Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1860 Page 2
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THE CIVIL WAR I* SYRIA. I'Urovr. ert-"1*'o.nd-I'ok.ito le To.mI C ftrtotfmm*-*"" by the Turtot.h !>'??? -? r/' t Vcr fuuimtHt.-l.tlUr -jroop.-Ttoe *?!??, vo^ K luh Tr? from ^ ) 1 l llt|.|?ii An'Otuf uf lh? Ml*i* y.lter-X '?\V.V?lCWrivhl of K*ncto Belly Uu for sb?M bwriM fcrtl. Voroi>t,tBatM??vM*g eTwjlt ln lU)} ,j0. beet deeply lnterf"' ? , that interest will doubllcri main* of yourg klutt B- but Sicily mutt now eootmueBni.lnUnay.hnU ^ world with Syria, divide the nVUntloo of ^ plt)Da ^ bctDg ,,p??t ToTtN 'rHti Kaau-rn question which hM BO lOM WOrj?fiT?i^r?t"?ol the Continent, and which tu of multitude. ?1 CMrlaftitt popsi Tolvw ilit* cc8 ? ) * 1 t.ti 1 Af?lv noisccutid bf the Ut on* now down trodden nji<l bitterly pcistviwu j atl.j Uo unatic*rrollower of Che Prophet. SSS^tw^'SSuaass srtWtt,?s?S?fea?s runt-vMlm who is a brother 1b ?w or wwewsiti% ?w lTimr Minuter of France, announced U> lh? contu nr corps of Bey out that he had receiveu iftlorianUon ?<**?0 French Gov.rnui.ul that twclvo thousand French troops would land in a few daya at Beyrool and proceed from thence to DnmMCus. Thin nnnonu.-ement wis thus made officially in advance of their airival, m oidor to enable the . ..osuln hero to lire due notice to the consult tod (.r.1n residents in the interior, aid gtve them sufficient UmX E2*Tih? necessary arrangements tor their pre "d s^rxsiMrs'o..M?r,.; j j" lab government, ilia IlDformed the So I inn of public and doolarea Inauuctions to allow fore ?n wwi in u .nadirs un tins ft-sasSr w - I.*^!d-uy the imprettion of Napoleon that the Suh ui toi iSSt to thtt interference, howmrer much ?ti. ti in* w ll, interna, a* the oh.iect is avowed to be f Lndiv one vu l" ?s?'t the tuittn la ptotecling hj a friendly one. ru. too, that the Vren h Con suit bare not been leialivd from the Into lor l' ?aj*h"^ lndration that ihe Turktth government is expected to be *T*?? alrtaly arrived and landed its proeitiona and stores Th? appearance of one hundred end Bfly cffioorl in untforra ramewhat startl. .1 the Custom House oliicera, who UcmaudcJ duty on. the article* landed. I'pou lb- refusal ol the new comers to pay the officers of the customs posted off in hdgh du-lgcmi Governor Geo oral for Instructions. The Turltiib , -i In a a'rat dllemms, from which they cm ooie^M extern ted wyUSs approval by the Sultan of the f&XEZXZ J f>rla To allow It without permu. aioe they dare not to repel it, Un y are ..nable, Th re la bat one other prwtlbfo inodo of avoiding the difficulty, and '>?? moo.- will u? doubt he atleinrted. II t uad t-achn csrcutes yeugeance st.d ??ti?3ce .luttl'e for the out meet oom Bitted fn Jl-wleins and Prunes, the n'feasity [Jf^rSotng of f.'e.*li Iroope will be obTinted and the IAl^heUT\dl.d*b iroc: s have gone to ntmatotis sod the nr?t mail will doubtless dicMe toe ..umtlooe. If the "trsttZ sst ???/?> ? Kt ins to be ac'ifK W lailh. but he hat t mo-t SSSa? - ' -ZZ2S, of tl.<- nrw mil.tary ?.? mmnudtr m ch.ti Itom Consnnti m.i ?? Hti.m Pacta, who the etrwats nil night. Th? ocrntloii telt cteu tdr.ihr atmuMcut of tbeplot i sit ? ecl.ute of the moon, which I'a always au occailoO ??m Dwacn tbe M alcmt ga'-ht' 1 '"on the howae wAh tweT aud hwttlea, u^ ?M* lhay M with eurU and made tf.e tnoat bortih'o suites .or lue pur uar they allege, of frigbleuicK *way the desgoti which wm the ne on proper.-Try <? - T^li^ the earth In fnmiuicua g.ina were Brr.1 nominally foe thtt purpoae?bat the ,.tot mu d jcosered and Put the BK-tdmho.ical outrage of tbe Moaiotnr rmptoyed by the pwnws ** twrive thooaand a.rlati^.a la th- cattle with bresd^ The |..? ? ? ?. .' died rrr the coo?piraay war diw ovi r. . tout hotel are n-w ?ntrrta.u.-d th.t wui oe wruns out?the M.alrm- will be disarmed by a ??up de tboy haru.* : ' rr ?'w..nnaa fi.wh p. Oder ha. r- ? ly hern rvcovered SlST^.aaro ? arfi noW m> qricL m?armed lb?l tUf r ?> *t?" teai. hod and that asottw g?-?t* will be loocd on their pre niia Utu. cub. 3S Wtle wrtlchra and wild hca.U, an worthy the . *?. of pewvlded, al?o, dlrea hund'cd ? 1 trin - i wTwi-n that . .f- ' ?- . tail: ft. low until the Oiratie-eraetjg tf lh vy, when tf'.TiT;:;;.;/rSJ-^5? many a Mrs? wUi c 1 t\uJb^T'u?? cMr.i i^h turn' lu lwmaw ia .ll the^ ?^swwas-3Hl ?d M ttoo trarrlhr but . ?g uon . Hur aj? a 111 ta hwd te troea th- a.Uw a*4 the in. I. t -la til tu . 1 that .1 al ? i<> ^ ?. Wl ing b-oy.aad ?**ij wldit?owal?|Wan ireroaaea .u ta??-a ai d rrwpooeibii.i -w t-a'.. -t -*rv ra. tUuaand mouti^ ar- fad b| na mm. Ill SS3 mo" hav# aw-ic 1 f?r ndrntMfm le IU '"the Britwl. g<?vtri>mrtl haa'r.W I It* < *u: lo lOHIIwH bufltaffd I -J# fllflrt S.gM lb"'rri th- start lag. and ffif HoM HonliBoew baa Mil <*?* MeUfceMwesml T arawur than tha aa, !> y. Tbt cry on every baod la f ve ? I ?T, ? B. :i i i ?? ? i y di.trih .t?l. aaVa' ^tsfwi ra - auMtoew aidta Tbe mua. active memo--" on ljt? c n rt.itiro see Aarr fit*, wore of wh--w? net old ret drata, sn i b-m met. of oo.fuubted lutrgr.iy. as ore also t-?o tnglwb marrhaau ar-" iato.1 w b tho.r. the utm at r m || fell ii fuo4i t\I-j I imiaI to Uvfm ' *! ?r*tB?i1 ] rnrloti btw? A d>vy ?* ? ? 1? 1 fr?^1 11 J r? ? from Cyril oraharu, the *? .m.Ud Eg..-' dwewTwred emht' four cum la tbo H. "tn la ? p*r fret state of i-rvwr-.alwa. Tblt gruUetann waalto Ha n.nrut anrar afire the r .macre. and ba i"?'* -> ? perfastiy rtllohle. 11 u"" rwisAPcT*. Jul? so i-ao j pBaaft*?Many thank' ' i"u letter ?flbsnfV I had any Ifoao. aftrr vtttl f lb- ' .i-ialian .|?arlor. to write to Captain Payalor and Mr M?s*?, W woowi I nad ' Th- ' brtM ? ntor i ' a fill rr - is a? Ih ? gaaatqiqd fall of groat waste aad (to da?a awtmg dawd Mm Thar -fowl ?m to h-.- burred sup Os Padarday evrvi ? v. w-ro .a grast "angao. apfot had i-t.U'-rlt. -in* the i .-auWra. whjcb, huwovo-, m hafllad si aight we h-we?t time Bnug. but th rirbs west out ,'ha mdrtary Pacha) and rode about the ti.vp s i I. im iur llwloian us- M vary in of me gmag ?ami: Wy aay, " What, maker Prass I thwogM thai Lad a - U Very aoltvoti ng ?aeura 1 a ov-ry whero. but a .troag guard la tba aootu i ?*a nearly tor a to aoum by th-1"betas itaw, there sr. - o -? em Th- f"r. i . 0 pis.? th ? r .mh-r of I ills < ai ? ?si tha.aanf, but 1 ahowM placa I - tewr to lee i usaad f t|wah atvmdly, at rayaSatiai .w 1 Kivtri V? N wrfCL He |k?b# d is v??? vf?w . or 9km be villi m Lsaisa It M time for tvwj ?aa te bats IflMm i hate hem killed. Very Hiwiiy, CTMtf C t.RAIIAM wort or A LtTTKt ntn? A TT KII?H MtXI U IR PA ? ARC*"* MLAT1T1 TO Tnr MAIMAt MR. "T-?i.iu?.J ft?m Ibe T rkt?h ) ? li; Ibe B>'at merr!f-n,?t Mkr rroyraaoe The ertle OMR whb-h etlrred ap the fVfb rd I'ummhii IM af Ih r'ttagra to brlag about the ixorrmtK lenrrtbed b-lo?, m Uia ?Thai b^oo* ibe l.reek >rg ?o? of IIM Mlcferdtta, by l?wt; ley*, eeav if Ibe awtkliM Ml >wa tad btsee peer1' had been appointed by th > nrt-e ?.f govern naet eed the fecunna of Ibe chief ceasel! of iKmaaroe V> bo poller rayia t ? f"y?n and policemen, and ihaeoui><ia tbaor person*, betag Ibeweeleta I ha euiefa of the eedl I ma. rolleated a aomber "f Iba Vmr?? a> <1 hew*! fellrvva, aad c> a marred taprdj'?