Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1860 Page 2
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Bit ro2t<*n>p'At? pleaa-ir* b ? ivm* ul- ??? w ? %ro not det'varad (mm u.e |Morei ot the devil i.i pic at* ur ae!'. i but (but the energy, ihc> Rk,1; |?>rw ?!.-nl vigor with... us may be turned fr-wi it* n*r\n-. temp'-iym nl, mM be eegag-d Ir, hoi; , ? - W- ?ie n. t:'" ? 1r,lo o: Giit lo please Hint b> a j-rl-1 ? .but.Rmoo lo H'? law* Vet at I mik i- ?? ft:- mlatalu Thee sects relt^l m as at! <--c*!>'? I'-m tearful 0111 .'a in-ni the> Ianwoikw eipattiM tkutkti ft <? t?d no much er.lf.jimoot Th< ir r.i. rii-n .il 11 div ??> ?:lh th hope c>! biv'.rp 1 i fr " * ">? LurPiftc The Hvcry may l>? thai 1 ' '? 1 r-a! r.iat-ier w 111 be tin Ji?gu --d ei ' the sou. T (ivtpel sounds i uot, , r c.i , i..i t - !' - ' r p>ws pleasure a;- the ??: rpis' 1 pleasure wblrh apr iir" i[? lie: . < uth the l ? I h"i w 1 Ib'ub the path ? I'll) re -; u>< it . th- rivi-M Tt ward of (T.ri-dign - " rt ' ' ?'C ' * ' J ? tbr pleasure ef the V.-'oem.'r, ar! while it sh-viin he tue aior. ot the n newe-1 liea'i i- - th - f'il ; m-ut 'ho purpose, th- Si'tt. of Cbriruai Jul.- IS "to ? *.4', $ -it tjod hat; done ut as Alias tha dtaeourae the ? ?<" m?al of lfc? twrmipi 1 V, ?. administered and tha cony ivr 11 ion ruceivcd tha ya.-l ug t>eii? oet 11 a 1 :i -i 0! i it v . \ ';t. th i rr. r:cuat-?.f -hi 1 of Lux n.; >0 arcm. aal mriietb tUeat, kw( tal4 raQBMlj , Leu. ttotyM by ifl#?apt ate It eat- vu<Mfed tor a id '.4 low -x;\t jxeiJ s* the M-ii iiatt.. 01 (J-?< : cloirch Tin- o? niug aeri-ccs of yesterday aUrtcuiii a large congregation R?-. lw lay rrprrtohtj tin- oiieuiiuc scrtuoL oetiiDp * tl? Veltug to ther?.,Q? Tt ( Vot tt tr tor. Ao afternoon aermor w -x jirua o-i Ly the rec: . R<-? Mr Herfick, who idu> alt l*-1 'irlftty to the ra-et.. < of ?i?i" who lout boon aeparatad t some w ca iu > to bouire of tUO l ord. ri mouTH iHrKcn, B tno^iTN 'kbmin nr h ay WAKP UK> t HEM. Tb-j Church, of wL.ira llov. flonry tfxr! B<*ruc ? :? f-a-lor, buviog brcn < !< -yd , the m?nth o! Aug" t, wan reo;i*utd joatr;?1?y-moroi. < i.n-r w.,e ?;r.-ry large audi' ;co ye. t, a.: nth 11; !?i.Mtug a 1 0"t ?o cruw.teil l? ?i i o i-a It 00 lornti ". caRlonx. After U?e,. lew*. v wer- per f.' n od, klr bi iiln 1 ti at h was autt'orlug lrora a per ?i 4. t,r t.. i.t . ? '. wb b rooderud il 1 tee-i -gtl J" ' .1 ' : U tit t .- >. 1 that tboro a out t be oc -. t , .< ' .1 tio - lur 1 t it 0 i-oMR Mis teat was tie's !ro:ii; :. ?' ? "?<! t?f the i iurth chap ter of Ipheoiaas ' Mn> r a op Into him it) all ihi wh th .1 lto 1 ' im,i ? H- Raul thai the H ,|y <th -t wao a it ng h, ,r,?ke ercry '."brigtian re present tio- t . of Chrtat Christ ans were ra; t to a <ti-il ,..i I e for the sxi.e ol ? -uhi - j.17 a |WI iiai i i t, u nd. noble rharaoU-r. Tty t-br stiau nli i of life wu . w?j. corapreiieuRlv. -,t the whol- man aril o* the v. bot-? ol ilurano'i C'Dri.-t fun ? not to work a *- :i .its, to give men a little no,re l.gbt.a tlb more i t ?? thai; they w ould hee.> ba i !>r the i.gUt of ual.'.r, He ? M# r?ther |g ri pr. I ma, i,.>t tUe grandeur an-i ihe !,r. 8, but the moral i "i ity o hta own iliaraiter n be c Mr en, actvidllig to tb-ir d aieusionx and cai-.',, t- l?rfei ,h?jr of bei? r C od'a Idea Thri-t ?<>eght to 1 am men :nbi meh har mooy and j- m r thai 1 e n -1 Id represent severally, iu his on aphere, d vie t_\ Kri ry fai nty w?s to be per ?vaatvely ? hristian. ?n?; e -rv t'brob o them iro to hj chwracwrirt.rally i'b- -t n Tti r w.-is not to he the i?> lat.-d paifectlou of ?> ,,ar?f, pirfa. but the faculties w>re to co operate and harm,a,ir-u ith etch other Tuis Cb.-nt an estate wis n 1 to lie trt'oioit. hut jiermi eeot (ro?i uieat.t to lAtihiish tn men iweetneui of portly m l grar ,1,-ur of power <; ?' in tuen was preparing C'!P| axy f-r lamri If tber.fori the wmk to be done tn men was not to b ? fr; *o-1 tary or siPM-rdcliI, hut jerfeel, euJuring, glorious The S|u nker proceeded tn hts origlnai Sly le to nucldati Ml id- a oll'lii istiao |?'r.eeti,m rlomeioau w re perfectly satisOad wb< u tbey thougbt they could read tueir title clear to heaven, upon th devil a* .me who was trying to rob h?m 01 hta deed; but tlm lives ofsuch p-raons went on about tbe same 11R before Tne whole ti, ud ri uai b<> conserra ed lo (tod Th-.-* were men in Soc.ety who \>arieiled out thesr minds. Rlvtuc one part to religion, ai,other to bnaiac-w. an 1 another to polities but tb - cou.d never be done They were to grow up to Christ lu all thing- The Intellect, the imagination, tbe con H ence. and the faculty ot veneration were to be Christian ir. 1 Tb? sp- aker affirmed that churehea in a Iho-mand of the prisent day were tinged with the oil aumhreiwaa ai i the heathen principle of b ar the lightness a:i I cheer Of worship was wanting The children who returned to a |act home go cheerfully, and 11 was not bard Tor a lov'ng child to say father. All tbe alteUI >na in their do watlc relationships were lo b? oouviit d The work to which Christians were calle.! was not an outward work which the eye might ere and the banl measure, tor the Tnyater) of tbe pro'ess w as greater than tbey could understand ls?t the gre itnrsg of the work and its un *e'led obscurity, and the vastoesa of the way plead with (K?d fbr help TWAHTT-TITTH ?TAKKT BtrTIFT OKl'HCB. Tha ixi-.ih ftaptiat Chu-ch in Twenty flfth street, Rev A H Bur. ngham, 1'aator, was reopened yeaterday for d vir.e aerv ca In the evening the Rey Mr R irlinghatn p:cached a ae-mon, U, ng for hia tcit the fottowing wordff' n St MtthcarBlessed are tha poor, for theirs lathe e ngd aa of heaven." After the usual o|?enlog prayer snlbjr'T, the reverend gcutlcma:: ascended the pulpit and ad wsed (ha congregation He coanienee-l by ex pla ntn ? that poor li 1 not refer to any worldly riches, but to the h 1,. ,ty that wr should all be powsrwu-d of, as It ? oo'y lb b oj i! wb- shall see the 101a of hear en Why ?b .1 we be prund? We bars anting m ouraeive to make nt *0 wea-, siuuers, an 1 n<> malfc-r whtl poll t on wr lusjr hold iu toctetr, an 1 what war) lly foods wr may be {>?sc**ed of. still we ace sinners, r we t .id o-i'.y see tbe tru ? tneauu.g of tb.- term ? aum b.'e" s- < ^ is- i n tb-Ser-pturea, w,-#li,?iJd not wsut t ? Ite p.-oo 1 We have all of us sianod, both ag % ust Uo.1 ao : o r-. ,v , and therefore have no r glit to fx-proud An h tib' -late cf nun,t w ll always be h.inpy and or>n tonle-l ?!|ii tb.- wiU of Ood Humility can dweif in the l?a.?? ? u w#U as it - an in th.- bowl, and pride ntteo taksw at de- p ri??t n tbe hearts of those who are in hovels is i( a * - tb er of the 11 -h W hen poverty and humility go I ; there n-uat be ;.a;-p;ni-s, ami when we see a r 1 bans ? tli a tr iy fcnmMe spirit, we ahould thank I od.'o- 1 takea mi re gra. e to make a rich man so than tt d ws a poor one. fbr we will g uerslly ilnd that wordiy at ti -Wi i mske us vs n at,d forg Uul (K i..?d s g svtneaa H 'ja ? e a' ,1 .stral ons of priJe and hum'ill , aad r - -.dcd 1 y rup -ring all those of a ptoud spirit to see tt - fo,' , aad | iraue a dulerent course of life. At ai, the fiivhionsble [- >pia liave not remrned from the cv uiry. the attend same was not very targe Tbe chvrct Las been 1 leaned and put in nice order, and tn a few w-wai ih.ngs w U aga<n resume their customary Vn Ktirsnriltnsry Cass, S VI tN W?pi * MtHitJgP WOMAN. Hi the R.ihtsbr i'ei.-n, August 30 '' '?y " fbt Ji bs J lewis, i-f ite town of Pee (1 ?' w? -. rrst' d by isrputy Shen3 i'.erieof Una c ty, 1 a w ?r sot, sr. I bilged ,u ,?tl. Tbe warrant was t>) J by I'.i'.ire dirtier Mwr Iwe t on the '.Tth .