Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1860 Page 2
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TIE CAMPAIGN GETTJIG WARM. Ipeech ol Mr% Rrtrkiuridge Yesterday at 'shlanH. Important exposition of HI* Principles. WHEHK 11 K HTANUH. Senator Seward's Radio id Speech at Lockport. Tb? IIou. Mr. Ililliard to Millard Filluiore. What i? Doing in Virginia and Massaehn^+ts, Ao.t Ac., As, IMPORTANT POLITIC A1. MANIFESTO. /JRTSH KROM TV.K ilON. II. W. HI I.UtHli, UP UOi MA, TO PJC'PKKHIIMST Hl.lMOHK- TUK DtTY OP TtfB OOKSBBYATlVk M A9*KS IN Tn* THKHKNT CfcTSId, ?TC. Nkw V-iKK , Auguet N, 1M0 9m Mil' ai d Kr~; mors ? M* I'st**!?!*?Your em'nenl position aorf the jotimain TOnttoiiH whltft have leng . r^usl betw ?<.* u? Induce me to tddrriK you u]?/Q the present .tale of tie country. lu tlm otmverW.ion winch I had the honor of boiling with y?u reoenlh , *l ?ar*t'ir? Springs, we agreed la opinion M U> the ??-rib which turrouud the goverum. nt, cud as to toe t)PS. Mode 01 averting tbem. ttl sibsoqiorTl reilec Uoo ton Out.d'rated that opinion If It wer? puuetble to mrli C.e great MSfy of our cuuu'rvin in, and to pernode Uetn to look n!e the ?etu*l Co* tltlon of pontic 4(1 . re, aUaCuenwd by those |wea u>* which, unhappily, btvo too long swayed '.Uc mar"? which make up paltiual pur. 'too, I am coRfdent that they wi.uoi think s* ym and I do. The importance and ttu< grao ineee ot the nssie ?> M to ho <P" ided ought tn amuse the pai rlotism of HO] ami w.thlo the liroikr of this wi levprcat republic TM* great (Met which stand* oat before the oountry is, MM a power fi.l ssettonal organisation threatens to or. fulro cotrt. ol of the gorerum'nt, a party which, ign irlng ?very other quetlioti, railleo Its C Howes to a crusade ?gainst slaver) , a tarty wfc ch, taking tu candidates 'for Ifeo htgtret oOI. es In the rep-ihllc from >ue section of the Cotou, proclaim* 't* parpnsS to bring the Institutions of toe oilier reel'on under the ban of the gomrotnsai. the b a party ought not to he tolerated, and ag .lunl it every man wboee patriotic Instincts are not utterly .lead tooutd range himself in thu order o.' battle, no matter what creed ho muy lave professed or what nunie he uiav have heme I'vrry true man, with all his maut.uod, toould lak ' his place under that great standard whica the (Moods of the L'olon have Set up against thlt powerful party wh ich threaten* U> tread the constitution under tout, and to involve the country In wldetpmnd ruin. Nothing run save the country from yent4 roubles but the uprising of that love of the 1'uWn wbtch ties deep in the papular heart. that rise tu its mnjeatic swell, an I It wttl overwhelm the enemies of the constitution Party staedar flaunt the sir In n o; the mciiC"! parly name* M gone; the uscetuluncy of |*irty mariair-r* over the ?Ma is at an end; nothing cau reach the heart* of the people but the dear names of the country and the fnlou. The present canvas* for the I'remdeu.y doe* show tost ?Id purty* *rc almost obliterated in the groat MraggW. Wlru Mr. B?i haaan a im: luto (rower I (Vlt It to bo my 4o*y to ri|T"rl ?'mint* irnium, and I Mr) ?o punllcly. 1 declined to ronton with hit fricnda the plaona which they held, tt mi my opinion tti.a tb> con am inli i r force of the country ought not to be Mapeir.d but that M ?u oar duty to forget IMl political I'rH-e ond naiafcooleias, end do ?M ?r mi/ht U> air. ofi'hco the limn no the pirty power, ti> view of the gr-et imprn tin/ end-tin be taegbl to 1*60 Tlimt pueiilah I have toil >u nod uovi reeeeUy; vlbcre ht*e held it loeilnt mrarif. nit en happ l> , the gr-?i ptrly wh?b ecOu-ired tb' s>g.??l in amrndl hoir ?r?ro ? owe >? how '.orn hy ttetw "Warro "vi?. and tlat'tt utterly |?>u "rl.-e- to rout-no eg Host li-el f >e ? o,h , nrgac gall >i>. wbl:l rAi'j|>n its otll*!i >ne at'"ig two whole >um whinh d *ld<e tire North . em me 4 re III Menhir Mr Uouglat B?r Mr. Breckinridge ?*tu wpnti the mile fierce ol Howe ?i?. ct?mi?i .-> ? Hi or pa. ly, o-Hb-r erne ocprtnliete the Hrrtigih ?f that p*rt? Mr dre-k tort.Jg* tw ifw ei'?.rco? it ruy rlewe. he rUmli n ?>o e ptotforrr which I approve I m mire him ir>rw?inlly, rnoO 1 em very euro Uimt be it ted In Hie *' gjtctt hp* liiblrtl with U:*t d?e>>ml y t ? 111 ' I 1.1-??> aim ahim be (?charted I unlet rat'. too. with eijuai oahrtnr, that i brdvve tb" or. u?al ' oa brought ?g* utl Mr Ihiorlat are greatly n rer* I rained H" l? a palri'MI*' tod <> turtle* t ml" " M'il It i* "letr the tin* ? i-li ?l till lode of rb< e iw? priicwt , ui lie iterce etnlijl Hut W wtgrd bet? >a toeir It, iuu-t pit it oat of the i?wr of eitb-r id Hn n to da l?M Mr t.baoln while ilie rer? distention la the rank* of ?? parly to wh o b many of it gave Mir support from the mrr* '?i tnat I' wee in pulnoo.c o Ir-wl.r g the rOi'Birt of Hi- miatlltuti u tad turning lit _ _ I tbetn II ? n Inwt w Inn ui; i rl uf ga Irna p.'l,. i |ri .. t ?? prani >w Wti-u lb ? army which we rain- In a; I hat or tree *o Min e iu fl?e ya'iai the (thtue en- -ny au'i w n-rcei- en. w 'n an latretocir. war, tnre'y we nerd D" Ivug-r ?ri|' o'.r CMW m it* 1'Oea Th-re la auoUtar i.arly ui the ft-. 1 le i able tnd eiperieti .A ata'i?n.-a. wnh wboot y m and I bare ten Ion. at or a- <1. ai d that piriv m ui can art toe fee ti la id the Uhi ? rem ->? ry part of tola t r-at ?are ua a. the prm u? ta*)tMMre tiy drawing in itariau I ??(Merer? hi all event* the fr'eo la of tb ? erst It'll loo, aUalaver ?My be their pc ? ?? noea for iieliridneli., a? ill to-ryn pmtntial predi.ettMWi >o tb. Ir retard fiw iba g > -1 or to t aowntr ? Three thonM he n >. <rif? h-l ?- m in* frleod# of Mr JVMirla* Mr Beech larv'ge or Mr AMI Hot man ig op aa one j haiant in aTrliol Hive, tb y laiold , at out Uvlr fill ttrengih in a naih l edort to 0-lvat tbj ola.a npatilM ul Aa lait.ifl furrey of the ?l*t? of lh- eonntry itl'iUM me U>at a groat react MM it gmog on to lb- tobn lt of ih* Morihrro people, they are tot willing to pit fit Union of three p -t hlndre.| M|*tea In Jeopardy by g'ring inner icto br ' o<<M uf a Merely aectkmai party, aud ?Mt) will a<M do IL 1 a.o robthnt that t do n t mis oetol?'. the tlynr of the t m-n. th* exiraoriinwy arti elty dwpltycd Ir the fri ndt of Mr. L 'leMa la vmdHwto g him from the to. uaati-n of eni 'ria uing ?rtrer>? ?' al".ill n plaialy Mown lhatr Mtimatr .1 the paUWtw i.tli .cta of Uw ame-icaa Bpte, tnd rrar. ; ?t? a r-ry prcjier appreheutiuo of toe Vu nee J* w. t of a reflux tele Mr !V?ttJ a |i ?t..t ipett rreatwl aornMh'ar of a pan c It) the fir.V? <* hW party It It aoa ttudi Mtt.'y la IMU i1 Ibtl Me I Milt ootn i'.A h".d <*Hwenitrao(i.aiena; Mthlay w aawl raw nf the ??Irreprwible ooauiot' he Iwai North ard V>tlh? at> idea which, it tt understood, OTtgthakd with Mr ln, who. I h-li-er, atserl?d m fett ear raa* with Mr rvingtaa for I be .Meaale thai '0?' gof ? M ml ihiln in i if two euafficiihdt;items of cieUiatu m: that ara or the oiler mual girt way. acui u.U this whole will of the repnhlle at "at he turrea-lamf lo lltrery ?P hit I m *t-;i way KM frwwa* etiriak from fntarihtag Chat tialMimt apna hit hanuera. I ha |w r lotto |wvtM? of the Nor.b and *m?ii will alike dtnountie it, fw they p-t At to want the Ptalea which rottpuha 'be I'uloa to the full aad aa Boh Mad -aynyioe-1 of their net lattit itk? Mder the p.-'-ctlng irgtn <w the onnttiiatioa. ftWDi* It U clear that the caerrat'Ta men ?f tha e> <>nirr art ling to the it aena, at.d aeriinoaiam will be rrh ik d, I I be m< r*Met.i tn behalf f the I now will now ae ? aire a rettttlea* nvanewtntn We hbth thu.h, and etery day'e rrente m el alrengtliea thwaf-okwi ibat Iht only h-pe tf defetl ag Mr tja-Ma it *hB?Bjter <*e t>f? 'nd?r?, to dwregard party ai.artl.a and ha rally terry where la tappnit rf He we -ml lent aad r at ?B atatrtmen wh we Halm upon our c ?*.:! Hw > daat ana rem uf-w the r ;we.?taia of a creed, hat np^a the three and hetlne tu" af well Cetne.1 charv Ier. of ?MUrrS wttdcan aad of great public ttrtattt?.'oha dull ?ad TAward Kc-relt Iht great Male of New Ttrt will, I hope, lead lh* army hi Ihtt patrk t'P conitt i> OutV grrat m ail the ele-wrnta af bM. rial wealth and moral .??-c Her gr?ai it ?Mfilntlcally tha ewpo luB flf the ennatry, r..r Maw Yw* it hot a Northe a PHy? 't tt ? nallaart Mf. ? thtt great mate a aatmnal aptrtt aho-Md preraii. aid the frMhdfl t? tha Catoa ahnahf he wwtainnd Tht ooal ml now wrung oa Boat be a dcctti?e tan. acd if aneiPwa o-a -aa he defeated 'n tb t grert hattle. II wy|l be ar?rwbeoned Tea, ?lr arc a Northern man . ? am a A>ulheria man bat tsa hoth letre oar whole r. ontr/ Vou bam apoa .kit ami, bar- aerti oar lootttntrowo and now know row e.'in ly yaa were e?i- med la one metal, foe yoa were fapar tad aa aa emmet,i aad iwui 'le *UI-?