Oe* ?The Liverpool hew York and Phdade phu MUuunaaip Compear'* I apmulid Clyde btiit Iron Screw wu-amatnp* ere Intended U> i Mil le follow*.? ruow eee roue roe urevixH. OIJLHOOW, t aturdnv. reptemher I CITY or BALTIMOTtB, Belinda,. Keptemoe 8 YIOO, Saturday. September 15 end every Saturday through, it the year from Pier S i 41 North nver. em or rittio* Cabin to Querearowu or Liverpool To Londoa. (vie Liverpool), 4" Blrerage to Queeoalown or Urerpoot To Loodou id Kditrn Ttrkete, a-aUablr for *ii mouttu. from Liverunoi. u! Lioteriiger? forwarded In Havre, Yam, Ham'jitrg Uretnes Bod Aatwerp el through rein* . ('ertiticatea of piuaaage iwurd from IJverpW to New t irk $41 From (Jueeuat mu U) hew Yo k .411 1 lu-we el earner* have *tiper.or accommodation for pMMBgr.r*, ere cuualruc ted with watetigh! inmparLneati, end carry evpeneuorl Smvaoua. For Irrigbl or peeeege apply et the office of the compear JOHN U. IlAI.K, It Broadway, New York. Agdut. In Liverpool to Wll INMaN Tower Bunding* In Kleegow t WY IKYaS Li D v mi iln-r'. gTBAM.-NKW TOBK. SOUTH VMYTON AN1? HaVKB. The Vanderblli Ihinpean Uoe United Stolen mail (leamahip* *" ?? V ?rW Onulitamnlon ltd IIialtm Krotn New Wirt for Relun.l-.* from Southampton and Hnvre South Hare araptou. f ANDKL3ILI Sat , Sept 8 Wednesday. Sect W ILLINOIS Sat, Sept B Wednesday, Oct. 1U TANDEKBILT Rat, Oct *) Wedueaday. No*. 7 ILLINOIS Sat , No*. 3 Wednesday. No*. 21 Three steamships bare water Habt compartments. I'ert'hceies of pitmuwe issued front Europe to America. Specie delict red in London or Paiia D. TORRANCE. Area! No. Bowtiax Or-eo, New Tort K. O. WaINWRI OHT * CO , 13 Rte Kaubonrif, Moutuuutre, i'ana A. N. CHRTHTIK, Harre. OAKFOKD A CO ?r tlraoe Canxi street. Loo Ion IKJN1/OP HHOAlJCH A OO.. HouNiaatpton QTEAMF.K OF SEPTEMBER 8 FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. United States Mali .Steamer VANUKniilLT. CapUtn P. K. IWerre, CU sail from plsr No 3 Ncrth r.ver. New V irk, at oo n. ou urday, September 8, with malts, passeintrie and spec s, for Borland and France. PRICE or PASSAGE, rtrat cabin, >120 second cabin, WO. Third cabin to lisvre. 838, to Southampton. *W d. TORRANCK, A tnit. No. B Bcwtin* Oreeu. New York. Steamship ILLINOIS sails September a. Atlantic royal mail steam navigation company. NEW TORE and OALWAV LINE, Touching at St Johns, n. t. Carryin* Ute British mil. and |0*emmeu: desp itcbee. The steamers romprWox this line hare been approved by the Admiralty, and are the NEW IRON HIDE WUKK!. HTRAMEBS OONNAUOHT AIM' i'Hia burthen. LRIN8TRR tiOO " MUNH1KB *.?*> " OldtTER A 400 parana *. *.?w " The next departure will be the PARANA, Captain Ueenan. Tuesday, Au*tist 21 from floatou. CONNAUOHT, Oaptaia Leltrh Tuesday, September 11. from Navr York. Bataa of pamage to 117 part of Ireland TO a railway and to Ike principal cities of England and Hot*land:? Pleat etaaa. 