Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1860 Page 5
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Aeuot ifd'ilo la ?to?* Mn* moruiag 186 779 V sh'-li .eat, 796,?1 do eoni .il.R7i do. <?ti 4.S7H do rye. mm wnount of gram u store 1 017 US t<outlets Sapl 8?8 P. M. flour doll aod unchanged, Wheat oloaea lover, * th tm$ Inquiry : tales tbie Immm, 17 000 suahcla No. 2 [Pjaoago spring at 81 14. 9,600 l>uahei* No 1 Milwaukee ilub at $1 lit, 12,000 buatula iod winter Wietoru on prt ate terms. Cora Una morn in* L?!i at 58c for of. -too bto, with buyer* at 87c ; no sale* Other grain* unlet, mal freight* decline 1 J^c on grain; flu ir C.-o,, wii-nt lie., corn 10 'je , to New York. I.tke Imports?79 200 bushel* whom, 82,200 buahtla ooru. 10.1)00 bunbt-U Oar er. Cknal exports?1 175 bbU. flour, 42,000 buihela cheat, 60,700 buaheia corn. Cmrstio, Sept. 8?6 I'. M. nour dull and lOe. lover Wheat do!) and St. a 4e. of 87,000 buibelt at 80c a 87c. tor No. 1 ping, 83c. a 84a. fur No. 2, 08c. a $1 for red in Wore, urn dull and lc a 2c. lover: aaloe of 44,000 bushels at tM. a 38c In More hub steady Kaoetpla?3 100 M*. floor, 170,000 buaheia Vioat, 54.000 do corn. 12 800 d. oat*. Shipment#?3,100 bbla flour, 110 500 buaheia beat, .19,000 do. corn. Freight* a toady: 16 J- on wheel > Buffalo Bight exchange on Nev forit 1 per cent pre alum. City lateill|?ner. Tn Cm Hm. Clock presented an uaaaual appearance *t night. The long promised Illuminated dial* made *r deb> . much to the gratification of people vboae ioaineaa or pleaanra led them to perambulate tn the over part of the city after dusk The four dials are igbted each by tlx gaojeta, and exhibit the mine tea of time la the plainest manuor. It Is unv two years ilnoe memorable conflagration of the City Hall took place, 1 slaco which tima tba people hare been deprived of a ) of the town clock by night. Tn PaorihKxc* Ijoht Ixfaxtuy.?The mombera and ax member? of the Providence Light Infantry maiding In I city will Are a gubernatorial salute on Friday as tho alDftfa boat, on which Gov. Bpragae and the Provi ce Light lnfkntry are expected, m route to flo vol and, die, passes the Battery, and a national salute for their nt comrades as the boat roaches the wharf Fin ig BaoADvxT.?About ten o'clock yesterday morn |log a Are broke out in the flour and feed store of Valen tine k Senior, corner of Broadway and Fiftieth street. The Are was toun extinguished Loss about $100: tanrad [for 81.000. TO mi EDITOR n< TOE HERALD. In the Hmald of yesterday 1* a report of my arrest I to the City Hall Park on buuday morning. It ia true I I was competed to walk to Essex Market. 1 asked the ft I lioaaaan to take me to the nearest court in session, but I his order* were to go to the aitevo pla.-e Justice st ern did not aak me to give ball, neither did I give it, lam I to have a bearing of this question next Thurday morn 1 tag, at No. A4 Cedar street. leal the article Of yesterday | should bias the jury, I aak ia justice to myself tu have tn, as fair play is a jewel. K. J .U.COXEi:. th* correction, Pollew latsUlgeae*. Cxrrrxx or aDojuxg ?Stewart Prime, a young man about eighteen years old, was brought before Justice I Connolly, at th* Jeflarson Market Police Court, yesterday, on three separata charges of burglary. The prisoner, it | appears, in common w '.th several others, occupied the tene ment bouse, No. 16B West Thirty flrat street. On Sun-Jay night, Inmates were fturt asleep, be vUitc I the room of James W. Kreeuan, and, after oolkctlng about 867 worth cf property, silently Isft Ibe premises. I 'irk lly, policeman Irving, of the Twentieth precinct, was pamtag at the moment Prime made h-a exit, and ana peeting, from the appearance of the prisoner, that some thing was" wrong, he followed him, from place to place, until the utter arrived W No. 27 Boeknutn street. There Prime tried to sell a oopy of the Life or Washington; but set being able to And a purchaser be left, and proceed el to No. 109 Nassau street, where tlicouicer thought pro Cto arrest him. Upon searching the prisoner a num. of pasrn tickets were found lu his poeaeaslon for pro perty which bad previously been St 'Ieu from otter te nants in the before mentioned bouse. The l ife of Wash ington proved to have been stokn from Er. Freeman, while the pawn ticket* represented clothing and other property which had been stolen from Geo. w. Koch Itnd 8. W. Woodman. Tho prisoner, it appears, took advan tage of hia knowledge of the oooupant* of U?' house, and proviC ing himself with a bum-it of false key's, onleroil the rooms ofnis neighbor* and robbed them at will. The ma gistrate coamitted tbt prisoner for trial on each com plaint, and la default of ball be was locked up. gAaaiti or ax Auxoao Pai/r. Ftnnmm.?On Sunday po liceman Darke, of the Twolftb precinct, arretted a man aamed Michael Kiernan on charge of being engaged ,0 a prist fight at tba foot of Saventt-second street, North river. The ring had been formed and the principals had takes their places when the officer made hia appearance sad serrated the prisoner. Kieruan's anlagouUl was not arrested. Ua being brought beiuro Jii*tio<-C<Hu.oli> he con fessed hit guilt, and was thereupon oummttlod for trial. Superior Court?Special Term. ^ Before Boo, Judge l'lerropont. fttrt. Z.?F!UaMK Jordan r.,\ Frank Rinrrs ?The plain t.ft eued tor the peoacaatoa of ajonery, lixiurue, fix, m a certain concert eelout. la Brou<lwey. She allege* Ihet (ho wan a partner of the defendant, and that e'.m furntahcl the aaraaa to aet up the aalooa The defendant more* to act a*Ida the injunction, auil dculns that the plaint.:l ever fhraUhed any run da tor the ooncnrn: he aaarrta mat the plaintiff and htmaetf bad beea living together, hut that be area obliged to abandon her la conaoqucnoc of b or impro per cot.V-tt Motion to vacate the .ojunction granted tJlKL ftOT AOAfMVr THK TTMto S ?Job* J. JUwarJ t*. I fairy J. Kay Thle vu an a.