-ian tn my preaeDl ?MH to the North I bar* area mm b to gratifV mr. Ire td" * w'tneating It - ahooadhig proajirt Ay *!pch arery i wiy glaace. ? t abera ail do I rejoije ia oo I aarrmg the growth of a powerful cat oeal awtiaaoal that MOTCMKKT* OF HFM bTOR 8RWAR0. tr?*T B* ptp AVB a til* ?T ttatow, irx-KPmrr NiAPtut rti.T* iwiTtta saw Aim no ir|! fMMt't MTi\, PTC. ?raciAi fwaaateoerharra re ma ", NtMMAt Faii*, Pept t Ifan (ttrM'** Baward and party arrived here ha tr-o'ng, aad pn wp at tha in ema'moa Itdel Ti e hwatw wit rere ad at <mj?H bp a large pnrconraaof paopia. ami by a company of antird I** bomired Wlda A Wag at, aoo, with their oftbaa aa 1 ? b ?' " "?<<?. smmrtai fcMhw vwa^l aad pert; ?.aclaairt *>f tha ttdlu ? a baraaoLgg t to ibulr hotal. The display w very toe, ami w?? gotten up ndrr be <! r?ct>on o <X>I- ifollia While, of tew place, w ?b ink, a> fording U> Gov. toward, "Uaa not failed ' T ??? ' c Luaiasm aaa not grca uuul the speaking com m in eel I root be hahxuiy e be liiterualioual, wheu the l croad worked Uwimelvee late* furor, an I gave tonalor ! Bcuar several hearty rounds of rheera Rut a brief > descrii Ik>d ol the Journey frem auburn to this jumping i olf p'ate may net bo uiiinteruotuig, although not very fruitful of uicidcul tss rum Tie party was not so large as was anticipated. (Joy. M gun raw Mr. Seward ofl In the cars at toe auburn de. po< a. twelve o'clock M. on toturnay, and betidesa hearty e ke o' tbe hand from eovera1 of bta Intimate trleudn, no ob?r demon Iration attended the expedition. Tne mre tug of (tie evening previous, the ape *oh of (Jen. Nya at tbe Court Moose, tbe brief remarks of iJov. Morgan and Guv. Seward at the Mayor's bouse, and tbe gusto naturally attendant upon a torchlight procession, failed to create in Auburn an) Ifeliig more than ephemeral euthu stann In faver of tbe rcpubltcau uauotdete fjr tbe Prest dency. It died out as thr tvx.u waned, wnd thesuo rowe be nest morning, looking down upnti and wurmtng with Its gPnlal rays tbe peaceful city < f Auo'iru, as If nouiieg. bad occurrtd the e.veo'tig previous v> d-slurb* the usual quiet of the place. J'r m tbe start, <rov Kewirl has not thrown but Inert into tbe campaign, and the meat rvem' ubrerver cannot 'eb tn percef-c that 'be caukcr of <Jsaop?"ijimrut is stilt working lo ma boexn If im r,??? !! si Dtkroitou f-itssrsv next wf.l dou'ii err prove lus* bill effort during thr iju.vwm. ? I it may be r? ?d arc pondered upon who ttw* udrrsUhGiag. Before rewhlfig Si rirJoSi tbr lie' hallwo.and U- v-mor Sew an) an* parly were iianatm re.i to * uu found direct for Niagara, fbe halt was ?n edprosa aCiVimr j rdatton for the fiotm.or, as le- was tbua evabl u to avoid a party of Wide Awake aoberei is. who were eager In greet him on hi* expected arrive lo fvracWhe Ao i lint it is nil .n Wutmu to avoid an much as p,.Meihle alt isi,>ular and apitn tannurs dcmricttraliona en .mute, is ewMoneec feorn the tart that be expressly avoirtec any tring nf the kind n his favorite oily id s> racnBe Bol Vtlere were mme places >u tbe line Ihroufh wbi til be was out permitted to pass with out showing htSireU and say u>g a aoiM.aa will preeeutty appear. wtur rswrri avtsr as utrr avitAcrsit. Governor yieward was pcrmitlua in pan* the walls of Osulou, eleven miles from Syracuse, and V> go up at tbe oth?r side of .fi.rcan, scventr i h tuilex f'oiu Ihe MOM Place, without n ?urruptioo. Kvt We???is?rl?fhirlow a hawn of rest fr> or the arrows ni rtie relet,nesa <> roe ley? ai d Port Bjron, nyrC ifavarnah?not Jewgtaoto in its agricultural appea'acee, the f? t it" r >l having there hlastr d tbe 10| a o| the Vitus am. ill" ho.oe of tit ? lud is trims lap Dor?and the fair town or elide, were pursed throt gh ?nd nobody seemed t" 'hink that tb- great Sew ard, the irrepressible prophet was on l>,<?r,| (no cars, nor lo care much if be was At Lyons toe Hou dr. (Vil li <n.s, Stat* tocator, canto on board an J add'cased htm self at Pirn to ihe duty of ruski v hluianlf agfoahle. .deward Seermxl rstber to like him Y-om l.vnna wo rush cil thrmigb Newark, I'almyia, Uacedoa, Ifalrport, even uiilo R'cheater Niuffssmrw Tb- re w is some expectation that the great agitator would deliver au address at Rochester; hut no notiiluaii >o bavU'g been given as lo toe boor id ins arrival, ho was )*-rmtt td to i?*s without Riving even a oassworil due nf Ins suite, Ilea. Nye, Improved the O i|eirtuuit? of the stoppage by laying lu a stock of fine nea thes. wi'b waicb be legwlod the party during tho intern auuus ami a si* sai k At Album, soma thirty mi>? S from K sihesWr, (Joy So ward was received wiUi eoeera a >l 'lie lemming of ctu noli ffr was invited"to address the assembled cowl, and was Introduced by rbe Ron K K Reynolds, mo nbor of Cbegrtas from the ttst'loi d.unlv.g a tomporary p'at form, he wanted to know wbat sort oi a platCirm it was. You are sure, he raiu it is uot a -Jell an I Kverell pisiform?It is not a llreeklnri 'ge platform? it is not a Jiouglss platform? It must ibiu oe a re pa dicau plat foi rn, and on thai we arc a I Stfc, for there m aotbiog Uol Ir.w or unsound in that platform. He expnusci bta tbansa for the kiedncaa aid g<xal feeling ueu fxi?l toward hi n, ?nd faid be did not kuow bow to aecouut orttunieia It wan because be was going away from the stale (l.vigh ter ) If thai ass tli ir u"tmii the Ii igh miglK bauvvin tha other aide, fdr be yaa going to tb? Weal, where there were gome Ala es tot au'e lor l.inodu Tbeic were S"tn? doubtful Hiates In the West and it was mme to l<e>K after th- oi Thf Kaetevti WaAes, heaatd, were alieafe Mtlue, Vermont, New H%m;ish.r? and "aasa-'h ireita a-e ail safe They are all sound. AiMSiwn East is faitnlul. !!?? Is It with Now York? H ' woii'd be men lo goaarav, aud in hia return On ' mat tne Htale of New York bol hceu bet What, be seknd la 8-tnsMirei pnraswy ogy, if a man gmml'o tne whole w rlii.aml loai ln his owa soul? H? fbrn t'aneed at an luaerip ion vpon 001 of the hxiiners? "Haa lh>ug>av fi und his m><thei> ?made inn * pjtyTil ailusiotis tberenpin, an 1 ov pnai etiug tiat Ntw Yi'*k ftate Would give TA oOO to Ho I WO plurality for tne republican ticket in November u? Keokv Ast? AjMmntR ois'h?rwipn ta av ai mo.vsrn At lrekpo't, fifty mx notes I'eailiwKer, another c>o?rd was met ,au<i alt r re e at- d cal a ?!?>%-.dawa'd ateo ijs-o out up-'ii the p'alfoiai of the car - an t was greeted w Ih el,thus),Stic cheers He Sets?final ptacc ts tull' (tin people atu 1 addressing* \Vn?t is the 1. im- of your I kiwi ? (f'ri' .s of ?' I. ..Tkjsirt"??? |s? Kistrt' ) Oh, aye, this w 1j apitri. Is It? (?' Ye?' ??? Ye? ' y (Veil, why do jreica I ii|4i, me toaiwst? 1 am no addi 'Deer I hace no prrij f sell (I reprrr- hie in"th ) V mi must l'?g at in me lor ymir aoctsmeer Wa-lnpglon Hunt lives wuh ynu He |? lair aucii'soer. le out dp in-" old whig pa'ly. and erl?sf ?'#Jo1n: " ''going'' l|e put up the ail vrrgfeaa?'(lolp.'' " < kh! '?the nail "lal futon par H?'Going' ' ' u lugl" aud kuoeksd Ite m all off to fa-Lglaa. (Ap liti?.) at KtMaai mi* On lb* arrival of llu nil* *t Nm|v> Fallx. G it Sew N>>- and oth. r g-Li Inner, u the party worn lakes tj "pM. xr>. . I ? x. ui-.t ? u>>rte.l I>? ? company of t*n Inter- tl Wl K' AWiiie*, to Uir I u u-r oat I >ual II .hi. kr Seward war Tol |i|A?*t limr|n b. lab h?a c. ill >ir due' Iii? pant* befn>e b? ??" MM u;e>i for ? Xpooch, Md b. rrfymrrd 'r >m thr b.lowy ?f the Imercaltoaal (Kit nnrr (.rutin ae nun ana O' t Seward nwinneiuw rt hi* mmarttx >?< a pU-aSMt nl In*ion U> IV young lauy wl?> Mai?l it b me oxo-cllng the youeg men Ui mm- Mr Mail tor A'k f.mnl that war rath'-e sl.iw tiinnnM, aud d ucluda-l that M U.e young men ViNld u? e me to wort bee atie wi old have lb vo ami rt ibein (lauifftil-r.) tr ho rutal ltd I art adopted t at trtna, harmt ???on i mat I to re-Ni???ra t'a.i* and to iti" r,t i..,e U'h "in with b ? fellow elMWi a, l.e lauat ?o to im- I'.'! U"l wall Inr ilw? income to hsn H-aefcbt w?ir n war that no art rlly (nw war ?noted ?i ih ? lime? why It war that there ?i? a tnruult ia man'* lalnrto .ieiro k mwnu iit than the Uaatxlera of Uim> cat own- It tx n-ou im too people are unied u nnir a free ,e-.>pl? .an oe in w hria-ai'ih-ahole aaltun w -nr'a ? I ? thirty mlliob* of pr-pie are ae'Vati 1?an I lb* w teW ?.-er wi'nnxwd bach a'i-ci lacl* Tie' na'iu.i ha* nlnni reref at loag thai it lautnt IM at II anv lung# Tl la new nrn,.ee<<?felly un-iawd I'e the Mat U.wtT the ?netri meat of the I attad State* ban roo t with the S-nth. fur lb* neat ihir?yje*r? It Tiuai ?h?l a th the Nortk. H- enorrparcl *U?e Uhnr with bee lah-ir, aid ran a large Imaime in laroe << the lettae >n aU matt*- x r< laMi f t<> agrMuilor*. ?n?i ofaaturea, .'