Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1860 Page 3
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U9JBS. H?t.n M, wm DOT A RARE f'BARCE?TO BAKERS TO LET. THE OLD Htai.d, No. Aa) Grand Irwl K ataraamu r-au be hu) m aoRkateiy Apply to PETER MiTiHKiL tlOOranj ttrtct. Aparthkkth to let?oonktrtiira or one room. two Bedroom* and Kitchen; one Room, two Bedroom*, AM Room ami one Bedrrom in the tit* honaes e* niter of Houamb and 1 bompaoo strvrta, with e?ery, :o qu el tamibea. lot, ore m aboTe. Apartments to let-with all the modern i* pruvementr; water and ma on ?very door water clows*. Jha, boiiae juat hinabed; otlcl tha >n ha.U -ind Meirwaya; a'l in eonplete order , will be let by floor# through. <1tr romi earb ad pantri"*, to deairahle '.'tutu, rent tnoder.te. Apply on the premtaea, I2T-*. IN and ISl So>ty Oret atreet, between eecrd and Third avenuee, fr an 10 to 1 or to the agent. J. H. Kll YDAJU uj'i Be : lid av :nue, .'root 7 to i A- M. ar.J ti m l\ u A pleasant room and bedroom adjoino?on econd floor, to let. with iraa. water Ac. oompleiel* furaJabed for houeraeeping, tf deel'-d. The bona* u a ueiiu three atorv brick. occupied ay a an.all family, conrenieut to can ?d tUgta. l2i Eaat Nineteen-h atraet. AriRHT CLASS HOUSE to LIT. no. 71 WEST thirty-eighth atreet; a.ho a apleodld one, t urn.shed .n Thirty Ah atreet, near r if-h avenue, with many others well eitoated, farvwih* J end "nt'ttn-.lahed. Par oat'da apply to N 0, llialiuP, AM Broadway, atnre il ?ir. Avert fine house to let-on thirtt rouRTn atreet. near Thu d avenue; rent INJO, redueed from I7lk). tat no Thirty third atreet brown atoi>e. for SbOl), ne ? and eleaent eea Aituree, and alao one ? Thirty aeoond atreet, WXh nhaaili SOU. EiNSllI RKH A CO., JAJ Fourth aetntin. AFLOOB. COWT-UNING FIVE ROOMS, PANTRIES, wardrobe*, gas. Croton water, marble mantel* Ac., wi h privilege tn basemen', to let to a small reepet-table family. Apply id the oew brown time house, 102 Keel street, betweea Second and Third even <-* Awmmip hvjihk to a first class brown stone House, In East Thirty fo irih street com ertsblv furnish" l.ti lrt, to a rcurertabl" r?:nilv, tor a 1*w asomh* Beit r>f reermcet required. A- est S. N. O., Heraid uitce, for three days. TTRJANIHUKI) UOL'SH TO LKT-NKAR FOURTH AVE J aur; twelve rooms, 'a perfect order Utable for a email sjetsel family Poswaslon Urm-dlat-iy, Apvlr to B. G. BRAD, M Eaet Twenty secono street, froes It to t P M. flWRNISURD HOUSE TO RENT.-A VERY PRETTY P English oanement, nicely furnished throughout on West Thirtieth street. nelghborlx** unev eollaoabl* Kent at MM rata of SI 000 UU May. Lease can be had. J AS. R. UPWARDS, J'7 West Twenty third greet. FIRNIfiUKD HOUSE TO I.ET-OR THE LOWER PART only if eesiiad; I la t.'ree story, hlgi atoop. con'nice all hwprrr i in mis four bloeka weet of Hroao way, and convenient ta Wsshu.gUja square. Apply at 133 Thjmp-.on street. Furnished booms to lbt-to a gentleman and wile; tack Parlor, on first floor, with cloart an I drapers off It. .md >t Basement, with every "onvenlence leaMal.le for housek-eplng. Pl'-sse apply at itt West Seventaasstb street, near birth avenue, for two or three days. Furnished housr to let.-a tiirk* ktory House, with extension, In Ashland place, furnished with efi the modern impr i.etnciil* F irnl ire for sale reasonably. <*a psy In instalment* Also a brown stone House in Fourhaaath street WORCESTER A CO., b63 Broadway, flank entrance. FVBNIMiKD ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMB TO LET? Bui table for housekeeping; a good opportunity for thee red t>f boarding. The rooma are front, aeoond floor, over the atare; ho.iaa modern. Apply at 1,203 Broadway, near ThirtyWat street. TjftKN1SIIKD HOUSE To 1JIT?IN BROOKLYN, A Af bcantlf illy furnished Houae. convenient to the ferries, and, if desired, a lads and gentleman would remain as boardasm Terms liberal. Apply at 290 Bridge street Brooklyn. Half of a private stable to let; also a fine gaddle I'ony for talc. Apply at S3 Went Eighteenth SWeet near hUth avenue. HOUSE TO LET.-A PRETTY HOUSE OH WEST TWKNly third struct, possession Inimr lial"ly; rent tfiUU. Apply to JaMEk R. EDWARDS, .77 Wml twenty third street. HOUSS TO TtffiNT-CARPETS AND OH,CLOTHS FOR sale.?A lour story brown gtou* Rucluih b?n?ment House ? Wt? Twenty vmn<t street, reut 1840, Oprpets Ac, ere ae?rly oe-ar, but will be so'd r-as-'rably. JaMKS R. EDWARDS, 177 West Twenty third street. TlOUfl* TO RENT?A FINS BROWN STONE FRONT il House on W -i Forty etgh'b street -rill he rented extremeJy lew ftom now Msy. Pyire at rate of 16 0. JAB. K. EDWARDS, 177 West Twenty third street. HOTSBTO KENT AVI) FTTRNITURK FOR 8 VLK-?A yery pretty Ilouse on W??t Twenty third street, w vb Fur Hue or part of same. F?tt #7HU. J AS, R. KDW tRDS, 777 West Twenty third ?reet. T OFT TO LET?FOrRTH FLOOR OF BUILRINO XJ southeast turner of Frank fort and William s'.-eets; twlee hm windows, bo'stway, sra, Orolon water; ettitab'e for any kwntn requlrtn* pood li*bt. Inquire of THOMAS P. WlLMtH, on As premises. ROO*H TO LET?FOR BUSINESS PURPOSE*, AT S9 Walker street, a few do- r? west of Broadway. Apply SB the tramfs to 1'. B.'lORT. _* CTkit POWER IN HPRli'E STREET.-SEVERAL CON O *??"' Rooms with Steam Power, to let. Apply to IL W OKRAHE, Aa 13 Kpruee street C*K>RK TO LET -THE FT REPROOF STORE 34C HRKKNtj ssk t ied t?t?eeti Robinson and Murray streets. well adapted fur any who'eaale businesa Apply at MS Greenwich tkrsBi, adjoining, la lbs <Kee. QTTRF TO LET -THE LtlOUT AND FINEST BTORR IJ ap town, west side, v. ?li suited lor .4 first , .?a grooery, bakery or roefr .lonery, w'21 le jie for a term of years at rea naaiue rent. JAMEd H, HjiW*HD\ 177 Weal Twenty Ibsrd street STORE TO l.hT? '21 H.XTH AVENUE, BET REN Forty seventh and Forty et?htb streets; rent I >w to a yoorl teo-nl >' applied far BFSI. stiitab.e tor any hind of bujunass. Pastures (or aaie. inquire in the baseinml FI90 LET-TO A PHYSICIAN. A FRONT At?",V'CNT, X la a hand seaely furnished brown s'or.e hove. Mtnated In MPfastnc arrn-ie near Thirty-eighth street. Address ? R., bns 1-0 Herald office _______________ rLBT- TDF. LOWER PART OF THE MODERN BUILT Ho ISO 149 Rest Twrni seventh street, onu?i?tin? of front aad back Hwrnnit. b and rold water, 'Mhan-i cue. fo nt and bash parlors, two large bedrooms en fourtb boor; rlenty of pantry rroat Inquire <e HKKKMaN A URO,, Rb TWd irais, comer of T weniy eighth at met. rLET -IVnEDlATE FOP- EK3TON OF ONE If ALP OR roure fnml off e see.-r.d o' 'n Maiden lan? four doors tPMB Broadway, auold established jeweller s udloe. Frwi-nt rap an. ret.r+ on so jour- if 01 baaitA Address J., b--. 5,<51J I Post uflioy. mo IKT?THE NEW RI8TAURANT CORNER OF J. Bna-twsy and Xl(b b street. In the St. !jtwj?tvce Hotel, f Ms is utted up w?ln marble ot unters, pitvaie supper bw and kit- hen furniture There will be no otb?r mstan raast no As prraiiars. To tbe right party the rent anil be low. Apply at tbs oBi *e id ibe b del r LET?THE HAKBMKNT. WITH BOXES B A R, ALE Vault, An., at HO Broadway, oornor o' Twelfth street; teat fMO Alen iMHmmiioH of Mi Broadway, for a shoe?s trunks, Ae. Joll.N 8. KKLrto, 6J William street rUT-Tiil VERY ELIGIBLE SEtXiND NTORT OOR aer Rotat w h eipbt front windows and a spaOo'ia enwaa-s. at MI and M9 Hroadway, corner ofTwellib street. Affin, fr -nt and comer Rooms on Use Fourtb floor. JOHN n. KRLRO ?J WiUiam street. rLRT-AT 119 WtVRRl.EV PLACE. HUTU AVE* UK, ' n 6r?t C - >? vfc??ry l?r|t? And elegant Rnnma, with|h iuf?re? nil * mplete, And n?? of b*thrown jItto; li 'il*' t" * AAUAfV PATA. end for AttuaUoa l? t-ooaid to ww in the city. ruT-rm. s r baami* r o* hr. x>*e btrkkt, awd max building, LAr-w boom, we.l iiehiad. with *n? ?/ no ktr ni ('"act ere?t f* fur.ber particular* apply lo* A BRAlBlUHVR. 4-1 8rma< Wroetrra lkt-theprcobd floor 1* hour* jm# roi *TH 1 ?reet with fM b 4 and eol?* water, Ae , dor d<*-r from WAAhinKPn a,hat*' An ?\-ellent. IooaUoa (or A wl-Unar or AraaeaaaArr. or a udau pn*am iab:iy mo LRT-THK LOWER PART OP A HEW HOUSE lit A Thlru fonrth netr Sw>i! mill; et< Urre Room* wtlh ** baih, water c *et And a nr."Aloe rent M *cr n. n-'b Ahki * larre namher / frnn tre H nana no wh, bonaee, All nodera imprnementa m ?uwh ionr. twiu.fv rf WM I KTTAll TU, 145 Kaat Thirlj eeenod atreot, WW Second AV1A _________ rLIT BILLIARD ROOMS READY FTRRITOHD. with three ir billiard Ablee, in on* of the "rat loco no* .A the c'lj. .Appj a? 3*0 Weej thirteenth atreet, in the r? I.RT? t SMALL FUHIIISHTSD HOUSE. MO.A5 WEST Twnn i th atr?