Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 3
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f *? lb* aoll of Mow York, wi uld flu the flJ,n ?iu, p^. Iiooiars tad half crtuo Uio 8um with u m only Whoa wo rr fleet that wo 0? A ,h, deid rf . pOiaat fcllowa who bar. gone down la what to looked ?Ha u a kind of poileo and I ha nation hardly know, of a. dona It will ? M galnod to u. la war. of this k >nd whoa f ?tthw tbe ^ ?a awrpt with th? atro- <(?eat glasses, and results reported to a marchia. - ilum' or wortj ctLO oome back from the finite* ahead, over /apifl rivers or drop ravines, or from any peek shown r j, B loo.out the Oral .Ilmpaa of mowing adiana ran be announced to the camp or scoat below. There will b t Me(j 0f fl?u .jgnal*, portable la evary mum of the Word, to erer attempt thle. The attempt la already or dere<, The at ady of military sirnsi. la yet in Ita infancy, hut tt will enme. la formally re<jngnlxing the duty w* have It a necessity. There wlil be officers In the army ??<? State Item* who will atudy signals and know how to * e tbero, from thnee of the telegraphic wire, down to '* a* pantomime of the Indian, -ognals by sight, algnals by sound, al.nals by every lenae capable of recriviig thrm, Biynaia written, printed and In cypher, the recog nition of friendly algnala, the deteotion of an enemy's, w 111 be subjects of thought and of practioo. There is no thing wonderful in the fact that with this knowlelge and uae cur oft'.eon can convene at dlstaaasa hitherto deemed impracticable and with devices not thought of, aor miraculous that it la almost Imposalbls to prevent them. It la the wonder that It has not been dono In ar mlet before and always. There are ao new prlnoiplea In volved. The principle* of s'gntl* are as Immutable as lb* alphabet?there has net beeu one n?w since the day. of Cadmus. The last month'* apartments In Capitol are on principles known to the Greek leaders. The stg aaia at roly slug are based on the same prlnoiplea an those *f the electric telegraph. There arc new applications of principle* fbr the field. The modes devised for uur ser vice have, by experiment, pr^. en signals ou land practi cable and useful to an extent not mentioned in the histo ry of war. Ocr army will go Into no more wars w'toort telegraph, and ? Igual*?a knowledge they have cot pos sessed placed wth n the attairmert of our officers, there are too mar who will seize!!. WeLnu aot a leador who, knowing the r imce, will throw away the ohances ol' success Ihvy will g've h'm or wantonly sacri floe the lire# bo brows :fcoy most nave. There i hardly a sta'esiuan that would permd it. There will be diUkuJ twa at the ont??t and la* it to be undergone; bet the success of the s?* wilt bv absolute and certain. THE RETUBW OF THE PLYMOUTH. Our \aval Cermpnsdrsre C*'r?r> Print-. Fiuctte Pan* Ibveor in, 1 nzMrro.v Bozo-*, Sept 3, 1890. J JUUrfrvta a MiMiyiran?Running Hilary i?/ the Just mer CVtii're rf He Vni'ed Sa'es .Vary Practice S!hip 'o Cadiz and the Idcndt r.n lA Cra.: rf Africa? Scaza to Jke Steereye and tm Deck?Mai dt Met?Hems. Ayai.. dc. Tri day the sight of land, which so gladdens the heart of the niter, greeted our eyes, and after passing tbo Ckpra of the libera peaks, happy In the knowledge that our native land lay ncr.piaad befbre ns, our good sb'p rapidly Beared Old mint Comfort, where in a short lime ate came to anchor, thus virtually ending our summer cruise, Inasmuch a. tie f.dlow'rg moclb w!P N> spent Id fhebsy Ibr the purpose of teaching .s what is known aa " mar linsp'ke seeiuai ship " JJ On tbeOth of Jul* the Cret c'art. hiving finished its ex amination, joined the third class on board ship, when aery midshipman was immediate')- assigned his station. .acter, sir*, g"*'s ere*, and b;s hammock, with twelye laches to twir-g in. Just fully iulaiied In our uew home, and ou the vis vice to cet under weigh (for what American Ooet not wlsb to start at once wteu ?-?cce re solved:) , the hoc tiling signal gun wanted eur officers that the t ine of partinr bad oome, while by H we w--rs rs mmded of the new scenes and tt; grrut deep, those dream.: of youth about to be real.zcd. "Outward beend." mill the a 111 - on sbp (as the fiwRzin calls the Ply monb with h*r representative* "Y .m 'very State) was act drscrtlng at the crisis: net its crew only desired to Mam to serve l nele asm all the mora, at the same time eecap ng from the torn-.oil of the summer. Eowever, the cruise was viowrd very differently by the two classes, for, to the third, novelty, clothed la ray co'ors, tbrme-t the chiof attraction, whilst tho charm wax ncarssariiy lost uprn tho Drat ola-s, who mind -ansa to rejoice a the kzowiedge that their next voyage would be in the caps sky of warrait officers in a regular mar of war, and tbia with all due defeisnc* to the ship. Kit lei us proceed with our crulae a* found. Abwt bom of the Ulh the merry cotes from the boats wax's whistle, and the stirring cry of " all hands up anchor," went like an electric thrill through the ship; and then there was a hurrying to and fro, as erery man sought his station In a trtee the ropes sere 1st along the dsoh, the capstan bare manned, and, to the stirring antes of the tile, we none ?? walked the aar hor np." Rawly her head reran g round; then " shectisg home," her large satis ?lied, and she bore away frost the Academy la bandsnese sty la. Aground before rairly out of th? Me rem river, and heating down the bay for a week, rendered all qulta con t imat with lb- ir duties ere we reeol-d Voifnlk, TTere the midshipmen alawt enjoyed ?? tbs frrodom or the etty." the ship In the meanwhile undergoing repairs. It has bees truly mid the! No-folk is u the part-Use of raid shipmra," and la bav:cg to leave to soon era wars only CMSoled by the bnpe of rotnrc-ng la flaptember. Well, on ilm 2Tth of June we stood to era, end urst mmntag lend eras nowhere Tisibie. For a few days the new comers were In lied into fatal security, but a mac knot brersc coming on, the lee gangway was m crowded as w WeiLiegt'-n altera lata Presidential election, aeh tsflbnr terming to cocsidrr b'msstf more tally entittsd Is a place lb d bla neighbor. Ah' ev-'b a Jam, as some owe metes a n.ah headlong as the rbtrge si Alma' What looks of anguith and dark despair meet one's gase. lb# emeirk maa t truly as Inlerestlsg rtsdy; piwrnaw il of all the well and ell the good qualities of wbtcli maa It res or pi.hie. Now restored, no eaoriSm that bla grateful heart ears net point him to: agam nnder the laflseaco of thd terrible mei 4r ewr, who dare approach hhiil OM moralfla 1 "* ? mi.ishij m?n y rarely noooat a poor, palo, 'rartated frrqurowr st the '? boom orrrrrr." bear >ng la his baad, atidi. '** to ? ! ,r,*t. * hn?* pWe ol tat p.wk, Watered will.'*? lb*,r "* ? world ?X mdlgnalkm ,a |^s lr a ^-s, sad with a wild bound he had well algh tam 1. d I lie Inrth."** '??*? ,br ???'? *?*?* That lee gangway t? tfcT wrrke the <* ribaldry sad j?SA. On the rounh of Jnlj' ?tsta.' ?*"? ?? a entt.r bolltd Lamr lint a ??U" ?