Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 8757. TBS PBJ3JCE or WRlXi. iv vnrv t.ddd i ten nu tup tpvitfl FTPMI ai jnr> vi bit i miv vn iw ??--' "?? * ?? The Prince Falls Asleep Over His Dinner. A RovzJ Debate as to Who'Shall Shake Htm Up. THE EXCITEMENT DYING OUT. Lad) PrtBWiji?The Boston Piuileers?Cricket? !w.:an Dames?Entertainments. <***B PIENIUTIOSS PI YEW YORK, a**, Uh M? SPECIAL DESPATCH TO THE HERALD. Movtrsaj., August 39, I960. Tbe mv.f>c*l festival lut night, in honor of the Prtnco of Wsies, was a very successful affklr. It La*cod five, and upwards of 9,000 persons were present. On the pmtferm were one hundred any fifty performers, who commenced the evening's entertainment by playing various selected pieces. This was followed by a cantata, composed for the occasion, by the Philharmonic Society. The whole terminated by a grand operatic morccau by Strakoecbf magnificent troupe. The Prince and suite arrived at ten P. It., when the house rose and cheered vigorously, the band striking up "God save the Queen." Ho was dressed in black, with a hloe vest, and wore gold buttons, diamond studs and a white neckcloth. At ths close of the performances the anther of tbo cantata waa presented to the Prince, who then left, much to the disappointment of all, especially Strakosch, who had It nicely arranged for Pattl nod the Prince to go off in a Maze of glory. Brtgnoll did not appear, as be lost his trunk and caught a cold; but the audience were, notwithstanding, delighted with the troupe. After the departure of the Prince, his bos wis occupied 9J LMoy r nuuum, uu i\ ? uuikui? w v?; w uvw? wq or her royal predecessor received the greatest Bark of pepiJaxity. To-morrow sight a grand People's Ball is to bo given at a dollar a head, and tbo building will then be torn down, M the ordinances of the city allow qo wooden edifices of What sine. It is a great pity, as the building far snrpamea the Crystal Palace, which is a mere mixture of bricks and sMrtar. |Yesterday the Prince enjoyed n strictly private eicurtkm, no reporters being present. This morning be dreaaed in the uniform of n colonel and reviewed fifteen hundred volunteer aoldiery at Iogan's Farm, about three miiee from the city. The marching waa not very good, hot the large crowd present appeared to be delighted. A game of cricket alao formed a part of the entertain" meets of (the day, the players being eleven from the Cntted states and eleven from Canada. idler the review the Boston Fuslleers, wboie appsaraoce and discipline have been greatly admired, in eewtrast with that of the volunteers of the city, marched through the principal streets of the city, and, drawing up in front of their quarters, were addressed by Mayor Bodier Ss reiterated the weieome given them on their arrival, ??git mailt sil them upon their soldier like deportment Mi private character, thanked them for their participation In the oeremeoiee of reception, and expressed the heps that their stay m Montreal had been an agreeable ma The company then entered their quarters. In the evening they attended a hall. Be crossed over Is the island in a boat from the Valorem, escorted by a dozen large Hudson Bay canoes massed by royaprurs. After his arrival be partook of a hmofa, and Ihen enjoyed bimaclf in paddling about in a cMOa. Tbo Prince, after tne review, went to Lecblne, witnessSi a snsnhar of Indian games and canoe races, aad then went by canoe to Isle Dorval, the rtsmenea of Sir Seawkit WlUiams, where be took loach. At the table, however, it was suddenly d Hoovered that the Prince, exhausted by the fatigues and excitements of the last few days had fallen aaleep. A great debate enaced as to who abould awake him, but it war finally determined to let him sleep fifteen minutes. Before that time be awoke, aad the incident furnished s topic for laughter daring the excursion. To-morrow he is expected to visit several small places aroond Quebec aad inspect the nunnery of the Black Veil. The beet Americans btre b?co presented to bis Royal Htgho?ra Usrcuth the American Consul, Mr. Moor. Tt? Pricer stops one day la Cincinnati. lady Franklin glvee a dinner party this evening, to which many Americans, includingStrakoach and Paul, ara invited Tbs military and naval offsera attending the Prince have received pc rmjeicu to Tlatt Niagara Falls, and m^ny Ml town to-day. The city a doll and dsarrtad. The dccoralons have been token down, and strangers are rapidly leaving Dnrlng the reception, Mr. Crawford, the BrtliahConsul, had t i pockftbook stolen, hut the thief returned the book and a draft tor we hundred dollars The rest of lbs mosey la expected by next mail. This evening the Prince dined with the celebration committee, aid afterward drove into town to see the Hremen a torrbhgbt processioo, which was well arranged, but no: equal to many of those ta New York. It has not been settled at what lime on Friday the Frxee will leave, bet every one la thoroughly tired of the disoiay and procession* At Ottawa aplendtd verm modattrct have bsen provided for his Royal Bighaesa THE PRINCE OF WAI.E8 IN NEW YORK. Since the recaption of the news that the time of the arrival of hta Royal Highness tn the metropolis had bean defln.teiy Bird the utmost activity has prevailed among a I wbo .nteed to aid In rendering homage to the favored yortfa. Aa anncuaced. be will remain in Naw York only three days, but the probability la that more genuine nowelly and excitement will be crowded into that time that be baa experienced cinoc beset fbot upon North American el! threat preparations are'already under way. and they have been undertaken, too, by gentlwnee wbo will not bee.tate at aay expense necessary to invest the occasion with an interest worthy of lis object We publish below rbe names, residences and occupations of the committee who hove the matter la band, that our readers may see the character and standing of lbs Individuals of wh...o M is composed, and have a toresbadowtag of the nature of the mdertak.rg in which they hare so heartily emharked ? GBNBRAI. cfl**iTrn. .Vanish iletidrac Ob upatww i-Ms. W-nf>:d fruit . 