*v Ham BLUM par a?n in. * Ai mat ml* 'or a l~a*nr par id. payable la advance. lu, lire of LAWh'Jt K I.*a. Rata>? At it, Uti. a aq .are, neu?u>irM lorn hs,iy*r? U tel. rLKT-THE STORE HO. St3 BROADWVY. APPLY lo A SO*, the hatter, tU Hrrmti *m/, ?mar of Fallon Rlft T) i nr THRKr or tour vert H.r \ vrt ro 'Ms, H Wufe a^lvr i.nd aaa. aaitabl" fnr b" t" a nasall tawUf V""*"W ta r*?n Immediately, Re.?*"?- ? ta?Mhaiifed Apply at Ml tUeeafeer etraet. Tj IB-;* WTM.T trs^UR'J, A THREE STORY trlA Ho'iae- Ins .re a: SI Mi .won atrerl r> LET?I'ORRKR OF BROADWAY AVD TIIIRTT An'* . mi. tiiaPec-wd Floor (r ate row; would alette a S'Bt rlaea lanillr, nr a* an anOrxyp* t'llnry, or li a deo at Appli tthe nuni nflm, M W?*t Thirty dm ?tr-e * r. a. WAhvtton. r! LB1-THE KWTIRE B"X)*D Ft f OR OF a r.R-y rlaee i?>aw. "till, tad in Filth * "roe, \hor- IA Flf'h Are w?r Hole:, perm--.enl arraaceiaeaia pre/, rred. A.I..-*aaC. a A., 1'nO'it w.earr Fn?> iAna. t> Lr* M RRL H*r?. THE THHKE "TORT llOCsn An AS *'m f-Oy Hi'A I'm', near FlfUi a*enn?. cn Aaw nf ail m -Urn .apr ivemena, awlt and -.imp awvly far tolu i. p.wanoi imme Iiaielr renl 9 IS per -r -a til: May n it -r ?l XM r?r jeer IUI Way, I Mo. ArrlfVi HOMER MoRUA.N, Ho. Finedrwt rl.tT-FITRR?RHFI>. PART, OR I.KM, OF A * >. drni I) ae, w A ?e .y Kit hen, Iwitli. Ac. Lo atinn eentrij. al ' cimrerienl '.i ae- ?r%l linn if an"*, 'wo b'-r-Aa few Prradway. App.y aunediA'Aly at 41 HL Mark' place, rent atod 'rate. rl l.KT A FRO.VT PARLOI, WITH BEDROOM AT. u.'hed, and frm* Haaemeet me hnune w.lh e amall prl n - 'ibi.'j - rhildwn, titw i adeAe m y Apply " *" Meat Th-iey arcjed atreet, between Lea nrtre end Third awen ine. rl.ET-TO A FABTT.V OF TWO OR THRBE FBRAOMF, the he-.*>4 i lonr of e aoaae. nonaari'.a of front au l Ha t ro b k.^nen, bedrinu and pantrMR App / ?t 107 Barrow mr> let f wi-MD, a ro * 4tort brow* 1 ivwa froai BtuM ',u Rain Thutieth with -wry nt'llftMixr h raaahaepiaR, aeu an i Mirwr -yoaaun f<m mau?fi!, ** and 'irn? ||*1*lf Dm ?TI the modern mprm* MDU. larl I'.ln# r?am (1 row*-, two baib raknita l*rr" ' weia a fart eearj aoc?- nl?-V* rara/ort. Rant ll.Jai par toehidlr-c pian T > pnj and reep-woble panlaa thla la .? rare -Tp,.rtiinif, ?a ?wj hint i* la the beat jf order. Call aa * f) R'Xdr atre-u rpc Trr-RT^m ROOM m1. BOWT*T, A raw JL i urt bei.-w Oraad ureal. fine !,* %?? n for aay b.-laaaa. Aleo. third Vw of ???ia s (Mine f w dwelling .* aV'pw pnene* '.n 'ha df i at,ra. ftwOocW. ?ro i,rr-at 9*n pr* awwmr * mm 1 atory hrtek l^oa- n Broraijn; fan. water, fumaee, *aa* Ina Vihaa. be,'* tin* t fl"". and J-^ln ? atn lira rvt of Wa 0 T?. F -ilOD ffpt ll, Jr? at tt* Waah >*? ' ?reat, BnwtJjfc _? HOCBK*. ROOMS, AC., TO UT. T) LPT -TUB SBWKO FLOOR AND FRONT BUS* mop. >f the modern h.;:h stooy boose 3A Nlnib f.noin, neit lo Ui? -oruer of Thirty -bird Rivet. Rent AAA/ per kit' num. rLKT?PART or A HOI SB IN BROOKLYN, CON sletlng of frort Perlor, Uwarnl kail Bedroom rant tit pei- ou,uib situated itt 377 Adelphi street. between Fulto.i and I Atlantic avnne*. Brooklyn. ipO ITT IN JER8KY CITY?HOCSK 1?7 WASHINGTON I 1 street, between Ksia end Bteaben streets, wRh ell the mo tarn improvements, will be let very low or for e boerdlai aatme. Inquire aert door. fJTO LKr OR FOB 8ALB-A NBW TIIRRB 8TORT 1MQB i 1 hitarment lineh House, with ell Ike modern Improvement*. Tl Vrk Fortv fourth street. For peclinlars Inquire of H, O. LAWRENCE, Bovkaeller, No. 1 Vsvay street. Astor Uouae. rl.KT OR FOR HALK-A niRKK STORY HOU8K 310 Seventh svernr, N-lwon &m and F'ifty second si reels ?ith all 'he modern improt rmruta. Apply to J. VAN WAONKR 160 West Forty wcoud sireet near Eighth avenue also so ae new Houses to lei tn forty second street. rl RT-Til* FIRST FLOOR AND BACK R.VNKWP.V1 <f House No 36 King street, onsmUng of eU Rooms. ?itt get and water, also three Room* on the second door, with gal and water, to a small faintly. In-tuire at SS King street. rl.KT OR I4KASK?T!IK uruKS, u? and Basement, nam** sire, and "tilcee well lighted. in the new House Si Diatn street between Pultun and John m eet*, Mew York. Apply to FRANCIS BYRNE, IS3 Nassau street. rLET OR I.KA8K-IN FOURTEENTH STREET, WEAR Union square, a large four ?*ory high sh?p brown ?ton? front House, recen'ly Diluted and papered; possession immo tUaioly. K. LAWRENCE k CO., 03 East Fourteenth street. rLKT OR LEASE-TO MANUFACTURERS OR MB chanlos, the substantial five itory Hull'trig. now finUhlng, S6 Ptwi surest, Dear Centre. Appl* lo WM. II. SCOYUCLi), SO William street, rear ottlco, Qrtu iloor. TO RANT?A PLKANaNT AND SPLENDID ROOM. OR the tint tloor, at S6.1 Broadway, suitable for a pydclao nr dentist; now occupied by Dr. R. Goodale, who v icutes It soou. Inquire at the premises. TVrANTKD ?WEHAVE A NUMBER OP APPLICATIONS ?f for good houses which at p. ei <ut ?e cannot supple. We -an f urnish owners with gnnd tenants for either furnished nr unfurnivhr .1 houses. J A. W K S it. EDWARDS, A Kent and Broker,277 West Twenty third street. ?Q7 AND 629 BROADWAY.-A SPLENDID SUIT O ul of Rooms, suitable for the millinery or any fancy dry foods business, on the second floor of the marble froul building* 627 and 926 Broadway, between Houston and Bleeeker street*; also offices, in suhs an 1 single, l> rent ou reasunabir Uirma Apply U> S. CAH1LL, on the premises. EDM BALE. A GOOD PENCIL CASK BUSINESS POR SALE WITH Tools and Fixtures complete tor making all kinds of gold and silver work. Apply to h. BKaCON, No. id Nassau street, New York. A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND BAR FOR sale? Advantageously locate! handsomely fitted up and doing a profitable lulalneas Receipts *<'*> to 670 psr day. Also, Bar and Oyster Saloon, a capital chance for * German. O. B. HOWES A DO., No. 6 Centre atieet, opposite the Park. A WOOD AND COAL YARD POR RALE AT ONE half Its cost, ten years established, win a large stock 01; fc.ind and e^ ervtbing >mp]<-te for carrying on the businesa Any reasonable oiler will be taken, as It must be sold thli week. Apply alter ID o'clock at yard 287, 389 and 291 Kasl Eighteenth street. Boo* and stationery store for su.b-witu large stock, and a library nud news depot connected; fa yorable rent; doing a pronlahle afc.^h bnsiueas, and will sell < great bargain. BIGGS k BOUTHWICK, 82 Nassau street CTARPENTER'S SHOP AND GOOD WILL OP BUSTNBSf J for sale ?A rare chance. Shop located within three mi notes' walk of City Hall; long established in the buatue-w wit) an excellent run of good customer* and unsurpassed for ad vantages of transient eusto m, Jto Addr-aa, for three days Chance, box 111 Herald otiice. Agents need not apply. COrFKE AND DININO ROOM FOR 8ALE.?WELL KS tabllshed, dclug a first rite buslnem. goo I location am favorable lease. Terms c.uh. Apply at 211 K.?-li'.h aveure meal times. DININO SALOON, BAR, AND I At DOING HOUSE? EOF sale, In one of the principal thorough ?r.*s of the ottv t is unnecrwutry to speak of the great advantage* of this place as all particulars will be given on apphcaiiuu to C. B. HOWS! A CO., No. 6 Centre street, oppcalb- ibe Park. Diking saloon -ror sali. thk i.kase and fix tnm of one of the best stands In tb>* city one door iron the new Tompkins market Apply at No 3 St. Mark's place DBI i) SIORF. FOR 8AL* A SHORT DISTANCE FRO* New Tor*. Good location, neatly fitted tp, sfyk good r od reaaon lor selling price f7Ul). For father psrUuLan call on JOHN LRACH, '340 Pearl street For 8ale.-booo.-ant person with thii amount can buy the patent right for the beet W*-hing Hi chin" In the world, for the State at New tor* Patented ? prl 10. lh6U. fall at 71 Maiden, and see the Machine, and yot will be satisfied that it can't be beat. a. 1 wtU make a safe ant sbnre Investment Other Slate, rights tar sale equally cheap. COR PAIS-THE LKAFE, FIXTCRBN A WD OOOI r will (with or without the nook) of an elegantly .itted it) tea and eeffee store Would be sold at an Immense atcrillee i applied lor this w eek, as the proprietor has >o quit the piao on account of family matters. Inquire on the premises, h Broad street, Newark, N. J. COR BALK-ONE NEW 10 HORSE STEAM RN.JINI r acq Butler, cue 8 horse sw-sm Engine with loqonv.uvi Boi'er, one 4 horse straw Engine and Boiler, one 30 hors Borer, ore ?0 horse Boiler, four lar?c house moring Ser? w?. I *rge |,,t of Belting, a large lot of drill shsei, and tO.OUD Fir Bra k lor iiulng kilns, cupolas and s-tln g bo r? For aal Cta-p by W. OOLWRLL A CO., 316 West 1 an:y.eighth gl. IiOR BALK?A NEATLY FITTKn CORNER lrRCf 1 store, on one of the principal ?re?'s hi Newark, N. J DTwr.sng a cssk business of Mil to 47# per wee*. Hue b?" established for t? rive years. A good practitioner and urtsrli s I i no this an opportunity te com offered From t ? I 41 i.o ash required. For particulars iu ,iSre at 1ft Albsn; Sliret, comer of Washington. Nr v Turk, fran 10 t >S o'clock FOR 8A1.K?A FIRST CLAPS TEA AND OOFFR1 Singe, situated in a Ihu oughfnfe. and d >lng n hand n.tnecaali busioesa. Apply lo BROWN A BONK, Si N tea i street. For bale?a n old established mancfacti r ing B mines*, of forty years' standing <n no enmp?