Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1860 Page 3
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HOUSES, ROOM, AC., TO LET, A*" MALL PRIVATE t> MIL* WILL LOT P ARf OF a aloe Houae. h?vl ,* All tha modem oonveoianuea, la t pleaeeaiand healthy locution up town west aid*, to a am* 1 tnepeetabla lastly. Be'errn >? exchanged. Apply At Mr. Bedford's dre* nor*, TIT Sixth avenue, two Awn narlh of Maty wieod watt A THBRR STOBT BASEKENr AND COUNTER liHr A ku high eloup house, Philadelphia brtek and brown sbme hdmaalaga, with all the moJeru Unprovemeata, no 139th W*A Harlem, bMnrg Fl'th and Suth even me, ao j* aide; prtoa OfeW I nam aow until May, or SOU par nun urn laqttira ?aHc promisee rft.l). BURR. A SECOND AND FOURTH FLOOR TO LET-TO mall, respectable famUiea; each Floor enutaias Ore MMH. paatrlas, wardrobes fxa, Omen watar. marble men MM, Ae., with privilege In bammeo . Apply 1?the now brown Skene k hh 161 Kaat Thirty tlflh etreet, between Beeond tad A NEATLY FUENISIIBU COTTAGE TO LBT-INBINB-I ?A. Hath Kraal <forkto a email Iamllv; nrdau and Msbla attached Rent W> per month In addition to board tor a lady Addraaa H A boa 140 Herald office. A PART <?F Hon**, MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, TO A let. aa Charles ?feet, eonlatalaf nine Rooms, rent *440 AMe a part of a fumleked Bouae, on Fourth avenue, all Ream* everything for heoeekrrptng; rent *450, with piano ?? ? RLkRUIRRK A 543 Fourth avenue, VUOOm TO LHT?CONTAINING FIVE ROIMS. ? larpe pantr* and elonetn, caa. Crucoo water, Ac. Apply ^Slke prmlaea Hi Baoond arenoa. 7 WRLI. ESTABLISHED DENTIST'B OFFIC* TO LET? A wHh the uie of an operating chair, atool and work beach: atone lease eaa ha had If reqnlred. Alao a wall furnished FEMha'a Office; loo* established. . Inquire at 71 Weal BOARDING HOUSE TO LET?AMD FURNITURE for a tie; aow full of good pay tag boardem, the panles wtaklnt to leave the city. For particular* apply at 4X7 Fourth IUBN1SHKD HOUSE TO LET.?THE FIRST CLASS four alorx brown atone hooae, No. XX* Weet Thirty-fourth ?Met, opposite to the garden of the Blind Institution, ban 1 sanely fnrnlahed and poeeeestrjn at oaoe; rnat *140 par a-iulA Apply to LOO RID A OOFF, Ma 6 Fine Kreet, or 1,1X6 Broad "EtOEJUSHBS BOrSH TO LET?NEAR FOURTH ATf JF ana; twelve rooms, la perfect order, with the Isaprove aoli Roil moderate to a careful and reeponaibla prlvtXe *?A^ly t) R. C. REAL, H Real Twenty eeoomdetreet. rMUBNlfHRD BOUSE ON WEST THIRTY FOURTH ? >t'ert lo let. medium else and unsurpassed for etyle and arfM|MH?l; both and completely finished last year, the earner going abroad would rent to a prl rate family. For par Be elan address F. T. B., Herald office K^U) HOUSE TO LET-FOB THE WINTB1, ^^?plaaeasUy Ktuatad, In* Brooklyn. one block from Atiaolto ^^?Tears, and eight mlautaa' walk from South ferry. Furol nearly new. Will be let In a email family. Oae and In Urn bouae. Inquire at No. 8 South etreet. New York, ^?r at Moore street, op stairs, room Ma 4, of Mr. Kea rl . T.IPERISHED HOUSE TO LET. J A neat aadpretty English basement Bouse on Vest Thir Ueth etreet. well furulahed; location unexc. ptlonable. Rent tm be Rune at the year, to May I, S474. J AMU B. EDWARDS, >77 West Twenty third street EIRNI8HKD HOUSE TO LET-OB HOUSE WILL BE let and FturnRure sold low.? A three etory to own etone t Mourn an Second pleoe. Month Brooklyn, within tlfteen mtliulu" I it if (nil nmmtiitog ? in Shd niln Possession an September 14. Addreee FurnMed Hooae. boa I7X Herald ?7??1" *?* ?*? aTfroadwit. Apply at (roadway. Apply at ?? HOPBB TO IJTT-IN BROOKLYN. A ?mart ?Bad Bona* to let; bt* *11 toe ?Jars I.- ??'???*<? ?n ttaobet atreet; tie furniture V new; ?JTiTy*10 Mr- LAJ". ? rut TTC?J?TI*I' ?(^" TO LWr-HOCTB NO. 36 KAST * ? 1 "r*" w"<> Medina aad reunh are S^aSH-MBST LTS%?Z2.mU,l*'ntv ||OUHl TO RBNT? WWM i" rod" Fa??? TarItop wboaaUed la re, ?>****? R rdwardh, g7 Wet Twenty mint atmat JABOR8TOBB TO LET TO WBOLBBALM DRY OOP? ooS? fiSw1** ut\A li L1UUBI 1 \J AMI ? kan urn pleaee oaU a*?. Q"oi 5-?L 80; NBW Apply w A. talrq TP?J^T~^)-_^,-P,llt'!'.Jtf? * FRONT BARBHINT fnrntohmf bro*o ?nn? kxtm. rttu?M ton?r%r Ttaw ?WAtoMreab A<tk?:i K, T?iflrHtic?f S* "***"* nnKi. nautTT or A the Mew 3 or* Unlet, bouan mnutdi lV room*. S balk * ?. rM*e. pea. Ac In pond order. Unliable for a Oral nlaaa ?aantmr turner ?r rep Utah e buabieaa Kent kiw to a rood in Apply to JAB. B VABOidtltr. 7X1 Broadway. r1"-' TART or HOUiiK H FOURTH AVRNUR, ?ear T*mtt around atreet, SeLha, pat. UuJc J truer Apply to J. Hordi?rt.utoel.uae^ Elbt-wholr or MART or TWO FIRHT claw Bnaaa* lu K?*i I btrty eeveatb etrrev oomp'ete wit# all a, ?? 1?ainui ?ea ? .... I- Uf ? 11 i-? - _ ? ,1* < ?a?Aera tnprtwatoaebi. Will be let vary cheep to reepoo Mgarfasss **?????-flying r LBT-HJCSR NO. Ub KtWT drRKRT. TWO DOOM (>?JReccker ??? It la hi ttm rue order, jut related ?a papered, and ha* toe ?a* fliturra a*j pie> and Um l r? ? water '? rrerj B ?r Cooiaios lA twa ruim* aad wkl pmmi i bftt) W> a rwri^rWbJr J* wily Iu<i?ilrt lb* o#umt. IHoilAx NrKMiiMT, HI Hlnwncf ?tn?et fO LBT?A DBxIRtRLR rid?T FLOOR VTft BACK A Baeeaaaet, meet. Una *6 tos men to bouae k> Aloe atreet. MWRdnaad water. Ltur- at At Mo< auen. SJ LKT-ThK oTurtl NO. IV MKtti'Kit HT ft. SKI nKebie fcr a retail rrnrery .* frpmr atur* real low. Ad to P. R. RKJKD, M 'AvUefidt avert, op auur*. C LIT-TIRT LOW TO A OOOO TK* A NT TUB hue. awe fear ??r? Bapuab henraa-ta to?a, ?J>fc ?i I Ttorty fuuita atraet, brineat. K*od Niuin aeeau<? ?a aU lAr ???? ra uaprun wee 11 aoa la to Boa order, aae Mwee aad a.rrura en -a?la Apply k> UOOMLt A OOPf, Ma ? l ute atreet, or I, UK druadway. rLRT ATHRtRMTORT rVRHldtir.D BOCAR, TO a bwpoaalb efaa#y rei.- II pal Appty at 1P7 Leiiaiiua awawea. hmM ?jar apeea Tain# totrd atreei. r lir-A* ATAkimiry Iff A TRRY ri*? 1 krvwa atwie fruwt toaiee ti> bat forty nlslh alaeet, lor a ?ail (cateel faAiUp. 1?, pre at M Veaay auwu. op alalia. ?Pi ,*T-TTrB N1W1.Y FURNTRHRD ftlOR HTORT A Ho iaa, M Aw Ay atreet wttk all toe ?a '~i i m'a fart of tAa real will be labew mat to buard by toe oeaer 11 de rUtT-LOWKl TART Of A TURRR HTORT BAAR ???' >" ??? Twewty lb? alreel aeer Hanoed wreeee , ?ra rm m IT tesaared. V> a aaaeil mm?mrn. app,y at WB Bwaal ewy. to toe atora. ggtt'^ggtiviess'srs .-vm, Otopibii i atraaa i-a.u,ie..?rTr,.,. ---,amifaTto n rPO LBT?IR A ORMTRRL HOUPR, TROBT AMD BACK 1 ?two l-artora toe ?..d ? w-.? or>wl' dr. n Iter. It-g, rpu i.kt-a riRR thhrr mtort bocrr, in c*>m. X pMa order, (out netob wkm In HnrAlya; rent erry law eatu May, and Waned if deawe . Tart of Puraibare for ?*? * Apply to to DAKKOW, U MMBed luae. 1*> LBT?WfTB INBRDTATV TOR- RhhIon, tHB TURRR A toery bcuww Mean l.nelUcaf Hone*, nortb atda of fi-ty ae aaM atreet, ftft> town- eaat or topbto araaee r? (tot a ?awr. rrpirta nab eii e<ian ??aarniawaan *? ? lo UOMARD (Wit. M <LAd eJeet r_L?V-TBK MRW TIRPT CLANd HTORR. CORMKR o# fnnlb aad (Ireeae wwato I t 100 feet, plain (lam Wtodewa. auitabie for "Ira. lap gr wnaa f ir or eey Wye aoatoeea layetra .V toe prwwda arof W. A. BhRB La <l), K Hroed aareeC m. -weyreea ? "to"* ?ane...?wi. i?m |"M |BIW? W|U kprtoer or wapiy na reae?blr tenui to a anltobw At ply oa tor pram lane or to C A R roII.LuM, tM rLRT-TBRKK ROOBd AMD OMR BKDdOOU V*ftf I ".Met nana,, la toe eer.?d abiry if b<ae? lit a>/w?r., wear vraad ttreet. Apply In Mr. totxlRR, up aLalre BU Tv lbt?part or a nodbbb hoii.t boorr. con ?totopt Type rinnr, Rdakra aad foarar d*a RadiaiMi, w?Id ear a wtdsw lady f.e a few boardrra. App r at <7 Hj ?Be atoaet artar to Al. Unra a? au?aa ennri?at. ?ew? wweren? Wi I AT? IW WWW IW wm y pi AJeerVea Heal but* Htoaa. ? Broad way.'a 1 Pi **-A BAN?OBRI.T TP RNMRKD HMH fall die ilonaa. la aatoaiLd order. ??? up, pa fmr" ?*< " I'M 07 toe oeuar. Ii.ute ma in.eaaa ?A _ AddiaM 7. A. u. B., aation I) ? <d( rtBT-rpRNTBBRn, AND IN DONP1.RTR ORORR, * T!" Bn-, hnmnaaar front iteee, i? km imop * ?SSiab?l"" **Pi' W 0 OMADWIUK, Rt^d Tn-t,T~.A. ""ALU NBatLT rPRMIAHRO ROOPR. iac^f^MSy'SS: E."!