Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW TORK HERAT, WHOLE NO. 8701. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, SEPTEMBER :i, 1?U PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHT, NEARLY A MEL ON LN TREASURE ON FREIGHT. Interesting News from California. Hew Granada, Central and South Amti ca. THE WALKER EXPEDITION. Large Consignment of Waetiee Silver Ore. JHE CIVIL WARS W SOIVH AIER1CI. Reported Successes of Moequera in New Granada. Triumph of Flows Over Fruuco In Ecuador. THE UNITED STATES TL IMS ON PERU. The Intended Invasion of Bolivia by Belzn. Papal Fund iu Chile-Protest of the <4ardiiii<tii Minister, &c.t *0, The nteamrbip Xorthern light, IHm Aspxwa'l Aug ait 3t. with the paMengem, ?? and tr>"-Ar'.re brought down ?rrm r-an Francisco to Panama by the steamer Uncle Swd, ?rr.v^d at this port yesterday morning. The "olio wing in the Northern T.lght's TKKAsrut , ?Ltcbir* Bro? .... wooo *??? C. H. Grant A Co... 1.C50 ^erbr> ?>,rcV A .4 OOO T H 1'jor.r . 10 00O hugeue Kn"T ^ w W. I Colemali A. CO. 1- 000 a.vl ogton it Abbott 8 000 1 R Wnr . 4.450 T '.'sHoffuuB? ;ss swas?-*:: as Ffc.?.:i-iiSffl RK?S H Cohu A Co 14.000 Wo.iA, * ergo A. Oo... 1.6,000 I lLZAZZ0::: AZ a?Sw^i: HZ ?t Mcador hO.Adaws 11 000 - Re?b-u Meadcr U WO Total 10..1.63 The following t.vrr ere was shipped by the uph.r ftlrer M-.nicg Company:? J. F. Icy ,? b*f*' K. Ke;l?y e* ? ifUftiw, Dtmm fc Oo ? Howlac-i * Aeplnwall J16 Total. 604 THE WALKER EXPEDITION. Tht Cemmotton In Sletr*|?*"sP,lp,t,d Manifesto ef the Pretldnnt-Slum geini Up In Arana, &?? ora MASAQVA COM9MBTONVZSCM* Mjlxact a, July 31,1860 Tto accompanying spirited aldrcaa taa baaa issued to ?t? people by the acting President, Chemcrro, calling 00 el patriots to the rescue And defence of tho country ngeaist Valkyr end bm ..fficern end the hordes or cannl behind him, who ere ell .aid to be at tbl# writing ta the aland of Ruasan. The ^tete of Hoodursa ban adnleed the gorernmeut here that WWIam to nctnelly ht Roataa, and, of course, coming to Nicaragua. Vouw'.llaec by the artdrem thAl the peel i?f honor munt be ?t ItiaUh, and there ? the place where the "ralientee" arc to meet. I doubt, how wier, that the army of Nicaragua take up the line of march for that lateral lag point. In the mcintim- re em'f'xg a going on acutely, and rope la In demand to eatcb and lie the patriate, Phould there be really any thing ner o-m .wonr, yo,.r correspondent will, an b-reta ?re, harp the Uuiin posted ? % mOC LAW ATION. PWxandc Guxonno. Senator. charged with the Exeeo give i??. r of the republic of Nloarsgna, ?>tbe iahabl MM- . tjempeUloU?WUliam Walker, the enemy 0. our re pea*, with eputy of bia robhera, menaeanal thia wo meat our neighbor and aieter.the republic of Hea l 1 to: the danger It 1 Skew toe ours?the questiun ia Central A me rtcan _ . The ruma whtoh htodesvu- tire haodn icAtterrd ;*r id near are yet imnttf tbeee continually mske ue remem ber what we may again ***** fr?m ltc* ftrrict'1 c " albeie The religion of our rethere, o?ir palerne' he. oar belored familicr, the rery eo.l under nor >et ?h, Oil wtil be taken from ce by f.^ce nbouid that benrt on people (pwtoe)?wboee proieawM principle in tbr drntr ip lion of our re'.?take tweweei-ii of the counU, Our pan' direetmlonn were the caute that, In the late .B PMion.the ocHiteel waa prok/Oft J and the Idea of --or eany coBgueal ci^cciycd. h'ow. united, wc bate but ae ntahderd, lndecewkuc??'me enemy, iliburtcm. ue time and occaelim has mae for ua to prore to the *1. >le world that we ere *b!e to aefend our rigbte, and that -nr Writ r, In not to be tr&Jdeu with Impunity. Cternymra .4 the Berublto' The holy religion tf ?. - h ye nre the wi?-tern 1. n-eoeort rulBi your ern?g*l nl mtanKm. proprietor*, fellow nitimnn ail! Von know Ui# mar ty of the danger The goremwent rrp^eei in the nccur .ty that each of yen to preparwt promptly to comply with ibe tfntlM imponed or0? '"? Jrmjr 00na*rT' PoWirrn of the Army The taincrable Vendaia *? m gmi canned to i.ite uw daet at San Jacittc, Han ay?. V. ra and franwte, dare egiio to chnlleoce yonr fbroctty ' a w). Preper* youmelree. At ahatertr point of (* tral Amcr?a thry tr-rr appear. It t* to u? ateo that the challenge to eitecded. Tbire In the der.ger of o r c a try; there, honor and onr'oathn call an, and thrrr, an heretot.,r* in your rankn will be fonnd yonr eiwnper. on IW4 rrt^HMt, VTWNAJfOO CHAMCHin ". ||ji*nerAt July in IM0. kfefbing farther has been beard ae to Walker > a jt? . ( mi but great alarm nod eK'.tement are mid to extnt on of tin nupponed prorimilr to the country, and *.M tt. idente (more partiraUarly U.e Amerlcaont WlfT fW*- """ * . | M |T 1 w|ih- gvtt'MM. ard treat el with great t w.i-wt vbr anthorlti ** an<' people -ia built ,he s,w Qna%aMa *? A 00 Pfil,ciP*,lT rl w|in *bc,I, for,i, .puro, bad armed at U t'akw, oa the oaae, from on w natd to W Hondnran V ?! Purittr Tbeirde. . to"?n. Walker bly thry intend jotntt^ ? SEWS FROM S*^ GBAfADA. hr ? M # a a Th* H?pnrlfd Drfmt ?f ? Utlffti Offlrlal Diimmrnll-nrliUk >??<?, 4r . A*. nm cnrniProvnmrK. Ba. hji' ji ;:xa, M. 0 , August 7, ISA) ft' py.vrifrr? {n <1 F.T?^Ttnf 0nti Arlitrcm Cm*'1'" <jf a Wi i ??b ?faA'tfOy /MkhkW Tbe Btt"!gnor? l e to ? 9f at Barraaqatlla Tt.Sir propartlea acd parartit hate all barn ttrfetlp raapwted by ihr br srrrn!'. wh nfc. tt mmt be aratotrltdsno. It ?tore than thay "Jperkd from thr uadlarlpilaed trc->pf brentht tn from all aidra Rat btw it appeara that the eammaeirr of lb? Br tiah rraa c* war Rame baa U.ta opon biama!' to do what lord Joba R 'atoll trould be? Ua aboi.t doirp. Tit ?Ho nT'erad tlw (?f roraor to gira Bp to tb? Sear Croatian .iwnrra a N< tr Granadian ftoan *r, wkt< i? beta ?? au 'd i %;>taln (fart) r'praaiiuiod to him that bo hold row 'bare* ia bar. He atoi ordarad fi.-too to be pa d tn tb? ?pta a and tb? eng.near, aa indama tj. tMb*4?abrif TV*? p-w people. not w.rbag to pat item ar'*<a pfaKt'l betweaa two Irea. < wtaatted at tram to do all that the <v.rn?p*B ??r r r .rod. wlm. it ?;"**ra, amnrad tbe flora are <* ?arti.tgoea/?b< O r act there pratand<?f to Be ???) tbal he lot* ? tbe re?"?r>r'MMjr npea h* own ?b<- Mete * >tb I ? terlre or f<*>rtern tuna po.atod at tbe he rd f tt,e In ? debt d Ui 1*l? ?h>?;4 Uw-o bo an #abr a tn tk" 1 ?r ?. *"> tba'or'ftiara tra *ry /?*'-? ' ?l v prop*/-, -a wtil K bn't.r or dealrap?d n vio.- nr. abioh sa '?? ?d bf tha a-aak ?a ' ba't ' ? t ?. g ??. a. .'bat ail bwB i*a tbe ?tep takT. u ? moat ari- trary -ns, ir d anna of the peaple go to far us to t.ppoee thai the tommacder bu a screw iooae. 01B ASPiKWALL COitRMPOXhlNCB. AerTawAU., N. G., August a. JEW. iJ: fin"j Izirmtiy VuU?Jtoin 9ter?u?Xe r.<lfnpi of Wall or? Vnii-.J Sta.-j Fcifab i.