Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 10
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MR. MR \Rl> 0\ ME R Grand Jubilee uf il? 4 >jleWRAB Re DubUcaai, ai i>?tro]t. The Wldt^Awakus '^d Rail-Splitter* in Full Force. IA.NRLRX, RFAlTir fL GIRL* AM Bttr,FIRES. SPEECHES OF SEHATt.'R r,EWARD. Bis Vieu s o{ tj?e Fatties and Trtx 4 acs of the Jouutxy, ?*? . k.., m. Bit. lrrrsoTT. wiA.'i.L'&M |letro;' ? 1 to v>aj a a i.-trt ut' put* ical -Witem >ot. m ' a .any "jonr ooe?r .it tViio and of nrpobl nan ofyar. rres. inna ponf'r.g n froua ?*1*' lOevag t.i*u? itri.i HepuM'shn bannera fed f?w .u ail mmiiplOaoiia pc.nts, s;rti even private ?"?p?'awftf. . ;>t too ocn^.erj The priienmmn * ** Vrge ant ttpof.Tr, one, nilbuugb f'fT'f.Ify mate un V c.ra;ar .< a Wees \?U?i headed hj ttrtr TihnMe. Ta<f wore * w-'rjp u' uniforms, sad 'WiM ttgtr interna w'th the time Wra ? Atwfhed to to them, '.o^esi at ?ouie distawe *<? 'an ana urMi their *y*f !n 1,18 Prvce a r>! d^ri^ raj; Hsu-ieoine airfa. *11 ia white, with aiao sn. i.tre -una and sastir* Taay ca?w. trees ? ?yue. l+rai K. My mile* diet ?n'. ' if Mareeoh, ,^,^-r *r.} ,,ia?iiry s raila, and foooaa, *nd Mckorj poii?., ?-i r."??.!! that Some of these honor*? 4 UeamthJcd that uaero rksuid be no mora criisi <toa ? f ? envy, a.-vl .nfttmteC Mia* they wera gale* f> hwc* !|.h, ot. re .usuwi oa* eu speech,free u?ou, tree '?*? r u4 rr.e Trrr Many oUteew ex ?*? drd ?? me to t;?m H. Seward an the S? fender d.' freedom a.' m the eloquent ad*o <t ate of. Mb rty and Fa-mera and thctr w'vee wt yw-.ight.rv. swrn-V. rave wken a genet*.! tcli day Ifebr T?ty Utere new- were more etraegurn In Do' ? *p .T.fir t.iw. The .'UV i t La nn wa? oertaloly aUrihi ? *?' jIb U*Chi ; oputartty ?T*w. Se prard rather than to ttfu; -?T Lie*. The aeKt.'o>R w?a twdd-te tho /y?Vh' drfait of ttv?. netrr t ?ad MSe; nkee Ra lr<?d <>n I' a? .-!*? >?f It?* ritot /rt? bj.KUoe wee deeply | "here co.Id not Lave Seen t ? I nan lweiai>* tlv eael preerut, arovut; Ttn..a ?evM?i bvudreti .nJ a few rolo-ei neurte. * Mr Sewari w_? :ntr niueed by ? Mrarwrr TT^rt.rr mt- wan greetrd wtiS .1 cat en it ^ t-hee.ra. 7PK trrinpn n f mm. frrwtwm. JWtt/iw ("TTy- oa-We r'a a. tn.t ..or polKLief eya'er; [? ? ? j'jdktoue er.e,and that w e are an utelllaaat aud -rirto ??-je pewpie T*ir .-Trrt tt 4 <r<<tkt, 'A'c^wcr. n?! -r-tjf v 'a t rir' ? ? '}" ? ai. l ft-J will oLrocvt, lur aim Jcymtfx-e pa d <rri*r. cvntcn!m*ru- ind k: Toaorty of fctrine ItfnUlrmt iafn tkw ent7j The ? w tad tare rertv.niy nw.sfier eei-y cor lave uj. AC the i criependcnt .Am ?.can powers, rroro utektnairarde to ? ape Horn, wt.lo they etrlyo to oenatmnt yrverts i?ct? 1 it tli.! vee af eronr mndela, tear, and rrory nftb. ci nate at Knropoan natkw.e dr. todeed revere our cot fitimt. ee end adaeire onrtpeo ? greet, hut too^ jereral'fy agree id prneor wing ne Iret etetent with ear organic principle, and raprt.itone foe Preeideet .nrei/lta ayaioet oormptioa aetortf Ot? people. jBunllst repreeeaitatlree of Ibf |>M|ile In Tivtrm charge the Free'.dent with immoraJ practlceejuid ILe^'jt ?Men! proterta apainat Utclr actkra ee sebrerefwe ef Mm, eaeeuClve' prerogative. The of Repreeou tali roe organizes iteeif ooBTulaively amid oonfeeeed daognrs ef pope MP commotion The Senate lieteoe unstirpriaaC, and ainioot without eacltement, to menaoea uf rto tence, mnrntoa and dltnotoe. I> rands and violence In (A. are palliated and rewarded. Kipneure and ?eeleleii n to them are condemned and pontehed, while the jnet. enlightened tod roaauoablo wtU of the people there, Uki??L constitutionally evpruoead, la etrenmveoted, djeobeyeda^d disregarded States watch anxiously fjr . unlawful iairualoo aud invasion by eitiaeoe of other ? Jutlen, wbtlothe federal murta fail to euppreM plraclee as the high ems, and crra on onr own ooasu Tango WW a m*et -t the '."own courfe and submits to Ji*te erpio ?dagi 'rf.tto itJeral mails, while the XUleo enoro*iy ot towt to the personal rights of r.ltlaeua of other fit its ?. peecvtp'Jy puieuiug barmleea uocupatiuoa witkc: <4hoto TtwleraaC .iriadictioos /.?? the people satisfied and content? Let tbetr ervera parbh and mnaew answer. Certainly you. th: repuru , <aoe df MK'h'gna, re well as the retutbllimtis tbrenchout thftwdal-fCOtiAls) ere sot sal'efi.d Bit jrvi are iate reels dot s change of admiuiatralioe, and tberefor.% per laps, pfjeiLM Ash them, the oostil?l|<MsI I'siiMi j^SCOfftB and IJIfd. ot Indeed bera, hnt uum-i ?ie ?ad ? iwrpt i ? neve heir Ihcy arc not sals nod. ii toey eapro U.oy .vo?I.I no*. eogaged as ll..-? are ??..?, In a Wfpw.eea ua-mpt to rry/aise a new party without any hipc^iloe a. all, after leetr recent fatturra n mmbtne ( m a party m ohnosl.ioe priarlptee But th. y ala.are u wd>UnO isoalhty p.-r| .diced like the rep us. woes. . Wa . lisa. w the 'ifmisirwtie party. wt. n cr vov* an l m,t 'edf.s Phtrupaga and |?awcf the foUnl rurvre Ml the Ifosoruate sre no lose Jintlefvl. meet ^ ^ Vu. '. ..V V-i losat ids, with the op trl With th aalumai In ton seen, with tLe.r ??oa ts.3 wHli each i.Ua and, e< I adnr cittra. V.V ? wits UtvniNsr.W. TO N >rtb is irn iidivi nwt eatisferl uoaes? want a *npr?-eev.,?u of taa Aft -?D Un ti. ?** **" rMA1* t" mt-rjr frcsi ib? TerrlU *'**' ttl1 ?II IU- t?v ??-l future iwf ??r?'r t * 'r"* Tbf 9wi a i **f ?? 8,1 JU ????.??. b? ? ai-wut M!j r >rr e/??, U>? A'a'*' l'"* ,. t.r ri??r?.* *" 'fin e M? uil in lii? / rr i /fit . *" " *' 5??*" turn i. rn.i.. i:> ft*1 ? "A'fvn hf Inw? ? r..i ?a :.?m;. .i .. I" ?<?? I ? fi ?f ,t?>' a ??# ... ' -r .. . eft'** yoin. "" vf r i m*Hr i *..r, .,. tt .%.?/* ^,1.^' ?reifw tkfi,, - t til -mf? * ./ I. ' J ' i, H ? " ?* "? mir-riof it, it,.. ,,-tfitei ?ii-' '* 'Mihim ?.? ?"'PliltHI Mrl Uul illimltt m l fift, ?M'?< i <-? i ?>? n?? ?Ui? t.-t ? ? r ? Ui titJ- .*? 4 ,b,. | i'Mj mre |?<Mecll?e of Wltthl et.fT-r$ ?r , "4B. J*bM S??f ?* "? I', tew,, ?l!V ??4 *' 7f* "2?,D ,,f" i ?* m., V am wm- *? iT/l'lr? '** ,li* ? ?*?'=?> ?0? t r 1*3,1 *o irr in w li- , c' hniban on?(,ri mi k mrti .ft w ottt jo urii ?< ??IWUW !?* 11? ar-^tcam t*%r*r.tit* rf W. ?* " ? *a l-mrciw fir cl* ; ,?w , pj^r, ri I c:-r ir.T-tiir ?*sc:' <???? *..?itu-?.n i!* a.';i*?"nh ber? feftwo vHk tn* |m ' "V1 * *" ? "T i-o*.? stir* l*.?r-rM, r, i j,,,, .'* ? 'J U ? mi ch awtr* - ' Tr**'+T rli-'-miv; V ,T* "M'T "T """ rrV; \ ' tu??h*-? - ?-,?,? -''V '-I ^ ?r J ro>ilf r..?lu. mo. *^7J ^Umir ai ? .?f twre ho I < pWHira. *" ** *".?*? Moil ? . *r Bur-*, |h< ? Mr ? .. J.- o*b t..? M w /mT'--" ? *? * * If Bel dloro? , -nw*n M? tf -??l, I oioeM like H *???* .? Hi lOt" U* ?''??<? r.-M th? ml ???! I "ill IW* bto roro *-.!? r4 ?h> h It ? Ik* W-ii ?* Mi iirw; piH :.* be ? * ohreo' -??#'???**, ? 'b *-'r?-1*r*i ?f Urn' iti.l <*f rif?r ri c.' To i*? it ???lb-i flm >-i 1 fafy v?ori k?- ? ???? .(? >4 ? *?HoJ tf' v*< ?*4 binra * Mr i? ??- .f *f,-?Mro W aruf M>?b<4i* |i/. v-ai -t y? '*< 4Mrti? ?U fir*- hBibii ?*?? I f**? 4 ? r- h? >? ibc i- ie* ? I ??*? avar ont aic-H to T**!