Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 9
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>. HBtP WAimD-FgMALll. I A IX FAMILIES AND QUOD SKEVANTR WILL FIND JL the Ium and beat 'Are la the oil/ at 198 11th at.. corner ?U?*. Good attoauou Immediately: alsorood.alrll. capa ble Mb, 10 aoit all who SS1L Qtrla lately landed irantii, and ?mil gria la good respectable families. ALL BERFBCTABLE OIRLR OOT OF EMPLOYMENT JA aaa have plants thla <tav. or uncharge. Cooke, chamber Wh, auraea aad booanworfcers warned for city aad country. ajaajmuOl a If la at tba large laautate, 138 11U at-, ooraar or A chambermaid and naitebss wantkd.-a respectable Pn-ieatant girl may hear of a good aH.iauon by applying at 113 Kjuu 1Mb at. on Wednesday momiag.bc twaeo the bourn ot SGi aad 11; none need apply ualaaa they haea first class atty rel'ereooea aad undrratand thelt bualneaa parfactu. A COOK-?WANTED, a COOK WHO THOROUGHLY A understands good family cooking, and eaajbring ihe bant references aa to character Ac. Apply at 13 Went 31 at near ?th a?., beta can 11) and 13 A. M. A COOK IB RKgriRRD IMMEDIATELY, IN A GEN tlenian a family, aba must understand bar bualneaa tho roughly la all tta branches. the highest wages paid, Frotaabmi prrferred. Employer to be aeen thla moraine at Itf Grand at., ap stairs. A WIT NUB8K WANTED?FOR A CHILI* 8IX moaJie old. Applj at 16 Hroadaay, up stairs. A TT perfectly tmderataada hairdrw Apply Ok Wednesday betweea It aa between Unleeratty place and 8th II A WOMAN ABOUT FORTY YEARS OF AOR WANTED. Muat be a oowpeieut ubambarmaid and understand the sue of children, also. lo make heifalf generally uaeful. Pro leatant preferred. Steady alt nation and good iaagta. Apply a! 11C Broadway before ID o dock. SMALL OIRL WANTED-TO TAKE CARR OF a child and aew. Apply at 13V'ilk at., one door west of ar. (1I>OAK AND MA NT IT, LA HANDH WANTBD-AFFLY ) a'. Bulptn, Oregaoa A Klllott'a. Ml Broadway. 5100KB. CHAMBERMAIDS, LAUNDRESSES AND BEAM J autaal I wanted, for Brat rlaaa aituatloaa, at tha Church I ma aad Intelligence otliaa No. II I-aight at., comer of St. Joha'a lane. Canal at. Respectable tingle woaaaa can hava board aad lodging al 33 per weak. COOK WANTED-A PBOTRSTANT WOMAN. IN A famRr of four peranas. In a rouatry Tillage, three hours' ride fromlhe stty, she umai be a good oook, and willing lo do part of the at 80 Cedar ? part of the washing ann Ironing: wmyea )3 per month. Apply rat., eecond tl<ear, room No. 1. JT1AF NAKRR WANTRD-WANTED, A FIRST RATE hand to radte "hlliren'o re 1 ret and other faaey eapa. Rest prices will be given, with permanent employment. Ap-. ply immediately to K A HoueyweU, 716 Broadway, opposite Amor place. /IIRLS WANTED.-WE WANT GIRLS I*MEDIATELY, VJ for t-tuaUnaa of various kind* 1a the city and country. To those who bring recommendations. flret rlaaa sttuaUuna will be gives. I'flioe fee, 36 cents. Wagea good. Man and his wife wanted for a farm. C. MASON, It Cth avenue.y, Men. green a agency for employment-en lalnlahed lilt-Fourte nth street, corner of Third a ve ane, haa tha heat of aituatloaa for erei y calling for domestics of tha highest grade, at Fourteenth meet, corner of Third hreaue. EKRMiNS HAVING WHERI.RR A WILSON'S MA chmea. who undentaad the work on shirt bosoms, can : employment, at gool prices, a: J. BalUa'a, No. 3 Barclay SITUATION WANTED.?GOOD GERMAN AND BRITISH female help ran always be obtained at JUK L.l'RTTGK A CO b General Employment Institute 64 Great Jonee at., near tha Bowery, opposite 3d at. All orders promptly executed. SERVANT 8 WANTED THIS DAT?BIX GIRLS FOR general housework, two good oook a throe chambermaids, several young women lately landed, (or good alt'tatioaa. Apply at the Institute, No. 3 Real T'ti at, aanood door aaat of Broadway. N. B ?K giila obtained good sttuaUooa at our attee yesterday, aad by 1 o'cloth wo had not one unemployed feaanls. Our panona are just returning from the country. fffi BOOK FOLDERS -THREE OR FOUR THAT UNDER J. stand the bualneaa can have employment b) applying im mediately to Daniel McLeod, 116 Franklin street. WANTED?A COOK AND FASTRT OOOK. IV A FIRST class hotel la this city. Nona but competent one* need Apply, at 613 Hroadaay. WANTED?A THOROUGH LADTW MAID; ONK WHO perfectly understands hairdraaaisg aad aaa aew neatly "" aad 3 o'clock, at 81 10th at, w iku-a uisi, iu no utsisau nuuuwusa I a family without children she moat be a good waahar ?reads plaineook. wages.*) Apply hetwoea3aad ., at 368 Broadway, aeoood lloor rANTID?A OIRL TO DO GRNRRAL HOUSEWORK ?> Inaf ~ had trooar i 4 o'clock, i WANTED?A PROTHHTAWT GIRL. TO DO TIIE rooking, washing aad ironing of a assail leaa-ly; city re fa aim requEiad. Apply at Mo. 3 Mwl 36th at. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY A ROOD MILLINER AND trimmer, who fully uaderauada her bualneaa ; highest arages and steady empl">meot given. ai 99? Broadway. ANTED?FIFTY OFRRATOR8 FOE THE O ROVER A Baker Maahlaa. Apply Immadtatoly at 416 Broad w WAITRESS-A COMPETENT PROTEST AN f WAIT reaa wanted, wages M per moetk. Apply at ? Rast 17th aL WANTED?TWO GIRLS; ONK TO COOK, WASH AND tiro, tha crber aa raamatrrm aad chamhenaaid, they meal come wall rroommended from their last places. Apply <ar two day allTT Daaa ak, Brooklyn. WANTED?BT DR. T. FRANCIS, a MTRTLB AT.. A female, aa house keeper and servant, and who will suit Will fad a good hoaaa. ____ WANTED?IN A FRIVATE FAMILY, A TOUNO woman, to aaw aad do up Waira work, aad Uod a chili sreaTtmVtssraM" - t waaa 10 aad 3 o'clock. w ANTED?A FEW IA DIES AND GENTLEMAN, TO laara a aaw and profitable boa rums by which they aaa from 913 to 916 par week Mead? employ asset afW Warning ft for learatag Call tauMdiair.y at 83 Warn I" at. Work caa be d<mp at hoaae. WANTED IMHKI lATNLf-A PIBNT OI.AMI BONNKT trtmmrt Apply at tul AUaaOr M., Brooklyn. WmiK-AN RI.DKBLT LADY TO ARRtHT III la* tap oterr* of a pilrMa family To oaa wbo triaimo a moot boi It of mlkl dtopoaiuoa uf aaad to iba rut of obi! drn iAlnmi'trof n(' **??? -f ?hi?i uwAir oka, adl.-am J. |> t> . boi 177 Bora id odtea. WA1CTKD-A GIRI. TO (OOR. WASH AND IKON. CHy rnfaraaiaa ranlrH. Apply At 171 hal lftb A, bxwwc If i?f two odoc a A. M TTAmD-A KB ART TTDTOftU TO DO Til* OBIT* TT ral bo pawnrb of A prlt ata torn ,l y mam ba ? food end aaabpr And Imaar "m >ko niu'?r<UAfi Inr btiADMi wl A of AA oblteta rilapntAbm will nod a anad boa* a ad Hbar?I ??t?a. An com w?U nr?Mini. Apply At 77 *? l>k?. WANTTD?A NBOTBNTANT WOMAN. A* < JO* aad to MR to lAr ? art la a aad InjaWR. < ill Lbfc day, bww?wi If aad Uo oteeA, At II1, Nad** at two dowa abort Want rp?A OBBMAM woman, WHO rwnKB WAA1?aootlaa. waabtag aad temmp. At MOiUpMak, Bputb BrooAlym. wjrAjrnm-NOB thr olcntbt. a oood ooo*. TT a bo car bob*. Iron and -tab, aad wta > >dr ratal da milk Aad burn Arr'r at (I Baat MU m WAN1 ED?A TOO NO GIRL. TO TABU CABB OF AN ta-'aa: and lo An plain t>??| aad 'tpbt rhaabwann. a Of rm*a ^rafarvd. Apply, batrrara lb- bnufa of t and t. at WAKT*n-A OIBI, TO DO ORNKBAL HOURKWORI ?bo m rt ba a good waabar and Imaar aad kaip Rood ra ? A, p'? at III Waaiad W. flTANTBD-A WOMAN WHO t'NDBBNTANDB IXAIN roa*ma. for a aaaa.l faaallj . r ?w rooma.* todaltena rr Rclrpd from laat piano. Apply at Md Mb at. WAN1TD-A OIBI. TO DO OBW1IBAI. HOOBMWORK ? la a mad art* at a fatally af ihnaa pawnaaLaha a at ba ir?d'?>. wwwlbwf Appli a< W latgb at. UrANTtD-A OOOD TLA IN COO* .WARJTNH! A? Tf iroaar; Pi"* bar a rood rafo aan ? Uali at LAI Warn 11 lb tt bfHwablad HbaiW. TI'aNTHD-A OOO*. ON* WHO IB WtLLIKO f0 A' V> M b lb* widdt; aad irwlPB Apply at ? Baal OA rt TJLr ANTKD - tN A AM ALL FAMIT.T, A UTBU AN M waf-cw aa1 ?nwil-TW. alaa. aantbar it' aacbaatbm Mid aad lanalPrto N>wa t?:i t*<?o aim oaa brlag firm daaa t-o'rr-aroa pad t-adarnaad .bat. biplama a aad apply a W Waal Rtl M. 11" ANTKP? TMMRDIATKLT, TWO OB TH*** OOOD Tf mii.aart No -abort aaad apply Apply as ?S AUanU PI Rte>r,klja. _____ WHAITIIN-A WOO* HAIB BOOR tor ? rpwTaD I raa: ana* ?o.d ?r| W Sal tboaa lAa! ba" baaa M tba blod of plaaa bafnra. Obi Stewart P an i IP o'riocb at Not I bad BdiiwaawA top.. tor?r N * Wbt-yMr B ? NCBNB AND] 'nrrtt Apply T*rANT*Ta-A FROTBRTANT WOMAN AN *r*N Tf wttniipw in "111 "" y?' <vo bora Iba J fotf inn eld. raawapWMbta rrfaraaraa pa-, irpd. ib . fay al 117 Waat **b ? . fr?a ? N I ?