-j Porir?OeOiltm ??? -Piai> e/ Jfr. loffcn, /r , <fc. Tte Northern Light, from New York cn the lltb, ar rived here an Punday afternoon, the Ithh, at about fire o' io-is P, 3J., be eg twelve houri bribed her usual t me. HaJ ale been Eve hours ear"rr lor passengers could tare creased -jo Lithane, and been n t me fOT the ? le at Panama. As t was. they were compelled to ro sea n n Aap nwail a" n'gU and itue 'oat twelve hours .a the trip. S.ncs :be sa.ltrg of the Ar e), on the 1Mb, coth ng of ff D-ra' utereet has uninspired cn the IitLmua. Business la dull en :gb to suit ice lar-eat jw--> u-mpo. and tno mots- i"ty of Asp in wal' gloomy enough for t>.e moat des reel so. The del ge of rc.n. u.ght and day, a only varied oy the sharp flashes of lightning, followed by Jeth mua thLLder. Do yon know what this !e? ft is when yon smell sulphur and .oar thunder for haii'tn hour ater it ?* pact No paradox. Wo have coth .eg from B-'grau or Cartagena s<c--o tbo sa.iicg oi tbe Ar.el. Ine Kngi.slt steamer 1'rinoa arrived ? rem sat. Jr.ah del Norte on thedOth, and left again on the 22J frr Canbagena. flbe brings uot o word of mvm trom ->n Juan. N'olLlog had been heard of Walker, but gr-at uoeasinest was felt, ?* it was sup j? ewi bis destination was Nicaragua. Mr. Bell, United Mates corn mere a agent at <an J an.tsl left on an Arr.rr an bar . for Now York, r,n leave of absence. ' >n the Pbo.Qc aide, at i aijamu, there have been arrl rais from r'putb and Ontral Amor -a Voir Panama ooTre*pon..ent w II joo aa to the uewe. There :s no iurtber authentic news of the revolution. A report at I ar.ama yesterday w.ta circulated tbat On an da (liberal) 1 a.l u-rr !'?; , so./iDg $12,000 in money and lAhrr '.hug- The J-atr end If raid, of Panama, put* no reli ance ;:i tb:s report. Tb* Cnlted tftatea frigate Sabine ttill hoe off our her- ! b r siortehip Falmouth in tbe harbor. The Ceiled i-'uirr atareab'.p Ke:i\a?c sa .rd on tbe lTtb ;vtr Boston, > ,? '!iO Hacbe In attempting to beat out the harbor on the )-retioua day. is mpauy wltb the fng'. sh brig Bri tannin the two shipe-voinded. Tbe Jtriraao had some of forward r a ng car-- ed away, while tt? Kngiiaman lost Blew shrouds. A few hours rope red all damage to both .ship* Itcnry \rthakr Totten, aged t wonty-three years, son of Colonel tirorgc U. Totten. Img-iieer ,'n Chiet of the fana ii.o Bailroad Company, d.ed at lh.s place, of fever, on the k<hb. lie tan been reaid nc on the * lathron* for a year or more, In the employ of the company. He was buried by tbe Msacuic fraternity of Aaplnwall, the funeral being attended by all resident American* and other foreigners and a lA'ge concourse of the native population. The death of this \ tmng man Juticrves more than a passing notice. Cot down in tno ripeness of youth and the riawra <u manhoixt, toe t ;ow falls Witb terrible e"act on the griei an < ken father, e bo*o >ial couolailoa it was to watch and wa.t mrouad the bed of deatb. The knell Is yet to ring in tbe bcarni ni a dearly lovod mother and aist -i* t.od temper the blow to their sorrowing hearts. The deceaaed was a young man of uncommon promise. Poemtri-d of cultivated intellect aril untiring industry, aided by a strong constitution, tne future was full of promise, of honor and distinction. He waa already a pi.iOeiriit ;u e vil engtoeorlng, havirg served In the buj ery oi the propped llofiduraa road. OIK ri.Vi.HA CORKEflPONDEXC*. Pa*aha, Auguat 26, 1860. M,i-'ary <jptroliont?Horxynenti of ftfoluticrutry Itoret Under Metpiera and tlando?Jctv-Uy rf the f<J<,a!uU?.V? ?etixrUt f United Sta ts Vtsstlt?LelUr from Mcqvera to Sieto, dc. 11! core mtri cation being interrupted between the aca board and Eogola, and other interior pcinta beyond Car tbagma, on the Atlantic aide, aid BocgAvenlora on the Paclflc?both coette being In poraerc'.on of the revolution :?te?I have hi V ltttH to commonlcate aa reapecta the movetnatia of the government and opposition foroea A ema.l Balling riaatl arrived here on the 2M inat. from Buenaventura, w itb datca to 12ih mat. She report! General Obando, Moaiuera's principal General, ar having taker Put.' the capita! of the bearing that name, In the State "f Ca ira. and which baa ob-lineteiy refined to join Mnpq'*cra tn tits oppoRltion to the general govern meut. .Ml the civil autburil.oa of the place. it* bed to the frontier of Ecuador, leaving beb.nd liaPOO in the treasury, and SCO =-uttt of clothes bad b?* n ?.oe f^tho Z^va oi the fcdrral booty, of conrae, tell into the haude of Obando. *n?qu?r? vi H|( fitill roan-big toward* tin* But* of Ad* netorc this baa entered ita terr tory ?'tbb'a rcyoiutiona rv forces r.mounting to between 6.Out) and 9,000. Ttc Intenrtrnw General ?.f thia State la act. vcly ?f?H in recruit tug n.en tor tha federal government. A large i mber baa already been eolieled in the interior by big ?VrbTl^wJl/bnodred more ??? the nervcr. lie x a to Btticg out a tmail vernal of wtr toaead U. lb. .?! of <*?**. in add.t.ou to the onebe ????lit tkrv wine time since. Hie government Wttld wt St i m ,. r(t? mi oBV*r Hot U - qoa^oabj*^ iter h a ?!.?? m behalf Of the gmteral r-varnmaal wiH ava . at m.oMm* beU?rereot aay ai^bomgtbWHn* -d the rrmtlKmUm throng* tmr |?r? ef oaoam f.m if.*, neiaba* a -MreseaA a letter tn W b.eto, ??> vrrnoroi the state of Mrlirnr.of which the rationing ia a tranvlatioc ? Cau. July 20. 1<*0 Ir anrwer to your cumt.nei, wltn regard to the poaition tr e e*?a i.tivr 01 Caooa means ^ take 1 wave b? 7" t bar not accented the reformed election law SS'Jf&iXv: lJr.bllWU? ^ ^."LiVaT ! no ar. i wr e.b I duly transmitted to you ***** . end* oent to yoo.aa n?r ronfldontial agent. Sr Manue Varia Alain, that he may leetwel youwiUi tho r.urttcr.* of thil State, and prt.poae to you the mea .. f,'? abwh we muet adopt; end, wuh the ' ifcr iart* in mcr pofaemion, I ruppona you nave to declare your oorrvspoedtag eparatioa from KSwcmtST a' for myae f, I tt/iT^n* oi 9.-U-Tef lt will be ? t?f' tb- r leuti.. et to meet in lanama. M rnTld IW Keu d.w ? " 'b- G.>>.r?or or that j, . , , ArH b tnr? lf brwtile towarOa the def-*ndrrt JiJ. . .GL ^.d OU that areouot it will b" even 'ff.. utl ?br'|.w I" nerd the pleeipitrul.aiy "f Utfr I Ale * baa alii-edy arrived at Carthage?.!J br ,Ue . neata u bia p>-?e.aion, to r"?e-l.a a ...e? all . Tom ?H- Stale of, |o arrange a pr.e r ra. ot a 'anee with tha i ica pewntmrmi ' ; . ' r. i.vM, t'?gJa.ei?a ar. w.ntv?.W. and that wM t -voartiarva md, aU a dirertor. pre vm 1- r tue erw rocb d'tat or to amatne 't4r",..*L .i uj ? - I urn a v.iil tn lb* ?r|Mi WttO? ^ . ;,-v I Ti r? !^r' J -U o :.t torva ot th. | ""^bi ?-*.?lienof Br Mino, ?ovtr^nr of the eoveretfia Ti > I r ird juaie* "ag ah.p lanraafr ?a..e<l b?ae? yea trr?ay rver nf for ce.teo she tonah at faita fotng, " u.b.v <? av?.|atl ret rr.vny Tt.e f-'^'tl ait. r , 'Mrs i - rff .i rtrt th- tag efllcw of tM ^ ;?ar^ ?? M*t ?t % tV*r* i ?***' * . v. I t? <A Ibe ('i?t Jfhel ink mUitn ill lb*l t v , i * iaa ta*ua pc-aaomion of r uayaqa..?avd the pr a'.My ? Ibai he uar-lt :a pr- uwrd the r jhta of all tcrr'' will be rr?t*"ted? __ _ The I mint iteira tkop of war ft- **TT* l< *l1,1 ?. ea. bet Br iana.c Mi. etty $ ?h ,>? . r>. | .. ir.i wle* efeawv NarrafanaMt ?a B w ? iguty t :a?? . i f. TB r.te end it it trarad tlmt aoa.e ..T trarh m ry hat mtT t rnr* or thk oovritsoR or wntrwrt. | Tha letv-r alluded to .a the nrwa from vtw < an . a. ( p 11 tU4 in yeaurday'i ITsbaip la u tdlowa ? Moer - Auguri ? 