Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Trwuur, 8et)'^ p y The Allowing - a oompara'- ^ sutement of the Iwrporta (exclusive 01 from New York to Is/sign ports for ItlO Week and since January 1:? I . _ . . ISM. 1669. I860. M.018.481 1Jk52.1?0 1,863,4*7 I r^T^oa!} rep'td. 42,889,577 4a.b8t,aM 64,608,458 94.ce Jan. 1.. 843,518,008 48,447,088 80,460,915 Included in the above are the following exports Of breadstuff to Great Britain:? Wheat to Liverpool. floor to Liverpool 93 ,<>71 Do. to Loadoa ** JA? Wheat toLoaSon ? >--?- ?*74l floor to Londonderry 40,611 Bo. to 10,210 Wbsat to Pensrth 14,074 Bo. to 23.831 floor -.... 12,368 Wheal to 30,896 ?ore toOOrb 17,832 Wheat to ? 18,404 TtotaJ 0667.181 tbe advices received to-day per Palestine, an Bouncing the prevalanoe of bad weather in Prance and the abolition of the Import dntiea on bread staffs, are calculated to stimulate the export move* ment still further. It may be hoped that the ac ?ounte which have reached ua of the injury done to ?m grain crops on the Continent have been exag gerated. However a general crop failure in Europe might for the time benefit our grain grow tag internet, and those other interests which are connected with it, such as railroads and shipping, ft could not but prove highly injurious to this coun try at large; it would bo a matter to be deeply deplored, and a fit subject for general regret and Borrow. In tho meanwhile, of course, it ia safe to look for a very active movement in food of all kinds. Money continues fairly active, without any diffi culty in getting it at the recent advance. There are atill some names which, on 86 a 00 a 90 day hills, will pass below seven, and a few which go below 64; but seven is generally the rate for first alaes endorsed. There is lees mercantile paper of the higher grades afloat than ia usual at this season; prosperous ss the country is, there ia evidently not as much business doing as the banks and lenders would like. The heavy losses which the dry goods had many of the groceries importers met with lest season have had a salutary effbet on their foreign orders this year. On call the brokers are borrow tag, without difficulty, at seven. The receipts for duties to day were 188,000; the total receipts at the Sub-Treasury, 993,036; the payments, 9119,968; balance this evening, 96,893,081. The foreign exchange market continues inani mate, and it is more evident than it was yesterday that if the bankers want to sell for the Saturday packets they will hsvs to reduce their rates. We hear of sales of first class bills at 109j a |, though the asking rate at the leading drawers is still 110. We hear also of very good commercial bills at 109j a 4- The shipment on Saturday will depend la a great measure on the coorae of the market. At 109| > it needs some ingenuity not to not a loss by covering bills with specie. From present ap pearance it seems possible that a million may be shipped; the Boston steamer to-morrow will take btlle or nothing. There was a fair amount of business done at the Block Exchange to-day, and rather more tendency to buy stocks. At the close of the first board there was quite an active inquiry for some of the specu la tive railway shares; la the afternoon the market waa strong and closed firm. The most active stock ?f the day was Illinois Central, which advanced on London quotations of 19| discount per Fulton, and M da-count (by private telegraph) per Palestine at Farther Point. This rise of ten per cent in about ten days in the London market was based on an advance in the scrip here to 85, so that the Ixtndon price was, at the time the Palestine left, about 6 per cent higher than the latest quotation they had from New York. The stock opened to-day at 844, an advance of |, sold up to 66ja86, and closed f 64 bid. Eric ia also quoted higher in London than Lere; the closing price lieie was 274; in London, per Fulton, we note sales at 27, equal to 30 here. The same remark will apply to New York Central. Toledo advanced 1 per cent this morning, closing 44; bid. against 134 last evening; Rock Island was steady in the morning, and closed in the afternoon 7?.j bid, aga'u-t 79 bid yesterday. The Michigan shares were neglected. Galena was ) better this morning, and closed, in the sfternoon 78) bid, against 77) yesterday. The inquiry for l ends is rather more active than it was; we note a revived demand in the issues of some 01 the cheaper Western railway bonds, and a firmer market for all Kate stocks. The recovery of the Western country ia likely to iacreaae the demand for SUte stocka for banking purposes. The last quotations of the day were:?Virginia 6's, 01 a 4; Missouri 6>,81{a J; Canton, 18) a 19; Cumberland Coal preferred, 13 a ); Pacific Mail, 80| a 81); New Tork Central, 83) a i; Brie, >7) a ): Budeon River, 54) a |; Harlem, 16) ? 17; do. preferred, 43) n J; Bending, 46 a ); Michi gan Central, 69) n j; Michigan Southern and North ern Indiana, M>| a ); do. guaranteed, 43) n 44; Pa nama, 124 a ); Illinois Central, 84) a ); Galena and Chicago, 781 a ); Cleveland and Toledo, 44) n ); Chicago and Rock Island, 78) a 79. Borne reports of the August traffic on the West ern roads are beginning to come in, and we give hem. as usual, in tabular form:? Bands. Annua. 'M. AMfwrf 60 AufM. '40 m no's Central .... SJOtAM 1*1,474 34* SIS eum mjm iisbso leaest itoca a nod si one mam ussm BsOmnSlvsr 180,404 1&S.10S let At* TMsSo 40,804 4M40 0&810 Tie fourth week on th{ Galena waa $44,039, against $31,713 same week last year; on the Rock Miacd, $31,701, against $27,755. The Michigsn Central is reported to gain largely on the fourth week of August. The following is Neill Bros, statement of the movements in cotton for the past week, and since 1st September lest, compared with the five prece ding years:? , BspxpSs ? .?KamerU fw put w~k , PmTwmS Bburftm. 1. lb G br fhisti. (MA fT 1U4-U.. iiMt itttiit usee ? s ooo 1SM-M.. - 000 J 4O2.0S0 1.00S 1000 - ism 5t . iooe:.*o:ooo eeeo ? i.ooe isst-te.. tees sees sees J l 00S 3 733080 IS OSS 3,000 1800 - OOO i mi 000 10 000 - 1,000 , Bspartf kmc* JatMatw 1. j*> a ?tu pvwua o5r> nw *?*. lasgaa. imsooo see ooo mjm 10*7 see imooo 1S64-M . 1 840080 47V.OOO t* 000 I 8*. 000 IS 000 l?*4-*7 .1.433 080 41SS00 413 000 1147.000 M 000 mt-M..i.see.eoe ass eos assess i sezsoo so see 1S60-49. I.S17 000 44S 090 840888 8.013 000 104 000 1880-08, 8.008.000 800,000 40S800 8,700800 147.000 Meows. Neill Bros, odd: ?r 1880-88hastkstt.M tan mhn>ii to st wiB not be rsnSy fhr mm* Coys yet fa t Msvtag anamsn trsm sr t^tn tsussntiof. wbiiie tan amrlbstiN of n will be toon m eur prints* inetM stxrre ? 