-lloo for damage* tor an alleged lioel In charging the plaintiff with a fraud upon faro. null. The defendant lei. ea any malice, the pUiuliir inoTed lor Judgmi at on the ground of a dnrotooe aoewcr. The Judge denied the p'atntlire motion. Cricket. A match at amgle wicket between the two well known cricket era. Chnrlea Brett, the prufeuioaal howler of the St. George ? Club, and Mr Jamea H. Sadler, of lb.' Kln^-a County Cab. took pinoe yeeterdny on lb# ground* of the Hinge County Cab. Then were large u mb rr of cslc bratod cr.ckotera praoent, and the tolling on thy two man wu heavier than on anything of the kind which baa been done ia thie quarter tor a long time. IV men were both wait known an experienced piny era. bat Brett wm the fhrortw. In eonaeqaonoc of the large aoorc be made recently at Montreal. Hu ?gnria on th j occuton reached 09, and not oat. Brett took th* bat drat, and partially In moeeoia ore .if the bad Mat* of the ground, he wa* bowled by Sadler on the thirteen to bail, coming out with around ft ftudior now took tb* bat, and, after exhibiting very excalkwt piny, noored 21, bat wan at laat oaoght m the inwi hall, far Iri tl aga.u took tho hat, but m aa-1 hi- balk badly, and wa* bow lad on the twentieth hall by a aplendid bailer i a t* ' oft num., and there by W*i the guar, amid the cheering of the crowd. The toitowing la the eror? ? P rat iBBtug*?Brett b Se tter ? second taaingw?da. do . 0 Wldao 1 7 t nod b. Brail *. M ?r.Jea ~.~!7.T!?"TT777.r."T.7" I Tulnl ? Pertonal I wlulltpamce, hjnmaaer tnbonea. of ilnlndnlpiun, I* atopptag at the New York Hotel. Br. J.ft Butler,of Rorthamrlii, ft. ft , and ft. ft. MrOuW. Jr . and t. Hater. Called ><atea Amy. am ?topping at the Amor Place M. tel. Gea. CadwaUadcr and party, of rhll.tdaluht i Judge Wrykar, Motne, It. Y.; J. Vandyke, Albany. (M. ft. Joha non.W i albertnea. Pa., and J. It. Van-ieyeaa are ?t -p ping at th" Aatev Moune Dm. J J Jefwna, ft A. Qemptea and J. K. MlllMiaa. of Krank'tn, Ky.; Mm Hart wail and daughter. I>?trt?t of Ootaatot* fr. J Harmor. Alabama. and Mm. Ibo i. ra Tboaapac and r?mi!y, a' awnr*. am ttopp'ag at 'ho Lama Plat* Bom . Son Wm * Campbell. Called ftatm Cmaol at ftotic dain CT' """ Yew Ofl??n? J. ft Oirli??, Hrd* Park J. PiHoa, falltortu, Chpt .'/~Ur> ?"?*?*'*) Onl todem, kUbatV Cha-tn ftu,.^*4 }**?? drtphfta. tad W. W. outer. T*i<??f ?ro Mrnnjmsum W. T "hith and l.kut. F McK B- leva. IV.ted Army.Oirt inxiaad; M?rc i u. ftlmbl*. ur. ?. (2. Hot.. baeli, laltod -Ul-1 Army. I. tlarrla.Cti a t. Charviu. U?erer?.i. r.nd fJ H (Yam. Balm, are atop).tag at tha Bret cori H-uiee, Mr. frawlard, Bi itteh Cwiaei ta lUtin. and .?m..y. 0*1 J. J fin ' a, N O , t K -arbor ogh.Cio u. \ it. ?er'dk, t reed mala* tntf; C. U ttOwmtefc, Ul ? Od. ft. W. Hal . A., ft. t'.uftery, n- . aad M ?* Martha fta.noa Moil, af Nerfotb Va, are mepp ng at ine fifth A renew I total. C 11 tv.lbarn ar l P t* nibh tVn- r ?"-i\. 0. J Stt'i, V*atv.ik f. M<rtia and faati'v an-l J. II. Mnekm?? of "an ftaaaVo. ft M Kit*late;, af t?a : I.. M. ftaarlnwotftB. -<f floii M. Plait aad lady. fla , ar# atnnpliig at tV Into to Dotal. fee llwVi'nlv and lady.<if Vug-tlx. IraKoght tad ?an > , ?d baikiiaiara T>" ? > ? mna?, of i af* aad ?i Van Cleft nor' fiw. !y. aud t ft Thon?. "f Mew fw|: II ft'nk Pt> adelfdria P. M mw, aad ifta-. Bartimt. of Itat * J M> ft, o Ma-.'vilte ar i xtoppiug at the t itotaL Got H d. Uyaana na* Baatily. id Jouwiaae Gov Jau. WMMe a. eiftuUNBbaN b a J. t Dunham, 'ft he* iir aaa J U ?-f <.r f n itall and tomllr rft Mow tneur IT. to I ware* marhy. <ft Rwbnioni. It Mrrdre* a-dtomil? at CWcrtton, g. C . B f?. < moo, of ?rat. n ft I Wa'woth, eg Bak-n uge; C. Crenxtua n*r loaft.rft i eg and J. aiJaai m.inj-, (/ixja,i?a, Pr. J ft. ?prwntmx nfft C . aa>l bkroa l.atrtuer, of ftaiony, are ? tapp>aa at the to. fttahotoe. Y. 7*1 -Oiml, P Yreoia, a?d ft, of Havana Mr and Mm Vmr-a, of to JohB. * R . P. f, lirorrtt. of Huac Kong. H. I. Faber ad Mabaaaa Gov. Arthur Me tethar.of WHeeama Mm bdl-rtoa and tfW* t.wwrw of Mew Ortnar* O W Hollar!ay Win ; hnarr and ftiva I. a* V. Uadalpbia Mr r ogtand Joha ihr Hale aad wlto, ftiao ? Cwlftie an 1 Mian F Cbriwte, of ovariinat and P C. Martin. of ih't'more. are Monping at the Kvevett liooa*. Onaa larwlett'. ( . P. ft . CM. J. Iaw.m Hartt of To. Out. Wm It fkrrotl.of M^mpl.ta, Tmn ; (tea Jbo. p Me kawftft 1 "rev id wit ?ft LyacUimrg aad Tmaemwo Ritinmd, Pror toriwrd. of MMalaa'.rpi, Prm loat of Owtord I aiver ?tf?am ta ftnalaagtoa ?n tea a Omaha, Jam darted CVwV; of the Oonrt of rf Kmtvrtty Bp the rfflm'rtt. la aearly e ghip The !ttw Color* fur the St. veatth RtflntB(> It trill be remembered that or the occasion tif the re- ( trove! of ibt rwIdi of 01 IVeaidrot Monro? from New York to Virginia, in ISM, the Seventh regiment, National Guard. Cok-it! Guryev, Moonipulcd taem as ? gtinrd of honor. On their return norths ard this gallant oorps halted for a day iu Washington, where they were re viewed by the President and admired by all the citizens, wbo bare rver ninre looked upon the Seventh at their brow ?d a! orcltiren soldiery. That rtait Inspired * degree of military enthusiasm aolbng the young men of the Ois Irtct which hat resulted in the formation of acvcral tads- i pesdentlcrpe and an entire reorganization of the militia, which had been altogether <1 it beaded. Again, when mill' equestrian statue of Washington was to be inaugurated, on the 23d o' February last, the Se venth regiment promptly travelled turo hunitfed-snd forty miles In.response to an Invitation from the Committee of Congress to participate In those interest lag oeremooies. The weather tu not propitious, the season of tbe year was the mrst unpleasant tbr such aaeorakms, and many things oonsplrad to try tbe patience and tampers of both guests and hosts; yet the geutlemea aoldiera who com pose our crack regiment were too well bred and tborougb ly d eclpiice.' to make any unseemly exhibitions of Irri tation or disappointment. All emulated the noble example