Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1860 Page 4
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IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. TIM America Off Cape Race and Prince Albert at St. Johns. JFOl'R DAYS L.ATKR NEWS. AtTtAL FIGHTING IN CALABRIA. CAPTURE OF REGGIO BY GARQALDT. Anticipated General Battle wM the Neapolitan Troops. THE TROOPS GENERALLY DISAFFECTED. Their Defeat or Stampede to Garibaldi. ANOTHER FAC1F1C SPEECH 6P NAPOLEON. Arrival of the Great Eastern at Milford Haven. The Shortest Passage Across the Atlantic. THE CROPS IN EUROPE. ABUNDANT HARVEST IN RUSSIA. i THE MAllKETS, ks., aMe THE NEWS BT THE AMERICA. Cats Race, Sept. 4,1880. The fclenmniilp America, from Liverpool August 28, via Qucvnstowu 36th, passed Cnp? Race at throe o'clock this (Tu-sday) afternoon, tad wtb boarded by the news yacht of I ho preot. The Americt will be due tt Halifax on Thursday mora tog. The newt U Important. On the 30th ull , lailtudo 51, longitude ?5 30, at forty: Ore mlautee paet ten A. U , passed steamship Damascus, bound east. Lord PaltaeretoD h? I stated In the House of Commons that a British subject had been wrongfully Imprisoned in Paraguay, and pending the payment or the compensation demanded, ? elation* between the two countrlce continue Interrupted. Lord ralmereton also referred, In disparaging terms, to the Suez Chral scheme, a large number of shares In which bad been taken by the Pacha of Egypt, and euted that the French government hare declared that they haro nothing to do with the scheme. The House was counted out, for want of the requisite forty member*. In the Commons, on the 25th, Lord Palmers ton uid the government had no official Information relative to the landing of Garibaldi in Calabria, but bad received a dee patch confirming the fact. He also aald that thee was so truth in the statement that Austria had threatened to support Naples. She adhered to non intervention, till her own frontiers were threatened. Mr iAmg said lbs gevernmect had no Intention to call for tenders for an Australian mail service via Panama. bewail A Oo , contractors for the Red Sea telegraph, had commenced a auit, alleging that the contract had been performed, to recov er the per centage retained during the progress of the work, and to be compensated for the re pairs subsequently executed. The company denial the ?locution of the oontract. Jesse Hartly engineer and constructor of nearly all the Lirerpnol docks, Is dtad. (.The London Piswi ?ays> company, combining the manu facturing end mercantile la Greet, is being organised for the purpose of procuring e Urge and better eupply of cottoo from Indie iArge erders for grain had been seat from England to America and the Black Sea. FRANCE. The Emperor and Emprea* had gone to Savoy and Mice. An Imperial decree red been tanned opening the French ports for the adm salon, duly free, of ell kinds of foreign g-ain and Boer, Irrespective of flag. Vessels laden with bread* ulh will be esempted from tonnage dues. This Is regarded as en adm'astoe of the great deficiency in the French harvest. The weather continued very wet. H was reported that the Emperor had ordered the garr jobs from Helfat to Memnncer, to form a cerpt dar-ile of 100,008 men, and to be] ready, wlthjcnmpaigc materials and artillery, to move at rbort notice. The Bourse was strady. Rentes 88f He. NAPLES AND SICILY. The tavsston of Cambria and ooaamenoemrel of the ranr peigs. by Garibaldi, m fatly oontrmed The town of leggio bad been attacked end taken by Oartbatdl Four thousand Calebr an losorgeata bad jotsed the Gar I betd inns. The royal In ten dent ot ro'.inasn eras at the bead of the lasurreetteh ta the provtnee of BasUtten, The chiefs of the National Guard of Nhpks bed lender hi their resignsuoas, m consequtnce of the foreign bat ta'.ios not being disbanded. The latest despatches only extend to the llsl alt., as 1 ?ay that a general battle between the ttaribnldmns and Neapolitans was than imminent A meeting of eympa.risers with Garibaldi had been held m AUSTRIA AND PRUSSIA. Lr reiuratea tta account of lb* arranf etnenta at T Ti ii aotvithataadlaf the official daaial, tad L* .YWi tUK iMl obtained credence la raria, where the almoJU Bo -i tirwai of the French aabaaaadora to Vienna and Berlin kd to minora of eomethhif taportaal relative to tb* relatione of frame* aad Herman/ TV o*attnrat*l jocraaM ooatlaoo to dbpot# I* X r4't auiement.aad a Berlin tolef rapb Jeapetcb a*ya the raali nation of tV alhaooo between Auotri* aad Pruaeta a t.ralj depend* oa tbe political retertne effected L. Aaatrta SYRIA. All waa tutet la Syr*. I aad Pacha bad completely qui ted tfea peep I*. RUSSIA. It to aaaafI >1 froca a eetul fflcm eaarce w Roaau warn certainly eoamntraliat fraah troope la Bnaarmbta and mcreoer f bar naval f rr<a la tba Media Mot* ttbatan iia? tbe rataa aad locoata tba barraat will b? lb* aaoat abaadaat far yearn The Inpr-r of Raaaia far# a fraud baaqeet la boaor of tba fbtparor of A atria'a birtbdajr. aad prnpnnad fraaeta Joaaph'a health la tba moat friendly tanaa FINANCIAL AlfD COMMERCIAL JTEW9. LONDON MO NIT M IllfT, Tba fond* war* depriaaid by tba aalh rotable barraat ptoopeaaa. Oiaaaia further deolwnl M sa lb* Stth. Olber aeoarltM eympatbiood. tbo only etcrnwon An 'Iran ro..way*, which daily tecraeoaI la Iran' TV deaaaod for money at tba Bank waa rather Vary, bat rataa ?ara Bar ailecr, to. I HA; Met eon dollar*, V I'^d aaaiea. Taa Skd. M Vt ta Baab of Mafias J uacreaeod AIM 000 ataoe n? ret or*. lAMMW, Aaoaat lb? Itean lac I dell to day at Wtt mr nwway and IV weaiMr today baa baan dab aad vat. i a an i r k* m * aieit Bartnc bnhwi report an adranaa <a aaariy all tba Awirtaan railway mcerttMa?. Me* Tort Central, abarea aW M#? Tbrt Central! a huiM Mr* Tor* Central ?W ta a i: n<w* central, ahare* (dwanat) IT a ? III mo* central T a. a a ? ? .? i>; r*y iraate (antral ?**, let mortfnf* ?f ?_ Miebifaa Oe*traJ. abnrea M ?M UTMWOOL OOTTOe MtRtrr. Liiaai ??. Aofawag ivto VtLi day 10,000 balaa. tba tuarku Ooaiaa ateadr ?nd Ira urartoL nitwirrrw Mtnxrr. ? Ia'?M*. Aofuei 21 ltdO M?ama. RwhtMM, Speao* b Oa., WaboOeil, Moab b H? ' Atbya b 0b , report ?Floor am aad mur |t Biao No Wheat Am (br beat at Toaaday r extreme pitcce. other ktudh dJheult of sale red, tie e 18s. 84 ; white, 12. ? 13. 