Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1860 Page 3
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HOI -F? MtOHl, AC.. TO Li ft t riinuni in titHAU. thiv^DIIH UI A proTSmeota waier vm every floor, -pesm, ZT i*, -*e mat . oLcloth* 011 h*l>e tt>^ ?t,.rw )?; >!l ,u na^irK order, will be let by t^wrs ibro Jfph five roasss e? 'b akilKi' - " '" '' r* I .Tr.? ??deriie Atp > " H? pr?ml?>re. 'iTfr. -J"! ' ?! ' <vty first street. Mwwd tfca.'Cd and t?-J aver-ies. .ro*^| 10 to S, or to Jk- azeat, 7h SUTX>A>1 to7 bflooKi ?f?nue, from 7 to J A. M tad C %, f P. m _________ _ Ar,i'9kKl ROO* and bedroom adjc img?on scond floor, to let, ?,m ru, water. Ac completely fur(M?<l fo? boos- -,*eu c^, If .leetre.! Tbe bouse Is a r,-^i t a sU'-y br? *, occupied by a until family, ouoretuet.1 to can M stauaa, *2t East .VinetceotA ktTML AFPLKNDin MT Or PARLORS TO LET AT ?0 Hoed street lbree rooms deep, sod -on'jnnifiit sev?n sla m.k'j ii -ipm rh'-er- nia wood be tery deelrt'ie for tint luiDMriln: .-Irju dantist. ArtBRoTYFR GALLERY-WTlH 1NRTRCMEN TS, ape onecs. ihuvii'tM, A'- , complete. to let. Aim, ;?b!f foradenil.t mllHaer r <wher b'lalrean mJn r?m ? guod : *)*. Inquire ?t I'aJNK d Mercant le UiL. i Bowery, porc-V 0 <?anal atrect. AFTRWISHRn HOI'S* TO LKT-ON WATFJ'.KY piece |wr Weahinr-on auuare. II ie four rtoriem furorttied kil lkrou*h. all modern naprnrenla, Ac. Kent Vl.tSUO; v<w>wrtiai ; once; will be let to a prlrale family. KI.1SH1MHH A CO., 313 Konrtfcarenie. ("H'KVRNIEST TO BROADWAY AND THE BOWERYj 3P9 U4 *01 Fourth afreet. Your Room* can now be b *1 in tfe-t,e two is und pleoluntly ellualed houa*e,e<> vel! known lor the eueJlec.-e of : heir table# and aooominodai .ua. Din orr at 6. ___ fpARM HOrPB TO LBT-RRNT StOO TO 1ST BF APRIL A* next?In a pleasant*e near the *ca shore: perf ect.y healthy. no ferer and ague; alao to rent, aa extra, aomo FuraUnre Stable. Oow House. forty or leas acres of Land; 23 m!>a man New Y<-rh by terry twata. Inquire of UKOKOIt 1*. FOX, 10 Amity aueeu orsUtreJA* llrutadway, corner of Twelfth?. CDRNISHKD norsR TO RENT.?A VERY FRRTTY English baaement Uouap, nicely furnished throuahoal, on el Thirtieth street: netabllorhoon unexceptionable. Rent at Che rate of VI UK) till May. Leaae c ut be Led. JAR. R. EDWARDS, 177 Wert Twenty third streev FIRNLSHED HOrSETO LET-UNTIL MAY NEXT, JO W?? Sixteenth atreet, bet ween Flfh aad Sixth avennea. The teniae la live iriea. hvb atw-p, brown stone front, Vu in- mocern improvemeijia. item ?i ? per mnmn. r-.r itfrtl - r Inj i rmailon apply W J. C. BATTKBSBY, 14 JOh.i I Hirer:, up ?u.'i> (MH KKNT-THK NATIONAL HOTEL, AT RALTTr more. neap the depot of the H A O. R. R. The buddlug fekn,lis\ rig one hundred room*. The furniture oau be Sea* tit op reasonable lerma. Apply to JAR. W. UaRVKY, street, Baltimore. Half of a prtvatk stable to lot; also a fee re :d'e Pony for sale. Apply at H West Right ore th street pear SaA avenue. BOlSKtO RENT and FURNITURE FOR balk.-a very pretty House cn West Twenty third street, wuh KirsRiu e or part o: tusa Rett $700. ZAP. R EDWARDS, 777 Wort Twenty third street. f orr to lkt?fourth floor of building Ju SCJ.beast -orner of Frankfort and William streeta; twelve atre windows, to1 it way. gas, (Votun water; suiuh'e for soy fcwein'-se requiring good light. Inquire of THOM AH P. WILCOX, on the premise*. fVFICE8 TO LET?SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN, V/ ran be bad in a tlrst class house, on reasonable terms. Apply a: *6 West Twenty fourth street, between Fifth and eti h aveo .es. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET IN A PRTVATK FAMILY: Las jras and water: partly furnished If desire.!; plnAtui location reel $1.1 per month. Within Ave minutes' walk of Hamilton avenue tarry. Apply at 162 Degraw street, Brookes CTEAM POWER IN HPRUCEBTRKKT.?SEVERAL CON O vrnlenl Rooms with Steam Power, to leL Apply to 11. W. 0 KERNE, Aa U Bprnce street OTORKHOUBB TO LKAPC-$6 PUT BY 90; N1W O Boors, wry strong walls and heavy limbered, in perfect order. No. RJ9 Washington street, near Rector. Apply to A. M, CLARKE. 213 Broadway, rooms IB sad 17. np stairs. r LET-TO A PHYSICIAN, A FRONT BASEMENT, m s bandwimely furnished brown stone house, situated in < smarten avenue, near T hirty eighth street Address K. tar 142 Herald oflloe. ri 1.kt- the TOWER PART OF THE MODERN BUILT House iU East Twenty seventh street. iKiuatetiug of front Mad back Kumumi, hot anil cold water, bath and una. frout and bach pnrlnra, two law bedrtxane on foiudh Ooor; plenty of rewtry Inquire of BKKKMAN A BRO., d?0 Third y??c .a, corner of twenty -eighth rtrett. r' LBT.-IMMEDIATE POSSRR8ION OP ONE HALF OR mure front dHUt aev?nd tkxir, in Maiden lane, four do r? bta Broadway, an old calabllahed jeweller' office. Pre ent eerwsnnt rebrea on account of ill health. Addreta J., boi 3.C11 T. Ptat r LIT?FRONT BASMRNT ON BROOME STREET, AND rear bul ding, three Hour*, well babied with cartway rc waace on t'roaby atreet. For further partlculara apply to UDBIK A BRADBHKYH, 4-'l Broonae atreet. rro let-.a small fi-rn:shkd houric, no.w wk?t A IwentvatMh ktreeL Rettl fl.tlM per a-.i.,.m, or at that -ate 'or a leaarr period payable la advatp-e. Inquire nf LA WRKNt "K, Teal Eaut'.e Agrnt, aquare, nctt tl'tor to Raton Square. Hotel. fTMl l.ET?TT1K STORE NO. Md BROADWAY APPLY A to iv-SOA, tke hauer, 212 Broad way, corner of Pultco Pie^ ___________ TO LET-IN TYTLJJA VS?CRT, A TDKKK HfORY brick Uouae. Inquire at bl Madtaon abeet fpO LET?THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR OF A FIRST A cirea home, sinned In Filth XV'uue, above the Fifih AveMelii tel. permanent arnun jemeota preferred. Ad>Lr*ae O. B. A., l'n.".u aquare P<w. office. TO LET-TO A I ALII Y OF TWO OR TURKIC PERSONS J?* 'econd Floor ot a fcu tae, oonalatirig ef front and back wo. a..<.h?c, bedroom and pantrita. Apply at lltf Barrow a mt. -PH' LET - T ::k sEOOND floor and fron t basb. mm: if lb. modern lnph atony honae <66 Ninth avenue, not a tit cornet < f IL.rvy third afreet. Kent tddd per 14 tut. _ rT 1ET-THK FIRST FLOOR AND BACH BASEMENT tf Hbtiw No ii liir.a it cet. c ..a Vn< of a!< It x una, ai.h r>* and water; three H ??.? on the ?" >t,d door, a t'h (aa ain water, to a ?'"? ' fnnaly ltr.u re at SI K '.uk air "A. r LET?AN EI.KttANll.Y Pt'RND'HKD PARLOR, web l>dr<y ji ar.d Hath attach'-d. for .me nrtwn gentle a>t in a u at olaaa brown eWce ho .xe, in Tc?ly fourth at. wt, ut.i Ft.'-A aven e family prlnate- AddlNM 0. F. Aig'tatui, Etrwld ittce. _ _ ___ rLET-A PRC 'NT AND BACK PARLOR. WITO BEDru in attached, f rrixh -d or infn-ul Jt-d; will tie let etoerr. e'V or ^crtfc'r. Hot ae contain* all in*xtern imorove .< t >- L?i-atlon below atreet, and very uea- Prowlway. NT..; be M very rraw eaile to pertlee of rewpe-lability. Andre mi u. K L., Mc.rupoUiAA hroord offic-i, tly Broadway. r) IFr-TLE STORB NO. 125 MER'ER STRRKT, ia,ti.i |c fcr a .e' ar.-ery ir llquorat rc: reatlow. ApI ty u> > F. K At I?. ;? Cord*, dt atreet, up Maura. ypO l.FT?TO A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE. THREE A p'.eaaant and con ten cut Roctuk ucfuruiabm), ?t 3i ll?u y a.reet. a few Cnora abote Catharine; imu ?di?te p.aweaai wcau te Lad. rent 112 10 per roup Up Inquire on Ae prem ana T) LKT-LNFrRNI- JBD. LARGE ROOM AND CLOf. . , r two K > t.x n tPlr 1 ff.. r; ran and w tier, wwh pr.r ,ege ot oaik. flue yard, amall I'aimly 01 f tur peraais tr b"u?-. >1 na m.xlcrw e Inquire at ss Eavt Thirty acennd rreel, between third and Leaiugtoa Aveuuce. Board couIJ be arrwnrcd for or not T> I.KT?PBOONlr n.OOR or 1.18 WKRT TWg.NTT. four h *rr-1. kx tw^n Setenth and tli/blb arennem. atnaj *?m. r ?.aiy a. -pted. reu'. rnanonabla. Ir>>| auk an tile pre mjr- arn W. J. * HbOrtrf, tl H*rren street. T< I *1T-WTTII IVMK.niATK POR-RFBIOR, THR THRRK iU ry br vn f.. oe, Dwe...u? Ho'iae. north al !e uf Klriy anart*. air .'. h lm i? eatt of Klghlh a Ten'In, fit f.'"4 a i*v rei -te * .-.h all rr.ndtm xnpruaeintala. *uv<r to a > . OTT. Il Qoid atreet. Tl I.FT-A AM. HOUSK. AT 194 HK3T NT NRrRKNTIl street. one iioor from Ko t h ?om?, with >'rotou naler tew! Kaa. rent kilo ftr *no im lu mire neit door, la ibe ten store. rl LST-1HB KKfOND KI/inR or A (4 KXTKKI. bo IM .onentle* of IMI and nark Rooms, tan Rwli-o r.i end K iehMt. Gas and water. alth prtTtlcge at Iaji.Ij-) A|> M i 1U Kldridge a?