* rn laiKXOloti: >00 l?oi|*-?irr rirj*f?O0 -f noli ^r?r(i. 01.1 no It. or2*no a* <o npt <MI f r fci-j but ????.. for* N fu ?i* frn-T tONl c-rntHnttoooi m Ml oc MOB mo* *>?,?. Urr laf'HO ? of WjiOM rife 001 Meiiri':- I eleitr pop-t'i* |-r?8 iJ'OCk *"? v*?* OBO *>f Mr-'fjirr or r??-<r*mf tlx r i-?.io?? t- loccrfila noO iltaei #r l*r af-rol-o* of fromU*? ?rl t? >4 if* Hi irrw ??? iv*l n| tb< '.f < no MalOf lb? oil* lbo prrrrn- wh ir ?'?>?* f.oo o 01 *11 lh? I ???. t - Iftr rec : finl'r; miir f th- mei-ji r? ri?l If ?**?' l.-orr. In TWO -.p, , ,r* (arp r Inri ifilnr, ? b?* oiiiMli* H'In> (ho ??! orool cboco <4 boMii oCalra* MM *"i. f?. r ????? -.'f e ir- ??* ..c rM<iro?co ?t ibaatnna ? Iuot I '. ?r tr m ? ?. ?r s , * ?urr?i?*rt *?''' Hii?1 ? *? ").?. r*4 Inoio ??i e* rrr rlroire (hot .lioi *- x? I, o?* i*rt? *?? ??> ro Ucml i #h?-i. mil by 'b# - Jo* M*-o,tei hy iVr arwivrr rec ii>Ko?f ?- ? nl r> I l.orr tt- O-Miol Mim th- t; M irtrn ?, lb- |. if ret ?,-l1 ?>?rr* * ->i 00 '. *'-? " ' f. ? ? i * a ehift! p, ? "... ?' i? Mr i-rott rro . . iktrri,?.- ? ??- s j,. m?r ?. n?mf 04?|?4 ?w - cl? . 1 h'? .. Hi mar rica. Ifwoioe- ???? n. *M 1r '?? ?? ? .4 Mr 'or *?r... M 1-mfr *' l'*e ?M M' "Hon 10 ibO'Mb>-;'I ho?r til ?? <?? ? 'J oolrrat ? . ? rsr . .? i?. ?biH> M' ibibo < >!? Iw, M . t ?? -m.1 M A belt r ?' ?rr?l '' fHM.m- 4*' ?* I wMrr. i rr. ? b?i,..e?,? f lit-<t ?? ?- ?** p.?h?jo ?-. -o . r i bo t*?r ? f< ?lO'iMtioi i ????*>'*?<- ??r r"h r? f?4r y ho-? .?*-,?** ?-* em He IV- *U " t borr i- . ? ' r i ? . > ? , ? . ?? ? o?r . ? ?Oaf t ** lb '? ' "ro t?" 1 / I ?'r .-br; I ff o* *' ?, ? ? ' ti M- ? Hi" It a oo?* 1 r?? I . ? bit.OOH*. Ill-, lb* IkfiJir bi Mr ? -4?4 . 1 ! ...??> ilf fir If V ? if r M vmr, hit tM I V per ltr.r er-rstituH - a knd''barao-ra ol ?il ' > art' '? on which th?y flio-i lor intrr r-- i - wl'i'i"! *'''' ' giant paring inspired by love of ?- unify, levireu'i lor virtus 4u| ii vtnlim u> hi.-ntu I1'. r i, ?f In 'heir couCept??'l>8 ill mm- r. a, "I i.'-li ' ? I iiriii, nwluui ibroughuut r o rm, era ?-s-ml a', iu ,it\*nlv? ami bni"> ut aliauiMt-al ?? e-vijf irte SMle Coauimily. w? "? a wi?a, J '?? ? ? l , Dec nary policy, en w "*?*" b? i-xpcrtr J iu any ou-.u .-v *?' .11 on -e, an J without thorn-gli lii-ha'a aud -w|o-i ? ' cntl > ts ol upiuiiu. All public HKivoDion.h aie tbifi - fole undertakes u J |>f *?ul" 1 ll> "'*b Hi' ageur nut nl ridlviduuia, nul "f parliaa rogittatf-d escite and nu-h irci 'i a* occasion may require, hy thcr - epri s.tit* t Yin Hi- win' prelum ij ? u>k eo Itnprs ; limbic ttal b? cao v l uopaily to Pi-ur support m?> baa phllaiiUif jiijtx, bu -ba nu.u'-t tM a Hal'Smau and even aftn lb" , iewier In mi mini* trail--a > Itu* aimtaiin it, to la. alibouiib orvrr an aareeet or al*. i.?ny?li*rr im' ?l a" I intra 1 i rlfl iri t aril mbecile Juet iti the degree that tbr p?rty un ?bi. h ho depends ,? .iio.ali-t, ??clil?tlii<. timet o*. prim ..? What baa 'I. I> me lA the feve-nt t??Mti ?i par li-s, which bale flu uishfd wilbiu jour liova mid niinef liial dashing. uot-errinc I fieflaut i-arty , wh. uo trrea-ei.bk- lug puis ear rt-*t itoe honml and Inliept-. i f Sr? OrV'.o? on lb-ir at ieMr Ibn-usb w luany ?iiv ? 1 encounters?that geni-P tin 'tin ugh nut '!iipruiuJ?xui whig party , which appr eh. wei-v <>r |?rp,tu-l da-gar from I n i radios) pulict' r<f abuit IstTstiOM, leu wltH uu/i'?sl"l chlvs'ty ac*l ?i .h-.eiunii, tisag'eslly rec-mb-ied iu bru,?rd ar.d ?(*?*. ro.1 r, -tai'-a, ev--n **.? a uap.-i.nuui 1 f<>-tune bad t urned Its rareiui-t baft wow Vuuuipha lulo defists HBaatrona tabu .he loh' fM^ta wUwn it hvi ioal?ilia ri?:f?il Ameiinari;? ty, mat iffaug at ono twund froiri ten theufHi il daih obaui'iera toil arhich aiinuel oily ? wtJrday at ihe ve y poim if carrviog the giaern mem hy ri'voip if< All lb**ei*e ai|.hh, thatb'T bit-? perl'"4* "ei'u.ed r*i alrm K afl iu ui.:ihauRio?. ht**o p?r*bei, iaaviur. ui> ilwp uaMrenaion nil Hi" inry if thn eauiiity tbci abr?t in nirei't anu'~uia fin-, v-r. Tuo itrOriCiaiI >. par* i, '"o, that his e**4 boil Welf v, "i.arjiUiooliy *'?" |.l"a?*nt trattP-?.ia of mil Jireri ditr; pai tt> a, ai it ^"" d m Minli/intlj lln? ?marl fli^iiar nor vyiii|i*thl"? * 1ft '?" iunet *?->. i-iato* rrt leoi.letve ?* "ir llier?ata, that ban *-III the YOUlh rr II itenmaiy, by h\ oin'aluig t?. hiailii? rt auihitioii, >"t h-a hald the i-trlUc'iio Uuih u. nmi mi long by taylmi'iiy ne arl^fi au'l 10**1 ,,-JiU'ra . na Itam \fk?i ia !?? oiaiditUiri* ft ta dniln i ciilnhin' in furttwa fm? iia emtingatahed rtrala mny by tb".*? i, iiHaoi'e that aoib lairl'-ooa "f crew, diald"! tJ tj uulkhrtaka lovo iwn u-d uui-qual ;iaru, rcialo suf fit Ti* i rmirgy in Uirlr di?pair1 in iMl" no the trifling ? wrb ka nf nth. r >>rtiea, ai.ri hy a ?<uii<liig though *tve-I?a carpeuvry. lo frame wreiclied aid r:ck '?kl tafia oil wbxti in nuataln ibemaelvna Mr noc i'lk.rk night more on the ti-mpr?tunn? nea of ca tiohal |-ilHice. All tbrae pailtea. It la noar ma jf'ifcal, wi re urgaoi/ed out v|aoiail> m ealaolmb jus ii.ta acrt maintain freedom ami^cqnality among an hottest, >-aKiu9 and liberty los ug p^iple, but to achieve auine-*ria'erial public advantage nf tempoiary importance or to scoorr .tin odva. oioo ut of amm nblaf Vi mhnae dig'reliuu, ?s f the goyeruuieut were nu ?!?.?? tire deaja'tiriu inaicad of n reioililir, the ilmirlbultiin of ita pitronag" and the dirrntinn of its aba ra should be Implicitly 000lldnl They did. Indeed, out A reaped or Fear of geuerooe refuima, nfteu aflbct to expruaa eiovated prbudphm?n I g?o?iOus muit'tii-utu !u their carefully ela borated creedh, but the*" creeds, u*Trrlliel"M, ?v?u ttben net orbbigunusir express id, wi ro trom time Ultimo rrvju d an i qoantle t and miulidnd, so that at laa; the to, tcrprrter* who alor.e had the u by heart and were able to rrprat thorn, acre found pervert'ng the oonstltut mi n ;t? moat un<u]iil*or*l |iaiU sod must palpable nu-auiug, disparsgmg and rejc. t r.g the llrclarslloo nf Independence, am siiiiittyicg the founders of the republic The par ties thug Co. stiluU-d, depen-leot not 'ro any na tliuml or even nu any i-sturnl sentiment, but on mere disc pi Ire for their cohealon, ant comtng at last through .-.insUuit demoralization to axunie that capital :uid not labor, property ai.d Dot I berly, la the great iulereat of every people, aud that religion -'ouT"r?aut only wilh the re'atlous of ineu to au uuseeu and future world, must be abjured in their nindui I loaarda each other on oarih, have Anally discarded juM ?ie and huiuauity from their ?yateuit, broktn p nearly all the existing combinations fur spiritual ends, aud attempted to conduct affairs of go vernment oa principles equally in violation of tbe const! i eternal laws of (r lutl'in aud of the eternal laws of God's providence for the regulation of the uuiveise , These views of tbe cba-sclera of our modern parties are hy no means newly conceived on mv?parl In that l high and tatcnaely exciting del-ate !c Congress in tbe ye it ' is. o. wticl_. ivrrruling tne admistrtralton ut Hon. 