34 tVrst 12th *t ,' cn'l tW A. Peter Cooper 1 eilngtcn nv., Merchant. v b. Aatr.r 12 Iafhrette pi., Capitalist Metmcat I0f? F fth avenue, Banker Jaws Lenox M Fifth avenue, Capitalist Ham-lton Viefc . ,...134 Can* 1?th St., Capitalist. .Tamer W terkmsn,. 6 Fast T4tb kt, Merchant. k-be A. Ibx . 3 West 2tst St., Postmaster W H. Asp tn wall.... 83 Pniveretty pi., Merchant. AngvM-.a Ach?lt .... 33 West 21st n . Collector of Port Msttlcw Morgan... 12 WaehtngVm pi., Banker. Geo. opdyho Filth avenue. Importer j Bred head... 421 y.sth avenue. Merchant. r. ? sun w r inn ?t?ii ip, wrrcrmnt ^n,M C. VWptoBC*. 2 f?rroll pUor, ;ol[W ?*?p37 H *t*rr.tb ?t , Phytictwi W C FrT\ol 22 K.?-.*WrBtb?t.,Editor. JtHPtW er?H? nnrnarrry pi , lawyer ClM'.tr OIodot Wuh ?toall<).?bl?, Lawyer Mo*?T?ylor J? '"'ft'1 btbbub, PmMtaat. JmtphJ Bor?tr?l?.. 3 Mat JOIh n , 1 ?rob*nt y f #rtppf>nt. ...... 103 Fifth avenue, Jud|r. r?r?r R* * * Ke? Btrn. Editor. a p t w 12S tf<-? 23th It , A'iClXiDBTr. WinawTwiwr 3. M*4o..n?i?t.. rrmi?t J*/ B/i a .... Tav'xth ?ir?*t. Pb/t.-nn a f -tTwuX .... B * vi row, MrrphaBt. . .JL S. w.-t r r . u?rr Wfi "vr* v tw .*3 * ft* ?V..", Jawj r , mrilli! ... - ftf-prtplvr. V_Wfhrr ?. t7 . \ ? ;? ft, tMiiirr Tr ~ TIM ,n?'*Kt'oB H'fCB*l. Wr . ... .33 J WW " E_NE >n trus. Haidence. '*xjpaAest eo. Bancroft 11 Weet 21at ft, Historian. >i tn H. Brower Ion* Island, bo-chant .' obn J Ciaoo 130 Firth avenue, asst. 0. 9. Tread. cyrv.s W. Field 34 Rast 21ft St. Merchant Kred'k PeHeyfter.... 10 Universtty pi., capitalist. Ilei -y J. Ray mend.. 63 Ninth street. Kditor. cli-jy ler Livinjetoo . 3d St Mark's pi., Merchant. Moses b iirinncU... 1 Fast 14thft, Merchant. Kolsom 212 Second aire.. lawyer. Wiu. H. Webb 72 91. Mark's pi., Shipbuilder VaJectmc Mott 09 Kast 21ft St., Surpeen. Aaron Vanderpool... 40 Ksst Idth ft., llen-bant. Charlie Kinf Fifth avenue, rresidect. iraac r orris u0 East 12tb bC , Chancellor. .'pen Jarob as tor, Jr .Ktfth avenue, Capitalist. lohn Van Puren 316 Fourth sl, lawyer. Wm A Walker loop Island, Adjuster. J W. Mesereau 63 West 10th rt , Builder. . oeepb lawrence.... 130 Eifbtb ft., Preetdent. CO Halt lead. 166 Second ave., President. 'rat* Watson Webb Tarry town, editor. Shepherd Kcapp ? Washington Hel ta. President. Thomas Tl lee too ... % last Ulb St., President. D W. V Claaa.l _ John W. Btesot ? ? Win. J r.?<!> 9West20ti> st., Prescient. John MoKeon 44 Watt 37tb st , Uwyer. Dane) P. TV man t .. Bloom irgdale, Mnrcvnt. Jarots Hrooirs 339 Fifth tntw, Editor. Penj. 11 Field 21 East 39Ui St., Merihan'. Jae lee 28 West 11th ?t., Mtorctun'. tV V. llnTeinejer... 213 W<wt 14th st., Pres <lent. Jotc ohnsu.n.... 8 Fifth avenue, Prettd< nt. rarisb 2 East 10th st., Capita! st. R-bt. J Dillon 34 Union place, Lawyer. John D Wolfe Madison avenue, Capitalist. ivt?i lonllurd 787 Broadway, Merchant. Berj F. Maoniere.... 20 West 24th it , i Tee idem. Cbaa. A. Davis 1 University jJ!., Reoelver. Walts <herman 170 5th avenue, Banker. A. A. Low Brooklyn, Merchant. Ricbsrd Satbers New Rochelle, President. (?. D. Morgan 64 Exchange pi., Merchant. K. R. Fowler Fifth avenue. Merchant. W. .v. Searcr 124 West 48th St., Broker. fleorg" ': reer 7 West 29th st., Refiner. Geo. P. Nelson 47 Fifth avenue, lawyer. Geo W. Bethune.... ? Clergyman. Joshua J. Beery ... .373 Filth avenue, Merchant. Wm. B Hoffman.... 2 Hanover st., Broker. C B. Hoffman Goaben, N. Y., Banker. A I.Robertson 72 West 34tb St., Judge. Cyrus Curtis ? Capitalist. Robt. L. Culling 141 Fifth avenue. Broker. Henry F. 1 Vrrepont. Brooklyn, President. Horace Webeser Brooklyn, Importer. David Dudley Field.. 80 East 2lst st., lawyer. Daniel lord 34 West 17tb st , Lawyer. .iames A. Hamilton.. 61 East231st, Capitalist. J. l>e Ft j tu-rOgden.. 49 Crosby street, President. .lames (>. King 46 East 23d st., Banker. Henry Cbauncey .... ? Capitalist. Isaac Bell, Jr 2d West 23d St., Supervisor Joseph ['( f.body 77 East 20tb st., Merohant. Stewart Brown 21 Waverley pi., Banker. Joseph Sam peon 060 Broadway, Capitalist. 1 uther Bradisb 30 Eut 10lh st, Capitalist. Reuben Withers 136 Second sr., President. Royal rbelps 22 East 10ib st., Consul. ITedertc RrooBoo .. 48 East 14th St., lawyer. Robt I.. Fell 32 Laigbt St., Capitalist. Hradi-h Johnson.... 147 Fifth avenue, Merchant. George T. Strong 74 East 21st St., Lawyer. Samuel B. Rr.ggles... 24 Union place, lawyer. Andrew H. Mickle...Bay Side, L I., Merchant. Archibald G. King 211 West 28lb st, Banker. Janr.cs Soalding 69 West 28th st., Capitalist. Francis Skiddy 64 Fast 23<l. sv, Broker. R. M. Biatchi'ord.... 0 Bis: 14th st., Lawyer. s.mcon Draper 16 Fifth avenue, Broker. Marshal 0. Roberts.. 107 Fifth avenue, President. Jas. Buchanan Henry 84 Wat 48th St., lawyer. Charles H. Ruscell... 2 Grt, Jones st., Capitalist. James Punnett Bloomingdaie, Cashier. i.eoryr s. Bobbins... Throgg's Neck, Banker. J"bn Steward 162 Fifth avenue, Capltaiist. Wm C. Church.. ....Brooklyn, Editor. (iieeneC Bioneon .. 44 Wat 20th St., Cor'n Conusei. lienry Grlcnel 17 Bond street. Merchant. Robt. I. Kennedy... 99 Fifth avenue, Packer. George Griswold.... 91 Fifth avenue. Merchant. Wm. B. Crosby 12 Rutgers place, Capitalist. iamee T. Brady Wat 23d st , lawyer. I S. W.listen 10 East 34:b St., I'raident v. n. .. ? v?pui:?i. i Robt. Ray 221 Wet; 29th ?l., Prat dent. John 4 King 6 East 31(1 it., President. John A. Stevens 08 Bleecker it., President. Edward Prime 17 Welt lflth Et., BarJcrr John Bridge 40 Fait 14th nt , Capitalist Charles H Marshal). 39 Knit 14th Et., Merchant Horace < rec'.ey....^.Chappa'|ua, W r oo. Editor. G. B. lamtr ? President. Israel t orso 108 6th avenue, Merchant Wm F . Dodge Madtecn avenue, Merchant. John J. Phelps 107 Madison av., Merchant W. W. He Form.... 288 6th avenue, Merchant Wdq. Whitlo^k, Jr... 2A Fast 38th st , Merchant Bec.iamln Ay mar.... 80 6th aveaue, Merchant Bcnj. R. Wtnthrop... 13d 2d avenoe, thpltaiist John Rloeatn 6 Raat 18th ?t., Judge!