1800-00 La* Tmr fmrrmm Bew Or Mans .j.imooo 1888880 487880 ??Olli 80S 000 104800 80800 MB888 470800 t: ooo 811.000 4*1 000 8" 000 177 000 178 .000 4.000 tssao 180,088 183,000 MOOO ?hnr pertn ) 04808 Overl '4 nounn ss<1 tnensl > 1M800 113 000 OMtsetwan, say j 171 000 Total crop 4,7*0,080 3881888 M0888 The exchanges at the Bonk Clearing House this morning were $21,22$,440 26, and the balances $1894.047 24. The toUosrtng dividends have boon declared:? The Jogbrson Ianronee Company, a sml snniiil dividend of throe dollars per Mar* (10 par coat), payable m' demand; the Grooms' Fire Inanisnm Company, % semiannual dlvldsnd of Ms per coat, payable on demand; the Pennsylvania Fire Iaon rsaceCompaav.of Philadelphia, a soai-aaaraal divi dend of fifteen iollars per share, payable on the 1Mb last. The solos at the Mining Board to-day wow I? ?tMoMvsr MO M8 1>, IMMsOsKHwWaMOrM ?88 On. m I mohsrtk mms... bMttt 1*6 WOMy HIIIMI Of m fha>l?l| Mfi WbBb, made tip Monday afternoon, preset the following aggregate* as compared those of tho previous week jh?w(27. tk 1,7*6 .MO Capitol stock *11,7*6 ,W6 11,784 ,730 Inc.. 4766 Loans. *4.991.791 07,006,0** Inc., 103 *7 ?pecle 4,7*6 MO 4,7*1,9IT Lm . 37,63* Due from other bki. 1419,711 1 404.lie Inc.. 84.413 Due to other banks. ^<18.171 ?,786.836 Dec .137 346 Dcpoena 16.7434*3 16,938,760 Inc..1*1,186 Oreulat toa 3430.04* 3,186,634 Inc.. 16,464 The follo'^g ue the Uwt London quotation* cj Americ<-tn nocks, per Fulton:? nitryland Vs 03 * *4 Cu.ted States 41, red. 1174 OfX a *4)4 Virginia 6'? 80 a 81 Do- 0'* 83 a 84 IK.coil Central 6 s, 187* 87 a 86 Do. 7 *, 187* IS a SI Do. tree land 81 a M Do. 8100 shares, 870 paid die. 30 a 19)4 Do. do., all eaid - 77 a 79 " isooTT.. Michigan Central 81,1*40 01 a 04 Do. convertible 1800 a. c. 86 n 87 Do. (ilnataf fund) l'?, 1*83.1 ',80 a 93 Do. 8100 shuvo *0 Mich 8. k S. lnd.,7 *. 1886. 71 a 78 Do. SlOOtbaree 14 a 18 New York Central 01,1884 84 a 88 Do. 71,1804 84 a 88 Do. 71, 1878 04 a 94 Do. $100 eharee 70 a 41 New York * Erie 71,1147 41 a 04 Do. 3d wort., 1860 1.0.88 a 00 Do. 3d morl, 1883. aaeeated 84 a 84 Do. bond*, 1143, '71, 74 61 a *3 Do. tharee, amentel 36 ? 34 Panama Railroad, let mart., 71,1146 101 a 108 Do. 3d mort., 1873 103 a 104 Pennsytvaala Central 41 80 a 81 Do. 3d mort. 88 a 86 Do. 484 eharee 36 ?' 44 Philadelphia 4 Reading ft, 1840 18 a 00 Do. 81,187# 78 a 80 Do. SMaheroe 33 n 30 The following circular in reference to the exten sion of tho New Tork and Efcie Railroad second mortgage bond* ha* just been issued:? The holders of a large number of the aeoond mortgage bonds of this company having eipi emeil a dee ire to ox tend tb* payment of the principal of their bonds till the first day of September, 1*79, notice Is hereby given that this company is propsred to extend all such bonds ss the 1 thereof boilers thereof may present for that purpose, and to at tach coupons thereto ftr the payment of Interest till that The boi " H J 1 bonds caa be presented for that purpose at tho oOcaof this company, Erie place, on end after the 10th of - - - ., until r * September Inst., until further actio*. This extension, of course, leaves the second mortgage unaffected as s secu rity. ft. N. OTB, Secretary. office of the New York sad Brie Railroad Company, New Yoxk, Sept. 1,1800. The New Orleans Picayune of August 30 thus notice* the money and exchange market:? The income sf the banks wis In excess of the demand tor discounts, and there waa no Increase noticeable la the supply for the better class of commercial securities on the street. Starting exchange wan stiff and in good re quest, but the market was taste for all other descriptions, and operations indicate* no improvement In the imsrai run of use. There was no marked change la the sup ply of either lb re Ian or domestic, and rates were unsettled from the opening to the clone of the market. We subjoin approximate quotations:?Clear sterling bills,104)6 s 110; bank rates, U0V a 11**; bin of lading drafts, 100M a 100V; Franca,Kill6?. 30 per dollar; sixty day bQla en New York, he., 1 a IX per cent discount; light, par a >4 per cent premium. The Chicago Prett and Tribune of August 31 08 joi ns supply of Eastern exchange is still scarcely equal to the demand, and the market la about w per oent higher. Borne of the beaks were selling sparingly to their customers at >4 per cent premium; bat others charge 1 1 on the street at the per cent, and taige Iota were same figure. It Is the general opinion, howerer, that the increase of shipment which will be made during the next week will eaae the market. Currency is plenty At Milwaukee on Thursday evening exchange remained steady at \ premium tor currency, and money Is plenty enough fbr all biislnms demsnds The Philadelphia Bulletin of Satarday evening tho* notice* the money market of that city:? Than la a moderate demand for money on the street, but capital is abundant, and first else* abort paper is taken at fi a 4)4 par sent, sad names not well or so ta ?orsbly known at 7)4 a 10 par oent. The city treasury Is entirely depleted, and the warrants are being taken by the brokers sad others at 4 a 6 per cent discount. About ?160,044 la warrants to the police and 0titer departments were issued to-day, lbs most cf which wers s>M on the I street at these figure*, netting a loss to the employes of the city of six to eight thousand dollars. The earning* of the Troy and Boston Railroad for the month of July compares as follows:? In laeo *80.410 37 In I860 34,-mi 83 Increase *6,41* *6 The business of the road for the four months I of 1639 and ISO, ending August 1, compare aa fol lows:* 19M. 15?. btcr*am. frrt' ? 3000 May #33.1*1 28.943 .13*1 Jun* 31.9M 37.44* *.400 J?l> W.991 30 410 0.410 lucre**? to row month* *17*70 Stock BnkHf*. Tttmiut, dept. 4,13*9 MCOO I S S *1MS .. 103 300*b* Mic SSNIp 43V 4000 in l*t 1*47.... 10ft 340 do bio 48V TOO do 10ft OOOClooRTol RRiftO 44 1000 Tron ft* ?0. .. 90 V *60 do 44 V 7000 Virgin* ?*.... 01 100 (to blft 44 V 1 4000 Ntbrcihna #?*,. 99 200 Uo....b?0 4ft i IGCO Mlooouri ft* . *1\ 200 do b*0 44 V i 1000 do $1'* 3C0 * do 44 V JObO Lnnioiaoo ti'o.. ?? '400 d-) bit 44 V 4000 Calttoroia 7 *.. M 40 P*u*m* RR. ... 14ft* 6ft00 City A1* 1170 . ?? 100 do bio I'M 1000M(?pclm*re* 101 00 do .... b30 130 1000 Mt -b *o 1 ? bo 0* 40 do *10 116 V 400 Mtc* do 3 a b* *1V 460 m Cent RR acrip. 44 V 1*00 Oootoe Bra to. Ttjj 3*0 do 44 . 1100* 111 Cwt RK bO. 00 *60 do .alO 44 V WO *0 90 V 100 do *10 44 V ?w do 0dv 100 do m 04 V lOOOOo.RTbl Of bo TT 460 do.. 04 V tiboRfeoTflorvr 101V IftO do MO 46 V 10 look *4 On* 101 SO do bftO 8f, 100 Bruoo Cy Ld Co . ?V BMGol * Oil RR.... 774 19* 9* WO 9 MO do. ..*00 77V 10 ltolropoiltoa Bk 113 V 100 do.... 77 V AOCoctoo Oo. .. MO 30 600 do t>10 79 MB do ??< 240 do 79 ?9 do MO 1#V 300 do *00 77V 100 10 V 100 do MO TtV 300 19 60 do blft 79 V Ml ? t, ' prof... IS 1M do 77 V ?00 N 1 Oroi KK b30 M 160 CbiRRR I* RR *00 70 MO do. UV 600 do 70V 109 do bit 13 V 30* do MO 70V 100 do *10 U v MO do MO 7* V TM (to 43 V M do. bM 70 V 409 Erie RR 8ft V 400 do MO 79 V *60 Budooo R RR oftO M 1M do *30 79 V 100 do M0 6ft V BOO do 7?v 100 Harlem RR ..... 