Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 7
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?at*. toul* t ba eLtiua bi# ingenuity LB pmli'ig It which ta *qu*l u, the at 111 of the aid clothe* mm ? Chatham ?met. who label ihin article ?tap," aboher "anperdae." a Uiifd -elegant," Mi a fourth ' nop*. wherwaa the quality of ail It pretty v.. h alike. The unhappy coodi tloaaf Grwlty i miod about the documents > IV foregone concluoino th it the uao tv6-r?iilf? republieaaa fc*rt quietly made up tbHr to toI* for uw I'sioo ticket. which wtll V carried by an over aad ut|>rw*4rat?i majority. |*k\?ti.iinii Rami Into N?w- Yoait.?The pollticUae of all riaaam to Penneylrani i bare orgaaiwl b-galo* egcuralooa lb to this State for tbr purpoee of raWng fundi for carrying on the campaign In that SU'a. We bop* tbey will MtfwriT* a ceat They purwwl tbe lame court* is !- ??. aod la tbat year a rum of WXbMb rawed bete and vat to Pennsylva nia. Forney bad lit* attribution of tbe money; bat wb..? of It aohody knows. The ac coaate a*re all burned up. Tom Ford, too, had tbe ?ba f Of #.'<M IM) in the btereot of the repabv-a party, ooatrituted from Mew York. Thw mm ehsmd the earn* foe. And ao would It tie with any food* But contributed by that Claea vt our rithea" of whom it ie prorerhiat thai tbey and their auar, are eaaily parted. *? ?e%n to earry New Yi rk agaltwt Lincoln I el Pki.: ?ylranb do tbe came, and let every I. ib eta Ml ?e He own bottom We believe tbat ?u fai IV political bengal* bare failed la their letonioe brc lire**- the uepo-est rage of tba' c Mwrabie abeet called the 1'fwueyoonieu, which vaalecAiig forward with a ravenous eye to tbe New \iuk *abecriptU?a. Oeoce Its tears. Diwpp n ?*<! la rcubi iw appetite MtMM. It te tw ba*t temper. and bow la like a hungry waff, i irinan, ewrceuwry and eontrmp'l tie ccwrern. wb'cb always lived on alma. Ita I AuperUm and corrupt!aw rrwee hilly ripened U. ibe revetwiiooe of the C?*?n*te C'MBadttee. ar d aow H la ea the aceat of more prey, aad will a* r gftaUag aad wbiuiag till iM mouth * mopped with a bone. HEWS fate THE NATION U CAPITA. their a pee la I WMfelagiea Diipalrh. w ,.r \-mm w*r? 4. taea iv? ? ;i'*iirr mil Mais *a? eeawu TV ee tum Mtawa mue awl tmmmm a at en cnnttr -'crew A-e?* bear*, U? Nona we Mw ear, Va i. < it*'T 0 |"f'ka**i taw *!*?? bit. mr* M?e far her (i .< ea&Mn IW? the J*?">? g*e*esm*el el Yarn fvwa ??? ate new geee te Nee Tet ae neat* wtw a www* w? w ttoen IV <N*iui l mi mo af? uneto Mn4r. t opoe Hnm *-Vra, ear la NH* atwef toe ewpaeMwa of lb* t ilM Male* pnnael la Me upmi tt Aneigii toUrier* aae. iimb*hue, i*|*M Vei|i. , wV ge? eel le Me r*?u.*M n* ti i a reww iwmm Jwra e m m a*>.4 a* iv B?ew w enia v tea mm wna win uul ho to wiuv eaob r*eiwa? n un m are newer t tbt pro ? waJ n.-werweet u* ..laeowiue ef (be ? rorgwt uw, ia enee U eaawe eaeerug ea Uw part ef B,?ta. Ar Ueieee win alee Ware ta llw PWe nee ae lb* Utb, lull'1'*! U IX. art ?NI I ?|UN me?>gr?M fna* w ill V > auwM to five tell into ?Ue te tbe rate wt ir.t*wete w AMfieee eHireee to ? * *e, ew< w*M rr-*e bly b* aitoeol e very wtae *weinma ? ememmag Meet oiaUuetioei TV reseat r.veeu ef birtw" e. autol u V I ? a catap' cnl.on* le I irepe, way vrj lik? y lea* to i" ? Hon ee tie pert of tbe ?pecUh ? Uhw Wee. aa>* (uee.ity nine to a cUegt o< pmuaee Mb Wrtlor* >J aa pari* a* a liMva rtiinwn ???r U>? c of iWfrtwj rvyc It IU It Iwl ?rt Ukt') lr fot r-i" treat*? tbo> MM fc rf u> era win# tbr i.lbrmi mnH * IH aa? order thai Uuy am ?virwity, 'h?j ?nti took ta tba Iim ?' MMM M and "Vowed nbiy to 4"lr? Uwir ova two .ia Of Mo tw (t If bad urMbto l?> alamo *< frury f"o> I anal r ?f tb* L?w< ? op** Will*!"* r .al and fort da? ilinf Tl Of la boo IMJ lb* report u. lb. [,#t raw oaf '? / a i.ard b) o ??aiixiina or Rem ww-aaay, obik ito por ?enow ? ??*! Hw.oiw oaro bar* at''aw o.ato* amt*af -B..rtt k pet xectrlotT rteyd lo r? trra lb aw f-w im ec boi'-aao?i u by cat001,.Ik aaw It 10 aotd iho pmpriiy will out a*t.t:iy brtnf to 4. IM Crvw for ahicb H ?? aoM, awl N M b pvty fnHMt ibal lb* piiTUi .1 Way 01 >? '??? to lortTow e-w and lab* it ha k It la foportod to ? fit fiat cm c rr??:*?''ast it t,i bt -rrootrd ?_d bnb r? t a a 1 Ur|t or liM t o' TOJI If IM (MCbbo KM orr.l t Tremble It aoaio bfowiof lo Mia Cm. ap- bai (>Caa. L*1 tctire I-flu-era am*. ?aor*t a|< bt< hart bean for a nor rur oiwrafd 10 ao larvlicat ?o 0' atie?ad mbbortao aod wraiootiooa tbera, asm a*?M arrwo* bora >*aaa mot, bat no attiM ?IM bo (It<w tar Iha naabilba la no Modoe '|-?ituw MM wbawtanaea ri m t wiriM rt>? rwtr in* Maywr Brrr? U and e luial.lao k ft for Sao I al? iba i'1?ai'? iriu , with Um alaad nf cv'uoa for lb* fro oath t a-twri.i rapertuif In mtIto at tbr Madrcpoliiwt. at lay. r.gdl la vbr font 'i.? aao (oaaiitn w m a am aow < * Odd .laroia baa, of hta ?ara W| ?*a? br-n t d of IV id tea bow* a^.tO'inw. a"4 a II b? awe. 4 tdbyCat" I rawing-art Tb* u . ai.4 ? ??? no 1 titer1* fts? tdi*. (Ill, II I -TrW'- tffTTVt. Raui HvoMw'a ktt?r ataimat t<a*? f>:?i 1>| and rant, ta I ??? tun l?aa ia*b ii a (M ink. WdRMMMbd rma or auv nt Got Wiaa a. I irate* fa tun a(*w. a E 'a^l <m Tbi., via 1. (/.?* mil foe n,u*.?. ma innoon no aav wason israo no ra- .? Son Mriito botda a cnamali % oa tba 1Mb ta<l ta it pgr fbr adir tattoo lute lb* fatna aa dm T>w?aa fWwot TV Tiki act,, aa<-ia t>mr u 1 ?*?* 'nlo ff tba Wb't* BxN id ii* iff a I* oaa* t.ior?ta ? at**t*t r am- aaannittt ?* ttiivoii *\r< ta .ti rai Ha.' II, tub arvitvt ibal tn Traoaaara oad tartariy thr aam-oiaiy?too awwo*?, loa k-ra idiiora awl wl aao t >1 itu. t nfcw. a*.-! I'm! na .Xmlbaro waa caa atoayl tdtra oodav Liadu a fat rim o? 1.if ant 1 *n.m in ma ar*?-a*, v t?Hdr?li"W SiiaiMnftbr Catoa oay Mat Ifea fro <1 m' tl" (llrt<f4?oa id to* liwaifalic party oa* tba at wti ural of dr. H inbacos .<aw wnro oooal to dot trim U - > ta I of 'lakkWin 0 Sofia aa IVotwadtar at^pr ii* I, fduo, J 1, ph C Oatiil do. *1 faocaluioa, dob. 11 a j.oafb "nodolt. OWra.baa. Ohio tlir nrtrhlatH|afBarba<a? ?? tab tan I. irafMod bi'kk af*T or tin noes-WT? V? *< ciTMrriT aii??a Tirs sr*?rciT Miorai'T. rrc. IbiHoi, Kf ,frpt I !?*? 1%r tra .a rmoi li i'MTik* ond ?Voii) flhrlntw bn , ?an* bow'-ara t< tt Pr~-ktnrt tr bafbora#. ?