** TB" ATTTP-A LArWDBBRB. OBAMNKBMAIP. *( **?, Tf pnmaK w m ? aad " a? ram, f ? t ' rr <'??? pn? ?aa fbm.'y. I'Wt ralarwad lo tba-Pr Apply at No llti at . a Utta apatdd ft-adway. frai P taa . Vb. ?' AlfTKD-TWO OOOD TNIWWPRB ALK> TWO AT Tf praalcfA Inlaara iba aUIbaaPT al Mia Raa W. (R Bp- *A^*T ?? t NTTD?1'P.RPP I AN ?ND ITIAD DRPNB MAbBBN Tf aba a torn apptaaamaa a pr j a' Bi ?? W^MANTBD TWNNTT rtNNT OLAM N*WITO OIRTN ? ? |. an- "itplnpmaM ylraa. Ipfalraat Mvab AOaa farn-y ?J utM a . dM aary TR'ANtND-PHIBT TBITMMBA PIMRHf RN AND I If Tf Ian br la o,abara N<?? bnt Sap Hand a , ?ad lo part a?Pl a-pl* r. A H l.tWrt A NRiijIto fbaa ^ T NI7*N|I W t NTFD - IMMRDt ATBT.T, ATTLT AT bcfp oiakara Noaa bat Saw baada, i ?ad an r-.auoa I H7RKT W t |> Naa WW a. 11'ANTKD-A ooon mo*. wi?inn? and iron**. Tf an 1 ndapaaal TnaAtn* brwbd aad bar it. Apply te ar . daya at UR CHateo a . NrwAIja Ody rafpipaaa ra at'ud. WM , f Tf !>-. t9 W*T NT **T. A " 1N r NOT A HI.* WO I awn wlUi a fraab braM if all* a wMaw t rafbprad Obb abo ta pprfapily haabhy. aad caa rtf- rpfa fpor?a auiiWorUf. mat a,-p.y at IJT Raa Utb a., baapoa fba br-ranf II A. B and \r. M. Wmm ANTBD?TWO TTTTBTrWOTD WOMTN. ON* BTRT baa woad ooo* babar. waobr and irnapr. aad Iba 25bap far ap a?ira wrw*. la a aaa.: law. p af l?a yaraoaa. TWt parfor t j witlmp and rapabta. will app.J U 43 Raw _Mb fL a**r*t>l ???? 1jtr ANT*P?TWO OOOD \flt/ ITRRN O** Tf irlaiar*. Nona ten -ba baa baad? ?a?d aop t al Mr? ?ai;a ml I.aary aa>.a, ffi Orrtjw -b a . ab. >r Maribi. Add U' ANTTrt-TWo RKaT ?onrp? r/KIWIN t O'RIN Tt fpp ftiwr; an t jifinl ' 'C -*i*" j1'' *?"* Pnd-atopnd rWti Art" *i iW proprm* 5f N Ns'-'ai mp, batvdpe I b#i li;, a h. HELP WAITt'D-PWIALII. Waited?good hkrvantb, at the optii'I no. 78 Suffolk at., naar Brooms St, for ail stt'iatkxu for Iw tuwrarfc; alao. una dim ia want 0/ good halo can be ?' p plied at abort notlcau J. KItHlELT, 78 Biiffolk at. FF7 ANTKD-A GIRL. ABOUT FOURTEEN, TO ATTEND FT upon children and do plain sewing; aorta need apply unless fond 01 children and ran bring good oily recommends ? ? - 4(albton pi " at Na 413 Fourth at.. (Ma 4|alb<ba plaoel, bet worn the Bowr 17 aad Id 11a Wanted-a protestant woman as cook and to aaatat In washing and tronlrir. if thoroughly quallfled aad with unvxceptiouabie rtieteocea, apply at Wait 113d at . between 9 and 3 o'clock. Sept S. FXTANtED?BT A WIDOWER. WITH ONB CHILD, TWO FT yeara old, a female to tend and do her sawing. Addraaa (j on paid. C. W. Andrew*, i'oat office, autisg age and wagaa required. WANTED-IN A PBIFATE FAMILY TWO ACTIVE, capable eerrauta. with good city reeommendaiiona; one aa nurre and chambermaid; the other aa plain cook, laundraaa and general housemaid. Apply on Wednevlay and TLura day, between 10 A. M. and 4 r. at CO f 1 bit* at FETAMTBD?A WOMAN TO DO THE COOKING, WASH FF ing and ironing of a am all; family In Kllraha"h ihty an 1 hour's Air from New York None need apply but thoie who thoroughly anderatand tbe.r business and hare city refa- j renceA Call between 11 and 1 o'clock, at hi Weal lit at. WANTED?IN A 8MA1.I. PAWILT. A QOOD PLAIN OOfck, waahi-r and iroaer; alao a u .ree and seemslr m who fa cunpetrn! to cut children a dresses Bring good city reermmencauona from laat place. Apply between the ho rn of 9 and 11 o'clock at Zli 3d ar? corner of 13th at. FFTANTFC-A YOUNG GIRL, IN A EK8PBCTABIJC FF fhinlly, to i -, .. attend children and do the up alalra work: muat be kind tn diapi altlon and tidy In peraon. None seed ap ply unlew well r. commended. Call between the houraof 10 and tat 173 WaacSAhat W ANTKD-A NEAT C1IRI., AS Nl'RSE FOE A CHILD two yrara old and to aew. Apply between 10 and It o'clock, thia day, a: 71>j Madison eve., aeoond dear above 33tk atreat. WANTED?A YOU NO LADY, OF F LEASING AP pearance, to tend a saloon, 113 Oran i a: , up stairs. SITC ATIONS WAFTED.MALH3. Fir ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COMPANION FOR, AND FF pcare taker of, an Invalid and partially toaane lady: muat hare n fair education and good reference*. Apply at 107 Mr W> sr., Jeraey Ctty, to-day and tomorrow, from 9 till 1. FIT'ANTED?IN' A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO FF girls; one to cook, waah and iroe x- ? and the other to do the rbamoermork and waiting; Ibeymuat be of willing and obliging dlapoetitona, aid bring good reeom-necdaUotM: to auch liberal wrgea will be paUL Inquire at Ud Keel Ulh at., aeraoth houte from 2d av. OX AN TED?AS NURSE AMD 8KAM8TREKS. A COMPE FF tent woman: she mint be kind and ool glng to children, and know bow to cut and St children'a drew* and ?*w well, to a good woman (air wages will be git en. Apply at 980 Weet 19ih ?!. ?G A DAY -INTELLIGENT LADIES ARE WANTBD f..r an biinaat cmplojment, eaaler and more proftebta than teaching or sewing Apply at lit! Raman street, fourth door, room 30. Fcrvanta need not apply. ATOUMQ mam, HAVING FIVE HOURS EVERY DAI unoccupied, wishes for employment aa bookkeeper la some large oomtnettial house. He la perfectly qualified far the task HaUsfacikmjjlven on trial or no bargain. Speaks aad writes ^ punish and Frouch. Would alas keep the bonka In epaniah if requited. Addieea Francis Read, box ISO Uemid office. A FIRST RATE PROTESTANT OROOM AND OOACH man, with good city reference, wants a aituahon aa shore Address J. L., Herald oflioe. or No. 8 Clinton Hal!, Aator place, live doora east of Broadway, where he may be eeeo. A MIDDLE AGED MAM, FROM SCOTLAND, OF great e-prrieo-e in cattle apd abeep, and a farmer, wit bra the aaanagemrnt of n farm Beat of referenoe. Call on or address C. Ml chell, Dialer Hotel, 141 Wa ihlngkm at AYonKO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS POETE8 to a store, or would assist tn selling or keep accounts If req uirec. Caa be area at 171 East 33d at., between 1 < and 21 avee , third floor, front room; referenoe given IT required. A PERSON OF RESPBCTABIUTT OFFERS HIS RXR vices as major dome to any lady or gentleman who do not wlah to .('tend to their household affairs, amble, Ae . lis will bs found a trustworthy, tastr and economical caterer. Good re.'e rence given. Address Wm Henry, 94l Broad way. AS COACHMAN-A FIRST CLASS MAN, WHO HAS been rough! up In the irtit class eetaiUahmania In Knalaud To mve trouble, no one need apply SM has any ? being to do. The highest city raferecee gheu. Address . 11., at J. Los dan's, 79 Bleacher at. New York A DELIVERER OF GOODS, OF TWO TEARS' BXPE r race In a test class retail store on Broadway, wishes a situation aa abova, or as UgLi porter; has first clam Address far four days Chaa. Wilson. 179 Bp nig at A YOCHO MAH WaHYB A SITCATIOH TH A CRO A eery aw?n. is oat afraid to wurk. Call at Ull itAh at , aaor Toroskmn square put. A^m YOCHO MAHOKBTXPKRIOm EDDCATIOH ACTIVE, +.tmr uil bonart. >uia a situation ti a re iota at farvira correspondent b ?*kenpci, rliip's parar. mptmrin, ot iu mit other rapacity. rewuneratau a aeoondnri oountderaUoa. Klrat rlnaa r?[fi?W'?i Addraaa O. D. 0., Her* Id other. Hardwar? -a TODirn mar waktr a rttvayior la a nktealt or ratal! hardwar* store, has >oaaa know ate of the boalaran, and la u llllng to make htmaalf mm T aarftiL Oood references aire a. Addraaa A F., liarald Situatioh wahywd-bt ak irrrLuarirr lad, m raara of ay*. la a ahtpplaa or mereantlle kouar kaa kaaa four raara la a store. aad wtllTuraiak am rlaaa rat?r*nras aa to koaaalr. wflKayneea. Ac. Addraaa B. O. ? , W Weal Wash lagtse plaaa. orrrarir)* wahtkd- by a* ehtbrpribtxo, tn O dnatnooa rtmaa man. who apeaks aad writes both tka Eacllak aad clariaa laaguagm miaaUi. la ropabin, aad wtibec to lorn Ma haada to aayt)ln(. Baal ctij rsfareooe Addraaa T. A. W.. boa U? Herald oRee. rHH fro vision irncH Aim, cohtmactobs and Mtkan-lka aohaarlkar. who baa kaaa aa aiiaidia pro iwa and loearamrnt ooaUaolor M Boftand. ara wall and famraMj kaoara at Drptfnrdaad Wanlbobam at wklakruAaalllai yardshafalUledaeowueet for beef iMatast aaaaoo, would be wlUac to Irani rtl a respectable bo-as aa aopanataadnit or laaaapar, aad fraaa Ma aalaaalra praniaa aad parfart knowledge of Ika knrtaaaa M IL Its rnrloaa branches. woald ba found aa Important aavWUa lo aar house a ho may be edaaalreljr engufltd ia contract aad olhar orders for the aaaiunc aaaana. (WaaaatBiealious aldrawad to Y. U, BaraM odkw. wtl mart with altrntloa. WAHTHD-A B1TCATIOH TH TOT DBUO BUSTII1. by a young maa from tka booth who haa had IS raara* ? lpartaara aaa Wring tha beat id rsfarmem aad aaa ladaaaaa trade. Address g.Tboi 1?S Borfolh roalodtee. WAJtYBD?A imJATIO* TO <K> BOOTH. AM COACH man aad gardener. by a maa who la ? aapaaaal to labe eharpa of a imtbaaa'i plaaa, aaa pl*a tha brat of etty rofor poor oo lo > impair, aabrlety aad capability. Addraaa U.W.