10 v, 460 Cb. BRCto RR o?0 97 BOO Reodio* RR 46 V 1M do 17 V 1M do..,. MO MV M do olO 97W 100 da *10 46.V 60 do..... bM 07V m do bM 40 M do MO 9ft M do .. . OlO 46V ? do bM M 1M Mch 0*kt RR 019 MV 100 MU h MM* KR.. . U% SBOORD BOARD. 0*00 Ck'RSW or b*. M 100lb* nCtaRn or bftft 90 10OB* *? Ki BbaB 1MV 1000 do MO 80V 30 tot * Hod a 00 . 01V BOO do 4ft v M roe Mourn Ob... M 1M do *10 US M 9* *1 MO do MV MKYOooRK ..... ?3V BMOal A Chi RB,... 70V 4M do bM 04 1M do MO 1?V M do b* M 300 do 79 V SMErtoRR 27 V **0 do bM 70 1M do lM B7V 1M do bid 70V 400 do 000 ST', 1M do 030 74 , 1M do bio rBM Qot RTol RR bSO 46 MB do MO 37 V 100 do b40 46 V M Hee * Ptlto RR.. 10 . 300 do 44 V I lOllcd R!t RR .... MV MO 4o .00 44 V on* do *30 ft* 100 Cbl RBI KR bio 70 BM Harlem RR MV M do 74 V M do bM 17 BOO do M 70 M Mich loo RR .... 99V 100 do .... bSO 79V do MO 74V do MO To V 90 Mich Bo k K I RR 30 V >00 do 30 , 1M do Mft 79 V 40 MlcktokNl ft *R 48 V 64 Chl.BkQo RR MO 07 V M ni Cm R* *e. olO M M do 87V 4M do M Ki0*rt? fro* Uto Port of Mow York to Rorilf* Potto tor Uto Wook Radto| tor 3. IBM. ' ftobep* rolw /Veto#* rota* K^^W.toto 1*0* 817.801 Ron, bbto. .3*13 04*47 ?, pbf*. 14 3J00 loai b?r *tdoo4.341 18 Ml bOMR M 040 Hnpo. boloo 11* 1*34 BM. togWtod. 0M 944 (tow man eaa 7 310 Dry (oodo ? 10 1*00 Kit tor.bit 100 4M T?booB> .... M 8AM Rat Pootto... ftO 3t* CM*r doM.bfO 1M 170 lloop Mir to. 0 1 399 Ul* M 1,130 Toborra. bn. *7 434 towto*r,be*.l,lM 4AB4 Put-. 6*00 4*0 MfttoM.coM. 11 BM Qoor. bort.hd BO 2.1M Wotool bp B m ctoroo boloo MB 3 .1M HV-hory k*o W BM 4N 4MB BUM* 4AM BM W tob , IbO 18,067 1.401 Clock*, *i... 197 BAM MookMory, 00 07 4AM ?ordwor*. ..I 0M IbtoM.Uto 4ft 4.684 ?MM 9 1,000 Wbotob e on.', 4*4* iipM S 7M Cb Mi took, a 1 JM Rod oil, bblo. M CO LoaOb. etoib.. T7 4A*t I B M PotooM, otao M Bono botr.e I 4M Boo*?, too... 41 IAN rurmttore ... ? 1M Pootalmot, c 1 230 Oonoo, bbto.l.TM M 700 Ntoreltoaoou* ? 74 Qoor bwb.b* M 309 .... ? Dro?*- (*<* l.OM I At* total *11J AOS tad. R. (Md*.. U liwTirl, ok. 1 MM IWBto.oldk.lAM MM Bttod.e 1 1M Looototk,or. 14 MM Jowofery 1 171 1M Booko 1 M 71,7*4 Ohoooo, lbo.M*.4M MA*t Ok tadu 1AM MAU Bottor .... MAM 7AH mm W boat, bok 16*00 *1,790 ?I bm Ji ft MB MM. NB|M Dtrni in iwm*. Kk.Br.bVM. .. 400 I2.1M IXffnestica, bal 9$ $1,313 Rye flour 164 ?6 Carrisgs.... 1 *? fdoe X 280 GanUHS, bxs.. 80 $0 OttoU. >? " {>nl?*'0Vv? J5 SA 60 20* Lumber ft. 10,000 1*0 Bread 2 fSI CL.'fcl.r ? I]} Corn, buifl .1000 640 MtooeBaheou*. ? Cuiivkms, co.. 1 72 Chesto........ ? 121) * $7,410 UvnFOOL 'YoUon, kales. 1,124 $47,80* Leather,*.,. 7 0847 Wheal,bus $70 990 348.076 Itog. goods.... 1 2J0 Flour, bbto.. 16 946 98*71 Shoe pe?e,bbto 71 180 9Ut??,No.. 10.900 1,284 Lard, Ibe.. ..6,80* 021 Mf. tobac.ibs 6,400 1 680 3p. wl.gelle.14,608 21,816 Tobaxto. bbde 7$ 11.86* Beer, tee..... 60 1?? Corn, bnah..11,37$ 7,680 Clocks, bxs... 668 7,416 Sweepings, lbs 8 400 Stool,to*.... 0 24T4 I OUstoneM... 9 3* TuUow,lbel80,787 13,897 Leather, bdle. *0 2,396 Empty case#.. 3$ 260 1 Skins, pk?a.. 1$ 1,40$ Tobaooo, ba. 60 $01 Dry goods, oe. 80 7,434 Rags, bales... 166 8,079 Books..,..'... 8 l|si3 Sew. mach^cs 09 0,4*0 ??? 2 190 Weware, pkg 1 160 Oteeasjbs 488.370 43,400 Oare .7!: 000 600 Butter ,...140,103 21,770 Haedepikse.. 1.000 160 Whalabenn.. 9,943 9,419 C?pp. reg.... 360 21,826 tor. copper, e. 1 88 Mtooellansous. ? 218 Eeclric macb 7 4*4 Bacon, lbs. . 26,431 9,708 Total $*73,013 lO*DO*. flour, bbto..7,078 841.400 Clams.ce.... 12 $110 I.Kboee Ml H 1.869 Tomatoee 90 80 Lm. cloth, o.. 1 211 Roots, bales.. ? 12U Wbeat.buab 81,037 88,741 Essence 21 1,640 Tobeooo belee 32 1,308 Tobacco, bxa. 201 6,000 Ball clots,bxs. 71 8,021 9araaparlUa... 40 028 11 400 880 64 4,200 $ 3,680 O.cake,lbs 106,4*8 2.004 D applee,bbls. 10 168 Sp. oil, gal. 102,110 184,403 Oysters, cs... 10 130 toiscsUaiieous. ? 80 ?>?- 90 100 T#tol , tosmoxmcuT. , Oorn, busb..3.975 09,482 SUree 4,800 $360 > Floor, bbls.. 1,906 10,612 Tetol $13,444 ratem roads. THteat.bush 11,830 $14,074 Flour, bble... 1,694 $10,239 Total MM" oiasoow. Born w'te.bgs 666 $420 Naptba. bbto. 22 $076 Hoof*. Ibe.. 10,821 159 Flour, bole. .2.043 12,26$ Beef, tee 60 1,600 Tobaooo ,hh da. 108 28,047 Tallow, Ibe. 19,80* 1,368 Wbeat, bueblO.016 23,821 Bpa ollgato 10*76 18 320 Butter, lbs. 14,066 3.673 Car ore, bbls. 160 2,100 Rosin, bble... 72 378 Ace lime, bgs 217 893 ?? Total $04,721 COM. Oorn, bush..27,226 $17,439 Wbeat, bus.13,930 $90,806 Flour,bble... 600 2,821 Total $41,24# DCBLQf. Wheat, bushels 11*93 $14,404 Flour, bble.., 600 2,770 | Total $17,264 r-mtAlTsm. Tobaooo, hhde $0 94,119 Rum 50 $632 Da,boxes.... 918 6,710 dooke,boxes. 7 142 Baton,bbto... 616 868 QIms,ones... 1 llo Fitch . 100 180 Spto torp.bbto 10 180 Lumber, ft.. 2,000 127 ?? Alcohol,bble. 60 876 Total 911,812 tuna KOBffl tiORiai oouurxs. Flour, bbls ..9*00 $60,046 Perk... * Com r, bbls ..0,200 940*46 Ref sugar .bble 120 99,461 1*04 18joe7 Shook?kit...1,086 6410 ??!???? 5! ?5 5"BMiMK Tobacco,bits.. 96 006 toacitl'y, pk? 101 8,431 (toadies. 100 800 Oorn, buabtoe. 030 01* Sap...: 60 168 Tea, pkgs..... 22 362 Bnttor, Ibe. .U4U 1J*0 Caady ca 3 73 Urd 1*86 140 Sugar,bbto... 90 427 Omasa 2.946 240 Ralalne, bxe.. 00 113 Motomas, bds. 12 633 Adds, oarb s. 960 *48 Pms, bushels. 160 1*6 Leather,stdaa. 900 "W nothing, oe... 2 68 to U>b'o,Ibs.l2,014 1,711 Htgo?e.... 1 TO Coffee,bags... 30 631 Hardware? 86 670*... 16 600 Picture frames 64 975 tolscelieneoue. ? 493 60 142 Total 009,886 ? JBt MM* Flour, bble..9.088 $11,007 Onto,bush ... 360 0913 Oorn mral...1.073 4.234 Sugar,bbto... 4 66 Breed 664 2,008 R.ce. tleroes.. 2 *1 Beef 86 782 Wheels, pes.. 16 972 Fork 206 6 607 Bells, bund... 1 135 Chndles.bxe.. 170 627 Dry goods,as. 2 930 Butter, Ibe...I486 160 Llraatcck*d. 20 2.700 Tobacco, bxe. 9 $4 I'eas. busb... 674 824 Urd. Ibe...10,080 1308 Omons, bbto.. 160 800 17 242 Fete 140 460 Potatoes, bbls 602 087 -hocus 37.7 260 Hay. bake... 46 129 Olimeal, Ibe 96 000 460 Tar, bbto 40 96 Tobacco, bhda 4 42J Spare 22 130 Kisceliaueous. ? 013 1 amber,ft ..2.000 100 . | torn, bush.. 1,100 1.016 Total 736 268! B1l!T!FB CruJA, I Flour, bbla... TOO 98,760 fheeae, lb* .8,280 >370 Beer . 188 3.1 Aft W;ne, pkgs... 60 0U0 Or>nj n?eml.... 100 460 roua-jca,nbU. 100 300 Bread,pkp... 160 060 1'orW 60 904 Pras.bush.... 173 346 Leitbor, si lei 160 331 Corn 200 140 llf tcbao ,lb#l,200 160 Lard, Iba.... 3.800 346 Broad, ckM.. 100 30 Dried flafc, bia 1C0 30 TOtal 611,470 Apples,bb!<>.. 40 600 Pkl'dOab,bbta 130 802T Paistoe* .... 101 387 Codfl-b, <jl.a. 301 1,000 Ti.beono, Lbde 10 1.037 Beef, bole.... 110 1,940 Floor, bbla... 4*0 2,079 Marae, lb*... 3.904 469 P?rk 116 2.261 Pepper. bap 60 630 Braoe, bisOi.. 600 1,066 torum'-al,bbl? 60 199 Dried 0lb, bTS 800 280 R OO. 60 ? 671 Oah*s, bbla . 