Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8760. SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 2, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FRMCE OF WALES. h K?yal fflfhocaa at the Cuttfu fiplU! Laytaf tha Corner Mone of the Partumit MMtog?Bokterow EntHu^im of the Po pulate low U?e Prince Mg? the Bongte?Aaertean lister Stewi and B0 ?ardt?The Qa^en'g Portrait Defaced kg the Canadian Tandak, Special Despatch to the Herald. Ottawa, Sep'.. 1,1800. Ob the way from Montreal, the Prince informed hit tttnnihnu ihtl Thomas Moore wrote the well known Han long," Row, brothers, row," end roomed much eeted In the rem in licence, the newspapers happening to be mentioned, the Prince Md one of bin mite that he really oould not move about In hla room without the reporters knowing it. Ho laughed hearUiy at the idea Ottawa, though appearing to disadvantage latt night in the rain, It almost American in style and enterprise. 0 may here get oyster stews, for the first tfcno in Canada. i billiard rooms abound, and the hotels are in > style somewhat. The ladiea drees more like the ? and lose like the EagUsb, and are handsomer Man tboae of any other city we have yet been in. Ottawa opens ber doors hospitably thin timo, and even members of the press are entertained by tbo city. This (rent lumber district and city are the princtpil centra of the Ridenu Canal commerce. It does not pay now, feet will some time. Ottawa it bound to be a grrat place, Md even now it more pleasant and belter to live in than Montreal or Quebec. The royal Canadian Rlfiet came op from Quebec to as tkt in the celebration, and encamped. One thousand lum are alto In camp on the other tide of the The Illumination, fireworks, bonfires and torchlight raoet last night were spoiled by the rain. Tbe Mayor went to Invite the Prince to attend the ball, feet be deellned ta account of fatigue. To-day it very bright and sunshiny. The streets are extremely crowded with people, all pushing awsy to tho ground where the Parliament buildings are to be orectod, tad an immense crowd will be there. The Prince ar rived, escorted by a large procemion, at eleven o'clock, and took a mat with his suite in a handsome pavdiOD, dm mated with a largo portrait of the Queen. After an interval, the Prince took a silver trowel, nerved with the Prince of Wslee' feather and an appro priate Inscription, and smoothed the mortar beneath the corner stone, which la or Canadian marble. The atone was then lowered in its place, and the Prince tapped M three times with a Masonic mallet. The ordinary cere monies of laying a corter stone then took place. Beneath the stone were placed coins of the realm. Rev, Or. Adams, Chaplain of Parliament, o He red up a prayer. lbs crowd maintained no order during the ceremony, ahnotiBg " Down in front," and " We want to see him," "Otve way,''Ac. Ibe Prince, who had been standing la the run all this Urns, declared the stone laid, and stepped back to the pavilion, where the coo tractors, architects, builders and I of the building were pre?otod to ban. He then I a medal at the building, aad walked aroaad the , followed fey a crowd; bat leaving tha royal car riage, be slipped oat of tbo bonk way to beM a levee at * anise o'clock. The people gathered around the carriage aad declared him mean to serve them ?. In the rush oat of the pavilion after htm the Queen's portrait wan thrown down and much deffeced. Omr Montreal Corroopwndenco. MomiiL, August 29,1900. ZW Prince gf Wmiet m a Bwmmn BneM?TV Bcutleu JWtie of Reported Incident*?Oornvll? The Progrm of Ike Print* In tke Rapid* Lactone?JXe Militeuy Re Mm mnd Return, Re. 1 litre an illustrated journal before me la which there la an ?a(Taring representing a man with leanty whiakere ul with a sngar la ha moath betas carried oa another man's back, which other maa la smoking a pipe, aoroaa a oaastdarable lake of water, bounded la the dlstaaoe bp lady Clint, and onderaealh thii picture I find theee worde, ' 'later ill lag lac ideal. Mr. 0. K. P. carrying the Prince ef Value from a reek to the iiilalaad. The tide of the St Marguerite river had riacn while the Prtece wee Oahtag aad rarroanded the reck." that thle lac.dent is entirely fictitious I know from an official oource to be certain. Hirerthelam. I am eorry to aay, for the aake of the prcM, that U bad Mi origin la the fertile braia of a certain New Tort correspondent, who la now, I beliere, better known to Um world u Jeakmi than by any other name 1 can re ball. It to a pity that even the email portion of mankind who are likely to ? m either tbe works of Jenkins or the artwt who made the illustration In question should be so fer de luded m to beliere In a statement of tbe kind, which baa no foundation m feet, aad I therefore think It woil to correct them. But I am afraid that the gaudy imagination of tbe author of that toe Ideal has al ready suggested so many others of an equally baaeiOM character, that I might go oa with my coalradictiona to a length which would seriously encroach upon your valua ble spare were I to enumerate them all. The weather was fortunately One when, oa Tuesday morn lag at eleven odock, the Prince aad lulls drove (rom am rvatdeace to the Ormnd Truak Railway Mat too. where he and hie lulls, all of whom mm* la plain dreas. Mahtheir planes in the royal ear and Marled for Cbra watt. The departure wm exceeding:/ quiet and quNe private. oomx wait. Cornwall Is s new sad by no means rreach looking or Preach speak tug town, hut pare Anglo Savon. It a situ ated about five miles from the boundary line between th? Called Slates aud < anada, which runs through the . .1 IdgeofM. Regis, inhabited chiefly by Indian* half of whom acknowledge tbema<-lvee uuder the leay of Great Britain, while the remainder lay claim to the protect:** ef the united Sutra Cornwall has among other things e oocaptcnoM chcrob end court bouse and is tbe chief Wwaatip of the east. n. 4letrlet, aad one of the u. at populous aad heat situated of ibe dlvistoas of I pper Oaaa-la, it being bounded on two iKlue by the broad waters <if the Fi. lAwreare aad Ottawa reoporrvety a ranai extend* from thia over a distance of twelve m !<-*. paraltr. w.tb the long Rault Rapids, at tbe foot rf which the town tlm Here the Prince and party nu tbetr arrival were re calved with much rut bus mem aad embarked or hoard tbe simmer Kings'on, which bad r oat up on the previous day in order to be m road mem for the trip dr we the St. In wroDce a little below Urn point expat, is Into a lake, and presents S fine sweet of prospect As tbe steamer glided away, the royal parte were assembled on dock, aad there they renamed lurog moet of the pas *ST Regie Island,situated mid channel. * m the flrsl nb Jwet that wm remarked upon, as the simmer spr I <? ward toward the lake, with tke royal sunlartl floating from her topmast. The steamer on entering tbe I at ? passed between Squaw and Buttero I islands, with the lighthouse or. Lancaster -Uoal withta ears view. The steamer now slot red close past a Boating ightboune. and ou on to Cherry la aad light, with Mct-erv Point visible on tbe northern shore, as 1 the Ha; ids of Ooteau du lac st-atghl ahead Ooteau da Lac is a small vi'uage at the foot M Lake m Franc.