6J Corn he* u upward leedeoey, with us advance of M. since Tuesday Ms- * Ma. 6 , yellow, 8ti 6d. a 8oe . while, 86* el _ ?.? Arocvr 3A, 1880. ? Bresd.tuPs generally steady Corn buoyaut at u> ad vuct of 84. The weather .? better. LirarooL ntorisioK maxkit. UvanrooL, August .t.lW Bigland, Athyn A Co. ?1 other* report:?Beef dulL Pork quiet sud steady A large government contract toe bet*f &? d pork In ndrortiat*! flikoou quiet. Lard Arm at 60* a 61* Tallow quiet at 62- a 62* 6<1. CheeM Arm. Clover need In g<od speculative inquiry; red Ala. iHi Ai'ObifT At, 1881. The provision market U quiet, and tranaaclloaa to-day unimportant. UVKKTOOL PRODUCE MARK IT. LivicnrooL, August 24, I860. The Broken' Circular and other* report:?Aabea quiet at 26* tor both pot* and pearls Sugar atrady, but doll. Co doe steady. Kico firm, with large speculative business ? an aueance of 3d. a 6d.; Carolina ts quoted at S3*, a 25a. 3d. Tea?There la but small Inquiry and prices are weak. Quercitron bark, Baltimore,ft. 3d. a Ta. 64. Lin seed unsettled and eactted, with an advance of Is. a la. 3d. Lie seed cake?There has been a slight advance en all descriptions of American; linseed oil in good demand at 30a. a 30s. 6d. Kith oils slow o( sale at unchanced.quo tatiooa; sperm, ?108 a ?106. Rosin firm, owing to limit ed supplies; common, As. 6d. Spirits turpenttna firm, with a slight advance on all qualities, quoted, COs. 6d. e 81s., closing at Sis LONDON MARKETS. Low(.OS, August 34, 1860 Messrs. Baring Brothers report:?Wheat buoyant, with an advance or 8s a 8a. per quarter; the Timet reports aa advance csa the week or As. per quarter, the quotations bring 60a. a 64s. (or white, and 641 a 62*. for red. Flour. 20* a 32s. Iron steady at 16 5s a ?6 10*. for rails and bars. 8agar quiet. Rice active at full prices, cloelng firm. Tea quiet at la Ad. for Congou. Tallow quiet at 61*. 3d. Spirits turpentine steady at 31*. Lmseed and linseed cakes both advanced slightly, the latter com manding ?10 16a a ?11 for Near York, and ?10 6s. a ?10 10* for Boston. Fisb oils advanced a trifle, sperm selling at ?106. Linseed oil in good demand at 30* a SO*. 64 Fish oils dull, and unchanged in price. K..*ln firm, owing to limited supplies, oomaaon is selling at A*. 6d Turpet tine advanced slightly, selling at 80s. 6J. a Sir., closing firm at the latter figure. HAVRE MARKET. Ha vis, August 83, I860. Cotton quiet and steady. TUe sales of tne week foot dp 4,000 bait*. Quotations?92 f. for tret ordinaire, and Sir. Ibl bat >iook In port, SOS 500 bales Wheal buoyant, witb a considerable advance on all qualities, owing to the weather being unfavorable for the crops. The advance la fully equal to 8f. per sack- Ashes dull, ooffee firm, oils firmer, rice firm, sugar quiet, but Arm; tallow firm, whalebone nominal. THE NEWS BY THE PRINCE ALBERT. Br. Jonas, N. F., Sept. 6. 1800. The steamship Prince Albert, from Gal way August 88, arrived here at noon to day. The steamship Great Eastern arrived at Kilford Ham at half past six o'clock P. M. of the 36th. In the House of Commons, on the 15th, Lord Palmers ton acknowledged the services rendered the Christians In Syria by Abd el Kadcr, and said the British Consul had beta instructed to tonder to him the thanks of the Bri tish government. Lord Palmers ton also said the government had m in formal Ion relative to the Intention of France to ??*hii?n a fort on the Lake of Geneva, and explained the ponitlan of the Savoy question, the oetslon having not yet been recognised by Europe. Parliament had virtually concluded Its labor for the eeeaton by adjourning till the 28th, when the prorogation take# place. St. Martin's Music Hall In London bad been burned. Mr. Lindaay, member of Parliament, had been autho rised to proceed to Washington, and lay before the Ame rican |government the views of the British government relative to the navigation laws, belligerent right*, Ac., and to enter Into negotiations for the opening of the coasting trade, Ac. Mr. Lindsay sails on the 8th of Sep tember. The steamship Canadian, from Quebec, arrived at Lon donderry 28 th. The steamship Asia arrived at Liverpool on the 36lh. The steamship Australasian arrived at Queeustowu on the 96th. FRANCE. The Cksperor had made s speech at Lyons In response to addresses by the antboqitleo. Be condemned the un just distrust excited abroad, and declared that nothing should make him deviate from the path of moderation end jostles. HI* aoi* desire was the general Interest of Fraaoe, and be urged them to give tbemnelrm op with confidence Is works of pence. He was determined, with God's amis lance, that France should net degenerate under htn dynasty. The pacific nature of this speech caused an ndvaass on the Boon*. Rentes, 68f. 88c. The CotutUutvmnd publishes an article stating that the relations between France and Austria are exosileal, and congratulating the latter Power en Ms reform tendency. NAPLES. Nothing dceiaire bad jet been achieved by Garibaldi. The fort of K.ggi<> capitulated oa the Slat. The gnrri ?ou were allowed to leave, With their muskets and per aooal baggage only. General Goarot, with a oeoaiderable force, had croaaiil the etralU at Flumtchlao, and two Neapolitan brigades surrendered to htm at discretion. The Garibaldi ana were meet era of fort Oelptiao. They aleo, after a abort fight, occupied Villa Ban Gio vanni. The defection of the amy of Naples was ooaauterod tx tr*oioiy probable, aad It wae hoped that Garibaldi would cater the oily In triumph without bloodshed Oouflicta bad taheo place between the Neapolllaa Uoopa aad aome Beraagllerl, who laadod from Sardinian nm i la As English iteamer, tbfi Ortal, from Bull with pusma gera for Memtaa, waa aataad by the pemeagera whUe the oaptaia waa aahore at Oeaoa U la auppoaed the pat stagers were frteada of Garibaldi. The veaael waa char tared under a penalty of ?0,000 agalnet eeirure, aad the iafareaoe M that aha waa daaiguad for Garibaldi. Sardinia prohibit* any more roluntoort embarking at Genoa for Sicily. _____ AUSTRIA. The lhaperor of Austria and King of Wurtemborg wore about to have aa interview. The reconciliation of Awatrtu and Bumtn la mid to havo been tally accompltobed INDIA AND CHINA. The made from Calcutta July it, aad Hong Kong July fi, had reached England. The ladt* news la unimportant large bod Ire of rebels, who took refuge ta the jungle near Hhawaward, had been routed. The Calcutta prudnee market waa quiet Imports ?tug nanl freight* lower, owing to large arrivals. Wait at rata threatened the deetrwcttou of the empe. Cx ohaago, fin St. lard Elgin aad baron Groa had goao to the Gulf of FV chrli It wae euepnctsd they would attempt to raaew futile oegeamttnoa, while everything indicated the Is tea two of the Chiaeae to fight All q?l*t at Can too (The rebels continued M ai ranee towards Shanghai The Dong Kong market* were dull Import* lower. Tom kwtr, t- a eigbar aad active at foocbow. Trade at* c latlaued suspeadel for Imports. V*a? Arm Ksrbaag* fin T?,t a fin TVd The ekwp of war John Adaiaa was at Pooch**, aad las ?