??rameroe, H ? Tie ? poke ||T the S"iin (Xnaart<ai Uiir UrfUTrjr. and xud that hero at Kiagara wan the limit t? the North, . tie ee.d eg the ondergror hd r? '"tad. (tppMnee , ? lie *rrt whnoe territory It am rat the ether aid- of ttu I rirn - v in the crowd c-aveyed tba iar,dotation I that it war tf-itea Vietneu'a. aod the < Mr?owe Ihewwtp -n . gttoted lie w?i sure the Prlnee of Wane wan not I r re bet that he ?M ? he m a few rtaya. aitrt he w?a at I lifted that few (the frlion'xl mother knew whtt Uwig Me m tbar did net ko <??Otai he. wis not. fa?U"rrr I ti# ft nth.ned by .le. larioi tl tl the rrpubilran* Iiilen4.?l i In Make thta eowatry an tall of rt nacna and twenty and ?lory that in the to.i Ckoada would wlUtrgty drop lata Im Up iff ~ the I uwm. l.eneral */* Coroner# Chtee, of OMo. ltd Oerenror Kit., of Sew Vork. fewporide-1 V> ea'la. Tney all anati ? w h dyed that liorarear Seward waa the rnprw ntal l re mui af tketr party . and f?uy ene. -osi ho pr..* plea, th- trr*. prrealbh eoaflMk ant eaeepted. Tbe MMIlxtint waa altiwether ? -eaxful but the enih >?ln#m wax not ioteiiee for I i.coin bo matter wb?l it a^bl bar* bona fir i bt ward sir at-xaader Mllae. tbe dlotlnrn abad Rear trtmlral of j the Rrilsh Nary, reoident at fftlUien, HM been at the ?*H# tM family, arrang'eg foe the reception of the Price* of Waiwe. who ia ai|?ried to reach bore In about a fort right p. '. i.el RaHeor. of Vac th* epecU' a#not of lb* Teea I e?ry Hepartaaeat for UlM froatier. ts here attending t. ! i jU al '?.lie* He be* tweti cl.wete.1 to day with tbe On In* r if the Pnrt. Tie trandi betweea wr Cbnarla aat I A.nerleM M nnohelruclo.1, and tbe dutleb of Ire <m"? rut era. I a* the dutlea on gooda M tr*.irvu ii.uat ha tteed igly hghl. OCR nctmaHD corrmpondk^cr., V* , Anguat 27 1*40 Strang At'i!>?h tf ttr r> )ti|| Omaenacy?hymn, ue jyef. * tA- Kahutji fleRia xpa ? I J'imfrxO? Airo Mir t'iiwwr tfuVf-aietl? Kf- u y . I"* wy'$ Ho i) with kit fW dfpxladxf CbMfr ? ia (Kr mm (kepmMM tHegaHm TSt mute f tydxln j tare, At , Ae To bar * prwl tried at* moath* ago mcb a rhaaye is the , i i?.?t"-o? of tbe deaxeeratte elemeota of Virgin'a toward* eochish-rae ha? rreeatlr eno-remwd. would bare i?eee I to ?uktf.ta rna"? arlf to rtdieale. if got eon lata) t The ' two w .iga of the party are at tbM moaxent anwyed la tnore Mtter bratlll'.y to each other tbaa wore they and tbe r oM eooar i 4, Ik" wh-ga, la tb ? day* at llittf maet j art re rlralty. heo nellMkna now, a, *! My hxete, I teen* boi<eHr?. Tb* frud M loo bitter t > admit nf any . a*tt'*tr*M. aat the penapegk of hen >.g it ia the fbtitre la , ! aabrghtrr The >ili ui rn M eeldmitly porTnaSent. both , | * .eg" be eg d- tarmti ed tb rataia Uxor aMtnaueb the racio?'?t r*, a? writ ig r?me t af prlaciptaa. *i hie aa I rm aite tnxerertaia. there ? a deeidad re- ? a*tlrei la Virginia la fhror at IM?g a*, bmogbi about bi a I great aMaba-e by tb- ?*wtta nf tbe late geatn-ty alee Tbe Maa ta tawrkiartdgu of hH praetige in Uwl , Plate baa itareapwl bta rwnea eta*where, aaf male lb* T-wrtaa Md fWl me# mom h. pefet | *i.. ?ta m he *?r prMr<1 If ? u: >? Mix*.- tb# twi latter, to moat nf the fbmthrrn ebatrb, wenM he tb* rwtull ITbat p "1*11 th* Mm da eg B-r Vr?r~? wtM tai* In * * a nebtngerry f know rr t TT>? ??? am man ;>?#. *?'.! il? k itabdlx ti-w-i.u.i. ,-rfo t *r iteaotr. toe dirlrmi Mew* ikexn be ng t? widelx w mwh by | tt ta t - x -i a?y rornpr- iniee that MaM he pei-hrrt no a-ear ? that Urn fb>il irett k K bepeflel-y foe a f>?rm?r,-nt r< egae ntwm ?f tt-. i? pa"y *p*w? ?me m* wma n. bid wroe? wf'f betaTler-.', 'eat perehanre they m-r ?#?! ??. new iebaagi auM* and pt#**..' tt.ta m irk -n ? r, t r* tstt. it Matul grartlg biatad by the fneala ef H?U aad Dm ylaa ?b*t Breckinridge Will U'tto..tly withdraw, thoe mil iuimi iu? propuhrd fuatoo. la eueu *u ut, H is ih'.unbi. the Br**;*mridgw m--u, Imiug mlmwl U> the BllernaUvo ?f i-.i.f Ml K b.-t*. .-u Lincoln nu t mis ul loo tu ktt. ft CHI 14 give lu llirlf IdlMllll to lilt Ufttl"'?, Bi lex Ft toe rooserv*tivf portion of them fti" diaoaio^. Ifttft will o ever Cobeeut I" sOppm t Bell of Dougot*. eve A 1U lb< evtut IVI B sidfeMrMge'S W OU lra?al. an I berui A 0llU a?l* I be rtoudvanluge U> the Urbckiurtdgb j\ uul8 Inlet fbe o^tniiiv'tiU In tip* ticket intbe par lioulftiiy the border slave Stat s, ore mv u[i',rl w Ikvnt it with it duwui'T, character, sud *,Qa<? ast'luge fr< m tl the conservall?r. mnirm ia taoso Y<uc > '* tommy wi h it ii no uer unfortunate, for however via pete b< m?j bi iu lb e I'uiou M-Dtime'ata which be utters, bus tome, ib the ei'kuimii..n of most, conservative men in the oooutry, ia synonymous *1.6 disunion I reusrd tbi* identity ao of greater ?uutd vantage in lbs stuss uf BK i kiDrlejie m.y mhor feature connected wi ll U Tlie 1 hkiftto If, pariuitid with WII log idem bythooppo-il IH'b eud I> ,ugias press noil orators, all of wIfiiii ii.ieut to enleriaib u obiuiua noovictloo of ila evil mUjewio upon the arc* prcta of tbv cauuriate upon whom lUe charge LB mace. v d not isb no in the PreeMeollftl electiuu that tb'? de I'Kkb-j ire likfl) to eufl' r f.oiu their presml dlviftloui. lei lal clutuge* wi>l lie wrought >u tb- Otugreaaiooal X* prrftPbtatu ok of Vngioia, ?a wall ?i ftMw dtn oeatic ' vulbern Stair* 'he D.Wt.liftv now ell Ken .ered will be r* flee ted with itimiuging Fl'lct in every tfcMMbera >.on (rifWiia' district, and ?t>l b< cjrrritd iito oar beta'aud hlftie Mm ti'-Oe, toS.llg b'Uie of lift vl'deOCe ilUS" OOP legislature shall have met aiel proceeded to business V1'|( 11 ia is eviiieniijr io a tr >u*itlon elate, with bo proa prut n view nfsfbl a shadow of 00,*? to tn 1 Heretofore invincible oeiuoeraey vuglasiata 1* ooruintttibg ntd bavoc among tit* elements if ins nbcis powerful parts, ai a in 11 Jin 10..F to t be h et 1 . teres ta of trie country, a* that.) 111Ufttj||psl>- t>< Ves. Woawiver contributes ^k> black republican m. u tiny Involves evil* uiloor proxuntia 0 r> n ote ul * >;har?< tee more eerioua Usan maoy 00* aeetti 10 rra11 w The'ietiiiou of Luoxifu will, If It do.* not prove the. ia>l a' t la the J?>ntleal drama, leave bnt a eitiftl 11.* Bin lo ruroUb an aaFurano? 01 the lu'll ? BUbd'iy Oi the Uiiiost Tbero i* no d nvibK lb* tart ibat e< ripoa imrouluul 1* brewing with every r? toiable cbacyr in the prn?i>er.t?(ifUico u s*h?t it may n 111 It In a ben II shall have rer-iviFl the .inpuieo whleh bi* ? li vat-on 10 ibe PrerWrt ey will alve, Ctrl only kuowa for 111 y part I do not b lieve that bia eioutiou srul be Uil 1ut.1l. ib iblF tile* I aiu ttrerriheued by geotle Bo 1. of 1 Blarg* 1 anil cobwvaltf* viewa lioveibo* leniuT haa written a letter la reply to the one e> ilreoeed to bim by a gi btleioan In tYiv.-rn Vir yinia, B'.viUK In biF adbe&kiu to the cauae of ISoukU" Thia vritl aod cocoidi.rftbly to the uauBi' 01 the "l.ittle Uiant" In thus State, *n<l biuiK over to hiui many who have theft far br.n watering i Mat d iu m> uirrnrponeiaica fr.on t%arlotteavills that the tinveroor was In favor of Break lioiiifiP. ai. 1 1 did lo upon aelboritt whleh lo ooe would qui Minn 1 have iluee, however, naccrlained ui ths) con traty ?|*ti Hill hlaher auiborit) 1 h ui .?-ruineii iliut Lougiaa ia on hia way !o Wistt crn \iramta, where he purpos.a" to??bkM" vigoroualy in the ibuom What if W ia.' Fhool.1 I olio a Ulm up? The WAip of ill in city <? JolulivMo.or theroceut poeition araonswi t.t the Hbhaia in invor of Boll and Kvcreti. It Tey ?r- B 'li? 1 r Buci'i a* an carta 1 n In North Carolina, I learn, ibe war la being furiously waged by lh> opporitlon, under the Imp'iUeof the fstura tvl. rreu.t of the late .-kita ei.-cUost. Tac> go into the Yreyldeutial with ft.- beitw proapecu of Huc-eaa, In wmiich aft lb? preeei.t div alona anioig the .lemocracy did not operate Ki the State e|*cii<>ne. Thiuge 'rniir bluer for 1 fit* denn?racy iu ibai State 'ban even lu too Old Do ll u 'ou, bud a* tboy at.p-ar t<> be bero. Tbi* terrible revoi .tiuu ia havlug a vary favorable effect upon the u-ui ?-r and di^poe.uon of Ibe long outre CiBe.i (?] p.?;il..ti piny, while it* rff.-ct upon ibe ia a.ocrftry la any thu g h t aera. -ib!e Not a momber of tBa oppnniMna or whig party cmil.1 be Induco-l to htror lor nn UiBiani tbe breaking up or U10 I'uioo in I ho event or L i orwa ? cKa-tiou; but a m-ijcrlty of the .terrocrtta lu Luati rn Vivjr uia, at leaet, anni 1 aeem hi lav>>r disunion jt would upp. ai 10 be rule or rula with lut-ui, but then the lu.pov will l?rk anllu-io t oivins?it> li> vligiota, at lenri to pive It 11!