*T?o? rati'* ??saro pffra-X A foootiaf wad erraowo 'lypoa' tc ti' Pfcimti n-tol, arblcb * aa addriw 1 by Mr I hartrf taiw.tlmao) to liarona Boa. J dM W tki-s p *, w.1'? ?? C wirwo (reir f.a Taa lb dlatr I. aaa p?"o< f'f, "*d ta mw a'tatfiw pmal abUratMaw by a arara ittaattd i,f Mr. RrrcktnrUy A br r.tra Ua baaa ktwlidt ?w Mala alraal. aot a bwid paibdM lit Uob trran(W ta Ura baaa w*?a lo aw tr'taHt th- laryaM yawdb'a orowd at Mblaad. Troanbad in dot hsu a mod fold to maM abd (mil Ira V-T*a, iaf d lo trod awt thirty abaap npa ' -adrod tfrMda awl a.rtr . aafo, osd ba lata to our too Laadradaad ibirty fa* load a( ai up. for BrogbUir.did bad r-taram tmw rttrdi. of hlHao*. oritad raptl 1 t t U Me oi-rd b?a y*t baaa raaa.-wi AiUklpdl Klaetlo* ?t WlUfotngton, D?l. titifwi'i, (fob, fopt 4, l*r> U Ota ally tier Mm Iwday Mm pdoplti party t MCt oi.1 ftor br da* MddrMT Maa / ?? war. fbr J. T. bltaaa, Taioaarar. ff, ?, fdanll, ?toaor, at. ;iuta oat?{tra CaadoLMJa 'ibL PRiiMK OF WALE* i ;; j Tut ORAKfifc.TON AM) CATHOLICS, ! Tlirrat to Bun.' I he Prim7.e In Effigy. PARTY DEMONSTRATIONS. Intense Excitement in Kingston ail Abcnt an Arcb. THE 6RAND BALL IN THIS CITY. The Number ot Ticket* Limited to Three Thousand. The Prince's Arrival and Noveaents in New York, he., he., he. HPEC ial despatches to the herald. Bkotkto.u, C. W., Sept 4, 1880 tt B ?n, after money through the principal at'eeu. the Duke of N'rwca.tlc nut for tbe Major, aad handed htei another add rem from the Prince, etatmy that, to coo Bequeece of tbc unexpected aplendor of the reception last tight. tbe Brat waa luailequate for tbe pur|>o#e. Tbe Ut ter aderee* ta an foliowi:? t'OTiini?I am deeply tenoned by tb? eordtailty and wi'Uitb of fee'iii* with whleli I bare been welcomed to tb>e town, for y uf addrt-M I ibuik you, auil heartily apurtt 'ate tbe n i.tim-uu of atta< noiem to rur roveroipi an I h< r empire, wliirh yon bare eipreamtd The name of your t an recall* tbe memory of a brate man and of b'are deed* la tim>e now happily pant May such moo i.. w . t>. .it.i i . I i you, but may thei'* "vc-8 loo* re mala uaaaibd fur I Mroc doubled that Um well known toyarty ot Hi# |M-epte aoulil tmiirr to mi a kind r?orp tvoo arm | you; bnt day after day coortncea me Uiat T ba* Del fully eatiiuate-l that rtrenctb and ardor of 'Una <1 aa patriot*** He aatured that I a ball not toon forget the Bri ne of tbti eyeulng. Kraoerotf, C. W.,lept. 4,1880 Tfe dtatrrt*ao.**a bert are more Imminent Uau wm ripretrd People axprcaa tbe r otuo.on* to tbe audita aad bote la trary freely upon tbe aubyeet, aa?t It M ruTior. thai, ta mcarqueare of tbe refnaal of tbe Orange e. uie.y t take dorr* tbe aerta la onrnp!lance with tbe letter of tbw I*uke of hewtaatte. tbe . rlace will not uof bare at all "tar peup.e eay that lf he due* a at lead bora be will be bend ib egligy . aad ear not taad any wbere to Weetern > tnada ? itbout bwlug luaaed, aad tbat the tvuaer be goea borne the bed lee Tb* (wabpeaar* pro'"fitly t **p q a let, but bra proper tap to parade It la the rw-wctabie out iter, e-bo ul< I* tlna bay, ft t natw gtaae he taeMtbg am* th* Orangeman'* tare da ta that the Cathutma had the tuprriaa. r and uwo.4 alt mwta o* r.*e?aa nwa from th< frtaoe ta Lower Oa< a.ta a*4 the Pratawtaaae are u w fbeiiag more demo .Mil* Ibaa tM*ra| Ha if Ito Vabtt t.aard are bee* 'rem R>m?. Met Vwlt, ta* am amy >lhm aaw. m f*~m mum <m tbaetbar NtMhtMe. anaf * g? t b getUer at *em- put*! aa< |it? the Priaaa lb* i> ? Atuarkaa ufcaer la* ?ill Mtitt ra. Pi ia?? led *??.<*? by t^at at tea e emct tbtt ?mremg. aad a eap. -tad hat* about tam A depa**' a *f *P a*a* ha- laal amwad fmm the "-.kc ef * anal i b. .op * the t human * that he aay* tf aay tarty daae et?*t. * abate.** aet a. the Pr um lb* O pen***. btetyi', >IB I 'd hrta lbt m a t ? aad m a dm Br tmaatai aay tt y J., a it IHtak the mm aiB bad T a trtp ?d I am l ba* aaew mack iwiu*" t ?? dap. I> . a tea bail:, M eg I rt?* piaae td ama fwwl a tt. ? eat i ahabtaaata attaat. ea tab. <? tarn-, .ad tbe hot at It* brief a- wet' tbrtiBtrt b?a '*?' eahwd tt* ij ^n" ?d We*.or* ~*w? * Th* n?u ataer.aaad aatam ta?a*; ?' aa. 1 ?">*?*?. maay ad whom tea. , baa ua a?tahba .** b Th* M*f * Id UU ? dtw*.ab?d awdttmea are Pa archr . whtrb by ae TVr ,?vfc< ?> Kf ? Mil -M* *. X U* M.I C ?.k mi* u? Mr**. a ?l ry m I .|M M ??? |4 I*'?/ 4im.^?w?m,i m Mr |?it yf fay MuM, fiftlm la?f tfa an ?f Mm r%u m ? in a MM ?* yr thM M. ?a< aa- * ? ? -i TV7 yrr t at hfM look ? ? ??m M ifafaa. mm* ?? ae.'. trtfc - m* ??? >? r*4. Uh.4 am ??? * ??.!? i-o. i ?.m Cry*, art .? kkf* ?V f J fatly**! k 41 a*4Muy M ittjrki yatly, fa)UUk4 k) t? Mk, "y fcf*ifr-t? itttvd Hi rm?ui. !????' TWhci bL*1 m kMl WirtU ?? fa..4 ? (ilk* mi Mt*K M.MlMlii It Mm Mail.. "tar tat Mm c ma * A far Mat* |4 *?* Mlaf 1^1 artr >4 fafa* lb> liar ?' U? r?H ? far, k' MM -1 rkaai a?Mr amH, k*4 dm ? 1 ai' if u M?mI M kM*. MWf IVakrl* ' ?4 W Ml aak kk4 k?a> i "** ran iM4 1 ?*? ??? ?g k* M" ? | ik.a awra an ii?< ik? Mr'*? <4 Mm ? ? ??, ??< <u | faa i. . krt Um lla nr Kik#M k k> aykkll >?> k *4*4 kf MBi all* MM Mm fk.1 Ml iMwM La AfMr k kWi *naa Mm fa-U 11 | (Mm at ak?, m? Um Mtarf, at k f a a ?* a m tl? an kK ?iU kC a >kk ki?a a a a* ???>#?, mtm Iky?" ?? ? Ma* a i My a fa? mi i- i k'Mi4? aa a fe? armtMk a liaatM .<)?' ? ? n? 4 Mm rvra k>a) m' a iw< a* *.?4 a ?? ??"? yr ?a Tiff ttn m faun Ink tu* Ml M fct I ia?i mm a* um a ? a?> tan an ? k Mil, Mi rM.rkUj. M?*ti. ' i" M4 faki Mm r?'i? a?y Ml ?Mi UiyM Ml IVfUU Mil vll" fra tfa 4" ?yk*i kkcU ? ?' ?4 Ml ??? I | Mart/ 'M"im4. angttrg * ml ? mi;ia, ?ray i A* M *? fr m? a* k la) lUf ?*4 mm far lu k* a- 4 r?)l "i ?# ?*?? |M k?? ffap Ma *? aMfar M k yn4 JM ?-> ? I pi a?f ??? * fki i fan i n i flip t tfaa 1U <V? mi aan*4 farayk lix 4n? m4 mih m? w?* m iu iMMa, y fkiry i?a m ?) ay.1 M? >?? la k luliii Im4 ? mOmmM III " tl'M li vallrtM Ml ufa. a uflt at Ma n*kt Br?4, ifak y* any fa ?iM TM i ,ij faw i tarn a ?? litg . f u?t i ? laafaliik Hi) ?? ? y?j? r fa- ,; gram1.1 m k?la m M*<M Mi fcit-.* ? UM ? I <Mk li sa Mm r? a i #4 M fa a . I yi i a?.) m k- i?ia ??a Mm I i> krt J? - 14' *??<i * f. a ? ? A HMHhkuI M k '~M?| I it?V ? -111 v.-1raa M "a ? ?i?m?a-* |y vuw taif??, M * MM 4 UM MMk lU) MM k I iiiMiMII. M M* tuyiM an al> a< ?. Ul ?*?*! a>M Ma I Dm ?iw) ? an fa kMM Ik uay y ? yam i*? ?? a * tka m kfa <4\iuia>? a*i In Mw Duw wigM Im4 i M* y>a M|.HI?