Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1860 Page 1
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. : ? " THE NEW YORK HE RAM). WHOLE NO. 8702. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1804. PRICK TWO CENTS. TIE P&nCE or WALES. HOKE ENTHUSIASM 4ND CEREMONY. THE FREEMA80NS ON THEIR DifiNITY. ANTICIPATED RIOT IN TORONTO Tke Prince Slides Down Hill on a Raft. at Wight A Canoe Torchlight ProoessioQ, IJMtlBl OeipktcbM to tile Her*Id. Oruw, Sept. 3,1M0. At aler? o'clock on Saturday morning tbe Prince of fhki Ml the Victoria Hotel, who?be waa staying, aad 1 to lay the foundation stone of the new Parliament liege. Over tbe entrance to tbe grounds, whiob I ??lo?d, e Imiite?o Qotbic arcb wee erected. A ?tie crows was placed over tbo atone that waa to ha k the ror.nd opoa apace there were tier* of aaata com to?tog aereral thn?and spectator*. Tbe centre! apace waa raaaned tot tbo Prince and aulte, and a faw prlrt Mead peraooe, lacladtng tbe members of the preaa. the reads leading to the spot were Used with rolnnteera heota of lumbermen in acarlet ahlrta, Orange aocletlea faa?the oenntry, mounted, and olad la Orange frocks aad baadaof music. the Prince and antte, the gvreramaet oOoiaJS, tbe ar eblteot, ooetractors, clerk of the work, Ao., took poaltloaB srooad tbo stone. Bar. Dr. Adama?, Chaplain of the Legiolatl? Council, oflbred np a prayer. The atone la of beautiful white Ohaadiaa marble, with tbe ahnyle laaoriptioa, 11 told by the Prtaoe of Walea, Sayliinber 1, II?." Under the atoae tberh la a bellow, la whkb la pieced a bottle oontalnlng a parchment record of the c it Moony, and a number of the ootna of Or set around tbe atone, the Prtaoe gave tbe dntahlng touch to M with a aUrsr trowel. Tbo atooo waa than towered to tbo plaoe aamgned for U, tiaaalned wtth tbo plmnb and lerel, and pronoaaaad "duly mid.'. Tbe crowd then gave throe rooming obeera tor tbe Qeeaa, three tor the Prtaoe, aad three tor tbe Oo?or G?sraL A dapetatkm of a Ilea?to aoeiety of the State of Now Terk were on here to tefco part m the oereoacnlee of ley ing the osrner atone, but to the aalnalahwtol of aU no Masons ware preasnt. I| appears that tbe Doha of New cantta and the Han. John no?r stoned tbe ttoinna tbe prlrl lege of laying tbe atone, alter tbe Prtoee, with their peon Uaroara?onto. The ooaeeqoeaos wm that the Maaoas n?aimanaly refused to hare anything to 40 wtth tbe An the M?caa are very strong la Canada and tatha He? of Par lam?t a disturbance la expected, aad a rata of 0?sure will a?uradly bo paaaad by both tin?a daring tbe present session. ftaomaaalf ??rywh?ethePrta?go?hado?soa? thing to create a disturbance between religious, or parties of an0 oth? kind. At Tor?to the orange Society intend ere?tag ? arch tod appearing In tbe prooe? 1?. The Roman Catboll? hato n ma? aeeettag ? The?day and petitioned the ?toyW to atop the preo?dl?a A riot la enpectod the? V tbe thing la poshed by either party. The toUnwing la tbe Prison's reply to the Mayor's ad' d?, which, ? tbe Oily Clark aarrlod It la bis pocket, asald not bo tonnd tin tbo (eras v? I thank yoo sincerely for tbla add rema, aad 1 mini you to 0?tot to tbe citizens whom you ?pre ?at tbe ?pe?atan of my grulltedo for tbe ?ry kind hmg?g* to srhtob it m 00ached, aad tbe wane renepti? wl? whteh tbey ha? gr?d ma. la tbla city, ? your ?neat,! am about to lay tbo drat atone of o building la Whtok baton tang tbe Mlbarutto? of ibe Parliaa-nt o fhaada wUl he heM, and toe? which wll a?ate tbe lama aftt^t era to go?? the greet and freo ^people of ARMMl fWftBCM, 9Z*BBd tlw dfutlMlOi Md llflMBO# Of taato ef which ahm eel?y ft?l ? maag?1 end amat hgnlml portion I do not do?t that, wtoh Its tear sea. at appalailia aad tafia?as, tots ottr wiD pre? Meat! worthy of the an?dry ef Whtoh It la now toe oapttol, and wm Joottfy toe esteem? srhleh I? nmito made at toe ?eat of to at todj? sohjee? Jh^h? be? most ^gratifying to a?ry eeeaat?dnrtng my p?g?to?egb tola ?nta anal eo?try. and which or? the foellnga towards your gui? ? tortalnad toko by all ?a?, all 0?ads and eU par? At Urn la?a about three hundred people were pr??et ed. WO add? ? stored, to?ogb on?o mieteke. for shoot ? hour. A tow oooplo ?aw, aoase In frock ceam and ysMsw ?a, others with no florsa, and the whole I tost It eppsored mo? like a ?eep AJW Ik* leree the Prijjoo trove through UicMmti VMB Ik* tot/or to Uw todd where Um Ceeediaa reg intaat li oacanped, aad ?m fallowed by a crowd of neea e?i I aad nhaerlag M If ikey ware after a nreae ; of two eta la a wooden boiidiag on Go Hianal HOL A boat two tondred ware famated. The Qaaaa, Ika frtaoe Otaaaart aaf Um rrtooe of Welea wore laalal, to wbtafc the Pr aaa bowed ha reply, and tbea awn aad gara "Ike Oeremor Ueeeral and Ml Htneea af Parlleaaeal " Ika Frtan tonka vary nwata totigued, end oaaaot aoa aati kta warn* a* bata< agato followed ay a orowd iAarf^awr be west to toe 81 idea of the Cbewdtore ?Mat wbara by three weodaa laUlaad ftaxa mite are aniajal ken Chaadtara Lake dawn to Ottawa rtvar, a dleteae* of a.Tty fori. Ika Prlnaa and aoMaenbnrtod oa a ran aad treat dawa Ika aitdaa, ika pepie akaartag luellly ?are aa Imaiaai arak waa coaat meted aatlraly ef tread, wttboet auk, aad beantifolly d'naiali I It waa wary aatgee aad akfpai. Tba Prlooe Uaaa aatiriil a barge aad rawed <mara the near to aaa the regatta There waa a tae aad aghttad dteptey of leaebennra a ah til. la tke arealag Um whole elty waa beaatifbOy Ufawine tad. A large Fawl at af oawaaa by temkiipM taoa pine a* Ika rirar, aad a bead aalloit tba " IWtyakn.'' daaaaad la Ike aiatana of dWtaranl parlode, Ilka tba Dawa af Helta, paraded through ika tow* ah baaaabatik, bear tkam HIHIIHa be niwtol oftkafriaaa'b ?naainM yntaarday Ha waat to OkrM Chercb, wbkh waa arawd ad wtth pa apt a. thaogk thay hardly hhaw hlaa la plala ekthn, tout leg. aa daaht, that ha uvea aad ekapa la aafhwae. toak of the aalta pot a aoraratga na the plate. Ika aM aeatee aaarfy died tor >ey, aad the trtaHaea Wk af amatiag a aew otatrr-b hah the | n la l tan ' with a party af ftwty. toahm. the aanrar, had (real dtdtoahy la gaUlag pmrtataaa aanwgb aad Ika fortoaa, bataa tan that It weald laha half an -haw to gat dimar ready, told tkat aa Aaterkaa oawld gat It ap la a a ear tar af aa baar If ha pieatod I bafiaee the Man atwaya braaktoNa with a aaall party af toartaga af toa prlaerpal a a wbara af the nite. la the kkaranra tba frtaea drev> with the Hoa Mr. Map tabtaeaaatry rat wham ha teak laaeh. Hr. he key ? a larga mtn owaar kern. to* MHMp waa IWiail by traaga