Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1860 Page 6
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w|TV AVION S \V A\JV.IVKr..UALKS' AelT" .III v Wa.0HKlb-BY a YOUNG ST'daN, TO t wu:i*r'l?i-i On '?? ? ii ? r t n 4 days at l?l Waal A/lb ?>.. M?f?D*b ul 7U? avn. A4 k . RFE.-WAkTKP A SITU ATI >N AF CHILD"*! LUrir. by a ?ei> r-?y ciat <s a4.fd> ^ 4 P.' .a?t*n. w<> ii.jtera*?iwt? tr*? ? ^ *?M'jr*nof v v *r?r ** - iiqk iltia up uy Ui>i. ?i n a?M ? k m ^ wit - . , - r- \ L ?> .1 : 2u3 m <ja4 !*???***** MPji ma<S *lr. *? A P,T 4l IUA ton SITUATION WANTEI'-HY * Rv--?r. rcBi.i wo Uk ??<?.>'. e. .4 pri.a'AbairAaif H??l sl uli - .?nc- '? r. r-r ..a p.a.e, ? '???'? AYODEK * APY WAN 'S SITUATION TO IH) ho laewurh *'?? ,amper:thl?.i?id .r reuuktl Wo _a a*ka well c r k I ? -t- I'.ii li-r. >. ? ?" re aamar odt<i Apply a: ' 4,1 ? "* *.,earner (' Vr,t "?'*? tf tloir ?V?.rt ricit gmVTK'.V '-VA * IKP? BY * RW?'"1'*BL BYO0HQ A.. At dram 1 : t?"?2 Jk. Ml ?vea ? a, Mtntii .vaandlwb ??., u-p ..oar. SIT- VTIOV waVI7<.BL? YOUNG ? ,? 4,> tiar. -?? i '? bet . oi ill reference an acne A. V-ween lb b pel lib its., * ocrnoooK am? bvkkn pistf.y *?d all Jl >i? t raw!.<?*. it*?>rw to obuan a tit i-uiac: t?o?M di> noma ,aa/i-4,-. no-lleni wKf'f 'e. Arp'y 'or tiro day* at No 0 H n .... a: . near > i.lA?rtu?. a YO'*NCJ WIDOW LAPY WRHE3 a situation ? j jial or i.ouaekeeper; ti* wc lid have it. object/on to ar?v<' ?1 rum canton to a .idy Aid rem Tor three dayi June, Mauos E Eighth avenue. A MTTATION WaKTKD BY A hEECKUTABLB ilIHL j\ ui rook, walker acd Iro-er, i? a grol t.Uin 4'uok and In* -a'e wf-.aher and Innier. Iled.if * ly rr:er>u '.* t. unbar Ml ?!?.?. < all it 3l7 Wen ltSt: ?t, be'.^ aen S b ai-d 9:b ava. A Rt?PK?"TAKLK WONa.V WIHIIBS K SITUATION A. ?? n ine and ieamit>?? Be>4 of referenre riven. O.lo Ibo "t ' r t*o ('.ayi a', t I'aTiLc at., l? veeu Ilioki and Tleni v ill. ARKKPRCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN' WIdHICI A RTTO .ilkmu rhanibertuaKl and waitrm, or lo do tine w ?.6h ten .nd liocW*; ref?ra U) im |iro?nl amplovr, at wh ?e ? Abe may ?? aeeu icr '.be i ax*, three ilAj a 71 tu>?i 37lb at. AplCKIi I ADT WANTRO?WHO P.VDKRSTANDT ulk einfircude ry. Pranob orrTerrr.t A!i>. a vo n ;; erhe i? ? nod cperatorni aleit'i ictuc.; taaohice. <7aM at MM Alb il ^ fiti'at: n WA.vrsn ?v a <whn woman. ai bO'.irk.'rt ?r In a h .???). ?? prrfr. ::y eap. tie . . lei Awlwe. ai-a.'.ka, Freo. 11 and Supi ah; th? Ha?; if My ratereii.-e ran b? klvn "'ail or addreaa Mra M W ,W M. Mark'? place, Mbit., .or twidaja A JUTSPKi'TABLE MARR1KD WOkAV, HA VI.SO A a-iih a lb* 'all lew bat ter Sral baby, and barine a treat, breaat of n uk. would lair -bnrrt el a baby of eer.lrel par> gt< to aVnurae at h. r oun bouw. wh -re abe roukl be liow or. :t tbe nrt ? n u moth*r Nona bill reanertavle per ? ,? .? t U'... vh h >. ...n ? ...r ?.... >? i ce*J iprly a: i' 3 Wra: ~>ili at . '.op flour. Trout room, ,te i J4bb and lid arm. ? ATOt N?. RK?PE(TABI.B OKRWAN LADY WOI'I.D like ai.i.iatlon aa nurie in a prtiate famiiy. Call at IK ?oyt ei.. Brooklyn. An cook, wahitkr and ironkr, ami ncr<e and ? eeamstrria or chair i-ern.aid?Two (irli want ihe a>e? emabt n.. ibe) are rleun and udy, and are well reroeiu*aded, nsd are wniint to make ihemvelvea ueef il. ( an be aeen at dM Broadway, up etairm. AYOCNO I.ADY DiRIRKR A SITUATION At GO vernrae In a family for children un.lar twelve yeari of age; will teirt, mualo ij lano) acd ihe Unyliab braeoliea Ad drew bei i-b Port Jemi Peat ofliee, K 1. BERN AN OIRI. WHO DOKS NOT 8PSAK ENGLISH, waiiti u Alt'iat.nn n leamifreia or where abe etc do I buuaework. Apply at 1*1 Heeler at. 10r.NO AMERICAN WOMAN WANTB A SITUATION lae r .raeai.d aran ltrru nrebHmbermael and wamatreai, a frrnliem in'i family. Onod c?y referrce. t'a'l at lib In ?reei lecocd door heloiv Barrow. A SITUATION WANTED BY A REBPRCTAP.IJC OIRI. la cxik. waab and Iron; la ayi*-d baker, can glie the h*it ef .