*eet r> ixT- n tfvrvcv RTKKBT. *KAB cLa<won A\Kc e. Br?*l>r. a band sum- two story and a half Ho'iaa, it In ii a r?"d teuatiuw, and within lite tela otea walk at > TnAonnxeT- eara. Will ha Ticalef oa or He', re be U> of Notrember r.e-t. Rent fVni lor the ail mouths. Ju.-iirn at tit t -ee, uei?*? 11 A. M and t P H. T> MtT-r?.Of>RR THROUGH, FOUR A*H PIV? lornia In ih.we new brna n Moor lioonea am.ibwewt corner te ?w ?.nd a'"T ? and TblrJeih f rret lure bo' and o.>4d we er. urn'r mantels, entrea. warhtrayn. wa-er eloeeta: rn. In -' idioc .1 an la iera and nature*, the mor. oo lrentent h ..sea *n >a? ntT for ' . ii amal rent, for email reaper' < I imi.i"a Ret, ll"> J-J -tpt'lT on 1r pr?ini?v in rhw dr 14 e are ate r a. 1.4 Bast Tuirt) loorth esraat. T> l.FT-rCRJtlSHKll ??R l(KfI'RKIAflKO, \T!fH ear > p.? session. it' r> mmnii. it Owelluu m 'j?? >' >. te Beech Greet, near At. .'<An a part. 'W' at >ry ar 11 *?e man ; ? n * be ib. r w. A" all la i.ra irate order. A?p.y I K 'N aKD Ht lilT M i.nid atreat r) I.KT-IN BR'MlKf.YI*, PART OK A HKST ItBMK House. lour or dm Kooma ??a, cimran ant to cam, A' nail With a 'en minutes' nut m Munition arenue ferry, ie, hteithy and on reman! IncaUon, rant mjdrmt- oily one fan.,la In tbe bo ae No lu (I'jjuaaton atreet. between iu i ed * iinine atraata. Brook n a TO T.KT IN It HOOK LY5?THR KKlONO PI.OnR o?r| ae tl'lary afeet. three roome and one room ,,a tho | ?e??A, rent (iB per annora. eeaoa mlnniee' walk b? fcrriea, aa.,) car teatlly and no ch. dr> n iu h . tee fio in jB.utkY rirr-HoraR in7 Wekiirs .rnft J ?u between Haea and teeuben atreene. wl'b a I tbe e darn iat o emen.e, will b? let tnry lnw or lor a N>ariii.? Mm* laq'dre Mi; nonr. r trroR ron hai.k-a phakk stout iioI'sk, !1<IM?T.?ta areaue. hotorm fori* tlnrt an! ?'url> " i> i N " -j ih ill "Viiii Apii fb> I t WAiiSr.R, 1*0 Heat Toffy momiH n?ar K , bib *>eu>ie. *!f? *?!?? Mw ?ea to lat la Party aocoud atrr*. rl.RT OR 1 R A0R--TTfR STORR. 10* rVXT P?F. and liaae??rl. name mm, and Oflloee wed liirt'ed In ibe Mw Ht-qaa hj Nuaan m/m4 between Ful*ni and fr.iti r.rnem, *> Yorb. AppljJa P'RANllS BYRMt, til Nwvi atre-l rlkt or lf.ark? a l.arur. 1tki.i, rfll.t hootr ma'.ninlrf twenty two mnn, beautifully allualel no ibe earn hank o? ibe lladaoo mar. flfty by oara and rteem txmi lr tn i bamtiora tbe konaa la admirably Inroad far a Or*! .'.aaa Nmrd'.nt hou??, belnp orly lain mint,Ma* walk from k? railroad depot and atoaab<>al jtndin? rif rttlrff Ottfkab. arpria, Ar , for aala. If nut >aand the b mm arili be rrt-tail f :rr>*h<ol nMll Ut of April. F^rarUrnUni adArw J. P K _boi 11? Brrald n?oe Apoata nMd not apply. T) LKABK cr f??r RALK-THR hocffr ro, Broadway r.early ?? ; baa all modara tawpi n ^baaaknow orr i ted b? tba an I'a W. wttb raa* entraaee and grtaD> m-o*f Io<|-ureof * F. <- ARK AW. IjkM Broadway RFST.-A ?*At T1IRRK STORY AKI1 tuafU haneatent modern 1 - in Twenty umd'ji atrset, ar.d or" Id Tblneentb atrret. near Kiphth aranaa. la line or Bar pmanaaion Immediately App'y a< l?7 Water atraei, irom 1110 V r o M. LA WUtB. Ui Rln* aeenua. XJ07 AKP tn BROADWAY ? A SPI.FNniD WIT Odk I SHlaaaa, askable for Ibe mlUio?ry ? am- faaey dry pnoria bmrlnraa, on Ibe aer aid floor of tba marMf front balM.npa 6JT aaa n* Broadway, between H>. iamn aad Blearbrr nrrrta elan <Wb-a, to folia aad atnirla. It rem aa RWMUt verma. Apply to 1 CAHlUn ? Ma pram in, HOOtlf, MNMMh AV.. TO IBT. THE FOIXOWINO UOlHKS ARB O* 1 feiml \i nut by E II LCDLOW A >-"0 , No 3 floe at. fL'H.ifl-HKn. U? Jd ?v , eorner Tib el, throe ai>ry brlok. *U bth it , near N2d at, ngUah h?? oi'nt, to Bond order. )1? Mauiaon >v . hondaoorely lurnfcbed bnuae <*) 'Ah . rimer I'nlveraily place, Ibreeetory and ex'enirtot *1 Bt UNh It No. 4. lour atory brown lone bouar, n'r Sib at tad M.b ? , Nn 3t. near I nUerattT place, well furnkbed. Wru Itth r , No 21. near Mb a*.. three itory, high gtonp. We at :i<\ at., No 10, Erg bah haaement and brown alone. tv-o at . No. <?. elegantly furniabed throughout Writ nth at., No 120, near H dway, lour alorr, brown (ton* Wret :uth at, No. 1?U. four atory brtcb. near 7lb ar. \\ oat M b at., No N2, Bntltah baaement, m order. Wnt 3T.N at , No. <7. valuable house, nicely furnished. L'NKCKNINHED. aid tib at . valuable ho tee, with atab>e. lb j oat 17 0th at, near Cih ae? four atory brlob 7? Kaat lath at., brown atone. four atory. near ah ar. ':.'J Kaat 1Mb at, near I'niou air..trr, ail iinproTeuBonU. ad West 17 b at-, new, three atory English basement. Xt.*> Wnt Mih ft. four story English haaemtpt. *3 Hieerker it. neer B roadway, in good order. FOR SALE. Afikht CLASH HKHTAUR AST AND HAS KOI Ale? Advantageoualy located. handsomely fitted np an. au.r.g a protiiAole i, uatneee. Receipts lot) to 170 per day. Abu Bat anil Oyster i'.Cooc, a capital rtiance for a German. O. B. ho WIN A co., No. o Centre tu eet, opposite iba Park. A RARE CHANCB.-FOR SALE, THE LEASE ANI> FIX tures ?f the old eataillahed Hotel, called the Old Oak, L R< ith S'ghth street, near Peck alio ferry. Williamsburg, In getker with a large lager Hier Garden. with Umom Attached ulao one aiore, brick Building, rent very low. Apply ttnme distely on the prtuusea. A GOOD CHANCE?FOR A MAM ACQUAINTED WTTT u.e gentlemen's furnishing business; be mast have fmo fl.OtO to it Ml In ider to buy mt An old atand located in th st <re of a merchant tailor on Broadway The stock and flu turea are worth fi.btX). Rend low. A Aire* K. W., Tlerali ottl.e. Bakihv for bale?all fitted dp oompletj in a umt o.ars neighborhood, doing A good And lorreaair.i bu'dnesa. uid Offered low, in ?maw Pierre of going intootbe buslnem BIGG8 A SOUTH WICK, 8i Naraan street (NALORIC engine FOR HALE-BUT LITTLE THRU J ari in it rat r..te order. Apply to TKKDWKLL A PELL ah Fulton street. DINING saloon FOR HALE-LONO LEAHE AT LOT rent, handsomely Blind ip, go d location, on a pnocii? thoronthtare, doing a tirat clses money ntAktrg "iiiimfa, an offered low cm liberal terms. BIGGS A SOPH WICK, 82 Nassau street. Dining haloon. bar, and lodging hochk-foi ale, in ore 01 the principal thoroughfares of the city. 1 la iinnr v ?4uxy to apeak of the great advantages of this place as all paruculs a n .11 be given on application to C. B. HOWE A CO., No. C Centre alreet. opposite the Park. Drug store for sale-at a moderate pr o* Good location; fair business doing at present, and m ?y h improved; drat rale enures, bottles aud good stock. Theowne can't attend to IL Addr< as Pharmacy. Herald udlce. FOR BALE?ONE NEW 10 HORAE STEAM ENOIW1 and Boiler, ci.c 8 boreo steam Kngtne. with locoBS' tlvi Boiler: one 4 horse a earn Engine and Boiler, one *) honu Boiler, cue ?il borne Boiler, four large hovta* moving Hrrewe, i large Jot oi' Belting, a large lot of drill Steel, and 10,(100 Kin brick tor lining kilns, cupolas and setting boilers. For sail cheap by W. COL WELL A CO., 316 West Twenty-eighth at Ijlor sals?a CHINA, glass and CROCKKR1 1 Store, future* complete, on p romiaenl corner and *00, thcrmitb are, near a public m.irkel; o*ner ifofnf u> the ooun iry. Kor further particular* inqitlrn at No. iJD lludaon street A yen's need ont apply. FOR B ALR?A DINING AND BILLIARD SALOON now doinj the bafrkWheaa In the Twentieth ward, idlu ated U .be wrmu.-i ? go# <"f the H road way etace '.moa. Thi owner can he fn Inb U to 3 o'clock, at 3(0 Ninth ataone or A3 Uorlandl (treat. FOR BALK?STAND ltM KERCH ANTS' ROW. WSS1 Vi aahir y.ou tru . kef; rill be sold cheap Inquire of IHJN < v.N A -EaKaN, So. 1 Wert aireet. font of Barclay. FOR SALF-A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED HOTEL I? one of the beat location* in the city; term* moat easy, will pool %> un'.j ; not mucho.iah required! For particaUr* applj a: &U U: oadway. in tha baaemert. FOR 8AI.K?a first clash tea AND COFFFf shunted Ui a hue ihnronghfA'e and dott* a hand abate c. eo 1 jancta. A rplendl-1 chance. UiAOWN A ROSS, M Nassau a'reet. For sale-the stock and fixtures of a firri eltuw Millinery fore, w?J MttWilbed And doin* a varj .emuneretlve cash buainers To:e 1# ? '-tia .ce seldom ottered. BROWN A ROSS, S3 Martian'rest. For saix-an old established manufaotur In* buAinet*, of forty year* atandiu* In th's city; bum Coir.petition, *uJ all faculties for 1oln* a .ar*? and proiitabli trade, and with th- l.r*.!