Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1860 Page 3
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houses, rooms, ac., to let. a uliROTTTB OAIIJrST, WITH XNSTROkENrR, "BE jieua -it >. a -.complete, to let. Also, H ot. ?.! ?? for ?dvt.U- u lntr, r tber btisltiesi re. i.r tn ;,iytt. in 'r I*/.INKri Mere*i;uie College, ifiiuas. >ir?*et a LARGE HOi'sR, ? CKWlSBEI), WE LI. fllT.ATKD A l*b tw?t.'y t'.?e foetus, will t.e e i tor , BostJi'i* tl . . ?? ????????! or private far..: .ice, .?n? uf Ikna L Hurt/XT'b L'f t i??r f;';t ip-a1:"; also i Urge number laf'truMed, tim c*.M Apr y i.j .v c. Bi. iior, lit jJr-.idA y, ??oj-e FTOKE ro LET??48 WilhT STREET INQUIRE AT *40 WanUngton street. !*? M V flihTA'S. Drug store for salk.-a rark chance. ml*st Ik* sold for e,.-tj. Apply to K. ilALE, 1L W.uUlo street, [New VoTK. EK(,ll-h -hadje5 to let?with five years situated in the most populous tad respectable par ts r < : be -uy of Brooklyn; It boo oecu established upwards t>. * wen >?-. rs, do-.tig uu eneelent business; It la i mulshed sun -everything A the beet ucsoripuou, a full sue billiard : t Me, sad the bvroaao 'anisot be surosssed fordiam; lb? rvs* T for telling, the proprietor .uii farnil> ;ir? k* nig to Eu rope- For f arther particulars addre?B Hotel, BrooBhyn Pool FMB9R rf.kt-part of a three store brown atone front H 'we; contains every convenience, and is plt.jiai.ilr locnled, 220 West Firty hecond stir- i, between Eighth m-d Nlt'li avenues. To a aailufa'tory party the rent at be reasonable. The b-st ofteferruces as to standing (fven aod required. AddresaivL. W , Herald vdioe. HOI'-fR TO RUNT ANI> TlRNll'L'RK FOR 8A1.E--A I very pretty 'iotae on Y'sst Twenty 'h'rd st< cet, with Eur ?Sore or part Of same Rei.t $7L"5 JA8. R. EDWARlyS, J7Y West Twenty third street. /Ayr r>R TWO PCRKI8HCD ROOMS TO I.EY A | \J y. *t? family r"siding ia the immediate vicinity of Ma Sierti a inert) and Fifth Avenue Hot-1. Apply till EaStTwcu ?y-ft,\;rih street, northwest corner of Fourth aven io. OIOREBOrFK TO LEASE?2d FEET BY 90; VKW A? fcoors ,,-ry v'renp wal e and heavy timbered, la perfect u'n t o itt* Warhinctou street, near Rocu.r Apply to A. P. LARilE, 2*3 Broadway, rooms If and 17, up sairs { C?tOKE TO LET ?THE LARGEST AND FINEST STORE iJ rp !'.wn, west Sb'.e, w?'l suited for a first claw grocery, sah'ryiir tone. tlonery; wtil wse for a ter-s if ye?,w at rea a>otaL?e rent. JAAlHs R. El) W All Lis, i.7 Weat Twenty 4Jid street ft o LET- TO A PHTSIJIAN. A FRONT BASEsfK JI 1 a banrtv Lely furrlst "1 b"own some eon ?, sli ic d ?? ?; .tfc'oo avenue, uestr 1 In ty eights street. Addrc-w'lt. it., to i-t- iii-ra.d ofhoe. ?V| LET?Tl'E 8KCO.NO a NO fBIRO o. THE X tryinn..?i.uu Budnings, Ju? Sd and 95 Suih ?>en ?e, near iLahlh street ; each it ry in one n im 45 by 99 feet suiucic for sneettairs, lectures, drill or btillai d tmui; ent low, and p a k'-as on immed-ately Apply to R. L. BUV O.AM, ?5S Waverlry tuner near mjth avenue. TU o l.ilT?THE YF.RY ELIGIBLE 8K? ONO FT. JOB COR t-'.r Poomt. wtlh b frooi wtu.Ion s, at Ft'J Broadway,tu fr?tt second rooms oafoi.rth tlonr, with a spacious cnu' JOHN S; KKLjO, oJ Wllliaui street. IT* LET?THE BASEMENT, WITH BOXES BAR, ALB X 'Suit, AC., at sly Brand way, corner of Twelfth street, rent WAr Also the bteement at sl7 Broadway lor a shoemaker, srucks, Ac. App'y 'o JOllN a RhlL.rO, bd Wunasa street. Trn o LET-TWO BA31XIRH on FIRST FLOOR. TWO Bailments, two Rcxcn* in stun, hotpind cold wis er and pas yas f Vl rc, I nd e^!( r h.tater and a portion of the Kuml pare 'or rain. No 30 ctarliuu street. Can be seen from 10 to l? Kcl. ST*C ,ET? FLOORS TRROTJUH, FOUR AND FIVE X Roodis in -boec new brrnvn stcr.e l.ousee eo.itbwust corner of Rr.-ord avenne and Vblrde'h street; h,re hot snd cold wa Mr, ?eart> msmels, grates, ws^trays, watercloeeti, g.a tn eltattnr ohanlsliere and fixtures; the m,*it convenient b usee tn rht eitv for such small rent, for small eesperna .le fiMiii'lta laeois sib to f-'5 Apply on 'he*. m ;ht ilr.;y ?y;ie to La. comer, or at L5U Wt Tuirty-fovin'a street. rl.KT-HOl'SE i'Q OREENB Si itp-rf. VICINITY OF the New Fork L'ctelt bo'tse coti'ains 17 rooms 1 oath rtxsns. '-ime, ras, Ac . tn (nodorder. Ruitan.e twr a nrst eiass,I a bbuae or reputable I usu ss. Rent I iw to a g* i ta nai.t. Apply to JAS. li 7ANi.'LKhlF, 780 Broslnras I )H t>AU' OR ? HAHTER?TIM Fa"T fUtLXMO jatoaai t fKX"W l?EA R * ,r* aalwne -fcar-er. rm(?' p~? ^ apply* - B frame* m-rtR wavk. capt. miner tltbiu* will aa-.a Raw V rk fog rv>?T ?r?* ant Port 'eWerann, I.. fr>?n 'to '*4 of ofTff *?>?< rlTff, nil Thi rainy. _Anr.el s>, tt 10 O" vw* A M.; Rnl irday. ?ept I, a| wy a. m ysept a. ??ii a. * n *n>i- ?. MQAl tEdn ihturigj. dept. 8. at 11 A. ?. rT.EI?G?Nf KI7L APAKTVKNTP, aT 106 K VeT Tweety eighth gti ret die rt?.ms, wpb gna. .it f U ?>, . ;*o ? CP*' tail of cotta.? .7,.?t Twenty ?? i?LUi aired, |?ui roou.n, ?t 413, alao lower part f e * 135 Ka?t Twenty eL'htt eve*.. rounut, v> th tp.n. A-J.BL.iHi A BiiKlKiMUDOR, 3*3 yor.rtli avem.?. r. let ivr poopb no. so eao? mianm om? e??..,t. m ..y l.nia.ierf. Avery anprr.n bonne. H?ni ?f u. . ? *1 #?'; f ..-L iore cairn. Ap, y u liOMKR M'->3 I (a iN, >c. 3 1'ttie itreet. ri LET- TWO v . ,T i ;xr .?? HGPHR., AIMER .-.TO* ! ktju bur-1-1 I ? A t, rent 1370 a-i.1 A A I c ? r mi. I etadttiu o tc. Apply lo JOB. COKttlf, 2_J Wttt Tw-nty fifth ;'reet Tj - iT-nr-: r.'i!fKft i ,rt of a n -<v hoiki in Tbu'y : mutt at '*eL urnr i>1 a. bw, ?* large Knooir ??lt?eaa, bale, *..tei nlorel aid '. ini ? xnple'.i , rt 4 t W. ?? n?< . h. A'tt)k.?riv mmtcmt fli.r*. ti>-e itirr,. 03 ttttfc. In nice bO'Otce: .Ui b.^1" rn . npr .vemetii* on e < b i t. .Mtwv f ^ w. KAi'fH-will, I1* iwt Ttu. y tAcnr. i r.rcet, ?w VeOua-4 Aitn-.e rVK> LWr-r*. TI'R Til IT".F II H'CFI ? A N.i.v'l W . 1 > ! ur *: - ftrm t -1 .? ei .tit t. a'J to im ? ' " i?. ' v '"d r."u ??? >? fur 1--- ? .K?n> <?ou llume>,u>J'ly. rco' J'ifi per m ..lib Ull llity ; (Mi .? fli' per y-Mj .1.: le?y, If. A. ? ij t) lOMLft ; . Ifli-eetretU TO LKT-A I'ART OF U'lCAR 2 -? FC l HTII AVER1 fi ' mr T*i p.; eeo"t ' ?tre ?t; bn'hA, >??(, ho: And v >!d w^te'" 1 Apply SO J. Ill PillNh, I.I tke j M. -VVHRl 71E11, 1*AKT ??