|>,1'?I >' <?l| a* "kg% IU tdf If Vf ? a um? M?kk< a nai. ? All iy??ft' f*??ailtfah m4?4 an 4?i fc? ik.n ?a ? %'? m t? jh"?i ?Vk fey y? | im! 'kkkik v Am art a u a m m>I umT ? ptui *a'4 fa a t?# i l s * ffc?? ? kcyfafaiartMMMa MhwUmmm fa <4art fa far? ? art ? a ikniui D> a I fa ?? I a,MkhfNMkl Ik* mm i?m> kf My ttfarlyaa ?? % (feMMA nrti , IM m?H4| at Mkfc k kfay Ml fa MM fart M ?pf ?kWi ? MMi) fattt *fakyrt*??i? u? ?* ?rtkli if ? ??.???? ? ? ikff' I" n? ?-??%? ?i .? ? ?>? fa I * ? ?r.tlr (Ufty-yU fa?r* fa. a kt iaaM4 ?< ra ?r m Aiyn ttfauM fayyturtyyi faiart 1 fat- fk iiiiiiiM'r n ? a a fa taa ukfa IMfcit" a ' <4lk Av4 flllfaa" M fay ?Mfa< I Mk/fa4 faydyt?rkMM fayy MmM ykl fai A Ml tkM 4 Ma M Mm, faky. Ifa.Mt Bktau aiiitMl'AflkOiMMk, b.twM ? vac loakyikay Mr faata M*a*> ^fa '? ' fagtrrt fay tfa> fwn 'draaktyi KGDrrlfc?.|] said there ass L< ,.%rm is is. si l_n. 1 f) would go und.ii- ftu^ Ls in lie arched thai al. is* Pr im U.. I1 ?JT*W with the Change toes, ar1 il ? Pr, .<? a-4 have no frar of bloodshed. If tb? Oraugemee dot a d lam out to morrow the Or-tnge womec would laughter, srrt ? voice from the Ouhnhr side, ? ?*', turn out with them " KiDslljr, Wiluot'e resolution passed, end the OMlcu adjourned niitll eight o'clock to morrow. ^"be Mayor refused to give to the press * cor,ret ccpy of the foke'e letter, an abstract of which win tetegrsffcrd yestewd*/"' He liaiai Mhlui, hesitating disposition, hod In h . fa filiation much nf the present dunoalty W swing, fho CouncUassD are g?. herslly Intelligent and reipec' able, '.hut the Orange men are 1. In the s?a>?rttjr. may know their power and use it II I* not probable that tbe Orangemen will withdraw- The rote to turn ont fester dsy elands 11 Ui IT. There Is great excitement ,'n the city and mush drunk enness. There is some lllum.'nation, but it Is not geao rsl. By order of the Duke of NetreasMe, Sanderson, the Prince's steward, had all eatables preparod oo shore for the Prince and suite, even to the hair oo ike4 meals brought on hoard the Kingston, which lays at anchor by a email leiand opposite tbe City The royal party la, tbi-rehire, prepared for a long Urge. On shore crowds of people are follow log a troop of flat tertteals. A few houses are lighted up, a bonfire or two blazes, and rockets are Ored. The Conference Committee of the Common Co jell nave not hart much suoccse. Th- members of the coon try looges hare gone home to rest, and the city lodge will not pr mire (li ally. Tbe Mayor tbi' ka the Priors will land to morrow, the OraLgemen jon.U g In I be prio saion afterwards, i bis la eery rtoubiful, ami It i- more probable both partleo will stand firm and the Pi loco loare for Toronto to inect ibo same reception. Third Grane Master ' ? jjeron has ordered the Orange men uot to give up the r ;?>sitlon, and they declare their deu-rulnation to remain ilrna. It case the Prince si- ulU leave to morrow and go to Helievule, the Oiiuigt I-idge of that town have reiuruert home to rem ire him there. Rumors are c - -cut that tbe Pr nee will eland (lrui in his oppc< Ion , i tl,:.. Orange movement. aud turn bis b*4k on TOroi c r-d the - c-i >f Westero Canada, aud go direct to Siagi,. i 1 ..'Is Th* lib .m,- ?1 ? adersaro In great glee. They siy tbe union ot i pi>or aud l<owtr (Iknada is u iw impossible, and till MUnbteria'OU are duoine-l 1 h' steamer Kingston has com*' down and at-chored at i be wharf All the I'r I ice's suite b-it the Duke "f New ca ll", the Carl of Ft. Germain und Lord Lyons bate goto: ashore. Tie American hard from Rome soicriaded the Priuoo, eanomrcied by a urge crowd. Thev played "Go! 3av the gucai." and "tanker lamdle." 'I he crowd called for ?Hall Columbia," aud ga.-e throe rousing cheers for the Ivesidr nt of Jc Cmted Staba It i? thoneht tbpt lb 'Hai gviutu have giveo w ay. The Prince is certainly on hr-ard. Tososto, 3. W , S?pt 4, IWO Tters Is considerable excitement here In regard to the 'Mended ('range demonstration1-at tm of tt'itea' reeeptlon. Tbe city is fa.t ftllleg up. The ball in Crystal Pata " prom." if t? bt a -nagr i (leant aH'air. At an (>ra..gc meeting held here to day it was resrdvi-d to adhere to -hi cruise !utended 'o to pursued at the re or "thru of the I'rioer. vis:?The nroeess'or. wit', tan rerf. regatii AX The Intrlliyooco from Kingston th-? evcni-f has cr ated the greatest excitement amor.g all n-ur citizens, and the moat serious couf-^wu>? art fksre 1. MtLTIM] OF THE OENETIAL COMMITTEE. .ur Tickrre livitsi' to tu&kk morasso-thc aCAlS.WT If MI'MC?TtiE PHISCB'S MOVEIHE*T4, ETC , ETC. A ttdrttsy of tbe General Committee *(?;">tnte-! n I n. -kt amy iir.*t.ta fur IV graii' ball tendered la lb* r oc? of Walt.- uu theottaaloo of Lla via it to NVw Tor.., j araambitd for Uila pitrpnae yrairrday afternoon, mine ! V -ivuaLta' A ami*a the geMlemeu prr.acat war* Mert J lis Ja?b Aalor, Jr., PeUlith Peril, rater t'?^"f, / T RUenrl, J. fe l'? Jiter Ogdeo, Mo?*a it Grill r. I, Cyrna If. bield, Wm D. Dunrjui. Hi niton fi n f nC H> l, t.eorg# tRe'vlie, J. Wal?ru Webb. Jm I , >?t . i 111 oley Field, Jubn Jay, Jr., Judyn R ?oaeTeit, ' I*i? < (oimii.t, Karahal Uffcrle, Auguatua Hoball Jarea W fVikmaa, Chaa AugnMua Hnvte, John H. Br ear. m ' tlicra lu tbe member of about liztr lh?r maitlte eallrx' to order at two i/rlork hp M I I l ab I'erlt, aodou hla motion Peter Cboper ?m tae'ted tutelar rha: nai Tb# ?> ...elratd tbe preceding Be*nog were read and '!? r. Hamilton Vieh ore of tbe oootmiuea appulutel to at l M ali a.' a..d ooufrr with ma Royal Htetiiwuu, therj .e? II..' A - >ug rrpo, t, wnicli waa duly approved and afebf rt>? iv? ,.t?e appointed V prore'd to Canada to at ?eed ?? !?;? 'Mil-* to b|e rb al Highiiww the Priiceuf Vl-k.< ?i rt h a mite |? a oubfi- dine , to be preterit*t ,i ?? ? i.a i ' York si at i tuna a nay auit tb K j at Hirhree- oner* '?J*e, hey loara rr.pertfiilly to r.i?ri_rbai ia er?i after tbl* appointment <* a ? u. Man "'lit u ,gi d all the member* >>( tbe een -'lot ?je-pt V i.vitrejer, ?be wn. nonl a ht Ira.r V. w York, priooed*'. to Bontraai. ace >uuuu 1 t>y tb Mar lary tL#y arrirad oa Tburadny Burning me 2* -tat ad A s'-a?. ud k-.f tkrlr ' Ti ki later. -W with tor Ir tci "t the m'nwiog M sua. Having d atlaetlr tt .rati .d that a bi!'