* Uartterd aad Sagtaaw wars at dhaaghae. S AS There la oe pollUeal news of Importaaoa. lot-pom mm utiar. OMmafil closed to dajr TTtb, at fil^ a A' for maaej and mnuI. The maruet for Amartma seuurltM ? Unarm, August tT. IMS. i rrnrooL cottow mnn. The mm* of mt?a to day wore lo 0SD bairn inetudiag t.000 aa rporuiatwa aad for esport The market etasad quiet but etaady. srtn op rtutm nc ntwenwrsm. N'oth tag dooa ta partus of the Aa i.ivmrooL wMAPwrrrva wtuir. The weather is floes but etui abowery Wakefield, Kash k 0* aad Rwhardsns. ?ai(i A Oe repast Inr buoy eat at Ms a IS* Wheat firm at full prtrae Cora leaimg upward, mlsed and yellow, fife * Si* 04. Lirnroot rwovuooe Mtiurr. beef heavy Port du<( Raroe qaM lard Heady at Ha a (fin TUOew relet but Msady at lis a Ma ?M ?Sandy SC. Ltvaaroot. rwoorcs Ntsswr Rcsta firm, at fia fie for Ma firm, at fin Sd. tor common tyinie lurpewtla* y at tin toagar .Wady. Rtoe firm aad ailghtir w tor an qaaliUea, with a large apecaku ra taq.try UOWPOW liUllt. Uiinoe, Augsat IT, 1 ISO. Wheat fie higher tbaa oe boa lay last tor all Imanptioua Uugar qnirt Undue rtaady. Kkw firm, with a large agomlativ* Inquiry at ad vuactag pctcan Tea dull Tallow quiet at tla fid m LAfWT masuts. Iowwjw, A-ifm* 39. lb* Onunota clcSfid dull to day. at tig a H't lor money sad f jvwsroot, August ft, lino. Gotten?Mm l?-day fi.Ofit balm Market <mei but Mealy Ireadstuflb?Weather fkrorable for the crops Richard ma, iq./tic* h Oo report fivur dull. wheat eteaiy. but lam active onru '>'*? Provmoaa duu THE PRINCE OF WALES. The Excitement in Canada West on the Increase. BLOODSHED EXPECTED. THE PRDVCE TOLD TO GO HOIE. One Hundred Thousand Orange men Aroused. WARLIKE MESSAGES FROM TORONTO. The Prince Betases to Land in Kings ton, and is Insulted) a#.. Mi a* Kurosm, C. W., Sept. e, 1MO. Earl/ this morning everything was alive and Stirring. Indeed, there baa scaroelj been a ceeeaUoa of excitement during the night. The Orangemen quite early gathers1 their clane, end preaented an imposing appearance with their Sage and banner*, while the streets were crowded with people. A etate of feeling prevail* which bids thir not onl/ to create Immediate trouble, but to reeult in coaeequenoee so threatening In their character as to excite the appreheo ?tons of all concerned. The dixhculty la nothing more nor lea than the revival of the old dimension* that have almoat from time immemorial existed between those two belligerent bodies, the I'roteatant Society of Orangemen and the Catholics. In the present instance this seems to have been pre cipitated by the determination on the part of the former to participate in the ceremonies of the reception as a separate and distinct association, and to erect arches bearing emblems of their principles along the route of procession?emblems generally of the most offensive character end calculated to arouse the worst feelings of their opponent* So prevent thia display a strong effort has been made by the Bosun Catholics, and ty their mass meetings, resolutions and other means, a determination has been created on both sides that la likely to result In scenes of riot and bloedabed, '"-"??h as the Orange bodies are always known to go armed and ready for oonffict. Already a warfare between the partisans baa bean commenced In the preae of the provinces, end little more la to be found la their columns than the reports concerning the Prince, and disputations concerning their own rights, privileges and intentions. The following abstract of the report of a mass mm lag of the Roman catholics of Kingston, on the Mth all., will ?bow somewhat the slat? ol tbo excitement ? Tbe meeting wai oalled in consequence of tbe Official notice given by the Orangemen of this city to the General Reception Committee of their Intention or turning oat, u a body, on the arrival of hie Royal Fllgtmsee the rrlnoe of Wake, and asking to be aeeigned a piece In the prooss ?loo. Qn motion of Mr. M act now, the Very Key. Vicar Gene ral McDoooll wae requested to preside, and Mr. Anthony O'Reilly was appointed secretary. The venerable CaaimuJi explained the object of tbe meeting, which was to give the young Prince, tbe eon of our beloved and most gracious sovereign, a joyous and hearty welcome to Upper Canada, and to protect against the Orangemen or this city, with their party banners and party emblems, being allowed a place in the prooeeeloo He considered tbe official notice given by that eociety of thctr Intention to do so an Insult offered to every Roman Catholic In Upper Canada, and believed that. If properly represented, oar Ulustrtoao Prince and the distinguished nob.(men who accompany him, would never oounlenauoe eucb an outrage upon public decency and public morality, the Orangemen might talk of their loyally and boast of their attachment to the British crown?ws ell knew whet that meant?hot be Jbelievsd, and he had good cause tor knowing, during his residence of over sixty years amongst them, that bar Mfoesty bad ne mdbe devoted and loyal subjects in the world than the Roman Catholics of Upper Canada He retntmbured well tbe time when lbs loyalty of Upper Canadians was put to the test, sad none stood more true and faithful to their aUeglanoe than the Oalho lice of tbe Upper Provtaee. He heUeved there wan more true loyalty in tbe large meeting of Roman Catholioe be saw around him to night than could he found amongst the majority of thoee who formed the Orange Society in Upper Canada. Th<>y were loyal from principle, tt wan the doctrine of their religion; but Orangemen were loyal wben It suited their ewn private or political pursuers He called upoo the meeting Jto take energetic act too at tbe prseent moment. It mm one big wttb tbe most tm portent ooneequeooeo to them and their oo religloolete throughout tbe Provtnoe. bet on, be mid, be oatted; temperate, yet firm, m our language, and, he bad ne doubt, tbe preset! movement would be the mesne of re Urdtng tbe further development of that aaaoctetios, which had been productive of ae much mieery wherever lie obnoxious principles were ialroduoed. Mr. Macasow, barrister, of Kingston, learned with deep regret the intention of tbe Orangemen of this city to turn out in foil regalia epos the arrival of bis Royal Highness, sod that summonses calling lbs brethren of the different lodges together for that purpose had been extensively circulated. He thought It Imprudent, tmpo lit e sod ill advised on the pert of the Orangemen to attempt tbie display on the present ocoeeiou. The Oatho IMS would not (tend it. Ws were all subjects of Um same sovereign all devoted to the crews aad person of her meet gracious Majesty, and all equally daetroae of giving to her noble eon a right royal welcome to the city at Kingston It wao, therefore, moat wrong aad most un just to introduce into the proceedings say foellsg of s sectarian, political or religious character. No mas was more loyal to the British crown than be eras; so pernos more desirous of giving s leyous welcome to the young Prince stlU, If the Orangemen, with their party banners, party emblems and insulting music, wore allowed to join tbe pro, rssiou on Unit oocaston, he would be reluctantly compelled to stay at borne No Catholic could, tn bis opinion, under these eire iMtei.cee, lake s part la tbe proofedinge He was glad to see this large sad eathasl attk meeting to eight is the hall of one of our first edu ran. oat establishments It was a good omen It showed that tbe Cblbolice of Klngetoo had been at last aroused from their Indifference, aad were determined