130 360 Flour 600 8,000 flb?a sad H. 600 342 ? Tutal 918,904 aoaraars. tiaabo, t 'oa.. 293 99,700 SUrci 4,400 (371 Total 110,071 (-4 MS. Burgle*) mat.. 1 1168 3ur?a II,8M 92 173 Total $3,031 rrma. Naokaak. ..2.904 94 22d Codfab, qua.. 104 (241 Hoops lljuo 968 ea?.ue 1 128 Hon,*, bdla . 816 343 -prlap 22 982 Kn ply bbda. 699 972 Iraa. Mliifff 4 348 ltara.aery yea 1.080 30,199 Nad*, tap .. 119 8(0 Lumber, ft 12 096 318 Lmber. ft 8,090 113 Baoou, 1 bo. . 11,000 1.300 Cbr whacla . 9 124 Ale, bbla 79 487 Boa* b'k .bbda 44 2,484 Met bar is, cs 24 688 <*tm!,c*eee... 21 If* Bricks 42 509 974 Ibbaooo.boB* 96 347 Batter, lb#. . 1,731 846 AgI tmBta,phg. 9 30 Lard. 99.999 6.401 PerkTbbla... 10 207 bbla... 101 679 Caadlea, but. 21 113 Truoks 7 100 Furniture,pig 9 110 Hardware, ca. 144 4,687 Jewelry, ca.. 1 108 Mf Ira* II 346 Mf .roe. pkp 18 969 lark * ataaaaa 9 940 Tk-low, Iba. 49,404 494t? OUatetb, ea.. 1 90 Iroauaka... 2 I4v Bktrta 9 1,150 Oil, falls . . .1,840 ljHO yaory good*,. ? 819 Soap, bcaaa.. 19 72 Opium 1 783 Paiat, tegs .. 24 49 Lao. rintb.... 8 1.384 Ootklaf. o* . 1 881 Baf akuM.... 1 980 lory foods ... 8 1.199 leather 9 900 ftrawbal*.. d 409 Oakooi, balsa 79 173 Crprewpkp. 1 600 Paper,boodle* 176 369 Bouts, osmw.. 6 600 D apple*, bbla 10 190 Mf tabae. Jbel,409 1M Paper,?... 1100 426 Gob Hate., ptg 10 4*9 Prop, pkg*.. 190 1,790 ?tioae.eaeta.. 9 900 Rlae, tea 22 710 rump 1 329 I Pew leg mob,? 99 9.940 Cocoa, bap . 20 300 Haras. Ibe .8.491 997 Rterepeo 1 74 RR sptkraAp 10 909 Hat gwods.... 1 119 Potsdoae, bbla 466 767*,kap.. 180 1,060 Rtaater?..... IP 966 Kgp.Uta... 13 1? RR paaeh ,. 1 180 Maeiltmeou*. ? 1,790 Wb ell, golL. 791 446 - Ualooa. Irs .. 90 889 Total 984,032 ....167,640 94,976 9Ut<* flttwoo iijn 99974 ?AMA1A. ?tare* 24 9N 91,3*4 MOT*. Tab eo, bbda. 30 95 000 0 op'r *knp 1 600 91 400 Map,bbta... 000 7,900 ShlMlaa, bdla. 180 180 Coloring, pkg. 1 240 l umber, ft . 929.3 100 (try goods, ra 130 2.240 MfCllaaooaa. ? 69 Raata,bbta... 96 69 Onttoc oord, ea 20 120 Total 918,169 ?tm Rnop, l?U. ...3990 94.204 Paper, ream* 412 9166 [tried ttsb .1,706 660 Apr trap , pp 86 6.361 Per*, bbla... 1903 93.781 9 196 Rtee 169 1,919 lUmZ7...., 6 360 Rtre, to* 99 909 Aaleoed, ck*.. 9 120 flow. bbla..9,791 14,109 Uadla*, bat. 9N 760 butter, lb*..4 Oftfl 607 Pepyer, bap 10 108 Hasee 4.776 093 ?%?*<, bbla.. 102 306 COdCab, que 000 9.419 Potetoce 180 982 lard. Iba...II.899 9,448 Haddock, cka. 11 111 (Tiers. 1,799 880 Pbooks * b g 400 940 Toboeeo, bta. 80 771 Hardware,up U 9,144 Lember, H N.I79 863 Pkd. Oah.bbta 40 488 Furbltare ip 901 f 8P0 Ragar, bis .. 94 471 Drop, pkp.. 199 9421 Champagne 10 197 Rope, rotta.... 9 99 Powder, pkp. 90 IN Brnd, pkp. 191 181 Cope pp .. 13 220 Bnoka. ao.... 9 1,999 m*e*ll**ecaB. ? 701 K!7K ? Si tw m*? R geeda, ea T IBt* Hard wore. c*. 00 81990 ria* 9 199 L.aa'd Ml JOB 160 114 note 71 IN Tla elate, am 10 1M ry Honda, ea 40 d.ddl Ckxtaa. 0 97 w?d*r,kp .9N 919 Agrto Imptt, p It N wa 9N 149 Toya, baa...; 9 314 bodlea. bra., go 102 Paper, ream*. $40 104 en (4ta 9 78 Faecy goode.c 9 416 hitter, Iba.. 619 N Olit# oil IN 937 ?aa Tbboeao 9,000 413 Ralla, kp ... 40 IN be*. kp..... N 401 Oafcaaa, botea 60 117 baatiBgeapp. ? IN Creak try, an. 80 104 Hna. ea 8 413 Clnnaa*m,bal 9 947 bbta... M0 790 Nan 19 910 ,00..,. I N DattBeMta... 400 130 pfea... 9 117 Palst pks IN IN vgr. aaMl ^ Mtooeitaaaoo*. - 1499 ?I * 814,040 tat ORMUJ*. ujm ilTSmca. "?,? 311 *160 Bteei . , Rum, Mil .... 46 279 Po- , ? *? Wins, BkgS... 60 340 * 3M nemlioGuT... 170 m ??ork, bbls.... 4 TO Clothing, c .. 1 >4 Flour 21 151 'htajm baler 1 W> Rom, ooll ... 20 230 ~H6ute*.t,>..C? ?? 80 H'dware, pfcg* J3 428 I*?"'*']*. U ?M FT goodi.m. 8 230 -1 Ok? 3 16? Drrgo, pkgs. 32 638 anotkegs... \ M Bool 1 278 Candlea. ba. i? 107 Qia.os 33 84 Paint, pkfS... /27 09 Miscellaneous. ? 700 lib. oil, tola. ioo no - Pistols, o 1 08 Total 06,391 ?"** Lard, ft*. .. 41,068 08,170 Drugs. pkgs.. 78 0845 *??~l ?w,iie is* uga. . iv TOW Sejanu cuet. 2 678 Lea. cloth, ca. 2 300 Tm, pin - - 381 6,493 Segarn 4 1075 Payor.reams 5,400 1,432 Pepper, bag* 426 3,627 Byrne 40 800 Bp. skirts, as. 0 2 000 Bona. 10 100 Don**., bairn 220 14,803 Black lag .bbis. 24 877 Beans, bags.. 200 046 dandles, t)xs.. 484 2,460 Corn, bush ..2,884 2,208 Iff. lroa, pkgs 12 200 Rosin, bbls... 400 681 Agl. Impie'U. 39 ?86 Baaf 60 426 6 2a3 portr 1T6 1<ow Clocks, boxes. 19 398 llikceilaaooua. ? 164 Bp turp. ,ca.. 216 2,289 Total 840 264 CITY COJUUCHC1AJL XUCPOKT. Tie-hut, Sept. 4?8 P. M. Anns.?'The market wu unchanged, and tales limited, at 6\o. for pota, and at 6140. for pearls. Bxxart-n >T8. ?Flour?The market was firmer and mora active, under tbe influence of the favorable newt irom Europe: but owing to tbe enbanoed means 01' ship owners for freight room there wa.) no material advance, while common and medium gradee of State and Wee tern cloeed In ikvor of sellera. Tbe sales embraced about 14,000 bbls., at the following quotations ? Superfine State 86 63 a 86 81 Extra Slate, from old and new wheat 6 76 a 6 8> Superfine Western 6 C5 a 6 61 Common to cboice Western extra 6 70 a 8 96 St. Louis extra 8 26 a 7 00 Mixed to straight Southern 8 00 a 9 36 Straight to good extra do 8 35 a 7 60 Choiceextm family and bakers' brands.... 7 80 a 8 76 Rye flour 3 10 a 4 40 Corn meal, Jersey and Brand) wine 3 30 a 3 96 ?Canadian Hour was firm, with a moderate in quiry; the Rales embraced about 700 a 800 bbls. Southern four eras firmer; tbe -xlee embraced about 17,600 bbla, closing within tbe range of tbe above figures. Rye flour wsa firm at tbe above quota tions, with Bales of 300 a 400 bbla. Corn meal was in good demand with sales of 1 000 bbls. reported, including western Jersey sad Brandywine within tbe range of our figures. Wbeet was active and firmer, and including part to arrive; sales aggregated about 112,000 bueheL, at $1 68 a 81 80 for white Kentucky, and fbr white Michi gan in barrels; 81 40 a 81 63 for prime white Michigan and Indiana, 81 36 a 81 37 for soft white Western, 81 31 for fair red State, 81 27 for Racine spring, 81 30 a 81 32 for good amber oolored Western, and 81 34 a 81 3t>>? fee good to prime red Western. Corn opened dull, but under the Influence of the foreign sews closed at fbrmer prices: sales were reported to the extent of 140,000 bushels, s part on speculation. Including Western mixed at 84c. a 66c, round yellow at 89o. a 70c., and Western yellow at 70c. Rye was heavy: sales of 1,780 bushels were made at 78c liar ley was in steady request, with sales of 1,100 busbeia spring at 77c. a 88s. Barley malt was at 90c. Oats were firm, with sales of Western at 41 *e. a 42c., and of Slate it 42o. Corns.?'The market was firm, while sales were mode rate, Including 300 baga laguayra at 14\o. a 15c 20 do 8t. Domingo u 12;|c. , and100 do. East India at 16 \a. Cotton.?The market was firm yesterday, but