Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8767. SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 9, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. FRIGHTFUL CATASTROPHE. CoflisioD of the Steaner Lady Elgin and a Schooner on Lake Michigan. ?taking of the Steamer tad Loas of Over Three Hundred Lhree. The Clerk's Statement of the Dimeter. HEROISM OF THE LADIES. LIST OF THE NAME8 OF THE SAVED, Chicago, September 8,1860. lbs stouter Lady Elgin, in the Like Supe rior Line, which left here last night, was run Into by the schooner Augnata, off Waukegan, at half past two o'olock this morning. The steamer sank in twenty minutes, in three hundred feet of water. From three hundred and fifty to foor hundred persona are said to have been on board, and nmang them ware the Black Yagers, the Green Yagers and the Rifles, and several fire compa nies of Milwaukee, who were on a visit to this oily. Colonel Lumsden, of the Mew Orleans Pica puns, end family were on board, and ate sup posed to be aiMag the lost. At the time of the eooident the schooner was oaOiag at the rate of eleven miles an hour. The steamtug MoQuean left this morning for the loans of the disaster. MAina or ran risonb mpobtxd aiffm The names of those saved, as far as known, areas follows:? 1?H. Q. Caryl, dark. t?Fred. Rice, steward. 8?Edwin Waatlnha, porter. 4?Robert Gore. I?Thomas Murphy. 6?Thomas Cummlngsi 7?Michael Conner. 8?John E. Hohart, of Mnwoukan 8?Tim. O'Bryen. 10?W. A. Davues. 11?Wlldman Mills, of Ohio. 17?Lyman Updike, of Wan pan. 18?H. In graham, member of the ""itflhn Parliament It?Charles May. 16?Michael McGrath. H?Peter Welch. ? 17- flieia Furlong. 18?Wm. El wood. 19?John Regan. 20?Wm. Denar. 21?James McManus. 22?John Murray. 23?Frederick Halpier. 24?John Roper. 36?T. Prftchard. 36?Everteon and wife. 27?John Doyle. 28?Mr. Waldo. 29?Isaac Klagaley. 30?Mr. Burks and wife 31?John McKlnley. 32?Frederick Snyder. 33?J. H. Willard. 34?H. W. Gunnison. 36- Peter Walsh. 34?Wm. Levyer. 37?Fred. Devercsky. 88?Bridget Kahoo. 3t?John Rossi ter. 40-E. Debar. 41?James Rogers. 43?Frederick Felmayer. 43?EL J. Powers. 44?Mrs. Rivers, of MBwankM. 46?Tarry Crother. 44?Patrick Meyer, fireman. 47?Mm. Slmoods. 48?George Devls. 49?Patrick Myers, of OhieagOt 60?Jeoob Cooke, of Fond da Lne. 61? Lieut George IT si Waff, of 62 Jamss Rogers. 63?A German woman, name unknown. 64?John Jaoobaon, of Mew York. 66?Peter Walsh. sTAfuamr or ran cum Off m ?OAT. Tbe clerk makes the following sfcfeattn The Lady Elgin left tbe port of Chicago at half past eleven o'clock for Lake Superior. Among the passengers were the Union Guard,' of Milwaukee, composing a part of soma two hundred aad fifty excursionists from that otty. At about half put two o'olock this mornlag tbe schooner Augusta, of Oewego, oams in oolli ?ton with the Lady Elgin, when nboet ton miles from shore. The vessel struck the steeper at the midships gangway on the larboard Ada. The two reesels separated Instantly, and tbe Angueta drifted by in tbe daihnms. At i moment gf the collision there was music i dancing going on in the forward cabin, fat Instant after the crash all wm still, aad in half an hour the steamer sunk. I passed through the cabins. The ladies were pale, but silent There eras not a cry or a shriek?no sound but lbs rush of the s^am and tbe serge of tbe heavy sea. Whether they were aot tally aware of the danger, or whether tbair appalling sltaatfoa made them rpseohtam, 1 cannot taO. A beet was lowered at once, with toe Amiga of gofa* round upon the larboard Ada to examine the leak. There were two oon belonging to too heat, bat just at that moment coom per coo pee. asaefl Manrelf of one of them, and we were powerless to manage the boat We onooeeied oooe ha reaching the wheel, but were quickly away aad thrown npon the beach at Only two boats were left on the One of them contained thirteen par ?f wham were meed. The other bore toaooLh^ toaipjttoj^too bflach. Before I left the steamer the engine had eeaeed to work, the flree having been ex tinguished. The foroe and direction of the wind waa such that the boats and fragments of the wreck were driven ap the lake, and would reach the shore in the vicinity of Wlnetka. As I stood upon the beach hopelessly looking back upon the route we had drifted I could see in the gray of the morning objects floating upon the water, and sometimes I thought human beings struggling with the waves. H. O. Cum, Clerk of Lady Elgin. .SAXES OP PERSONS KNOWN TO BE ABOARD THE STEAMER. The following persons left the Tremoat House last evening and took paassge on the Lady Elgin:? F. ?. Lumsden, wife, two children and ser vant, of New Orleans. W. Garth and wife, Miss Anna Garth and Miss Amanda Garth, of Paris, flUnnM. , P. P. BaU sad lady, of Aurora, Hlfnofs. Mr. Senptelben, of the Urn of South ft Senp telben. T. C. Hana. Mr. Pearce, of the inn of Goodman A Pearoe. Mrs. Barrow. Isaac Kingsley, of Milwaukee. James Cosgrove. Mr. Fitzpatrick, of Ksnoaha, Wisconsin. Mrs. Ketts and four children. Mr. Bond and two children. James Bellows, of Mineral Point, Wisconsin. A. Buckingham. J. C. Pollard and lady, of Milwaukee. J. Fitzgerald and lady, of Milwaukee. Michael Gonegan and lady, el Milwaukee. Herbert Ingraham, member of Parliament and proprietor of the London Illustrated Netes, and his son Herbert Edward White. Fanny Barns. Charles Smith, of Ghioago. George Morton, of Superior OHy, George L. Simpson, of JoUet Mr. Locke, of Sheboygan. Otto Leverince and wife. Mr. Niokel. Mr. Phillips, of Milwaukee. John Horan, Deputy United States Marshal for Wisconsin. None of the above named have yet been heard of. The books