>et What Influence a disunion movo no-bl in tbe extreme Srsntbern dtnte* IBB> hnvsj in securing the < 0 operation of the LNd |v?ii mi n r> Miaiiie t" be socu. In tb? horder C" uIIs-f of tbe Stoh?where the brunt uf lbs> F-ctionai w i>litre Padved for aa a r.-Pull of ulsunluo would have to b?- met?auch a ooiie.y (lada no favor, ft W.-U.1 involve ceitain p< hticul di ttb ti any une whu would da** to advocate it m th.-se aect!?ti? I vibdi r?*bd ihnt Mr aired M. Harbtur, the Superin tendent ?f the Hft'i-er's Ferry Aimory. wil be a cuidl faro l'-r Ou-grs-ta If. m Ih* VYheejiug dlBlrict, now repre V'bli dby kr 1 ? tu<-i u> Mr tarrvour w?? a reci leat af Mororyfttia Win jr. In that district, previ mi hi hia tp bout Outfit hi Mb ulllie wo tun be now bolts, and rapr? ?ented it in Use l*ni*l?ture Uia B.aftion b-f ra lavt He t- a yonbg irentieimsD of line promise, >nd will, no doubt, tuceod 11 blatViyrcMnnal arpirm Snoa A n pott ha* reached here of tbe .tangrrona Illness of |lr. Jam. a Barte.i^g, broilu" ul the obuve guotlvinaa, and ft r many yeara rer. uni/ .1 leader ot the democratic party id tbe Iv-p'stature H<- ataud the best e.b?ncs of any 'man In Yiiginm for tbe aeai (l .vern >rabir Ha ac.jOlrrd OTnaiderBMP dirtlriett.10 lo the last Login's lure In being Iks* author of the CCSebrahid Von Inter c urM- bill a ropy of whaili w u? puolia'n-1 la tbo Ekkaib In n.etli*i?.|y after it was reported by Ilia Harper's Xx-rry '.'.?rr>mithe, to called Hie State will sustain arsevloius bw in Mr. Barbour, Should his present Ulnnaa prove Intel RKiiHUMD.Vk., Sept >, ISBO fhr P"Hcy of Do'iylmt a? it u /wawprrfod Here ? He to Sup to tie M 1*# IvIerrA qf Lino- a?Hrakinei4po to tie Jm-itnl to Virginia?Gov WLu Si ai to Ikfcv III Jpuinp? Hum Ike l)ry ft-wet leirt hoi-.nan/. of lute r ' in Ur Celebrated Hare llrtet I'ltnet, EaJte^uer ami Fanny H'<u k*e-gtrn, rfv . rfr 'lli- r. i.Tietme M ro,..UI\ gaining ground hi re a-ij olao ? I ?'t? toat Duiglaa in working in Monro tbecl.vtioa of l.Siiei 'p, with a *i< w to tho iw.?n m at lb" cl"to of '?Old Abe'e" term Whcher UHa p-.ll.-y i? parmt ?? in ac ai r 'at.or with arr harg.uu enlcrtxl mn tmi.vero hunaei. and1 .iimiu cr bto fr n J , M nan 1' wil'ln* lo aoeort; hut, udgine from thcrll ot much mart Inevitably follow hla prrtect campaigning lour, many ImidielUy b<-U?ro lil? ytri'<?? to be what * pern Impute 1 In h a It ta inti mated ibal be baa rr x'lvad a t jaruitee, la *>ma tiif'rooi ftrm, of I 'nenio'e pappoft for the auecrotton aa au en'it ra ted t..r Jic ?i lit wluU be to creating a ilia democrat.: parly, and hla eonarqneat M*ticy in ooouring '<014 Aht'a" al'tlioa Tfela ofcaiga * vjftnmnlr parade.|hy th* proa* and oratora la I be Intern*! of hre k lorl.'ge, aad what given tlrocg frailb.llig to it la a ilec'.oration a'irfttetod 10 IWy ialbal nellVr he nt>r Brack artdgti nance ton ieaat i banco of etaclMa;. U ta ihrielore per' a* mty aiked, to wbat aid arc ifc'"o eflr.ra winch bo la now making at an great a eaci .boo of btallb, ooureatanoa and money The aMb?Ple laft?a to ohtnb ho la tbu aipoacd trill mater'ally impair, if it dura literally ooaatwr art, lb: rfiorta which be la a iw ntak'ag Ba*. ?v ;n about I bo make an roarer to, ho [< maw labaraai etroagtb rt.ougu la the 8mi<h Ui oefoat the* of'Br*-* tarldg. in all I? Haaatwa Main*, oare p'obauly Mi*aM*i|i<l, Ai*l*i.* and Month Carolina: aa that it aeoda out liufe act"* to ceeder detuceraey Iti the Booth tillnrlt power <??*. Roll Will b< the candidal* m wt m-neUiled IW lb South by thla atate of thing* but It bring* fit .gin* u ? aorer u>* Whit* touae run noiy off ct of fii igUt' enavae mill ha ta Cratroy that tkruUMrn unity hi b"rv> an ?flb?fee la aariirm* onwoeraitc aoeandeeoy, aad to giro the rlactu* la (Aaaan fiore tb? ?r? t leg of Doug! a*' Bnutbom campaign, 1 bare freijiM nc'r br??d mroe very harah crii' hit ltu|r rlUMWe in coming to OUvu* * en-turn lo <.p,??tti m In wlrwr alll aad rote be renrtrad the bum I?Una f w the friehlen *y It I* aeked why he #aaa ant trnat W? the aac Ih? at ?w peculiar nemlneo and rhaiiii'iwa h? ta. Ue !? fret charge i with vm *Ung the very policy whirh be aad hm trie into art aiid lobar* I'lsjocn: y urgi*d, IhU of run b'r.g aa electoral ticket la the N< rth is hi* tntorewt aiaa*, and | iir?uing a like poiiey in regard to Mr Br? ktdridg? In the Mouth, lnnea.1 of Uher iag to that bo loang'irai <? the rrry oppurttc Policy, and M, at lbi? motueul, dob g ill la k .r power to fie?*hlen Iho aaUgnatrma whvh now prorall ibrungt.nnt tlx I*with Be awi'ired h- will anhlotro an laarala by tbia eaatpvra. aad I reatare to uatrt, Ji. l*ug by the feelii a which b< baa left nobicd htm hem. 11 m ho will w n bet few rerrnlta to his ram* 1 r??h?r tblnk be win rlwoa hi* cawi|>a.|n In Virginia with hi* po polarny ditniairf.rd from tiruaa to twenty per Oimt be rr the rtard?r I at wbieh bo round It al ino outnet rtie Ciitrge af hie pra?tttag tho elect?*of l.iacolo,e ther dlitctlyo* by c< nrequetu e, will laorlubly 4n-troy hla eanae at tho fkmth I am la crmed to day that II la the latcntl<ra of tba friendaar Itreclmrtdge ta Vbgiam v*ttrit? k m to ad dr**e the people at 4fBrrci.t nuiriia Utroaghnwt tbaglMa la mud. be turned to auraa p*ctii.Jnrty it three joint* where lotiylaa bar afeewde opiwtoo. while ibe fV ugta* "treiglintdo la t?<e BUlo, whetW la tbo Valley or the Ni.r'fco.n, will cemuiund more I ban aa nrdlnary ?hare of attenU m tl H ili U' -mltud to iuloat Um "UlUe ? tawl at aa* *t.d all bea*M* And tfea there ta *nr whrwo iptcettne teenw h? the ?id of tbaynarg Krotankiaa m anthoriiatimly awiwmaeed. It noee* a W"r to break the daU aaoaotoay of the prrweal mmpalga Whea ha e<?soa h,rwmrd yna will h"ir the d > br ace rattle, aad I reatare in a**erl lhat ho wtd fur auh more fond foe mmm-nUry in tae Haa*u? tn one epeor-b than il ha* der'red ft- wn tl itm ? n<?of tbo p?;bl<e men who h*re fgured In he rim.wigti tbnr far a mi a ao?trea? da>a be twowat in It? map > <utar i rtUr. | board the ?< I >u ? u?i t a' w - *p*ecb m tbu city r-a Friday night loo*, and I m.?i ear. la all a? ant, that ?n rfr.-M more ita?Ha?y kmtHag a'l Hie ilamimli?fta 1 apitalh n, mora meagre ta tlnee pniui'ar clarantfrtallca I Which Hi *m'neatty dlatlogulrh aw,tin of unr leading pnfiw tor reabira. I acrar heard. H aa* atalc. t!rt aad moeolo lor- rati tier marked by wu, rkiqntow cor aarctaiw. fully ntw half hat audience I id i. ft before ha had aprkoa ? hour, and thr u:?ftr>nt Um de Uiefji of hit who'a fprroh ecarre'y on tba* lawn ?a"crh w?* martBnfcl to ladlr.le the cHewwne of arr nee a ho re the rtr-.dard of the mania p* at' (hp ?poukrr?. ?nch ag tie (>eiip'o at our o rioty emrt ] k"?far* a minor with nr're, Willi *w:'< an W -It thy r.a he li*d. ouadirg l>enoath th< *h* owe of the a i b ? et ituaa of Wa-hie*!-o, Jcdrrrn. Henry ami Monrge | tow n, nrculd have r'.etrifc"'hla a-td rnc*. ant. 1 dnuht , ?l. woo three fourth* of triem t< hi* ranee Ilutrabeird b m *p*ak her hair b"?rr mid a half at a ti<?. and dnrtag that pot be! tnt rma waa known ?n bare |e'? Aad *o win . it t* again when be appewra w'o'e ll?. nmpla H- will preeoat a. methiag b**ideaa rohi?h of the r.i.l ?-?n?i< uia | m> Tart?rial que.i of which tu? panpW have tew i griWB w.ary, TWoro will be wmethlog aelgln*l-r>me Msing. aa I ??|d, to forrilak the Retu-p plenty uf peel for ft mn?tary InM mil for a ata?b'?g -xeb from W? | ?ad a wrrtbto ibatiac ainnwg the dry leu.,* Ton a?c d. utiba* aware. ? toe a*.I -or.rtao whkb bir* wuptiy ???ertakea Mr I* < mark*, af N?w Ort-uaa. , fbmil .irly ki <>wa a* Um i-OPttr i, g,nt ? Keary daiiarB wroth nf *1 .. ah'o pr. rerty wb . h he pn**i"Bwed he* twwa oelmd hy hi* orediinc* aod br?ght to the imntr. Hcen I h<? cnttage at the ^reoeutie* Whit# *.i ,,t, * Wpetnf* dtl 1 p. i owewpo <he t ryic* *ert?ttn? nf hm rr* Utowe. fho '.wet ' dtawmeet ft* an ta??1 w: Th be hai ,a tho e* i rare lioree* fanot finhoqwof and f an* t???htngttn, bf the ?nl? |WP.?rl* ?f Ttwm af it*. b tberio rrp rM ta I weii.ftg., tkaiacu?fblhore* ramaraf U*a<.r*r noai.ty. l" ihtn Be.ybborhuod. These three oelrbraQd heroes ' ?re to d?y rt'ou^hl lotn th" city, nud He loti-reala >? them brio Ity Mr iftarlca toll iu tioot of 1 lid Oily HiU inner .. decree of rotirf, >8 folio**:? ? i' in to nit* ml iu 1'iotu 1 fur K,a50, Motets Xtytdren,