'fay lor, brought tbe two then dumLnating parlies itlo a cons? promise at the tunc sulc-muly ironounced tlnsi, irrevocable and eternal, but which waa neverthelessaoallored Bo the winds of Uea> cu only four years afterward, tbe great slat- siiiaL of Kentucky den-unced party spirit aa he as auund it to be raging through-ut the country, aa prog nan I w lib the imminent and intolerable diaaatc-ra of civil war and national Ulamlution. I ventured Ihea Ut reply that, in my b mble judgment, it waa not acontiict of parties that wa tbcu weru bewriug and aeemg, but it waa, on tbe contrary, the agony ot distracted partus, a noarut siot resulting from tbe loo narrow inundations of botb of tho great ;?rties and of all the pirtlea of tbe day?fnca datlocs tltal bad hern laid in nompmsgitea nf natural ;ua lior and b-iman rights?that a now and great question?a moral tuertloc transccsdmg -be too narrow creeds of Hist If; par.ica bat arisen--lliat the pcklio con?.:tet.-o was expanding with tt, and Uo groan aitlutn nf .party rarah mm were (Ivlng way ,rtd nn ter me pressure?Uiat It wis not ? '.be 1'iiion that was decaying and dyiig, aa was aup , poeed, ??f tbe fcvrr of parly spirit, hut mat Inc two graai pvitles ?w-re smliieu w ith the paralysis, fatal indeed la tt em u tiers tbc-y should c-mnwat In bs imraeulately ra new ed and re-s^anixod, l-orTo-.ving nec-dfui e emectt of health a ?d v!g--v l'ri-oi m - ordla' euil-race wilh the humane SOW itnf tbe age but. re. Jew rtUsrar, t/i ? .-'my o r fairm/a fcy M>i\ Va% rtn pur fmMHral f -aritx oarj not rra. h. bu" ??Vy .<y? (to? "tnt'. ? 'Kr iras ??ur1- ?/ iAf < f*mnt,ilrif. Ai.' at tbaee perl; a hi or h*rii <-<imp"?-<i if otir*m?ant a few bat citir ra??la lha n (?"? ell th. dtl/ana V II.. rrpnalln. Thcr *wr mil ipaoraut, wilful uc <I1U11<1<41I . It.*.*??, >?? I *li <*?!??, fallhf... no-mhor. of ibr ihtle Ib* of ? nr iH'iunj, ?lul are lh*y at any (tiaibiit .??iii-la ??1 b* i-"i4o ?f our e-Matry? Ikut (A? fmulu ? f I Him :o?<..!.?/ -f cnmrm, Ik? rrfmribiUty Jut -rat-u HI>,?o tnuyhi Air-fly h?mt to jnunte.'au nmd imp tif?to '** mW' r-'Oflr Tat* 1a no ha/il aarli^> In* wt*ra'.)c U'*i at* moat Trtuoo?Af}m*o ovuuoaallj rrra. ai.: Ca trod y hi iniplar i tCc Ibrioe i..*?iiM<M i'!a| hr b> -n4 M furihw lain I on. ami Juft aa -iht. wianpi. mam ami Bitot riilmw or nat not oflog no. ?otw.ouaiy' hare ace <t?ta r- Irrrr. ihcir??r. rt approval at-1, f'rr ??./ It IWi.- ?. y mvirty. oaio u: Chriatiaaa, IV I '..11 r 1.? aralai h> irl?ui la ivti-H.*, r? Ira r 11a t a atrr'raa lepr u l rtia-arfl |irwwira that have I "t ?;ird il* ?<*<??-pi *?l fu4' Wlat waa. Ibe haglitli r< vu'.itm* ?.f la.'* '???? ? *<-t-ri fr-m lh* dat> ami dauucr ma ..? ??il of a*?.'uti?ir 1 *o.U the friuC rvorotulbaa hut it.(Li/ ittiTulsi n. that whll* It snrrfi4 a t.rara, ??<?!'?'*oml L.1??*,? iut?Al -ui h?<-k ward ui their (otauM of I1 r<w hur >r?* yoatf owed ail Ita ^rronr hi th* ? -jnj aru-t it'1 a.i lu<( jui'tpuiK-d iL r**dod roc*n cr. A MUra< frpulLia alwaj* tuppen' when f great intiyit/ jn soA. ?- \ M a 4 uiif. II, bnau* lUo M? ?** t} ft - ib* alia 11.p. -r-t of aata*<9ew and 'nip 1 taut ohj nf, ?? 'J Iv iacum-I iV..".*b lb? iua..ra tiur. nr aA t.*0 b .1 and z*ti?r?^i naU'ual \*t c?#-- a w? e: --v'o '?? UK pr<ur.t cm* wb-jf ??a* erpar L-r fur tfae i:yU. ?ad **la war oceurrwi, frfl'niif U ?h ? <?< 11 ??. - ie >lutU-iiar/ o^ir !>*, ?? II ii It *n ?i,*r.*.???' a I'' ?'< a Mrrn ?<-v?*tiiy, par ir'ird ,nc r't i.t it a m >1 at A/.-ana. aii.ia<>L r anoli'aa ? I rti h ? toat i M) e- .ti'lu?eea ?J.'ili.l.'to',' ;,aOiia?i ' s?i.**???< pflntlpia. fti ae ? 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I It"- resistance *?> ha-o i" ci ?* rt .t -i f *"*' '*h Unifiian fVrriw or to our rfBbtV, lia* mkuTU '1 fl? <r. ..ur wilful sol |?rve. J*> t?ti" auorrrtit-?t /l.-m il-cn*. t bllrht thr fair. *t t ?' ir . I tbr r/4n 2*n end it frc. by ogtouillmc ' lirr ' i iv '??/)-al re. nr of '1?Kil?H,,n W* m?7 dcabiJi^B i-if-l aliil r-rvlpr. We aay add Ci*qiie<l ?ft u iaq'-m, r- i ?n:rta;x" to our ambitlno dally jy i\r? Bid<j and tr.nro iwi??*ible, tmiil wo s'ir >."?.? in riirnf ?l?rt it siretieih III* yrti?t i-/l rui| ire* of atiekctltflr nuidrra timrs, all tho whi'H on I UigiBi lb.' una "1 Uriaau h u J?g^, b-il alor wir ali-afy aiti| 'e oipot ior-o I think tin pi i will ho bud . ni,ii|(h to : rti-L> tha- wi ,i|tuiily inn-us. the ntte of dlar. >ntoi,t and I Uko rai eora of dtiintsllr. Ik. ? - n Fellow rit dot * whi'o I 1-meiit thi national .flT- reoocc I hare (bur rctr-.hi- f on not <v>nfr*a it t ho alt"?, thoi* tl?o*-.r*b'o *ni-b 'redo I -lamn any one or more of '?ur t- lnlo'iu r '-r iwrt'iw, white exrmobug ntoeri ill an-, it, li'flirrrt dtartea (vrhapa, reaponatbin alba, and ai1 bare mhundai.t, if t,?t aUoanhor aOequito eTonK*. fi viitint olco Prgiin. witbnnt rralialng tho immediate ! prttetri'iif daiiper, It waa eatier to noutlniio ob than re j torn The rniit.t.j ran all the time Iwon growing richer . anil more pria(Moniis and |tnp<il?iis It waa not annaM* ! r?l we >|ii.?m nbi*feard waruiuy* of what wo . wera araured bv bi?U tboiigh iotereatal autboritina ; always wt-rr itKtant improbable and evtn elain ary da i ! yera II ran .?! he net. iff I hat the African rates aui"Pd I nr an ah> rt. alihoi gb tbrbr enodltlno, and eren their Ipiirtnce heat arc due no- to their wdl or fault, but to >*ir van, ai.,1 thai they have a dtri-ct iutereet in Ibe qotwtloa (?ftlavety B<w? ??ulurtl hae it been to aerume that tho . nu.tiTB nf tho?e who have protertrd against the eitenaion | of slavery was ?ii uni.ainralyiynipal'by with tho negro, in i ilrw' td what italmyi baa really beeu, noncernrd for the : wrl'arr of the white man There are few, indeed, who nvtr realist that the whole hue an race eo'Vort lomowtiat I It the slflicl'ii.L <nd calanutiea which befall tho bumblcat and woat orrpireii nf Ur m inhere. The aryomrnt. thongh 'femaudlng the must dlrpisalun at* i oCji'eaa auu klteinrrs, has too often been conducted I w lib angtr and broki n out into Ttoleuce. I Moreover, alarm* m disunion were sounded, and strange ; pollitani inventtnai, I'ke the floating fln-sblpe sent down the Pt I swr- nee bf the besieged in Qo hoc. to urrtfy tbo nra>} ?.f "Wolfe on the Itiitid of St. L"ula. appewri l rod drt-ly htfore us utmrtvr m propoied to connltr m y?i tarnrsl the tulytvi uf ftdercl slavery. We love, and we otght to love, the fellowship nf n?r alavdholctug orttbren. Bow natural, therefore, baa .t lieu h make thereMMMteMso neeosrary t) Kll.-ti.ietbolr ooiL'pfu.Dtr, rather than by serming unprartleahinty In w hat waa thought a matter of indiflerenoo, to lose mob gemal cumpaniunship. Again, at least, present peace aad saf' ty tugi ther. with some partial guaranttra and rnnrea sii'uaef freninm, were from tunc to time obtained by coBprcmins Who had the right, or who had the pre sumption 11 Bay, with the certainty nf being Iielng held rtrpt rslble tor cai ting itnputastona of bad filth upon <>ur Southern brethren, that those compromises would, when their u.wrists abouid demand It, be disavowed and broken f grew ir.g grealst ?a. Ttu j hare censured u?, perbape with ntjiat-JSpcrliy, for our apnalac.y Id faeor of slavery. j H. w natural ar. 1 ovt n patriotic ha* It hero on our part to hy persistence, our contempt and defiance oT ! *urb intrrraicd and hoatiU- atilmadreraluoa Beside*, i though tla?