100. WO and $70. according to Kate room acoom mudatloo; third claaa, HO, Including ouukadprotialoua And to tit. JohnaTS fltat claaa HO; Ulird aUaa. HO. jThlldren coder 13 years, half price, under I year, free; third has paaangera are required to furnlah beda and Una Pers mataking paaaage at New Turk far'he steamers s*Ung from Boston will reoelre free paaaage irom New York to BcHon The steamers of thli aoeapanT htre been eoostrnrted wkfe ike greatest care ae regard* safety and eomfort. combined wttb model and propelling power, and are buUt with water Ugbt MmpnrtmeuU. They are confidently eipected to surpass, In peed and rough weather qualities, any Teasels ever ooilt, and are replete wlih elegancies and oon 1 enleooea. An eipertenoed surgeon attached to each ahlp. Persona wishing to send (or their frtenda can obtain return ticket) at M and 65 South a'.reet. ftHK NORTH OKRMAK LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP NKW X YORK, U. Von Banian, commander, oarrylng the UlUed Rates mail. will sail oa SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER I. at U o'clock M.. ron bremen VTA south ampton, Taking passengers for LONDON, HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BRKMRN, At the following rales:? Pint cabin. $110; second cabin, WO. steerage, HA For freight or paaaage apply to (fjclpcu uirroKN t reichelt, SI Broadway. CV)R SOUTH AMPTON AMD HAVRR r on Saturday, Sept. U. The United States mall ateaanahtn pulton, J. A.. WoUob, OnBimiulw. 01 sail from ptar 57 N. R-, foot of Beach street, 00 Ra'.trday, 1 |nt 16, At noon* This steaaaer unenrpaaeed for safety and comfort? has doable auguiea/under deck, enclosed by waver light compart ealn whld^eddei other reaulta, tend. In the eren of coltadoo or siraaUng, to keep the pumps frse to work, and secure Ike safety cf reasel aad passengers. Paaaage to second oabln 176 and WOPar freight or paamgs apply to SAMUEL M. POX, I QRO. MACK RNXrtt, { No. 7 Broadsray, The steamer ARA8Q will sail Oct. 13. ' 1 fPHR CUNARDUNK. 1 STEAM PROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL VIA OURKN8TOWN THE BRITLSH AMD NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS ETNA, Cap! Anderson. Al'HTR ALASI AN, rapt. Hockley 1 JURA. Capt Moody, KKDAR, Capi T. Ooi, , PALESTINE.rapt. T Small, MKLITa, rapt Langiaoda. And other magnificent and powrrtul ateatnem. wuj Ml i rem Itcw lonuiuvrr|iuiirTwi uuiiiuuo luimu; ' sailing at Queensiown to land passengers and despatches. ETNA Thsraday, IWth August. Jl'KA Thursday, llkh September. MKI.1TA .Thursday, 17 Lb Bsptembei. Rates ol passage to Quaenatuwn or Livei-pooc? Cabin *7? Steerage ...SO steerage rsturn tick eta. available for sti months, t rum Liverpool or Cork, fOO. Parsons wishing to seat for their friends ran obtain certlSsates of passage In the steerage at the following l alas ? Prom Uverponl to Raw York $40 Frym Cork to New York SO An ripeneacod surgeon on board. For steerage passage apply to . OOOPEVK. aKKEU. a ELLIOT, ISJ Broadway. For freight and cabin passage apply to l citnakl, No. 4 Bowling lireem. The hambcro American packet company's mad steamship HAMMOnlA, hehwensen, eommaocer. will leave fnr Hjur.i'irg, Ron thump too. London and Havre on Saturday, Rept. I, at U M. First cabin, f 1W1; second cabin, Ml steerage. C. B. RICHARD k IIOAB, 131 Broadway, N. Y. The eteamship Bavaria will snceesd Ihe Hamim ma. Atlantic r/iTal mail rtsamkhip navigation Company.?7b> reamabp PARANA will sail trum BoeI am. via SL Johns. N. P.. tor (iaiwey, August JS. For freight or