* ,h* ,1-" "'4* occasion taking pnmemloa of all partlw, _'*,IT Vtwghl forth ,'rem their Wxk??a many delkweles; e. W* feasted r mplu-rasl> that day la the aft-raooa It began to blow quite ? gule. Tacremiag la rWlewee daring the* nght, It became ctm-tr) the nttl storeng to dram oar good ship la her atorm salt. la the si I Set ef tbe gale she Inhered vmleati- . at ewb roll her waiet aactire going Oder the wait* During the storm U>e iter rage was the setae id the re riant eMfmkw.mcampetaole.eroekety and tabisn. la e-tM d sordcr, Jo'rtd a a gt a* ral dates 10 lbs music of the ?pert At d'ntcr we were ink: at table, uid ? draprTBtr rffurt* I. ftt eoaw-thleg to eat, sad the rer . varus rawly striving to aid an, wbra a ?widen rod rent cemp stoof tfi ir o?t prim peit mail acrom the d. k. ?? rj i irtfc - ibn, Into aNiat a tu A of water, 'he Sable tsatra'ngf ;.r.ny way st the enow USfV It swi ih> art wreuptrd rl?.ie weet With a err-h ag*<n? tha I k era v 'be amamaiaet of tlw wnprttof eye ireaas, a *? without aed. "eg .Jiterr up* oa, Stlfi tia'y f* ?d f.-r t ud ta-k aed tea it ill tvprsawly rMhshwIfm iWi. as, lotaMy dtal et iliJ iSli d, Ibeyejol- tod to ea. . ? ' le ..I 1. I- ?*?' * * #? ? y am?? ?? i -et > - ,rd tb'[ W. !*?' '? '"*?' * S f'dir. '. or llab tirrrrbef.- -wd. e ..r. ? 0 is wbtsb erwrj .we may glee a aftli tanre rMlfUl M name. Or agam. when a mm ber tf Ibt e. w?oarJ m m, tar inatanew, uiap'ayf and thee brntts at diar-r. tSsupimr , JMrnwaryjiiht nmiter of drirtag toad berg* >? * ' "J * ' pet r y' -fr. -.i.-f. f"' 1| r-.-n.h < a :e or ., ' ? a ?' ne,.>.ri- i ahra tb?? t -'V ??rang must mate we!' to r? o t: - el-wti-e* of m ??'* m r, nf aier -a ?? . ?? ' '? ?' ? remnJa ?. - ?? | *e,de sr.. po.-erl, - rt k?, |ir?l H if.tRt be know* "P" *" """ ' mo arts,cm- V) ?d US. the .? eae^s nOcr the T met*. puuJ rg -i mr-i A' . with, 'halts" of Or lbs ITlh "f J. if w? Jrrpgrd auohee <# H. rla n -- at ? -f ' > ?? ?" " "f ? r I . ' it*" ? ? ? ope ?< Pfl b ? " ? -1 w tin.e it - 1 t ? ? ' " *? awmllef ? ^ dbetand itc* ' " *? <l?"f?f the Wlnp. a -e ?'?n ?? ' of I.e. et the amtt of 1". . n W'.r:. rnfila'n* w Ih [?. below the level of ih?- w?. a I fir'"1 law of_ e iter. *0 1.: tig lb. -I c - * efa-'ft C '* ? ed a ? Mo i . * " ?*? I 1 ' Urlr ohl-gc! > ' hi dneet end > ? ? ?' ?* ?'?* ?**''*'' ' lb? ?. n?y -? t >*?? ? 1 e 11,,. I 1 ' ' wdtearb-d t'-i. , bee',* i. mat alnH aw1 bot.?r wratltef. pa .ah t tag ibf bets -r a tasl*? WW ?lt . . teat * a ? ' ' ' .. tei'U ? M. L' i. ... . ;j,-t t ? n' " ? *1 'o t wi? ?ot permdl"d * ? ' *"?' lb 4 I td , r gPi^!e?ad ao !???;;?*' 'g by e'.cf '.r * ~M'? taftlfl'- ' ? ef T '? ' 'SI g ^ "* ' ? '? e the bravery "f bar def-nces, bl4 Uio Iteroe ra) . a j which the inhabitant* of this renowned ota cny so o t met Um Mo jr. J ew person* bar* an oppfwrtuhtt v of Seeing M hesoltful a nty wiih to noble * harbor, on whose bosom rest buudrs<ia of x*:iaui -a i? We weighed anchor on the 21 of AUgum, and ifV'r a "steamboat run' of lb ret' <laya, ou the ith *v tne fly moutb attteily at anchor >'11 J uuoliai. Madeira. dare *? remained three brief, ?wifli> Hying !?>?, re.ell'i.g in Um luxurte* which peo*"ou? i *tur* yb l< r la tine da i*b',>il ?pot, and exploring the ia>ta oa bnraebw* rb" eoeues In the fruit bust* that Mint off to tb -lnp are beyond do tcrlptlon. So amusing w-re they. That would l?y tiound the eblp In great in tuber* uuul lb* to -or lie thai' oo>u lug aiungaio*. Tne motueul toe bel< woulu ?vi i*? th-y would pounce upon ua a? if they meant to huu-.i, uni let the yeli* and crlua and luiprecali"U*,-acii boat tiriving <i reach tbe gangway, and ?acb txatuian u*i?g nt* hot book u:tb vigor upon bi* neighbor'* 'fail iu-u would follow tbe crowding of tbe boat* by ib- mi-ten <puieu. a way* famished, who frequently altuort swamp -i ibo b w* in iceir blind tndrarors to purchase that basket ut frill , or ttom lnaillWll bn* of i,ative uanotsi'tura, fur win th Maoeira la to no'ed. It were impo-vibie to conceive i ie ooulutiun Incident ujuu a promiscuous nuyniii *uu .e... if amcigst tbe "Degn* ' Our stay piovnd remarkably pi-a gaitt. No one may enjoy the balmy air, o*te.i 11 g.y carrots of tbe beautilul bird* tilting light)* fo e b u^n to boagb. and wanner .diy through those dufighujJ grovis, over looting feartui chasms, without loeiivg an ;u ward desire to buhl (u b comaiuue* with ualure daily and hourly. Tb* more ao -when weary miles of water se parate him from the favorite spot. Two lay* after leaving Kuucbal, Teoeri't'e, wlt'i Us H'.co do Teyde, piercing Um very beaveu*. bove in tig. In a few days alter want* we were twinging with th- tide in the barbur ol dantaCruz, a town ol Home *ize, but, like other dpantah cities, rrmiuding ut of the rut, with tbe mote, tbe forts, tbe narrow street the tile 1O0N ao.l Idle people. We were at I:-re during the oay, and lh-ti evening again get rail, now "bi muward bound ". Ims was on the loth oi August. Tbe pa^ ago baa boon a ro marktbly tbort one, we having been cut but twenty, thiec days. Nor were wo n as favorna by dsligatful wea tbrr and thorn tamed tropical autim la. dale at home again, we will now tp. od several weeks in tbe Bay of ihisaprase, cxeviising the great gun*, tending a.j'wn -para, sotting up rigging auew, he ho Tbe memberr of the first or aenl >r elm-, having the deck. h*ve a due Opportunity ?>f learning praclicallt the duties uf Ibe''officer of the deck;" fur lo'iancn reducing and setting sail, tacking, wearing, coming u> au ancbor, get ting under w- gh. lie . ,s . Hub <in:u eipcricuce they will be enabled to lilt tun siatiuu next year, after gra dusting aa midtb.pUien, with a wariant from Ibe Pieei dent. They have already studied tbe subjeet of naviaa lioa to couc.deriblc advauttge. ibis sojourn in tbe as ter* of the Cbraapeake over, a >1ay '? mil will Hod n? at Annapona once m.rv. wed p eared to enjoy the calm ol our .Vtua Mater auu ibe excellent art* uf uur bust >1 tbe Am/remy, I'ol Hfhar.i -)w ihd, of Mere ffall New York Slate |* begtuiilu* to make herself felt in tbe navy, iiie appointment of cade's to .tnaspoiix by Oiu gr sicrsl districts, inmost of ny exnrutive lelactioa, vf>W Mkt Cwptrt 9Wu thd city their due ?mportl'iB at the taval nursery. Tbe power t* departing irotn Vtrgtnia ar.d Maryland, from which iim>i to umi . y-ara ago, tne <upl'iy "1 officer* wli-n Vbete was but Utile cv-upetlll u ft.r inlitaMpmen'* warmi.ts let Ibe me nb-r? >f Om grttn trim New sv (lnewbvre nom'.uate only such boya as have a thorcugb cirmuntary caunation to fit them for mlering .Vncapcils. It w a vio to uf tbe lnlluccce of a mite when br.jr of meagre mental training are tent to tbr naval academy fhe.r rcjectinn must follow not rot int.I lh?y have ;. i. i ths piacsa for tit or twelve moothe <f ir.orr l esetvlag hoj v. The sun.lard of the icrto.,1 ,j not so very big*, and so ar?, therefore, to onaclude that the rejection <>f k ??il ore hundred out of every ooe boa died *tut foitv U cberjewhls to tbe origin*! home ds heiency of Ids hoy*, who ?r* appointed e.vmetlm?' to subcerve a po !Ileal vud without lefereiice to qualiOca tion. Vlgnr?* 1, 2 and 3, lr lb* below, denote the clsrs-v to which iW-cadet* vcprctlvely t-.-loog. Four in Its cl?'S N". 1 will graduate cell June, lffl and be eaiikirted its ful! biood-d ini'Ubipuien for regular terries. Arroivrno mos Saw Yoitx?17. 1?Wm. T. Ssrniirt-c, tb*s E. McKay, John W. Philip, Vv'ns. H Cusmdx; 2?Joseph Andrew Leonard (ally); d? (toMvsrneur K Htrweil (cttt). Ia Rue P. Adams. M. F. Haakin, 0. A. Bitcbcltor, B. H. Porter. Ed. M. Shepard, Xlenl J.uoiow: i? Wm. S n-ana (city), Was A. V?n Y;erk*, Henry U. Wyman, W. K Wbcelcr, Charles D. stgtbre. 