upon taking active aad eoergetM mess una against the farther aggres sion of Jocangetsm Be trusted the stand taken by the ththeiks of Kingston would be imitated by their oo veil gtooieta throughout the Provisos, and thai, although they might differ ou other patnta, they were all united la op poeuigaa institution, why? carver la Ms ?live oonliry with In lb a free Canada, sought to deprive us of the opporte nity of bidding s Joyous welcome Is oar young Prince The following ere the revolutions passed ? That we do most earnestly aad respectfully represent to his Royal Highness the impolicy sf recognising anv ne cret politico.religious nsnoc lal ion .who may lake ad ran ae of the presence of his R-yal Htghnnes to make point capital for themselves by ereUiog s religious feud in the community, asd we do, therefore, earnestly and respectfully per,tret egalnef the Orange body being al Inwvd n plant tn tbe processus, upon us rnssgitlna of his R"f al High:.nee ? Ihw City. ihet nbile so portion of her Majesty't sub nets ore more d. voted or more loyal to ear beloved (fores, or mm deeirone of extending to her noble eon an eotbasi ast.c greeting than the Rosmo Uethollce of th* city, we are reteotanuy resolved, however, to nbettln from Jotalag in the procession tf lbs Orangemen are rnoogntsed on the necaetoe?a oooree we wuaid i enpnstfolly moo amend to oar ec religionWU throughout the Province wberevar a similar display of the t Vaage Order Is ooutenip.eled That we, the Unman cniboilea of Kiagetoa, do pledge ourselves to oppose, by all the legitimate means la oar possess ton, the coatemptadsd d Splay of ornoseism la UM eHy. sad also to oppose by ail raasUtutlscial menus the mtarr to power of say odfefol advising or ssactioaiag susb demonslrata. and that for this parpuee w* ask Ihs ess Is lance aad oo operation sf our follow GalhoiMs throughout the Prnvtace That septet of the Pongs lag rrsointtoM be fur warded to his I xaeliency the Goenrsov U en seal, to bis Grace lbs nuke of S'swsssUe, and to tbe General Reception Commit lev of rltlsrns Km eon*. August M, IMff Tbe foBowiag article, slipped from ?SM of the Kingston papers, Is a view from the Orange ?Ue sf the qnse II SB.? mu reraouc rmwana* TV |WM tn a?Iof. "to Ihiaa Bmwh Proriaaaf'' Bow Barb mora appropriate would It be If they Mkad, do v* lira aadw a Protect?t yorerameei? or w tbte ? rretael?tFrortace, ?twi ctril aad religion* liberty la framed to all, aad ?Wi aatf go**rnm?at tiata* Tmm m are ocearrtnf to Pmteotaa'.a eraey day, u4 ?ally a boo readies m the U'tip U>? un permuted and effrontery of tba Roman Oatholiaa of Ika city, who. aescordteg to that paper met oa fr day ana taf an.I paoard raaoTatioaa aaadamnatory of the "i igi Society taking any part la water miry htt Royal F! f ine? the rrtaae of Watos. What I wta? to call the attaattoa of the I roteotaou of thla Prav lane to la the altaapt la diatate to tV Oraaaa RaMaty aa to whether they abnll tola la waioaaaiag the Prtaee, aad. if tkey da, la what laaaaer thay ahall V aa, Pleat. they aay they hare adr?g ohJeetlo?to jota la a pmreonna with a polltiw reiigteaa wwletr. ha* tag ita raaeittoatloaa la alt the quae I erf of the globe What m the St Patrick'? toe M r of thai ettt bat a a wad, rary email, poiHtoo rdtgtoaa aosto tyf What am* mortal* throe Itrnnaa Galholto* are. aa ( haw mm i tea iter appawr ta ha Ito* Pear thay wo?H hare to look ad a iwd km. nana at *tdo of which alight V tha Mkeweaa of owe of KogUad a graatewt warrtora aad moat lUaatrioaa klaga, Wllllaai III, though whoae etertlooa at the Itorae, hr , iVy aad w? aro indebted V the htomtngt of eirl aad raHgte? liberty Parhnpa taey am aVM thatr laaigaitaaare amy ho we, aad thtt htt Royal o?hw<? weald phaprre that thtt waa a Proteotaal Pi? Ttadh. Where mea'y heart* and ahmt arm* would he pew pared t* defend bta thrno. la eaae of aaad. and where tha Prewth or aay other hat tha Br ttah dag J are aot ha raiaad Now, atr, I eon toad that H la teoat approprtte that the "(?aid iota f of thw (r??i twuntry ah. old . n their fWlow (run try area ta welcoming the Prlnco. The i ruif* do rtety la fimadod upoa tw<. groat principle*, loyalty aad Protect?twee Soar if the lodge* arc, la add,t.oe, tote pf rate u4 benevolent, however Ute Utter may be, all bum be loyal, ut all must be Protsetant. Mow, tea em pire ot which tela Proviso* forma a port Is Protestant; tela Province la Protertaat, yet a clique of Romas Gates lie laoallca object to tela Proteataot aoclety Joining la tea prooeealoa to do hauor to a Protootaat Prtaoo, who, ta ad dition to being Protest int. la tee grand nephew of two of tta moot illustrious grand mooter*, vis; the Klag of Hanover and bla Royal Highness tea Doha Of York. 8ucb being tea caoo, It la apparent that nothing could be conceived to more good tarte than that tea Orangoaun abould do themselves the honor of greeting tea Prince. Apart from tela, I would aak who lavtoed her moat graciona Majesty the Quota to viaU tela Province! Waa It not tea representatives of tea people la Ptrliamanl as sembled, ten or twelve of the moot Influeotltl of whom, Including the Attorney General and Poetmaater General, belong to the society, and aorely, than, tea Prtaoe doea not come to aee any one party, nay one sect, nay one natloaallty, or any one creed; ha cornea to aaa the whole Province,he cornea to aaa OB all; hut If there to nay par ticular body in Upper Canada be oomaa to aaa, It to the

Orangemen, ae they are by for tee moat influential and respectable aoclety In the Province; aad won't they give htm a hearty welcome! If, gtr, there are any persons who abould ha hamble la view of the arrival of our future sovereign among oa, II is the Roman Catholics, who always toast tee Pope's health before her Majesty's, bit not they who were so lately yelling la the oath ad ml for bla Holiness the Pope! Was it not they who give a superior allegiance to the Pope, "even aa the spiritual power Is greater than tee temporal"" Is it not they who, In dedanoe of tee Ecoie Bisatical Titian bill, assume titles conferred upon teem by the Pope! b It not tea Roman Oathollc Bishops who, II Is said, were quite annoyed because bis Royal .Highness at Quebec did nut rtyto team "my lords?" In oonoluaioa. permit me to say, sir, that tea Roman Catholics may arena In regalia or without it, may carry flags or banners, Jurt as tbey pi saae; the Orangemen never for a moment thought of dictating to them what they should wear; la fact, they are too small game for tea Orangemen to fly at. W* need a few aucb British bearta as Admiral Milne among our doughfaeed officials to teach theee people their true position. Orangemen know their rights, and knowing dare ma into in thorn. Their motto now, as ot old, b, "No surrender." A TRUE BLUE. KiM.tfTO*, August 2T, 1160. These two selections show both sides of tee question. The whole difficulty may be resolved into the simple state meat," One will, the other won't;" and, rotarlthatand lug the proposition