( th-m ?ith a> ma, aad a* ?h?r were ippoteled to gaard the t an*ian?" quarter, ibla elr ramaianr ? lnc'U.1 the ih "-ghie of all the Hameooeeea to prepare! Ww for Ibla roft (lb* firing) Or Monday, the rib of Jooe (0 * ) 1MB fJaly t. M R ). al about two a' lock I" M . some of lb t> ifl otb tna?i la array aertioa of the ally, and begat la <aaaa lb taaar? by to tread upno tbewi aad Oih i aba to laaall lb* Chrtrtmae. aad tbc mi k tag m ib-a# mimi aad ibn laaaita weeo not of met a nature aa m ? ltd aalurally ?w to Cheer boya.b?t lb- y moat hata Van intruded by aoroa of IV leaden . f iba aeditl?a Afl-r half an floor Iba re anal <* tbe affair of ih- reraaea aai of the aadaclty marl frated in laaait'ng and t.umltlatirg Hir tatiana. ha I hy Boat maaaa or other reached I he gaeemmeat, at I ImmedleAa ly Ibe chief of jad ce. villi aaane <4 hie men, Vaa forth aad ae I aril a pan .< the hoy a aad "U r yeraoM, and aeat them to Iba fare mail, vbrra lliey vera pat la rhani aad aeat fhrtb m Ibe market la ta'ay Iba Meeem, aad Ibey actually begin aweepmg Tn?a there fathered arm,ad Ibe Mralrmt ?f Ibe neighborhood aad reacted ibeae bay* Rem ibe pMlea aad broke off iba rha aa fbom their tret aad coat them a oar, aad aa aooo u ibe boya vera aef free, all Ibe abopa af Urn whole mar art (bar tar*) were clioed wflbta ibe apace af Ira or tea ta aalev aad la a eaaner ?f aa boar tworaebeae ware Ired, wad from thai lime reaa began la bo trad Ibe Iraitar, del a It ha cflbd Mmba, an rfflaer fboa let Htaha) of Ibe Irregalar troopa, toot wilt him aa Immnane timber of Ibe worst I* r?e tf 'he Mr dan. armm aed r.| them at once to Iha rb'W'an quarter aad. m am* aa be aalerod that cmrt-r, rmmed atH; faff aymw Iba bonma af aa A Oar Mien u M ararmaiaiy bad bar aye upna. and. VeO log o^ea the done*, be aad Me crmpaakma pel aW-al reader .rg and bore?t?g and killing and laaamanh aa the wratoh aModed !? baa bi,der his timmaad a large aumhaf of anmd tU I* na. oo ooe ?u able to get atari of tbem in carrying off the moat choice an ! valuable o( the plunder. Tru- the ? sopir of the villages surrounding Ikituaasus, and the Arab- and Prunes, cacue iu crowds to me city af l^r nuf hours and filled it ant they alao p'undered much and were fierce in vbedding blood und burning. But the assembling aid agree incut aud union and concert, anil purpose of all the jaople of lumaecus with the \ Ulagers uud Arabs, in the apace of an hour for the acoompllsbment of this red.lion m I wmaecua, could not have occurred without acme previous determination on the part of their leading men. and that this waa the caw is made clear as day by the eircnmitaaee that, within the apace of five or ten mu.utee, white and green banners were displayed from prominent positions on all the Moslem houses, no one forbidding; and in U pomtble that at audi ai evil such a procedure should occur te any one without his having been previously prepared for It* The ciiy guards and irregular troops that bud been enrolled and officered by the order of the groat Council of the otty professedly fbr the protection of the Christian quarter, they were the ones who first began burning and plunder log and killing. Had those city police and people of the Medan who were enrolled as guards kept the heads of the streets leading to the Christian quarter, and bolted the gates of the quarter, and fired upon the invaders, and en deavored to turn them back and prevent them from en taring the Christina quarter like the regular troops, the nflhlr would not have arrived at such a pass, but would probably bav? been aooo stopped. Had the members of the great Council and the leading men and principal pernor* of the town proceeded at that time to the Christian quarter, nothing w hatever would have occurred. Whereat, in oca of the aforementioned members and .nailing men raid to any one, desert. And from th.s it is evident that this calamity which has fallen upon the heads of the poor Christians, upon the'r properly, tfcclr houses, their children, and iheir wives, was b previous inti nt of the leading men, as was moreover appai sot from all the indications mam fett to their conduct Many ol the Christians concealed themseivi t it; their house*, and were consumed In the flsmes: ami many of them, after having been subjected to e< vers tortures, tn order that tin y might discloee the p'arrE where their property was concealed, were butcher ed within tht r bm:*e* alter making such disclosurts, lest they should sflerwa-dr enter complaint; and many of the women froni they could not draw their bracelets quickly, had their hand* cut off,'a* wrie likewise idp linger* of many who hac rings which could not be estily removed .\;.d they were not Batiatied with this, but kiilet aid destr. yed many of them, and there ware in uiy women alec not able to remove their earrings from theti ears, whose ear* wore torn open and cut off tn coo** qUCUUC. (?'< me tf tbe Chru-lUos were tnki-n out by the followers of Ahd-el ha ter ho Al|i rtue, from the Nre'ls end other piact-s where they hud uraroaled themselves,end wblt-r they were belug convey c I to the caslic, they were lireU ujixii end wouuuotl by oi'LeW Hie Excellency ?bt. eiKadi r, ?Lovo mentioned, took e I large ouai'-tr of the Cbrietleus to bis owu bouse nod saved them. end hit iron a'10 saved * great number and took (beat to lha castle, and -u that diet** a there wee no , Che but he at J ha follower* whi melo ai.\ effort to gave the Christian*. It tru--that some pert-una amea( the Mi-slctus took from the Cuni-tian qiartor a few ue?n. wo around ctnldir , and o nrtyed thi m to their Upusc*. and they gho tot . toiur persons to their house* from the rait;e, i-k i r tli- i r-rtlep of taa.ig them oe though they had inirdfui lr.tentioiif towai .? I ben., but alutt for thoae poor people ' what fuirtu and torture they iDll.cted upon lb- in ic tt.e'.r house* la order lo make them dtsiioae the placet ah' re thc> bad couceal'-d their proiwrty, awl boa Dint ;. una of w icxcd violence were intlotod upon thum? And on the morrow they would return a part of them to tbc ca.-lie and kill w prrt, while others were compelled to become M w'etn* and many tile persons took from j the rani> a number of women anu children with out glvlag aunty for them, and as soon M they got them ? ?'