passage apply to UOWLAND * AAPINWALL. ! it asd U South street STV.AM TV londonderry, GLASGOW A?l> LIVER pooh - hhorteet sea caAgpge to Europe, by the Mont reel ' ocean tuall steamer N'iRTH AAiRKI ' AN. A!loa,i- uemaoder, I NJU tons. Ml fe roe power, from igtie-ec, Saturday. net<tees , ler 1. Rules 'A fssssge hi Lnnd.a.iierrv. Olaagoe or llsr pool ?First class, ufl, fed. midship $711., $JU. Including ] ucean passnc- aus ires Uohet, either by way f Boston, furl I land t white Mountains , to (Jueber. or by Hudr-m rlvnr, IaUe rbamplaln, Montreal i Victoria Bridget, to Quebec, wuii he pnvuege ol remaining over at any p<M.For tourists' ticket and passage apply at tl.e compnny's otliee. 31 Baoadway. a A ' BEL A HK \Kijs. Letters. Passenger Agents for the CmMd fctatea. klk.ukr joner, Manager STI AM TO CORK AND LIVERPOOL?BY TUKOCNARD lone, fur fx . Th? ste? .ship ETNA. Csptals Andersuo. sails cat Tauraday, Augnst 3P. fassags only MO Apply to the annua, OOODEt K. AltRsJ.L A kiUJOI. 1A1 llruadway. ATLANTIC ROTAI. MAIL RTKAM NAVIGATION 1T>Mpar.} ? steamer PAR ANA will aa.1 irora Bosuio :or Oalware: Tuesday, .August 3h, at lo'ees-g A. M A ste, using ertr tahe psssengers ? hoard from Beitsry wbar: at h n'o.oct. TYOTAI. MAIL STF.AMNHIP PERSIA.?FOR t.IVER J\ pom, he PERSIA. O. II. E J idhina . ommandsr, wl 1 am, frutn the stream .n W e loaf day or It, jWUi as a steamboat wl.l ply betwe-n 'he ' ompasys wharf, at Jersey city, sod 'hs Persia irrea ) tot OC.KI f. v., to "OTejr uassengers an.1 naggege on board. The AFRI > A wtd sail lits -epvem ber. e OC.NAKD, No. t Bowling '<C"n. t7kjk livrbfool-black mai.i. LINK OF packet*. F The flipper ship .1 ameh FtiSTKR, IB., lying at pier 33 east liver, m-i thr >th a ugtm. the 11 arva'rl ?v'- KK.s tails the lMh eeptetnber Fiji | ssssge apply to jacob wil%jn, lm South sireet. Fir Liverpool-old black tar line -the \ s. hot hip FTIIuRNTON, lying si pier 37 Rest sails >ah August. The CONST II CTION sails 7th -srumbv. <r sur* i t ti (n.tard, u? to will i A pin, tu Foilno street. Tareivrrs line* >>r Liverpool and london I aoaeie will sal. as lodpws ? For Usl? r' 'BT L.Lane. Seurday. Nept 1, pier WE R Do. kmrrald ISLK. Saturday. Sent a. pier Ml e. h. For Inedon? V Ii.TORl A bsiurriay wept 1? pier lt> E A These packsta have splendid acenmmodatiuns sal. usee of paaaei vera lips, b should be ma on Nwrd tfie rrera. aajpa, ?r ?> iatsi.'ji i a w?.. .n. y, First rhip tor London sail* acjcst *>, the fleodld rlipp'T ahlp A VERT'AN CON'IRCR.-'. itacond cabin and touad lie I'uwr-n timiybt out from the ?d Country ?i rsdttce>i For Hat m proi. dip*, Ac . apply 10 IHufl. C Rcx'ttK. SJ Soma FRO* IRELAND TO NEW TORE BT STEAM.-PAEten yen N?*ad from v|'iMBitn?t (Ireland! to Now V ** 'tw M\ Jicliidlny pmrtaona, by the eadjd (mi n-nmanlpo 3f the Ijrerp-"*, Now Yrt and Ph.ladtduhw !.r?, loan.14 Qweeoaurwa *?ery Tfeureda; itttitu Tor rf?t' apply W the ?apH)'> oat*. U Breadway. JOHN <1. PALE. Ayegt. ENOR CALIFORNIA TIA PANAMA. f A drat claaa wamrr will leave Now Tort the la, lltfe Aad I am of rack moot*, ewn'tit wkw thee* d?lw fall oa Monday, ?br. the day of departure will be u>e Monday following. For fretyht or naaaaye apply at lk? only nliee, No. 177 