H roam* tin, iieyrii trBrt?r#, fmreumerit ? Had ii itrni It KI -q i?r, bougnt Uy I) B. Um for X W l?ie..ell, fur H.oOO Heir Ink I i M u Kauuy Wnditbf U>n tar *3,5 0; He?ri, Km trie. Wi iiam* At Ot, purnbas r* The celehi i'y 11 there iitimtb t* (Mllltt to thy sport 'i(! awful, and a hi in the *a.i u?ay ho it ueidrred guod la 1,. ?? ol trie Kw pcri-baseie piuaeet, tin an ?b > are com |n teu? ? the Quality of the ariniaia, tod a ware of tin btyh eruimata pUe*d upas tbem abroad, seam to re earn the Rale a* a taarittoe. ?tiitb*rt> rtrUe-s to the ^pHogohro fhtt retm-nlaf Kosh h. ? u t' ?ln no the Rkt! o--t nMBM frei*h*e1 with rni? d mho ?u Jult art *> re ? up-fly wen-Hug their -ay 01 aiaard, to breathe the iu view At lug air of tlta AUegba bu g. uutl regain Ulttueblvtts with the lu-niitu but ?-tUia Clous eater* at t'.e White toMw, th" R -d the -twen., '-no Veto, tied lite ?r?lr* of other tulrwr.,1 w I itioae in which Vi i(ihti< abutiu''( Two can*' * - i?*r?la Pi produce this esnjr t lod.t Iro n the !t|>rtuiF; firot, tti? healthful ooodl i|ni ol all the Soul be rn iltee, aiil Secondly, the o>0l .tl'i r, wbtch rei n r* t fw 11 toe too aiuvu* to rtsitsr* '1 n ten eatre m t Booth, exeetrdiocly tooon reoteot, if net ? .. . .>,o>e Two w? k* hence will flud the inwiulalus III, I nil) neper led ""In Hen Put can K WcRae.of forth rArultna, will ad dri#s tbe IKing's* no it Iu this eity to night, at -lie A trie in rtorr.h Mu you ueroetv* th ? QftlittataM are .11 aatir here, bi t they a e noting eerj little headway. rtie, em go lb t? rb the t.aual routine ol a campaign, bat they look tot or thing but defeat, Boa reuult of to much labor and eyprnw-, too. OUR WHITE SULPHUK SPRINGS CORRES PONDENCE. Wurra >ru?ara ^nurds. 1 (.'Rr?.vBmr i (lucjmr, V* , 4aan.1l *i6. IHfki f Great Fnmncijiatym Mn.-rnent in Wee em Yiryiniet? Geeminy feuta !u/acti?H in 'hat ledum at th?? Jeui of Ot finding Slave Property?lYky 7 key llaur Succumbed So htr, etc , etc I have recently aocr'aiced here thai a grand omaoo pat ion scheme ia doit lu embryo m We* turn Virgin's, wb'ch nill dceoiope i'telf in the course of the comma winter. The movement, an 1 and* island, will btvo fir its leader, at the ontgrl, a distinguished gentleman from I Eastern Virginia, not regarded as pwr-laulariy a?an I on tbe ?l?very question for msnr ye*>s i??t fn* c.haoti'i and dsiocatsd condition of parties, with the evil nrs ptcts abicb await them in tbe future, moke the tun-pe co liar I y propitious for this movement, mere will o? no severance ot old party ties, fbr they are a|ready severed, and 1 bat severance will s'v u be toliuwed by a 1 ecouslrac tii n of parlli s as of platforms Tt ere can be no doubt but that detnnoratio ascendancy ill Virginia has long kept In mock (be lav-nt emancipation sentiment known to exist 10 this western section, f he various elements which ccmposod that party, in matter what section they bailed fr<>m, rea-Ht*t*?1 tbe common pro-slavery principle whr.h aisiiugirsnwl ttie dcmi rratlc party North and d>uth. do strong wts party atisebn iut in ihe West, and m abiding >b? hive ot democratic arrenilaccy, that oxg-<ti-noy, nay, s?d in to ri rt, was never ooce scfloro 1 to weigh agoiuat time octs ileratli us Tbm feeiuig of patriotism, h iw-v?r, is lei up supplanted by n??ro m-i'tsn OH.ailera'oua, as the trruu t? of <l inurrulle defeat heonmre m ire e'esriy derrlopid. Old parly tun are fas' bandog tlitr blurting forre. and wo will so..*, have lu Virginia, ir my u-foimai ion be corre ct, the suectaoto of a sectional tvnft-kl baaed upon tbe peculiar and national iulercHig of ea> b Every man o' ufiin-ioc tu tbe st-tte baa, it appears, for years been staking to direst th? relations or ttie two SeclMu.e of a aeetHibBi caste , aud so far they siioerrued preity woll, ntin the aid ?>) ihe sir >ag party iftlntnM to which 1 have relt rr,-a. But the Uuuiu ass rathir hc-uro genous. It was a union character x-?J by a too groat 00a fiict ot interota to be barmoui?us or anuiiug Ihis (set has foil t-ueormaliou mine coincidence of a ArctdeU tuaaiitestatluu cl Jissatsfoctioti in inia wntriti a the ills rise of deiesdurg toe slave inupurly of tbe East, with the break up of tbe rtetuocralic arty a proper proportion of the money Heretofore an irupriotod r.?r the pionrVvm tif slave property bad m he hnroe by the "V-at. while fbey had nothing Ike so adwr|tmo interest iu lis pre* r vat ton Iu addition to tbat ranm b md of pa<t) uutob wbleb I havu pnsenftd us a mm re for sob mission to this injustice, I ? uld aj-i.tum number m Hire, Do lets potent perliaps, aud that is toe need that untied for haetorti ktlpp>Tt to enable 10? West lo carry not tbe syrtemof Interial imprnreruetite upon which they had thlrted. Tbrr motive may now b>' aa' 1 uu loug.-r n. exist lbs c< mpletHib of the groat works inaugurated lu that Section uiay now be said to he fully guirauteed. tie Cortngudi nn-1 Ofno Kanrowd, which suria at tn-i liwg of Covington. rot-mcg tlin-ugn hereto tbe itbio rivwr, has attained a stage ot advarc msi.t which would render Its aoabdcnmtirt a at r oua ua* to the itale. Vroin three to lour mllimot of dollars barn already pcou rt?i**nd??l upon It, and tbe Eaat will Uanliy sscr'itcv th il am > mt to too gratifiiatma 01 Sectional ai'ltaamy tin, then, the James Rivar and Kanawha car ai wilt sono piaa, if it has Si t already, into lie ban-la of ? wealthy Wrench onm pany,wb'if> re ?i so trrmouse tract of 'he rlihret coil Wnlng tares in tb> world along the c?ite,up'ulod lino of fhstsreut work. This, of aNtftr, piams lh ? canai hi yuad the react- of any ii lerret. and it nau no iair? be mass Ihe m> di.mi M rrsl'ti Ibwtildy Here, tl en, are rem' ?e?t th? iUr?-' gisxt motlreg Wblrb irJi!f.'-4 ?"ban?s or 00 lb' nart of West tru Vug.1..* to ili?pr?p it i<o?to U?allnti for ihj l-rtdirtkn of a specli-r of properly n whP'h they bad mite or no nurrref. W th the a<wnmp'i 'n ot' llie tasitH'b t'f lailrpeedrtaw II.'.a opertod t> m m, take it that tbe ibti nti.m ascribed m Ueow of luatitut 1 g an eoianrli'it on movenient t? wi-ei-lr erteri ?tnol. tt?s Ihft rtwbfa to the hum a liigtily rogpectaoie gouroa, wiH'sn I know to to tuttmciely owtrorsanl wi h t.ui seuii B euls el thv p't.tniuuut tueu of H-wiern ?'irgIit.v fhe BioV'WIent, ItapprS'S. >a to he iualltuMrl Wt' 1 "?foreorc to a cliasge Hi the hams \4 Sabaupri, oy the reform on Sent mo, wlin b is to aew mble to Virgi is to a yhar or two bun ? iu oetoU rmily w ith a pr risen U> lb- oust I li tion atiouh-d in ISfil The sucriisa of this omau 'ipat'oa tcbcine is W. stem Virginia w-udd. It >s supposed, re tion rvery twrteal t ? a ihywut the p--.|il. .if mat seeiioi In any |OS(i..n ot lbs exornae lie ur'eo lie. - after ftw tbe proUctM>n ofalavs property, of wbtcn Uiey woilll boll Si lie. Tte t'mea are sadly oat of joint, and the nrowpc.da o* a S"ll M? reri-ue dlelorottot. are iwin. aent ji'in waM tati'ti la raid to be in i ? .p . . ? i < |n the noo slarrboldiar sect'"t.s of \ rgurta, though the inllu rire of hltwk nifmhiisan and tl, it* laiu f r??l ?.?ow ipgp ef its a?.wt dme* id V-womaer negt fearer am! tntowsjc h ve always the e euracternd, I rsis net bow i.? c?matil'iwJ they mar be That irenetc iniqiutf let Its ?i ruai' is-'i jt adrsunr. 'in am eg ihose tat hare gr. an t?i ?sot i?. pr-iddiite at Sir re Ubo* The trn>|ue <r letfh e iwl lu rerega't <? ot the gllUerilTg prise rh-b le %?> r?w? i hut triatlisry. I'tidrr the"'nee of tbe ??>??? ?d raulsgfs to b? derireil by wane ptrtw-? Ja tie S .ib ahtwr- praltici.s betst'dwre hare at b*-?t hoeu eu-il*iKai, (ha sad is i ay by day Wring thrown off. sad mates >4 tt e meie saprarahw of awirailum to a breokira up uf tbe I'll tea HI the *VI 111 f I ixilne etactt'H.^.wlueh wa* the anu-ui.t of tfci'ir b rli'lty t. black re, jhl.cin aacesdetiO| a *W frortbs sg?*? I am P.M ,t ia n.?w no ugetiv m thing in Wistrie Virginia to beor men op niy ex.-riuw arm, awn is of good will a> d stmpifhi w llh this ca.i?c tl is, b'lwavir, is ia |-erfc?t keeping a ith the imrtrr^ I haveainany (Werred to aa beiag '-m -ruisci oy p,rt>-a * tine am taxi In fact, it .l?rtrc? m-n-h .if iu 'rai<e',t? t'Si tbe I'Wrehadoa'M sr ww uf t.iucMi,. hat theatdr't ot eertionaMsm wMeh r? h a n> ir-wieat will uivig irtte Hi V'rglRia Ih'WI peoee d'raklrona to her hrwt ibtwrets W? bsve still a larcr crowd of viaprra h re, but it is pr. I able that by the ml ldte of Mil in .nib the uotnbar Will be materially dtmtni bed orn BOflTON COr.UEPPO'TPKN'l'K. AMID, au.uet II. |M? R/ ntm TVbt*?r-mitkl TvKtt for f)*f+imrid0r?Otm /<?>*?<' iriAd'fltrcU?pH*obU lhrufi.Uv y At MpiMi coat fm e<*rwr, dr , dr. Thf prr.Hwt Tor e uutoo of the trbolo rote la Maaaa<htiartta ift 'M l,tp<v?:i doeo no* -n-ei with il> the etvi r ? whirh ? M itmufbt iliuMklr It to ?? trrmely doubtful IT LI llreck lurid*- rMwal will n?iMl te be ewelkiwed entirely?In dto and make no ngn?la lb* embrace of the Nell aed Onuelaa party Without a fair rrwfeBtoto of to-tr Maportaaro ao>t right*, the a a ton policy world be euVl<i?l, tbrjr tee. They woeM readily OSito, M to Ux?