and papers of the steamer are all lost After the oollbdon the steamer floated south to Wlnetka, where she sunk. THE STEAMER LADY KLODV. FACTS CONCnutlHO HIR AMD BMB CATTAIN. Mr. Edward*, who lived for a number of years on the ?bore* of Lake Michigan, has kindly rural*bed an with ?uadry particular* In regard to the 111 QUed naiaer Lady Elgin and her captain. They will no doubt be read with lively interact In connection with the loan of that unfortu nate craft and her tmwaaae human freight. The Lady lOgta waa built la Canada about nine or ten year* ago, and aamed after the wtft of th* than Governor Oeneral of Brttlah Amartaa, lard Elgin, flhewaaaaide dtaat 8M Mat ta Magth andljtt a Mat and Mrorlte boat, and want Mm* anaaaliy. For the drat (lea years after bar noaal runt Ian the Lady Bgta waa eauptoy ed In the Chnedlaa truffle of Um lakes, and oarried the malls along the northers shores, whlls th* Oraad Trunk Railway which now performs that sarrloe, was yet incomplete, or ores la embryo. Four or Ive years ago ah* was purchased by Hubbard, Spencer A Co., of Chicago, to whom abe betonged till the oaiamJty waioh It Is oar painful duty to raoord to-day put a/**d to the history of h*r now tragically famous career. When abe paaeed into the baada of the Chloagr Arm of Hubbard, dpmow k On.,Captain John Wilson became her oom maader, 1* whleh peat ha aoatlaued up to the ttam of her lorn, and It is to be (eared that he has undoubtedly shared her melancholy hue. Chptain Wilson waa a gen Human of ten year* experience m th* navigation of the upper lakee, a flne, off hand and vigilant man, and n popular oomammder among truestar* on Tnkaa Michigan ?nd Supartor. Ha wm also ? man of Mmily, hM Mmlly residing in Chicago. Biaee th* Indy Dgta became tha proparty af bar last owners abe kns bee* engaged In ths travel between Chi eage and BajBeid, m Lahe Superior, about an* hundred miles horn the bead of aavtgnttan of Ma* Inland eea. She seed t* sail at the meat prominent porta amd hatbors lying between Chicago and Bayfield, to land and receive wis In n grant amasnr* mppar on th* downward trips, ths predusts ef the mMMB ef tne gtmM of the lakes. The porta at which ah* always etopped were Marquette, ftr ugeEntry, Copper Harbor, bgle liver,and Oatoaagoa, end m her kMt and fhtal trip aha had passed all ef th*M ptaees, and had, Iberefbre, a vast lumber of pasmnprt Tha Lady Bgla used to make three similar exruretoua ?usually* to tha *ee In whleh aba waa engaged at the ituve of h? lam. The last was lavarlahiy the on* on whleh ta* conveyed th* largest lumber of eaoarttonta* and pmsmgera. It wm *u the last auoaraluui trip ef Ih* eaaaoe ah* was employed wbea ehe met with tar salami icm and uakieked tor ho*. It la believed Ita* th* Lady Pgta was isamit, but this la net wrtola F. P. LCKBD0, OP HEW 0RLEAII8. It la stated la our daapateh that Mr. P. T. Lamodm, af the St* Orleans /Sniytmt, with his Mmlly, were emeug the last by th* accident to Ih* Lady Hgia. Mr Lomaduh tre* t native cf Nerth Ourolta*, end atth* vim* of his death wm ha*warn fifty and fifty five years ef qp. He we*t to New Orleans ahoat thirty years age, ?tar* he MUowtd hia laoftaalon m s practical prtoter; m Mhstqneatly termed a business copartnership with 0. W. Kendall, and estohUatad th* New Orleaui Piempmt, wbiah paper la raoogalaad m en* af Ita laadtog jauraaM nf Um ftoetheru States Mr. 1 iimelm'a ooooeciion with the /Nnapwi OMttnaad ualatorruptod from the day cf Ita aamhltainiMt until hia dccaaar; tha aaoap iMM tains tart ptaaaw* trips la to th* M torlar of the country and almllar to that m which ha aMt his untimely death. Hia partner, Mr. Kendall, m the omtrary, wm m artoMlv* traveller M the eapnelty of oamapaadeal ef th* Maspwae, and wm M Tsxm durtag tar border trouble* whleh remind in taainniw with Mexico Mr. leaden oMttoead hM trn veto to Snhe, end remained there teem th* epMlag to the el*** ef the war. HM eoMrlbatluea giving th* ta tolM of th* war, under Mm nam dr phn** af " Meat?a," ware exteasivcly read thraagtaat ths eawatry, and ware mMraawatal M obtaining a Mrs* ctreaMtMn Aw the pa par and a Mvorahle natartatp Mr Ita praprtatara. Mr. LamadM hndm amMbtowMb,aad anm Mart ma years ef as*, both* wbsm, M M IMMd, wara erMb Mm at Mm Nm* of hM Math, and tammd ta* MM af Ma iaabaad ami Mlhar. During th* Mat tew years Mr. Lmttat partial pallor la tha dtreattoa of tha ffigmi Mm Mm am* what IMultod, by eehange m MmtttM ef ths Arm and arm arrmmoMsntef IM Mwntlra Oepartanent, th* chief dnty ? M P S terra.?MMtreal Brrmid of Um Mb MM tSMrtans h verr gratsy with Ita Maetml war atoaaaer lytof M aw port, m Mandap MM. <M that day Cbpmhi Tmay. Mr Mta eSmamnder, having re sMvadhM primetlie a* peat mntiuMi, handed evar the HEW YOBS CITY POLITICS. Tk? I'alta Electoral Ticket. th? rrnoN uiii aubaxbbd? mnNU or thi BOBCEINBIDGR STATE COMMITTEE END NBOOTIA T10KH WITH TBI DO CO LEU SUB-COMMIT TOM?TIN BBlCEDiBIDOB ELECTORS AND BALP TUB SPATB TICBBT ACCEPTED BY BOTB PARTIES? WILL DBAN RiOBMOND MATLTT TBB PDBION ? The National Democratic State Oommtttee, altar harlag been In Bo?rioo two dap*at the Alitor House Ui thta dtp, and in ci stent com man leatioa with the Ltouglm eub comit uttm, adjourned yesterday, alter having arranged w tar bb poaalble.tbe basis of a fualon between the Breahinndgo and Douglas politicians of this rttata The following members of the National Democratic Stat# Committee ware presents . 1st district?6' siavoa W Smith, Thaddrum P. Molt. 9d district J??eo M. Koik, Wuilam Radford. 3d district?Joseph 0 Basnrooek, Gideon J Tanker. Mb district?(Jeers* H Tartar, J Cham pi In Harrison. 