. w 1 be preferred hi a dlau? tb* eov s itter ?p"f the.r "wr reetmeiblltty naant I . 0 " ? H uhu'-aa a ?nt;ru u.-i-a Urn, b tbe fills l? language:? . II . *ea*< ) ?.- Rv; al ITt,?? m b?b*tf cf the eitU*ra of * ? ? To-k we here tie hrnnr to requ"OI poor ??eeptmireif a ofl*o-? theaaaaalaa ?: jmrihdt hi .. ? ? M ?*?> tool ronr NtierMir We hn> *lli?t la itee ?' tbe Oeey u1 ooHanoI annt.retloa fell thrnnrtum n,r land ft. the raMr lif ?nrelf ndwa d j n.' natal utter, talk the It' looweel >t'' lamril f?.r Ttnreef aa th* hat toihetlr-ioe rfti.Mt' < <tj/ -aotu>1 torau ow-d tom*r.t i.eeof hie tr- l*rt> eo? . e-1* .UI '11M1 end weoati i. i f [nlfttu v. ' ri' eu'lee?r?* an i aceof' 'be .nrunti tt ai.irh ?a real eel ;i. ?? *' I- <on. .l?.(in a K'fti. 'tiUresn. IlAFi .Tnh fteH Jaiiti AhT ?? 'r, ROdRftI R MINI I KN. Hit 4,* (I UCST. RorfKdT '>NI w MNMinr M it llbld> eeetrnrr. T.'ia u r talon, the Prlare enoopted ir '.th r ipr'??lone of tr rt ? and rrai iratow, aod 1i a e?e??ere?lew ?wtnw.wetit . t it ti- |n?ke o? M-w aalle and bid l.totia, Kridi), tb Ififi ' * t?*t. har. waa |k? date ileci led upon r MM .? place *? The WMklet trait that ihHreit n are rtoMm f ?n"ufb In t mir Ra to lu r- t st tarjr woumi uwt have uooarteat Ina th.-ir aje ih- natrvrtioak aithmit atr. rg rnaeotw, to their ? H h Ih ea? rfael "y aw-1 < on-lea re Yimr km n'ti' ei n j gitat lor (t'MruU a d jrivaie aanetf a - ? ia ? vid Itwlxal Ail ahxtt ? raapantfuily tuba .Had. ioUH A Ki.v,. R i Iff It MPiMiN, HA dll.tVNallA?' J J ANPO.Wr ' WII,<*?<f <t. Ht'N f, Sa. bi?a Repl g. 1MB Rt'WT U UKVtPY. v j j am- ? Jr., ao ban I led tbe Ml"Wlrf -wih' a* mr-a That a ?? ?? |tr? la honor efhia R>rat HpMaaae (he I'nare of We'?e Ireland f a ?!finer, and l,i I), far take plana ? o ' .e IStb of Utlooer re?t i 4, T;ial tj*i Bab'''aamilt"" ui tie ajd ?? . *r ? ? r aV,lotted, ar-* that the P'nrar * -fimitlee p# 35BBte4 tbahitpr aad liaae f . taaniiee, mth v. air t? I ion ? end a'd a> thetr nnrnhar R ? i- e-< |>u?? Ihr iffna itteeo brew i'fre a? T-'?nleri he laraatel a4b MM. a 4 thai at tb* it uwat ng tU / r???wi e?i ieta I an i, ? liia Relay takes the rraelathwa were .naat ? ? ' *? \ M&i I *?>- 4. Mr Ratal I Mai re efbred Mw AiOw'ng ? e I Lai lb laoatal C .ut.uitle '?* ia?r. aaeil ti ? t tteier hot ??0>?d eg '<mr h adr d o ' aatl tt i--ple'^.f:<wi of the re? ilrt, ??'d If .1 uie j h? O 'tre (j 't'l of ooe 'ita 4 ?a1 ? > *t ?*t -Li. t? gl. Vt\ d'l f'd ?W I. tt a. alt dea.rad to|ttt< o tb# or, ? ?,? Iter# ??.' aatl ar nanr uef? ebuwa natt?? bad bean bttht .a. aad hi aaw iei oh ?<t < r to their Re b f o i-ra < i the c i m. tb- A n'-arrlati'tt uf i afty ?* I rty * Iiara ? > ei'h l-? ?' wr ?td lienenaure : a fer ? * ? lt> eeeev reape-f (t? ""rprwea of the bail *> IVll bl*ed-l If. Hm Srlti?h rri>*fit# *hn hai ' ) win eel b It. o *r tbla iLrlta* W'U. r" at R imidiMtaO*, tt' bust ltd Irtilt fuw thirty ad tbtti (sdlMtt tt A'ht ette he 'lie <*ed ee a rr>" arrane>eo^ai? he made aliwil'i ran>d ha rttraded to tbrtt a rertam nattW of ,? w . - td ? at a v'ewo l#the pr# v t Tl lr ? t t<w: labia u. tte eidy baJ befl ? av."i> r<* r'Jaftbrli MKbttllfl bntopiad la tba ? , i . ?? i re, big y p> >;r# that IB ift n sari tbef ?b<r.t i be raaagbttad tt I ha Mitt of tbe Oil in M i flbf of the tttda HRMbd , . ,j. ? rr?W(?tv ft uttrty *i nee to the m ii ~ 4#w ?# tb* ?? "e? I- |' n r# a ear la ? eottber 0 war ? '? 'f IlVMI ~e i red ? 10 ? it?*r> ?|> 'eovaJ m . h lad a? ? I ' tb** a#vatt#kM<at wtmll |.e raatrd ?d m - . ? ??* h lit. g<ret. ? a hub tuftat to war* ? ll.i? aa . ?*.(< 1 tb? I tttlLt ??, I . I ? ? deft tte tb fftM thai antther _.j?e? # ?n -ee. f V < r-rr- Oir r* ?t'aoi It-r a.r#l"doii ttn tahb h? lAnepaatti ahob wab tdbwad by Jaiata ? .d7 That iwatttf awb* ?nadr>d "etatt WttU bt ? eh lasaa* , a* 11 y yaw. -wvaa on tbaaoMM* ate# to have ar'bt- law ?M aaaafbi 4 tt. had Putt. a-hwwtMeit Were. * ate aaan tt ok.ii ? era *h? iavdatiaaa in ha is ? pr df V tt'<???? WVa to I' w ?ewtUtt*B. e - ttdtthn tt tttb tt^ttlbbM artfl bawd a W- tr brad ltd ? ??'? tt tt W>4?? rafa- tbay W#tt oe - .4 a * *a tthm m p' aa? al .eg ot*?r aattitt ua ?'? rtttg-ttta* <1 tttreta ? ashaug'*1 Sa itttt wbttf *ay hr tatt away ?* *?* t |i# t"?o?a af aba tt 4Mt, ta br af a ?? a eg IM di abt ?luMw hi htt _ la.tWea*, Mak< Id |r ??y ttiihttt'oaara U? "?m? aba w,vj a*-t? ?t?a fur to '""? ? ??, . mm ' I .rr; i ?? be i>rw i? >?? ?? w iw i ?>?!> taaa ky w. 0# ?to ? '"> U? k* ? o-k a* I ? -aJMW MM) MM l>J the gt il? ?? ? k | ,o) Mai | (,? MNM M? C A ?> Mr i? i*** ( rnlf ii|M bundrnd *? uM Mi l a?ima*on Mam* ?*<??>? M th? toada ? ?* * ? MtowM M?M aatimailnd la Im44 touaiet (mT MM< "* * * liwr>. lb- im ??'??# Mm r "WM'tane, be IIPT?l II it at awl-mar i* IMrr tio-uaar-i aaa mm full MiMM'Wt.x .1 ?>! t.w Asa-Win, .-t- v ?.M> (r a hid *id ibat to wmiM (Mb W at i'I labia am I*ui a-irebar | la br lb. r. ant Tar larfrai . <m a of ,? .d* within | tl.aa walls m ito? .?eaa?>o .4 um a bait, a bra there ?r? peenrul name 1*1) ??? huui-re-t paopia, 1 a ornumersiaa ah a*. a* oawrar. se?r-u.i..i B<*t I fVtttM rati to? bar larratiratn iheanhjoet, ! aaa It I aatisLad that I*mI| Ira hundred ?aa (ha matt a ? I.BU4 of )Miiul 1 llal rnwld br cjorrM-uully ac I ?'??N>ii*~iai'<4, bra tea Mm ??" or fbur baalrwJ a too might Iw uarMirM aa u-iiw-o g uaala i Ttw thti-usfaat remarked tbtol !l aaa not euolamplalod ' to nlrail m<w? than ihrae b indeed mmpli v ularjr tari latim o A c'?at taal %4 palas bad heeu lak.n 11 ?rrI re at the carac j of the boone, b?* bo bailor*! those ttoou Stood a a* a proper number Ui i\rw UM Halt Jrms R ibo-asa rufjetrd that Uirrr Hundred and flfty member* of tbooMaiaitW suppled ritl etrfht Mekota t a. I , lustoed of arrro as woeM answer tb? ?srro 'iai|N?w. and prrre-at tax rrrr i?o?ikaol d.SUul ly?namely, ibo dlaturbaaeo .< cwi Ore |'M|ltor ) Mi > rau>, tbo Hn/rtafj, sitotad that vlth Wis troortrad a> d rill; m*h? proposed Wb* rah.' ad to tor commit tor, It would br in.-rdm*d ta about three hundred an 1 thirty, ao that b> the add.iof tha nam on cf Hru ?n ledMlentn and others, It would ba eweiind ta four buodn d. Aflrr oooar fi.rthrr d wnarxM tbo qaratva waa tabaa or Mr. Brekmaa'd rfM iutu?, aaJ II aaa anaeiM--ii!y i todoptrd. ' Awrnrt Sombj. Morrd I bat tha rariout rrb ciamll tSK Im' appi.iulad a <>i*orraJ tUreiilna cuaru Uaa, with tall power Ui carr? IM?> rOrrl lha oajret of ih* aamif atd isbkr the neeoaaarr mmmgtmr la uirrofir Mr.Fiai.u rhe .Sorr? Ur) , aUlrd lbs omitrh! org* i)l7?lt<>D would cno*.ai ofahnat a'alj imfnan, nad aaa I net ibtrniif ! I > ittcrfiro with Uie dullos uf tba var.uua sabr >u,rr?lit ? r .loffe PiBKHarorr tbnngbi a rnxrb arwaller Mtoiwr Would raflke. brc;iuaa it wan d.rttnatt t > oall I filrr ?urh a rrniai 'rrablr )>udy of gratlrax-ii aad aacura ttoat acliou wbloh whs tlealtablr The Sk< kktahy *t?: d tb?t thr nto.'ct .f ths I'wilirr (Vmmlitpr w?e mt roly Ui a> r?a ir a caoa of aowraeney, should ?Mi? aruw; iu ol'irr, lU?l thrra u.^bl ba rnuatitnw-ri, SO I" epriU, a Court ut last naorl Ttm Qurstii u tbeo U lbg lakro ua tba molu<a of Mr. bchol, It WHS afrerd to. Mr I'ikit th?-n luorod that Ihrrr hr Intn v*?d ta tba Im iutsI Cummittra twenty Uva of iw dritiati runoasu of Itnr ettr Mr. B*uw?hsaid ibat on lo thing <>ror the Hal be fnind