|?y of A gaal an aria forth that ?? up- o the oath of n'm \ ?n Astw -p Hi* -lohn r lew ? at the town of '?arms, ,n tha t --ty ?: M .t e, in the ITth lay of .Inly , Into, did marry *? ? t w f- one .tb,w \sr, tnts- rp, well in-aing that ;ie ?* d Aitce was a marr ed wiman and th-- wifa of one Wra tan Antwerp. few ; j -~ued in d .nog Tueaday night and till v -t* ds a'; trees, when he was taken before tbe IV I ? ,f i ce. waved an 1 xam, and gave hail to ae?A.r at tbe dyer aiut Tn miner. iii" pa t s to this affair re* da iu Renflalii. lewis is. rr w?a a > r > man prior la the alleged marr age ret f Th s tha warrant, and is t l.apv, laenfr e fht years v'?? ? a ori of Dan 1! I leaijs, once a prominent I j. .. an r, IVntteld an ! ! e was latterly an t uow is c ;vg"l tb l .nwwy busui-as tn Penfleld. Vs., tatwirp liv.* 0 I'i-l.i-M viPagr, owes a bo, se a -i.aai;' a an industriu- r, worthy mar. for aught ae tai *ra -.0 the ront on ite was fov a e mbcr of ye 1 - a - o-?*?hte a the town Re h?* a wife aad t ?j f J -"a. an I p to a,sh"rt tlm" sinre the laitniy were ap |<a-rjtj cot- I.I i and hapiy tan tutwrrn was em pi . d b, e* s to ?rlt his fr?it at tbe W. -t ted ws tn*orr absent ?ri,m heme fo. a r?i1ira>lt time W. .1 , I la at iw Was adv aid by latter that some IJ -,g w ?1 go.I g wr -ig in hit doassa .- arraogemenl', aid 0 fast -?ii h n, t Into the farts if-f- uoi ?. w > at hi n>? a,ih Tier rhtilrew and motliev, wb--re a. t -? .'i th r, Mrs \ ?o A and l/?a is dec c.| that ?3 ;h i a eg bid transpired 10 hit abseme too * *1 ? 1 tie couvlnc# thai bta w re bad n.)i h- n lalth' .. sad be renr-fr-lto aaerrta.i! the acts wed , ,n;?h lb- v 1 -?| if pr 1 on! J (a the crime pnw ht-n I " la 1 the matter T -S re ft er lMeec# and obfsluel his L , , ^ J" ,h* ^ "* ** T,"r" ? rumor his w ,4. . .a hi, a nt. wis .1 eg hit absence, a I .? a ll ? . fwa ro It- I .er e 1 \ in Ant * ' d ? si ti , n w n 11 w||k si< 11 at n the D* ' ? '*? rt'v Pi ll i'.i p??m as* lor ?v 'rpe# ,f ? bat L?' 'i?r ? ay oa Ihv^x was tuns that letters r m-.v 4 if the kutd m tt ;<* fo rd. Tbe aiqaal show e, I.i'(r ?a* right Van Antwerp sear,herflr-ery a here 6 ' *tl- ra w, ild be e- re*a>' and *1 -rgto f-> .. 1 vbai w sought m the t*-tiom of a hooset Ixtt. Ai: a , e, ? nr? , ? ?r, put iiiere la heap tb? brow-1 fr n l- 'Cii'ib h m g rortiflonte of mtrriage aoJ a. I,dry lef.e ? w f . ? 1 The contents of tha IMter* ? -car. t state. h ,t ?, v-t.dd that thsy are important I 1 m- if ? ?ta n the < l.srge a-ainat tbe part ?? The r- ft WAS g'veu by Rei 1 -sha Uawver. cf "sr?a a- ??(# fheth that be urited rmirr a*oon the iTtli d d 1" ' I fellows s t Alice VrVtr v The wit r i? w e Iwi 1 Trimmer an J wfs wbo k?*p ? hotel at 1-is i v ' vect-sr i in this rage s John ge'lnvra Icwta th ftm 1 tb- party whv was n .r"ei surst ii .'?til ?? -?? kir? Van An i wrrp'v 1 b? vt in name ? Abre, an I she 11. rriat rva by the nurr of Mi ghrl.a As C -r? bis berrt ro r vawi nst'on. ths l-lmt ly hMSSt be -n r> . , it ea'i t,g the cl-rgyman and witnes?os ? H*t t 1 -p*reil a trr tb- m ir-;age ee-amctiy was per f*"H' ? c? ? t ttiic eve-iH It,at lea a ri d Mrs Ant lh?* |i t ? J k ^1" ' ?TtaiMf lata ia W ! tb's ?? , j?. 1 An'w-rp e >mrr -n - f b- tb ,.T. *'">'"?? i* I rgs igamsr law-s The war . ."o- 1 T''"**" f,r'" 10 *inr'*f rmret, and be n ev m.t" Z : 'x> ,n <metody. r ..V.?rl ! , ?'! know -g -ach -tner Mr rearfiTe i'^ U V .awaitiaflfct re ?'. ? ' ' . * ? *?( rngtb be rtv ant w-r t b> tbe yua^? *?- ^twerp, ab-n tbe --Bear Uok him nto M"t ( an A; ?w-rp nrvte a ,, -a tbe ar-est rt vl^'thSrlrm1 *rTf 1? ?T***' ,h' ' I -r J tT ^ abjartioa# w-rs of no ? a_ H' ' as b ongbt to lbs City and ' Igsd a ia,' sa m ' ba-e -tatsd ^ -ayaii as Tbastot-mert of wba? ar to to i ? !-,? ^ . Mis an to .a ereto^d '?? wa'f a t'r -tar aspe- t A S a r m . , ,* \ IhA-ey n* a Vonm# already ?.v .1 ? 1 , r., * \J , fc vhaod And It aptooe* that if the ;,%r|,P? Wr. J*1"1'4 ,kfT not a?s m- orb v tbr seist , ,* f, Pv 1 m ?,-> the v '?ge . . , Is ft a ?*-?? ge place da a? r, , a "a wbv tn . p-re- j ? ,gs ' 'ej v |i rt !?? v :;ii her ue ? I.u- tod aaido i- f tnat v ftioi ffii s.. action iA .u wiM.lJ hi M h/h >-t :. ' ??? if,. ? .man :t u pjeiib;', ant not .i" ? I., . tli .! til while t'l.r may ba ?. tt'. d by lus t ? ?* 11 . t? i othiiLi nay uine up iu '.h cu-cta |iui lint ana Cutreipuadtaic, rl.'.'a.fA, Aug-.-* 2s is*) 7 C T If? P-furLti Cjji-.I'- of a .*'?-* ?am>r? 'l* m s"Vy ion L>nr?The jj-t'.ui ,Veismn /?, ?/ A< ?He Cargo of Snj-ort tsifiei? If-prd-.*.- !- V 7> in.k>?i/-n ,'i of the CVj it,.* , if. A t e r.o;.?ure.r, %,-e bcti v Uaea by w . ? part . s hi to: tiion the ctMtlie trad.-, ui.der the r u I ?t the cb;:ctlonable features ?l th. la*: est-ml ?- the I 'i P"tiwd tor lalrotluti. u, will tie obviAteu by , o-*i ord.. be'oro ll;c urim i f their cardie* i . |.<}rt ? du.e'.aigs ui Ccb* If th pres-m ptea* wsl- , n ire, ?<? shall, tn the course ot e xtiteeu moutus or i > > tea-*, double Uie Astatic atixg to Cuba, wh.-uo. uo-i ab ? v^/OC. tli- i.-itrod t.ou t < dale cove > ? l ? a i . J-tts. \t ? have sccouul, from Ca* 1od?- and v c i v that tt?e i -i sad?! ha* Ikcu movu g tue coop up hi Ui ir v iters to t-ie vaM ix >ury of their -ovist oofuf >rt* and atm't 1 y the raptuie of u tteamor * 'ticb ??.- a'" rt niter ^ tx,( .r tm. with 1 ' CO in'^r -.'a on board 7"n . -i ? * j rather loo grad t trait*, xu J i -quir -a c ..Inn*: t Th.' I<r8ru>,ir Ute Livingston Due oTatenmers, i ? t i o. r (ji* v.g fruL' Ni ? Y'nV beftr.. t v.-lv <o !e o' the atllb, at., liarharyed luicsft* v. laegb in tha . le.iiiia' I >r b.-a On -an' it W. A It ot. ?!,> '.7th fir Cat s. h*. of ? ins In. , arriiiV ,t . ,ia .4 I ilf n?et two I' If , hi her anrho??<? (run Sew Or i i? Ta a f.-w |uuaet ..r: 1 wait fu'l treijbt ol I ?: tobae.-o f if tour 1 : > to leave to day 111 t we! .'C M Ti o.itf ir-s.'. 1 1 and os.s-'ilive official* of the l.iv' .^.t ? "( <-.??: w.t ^Hctf >u to tbe t-iivt! nip k. ? , 1 quarter. Ao I11 i* some :i.literate atll t ' 11 per? 11y ( ? .. 'o *111 jd niati c t the Mara fontveptioo a.;j u.-r ilctcaiina b, ilo . art ?/ c - .' ami tie pnipoae to have ample m d mil it y ad eatefatioa Ir-ai our t r 1 e -.or de/i-iu-ratc , ' tlie dt ii ry of the veia--i dr /<!?.'o, ??!..?!bir t .?-c-'-ti: <' the repiblic ol Met ten auatam the libi-1 or 1 t T! "tprtfb d, bowovor, is, that ro ici. . ou w:l -ti.priti the iverk, Ai.d tint our tiollow ar^ .^iat- ol : Jit;! wtf be jut iu teqiialtion. V *no. at tbu Cm. . " " ^ tin: v ah to be tnvoU.'u ia war with so fo-n. ? """ "t ">at .' Spain, (tusbfi w th v: fj! f o-o 11 i -d p.aiw of /-.frici 1 b. '.?"h of Havana ta p Kal?our am' Sem' its j f i. 1 . t-.p- pi r..t :re c??>l aud Ueligbtl'; ? i.iv.tmt I s.iy v 10 liav ? It vt-- for reat un l ep iym-t-t Oi.e r-' '1 ' ? .KM, 1 r Mji.ii t!i.. ( i",*).te. an' .1 ti ?a " ? ' ? fi' n. el itir'atia.. ctf:: zatioa, u- a' ? -?ra I Mori '.a 'V d'lion for St Ctomtipn leaves to dav. O'hvrs, t in.:.i>-sii 10 d, Celd ar.1 rt-.", ? th uuniti ug 1 I 1 weave for ? year, ai IP . < to eitutp 500 to a aou k- ??nt.. 111 iu art-vo aervtce ta the fleld lor that t-r'n Iiita is h ri'fij.iMii voluut.-or a. rvice tor Hie PreoJont r. ' 1 the lH'mtrtrau H-p'iol'.r So fade the hopes of I ar ... .' Unit hai txir tor n fleet of ibe world, an 1 the d. -u ot coal for Uncle Ham. be oth.-eri; of the ata'l or 1 ue cotuai aaloned or uou 1 . in s*i m-a, do not lose their ranS, pay or emolum ? lit w ? the aervice of the st iKiniuijm republic Our Sttiauu (A. P.) ( orrrspondrntr., S. P. August 24 1560 > ?antiyaJion Annitrrsary?TV Crru of lh' Wn-rlrd <!nrrr?St 11 ng Hrlivg Atjatrul T\tm~D-:a!