* o* ?i??o and nuRit totoTJnr au^ tow boetaeaa men ? aTbh : - rr?HS**^v, HS5r r'JT OR LBARB?TBR BTfiRB, ? TWWT n*Mr and nana await, aaw* ame. wad utom-t, well Ibbiid to ibe jaw Bene* d Haaaau tomnt ttt.ean Fulton and J^wTatrweaa. to? tar* A paly la FRAN a lit Ml K.n iu Hmmn atr?T ^ i WO LB AMR-AT AHTORIA L I.. TTTR MTF RMT *daara af Rower Wbiftmi w?. R*1. deaaaaad TV* pre BJ? VtoidtiMMMdMi two toary aad bp? a uawte ";** yd about aa acre a land, ?Raato on farmM aven?e ??a toraa atoaatoa wat* of be harry aad atoetoV>at j. ^mp "* to* ?ie1 dedr*!. a V^m''rw !o 'be n'Loe* TVs I ** toaand f-ealabed or aiMnto*d. ad HidFII JH Str.K;;-,:',, HOD8E1 BOOHI, AC ' TO lJtT. vpOlEARB-aFIVBSTORl OU^W ' basement and and Hnrnir Miml iBfiit * J- BROtffNE. Jr., MCHllac. ? o?re, M2 BrooO?W. rro"LKAHR O? FOE HAUt-THEJHOCBE *0. l.ldS I broadaay nearly Mr, h<"? all m.tdern Improvement* now .?-ruined by the aubaerlher: with otaok entrance Bud ZZ* <mrmr W*a of E. F. CARMAN, I t* Broadway. r EBNT, IE KXCHAHQB FOE BOARD IB Brooktra ?A small private family wffl rent b msdsra house. well furnished. good neighborhood, convent no! to out Bod I'M rim to t Rood u-nBut Bud the rent taken In Board if dew red. Address boa 1.809 Poot oMoe. *RTAHTKT??TO BUTFLY FIRST CLASS TBEAKTB, IS TT furnished Houses, 12 unfurnished. Houses and I tores rented on ah rl notice, to charge (or advert'etsg or oolaintng Ui"BQU unless routed, at American Keel Route Oflk-c. M Broadway, to basement. <1. A, MOOHB. *1 4 PRE MONTH.-TO LET. TO A SMALL OBHTKKL Jit family In b ''eauUf'il avenue la Williamsburg, bo els gsnt a I lit of bU II" ma and Kitchen. on one door. oontalntng KM. water, waalaptpe and every oonaenlenoe oI a house. Oara tare* cent*, lit tlraud atreet. W Mlamshurg. ? miRKLLAkMRd paired Tr sails cut entirely A ?whatever By Charles I). Hemmwd, M D.. ? laaerly KKSr of AnaUany and Pathology B Um Syrnenwl Medical 'Ullage, E. T., Ac. "Dr. Hasamood's book la worth every one'* owning."?From the Eew Turk Home Journal I Wi??t!!fc-dSfTJLr^PSRiTlt I Vail atreei, Aaaor li'iuas; Oedfrey. Ml Broadway, *. T; Okie, Dayton A donee, 19 Ann atreet, E.T.; Trentwarth, South Third atreet, Philadelphia. H AHOKNCY FOR EEW ORLEANS?A LAWYER, WHO | npecte to establish tlaeeelf In New Orlrans In October, | would act ae agent for any hnetnaee Una?oolieot money, or trauaad any reaper able business. Good references given. Address Agent Union square Post rdOEFIDRNTIAL LITER ART BUREAU, 480 BROAD \J way ?Behcol Compositions. Trauslnllous, Essays, Poems or Lsttters revised, corrected or written by gentlemen of ae know lee yad talent Maouacripta prepared far publication, lessors In Xlocutew; purchases on Commission. Loans, Ac. Bead for circular. /TOUEAUD'H ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. IT IS i7 well known, cures TAN, PIMPuES, FRECKLES. SALT KBEUM, BARBERS' ITCH, CIIAP8, OH A FES, TENDER ILESH, As , besides beinf the very best shaving oom pound ever Invented. OOUMAUD'S POUDRE SUBTILE aproota hair from low fore hearts, upper bps, or any part of the body, safely and qtilcklt, warranted. LIQUID ROUOE, fur pale hps sad cheeks. LILT WHITE, for Hushed, red and heated laws. HAIR DTE Instantly converts red, pray or light hair to a beautiful black or brown, without staining the akin. ??OU RAID'S IMPROVED ORIENTAL CREAM, for the oom plexkm. Beware of aoonmerltlL Found at Dr. UOUBAUD'd old established depot, S7 Walker street, first More *rom Bread way , Wells A Co, Park A Barnes, Hayes. Brooklyn; Green, Worcester; Bales, US Washington street, Boston; Callander, Philadelphia. The above arttoiee are ant to he confounded with lbs trash with which lee States are fooled, aad seat from Mew York at aheap rates aad long credits at that. Dr. OOU RaUD'H articles have been before the public the past twenty years aad era well knows to be ell thsy are represented to be. Order* executed by eipreee tines. Horticultural iron works ?orkbnhoubbe Ouusai vesorlss. As.. unnatrinlsA wMh Hartaratl's patent Mstaho Sash Light Address L. L. Sanlett, No. IS South 8a venth street, Brooklyn, & D. HARRISON'S EUROPEAN MANOR-THE PATENTEE of this celebrated Banco, now la universal demand, hav ing perfected his Inventions, wishes to meat with a anas of means to enable him to supply an extensive Bret olam oounce Una. Address Joshua Harrison, No 9 Bond street, N. T. T IRBARIRS AND BOOKS PUSCHAKND BOB CASH. JLl byM NCNaN, at 117 Fultoa street, up stain: about the middle of September will be hash hatha cad stead, hap Nap sau strssl hataean Fnltoa and Ana. VfARBLH MANTRUK-THE SUBSCRIBER INFORMS M the public that be hi salting Mantel* Ac. An, cheaper taaa say other person la the rl.y. Those wiahiag to bsy rhoull sail at A. ELABRlfB marble yard, IU Bast tSghMsath street, near Third avenue New York. Madam mccartion, chiropodist and hue dresser to the Empress of the Frcn. h and the Queen of tagUad. will be Is New York on th- tith of this month, and will lake up bar residence at 101 Earn Twenty eighth street. Bear Third avenue. Th'* lady is the head af an eminent farhloa, and ace devoted much thus In the study of the skin and the many disease that we are subjected to. aad ha cure aad preveauno. Coma abe extracts without the use of an instrument, the hair ahe restores by washes prepared by her self, and dramas to th* moM fashionable ?>lc; the head trees la most eiqnP Italy becoming, the teeth are cleanaad from all Impurities, aad you are so Improved under this lady 'a hands that ws must certainly give her an early calL . VfEW TORE WIRE RAILWAY COMPANY IN H'lTOUir ho* A WICK EES HAM, Removed to Wt Broadway, New Tort, Vest door shoes Metropolitan Hotel, Manufacturers and dealer* to Iruo Railing, Farm Fences, Iron dales Verandah*. Iron Furniture, Castings aad a general variety of Urnamantal Iron Works Notice-a new method of cleaning lace*. | Ae., In all lla branches -Mme Rldo u Vtolette. there aowwad loom cleaner. bsti.g esublltbsd fur the Ust At y vara and known for the last twelve years In this city by some of me m<<st aristocrat.c laauilas In ihut and uther .dues, of aifiom the still be* 1 h? plsssure tn serve many, as oa* of the beet laun dreseee ta this dt; . takes plesaure la annmnctng to her a una r.rua nst-vnera and all urher fanllles who may viei 'he ri i f ,r the fall ?esson, that tas wtll o|,ea aa svsulus voo.t on or at cut th* 17Ui day of Keptem?a*r, ???pivvwlr far lrdVa matds, seamatrva-ea rod rbam'-ermatda, Creoles. As., tn learn term tee art of plaiting, doling, bulSaa. and at', tee other hraii be* in the b-iatoees By Una new mete > I which Mas V. has laP-ly received 'rem Paris, ahe eao learn a person In hrlf the Urn- the o d method need to take, thlr betas the Itnl sdurt of the kind bv auy peri* u in New York As the h"pne tn b? patronised abe wtll be very mcdarsie Ir Par prises so that every person m:iv have a chance n learn te* buamcva perfect Ivlr. ?ah..r' ?' 1" d ? fib* wUi ilso undertake to sell the did cent licit used tn the buunesa, to* af tar having learned perfectly, it be tiwtet prt.ien. All pereona whim y want Pi learn moat brutg Uislr o?n miisllaa or laeesto lea n atlli ae It le ooe o< thv r ilee. Honrs of learning from at* to t . r M Apply u. M u? KlUUUX VIwlJCtTE. iM Ihiap rrewt. ne r HI?*ok*r, N. T. Curtains cleaned In the baM manner at d* a pair PkOFEWOS B Al JtOW Tf>l/,ANH5 BATHS AND | Treatment, by whtoh, stsrilay. para.yaat, rheuraa tesn, asAaa. a- at ? I and all of tee narrvru* aad flbrv pa syvtsm* are ntdtoally cured, at At t oart strsat, Hrooslyu. Y)S< iDL'flS? t f AL1A N AMD FKSMOH.?DiHK T IM X portatioD of lib*' >ltf? oil la brgtlre aad kegs; MaecamaL Trrrteeili and small pastas. Wine* tn b -tiles and saeaa. Uuuorsaf adki.His, farmeesu I Aces.- .od -dher gar groceries. DACUHsl A MANaEA 7d f mum street. It T. Pt RE C'TWM TIMETAR FROM THE PR1.HAM FARM. | Far sals, ha a town ptpptn rvtioad eider Yiiegar, war runird pure, hi h.igvbevte and btrrela for gytiosrs. h asls. ?Ail pen* aad Iks liar* generally. E A J LYNCH. Nq 4 Erie Bntldlnaa. KHOOFINtl ELATW 1 '? YKI MA H E HI. ATE coMFANT are at suivsrtcr qvattly, low oost. Are proof, yield pure aad u tamp-d rate wwier, and last s brelime. Buitdarr ad dram tea A sect of tea company, (A. Funnaa. If Cortland! atreet. New York. yi'iy a>k? v.-?o taii.'Ti: uak. fkuu s to ir i* it O m of at .ia?