af people. The Pakm of VewoaaUe aad to Qeraaua ataa watoad eel, aad waaa Mtowed by Ika gaapie aaoaa to be all awt af doom, rid'.ag, drirlog aad aalbtag abmt. ladha tad ohlldroa vera Mttlag all i VMherta I ail day If arowdf, altttwg nptwalta na toa fhaoaa, atnattmty Ike more Ml bare a eight o'otnota a ee open ear (toga, to tba itttta nikgp of dytoar m mm, tor Kiag aa Ha aat a? Ibe opea wledaw tor aa boar before anrtlaf. tared at by a'arte tome* H? atoa mapart*! toe ratwatem tronjw before the betel, walking op, town aM between toe rathe Tonight be apeade at BmekriOe. iewit it. or two mrwcw *r aancMmit. towemttd C. w ,topt 3 lieo. toa Sari to A?M aa aad aware of toa Pr aoae an'to aprlred here by Ike regaiar tre a tola tfttom, toey fo-'-jpiad a ?epantip oar, wb..? ika Hbar na war# aew. crow dad, acme rW'.ng on the and baggag i corn. There will have to be leM ceremony or more cats la America. HrockvUie 1* ? iloLEioac built village, of bvc thou mad people, and m very American in fta appearance, beetle, he., and is all alive with country people lY im mtlae around The town .> handsomely ircorated. Tbe Priaoe did not arrive till eight o'clock, after a fatiguing dap'? journey hy carriage, canoe, foot sal rati through the back country from Ottawa. Ho wan received by tho hberln cm entering tbo county, and an address *?i preaented at Smith Phils. On arriving here the Priaoe wan roeaived at tbo depot by e tumoltuoua crowd, who pus hod ana hustled him aboat. He wan escorted through the town by a very One dremen's torchlight pruoeeekra?a crowd aurroundiug the carriege. trying to shake his hand, and tbe marshals and coostablea using clube freely. He sleeps to-night on board the steamer, and starts to-morrow for Kingston. Tho Duke of Newcastle is already taking part in the people's squabbles. Bo baa sent worif'on to Kingston by special locetnotlve that tbe Prince would not ride under the Orange arch erected in that city. Tbe Orangemen voted to adhere to their resolve to march in the prooos sioa, and the Catholics are very Indignant. THE ORANGE BOc'KTUSS Of TORONTO AND TUB razxoa. TVwoxro, C. W., Sept. 3,1800. Borne trouble being anticipated la regard to the Intend ed Orange demonstrations on tha occasion of tbe Prince'* visit to Tor unto, || la understood that the Governor Gene ral ban written that tbe Priaoe would take no part in aay prooeselon where party colors are wore or party tunes are played. SZWB FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of th? Pan/ Kiymi Ka Reatt Ar iltw York?The Ptlittetl C?n?pal|a la the Paclfle State*?Sew OaM Pltwvtrtfi IXtlet with tha la dtau, Ac., Ac. 9t JofxrH, Sept. 3,1900. The pony express, with San Tranclaco date* of the 33d of August, arrived here last evening, on time. Notwith standing that tome trouble still exists with tbe Indians In Chnon Valley, the express came through on schedule thai. Bar ITuxflWO, August M, 1900. Arrived at Baa Francisco August 21, ships Storm King, (Ten New York; John land, 370 daya from Boston via Valparaiso; Sheet Anchor, from Valparaiso: tchr. Adrian an, from rortland. Sailed August 30, ahlp Mary E. Batch, for Oallao; Slat, steamer Boosts, for raaasaa; ship Witehorall, for CSUao; barh Ule of Francs, lor Sydney. Spoken July M, hi. 10 north, ion. UT went, Alp Nod pareII, from New Vprk for Ban Frunctaoo: August 8,1st. 26.10 north, km. 1M S3 west, ship A f. Box to, from Near York tor An Francisoo; Jane 3d, tat 60 30 mUi, km. 918 went, schooner Brilliant, from Baltimore for Baa Francisoo; August 10, schooner Woodpecker, from Lon don for Vancouver's Island. The Pacific Hall Steamship Company's steamer 8onora left the Fotouna street wharf soon alter nine o'clock thin morning for Panama She took some 690 passengers, tho malls for the Cut and the Isthmus, and 8071,300 of trea sure. The cabin passengers were as follows:? W. R. Garrison, wifo and lahat; J. A WtthssaU and wife, Nr. Bormcron, wife and daughter; J. H. Horsctoo, Mrs. 6. W. Still well and AIM, A K-.gol. T. J. Item. t. J. Kelgnolds, V. A A., and tafont; A A Ashman, Jo*. Ouab man, J. J. Went brook, A Joseph, K. Vox, wife and t ifont, A. haltbta, Mr. Abtaal and wifo, Mr. hmvier and wife. J. Kblero and wifo, Thee Rye, J. 8 Hamiw, L. Owluga, (lias. Aries, Mtaa loutra Bra, John Lsary. fl A Mom, U V. Barurow, A M. Gole and wifo. Lewis Dtbato, leonard Westora, J. T. UriBltn, U C Haskio, N. 1 oOd, Mrs. Ktmhall and tnfont. A Randall, G. XL Roberts, Than. White, L. Miller, U O.Rereecta, Paul Tlaaut.Chaa tttagar, A. Morris, F. ?srgueoo, wife and two children; A Me Kwen, A J. Glen, A A Newman. Ephrnim Gallop, M. T. GInborn, Was Raasney, Joseph Nohhs, V. L. Gocrni, Mm. shrretort?and 416 In tho ateerage. Businem is steady bat toe* annnsated than at the etase oftastweek. The oountry demand tas bran suite stack the last three daya, buyer* appearing checked by the ad vaaoe la the market have beuo no loading trans act.oos since the last report. Bent braada of candws bring 360- in small tote to the trade. Butter coottnaua lo more freely at n further advance lard 1* quiet. Bason more active. Pork to la baiter request. Baano are wwk tag op. Oaflhs, Rte, 16c a 16kc Ingned sugars art firm at 13c. for crushed, raws are a trifle improved. Nails 4Mo-a 4 We. Basslpte of wheat are tarna; shipping qaallttod still rwe at sBonifl 68 gar 100 Dm lbs saeamsr Bones* sank fit* pamwagwre sad 0*10,000m srsanara, 8780 000 sfsrhtahssM for New Yosh .atoo 8U, SS8 worth tt Washoe stfver ore. The total shlpatant of ore, AMitly ?ilk in Ik# ImI I wo rooolkSg #iiwsu|? $ftTit tegdMj009, The s pnay si|U see ciilttaw \al for a eomspohd lag parted of ttfO. trees wbtah left Pt Jsdsph August T, I \ alky on the 90th and at flat Franc toco on the 31st, bringing delayed tatters, tear tag 81. Joseph A' cost 8 The deieetiou wan caused by some I ad tons, who created a dtotarbaaec at Dry Creek and other points ? the Chit ferula and fell Inks routes, surrounding two pail trouble continued Ull Iisut. Wood arrivtd from Ruby Vallay, with >??