s bnuitirr id dudm id tl> art wim wort- Bntiato raal, sod >et rcrrirtiirrd ae imrrlrmo citii ne I' idrr i ar ol'CUDFiaiic- s ho tniHi(tit it wisild not t>a advisable In rrwkcr. illstitir.thu. of tin- ktud euyiostnd Mr P?:rt e Id that wbrtlir tti- c-i llt-uii'i la HUiatlon vera rniluidiidi to tnu txioitniua n -r wore tan Mai ph Ola i>r lnritalior a. b'l-. tilyvcl wnuld ra- wx-i'Ui,>llabial do die red to recoaulse ia oninr way ibo kio<lu?aa tnay obi'b amtistro in yir.dioir ao rhn rlii'ly to Um arraign ment that bad luvu p.vMuatai by Ibr cltli-os of New York Una.' II fiKisxai^ said lio f-'t aaaurati ibat tbo com oiitli e wi'um fully dicrbarga tb-lr dutj iu ibis iespei.t, aod that li waa unni ,?aa?ry to inipoar any condition upon hi in ?Uh refaienoo to too matter. Mr IT i'T withdrew h a motioe J faisif h O.i'W p.ovad toat the number of lurlta br luniUd to two buuiireil Mossa II. isKissx'.L thi iiglit Utir was onlr ral'eoonfh, utii that they would l.? grraliy i-uibarru- i-J fur tba want f the uroor uy supply Ui tbartlore moved to aubsll lal i lour bundled M- Fi?lo, tbe 4rcr*iarr sug^rb d that the rommittee vr told be more vmiMrrasioal by four Uun-ired conspliiuon tary ibtrltatkar lliao tw buudrai Tlir qm -iior. , ..-n N trg tun i, 'ha anrmlitrai of Mr. ilnucill was rot adr -d and re?:urring oi. the original mi.Hon, It WJF uoanlmnnsiy a^rmai t> Tb<' -Ibchmak* mail 'lw Ibllowtcc lirt of tames .>f g?o ttenu-u whom It ai* propoand to add to the General Com mitti? ? -nut White. Brlnay "win, M M \*u Bturru, Hmry IViulvi, A. V Bradford, J. Girat'U Fmler, Tfc?o. .iie P one, .loeepb i.ollnrd, * _ M Harlow, William H Veil Atiram 9. Hewitt, John C Pvlara, M- D., Hmry L Hrrouo, iBrld Joned, FrmhklOi F Kioar-y, Nahewlab Perry, Ptrrre M John I Ka'iab, AVi1 -urn J fjuraot, John C Wlioierdiii|, Robert le HiJ, Amot R Aj>o, William f? M<-Vlcka?, Ml Rorland, Jubo E h ill ?tna, IVler Gin-let, Nohun luLWau. Join, T. Ifi-lraH, IL D., William A nudn, Comolli, Uihoia Wi'i'us Motion ay, Fredrrtok rl Tai.,ua<lg", Fhwmrd Convrr, Of??Tr Clinton Talnife. Henry M Bra-lburet, IAD' llenel, Ui'ja A*,>1rwall, Jam'* Otta, V rrdltb ^' wiand, Joarfh Grafton, Jr., ktrbarrt WUlwnwon, Ilnytoti Hi.bart, < hark* E M uuc, R-.jaiuui l> 3liiimAB, Mrttry A Acl (Trlin, John A Pill, Timothy t ereeaan, U D., R V P.remo* M. Ik, I VrfrC Kane, Robert BoO>"Ti , Tan an) I'uUan, Mei.ry P fceJ?rlc*, J. A. Vmtlo, * Jam-* t. DwlgM, William Henry Fi-mac, Robert B M>:.1 ;ro, Jr., lowt h W. Pattrmon, John (loo rile, lawrcnce Tnrr.urw, VaitiliLe G Hall. Jr., Ilai.nun. Blydeebarg, Jwnre W. Crrer !, Jr., Joateb t Hi: ill, Drake II Mr, Jctih VS. Hamereley, Gabriel Read, Hi Iv-rt U. Hone, Char Ira In Hoair, fiat tt T ?.s. rtis, t.mea E. Kan wick, C. While, M Trail Gtbhee, I tone it Hiaari .-ar, Rnfme Aetrtlaa, Vln!t?r I . Cutl.Dj. S. U hortrijbt, Co. !<; H'.t, H. U W?ra \ Ictnr Ik U'lhay, Frai. i* K Kirtt, I billr R l.ydif, J ??eph H. Vara urn. Jr., Waldo flrll. '.'harlre C li? Herrj A PlB, Kr? net* F ?\r><\irf, ai. ., . M i, 8 1 N.n .. Iirww LlrlrgatXi, TeF-rwu nnld.uftoB, ?, T R Aalteruiea te, la-idll Turner, Abrah.ul'na ??t, Ji (in PaM B Fear.-g, ? bare laiiroo. I'htlifi V, i?..'ir li H u;r Apia, Aaa.ii - i.iif'i'n, " le|t? I, nHum, Or, A .lone", Ma/til, C. 7*1 rtek a, R II Wtnalew, Frrorr, * Art-..bard, W C. kinu.*.?od< *, rbomaa K. Maria, r aabrr: 8-ir '.im, "tryb-ii C. Will .,?r, Wit P ??i!IM ?, Cnrsrl ? Va> ArrbUI, Frankllr II D no, J-ho I. KILi-..Jr , V-oma* 11 Falla, Mwa'A a ll-nby, T'ntW Tbompaoo, n>. mar W earaa.i, 8 H cbitl* odan, It ' b "Vr. . H.-nry ( fawta, I > ?l? M R ,tli. iford, H It CWfl a, i t-i*t-nru' Morrla, J. t D Laaar, !?? r - H 't* a. Rub 1 J Mrltt, tot, Ihr?d C l.nridhnr, rater Rarla, f Ba *) M)m, . Jtua * Paafiu i, A.n A lhai rr. To..mar Ward. M.P II - '?anir. M WMtleck, 'harlra A Omt ". W.n oa i.tbba.M U , rmotrj U tai/xtJ, % bam Brym*., J A .har.-ij, Jr., ,L Or ib Clark. J n.aiba' 1/a'iC Jnara, J R Iihaom, lub mat Carry, TJaoOU U R?.?, J. M Ft-of.f, I* P'Olah h"rjfa?, Jtreb I# R"J , T B< '.er W/lflii, R W. Batrra. Ihnith lltft, T x.rrlrk I Ahorrh, O rt'aadl r?r Prj-at-yr Field, ? Tarler P Paly, Matthaw tA-raao, Jy.f Frenela l..rber, Jiaw' Ahi rp, p !v mal Crant, R berta* - ?b, Wai Rarr*. Ib i Kant It B. lU, dr bo.?b, J. *i |4. ttri.ljthaia, R . Oar J I. Mori a, > h Syteai Wahatrr, il*ary Iom ? ' laaot Brtauie, N ?b?kl Mgar, William 8 Mairri, Ja.-irt Callatta, S W'athrop cf.-a-llae, ? ? rlra A Hh teller. Unary c it laerli, JrrtTib kerr.ncbna, Thanliwr H Brr> ,ane, P. J< inai CiaM, Irat.M Ballard. P. W W<atc?i, Hear; Urafww Cba, raai, li be K R-rra, Jawra f nlltr. ? b.-n ar No-mil, lemia Hraauo.n, P Rat- ., Patlel Rbirtlwi !. J. Valtr It? P?-j tier, John W. Laarasoe, K'.ku. l.otr.1, R P. RvAb, W r Car v, U tk C'rtlr, M Pi ?a?,Jr, W- O. Tbaraina O. -U. \i-?rie, Appr ed. Mr CL A Pa'W n.oaad Ui.t * rpoolA! u.riMMtoti, i i.lnr . 0? ?AndMno rt if (Mn'nlllM, b* PAl'n.ta'! |? H.oi M rkj. 'c V nod, tta Mtttir <>f Uio eity. Abroad u> ( - i . ? 3 'if M- !?? *r?, II ?Mi; r*4 that lb* ("halr m *1 at i #mt%lai/ "f tut. coral OnrtniUm ah?ul 1 * a h. r?>d ??- lha < .'nairaiaa aii-i -"crrtaf) of tM ui cv'lr" CbMttta*. ?*? rrr* ? fa Wrm* S l?ra?, tVira! itiatrra*# ' I Hi' } C 'loiitlae *M apf'mMil Inilil f f-n rwt4'? of *r?i Fr*w. tbo ^?'?r'Snry irao a? l?w?r?4 U> ta^tujr a cmk.ani to cmtract WtboMM ??r? Cu of Wm. n nr-.T AM a ??ba?.j)t><-a waa tVn , u?J. U?MHMi>r a Bu ll aro n !?!?