sales were limited to some 400 a 600 bales, closing on the basis for straight lota of middling uplands at 10'%c. a Ho. Tbe crop aiooante, received by a house in this city, continue to oe of s discouraging nature. Texas, parts of Louisi ana. Mlnisfppl, Alabama and Georgia have suffered mast, and nose place their estimates of s crop above 4,000,000 bales, while maay piece their figures under this amount. Rams have seen general In some sections, but it is said they came loo late to repair the damage by the drought. Tbe chief hone of tbe pltntert seemed to rest on 1 fkvorable autumn for picking and a lata frost It la expected that la a tow days we shall learn tbe extent of the late crop, as well as the amoust exported, and the stock ce hand on the 1st lost. Ftmcrrs ? Rates fbr full vessels and for room ahead were quite fins, for which 144. a 16d. was demanded for grain to Uverpool. For immediate shipment corn, in reported at 12Vd s 131.; 12,000 do. bulk and bags, wheat at 13sd , with some lota at ftd. In ship's bsgs, and about 8,000 bbls. Dour at 4s., witb s?me small lota at 3s. 10 S'd a 3a lid.; and by steamer Id 000 bush grain at It J. 1,000 boxes beeee by do. at 00s , and 1,200 packages but tor at 70s. Tol oadt n, 6,000 bbls. flour was engaged at 4s. To Glasgow, 1,000 bbls. Dour was taken at 4s. A vessel was reported taken up for Liverpool, to load with wheat, m ship's bags, at 14d. A vessel for Cork and a market, sad another for Bristol, were taken up at p. a Some flour was thlppsd for Antwerp at p. t. IUt was steady at 90c a 96c. for old of good quality, and at 76c. a 80c. for good new do. Moum -A sale m 76 hbda Porto R100 were made at 32r Navst fiiotn were unchanged. Hmall sales straight !ota spirits 1 rpenimc SMS making at 40:. (ommno roe c was inactive. Crude t'lrpealine was quiet and aom.nal. MDtt M*? K'.-rifU. H'"*. lit Jan 1 Block. Crude lurpebt.iie, bblt... 771 771 1#1W 6.0W Hptrtta turreatiac, do? 3.343 2 470 10* 444 S 000 Rotio IC.tWO 11 4 W 471.700 24 000 hr 421 421 41279 1300 ?r'j. Crude Tufp. Bp. Turp, Rofin. Hi/. >l Total for week ? I , '"0 3 210 Slnee lat I nit 1,716 11,310 21 431 610 Since Jan. 1 17,772 4tl,?uT 344.011 -0.040 Sum? lime, 1840 . .03.674 46.110 421,674 16.479 !>ovwmw? ?Pork?the market tu lee* b.iorant, and mew id earner. Ibc WlW embraced 700 a 400 bt>lf., taefodUf new mew al 110 0 a 910 62*3, old do. a! 919 44, prtm? mew at 914 60, Uoar at *UI 60. and 614 I 1414 a 914 37 for n-w Beef waa at?ady end in fair requeat, with tale* of M0 a 900 bbla. at k> a 9* fur | MM M* 9?) 93 , a 910 40 for r?p*?iked mow, ami at 911 a 973 0 for extra bacon and cut meal* were aearae and nominal. laud vaa firm, wilt aalea of 300 bbl* at f 13c. a 13'?c. and liutcbera at 12>,'e. Butter and ( j were la rood export aad dowe-ttic demand, with eb-ady | ?ale* at rail prwma. R;.*.?Sa'n 76 saakS were made at 4 V- * Nt-cawi exhibited more ?c aiatton, aai ?-re antra at I ti e late ai gLt coaceee.oa la peioei for aowe cradw. 71m aa>* footed cp about 1,600 l.hd*., chi'I'y Cuba mia ooTadi-ee, lacludtag part reinlaf gouda at 6 ,c aejf;., | at. 1 part rro cry gradee at <0. a 7 ,c , aa i 244 boiea at ? 71*7., and 40 do al S '.c. Sum. Clover w*a qme'., but firm The latt wlea re ported were at 9}?o. a 9'fO. f.mothjr war dull and low er, acd erme lota were reported at p. L.w.1 to bare been under re ent wmml f>r;-ri Ujnad, bulb Aoama l.c and fbre'rn, -ootintifd urm acd *t full prioee Wbi-kx*.?Toe market wm law buoyant, while aaiw of 240 bbla. were made at 23)fa. a U'?0 SHIPPING NEWS. Meximeau of Oewa lUMtn. rmoM iiaora. JTtmm. f-are. DMa Her Ian Literpooi... ..An* 11...New York i .inner(bt. O*.way Ana 91...New T'fk YWo. IdveepooL Ana n...New V r* Canada... .Ihirpool. Ana M.......Bowoa txtr of WaaAlagtw.-Urerpwl *?l g...Mew Hjrt iii tawetw Oalwey.. feat 4...... Mehla. .LJterpaol ....kept 4 ..New Tori Bremen. Be-riAaaaaWm kept 9...Newfart Canadian (Jeerpnal Dtp* bw idrwtw In nbimetea MlU. Mew York Frtww Albert O.Jway Bept l" New Tor* , 19. ..Maw ferk pom irsori. ___ ntaa... kept 9. Chy of Baltimore... .Mew Tort Hept 8 ...Llrerpnol TaoderbtH New Tart Her I 9. .flarre OwMfh MewYnrk -K>ri 11 Oalwny Africa. New Tort Hept If Urerpocl Iva New York. kept ll....l>erpual I jbpn. Mew Tort... Kept 19. ..Qearpai I 7um New York .kept 16 .......llawie , Be- ?r1a. New York..... Sept It .. Bamberg Ckaada. Boatta... kepi ?. ...iiiwf li CltorW... New York kept n........Havre ONy of WaWteaiw. New York. kept 11 ...Mfarpdm 1 le oeter Brwbo kept 21 ... Walwaf MOW Tort kepi M....I4iP|iim M elk#. Mew T ?k. 4*p* S....U: ? ..Mew Tert ? ..kept m. MM CALtFOkMIA. Menkera t-ickt......Mew Tort .kep< It... AeptawaJ! lilt ."tar Maw Tort kept 11. Amriawail MAT AN A, MAYANS Ak AND NSW OHI.1ANN. krpwTiua? from Mew Tert let, arrir*rf at Havana ?? aad " Oriaaaa lktk, _ Mew OrtMM Mb. From Mow Orleasa LKA, iiaraaa Utfc. ar rl-'.aa at New York CM i'4iii**A-Frr*o New Tort lltfc. arCetaa al Banna Ml aad New in-lean# IM. From New Orleaaalfth. Haraaa MA. arrirlna at New fork 94. L t!P__ J. Htraaa Ml and Da koto? From New tort tier, arrtrtaa atflin New Or lean* 2Ptk. From Mew Orkaaa mk. Hat lir'ne at Mew Tert ISlh. CIJtAMCD itida.Caw Jt kieemehtp Florida. CrotralL Sannaah- F t. MI'oktn A kai I A4*er. MllfMMMPflM. Hie# ma A Oa _ _ . _ Fte?m?htp Jameemaa. aa.r.rver, N-wfoJk Ac? Letdlam A IM aafeea. Hbio Aldaaab, WneAeoet. Utwrp?d? %ew A Monreea ?Up Aoaa, He raa. < nrk and a ?*rke*?R P H . ? A Oa Bark j Am. Rrew?r, M?iaama ???rv* A Pwarne ?ale 'I Pea am, JtmJrmm, karbadna Matnaif A Oi tadMn. Wt Hrtf dm rteree led - ?u*r -it ? Hrte kanealra (Fr) Ailivaeeke. kl fkm-4U*| A <? I Prla I M Tinier rS.,. r NoWle^ N U f*"uk?a ? MeCreadf. Hett *kekr 1,1 Parker, rMmarald, N-wfelk-Meteai/ A Onama. krtr A Nfcepkef/ DmBkmaa. PeMrtbure '.r--.'.7.:v.s ITKSS, flaaa, Sjdem A W Roma Mldd emwk-lfoaMr. ? FWladetpUa ? MMTBR C eamfiln FnMoa, WnHoa, llanw. Anil, tia noweaM. witk mdee *ad OS paama?em, HFwA luanki Ana W. it am. ahi *at of the Umrd, pamad a kmaamiii twmd op (haeael, ripprwed w> be the HBaom. beam for knmbampiim i ?nd llarre leVne'. at nnea. lalH k. lop 99 Wk peoaed Weam ?kip FarMa, baam for ottaktwi aad foeorteat. Yke F kaa ?kip Penda, bmee for Uwaeamowk aad UewpeeL fba F km had a ooetm nation of W eaim from Oewee op la Aamgaa BaaAa knam?ktp Ajabaam. kehtMb, katiamfc, wkA mdm and pao -r.727.y2.ijr4;nf.5t. ?,? Datum for ? sse4? iMN illMliagli ? *?? c H linti: A Or July 13, V e Anight, *1 thnowlTowny i<* Tomy), Mini, .et *0 .he r i jmwp?r of tho port ucbor ud then umped overboard?ere.-y eff ort ??