* r.K-W. OT A *'? ! X ileri Ho ire*, w?'h it. " < AM ? ?u, l*tb. A ? ; ' a-l >u ,??p k? . ..v ?? 1 i*n ? r rni. if App'j IM3 dWcty M il M. M .r?? place. Seal a tirr*"". i ?TV.'rr t)AH*4f.t ? ? (fll-V WITH CT 1 i Of ? . int. X t < t * I ?. ee; 1 . . >1 - <? t" f. (? ? fj K. ?>? ( ..I'd V?I 1. ?* " I It -r 1 .' r rr.C ' < It?i r ~ 11 v-o y .<b1bm>1, a . Apply ??. tit Hvftre r-eot, ??v H-.dtue. r> l 'T- TO ? dAl l I r PA 1TAHI.K KAR l.T, r*RF <?( ? ?br? .' eleiT b.i k !!? i.?r, rooMaUrj it tror.t M.d > k I'BXa r?. tr.ait La "tAMMl k' :t?0 uure A-? irr.f oa Ultid (' r. ' Ai|ly >1 i. UiarlMiMiKl. j T? urr-riro pbivatb ftahea with aia thr luleei ieapreeeBciite we* eecoeeiacelkme me mo (or .33 ' pi)v>.ait?it.?ke. aieo? ?-' 11' * r? :l:-o*ua cnaUUtlm '-ipr 1.1 attfctin r.iler. Ae I'.r fuilAr. f ,-ti. . ??* BPylr u? W 11.1.1 A HI 11. nudRK. 1-- Weal Iv?t y.o.n uti'il, uU-t Wv im . 1 ~ 1 to lu A. 'i . Aid * loir II rpo Uii Jtv riR arm.'* a I .Roy moiikrn 1 IS - a . > . r.. a r oiao 3 IT *.J 1.. V. ? ?!?? < it) 1|? ?? ilnv iai>Bri? ? dour, .*tu all tk#ni> n. In.;?r>i >m?. >, * Mi lebt Bitamlrw.' ? MA ?t We' I sir on let ry. lL,a.iea 2li At-aau atreei. new J ln>?m. lionkivii. r> I.KT-A BEAUTIFl't T-lRlir CTOEV A?I> liAOK jan.l troai. MM iMtl I'arw. '.n i<ei>r(taia ferine, m.iA Tui.fc.-e k> * *D<> f*A Ibti.ree, 1 m, t> te Wi.l '* let very k>w : i ?> I '? i.aul A) ply t> J' |A FKl i h f. 1C ' fit TlJn. .. *? ?. TlUT-VHuUtOH I'AH." TWO FIRST CI ARK II u?ie Imi rfemh a'r?-i, ei?npL> dun ?U V?? u >>Lm liuptoei'L Will lie let ?ery . .ciap I ? reet.ifc .u ? Mpon'a. Fur .'-I'ther faru. ilaif ap, jf,/OI!.Y ! Ff TRTT' B, *16 Tbird avee i?. T. 1 '.I T TO A HMAIX ? 4 VII.T. CPFKR KA RT "R r. n?e A .. 77S RI . .b??h iAr?--- n?*r iflee*- - (Any ? ?? ?.f tao f(,qj. imtl na, pee.riot Mid k aA yard Rani ;MM ? TMBnIET-IMI M NO s?e MOIT ?H'.RfT T'VO r*'} jKt .rim ll>f -ec-ireM. Ilia ii. IipJ .-ae ..r.ler, ?* p?- ed efcd fiaperi d. aoo bi? lee rea >\i.-w aa|.jik. t?i i> cro 100 ??tare*every Lor o iu.? ttnte-n f?.pi? ui i ii l>p ? t <be*p me ro?(?'UbIe Lau.v. Inoiura ut ifce owner, Ti 'BAe MrkMOHl J( ?l i3kareire>H (IV1 1 KT?IR A Kui.Ki.v BL1LT llnl H *II*\D X nirr Ir. dial I'arhn and Re.'r.. n. ?1Ui -ia^ of ?e eaevii '?reneiprd, for ? a?e,-H.- JMMM er MflMMp ml wife. .?(an, 4hr?- ? nolurnMLj-l S una oe ae .nj Coot. Apyly e< I* Kldridse re?u n ? i-1 i PF-iRaRuc riRirr fiaioV iVh Rt.t X. ???eweilt, .BD'HIlti; O . > a U house i* Fk.a AUeet, .? "b f*- ?.oe wat'-r. I?s "2'4i S3 Kiiiratreet ,rR. ok i ivAiR-A ?t > ;iol?i' ice vIixa o* JL nrpr. rpiw me < eetral fark, ? :h three ? e '.earn and ear. er. Kent ?*.?' Apt 1/ai J. J. lllllll A ?X' 1-r at 1 Weil^iee'. r? <*it ?!. Tmm > l.RT OR IK VSR?4 BR HlKOK I> AR I) THI all ?tor ?? a n. w f 1 |'9f lo r*e ,,f the heel RretMli hwa Uoca>'.* .NfcMaKr any anal of Maaeieev, ria? b oa tear, aiplyuitli fera <et al ..e. *0. lio ATamt atreel. TMj u:lh mt/kirrnrL rtw. rt.irt hoi sr, ? 3>rrer <d r'.fth ?.?nue an. 1 amy huh ureet. -itasdlnf ?e R-".d*.y, 'Tpoai ? Bineio. a.|H?re a MiiaoM, b'ur eaaljr 1 or a tkef c.aa? irf houeo. A , y at >-r add* a? R *:b tin ae, Rr ii>e ?'? h areeoe. Li ven A riiitFR nrim *"hI'TTi" "V'l-.i"-Tim;;r ? el'aaledle lain? wkT etreei. tjdwwre F'.tb aad severtk a?rt ite*. 1 iweea* u lat >.ireaiber rent #A7t per ann -a. AT int. I.. K . Here! I rth*. TP *?.YT, IY Rti"TI AR(1K FOR IM VI'O IB Hn? .3- A a.aall onvile Tun.) wit reat r n Tin h'iw. wen inralaW (jowi neidbhorlnAal, curtrewflfc: to are and ertioa, to v good fnar1. and th> rent tatmi m Loart U Je end. Atlderaa lm? l.-ul l'<wt ofbae. *1 { TKH MOHT!l~Tt l.RT TtTa RMAl.t. ilRSTRffl, yi "t .n.t, to a ?wantlful areeue lo wl flMevef-rg an ? e gee-, aiitt ?>( ?. Rorwee eed RNehwn, oe *?? f>?. oiwtalolrg rm n ey, ??.tee.!|>? ami '-very, a ? '? enew ... f Cwrii t?ree eej ia. 4.L uraod atr -ri. WIiie*eiabiirk. a 1 H t villi ? l a I vaT Bt'AT FUR Ae.e-1 ro.M, 'TMUfAAU FIR XJ burg. Milton ami I'oigt..., o- tea ?*ainl?al A1..U A w ???.?!.) rti>. pi-r ra'ly a'? JW A Al. .,i >.f ? IMr tfetk r reek and at FovctUMfpfce til f R lea . <f 1 '(right -?-p?ie hi t f. M rWii'iiog to the eky at ?JPF.iT Faav-. ger* or Albany Trey, brraaor* ?* a-t p *11 Taet ate Make giirg Minnentlane at Fn k:ju*v>l? ttan.?d' 'ja.iRerffc' free. DM AT SORT FOR AI.RA YT AKP TRlT ?MK(*? 1II* | ?aal lemurs-TV Meajner BaRIKI. i?RRW laavea jar turf, p'tf and TL. rt elk aur-t r ,??.*%. j Ii. .redayg ar I *Mhr4aye.?? , A. M. VrRRT TO COKrr ISLAND Affil FORT HAlffLTOR ? 1 JP The A" AI BK 'R will run da.'. -hruogk the aeeev. leivlnw AB ? at ?>k, 18% atid SV , bp ring r.reei ai?L U if aad | S?? p. r No. i, Forth river, at 10, 4 and 4. Fare wda t rwtorp ttakr'. ii .?!?. riR BRinOEPORT-FARK ? r*RTF ?TRR RTRlMFR WUlHlRPORT leavae Trek ?Up egeey Monday, W.?*e? day and 1 riTay, al ? l . Hera. : e , Na- (at 1*. 5ae Uaree, IfarUord ani Spraagfc 1 erpreaa u i_ a foh rale, i ' *ARl> -(.#< AL?.?!>. ,* ? ? ? thousand ? ,? ?** ?* TrAEaM Hjsi ??U, . | ;(1 , ilptlvtc >. V??r-' I-..*, A 1 J 'i'.-fiv ? , manner. Kor .ru iar Inq tire I GKR'A M-iOF A'.rt ifiXriTKM H'H PA!.<.?IS R ? !?*'? suiH a:- '? ?.,...?! i , * , ?*??. ,-t > ? th- <d?y To l 01 j| .jokufji Will be ?Jkl uniibi prion, at?77 Pear. Kir,..! ARABK OHaF.cb --ONE OF THE OLDBRT AND REST Hiring SaVal,j Uat in ibe el's for sale. For foil par ic -re icu'Wj oi K. COLTON 106 Fulfijp street. BAKKR'g K(iR BALK?VERY LOW, IN CONSEQT K.XCE ?? health; well fitted up. long establish*.) u.-es nud n* -a , ompletB, dolor a .arge businrei over 'he >uuier. and a?y bsDC*. BIG .s A SuL'TH A'ICK. 82 Vomn sreei. (U'eTOM Ot.OTHINO hTORB KOR RALE CRCA"*? J at i .itrd iu Mixth *> ?-nu? Good ou*lom :,tid rent lcre. Ag ply ii drug sore corner of !' uith Hlrsewutd -^uth enue i w.SlNG RALOi'N, BAR, AND LODGING HOURS?FOR L' sale, In one of tie priuctpal thorough'arcs of Ihe city It 1? noectssurj to rpesa of U* great advantages of this plane, w all particulars will be il ?n oo application to C. B. HOW KB A CO., No. S Centre ureel, opposite ibe fart. Dining saloon for balk-well establishki>, lust rale-location, favorable ic*??, handsomely titled ant fanugbtd doing a good paying business; oflered low, having other business. All excellent i banes. BIGGM A BOL'ThW 'CK, 82 Vtwi street. LH'il SAI.K-THKi.KASK .STOCK AND FIXTURE* OF A r I Tall lUr and Billiard saionoou second block from Broad sty and on tbe m.tin tboroughiwr*, running west iodic ave nues; doing' a good bnaiueaa, with adesiraolc leaae and cheap real. Kor luriher panicumrs, addrees Yr-ha, Herald illlce. fftOR SaI.K?AT A BARGAIN, TH* STOCK. FIXTURES! nod i-wrse of a rash retail grocery store, In oue of the lev toealkm* In the oily; a ell plucked and now dump a goel P?