#??.? araarairfWN ua>. 0 W'. th? t r*"?lai < I is ? h-rv nfath* oiir"?' O*"!! to f..r U>? ?al. lu H-atir of lb' Pr nor of Wal??,*ATwal J *frr? to aobaerlbo ?a:o acvtaty dotta.-*, In a^c?' Isoc ? itt tba t"iifWlr? oondillMia, ?'th lb' ind'raMUft nf, tawarrr f it a.) aaK>aai ramalr.izm arar aftir UI at rraab*' baya-i. i*tl ba r?vrr"d pr ? ra'a. Twtb I) r I' l h iridr -I llakMa sho t b? tr sPf sai 1? rratjr I mmmi ail tba MMMMaa la baia Ma fMI (a | tarir acr>i4H teattatior.r, robotf tag ttoiuabr tba i mm ?' ?rr-:fy <*' iar? tba InrlUttra* to be to the pn u >\ r of at :<.?at ? :aa t> tftroagaotlarnaa. ! iasrb Ritrittr ul laa eoarvaaitt- a Will uaa-i ft t ia ib< | f'arr tba ? 'i9** Ma I'am b? repot" to bava to 1 fitni *uil aa m*m ?a liar naro?? at* apaanrbd by tba U.rmttui* t- a.jn.ttaa tba dorravs, / will -u U?-.ui? ta thaa l>o? tba antftiab of ihaaa lofU'-in, titkoM foot It*i?* i abb) m-U If laaaait. If any 'hi lUttaaa bra J.r" -I, ttia f'-s1 a* *t wtuap rcmrat tKay tiara It ?<? a '? *i\aa th? Hbt,r of rfa? ry atW aao-Aa i.i.i i.s Uti obwpi?wiit of uucu ia c .sjN. Aay ii, ia abM-b "*? I' bft orar uli'bolt tba : Abda of Mr J#rt i iar?, to t?a dlaynaiHi of yro rata '.itai.| Uiuaa o' tba ti'j?;iaia rf tb* < ?nn:vt" ?bo toay n .? tf* 'b'.ii fw tnoMi '? tuna. ?*,?? tba a?n?a pr> i? ? aaabcui Kiory ticket to b> utj'f U"/ r *.ivar"l, > 1 v. ?a cu tnaifoad 'jj ne? 'f th- o -ortltwo m f>?k'ta ??d flMM, aid kiau ?y tba (ant.amaa at wb<.?? t ijtil II.) ai? laaood. %r ?,?.? of n*?0?? rra, tb? *"oarr? CotMbHtaa ?' ? i? ?d i .-I, ,i'..nmi t- tba ennil b ? ar or y^yar and >m ?Of a of c?a-o w Frarp tba oofnattb* tbaa Tint baub at r.T* afti awa. ft r*r bt thirty roaabtdc-t, fh*o tba bwayotw yna?ad? ?t, tbat tba ?ra?4 ball In auaattaa wtl tali* pUaa aA ,(i? A?*dr ?. ,y of ?aa*,, fodaoawiaala tr'mi olhar aMVAaN k . au-t uvU ?wi, u *aay? u.. (tM tsmpt-g a^r.ficus, but the ?h?de* of lrTln? 1>Um- u. b 1.ui,?WtT<, destined 10 of the gieat event thai is to thrlU to the ce- re lonshls heart of [be metropolis. It Is understood, however, t.dtt tiiosd who deuco must pay the fiddler well. The rent of thd .vcademy will probably be not far short of twelve hunired do.'lar,i ta the flrft place, and in the secoed, ae no loss than ta'? operatic reprsaeutations will be spotted by the occnpa tlon of the building between Thursday morning and Sa turday mgbt. compensation to the amount of three or four thousand dollars will bsvo to be given to the un tort mate artists for th> "omense sacrifice to the public caprice. It i- proposed, hov r that a portion of this outpour ing into the Cotfers i tbr Academy shall be returned Is the shape of a grand concert, preliminary to the ball, ta j i>r thrt t- I i i.dr :.f muuis utid a fractlou of the re.jj.rud ; decor allocs. Tic concert vrould be a pleasant introduc , tt?e tn such as affair, and vrould serve admirably to com tuae the flurrmit uerves of the fair multitude who be , treen now and then will be in a state of feverish exctte i Bent Tb bands will of course be unexceptionable, and ' the decorations arc yrt douhtica.-: in the b.isy brain of the scenic artist. It has been proposed to have refreshment tables set : around the stage, nut. as tn Montreal, so arranged that waiters win ke concealed from via ion, and all be served ? lib comfort Reel flower* and running vibes will deco rate the boose from top to bottom, and wherever taste can suggest nn improvement (bat wH add one iota to the 1 r*? twi kr character of the occasion no expense will be #arvd to effect the object. i mi- feature of the Academy sec nil to bwve been over Is dtcd by the committee in their deliberation*. There mr aosae two hunened stockholders, who are allowed an mi c? ..n all occasion* of festivity within -he edlfloe. Where, how or by whom they sre to be disposed of Is yet a vnation undefined hut that every one of these ta divldaahi *11 he tncflned to enjoy bis prerogatl . e to tbe Ihilsrt extent, ?? per rally at such a moment, is just as certain a* ib*> powsea* a pur cent interest in the vene rsted pit* ?>'* *?* r*!Nit wiu, Mm ms ?MIC IN GOTHAM. ? h** a 'rady iM-to ascertained that his Royal Highness Will arrTec .? Ibra city on Thursday, the atb of October. At what b-i .r is sot jet known. Oa Friday will be a ml Ittery parade, and in lb* evevog me grand ball On 9a larilay rfgkt the firemen's It rchlight pr^esssion will tat i* place, and be as ImmeiMc affair On 3unday the I'nuoe will all. no church, probably at Trinity, and en Monday be will take bis departure for Wi -1 II int. Here he will remain part of a daj, v tineas the operations of the yonng cadets and in sp- ? t the m l:t*r? di; ariraeut, after wblch be *111 pro re- ltoAlt*ny and ibi-nco oaatAard towards the rural loan nf fteuni I ?aring Ibis great intellectual '? hub," tu -ill g? to Portland, Me .a id tbere Joining the fleet lu whi< h he rauie, return to bis own dflWMWtiO hoar'.hsiunii * bile tu New Ynrli he will stop at one of tbi retired i p town bonis, move around as inmh as possible to eognltn, and visit every in i g that will convey to bin an Idea of tbe ?rented* and goodue*? of metropolitan life <n the N'ee World. Three day* s a abort lane for a etranger to "rlo ' dew Voik. bui tbe I'rmee i? young, and, like a freeh emii'typs. lakes Inn ttn|>rflstMMis easily, aud will no doubt be susceptible to all that is novel or attraitlve. TBE FAULT HERALD. Tub Fawrv Rkkald, in its issue of to day (Wed oesday), will oontaln, among other things, a History of IbsUrtgls and Progress of the Walker Expedition; Tbe Presidential Election?Our Political OorrcSfondeuce from Different Portion! of the Country; The Latest Mews from Eun>|ie, with Interest ng letters from our l/.udon, Paris sad Berlin Correspondents; A very Interesting art! its on the present Complications in Byria, and what Abd-el Kad?r ha* accomplished there , Interesting Mews from Call 'ornla, Addiilonal Particulars of tbe Progress of the Prlnos of Wa're *n Canada An Account of a fearful Parricide in Bri* ki)E? A man Kila hn Kmhcr and Aeaaultahia Mother; A report of a Vialt to the Brooklyn Nary Yard?Die Work at prreent in Pmjreei there, Ac.. The local Newa of New York aod Vicinity of Importance; K-porte of the CaiUe, Prorlaloo and Money Marketa. and all intereatlnf oewa matter* of the preoediar week. Drawlan or flaw Delaware Mate Lottt rtea-Wixili Tt >D? A < | 11. y ciwrn of the Niitin iirrmi ten ei?oca' arintDtTiMI |)*it? tea-kiTHt itj* Ml sarrtenca I. AMU C7, 62, SO, 21, 65. 