waa made In the Reception Committee that both ptrtlee should parade without badges or mot toes, there to little probability that either will yield or a torn promise be effected. In regard to tea obnoxious arches the Orangemen claim tee same right of erection as their Roman Oatbolio neigh bors, and aa the number of the former expected to be presett is estimated at from fifteen to twenty thousand, tee majority over their opponents is so great that it is not at all likely they will reoede from their position. The suggestion has been made teat the Orangemen abould form in two eolid bodies, one en each side of the arch, allowing the Prince to pesa between teem, and as hie Royal Htgbneaa enter* the arch to send op three hearty cheers. Thus the Prince would aee what meaner of men the Orangemen are, which he would not do by any other means; and with their banners, scarlet gowns and emblems, grouped together arouud their richly de corated arch, they would form a spectacle such aa tee Prince may never again aee In hb lifetime. Tte or twenty men deep would show well, and their cheers would tell with admirable effect. Nor to tele partisan feeling confined alone to Kingston. The people of Toronto have taken tee matter In hand. Arches have been erected, and the same determination on the part of both organisations manifested aa that above recorded. On tee ITth nit. a deputation of Soman Catholics wait ed upon tee Programme Committee of that city, and urged upon them the propriety of preventing the erection of an arch, In order that no causes might ha given for a display of partisan reeling. Mr. Moylan, on the part of tee deputation, stated that he was confident teat, la tea event of an arch being allowed to stand, It might toad to a strong demonstration an the part of tea Oatholios. Alderman Pox, who to a member of tea Programme Com mittee, stated that the Roman Catholics ought to erect aa arch naar the other, and he was certain tent tee Orange men would not decline to march under it. The matter waa finally toft la tea hands of tee Chair man, who summoned three of tea moat influential mem bers of the Orange body, three landing Catholics aad three of the Programme Committee, to dtocum, aad, tf possible, settle the difficulty. Xhsy name to tea conclu sion to go on wtth the arah. On the Thursday night following u mam meeting of Qs thattou emu called, which waa attended by ana thousand peepia, end presided over by the renter of tee cathedral. In tea count cf his remarks ha mid .? vh their deal re to parti Blpnle la I tlon, they ooukd net do eo tf tbetr foellnga were to he In ?oiled. fltWdj They were willing to grant the Orange men greet prtuttngm. Thee etood on au equality with tbem, end nil they wealed wan aa acknowledgment of their rlghta They were aware that the Orangeman of thla city bare determined not only to take part la the pi oceantoa, hut hare also oommenoed the erection of aa arch decked out with Oraage ooiore, under which the Cr thotlea meat walk. Like the eaptirm of ancient Roane, who were paraded through the ilreeU by their oeoqimr ore, they would be obil^d to head under Uda arch and acknowledge the cupreitacy of their for* (Crlee of " Never I aerer I" ?'Pull U down t ") the Oraagamea, though epriagiag froaa the ami country, had endearorel, la this land of their adoptloe, to perpetuate the bate and ditoord which erated in their natlre leal Orange em ware tranapianted to Qu?U by a peraon wham he would not name, they all knew, and who pamimtil a rery disreputable character. (Dear ) II haa grown la large proportion* dor lag the lac I few yeara, throagh the Lnflaanaa and aaarttana of anah man, who now >oln la threatening the liberty of their tallow Clinww, and prereatlag them from participating la the grand a Wcumi to their royal tteller (Cheer* ) Ha waa proud to i^km that that the meal tafloeaiml maa la lha city, uf all chmaaa, maay of them Prmmtanla, sympathised with the OMhahoe, and looked upoc thla outrage man tndlrwt laault en tbemnelrea They were smsmMed together tonight to dor toe the beat policy to pursue in the emergency?to memorialize, if need M, hie Gmoe the Duke of Newcastle, and glrr rtpramloa to the reeling* of the Gatholica, not only of Toronto bat of fpper Canada. If they were delarmlaed to peraial to thua publicly tot. ting the Catholic* of Toronto, then the oaiy a.'tert intlre left for them war to preeral their me mortal and to iuy away fr m tbr altogether, acd lo lake no part ta the demoaalratloa Mr Etwauw waa aorry, be said, to at* to oigbt that aach aa objert ha I called them together Fir weal Into a long rtpiaoaiiuu of the part takea br anme of the prominent Cn tholici aloce it waa kaowa that oraagemeo ,nleaded i helld thla arch. 0* Monday aaeetiag waaappolated to tee what aw near ee were tumid mal adetaaMe Thry wait ed upon tan I'rogremm* Onmraittr* to asee-tela if some thing could not be dooe, and represented to them that If It aria erected there would ho ttoleeoe commuted There ana en* thing eertala?they would aerer walk under t (Crlee of "Ne, a*.") For hlmaelf, he ? . .? ? | eooaar be ecalpad (laughter ) What wee to be doner A V?tw?Pull It down. | Mr bjmurr?No, no tf we attempt to pnil II d-wn they will ream, hem might he loot lot them go to work la a eeuMitulmaai form?not by employing force (Mnar, hear ) I poo eoaaulttag with the PrugTaaasM 0-xa ? litre ti wee agreed that nine eboold br appointed In con for together, aad endearor t* arrange the matter law amicable manner Three of them war* Orange m<o. three iroteeinaw and three Catholic* They net to work, and throgh he arm not an* of tbem, be bad been credibly informed thai they maw lo the onr.clueioa not to go W wk\ the arch The three Oraage men wild they eon Id not wv??* |e the proper item untU they had repealled with tamr body Wbateeer pmmed among that body be ooeid not my. but found they ware determined oe going ne with it. and operation* wereoom mewed on King etreet There wee no alterwtlre bet lo wait oe the Mayer and em If be, m chief magistrate, could not pal ? step t* lb* proceeding Aoonrdiagir this wm done, and on lb* t;oration being put I* Mr. H .too. he replied, "I will," and he did It Be came t* the -pot and ec*w id the workmen lo IWM The I Irung-mee ran Wl to the Board of Worka, and they ratoed the '? action and unanimously appeared of the erect,m, thua m malty saarttoniag it. the Met er wm oblige-* to knuckle under The catholic Commute* thee relied a meeting of forty or fifty gentlemen, wd they agreed that ?new (tape ahoeld be taken After mature cone Mention It wm rmeln il to call a mam meeting, when certain re eoiatlnan, embed* lag the aptokma 4 the Gathelles of Throe to, ahould be paaead, aad aa addrem praparod f ? nrreeoiing to lb* Ihtkr of Newcastle, and by htm to he bid befbre bar Majesty Be then taored the IbUowiog Wbsrens, it appears from the report of a committee of the Catholic* of Tomato tppelnled lo wait upon ba Wot the lot Imor to erection of w nreh la thla eity by th* (Vmage i nemsrer to aoltrlt the la tor pee 111 m af ike aatherlty of hn Worship the Mayor to presentth* hW ally by the Oraage met no I we Royal mtfhmsm the Princa of of our eklef magic!