&.. Herald uRce. WOOIN HIDKR AND IJtATHTH.-t Y'lCMQ MAH. I IthnronphlT ac I'latntrd with thr pnrrhaar aad aalr of woo!, bldrs aad I. alb> r wtabrw a anua ma, atlbrr na i nmalmhw nr aaiary; m a mwpeteai bookkeeper, mnafartnry ufaimwa given Addrrm W. B. U, II h wg at. W^HAHTVD-nr A OOACIIMAH WHO IB ABOUT LXAV ? Mf Mi praarat mm 'oyer, la aaaaaauawra nt tha latirr snug in New Orlnaas. a amine nwonilna la a private family, thr bmt of rrfrrrnor a ill ba J*raa aa la hoarrty, aobrlaty aad a faithful paiforaaaora of fla dirties Addreaa J . hot l.TM r<atodB-r. pnw Yarh. W| hartr| fancy |t?la. lo br rmplorid. laaalra H Moorr. lk Waal lTffc rtJ AHYFD?A MYTJATTOH AH BALTHMAH IH THK who mala hnaiary boalsraa, by a aaaa of oat Mir acr and aar ami yaara' n pari maa ia I be tmdr. or la tha r"da. will ba aaindail Whh a small salary. Ma nhjrri ,? fYrANTAD?BY A BHABT. ACTTTT. MAH. A BTTCA Yr Uea aa pnrirr. salary aardrrntr Brat rf.y rwfrramra na u< hoamy and w.brlaay from bla lam rambryw, whrir ha haa baaa for the Mat sla raara. Adlrraa L. box IdT Herald odwa. Ur AHYMD? t BTYPAYIOH. HY A KMIPnrYABI.K yoriaff la a nod pronma. Aa : ar n' mtuma an go North Addrrm B A. W , SMm E iliei oMaa, *h are.. Haw Yarh. for two d>ja. WAHTBD-A BfTCATIOH AB COACHMAH, BY AH RagUahman Mjmiaefapa, br prrfm-y nadnraa b iha rare and mii amial af Irian from hia ymtb. baa bare are ui irlriar botb I* LnnAaa and J?rw Tnrk. aad cm. by i rfnri am. Add glrr faad eby ranrrean Addrrm d. H . He mid o?cn ?M liar ;.?r. mmrwmmKW ot ub? iwo wimt. *"9 in m rnr-v, k lo l?a *' mllaa Flni prbw, BW Mr af prlar. BU. ibi'd ?H, bnat uimtahar -aaraarw t?a Boaia cm br mmrad ap ta mnaof rtai ia? Kn'raaea fea > BAHD BtlWIHfl RBQdfTA.--BUTH AHBDAIr BB YT ?a? a nf tha Fmptra City Be|ntt? Club a. i Via rod a Uar dra feoBday, Bapt Ji Fir* rarea ? oae day Ftrol ram to Mart al na* ">'??* P. M All boats lo ba mterad ai lb# Br rbaarr, tap Bouth atrart, or bt tb* Mai m*aua| of the Clop at Ika M Mark a Plaeo Horn' nrmar of Ybtrd area a a id BiabU strrra on I lar am m Snpl 7 whoa tb* rhrdoa nt pnMtbma la Iho rare will ba drawn for by tb* aar* ml err wa BTFrMBH BOBKBTB riaMdaaL A. M Mararwa Fwoomrr. HMMBH R hMIHTa. Lha TO' inrrrr hocm bibobh poiht, h. J ?tWt la Ton ran* Hauaa wit br h*pt m*a thrmmh B?pt*mbm and omatmr d**M*d1y tb* moat plnamirt m mtba of tb* mmtm. at ihia pahak Pamlltai aad etb*ra r*i valaa from tb* Horthm* wnMria# planei. and deaSrlrt to anwn < a law n?*ba la Haw trwh I'd kt rtotally will (aid ?ba LnTonratla m i miamri I aa ? hwel la biwn Bnaia l#ar e per Ba IHetb r ar at TM A g;. ?M a- ^ P ? fram Day ^ (Tin mar'y eg Imfarpa Haas* pemnmar RblLROIM. >HrpW YOBB ABU ft A BI.BM BAILBOAII. ?I fiU fD AtHaHTHL s- ?r VimdAT. ' n? M IMII ^-ir I '?? e Two ty ?:>tb atmrt watkm Hew Tnrh. na 'otlnwa - For W|iPaian--rl. a* red al' way atnums ?a |t A M. aad 310 P W. f t taaba Plabaa uat all wai caBaaA th itadt r B For Wbba Plalaaaad al' w?y amiiim*. > II tm m Mrari depot Tar Crabm Fol?r fenm faeat rwitl daant, .?'? A. M. sbirp'og al H> imiaahrMpe aad surma Imm Far Pii<^|i|MM|HianiMdm P M SMpptng I rbT^ >d i nU wa- raimaP! H. For i'mum rolls 'mm f ***<. a>th i M . abwp'og at H; :miBshrld|e nad a >e For PnrarPA'na ' -~m Tweat# T.ib atearr depot t Bl .J almT'le* at WbBe Plains and en oia shorn? <Ma tm a r?M b> Mtttrcbm arary SatfAar *rantirf t For Aibaay fmm Tw*a'?rtttb ?tr*ai lepnt, lull a M.riprmo maa warn. BbM^^m^Mm, Bad'ord ( mum Fa,.e. and Matinaa I BHTTHHtHO? wn Ma W 'tloMebrtda*. al wpta* at all way wall aaa R dn, {V ? nndt' M WhB* PbMwa, Mop plea at alt way Matn-aa. and 7 A. H . i IB aad T P. M paerr PBb au.Ata at n . amtena BWrth of FnrdbOM ? A M - this trala :*nr*r V\ w-vm amry Mondar awwaiaa at 5 * < ' rtrna Palis S P. M , armi at allaiater-ia anrih of Fnrdham Aibaay I A M , Mnpptac M all wait aa north ?''' inm ? JuHK Ill Rt HIIX Aatiauit Bannrl itaadaot. for plear -a irarat ?fyaMa l?aea Toaaty With rtram atailaa aa f nlaw*?M HIM ?mproM f<* Al i baay. Triry mroinaa. Mara Bprta?. HHyara PrtW, ImM v?? YOMK 'AHP HABL.HM BA1L.B') SD?(KTMMHB AY arn . .TBroinpa, bbame Sarlim ICn*a?a Frtla. UaM Ie'mana Sp-nea Ink* Hebnwee. inaamd'ad a A'may with Maw rnrh thwrnl Batiraad par ma1 islanM H rrnra Falls and all pHwwa w*w saawl h troina fr? Bar* tn?a and alt potato B e*b 'III w.-Far cpr a Fails ana n*er If n? f? 'dm'a We?dre WIS rn*?r (br tote Wane t m# n??l w ' r Jlon Fa. ? wmk rtnywa ? w 'maa "??mae a St t V ? F? p *r r*.* crma^riig m '?,.t*n-a BMdpa wrw t'tr?* "w " -it Wjaei at n.-BJi Fwti wuh mocw fa. I*T- *nk ?nc ?naa Ktnsu Mwu-e POLITICAL TTK A DQC A KThKB BRKCKINP.1DGR AND LANK ?D Central Campaign Club, 785 Broadway. ?A regul l?( of tbu Club wiilbe held 785 Broadway. ?A regale* m-M ???L at Ooidbeck'i Muatnal Hall, 755 Br. sdway, no Wednesday evening. Dept. 5. at 5 o'olook r. ?? Ail member* are rcepeelfuii v requested to attend. ? ? GIDKoN J. Tl'CA&R, Pre?U*aL J. I. Lawn, Jr., 1 Daac l.AWggacn S H1I0 Ritur, ' fiki.-etanea. National dimocbatic ok.viral oommitto. Thc regular mouthy mrA :i of :ae Nations! Democratic General Committee of the ritr aad oouoty of New York will bo he. > a: their rooms. 755 U rood way. un Thursday eeuif, Sept. 8, at 3 o'clock. By order, O. W. SMITH, Chalrmn*. Jawm Htrsrr*. t Wiu.ia? Csarwittf . JBecl*-*r1'* vtational democratic general coMMrrnHt. lf ibe regular monthly meeting ot loll tola committee will be held on Tkuraddsy owning. September t>, at 7-, o cloak, al Punctual aiieniance is re i-.ewed. ttelr rooma 765 Broadway. __ Bvnrrtcr of U. W. bMITH, Chairman. Byorderof TRK DOUGLAS OKNTBAL CAMPAIGN CLUB WILL meetou Thursday evening. 8th mat., at do cluck, at . __ I ike cor DCr Broadway aad Thirieruth street. In accordance with a reeo lotion adopted at tlie last meeting, nil the deuiocraa. < lube favornb'e io the election of Douglas and Johnson are tnv iod to unite with the Central Club la the Grand Democratic Barbecue at Junes' Wool. dept. 12. They are also requested to furnish the Central Club with tbe names of their officers, number of membertnud place* of meeting By order JOHN B. uitiuoa, President I.tme F. Co?aw.) ? R O. Dowwtwe. . secretaries. mil* BOOTH BBOOKLTM ONION LKAGOK. HEAD 1 quarters corner of Court and Backeit atresia, will be or ? ? ? ? Mil. All every evening during tee week, at 3 o'clock All young meu in tavor of the Union of "78, and opposed to the sectionalism of 13W, arc touted to Join. A grand rally on Thursday eve ntng Biulacat speakers will tdareee the meeting rOC?G MEN'S DRMOCBAT1C REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITTER TAMMANY HALL. A sail to the Democratic Young Men of the city nod county of New York, adopted Sept. 4,1380. Tbe democratic electors composing the various Y>urg Men's AaenelaUona throughout the rUy, and all thoee friendly to the Association, and In fare r of our national regular nominees, Douglas and Johaeoo, are requested to meet on Muoday, the lblh day of September, Inst., for the election of delegates to the several nominating Cooreatloni as hereinafter prescribed. Five delegate* from each ward to a citr and county Cooren Don for tbe purpose of nominating candidates for the offices of Register Huperrtam- Justice of the Supreme Court, Recorder, City Judge ?ml Surrogate. Five delegates from each ward to eaeh Oegression*! dis trict to a Coo rentke for the purpoae of nominating a candi date for member of Coogrea* In each of atld districts, seven deletatea fii-m each Assembly district to a Convention tor the fmri-oaeol nominating