*. and twelve miles from tbeCawad.e (Mb i.y name aad nature its French origin is dlot.^ctly tracnabl is tilt WAItl". On tbe right bank tbe ebove nr wappea-ei studded with tboee little stor e churches and omf wtabie larni house aad neat farms no characteristic of tbo i reach tsnvlu < territory. The Ooteau Rapids were run just beiow the v.l'ags, and Ummi eame tbe Cedar Rnpids extenuing tr-m the villdgi of Cedars on the north aaore to that of Fl. Tira lb ou lti< oppoette one, both side* of th- river bntag Caned in below Cornwall, A group of sixteen i'laods nUrruptad the nav-gat''* at the Oleaa du law Rapids, the .ret uf I beer latter bring between Girt* Island and the mainland tbe swoood ??? tween French Bland and th*we of Map* and Thorn, r.o I the third between Pr sonet a aud Broad nlands after which the steamer -hot iut > smooth water opu?itct.rand Island Thta newly earoed tranquillity, howevtr, was of short duration for tie steamer was aoon darling from lodge to ledge through the hurrying water* of the Cedars the vtl lage of that name (equally French), with OMbm du fa j, Bruit; on tbe north those and Hmnliarooi on th> c-utb ?merging from then* rapids, which tbe Prmer wateho-i with ekwe nttentioi. the rteimer wm again at ront soon bono -w, to he again disturbed hy the turbulent oed of the Cmccd* Rapid*. tumbling over a chain of bar* These are situated between Oa-oades Fnlnt and Boiseon roinl. ?t?r? the Rt. lawreoce expands ink) lakr Be los e aud the bright aud rolling watersMthe Ottawa mingle on the n rthc' ? altor* w'th ihoae of the state* '.ver. f rom thw bidy * cue tb* steamer now pleugbwd h*? way ovt? the 'ake passing but? Ovirg ufht sbif*. t-? the l?? ? j ?? ' chine, c& the north bank, and nearly cppjs to tho In . &n v jf Caugbtawaga. uoun Is i.tunica ? Short Jxiaxiuo above *bo r?;ldi :f that name and nin-j m.lca from Montreal. 3 t. although bo ncai, ilie ro>al pwly pr '.' rreJ and returLi"g to town by ra.lway to teocen-iiug tboie, ihe most s* it aud wild of all the rap.da of tho it. latwrenco; and they accordingly llson: barked. L*chii.<) .a tho headquarters :f tbe EuJt.n Bay Com pany .n North America, and tho residence of itsG ivercor. A number of v jyageurs were here assembled, aui tkeao manned their boata m honor f the Pr.nce, and heere l loudly. The royal parly afterwards returned to town by railway. Were it not for '.hepr'vato character of this excursion 1 should hate felt myself at liberty to Bay more about it; but as it is, good taate prompts silencoaa to minor details, rax eastern oy itaana* Kvxyuto. Lady Franklin was present at tnia performance and had a conversation with the Prince _n the apartment buhind tho box occupied by the royal parte. After h.u Royal Hiahueea bad, toe Hon. John Young, chairman of the committee of management, oondicted her to le ' chair vacated by tbe l'rince, upon whi:h eke w -s re , ni/ed by the audience, who rocs ex J several rounds of applause. ikb Kirnsw. The review on the next morning lerablSIUO- ] ceaa. Tbe com;?niea and troops compriemg the volun- i teer forces were assembled on the ground at Logan's (arm MM after ten o'clock. At eleven the Prince arrived, when bis standard was run up on tho flagstaff there >rec;- ' ed, tli" Held bailor? meanwhile occupy.r.g a place on the extreme left, lacing the .iagatait, and the drat and second troop* >f ^ivu.ry occupying a p.* iton en the h.U. near j and to the right of the flagstaff, with tho light Infantry . formed to e right of the cavalry, the r ilea on 'the left, a,. i artillery companies on ike right oi tho ( field batttsy. j The lino being tfces formed, the kattery Cred a royal , salute, and as the Prmce rode up to the place rue rved for ? him the brigade presented arms and the Prince ? band ; played "God Save the yueen." Lne Prince acknowledged the compliment by uncover | mg bis head, and at once commenced an inspection of the lino, commencing with tbe cavalry and riding dewu to the i extreme end, on reacting which he turned an t passed I stow'y cp tho rear. Thla finished, tho Prince lod ack to the flags la'< and iwced the . u ?, which brose and marched past in quick time, the salutations of the otf eers bong returned by the Prince Tbe brigade marchod back to ? tbe same ground, formed in quarter diatanee :o!umn, and i again roar- bed by. lino was reformed on tho or ginal I ground, and tbo cavalry and battery tc the roar , of the oavalry supporting the battalion, which changed 1 front obliquely to the right on the centre ccmpany of i rifles. Here, at tbe double, tw" cf rules ad vanced and extended right and left in aatrmiehing order, t after whtih they onmnvncod tir ng. but with l.ttlo eflect, , for the order to retire was g' v en and the ak rm.t here re- j treated in quick time, flr.rg as they went to the.r sup- ? ports. line was once mere deployed, an 1 tte,ccunp?h)es com- j menced firing by platoone. the battery moanwt.fle load- j ing, opened fire with two guns at either end cf the line, j This mock was'1 up fur a lime, when the brigade cavalry advanced from .be left and charged n a very spirited manner to clear tbe ground of the rem nante of the enemy. Boon after this the square deployod and formed :n line, and, advancing in slow time, presented arms. Ike royal party then left the grounds. tbk xm-RN. Afterwards the Prince and suite drove to Lacbine, where they arrived about three o'clock. Two men were n,ured at thia place while engaged in a cannon, by way of salute. The royal rarty embarked in four if the Vaiorous' boats and were rowed acroea to tbe island of Pcrra), tbo r dence of Pir G??irge Btmpson, but at present occ :p.ed by General Sir Fcnwtck Williams. When about mid channel they were met by ten canoes, each manned by a dozen Indians, who formed a doub.e line, between which the men of war boats posted, to the music of an Indian salute from those on board tho ar.oes. His Royal Highness only remained about hail an hour at the house before be went on board an Indian can<>e, to be paddled round the island to the bcforcmenliaccd vil- . lage of Caughnawaga, and back to Inchine This was done to tbe evident pleasure of "England's eldest son," , after which bo returned to town by etoomcr. Thia evening there has been a torchlight procession of the firemen. and a ball In honor of tbe Boston rustlecrs. To morrow morning at ten the Pr nee leaves for .txrbruoke, ninety seven miles to the eastward, and in the evening there ts to bo a ball in the great room where royalty danced between the ropes, the price of admission being on*dollar, with no restrictions aa to dress. The Firemen'* Torchlight Procession In Now York. tTbc oooair.itlee ippolated at tha recent maetiof of the Board of Foreman and Engineers of the Pre Departmont met at the hooao of the Chief Engineer, John Decker, last evening, to make further preparation for the grand de monstration in honor of the ITnce of Wale* Mat bt<> *tay in New York. There were present Robert Gamble, of Hook and ladder Company No. 16; Wm. Sterret, of Ekiine Company No. 15; W. H. Raey, of Track Company No. 40, and J. Buch. of How Company No. 34. The arraagemcnta for the prooeesioa were discussed at much