Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1860 Page 2
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9 it And aid with our whole strength the wise and the good. ^ho we (tot can secure us our loved land's salvation. Vm well we can tell, 'tis disunion's death knell That resounds trom our oldconautulioual Bell, And our banner we bravely unfurl to our foes. Ad euoooM taunt attend it wher Ever it r'w<*: BRKCkLNUlIKifc; AND I.ANE. Lnturl the u> the air, And rai.->e the deafening shoift. Wt bearded Douglat in his lair, And put him to the rout, We'll h'-si the I'nion where she bleeds? Let courtltution reign. And follow truth where'er it Uada, With Breckinridge and banc. Bring out the cannons?let them blaz From every bill and glen, And let tupm thunder forth the praise (X prtnfiptee?not iu?n. Then jJln the throng?ihe nation's throng? Who will not tight in ram, And swell the chorus of th" song For Brrckitindge and Lane. A SONG FOR THE ONION'. A ftorm in the etouih, a ulorm m ikv Nortu, Arr rafiiiit. ihil I'niou to mtop, ccf ?rcii ami tu?? atrone arm oi worth Say, our Union shall jierish?no uovcr I our Union shall perish?no never ! When we look to the Ksst, and we look to the West, When we view thw vusi country all over; When we we a great i>eople ao happy anil blcSKsl. Say, our Union ahull perish?no never 1 Our Union shall periah?no never I Let din union lata growl, and (knatlra rave; Let them light on like madmen f vrever, A people ho tree, their country will save, Our Cnioo ahull periah?no never I Our Union uhalt pcrttb?no never I Our people no free, united ahull he, In bouda wbicb no tyrant can aever. Brave men in the South, to their trienila tn the North, Say our Union shall periah?no nevur ' Our Union ahall perish?uo never t United we'll etaud, a national band, Kndurtng and lusting forever; Our country we'll save from the storm" which now ruve; Our Union ahall periah?no never t Our Unlou ahall perish?no never ! DEMOCRATIC BANNER, tgain is our banner Hying out, Around It arc good men and true, Again old democracy 'a ghoul Strikes terror to anarchy a crew ; To the etrife, then?our captains arc good, Our soldiers are unshrinking and brave, Hound that banner undaunted they mood And bravi<d dark bigotry's wave. Our banner!?the same that of yore O'er the carnage of battle waved high, (Vhen the Held drank ttao patriot's gore. And freedom V young shout rent the sky. Not alone o'er the tleld of the dead? When councils, distracted and torn, O'er the land tleice anarchy spread, A rainbow it rose o'er the storm. Sections and parties were blended, Like hues o'er the storm cloud a!>ove, Tieaoons and factions were ended In a halo of peace?In a union of lova; Our banner la ou.?democracy moves Like the surge cf s wide swelling set, tor anarchy's reign must be o'er Ln the land or the brave and the free. AN "OLD ABE" PONG. Turk?"Uncle Ned." There was an old Hucker, and his came was Uncle Abo, V^IOI>n .Ma Inn. lnnsun. rfe won' as old iilo ik'von foot 'bore degrade, QOrr do bole whar de corn juice go. Lav down de beetle and decrow, Fill up de gourd wld whinky O, Too mucb gum tree for poor old Abe . Be Is up (or a Salt river go. Bit lege am so long as de bole of de bean, Ar.d bis beds am nut worry abort; Be danced all night Boat ui' down stream, Ana be drink ob de corn juloe a quart. Tie up de tlatboat to de shore, nance and gu home wid de gals no more, .Juice bard to rind up dar, Lncie Abe, For no corn grow on Salt river shore. When Old Abe won, .Seward take 'em worry hard, | And his tears run down like de rmlnj Old liana Greeley?didn't look berry sad, Kase he play de debil some again fay down de uigger and de rail, I lan,: up de cooney by de tall, Gur u; de ground to poor old Abe, ' Be is going up Salt river to sail. THE PATRIOT BELL. Ti ki?"Koatn the Bow." Park clouds o'er our nation are hanging, Though traitors may cry "All is well t'p, I'niou men, and be ready To vote for the patriot Held. To vote for the patriot Bell I, To vote for the patriot Bell; l'p, I'olon moo, and be ready To vote for the patriot Boll. There's one, and but one, that has poaer The. e storm breathing cloud.s to dispel. He's the cboiee and tbenope of the nation, The statesman and patriot Hell. The statesman and patriot Bell I, Hie statesman and patriot Bo!!; He's the choice an 1 the bop* of IbC est CO, The atalesmaa and patriot Beil. In citr, town, village and hamlet, On hillside and mountain and dell, All good men and true will be rising To role foi the patriot Bali. IUrk! hark 'tis the noise of the people. Now loud, and now louder IU swell, Till all (be broad welkin ta ringing With bhouU for Ihe patriot Bell. Fhir Liberty'? children are tolling, Of Liberty's foeraoo tbe knell? The death -dirge of treaaon and faction la euag by the voter* for Boil. Secedera and traitors will Uemble, And (Artion will silence ber yell, When freemen the polls bare nurroundod To rote for I he patriot Bell O, will not this be a proud story For thousands unborn yet to tell, Our true hearted fathers elected Tbe statesman and patriot Bell Hurrah for the choice of the people, A man that but tew men excel; Hurrah lor the hope of tbe nation, The statesman and patriot Bell CHARGE. COMRADES. CHARGE. Aia?"Beany liar en ' The ran pa if n opens brigblly? Come fellows, one and all, t'ofurt your banneni tn the breeze I 'pon the outer wall But ere we char ye the enemy f'oon the open plain. We'll nbout aloud our battle cry For Brerklnrldse and lane1 Tbe Hnuf Ua holds before us The an iter aorrreifn plan, And lain would cheat ua of oar rights, The irtclkf little did Rut we II teach htm. ere be leaves the ??M, Bis trials are In vain To take the Presidential chair From Brwkmrulge and lane! For are strike for equal rights to ail? Kifbta won on many a Seld, By the blood of siren and brethren. By men who nerar yield, Hie Little Bouflaa onee deceived, But can't deceive