>iio; trade. R- nao lor selling the owner has other busfoeee tc ? .end to. Apply at 720 Greenwich street, corner of Charles FV?R SALB-TBE OLD KSTAHI.HHRn AI.K HOUSE XL" wo as Our ii.. .se," with three year* lease fr mi Ray la?t;r a doing a ?eventful buainess. ^old only on ace.) int i)f U1 bca'ih of the ua .cr. Apply on the premises, 28 North Wil Uatn street. For halk-tks teaks, stock and fixtcrks of a i.rst clase Bairixun, Dining and laatg ng house, centrally located, tnypary lewrois of goiug Into au.-h bnsincw, oid 's in disti sand an'i. is io uiake money, can apply Pi Wli, 1.1 c M A i.UOt T, No. i Kiui Broadway For sai.e-a firit clahb fu?i*r miu? of kst tH ilsh"<l r< pntvpou with ample water power, ai'iiate in tlie Interior of Wia-uiis n, aUh A side tra k fnm the Mississippi tr 1 M .'ivsukle Ral'r aid. Ta? Mill Is ?uhMiitiAlly b ull of su n- ai d .? now runpli g. Fur parucuJars, addicse b.,j 19, Unit alo, New Tork. fdOR RALK-THE LARt.B SIZED HAHRoGM KNOWN as 'lie City Hotel, ii. !? ulUra street. In front of the City liall, Brooklyn. !u;'. ?? vf >;. McNamee, coruerof Mam and Free pent streets, Brooklyn. 11"'OR S.tLE-A MEDIUM SIZED 8TKARN A MARVIN'S F Safe, .|Ulle for sale ,?t s bargain. Inquire at No. 4 l ine street, rear uiliue. L'i " EALE-FOE CASH, A VALUABLE KATRNT, a conn' cwd with a seary mannlaotorlug business. It is a Tab, r Saving Mar.b uc. welt adapted nir the South or any part of inc c unlry. For further parucu'ara address P., room 32 Bcimout Hotel, or CAll at 173 ilicka street, Brooklyn. yOR v AI.K?AN OLD FsrABLISBKD MAEUFAC" r firing lupri neai, of forty years' a landing in this city; hn in. cotnp' iition, tu.J all fao'll'les for doing a large and profit able trade, and with the Urges; bowa to tbe city and country. BROWN A H"s8. r2 .Nassau Mivet. ?L""' R "ALE ?A F1KBT RATK If 1.1 UK LaTHK, WITH X' Tools, tISO; x toot I jtihc. complete, Rid, iMunp Pnai, sude six feet. Anvil, vgj pounds, f&'u a ret of Cock -prlng Tools eight si'ea, suitable for a ao/ew or drop press. Apply ai No. 7Frrm.ili o.rett, third floor, near Fulton terry, Brook lj?t f'.IR R4UC-THF. TEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF an old established Barioom, with Dwel'tng Ayarincuts at'Ach-'d. now doing a go-al business, at 3U Myrtle avenue, Broosljn. Ternu on derate Satisfactory reasons given for s- lling. Apply oo tbe premieea ||X R SAlJI?RTAND NO. 307 WFbff WASHINGTON X .Matset. N. V., on Eiter row ICOR 8ALK-AN KKTABLHiHED AND EXTENSIVE X b'-aliieee, with lar^e c ntra t* and roustautly increas'ng and personal property to about the amount ashed, aod one of the very beat o. b-.ttueas cLincca. ldiuGS A HOl'THWICK. S3 Naauu street. Lson sai.k-at one Fouarn itr valub.-the un X dei sli-iec afuicod, by constant Illness, to sell h.s Modi ? ii sto; . 1> don..' i sai.irt nnsinese hut must be sold tuimedi aie.j. Inquire at No. 3 ae .ond street, near the Bowery. J. T KRAMER. L-1 'R SA7.E?ONE SECOND HAND IIERRINU'H HaFK i Bie i um si. e Acdresv W. Ii. Roman.- care of W. I*. V, aitou, MW Bioa. ? aj, xp stair*. INORiALE-A F.vMO.TGROOERT AND LIUUOR SToRK X In Tlomp-"'', be weeii H.iailuc and Grind sirws For y.irtoula.s, .a die At I'Ji Avenue B N. H.?No age-U need si ply BALK- KSTl 8RS AND STOCK OF A RK<Ta1' V iat.i . i.i. liar, or 1 * t'l put bl.U.0 w irth ol earn- >2U1 and a piai'ad's ? trvtces *ad gi tip, the .bu-. n-ss. A o ib, i ?? It die at X > 7 Pearl street frotn 1 till t L' R aLE -a> CltdrKi; KALOON. mTUaTED ATM r V. p> doii a r.< b'tsm. as; it I usuiin er ' mr :mfor laatea vm gemleinea, end is aii >(etner r -r l..' i a x pi r. wishing ' i engage u, s i h a h in si; .i'rse ug being that the om ner is c wo.. It; tire a; ?! Ju renr street. *: e "-f.NE OF THE BKBT LlyUOE NtORKB IN D n ? ? 1.1't er o! C'ltua. and Mu.berry Stiee ?, this day. lie, . f 1 . st 1 t~~v?-i; SAl.a OK EXCHANGE?A LARGE EaNIFaC i ,k _ (V . ui si.'0 ' i. ilo ise, together w'lh all the ; n ? s* < S Will trace far .? good b -eai d h i in Brook ivii < pee imk. R.jti be unlaciuibei-i d, and part easb or ,?ir Kiel a V AddreeaT. II. ward. Herald oflice Iltgl OK sjoRK R KAIJt-THE l.SANE AND F X 3 r.'s of a Are: lass LJqn -r - tare on a fine eremi?, and now ifoli g a b'lamers. WiU be wudlow, with or wills.i i ilAsuck. RAOWN A RGS8, 32 Nassau street. KW i OAL YARD FOR maTE-TO 1.KT OR WIU. RE> . SKI tons if csial ou Storage cheap. p MAMf !?? go d nl n. Apply to K. A. KaOaKK, Trinity i?. Mtnp, III F'tetdeay. Plii f 1XKR FOR SA1.F-THK NEW KTBaM I.K1HTER i biag ja, '.4 fei 11 mt, 17 feet 'earn and ' leet fi a t, in . an ? ? e , i an j .ig 17ft u* s and boiler W ? 'cvep to rash Apply ui J. 8. UNDER II'Id., 1K.-S- liLtbs tt', Dry dark. x\ 1 8rv ? tKD AMiiROTTFR GAI.l.KRY t-d .) ij .tie oa. p. aa the proprteuir leaves tor the a i in. 1 in* ,i the fine?i i.tied up Gallery In 'he . ?? w !th everything f< r the business, and will be >. .i. heap n ePlb"' Ni lata week. Hen: low, go 1 woe, A OMGRC I.' N h.\l? GRAIN Mil.ia AND FaET uF* lie pal A I k sh'e Con -i-st a. the 'm i.-s the >n.) MiU pTve' i ? >t i ?iv - rv uctrg to impalpable powder, wuh smiii'.g gnadtng eu?lsoe? ?. a aoUTHWI 'K. 82 Naeaan etree* ? M Kc GNR." AND won KK" f UK RALE CHEAP.? .? larre*' stock sud rreaiest variety of rev and aeonnd Ml in iiera in the cuy. aW> " ' am Knaiuke irou two to a Y u.itred b -rse power J aMKS WYI.IE, .iu 'lanaevrviel St."?, p.u ,,.en ? ?rectiw ih aod Maahingtm etreetA Ninth area ig nwrt pane the door. ^TrXSauAl I NDhrtWMlK. K"R HATE - TH in iJ feet ?? eg, MO una "'irthen. ha? a 41 twah rybnder 9 l ad stroke, has a n-w toiler, and la lu perteeS or d<r fi* hiHlnese. ' ae be area at'ha feol of Thirtieth siraak North rtver. Far terma of shl? apply to IF. DBGEOOT, IS Fwial atrank rpo'pF pill ix?TTU*FIXTT RKA tnr A HMAl.l. ST--RR, IN s i/.auilatie for ? . , .r u t st'T.