-ml*, although w the Tttt af hta I Wale*, that the power* of i rnergetteally put forth to attain the and 1* new, hare been huad unequal lo Ue teak, atd moreover orerruled by lha blgbar authority of the Rnard af Works, aa will appear by th* letter of hie Woreklp laid hedbr* ikta wet tag, aad wherem. aubeequeeUy, with etmilar tateetiew, a Committee ef Ouartliatiaa eenmetuig of three -image m*n, three Prownteata aad three CM* lias, eea a ipmui ed. bnt, aahappily . without Hfoetlag aay benedclal r? ?alts and eeeerei other ttrmaom -dorm to the anm* pur port wee pro red fruitions aad where w, the erection ef the mid arch la mealdered by tbemttr* dnthollc bo ly aa a ?Matt to them, and aa eueh emiaantly on-c tested i i a flagrmt brenak of th* peace, and, perhape. to 1 on the par " MwdRBkd en Urn part ef elelmt mm m both ?idm a re nalt at all times I* be deeply deplored by all peaoeahiy disponed puma*, b it meet eaperinliy upm th oroaalon of th* rim of the Uluetrioot Prlaca, whom m* all foal delighted t? baser and to raoet** with a cardial Tbendhr* thia meeting It relxteotly compelled a* a '**? nomaree, to pi mi at aa earnest remonstrance lo the Dak* ef Newcastle, emaeetly eelw-itlng at th* head* of hie Grace each prnteriioa from the praised Haled aad erool inaeM lo una, spaa mate rental I beret toa of the circum ?mimm af th* erne, hi* Grooe, with th* appeohaime of hie Royal Highness, may he ptee*ad to arias I to inn city m their present unprotected condition. Ghpkain tea-wn> aaronded the renalat-on It wm on n******ry to my much after the eiplanatloo? tbr meet'ng had from the gentlemen who had preceded him. aad the aeotimenla which they *? pressed, and In which, he wmture, the meeting hearnlr coneuirqd. The Oat hoi lea of Toronto gar* up much for the take ef peace They had girra np their M Patrick's peoesmten to pacify thee* <>rai ge bloodhounds (Cbeeri ) Rut thlagu bad bow mine te a climai, aad they wish ua I* bend ear neeke Uk* Rotean captiroe, and wglk uder thgif arch. (tties offerer) We would I Ha ml the reeoluUoe i Ur to the point Our I fore Um Duke of Newcastle. through him Is the Prmoe, and from the Prlnoe lolheQoean. Either i? Ml orli council hewasnot afraid to meat the fraad maatar. Hmmtnit cbwrinz.) The raaeluUon waa thao put to Um meeting and carried I aoooar die Orel (Greet cheerio* ) i and thought nothing could be bet r tret meaaure ia to lay the com ba by i Oa Um part of the Prince of W alee end tha Duke of New caetle, hla advlaer, no oounteoance la a iron to any fear tare of the reception cere moo lee which la the treat per tahea of a peruana character. They are fully aware of the feel tog, and rather thaa lead encouragement by their pieoaaoe to cither party, and thaa fha Into flame the daa geroua spark that haa been kindled, tha Prince had wlaoly expressed hla datarmlnatloa not to land at all. Many comment* were made during the serenado last night of not a particularly oemplimeotary character On the play log of ?'Yankee Doodle," and cheers for the Presi dent of the United Mates, some one called out "The Orangeman can walk la the States any how, in spite of all the Princes in the world." Juat ia tha gray of the morning a large party went down to tha Prinoe's boat, aad, as algnldoaat of their feelings, had tha band play tha "Marseilles Hymn," after which they dispersed with three cheers for the Orange men. The City Council met at nine o'clock. The Conference Committee reported that they were unable to aee the Orange leader or to make any arrangement with them. It waa proposed to pass a resolution inviting the Prlnoe to land without a procession. The Mayor aald a proces sion would oertainly bo formed, and ho could not toll the Duke a lie about It. Councillor Alexander asked If the Mayor had told the Duke that there waa no danger of a breach of the peace. Tne Mayor said he did not think there was the slightest danger. Councillor Hylaad aald the whole difflcalty was the fault of a few demagogues. Alderman Cretghtoo aald, on the contrary, that they were backed by the feeling of the whole people. In answer to a question who ware liberal Froteetaata, Mr. Hyland re plied "Those who had not taken part In the procession." Mr. Alexander cried, "No I In this matter, myself and every other Protestant la an Orangeman." The Mayor mid the Duke waa aware that the Council bad no power to prevent an Orange procession. Mr. Hy laad offered a resolution, In which the words loyal Catho lic* end Protestants occurred, and It was moved to cross out loyal, because it hinted that some persons here were not loyal. Many volees from all porta of the hall cried out "they arc." The resolution waa then paaaed that the Prlnoe be Invited to land at tbe place appointed aad re ceive an address, and oonveying also the regrets of the Mayor that any circumstance had occurred to prevent his v lilting Kingston. The Council then adjourned and the Mayor went on board with thli resolution. In a few moments Intelli gence waa reoclved that the Prlnoe had again refused to land. Thereupon the Orangemen and troops drawn op In front of tha City Hall aet up a tremendous shout. Everywhere tha expectation Is expressed that the aflhlr will end in bloodshed. The bent brows aad determined fhces of the Orangemen, announce a stern resolve to fol low,, the Prince up He will stop nest at Belleville, and whan this waa made known some one called out among the Orangemen, with a fierce yell, "that's not s long walk." No words can convey an Idea or tbe feeling here. There are one hundred thousand Orangeman In this part of Panada aad the excitement catches like Are. Many of the Americans here side with tbe Orangemen. Fortunately tor the penoe of the oommunity, tha Roman Catholics are very flaw In number and keep quiet, allow ing tbe Duke of Newcastle to fight their battles for them. The ministers of the various Protestant churches held a oouacll is decide upon their coarse, end unanimously refused to present any addreanw except on shore. They were londly sheared. Old men walked along the Onutge nutks calling out "God btta you"?"Stand firm." The Grand Marshal Robinson, rods llks mad along ? liss of about three thousand rebels?for so they are bow onlled?rendlag the following daapalsh from the Grand Master Cameron, at Tbroeto?"Everything depends en Kingston, Orangemen. Lot your motto be "No surren der." We will follow htm wherever ha gees. He eanaot enter Toronto except under the coiets." This was greeted hy erlea?"No snrrender," "Let him go borne." "Perhaps they win take him to the United States." Tha Amnrtenn flag ia more freely displayed than even last night, aad people are about tog and yelling at every mention of Orange mottoes. Ex Mayor Flanagan la tha lander of tbe Orangemen, and ?ereral OoooclLmen are