6th district?John A tfreen, Jr., . Norman Mahbv. fth district-AbrahamB. MMMw. Tib dkitdi-hihnrt 0. Wheeler, ?' v -' - 1 . JriRtrson T ftapiee. ffe dlstrtot?Israel T Hatch, George P. Kddy. FIRST DAY'S PROCKRDIWGS?FRIDAY. The Chairman kid before the Committee the following Mt PkABfoa Isesrtalsing through Um public preus that yourself, and Mr. Win. D Kennedy and Mr. Laflio have been appointed a oonsmlttre (Wan the Douglas and belt State Committee to ooaier with any other organist! lion opposed to the election of Lincoln, I have t? inform yon that the National Democratic Mete Committee, repre ?Ml lag the fHanda of Breoktarldga aad Lane, will be In samtaa at th? Aator Bouse, la thta City,on Friday, the 7th last, at twatw o'olock, aoon, aad will be pleased tooon ?Mar any proposition yon stay aaa St to make them. I am yours vary truly, JNO. A. GRICEN, Ja., Chairman of the National State Dam. Oom. tmi'n. Wean, Biq. MavaoroLnaa Boat, Rapt. 6, I860. Jobs A. Sum, Ja., Cu airman or Conxrrnm ha:? sob?Your note of the tab iasv la reoatvad, and Ita ountenta duly eoasidaved. The committee which I have the honor to represent weald be pleased to meet a Stml lar oommlttes. appointed by year body, for the purpose of accomplishing the object set forth In the resolutions to i whiobyoe rsftr. Yoors, respectfully. a WOOD, Chairman. Mr. Mott offered the following preamble and reaotaMaa, which was adopted:? ?, this Slate OimisIMm Is Is for mad that a Mb oomaalttea of thtaa has ham sppstatsd by the Stale Com miffs'of whlih Dam BtthmeadMtehaiaaaa, "toesafhr wlfo my jiMHesl mmnlatll's fee the parpens of ensuring the ooopsrattoe of Jl who are oppmed to the republican party;" and wbersmsaoh sob Oowamlttss of three hm re I presto tad that It woohl ba piaaesd to mast a similar sub-1 committee from this body; therefore, Resolved, That the Chateau a of Ihk State Oommtttee, together with two othar msmhire to be selsstsrt by hiss, constitute s sub GamrnMtae of Omformoa, as the port of this body, to mast sad confer immediately with the Rich mond rub-committee, aad that when we adjoura, we ad toara to moot this aftsraooa at three o'olook, at tttt tator Bouse. '** '? Adoptsd, sad Messrs. T. P. Mott md A. a Mailer ap pointed s sub committee, together with Mr. Geaen. The Ohairmsa thm kid before the eoasmlttse the follow ? lag oommoaleatioB, which was ordered m Ok:? Messrs. OmtAas Hauoce, Jan A. Va and J. B. Gents At an informal masting of mots of the Irimda of fosclriarMgc and Lane, bald this morning, Us snoKmad resolution was adopted and yon were appelated a Oom mlttea to trammit tha same to the Rreoklnrtdge Suta Onmmltlm Yours respectfully, ADGC8ITS SCBFXU Resolved, That, In the opinion of this mastim, It Mi ad ?laable that an electoral ticket ooutpoeed of all the op poneuta of I inoolu. should ho firmed, and that while wa are willing to leava to the Breckinridge -title Committee tha arrangement of the detal a and the preliminaries of sueb ualon, we raeommend mid Committee to claim an equality of tha electoral and Male ticket. The Chair aaaouaeed m a Committee of Conforms* Mr. MofeaadMr. MtUsr. The iHtts Omimlltas ifem tOek a ressm till three O'ciook P. M. Duriag the leases the following oorrespnadmcs took ?*?In rsply to your note of I*In date I bag to tofarm you that nt the meeting of the 3Ute Oommlttoe held bam according to announcement. toe enclosed resolutions warn adopted The tuh oommittee are reaty to maet you lm mediately at took place an you designate Respectful r, yoorn. J. A. USIEN. A iron Hornn, Sept. 7, 1M0. Join A. Gam*. fit*. ? Dn.?* ftn?Tha nob commute of which I am Chair man. wtU meet your committee at Daliuoalco'a, at half? part two oelook Yoart, respectfully, a WOOD, hnum T, 1M0 Tha State Committee reanaemblad at three P. 1L, whan the sub committee. through thatr Chairman, nubmlttod the following report ? Tha nub committee, which wan appointed to on with the nub committee of which Benjamin Wood, I in ohnlrmaa, report ?That wn mat at Detmoaloo'e, with Mr. Wood aad Mr Laflls, two mimbnrn of that nuhooaa mlttno, Mr Kennedy betog abeaat, m wm understood and mated to an, bacauan Iw wan opposed Id nay aaioa or no OMntioB with m. Mr. Wood eommeaoed with a propoallloa to oar nub wmlltna, aahlag on to nnnnnl to our-Btata Corn miuan to withdraw oar aalim otactoral tiohnt, la ooastda rat loo that they would recommaod their sute Committee to |tra oa half tha Hate ticket, aad would alao reoomaaud In thatr State Oommittee to roquaat thatr ataolorn, If a, to rote tor Brnchtartdga, If the nlrugglo aboutd i to ba bntwana Sracklartdga aad Lincoln. Wa de eltaa to my that wn woo Id recommend tha course to our ~ i bateg mated that wu did not oomtrued to be. aad la fhct would be, an eodoraemmt ?f the squatter sovereignty doctrine of Mr Dnaglna, aad aa ibildOBMit Of UM gllllftw 1 idoplld it ByttOIOff, %| the Maryland Inatltme aad by our Slate QosTsattoa at Syrarone, It would not receive tha sanction of our party, that it would ho Impossible to oomblh# tha aati Lin to ptaoa aa thatr alaotiral ticket storm of our dMrtm eteetora aad oua af our ilealare at Mage, to mm oar steo toral tieket ebouJd be withdrawn: also that tha four aaadl dates tor Mate nffloar* should be equally dinted. Wa amted that wa waold riimmmial Uw adapt I in af thin profMsttlaa to eur Stele CbmmWis Mr. LnSte replied that ho would am make any such msmamaadatlm to his Mr Wood doolmed to my whathar ha would M er ate; hut ha arid ha would submit it to inmmwtau wtthoeit nomamm tellna. Wa told ?