- r?.i n. ?'er l? stud ir <*. sepuii e of h aving 'be --Ity, ? ight unw ths of lbs tease uii'i.'- ed Glass Jars. Merles aad I nip U iv-rrd. An 'i si 1.2? Bn?dway. New limber 1,410. __ t?7 ~ KIU. Fl ECUAWK THE Mg'K, FIXTChKS AND ?P I ?J iweee of die k d. and e ?l? Water Hue vrwr ef tens ml ? emre strgeta, If er plied lor a>m. Ffce p?p?r ?tan.'. paj? the rwrt. ?47nVrV., L I'I'H ItAFF. T1!R 1! \LF (?F A t.TGHT ???.'"! raape isle, t-rh h sln-es we; esta* '.ghef ,jir. payn ? ... m tt**' us U tfkl fier ?? ,r Vi eaeh p*rtf ore" all er plows. No farther rarital rerulred. Apply to T. GAFFNICY A ' O . Xo. 9 'Trambeis street. (LOTiuna ArAtR cash r?ro? nip r???< a*t c>?? loth 1?(. runtflrf, iWi'Hiud J?w?lrjr. -laufo-a ?nd aatiUa scab, 'I ym * ?b in ?,el an to* mat, f?ir tirtr* frr r?*;i n.<h.? uul Miob?k nf y?'4 to gr*l puffa, ????> wfll I'tn ? I ? a :..??* u u? ? ?at?' .takm-M ?' >< ttlW17.. 1>X| iifmif. IhiOMfc u>4 Thirty kk ^lacmi'T >IWV'j In by Hn Mints. A dkKAT PKMtDD run CAIT OPP OLOTHIRJ,? A l*diA* aal frratfMBoB aba ih? full ram* for Itfm mad a't?r ? irad Mm tek -??b'urfAd ?? hr ?wr itlw i r?i?i..i?rA Fran ll toKU fw lr-aa?? fmn k* b> !'?< fjr I %t? fwm k upward fir y?'j ?i?4 rwPt Th* hlskAat pr'm?* patd f<* BKHlri i ? w?. fiirah irr mod r.,rp-ta r|? v call r. r>r aM?a Harna, So IM ?wnn?. hA.wrwn To rjun. !? f?') Jnuir*?u Is*l."l ? v? <1w; by Mr*. ii. rr*. \OSBA r PBtf A k !>.?I AMI K" AN|? i?B*T W?CB . ha*ui?' eaa'.of.'1 Unkli *. Pnriutui? J'-ari ? * r ?? ? h> I. J a mtmm'.'? ?o prr iha am p?p-r in '.barHy. ( y 'irmao.A ?r ' a. nr a'ill ko'Ai.ih ai. au ia, b. twoo. lat?,j rr'i 1 o MimAta. obi h all) bA u? by M. A HRbtl AM. :a4."? BHAiw'Atl to by Mr*. Abn tuun A, - . . a .' " iff ? BOB LAOIKn s*}> if<if,.Kv. N H t< tiff1 .krlr CAM iff <Tnrt.iim lob. fa?k ?I r?r?ir.-4 ? 'arpr r -?r ir.jar lb" ftr>' lb ar ! *?A. I anarkPIAA thai i #U1 r>?r ib-- f?.;<.?ina (iriro* -frrti SktoBO far m ? llroMr; I ruarira ?r.<1 kaftM pai4 f'.r ? mo ml I Italy. Urn ?l Vi Mfar I'A'ita. fw ir. 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Cmrpgla, *a( am io (ia ' rr-I by trut pui'a. n iu tail ? ntt by i n* t. Ii.' Ha f ib a tu ia. akirh alll bo juw: m y Bf-ndaa ki by J. AR fXAI' r. I-A 'i-a uu?i4aJ w by *rm. A. _____ iiAll WORTH OP RRW A Rr? IJtTT OTP CI/ITB feJUUU ikff WBiiiAR fir tbA WaBiArn mu *At Tt ? h)(h ?at -atti yrio# Ai-or paH can bA obtainaR la baakAbtR r 0*7 fir Urgr r Mr all l-u by aIIIbr at iAa ara. or vbtrariaaa Bit. Wajab. 41 Onfio mrrnmt ?AJL. TJLf TO* 1 >0 TAI.I.KT ro U? op srPKRf'iR lyrAI.ITT ?T RA oh' vairmt?H u I l?hA?1 10 p"ft?'t iriapla a>I porta if 'b? mHy MfVif... .1 i| Tar4. 313 Rltbih ar O'ia. nr M t>? 'A;.-a -? iba Abaaa* anrt Wyom o? Va ?J VI rxb4 Md l?aJ i?aopaBf. M i UOAn^IXO AND LODG'V'a. Ar WEST THIKi f FOURTH STREET.?A DB irhim, ? trl r, utih ne or two'Aher Rooms, oa peti'ieutaa a-*! wue .>r single gentlemen, w'tb i yo g i w, who will p"\i and requir* tee highest references. AUK*TiK*,.V, RESIDING IK CUBA, i ,>? sir '!> of placing hta motherie, a boy, vwo and ? o " v-araol age, with some knot lady who wtil take good ?> ?> n oii? year or* r. a Lberxl compensation wil be allowed. Addreaa Havana, Herald cc ? e A OKKMtN GENTLEMAN. IMPORTER, WI8HK8 TO find a comfortably tmtubM Room, wl'h partial Board, IB a atricf y private family, unere no r<ard*r? ira kept. I'umn square. P. nnan 11 il united. 'Tood t*i ;? and und de a Fed. ? rlea?f state teru-a and h ,?? many ic-.uivt.-s th-* family constat .-f. Address M. M ,(b is 110 Hernia oltee, for three d-ty* 4 PRIVATE FAMII.Y WILL LET TWO UANPrOV* Furniihrd Uadro. ros, t) geninuen only, by applying i t let WousUu-atreeu PricefFper week. References rich* n:? i A WIDOW LADY. RESIDING AT S37 FOURTH AVR u te. net,/ fwpu.y-tiflb itraat, would let pleasantly .ill ?lahed Km una to gentlemen, or a gentleman and I'll eo Id be gentlemen, or a gentleman and an a eo ' J be accommodated with partial Hoard. Apply ua above. AVERT 11A VPS, RB SUIT OF ROOeH ON- SK'OND ilQOt to let. *tth board, in a drat cla-a bo .?e. aut able for a 'Hmlly or party in gentlemen They will be lei aei *i ite or togethtr. In [Uire at 103 I.eviction avehue, corner <. Thirty urat street. A PRIVATE P IVILY, RESIDING IN A FlHSr CLASS bi? .?e, 37 W eat Eighteenth atreet, would le with Board, l enure h. oul Floor, U>>. ether or eeparately, aUo a Parlor and He ro.u on third "air. A SMALL PRIVATE fj MIT.Y WILL LB' p*Rr ?'F a wee House, having all the modern conveniences, ir. a pleasant and healthy lneat ul ap town weal * de. to a rinaj re?pe table family Revei.en eiehionred Apply at Mr. Bedford'a drug siore, 717 S.vb avenue, two d <or? north of Forty aecoud street. a FBW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE Ai ' OMMO tl dated with .tewly furnnbed Rooms an 1 good Ho -i 1 .c a p rattan aidant house, in a convenient location. H'FJ '-t 73 Msodnugal atreet, near Bleecaer. Ketrien- ea given and required. A PLEASANT FKH.NT ROOM. ON TI1K AROUND fioor, to let, board, to a ?? i tlem .u i.n ! wife or altis'e gut '.??men lb we enrertenl h> rara anr tfarea Family I rlvate Dtnner atu o'eloefc. Ay ply at N'o. loO W . Thirty aevtntb atreet. Br Winter. A NAN AND WIPK i AN 11B AUOOMVuDAl KO WITH Ikiard mid Ke>a in a tmall ieape:table am.'} in die a. Tenth war"; location Knod and plei.e-irt Addrtrn J . J Hera o nfllee. AOKNIl.K-ViAN ami W iFK oR I WO MN'rl.OAN I LK n -i.i.itn rod k i d Hth.rd In a modern built ho wrh hid and ? d I alhr. kH*. *e at a reak mvble rat'. Please oail i nd sei. tut y uuraeires at 31H Weet Tn enty aetenib aire-: New York. A SUIT OP WILL FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.KT- SE rnnd f .ror, front, wi'h Board! alw> a dagla R>itn tn a flrrt oiaea brown alone honae conTeaenl to cara and itree hnee of aiiittee No. 71 a eat Poutleenth atreet, flrat hodtte weal ol Stub aienue. A PRIVATE FASflLY WILL LET A SUIT OP H \ND eomely furniahed K ?ima, conaiattoK of the entire se cond floor, together or aeparate. without board, to rentie men only, by applylea at Ul Ninth atreet, third door east uf Broadway, Avert bbautipul hut of rooms, hioh wvij^s and mirrora. uarlor tront, to let, w''h Board, to the brown rone ho ;?e No. Broadway, (new No. U,130). second ,'<?r from Madison square and Fliut avenue, nod aecund blonhabuve Filth avenue botel, fHmlly small. Dinner hour and tetnta made aetieiactory to an agreeable family. FAMILY. At BO BfNOLB OKNTLKMKN, MAY OBTAIN desirable rooms, wltb ( til or partial board, at M Union tqoare, corner of beveu eentl street and Fount avenue. Re feren e required. A FBW DESIRABLE FRONT BOOMS ON SKCONU tioor, well Iurnlehed, with or without luard. to iamiUes and etrgle geii'Jwmen, ho lae eoutalna all lmpto\emenla. loca tion deau-tible a d convenient; pur iee can sec re rooms on ad vani.tgeouaternw. by applying at 1.218 Broadway, tel veen Thirty Urn and Th.rty second streets. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES TO MEET A PARTY dccllnteit housekeeping, where their hoard would be equivalent Utile rent. Or would take charge of a llouae for a limited number of gestlemen. Addremfor three Says Mrs. Sedgwick, Xa< square For! uffi e. A PRIVATE FAMILY. RKSIDINO IN WEST ELEVENTH ? ?; belweee Flfih and stub aveenea, ir a Parlir at d Bedroom b> mare, on the second story, replete with every in'Klem eot:venienoe. furuiabed or nl'umiahel, would rent tf-n to two geutlemen, or a gentleeian and wife Please ad dress L. s ew.irt, station C, Troy atreet, for three day*. AT 2d CLINTON PLACE. NEAR BROADWAY-FINE clean K- <>uia. tingle or In suite, w r.t gixtd L ?rd. Family ?until, lielcrenjea exchanged. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CR GENTLEMEN AND tletr wives, can be accommodated goal Ho. d and Bioely fun ten "d R'vuna upon far mab> tet ma, at 71 hi I leut enCayia-e between H lUstou and llleecker streets R, .ereu ceo given and required. A FRONT ROOM TO I ET?WITH BOARD. T<> A ' BN tleaivn and wile or two g u.l.eaien, at per waek. a ludy wo tl.l be act ommudated that would tea. a a lluie gtr. the pH?o tor part pay. Apply at U Watts street, aewr\ar;ck a rati. Befe. suces g!. eu and required. A I xR' K IRONT ROOM, WITH FULL BOiRD. ? .lia'dc .or two ? nale ge iilemmii also a urge fitmt b d Bed. - un can be obtained at No a We,. Twenty founb itn eq op, (W,lotbe KtlUi Avet ue Hotel, loea lou pai-h?Jar > do* rs1 u-. . I NU * E v?T TWENTIETH r,T!irp-T A FRW DuORH A iro itiiMdw iv ? A gentleman ami loa wife, <t two ? n kdegcntiemrn can leeeewntt datad with a rety p'.eaeaotfur Ulalicd (pot. lie u.. with Ru id. A^m HAHTWOMKLT FCRII1RHRD BACK PARLOR TO | let on Fourteenth eueet. w:ih Bard for the !*dy >o!j DO > ?"'t it. K. U , l oi' u ??, tare i'.? jti.ce APICW LKRInABLK Ft. RNIH1IKD ROOMS. Wil li OR with it fail or pai Oa! Board, upno to idrrm^ term*, fur a irn'lrinen tnd t Ife or *?t)i.-inuu, at 161. J o* p. i*. Houann at. ret. telnet u S .a tan sod Rao loup... A PaRLOR OH i HE 1UST FLOOR AND1KRKX OR H four re* ma With rtm rlaaa board ?nd prlra .e i?b> .1re Ottered bj a la'iiilj living anar P Ifib aiid jturtpar cord rtret t. a dorr a Private H , Herald "flic. A^m HAMDJOxE R ON WITH BOARD?FOR A ORRTLR *.tu id wifn ur two 'Ingle pent nirn Otad .tail o'clock, .erect ces reviife.]. Apply at to Hire ?"r at."?-i At CRMAUKD BA' K r\RI/>R, HXDR'iOd AMD | < |.??', at p" ?r?k, aritk 1 t liege or 0 taekeet o.p a Mi Laf'oua. anil ? Romb 00 iMMlW ai'.h !>dr uma and parti 1** at it and TJ A App l at til tubryaUt: etree., lc.ui tccuiid aoM. te. TKTARTRD-rOR A UKJTILXM AX AHI> LAT1T. OXK TT . luri i.e.! It a b Hralmui , looatloa bt'aNi Pr ink u and ??rL. -th -rent. Add e*p MaiJ? price aui au ? tann^iaiKma, A it , Herald oi' w. Ahk atlt ri RHi'Htn ** a?*k parlor to lvt-to HI a pernItiai aad wite or Rupla geniMaeo. alao large and ?Ball BMBBIO ?? 1. f'lraiabedur unlaNtttMl, * lib or vr.lh it B ?rd. randy aaiaii. t'al. at te Wm Ibinj foirtli etieet, tonal ut Broadway. _____ _________ A^m ?RO*T AHI? RA K R'?!>v, HKATLT Fl RMTSHRD. 10 >'.10 ? lady and m nt.eri?*>, a Ith foil or partuJ Bond ? ill fee let ipetip. w e'a-at--, zaa aad hot iud cild wate n a* b rotiir A? ply ul baJKa<al Pt:i<*i'? act, be. ?ren k.-vnlh and l?lk aveaoea. a BAHWoMttr rrnMRUfo hit op parlors. l\ ot fnt t ?, H ai'ke b* a r'tT) ' K"r e^eu-ple Kwmn U: ? rPraie ho ve, w.ih al m -ieri im priorawat*. Apt j atF'T'iin >? 1 rer . a f"k d?Ta ??? "k Broad wry. ________________________ Aim~privMr family will i.kt a parlor and And ro w j?ot.j nraitfe. t. 11 a ? <?rr ? ne Ir v'.' aiai it ibre- latr. Aealbaeai f Madia 1 a w A r-iitl-'iraB o ree,'- a 'f. ?l?i >0 ,d ap ? ? ? "? ? "?'in ml ret rra?*at el a hai.< ? . 1 pri ale reaociee, 10a) audr '? L, tea It. Hera d it ? ALAKi.K FROMT R?m ? Wr.U. Pt RHMli CD. ?.AR. a - . tr ,e. 1 a VAT ' ' tAr"e If fo.r een'^-n. , d.i-rj If re<,tired fea a reapaababie bMBMNMN fur twu cr Ukre* uai,r u,r >. T'.a?m d"r?e, >' Br ainit. Anw rrvHi'HR.t FR'iRr *? >vh to i.kt tor pett.rii.ea, at 41? MR' p A PfT A ? tkpr et?e 'be H' Ai b > ?? <* , fry Itr H Ml In I '? per Vet Am CHOtm 1'f A Hl'*"AIHT T ft RMeum W< to >1. LiA-d tai'l'idail. I na K*e and ?- 01 r ata. " la Me !o? **iitl"H?^i atd tkei, nrteeaop Aup'e fi.t?* a. at >u ? Haeoaa punt, near Aha Muaapy. BHOARit - A -i IT "F rVRJTTBHRD ROOM." R ?' nrnd lioe to h', W'fiber tr a> tarav . a ?i4 Rear 1 a' dl I 1 union plane awo d.eira -ae> of Flf b area .a ti -1 ?? ?* ?I ,e refe-epeee f y-m aa l r- Board-?n a la rim r om os < iro Oenr, vn.t paa, wel fnrn*e-d *l?> a f ? tr rr m 1 ? ib r* atknu ?weed. Ta? fajai'y la *??(. am! private Te. aa nw derate. IU m l; Revaki iuiki. imu iaa> Board-for a gphtlbvar a*d w fb. wrii a larp Rr ?, paatry, wiv? b ? ?rd WAier. an 1 1 * h roua ad^oatar, la avw BO of a ardem A?>. ?e i.r , arret at R" HIBMItIBty lnb vwa, rtei lb r< ain ? TJOARD ?TO LHT. WITH OR V. ITI'OI T HOAR >. TRTo J? aodia of beAdaunte K.. vna Ap' a' *n < "lictm p.a >e, be teeen F fib a'en .e and feniTer*' ? ? ? TIOARO-W'TII ITAHI' "UK rURHl-IIED R'l ,M<A r.R J> a t? fir aeaarale, in a i?p .? b- a- WW a I lb* m ?! era f , Ife ??3M. App J at XI klakprv. be e-anFl.ib a. d "-Lib aeaoe-a Itiuwr at alv. UOARP-A LADY A HO WRH FfACAl A H CAR R* A'"" I MMNTard ?bk baadaaaaatp Tan bW Imbm. eflb It- aad f..r led?. <1 a ???d-rn b UV borae wl k a adj lit tap a'oae. addraaa Boeae Media ta e.'i.r- T ? tlv. bt ARD ?DMRIR ABIJT Rortve Put ?IH<il.N itRH ?lener vrdb full or parual Iteed, way bo Taatt dull* Wbw iBei?it aw eel, bevvaam Fiftb aadRMMlBe?BA Hoard-A VRRT DMIR A HI.R RC'T OF ROUVfl <? 