< rj I* indeed in.a practically a local and pe- | collar li.Mltuttoo of the South, it was nut lout ago the habitant! praoilreof tbe wh de American people. It U only twenty Ova r.arn ait*-* >>ur Brttlrb brethren sltoliabrd alar ty in th.'ir a.inate*, and only half a cen tury ricre wo or aty fnmpran nation Interdicted Ute Alrirat. alarr trade. Scan.ty three tone rations hare paired away, nitre the subject of the wrmgfulneea of tlavcry Oral engaged lb* erroatderation of mankind. Yen and 1, indeedL ui.<ter-tand D >w ?ery well how It Is that rlarery In the iWrltorlee of the foiled Slab-: In left open by the ona'tnoHoa to our ulni'Tl peaceful oppirti tlow, ?bile wiUiin lb ' Mate Stale- It la entrenched behind lacal con'titutlex,'beyond the reach of external leg' Stan. Bet the eunp-. t t? a complex oue, and the treat it.a- > - of the pevple to whom it ban only hoen recently pi i -# Med, aiul 'loubllr? ly often pmcn led under onfh 11 drain vnrahlr r.oruir.nai..might well Uraire time for lie narrful and deliberate esamioelioo. ill ?-?nt- a bold - uayraiioti t? ay that a groat nation ought In le^cwstder a practice uf forty year.-' duration; but forty yea< ? ? f a natlem'- lift are equivalent to only | aaoyear In tha llle of an individual Tfie thought Is at I lea*t ce?fetrnt with pilltlral |hlU.->phy, for it la not 1 mnrvtrua that personal per-'-tence In error lewde lncrl tab if to ruin, than It l? that erery nation exbrt* by ul>w I dieowrin the same moral lawa which direct lodletdual I! be. that they arc written ta II* original oewrtttaUan, and II mt*t toniirualiy ornfora itaalf according to the aplrtt #' it.K" law ? or |wr lab llf humbler advice, thea, fbllow eltlxeoe. la. Oka; we re iarr* orid re 'ttabtuk Hit ormiaol polity uf Ae iti/i.m, and ' hm-ferlk hold ai let did in the Legirunap. :kat e.'jiwy u j eon evri b* emit a rarely local. temporary and r rafttmal j tnU-uluti c<? o?d ra/tm Ike ilar* Stata inhere u already , trv'r, while lrttuoni u the general, normal, enduring : at ! perusm-m w of society w.thln the Jurisdiction I and under the authority of the constitution of the fn led j Stale* I oooere; tfaur for a xtmp'e reason Incapable of lllurolna | 11 n Kautry, A> utter it may be at any tint' or in any I plait rt> ujw/, ti at all timer and e-eryithere anjuM ami w? j kuantN m a> ? iy nature, while freedom, however It may , be at my nm or in any place neglected, denied, or aioimd i* It it* ualurr right, just and Beneficent. It can never ui.d. r any ?ir< um*taw-ee be wlae Pi perse I verc roiui.tau.y, in extending er fortifying aa i-?tiluiati that :? iotrnatceily wrong or cruel It c*n never be nr.wlae wherever It la pneaiBle to ilefawd and tortity aa ex.iU'-g institution that ta founded on the right* of human nature. Intcmuah a* npiu w* are en materlaDy. ai.d ;etao una oectouniy nflrcleu and morfl f.iit by time, |de>? ??,.l, ?? i?*y hold these gruat truths firmly. wilhcut '.mpeauhirc the eoarlcUoas < r U>* w.otirra et thorn who deny Ihcu-d. aigumeul or la iwacuce I u?i?f . Miu? wr aw-coor reaan 1 quite aa ample e? the Cut. y-mwirdye, rrcii.aiioa tBdepeadrwe.- tmomg ttcuelitiiu a racial ..uv arc the chief dementi or naliubat ntaitb. etrec|ih ord power. lytmraon*, In rl/ixte aau bvruiaje < tcJ.rtdoaK arc always rourr-ea i>r i'. ???! t-tiitw aod decline All aati..-* n llwrfr lurti* have p-ectiaed elarcry. U<mt of them ha?.? aN'i|?hp<l f? TV- world urcr, the atd moat prwrrfo! natora hvr two tboae which tutwratcri It .'cart, and whi-h earliest aa<t m-U wmp-aMy aViliatwd It I iryMwt and Arai *r? ikrmm Ifi- n w*<r rr, it wow 'y Oir orywrmw or Ikr ruww a -i#w<r or. It WOW 'y Oir appearance or fkr / .jpi 1/ <t nowdfwf gf m n uit.'.tn fAeir Pordrri <1 o.^illeo ? is* a or Murartnacira ac.l Vrrtn&at dodrd Mr mat) iarwdrti. tacked by trradoc, eighty years ago. Thitu'lj. tbvre to ao Bomatt/ oam to fortify rr rrtend ?|er-v wihia the Cattail Prates or on the Hirer,rar rnr tircwt All 1 bo tuppoerd nerecpri 'ca of thai airt l?rr ha l"?a iuw' buve psrrrd away fonder lac ua hrtolly icriew W ih lice disci itr; aa.' OootycwB i.f \me M.t ut c(L*y>tily Ake a 11*10 nelblltty "?? iwtbwai It from rater - at,.: u foiridre* elriltiiiirw reft. tnoaSaly ?pain pi.d I-0U4. It* tiaonienrt and octi;-* *oce. *trt of m Ike Icouo-aw N#?oa la the rUUet.lL ea^Kry the rurpt ,io?.tii al ?r,d p .at afcl* lo cob olae Ttirf were } ulU'r 1 tyuti ladurtrbmd err froc, hat were Pa J >? 0 if yibveo ?pj aLkjrctr, U wittierr. nan y.jf-r r'hfca. f-rwcie. pucta and ?chc*d?. with ?,( rJfn Ur. hCM he. 'vrtnera or |ib..rorr Ttie art .. *iia'Buit.^va'. lie pracC'cw darprrtme, and "*w!d iLal Up ,'.?*? bad divided bctworn h.e " ?? ? orxac v-art-r p,. '*?** .1 *"'"t-_aa tm'\ drcawM i? it* natural waa 1 nerrrnre '? lb* . I'V ..... 'U ?' ;a ? r nr. 1 i ,h'T '??? lb# i. m. ** *' 1 "? U>? m* WlW lk# natir.a tyrrrit.t r* ihrtr | ? rslu** g! 10 '\ ? ttj tr ciUUffB l# U.f ftirri* I k, ?k/? ? rV; ?W b?.-^X. .rVr u.; J^^r ? *1*"" antrary t0 nu.r ^ "**? '? nfiru?*rT'' nC "*f *p?**.| r? f- ,w% - _ ,n ?HffMtlrf T?, -M*f* 7 ? J?war?. . ^..trm, f# ? Ur ft??t. yr-mti ~ ?-? V. is, V? wwiv-fi m ? V- Mrs-i..?l * lo r.i.r , ? ?'tr?*1 v ; Votm oi NnrUi k w o _ A* ??f ... -.g'W, l.u. m' ? 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"f "?* tatlar fbr ? tpntlsli-ai. ?IUi ' *?? aa* ??i aa* f>{ alar* l?rfii?-y |v r*a i?f ?4.11 t" Tf' ??*??? air. ???* tfti m'-m Haa tr- I^a ?.? I H-t# * / r.jdy, laf, |Vb?. fwrree ira-l 4?r ft'f fn'.rrra li.'A.r *r lab W?Jy rr rtifn ?# f?'. ? rr .. ?!< KM i t if it ami lh*m '-*11**, 1*1 !>"? ibr nal<**a of notloo im* m rrflnoa la Ui. i >M Worin. lr |wod k? m?4aa s-t^ *a, ?' mlnn ta.Wy and 'r?r a'a^raa* Or?pr!>**!<"? Biwh a rr- .*?, Iralrad .4 t. ritfyirg ar I .utarglejt lb* ?tat nf atav >ry |.*ra, ? ill vrarr ra fn> IB 'am* ib (radaa' rnaarol. II wlli nr ?w ur iBltiaf'** rtrfltaiawt oa lit* *!??*?* nf ib- M* an ?r?a*?n aa<l Ibrrniihi'M lb* .?#??* of lb* lr llaa (? an I hti#l??rtl,r. a -ra fbltr drr?ioiw I sr -1 Iwlt** sifiralmd row Ha* b**?tcA ?+, Ionia a tin a .*"*! ant bi.r. r fn*?i Ot* i*t>i..rwf?l t' tbro* and fi'aoy aa a immrl iB?nrr rf lb# ?Jr?f*i I'wibtf, a U* , b|t? araar*a ar^ r'tntib* fol'ileoi ? ? ?bu brtwi o.' ' *b? >? ? ? ?'? . * ex?enabH> <>? Havery, ha** el Isat he* L",.L" .KoJI had f. ir km*. ' " wvuioi* iM>ar lit My mat ttta ?.wTom? ?? "J" jy to* while iu- n "u > , e no- VI' "WVSe "?* >1 , ,m< ir Brut >' b l'">" lb* ? C 1 nljr . khot tj' hjn, and Mr* equally absnlmd fri.: i it to* a KrrolnWn, and are not oul} held l<> allcc'souo ?"* t <u r U*l toi.t are also stibjefedto Unati'Wi au 1 Mitral i* I'l.M-i b.noi, n. every <lu|.tslm*nl "I ttt Mor n It" hi unit .Yo sj"P>Tf<n.t "i <an ct? ti-xr ile If j>"? f*? U , J | nutmrtwp ,kr eattvwo rt ,ht* ty terv Suiwut ??? ht.h-r ./< i-tflW ir tiOJitv lot I nd at Jiee, whten U COSI pultt l ity hui'K- atllin jti J wvtf i"i'SI. Tins gn-sl r?Ct Is - i* M i)\ nuliaei. u.m tx, _d/,rraa rd'e here is a /oretpw and Jt.:bie ?Uuieul it*? lAr /tuftuu wa'ajtiltt'/ ajjujuW*"'!, but iiul Ibe lea*, Ibjjtliic, otililled U> sueh earn aint protection as ibe weak everywhere m?y r? at.'