*d mum ha daotaiag to recommend it aa * *r?ib? mods a second proposition to Mr Wood's sab Lam I use aahlag thsm te reoommeod the asms propast .joo to thatr Slate Committee, aioept that wn ahoall tahn tea leeteal ot atoms district eeantorn, and aaa ?f tha ntoetote at ton Wa slated that wa would moommtad tha adoption of this proposition to our Mate Committee Mr Wood declined to my whether he would reoommco 1 I a or ant. aad we told him we ooaotdnmd thii declaration an n refusal _ ? Wa then made a third propoalttoa to Mr. Wood's mh twsswi tUa Mfctfif liM*m lb filflWUfl 1 MMM proposition to \beir litto toaaitha, aioept that wa sboel.l lake nine district atoclore and one elector >t large Hm Mated tbat we would recommend the adoption of this propamttoa to oar SmtefwmMlea Mr. Wood dooliaod to my that ho wonht umimmaad it; aad wn told him wn ninaidnnd ?h* fmtoraiina an a refusal Mr. Wand than mat on to ruoammaad te ear Mate a mm'1 tee to noeopt of mm half the State ticket aad are [Motrin eteetors, to which wn replied that this praposl I was unreasonable, bemuse bio orgaemallo* bad one ed te the Know Nothing a repress* lot kw of tea ateo i no their otoctoral timet ; that wa did aot oaaaloar ?e wboi* Know Nothing mraaglli la tha Slate aa i At,010 or MJNO.wblle our tub la any mat would I |m or tour times as great, aad It wa hut Just aad ir that they shoe Id niter as at least as large a repramo lion aa that of the Snow Nothings Wa stated that wa won Id report ihw proptwHioo to our Wot* Committee, but Wo then ri pressed, en behalf af our Stale Committee, Imtrt to eombtne all the elements in tbto Htate in order tha rapabltooao , and the ooutoraaea then JOHN A ORKKN, Jn., TWAonr t p. mm, AHUM h millol Yobs, Sap*. 7, IMS. Mote mwrad that tha sahmmmitten ha eon aatU eight atotoafe f. M., sad hp dlaehargad at l? the pah nnamalttH yimmtil the tot wu rnJnPTAL HfuRT Tha pah committee further report that stem tha ad lnaramiat thta afternoon, tha tub oammittea, af which Mr. Weed is ehaimaa, has mads aa addltloaal prupnat lloe to yoer sub committee, to the edhet teal they (Mr Wood aad Mr LnSte) win rai nmmmn I to thotr State asm ^^e^ytensspa^ememsr^ms^iiitoushtnrte^e mittee, bat of ooarse did not undertake, lodMd I her ware not requested, to reoummend it JOHN 4. OKSEN Jn th 4Dr?Et*rt p nirr, BWMIM?7 P. M. A BR AM B. MILLKR. Ob motion of Mr. Hi? n, Janes AveriU wm nomi nated (tor Presidential eleotor for Um Sixteenth (boa gTsmlonsI district, )? Um pleoe of Walter H. Payne, who bss deeUnea lbs nomination of tbs Slats Convention. Ob motion, tbs Stats Ooaunlttss adjourned till Saturday at tea A. M. ____ SECOND DAY'S PR0CRBDING8?SATURDAY. Tbs Stats Oommittee mat at t?B o'clock, pursuant is ad journment, tbs tasts nsmbsrs prsssat ss ysstsrday. Mr Surra offered tbs follow log resolutions, wblcb wars ? Wbsress, tbs national democracy of this Stats d as Irs Bast earatstly to avert the impending oa'amity that aow I Mil ulise our government sad country, sad to defeat tbe [election of l.inoulu and Raman, AOS wber as, ibts State Committee, desirous of doing all ta tbsir power towards aouompltsbing tbat object, da lerminrd to unite with the party rapremstteu oy tbe Stale I Committee, of whicb tlean Richmond is bairmau, pro | viSaS It cos Id be done on hooorable terms. without too- I ssr of prtBUlphe ?r nbandesisg our erga ai **? we^Mery MsBslwed, Tbat this oommtttee sppewc ef tbs MSM BHMS b) nor chairman sad our fubWnmm^HH OMSMBmas is Mm ss> asm m IBM appointed by ibsMsb l mead MbSs flumminsi, sad are ananlswMsiy of tbeoptn I ten tbat Utey went as (W as honor and sound policy will ftjlww. I Resolved. Tbat though we ilratrsd to units wltn tbs Richmond organization, tor tbssDis pirpaos ol defeating Lincoln sad Hamlin in ibis Stats, we oannot aooept as ? basts lor oomb red action against tbe repuoltcan party a lest nsmbcr ef eiuctors than the Rich mood organisation nave already given upon their ticket to tboae here- I dltart loan of lbs democracy, tbs Know Nothings; to oc I

opt a lean number would oe hamliistiug, and would din I satisfy tbe national democracy of tbe Slats to an extent 1 that would defeat tbe object wo bad In view. Resolved, Tbat this Stole Committee deeply regrets that this sub committee, appointed by tbe Kiebmoad organ i 1 saltOD, have refused to accept and recommend to their i-tats Commutes tbe proposition mode to them by our I chairman and Committee of Ooafrrence, via. ?To unite with as upon a onion electoral tloket, wblcb should cm tain the names of nine District Electors asd one Elector at Large, sod to divide equally tbe State tl tket Resolved, Tbat ibis proposition Is oar ultimatum, and I its rejection by the Richmond srgonlztllon doses uegotis tions on our part In regard to UM Important qusatlon. I Resolved. That our oondidstsa ore before tbe people I upon tbe greet principles of tslloual democracy, tbe con I ?tltutioc and the equality of sovereign Stales, the dec! I ?Ion of tbe Suprems Court of tbe United Stales, and the] equality of white men. Resolved, That tbs chairman of IhMBMts Oommittee he requssud to oommnklcaM llntmHHMtaB resolutkws to tbe chairman at miare. end tbat our obairsm^ppoS^^Smitte^n of tbM|Btate forsgofag pre^^^^H tbs Richmond appoint s tbns to yrepors on address to the national ilssnisrm tbM MstS, rSlallve to the questions at lasae m this <? psign, ana tits jii tiinliiMs and sttRudes of tbs I Tbs Choir appelated, as s oommittee * tbseddree, laws. Smith, Russell and DorrMon. I Tbs Oimltfg then adjourned, subject (o tbe call ef Alter tbs adjournment of the National Demxratlc State Committee, tbe Richmond sub committee determined to aooept lbs propositions that had bean moos for a fusion, end Mr. Men jam In Wood, the chairman of this oommittee, ad framed to Mr. John A. Green, Jr., tbs follow ki* Nsw