length, and the leaders of two of the most prom I neat bands were consulted In regard to the music tor the ooossics, from whom It was asosrtatnsd that It would be a difficult matter to obtain bands aaough to bead the several divisions of the parade, iog to the hot that a number of the companies had employed bands upon their own ind.ridanl responsibility. They, however, decided upon having the proceosloo divided Into fifteen divisions, each divistoo to be led by a band, If that number ooold he procured la this or adjacent cities. The committee having bees appointed simply to aauer tain It the expenses of the parade would ho paid by the city or outatde of the Department, end to see what the expenoe of the music sad torches woald bo, they had no power to make definite nrraagomontn In regard to Um proceosloo Nothing arms therefore determined tipco as to the line of march or where lha Prince should be atat eti to.witness the pageant. It was stated that bis Honor Mayor Wood bad pledged btmaell to i>* responsible for the torches sod music to Ins extent of twenty fire hundred dollars, or more, if necessary. The turnout of the firemen was theirforo oonoidered n fixed fhet by nil present. U is ssid that many < f the firemen strong!) object to mak a any demonstration for the heir apparent, having no isli for honoring royalty, but it is thought that they will waiv their objections and that the fhh De;?rtm-at will tarn out, making the demonatratiou one of the mot brtllinat over witnessed in New York. Mr fleeter staled that they had received no official re poet from the individual oompsi.tea as to their intent tons in the matter, hut from what he eonld asserts,a uio entire fire Depart r ent, numbering upwards of foety two himdrsd. would unite in the pruceecton, each with a torch similar to thoor used by the Wide Aw ado Cbda W ith that S tuber r.r firemen oarr/tug lorcuo*. their engine* aad bare carta decorated and twenty five or thirty hands aeattr-ifd si ng at intnrvnls, it sat:an', tail to tasks a scene unequalled in this or any other city. The procmnon will take place as Saturday unsung, rtotober 13, aad will take up their line of march at eight o'clock, aad continue from two to three boars. appear*, is the only night that th* firemen wiU have to tarn out, aa the Prtooe la expected to arrive here ou Friday morning, the military to parade on that day and the boll t take plane or Friday night Ou Saturday th* Pr nce will devote to seeing Ute city, on Saturday c-, b -or lbs torchlight pro nasioi. Sunday attend church, sod on Monday take his departure The eec*atkw> in Una city will, Uierefoe* be of abort duration, bui from pre sent 'plications a brilliant aOair, excelling the Jupanoee reception Some of the flremeti pre*?nt at the meeting of the mm miter stated that U?e> bad heretofore espor eooed at their parades great anno sue* from the people in the streets crowdti g in upon U.<m. and leaving them barely r?om to squeesr through. A.* this destroys mush of the f(feet or the is to be hoped that tl.e F'.prr i tend'ut ot the Police WiU station men aloag the route of the procession and keep the streets clear from gutter to gutter, as ibey fitd at Uie Japanr-" rmept, n. The eonimlttee were unable to decide fully upon the rxpr .se or extent of the parade at Uie.r meeting la?t evening, it being the first movi ng that they had MM ainaa their interview with tbr Major, but adjourned at a late hour to taeet at the rail of tie ? uairtnan Chief Fa cineei Decker, when thoy bopr to be able to decide >ie fii.itelv ia regard to tbe rente, an I report the'rr that they will tarn out, as well aa to inform the public where lha Prince Will be stationed to view th* pruowai ?u Brooklyn City ftaw*. BfiAsn.e*? Cass or A nor enow ?A dreams tan * has recently been brought to l%hl, which he* oauSf 1 much exrltement in Brooklyn. An elderly lady, who ha* arcs better day*, bad been reduced to lha oeeeastty of keep!if a small candy store In Myrtle avenno, near Ray mot! atraet, by means of which, assisted by bar hand some graad daugoter, Waring tbe bapt|sm*' mma of H its bet b. the main tai nod herself In romfhrl Rome ax montha, la aa evil hour, a Wail strwat broker, who la a married man '-P.erred Rizabeih, aa be drove by tba oamiy atore. and k ing fa?ioau d by bar bsautr, called tu, under pretetioeof making a few purchases. Entering into conversation with the iiiiy girl, be obtained permls si, u to visit b> r again, which be did gsveral Umea?t o often intfetsi for tb> unfortunate Betsey, as, by bio fiat teriea, banked by aerarai valaaiie prcscate, he ba* tuc reedee in now mp labing her rata ftn Tueaday iaot, tbe gtrl was seal by ber unsuspecting irandmolher to a w?ale atore, in DtviaMWatrvet, New York, to gay * debt of filO, alnee when ehe has not returned. <e> makn g la quiries at the eacdy store in liir-siaw street, the old lady has aarertamed n.e ... bt had been pais, after which kin; was driven on by an agel gentleman, in a oar rtage that was tlao.: ug ready at tbe door It ia to be imped tliat the price will b able U> arrsrt lb" Wall street iindier, wh-> > oald saoat an 1 carry out so dta lioikml a plot TkWtisst Horsr Firs.?4 fifd was discovered shod! one o'clock yesterday morning % a trams tchetn >et houaa, ;a Fraaklln avsaue, aaar FMh *h av?n a. the 1 amee were promptly efiMmraiehed by tbe firemen, Wbo wye on list d soon aflor lh? alarm tad been given. Krs No C'why. aa amst* of I've bouse, area remeod in an its- n ,i b; 'tat by two of the "res,en, Wis was n"ariy WMF> ofifiad by ti n smoke Tbe honae. whi h la th" prop r'r tf a Ye I'smii- ? t, was 'amage t to te "itent?#MOut ft ?) ?h ? b s coTarod by .nauranoe. XUllf loma UTT CHCRCHM. Dcrlig the entire month of August moet of the fash en able churches in thli city and Brooklyn were cloned, partly owing to the abeence of moet of their oougregn tione. Moet of them hare announced their intention to reeume their religion* eervlcee to day. Anwog eucb we notice the following:? Thirteenth e'.reet Presbyterian church, Rev. Rr. Burin ard; Bleecker etreet CnlTerealiet church, Rev. Moeek Ballon Church of the Messiah, Broadway, Rev. Dr. Oa ' good; Midlaon square Preebyterlan church, Rev- Dr. AdaxuB; Scotch Presbyterian church, Fourteenth street; Sixteenth ftreet Baptist church, Rev- W. 8. Mikels;St George's church, Stuyveaant square, Rev- Dr. Tysg; Mer cer street Presbyterian churih, Rev. Dr. Skinner, first Presbyterlin church. Fifth avenue, Church of the Media tor, Lexington avenue; Methodist Protestant church, At torney street; Central Presbyterian church, Broome street; Christian Chapel, Beventeanth street, Rev. Urban C. Brewer; Church of the Puritans, Cnion square; Chriat church, Murray Hiil, R?v. F. L. Wiley; South Congrega tional church, South Brooklyn, Rev. R. W. Clark, New England Congregational church, Williamsburg, Rev. W. R. Tompkins, Church on the Betghte, Brooklyn. Rev. Jag Sells; First independent Society, Brooklyn Iastltute. In the Church of the Mediator, corner of Lex'xgton ave nue and Thirtieth street, divine service to-day at half paat ten A il , hair past tLree P. M. and half-part seven P. M. Iu St. Ann s church, Eighteenth street, near Fifth ave nue, Rev. Thomaa