<n.oti. and sllfaulti s lor doing a lar^e and pr fit able trade aril with the Largest tv>"?ea Lo the city wad country Apply U> BROWN a Rons, 83 Nassau sir. ut, COR SALE THK STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A I . Rsl r elsss Millinery Store, well established and doing a vert remnner* jve cvh busio?s?. This is * ehsnr- se'.dotu off cred Apply to BROWN A Kt>-SS, .4 Masss i street. i cor hale?a CHINA. hi. asm and crook kr1 I1 Store oilurrs mmp.ate, on a p-omiu?nt r run out got* llmmnftblare, near h nublte market, o?ro?r s an* to the vein try. bo- f .irther parUii.lart Inquire at Mo. 2i5 U udsoo street Agents L.-ed not apply. CHiR HALE?FOR t'ARH, A VALUABLE PATKNT r omnerted with A hoary manufacturing business. It IS i l.?W saving Vmb o", well adapte 1 for the South or any par of the onntrr. For further particular* addrees P., ruom 3 Be.moot Hotel, or ea.1 at 178 Hicks urt el, Etoakly*. F|HOR It ALE-A PIKTRQ ART) RI1.L1 ARI> R4t<OOE now doing the b?wf*eal Iicei ut the Twentieth ward, Mm *ted at ihe term.uustlaue "I the Hrwdwav r.^e linen. TW owner ran be seen (WIS M 101 o'clock, si M Ninth fttrsatM or l? OacfcMltRWA IjtOR HALE?AK OLn RHTABLIcMKr>, FIRST TLA* r down town Restaurant end 1 Winking -wlooo. Prlre 91 30 oseb. Kooe bnt rash map/mem need ;idrtre?s, with reel nam ft i id residence Went word. b"? 100 Herald office. 1POR PALE OR KXHANOE? AT HAl.r fTA TALI'S. I r < audie factory. cteam Hot.rr nod Apparatus and ran. thorp e Patent Moulding Xa? b:n<-?. very rswnplete ftd I n-ATl new Addreea bo> 3.731 Poet .<Bre, New Tort. GR'N h'RY FOR HA/.R-HK M TirriJ.Y KITTED l'f | eh .'e stork; ? promts cut comer end thorough, an ttstnrr* and *11 .omfdePu and will give a bargain, having She b'taint at down town. MOON A %ilTIIWIt'K. 83 Na?au ureet. H|M OTKL AND KEbTalRANT FOR SALK.-Tl) A Kg vponmble party Ihu u an opportunity aridr** to be me e lib, .1* the present proprietor hea re* the time to devote t It, being interested to . tier btintc- w which rS'ialrea hia r,,t slant attention. lor further laiurmalioo apply Pi lUUiMt , IK/CTHRTi It, Ri Vuseau mreet "I lyUOR KTORK FOR RaLE-A BARAAlif FOR ROtll Ij i oe?Man be positively told In oonaequence of learln the city Favoeabls leeae, rirelleot lonauon hands xaely hue tip, well eatablhhed and ceuig a g'??1 hiiauteas. BIfaQW A MOl'THWH A. it Itasaa.i street. LB A PR FOR HAUL ?WaNTRD TO RRI.U FROM Vol unib the 1st of R?y t'-ci. with privilege of renew U th lease hit 'tren, Ac., of a W a. bmaker Store. with a r?>t ru of i .aWm 3be store la situated at StJ Ffeirth ireaiie, b? tween Twerty fourth and Twenty fifth streets. Apply oa th premise* ' MARKET STAND FOR MA Ml ? A LARUE PQUBIJ eland, now do og a r"?l business. will be sold at a Bat y a in a, lefart/ry re. w tin glint for aell'rg Apply after 1 o -jock to H. MOUNT. 7J like gUiel, Rew lofh. Q\ \ RT7. ROTE 4*0 ORAlN *11.1, tVl? \ PORTIO) I of the poem fir sale TVmeeded the Heat and only nit to miners, reducing to Impel -able pow ter, with hart! ened, sbuwug grinding surfaces etaily rwulered. Hl'I'IS A 8"t'THWI' K. *i btaavi etrsef. PROFEHAtOVtl.-4 LA'AtRR OF H1X VIA Id' PRA? Ike desires to disp as of ki* Km lie has a fair su of offi. es. a go d prarPee and a ir?>l ela>* if ebenta, Willi enm wa T * .l a. injf -JilUC liaTVIH''"! Will pr [iibijiwt, eeteMiaberi In bui;b??A Addrean Wall eireet farrier. STRAW WWII**?TOR *AIB CHEAP. A KKOON hand n.hl h.wae RnHn?. I?n4!"r, IhttC'jr l?vmo and a b- Titlirea in w.mniete r|li>4 order. ?.??1 an new Anpl tt loutol South TenUi ewe-A, Wlulaiae'min, K O . oal <?!!? * OrfT. W WHITE. SRfJAR, COWFFfTTO.YRRf V>n FRltT -tTiRK FO ml?- f'at THtil- at k>w rent. e? llent .urn i<e d'li * ? rood m - *j naAlnr ' Mw* and .it-r*! ? ^real bw K??r. In <'on?rqo?"rr of uih?r riufarraenta, wnus * mrtifHwh k, >u viwn ?r- u TO HCT< HKRR- A RARK CHAEOB.-FOB HALE OR (4 the olden and h?< lornied Mr a' and VeteUHIe Htanl n thr Howry. hemreti Third And Punnh atraeta, now d Hit* good bnHnean will hr ?r' I "h*ap 'Add to < work He.'lara. fry rmronn wtU he rir-n lor -eiUnr b> applying <jb the pn mrM . 4>7r ?A RARK' H ARCE. FORRAJ.K, A UOIIT, R1 p I tl. ?p? table H- Wnrea, r? in'rtnr ml* 'mi ho.** per 4aj f oftif n fair huetaeaa. aaiiai a. iwt ' uaeno <!**? for wiling, as term* trade oar). OaU At 71 Fulton trmuo, Hronkiyu, beat BtecA. aiirn -for rat.e. iv a good locamtt. i but*'see* p"ijrtn? frmn fM to fit per ** pr ifl now in opemj-m No nor# capital peered Aim A trgar ac Ib.d >ad Rboe more for aala. in ,otr?> at K". *0 Nraaao amoi room A A 7 "A rAHH OR UOOn ROTE WD.I BCT A RAF* I ifv pi <4tet?r ami rmgtretabln btmfntnn; location ooear pnmrn! Irtwr. nork. rtrt'tirn and Inanranee for tl.100, ilx bole worth trim the pdoe. ffo bnaUing TbW m amri?<>r hint* for par'.ee wan tin* b uttimm eeli.'om offered Addrei Buetnean, Herald oMoe. ~ W ATI HKI AMP juwxvKT. ~ - ?ivr*!l TO ARM, A -JRIfTtlfH T/WDO? W>0?A. med# flM - urn I* rarat b .f.ui* r*?e itr-? guarter rlatr rrer Wat-lv f ill .'eweTrd, and s nerfei* tin* Arep-r wwnet p-Vw ?h?. a rib 1110 Aalwett .% B. R , Hn , ik f?. (EW YORK HERALD. THTJ oiannia awp uwdehw. A PRIVATE PARTLY, RESIDING IN A FIRST CLASS ht>QM, 1U2 East Ku.u teenth street, opposite to the Arade aiy of M uau>, would let a few elegant Parlor* and Bedrooms to families or skrgte gentlemen, with Board. Dinner At 4 ' otluck P. h. Reference raptured. I A PRIVATK FAMILY, RKSIIUNa AT M WEST TWW L it ty third street, would aoeommodaie A small family or iwo get llemep with plows as t Rooms and Board. A SPLENDID suit OP ROOMS can bb OBTAINED at 1,AMR Broadway, between Twenty fifth and Twenty I allth streets, with private Utile. Near the KUlh Avenue Botel. A PRIVATK FAMILY WILL LET A BUIT ok llANDsome furnished Rooms, consisting of the entire second , Boor. together or separate, without ><oant, to gentlemen pa y. by applying at lil Ninth street, third door east of Broadway. Aver* handsome suit ok rooms, on second floor, containing all the modern Improvements, in a first [ class bouse, to let, a lib board, suiuble for a small family, or framed ooupie. Inquire at 148 Lexington avenue, corner of ' Thirty first street. A lady, WHO OCCUPIES a HOttRK WITH THE t.I n>.?leru Improvements, would a.'Ximm ?Ulo a p 1 tl.tneo with oumtartaldy furnished Rooms, with Board. Par1 Urs of rep r< tabUllv w til find this a quiet and comfortable boa L Loj dre at J*J Madison street. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN. OR GENTLEMEN AND their wives, can be aa?mmodan-d with t'u'lor partial Hard In s Brat msss private house, containing ail the modern Improvements Apply at 92 Esst Twelfth street. At no. m east sixteenth street-board, with furnished or unfurnished Rooms. House ilrst oUm. Apbivate family-a gentleman and ms wife (no children) wish to lei pari of a nine modern houae In one el th- fine, wi.le, health} I'.reea, to a small, reel"''''*'''" family, references given and required. Apply at *17 Weal Ferty second street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGI.R GENTLE nj- n, can be accommodated with Rooms and Board at AL! Fourth street ___ Asrrr of two or threr klroantly furnlsbed front Rooms to let on seoond fl.xir, wrh glX'l Board, in Jta very desirable boose 161 Wert Eleventh street, ' near Blxth avenue. 'I be rooms will be let together or *ep*r?t?. and contains every oomenieuee. Family private. References required and glws. ATOUNG LADY REQUIRES APARTMENTS, WITH Board, tu a private family, or with a widow lady. In a respectable neighborhood, lielow Kourtneuln street Aoiiresa. with terms and lull particulars, Richmond, box lt'J Herald j office. A LABOR FRONT ROOM, WITH FULL BOARD, SUITable for two single rent'..-men: also, a large trod hall bedtir-m. can br obtained at No 5 West Twenty luurth street, opposite the FlfUt Avenue Hotel, location particularly damicable. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE PLEASANT ROOMS which Lb?y will let with Hoard, to two renilemen and their unci Apply at lt'd West Twenty first street A SUIT OF WELL KURNIHUF.D ROOMS TO I.ET-SKrood floor, front wi'b Board: also a Uncle Room, In a i first elasa brown stol e house oonvenent to ears cud three lines of stapes. No. 71 west Four lee tub street first house west of Bum avenue. A young amkkioan widow lady, without ineiimbranoe, would accoaiino-Iale a gentleman and lady t with furnished or unfurnished Rooms, with Bosrd lor the lady. Apply at 138 Weal Thirty sixth street between Seventh and I Eighth avenues. Afamti.y will let several pleasant ROOMS, with full or partial Board, bouwi contains all ttvxlern imI uroyemenis, netgoborhood aeairable. Plea*.- apply at 170 West Thirty sljtli street, be.ween Seventh su.l higLit avenues, i una of Piano, a comfortable home. Terms moderate. A WIDOW LADT, LIVINO ALONE, HAVING MORE room than she re-(litres, woul 1 let a handsomely furnishJ ed Parlor and Bedroom, to and ls-ly a, with Board l'or the lady only. Thoae wislung a quiet home will address ? tor three rtaya Mr*. C., Union square Poet office. . A HANDSOME SUIT OF FURNISHED PARLOUR, A three rooms deep, will be let separslely or t wether. Also, a larce and smslJ room on second fioor. Very pleasant location; KM Ninth street between Broadway and University 1 place. 1 1 A FRONT ROOM TO LET, WITH BREAKFAST AND tea, to a single gentleman. House first class; No. 1M I West Twenty-fifth street Terms S6 #0 per weak. . A GENTLEMAN AND FAMILY KAY FIND A LARGE ' A front Parlor, record floor, wltn beoroom, large close ta, hi t and on Id water, hath. Ac , with hoarding, at iJ 7 Hiercker ?L a I'llOfi k OK IJANDSOMKi.? FURNISHED ROOMS > A on ae-ond flo?r, wi b ga* and use o- buih. aiL'taile for - gentlemen and their wfvee. Alan Hooma for atng'.e go.dlemnn, to let. Hoard Included; good board, dinner at fi No. i Second 1 aireet, nrnr Bowery. * A PRIVATE FAMIt.Y H AVI NO TAKEN TUB HOUSE jA No Iff Mucdnugal at-eet. wi I lei to firat elans BnudWI one or two pl-aaaut Rooiaa. Uouae oonluns all llM modern I improvements. 1 A T 104 GRAMKRUY PARK (EAST TWENTY FIRST J A street''?Gentlemen and their wives and a few g> u* llimen < an In- a< oommivtaled with hand.nom>'ly (urmahed and pleasnutlj situated rooma, with lto.nd * A VERY BEAUTIFUL SUIT OF ROOMS, HIGU WALLS ' A. end mirror*,parl<>r front, to let, wth Board, In the brown 1 rone b >u?e No, 972 Hrwdway. (now No .I.IEb. second door ' from Mudieon square find Finn avenue and *Cond block ?!> >ve * Flih inmu bold; fiml'y email. Dinner hour and taenia uiade aaliafiuUiry to an agreeable family. ? A ***** FURNISHED RCK M TO I.CT-l.N A PRIVATVl ? A. family. Inquire at ltd spring atret t. * A LADY. TAKING A* ELEGANT HOUSE, WO' I.t? " A rlre Ihwvr I and Rooms. on advanfreoua trr..e, ? > a par * ty who ?ou'd advance her two hundred doUitre. Addrrae A. . L., Herald office. j A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A ROOM. WTTIl FULL | J A. Hnai .1 for hereclf and child lour yeara of ago, Inrotno ' 2 1 nice quiet tamlly . tornn must not eireo.? M per we k ,D ,,j , trig gae, Ac. Aiiurees U li. O.. Herald office. Heat referenoea f ?<w" A FMTaTE family W00l;> i.kt, with fi llOE J\ partial l!'>am. tnreo or four pleuaut Knorn* R > iae fur tuabed wl to gas and bath. hanged. Inquire at ( 93 hurt Fifteenth ?treet, near Third aeeutte BOaRO.-A ftVMT o< <VPTIM A MODERN houve, ui Fart Thirty fi rth e'reet. . iu!d arooatinolata ' ?'antlly, rr t wo rent'emon and 'heir artvea, wtth four plea i Mint Hi* nr.* win Board .No ahsr hoard r* 1 I'eea I. F. O, lleraid office, for Uu ee daya n-tf"i oee > changed. BO VRD?AT 91 LEXINGTON A VENUE, NK\R TWEN ty aeven hSl *t In a tola* > e? I ->e w?t .utu.: the tut d"rn .n>oru|emet,'?. wt'a the ? mfnrto > a hwie guaranteed f Y.mng reonmieo will And It a laairubie place. Tonne moderate, and reference* ri< banged , TJOARD ?GENTLEMEN WISHING FURNISHED OR . Ji unli. , ntoh-vl R'?'i?.a. w?h it at I. will iln 1 home oomfora and accommodation* at 4# Fae'Eleventh Mreet, between So c ind rr4 third avenue?. References glvwu and rv pured. Board ?a famti.t desirous of procuring exrellent vcotatBodatlnra fur the en*ulng ?inter c?n be ao* a-mncidaved wl'h the entire second Ao.r .< % house havto the ? modern improvements and an etcelleni table. Location deffir* J ble. Apply at I7Y West Twenty Oral street. Board-front rooms, wttit roard, tin re hat for a eouple. at lill West Twen'y eighth street. The ' 1. 'nae la '?.e of a tine brow* atone b'ordL an I hvaevery m idem , mnvemenco well furmabed CffiMF *!!? aod every ooalMt " and areommnilauon of a private home enjoyed Puas and mm * Mean for nan. ^ TWOARD.-VAMMKdTQlf RyTARR, KXmL?HAJTD> u J) nnw.ely fura'ahad Doom* eultahle fir lamlUa*. to I?t, . with Board *t the aborr da.izaifnj local' ro. Altii Ktmu for uniflr (rntl*raeo. looutre at to Fourth Arret, ffiw ti(V>o wi'iarr. wroth. * "RO**I>-A C.KNT1.K* AJI AWP WfFK. OR TWOSlWOtR _ D ???t)rn>ei>. .an obte-iirVmem llivxiui, Ai.h ItaiO.ln t nx>d?< o 1><<um located at IS Ninth htni a ir* ilom wat of L Broadway BOARD.-A OKNTl.tWAW A.WP Wfl-'lt. OR RlffOMI gentlemen can have Room* with H'wrd, In A lirnt' laaa ho iw ' to rant and mama. l>inn?r a: u . rl eh. A; p j at 'h Uammajd atrort, bat ween Bleacher and F > .rth Areata. i, QOARP?FOR A I.APY ARIl tIF.WT! K*l AJf IN A Pl.AlV , D pt l*ate ftmilv. a I,, re there are n > Ahar tear Jera Tertr.a , moderate Adder* M O. P., llrrald nOlre. k T>OARD ? CT.TWTOW ri.AfS-A FAWH-T AWP OWR I) or two BJnrle renUeraac caa ot>u.n r?rjr demrable far ft uwhMl Rontna. wtihTBowrd, *1 n tnuitaa pltoR two doon MM ^ of Fifth >t?qm TM.tRD.-IWO orwwi.mkjf arp t1ik1r W IF?r, 1) al?o two "ingle gentlemen e?n ho nr. -miod i ?d wKI > Kooom and Hoard at 124 Rtolh (tract, a raw loort of f Kmadaar h - ?r ID onmilete order and nUU >11 lha ? modem mtinn Mania; reference* aichaj>t,'ml ? ThotRP iw ouirrow n,Ars-Hotnt forwkri.y or0 J3 Cipl^d by J'l'Jr* ntr* pnft f ?r fttin i. *s Urge R,?mr.( -o wvmd and third floor*, and well \.ated a'tld and but I'artor. ?>1th foil or paruni IWw t. at Jl Otti 1 IJOARP f?N Wl'RRAT fill,I, A l.tR II IN l-OMK '< IJ l> 'irrirhed ami f Rieioiii ?n I ? t? , I'o1 , with B wrl. prt??i# -.?v# * i.l K**t rhirtf flftAMrMt, nmr J i ifUl , >\ nwi EffiTfi #?rxrh*ns#l M OOABI), OR TO l.RT A FRONT ROOM. fURVHURO. i It itu< i# i'i.- a 2?ii'j"Tn?i ,nd if l* ? ..# I mfi, 11 i .'#d <r. "hi* ri r ' Urn * Mid ttMira mr? IA linjiitrwol Mm Bl'WA. thin* mr fmn'. ! roard WARrra-WAJintD from thic mwdi.k or .. D(w?i?t 'CXI B? rd. for family or #w##n p?r?r ? : Fi ureet ji -Antil. A.ldrmut of .'imi s. HI**-, t"ojt Board wav*ki> ?y * larok famii.y w :k*-; itm ?r? m> nth#r hi nrd#r?. ?m?nhf # o?tw?#n fuxbiti 0 Hid Tw?i thirl ?u if**, Br tdvnytnd K?th *t.i A r I] .?nr i..1?i'iinii n 'A* t>? flmt Urn li #r?ry r*#p?ct. A I !/##?. y wtUi f ill pnr-J- ul*m Sit ?,U7 PfflB ntHc#. B'' oard wanted?ry a Tor no man, in a PL a i n, prtrwl# family. ?h?r# h<> rwn bt?# *m*.1 R Ad ft drfd T W. 1'iusaiiaift. 1(17 .-?-.l *ie?t, Ijr 1*0 II d?)A B' oARH W ANTFD-ON OR REFORIt TUB FTRKT Or O Vib#r, b) two jonnt onapl#, la Afrletir print# [Ami Ij. lomiVin in upv*rp*" ('hi city, or U'ooklyo if chutmi) B fmi to lb# HiiUra ur Wall <tr##t fnrrf Hn m- mini b# firwt I# ibwtli. nrr) ov#nl?uio#. A? Jriwn, with f'lJ panlrJurt, A !lom?, timid otter. ________________ ROARD W ANTKD- FOR OF.NT1. MAN AND WIFF., IN ?> ID# fir tjr of Tw?nt? third wmri. 'mom Atwnib an 1 T#ntb ?## ?. AiUma, for una w#rk, C. W. J . Madlorm I- annum pnoi "A 4 ROARD WANIRII A OKNT1.KMAN WoI'LD LIKR h X# th# rotlr# ?o<^j*?l ttnrr of a m "dora b ilit Hoot#, with It-mrd for ?lmio>!f wlf#, rhIM ##T#n Jr#*r? oll.An! nira#, " with or wiib . itA prim- Tab!#, In a odiaI: prlrul# inmi.jr, A pl#**Aotlt |o*'At#d. AbriT# Ninth *tr#rt Ad<lr#?? R A , boi b I .Ail Put otfirr, with full par Jrulam. k ROAR PINO -A PRIVATR FAMIl.T RKPIWN I IN i' W#al Fonrt##ntb alrrrt, In A drat /#" boua#. wo-Jd 1#'With Hoard, lb#It #?U## A-oaod Floor, Wdwm>#ly s tna*#nt:?mAn and wlf a AJ#o a front F%rlor and H-dropm mi Ibird ttmr u> two alnpl# *#ntl#tn#o. Addmaa M. O. T , W)? 1A7 Bomld offlo#. ? ROARPTNO?FrRNtWllKD ROOMS. WITH FTJt.l OR pwrtlal brmrd In a prlTOt# fawttl* wlibowi eblldrwn Hurt wwbinw a inlat h<<m? wb?ra All Ih# oawtforla of an. h ?ia b# w41 call at ?67 Fo irtb twtiM. T#rm? mad#ral#. 1 ROARPINO-A FRW PRRDOVO WISHINM RrPRRfOR 13 awnrmmoAwUnna far tb# wrVatwr. will And #t#ryUHo? l#w ? ltt!?Wl1S*f? ' ?tf**t. Tb 0m bnrtac foitj] AR dtan and o trwrw and dwjwt w'Al_r.( tow prowl Sand ptoaM OrAbpplf. ESDAT^ AUGUST 30. 