WeW twi, arwr of Wurea D B. ALUMf. Ayent. OFFICE COMMI8BIONF.R FOR TOR PROTRCTION OF I Knlyrante to iCalifornia, i rttitd by apoeial act of l??taat iro of tkr Mate of Call- | 1 ornta. j . No. lit Warren atrwt. Paraoai about to mil paaaape for California. la order to , atnid all HtMii'H Timirr rellf.rn, speculators, rvn NKKS, %c., ah on] J pmeure thetr Ticket* ikro h thi? oO?e. The mrrept wayee for carpenter*, farin^O, Ac Ac aa fur | ntahed by the Mw-faaniea' Intitule, Saa Frant ic >. can ba learned upon application to the underoyned Partim rraldtny out of the ctty can k n r |>aian.~e we ired ia adrame, by addreaWuy. encloatny return ?t?mo 0. PldKJNAON. Cotnttaaloner, Ac. A UNTRALIA?BANflABOO LINR. ?FACE BT FOE A. September The anleodkL fa? aantay Al bar* CRUSA ! OtR. I Rkt ton* capacity, will be deapait h-d for Melbourne, I aa abot a She baa enpe-mr arr.aamottaiione for brat an J aeoond 1 aabtn pawteeaera Andy or, l-wrd, al pier 111 Keel rlrer, or Id Alt.l.BR, MtRil A tl IKMA0. Wall arret < t jnrrnra. ^ ^ A U8TBAIJA FIONMCK I.INR. ? KXTKKMK CLIPF* A ship KWKKPhTAKRS. 1.73* tana r>|W<r, l.WO tool oepa rtty, al pier 13 Ka?t river will be deapatcfced (or Melbourne a* the Kb of September Clipper ahip SPlKNDII) will eueeeed and aall aith September. Clipper ehip RK a VKR aUo at pier 13 Reel river, will be deepatcbed for Sidnev, N. H. W 6* hrpteuil>er. 'or freight or pataa?e apply bo board, or la r. W CAMBRON, 90 heaver afreet. Havana and niw orlbamr KVKRY TKN DAT*. FAH8AOB FIFTY DOLLAR* To eall oo BMorda*. Septeaaber 1. at U o'elotA. TM Maamahlp BIKN VTULK, Oapt. J. D. Bullock, will CM cure to receive freight on Tuesday, Aug oat *, and aad ae abotp (rum pier toot of Murray street, Nurlh river. No biUa >f Udiiif elgned after the boor o( aatllug. uIVINQBTOM. CRuCViKON A CO.. M Murray atreeL tftaamthip OA HAWBA eS ou Tueaday 11th, aad DB riOTO oo Friday Met >f SepVemlier ru\r RAVANNAH AND OTHKB FOINTR am rtltl.OW F The ling cIhju Me.ntahlp RT AB OF TUB HOUrH.Oapt. 1'bomae l.yon, will leave ou Tuealar. August 28, at If. M? 1 PCnkhri.Ar Thrnitrrh tieketa ea? K? b?a '? the following pl?< i'? ? Now Or!e*rh. *39 76; Mobile. R'tv Montgomery, *25; Ooiuaabus. RM. Albany. *23. AHnata, *11 ChalUnoogv, *2d W Muk ville, CT Ml; Knotv ille, *>?. S*mphJ. *31 76, AugosW, *17 M. Macon, KM; Ka\annah, *15. For freight or pi??e*g* apply at 13 Broadway. The steamer AUGUST A. Capt M. G. Woodhnll, will Bog teed. auJ aall on SATURDAY, September 1. at 1 P. M. hAMUKu L. MITCllILL k BOX. FOR PAVANNAH AND THE SOUTH ?8TKAM8MP MONTGOMERY. Captain fa. 0. Berry, will leave pier 12 N. R , on Thursday, August 30, at 1 P. V. Passage to Ha vannah, wita accominodalioua unexcelled, *15. Thro a* b tick all t" New Oriraiui *39 75, Mobile. *35, Mont; unery, *15, Mem 1'tua, K>1 75; Nashvdie,*27 75, KnorvtUe *26 50, Chaluinoon. *25. Albany. *23. Coluinbua, *21; Atlanta, $21; Macon, tM, AaguMa, *17 ' including carnage fa>e in Savannvh. KraigM 10 cente per fox. Tte R K. CUTLER aucnetda on Saturday. Sept. 1 Apply to II. B. CROMWELL k CO.. B6 West street, and 535 Broadway. TfROlUH FREIGHT A RR ANURMKNT.