You, Sept. ?, IBM. To Jon* A Gum, Jr., Chairman Central Committee:? fen?The Democratic Slate Central Committee having appelated a sub-committee, of which I am obatrman, have soneioded to assess to your prupestttan, and will re ,?rt fevorably on lbs asms to tbe Ante Central Commit tee. That proposition wm tbat the friends of Breckln ridge end Lane tbonld same tan electors sad two modi dew* on lbs feats licaot?namely, Lieutenant Governor sad CbnAI OommlamoDsr. ft. WOOD, Chairman. f. L. Lama, Secretary. It will be seen by tbs tenor of tbM latter, that tbs Douglas sub commutes have scoeptsd tbe proposition of tbs Breckinridge Committee so for m I bey bad authority to So so, and have recommended to tbe Douglas feats Committee to ratify thsm propositions. The whole mat ter now rests between tbe chairmen of tbs two com mittees. Mr. Oram having authority from hM oommittee tu s c. pt tbs terms arranged, and the Douglas sab oom ' ?f ?"??Pa ?? WWW' U*bMe. Orssnwm IMGrm flfe* ftftbmstkf, id dkfhfom W Iks DoagMs stole OommIMm, cr tbM oondltloa of ibki, ? m htm will sew rest tbs satire responsibility ofsoospUng or defeating an eqst table md rotlafoctory foaloa of the oosarrvotive interests for tbs defeat of tbs radlosl revo InttasMn. Haile la I'taual Park* Tk tblr J concert of Don worth's land at OMril Park yesterday attracted a muck larger tudleooe tbaa any prvcedlag one of Una mm, the tncraaa being account ed 'or by the return of IhOM of oar oltlaoaa who usually spead the (earner aaaaoa away from the city. The weather proved favorable, and waa unusually cool, owing to the refreshing shower which preceded, without de taining any from the ooaoert. It appear* that aalnre took ooapaMton apon thoao left exposed to the ana by the Central Park commie*loo, aa dart and thick olouda oaae to the aMltanoa of the two small tents, tbaa eo ouaamodat-ng naarly aU during the oontlauance of the maslo. The follow lag la the programma of the pieoee played under the leadership of Mr. Rchma ? 1. Overtara to Neboco. 3- ImmorteUtn Wans. ?. Ark from Linda. g. polka. 1. March da Snere. 4 Kathleen Navouraeee 7 tttlertleaa from Woralera. 4 Wild Woods Poika. ? Overtara to Zaaspa. 10 Wa mot by ehaneo. 11 PeleetlaM from Martha. 14 Quick March. Finale National Air*. The Wild Wood Pol to (new) attracted the particular at tantion of thena priaiat from its groat varlaty. It waa written m daeerlptlve of the stay of Major Holmes (now Commandant at ?ovemor's Island) on the Teiaa frontier; It latrodaem tmltattana of the I lie ha of Owtrnl Park police, in twportlnenily tt aanerompxnled Indian, of which wo ri several ladies complain. Thin pro ceed lag from thone who are paid io prevent like con dnct la others la vary reprehensible, and should to once receive the attention of the proper anlhortUea. Clip IntelUgenae. Mm. Ricaaownt Paom?Ajrr Boran or Mancr, Now Yoan, root or Wnar Kmtrrr sHm arnant ?The following dooattoM have new rratefully resetved, through the k In i Inert of Menare Acaer, MerrlU h Oo ?from Cngi over. It A friend uf the Home of Merer. It; UTh, Rasas. Iowa, 111. from n lady, en# bbl flour, do ooe box soap, do 12 I bo atnrcb. do. 11 be tea; do. 20 lbs. white sugar, <27 40?whole am rant, MO 47. PnrMT TtovnL?About three thousand passenger* passed over the Doe of the Harlem Railroad company last Sunday to the Central Park, Yorkvllle and Harlem. The wharf wanted at Harlem tor connection with the river iimm? ? now oompiete, and the koUiMaa of the oom pnny tor carrying large aambera will doubtless render Um I me a tovorlte one tor Sunday travel. The trains ran OTtry airotor and half near in connection with the oars en the Fourth tvenue Pstwmo* Bum-The City Woes of Pntornna. M. J., paaned ihrough the city yester lay morning en their way home, havtag been on a visit daring tho past week to New Haven and Pro videos They were aeeorapeiod by 4ilM ( Sand, and aamborod forty three maafedte. Their naitovm w similar to that of the Ninth regiment, con anting of dark bloe frnct coat wl pacta, with rod trim mtags. They mads a vary floe appearance as they paaaed down Sroadway, Atxsne Bnrvkt Oownrot ? We nadarataad that pollce maa No. 44 dabbed a me oo the steps of Beraum'i Mu seum, lant evening, till bw toogwe protruded from bis moetb, end till I It la i the elob el all on the oocankm. ? ? ? ? eipreesmaa. md atmply stan 1 leg on the sidewalk totet ly, and ngbriag so provocation of uy kind to any one. If Uwse toeta are iratbfhOy ran or tad, the Police Own sale ? lone* a should promptly lavrotlgata all the etroamaiaaom of the cane, end net In mill Inn with the tocto ?raahlyi City Mows. Rtannnisn IwwoauTto Momma none ?The dele gel se to tho Rroehiartdgo Congrats la mQ Nam tasting Ona vantioo met la tores at Mantngno Hall yesterday, whan af the Beans at anlanal dwtrtel The Oeaveutton than adjimail In Military Hall, stows Baa Jam la t. Sawyer was anwWalad tar CHy Jedgs, In the ream af Judge Oalvar. Tamer ran lha OaavmeUea win amat at tomt New Yerfc tor Ihn 'asmtanUan if ooanty ef m __ __ ? m llmnlw Afl^mto te ntodlakm ?fVW) M n mjwj mmm THE PRESIDENTIAL CANVASS. SENATOR DOUGLAS' SPEECH AT READING, PA. Another Bold Dash at Breckinridge and the Furioniita. Senator Seward's Reception at Kalamazoo. ?h hrepreeWe Pedro to TWt lusu, sad Ub klrlw to Totori, Mr. Dtsflat la PMiarlTSSls. HIS jUCBFTION AT RXADIN8?HIS OTHB OMUCC IKSIDOK, DISUNION AND FUSION. Bsadim, PS, Bsgi. I, IMS Tbsm a imi noaiMs a Msedmg m-*?y, and almost ntry other man one meets ween a Douglas badge. Mr. Douglas' speech to lay was a great effort. An nexed la given the points of his speech with reference to Breckinridge, disunion and fusion. In