186 KMRDIKn Afl) LODOVIia. BOAKOINi; -A ORNTLKUAN AND W'.FK AND A KMW mule K?n'lem>-u who srt- * VIA 1113 nest comiurl* *43 Kjoma, with Board, for the ensuing w<n>r, can nnd -fiab bv ippl;. nig this week at 119 Kost, Nineteen ? -timet rents lor t ?r< I fJ iuj KJt per week, including gaa. Apply ae Above, Coeieutei 1 w cum. BOARPINO?UKN n f.MK X A S O T.IKIR WIYE3 C AN lind scmmmodation* at 2iJ flicks street, Brooklyn, two 1 minutes' *>U from Wall greet or Bouthierry , .lewof Uie bay, | Rc b?ih, pan, lirnace, Ac. References re i ured. Dinner at i fx o'clock. | Board in Brooklyn.-two or xurkr uini lk gentlemen can obtain i?n pleasant aocoinniod.iJ.iun, 1 with a small social family, realm 113 in the modern house 141 | Tort Ureene place, between Fulton and adantic avenues, location rory desirable. Reference at peeied. Board in hrooklyn.-a ukntlkmam and wi*e, orsooupleof single gentlemen can be accommods ed with plasaant Rooms and Board in a small faali.y jj m , ill ing at til Clinton street. nOAAi) IN BROOKLYN.-A UKNTLKM AN AND VT1FK JJ sud two single gentlemen can be accommodated with Board id a sosa.1 family where few boarders are taken, aad convenient to Fulton and Wall street ferries. Apply at 64 Henry street Dinner at It Board in Brooklyn?a ukmiaka.n and wira i and a few atngta gentlemen own be accommodated with , good Board. In a modern butll hoiiM; hot snd cold bnthii, and I at a reasonable rate, a good table; bouse well furnished. la quire at Sill Adam* street. Board in Brooklyn.-qkntlkvkn, oh obntlr. inen .aid Un-lr wives can n easuir. Bourns. i uru'Oie 1 or aefurn'sbe I, a lib Board, at ill liicka street, between Wa'J aud South lemea. Board in Brooklyn-a and ins wttc, or a fr?. tingle gentlemen ma; d"d desirable rooms with Board, at 10% Clinton street. owner nutate, convenient 10 Wall street and aonth ferries. Reieren-ea exuhan^ed. ' Board in 3Booklyn.?nkwly furnihhid and ery pleasant Knoma lo an its or single, In a first eiass bouse, with all the modern improvements, with fu'l or partial i Board, am ottered b; a ainaU private family. References r? 1 quired. Apply at SA1 t'lintou street. I Board in hrooklyn.-two ukmlkmsn can br j soonmnndaled with pleasant Roams and Rood Bo.jrd, at I 1121 Ptorrepout street. Referenor s tich..og')d. ' Board in Brooklyn -rooms for okntlkmrn ; and their wives or su gle gem;-..on may l>e nbtiined at 51 tSncord street; the house is replete with ail 'he modem tmprosemenia, touiealent to iho lorries. ftefereuces required. Board in rrookltn.-a gkvtlrman can find a lar ge or small handsomely F11niishcd Room at 92 Clin- I tot, street, cvemiuuies' uaiki. nu Wall street u.JUo ith Itr rles gas, bath, he. Board in Brooklyn.- ttif wdolk or part of the seeood lloor to let lo a ' am' / or tingle gentlemen. Pleasant Booms wilh Board, at Ch?ver place, between Harris.? ar.d Degraw, Hicks and It ury sweet* Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn-a ornti.kman and his wife, and two single gru'Jein"n -an be a''-'until'"dated with pleasant Rooms and Board, i-onrenlent to Fulton or W J1 street ferrln, bouse modern. Apply at 1119 Washington street, between > mord and lillary. Boakd in brooklyn. nrar fulton fkrry?for a married couple or gentlemen, wt h a chow o. Booms on aeeond story, with ???. bachi, Ac ; also a line water view; family small, Inquire at No. 9 Poplar, near Columbia street. Board in south Brooklyn-a priyatr fami ly o'rnpving a handsomely inrnished house, near the Noulh terry, and having more room than they require, otter the advantages of a oomT.iruble and pleasant V>?? to one or Iwo parue* desiring to settle themse ves f.* tie winter. Re. ferenres re'pured. Address 96 Congress street, four doors from Henry Board infoiith Brooklyn -a okntlkman and his w ife or a few aingle gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant Roosts, and full or parttsl Board, by applying at 37 Woodhull street, a few minutes' walk from Hamilton avenue ferry. Board on Brooklyn hkdjtitr-a privatb family, without boarder* csu very comfortably acoommodate two single gentlemen for Use fall and winter. Inquire at A6 Cranberry street. Board on bkooki yn hkiohts -a ornti.rwan and wife, or two ge- ileni-n can be accommodated with nicely furnlsbed Rooms and Board; all Ue modern nnprovemests tn the house, and ?Ithin five minutes' walk of Fulton or Wall street ferrp. Apply at hi Hicks street. Board in wtlliahijbvro, onk mtnutr-r walk from the fernee ? A gentleman and bts wife, or three single gentlemen, can be accooun ?Uted wi'b Board and plea said Rooms by applying at lb Booth Klghtli stre-t. Dinner at 6 o'clock. TiDnniivv ngrnmn-PitTiit. umsn vns usv i5 tinmen, nl 37 I'rar berry street, i???n Wtliow and~ oliimbia Mnoma neatlv furnished and a mplted with water and gae Also. a bath pHim. situation pleasant, kail convenient to Wkil mri nt mil Fulton ferries. Frankfort hoc8k, oor*rr of frankfortand i William aireou. N. y?Mngle Room* from SBe. to S7a par night, or II to 1.1 per weak. Hi use newly funuabnd, with A good llenuurant attached. Open at] night. | FBKRcn BOARD?IN T1IB FAMILY OF A FRKMCfl 1 true'lit. trictly pnrnie; a well furnished R/?m on ancoad I 11 oor. with m>lrrn improveai.iita A good opportunity fur a , grnt'rmm. lo ar .uwe a practical knowledge of the langi ige. Apply at 1U Kast Twenty um street, pear (Jraraer.y I'ark. ke'eri urea exchanged. Fjmrbt class rooms, Willi board-in AM unfir i 1 passed Inrauon. A DM of MOW la the Ma M ilan, frant r.wse. thtrit sbu , am) ot>>ei p.nn*. Impure at 1*1 s..iy>ji? eve one, rx sweep Seventh vr> t Kli ,h atrei-tj. tl.iose hvt all the modern improvement*. i are and Mage* pass the door. FHRNIS1IK1)-A PRIVATK FAMILY OF TWO penou? aould let a few ueely funlahed Rooms Inge .Ue men, without 1' ird. the h >uae la that <'a? anil mnieotent to | rnra and stages and Broadway. AM /mirth au-eoi, Albion pjee ' T^oRMfill> l> ROOM- FOR (1KNTLKMKN - KaT *' _i 'l | A* or eeparatA, bou-e I 11 e'aas. hand sanely furnished < warnr* al' the modsr (m. rorement* rt . ni ve>) kept; * tea tlte servants; every letullty a .1 romfor affordet; no ?ewe ellrthle, renlral or cnuvenlenl 1 ?-*uoo llroate ty, b-*.o*r { ai> n apiarr Before .oral ug for the doming seaaou, pletac address D. C. T.. aiaU.m D, I* at office. KPRN'RHKD ROOMS TO I FT?TO OBWT? FvFN, lm-Jk .i I-trd, at .V Amity n, ?i. Hath, ga* and oater coeveowocee In Ibe ho'iae. hug?i pass the door. FTRM-TIFO FRONT PARI iRS TO I BT-Kr fT ALLP ' f .r a lady and gei.tleo with full or par lal Hoard, the boiiaaivnia'* a ail tr.?1em ip i.amenta, with >. tih. a?a, Ac. Apply at 48 Rest I lumen , b reel, b' twoen Broadway ami University pta.'e. YTTRNlSIIKD RoOMS lO LKf TWO fKORTAm.Y F furM' teil R .era, utif".' > for ?ii| nllan.?n. each with ?e. t *r:da oe.l- at II ?!; ?/ week, or a on t tie te> ., ,,pe party al II to AV.) small at II. Apply at Hh Orewoe at reel. pRAMMiT FARK SB KATTWFXTY 'IgST RTRFrr VI \ la:ge ai. t b indaske '< '.? ' ; irnli'Lial, to let aojh Hoard. a* a ma'l Itedmom lo let K-'-rencea exchanged. /"*fvti kmfv par rf ai-pommooatm wlyll ll lodgtrg KoOe. tingle or la anna, with lioarj, if re qalre. at 17 Twelfth eirerl (tela ?n Vnl-erattjeplare ard Fifth a anue, the houae onntaltui all the m alern uaproTementa. HAROFOMFI.Y FI'RMSHBO ROOMS TO L*T-1iW Km! fn if leenth draet. HaKPhomklt fcrwtpimi) srrm or rooms to br ugly or togeih' . In a Brat etagg pri In ko .' i; haa all Lhe mogrrn Impmyeaienu; In one of lie b-al iorat nam therlty lo'iuirnat ho. Ill ftlnib atr-et .new nuuib.t), n?*tr Broadway rfiu kkiir h.m. Wild toOABl), IM A iRi.tir. XI family at 117 ilroaaeMreet TTOBOKKM -KI?fOl,? 'lUIIJVi'N OR A ORMTI.K. 1 U<- ma. with Board, by applying at 17 U ideuo IMTaoe, near the ifry. PB8KT CITY-A PRIYVTK FAMILY, near the fetry, ?rti.A to meat ?tth two it three reape,.tn Me jrmit.y men a* hnnl'Ti. ie.-ra? moderate AiUlreae <i. A., box > SM I'cat 'din % Me* lorA. NO. IIJ WKMT THIUTT HRVRNTII KTRKKT, NY All h <nu u> let. 'tirnlebed * nnf irnlrhel, In mit* er air* y. to fetiii'.nen only, la a quiet. uret "la?e b with hrwUfnai II Jeeired Ra: erwnree alven end reunited N'UATl.T FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.RT-TO I.AD1KR nf* *e?i-mea, ?ub Hoard. lo private family, at 1.15 Wrst R'-evae'b elreet, r imer ?jtb aveane PIRMAKKNT BOARD WlJCTRD-BY A TOP NO 'ItR rted oonple, la a private family or where tbeee ar- few boardere. Mo .'inner fur grntl-mati ei eptley ifirlin : Refrrrnee* n lunfil Terror tA to ej"eed if net week, tnulndlne l uei end gee. AddrnaA O. J , b > leu Herald , lAra I)1.f.arant room, wrnr i a id at ueei Hii?Al)r HeiRbta, tj.e uiiee' ?a.< f ?. Wall or Fallow ami Rny Part;*!