aealn, Now are have braced our armor on For Breckinridge and lane, rbea rbarge b m boldly, onmrades? Charge ev ery man and youth? Charge for the coo* utution, For justice and lor truth Tbe Ibe is fading fast away, like anew before tbr ram, As Oeroely on them fall ibe men XBreckinridge and lane. 1 ilart' trom tbe tomba a doleful acted ? We hear a mournful yell? I Hd fogww cri disrordaat notui For Fverelt and Hal'. -tend forth a squad upon them And put to tight the train. :hone foastl men are now too old For Breetmridge and lane t A sombre group approaches neat, A Lincoln Tend* them on, a v-- .la.l ka A raaagndo ana But wifnil* * ? not our choice-. Th? paogM cry amain. An hill and dale roaouad with ahouta Kor Breckinridge and I an* I So torero of the I'd,on. And torero of lha right, And bnoaat mm of erery creed Arc with na in the light, Aad victor) ahail crown the brow* Of men without natain, Aa the pooplr rtoe to all their might Kor Breckinridge and lane I THE LAST OF A DISHONORED * RILL." Aia?"Th* Laet Roee of Bumruur Tba flower of Auburn left weeping alone. All bia hop*a ot the White Ron** Vanquiahad and a one No Helper ta oaar him, No dark ay la owh, To noaaole with bta anfuah, Or |iva aigb for eigh They leave the*, thou loaa one, To mourn by thyaatf. To plrnae Hum fireeley, Tboa'rt laid on tba ahelt And coldly they hid the* To A a burn return; Though uaing thy platform, IU buildar they apurn AN OLD FASHIONED TENDOE. An?"(tolog, roing. gone " Meanra Hunt. Hr ?Ut? and Doar Malm monh 0"l#? to he anre, Is the market bonne ottering ta aaU mm I "Thay remind one," Uullp any*, "How, In ofcl AwhionAt dam, AattiM??n tm |Ttvcd*d by t*U mau. ' n IIUHRAH KOR LINCOLN. J Ttwa?"Boatmen'8 Liaaoe.'' Hu.- ?u: lmri*i> JiJ you h.vir the utwii The Jetnowal't haie gut the blu i. The) 're punkd no*, i?iiJ ali atratJ, Buauae ? 'vu coir .rate' At* Tliee about. (r.voMi, uhoul* Shout, r-vemen, ohoutl HVil ao uuite acj brav ly tirht. tee thr >ur of Jtreodom'b Uwn.u( D tio * put Ihetn through, .plit ili ur rulU at J haul them too .1.1 hoi u c II put tli 'o tbro?*h, >i ul tii'Mr f ;4,iB acj hnui thorn too ' i the ir rana* U?ey cannot tin J A tndkrtaU to (pill thctr mind ; ' y kica and erjulrtr but 'tin no uoo, Their tptme it op, ih ir platform'a l<>o?e j Then (.hucl, freemen, alioutl Shout, freemen, ahoutl We'll alt unite And bravely tlirht, lor the Star of trcedom'ft hrni o/ HI! boi kc. They know that the/ trill loan the lay j If thi y take up Sitphen a , Ao J ao to add to tlictr humbug a well, I thlua they'd bolter take up Bid!, Then about, freemen, ehoutl Shout, freemen, about' We'll all unit" And brave!) Ii?ht, For the Star ot t reedora'a datroitu HI' ho' Ac I ti.-u. tue; 'vr bought ao old ntaaratug, On whkti to (daoc poor Little Hug, I or P-teidoal too la'.e they've found liie cuat ta.l coma too near the grotuii tup.) fctiot.1, irtco.i'n, snout i tfij' ?u t, l riH-aeo, shout I We'll u.'l uii.te Aod brnvely fight, fir lib' ?Ur o( l.'xdooi'b dawning, til I ho ' etc. We'll gii e tlicm Hain enough this fall To Kit :ffy them oue and ?U: Served i p in Rlyle quite n ^d plain, Just itupwrVd from Old Maine Then about, freemen, about I Stout. freemen, shout I We'll all unite And bravely fight, lor the stir of freedom's ilawnlog 111 ' bo 1 etc Hurrah I hurrah I we are f^re to win, Ai.J the way we'll beat will be a sin: The ouoning year s impending blast Will show that they have crowed their last. Thee shout, freemen, shout I Shout, freemen, shout I We'll all unite And braviiy fight, lor the star of freedom's (lawnice. Hi I bo I we'll put them through, Split their rails,"aud haul them, loo, Hi I ho I we'll put thorn through, Split thiir rails, and haul them, too. THREE CHEERS FOR DOUGLAS. Let's raise the shout for Itouglas, Kor none need doubting stand; He's bound to be the President i Of this United land; Then three cheers for Douglas, The Giant of the West, For he cin maul out Lincoln, Without a coat or rest; Then thiee cheers for Douglas; be'e bound to maul out Linooin, Worse than be would rails. Let's raise the shout for Douglas, The people's chosen one. He's sure to go to Washington In eighteen sixty-one. Then three cheers for Douglas, Tlio Little Giant brave, We'll stand by the Union, And our dear country save; Then three cheers fur Douglas, He sorely cannot fall; Old nbe must buy a new are, When be comsn to split thin rail, let's raise the shout for Douglas, The Douglas of our land, Kor be will wield the sceptre. And rive oet his command. Then three cheers for Douglas, Poor Linooin shakes with fear, He'U have to hang hta pictures up, And wait a few mora yaara; Then three cbeera for Douglas, He's generous, good and trueHe's sorry for poor Linooin, And Lincoln's party, too. Let's raise the for Douglas, With knapsack on his back, He tramped into the country, And aliU la on the track. Then three cheers for Douglas, And let the welkin ring, Till every land and nation Shall echo back again; Then three cUtees for Douglas, The hero of the Went Do not weep republicans. You're tried to da your bent. THE flICK DEMOCRACY. Ajr?"Pop Goes the Weasel." iVmocrncy is very siok, It's got the gout and measles; I The doctors say it ran be cured; So My the people. It'i been ailing nil along, Been growing weak end feeble; The ijitem ba? beoa getting wrong; So any the people. At Charleston all the doctors met To hold a consultation, Si me Mid physic, mime Mid sweat, Some a change of elation. Thua ther quarrelled, fought and awore. And all that's good derided, Thru adjourned to Baltimore To barn the cafe destded. S> there they met with eoup and nurae, And surgeons big and little. The patient aure *u getting worse, .S> My the people But here again they can't agrse, And high they raiae their mettle, And act the fool moat perfectly, Bo my the people. Tnere'a come who wish to amputate Upon a Southern table, ,-orae win! a bench from otberfttalca Ho r?y