1WOK IWVSWTTVAVU?15 1 ?'Jrorpe Nil I'm Kaon*, John Mcrarltnd, H. F. Pick ing: 2? Sun. swift. H. o. Tyson: 3?Wm. Hsmmet, P. W. Lourv. F J Natl*, F. 1'earanr, Oban W. Tracy. O. W. Wood: j?John C. fortune, Ueorge McCure, Chan. Henry Poor, Wm. Wallace Kir* \'JMsra? 8 1?A. 13 TT'dgins: .1?W'm I" Mason, R. *. Otmm, Imtuil Trigg, W. C Hutter, W. C. Jackson, -V. 1*. Bnirne; 4?Hmry SrJ ten (1 oico V*ow Mywt' in -rtn?T. 1?Allr-nl TII'IS Snell. tJ. P. Kj.t.: 3?f*. I. Hlgg'r.son; 3? A'bert am.tii ti.rk.-r, C. F. B-'ake, M. L. Jofaahns; 4?L. F Heath. Fax* rte o?A. 1?Teramjoh Btaao*. A. Heater- X?.lobD Anderson, A. C. A:esssder,C S> Jones. Merrll Miller. !*??? Tiissmi:-!. 1?W. W Caiuev, J. F. Hoideu, 3-R 8. Floyd; 4?J. C. Lcrg, H C. MrJkuiW FtxMi .>? in Ce4 1?J H. T?M. H. Bacct, J. T. Wslksr; 4? F. It T bom as, W. W Wilklnana ft'-x North OnaoT tva?4. 1?Theodore Sturdlvsnt; 3?T. loogwoi th Moocre, S? S. S. Gregwy;. 4?J M. Htsflbrd. Fxow Alabama- 4. 1?Strd'ne Graham Stone; 2?N. J. -'mitb, 3?J. K. Price; 4?Wni F Rfib't-son raov Marti ism?4. 1?/ V. Ppesc-r, Fred. Rodger*: 8?Daniel OxrrcU: 4?Junr* Huban .-'anas. TVoi Tsduma?4. 8? H. T. French, & B. Hunt, H. B. Rnwssy; 4?Om. P. Vance. Fruni V:wmra:?4 S?Tom T. Turner, F. T. Chew, J. P. CI ay brook, 4?W. M. Pipkin. From gmckia?8. I?R. F. Armstrong; 3?J. C. Hulcomb; 4?K. Flour I rtn* Krrrr-xT-3. ?-J. H Rowland; 4-9 T Maltory. W. J. Craig. r*r>* YtaWtnT?3 1?J. K Flake; 3?0 I Johaana, T. T. Woodward. From Riiocr Imm?i. 3?Waiter Abb"?, J R Bartlett t now x?w S?Rafts ktog trier: 4?C M. fiaytoa. From !? eraicr or Cotamu?2. 1?Char lea Ktrby King 3?Richard P. Ore, I no* Hior.-i*?1 1?Sylraana Btertqa; f?i-hn B Bred. Fun* Mmrm-im?l I?W. R. Dal Urn, n M Me*. . no* law a?2 3?It. U Bridgraaa, Jamaa Wallace. Fn.i* On.iaii.rn?3. a??. M. Brow*: 4?t M Cheater F mm Too- A ."?Ate*. II. Oc< orratct, t.. J llelNratc-.t. Fao* \i?r Hju^ww-I. 3?E. C Hajellihe l ao* iitm? 1. 3? Btward K. Prrbta. Fan* Fi imiu?1. 1-J 0 Wlla-a. T*o* Cat irony; a? 1. ?Mrrioo W fter irn Fno* .taciwu"?I. 1? lot.o tl. Coaartnoa ran* Ktiu<-i. 1 1?Horaee K Multaa. Fan* Van****?l. 1- lePVraoo B. Cnnwetl. Ttir riytmmtti wit! tend te-r rah* at Asnapnht about the teat of Pry trwiber, to .owmnw ?? the rew aradaa c year I ran an! rtor- without the .adtridad fas! tag j of a>'m rate n frft tbringrimrt the ?htp fnr ntirtiaptaia, Tbnrraa I Crarec?a raiww of rra' rrrtif!*, ?{ tor ?met "gorgeooe r- ratnwire aedtr r;ron?rtawcc? that ?take moat turn blaarfi with 'oar; and, although en forcing dteeiphw. iraotf. tfleg a f r ' "time aad l iaan ty that an or.r iitaal of asa lar. a warrmr aad a man Reiyiowe aarrioea evsrr h ad*/ hare been onodaetad by nrr 1'irrt fdrutetai t, F tward .-"tnpeoe, a to rial, an, a "enllrmai) aad ao i rrrlleot < fhoer. We are all ladabtad k-r in^ tract or la narlgatlra, I lenteaaat gartraer, *" - well qualified for the rrepnoafbte dotMW Wit* ^ u' . ' . "erged The other tClmi of Vfce amp are * 7 ' I'r-^wr U'.il Qar.-ta.* Watai ..?eaaaot (eniew.. . t^ntt Otaalafh^n, Ld ftetS' - pmrtitxtwer I be known ?? <*f* bnfB, fJS\Z! a'etnvr* a' the Vtw Vrfv llratth Hit Vt I ninat HtWti I'.tax I iota. ?wifraiewa,Bag'. 4.1*00 The . Jft tteo fcr mate vltettt aad ??.mterl of Coagrtia (safe place to Jay. Reiuru for flvrnrwor fa I sooty I-wnr. sire Krattne iaUtmokf, rep . $ sM: Jobs C. Bats, tVagla* dtin . 2Mt. ? llirtty, Bracktarldgc dew.. 417. Ma.-lty flw Pa.rbask*. g,T?; aaej.?'.ly for nail, rrjj f latt year, g,oft? a r?p.>bi.cea gala of ???. tU? U wwt rtnViaee one C'lh of the mate, aad tadiuu the eUcti. r a< Hf. Falrbanka by a ronad aaajor ty of a? WO Forty a lad towha f^et totiylbrt# rapsbltcan rtprrtcntatIres, aad ab<>? a gala t1 wvre orer latt year, aad a t .!- t?. rrala?? gain of toor. Ald Mr P| tlan AafVrira. The Cm mil tea fur I be fteiwl of the fteotitule aad Fsf ferl-F to *jeia acknowledge the receipt of lbs follow tig ?w, 'v*r CO * Itetil'a p. B. Cbereb. R arr Aaati.t rtV . MM Uoyteetntrti. Pm ...git Oh now . C'RWrawalkwOdabbaU. ? II P. ' .SOM fbhort, Me.v.wa.ft lot* T . Pew iiritf .* M H BaOtoter. Ilorrw H ? 2*0 town.KV t? J W i-hir'dt.vCn ..hf.M f>t? rg ?n-waaaMndar ? re J Wai tenth U M Pel.ool ...e? M MM J 100C C'tfotJ Farnaoa wft't1 *^rdep? , Brooktyr 2f* IjfWMirt 1? M , e; y lb OA C-Rtrr(fstl<wial rharob*. H . a PlMMird, 3i. V . by "i(* 0? Rer. It M ?l*"r.... 10 CO .. , ?..-ngjrt '?ce r * Lawman t I'cmp 'dM * ?" ..... ? MM | r ? ? ?> Jt-br ?M w mi ?.. l6p p. y. Bitt it too , "? . <f0 *:tirite. . . . I -0 CM?.?itgF*,,L.. AnM^TT 10 " ?? .1j7r m 7m.y MBgiai*.'.:... a. ?U?! 1'! , J, ? Ill 4?.| td | WW A Hf>'111, lt?aatirer, F"> > "Owl 4 1ft iMTlOKAJL FROM EUROPE. Arrival of th? FuHou at TW# Port and Palcstiiu at Farther Point. W arlike Pitiutruliono ou tin1, Continent. MOVI'MENTS OF GARIBALDI. The Neapolitan Patriots to Begin the Work in Naples. THE CROPS IN FRANCE A PARTIAL FAILURE Ilreadfttuffs to be Admitted Free of Duty. TROUBLE IN THE TURKISH PR0VI\CRS. More Hussion Troops Ordered to Bessarabia, 1HB IBWS BY THE FtLTOI. Tbe steamship Fulton, Captain Lines, from douthamp ton ub tbe 22d uii., arrived at tbts purl early yesterday forenoon A telegraphic synopsis of her n-.we bae already been firm, but tbe reception of our fllee enables us to give snnr.e additional details of general interest. I In tbe House of Commons, on tbe 20th ulL, Mr. MotateU ecverte.1 to tbe statement made By ford Pa. mors ton re gatding ih? affairs of Syria, and read aooounta which re presented that the disturbance* were commenced by the Druses, and thai there ?aa a complicity on lbs part of the lurks in tbe atrocities perpetrated by tbe in. Lord Pslmerston said be did cut deny that the Turkish authorities in Syria (not the government) had misoun o u~led tntmiielres He believed that the Harm--tea were tbe first ?y*re*e<>r*, because large supplies of arms had been furnished to them, and the attack began by the ktarocurs upon rente mixed villages of Drutea and liaromtes to expel the Tomer; and not long ago Lord Coxley, in a conversation w'.tn M. Thoavenet, snggextei that the outrages h*d been e.-mm. need by tbe Maronftes, and M. Tbouvrnei replied that he believed so too. A bronze statue of fir John 1 raakltn la to be erected at dpiisby, Lincolnshire, tbe birthplace of the I relic here The London Timet of tbe 22-1 ult. lay.? iu In.lance of eitraordleery eccentricity was afforded on Monday last at LeuurS, bear Havre A cap waa s-en in the water with s tiring of oorks around, and a label. rittcn, "Poll tbe string; I am at the end upon wh ch was written, of it '' Tbe string was pulled, aad sure snough there was the late writer ot tbe label, with a paper, detailing the muse of bis having made away with himself, care fblly corked sp in l bottle In his pocket, w itb his name and addicts, Francois Foliot, of Vaiidrimare. Tbe London Itmet says:? Tbe government having decided on strengthen,eg tbe fortifications at gt Helena and adding to tbe strength of the troops and native regiment garrisoning the island, arrangements have been oompletad for despatching a body of Ri yal fcugiccers and Royal Artillery. together with nearly 200 other troops uf the line, to that island. Great activity prevails In the Sheemeaa dock rani. The Htltiarf Q<wv of Turin states tbat Bongos, which it considers tbe key of Ccatral Italy, is now com pletely {tortile 1, aad in a state to resist say sings. Cover al chests coo ta la lag ingots of silver, have been to cetvraat Rom from xarseiHee, toeing tho produos of the "Peter's peace," collected a Fraaos. The amount exceeds 0,000 OOOf. This sum doss not Inclsde varl.nm offerings in the shape of arms, Ac , which are estimated at 4 000.OOOf. A fearful Are look place at West Best wharf, on the lTlh, destroy fog property to a fabulous amount. The Parle oorreepnp.ieat of the 1/ntdoq T\m i *ey* ? Ceiorr' el men ?r? beoomiag more nod more alarmed at ?!aribaldi'? prograea. They fear that the Kmperor may aya h bc mcnccd to amis*, the Italians should the socceaaae of the reroiutkmary party produce a ooa&ict with Anuria la defence of her Italian pose melone. The oorraapoodenl of (ha lemdoa Jfemi'ay Pmt taya ? The rrimd* of Italy will be glad to iaara that Uart bale 1'a plani ft* occupying Napire are proceeding with the urn .