notlelng some re marks made by Mr. Hleiter, who Introduced him to the meeting, Judge Douglaa Bald:?l wish to God wa bad a General Jack eon at thla day, In ordar that be might grap ple with Northern abolllloptam and Southern aeoesslou Ism, trample them under foot, and bury both in a com mon grave. In referring to the Convention at Baltimore bo said:?I received a majority of the whole number of tbe Convention on n large number of suooeeelve ballots. I oonfese, after having withdrawn my name from be fore the Convention la the years whan Pierce, la 1863, and Buchanan, In 1866, received the support of the majo rity, I expected that the oendldatee before tan Chnrlaaton and Baltimore Convention* would feel bound la honor to treat m* aa 1 treated them on n former ooos slon. Inaamnch an 1 bad given J. C. Breckinridge the nomination In 1866, by withdrawing my name, 1 had a right to axpeot that under precisely similar clrcumstaeoee he would have felt himself hound to he as generous to wards ms as I had been towards him. Inasmuch aa my ooadart had mads J. C. Breckinridge Vies 1'resident of the United Stslas 1 expected he, an a gentleman, would have foil bound to pursue n similar lino of eendnet towards ms as that I voluntarily towards hiss. If that oouros been pursued (hers would bo no division of the party today. And why had Mart baaa pursued? it happened that I received met* votes is the Convention then aO the other one did* tea put together?almost two thirds of the whole number; hut when It wan found that the largo majority support lug ma oould not bo oompelled to suo oumh to th* minority, the defeated oaudldatea formed a combination to break up th* party rather than permit tbe majority to go vara, under the two thirds rule, aa In for m*r oasts. What excuse doaa Breckinridge make for hrsak Lng up the Convention? Mr. Breckinridge, three days ago, made a stump speech, la whioh ba triad to jus tify th* break lag up of the democratic party on tbe ground that the Convention which nominated ma tasJstad aa n dogma In Ms platform. Foster was nominated m Reading for Governor of th* Slate on idaatloaUj tbe same principles that I was nominated at Baltlasoro. Fua tor Is ttam pledged, by his nomination, to the identical principles to whiah I am Irrevocably oommitted. Bow can a man vote for the on* without supporting the other, If ba prcfaaasa to ba governed by principle? 1 trust ?very democrat in Pennsylvania will rally zealously, cordially sad heartily, round tbe banner of Foster sad npn intervention. (Cheers.) And when you shall have done that, how oan you refuse to sustain me on the same platform la th* National Oonrsntlou? (Cries of "wo oan yen that the jlaMisil COarseHon adapted a dogma oon knrr to rsaann and lbs constitution. Tf that ba true, yon of Beading, when you nominated Foster adopted a similar dogma, equally hostile to raasoa and the eeestltutioo. 1 am free to say that the National Convent loo and the Pennoylvaala State platform are both In harmony with reason and tbe ooaatitotioo. But Breckinridge baa declared, la bio late stump speech, that I was aot nominated acoordiag I* the or u>? democratic petty. (unci or ?? rou were ) 1 luppnae Breckinridge think* to, or I roppnee be woulj not bore mid *o Bui It ooljr ihowi bid Ignorance ?f do. Bocrtil'. u?|i wbeu be moke* that declaration. I re oo I red a two Ihtrda rote la Um Oonvsatloo after the boll, bat lew than a two third* rote of the whole Conreottoe. beace 1 waa nominated la I be same wa j that Cam waa, ac oordlng to the known uniform aaagee of the party. But I rappoee Brack iarldge will excune htm**lf for not re tard lax the nomination of Cam aa regular on Ue (round that aa the time be did not beloo( to the democratic party an ! beace he waa not boind by lla uaege? Yon all know lb at la 1B4T Brack Iarldge, at a meeting la Lexington, wbara ha made a epeech, denounoed the democratic party aa a c->rnipt taction, and came oat la fhror of I Oeneral Taylor far the Presidency Now, I *ap pone, be will excuae hlmaelf for not being bound by the regularity of the Oaee nomination aa the ground that be did not belong to thi democratic party; and further, oo the ground that be weat bunting on sieo ttoa day and would not rota. (Cheer* and laughter ) But my rrtead Breckinridge, la hi* Kentucky atump apeech, wbUe be acknowledge* that he waa la fhror of Taylor la 1MT, weal boating la 1MB, aad thua ooald not rota far Cbaa; yet be MM that be made epeeehe* far Qam, be canae CM* tbea repreneeted hla principle* Now all w* bar* to da la to Bad oat what hla principle* wart. We hare naly to leara what Mr. Chae waa la fhror ?r aad we hare Breckinridge'* principle* (A rolee?"The Nlohol ana letter ") Tea, my Meed, yaa hit It exactly. Chae bad juat written the Nlehotoon letter, la which ha ueert ed that Ccwgrea* had no power to Interfere with theiiarr ry qacntloe la the Territory*, and Breckinridge tella ua that he made apeeobe* for CM, although op to the publl eatloa of that letter be bad been for Taylor bpt tbea It waa be found oat that CM praam led hla prtacipMa. Here we Bad Breckinridge again bolting (Cheer* and laughter ) My friend*, f aerer yet bolted the regular ticket of my party?aerer yet weat oat banting on the day of a Presidential election la my Ufa?and bene* If bolting agntnat the regular orgaalaa tine la a claim to democratic rapport, I am rati tied to no credit epoa that ground Ait lot me M you, IbUow damorral*, what la to ha the ooaaegoeaoe of your aua taining tboa* ecbemee ofaaaeaaioalam aad bolting? Hew would It work at your election* far Oorer?or* Whaa one man oomaa forward aad get* two hundred rolee la Con