*up. Court. A. C. Klngaland 114 6th avenoe. Merchant. Jamee Harper 4Gramer-y P*k, Publiaber John Jay 362 6th avenue, lawyer John D. Noyce?... ? capitalist Jamee G. Bennett.... Waah'n Height*. Editor. Jonn I, .Junta 37 Eeet 16th ek, President. Marahall loffert* ... 12 Albion piece, Merchant Arthur I aery EteretlHouae, Merchant. W C. Schermerborn. OG'tJoneetL, lawyer A E. Sllliman Brooklyn, Trseeurcr. J Vac Ci* Co tenet 37 6th avenoe , Importer Jamee Bowen Weetrhester co., PoliceGomm'r Wm Allen Butler... 13 Faet 12th tt , Lawyer. WiUlam Kent Brooklyn, Importer James Brown. 21 University pi , Banker Out of thia General Committee have been formed Com mitteee on Invitations, on Tickets and Finance, on Recep1:00, on House and Muaic, on [lecorationa, on Toasts, Ac , on Dinner, on Police and Carriages, a < anata comm.two (who have just performed their duty), and a Waablnglou concm.ttre, who will ere long perform theirs in proceeding to Washington and tnvittng the Chief Magistrate to be present and participate in the lewtivit'ee of the approach eg event. It it t remarkable raet, and worthy of notice, that '*? afore cryaniztficn r<7<r?.-e>Ui otrr two hundred million* cj dtUar>?-tLR amount of wealth that hat never before been ailed together for e similar purpos- in the history of the co'ir.try All are gentlemen of taste, e.viwnfoce ?qd re Leenient, and our citizene may real assured thai what ever ta undertaken by them will be performed ;B a man o- r that sill reflect no diaored.t upon the metropolis ?l our rwpwuc. The delailB of tba r wept, on and entertainment of the i'r i.c* have not yet transpired. but already the note of preparation la sounded. Tbe hotels arc laying them aelres out tor a "big" crowd. our Flora UeFl.m ?ye are looking around for something to wcwr the .icnkineoe are already ia a alnle of anvlous enerveeceocr. tbc are nianng ready for a superb ' owning ' of the moat a. ornmenta, tbe merchant* are rtcb hart eata from the accumulated throng that will by tbat t me bare been gathered from erery portion of tb< I not and, .n a word, we aball bare a three dayaoamira that will be graced by a oonai'-iution of rank, beauty ami faanion. rueb aa bare not been men in Gotham tor many a day. Erery body is avpeoted to be happy, and no doubt erery will, with the aolitary except,on of n n ra'ier ol melancholy pt. nanphera, whone yellow gkrree and wb.l? haU are tbe beacon ligbta which Indicate the sunken reck a wr error tbeir ambitious h .pee bavo )>een .glioma, ouely wrecked FIREMEN S TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION. the Board of t oremen and Engineers of tbe Eire I?b partmroi harp for a day or two past had ui... coor de rat .on the iub/ec'. of a grand torch: gtat par e'" of tbe Fire Iwpai'.menl tte rint of tbe Prince of Vale* to our city They bare appointed a com in Iter to reer tain if tbe city will par all the ex|?n*e? of the parade and it are me hare made that point a condition upon which tbeir action in the preir. eea will be decided It ie raid that moat of tbe ttrcmcn arc op|v?rd U turning out n tbat occasion, and will not unlcm the eg is borne by tbe city. They alio asreri tbat it it not only necearary tbat nough abould be appropriate to yvrchane the torchre and decorations, but thai all Un of ihrlr mnft (ball le paid for by th* c ty autbo rltiea If tbt# la the genera) declaion ot tbe Bremen o the city aa we have been a?? ;red that It la, our anthr.ritue abould more In tbe matter at once Our information from tbe Prince and bin suite gone u show that no event will p'.rano them more thai a view of the New York Firemen'a Parade Th lYicee and aulto hare heard no much about tue Nev York Fire Departmcat and their appearance In prn;ei a on that they look upon a grand torchlight parade a oho of tbe moat important demonatratvaa during the. n : I AHH-Tica u m Mm mat own in utHTin < the Prince remarked ?o a New Yorker whim Id Quebec "That co e fht would gratify then eo nucli aa a Tlewc the New York hire rtrpartment Id proeeenloe.-' an added, "we retool expect that the firemen will t int on to grat fy oa, bat if wo could only happen there who they have a para le we efcould coctider o? r#"i\e? oxcewl ieg'y fortunate." That remark of rue of the Prince'e atlerdan'n, wIUk?i qn?*tlra, exfr??e* the deeiro of bin Royal Rigbneea, an that, aext to dor'.log with our F th axerx o twllrw.i rr*ad Orefb'D'n d^mooatratloB woaid pieaaa him bette thar a rr e!ee And why e"t ha*" a ca?????ai ton 'stt A r?ajfr ice doe* tot x ?t ?a <n?ry day. W YO MORNING EDITION?T11U 1^ ANOTHER OF VICTORIA'S SONS IN AMERICA. H1B ROYAL BMHNEPS VBDiCB ALFRED IN TUB AMBB1CAN exp 1KB OB BRAZIL?THB KNTHCKIAhM NOT IQCAL TO THAT IN CANADA?NO CHANCE FOR A BRAZILIAN JBNWNS, ETC., ETC., ETC. We getter from tbe Corrtio MaxaniH, of Rio Janeiro, aome particulars of the visit of Prince Alfred, the sooond I on of her Majesty Queen Victoria, to the Southern Ame- , rtcan continent, almoat at the eame time that bin brother, | the Prince of Walee, wai dispensing royal aunahine in tbe , northern portion. The Brazilian* are a very quiet peorle, and a ll'.tle j more accuatomed to royalty than we of thie more demo- : emtio clime; and it may be mi that account that bla Royal Higbneae Prince Alfred did not cause any great commctkn that we know of, either among the newspaper folka or their read erf, when tbe frigati Knryalua entered tbe aplendid bay of Rio on tbe 29th of last June. The (Xrreio, in tbe next day'a iaaue, announces her arrtral in the moat unaeoaattonal manner, as follows.? Yesterday the Kngliah steam frigate Furyalus arrived, baring on board IV.nee All'red, second ion of ber Majesty Queen Victoria, who is in the capacity of midshipman. If a ciam boat bad sunk, or any other vulgar occurrence taken place, they could not bare shown less exebmont or more icd.flerence. Tbey don't appreciate visitem as we do. We arc next informed us fellows ? On yesterday, the 30th, tbe Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Grand Chamberlain of tho im per.a) Palace