-el aucocM. Towards the aad of aaat weak the public may aspect Imoortaat oewa Not baa thaa eight ihoueand men of oariaaldi a aailnnel army are bow la the ooailarntal demioioaa. The wheat la the diatricta to the aowtheam ef Parte, where the crop baa bam gathered la, la mere or ieae in jured, aad the now wheat offered for oale ta those mar beta M ui-fll f.r miller a ute. The,wheat u Bsaace, Br a, | Neimaady, Picardy.the northern aad wastera depart . menu, and area la the aouUt, will he utore er Kwa in ured. - Affatri tm Sicily. Garibaldi hae aadrcenad the following pmclamatioa to the M'-epoiliaoe, bearing laU the o.b ull ? Tor.ign nppn.mno tnterealed lu our huro.ltatkua aad ia cor inverts: dtewmca, baa projected Italy from eonau I jl'ng herself. U Cow appears that Providence has pot aa ewd to no many mitfutlunee. The uiiantmiiy of the yrorwerf. and rietcry, which hat CTory where beea pro pi tiwi to the arms of the aoae of liberty, are a guaraa Ve that the m ernea of that land af genius era drawing faarmee ibie step remain# In he Uh<?, aad I do aot ?>?- 1 II a comparison tic draw a between lb- r.? mean* wb'cb at am led a liaaufui of brave men lo una Aralt, aad lae enormous rewu :rc?a which they bow hare ai their dwponal. erery cae will cuaaider that the under tuhirg ia ft imputable. I am anxious, however, to a*" it the effha.oa of Italian blood, aad that la why 1 now ? n.y?-If i.> you, iveie -f the N-epulliaa cmtiaent I here nfltllW U at you are brave, end I do not rat to csprrie-ane it agam Wa W'.ll ihftd our blond I-artber wrer the bod er of the eaemiea of Italy, bat be tween w brt there br MM Accept, bra re men. toe hand which hne aerer atrred a tyrant, but which baa be come bar It aed ta the eerrioe of the people I rail on raw to cvMtituie Italy without the aacrtfloo of her loaa. W itb you I wtah to eerie her and to die lor her. GARIBALDI. The HciIUb journals uleo publish e proclamation. a1 dreaard by Garibaldi to "the leu let ef Sicily, 1 of which the follow .aa it the mwclU'liag paragraph:? Madam* ru>>uit, r4 Parte?? ?ery rich, gr-tily be h-.ed, aad moet charming la ly?r ad four aows Owe of Ihea died at Vareae ?e Uae i-idy of en Adatrlna whom be bed V tiled The rnteti, B- to-leti.-, it now ly la< III lu the eepltei, heeUf Been wounded nt (eUUfltnl end IV-r m > fbethird, Karuw, had hla mall den la the an me battle, and the beiith bum. pwrl of line order of hit awenpaiablr n?4tar. W- am, reli elan your tout eud yi-arlneere Pel.-* lew, the struggle w'tl be long, ende mdrd sad full r- center Itr ah He'ng many, we ehelt ?>ai)uer by our lap*iD| ucet lbere will be oe a?bt lag Tb> anpe dt Intty iii nii m of llaliaoa wtlf an?<w he eral /ed. aad ynwr b-V-red uoei will return ta ywt w.ih letea bluwerde* the Be Id of leant-, ibrir brew* ekcircb?itl< Uee ervwe <f >kAery aad bl mil by tbeae ie?" n* end teibv n pog Salinas who have erst their lot* M mewffer amlrr. GtRIRtl/K The flrwaa ourmuyutdrAt ef the .%mlr write# aa the l?"h u!( y? Ge'lbaMI liae bean en Vd?? ewrerely for aotne dtya peet arl-wlir rb-'n,*etwm. aa whwh ha I* rubied, aad two -ten lh;a uuaflned A" h? bwl During tba laat each lewnmaedai t if i b-igadc of 1 00# u * !zs . him a turn of MMOf ft* the ai i^ort of . ?urifcer nrdn *. Itr t bto men at at ft -m Uua . T?Z P Ul Siclh, at bad been iUted Tber ruua-. ".P"T *u< n t> ?*Jrvogrr on lt?r m rlbeaet <t liuwif ot BbHtoia Ibts bar. which I* not. I mint. a. ^ d' wr a an* chart. !? r-t-itt. d between the fak Caprera aad rbf* y pai'' ar4 it k tnera that the wh Ac eapeitttma await* fartl.. r o? Vrw Th? ''Omaiue. ,V th? t'hloa a' Italy," at Naples, hee pt.hlehrd a< , 9* nhich the Mtowlag tt the prla rtral idwage ? (Mr rr'P?am? ie?f'bkw B'^ct. thereft*#/ '."J ether p-iithal c mbleetlo*.? Mjecf say caorerbiw a. nay | |-aa Ha I'Hib'He I.lhe?t> ? ImmImSt ye-ir aelrtr rem the tr*u.l'iaf eahnel of pditi a ruaurha. Md i ii;kf tba f er pL'va that Khuol Praj ? tu fftd. P.rtrtigLij f OH tati d -Let the enaalcy earn the reg'try arc I- Uiepreyh ta Uwir an Hal Ire throe i-wfa tbetr i?pre*citptihle tight* L t theeeuatry eoa rtitbtf Iter If in Ibi tiatr- c( ita nna light, and tltue ia thr -??r bf t*-at ilft.i l.tuderlarr Vwdar tonne I to be K'i r >4 r-"g< arrat? inly, and let It aeubitefa hie thrawe Ir IM th rid; ei?, if R. rae . Ar.Utlld riu Lerirf ym. per reek d te (lanbodl by a arciety . f Pw *a f auud# the Dlruv* ate Bitlded the Iblivwtrg let'ir of arkcowirdfemeat to Hay* (nt. the btarrr cf the horrra-j yrtl:? Swr^a Pantbrfb?Th- gehcrwoa prrwrnt of a rifle abieh yea hare Irtwa lird to me tbn^gh biw "tl, it aa abbe rery gralify<?g b> my feei.eee The prwef M e?i?m thor ?.?rw lo aa by Ihr w.A>?? naima .<f Pw 'r-rlaed ia a bril 'taetrrwrd fr* ihe IKtle whlrb I bare hitherti been enabh d r* rueuihuta |. ward* tba eitabltfbmewl of aa frir.ii wi lb Rerope I aball c.?abter mi eel f iiod.r a I'et ti' gi atitvuir to yum mi who?e lire, iwiy appriwrh-a (be daf el her poll tut n de|if neecc* with p*"ad, lira rae an*. I ha brniher'y afleeibm af I bo anna ef William Tell will 'M ftfelrpii l.r be? *P an aiiewiriowe oruea far tiie I, I imal tl bey d?nb e? We il aah yie, met of librr ly. r ho. #? f ardlebe rfthrfu ly dame, hare naderUb. n '*? W'k i * tie?Bal r'tg the >*? dem '4 F *ope I prav ti e! lb -'tea of ???? ?? Megtb bar -me a I Fta I* I'diHi ee'ha auf.rflu.''".r liver* ate ? ? aal i f "VI la br tn ii ? A#." eo'-atiRd. {*" i'tl"n*a'*o i?.?? b- i r. | m hartomtb "W fee'?mire ^ llbid'j are'dede jn ra l/ii,. % I* '/ I*n A A'trt ?? m T.oii. 'a t'".; OwMP-, (?. g<nil fdV tegtctl M the M.ttr f m.hlS* fhaMPg. fbe fb|i#wi*f I* ' aw iil'h ? ?* ?'' i' <* 'in brf" ttat ! r*"*:M be uu 14 boiicvi Ouiu iMti l bui wiu ? iw'd U)''?n run my ?rr. uvea Young rem twinging U the rwUcet and no bleat fuiaMlea abandon their home* uf their " en accord. Tbry disappear ob* fluo morning without ?ijrlng a wor 1 Hi their relative*, and at Light tbalr uuki u> uot steiig Heiu r< turn, guvs* whither tht.v hive guou They have get out for flcUy. They atari wWhuttl money, on t: lit and their Aland*, In preaend* of their nuoiov tbl rttoliilioii, hate ka re*. uroa but ruruuatiuii. Biveu chlldtHU are fcfllvleil by thanbtilia. it, end ??H(|>1 from aetH?'l to go to shell) The ih-o haa ot-oomad at Jfiitn, ruru , every whi re Tbelr com tdog uixk I cu t lion. th< empty their putt** into mo bandsm tho>e ?i. > are Siti ng out and are proud *f this ant of pMftwin .4 pa trtoiItm rbe ihicf ot the e*tthii*him?ti tafhftii th lamlly Of the dlaap learubce oi u.en.v: aoioxUatta it L?. late. Wt read feet w?-?B In a Miepi m |ournal an A.1 M laser ted !