\ of One? r>" Srj on Sold foj the Gote nment a', in a H ad?Col tttOAi'hirr?Hoarding /f. wr, d: Tb- 1-t of the month was celebrated by the blac'ca as He anniversary ot the abolition of slavery, and, as ia : Ci atfitn ry , the friendly .soviet tea marched m procession to the Metropolitan Kpiseopal church, to offer up ai. l thautrgiviup for their del roraace The day was 0: .rkt-d by decorum and good order, uotwitbsuad;ng m t ure prone to indulge freely .n alcoholic. Itq wra no an ocoaaum. The children brionging to the Sunday acb-xi! . and tbo Wuoi'.cock Poitndatlon acboola. were cute: iained at tea |?artie? by tliei: napect:ve aupertaienJ enta. All the beauty and failiion ot Na?aau were present at either oue or the other of the tea padte* Among this cla-a a very strong feeling prevails agiiast the patties (Preach, Spaniah, I ag'.iah aid American) who Wire on board of the wrecked alaae ship, of you have bad a report If trici in our court:- the.r chance of efccaye will be rery aleuder, ns all per-ous here are : civilly, rclig.ously and politically equal, without reapc. t ? to color. The partlea hare given the r aame* as I mnoois 1 Uarra'lier, .he,* (*oyto, .loaquin Uerrara, Juan haxtitla ' and Axtocio Jon The dctiu l moot of police gent to Abaro to arrcat the auppoaej capta.n and mat* returned on the 2d. hiving been aucceaiiral lu their adn-n tore Tbcjr found the parties en board the Ami-n an schooner >**b!<ui, Ij tug at t.reen Turtle Cay, ready to de part for Key Wi-it, and took tbcm from her into rustody 1 line ot the two mea was landed at lh ? public abutm nt wnert a Urge concourao of blacks had aesemblod and I who greeted Dint with unpleasant epithets. U? cum ma ; 1.ion lay on board the schooner whlcli brought them la a oytcg state Be was. howercr, land-I and eonreyed to tne asylum, where ha tironptly rec- ireil the attention of 1 a physician to the establishment, but he expimi in a short time. He did md speak. All have been committed tor trial. The Governor, acting as Chaocc.l r, proposed to a:i prrnticc tbr Africans for two or Ihrre vsars. ts-it the terms weir an unsatisfactory and duudrantageous that few 11 any persons were disputed to t?*r mem They wen- sent to the quarantine Station at Athol I "land, fix or eight miles to Mr eats! of the town ot \u aau, and ttn-re underwent doily abiut.ous and a course of medicine to rid them ol (he - A-oIih Addle "or some dP- one very similar. The terms projioeixl by the Governor were Orally modi fl t, an 1 the people were brought to gurt Charlotte artil lery barracks and there distributed to the several appii c .nt?, who pa.d Crs do'iars a head to gorernme-t The money received giws, J belisve, to jay the eipecsw f >r clothing food, and other et crteraa. The Karnsk arrived yeaUrday aftern-mn. Lieut Coloosl Di-nn hier it f c. B , who is now to 1 >nimand of the troops aUHoued here, w II dejuut In her fir Fogland Col. ltonrchier l* highly esUamed by all who km w htm. civilians nnd military He served throughout tbe Crimean campaign The command devolves upon l.icut. Cofwicl Tracers, f.rst West India regiment. We also Uwrn that her Mausty's steam lrana|N>rt l'ert?verance will be sent *?' N'asesu in the course ol the oett t wo month* to rlian-i the headquarter* o tbe First West India reg men!, which w II be replaced by the Ner< nd. It seems ?? shall nave no hotel this winter for Amen vans A gsnth man who has rontrai led with tbe govern irent u build one has come in tb- KarnaV toreconno-trc I am glat to see that severs I first class private board-rig houses are being g ?t to rMdinrsa by being newly paintcl papered, Ac. " ' Otar Ks>* West Cwrrespondnare. Ksr w?<r, Anri?l *1, two 4*St?rJ| Is ! Swhle?Arcid-nlt to $h,pp,.;g?The Cn'.v d'T?fllneir of Her So [*?|?Cojo ire of ? Suaf 1 ieitj Bxg?ft'T (Vets th cha'gd J Keg liraf, dr.. Tbe steamer Balra bro-ighl over from Havana an n,r ima Inat , two Bj*n ants?dcoors I'.ivta and Ynlgya?and on the arrival on tbe lStb of tuc flabmg arhouuer Wys three other ."pan ab dons 1 ame to !<>..k after the flrst A rt arge was ma'e l-efi-rr a mag strate tbat tbe flr-t had ai -leu fl 100 from lbs serond an t they were duly com m 1 ted Ibis deprivation of their liberty caused quite an e*i .lenient among our usually quiet people, and tbe .nterfereace with peroral right and liberty?particu larly as no internal ooal Ire it -a rutted between us and Sja n?g res to tb.- matter a aario-s import, Tnci were, bewet r, J *. hargvd the next m.-ri- ng by the m-| l Irate, and tbe parties perming returned without a rero v-ry i>f their lost m- oty Pi Havana The abip PhkmrcH.*, Week*, from rh.iadelph.a P- New tTirana, to-* a ppet o(l Laiystart Re f. -e tbe ITtb, is cvr ?-.( . nee < f the si kueas f Csnl W *k*. wb > la-ended ra.ting :n here fur aMmiaci?. but on arriving of p?j,d K.-y l r:i g s- n.i'i h improved, he .smcluded In ; n-ceed ?H.wa-d It Una piloting he t?td by draft glgj ? >n the I.iih est he paMed sahnre on tbe More'ls .dh-al a H.i-r Su-g ship With ? .fir, fr-m Coba, a?o saw nn l;Ui ?rial an Amervan ship a*bore 00 G!ngerbread .dh-ala On the ink the steamer Crusader, Capta n Maflii, ca-na ?tn port for the piirpnar of landing ller tirgc-s. I r h ?i?, sli? wasvrry skk With p>mr q On th, tin ? lie vaj t-irrd a brig, witb- ut name or ? cti.-eaiity. - gbt'-n n ? n. v--?sei wi 11 armed, and slaw de. a laid |.:eUHi t Jointt, with a p? rscrrv. was put on biarl. a t the < r ss-iv i-ck the brtg in tow On the ITtb she ml I -we If - pr re on dWoovrring ? t>r,g a-!.ore i? t ape Padre and r:v. oedc.f in reset rg ber from her very per-tons peimu rhe jturcd to t * tbe Fj j' b brig F. . ibeth 3row:i. from Puixtee, w Hi pal, bo-iLu to Ha- ana. <>n the avnti'ng t?c 1 *?h ?te I't'f n charge of I .euie-,ant Jooelt ar:)vc.i she a old, sjiauisu ballt, rnft r gr-d and Cn-'bU. ? sa.L- w,-;i Ths story told Is that tbe s crcarg r?n avmy w ?h tb' maaey?T.OOg ounce. In gi ld ird no s left ibrm nut to return to N 'vitas fr-m ?l;"p rte sal'ed Capt Mailt ban eg t ?v, Mcti'ny l-tbrnavi wha'l ?*? I coaled, pr weo-Png to ?sn ?e tb? 5*.' l. in sifr'pat'na of meeting a was, ri p- ? t<4 w iM- ? sin The Wyandot has been la pa-t over ' 1 lr" ' "f. k?d tb- W-bawk m jow in,m>al ir. 11 se ino r have rerdrrr'm ?? cgV!-rt servtc* ar I tb r ramce. (?; the c.wst of ( ubt, are a terror to the ' ' rr" Ti" "gl-1''t men of the erew of the rfisr brig fur h 1 -i*. barged by the t. mm miouer Th* s a ?a- tarj (veatirre tf no ntber, as our ail Is 1am ill for scan ;? is ibrn?.! v Bpsmah brig y < an V red ,n tbe ** '" tbe 20th in??, tabonng vrry ixavv at tba l-n- t? a plcaean; * ght to See .fie Are veneris |n w it s-*rg to her a.d, ti too (bee of a S. ). gale * ?-iar?b. from Ctet cg.s, with sugar, bouo.i to Si-? n M e ran c into port tb ? irorn pg tVe have every indim !Lrfl?: !.* .'V Tfc' "f1" ?6 ^' ?suM.ubols. a ordered to the rs iadelpbiacocauia'c TwiTos of , r y,. -irmrr. ?fn IMA the va lh* /f_ ' of Masra-b iwits was i J oar producer* m me U ?a of Wbat.,y mid fw 000 w ?rtb and Ib-w* n Peer 0 ! ' %N< t ibt tame ar iktafi! tlK r .i ?t n # a erf,rely errttvrd to th? --imtlff flamfe'en. ? franklin Tbjyss* ar tb nk lh* "?!rg v tbe crop ? 'i not iall *Ju. tcf ?7'0 OW llgr -w* at th'terras ' r-'e -f abrmf |Mlr ' d? to tbe vre. an 1 the averave p se In alwfnt twrlv* an t a ball rsnts jc* i*?-ind T c CT. j. won f t-r r# .r.jur i- eti.a ?t'vs to Die anti but or the high state of cnliiral on r piired 0 -ts - odue L 1 w"V ' ? Chfo- t Tt-a'fhat ,>f ec ? V r" al- r ? re,e red 'op d-ri I mm'he to If*.-, w - rbe.-m * .--c a.-?bvg.r ? afo-. a- f PKR80*AL KKfUl W , _ L<*d! ill m>ix6 fii w ) ork nn pf.erb widow or kknry pre*8 m rv. ?i -I-'W 'JI wm htr addrem la'101 n S.RIS. ?.?