*or quaiay. for sale la has to suit, by O. A K. To I LLC* 2M write strssl. ayRilWC?*E8-ECHBtrr A BROTHER*. MANUFaCTO O r-. sad vuirma ho I Tortb * Hum atr-at sear Frwnk fort, dew kovk aad SI Bain strast. > .'dam sat I, Ohio.?A largo assosimsnt na hand. Old Mhowpaaes takes ta stnk.ags. Or AWk prteapily assented. ? ^ Swrhihm ri sru wmjiinh rcucH will cura CwiMIUlT, WU CUT* Will cur# ColAa. Will ci'? tvdde, To enra 0 mid K tbnuld ba lakaa -aut aa retftav U la tap#' rlor lo w nee 1*1 10 tailotw jai.iee xaJ paddlu*e. Aa a barcrave % oaiu . a ba eaeollrd. Par tela at mir aa tftelurp. U R'bua atrant. at M par eaaa id tee. re bottler. ft mite n r buttle 13 Ml per pail >??. Uberal dwr.unc n Ibr trade CAATRM. LV'IHOU A (XX rIBI TMRWM TKSBil AAMU A larva and eapartar aod of Ibdiwat Imfaaa and Oraaaacaaal 1 ma, aneq united la Mm aad fartbbwMl, aaa ba tefbfl At tlW VlTWWBl Pnrttee wtabiov Ireee tor tawadltke ideal will do wail bp rMtWd Ibr aVtra N nrterVa A dhatai dtaoo. at will t>a pi ran In larva p tub MI a AA ?wdara Uliaaiil to HAMUAfe 0. PITMAN, Rawer* BaiterWt. M. J , will mdri pwawit aMawMoa. Vapor b a ma w rlkw-inn ntrant. batwrn* Hmad war aad Ma?| ~CAtlOU/l Medliitttd ftair, watptar aad ladtaa Iblba, hart pruead far Iba paMJdpaara Infallible aa a remedy for rbnaallai. wilda. aeuralva, erp I aM aaiaaanna amp Mi ? Wru.RHr rtan rmo<maar app olaon warn baoar 1' mum tnn a. aaatiiaa will Aad a wall an larted bmti? if ere etp:reead pattarna. reneimd by ftteiblp fttpamala dlrr f mm U?arp?rd Hold far aai caab at II par at at nat IA?b tor utoal r fedu prt-w. AW1UJRI, No. tM Poaii auewt. New T<w*. H l.? I tl II IMN rfitil.1 l> II II AT ill O'OUMiK. 1 1i toe eab tar a god dlneer etTI eeaft btModbaR oplei t a a/at, rail at "At ?tn?ad tap. tMHweeo ILbtb aed a tali aw i naa H-imir i artort Mr aavaam and ptwa (LOTHIMO. Am pain ? amh ran * pa in piibcaht orr ??umt tag, ParmMara. t'arpeu aad Jearetry - Indira and rr.u ara If yon alab In pat an bnorat fair r rtne for roar Nafta and ara lo br bambapyed bp Vital put a raawtll plratr aad at or addrrea the tw tr rata Mink met |of M MI NT*. SI* Hereotb a i aami. m?m Ttaraat aad TWbAd etreeta. ladba I ba bp Mra Rbnt. A MRIAT IrANANtl -I. A UTAH AND UHT J?1 A. ba bin aami 1 ? lotbtad. ParaM irejUarpaki w Jewolrt t? dley ,e? or, I rieraaire lo bap iba beet prtre la Iba ally, bp a III liana or rejltat at tW teranth areaaa. between tea p ?Ilb aad I aaatf ai t akrmut. ebtrb wUl ba aueeded to bp M ABRAHAM Indlta taeeded to bp Mm Abrebaft AH ?HM rHANCA pun 1.4mm AND ORATl.RVRN ? be maren tartr real n* (Tmblnv Into eaab. ? I renetred a larpe order froat Iba anotb aad Waft I rno -tela tbal I will Bp Iba foUnatav prtaaa -Proaa A biBU for dtik Itmaaaa. rbmorre aril l.repre peld I'* ?<e*jrdlr?>y, Ir-ta ?! In W for PaeW Irvaa H in alitor tVnta am t'-nrpe a, Poralt .re. Jaw KIP, or A auir a> draaaad to A , PI Norealb area tr. betwaoa xAaiatb and TwatMnbatraaft wtA bap?iattp tain 11A ft iadlaa alieaded b> bp Nra. t ???nol) niANfE (PllA UDtA ?4H itNNTirwpv b> pet a fair aaeb pnre for oaal off ataaaaav. jrwairp, far ? MftW l aw oaU or eddrem a ante lo Mr Ila ate ba IIP barn lb ataane Indtaa attanded in bp Ara. II A ORE AT ANNURTWKNT OP UUITHTM* WANTMO. - ' adw tod r- ?>rn?r. barbie aop ??#? >dl '"l oator. Pir altare ??r 1 arpata e. moroar nl, 9 pan tak la rap " or ire Inr eratp erPoia. ran on <w addreaa A I ? bird aiaaoe. indra elo odad lo bp Mra Harrle. ANT OPP171^ mil NIA?A I. A AO AIJO A JIfITT WANTBD altare rr 1 orpeta v dm <wr nf, I pea waft la reaerr#^ fair "fft j rr? wanti ? liaallaiatn 1>arwa of wm.artlar Ian aN rlnlhlaa I aaNb, aa nbtaia tbe f all 1 tine, aad a rot I aetne wbded bplr'ad arawadara aad battnt dodcrra, bpapptplaa la JAMBA Mil MOWN AT. Al Kan aid _________ rll ant RAT WAT~ POM LAOTMA AND TP VftEXKN m vet a fair prtne fw mm .dl iTmbloa, PaiaMuaft OarptW. aad rat w ba k'unfaeped ap trml puffa, la to ml a note bp Wb> I At Mr. arth tree no. wbflb trlU ba aweei'itlJp auoadad ? J. AN Hei r. Leaiae atteaded m bp Mra. A. *u nun worth op nrw and i rft orr rr/rrn ?OiUW aft wan-ed 'orfte W. ttej 11 mart "A Tbe bt?b mmkrH-trrtrmlrt.. re -r. It lead lo b?a*?Me matrnp ?or Arte W email Ima. br oatHaf a' M nora. or eddraaaoa I ww. h t_o*. ti cm.-* rv BOARDIKfl A*D IiOD?Il?G. AORNTl KM AN. HltHlUHU 111 CUBA, lit DEHIBOUB of placing Ala mother lm ? nuy, two .tud a half ?<-* -? of Ape, with Mima kind lady who wtil 'aha eond rase# nt Sim f-w (mm year or longer. A liberal oompetuiaUua will be alio vod. Address Havana, Herald u?oe A rtTVATB FAMILY, RESIDING IN A FIRST CLAM ?fA hnuaa, 31 Wegt Eighteenth street, would lei, with Hoard, the entire Stored Moor, together or orparalely; alao a Parlor and Bedsoesn re third door. AlXUrLK OF YOUNO MEN CAM Ml ACCOM MO dated with pood Bourd In a private family where I here are no rhtloren. a po'j at 137 Fifth street, between Firm and Keorodaveu iwa re ihe Aral floor. AFaBLOR OM 1 UK K1 AST FLOOR AND 1HRKB OR four roema?With drat claaa Hoard and private labia, are offered by a lnmtly living near Fifth avenue aud thiny-ee cond street. Add rem Private B , Herald oflloe. AH ANDROMK ROOM W71 H BOABO?FOR A GENTLE man and wife or two single pentlemea. Dinner aims o'clock, referim pet regimed. Apply at 16 Bleeeker street A FRONT AND BACK ROOM. NEATLY FURNISHED, to let. te a lady and g? ntlemoa. with fall or partial rtoird, be let (opelher or separate .jiui and hot and o >l<1 water in eaoh room Apply at bo. 267 West Fifteenth atreet, bet were Seventh and fiptih avenues. _____ A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL U5T A PARLOR and Bedroom, elegantly fnrnlahnd, la a modern stone front house, about three mtnuhw walk west of Madkaon aquae. A gentleman of respectability. who would appreciate the oomfiets and retirement of a nanisome private reatdenna, may add rem L., nog 139 Herald oWce. ? STIT OF ROOM* TO RENT?WITH BOARD, FDR ctehed or nnfumlahed, in n private bouse, with all the Improvements Inquire at 113 West Twenty seooud street. Kefereneas required Audit or fdrnibhkd 'rooms om brcond floor In rent, with Board, for the winter, In a first clam private boardmg house. Dinner nt all o'clock. Addrem H, P., box 1,1m PostoAce. A FEW VERY DBPIRARLE ROOMS, 81' IT A RLE FOR famlllm and single gentleman, to rant, wtth Board for the winter The house la first clam and the loaa'ton vary deetra bla Dinner at Mi o'clock Apply at No. 36 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Blxth avenues. A FEW BINQLE QKNTLIMBN, OR ORNTLRMRN AND ? heir wives, can be accommodated wtth full or partial Board In A first eUm bourn, containing all the modern Im provements. Apply at 92 East Twelfth mretI. A LADY. LIVING IN THE VIC1NITT OF TWAM tv ninth and Tblrf leth sir eeta, and Dear Third are ine cars, has a handaosna I'arlor to let to a gentleman A lady, I ull Board for the lady only. Addrem A. B., station F. Aoxnti.rman and wife and a few single pent amen oan be aooammodatad wtth Rooms and Board in a small private family, at IJi Ninth street, a few doors west sf Broadway, house la oompieta order, with all the mo darn Improves)en is. References eiuhanged. A OKN7LKMAN AND WIFE OR SINGLE GENTLEMEN A. can he accommodated wtth Rooms and Board at ill Fourth street. 4 KMALI, PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET THE ENTIRE second floor sad front Rotate, re third Boor, furnished, full or partiA' ?_? slssSsnl It Raa with full or jtartioi Hoarl, psutrlea, pas and bath, looaU-KU very TwenUrth street, near Broadway. ? FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A GENTLEMAN, AT 349 Fourth street. APR1VATM family has a room to LET?TO TWO gentlemen who wish to room together, or to a gentleman and artfa, with Board; location pleasant; dinner at 8 o'clock. Apply at Na 331 Waal Thirty lint atreet, between Eighth and Ninth a A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH FULL BOARD, SUIT able for two single gentlemen, also a large I root hall Bed room, ean be obtained at No. 3 Warn Twenty fourth street, op posite the Filth avenue Haml, location particularly deetra hie. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FRONT FARI/Tr and Bedroom, well fumlahe-t. suitable for one or two Inquire at 34 Mstshsr atreet, corner of mr Broadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SUIT OP BAND aomely famished Rooms. ooaaMag of the eoUraaeoood Boor, together or separate, without Board, to geotlemen only, by applying el Em lit Ninth atreet, third door east ol Broad ??7 ___ VERY DRv IRA RI.E SUIT OF ROOMS TO LIT?WITH ??Board, on aeoond floor, furnished or unfurnished; fine large cloeels, bath, raa. beautiful yard. Dinner at I o'clock. House pleasant and homelike, mr? large and airy, family small, no children, but few boarders, location pleasant, Fourth street, between Second and Fourth avenues, Ma 11 AlMoe play. Beet of reference g ven and requlrrd. HpRIVAYB FAMILY WILL LET SEVERAL FORNIBH ed or unfurnished Rooms to single gentleman and gen Uemen and their wi- ea, wtth full or partial Hoard; gaa and kgm Inquire at 1M Wect Thirty elghjt mreet, near Eighth A A A HANDSOME FDRNIBBED FRONT ROOM ON SC rond Boor, for gentleman and wife; also Rooms for ffnrie gentleman, with board. Apply at 133 East Broadway. Hefe tencee eiccanred. A PRIVATE FAMILT WILL LET A FUENIRHED.FKONT Rooiu, with Board, to two persona. In res of the most urn fortal le oKle houses In the city. Use, bath, hot and oohl water, Ac 1Kb East Twentieth street, near Second avenue. ABM ALL FAMILY WILL LET A SPIT OF ROOMS, furnished, unseennd Floor, with Board, to single cutis raee or gentlemen and their wives, re moderate House first eiaxe, locatem unsurpaased Oars and stages pan the divw Call at 413 West Twenty third atreet, opposite Lon-los tasrace. Attention-gentlemen wishing comfort able, quiet home* for the winter, ean ne sc. ,-nra ida'-t wuh Rooms, furnished, without buanl, by calllug at I'M) Ureeno Mi i et, at' red dour I rout Prince. 4 SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD RENT A PAR A. tor and two Hedioueaa p) gent emeu, or a guutlem ut and wile, with or wtthont meals, convent) nt to llroadway App y at ?fl Muy vsaant atieet. between Beoond and third awn ins nod h loth and leutb streets. A LADY OCCOFTINO A FIRST CLUW HOUSE, WITH H modern ImnrueeineoU. wlOira to let a Room, or aulk u> a lady (nil gsnileman, with or without Hoard for lady. Ad drrw Fikivt, Hn<li>t I'oM oBii-e for Lhree day*. A^rn HOUR -A PLAIN. RESPECTABLE FAVILT, COM p<aed of yimo* and enable pantile will f'uoiah (room toodauo r fur our or tiro (tnLraro, rub full or aaitial II > ?rd and prtrtiagee aa member* of Ibn famltr; an osber boardrra lak'O. terma teae.uaW-; luratiua Fl'Ucth alteet, rut aid*. Addrtee U. T. V., nation A. OINTl.KM AN AND HIS WIPK OR TWO OR THEM single geotiemen (an ba anaummuilttad a lib Huar : at 1M M l werty second street. LaaMoa rery p.eaaaet Befr iwmiwwhL A^m tOtMl OKNTLRWAN WMll Ed To OBTAIN A COW I 'ortahla Iwa and Hoard, nor t>mr brlnrr tlx lat if ivtutisr. would prafrr a I atbo.xr family. Add ran. stating lorauoo, Ac. J. Mart aa, Herald uJUee. A HRt'KI'TION ROOM TO IJtr-TO A (JB.STI KM AN, A with Hoard Terms M par weafc. llama brat clam, 231 Naat 1 wreUetb (treat. terror eoomiom rrconii ruxir. furnuhkd nr auf un.laArd, in let to a family wtui Hoard, la ( drat riua brim stone boiwr la tbe upper pan at the dli, bow ra oat ElNhUlMER A CO.. KJ FouwA (ramie ATM KAST TWENTIETH ST REST, A FRW DOORS from Roadway, a genttomaa and wife nr two Engli- pan ra can at '-am a eery pimaai I fun abed froa^Roja. wttb lard Huuaa first dhwa. Baa refarsaoa off wad. A u+wra Bi'Wd. A A OENTLKMAN WANTS TO OBTAIN HOARD FOR A lad7 and ?b!M for the ?Inter la a (wall plain, quiet bat reap eel a > V letnllj, where there are n.i other bo.rv.era. A and Jledrunm. wih a*a and water, will he rwqe r~d. Tbe partwmwui futnab tbair nwa munia Terma must be mode rato. Addraaa S ihman. Hwaid 'duaa. far tbrae day NT LAST HA VINO A PLEASANT LOD.HMO RtMtM to raat, to a retired part of ibe mty. may bare of a too mi by addneaafug T- W . I'm-hi a>iaare cat 'dine Would b ire no obyeoiiun to runto wub another paraua If peery way agree a Ota 1 A (a*U PRIVATE PANILT, RRMDINO IN A 1 weal/ amend >U eat. will M* two koeutfully foraUkad Rw nto. oa tamed Boor. rurlal.ilug gaa. bit aad ?V>'d wa'ar, ba A Aa . to nae nr two alagla remletaen. wltb or without partial Hoard Referaaeee anna aad restored Addraaa F. A._M , llnra.d Dd.i-a ASMALLWTEDPLT FRfTATE FAN ILT, FI.KASANT m If Moated, arar Waatoaghm aaaaf* wouM tot. wbb ?ram. to a gmttlriaaa aad wl r an triad Mary tr*u Room aol Bedroom. ltolereuoes aaidiaagat gdilraat M. B.. bit III/ Paat uflloa A^m ?|i?arn <oe unfi'rniwhed parlor and todmum (.i/nnlag era reqi. -ed by a angle g?aieia?o. la a inlet lag.wbnh aaa euoy tba anxfne of ladanaa daaea . Inaailna moat ba perfect, y raapnciai..?, hat wn rearth aa 1 Sa>aa<b areoees aad art shore Thirty tmirth (treat Trrmi 9S0 to SD a tanatb for fur,tubed Far T if aaaed Raaty wtU fill partlenlara. wki ib al bm will be hollaed, to H O , boa Up liar aid ogloa. A FRW S1N II.R (IKN11.EMRN CAN BE A'TTOMNo A dttorl atob femiabad Rtraae. w*hni?t hoar I. by applying at Mb Nuilba (aat, tiatwaa.i Broadway and I anarxty tiUoa | Apt | at It.t Wret Tan'tjr arnr d atrae^ FKW I'EIUONS HATINti OtNiD BRPI RENCNSCAN tie anxaarmnteaet wttb N" ma and Hnard la a ftrot e<aaa ahme fmat b "iae. rar> pinna atty aad auareawaby toaatad. ? " laat Tan ty arira 1 r AU WIDOW LADY, IIA VINO A FIEKT CLAM II ?CRE In tba *WanNy nf MarKaoa aqoara, would Kke uimae. a I It a parti m gent eaten a bo amuld nae to real anaaa nf bar p>-ota ?"V . r a ihrot > at' a'en four Hob Ronma If dr ?rad. Ad traaa Manama ? . Ilrmjd oSea B^MNOtDWAT-A r-KIVATF FAMII.T. AT US WENT SI twelfth aunt will aerranairatate a gnntietann aad wife, wubnottdilbleaa, with aa aafa-nhtoad Itonaa and t aotnaa. no -DOtED-A OENT1.KN4N AND WIFE, OR SINOLE XJ gaumeeaen ? aa bare Rrr giV with Board, oa tba aeoeid tor f'lrnkhe I nr nofnmtabnd. la a ItrH elaaa brer nmi raaienl t i?nra and ategea Apply at M Haaiaioad atrnal. ba tweea Rlawrbnr and Pnartb area B OARD -A FEW HKNTI.rMRN CAN BE AOCOMNO _ dated wub plenanat R-?m.* aad Itoawd la a am all prtraie family, boiiae enotaina all tbe at *?ern Impmaaaeiita. adlgh borbnad dmwmula Apply at M Eaat Eleraalb auaet. Bale raaree ?a< banged BHOARD-A FIRR FA'LOR AND HAM. BEDROOM TO ? M? Mom Saa tad hna all tbe tatproTeaaaata, InraUnn part ddatrabtr Mai gl l tow. faaally ana., wtifciat Itbslraa tag ml re at No. I N?a 'mil aurnat. raraar of Baal Bruadwny XJOARD ?A FINE RirrP OF FRONT ROOMS, WTT'f JD Beard for inmb. may ba bad at ttl Waal Twaaty atgt'b (?real. Ibe hmiaa, rnra lura sad I'wetmn are eireilaat. aad ?eery to derm aaneenu-nee aad fa?Uy antoferlaaa ba aapipadi !!??? reamiaabto. family awall l?OAED-WANHfN?1TnN toy U A EE, RolTH-HtND D wrarely f irebbed Roena, Ml anbe rw aaparately. a idabto fnr famll tea. to lat wMb Rnnrd. at the a bo- a deUgatf il loetUm atot RnnnM f"r stagte rent I ran a la-.i're at Mi b nirth ?tod, Weablhguiu i-inarn, anib. OARD.-A UNNTIJtNAN AND WIFE OR TWO SIN U gte geet>men maa nNala a aeaUy farnwhM lirt, with ill er partial Vard, al M Meal N aablaglmi plane $1 Board-a laror nitri.t pi rnirhro psont Buna, mi ac fd fior, wit* hath ? > m aad r" ?a> al taehnd, to to1, wbb rbob- Rnard to a gei, Tecnta aad wife nr ^^?toa^geaUnart^ tonne apply at Rt EL Mark i plaM. HOABI.-A LaOT and OrNTT.NN AN WrsmNO A kandenme / f iruwbad R-?mi, motodlr ely to tb" rt atir >r Bleerkar aad We- 1-ngai a?re?*?, ?-ith fVnr l f.-iy Aa adf ?miy igas^bm and odd water, baib, aad aB modern cpm ?eata n 'he h man), if a \ a luilb aad wiRag to ra; a r*T may add/aw a?urpf, Ms Uf Usnll g?M. BOiRTJKO A*0 LOOtinO. BOARD-two faNui?b .;am be aOOUMEodatiid wn* 4 ?t Knout*. *u serund wud third II" rr*; slsu. Roams I or gt.'ieuien, *i 189 inJ 191 West Pou-tetMh street. l> at I o't lock BOAKD.- THE CHOICE or THREE KoOMB OAK MR iAUImA will ImM. la a s-null a idwi fiuillv, where 1 bare are few Dffitniert lb,* b<"i*e bus *1 the muter i Im provewi'tv. h*t ?ui1 sold water b ah, ttud Urg? pantries, At Inqnlr*i?i No. ;? Bank w'.rret Mmn p*m wtthiu >.oe bl x-h ot tb?* b I'lta, KetVrencee eirhfto|*d.