went on board tbe frigate to compliment and welcome the young Prince. At a quarter put five his Royal Highness landed at uie Marine Arsenal, accompanied by the oommandcr of the !r.gate and wu received by the Kngliah Minister. An imperial carriage was in waiting at the araenal, in which h.e li.pnnew, together with the Miniater and commander, druve to St. Cnriatopher. What hia Royal Eighneu wu doing during the crjt ecu pie of days we arc not informed, and are eimp'y vflt to imagine that be had a good time in the Palace of St. Chratopber. A Sunday intervened, by the way, sod it would be very gratifying to our pious toolings to ?n >w whether the young Prince went to church, or whether he profaned the day by whiatling some national bomeelrain, or got homesick and cried, for even princes have feelings; but we ahall perhape never know. There e no ooel.ue our Jenkins, South of the equator, clearly. But hia Higbneu reappears. We are told, in ianguago far cooler tLan the fabled cucumber, that "h.a Highness Prince Alfred returned yeaterday, July 3,from I'etropoi a, on board the frigate Enryalus, where be wu viBited at half-put ono in the ariernoou by hia Majesty the Ecu peror. At quarter put four o'clock (the Southern Jenk ua la very accurate) the Emperor and Prince landed, and proceeded to the Palace of St. Chriatopber, where his Higbneu dined. The members ol the Mlnlatry were preeeol. Bin Kajeaty and the Prince were accompanied l>y Mr. Chrialie and other membera of the British Legation at thin Court; Mr. Delaiuare, Commauder of the Naval Station; the captain and two midahipmen of the Euryalua; the IYlnce's preceptor, and Or. Jacobin*, i .Aaelatant Grand Chamberlain of the Imperial Peace. To day, July 4, hia Hlghneu vialted the Bouee of Mercy ' and the Asylum of San Pedro. "We learn that the frigate will leave to morrow for the 1 Cape of Good Hope." The neat day'e Chronicle la equally brief ? "Hia Higbneu Prince Alfred vAiled the Market iqistre yesterday at seven o'cioak in the morning ( had to rlae early), whence be drove, in an imperial earr.age, to the Paine.ras and Ucrcovado. Returning thence, be proceeded to the Asylum of ban Pedro. In conseqBrn.e of the long stay he made at the Aaylum, he wu unable to visit the Hospital of the Hant* tarn. "At four o'clock the Prince embarked in a boat which j awaited him at the Marine Arsenal. Hia Highneoi toot | with him on board a quantity of dowers gathered during his morning's walk." And linally, it is narrated, in two linu, that "on yesterday, July 0, the frigate Ruryalua, whi'h brought Prince Alfred, sailed for the Cape of Good Hope. And eo the royal visit coded. There wm uo oue to tell na what be wore, or how he looked. no ono to measure I his bands and fbet, or tell ua the length of hia nose; I whether be walt/ed divinely er whether be waltaed at all. In abort, there wu no Jenkins. Happy Prlnee 1 Police latelllgcace. AI.LH.FD IVBTSANCK 8WINDLB?$80,000 INVOI.VKD. An interest iog e>A of attempt to defraud several in- I aoraacr companies ta this city la now being invest'rated by Juatlce Connolly, at the Jefferson Market Police Court, The cane resembles the late Martha Washington fraud la many rerpcrt# and when fully ,n realigned may prove quite as iaterestlng. It appears from tbe affldavita on die at tbe police court, that In the month of May laat tbe bark E. A. Kinsman left New York for Uavaaa. tno vessel and carfo being heavily insured la tbe Sun Mutual. New York Mutnai. Crest Western and .vnchor Insurance ompaniee The exact amount of tbe Ibaurance ia not known, but it it supposed to be aomewbere In tbe netgb borbood of f*0 oofi tm the voyage between thin port and Cuba tbe vcearl waa lost on a reef of rocks. and. tngo tber with the cargo became a total lose Krotn aome little ctrc imatancea which transpired In connection with tbe loea (1 tbe K. A Kictman. tbe nnderwritara in the city domorred paying tbe amount of tanuranrc and believing I that a giors fraud waa attempted to be played on tbe insurance companies, tbey determined to bring tbe matter before a criminal court for adjudication, forged billa of I ia alleged, have been diacavered, wb.cb caat suapiclon upon -low C. Rod regie, Aaao f. Powna, James Carrrrac and Hrnry D Org ierre, and upon the complaint j ' of tbe offcera of the above mentioned insi.ance com pa ni? -, warrants were issued for the arrest of the accused, j I and placed .a tbe ban da of detective Hampton for eiocut n Yesterday thr r.n.c :r managed to effect the arrest j of the entire parly, and upon bringing them 1 before Justine Connolly they were held [ > fbr examination. Tbe defendants dmy any . attempt to d?fraud the complainants, and feel aan gu:ti<' of being honorably dmctmrged when the matter ' cornea to be frilly investigated. Two of the accused gave j bail, one in tbe sum of 916,000 and tbe other in the sum <>f 93,000 The tam.i.atinn will probably be NMMi to- ! day, wbeu aome interesting evidence la expected. Mm aaat Rorexi, ia foi Sikkxt ? George IT. Ma loom, a .7"reeyman, hailing from i orked river, war attacked by i a couple of garroters in West, near Canal street, on Tuesday n gbl, and after being nearly strangled waa robbed 1 of a pcckeibook con ta ring 936. A young man, named i I McCarthy. was Kiib*e<|!irDtiy arrested <>n ti-sp 'Uicn by po! 'reman Hob.naon, oi tbe Kigbth precinct, and on be ng brom ht before Justice Connolly he was committed lor exam inal um Pt roost a I Infringe <<. William Kelly, of Putcbret county, N V Pear R-ch 1 mood, of Ib.Galo. Peter Cagger, of Albany / Bar num. of I Hall,more <J. W Warren S. S Haith and family, a?d A. W. Hpenosr, a.l af Boston, are Mopping at (be Ht Nicholas 1 1 Hotel. I Rev. Pr Cumm nga, of Baltimore Pr fieaisley, of New I orleaaa. Pr Collins,or Oeorgia. N vt John, of Mobile, I i. R Tasinsnl. of ftnulh Carol iaa P. W lee. uf C\u< una tt, and.1 3. .lone* of Lou;*.tea, we Mopping *t (be Fifth A*en"C Hotel. ' Ranwa*<> Puna uut wife of Cuba Rrr F. Rran, of ! *#, Ma*# E 8 Bray too, of I 'ire. >?? l Wolle and lady, of New York; J W Launnoo. of Ft I/ ar.d A. Seward, of It lea, are atoppiog at tire Irerett Hoane Profreeor Aylett and w,fe. ?f V rylnia lam-w 7 aurie, ftf Hoetoo, E. S smith ae<t non.ol long Uland; tionrge and (bar lea Huflnagle, of I eoney If air,a K. D 8 Pratt. Rer. J. I* itamy, and Mr Brewtter. ail of Philadelphia, are a topping at the Union Place Hotel Hon. An.o* Kendall, of TVi?