-by reference for h incite. I' t rtcry and capab.uiy. fan be eeen a: 'At 7tb ave., In ibe aiore. between did and .fid ?. AM TOI NO WOMAN WItH OOOP RKPRRENfE WANTS a aituatvm for ceneral kn oework In a amall family, or ?a eban.bertnaid, la f? illy competent. In , lire for two dayi at Ml Weil 224 it. A SITUATION WANTKD-RV A TOCNQ WOMAN TO do ' bam)?rw rk and w>utn(; la a gnod ?ean-aireaa. n) ebje. Winlo lake e?re i.f children. (pod c:ly refe'eo 'c (tficn. ?a' for two .'.ayi at Hi Weat 70th it, bttweea 7th and stB uvea , tb.rd Kror. AI I SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tritani womec. In tbli < ty or Br ioklyn. 1 i'.?<e care of aa <.id lady ai d aew. or luia in d"io( bouaewurk; i? a fOud rlaii .?k. and would be w ilinc to do part oi the w*? te amary and -arein! io her habita, and has the very ter of reTe < all at lot keel Hub at.. Monday. ATOl'NO WOMAN OP RESPKerABILITY PESIRKS .1 ..don, aa caumatreia In a nrl.ate unulj; eaa cut end Id rbi dren i dreM.-a <i of a willing end ob.iglee au<cu Una Win Id make heraeif gei.erally naeful. do . ham erwork If I?qi. red. Has Axoelleut re.true.Cf Addreaa A. A .t.yen, ?mien P. * * ""TW-sajs: a AwiTUATION W ANTFP? BY A RKSPRiWABLR YOUNU girl, aa i-hamberma. t and waiter, or would have no ob wt(Mi4 to do genaral U >?rw vlt in a amall t tirate fanxly. Can rem well re mmenlad Call At HI Eaai 2-m it., tkird Bern, ba k room. YOUNK i.IRI. WANTS A SITUATION. AS ( HAM b- rmaid, or to take car - of children and make bwnclf I rally eef J Can be wn for Iwo dayi at S8 Pi.e m. ^ ^ aitLtkfffn i pnriir'f V* 18A?BYRMAIP ARtRPEfTABLE YOCNO OIRI >>.. . e .n a rrtiate aa c'.k . A HITUA ?Wn (1? I ?t lai Wem JTtb at l.,i?!.. -,!**'? Beewm, ?er two < ay a ??????? .th and eJfan..Tir Atluno woman wishes a SITUATION as . aeaisa'rem. can do all ktndi of family ae? g, eu' and Ct tkUd en ? and Uidiea' drimei would go by Ibe week ormmib. bae the beat uf city refer* n. e fan b? area lor two la JI at Ml Waet 101k It . front room, over the More. Am MOST RRRPE. TAHLR WOMAN WANTS TO TARE tawaakir.ra be ?n reaidetx e. on reaeeaahle '?raa. Apply 'w two dayi at JO0 7>h av , aaooi.4 Soor, fnmt n?. A r I" - "A. wiab aa* Iron, or to do geaaral hoc. aew ark ?a a rnnad family. hae good refer srrr ation wantup-hy a respectable louaewerk n fur two daya at UA Eaa .4th at , wood kuor. A ? n-allON WANTKP? RY A TOUSI WOMAN, AS JV irun'.iM .nderavaada all ktndi of lam > a>-w a? and a JF < i.l*?> . would do thaatserwork of mata barwalf . tier, artae aelwL <'%? be teen a Ibe h ie of her l rtaint ul plovir id Weal 0?tb ?L, neil door to the Taberna .e. A COON WANTB A SITUATION AH CNVik* IS A GOOD . baker, wa.ker and iruaer. no ob.evUoo u coy <t euui try. (AH at 137 c at , m the rear. A PRENI H WOMAN WANTS A SITUvTK'N AS PRO fraarde .'k ..nderagauda corAtag meat, . aatry'ag all ta branebaa. wo Id ault a real a ran or urge board, ag re e,en-e loan, aacbjarBaa < tka .untry. fa.I jl it tid M l.bcri fa* three day* at M K cherry it , new. Bayard, la tba A vacua wtflun *?*w a witi atior to i?o rk and !'nr Wk*(uor. or w-^?ttO gn *. .?<x <*?? i- ip? .< oklidrrti. good oilj rtfmid. C?U kl ? A BBBP1CPVAFI.? TOCNO W..WAH \TAXT* A "1T0A Unr a d ? ton r*l ki MwarB 10 * prt' ??? fan t|g, ?* u nlwr. ?? ? la * ar'.itg k a?, ti ? r> -I r *'a < -?? rod up HI <uk?r nd ratT, I 'd r 'r rofaroti ? fwaa law piker ffcil (?? oodaja at II M wr* at,. trior ? I'a kkrlur asd Vui'i ?'.? ABTTFATIOR WANTfP HT ulRM A ft AMD B*IT1*? ????