the people. At iMt they in a passion flew, Their ewn aflaira to aetlU-, .And polled the patient quite la two. Ho my the people. HOKERT A HE OF THE WEST. Am?"Star Hpangled Banner,'* or. "Boony Bl ue fc ea." U hark! from the pine crest hllla of old Maine, Where the aplendor I.rat falls from lha wing* of the morning, And away in the W.?i, over river and plain, Kings out the grand anthem of Liberty's warninp From green rolling prairie it awella to the sea, For the people have ria-n victorious and free. Tlx y hare chosen our lender*, and bravest and beat Of them all is Old Abe, honest Abe of the West! i:." spina uiai lumui u>r in" peir vs ?i oiu Haa swept ihrgb the luJ an 1 amused ua forever; la the pure air of Uneven a standard unfurled, Kit to marshal ua no to the ra:rrd endeavor! Proudly the bannur of freemen we bear, Noble Um hope* that encircle It there I And where battle la thlck'at we filKrw the crest Of gallant Old Aba, Honaet Abe of the Went! V 're a triumph in urgirg a glorious cauae. Though the b<*taof the roe f r a white ma; be atroegee. Pushing on for uiat rulers an.1 holler lawa, Till the r lessoning columns oppoae ua oo longer But ours the Umd | > ac if m-x who bare paaa'd Through the struggles >f years. and are victors at Uut So lorward the flag' leave t.. lt-aven the real. And truat in Otd Abe. Honest Abe of the Wnail Lo, aee the bright scroll of the Future unfold! Br ad farms and fair cities shall croam our devotion. Free labor tarns even the sands into gold. An t the links of her railways chain nraaa to ocean; iarcea ahaU ".oat oo the dark river wavas, W tb a wealUi never wrung from the sinews of slaves And the Chief, la shore rule a I the land ahail be blest, it our noble okl Abe, Hoao?t Abe of the Went I Then oo to the holy Republican strife! And again for a Future as fair as the morning. For the sate of that freedom more precioua than life, King out lbo grand anthem of Liberty's warning, t.ift the banner on high, while to mountain and plain The t beers of the people are sounded again Hurrah for the cause of all ran sea the be"t' Hurrah' for utd Abe. Hooeat Aba of Iba W?atl A DOUGLAS I.AT. la other days, wltb ttrry band, The troubadours of O'er the tyre's wild, throbbing bosom. I'on red heroic strains along They tell ua bow (be knights of old, Arms Cashing in the sua, 1 ought o'sr the Holy Sepulchre, On the Held of Aakaloa, Bow the Ktuart fright at Flrtdeu, How the ttougtaa rode am ay With Harry Perry's |<annoa. Fmm the border tray How the proud Iberian giants. Round tbelr orange banner rally, usrrepiog down the slopes ot.l'yreooes To dia at Koorasvallea But hero of be, jm m the man Who, tn tha world's bo* strife, Climbs the llagab top sf lim? To the Promised Ian*, af Lift; tlTO "i wi imw inr mw Who foldm a nation ' atar ? Kh Cnlloa bin a* followed katf bV* Tbo *fcitr plume of Nmrrr. r-Vcb M the prouyiemic aoul, Ma^atk-. troe Ibd jmi, Ifcat rmt ib tan milda, Aroao to gnldo the fcato Vouag manly rtreagth tad hoary ago. >>om rttf. rate aad gVa, 1/7*1 to mnd, their homage pay, To on* of lb* king* of men -Nob la Ibe groat boron noo, -*a teaman and Pairtoi true, Who worohipa light. aad haieo Ute Wrong, And flgtita la aoul, for you for nobler than I he kolgbla of old. /Ir in freedom a ran, Aad ft?hu a p-ooder, crauder flghi, r?> aaiwiai naa rEW YORK HERALD, THD UNION BONO. Ail?'WM sluvi tod a Flowing -?t " Jobu IV; . <if Teufceeive Ajul bvc roll always lru?, Wbo gn? s Uiht male CM lUt- Omted Staled, With a (nUivnl (.mou erew Cticcj?Then let ue King tt>v aoog. Ouk ai( Je lirave and free, We arc v^nnWcK io a irlnrlou* oauae I n<ler I tail, of recneeaee. Croud every BliU b of bail, Aod ben;: l lie gdlU&t ouvl? Caleb evvi j lireete TUu mint1: the KCae, Our "flipper'a'' euro and f at. TUeu lei iui ting ibid smi*. ac w in. iii; union tti lue "tore, Tt>e utsr* and Mrijiee waving bcjU, Rake alt anJ wd. Witti full broadside, Mako "locoforas" fly. Then let u. s.n,, tills long, he Fling out our cofcign fr? ? I,tt <til our ohoc strike well, </ld irnustdc* Will b'<?u>t tUe tided. Wild Coinnnxlore John B-U. Tieu let us biB(i tho? song, he. THE MWU OF THK 01,D POLITICIANS. A TKIO. H"W shall I travel au md whig Mid, The lost old wh.g, whose party was dead; Tlie oM lost whig, the of whoa* bead No longer by crops of turn wu fed? O, the devil How shall ( l-wel i Uj ctage is upset. the otu democrat cried, My kuij) is a wreck', ami the crew divide ; L> there no wagwe whereon 1 coo rider Mj iavth iu nags hav e all ol them died. Alas, the evil, Haw can 1 travelf My friends have been scattered, the native sighed, No more I behold them ciore by my side ; They have wandered tar, they have wandered wide, O, are they living V O, whore do they atrtde r O, the devil, Where do they travel V And a voce spoke out, I will tell ye how You oil may travel, arid aarely, too? I lew to meet your friends in \ jovial row, How to cod j our wbtnlogs and sad pow wow. And this is my tale ; Come ride oc tbe vail With the l.tncoln boys, And share their Joys, Fee with tben> It's all fair wiather. And the trio cried out? ' We think It la best? On reflection we'll go, yes, we'll go with the rest; Come, hasten, left all go together." DKMOCKACV WV JOE. Tvkk?"John Anderson my Jo." Democracy my Jo John, When we were first acquaint, Your |irinciple? were right and juet, And free from slavery taint. Tbe cause of freedom was your aim, Wh.oh history will show, The r.gbts of man you did proclaim, Democracy my Joe. Ivmonrary my Jo, John, The tables now are turn'd, Tbe sacred Cause you onoeeapous'd You've villitied and apura'd, I To our forefathers' solemn words, You're prov'd yourself s foe? Free speech and labor you dea{<.