>) Ave soldiers, on the lfoh o? AugaM, whsn he attaeked the ledtene and kilted ewvewtreu of them, and wounded a number mwe, while the taw on bis side wee three mm wound-d Oa the same day four 'dher Indiaaa ssare kilted at AeU Creek, Uareoa VaJsy. by three enMtore, wbo accompanied the Thateru bound ex pram from Ruby Vsltoy. R is *opposed the bosttto Indiana are new driven from the express rente, and Ue< arrival at Caraaa Valley of another pony to-day, wun -a. Lou a eaies to the 10th of August, ronArms tht opinion that the route to protected and th< '.nwrropttoas ended Political mrotugs are held with rrmarkabto frequency in the interior tears* of < Alitor*m ilnurtsr tniuasn ad ?turned two thousand people a* eauraaaaotu on -tatui day. ?Unagly advneattar the steettos of Brrwhlaridge and ime. This Is the titan*lor X place of imltasst, where he * personally veiy p- polar Be am very MWf rte* red ny Ibe taig* audience, who voted dowa the Brachial Idee ?esoiuttohs and cU-rred Doug tea. The multeity of the lamtteg uau fostiy tympalhlsad wMh Douglas. The As nKmetraUan has gives theXtougtoe purtv oosrsgs through ".it the Plate. The pr littoal aewspausrs In the Stele have mostly taken ?Wee They rtahd as leUewi -dfoeegtoe, 36, Breckinridge, jC. llnculn, 7, B*lt, A The steamer PbtuSc arrived from northern pnrte *S the IPib of Auge*i Owgoo end W?htogtns ndrtom are to i ha ltsh and Brlttoh CWumhto to Um 1Mb. The Secretary of Mate tt Oregoa bee refused lo Wsst a dtrl.(Irate of alecttoa to Mr Sh.el, lately slatted to Ota cr.m by (be democrats as sooaaamr to Mr fooet, on so aoui.1 sflho etacfitoa being prsmalar* and nmiilhorued I taw Rtob galil mtass have been dteuerteSJ at Walla Walla, r rteew tbouaand Sal tors worth of the gold rams down by the Pacific Orwetderabto excite moot permit* at I tort toad oa the ect>)tct, and a rash bad oommmoed towards Um. new diggings. The freii trade of Oregm had llteton isred. Apples ware werib 01 per bushel to Um srebsrd*. for eh ip meet The former* war* estiiag by for the largest sad bast ??rop if wbeat ever grown la tbe ttetr. Iwigtas, I mm Is end forechtortdgr ebsb* sere ipuato ?ac to sM the priselp*! tewaa, asd each party etaMsrd Is we tbe *t*eagmt, wWhsst any dabs to form a ptowni>to H i?ilr rrtni. AT repress had arrived ?t Portland from the DaBsn, nrxgmg accounts that Hsjor fostato nrmsmnd had shtr ? ??bed with the laittons. k .uiag five of ib*m The Icgtatattwe sTWmhlogVw Tarriliory rlauds poltti mlly ? Uiwm1 >>. NgM 1?toiirrwl*, nee nmrhttoae. twill, sly. iwmtr ihres OamseVMS, seesa repusttoans Clnnstderabte etatsesnmit prvruttod around lltgi t Woe mi ?to eooeeut sf Ibimabb gnM folates report* frnm Rprk ?'?( of toror?t>to grid mfotng r-p- ? gggl Kork near the baadBwater* sf Ihs Iwtel Karuesa. 77 w 11 to* aoatbeeef nf Pbrt Rope, aud t* snaMfo north at be Britwi line It wan ths op .-oc of many old m - r* that the mats diggtags sf 6* trtthfo ftenmbta and Waeh'wgtne TUsrllfolm wnoM bs found In Ihls re*lor A eurroapshdSBl writing from fo*-b rrsek. nn the gTtb >T July any* ?t arrived fame cw the 2Mb. ptastvefgnld bare and aeaam afi lhaa. lbs ml ton of the arsak Is take* R< stadm has set mltod that has bsm worked tavmml see making MS te 0M par day, ami enwse atwrw. taseni hay aa later ??at Is seme fmham for gOJOO fro. i ikms vary saart* Whiskey 9$ |?i ^aitoa . brandy $13 per #a1Iq#. Twalva tag hsanm are baUt and oihsrt buildlug There an abrmt five bundled mas as the ereah, ?od asout two hundred on the river Tbe oeere ftrem Brtttoh OMembto is ttr tmpeftssti. Ha em artes sf stf.rr mtar* bar* been mads Is the t.sighbor. i ?d Of r< rt H. pr ai.1 the town has agate asximed quite aa animated appear*oc The *ieamsr wltawi tt. Haal uaa arrtewd tt Victor to from New Wmttotunssr. wtth ro/?? to gold dast. 77m be n frvto. I raorr river rbetemew ~-r.. -*c'n* Tbe atlvvr mine at Fort Hope fo hetag tbomuphly pevwpeet- <t The New WiMmlnten1 ftm ways (bat onwl sapartnr to the Katrrinw bae been fmrnd near the TveMy-ene Mils It rw, nr. the Fltooat route. Chyt Jeffrey, sf Jeffrayto mrprssn. ropctts Mm dfoso very tt ? foMfoar twtow Part I tec He has atoo amse very ? teh Speelawms (f Silver are from the Ibrt Hope rem. The eeie fos* been treed over a irtfta. tortsere tenwd tbe width is e- ar'y seven fort, sprrsding aa M ruhslrmte* tbe eurUt IBw a triangle, the ap> r at Ibw t [taBsgsf abtefore. ^ fronted ten e wxelhe I**"?AfrtaaraLroatt^S^L*^ f*yhed from J ' ?sLrrSy^ - Zi'l'l'^ut tee Ne^J nZ! 222T1 ? r,"nM rnr I hbuv* 4. ai dernwaed an ?? ? -??>.? , . r,R-V nS?aLswd 8Sed by tee TBS BBECZmiDGI BARBECUE. AthlMd la th? Haadiaftlu OtnoerMyo ?l'a>brag? of Ik* Old Um Wklg* i ftao CoaUit Between ?ncklarldg* and Bell?The I'nlon Ticket?OeaglM' 8u*a|Ui>PenoMl Pepaiarity of Br* eh lurid g??Dec Idea to T*k? the ItampolleBtuklaM lioektag Up?rha Folate of Hi. Brechtartdge'a Forth con tap Speech, Ac. *nC1AI UKel-ATCH TO *HK NSW TORS HKXALD. Lxiinoton, Ky., Sept. 8, I860 The Committee on Arrangement#, of which John R. Vlley la Chairman, bad not yet decided whore Um barbe cue would be held. The Fair ground, half a mile on* on Mulberry Ureal, wag ootibldored ihe moel desirable loca tion, both on account of lta proximity to the town and railroad nation and ita aoualioal advantages. Sloping getiUy on oath aide from the platform, a natural amphi theatre la Ibnaod, where the speaker oould be heard by a much larger audience than un level around. The pro prletor?, however, a Joint etock compauy. through their directors, refused all infers of the committee, tar the reason that they did nut wish the ground to ha used for political puriMoes; and further, that It would Interfere with their arrangtmesto for the approaching fair to be bold next week. Their decision has given much umbrage to the friends of Mr Breckinridge, who were willing to pay any price demanded, and consider that, Ming a public ground, it should bo opto to all parties. In answer to the first ob jection, they any thai Mr. Clay on one oooaaloo addruusaii n meeting there, sad ihay hesitate not to ailoge that po litical feeling is at ths bottom of the refusal. Falling to obtain Ibo Fair groan, tbe committee turned their at teat ion to Ashland, made classic ground an the borne of the gifted Henry Clay. Ibis beautiful retreat, which tbe engraver, painter and photographer have made so fhmlllar to the eyea of every American an to need no description, is situated about a mile and a half from the town; it is at present owned by lion la sera Clay, who, now n democrat, promptly mat the wiahen of tha oommtttee by granting the una of the woodland southeast of tha bo sea, tbe earns where n bar becue was given to Henry day on bin electloo to Con gress in 188T. But, alas lor htm who attempts to plenne all. Tbe old line whip take no email odbaoe at this ar rangement. They look upon It aa little short of aacrilege to permit n democratic gathering oa a spot sacred to the memory of their grant leader. I am lnfbrmed that many whlgn who had a cariosity to hear Mr. Breckinridge re fuse to attend for thin reason. Aa might be