> h?;?. for r rlrala :amllWW, bn-io nod v *r.fiaf f "? t ici-ro* i.crTfal ??<?*?? ??Mni i?ptma5 lam-. la, H Oraat Joaoa *1. mat Um NDwrrj, n> ja .a Ad av A Tono WOM All WATT* A RITVAT10N A* PHaM irr-nkrl or WAtlronk. wn?|.< kale It tka n .aking and oTrt " In* L? ink ?Ar 'WW of rItjr rafrronm from hor jal plarr I A. a) <1 WW d';k as., d-? (th or., far tw o gar*. AilTCATIOlf WAWTKn-BT A WCAPE WO. ma. . M aifaaiwad ? > A wti' Awt In wuktuc vid iron lac A* * > i i?u.? If a rrai wubia j.> ( a tow. u watt rraa. (oik p?rfwtig lolomaad IMr h'WiiWi ind h*<aik? boat ( nil I?l?www OkU At llN Eaat 11 ik ?L, bwnatk IM Ar<1 i-i aira _ M A TOCWil OIKL Wl'UR" A .olfCATTOJI A< . HA* A f -tt.n.d Afid M d> Am tub ng. or -? I ham sar maid a-1 trait raaa. >'*n b? wm 'or lou ?lAjk, If i*a ?? .ad. w ASI .1 A* Ir.ttn ."id ki d ild iu AMTTATTON WAKTTIWI T A RK*P*<TA HI.* ?t uk'irrnt Ik CA?Alh ( <.kt>k All kiadt "f fkiA T ran'iik tow .-ly rrirrraro '? m ;(?(? w amm wMhtho<.. ?? krawnrt ko ?>!>)? lira io go in tkt ooukrr Oal ?l l: J tife ??.. km - .VI U.I It .k am A Rt-PRlTA!?.K WOMAN WANT* A BtfCAVIM A ?r1lk fcrr fMM. lo*i |?o#r? !>'?????? t .?< ? jk. And trnror. iw? .>v.nru ? to go in tfeo ro.,?tfjr ikl Jil W? I WUi K . BOAT w ?* . for two ink. a iko rrar. Arm r AT'TCAT- n wanted- bt a tocn ? dnbnan r.rl Ir ni J\ i ft if tn lAk t -rj. VI am v tt knran r? ,n.f. ,i. or if uk? Mr* of rk frr PaII for two d?>? kt 1?J ha Hoa'i bra w Vwooon tw tod M ?'* Abewtw tahi.b woman w??t? a nttvation, aa -wg kml m amir u w*ak Ac and to am ? <wi ?f NftnMA Addi tan lil f.? t*r r MAr - a nr. A MTCArow WAwrwa- wt a RinrirvAM Wring ??AAr kk rgii'. ty wknor io oi*iti?k nr Win plA ii wni *. ( kr.g ir -ii?g- Boat opt+j ro'o *-r!f fortiti * * Apr r f"*itr data kl H d?w at . uraifor, ?N tfA RBI BP W< HAN. WH?? 1/JNt Nt* own Hi' a mt raj ?ld,in?! raii tako ao la .*? ?* ? i k?r ft rfWiiraw. *Wf? 'A* b?oi of rara will (w i*a?r w tk? .?? ? rill -oicrotr. kn Ca Pi*aa? "k.l kl f? ' " |btwo " Wl kr , krlwfta ISih navMk la.. Ut two dkfA. AR*-PW' T API ? WVT( H WONAN WAN TO A ?TTV k!> ? km - 4 t* Mr b iWAAM IB nil Aa fBB I". AIAO. k u wa> A.iol ? wi , Iklalr mrnrai r m Rfgiin-'. fPgoakA1 ?*??? ?oaoi pwrmi la a rw?gr.m? ,r .fpf '*' *'[** ** * N'lli orry ag, in uo raw. VtMNT R in i'II.LI WIRH NanTID- AT a. BOTUri. *? M? Htoadwy. GF.Rvaji p. ok a or TIB rmar .|,*?a. AtJfO _ lr?w? ? ? frart rarUtt IM, mar. am n?-,, 4 " " "?" ?? -'-r> r- n am ria?f f |i?f fitu.j mat ? ??? omad kl So ? -m u.i ,, r r :tt*. Tt* ?(?-? oni " Broadwur. lataB -i' n ? ?? wrt"*r:05 WiBTPD-1 V I RBtPr. r ,K TV Nil ? g-rl, lodockumitro .B.1 wv. t. Ia a ?? ? rata f-m f Agr ? A? IA . , U , tr'rra aaa ,U aT . f two Bf; at'on w.Axrva- r a KwiPt ta 7 girl. I do rgatk-orwort and irafing. i 'aa T? till WW m a>M corn or ntata Sr.*TiTT'i?fB W Wir '-BV TWO T >"W ? if Hi WIMi ill k*4 plain Aaw-r; ?<-* rg?r la.f-r "..iji ,Nu it d ib Ji. i?i SITI ATIO>S WiVTED-rr.M ii-itn. 'TC ATtrjT W A VTKfV-1 v A *Efci,?CtA,,t.H J CNO ?UV f "?*" ' -,r? *'?* ?' ' c re ftNKi i '?* TM '? *"t. -J. a *e., 4710X6 WAVrEIV? BY 1? v s<4 *"?*, ? !a ..ulrfAcr tut.'ru.i .'?? ??"?. W* "Iter ir ?:r?r w d HI ?' It 'niiberworl r " t?T - r r. 'ii <? 't "2 Vb ?' , belwleo If. atiu 21 'a.:<! n>r,IMI J*r? ? <" MH^4 T\ ClTfAfTOM WANTBD-BT A KkSPa'W A ll.-: TUV VI ^ , i ui btiebeitBud niuiwv it.*, n erred; p ad cflr ref. -?ec?. < ?? KID >7 set Lv.aat. ritriTjPV wahtkp-bt a kvspbi t a ?: f. ikrl, p x? hxii lerwiud ?r.d to r.a?.?' Id ?jit er, ?-' ai wrr.UriAd. i, ?>: tj refaren.<ei aWem. Omit a: 7* L'd i<., btflMo Ui itigh c ?? d iib avi , la.' dayi. _______ C- tt'iTTON WARTT.P-BY A RK" <?TABLE V'Cy i tC lirl. HI r?lf *?'i"r ud .rnuvr, ua i.(i u 10 do liean d honeeworh m * tmill private '.'air.1'. I ill foe two ib.