|tl, with the ItoaglM aaa Natl two for the dafhel ef Macula li?r?, If It eneM a* eh eg I uit aurb uaiei would ptemrr that drfVel, without, la aay degree, am ra)B| or tatpalriLf their dtotiaet nrfaaiaathm ?r aifocUag tfenlr ataadiay M democrat* Now, it dor* ma appear carta la, la the pi in at aepont M ???(>?, thvt Uw wtahra at the Breckinridge nten will he oniiup I, with ?i -weire atwr<|aluudneee, hy Urn ftMtotoe of tfoM e. d f? i >?? *? in tbto Sato, and It to Trry cot lata, aay ibwiv R?e< a inn tge dr.,v?. crato, that a large pert of the dear mretw h ?iy ire etr regit onpaeed to a 01 latent with th *w oM npp?irc.,ie of tlx- Aiii* rtcae nartj. They ito that a far rnt f.'li.ig of Ike popular pulre ehowa taw eat in eo.-h a itrgrra that It heront"* tj-lte danbifol wh ;t?er a mil nto wtll be Uirtiwa by tee -?t?*.atd if th ? UTiioh tickt-t ahouitl encored n th? r >-iernttmte; at d to the wfofo ape.?tared* timipn mi h i r*u*d out tno awl taw to-iftil ea well not liat* Sm nr-am-a of, ha ail Ipf IWieteet ibete natid ar '1 cat it ?| iho rtuut S..?, drrierc orfta e lb ink iat - g< mu./iti makicg up of tar (ttatr Ha d flrofaal tlrt 1* ?t't t.'tt ale* " <*' nrluft.l .a to'w a eoeg-??. aaii if they are ant I ha b ?r .liy |ii|t pi'Uil b> Il>r nit ea ' He, etmt ?ill h> gain <t hy n <* ?eec'tig. ahm a flrwn Hr?r| artdfe li ?| | mt*ly fo 'p tlir pillip etl't fOwwHUtaito ?*!" at*' egtn f rj tMn, laorrwTir that If ?k- H II parly etwt the |V> igi ?? 'B-u at it?. a i?t|e >a ' o'tb? vrcf twto, ehth wo.Me-i.e pnrt TVai|!-Be if B etraiflit Ihaig' ia t'rttt Ih-Bl'd ho fflg, ?< |M euppnei llrrok'0'1 ?e tathor tkaai|<twl K .ow ,a?. Ih ag ffawlfiBitone A larger role waiM hutf'tn ee tfctw tlehet thar liter deuld row tfaa-l if no ooathHiili .n ?foaM ' > <r i Ihr nrloo. In th?|r op talon, tw> i,f. >| ibem 'rta?t'klff ifto rlrw all rklra nf the q *wii a? tli u wtwM lie BBlurl ky yrrkftpf IMf dnilieidn Mtt . et"i gprr tk? ? I flw ihe PtywlMiof ifo> t.? no, pt.iT) win bare lite only pore ?o1 ttt ?"t dfol tl. Tuie avm <eyati ratuwi at the -?i,fe whit Mbt (ketfla* tne? Wol nare rta y tet rtreti ptthelaaflhl ? an r [nlrale. I f * tbeir wlLfefw t ? tbs Btll party, rho latf - (ta tr are ?brtro'F that tbr >u>i? rt uld he atduM, tl left iHtaten thutotrlrea had Ih* h igian then Re a tty ef t-ar, a r< at'lutam taroeiag a ?atail'i at ,ta^xe,l ta the r-WM< rath. W?|? tfil flinty l't>w lllee f.>e Una rilr *1.11 liter aaaemhled a fow errato** a aea b> rhoeat a ? nligai* a* torpe to attend the for|..(1?M (Ibotglaa) ftate 1.1 lettwa *bo the ton ffoaM (Mdtat rtaaglaa . I fiw. rrf. aronta the Idea "t any dentniaatlaw, total i- opto werr Ultra by turpetoo by Wot later declining a nfn 'Mlku, piblknwd yeou-rdey. Mr. bauke )oi g ago t*l*?li*'>?d In- hi i'-tifiu a* a mm of re c erivtifatratlTe abiiitV , aad podllto* and *<me 01 hit epfa It tmtt.ii ende. b?* to vie a goo ? Governor U wni be '111.1' 11 lui '!>? If j lOlu-iUa to Qu i *u<>tfi?-r win m thoir rank* combining a* many e.umenla at uopuUrilf. It la cl.aiK'd ib?t the (bet at Gov. lUck*'witn intwal urea k>yl fn ii' ilit* fiobia: nuto *iu the .'iw-tiou ii'rteieg?ie? to the State < oivei 11 in thai tva 'ri 'art* ruigni obuiu ihe control 01 ilmt b' dy aurt iiiii icuu* the ur*t < andlda <? The uum bi-r ol ??nd eiate*. ? bosu ft loud* am very antlou* they ?boiilrt b. ire pi itirt Id tbi.i omergoncv, Ir uopo-cedrrted The Ho-u u J'<"i "ul i' oka the wcalcru ptrtoftbe Stan) <*u put u. a i iT'M a uaitu fir tUo Dominatiou, Geo S. I Hi bong lb" l?ji Governor fori taboo lb* Slate by ttai mi l on H? Atlai and /In Bauer* half a d. n erudtdafca wry alooiy, but exhibit* great go d natt re inward* thi W??t Following u to* mate, ihe Spiir ghrlil fc;t.Mv.ui b"l Mv a 'vaucea the clailiii of F1? ti) I. Pa w k, of Vorih n irai, not i m*m ! ber of Gorgrcr*. ami ihe favorite of Governor Gtuk* fur j theF in't'o-ioo The Ho^.io, 7'i jerfirrmvaauneibing f?v ir Itf tkrrliilMof (111. A. >1 Rice. who. ihe tin mmka, would doiu'i pirate more Tot ? than ai.y other inau The T arm if v nrefvi* uhu A ludre **, who is alio too favor ite of tie- Worn iter .-'/ly and of tie- oi ire radical repjnll i -ana. < barf a <v;ut>-T ia a delegate to ibe di?U? Gonreu tloa, at id repo'ted to ne ,u favor of Andrew* Mr Me| log*, ol fttiKhi I i Mi Kuowlioo, of *oroe*tar, *'d half a iwore mote, ire ta'k d "f; hut lhm-? and An ire ?a ap pe?r to lead Tb' '"?puhliean rank* are la a ntale of uoei [ni t'?(! (oionvtii 1 tho Ooavvatlou will be agreeably lively. Boktos, Antnat 81,1800 Thf. blaitaibuutU Rf.uklicm Miau <1mnnHn*? Kjfect an Ibe far*y <?/ <k? Wilbthnwil <y Gommvrr llanbt?Defeat ef Ibe. Patau uuu and Triatuf k 11ke Abuttnrmvtt?Jnkm Ilri.un /.tid' > fi-d?John A ituirew?Muamtr'l Speech? Tke fl-yutlvan i'r.m in the S'Ule. da Aa in expected from the moment of tba an nouncement of (Invert or Ban**' withdrawal from all cm aectlon with M? nachtiietta poltltea, the Rupub liran State (Vnveoilon waa large and unu*<tally aul mated. The ttnpri?au>i) seotned alrnoat am vernal that the thtltjiat" filcoda of the Gov irnor fhr a loog time fad been aaare of bit intention b> decliuo an doer Domlcation, but bail induced Utm to withhold any uifor mattoa with regaid to it until the latent mom -at In or der to give Ibtm every poeeible advai-tage of p ??U'.ua ia ruglnnerltig the notn-aiitl-in or hts BUixweenr, and in that way allow l brm to wcuro the cnut in nance of their Id 0uoi co In aad about tho State Qouae Tba aneplc.ion that ih'i *an? bau been atl' Ttntort am t the laigoal boty of doivgato* to Wirc>?ler tbat lia* otor atteudel a ftegahU cau 8?a?e Omvfnilou in Ma<.*echineiut_a hody to mark i-d contra*l to that of hu>t yoat, abuib wot Saroly reaoeo tab'e hi pnlot of O'Trnbir*, and in wti priKjee'llugs tnere waa hat one ttoin of intotnt?tbti remtlog of Joha .1, An dr.-?'? irrlot ? I rero'utiot,*?ai d whoaoevery mnv-ment ha ) been ylatrol to Dortoo lung before a llug'o delogaie dn w uoar the localtly waoro tho ''oneomiou wu bel t From the Bret arrtvnU> of thp irevtoue day ualtl the ran *r*t ft* balloting for State i (Boom, It waa arideal that, whetbtr rightly or wrongly, Ibe body oft to parly bait In oome very auaptclnue with regard to tho dotage of ofttoe bidder*, and utticiwly r ativo with regard to any ?Oft of wirepulling or raanageme it; an t inn ootwith ataodiog tbo ocoeavor3 on tb<- part of 'uJlnenUtl republican oigana to pn-rorva prop-r dtpopoue In the raulca No nutter what tho propu/itLo, a bint that tt hid noon derided ud " to commit loo" gave it a doubtf it aapact i.. the oyeg of tho my Tl y, ?r tv.-re, like plga, drier in lord not to bo drivon or iod. A Iwge uroporttoa of mi" republican patty ari mure rid ha', ia ttnif tw w* than the Raiika admioiatralioa?ivwgti ft-w pe aiue bare enneidered that admioiauatiiiii rotoarkahle for aouaer. vaturn?and U* ultra ultra ><M toife advantage of thi* opiHitunity ptoicnw ! by tb" piovalcul di*tru*t to urgo the nomination of a prftlcfan who haf never boea ? fa write of the preaeot S al* government, aod wh < rao*o aenta MifMcbnectta ropahitcantrin fa pnnci|d.* and pnrpoeee, a* fairly and entirely aa Ui- ao-nailed uatliwal oryanigatton ta represented by Sumoer aurt Sewaru Tbalr oppom-tiM wre, an I John A Andrew re ceived two iblrde of a!) thj vous brown on the flm ballot Job* 4. Andrew Is \n bmoal, ouftpltfm au, a radl pal republican on principle, and 01 politician, either tn ? h gb op tow eruae i4>i I'rm; for while hi* principle* ?rr utterly abominable, ho ha* nothing >l in it eutrit of Intrigue which n.axing- * to elcrsto tub rtor and unauru a* tons mrn to buiee-flo atauoin la hi* pr?4ra-i-iu tm i* u<> petttiogger, but b?? raruf 1 ?. tve.-irebi* ?ii? iuc iiob at tb<- bar a* a lag cat ao<i e.'ti'V" t e?o*it?r, and. 1 law? - ** de fr'to tb ? i??e*ifho of *1 ivory, * t Kind lawyer. H .* b** not btuli at> ? fllrso hot N r, hot a* a number of thr "<?i?I'lin'aiitf'' to ciill'lril blnall to the emallara Uou of hlo t> >rir. *mt particularly 41 uugui-b-1 In n?o C ttii o* ,i. c. 'art.- with Oalrb Curbing w t< iiiua oi nation tl inter ? ?t, llwogb aa a nisltar of rouri". Mr. Oiabtug wae m-ev tnaii ha mii h in arrotaoat a <l atogueani tie waa ? eie of the o?1pf*'<*? at largo to 'he ibvago fjnnwec ' in, eb . re hr labored r-wlouuy *<r thr nm?lo?i..>n '4 Willinui II. yr4ll,t( whom tie to in I'trucs* dm ? iipTb He rtorebf* every tut of ia-h r.