*hingtc>e Hon JVifoa, 1 i of Albany (otnmod"re Stunrlok, of the I a ted s'Utee I j Navy, and family Hon. C, f Adam*, of Ma?ea< hiaaetta, C?l t I l*rati nf th* ah.p Southampton, Hr. Clytnee, of I the t m'.ed Stale* Navy, and family. H KltgeraM, of M?mptai<. and litorge FJtfnortb and lady, of Mobile, were , among the arr.rali- nt the ,V*lor Ron at yeetorday t Judge v f I'almer, of 81. Paul, Capt J ' >nd I fhmily, of St. loop; Col. W. W. Robbin*, of Detroit; Mr. ' I C. Wtndalt, of Vaahingtoo Bon F K Auber, of Cubn: i Mr .7 K nrbeloe, of the United Mateo Count Surrey. md ; .1. P Cbamplin, of lioulaiana, are Hopping at the Metro politan Hotel. i judge O. & It'll.tame, of Clinton. N. V , R?e C. W Fee. ! relt,cf Haioden, Coon ; 'ol. J. B. Panlorth, "f 1'cObi Ferry; J H Barton and R A. Khine. both of l londa;.!. f j Tbomfeon and lady, of I lioa, and H D. Ftoeer, of New | York, are atoppiog at the lai*-je Houee Attn) ral '/ MeriOO; Hoc. J. 1. Taylor, of t | *>; Hoi. .7'In) M landmen H. C , of lonAiana, are in vtirht j lngton. Arrival* and Depart area. c 1 UKIAHllRM*. | ,i 1 n*h*p Pirilit-IIM KtrtM *. R-r:. Mr* < drain*. N T Mi** MlfT A 11 a worth, Philad; * ? A V mm) wn. Mrflmrj Mordlioror, Mr A Air* an, MYort; . I T* Kr*ti?rd, *lr OaA.'ord, l/mdm Mr .'on* Itarfl*. Pur* riaian tn?m *r,wi *nd r-orrwarjr, Mr W t (Irlnnwll, K r York Urn and Vr* II W Patfrry fc<>rln?n?; Mr J Mortar. f Ri.m? Mr!. JowpM. Mt'umlina Vr V Howl/hnimrr. Mr M H< 'btwhild Mr Owny.- Kin* WTr-rk Mr Hani Wot), l,oui?.ana !, VrBar)T?T!' r VTorl; Mr .'ntln Hrntrn, Hon-iand: Mr 11*1 1 , nar. Aao rntnrur rt; Mr A <1? Mlar, Ml or*, Mad 'nr.-? ?r.d >' anrrsut. NYor*. Mirt|itli Pin 1(1 BofsK child *nd**n utL j Ti*;i Mr \ and?rlt<b. do; Vr John A 'run**, MY'r* M" H Ponltv, ?r, Ltrarpool: Mr II F Budf*. VSMfeMfr Vr H It I' .Vihal, BYork Mr A HlUtc, fr*ncc. Mr 1km ** ?"?. _ MYorb Mr P A ftiljran, London. Mr V A Murdoch. AY ^*; n Mr K P Mo.-ca. fpnlB; Mr Henry "nrntb. MY or*; Mr <J?' J* |. Cnngrev*. MTnrlt: Mr A Brut. Mr '>?aph Ah int. *T Bar *nd Vr.l.dn Mawall ?nd tkraa blldran, Allrihdl* "Yi *'r an.l Mr* John Ugdrn nod f. nr ehitdrrn. Vidib in Mr no. i t'frl A n*T>? MYnrh; Mr inll'M MUtvYmir'; Mr P* > a*. Vr Abrro P . Mm* A ConWt, MYorb, Mr M t'? r \ d Ml l.ijm A' * 11 MroitB. Pndh, BrHlMd: Mr A f/rtln, A . T> *. Mr W W Sw*jr?a. Ilronfclye, chM IfeMMnb. Pranca. Ixt d: tpr i> r Ar. Jen**. MP and Oiiwrv?PtrMnahi? fartn* frail rV? Vr* H i'.ar?. M>-a*rr f r?*b KiHramv* * VCJanorn, J?* . ia .'???? Ctt?dy, Ia?B<? Ktrrv,<J > *? | M .fas. Vr* K KK H !SDAY, AUGUST 30, 1860 MUSIC FOR THE MILLION. Rbyaes of Um Campaign and tbe Poetry of Polities. THE MUSES IN A POLITICAL REVOLUTION. Songs and Sentiment of Party Spirit. Squatter Sovereignty, Sitting on a Ea-i, Ringing a Sell, the Woolly Horse of Disunion, the Texas Mustang. Tbe Fen, Folly, Fancy awl Furore of U>e Canvass, Ac., Ac., A:. VOTE FOR BELL. OF TENNESSEE. Am?'"Hark-in National Union iilee Club No. 1.* Don't 70a hear mat ri mbl.og Bound; Those deep toned murmur* all arorcd, Tbe people's voice *t.s known to be, >'or old John Bell ol recneseee. Sound tbe tocaio, strike tbe drnm; Tbe people have resolved 10 ccme, .-'boots of gladness ud nt ciee Are nused for Bell, of Tennessee. U 11, U, 0 It e Vote for Bell, of Tennessee. 1 lugs are spread and banners by, I nion men are now to try

And win a glorious victory Wttb old Jo tin Bell, of a ncessec. For Abraham tbe enance a lost; He quails before tbe Union bost; And Brer.k. and Dug. and ail w.i) be I ted up by Bell, of Tennessee. ? 0 11, a II, o la e. Vote for Bej, of Tennt.fee. He teat John, the people say, is sure to win on 'taction day end m tbe nation's cba.r we'll foe That sound old Beit, of Tecncteee. In union, then, we seek for rtrsrutb, I hir o'w\wk/iiiu nntAfi KsktnAfh ond '^.r irf h And may we t?e forever free 1o about for Bell, of TenLeme*. U li, a h, o a e. Vole for Bell, 01 let tf tfceo. OLD ABE AND KI9 FIGHTS. Arw?"Roger de Coverty." Tell tie of bte Of bt wtb Douglar? Bow bsa apirii cevrr quail*; Tell aa of b.g manly bearing. Of bia (kill .n rpitUing raila. Tell ca bf 'a a second Webster, tir, if better. Henry Ctay; Teat be'a full of genial bomor? 1'iacid aa a rummer day. Call hm Aba, or call bun Abrwn? Abraham?'tla all tbe same: Abo will amell aa aweet aa e-tner; He don't care about tbe name. Say fce'a capable and hcn?.avLotca country' good alone? Never drank a drop of wbAkey? Wouldn't know it from a atone. Tell oa be resemble# Jackson, Save be waara a larger boot, And la broader 'croaa tbe shoulders, And ia taller by a foot. Anything you choose to tell ua He will take without a atrictora; Bot, oh, don't'?we b-g and pray yon? Boat, for God'a take?abow bia picture) THE HAIL THAT "ABE" SPLIT. Air?"The Houao thai Horace BmlC" Tina la tbe rail that "Abo" split. This la the man who fetched tbe rail that "Aba" Theee are tbe da legatee, boaeet mee, Who voted tor where they'd never beee, Who hurrahed for tbe man that fetrK*d tbe rail that "Abe" split. Thla la 8 roe icy, of Orrv-r. Who locgbt the battle of si."vran.moa, And primed the delegate*, boneat men, Who voted tor States where they'd never bees, Who hurrahed for tbe man that fetched the raJ that "Abe" aplit. This la Bill Seward, all (orlers. Who "cuiwe*" the Greeley of Oregon, Who fought tbe battle of gltevegasarAO, W ho primed the delegate*, hoeWt men, Who voted for State* where tbey d n?T*r been, Wbo hurrahed lor the man that fetched tbe rail that "Abe" aplit. Tbia la Beecher, all ebaven and shore. Wbo e rikra were oroe to Virginia oarce, W'lio erne i Hod Seward all for lore, Wbo "roaeee ' the Greeley from <*'gor, Wbo toorbt tb< battle of Mievegammon, And prime 1 the <kl< | ah a, boneat men, Who voted for Stale* wlere tbey it rever been, And hurrahed lor tbe m. o tba; fetched tbe rail that "Abe" aplit. Tb a is the party that crone in the morn. Whose leathers * ,ll droop wh<-u the da> a gone, Wbo worship tbe IVochor all xh*?ei ai.d shorn, Whose riit.? were or?'e to Virginia borne, Who crumbed Sew aril all lorlorc, Who ' our*.a" the member trom Oregon, Who fought tbe battle of .bImlegMcmou, Atid v imea u>e ariffiHi. in ooei men, WIhi v oted for >uu ? where they 0 never l ??n. At. l hurrahed lor the mm. lent ft'l-hed th- rail ihet "Abe" 'fill. '. POIJT1CAL R1DR. (uirthiii iso*;?a .