??. ie of tharasth g t i, theyebi -e out the younger of Item and left the older In the tire;. I was I rr-ent In the castle on that day ai d aaw persona of tne lowest class picking r ut ctildrtn ?b->m they lis* away without si y ooeaayliigto thru- tVhat a-o you do.rig" lhey opened the American. Greek and Catholic churchee, carried off the veeatla ana MNMI the |>rir?w. piun ?Irred the Ker it:, loosuate and -urncd It. The Consul la at prefect in the government i-*lao- hut the Oonsu- | laUs of Kt gland anu France were nut touched, aa they i Wi re In the Mo-lent qnwlor. Ttiere wtre in the Cuatom ITouae about two hundred 1 Cbrlallaua at that time, and I immediately waul la baalo i to the |-m ar .ml brought some rf the regular auldiera I and took th< m away, and thug I secured the aal ration of three jjoor people, Thi-ae Christian In ui .a wl-ioh were la Moslem qnarteis were alee burned after they ha l been .?hindered i;r every thing In then. Tie number of audi j house* wuf n out three hundred, ltd ttcW.hoi duly ill. (.) list (S. ). Kbkled Tar ha, the mllliary Ooverno'. 1 iu accordance with the declaim of the gronl Cnaacll, 1 coirmer'ed finding to the Christian quarter aud inking r itti. properly conci aie-1 tbrre, forb-id r. any to en t rTceptleg those thi nnphyod, aud time tf the j CbrMivn* wno.werc la the ca tlj a! i rbtatne.1 jam lis to (?> to tbe Cl.rietlau quarter and search lor whatorcr , n't It be found in lb' ir burred botiaoe three days nines a few bt the Chrisltara beean to tarue 1 out into tbe ilmb m arret the cattle, but It was reported y. strrriy that a Christian was killed yasurday bear tbe ham-ant} ah. i* the day of tlir outbreak they took tin bell of one of the chun bra and placed It'.ta an lavrrtod position oa the mlnile of the i toes which hud barn from a actual times lytig onCt-r ftot In the atrret of the Eunuch Mos-p e. ? nthr-lay of tbia aflk.r an<< tbe fallowlnf night the : th*lUy it-cneiucd anciaard. that thsre might lie no obstacle to tbe rrmoral of the plunder to the h".is--s o' the ''iL-letna And after the dwelling h.-wa ,-f the Christ. oi were duiabed. their shops air,, wer broken iq?i anu ibe goadsaa riledatl taIkeatghl. j Mary of the Sheikha am! the l li-tua aod princtjal mai Crist iae ni Jltgu r -d tbimrelvn auO plundered la thrh Crist tar qnar M *' i. in ooe n Tsmaacua. retrained Croon P i ndrrii g the pre^iity of Chriatiaua, not tut the oid a r-Bii-n Thik ircerd hawing been written lu btkte, some cireum haw |M ' milled a?J the nam a of mat weJ krien pernoia whoae died* m' bare twr recur led. If you w lab 1 can infer* you of these hereafter. The ringing b Iter wrlttea by Ibeohlrf malum h >uao off re r at Hacnascus to ha colleag'ie la Heyroe, la regard t as a rehkbli-dtcutni et, and cepiee bare heen rrs^iceted by the Coait.f for Irasaaitiaioa to their rcepntlivw gow crr.rrinte. t dt lot htr.ent of the French tronpe art Ired to day, and I natdly as. n. : g It ? aspect of a nay The t -usr eer-.ij r j t.i tbe S sterf of Charity has b-"o made a Frii cb t .p.tal, coatamlng eight bun ired beds for the strk N-w? la* been recelwel to day fro* trfw Mr Orawflird t. i. i-i ?. yotd lanwrua ta the dsoeM H* Is -efr, and tie Icr.reiuiDf rtfiuta of our Consul hare 1 eta in rtwd w th success, and the Amertran fas.tly taa been tisr.w, fr< m th? danger* around thfu At tbe re quirt if Mr t imtul Jnbcsen a |arty ?t Algrr'ne* bel'ag irg to Abu el Kedcr went tor hut. and la ouw daily r\ perted la Pry rod. UAiVJl. Oui ban Kraut-loco t urr. *pon t?rn e. Saw rutCMh), Augi at ?, t*"?0 C'-ward' Fhit'Ji ard JTit AS; rafoms?.1 n Eslslbtrr*.* f^ahoti)w-i* Intemtinf Ckeyl-r i,f CVow. f\. i ?I'll Ml <i Atrvekmns?4 frn -n frr m Ik- . -,ie ?/ ffu ?id fe a Cilittn cf San IVeerfsea. Mr Gemral Shields remains In the e Ir- HW mitl. loiprvred, and with the agre-nbie a?noutloa of obi frlrtidr be rn)nys hit rHtt T?ry reucu. ft M salt that lbs General tea brew ?r-t oat to thw tail fn* lbs par par of trying bis f-yt ,-ne as eaedhiaie for Calked - ti'-a .senator from Oregua. He is prom Wed Uie aupporl o.' tin a'm nwtralloa at d General Lane fir the . luee. Some ainr tha ago a man named Wllila a Ccoglek-a at tew| ted to nrmiait aniclde by P-kUg strrrbtiine ?- this city, and earaped a'moat by a rn rarle law oaueu ... tae derprrate net was domretle dlfitcnlty. He hn I anvrted a yourg wtfr nl Petal una?tbca about aiatera yeas of age. and aaw only eigbleea-a few rear* bet.we, aai in dsn coarse of tianr site bad a rbild; but the tw i became est lranged and ftnii'r separated It w ?ot our t-Uoe t.i any ab<> as* in 11.e ferlt, t ut It is rtrtaln a ,??l ,lee| of j kMBi'y tbe'Kg waa ? a, t lenrr. *Vc be returned bis wife wnnld ,ot roceire bim. and a a It at cre.eur aed U^wp- ration poison which ram* *?? tsar prorltg fatal, at th- n*?w Hidrl t-'lnee that itblr ccdMng was h-*r! tf the part Ira until lest Friday, nbea Cncglmaa atade h * tppeoraaoe at tbe potire ? i' ? ? l.i?l be w Jenmr h?I beta peianade.t off by ore ,'tw Pick, of Prtalama, sad that II r tan bad fina tngeUwr ta a buggy to ran Mai so. Hs MfMBdCd ber orrrsl, sk . (Wore Out a OOBApu in I of I r*A |lt | agasswt ber ?tn -ewjuoi * warrant woe tasuo t, and idnrod la the beads of rfcwi Job a R Obaway, Wba, >i s?lhi ailh Ciogtri.-a, *1 i ms prooeeded hi Mr btl-i I* (.its* of tbe tuetwny* The ocmpiaiat waa based npcei a dllfl cully ah if let* If took alar.- brtwien Owglehut red bin wife. ia whlrb he tenk th- rbild in la his nw ?-tstody, and la wbwb. te alleges, aha draw a knife upon ..tat. Armed wnb tb'e aarianl, which would nrtbnrire an ar r?st la sar. Mater, t ongvton gad tbe rdlieer bast tied oa their nad I pro arriving at the peiacipa! hot si la tan Mateo, they ban d that Burfc end Mrs Goegleton wer? oreupylnc a private now op stairs Tpua bearing this, thee weat " ? ? ? ' ' V I t. I art lb., n' rr knoebed. wb.-l Uura can r te in, door aaa spaaed it Aa ha did an, Pin atrial qn-ckly drew a f>rrirger pirhd rnm blf pisk<H. swked R, and tsvs'ileg it at BuobM bea-l, pulled lbs trigger bad, an hwtwwe would bars it. the afll wr qalcbly rl*ii,->r.l hit band i pea the barret, and received lh? fall ng t-w upon b s Bkgtr, thereby iweveatlag the sapbwtow ?/ the cap But fbr thw giid-tm prsveatinw of a diarhtrga, Ibiek tbe aeit wrnst would, doubtleas, bare beoa strrti ked a corpse at the feet of the Injured ho*hoed Aa, however, the wrapna did act gn nff, he bad aa opt*?rtn arty to earape, sat beOnofe hHnaelf t? his basis Mm tMrg-etoa waa given aa i nportanity ta drrow l.smelf, aal was brought up la tbe city In the aaaM vehiel ? with the othcer and her husband She waa tatea to the stalim kwug^aod, ta defhsn of ball, rswaraed there all sight T** ?!' ?*?? ftwg'sf la aai idls aad nortblaaa never trvatwl ber pvfirly ?heuvsv bis ?hortfvwtniB way be. however, ft w pretty ptaia fVum ?h? JT1 ^ ^ *<????? that aha la not entirely gniFUswe Whrn her b-wbaad won Ittag at the poiat of ieodh, aa the rteaa Motet, she went telilw aad waited afom him bat warn aa he was ealV deagtr Ma with drew rwttrsfy syaia ? Hbtarday the raar-came boA-ra the Pol ton Court, ?