*; b< uses ia the city and cenntry. BKOAM A ROSS, W Nssann greet lUOB SALE?AN EXTENSIVE PROFITABUC BUS! V rea*. a lib large c ncracta for work and pr ?pe< t for Im mr-duit- increaet. The per*onai propeity, stock, Ac , are wortl al jitt the ..mennt asked A splendid cb tnee BiO'fs A SOUIHWICK, Named rtreet, ' GClR SAI.E-A MtPIUW ST/ED PTE tRN ,% wtRvrvj | r oafc, quite new: tor aaie at a baryatn. Inqatra at No. 1 I I'lre aueet, .ear tinee i flt'iR HAT.E-A LARGE VAMIIV ORO"RKY STORE I JP rleiantly fitted op: n*?a t .rt c ase s ock of *on?le b<>r*ea wtryina Ad , and a Ion* le?*e. Will be sold low for o-tih, 01 ( rpproved p.ipee, oe evchan*?d for productive property, *p ply batwten 3 and 3 o'clock, at 0 Boer 11 ut street, Brooklyn F'trR PATE A FIRST CLASS WATi'H AND JKWRLIll Lusic'n, tJej.rably bU'i&ted m th? mitt central portion o j 'ity ot VmiiKomfrj, Alt.; for nlo only lo coottqaeoee o ur* hu\ :r;' inean? ? ? < arr> it on M derired. For *TiA*g1ii4 In '.wrt. ive bttMneat ihititu opp jri mitt rareiy iuet vnu tor pnit. ?Art It ,.we of III AltiJ-.S Q. WILSON, 2gJUd? I 1 *!'?'. ticrt fair <-tif ir-tnn nai.tir: mi liard rat/iok f 111 Ti> i ? tn Mwl corner of Centre, doing ? Amruhiii I ? in KU. M.irt be wild immediately. Inquire on the pit | inane. PIIT1.' lilt' PFtA IKV'HK VKT FOR BALK- RORCAKil W '.Of. tor '.rale, J1190; tie hotel rant im $8 000 for f u rUthlng ar d bttlng 'ip. Apply to K U TL't'K.KR, I ill and li FoiiiiheUcct, WiUlaniebnrg A boy 11 ) Mri cud, ce wwllci !or.e In rear* old, for btla.ira room TJHPTtX. RATH AND AMBROTYPE OA1.I.KRY fill I m W rkmp. Thi i ia our or u?* ii. )* mil < ,P <j>.ii?H-e I. becilv ni| li-to *"h fverjlhtnir to carry n the tviwnrwa ( IflM -ail ill r.Li :ow. Inq Ore at Ute Uaiery, Ut Bo*ary ' /\l" IT.'. K ' K AND (iRAIR MILL AND A PORrinj V/ ?.t b l'-iec., for aa'e?CoooedadtM t?r*t and only mil l oi l - t.'-ir red . .n* to Impalpable p i.v lqr, with bard CDtil ahl.iira fttedlaf aurfurra eaaily repl*--1. BltftlB k SOCTHWI'TC, 82 iNnn ttreec STEAM EROTNR.?FOR 8A1.R CHF.AF, A SKCOKI hard eight borae Knrlne. Boiler, Duckey I'omp and *t the Flit irra; ?r. complete wortlnp order, food .< new. Apr! at toil ol booth IcjuUi clrcet, WUu.imal irv, K. D . ooal om < ruht. w. wuiix I M-o llCTi-I.FR3-A RARK Ol A J*!Tt.-FO R H AI.R OKI A ct the ok"** kcA beat looated Ment ao-1 V egrt-V.le rtand I r lha B iaery, btnaeen Third and Fonith atreeu. now ddng rood bratrraa. M1U he told cheap i'eoid th e week Katie'* 1 t<Tj r-w in wtU be given * ae?o* by apply1c< oo the pr< uara ______________ _ rOROi'KRP ?FOR PAL*. A GROCERY AND V H'tor (-tore, U .eluding leaae. doth ard flat'irtM, one hnrw vrngcr and barren*. Apply ua tie pte? iget, at 3b9 Right a v en ne. ________________________ jier ?A UAKK t 11 INCE.?-FOR 8 tl-K, V l.KinT, Rl 1 ?T I O. rpeottible H uur eea, req uiring on'c ten h?ara per d*| I dotal a fair ' whiree: aaliala 'ory r-amjp given for eelltng, an ternaa made raay Uali at 71 I" dton avenue, Brooklyn, h** meet Qiara- -FOR BALE. A PHOTOGRAPH OA1J.KR1 f iZi). with everatMnn comt lete to carry on the bualnm In all tie traoehea loehuUng aood whole and half alxed 1 '.im i .ia; coal more thar. double 'he tn iary. Apply at 23d idrai rreet noi'heaaf corner Bowery l\IW\ -Ff?R RALH. T11K MASK AND fl Kt ieJ.IIUl/. tur- if a noted, f fiM.v 1 - aied fo- dinn ; Wmilehl"* buatneea. Thla 1a * rare chance. OH half of u kI?tc kin< <u>t (AO, if tic party <i?i?irr* r-i?:o on tbc t'irr pj- App'y t" T B. ("flAHr A CO Mb Broadway, room N I I, thin! root. milliards. AND TRRWRNDIOCN KAtTITl B cni u> bti'iarj la! 'e OoafcJMa- the ucop'.e bare ifc-ur I for W H. Grill tV? ii?w Impr .Tfd < .rhtooaand T?l lea. pre , aoeeeea overall ottri*. For ??Je a pleo'lM *<** <* newai I ? , -id fp nd TlMn at fWD *14 IISO. prVBie br?.?aa t nrniahe Cal? ml uiaunce at ORl/Hi ll H fact. try. 116 FuNjo aura*. LIIKiKKR, MILLIARD MaKKR 90 AN , K,? K?baJ aod Winmem Ll9 Fuivtc urn C-?at I i* ? ra oan ?>? auppUed u auai wttb my patent iafcb>t en I by a*e. at 90 Auti a.reat- at the .aual pileee, ^Jjer omit < L. PKt KKR pHKI.A* (irKD MLLIAl?n TAR! .tUM Ard CrfBPtne'Joo '"nahf-ma NUU.AN A c> J.Rl*nitR. m - man fartnrera U to* tVoe'y atrect, New Tort, t>CRCHa??RR or lUMJARH attkn m I <U'n ?ill fir ibrir ani protartl.w, ne pai-Hru-ir m a<-e i IH.11). jl tjkS pHe for Ckarlaa flood) ra:' a tnrentton of V rani/ed India R tbher, t? *!!? !.?d to ?c b table. ?? witbo'tl tbr reo' . h tabic eUlbeUiefra' a?4 for Hi-'protect ion M??-r* I'betoP A I Jl?-nd?r. wb .bare pii/ettacd Uj?e<ui* rtaht fr< r i? we w'.ll Drcwi r.e ad aich iofrtn??nienU 11 >H H tKI.IINH ANII I'A' A 1NU ' iMfANJ. | Nta V? a. A :j iat SO, MSB. pt.RI.AN uJvp!lovKl, alift TA MI.E'I Aa<1 t'ombiOAtlrn < *i??lona. We V? to (aforei the pibho Itet in fntnre w? will make red i ire n/'T rc? con on ourlai aa tor ad < Mb or'I era lb ?rr? rr ?n Oe- pub*- Ike beat lablee maati adored ai tbe krwi y 'mbit pr:re fhU,*H A COU.KWl>fi>t. U'K w: jroTri a TO iwt MAJfirAcrrriKM AN p mh w?i? billiard UMaa thai ?? hik?? ? Art u> Nooai fn-'ar A 'Itm1" ti? ?< : m.? -VMlitar i?? an 1 apulir Itnr. of < v "?r? ilrridjrar'a lnv?r.t.'itl of to! *o /?1 iVw r?j?r. or IndWk HnhMf. 'Or ??t"t i patrnt ** t/i I Itii'liWf rtak. I J'kar 15. 1M4, ml ?>itrnl?1 .funr 1.1 MM f lrtlliarrt Ao<t mu ili -trroni <4 hUliard u>)?a a > hrrrri omif.*! Ik*) ail-Oilom pi.rabrw* of rntcanind rnhb ' T hi :?Td IV t?a r ia? ba mad" f?om XMara Pholan A O >n-1rr a<ki all j.'i i;t? no 'a.a right will b? ph?rcovod I ) tig to th" foil ">i"nt of <ta" law. HkW 1 OF K klltl.riKu AND TACKIEO '"OWI'AJfT. Irtwt 10 1M0 rt mmn H . AriFST I'hknk m ENaMRI.I.KDOK Oft WNEDHITI Of <"baia bar Fura It'ir" fnc *?, la all eo'ica and alTll j a*' Kaddli>?<if *?? ? 4a? Motion. ICnri arUrl* warrant. I i ai **.rM?Dlrd F. >' woo DBA] DOE. RndTt and HnMn rti? !, (tto d<?ta Iran Qanal. Abkdrooe fvit or rrainrpi f.rIB, lit a'- < (.of warrxntrd*. All I I" 11 UnTiu: 1 haarAxr l ? .? and art amrntal, al FA I RIMITo.N .? nrir.nKM "anal aliar. opp-atl# Wonaw Ka'abllahrd .11 1MR Knamkm.fd i'hambkr rrit* or ftrniturb i ail ooiori Mil Wja a at wk Waaala or rot*. . at n: and rwar'r ala? lfattrMB"a and I'allinaaaa WAftREM WaRO, ?7'Anal (total. l oar donra Mat of Bmalrw IjlCR.NITrF* AT FRTVAT* R4I.E ART FA RT r ?krnt mmmanring boiia> bar pilar. ran obtain t*a rati fr-raHitarOf a bn uw Inn a fair I j about alrta# jp, br *PF> la* w> let Hiawkrr atnwt, coraar of tkomi<mm, USVMR 1 stalk A. K-. atd I o'clock F. M. NEW YORK HERALD, FR IlOVItDIW. AND LODtilXO. A PRIVATE FAMILY. RRXIPIM'J IN A FIRST t'UHH A hoi-ne, 101' East Fourteenth street, apposite 10 the Acade my of Kite, would lei > few elegant Parlors ad J Beironme o families or strgle gentlemen, with Board. Owner a i o'clock I*. M. Reference re.mired. ? a private family, residing a* m west twee ' A ty third etreet, would ereammhdaia s (until family or -wo > n.tlemen with pleasant Rooms end Board. A splendid suit op rooms cam be obtained (11,1* Broadway, between Twenty Aflh end Tweuty' aUth (treeu, with privste table. Near the Fifth Arenue Hotel. A LARGE PRONT ROOM. WITH PULL BOARD. SUITable for two Uncle gentlemen, also, e large fro it hall bedronai, can be obtained at No 6 Wrwt Twenty fourth street, opposite the Fifth Avenue liotel; location particularly demrm ble. A handsome suit op furnished parlors, three rooms deep, will be let separately or together. Aleo, a large and inuJ room on second boor, very pleasant location; 100 Ninth street, between Broadway and University plane. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVINO TAB UN THE HOUSE No. 106 Mard.ucal street. wl I let to d ret cUm Boarders I one or two pleasant Rooma. House contains all the modem >, un pro. erne nts. AT 104 OKAMPRUY PARK (EAST TWENTY PIRST Bit ret1 -Gent eaten and their wlvea ah<l a f"w single gentlemen an be accommodated with handaomely f ^rniahad and pleasantly alt iat?d rooma. with Board. [ A NEAT FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-IN A PRIVATE '1 fx lamily. Inquire at 1W Spring stret t. i. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WITH PULL OR partial Board, three or four pleasant Rooma. Hottae fur1 nlafaed ?Uh gas and bath. Refer-r. -ea et,'luti Inquire at jj S3 East Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. . A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SPIT OP H\ND1 A irately furniahed Rooms, oonalatlng of the entire aneond floor, together or separate. without ooard. to gentlemm only, by applying a; It! Ninth atreet, third door eaet of jj Broadway. r A SUIT OP WELL FURNISHED ROOMS To I.RT-seA rood flonr, fronl, with Hoard. aim it single mom. In a drat Mbmntfoaa b.