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Board-a ' avo a w>"i.v; pcprrtoR a'' w ?mtla'i'.re, an be a mv dilat a th b? er '.re *e? ? d Cipwof a )it"iae Kann, -,.v 1 m> n v aad a _??A table n d-Ptra'Ce. 4 "eti1 e bj raea ant Pep Appit -?t 172 W ?#! twetitp if*' afreef. B B rOARO FOR OKHri.BMXX-ATWI.KtrH ?I iatl" ?eu, Ia n J ?? ab*re h- ? .ar Inrta 'if a b .n.? ei. be reeLrep a a fret c.?n b>- ae, rnc etn tig ife" wiikrt, imt"reat Ten'a i.i'dBra>e, a?l r- er an a ei ae.t, ?<:. Board Waytktv-rt two omhtumfr. i* a tri rale fao .iv 'ill B ard: r.j ntij-vrifc r it .here are a fee randere, ttv-awe bet we "H Fo-inb and W.ib a' en 'vea and wer f h./.l and flurtp J-A atre.'* Addr en u.t i ep P.w? -tdl.-e Bard WaHtRcv wrr?t p ?? ? tai- t < ? ? B-i ??. f'.r a pantien,*#: aad hip ? %, tao >npv peti I etren for bp w r er. t, Tip Mr 0 , fc p I IJJ p p f ?#. W'dA larwa. H4MHI)(\r. HD bOOttr^O. J)< ,<)/ A aNTRD-TO BRUIN THR LAST WEEK uE OO > ?**t for * reruieonun wire Mid servant, u t> ur tue ?lul.y,'? t ui i.itii l* I'll biMiKu ai.,,v *tr * i, v < >i N irthaintiiw; tsesecuodfloor re*-nred Hmim ? > * ser.ed in prifli peril r Andrew ho? L43? P**?t >?<???. B-aKDWaNIKD BY TWO t.RNTL *KN *."?*?' I v .??, ea near M Jobna' I'arn a* i** inlei i ? *? ?h*f " ?i ii BJee.-kei attee' IWfa mmrt no moderate: pr iraie ,ir y pi-erre,'. Adl.eaa box 2 buy, I'oet .Aoe, wwa lull P* >? iara. with price. Board wAM*n-Bt two young couple. in a private fen iiy. laeulaa m..r Broader*? and be:w**n B . acker and Koaneenth areata. Ho ;ae ir. ,?t bo ami ->saa with every ?.mv.mi.oee. tddrew, w.jJi Pa 1 ptriiculara, K. inn New York Poet ottke. Board waHTED-by a okkylem an. wipe. tw > . bildrnn wad servant, wlih u private m v o th * ? ' ni.m n the Kigh'b wnrdp referred TwiciMI per moula. AdiiroiM H. J. H., Herald odtce mr one week. BOARD WABTJCD?BY A YOUN? liSNTLRM AM N V Si'.'i.ieh Umi!?. Addrwee with releren-es, 0. W. " , box 3,M7 Vow York PuatcKkse. It tAKD WANTICD?FOB A GENTLEMAN AND i: ? ) w,i? , young ledyilooatkMi betwe?a Ko .,-tta ..n v. n ?i ' i!not, >o?e twentieth turret. Addreai boa it'..* I'n-t , -tat ng lei me, whkii n.avt lie moderate. b B Bi. vRD VAaXTKD IN A SMALL. PRIVATE FAMILY, where b-ro ero po other hoarders, by fi gentleman and wiir vln oeiro iho oomfuria of e kouie end ? pleeaint. well lurineliod i? r.ui. Address, listing terma end number in faml ,y, lions, Herald .au-e, HO WANTED IN RKOOKLYN.-A ^PANIbll '. AN in i would I n-' i > dnd Hoard in a i r mi.- fami.j ? where . .toy I Li* ki uety oC imi*1 y. i ag ladlo*. Vddrtwt, WRh full per*. ";'..ra R .1. A , b->. d W Poet "tll*e. N. Y. BOARDING -a PBiVATK PAMII.Y IN WEST FOPR ?.e?nth ali-rnt. In a that **l*iaa house. would in Board, I bi-1 r euit-e ?o. *md K|(*?r. nUi a Iron* Parlor and lied room on tbtrd dnir. VodrwaM O T . box 157 H**rald ollifV. OARDINO -A OKNTI EM AN AND WINS AND \ r KW Bini-le Konilemon wh*i ?re aeekinn neaf oaolfurutble Ro ma, with IL aril, f 'i 'lie eegiiiiu wiLier, can dud auch by tpo itiu; iliiw wok ?? UP K i? S.netem.h utioet T?ema lorlwoldaud lif per week .B.Jii.luijr Iran Apply aa adore. I'oarenieolto intra. BOARDINf).-A OnrUIAl AND LADY ' AN BK i lomniiDaiad a uk a large front hu m, nu ae.-nod atory, well Dirinalwd boi.-. baa all Uie m-.leru inn . ovemeU:a, din ner al al\ family amall, no children. Inquire at ill Weat Twenty h?x ?*nti a?r?-et. Boabihnd-a ONNTI.KMAN xNl> WU E CAN lilt a am da ed ? up h m and Board, or iwoau Eleven i'rt>e*r loealion healthy and pleaaaiit. A> r.y at 21UI>>ilu>n rreet, Braialyn, , p* -It*; "-a.iuE? Bana. BOARDIRf*.?A PAHtr or TWO OH TUBER GEN tie i en ran id a large we.1 fuinlabwd l'ar'.jr an*! ?wpa rate Itedr "ime *:p tnwi , w.ib a pr..aa laimly. eb *r? there . re ivi n lior b ar.iera He-t of rtl'-r* nora ekdhann-ed. Ad ?Itiea M M , h* 113 P*.v nil. >?. Bojupma ?the %sxum irooxd rtoom of nd. Albion pi-.. <?. 1.1 let, wlh drat t aa* B> wd, a:<j two.le air.. 1>.-? K.aiuia for mini yentlameu I k>- ketuae bnaall the n odero iaaproxeu eotr Apply at No. J ARiieo p.a 1". *irJt aticet. OARDINQ AT f'lf IIRKENW.'I ii" htrk r~TTr w e. ptleir.en ran be a- * minodated with biyrd al ft and A . 4(| pei week. Mra TAYLflK. BOARDTNU AND I.fUHlINO, AT Ml DRAKKR Y PAHK. Ka?? Twenty lira; atreet - Ilat. ? 'ne'y furnlaked ?*i -aot Hix*m? for farm! ea, wlih prlTa',. ta'de if deaired Alao Ko. oa fjp a few amyle g- t.-Jeineu. Lcaboo una rpaated. R-- t MMl re-i'tired. Board in bbooklvn.-fabii.ira and okntuR men wfaboiK Ural olaaa ac-ommoda.iona ran tin t Urge and bandaomely 1 .. turhed Koonia, In suiP; or aoeomt and tbtrd loora, In a tir.-l claaa b iuae, with all u.o n.udmii nonynnirni'tta. Apply at No. HP lienry atreet, a few mli. uea walk I'roui ike Wall atreet ur Fulton ferry. Rets rciica re*,'it red. 11 AIID IN BROOKLYN.-TLKARANT ROOMS. WTTH H--*rd, at Id Willow aiiwet. Hro**i jn H.-lghw, bve ml u .tea walk frjui either Wail or Fulton atr.-et fe. ry. Board in Brooklyn?a ikw single okntlk or fanilliea ran tie aftcnainiodaird v.l'h pleasant nan a, f ruivbrd toa ilt. with full Bo. rd at lift .Slate stieet. l'lrawuat and deairable looatl. n. Terma moderate Board an hrooiltn-gknti.fbkn with their ?i ea, or HAn-le gentlemen, ran be ae.'onimodMied with pieeaani Hoonia an i Board al la# Be ith Oxford etreet Th(?e dealroua*.! engagtu* board lor the winp r w ill bud tbia a de i gl 'ful i "Utlioo, aii.^ where they ran reaire the v.m.**rM ,,f a h me. Il l ;ae * ..nt?ma moderu iniprovemenla. g*.uL baih A-., wrd tery r. ri?etuenl P> the Fultoa and Atlanta- *1 ea iw *-Hiw. BOABD IB BROOKLYN.-A OKNTLBK AN AND WIN *, rr tw.* or three single gentlemen, can be ootm ale lad * Ilk r.'-.i*#id K ? m>. wlili lTi*rd. at N" 30 ORreeer pl ,*-e be twe. a llMrnaor am. Deifraw ftreeia. Tenna m*<lerai# Re'e? teaeei L1 * B B BOARD IN BROOKLYN-NKWLY rUANIPHKD AND rcryrleaaant Rnnma. In anlta or Mnglr. In a Hi; r nor bo'ian, wtlk nil thr ai??trn> tmproarmmta. ? ",h f ill or par"*. Board. ate offered Or a amall private .'aaei.v Rrfer-twae <"? T?lr j ilted. Apply at Ml OUakoa etraaA. BOARD IN BROOKI.YN.