*? "5 ? A l I- THK fHAh"KS. Aid. A K AMlt.V > WOftTTI fa. ill worll will be *iven for the nr e y uo-i little boy two year* and si; mouth* old. who let* h !)'"" ','t -a I*" ' b :i ^lr? ct h h - *'Oh.iui1ni m.?ri)inf. Hal li?.W cell r.-sir blurry eg and a mole on us rigtn hip fipp ?' 'M F,it ?.rtft .1-.he tr .Ua-ore. j> i.aaKV AlVt.Ji.jh-OO WKTTK MC AT ( NC R VV;: vP.K klA. , v? votjr??.iot? ? .iari.:k \ 1 h > OHM ATION WaNTXD?0> MAKV MoLAUGULJN I n?n*r of Iondooderry In-iand The last ?c tieiri <?> he< she Itvrd lu Rrociklyti If she U I'viig !;i New T rh u Brcjcltlyn I'm VcCarty would like t?>Bee her id lunula; Km r ? 1?. Wew' s'.rnet i nv<ihmai tok WAsrvn- or ai.?krt .v "u,*.t <>r I t -ne >wttr?:'and, who armed in ike iouj r. in 154J A,id ?.?>" H Henl.t -litre ISFOhYAriuK WANTKn?or AUai'Bl !? (AN- >n a natne ol ' ilani..; Uwrile Biuud Buhilj I ml ri ?'? i**Q IS. Mil icii'iimwi is snDixead to b? in * i. i . ? ' thj l ? t Aii. InfprniAiMa <? him wit. tie '.hints li> r-ee ?lb; C a ti.-l tliC * ItlMISIIli.l .tiiAHIlSOU AddrBBa him CIS' Ahb ' ui> Nf It" Mautr.-i Lane. [Nil i V WANTED- f>K MA XV UrSTKH Vi' S lilt h I st she ?m tn CatsftU. Atv ...irrrn it. if h?r ?? '"** ? ..ifui'., let el ed by Ihomtn I .si.- ,t * t '(? ? Brt. V"s ]!! .??:? JANK HANSON. WHO IN N :W i'l-HK * 11 ? 1 fill - 1 <f0 a il] MM ' - r, '*?r '?/ ??? " id'caaa'd* aaote at No. tJO I.awo i-J Nt? ? s'., tn jii Tvekw n 111th 1'RKoON WHO C'AUJCI) AT fill. AifMIi Express Cornji .ay'a dRce. on thf ti l. ? A'.,' a-Wnabe panel, will audit tohta a.1 nut n; ? t? ??.. he m Wn>?a ' a word to the alar It- ?u2icie?it " SPEC IAL KOT1CKM. AS.SIliKh.Kf WOTIOK?AW, Pf.A.rlO.NH ?1AVIK<, ? i-iHiapi uAaioat the i*te Srm or Kn,1 t IV-auhii t: u- iSij ot Kew Aurh. are here-i;- notifled to prewnt tbrl reavivtivt iiiejiiB with their Towbei-i to tiie ?bb.<i.^-. at ,u? is. - i ?>ih? r'her on or belcre the l!Uh oi sepiembe-ueu toMb^la dlyl.lead <?; the H.wfj of the eihl Urni will be ruAtlf ? be y? "?I" 'wmm the llkh oi the urn* mouth, at the anno i.!?r'n CHaKI KR M HI t ' ? TA, Attorney (or the .Aaai^nee, No 6t K,. bhiur |i A l.: I'KRSONd H 1 VINO CLAIMS AGAINST 'Ma , e?iaie ol h' lmiu l mid Ana Niiaet. Ul?of llie r.ty ot Now ? oik dec" ?#<*?!, are hereh/ notified to present th. anrne *".t rune- toii< I e-a ibi'-eof. to toe unifer?i?ned. at hu V . ri Koraevelt alreet, oo or belore Oi-tuber 11 1-M) CHAS MCKRA*. K. ic f , Near Voe.l. April L). IJfiO V IWIM'R DKALka." MSKTTN'O.?TliS RX-Jt I..VH J J ni.mth'v mrctic,* of the h'ew t irW I.e. ..? I>e.,., , net will Ce held at the Metropn Tuesday e. ?? ls^ setite?i ? _ . . , -lie -r* t ira f.i., .o- i?e wtl. re h' 1 at (he Mel.s.pri Uau Rmimr l& Ue? e" fre<-t, , emiarl At "i, Trlo-k It,- irdi r P. W. KNOn, I'm. test MERC'ANTTI.F M3RART ASSOi I\TIOK- X' cousi-qvesee of oeeeaaary repalra nod n I ljbr?rj and Readi.ix Ronai wrlli remain c. ?*"' un'. Septemher 1J Tbk wrrx'WsoR nkxt or kin owth: kou/i#" \u PKtned pe-aooa are reqneated to Ailirr,a V i>., li<>? sTrt Si d ca. e, gtatiUA the occupation ol Ue d? esatc nts-n la?i tn ai.t frnm Ac ? Rooer*. Reynold*, El.aa N? aon. VUri Wjl'ia.m Hiuinea .John Finder, Pele Kerr jaei ??<*D I'aaia. . W'llcam votl. Kdarard heanlla. Kraor> Kareeaer (leorfe ^Ultaina. tlh had SulUaat.,' Joaeph c I'oUer. J a uvea M Sutmn, Powell IforrlA Cbariea Oocaul. Henry Cabo-aa John <1 Wslera LOST AMD POl\D. LOST-A CXiKMOW MKMORANIH'M BOCK, ('UN FAIN inpva-IO'i receipts In the poc ket or the tojeiher T ? for p? rchnM** <?f icocxta. In the Umk J. R Turker with R. r.i <Jran?i>oro. A r*ward will be paid tn the tinder by lea.uiK it a" the Manhattan ,U'?r> ur *Rh Johnaton eiiepberd A haumlera 31 Warren and 8i Murray elneela. J. K Tt i kkh. n-w t. hm LOPT-ON THVRnBAT RVKNINii, ACUCSr 30 I? Seventeenth at reel, between Firm; out T ntrd av- u'lWB a lady ? M??ir Kreaatpin The flnler , ill ' "suitably i, w , ,ieu by .e??iiij| It at liSI Ear' V-ienteenth atn-r* Lost.?to pawnrr 'Kers hcwkUiRrn. a.-iajnt between Kneaie ai. 1 lourtrealh atreeta a p'ain cold roe.teh IVmble Bye fliaaa A reward off) is oderet f..r ;he leiiu-u ot ihesaiio* to I si Broadway, nm-ord door. L?bT-ON TIIE JI> OK sklTKMBKR. A PaRSOT Body green, winga lipped with ht m. and head .1r?., w hnecer wtl : eiuru aaid Patrol to 117 Ureeoc atrect will h-i literal y rewarded. ]OSl-TE.STirRi?AV, OlllHd "l)ll#? HK'lAliTAk J frTim No. &3 Aiiitly to No i'.'d Broome aire"* a PI . -g rn ame!" >d Ring with a iwaarl and > :gM rfUmonla. Th doder lirauin* It bat . to h3 Atuttj ?i. ? e". will reoel . h PH. ORKCMNii. LfJKT-ON 8ATUROAT SKPT I. lurid. IN TUN .VKHIH biirhood of Bayard Mn-et aad the Bowwrv, a liroidle bull iei i ter dog. A ? lUbte rewa.H anil be paid lor Ue return of the anil to IJ.i White street. DUN TINT It V Artificialtrktii.?dr. dchkin coNTtNL'KM to eitrart p-? th tn two aecmda without the aitghteat p*ln. - a ?"WWN 7UU3 ? kit'' iv ilie KilKDVPIl IlNlU. T^rJa orrr I'limpi Ro eAr* cb*rge f.>r \mnu<>r+rv ?ru. or *Atrmrtti?K wbri? arl t^-ih ari? insert>-a. Or. U O $7*51'anul strecu, d?Hir Ir<?m hviri-ui AHRTIFK"lAI. TKRTlI-BKkiniKL'l. BhTS ON Fl UK. aiirAr only oo tine gi>ld an t piacna t-i. and w-irm it *?/ Sui?la lerth *1. teeth filled mid citrsrte i jrlthcmt the least pain. Artiileia! bone tlllliig oi !r 7;, Ce?. . ,. Ids miib a.ani.a, between Tenth and eleventh e'r.-eu OR U THK*. Hernial. ARTII ICIaI. BONK FILI.TKO For i?e \tkd rvCTH put la while soft, requlrm* uo . ri esuiw sod g> ng no psih, aching teeth or mere .hellarai lie nlle 1 wrh u K<? ma I'M (new uunber 1,1.15' Hioar ay rorni r ?, ? it'\ ?"^t jAMKs PAaRm'N. M. if. His. ,rerer. ' D R noTT. :.?BOWEAY, OPPOfHTK SITMI STRKKT B?- Inse/c- fuU aeia rt leeth oa pure silver at Ad do d' P* um.t-i. AVUfidai b me b.iiag viusritwd with. 1 pain, wntajold, 10 renta to $1, amalgam. W eeata. AU w *rg \T b oriffin" a RRii, !)k*Trrr wo. 37? ailirb ?^?1 ?. r***1, *ork "d ?* FuiUwi aueet, Hrmkiyn to ?eit ful. or parUxl tela cs Teeth oo their Improved stia ui liaw Els'e, with or without eaUaeUng the nmu-os sliver M am er or nibber^tto jndd W pUuiia. K3n Partial seta oa VoM aJ per Wolh silver ?l Teeth filled wrhh gold, ?l. n laria, boee Mlvnr ur tin. In cents. Teeth etlraiiwrl wnhcrit paia 3S neem T VhTH INBKRTF.n- H PKR lOOTH" (WITHOVT'IcX trseUng the rot. whet, desired;. Hewntiful seu on i ulean tter rt'hbet artlih iai bowe tilling of the original Krem h dentiatA N M'OI.RON Pr.KTK.RRh A s v WIIXiN 1 ? Hmedwat tear Itowar l street MILL.IARDN BH.LlARrm -FOR StI.K. a SPI.KA illD SIXfCK Of new and stv.itid h?od Tat lea at o nanoalile prtcea Pfl r de tr-iiara lu/n sbed Call and eism ue, or send i ytl nrdAit y niail. W ti. <? Rlff 11II. IIti Fulton streeC DC'Rcnahkrs Of itru.iARn t a hi.its arrim ruiV ? , y1*.! *11'i ^ae.thetr own pr.Aaoo.Mt. l,e partlralar In aeelae that the Ikwnwc 1 plate for < hariea Uoodyeac s inteotK n g VtU India Rubber, la atta-hed to each Ubla. aa signs u the use of atw-h table will be Illegal and for the pnsev u.ta of Meeam fnelan A Colleoder. who have p. n-haerd the etcUialre right from ua. we will niwe ute ail tea InlriBcemwuta WhW \t*Rk HKl.TINU aNI> Pai'IIINO COMPAWT Nrw Aoea, August A), lets' PHlhAWt ~~' ? iMrr.ovrii nt.i.iarh tahi.kk Afc4 r^aiMni1 <m ( im- k<qi a #L^?5tllff,r,,t a" Umlt" WIU mrJkt A fWMf w of icn p#r o*%\ >m onr*%i>J#R iur a)! <vjik tk u Rtnng to the pnbhc the beet table* masiilacvirwd at the * use# rea-ide price. PUKI.AN a I'OM.hNiiKR H'K OITK BOTH"! TO THE WAJIUPACTCRKRA AND ? TT p..rob were a< bfhard tttb'e* .hat ae bate a d.t to Mamrs "* r'"h4 Ut*? *n<1 irpVn Hup of < (food* i ' ? ? irnUoo of rntrao ?.t < sen fimif. or InilA Rnbbfr 'or ?^UA&t m Im Ml to tic <Ja ^4 J nor |$ hli U!i! rzt+nu*1 .!?