-.uee convenient to care and three lines ol' ' stages, 71 Went Fourteenth street, t!r*t ho'iae u> Sixth avenue. ^ PRIVATE FVM'I.t. 121 EAST TlilRrt FOURTH T single g?stl?inen, wlIlT IT am en reasonstie terms. Rele J rences exchanged. AOENTTJtMA N AMD W1FB, OR TWO SINOL.K ORNliftmen, can be aivotumodaied with.a larie rtvra, and extension Room, on second floor, la a flr?t r.h.ia I. >i?-. ?.ih n'l ? the modem lmpr^vemente, and w her" the cotnloitsoi a h une ' may be enjoyed. For further psrtK'ulsra please nail st iVi [ I'nim suect, South BrxuTyn, between Cuntou and noun ? sire-la. AFl RNTPmtD BEDROOM TO LRT?SL'JTARLR FOB ? tingle gentlnm-D, in ft quiet house where no other B bn?r lers ?re; convenient to cart and stages; root per innath v W. to Third avenue, ueur corner of Tooth street. A li ght kiij given. 5 k FRW GENTLEMEN OR OKNTI.RMRN AND THRIK ? it. wivtft esa o? <>ti.DV dated with p.easxDi luri.isbed 9 F oms and full or jarial Board in ? a Hall private fsuttly. t panu irs "as a DO t-a.b. Inquire ftt Id Twentieth street, B Deer Broadway. AIIRNI8HKD ROOK TO LIT-INQUIRE AT i3 f Charl' s street, for two days. 1 A NICKLT FURWIKHKD ROOM TO I.ET?WTTH BOARD, A In a house delightfully aitualad a few- doors from be Ants aten.ia earn and stages, suitable for a gentleman and wife or smile gentlemen. bath, gat, Ac. Belerences exchanged. Aiqily ut 21 West Twenty first street. ' ft TOD NO GENTLEMAN. WIIO CAN OIVR ORDRRA 1 aV on a dre proof safe mac ufacturer. would Uke to exchange t a Safe say I71> or MOO, or larger If the dirfereue would Be paid.) tor Board, good I'lulblug or ciauan made Bouts and Shoes. Address boi JW Herald offlce. r . ? . ? i. , \ WIDOW LADY RESIDING IN WE.iT TWKN flKTB street, would lake two young lad!-"* Into her fan;'. who work out hmugb the week and need board only on Sun lays. ' Call at the office of the Troti etant Knlacopal Brotherhood, lilt > Foutlh avenue, between Tweltib and Thirteenth streeia, refe' resees exchanged. A FEW YOrifO GENTLEMEN CAN BR ACJOMKOdated w ith good board and pleasant, airy robins, by appljit'g si 177 Katt Broadway. ABM ALL, QUIET FAMII.T, LIVING IN ONI OF THR moat daau able locations in the city, will let a handaoasely r Itsrntahed Kround Floor'to gentlemen or xent'emen and their r wires. Call Rt 14 East Twcur fourth street, opposite the Fifth A venue IT'tel. AYOrHu'WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE NEAR I'ow n>.,uare, has elegartlyjfarntsheil R<xim? Is let.wi n > ont board, Jby the dsy, week or mouth. Adilress L. A. O. 1 MadPrn | Uar? Post OSce. APIFAMANT HOME.?ONK OR TWO GRNTLKMKN sen heir w vt s or a ft * angle gstolen, en desiring cjod aaommida'lrne ?nd the cmforts of a h me so obtain them by applying at, U7 P errep iut stiset, near Fulton uiret, I Brcihfyu. * A SUIT OF ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR. ALSO OMR It'XMn f,o third floor, b) let, n.ruiabed. with or without ' rati 1 Vaird. to two >r 'hree gentleir cu; b iuse has -,?.s. i ath, t i- To''ucb in want cf a bouse an opport'intty la uttered, beiig i ft iiuiuit ntivrro' e r<*< nroa. ah.j ?i ji j*i.e Iitreet, 1 eiwren Ki<h.h nod Ninth ura-m. A WlIxiW I ADT. UVIRQ 1* TIT! VICINITY OF , l\ > .i h av? 0 ?i Fourtftnith 4lreet, can *c>nmii 1?t? | n lady ftnd yni ???? or two amain *d.o? with pleft??nt I'tirntftin ! R' ;uft; it *rd lor laol** oiuy. He;ertu;n?i..loi,j' i Addieaa >: A. O., R?rMd n? ?, A^m SVTT OF Ft'RNIBHItD ROOMS TO LET TOR TOR wii.tar, c<r)?t?-Jntt it ft bUUuk room, two l>n.irouinft and ? kHi ( > (with neof l.atk, ftll7< F . .r-h*\. i u? Iwtwon r.ven, | iv i.r?l aiid T? tut/ *< oDd Mrceta. Keut li -ni ID u> $10 per week. A| CQUICK OK HANDSOMELY KI KNHURD ROOMS no socond f *ir, at'.Ii gar and nae o bn.h >!!* ilo tor crnUi'Mrn und tliftir ?l?t?. Also Room* for atugleftidk nan, to )< ' Board lnclndm.-, good bona!, dtaoar ? ft Mo * *r>-cu-i etr-f 1, near Bow r.ry. AAKRY SV ILL F 4 YII.Y WOULD RKXT 7 WO ROOMS mid two feiln .in*u>*?'EtM?*ii or?r?oi>'mftn and aim, with or alifenut Vuaia, !*)?? ofl,pr ,?r.t U> llroadft ?v. A <pi/ ni .'5 Stuyrnft.ut fttr-rt. hat ween I irat fttwl Second ftvrnuM Wot tilr, I and tenth >L fift. TJOARD.-TO Rr VACATED. 111K URST WKliK IK J? -rt two R.->in?, at OS W?ft? I. reeutb iire?t, between 1Mb n t ,-u'h aveo ft ' TJoARD.?A ri.lAB.ANT BACK PARLOR TO LKT, II with RoirH. !'? a ftriul'ir.aa ftnd wife or two ftli.i'e g*Bt> rero ft'ftoftinxm on the ircouA li.<or. Api ly ?l ts?l ,n t jlrerl, r."?r < LimU'vorr Luaftr ft! 6 KftAaodgtr i TJOARD.-A OF-NTI-KM AM IKP *'.FE INi) JtvjOR ' J) ftt'l?S?n "in he tivKBt'.'OK! ftr b > A - H ftnl anil p.euaar.t R'-om, havirg gaft. '.alb he, it V?i : Bro. if-ftrfttt bet>"?n Centre and flowrry. Perftou? m red ^ gioua hftbtta preferred. Board ~ to i,kt. with board, a large, h and *40e I'm lor, wtih WtuiM. ft. " i It of cotnfortftV.ft ? Room* on the *r?>r.d door. AfpIj ? ? OUm plftoe, Fi/bth * etrcl. _ * TJOARD?TWO K AMI I.IKS CAN BE AOcOMMOI>\rM> [" J) ,.| h ?nRo nf front Room ft. on xxwid and third 11 *>r?; * to Hiy a lor ( ntienaru. at IsV end lstl ffm Fourteenth . euret. II< era (lr?t "'.ift? Planrr *? ??i o cSock^ [ TJOARD?it FiinY. OdTITllW A MODRRN a family, cr two rmtlemen and their wliee, with four p'.esciot wra Board. No nbrr t>o*rd?rw. AMrn J. P. U , Herald Bee, for three ds)* k'i?r"i.? eicieuiired. h flOABD.-A OKVTIKMAV ASP WIPR, OR TWO KIM* . J) , : ge vlemen can ^?--. ir.inni!.ilM*.lh H u.i, f-if inal.rd iipluiiintird. us the he. cd or third t i\irun , with _ fu.lort rt'al 1'oard. nnd ? rlrasint bom'* at West Tweo j l) ?r, ..ud itrert, between hnvb and Heveoth H' liin. '' 1>0AK? -(.KXTIBUKS AND THK1R Wit Be. All I) |4 |> > '?rit>r ien may oM pleasant Rrwnre ai d rood flM The location la dsstreble and c given leal to mr a*: ?Ugr route# A) ply at 1.1 Aiblwnd pUr", aeonn.l door I mm j. Way*t ley pice. Perry atrwei. K-'erei.ea #?, hang *d. e 1JOAIID-AT If) WKST TWBRTT SIXTH * IR'tlll. ... J.J roi f am Hire ?r a Map'." renJemer. llmtt trat c'?m nrd firntaled BOARO.-w ashivoto* RQPARR, ROUTM.-H A VH ? w.ely f ibatad Boon a, .lt*h!? fee fan Hen to let, with H-urd, ai the al- ye de tgVfn ..eei.-ia. Ala . It-. .t>a for * atn?> , i '.ienien Isi d.e at S3 Pvirth Wrest, Waah t eam ao'iarr south, al _ * T><ARD-A O .VTI.KM AN AMP WIPK, OR TW'l-IJf-il.B Jj 1 .IXnnn, ran otita . r 'eao' Ro ma, a k H?H n a modern bo i?e located at itt SU-th street a fen do.m ?>et of ~ Broadway V * TJOARr-PoR A LADT A*I> fiV.IfTI.BM \S r* A pl*:v Im D ptlvale fam'ly, ?b?r? tker-aee ?n other boarders. Terms 4 ao'alrrate Address M. O. P., Horn t iflie. TTOARP-n.TTTO* ri,A'W-A PAMIIT AND ORB If or two ?W" er nleoaen car ohta.n . ?r> deetr>Me foraehr.! R >??. wMhTRoor-.l, at CX Clinton pi y?, two doors ens'. | srlnflh a,warns. 1?? <KI> 111 CM mo* PI A S- HOl'KR FORM VRt.Y <M1* C> copied liy I .dee Damee. n'.<*e a-n (jr families: b.rge Is it. - c .i d i ItA.rdS ai. -II c?nt ai?d ?. - s i ,r 'atl'.r t. with full w pa:OS. Hoe, , at id f flint pa > 'a ISO AW* IV i 1 IBVQK P* A1 '* I OB . >IVTt,*VKV AMI* of ' l? t> i. t e < for a ?g ear. man. I a* wo : Se .nd o PI ?,r i i '? had for a for* , or r*rty. A'.e> the Batera-ol form ee Apply al 97 < anion |neee. BOAHP \RI* NKATM rcRvi-fiRO Rftowt WAVTed J., llnyh'in roi.r, ten; i ih? feryma, I Ufa e an. w?f<, eon and two Vt> da r' ' rs. th? yrtie and da siI>ra |I r- .oinp darj ui'.l < . ' 1. .. a ; ? ! a ?t?nt:al a ble aad *i ana rem'irts re?a M>e tarmi ar to M "at ll'ti iyr mmih la. nline one ure end r?a An lr?es <1. H. 'l> l *01 * Prat BO I a P WARTV.n- FOR < KRTLBW A It AND W1PR, 1R the air ntty rf TwenlT third afreet, te'.ween 8?rei th aud ? Tenth aren-.ea. Addreas. I or ca,e *?fc C. W. J., Ma.' ? n * Bfuare Pual < Bee. JJ- tTOAlin WAMlKD-rOR A I.APT ARP MBBTUIVA*, JD In a -eeprri*. ie loratton. fell -eril for lady on'* loe** ten haieern Tenth and Thirtieth a'/eata. addreee, a it ..I ^ vartlcu'ara, J. A. C., Med ana , .are Poet od>e. tj TJO IRP W 'iPTF.P?BY A TOrSO T.APT IV A ' RI Jl rate fam. v, or where there are few or no h-ierd?ra. Infatten to he weal of Th'rd arsmeaod no* aboieTwe 'th?trest. W.M?U! he penaaneel if a i"?d. Addrraa rt J , Berr.I ..toe, for two daya. Be particular In ratine term* And in et-on. ^ "Il'i ARIi W ARIIP- TO ItClAIff IfT* I.AAT W>1* OPtlT ' XJ I't *r reit fcr a ? I '. 