1*60 TnmOoiMMt ? raa at* ? B,i*vuv rtA? T ftTu cf of tha Drjmnmcut of tn a.nU of tbA , mat , infr im* ms ?? T ?.v I 1 bare iqgt reoe.v* . b"T,;Jk t \l ZT^ r^m ciate luJt J. "' rf 2"' Uai aJrlf,Ht" l? A"# ain.y'of ^c^^r^'^rrerr'?ho U? And toff rWttj ttl Chief. Pr 1-1 Ateentara 1'errar. aai h? <> f .Munatei, for ti.aro. .tr/.th a pkw ' , tSf , . niaei ci outf-raaaJmaa. ain. oe?i baa coat the Uvra ?. Ma , i n . roiiibiv toe nthera the brave yom? J??ua lb* 00 T?\ ,Tr-. trrotc ct it f of the -ta-. bn de ?'? ? f- err . -n 1 ea atO'laur W. '?-,<*?. - e? I Tb* T'-tcn?w a'?y * . ? , . ? \ a I OHmyf l *1'* f ?* i ! .- vMa It ^e.-at t raat'e t e?. ^ - -at- to r . * '? " ( I Mtb^ham.?o ptaMtblt ?amouiiot.wakbwinjrr t? t ? ... s-u. f in,, t. a ,? - tarn. ' ' '7 . Ti? lb ? WBtrj in lb# ^ ru wl b ? eetmrniar and I do ot W.t wa.f'ff aor-t^ ? ' i ?jt jog with tneraptnr. of the Pre' doni of I ?*? ?vj.iattr-h.wt,. .with bA JfOdit le.rdt. ,? dar?i th< ' aj. ? i (/stantw.'ar ^ , Arrot plea??r? 1b rtpii?mta?eat eg to yn ?o A??* ' u*' ?r-nt Mr<tultt.Bg mylf. U^et'ier ? th ,*t.bnbl?"Ujfc ra^lel ao .mpcrtaul to U?e pnvi vani . .. ?.fc rtpo fd ?**"? fo^? ?? pi,# piBC- .where um* of Sumta-der, Oarrudelavat ifa. tJfA?A?ACTTAL PO-I TBt i '*It I" ?*- " ttok or arfAlfc,? TO f*t ir' TdB ov ma icia^'*" SFwVomr.Aug^3t?r? . _ , A|t}| Of ll* rlewofUtewlltorial <?**"* VZLa * ?,h mat . ratattbg ?o tha tftm of Nnr Grmm^, P me to tnake a fcw remarhi. .rfta.|, The ofoimat iB ebtch yw raoetre-l la mat ??? ? iffBrvrraie. and while tisi'tem ogahly 'lictttel f I* i TWioai. ooeta na aaeerttova it "g*H to the rev i pvea?al et<alWg r t,.w ' ragada wbrt ? on 'n ?r 'th The question now jidcr depute by fcroe of arms in not, has not been, will not be, nor can it become, a conflict of races- It .a briefly reduced to Ibe following:? In 1867 tbe country adopted the federal system, now existing n tbe Contederacy, and abolished tbat of cen tratizat on. IT.s dent Oiptna, who attack*, and baa not fancied tbe federation, wbicb deprive* of tne m incLte power* be before beld. baa been constantly oocu pied in aiming to destroy tbe newly adopted system, and lay by day, hour by hour, has untiringly labored to usurp tbe rigl ts of tbe Rates, and concentrate tbem In tbe national executive. Tor the term of two years the States have on nterruptedly resisted, by all legal and pa iuSo means, this usurpation of tbe i'reaideuk Tbe legis lature or six of the eight Hut-softbeConfudera-iy declared certain acts unconstitutional, and directed against their sovereignty. The rrspiotful and d I guided rem nns trances of there Rates were treated with disdain and rlclculo and tbe r petition rejected Tbe legislatures thnn peremptorily ordered tbeir Governor* to sustain their rights with decision and energy, and tbat tbey have done Genera! Moequeru, Governor or tbe State of Osuca, took the initiative, he being tho most prominent person o tho federal party, which asks for nothing moro than com pliance with tbe constitution. It is simply absurd to say that General II rquera, n what he^ias done and is doing, is actuated by jealousy of President Osplna and by annhi t:on. Motquera has already served a Presidential term in New Granada, and was by acclamation designated as the candidate of the federal party in the approaching cm test for that ofl'oe; and yet, although tbe triumph of that party is inevitable, having the support of six eighths of the country. General Mosquera withdrew from tbe candidacy, wnstp. then, is his overweening ambltionf I answer, in tho sickly imagination of bis enemies. Tbe rev oiuliou would have been avoided had ('resident Ospica followed the counsels of General Flerran, but far from so doing, they were indignantly rejected, and the President declared war against the States, only because ihcy deictdrd the rights guaranteed them by the mnsti ' ullou. Let this Taut be burnc in mind?tbe aggros, ur i? ibe President. The foregoing is tbe of my person il observation in New Granada, whence 1 tut . c lately arrived. hun cisoo a. NEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. News from Gnatsinala. San Salvador anil Costa Klca?Tne Ia<li|go Crop In Salva dor?The Liquor Law-Trade, Ac., Ac. Tbe Panama Railroad Company's svamcr Columbus, with two weeks' later advice* from Central America, ar rived at Panama on the 2uth nit. The netve by this ar rival a an important. GUATEM \LA. There la scarcely anything from this republic worth noting. Dates are to tho 10th nit. The English birtc Contest was at San Joae de Guatemala wilb 1,000 rerootia of cocbineal on board, loading with hides and sundries, and was expected to leave in a few days for Realejo, to load with dyewoods, and tbcccc proceed to England. SALVADOR. THE FOREIGN L1QCOR LAW?THE rNDIOO CROP. The arbitrary decree of tbe President respecting the Importation of foreign liquors, wbicb was noticed in tbe Bsrau) some time since, ts ttili tbe subject or mncb com ment among foreign merchants, all of whom, through their respective consuls, have protested against Its en forcement. The decree Imposing an export duty on silver ore, also noticed in the Huuld shortly after Its promul gation, is about to be enforced. It is said tbat this decree conflicts with the contract entered into between the gov ernment and a French mining company, who are at work m the country, and a large quantity or whose ore Is lay ing at la Union lor shipment. Tt la reported tbat, on aooonnt of tbe drocght, the in digo crop will be ema'i this year, and ttrt both growers and sellers decline making contracts. COSTA RICA. Mot KMKMd OF MR. DIM1TKY. Nothing of a political character of general interest has transpired in this State since the adjournment of Congress. Bon. Alexander Dtmitry, United States resident Minister, acoompantcd by lfajor J. P. Betas, of Washington, took passage at Pcnta Arenas on tbe ISth alt. for Realsjo. Maj'W B , it is understood, goes to Nicaragua <>u ?ov*ru roent business, tbe nature of whi< h has not yet tealieplro.! A rumor has reached here, tbat President Mnrattcxpociad soon to return to Costa Rica. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. News front Chile, Parn, Bolivia and Krna dor?The Commerce of Chalo?Protest or the flantlmlam Minister Against a Papa! Collection Document?loiumtrtlsl Law Can?Gin. Bel/n and Roll via?Defeat of Gen. Franco la Kcuador, dec. The Pacific Steam Navigation Company's tiaamer Tel par also, with two weeks' later laWlligmce froiu the wet onset of tooth America, arrive J at Panama oe fl?t nil , trttt t*a mat!* fcr Pereps ami ?he INHM fsetsa, IttlJIt in specie, sod the following cargo ?For Pausna, A serious bate, 32 package* sugar, 4 aarooaa bark, 8"> Gale* sundries; tor Southampton. 200 bags coc a, 23 pa.-k.-qra ofburk, 11 do sundries, for I tverpo<d, 6.900 ingots of j copper, 134 bags of cocoa, and for New York, 42 hides, I S3 baleegoat skint, k do. deer skins and A packages of J nrdrtir Her date* are: \alparairn, August 2; Cxllao, | 14th Parts Uth, and Guayaquil, lilt. cnu.E. KiKAVt tAL?ORICAT INCMAIi? IV ? OMVRRi It?