la the ranks. At eleven o'clock the Council acata mat, oar or two wear lag Orange regalia. The Ml/or announced that the Duke bad repUel that the Prtnoe would not land, but woald ruaolT* adireama oa board. The Council then broke op la much excitement The poor weak Mayor to almoat la tea re. The deoorattoaa for the illumination ware Ukaa down from U?e public build Inge laat night. The political eigntflcance of tkla movement caaaot be over estimated. It bai aeparated Upper and Lower Chan da yean apart. Twmra o'Clocx. The ITtocee boat baa awred from tba wharf to the eeatre of the (treats Tba Orangeman are parading and the people an talking la excited groups. H la latere are walklag la the Orange prooaaaioa, which mart bed past aa open ptaee. flanatlag their banaere la the faces of the royal party. who coolly watched Umbo from the boat with open gleams. Six o'Cuoc*. The rrtace baa sot yet left. The Oreageaeca have c liar tared a ?learner to fellow blai when be aaile. I bare bcca ebowa the oopiaa of the let ten of the Duke of Ken mall i and the Ooreraor Central, whieh are la pos sesion of the leader of the Orangemen, bat under a pledge not to pnblwb them. The Mayor keeps the original!, and reman to fire them to the preen. The Date's letter to eddreaMd to the Outer not General. Be nay!;? I bare been advised that in normal town the Orange Society in lead erecting archn and dreoratlsg I bam with the inalga.a of their Order. I have also been Informed that the Oraagrmea intend appearing la proeeanloe with tbrir full regalia. It la very er ideal thai any such da ( lay a iike.y to lead to raligtam feud* and oreackea of lbs peace, an l 1 cannot ouaarnt that the Prince Vail be mixed up with any eueb eoeeee, no foreign to the intention of bin ran toftaele. I wiah yon would Inform the parties con earned of my feeling la regard to tba antler, sad try to percunde tbem u> alter their toteolioa, mm that there nay be ae aietake. I add, I shall adrtte the rrtaoe In pane through no airoete where each arches are erected, eed if the dvmoettr?ttoa? are persevered la ta avoid landing la tack towns altogether. A pcateerlpl adde ? I here also been .aformed. though sot wttk so much certainty. that the oraageuwa latead to perade at Kiage lea. tit men my remark* apply totally to that city. TV ether letter, tram Sir gdmuad Bead ta the Mayor of Kie^tae, cor knee the Duke of Newcmtie* letter, and after rucnpUadair.g the .afcrmetioa reorlred, adds that iht Pnaee's rtett Mwll act V made the menu* of the re cognltlea of IV Orange or nay other party society, tad that during Urn Priaee't rley ao party banners or decemtlaaa Vail be threat upon him TV letter eieeae with directing tv Mayor to take erery mmaa la kis power to pro ram IV Orange da laowetrailoo, ?a the Mane certainly w?l set tend If tV parade to made. Tbta aftoraeoo tba Oraagemm reset red a deepatoa from brethren la Lawar Canada, oOOring to torn oa If lag them that Urn eafbty of Oaaadlaa depended open their tret nam. Tbrcu Toiunteer ride, ana art wary, with several run eon. sad two earalry eompaalm, commanded by Osptalax Itonaagaa and Weed, parade wtth the OraagaaMB. TV Hew er V? man Title was placud at IV dtopoanl of IV eoctoty, aad the leader, la aeeepUag It, aald that they would fellow tV Priam to VII f If V want there TVy eaU bin tV Dahe of Keweaatle't puppet, aad threaten to tar aad feather the I who If they can aatcb him, Ibr at tempting t> dictate bow they evil reeetre the Prince They eppear rery eaxieai ta know what tV America a papers wtu my abuut IV aflklr, aad declare they expect e greet flood of mortal lee articles TV City Omme 11 met thte morning, aad pa mil the M Reanivai, That hie Worship the Mayor V rooomtad to ooarey to hto Royal Highama the mane of Walee the extrraM regret of the Council that aay rtrcemManee rhouid here tnkea place to prerret the lend lag of bla Rrj al Hlghuere to this city oa hie errlral here, and that tine O"uncil reouento thai ale Royal 11 g bourn will V gra ewuaiy pi. need to land at IV ptma appointed to rueeire the tddreM of the city AVnt eooe IV maglMratoa wml oa heard tV Ring etoa, aad pi mralad aa ?ildr*m webmalag tv Priam ta tVctty- Be read tV toUowtag reply. evidently mnch eflbttcd a* Cwfuan-I thank yon Maerraly for the ad drum yna bare promoted to me In the ikteeaW name 1 accept tn> eipreaetnne of year loyalty to her gormaaMat aa1 per ?on. and lor mysaif. I am grateful to you for tV weicom* to your nelgbKtrltood, aith igh nircuauiancee which I greatly deplore prevent my land iog In your eity aad I he a?ijacmt enoatry. It to act lamb la that In ttaia royal add rem of tie magie tnles, ibg crnieac* exprratag the hope thai the rs?R might be a source of pleasure tft.1 gratlioatloa to MM Prtnee peeeoaally, le etrtokaa out. T*i*WM tfcl saly deputation Mat frees this otlf. Bishop Mittkawasa, of tha UMlraal Booteh dfcjfUlL wailed npoft th* prlaoe, aat preeealod the address which Sir Edmund Bad refused tft mdn at Montreal, b* which was presented hero at the Prtaoe's owa request, The Prince road the aaaal reply personally. The Prince waft la favor of loading, and aa were all taa minor member* of hla an I to, Including admiral Milne, who openly eipreaaed bimaelf vary maoh dlaploaaod at tha Duke** ooaduot, and aaid that the Duke had aoid hlMdf, Cp to the very last moment tha subordinate* hoped that aoamthing would occur to change tha Duke's determina tion; and at the name time aereral mtnlatara and other citizen* waited upon the Orangemen, exhorting them ta disperse, but were met by oounter epeeehee from othsr m in latere, and eriee of " No aurrender." The Prtnoe has takea every opportunity to haw to Ma future (abject*, who went out In excaratoa boata, and afforded them every opportunity to eee him by aittlag oa deck all day, ratting hla head wearily upoa hla band, so rartoaally rubbing hla eyaa with hla handkerchief, tad appearing greatly dtacompored I When the school chJtt drea In a large boat aang for him laat evening he re peatedly waved hla handkerchief, and at laat burst lata tear*. The*e evidence* of tbe Prince'* fbelinga are ad loat oa tha people, who believe him to be ooaatralned by the Duke and Governor General in hla refusal to land. Tha Kingaton dually started off at three o'clock, aad waa aaluted by tha fbrta aa aha steasMd up the bay. To be aura that the Prince did not lead above the elty, the Orangemen accompanied the steamer some diataaoa, walking along tha ataer* aad holding up burner* until the veeeel waa out of tight. Then they held a mam meeting in the public parude ground, about three thousand being prsaeat. At leaat taa thousand wore the regalia yeeterday, but fatigue aad other cauae* had thinned the ranks to day. A load aoemed lifted from every mind when the Prince finally left, and this better than anything else shows hew much a disturbance waa dreaded. The weakness or tha Catholics haa been their strength. There was no bloodshed because there waa no oppotf ? tlon at