GaUaudet, rector, eervwee to-day, Wills the voice, at half paat Wn A. M. and eight P. M.,and In the language at half paat three P. M. Rev. Kwer, rector of Grace church, San Francisco. California, will preach in the morning and eveuxg. Th- Rav. a A. Corey will preach in the Murray Hil church, Thirty fifth street, between Fifth and truth avenues, to dsy st half past ten A. M. and at hal past seven P. M. _ ^. Rev. W.111am Alv'.n BarOett wiU prea- b in the Brook lyn Tabernac.e thui evenng. Services will commence at eight Vclock. The subject will be " God's Three fcar vesia and His Harvesters." Communion services x the morn ng, commencing at half past ten o'clock. Rav. Henry Blanchard, psstor, will preach X the Church of the Restoration, corner of Monroe place and Clark street, Brooklyn, this morning and eveexg. Ser ? ees at hali rasi ten and half part seven o clock. Pxv Mr Frothmgham wiU preach at the tall northcaat cjrner of Broadway and Thirty second street this morn ing ani evening, at the usual boors. In the Protestant Episcopal Mission church, Clinton Ha'' Astos place, In cnarge of the Rev. Robert G. Dick son. d'.v ne service to-day at half past ten A. M. and ha.f ^ Jerusalem church (Swedeuborginn) will hold public worship this morning, st the National Musical In stitute, 766 Broadway, at half past ten o'clock. In the Memorial church, Hammond street, corner c Waverley Place, the Rev. J. Howard thnlth, rectcr ?M the Church of the Intercession, Waahingtoo Heights, wi.l preach this evening. Services at half past ten A. M., half past three, end balfpnat seven P. M. In the First lYesbyterlan church, Fifth avenue, ser vices at half past ten A. M and four P. M. In the Christian chapel, Seventeenth street, turned late ly west of Siith avenue, preaching by the partor, hr an C. Brewer, to day at half past ten A- M and half paa levcn P. M. . in the BtMCkor street Cmlvssonllrt church, eovasv oi D??" ?*"? T? toy. Subjectfbrthe evening 'Destruction of aonlaad body in hell." By Rev. Moms Msllou. ^ . f In the Church <>r the Purl tana, Union aqoare. Rev. T- r, White will supply the pulpit during the remainder cC If. Cbsever's absence In Europe, and WiU preach morning and evening at the usual hours. Rev Matthew Hale Smith wtll preach tn the large tent at the Junction of Broadway, Eighth eighth Street, today at three Oclock P. M. German preachlag at half pert tour, end prayer meeting at arren. a-Ki^ih aehool at nine and two o'clock. Rev. William C. Steal, of Ithaca, N. Y., will preach thli morning, at half part Un o'clock, In tha AUmi_?Ueet Methodist church, and also In the evening at the Bsdftrd street Methodist Episcopal church. . . The Twentieth street Cnlvsmnilrt church, brtwnen Sixth end Seventh avenues, will he reopened tor Divine service thto dsy. Sept. S, morning and afternoon, at the muni hour. Rev Dr. Bswyer will preneh In the morning, and the partor, Rev. E. 0. Brooks, la the afternoon A KEW MtTHOWST CBThCH AT DC SIX*. The oeremocy of laying lbs comer ston- of the Ilarnad Avenue Methodist Episeopal church, comer of lWh ?treet Harlem, was performed on Monday afternoon In the presence of a large aodleaee of the <ywo*? * church. Its psstor Is the Rev. 0 Gilbert, who kindly rumlsbed the representatives of the press with the lowing particulars ?Tbe site of the church now lo pm gress of erection will he 63iT?. Ha atyla la the Roman mHo, the maurlal of which It will be composed wUl be brick and lla coal when completed about 116.000 The llrst Boer wUl be umd as a Sunday aehool, seating three hundred persons, while the eodteuee mom will neeummo daU nice hnndrc I. It la eapeoled that the main build tug will be ready in November. The commenced b, Rev Mr. Otok, church, who gave out a hymn, after which Rev. Mr. flelcbor offered up so -us b'mmii, and on two ^ ^ wurM b.il4.d aim ??' -"** ?? * to^cVtbemtm wbieh Ged called benrtifhl, and them Should aw?, - ,|B^T Memeota <* worsh?p?namdp, | men the audience u> the P^g^Jk^f rtrtsftart ho adm.mi the Gnlhotow revermd gmtki^rtat? ,|UNt oiirt#^ Tor use thirg?aaiueiy, *T ,law s?o a to be made MB .ch irch In iwimlt, b itbor *aa called k>?to amw; ^ ^ re l^SfWL tb^mcuwey' until the prwrle important pu*t M lh* *'rTjTT ' M *7" * vacated thalr scatt and pro V 11 Ice to wltM-tl-^W Pmy.v? ?tlf. sHT'tt ???? Macomber. UBMON ar K*T. 4KB IfOK. II. W. ft I I.LI AHP. AT it. pact.'* a. k. cantn. Ob f-'undar morula* iaat Ht. Paul'* Methodiat Ppiaeopnl church, corner of Twenty aocood ii/Kt and Fourth aro nuo, woo Bllml to I la itamt aiUwl by a hig'ilr rrwperubl* auditory, It haying bar? anaounoed that the Hon aa<l Rrr. H. W Billiard. of Alabama, wo iW oor.gpjr the pulpit. It waaataled In oar of the church organ* tha other laj thai Una gem toman wae an eg member of Ongraa*, waa distiu gulabed throughout the Booth for aUUwmaaahlp and high literary > ulturr. and eminent alao aa a clergyman of the Mrlhodtat ch'.rch. Th announcement, no doubt. brought together the i.auaually large aud)ear<v Mr. HiIIlard ap pear* lo be In the prime of llfa, haa a retlned temp-ru ment and an nary dellrery, and, If are nay tudge from hti dlaoourar. Dm ei.logtutn panned upon him by the lead log onaaar^atiraorgan of the denomination ialuatly me rited. Her Mr Hagaay, pa?U*r of the Chunk, and the ernerable Dr Bang*, occapied neal< In tM rlmaorl The aerator* wrrr < nmmmred by the ringing id an anthem, abifh ?> performed in true arttaPc. atyle?en much no that oar (>f the primitive dieciple* of plate John Wealey, wlio taught blr hit lower* to alng wl'b the ?pii It and the understanding, would b? Inclined to think that the 'oa had neglected th- Iratrvrtina af their lather While the ri leirt choir wore performing a familiar hymn wt'h all the operatic flourlabro. wo could not but think that the rianaMt minWtor who wan one of the oldeat planted of the ao dr of Mnthod<rm on the Wratern Continent, w aa thoroughly conriiiced thai Uila waa a prngrrmlre ago Her Mr Hllltard condocted U# preliminary aaerrtrea, whw-b conaWtad of reading of aelnct portlona jf f?rip turr and prayer. The reverend gentleman allude<l to the preetat eaMtttew m tlie country, and prayed that the pen iile might feel that Ood wra greater than the watar .1w*le He ale* imobired the Almighty to glee peace to the land, and I" bring light out of darkoeae, and that the poo pie might go ? n ill arcirptlah their daatiny in the ? gbt f Ooi. the net MM la the way A true liberty He to. a f >f I ? text the Brat verae of the? urteenth rbapter <f4t l?n " let ii t y >*r be irta be troubled, ye believe 'a ? d oe'-.eea ah" in me. " He enrnmenr-d by ob?er*ipg I t tlmP-r "t f"i am me the ei rteac* #f a G?d. at I . ' ? ? y * ftb l who denied 'he ra ateoee d i , / F>' thare waa nothing aura tug cr consolatory to the grrlty sinner ,u tho iVi --f iLeeaistenie of a para urn! ho;y i.o.i, but hew boautifj *a* the other portion of the leil, ? Uel.eve alar, in me." The reverend gentleman proceeded to argue the divinity of (hrA by enumerating the miraelcu whi,-.n He. perform if bios ed, ana biased by gbowing that n fhrvt alone >:ool t oe found lr to peace. Philosophers spoko of the gooducsi of ikKlawca in nature; but what, be at. ed, could oe found umo iberMo comfort a guilty aoulr itoorau-B understood the laws of nature an well as any one, and when he wee about leaving the world all wan dark ard u.