( In ( *? IMS mm 01 ix-TtM.i i?n?r> < TttT AOAIKRT A TArAI. OOf.UKTHM?MfWtVe mt? oaripalm rr\o?HMHRNA i i. < m. 1 aw c*?r- nrRtvr**?hfavt Reran, rrc. TUt eew* fron. Ibia republic l? unimportant CungrtM i? ?4!tl In *e?ftnu few beads of dep*ttm<?lt li ?** iced* reports, Ike Mt important of wb'.ch 'r that of tba Miainter of finance, | I f.-'jtn which it apt rare that t ie uat-mai income dur.i.g the /ear It*9 amour.led to 86 261,16C bctng an csoow over Ibat of 1?>of J 002 D80 it lb:? aim at iJ.'.'Ml it- wu ?Jet ;?*J :rc.o? r lik-we, at J l he residne from other ?.,.r ne Tu am ml of mparts during tb<- ynrvu tut. 761 *66 end tbe exp-rta U? 813 J M 254 Tbe firelfft! debt, ra t .latiug all rrdr mjtInea at Mr. Witt be ectto | i ?bed?Ute tiifti ceat .u l?o?. end tbe tbiee per ceut .a It il n?te.I that Iba .57 public n<. ?d? laee n Ve'j<a ra.?o are iii?le?|oate !?? accommodate aU the foreign mer chand'sc imported laic tbe couotry. a* ekown by (he ei l<er ?u<e ol tke p?a? ?rar, 01 e kindred prtule tlorea iiar.Dg keen rented tweiiee. during lliat tme, at ao aa nut exp-nee o 181 ,830, ant! it >? tWelbre room mended tbet Ibegoee'ituMit erect UMtk r M?k?f IkntMM The receipt* fr. m r natrons for tbe flrat Ave mroitha of ltflb I bow an :?cr>-aae of 84 8.784 over those of fb" cor raqnkdlaf period of last pear. A rrport malt tc the gnrernmeat oa publ,r mstrurwrot ai! the rderstiona! csubitsbmenta of the roratry, winding tke *!* roirentior.el arhiaNi in Heali- | ago, there are P7a p spile re**i .ring p-'paralory inatruc t'oc, and Sr.* ?t .lent* ic profex*: :.?! ami ar entiOc braarbee Tti 46 prieate arkada Ihroogbntit tke reptjkltc, 8Jt4 girla are educated l?ur n, 1*N' there were endowed 36 primary rr boo la?10 for tire *04 6 for girts. Ant there are at present Icatractios ta the public reboots 16J0I rbi dr<n, of both ertaa. more than ta tbe pear lain and tbe total aemker o! rb.:drca at present recate log i**troctl?o m aa f..Uows ?Ir. government arhnot*. 3' , in nv ? a * 4 341 r. pr rat- arho .? t int. and in c *Teatb>oal acteole. 1 DTI atafcing la ail i 3JVt, Tbe Vaipar* ao CLamlwr af O tam?rce, ?.iticff a* a tri bunal. bae recetUp di-ndeU a rare of maiiiiiae laauraac*. broagbt by tleaarr Hu'.b. Gruumg a Co . aa atr-m- of a partp In I tna arn a*t tke Vaiparatan undarwritera, oe arconnt of tbe ah pwrertc af tke' Perinea barb i. P. C , laden will euaon. on bar voyage from the Cttocb* ?' and* i t . ? ut .t .' w'.twe >'*? apre-i ? ?ht?rtlt after tt orr,tired The t nddnrr tern rwraal to tvip on the ground that the 'h p. harinc foundered oa account of a leak, three ?iapa after iaanug pet. an t trill out e xperieortuf aop etreoa of wrath' r or accident, tt era* re deal that tke enseal traa aot aeawonhp, an t there' re tbe let* ranee ought t-f he ooi^-iered roi I The cauae traa decided agamal tbe underwrltere 6 cm r D?b Valrartcr .Vauf.tevb t,aa eminent rltireii nf the repi died at Jtant.agn on 17th af Jutp, ta hie forty, th rd pear He hae tw et held a roa tl a is tke Oabtne*. act at Hii '.me of hta death traa Mm ator of the Supreme Otrurt of .1 Atrce Ru dnatb te grnaral'p lameated, and a prcpoitUoo ? fAbd rg l-efhre Ooageeat to grant a petition o? fJdO a mfir'o U lie? T'lcw andrkil-l/ea of the deroaae<i. Tbe C-orereor of tbe biahoprtv UT:n| fmbllaL-d a pat lorai letter during the abaevce of the A^bblehop, order tag a ccd'ectton to ha made to aid tke pope of P.onte to 4r 1 fend bit temp rai power, tbe fer HblAu II ^tlcr to ? let art It to tt e torerament a note prottrtlvg aga'cat the object ranti m; air d. and agatnat the VHfr a* nor | ta.ntbg cbenalre epitheta Uarar'a Ktag Victor Kmannet, and tbe fforererrter! has demanded as cvptaaaLoa mm tbe ecr'ee-.aatlcal a'tthorltlee New J'Korertea .a the tuiai-rei district of Coplapn coo t mue to be made. Cel. D"b Salvador Puga. a rete-an of tke war of ttde ' peadeecc, r*c*et!p d.eel at Soi.t'ag'. ao.1 Iwn Ramon tJar rta. a pot tical redOfW from Cille and who te. !*ar " ?tdlng in Lima fbr some time past, died in that <*ttp * few week* aitce. lien lb 'is, ws Vert,''eat nf |V>"?'.i. t- *t Valparalwi fhr Peru in lb# euarnar which Billed rea there est 2!?.h It The Tla'ian res dTt* In Ti'paralao hare o^e* ?4 * tub t ?drift >i? for the aid of flirhal ti rtr Amrrown tieaiw'-r Prr> aiioarrlre<t a' V*'parr*so the 86lb July, ant railed *ti?"tip after *-t ( alias. P' |? rim hetween the i.itler f?r?rf end ti !#y 11 I Hit Amirtrwa ? H?MSI, vrh: 1 we frie'e ??? it VslpBrai'a dortaf the'.ate gw'". oot'eed la mi )? t In 'of. ban he'ii ai-bl ?? a> >!? it f ir ft ooe B ?:ue* ValpaeaM di.r'xa the 'ortuigpt r? eio'^J 1 ti ? trr if r*Am"? *>.* it. d4< alef (copper miner) has been retarded ea aeeoiat of the eon t lotted rains, Ihe ?evarity of which, U * mid aw tfloula parallel In Ohtlo caue.i.g a (freat lore of cattle; hut the crop*, instead of autTeriiig by the raiue, uave beeu greatly benefitted. Copper?In bare. $20 caah per palatal; but no aa os at there figures. Flour?\*o changn to noto to the price of thie art cle. UvuTo* ban boon ?xcm dltigly Heard*, and notw ?. rtao! tug what has beuti lauded ?x Valpara so, la <iUJtod at 20 cetite. BOLIVIA. DISCOVERT OP S 41.TPBTRS? T! IE PERUVIAN INVA SION -MOYEMNTt OF (JRVKRAL G2I ZO, HTC. The news Drum this atnall repubi'o '? without ?ntoreat. Via Valpara!.-o we'.earn of the dircovery of i a) to lire at or near ihe port of Gobija by Dr. iteid.epec men* or which bare bora sent to Valparaiso for examicat on, and whith prove to be of excellent lUillty. The article la said to be . ery abundant where It Laa baea d civ-rod by IT, R. General Belu arrived at on the ?id mutant t <50. roepordent of the Cauaon.. Sar snd llrTaX'l, writing from \r;ca nndor dito o tfc- hth 1 ,t., nutca that it .* the Intention of Helm to Invade Bulivlu * 'b a few men, in the hope that tbo wbolc conntry will join h tn If thn t-rov r vraaiiis trua l<> L.r.afei, 15-Ixu will have but * porr cbtnee, aud run" great risk of losing tj neck ilia departj. n fro n Tacoa, It was reported, -van to take place on tho 30th ch. PEUU. HEALTH OF PRESIDENT CASTTLLA ? FRENCH AND AMERICAN VEeMKLS OK Wall THE UNITED STATE" Ct.AIMK -TRK PRKHIDKNT'tt MltHMAHB?BILIVIA?rHK ATTEMPT ON TIIK PKKSlDKKT's ' IFit ? > HltKdT OK AN AMUR CAN ON Kt'KPll US', KTC. Th era la but little change to note In the a Ta rs of thi* country. FretMeul Casvilia viae et.ll tuS'erlcg ft urn tbo rtVccta of the wound ho rec red scire two wooxh pro vlouily, in consequence of wh-:h no further prog'ess has been made toward* a imitlommf of the .'merman clamor The French ?b 1 s of war have left Callao The Auierlcau Ktoam corvette is *t:li thcr \ awaiting the move menta of Mr t'l.vj our m i, ?tor Two Peruvian m am ?li pe of war were altu a porl Ccuarees out uuee u sers;on, but te proceeding* arc if lltt o merest Tun canal rumors of a revolut on At ;l prev? I lYea .lent lUsttlla, in hie nieeaage, speaking of the yueet.'-us u impute he tivi t*n tho rcited Slates and Peru, aye h? bnpea that the I'abnet at Washington will r >t o*-?t upon tho |in*it;on it hal aeet'lued, but Will coulent to ref-r the suh.eol W> the arbitration of tome friendly Power. El* ieecrais at some length on the forcible reclamatlms made by povreric; nations m behalf of th- r nt? ana and adject* evidently referring to the late Frtacb i-uianls and the probable enforcement .if those of tho United Slut en. The tona Of the m< ?