.ri' frrtn the siroty; lint il in a pitiful i,i,w'stlv and uniita-renamy transplanted tnlo our ftelde, mi"i it it uj uunruQtahiu to cult vam at tbe coot of ?h/ drrnlsltm ?f tbo native vinuva'd Nor will to? argi Mitlbalthi |?riy ot Slavery ui mat of (in-sectional, any hmgr-r avail whan 't >? fully un jers'iwd (bat, co far an it w louudnd iu truth, it ia inly a revolt of that pernor n of IM constitution vhich has at u-nqded So ctTcoiiwerlh* freedom, ali i to Blake slavery ot .vrrral tbrn thnol the republic. Kq.iu.lly do thn re ri. ailn?, mvi i lives ?ort aatirra of the advocate* of ala virt flic.ston fail, iluca l< I* seen aij.i Ml tbat truth, r-r'tu ml humanity ruj work right on without fanali -i,an, mui tteu* rnntome * Without retaliation I nouneal II, w course farther, because I he co nhinstions of slavery hcl M! up. acd < *n orver he renewed with I'lowm. any new Chmtiipath n n.ust Ira harp 1 on thn prior, put of ll.i Sol-tliei ii < raiociatic taction, that a'avery ia luligreiil !* ji'.rv and hnneihv nl, and onyhl to tin n'xirectel, which ma I'O Iniiyer he trderaleo in the ','orth or efa* oj. tie pribcip.t of ibe N ftheru leroocratic Mini tilt (hiTeit i* t fl-ftWrnt and unworthy ol lrdrralprntor.ti.ia, wf r.h i* I net. tile rr.l In the am in while the national nr.iun r.a?#r.??allv paMrd far heynod hoth of thnan pna clpl a. and ia arttlro it the nonr! tmn that ularnrr, wbrrr*rr a d h w? rver it palate, exiat* only to ho re yr. tted ai <1 "* plored I ennnae! it la crmrar farther, becaoan the nnoaaalty fhr a raaarc to tbe - Id Dattonal may haa heroine at laat abaolute and im|<rrative We ran e> tend slavery Utln pew TeiriUwiev.apo rreate new slave 4taiea uolj by re oiieiiii y tlie A friraii rlave trade?* prucni 'i 'g which, by ni> rr>) ii IT all tbr r tint toy vatnre of th< slaves now hrl t ir I lie urunliy. ainl their tucreaae, would briuc tbe North ui'd tbe Booth into complete uaauimltr ia far tr of that ri mi d Kinally, I otmpsei that return bersuae a ststesmse ha* ii <h* Ignatad who p<jaee*ses, iu an eminent sud mutt as tisisrtoty dryrre the ?irlnns and th. qualifications neme asry f< r "the leader In so yrs?t and g-o^nnw a m i?ora?nt; and f,/e>7 ut'l auwat thai Abraham Liifxin will rwt fad U mr.iibiiuralt tkr ancunt amstUuiumal Tf lvy in the ad jMi.irfroliofi <J tkr yvifrhmmt Hu-txilfvlltf txramt th* re publican pat'y. after amvlr experience, has at last acquired the enurape and the. constancy ne-estnry to sustain kint, and hereiiss i ?m salisited that the people, st last fully 0"n vibrtd of the wirdom and nececaity of the propoaed refor ion. arr pr<parrd to auctain and (tee it efleni Ih'l when II shall have been accomplished, erbat may ?* eitwcltbsvi. bat dangers must we Incur, what d is ssfeisaiwi aVii'iles nmst we sofltorf I answer, no dan gers, dirsrta rs c.r ratamitiea Ail parties wit acqnlASca, becacte it wtli be the act of thu people, in the exercise of their sovereign prwer, In oonfotmlty with the oonstitu tion at.d laws, end in harmony with the eternal princi ple of Justice, and thn hontynaat spirit of the aye In wbirh wo live. *11 parties and all sect tor. a will alike re journ in tbe settlement of a controversy which has azl taled the porntry and disturbed its peaoe so long, we shall reyaln the respect and good will <if the nsll his, and me# rn-.r*, ivmsbtent with our princlplea and with our anrter.t character, we shall, with tbe'.r fee* obi tent, take our place at tbeir head, la their advancing progress, towards a higher and m?re happy, bejause more humans and more gMdal olviiiwwliun. At theeouc'oelon of ble speech Mr. Seward wu loudly applauded. Ad effort ?y made to get up a cheer for Lincoln, but It proved a diaaatroua failure. Got. IVtnTiKit eddreaeed tho audienoe, in ?vplana , tlon of republican principles. One cf tbeae, be said, was | land for the landless, not nigger* for the stfrrerlseu. In the evening there was a grand torchlight process lot. | Gen. Nye, Senator Wade and several local politicians, addnaard the gathering at dilihrent points, it bstng im possible for llr. Seward or any man to make himself beard by ao large an audience. The demonstration In the evening waa vary striking. The two or three score companies of Wide Awakes, that gathered from different points, paraded with their lighted torches and marched through the principal streets They numbered probably 2,000 men, aad occupied a line of over a mile In length. Looking up Fort street aad down Woodward avenue they presented the moot brilliant ap pearance. It waa aa a great wall of Are. Than there ware ?reworks ta the Campus Martins aad tho grand circus, aad many private houses were illuminated. About sight o'clock thoy took up the line of march past Saunter Chandler s residence, where Gov. Seward a stay ing. Here they battel for a Urns, waved their torches, gave the salute and cheered vociferously f?r Seward. Not a tlugW sheer was celled fur or givea for Lincoln. One company had provided themselves with Moan can dles, which they discharged la front of Senator Chand ler's. The effect or this was most beautlfWI, the meteor Ubc bails ef Ore creasing each otner at different angles. At length the Wide Awakee all paawed.and then the cttl sens who remained demanded speeches. In tliie they were gratified. The r ret speaker was blent. Governor fhMtepooa, of New York. Me asserted that Lincoln would carry that Slate by 71,000 majority. Tho democrats aught .not flatter themselves that because New York* favor lie see was not dominated there would be say flinching oa the part of the republicans, but If Mr. Seward bad received Ihowomlaalion there would net bare keen a greanr spot of democracy left la tha Lsited States. Would net Mkh^ui give a majority of thirty Are then eaad (Or Mucoid' ('? Trs," "No.") Jfeu'i not nv.aots do miter? ("Never, never," from an JUab voise) He wanted In ehoa that Ike feeenwn of the Tailed metes were sow In rarerm, and that th yea.W aa ji?ld Inch vo toe eiarcocrncy. General Mr a s ea the seal speaker .l> thought It was a I out of place to be advocatlnc re vwk'i-*n dm: triors here. It waa Ilka doctnrtag people th ul ?vsre an tlrely sell fie bed >M lheir pulse to day. ecu ? - had prear-'-inoed tbem nxi? Ibsn Vein* (7 n-ghivr T ?'rhv!r bean, lag couatiotaces wer <-oougb loeusteia bin vW.the kmg eilgrimtge <m which they had alerted. H? bad ewa ' one democrat <u IVtrolt, bet flamim bed cagh. bin, and be was to be placed alongside the "What Mil " I (Lauabter ) Thir Douglas man was rtc m R. s mournfully s*?d are the echoes Urnt start j When n.risory piay< an old Une ew the heart (laagbtT.) I He hoped thai the Hrr*:n reporter would sot m*r the effect of < oversor Reward's eoeeeh by placing ats alongside of It. so J be reomameed"! their at'.mtinn to thnt.vrecfa when the Hrr.jtr should c wie alung ia a day Sroehw r? ssms- made a few r?eaark>, aad then gate way to .'