B CARD?TWO Kl.E lANl RCOMrt. ON RK"?)??I) FLOOR I of ? flrst tins* bouse, u> lot, with Hoard, Cenlleiaeu n 1 their *lv? ttr parties of |*-n iemttti will Hud ftr? desirable ?? couim,-taboos by applying at <39 Fourth (treat. BOAKD-TO LET, WITH BOARD, AT 187 SECOND, betwrou K'*hth uu I Niu-.b streets, bmdsomely furnished Rootua, ?'?ilahla for a family, loaatlwi Tory datum, ble. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board.-a hutt or furnished roomb on sk rood floor to Irt, together or *e jarete, with Hoard at ?1 Oitatou place, two door* aaat of Fifth avenue. DnexaopUoo able references given md required. Board-to let, with or withoitt board, two ?itlta of handsome Bourne. Apply at 48 Cltatoo piste, be tweea Fifth avenue and University place. BOARD-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BK aC onm modeled with handsomely furnished, with Board ft r lady, I" a modern built bourn, with a lady living Board Lr lady, I" a modern built bou?e, with a lady living aloee. Adder** Home. MadMon square Poet offioe Board?gentlemen and thbir wivrk, and stogie gentlemen, may obtain pleaaaut Room* and good Table. 1 be locattoo is dealrable and oonvenlent to ear aad stage routes. A put) at 13 Aahlaad place, second door from Waverlej place, Perry etreet Kef ere ore* exchanged. BOARD.-A PRIVATK FAMILT OCCUPYING A Mo dern huuae In K*M Thirty fourth street, near Lexington avenue. oou'd scommodtle a family, or two gentleiuea sod their wires, with pleasant Rooms and Board. References ex changed. Address J O. T , Herald offloe, for three day*. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN ANl) WIPR OR TWO SIN. Ate gentlemen ceo bare nlcamat Miems, with Hoard. In a modern house, at IB Ninth street, a few dear* weal of Broad way. furnibhnd parldrh and Bedruoma U> let. In a first claae private bouse, wfh all the modern Irojrovsmeoti. for gcuUrmen and thatr wives, or sin gle geattemen; noe of the best locations is the cKy. No 79 East Twelfth street, near ltroedway Board for a lady-in bridge street, brook lyx, to a small family, where there will t>e no other boarders ls> -stkm pleasant and terms moderate. Address H., Herald office. .AJ B OARD IN CLINTON PI.tOR -ROOMS IN .HPITB OR I tingle tor gentlemen and their wives or for stogie senile in; also (he Basement for an ofllce, at 97 Clinton place. Board wahted-by a young man, in a hm all Brat clsee private family, where there ere but few or n-t other boarders, local mo ill the vicinity at Union square. Ad drees, for three days, ^stauu^ terms. location, Ac , giving fit I particular*, box If,.7li New York Post ofllce Board wanted-for a '?ot, m yf.arr old, in the nelshbortiuod of Forty aererth street, where there are bo ebttdreu preferred, or nut more than ore. Call at ur address M Vestry <treel, corner of Hudaoa, for two days. Board wanted-bt a touno man, in a first elaea house, looated between Eighth and Twenty third streets, and near Broadway, Breakfast and dinner at sir. ~ 7 referenoea will be given, and parus*answering this must. la order to insure tiueolioo, give full parilcuUrs of size or " iflrm r - room, loaatkm and price. Address Chester, Herald office. BOARD WANTRD-BY A YOUNG UCNTLBMAN. IM A Hpanlah family. Address, with references, G. W. H . boa 18(7 New York Pualaffio*. Board wanted-in a pbivatr family, or where there are bat few boarders, for a gentleman, wit# aad bole girl; Jjradoa below Thirty stab street; two large Roams on eeeood Door required, with all the convenience*. Address box 7V7 Peel office. HOARD WANTED?BT A 10r?0 OKMTLIMAN, IN D the rtdalty of Fifth Avenue Hotel, mast he a private family, with few or no boarders; would not object to young la* I superior aroommodsttooa Address, slating particulars, room 138 Fifth A res as BHOARD WANTBD-BT A GENTI.KMAN AND WIFR, | for the winter, with Parlor and Bedroom, not higher ihan third floor, locattty xetweeo Seoood and Seventh arennee and Fourth and Ihlr drib streets Dtaner a> six P. If., and tnrmi about flA per week. Address, alhUag term*, A*., until Thurs day, R, baa 198b Post offic*. B OARD WANTED?FOR A OBNTLKNAN, WIPE, AND child four ) ears old. Address Broker, Herald oRea, with all pstrUrulare of location. aeoommodation, price, Ac. Nous ? * * to; private family preferred. others will be attended I Board wanted-for man and wife, three children and utiree in a family where no ether boarders ate taken; moot he a Bret class neighb whuod, near Ual m Biuaro preferred. A suit of Room* oa aeeund flow, wtUR bath ruuaa deeirnd. If aul'ad. a pi rmanrut traanl woo ; be essnrsf. Address Kakkerhoeker, lleratd office. -nOARDINO.-A PHYSICIAN REQUIRES AN 0FF1CR JO I unfurnished', with Board for blmae f, wife aad -blld. la the Immediate netshborhnod of the CHy Kail. Brooklyn. Ad dress Medic us, Brooklyn Fuel office _i_ B OARIHNO-HfTpKRlOR A<XX)KMODATOM8 FOR the winter at ltd West Fourteenth etreet. BOARDINO-A PRtYATR FAMILY IN WEST FOUR teenth street, ta a (Irsi class house. wu?M let. with Hoard, their entire second Floor, also a front I'arbw and lledroom .to third floor. AddremM. U. Y.. box 187 llrrald affirm. BOAtDIRO?THE ENTIRE PE?)ON? FLOOK OF NO 3 Albtoi. place, Pi let, wiib drat turns Board; also two da ?treble kooua fortluglr gentlenaen The house has ail the tr~irrn laipnr "iiiTiitT Apply at No, 3 Albtoo place. Fourth HreeC Boarding -a few single ofntlehrn oh arts Uemen and Uwtr wive* no obtain Room* fur nahsd or uu furelahed. Apply a? JHJ ilsnsl sirset. near West Hrvu Iwiv. Boarding -uandfomki.y fcknirhkd rooms may be be I wrlth Hoerd. the eat i o ?? aid Floor, with L-rlvao- tab)#, if Jralred, at 7t Ee-i Twenty third elreet, uew privaie Fuurih Boarding and lodging. ?tsogrankrgt pare. Ksat 1 eestfi fir at auve-i - Handsomely furnished suits of kmrnie for fami iea. with private tthle If aesirert Also Komna for a lew single gentlemen. Inealttsi attain passed. Rule rente? required. 'OARD IN BROOKLYN t'LK \saNT RsSoMM, WITH I Board, at 18 willow street Hronklyn Heights, flea uai LSS' walk fr ?u either W ,;l or Fulton street 1st ry. Board in hkooelyn ?oentlkmen with thk'R wivsa, or etayle gentlemen, ean be eecnotmodawd with Hsmni Rooms si I Iter I si UP ?v. ith Oxford str-n Tl. we reus of engaging hoard for the winter will find this a lie lightful tuoelhm. and where they an rea las the matfnrte > >f a b me Ilonee enntair.s mtaisrn Improvemsnie. gas, bath. A*., asd rerj ooavaetwai to the Fuilna aad Atlantic aveans earn B OARD IN BKOOKLTN.-A OK.NTI.KMAN AND H1B wife, nr a lew single gettUemen, may Bod dMlra'iW hirnas with Board, at W8 c Unwn aireet, cmranr uf State on wmm ' " ~ veslsat to Wmt street and K. ?a feiriea. Rafa Board in to with board, to affigN sesUemeo. or geetiimsu and their wives Apply at 4t Ooaerwd sweet, naly a few miaefs' walk Irum Futum ferry. Terms moderate. I sf si sail reqmred Board in sutanlk for urn tie-men and their wire*, aad Single ge.iUrmen may be Ooor wd suest, house pleaaamlf laoatsd and oau vet tent u> Urn ferries Ksferrn- s required Board in phivati ranh.t. oo< c pjtna a tn: elaaa Iv-niar, namMu la Wall Aran aad Sooth tarry, wlrta 10 M la ? pantl?aa ami wtfr a chf*. of handwanrtT fnmiahnd Wan?, w.U uuard. Apply at H Stala aural, noraar of liardta BOA AH IN BROOKLYN -A OKNTI.RKAN A NT) WJWR mm hr aranaaamlM*l wtth a Wrar tumlabaj fmoi 1 .-? la a Ann alma pnratr hou*r. hrantlftiily hr-atnd, a'ao a fair ?lupin ari.Urwsm. Apply at OS Slain auaa . Mar Hayi. Hoard in RRooKt.vN --rAKn.iNR and onnti.r awn a aklKf Aral rlaaa aaraataodauana ran tad iarp* an 1 h .ndwnr'T farutahrd Hi?ia, la aalt nr aaparata, na arr-Mvl ard third " ?wa. In a An* rlaaa hmaa, nuh ail lha aatrtom .. .imianri Apply ?t Nr ?? Hnnry air?, a frw mi-urm' walk from iha Vail and or Faitoa tmrf. Rafaraaaaa r? paired. ?????_?__________ BHoard in RROOKI.TR-NVnrKRN CUNTON AND | ?n,iirar?u Rmaaa loR-t with Hoar i fw fa?Nat, aad awa!) Nl? m? ?lwi for *?nil' M hn.ia* haa alt lha Wr> darn a?row?-r.l*. and nao mitral to lha a an and larry, DOA RD IN BROOKLYN.?A fUNTLKNAN AND HL D wl'r or laru <* ?hfrr atufla yrotle?'. i-aa h*?r plransnl low and A wrd al IB t'hnwrr. plana. hd?*m HarrW .a ar 1 iMyrir and Hi dm and Hrary aiMU Tarua aoirnlr BHOARD IK RROOKLTN.-ONR I.ANQK FRONT Rnaa and two?all maa to rani, wlihon board Apply a: 77 t .lui w ami <ar A? Iran LarW(M>?. Laud IN BROOKLYN. -PLEASANT ROtJMd FUR A I ?ru ,r?M and wtfr or inn at.ictr g> nl'.nnan mar hr ... *J . , , * ai 107 inuij aural, firm 4a* fi .in B(il RD IN MRO<>tl.TN.