gf Colonel Leflerts in their endea vors |g make the beat of everything, and n determination to enjoy themselvse, however circum stance* might shape themselvse. The impression made upon tbe minds of the citizens of Washington by tbe patriotism, gallantry and geatlemaely bearing of tbta regiment, both Miloera and men, as exhibited during these visits, can never be fftaoed. It is one which com prises evcrytbn g that is noble and bonorablo la the citi zen and tue soldier. So general and powerful was this sentiment that It found expression In an ofltclal firm at the very next meeting of the City Councils On the 2Ttg of February, in the Board of Aldermen, Mr. W. H. Ward introdooed the follow ing preamble and resolutions ?? tin ORDWAJICtS?JOIST RSSOLCTlOa OV THA.VKS (0 IBS HWajlTH KMf.TMKVT ARP OTHRR iblztajkt coMParon. Whereas, the oflicors and roidlers of the Seventh regi ment of tho city of New York, "The Balttmorc City Guard," and 'The Law Greys,'' of the city of Baltimore, "The Charles County Mounted Guard," of Maryland, ?The Read Rider." of Cbtsterlown. Maryland," "The Alexandria Rtrtemea," or the city of Alexandria, and "Tl?e Botofnac T ight Iofhutr and "Tho Georgetown College Cadets," or Georgetown, imbued with the spirit of palriotiam, havins promptly responded to the invilation or CoDgr m to participate in ILe ceremonies of the iuau guration of the equestrian statue of Washington in this dm , on too 22d of Fnirnar? Instant, have eminently en titled themselves to the thanks of the oountry, and par ticularly of tlis city which wax honored by their presence. Ihciefi ze, be it resolivd by Lc Board ot Aldermen nod Hoard o! Common Council of the city of Washington, that the Mayor be, and lu< la hereby, reqmwtcd to communicate to raid regiment and ccmpani * tho thanks of the City of Washington, by sending to them a copy of the above pre amble and this resolution Be it further i(solved, That the Mayor be requested to proeu'C a sullabii- stand of eotefa for preaenLaliou to the Seventh regiment of the. city of Now York, m tho name of and on behalf tf the city of Washington. CHaRUB ABKKC, President of B?trd of Common Council. WM. T. DOVE, PrffMent of Board of Aldermen. Approt ed March 3, lSdO. JaMKH G. BKRRET, Mayor. TI ey were read three times, and passed unanimously, as follows:? V'ua?Met'irs. Brown, Biyly, Clarke, Ponobo, Diumiiig ton. Fisher, MoN*< finny, Moore, l'earKHi.l'noo, Ward. and the PX?? ideal?IS. ksbMtost. They wore reseivr.] by the Common Council tbe tame evening and passed that body with the same unanimity. In conopliBiica with the termaoi the laat revolution, tho Mayor procured the stand of colors, which is to be for mally prosenuxl to the regiment by a commute* of tbe government and ctlusows Of Washington tomorrow. The interest of tbe oomxVj w in be heightened by the in an jural ion of the now a.mory of tbr* regiment on ths same day. Tb" stand of colors consists of a regimental iianner and a Ml'oaal liar The banner is a very chaste and beaut<? fh! silk banner, trlmmr-i wlib gold fringe tin the tiroot, which if efekfnrt blue silk. ? an esq ?Mte oil painting of Mills' equestrian statue of Washington, which the Seveotb reg njet<t nsMMsd to Inaugurate, surmounted by tbr arms of the regiment. I a ess ? i 7zwaa.iv i t mria i > ?uncsm*a siatct i i or WASir.AUTOx, ( ; n snoszc 1 "TKia pitMlof il bj Wir. P Wwbif |Uki, , of Wuh- I log too, a member of the firnllj of tleaorai Washington, a young artist of great merit, anil a pupil of I/iatM. tie de-'iio, the aubxcl, Uo uaaut taliou ?ud family Ilea all weoi to bavo combined to inspire the artist, ood tatt picture Is pro#'maeed a complete auncem. On U>? ?vm ? air paintings of the arms of tiio toned States, tbn stat > of New York, the r.lty of Sew York, son the city or Wasamgtoa These *ro beantlft'llv done by Mr. <?rtoo, a promiaug 3 ouug paintar, alto of Washington. -m?mmmg I took 1 CVar.'i'?nnv ?. rue CYrr ur WnmaxuTON, f?. C., 5, _ | iiran ki? | ?r*ts or STSTWt I 1 MrtoMit Ksi..Mssr, NATtosat S cm of | *?* ?m*? I no 55 t J m rooms J 1W0. | saw max j The ah art Inscription is la lettory of gold upon a wb.te silk ground. r^rrtiuBdiKr ami tutortwlniag the whole * a golden wreath of oak and m/rtlo kmm The latter it a raleadM Amerioaa eos.go Of rod, white an l blor wills, with gnil ultra, and inscribed with gold letters. " ftivmilii ileo.aeul " lltsol Urn si so pmr-rihad by the army repulsions TUa ki.rkmaiahl,* m the manufhetarw of the Mags is hi narfrcd k? eptnp with tho de .ptt fur tepirkwity, hoaetf ami owgaooo TV-v are mouatad on ?tons >< whit- seh from Mount Verooo tamtabrd by Oltcaolt. Th-y arw nrmoiioU'd w!Ui gilt oagkw aa.l ptatea appropriM iy in formed. ai.d tr iwirel with goftwi met sad laee,t* Tlie cm ts of black walnut, sbnat eight f"-t high, fur tuuunU-d with a spriml ????!?. , sr. wl from walaaV. It w Uaod with tailnwoml, and obtains two upright roll< -a? one h.r cs eh Pm?b ?** fbr the stares a ad belts, and sockets for 10s bearers Us the door Is a stlrer piste, ta Jy*us rns Uun-oaicoa oe Wa#iu*osw?i i inr, P. C , 1 Tb yiis Sa. sars ItaniMicxr, Natiojui ffcshP.lMQ { Ik* is as elegant ptrie of fnrottare for ttow new arm** yy. It was I sigaed and fhrawbod by <*a. I. M Aader at*, of Haitian re. JC'T jUl* "SvM?4 fct *U Viti r.--#*1 W *?? Mtle leasing elUreod sbi frit late sated la ?n ktiW, as to the sea gas sad aaacutioa of the work, tbnfht |im oof t'> s sekct oom initios of thorn tr Joio him to th" farm* prwontstloa of the oolors to to- regimest. TVi CMMnitdto of HwwMIHm is eiiatttsti 1 ?? w l#w? -Hon. Jss U BarrO, Uay r Wm f [tore, l*rc? deal of the B-mrJ ' f A'dermen: A'j rmea Thns. d 1 labor ma w".n H. Wsrt; Ortfbm P?i?ctl, Pre? torn of tLe Bwird 'if Owisedw't: P Wirya-i, " f IM swl Charles hiloca; Wm. horgka. City legist-ar; d?,.ic kcoersl 1 vt r loire, n"stnn VLitU. Ibbsrt(> id. 1 o;icd ?Uir. Dtstriet Attorn, y IV J R aUlMi, Cminirsioa.