*? i>-itre-t Mao. " t IresuneU a dream Ui< other ti iiU, When a : the world wan i: I or tfi'o I raw tbe Woolly Ii<wae A go.ig di.w a tbo bill. He'd a ringbone. *pht r. ac 1 the r.cavee, And what I tell you, mmd, He eoulrfr't we oit one of t r e\ re, And the otter one ? u bllrd Cnoav - Ob, th<* * Doily Horse ha* fit ifce ala, Ami up *'v)t river atm-ted. W>i re old Abe's going eplitt eg raiia, All M<1 and broken hearted Hr ilrrw a carious looking rba.-e, And l..nco!n sat there.u, Wah luug Jobn Wedtworth by tie aide, Both i n a fr.i billy grin They u.ked of tariff, tiLmb , an<: scheme*. And all that *?rt ol fun. And bow they'd fat the Woolly Horse Wheti ibey not at Wauhiiigton. Ciora ??oik the Woolly Horr mn-t run for life W 'bout hi* long ?ougt t p. nder, Fog the Little ilium'a or tbe track, And i* bound to run I nt under. Said Old 1 nog John to Ai rsham? A looking very pliant? W>' mint di> nme hum buy plan To kill tbe l ittle i.lant ' Said I ncoln, '-that will never do Without some other tiguree.'' And w.oking. both at eocv, tbey cried, "Wc bav# It witb tbe rigger*." Oioarb?"b, the Wnolf) Home ha* *01 tbe ail*, Ac. Thus onwar-l rode the gallant pair, ??f humbug mnttem talk tag, Of tariff, bank, and special biilg, for bog * and default ng; When, lo ' tbry saw. fa' .a advance, Th White* in full new, And tbe Little filaut po eg in, Before the woolly crew Caomia?Ob. tbe Woolly Horee baa got tbe alia, Ac HUBBAR ' FOR BRW KINRIDfiR AND LANE. AiB?"Don I Vou W.ah You May (let It." Unfurl the banner to tbe breeae Prom Georgia through the land to MaJae, And let ita waring foida display Tbe cameo of Breckloriege and lane. Prom Feat to Weet loud p? ana ring; On every bill top, everr rl*;*i lbe about aoea ep from old and young, Hurrah for Breckinridge and lane. Tbe atateeman wise, tbe bero brave, Our r.gbta and honor will ma.otain; Our oo'.nctl* goide, our battle* flgbt? Hurrah for Breckinridge and Lane. Our .aatitntloc* aball abide, f ar glorinu* I'nlon long remela, And every threatening sw rrr, o- tride, Ipbeid by Brockinr.dge and lane. Pirunlonitit ,n vain dee e Oar eommcn country rrrt 'a twaia; The r spite ard envy ten J W a ve Succeaa to' Brerkierl tge ard 1 and. Arplrlng demagogue may air ve, And every nerve for oltoe strain; - ,t*h gr'a ittf atr r.k - it f-a Coir pare J to Breck Dr.J^e tod Loot. ]tn let en to the r'nwi haota; Ail rjipeeitiOD Hi'l he T*ie? A g!orlm;? victory await* The fr.oB'ia el BrecVirriitKh sb1 I-auc CT.ING TO THS UNION. A:m?"Wait for the WayoB.'1 There l? a r'rht an<! woo* b part And tbo r ?bt la n o?r 1.1?; ,%> Irt UB mi *.ot the w:if< ft, A*4 let the laicr rife, Tfce Pat 'ti * tb' wif- r, Aft the ' l* ti th ?or't|rf Peery h far of km ueuatiy I For tt.* of *.t?r r i c to ife. t v ob, a fi' >* T-C c t't|l?:l ? at, * ' ' . fcttfAt ?. A. [ERA ^ vtfcfoc ,* U C( 6it ot-t? 'Twaa \)0.4 ji ivvecly t;?: e*ae dr ivtn by ??crfe ** 4*cxglC0 Through ftrrnry polux*; Wjtn lifiero oa*. ani W*atere r i?e, Aro St rtnerc Mb 'is, Palmetto. oypreee, x-ttoc ?ood. >? ;< wt? cxd wi-eeu are !o,ca Olog to ice, fcc. Wben Webster woo,. the .*r<eod:y racd Ctf DOt..6 K,i. 'd l ilLO .L, i"WM fKtrr CpOD tOtt *kfl G bC'I, Ttmy ma <o eweet eu.ii, .11 Beery Clay aicve the wagnD tree, And Gas* wu by r f p dn, And never d.d the Uc.on ase A Co <uo r-ax C.-Jig 10 iL* lx.<c. -be. We lea ite Nonberc fa?at.c? % iet ocr s.kvee k<otr? Tfce fecttterr. tire eatere Had better b.c to tbe.r rt roe; We kJ we truo conservative, Whatever may; God Oieee eur p.^r<ous Ufc or, j.ta m*y i r*;t.v r.ue. u:tg to the Voce, kc DOUGLAS SONG. Am*."Waittor uh- wagoo," Comt, uemonli. let's rally round trcr party b .-aadidatc. -and we'll elect for JYes.dett Our r?m)~r. trse and great; ror democratic -aagt Km spoken out noew, Aid nom.cated ftepfitL A., 7c every sec? oc true Cfc< rus? Then, h irrao for Do uglar I 7be bod ud :r,o Douglas) "be people e h< ice, Doog'hel w .1 oecez. ."resKiettl <<?*, ot ihtslnton, Come, fronds of truA ate r:gct, Aid aealt o r olden barner 7b.# battle et # tight, The I'tion? . m??i be \ reserved," let U..s our wat'tward be, Amc beiore tie m|t<y ;oc?-n Our enem sbali hue. Then, b rrah or Do:.gins, AcOtmet abolition p.aes ted > lane Let's battle heart ard band. Aid we'll bave no ' ra.l rplltter" )"cr ru ?r ot c;:r land; Who corned to us with rpec.cue cry, Id false colore arrayed, Whose teachxgs have a.ready ,ed To torrid JotD Ero wo e raid. Tfcec, br.rrab for Docgiae, ?c. Thin, Ocmocrmte. let s.rauy rcund Our party's card,dale. And we'll elect for ITesiceet Our Dour lac, true and greet; While up lie old Salt river Bel), Buck and Abe sbaJ rideIn the White House, down at Wast-rgtUD Our DuuglM stall i Then, burrab for DccglM, Ac. UNC01.N AND HAMLIN?GOD BI.ESS TIIEM! Ai??1"Columbia, the (rem of the Ocean" There's a sound like the surges tf ceao, Or winds swooping forest and iea; It comee from a nation jj mcttoc? From millions who ve sworn to be froe! There are thought#, beyond words, which .mprcw them, as they shout w th enraptured applause? 'Here's to Lincoln and Rainlin I Ood b.eee them I And blest, too, cur country and cause!" cuosrs. And Most, too, our country and causeI And Mess, too, our country and oa.Jk t Here s to Lincoln and Hamlin! ?