a candidate for member <>f Amem'Uy n each of aai.i dlmrlrU ns follows:?In the Twelth. Sixteen Ih. BUhle enlb. Nireteenib, TweDtteth, Twenty drat unrt Twenty aeoond wards, ft. tuing each an Aaarmbly district, seven del* gates from each ward! In the other wards for u.ue delegates to nominate which delegates In case tbe ward ts divided In tbe formation of Aseeanbly districtt shall be apportioned according to the established baata. Tbe Chy and County Convention will meet al Tammany Monday, taa 17th of September, last an', at i o'clock. Belt. _. ^ , The (Vogrraak-nnl ? onvoouoos will respeoli\ol> meat, on Tuesday, the lllhof beptember, Instant, at 3 o clock, al the '"rhirdftfitrSl at Fifth Ward Hotel Fourth District, at Garrlrk'a Sixth Ward Hotel. Fifth li strict, at ti<# urand street. Btxtb I Hat riot, at Fifth street and avenue A, Knoernerts. Seventh Dtatricti at Twenty first street and Seventh avenne. Ilgliih District, at Hebard A McCoy's, corner of Fourth ave nue and Thirty second street. The Aevemblv District Conventions will reepeetlvely meet, on 1 bornday. the Utii of September. Instant, at S o'dook P. M., at the placet to be hereafter design vie.: J. AUGUSTUS PAGE, Chairman. J. W Com 'rs, Jn. Bk.var J. Caaragu, arvrvvygtiyH Waso. n rvi vTi s tag. pirTen.vru wasp, Thomas Norri*. f?TH CONGUBUONAL DISTRICT, U Fifteenth, Seventeenth and Bleventh Wards. At a Mam Meeting 01 over 1.5D1 electors of theabov e Wards, held'at Hermitage Hall, on Monday, 8epL S, the foil >wtng oe.yr presided ? CHAlBkAK, HKXRY RHE'PABD, M. D. ?fgltftlM. D. R. FRAN 8KB, J NO. O. HlfLOP, M. D. nm ntrsinrvyj, Thus. Kvilly, J ns Mas -n, Thomas Norru Br-rnard 1 hristman, *? Cumm' ige. John Kenry, Nlrhntaa Kernel, Was. Kraft, J oka Smith, Valentin- I.ute, Then H .rris-m, Michael Phubin, Cnaa, Karl. James Kelly. Joe. Fernandez. I has Handel, John Whueasan, Dr Ktrby, Jr, Rdward Hare, Robe.1 Abera, Patrick McCar.y, Thas. K. For an, George Karl, Michael Cooltn, Jobs M loogblln, Kobbina T Cullen, Geo bchunmaa, John TorneyJ fa llanrock. Man-is Belly. J aha H. Doyle, Owen Murphy. _ Resolved, That all power ovlglaatm with the people. Heeotred, That we deem It a duty tncoeabeai oo the veCen of each district lo recommend to the mvoral nominating cue rcatluna the aimm of such eaadldatea as they believe to he the hem Sued to repieeont the mtereale of Ihla district Keeol-ed, That as Hon. John Cochrane dors not falthfuFy repreoowt iso Internets of this district, wa. the people, la aaaas meeting assembled, hereby rasoive>o oppoao hie iiomtaatlee, from wnatever orgaalxatiow It may rume. Beaulvrd. That this meeting hating been vailed fur the pqr pons of r-meulUag and dec Ida g on the beet mean* of carrying out ths views of the voters of the district, we do now request our fhnlrmaa to appoint a committee of Ova to coaler wuh the several organtrattoaa la refamnoa thereto. Raaolvad, 1 hat after mature deliberation sad a earef u! ran vaaa of the wishes of the people, this .meeting Instruct Its mm a the several organisation* lo mhi lilitsae miUhA |p org upon I c redited the asms of Isaac lawreno* as the eholoc of thla dls trtct aa 1U rei; rear a tall vela I ongraea Beaolved, thai coma i mdmg the nagollatiooa en'rusted lo our aahng adjourn lo rasmamkla al the call id ? a.tcli further aciiuu aa the etale uf the oar the Chair, and take such further acUuu aa the state uf the par ly mat seem lo re,-ire RJ" u'ttSt. M.B, t W"" ioth ward ?iw aooordaicc* with twk rux It) of (to Ktaautlre Committee of Ike "alimul iriimneiallii fleaarm: Camminaejlie following 411:7 aim RTSo OomSm af Ike ThirteeaW Ward, *? R PrederV-h Hottetn. Rain1 PtA. W*. B. Bairn. Br . iT01'.,* JV*1, it l^uihaaa;. *a B MeMaaua, We. MtWuurt, WrtddertrhHermat. OeiLtpbem. John 111n. Rd.ardSkh.*. Beagemla ftarkar DMkel OT?m.I. An <1 Mrtloa, laaaa HrUe. r H Barrel!. Bewr T Wirt nwM ftrtw. *?. | derailv * Jnaaa Mclnurv. LeJi Hoiketor f a Ooiliaa J ok:. Henry" Thaw lair;, Ue? O Wee. H j*?'? Rone* Jamea 1 lartiaotb. TVimaa r^a. Aadrow Barker. "fi bpjheUaM _ ? I) l .im Wl :-a-n R. Beirh. Jr. O Br .nlrk. R.J Ktrk^^ Wm.? lupormld. Jr., rra4. r. Hi^ar -I CTH WARD BRKf'KIKRITX1B AXO LAJTB CU7R IO A n adjourned a?*a? of lAa metnbrra of tbe oboee ae trtern. the Rnr. II la tadey arm l? HI una itemed. B7 order. V, JR. Vina Pfaeidenl. ?? : ; :?*? ? ?- ? ?rm w m ?w?rf ?| | BMR adi be held at their baa<i ...artera the Wore. II let rm Blare Bleat her Area*. oa Wedaaaday errant, IU laa at Socio, h A f nil attendaaee la re neeiad. Bp < W-_J. Fabap. Haaralar/ pro tea. 1 fflll WARD-A MKKTINO Of TIIR DorOI AB ARD it' ClkBf* tUa ?ar4 wtli be k> 1 at U nraa, 0 llall. I7? WooAer Arnrt no #ein ale7 e eain-.v Heolender .1 I-4U a: I oaiorb. All JararerMa frieontble to lha e'er una 0? Dongka and JAaaoo art triuaAOd to at trad. H; ret Ml of wm Dvrrr, i-raaueat 2on ward.-a rk? wtctiim ofthriwrr A If ?mad Ward Raima! Demorraun W ? til he beul at B .part a Bat.. Ib rrtp thud at Broadway and Biphth aeen e. oa Thandap re bar A at 71, oelpeh By M- ad Ward Raima! Denorrati Ward CVnaailtue I at B .pert a Hal., la tt'tp third rtraat, hetwer., ? Tburada/ eraaiaa. Bapiaai ? >. BRER BAR, "lilnaaa ?XCI HHIORh. GRAM! BXtTRBIOR Tt) THB CHUUKRA RARER M prtre far the larvae! Woa flah. aad H prlna for tha araatt aaa haaa aanahL A aalrnd* (old huatlna naaa Weak will ba rallied far aa board. Tha wall kamra a win aaa aarlater HL'bTBBBk. oaah J. DanB, will ?aha m tmmntm In tXe a bora faaaatta *ahliiA aroaada fMvi Bep?hpr t. ISA), taartaw Jarkana BieN. B?I rtrar. f ?< A A . Worth Tkitd MrrrlW iHHaml nr?. IA. TIT BrMaa atraet BMMfk It, A M , Paeh alia. Beat rtrar, 7 4. A., rottmrn Aroet, Brook Ira, Td A ? .Bprfap Mroei. Worth rlear, la t I .had ptar I Porth rlrar. I a'ahwfc A. m. pre tael* fare for the eatrtr alt a. fl laaea hah and rafraabmeaia f tr- udal 00 board SpL AakM Calwi^ baud- h. B ?bhotild napw will ba p tip mad 1 olwafl. lha wall kawwo ana* will ba 00 boo Id tha traaUxw be aaa>?aaal lha aapur tah> .aad oaal He Mil lair da7. rTAROfT rOWTABTIW -A W*w PI.Af*H?FA"4At<J Tana r Ufa. H. J.-Wa ere arw open VydPWtre ha r oralaoa rbeaeea nt fenu pi taaa to II p w pkr ,r >,v? ?. fcriiar ? T?rtki| Tamft <x)Hfa*tw ATT*irrio?.-Tir* rixflT | plaee 'of you h> r> la A the T- rfUoa Hm aad Haul. Ore arftttAea walh frou the If* l.n rtaj, Q taraa-iaa. ?Ui-? letaaA. A baa BaHrawa hfark'd. Rr?r r anaauaa i-dd v> RBIiraTH A mu.W rrepn-iarW. Tabu it court mm. atthwtti w BTKWARTW HUTRU Ctp-eaa HI!la Maeeieatired Raad. U I. Praatrlalar ... Tbaw Brwirt, TW en bee rl oar b?*1?? e eglrul kta arroi mweota .1 be abaee Hotel, bepa lea re la call lha attention of bla rrtewda aad tha pobUr penerollr to the rmry anoarMr acwnoaaaXaU * n r v~aaa foe tarpet airnrekma and toli ler ootaonnte, ,0,. r?tl7 The heal tar?ee amnad ta the Mate Dinnrn. rrortde-t for . -he* arpe r awtelT p.-t.a. on 'be ?? n. I be h 1*1 ? onU iwn ulfiw and a hail GampW lha Wb Bamrt-Off ferrW Owtlbtw* ran ha rhatdamdal Id oeaia per head. One Wikl wtC ba a emrlaelac pranf that the Apia of mAlaa op tmr dtanera A oaa-iaalldaadtbaa oar wto.vuT J1* ?ad rnfara araof IrA rata dttaWT.aad e- am Unrrti ,r?ed ftw ?a the aknai taadarua tanaa VhoMaa hTpWART IDA. MIU.IARUB -POR BALR. fllTB TABUR (T? rtfK?D OR ? der rhoueof fta.l or aar .tvd Ar?. forlkawaa 4 '2ft J?!_1" fdr ** week. 10 aa.a Aoeaaa lainlra al H7 Bptdna erael Bii.i.iardb -rr?R baj.r a sru Knin ptoi.ic ?>w I?aw aad aeenod hand Tab ea al re .exwbia pnraa OWI bad euame or aaad 7'tir order* >j mill W H ORirnni iwiuibm Araet. C1ARD -inodAk K. CTTU.RV. nORRRR BROAHWAT > aad Blntb Arret, ret'una Ibaaha to hafrieadaaai Ua pabHe fee the Hberal patnwapa baA.<wen no hint for lha laet aeera pram, aad h-pea op rkw? aad uadtrMad kMaatV 0 to All I aunt tbadr pa'r n .pa He baa now fnrnhkal ?ad raBAed hia B*, where ererp rardetp lha aai.rket af fordt Will be aertad np u the ease prvea aa beramfora I be oaantp of bto 111 nor. and Hepar. ran 1" be e?