-,iuh taaa '? jia-ii ioii n MaAaohusdttg, lore,ting ih? tial'iiy l*Pignmai Ijh. rty hill and the removal .,f Judge I,woig llr not "rlr helw roe in Helper tort Ihi "lanmlmt i rote," nnJ '* a warm f? *? nrt ?f 'Jw a b"l ft too tots, bet h? ? on ov-wed adT"r..te of ahoHtma avlrhna, and or am. lime |?at >iaa b>ie ib<- fbtrorito o' Out p rtioa of ? on ti* / n? ' n lie IS h W (Jut >l>"r, nmei ali?r tba %r> i>r I t i un of J' in U* ?u. a pnbMe tu"Mli.w was tailed at thr Trfnmt.t Trrnfle, Urn or 'a aid of hta funtly, or<!? r IIm- aorpVer of IV Fr it.wn.'j ?th" reogioua ao cblt if thr 'aU-TVio' ra Plrktr ibo prar> oi i: - mooe ?rt tbe t<i ubh an patty ?o Ineltol 14 proa;le, an t did to n b o* ? ?, which a u? n?t ?ata, but or onset ta rabh pongen iy, he dortortd that 'John rtr-i ?a <r?a a ira'tyt to rui Vera " Tott Idea, b?" aai?t, '?< tbn "trra toi rr hlr ? oeibet '* la bit ofoi'im " tuba Browa war i ght. ate* tbey maiaaWii to rtprraa th^r a*rtipat?y *r ib ibr man ard Ibi' l '<a " Wr a a* Mlow<<? ?> tb? Bee Mr. Mai.hti'g. Ralph Wa!Oo I' u aort W u tall PtlU !>)??Ib.ol. t b*'. pb< -e pbaal aau irM>? loal pbilaaUiro l>iat* and n gro at'? b | i"-r?. Tbr fr%u-mitjr ttofc oena ah it totitftj ifcrlr r?tf' 'ti of tfr Aftdrrw by taatrort 'I* lb>ar to fhfir :<*??te rbeflr.1 ?f rtelrgatra to the Ci nerbtion to eo?r l?>r h ot lo fact. Mr atoreor la tie Itretd to hart'r?* . * rd 'hr n pp"rt of reery ab. Ut'oniji Hi Mu. iMate, Irota frati ia? tul oionoor bi A hay Rely Koatrr. i|fcluf ?ty "I eiH ha ha rmrfed. baremg my wfb.lrtt of km touobtn* tho atarery imMm, to a'Ail# (a..i??hly maty bu ?.irr irinrnnori aMngHm If 0 cararti ah--.I'l anyr when the t?lbl>e wraf MM re qnirr any i?elt?eo rvi.lerre f, en the otata o tfaaaaobo i-rtia rf tb. r?t; abi-h, II la ?" nt?ee than fhT ts' ?aj, ibe majority - f our mtti na entrrta.b hw tha atrtftoiton Ai'd lb* I'noo, It WOI.VI bo a yreit public oaU.uity to bara "b<'D<?t .lefin Aulrea" iu Itaa gnhervaior ai chair If ba Crvoi i<? to uir anil Alarm ranee bappaawl in he tr.' fell tlnot ?< re n? aod boll ?w boartMi], ha would to doubt be kra ? ti'inj ^1- at a men. h?t k?? daunoroua anilml ntaawtrau Mill it uv< b'.< loo had il a ooaoar eaiiaa any u? f tb. Itey Mate, by riea? a' their di? renatrt d. allow lire re|oa of Male loeerntMVt to fail Into lhf g'ir, i r a nw H.ej all nputM danyrrona and abone yree. f-nild of rbara-le: only . ecla- mm more to ha drea.1 ?at by liu Uyblfi.' tu lI Rji <au>' i It ctton w etld be a I art .1 ( d r?l?ce to I be -*?ie. I?l ?'?Intr it in a #IU evrae poal imw ilaii ibaf II tow (c uptaa wlta rafertuoe to one ha'f iff rnfrtftw The opreei aid tlf Mr ar drew at tf rrewirr baaed their nfreait ofi en bt? rm.tranani and <>q the q ieat on of basalt i)?an ih.t* 'toct hiaiicr lu our littfa ?Hat.v-Btetem Man ftrliiwtif let raw aepniiad ad rut nil oor ?-,?en?.r? foe a ahitr pnrt (hi Um qi-ethei o> ra>* foal lata thaCdnran I em fsity endoreertArt rtewM J aha " The Wretern dele gate* being nirldrd. there war an "ifBeoHy na Ufa Matter ?4 beaftty. Aa enrtnariw w.a made to aaeare a uuum of ?br Wi-tu rn Ortrg.lry mi Mr t*aa?n, i?f S irlb A lama, ate* Mr Ke)k?c. rf f tWdeW. wb > was Uawas' cbief com. (at*tar fr u. that rerti'in, ahUlta h? aama In ibeeaq rot: Hut the friend*- id Mr. tejsdrmb, of Mock wMgn, would lot e*me >iito 'be arrnaaawent. and Ibnnagb their ale 'h ?? re tern Ar.drt m dehwatea ha-1 the piraaure ,4 aaa ii-y the dabai of ibe atiempt at nntnblantlna. Mr Oon>l re b'a framua aaked fre him Ue (oxraraurahip or the l.^u Utahl Huteea-ehin 'be Aadraw man gnea blm the aa m? f |dare, and refured hie friend* rota In IdM John 2 liter rwb ra a whig mrmbei of f nngTMd Tun rw rtaiadm of ite Maw tea at wa* dielded amonf the dillhr fht kaalliwn inn manawr generally hathfaretwy to tlw |anj . hit of ro,.r#r dwegrreabl' to indlrMuala. liawMt arturtgb tor oar raprhHeana that, by % trato of Ikel/ Uatrttofura, tiny Ibrtoaaly aadoraod ftorirt dum ntr'a gewl a* Um tornto, an arbat ha aaMnd the "harharmto of n*vrr> ?a rprenh lh*t w wtrtely rtn umted tore a( n ram pa'C* d'fenmeat The lineeathm, of nbldh ba was a member, in aitrd (utri to addrotn thee* toforw they promadad ta MIM N<t (k'taiao". He aprecb, tbe <mly fimul ooe of tbe r ? at toe, ?rt a mrafallf prepared enj .mgtny baratgnv In tltla 4 r" 'edton le. Ha pedaaiic air or ly ri I rriu by tbe tlnki re with wbtrh b" aaetila what bo <-al*d the "dTi b teed btrharlam of Maeery." To cad Ibtaapereb lib t la. id re Car e> I he 11 tereeta of hla party arr wnrrnrd. Nicutwr 'td aa far ae it r?n air wt toe p' 1 ft 'tla <i tbe cauM b?- aapoue?, ui-yart and antr'itbfal aith ieiTf?ie< to ita ?nh> -a and wa 4ly nnworiny a I I .pel d??'re del ?trr, I* H> any that II M rhare itoriaila of II ? ii? m 1111 <r fi t ntVitr: ? ?; ?' re--'-fo-jt wrre pretenied to Uir am trillion bf .? Q A. I";"1! a, a m?mtor of the last two or u.w cm I'SgiHlam *. i.od 1H' mu.rntaa alaeery l?aa an? .itibn Rr rwnX* Th< a-Urtiw ia rrom the pen it I 1 fb eetnor Be ta I *bo leeeidr l erer fb* iXarentloa, ai d *f" rreei ? p i .railprly nriuwm to i'?idar a am et-'yi?'* fa' ?? Ik* naaaa l>- now a>fr*matr? Mela a ifBivrrr liw adJrtfM, 1 ke ererytbtaf elm afmal lb <? ab< itlar 1 ?t?r.tkm. aar antl eliavaty from II MM tog to r ud Tbe lert rian del tfd (Tie rf all Mil*, nod many of thaao rf 1 - rrratar'-r, 1 rt| .'bl1oaa td'tora, era to mia ?If kau Ii' anil out af trmp-r ea ugb tnabon it F oof tl.'h a>C aitaaly e*r tant orer the reaaM, other* gr n y J tfai. arme rMly mo.wkeia, aana* aank In j tr ?!?'*? Tbe U| ? riyt" M dhmf .Viem ? one of ttomo lank. 1 1 are I be Mrs) joprr fh rtn-Mate ta kntrw af ?he Mo- 1 tl ? I r"? a'fhtrewal. nw a?w rery dtnp lit f'toe fbr the . f ! .*HW U ooiolf ad 1 oralart Ike erlinti n of Mr. 1 J-?wt? Ire all praeihie riadota, farh ime of aihirli being tuaafia thai a I iH? rr?t AW a i* I drem-ea II dgag j r( ? er- tl e t,'.m"-alMei to ha "nme or pei'tir'? '-So 1 11 ir ?< fat." it tmya, t?.?"i na '-en ayrae*hie to ige oppo. -Um" It "fitt* Hi ii* a mrt*Te to ntinn ant % ,Wh? of 1 ? t ta " Ii'tilaka thr r piih'l-jp* aan bee |g 000 ,%a?a 1 1 b at. an-s ?t>u rmrry tb" d*r, h-it t?,*i ! Met a Mr na rymimlhit# and rperoea, tua Otrrto ' ! *r ali'T" blr O'T'f trela'ry preail-m hem and all thai ?ft af iMtiami artitomniM, ana whfjh he reread ebiwadi, MMIM tfwmprtod far awl wf,|.- u, tba atat' tr irjure htm. frit of |t 10 harm Uawnfn ?? Tba gM. toe Jetonaf aran mwinwd anth the idea that It *u "tba ddtyi f he rejHihioan preaa n iwltt ta mator rg repuh 1 xai) ri vitoful aa V> tba manaar <A mati ng ika amar *en-y," pr> mated by the action of Hot. Bulks. It * ** noat eerasat lu I'# appeals against rw-Hnallara !? wntH, "hh itaall majority, bui *u (jTtf#Mainf ti 'uiot h ua iu lUt'1 lnjiuluuoita aclioo " mail wrUbd tin" cause ul Abrahira Lu coin 10 Owro-o I'li ut. New Juiiry, PrniiU) lvuuW aud Indians to ao *?? t< lit that uiiutit bo fatal to tfto Hi al resili," ao l might ??Itre two 1 r more of our Cungrcaeioial disk Ida" Ful lowu-g ibc action ?f lhaCYilrago uotv-ntion, ao man "to atom imra amociatlon'attached ought to bo in* reohu lt< id ttai.darri bearer " It called aloud thatbepwly should take waning from tbe late elect lima 10 Oaiaectt cut ai 1! RIi.kIo blind, aud declared, wbal la teu?, thtt ihi ir rum* ss last year waa at tbo rtrk of tv? tu i iaaut vi leia (laws than dee thrueaud, Mr. J??raol Y >ur n njortty was >*ly ?iw tb.?.-,aad laat year ) and th? Jivrt at Buoa It bard to smile at the raaaltot ita pl-wdmcs. The Journal art rnrated the claims of A R Rioe, nanmbor of r nogr-re from tb? fourth dlilr'Ct But the reputill ,-aoa, il tbey loae a large abate of tU. Ir c .oaervativ* top. 1011*'?, wi I receive new life from the increased aaal of the abut tilt n uta Now, wl.I It not be a burning ihame to tbe pnope of lbii State if tbey allow this opportunity of e'T.?- ually puitii g rt).t?D tbe ropuniicaii party loretnaiQ unimproved?' Sbali Lincoln and andltw carry the Stile because au> one or two ol Uie comer rati re parties ami ng ua wilt not ami t a I*bene ? policy that wUI matte ttM to operate* Ot all Lat'Obel mvb? MISl'ELI.ANK0U8 POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE.. Baj> N??s sua .Jim Ba>ia >itbs ?Tbe bvmp crop of Missouri and the West gen) rally uevcr was better. Srgjraa's .