-erU:a. Hi.kino 18: ?l.y fhTkd in the dying hour, and the language of Uto jUn Mfk J| Oould my tears forever bow, Oould my zeal no languor kuow, These for sin could nut atone, Thou must save,and Thou alooe. The choir sang another hymn, and the congregation were dirm.seed by Be v. Mr. Hagauy. ORDINATIONS. At a meeting of tho Claaais of Berg w Jersey, on the Tib ult., Henry W. F. Jones was ciam.ned and or dained to the Gospel ministry, and also installed as the pastor of the church at Bergen 1'oint. The ordination or Mr. Chariot Kay Palmer, of Albany, as pastor of the Tabernacle nhufch, took p.aoe sa the 29th ult., In Salem,Massachusetts. Rev. Isaac 9. Hoi ton, late professor in Middlebury col lege, has been irrtaiued at Lawrence, Illinois, by tne Presbytery of Be lv id ere. On Monday evening, August 6, Edward W. Hitchcock was ordained to tne Gospel ministry, and installed pas tor of the Reformed Dutch church in Tbmpkinavllle, Sta tes Island. ?nd at the same time, John Wenith, mum ion ary to the German population of Tompk insville, received ordinal.ou, all by the SoothClassia of New Torn. MTRATMW8. The Untverseltst society worshipping In Summer street, Haverhill, Mass. havo Invited Rev. J. IV. Hanson, of Gardiner, Me , tormerly of South Danvera, to become th?ir pastor. Rev. Isaac K. Carey, of Peoria, III . ban accepted n call to the Presbyterian church in Keokuk, Iowa. installations. Rev Livingston Wlliard, late of Sparta, N. J., was in ?talk . over the church at Port Jervle, N. Y., on the 14th ult. Rev. J. T. Colt, late of Albion, was installed bv the Presbytery of Rochester city as pastor of SL Peter's church n Rochester, on August 8. The installation of the Rev. W. C Cattell. pastor elect of the Old School Presbyterian church, of Harrisburg, Pa, will take pluce to ley. RKt?t9WKD. Rev. J. F. Pingrey.of the Roscvtiie, N. J., IVenbyte rian church, has resigned his pastoral charge. MUCILLANWim. Rev. Dr. P ersoo, late missionary of the . - at the M>crun?wwa Mandv. returned to California hi March lest?n account of kin health vrw cHUKCHm. The ceremony of Uiy'ng the corner stone of the new edifice for St. laul's church, corner of P-un street ud Marry av?cue, Williamsburg, will take place on Wednes day, September 6, at four o'clock P. M. The corner stone of the new CalbolLo church In Phillips bnrg, N. J., was laid last Sunday by the R gbt Rev. Bishop Bay ley. On the 24th ult. the corner stone of the New Jerusalem church ot the Third Society (Swedenborgian) wae laid, with appropriate ceremonies, on Lbe east side of Orchara street, near Madison avenue, in Baltimore. The corner stone of a new church was laid In the anrieot town of KUthamplon, Long Island, on the fth of tuguit. The first church was built in 1061, and en large a in 1073. twenty two years afterwards. ;t was again et-isr ged In 1OP0, alter a period of twenty three \ < are. a : -. hurch. the present one, was croctod in 1717, twenty etc years after tbo former'enlargement. This church wai snlargod iu 1-22 Tho third church is now ? ommenced m 1S00, thirty eight years from the last enlargement. The dedication of a new Roman Catholic church took place on the ltlh ult., at Beanlown, Charles oounty, Maryland. The church was named St. Peters, and the dedicatory seiviors were performed by the pastor, Rev. Peter B special permission of Archbishop Ktor.-k. The sermon of the day was delivered by the Rev Raymond Young, of Washing ton. Rev. Edward P Walker ban accepted his nppnkMmsnl to the prefbswornhip of rhetoric and English literature la Marietta College. The MdWritee commenced tbetr religious neisleen on Mooday, in North Wtlbraham. Mass The sect now a am hers 64.004 In ibe Potted Males and theOsasdas,and they father in camp meeting from nearly every State In the uioa. A portion of the brethren It** for the milieomin before the laal of March, 1841, others ttdl are confident 'hat the world wttl last ten years and two months longer, while others still predict a universal overthrow in about si itee d weeks. tbk MimoDitrr mnsoorAL chtrch and slatiit. At n meeting of the Quarterly Conferiuse of Charles Cir call, Haiti store Conference, held at Pt/gah chapel, Asgw* 11,1804, the foltowtrg act lea wns bad?Among things it wae resolved thai the General Ooalbrenoe had no power, constitutionally, to Ugislate a single person out of church membership, much less thousand* and thousands of ptous members; and that any such enactment as the rew chapter on slavery, subsequent to an individual bo rowing a member of the church, ie unoonstituttooal, without legal fores, a perfect nullity, emanating from the okurjwtlon of a prerogative or power that estate only In nonentity; that our brethren, both preach*re and laymen If * e, Pblla of Maryland, District of Cblumbla. fast Baltimore,, drlpbia, New Jersey, Delaware, Western Virginia and all ether oonfm noes not adhering to the new chapter, are requested to uclle ut as effort of resistance to the unooo stiiutMwal and despotic proceedings of the majority of the race, and that we uofxeiUttngly condemn General Confer*Dee, th< action of the majority of the General Conference to the i.tlaiinilon of ultra abolitionists as editors of all the church periodicals for general circulation, as altogether uncharitable, and a most unjustifiable eserctse of power. CMjr Ial*Ulf?M?. IWTMiuin* akd imarmrcrtoos in rui ?Tb? City Inspector having ordered the prompt re morel of all m< utabraucee tod obstructions in the allpa tod tqitrm, Major Georgo B Hail, with to Incumbrance I aa pec lor, htrr been occupied daring the laot three or four wanks to carrying oet bit order*, tod noil! yesterday no arrcois were oeceeaary, M til parties showed t disposition to obey the m-ticm served upon t1?m Yost-rdsy afternoon Mayor Hall tod Inspector Panwlls, In pas* tag through Itarmvvr square, found t large pbe of second hand pack log boxes, t-elonging to Hugh litcptlrlck. who bad pre vicunly beed o' nurd to remove t larger pile of the tame about two wccti previous. The oCiceru arretted him at onee. and be wto brought to the Tombs, before Judge Wslah, and titer the complaint htl hero made the prianwor acknowledged the truth of the charge, adding, however, that be hod occupied Hannwr square a* repreacoled for the laot Bra or all 1 ? era Judge Welsh rimartted, "that bOOMO t dirpoaitii* to et.Ihrcs the ordloaaote, and he would give him the full extent of the law " He wua fined MO, and not barley the nmwey wwe rumnfttrd until paid This will to doubt be s great warning u> elm! or parties who are noesmatly v total lag corporation rdteaac** bp -s r-.mbsrtog atrectn, slip- tad public property without an iboniv, without paying any to ne ruut. and lnter*rng with public and prirate bs?ioea* The City Inspector and Judge W'.lab certainly deeerve the rommeodstKm of the puWH for their pr- wotieoa aad ??