.mafif m*r*r. I. ud chrcrs were given fee ."Wv?fi? vie cam? forwerd to the efgc of the ba'c-wy. PVM'dv. *V>T>t?n m ?' v" rtllflW UTttKMI -_|( I ?, 'a 'a oOedlwne* ?r> y ..?r calf lo atpM, I hot* it Will oi ,'iwi a tllutiral'it *f fiJ prattler of rattr c(.rcr lu ?*?'*? ?<>1 vlr ?7 to2T' u.v'?h ? ***; * .vr j 1 f*f%r..| fl mil* ^ r ?*?*..* ef iZr, ^ ,,;w*ap *?, to JC*f fA(| fr, |i ;M ld|,d* Ikdi ^r' ***? o. u- ? ..?,.r ui r-,; -'T,;;;; .7- 1 ??.4 U.0 rr^oo ? '? ?"? ? e ?? St.l atl-Mlr*. wll,.., |. fcL ^ , ??.???r riysssr* *.?. >*?? b*? ?f ri, ;:?? ?*n<*i*.i. ?? ??? w#? tb* ,*? V?l.*f w" 1 <?* ""'??'1 ? . ?r- !il*VTy n "?? , . um as? Lh? VL1 wow n?i ?. ' .?j . <t*t% at ittt. ft>f lb* -lin aia'la .?. . ...math* n?? ha* < U'? d*n'? 11>P ??<*??'??*) aad ubliaafeaa wf 'hisbe*. law," tllll ilt't b> i r ti*tin. err ??? !i a Iheir llw?-- jr e?-t te their e.?trr?a ion.> n*m> *,a*y Will die ia obrdieini lo "higher l?w. a- l ropuS (\r? ai? bota. atul Wi'i !?? horn and ana* but rrpahii rati wul tort It lie lr:u4 ftiita after ike year ,rf MM (Lai|btit ait! ipplacie ) TV* firr?. yet ml ill if tbc >ov: i wi I f Ibe.oaalrr, (iiti ?l*d la la* r*f -btievi fk'tb. baa appealed ;a ynar jnnrrer by a and bold MMrltn'irf n|*(M?klM) la (>|M II i? tit* vonng Itrr, *U ft tAlilut* It* wid* fc.rr* T. n yrr? ago. aad twrt ly gyi . lb* Wh * await l. rtr wrr* lnrana .lt of rd b*lrg > rjraaiatd f IT ytort an" H waa nrfaaiwl P?f lb* dli?ra*llm> of Ike r?'*utrt ?t>d lb? rtj-aV lactn T*^ay thf jo?|tr, *( Ibt rn.le.1 ytalta arc bar lb? f'il tier't lb* ??i? uf frewi- ai a<a til tla?ary (Qr**l ipybtat ) <rf> <?, ibta, aad tic yowr work l*al Ihla yrral ran** ialo lb* ktrploc of )cur freal. htateal, wnr< Uiv 'tarter. Abribam Litaola. (A mice?.'"fb* Irrnyrrai! I It rri.l ,rl Mirer me itantrt when I aar that If I ? ? " lee* " ' " " " "* bad d*atdr?^ \ij?* ire lo ?? leel fhna all ?a!a lb* rali.rt ?>tr? a w.ati I* whrm t ahnt.M nw.fl l* tb**Un Cud of II I* it lit* nl i*et frr wbl -h I bare llrrd ard fl't whlrb 1 would be wllltnf In d.r -tbal man wotiM bave bora Abraham I.lamlr (tireal appaaro ) (Iraater Wrr*. of Obki, followed Who asuld donbl, ho aakrd. aboul the retail of tba olontloa lo Klobipusf He oroirt aof ?e* a loooflnoo here What ba I thee d m* wHb Ibe*' ik enior?#,?ade m?btleaa.r of them ' Atirdber eolrt ?''f oarerled then* ") Then you hare coo rfrltrt w.lylify hard eaaea. (fata of laofbt'f) !?rolbrt'l*ai bad ruled In lb it nation I <ag *aei<h (A enlr*?'? Aad win ef?!? ") Yt?, *fl?r the Ml'ltrneai. (Ta?i|blrr ) Tb* tcofrtr* h? d?|iart -.l flt iu Jadah loreeer, and he wit dart im4 k?nwtti*a IWI: aod new thre lorn rewind aad tell yon ihal If you lake ih? tc*r?re Oma ihetr bandt Ibry w-fll inra mund ?rd htrak < r lb (rerr?m?r l If ar.y oae I* ?o ftw.'ith at to barber lhat ifra, I toy lo him Ihal lb* buwiiny and aad rarlrf id lb*n* m?n??ra W r?o?bir>? a?or* ihia ibt foamine and froth my at tb* mouth of ibt ? ed?u i?ed eplrlt htfert It l*aeta llit hr>jy pr it* H* tir?*a**d ha rnuBleo** in ih" Wtdt A w*lrt? that they wer.'d yuai I lh? pniht and up bold lb* r"**r? meat. Thry wtu'd ay .wit toret>*u?iii It t<*tton lb* rnh of Veirm'wr, and the* lb"y weeld bery It o*t id t'ybi fbe terr. ? ? ? ? ro*ab >ne kte*. b ? *1 Wlfwtm tod ?I Ih* i?iwjw r V*r|iiw oltwj adifr i r* were mad*. Tb* gretterl tiiUnfiMtm is ftVMil.i g, hut it Das been all called out for Pewa>d. It.* pr-siama-i of ilr. H.??arJ'fi Vour * stetrbed as 1oll<u? ? I M ail I Th>"M?*. Mr;' 0. h-laiiiao*., .-.wl uj us > , a'li. M Iwackre, M"iM)ay. ICth. h?Uiwti. 'N et-day, U'.n la Crime. Ttiura -lay. l.Uh St. Paul, Saturday , la It To sj-cak on Tnetday ISth, at Dubuque. M'< ill o. h, , 18th, ul y-i-ncy SsturJay. 241, at Ltavt i-worth .thotit Wrrcwday, -Jam, at St. Joseph. Saturday, 27tt>, at Chicago. Manli lpal Eluitlan In I.aavrnwarth Ljuvaawowm, -?-pt. 4 WOO The uiLDlctyaJ election !n this eit; yesterday resulted Id thi i urtinr. of J. I. Mr I In well, republican, for Mayor, by 210 majority. Tb? democrats elect the City 0?rk, Justice ar.c threr i4.uncitir.rn. The balance of the repub lican ticket is elected. MtiMart Pullllri. St. I.ut'19. 8<?i>t 4.1W0 Ax a meeting of thr Republican ?'tatis jme trri'ay. tbeChal'mao was instructed to prepare an a-1 drraa to the rrochiiuans of Misanurt, urging tttcrn to rut (SiCht* ?beir p?lrsri|.i.s in the senilis Presidential e'?? tion wi.ftont an am .atlon with any other par y. York Conpressttonal .Momtaattva. I'no, *pt. 4, 18M Hen Riecoe Cockling was to day unanimously, and by acclamation, renominated for C >ngrea by the republicans o* thi* county Fcnni) lrania luiRitiaioaal Nomina tlons. W a mater, N. Y., Rapt. 4, 1800. Ron Halnsha A Grow was to day unanimously nomi nated for a mth term In Congress from the Fu -.rtcsuth dint riot of Pennsylvania. a PHtLADClJ-HlA. Sept. 4,1940. The republican* of the cirtti district have nominated Bon. Wr Hickman, and tbuee <>f the Ninth Jarnts B. CsropVll, both member* of the present House. Ob la Congressional Nominations. CmrorsATt, .sept. 4,1M0. The democrats bars renominated George H Pendleton fbr Congress from the First district, and Alexander long in tlie Second dirtrict Yaw Hainpshlre Polities. Doma, N B., Sept. 4,1800. The Kim District Republican Convection was held here to day, and van attended by 8 000 tu 10,000 people. Senators Chase, Wilson and Halo were among tho speak ers John Sullivan, of Exeter, was chosen Presidential elector. The Steamship Chesapeake Ashore. tuvAxaia, Sept 4,1840. k Tbe steamship Chesapeake, from New York, went arbors near Tybee '.sat night, with s full cargo. She will probably prove a total loss. Y'sllow Rtvir at Charleston. Char1 xerox, Sept. 4,1800. Tl.ers were two deaths la this rlty last week from yel low fever. The disease Is regarded as sporadic. The d isease called the broken bone fever is generally prevalent. The Popniauon at St. Lrali. PI. Loc:.s, Sept 4 1CC0. The erases retcrns are so nearly complete as to render it certain that St. Inuis la the most populous city nt the West. The total will be about 101,000?a ga.n e:mc li60 of 1(M per cant. laillsg of the .trmblea. Brwriv. Sept. 4,18M The Arabia mth at eleven o clock to morrow liar malls close at eight. Fight Between Indians and limited Mater Troops. Hr Tvvts, Sept 4,1800. The Fori Smith True report* a light betweso Indiana, sear Smoky Hill Tbrk of Raw river, sod companies of the First cavalry, under command of Capt. Carr, In wbleb thirty of the lorner were killed. Flra at Portaneanth, Ohio, Poxreacrrn, Sept 3,1800. Oay lord h Oo.'s rolling mill was partially burned thin afternoon. Loot 412,000. Western Stammer Sank. ^ Si Lou*. Sept. 4, ISM. The steamer Asa Wtlktas, hound tseao* Ihr Wastes, aank yesterday morning la tho Miaourt river. The cargo is nearly a total loss. The boat oaob*, thaugh the lean will hs heavy. She was vamsd a 4?&,<M0. insured for aia ouo in St. Louts nod Pimsfcurr. iMtktra tfeaaw Hmmm SiiimR, Stpt 4,1BB0. Ibo C>IM Btataa aril ataaa^hip Aofurto, from New York, irrlwl tl her wharf ?l keif pat lea o'otock Ikle (Turnlf) moraiaf. 