-e;ied hp aar ea taO|..iaMari la tbeaif T?e muiard Ronar km beta aewlp 'jr'***! drr t{ v?id lat leawlih mar Je belt, and a'l JPajAtapro- aauaa A. B. -rrra Inaeh errry dap U II n< R T-BKUBVW IT. TH ' PTATT.Mt .WTbTno AITHO I '"?"Trf pf foewppd by aerlat tttt'-rn-ewl pafle. tbnt the aei llaaAaa of mteoalrad <y other la lA r ibher m MttArd Tki lea te Mb. r arw i?aaf ataaafoetMre. ttaa btm.iti rt rl'W'e toeoKMdp io tbta mnrnry ar? nli aah tft'oi a. a aipttaoa .ad ataAtea.p tfatrae Jiwt eali as, 1 aar ke beantif-i Bt'baH Taldea ?v, pfi,^ o |T" He. her a laipr red Merhaaieall Ahlrnk' al lar lart'rp of la HP I I hi Aaa Aree' Rew tort Pf'RfAA*WRA OP BEUlIn TABt.AB IWTWR TfTBI | A.teal frelli# rowo booarl . or . a-tie ?r ? aeelop I thet, IT * " aed p ale f r I bar e. t. edpenr'a In nt n-d r tj r*s' r" id . Robber ? nt a? rd pi ew t? e ba wl. u*'A i| UH? ??? r* *tV# wf 'Nl I *#t*} p - fr ,, , f M???'-? I VlM % r- ? w 1 ?? *H ??% * ? pV ni Vta'i ?> . 1 V ? v%v B'W Tv? A ttT-e' e' Ml ^ TW UT1 FOR CI^SIIVTICATIOV. ATOCIfO AMERICAN WIDOW," WITHOUT FAMILY, MA !?( * plea?ol nicely furnished Boom to A BOntleoean AIM] lady, with lkard for ihe lady. Would aroommedato *u y **Able roue* Udy. Table good; board weekly lu adi ane-. References exchanged U Conmeroe Arret ooat tTeeoaer fARBWKIX BENEFIT TO Me DOB ALf*. ?Mr DON AW), the Neeoud of Heenas, will take a Benefit on Monday e,-e sing. At the Otty B?sinbly Boom. John C. Heeuaa will ad pear M URIC-INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO AT TWO doll?I per?oath, with priviltige of prec.loe, byaUdr well qUAltfled. 1'upUa attend*' at their rralrteocra HTHn U0 to ?U per quarter. Apply at 17- TweaipUfth street be'.weea SereaUi and Eighth Artanas. Papers pending kbpobb his honor the ma yob fur approval PROM COMMON COUNCIL. Reaoltulna to confirm ??h?iihii for paving Thirty seventh Street between Plrot andBecvad aveuues, and appointing Joaa than Trotter. Collector of Alarmmoote collector thereof. Board ol Councilman, Augwt 7, ld6o. On aye* and noet Confirmed. Board of Aliermao. Sept S, 1980. On apt* aad now adopt W' R.-s .u 'on to confirm a?ae?ment for laying cross wtlke at the lo'erac -tine ot Pearl and I audeeuler street.*, and appoint lrg Jot a than Trotter, Collector of Asseajmenis, coLectcr there, Y. Board of CotmoUinrn, August 7, 1.80. On aye* aad noee cor firmed. Board of Aldermen, Sept. 3,1060. On ayee and oooa adopt ed. Beeolu'lou dlrscttag the Comptroller to draw hie warrant in favor of the Treasurer of the Children's Aid Society, for the sum of three tho: uud dollars, and charge the same to accoua: of donations. Board of Connoilntou, June U, I960. On sees and noes adopted. ^Boujy. of Aldermen, Sept 3,1366. On aye* aad qom adopt Besolution directing the Street Com mi?loser to employ a competent person tn take charge of the two steim fire engines now In no?rwion of the Rvrtapt Engine Company ^ Board of Couaedmeii J uiy 6, ibfil). On *q et and oom adopt Board of Aldermen, Sept 3, IM. On ayes aad noes adopt, e<l Reno'ntlon to appoint a joint committee of three from each Board, who, together with the Major, ?b:.ll ootifer with the of finer* of the Seventh regiment as to the proper means of enter t.inln* tbi authorities of theeltvof Washington, expected to visit this My U. present the Heve.ith re*.men: with a stand o! Oulora, snd to eatend the h-wplislmno of th.- city to them. Board of Coumfilmeti, bept. 8. 1-tdO. Ado|>led, and Council men Battleh, Roliwsgcu and Pinoknej appointed said ootu mittra Board of Aldennes, Sept. s, I860. Concnrredta, and Alder men Boole, Knear 11 and South appointed such committee. Besolution that the ac tual opening of With avenue, from 129th street to Harlem liver, as continue t by the bnpreme 7th day of August, t-do lake place forthwith, and JonathaaTnyter be appointed Collector of Assessments Iherelor. Board of Aldermen, An gnat 1.3,1380. vdopted. H<<*rd i f OotinnHn?SI. sept. 8, 136U. Concurred in. Ruse lution directing the < tompUroUer to advertise for propo rals fur building a steam fire rugmc for Hoae i tompany No 8, tn be coustrnetcd similar to those naed by Engine Companies Nc s. 2t> and?6, particularly In regard to boder and piuap of aaiii engim-s. Boar J of Aldermen, Sept 3. 1300. Adopted. Itosrd of C umUbmb, Sept. s, lsoO Ayin aad noes con enrred in Been) utton to amend n?tne of .1 tmee A. .1 aekaon to Joseph A. Jackson, In lis of Commissioners i Deeds, it being a cleri cal error Hiardof Aldermen. Bept 1 I860 Adopted. Board of t'ouncilmen. Sept it, 1360. Concurred in. Resolution to permit Janice L> DOMM to ere.-t s watering trough wntwest oorner n] Amity and Thompson streets, dur Ingthe pleasure of the Common Council. Board of Aldermen, Sept A IdtM. Adopted. B ?rd of Conncllmen Sept 3, I860 Con?-nrred lit. Resolution on petit! n of property ownei s tn Twentieth street, between UuiIsod rtver and a fine RIO feet weet of Tenth avenue, to raise grade to that established by ordinance approved by the Mayor April 9, 1890, and repair and reset cure and gutter ?Mm Board of Aldermen, Sept. A 1-fiO. Prayers of pdtiiiut eri sram-'d. Board nt Oouarllmaa, Sept. 3. 186J. Concurred in. Bseoiutton that election poll of Ninth district Seventh ward, be hsi l at No. IGouverneur street. Board of Al,tenure. Sept. 3. UdO. Adopted. Hoard of Counctlmen, Sept. S, IttdO Coerurred In. Resni-.pon that the same ot Joseph Mimed. on lha list ot ttommbPoorr* of Heeds, be corrected to read Jqaeph Mil ward, the same being a etorti al error. Board of Al ermen. Sept A 1-At ad e-ted. Board of Connctlmre. bent A I SB. t oaenrred tn. Itriolii KTO to appoint Mlehaet Mr ton, Clerk of Seventh District Court. a ' ouiaiaaioner of Heeds ta place of Charier 1>. Marsh rosined. Boa d ot AMermen, Kept A I860. Resignation accepted AB'l r?ohit'on sdopted on ayes on noc* Board Ol CcnncUtMB, Bept. 3, 136P. Ayee and noea con curred tn T?m CARTMEN.-THB MOST COMPLETE ENYABLWH _ ment tn this <lty for lato? Horee. spring Cart, Harness, wo?h Mablc, mturea, Ac. Rneh a ehaace to aeldom offered. At-pl) before t> A. M. and after fi P. M., at Ho. MBtrlogiou street. In the rear. TO LET-TWO rTBNHHKD BOOMS IN A CENTRAL loc?gin. 138 Thompson street. The soft rsn ha sera aad part! "'.an furnished on application at the box ollee, Wlblo'a pantrvla Garden. Wi NTIH?LAMOK FURNISH ID ROOM. WITHOUT B< ard, down town of widoe Udy pre:cried . by young gentlemen. terms must be moderate. Address Bucia Winy. Herald "die#. LOST AMD EOIRD. I OCT?SATURDAY NIGHT, EITHER IN SEVEN Li teenth street, Itoveeth avenue, Fourteenth street, or raiace OarJee, a Hair Necklace, mounted with soil. The finder wil he rewarded by toavtng u u No. U7 West Hevan T ORT-OW BATUBDAT AFTERNOON. IN OR If BAR Ju Broadway, hstwesn Twelfth and Tn cnty firm streets, a Bsitr?onnato, contaUUg three 61U0 bills. 686 in gold, IUI 73 to a c heck on astty bank, aad tame other papers A liberal reward will he paid for tho reoovary of the above by Hot SAAB A Co.. U Wall streak T OCT- OK MOHDAT AFTRRNOnN. IN RROAOWAT, Li Raomu otroot or it on* ot tbo Nvih >rnu> oar* a half tbroofh t.ckot to MneVool wHA Urkot (or borth No M I mw for Troy ?iptmrr ?'nmmndoro for Troy. Tbo ft* lor will i? ?aiUlily ro , lor Mt7| wardi d bj loaTtnfr Ujoai m tbo Homo Journal oOoe. 117 Fultoa LO?T-0K MOKIUT RVRN7NO IN TH* HITTII APR boo uf Riohth ?r<-#t ataka, a Mark Oyer* Olaaa Th? 8Li- rr at' bo gtjtahly roa anion oo rrliiruiu ibr n?f at tbo obao of tbo A nor Ho-jr. T OST? TWO BANK BOOKS ON Tint BROAOVAT ii So> :\n Book. ? tbo otkor oo tbo Raororr Ha.tnaa' Boob. ICtTlA oa Hno-day, Bret. S. Tboy woro irat la OlaaB airort bo aroaa 7 aad So clock. Tba uador ?U1 plead* loaro thrw at 71 Uroad Mroal LOBT-AN AI RUM OR BOOK. CONTAINING PBBTOXB nf a-ork la coral. Tb? o'anbabiy rawarlad b< loiTh c tbo 00:00 ot tbo More, 71 f ?Uoa ilrrot. Now Iuiul, boyt. 1. llWI T OBT-IV ORB OP THK HROADWAT HTA'tR*. A i J lis hi *roy Or normal. Aay porao .? iraiof 11 to Mr. II time ? siuh oioooo. will bo atlbably r awarded. Lost-on TrRBnAV. ?tti ins?., ib titk rowrrt, ?iO-.r fmirtb Otrr-t, o <?old B icklo lod Haol. oarinalM o ?MMb nf a lady. It la of (root i olno M ibo ua?r rm j a* iltoa kropaoko Tbo llndrr wl.l bo a.J'.o:-., rooardoi by lonrtua k M 2? SOT roth oiroot. N T. RPORT1RU. A^W.WaY* OR HAND-PROM flfTT TO OMR HUN dr.-J IVifam oil Ibo rhrtrro braada both I ?r ?? o and ol ?k purpooo. I'artb Jar *uoo?b>a pari U> ibo troauaoat and nrr nf rt.ooea.