*>d biees thorn! And bless, too, our country and cause! Through the portals of dealt speak the sired, Aroused from their haven of rest, To klndletl.e slumbering Cr*s, Till they glow In each patriot's Lreaft1 Troy stretch out tbe.r arms to tare*t item? Their rhildrT, who honor their laws? And cry? 'Lincoln ,rd Ha>> ! n, ,!>'. Ileee them! And bksc, too, our country and muse." 'jitnr*. And ( less, too, our country at il cause, aic. The Intcre speaks out with its vo;<-es. A td jvilm w ,lh the reel of all 1:11<\ A B <1 tm.ic* with delight. and re_.oi?ei Al a acenc mor< grand?'.r at a tublimel And vtit .e the hope lo tupprota teen:, Or to atihc tfco ah, >nu of appla te Which cry?"I.iccoic and liami.n, God blew ibeir.t And bleee, too, our ocnntry acd catsnl" (MM Acd lien, too, our ecuttry acc xx, AO. .MACHINE. Aa?"Away Ecwl ilait " rolllioiact loTe to twiddle1 took u.y oid faehioued tbdie, Scratcti'd tome note* to fouB cap paper, 0 rtaa'd my elbow, tad did Scrape r But, o. am:?i ibun.i too "<>d ! d play d a eery terry tire; Fiat a til J I think it RON fo cewc, l..k? t.ider Peck, or old jctn E-owo. tteij. r, and how l? thx' ) hare not FAy 'd f much uotf Tbey fir p, dance acd cu'te the J dd.'er, And 4'e U? mean to pay toe Cc'dier Iter oan.e a wtifper ,n my ear? Wi t.old fe low. you fhaii tear? I At a while, aid flop y or .awicr, Look out and tee for whom you're rawing Tt it that dirty, motley crew, li-<pe and Brave decried. U?, A'tan eagi-t of the natirc, Fall of bl*clc ee mac tec sat or. Coining oikpi of pre* out twadc e Of rum and l gnert In their If Umpetance thty are Cock and b 1, O'er people't eyet to f crape the wool: All rabid clement* employ, Tbe confutation to a "a troy; To them a demon?dark and A league with death, compart and bclit W .'sol K Co. want a k Sumner want* litiif; So doee Greriry who yc'p'd ox cud, Acd tprawl'd Old Seward n the audi Old'e horse bar tared tin Idle, L'reck'ridf aundt the oautoway fwaldle; Stephen A. Imu/ar bo.df tin rex, B? .i hi clutch.n; al h.e mixf. Abe l.ihcom ? t* tftr ,r t r rt.!, W.tb onr hand bcld'.cp u t I tail, And all hi* fr.tnd?- are x a qu ter Tc tee him ecoat up Sa.t r.T'f. There's atelier UH rubber ee:. With conscience to.igfc and D t lows? u> seod ibern lo l<>BTftt,cc, Ail hate peace %cd lure A Butler, W t tney >r a Ur eg, Psotde'n weU known wi#b jtcrtf, tVitborit tbe reign. the ?nxe cr taj. Must acoot oo Abraham J. nc< .n e rail. To wish tbe weaaW reird the r.iitr, All'.ry on the Uld Horac to j itr, An*) oo h s imti w bcn<*e to revelSo rr.*y he kick them to ite C?. J ! Amec?mya tie modeet trencher, A SmitB, a Greeley er a i- - :t? r Ameo?sayr Lincoln, Uaioiic, 1 ate, And other loegbce.s, lowt .t Fare. thk f1 a?; of our party. Aim?".-iar Spar fie. baiter '' O ?ny, do ymi *?e, as it float* or, tie t.wie, The emblem We hail, of tur country ? rnlvatiot? un its broad lolit* tnneribed. am on stars a1.) abla/S, The time honored motto ol a rr"a: an . free ration ' >: /'lorihw 1" ?aye. tr" ? we ar? ore,'' Acd the only free people the r n eh t" upon; lie the Hay of our party! fail b.ft. >t :t rate For Rrccklurldge and lace, ever jallaat aad brare. US tbe (tump maybe acee, thro | b the o rti of tbe atrife Tbe foe s aarcy loadere tbelr f' 'lower* harangulof, Kwcli Arnold t ke traitor ir:ee, 'tar 1 > tbe knife," All tfc< r- who opjner tt 'm m?et f?- r.j be slanging. And lh? y e?.bo the.r liek tiom the earth to the Such folly i.ed fa.reioxol a.1 god men <t< But tbe ring of our fwrty -till Cut. ii.yh aha'l wave For Breckinridge iare, eter ft. ?xt tad brare. Ard where i? tl?at bare), erer r'or 0' ? acd true, W hen danger beeeU and high courage aeeded? Tr toe good ah p of -tate, |><>th corrmaedrr and crew? Hark the wait be cr<l i? fi'i'-r?rr au n jagg afj unheeded? "Breek mrtdge ard fate' ' let u?eeBo a|-a.n. The r hraor ui.tarniah si, tfc> r fame free from tlaiB; Then the (lap of ot:r party triumphant iha ! wa # For statcerr.i n and b' r<?, tb' rood, w re and brave. 0 tfcnn be it ever tr ' paliiow will stic 1. Between our lorod I. rr.e? and a traitor a ambit >n From Breek trirtge an-' late may cue Weeded free land " of their w.r *c the fi i <??t fruition. Tt-e roBfp er we ??? < i r ?e tt A )u?1? Ir Pre< k.sride* an 1 T .. we may we,| p..t car tr .wt; And tfe l *g of our I > rtv c \ .of rt trail wave "V er the land of the free ? tte home of tbe brare." our usion?r :<til r on wron?j. a a?"'t|- Tirgiaay Nttc lire. ' T' ee, fcnartaol i real, m oe y ho net liar* to dm inos'k try. T ?ar I .f?rty t < icaib h?r dor e I r'<w rr that danger r n gh , C'>o?. <et your r. b.et8te>t.t go ivr'.k, c ' '.mpet to e. otiit, .tt Ir r' w eo A itw** kt' W o< > rth, "ur I'titt?r<ht or wr-?; " Tfce >brk ' -it >>ra?a ixaue, Tt **B<W ot iM world. >? . t( ' ,' tr< r r (' "tayed ' : r?' ef 1 y the , ,r > ?t*? ' W I ry,.. I r J "? J(r;t . . II U. ' , ' it- '* /i . I* lW - LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. "Rocs*, freemen, to your father*' scat*, t'n lo the rescue throng, iH-ftuU ibe I'niou'a sacred stars, The Union?right or wrong." Sons of the pie.-*, proclaim its worth In telegraphic Ures; Bid Young Amine* stand forth And emulate their sires! ffklel niter Stales, an<l hand to band, Hound I rredom's P mpie throng; tome, shout in i'tie untied baud. Our l uion?right oj wrong I BANNER SONG. A:i^_")Yom i,roonland's ley Mountains." Who feeleth not a rapture. Who boundeth Dot tn pride, With lunooln's banner o'er bins, Aid Freedom tn his side? For him wo teek no triumph, By whom wo strive and stand, . But Liberty and Freedom, Tha glory of the land. The bold and gallant Lincoln Has won a goi'leu name, And now his country'li give him The pinnacle of fame. Be sought the post erf (Isoger, Mid spirits bold and free, And now thu gallant Liucoin Our rree.ilent shall be. Our watchword now Is Freedom, Our panoply ana might? We prize the people's liberty, Their every chartered right. To the breeze we'll throw oar banner, And all tho world shall see, We'll crown the cniUut Lincoln The leader of the free! A DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN SONG. air?"Auld Langnyite." t one. rally round the nation's dag, And catch tho nation's