< mode *t oore Win. bit ill nun; Her, lot 49 14, km 13 0, algna ued Br bork Cocaraan, rearing K-I, 2Mb, Denote i.owm, o pumin. nerd 41 year*, 'mat K-Ik eery, Ireland, died sud denly, From lie rupture of o blood vowel; Aug 4, lei 0 41, Ion 37 41, poeead a ship's looorinaet, while masthead and bright lower port, 30th, woe lo tympany with ahlp 'iowdor, from Liv erpool for rhorieetoo; 34 ;h, lot *144, km M 0. eow a screw steamship. brie rigged, 1 smoke pipes pointed black with white tope, steering 1 by R let met, 13# mllee KSE from Sandy Monk, wok o pilot from boot Edwin Korteet, Ho 14. The K not had Ught W wtnda and sola* the entire pa Rh'p Roberta, Mania. Oloarow. 17 days, wttb mdoe. lo I)un ' oa A Diaaon. Haa bad W win da the entire pa?ge. Boyeen Hamburg, 43 d ?y* with mdoe ffdayn, w the entire | .1? "MOM./, I"'jmi i UMUVtUltWUV* " ' ?a uauwv, and 1M passengers. to I. K Am* nick A Co. Aug 18 lot 41 Id, km 0, ipoke Swedish bark Sylph, from ?toeuolm for Hew York. Skip Donou (Ham>, Meyer. H?burg, 48 daye, with mds* and^MT p?mngen, to Ktmhardl ACo. Took a pilot Aug 3P, ?BrlglauUiue iLubeo), BteCeu, Rio Janeiro, ifi day*, with coffee, to order. Brig Dunbartm (Br. of St Johns, NF), cole. Byduey, CB, 29 daja with coal, to R Irrln A Co. Brig Agrioola iBrl, Atkinson. Hal.fav, N8, via Long leland Round, 8 daye, with ileb. to order. Had very neavy weather; lost jibbootn. Brig Almlra, Haskell. Rondout for Boatoa. Hrhr *mi(y Keith wf Hew (irleana), Lo^kwood. H'aal, Aug 17, with hemp Ac, to Rlerm A Tbebaud. Aug 28, off ? arysfnrt Reef, naeaed a hr Lane, of Falmouth, Ja, steering H; 31at, Cape Hauerms bearing S by K 00 mil da, apoke hrlg Eleanors, bound to Meiico, rchr Anita Damon (of Deer Ie!e), Raynee. Kingston, Ja, Aug 7, with auger, to R P Buok A Co Schr D J Sawyer (of Marklan), W.aa, Remedioe, Aug 0, with sugar Ac, to"8lmpeon A Maybe* Rchr Nathaniel ( base (of Harwich), Doane, Baraooa, 12 days, with fruit, to 7 hoe Oilman in. Ruhr Kanduakeag (of Salem), Wllaw, St Stephen, NB, 20 days, with lathe, to G Hoardman A Co. rchr Ann A Susan, Ptereon, Charleston, 7 days, with conoo Ac. to Dollner, Potter A Co. Schr Bre-je. Miles, Virginia. J days. Sehr R O Whipple, Laweon, Virginia, 9 days. Schr Rio, Laweon, Virginia, 3 day*. Schr Barbara, French, Virginia, 3 day*. Schr M Ward, Kldridge, Virginia, 3 days. Schr T A French, Webb, Vtretnia, 3 day* s>hr Mie, c hambers, Virginia, 3 day* Wm Henry. Sbarrott, Virginia, 3 daygi Schr Maria Bhmboth. Friend, Georgetown, DC. 8 day*. KohrS E Rogers, Mac hew* Georgetown, DC, 8 days. Sehr Cinderella, Stereoa. Well tee!, 3 ,ia Schr Mary Mcrabon, 8wXL Proytden _ Schr O A Haydm, Smith. Procdrnoe, 2 da Hear u A Haydm, Smith, rroridrnoe, 2 days. Schr Phoebe Elizabeth. Smith, Mlddletown, 2 days. Bohr Expedite, H dee. Orient, 2 day* Steamer Kennebec. Johnson. Philadelphia. Steamer Beverly, Pieree. Philadelphia. Steamer Taoaoy. Ely. Philadelphia. Steamer Pelican. Baker. Pror!der.oe. Steamer New London. Smith, Hew London. Steamer Valley City, Chapman, Derby, OL BELOW Btrk Hereilia. fiom Glasgow -By pilot boat Nettle, Ko it). A ahip and a hrlg, unknown. ?AILED. Pteamahlpa Florida, Savannah; Alger, Charleston; Jamestown, Norfolk, Ac. Wind during lha day SW. llMCltaBWU. 8TiA*?ti? CHSSArgAgg?tfavaanab, Rapt t?"imirnhtp Chesapeake, CroweU, from Mew York for Ik la port, ta b*<l]y ashore on Tybee. Tha weather la unfavorable; if u moderates it la bopad that ika caryo will ba aarad and tha vsmel cot off. 6taamera and llahtara have gowe to bar aaalatanna. (By tel.) 8mr Bvrirs, from Liverpool for Calcutta, founders! at aaa Id# date). Part of the crew lost; the captain and balanee of crew landed at TenerilT*. Tha ? war built at Boatoa la IBM, 1117 toaa register, rated A), and owned by Harbeck d Co, of tide city. Puner Tiadala, of Meamahly Alabama, from Savannah, baa our I banka for favor*. Bate P truss, of Dannie, which waa aold at Talparalao for (1000, haa been got afloat. Sviamvk T p Seoob, rnanlng b etwees Portland and the Kennebec liver, left Gardiner on Priday last, and between Richmond aad Bath run a chore; aoe waa aoon afloat, however, her the leak* were temporarily stopped. aad aha eeme to Boa ton bringing bar pamengsrn aad landing them oa Saturday. '" ' " I rallway foi? - - She la aow oa tha railwayTor repair*. Bar*vol. .P11D. Aug 1??Galea of wtnd and rain, with"little In mMue. from ? to w, with (at preaent 8 PM) llttlf praapect of Improvement. The Oenaaee, from Mew York, with two an chors down, had one cable parted. Oinuivab, Ang 10-The American ahlp Richmond, Oookln, from Cndir for Bueoaa Ajrrea 'tain. which put In here A 'ig 8, was leaky taa 'afore reported); ahe haa been surveyed, and recommended to dlaeBarge. WnrroKB. Aug 18? Put ta, the diving emerge Mandamus and B*w Union, wtth about CO torn cargo (tin wire, delf, A i, from the wreck ?* the Americas skip l'oaaooa. Maxsno. Fak A Oo, of Mystic River, Ct, have sold their new ahlp now ea Die stocks and nearly completed to parte* la New York, on private term*, (he I* a beautiful dipper ship of up wards < ( 10th) too*, heavily U abered, strongly and hand somely rtnwhed?to bp called the Usui jaJdl. S< kr Ana Kli/abeth, 1M ton*, of Mllford, Dal. where abe waa built In 1818. well found In mile, rigging. A", and now at Pmvt den e. bs* been purchased by partis* In that SHy and Kant (Ireenwlrh *t shot.! petWn sb? Is Intended for 'he Albany hnal neaa, and wdlbe oo.umsnded by Capt Johnson, of the last i.smed plaee. LAt'kcetp? At rblladelphla, afternoon of Id Inst, from the *b pyvrd of Vj rbsu A Plaher, a line skip of TOOtona called Ik" Alexander Vl belli. Mbe In built of the beat Delaware e h la '*>k kr I iiiiahcd .n a very handsome manner. Kbe is In tended for ike goner tl frelgt.Ung b slums under Ike cuounand nf ('apt P..mors, who * part owner. A beautiful bark of about 8tW tone, not yet named, built for John A Metiav, oi' New T >rh, waa lanorhed irons the yard of O Uieenman Alio, b)sue, en the M lor. At Keu.eb "eg, 1st .net, from the yard of Veaara D A A . .srk. a soper|, r ahlp of lld :oo* aold aa before reported. by '*apt M L Tbrgnpem. of Kennel. ink, to Meaar* Cage. - - - .71. cbardaon A Oo, Alpbe t* Bardv, J sm-s I) Reals and "baric* Mcrrtsm, h'? ,rs. of 0 is. flbe ha* been named the Bu rnt! 1 hum tl wtmaoutb, on the 1st lest, a ahlp of 1)0) ton a. also owner by Page. B'ohar.taor A On. waa laua-bed mm tkr ship yard of tleasrs Tot > A 1 lu.eneld. At Rest llostm. Mr dam Pi Halt has just completed a picket ahlp of UWtena 1. tmed the 1.1, bt I'ge*. which has bee, , cbaeed is Mew York. An Iron stc?rr?r of IK) ton*, built at the Atlantic Works, and owned by ike Pernor..** Icon Co waa Ismchedotr Katurday . bje will he ark surer rigged, a tees pr pilar, and thus oomssne the ad tankages uf wind and At Hplfaat. op ike Uai ut. a ahlp of 1 ISO toaa named Ik* la SB erbtr, was lauache.' eh* 1* owned by Meaar* C II O > baplu It-wtca W <? A Idea of Belfast, and by Capt Baker Mc Near of Rronhlvvi. M Y. who is to oonuaaad bar. Htm mil] be ready for aaa llih last. Vedfcid. Mr lis O 1 ur'.d haa partly Is frara# a *t?