-a of all kiadi ; an euro an pay. dardoor'o M.nfo Oi r? S<r?ata prr buulo. Dnco boardod. trainod. i mi' and 'rlwmrk o tbo boot mnaor J nr. impor.o-l four H jJ Tori ior tV.a, nf tbo oaiaro atoek I Ibroo Ob} famori 4 ? ?bo puropc Srooi . too HrO'h dor II iarro a ro .mo amo Rnana bl.-alb . jd Murk, all baoaMfoTIl aportort Ad ? a.CO Rnosma kb-dbouf * Mllrb. a I baa'.u'nuy opnnati 00 I dr. o> H iIARONKK. mmor Pnrty atphlb oiroot oo< Nradway (' 1AL"RTC TACHT TOR SAlJt?A HRAUT7PUL TRO J i>#IVr Ta-k- TO fool Inao, If food boeia, with T'larda If MoW oTor all. wffb anfta'dW foil party of twon ? fro per inoa. a ad ntiad atih ???. ytblai ai ITT. oOUior for buaiaooo purroora "* plaao iro pernor Bbo k aroroUrd by oar at Rrb-oa>? a lain 33 tarb . nolaaa rnaa iat;iflna of fnol tan Saab Ola - antbrac to ooal por day. Applr al tbo a|?aey. Id* lb jib : VJIRAN'TB NUT7.RR NO 1 PRt'K BLIP, HAH THR I.AR g root aad rbnlroal aaanlmant nf Dpoa la tbo world, both f oala ar d nork BatKr'o MaUibla Maa?o t'aro aad PWa Pitarmiaamr. 10 eoala por baVla Ittgt baarded. in .iad. Ac. Adrloo praba CR B J I.R?A BUP'aJNBR TAITIT ABOUT *0 TO NO I iVotdpT, PA.T1PB A OO , li7 WUlbam Mrar*. bo'.wooo 1??nn FOR BAWI-TO PA rr rim THINK 1N<? op ??L boa l.JB* foot \n, Ot J. it BKARD1LRY. 11J ffaaoa ol. T TUB RAO LB BBABKI.LBO PVBNITUBR RANU for 47. BW Bmndway, f.?o d.mra sbaro lo in k> tboatro - ? iporb aad otocaai i baaabor a. pa la all olyioa Bo ourao and mbra. upnno rsnai BtS aad npward- Taa boot oaaaw 'od P'.r iltaoa aioanfaeluktd. P.oaao call aad oaa Am BBPROOV BUTT or ?v ? ?fi t (!? n ? n r ? IwmNy T"9 plaroa lo? ulol ai. [. . . 1 . ...-iio .0.1 ' ,-T"i ?? I ? am So- ??!. ? 1 ? 1 Tia it.'el. al ''arrlat m a oar#memo IB* Canal al, #op o lo Wooalor. oatafc'.lobad Ml INIp AH pi BUT PRRNTIN KNAVKI.I rI> M WMP HP I of tloabr PoraRaro for BBS, la all obnaadKyta IkO llHM| of o-.-ory dw .mi P ory aflrlo wyraatad ? BSC WOODIIRIIMIK Naa I ml a Bslktao 10 rit'.| ?ar-o*. ta A IX KTNDd OP PURNTTT RR. MATTNBB?BB ANO J\ Itodd oa ?bnt#-al?and ropill, rl oapar ifcaa any rdhor rro al il. w BNROPNim. BBS Rr.awrr. iwiarooa PlaaV r pad ?oodnaM'rom 'mil "no rW aobad All |ioBa aarraatod mB dt.iTOrad fraa. Rnta ibo aawbor. EHNANPI.LIO rOABRR* tons OP PURNTTUBR IN pit ril-iri aad Byloo at ab lo?a> rr roul". A. BBS ^ npw^gg, Paar d?ira aadl of Pmad my. U*URRTTUBP BOUOBT FOB BRADT BONITT ?A PAIR g Ta*to flTPB la roady mmoy for PnrnUnra, Ilarpala lata be . oi US BUib aooant. Wwooa NlaU aad Tomb (OI BTRT BOARD rABO AT OORNWAU ?A PBW P?Mn IBB (.V ao' oawndatod wNb Board dnrtOf tbo mnakko of N B* bar and 'Ntobar. op ibo wtatar 0 band Tbo bw MorMm ?M. Inratad. baotafl a Baa flaw nf ibo rtroo aad orbrta Ot ua try. Por NrMaor partionlara apply U M o.j-mr.udtak Kail. Oyaast aanaly. nrtoCR llTP ro H 'fTTw, toSL #, irs.BmatMy, r J'MTRT NObRP -AT I.?KBM? . "" raao bo JO fonoa Tory r?? ?HON AC. 7N A Pf RNT f 14 Ibo ao ' nro a ad mil V*tao stJBt-Nnortra rhoovo ? ara J- na BH?~ N A-TrV f >o? t w I |"V sIt*t 16Air-tN A PBfTATM i aV'. r ? , V ldM(,BHRff?tlt>rKy lo-wa ormlii- ml? 1 m ' 0.'?Stf v" ** ' ' ? >k, m\f , ' I tVT'bfaipb, a p ...... r* f Ntli RPCCUL KOTICKI' vvvv. Aipsctal notice-to v&ormoti mercha. vli oootrartora ka4 packers. ?Tha subscriber, who * been aa saeasN? nroviatoo And government contrast, to England whose braada are wrU Bad f?-or*1-[> known at Deptlord and WaulboUaa, at which vlotuiitong yard* he fulfl'tnd a coutram foe hew* Una lad season, would be willing to treat wtth a raapectabie houae aa superintendent or manager aad from lux exteoMve practice and perfect knowledge of the bimaeaa la a'l ita various branehaa, would be found aa Important amutaninn to any bouse who amy be extensively engaged in coulrerl and other orders for thr ?asitiajr MMon. <oopainair*UiHUi addrcastd to T. U. Herald oflice, a ill meet ef.b al.esUoa CONFIDENTIAL LITERARY BUREAU, ?UU BROADWAY, NEW YURX. LECTURER SPEECHES (ncllUea! or otberwiae). Pamphlets, Harmons, Satires. ( ompre... jus. School Orations, Kaaays POEMS, OR LEI > RMS. Re need, curre- .ed or vrrfueu by ?"et eiaan of FIRST CLASS LITRBAKY ABILITY, Act AUTHORS OF ACX !f OWLEDOE!> TALRVT. NOVELS AND If kNUBCRIPTS (of all fcn te , Reviied, oarreoted and prepared tor the p?m. TRANSI ATIONH la French, German. Spartan, La.un. La da, Greek, Ac. In i 'Jrtee by leuer tniiat euclnoe stamp for reply. ALL COMMUNICATIONS HTRICTLT CONrtDBNT1AL. Edward cornimo a oo, uaye removed from SI John Mr eel to their aev atore, 76 Daaae etreet near Broadway. Frank duett will be harpy Toner hia friend J. A. C., At SUO Broadway up stair*. About thoee t lobes Yea. VTOTIPR -THE MEMBERS OF KMRMITAGB LODGE i> No 165. and of fit. Nicholas Lodge, No. Jdd, I. O. O. F. are reeuacttuily incited to meet at IhnXodM rcoaa, UU 60WW r>, at one o'clock P. M. on Thursday, Kept 6. to attend the fu neral of ottr late worthy brother, P. O. Thomas Fentou. VTEW YORK ACADEMY OP MEDICINE.-A REGULAR 1> meeting of tha New Yi ik Academy of Medic.ue will Be held this evening a. 8 o'clock. T. E. THOMAS, M. D.. Secretary. THE BOTTLERS PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION WILL bold their regular monthly meeting, on Tbtiraday evening, Sept. 6, at 9 o'clock, at Tryner'e Hall. 45 and U East Hjus'.oa street. A full attendance la particularly requested. COPARTEERgHIP NOTICES. A PARTNER WANTED?IN A BUB TEEM EMPURMP HY patent. In great demand and verv prefftahie, To a party of bualneaa rapatatiea. good' reputation* and commanding means to the extent of all thousand dollars an Opportunity fi offered of rea'istng large profit* by applying at the odtce of U. A J. McOCLLUM, 88 fid/ldge atreet, NejvYork. A MAN OF TWENTY FITB, WHOSE RESIDENCE AND bualnem eooneetlooe hare been hitherto la a Southern city in the cotton bualnem, to wb.oh he has bualneaa trtenda ana tome influence?desires to establish himself wtth suaee houae (m aay respectable bualneaa) of Handing and prude no# In city of New York, for which purpose be would wish to ftll some active subordinate post for the course of eight or tea months, at the rate of 81,300 per at nam; at tha cloee of which time, ui event of mutual eattsfartioa. he would propose bloom ing a partner, pulling la lea or Oltrea thorn awl dollars, which capital in good bank and railroad stocks, the advertiser la now possessed of. Thoee who would eotertalu thin propaalUou la C1 faith will please address, with real nam*, Bualaeat. roort Houae. New York. AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT HURT NEKS MAN IK wanted lo take the place ol a partner retiring. T he busi ness h?a long 1 sen eaWillahed and U very lucrative. Invest ment perfectly secure. Capital icqutrod front 6500 to |8dl). Apply at SJ6 aroadway, room 17. A GENTLEMAN NOW ENGAGED WITH ONE OF THE brst business concerns In New York, as accountant, is de ?trot a of lonoecting bimae.t by or before January negt with some respectable Arm. who are do ag a cash or short Ume trade. 1* a good accountant, writes a haadaome head, baa had connlderaMv eiperience la imtnciarln ?. aad la of rrapactable and wealthy co-inexIon. Parties ot Hie b'ehent respectability will be referred to. Address J. Penoyer, Bruklyn, L. I. A PARTNER WANTED-HAVINO 8400 TO TAKE fuIWha^ge of a well eatabllahad furniture and auction atore la tins city, be can readae about Kit per weak aad no risk: a knowledge of the bosiaeaa not nacaaaary. Apply to T. PAGENET No. > Chamhera street. t TOPARTNERKHrP.?THE ADVERTISER WOULD TAEE a partner la a family rrocery store, well stocked, good * ? ' ? a low real,? fixtures, horses, wagons, Ae ; has a long lease at a low rent, or would sell the a bole a bargain, batng engaged la other buM Address wtth real name, references, amount of capt . Grocer, box IK! Herald office. No others aoUce-l. item. i Capttu.trtr -fart.vmb wanted, in a strictly legitime!