*aR? toward* It.llv a '? ev-eed'ngly '?ehlgerent. It *ays?-'Bolivia at'.Ii OOC limit* to deny jus'ice to Peru, and now goer so far aa to inter lict ad re iatir.n* hetween thw i?i cnuntr.ea, tor whiih reaaoo it will not be surprising If the course of event* Hn: men the disagreeable necessity of call, g an Insidioae an 1 disloyal govrrnrr.cnt to Mtoot, no; on.'y for past Inniit" and injustice, h.;t also fur presen' one* Several parties have been arreeteil on eiiipiuiou ofhaving been concerned in the islo a'.tempt on the life of tbo Pree: dent; amor? thnm is a irn of Mr Ft Men, an old American re* dent of Peru, and whose wife id a of the c jun try. ECUADOR. BATTUE tKlWEEN fLUHKS 4*0 gltANCO? THA LATTER PEEKATED AND WOCKDMO, 1TTC. Via Ta ta late and important news tu noon received from th,a republic. An engagement h*d taken plAM *i Rod iff** between a portion of Genural Pores' com -non 1 and Franco * entire force, which resulted a the cofeit and complete rout of the latter. It '?cm.", thai an ad vac-'' guard of FV>r? ?', numbering only sbw tbree tint lro.1 tuen, tuddecly cam* upon a picket of Franc >'?, drove the ji into catnp aud attai'.knd the *1. force, put Ibcm to fight and captured t.T r.aid piecW; ar.j that a yourg oftkar, whose father Franco bad ? ??r<l to he Shot a abort time rsinco, paraned b'.m to the water r. odfe and when tho retreating i.RMral jumped tatn the river the) vug man hurled hi* spent at him, which grazed bis head, inflicting a t'igh: ?e*n wound. The uiott of Franco'* troope took rufuae on the steamer Boll var. Wfckli ws* lying in the itruam. which arrived at Guayaquil on the 9th ult. The few who remained behind weru do ibtlrta taken Eleonera hy Fierce. Franco. It le r turned, ua eoou a* arrived at Oua>u.| II, rami mew 1 hi* fhvorlto ay mem of forced ioasa act arrest*. But in all prcaab-.ittr Floree, by thta time, la in p isaeaalon of that viae, and i raccu I* either hla ynwsier or ha* "ed the <? "inlry Two To luviaa vcasel* of war were In port ready, It was hollered, to convey hint to Pern 'n case ct hie defeat, a rumor had reac hed Fall*, before lb* aailiug of tho English nvootuur for Panama, that Flovea Lad o.r'ved at *"d inVeo 6<i?y* quit. The Rn^ltah oarvntle V aen ?nJ a French vaaai 1 o war were in port to prw jct toe I' vessel* from Interfering in behalf of Franco. 'ti th'-re vwu- to ' ? no hope for t .m. lie mcsr ucccmu to Mores, If ha ha no already done to Tie -o' Ir- pojc laoe of Guayaquil it In favor of the Utter, and It 'a aald, wnold join ila stand ard the moment he mad* fa a appearance before the city. AFFAIRS IX CALIFORNIA. Omr ton Fmerlae* Carrmpandant r, ?a* Vaamame, 4wgu-l H, I HO. Tkt Almoin Qm-ltl'-'s Mint C.mrc-rey? rfa 14 Aft.-. Ore Mi Hk-i'' for Htm Fort?Cdft/ornla AVe*i';wtf En itt7,ii?rki Fr??nm>. F? t?" 1 /*??!(Met?A mi'Xrr Crim. Orm (Mm?A /'reap Ac.:ttt cm- cf tKt i'ori'j?SuK for IMmofi?fOtooting of tAnU. G'-. Andcrun?.fYiWse, Au-itfeu's, *fc. A large numtier of w1tr"?*e? ha-e been examined tu the Almadcn mine cave, who declare 00 oath that they would in.I believe the leat'moiiy of R .Iwrl Rireie 8>r tie stated when c*am ued that >a nrlg'ia' letter from .lame- \ Forbe*. aUeg :s* that th tit'e to tar. mine, wacforgad. but there aeema to be little dvo'd that lb government has in Rirnte a man entlrrly unworthy of crrdenee About $130,000 in Waabne silver ore will be taleo on the steamer 1'ncie Sam to day, to be smelted in w York, fitber ahipmrnta arc mentioned below. - Theeteamer John T Wright, now being finished a* St< imhont Point, la 173 f'et in Kr.gtb, Un feet depth "f bold, twenty (even feet beam and is of a A tons b rtheti She I* a tow pressure boat,end <a e creditable Cdlfu oi? pkrc of wrrkmatsh.p. r?U,e| FreuuoOt errived at I'* VnseVs a Tom day* ? irre ahen a salute 01 Uibrn fun* was tired in his honor a del' :rt m tnc republican elub w*.ted on him when be rTprr trwl bis refreilaailon not t-> tak. ?nr artive part In the PreaideeMei campaign it 1* rr.iuy. ited that tithf Hi worth ol Wurhor siftrr i-, has I.<en Kh pf* d to the l JU?rn Mates from, this etty since .tsnnnrv & ot which the two laat ?t"aff.'r? esrrk ? rvC 31UOOO ' llaniHtrn J Miy has nsMutrd an aetimi aramrt Jahi ff.v-1 the actor, t'a rreover ffO,000 dnrr.sgr* : r the *r riretic-n of h i wife May a'lrges that he was marr r<l to He'en .' t. odchiMi. tn this city. May, ties,and that ear.y n IMF Wood (hlaitflN Mrs M.y and entirely al ?wtled her slVrl ?e? fr"n her torah.nd. The pia.ottff In this rare asi.stcd Wood's wift-. a few years, tc ab scrmd from the bo'.ei ?t which stie dved. an veurri so that,?>:?*<. 1 a by e f w wahs th> ?.n:ait 111? meat of emit for dtT- rr* aga ivst Jobs Wood, and which lie snrorwcfc'.ty reslsteJ. A dirt roe cult is bo* pet m our e-ruru be' tweesr V?y sr. ; * :. Wurtl.rr 1.. v. gr\ ? ags eat Wond or nut will noun l>e determined, but 10 the cvei t Of b. doing an, ft ? net prnhat>k> it ?n?M bt netit h m b:. fa. a* W .^1 it acpptt "- b* without proj -rty. Cs.dsiu Ketvliuoi's fV-rT'i aby of FFtb Inf. ntry, Cnitert Mate* Army, which arrired bore 'rune 'im*'since frvtn San ge, ?fi here on thv Pih list , on lh<- st'-smer |"e ? ? ? r ^ comrtny waa tat nri at Port a: ratra a Ih;s harbor. B?rraftrr it will aerre at Fort Vancouver an.- mr. or rurrrsvoa ?vr.?awiv, A man named Istfklns infl tiod a deocrou.- woun l on ei I ? tenant (tu c?dv Anderson,o'Calif.wnla. at Ger.oa ?Carson Vsltey, on the atb isot. The paitienUra are a* fe! I lows ?A d sputc Crvt aroae Imlare' ht W ?'? and Judge ' Child in relersnce tt' the voire for R order not 1>ei?g I cototsd. I fkioa. stvodlog by. inlerriiplrd sad took tu arr? 1 '??r U..- Judge, who !i I. ifktM brother in 'at. Sotr.- I.tii words paa?ed. when 1 tfklna ran UiHtild'* hw vs. ab" t one buadrcd j art's d'?rvnt,ard got his ra, aiid iet. rn'.n;, .leaj.tu the eanrvtpr, .tost at inns and retr'aM*- of Mrs Child and Khera, fired the firt 1 1 rh'l, aftrr whi-li Anders n Brrd at rand?.m. and fell j fmly tw- ?lv>ta were fired ibe following it Mr At? ''r*>n'i srs>m?t t ?I t-rt Jutgn Ot'ltf that I bad am'.atcd him la lit* nrgan'/alton, j and b. ehoe'd bare the vol-a cot-nted, that If be did not 1 he oight to be hrng Lufb n* w*>ke and said. "Poehafw | yot nsd better haes him.'' 1 repfied u st I waa B"| 1 Xak eg tc him l.ufwinv nald, "PS lis you, an 1 started ' Fieicrn og, he flrad. I then fired Marsha JtlaeahBrn was standing hy during the retire I d IfkiiliT, let did not interfere till Andeicn frul, v h?m be J arrerkd I-ufl. n?, and startcl with h m for Carson City Asdrrroa- Is very low. IV fTtnakberlaln thine* hit re fnvrry ?enbtrul arwrrtsrs err /? Rr'aU'R lancng. ssl, Wilham Pot, who 1 m*s n ay left with a rattlreoair. was bitten by the rept ie 1 m> ?h '1 refegrr t* the right hand. He thmifht bet ttte pf it bet in i4*V an hour he died In great pe.n lianed up ' MM eged twentv yeare j, hard Harrison, aged about twenty (ve years, while j retort it.? ff tn ? M'>. evctifWrin on Wiliow'rreek, R-jtt caointy, laattbieday, tell from 1 b uf ir>0 fort hi h. and was dashed to pFees on the rock* be low. Rereaeod was fr m tbr city of New rk fwakl framef. an oM reeidrnt of Msnposa. war found I ?1 no the f ih Augvsfi. on fb." 1-anki of a ravine near It .t piece To ipjieararce, i,? bad been on h s way harr>? sad'? " on a slight cm'vabt nt vt *i (he guleh. which prodrcc" c .sgrstwwt of Mrs bsnio and killed him is aid VrKtt?cy *11 tuddrnly khled or the fi'u A- r st et l ittl* Yerk, Nevada 1 unty, by the oaeing in of* bar of t claim nt which be wak ?? rsk.nt fit wa? ? ftrrtr and was abe.iit thirty fir? rsais (metre b ba 'cni'b, wbn f jrmerly worked at -tclby Flat.Nevaila eoi.!?t. wm uroai c | r< itlr ;n* Kfl'V. t Kcva a fit.01 r titmjm lhat rtmilh ant twnotbera w e at r, it 1 yarfat -i '??c whe-, the boat wtfieap sized Two of the moa chinr to the boat and floated to th>' ?hore, hotKmtto was mmwaed. Ijirt fuu-.laj afieruoou, while Jeuuis KellebPf sra" walking i Croyy a ri? m near Peuora, h * !'