-ONN RCIT OF FURNHIIRD | Roraa* luptlhaid aad wifr ain?la R ami* f .r gmtl. Inni ll"tir? Aral claim Ohihr u all, a frw oin-iPw mall from Fnli'ia and Mr al all rat (arrow. 114 1-tuarppla. annuo Fu l l alrrrt. HHOARD IN RRimiKI.TN - A FRW NINOUi OMU | mm or fa?Ura aan hr ar r t? adth ataaaaa* Smma fiiT.iahrd It anil, with ma " tm I'lraaaal VwaUna V ? rwn a? ?t. rat" Hoard in n vandr rtrnwt ? amr'nil.?'nrry a alnaU (rr.'irmao ran >?? ncwn tr..da'11 wRfc A rrry Ira.-afcW- an i lwrfm.Mii with Hoard B Board in rrooki.vf.-a orntlknan and wire ? or ? eowplr of ?|lr ? m? la* J B wnh plrnaat t Inm and Honrd. la a a?II faauly. hy im*au la* *411* tilnwc a raa*. ioard in booth HROOKLTN -a private fani p ly a-mpytM h haadroaurty funi?ad lor anar ihr I null frrry, and ha.In* am mmt Una thay rwnulra, aOtr Ihr adr*nt**ra rd a anmfomhla aad r ho? In oaa nr two Ranlra dwdrtr* la >a*Ur than?Una for lha wlalrr Rr frrom mjidrad. Ad4m M (An? ?. <? rr? Haary. BHOARD WANTKD IN RROOKLVN, At A VODRRA1N ? dWanrr 'rem ?a* of ih* frrrlaa-A platanni R-.-m, with Imt'ir naly, for a trail??w dale* I ????? la N?? Tor* ah*, far hi* arahrw, a boons |?a'li ana BOnm ynnra of aan. fern it ailll* fnai Orr?af. aad wh# will mm whnol a K.'ms aad Hoard whara ha wtu hnra lha anaHorlaof a h-aa? and n?ynnlnaa abaat hia nam ?> In a Ohrlauaa f? Hy lahUr Tim uar nf a huhnrva aa.1 gat win frw or an Idhar baar?a. Th* uarnf abithmw aa l pa* ha raarntlai. Addr?, ? 111 a Irrrat, loantlna. A*., hat A P? ifhrr. Raw VorR. Bhroorltn hkmvtk.-partial board for urn ilrnsrn. ai 17 fraahrrry mran Imlanru Willow and Oo I'tmMa ?rwa. roa? aaaily faratahnd aud a-ippUad won wairr ?ad ?aa, aian a hath r>m*a. Wiouion pint at a A aad M iialnai in Wafl ?? aad FaRaa f?*na HHOARD ON RROORLTN RRHIHTN. WITHIN FIVl | n ini**' aralk <N Wall atrart frrry A Rrnilr?n And hi* wl'r aan ha ? "mains. *??.?* vlth ? nr** aad ywiami fr-nl Rot at. on th# armad Its*, awly firatMba*. aim two lali a for ?4r?la fall? ?a: hn? mataioa Oath raa. ha Ip ply at UN Hrary ?traot. hrtwaaa PMtnrapoul ant liar* au*ma FHt RR-HTTVO ROOKN IN A FIRWT Of.*? HM7RR, TO I 1, V> f*???rT.*a, adthn-it Board. Tar? modrraM. No.' ? FasrA Nroai. Aihtoa pia? no/tKnwi; aid utrttiiia. HO RI) 'IN HKOOBtTIf HKll. MT.-t k <??CVTI K*. "I end wl'e or two jfenileinen can b? u?i"i<n atunl ? b nicely i mi ii. bed ronmt i nd board. Htwise omUu.i* gee two. *o . sod '?only 0v m r .ws' walk (rout Putt a or #?il wet ferry. Apply at Mf Hw?e street. BROOKLYN t|0\HI>--A (IF.NTLKMaN AND WITS, ur atun'e itriit eiMO, nan have bite eecommodwltons In a bouse rot taming all the modern improvements, with!" ft tr mlnu'es' w?l* of Wall street or Hoitlh ferry. 248 Hl"k? etrv near Jura lemon. Board in williamkburo, one rirutkh vu( from the ferrtra ?a gentleman and hla wife, or thi le tingle gentlemen, nan be accommodated with Hoard and (lira tanl Rooms by apply tut at 18 Houih Eighth Street IHuoei at A o dock. ELKO A NT LT FFRNIHIIKI) ROOMS at the ffOTl.'L ?t. Oermaln. Fifth avenue, HrunJway ami Tw <nty -? cood (tenet. Faml'iea and slngio gentlemen desiring la ma te permanent arrmnvemenle nan now enrage rery ohotoe mute >f Rooms In line delightfully kMated'hitel. IilLKOANTLY FUEMdHBD K<h >M-t -IN SUITS tiR !i single, with fall or partial Ibwrd, in a liret t laey feonoa, containing all molarn improvement*, In rleinity of th? Fi'th Avenue ilotel, Madleon and Union parka. Apply at Pit) Broadway. kjlK^Hhit'KT UOUHK, CUHtth Or FHANRFORf AND r William streets. N. t.?rtngle Room* from Ua. toS7a per night, nr |I tofS per weak. Hiwm newly furnished, w 'k a pood Reataurant attached Open all night FRENCH BOARD, FRRNfH LlWSONd.?A FRONT Far'or un'urnlehed, and two Hedroomt, furnUhed to :at wpsjile'y, In a Fsrlelan family, living In n tlnrt clan bouae ?* ntalnlrg all the modern Improvement*. Apply at 98 Runt Tereuiy eerimd strc <t FIRSTCLASS BOARD AT NO. 307 KA8T HROADWAT - A cottplo N splendid mtrlor Booms to let with nlonr'a, Ac , attached. Hotieec mlalns baths and all molern Improve mints Apply at the bottle, or to (>. /.. House, 107 llnstdway Furnished rooms to let-to gentlemen, with. oat hoard; bath yas and other convenlenoes In the house. Apply at 158 East Tenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. Furnished rooms to lkt.-a few first class furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board, to gent? men only. Apply at 18 St. Mark's plane. Furnished rooms to let -thb sktond floor, baidsoutelv fiinthlind. of hot tea No 3} Wust Eighteenth ctri et, to aingln gentlemen. Family pf ? On. FURNISHED rooms TO LET-TO OENn.KNRN OF retlned habits with or with tut Bourd, at No. 52 Weal FITeentb street, between Fifth and Slith evenuea, Family ?m.tll. Keieroncen exchanged. Furnished rhomb wanted in brooklyn Wllhm essr til Aan e of FulUra or Wall atreet ferries, rent not to exoeed Sit per month. Addreaa W. U., box till Uarald office. CTENTKEL BOAR PI NO AT NO. 142 WASHINHTOM f ttreet. Jersey (Tty ?A front Ho m, srtth closet*, furnish ?d or nufurniaht'J, suitable for a gcutleinau and his wife. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BAOE FARLOR, AltBO one lull sited bedroom, to lei. Inquire et Ud Meet Thlr tee nth street. HANUroMKI.T FURNISIIRD ROOMS TO LKT? en suite or singly. to gentlemen only; bouse Oral class, with all mnderu 'mproveinenta, In one of the tw et 1 nations In the city. Inquire at 1U Miuth street tnew number!, uear Broadway Handsomely furnished and pleasantly situ a ted Hon*, * mar ??> otitalned at 22 W??t Twenty ninth etrvet. for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentle men, the hoase IS newly furnished and baa all modern Improvements, ?tyle of housekeeping ami table unexceptionable. TEESEY fTTT board -1.AROE FURNISHED ROOMS tl to let, with Hoard, to two sinsle gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; house has at) modem Improvement* and pies santly located. Terms r>> ton ible. Apply at 161 York street. Murray hill-board, with handsomely fur nicked Room*, lor gentlemen and their wires or stnyle gentlemen. Apply at 20 East Thirty tilth street, near Madison avenue. References required. ONE OB TWO FORNTSRED ROOMS TO LET?IM Hi private family, residing in the timniijiste vtctnity of Ma dtson square nod Fifth Areoue tfotet. Apply ni <1 Earn Twenty fouith street, northwest crw r of Fourth avenue. ONE OB TWO RIMQLB GENTLEMEN CAM EE AO cqmmodated with e very line large, furnished Parlor and Board In a private family, reel,ting la Mouth Brooklyn not far from Atlantic street terry. Terms moderate. Apply at ? Douglas retrofit. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED?WITH THREE OR four unfurnished Booms on eeoood Sour, for a gentleman and wife and a Ragle gentleman, la n email private family re ndu ? In a modern IreUt bouse pleasantly located. ami whe -a there win be no other boarders; references exchanged. Ad disss tiondrteh. Herald office. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED IN BEOOELTN-FOE s lady and two grown daughters, with e respectable prt vats family, who wlllbe attuned * lib a low prise; would pre fer to furnish their own rooms. Adoreea Hoase, box 3.412 New York Post office. PLRAKANT NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS MAY 111 X otiuuti-d h* gantlauien and iinilr wlrtw mi aiu*l? gentle mm, by epplyttft ?* 9# WedtTbnlA atreet. betwee i Fourth and lllee-tar elreeto. 1 be hotter ouulalna lb.- m olnrn impi-ore inauia. and ia tot aled in ? quiet, trapecieble Deigbtrorhou-l. Tint moderate. Rrlereneee et<-hen*i-d PLANTERS HOTtL, CIS HROADWaT.-TUH TROPHr. etor of I've above bnore hartn r juiti complete t an l": an inno of a'joui ?>? '.'truly room*. mloa Uir n ni pa mau. ui r trwralept boarder*. It..u?r tlr?l cUat, lunation auatuvaadbd, pood litble and irroi reaaaoabla. TreuaU-.ul buardura (1 W per day. PRIVATE HOARD IN BROOKLYN.-*WO Hl.VILE gei.i.