*mer "ardy AC 1 rf MU toss ..wind by Alpbe-ia Hardy A t'n. aad Intended for tha Mediterranean trad*. Her motive power will be aniihary to bar sails, and will only be used la clearing the Ntralts o' Olhraitar maut ad erse winds, and In^jra' weather and -alma. Mr r wter m baild'ag a bark of Wu toaa. owned hy Was Hordm. n, aid intended to li-ade to tbe Amour rtvar. II* isalaoatanrh -p-at a fralghtlag ship of MM iocs, which he la b uildiag on contract. W htolrmaa. Ait at Srw Bt rrd Sd lo?t, brt* Hoprrm, D?.?nr> A'lanil t Ocean r A tt|>| wao, wltt ttO bb.? ?p, W do bU'kiah Ud 1U ?lo i aim oil CM Sd. ablii One *- DM 'of Falrharan', Bdrtdca. Parttlc Oku. bark M??aartramt<a. Gram, or Bwtk Pmh Omui. Arr at Pararly Ob nh. barb Lady Hnroik, ? ikartnn, At Oeaaa, wkb MO hbM epand UO do htapbaak aad block dab 041 Raporta ei-ofc?nn Wmkarn Utauad Au*ur. ?. achr EafJa. Freeman. rrortaeetowB. SO a# Al (I'AB. r?h a, abipa OWeon llowlaad. WiIBmaa, MB, MO bbla ap iIbob MbtIb* -aodw. h I aland. Oalilorata Waal. do, 70 ?p, ttlkpbk. to; Robert Mnfr1??i, TUI jo. do. IIS up to. *H Ororpo. C?u?. do. 10) ap, 10 bpbk. to; Hlbernia Fdwmrto to, (Obpbi, do Waahiactaa. ParrM*vm, to. Plan do; *ooth Bne un. Rank-deb, HI. W bpbk, to. Br * Hawaii, at Onam. had raimtlw ery ?*?*!? want)at u, tb? B aa.l W ,i (ho Sand ak'b Ibiaa ia. aad bj tar a ton*7 woo promouncmd unaaa wortbr. broker?Jily SO. BO id Ar, brt* Am a'..*. Romp too, Of Matt, alia I JiljU. oa Waatora Grotnd, bark A Abama, CoHa, of Bast, i?r Ibbiaap otl 1* B. loo ?iMklB, Ac. BfljnaraU, Grata. haaca far Sao Prao iaoo. toil M, lat 3H1 HHj Oarr. hear* fur Baa rraaetnca, A'it 8. lat M to y i>m ISt I. Atop brt Bloat, Hot hklm frwa BalUmor* for Baa rraadaao. 1 torn horn lea for Mafbouraa, July to KhaUucoarw (Br), M toya from Urerpooi for Hone Knot. JnTyltlat I A. Um S3 Wk Hhtr Oraat rwuni, r arbor, bcaeo for Ueerpool, An* ?. lat ?l 10, km ?? 08. p Han eat Kb.p Har,Ixwiac, from BOr'aana for Genoa, An* T. lat MM, MaliX fOur tooib <shnr?, Lethean, from Key Waat for Moarorta, Aw* i lat S?. km ?*. Hark Rehr n*. Gllilat, fr Bitot, May 10. lalM mm L Rehrta*. Gllitat. from Baetoa AprD It for Amoar Barb Golden **?. Pe'.r?a, from B*aie, Ilea, for Q u , Aw* IA lat to M, km I rk ft Bark K Rberwnrd, Clifford, from Antwerp for VYert. An* 17. Ut ?? tO. km ? I" bri^Ainf Warw* h, Brown, hero* for R? Jaaelm Jitr 11. ,. pim Bn* J .a. IS day* kaaoe for Ht Kl'.ta Aw* IS lat 11, ton CO. Brhr Panay B.'.ier. from Har*.r far < adi/. An* A la U M. km MM. Partlra Part*, r Tdot Akaaemt*. Aa* IB-Ait Pilot PWk, Heyt, Graaaeck. Kd 1Mb Onward. CVkT Boatr* Amur. An* 10-Art Ooaat Pilot, HotnhkMa, B??oo Aimlmpf (POl). A r IB-Ayr towp Melatpra, Maw York; lUb. Harriet off, Wtowe.l, Bt John SI. Ranrwmuaata*. A t* lk- Arr ntataaf Maina, Himpkreye, ' prmetart, At*1*-?4 Rolla, Oorraa, Pkllbdelphia. ITlk, ruartm. Hallnrb. BTork.. Haratx, Aw* 17?Arr Wahar. Vk ibbe, Galraakm. BiMMii. An* 1C- *rr Mat"*.*- Kam-Btoi, < karMaton; 1Mb. I mora. Ualpi, BOrlaaaa Pb lanra. tlaipt, Biirlaaaa _ ^ Roaaar, Jwly M-!a part Mm* Maria* to), ''mow. I'mai (Br . tor BTork M* at MCp* toaiMadway (Br for to ?1 ?1.1 too i.kwi. A ?Taa<1?r frnm lirrvbw. arr lOtA, VI'I. IjWWI, piPWIf^i l""? m ?"to "? ? ?' awwaa, iaaa?. annrr. A m if?Arr Itoiftharan. Prwwaa, frm-Vm. IM, Alary tHorrr. Mathaa. Biktol tod IP A Mfrkiii't Unaly, Om t#r t'aimo. TV toamn Jama, Jordaa. fo? Hon* Km* and Tndiar,. Ar.rtJl, for Rto Jaoatf#, both rmaa.Md IM kafara rri nrwd aid 1Mb1 t MM, A a* 17 mi Oaakm Batkaaw, BTork rnraaaaata. An* IP?Arr T?la*rarb. UUaa, Boat00 for r ?u>d l ama* by Pa 1Kb. Bt Marya, Bparia, from Mamal for Mnaaoa T^an, J ito W?Arr atop J'Aa (Vwtl*. HallnwaO. (Ma 1 Ao* t for Hair ri/m Boadm. bark GoUea Br*. . baa 'and aid An* C far Ra<rpi/m Bnadai. bark Gotdea Br*. Thnrndlka, to and *ld Mb far Mt A a* A ahtaa Plormam Btabnnraia. (aad am Mb tor tonMb, Pitai am I Buyal. Rartlay, tt?lbonr?? and aid 11th for ' liinobaa (tola |?. ^aadaiL'ban Pranatam (aad aid ?h for to). Mb. A B m'-r*. 'IW.'Mrw, iji^warrjsrtywwi,.??. m. ?w hw iiw? .WimKm, M, Willi I111 uif? a ill, ?0?, Xrko, Xwtr, Hmpum fli BaMMHM ? MrBaar ssnss?is a mlX Wl, WMm JaSSmm'Ke , Homes * B Tb ?men Wendell, Pr n *m H oai, HiuUe* ul Oscar (VwU ' bark L?i I, Hale, Lull, do Cr0*BJ. M*I ? 'are Hattivi., A ,?l? In port ?hr? John Prtos *, a. lor Boeton Sdave, V 1 lUwkiM. r antral tor do t. '? lor MMiS devs; F A Howhms r-relval, ?x do 4. " Drat, *<j? J?_ JtaxoovUle. (tardier, Hou (ou '<* I-osdoo and aid Hub 30lh, (mart. ?n ka*l* HnllT,oiidof rZ ^SS&ST^' 110 for Pawed by do 71st, Jamas Hovey, Robtneee fmm A .nderAnd for N York, IV int. An* Itt?Arr Pari, rfcurch, Lnndcn llm " ?odderd, kinsman. Bt John, NIL ' Woddard, kinsman. M Jnkn, NIL ? FaUioitn. Au* 18?Arr Sebaatopo', I"mbard, Havana ?\ Whirlwind, Kdsett, London for Hoe* Bon* Ut* (I seniors ID?Arr Diana. Hu/eltine, Havana J a Boynton, Th?>batd. and Vll'afran-a. Hill NYork. Hid 30th. ksvanua. Bears, dan Fraaeiaoo. Goths.-, siku, Auf 14?Arr Vltftlaaoa, Knudaen, Boatnn. Ratu, Ana IB?Arr James LBosun, i milliard, New Tort 1Mb. BUmbeU HamJH ?. Hardin*. do. A ?to*NbrteIIaa.r0t1^ ?"daon. NTork; Lime Mores, Ha Macao. Ana 17?Arr Teutonia (m), Taabe, NTork. Bid 1Mb. ?IbeT AnllTNYork (and Dram Ciubaveo 17th); 1Mb, Uub Hfitpif do. roaoi.fic, July 8?Bid bri* Joaepklna, Sioss. link and Bukir i Liimrooi. Ana 17?Arr Kata Prince, Ma*a*uadavtc; lOtb, Patten. Nawjomb Quebec; Baaamt ie, Tfaadwalf, St John, MB. Bid 1Mb (ta. MTo ?('Id 1Kb. City of Brooklyn, Chase, Mobile; Gulf Stream, Bpraane, N Orleans, North American, Clarke. NTork; Julie, fctiu7H?n Prancteeo; Mkb, Pi Inenm Royal, Carry, Boat on; Ni agara, Hamilton, Montreal and Cleveland; flanker, Dally; |t arnviin. Hands, and laaac Webb, Hotahttena, MTork, Bmplrp State Hri^rj^ do vta Cardltt ?Knt out 18th. Webster, Lawrence, Maw York: I'bllds, Ctiy Point and Riohibucto, Mellta (si. Halifax and Maw York: Constellation. Mulllner, NTork; WyomJn*. Burton, fhl ladalphla. I.osdok, Aui 30?Arr Huperior, Houle, and H voa Mkbm Beilnic. New Vork; list, Rlotae. Miller, and Jaoob A Stamlsr, Younx. do, Kdward llyman. Neill, NOrleana. Cld 18th. Merrtmac, Thurston, Calcutta and aid from OrWt> ?end llat): 30lh, Rescue, Baker. Rhlekls and Newport, RliShR, mnatu mama/, stnu, nim ur, ixutcr, r? James R Kseler, Delano, NTork. * Laocra, about An* 1?In port bark American Asp In wall, with all bands sick. .Malsoa. Ana 6? Arr AmiuonUn Mayo. Traoa: Bib, 8 Foam, Brl**s, Cette; Kkh. Daniel Webat, r Ryder, Mn, .Niwca-tuc, Au* 30? Cld Borneo Hoed PhlUdetphtk. Pi wo Au* IB?In port steamer Poruano, Hail from NTortl Ac, for Callao. QnctKSTOWK. Au* 20-Arr Gibraltar, Clifford, 0*0*0; 0*B? ada m). Lan*. Boston via Halifax. Rio Ja-vfiso July II?Arr Patriarch, Rio JANKtkO July 11?Arr Patrlarrh, Pordyea, fmueltl 34th, Monmouth, Donne, Newport. W; Nth, Harrest Q-iseu. Bat helder, do. Bid 24th. < lartasv Rohlfa, NOrlanm. Shields, A us 3D?Bid cilrt