><* }? fm Ml isrd ta dee. And man' is tnrerg of tdlltard i?F,|'ar? , ?bi7 t**? *H fnlnre p nrhaaea oi rulosrlyed rubber for blHiard tab lee must be male Irnwt Mrsars Phean A I'ol leider and all iBfrlngers "e taie right wlij be rcwe-uied tir oa to the fall ettest ?f the law M*W TORK HKI.TING aNO PACKING O0MP4WY ? 1*1 Vl ? wlKf It *11.MO AOs \'KW TC RK A*n llA.iU:.* KAiLRf.AB ? ^ PARK Tli t XV n ,*1. Wrmday June Ik. lastl Uatne wll lea a Tee* IT sltth street statu n. New V.ek. aa fidluwe ? I""* Wn.lsmalrldgr vad all way stall i.a Jet, || a gt sr. *n4 &J! m%i' <\ m 2 | ^ JuB" BURChii.t. Aaaistant Snperlntsmdeet V1* T"RK kNP RARl.CM RAIt.RuAP?PI MMKT A* srr?",?n SB's (,<- .. ess. -e travrl T-wlna 'rare Twe- y Sit k tire. Staimii aa I a. -10 |R A. M ? Kicreaa fnr ad Iti'f, *""aioga hbtmn firr nee. Nutgni | ??.' ' I- J;an?n "tritasiMl lake Mah ipac. A sry w Ilk New 1 .rg . e?.r?; Ka'lmwd ior !> israra Palm, lap snascSint a Ka'lmad (or Charon "' * * ' " ? ' I ? ? ? I'.wi wtlk trslns ' r ua/t Fgt g-d all r<" lit NC111 < li A ? -For Crnlon Palis one "A. Il* .0,1 ii1-? ']"'** wl*h?t'ree fnr lek" Waeea U. m i r> 'oe I a^g with sitgre f,,r ,a*e Mahu'v 4 JO P V Few I over Plains conned,Hg at OAlJen g Rri 'gw ?u Weeeebne, a?d atCMor. Palla with augwa to tke Vahoper JflflN RrNi'HTl.t^ fae'sitnl finrertnfw-idert MI MI IP\I. ap ?.* tilth. 1>'PFR I ^.MNU iKIol K IMS HONOR THE FR.'M OOVMOV ? ICNcn^ ? Po* *tk ave. e Thlriy f.> rih stred |.y in it u (I risy Hi"! Tarks and" I e. iimm,s- in:er to ni Mb. r tbe same ta sc. wdaore B ?iiH of i ,c ieeu. Jt oell IMVl Alortet " ?* dentign. A ig un U I <40 I fa area s.,.e rt s.v.'.'.'k ?"HL :>1? *"l#*,*'h id the north md- f irr7.-r.TT. "t'""??I KecMnd n,1 Thirl a*eo.i?s, I for the sam.* he ad<*i ted. Ncmril of c\ in- i:a?. Vtar.b.'i iwn On adopted. '* 1,0 " "" a.^J? 1 ^ I MR U. l.eid Oa area a rjTMfln* astnanl rahrert be bill on the L "? "? ' 1 cedac mrrt-a nder the ? rn?n *fi1 -t pep,- went sat that *? or ?ye* ail aci lf#t Il4 IliVd FIK1MCMI.. Dl\H>FNP-COflM H v !?fO* \ SJ> }*}?** P havign'.otJ laauranre Company, Hew Tor*. September I, l? -T.?? it. *ril of Uimvni have to.a mk laced a eeotf i01 *? ^ r^wi^or NOTU'K TO BOJIDHOLDKIW ?THk BON.Vt OP TUB Hew Snr* Mid Mew Haveu Km due >" n preaeu December. HMO, will he r>a.d. with ecrrurd loiereat. <mt> ?Ifi? acd aurreader. at toe T real" rera Ekd tavner j. Ti aeveath etreet Mid Fourth avenue. Maw Uu, Auguet 7, UmM. B. a?U?t. tiwuw. KT [W ORLKAHK AND MOBILK FONOH rlOXTCIHT -Y AUOTRT BELMONT A CO . ?>J Weliet-r*i. / \ffuial BL4CTRXC 1T1.RQBAPV MKT W KKM Til* AlT.VMIC | ^ *ANI> FAtlFI' CTAfW. , Tuitni Dacuitmi eT. doly id. c*?i P I P wi i t>e received ?t Uiu? I epartmeii; until to' > > 1 d? "I September nest, purettent |e the t >Uowing act ol i ??. *\n net to facilitate comaiuulctiou between the Atlantic RtiJ Farltlr Klei-Hc TR.'grRn.i K- :t en Acted by th" Sen.ile aud H< ? ??* o( heo'ea nAtlvc* .J th ? l n.:ed .-**>? d Amtiti in .'<>ugreia ataem '.ad,That the re egvtarv uI We Ireaaiiry ..ode: the .Um Uoui.l b? PreaUent ui lite 4 a'led Mulct tabeieby Ruth rUel and dt reeled U> wd v? : if<- tor aca-ccl propoaaia. to *"? rt-v-1-. .si for all ? 'l4>?k A . tin- parage I.l thia ac' (?nd the fulo meolo " .jT,!.'w ??uersMeed ty reauonatble partieA ?a to tha caae rf bsla maile-1 irecta, forto-une by the govern mentor a< r ii v? (f un-aift..' 'eiegrauli, to be roodrmted wtuim lev years from the tb'rty "tot day of July, e*bt?ea buodred Aalyrt. . f rwn wrur i.i lit or porn'e on the wnt line of tte . .ale of nia*- .ri. by i~-y rou'.t or route I which the Raid cootrnMors may ?r is . oiiLWC'.'Ofc Kl such poliit or pol-ita by Irl yrn lb Ibr -iu-? of V ajl ? artoti. New ? ile?u?. Sew lor*, t hurti ?t<ia Phiis<1 ? t hw M ."ton Rod otber rme? in tke Ai.enuo. Mou'bi'rn r. i Vt e?f erti fit lit * to the city of e?n Kr<ui t??? tiithebt%r o. i i forn . ' a pcn< d of ten year*, nuJ shel. hi. "rd tb? ""i, tnattotoe .we?l re?poi??bie bidder or htdderv pn vid. Uuru "rr dxw O"! rer re * lwrwor Mnount pei >e?i Irorn tbe \rU? Wrtei u!?u forty tho.tMMid doU-iw, ??d per nlfsi'-n i? hereby srmuted to ine *atd Ptoi? i whiAii tWd eont-nct n>?y be Hvrsrded, or A myruy ol Item wild their awuitn" to ti*e imttl th* thd af U?e ?Md tern., inch onorcup<ed public *cd? ul the 1 '?>1 te. ? stt?> ?? uuo he ledriicry for toe ri^b* ot wey end f" ? the purpoee es Ul bhi( * stAttoiK for rrp?ir? ?)i.nit A?ld line tin e?ree "'if At ."rtwMuer q?rtw "section of hind. Mri.^riii i eiis-ed ot.e tn lil'een iebe? on Ha *ver?B'- ofUhe * h ;>? dl< lfct>c uplete Ht.ih l?nd? ?hnb be required f> ol the I'Mttd ntnteHforrsilroHd'WUli* ptUTo?iA. end pni i Ue i lh;t oo rfglit to pie euipt any of i..W itod* undi r th icnuo: the I'mtel Stum ehi'l tu-re to aai I ?ompantlliAtr ?iiliUfl' i' runta or to ?nj other perAoe oc perwirn w b%Uo I'tu' iifed i Iml C" ? < b coutrAot ?hall be made until th iiiId line eha 11 he ui Aciiial if^emUon. aad pa>men'A tonreiiudi c ehall eca?e whecnter toe . otx^oni fAtl to isha ?ljr whhii?t? ?tot .oM-rameut to i-mv is.-ai huoe or line, wnbit. In ee oJa-s .r R eioL'le ue.pAt. a ot tea wa U with to- I AU J , . hmh- o -d.. 't oh t';'"d yteater length. prm-ii, ! the. n ti.o'i! bereiu nutAined ihal: Ci".er_u. m .he L, ii . ,e,?j?nvf i t write rotht U> COUAtruct A teen hob to I lie pie .^or ,1 ha, toJaovernaien. ot the fro M eatte- .oui Jti ?.- fron, idBetoftne. ?tu her f nuic!iiA.u wud pre tleueA U'^e"5 *XZU ft further eatirted. Thu the etrt trht*?r. 0 h 't aam* tie ih-'.! hove the .nir 11 e-uit irt tn?uit*in thrtewh Any o the Terr.U.rie? ot this L'nited St-steA. a br line M &?tooou?e<tu*li tail tine or l*ne? wrh ?^re*u ; -?'? ticith' sh? 1 h-'. o'be p-rn anei.t of w* ' ? Hue or lin e;.adi r or over rny iuiappro,>il?l?d pui.Uc " v.ate.s n .hi Reld Irnltortet bj any roil.e Ol ro 1 ? * WW" to .cton. lui Relect. with to- In a u?e , ,,rin? the aw. tel a.trh lAW'A k ? mo) be Iieoeewu y 'or to- tovr""*' "1 , ? . .,!?!. RtatH'ti" tor repairs Rl"e? Raid II it* or .aen n , I ^ . -irii. m i tie ou?rier ifcctR-e ot hii. 1, Au< It Atl ,,,,.. ? ,, r ,.ju e tn etleeu it?i>? "" A .i,era*e ol the ,1/o. r ?UI e. bet ebo'ilil -ay ol ?. I U""1'-" Rerteaie >e deeiceu e.-eiiUAl o) .he KO'.eriuneat, uf aoy a uoau) R on* UP lee !'? Authority for ealtronit | urpOAeA, >*??. ul c.i?.ra.-mr? ?hull relit.i'UR',1 the .<VU|>A?< ' oi - . .a b ai m i beneemAAi^ for 'be ?, i rcei duR au e.|iw aonotiat of 1 uid lor l.ho URt '"oei t. And be it further enacted. That if, tu tuy yeu- .t.ifl.iif the eoi.lin.tAOie |.| toe (A.d eonlrm i. toe tuiR.aeeA dime I.K-the to\ eruoo at .? hi re tn before nun est to ...vb conUAi t nw or the!I As"1 ,n?. RliA'.l st the ordinary rate of iharj e? for prf 'Rta me?-s o-a are- l the price cont s?el be r>?? 1 M*fvenild, the yeere ary of th- 11 ????oiry iball. upon waul aenwotR Itolnc dt.ii Rutheancated. certlfv toe amonnt ol Raid - arena in ton ?m?- denied thai'to UAC <? dm hne ta gl/on at an, Uaie. nTr ot edit < ? the I OAR' ourrey, lb- to- llAH ln?UtutMli and 'lif Natsmal (Ibfeiv-tiWJ for *doutlfti! pe.rpo" a. aiuI pro vldrd fm-'hri, t)ut mwu't receivml fi.*? any mduldmi. coinpauy or corporation or fn -n an telegraph linea C'?oi? t j., wt?b IuW line at either ot lia icrin'm, aHaII be I ApRrtia I) tiwoeuilLted tn th. order ol their tecepUun, eioeptmg lh?