- wimiiro to knoao" h Ait > wit 'er ran now And aoperwr %- ? la t r'aaa b inee lATenih utreet, between f rtb aud t'hav ma Kei erroee* ah su and rWjuirel. , KOOMA TO I.YT?WITH OR WfTTIOlT BOARD. ' 1 hrce rw tirnr feritlemeo wtrh n* very pleaeant Ron a In , a rentral, rotivenlent md i o* ! wa'l .r with or without It ?ard, I In a i Ovale family, aij at.lrea* H en- r, t'n n a are f ?t mee. Sill* l?? ROO*a -A PRlVAfK KAMiLT W I.I, I YT Ui on# or two ren lenoen two pleaAant I'arlora vn- b H?d mei, I eib yea Kit ana "old water, cl a#'.A A- 1'artla' ' .art) if dewred* Ad treaa Went Twenty aennod "treat, b it 1 HI Herald after. ro OR THRKY ROOMS IN A FIRST TLAAR PRI 'ATM t.riwe would be rented, without board, to *attefet"T part e t Mo I* Kae' Bevenleeotb rt/aet, between Unlaw .pier# A" 1 Fifth aven ie. Two ny,at1.y furnish yd r ) 'ms T'l 1ST - to fmr y uny gentlemen, with or wRhoul Board, tn a private fam.fy. ua.' at AW W#et Thirty tret elreet. rrwo P.ARI.ORR OW SKOOND FIOOR, TT'TII OAS. I both Ir to irt to oltiglo or mnrrliwt ??nt>* ?n, or t > ( on!/, vt !h Hn gin It >>o.? for Ki>nt>i?">i or ito-vl tnblr. %o<t rrmut mor1?r?.'r, Call tin I'rnry ttrrrt. ri rr- roorr, wrrn wo * an. to onim tmkn t tn or tiiigln jmUrtnm wnhont Ikar J, in % c"t km Don r<? rnlrnt to rwi *n.| iinin. In * h > .?n thnt -n.t udi t.l h? mortrm tmproTrmoow. Ho. 37 Knot Rlrron'h itfti rutt- ii* A ktriott.T FRIVATW fawif.T TW? R ? m? on Orot fl ?* to atngin goollram. witb nit b wind. tfc? hoot rtfrrrnoo will bo roquJ ad, I bo b "M boo til tb? tnort rrr no?r Fifth ?i?w To * pormar.nnl ind rtwuroMti)* troonl ih prior will bn aodkrot*. Addr-on II me, Tt?r*iil ottco, for two day*. T? I.1CT?WTTU wotnn. 1R A PHIVATW FAWII.T. two lor*? blorlr . ornlobo-1 R .mt, on Metm 1 lorrr ' Porta, *atrr,r?* and aU c ?-.rtKiwi. frr rt in ?to rat> IHnnrrntA at <15 Wool Twooty dfth tlror', n?wr WliA Av?oo. T?LKT-T<i A OKWriJtMAW, WITIIOCT BOAWO. A :v*r front Rown, f>mUwl, for $2 per wort, b? To. ti Rati itmodwa) T) i.rt-ib a FRKTU TRIVAT* F awn.y, wo. pi rnm\ IBrrrndt atrrrt, two R raw, wtb * wttkoit JJ. vol, for grMlrmrn only. V*RT WAT ?r"WT?ITRn R(V>W- TO I.ET-rOR'.A Y iro, by n prtrtur family I itnttr Atont *j "K. AtAlfi nrART*n woa rt? r m a '?rirri ?v\w, rj. wirr FT and iwo -bl'4*rn 'oration F?i?rorn F .rtrrnlh tn<i TVrllnh ttrroto ?c; at,,; 1 ,*? ?rtv MA AUroafloa mrmtmcrn 0. MAMmn ?V? tOMMII. WANTED?BY A SINi.LK OKbTI 4A.V A t'Ll'A#AS1 Kuiu, with partial Loam. iu a i f?'o'iy ui Br a '.yn. Looli m omit b? -rn-i. ?ut m W ill 'j**: i-i.j ? ? oi mierenoa given. Add.eaa a it 8 , iirv?.yn. TIT ANTED?BY i'WO SINGLE GENTLEMEN. BOALL f ? In ai> Kufli&b ..r Canadian family. , b-r in New 1 ark ? Brooklyn, reierelicoa ctcbnng J. Adureae 4.11.11., her a) Oili e. WANTED?FURNISHED ROOM WAN'iRH. KIR A 4! 4 gle gentleman in a prt .iie fujtii!, town, w'th a without partial Board. *tier,' Iwtma roml'orta rija* Iwrfl'in hJ and tbe people inn.a their own It.amnes. ierma iir-at on moderate^ Addrua* Young Gentlem. a, Herald oliioe. WANTED- A RMA1X PLAINLY FURNISHED HID nom, >vitb<>ut board, by yn ng man of quiet habile; in tbe Mat* nard prelerred. A,l.lira?, aUUu* term*, ?)..:b rnnat be moderate, H Smith. Herar*. mac-. *l OR FOUR SINGLE QKVTI.EW1K PAN BE A>'C0M U ni".ia(Ad wllb haudson.-iy furiiiabrd Ration. <m that at or awood Boor, in u lir?t clue* bo tae with ir without Uu.i d. Urfrj<}..' ?? mlnmpril. <hUl .t 51 W'.-a. T?-,.tb atreet, n. tr Sitib avenue. 7 WHAT TWENTY FIFTH STREET.- PARLORS AND ' Rcdroouia to Itt; also etngU rjonw, nth ..r with ut Board. U ABINGDON Syr ARB ON <; i OK STREET tlPl between Hank and Trey streete Ktterd. with bi d nmrly furulahe.l Rooma, In luite or auntie, a' r?a> ua ill raise Houaa Brt: claaa, l'n? tcrpU uatie f .'erencee ghei and required. ] r AMITY STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.?NICELY AvJ ftirniahed Room a to let* tilth I'. ?ard, h. m coutatna e ? bath, Ac. Term* reasonable. Appy asabove. i)(\ WB?T TWENTY EIGHTHRTRRST-?MALLNtUMl jZi' l families and single gentlemen h mien for h< winter nan now seenre desirable rooms, en unit or single. ij Immediate application, in one of the mr*i eligible loeatiou* li the city. Reference* re<|tured. Dinner at an. OK ANI) 87 WHsT THIRTIETH M it RET, H-.tA, ;v OkJ Broadway and Fifth a.enue ?One or two select la m lie* and three or four gentlemen <ean now be accummolsteJ with Snlta or Single Ro.mii*, fnrni*h?d or tint irnlshe.j, ui - ne oi the m.wt delightful location* in the city. Table drat elsas. ltd ferente* eicbauged. A "I TENTH 8TRKET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH j I avenue*. --Desirable Hooni* in sn'l* or separately, fo? gentlemen and their w ives or single gentlemen. The bouse KM every convenience. Dinner at ti o'olook. AO MORToN STREET, BETWEEN HUDSON AND BED oxO ford a'reeiM ?* Lirge Iron1 K >mn, ou second ll ior with or without hull Hedro m adjoining, and furnished li'd vur.'d, to let, with Hoard, to a eenileman and wife or tsru go.ltie01 en; fnnilly *mall Reference* exchanged. A Q umXilD mm, NBAR HIIOADWAV-FUR TaO rtsb-d Room*, without Board, M to M per v, 'k; ? no Hoard, t4 toW. Piano and handsome parlor. Families and single persons ?ult"d by the da, ir week. OP NABSAU STREET, BROOKLYV. -GBNTI.EMEN OR DO gentlemen and their wives m n ot tain pleasant Room*, WMb ( ill or partial Board. Dinner at s'x. Apply aaain s nBLXRUKEA STREET, TW<) DOORS EAST OF Broadway?Oenuemen willing to room Vtgefbewill tuid pleaaant Rooms and good Hoard; Mr ma from *? uj *fi pet week, gas and bath; dinner from 3 to 7. Tt) TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH A V EN UK.?HUITf of Pnrloea and Redro ma, and (Ingle Room* to let, will Hoard, to respectable parties. Only thoae who wish for per manent Hoard need apply. Qfh EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, GRsMEIK'l O' I Park ?Su'ta of handsomely furnished Room* to let suitable for families, with private table tf desired. In the ab.iv, first rlaam bouse; alsu Rooms for single g?uilemen, on the fourth Buor. THO WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?LARGE ANT 1U J medium aired Room*, on second tl'xir, suitable foi families or single gentlemen, to let. with flr l c'sse Hoard house a very tine ore, with every imprwmeut. aid must oon veulently and plesaantlj located. inn MACDOCGAL STREET, NEAR AMITY.-FUR lj&\J ulshed R< wn*. suitable for gentlemen and'.heir w ive< or single gentlemen, w ith Board. Tli wDhUig a h >m? would do well to ca!!. D'ncer at ( z elock. Reference exchanged. 1*1/1 OLD. 137 NEW NUMBER, NINTH STREET lOU second house west of llmad* ay.?To let, elegantly furnished, a suit of Rooms on the second floor, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or s party of (ingle gentlemen; slso sin r> front Rooms Mouse 1* ttrst class. Apply a* a .vs. N. It ?Meals furnished 1/ deslftxl. 107 EIGHTH STREET. THREE DOORS EAST OK lO I Broadwav -I'lecsr1 furntahed Room, wtiborwl'h out Board; also four large Parlors, for any respe tab.e pur pose, neatly furolehed. 1/17 HVDHTtN RTREKT. FRONTING (IT. JOHN! J t; I Park?Furntrted r>?ene to let with bre.ilUist in. In, u> a'Dtli-raeu >uly. The house haa all tbe m.Kleru un ptovementa. m? WIRT FOURTEKNTB BTREET.?HaNPROME AO ) eommodaUonf for a family of four or Ave adult per ore- parler, four or fire sleeping rooms, with bath room tin other noca? rj conveniences attached. Also, oue or twi I rooms for one ar two alnitle gentlemen. -|Q*> ltl.KEt'KKK STREET-A FEW SINDLK OKS lOO tlemen can oe nnonmmndated with furnlabej Rmira with or without Board. House flrat claaa Tertna moderate. illlt KI.M STREET, NEAR HPRINQ.-Rt KO ANTL1 Z1 W furnlahed P irlora and HeAmoma, f.vr umall famlllea o Single gentlemen evertthing ?uil?>>le lor bnuaoheeptug, vir. g?a. < r ton, heat bedv and*beddlng, cooking uteuaila, Ac., Ac. ct inplete. Apply an above. ttrtO F.AKT BROADWAY-DKRIRAHIE ROOMS f iclu or "pitraiely, rer mil or thlr.l loor, aunable ft frnticDien and ihe.r wive or ajiiglc Kent emen. The b juae iirultbed with every modern coDveiuense, o/'Y FOURTH AVENUE-TO I.ET, THE . EfO\ ?') I Floor nently ftrwuihed, to a email genteel family c a party Of aingle gentlemen, with n il or parua, Hoard lh t .aetnaa the nti/leia improvements. Rorervncesencbangec ~ COHNTHT BlMKO. BOAhl? AT YORKERS.?THE Hl ltp rirkr wiu h ire two pleasant front it/Mine on T"*?<l*y, s? p i m t-i I. in a Urye matin u Louse altuated on W.Unul 1! . 1' i iru'ej' wa'h east fn > d?poi lj?rre lawr p erly fr ,i< rhade tc hefereinvv r. hnn?.