>y a father mm maimed h st'U. It ?"h couched in Um *ciing tm ma fno fattier ti.ij hit child that bo inabne'iii in Si.Uy, thil bo dbl tmt wuh to prevent bU remaining thorn, liut that b - <li riren to *ee him, to embrace btm. ami to urorld* bun aritb money , atoi o this end bo ma ir mi appointment ?t?b htm iu a Palermo ooSo* bnN Tn? bov wa< thi tern year* of age Tbo govern me* I eaotio pre veil the rtt l-xriurr of expeditions It mold not rncoeed in Bo dun g AtMil.ui laat wet It I ea?? seven thousand Iaiui bari'aanil Ynnetiar* enrol tbemiu'lvin. Many were r foted upon larioua pretexts ''r.ey nvfit front *. Mr an to cxai t from thmi thegum et am , on pveV'ttno that ttiry mun pa\ f' r their equipm tit?a groea b ouse faced with red, which .? thnut norm n* the l/mharrt leg) in. Tbcwe vho had VOf gave tb-m without the lean tabulation; a I emp tied their pufBea into the hand* of 'ho recruiting olhoer, and If tho Hi.rn required wan uot complete they eatroatoil, emu wiih tear*, to be Itkm at a lower rate t sow them- volunteer* not elf. idalf the pouulalioa acmm ta li.?-d to tho gale* of tho city with iirle* and 1Mb The cooeomioti ..f Garibaldi's addreaa to tho Nwlloual Guard of Mi veins nn'th ? Will was ax -olio ?? .? Italy now will* that I thoiilu repair elsewhere D p'.i many ha* not hern ab'e to stop me, and absolutely I tr.ll onmc to no ourpnmup with it. MiasviLtJM, August It, HAO tVmnt and Count*** Iqutla have arriven at vuraetiies on bixwrd a Bi axilla* oorvi tie, escorted bv a Neapolitan ?leane r. They wi l leave tbia ceenii.g for Pari* and Loo don

Uswna, AOg'U*. IS, 1SI50 Kewt received from N*pk* state th \t i.oIoimI Uusenx, with 4 000 vol",nti em, bad quitted Ta irin na and laltuu tbe dlrictioii of Ibe mainland. XogUa. N AVI.KM, Allg.lXt 14, l'-'W Tbe London 7\bieicorr?tpc>udenl aayr ? Wben tbr Vekirr gave Use if up to the Sicilian go /era irent there waa a great aum ot money on boarJ, a porti to of wblcb belonged to American citiz-u?. At the In-lai.-e of kr. Cbatiuler, United Sutea Mitiisier at tbu court. lUia has been recovered. Hungary. Vitaaa, August 20, lSdO. rvtpatcbel from IVetb state that, It being r,-r?iar> to recant the monument ef the Palatine, the inauguration had hern adjourned. Tbo catioual fcU to uay was con tiro d to a religious proneaatnn. t.eneral ft no leg e.n trtgtted tbe maintenance of order to tbe municipality, wno guaranteed perfect tranquillity. Pa-Tit, A.igoxt 30, ls?o Ibe rellfioua procvaskiu has lakcu ,'la xj iu p.-rlect order. Ibe Primate waa cheered. Mullet. Alarming aocoonta have been received .u3t Petersburg ol tbe sppearauca of locueta tn none of the southern pre viters. Tbe wheat wop baa lutlered. Syria. load Pacha seems b> ho doing bis wnrk well. !m mediately on bia arrival at BByront be signed tbe fbitov mg pr oolnmeliop ?? lmunrrAisr- a- sonuai?Tbe dliustem whlnh bare lately occurred in tbe l.ibstus. botwern the Maromtes and tha Druses, and tbe dreadful blood shod wblc.n baa boon tbo ron**qu?n?e, bavo born made known to tho HolUn Ilia Ifajoaty Is muoh Irritated at what baa happened, and drrply dtplnrfa tbr facia: fnr bla marcy and hiatlre em brace all bla auhjests equally and without dtatinothm, and every ant of oppression or aggression, whathor one individual against another, or one nation agalnat an other, In any, many, or Air whatever oanre, in c .ntrxry (a th* Imperial ? ill. II is well unlxretn.*! that wboev-r tball dare to cxvumlt an aggrsMlon sgalnat ano'her *h>'l be onnal lerod aa a rrhei agalnat the government >*..r my part, I ehall make it my duty to rultlil, with all lefall ty . tbe mliek>n o- nOded to me. tr. ryr.vty here may real In aah iy, and tho enndltlon of all tbe fam Ilea drt\ en from their bomea hy tbe aggreaalons In the mountain ahall l>e taken Into eoneideration, and 1 will take upon myarlf the care of tranquillizing lh?m, supply Ing there w'th food and lavlahli-g <>n litem n every way the frulla of tbo Tan portal justice and cl?money I especially order from tbls day forth that all dttaraMiona ehall oeaee. and every ua Hun which shall dare tu commit violence agalnat another mlllna ? ball be put <ld?ii by tbo mlltftary throe at my, and svsry individual who Shall forgst bis dnlics thai! be immediately punlabed. Interwtlni (Mm MatUaegre. T*ia*rr, August IS, 14S0 The motive for lb* aamatlaatkm uf Pr.nos Daulvlu orl gloated la tbe oeptwHW-u W> the ??r party, sbicb at the complete Independeoee of M-witenegrw. I rata are ea.u rtatneaa that aenoua nonaeqnonrea may rssuit trona the issiastaatren of the Prmro. tiraat ag ta lion already prevatU ta Mnaieategm, and frean nnil amon iron the Moaunegrlaa and tbo Tsrks ar* expected between i Ml?i nnmuT, July 33, 1M0 A telegraphic despatch from Osloulle Id the Bombay Timst nia uwt its l corona Tu bill bsw pmkI. tu flrit pa] men! will b? diM on UM IX of Not ember The tu It rolruapootlra., Eatptrw *f Ar*bU (Paris MrrMinulMM of Iks LmIm Herald ) With La I bo hat fow days M. Daata, lbs Enoch gvror west publisher, baa issued another pamphlet, which Ji Ihr ???mi official prints recommend ?? "throwing greet light oa lb*' probable Issue of the rastern question '' lit all U In la "Aid el Karter, Kmpereur d'Arable," tad It tdro rate# a r< modelling o' the Casters qmsttoo quite la ?no fortuity with the "Map of Europe" sketched a abort time bach by M (diacs d About. These pampbleta, which are showered daily upoa tba put'I:.-., ar i not mdiridually im port iat, but, cooalderloc thu the gureraaual have absolute costrol oor Uteni, that tbey are nee and all prlated by tba gnTarnraent bookseller, M. Iwolu, aad that they all adrucate tba aame t'.owb - French supremacy Id the Mediterranean aad Id the Vest?and thai all I an rilled with the atost absurd aad laaolaat ilbcti uaitst Ut*:saa. it la 'air to const drr I beta. If ml as a positive declaration o< the policy o^ uasd by tba goearu the goTanmeat, at least as a means meat to act upon tba pablte miad Wbaa tha semi i Oklal prists an dally Oiled with insults against Cnglan l. sad ihere pampfairts sauaed la rlokaoa tha goeerwmeat prints. the public la fully Jostiged ta Inoklug al the rela twos between lbs two m.uiilrbs aa no a a ml snasltotal tiW) renting, despite all Imperial let ten aad assurance la Par' ament The pamphlet that now lieu before me b.? One m-nt?that of rrsi.Vueeu It boldly aaaorU that the Turkish empire a so roropeao an doae away with. It has do cohesion, and must lumaM to ?? "drr homines raJpatres, Smew pieces. Its visit ? !1>?Ml Af3? witvoirms ?wsywsrrs, im? w'-rUr, iTUt/'f (goofes. or rrnaspus. ?< orawt? " III hreti by turn tcsultad "by tswd Mtratford da Kedelllto, by the Marquis do loeatelte, by M de fyrialsgro, by M do Tlt'df, by the C-snack Meuchikufr. aid lastly by all the great IVrwen together " lis army lis ?i. aggregate of beadtui, impervious u> dull, t?o cowardly to tight, aad who owlet up for heir err-ero >< pay by plundering right aod led n? nary a. If pas* |.|e. still worse The sutb r, after raaalag oa hi this sty Is h r ar *. rat pages pi. I ill |y intlaatas A U opts wo that tbns* a no hi i rre is the integrity o' furkay a?R be i .wane de l eapii'i Fwrr ??' im/mtl ? iMe .' j In sb ft, Id rtrdos . Aarer The wnur pmpisira la replace it by aa Arab"! ri.|"fi . formed <1 an the tr no h.