> liJ d wmatCbeA of the government ah?i: havo prtoruy am! proud ed m. '.ber, taal t oogreta Rhali ?l Any time hud to ? ruin to ?illrr or tbto ac t ^bc'lowii idler f<ir the uae of Atich telegraph for the puhUc aer lee will be iryepbst, provided the terma And r hilitlouAex Tn tte ArtTwihe fully act forth a ,d ^IpulAled In the op piwala wb chmuat b* Aer.imuAAtad by a guarantee, tu coo ! .roiM, wtth tba tweull aevento tecilou ol lie act >>f July 1, 1K>, |U regard to mail Aervtoe. tn the effect that toe Una i?r line* ah.i.'i be eompletod w'ihiA the use preacnoAd and that toe cuaraiitura ahall then rrtei Into "bllgAU ait tithe I nltod Mutea for the performance of toe Air* lee for the rev'ei umeut, under raid art. at the ratea otWirml to toe proymmlA. toicb guaiautre may be ui the loUowtqg f to - The undesigned, reaidlng al ?? ?. "? - nndttrtMkLf* and tiromUHi. tut if tlw* Secretary ?n H?? ? Treasury ahall a. cepi iHa wdhto gropoAAlA. under tba art ?t Juaa IS. lbOO. tb? Une or lineaol maguaUe telegraph ahaU ha I?ii,p: U.1 and pu' mi . .yerateMi ?u <u he ., tbe Umr atatod In the .. ? and t ml we will >??"> > e w ... 'he pirt e atgu | ug toe ?: bin pmpoatoa an ?? . > otusl Malea, to ] due form ?? annuo ? lor tAe porfurmance of Lh? aerrtoe, Ac c rdmg fo die taini* and ooAduWu* c .ola-ted In ?neh pm poaala The' abnyiTi imranl*? m-uu b? aeoompito'od w th the r 'rtll rate of a I am d StaUa ilwUtct attoruey. or llalrl,! dge atat lug tba! he la ar p.aiuted mtoeechid Ibe f > *ni* aigulng toe g aran're and know* them u> be men ol auflo ient prop any tJ mT^ fS^&JBSSSl'mm be Mwtod up .nd directed to '? The se-retaiy id the I iWAAnry. Vtaau.ugtoe. I>. 1 . ami rudoraed ' I'lOysweUfor l ertdu Tel.-gra^^^ ^ ^ Mec.eury oi the TrcAgur/. PRit|'OSAI> FOB IW> OV "Til* I'ROTOW "dfKB Ntork of Ibe illy ?t New Vork. be?cd p. upnaalavrtll be rtrelvnl at the i . mplP'ller'a otllci iinlll Thni adAT. Hepiem W 'S IM', at * " ?lo Ik P. M , wben the MSI trtll be l"lbl.rty opened, tor tb< whi .. or an* p*" ?' '1,r ' a id lllty tbo'uianil doitara of the fr ton *? er hPmk of the ri v of pew Vara, 1 Autowieeit by ciiapter 3^<? laelsaa o, i bean ordinance of "?e I "ton n rtonnrll eppr tee ' by th- Mayor. Auguat 9. !??". l?r In re many toe a poly m Crto -n water, ami - xtrriding 'he a-iwAAary worse for awumu ihi uf mnrt dit n^uttnc tfen WH6 lha avd at-ck will bear interea; a'111# rata '4 4* P".f,0 pei inu m. payable ip.Mt r ye-rly, and ike m nclpai will 1m redeemable on the trat day of MovemSer, Is*I 1 The pPTma r will eta e the amon-t ot n -to .toalred ai-d ha pure per ahare ai d 'hw O' xerma wb-iae propoeato are vceiurt wW herr drcd U>d?|s*it wfh the ?hamberla'n C< the mif, wMhtn to dav a after toe opei.ieg of to. bida the a .a awArdert to theui reeve i vely Inclmllng the pn wi ma on '>>" ?*?? On p net ling to toe I omptiolle. ihe reeelpU of the Cham beldam for RQc.h lep-wita. the partiea will h ot.titu* t > 1*1 If ccrti'ic^tc# fnr o* th#* jw vaIu? of tbt Ww. beat ma intereR* irom the dale* of payment* Ka b propceMMl ako t'l I* aoaled and en eed Pr T?ato F r tTot-o Walcr Ptock if the ctty of JO'S- hadtli aanie tncnaed la a aesond eniclope. a mad w ,be Ctoa.o fte'risk la reterved on the pan of ihef mpuob- r U. reject nj or a* of tb Mda T c natdemd ueceaa iry to pmb ct or t re m te the tote..stool toe CI ^oRT f HAWi^ .piivJtof. i tlf of Hew Tork, D< paitincal o. Finance t onviroUer ? CUtiW. A *'ia- U, 18W Trot i'ttt m p*h o*ht boh in fob rai.k -awo tlaa l.lgkl Ktocha of TafVna rtt'ea^ 1 Ho M* f'*na atreet, near Bread way. ' \1'AHT*1?-T0 IH.KAT F BOR TWO TO THRFV THOfT Tl aaad dnllara to a flrel Ciiaa re-ta irant. Adireaa w. P. | It. Herald odb-e. arnnnn oi.p AMKBirAv rfippE* iisn JrOU.UUU wanted, ai Ave par pent dmco int Ik F. MOdMMAM, Ho. ? Tryrw row H T. j bOAR (IFKH E*i A f TH* ADTAHC1 OFF1CKB Of U JA> OBH, MOHWI A ?aa be obtained la any guar.tit; on Wat-haa. Jewelrj fHamnada, Begara, Pry Omata, Harnwaea, thlnea. Braadtae and every dea rlpUoa of Merrhacdiaa, or bo ight. aad lha h'gkeat prwsea gtveti Bualneea aubrtly . naCdenttaL Honda to at red. Fetal I abed to 1S4S Principal o?ce. S7 William it/eat branch oRce. ??7 Breed way. T 111 orahd ftr*ft. tor** ooof* wbmt or ?J Broad way?Money edrancel on Wabhea, Ibaiaoada, ewelr* Mate, Dry (Fonda aad peramal rropertv at every S3km. or bmiht andaoid ky JOSEPH A. JAi'EBOJf. anctAmeer and broker. T~? t KDAR FTRKKT -H. HTM AN. Pl AMOHD Broker, advaucea nnmey to aay amount or IMam yedmaet or uaart. Watobe? HUverplate. A .or bnya tor aame Inc oaaa npmmtkr toe Poetofflee, Ho. 1 aeiswid tl"nr ______ AT 11 Oil AMRBRH MTBKrr-MOMKT TO ld)AN to eey emounl ne riamr.ndr art iw nneet Weohee, Jeael ry. At , or the nar bovglit for toe hlgbew caah pn. et. bv the well known ISA At ?. llfhaebere aUees. K. Ho DuM ma trae?arte?f .m Pamifaya j AT tlAlfim FT'TIANOK OFFtiT J4 FOI RTII AV* one, oppoalie Oorper laattt de ? H .ney adianeed oe i.i moeda. was W. Jewelry and ailkiadaef merr bandwe. F?1 vsie rdtrance, hell d**d. 1 ^ iltl'll If Fortrto a ,roue. a T 06 HaM AC - f H*VT \ HOK1..MAH DT AM'tHD A Hvr*rr, ei'venree ar >nci on pia r i fa, Wateln d other Mer. haodw r>r bey# for oaah at h.a private sdl, e. in Haaati at rer , r 'or. ? H dn.wa e .ni.dent'a. AT TH* "l.D OFFlCt?M'?HBT IN AHY AV'U NT Tn H.'vin. e on abs't A boin'a dry good , p tit ? he. To advkoca on diami "'A ?at. kee. pmaoe -. .%c_ Or bo htfiWi-eaii odice pnva'a Ho. 9 i..l 4. J. U. BAHBISi KB, 17' r?r,mdway, ro :u p atolfA At b? broai>wat.-moh*v to t/>vs' on dta . una a, Wat. bee, f u*. SeterA *c Pled ?r Tf. <o a ! -?h M R-Par aba us* aft a nda wrh J *? ' '.II Wail Urea. ,r W M usdnlf, IV Mrcadwaf. are meP ?d ?> call bei e nwd art tie we aame A. RKKD, ?r> BroadwAf, eeiaar o' K i.i. a iirci t. rrvre >? Loam*' loan*' i?oah*' OH PMNOHiM. JBtTKl.RT A'J PR IT, TK RiHJ* FOR APPLI'*AMT? Ann y to Hr. WooD. til) Hroadway. up alalm THV. MIMT1RV. AT A MKF T'Hil <?F T1IF I-RMTKK v AIIK Br '1C t Bl? 1 held cm Sunoat a tfrnnon. "eut. I. at ' antral Hail. Mr. , ?It'ha t'-ilina w-.a ale. ia,i Captaie igr ev todte Ho more fctwineaa nef-re the meeting, we idj vireed to meet oe Puoday ! the fth inai , at ? O l lock Ry order of PAH1BI. f, * a Mt"9, t'hai maa !>rn tem. Hasav m. Joet*. Feeretofy I BRiiOKT TH 7.01*AV* CAIFRTR. Hotu f The regular moodily meeting wll? be Held oe Tueeday, rrpt t. at the omtpaay'a room. 4,7 lulrmatre t j Memhera are rr p -ated to he pnnrt itl. R"" ceil ?? tn'l peat ' B6i at. o'clock V'Ring men wn.ung to uio tkla eo'upeay w >11 j y'reae call at the ehiva piece ! JOHKrn BI.UOTT *VRIWT***?.-A MKKT1NO OF j tk^ atcre named cmpaoy wIT he k. d at the BiCufcg | I Piar. H? 70 avenue P. vir' hatieet to'?avenrf. "* * ' W M R| 1 r mam'cra aet all to we otablet to | >lna.? ? '? a W A i,T NCH. "aptabi Tfl K IIKOI IT ?HFiB't OfTT BF 1ATTA ft,CR tP* ***^ ta,*V '.er' TTA1^"" ft? I)l> T At J. AHiDN iPlCXRT t -Si 'HT HUNT OF Bub I-i.tri ttuJ ParU Rmi-r-V Wl'i tx> fye'U'.J --U Vt-Qiiar. 'eplt St wlpch fur 3e?a'.j. ? S<r.?!ry * d Ya.-r'.y, * til be line irpaAl' - N. 8 ?NewOooda * U berr<?-i ?d bjV-err a-<?-ne- dttrPtjr the uti4)U. k- WILLI tHi* A tlp>. R eeesat r? to Peter H >U' rla, 4??S Sro?4f< a okuat reduction prom auction Freicb Pgftr Tlan?<oi<a Wlrtfnw Khsdst tArpetistjfn, O-1-.i CM 4. Flaa French Paper. Ilk- pa. roii, 'Ijc Go.J Paper EX' roll, Una Goxk and Velvet Pane' 'apof vary > Q'**t . Ilnj U iJ Shade* (1 j?" pair, flue Vulva* aiut lio it Shndee ? 30 net pair AA>kUrp aaaortmect Of Enltith Carordtnua as I Ol' "loiha, r?rj chr*p. at (DAT?* ill H-.tL-no aire". a bo a ?pw ^ T FTIITAHT 4 CO, WT1 L OFF KB OK *05i'a. .. f a. :?, sou x v> > - >. r < o!o? j? ;-ot ? r pk At (I par /v4 V% id. >1 W. Alee s-u rr? Es nrrrn ditto a. Tieauia t--v ynM Bl At K StlKS. Bl-1 A< K HUJ BL it K rILKR. BLACK HIK? ?! K It RAllt'.t BLAC K SILKS. BLACK Ml Kb BLaCK R1LK.B. la evtftjr ta.