Dominion, Sampson, BqMOW. ina Au* 17? ? Hisal. Au* 17?No Ans vessel In porL ? Tr H*v Ihi asdc An* 17-No Am vessel In port Sd 17th, B* brt* 0 Walker, Boston. Valparaiso, Au* S?In port ships M11 wastes, Rhodes, fw 9 porta In ChUa to load for Baklmara at BU; Mary Qkrrsr. Cteee, from Boston, disc Jaa Brown, Crahtree, from Rax Franolaao, do; Berkshire, WUUama to load flour at Talaakuano, if for Melbourne direct at 18, i? for Sydney for wdara at ?3te bark* Prioress Mtu-bell, for do do; fsphyr. BmalL (lor Artea, dim; n*k Bri, for Talcabuano sod Cobra to load for Baltimore at 815: "'hristlne (8we), to load nitrate at lquk|ue and Oalataafoc Baltimore at til; bri* Towneend Jonas, abandoned to the *or cmment. Vu ToaiA. vi, July S4-Bld bark Cooatltutioa, Foster, sop. posed lor Honolulu. LP" StmaiUAir PALaariitk. err Fatrxr Pot**?TkuoiAPkia.) Arr from NYork, Poses Helens, at Tcxel; R H Yarrle*too, Ceres, and Baatern Rtar, at MarseUlas Arr from Philadelphia, AehlUea. at Deal. -AT from N Or leans Notth Carolina, at Napier, HeTaMa. at r lnahln*. Americas Port*. BOHTON, Hept 8? Arr steamer Booth Carolina, Baxter, Charleston, barks Helen Maria, Marshall Alexsndm; James . Cook, Blanohard, Baltimore arbm Joseph Nkikerson. Baker. | I Cape HayUen; Alma Br>, Dellale, Montreal via Quebaa; W ft Nee i omb, Bacon, Prederlckabnr*: H a! Taahtl Sharp. Sharp. Alexandria; ICE; SSis I Sarah, Gardner. Philadelphia W A Gould. HtHMBiB bethport; Jos M Inns. lAme. NYork. Telemphed. bark W G Anderson, from Cape Good Hope: srhr TtaarsvUie, from Cape HayUen Stsnal for 8 barks and ? brt*s Cld ship Wil bur Flak. Cutter. Mew Orleaas; Br bark 8 D Kyereae, Crosby, Laodoa via NTork; brlcs Milton. Hoyt, Port an Prtnea Nnrua, Parsons, (Jhnrtestoo; Chicopae. Hammood. Phlladelpnia; sokik Sarah A Hammond, Pains, Baltimore; Charter Oak, Ealley, NTork. Sid, wind W, bark S D Ryerson; brl*i MP ton, uj BoHoo. 4th?Arr (by tal) steamer Jos Whitney. ' ?t'i?!. Bsranaaht ship Reynard, Freeman, < allao; barks Jane Lorett, < rmby. Ardrnamn; Maria, Wllaoo, Harana; bri* Deleran Cobb, Jack aoov die. BALTIMORE, Sept 3?Arr steamxhlo Pntomae, Wataon, NYork; ships Ernestle (Bram), Frertcha, Bremen: I'ocv.ueat, Sears Alexandria, lo load for Liverpool, arbrs JuHa anna. Hardin*, and H B Metcalf. Hull, Boston: Harsh V Hherman, Sherman, and John L Darlln*. 1 own, Provldenne, MeudncR Flak, Wall, NTork. Nelow mips Was Peon, Meade, from Id*. erpool. Arnold Boaln*er (Pius), Haaha*eo, from NYork. bark H'lnrlch from Bremen, and two Boston parxet b^rks Alt" mouth of the Patapsco, ship HanU Cleua. Foster, [ram Callao Tie Hampton Roads Cld arhi via Hampton Roads Cld srhr R 11 Perkins Ortndell l'orta. mouth, NH. Sid ship Twtll*ht, Galas Rotterdam; bark Aber deen, Cochrnn. London, auhr hauey J Braytou. Mlillhea, New Bedford. HANDOB, Her 1?cld eehrt Anna Fllaabath, liutchtns ('ar enas; Mary R l ean " " dense, Mary R Pearson Hodadnn NTork. BATH,Hept 1?4'Id bark Geo Thomas. I a-wis Havana Bit KRLY. Au*27?Arr schra Know Drift, 8a?w. XYork; tfth (Jen Taylor, Jones do BBI8TI il? Sept 1-Arr s br J M Parker, Smith, K abeth port Kid selira Science, (Jladdin*. and Uazelle, Wl iistuo, NTork: 3d (lloha. Ames IVIswsre city, ( ITT POINT. Hept 1-Arr steamship Koiooke,Co job. New Vork; Brmm dh p Ri#nn, Kuklmao, do; acLrs B H Beni^U, Ho* |/>b: llrrrfn, Col#, NTork. C'AHTlNI, * * An* W?Arr ship Hl*hlJtod Cbl?f Barttow, Lif flAMY'KRR. Ad( 31?Arr whr Kltzabelh Davhlaoo, Loo*, NYork K AST MACHIAR. An* 0-Rlil arbr I'arai rWt NY or*. KAHTPORT An* 23?Arr ifkr linn Rork, Mitchell, Work. Bid ship Huieami.n Kmery, Cnmpof-elln. SAU, R1VKK Kept I?Arr arhr Cleern, Burron-ba, PMlA delpblaialu'ip Hnnuutn* Bird. Ooe N V .r* Hid hni i I od w a, Jnnea. Delaware Ct?y. auhr 'lira* Hordeu. Wri*hUncu>n, FLl-A dilphii. H?Arr arhr* Panlel Brown. ID aid, Aiaiandrta , Whltd . Foam, I'odae, Baltimore for Provldeoee UIAiUCI&hTK.II, An* 110?Arr ship J Yt'intenmery lL.a.Va, I Uvnrpool; Slat. arhr Julia Ann. Kngri* Pi auk fort for N York. HAMPTON ROAlM*. Hept 4-Arr (a> let ahlp Mary Roh.a aon, I"hiin'1 S5 days, for order*. IfOLMK.S'H HOI.K, * a* 31. P M?Arr brig A (mora, H ffkec Bii- km llle SC for Hc-ja; arbre John ilnln., -? avcy, Tnrka island* fur Bonbui; (' Patterson Hand, o'tatowm, DO for Boston; Laww Mil lord, I'nrle. \Vil ard Hani?ti iry. Hid mo; Henry Mar, Hcoror. end t-aesbars, Swift, PblladelpMb 'or do; Julia, Notes. l:.i/sl>eihp?rl fur do John Soon. Shew, Port Kwen for On; llollvar, InglobMA NYnrk for do; D* ??no, lit dor dolor Hupr. I>*vlo R Wolf. RwwJ, i?e u-rn uwn. in: fur I.rnn . Mem lllll. Carlisle, I'hL.del p)d% for V'lrkrpof' 1 harlea H Keren. Laiurler. do for Newburyp-xt . (Tor Hiirtnn, Rluamnr- do fag Furtemnnih, Die via Huitm. Wlil'nna d> for I'atb, fluid*a Rule, Hvl eatar, Per b Arnnoy I n sel. m, K.'ee l? id ley. She* K!!/ai*Uiport for do, ChaCotir. Arry, Rondo .? for Portland William A Irn ?, K<wu.n foe Alaiandrm Jo repB P latk?. RndiooM J Ir'lan I, Steelmm. I* max.: Dup ml. Curat n. K Oilflllan, Sml'h Ir Kllrn, IVir??, 1'.?fleiT|. tier, look; William P OB*. Hnnrk and N.iribera Debt. Kolrbt. do for Pki'adelpbit, Kllaka T smith, R : war da. Mil -a for do. M frisk Knaliah. Danism for do; Ulllwt lima Wn vrr 'Lvno for do. Frames ?dear's. Babiwk, HaS-m for dd| AM**!) Jennm?s Lake HoRualr for do R fl B hllrea. Well, P iiUmortb for do. Now JUelaad. Rlok. Kaslmirt or do. J Ttokrr. Ikomoa. do for Alaitndria Va,*te Hell, (li arr, Camden far Narfok; I'll-A Nnrw Marietta. i.nty; Lnoj Wi ne. A re7, Alb. rt J.meoon Jam. win. and HtwaiAa. I'r wkrti. Rockland for NYnrk srpt I?Arr bark Mi deck Taylor Philadelphia far kakMI brt* Delaware. Cobb, Jarkanerllla far Onai m. whr* Mary, Rtroot. Poll Kern for do. Plerro. Illcjrtoa. Pb Imml phik for Hreawer. Harriet I .eland Malnmorefar Hal*. I<w aepb Vaifteld. May. Katun for Phlladrlpbia. Kln*ji>ia. Crow elf, Ileum* for Dalawara fTty Wooooab, Owen, Daoaywv 1)? for NYiwb Kid lb* a burr krrtrsia. and tboaa baforo rep irtod la port earept J Wluutmao* Jr. id - Arr bark Dadiev Raat. Bal'.lmore for Roatno ' rtygf Parlor, Lelaod Alexandria lor Pia-no o >'b, H.rnrt Clara, Rappahannock Rlrrr for Portland Hatld H hnaa*. Vcado, Pbuadelpbia 'or do. arhra Itli/.'wlb Kar' ah Knadah. Hanrta town DC, for Biaton In- ?? Itavle J il*? Te?r.?r. Illmaa. aad Bon: t Reorea. I a mean, Aleiaedr.e for do; lary ? Baaka. Banks. BalUmore fur do, Iwyoa. Raank ? o .*1 Qne*n Smith Mary RHen, I'naniarhaai and N H f Tb ?i? n, steelmaa. PkUadelpkia far do. WUiard P PbiJ'pai Henk. do for Bralalree. Cores. Meredith, do for Lyma ' N Wbrldon. Smith, do for Plrwo nth. ulta I flamaoe. Prndla hon. Saraanab tor bamariar .ia. Mararalbo. Ha*kelL NYnrk for Porliaad, Blrtoaa. t'ottrau. do for CbertTiirid; Cowfi wa, NuUar klfrahrthport for Halowi knaaa ao.1 Mary. H>ve?t Boekprirt Ne for Norfolk. 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