*e, Democracy my Jo. Democracy my Jo. John, ; Has been a magic name, Its charming sound has kindled up Men's bosoms to a flame; X'o other name bore such s sway, Thai very well you know, Rut tbot. art sadly gone astray, j Democracy my Jo. Democracy my Jo, John, You long have been carcaa'd, 1 And while in wisdom's path you trod, Our aatiou has been blent. But you have trifled with our rightsHave wavered to and fro? tor this you're everywhere despls'd. Democracy my Jo. Democracy my Jo. John, You've run a wicked race? Our sacred r.ghts have trampled on, So wiokedly and bane. Your damning deeds, in freedom's name, Have beea your overthrew; A traitor's grave awaits you now, Democracy my Jo. ' Democracy my Jo, John, We clamh the hill together, And wh le you plead for human right* We clung to one saelhw; Rut now you're tottering down, John, Yoo'U soon be lying low. Your name wvU perish, aisk and rat. Democracy my Jo. TTTF MKTHOR EXPLAINED. Twas July last, the twentieth day, That Abraham made a bet That he could spill tea thousand rails Kre that day's sun should set. And Stephen, standing near, 'lis Said, guite certain he oould win, i Took up the offer Abe had made, And boldly slaked his "tin." And an the Mauler full welt knew There muni be no delay, He forthwith art himself to do lbs bustarm of the day. And for a beetle bead be took A barrel Blind with steel, r termined that each blow he struck, The iron wedge should feet Nest, he prepared a handle new, Adapted In his rtrength, Which was about five loch-w through, And jart et^hl feel to length. And reding now hi* beetle high, Blow followed after blow; And ooTer tbua did eplintera Cy, e'lcce relta began to grow. ! of after kw now diaappeared Before hi* giant at ride, And pita on pilo of relta waa ronred Around on tury aide. And m the nun withdrew it* flare, And night epread out her pull. Ton thourend relta were lying there. Split by Uiat mighty maul. Lot ntrenge to My, the etorl coo fined Within that beetle * head, ?y friction, and the cm combined. Glowed brightly, bet and red And with a force none could eurpaae? And power much tnrrraand, Abre'm now htirta the burning dum Cpward end toward the Vaat ike *ome tremcndou* rocket, thrown KY dr. catapultic hand, Tt jt taahirg motor brightly (bono Alar u'er aea and land. I . J.009 of people cured with awe Upon the *plrndid eight. And knew not that the ball they a* Waa laacoln'ikpreadtng light a?tw ird with ruahing eprcd It fled. To find in Maine ita rest, nd rtaahed around our llamJtn't bead? A greeting from the Weat. A SONt; FOR THE UNION. Bcua tor the t'ainn forever, ike brother*, united we'll etand. xd pal*led the hvod that would *e\<* The Ala let of I hi* God fa rural land J- _ -za for the Union forever; Y our h arte and your bard* to It give ?. t ted, there' none who can aevee yar lam oh, k>ag may it live. It'-e, freemen, arme in your might, Drive *ertion?l dt? ord away, May the atare <m your banaer be brgbt Aa the rm it r.icridtaa day imd ir.. v. * vii: r .-mintrv Ar ba tfnd yrur *,d it the glorious ctuM i"car motto etall 10 the aki'W, Th* constitution. the I moo ud lews " ?\4?, frtendr of your country, awake. To the cause ot tbo t o ion b? irue, V<t yonr leaders purs patriots ukr, Vole for Bell and for Ererett loo T ii*. horra for the foiou tbr erer; lot our Mac proudly war* o ar the atd, Ne t a etai blot out?ah, no, oarer' Bui o.atined (orrrar to aland CAMrAUiN SOSK. Am? 'Oooaeheluak '' I ell on not. In faithless Humbert, That our bopea are but a dream What reek ttr of Lincoln' thunder*? They are not lha thing* they noma Brll la true, and f rerrll earn eat, And the to ion la their goal, To the rar of t 0100 bara-eeed, Tbey trill trork with all their an?] They're been tried, and ever faitbru To their ouutry a cauaa ware found. Who we lake them to the White Houae, Then the t'oion's rafe and aonnd. I at ue, then, be up and doing, We will beat them, sura at (hie. Whl'e republicans pursuing, With a moat ureterals hate, ANVT1. CHORUS. Ut<1 you are them Bra the cannon, Vor Brock , on Thursday eight? There was something emblematic Of his party in the a gbt. Tbev charge.) the daru'd old ajrvn With powder to the mouth, : .ike Bill Yanrey orertoaded The seoadrrs of the South. And when the gun tu ready. An old flat was lit. And the men that did the loading Iiromed it beat to "ori " lb, ? neit Norembee, The loadere of Br<rA ? fin WUi scarcely t gut the fume, Frt tor aa'N) tn.-y wai rua | L

THK CHEAT BELL OF LINCOLN. ji oil L. aoolu Town, au Uie Englishmen My, htce on a lim w y the drv il to l>ay, or 'gs.-ul Ki. | nod Parliament tbey dared to rebe<, And vow d tbey could govern taemselves quite a* well. Sow tii 13 town bad a iiimr for wool, Icathrr and lead, Hut wtuw tLey most wisb'd, was a man with a bead? \ man of thepcople, wbo could not do good or harm, a eort of rail iplitter t? spin them a yarn ["bey tnade a g -eat talk to gel u p re\ olu'. .00, And also t' upset tbe old constitution, they wow'd tbut old custom* they'd clean away, And the Soi'h tbey would rtile, without yea or nay CUey dritc'd themselves up in a cr-or called green, I Th*y wore green in the on1, as will shortly be seen 1 Sow the King ot the I'u.on. good H>ury the Third, Hi s fool ib commotion with sorrow he heard, An t hastily sumaion'd Church, Commons and Peers, And beg'd their leasoaaace to quiet Lib fears. 'Vor what," cried Uie King, "can these Llnca'.n boys mean, By I'arug my colors and taking up green? 1 rule for all t Hast, West, North and .**>uth, For lh.'tt llow'd my blood. With an oath in bis mouth? " Pray what do tbey want? Come, speak' 1 attend." Tho Nob.e,- and Commons they bow'd and they ken d, But ? lent were al! Tber the Abbot aroes, And the tip of ins thumb he aoplied to bis nose. Saying, "Sire, If the truth you wold here have me tell, What these L'ncolners want, I think, is a Bell, ior tho', as you know, they've s very high tower They hare not any bell thore, to out the hour. And the fault o! the whole, may 1 v-oture to say, Is?tlist tbey do not exactly know the time of tbe day. So, if you would silcnue these I.incolnor's clamor, iTay give them a Bell with a very large hiunmer.'' "It shall be done,' cried the king Peers andOom Our Territories free. , But " Honest Abe" has alwsys been, And is tbe white man's friend, And therefore doee not wish the curse Of slavery to extend. Chohcm?Hurra, Ac. We'll send btm up to Wash I agios, To dwell the next four years. Which will so doubt make democrats Shod " alligator toars." Aid is that famed " Bait river" They had better let them fUl, For up that melancholy stream We'll send them oae and all. Choirs?Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra. For Honest Abraham, Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra. For he is just the man. THE FLAG OF LIBERTY. ' Am?"Auld Lane Sync." The floating Flag of Liberty, Of freedom's Bon's the boost. Its stare and stripes long may they wave Upon Columbia's coast. Tho only flag that fredom rears Ob Und or o'er tho omi. The flag that stood sosse sixty yean The battle aad the breete. To aid the trampled rights of mas, And break oppression's chains, The foremost In the battle's ran, It never floats la vain. Tbe mariner where e'er he steers. In every clime he eees The flag thai stood soma sixty years The battle aad the breese. If all unite as osee we did. With Lincoln's flog unfurled, Columbia then may mar leas bid i lieflanee to tbe world. But fast would flow the nation's tsan If lawleaa bands should seise The flag thai braved some sixty yean < The battle and tne breeze. CAMPAIGN BONG FOR 1840. Come all true democrats aad join Tbe cohort* of the free Douglas and Johnson lead the way To certain victory. Cuotrc?Then clear the track for little Dug, Who's always sure to win; Tbe "nllen" with their "ugly mug" WIU find they "cunt come in " Our motto is, "the people's right To rule where'er they be;" "Nou intervention" ere proclaim, With "Popular Sovereignty." Chosen?Then clear the track, he Tbe ensstitntioa and the laws Shall always be ma in U. red, This land with fratricidal blood Ought never to be stained Choir*?Thru clear the track, he from shore to shore, from see to see. Make the glad tidings known, Douglas and Johnson are the meo We'll tend to Washington Cbokcs?Then clear the track, Ac. THE BRAVE, OUT HPOKEN REPUBLICAN'S OF THE SLAVE STATES. Ya kernel la s land of gloom. With your bright torches naming high! Ye men with hearts of lloa etresglh, And the keen flashing easle eye! Calmly, yet bravely, press ye oe. Until your glorious standard waves In the clear, balmy Southern air, Radiant above your father*' graves. Where the red storm of battle rolled. With our own fathers, side by side? O! there your glorious martyr aires. In the great cause of freedom died. Did they pour out their precious blood. Oopioua as gushing summer raia, That slavery's curie, which England sent, Might here forever more remain* Did your brmre father* struggle no, Through toll sod gnffbrlng, to their graves, That here their prncd, luxurious enua Might lord It o'er their crouching sUvref 0' could those o< Sle sires reply? O might their moul ;ertsg ashes speak? How would Fear a pa,ltd ghastly bue O'ersproed Oppression' blanching cheek, bo, reed their thrlliiag words of tire, la that old ball of Freedom's birth? Those words thai, since that snored hour. With toy and hope bavr tilled the earth. In now. on fair Halls'a plain* Thoar words of freedom or bo loud, They rend the Bourbon heart with fear, I.ike to:jM from the t<>mpe?t cloud. O ye are worthy of your race, lira*' son* of Southern ma:'yr aires, Who, spurning UMimi'l briber aa<l threau, tra kindling frredom'a beacon treat While ya hare slept, a atrial thy band Of devotee- at alarery's abnna Harr creamed and plotted, n.ght ao<1 day, Your liberie* to undermine. Theu Ueodtah work la wall n igh door I Hare yr the right of rpench to day* Oo*.?l Rurh a man a<< I rank I in apeak Ai d could John Wealoy prraoh or pray^ la c>t the boaeted Southern preaa In alarery'a fettara (Irmly boun V ? : wth tba Austrian a kingly away i aa meaner crororahip be found! Campion* of truth, like Oaaalua Clay, Whoa* hearts are jret uouown to fear I Kvae your bold, manly voices now. hike ?ilrer trumpet*. calm and clear. What though but law your number* aeeai: look bark at old Thrrmopylm. 0 what were alarra In myrtada, then, Against the ralor of the free* -od Ibr the right' Ilia arm of power la might aa when, long ago. With bat a ram's horn's feeble sound, He daabed lb* walla of Jen oho Champion's of right' la coming year*. When your herculean labor's done, Your names * Ul shine oo Glory's scroll Be aide the name of Washington! THEN SHOUT FOR DOUGLAS. Am?"la II Bef" To right sad left the lengthening linen they form, And ranked m deep array await the storm TIsmi pftiiA that ahntil fttr rVtuvfaa SnM For .lohnono, loo, bunob I Oar aoRiitiOM Utr poopio ptoMr; I Harrob, burroh, burrofe! I From Root *n<l Woot, from North ud South. I Kin#* f< rtb oop hot Up cry, t O or hill ?nd doio tt po'irtolixa^, ? Oa, oo, la Ttewryt 1 RSDAY, AUGUST 30. 186C CAMPAIGN SONG. Oomc aU ya Douglas men give ear. That'i mUtwi'd o'er the laud, I'm going to build e Douglas ship 1 To sail upoo dry laud. Chorus?buig blow ye * tnda ol, 1 Sing blow ye wiuds h. o; 1 Thinu cheers for glut wot Doug his . That laid locomptou low. < My rem shall all be Dougtas meal I '!i hire no other men 1 They're abie to bland before the mast Ail I can trur-t lb them. ting blow ye winds, Ac. My shin l? part of thr platform, Brought t"om the Buckeye State, ' The very plank that Doug stood oa, , The only were straight. blag blow ye winds, Ac. < My mast was brought from Tennessee; From Geuotal Jar kson's (arm. It's able to sail the ship for me, And stand the hardest storm tiing bio w fa wiudft, Ac. My clerc shall bo from Michigan, Wlib a blck try vr his band, To too a true corn :t account Ot e.ory 1 Dug las man. blow ye winds, Ac. The pilot that shall ether my ship Shall be trom lliioois, He shall bear the Douglas