66, 77. HI, 2V, 10. 3?. H, ?3. Iiai vtiHt- 'ae 423. hrrraaaaa 4. UNO t, 34, 04. 27, 74, A3, 36, 11, ?. 51. 75. 65. I treulaie atal fine o< rhtrvt by addmaaiac Other In Fimi Kt>I>\ A 'to.. Wl'mlnevoo. Delaware, Or in WitOD. BODY IOO.A Inula MWaourL Orawlnit of Kronen, Broadbeatt * Co.'e Delaware Indlrrtne Amnei Copper?Clam fir Herman 4, I MO 73, 29. 62, 64, 30, 37, 17, 40, 75, 22, fll. 3. On??oi.iptT?p U'tfir-i'ue IM SkrT.aaaa 4. IMU 73, 29, 69, 67, 5?, 6.5. 4. 44, 31. 17, 41, 25, 41. riANm BBOAIMBffTH A OO., kltwm WllaUrtfton Delaware. Ot Raaader1! Mrtalllc Tablet Kasor Wrap eaa be had at the anhwihrra Wn T Aator Houaa. and fpnaa the iwitw afonte Iho.ujboni tbe rtlv t h a eauMDKBA. si White'* Fall ?tf I* of Orat'i Dreee Hate d Cape bow ready, at lit Broadway. oppaaN* 8t Paul'a IU rise aairte Ibr ?'-Warraatod to St. MO' 1>Y'* -hl/i Mu'ifari- rr Mi Broadway. Mb I Mat Hb trial?all Ikar |k, Made frrei the h. at Wae< mie ant waier twlat ainaha. Depot lit h wham atreet. corner of Pear. Boot*. Bboee aaal Laeti Made to Order Btxl warrnultd I. -I OlKII HmmKII I m>K, (KetatU.b'<l lAW) 15* fn.toa atreet. np; oHle Church. r>,.i?art|.ht ?>f Katlavid People aid a 'ree r.-uiil'- -d men erd Iblnye Horn In freedom ?ad bred In eiarref. or free labor In Ike Male Prtena eat hoi-el laborer* berrwi* for breed and liberty of mnenlMalari wnallb and ee or.rfloa na poor hnoae t'n-tnrea lUuaUaimr life ah'~ IB ?Tb in enj aad dearonam laAea a lioLMBf' lattery, *4 for 61 Mt Benadway. Uarwy'a oailtry, xn bboadway. I'hot armpka. _ Imrytypea. V tela'urea ta OU aad Dafrirrmotrpaa Patihtlf Photnaraphy.-I.lkeneaaa Ckln Vat t. t'upa, Bnxwbaa. Ac . Ac PM Broadwaj. Ktelrway da tnai' CHir?traa? Oraid aed euuarn Claim ?r? are ineeMamd the b??l ??p nlet i'ti, are ear? earn.' orBiayeera. Wareroneaa *. aed It Waaer Whit er V Wlleoaa'a lewlaf Machlaee. Bee (Ot Kraaj ? *y. Mew Vnrt Meilr* ?The Bertha Hewing Mscbtaoe IhfTW (l# B1||1'M#P | And raid for la WRKI I.T or BfbTHI.' f WWTA1J* ?*** (Men. <f* Bead any. Clnbe aupplied Acnwta wanted Tb* Beet Maaefarlarlac nad Penalty ?aeAlMW ta tkr w. rM el I M HINXliP t ? <> H ?M Hood Orerer A Hakrr't Cel?k?a'?d Hnleet*** Mew In( Math-ma the beat la oae for family an ?rlBC 4M Hnodea? lt> tort ard IM 'ntvei at?t Arm* ye Paaii|-braahi Made Italy by IMatoml " i IW(*i A B<>< BWUCtD. KtJ Hrandway HtrrlMl Pateat Cbaaaptoa PI re ?e6 pnralar Proof Mafaa, Mi Bread wet -.met nf Mirror arwak Men fork. -l* THF UXcTKA A BAKBB. r>l>kMk*' MBMlftrt "*? *iM, IT ????, h* ? r, "U M.. >. rwii r?.|. <*ll ?<ut ' nr mnA Uf m it nrwtfUTBOaZ nBurmrTiOH < r.ti.4* iniwMiB.-.. fAmmiiM t 3u.. {Btm fVr v<4 I rUw-d- ??*? Prrsarallsai rf lro?, PWMfc, DipMMi. ir "'rul ??!???4' **? *1 ?AMM? ?i.r 53sr!i< h?.? ?#?-?<? ?# *r %. 4 knftgumfcii BI4?4? f W4 *4 ??LUIM' fcMUUff.'-rilBkit ? TlniM rrmm. '? tm-Brr** *?Ml tl.j t wl ktWriN U?- ?*!* I?4M? ?'j ?' ?>t4 ?? ?i. 4^?W?la tt? rSSl ***? r*MMtor?1 ??!> D/?1 wip ??4 1..B" p?? Tlx '??"? lt> t*>? **"??*:? nri Mk ?Bd IM nui'i Hair l?r?. ^ *' nr?r lhnl?i?,"-,? f ? >-T *" 1 ??" IiKM'iWrnlwi ?itoMlM'i Had lipl* iim *?M In im -J". k<B,?Ur /?? ? ? * ^ - ?? wta fMnrr. 1' *? CUMfeMk'i llliatv* Wig, !??<?? Uuf? U?>? l?rf ?}?????.???>. ?6 I, | ?st? A- T. iy ' . 4r -.t Tr*nt?.-I>r, "*??h < mtlRa*! (? *?? ? Trmi *v *n l? IA? tr?ir <t>, m UitM frtMr*. C [??on?r?, rk *Mff PraML (Kw*-< ,, ?.k I ar' n??. A*??. MaiMm Twmmi i m A v I MtaiC?l>iTJl4. i l?tr * MM|M| lA MMW< A> If >. J V?wv Htm*. A?*w Hfflw ? f*rn?(ir?l Cf alulf, i LI??M r*i.i U?ttm . ?1#H tij M w wi *1 f<m f) trMtit r-rnnltt lk? fPMptnitaa ?U atW A* lr>?( ?V" ?. lorl |r ltara mt PimiM* Ml IMmain, ft J. rfcaecft of ?4?? t*4 MbMRafcaMM ?f R?lr Ay ORAAMRaR ???r p!m?. mw ( funwyiiM,?imtfi?? c?AM?kiiMi A H MMlty Ay ?? fl'M Mm* I AM Ayny. ft - JlK 1 1 ? I DlMOAlla RIIm lmmr<ll?f?lr r?rr<t kr, Pf. fMrAR'T< MMti 14' A*'" ?- M-JklifL (Mt* *?** HMW |?)Ub*t*4 A ?ri*Mk " Whit I* If I K MUX'* fall *t> '? of IU fi r sriii j o?i i sub i?? corner of f ttltoo ?lrer: ?*?/? Rail Kiihloni.?Leiriy & Co.'a Hartn. ?on.- Bl'NT A litllUiUUlf, leaderi ar.1 ain?ii,r?r? ??< '??hi' ok for gentlemen'* UmIm. i.ow announce uie Ik. k rlu rC- 1/i Km. 3, 4 and i AiUor Hnuee. Tlie H>nftw Hat ?Thin Popular Una* don nod I'uru tiofl Hat for young a?en wl. I >tr miruu-p-.d a HeptemU-r t by D* VO*. ST7 Itmadway, new Walker Area NIHCELIiAKKOlH. AlW. 1 'l'* We a *,lr'' bar*1 y to notify onr nnmemn* irn.rri: frl?n.U ?I d ih. nr? ''union th?t the grand Muetcal Opening rf rur new P,.m,f!Xp'k 'nl.liihn.ent hu >.een matponed onU thr latter I.nrt of tile nrm month (September) In order to eunble our Wend. i?t * from tie r \7 to participate therein. IV tk-ubui irtine Jl? *o in due agMoa. tlcularn will be gtyv 8TRINW AY A BOKB. Wiw York, Bept 4, 19*p A KLW INVEHTIOH. A PIBrv ^RTICLB ~^ t " WHITX8 PATKN.* L*T1H TMOtt FIMAIjr HUPPA RT1R " GREGORY k ro , Hole Proprietor.' Winof^aiWR. Wholmaln and retail at 24 Be od ?feet, Kew (Oft. Oct n pamphlet. _ AT GIMBRKPX'B, M3 RRO ADWA\ "? Wedding Card, and Envelope* ... _ tin the "approved *tyta," and the meet complete ?tooh of Kola Paper. At w*. KvunKix'8 itomt, km fulton "*??? ^ ^ Iateat etylce Wedding Card*, Envelope*, Ae. (X'*abU*ed AT JONHB', It AMD U AH BTXHT, A KWW tYlU of Shoe, and (iai'.sr* at M, warraoAd to gtre perfect "*? At whoubalb?hrgarb prom h to w rw ? thousand. Caah bnyere are offeret great tadnceaua^ O. CHlib, IT Broad w*# ANTI PRICTTOlf HORNS POWER. WtPWPI ALLT DM at*rM tor gtualag cottoa. driving olrculnr on plaaing. moulding and mnrtlalng marhlnea, farm mills, HirreUag ma Jnnra JU , Ac , la a great Improvement on the noma powar now In un KXCRL8IOR PLANTATION KITJg, mannfaetured from the beet French burr at*ne. TMrmlllla perfectly adapted to plaid*! on and farm par ream wtH Ua? e life Unit . la very < impact, perfect'y simple, and inajr bw kept la order by a novice, and can be rut by boraa. water, oral tMi powat The Power and Mill nr.qy he emmlnnd at any time a 13m agency. No. 43 (Jold r.reet, New Tork. Olrr ultra sen" lr J A- U*K \T THE HOTEL FT GERMAIN. FIFTH AVENn V Broadway n> a Twenty aecnad ttrec: P .tire .l?uua t New Tork will And e'eanntlv furn'shed ar.lta of RomN in thia quiet and delight: ully located Hotel. ^ TTENTION, NKWBMRN.