anticipated, political feeling runs high jam at present, and on every comer I meat Utile groups discerning 18* prospsoteof Breckinridge and tha BeJl Ererstt ticket. Ihecontent la this Slate will be bet ween these parties, sad tha Douglas interest la only regarded aa to how Bur It will influence the result between the others. Is that view the contest la important; and the greater number with whom I hare con versed think that Douglas' strength deducted from the democratic rote wm throw tbo election tnto the hands of the Union party. In tbe Inn gubernatorial election the nnlted demoomey boot the ottwoiiloo by a unjorlty of only nino or ten i thousand. Nov, or en tbo trleada of Brock twldga ne knowledge that IXrogtM ana got twenty 1 hoc wed roten tn tbo State principally from tbo border towns. the largo defection from the demosralic atrnoath glreo a mfaority to tbo Ualaa party, who anticipate that Um largo oppoet Uob rote oo the occMlon wOI not only not be dlntnlebo.1, bnt will bo Increoaod In Ihrar of Bell and Bnerau for, any they, naay nan who, by reaaon of tbo proteotlro priori pko of the opposition anndldotw, voted the dcmorroUc ticket, dad 1a tbo of tbo doatooratie party a good oaeoae to morn. Ae a rorlflootluB of what I ataled ta ny laet letter of (be atreagtb of the tnloo party la the ?nt?rn portion of tbla aula, I giro the rnalt of a eaaraaa aade by a gentle mao in tbo morning train from Our legion to Lexington:? Ml. 43: faeuhlwidgo, id Duogtoa, t, l.wnilo, 4 Too nncb railaaoo la net it ba planed oo aocb tenia, of eosm, but tbey arc an tadttation of which way Uc political wind blown. ?fag wind of Mr. fcrfalMidgo. who besumemeroan tba interior bad neuthani from MeCMrty, which ban done ao their preattgo In other dtatea, tbey regard ?a no jnat enter loo. Kedarty, tbey my, waa a yoeag ama, not wail known, whtlo Combe bad been long known to tba ftunaamlla party. The lima In which to roe rem waa eery ebort, ana there wan thooaanaaaf paod area leridge man who either did not know MeOfarty wao la the hold or failed to rote on that meeelm. TWy coat largely oo tbo popoUrtty of Mr Breektar dge .a rally'og men torn erery aide ta hw support, and oertaie'y, from what I??n eaa, no moo waa over hleaaad a lib warmer pernonal frteada. Tbey ratty weed him with an entbeat aam and ardor whloh #nk etroagiy la btror at tbo man ? ho con laapire mob dorotioa. Indeed, it a at Umtr or gat ontieitattoa that bo hoa aoanom hie tvlormooa to take pan ta ibe rraaidm tat eaaraaa, aad outran ted to ?peak. Tbey ouaaxler eueh a eoenoeallad for hy the ntiatwoua and per tttucl illifti npem Un, M<1 Mpiciiilx ti refute the charge of dlaoatoa omtlmaata, which raflecle not only npoa klmmlf, hot upon Um political uigaaimt'.oo tbat aoataiaa him; to tbetr wahet nttnahayfMod, oat he haa not yn intimated a oonmat to tba farther rwjuaet that bo aboatd appear pereonAy in Pro or am prtnoipoi datrtcta of tbe State. Tbey are eeandeU tbat aoch a hie prreooal popularity aad great force m e public apaakcr, taking aa aoUm pert fa tba gmrrel political daaamfaaa of tba day, ba will preooed ta refuta Um several nbaigm made agist hint la reply ta tba charge of ambfalaa, aad hartag mhaeni to ohtala fan eface of Pi mil ml, ba win make a eomprw twiag tbat ha urged the etalme ?f nerer aOawtag hM own name to nemo o with hie, aad that M waa oa'y after open by erery ahUgaUoa of boaor oad prin ciple ta am^t the nmalaailna. Be will charge npao thaJfalUmnra CoorMthm that It afanda forth promt aeaUy fa MRory en hartag violated the fundamental principle of represents! ice, aad aa not naly void of the ?ptrM of jotter, hot not ero riotbed with the Ihrma 4T regularity, lb* nbergi that br Ugned a petition for the pardon of John Brown ba wtB danaonea o wholly atrwe. ha to tba aaamtMa tbat hr did not aopport com aad ButJrr ta Um two rata of MM, bo win ohaw tbat ba ret creed from Menko aboot tba middle uf that oaarms. Mtarei late it eauroty, and tbat paoaltar edge wen Mat m hh ami heoaaee one of tba gall aie Qmir.i Wm ft Bak ler- waa a laatmhma. bin aid eammnadw and frond. la regard to far rumor axUafaety Milt that be wm ta fhrar af tbe iMUke of aferury la tahXy, wm m iiiMiirlpelientat, and rated far aa ama? ipet!oeat rae lMete ta IMP, cm only neeoeat far n by Mppmug that eeaM beaam people may |imat>1j hare oaafaeaded htm with Um Bar. Robert 0. faifalaitdgi, la tba acme county. CM of Ibe amai aarprfatag ehargM to Mr. fa M, that ba rympntblnM with the prtoetpfca and pel | am of the Know Methleg orgmiaMion Tbv he witt refafa by faiefag faot bo waa almwt tba Brfa peroaa la fa* Boone af RepraarnMtirM. in Ooagrme, who prerlalaMd hn baautuy to tbo Order, oad faot wbm m Mo roteiw to Bwlnfay, la tbe aprlng of 1MB, after far odjuarnmmt uf Ooegme, be faaf it bed fabm deep raet ta tba Bfata, far errnyed htammf agniam N la moay pehiw agaaefam la eartew porta af tfa facte j The ropweeetaikn the* he at my time iKfared tbe metimiot thai he would amfao o potltteal dltiso'toa brtweea a per?? of hfa ova mttglam hri'rf wf uaetlter, or between a aatire bom end adapted ontom, he Jo noeaoro m otierly uatrwv TVw, m to the aooooMHi that he end the urgwlratlea he r> promts berr abuodne ed the poottioM whioh fary ooeupwd In IM4 ami 1*W, upon the Terrii-irial qaMliea, ho wU! meet Orn'. ?y "bowing that It la hosed apt ii'i t* of tie eperrhoo totally fanorrort. lie ?nrbu?lcolly dee lee tint he ever eatertaHied ?? utuwed fa?opiel o that ? Terr tar'el tog ? Win re peamfav-1 fae po?"r Vter ' fclodc tlovf property pond rg the Ten Vwial condition. Mr. B. will in thM xmnectlan undertoko to show the slate of parties pending ioa ..isousaion of the Kansas N?braske bill?that the point of oou?tUot:oial d.flbrecce botwoeu the frlunds of the bill wu, that tho Southern and a portion of the Northern members dented the power of Ooogroas or a Territorial Legislature to exclude slave property during the Territorial condition; while most of the Northern friend* of the measure asserted that right for Territorial legislation, and that there was no agreement in tho bill to refor that point to the Supreme Court of the United Slates. Be wul read axtraou from his speech upon tho Kansas bill, and fortify the position that he at no time held or ad. vanned the doctrine of Territorial power to exclude slave property. Having vindicated himself, Mr. & will pro oeed to show that Mr Douglas bad himself abandoned