- A (YENri.KV I V AND H>" Wife, c r A !?w -Initio petil>moi]. may Bud dritrablo Hoar. Willi D>? rd. at IM I'llnlm ntr<*el, oil" o. ">in'o . i vi iroi to Wall ana Boilb fernaa. Re ferai..* 4 ex i banned. Board in Brooklyn -room* to let viiu board, utel fl *?i>t,?mrn. ? Ran' ?nw it ar t IBaAr ?ii". Apple ?? 4tl Cm). i'4 i. o . ).y Ira in i i i > .. :i ? a V i. ?;erry. T ruin uurlaritr. Rwirrcmi |UI?d Bo* HI) IN BROOKLYN.? A r I'IV v I F T AMII.Y, 1 >?vtf i nn a Are. elaaa boaar, owvattlai ? 10 W ?il -irn? u d i. luff, a lab to irl In a gan'.rmai; ai.d a - * ? baud*. formatted Motmia, with it mfd Apt ly . ty t?. Btiirt, r<. r.T Of tj.u (Ji*r. tYO.AKD IN BROOKLYN?Wjl .iIN UVK HIM'I J> ?*1. of fj her V. Italrert ,r I iti.i Krr. I' I ? all Oie u-idrrn mipruraiarnU. Apply e.,tly at 111 Hi ?* BOARD IN-oflll BROOKLYN-A >K UA. H * R.Wl lap., fai ily, o -pytuff a drat claaalt .?o a "1 ir ? :? .?? tani>r??ir?-?m?. wdl km !<*?< K? ma aMtkariAn K.n - it ? a awl a tfe, ?r la i? ? Ai > y at i.'1 |? ta fMC". BOARD ON RNOOKI.YN HRIIIHTS. W iTtDW T I"> ? in ,1. ?*? . n.i in Wall alrer' ,'rrry -A pen r? at> ? t ban r ??.in l,r k ? morata" d ?ill. a lar,? a> d p -??io:/r 1 Ham. no lb* ? *t r, moely fare -bV t?> Ian 1. I .11 ? r? ?Vpan'l?B?B n-Hiar .awutna I i -h gar, A BO 111) J I RO.iaI.YA IlKIUIir -A IK.VTf.t NAN w; ?, . 1* twog-'tdArtaea can ? ?? ?i ante <t | ?. k 111 .|y I ..nrhau r?*u? and board II "?? n'a ? ? ha.n, A*. .ud t? n v d -n.'u.inn a a* rrm F. a ??'. o . -n>. Vppt> a wl lit-ka atrrai 1) iaRD Wa.MI.D IN RRo.lKI.YN "R ,J I'Y J) 1 .i?. 1 rar .id b . 1I1 itai ? > 1 - ? 1 BMRr.' r i<d and MM '. a ? -a n;. it. * a ?ark. and a brrr ?w ? cum'urta oI a aoim ?? b? rml | if. d. Yrrma s * u? r erit If., p?M n aliand If rr .|irr.t K^'i ?i" at.rR N raqoirvd. Addraaa Waabmcan tan MB | UmuNiAo'. Brooklyn.rxnioR a?oiNnodaiionh. wiy'I I parv?: hnard for i-at>airn di*?ntM nrraiiarmm ?? ara a r aa I ? ?< a n?lnrfa r 1 n -, !? -a n p ? ?.-.4 a lib.i ' ? miii iira aa k of m ih nf Wall pr-rt frrrr. w lUt.l W HI.I^ H? 1 rn a wi ? ? ? *? ? 1- ?? > " Rr'niiKii rr ,'iirrd. Apnlf at Ml Oan'ra Mrcri, I''jn. BR. if k YN !1KT<IHTW.-0|IK Rin.YI III URNTLK m? 1 d al'r ?. ' n- ,1 la ? ? a?i-l?a : * a ? ? r n a. I tnatrrf. a: N >. < Willow r.rwrf far lali "?? kill." fadrW* Hhn.rr a. ? o rkirk Teru.? > -r jr ? <'n,. for tiurla guiilNMW liARANKY'lRt H"fkd ??'IRNKR OR f* I.O d"RT AND r V a-n NY-' bcM R?wa "ir ? I 3,r t+r etrti, or ft u> RY prr wrrb Hnoao ?*wlf f-.mMbrl, w.tb o r Kr anrv 1 aun bnf Op?n all ul?kl n?A*ll Y IPiaRR AY Y.13 *NH WfKK.-A (YAN1 W\NM I* itn.ltt 11 . ar t *.'? In a pntatr f?M y. ?b?r tfcrj ?o tr.i| at bmpr No K'tlitM kmw at'.l I???i,f, Ad dTTBB t! r day If !? 'an.. jrl??M H?ra 1/ MNDHRD K'h.NR IN RROADWAY -IK n aK IIDI f r'aat bar !?w??lr f'lrawbad, ?*? b!| ?"?l?ri? ra ?irin 1, rr-f ? fhdlHT and <N won .It-.rdad > m Ban t-,1 and norwnlrnt Ktf Brcwdwaj. oM-rWrr Tw- ftb and TtiriBanii itbBW F'i rn.x'sd ro'nh in a rrn?T < i am ikm-ip to rt .1. rnlJi-1 -I. antri i- INiard. Yrrma ?<?t?rat? No. 40. FuutO rrrrt. Albbm p and. aft R\MIO f? HKDIKMtYf AND HAIL HIDRfMld AD P 'Wei' r antrd for a fwfj and r?i ' -mar abrra b?i-a ?ra m'oet "r l??rdara frll bnard for tb*..*il> a 1 nil Ward N 0.. 1-rn ? *r. Ad' "BB, r.B..riR frnr. ?o.t Wn >?, N.? . ID aid m ?. FNIXNYRIHD IWKiN-t TO LIT?IN A r t i V \T E * \ B >'.J. aaa. bath r'ltn. Ar. A'a ? ? 'T - ? ? ? ptyw ?r Apply at No. d Amity pia >, a l?? d - '? front F HNI?IIKD LOT? ll.NOK, ONE OR TWO NRR" >N ? iianaw Aatad w ih it.rr- bai-A. ? r'y f.>rr - .ia| N'?w- on ar <n?d I. aw. Willi caa. bail 'r. ? A l"rm? Yl m m- ta Ifcin mr bUirt o* Ht-Ib uf R.fbta twait .'Ml J a I ? ai U l*r <f a. rrrt, sac 'iot dor r. LNVRNIRHRP F"OMd TO LF.T-WITT) ROaRtY, To P ,-?? ? ? ???; aad wlfr # 1 n f? - r. T*~ -.???and K ai?r .nr-nna.i an I piraa- Ai ply a. *1 : k rrrrl, N i?? .v.wwrr aa I Naraod *1 rr, ^ ?> PHK'i r 'Yf.N-TO I.l.T To OffNTLNNRN "NK ? 4?, ambi'la r?. |tn pi . Aiw., *? P ? for Ikraa fA*a it Y . r ?ib in ? and Ha Nad la i ard H?dfT. fa-an m Ir or. H\N?ia"Yt. LT rUkMlBIl) It A > nafr' ?tr?? f?r4f i ?. In let tw ,'ilrr at INN K-a rb . rrrrt (1 or:. Id DO IN .H?<" A K AND I''* RTARIK r' aid a Ko.nia 'row f' and I.I war It ?? a , r 111 nil hi lor *?i.'l-n?rn only, ?? tbn d r nr a. .n luti ?..rrt corsrr M Tbaaiwn Vol al all mora. 1- f. ?T MARK a FT,AON ?FT'RN IBlIRD R'Ni?a ON \ ?? rr. ni l and tMrd innra In lat atib r ni bo-n lbatrd. V ' rn ? H .W d *. dir. < p!arr rt - v> > r rrR.Ni,aiiKn ro? n^ on "? ond ri rt | afb I'-atd, aal'abla for a ( anwt ai'aora < I wili ni?e th " ?. ar baa all tte atodan Impro. areraia. Ap I at PT NoairNb alrrrt Rrfrraarw -1 kan4-d Pi.ywtMCAT hoard w arty i? in itRooRr.vf for a ,ad. a..< tw (man '? i*bt?r? anib a rrat 'ab'r prl rata fawtlr. wBo wNI haaa'ia-ird npa ? |n? t?i . ri.i?h tbnruaa ro iaa. Adcrraa H.abB, oo? OW Ndw V irb ' ? *. PRTt ATA ftfiARD IN HROOKI.YN- TWO flTNOM p ? -mra or a ..rat -mar. and wua man ba wjn.aaw.ala ?ad .a a t.rit < >aaa tk.ur*, furnlabad In m.ilara ??> ? una Bandrrata mnrartrnt to frrrlaa, fatally amall Ad.lraw boi list* Nr* Y'.rb F.wt udkr. 0' y?p to i.rt n RNi.?nF.n r.R mri rniaiikd m-j/toard, for faint ira o- ?lapta yant rwrn at ,N.-> M Wrat M tarn-b M^m, naar fifth arm .o. V-IVOI f (IFNYMtNKN, OR Of NTt.t'tfBN AND TtttlR O wtrre r* n-^w anatee f. tn? for th* wtatar ta th? ?ra HIT in- Wtatar 1* u?a bl f!Mkt ?r b. a Tar'h wrrai, batwnfn NlftA and Rtnb arc NB l aareapAnwahla r?f?r?-n. a c ra at d ra^'Miad. h To LFf-A PARUlR AND RKDROON, WRI.L Nl R t?(t)rd, rmirrn'rnt or on-or two (CBtlBBBBU pi br |rt WfK-it Ikard, Iaq.| rr at At Rtr*r?ar -trmt. T, I.RT- WITH OR WlTHOfT BOtRD, I* A ?W\l I pi. ?tr :? Bitty, a f'tmiabrd, ruita' Ir for ta o'.i tlBMM .# tp V rtwa. and Ma w.fa Ad.trrai di Waat tb-rty tfc.rd B'frrt, 1 >t*ren Unb a??r w and Br ad way THE I N f:RR ERtfOND rt/X>N OONdfNTfNfl OF'or r vrra ?? lid Wrat atraat. fhraa m Mra ardtbMr a.vr* or Wap'.aprot.rwrn. with Boa'd. kmin ra -t awd hr :ar *rpr w.tb rnof?rn ? prirrwenA pr.tai ladN-o Rr arrpfB rw. prdd. twal lad two day w H<M II nl\?i AND LODOIVO. w iPUKif li i>k rjr r??K ?.; or wohU f,ik<e ?htrr* ' * > WU >r t 'lhg l't r.