'm.m. ? :e S?d serTaoi insnr.yae afair.tly, hi a ei'dem hnilt botiae pboye pos/Wrth ilreei. wr?t of Po'.i'k tvrrue: the aeeood. S ?ir re.(nlrsd. The nie?:s to bs Ml *?-? > ' r.reat tsf!. f A rl^rWWB Kf, . U )* M l* - fJOARn WARTRT)?A YOCMil MAR, IN A I'[,AIR ' I> pnrnt# fnir j whe # be a* fniflr he r. mf mi <* > h. n ? ,n<1 n??r in Me bnaieaa pan* nf the Hi? llwM :: * J to*. Ml) ?r* *?*? A.tdr?? J. r. P.. w. TYOARP WARTRD-IM PnoOKLTW JHCAR WATX OB m At FnUao ferry. lor a ?*nUem?n an.I wife ft- h ? and 11# appntntmei if* to b* Irnl .lew and ennnfnrtaMe. Plena* aditmea bo? I <77 Pont ofT"*. N Y . with fall p*rj i *r? a* l? loratlrn M rontn and term* References tuen an>1 re. -I'reiL UOAin WtKTICIl - A OKRTI KMA* W I I.p f.'KK 1 I ? ire ,? ?. /.. , , a -? * a ivd n i .1 i i . #e e h re h'*i ' l..r k.nM : a :< r> !7i.?r*. laid onrae ?. r bwur- Ml prfrale ta'-le. In a arra . pr rate family. p'euwr ',i raA'd. bb"*a Nintb ?irt*u A .'taa fi A, l/l l.fel r*t .X.*, wHA .'ail t artIc ii*ra. IDAY, AUGUST ai, icco. 0AHDISO AM? LUDena. | Board wantbd-ry a gkntirnan and his , A Room on *?,i ur -hird mmr. for wbi' b th'-y wouid pay mm $4t to Ml per month. nx-U'D MAr the Coo | per Ineutute or Inioo Aujare preferred. Ada. em w.thfull particulars, X. Y. A, 8mm oSce. Board wantrd-in a private family or

where there are but few boardem. Parlor and Urfo Bed ut>m, for a eeuileman, wife and IIlike gir\, location ihh above i Uirty to arts afreet. Addrenw, with nwiueula-e, bo a 7U7 Poet ffice. * Board wantep-for a gentleman and wifk. In ? private fouuly. not to ei -oed >11 per week, bet ?een X eeeter oad Tweaty Odixt atieela end 'Sixth end Nialb tieui 00 Beet of reference# gives end required. Addreee H. B , II ere Id ofllce. BOARDING- 01 GREENWICH 8TRKRT. A FF.W gen- , Uemen ceo be accommodated wnb Boord et Mrs. TAY- 1 IaiK'8. Terwa >3 end >i 50 per week. BOARDING-A CiKNTl AN AND wife AND A few j atngle'cenflemen who *re seeking neat coaafortahle Koome, wltb Board, fni the earning winter, oan tlnd snob by applting ; the week at 111 East Nineteenth street Terma for two #9 end ice per week, Including fee. Apply as above. Coaveuiem to I caie. I BOARDINO-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms ' may be had with Board, the en ire Seoord Floor, with i.r rate table S leaned, at 71 last Twenty third aureet, Pi nrth avanue. 1 Boardinq.-roomr for ~0 FAMILIES or sin- j gle gentlemen can be olta: a at 11 Raat Fifteenth street. Terma reasonable. Dinner at u o'clock. Location uucir- . paaaeil. j Brooklyn board.-a gentleman and wifror *in*> gentlmen, can have fine accommodations in a plea em t location cotvenient to South or Wall street ferry; b rute , bar all the modern Improvement#; >18 Uicka street, near Joralemoc. . Ttntin IN DRcntiTV-i ncxTi.EUiv awn wive D and two single geodemea can be accommodated with Board In a ??'.) family where few board era are taken, and convenient to Fulton and Wall atreet ferriea. Apply at M Henry Ureal Pinner at 1 Board in Brooklyn -a gkntlman and wifi and a few alngle gentlemen can be ac-ommorteted wtth good Board- In a modern built bonne; hoi and cold hatha, and , at a reaanuable rate; a good table, bouae wall f-.rushed. Inquire at MB A<fcuiia atreet. Board in brooklyn.-a oentlkman and his wife, or a few tingle gentlemen may had dealrable r> r una nt'b Hour,I, at 101Clinton atreet. corner of State, convenient to ! Wall atreet and fcu th Reiereneea eiuhanged. Board in brooklyn.-nkwly furnished and very pleasaut Rooms In enlta or tingle, In a Ural clang bouae, with all the modern Improvements with foil or partial Board, are offered by a email private family. Referent en re quired. Apply at III ('Union atreet. Board in Brooklyn.?a gkntlkm a.n can find , a large cr small handsomely F irrlahed Boom at W Clinton atreei, flvv mln itee''rom Wall atreet and Booth farriei: gaa. batb. Ac. Board in Brooklyn.-a married couplr or ingle gerilemen aan secure handsome Kooma. wi'ta good Roard, lo a mat olaa.-t bo'ite, acithln ten mliriteg' walk of 'ulton mid Wall atreet fn rtea. Apply m 200 Washington atreet, Brooklyn Board in rrooklyn.?uentlknkn with thktr tvli ee, or -uncle gentlemen, "an he accommodated with pieaaant Rooms an 1 Board at 119 S? tb Oxford atreet Tho*e d?alronnof engaging board for the wlut?r will nnd thlaadeMphiful locatioe. and where they < an re* lie the mm:on* of a home. House onialns m<d?rn Improvementa. Ran, bath. Ac., aid very conienient to the Fulton and Atlantic aieeue ara. Board in Brooklyn-two okntlkmkk and their tvivea. or v few gentlemen, may t'.nd de?.t% I ble Rooms, with good Board, at It Weat Warreu street, oome nlent to Wei) atreet or Scdb ferry. i? . , . .... .. Board in Brooklyn -a few rtnolr gentlemen, or famlliee. can be accommodated with p'eaaint Rooma. fnrnlabed to auit. at 221 s.ale atreet. Bleaaaut location; trrma moderate. Board in brooki.yn-no. it* amity rtrit.t.-a gentlemat. and wife can obtain Board, with a pleasant Kccid, or Room and Bedroom. Also Room* for tingle gentlemar. Tbe bouae baa all the modern improvements Board in noniR. MRMW rooms, win . Board, at I-* Willow street, Rrooklyn Heights, the minuiea* waL from either Wall or Fulton atreet ferry. Board in Brooklyn.?gentlemen or gentlern n and tbe.r wtveaaan tlnd pleaaant Rooms furn.abod 1 or unf'irnlabed. with Board, at 2*2 Hitka atregt, between Wall and South ferries Board in rocth Brooklyn -a priyatn fami- i ly o< upytrg a handsomely furnished bouae. the houlh ferry, ana having mare room than the; require, ofler i :be ad'.sruages ?t a oomfortaMe and pleasant borne to odo or Iwo parties (Wring to settle tbemaelves for tbe whiter. Be- I fegences re; Add.-tla Vki IX agresa atreet, four doura Iron. Henry. BO ARD WANTED in BROOKLVN.-A YOINO VAN deaire# pert'*) loard In t private family. L ration oottTm.ent 10 tfce ferrMa. A'Wrn>, with pertic.lere, K. W. D., Herald oftoe Board on brooeltn height*.-a private temlly, wAo it hoarder*, een eery taimfortably err immodate two nag:* p-endrmea tor the fall end winter. Inquire , aiUCraa berry (tree*. Board on brooelt* heights.?a gentleman ; end wife, or two renti?rr?e can be nrcommolUni ?ntA tcejy fumiabrd Rootna end Board; ell the modem improvemeata In the b'.'tae, aa1 * Itbio Are tnla itee'walk of I'-Jton rtf I We:, etreet ferrp. Apply et flil Blekfl etreet. Board ik willi.amsbiro, one minctk'b wai.r from the crrt'e -a fuOaiaan end hla wife. or three I atlla'1* B*BtlameW, een be aaonntaodeted with Hoard end plea I em i Rooir l.j applying et 11! Ho'.'.b Elgbih etreet- Ittan-r id I 6 o'clock. Elegantly furnished rooms at the hotel St. <J?rir*in En h *vetr:?, Broadway end Twenty-* end etreot. Feml'tea end Binflo geotlMMn deajitngto raaitn pern er.en *rr?T4:etxi?'tli can Dow " 'try chox e -.una of r'.oi m* in t.a d<- llplui illy luce'edRiote!. f'r aNKFOKT ROC RE, CORNER OP FRANkFOItr aKP W.iiaun ruaeia. N. V ?Alufle R <?r? from tfir to K/o. per n'*h\ or (I to to per week. Howm oewly fnruiehed. wKh a food Xaatanraot Htu.cb.-d. Open ell nlfbb (DRENCH BOARD. FRENCH LRM.riNH._A FRONT A1 Parlor, infurn ehed. end two il'driajute, fnrtiehe |, to let. art ere-nly, tn a Parianui lamily. ll'inf la a IL ?t el??? time, rootalr r< ai the m.-dtTD lo.p rorewtnte. Apply et 9(1 La. t Twenty aneond etreet. rruNlAHVID ROOVR TO LET-TO tiRNTI.KEK' IJ a. h.. It 1 -rd. .1 ?7 Amity ?tr~t. lietb. ft and >>lh< r OB' wmttm In '.k? booee. fltagee paea lite door. FTRVl'lirn- FRONT ROOM and rk.irony _<n ,.tr?e I ot Ram. eer.ii d. In e .|Uirt -J-ct. Kie; eda^uf Ur?i ? viu !' an.ou and terms. U. M , ewe t ? J.lij Po<i T?..r. thrni ifp r*k; or ajin bkdroo* and btn<)t.k r Km mi t'i >t, U> feoueneo only, n ? ;rat ciaaa boat*, ok .n? el the modern cmer nwM wi t or without H-erd in a prtea'e fnoilj. Kerry ?-i?n i.?d \? i.l be paid m make home>. Apt/ .- atjtfi tea: f -urteen'h * e?t FCRNIHiVP ROOJIB.?Nt" : COMFORT AHT.T FCR cthH K n < '.nd Rednrwna forrmal? fuml'-M. from 12 . to pi p- r week, at i'?? Kll/alieih t xeet near Bro .t?". CroWu ne'er :t. -ft '.be botae and All roetewiite*. Ft RXI?n*n ROOM T<> T.RT TO OEim.tMRM-ONR | l..r*e pteaaant R um ?tltnt)le for two tend- men. ?'