the agreement which waa mado at the passage of the Kan sas-Nebraska bill to recognise the constitutional question aa It might be determined by the tiupremo Court; for la bis nosiest with Mr. I Inooin be declared that no matter what the decision of the Supreme Court might be upon the question of constitutional right, Territorial Legisla tures might lawfully, by unfriendly legislation, ox Ohide slave property from the Territories. Then, ea to the principal aceasat on, that be ti a disunion's*, Mr. B will refrr to the character and aatcvydonia of himself and the other oaadiiatoe, and will review tho speech of Mr. Crittenden at Louisville, proceeding to show tbat the accusation, como from what source It may, is wholly unfounded, either as to him self or hie associate, den. Teas. Be will defy the power of any man to connect hit name successfully with the slightest taint of disloyalty to the Union, and show that tho print: plea of the democratic platform are lbs priac-.plea of Kentucky?tbat tbsy were indorsed by both point al parties at the polls twelve mouths ago?that th y have been asserted in every form In which Um expression of the p&lio will ooi.ll be con veyed?have been maintained In the legislative, exe cutive and judicial departments of the goverameat, and that the very principles upon which ha (Mr. B) eiancs have oeen declared by Mr. Crittenden, oy hinvotc i. lbs Senate and by his speeches, to be the true principles of the constitution. He will oontend that tne real diaonioniau are not those who cling fidelity to tho const) tut ion of lbs country, an It has been determined hp every department of the government, bet are these who would destroy equality of r:gbts,gaso:uer one ace lion against the outer, tan the pass:out crprejuJ oeeof men to the deatruction of ladtvldnala rights end of pri vate property, and invoke one half tho Union to make war against the rights and lateraat of the other half. ! have beard many anecdotes related of bis great physical endurance and force seen orator In Congressional canvasses aad the canvasses and tho campaign of 1W0. Think of a man riding twenty miles, addreaalng an audience; taking horse for thirty five miles mare, addreaalng another gathering; riding forward twenty seven miles for titer, aad, an my informant said, making una of the most attbo tire speech** of bis rtfb. What a day's work I It r* quires a large combination of the Ibx heater and orator In one man. These are foata which commend themselves ? no email degree to the admiration and sympathy of Kantocklaaa. No wonder that they take pi Ida m him, or that his example stimulates his follower*. Local meetings are now befog actively held in the seve ral counties, tl Glass Springs. Owen county, on Satur day, n Breckinridge meeting wee addressed by Mr. Jlleoa Johnson, and Mr. Wilson, formerly n Doug tea man. A meeting h to be beid at Orrlngtea to day, and several other appointments are made. Mr. Ifrsoktnridf* an d fhaslly have for aonptime been ?.topping at the Pbanla Betel, but on Friday be made a visit to Mr. Richard Johnson, sentt oonaty, some six miles beyond Usstgstown, where he remains until Tuea day mnm'ng Mrs. TL bin been la 111 bealtu for some Vn artist, seat on by a olnb from New Orleans to take Mr. Breaktnrldge'e ytatnre, prevailed on Mr*. B to ait for W portrait bet the enai'tma of her health prevented her giving more than a?n attung. MOVEMENTS OF flXMATOl SEW AMD. Tfc* Mwnaydlow mt Mr. fcwtrd mt 4lkUa >i T -EatkailMB of tta People. Alkom, N. V , dept. 3, 1M0. ?so. Wm. B. Si a ail paaaad throngt hero on aattirdey ?raoiof. A toogi txmaajrm of ptayli were a the 4ep,,i The err're' of ??> tram waa greeted by the Oriag jf cee" boo add the PO of the peeym Mr SmH en lair* doaad to Um people ay Z a lte)Bo:ia, Seq, acd ipoke ?boot tea mtantap. TIM gra*?e? eaUi teem oharae tert/ed (he teptoaw*. maeting. Mr. IweM as? Party an reeU-TM MewpMoo at Detroit?-Oyeer hes of Mr. Mart tad Watt. 31 yo, Mr. notoar. -opt 3?11 r M. Sruel-v &'*arJ as) peril Hft Vlaoera Ihia Boraiag en rrale W Um WmU ?eoera' Nj), Mr Klrkpalrlok, warden of Aubure prima, aod Mr. Dtiter. who wrote a! Kb of Toward, war*) V the peril. ' opaetol ar eaa pleeed el their rerrtaeoe uw> reel W .atari, Hallway, tad mucb atu-tt.oe ehcwu te the Ivrerwur. At HeatHfla e? ?>ge?l repeat eat tarred The peril ee* tniaeJ ae the rued by Mr Lark?, t proet.eeet rwpuh imee p.uUcoB. tonrerly of BuShlm Mr. Orr, or Mm* ? PI''. brother ? Spatter <Wr, wee eho Mladhed It (be perty, At '*balbai?, where Johr Brewe'e Duoout Ooateatloa wee bold. e reetwey ilere a Senator Tooobe a Uewgla, aede hMweeii kaowa In reply V* qoMt^ee from Mr. On, be declared htn atlf iroUy improved by the cheat*, ?ad be wee tow i. wptog e dieuay More: Utet If Are ibieeeed elaree oaoM ainag they woeld be tabto atre of; the* be bed eol ree ewty front ha abater, bet froa the toMMMM a atomy, aed fleeJly be Met bl? lore te ba freed# do An 9o?Ui. Al UM pane e tape Vet lot from Detroit, eoeeMlng of Hear re. Meat a the THtome, Boeaer, Stale printer; TUIdMa aatC eaaer, a ihaMaie lee ire. Coaaattee, At Wietjar, aa I be oppaatoe eide a the Hear, be wee net by Moater (.headier, Mr. Howard. aaMber of Con* piO. aad tab- r proBleewt pM'euM ee the dock a rviroll aad My ronton were 4acharf?d aad (root ?a U olaaen web Baadbeted. Mr See aid waa bare letre leeed by Neat or Chandler who prumiaed ibat be weald Weak Beat the batoeay a bw (Mr. ChMdMrb) henae. Aa mart of Wide Awanw Tor bar rati ret ablaae 'n the neighborhood of (haadierh. Mare Mr. dawerd waa again latro daaad. He wen greMai with ttohtoatog applaaae After nan pttyfal i BMihi oa ?be ebeurd ty a hla rwpilr'ef Tt m a glare Batter, IbOoer eft 1 Mae, to be reoelred la tbla city, wblah 1 boar aod lore ee ocob, with team ?tretliMi ef hledaeab?1 had tlawt aud af eflbeuoo? ?orb aePaoeld eat hare Nat earpaaaad, 1 Uudt, B the peerttm tbreagh whWb I hare paaoed today as the ?hit ef ih hereditary Prteoe ead (Werwer (Cheere ) in de eat dby bew mark I am grafted, bow deeply tbie a*ota Be, ptreae la aadwetaad tbev I eaa Bed ee word* me here In ^aah eol if yoerari - ?e eor ef Byenlf. bet to IBM the inad BteraoM ef oar oouatry laaatvwd la the ?teethe ef Xbrahato Ltoanto te the MM* of Pfroldaet if the Vetted Maine Moed eherre ) 1 bare -rmm cheer forty, godlf, aroaety, le ohaoioMe to yi er noiaiaad To Borrow T will bear from y<*i what yea tbtnb at tluu 'mperteal le ntlea, aad Itee t will, te Uoae who aey M laden to mo, eiptoia my rieweif the mmiho aad loeepena aad hnyee of tae rwekiMM party of tb. eoeetry. <TWe"e ) rati' ?#>-?. feMew eft reaa 1 hope that my ranacted aad ??twined brrtbrm of the W'da Aaake aaaodbt'o* wba bare Vma me the r etpl ajerii of jlrrlbd BO a Member, w'f) aitow me to en to neap, wbat rrrr Ihry Bay dn fcr ibe fret of I be aigP?