*>?? ?? lbw ** twtwa wrre married la 9ep tern ber. \H?. aad since lb* firth >4 theft trot child hart *? separated same three - rbUd waa tahra from ber custody by Onsgktni, wbo at n retains It. aad the wife bag been living with Back in hotel In this city Omgletf* teattded that she ? drawn a dlrb tsife on h*m. with the lateotma of tahiag J^da The wife waa admitted to haU lo the gum >.f I la Tbcewbrr, 1*Ft. Ikr. J. W ftaftee. a |*w*n*r dfll ia Clt*, P?l la the Mprnr of Ka*sw anam sneei mns , ( i , Vrn a g- d b^rtng que-ij for h s m n.r*, gi meet oriei.ibrata g?-td bear lag quart j ror hia mia-roJngl tal - abia?-t. a trw day* since Mr fhctsr rvcensd frrwtj ?h? rmjerrir. aa a token cf k?* thai as, amaaa!rsg -n nag, with an obinag amertrvM (wrrousded bv Ism dm mrwda weighing a ?wmt aaah The gold of the nag m fr.rn the Ira! mewataiaa the amethyat hag bean pre ObllMrji DEATH OF wrsri PAK1KL0, VIADIIA Or MONTI NMW>. Recant Intelligence rrom Europe reports the death of the Prince Danteio, (I'edrovitoh Nlcgorch), Via J ike of Monte negro, whom, tt ii laid, waa nijot by n Montenegrin refuge-, and died ibortly afterward. Montenegro formed pert of the Sclavonic empire of Servia, wbitb, having attained daring the fourteenth century ? momentary grandeur under tho reign of Tier Puihtn, <ru overthrown by the Turkn In 1388, when the Servian mon arch, lexer, wn* defeated and perlahed at the battle of Kopovepolc. From that time, Montenegro, with a part of the adjacent country, waa ruled by princes of the family Cternoyevich, deeceodanle of a ion In lav of the unfortu nate Servian monarch whole tragical end we have noticed. The inhabitant! of Montenegro live 1 alternately In bon tility and temporary tubmimlon to the Turks; their hi* tory, contained in tradition and popular aouga, In full of rcmacce, by wblcb the truth U somewhat obscured. In 1616, the sovereign prince of Montenegro, who was mar ried to a Venetian lady, and who had no chillren, wan persuaded by bie wife to lanre bin native country, in or der to speed their omainlng days amongst the avreeta of civilization which Vtuioe presented. The Prince abdi cated, and with the consent of the nation loft tho su preme autlioi Ity in the hands of the Vladika. or Matropo politao, whose successors continue to enjoy it at the pre sent day. From that time the history or Montenegro Is one of cortlnual struggle against the Turks. This eternal hostility incite them naturally seek the alliance of every Power that was at war with the Ottoman Porte. Thus they tsok an active part In all tho wan of the Venetian republic 'igilost the Moslem It was ia order to obtaia tie prcU-otlnu o( Ru els that thi Montenegrins, In 1112. declared themselves the subjects of Peter the Great, wbo received their oath of allegiance, and pro mised to defend them ag&isit their constant enemies. The protection remained, however, entirely nominal, and the furks Invaded Montenegro during the same year uri tha Urge force, but were repelled with considerable loss. Ilcstil tits weut gl belweeii the two nations up to 1718, when fur nearly half a ocn'ury a eeraparative quiet exist ed?u thing almost unheard of in Jic history or Monteno arc. It was lu the beginning of tne present century that Montenegro attracted the attention of Euro|?, although to* in a Uogreo commensurate to its Importance, by the prominent part it took in the war between France and Russia, and tbe extraordinary derotion It ahowod to thi j lart Power In a quarrel entirely foreign to iU own interests, after tne peav in 1814, the Montenegrins t. ma.-el ii. um'tflurbed quiet until the invasion ,.f the ! country by tbe V.aier of linen la In 1820, who was com J ptVfeiy defeated and forced to retire with Iwavy I oar. ' Wlthlu the list few years Montenegro has been the scent I of various changes in ber social condition. Prime leuuelo, the late reigning Prince c. Monte | r-gro, was bora May 26, 18A>, aud was a defeat lanl ot ooe of the first families of his nation, sad ej I tilled, in regular succession, to tbe title of Bishop ; Prime (Vladika). He was educated at \ leonn, and with tb.i assistance of the Court uf Rurala succeeded his uncle, a b( n ot Pierre Pedrovitch Niegtnc i. in the admtniatratlor j (f the aflhim of Mn.itonegro, to withstanding the oppo s ition of one of hte other um lea, 1 liomaa Pedro*itch. lie | preceded to bt Petersburg,where ho received In duo ; form the title and dignity oi Prin ya Bishop. He remained : tuere six mootbs, and leturncd to hia own country with tt.e ronrefitton of ideas ci tmportanl political reforms, I which be -sommroced to carry into practical ctlsct with tne approbation of tbe Czar He mmmrcced these re.'ormu j t -rj nifsmrrs by separatiog tbe rrliglnua from tbu civil l ower?both then bring verted In tbe prerogatives of the ' Vluitka. He transmitted h i eocKwIastlral powers to one ! ol bis parents, with the title of Abocy;and he bciag the Ural fecitlav prince of 'l-nteoagro. with the t ile of j Itanirl I. Ho opened n roa .rom t'atUru to Cettinle, his : < ap'tal. whlth w.i# Fiihsrqu ntly eolarged and Improved; he formed and authorized a new penal code, with a vltw (.. remedy tbe atroc ities then being committed by the Vort-'Bitr i.r. Tlcwarwluh followed the entraoee nf the lnrkidi army Into Mtnteiiegro, In Uie year 1862, interrupted the re ruins which be had 'omuieuevd lir.-iLg s pariod of tlx uiooths.and the retlru;y of the Vonterrgnra Into th'-t? mountain fastnesM*. be ?oceeedrd ia t'ludiufc acoilistco w"b tbe Tnrkieh army under cut' finer Pacha. interreution of A'lstrtaand inis Slot. oTOunt I e nengrn Wcttersbonrg to ton'Untlnr jde. fffbctrd a termination of h<stililiet between the bclllge rent*. Thir mrnsurc war also aertsteu by the mediation of tbe rtprcr*ntafirts ? other sovereign I'owerv. In .tune, 1864, on iDternee no conspiracy agatcst Pr..ioe Ban lelo, put on tout by 1'laisler Pedrovitch Nt*goerh,a*t i* ot the Prince, war discovered, and with tt several itber intrigues, attribut d to the totr;. u?- of RouaUn nnd Austiian a?(til?. fte vt r continued on He frou tiers ? j In lS66)*r'ne I)ai;leb t'.arrl<vil Is Darti k i Knlkitcb, a lady hsvirg a fortune r.f 100 ?i0 fit rfns, am thn daughter of a wealthy Trlcalan banker, whose ??ije.- (ister mnrrbst Oust Horn?. of Corfu. In tne meantime, through tbn ; oilMis! ittrrvi ntton of ti e Cuoi-ul of France eg Hcntart. the host.Ill lea between the Mnatsuegrlnt , ai.d TVrkr nmsed. The I'rine* sr. gbt tn vala to he rcoeg ' tilard inCi pen 'e-M of the d? i.inatun of other powers i by the treaty (-(Paris, nat whacu ctl not contain a attpu | 1st ion In lav rr of Montri egro. Animated by a pique sgairM I'.nsMa, and Mtowinf np ? pot ley ?l he |u>d(vc>or tie eougbt to tmve his lertilory separated I frotii tbe Oar, and sohoitrd the ?w.aU->iioe ol i ranoe and 1 Austria in the fwvtfert. addrevael letters to lbs pric. jail Chb jrts <f f.urope, te whicu be j ( 'el an ackiuwkslgci?er,t of the mnepeodewee wf j Moo ten egro with the annrsatlon of Hcrtgi vlas and Albania brr'-'rs lb? port nf Anitvar. ?e , Its Adriatic In the romuoeniemenl of tbe , J ear If>7. he IB oornpaty witb bie wife made a tour to Tirana nod Parte , t< represent hit cause fr> peeyie yvr ?