* 'of Cublic ISilhiiagy l.wet.b II Bradley, Joaah l? Usurer. Wm If tioat.ell, Wm P T M, Mar-Uall W-i-sro (!lr??e's Bole! , John fttvtgc i iiUw cf tin 1 a), laoK* U fmiib.B. I, Jaeb'or, HimWsafl. Fae: thanker), tasm* B. Bollard. W. E <,??rtiiig.C W. H.t ler..'r . J k llsi llday, J r F'jials. M W l.?H, John K. twyU (of /1 hoes erl, B? >SI I ?' fkrley and IHwsrd Mall, l>;S This mketten reosswrte sli braaefew-f ll.-n.i/p ywsmneal. ant all ih? pud* as lorn' sad m-wrsul'le Ifr ri -? hag la ti-l to raak-the al lr~a? to the reetmat.? wraeotiig dmool r?,an-ls h? as ovaa J iii'tt i ts an' as ? fv? " it Ml iuc, we thai! lo k . r sa admirBhV ysadwollns? We m ?.-stao f '** tW mm ? bars ?B?sa?'i (uert-jraat i.? VI. k |..nw. !W, ?_*wlii?<rt.a U... hVmi'i? an), o Wtw Tor* tomorrow Arrivals sad I departures. taitirti.s. Hiesr i-eea ndm- W^aeta i#--a ?Bmbalb >V ? >ns aat w?iiis ui.ibfsg- ; Jtikss, v nets Ume. an gaste i "are r WorrwV y?* ?.?? mm ,-n, ?? > n?! Mr .???? Nor dm il?'.s? e I' Mir Rstm He'**-' *V?si, l!er??sie II,-wm. Swam. Uws, W t*nn .laeysne..'de ???n\ MsM?. I'set Worm*, il ttsrVerr y H-trmm lenss isd t>? r??s M'i'msaa Car 4um>. kwttswi L>?asMa?i.a. ftww Dai, tfeihiUa a. -,<nr, Hsaaxh I'allm. *m Menba. limit *en?? tathiagew. MmtAa JamS 4 kran. IVa H rwb. Wra hiar.k?/i". sad fv?lly. kits V : e .. T h .ssm.. Urns Bye* iy a rkisber li r?ee, wr. Ki.vrs, Snl'iirati. ? i.tkiaems Hosn-K ? y?tr|i ' UrtWhfl ??titrdl?.i r hi IC S Mr. N '' HsVts. Hea r H IM"? H In 'i ' Her hot V, W i hvrs-i. Uf mi> ? wd 4?s?Mrr "' ?! Icuiee . tad srekT A ?"'?'d?ar<wpe Iff tielvni. tl.t >?!?? PJ .tsirsamti v.,l see *r? y. t|.s * p ir #??<?, NT fig. i.* .. ut lw, Mrs w- , 0 a soWk j i. WUMMgMt r PrnwaMlBi 1 wr nst.s, tad*, ehlldtolhl urtilT J it iJitou,o. W II Hassles, w M i>? ? .-m. C R |V f -IBMsr. e, nSuateU. J i imawlgll RUs am, l W lU't. A Mm. Jr. J I. itase.. ??. <? W kr iy, <1 II lonea, J T II Mms?, f I vrew. t! O'Netu. J I ra- * lakta. I l>? . i ?| * n ?>.. Sm'"? S :t?, J Kan *1 a. H f ! *?,*>#. Wary We"le .nil 10 ts lbs atsmaam AM for th? B/rlmm atiflSrses. Tie C wiwittte fr the Helsif ><( Um I sanitate and n-if Or; it In Pyrls, ar'.sowlerlpe tho r**et|? of tho Ml .snag ( toais ? Wm. A. Wl te ? <? !>?? W. I. King M I RA 1" 00 Thomas W. fltna<w. ! AH Au?' Is (Upterm KahgOlrte, Trww Id 00 pali ?f .nh, iii T. tt 14 ArlMB) A 00 IflLW B '2 hrnipwWaee I f-o 'W | o. wact dm r m IkHM'sn, rAtp-iaait ?r tVmd'r t fl Ik io, Ok tod pi I P, "laTy u no U f. Mammood. f . T il 10 m tVown prikt..., 10 h?> tkrl-f'"? ffye 2S m C. y IdiMre 5 M PI -Iidin*s eh ftb, ? t ? OMk*. P. I Td Td A. Friend, per B?t '?? K H Urosn 5 W Total diet 21 rrtytoo ly all ? In Ifld tl0/.3 U Total 11414 r? WM. A. ??TIt. Trraonrey, No. 0.'. Feat street The remmitte* bare furwarded M /*0, and will remit per Arab*, f.a Wegnreday sevt.tYe fundi rtmlrsd by NWIfM tktr lauJa; Board of Alderineu. After a brief reoem this Board met tut evening, Praal deal l*ck to the chair. > rKKn u sambo contract. A trrsome r> atlne business had been disposed of the (untrue! ofPatrick Lynch for cleaning the streets for five je?re (u called op and read. Alderman Gsxsrr aald that the ooatract vu a {roes ?aru.<lle Aldermen PtRium, Coram and Tcorsy baring spoken, Alderman Brady said that he had been bant by con tractors, who swore at blm and threatened him with opposition at any future election if he refuaed to vota to coo Arm their contract The Paasmuri declared the debate out of order, and the ClejV mi directed to pro. .... all papers connected with tlte matter, and present them to the Board at the next meeting LAI AMY. 01 ItiU-IC RO.YBY i.v run trxahcht. By aeommunwehon from the Comptroller's otttoe It appears that the ba anoea of public money In tbe treasu ry on the 31st of August wore u follow:? nty Treasury 8108,632 01 Kinking Fund debt 40,?00 10 Do. Interest 230,000 80 County Treasury 30,807 00 Total 0418,017 71 RBOBiTS OF THB SIXTH AVtHCS RAILROAD By a report itom the Comptroller It appears that the receipts of the A.xtb Arcane Railroad Company, for six months of tbe present year, were 8142,040 47. A report of tbe Committee on Ferries, tn fhvorof estab liablnf a ferry from the foot of 130th stru t, North rirer, to tone point opposite on the Jersey shore, was called up and laid over. wasrjm.ton tmitrrs. A report of the Oonnollmen in favor of extending the hnepUalitiea of the city to toe liajror and Common Coun cil of Washington, on their approaching rlatt, was read. Alderman Brady moved an amendment, that "Provided the same didn't mat nothing " The report waa concurred in. The report of the Committee on Finance concurring to donate 82,000 to the Children's Aid Sooioly waa adopted. Adjourned to Friday next. Supreme Court?Special Term. Before Qua. Judge In graham. PIRI'l TXO PATERNITY. Sept. 3 .?In the Matter of fanny Knigt.?This was an application for tbe custody of a fomale child, agc l about live ytara. The mother, who is tbe petttloser, asserts that the child was the Illegitimate otluprlng of herself end Ioula Kphr'am; that tbe rather waa Incompetent and In capable of taking care of the child. Tbe fkther con ten de thai the child was born in wedlock. It appears that the 1 art ha, who arc of the Hebrew porsuaalon, wore married by a minister of that religion Homo years ago. The Judga ordered that Iratlmasy should t?e taken. STREET CLEANING CONTRACT. In the Halter of the People, at the relation of P. Lynch, m. The B> ard of Aldermen ?This was an application for a peremptory mandamus on tbe part of tba relators, who claim that they put in a bid to cluan the atreets for live years, for the sum of $221*.&00 per annum; that the hid was awarded to them, but that the Board of Aldermen had not taken any notion In the matter. The Court granted a peremptory mandamus. Drawlam of una Oslawars State Lotta rtes ?wood. F.I?I>Y A CO. Managers at the dblawarb, rentocu* and araaoeai mass uvrrsaiaa. Dslawav? Kxtba Class 118, Rarxaaaaa 3, HSU. 16, 20, 71, 10, 24 , 66 , 71, 68, 60, 40, 47. 70, 66. rhtLavASS?QRaw 410, Karrewsaa 3, 1880. 