*l. For lulher pa, llC'ilar I., |U-rs of DWI'lttT Hleltol', 1!M H id* n tir?'l (TOUT TRY BOARD WITH RPLKVPTD SEA BATH 1*0 V in private :?m>'y on f,nng Mm'd, lw*nty railev from Pa ! /nr. Home r ? me trw.. I thH '? m ei Jeligh' J j.ert of Hie waaou -i.era App.y at scl Broadway, uom ' T welflh atreec Kt MMhlt tti.flOKT*. N'ATIONAl. HOTRI., I.ON?l BR t NOB, N J., WIU coudnos Ooen to ling as the weather ) ? ilta '.e. Now u tto 'lroa to vtai. tin-veaa.1". Ibe , nt and tab e r u be bad. D. P. PETKKS, Proprietor. ! il WORTH AVFUirtN l'HW.ANX." MONMOUTH 11 n intr, N. J Tho oo- '.i-rantl fortnorly Ui ia kumn new " HtrawWrry Farm* Hotel,'' ia op*n fur thn a-a* n U riaitera ltadoltf tufal toeaum ai. t ounrima am won knowi In termor frto- da and ruoaia Hoar I 11 , or day. H'wUir ti f oblnann au-oot pior, North riter, diwly, at d A ? and t P. I to Kod Hank, rta Port Vni.m" .Ci, <brti-o by j roprlonx' Mf?. Apply oti tho pr?m ar?, r io Ml.MJt A C'J , No. 17: Broadway. I.W C'l.lBKf.l s / pftl-TTTr*!, T*VT BoOK a raw woari tot t rvauOt Wo p- Mlafcod ah rt llmo >'.?-? a o. -?f aJoa> ' t nk fot o?or.- 1'iU/oa wli i ??n'?t'kn ? : ?i ? i 'i'ijai . 'Itk-al partJoa iipan all iho imp rtar t in?a .i t ? ilrt^P <n poaroa upon tho poltU-ai horizon, on nlo I BlUJt roUTJCAL MAT lltiuK.oR KNCT'tOPEDlA, h* V W. t'i mr, rnntaloW* .oryttuni aurrwry for tin no/orouoo of at uu torn and pidltb laita < ICO lar*o rayal '?0 r >1 -.rro , , or i)P paraa. Prto? f i Tho booh la oo ottrHnrdmarlly f ;U .ipno o??ry loan tnjd". i rory Impartial, lb v. It la no aoodar that .rotx Uioiiaaod ooploa ara almadr aotd. tahllo tho aaloa ha" apt a rontl< J'tat i ?amon-"d Tho author pm-.iarad fur tho .?? Proridoatia) oani, %l*o A amador worh, bat atmilar Pi Jua onmltdlhh ' hli- '-iral Hai.lNrik an 1 w h waa u?*i K groat < dvantaga Jirougb'iol tho country T1 . roaonl a ra k raally auporljr and m ro - mplot- and lo|ood<'d f h a aid i f pormanont vaii.o and rofor ir- ?>' oniia ln.i?? oj ?hehU.? at la and opHuootol ail tho ioadlaa atnteanen "aa I roadll) bo f.rn d. Tim popularity of hia ably uni-otad w rfc, \nf tho ar" n-nl I rood to otory ttitol'.igool mtn Vj J "torot It. hao a ig*- tod u noi.f th? fueling rop inii.-an rw? a.n+iora lu N-w Tark. ?h" I orraal nally .ahbloa 'o tho p llah ng > uilr.??a uj m*?o I r-rvt ihlnr >' N oy loouto* pafilaao wurh. an.l ofcrto-on'n* II with tho load n* UUa n >'tr t>? k Wo thai?li?r? J mir* u ea..Uoo aoary wio to ha naroful to ardor Cl.rxKrH Pul.ITlC A I. TK\T BOO*, hojr wl?h ' hav th' ?.)< mip'ota a "k "ft tho politloa d f'bitr I Maloa Ut tho pioaoitt UiM, eoi^r? n< ri ijr In opt?vtnr dor imont wbn-h baa booo pr<m ,.?at"t If in 4 ? of munbom'if < nr-ro* i.itrora. ?].: - ?nai and al mon of all f ar ioa ht<o? ni ! imtr 'ndln I la) Ior y I i :U pir nai-ip ft r an* '|o| ki tho m-ornaa %hor i h-a aavrd b-rJ ?_ t tho Imp >rt t il nau It kna ( h?m. An 'rilrlii*?M w%- ?h otld h? *tth i ,t a my of it an no h< ! any h > ?ao.:or. or nil! ? '.rwardol 'ro.- ui na 11 Id- aa tar II n I tb r I., r.o o' mt ' pr lid law khr-p, u ftp taJ ralf or ? ' mot ?*!< , la add. oaninat iaWRP " "MIT i v tt?, Pub) !?hor? Pti afr. hia P*. Tiik roxrJtA4T'>nb **n kt'*kbi*n ? ?r *jr in talal P-i .laho 1 for iha bor it ai I ?a a in't |lit nnp m'i, ?':i ? " ~r loom f*rr i? o iiifly P' -oaPira Oo-ay *o., r .pplrtoc tho naaavi of a?lf mim My nno ?h . r irni< kiaiooif aft- r 1*1 no pnt in ?r-?i "ipniao thr-otrb motrai im piattlon and i^aikory. Kimlo nip'aa nay bo ko4 "f th* aathnr. NatltaNlttl. WaTTMI! a*, r<n?a omaty I. T., by on <1 otn< a pm*<aML?ddraaaao iiot??h* i winkh %j?0 li^ikwh. M0NON0ANKI A ?M -ar.T d|*|Kt.t| M?i. .KM ary Hd and rtrh flat irod aupartno to any lu tuorh-C r a aa.a b* nfn W r ? Rl.f T I'd! Warkot an-ml KALKK OK KK\I, KMTATH. AHUIKk Adll M'T IUK HAU 'N >lKM|ir OT? nrnOi. In lab *4. -nl (jr. * t utn* ra *m< ( r; (iwf II 1M) Alar ? hl'-t Hon* f rf IVAN wlik All rr. tlfm cmtorUL a!A" ? "i?r K'a'!?nr?. r?-1 -1 prK? H'i IV. T*rm? try * > ply At "? J-nmj A TAB CP. Am w T*ii tloky OMTTAOK H?H*R FOR p MR ?' *m. hnvn l^-i t i* ? a f ??*? *ai<1 f urlA*!!.V? ??rw??w? v?ir w** f*r? JK ?? ? p?t? trip T-TJ.f?r f Mr .)<<?! V- Nnnt> *||-.' p-r-*t Iwi d<yir? (r in tfck ciriiiir orf kithil *? ??, wil.lanpiD if*. AT V .TAR'IATN m* lAI.B. A FTNK fTOff MTP plAf of U+ rm <m !< ( INmvI. pn>d rr*lrn?#. <* UKInp hurr. -tl Tl >ua*?. A/\ ?nj r'?f. Vppiypii A HolAK, Ato-ncia i>\ far.*:- .tt 377 IV Adaa-iy, iu h?AT Bi?nL B think tto :ht? *. j*r,or>, o? r to ?)?hw*aB cJV| k>M ??a>V *,m tlf-I v ?nt r.d kA' fnjin J?r??y < Ity by k rm nul-TAd. n?-A? IVArh K. fnrrr.Ml w<1 Pr???t jmrtAo ri t M Apply w V BAM W. WAKIt, Hi. 41 W?uir?tr~t. Bkr *tn hki .wtn.k j.-i/vn and ncn.ntno fin if >r <m < I-. 10 ?* ?., b^viv'nl.y >??., aan* fco4 H h*;t > >? V n !?r? ? A/ by ki-ar <*r r/iilT"va4 Ap pi/ O J AMfefl NAtaOTO, N* S Aod I ptec*. rfrr *T Oily. (wtta ir?iornrvrbo?#i 97of ?t* ? arm* a so y r-tur h>* ?|t?< .7 All ii ?? ?n 1 for *!? <?f -a-b*u??. Mi Bkrlrm R*l>o<t; * l?r?A V Aot Utt I. An, I,AM. TAfrJ p> r-A. . < .??? tpA frTA 1^4*. II,Aj o w. dit< n*tt. N?, a trro* r?, rxm no. n r 3 I MLM or fHVAL W-mtMTm. r ! i.1 * km or Niv^rv iokbh <>w jaino island of I f the Val auil. will hi: diri'teil In p ?rt?, Una w.thui one <ot* . I u Le ? ??Ih oi a at.ili mi on the Lim# IhUnd U-ulriMd, Jd in iM /join Hiouklyn. Apply at V* William *U ash B. JTjrOWLKK. JjlOK MAf.K-A V AHAHIL KMCT1T AND 'MKI.Ur I r firm, ailuated IU H.okJuoil iiAiiili, N. uut mile i ih? up tier Piermoot atation mi the ifonhi m Railroad, N. J.. Oo..lainii.g Km ly hriti with abundant:* of eholoe trull tM food buiiiiiii|?: water brought limn a apring to lha hoiiee and am.* MOW) Tirma or payment m? For par Honiara inquire u. b. t KTMl)I H, Ml Fine arvet. FT. T. O. AURVAHSON, Ftenuont For saix-ln ukirai. tikmr. a hoi/b* awd a If of land, 1 cau'ifully . .Mated In the villageot Waodlawn. South Hergeu, N J , anion three hundred yarda at (ha borae oar railrond. letueen Jrnry lipy and Beryee Point, laquirt: o.' WM. UOWK, 11 Mi nKtonitrj' etreet, Janaj Ottf. IfOR BALM?A NKW AND OOMMODIOOH* TIlXA llonee, Mirer iwoia. aplesdld water view, lylna am l>7th atrert near Fort Morrle a lew minntee' from (hrea railroad Ktatioi H aud the Harlem Irrry. Prloe 00,400,wRJI I for city lot! O ily si (HO eaah reqn'rea. Inquire nT 11 H. ELTON, lie* lun.n atreet. or on the premtM erery aftero<?m. L't R SALR-A OOl'NTBT BlHJDKNtTB A WD TWBNTYr ta > urn 01 Kud. ill in caul order. 00* mile from tha H . lb Hotel, on the to Pla'biieb I. I. Term a to (ait tha pnrehaeer In'iutre of >1 F. l t?KK, 130 Laurene atreet, 1 hi. I Mr to E llAli AH, on Ihe premleea. fpOR RAIJi?AT A BAROAIN, A niKDROTK, WTO-L i' .'a unc nearly uew uo itf, wiu larpe itarueu ' situated in lb* centre of the ullage of Ncmuiwq. I? I, within ( few yards of the prini ipai street, Id the immediate vicinity at churches, stores ?ta*e office, to. Apply 10 J. 0* I'AYMTAK, 217 Greenwich street, N. Y. , Won SALE?HOURS 27 STUYVEdAST RTRKET, B?j 1 tween Second km! Ihird tvruun all lb i modern ltnpr.nrA* i U'l'iitu Mirror*. Cornice* siul < arpei*. nearly new. will Ml wilii lit less l ien bull cost. Apply to ?. T. MACKARRANT 130 Teu.h slrret. oe*r Third avenue. F' OB SALE?A GOOD HROWN STONE FRONT HOCSP, to perfect "rili'r, JUk?, three stnrlaa, himement tad * udef rellar, sUtiiiled en Murray Hill. Thirty fifth street, if *.i?n El 1th sin] S lib nvenues; price $15 wjl I, miedial* |'<?vexitl nui he had Auplv to RaYNOR A Kt,\t KWKI.L, 1,128 Iiroadvt sy, neit to comer Thirty fourth stn*et For sale?in uref.npoint. a neat two ttorv and biue-menl 11-use *ud Lot, In fool order, convenient P> the ferries. term* accommodating. Apply ot )0i Atlantic street, Broohly n. FOR RAT E-CHOICE SELECTED WISCONSIN I.ANDW, near Milwaukee; will exbai ge for * tram nf horse*. Rock* nuny war n, drv foods, furulluie, or other good*. AditreeaQ? R. Jones, Herald oflico. FORHALK-A VERY PRETTY THREE STORY HIOTI stisip House. In perfect order, newly painted At ; toys the modern ronvenleocrs gas ll?ares a enod stihoellar. lit A ornt anil ten prettily arranged house, 16x0 lot S4 deep. POO* sea-uon October 1. Price 97.000. mortgage it 000 . JAMES K. KDWaUI'S, 177 West Twenty-third street. T/oU FALK-ON JCkKY TERMS. ONE ON THE BUST F K cms In Uergen county, situated about eight mllee fran Jersey city, quarter nf a mile from ihe Astor llouhe farm, nndt one and a hall mile trnm Rolling prim; station, an New Y'erK and Erie Railroad Said faim contains Art scree, S wren of orchard, la in u btfh slate of culdvaU n well watered and ,udss* eicelleiit fence. The buildings comprise * new two story i irame Qwelllnu hou?e. with modem in. urosementn, 'an, . stables. Ac , all nearly new. Apnly m HK.NRY UK V NI), OU " the premises, or by letter to Jersey City P isl office. For kale-a new corner hocfk, mkoium hire, I.'pO Madison ayinne, cnUlus all improTemenle; to In pertei 1 order, hnilin; been oeoitnlcd but a lew lo.mihK J Terms easy. Inquire if II. tiALPKN, WO Chambers street* flOR SALK-A NEAT THREE RTORT BRICK HTOH sloop House, centrally located tu Brooklyn, near the Oonrt , ftreet railroad, well furnished, with all the modern In,prow tnculH, at H b irya.u. Applj pi Mr. BIHUwP 19 Nassau street, j room No. 19, T.TOR SAI.K- IN \ i IRE VILI.E, A TWO STORY AND f basrmcnt frame ltoiue. len rooms, ran, rung-. Crutca water, lino vard, Ac situated south side Eighty fourth street, , near Fourth avenue, Term* very easy. Inquire oo lAu , premises ' TTIOR HALE, AT A BARGAIN-TWENTY ACRES ?r F k'ssl l and on Hteten latand, Inn,lamely sltualed, IhiWI Quarters of a mile from deriu i's sf.