-nira or a geaUtvaan and wtio oan be aororni'od* tnd la a firm Hum bona*, fumiabod to mod?ru air'*. tnr-os moderate, ooureuimil lo farrtaa; family ainall Addreae boa 1,808 New lurk Fiat cttoe. __________________ Rook* to i et-furnihhkd or unfurnished, a I th Hoard, for famine or alugle ?nUmn?ii, at No. U Hral outcenih street, near Hftb avmiue. Rooks to lbt-fcrnihhed or unfurnishkd,to ytngt* g?riueieee, with or wt-I ?ttl partial 'Par i, b am (u?t. I >*anun plreemt. mar-nlenl to car* end Me?*e. App.y al BU Tenth ami beta em Flrai and Sooaod eeeoii'-a The oomforth or a hunk mat he had at m "irllin atreet for tain gentleman or a *?ut'eniau a id wife, a be re there are no other boarder* IV r ma moderate. fSK ATTENTION OF i.ENTI.KMEN AND LADIES KK t? iri. n* free the e mhtry la reaiienfully rec, i ?at"1 to Ihla Adrrrttai merit ?Fine boui a et -nllem 1.1-all hi android table, flrat rlaea f.nmna, wi'h Hoard. a.. l au'l f K >-na with Hoard; tery aaaraateol to Broadea> and Aat-.r plaee luqusp at lid ErrvoJ Atanae, between Meruit.i and Rfeti.a airoet*. Tiro OENTI.EMEN OR UENTLENAN AND WIFE eat. ha arena* .tated with a fret men ai.d n*driaaa. furmabedor nnfurnlaked at ITS Neat Foot1.-i nth i treat Alan, one hall hadmma for a Mngle goolletn*. Hefeiener rr,jurat. Inntier al ? o olort. ftoWO i tNTl.KMKN, OR A OF.NTLKMaH AND WlFK, I wtiUrg to pay a fair prh-A, '-an obtain daatrat.le Board. 11 a prlrate iamliy , bona# are!; lurrileb?d ami aocea?i ila, url?1i borhiad thortmthif iHMcuilt: an*t-wvtinti*?to rafaraaroa required Addiaaa MM ii? bm 11Mi Fuel oEoe mwo UENTUUEN WI*H A UA.MIiMlEEuT Ft A J alahad R<? in. with brrakfani. I eat* o rod abort VfttOM ?qtura. Add-raa HaaalMpe. Km It* Heraldjod*" mwo RINDLE I1RNTLBMEN W HO WOULD ROOM To 1 nether an be enroia modeled with Brard la a amul prl rat* launly where th. re a-e no other boarder*, ?r a K-ratlaaaan and atfr with a ro >n. end tarloi, at 788 Wmm*0m tort- t, aear Eaah. TWO FARLDRR ON FIRST FLOOR TO I.ET-TO BIN ale at nitrm-n. to a pnvale family no i Inl lrda, Inquire at 84 Raal rn'h atreet, leiw-n, llnwdwey and Filth ar. TWOORTtlRER MINOLK oKNTtFEEN TAN BE AU oaw-mor rj irilh pl'?a*o! Knee and raruai Board la a paall pirate fabJly . rnarri,lea* to ?aqe aad oar rootaa. Ap ply at No. 7 Barrow rtreet. mwo OR TUBER TOrRO (IRNT1EMRW OaW 11R 1 hat laotaal) we- >wmv".ale t to a aoahd plrata lamilr al witaaanihle taei.ia at M Wiat Fofty Aral atraet. aaa bki-A anal a h Jl frnm Hroa 1 a ay lttnaer at <i elork , HRRK OR FOUR LITTLR MIIA BKTWBEN THE < apea of ia and ta t year*, w Jl he taken la board aat win rata la a atrx tly | it al? fatally r-etdtnp la ? beatth/ emnary t-la-e 1 he leet of ?dty refeih?BP tlreo Tnnaa t?d l-ar buh-.1i Admaaa. tor iWit week a, A. Uaafr d, W aahindma Hrjb Foal otic r! tirr.-A I.ADT LITIND kl/iN* WDOI.n RENT A larce nkei) lurnlaiiod flout aad >m?a Ro am, on aar atd ?jnr, wlhor wltV?o* oa tial lr*.-d to a tali, t?a paatnea. mm all El prtri ep-e id ker owa W?ne paa'eoieed n,?ht hay f urnlaUd. Applt W 17? Hra*n* Mreet, n-ar Hleaeltar r> Mrr-rrmsi-'n?n r<n>km. wito nuibd an rati - If, ateai ? dfrmil and be-k * itai wtth eptei a?w -d hall Hedr.?mi ea ? it*. aaiUt > fo a family or i adty of r'nap *? n rt?.Dmnar at all r'r'eft. Kefarea -w at i ban red. Apply al dl lee- uqrVm iiteroi*. Wantkd-ut twu km *ii mkw a ofw n bi/.rd R.em, wl h l!r*ahf?n a?d T*a i Haner oa M-i->1?fai. m a prlrate faailtr. pwtiie wH> aat* trn?i<l* ->y fl te* full drtuta. I*rm? Ar r<m* HI prlntte fam l'ea a*-1 apply. Addrara fpr two daya J. U H , V-t UMHwaM Roa. n'ANIKD-RflABD NI*B RftDUlWAV fUt LADY and eee'le lite. naNErtlMRn .?!?^b e*d priJ Nl ad TBBOp la Ilea of ielerporn, tdd/rwa N. D , Hi aolw*/Frot tftOL w ANTftK- * rt'RNI?HFn RfFlM WITH ATTRNN an-*, w h or ? fch mt imard. for a lai>. a pr>ifeaa.oaal Biaalelan an l ri| ern r red tea hr , la on b .?*(.? .oa-u ' -o on piano fultar or la > mat tana-. Adiretu Via, Haral I "Rre ANTED-THRKK HUOMB. WITH H iard. for a pmi lew-an. wife, eh- I fi*tr reefN al I aad Hi'"', In a pr rat* fan.. | Ad beta a. l to at -o, ? ' >. - of fowl aivt term*, wbtrh ? wi bd irtamai-K bor 1 Aid New Tort Foal .*? w w ABTKP?A FUBMIBI RU HBDBIKIW, IN NRfXtK Irn "1 a rn- te family whmw a*nol* atlod lb-Iron a boatneaa. aad par mei t la Bdram*. Releermoao *rahaof?d. Adilrraa Hrooftlyu. Herald Ar* ^. WANTED HT A OtNTI.KMAN AND LADT. A H MID Fonm with finer* for lade ontp. la a am all ant retpona bl? fa ail r a a 'eirnieii ideality. Addreaa lor tbroa dara L F Herald o* re. WANTED INNEPTATII.T-AN nNFUB*IRntl FAR tor aed Bed room, with Board, h-rated a tha o*t?hbnr bend td thd Idty Had. Hn.ftlya Addaao d B . Brookljn P.a i __________________________ acn A WEEK -FOR rNlEFONTABI.F Fl'HNIkilED Ov h ?WW, a the ? a rei p*etabl* pari of lle-ry aad dnerenleiil In iha ?> atoaa oart of Ifteettr I rpd cara aooreoietl. Refortaoda r irha-ifed Arply at B e ! MB Hear r aire-1 ______ am n FFR WBF* FflB A HtNt'dudFi.T FUR iitthrd K -an ?t in H nhh ttuaed. with mi M a pmdir . b h to* po no. I-at'I.e. ar l tr.?od?* in laaw. or I reap~i??-le ivlea ai MM an le,nta. at At 1*?| e iard ?treat, near Br ede ty. _ _ aCUNTON Ft.f"R-? ABD-1IEE1 Y FURNfBWED, 1 wall iaautaie-1 ft ?wa* ttaa ? op to ruta. w*b ar watont 2WrKiBT8BFTRRKT.-TOI.rr, FP?B1NU Wl IjOOjM rrrEl.i^dlorea. pa? wadPPAW* orAeytl .< mtoetoto keep honae, am a I rent Bern mil the iai<# >*/*!* rerr krw, oaly to renyeetabi* par tad II * WW atreto iar t 'anal _ 4ARINOPON wjCtBB "? W*?? 2**5HF,**> betwera Hank aa-1 Tr iy hy.' aa*'T frrnad*d h-et to . .Ma -w ??? ?'* v t- . eh a tat R ?? '.rto elnaa ' o?> toabto re er-aeea a e ?drwiitood. i't?? at I ? * %m> v'>t>oi\g. 1 it hamjiohh sfnF*.T ?\ in? o* koomk wyt*? J O go* DaaM *..d every rr udecn rr . .SuT ,T? I i? '"ft "* P**V "' SWleee'i, convenient to oam 0i sbyr* References eichaugej I>tnner elltfoto?fc. f),\ WRHT TWENTY KIOHTU BTRnn~?iAIXRRLBOV ?t\J families so/1 klu?lr geutlen.m, ..*1.^ h,,,ri w l.lti ("Mil no? secure irslrs >)e rti .in* ei suit or lit A* immediate application, la on* of ihe must eUkibla locaiam . in a# city. Refe reuoe* required. Otimer at tlx bmuou i la i).y vin rotJBTMurra hr hKKT hii fifth & Ct u' ri it*.?Heard with handsome y 'u she' Hoi n? m ill'* or Single, at rrasonaKr rales, house r>t e |*M tiroWa i tunc, Unexceptionable reference required. (If* WRHT NINTH RTRKKT -URNTLKMKN AND THWR mm v) win * and slng'e gentlemen can be acwrrae '?ie<t w.ih pdod Heard and pleasant K,?.in? References *? hanged nu Wluif IN,(IN KyUAlttC.?TO LIT, WITHOUT twj Board, * (lilt of haodcnecly furnished front Rooms. Alan, single Rooms, price from W.ioSIAper week. A "I TCNTII STARRY, BATWKKM FIFTH AID BUTB j 1 avenuea ?Daafra'iM Room* la ?u'ta or separately, foe Citterns II and their wire* or single aanliaaaan. The ho ilea erery convenience Dinner at I o'clock. A l> VTK8T FIXTBBNTB HTRBET, BRWR* FIFTH 1 v> ainl sixth avenues.?To let, a hssiteanelv furnished fft iliir K. i in with Bedroom attache t, to uoe or two g*nll*inmi{ aim. a single Sunn, to aalna)?gentleman, in a irat elsue Muse, private French family; location unanrpi*e*d; oauveulent to oar* ami aUge* Aft WKrT TWENTY FOURTH RTRBWT. BETWRBW ill Fifth and Ktith avenues.?A Parlor and Med room, alai tbiee stug'e Rooms, furnished. can be had, wub fall or partial Board, lo the abo e Aral i-Uaa bouse OK WEST TWENTY FIFTH 81 HKKT Nl.R H1X TH vl( ' avenue ? To let, al'h Board, tu a private familr, two large, nicely furnished Ronnie, on second Aoor, with okr wa'cr, (a* and all coovenicncea Term* moderate Oil at C. >7(1 TKNTH STREET, REAR FIFTH AVKRITB.?WITH I ad of Parlor* and Redro ma. and single Koua** lo let, with Board, to respectable parties. (Inly those who wiah for par nuuient Board oead apply. 77 CHRIHTOPHKR STREET, NRAR FOURTH HTRKBT. I I boon.*, furnished or unforuiahi'd, for families and siugl* gentlemen. IIO OKHENR KTRKBT, AlATON HOUR?BUPKRBLT VO furnished Parto - and lied..a,ma, with gas and Crutna. new patent spring beds, and everrlbhig neceeaarv for yourijf bouavluners. Meal* serred if desired. Rent low to reapeo table tenant*. II k(i WKhT FOURTEENTH BTBKBT.? LARDR AMI* LvT ?/ medium sised Hooeaa, on aeoood (tour, suitable (or families or single gentlemen, lo lei. with drat o ae* Hoard; house * very An* ore, with trery tmpiunmaut aad meat ma> yenit ntl> and pleaaaoUy located. mPIKRRKTOKT 8TRKRT, BROIRLTR ?ONE OR two Kcutiemca aad their WIT*#, or a few Mode gea Urttirn. can secure good accommodiUoo*. with the oomfon* of a hum*, by Immediate application aa alxrve. YXl\ ?LD' 'W ",-w NO-. WIN*H RTRKRT, BR(X>RI> A lly himae w est ol Broadway.