-rcTO n the I We .n (in if. toe Macs Ma aad lb- Meal terras has, under the are pare of she el Ka-ter, with a (v?la Nsjmteoi, tne rrearb frrtmai sysf-m. a empnrsl ruler at Mag.1 ad aad a spiritual ditto al Mecca Tba follow is g onamiinas are aim re down as led*r jeoaabls:? The immediate openlrg of the astuorlrs of P-irt canal, wifl. a nr?> pas ?age ?nr all nations, no payomnt of a Ut lin by treaty, an I free narigatmo of tha HI ark dee. ??The mailt I mo af an taoepeodeat cnolederallon Otreaed by n aa la, Herein, Bnlgaria. M.wdsr ? and WailasthW, wa der the rt. nominal ina of (laonbiaa I km Inderal oa, witb the adoption of tba Unde Napoleon aad the decimal sir ?O nslao fltiopie to be a free tows, Ilk. Lubeck, loms, ilaml.uig, Ac " Ib.t a* these changes aad throe wbtel) are likely to lake plser la Italy wiwld make it use rosary for the dtelatereel ednesa 14 F'Sbce |o recelre rmupraaallnii ? ?irtes always ?tents a reward? what c?a be more aatoeal than tbt rompetoatioa eleiuid b? reraiabed by p- ?dkme Albion' "The eofraM I.oeoM-r I id Italy m a principle now fully rttaMi?b*d, ai d if is rarlaw ibol hy tier tere of clreum stasces which appear oa lite cards, aad wbleh so human power can eie < -eesfelly mewl, we must ??sprwt to see. at ao distant daw. Malta Tears and Tri,-dl r-nmlel (') | > Praare, Gibraltar In Cpala, and Kgy pt form lag aa tod iwr drat fair ' the wr ier - werrr. l?arpers juelic-with mercy IT. shall he all"* i d in relala eomethlog ? "?fismd rroold, I'ai irears In its. bo em Ir rnrnp r p,v"d ttdrmnitff) by the free feesr Teton ?T ber ladtaif glosdWWg." Pho # aim. rug r ?? rrcollect, the nooc'oetrn and red at by M AtK.-i,i>yi(hfV'MnPh,'? ' botinad awne days ago, ??lAlgrtsHr AllMmor* and hy many otbere .?f leoer rude !? ? yawsrhlP lo suppose that sll this nnaei -ally reeM etklt, onlsmi < mw g anger bad oeeoglreuf -an fdiud to lowgh al Ihr Idle tbresta apd the rood *' ?'Ce^'syed try tt-1* oflujal sorll-blers, 03 al oe ?C. as WW 0- ledWi but when the rmirh lag us m n fc pds tbo public mird upon s-ic.b h?al fTL^k II lelrer ,n- "* 'h? baft ? spmitii* ? Moms in ltd# Am Ragllth OpIbMo sf Arniorlomm ?oesf 1 tytss. Tmoi the f/mdeo Chrv^W*- AOfOat M J Alleoiwr- has b??o drawn to the ?sWrot 'raprorvawrit Is AOirrlias siimflws. aad |orlWinlAi 1.* railway ?e cerhws It ?? ,:,w bee, |ierliapa, l? ttwr al.',a?r'?, "? ?? ih< qi.nlat nos than to certain seller iwor meabf, *t?d the rrrlred c"ufWe?MO In paffbhilar Iters '< emirsd ? there mast' - "" r reasuh '? ? toy aroh mrnmsot; and, 1 trd 1. the fsrte er. re?y slwip'e . Add scared/ btb?bth | Ihrsir'fac' 'n ibe Sit place. Um causes ef tbo ttclu e which tmk plate la Aasericwn railears a yaar or t ??> sgr art s? cicsr ta the rauseo wbr the Usrrest In Ibis wnilry s eon so laAe We bare fiad a eery dull sum re 1 ??lli aoct isio. h'i n? a t eal bat ?eer r!owki rlpee, ?a the barTctt deob"nl lc AnteriCA railanyt defWOv , girot dsgrer, *|?0 tba carrwgo id agrtau lbs fair-1 ?S's e| |a(7 ard lasa wera bti 'boe'rhai' the 1 alcr pari pf the I'nlted atst ? en* 'ta A*; U 'smliw ooa(.sHr,'. end ibe yi-id 1 ? -i rri f.'.r bri'C a d. om.raei - ,1 IiaIi..m if ?* oa; t, with a or 11 spua*wy dissM ? j ?I re ? ???? . ?? II, . a* . r.( v ' ??"??. ?S ( or" 1 ao the onwimi seal rhmms gr? lytasgMMf lb ] prg-aiers acrrr, has etawp'it that are 1 i ?hnC 1 ?? a |M" '?! a.- ' tear 04 iptrstbys Tsios -i, hi li trul u?~ ~~m*TT H7 for t *>d ?a w-il a* fhr -vtl but mob <l the Tift growth at the Anglo daxou oui ny. which It only by legfarg wvriUBg out tire out. r <*l ol Uto Aaierioaa fontiEi-ut, that the w tn <'t populism, the i xU-ih.oii. i agriculture, ami the general spr.wd of ndu* try have me -ait- Jir uat uf the nuaty Uj each an ex lei t a- nearly to oumpeaaate the immediate cause of th'' drrlin* AiUMMft theneaps of the three yean, lbft7, IMii ai ?) laAQ ?er# drbuieut. att'i he produce for waiiuo men OUtMo In 1840 am ?t -quailed Ibal nI ih? abundant y-ar 1Mb, t re growth df po p lat-rii ai d th?* went ott cf cuitme baviug. auhiu ti ?t rhoit pviiou, an ftir mode g-od tlto actual f tiuic >n th- erepe. a oouuiry mb-sn r*-<-ureae 'xhibit Ihia ? y vtg-r, and 'ut-tain this power nf recu I > ralaei, auat hot "U>y nave n perpet .at ten mcy to in titae* auy mvfraMe ri-x'tkoi ae compared a in the tin far raoie, b t inurt unite u m utUn.l d-veini?most in li t nturi* Iitrleeil, we hive dnue c thing more it 11 I'liti a trap in with r-v.tril to th-: widl known condl lion ot tin fcg.teu states. Then ta another IrlMntiii fa':i that near* upon lb liit:.i:t Ciirti at mure bulky than lire ?tuck aud ia lea> I coiivintei t %a tarry than tln.r, aud *h>t tin b<?ii iti> ? propellion if tbvir IraMtertf In the lao .i ) eaii tb- I rotn ban twi cMVt-ilrd uunt aril it.or- into li-ur or into | lire Block; nnO ?v we. accordingly, that th- tra..m.ort ot com dm a sot kicruaae in tb- miio of Hour, wbile the ? g?i -R t: ut ctri n'r iliri n?t laorrar- in the propor : tmu nf lie- stock rb? ??uniL.iw of the railways m be- | cimlng inlrli -lcaily ??re vab i'4e,aa well m collectively grunt- r At ctb-r Intcrortinr tact ta, that -era thoae railway vt'h.rh have been iu.?l depressed bare anil proved valor bletotheir iberihnic'rt ti Wa .Jo not apeak unon t int ralni- a or abstract .rt.aa For tautaeon, the Ureal West eili.Kai|aa< of t'anaUk whtnb *?r raid la*t y-ar to vlell to rumu, ban y?t, ftom the hay of iu opening down t > the Sli t id Januai), 1K0H > ? tded to lie Hhar. hol.lcia an average olvtoewd of 4 per >ent pe- arn.m Anyone de etr tug to gru bow tdia part of the i-itao tr mad-out wtfl Inn the tacia aud dgurea rt tiel with the fullest d-tail In a puuiplilvl, puuliabt-1 by Kttlng'otm Wi roe, a tcr on tliu origin rreaent p<?iti>Hi. and future proep-ols Ot the tirrai W Kitm Railway of Ouioda." wrtlteu by Mr Wit lion. Lance, the loan, perha(M, who koowa m-re about such Atnertran armtriUca tban any other in I-ondou 1 he growth ol buatueM in the Amcrtcan t'nion ia sue.n aa alweat to execen the imagiuatmn of ua oomparatireiy J (low Kngliah Again ?n wlllg'voao in?lao?e the great | cell tree at uhleh lie trwle iu Western produce ts collect -d and rent kawtward are Vlnwnukee, Chicago, -a l/iuia and cinelnMb, whence it ta ntrrtad rnrw?rd to the altaniic land t>> Euiope. The groeth, evnu of the j moat rerust ot th. nc ,a loir-tning that would have | mira nlona half a century beck WPhtn th- lire of rneti who are tlill tb their vigor au Indian track waa the put) guide frnm bicag i t-tbe Mumiadppi. do late us 1 Vln i.i d wus of en little value In the neighborhood that ? gelitbtnan who it known dcctlued to take po?s-eelcm of runic c-tireduu to him for aerviciw during the black Hawk Ir.uian war, aaj n.g that " h<> had ai.nteieut garden ground" Still fewer lean back, farm tra living within a hundred milir nt Cbinagd f and that the nxpenae of 'tcamii g ' tbrir whtat to that centre was ao gr-at aa to t .voted the value of tbe article iu the market, a facial which we need nut wonder, aiunr in rum- partr cf Rueeia Ir.e ciat of trar.aport i qnala the value of the article within a oi? i.f mirtj mi . a But Chicago la not in Kuaaia. Unci n j ears ago iocre wax not a aingle line ni r til way i -i t-rieg the city : It now ooiunuuida a irafT.o of 4,736 miles j Titer- mil wave have ctwt, on a moderate estimate, iSI^MAM ttarllngi hot what a tranrfurmalion hare thty nut eikcied in ibe place The "garden grunnd." to which wc bare referied. ir now In the very centre of tbe | cltv, and worth Home millions uf dollars. Farms whose I owner* could not "leant ' to Chicago now teaainadtf . Icrcnt rcnac. fur the whole region for mrca around ia 1 cnnrtantiy loading the markit uf that central depot; and : use taaaty tcrce mlllluaa Itcrnng Which the linn baa coat j have crtab d property anit produce worth mlihoaa upon I ir.tliifBa, tbe toll upon the railway being an nioeedlngiy I small percrntag- on that valne. j Thrse are aubaisnllal facts, very Int-lllflhlc to most ! Kngitrh minds, lboy are evidently aoiBcient to explain i why rail ray prnpirty baa doe.lined In the I'niteo rttalea, ; and also wby the value hasrrbounded so remarkably; but ; we bate not y.t mad* the reader appreciate the true ex : t-id oi lh? rebonnd, tbe real propewtinn b-tweeu tbe va i lue i f railway pi-p-rty on this aide of tb- Atlantic and | on the other. Id Kngland are are wont to consider j that our propel ty 'a the great model la regard toaecmlty, : to certainty of rat ami, and to everything els- that la de alt,, de A?con>rared wlh a-roe oth-r countries, we may, ' lethai* >ejuRtl0ed In Nja'tlog Certainly. wv aee juet ! now plenty nf teaaona wby Knglleh speculators should IihA very much aakance at lidiihardo-V-uellao railway*, ,r. rrn.|a.rir. n evtr. with th- least su?eaaful -f our o^u '?'.bra Ilut ir w- turn Wettwa d the comparison la alto g. ther teversfd We bare already mentioned the percent ag. |*ldn|8B an uoau'cemful Ameiioan Una, compare tb.a with our own Itn-a Surely we have vlclwitude eneogb her-' It la not long aloe* tbe 'irvat Western waa pay .eg -nly tv* |?r cent, yet It la really one of Ibe most valuable in If-- kingdom, nod, from pecul ar clrcum ataMva conutvleii with the prvporlkuia uf its Qved liabUi tiea ? Eld it* present devel-iprmeol. Its itiarehoWer* may f con .fort tberoesive* with the certainty that their new pMWperily will cuDtlane and will expand. Bancs the itrih'ag rise of valuv la the market. It is a vary short A'.me airnw the shareholders la Ibe Londoa and Nurth wralern looked ? own upon tbe poor Sreat W-wtera; but tbia year, through various circumstances, including par Itametitary cumpetilluaK, aud uf the prepuataruua policy of undertaking a dead weight ia "defensive itaes." the priucely liudus aud Northwesters la down to two and a halt dividend When tbe comparison with American railways ? m tended, bowover, the return* are ittll more striking. Ia the ? fllrtnl rffrfwi on lit* rtllitjl of Oroat BrlU ri, C?(4 iiaitna gtgea railway autistica fbr the year 1MT, mm. paring iba rcauiu ia taw country and la tha lulled States:? England. United Emtm. Miles constructed end la use. tilt 36,310 lixai ocot ol ail la 'iM iM4.9W.ft2d ?319 Ml.TM Nri rarniaga UpirenL 6.7 par oeol. Amartcaa I " A tvaeiderabla lumbar of lb* Amartcaa ratlwaya, how ?MT. could nearerly be expected to male any *um? war* intended to improve tha aalua of taa land throngh which tbry paaaod aad although nn.:iieat...n?My ibay wilt pay >? tbe cad. they are leaa to bn regarded aa ?v mmercial Investments for ordinary rail war purpneea ibaa ai larsetm euta for the Improvement of land, croa I bougb the railway were oowducted at e task la aome low ? aara American railway! bare been even laaa aatafoctor:!p planned, bar it f bees nadertakaw aolaly to luallfy a grant ilmf. - ** ~ ~M ' of goraramcat taa a. If, therefore,"we take aay aamaar of lb* more strictly commercial line#, we eltall lad a r?a? id arable I or. r cake id the proportion of net returns We barn belt re na a Ittt ?! any American railways, con diluting a m) fslr representative cbma: aad we isae a nm ilar aumber of Kagllab rallwa>a, Including I he m*. trope'us and other leaning Kngl ab Ileus. Tbeysbxa tbe following totals ? f Frr Cbtt Una h> am> S'i finI Krgltah. ,.?'M7 019 *?d 20 0m v? 10 Mr: Slk 4 36 American. MAM M 9 216 UM 4 439 411 4 06 II m Ii-rdbet u, add a ungie wori?llie 6{nres vpeaa : r I 'inaelTis To tbe shar?bilder< the Amei una tall wa)a are twice aa ralaabie aa tbe keg ink. aitbtogb Ante rvaa liar do not call tor -orb ran nutiaji of money aa onra bare done, are ant snarly no brsvy a tbe workiag tip- new, aor to dear tor the traveller. A flint fbr MnrktiiKH m lb- Ii4.dua Aiw.> ai. f *ety 1 . He, V.g IS tbrre W good voiuafiei at b-nne Tb* aeciect town of 0 iryie emulous of throwing vy ,tn blctlou laUl the thade, baa |ip>paet to give a prue to ex pert nt ota, rucb aa probably was r.orrr before aX red to tbr trailer* of tbe cruaa boa or tbr 1 te Tbepi ./ecna (ift* ia nothing leaa IMi a rplead id raat>e <c tha u .rua of lli* hfeiar?a oaelle of modern bund, out la U>? ftyte ' ll lie Diiilule ugrd. Wllb crraated lower*, decgn-naU. i drn* bridf a, cwtcraa, fobculgx. rerm tabs, gr ittoaa. aad | ail itr slier apt urtrtaerri of ka asctcat kbigbt y man ' low knglmh travellers np taa Rb>a?, wbo bare acpt a thaip h*4 evt, will have perorlY-d, }?v> upt-w'te tbe tows 1 f Cob It ula clear to the frowptag fori rent of M rea Uiv I?mn. a Burg aarroubdad by egtraaiea rtaevardg , aid wattled dvtwalra. I?king proudly dwwa 00 tbe 1 biae xov M>? le, and nliwvt rivalling iu Iwauly of aUutlkm tbe nr ghb'-r'rg Helm ufele. Wei. It la tbw rp rapid pre petty, called 1 be -bviwube'x. wbieh tbe Miwi of (b Via* iwoimatt t? tbe beet e' or la tbe f'trthcomleg r fle B.el.b a >tbiti It* walla TLe ma Mb wbl be "pea to a,: salt** ui (letmanic origin, including Iba British. No aiitia laviutiotit Lata already bees ??ot tor Ufa grea TMiirg, which, it w < tpeuad. will M HfMlClil. t* lucn by dnpwlalli t* trrm all parti of <..rnt?rr. two Taik, gwedtc. Miami Brig,urn and Tngtaa't. The Ikrwna Kegesl it w vie led. baa aronptud um Crvw deaey of I be n fling, aad Teriows other Herman ar.rec-gna fort wuut among tb. m me former ruler of Raverta, "nd wig. I lie poat a tag. bara prom wed I bear aa* .'anew and : iMintntma Cwtlona Kaaally lllatary. ? * tbe HUi alt , at Urn Mackbnrn l-otice court. Alioe ll< war ib, aa internal in* yvucg girl, aiteo,. yog,* of *gr, was placid la the deck, uba/gnd with atea tar a aa.r of Imota ana a psllt<<ul. Ue property of her laoti er, Jane tbiwanb Mr Uoagbiaid tbe aotber bad beer, loft with thtf glil aad a iiule boy, flmrura peart at The baa band ona martted again is AMrlra. and a', the peasant ? Tie be bad t.x cbiWrxa by bw saooad w l He never luae m 1.1 her any rw?h ai.4 be never h* 1 rere 1 red bat " I fog "" ?*e Mire nam him. It appeared that be h.d hoc one reaperdirg with bi* frienita, for the pwpaaae./ having tbe ! girl tent to b m 10 AmerM-a. and Ibia bad mm* In Ui*?are ! of tbe molber. aad Ik* girl bad pr.maad at It euletlain law Me# 'f g?ii g iuwevrr, en Moa>'lay lo.irahf last, ah. waa uM lo go to her w< >k ar ao.itl U.- ft, an I g imi ? llate aflevwarilaa Utile girl railed lo my ihal ah* wag wl I at her W'dk lu-piirlee wa a at nrma ioatitni*!, and il | ? a? fo?d tbal tbe bad goa? aft in f.lTpr|moi a.tb a mir 1 rleel aai , named Akxatohr Abhell, la take evil a lb b m LtoAhfoffoa A mtrev wag made taaar what aaa mwnnr.i gnd tbe moleer d aeon :ad Ibe foea of a iwlr of he 'a ar. 1 I sua pee V, ard ci *|*i fod With it In Uverpnaf, and be 1 a p> llmnat A warrant waa 0'Hamad and p-hr. rnn.utd. in arriatiag bcc atoi i.iorgM bar ha A wdb him Dae irolUr a.? tlna examlbetf Mr had*.'*- g-q -irwl for tbe iiefatidaat and .a a brief god ?plr t?