(taafbter and ?( plane.)? aad b> uimroW t pfrm'Mto parTwn a wi'dbr'i doty la that MateHtioa. Oaa Srt waa tbeo mtrodaoat, ?ad Bade a baawroat and adbctlr o little tpeeeh lie -erne here, be cal l, to ar. wacpaay the a bteet ;Vn?aa of b e Plate aa btt p.if.m ipe to the mbi af Me dtota of k?w York ha theater, ia*B >wtb4e JiBuaiUattoa tor whet tbey f .d uetn b ,a tower II Itoy did rata the Mate of Vew York >' bad pr. euaed lb?m. on bbl wa? In the Cbioagn Ooaraa'?m, that be wrnel addreaa Ibem -? t>? way baot, and e? eae ikiW kfrfilap that | run*., tnr Ite bad p?? h??oe tin ther ear i'oiwbter ) II a h?'p eae ?? the a 'lu? b u?,' ard 'b y n> ?bt ae well here r.,wmaadet 'be oaptir.e of toby law to here mi o* of vie ?? f .orpa of Sb a wh le tb* r harpa eeto on toe ail lowt ae Were aeb. I h'B *e rneah there bat Wew V ?.t waa ton mep-iMttteee, wn whaa bar tear ar w?e atrack lows, to biry the principles which he had ina'-gurvted; therefore the shout went tip in New York, aw it tiki la Michigan, "Hurrah for Lincoln tad Hamlin. ' (T-uughtor and cheers ) He promised that New York would giro seventy Ave thousand majority over *11 combination*. Senator Chandler also made a brief address Tbo aoeoa waa extremely picturesque, with the glare ?>om the burning tar barrels and toe lanterns of the Wide awake* reflected upon the opposite houses. Hiere were several thouaand persona present and the greatest en tbu i Riaam prevailed. The Malaw Klectton. OCB POBTLAND OOHKBSrOShENCK. Pokilajid, He , dept. 1, ImW. The Struggle 1<KA?Slate of Partite?Imj- rU'iU Bear .ng of (ho Whole Question, cfe . The election to take place In thia city un the 10th o' September inat la looked upon aa an oocurrence big with the fhte of nation*. On the turn wbloh the event mign take will greatly depend the other elections in November next The battle to be fonght here will be hardly au?t steadily contested. Judging from the facta gleaned from the beat sources, It seems almost certain that theropub (loan nominees will bo elected by a considerable majority Of course this is a very gleeful theme for the republi sua, and they are oertainly making a great time of it. The ilemonrate of Portland have had their displays, and though they have made very creditable appearanoea, they nave not yet been able to cope with their republican op ponenta. In fact, It la not to be expected that in the city ?>f Portland, or even in the oepltal, the democrat In party, in any of It* numerous branches, can make anytmog like a Ihtr stand up tight. They will, however, do the best 'hey can Fight they will, even though they lose; but tbsy sre determined that if tbey die tbey will at least "tail with harness on their hacks." This stoning the "Wide Awakes" sad the ''Conti nentals"?two Urge republican organisations?turn ed out la street processions. It, wa* a Hue and beautiful evening. The moon shono sweetly, and the breezes were especially balmy and re ' fieshlig. The ardor of the different clubs was. berciure, at fever heat. Tbo Gintlnenttls looked very well Indeed. They turned oat about one hundred strong, w ih lrama and flambeaux, and attracted a large crowd The nber organization was a very ridiculous aflklr, ami why ua member* should be callnd Wide Awake* 1 con u s%f cannot say. To ma they appeared more like to many prototypes of the drowsy pedagogue who fell asleep in tfcc volo of dleepy Hollow. They certain j smated moro s*i?ep than swan. Tt.a campaign in general la bang very act'.vnly pur aucu. and thero are to be several gmr d display* is the various cities before the final eveat. The democracy ore looking to their character, but ft ta unfortunate taat their own internal divisions will wreck their best hopes. Tat republican candidate for Governor of the State of Mama chusetta la in Maine, stamping the Slate for his fellow 1 isc: pie the expected Governor of Maine. Thero Is a rtr ng organised opposition to constitutional principles everywhere manifrsted among the republi nana They are determined to stand by their evil creed, and It la to be feared that all the opposition of good men will fail to check Uw advance of their unprinciplod hosts. But thia orJII hi very nearly thsir last triumph. If they conquer at all. A few dajl more will declds whether the rural din ir cta will or will not Isolde a fevor of lha ooatixued union and happiness of the ftaiaa. Tk? AIl?t?i Imrtici Bwladl*. oonumcatioh or m elimination bifom jtsticb CONNOLLY?kgJDBNCB OP rtVTAH4.UO OONZALAB AND WILLIAM M. BOWM, BfC. The tnroatigatton la tea can* of tee bark E. A. Kinsman, alleged to have been wilfully wracked on oo? of the Bate ?a Keys, for tee purpose of defraud lug tha Great Western, Sun Mutual, Columbia ate otter Insuranoa ncmpaalsa, waa resumed yesterday before J oat tea Connolly, at the Jaffisr bob Market Polios Osart. Toe examination yesterday waa nocDaed to tte ease of Mr. Podrajaa, ate bla tranaacttona with tte booao of Marttaaa A tioanaiaa, wto also ted an Insurance on tte cargo of tte bark. The :n realisation (oaa aa ratter slowly, bat aa tte lawyer# become better acquaint*/! with tte mania of tte baee It will bo pasted forward more rapidly. Anoeiad will be (bote a report of tte proceedings:? Plutarcho Goasalea waa emmiaod aa (Wlowf ?The Arm of which I am a mam bar la aompeaed of Juan Marlines, Plutarcho (Joczalra and soma it tact partners; I bare been abta to aaemtala tte a met amount of tte tefoocaa mad* to Mr reunite, ?a foUowai?tljBOO oaths 5th of Joeelaet, and AIM on aa tarotee of Bd,iw, beside# tise 35, and amae petty ctergm for custom lloueo work, a bun Mr. rydnjte applied for tte adraaoa be aald be ba>l a ehipmeBt for Havana, and waa ted 31,000 edraaoe on it, at Bret I teattaled, out bowleg la mind that be ted Piada several ablpmaals to Cbte through IM late bociae of Mora A Nephew f where J had charge of the corraepoo deuce), all with a mllalaalnry rsauit, I coe cJadea to advoaoo htm B1.M0; wtea ha bo did set brief bio la to toe; the 8rut time bo called be did aot state what the ship I mca t oocitsted of: tte second Urns, wtea I mate tha ad ?aims, be stated that be waa (olBf L> ship See Chine atewM and a toe carriage aad double barn oaa he brought tte larotca wad mated the raise of tha ablemaot (no laromapriaialil.aBd Ulail Exhibit Ma. BO.) Wtea be Bimof hi me tte shipping reoaipt I made him tbc adrancei ftpoa this snipping receipt wo booed the bill of lading, ao I 11.) 