48 wett. iiTinui. Seat 4.1N0. The errew eteuneblo B. R Ceyler err! **4 at Ike liar at holt part Are, tad at tke CUT at tea o'clock It la mora* ??? Cluelmmm,Bert 4.1MB. The railed SUIee mall ?iremeb'p tlarfcrn, Ckpt Feter, I row \?"w York, arrived here it eifht o'clock tkia (roaa dap) m irniof The iNtrt Watblp Book Btottarat Bu.riux.aopt 4. llnO ChpHol Mock MT 441 700 I dleoowelO. 44 044.000 , 'pe.-.W & (Ml 000 jX ?e trow otbar banka ; ma nao r ? to other bank* B.MB.0M ivl ?H? IB MA *00 aim ?*?* ti.iAo.7M \>w CX"1*"* 1 ?c 2L??* 't*itrn*f Vr? Vrrk al lm, < ?? .? Mftt riuujp^ ;*'wit'* rt ?*"v~ bf'? ?"Iro '"?" ??** ??*a?b.-w-. "*.?w feu-*. iWreotipi, tr ffrmvjs fc,,* 4?? J u'jhJ^; *** *? >>evr ?ato *m firm. vttk in.' atto* ?* atrwt ?'? , aaaivirrr * 18,r <K ' r 'f * hr d al Wheat at. Ul ? Pftt.WB rra at ' " ?10 Wb'tA ffl HI. ?t ?|. T.n ? V r?I ?rr rrrt tl " ?* *8't<V ? I 2f> .1 SI to I.rr SI 40 * fl ;,. hnl *f It rr 11 l'".t . hi ., . ? M Krt IH ?i? ISTi ir.^K . " w " * "*? Meaty fl* ft. ? %|? 4 ^ p f li '* ***/ ?W? Itm "MlI .a |.?,VfiU .auu _ '? al f] to f..r V.I .. ; 17 ? II !>Wn iftit aw*, it> *??"? >.. . t IM'ha **??? i*v \ (Vt Hull ?1m |2 000 IliwWtO ?. a tor 'Hfcer > at*' yfct r*"' '?* fM??Mn <* Oner, lie. i* aheal 14<- on ?? In *.w Tart U*? It* aor*a-ifl nte i.Kt. rw>i>r *7009 baabeia iM, iimn Wh-if fat*, M coo .?u ?,1"? Wtrhtjta at II CI, I '(0 bun "*? *? ? U"?tor> ?l IJ. t? art Ire Cure abuut ?? kwar. "?00* baabc't Ibdtaaa at toe CM! frei,*tr - ?*?**???. I ram: IWmr ton. aerit 10',fl . one* !?' akr tatfiwi-in n? hnabeta went ? noo biaht cor" tbaal rsjv rtr? iMt Milt, flotr. tu 3CO htiafcrJa wba II M? btaflrv com. 4 OTO b'atria barter, skipped far tteairra'?a iiw 1Mb Once. t'rrcwmn. Sept 3 1M quiet nominal h. bterp nflbr freely bat *bn? ??m at ao d>?|*? ? ><* o pteaa aa'ea tape flue nflered at to If Ma** drii**ry bat the??- arr a?. beyera other ertkU-e Hechaaffld exrbangr "t Nf* V rt dad at per tutana. Oiw-rraan. Sept. 4, 1M0. Fk-tir? flteawet'a neat rev. t en an?aare and an im fettled tad rsoltlap market mj-erflnr I* 10 a to 28. P heal?Arrurale u ut rtt raatnt be rIrra market mantled are rrr un Sarr-n frtn at ll^e. ? U Ae. Sight rirhatgr at Xra Totk irfll at Hr rrmlntr Omtw. Sflpt ?. IMfl. Fleer tetlra bed Ac a 10r Uiabrr Wheat I'm aad to. a hiflbtr taba tM (00 hnab.'la at ton a Ma. fcflt# 1 eprlrg. *?- a lie for Ko I <tr> an II hie N?. 1 RH. ta time. Orrti rtradr aabt 40 041 h- ?hela at tor a tor , fata quiet. Sreelptr?31,000 bhta. Hw, 1T4. OTO bualr a fa hi at. 41 fto huabete >nra. It to* hnaheta rata s. rtnerte?H top '.hla, M Ml bee be la wheat. 1K? hnebe a .-r.ra, t 800 nata. Frelfbte Arm 16c r n Wbiat !??,# ?a maw. t'> IbifTnlo "tflbt earbaafle ? a Vaor Yeit ?Hu b rata reduced to X per cent pea mlnoi Nletn'a Satoria ? f?. ?ter * ihtri v'l> mIbatrem are Flrirg Uietr pmaeaat rel'rtalatiier?a here to eroarded hnoeea. tlelr crmfar j w ?m<?f I be btat that baa erer appraprd here /caarsr? <w tor ?c- The "pri'nte" te t?> he gieea the rrrb<ar. With 'brteei aid M wtaBt ia tbe prtaripa' roiw TVepeilorwamr wi'lhe aeil wiwth brir'r.fl. **W V ei Jhef fpH ??the fVrt (;*??? tl Part, m ft"', (bf-ler'n rip afld at JJm- i g\ 'lie. XT Mflbittor ,c?Bry. haif llfl ??<* eHk the nin rm it srftiacriELv, uss. Fomilh National Kihlbltloa of Iiaportod HI?>?>(! and A met Iran Broods of TIarssd" Great Ntetni of llu Exhibltlos?LMfa Nnabcrof Horui Katerod?Tkolr *| HtJ and Doers I|>Uoa-Trials of HpaaS Fall ProMtdlsgi of tht First Uay, Ac. SlkClAL COMKtiPONnBKCK OP TBI HBIU1.D. Srmnrau, Man , Sept. 4, ism, Thu fourth Nat mot I (exhibition of imported blood aail American breeds of hoioer fwoa Inaugurated on Turwday last, at Hampden Park, fpr log field, Man. Tito success winch attended ibis exhibition lo previous years,and the great national importance sttscbed to It, an s poser* ful agent in improving the breed of American hones, combined to render the exhibition on this oocaaioa one of unusual interest That the lnttnoooe and value of this and similar exhibit!* t? la frit and appreciated by nwun and brecdrri of hornet was strikingly exemplified OO thla occasion, for never before were there so many en tries ?f burres in the vsrlons nlaeaes, or of so high s class of animals. Thla result, it la only just to acknowledge, haa been brought aboct, In n very great degree, by the untiring industry and application of the mansgrra of the exhibition, whose zeal in promoting Its lnteiesla and eucccas deserves the highestcommendation. For acme time past they have labored uawearledlyr ta arranging the thousand detail* and mlnutim ooanectcd with ro gigantic an undertaking as a national, and not merely n Mate exhibition; and the admirably officiant manner In which everything is conducted on the grounds reflects the highest credit upon their energy and business abilities. It 1* almost superfluous to enlarge, at the present day, on the beueflta that accrue from exhibitions of a similar character to that sow bring held In this city. They bring together owners, breeders end dealers of horses from vs. rlous Mates of the Ct'.on, who compare and contrast tho merits and demerits of the various breeds of bigsee pecu liar to their sections of the country; the superior qualities of the sires in ?till*rent State*, as evidenced In their stock, shewn at such exothitions, and the ron-t jnd'eiouo mode r.f selecting mares best adapted for breellng pur poses. By offering valuable prizes tor the best animate ol' various da-nee tbey encourage breeders of horses. by bohl-ng out -ha prospect of obtaining increased prices for tbelr stock, sad alio tend to encourage a feeling of emuln i tion to surpass their neighbors in their superiority of breed. I i Monday was a busy day with work of prepm attou for * the coming fair, sad the arrivals of horses and horsemen were incessant. The hotels were filled, and the grounds ' of liampdrn Itrk were nailed by hundreds of persons. me arrival of the trains from New York, Bunion, New ! Haven. Ac., next morning, brought additional hundreds into the town, and the scene on the Park at tea o'clock the next morning was a meet tnteieating one At that hour a grand cavalcade of all the hors-t entered up to that ttmr tor premiums, exhibition or sale?comIderabiy more than four bundir-d in number?was formed on the ; half mile track, and a more imposing coup d'eC ouuM ; hardly have be?n Imagined. There was the noble tho ' rought-red, praiiciDg |>r IK along aa If ouuecinue that hla ' superb set Ion, gloeey oat shilling like satin, aud beaoU < M h-riv, could not but elieN the admiration and applause ' of the ae-emh'.ed thooeatol* Tlie fast trotting horse, ex I hibltlngln bit jet b'ack, iorrel or gray color, lbs blood ! of the renowned Vermont Black Hawk, Morgan or i M-rtetiger sires, were there in great cumbers, : while the br-od mares, with their young foais i by tbelr stdv. fcvusgbl up the rear of the 1 procveiioD. Some Idea of lis length may be formed fount j the fact, that although the bcrtea went