reattoe far Corarnor, aad there era oo* hundred matter lag rotea againat Mm. all the minority man baa to do la to bolt agalnat the man that got the two th;rda, aad the* propcae a compromise, by way of faatoa. fbra, again, when yaa hold a OoograaMoaai One ran ties to nomlaau Candida tea, and to* regular democrat who aerar bolted la b? lite get* a two third* rote, aad on* aqelrnoel damn orat who goea bunting oo aloctloa day gwu but a oo* third role, all hla frleada aad hltnaalf hare to do la to bolt,aad tboa run n oo* third candidate an 1 then demand a com prom lee aad (Man. Thee, again, when you oom* to nominate caadldalea far the l.rglatoture. aad one port mo ef the party out rotea lb* other by two third*, all you bar* to do la to got the minority to holt, aad refbae to rapport the regular ticket oateaa you dlrtd* with them aad form a fbatoa by way of oom prom WO. (Cheer* aad laegbler ) I aak yea. what will became of the democratic organ it* ttoa, of that moral power abtoh atlanhaa Bdellty to principle*, If yoa are gotog to auatala Uw new idea ef botllag aad wmemloa? Why. It inam that la order to he * Iraa Brerttlaridge maa you mM holt agetoal the re guiar mbIM erery MM, or else yoa meat go bunting aa ataatiea day?(cbeera)?aad thua defeat the who nerer wmrerad, or fullered, i party. (Load eheera ) If you martleu ?r tolerate U?l* aew dodge you held out a premium far erery fatthlM maa to hoH la fbtara. for aaa, I aua narar M?, aad aerar will fuae, with a maa who tail* me the democratic eroed la a dogma, contrary to reaane aad to the oouetrtntkm. let ua ayvra the bolt tag idea Let m -mi Brmbyeur prlaalptaa, let m main tola Ih* integrity of the I tie party, aad than trust ear anM to (tod aad the paapto. (f heen ) 1 hare faegbt twenty a ataa* I wtarad public Ufa, aad aerar yet eomieettaaa or awinlirH to traaafaary (Cfaeara ) Aad u i?sh*BiBi wuw v?r*?< m mmmm ? Old IWkf, they will stand by their onlora end team ?i) alltaooeeither with Northern abolitionist* or Southern toe?ion lam. (aire ) Judge Douglas apeak* at Poturilto tonight, at baton on Mnoday, and arrlran In New Tork on Monday night, where be will be joined by Mm. Dougiai and Mr. Johnaon, (he ran did ate for the Vloe Pr?Id en ay. 0. N. Sanders, of New York, la hare, and dlvld? Lb* hooora with the "Little Giant" Herecbel V. Johnaon telegraph* that ha will positively be la New York to apeak at the Douglas ?a? rrrtllag in Jonca' Wood on the 12th. Mr. Mtward'a Tonr In the Want. ?in reckption at kalamazoo?suiat tin bays op BIS "EXCELLENT FRIEND" f-TBPHBN A DOl'ULAR. Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 8?9:21 P.M. The Wide Awnkea of this aecilon of tha oountry aaaan to ba acting fully up to tha political axiom, that "aleraat Tiglianca la the prioe of liiierty " It would be deetrabln that thene vlgtl?t watchmen would eomotim? Men a nap. They are terrible per? eutora of Senator Seward and his party In their ironltoua pUgrima*?. wecre soovsr ahalt tsmado,*?owes? aaaa la 2nd-mm W the? Wiha Awnkea, la tha fhnaral black glazed oape and cap, with the Inevitable tin lamp dangling at the end of a pola, and with asthmatic bra? band* to charm on with doleful melodtea. Ike travelling I* pie?ant, bieanaa the party which, like n anew ball, lnoraa? a* it rolla along, in very agreeable, and la accommodated with apeotal cam on the railroads, and with goed carrtag?? th* oordu ror roada; bat nt tha atepptag plaoea we realina tha in oonvenleno* of ton?Stag la distinguished oa?pany. Tbn fu?y little country pollticMn*, who want to make capital for themselves, pounoe upon tha unr**?lag Senator, In troduce all their friende and acquatntano?, and allow tbn crowd* to pre? aad swarm are?d. Generally they hi' slat npon having a speech, but Mr. Seward usually pat* them off with a Joke, or suggests that his follow pilgrim. Gen. Nye, can make a capital speech Nye is alwsgn ready with a witty retort, bat do? aot ebooee to Bw bored all the time making speech?. Then we are kepi waiting till all tha arrangements for a props?loa are oa? pleted, aad the whole of u* have to take part la this ludl Tb?e polltlciaas might have the common pollt?e? o* letting weary travellers get to their hotels without all this ridiculous fuss. It waa two o'atook thi* morning when w* arrived at Ka'amaaoo, and ? at that hoar wo found n huge bonfire burning in front of th* wigwam, boon? illuminated, and than inevitable WM* . drawn ap In line, aad having their h?f horning. Tirad aad sleepy, ? all our party wore, par ticularly the tadl?, they bad to submit to the honor oy being assorted la grand style through the ?c?. The morning I* wet and oold, aad ocaoaqaantty tha ar dor of the oelebration la cooled. The foaanroef It I* a panda of young Liaoola ladl? on horseback, each wearing n tri oolored scarf. Thirty throe other young ladl?, attired In white, and rap*?anting the Stat? of the Union, are drawn in a decorated wagon. There were aot ?era than a Ihnnaand parsona a?smbled in tha square where the speaking took plans. Mr. Seward wa* enthualastiealiy appiaadod. Ba ?id, among other things, "I am invited to go to Ea?as. I want to go to Kaaaaa before f die. I want to aee tbe Saratoga la tha oaaos of freedom, aad Iherefore 1 muni leave hare thin afternoon." He bad remarked the loyal ty of some of his old friends aad aoquainlano? to Dooglaa, and ?id it In honorable to Mr. Donglan that he boa such friends, and honorable to them that they pet asters in their fidelity to him. Still, it I* not wise for them tow?te their vot?. Of the four candidal? in the field, the only man who, in ?y po?ibis case, and after every combination, csnnot be elected, is