}i it 1 SS3 1-oadwiy, betsree# 4tb am! AfUlMA SITrATIOH WANTK.P?BY A BMP? TABLE OIRL, Ai<"?>k wiib-r ?nd Inn''", : ntjec on :n I'M laaii drem. i *i. ? an well re. i jo "r ed Call ."I 824 it. be tween LeCsf.. u mid lit ???., fcrtwodijc mud RRRTICrAILR GIRLS WANT HTTP iTTONS; ONE A ?? i A tbe other .ii cb unuermud actio a??'.v. in wuli trctne np. Beatcity refer*! e? (Mil for ?* 'lyi it H'dC W< fc. Jit' it r travel to the i-orni qb -ai.:k rh.m-a rwyfi Mlila Ti ii[rinTm?ril rnrHth ttithi ?? j f?<* idj ii aiUi i'>.<3 referwee. Call it el Kkb it-, c-ir fit it. Tl'ANi'ZD-BY A RESPBCTABIJt YOCUB WOMAN, A tt MtiiUon ?? miisk print" w.i.v. "-u root re lereoc"at Li r liei pi* 1, ibiri ltd i'.vdl Blue i titi Cm be Keu for two .tj? n Lib Ore*te ilrc* . antkd-a situation a? -ook a - r> to a cirt I :f A ... ? .,IIU .r 1 sp in It lit ? fintllf. *?WM tr . h n ? ? ii * pootl b.i . -. >? txl rvft-ieoid. miii , 1./J W^?L ltiVl It. ?tit a vr*n_A nrrATiOK, bt a rbriuvtablk i ll firl. to Bo lb* .'.ankinp, ua It dial ol' A hmUI ? fiir.'j r ? 4 Cry nftrrota (turn lui pii:? < *n nr ??en f>r Iwq dij* a: X. Wilvr ??., between Br-lire at. "I tloid, Bro-A'.vn TI'AV1FI>-A SITUATIQ*. BT A RESTKi' rAi.I.E ) ?? yoni.ii w ??n. to do '?ookme wim.u* ird Incus io A MDAil (TiTiM fmr.dy; do or.?ctt<in lo do ltd hiiuneworl of A enr.hii ,tmVy, L'it city refereciii. Ciil far :*o dijl At 299 WfW M.: it,_ TjrrANTRD?A 8ITCATI0U, BV A FIRST CtABS CO TT lored eor*. ir a i fiTAte or uublia lauM; ?ointry ore ferr?d for'.k? Hic'T. f.r would Lite a'.A Ldrew'i .ice. Ci.l ll 70 Kut 13th lU, uear tit At ? ARTirn A SITUATION TO DO OE.NFRaI, HOCSK work or Id rhimbern. Aid. n ? arm '. - ? lie fimt T, mm ?ACBiuieM. l ull of eitt reference. App.y i. -Vu. 174 West fdifc it . between L ib *r l leth Atl. 7"ANTKD?A OIRL TO DO GKNERAL HOTEKWORK. Miut be a rood tadu unn Ir.roer, ?ed ir in usler I RabA pli.n ouak*n|. U.'ii eitr reference .I re1 ared. Apply M 111 In' ITtfa al. betwrec Id and Htn. WANTED-BT V RESPECTABLE OIRL, A "ITC A Unn ai r ON Aid ne.iinilrlM. or would do c'.im lerw ork Ar.1 lei- ui rti.d.en. ? a \erj ue?: Hirer, would prefer sewing I to ih ldri r. un.. lewin*. Hia the (am of cKy retereere iront her .Mit i :???. Cab le teen lor two dAyi At 171 Emi ilil il, tr*; Coor. trout rov u.. __________________ TieanTII' BTA RESPECTABLE rROTEfTTART OIRL, TT i. il'.uiiiiin ii cliMHieraMid *nd to <!o MU g. or u I ton cook, wi?ter ind ironer, In A mull prlmie fiinily; a odcitj refennce. C?L *! J9U 'dlk iv.. between did .aul 1.1 mi. rrrAXTRl>-BT A RRSPRCTABLE WOMAN, A r-TTTA n lion A! nur?" ihe bid been In that enpicity t'er tbe Ust eKleen yenri. .>ad .*an take '.be enure charri of an nfint fmm li birth, hen ihe ben of city reference. Can be wtii lor iwo daydintc I ii'iii lb |iiflA^- ST* Hroedway, up d'Atra. TITANTKIV-BT A RESPECTABLE TOrNO WOMAN, A Tt iltuatlon as -bin. ermaid ,xd waureii r de.noerim. Releri to her pr-'etot employer, it whi d? bouee atl ntey be deen for tbe rem three days, ul 71 Edit JT'.k at. ANTED-A SITTATtON, BT A K IS KB'"TABLE TouBPftrl. to do cbamberwrk and waitlni, or to do i timberwu/k and unit n wuhiug ,.nd Ironlna. tn? boil of lily re;en nee fr ?? hrr !ut place. CaII at 119 Wer Mtk At, beiwecn 7lb And Tib Am., top r tor, from room, for tw ' diyi. W H'ANTKD-HT A RKKTBiTASUB T?CSO ?IRU A \\ a ......ton as . bambernimd, And t aMiat *** .- ?* vvf aid ron na, orto mtod children. Plcaae aalt "i " Canted en for two dAj. If not ?i?a?od; b? KO?d refer ence. T*" ASTEP?BY A RRBPRt'TABl E WOMAN I ?'T?A. \\ "u 0 ht conk ta A r> <??" i*tn lj; beat of city rceren .e |\rB. Amlf ??'? ? W. ** Wh >' ta^asikd-rt a t^cno aiRU to oo to sew or W UlUakatsare ? a child or 10 wm.ion -L^f^'be rccooim-nded. CiU on or AdcrDs. Luna-. U Feat Bit ?