1 far amount, (tte check pr Bosnian, a 33) 1 took a receipt frewi bun for (Ibe receipt produced, marked Kcblbil Ku. 30) 1 ace dentally aaw Ibe ebawlo at N'o 3d Bmver street: 1 saw oaa ?ns Cbtna aiik shawl aa a temple of a large lot owned by Mr. Pedrajaa: 1 only aaw ana shawl, aad waa istiaCrd with that aoe, ] do sot snow whether the otter > haw la mm :a mut or balsa: they were piled withaome otter goods; 1 cannot testify to tha color, but only to tb qoaiity. the Mark wore rood sized ooes. each as are c?nailv wore la Oabe to tte wialer; 1 oey know that the v belonged to Mr fed rajas because be told me to. this wan before I made tte adranee. bat don't zaow bow loog. It was after be flrat affiled teme for the edrearn; tte worth nam BM to MB In Cube, the rea teawi 1 a> waa 1 toe I knew it was ana of tte M waa baaams Mb Mdrqfaa took It form the pile ? 1 dtd DM ane (Be carrtage oa which 1 made the adraace, oeeauae >t wao shipped 1 aaw a carriage la whwm Mr. rwdrmee wis ridiag <me day, but I can t my for rerte'D wbetter that wee the ewe 1 made (be adrence oe nr act, Ibe carriage I saw eta what la nulled la Cuhu an.i Fraiioa tte V cLx .a carriage, I entbortard so nppHnattoa for lesarsao* to l>e etede after the adrawce, awd before the ship wse cleared at the Custom House tee Insurance was (flatted m the Ureal Western larursaoe Comraay. tte rate uf laaaraao* was ratted a half per neat, .-a the grontd Ihtt the reurl ate an (.id rraft (U>e sppi ?i n I for BBJte moonaaee piaBaai?, and marked Kaatait Wo. 33) the insurance eras site ted for tte bea>d? of Mr. ) cdrejaa and < i edrgfoa and ourssivea; Mr. I'td/tM did net ate im to in tare, we aaerely I r,tared for oarowa teorflt; I acttrad tee kaa of tee B A K .nam as in the aewapanani, aad beard of tea taptaja being in town; wr addrteml a uote to tee underwriter* caltiag for a tetUeatenl; at prstaatee tbem w th a bill of ladiag aad a copy of (be !avoice, tbey de ritaed to giro ae an answer until tee next day. two or three dayt afterwards tee rrtsideul of the . ompaay oal ed a! my odtce aad ri marked that tte Teasel bad beaa Icat under peculiar clr umolaanm; be aald that be knew wa had made aa advance aa tee cargo, and oa Uml ao meat witbad to tea aU tee papers in regard to the ab p menra, I shewed btat all aad everything ahnut the uhtp mrsfo. and be recueated me to get for Mm fbe urlglaal bllla oa wh?h Mr Psdraite based tte lurooe, I teat lor tte bills to Mr rtdrfoae, ?a tee naxt dag two bUM ware brought to my ofllce, mid tn be from Mr. Fed rules, and aant to (be under writers scnnrdiag to their request, I seat the bum with William M. R-fvra, my bookkeeper, after I betel of tte lost nothing passed between Mr Fedrujaa and myself, an to nolleetlag tee laws ranee, teat I remember Ooaa eaSBtfoatloa?I nnneloded to make the ad races before t gare tee cheek I bad concluded on the dtb of Saaa to make the advance tee Inaurmace wao eflkste! on tee lavtc* valueuf the fcedo, with tea ibe time of etectlng the sosrttoi we pre the amosat B0.1M to bo moored there waa aothlag hut tte aroooat firm at tea time uf the apiriieali-o t its wwfo tded with the mvetee volue, with tea per cent added _.>fu M at limit to tee imm that "*peefob*tw??e tee t pttcBtien and the eflbcllrg of Ibo InecHke. from aae Bra data generally elapse, our inaaranco waa rfowted from twenty-foar to thirty ata hours after tea appHcaAtoB wan mod#. tee Unm that otaposa beiwoea tte OffHoatue and tea effottiaa of tea mass www It yaseraily ncrepied hy tte mtaraato ocmpawtes IB MhiBf ?" aeeaatsry ingulf wo. ao obysrr too wad mode by tea mas roam rem pang is tew laaaatne, eanept V the rata# fo uuna11 item of tha age of tte vessel. IBey rtrmd tee trtaraaee ane half per oral tha only result whlub wnnM arte friw mnaactng the vaiae of tee <avstea wnsid bate ;a.treat tea amouataf tha pramlam, tea set sal pres.iss, aa atergsd by tte itasrsaca coanpsoy. t ?s our backs > da ?"? gniiwabir tew i?eg I'edrs ma mnae telpmaatn through Menara. M wm k Nephew, hut l tats* for tars years prior u> UM. the advsaeaa la that mane HI l house were made in tea mate way that wa n aad tte la ?rao< e also, an no ever noosrred tn Me M va A Weph.w by tb>ws shipments tee esautt waa i rally salts factory, I sew tee shipptag receipt spas wh en we drew ep our b it of lading; J de mat rwaaaa <w by whom t wan aigned?whether it wsa by tee captain or tee mate lie sir ret?g tfter tea ahipmont wad made did yos re aetve as order s retard t? tea proceeds from Mr Fades iaa ? A I did tte order wan tn render an aaaanst salsa of the rbii meet to J M tew tha order ws? so am in ? Irtmr (mw Mr Bsdan fetter pmdaced ) f>eas ersm nst'ee i rsomsd?Tbrwe (ends Were en#, rigbrr to #11 ncereupoedeet la foste. Wl l.uzn M foyers, heina daly awrrn, lepnon.1 aa fol i. e e m 1 am hc? Vk'eper of Martin'r r,oa?sieu A Os , as hlbwa HsKh I Identify, I pat thew psc? into the heads m tee < ffocer' of tew ffowat Western laanrsnc" 'V>m r*r<, as rrqvrsvd the papers were srwi to nsrofJiee; I ?JeB"! ht "W * ho brought tbrm, but I reqt rated Mr IV Irs ?ea fo send them %?> on, fodrujim rest oa #o >thar ij a j -?opuwsr hi that "Bit ? r. rs ? rsm'n?',_Mr Pedrs^u may h?ve ?r?t u? other ibe for an I kik.e I doal k??w, of my own know -dge, 1 it te.- biVs we rrc red ?soi' from Mr ''orl'sjue 1 Iter s Aw 11 , t? ? t I I'-' >n? >t ww t?. lei ?a ayurs the rsam.ssi. in net.I ten o chefo oa Thar toy mora'ag NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the City of Maaoheoter Off Cape Race. LARDQTC OF OiKlBiLOI ffl MAPLES. REVOLUTION IV CALABRIA. The Cotton Market Fir???Bread stuffs lmprovink Ac., 4m. Cvrn TUcS, Hept. 8, 1WO The ?to*m*h:p Cay of U&nchcster. from luvurpwl 221 lust., via Queenstown 23 J. passed una point at 4 P. M. to day, bound to New York, -no was boardod Of lbs news yacht of the press, and a summary o ' nor sows obtained. The French yovorumoni has abandons! the project or raisiof Spain to tbo rank of a great Fewer for the present. Garibaldi has landed in Oaiabria. FaxM, Aogurt 22,1840. Despatches annou .ee a serious disturbance In Basi Itoata. Several corps of Gar'baldlant bars landed and met wttb success. It la not known whether Garibaldi ia present or not. IywDOJr, August S3,1M0. Tbo London Daily Xttut oontlrme the announcement that the llalabriens are in open revolt aga'.nit the Sing of Naples and In favor of Garibaldi. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. L.