-*, m tb a (tm violate* of the right* of thoroughfare Amxjvr Pomt 1 ? a as.lor name 1 W lltam Moo, re tiding at No CO Oliver atreet, attempt' 1 to otna-l sui cide >esterdny%y cult og hit tbr-al with a razor white ruffer.'ig from temporsry Insanity. Hr sucree-led is a ?lettag as rate mors sod dasgrrouo wound 00 h.mseif, which war promptly attended to by # .rgeoo Ronoey, bnwrver, who dframed tb<- wouad aad aUunebed the Sow of bkod The unfortunate man wan then Ukei to the City Iloup lo! aad plared aider the care of IV ft- ' The chaai eu of his recovery are alight. TO THB EDITOR OF TBI BKHU.D. Ksw You a Raul*? Ifixn On., September 3, I*d0 riease correct error in relats-u to the unfortunate a. drnl 00 the Ivy Imeh, foot of Uouveraaur ?tr*et. yest' r day. It occurred c? what 1* called Rwain'B !>?<&, and not ob either of the Balance luck- bstongug ho th I -om nany, and obi gt yours respueafnlly, JAMBR NICHOLS ?N, tgeat Police Intellictsra. Ctusss or Fates Pnimsca* -Ja??-b T ttm th. 01 No Ah Nassau atreet, wis arrested yesterday loorn-n. 00 a ; charge ef swladling Barton B. Porter, of No. S3 > ih He re atreet. sut of MOO, uader the f?4k-?iog eirt 11 j rtances ?1The complainant, It appears, saw to advertise meet la ous of the morniag nrwrpuprra, Is the rff-et that 1 any young man having ITS or tlOO could obten a lurrn 1 tive r iuaiiou by catting at No. ? Namau street Oa ap i>iirattou at the above number, the complmuaot met Pmlth, who, itfufnilogod. told him that In- could give him a filiation as treasurer of Carter'a Minstrel* or it that did n?t autt, a situation u a mercantile Bra tn Brooklyn w- old bs pro-cured htm porter, who at partial tothr-al rtrals, said he would Ilka to attsrli hlmsell totbem.o rtrels, Sad, without more ad", forked over hioo. It is scarcely necewwry to add Umt lbs situation was sot fortbcomltg, aor ta there the slightest probabil ty of it t-mith waa Mrougbt before Jastlce Belly, who eomm tied bim fbr examination. Pttosmso* Aswnaos a Onctrv ?Yesterday Pmfhaanr Andeistn, the wall known magician, appeared before Justice C -aaotly and prefarred u charge of grand larce-ny agaieat a woman named Sarah Wiiliama, under the fol I- wing rirrusrstances ?The soeusad, It nr-pearod, was tn the employment of the complainant *s a nurse < m Hon day last she disappeared fr><oi the house, an < *oon after war da a casket ot Jewelry, valued at hfcoO, a wi disappear <<d. The natnral talk rem* was that fhtrah kn*w aomsthing about Hhi whereabouts of the property, had MMM rcmi-falst sf the mag.nan. The vesus'-t, up* b*mg nr tested, was committed for examination kaprrtnr f nurt-ap?rlal Term. (Horn Mm Jedse nsrrepoed V-r I.?/aSres V/*ef is Beet (J. Crntnn ff'ft ft ? r udg ieri g-tnt? i. - ntess the d- am 'xnt i-ay th' rr *ts t ? be tsved, 110 01 the rest of ir, ? motion, %: t #r?v* *r nrre-id*' answer w th s ted -Isys after s*r ? ? ?% r t! ? ? fder. ADDITIONAL FROM MEXICO. The devolution In M??r Uoa-iHMiine* tlon of Otntrtl /.neroe? Triumph of Vldnurrl, Ac. Tbe receipt of our usual iiorrcspjndtnoe fr-rtn tfoa terey yesterday pole an in possession of farther news in regard to tho robcllion of Aramberri aga.twt the au thority of Vldairri, Governor of v., and New Leon Vidaurn remain* complete maaler, hav'ng boater \rvn berrl, who Lad the assistance of General Blanco's force, said to uave be- n fur d.shed by DegoUado. The rebel, i >u ie, therefore, at an end, and short and lnsiguiticsnl ae it baa been, it ia unfortunately marked by the cowardly an lamination in cold blood of General Zuaaua, Wlaurr 'g confidential friend, and one ot tbe bravest men in Mexi co. Ho leaves a widow and eight children. Our corres pondent enckred one of the mourning badgra coed at tbe funei aJ of tho lamented general Tbe badge is a square piece of black ealiu, which it is costomary to send round on snob occasions. It baa tbe usual adornment of a tomb and willow, and an invitation to attend tho funeral printed in wblto letters. It reals ss follows:? Tbe 31st dsy of July, at one o'clock In tbe morning, tbe well dear.rving cttisen, Gen. Don Joan Zosna, whs trea cherously asaas.inate l at thebacicnlaof ManUregorio, by the insurgents of (.uiuua Hla Kxcellcn.-y the Governor, thi r.blefb. officers and corj* of tnc National Guard under bis orders, and tbe chief civil authority of this place, In acquainting you with tbe sad event which shall forever cover with shame tbe perpetrators of tbe crime, beg you wul be pluased to attend tbe funeral honors which will let celebrated on the 3d inst.. at nine o'clock A. M , In ths Oft-ipd of the Most Uoiy Haviuur.and beg also that you will make for tbe ?oul of Uie deceased whak ver olkt iuga your piety may uictatr. .Hsltillo, august 1,1860. Oar Monterey Correspondence. Il l.VTVKXT August s. 1HO0. Attack on GrruraXt Vidaurri and CW<vd-'y Mur der of Zuasua?Authors of :he Plot?Capture if (Me of :\e Aitasnns?Zuarua't Character for Brcmarp?Ilu Popularity?Vidaurri's Admiiiutianon?MliUary Mot* DKI'fl, etc. Thus city ?u thrown tnto en extreme ttete of excite ment yeetentey in consequence of tho atrocious asisaulna tion of General Zuaxua, on hie route for Saitillo, aocem panrt d by Governor Vidaurri. From the facte of the ceee ft appears that VWeurTl and Zuazua were sleepiag at a (mall ranche called Son Grcgono, near Saitillo, without hie usual escort, having ordered It to proceed to Saitillo, when some eight hcndixh aenaaina at midnight attacked them and massacred the much lamented Zuasua, Vidaurri having escaped providentially. This melancholy affair was projected in Son Luis by Oegollado, Arramberrt, and Uomcx, the former secretary of Arramberri, as being the only possible means of over throwing Vidaurri. Fatal delusion. Zuasua has left a wife and eight children, as well as tho universal senti ments, irrespective of parties, and a whole community and Mate to mourn his irreparable lues, one or his a mass ins has been captured, and is now iu irons in the jail of this city; and undoubtedly will bo aliot, baring con fessed his nefarious crime, and aillrms that the above named individuals deluded him in the oomimtal of this horrid crime. The tobie, gallant and generous, who met such an untimely death, was only thirty nine years of ago, and sines the war of Mexico with the United States has been In rtmslsn' campaign; and so remarkable wax his tmpssoaas bravery, on aff occasions, that he was hsiiHarty knows throughout the republic by the same of " righting Zaaaua," and whenever hard light tag was to be done he wae always there. He had every thing to hope, and nothing to fear, In the king jmty we must aU undertake and though yearn may imle the celeb rtty of hta name, among tho cspriofcoua auil the vulgar, hia kindly memory will be cberlalied ao long aa the brarta of the friends who loved him brat. Three deluded wretches who 1iu>l',gated such deeds of horror are mere bloodUilrstjr viUlana, vultures, wha lui late tbeir paaaions for destruction. The ery of revenge has lrevu exVnnded lUru-igliOul the differ on I (owns ft the frontier, where he was adored aa their idol, and whole of his people are r?i*irtng to the seat of war to The administration of Virtaarri has not been marked by aaaguinary and htdiout display of such heartless alio City, it has on the contrary been ushered Is by the warmest philanthropy, boundless scu of charity, and the uunoei regard for the great principles ef public justice sad