*>e. He fa led to tin a recognition of the sovereign I ity rf Mu.itrtirgro. Turing his absence tbs s timulates tier of the affairs of Monletxgrc were entrusted to tho a..! rf bis tin tier. Mltko, Vue Preauicwt uf tbe Henat-, sud lLis fart battel.< .1 tj return home. Bur in- ibe abe.ece of it* Trice the Treat.lest of tbe Seiate, Beorge I'turoviUth, bis unoie, atsmpt'it to Incite no tusurreclmn under tlw patronage of Rj?i an spall. Hit uf K- ?-Is rLheequently ati?u!..-d fbe law graillng th# an it ity ef 10 CoO 11 rrifts to tie r (IvVsvua, "f wl iun Iwnteir. was one, m so far as It ! relaie lo tbe latter. Tbe ten* piracy, 11 thu iweeu tum , i waa i?rSv 1, and C urge Pcdr nrlteb rMrrated to Aot trta. I an ng Danlelo'e abeswes In hrabce %flb're in MotitmegiM were ?it.ulatste.-vil very tam. -enily; bat alter hie retuni hueio icatn rs r- swnaei taotr usu-u Iran qui ty. Beeut<ac-teet.tty put Intoervt ti-e Ois oil i.ian of isl vtng tbv tndeptnCenrc uf dPuiei.(gvofr?rw Turkey, and made eatei,?i,-? pretarattowe for a general war, re i l?!r* tn the traprt ((.audit) cf his to >-jbU.d illr -a t I agatnvt tbe aeanum cf hia tetaik | Keldnsa, Itidiet", rays the Chailrs let If i*w y of the 28d .ast., ha* .bath taxru 6 .n our mutat a cit:/en more I widely known, er tn >re gee. raJly itieeioew. than Jims | S'si mam. lie dim! yi ?teru'ay afwebun, at one o'eha.-a. 1 A brU< ik u-b of tt.e career ?f Ihti k'soi man will oot be I out of |'ia v at the preset! ti?*. II. waa burn in Charliw tnn, oa tie '.Tih uf Ist ruf), ITVt, and so e.iparq<ieaity i it bis slaty atvi-nth year In early msu'mod be oot ,iied ' the prg .tun .>f ?? aelwr at tkeiiriibaiit use. TUla puet . lie title J fur ?? nra.'y< a.r w th ni'Hifc efiiiii ncy. Aning 'r t 'i ?? ; ? ?t re ? .r g thlr per. g ' J'-bn C Er. mo .t, enb?. ,..rntly we t aaua a as Use Rocky i V ? l ? t , ? M i'-r .? (tie ' I., i . i ?nd .tale tor the Preatdeen y Mr Kiegtuan af'uvwards begno bn?tMs* as a wh i-sale grocery m> rnK.rt nr. the Ifcy On th- tstao ??h*' r l ?l It" Ad.-os' Ibprtm 11 Cbwrtea j toe he war cue of it> Orat ?ut* after some ttm ( c P ranr'ty b* wltbirew, when tba "wnpway. to mark 'beir ?pt'rtc at no of lit* nervee*. pnnented biai w tn a gold h adtd ennn. Be then (tn the winter of 1884) I entered it- ' " drt ..ii i . * i - / r v?iHoe. ? where be vmelovi . aid aw attwk of ,<et itye.s, in tbe j *( rf IA6P fniied bin. (?? rrlirqai* i r uctivr bcai | nesn oetwiatkwi. Jnc that tins lie lis l> vn In feeble | eed dce 'it ng I, el b In ad lit nr. In hta th. r pnrsalts, ? e a p- I %p , ; r m,ny veer. ,?<t Ibe nrdnoue dot toe ' rf ritv Cbrowev. la r-ivate life wu 'ine w m wtrue ualver I aal'y tuk'Vril, and bin ptcviTbla!'/ otic am! pb-Mlog I trsurrrs wnr. I ite rri.(.d? an.owg af| Huwo with whom be I bad bua'tw ae It.let ruurWe. W?1 Aiin.fM < f kkoMtl \ ??:.? if Muf. r i M?l. . ' and who ha 1 barn l\wtiM?tn t'jare foe thirty ft ui d:ed n# tba inet lU ?m a m:,t? of IioLn n 1 i? .** I r??wdlne t?fr- lAry of 'l.r I nt 4 fiRbreea ia I be mntblm ' of I'M, w*e (?Mh4 to b? etarolM with tr thai.. Hairej lC. V n .11'. ibe i. Ur Otoe<?? r.f the rf*u > .turn ; The Rblim*..-* Aw mVxo eayi ?CkwBkan. IMrerr wt Waddle, (Bit4 'ut -r liter ai >a U>< mJW. *1. '?i ike 4# reared, tt.?c-'ij?- Hit int r pre It I-B <4* r'lvant dt?l a? ?t t** IM'.HtC to earkpe. W?e Mtwed hi* j ihe ? | tckrvwn Oiruatb at. cW we ri.wUd. rrki bed th* ? era ft-'f. *tnl ? ?batklif It liu f r?t aMplba awtatna. wm awn r*>ly lac't i in the I'u'trd Htkiea Or tba i* ?n* af Up til*' I"" jr i rn*. >yidrrre wa# t ye raeoi 4 of a mrnlln In tbr har.dwrti * of the 4ee<aaed M waa ?i?'Vtf J by Vnttr.i trMm>ra.atMl read m Miowa-? r ' a meet if Fa gHnd knee that no pafflattna anli.rirr ?W r-rit ?> keep alira ? tfcr prternl m> rbid i>iw m ?!" All tbr fat tit* tan- ?! acrr i,? o if eoerltrreble \ rtuwr, all nf WhMfe W*a flttortttd h) tbr f>lllr? feeeeiimenl. ilta ! ??t*teof Mr Cn ?kaa atowa ylebleu at r two tabHoaa of dollar*. Mr. A'kn.lhwUy kiur i ? \t .. f t ? *, artiled la llrtfuf4 rtxtnlr, an ! war cat'ira'i. 4 ny Juifar wuima IV"A, one of the rttner* <4 the*l OB ladopea <lea re, Mr I'm I. ddirr a rprr'al a^rica of Ibr r>art far that parpma. It* tana formally int.- .??,* to t.'wara! WtfliTyim. ? nd otrtiyii I wihloi, aiul *)*o nam herrd airong lua prraornl frlrair.Ar. rrw larkanr aa4 (bar ra Car id!, o( Cbrr ultoa. fir thl.if yea.? In n'oraa ri< n hr l.?!d the fibre of P?wtna*t?r, pomnatl rt Attoar Inl'i-twlt* tbe ?>*? ideal* to rrta b hlr. Jaam Rww*at, aoad 111 yrar*. ai<i aart to ha ilia oUl eat inhabitant tm . a pent.-, jia. i'ie.1 ok ? ?oohamick .Nrek, la Norttkai) ha. rowety. V;rytn k,kfrw .iktrriara. Dar ?rf life be marrie-: teara I met. tar wi a uf bit Mt mar rktyr brfif jtrafar h?n i?? #ftt

fVparUil iblr life, kl hta rrah!rao' kt M .'r?rpb, Mia rc.oti, on lbe Mi. Jay of r a l?a( illaraa. Am m H'tmni, 'a the rath )ra'if hit k?a. Vr Ra b'da? ? wm bora In tba c ty <?f ft 1-miw, in the rear 11*4 Ha waa oaa of tbr brotbrti Of Mr jorrpl Robl OriiB. f"UDi*rr t-f tbr rity of ?. /oaayli Rr ?u ptaMM rtvi a rpTtphtiy latnirct aad a aj int of aderatar*. Rhra aat twwr than taraty too yaatr of art baaeeaaa paatrO fbn Alklana to (be ihra rary wild aad d atant rrgww of Uir Tr-ltw Pt*e? At fhr afr )f Iwaaly atfbl ha arat to Mr? ro iad llytd thtrr Ofhwti yaarp. Tfc ihra mrrbd a arry latinalirg Mritraa lady wbo ra Utard wl b him u. thrfMaua r.w may jrara ba tra l ad aitrutterly with ibr kirt|?i Aiwrbea la HN ha w?nt to hi Jnarph with h? fkml'y.and baa rratdrd tbetarerr an?r. ?o IMt be wrt t out ?? li e mounuiaa no a traeirp rrir. >? .? aad waa twwpbt h? Ike awwile-rlhle rtrraia. ah'oh reared tbe death of oooor Iww hundred ?f bM buriaa, aad at-yinrd hi* p" rrrao Hw brw'ber Joorpb. ibr rraiw iah<a fnaa Irr of at '?w?ph, arat him rrtbf hi* bad fcla kfofkt ia. or he roMiri haea partab rd He waa fruad ia a anl itrptorabir roadlUoa aad raerd la IMS be atcompaalrd Int Kearney aa later prtlrr aad aolde to R?elm fa a battle trwh tbr tfeai rata he a*? Hwrrd rrriwr'y a there pteeaa, bat ba aar ritrd hi* atma'a and retoraad to at Inert la IMP. Pen >fti e that he went to ihllbmda. and remalatd abtl IBM fa IBM he rem reed to Raw Mrttao wttb hM fhaii ly aad la IBM he wrat to Waabiattoa aad rammed there a year, arrarer* aim* bnaiaraa tba gwaara ?tat |la vbao rataratd to M Jrbrpb Oar Jumtirt C ortfipondcact Kn?W*. August 23, H0O. 1 he Grnsral Election Cloud?Defeat of the Negro Eit r\ent?Substantial Mm Content to lbhe Petri in Ltgitla turn?Brighter \ng Protpedt?Steam Communication with New Port?Severe Weather, <& ., <?c , etc. Tto gfiitral elections have all terminated peaceably, I with comvlcrable gain lo the oooserratlros and Ibe i purging of the Houte of Assembly of tta obnoxious negro I dioitnt. Th? subjolued list will exhibit Um changes 1 made in the repn sentallon of the country, Ute name* printed in email capital* indicating new members, while | Un?