? nr allrr P.i/joti. T.-rttu moderate. Apply for throe day* at Sf r, hartne r?er. between llaory ai.d Mad 1*111. T.THNI'BFn ROOM* IN BROADWAY?HOl'BC FIR-T f e> ?, hantaemely furaiebed, cavtai all modern ha (. . n a ? at 1 ' fit on >r.1e* a. . at tra! and :3 11. ad way. Latwecu iwe-fth and 11 .F.eenlh ntttXa. (-tRKTIKh'A* VSnWIFt. OR IHROt.R OKSTLRMRN, JT ran baaoaotun.'? at- wih ahanlt tnr bMbfMI ? l rat rla-ia he i?a. loratt n ?ary .eatrab'.e; at cmU/.C to Fulton te / y. Apply a a aoeoril at real. Brooklyn. FNTl.FMkN CAN HR A'VOVIIonATKn WITH *? Room, alt,ale nr in wdt. with Board if r- , u.-ed, at If 1 eelbh '.??at. Mwur ''rHrr raity t lace* and Fifth aieotia lie .a* e ?i*M die ni -de.n iwpruiamaL a. Kefarrtcaa tptrn ?r.d rr-.'ilrrd. HaNPSi.MFDT FVBHIMIRn Arm OF ROOMS TO BR lai. atnaly nr tncelker. la aRrat rlaaa rr.ieta b ,ta? baa all the mod' ro imi mretnenta la oo* of the brat lo-alnma In fceolty. It . at ha 111 Ninth wreet mew number/, near Iliaadway HALl. BRDROOM, WITH BOARD, IN A FBIVATI family. at 117 Brooke atreet. HONOR'RN ?A NEATLY FVRRIAflRO ROOT ON TIIR drat llnor. a fur nan or '.wo an tie i"n'l<-tnen, to let la a rebate family. Apply at No i I'tiloo place, liluomtleld bred, three miu-'ea' warn Ir m the ferry. 1AROR FRONT R'HINB TO 1.KT-WITH BOARD. Fl R J niab-d >r ml imtaA'd. to ?eot!em?n and their wl< ea, nr ?u>r'? ??nt>oien, at M % "?t Fourteenth street. Referescna ei hat<?- <! Dinner at 4 o'l-lork. N^O 7t RANT FOUBTRRNTII RTRRKT, NRAR FNTON .are ? Tii'e ?ll*iMe .ocalion. tielntf In the lrrme?iate \wtnHj <> K oaJway ?er t'e?en with tam l.-e wit. l!n<l it tery nnnrrntent l- t?n eta nnai'orltlily furniab*d Ronnu to let, n le r alt t-la. Referem-ea at ranted. Dinner al ti o(tork. N'CTTi F -TORT* 1 N'lKltA SFRFTNil TflK rONfftRT" f a h me w he n -heri' are 'to children, clean r ?una and etf eta';? iej? for II R and op ward* per week, with all ) e r dern mi ru.eakanU. alao ruM i..?h? v a.erf and a art' Baaen >B? rtHable for I ainear p trp ei a A rply no the nrem e^i W1 Bleeoter etrnet. ONKOR TWO TOCNO BIN CAN UR A(X?T?OD\T ed tl. a nto?. deb , f-in labed Riean In a rtna'l family, f a,Hi., a Nitte-een'b eerl, between Tjv. >tl ?tn eit.d a' en ma, third door, front ON ' I'K' IAI. RASV TrRBH?FOR RK tBuNB Wlll'-T will be wale known to oererow tAr?e or four ?me man b ??? II be aiimi' atkl aa ft ?rder? <n a aeleot Anad''iay in Ui - ki>a l're?oh Mpaaleh an-l Herman taught. AJdr-'?e 'J, Academe itroohlyn Piw*. i.n.e rtCRMANRNT Bf>ARD WANrKD-BT A TOI NO MAR r*ed i?i pie, in a private fimi'y er where there are tew k arl?ri Bo d'tiner for retilteman er epttnp n Sundaja Rrfrr-or-d Term# ool to ?iowr<I ?H nr flu par ,l.''d.i.* fuei ?r.J KM Addn-aa O. J , b> i l!? Herald oRcd. _ ri.tsr ROOM WITH HOARD. AT M WILLOW turn, liroik'tyti H?v?hu, i re m.uniaa wtU Irm oufcar A>:: or Pnlton atr- ?t farry. PI ITR OP ROORR ?A PRIVATE TAR TUT T?M,I. T.tT O " oao ?* l?o prniirtnon two plaamnt t'artom wtta H*d inn baih *a?. fcr,? and old watrr, lam* ckwoia A* Partial board If drrtrad. A ddrrwa Wtm wooed Rtraat. boa 140 Htrald o<l * rlR KRTIRP FF<X>RP PUIOR, COKbt'TIRO OP POCR at II* Wewi Twwtj word rtn*rt. Thro# *rntld Birr ?n thalr wn-a. or ali*lo ??n:>n>an. wi'A Hoard: lor* i.r rw:rpf?aai I'ow lar*a. with tn?b m ImprmamroiA; tri?al? arr,,;> Rrferen <a required. TWO OR THARF. VKRY DIM R A HUE ROOW?TO IJtTW. h. tnard, In a am*H a? eet 4m?rt-ati family. l<oa? .o? "?a;r?l. N ?" fro* Broadway?400 Kaat Po rti at/wet Re. l?rn-w*'h>o??d. TO IKT-A PRORT PARLOR. RKaTI.Y rCRRlRHKD, tillable "4 OB? or two aen'.lomeo, witfco it Hoard. Rati ard ad Btodarn taiprorwwtanta Itrar ?odrra:?. An Oat ll? Tbnwtaor Wreei o?ar Prln . % T .l*T-A laim R a< K PARI-OR. prtTAR'P ron a plyi'r-ao two. two it thopt ayaeiota af tfi-*b.?4 R - aa 'or ?? >?>n nd tkw'r w'-?? w'.y lt~wd: r?* and tab >e 1 At rrd'.t a i w, < ; rpet A Pr?<w?? and ttai a mtm BOAHI)I\(. A\D LODbrNU, rrwo NEATLY FIHMaIIiIi Rot Mh lO ..a f T J. four \ <ut gentlea>' i:. ? W) it with i R .. ,1 u a eat* famdy. Oaul at Weal Ttlrj tirat mjwcl TO LET?FCR W1RHE ROOMR. FOR .)S,NTLE*EF X ib a i and quiet . mate family. In'.treat 7* K< r at '-el. u ...- Lanai.oi.d. IfO l>T-i HAXPSOMK 81'TT OK FI KMSHRP PA? X i whli ail the muU'ro lii.pioreunuiA, with butii ar 1*? i m ??/i I furr inked Kt'tzie lo 'ft. Ap?lj a. 131 Hiee *< atiari. I?lwa ? riuhaD|ed. I'mvhmrh'd front pari.ok to 1 kt-os si i out four, waa lar*e cIqm-i auu oedrooo, .aJj.iin.utf; k kbh Satk rooni in ;h<- ani1 S< r, or plainly juraiab' ! W >i ?.r two ? r.t,.-o cd, p.>r inl bunxd If deeired. Apply a: . Re< nnti ai>-iiur. \7IRT NEAT Fl'RMlSHRD ROOMS f<) Utl'-FOH I.A v ita, by aprl?n.e l*au ij. Ii.?,jirr. a'. Air AUaatioa. e? Brook lyo. ?'ANT?D-BT A MNliLffi i.RNII.EVAN, OFUli: WW hi bit a, a h*n<l?oii r.jr fnrontbe.! R'Oir. In a pri a' kouee, l.eta ee? llanai alio B.itb atreet* .Vddrete P. 8., b 108 Hn .ld (fflce. WANTED?FHi >M SFPTKMHKK 2C. I WO ROOMSANI l>art,tl Bix.i vl, for a brother and lUt?r. lo a met, resp. table iHini v in Near Fork or Brooklyn. Andreaa, wl'l term* U. 11., lib Fuitoii a'reet. New York. *XrANTKP?FIRST OLAM HOARD AXD FTRNISITE1 r? a artmr-cta in Hiookiyn. tor a (rnml.-rnaii/bla .?ii* ai , two children. None other need reply. fteferenooa At'dreta K. H., liaraidoffice. T1TANTBD-THRKR OR FOUR YOVNO MRS, T< TT hoard in a private fandly. Terms ow. In<i'.ire at 10 Oreeoe ?;ieet. beiwe'n Prince at.d f rruir Referer.rea < ? changed. WANTEP-IN A FRENCH FAlfrLY. WERE PBENCl impotni, two unfurnished (tonus, with H rd, for i 1-dy lu.d daughter Location below Twenty vii.h street. Plens sddreas Frenvh, 143 fourth avenue. Also wauled, a $.'<0 Mouse down town Tir ANTKP? BY A8INCLK (lENTLEAfAN.A FURNISH f ? Room, with or wltito it board; location <w of Hrosd way, between Prince sod Fourteenth streets. Addreu, sia ting terms, F. W. Rotation A, 8prfotr street. "Irt CLINTON PLACE?HAK DSL MHLY FCRJflSHEn wed ventilated Rooms, stable or in sons, with or without Hoard. MAHINUPON NQCAKit ON rlCPKON HTREKT RIPE, between Rao* and Ircy streets.?Board, with baudaomriy famished Kovms, tu t .lis or single, at reasonable rates House first class. Uncxceitiunalde references given and required. OZ\ WEST TWENTY EIGHTH 8TRKKT-RM Aid. RKLBUT At' families and ringle gentlemen li nking homes for the winter ran ii"w secure deairaile rooms,-n so. or single, ay Inistedlaie ai p.i aiion, in one of ;he now e lgtbie locationa In thertty. Referencesrequired. Uiuurr at six. e?Q CUNTON PLACE -A 11ANDHOME HI'I T OF FUR00 II shed R'inss lO let, tiiree rooms deep, "u first floor; also a Parlor and Bedroom on aeooud floor, with line oath' ma, s.ntafi'' for s parly ol geutlemen Wi<h rig pleasant and comfortable rooms; or would bis 1st to a 801 hero family without rbildren. A _? MORTON STREET, BETWEEN HCPSON AN1? HK1) *XO ford streets.?-A large front Roi>m, on second 11 sir. will or without hall Bndroi m adjoining, and turuuhrd If d-eured, w let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife or 1 wo gentlemen; family small References eiobangnd. A A WK-tT TWELFTH STRKBT?BOARD? >RLTOHT TrTr ful Rooms b> let, with Board, at 44 Weit Twelfth street, between Finn and Biith avenues. References exchanged. AO WKRT TWENTY FOURTn STREET. BETWEEN Tv) Fifth and Sixth avenues?Parlors and bedwvnuifur nlahrd on sr ond and third fioora. can be had on reasonable tun s lu tbe above, new and first class house. A/jWKsT Sl.VThKNTH STREET. BETWEEN riFTll T:U andS. th avenues To In, a bandsornal) furnished sit ting Room and Bedrioin attached, to one or two gentlemen also a sin le Room to it jrcntleman; In a first ow h >iw and with a private French family I.oeati >n nnc.rr ennve nk nt to car- and atag-a. References exchange u /> S N ASSAU KTRKKT. BROOKLYN -OtXTLEMEN OF 0?) gentlemen and their wives ma' olita'u plcsannt K-oms wttb s 1 or Board. DIodi r at?g Arpl? as a >ovr Qf\ EA8T TWENTY FIRST NI'RKRT, ORAMEKCT OU Park ?Rut's of bauriaotnely furntnhed Rooms to let, si (table tor families, with private tabic if desired, In the above first rites boose, a'so Rooms for single gentlemen, on the four h tiojr. 1I\U WKKT FOURTEENTH STREET.?I,AROE AN P lUtf medium sired Rooms, on second floor, suitable for fun,lies or regie geutii men, to le . with first c ass Hoard h?>iisa a very flit" one, with every improvement, and mast') aud t >a?ar.iiy located. 