** pleasant aad moat desirable business, where, wtth fffU.UUi to 6*0,000 a certain fortune can be made in tern or three yearn. B1UOB A EOUTHWICE, Si Nassau xtreeu ?ARTNKR WANTED-WITH PROM 8X000 TO 88.000 IN cash, to foil tha advertiser In tha contracting business. > advertiser is a prac'leal mas and posted on the business Id New York. Has all the narimary tools sod slock required, and has been engaged la the business seven yearn. To the right k.nd of a man a food chance ta offered an I money < an be made. I'rtneiaala only need answer. Reference given and required. Address, wttk teal name and place, D. M.J., box UT Herald oflkca. CFFCWUs SILENT OR GENERAL PARTNER WANT o ad?To 10m thtke Whl-e lead and other paint bneines*. la nippers and trade. Aay genUeman wtth buaiaea laclUtles equal to hvenr tea thouaand dollars, may aldreea all this weak, with real nama and relereaos, W. M., Herald oRoa 1 sow well eambllahe l. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING UN der the -lame of Mur-lssey A Gallagher, at No. 18 Dutch street, la this day dwived by mutual consent. All dabu due or aakabia by the ooacsra will ha settled by John J. Morris any- JOHN / MOERItRMT, JAB. GALLAGHER. New Tort, Anguat W, 1886. rpo <'AriTAuna wmiiiho to iwrarr in hubi. Im-a i partner Wf it. haela* about KW.UOO cuh, bf Um , to oeRbltah a whoteaalo drug bialneaa in tbo city Ma. Tho wiiwr baa bM U year* la IW ehy, la tha dru* bualana aad posaaaaa a thorough uadonifned. I ? of m. Ueuia, Ma. aad U year# la tba drug bualaaaa aad poaaaaaaa a Ihnretui keow'.edaa Of the apt llaam* beon Mm principal aalaoMSa la Ihr largaal dm* bouaa la *t Louis, sow tioMa*. ba ouaa " I a largo sad drat rlaar country trade, sad sol p we seeing mt wMeae. la daalroaa of aaaortallnr bliaulf wttb a part vtag Ibe abe?a sn?. Km of roferooree rime. Ad ~ , care Messrs. Storrs Urea, 111 C'haaben street. Maw Turk city. WM ARTED?A PARTXRR WITH A CAPITAL OP Mil iW (o tto.uiu. for a asn'ifart'irlat lintsM s hirk la 13 antre uparsttoa aad rory Inert of ths' k od U this country The b abed ?nd eery erteartTa. Addre-o bot l.K, Pi oMro. WIIA. PCRmiANB T1IK IRTERRUT OP A Rt WHH Mriaf pertaer la a luaratire laapsmlla cmm buat-l aaaa. le^i awd wan eatabMebad, Aowa Mara, rlaarbi* *1K to |IK per work to pa rawted prruea. iansi:e*i. $200 ( sad wall eetab.MbM.1. down Iowa, rlaan- r *13 t to park party, req ulnae tbp ? Itrauna of two .rues. Apply to T. OAirXCY Alt!.. Ko. It TO ?*?>-WARTRD. A HMART. ACTIVE Jlo" "U maa. trltb l! * a ore amn mi. as partner iu aa old ?atak'thliPd hi aliaas'u Ihlr rtty. the atvertiear litrlar bwa ?uaaffrd la tA? b'uttaaaa for ibe past taa I oar*, .ood rrfa rrores firm aad roqnlred. Roaceats need apply. Appl) ai 1UJ fee lb ?!?-', comer of Dover. ATIUI -I IIAV1 A MERCANTILE BtsIRBRB R?TA" Cl"". bital.ed tbat I raa ia*be fro? n i?W to At.iaei par year. a b tbr aae.rtaore of a partr barin* a fow tmadre.1 .lol in. a., rw? to ma and a ll(ht. p'.eaaaat butaert. In tutr* of ?RAN TON A CO . .13 front atreet. $? 'KRAA - WANT IT) AX ACTIVR lUKTNM MAX. li.tJll'l. sub tii,a amo. .at, la lare?t la a nap salable ,e?> aa> maaiifariirtae buAaea. wWrh will oeeopy ki? tuao aad par a rrrr baedanwio laterwt upoa tba lareataaant. Ad dr<wa t apper, Herald olTlre. ?Tto ?M>? -PARTNER W ARTED, IR A aaJe. Well oatablabPd p!eae*',t and e ' ablcbla eooataatly larraaaln? aad aaary pi ^ M WbTBiriCE, 1'i ??* a* iinn -a piv'ik with mtN amountcar <P<y.U\7U. rda *a e ? 1*3 oaita* .a aa oatabi'tbad ??an fartutiaa bnataoaa. a hare tba prouti aaauaily wtU ba o>ar Ibe a?ouat ra lulled _ HROWV A ROW). K 'uat MPPPt. ?4^/i n/in -1"**1 'a1- partwmr wajttbo with JtNl.l'IIU., la ararr?*?p laraiablBa bard w?ra ' aabiwbwMot m taka tbaj>Im* of a pM>?ral partnar. wbu rewrra JamuidT I. Hal. Addrsaa romai lalralkMe inrbk h ? II bo ariet'r toabiaaual) 10 Ha. J?are. bot No. Iff Tnouaa $").oooT: lira b'Ataaas. ok IIOTKL.R. APTOM PI.At.1HOTRL, BROADWAT, OPPONITR ANTOB plaao - 1 bia bolot baa bora rf?a ly rol*rf?d br an *ddl 1 How frost law oa Rallaoa ptae#. aBordtna taaay imly olPaaai 1 aolta of rooaa. Tiara la also roaaodoj wttb tbo bM?I a Sae < aarrtaaa boaaa aad wablo adnrdia* ero. j farOny for Iboaa siab na m bp?r ihrtr atilbKwiPa Partm wWtfar to nake i urur*' for tbo ota'ar ar? daatrod ta rail an leiam o* ! r~"--ayCJiw* I It THIC HOTRL NT. OKRVAtR. flfTH AVKNCF, H nod*av *ad Toeat ?wtd - P* irna .lo'ta* I...WTork * And eloaaiu t I. raiabod ? tiqf fr-il 1 iw Att awd dpNgliftvVw?alH ECRTB ATRRri HOTri^-WT ARI? ? POORTH ? aeoaao batwooa Twpo t tblrd aad Twaatf faurtb di**u I'teanr aeellpfiipe aecnoim *1ai?1 ollb naadaoato bnwa f-j.. -V>ot Bnard Niraaeon ? lett nf ih? i-ty will Tad tkla a"V*pl ?B ^aalrab.e atop plat plaaa. Taraw ear f at# i? PA A K I.I N H0CAR a ASTON, PA. T!i ? prop ',art*| boea IkomH. ? n7 ronatrpl aad momeot. he# b?eo rooeoeed eed eeoIt ,'orawbP I In *o*wrdaoo* of* ? wrj af ibe birtiO'. wbkb !#',*# of Ibe bow Hi looa Tba hvaio. 1 la not ral. >ad It sbal. b? (be aja af tbp propria*n 10 naake K nop rf <bp beat In mm bo, aad raaoacafu if aaur.ta a share of Iba pnbHa pntroaapp RnWARO LAW ALL. PropetrAop TRATRLLRRB. M.N1TR PIRA T TO Tlil BR'TMSORTAR h;un?. Rnadoay. anrwar ad feuewa wroet R. T. Coadaetod tm tba Kamo*aaplaa. N A MBA PI. Prupiletwr ?ATRIR4IMAI.. A R AHMtRPR >>r TH ?ET RI-||P> TO P'iRM AX J1 ant'ia ntaaop otlb a y > iap ooaiaa nf ao?t dbtp o oa, ? a novrtf the oh .art He la W. art the br>-* TeaI and will ra apnnd ta a ataatra ?nan?r Addieaa H M. tl.boi 1M Up rat,' oTmo. - T. n__ W?A?CIAL. A capitalist wi-hes dbsk mum "Sl*?5?22?22e. A where Iter ante the biSnew^^nJIL ** O'PIUM em rt penode at huh raiee o' SSS^i^ JSSf'i """te iw , ^ehfaetenw, "^<^r-nTe I ?'?tu?r^h1idVerSJ2?WteL^^fe-^a-nf fe^Sa?855aa? asst /t'? Ditid '"? -po** iiciaivi mr and iKLtva Navlga HSiygy. Q?P*?y, **w Tort. tcp-smb* f lhflU.? The H "Jjj <J D*"*" Aare Una day deciarod e asate annual divide* flfll lE^r?eaSi'.iS7mt)|a on **?im> By order. *? ^ WlirooR, Kwnuiy. VTOTIC1 TO Dv^pHOLDBUL-THB BONDS OF THB i\ hew York and *#W Hatree BeUroad Company due la December, 1S9R willh,"PBM? withaoeruei Intercut.oeprmma tatioo end surrender, at ?te Treasurer's ofloe, ooriMYot Twen ty seventh sweet and Fourth .arena*. haw foam, AuguM 7. la*'. W. BEMFJIT Traavwrw. N 1 W ORI.EA MS AND MOBTLt FUNDS BOUOH7 IT Al'liUbl BELMONT a CO , ?0 Wall street Proposals for of -the proton WATwm Mock of the rlty of New Turk " "rabid proposals will ha received at the Comptroller's uilld un'.fl Tt*i/adar, ? f mi I <?? ber Ij,IM at 1 o'alovk t*. M , when the asm* will be pabuSr PT^. ' 7 """ "hole or any u*rt of ibe sunt of two hundfS aad flftjrthnuaaod doilari of'"the Proton Wat<w Stock of tte cJt of Mew York:, tnthod/rd by rhajHer 377 of t?*f Uwv 4f ? ?i by an ordinance of the Common Uoune* uwaM by the Mayor, AuguM #, 1Mb. for InoreaMugltea^iplTS Proton water, anl extending the neoeiaary worts . - latin a and dlitnbutlug the name. n*OUUM The aa d etock wtll bear tateieet a' tha rata of Mi per mat per annum. payable qnaiter yearly, and the prvuclitewUIte redeemable on the ttrat day of November UM3 The propoaaia wtll Mate the aaoiui; of Mock dterad ate Me price per ahare: and tte peraaaa aW proposals ate aceeutS will be required to drpoeii with the Ohamberlam ot tte act within ten daya after (be otaniiiK of the buia. the i tm tal to them reap# .lively. Including tte premhima on the aa? On presenting to tte Comptroller the reeelpta of the Cham berlam for aitch deposits. the partite wlD be eatitled 1, irostve oertiflcatea for equal amounts of tte par value of tha MMk. bearing loiereat from tte da tea of payments. Each proposition abonld ba scaled and endoraad " Promah for Proton Water Stock of tte city of New Tort." and tte seme inclosed In a second envelope, addressed to the Cow troUer. ~ The right la reserved an tte part of tte Comptroller torefem soy or all ot the bids, If oonaidared neceaanry io prated. or HW mote the interest* of tte city. ROBT. T. HAWS. CdaantmUer. Pl'y of New Tork, Department 01 Finance, t'imp white's oace. Ammat Trpt cttt six ru ownr bonds fob salb.?aim Use Li*hiStoeaaof variouscitie^p^tajIv^sdivttente, No. 1H Canal street, naar Broadway. WANTFP- JSII ON MORTiJAOE. APORFSb H., BOS _ 4 706 FnH 0<litr "? T" f'i l\(U\ To LOAN OX BOND AND MOBTOAO& O.VlyU for a tens of year* Apply t f BVAJOt 9 naaaaa, luuaa No. do. No commiaaion rei'tlrnd. SOK nnnCASBWAMTBD-IN AN OI.D RdTAIILUm -lU.UUlf ad bualoeat In a prooalnent Western elm with propertv of ten times tte valita alreadv InveMsd. ate pay in* laraaiy ; or Western lands to this amount wtll ba eoti low or enhanced. HROWN A ROMS, 83 Naaaan street. a>r.n it/in old amkrican ooppik ormi JdU.Ul/U wanted, at Saw per anal ittsoount 8- F. MOBSMAN. No. ? Iryon raw. W. V. tr.