-vtarooi, August 23, ISM. LivmrooL cotton atuir. The sales of cotton yesterday were 10 000 balee, of wblcb 3,000 were to speculators and as porters, he mar ket closing Arm Imports m the 52d, 3,668 balua; pre viously this woek, 20,110 bales. livnntool UUUDWCrvS luiur. ? Breadatuflk have an advancing tendency. The weather la again unfavorable for the crops. livnntool rao vision hanut. The provision market was dull sad uanhangad. LONDON HAUNTS. Wheat baa so upward tendency, and all descriptions are slightly higher. LONDON HOKNT HAUNT. Consols clossd yesterday at Mff a S3 for money sad account. .Vow Threea SS'i a N8?f. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. A Battle of Five Oaye Da atlea Bet wee* aureate* tad PtgaHaf Peltai a* the Preside* t, Ae., Be. New OaiatM, Sept 9,1M0. Tha atoamahlp Aiatln tea arr'rnd bare with Brwjoe delta of the 30th oM. and 9170,000 Id (pacta A battle arte fought at lAgoa betweau HIramoa eat D* goiitdo oe the loth ultimo. Mtramoe, with MOO ea, tried to oat bit wmj through, bet hie Ibree wet earroaad ed by Itafoiiado with 2,MO ataa. The Oght letted lee day* Mlrtunoo eta badly wounded, bet oaoagwd with a fee of bia cavalry. Bo loat tU bla artillery, ted the baltaoe of hit tray ware aade priaoaara (lateral raebeco eat killed tad Oeeactl llrjia Made prtaoner. Hirtmoa waa In fall flight. There waa great rejoicing at Un oap'UI tad thro .gbout the oooatry la ooaaequaeoe of ICrmmoo'i Mat The Brazoa rtrar waa vary high, tad (ran were aelar iats cd of a destructive Hood. A anaber of Boater*y merchtute bad goat to Irewaa rlUe la coee*<i?Naoe of th* new forced Iota [inutltltd by Vldterrl at tfea Lot* oe the fOth iH. AnrraO ef oa Alleged UcfbalUx Dim R?k elm, l.ddorl Joachim Jalios Tade, a Roaataa, about thirty year* of age, waa tab on it to ccatody yoeterday mniuHg by deb ctlvoa Oder aal McCord, oharged with be tag a defaulter to the amouat ef 07b 000 The awmeed, N M tltagee, waa the agent for aa tagta* betat at ft. Man berg, ar.i aboet a year ago, wblle aetiag la that capaci ty, mid a reaasl for hit employers, aad, pookattag the proceed*, ttad to Amartaa. A reward af 02300 waa of fered for the mptarw of the fagltire, aad photogreyha of him were forwarded to the police la MUa calrj, wNIi the ni)iMt that they rwJf be en the !o dteat for the geetieman. Kvery waa mad* to tad aoma cfae to the whereabouts of T?lo * thla oooetry; but thaofl cer* failed to la 1 Un Might* t treco of him on'.I with* the Deal two or lire# weeks. Boce lime la bug'Nt Hat drtoctlre llder Weraed through a Wall atreet bro ker that thar* waa a Kueoiaa aoblamaa * town, who carrmpnedad la apfwaruno* a th the fugi tive. The -(Boer, ae'.tod with the Idea that the Ramlaa aobtowNu and t'ue man be waa ao Hag la March of were oa* aod the mom, went to work aad ?earched for him onoordtagty. After areeral day* aa I sights of hard toll, be racmedod yoeterday more ib|, la meeting the oh)?<t of 111* March la Broadway. He immediately aoccetod him, aad informing b:m af the oamre of hla bwalaeM, oaavayol him to polio* bead quarter* Aubeeqoeotly Tod* accompanied the odtcer to blr hotel, where, oe mnrchlag a trunk, Un latter foaad 010300 I* paper rouble* The praoaer touh Un aaaMar vary oooily, tadbed, aad told the olBaer that he would bare all bla troabie for aothiug, a* there waa ao treaty taexHtaace whereby be oeaM be (eat bach to Rum* la anew or to aomo qa-attaes pt to bin by tba -Sheer, be stated that be bad toe traced tag alt over the Call* I Btotm, aad, alter vwitlag all the water lag plena*, cam* to Hew York for I be purpose of (pnofiag the winter here Be talk* Kagllab qatte Oeratly. although be baa been la thla onsatry bat a Wort UaM, aad N eery geotien. .r,ly * bla opfartace and macnara Who th-r the puttoe will Moored la trading the aocumd to P rope H a matter of ftlnaw 4wM Tbare will be aa ehort made to make THd* dlmorg* hi* woalh for tba beerflt of SW fr red* la Big wo. oat what awn cm It will he attended ?% <? bard to ?ay. It appaarr teat T N# t tab poa?eg* at lYoedadt 'a the (hip IVpttar-Il, for Buetuc. eher- e?arrlr*d la Nor tat tor, 1W0, under ihr oaaumad name of N'uwmaa Heart i-.rU A Cn , of Mali, bagiaad. tba frm who* ba bad awtadHd m iitaaalrrly ntitatt lafirmallna af Tada'a m-raaaeata. aad Hetrortod Mr MCHoaaa, af the Ire of Mr'Vinaoa * Da rime, their ageat ia Uw city, to pat the matter la the huh uf the author it we bom. Mr McOuiaaa aaaord I ugly Ntjiln.ta the aerTinna of tl.eara Ualaall, tlowyar, Bate aad <dWr well kaowa a<4*i tlraa, who uaed la mla tii Ward the eetauIter tier bt* arrival la fooatoa. Balag rnt , raiatee ? th the im Ueas e?wta of the Aawrwwa da wwtlTe*. Hreara Nwta hOn. bepaw to 4 tare afoewr las a. a eawttiT.e to Una country tn pursuit af MWet bet after making a tour -f the -etira r*hm, aad Cab* tn tat bargain, the baa* wat given up. aad the I .nodes "(foa dnwa" returaed to the mora c- ngee al eoaa* of their lllnn HBflMtJi My a mere ae jtdeet, aa at'P?"? lHa oaptarn of the fogl tire waa ./mated yeator-'ar morauag. la Hatarday Wat Mr Vnoe, aa aliased. vtaiton Uta Wait atrert htaftar ?bnvt tilude-1 to. and nlfomd tor errhaagi or (ata a Hraw aaeouol "I tuaalan mea?| * aa par raw dee and laparWW. WMth about 04 seen He eirmmatoam matted ibe tmpKlsW of the bint to, alto onmWHBaaM w'thwwt detoy with the pnMoa aathorltMa. giving a rail ai d cwnplM* dearr pi ma of Tnde ? appewrawea, mannera, *r When Un adtosrs ocnwmd Tbds ha to onr>i|y (urveyirr a jewwll?r'( wuidew la Broadway, aa if i.dining at oil waa the mailer At tha aujal at whtoh tba p*tooaer imt up the -foatofowwd. m wNnitototha OMwey. a Ictrl Ito paaaag- to lloerw by tba > taOMblM, ?hi h r.iw m-ft (Htorday The tiok* mm la tike aam* <H M not. in J I. IH l.'tfr By II "netinn Mam mrudr.-1 (bare la rtaoo* to beiiwre that the prw-aer, ?n*r lear'ng foatoa rapalrad <Hwth, ?ad. beitg ia driirtto bcwltb, rtwat the wietor ?* 8k. gugiietu.e. Rant ?"*.*? Hi wbjeat ?n rwkefatwg to th* mattoto t it w MWyed, waa to yaaa uff tha Raaatoa meway ? a-eiirn it. the auuta <4 fui ipa. Ha da Prawlia ky nini,. n it a li Hwt*n attiam, haeiag rmMad in Rk. Mark burg for wverwl y?a?*. FwiMtral latrlllfeacr. Pi it. *1. rovftota tnrua.?'The following Id a "flfoT of a malty gnt ap NfW dwe, wbufo baa tntoiy reeatvad by th- I'Nt ? Hbm ci vha in th.( city ? Atvma 21. !*? W?_Th- XatMNl IVm ? r?. tiUM r.wa 'w.a order to ?natnia <*?rir ttwiiy ih? <Wn 1 <tory of trrekinridge ot.l 1*1 e, aad n. r wtml. ?*?ie i Hlet, wM requir* to ratoa B.ih a a. n wt Un toftt m,t-. e*in ?? a df th* -.mpatga. r?,, gatnmtltoe Utnr I y,-at fi 't. y-i * ' ?nWlhw ? ?f 0? wb<r' faa ???( I .rwarddir n# tlmonftwBO month at Ana-M lwfd?"vt mtvwit ><iat t " ib* i s t