14. 40, 44, 7, 46. 61, 4, 63, 38, 67, 18, 43, 68. Circulars ?*u? free et charge by addreaBng either to WOOD. EDDY A (X)., Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD BODY A CO . St- Louie, Xhaourt Drawings of France, Braadbsats A Co.'s Delaware Lntwriea:? Svssax t'oCHTT?t'iA*? 110, Ssrrwwsxa 3, 1880. 6. 66, C4. 36. 3, 37, 12, 6, 20, 21, 00, 17. 41. Oossouvatsp Lottbst?Class lis, Hsmtaiica S, 1880. 49, 60, 1, 04, 68, 73. 31, 67, 5, 26, 2J. 74. FRANCE UROADHKirrs A CO . Managers. Wilmington, Delaware. Royal llavaaa lottery,?Noa. 7,004, If 3Zii. 10,210, tl, 107, 121M" drew the Or* capital prises In (lie drawing of Anenat IV PWO. Prices cashed by (lhaao A Co,. I (Ankara, No. U WUttain surer i, N Y. circulars seat free. THw Rrsbw Hat ?This Popular Lou don ai d I'arl* fori Hat for ruin* men will be tatrodored <m Septeuher 4 by Dt YOB, ST," Bread way, near Walker sweat. Whits liBs Just Imtrwduead his Haad* *"** FALL SYVI.K ?F OBKT8' DEEM HAT. Oal' and piirohnaa at 214 Br-mdway, opposite St. Faul's ah'ireh. ?hlriat Shirts:?Six hr ?n. Bade rnsa th? b> at UaastniSas and water twlat astiaUn. Depot 106 Chatham sweet, eoraat of Pearl.g Photographs aud Daguerreotypes? tlkADE ItK'rTIIKRn old establishes taUenaa. 233 Broadway, near As'.or Bouse. Uari.allad pictures dally. it I Photocraphte Portraits for Cards and letter*, every uL itire perfect sad meritorious, all for 81. by HOLM KM, ?j Hnadw y lliooklyn I'hoingraphs.?Miniature, Cabwbl, uf'wiuuAPRON, Established 1361. *? f I Gunty'a Oaltary. 707 BROADWAY. Phofigiapbe, iTorytypaa. Mlalat'iraa la OH aad Dasuarraatypaa. Portrait of Congaree; Use Ureal S30,000 Nweepatakaa; Uvea ind Sat'lm ?t celebrated ruglltsta. Tom Cribb. tbe Mark Diamond. and Ms (labia with Jem Belcher aad Xoliaeui flora Temple aad 'ten X. Patches, Prtaer John and Natue Am. rtean. foil TaraArioal Reports, Hubert l-ung ran.h. or, lb* lliackleg Peer full Trmlinx Tnrf. Cricket, l:a- hall, aad other epoetin* krpmis, h?n,klt BPfRIT. Now out. Htslnway dt Bona' Ovcrstruag Uraud an.' r i iarr Pian m are now raestdarwd the beat mannfaatured. ar* warran t J tor lore It ufa. Warasooms 81 aud M Walker \% heeler A H llsea't fswlsg Marhlnas, onee too ItDstdway, New Yrt. The Dadtea Have Hrsalved ta Vote ou the Rawing X wths qaeka. Thar hare dials rad fo- free Yean fr.uu Uiatbur pa 's aad w:u.'.uta Uibbtus. aad jtf daurann e4 fhare #e> in* w-A-htue wort whl- h will aurrir# the waah tub tn ahori they are r tnc ' ta a man" for a saw admlnntr. Una ncder THE OROVRt A BAK1K Not Ira ?The Burtks Sawlug Nachluaa <>ae now be pnminsed And paid for In WEI KI.Y <w f ONTHLT INNTALVRNTS. oaue, 488 Broadway supptej. Aawala waaSad. The Beat Basafasiurlsg aad P*tuUy ?ariih ea U the a wU at I X. nI.NOER A OO P, US Brawl way. t.rover A. Hnker'a Celehrmted NoUrlaea Mae his? the heat ta uae f.,r faaailv sawtna. tM Bnmdnay, hew Yura, aad 13t Kuihai atrmi. BruuAlya. Pluhlw 4k Wewlag Mmchlssa Cows. pai V ? Ml mad- -v warranted to gire narfatt aaUafartMm or ?ewey rafuoded. A(eo?a wanted. ?pl fir?I way. N. Y, TlM i?wIm Machine* I lM 1ft r'f.T mlUr* -a ?W Rraetwiy VIM l*Mlri, I In rare* nail Tranhl.? Tim *?e-na i*t.t I* tin RglM NUM at TRAlBoftC tUHolery War?kn<u*. CM ISjmdwiy. iwnr ibnC nr**t Dr. J. Dave* llod'i Imperial Wlar lllt torr tr :k" rm'Kt. bra vrrt n<?' #.r?*ett?? Nnriirin* inr ft male* a tke wwV L*>lir* i4 R?W T r? trr K trepot 71 a...ten nre?i. Manjr nf thn Mont IHilla|*l?li?C (Hrrcr an oC Up Uaa IIMI iuu' Dr J. CUVII DUfc* I lr? m*L wirb amicno far ?*? t*n*v *??* i ??*? ??i iwrrtaa' rbilhf. ml pmaoaaee It 4* k> Un?lil? rtwaly 0e* 1 pot 7? tC'UiiAm iW. Cheap Prla?ln? ?ainrr*. Id William am. Ua . CI K?prr MM) M4UJJe*di_?i P W rmr r**n* "InCht' MematlMer."? Phalon * San'* i Ijr>n Mm Wktte "rvt.-a I?a fir tantittf?la* tko eon p .i?rt ul ?kl!?mi>? ike am latMn. try a ?.H by *11 Cr*c*ln* l* lb* Ua*?C aia Trtro ?> r*3t* pa laula CililMbrCl Hal* I/ya, WlffC and Ton owe TV* bra taibr Ifaak *?l Mail, *ed it lj<* prtrkir > *i)eawl a Bo # Aanr II<a*. RMcktlw't Wi?., BM llalr Oythnre armaau * >n .ate* ?P cbrr. a?!~r?! ikI ft peifcntt on lira** np MM*4. Ro If Bna<1 ?***t I llrrliatk'* Ilia.Ira Wlf, Part In 7. ?lp.mfrmki** * M Ml alt <1 ke larbirj. Tyn Hnwjwtr. <*1. pa* \ I bair*, war tndr era. Villi. Inimitable llalr I atler ? llalr i>l * M) ? ran Maeli ar kro* n. Urro *0.1 Haralai are*' ?arrjr'a Trtropherone It the Meet a ad -at ?rt>rl? fnr Inahe. > ??t*/top. r*ir'm? Hnahir r*a? *m rmr.irli .* Uk* k. w., try a am ky *!l la Imwtr ??? l?a>r??i laqelrlri We reply Um llnlMlf AT * M i M IMP 11 wnt err kr n-iei pooerlu' ' tor k* e-twiuU row ?X lnMpti.*, li<?i'tnrMM f??ewai.ry rCera on HvroftOour -tteef.i.ya ? M V n#l*. B*f ! ??? A t Fall of the 1 r*>.?kail nf the llalr w.rtirtnl .MHialMiVltrta* |oer hut t> r OMMn'tl ? ? ikitWIttll IMrplMr. Dr. Klnnr'a >?? Tra?-d hrap and rir?*. 1'rt ar t?fwa*> a at ?wi?f. ??: MreoA e.j ^ ^ Caere of Incipient 1 na.nmptfnn. ladl *lattr-r. I'tlee I tup we,. eo,| lb ' Mr wMki rraetnd *ii mii-r ' rrrnctira, b*r?. rremlit <? or . ky lbJ. Hori,* r*rl|> ? mncaiAi. tti?liTii.i:>. t>r pot nun jaw *tm. Dr. IllM*' Trarr Challenge* t omparl a*. la *0 r?? ?*lk *e.. *ie*i n I be a..IC To I lt?r 'By aire*. flea afloat Completion ? l.atrd* l.|.(ald fral ??Meeknret * ? H?rftj al? *( ao e . >?i It 1 fyia* am tirtaarnaa U* aomri' \i?jt awl *m. t-T firni . ?a?. Merit af Beaatf.- I.alrd'a l.tqaltl Pearl. ' ' Inaai'tlna *?4 peer- ti* tke am -letkai >?* n* a. 1 by d-aeew* Hat on 7f7 ??C rJUkp-. ie*y Saalhern and Weetem timrrri and PrnarMa. rail at 7B WlUaat arret er.< .nrn'r p nr. ?? Willi . "l { ar>* r* noTtn ivrcnui. wim: imiM far abtrk ibere a* reeertu deata .1 trrm1 aeiar fc ? De. Ma rah Canttnnee ta Applp hla Radl nklP ?***-*?? at*k woe t- 1 aar 'if*" ikw.'eo* *?a V wweien* kite* B tv^ Be V *ta?f orra** B T. THE FAB1LY ULUALU. The W?1.H? Expedition? rbe Presldew