-FOR NOB folk Portauvxi'h. Olty Point and Richmond, connecting with Nort >iA and Pri-rab'irg and SoutliMde Railroads tar I yncbbcrg. Itruin. Memphis and intermediate ataUoua. I -eight received every day and through receipLi furnlabel, at pi?r15 North rirre Hteamfcb.p JAMF.8TOWN, Capt. Skinner, leave* every Tuna day, at 3 P. M ou-amatup ROANOKE, Capt. tiourh. every Iburaday, at 3 P M ' aLirg at Old Point Comfort to land pana 'ugera Meamabip Yi'RE TOWN, Capt Pariah, every Satur day. al 3 P M Kri-ubi to Portem > lib or Norfolk, 7 oenla per l ot liiv.f I' .VI a <. <-'a, an 1 to Richmond 9 cents Passage to Aor' -. v a -an and mane mclnded. f to Petersburg o R. 131 I r . - V I ae a t. Norlout and back. *U to IV ?i ?bv--g Ka V md. *15 i in v* g H FIN KEEN. 115 Broadway Daily l'nr fx* cape may AND P'lIT,A DKLPHIA. T1A StNHruRD'H LINE STEAMSHIPS, Prim pier I* Noph river. Alft' >l>d P M H- iday excepted. Steamers BOSTON, and KRNNBBBOl Sonde forwarded Month and Weal free of ornmlnMne THROUGH LN TWENTY 110URH. FREDERIC PERKINS. Agfa*. PACKAGES AND SAMPLES FOR EUROPE CAN BB forwarded by American Kuropeau Express, per atenaaer Iwtee every week, for all parte or K. rope, at low rates and with despatch. Bnmnlen delivered at from la. to 8a alerting AUrfriN. BALDWIN A DO Pmoruwwa. 71 RnaKmr DK1 awn*, 4Kb. AT THE NEW RET AH. ITORK, SKI Broadway Oppoelte the Metropolitan Hotel. Opening o< NKW FALL GOODS at nrTaiL. We beg to nnnounoe to our patronA and la Pas vlalttog the clt^that we are now offering ml the latest nnvaitlea In PARIS DRESS GOODS. BMHROIDKRIRB, LACKS, MANTILLAS. BU. AtBO, BALMORAL SKIRTS, IN LARGE VARIETY. ALIO. A MV BAke of nvvnn rrn flTSum Fade expreaaly for at, and Mid to be lha beat Olort ever offered In thla country. _ _ * EDWARD LAMBERT S OO. Black silks, black silks. W. JACKSON. No Ml Broadway, baa fiat received a eery large aaaortnaenl of black Klika tn alt qualitie* and atyiaa, from XI to 44 Incbea wide f articular otlanUon ia called to thoae we are offering at SI. Obaerve W. JACKSON, importer of mourning gooda. No HI Broadway, between Spring and friar* air neta. QLOAXS?CLOAKS. uRoohrs FALL AND WTNTKR CLOAKS. ASS NOW~READY. onthera buyer* are partloularl j invited to eiaaatoa U* aaveltlaa before making pnrchaawa. WO OANALSTRRET. EMBROIDERIES A1TD LACKS. just beckivrd. And *111 be open oa MONDAY, AUOCHT 17. l.ouo French Embroidered Handkerchief* at ft. WO plecea of Valeucienne* edgiag at la per yard by tba piece. inWAKll LAMBERT A CO., a No 681 Broadway, Oppoaite the MetropoUtan Hotaf. ? JjpALL DRY OOOD8 AT KBTAIL. ^ ARNOLD, CONSTABL* S CO. WILL OTKN ON MONDAY, AU0C8T r. A ebotce aaaortmant of the above gooda. oooaiating In part ef THE LATEST NOYKLTIB LB SILKS, OTTOMANS, VKLOCRS. POPLINS, M. DC LAINMM. MERINOS, CASHMKRMS. CALICOES, REAL LA CIS. FRENCH EMBROIDER HR Ac., ho. TheBUenUoa of tiruitnI*called to Ihlo ilnrHenmwS CAMAL BTEEET. career of Merger yyHOLEPAlJt DEPARTMENT. LORD ITTATLOA. Ml to Ml Imlte alien tioe to their hi lit da*-able Rook of Fashionable DRT ~OOODH. lerlndlnx Ow Foil oad FRENCH, GERMAN. ENOLUTH AND AMERICAN FAN* RICE of eiery deocrlpUaB, which thor oro offertag MUCH BELOW REGULAR PRICHR LITERATI UK. rAKTINTH AND AMATEURS.-A KARR WORE, lit i'?i >>ld, 10 Lie Till. 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