<v4 a|ip[W>.1 and he was pr. ctpt'Ued Into * hole torty fp.'t iu deplu. Tue tall ''.-like bis back, nr u he died tu twenty minutes Kiijsb l^ee, who is under Ui"tctmest for the sillin Miiier, at luttisn Digging*, Ei tkiradu couutv. In February isrt, was arrested near ?d Valley,D"rih nf Clear l*k? a it w nsj s ago According to the N'.ipa ft-jwn! a wan brought as fur S:i Big Vailey, wh re hn nro<a losae at night and etcapcd Deputy Pher t' Jeffrtea llred four shttU at I'.itn as he ran, but without ( ttee.i Dee was at the house i of Noble, at tba fo il Of the lakn, two days afterwards. 1 and still bad baiidcullli iijjuu b.s wr.ats, but the connect ! '.ng swivel was broken. a rfrntist, tianwr iC. iV. (laodriah, died very suddenly <>u the 9th .n?t. lu the P?p)iu**y House, on S*uRom? ?Ueet A p ft mortem exaiuina u estabilsbwd thnt hy Ire thi.iran was the r*n?e oT .1. ?th lie, rased widn'oriy Ave years of age, aud formerly of Iilln :S A blaekrmhh, named a. Bisochard, wis found dead tiea lbs Mk (frovo Hons*, iu Paoranfeuto c>uuty, !a*t vuD'iaj E'O'ii be ev.'ltme oUatk-d before ttyp ?'o Jury, !t I'jijieared that tarn men. named Will lain Williams lost pb B.-ake. ki!'-"l niaucbard beoauye tbe latter byd gH . ' a lawsuit agail'St William* rbe two men ire to pi :8( P. Blake bar eoufe.-Sed h.r guilt Jeiues Pe,' *'*? ttcta Wisconsin, while work!a/ !u tho Pacific (Vimpaty '? "Inline, dlerra County, last Monday, 'rut fatniy injured by tbe caving of a bank. He died Wed neoday. ?TOHUKY OS viiri A Are broke out Tuesday la-1 ul tiru?.s Valley, which de stroyed a Dumber of frame building-; Luna boi roper l A lire orr.nrred at Sot ora Thursday last II cocs-med the itai.a Ss'oon and oth*-r bu.ldlngr Dors TO 000 Tl;e rh p white r w-aiiour, one hun.tre and eleven days from Button, reports having July 26, fallen m with the Jovrn Alberto, b> -ud trout r osta Ktca to this port, In reed .-if jirnvslnns, which she sopptted D W Perley, a la*, jer 'f tills c *.y, who chall-'nc-d the lute Pi iiatur Brodrrxk to tight, nod out of wbi :h U::Ecu! ty tbe fatal meeting * 'h Judge Terry arcs-", wte aimit t?d to be a citizen of the Ctmed States, la the IV-tr.ii Court, oc the Stb ibf. Rroderi'.k aaetmnd tu debt Per py, it w II be rememb- red, t?. c* is? op was not r?,ral n political a land leg, aud beca-is' he was au THE BROOKLYN PARRICIDE. The ln>iuti( Hciauieu?Voaug Bcbua Held to Answer. rue .nqueet into the cause of th? death or Mr. Joseph Bebou, who. U is allege !, act hie death at the h?. it 0f h:? son, Joseph fahnn, Jr., was resumed oa Saturday aflerimon. by Coroner Murphy. in JwHioo Walton's court room corner of Leonard and Wyckur streets. Thcr? wan a mege attendance of epecfatore, who seemt-i to manifest much interest ;n the pr woedings. ana. iiuioa, aaxioa.>. The first witnrrs examined for tho I'rnaecu'.irn '.vaa Mrs. Stephanie Bebon. who bad been examined on the prov ous day. She .-are the following additional evidence:?I aaw a knife tn too hand or the prisoner; l cannot toil what Hh?mt?I-*iknire 11 ?*"' '""'J s?* ? portion or the haadj atrn-k^il"^ ^ * Uu*ur; caunot nay huw many times ho Mrti.s my disband; did not son the knifo when be at rue* the blow; was not present when Miss Uivard was sworu .?ceawa took hold or the prisoner a wife hret. bet -re the prMoner struck the blow; then- war troubfa by !b? I r>f-. u? r u wife before ?foveti#?"l t nuip out eeSTw^rSfrW "W unl,? "* It . , ??*?'? "ISThni RKCiU ?t> I Joseph Gunthrr, who wok exam in od on Friday Tor the to htah] rocal'cd He deposed that the accused to his house about seven o'clock in tho evening or tho horoicioe, and invited him to go Home wth him w:tn? ar complied, aud they walked to the corner ot Smith mreet and Motitroec avenue, where Mrs Bebon. fr . was eland. 'B*\.Ma,*arre"?n u'olt P4*0* l)et're?? tho two females about a bonuol, .,od had language was used on both when, ;u reply to a uueMi.e from the eW?r female, the younger said she intended the language fbr her? the al roXud T* t UV?D senior tbe younger a dirty thing accused called ina rtepmotbor a cock eyed "tudor." m Centner-Interpret that word, and let us know what It Various opinioni! wcro then startedas to the mean.n* of rnc^'t V,".ZnCb" "c*"toc" ?cre r^uv'ly , suggested but the witness gave no explication, and ta'c Corr.ticr decided to rcta.n it in tea original. Wile-then j h.s cvtdcnoM, t"*tify ;Dg to fbr the, a,?.rcatlcn between the parties, when deceased lift, fd ha arm and struck the aexused on the bond- tho hlow w? returned utcu.ed Wnd LLs w 15. Ihen wenl TZ ? * ?'?;? I'locW to Mr. BwkUy's ; witll,.w did not sc? any weapon in ancusods tar 1 deceased aud his wife, after the " in-r h, ? Um <*Uteg out Watob, tU captain ?u?J one of th,. pfalos tfam v?J op and arrested t!?e accused; witness then tut. !>?? examine i?Weer aaw any wwi-?> la (fa. hands or accused and Sid not hear U utter My ZZjt asaiust bis father; saw nothing in the hands o^dacMi -u when bc slrua the aeons*. sae mark, of staSSTJS the head or the a.', used aft. r U had rocrlee.1 ti?, bh.w the b.ow drew niDid, so as to flow over his shirt and final, also on his left rheck; it was after the auunscd r? struck the diuv-awd; tti?> parties were standing about a foot apart when the blows wore nx Osc?? ^.1 nadcriSsZ^ U^JST'WZZTZ. 1 ' cm- ?. Jg ?UTS' ?t MM lbs one be recces., from th^sr^ ' ttrZ? T yr 'I" WK* u. enshls |>ra Bra-.y and Murpf.y to lake Ms p*t mortem exam natioo 1, J...T l.HTIS ITAXniATl.V.-Arw.M, CI ifll.CS s Lit ?UVi i **" ,WOT.L?H' thai he had made with Mr Kelly aad Brady; foacd M ulccr ,oar,r,flI: Sl'STli'jr ^;UU,r,'"t* *~r?n , th - ~m Ifafh.?i "oat the middle third of Is Ztm.L ! b""1 -?? lis.,.n?~i U. Its. ^,p.s, M.ML . * of aa inch tots wa.- the aoir Fa ni l ".Cn kb?Vi ,tlC ,clf<,r lnr ITrt 01 hodr wsi Li ii ?? I II tnoee than usually rally but not luftlrtently so to cause drath the l?mrs Jrrt h i' W U HI' #l<, liif WiHItt'J C*J ti fit ry a as ??tt<Tw??Ms.i ? - f"?, lb" death of ,h. ? ~ I ? I'1' rat Mi the rest of the . ,, wwji,, * ^ tamorrhage was the immediate and s-i ufjfaath it t. . ,, .,%y. rtomth..^;.,^;. I .V .? b,"r "" u"""' ?*"?'?