1 OH' ORF-NE STREET OORNF.R O* PR1NCK -A 1 A'u private family w .11 let to a singe gentleman, with' it Board, a well furnished frort Room, third story, with gas hath 1 om in the house R< - reii es rcq'Urnd. 1 Oiv itAlfilK'N AXENCE.-A GENTLEMAN A Nil JO<' wU'e ran obtain a suit of handsomely furnished Rooms, with It-wrl. In a first cl.aa house and fashionable neighboiiioi d; also a Room lor a single gentleman; referent** given and required. inn OLD. 137 NEW NUMBER. NINTH STREET XtJvJ second b mae west of Broadway?To let, elegautly furnished, a suit 01 Rooms 011 the second floor, suitsble fors and wife, or a party of ample wiM'O'd; alaonn rle front Knrnu Houae la flrat claea Anil; Ma bore. N. B.?Mtala furnlahfo tf dvalred. liJ7 RiUHTI) 8TRRKT. TflRKK IMtOHH F VST OF 1 > | I' r*,.WKV - KVrw t I imuh-'d Room, wilh or with out H ard, alwi fonr larpe 1'arlu.s, lor any reapeclalile pur \ov', wra'ly fiimiibfl. m?wwrr?> KrKFRTti -ri. ikt -iuniihomk a<. ) cxiu.modeUons f. r a family of or Ktb adult pm awa- partor, four >i Ave aleeplui rmuol, *lih fa'h room an i other nr.--Mary com rulra era attached. A'ao, one or in rnfitnt for "no or two ample aeutlem.n. -|0 I TRUTH HTRMT TWO AND A H Vt.F IIT-OO* i J /*x mat a* Hcoadaay.?A h*nd?. uie J'ar.'nr on'be aeron I Moor, furnttbed ? >?dremi, Aim, (wo atnall Rooma pi !? I *ni?Vi' ?"?M to r?tulrmti), in a am*J private faim.y. ilm I ba ll nod (to. ..I attendance. ! 4 )i\L* Vtl>T lAVKHTV I HIKP NTRKK r -FUR N I'll Hi Z*' O K ma loin, with R. r<5 for > irentl. noun ami wlft I alao for ample (enuenttii Llaaaralouc k ' ri.iianped. I 4iir\ KTJI twcet, NEAR rprtxo.-KIruanti/ ml"" I i utaaed l'..rkw? and Ite'rnouia. lor ainal. ami.. > o ain?'? *? nllru.?n. rrrrjlh r.K nilU'ilr for bo'iaekeeptnp, rlr in i lutoti. beat tieda aud'oeddipg. co min* iilriiaita, Ac , A t. c< ir.pleta Apply aa above. 4 J41CJ E AFT IIROA II IT 4 T ?PKRIR * Pl.R KUJVS u aolla or aeparately, maul or third boor, editable fri get.' and a It -a or an <lr ,'rn' ruion. I be h JO J .urn thed with ??r> mod?rn conrrni-nae, il/'l ForKTH AVRVm-TOirr. NRtTLT ri RNH-H a-')l ?d H. ana on >he eeoond and th r.i fl > >r? atngle or li tuna. o famliire or alorle gentle urn. wi'.n full or parila Board liuuaa Waa the u todern tuproicotruu. Reference ea changed. Ilt>( SKa, KOO.MS. &( .. W AMbU. Apartments wanted-by a man ani? wife c uarnlenl for hiiiark-epttg, al a cheap rent Addrra A. T. 8 Herald " . dart. AEIKNISHkO UOCDk WANTRD-WITII IMMKOIATl . i aera .on rent about fl MM; loo Umi Ninth ei I nen tla'h atreei and Fourth to With arruur A lire*, rate man ran be arcirrd bj ay i lying to K1HM1IMKR A CXI., So. M Fourth avenue. DRC'i CTORK WANTED-WANTED eo FI'R MASK J null Drug More, io a good 1 oration, or ild buy a aoo. ?et of dr ig f vt ir?a Addr-agor apply, from lOln li A. AT, k F. haiioar. >4 Wlilam itrrai, oornrr ui Hi. bange Pla e. Fll RMIsHFn HOCSK W INTKll IN BROOKI.VN-V! I rUUtJ <>I Wall al?ket;errj t ref? rred i eweani'n r" , re aa earl/na lJ?h Sept-mber. I'nei.-epiiinable refereiK-eagii ei AiKreaa tm I nfr, N. V >'<? 'U re ataiint location, pre A n^MOM W tMEH-tOR A PAMII.T OF TFtOVKBSOMf km/. nact llotiae, cwtAialn* wa er ant ?*i " mtlionenr.i ee "tao ?r >?ud for a garden. L/r*U w In ih ?li In if ol Hedford, Harlem or Jenny ?'ly. Ad irw Mann lerma and loii paninuJara. II A I*., boi I.JJ4 Foatutl. *. N Horn* WAMTKO-FCBMBUIBD OR CNKLRNISIIKr poanraa n on or before lat >f October. lo .oon bet wee Fount and Hlnb utBiiK. Fi nib aa<l Twanly third ?U?lU AJ J man. wIJi full r>rnc ilara. K 0., Herald oBkn. HOI r>K WANTttB-i oNTAIMIMG EIGHT TO Tit tuama, n. at b- t|a retractable locality, not above Fori] tinrd street ao.l Idrwi f rib and Tenth arena**, rent n< In er ?.-d f |<J0. Addreae V / bu til Foot office, HIOVRR WaNTKII IMM Kill ATEI.T?FOR A RIKH H rliwateint Man. *bo' froi l>?'ai?Kl from fo'.ri' ?nt I lo 1 blrtietb atree j. Apply at SU F' irt? amo'le, 1c the odd IN JBR-tKT CITT.-WAKTKn. FOCR OR FIFE ROOM , J iinfomiabad, for atrial) naightvrt aid of itrai I street preferre A rr?a <J b Ueraid oIre. ART < F A llOl'FE WAMTKO-FIVK OR NIX ROOK | for ? wn* t amlly M oat be ui a find neigbbnrbnrel tl 11< within ten m.i.uiaa watt ji Ljdio* aire st Addrear J. T . 1 L'idJow ?tff?t. fJfANTi n- A n'RNIFIIEn HOVER, FOB T1IE WINTEI I PF to be kjrated In I ater. mor In aiane of iba adjarr atreeta r<wpe#?i? n wtetad f< r in September or Oatntnr, or tat of May Artcrean lb one seeker boa Ifci Herald -eno. . VET ARTE II?A BMtIA Fl'RNIRHBD llOVHIi, To KKf FT to Mar ncit enk-r New fork <t Hn'tUtt. lh? latb preferrwl beaten ileoanal. f iron ire gei,u.*| price mod rale, ad< erua?r an o> t h .eekceuer nod wl 1 give r ?! rcf rercca. Adiima A, I*. I., leva ifio Herald ofll** WM| AM TEH-TO I.BtbK FROM HOVKMHKR. IN H | renawaid *?*"ila, or reigkt b,a*i on ike be <ke<d l rtrer, a?'?1 lb .ae be a rmau family, a ree,wme,nie tenai Addreea. nnb panic i|*ra and Jowen rem. lje.,i.ard<, oia Uudlrej, fJl tin ad way. \V*I?TBP-A FlR-'T 01, A A* FOt'R FTORI HOIK Fl f irniebad E ?|bd Ior-a<l'y, abo?" Tklrtaanlb aire, and br-ween Fo'.rti l.fl m>tt aeennaa. Alrv lb i aa?ne atj of I) iae info talte,' II ma te?-?lr nc)(kburbuud. A dfaa 'lau rdi?>.; H ? . bur 1*1 !Jer?ld t1 e. tr'ANTBP- A OOttFJ.hlEI.T H?d f| h FF ta?n f ithr.nd Ftith areone* fr.att Fig r li.rtlf'h ati<"*U I'll;-"* ln*v ng t"r hr, bock -.r I ,n abr<iad ?*?d mi, ih?\r k i?aa mil fiv.1 I' loth-lr a ' llnltl' U) add/ana iBrnaAiaValj, a'-aUr.f karma, Frank 'ftar \ foi , IS Bar iwttrt'U uRrrt.RtfAX. wfr *mi TRVAN f* a pat*. ' r nh'.'a > . M?(a rr ab-? ->r ? nlrk'd In ibn ttclf ?t? >>f H?rl?m t?rnn nj'.iamtt A.Mra it. w B , isa l?r ftuij rr?t?r?*u TVARTkn-t* mtOOKLTN. PR' M ftrTORKRI INT1 , T? l?t of M?? r>a lira, a ama ir .Mly f rnlaiia ! II ?i? ' with m"darn lirj f>Tan,?',? *i ' !h >A?r?i* r?n? tha haa<ara will b l?k?? ? 0>a f' -nH ir? pi taa b? i* a t ?l aaig <ir> 1 Ad waa i) I! Im WlTiAin a WITH IWnVntATK fOFPWWIoi*, * NT' i J? I tt.m ?li?.?a? [< V aaira.l f"! f< u h'f In alar In tka anborha of tha at y A Prima ll'iw wli 'n.b t'nind nvr'fmi; row' row ttv ai r. I fl?*? < MCr'f "'HA Addraaa It hmllll I'nliiBi*. *. I. \\ ivin i i * i' * < v " I?wr Fan o( a fc.. .?a a lib ail rti'vl'm larrwtrniii lr. a raaparuMn aalabt.orb'vid. >r< nil Bafdttd Tw?n,'.j thlr firav'.. Addraar H M? hoi I.PI P?at < tea , ir*Nivr-inv kiuirr rnivMi r.fio* i* 1 * T IB dam bnlIt Il'. wa with B <H tbraa gmw\ j't Mr> I ?U"0 l?t aran F,' :h an 1 * >r?t I. avai "a and Thli If f.'lb and Frrtjr <"flb Xrawa a At man a ? I *H H' %! ?) n-Affttn ff) B' tt-a at' nr. t* a oonn r/i'i *f ' r .$ av r? , ( jfffti i r* ' * r**.l Afy.rtn Dt \ P-.'ca, bara,,: .lea. % | NALRN Of UK(L KvrilK. * I i l.ik<ik A-n'. Mh? A AND HIOt.11 ft!- t>t, >T>a Aien a Ikr?* kod ta! ruble W u r Kiuol Propar.i. fOK kk'.k, At riukktci; i- i u Ir. orde^u clMi the eatalr ol the ..e ta-.kc P <?ek, <1. k .lie *. jit (i rii ?r oi Ik* .al? end d ttabuak. Tmhc Km**!* A IV' and "f !*.*** Pr. It A uoo tu la*} liin, tq? Olaae if H'whtiip L I.), thy. HWra and f'Utirca, with j? . St.? k r,f flood. opa'fciti K < ( I'ry l"i?r .aieriea, Or tcAerv . | Hardware Ac i.lao ttr Ontetdr 1'. iait cm ?f the aaitie ,aie fliu. loiuprlatn* l.unher knd Bulli'.tni V^irr*i? in kJ of IM c! -Un ? branch** t'o?l, W**?d, Hrlch, htm.-, dim >r errd for a**le c ther anparklely or lu connection or. the m.wk I'viintK** 1* term* Tu ? p irty dc?iro ia of CHpipe.-m. Hya * mcrcHrt'V bn.litee* thla * up poortuijtr rreeenird rarefy ! Dirt with. With the abore la ala "Herod fur sale at1 it mo fe* t of the meet taluable W/TKK KK'iNT AND D<)?K FROrPRTY t/? klc<i ? t'Helen avcrii*. with all the impro i-menta Atiko, l' The ??lu? "I Ahr* property fur t. y ANl FAfTt R1NW OR BrHlNiCHB Pt'KPOHKH Ir mich thi*t the "jetton at It'?*m!y neceeeary 11 be aero to be fully aprrecli 'id r With'he rr?n fartlttlaa. nf almoel hourly eonia antaaUna ? al'h the 1 It*, of k a'cam terry N? th" property, la fall opera* Hop, arid alao of a ralmad ytvea It ku importance worthy the attention of rapl'altata and Ijuauma mm. Apply to THAAC P1C''1C'H BONN. Ft.i'mmn Ij?wi?i, AujrPit Tf lutill. ANKW TWO HIORY OOTTAOK 1IOCHK FOR "Al?_ at Woodhaven. Ij'Up lrland, with Ni roneria and dueta? lit Ice fl DbO tern * ckm iCBBtfvlni fare 3>j cenla per trip. > Inquire nf Wr .IONKS. In North *1 rat street, two doora trcm d the corner id hiyhtb atrei t Wlllaunahuri;. AT YONKPtO?