-To let, a second Floor, ele gantly furnished. a\.' dike for gentlemen wlahlng to togeiiicr, or a gcml.-n ,u and wile Also, tingle Iroot P House la Brat clam. Apply a* above. mBIOHTH fTRKET, THARR INKJHN RANT OF Broadway-Elegant Itns furnlahad Rooma. with small Koumt atucbed, a Ian other Rooms ibrnughout the howm. 1 d/i tenth UTRRRT. TWO AMD A HALF BLOCKS loT eastu Broadway.?A handeome Parlor oa the icoowd Boor, f umlabed ae a bedroom; aim, two email Roma* to tat, without board. lo gentlemen, la a mull private family. Oaa, bath and good aiteodaaoa. ^^?klMM KKKT, NEAR riPRINl) ?Kl-KOANTLR furnlshcl Parlor* and Bedrnoma for small faml .ee of , single Apply 210 le genllemtn; everything act.ble far hoanekeeping. vlx., < rotou, beat beds and bedding, cooking utaoatla, Re., Ae.. piete. Apply as above. MOISU. AmoB flacx hotrl, broadwat.offcriitm aatoh plana ?This hotel hae been treaily ?r.'arped by an adili Ut/a frtmUog am Kettm plaoe, aaorilin* many truly elegant taX* of mom*. Thur* I* also onnnaetoA with toe hotel a Am ctrU|( bona* aad stable ?ff u-dio* erery facility fur toaaB wishing Ui keep their euUblwhtweiit*. Tartu. wishing to mak* arrangement* fur Ike a later are Aaatred In sail aoi t--?1MB three apaiimcnta. Familiestarred with private uibles tf de sired. WM. P. FUffl. Proprietor.^ AHTOR HOUR* -D0BIKO TUK PRRAF.NT BUST ?run. the friend* of Uua Hotel are reapeetf nUp re enroled to give notice of their Intended vlall, 10 o. tier tost laelr roncaa may he prepared. no hctki., iioiiokbr.-roohh to uct, Witt or will,out Hoard, on the Rurnpaaa ' men do ng buntar*. d ?n town will fl-.l lb.? a conreu 'at regi" denre; the ferry being ' rae to boarders. K??ry am- i-raioda tton aad Itiiury. auch aa Fran ok aad A mart.** o *?.* .g, ha rbulcert wine*, liquor* and re*,ra uauwUy kapt In (lmt ? .** hotel., with good aMaudaar*. Ae. Aooanalil* at all h if* day or sight. Eiurth avrrck nonoe-wr ard sob fourth ? venue, bet wo en Twenty laird and Twenty fnurtk *>re.-ia? lilies or gentlemen aoonmiu idaled with haadwene it pew with or without Hoard, Stranger* rtotUn* th* city will Bad this a quiet and desirable stopple* ptaoo. Term* vary an derate. MURRAT HTM. HOUBR, OURNRR SIXTH ATRRUH awl Fortieth *treet. ?The shore H- u*e la now It oumplata repair tor fall and winter busH eaa. Famine* aad single par m> returning Im?n the country will do wail by ?-a*"| ada vhMr Brat rail Mora aogac'n* bmrd HiIfH a BHHTW1UK. Froartmor. PI.A1 TKRh' MOTET- BdH H to* 1)W*V ?THE PKOpBI ru t ot the to no bo'iae, haying ju*i oompieird an r.ieu. alon ot a' liul eerr iy MOBi infer* limni la permanent nr Uan nleitl tneritnra. h >u*a lira* aieaa. lo-atlou uiiaur.inMnd, *'??1 table nud term* (car inabb Tranaletn boardr.?, tl Ml per day, TBAfBLlAHit. 1'EfVR 1MB MOT Tu TUB mil 11*1 iMA* HOI nK. >1 rvadway -vimar of Uoueka street * V lined natal (in lha Knronran ptaa. B. R MB?)iR. fmprVtt.r, COPAHTMKUMHli' NtFTICKM. A man o? TWRNif fita, to hum Htcxiu hri k and enonr.'U >na htm been aillierl > In a f, rtty In >be inXa kaauMm to whi h he aae** fr.e nla Sid route li.ll'iei.. e-,|e, e. . |o eatabltoh hlm*e|f with ten linen <i* a*l owpechatll* V ??in.lir, and pr ileum In chy ot Sew to k. lor wt b h purp.e.. h* wot.M wnb In f.U i ??r ?<i/w subordinate po?t '.irtk' flurat of eight or Ir? nueilk* a Ik*' rate ot Bl ?*l per a- time. a' tb? ? low of whlak time. In rieal of uiuiu -I tvtu'aeuo'i, be irould |inuin tr<"i* In* a partner pnttb.g in lew t? nfteen th ?>? ?i?t do.iare, ? biek ?wptlal. In *<??! hail* and raii-imd rtocta the advanmer la now p.ea it. f rVae who wnnld *nte *uta Iht* rro.KWttn.? ta ? -.1 faith wHi pleue uddreaa wkk r*aJ iuubw. Uoomk ??, lirrvMjrt llntiae. In tort IpXiR ma: K HOV I Attn WltXFURO 1 tsRuVR HALF r Interrn in an eWahNoked .Hnrtrr bnatneea, wftk niiia, pr<a'i it? to t.'oiaanol he lull lanaPnaiM. aad laatouea lo uri 14 t<M tar yaw. *?> naieni tin eho* MRi'W* i *i?a* ?I Nataa latitat. PAFTRFR WARTFI?-To rt'RrnA** TRfR I*T?ltlC*T ni a reilrfn* partner Is a pla in*, boo and luia'wr buto i era. ti ruen-a.' i.f ope, ate n la tola r..r A p-rana arttk At 1100 u W.OUB nap'tal win ead tkia a faturatOworportarlty to aruraaa in a pr.auble buamnas. Addre**. w.ik real o*m , b-.t T hJl Fnat idkre PARTMFH WITH IBUOU ttAAII CkB OHTVIN \R TW. term In aa r?lab l*a*d Hanoi. lune* Hntlam* wl era iy at aequo In* a ?peedy fortua*. am" tie etrromaian *a HHttWH k RttrH. Bl Rawao otre-1_ Rlt.ratliR ORHRBAl. PARTtIRR WANT bsAineaa to _ ifoBMMB eqn*l t? lira or ma Ikouaaou d-d tore, may addraa* .1 tha wlih real name and rafaraa.e. W M.. lltaM Hnamrm warn a nil rettbdohad SPKflAl. PII.FMt IIR ORWRBAl. PaRTVR. ru?Ti run I* ike M hue lead aad other pairt t able per* awa trade. A ay ywntlentan with bnatae q?l rtAFITAl.THlB VHHIMO TO IHTHBT lR RCR1. 1 aaaa ?A partner wanted, hertn* about fA) 'tkl eaak, ?r lha UI dent rued In eaul lieh a who ewtla drug hilto* <? ? lb* ity Of 01 1. ol* Mo The writer ha* he aa I* rear* to thai till, a".1 II rear* In the d'u* hmitonii and pd??aa*w* a thnmuifh kaowiedar of He- aaiae 11 a Tie o twee Uw prlnrlpal *al?a*MA In tor large*! drua bieiaa la Ml lam row rlalo* he ,.>m bhu >t? ? larae and On* -lea* wruete, u aad aut p. mm Inf ?oflMint mean# w .'falmo* of ammtatui* hlwae'f w'lli t part nwHri' i the ahnre ano H-ai of rto?eenwwa *1T?n. ad mo T j. It., oar* ? rears, m.era Bros , 1*1 Chambao* atraat. Hew Turk rJt/. _ The AHvr?iri?KR. a t'iorouoii hobihrab har, with II Hour I* hi MO (W*h won 10 like In j<An aautkae lo the (irntMIW llim el Mr mm nlaat <n prrtueW, bu'ter or ?her K rai par n* biiiiew; would pre'e* intilo* wHh .aae at ready oriav, ahad Addroas. with real name, (Id W. Itarakl tdhee filR AOTXkTlBRR. MART TKAR1 NBTAJUMiak IH ? to a a it b*?b * ailed np a aaw i*h.w.wrar>k. he Oal larr ankieHdheaiMw wroPa 11 artaar ... -uend to- toHtoBMr which m plrMMt an t p- .Maoi* friwa C*l la B*Q weeklyi cab b* an>rv toaa d eittltd. Add>ew* HoroUoB* Tnr rtiFARTR*F?H'F HHRRT^FoRR RXfRTTRO CH Iter the ..aire g Harris*'y A <lalla?her, at Rn I* >ut*H at.-ei alhlday dtOWl red by toBtea' rm?-it Alt... adoo er i atah.e by taa . laeare wlU he pe ile-t hy John J HnrrtoWy. J.>n?o I MokuMdry. Stw Ton*. Amc'tto 1*. '**> JAUHh '1AI.LAUHH* WilTli ?A PARfRRB, IN A WRU. RdTARLI IIB I, liepe, p*?'df. wnm-a'tl# B?MHM?M bw lueaa Tkla t* a p."id ? t. wee fi . a rtod atan with IB.too hi du. iai ?*bIUL, HI..HA A FuUTllAl" h, V Muv.arM a-1 7 c -?*? ?*rrn a vutfurno FOM, ?iiabibi O11 I "f a wen rat'i* ldq?or tot tore" f-Ut >??e SO tow rent: to pHtel if li pmr* rm hand WtU tot* what money a man rah spar* aad watt tor to* baton "a Apply at U Use ?trw*t. |i;(|||?ill. rriU'llARH Tils ttTBRMf OF A RR tine* periwr in a nap' .-table each bualiwm. ray in* Btlt-'dP' rey week tn earn tarty, raqittoad Ot b > ire* daily alley, to w. of two teiereyied fa He* Apply 1st 1AFF RFV At tl.. Rn tf ha Tiber, torwet dtoni* "to d*n-* RH ART, RRBHHHTf'! It H ?TOt 'U ymiw* a aa, wtto to- atom* to utob wtoh.n* as 1a tirntiii km ela? hdel In am? <* thPs^x~ I ?!?? lo make m wwy. red a r"A pe hi bW - Inf . . rod r#a-tj lot for Rr JpHRROR, l? Weto Hm arnn~-Tir* AnFHRTl*FR, HATfRii TWO ?mo (ly)UU. eei y and pm-Wbut atnrwa want* aa aauvs huat ner* ynunp m*n. wnkth* beat of rwfe-aane* aa paetoer to .ah* etotrpe at nr.* to Ik* heat h.uP?ewa oart a> Hrnatway, raat low A <t'y m It. MAZWRtJa Ul Third **? as. oahrTwaa Iy pyyehta Mrtek *1 flilA -fARTRRR WARTin. TO J0IR AWOTflE* Jl I .lull', In pur. baton* a well weUMialied bus aa*. whHfe frt Ibe r*?t t ? ir year* haisxraped a clear pradr of M <W an-nalto. Tbl? I* a r-td o*i*aln* t .Ad to ska* aa *m*iB. ? a, cRKHM A R? ??! (WW) w"-' "J7* A* IRTPmrwr ir a harp. ty.V'rty fa rtc* t'dalnera In .1 i 'BHhi T*'? ' S*yd?*to'*e prnd'a ..ran ha fully *S >wa Apply to T, H. t iIakR k C' . t?d lined way _ ?ft nnn T" *???"?-* wf* oj r^ CViVVV w.i.i* a partner Inrptal.'?k a maaifarv fih* t ntoaaw w*k INlIe maytoile ami h*ta?? ?? 1*> ?' "" C*Bk Ai lreaa. Where n be wan > . t.? KB Har?.d iTj*