* II Ub?a *,a* * ?mail Wo'iiri, peuetralitig th" sKmv ha^ il*. ^ ??hCe? coaaot lay tt?. trighf hare been Inflictr w It Inn le.p;.vur b.?,_ sny M<riit>er i.T nxwitt.s fr. m th. nswl.tWwi af ,, l.e M ould judge U.1.1 the wouad twl hero IBflictA.) s. n. ? sys pr.rm.a; the m<st crrta.r. way o? etrfwking the ' ?""? ? wornd IS hypurtn- 4 ? *r' th> t^st. irg |.roc??? as - ,B pr.fir * craiutat cm, which wat a > |.f*reas, * ai..lho T..1, ai ,n that the w..,ii,d ?a. i., I M ft rlere XT' * ' '' ^ '? " fa an ertery of ??.e 0 T, rry,T,A p;,t ,, . , hop , csmnisr a w.m.d of lhs'< m.^.t d, 1.,, but im I ne. f eearity . tstal /.sc " ' *> TH he My t.?titled that bf had sasMed m the mor Mmv"Mtr,,0B V"1 ,tol w ottnd was tXl^nt t, '511"?*' *1ll t' Jwt**rd' alfemly publish Lheatbitee 1i*TaU' ?0?? rat in rv.icr.r Z . Z/L fM ,xr!*!"td ,h' of thr document to eome rr. mhrn o! the jury, ,0 e*Mc,,t> ?!. Wing that tbey did r t urdrrrton l en*; snlls to .ejatwwhend the water*. ? tfe rt? 1,117 I ro<1' 141,1 "* ,h* ' ""?/ <i1 That the prisoner be ?mVS* th, Ge.nd ,'ury ?, . JtlHlf KIJ IXI.IaK. iiircmAs ft.s wse put .a Irga. h mi i / tha ve-n-ner. The was then a?,..u what hs had to Say p. ? ? charge, up a he male ihf f(.ii..? np stauwot ? KtiHwivT o; ,.i? irsail My uatne 1? ,,4i ii luu, t ?ni twstily (wo v?ar? au I ? ten moat La ?'? am a aati ? of France, and reside at V. H' pk'.na ttreei ate a *n ur by trwds; hare but little lo ' ray to the eharxe on the etct -ig in q ?ti'ra fumas t.uniher w?at out w th mo f r a few bhwks but not quite to tsy h. :ne as w i pause a houae near the 1 omcr of bfa tb atrM, my w.fe wu itand.tig by i sn I Sent l>ec Idlir >.|o foe far 1-m*el ?l h i ?he fawl rnrgottft, When Vh.- be net wa? he,.light, heard e.ur - one but do tm? snow who. s .?? that ibe h r.h, ? be faeged m Mrr Babet; ibeldtv-gt. ewplh-t, "It |. n??.. ' f ??wf yy1**** 1 a.te then wsut towards the tno ot the h. a-S ahr t tnty fee: from tt.r ro-ner m ? sj -r if he- r. iH.1 m far, ? '}' " *?'tH"; 1 ,.ad r. in" ed f,(.q, th~tn m>. ? " r U P..a sr . v , f ? 'C r?T, ? '.I ,, ? .1, . I aa'.t ' t,t,. itMti, a ne he Will glee you a ,0,-d Mr k, gsre^asd t>?u, as,d ?fjjjwjlf ?f?f| '' (iiiJoatng th, Till i torn that *P! *" ? *???HB tir th n gr*i he! rn> w 'e ,,r ] lb. aem. ,1^ her by ,fa r? J ifa ,. fa id one of ' liiasrn,., whmbegare me a bow with th?Mhe' w it, w?n like a screw dnrc 1 tbtn protect d ,ny w .fl a ?t myself, as weil is 1 co.nd. ' tfcp prisoner was th, o rx.iiimllted to avail the art nil j. the brand .lury, and the Witnesses entered into i?, t.ta to aj.pear L.m. I r>r?hrr?' laqsriu. r.'ik fata artUT tx Wt ,r BtkSST ?foroqer (I Csefr twld an isqutat <wi Sfatar.'ay at tfa y..rk flwtp t*| op the Kedy of fa, an Irisom .n twenty one yrars of age. wb , d d from In urlea rsreirsi In ?n affray at the i>?q of ,vig siiisFv -lago e rwr of W,?| irdfVdirstrrets a oeroust of throa*. v? tlnady oeer nubiishrd Tl?e eridenre was eery t.e,fra Jlct'ry, and If,e Jury were ir.ah.'. to ieien ?? ai wheo* hao.'s ?tie rrreas?fl m"t hi* death TvO'ie r> rrr thelraa het.l Imaai Mfamt. It... barkeeper. I" aaaS the of the Grit I, .? |>,v.,,(.,,, , the aeresl of I"'a?f <a Fr?igtit re.' ?c Taul let, llfarnt ? V fa I'a its OPIHIHG OF CHURCHES. Srr*lf?? \iminUy hi fit, Ueorge'i (Imrih, < hn. r h of ch. I'arlian*, Ihunh uflhc MnOah, Cltrlat Curcli, nf ' i l>r nrdlalitr, ili* IomIIi lUptltlChmrcll, ? u?l Plywoulli Clxurch, lirooklyn. After the summer acl clowning, several of our euurc'.ies reopened y enter day for the season. Tne rervices were not particularly attractive or interest - up, b t they gave lire strangers in town come idea of re !:s ton .u ILe metropolis. ST. G SO RISE'S CHCRCU. Thu opening srrvtceeof this church, after ttso usual rummer vacation, tonic place yesterday. Although many i ot ttie regntar iren.Vra r.l the congi eg at ion were absent, ! 'heir place* were Oiled eiracgers, sojourners In the | city, so that when tho pastr.r tMMdnl the pulpit the hiifrh?event thr laryi-n n th* city wan quite Crow d 1 1-1. The servicer wero mmmramt with a hymn <1<*i? t atcil by the jiatvur, la whieti thoao prerent j<v,ued with all that fervor wti h p.:,<r?l!y oharacturlzua congre gat'oual rlogiug. After the hymn followed a prayer and hi citation <r lb* commaudinrtite, to ? U.cb the cougio gation nppropriito y responded; then followed tbo epistle ami gorpul appoints. >?or tlio uay . tim thirteenth Fcnday aftei Trlo.ty After bearing the Ote r. -.a-*! and xvven t.rtiih psalm hy tin- cho'r the pastor, lley Or fc' H. Ting, commeuoed his w lcoins scrinne, talcing for V a text the aer. >nd terse of the twelfth chapter of the h'pjj lle to the Hebrew* Ixnikirg onto Ji-su.". After dweil It-g for tome length upon their mscliug, thu eloquent speaker er?.r.iu<ic<i h,a somewhat lengthy senn-o h> usr nvrUy eahorlit'g hm bearers never to wuury of the spi rit!,?'i contemplation of JeSUS Throughout the ier gth of the sermon the jiasior enter) and*d the most . a-rul attention ?f all A collection h-r the poor ami alio her prayer concluded the services CHIBCH OF THE ITKITAKS-OPE.S1MJ 9EK140.W Elf III.V. T. gHKLlNOBl'TSKN WHIIT. H'i:.piJtts ?Tvic.cs were resumed n tho Church of the P..i tana (Hr (h?*ver's), corner Of I'u.versity place and stuet, yesterday forenoon at half past tea ? ? clock The attendance *t? very ?rr.. tl r.lewt, not m-rti thiur cue hundred and fifty wcrih.poers being prmsct, shott ng that a great nornon of the ronpregitloa is yet llugetliig at the waterie* ',-laixe and nsorts. <"if those -.n attendance yr.ster.iay a: least Din<vl-nlhs we*e of tho rurcrr arx?a iarty a hoen*t*.rtu; s-.-eu .uiy h. re ami there among the (??*? Rev. Theirdure Fruiicghuysen White, who is to o-f - ato ;n the piace of Irr t neever, tho regular paetur of the .-hutch, dur.i g his abKi.ce in Kulvpe, preached the usual openltg .vermoa after the so miner vacation yesterday murnii.g at eleven o'clock. After the introductory prayer and Sitg-ug of by in us b-- read a; h..- text the words, '? Increase our Faith. from the tlfth verse, chapter of Ft. Lake. ilo expia ned the m.-tnlng of the words in coonee.lion w ith the res', of the chapter, and ? i. J that in few- things were greater m.e Uncus mado lean :n relation to the necessity and importance nf iaitn > ?'0 was tho vital principle 01 Christian life?it bore lb-- Mni-? relation to the Christian that the principle of vegsUbia J>Ie did to the tree or plaut. It was hie motive (rower to the mortal like i team to the engine, fhn word was indefinite noly so i?r as the objects wore kuowu oa wh. u it centered. Mathematical and pbilosophiral tr.tba wtro believed by (he prvcres of dcai .-ufilralive Ilo IHi-ow-il through lire ordinary duties sud dangers ol ev- ry day life with a fevlius of Sc urlty derived from a ih.'.h ;? the prevkuw >?W} of thing* I'r (he same way fa-.lh :n lel.gion |H?ase,t th>- ?? ul over, vsitUoul-luesllou or husi tatioti. -.utv the arms of Christ, rely .ug upon tho prmu sob ut the Redeemer Tn s eiercw" ?