song, Ring forth our party battle cry, in chorus loud and long, *' for Breckinridge and Lane, my boya I'* O'er valley, bill and plain, The rry now echoes through the land, " For Breckinridge and Lano 1" We flgbt, 'tis true, a mighty host, A host of every buo; But truth and right will nerve us ?n, And bear us bravely through. For Breckinridge and lane, my boys, In forum and in field, Have met and van<piikbed better foee? To these they'll never yield. O'er Buene Vista's Hood stained loll? O'er Mexico's domain, Fume spreads her scroll; there, high Inscribed, Stand Breckinridge and Lane. Brave Breckinridge and Lane, my boya, W'be led 'mid shot acd shell, And gallantly won victory, i race moro win Itaa us well. Our Cag Heat* proudly on the breeds. Its motto wave* ?U high? " Tie constitution Sue the law? By tbese we lire or die." Prate Breckinridge and Jane, 1117 boys, Will yield that banner never, Their stalworth arms will bear it up Till hand and heart shall sever. The rallying cry is beard alar; New England 'a granite hills? The Western wilde?the sunny South? The air with cborus Oils. "lor l5r?. kioridye and Inne." my beys, let speech and aocg new ring; Democracy's two noble sons Great victory w'.U bring. W itb traitors to or.r fathers' cause? 1 cr which they fonrht and died? W :tb thosr deny :ng qual rights," We cannot be allied. Though turty iartion wc deplore, No brother love we feel For those who trample on Um* bond Our fathers' btooi did seal. Then ahont for Breckinridge and Lane? <??ne, join the rallying cry. "The Cowititutioh?leual Lights '." By there we live or die. No Northern prayers o'er Southern wrongs, No sectional distrust? We'll drive all dieoord to the Winds? Hake traiUrsblte lbs dust. I'.ark ' bear the Eagle, as he sweeps Through yonder arore sky, f cream out in tones of victory, Our glorious battle cry? "tor Breckinridge and lane, my boys And bill and dale again Catch up the echo, and repeal? "F or Jfredtliridgs and Ltas I" A LINCOLN SONG. Bright m the West abint* lb- star w? lots best, 0'? r tbe path of Freedom gleaming. And it po.cls the way to a brighter day, In Hope a broad sunshine beaming, Then a braith ws bring, and a welcome sicg, While each brave so il rejoices, That Lincoln's nam< may the chorus clnjs, (if manly hearts and voice*. Oh' held Robin Hoed, in the merry greso wood, < 'id hug land naji in story, And the t nonls green is I be hue, I ween, < 'f the forester'* garb of glory. Put Lincoln's name will proudly claim The theme of manly voltes; In ;'* blight lame, undimmcd by shame, Our gallant band rcjoioes. Fir bc'il iead tbe way to a brghtcr day Tl.rr shone on Sherwood's Rangers, Like the fbrctlcrs bold. In tho dsys of old, He feais no toils or dangers. ' i. 1 hen afar the s'.ripc and star B" a light of promise shining, If our tail* n's b<<aal, when midst Its hctt, No slat e u rhams is pining. And the man we love, low pride above, Scorned not the path of labor, Net fear<d its ban, but it> every man Fo..nd fellow, friend and neighbor, No rank nor claim of gi ld or lame - .... n uvut- u,*iw u.ui, S Ubii.rt u.a I and thul cuukd to.) w.lbAMfid, A lame bavc voo him. Tt' t a health we bring and a welcome, W bile e#'b brave eoul rejoi -e* That I-income name m?> the ,borne claim, <1' n.anly hearta and voice*' DOKJl.AS AND JOHNSON. I ark' a voire, tlx- nat.on turtle*, K'er o< reaaing, growing atruogvr, " Tn lb and )uatloa are el'Tnal, And abali o'er 'ia reigu yet longer." Wake, inacllr*, from your alumber! R"ure ye .'ukeuartn heart* or fro.- nl /lily telle. Obey ber tummoa*! lou^a* mi.el and eball be cboeen.' Hear the echol Incylaa meet tod ihail be choree! By your freedom, deeply cbrruibed, -'lr m a bi? w for right and rwiennl \+\ lbe Tile, eediiioua plotter*? '< a.nat our land?of fouleet treaoon, Know that valiant are our, T gbt.og for a eauae ?o glorioct, Ar-I Mcrrmker next will ahow them Ttat Ibe right ? e'er victor! out. Hear Ibe ?hol Kg ht forever in rlctoriou*. M.cbty reem ibe braggarta h<?tilc, R t a* leave* by w.nda are abaken BLail tbey acaltrr a ,dr before ua; Ail their rampart* wUl be N? tb?r Mk for true* nor quarter, Battling epitc ot foe and frown, M t w 11 rout the "aplit up raitere," And w tb victory Houglafecrown. Hear the echo! \\? it witb victory I?ouglaa crown (t'ad, tbe i irrmcc* now obeying, f very true man bid* defiance To the anct'oral, wd ft lout, feed their Itaiera, base alliance, l euae, tbrn, beert* to freed m ?oyaJ, Oiru on armor for the fight, Mr ike fbr t'n on and ottr country, " lougla*. Jobnaon, and Ibe R.gbl" I? your duty! for Ivuglaa and the Right. MAKE WAV FOR THE VOLUNTEERS. Ant?"far tan t pour la Salt River 1 There ia a waking up of nation*, A Ktlrrifef up of aiakce. The i" pi# about for ftouglaa, Abe I.iacom'a got tbe abakee. BELL AND EVERETT. Am?' Mar fpargied Banner." t pal fret the toertn?aay, hear ye tbe tonnd, At tbe wtad bear* onward o'er mmmUtD and rtilcy T 'Tit the ngnal to nalriota to gather around The .Un lard of trntb, for a gloritu* rally Ob ' J ten J e well, to tbe glad whoea' awell, "Tit lb' aovtd of our old rooat.tntonal Bell, A: d la ca'I**ill be heeded ?h"rf Eterotl goea 1 I ?t P. am BO' to South, it inreltca not the North, ft..t tbr ahotr happy t'oion would mt? from pollution, i <1 w' ere tta rW ..r oolea bound wtulUng.y forth, Th< v ron re ua to stand by our trod ouaalitulioo. < U>? truth will compel rnry Ire. ma/, to toll, Thai r i r te falte to theae e'er baa pealed from Our BUI, Ai >1 the loveiae page in r>?r hUlory BhoWa Thai Waabirylon with ua wberefvei' tl yo<e I Ft r the r'au m an who boar* not a h ot ? h a eei?fl We will nyly work wilb an booeat derat r ?rr the patriot DO liaAod with bw Invert conntryl Into W?h litaruytt rr? with a beart'elt ,m"tioe. Oh I ha'tr to tfe awr'l of a area! roioea toe' well Prow fcarttioB <u>a throat* in irwtd with ?r Ball, T! f'rr> ite *oli * of peace, tbr the wt '-o a tcwr T-t w ? y h > a inr t *er< P. rn_i Is* ' i a-j for tb vac hrirta wboeT-r liar, >r.n tk >J?f It r jna of oar glnr*. ? ill J,