-? *l* ?T- - raSHE m ?& X7. 2*?. "r furtl -r pArtlculari loo Aire At Ihl ?., yptwddn tat And id fc'O Tl'ANlKD- A RITCATIOS BT A RESPECT A6I.B \\ , Tn.crl a. chMAhATBaid and oWfMA; beat of e.ty rlfcrei. V^ bi ^ '? ??'<*?? ?l ?*"? ? bel***u Ukh And 11th ua. ; ^^^tA."<2Sst2S2?d ?ff^r'SSSiS 1 areaumK atMt ?n?tj lel.rOAOA. '"Allai 119 Wo* Mi it, lot ?eoa tin Ann > th a. a I oil- aWTKlV-A SITU ATIOX, BT A TOrXO WOM AH, TO W <lo .e era houMwrra a* #?? clAMoook, oaaber uJ tronar &rkd ?dty referred IwHiMlf s* < A.1 At ** on lb, ia ? "A) ? nriitnVA BITO ATIOX TO 1*0 CH AXRBRWOBE Ti .nJtr. do Joe washing: Ui# b*Ot Of rofMOAC* gPeo "?>?> b'r i^yi^hSrlS& Used for loom*. ban b. area At hi Went *?h W. WANTKP ITVIOl ATKLT- A B>ART T|IPT ?I RI* TO do the general ho aewort of a maaII gtlBM *??!&? Biait cook. waaher ad ! troowb I "tfe muE*/AW~ At US Xobiw U. Ware. *7 rer Bit Oil. TA'ANTBP- t MTCATIOX BT A ?WT?CTABtJ OCT ur a Ibi iT .g '? ' tiriXriD-Bf A RftsFE*"TABLE tllRL, A ^ifUAT'O!! \\ f?iy?Br m ? muu4 bcmI watlffr. nr to Mrirt ff TrfWfti tfoftity- BK ^ Oijr rtiareidM f.vta. (.*0 for jiAj!* 4. L'4) 35ih ?. CTTAXrilt?A imTATTO* BT A RRSPtrTABUl WO \\ ..ill M,?. ?*ab?' AAd icnAT*. <# WiH do I^erAl b??? .k,' r A r?t "CtAble '^T | jfc\ ?ranm-8T A SKAT. TIDT U1RU A MTV ATIOS W A?au"* UdleAaeUM. e* And JetAde. Ard CM. I dr',r *aA SSv? ; i*.?d ikferMsceA c?. At r Ad r?A? for l*c !Ay? ill K*? 13' '? TT'ARTEIV- a k'TPATK S, BT A PROTESTANT \N M .? i f AA ' AAA?r MA. OM! eRTJSff. ' r",^ r.erSTpUc.. 'An ? . ?? t? t?od.5. At ill I W^'. Art. TR'ARTEIA? A klTl ATI OB At t H1UD ? "l'R \\ , >A ewrr. Lit C.IF retereAce. Ca. At ti Biaia *.. Brr-ok Tl'ARTPP?BT A RW,''R'TABI.R OtRU. t b'TT At \\ t, taatr ruia 4 aaJ ?a ter; bee* c.4J rAbrreAce M la.** y'. acr t'a.l >t XI n-AsntP-RT a rwp*wabt s tocn > *"*??* \\ , a: oe aa rl ?* ertna.'d aad mn i-reaa. ? *.b the <r*? i f Pa. *b? .At <4 tiij r*f*r*vt* Oa.1 At in Weatik bDt f rtwodAyA. ________ *a? ??T*n-THt W A?lltB<? t>E A TEW OBSTi.flOIS lence. < ah t. wc tor 1? t dA>? At J Ka* ilW ?t i rsHwS^Se^i-ii** brl wru Ab' AD * *A1 ?<? . T 'W. bACk rooM. weXxTSO-A KTCATtOH. BT A \ (V nf *?'. IAAA to do gn?T ho; a?? f > _ : ?Tl rila fAan** *-? f*~* *?? Aid tp ?** ? waH??r *r . T/jy. ? , isro data At teo Brtier * . w?rn.r ad Boft, ?rtTTnt-ii * wractfJ wxmmm, a t^a, \\ - Ml bmUT Ml. MMMMi cftin# r' ? #!M V1 f ? ..a mi referw-ja. Caul f? t?A daja At * Mb ??-. WOTTV-WTV ATJO^. /t^TW ;j?^* , If VB-. Ti.r .* .. . ? .. . a* ?? - ?; J;; 0,>"oto' .*%il atP - dt ? ????WW ad id at. vaeawrvrt?A DITV ATIOS. RT A REWKTABUI aTIb .CATAl AO wrer rktf . ti, J rte-c <? AAJ ref?r-uw a "A tXi. At W Ten f ?A. IA t?e ret* Tt*ART?P-A BTTT aTI N BT t R* " .T^Bh* \\ ? t ' ! * e '?? f A. r*m itw "V* '-2 f w,v^:vi -i'"" rr~v*? lift ?t B J. ?V l*k ? ? a-*r \ At; p *f" WASt-iN-nT % ?R*r*rTArtl WW rR,,tr*l W act A a. .a CO >a <* * *??' ? V*V ??m e>riB id dotM |i aai alhaadt Bdot ? <H sIBWof" Aft > At ad A .n U. Ae - tar. ?*rABTU>?BT A BBdTEtTTAiiW A ?:*,V * Vt "?? . I A aff. mKadTrMn-dfl'tA- Art * At l,lS **?? I Vr*eee- lit a Ad At"A | w7sT*P-f'R A SRtT. * -Tt T \\ .. ... dfu.'.-AijKMn I - . -i?r .-a -rl AA-1 OA! WePEWIWIW * ? i (-e ?aa?r a ? > M* H*ASTlr>? T BITTAfTOS. nf * ??PfE \v jKryEEU ?-'' r , r"a*' air r a ? ? < ? 'r* r . AT ? < ?* PmaoA' e aro ! I r 1 A AAort-*I#AA-A1? Je e. . i.rr wv: AHTBP I'Y a . ?prr -r -bvb tovr ' ^ R^* 4* _ .lOdUD * W?a rM|#*lAf.. ? ,?, - - _ _ nflM AAd IroA-M. <* c-?*rA. ? are^*r < wao fi? ' O.-t re -rot--I ree. ua At iU *?? ?* w 9,1 11 b ?r.. top f ?*- ,1-; ,"y UlTtATlO!** WANTED-rrS.^ !JB". w AM El' BY A fhtJTOH GIRL A EiTUAllOII AB u?>rnr <#j r rt* %x.d ohf b<WHli Hu good <^iy reitt ?. An y u: 101 Uieeii vlch are. .. I WAJfTWI)- \ HTP ATIOM, AH HOI SF.k KUPBR, BY A * w bigtiir re-pfc'si*'* Rtifilijib lady. A?VIt??h? "**?