gcueraliy three ! or four abreast, nearly lha entire halt mile track was filled with the cavalmde. Then followed a general trial . of speed, and It was miraculous that no serious anetdect occurred from the random driving. As It wss, a collision betven s French Canadian pony In a sulky, and liie trotting borte kaxeppa iu a wagon, did annuo,, ta which : Ibe "weaker came to the wall," tbe sulky being smashed effectually, while the cinuck fortunately eaonpud without injury. The horses, on the termination of the trial nf speed, i commenced taking up their pur:ttons in their own respec tive l1 unci, their distinctive places Is tbe large cirrineure ! b< leg denoted by dKforcntiy colored hanaera. llorn tbey ! were nrited and ttapecud ay tM Judges and the v 1st tars, ! and we can safely avar that at so previous axbtnition was ' there ever witnessed so large sad Interesting a collection 1 of noble borers, or ofs* superior a class. Asia our re i port at the proceedings ol the exhibition from day to daw ! we shall have to daasrtbc the stent roeepkrone* and man | valuable* of tbe diflbreat clssase, we thai) nog now he tempted to stogie out any in particular fir mmdatlan and remark, s'thnogb the oca ity and admlra bio condition of many among them would warrant us In so doing. At tweivs o'clock, tbe bell at the judges' stand sum moucd lha farm and dralt mares for Inspection. In the first class, there were only five entries, one being mads by Mr. 9evrge W. At* tier, of New Turk. His team ootn !?le-l a m vea year old 'and aa eight y ear old, by Emi grat.t and Onlumbug, weighing about 1 800 pounds each, and a capital team tbey formed. In clata no 21, (draft mares) mere mere set en entries, two of them bt ing from New York From i*tF V. to two o'clock P U , th* track mu open for prnmlneoou* driving, lb* judge* taklag advantage of tbe Interval to partake ?< iMnner. On tbetr return, "la Ml So 9 fmarr* with foala by their aide) were calleJ bAro the Judge*' ataad fur exhibition There were H octrtaa, v U'l'finiii Blghlaud Meld. * thorough bred m%re, enter ed b) P Btewart.Jr .of N'ee York , Lovely L'uaaesrcr, entered be John Brood#, Jr , of Ma'n?, Poll, of til* Mor gan *bd Fngtuh breed, by TT T. Iwna. of tlniohn ?Mtr: Venu*, crtbe N'onpara.l Mock, by fhlv.n A Nor**, of Sl*r? u rbtiry, Wa*aarbur-tU. Pooabontae, enter" 1 by C. II Itoeh k Co , of ObWi; lady (fay Unaakar, of thg Uaiaiiumiaa blond, cr.:ar*d by J. F. TTtoimdiko, but re teed la Vrraoct ; Mm Beaton, af tba Mee?????*?r breed ; Fiery M?|in, of the ee'.eknlel Mrrjen ttocb ; Nell.* Gray tad 8uiU Drlef. both ilr*eeagrn l.igg:# aacdtord, by Back ttawfc aaa lady 'tootag by 6rey Mmevnger. catered by W. Puller, of l<*l Inland The Beetle of anme of I bene were eo evenly balanced that tba Judge* ordered them la another part of ibe grouedt for a Bore'e ingpectton, ac-J clsgg S'u. 0 ibrtedtrg mama), were called op to tbo Judge*' gtand. Tba entrteg ta tbta rlaag were *a follow* ? Laura Kaaaa, ?a triad by Jaa. II. Koran, I nag lalaad; ?da'lab. cnered by J. F. ?prmg:e. Nam Rwt, by AbdaH Yutk. a Bare by Meaeengrr. entered by T Prrcr: Far ly Fern, entered by H. P. Bracts, of Sirringfle+t| Scale, a tb-ffgh bred, out vfChaa by Flylag Dutchman. entered by reeial Pe Plerrkl, En.'and, TVley. by Meaaenger, #* treed l>y It W Pernr, roane-!li-ul. Paany tad Taaay, both by Morgaa, entered by J fir eke, Jr , Vena int. ? mare by lilacg IU?lt ar.d Uc.rgaa. emirrad by ?L Trnaa Ct)e. Vr?mont; Jraay. bv '.men Monctata Merge*: Kata Allen, by Imp. Troetec.entered by Ta* Allen. Jfew York;. J.rtte Fierm iit. by Black Rank and M*?*eng?r.'otero-V by F. W Raarell. Coaoccfcnt lady Bnchtcae. by L I. BU-k Hawk, entered bv M H flriflln. Fanny Uor^ao, l y Black Hank and Mrtaeoger, entered by Thug J. Vatl; R. ley Trot?i-i, aire uskaowe, dam pail M ear eager ta^ fu". eater to Sb<-rm*u Bltck Htwk. Bnlrueb. by Morgan, ' " ? ??? wu, "7 mvw|W| enlrrel by F Morgan. Julia, by Truate*. entered by C. W Ptlbgele, of Jfete Yuri, Fumy, by Morgan, entered ??> B M Wbltluek M**e*t hut rite Tbnee ncrt * Sad rniUolba and no wonder tba Judge* war* pegrtoj Id SB kctthe beet A trial of rpr?d war ordered.eo e? ?o *abrd the judge* airuther "laioifd for arriving at a fair JecbUm. I The n at It,larerllhg rratare of tba vihlbHIoa >M tba rrt.ib it,? of (jwad by clara So 9. Hallloo* order threo at'i roar jrar* of ?gr There were twenty f>_r aolrlct, three betng ff. m W. ? York: George Taybrr, of Purer run*, entered Frank B n*y- J C. Ward, ?.f A'bnay ettrred Yoarg thief, and J. *rpb narkre, af law g I me*, Riarkbird, g Ibrre ytr -Id Wmblaglo*. Alee ?**mtd It g lh? 1? rare, a trial ?if uwd war ordered twiea trouwd Ibr b*If mile tracl. BU^tblrd ma aaally Ir f TO, befbg e>ei fie tl i n* r-r * yvar c rt?"iog. flc la ABQV rntnlr eon ?iii ie hereafter - Tlwre ??? between 6.CIO >nd fl.O?O Mr(,?. ik. ^ ^ ^?r 'beee there >v u?<et excel. Uma Pr^ iacd.? ita8d ?*??.- *?. be-r* rr?'H br the ? leofth. tf'HIrf IXWI , '^ithfl of b?n#*? - Liu_t (?ntvrtfMfc FbT tU "W?e ? ihn "ere cuin?rp*f ruble! <**?e?a. iVoriiWe flr? ? ot charge. while trier ef ** .f*;lw> wird borre? at* their trroxl of ?b?ft? Vtb ??TO. ? rter ere treated mil -**?? airorWf, .o 1 h<*?ta tW ???tn?BeM bmh***- "i*1 Si'ri Jt III. by '*? web"" ?> pPMMttnc *** ? *?? '** ?garni bl ' ?*? '*??? to U* exhibition g-atlf.calial t| "? ipuiuftar*. Wrrrtn C* Baa* a '"T**. LlT~ prr r.aket ?,,, ; .*** ^_*n? " a hm\to mvrJr toortir .?:? W **?"?'? ?*?? "?? *?. i **? ?tea INMM bj R?ur of tba ?. *"^rf itJ /<r?l*>iot leal eeaatof at lb* ****-? mf" tut Ira 1 ">???? ??F ???*?? <* ?"* ' *? ^ n NtHW ?Hk tba Barter at ? *3 the MM, t%4 ?*? *?*d m1"' D?T"* li.rfra?a. ?? hemp' *1 ?J"* "T"' r.a??. *an .^- lW*?tollo?a,.', Jnan k?? Cmio?.ib and Tbr.raa V "*?? ????? ?bMUjaftw tl.e marl bad eatwd lie ?r. * *"? !?*? Wtee "fitoa to It'd it at I ha bob >*it, a bleb J**4 ?tneitod ta tnlt bin. abet. beloMkd l a. a,., 1 three liaiit. . ittiac hia. w> rart.?Bij Ibat iba bh? ' 1"*ed "poa tba ?larli nai'a frrelj 7b? male aft ???'?U ""at aft, bat ratcraiat ?*?'r la a f?? a> nataa m- "* lho **? ?* tba mri?ir,?Untrtt"MMm bait 'lh ? hantepltro tba *.ar (rytbf "Tn?d baa* marry oa ma ' ?nraag lata ib* ?*? Tba man at lb- -l?et nrlal oat, ? ?' toaa WteP> bated.' ? baa tba rapta* hearing the noma, <*???? dark It# tir-nrd'aial* ordered a Wat to ha In*. tha toua halt not ha fraud. Tba boat rraa ktt.*^2 board *pii ib? rraarl r""e?frd ne bar toj?*?. ?J? Iha watr* vtrc artaatrd and larked up to ana* if. onr ararnaa ?rr? detained to wttoitoi a. Taunt a VraciMi m Paoanrrar - brly Iwtetttotef, * ?< tiihri of parrot* ?ei e paaatof oter a (taping aradtod or?r aa . xra.atloa mada at tba aorato of Broadway and -pi ailr CJB ? t* - tod Item rikftBr ^ bte" IPtote el *? * ? iwl llnF ?trrrral ntbar pen?a wara aftfbtir Hijamd. a/ A. Twelfth rep?eat. who arena ptea*ng at tbb > atfrd and rnadrrad Ik ?alrea rnry <a?fo| to aw> ?i?t r* ihe infarad. Ton Taaaaat Bail r?" mn, ea bar a nr. ad tba rmaal f..l? ma Iha lorat or?i'?t Tbay ai)OTl tf a-r -nptlah a great debt ta tba ?orrat' of 0?tot Up'