-?OH HA! K OR TO RENT, KI.RO ANT! T furolebcil a mndcrti built House, on Urtaidway. oca- the 1 reaidrnre r>t Rut 1 it <let*y Kaq. The bona* la aearty new; 2 complete IB all ilr n: rant' tiu nti. will be rented at a reasonable pre e to a rcapi-tmhl - teimpt or ail.l on liberal termi. There (a nne acre of l*n t. nouui i.ine line ahadc and fruit treee; ?efrlahlc rnd tloecryardi-n. App.y u> Mi* MANN), at Mrt. >Mnit?r'a, Yonhrr*. or to HINOtK .t IIOI.DKN, No. t Pine a atrtct. New York. ? I J I fNOTTAf.KHOrsKHFROM |] QOnTnVO 000 FARM" ANQ V' Bulk Irg Kit*'* ivl all awe* kin! kin!* i ir **ie or e?iMtujre. un Harkm Railroad, a my* (Jotb'c i'i.iand Are Lota. (2 NX). Term* to anil. <' ?<? > w d t!< ,!>.'? $1.job. O. W. DITi'HKTT. N J 1> Tr/ou row, room No 9L ftrXY LOTH AND IMPROVED WRSn-RM LANDS FOR \J Mil In, in anil around I)?cn.h < rr Nei r o.ka. and in ad the Wean rn Statu* App'rat the Amarti-iui ileal Ea title t i VSl Rroadway, corner 01 Ku ton at'act In ibu b*aeuieti (AOINTRY RKATN, HOUSES. LOTH AND FA RUN J wanted on Lore; Inland tim lludaoii and in Now 7 rny ?i.(l luburba of the city. Real mCaIm boii<bl i <1 nikt 0. Z. J/OOK Rriato OtB*o, 307 Broadway, In iho ba?oui<-oL YiAIRHT CLASS littlt'K HOUSE KoR 0AFJS?IN JKRRBY r l ily No. l.H Urai.d atreet. aouh Hideof tfce niy, ancf wiibm live mlnulr*' walk of the ft- rv Tin* hnnae I* onap'oM wltk line Trow n atone facing*, and tilted,up wllli all the in kiyra In (Movement*. and bqllt in ih<- n*?t lan'iunr hy day ? work. It in beautifully aituAted, innimHiiin* a i?t of the Bay. A la ten lkliiiid. Narrow*, I nrih river, Ac- Ian *2 bv 100, houAe 16 by 4? For lutttrr paittnulara to WV i;l,tKKt, Mmwf Broker, fO Chatham atreet, corner I Tiam'iora N. Y. FIR 8AI.K-A VALCABLK FKUIT AND MARKER farm, rtlualed iu Rn Aland county, N. Y , one mllo frraa the impei IMermnnt at niton on the Noniim Railroad, N. J., containing Forty arrea. with ahundanoe of choice fruit ua rood building*: t airr bronaht from a aprlng In tho houae and , barn. Price (A.UUn Term* ot lavmnu' natr for par..on, lar# inquire of K iSYNODR, SO rtne *tr-et. N . C. A'JttYANRON, Piermnot IACiR FAI.R-A NEW AND COVMOntlilTIW VT1.1.A llouae. htleou Puna, aplecilld water Mew, lyitif eg U7th atrei-t near I'ort Morn* a few minute*! from threat railroad Fatlrta and tbe Harkm terry. PtV* ViflflU, witfe four aitv Into; only 91 OH) ea*h repaired. Impure of R H, f ELTON, 24 litektnan at eel. or on he pr?mi*e* every aPe?Hoc ill ' lilC'K RAIJt A Ct INTKY KEFIDK.NOK AND Tit KNTY. f two acre* of bind all in i/on.] orm r, one .i.i e 'rnai ike Ruth Hotel, on Us-road In rl tbneh I. F. Term* o . in ik* 1 pnn-haser. Inouiro o; 11 P IK' i.k. 1J6 La.ircoa atrett, N. \ , m- to K UAUAlt. on iho iirr-mlaea For balk- in yorkmi.ui. a two story and baMDirnt IrnDie Hoit-e; Ion rr* jaa, moco iTotoo water, line van*. Ac alni. t- d aomh *. In Kijihly fn'irtb atrret, near Fourth atenue. ierma very rvry. Ioq ore on the > premlioa CIOR BALK-LOCATIONS FOR COUNTRY R1CB1* V detura. In the county of WealrheaUr, about fowr from tie Central Park, ?la the Central F./lt Uruine, at J-a atte of Meconib'a Dam, Harlem rHer, a J ibont D.'eo q tari tern of * mile north or the Ri#h Jlrklre. In quaotiUea to ark pnrcbeaer*. fr un three to twenty aerea, .. tin . 'ma 91,000 to ti< (IM) per acre. In n toeiahbii hood .ire . ly eeubltaAed a* one of the beat In the city of N - w York, which a .1 *e. .re It from nuiaancea. Alao In aeid ocunty. br ^he ram" pr a m#lor, aerenteen mHiw Inun the Central Pn?k, par cte i> ryioe In atre fiom 10 to 60 an r*. and In valur trout (AO to APX) i er acre; lu ithtx rfc M a' it aurmundtuaa *a alaivw derm'trd Inforniatton oan he had hy applets* to aNDNFW FIADIaT, S4# t'eai 1 atreel or ul lb? priq.rlet .r, LEWIS <? Vip. lIN, Mount r ordum. ?iwuiMir cwunj,. iiu m nnn >.- ?p? n.av he m'rn Hi d appointments nude to view the pre r..e*w? ; Noneol the Above property w.U be ?<ilil .uiles" lb. ; . > t -r(hairing Intend* to build for ooruiuition Tenoinv; i OK>S 8 A LB-A MEW BOC8B VBDTCV OEM C0 IDI I JP too avenue, .tinier Ihl.ty third street; <<?ita.n* .ill un. nrov.mrili, la iu jxrlict order, having been oeeup.eI bo> % I few month*. Ternu e ty. Inu.ihe of 11. QALPIN, I'd (dumber??treet. FOK PALE?TH IKE CI.tU.U1 BROWN STOMA FRONT Hoii'rK on Fifty fourth ftiv't, Hi.ii.lwaj, all the i irndrtn improvements. Apply to J K. K1>W AKI1H, 771 West Teet.'y third miMt, T.IOR SAI.B-AT A KAK'fAl.V A NKAT THREE PfOKT J* hiyh aWmti ' ri? A II u> > a. 1 1 ot, stout die minutes' w? k tram <Tty IU11, ne*r tmut atr. liokiyo; hu all modern tmr ro\enmts, In the bent order. tply to v?r. hlsUOf, .9 Nitr.'ii street, ream 19 bMiR Rtl.E- A ItAEUATS?ON \<V TETIM" IIIB lour story brown moot II use N. | 'Vest lira*;. seer.ud strre'. Hnsslltl.ct. n, hup ?, fc lk re.. td ly been painted Mid p*|.ere.| through'.tt. v - of ire r rc nlltirn e?o 1* bs 1 cheep tf s *ut>:<V tin b. n 1 * \ for luitbef t.srttrulHr* *|i,.|y to JAMKP M. i , if ..iB-a Abler U Kly. tl EIlh street. R J TTtOR PAI.K, AT A BAJU1AIN? TWKNfT Ai l?r t, " y.odlAUd on Ptaten Is'iwtd, handsomely ?ri l?i> i, r|uarteisof S mile f .m rieguln'r atetioo, and tuff * nr. 1 h.-eville tin* far? h> "te. plenty el friut, nror in Spring, A*d two seres of wood. t minun'..'dl- o bv 'Hjr I I hourly Apply to J %Mho Vt*KAN, Not i uud t Tlse mo*, i nrJIiIlN >> tfl I*. A"# Feat Broadway. ir.ift PAI.K ClIPAP Tl.1.1 H RKAt'TlPt'l. l.ITTLt 1" Country p'see*, mean II*'1' n Rad'oad. ore at .inkers, V ai.1si. lhrr n la?i? isl.n ? will e.?. h*i re .. . ty . ,.v e peny (not l. on.' i.t,, JAM! it, i.DVTAKPS, .77 'seal Twenty thirdstitet, FV'K ?1J.*I1 1 \r- 'trVIR Al, HI' E t'OTTAOK HI I! T lJoa*r* with from one Pi eight lotenf land. In L?*a: ll.*?>k I l?. A. rr > the r IT. l >:rr' i" r1 irl'k r r?r? finli t.e.? g l> w r I m ,|>> r. . x sl.nnd , ?i..e fii'.ri . i'Ir.ij. >1 " t>. ?t Ai|.?? o. > > > . 1.1 *R. s. No. 7 Henry street. New Vork, Irsa II to ilO'tM, em it bau VKKTrmiAP roii i-Arn-^cvKMoiorni , r Ltill Oil Palltaifw ATWI* lud I 1.MM1 afrt..|, W?| U,^,v I hen, N. J , >11 frot tin* > n lt?- er? m.e A tr? irnad t j paa* tbt. pr i>?rti ir<-'v tor*n.t will bo Id rery r n. *c. A |> ply to A .V hi I Kt KhK, M?h A *'o , Nij. 7 l'tn< vr?wu LM,R PA1.R OP FX'"11 AMUR? A FA Ml oF KORIT F acrea, ftvr ?-<4 buil'tiga. no*-, la p-> l thirty inrhi ni.'t* <>B 1-oti* faien.i .'all on owner, a. F, JaYNb. at A. X. * Hurra tBv.r I- W all Urt-fr in liuJI' M tomorrow. CTOR I r OR K \ It AMOR?A HPLRMD1D OOCHTR* . r *>al. twt'ty mllea front Row York t,y Mew lla?en Rail. ^ roar, with t>*M atl crop*; AM.ut lorty a. m A;p.> a|C U. ( I'aRKKK V Water atroal, q?ai W.JI e treat J tiTOR PAI R OK KXCUAMliK FOR I ROUCCHVR OITM A* property?A Farm ecrla trtr ty three a r of fjwt r ; i <1 with a t orlrt? of ? h . fmui ireea, h*# .nor ' ? I. <h. -:-<-lt ai.>l foTiiii * i.In.. . * l> ill*! np ? wr/ a barn ?U' >1* ?' l'?* )H.l? n-1 a momd, alan, . mile pleat - rw 9 *<in<t. *ni'tt.l le."l tirm forty to re . enty fe?t w ?|e w lb pr.'t er turra aH. 'e.l IrUeli.weut M?-?tporV Connecticut, adjoining in p?rt tho beautiful orw" O'tonotT* *ro.ic.lart H rn* Keti hum, Kt i. t rtn-rtj-fit# |?r ront. *n rrooAlii <n N?d ?od tf ri.<il;(i?? Apply At the li Irani llouar, from 10 A M to 2 P. I >1 ?. WAKSMhK. GMiR HAI R OK TO I.KT- A I.ARuR AMP COM If O'. J* dlmia two at.w) and utile dwrllln* II. "lae. w*h all lAw anv ?. n, urn I ru- . nl'K learn., i.l an ' autj re,I, r, in a rrarv * hi* K?r fu<Uyar particular* Inpilra at Ma til |l Rrnoinr Mlfl T.YOR KAI.K OR TO OPT-AM KIJMIAMT ROt'R kTORT r l-rown il'lte (root hl*b Btnoj, Hour. twMe.Uf a.l) Wauoad n Twenty third atr.ei *1.1.. aire.... H-.rln* the mrd.m A c nvcniei raw t-ni Z1?W lot half lie hlork J K KHWAKIW. 277 ?r?i Twenty llurd trwt M ET?R K Al.K tiK TO LRT-TKM PlRt-T <TAN* POUR r r o'oty tf? > I r* II uar with b' ti *0 oy. hoarir.rrt r.?-ib d , orllor. Po !? *>?. rtttlr. nth olraat naar f"uy\<wact ia*r?; I rmulMIII lh< twdtrn lityniirirrtlt; nwwwfm Iv f or parti'nla?? tt'intpn of . Ti'PliA, lot *aa'?*nth T a-.rtn . r IP-Milium atfrat ^ _ _ ' T-nuK t-Al h ttR TO l.r.AhK-TWO i Olfif p Tflh NORTH JT ?U)r <d .yl IT llflh'rtrawt. V rhvll.r. ?hr> >t B.Itway brd i twrro Thl'd an.l P'-nrth atatuwa. 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