-fV mm TO LOAN AT SH PKR OBNT, ON BOBS WOU.UUU and mortgage, on strictly Snit claaa city psw perty. M may to loan on produrtivw farms tn WeauhanMW county. Applv to JOUN #. OONKKT. In the oBce Of teS Psople'a Fir# ineurnnce Potupany, SI WaU street. LOAN OFFICES. AT 11 PIIAMBFRS STREET ?MONEY YO LOAN TO any amoi m on Ulamonds. set or unset; Wntebea, J eate ry. As , or the same bo ;*bt for the hlgbeM cask prices, by Ste well laown Is* APS, 11 Phae bees street. N. B.?No oate ne?a tranaatted on SaturCaya. At c? Nassau stbekt -a. honioman. diakomb Broker, alvanrea money on Utamooda, Watches ate otese Man handise or buys for cash at hla private odea, M Naeaan alreai, room 1. Bualneas eonftdentmi A T THOMPSON A CO S , BROKERS AND COM)(l.SSI<MI J\ Mcrclianls. ItM Naanau street, corner of Ann llreet, roc No 1 acco d boor, advance m?a?y from 91 to 950.1)80, wa Wall tea. Puuncuda. Jewelev, Dry Oooda, Hegara and aB kinds ol men bandiac, or bor*ht. Part -ular attention paid IB a irtkia mles of Furniture, Ac Sewin* Machines bought ad sold. A. M. THOMPSON. Auctioneer. At the advance offices of l. Jacobs, monbc can be obtamed la any quantity on Walchea JewWOL uiood* Severe. Dry Oooda, Hardware, Wilms, .Btaiidmp and every description of Merchandise, or teught, ate ?? highest prices given. Business atrtrAly conildentiid (Joode te emed. Estabuahed In 184k. Principal othoa, t? William tell branch oBce, 40T Broadway. A T 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DO"RS WEST QW A Broad wa;?Money advanced on Watches, Utementeh Jewelry, Plate. Dry Oooda aad peranaal Properly of evens d-script.on. or bought and aold by JOHKFll A. JAOEBOw. auctionaar and bri>asr. AT GAIOB'R EXPITANliB OFFIPB, 91 FOURTH A Tte ntia. opposite Cor-per institute. Mmey advanced an Dan m uida, Wati bra Janaiiyaud all kites of rr-rchandma. Pm vate entrance, ball door. P. UAlUE. 31 1 mirth At W' bboadwat-monkt to loan on du moods Watches Segara, Pmnoa. Ac Pledge Ttctete bought. N Rc-Parties ha vtna let t goods with .' Baedur ? Wan street, or W. Marat u it, ?7J Broadway, are sou had leete hers had settle iu> the asms. A. BXKD. hlb Broadway, ooraer Fntea afreet, roam Ba B ADV A N( PS?A DY A NPBB-A DYAVCES ON DIAMONDS. JEWELRY, PLATE. A#.. AS. TRIYAIE ROOM F<<R APP1JPANTB. Mr. WOOL. 4B1 Broadway, op elatra. a t tui old orrjri-Moxrr IK aht amocht A TO ado*n< ? on a nek a, boods. dry goods, puaUaga, A*. To adranea oa diamond*. watrkoa, phua, ?lfin. Am. Or be .<bl lot cash <>?, e prime. Howi V till 1. J II B tKRi.MJICR, 1TJ Bf i4w?;. ro/aK, U? At m ctdar btrkkt-u. htm an. diamc Brohar. admires Banner in u; amoont ao ortupt. WuAia tNlrerplata, Ar . or bay* U#l opposite Us foal odtoe. Ha 1 fhoM door. Mokky to lkkd at modiratb rater ok oca m ii*V Wa'.oiioa. Jswehry, Htlrar aad Piiami ty of all dearlpiors- i tor .da ma bo redeemed iu Gat within noa year. II BARNARD II Third ? in I riliRkA AITROLOOV. A hoka rrni aitrolouibt.that avert onhua? depeud i,n, is Madam WTLAOli. win Mils U>o olvoet* jo r \isli ao aoon as nra enter b?r room. MsSsm Wilson M ll.e grenles- *?'? ? a? rerwa knows M* wtll tooohf tbo powers of b' r woaderl'.l arleneo. and tsU ail the > rents at tour whole life. Ber prwdtrtinoa ars ao true that thay snrprtBA ererv OAS that nau'thar. Soma lad.en may got a lilt* i add, tkosait Ifeov need or* (car. for aba prat-tiros nothing bnt wSaa li rorowoiloabio to pAllnaopbora. AT ahnud rooma lbs aaoal woaderf ill a id mraurtons lady. Hor adri.-o baa aorsr baas knows to fail. Sad aba ofloya Iwsaty Umiaaarf dollar* reward ir b w io any "no w? o raa oisal bar lo iso ai*>to artooos A. A? Madam Wllonn U la pcanoaat. a of the ssiobraiod aar ? rkarww ' tbair ofTool. Truly mar too bo rati wbirh ars ar?r ? oiia n Is thair oToot. Trnlr amy _ Idaaial wond?rfal woman. K? aider e i.e.' AUoa atrooi. h* woon llotn-oa an.1 Siaan.o areata. . ear Us kabsry. Fas H* lull, for lad oa and goail, maa. Mc-cou. STONI?nXKO?MADAME M0RR"W, SRTyNTB da rbl- bm ? h ? r.n. and ? " at t rmt tbl lelial am and kdlaatan wM man. and many sooota. aeon rnnw _ t_ ^TmysA yorr Ibo -rMa For SB rente u?IJ othera a ep onpytng I . trrtiaomena. lot Lud.ow atrral. below Bu aten Uaatlsmam adm "od. Madam*. HARvmr tar inform ftbb kakt frUnda am tha p- bile tm all tha areata of Ufa tbo past, present and I nloro teitiHr osttro apt'-ifar* cm. Bba feme am Sdentsbe boa anemia!. If fan ?l*s tao r lA. r" b-r a eaC at OM Tm a aoan'io. bolwown imrty l.i tnb aad Thirty WB slroo* U. Loa, M room Urn-l-amm am admitted MADAKBDRTBASRHKOTin FROM M ATTORKfV alroot la tM.Hmwtoa atroet oppoalia l.itdlr-sr. roar mw ladlaa batatiww. Rha *UU mnunnoa to tall or looa. ?mrrlSM, sbaont frtooda. bnalasm Do o* forgot tba a urn bar. 0 uSa MADtMF I.FARDRR I.RNF. bHTRKTll DAC'lRTIR? I'aa bo enoa-iitod abo-il l/?oa, M?r-1?ga Abaaat fiaoiAae to * a i tks oawnta af Nfe at Ut * a? atmet uawMrmlb g> atlomoa Rl tdSM. I a was ?paedy at ?/rjt? - aad glraa ItvaRK ADA** RAT ? TBI BIWF CLAIRTOTANT AVD ASUnrftM In Ua I ntel Alaloa Dlraa I rk; it stem ? apeody marriage io!A of taal srnwarty. |W Ro-^JB i?on ?o naar'Tskte.ysaraaU autti, ? c?sti biaSM ?i Ik r~*~ IT!" 0LIKTOK PRUT. KATDRAL ? MIRTOTANT ;n I an bo rmnanltod for a few days at Br t'aUU i'a mna* ?ornar Hne?1*ay at?l llrr?roo atitri Hott/S Of Oijaal'.aAm from MA * Ml r. B. NR-WRO HAS ROT ifBARD OPTH*< PLRRRATKO ? Hi tamo PR t'WRTFN - : bo baa boon i-oem lted by U warvda la tbla and cAkor t iliaa wNh owuro aalia(a< ti .a daw foo a < nftdout aka haa ao ? , mi. Mio to..a Ibo naoio af ' lura * . kimkbsf, also tbat of kor rlaMar II yon wish 'ha If Eoboi a ral', at St I Th-da-omio. abors Tweay j-a. ain ?i 10 can ? amilrmt n ?1 RRAD THTR-r* A,,n MtMLOOBf .uiT"?u tbo woril ?s/? W SW*i t* MJ?' '2 an-ai Wot WfEIXll'-l'l". wboW arbawwiodfod Is b? J .mo m. A . i. ? afoaa mifnr > tlktd Mtfn r tr wbi baa >bs (Sanbio Roman and Arahana imowtaaa Mo loos aw*! ioak aadall bnaioraa afalr ^aad ?ror araatasa/r Mr TN y not la Ofsa-tH tbla Cfo. D?l.ty aad M otrnfiH tbla natural r ^ od aad boyRKm yn.mfi*.iy Lneky ansiio?s Mosm~MIRM|'' roirf roa oaa ' o a.*o at bar la >so, lfll mrtk b*#a RppsMMMRklkMW. . . _ UFIMTV AI.W* -dH ARI CT lWIM'Rpil, r* d om, ?an b# wma .'od at Ma r?*k Mo. 1 AmRf Ml mi llotsr* 'rom 10 A. * UU ? P- *? ill rHRMTOPHBR WRBBT-*RR. B y?" 'J.l " , aakosRi r aad bT??r Ml' ? ? t* ? ptf'Od baa ? stf tod air baa rot tit sod M MMa tOr. aad gtosa tmo itAanaaatmi 5fS rSaKTwob aad la ro?w/ia baaltk, wamitb aad ?war rt.f MM ada .? Jm^noya. taarsolts dllrn.ty IS m monda . k.-o. Ao. Mrs. A-dor onaoM+MM ^l.s lo 1 idwirs r%4 innxwlCMTei m -<A rwwi?i*iBiNer In*. tdhota fa i Rowsroof tiaaoMaion and ro?n?.-mkwr go'O's U ( bio '->bor nest, near fwmtbMMSI nad StftbS?A )?J1 f?RA10 TTRRPT. *1AR NOWlfBT **?**? COl *IIMIPB rlalrotrysni aid gdfwd A..salab lady ag fill tb* my ate-lea af In- rlty. 'aye, m?rdsf HMRriam lehnosa, pfoars be? medinnos fnr all Aaraaea tails rrmwr ambe.-a. arndrty tnatsrMoMa, ',e. M ?rf'.i? Avail kf OK.VT'.KJI * *. UK Minn. ?* U* HlP. an ai?>.;ja4 * ?ara<-?r ml r?f tm%f >*?i|W4 mt n# ta^. ^rv.uii rrtta*1.w?rm p?- . and irmmltp fnrtly "nixrt'# mam"** ?* *?*? ' ' ^-**1 lit%pMUtn. nMWTiny a M?a>?pp"M. ?? M T*?nr ? nMrfla ataNol (ttrjm na> ?M MBI na *?4 (tii t*2r**I?' Miataarwa >* ivrnla * r*M(H *n - 0,n?,A^ (fcttk-f v " ?.*??< r y IITU? fb 'IS** -^mn^?a??on?* iBme <V*5 ** (V fevMr N ?fs**'??EX swS*s33k?^*r^ -2 IS-TtB i ,"S . ^Ot .A BKMANMHK. ? fvi >i 1*1 MM*** f" uaa ~ml"n-ra mot ?rr>r l? Grand "mm? A nthwlfl ? at* til?I n . ?raa* rtfr?wr wtianwa ? vg IT** -aiaA. L?plnafcantyru aanoal My? jirint PA*i?ir*Kf. RMmm laira -1 *?? r'?*" r?*m? <1# rtatt rim mMII i f?, ? ?or * aAraatr * MB*. Kara It-rnktf^Faai nttca. A, ? 'A'vt a <?* ? *~ lan*iff If r? I V i? 1 ? itaai* *? > aa? ,.. l . - *.?''? a r . ?a r~a?# In l* W?r rr? aV?< Ml?w?rff , -4? v 2?* ?m' A ? ?H* a *? iVaa.) a* r<*ar t " . ? . I , " * ' ' ' r <????

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