-'rmcn 19 Soith Carousa ?We i>? by the pr<cet-dli ga of a mealing of tbe citiz-ma of OeoearllM, Abbeville dlrtrlct, S C., on tbe Tit tnat , tbat ooplea of gunner's speech on tbe 'Bar bar lam of Slavery'' were soot to a number of clergyman in tbat State. fV-s .i.inou* ware aoopted drnoonclng It aa an intentional tuaojt to ? Buutb Oarotlmana, and rvqiH-eli?g tbe clergy men aert atb other! wb? had tbe speecb> a Bent v? thorn to g.rwarrt the mm* at ono* to tbe secretary of tbe rousting referred to, "tbat, In one common pile, In the r.MigrmaionaJ dwtrtet. of tbe late Hon Preston 8 Brooks, and 00 the auMv*rate ry of Numuer'a caning, tbey may be oonsmnrd in* woo Brr ligbtrd by negroC?." A Qna-Tin* ?A Pell and Everett paper in Qeoegta aatw the following question:? If the declaration of Mr. Roll that be woo Id 00-operate with the republicans to Mr a the Luton mikes htm a re publican does not the deciaraliou that he woubl o? ope rate with the dem<?rau for tbe same purpose make bim a demon atf Fhidt at a Political Co.Nva.STwa ?A Republican Cha rcot un for tbe First Assembly listrlct, Gotmnbia nouuly,. New York, mot at Hudson on Tuesday last, and during tbe prom ertlngs a regular knock down sad drag out tight came od The particular flriotxls of Gurernor Morgan *1 l?ged tbat foul play w*a being eua-led, ant boldly entered tbe ir protest. A skirmish ena-ied, foUnwed byte grteral knock down all arouud. Governor Morgan'a friend drew tbo first blood, and Just aa be was dec ami champion of the Held a grand rally eras made by hi* op poueutr, and tbe friend of bis Ezcelleuoy was Ignomini ousiy put down stairs. Outside Um melee was oontiauod far rouie time Tug arkaaius Euonog.?We copy the following sum mary of the late ob-clion in Arkansas from the Littio Boik Cas<tf?of the lStb lost.:? Mr Cy ja-rt, opposition candidate for Congress in tbo Fi-s> distrk'-, is doi'iated by two thousand votes aire 01 Iter?ami Thomas U Hinnmao,dem.,elected, kilwirtl W. Gantt. ilem., lee Cvngreee iu tbe doooud dtatrlat, lm ehcted by a large majority??ay four or tlve tanuaand. Hmry M R-1-tor. tort oem ,is elect)d Governor b* o/#r tbr> e lb- iirai ? niaj"-rlty. Thereaultof tbe late elect too has astoi isbed evriy ?uo. Il suows an utter liMekiag up ot >>l)l iMrtiea. Tbe rtaoiysi of cooventloas bee bona sto-re ot fcis ?tronfttb?he has not enougn l-ft, without autaioe aid, to pail down tlio crumbling pllhtrs ot bm pa'ly ertltk v aid crush bimse f and hla euemi .-a; but tin.)-will eoou da that w?rk for blm Judge K>ctor'S electiuu la 1 ot aa evldeucauf his strengtk.bat ot tbe wiwkt><-?M ?f hi* <?)>(>moot. The Judg- la not a msa of Strong pere-w al jtopuiarlty, and Ids |siiu y?part vision ary and par' agrarian?wwi tbe worst that c >uld bar> been present, d to tbe people for the poro ?e dT catrbug r?tes Nothiug but tbe weeknoM of bis oppo sent, ana tbe detei miuatiuo of tbe people to re* ike toe flu lion which bad so long misgoverned tbe State, noukt have twwduned the result On the a?re of the ??fam'ly,"' and the rha'ge of >? rtlce bfining." honors were rasy. Tbe Aie bart 1 o .d vantage of tbe other tut Jobuaoe as (Huknand lbs-tor Is elected Tbe name of dobuson sud thi cry uf party organmatlnu bare l>wt their force Ma>iy voted for Ji hnaon who ncsired his deti-at, but thmslng bltn iiitlm ihle, voted lor bim front very rear ot Suing on.sbeo hy ibe force ol his party ortautzallua. f>mir.. n-w lb- si- would all v?te against hint uu>l swell his oppo tent's majority at teaet hvo tbouaaod votes. Tbs <Mnm powei tul organtsatkai of tbs d. moaratls party w bmhea up. the leaders are at open war with oao another aud the war drweenda from th- big beet tea>ier to th- lowest Kill war. Tbs rrasrai is that tbe part* M u ? longer hounA u 1 rlhir by pr!bcipl?? lie "Uty c-ut-el w lor t-v? e|? ii# In the pres-tit rtlstn egrateil aud dem>?alne?f ii-tili'ii.n 0' tbe rtcamera*)', Pi- I'niou part- ran by * pr.-iwr 1 flort. carry tbe ftale for B M aort Rveett. a d I r I'g order anil narmofiy out of tsieti jg cb*? an rwa rtisiiu, TTir rlfrut would b- % worthy one ,-rmi If ,t ???.! -I ip failure; but if properly mrvu tiia Unios men wu knew -?nosi-cb word as fklp? The late enuteat <nr ftor~rn<>r hob-ri. I-lie of .x-eei leg bilteruaas and wraoaalltv? II III.Ilif In* tbe eanrtloates to thmr iMrmiarn' u I* I ? iwrtisaas Tbe .lohns- n part, arwaded ltvt..r an l bis tr-lu j , an*1 the Rector party a-aai'u i JubnsoW Aah ware, ifargidalth being Inurrsted lu 10. ttai H>tOa a.nk, at rt tar I- us other matter* were br regit op wbich emit iw- Uh usbt rerun.s la annte other plana* hot h- rerbey r t.ked i.|?? aa tbe men eii-banse of tbe ivanp'l IP' l U Ot the reason ai'd thi tv-urtesiea uf the uetrtaeis. Thi newt t- tlit-s charge agatnsf- Jobuertn ats tbat W tors old lip- ifem-terat against the drirar of hw buggy, and th? meet effrctle* nnaUugbt on Rn-pw was 'hat 4 tjs Jrm ?Mw-ndf aa bl* shirt nollar I* Chars-a wel emniter t ba-gi s the parties and tbe paper* wart about equal; bug I* votes Rector got tbe advantage. How ro 8m rag Haitatm* ?The Nashville Ommnf, a Mroag Bell and Everett paper, ecksawtege* lb* gnterMtr of tbs folk-wing-? Tbe Wreck Bridge papers ??tbal etary enta tar Dmj gika is ? ?<*? irecti/ (or I.tnouta Th* IkMC'va paper* aay 'eery ?? tar Breakiaridgo la ? rot* iBi redly f?r I.ln-XMO VTbst or* Ua iVnaBo crsey to M Tkrj u* It lb? If of Ihr Mf ro pratcb ?f ? nn(r< (anna who, life# some other pe-aaheeo, ?o lb the t.B ii of using big Words, but ?li<l out always iwl IB gelling bed of Us right ?a?, and Mats ? fsoae side take ut.oe. Hie tsat art*. " II'>??1 Is the rood that load iir to bilk. and ott; there he who r> there; h? Bor row ? (ho OS} thot leadeab to I if-', BOO few thorw he who leke It " - Betoreo readier*. IW he two roata; ebtwry biilj goeo ta ooonr adder ?h 'e>; char ? ooo rrst u1 ilaB ?m de nmod mod. be ! dot loots right down to damna tion, and O greet men} goes In K ; ilar to oa id W ml, ai'd dot bib <le uorror mod dot leoto aamtght op to pert I ik B " '? If dot's do ooer," sold on emitted notorod Wo th.r IB ? bo ooBBisgothw, ?? dis otggo onto tar de wnoto " The leadere of the democrat w rsrty sro potst ng the poo pie to two rnada, hut they both, acaomtar to their o?t showing. MM t<> the election of f.iBOOla To loH iw ohhor IS dBWbBtloo or perdllloa The penal# will, t tort'orw, as tamed U tbe only mesne of sscope, to raw lor fell sod Feerctl?In ent for do wood*. Turvoueiwe tarns of the ynowg democestlr. setmpo hh Wheeling, Vb , bare liueg o John drewa otflgy so too black rrratntrwo liberty pole rocenlly eroded to thotntg. A Chir cr tub Ott> Bunm ?Millard T. Fillaeow, b bow of et freol'leot Fillmore, t? IVtHdrnl of the Doflhlo BoO ood lrerett .Vatnmal labia Cla*. Tries Fin-no a ?Wo bars retaroo tar the 9Uta ticket from arreoty lew eooelWa. The wis atiadr , Ftemoe} , dem., Hi TM MeArioo, npporlUec, 11,18$. kTournoy > majority. 18.Ml. rtyewTiv akls ?The republican eloctorsl ticket la Petto gyltaala waa soil up hetare Urn Chicago Os rmrtkw. The eboirmoa of the Mack repoMkma Plats OwnmlUoc DSW wrlus that "It li proper to oaf that ail the etoohxW borr girer? a formal plodpn that lh?y will. If eh woo, mat their ecu la the electoral cut lege for Ahewhnm btnouta tar Prsattaat, aad Nr ?aamsai Homtta tar Ties Praai danf " KBnusst (uutt ?Tim Pswmwatle Tttttarhl Om erntloa of Krbesafea, which met at Umaha aa Ua Uth sat, a?ml as ad tar tdkni is C ages J fearltag tar tor, prrsaet tawmtary of the Territory. Pouncat Cim Kawwb.?The following arc aanta of ih? name* which baew haaa take* hp pnlitiraJ cteha hh earWnw farU of the (Wastry -Wtdo Awakes, Took Oats , (h.oruforturr*. Bell Ringer*. Utile UUata, Chopmtjpeca. Rai'eyrrstta, Mtaste Mea. awl 8*>l howlers t i aaaasttwuL CAftnnutws is ? Etdtram K. Pwisrt, the deamaisBto aotninoa tar Oueerwar m dune , aad Israel Washburn*. Jr., hie Mm* rapuWras. owxvu. i nr. are M stomp the SUtr t.^ethur aatll Iks fay of alec Ww. Plata os let Prrwr ?Bar Pram la P. BWir, Jr., Bm pbk> d owl a taw safe own I! w Ui If teen si i, iad aononoosd his detrrwunstloe Is ?lump thesn during lis raaitmlga. catm ?The black repf.Viosa body gnsrO of Iiht tbw I tar. In. Of whtah joha ? V rolsa t< tho nrdorly asrgwMit, haef dented their candidate the nee jf pea, ink sad paper owtli after tbe ehetlea. frwiti' i? H't.ens ? Tt wei that taaatoetiwir* bar again rtan rrd hw mind, ana a .w aniMfiMusa bp ado grni h that be wl? be at Median*, U s , ft nmtu II. piBBorm T e'.m >rt?? ?Tn !!>? test' -rnisei's M Mis ?ouri tho |?rlMO la that 0talo aid I .(Ao'e? TVmoaroto, 8ft. Ihkw, T; bltrJt r-pobllomw, ?. T"?l m H. v v? fVmrwrwtt, 88. Cakm, 88. black ropnhlVanB 1* Thta1. U8 A f'soistt iiisn aa mow Traoisit ?Tt la said that fhw. . oha hior Pi tts will be ready aad w.'JInf ta ar'-epd % r'B r la old Abeh Chhtarl If hta setoasie ra^alr-d. A T uroaiw htm ?A tbt? W" ? e?ipt l ple-rro her word not in snbwl' to the rnlo of a b .ih rrposiiean Prraldwit. W? wrmder, Uya Preatioa, 'f |*w < word" M to rood aa her Iwi I', tr mat Nira Kw ?The black repsbilcana arc tamw let iwrhurd Umtr aM Waders by the whnMtals Aw oork o mtaiaohd hi ChWK". lb'T itrew fa B