*< a[Wii be . iforrnl light pne the nan* Ik aa d Ihdl I 'wnrl a vpry oilfreeal light upan fl.e hdfhao'l bad left thie vrrtuai. ?P m the Ural of Ui ml tl Wr Hair aUlid, srier dfrg her to filkw aa it lw ? gol artl led He ten I her matter, bat dirrrtly after bte | , dtgdrfure aba brname tvemwireM at a hum baaed fatrrtrd ftwrraM. aad withm fl'teer monthn of bar b< tbaad'f ii (*M"rr eh badaehiid hyb'vi.and ?moe thru lome Mbed* Tbr rrr of tbe Wlla'k 1 Wldae* 1 I k eg ta tbr ear* n? tbe btwhv 4 1m ?< ow? gt .ppad lb# pny Ike girt, mw . Merged wi?h thW mdi'mry, 11J til ' ?e ftbg ?pa never knew hot thai the pe*v imir of bri Hi'Oti war tier ? wi father M e w.etni at I gart ?p all 1 ?,?# Iirrtgr flu mnler lineing e'. llKr xrd mvota lyii' tnd IH eon.' ee.r are M>a fill or ill Vv I 4, ,?d |g|. a t'\11? ' ''refold beer i,vr ?pornf It., wdh kif htr.ttv f, ard ea? ankiotW that the jltff ghlrfor^Jt^MttiofomfJchadrlaaHyj ..,1 .rWiiett BMC'V h h?y lh' fleft ptrmg* ltd ?l?v eo>?? r-T- g|. J..V Mtif iwn m*m HHH HmH holt a h'da (I do f-t, a fn?*riod mar, and no me I'rdS hw he?. g ol'ktifl ?e par ?l fooot HI' 9 th^ ' W?* affodity 1*1 JV. r.a.M ? op bail <>? reu >. >tt'P P 1 1' *f<b pert, tohwf a '????'. tad th I * al gb f.d? wa*. at d aywedy n ?er" rfi" htacitn vsinm ?1*. the aaaatge r? ' f 'ha r??*'wavlv I *?? d? the t'pea h.ewaiv #0 ??*. h >d lh"a^ 'nrea'gatlm, ?met Hal ?hr h-U'k wnaM at t,i w gtri ar * #'"e hep Mat *?c p? hen. >ke hat .1 . f .??? if | WMb'f | who wen living let the I an UK* Hi mminvp In wrhtAh -ho eaS Ail.-r a shot I ooi.t i ibi .tag . . r*n' 1 thnt in w u.u but iMNinva in ?ii? leinay *u, diecharae/ TIllP dl'C'SM r Htn ft it ?v?'|ft?.n and |h? y'rl wia Immediately eurroen Jed y her frten la, wb i elm s? rnrrlet! h i tbr- ugh the toon They at men proceeded it the ultU.uu, iuiU m a lew nvtn ua aha v. ia u har w ly t il Liverpool. ' Trralment of i'ulorrtl 1'itsarn grrs gq Howrrt tlie Ciinanl Kitaniern. 0'" r a 'era will re ndi-r the rase uf Mrs Putnam, a l?i*f 0'. ooior, whi?0 iriet ,.ont< n tvr.rd the F,.">pe mail pucks', f her pa.f- -go to England from tm?rn;a, m Nu v? ruber, 186U, vv the ??ileect <>f n eorresia. 'core Willi fir *umuel CmnirC which at i c.-.rr i m owr en >mna. la a letter, received cjtli i 1? I fee J*>*, <? a. Putin a writes v her K yli h frU't 's that aha tic her pur y, iletiry thr whole , uaaagc I" lh< United dtalse, on her re turn voyage by thr drnbiu, were admitt*! to all tha rigliif ao<l pi vilegee of Art' class passenger*, '.viihout 'ip |tviiion en tlii part of any noe, an n though shareholder? wore on board, or any fallorr in that r.nurtecna :realm, nt wi.K li w?a their lur She ao-ak i alt" of the polite ami k" <1 attention of some of her Mlov passengers. It UB I rinlr, thi r> fore, for lbs director a of the Ounard Com |wn> to Pi instruct I ho captains of their vessels a* to in ?ure le all is raoua the fuii enjoy tuoul i f tlielr purchase? acrnn-mods t ion, a hi e under Ihelt care, ntd to preaerv? the i thr'nl nay of hrr Majesty's mall junkets from beo.jg dishonored by ruhservieucy t" the unrighteous pri judlcu? of toriigners ? London Paptr THE SEWS BY THE PAL.ESTIWE. t'tfcTiiKH p.uav, A'pt 4, 1M0 Thr rtrnmrhtp Palestine frnni r.lver j-ol ttd, via Inn donlerry ?4lh ult., p*aaet th.a point at 3 * M tod*/, bound to Quebec The an .mabtp Illinois, f-om New Vorlr, arrived at -Vi.iilt awi|iton 34th It ia i onnrmed that Garibaldi ha# eommenee.l opera, tb-na In (ulahi la. France ad ??)?? breadtleTa liity free Tbr Loudon T mo Par e coerce p"ulvnt writ<? that ha Irarrs from semi ? illclai sources that lluaaia la oooi'.r.o Irato y ireah Iroopa m IV taerabia and inereaatny her naval forrea to the Mrdltrrriuran. The weather thrniiyhnut Krawc waa JU-vtnrayinf. Ram fell Are tr alt bouia every day, and the harveat moat he iintavnrahln ITodurc waa rnlr.y. \uuther rorreri-oudenl of the rtrne Journal uaya Qart* ha di, in a letter to a friend at Napier, rvprraara dlaap I'Olulnient and dlayml at tbr Nrapolltana, and declare? he will not appear until Nap lea baa hern In a etate of In* aurrrctlon a monlb The Paria of the 34th cnntalna a docraa order, lug the ettabllahuumt of tbr po?t i fThouow.on l.akfl Irman and the Improvement of the aVraly evlatlng fori of Kvlan on tbr tame lake. The uewa published in tha man papera that Va;?v Iron baa proposed a llongrru 'or the acttlcmeol of tb? Italian qnratton ia totall) un'er.nded. The Odogne (hi:etl*. puttlabea a Vienna letter, which saya that an tusirtan nolo relative >o (Jarlhaidl'a exprdllloo will shortly be forwarded. Four Rufeian frlyatca, under the command uf th? Grand Duke O nrtant nr. are abont to pro.:o-d to Syria. The Duke of Uodena la enn'lling vuiunteera and per* cbaatng horses. The Snri repeats Ita a.vount of the arrangements at Topli'c, nolwllbstanding the ofltcial denial The same journal aeaerta that auggeationa Bible hf Prueela for the reorgaiimtlon of the army of Ibe Out. federation were strongly disapproved orgy the secondary German Elatea, wbo cooaldi re I that the giving up of lb? military force? to oue or b-db of the great Powers would be Ibe flret etep towarde their political extinction. Th? amallcr Platen have re'?a? d to abd'.oata ao much of the ? independent sovereign piwer. !?EW3 FROM CHINA. Rnivnaaa, jimo 38, lc00 lAtd Flyin and Baron I'.roa have arrived. Sir Hope i-rant and Adm'ral flips have left for Peebe f. Thle city le protected by th? Xll.'ee The rebels are mak ug progrcee, and trade with the la ter lor j stopped. Cjutvu?. July (, 1M0. Malt-ra are mora settled >ds bundret war v nets I? and tranzpwr s ware In Fuuchow Bay a? the 3ttb of June. Ibe Mandarins have been ordered to furaish no suppl e? to the Allies. n>? at the '-ren-erry "arb H-t? , D h? wing. ?mit?) wtrtiaHr. T.b.eawere Mnafl , M bundi" g'.eta The apaCheM dialog ha.'. ekf* nil ft"<--"i ?b4 iigbte' by b m*r.oe ,-d- ?f (M, bh? i tan:.* tiit'f .ll* apera.1 and O"0?cet*'l elth lowreg COMMEWH VI. riTT.l UGE3CE. IT maxm to ?n\rx)M.n,RT l-aarooi., liigctl 34, ISdO. London monks markkt. Cocsoll claocd to day at -KX b 92*4 for money M<t n> const. LlYBhfOOL (,'OTTOM MAR* ST. K>11011 24,1360. Tfc? Broken'Circular raporta Utatalrtof the w? k ?l 63.040 bales. of wbteh 6,MO were taken by ipecu aton, at? ?.?SO by export era. Middling ettmlit^a ara atifbtiy ?learer, but lb? ImmI kiether ofcauke boelneee. Bolder# aflhr their etocka floaty, but do ant proas ae>e. Tbe aulaa today /frlday) wara 3.000 -alea, x lodog 3 000 rm ?pecaistloB and for export, the market doe log needy al the kolborlted quotations ? JMr. AIAS, p. New Or Ira ne 7*4 ? -? Mobil# 1 & 10 16 I iff $U The stork in port la aotimatrd at 1,133 000 balas, 3t which u?O,000 wara Amertcaa laporta of the weep, 30.401 balaa -tatb op tram in xAicnrrn. The adelcwa from Msncbeatrr ara aaferorab'a. TL# market waa dull, owing to the bad weather. MTBirooL antAtrn rra mnr. The breeders flb market tea da upward, aad wheat aid IWwir are slightly higher, owley to unfe?"rehte weather, ABotbir report saya 0r.n wheat la :a rood deer.iad at fully Tse.rtayg prior other qoalltMW snohaaged. rionr? a large boa'scea at aa tmproeemeat of 0d. par Back: bar rela IWhaii/d Corn uacLabged. uTkitrouL rwu virion itur. TV proTia '>a market VI a It but ateady. LONDON MAUXBT3. Wheal in good lematd al pa adraaoa par took. f aot 3a drarcr Oata la bnaa damaad at Wadeeaday'a a4> eaarc. Barley qatat at sary fall rataa. Military IatflUgeara. I.VDSTl l bl ?l'k Ot AMI*, COMTAMY 0, TWIim SKI mm. Cow*;?ay Q, tudepeodencs '"sard. 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