* in italic* denote member* who hare ant before, ! but have now been elected for Ute pnriahe* set oppotite ' tteir Lttjni* for the Brat time:? 8t. Calbtrire?C. B. Jaclym, W. T. March and P. R. Ijtcb. 8t. Andrew?Hon. Robert Oaborn and B. W. Mai*. Kingaton?Hou. F.daard Jordon, C. B., Lawu Q. Iaiwbkramx and CBajujw Un. St. Thomaa ye Vale? Bahkow and Hnnanaoa. Clarendon?Roae and Mha*. St Itorolby?Lewis nod Brandon Vere?Morale* and Bahiat bt Mary?Llnde and (teldct 8t. David?Nunea and t' II March. St. John?Price and i. Levy. St. Ann? Rrjea and Baavo. Manchrater?HoUtngaworth and Bo nkto Melcalf?Westmorland and Scotland. Tretaemy? Cucritgbam end Caann. Portland?Walter* and Pillow. Bt Thomaa m the East?Solomon and Hikb Port Royal Taylor, I.ucaa and Aurnoa. ft Jamea?Phillip* and Boorke. St. (loorge?Homrk and Bwtna ibuw?rv. __ (leorge?HoMWk and Bwina Hanover?u? teilo and Bind. St. Elizabeth?Hnrni and Conn. West moreland?Dr. Mason and J 8. Williams. A few remarks on the change* will Indicate the progress made In the const rvatlve of the island under an enlarged, and what may eeem atrange, a more liberal on" etitaercy, verging on universal suffrage, demonstrating Use fact ttat the nearer the approaoh to eelf-govemmeot made by any country under the dominion of the Anglo Haxon race, the greater will be the respect fbr order. Mr Charles I Jackson, the newly elect of St. Catherine, the metropolitan pariah, containing Spanish "I*.n, i.i as it la otbuially named, St. Jago da I* V ia, it a lawyer of eminence, and an impassioned orator. He bal represented the agricultural pariah of Vera fbr several year*. In Kingaton, as s matter of course, Mr. Jordon, the cualn* and mayor of the cit". an i premier of the leland, hae been returned. He bus lately had conferred on him the title of Companion of the I lath by Ibe Queen, with the prospect of soon being Si ? toward Jou'oo, K. C. B. He was Brat elected lor Kingston In IS."54, and baa represented that city ever ainci.ixcept during two or three years, when be was elcctitd by the Queen * letters patent to the Council. On the it angulation of tbe new form of govert moot, Mir Htnry Rarkely, the then Coventor, requested him to re sign, end run again aa member for Kingston, In the lower Horse, with the view of being the lealer of the Bouse acd a member of the government. He com. pind, and "walked over the course" at the general election In 1844 Ha, however, retained bis seat a member of the Privy Council, though he resigned from tor Legislative Council, and be Is aow President of the lortut-r U?l), tn addition to his other offloes. Finally, Mr. JonloD it ihi- senior edit r and proprietor of the M artini Journal, the oldest daily paper In Jamaica or the M eat led ms. lewis Q. Bowerbnuk, soother member for Kings toe. is a rw <t> tnutor. He is a physician of emtaesioe. Mr. tbarks Levy is a young mnn. a llnent speaker, modest and unissuming. and one of the largest merchants of the city flees last named gentlemen have drs pls ed Peter A Lt pent, tbe fifllclal Assignee of tbe county o' Middi's. x who is ' nowhere, and Foster Heury March, an attorney at law In St lb' mas In tbe Vale tbe change la entire. Hr. Barrow is s substantial planter, and Mr. H mdersoa a Kingston bookseller and chief editor of a new daily patter. raJU-c tbe Jamaica Advertiter. They displace Mr. Colin tfcubolm, an old planter, whose age rendered retire ment learrrnry , aed Mr Aaron Sakea, a Klogatoa shop keeper Vere has again returned Dr. Charles McLarty Mo rales, Shi-si speaker Jamaica baa ever known, acd wb .il is lo be hoped, will oaoe more be In vested with tbe black gown sod three cornered hat. Note can wear them m ire worthily tbaa he. Pasting on to Bt Ane, 1 have to noitoe that Mr. Oed d?i. a substantial planter, baa been pit aside for Mr. bravo, aa substantial a merchant, who baa doue more to builu uj Ibe island's credit than almost any other man in it. Mi (tor*dee, it will be seen, hae been secured for lie sitter parish,Bt Mary. Trc-awny, tbe largest sugar parish tn tbe island, which brart the proud litis of the "model parish," has been true to b. r snciert pmsttge, and has returned the Haw. George Ci.f uinghsto, her worthy chief magistrate, and a large landed proprietor with Mr. Frederick I.. Caatle, one ot the argttl merchants In the Island. It is meet that the largest sugar |>rM, oootauung tbe ftocrlthiug town Of laimoutu. Which beats even Kingston as a port of ex port, should lie represented by an eminent merchant and an eminent planter Portland tbe " virtuous parish," so called fbr the same renano that tbe moon la denominated - chaste'?tmeauae aha tonka down upon mure ras cality than the sua?baa retaraad on* of her former mem bers, the very dark sad vary radtoal Mr. Chrtstophar Walters, whiiotn yclept the "polltleal cobsler," and with bla la aeeoctatrd a worthy eoacjatur la Mr. rtllnw.a aaaa rrariy devoid of education. Bt. Thomaa tw the that. another large segar pariah, has r trbanged the Hun Alexander He slop, AMornay General of the island, and a Birt rate lawer and de bater, for the Boa OeorgB M. Solomon, the newly appointed Chief Magistrate or "virtuous Portbuid," and a large Kingston merchant, whose brother does an extensive business In the Wast lnama trad* In Broadway, New York. Mr. Hire, the other new mem j*r for ft Thomaa la the Essi, Is a largo planter, and d splaora Mr. lianvera, another large planter. Mr Alberga,ef lt?rt 1 total, occupies the neat formerly fliUu by the Bra. Samuel Jsrksaa Dallas, an ex-Bpeakar of the Aaartnbly, and a coosla of your Hr. Hwllaa, the M in later to tbe Court of ft. James Mr Roger Swire, of * rieorge, displace* Mr Isaac I awl on, the editor and proprk tor of the JaftaMw Tributes, n Kingston deity paper Basith and Cote, of ft. F.labeth, are substantial an They displace Mr Robert Russell, tbe Registrar in < bar,eery, and tbe Hon. Joseph Stone Willi tins, n young end promoter barrister, who temporarily flllel the posi tion ot CbM f Juetlo* uf Hun Jurat. Mr. W uiiama has been returned for his sal I re par lob, Westmoreland. Inst but not least, the inevitable Mr. Edward Ylckars. the blark rot ub<r for 5t Oathertre, has been ousted, and Mr. JackMin pot Into bla place The resell tf lb* set re flection* Is eminently mlUfactnry, sad it is aalicipaled that the ebetiua of to uutny solid men will issurr sound trgtatnikm. Tie q- nitrrly returns of the talarid rrvenue, to the Mth of June i?