- *? w? w> ,?* , Hro^kiyi* i'og; ufllce, for oc? watk RefereacM glv?ii U'AXTSD-II A K KKPEOTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, ? ki!M T m c-A; ie an excellent 1 akar. call at 177 r.sst .Ud at, lir?l Oo< r. rt'ANTEO?BT A REBPROTBLK WIDOW WOMAN. M .amilea aaating; would dotbem tor 8ir .hUlmaa per d.i/en. Apply at -17 7m av , between 2ttl? ami -*m ku., ror _ Applf! , ? Jane Steweri. Gcod city reteoncee gr.eo. HELP WAATED-EE>!ALEH. _ NEW VKRY HKHPHCTAHLM GIRLS OAN READILY A Few VRHY HKHPKCTAHLII OIKI.S OAS neAirimi ,1 obtain good aituaUaee hi the Select Offl. e >f Induiiry, 104 OAca! meet. Best pL.ce for employers to get ood help, And reapectafcle rtr\m good sltnailnee Only thuee al excellent char Acer wanted. ^LL FAMILIES AND GOOD SERVANTS WI1-L FIND b? larre"'. and I.ex! ettlee in ibei Iff &; 138 11th ?L, corner of Ah AT. Good a.tuktxma Imraedln'.ely. a!.0 good, ,'ivfl capa ble help, to ault All wpo rail furls lately landed wauled, And sit .All girls in good rest ? elnble families. All rot ? d beevants may procure at oncm good (ImsUOAA 'n or rate Cad..lies and hotels si the high est wages. by applying at the kmployment Institute, No 70 >*;??<. krr at) eet. OmjJl girls Aod girls lately lanusJ wanted iulb< diAloIy. ? A LL FAMILIES. EITHER IN OR OCT or THE OITT, A Will Al nil ttmi'A a rood aasonroer.t at ?? r far any and every deecrtptton of work, at tie Employment Insti lute, No. 70 IS,decker street, two doors etet of Broadway. A FEW OIRLR, PRACriCALRHIRTM AKF.RH, W ANTED, To form an associauoa for the manuf.ftore of Blurts. Address M. S.. fox 120 Ilcml. I pftoe Tboss hstlof some capi tal, and -an taPuanre some irade, preferred. All girls lately landed wantri>-in do id r iuatioos. io be had every day, in r?*peot*bIe families, and pttod was*a; also uraell gtrla wanted, in mod stiady .?.cady places, immediately. Inquire al I be Larue Inautute, 121 K.e. ciiih rtrct, on coi ner of i elxtb avenue. AKIRbT RA1K tXKJK, WHO Wl'J, AKdlBT WITH THE w. abinp and iniLic* lOnly t*o in ike family) wanted to pc to Ftaten island; abm a waiter for the cfiy. Nona but Pro* teatanla, with ? itjr referetaue, need apply at the (Cmoioyment Ayenrt of she i'loteatani Episcopal Brutberkood, lit V.u are., naai 12tb st. AOOOD COf'K, WASHER AND IRONKR, TO 00 TO Eifzabeth Ofty. N, J.; mm; brinp the beet of r> 'ontmend aUon. WapcM aatlafactory and aititAuon perau-nKtit, Call at i3t> UroAdwaj, tip ataira, Monday. A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS WANTED?(ENGL ilab, Qenrae or Sooteh) who thoro i?hly ehdemaoda waninc at table. Apply at It Weal 30th at., belwreen U and S o'clock. CIOOES. CHAMBERMAIDS, SEAMSTBEbSRN AND J ihuncresaea. both Froteatanl and Catholic, warned for Drat class rviationa. bet In city and country, at the Ch imb U me and loiellicence cilice, No. 11 Laight it., corner of Bu John's lane and 1 anal el. (TOLOH1D HELP WANTED- TO DO THE WORK OF J a small family. Apply at M2 Weal K b st. Domestic ekrvantk-wanted, this dat, eooks, la mdreaee* eba nbermaids waahe i and Ironera, waiter rirli, cirla to do aenerai bn iaework. ,Ve for very de tirable situations, now ready, at the Servants' luailtiie, 149 Grand atr- et Berranta should make early appltoalion, as the flatly calls are vary n uneroua. n RFhSMAKEFS AND APPRENTICES WANTED.