^ty. selling CHEAP *ad qo mat ike a: 204 tuu 3*? KLXTH AVENUE. p ^ yA,-v CiAMHKIC EDGINGS AND INSERTION. / WROUGHT COLLARS. A. A at-'v UdnU-tk jiat rt-oel-rJ. wiX wax SOLI) WHEAT A1 20 art t 216 outh avr vie K H. M ACT. jr^AIIAGKD BLACK ANT COLORED BROAD CLOTM I'aaeitoerre, sauoeta Jmoi, GIwIvpa Prima. Jltui .tA Wooller. i'Utda. Of 1-a.nea. Llnena Itki' rl -tan, Diaper, A ,'or teile Ky WM MATHEWS, No 64 CWJtAT.ue atrott. JfAMILY DRY GOOP8. ARNOLD, CON iTABLE A CO., are o * Offer a (at retail a targe au 4 t i . * ? Hor? orai'atalJii erery ai :!c'.e awmvy f >r Family and bouseher-plaj p .,, (Met, t. 0< * hie b will bt it>.d rrry Be.taoaati.e pricM. A&NDI.D. OOHfAKJB & CO., Caotii, coraar o. Mr.-cei * r < 'AIX OfKMKO. AHNOLD, OONSTABIX A CO , WllAvhiU: at retail. On Mooiay, Ae,netnjer 2, Tkelr Fall Importation f.( Pari* and :a T' -y C.^ Jt lontAiatog all tbe Utea: novfliiea tu Faary Aad Staple (iooda. Canal, cr>ncr of Mi roe." j.r ,?t. Gt KAKP KXruSITTOfl OF PALL VR?"H r hoods at HartII. A. T. STKWAKT A i'O. WILL OPKN. OS MOHDAk. KKt'TKViBSK S, Tfca luuai ncuAK'^'^04 ill ?t *ck > if RICH PALI. PREPS OOOfR Reer riAlbtted in IhtoeU^ ooMMiaR_of PLOCKCRD Rn.K AND TU.Vb.T ROltFl, 4ILKJB, SATINS, VKI-OCRS OTTOM \*-Plai: .aad Bex-he, POPUNH, BKKINORS MOURSELlNkS DK I.AINK*, Ac , At ., POINT D*AUCNCON, POINT (iAAh POINT D'aNOLETKRRB LACES. RKllKOIDRRIKs, PHKNCH AND INDIA CaHHK HAIR SHtWI^, MANTILLAS, CIAJAKK. Ac Ae IMPORTIPt* K\rKI>.SLV POR TIIKIR OTT HAULS. BROADWaT, i ham bet a and Evade MreetA Gents- linkn bosoms. GENTS' LINEN B<;M>N3 12>; reoH ai MACT'S. GENTS' LINEN BOSOMS II oenia at MAC VS. GENTS' LINEN BOSOMS 18 reuu at MACY'K tlRMS' LINKN ROSOMS 21 reuu at M ACT'S. GENTS' LINEN BOSOMS 21 reola U MaCY R. GENTS' LJ>eJT BOSOMb St eeula a- M 4CI S. GkMK' LINEN BOSOMS X reuu at MAUI'S. JI NT RECRIVKP. 4.000 IM17.KN GENTS LINKN Bt/SOMS. Selling at the above prlcea, the^an' Bur them At hvore 204 and 206 SIXTH AVENUE. R II MACT. Linens. IRISH I4NF.NS 20 CENTS A YARD. Goo I for Rntoma' Do. Co. 26 Oood for Buetxaa': Do. Do 81 Gfv-d for Boanma':'. I Hi. Do. 87 iue enough for IeuiiW Do. Do. 44 Handhrrohlefa Do. Is- 60 lalra Hni>er rise At Store 104 and 206 SIXTH aVENCR. R H. MAOT. YJOVRNING GOODS. ARNOLD. CONSTABLE A CO . ni l open on Mt aday, September 8. a lar(e atoek of New and dra.ia'ile MOl'RNING GOODS, amiable for The Fall eeaaon. Canal eorne- of Mercer atreet. N> OCVRACTES. A. T. STEWART A CO.. will open en Monday He-" 1 ?uallrtll FLOURt ED SILK AND tP. VKI RUB&S. Ala.. EXTR* rich silks By the yard. /\PEEING OF NKW F_ALLOOOD?. AT RETAIL HTRANO. ADRIAN! M A CO.. No. 3ul Broadway, Til iw-rn, oo Monday. Sept 5. A VXt'.Y cSoiCR AND EXTEN8IVR AFSORTMENT NKW FALL COOlks. Kml rarlna the M<>ST DESIRABLE NOVELTIES Of THE 81ASON, i^amftUiy ?KOPEAN PFLKCTED IN TI1K EUROPEAN MARKETS EXI'ltESSLY POR THEIR I'.ETAIL TRADE, m FILES IN OREAT VARIETY From kiw priced to the rn-beat maauIacdoreX liitlOS GOODS, la every variety of atyla aad dtsLlty. A tery ' uje and < hoire atnek rif REAL LACKS AND KMHP.OIBERTF^ HOSIERY, t'NDER UARMSNTH AND GIAJVIN. o( the tery beat man-tract-trw. HOIShERIPING t>tN)DH IN OREaT VaRIXTT. At leaa then reen'.a At leaa then regular i.tcv A CHOICE ASSORT -:l.vT M N1W MOl'RNING GOODS SU AWLS' I XING AND NOC A Ha WOOL NHAWl F LONG t Nti Sof t RE SCOTt H CLAN 1 aRTAM SIIAWLS. LONG AND SOCaRR llAHBMKRN SII AWI.s LONG AND SteCARE HROCUR SHAWLS. AC. A CHOICE FTO'-K REAL INDIA ' AMU. * nAIR SHAWLS. Bo-irht ai late (real a-trtloa aalea In Ifur.doo. at leaa than half their artnal value, to he OFFERED AT A SMALL ADA AN- E ON COST. STRANG, ADRI * NCR A I O. No 166 Broadway. N. T K F.AL INDIA C4MFT S HAIR SHAWI.s and t-WARFS, (a all the faah.onab.e eoinra, Now open. A. f. STEWART A CO. SOI TIIRRN AND Wvrr- Rl* MERCHANTS CAN -JET Oneaeta ai a ho vaale '6 per run- ebe -per of aa ?hnr of the HSera t'ah tod eiaa's-' our at- k Fw-ry 197 8.earner aire.4 RIahtA aveate rec'a paaa the door. ? ) H. BARNES. CX1RTS- AT C. If. HANDING S, -L it ASI.E FOR THE O Roy - I'r.nee Kali, made to or !?r of the -?t a le Free k temi ei-eM ?tee, verv eUaUo. araifanted : t tl Ike* rarer Old (Aire made tner, repaired aad Glared. Ml ?fPa_ street i near Mndaoa. IJtHR LADtRS RRADT MADE LINEN STORE, , Rroadaay, one door aK ve T eemi altrtk eren ' (lend aaanrtmeni, iSov .fSIr mad-- alw .ye-e haed. yyM. H. HOOTMANN * so INK Fifth aad Cherry Mreeu. Ph tlMph a. Iavlte Ike a.ieBuoa n( bttyeia totke-r at. ea of COT ION CROCHET 1!RAIDS ?ILK BR AI Its ron HhtD NETS, SILK AMI GILT ItK < lNGA all ari.T beltings ?M't)RATED SEDrcED TO U'. CE* IB -J PR LB* ?K elvd f? ? -w Her't "be'la?t * I0"it< ail ? re. 47,-i pa.r nk-f ; ttln* ''-rife .- fl N It Sale (r o m'.rrie thirty day* al Bi t EE S -82 "mutaray, near Nliirt--rnlh atir-t. east, neat to the jewelry at--re. ty* H ICR- I RANN t ? - K Fifth end t berry etrr?te. fktu leluki tutUe the aimk -on ., b-iyert If ihw ftv.a A OOTTCm CR 'I'llST BRAID . -ILK -tRATil. K-E H- ID NUT -ILK AM' Oll.t MF.1 1 ING-, ALL ' It.r RKLTIN ^ | r( - BROADWAT. LEW; i A EEAl'ORD. FINE IIIIRTS TO t'RDKR. rrrriNi w4rkantfd. Sample Sdurta and < ol ?ra -nad* rm a roKvt rt v?n'a Far n-flir-s G.vwie Fnwry and A*?n'e la erer- r-rwt >erarie-f Rill rvtonte to 77t Broadway ah..rt ^e, t ? 3.500 ^ LINEN HAND* ' nc,U*}< AT M A- Y S. I I NEK II AN I WEJf fl AN I A ? v ggt H1 < Kit. MEW AhP BP1.?nmd 6KV? Of TaYU ?.)rt ?m rid Piano wt'.afj in a f.-?m ni nd Mp tai -P ?r?u.k? >? ?i .1 ?< i ''?? iate uniirovetii-'tia l>> *? ? ?).? m I ? ft i eaik. ''an I)-* *<->to ?l l?7 f at r?-r':<-h at.-HU AUKAlTirrL Ito8RWOOI> PTAJfO FOR HAi-K AT ?.v* < r i. .. i' \ :'.u , -':.ige it boytivt made I . i. .nek. ? nc.5 li. m .rtau ed Cta be veo at I .no rir~<-* near Hprfog. /SPIC'EKRIMO A bO*S Maa'tfac. .rer* of #U.vCt> KQO'ARK AJKP CPRI'i IT P1AMCM. Wiwnni 6"! BiWn.' ( ?'?>? lv. .f bee i tWr.y e ill pnae n, vwd f ? u ? ?? . , t their ui.>u t,j? for lb-: rem ia:r-.y ? 5eii* PIANOS TO BENT. r7?! a.l- TAV MATTER "AB PM'J.'K!) lO If? ]/ ?I- pt.uw o.a*r VlOll avam.e ?bHf hf at : r-JU ,,lorv A!- or'ouut.mcafatru' H ff^nn4 to: ?w?n?r ittw ati e\?.i oialur c .r ??? be A rt t* iOia.1: mt , a.u>?! r.r ">*"?**? i-et,t.. *;r?r . l>"vu ec Fifth a i4 Mi'.b aveium. Pr bATfi in- ~ . I". 1. 1U I- 1 'U- ?'* b-"*"-* ci. ,n r<o? need app " 1 Ir-vo* '""??.eh redeem r-< ? i-r a tn lat.-g a.. aimed Is-tn it. - ? a Wf l"b? J V4, v; ?. take iba?r b'WMatHr. Salter * par1-*. <"? the ?1 llou, Mtaioi verbal occupAtionr i-? *1 wytg mm fanh-.t i.. I .i' K ry? .1 -nee nr tu1t''.? H "i ??-n!. pf. ?t?. U?a.-"* p'an.i I1**! Hte * v A Ht a, sal ... || . :i,.m i - ?> a I r "w I ?"? ' *' - " ? -? t.v.iiwf' A. f?-? f'.r 11 le-ta-ma. one a-vim* Pa b ? i a4 Y.j-1 . ?!??? jv.pi: ? ? ? iB- . "U ajo? r MS J AL PiAMOFOBTS . ... , .. - K. ?>; * T/'DL'-f "I'l- 'TVU-I I uu./w a-aiTabtod an 1 al re'.uced raU* _ /AlI?AR AKI> BIKOIKO.?RAPOLRON W 'WUb VI Oi-'tarlat froci tbe prn<:jal concerta. .*< * hU p'lpi ? luhlew 1 ! ? ha I" .m vmpany i?e and play J fe,' ???. ih? m at afra rad k-isi o?fl.?.a Addf-.-aa ii Ami ip eet, 6. fuib a Poud't Miui. store, MT Kro..lwnj Mvbic tauobi :* a kkw lmnoicsor thxpiaw f.irineal ?*bi, Ott'-ar. Ac- triMin. and Violin Ttj a; Uie cidemj. ? I'f le*-> i? i6 i t*n?? tor aaiaor K> cb-*P *; l'rt f-r ?? ?>' MSI-Ab. J?J (traad cwv Mr ('Tio vitj^cr TvuriKR or ths p:aa * I o,a ?- aid PI nail 6. Rivet, leaaor.a at hi* reaideare i.) aeal men only alao leaaonr al tn ? reAtlenoe of n".|)l'* r:>r l tnf(tnj"Oot. rati at b's ie?.icnce. I?1 (new n -nbari Nls airvtt, tin (iriad-A-ay. i PLAM'H, MKlAil'aAAH, H AK'AitNi'i'MS. . _ ... i TH . H#*.> f ' f *4f Of lll&LllttU. 3*? - ral > letma f>" '"ut "*:wHuai of Blna ^' nl i' hrx A ,BtW7?tnWA'. , t^L,foNK . Bit rjji MS Broadwiy R * . CaOP -MtTU IKORV AI? 0 AI.KXtXPK* OB't VR u ? and ari-o ..I hand ft* ?alr opto 'rat al areal bar*all nr, dr.,in ?