the meeting, which was moat unanimous aad en thusiastic. Grand Master Strange waa the first speaker. He said Orangemen were nothing but good Prote*taati, and we are glad to see all Protestants follow us. We were pre pared to meet tbe Prince. Let hlra walk over our bodies, but our colors must be there. Not * hair of that boy's bead will be harmed, and he knows it, but ha has beta 111 advised by reaegade Protestants, among whom is Gea. Brace. We have been twice insulted as Proles taut* aad Orangemen, aad will consent no longer to be dragged la mire by Catholics. Deputy Master Bowen said, If the Prlaoe goes to Belle ville he must go Ihrough'tho Orange arch, and must go surrounded by Orangemen. The Governor General Is no longer worthy tbe respect of loyal people. Our allegtaaoa Is due the Queen only so long u she maintains our reilgion, and I boldly proslalm It (Hurrah.) Rev. Mr. Wilson, of the Free Church, said he waa not sn Orangeman. He had been called a firebrand by other ministers fbr encouraging Orangemen, but he would do tbe seme thing again. They only stood up for equal rlghta and the liberties of tbe city. The Catholics could aot walk under Orange arches when Orangemen had wallni under the tri-colored flags enough to please anybody. The Prince's poor heart ,waa aching now, and if he had hla owa way he would go aahoro tad shake hands with avery Orangeman; but tha Duke of Newoastle and Governor General Head eaa take the Prlaoe through Catholic universities and nun neries, and put aa ad drea* la his head, la which he M made to eulogise the Catholic system of eduoatlou; bat tbe sight of an Orange banner Is contamination, so they refuse to allow him to go to a Protestant university, and they make him reoelv* tbe Catholic pvisothoad, aad re fuse to receive Protestants. England, too. fosters th* same serpent. We find there Jesuits la th* oar* ef State papers?we fiad a law authorizing Catholic* to hold the oCos of Good ChsuoaHnr, or keeper *f the Qa*eo*e esa soteaoe. W* Mod Catholic institutions liberally isdowad In Canada. Wa have been ruled by Popery, aad aew la the time to stand ap for our rights oarer rest till the Governor ta sat boos. Ws had batter be a province by ourselves than thus governed by Popery. I truckle to aa man, nor to tbe Queen herself (Cheers.) If our ruMSB do aot maintain the const l tut loo, down with them. I am euro no man will aamrt now that Kings or Queens are angels, who do as wrooc Remember our God, our Ota try, ad last ud logically, our Qosen. Cupula Flaantgan, of tbo cavalry company, followed. The Prince mart he art wherever be landa. We moot new derert the enemy, end by that t mean the Prince"* advisers, till be leaves three waters or leads. Your bar* rests are suffering. but you auai let throe suflbr. (Cheers.) The Prteee moat be followed till ha learsa the country. Rer. Mr. Byraea, a Methodist, sold?We eaa do better wltheat the Prince then without principle. ! lor* the Prtace ft* erery tear he abed whs* he beard the ehlldraa ?lag. Bat ho la not hie owe is astir. 1 am glad ot tbla movetneaV. Thank (fed we are sot led at theaprea atrtaga of infernal craatarea called suae. If we were wa Mr. Laughlla saw ere ought to expreae eynpathy with the poor rrtaoe. As he looked aahere he ssw oa erery (leg pictures of the man who placed hie forefathers oa the throne and I know ha waated to eeaee aahore The day he* gcee by when rulers cea dictate to the people. We bow speak aad Utak for ouroelres. Kingston la tha Perry of Canada? (Chsaraa aad we hare ooaqaared I know many taea oa hoard the Klegeton who would hare git tn thouaaade to eaeihllatc tha electric telegraph to day, for it will carry thte dre through (heads. Her. Mr. McLarea declared ha waa with theOraageMi till death. Thsa Mr. Boblaaoa introduced Rer. Mr Schussway, ef Newark, M.J. Be eeld he wme proud to he a Prsebyto rlaa, but prooder to ha a Pretaataat. Ba cams to aaa the Prince, bet was more gtad to aaa the Oresgsmsa, who, he ssasift them, weald Had sympathy la tha Called States, from Matae to Plerida. Rer. Mr. White said the origta of the whole trouble waa the attempt of the GetboUco to keep oraagoatsa frees walkleg in the precession aad they oomauaicatod their rraolution to the Doha. Their shlldrea weald heU the dlh of ifismkw earned. Oread Masehal Ms blame, who, la a carelry salt, had been moat entire dertag the day, eeld that tha to the great wash before them The gueesemeat here W rottea. Mrfomald, ear premier, a e rettea Oraagrmar aad Deary Smith, who might he e for, hat eaa eerer he a geaUeiran, weeaaother of the mam eort. If these men bed said the Prlace ems* lead or we tear* government, be would here heea here now. If it bad not been for Orengimee where would the Proteeiaats bete beea today! Let oo cae who cea go to BeUrvUla stay at besae You and the Prtace win lad me oa the Wharf end with me, I think, yea will ted men ae feed Chapleia Flyae celled the Pake ot NeeeeeUs e Jump eyed Jmelt. whose only deatre ? piece Otre him tti' and he terse aeshmg for Prtace ee prtaetpte Ohpiam wood of the eeralry. had received or tore rreai Ostoaet Chmirsa to take off the areege ruesttsa or he would d tab aad the troop Be only eaawered, the reaettMl are mice order* are yoaro Cupula flaaaigea had reeeired the mmr order*, aad told the O'toeri that the drum was not complete wtihoal them Thee the Ootoarl naked It as e fovoe. The Cap labs naked If that would unlWfy him The Oetoaal eaid yr* n id the Captain took off the raeeite. The Outsat thanked htm. %ad he thru pot It oa agate Hundred* of eolres announced thai I bey wa^y wilimg to go to BrDertlle and Toronto to asest the Prtace. Chnare wer* glree for the Queen sad Prior aad Admiral Mine who ordered the Preach flago Ukea dawn at Que nor. Then thru# ginaas were g"ree la r spines to a drnumd, "Ae joe hale the Puke of ?? erewiie Ooeem w (lenarel Bead, (feoeruh Dmee, Mrpnaah! sad Smith." Mr. MeKeetie. editor of the ffww' t (handset ?rp?amd la foil Bichiand dreaa aad said ?If you held Tomato yoa hold all (heads The preen wee with to ra Me wa happy to sae tha New Yoaa Ruu ruprseeeted here. Be paid a compliment to lie proprietor, tad "jo-ted 'rasa iaa editorial oo the duty of adbrrtag to toe right aad sup port tag It to the laat The moot tag then dleperaed. Tb? city Is alsaeol da ?erted to-alghl. eo many people sre leaving. Tha Dukes* Newcastle, toe Oerereor ttaneraJ. Mrdeaald aad asaeM 111 I ?? 1?reiewi ui Hill, DCUSmn ms?aa ear the Prteee, are to he hnreed la efflgy at llelgba 1 go oo to Bsltevllh to ught The votuatoer artiMttT bee started with guaa for aetierille. The ssmage arch Is to he photographed tomorrow . . A Puptet was kitted off the steed whjks the P"*? wsr* being delivered. Be rseeoted and made seme re The Prlace hae anchored off Belto/TOe. aad will leo to m<ertw. The oraagsmaa ma prepared The Oranremec hare a meet as gfvewoT Wha* rouraa to pureee. They will pmenbty f The community a greatly encited, an? talutt'tB MBO surrender