IU1 *rfeilt.?a?The |>rlac? of Walw-Af Ikln In Ea.'opc?Newi Iron Califbr ?lo-Fcarfol fwrliMa la Brooklyn? Tho Local No wo of Now Vcrk?Mar koto, Ate., &c. Tux Iakilt Horalu, in m laENS of to morrow (Wed nesday), will contain, among othor things, a History of t be Origin and Prof rex; of tho Walker Expedition; The Preoldeiitial Election?Our Political Corro*) ondeure from Various Portiono 01 the Country; The latest Mews rrom Europe, with interesting letters from our Loudds, Paris and Berlin Correspondent#; interest tog News from Cali fornia; Additional Particulars of the l*rogress of the Prince of Wales ia Canada; An Account of o fearful Parricide in Brooklyn?A nan Kills his Esther and Assaults bis Mother; The Local News of New York and Vicinity of importance; Reports of tho OalUe, Provision and Money Markets, and all Interesting news matters of the preceding week. Tnaa?92 a year; roar oeats a single copy. Subscrip tions received at the oHtoe, northwest corner of Pulton and Ninas a streets, New York, dingle copies for sale at the counter and by all news agents. Advertisements in serted at the usual Hamate rates. O. Swauader's Metallic Tablet Razor Strap can he had st the tuberrlburn. No. 7 Astor House, and from the various Nteuu throughout the city. J. A 8. 8AUNDKBH. What la It 1 KNOX'S fall style or list for rata ia oat, at Zli Broadway, corner of Pulton atrerf. __ Married. Adams?CaornT ?ai tno Memorial Church, Hammond W?Vay SeptaaaVr 3, by the Roe. ^ \'L'ilX 1 ADAWH to Cl-ARA, ocljr aanMter of Ed mood r. Cro'icb, formerly of Loudon, Ak*ott?Mawix?la Brooklyn. by the Rot. Henry "?M Beecher. at the houaet.l ibe ptmtor, Hk/kkiah A* *??T *! Jcija Martin. of Birmingham, Kuglauil. tbrmlftibam (Kugland) inpcra pieaau copy. SoiTHMLAaii?tlio.'-^ ?(lo 8,i0lay, August 28, by tbn Rot. Thomas W. Chadrleh. of Red Honk, Rwtawr \f of Kew Yor* cl?7. to MimvS. Cross, of Tt?oJI, DutcheM county, N. V. ' Pi TUKiu Asro?i; una ?11 Ron Krorclooo, Col , Mon Uy, July 10, by tbe tier It R ilionoy.of the Washington BopttBtRhurrb, Fi.ww of Ron Fraaetaro, to Atntx 11., dnugbloruljtotrtrt h Green. of New York. Died. Bakm*.?1? Bmuklyn, ou Tliurt?<Uy, luguit 30. M Hakju, widow of John F. lUucor. and -'.auifUior ol tho late rUilo,N Rust, Eiq , of Syracuse*, s. Y. Hor remain* will be uWon lo jJrracM-c for Intorment. Bhk*ju??At Drmnfi r<l, Conn., on Saturday, Scpum bor 1, Chawjui U. Blaksman, :?te of Now Orleina, agod 24 vi or*. ^ CRAirmsn ?At Icoabnrg Vo , on Thursday, August 30 Mark Coorm, (iaughtor ui l ather me and Commander William Chandler, I" S N , aged S3 months and 1 day Corson ?On Friday, August 31, ot Fflark Rock, Conn, oiler a long ond eevcrc iliucoa, lira Kakaii in. widow oi lb# late Koner torsoo, ag. a 47 years and tj moutho. Dimcax?la thta city, on Won day uwruiog, September 3, Waitor G. Drsfis, In the 30th yew of bio age. Bio relatiT<w and fHend?, ona ihoe-'of tho f*mily. olao members of Company C , Seventh regiment, in cltloons' dreao. are rcrpec^Tutly Invited to attend th* funeral on Wedneodiy afierndoa. atone o'rloeo, from hia late rcai deooe, 114 Weat forty fouith .trout FiaMtntiT.?On Sunday, Sept. a, Mart Fuunmnr, aged 83 years, 1 month and 16 days, a native of riiigo, Ireland. ? ' 11m friends of Lie family imd throe of herarqoalnlaootw are moat roapeotTully invited to attend tbo runeral, from Urn residence of ber j areola, 303 Last Tenth atroet, this (Tuesday) ailsrnoon, at two o'clock. far ?<>o Monday mora Wg, tsphaabor 3, atone o'clock. Lola Ecukma, Infant dau -hn r of Atigtntc* and Mary L Fhy, aged 1 year and 7 month* Kiujeb ?Is South Gov wiry, on Wednesday, August 79 Frasciv K., wtfe of fktrld C. 1'nllcr, and daugiter of W. s' A and Ij>m StrwAtlaad. formerly of this city, aged "3 yean. 7 months and 36 day? ftAbiurca.?At Toledo, Ohio, on Fr: lay, August 31 Riam S., son of Moses and Mary i.ardner, aged 23 veara' 1 mobih and 21 uaya. t-a j , Tbc friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to at tend lbs funeral, from bis late resilience, 210 tteut Broad way, this (Tueada) > morning, at nine o'clock. Gwwmis.-At Sea, ou hoard the bark Faith, on Mon day, August 27, Johsi h GKiirmtx.aged 38 ytwrs, engineer, of bla de Cuba, formerly of 704 Washington street, New York. Western papers please copy. New Orleans and Rhlladrlplila papers please ropy. ftAWwa ?On Monday, Heptember 3, 8a hah a , wife of Henry N. Gamble. Tbe friends of tbe fbmUy are Invited to attend I be funs ral services at Rt taiki s ehureb, Hudson street, on Wednesday afternoon, at three o'clock, without further Uaanvrnt -On Monday. SepK-mber 3, B. Gasp nrn. of n nr.imption. in the 33th year of his age. His friends and aeiaaiounces, also the members of Manhattan Ftgin? Co.' No. 8, likewise the members of tbe ttaffolk T.tabt Guard, are respectfully invited to at tend bis funeral lb' (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'cloik, from tbe rcsidaai-o of John 0 lturna, 128 Willctl street California papers please ropy. ORB.oai ?On Monday monilng, Heptemher 3, Mrs. JakbO. Gkbiiobt, in IbeOOtb year of ber age The friends of the fhmily am lavile 1 to atlaad tbe fu neral from tbe rceMcnco of Mrs. A Mit-hell, No 87 Tbnmpnun street, ou Wednesday morning, at Ion o'okv-k. Haxsav ? On M nd*y UcidMiibar 3, iTaki.abst, the ba lovrd child of John and Rarbei Barman, aged 3 years 1 month and 13 days Tbe rrwmdsnr the family nee nsptait fully is tiled to at lend ber funeral from I he rsel.leaoe of hor parrots. So. 46 GreeawMh street, this (rtoeday) afloio.u a, st two o'clock. Iler remains wilt be taken lo CkJvary Cemetery for luterment. Movann?(ta Mm lay. HejAember I, Maris Movros, eldest daughlrr of George Monroe, I. lbs 67il> year of her M" Tbe friends at. 1 relntlres, with lb" members of tho First Rapt si church, and also the members of the UMaeaar Hap list church, arc respectfully lusted u, att-uJ her fu nets: from her lets rmidsnes, No. 13* West Twsaty tnt street, tbtf (Tueeday) :?f1'-rn?stn, ?t one o'clock J.' .