Hag, For he's one of the boys I Slog blow ye wtads, Ac. My mate shall be from old Ken tuck, His own dear nati re laud, To load the ihip with Douglas moo Aid start fur triiig blow ye wmdF, Ac. In eighteen hundred and Fitly My shi ? she will set sail, With all the Dougtas men oa hoard. With a sweet and pleasant gale. fcag blew ye winds, Ac. So snags shall Interfere with us As we sail on by laud, We'll stop at every port we pass and take oa Douglas men 3:ag blow ye winds, Ac. My captain shall be Dougiaa. With a compass la bis hand, We never shall cast anchor Till we are safe in Washington. Slag blow ye winds, Ac. We'll escort him from the ships I And plar< him in hi? chair f With h b cab mot by hit ude, We'll Icavd b:m there lour years b og blow ye winds, toe. HOSTEST ABRAHAM. Tt t* ?"Washing Day." Tis well to have the people meet. and manifest their joy, By siuging eungs and of I "Old Abe" of Ullnoi.1. He is the only man, my boy*, Of all the candidate*. Who's Ot to be the Pree.dent Of these United Stales CBOBca?Hurra, hurra, burrs, hurra, For Honest Abraham, Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra, For he U just the man I There's Breckinridge and old John Bell, And little "Htevy Dug;" A motley crew, 't Is very true. And each Is a humbug. But Abraham, the people's cboloe. Is booeet, (rank and true. And be can beat them all at onoe, And be will do It, too. C?oars?Hurra, Ac. Hong all the other candidates. There's not one of the three W...I4 _ kl. ... k. bkli, 1UUU--IO That a Deil for old Lincoln would Maud them In need; "For in ail belle there's fueiou?'tis wba; we require, And lbj> Beli, no duubt, wtll atop all their ire." fcio the gral Bell of Lincoln waa order'd that day, The expense ol the Mae, why?the people might pay. And ntrauge to n-iale, at its very first sound The people of Lincoln came looking around, And 60 pleased with the lone?so clironlcles tollThai each Lincoln man a wore be would stick by the Bell. So the country ail quiet, the good K.tiy at re.ll. That great Bell of Lincoln e'er since lias been bloM'd. Then rtrg Out our Bob let bim sound far aiul wide, And eooo he'll become each Lincoln hey 'a pride. THU UNION A RATI. TO P.F. SPLIT. Am?".Sad, aad the fate." last night I had a curious dream, I'll tell you what it was, SirI saw a wundroua comic scene Way down In Illinois, Sir. la Springfield town I seemed to see Old Abe with beavy maul, Sir. I saw his blown, remorseless, free, L'ptn the I uioq (all, Sir A thronging host around bim drew, Disunion's wedge to drive, Sir? Their furious strokes full well they knew The South from North would rivo, Sir. The motley crowd was dark and dense, And Mill more clam'rous grew, Sir, The rails laid up in Abe's old fence Were backed by that whole crew, Sir. With papers Oiled was each man's hat, And eaeh did seek promotion, And I'wrle Abe was puzzled that Hi* friends showed such devotion, lor every oftiec. every job, Twiee twenty men were calling ; Wtlie louder, hoarser grew the moo, And ever; man was bawling, t em SoUberr. men in that railed throng Brot down with supple knee, Sir ; They'd heard the taunt, they'd felt the wrong, And ware not there to see, Sir. But hark, that shout' and hear that Belli The Giant Train has come, Sir? Oh, Code Abe, you are not well? Your friends are caret and done for. United now, the South and North, Go on In peace together. So let them be from this time forth, forever, and forever. Then Union men, let's work away? We've got the bIncites tight, Sir; Old Abe will fall on 'lection day, No matter how they tight. Sir. Hurrah for Douglas, firm and tree? Hurrah for Bell and Untou: The l.lnoonites are looking blueHurrah for Doug, and Johnson. NOW'8 THE DAY. Am?"Scow whs has." nowi the nay ana sows the tour, See, ob we, disunion low'r, All this land feels Jimmy's power, For John C. Breckinridge. Who in ibis high North end Wset, Who thnt lores his home's sweet rest, To see his wile sad children blest, WUi not torn nod see. Wide oppression everywhere. Threat'niag all with civil war, Land sales sweeping In the rear, At proud Jimmy's wilL And will not lay the yoong man down, Ere he grasp oar country's crown, And we're humbled 'Death the throne Of his majesty Cpt ye Gophere' np, I aayl On the all important day. Show you love America? Love the North and Weet Douglas is the mas isr me. Territories wids and free? Next November we shall see Douglas President BOW A WAT", BRECKINRIDGL. Am?"Tombigbee River " On the Sangamon river, a stream now beM dear, Abe Lincoln, when younger, n fiat boat did steer, But now, stone the people have found him eo true. They'll elect him to pilot the nation's canoe. Then row away, Breckinridge, over the eea. You're aa near to the White House as ever you'll he; Then row away, Douglas, for there Is small doubt Tour craft will noon prove but a UtOa dug-out. Democracy's minions are gasping for breath; Abe Lincoln is mauling the rascals to death, He'U give them no quarter, he'll rest not his maul, Tin Buck, Breok and Doiftaa go down with them all. Cnoecn?Then row away, Breckinridge, Ac. Free bom an for the people, protection for toil; Free speech through the I'nion free press and free soil; Froe schools for the children, a 1 free churches, too, Are prtnripleu Lincoln is pledged to put through. Chosru?Then row sway, Breckinridge, 4c. The millions that circle the banaees we bear : proof lo tbe world there the boaeat men are. W? fear not the threatening, foul fartior* of Baal, W ith Old Nick at their head and Old Buck at their tail. Gnoses?Then row awny, Breckinridge, iic. A SONG OF LIBERTY. AiS?1"Broee'l Addreee ' Father*' Brother* Freemen?all I Obey your country's unreal call, Freemen stand, or Freemen fall? f oes to Slavery, Who a I rreniar eould enslave. Deserves to All a felon's grave; Hs's s tyrant and a knave? Man's worst enemy. Keep our Territories free From the eurae of Slavery. Let your ory