general happiness. The progrevrivo deetnotion of all classes* during the Beent revolution, and the successive elcral ? of one lion more guilty ead extravagant than another, use given rise to the general opinion that there .a a fatality m the march of revolutions, particu larly in this country, and that Invincible neo&i ally dr.res the actor* to tsmpcstuo :s acmes of cold bloodshed and cruelty. Eiperi?oco abundantly proves that fervor ef democracy la fetal to the weifhrt of Max! leaving all c ran*, rapidly li-aving all ciaseie to Its greatest (?Mk because its society and public men are not qualified to di vert it. (Joveroor Vidanrrl entered Halt.Uothia morning, after bavtng routed theArramberr. Uci.oc u-mputeiy, and will r. I urn to this city In a fow days He baa yet left by hie aide to sustain and support him good officers and Soldiers and the free will of the people. M - singie love .3 tin BMHl has sided with the (act I cm ists and the few little towns they surprised were ootn pieulv pillaged and lacked by ibem. Nothing from the Interior. At tbe last dates Mtrstnoo was preparing to ntlack the liberals at Han Luas which, if be has done, I hey must necessarily be routed. Anolbi r coaducta left yesterday with *00 000 Moimoucv, August U, ls*> Arrarntsm and Bianco Defeated bp ' ulaurri? prgoitada Charged with Ik* lady/alum?hdrrmtp //-( Pen/her? Drought? ll.ilK? Imivm fffo/aaied? CbmetV 1 pro svnciamscnto. etc. Aa prognosticated in my last, of the %th mataot, an 1st portent occnrr -oca baa taken plaee I any important, from tbe feet that it will eelablieh lbs future peace t-ae qulllity and qniatnam of the Mala (or tome time to seme On the 0th, Arramberri and Pan"-- again appealed at fedtilio with some four hundred moo, that General Kioto brought with him from ha Lais Cotes*, aad at tacked Vidaurri at Saitillo, aurpnsiag at two o'clock ii tbe mom lag Vidaurri at this t. me was alone, win eaiy two hundred man, awnttlag the arrival of Go* Oil roga with nom" four huadred men; but aa he did not ar rive * the kit feu to Vidaurri to fight there alone or lose all Be eae%?tianlly commenced opcist?aa, wuen a severe bettle eueued that Ins led two hou.s, the remit of which am the complete defeat of the asms* in* and fact nowts, w>mmaal- d by Arrw.t>erri and< they peronoallr. owiag to their good b ran haviag ei caped, Vidaurri rapt- riag ah thr.r arms, ammunition aad two pieces of arti'lery. snak ng si the soldiers ?ad officers prisoners Tbe killed end wouaded >f tbe en-nr arc in be very gnat as lh<- forces if Vidaurri fought with the greatest a* til, courage aad vaior. The loam-aof VidaurtFsppaar to be very sial Tli.s is reported tube a pr rid' nisi ilk r.aa the emmy suppeaed that Vidaurri would not bat he aitnfuliy placed himself at the bead of bia foeons. and behaved gal iaitly and (iu.rage- .alr, an 1 bar cow demonstrated ?<? hta rarniiM that. though tbe kias of / isr a ia irrepe*abie, ho is a team himself, aad will enc.esror by all moans to sua lain tbe valurtua dignity of his Wale ao often man.fe led. This cirrumatanor pieces the quest .on tieyood doiht that the Jetu tics: hi ml > g lieg -HaV- has ostigatsd and ?'.stalaed tbe etvtl tear ef tbe PtMa What more ran be t V-cctsd of such ambitiona humbukt, who aeek (o devour their own party for merely pern io*: ami- 1 - 1 Biaa< 1 was provided with arms, smiimnition androidiera from Hen I lilt, by a special order of IwgHladn (oooei ipiirnga amred at Maltnr- s few m- mente after I be battle, and will take tbe command la chief of I bo forces of tbe state, aad wit! eoou quiet the few rerntloing fartioeiite. aa well aa take in hand I?goiia>t<>, who IS de tested la tbe interior, and will consequently rue the -lev thai be tin sod tumeeif up ao infamously la tbe kcai at (??I* of Ibia Siaie Colon' ipnrogn baa u<>w an effective force of some S 000 men ?euKe lonlly large u i-rmsa'wil ly est.ugurah I be politirai aad militarj lairU-me of Da go! lade It m generally admitted by our ?il?M citiaeua II ml the last tee days bare Wn the w.rmewt westhi r nprrteared thli season. In the coldest situ ali'-at" be found, from two to six (' M . the therm-1 m* l#r tme stood 9l top" degrees. whl> m ( lualiou* re carded aa a fair arernge of the ?' aUi?r it (he ahnde, it baa rear bed '?? to 00 degrees la the a<u> the titer momo ter has reached 1PP degree. The drought has been ex rrsalvc. sad, if It erutmuea, we know not what we shell do, is the complete failare <-f the corn rrc,# will nearly produve a famine m our midst, this being the pr-oc-pal suatcaaece of the poorer eiasarn I'p to the preeerit SKsm-it we hare had a very beaithr aea-oo, and, oonsideriag our ooatmuaity, this la oe? <if lite b-aliliKst cities of Mrxmo Amongst chiidrr-n. and ?ore especially the poor, tbe re has been .onie sickn at, suxb as measles whooping cough and rfo.iera -iifant ins, wb<rh are going baud la band, but witho-d much mor telity, hirst ia, imo Place wr-tirg tbe above, we bare, at last. beet flax ored last Bight with a very b<a?y aad refreshing shower of rata srd 1 utili eoriiaae? an', from all appearaooe?, it ne? ms to f are been genrr it, ?i.snh tiod ! This may re Here our sit at ion. if th< fr ?i do not set in e%riy All bustr??. and - nrnmsrc ?' afinrs ar* - uaplctsiy .tagnant aoUiirg whatsvrf t dotes i n n ha* mat rnvo - i annonaeirs it - n -i- .tia nb>of T<mi>ieo la 'avwr cf -non rt v Bad. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. OIR POLITIC AL i OKRB*PO!VDEtf? R. The Great movement of the Day?Re\?luiioa amJ Counter Revolution. PROGRESS OF THE UNION SENTIMENT. THE CRISIS AND ITS DANGER. THE ONE THING NEEDFUL. YYliat i* tbe Duty of the Elector*! bii IWii fee* "?* WtlhlagU)* Currri|)onJeBr?. WiiJU.V.TOJC, August 24, lhOQ A Word of Advice to F'sirral Office 9erkeri?rtie Presi&^nt Taking Things t unity?The Lnion Party . u (fu AiacuU ant?The Silliness of Party Journalists i7k- pvi inau,rg Spirit of At Late Spea k of the Pruid-.rU at the Kzccutioa Mansion, ft. I would suggest to those who are besieging tho oxecu tlve departments for the removal of their enemies sod the appointm< ut ol their friends, that there is such a thing as carrying importunity too far. There is a eel of politicians who seem to fancy that the President .a the.r servant, instead of being the repreisntatire of the peopio, OOca seekers eipecialiy seem to imagine that to servo them .1 a tr.bute, for thu tardy rendering of which tne President la to be threatened or distrained, Instead of ? free gin for which they ought to bs bound to blm by Mo ties of grat.tude. They talk and write as if Mr Bu chanan stood to them and tholr rrienda la tho relation of a debtor, instead of a benefactor. Already, as the last year has shown, he has showered bis largce*-* on un thankful heads, and because bo declined to trammel the reclplcnteof bis unmerited favor with any sordid em tract, they turned against him. As be has undoubt edly the right to choose the employ, a of go vernment, and as experience has proved that he is more likely to choose well thu are the herd of tboee omt.oun advisers who importune blm, I would simply hint to the latter that they had better wait for his d**ions thru yUff I,JSf 'b*a htUmpt to accelerate ttjftiitbe admitted that the clouds wh.cb lately HETU2* J!1'CAU,e of "?? l a too sod the conetn tulles have been dispelled, and thai now tl.ero n at leeal a tolerably fair pr??i>e<-t o obtaining a vie tory over republicanism. WUhout extraordiuary rc s management on the part of would bo lead*rs, the u iumnh or tho opponents or Lincoln is almoit euro. But our g oat ?ecurity and panacea must be a spirit of general mil 1 ness, and mutual Indulgence and toleration. All puTu cal parties in thia country nave something to forgive ant 1i be forgiven, and there la mu. h in the nistory of tho last .