\kAf?tt bm i-aidi new, Wcet6<*ld. IaIij Island, ' On ."oudsy, September 2, Aunmr Jocassar, den , la the TTUi year if h 4 age. H - relet vra and ft ends are rrcpertflilly Invited to al loc 4 tbe fuaeval, inta (Tuesday) allernoo, at3 o'clock, ku nerml ter. ? at St Andrew a < h rih, Kl< hmood, dUUm Nlond Carrlaaa' wH be In altcndaaee at the KHiagrdle d. pit .u 1bc >4 the 1 M I'. M train fhmi \ aader biil landlug. k iaa.vav.?On S.aday,Sbpt. f. Mast, tho bolovod wife of r J Klrrnar, a aalire of the e-ejuty Tyrone. Ireland. The relative' and friends of tbe Ikaal'y am rsapocUulty In VP-lie alien I ibefhaeral. H. (IWoday) alWoooa at coeoVtrrk, frmn ber late rcaulrtiro, 311 NinUt avao'oe aesr Thlrllelh ?1iett. T>r??A papers phase copy. Ij.w-.r? tuBrM day mora ug, mpteaahor 2, Ciaboms, wife vt the Ian- I h'k> lew:*, eg.-d 8V )cars. Tlte 'cia'.lvm *nd fraadsuf the amity are rmpectbatly invited lo attend tht futrral. fr.-m tho rmtdenrr of ber SOU la law, PV :h u K Titus, 15?> street, west of Tenth at i u ?r, on Ihlrd Uj (Ti.CMisi) HR'rnoon, at four o'clock. Carrie.-* will be In rcadinmo to csarey frtends wishing to stur.d. at the e. raer of k tfly siatfe street and Light! avmiM al hal: i it two o'clock. *? fj'-ni-Av -la Br. 'kiyn,"oa Morday, September l,of OonsuinpitQU, Km ?> r M Ucauutr a aatlrr of tkoiiaod, agM 46 Mart. Philadelphia papers pleas* fifty. Ri wis ?At IWbory, Va.w , on Saturday. September 1, at *ighl o'c ek in tb- ev uiay, Jsen, with of Jetta T Rem *. *f*d 17 y*r\ 3 m <*?bs ewd an days Not lee will he given in tbe Msauin to morrow when tbe fas oral will lake ptaste THiuta -aw Send^y e' v.teg, September 8, SaBam A., all* of Andrew J denioier, aged Jd years 4 montas and 10 days. The ft'rrds of the fAmily are resprrtfnlly invited to attend the lew*ral, UPa (foeoUy, a leruoos at two e ck*k. from bet lata residence No. 13 Cdriige street. Pis.tAia?At Mr Ivy'r plantation In tba pariah of Bt. Mar> a Irmlelaa* ua Monitsw, Aqgwe* 37. *f con|**tiv? f " ;?*?? r. F Fie.* ira, eldest ana of Oalbirtae y: sad the mi' Hubert Bmakalr <4 this etiy aged H years 1 T't??m M/nday ^jdewiber 3. Mrs. ? _ rel ' I of Wm Tail, m the ?0ih year nf h **> "at, TV r dai'Tfa snd f?l mis nf Urn' bars of Ibe l -be street MeiV * ? and the mesa ' . Fpfaroowi -hunb. ar? , ?*???*'tony m.tvea w? foaarml. f>.?n the real det er of her tan. John J Tall. Na. 21 Carmine street, oa We lac -lay afWrweon a< two a cinch i ah Pi ttT -adsf. ^WdBiVtf i. tiam r, sna of j Albert > and Augueu . u llnros. vged I Mr. II months Sad 36 days Mi* reman* win be to tfackrr ?ok fhr intarmMt Wi ttw?At Harlrm, cm Mtnrday dept 1 V"or Roth**. yoHog'st daughtsr of J viae* R aad flarrlsi Wsil< i. ago* IS Resitl*. TV friends of th* i?ml|y are respectfully laettsd ta atLr.d tb* f moral, th-i (Tueadayj at Isrtlra o'clock, from ft. Andrew'? church, Harlem Otsttmmrjr. On Fftdar after cry*, at iwon'rtorlr. look place the fh?* ral ofa gralh man. the funeral of a m?o rery mtKh eg teemed in sort* ty, tba of Mr. Au.i ?m fctaosv. H? waa a traU Raa* ,b th- una mrauiug el lha word. To make oUu r prop!* bsppr wee h i ec ilo th wvrk k>r IV mm mce road was IV perpoae of hie UV, and wherever ?wo?*thing gced or isafnl was lo he dene, Usee* he ncrar wa* abeewi. Th* hive end esteem of hi* IhMnw c?? ??? were bla reward Thla twowcl dwcil, loo, ta a rwr larva grsde vl hit fuueral Hundred* of hia friend* ati- nd. 4 "t. Wa will hrrv, la a few llura, glvv adewrrip- ;oa ofib, ftae ral procuseana Tie prmwasKvi >uw ore h> oumsi B. Flfih rrr'H'vr Or.r?ht Rrrdtmten. sr<a> u by a bawd, the cotwneny wwiir 'Bard htm to n<w grave where they area Ihre* huee?li salele*. After lk"w fbl the nmh '* of ike |>t??8 Mcah f Imlgr Na. 3.<* 9 etid H. M of wh"T,t lie wa* IlkewWr v ncnUr To*W' lew. Ihiviw-d b at in Ihe grave and fh# wtv lor CUe t'llge held a *?ty he.ultfwl and tpproprlale e? >m n .1 ibe grwro m Veer .f thr dc ?an>t. pc ec y a* t * , aer?"?**?-? nf the loder demand it far * rem m two ?! whteh Ihe det. seed b e art uinew if, * tV1 rraiea twdmol la tl* lewre pt'l af IV eRy Tins If.s' ;B?Pn. la for TV grrvtesi pn?i. ibe reault of V* 1 ihot r < re?l he'd. *aeee an* to U imt table, he anhhlbd (her grala.<rfr? wrrc to V m*?e, h rnwlt tbern; Hn ? to. m. and kihar w-ee to V bestowed npt-a It, ho b?| tl.e* to r-.tre (utB. 'f of the iaaliiuiloa were 11 ba m I, he knew' Vw lo MtMl iitcui 1*;. ? ilMCt m lo ? wa tit* opca wg of any laMHnt . n nthnded 'with *? rneeh ^ <4 "A. .A. Ami It has hew thai'gbi "f ami bvi shewn ttmlfat bh funeral, la the mernieg the marim* imd beta hrwsgbt to ih. a^r*.:r xw* thw> m tiltAll; Win rr?r# tH# "?* Wl "* ? '? "Wd* late thr r hnet ? A lltt# afte- are aVkcb t?? we, mra amrr iiM a I a i iw ww '"'Ih arbrad >,4 na the pwe?e**?i .*w.m.t.r. t,. mer. at Iwv sVV(>n. h} |h., kaai.,,1.1,, Ia.. ?4 tan U*. followed tbe School Society, with tcacherg ud mem ber* from many other dlflerent schools. After these followed the Rouotoo Guard, Captain H W rth man; Independent German Guard, Oantam H, Von Gtahn, and further the Pint Ward North German Guard, Captain Gilbert, with a band and their flag ro up in crai*\ Arrived at the grare in Groeuwood ce ao tvrj, Mr. Koch, principal of tbe German ecbool In Poa in ?tioe(,alao held a termon. be waa followed. ?? abo indicated, bv the master of the Kreemaaou lo ge. As ?or,11 aa bo bid Anwhcd tbe Brooklyn i-inged*. brteuft ft to the Concordia, guug a very beautiful ana uivurnf .1 farewell gong. Company B, fifth regiment, then Ared th' salute. Rest in pence, thou man of lianor. MHCKLLANEUlg. ALYEHTISRKH AND BUBINK8S MEN WILL rlJID EL N0TICI080 DE NUKYA TORE SUB POPULAR SPANISH AMERICA* PAPER. , tai: BEST ADVERTISING MHO.I'M EVERY BRANCH OP TRADE. THt CUBANS, IN THOUSAND*, AXD OTHER SPANISH AMERICAN VISITERS, All NOW IN THE CITY, EL MOTICIOflO It THEIR HANDBOOK. ALL ADVERTISEMENTS TRANSLATED FREE, NOTICE IV BDITOBIAL COLUMNS. TERMS MODERATE. OFFICE 21 ANN STREET. RAVING OP 81 SO PER WEE* IN THE KJCK1' OP A DIOTI _ ley's Food for Cattle, costing ouly forty two cents. An eur-i bone, together wttb a bright eye. sleek coat, and an tm '> use of r " ~ piored orndblan, through tbe nee at fourteen treds of Tbor aix quarts of rich nulk dally, equal to iim lou erOMB, through j tbe ?ae of six cents worth of Tborley's C mdtuient. A saving t of twenty per cent In the mortality or sheep and calvee, through the use of three oeots worth of Taurley's Compound to encli animal. A bog fattened in half the aeu ,1 Una, and the haron ! upwards of five ceuts per pound superior In quality through ... _ . ? 