my ax* celled friend, Stephen A. Douglas. Every vote given for him is the North la a vote given for Breokmridge, aad every vote given fur btm in the South is given for Bell or Lincoln. Mown hi? thn Hh*1* Ssnh Bagtaa OCR DBMTBR CITY COM?rONDBNCC. Dn*v? t.Vcr, tugust 21, ltd*. Tdfrnph Kxttuion?NVie Ou ovtrim of SUvtr / was TV 1'uU Per Tm?Greet /huh /nr Clnimt?Put Approach of Winter in fit* SuufAem Dippinp*?Br ok fkU Trade at Denver, etc , ift The telegraph will be oompieted ? far west ? Fort K?rncy in November, and our bus Ids? men are raising a fond to scaur* its Immodiate <? a tension to Denver It to likely to be la cperatlon wllbln tbe next eigbt months. The reocet discoveries of silver leads, from sixty to owe hundred miles southwest of this city, have created quite a fwrorr, aad s.oce the ora has been found to aaaey fro? 1200 to tl ,700 to tbe too there, bee been a great rush for claims A few nights since throe hundred misers left th* California Gulch for the new ajver a lies. Winter te oomtng oa early In the southern dtgginp There have been two rails of ?w ?itbis the I?t week Some of the ni Inert are already coming down to the valley. California. Humbug. Georgia aad McNully gutcbce cnatiaue to yield haadaumely Some of the b inert art tab lag out t*0 per dav to the man. Tbe quarts mill ownere la Gregory diggings are steadily improving In tbe'.r efforts to ?tc tbe gold, and s number of tbe mllla ere pay leg richly. Tbe prop r rtoru of outs ets becoming dish?rleoed, and a few have soli cot. -a mo ibiIaws msiermllT below cost. Busin<w* la reviving rapidly la Ibsot, aad tha foil trade Is or<mmeartag brwkly. Many of lbs mtrohnat* are starling for leav? worth, St. Joseph, St Louie, Chi cago aad New York, for their winter stocks Nearly all oflbrm take dust for Uteni? Iv? aad rr.eoda, ?I the amount I? vlng the eo?try weekly la aot Is? U?a tM OtO Clark. Glmber h Oo are purchasing aad aoiaing weekly for bumecirculate* Building oooltauea lively W?ther mild and pl?nt A fcw quarts crusher* suit arriving from the rtvnr. Pol Ire Ia(?Ulgtac?. Vmtrnmrt or a Dmnno-inrai Lea Cira 10 m Tin ?Abouij two week* ago M. J Fagart7, raotdlag la Ninetieth nrwi, aaar Third itnm, bad a poeketbook, ooelaining MO eloiee fro-a bar draaa pocket The drrwe was banging up la bar bedroom at tba lima of the Uwfl, btl n Um d laoorery of the laroony it waa (bund 17tag oo the bad. Saaptclea rind oa iha aarraal gin. aad at tba laeUnce of Mr Fagmrly ana waa arraatad aad arercbed, bat aothtag taadlag to criminal# bar waa dtaoorrrad, aad tba primeer waa dlachargad. Roma da71 aftrrwarda lira Fogarty found a auaaber of rm broldarlng needlee la an aaa barrel, ifeo aba laram dlatal7 recollected that tba aaadlae la goAlloa. wbaa aba teat eew them, were in the pnokethnok, wkieh onnuined tbc Molee money Am Ikte aab barrel waa only eonaatible to the domeetlr. tbe nataral lafera lb* prrnoa who bo<l atotao tba p waa tatltotad fbr bar, bat without 1 Cermra or am Atiaoan Rranvta.?flaorge W. Wall waa Ukea lato coetody yaatorday bp poll mom Oonway, of Drootlya, oa cbarga of I'rook lag lato tba praaaiaao of J. A. Um'.Tor b Co., at No 13g Boratto atraat, aad afol ing tbarafrocn ItN la copper aota. Tba burg lor, It ap pear*, opcned'lhe aafa wltb o akeietoo key. aad aftar rifling it of ail the money it oootomad, quietly left tba premiere Tba oAotr tuoce-led la rene rorlag about 4100 of tho * to lea mnry Wall ?aa lakao before Jut Dee Welnb. at tba Tembe. aad ooaunued for etamiaeUoe. Hrmnaao Aim Rnrrnae w New Ooiaaao nrwwo T?i?? Monrm?la tho report of tbeOnmoerof few <>rteeae, mode up for tbree bow tba aodlag wltb Angora. tba M Iowing murder ooaeo aad aoleldaa appear ?burbra June I Jamea Onodar, M yean, nalira of ?aHtie, Joba MoHrelb, arraated tor tba crime, aad dwebarged from tba rtrol Ptetilct Court torn I, /aba 1. Conrad. ?T yaaro. born la New (irteana, killad by perwna ueknoea; J una 9, Bernard Oonoelly, M yaara. Ir-lead. kilted by Daalg , ?ei>l CaaBO u wmiPVIIj | 1W y fkWBj , m*>rwm ~ 0 w - '' ullhaa, who w la prtoaa awailing trial Jane |g, (atba riae Bagan, M yaara, Irolaad. killed by bar bmkaal, Patrick tag*". who la nowonder oenteereaf death Jefy g| ymr* . Certn*ay J-too Renerke t, Oenrga Retiwager, at yaara. fiermeay. Joba Rework# amoted tor the killing, aad aew awaiting trial JaJyP, Agnetlno Kellud, (team, *0 yaara an Plowed to bare beaa killed In a doe! wltb a mn tolerate burglar, Wbo aanaped. Jaly at. Willtam Nolan, ? y?aro. Ireteei ??<*?? wai ter uilid. aad awalla trial. Jaly M, HI cbool Vnter, 46 yum. Irolaad .hot ?ad by Oj? tain flrory Heldoma, la atef defkaoe. who waa fit charged by Juattea fortler twal 14, Timothy Lyoao M yaara, Irolaad. kilted by Palrtrk Rrhall, who waa aot arretted Aegant 14, ftaa.oio IteaMoat, M yearn: tubbed by tort late Paenaraoaa, who nanapil Aagwat 14 Jnba Kiag.? yaara. Irolaad. Mobbed by .teaeeo Hal, alHa Roddy, wbala arretted aad ewelttog aa trawi tea Moo Aug net It I bale Praak, T yaara, Now Orieene, killed on the (hrrnIM w> railroad, and the engloeor. William Rulllraa, charged wltb waaill igbtar. AageM ? foko Cbiiabaa, M yeara, luteal. Mobbed by Joba Qalna, wbo i tl, Bagaae Pop*, altee, J . Now Orteaoa. teak petMa la tba porteb arteaa. JeaeMu Btteaaa Oabla.W yaara, fraaoe. htew hte brnlaa oul with k ptetet Jaly ?, Bdmnad Arraaad M yaaro, Ueteteaa; oat bla throat wtlb a knlto Jaly M, Thoaran till rire, M yaara. Irolaad; jempad lato tba now Jaly tt. WiMii Hoaraa 6ory, tt yaara, Rhode tetoad, baag te bM Mara Jaly tt. viator Rtbwagao. It yraok, .hot btMoatfwk a ptetol Akgrat W Cyrwa l. Ja^Jt raara, rbllaiatpkla took patoao Aafl lt, >? J Wtoto OMR fatoS?r*ttT^J Hit