-ifi ? . **>* iT \\ ,ta ? . ki.yv rot lb h ... rt.? R ? i -rta W I 7<!1 I'., vv *vTKt>- two furnished rooxb, in k rrKH." ????HA 1-k.M'ny. Apply *1121 Thompson at, lor two uy? $2 ro ?? P'.'K WCH FOR A HANDSOMKI.Y FIR ;.oh?d H >niu. || u> 96 ut-b ii??ar4, wlib iaim* oi * pr?U? bnth nd piano, I a mil:** ?u I trao?it*ui p*rjOQB, <?** i*r ?** iu:toc ou rf Mioa&ble loram, at 4<J I^M^eimr 1 n k. Hi vauvay. 12 ? 'LINTON PLACE UAR0#iMK1.Y FDRNIHUKl', wed vectliaied Rooks, single or iu rati, wtito or without "1 /I ahinmiok syr \ra. .in hiohon hrkkt gu?K, iT etween lUnS .n. Tr-.y ?tr?.".4 it , ,|. tj, hsn some); furnWied Rooms. in ? du nr aim ... * reas'iname rate* t. nw. first rUaa CnexoupUoonbU) re;>* in.. , u.' ?. >? r?d. Dinner ?t 0 o'ol vk. no WEDT TWENTY EIGHTH BTBkK'i' ''MslXPRl.ttOf iU ui:; m and single gentlemen maim: hunt* i wti ? , ,.n now aefttre < le rooms, en milt or aim / mmeiiie'e i i p!i 'Ktlnn, in one if the mint eligible V Hi , j 'u !.? v. 'le.r rencen re-) ured. Dinner A. an. 41 NASI BROADWAY. IN A FlttSL .'i.ABSs li on .fcoud ."onr, \> 1U1 B <ird t?i y vug men. -? WKNT TWELFTH > f K KKT, BKTWKKN KIT I I V N I) t.'ty "-imh atenut a ? IV.,-At-le Rrmma t > let, with ird. to r.uUcib.'u ijid their wives or Keatlein, n. Herae N; . h basement, iUl the monern improve incuts. Diaper >. 1' faience* required (.'J RKKNK STRHBT, AI ?TOJ? HOl'SE?rtl'i'RRBLY (70 .'nrniahed Fsrlor an.! 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FOR HA 1.4?(X)l'MTRY KKNI URN 'K, * NKAT OOIIN try Residence, one mile frun Ho i"k?n terry. ..n <w . ? a Hei*liie, Hudson city. onnsistiif h U'kc hou i.ta le buildings, awl four lot* <>l Umii .iI, U .ti. shade Mill nut :?? ri: bi.use tnd gerdeu In tirkt rate truer. Adireiia Dtu .til ller..:d office Amenta need not apply. F('R fHKKR ST,, y HOCBK IN ItJJHlV. drat iirtw. pleasantly e'tt. is otnpb >ta n-der; .< A ail the on lert, Improved rill Poearsslon given in a tew day* miii, p. tenus, Ar ,npi !> Ii K F DE LAJfCT, n.? c a. 4 10 Fine rti i rt. IfOK SALE- A FIRST ?;;.A>8 FOV'R RTOKY BROW* ' Mic e ' imnt House, replete w.(Hih? in <d*rn lmprovtNMI .?, I'n um. and hall and doors to had. trlmiatoiga and stairs slant ?ni, i. |itnat?d'at Nfn. 17 Thirty seventh street bilwe?'ea Ft ill and LcilnitUA aVLQUM. Inquire on the pr- mlses IfORRAlf A KOl RFTOKf IISICR Jlt'ILIM SO, OR r t inn 1'lu.iiiln in ttrrat. the maferia'a to be removed tv i.iap(? Apply at Mo. II Jauiea alp. Ifor. P vf.l VkKY CHE VP FOB CASH?HEVKN CHOICM I I'is nit ; ,.| , Mii , nion novel, West Hot?> kco. ? .1 . ii , ? ii, .it., ci.ue. v horse railiuad arkll p ? ' '? | n - ml will ' d ?e.-y cheap, A i pl> to A i.i Ktii i.ii , ? i> A j., So. 7 Flue street. (jtOt HALE lot i ni\. ?' A fflt NTRE PR4T AJfO * ,u ? mil ,i imui K iltoo terry, U' ' the' .'i .Uinl ii an* heaMbte.ot .nil mat t"? '/ '* '? 'I'l'i 1 r r'her p trUeolara. m A'lini 'I lit'j.Ub a I ; 11y ., .iliii,, .? 7 R . .Uiu street, hrnok ljru. __ fv>K H.iLE i K EXi i . R DVKIJJMtid Jt? Re t-l.i; t tfii''" Ii. ? -I county K.V., adi'iuiiriK '<? I. K?i tic. ? from n..i'Lata tin .u'I no nid a i.", Apply w J H. FOltilA'.N, WI itium street, Itrixi* n, ti a to la a. H. TTIO* flAI I ? ft EXCHANGE \ VIRfef '.*gt 1'HOWY ilOLe tr?i|.! Hi m M rccood put l!r A.yn; ?IU be so d cbe..,p. it e> i-h-npet! ii v t u'v.r * t. Yuri. Ap ply hi .'<o 86 fond wtrcrt Metr I<'k. FiOB tALB OR RXCIIaRCB F(?K FBOVCOTITBtM* pu rl) A r?-m eort i'i.ii ; aeterly 'bree ayraaof lint cl.iralel.ll ?ilhu te'lety of t ? y 'Jltp .' u1* trees, tnmtiMT with 111- ??< ck ?11? f -tnlri' oteim a bulidlii. tiiree alortaa, l am atablbtz A< ; Itiix pole 00 a m iud; also a mile pleaaora p ind. pradtd ? 'i trom forty to aecenty feet wide, with pi I. n.ree situated In tl. tn?e of '.'"-atport, t'onnectteot, I, ? mi.n r ii part the beautiful aiu> evteuaire frouotlm of Morris K< t ni.t-nip br ft t. II. <? per rem . an remain on bnsd aad 11 .r i ape ripply at die l>o-ard llouaa, from 10 A M to IP, J! H. WaKZBAS. T7H K SAI.K tiR 10 l.ET -AM RI EQAKT FOlfB STORT I I rutin atone front hlt'h atnop ilouae, beautlfuAy loeaMd cnW'St I tviLiy third str-? u (atde atrne.ti, banns tbaaodana CouteuiCLCea, nuerl p. ee iu<it6; lot tia t the block J. R. KOWAkOS. 877 West Twenty Uurd streak BM)K HAt.E OR TO I.KT-THE NEW TIIRKK hTORT browu fcP'Iie ir r.t House .N i 6?i Wrat Forty flfth ?t?eet, b'taeea nillh and i.uth u.ri i?a; a so. lh?- uew three story ti uat- Ni 13b Wt at I i *ty aii;t-b aireet, between htitb and Pet tilth HV. inn . rei't, ki-iil |ier It: mini AAliUl.W lik 1Kb A CO., lUt '"hamtierastraet. C?('l 111 PROOKI.YN l.t-TS VOR SAi.E OR KX HANuR. 0 buit I.- la "ii Uilnui. at C iha and M'-iiry atre. near U.e bay. will be add ir Mnliaufyd. free .rum loouiubraii *. for iroducUtei altaUie. II. 1.. SHkl.HON, S6 Naaaa i etree'.. TX."A.VrK;>?J0UU' A'-RJiS 1 KX AS I.ANHP, HErWKKM Vr IheBraiua and'ir tty rltey . I'.-n una i,wuln? siaslooa |M iautia. wiabiOK to p '?? ? d- a-riptiou 14 i -iid what cconVy In nt.d abavrwAat title* to 21 Flaw aireet, iam of Rtob 1 rda and kleury, nr addri. i. auu I will nail on Uiuii j as. con vr use. TJJTARTKD?IOWA J.AMO ?..i,<Ou ACRES WANTED. TT Ad, 1 taineo itrlf, 1 . I., l-"? 474 Kltiura N. T.. g,j ng loeatlco. abstract of tub-ami '? ? eai . eah pr <*, 14' h.MKIi- A OOOD H"t S* AMI LOT IM HROO* TT !;n or New Tork iiituu be ti??'a.:d clear-lu trade for i r*< de - met. baudiae. to the auiu of 9v-<ud ,N" "?nuia need initnrr 'Ala. 't he aunt named miiat ' e i),< ea.b prk * aad no I.I.BU ipc. AddrtaeT. II. Ward, Heral-i"ttl e. - r'Oft SAtJE?tlAliF A I/>T (71*'. 1* <?MM? O 1 >). sand Cemetery. 7 O) Jrt feet on a itue ? .etau ie. In. quire at Ko 6 1i >.inrowr nuim Id. tonrt* Pour. C' I ') IWUl V."*KV!V 1/VfR Vl K Kit U4> V1 1 ?a." '' '? ? i '' twenty P. !.ii > t'l.l l.eta. we. a lat-d, IrniiUra city ra!!'"a<! ui Hi kl)n will ba n btntra for a eentitri feat i.i .r lb. ctty ?>' ft k-a'I farm. V. I.. -tlKLHuN, IkVaaaanatreti _____ C'tJA) I OO -LO|.-> FOR M A' '? -ELEikN A .f" OF /? Jm. v)I ' "? I '? fr-e.i V I. aieu.ia i ir, *??? a .'.1 . a AH at bargain * -Ja?t. K. All - |l|W\ -FKf I'K IA V BOtTRRN FOR M It H i. 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