|uarter of a century which it would be for the general IbUvteo ??oral credit of the nation to consign to What madt?M and what sHIiosm are shown by thou Journalists who continue to koep up p<?7 b.cker<nga about mere abstractions, when a coram m enemy s be tore us What n waste of lime and labor to b? thinking and writing about the subjects that have heretofore di vided us. iseersi! of arousing all our euersw* to met. crlatj^Which ?2 a* Ihn loftiest augur tee for ail who sincerely desire to save ^ apLirr, of mpnbl7 can misrule Forbearance and conciliation are now !Trm*"*'d aD4 ur*'*1 bf """ and beet .e? cf aU the conservative diviswas, even in ,^ur. fVom which intractable fWellngs e ere most i? have bees ate pretended The commanding example of lh" lYesiUeut in nw speech at the executive mansion, has gone furth-r 'to "?? tp'r't than the pndmnSm^ ih^k ^ JL0fJ*U ,,f the cwlidatee , whether for the higheat or subordinate offices) more'y cunrerned. We see iu efforts In Penney Wants ,n the re territorial -jeestioa," the Hnruu. w actually 5 reprenenting Uir sentiment of tne people wn rh under I its that revolution which is to overthrow -.incola. WamujivjIuji, Aug act 24, 1M0 General Harney and His See ail from Ban Juan-His Pre trace at Washington?A HrieJ History if tn, Sam Juan Affair? PiotalU Vindication of Harney?1 he Otewsrf and the Prrstdeeitial tfueatson-Some of the Members in >hnor cf Fusion?An Argument us /hror of the Oman Mmemenl?H Raymond Jenkins and His Co Republican O-adjutors?Ths Arrangement <f the Black Republican Spoils Programme?The Greeley Bernard Cabinet (fueo tim-The Htmld mid the Ighth Ouims-The Pemmmei of the Census //ursnu, ft , ft. General Wm. 8 Harney, of the army, la by many peo pie au pi need to have arrived at the foderal capital aoder considerable of a cloud. In fact, It ban been given oat apparently ? ialhedra, thai there wan eutoe delay on his' rnrt la obeying the order, issued two m-mtha previously, directing him to report to the Secretary of War la person' and tUl the probability wan great that he would be' brought before a general court martial And why f for doing precisely that, In reference to the Island of Han Juan fur which, If he bad left it undone, be would at tha day be held justly obnoxious to the cconure of h.s gorernmeei. The British Governor (ho-glass) and the He ft* lay Company Uld claim not only to San Joan, but to all the islands adjacent thereto. Itouglawt and his copartners had (bgap d esteoaively upon .iau Juan la the planting and cultivating of nrchardr, and la raising and erasing of aheep. (tea. Ilarasy wan oalled upon by bin corn try<aew resident upon the Wand of San J-wa to afford thorn somo ?ort of proteetlun against the characteristic aggrennmee of the Hudom Bay Company and lbs arrogant Governor fkugiaaa It would now ap[?ar that tha panty adopted and purnod by <;<*ncml Hsrvey ? reepnano to U>.s call in being T.ndt alod He helMred, at say rate, that he wan do sg his duly with -oca mean- as he had at hi command, and the diploma ooer* pot lcnos 1 iace had b?tw?eo our govern m"nt and that of i.r-wt Britain s-i u na hie original Idea mat the right of eminent domain wa nut aa claimed ia the crown, oer yet in the lind-oa Hay Company Tberefwe be won d hare been manifnUy derelict had be not at once Lav an wered the call of hi* country-Mr.. !' "as ft m n<> s^al -j or ainbillvu- lea re tu rn t tniee pcilky wh- t by any n<wse<in>wce might In. olve im to,, countsle? m war. but n>|.|v to d -rhasge hia wb-le duty tea_ofdier. The British M ni- er here dewiaa led Itene rai llari ye recall sad onr government, fbr rrnsone (wot known to ibe if, y icMd to the i. maud, and (lenerwl >Ur n*y is Bow hero, at KitWw rod's, awalluig the President's decision and action It W te be added that the recall of (teaertl lUmey toes net meet Uw a| pn-lwl u .d thr St-ontor- and Renro-r nla tirsd from the Paeifk Utate, who know with what Ode uy he ban at all times and In ail things defended the honor uJ right of hi country The Haasii. make* the n rliaeat 'nquiry? -Do the a?eml>er? of the Cabinet desire tho cloctioe of l.taeoibl ' The .npAlKu that they do so d? is maioiy drawu fr-sn the conrws of the <*ris-i/ipfaw aewspapr which * taker lo he, not the orsnci <A the Prenldent, ' ef h.s i * ?litutlonai ad vinert The Hi asu la la part mnMCturally right, while it la not believed that any member 4 the Oh net la directly In fhvor of the elevation of Mr l.ioeoia to the frveidency, it is shrewdly nuppnaid that one or P"l *P? three, are tumcieaily leairoua for tho oooneos of tkiuflan, which they most set. m any aaao man -an see, is wholly tmpneaibia Oobh and rhcmpn.41 ace la favor of any boeoralda fua.on, sod so sre Florae<? sad (-there id the National (lommlltee. that cat, be en terod into upoe principle, but not to infuse oew life ae I I a-tlrtly ' the de'uncl Kr w N.rttl ng parly Tb-.rnp ton in err-d by his friend* for the l/micd --taue - nate, j and car, be sei.. led by the I eg* 1 alar* of If ?? so pj The naa?ii. * reaoontog ofvn the fua.. n o New York is l-ot-ml. and n is fally ap|wreni thai (he only hope of aai ration from I mo-in nnd dbHrariion mast mm from the n-bi. I fnpire PUte a r die, oooaervatlve h .oeet nnd bon..rab - mm w. -i t -tar. 1 'i[*.n ceremony wb?o the ronintrj s -burnt r gl-ls and S.lereoU are Imper 'led Be sides Uemr Who talk alxeit restoring tha Know Nothing faction shoo Id remember that such men an K-mt Runt. -igdee and others whoae names are on lb* foe Ion ticket ere "old line whig*," never having had anything a cm moo with the secret, pmsoetptlve, dark party It should also b- * rtoualy pondered that the uwa of New York to Lincoln, by every nod any means, in the only way to bring Rreeklnri-l#- nnd lane Wore the Ro .se nnd Hennte. fbr It Is patent thai If I.iagoln and Hamlin carry y-ar Htau-.a* Seward and lirww declare they w,.l, It will be wo fait aeo mrii?the people will have 1 ?e? the bi'Sinrws I wv id Ibid icy field, who asp'tea to steward's vacancy la U* .denste, avowed as much a a late c'ab* r ate speerli la ("h.lad- lpliw, as reported 1 a Hree'oy s JVf. lorn* of the gild last S It la generally indera'ood tbal the support <d the rwil splliter roarhaafed by H Raym?ad Jenkins,-Jen Re-.k, I ord Thnrl- w, and even by Reward himas'f, is a?t the genuine " Original Js' -bs It -a suspe- led that the pht bwopher of the TVi/woc, > ned with " -*d fangs ' of sff 1 er Bps ag* and bis hopeful e ten. " hcresi gkw low Fraak Biau . - nf 0 I mis, hold the first tcostgige vpoa "Of lit " ft -j rts'n that rrtt: l-ot ' g.

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