*l, exhibit the fuliawlag tignres ? Tha total "m. nit given lor the quarter rndlng tte 30th of June is OT Sv0 Be Id., from wbiqh a rum uf ?1 PIT IB* 8d. la ai'<wa from duties refunded, lear'ng a net balaooe of fM ."01 Ba Id: This total Is teas than thai of the pre < AMDj quarter by ?1.414 Be 41 , the deflutetrcy artstog chiefly r>om Import and custom tonnage dupes, bat It showes large Innreaaa >o tbe six quarter* intervening ?torn the BOth of September, llCt, to tbe Slit of Decern b- r. ItIB?htlif as average of ?14 COO no eoeb q'tartar Mr Holt, Of fT ecjonl has bear ?? warded the enatraet to ciiiej tie mails between New York. Kingaton and As p.swan, fat which tbe l*<'slatur* made an approprtatlno of BM .MO for seven years l-aniel Feiix, a privAle of tb* Record West ladl* ragl trei.t, for the marder of another private of the aame ragl wier.i named Tb mas Bla hop. on the 1Mb of April last, ?a* ex> ruled wttbln the waTs <4 tbe K 'rgvtna jail oa the mm a leg of the lBtfi He protested bla inaoeruce to the Isat. | Tbe irousted vol interne arc art vsly forming Revete B ods hate taken place in the kown of Muoteg* Bay, and the weather has been very wet Amoeg Ur?- obituary aolrsee la tbe death of Mr Rllpsa Clary JualWa Writa RMTiVtARTI. rHARr.-iHo*A? t. nam, ccrrrr broadwb? *ad Rlati. *rrrI, murM Ihrato M bto f rtrada a* I lb* pat-lle Ti t lb* btoral pato'toaga baton a* at htai frUa lab S aad bnoaa bp towa aad aadrtdad nHaaliia la ?UR awto Ibrlr pair waga H? kaaralanbM Ma RaMaoraM, arbanmn rvMr tka aurtri if a awad ag at tb* aaa>f pna#a ?? bai rtofaa. TV aad rftlMUal '?aoa a <11 ba wad ? ?*?*? a'II na earner up al la# aaa?? prwe M aeremrjra. Ta? > ',a*?ip Hi Ma IJaaan lad Rrgara aaaaot to atr#ll*d bp aap ?a >* 4Wfcm*at la (to toy TV Rmjard Raaai toa toaa aaarlr 'araMbto a*b t*a to>l*adtd labia* atlb atarbl* toda. aad ai ik* tonal topmnaM R. R-fn* laaab ararp dap M H WATCHM ARBJlWBUir. rr?R crkaprrt rtorr or rro*owat rop 1 Walnbaa. Ja?ato?. Dtoaanojto br , la JOWR K iTRtliT. to ?I tonabaaf. Mil to Riga#-a faarr toara R. M ? AO |*?* *.WJto1! *?** ? it prrautoi .Mb toapthrb. KIUtRMT Borrrto ard tktoria hatr. por ladiim ard rbMrta.R'mlMMI aad vtotor Blanato aow road? wbekaala and ratoJl Ribtooa, bargain* TrtraUlac i -MaJ CUM. PARWIOR ROKRRTA ARO PATTCRRb AT MAR. " RRI4. A, Ro S Oaltofi** ao*al ?1 Vaawtol aipl#*iv r?u R**a#?a ana raadr R R ?baa dratoa* 4 mmrnarm rt lb* Jviar# Ja#b*i, Arabia <1o?k*. AT?rna#w Raeqea*. Kaaba, Tf*ftoa. Cb-V, M nulla* Rob**. Ra.iba r. aiM ->?.?** a ItojroWartoa aad suuagtog tor ba la Vir* aad raUdrao toa" A. lira doa# la onto# UU.X MILMRRRT.-MM DATIPHOR, IS 1* lav M AT AMR RAM.IR4*. SI* CARAl. BTRRRT, MAR 'f"*l a l?rg# aaaalmrai of Aamuof to* nriawn rtna-# aw ? ara raaa wr n?a. a jMXra MonaaM far I fa'l Ib'ali trad# ibinilbiaa aad w???*r? bupara ara ?R#d to ml) aad aaa tto ara Praaab Bornrlt MAPANR If AAOR RR<M TO IRPCRM THR LA PIMA #f Raa Torb. ibai la addblra to bar #l*aaM aav>ma#al ofUtoaraeemptoae?Waaaele atobaaaehaeaM nt Haad drtaam. d tor aaa haporUUoa aad o? IV mo* rarVrrV frarrtpUna tt Ra VP Hrnadapp, Mdaat a Rpnn? aad Prtoa* Mr ma f altrra Boat.rda for Ma trad* id abadaaada prlaaa. rami rbqrifr, or parir. rrsprcircllt ir M forma IV todtoa of Raa I'A, aad A mlbnato* paftoaa lartp. Ibal to# baa jmd np#n#d u al?g lal aaaonawal of f raaato Rnwaru aad < viffnr#*. ?m**h# for ua praaaal aad fbli am, ai Rr onaa If PI fib araraa ?J AIMRR R. n ARRIR A AIR 7* ARTk ATI RRndPTf AT, m R T Mai# If ? RbtR toga bar# in tafora ib> ladlra of tb# I ?4t#d Ptotoa Ibal?V baajato rataraad fmai Pari* alto A ?naalf ' lanrlawl M fVarb toanrta fran IV ami ##*#*?#<< boiaea A ?o. a laraa aaapaant of (MRaraa H*ad Drrr*?? bridal * rauto of *11 drarrlptlonn an. 1 rrorp btod of artifk'*] llaarar*. attoafwinrrd bp Potato itntaur to ?? MH ?nrrr-J t-- *IalTRM ton IIwiiiiw if af bagtoad. Rptoa aad tto tap#"# 2 fraaea. *a <fi QCQ CARAL RTRRRT ?RIW fAU. bTTI MR r?T RKTI ooy Rtotoaa alb Palrato Rnanat ?at#r>b Praato Plato s; ii Mr ? a IB rp*a ra T- radar tonrmaf. Rn " r vli-raa I I Id frabl urbl# toilba##! r of ?? ?aa baportolioa ri tto toaaal *b'<#aai# <* rtoalt, ad NQmM aim. f rat Coo*, op ?*?>% OTvSOOMu*'' ..v. - ? A* ""cheat lace K*BW)iT>itaT RIBBON STOKE. D^iw E8 HAIR SBTa, Ac. ?ftk RtfJoJS; ^^SStSIJikbs. Openlnc a Bet BmoI Head Dreeeee. ?0o.. Oc. 1.100 Mlk Twld Nat*. Wrf, feJEHWk B 000 Oent'a linen Hardanrehir.*. Ifc Ar 10 ft'gfti <i?ib1*s (Mi rtd HordM?^ do.? ?mH Vd mirriinQ qKmWO or HnAKJ^VET; i^r^Via TEIMllIlfaS. ODfsioc a ftut ttii of OollM* wd oH'otaa a ?o? of UW* Rf*'?"'50 ?? M?* ? line at Silk 1j&c* VetfV Wo., iOc* o^5rrww^r????*. "? Openlnc fro* Aoctlon, 10,000 ,fc , j*, JSC. Br aa arrannement wRA the manufacturer*. I wlU eell the beet tamper*.! ateel ahlrte. 0 surtnr* Sic. 10 Nprtai*, Hje UB&eS'foS' ^ Spring ?1W. A^STSluV. of Good, of all hind* Whole*ale or Retail. AT NCR. Mi AND a* MATH AVBNUB. g_ ^ RjtOT WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, SEPT. 10, WOCE OF REAL FrKu? RMBROIDERIES. RICH BTOCE OF THREAD LACE GOODS. RICH STOCK OF ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. RICH BTOCE OF BONNET AND TRIMMING RIBBONS. A rULL STOCK OF HOSIIRVAN DOLQVEb?Bel" nj cheap. A FULL LINE OF WHITE GOOIS, FLANNELS, Ac. The be*. ?eeortmem ofUMN H ANDEERCUIEF8 that ean be louad la the oily. They are cheap. 512 SEE- St SSSST ^ & KM (Move., KV. B< *"?? cSeeta, 12 K.ld Ulovcfl 63c. ilosooi, 60C* lwka, ?? Cambric aad MutUn 8*ta. new pattern* Juat received. Grand OcenlM of the ebove named fnodt at R. H. MACY'S. A T A ORBAT EEDCCTION FEOM AUCTION. AoUBH CAEF^ mU-^FAFEE HANGINGS. 3 WI yart. S& ITm'sWvaU^TSkSsSLl ??*"?? ??? ,kU" ^ajC^trBne^d SHADE* ,1 per pair. ^ * Up per roll. u?u?Uy eold at STc. and ?e_, fln? "old Faper, We. a -^iru^L " PAK1S MBIOIPrHIW, AkK NOW OPENING. ^VELT/^n ^ETkTT N B -New oJ&K!WK?^ "T d"rt" uJietoW aoaerearetnu^me^our^ Late Peter KeberU. A? Broadway. a NNOCNCIMENT. OBAND BBOFKNINO OF FALL AND WINTER .... . ? DRESS GOODS. CIdlAES. SHAWLS, BILKS, Ac . Sc. Tbealcreha.l>w?i AR01CD MV MMUILT. and la row me of the moat attractie* ta the irttj. UU cloth hbnwleta. we do. * ;?5 100 do. w R robrrts tilt Bowery, between Frtooe end Houatoa etreata. Fleaae remember the name and auinber. "T CARD ?W JACKSON. BO 651 BBOADWAT. A Baeeonmnetty K?&nf*5ES?A3 and qualtttee ^''niamtnKany^ltbeforetmw^alrel SBBgawfias aao sf^mnSBSSSBvUssi'mm Kn. 661 Broidwty, bilwMi ?prt?K *n<- rrtno# ?n ,*,B From a Maanfaelwer ta CWBUy. The whole ere to he eoM immwdUf J At a Ur?e ?*<?*?*$?*Alci k CO. Late Petar Robert*. Ul Broad eay. ?T vrm MATRON'S. corsets AND SEIRTS BBCLU Jvalr - RmwlVed ov uTl tmnarmttne o' Corvett. the _J? et&tV mrMmofnH; Ceo the Uteet arv.1 mow (Mnmrwl Hlv Ir Of |klri| qq htDd Iftd AAdi lO OTdM *i fli<M6 teaaoaahle prtee* S?S toad way. Iwo toere reitaee. N.B?No branrb on Rroadway, aboea Fourttenth mreet. or en aay of the atw ura. FTH1NEKF AND JAFANRhE SILKS, SATINS. CRAFES, cC. a-Vrnw; SSSfSSZ (1LOAKS and manthxas. .? x, m now opeoe.1 5euvmtr^^? to menu aaUeteA b? hm mil In rartm, to whk* me Intttae i?e ** od the ladteeof Rj^ f nwrnoN. K Bloeeher atreet. CHAPMAN. WW01*AIRMANTr?ACTr?ERS ShrrUufSJlf'^todweJ?