'a Food for " " tbe use of three cents worth of Thorlej s F'xxl for Cattle. Manufactory, Caledonian Road. l,ruih n. Connie iee'? depot, No. 21 K road way, New York Up town isnry Waters'# aid diary More, corner of Thirteenth street ana Broadway. A yr wun led in every prtncl|i?l city and town in the United and liberal terms a sai led. ALWAT8 SOMETHING MEW.?PROP. WOOI>H RK Iterative Cordial sod Bio *1 Renovator Is. uithnit doubt, tbe best tonic cordial in tbe a orid To those who are audertug from general deblUty we would recommend Us uue, for while It la pleasant to the taste tt Is strengthening to the system, and will at once teud to remove all Impurities of the blood aud era dtcale all traces of disease It can be taken by the weakest Stomach, while those la good health will al once feei us exhila rating power. We are confident that after u> ing one bottle <>f this cordial no one wtll be for a day without tt. Depot No. Ill Broadway, and sold bj all druggists. A NEW INVENTION. A PERFECT ARTICLE 18 ' WHITE'S PATEN* LEVER TRUBN SID CRM Alt: HUMORTER GREGORY A CO , bole PropWetors and Manufacturers. Wholesa'e end retail at 25 Bond street, New Turk. Get a psmphlet. ' At oimbredr's, broadwat. Wedding Cirds and Kirvelopes tin the "approred style," and the meat complete rtook of Note Paper AT WM. EVEEltEI.I.'S bONN, 104 ?ulton KTRKKT leieat styles Wedd.rg Cards, Envelop re, he. (HMabltsbef ISIS.) S T JONES', 10 AND IS ANN STREET, A NEW STELE ft of Shoes asd Gaiters at S3, warranted to give perfect asMe faction. A T WHOLE8AI.K-HEOAK8 PEOM N TO M PES thousand. Cash buyers are ottered great tnduoementa O OH KERR, 17 Broad wag. BHRWAHS OP IMITATIONS AND OOU'NTNBPEITS. ? BOKER'8 RITTKRR, The hem tonic tn all cases of complaloia enon acted wMh the stneasah sad bowels, or the nervous system, and mora par* eularlr the beet tner Ictne against dyspeprta, diarrhoea, dynes tery, fever asd ague, genet al nerrona debility, Ae. The most pleasant cordial of Its kind, sad Mae* MM that Per sale by grocers and druggists generally^and with a Ithe ral dlscouat lo ths trade by tbe agent, No/n front street. New Tort. BILLIARD PALACE, PIKTEEN TABLES?COURT AND Beawen streets, Brooklyn. Ralls played straight, run ft) fast sagles, touch sins cushlosa. llsstlord's sales and play log room* ltf KuKoti street and No. ? Ann street N T. Ouly valid patent. CHimn INHUBAMCB IN THE WORIJT Wa H bow making, w.ihuut eitwvUoo, tbn Mat knit ITfr nffrrnd loth? publle Onr H*!r? prourrt n tbnlr oonlooln , whaa riponrtd to Out Bra. la tbn bnat manner, aad our BnrtL?. Proof Hnfn drbra tbn wor d. Any ooa about 10 puirbnM la ra ^uantad k> anil nod uaminn for bltonatf. Wn pirn tbn baw ?T? for tfea laaat Bonny. . _ mum a marvin, m Bnafa*;, aoraerof North Arwl. Now Tor*. 1 STORMS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILN, KNLAEtfl? A.t Jointa and all dturwarr of tha ton r.trad, ? ? ??? ?? if ? ? ? ,.i. r'!H' patooi . iitooavuiiJeDoe to tbo t.nuaol. by Dr. ZACHAiUE, bumoon ? Cbliopodlnt, 7MI Broad wny. Kafero to pb>atoUna and aor | ?wonaof ibaoty. i JJRAPNBI8 AND SIGHT RKXTORED Dr. VON MOHCH7.I8KBE. (Vultnt and Aurlnt. ixvaataa or inn KAK VAPOKIZAR, Will H REM uRkd TTIK (HEARING lb Tan MObT OBMIN AtF. ' AKEB. AND 8T0PN T1IK NOIHB 1M THK BMAD. ; mats area KtM>.nnn to asamxa AM rioat. USE: BANE OF THK REPUBLIC. _ I Naw Toaa. Angttni It l-xfl Dr Von Wonrbriaber liwM ma for drnfnran vary anoanaa fully red ratiafaitorlly. My beartar ru rmtornd. and ooa llatiaa aa rood aa nrpr, and I add air teatimoay in bla furor. O. f I.AMAR, Prraldrot of lis Bank of tbn Republic, rr. VON MOWU7.TSI; KR. toe aril kooint and only tapis snto European Ocuilat aad Arriat, may be ronrulted oa all dlaaaaaa of tbe Kya aad Tar, rroni a mi a ? olooa, at 191 U.INTOM PLACK, EIGHTH STRKNT. tGT A HUSHED IwkwTT TKA RS.?HIRAM ANDRE J2J RON, SBBowery, wirl op. n tbia momin,, aa elegant at tab >r r Vllrh medallion V?lv.i I'.r earla. raw?, real Hrtune'O". I ply aad Ingrain Carpe:? an.I Ruga alau a I of OildMba a" greatly rod " G ?> RAIN?FLOUR T OROiKRA DRUGGIST' And erery oibor deeertpion i>' Baga plain or printed M. VAMMSBOOF Bag Maakfeeturer. 171 We* *t Learn of a ri pfersr who has b'rf kfff< toally cirad of debility. I ora of mcaaory. dtaa Iran nf algbi rratl'utg fr>m tarly nrr ra, by followtor tka la art" 'bum give* ta a wtediral work and wbo "OBWdara It Ma duly. In gratitude lo lb" ?.tb..r to pwMab and rtmilala *? Ml irainttonely Ha wtU toetrfi*" arnd free in any addrcna, na receipt of two rtanapt. n oopy rot.tatt,.. r nrnrr taforaauai required. AddroanVot 47V ront oMoe Albaaf, N. T. A mm' KA RRINfIN, PINK AND l:R A< EUTTK. I Of a.1 dSwrtii'tonto for aato by GEO < . ALI.KN, tU Broadway,.aedoor Lelow Canal Light light-tub lnci.ais patknt gan lam ?jt Satarna warrantrd tit? brw EDWARD SWIFT, a-rrrt itpp,w?i? tbo Tmb) a M in tbia rity atarn IGI. rrai rotinil* lafi.rtnn all p'r rwdrrwig i r.-m tww, buntoaa mrwrtod naiA. Aa . that tba? t-an b? Buatraaluliy lrr? adby nnttag or toatiog or dor aa No lil Bnwr? y. pl'NK GOLD W KDP1NO i|NOa For an.'f by HBO. O. AU.RN. (14 Brovdoay. ?kad ttt>: famti.t cneu foe ?? rTEESKi noi D? T0*ifkurmn to the feini f of waijin A Wuato brTbuo N?b?r. Vat W t iu?s ttaprtaaly tar tbe F?tni . Oiret* Nrad lb? FAMIt.T flRCI K for B- rtrm'wr Notrrra< O il rti VP torb?, bor latn'l) awl fovtrt Cbarlnuo t' tatoaxn. Oto. L Brown'? PtotarM Aa, Nnad'ta FAMTLTHTRrLR for At>|.??w???rwa ' P?MSf I to U,? Iant." 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