-AP ply atl'b West 2uth at., between bib and 7th ava First a.Ass female servants, paettcolar in the;, .election of pood city aituaueos la up town families returning to the c.ty, are r?i'ieated to apply early to day at the tint elaaa female oflce 294 4th av., near Zdd at. A lady in at tendance. Girls wan ted-to go to a mantfatdrino yil iage. f ve hours' rule from this aity, In Connecticut, to whom employment will be gives the year round, at remuoera ?veprirea. For further information apply at No. 37 Broad way, up stairs, for two weeka GIRIJt WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FOR FIRST OI-4M all'iatinna of vtrloua klnda Gft. e fee 15 rents, wages good. Plesae come aa soon aa possible Also wanted, both girla and boys, lately landed. C. MASON, It dthav. Housekeeper wanted?to do grneral Honm work in a mt.?: family in Brooklyn. Noon but * elradv. competent ien.!, need apply. Apply al^bc turner of QtAncy ?t AM IM) id in . left hand title. RAWO 0R THREE YOURO LADIES, OF GOOD AP A , ?*rnr.oe ar.d tddmi. can aecire * highly ploAMDt *nd * ; III I tin ' ? ~ profitable poalunu by addrraalog A. U., box III Harkld o#ce. Also cue tool of travelling. yrAJTTBD-A.OPUORID COOK, WHO THOROUGHLY undenitar.da her tiualneae and he* tool otty reference. Apply *t W Irving place. ?yyARTEP-A. OUMAI OOOK, OR* WHO THO ro ighljr uuderaLindaoooking meats and paatry, and who would be w'.lm* to do iha waahiag of a wall f* Apply after ill A. M. on Muuday, at ltt West IJdik at. ?*''AlfT*D-A GOOD FLAIR COOK. WASHER ARD YT "orr; alao a gt-1 to do chanberwork. Apply at Ro. 91 Weal MIL at. ?^jyANTED?A GOOD. RKAT FROTKtTART IRISH OR Herman girl to an South, aba Must hare nod rata aat< rharacter and ability. none other oead apply In luire I Mra HUtoa, M South sth at., W'.lU*m?burg, naar '.ha ferry. WHANTRIi-A OlILWHh CRDRRSTARIM* (XX'KISOi and Iron me aa oat r ma wall rewomaaecded. Cat ? for three Aaya at So i? Nassau ttreak, Broaeij n. I n*A!tTID-A FIRST CLAM COOK (SOKE OTHERS T? aaad wages. at! aaad apply) thai can waah aad iron and earn big 119 <? rej v Are Brockly ^y A STEP aOniKIKT II ASM, OR KROTTEil SKIRTS. Ayrly at 2&i 9.i ar. Wanted immediately?several cloak harm; |uod girls newt sat to the beat ctty work will get rood pay ksd (taady air.rlnraent. Apilyat Arnold. Constable A Do a >?k : ?-m eoutlwea: c mar of Grand and Mercer Ma. ?^yANTED-A PERFECTLT COMFRTRRT HOl'SK BER < , rant able and w;Ida*. to eook wash. Iron, Ac, fur a prl rate faauly in Brooklyn. Apply at 1<2 gaekeu M. YyAETiD?two HORiorr girla iBROLtan, scotch or German w'.h g.nd re'emucee 'me to eook. waah and Iron tbe ether aa hambernaid and waltraaa Apply Saturday day, betwtea I and 10 o'clock A. M.. at 2AI Mb are. Vi ANTED?FIFTY CKOD CLOAK MAKERS, TO WHO* the nigben prtsea will be paid. Apply la A. H. A B. Daetas be Bred way up Mrs TlrASTKD?A TC'l'MO ENGLISH OB AVKRICAN II aw! to take chart' of a b..d one year old. ahe n. iel be capable of Hitag I'lam aswtag Raw referraw featured; a>wr Others need apply. A ccloe-d |lr! preferred CaX at 8) St. Mai* a y-ace. TV-ARTKIV-A I.TBL ABO<X>P Ft.AIR < <>OB. WASHER Tf aad !r mer. One who AnbanAa ber t-wanveas. eith find relet nc' aa to cLaradtdr aad ablLty, May app.y at Sir but* at, Brook) c iMMtO GOBJI; Ml AM CCOK. WA'IIKR apt leaser Moc'u cbai oaimatd. wnnsr, Ac. t'al. at ItO Keel > it ^ytST ED-LA DIE* og OKNTI.EMBR.TO Lit AS A rtry p-oC table I" ttneaa, only threa m-javbe tar ruled, and Wtl. noa.'i??!T raj nay me flJ , ep reei. and -an be dtne *1 boaae. tangM entfec.iy n three days, wmi very iow. t'%11 sad ?? a far yourself at lavaatar's on, e, las O'saard at u'tJinn ar orERATom. who understand* "lege- irsiii u irkot. plain sewing Apply M ITS W >-star at, ale > tK. a tea. ?^yiRTFD-A MOOD FT.AIR COO* *111 CASLALSO ? sab ar.d loop, and a ?o?u e ?? petest to do doner's aar twrmaid's wora at t:fU at, be.seen I and and rhaTbarwahi'a wort ^A|m wuh c wd My refaren-k ^yA*TED-TB'? ROBRTMd. A OOOD CNtOf AMD 'aintarrr aid, klac a trw rata la .c'.reee 0*.: 1 nwe.