* U.? a* .SO, Piatt *. I7i M ' 'tbly paynu'pa I rcivnt for atlbrr. Keoi allowed tt pnrcluuad HORAt'K WATKKn. AgeoLjO Hruad_?W fTPHI'din A*I) SOOARS P1ANOP f v aHTI>' A Ol' v itlKR man' a-"irrra. M l.aai H i it ??!? .?? nrn- Hroadwmy. -l> tr Uprtabu at e wamtuled ei - kb * b^s't i ih* umeiiU dta?u uac'.urea ill Ule counU> P put ISfTlUCTIO> ACaIH?.-1HK BCIW'RIBRK HV8 RRMOVBD JJ Attui' :ny o'. FenmAtiMhlp /aid Bor?fck*H*i7liA^; from lb- n.-.i an' r.r nan-, bulldlna N"* Pdl and VI3 Broadway, o ?aer of Twenty flrat atert ?lew ^!?KTSJo!llSfcl ITH A rtilKMV or penmanship ami* bookkeepiw j\ ibil uroadiray, culinnrd by W m .i>y \ rare a??i?Uiit of Oliver B Uoilamtth. Koelaaar,. auurti-u prviical and thnroivh Ttfni W*. udttrafu ten'too g'ren Opru day and r t eeing. A CAl'E*? OP LAFOCAOIia. TO BROAiylf Af. PO A oert'f fwrnty flr# atreM. InjArunlicm A1/" 'p.nt.h. ilrrma.i fuUtan. KngH^' Itadlra riaat-e fi.nn 9 A. M to I." *? Oeo iamro # aa 'ro-n y I M b. 10 P. ? Trrma '? cl*A*r? tlU l"* '' *o tttrtheiBtormatlon apply toT.If ARi IKIfl.IJ^Prinap| t VfRIOAN Si HOOI. TN8TIT0TE. fl?6 RROAPWalj A .? . ? mpimbed tearhar# mippUed u> aphoo.#, aad ir whj aitb pt-olU' Krf-ren?e? 1'acnlli of ^t**r* . .... V at. .1 and Wm 11.11 A bona. Wanted. % m-H i;;r ? ? IV .? H i tJKADI'ATK OF EAUt OflULEtJE WOULD LIK* A ta*r t nr or two joong men undr1 hi* e.hargr. aa tu r tAvr Uog oT antoitj ning In Kt.rope d.irln* the tan wra." Itefrm to Wliltam K Dodge, *?1,. Her. AJ >mlib. D D oftbat ily. Addrea* T f K L uioo aq'iArw 1 otbrr A UK ADO ATE OF WII.LIAMB f OLLkUK, Or T jr .r. etandine. wb" baa h*d atpeneaoe aa a trv-t ail. re. ri.e ptipiln for prteJe loittrnetioa In tbe atttd ea ? iTi -nr admaaton to coilrjr. Tbe brat ot roll-*- and i jtiaandreferencea wlU be given. AJA-ea* bo World ottce ______ AT FIVE DOLLARS?nOOKKKF.PIRO. WRITtS l A A. bme-.i . Mr IK.iJIKaH, Hro-dway wtJ rati I' pi'- 1 H.a.'.krrving th a day at on'.y W. 'iaua II.* |)P iUrnl?yaoat mabeagoodaccouAtanta In a *bv..t. Two aeata rat ant. VOOVKR.VFSR OR rOAPANIOS A r.ERM id* , h' -prri' in teacMa?. .Iratree A ?: y.) a . pirate family, whrrr the rblltrrn are not mo old t uuabt tbta-oegblv B??td?? brr own Ungiing# abr l-at g: 1 all it* t rmn< bra. Errm b. jhtmTc and >i**lng ref<?r?*ncfii AdtrmM 1^ HUjato? itrwi A T PaIKE'B MKUCAimiJ COLLBOEB. 62 B"W* ami *v. r.ilrnn Htrert, llrooklyn. anitroU from ef. ? !utry rer-t re threw monibi'(7b lenaou* it^ruct.oe tn I n??. abl)i and Anibmrtto or Bookkeeping (leaa.aa unllJt for |10 lA>..ea Wrilln* l.rttxioa. W au'.een ir.aoo*. FBIR1XCU UtSTTTlT* EOR TOCKO 0ENTLHH No 4f Kant Twenty fourth aweet . Hoarding and l?ny Reboot. Iwwwoea M1J b? fteptrmt>er IS < lamionl ard t'ocneaeerial Inafmotloo Cur Koaniab Uerman ?ad freneh Mndtea, (17 teechera oaaitt ? and k.|UtiaU.?. ?inrt of pupil# nnd parenJ r reuera Ac . iu r.. rnlnr* There la a primary dep\rtn?eol Prof. KuIK 0HAKL.IKR. Hinctfl tJSRFNTH AKDOKRM Alf -PRIFEvCOR *? TEL1.ERI ' H19 Broadway, eoroer tn Twel Ah at reel, wlU reralre ?r>nl*r* for prirale tnairtirlioo lit th- above langtiagea .? latin tlreek and Knalteh Attend fainJtlea and aeb-*.A mnaea traiif I-1'"*4? KatabUabed 1161. _ _ C> f vys*i, kdvaTH n aI. aufM'T. Jt ribi.t ' I Hew -oa.g'ng ntotmioll* ,ad f. ? a f.oril ,ra at h'-.ta and . ?>!-gta and m.ul?h'r.- ria a nr ftraRnra Apuaratnn. Ac., of tbe beat qt.alit* at 4 at to- Ue .rarer P: .nrt;.*!* nt.d olbera U?.king tor Vr . net* ""?* .?ortnaM.-n reap-. ' n* ednvalttmal matten are tBTlled w Srff rratrt-Rf. ? L Prime D 1) N?a Vnrt R?t? Itch D. D . Fr. 1-tary <4 Tibia 8<*-ie??, Mew Y ter C Peana. I> D .Preealent I'nirerwtyo' Utrmrat I I W Kauet, i- D . Pram eul Madiwm Cur b V . <^frt in til 09 Cni^i A&dr**** R?/- <1. O & A M W'l 1.371 N. T T<mt "Boe CtKRMA.V IMKRIt AN 1 N?TlTfTC. V WEtT TW T aee? -1 at reel.?Tb'a mbntl.'irled on Urn mtm anert t.r: i. ?. plan, a nut a: tbe ha'u."11.."ill .-toi -o < f a tbe faruhlea M inr mind, the pbyaieal t arfum*' at. moral well being of 'ta pnpUn Mumeemta Mrtlf j ? leather*, aalirr and foreign, employe 1 tn the Kng ta i man Prenrband Fpantah dej artwetil. boja p,ee?d or r( liege re-arai- dep.,run i 'r glu, n Du. n at.d omamtnial rttdlewtak are t.nakt lenii . Jrepir?' tr til. tSmilara. airing , -ry la'l parutti^r*. he ok tali ted ai W? nermann a. * to utt * w f,w2 ill It. ad way and at tbe 1'aWnlA. K DCLOK.PW ? A. THIBAI LT. FORMtRl.T OP NO l.'i^M . in h><i <rf rr ivufd to N'? M Wfv 1 *? 'y ? ?nt Ml h ?r??ou?, wUl bf pr-p1 M atrret. b.tween H? ad way and Mltb atreout Wreaett e bar pttpila t?i WiHtday. Aepl 17. MHCM. I. DF, tiRlMDVAI. H PRE.?' 0 A K otCah, < ln at -al and rnmmrretal B-ard'.ri bdk o., I ? n ten are, H'dtekea. M J Bnr.rdtng pnptln WJ get *e year- Annnnt teeaeei Bey lent ter 1. IRRH. l.E-PIMAhOR A AHTEtlA H PRIM H C !IP aari Hoarding tCbtrd. 117, 119 and IXt Chutoo p.ana, ?per* on Tneertay. Sept- ?. < Uaamnl. matbematleal and r meprtal tnattt-te The ytr-mle department M nleay* ill \bm rmrm nf Mm#. li#Pfunmmm MHnR>piTlS Kmir AKD VIUtKPUlt ? CJilW [ ? rg!i?h an4 r? h-m'. Mlftllt faf-*'). 4 \ IwtntTs.itb ?lr^ 4nnr rrom ?h# Fn?A f ?' iflfirvieun?, naltv b* tfcem, of a Uosttml nnmi 'n ih# tj.t?r mi ' ?r^orh ? ? - I V ? ? i* i "l? ?f '*< r ' n ? ormitiifrt #,?H Thm bmtrticliKl >? 1 -i unwlH*. pkikm^lixAl r?# rrnim* w# ttfbi. sad rr uiiiu^ ri? i ?r* at t%natcrB ft. Til, CkvwtM *. ?U Hrrvidwy, M raNMAMMI*" IV ,'F T * ? 4 I " P'P r. i.t altlea ? I-- 'e? r l.nN't fnea I. at Ion *m hr'r. rr.", v,rrg?,. atteo'lon t. b.a ' HI , W r-.t utrn'MlniK n ,..h ?l whrrehy la.'lea an 1 get ? am taaab te ana wiib aee Taedeea pad etegaaee la tan lih lie It ana11 of owe konr ew*b Wt Pra ia*'. '< II, ? '!. AMD H"*'-. KDl't' ATfOM * BF Vi'M A 0 r.rglleb. ' 'law* al .i.d ' anaa-r-twl It ?y1 r-t, i. w?h (In-playgia-ine and gjmnaa im ?. and W ? 1 we?'y alilh arrtl he?? ?n Ht'tedway and * | KRMHT, taken abarc* of a limited auua ier t ? July. H*>P?u* bevtember 10. ^TAMMERINU lABEtf i>" sVpW I.P^OMB -"iPl M to li. NALF.. Tea +-r .4 >arM*o ?? - kttPUie. Ac ; abto. p>ii>b*ber 'if**' i?"* aeientiV an! .ihl arrk* -a V, loey "* Kuiua. t- . e W 1'ea. i atreil. .aa :? w anied-bt a I.APT or tiBRPK- rAttiurr a illation ?* goremen* Intearbibe Itigliak hrao-ba rrirpanli-, eon d m-ieb pref-r Ui a-r.-fk u r. a ?# mil '?? re.i'ilred and given. Gall op or a MS H eat 10th ai. RILLISIBR1 t 'AND - KKh rrftEl.< HAS P.KM'IVED ?INU | \j M ?i to M luat Tbtrifeii.b r're-t fo-ir d o-a a eat of Br, war where tbe wtU < oottnee to ke-p a uoe aaennm -al at ? IP M, ifpery. FjVAUt MllXlFf RT.-MRd DAVJDHOjf, IX. RI.E1CB ' *' .ret. reajieeltiillj It.i rmi r- .den ?a : Wwptera a, cb-nte and milliner* that ab- la now p-evarel t<> e\b 't very la'rM atylee ig Tar i pattern Bonneia and fall I 'la it bet ahnwtr-wn* ISA Bit?. *er atrete w?*t of Rmndwaa. t'AEHMR, fABTf PER PATfERNM WAlfA DKBoRim UO'PAl.R would reape-tf'tUy Unte pnbli' to aee bee fall and winter t<n|iorl*lioo* of ratter i* i ? earner Ari*o While tn Europe lately I ma la >w' iwre villi lb# w>w& da#s7,}.TfilPh#dl nftia-*. to v**** ?? eeial't for patt-rr , -f all tbetr mom mtcee*it i pt* ti ?we Mf aaarneient la -in .anally l*r?. T' mere aelr I than any I have jet re-etr-d_ 'r*no-t - Br I. S 18ft) 1 VMl'anAl ?lr?et. oppoatt* Onjena. in ' fr-m I'tnirrh atrect. N B - lAdten, be ant a my addr-m. _ MTOBMK DIM' RF?T .4 MAO AMI I* el. , T.i u M- adway -?!ran I -pealng "f Imp ? . . rn M v.iiav Be, J. nreaeaund a, d'*n" ' 'jr of rew and re. berehe deaiga# for H* ) (n greai i', a'uea, ,'a-beU A- . and ef>'Mr'? ? 'J.7h Hr... lira W ? anal at fet ?#41 ', a ? in all tbe prtnrtpal dttev of i-? c??a \v INTER R1?B"N BjflHOini AT Ml R1 tBONM at Miry'* I' RlRlU'Nd "t Ma. ?'? riWboMm at *??.' :

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