^3li"b5lb52? pU>?F-d Ikf? >p ? ftkBk W^nmu KAl IMG -MTP4 f. A. IIITB WOCl'P ^ Pw^a,rerjs.SK.T:rs^' EjOAI.I. FASHION, PALL fashion. J. J. BENSON haa now rredy for the or kIench OLOAEl And?^??-~-f BW tttnal mrete, emetly owP< Wlo Merear. ACES AND EMBROtDERIKA A FULL a?M>BTMENT 4 * " RAW SHAPRS AND DSBIONA LORD S TATLOR, Nee. ?S1 to MI Broadwaf> L T ORD A TATI.OR. J HO* Ml TO ?C BROAD* AT, Corwrr at Oroatf mm. r AU AIR WIWTRR DRRM OOODR, In gr+ml t?r**j wot M ?Rrrr4 am MaMr, hfl 10. OTTO*AW TlLOrikjerS rvrtJ** Paris r>i i.aijiw. rRisen imrmoa. TAUWTIAA. REPS. 4 AtoWMMtaWliMaMuiM, let P ooi W P?i?Tit MiX. J^ORP A TATLOR. R<*. Ml? M7 BROADWAY, Onrrat ORAWP BTRSST. wm orm oa M?*4*r Rapt. 10, AV BKTAIU A LABOR ARP kCroaKT ASBORTHEWT or ITCH Pin BTMS. fx .Mit Ati u* ?wtoPMiiMrm J^ORP 4 TAYLOR. J Woo Ml to Mr mo Aim at. Coram at ORARD STRRXT. WIS nHMTo ItaAr. BkrL K, CI OARS, MASTltXAR. AO. A POLL ABfORTRRST or RICI.PRIT-R FARM BTTURR J^AROR OPRKIWO " PALL*OOODR criorVtorb oa aorrpAT. b*ra w, 41 BOOTfTH PTMflMR W old. to (SB Mr ?? ?' II <-ao* ? nH. I CU>ARB ?A^WMlon RnI tow IM rSmr 4 i.nrt* wion. 11**1 A 0TRRU4 L v DRY OOOW. AC. ACE OURTaJ**. no LACE CURCJOP. n rtiTAiM. 60u at >10 per pair. _ , KJ front >12 in (EJ, Boughi at tit large AUCTION SALE or Mwi Baggerty A Sou, on Wedueedar 1ml ' To be loid at ONR QCARTBR LESS PRIOR than asj ouer hraiae can mil the tint hooda. TRMTOCLB LACE, bought at the name great tale, at BaLF PRICE. ENGLISH VQTtlN'QUAE CTUATAIMS, as loves Or* Dollar axo a Half ri* Pur. C. C. MERCHANT A CO , ?tf Broadva#. Laces amd embroideries EDWARD LAMBERT A OO. WIU open on Mooi'ay. Hrpl 10, _ _ A rich and varied aeaortment oI REAL LAC* COLLARS and bets, Do VRllJ), Ac FRENCH EMBROIDERED COLLARS and SETS, la nev and bei .(Mul de?i*na, Juat received. No. 531 BROAWAT. t'ppoatte the Metropotliaa Hotal. 2^EW CLOAKS, NEW CLOAKS, _ _ . MEW CLOAEJL W- D. ELLIOTT A OO. 2Pi and LIS Canal atreeL (Hrandrctb Building*) Invite adeem! attention TO THIS PRAsdtNT gr.ABUM'S NOVELTIES, L? Black Lrooa Trivet floaka, Blaei. Reaver Cloth ClenAn. Cava quae, Bedouin#, Uttm, Tipppete. (ALL or PA RIB IMPORTIOX, Ard their o* n mar u.'acture FOR CJTY RETAIL TRADE. All tret ciei Hood*. And at atrlctiy moderate price#, aiao. ladies- fancy fors. Ill AraSnUR 0 Mcffa, Cardinal#, Capea Ac Maaofacti-red expreaaly foe themaelvea, of choice bights aeaeoned akin*. Ac J every article guaranteed aa represented. \TEW DRESS GOODS 1> At retell. EDWARD LAMBERT A OO. Will opea o? Monday. Sept. 10, CHOICE KtnjtLTlKA IN SILAS, SILK ROBI8, and PARIS PREPS OO DC, In addition to their acperh alorx of a'l kj i.ta of AUTUMN AND WINTLR OJCDS, Nov on exhlbitlao et No. Ml BRrtADWAT. Ot'poatte the Metropolitan Hum*. VTOVILTrES IN RICH Hft.KS I ri Receive Oner nuun,',- Pulton; A. T. WRW ART A OO Will c;>en 0.0 Mi cday. Sept. 111. an .avoice of EAtjCsITS BILK AND VELVET ROBES; Stl.KS BY^fttE YARD Ait be latent PARIS FAAIUONR. PININO Or NEW FALL GOODS AT RETAIL. STRANG, ADRTANPI; A CO.. No 556 broad tear. Will open onMouda/ Sept. 19 A very Choice and Koeutve AmorUtm* NEW FALL GOODS. Kir.; racing the MOST DE.-lBALK NOVH,TIES OF THE SEASON, carefully Selected In the E .ropean marie A Eipreialy for their Retail Trade, ?ILK* IN OH*AT V\RIETV. Frx m lev creed to the Rich** Yaiuilietered. DHKhn OtHir.S, In every vailety of ?vl? end qrtaEty. A very Large and tlbowe st-a* of RPaLLaHES aKD FMMROIRimTKS, HOBIXRT, rNDERlt ARMENla ARD uUiTM, Of the very manufaoiara. BOCSEEBEPINU tK? ;P? IN URKaT VARIET, At lean than reenter pita**, a rnoiti Afvoeiar -i of NEW MOURNING GOODS. RMAWIR. Look and hqtur* Wirl Bhawla Loe; and Are Scotch Clan Tartu Shewta, Locg ard fcquare Caaiunere Cbawl*. Long and Square 3-jcbe Shavfa, Aa. Also. a twin etccK R*AI. INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SMAWIA boeght at the Mtle ? eat euetoi at.e* ta London, at lam ISu hall their aetr*. value, lobe Offered at a inn It advance an r?.et STRANG. ADRIANCE A OO. PLAIN MCRI.IN UNDER O IRMBKW, Neatly and m 'etaoUaili made, a TME I.ADIBB RNaDl MAD* LINEN SPORE, No. M7 Hrondwaj ou door above 1 wenty-etxih ||1AL INDIA lAUXIN HAIR SUA VIA AND STARTS. AR SOLD. CONST ABLE A OO. Wli tnaae their FALL BIHIRTTION Of the above Gooda m MONDAY. hFPTKVh>R 14 The qoeUty and rSdmeaa tali collection ?Ui gur thing ever Bnportnu tut j Ihla c.iiniry. Caul areat. comer of J^BAL IPD1A < Alt' 3 V\:h LONG AND SqUARM Ail Cohen. Greet Bargema. A T. STEWART A OO. nroRsiKD RKDcrrn to ltw cei t?.-ioo> lbr. II erired frwr Ber'iu, Fhetlaiwl Viol U> rente, all o 471 pair alee O1U1 ( t'.eavta a) ft N.T?tia'e ton tbdty day*, at F.I.ilkKS. SSI braai*vay, cvur ?ireet, taetVneit to the p-wc.ry auee. r ?.. nni Dcr.. . ncvijon OUV A1 fju nrl Aetna' value AO The above ?III be offeted S"I'LW^ arEWART A OO. 655 "OADWAV _ LEWIE A NaooRW. FISR SHIRTS TO orprr PITTING W RRI Senvnle Hum ard (ollaea mada no a pmbetton Urn's FnenSAlne '?<??!? fanrt and atepir, ti. every ver">,e yjjialr. . WILL RKMOA * TO 775 BROaDW AT. AAOCT Hurt. Ifcg 1 Hi If! CASKS DOMEPTir PRISTS, l.UUu t on.i.unr X ? MRRRIMACK'K, rillLtP ALLKR'S, end ambrd'am print works. At the verj lovent nanrtel price, Far eeah nr eta month* rteAS A T. HEW ART A OO. U17 I. A. mXXOSK. BEOA DW AT. mtmt Taaoty Btth traat, orwun thi MAnimR park. b IW mania* kla fall nu.-k, ? nwaia* 01 kiBWiBH a ri-oirBR*, Om of lk? tmgm ana lM? wonwau ia ibta dtp. niM TkiaiiNiii Of ailatpla* arualalbf of Friar*. ??>?)>? runbtoattr aal Oakfaa roED Airs tajhha Ao. f 5*i am narVm* nf lia aborr (onta frtwa aarttoa ill ha i biij ~ ???????' It porttf< wlj rainrwl AMHb<>II>k!!tfcH AAI) t.ATA C f tka -.awae! Par*. AwtaaaaA bnirk at? Ma la OaDara, AMR Bawl aa4 laparlalk-a u? aa. MI.AOI l.Ai'.? VBII.i, PrtBtk Baa la. Mttllanork Trbwlapt. tafaola' Wabta. I Caua. ?M Bab. pbob aojtiob. fWAa?#a Ba? bib at II p pArAocaa. AO la bamauMw* An. M I f*> parAaab "Hf?Ri?ip.^8tovit*A*t) ftiir *a?t u " T BtP OLOTBA *aat qnallta) la all aokwa. at M aaaU pnBi/f*5 ftmsiem Baal qnalttj btaAa i t Oaraaaa ai ?l ? par pair. (> ra?)? at I (*? j>ar pair. IMMA al r> par pair. J~ A RLOXOn. BBO ADV AT Aoraar TwaaJj fifth Maaat. Op?ait UmUrm itab AITROLOOT a sai/xt to?tS?^ paar nan aa arm aa *?n aatar bar moat MaAaa W.ana la lha $ laalrai ?an ikaa arar araa kaaw?. Bba wtn laaabt ba ponara of harjaonAnrfn artanaa. and la i a., lb* *r?,u 4 potir ? V*a Pfk Har praritrtlofca *r* *r> ama ibal tka* anrprkaa s&jgrsrstte ttft sSmssaa; si'sat-SsjeB kt?at btaB ?Atkabara fnaatr tbooaaal BoIIm* ia it i< *ajby_ag^Va aaa aqtal kar In tka *-???? A A. ? a m ran*., of Iba e* ,h>?iaa M I II Tf^^b rB a m* MMfarfal nabm. R*a..i**r* l*?b Itabloa *rA . . l*M. la* ABm aari (atUawaa. B* vsranrssr ?b 'oitlUiRbka ?r ib* lll*T. IWh 4 BTflJftpfll A<1 - MAPAMB MOABOW. ? A itauphlar !?>** with a mnl aoB gift af forwM anna uf ""?? )i?i *01 awry, an! but aaaiOT zzzs- r ivaxaniEia^ ?r* aBbkwa. . d^Kss-tt^jng? SS^P^I