of battle be, God and Liberty. Go forth, f reemen, la your might, Deueath this Banuer, to tbe tgnt. Strike for Freedom and the Right, God end Liberty. SONG OF THE UNION. inn* "long inr wu Toll* tbe death ko?li To dtauuon. Dm* doo* tlir Ml, 3r? bow our rnnka do aweil for the Union Dm* doo*' the ball On the in tbe dell. For tbe Union Din* -doaf tbe marriage bell, Aaonrea ua that all ta wall lor tbe Union. Dm* don*' tbecburrb bell. Join In tbe anthem's swell For tbe Union. Did* doo*' tbe arena hell Telia ua tbe ebip ia wefl For tbe Union. Din* don*' tbe atemaboat ball Tells ua "there la no aell" la tbe Union. Dinf don*' plantation bell, Shown u? how Lincoln IM1 By d la union I PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANTS. Am?' Ho I For the White Houae " lloneat Abe. booeat Aba, Yon are only a babe. Tu dream of toe rreaideat'a chair. Not arm Bill St ward, Whom Horace err I leeward, Oouid ride ?o the Differ in tbera, Hon?wf Abe, Could rtde on the Differ la there. Mttle C.tanl, LiUle Giaat, Tbouf b bold and defiant, Toar tune for tbe Whit* Houee aia't oome; tt may ill eult your uete, Rut for four year* at teart, You null play tbe am latter at home, I.Ittle Otaat, Yog moat play tbe aq natter at home Johnny Bell. Johnny Bell, Tboufb the funeral knell O'er tbe body of wbifdom had eoumded? Yet aboald Rr'rett atamp hard, By a corporal ! fnard You may In defeat be nurrounded, Johnny Bell, Yon may la defeat be tarroaadatf. Ram H mi* tea, Ham Honatoa, You're aometbinf to beaut on. You're put all your foemeo to root. Hot my dear I'nrle Ham, Your party la a abam. The mere aoldler alone la played out, rnele Sam. TU mere ao'.dier a>rae 4 piaywl out Oerrtt Hmltb Gerrlt Smith, Heavy puree and light wit. . ? A i?, fuolich gauder u> plu jk ? 3y kunvro hj pnerillcai. And (.harper* politic*), , Who'd make the poor uui Urux a muck," < enril tnetui, l'"bo i make the poor cum "rua a muck " Breck and Lane. Breclc and Lute, Tried au<1 true are tbe tvato ? Mlitreruro?not r(.titters of timber? Who, as ca plait. and mate Of tbe gre*t fc hp of State, Ttir people w'.U ehip to November, Breck and ' -~t. The people wilj ehlp in November ^?m NVIICAL. a UKEATLT IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. LIGHTS A BRADBURT. Mw.Iacturere of A NEW SCALE OVKahTKUNO BAB8. PATKNT INSi'LaTNH FULL IRON PKAMK, GUANO aNP rlil'AKK If AN0F0RTR8, No 421 Broome street PIANOB TO RENT. A POSITION AS TI AOHSR Or MUSIC AND PAINT i:>g is ilrtirod b> a lady, wbe bv* ta?. gbt these branches ( r m?ti> vt ars AJdreaa Teacher, Brooklyn l'u* odce ^tniCKKKINO A SONS. Man faou.rera of ORAM), bQ'JAKK AND UPRIGHT PtANOA W.-irerooana 0?. Bread* a/. C A BON8 hive been awarded tilrtr-e<gtt prize medala far the ruperwr ty of their manufacture for tbe past thirty Ave year*. PIANOS TO P.F.XT First premium gold MEDAL PIANOPOSTBB. Maaofaet; rert?SCHCET/K A LUDLOPr, 452 Broome etreet Platu* a-arrauted and unreduced rates. FOP. SALE?VERT REASON ABIE, A FIRST RAT* fu.r> in ?<iod o-derandci-ndllioo; tone la aa eweet a* a piano v- hick cxel I'-DO. I a ill eeii u tuU day for W<?. MaguM_ ? 11 _ U El .aBQWlEf ai.wt VC1AA IV* " ?" 1EJ litter street, near the Bowery. Musical cakd - mkm mucin, prima donna or tie laic celebrated S- rr la Ope--* Troupe, b**? to inform her friends end pupils tnu the has resumed her lemons te those studying for toe parlor chuxh. concert room or *'aa? Larti*e oai alio receive least ns on ins plant. Address Dl West Twenty 1r?teuvet OitOAMKT WANTED- A PERSON TO PERFORM ON melodeon In n church choir, for moderate aalary. A tady wttc oaa sing and p ay prefeired. Inquire at 218 Moors* Street. ORGANIST WANTED-HY A CHURCH A SHORT DIStanoe f -ran the city. Car. be reached by boat* nt ?. o'c'ook on rn' rduy nftnrnoona, and arrive in the city on Man day mornings at b o'clock. Apply to A. L. Rewe, t3t Front at TJIANGB, 1TKLODIIONR, AND ALEXANDER ORGANB, I new and aeeond hand, for aale or to rant at great bargains. Kehideont as low as $30. PUn<?, 175. Monthly paymenla re oetvod for either. Rent allowed i! purchased. HOftACM WATERS, Agent, 833 Broadway. PIANOFORTE FOR SALE ?SPLENDID PIANOFORTE, cover and stool, trhteh cost $960 but nine months ago, wtl be disputed of for lea* than half its actual value If purchased Immediately The piano la full T octave, elegant rosewood case, serpentine mouldings, round corners, scalloped keys, carved legs, lyre and desk. Can be wen for two days at US arsnue A. corner of Tenth street. mgi TROLODIAN.?ADAPTED FOB BOTH 8ACBED X and aecular music. War*rooms, 61$ Broadway, New Turk. Patented U16& Beeeived large silver medal at the fair of the American Institute, and the highest testimonials from the profseslnn. This inatrumei.t ts peculiarly -*-r*r* lor churches, Ac. For testimonials see our circulars. WANTV1) IMMEDIATELY?A SOPRANO, FOB AM Episcopal church; salary } 176. Apply before 6 o'clock, tkl> /VKn^uIn > ufUmimi .1 'jki Ilk it Wanted-a position as teacher op music and painting, In mi Institute, by a lady who baa taught Ikw biwoiM for buy jim. Addtw Teacher, Imklfi Pom office. " ISBTEPCTIOB. A li. FOR TUJ.?PENMANSHIP AMD ARITHMETIC? J\ three months. 78 lessons Instruction. or boofclmspmg, (laesoas unlimited) Bid Lediee' * rviug lessons S2. IS lessons. a* PAINENt Mercantile College, CI Bowery, New York, n?4183 Fulton mreet, Brooklyn. A LADY who teaches french AMD ocrmam wit he* in giro private lo a family or school; bam ? reference Riven. Address M. C.. letter box MI Mew York Poet ogee. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN AMD LADT WISH TO Rive private lew a in the French language for M per quarter, at reaidrnor; 13 private lessons on the pUao by a French lady fully competent, and pupU to the fleet inasli n tan Pans, Id per qnarter. Ad ireaa L M , atauon D, Wble House. A LADT, A SUPERIOR FAINTING TSACHRR OF murk experience, daatrcs to make an engagement, eCher In n or boo! or aa governess lo this city or a: the Month. The beet of leeHmonlaw given, Xt'drms care ei Teacher, be* IJfl Poet office. New Tort. American school institute, m rroadway.hchoos and families supplied with acoompllahed rmehera. Referee me?Fani.Ue? at Rutgers' and Amheret Collegea, Dr. Lowell Maeon Wanted Immediately, superior teachme of Music and French and French and Dancing. h.HTH, WOODMAN A CO A LADT. OF MANT TEARS EXPERIENCE IN TEACH lot,', deelrvs a nltuation In a good school, aa aadatani, or would uke a situation aa principal teacher in an orphan asylum. or aay other institute aim Oar No objection to take charge of a pariah school, Episcopal preferred. Aildftns Teacher, 1*0 West 39th street, Academy of penmanship and bookkeeping. 3tC HronJaay, coutinmd by NY. C. HOOOl.AND, (or many tears ol Oliter It. Goldsmith Instruction careful. practical and thorough. PupUs tau(bt day and evening, at boors to suit their own '-no .-ulence. French institute for nouno ukntlkmbnNo. *8 East Twenty fo-tnh stree. Roardlng and Day School. l>? 'OS will be resumed ee September 18. < laaaloal and Fouiiiorcitl lour:.. Loo. English, Spanish. Oertnaa and Ft curb Studies. (IT learhers., Ujidcantic and Kvt.t?u a Names of pupils and pareaU. references, Ac., In circulrra. There la a primary department. Prof. ELJK CHaRUER, IMrentor. TJtRENtJH AND MUSIC TEACHER WANTED ?I WISH J? to employ a lady fully n vnpetent to teach Preach and music rails piano, with staging. Addiess la French and Vnrllab Jsntee S. Hallosell. Principal, Alsiaodrta, Vs.. Female Seminary. Mrs a. coctan-f French and English boardlog and Day Setsd (or youna lado-n, No. 77t Fifth avert':'. comer of Thirty List .tret, will reopen on Monday, September IT. \MCSSRS LKPINASME AND ARTKAOA-S FRENCH IT! day an-l t?>a?ptac ?:konl. N-w 117. 119 and 111 (^ttntna pln<*. rropma <? TuaadM. repi. HawSea!. MathaaaUrrJ ud < Vunmerctnl InaUtute The jtr euiie orpirAM M always under ike apecial cat* 'I Mme. ' ?i '?? MADAME OIRATD'H PIWtN'H amd F1NQLIHH Plmale Iuetitnie wt. reopen as Monday, SepieBber 10. cor nev Unrlvro and Oreeu nrec Fru-'alyn. The building hee been enlarged during th!? vacation. ea ee to Beet el! Ike wants ol Ike erhnol. MNNB. (L. OK grand VAL'd FRENCH BOARDING he hoel. c manual aed com marcial, lludeos terrace. Hebotes. 7 J Trrau KHU, cr tun .in. Annual eeaSoo hagina September 1. _ IfYK J. W. CASCHOIS' FJTOUBH AND PREN0H JK1 bearding and day erWnl f ir Toting lad lea. 09 Weal Twerir tklrd rtreet formerly 279 -Vent rwent) eeeoad Mreetl, will re oyer Monday. Sept. 10 A punctual aueodanre of her pue'-< < n thai day m ?ep.-<-inllf re-turimed. A claee oil naiaiing ed Urecian an taught Do Saturday* bjr am*. RATIONAL trai OKRH IttaTiTpTK," it* BROAD 1 war -School* and (amilire lilting ewtnbel Tears are raa obtain ike bem talent for any department Teacher* wanted ae pnte-lpala aarirtant* or partner* In Uie dUfereat Males Ore-^ra and t.rmag etboo.? forp-ip la RH X k ANDREW. SCHOOL AND QOMR EDUCATION.?FRENCH AND Kngltnk. < Yamtral and 'Vramrrrlnl Hoarding aad Dar HrSool, with See playground aad gvmrinalum, 47 and 19 Vat Twenty eUIk mreeA between Hjoadw.ty and Sutk >.c?oua. Kg. IiOClk KRHHT, taken ekanr* of a limned number at bora only. Reopens September 10. ____ Spanish lanqbaor-those wishing to acquire a thorough know 'edge *i the abort Language from a nall>e at Spain, can ebUln the arrvtoeo et Prtwraw-r T 1?K la LOdA. Leroy place. No. 7 (Hotel de la Habaaal. ftlEACTTFR ? A WF.IA KDCCATRD 1.ADY, MAYING X laugh: many yrwra on the old and new c-tiaeal, deauto a Mturunn aa gnvemeae tn nprhaie family or would l ecetie day arkotam M a email Intra where learning la aot an |i liw al Hemdea the laaguagea, aha i-achat aunc an t atngtng IWe mares git eo ad Mikes. Addrnaa It B . 191 Stanton atrest Till COLl.N'lIATK SCHOOL JO, 71 WH1 TOIR teenth a'.rem, corner if Suth tretiira, now m >ta forty deal tear, reopeoa on M-mlay. S*v'eio-l<T S, uub rrery advanutge for ike ede- alien of youth ta boll the elementary nnd higher braanheaun ancient and modern larriagen. < .-kkeeptag an 1 all or her department* of a complete a jool course To meed urgent demand* for inrreaeed areomm-datbm*. the arbool building hae been cotsderablT enlarged during the aummer mention. The Rector it untried by twelve eiperieocrd tearbera. aad ran thaa tneure to each tubular a due akare of tndlvidnal Mlentkm. Pup-la are re-el-red at all agea, and thoroughly prepared for college or buatne**. (I. P. QCACRENRON, Rector. ^Wicfo^ND IKIlARk. At wholesale-whirs u to t?o per thou eatd Oeah buyers are odrr?d gmai init-Keewiet* 0. HHBU. 17 Broadwsy. " ~~ gTKAMBOtTI. DAT BOAT FUR WEST P JtNT, CORNWALL. NRWbur*. MUtrm and PrrigtRerpnie.-Tbe Mentnboat AL1DA will leave Jay atreei pier da 1/ a. - W A * . tou, blag at TW Jeth nreet, and am ring at Pnugbkeepae at I P. M . laiM F'' -ugtikeepBe al I P M . ret-irntng to the ally at ( 3D P. Paeeengera for Albany. Tr iy, Saratoga or any potnl Warn eaa make cure rounecti-iug a: P. igbkeepai- Hae rare traameroa ir?. ~ ~ Fkrky to oonry im.akd a.vd fort hariltor.? Th* N Al'BWON will ran dnllf :kn<i(l Ik# ?*?*>. l*ATlAf Am.* Miffl At 9V 12', And ,t-. t-nnn* ?ir*<M At 9t?. II* Hi SS. F*** * ***** w- w'U. I And * Fur?, wit AA l?M UekekMcrWA yor eociawat-the j.plfrdid rrkaxboa* JP t'KRKN. WAitrr lin?ty ir?* ?r, will mmao hrr regolw dAily tilpt for ihr mwa on uj Aflrr TurwdAy. Au**A *. I?0. ?ioppin? AI thr r.*?ad? Hm?* aaoA w?y. l*A?in? Ma York, OkUiArin# mi|., %t %, iprti* Airwt At 9 And plar W*. 4 At 9 JB. Pplrudld blue liatunc ae.1 r. '.Hiking Stkamrr OC*A?WAVF, ( att. rtwfr t0thii.l, will le?r# Kew York for -r ,j Rr ?>k mud Port Jrl'twrm, i U I.. fpffl tb? ow Of OB*#r Wtr ft. F*?t rtvwr. on TkumlAy, IAng-m ?. At 10 oYlorft A *. HAltinlAT. 9a* 1. AA 10 , A. M tlir?lAy Mwpt. I At 11 A. ThurAdAy, Ropt. A ?? II A M . And on bvnr'.Aj. 0#yt. *. At II A M ? 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