< la'th wss the same n-> matter iu wliat way it exhibited .taoif Fa ih wa* a jiuwcr as well as a belie! -. mere could t?c no fttith without a rorrrspontlir.g action Mar y regarded faith as a thing nieiely within the mind?eomv.hiug to regulate the .v:n science, nut the actions. lie prsr.ticai operation, bewrmr, | wn as nicessary tn the tlhnsttan a? the m*re p*<-Sivw | ids* of btlw-v log. The Christian III-d u the firm belief I of Ord' pro\ idiu.e The CrvatLr was the author of our ! faith?He isvons the capac.;fy for r, ar,d In oiai.y ways en<1r.wr<1 us with It. h'very r gb'. and good act..a was producei by thu .bslrumaiilakiy of God. AS blessings Creuueed iaitn, so aih-.ctions were nntpioyed to .ucruaao ilth. Prsyer was aicu a means of obtaining a-:t the great means ut it was to practise it. l\f.-n the Reuecmtr periormed mxacije. he always caitc.l :nrtn an escrni -? of fa:th ou the part jf lho?d cpin whom ti n niiracies were wurkod. Thrre was no csplanat- n r.t tho laws of mlui*, )*l w.-l?a.l Implicit fnuli n th?ir qwrs tion It war the wimc -.n regard to Ui? rr.yauir a .if ti,? invite llexg. whero .1 was ac nocessa;y to hava 'a tn. (M4 we divrsl ood of tlie mytter'-i-ji, wo would reduce him 'o l'ie fli>de, and the fin '? and divine were ucum patibl:, because divinity wa; b.?. !nfinite, if rr. .u put 1 fsith in man, was it nut reatousui* to pat ta.tb ac..' 1 Faith wm the connecting link bet seen man and the Crca | tor Iu Oiui. iuslim, he ilw.-it it e-n til-' r-->we? ly u li.-? discharge ct our duty, m prosper;:y and Hvc.-? ty, c? a deep, abiding faith. rnnvn of tit* vFtatan, ssotnwaT. I'lviue seri ice was rosumsd .c thm od-1 a yostr. d?y Bi'-rnieg, si Itaif pset ten o'clock. Taocrb t was as ncuncod that IT Oxgxvt would rsor. - ipy b s j '.w- n the pulpit, the rnngrr xl or w?a a ?r. ? y up to tto wversge, and did sot nim'-'T ever tb'"e b,it:dr'*d tv.ecd sets. Many of the members of the church are, bc dcjbt, ? till I fnHri ll.e c'-y, either at the pjl* W or otbrr rural rctrasts f the taaL.ccn is religlics world. The exevrisis rooiiueojed with the chsunlmg of ti e ninety fifth Tralm, l^g ui-iug with tb? wwts, *'0o^we ict us unto the l>urd, let us hsarti.'y re .a tho strength of <>ur saivatlnn.*' Tbs chxur.t ? ?s au.- vwuis,t hy a prayer trom Iter. It i nk-ooI rha eterr'ses ?w-e^e.| these sco-rdiBg 11 the u .a: :? rm r.t acthens, haunts, Mayi ft, and the rcaticg ef the f-v ir*s At the r TTnrlBSioe the rrr preacher to. g for t ? tcit the fo.fth vrrtc of the s'xtb chapter of "? P.. .!*? Rpistla .r> t'e? Gal la (tans. ?? B-t let every tt-.n prove t.:s o m wsrfc, then at^ll h. hats rtjoU.hg tn h.n.xlf ai.ine, ?>id > ?. u atp-th. t ' n.-r rev rend gett:-man nrgnrd that lac tat Xu,g. ?t<d a re?u*w of ll.? w.,rV r.uie by ii ?< |n?a. bin of the cnngregaicin dm :cg tne frm Of th?.s wV.t. t ,r ??ia>:-in. fne ts -rchxnt goes t. tna rttirrmrtt of tlie com try t> rs. oy q., . t ??<! the tights and rhadrs rd rural laadwapn, but is flann .t lay ISSN to warh.lib smwIimI Mm xit'igrther, nn-1 s#>y h isnie, f... v.?!.* ? wf I >.?]anee sheet w.'.l ?v a ways srMsg to Mm wtew ? < i ? bM Tti? n though he tn ?y f?t? j n. is to st>joy remiss and ,nd iig*o ?> In lis i a.. i - I'tuaily has mor>- anxiety and mure presai ro ntt hi* farwltir* than be had u tb" a ? \Sp-,f ?* r.rhi* pro-. ??...n lis eai> w lb dlflieolly g* I ' J "f ths op.ship I hat I? ba* not his < .-cgregatioti rnih.cter lui.l Mfoic h|m On fcoday, aiid li.d.1 h?.t It are l.?ii.i* him m reality, ft tt ts w tn ? very cos ;u tha.r .??. r t?ra||>>n*?sfrvy a, l.ialiy p-ifv- ?? Unw when they nt?S I mrnty U amurs thrms. Irs* I "ay It fir plsa**.**, *n.| work ;* "or r?rfaltesr. This IS tt' i. tin it on between til and rc<alar h-t r ? ??' ? .*?. owrdnlfr- t* wards <.o0 in g-v-ng ?? r?-lve? ,.p a ? np'a '.a* to Ifcr tont.rr The mere w rker fir a "v'ng's n ?* ?cfninccdati'r than he whi remain* in . Iletie ?. wf 'a tha wrrhtr tnr tint's kinydom and its>-? a tar on re wotthy ai..l r. labia than soy other q.'iv.d i al. I wry true man wtl' aay, wtiew pa i? a?u. : for tb- s are yon at work. Aim ghty '? >4. In * a th# . fisn ir.r W. the i ret present rrw ?rd of rfsy ? -t'.n of t?? Chruiiou worker. The rT.-l?ator of th i dttccurwe w*4 a w*rtn s*ho'tai -w to tiro r-i gr. to be w rucis lor their Creator. ?tiHiftT i nrncB. Itiia pr. sty i ulc ed.r *, or. the cortnr of Th!rty-B/tb atrrat ti I Fifth areaoa, after ba;ir cJoaad for aa*aral ? war oprcf it yraterday. Jfota larga comber was (?re*? ot, howerer, aa m?at of the regular comgregalioo i ir* Mt << wf >i?.) their 1 anrnmerlag," aad yet reirio k.j.ij,. g the piraeurae of rural lift*. The a?rmr0 was prrac Ued by tb? MM, Rav. F. f. W.tey, from ifce fol. lowiag ten ? Now the m*" 'ml of wl* m lh? ^arlla *?rt departed l?-?. gl.t II.m l.e might he with him but .lea jt rest I '.in away, ray log. Retern to thina mm t> howar. and abuw huw tr?t th '. *>.??*-i Ualh d'rtie uto that ?ft. I -ha, chap. I; ?. 34 'Jt. The reverend geatw mat raid that the mas out li ah m If' devil departed tllurtratrd a deeply 'mpnrtai t leaara A ? a .? a jwaaerahm of the dwell. fell watered at? . ura from a lower wrrld at darkaeas. The idea i trate gmaloa mm Brri ? ?geeted to man from, and fa ?.d ie him aw eat.iy prraua<led f let)IB ( rem thai pr fna! rrr - an; ra la* rceaiatrd ia a voluntary opar rg of tt.r heart to the en tram-a of theae fatauli atuaMMk M i at wo came di trr. from a world of dar?rrw? trd Trail., re.irinj t ,< t. r.< wa lr..o? a higher r.? ir of 1 *t.t ?i i "fe Man a th< telora p?wwJ twiweea twu m ghip : ,ri ii_Uir on. troaa hoaemii. the tber from above ? cot.lecmg for the invrrrigaty of hw aoil. Uracr. tha tiKf-i bought grace 'e?u? aim ? . ua from the e te tireiaellati d loioeag? o! rvll Ftr thM p-.rpnae !bc .ton or I?.?d WM mar ?! d that IW might deatroy t O work ot the dwell Thir i.r.og on ac?unt of our ooail itoa, timietbiiig like a difpomeaafcm mt the legkmary h-riee d tell bar tow it ariart> d la ihe tewm m e?"fy obild of Owt Tbet hate been bwaled from tbe.r ? troogholda, awd the defuoe of Ih-Ij iw'iilr ba? arleaa l<> wall them o t 10 th'ir fre?h tMurftona upoa our nature tin* if o.r real condition, the aet'ia] -tatof terry r<oiwcd mac. Ilierr can ba brought hooaa to artry t . ?!! the erb'otai kjw <4 tlie lord, with tha force and ,, 11 of a peraawa apidi adtow W Return to thaeowa ( Bad ah'.w bee , met thing* (iod hath done ' bio ti.rr " Th -?r wortir worn a dirart anawrr to prayer The raa? wl "f atvm tlt?c deed* wire dagwrtej beaeigut Mi e ih him. The potit;oa waa ih? .it.- ? * td a i glit n u i He dee red to er aea h a af i to trihiadt ve.rr hy following Him, to gtand baf >rto II ? ?"? a *. ng aftrt. ti. u of Hie omnpleta aiipreiaa-y till Iht r'e Mi ' I it'll. "B. That prayi*. howeeer, ia ..1 * tiinl la * frare. i 111!1 t ? aa ar?e?r "0 tl ? i> a ,dr i ?/ !'?< , til aer'i heart. He a Bht a' aW*d ? h ..p,r a--1. but ?w?i .o> ;d a law whehoree. r .all- |i< at! Ih ? way of aet, marl 1 i " H hi < ty of aoaa ef bimaelf m dar tb? f I Jo I . a '?ie? >gr , le wen I en * Ih 'He or n" ?"< ?? ?>; . i m- Ti tiiawi r <d tee ' >r'l r . nlim .it-aai f ? ?e. -?... i ? of thrvtwa ?>, H f t 11, it me | inn ??i?V ? "e .e*f r 11 It tii <lw 1* ?dP

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