-itajn, and halt a nule fleet ! i ?a?llje. Haa farm honae. plenty of I run wer fiuIUxK , apring, ti <1 two Hri'? of wona. Conn nn-albri .. ratirnnrf Lourlv Apply to J A.VKH MOKAN, Noa I mat o "'uc .tract, or JOiiN A. QVIN, 'J96 K*at Broadway. yt. >H SAI.K cniAP-TIIRR HV. IfTOUI. i n tub i r * i 'ry p'aera, on. on li,u i oi i.aiir una t Kent, and nDoiber on lame la!?o": will eicban a 'or gor* ity proparty (not tnnrroiut). J A tilts K, hi'WAKDS, -7 fftn 1 wti.ty t bird atrret. , TJV)R KAI.C CHEAT sKVKKAL NICK COTTAOK ilt'IT JF r IIombc. with Irom one I outof ku: I. in K.wt i,.fnk> Irn. Snmr of iha?e ?rr beautifully lor itrd, and *nrm'iiid?.( erfUl eliwde rare, find tree*. ?rap? tinea *ud ?orub, *rr W .bondMM PrlBMraiibc from VI.OTOto ROOO inly f wU* Lfl K. a. No 7 Henry ?tri M, Naur fore. from lit., . J oVlanfc. I I^OB SAME OR KXCHANOE-A OKSIRAIH.K HODBB . " altb all l.i la, at H ales Inland, within a few niluulaeof htnplrton laudlnir ai I , nmmar?'ti>e a Una Orw orer the hay, Ve?H property of aitar art,TV dawrtpl'on will ba teaan In eachanjre. Apply to A. K. KOSYKK A (K?., No. U Chte alrcet. XftOR HAl.K OR CXCRANOI-POfTR NRW WKEU r atory and b?*?'iit brlrk Houaee, with ail modrrn Im , |, in Hi nt Knrty Oral alrtt i. <lood fa nn or btiUd* . UiK lota Uilt, u in tt -Uau^B. W. K IOKIUN, It Wail alrcet, mom JO. JNOR RAI N OR KXCNANO* TtTV. IIPBIRARI.C FOt'R mory, Crown atmia Hotter XJll Weat'I wanly aranai'afreet; N will be an d on a ,?y terms or cch^.i'?d for a thr-.- n<iry. r Mith ?u*jp ho>iar In a * ?xl lorutton. Adciaaa <, boa Tib f*oet ? oflre. XjtOH 8AI.K OK IXC'IANOK A H "hKVOIO PtRN OP [> A" till, ly aljrbt era ' intlfolly loo it.. I in.| if rur (""CM ,r to Hie ritj, witb first elm diielii g. ooihouMM, A t , and pi inly ? of fruit of ad kin s a 'rr .rn of waP-r ruua thrtoigh 11. Apply J to nitvwn a nt'ori, nt r rneu ei v. Kor hlk or r*r-iMWO*~A fabm or toktv aci'-?, I >? wood '.'-.ill !nra. new, lord go d, thirty i nM m Ira ou 1 in f?l m l, rtll ninmn'i, ?. r. J * INK, el A. H, Burr'a ..#. ? Is W*ll ttre t. from 1 to 1 F. M. to uujnuw. For balk or to i.kt -a i.ahwf. aro c \iMf>. iIIoua ? <> Mi ry and Attic dveftlng erth a i the .no drrn Improvi wl'l* baaemeiit a id ,ih cellar, In a le. rw* Vie location. I'or I ui-Let perUctuar* ta'juiro at No. UJ Broonie ttrret For bam: ok t>? i.rr-rnic nkw tiikkpc *tort btnwn ?tone front Honee No (6 We?t Forty h"th atr. ?*, between fi.lh And oUth eirnuea, a'* ib. uow lb roe ?:,wy lb i?e No IJ* Wi it hortyelglth a.rret, bet wen Hljih ?au oeirnth hrentier rent. hfiVI per annum AFWtKW I -M tkn", KB TjH)R SA1.K OR TO l.ET?A" Et.WJART FOCR ?fi sy .F brown abme front hi. h ttnop I ,usn, beautif ill? W **3 oiiW'et twenty third Afreet (wi le atrwet). having the mudefl) convt'Bieccee. e.w I bonne Al-Vi. lot hell the Stork J. R IDWaROS, *77 WVet Twenty third aui-t. 1 tjior Hkl.K or to lkt-two NKW turkic sO.RT J both bfieeipent >nrk with all tie rami- rj> traun>v<?mriite 177 ?r <1 27y We?'. Forty 'nur.h ateeet. for paru--net* apply loW II HHKI'tlKKD, At Wu > u atreet T.tOK RAI.IC OR TO I.FA?E~TWO I OTS ON T11K NORTH " eide tit Kirbtr bfth'kfeet. Yorha.lle, About mklwar beie>en no ! r.orth eeennen. For p Articular* in<|ilre la the aeger li re. ?7i Mith nveaue. near Knrunjt Btreet. HANnsoklK rt.rNTRT KKAT. FrilNTSlllCD OR ROT. I or Mle or rtrhenge for ?i">d rlty property ?nonuliah '.'1 acre a oi land a! F.aeb heater, Rrw Tork, AS imn ites br Rev Kei'.r<Bul, located on ealt water, lewnurtoea worola, nioturn. (Arden And tewdow. *. ?<o on-hard pler.ty of frntt hioje iAr dwebiny, (sew), l?l?irtr l bo<i?e kje bouAe Aahlwe Ae , Ar , with eto- . wagon*. And the whole or Any pert of the tnan r nltleent fwnittore, WAAt by ?-? rtnownnd city makera B. Hal.UWIN. *1 Liberty ?tfntt HftrRFR ABI? 1/>T? TO HKI.I. ARtl RXtTIARftR IM a?ery pert r>l Ihn <- ty Reel haute bought, ?old u> I at. tbenyed ia e\err jutet of the fntted Metet it K. IfolTiB. American Real haute iifllra. J'7 itrtaidway, ib baeeaeat. , TTOt'h* AND I/>TR FOR RAl.R-A OOOD < HEAP 1 11 ni e fiw a rerroen four lea* and H< i?n oa To n ) llrkl 1 e nd. 1(0 feel we.t of Ftfth Aeenn*. Rrre ?!yn. 1 ttocbk and fvrnitvre tor halr at a ra.'ri. XI hee -1 ha new four etary brown etone llonan ) kelhm a*enne He tb- wtltb the Inam- or gn nod from (lurlel eeu: Pen t< rre Ui run with tenewel Of twe-ify <?>a ynaen. 'in tad r^nt f^Vi Furnttarr o?*a/lf n?w, tnmtj* by llui^|y? rt. il k?4 7'' t++i &"*v Wlu h* rtld u zm*rril?*kf tre'lM 1 for M fr ArplymA H M iRHf Al.l, ftl A. T. Ric? oi ft ^ Oo.'ft. bfttnftftp " ?nil 10 A. M. ! 7 1 ni'hR A N I> 1<< >T < >H .IKHSFV A V KNITR, J hlRsKl ITV, . J 1 Hn?"MM Im-i no W?jrMMr*?t, Jm*j ORy A up ? kj I J AtlhAi R A ? *OR|t, Km SunH Riehwopw ptanft. 'ftnc r lp. I ) ARK fHARt*K?FOR BAI.K, IK FCttOK AV 'TIC. J t HronAlyn. In rlnftft ft r.?M*ro, two thrrft of y hrtr? >1 w?i ' ftiid lx*?, ? Ikrpft p?rl o( ike mo < y r?n rrnnuf. liw y 'ho fnrtftr worn bn? h*n r.finlwd th- I ? n yftiro *? ? ? u) l>(?-ftry Apply lo l(MIKR A lA'PK.'l, Jfo. I .-i*n t* - t, I oirtfr of Ful too TOCAHYAtJUTK ?WORTHY OF AT IRRT10R A ? ? Rl ty holding p \mifr amount of R"?! KuMt In T .lft<* t >&tr? TfJ?em ?m ?i>A *l< h j?n ift rwf'ftftiVntftA to rftMr VAi ?' roil W> ftftll ftl two thP Aft rftftfc *?!'lft If Tft'l|ftn>Aft?r J i?| will iuhmit thft W> *vp*'ftnl r<*ftl ftntAin m< >t io? out ftl ( r ?<Mr??? room ho 2 OabtlnftMAl Kouk MuDdlng*. Nop 1haMftu rnntU TO KRCTf ANfIR F< R OOAfTfTlW A*I> Wl<Jf>ff?*-A trot rlftax rnftTMft froo' lloiuw in HimAlyn, ral i*hto f.m- I "At u nw tn Mimm th Cu'ioiy. If J, And fiftU ? .lit fi.i a i. * k ? ' u?' 'or m flrw otju? mfthlo w? -ikt ulnorr ' r Ihft r liin? fnftli of a ?'*blft. For p?rU 'il?ri j ijntrft .f W 11 WKI '.s, lft W.,11 Mro*t. r?nr Anii'M \JL* A KTKI>?fOOUO A' hKs 1RXAM LA KIM. HKV.VUN II it,? Rr?r ?! to'l Trh lir r1?<ri. lvpi ;.?i?niiiw *? loo l?p.Ift wiftbmp In ?wll | "- tiA rt> wriplion A . uii ?lft| r nt> in ?n<l ?>?trart of ultrain 21 I'U t wrapt, mrp oi Hiolbftl A* ?Dd FMnry, or ?d<li . ?4. nod 1 will rftll < ? vhwtn J IK. OORVFVU. W AR! Ft) TO I'l'Ri II ASK?A 1 IRsT < f.ARB Ofil KTRT R??iil> n.w . ?Fo-m in WrdftilK-fttwr im.ioly for wMeK | will hs pfttil Uh? fol'owrip |ir"n?rtr ?0'l th? iiftUnow in I A ftl iftiil# iini mvril Fftiin of I ?) of nhft blB ni .f?r iii,? Iftii mp, In hlrb fttfti" of ,'iltiiftono, tftft vooiDftuil. ll i? nil Iftlft.l a tnim, Millft, <m I'iftll ROor, tg I Plntt M'OLl) . >ti? III, It l? Wftll ft<l.t "4 in tkft taMnitna flfr Ini Hiofi bftOip, Wbftftt nod mn. (l ? looftUvl ir?rr?- Itftptfy ( (mi thi- tin rr'ftii mllnpil from f- ??' nwortA <'Ity to Ih* IfAOI - . _i Lj . ....... ml., Ikft Ullftr llwMl # ?'?. a I I.c BD.nKli.1 !*?<! r<*<i frtm liM mill* to Wnrtoa, uo lh" Ulaan'iO flrnr?dlaunfa (U?a*o mli'*, Wmdnn taih'?tarn nui of Ihr I' Ml ?> inly Kailfad. Art Irfaa by WUrr, glf . >,* d?.np?>- or {^^.LAOAT. bm^OUU. BO-BL TfAFTKO TO rrmniAI?*-A TWO ARB A HALT OK Vf Ihrrr atory t'OI"* limit* aort IxA, h*tw**A Wltmmlll u4 f.,r i*th ??eurf Hr?d?*jr. Any p?moo ha*? i( ?| to I ni At ? prtfi' nol to (li tbuaarH il> :!%/ <-<Mb. DIM adumaa Maun parttrulara, K O. Smitb. boi 1(3 H'ibM nMI'-a. WAKTKIl TO RUT?OK BXCHABOIt FOB T*K?I? rtato rttr prniwif a r>nrl Farm, wltb ??(>? tkkl darning. and fnwn thirty to on* b'indrM aarna, bnrd?r"i* MM Am Ml np Uto nnflh tod# if l^toi Inland, to'Ml b# MrtWul IB landta? and In a Wtlhy lr??i]?y Add"-* rltAi Oiii jarlimUn, w 11.1,1 AM F. HF.T1TK. U Kiwi Mf-*t, r ?MM CI ? nnn -" * wu OK o?? flF IIO.'W. tbfhrM i.iratod and MM paytw * ? * ? pr"p*rtl?a In K#? T?f%, for almrmrnd W? la Kaw TkS* rrlampaia >*)) n?*d apply ai 7? WMwaa ?r?*l B. M. rOwi.iK. *5200.000 tSf7-X."S, JTWS'S Wdlap wantad for K#*l Mnato and AT--* , *? fnr Mi*ri| lot In KaUrtoil AOntWi; nbmla'ton MB.OW Apply M(l.imill,M?W<wr, WMMMM.

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