-TUR MORNING COURIER AND ENQUIRER la no*- on tale u! Peuta per copy, from w itji r-rfor there will be male a VERY LIBERAL DlbCOl'NT TO DIALRPB, Who will beaupplled through the principal rewa ageuU, or a* the office, 112 Prarl street ^NOTOUR BRILLIANT VIOTORT. Our agent nt Apalachlcola, Florida. wrl:?e ua ?' Coloatf Otiutaiinoa, of thia <lty, *u ?ererely a:!!icted with at' of the e- a and haa been cored by luting I>K J. BOWK DOII'H INPKKIAI. WINE BITTERS Depot 7a #ima? atreet, N. Y Can A RI.FP LONDON CORDIAL GIN DEPOT RKKDTW J from M Brml*ay to 91 Liberty utrre. fourth atorc 1 W Broadway. B BALDWIN A OU. (THR8NDT OROYR WIIIRKET -THE A'IKNCT J removed to 39 Cedar itrret. (IHANIJBt IU.1UI, a went Alao for aale, a good atwulard quality of Bourt Whlakev. and Brar rty In eighth and quartnr raaka (M1EA PEST INSURANCE IN T1IB WORLD. f He are now making, without eiceptluo, (ha b< ?rer oflrrru toihr public Our Hnfaa preaerre thalr I whrn rip. wed to (ha lire In tbs beat mtaa?r, aad our Eturghg Proof bafe defla* (ha world. Any oua about to purehaas (? r? luaatad to oat! and ai?mlnr for himself. Wa giro (ha hdW ?fa fur (ha least mnorj HTKA RNN A MARVIN. SSS Broadway. soroar of Worh street, Now Tam. <VORN8, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAUR. KVLA J Joints and all dlaaaaiw of the foot rurad without inocareniene* to (ha paUaat, by lir. L A" U ALIA. Cbl ofxllsl 7SU Broadway. R. for* to phra'rUna aad MB garm* of (ha city. D RAFNRSS AND BIOR RE TORED DR. VoN MOSCHZisKKR. ('culls',and AnrM, IN' KNTQa or Till BAB APORTZKR, WHI- H KENT! HPS THE HI AH IN? IN T i. MOST OBSTINATE 0A-? ANI> SfOPS TuK NOISE HI THE HEAD. BANK OP THE RKI'f H1.I0, | Naw yr>a?, Augual 1?, 1880 | Dr. Von Maarhrlskar traatrd ma for deafness rary suoeam fully *nd ssllsfartortfr Mr fcoaring waa restored, aad eca Itauea aa good a* rrrr. and I add my testimony in hu faror. fl. B I.AM (R President of the Hang of tna Republic. FROM TDK PRMIDNNT Of THE OOi.DHI K FIBE INSURANCE CVMPAHT. To Dr. Tog NoJCSAIAggl, Oculist and AuH.t No 10T CUotoo plSSS. Pr?* Nta ? 1 am a Urtag wit n era n' jrmr (kll! In tha o traUoa nf Uw Bar ba- lag. ua a rarwc: t Mt to Naw Ortaaaa tec xne totally drmi Ui our oar. aad. by (la advice Of my friends who brought ma in your rffioa, w here your akilrul oparallon. wKho-A amy Bi entire y rurad mo I went to j?r fflrr taaf and aj ring la now as wall aa arar, for wh* b I rbal< erar ba thankful to you. Should you think proper you can uaa my With groat roapart. lour ooadJen: aarrant. ROBERT Ui'JE, ww - - ? UVmSnB New Yon*. July U. IWtl Dr. TON Mf b< 11/ sKEK, tha wcU kaows aad ootr I gf mate Europe*' Or alia* aad An KM mar ba consulted aa all flsrrn-* ?' 'he Era sad Err, fr.?n ? till B . .?!.*?*, at IOT OUNTON PLACE, BTflHTFI NTRPKT. gNTAIUSI'ED SIXTY TEARS. BEFKb' C * RfNKT TURN rTTRE WA RF ROOMS, L.I an.: 3M Fourth atraat. north* sat soroar of Hn *daay. Superior Parlor, library, Iiint r and Badror.m F -raltura at Peer* Wrlr. From the plain and ar** ntta! to 'V r'rgaR* wl e-yrawrt -A Reasonable prl-e* Interior Dsooratmn*. Plar, Mai. is! tllaaaes. ke Oaoda r?ekrd an t shlpt rd tnall pariief tha nurtd. TENT CI PROVV A N, LAWYER, LBOTOBR* ? UTtWf. tailor, rram.'.rrw. Akraprr an* all 0 bera who 'fa. a >? ui I r, ah-'.: I m kr a .1. y .aa if I'R J HOT?E Dvlvx IM|-hl(l?l. WINK RirTESN Depp TN William street Hold ?.y all *ru-rWU G CjtKthK AND *111 P IN A TPPRIRIJI DTNIASS OS r ' all ihr 111* tkal I rak la heir In " H la tha faintest to Ns MS man"ra'.auoiJ? lha mrot m i r>*Uag In I'a progress aad a n ra! -m of mrd*ral akill Prrrr aad agna la i " Mrs af N'a ihan irurunit<'ir<a. haaaoas It Is ma lu-.d and thrrafnra mora praratont fl marks R* rl-uma fw tka grarr Ilka an airrtnWaarr'a Par btf day (ha ami farar *r -wa waakrr and waahar. aad each hour Aosa ba fast a atr-r.g r> oarfc twutaa of apprnarhlDf lha toSfcb. Makam a?id iba' lha "aaa la <?< of iktmr which kas aaafly glHSBS ?*?? n-, '!r%i grirtra a faw rasas "aaeto a nsB -r...' aad rationed. Ws taaammattd Dr TFN'H to. n ach b'tirra to ruff art ag humanity gaawra' it. tag a r* ? ' apra.1. ?? rr.flc. Por aaJs by druiggii sad iaaAm. rat.*roily araiy wkarw. ^RAih ItdJr^h. ^^^ PRrooiKT** Aad araar "bar daw ptounu af Hag a plain nr rrtaiad N VANI'KKHfHfP. Ban Mana/aat'iror. UI ??? s(- ?*. CUBE AT SCO Fan F Hi I am" -f ' titkoart, ftorib and Nra W??rar aT A t .UI. Nrw v. ,* ba** ba*b rnradni "?? i|?|V*i bj 'wla?_; nil ? N? VEP fWipa IBrPN'AI. wf?r IttTTHRS I tap* i Tg W11 mwi aaraai o id by all droaauaw St b * R S r tg'NA 'BII.T. A DBMCT'lUA DO tUtW a>r iba *rot aubai'ttor :..r Ar!m\: foal, r .-t-baa lha to Ms* >4 tha Aa* T Biaaar and all 'bo | rlocts'*' 1 . / a ffa-A ays Purba to'laau to prarra' *? rai- < ?* * ' NoiSa til rartoua mima 'nrmm to d salt ? <i l? aw ? - W . fp?M . n art Wa I saw I aaal wral aaar Kaaft liruadwar Lyorrr. imht -ths lsot his patent uan l**? as or Aat? ran. warrueted lha ba A. ir>w(lr> f^-T ii'wtr ??. ftp.owba'ba Ta-A ? pr wiM.W'i >fcT. m? ? r?*r ?ii.? M)*-,wrsu, Of i* Maaa ' MM wa l4 ixTtl" pnroiii a*i? '?*?? *t Ik tm r>m I* a? at* * L_arm2 Klat*. 1*- v 4aaton _W ? ?>, r I. COBflt |4 Me*. > -- ?tmt *J? r-?? rlfit *?> . (w?l? T? .< / 01 ? :'?< ; * J mm IMw jotni'ixw *?'? ? ; Jr^ v * Tap r? J? ??M *1 g|HlHM?aw v.?ti ? ? ?. ?' ? ?? H Wlfc wit#.- <? ?.. ?< fit T*? WW ? ? ?< a rlt&h t II II At ? *? ? < a I 4 whbM0* Tl A;?? ' *m i*. ??>? * * ? ? m? r v .#? 1*1 a ? ?*, l? <4 < w'"' ' ' a aim* <, *a?? ij 0 ? *? # -a **??< a|M ar ?*" ** '? *?? * ? * " i %t >*ri J,*w#rl? * ?<fi ? ???., r#???? , I Ilk KM, ~ ~ | ??"* *'<?* ' I T"l? aur r>\r>A U f ? >? * ?- ? i> ? ? ? ?-'? J V? r mf. r ?? ' r !*#'???? v i * ?< ' f*m *. ? MM mm l?*r' 4 '< HlMiHi'ifcf , ? Mm-A W-5 aryi *? ?<f ?> v ?*?*?> .4 ? ?Ml.??fc# ?Mtoa* a* * ? 'f? ',.??? ._. .??? * m , A ??- ? #" a ' ? ? fttt MK?i .. ' ' m m?iw 'M IrMid r ?T?H? w?.p?>r? ? , J # 11 jl AmMMP Mvm, i4n.Ml a - (?N| m ? ?<?? ?r> I v.r ;355E^ I W k31M u? iy.n <kMMMr?V?kl u,t* ?#????*? fcl ?W . $*Vt urim 0*102 SSSTMLrr ' v.VJS ? ? ! f,?*r TT5'-'- * sf -* 1 ** ?IMIIIIW*M? *??* . ! jis;: -H 2C jsr-risttiraua | !?r*?w?wwif"w r ? n?iT *if* ~r* .11 l? S3?f,a"-1' '?':