-u Wn at.i eieran ? riot* ihit moreieg, ?: Sc 1 K,?tT?ee:y O rd ?eeon "r aaat of Hroedw .y. TI^ARTED? AR BXPEr.'?RCBD VIP, '1.8 A<1RC il erwn te tab* ee-aa' childrra; on* who "wtarenndi fu. l ? a; d iT.skit^t a: k'> da of '.uui ? a-wiag- and eaa m?.< be-p" f ienara.1T raefnl. n> f*<el with ? f .mtl*. Pmtewoi pre red. IS'iutre at 111 He try ?t, near CinAor.. for iwc aaya ry.ANTBD?A \OC><? WOM.AR TO DO THE WORK of f mr'm a faaa ly. ? at 'a a god plain or*, an *??'? >tu aad ud eow,e wed rec<Mai?odad Ai ply at I.e West JP-.t at. be-.waeu -La hi .re cf 10 aad 1.' A. M. H'tmn A rRRBCTT wpv A*, t BOCT thibtt age. wb ' apeaka re F?.r -mr 'an. ,re pare, >tt red a <-k >4 and aark ker ike r idhwenlsnr the Tren k larr are. m .at I Ml la All ilkert , luvatioa u tba wtatar. A ply at tit Snndwar ^yaRTBD-A GOOD *R ART OIBT. TO DO THR g? real k uewwerk ft k ai- a.i 'am ly maat be a i><d CO*, . e,h?r ,1.1 ?rnr -t Ai ply a! Tt Daau atreet between R? *?-ad Foerareete I'nMhlya. L I. AXTBD?A GO P rtAIM OOOE. WASHER ASD WAMT1I M-awer fan ly ? ?l Mr *? reo-tr.nAa .ad Ap t between lbs h < r> f ? ud I j'alork )L ? day, at Hi Went lith at ^*AMTED-A OOOD OXK AND KBCHUJHf WASH reive., I 'd Reaases ? Hr mnlya. ?yyARlFD-A Mt'KSK AMD ? HaMhRRMAID OMR IT ? se t be *?- b . '0 : ?r,o ?w: '.ag i n ah* ;?* it, a> aa p md re.araneaa. Ap ; pTllkt E weal tlf m . new a nb?r Tt'ARTTD-A 00"K VST Ft A ;<R>D SAKEB. AMD >? . ? -<irn>?L sr.-swi :ic| naHk*inc '' ct*y raferep-ma re ,r?d *uw y: Arriyatueor crf w oak rgl a an; sreer tea . Re ?k,m. for iwn daya. of ;"y rwferep-w? re ,r?d Wai?a ?T App.y at the oornae 11*ASIFD- A FR"T?TaMT.;:RJ. mi st me a ooot n erioa wtaber nrd lr er tj p at SI Wt.'? igbby *'? b' 'ween | awre, gw.1 fay re . Br ml a. W*AMTt - t SMART - A!.E*TT MAM. TO AfTRSD IR r*es ,;nm::'g an: 'anry ?? ra *e who baa hnd *tpn .. J Iha Sftt Rp ?.d? ? 'RL TO COR w v?H AMD IROM. IS ... Cb.1 'etweec , and I oeloan. at U Tl*ASTrD?IV (01 ATE? T, A kBCOMD ADKiE WHO and ur'erWa*''a ber h i* ee? . , ra a: tM Wjau laaa React rant. Mi Fnlb t*F.. Bfjok'ee ?wyrr mvmr wamtfd-a mraltiiy w^ram, with freek I nk M i* it. I all at 11 fM wih at. ?tR*ARTtP-A t-RL WFocaRTAEBOaRH OF CHIL " Mbn. In tk i > die w vab'> g fee I fkfly n: -te paiwina * a j* % ,ci ' ?* uaree paid ton prfa" t r I>: I ' a }? V fan a . B- kits, this day ti- > a tk;>,- at in fort ireer ruot ** ?? ' wee * a-- a d A a A..i'r k feing **" Wf aw ex;. a ? d 11 ?a a a be in tttead ni?of?.ng ITl .; 9 Tl! e AT-At TILM.'V d A.1KS T FOR If f * ? iff ilia P * * %a0k I ?? d/w f ?(? f lur Msl 90 W HELP WAKTtD PKSALBB. WANTKD-A GOOU COOK, IN A riRcT CLASS hoarding house: must m.ersUad bar business in all tu blanches, and have gOjJ leteren ten. Inquire at i'J IKS ?., nettr 6th &t. WAN7ED-AN ORDER COOK, WAGES 110 PER lonoth. a lav a i ;>*tt.herra*'d- warn *7 per m* h. Also a waitress, ?..(ttsiJ par moms. Apply at the Collina House, I7? Hudson at. WANTED- TWO DIRLS, ON* AS COOK, LACNDRERS. Mid tu do general homework, the other iu nurse and sr-mnirrsa. To cumi stent gl-D good wage* will be paid, and they will find a go 4 heme. Apply a: Til Munumd place, i rooklyn WANTED-A OOOD MEAT AND ORDER COOK. IN autre for two day* at the ogle* of the Westcb-stei I] use 14b Bowery, corner of Broom* at. ? or woman. WANTKD-A YOl'KU LADY TO ATTKIfD A SALMON, of plena ug appearance. Apply at 112 liraod it, up Italia WANTED- IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. TWO QIRL8; aoe.aan.aifc. washer and kroner; none need apply eaeept one fully competent and obliging; wage* US Alao a araall ,-irl to wait nn'lie table and he gem-rally useful. Apply at 177 Weat 2Mb si, near bib ar. WANTKP?A COMPETENT rilKla, AS COOK, WASHER,, and trotter ina amall lamiJy, must come well recom mended Apply at67 orange at., Brooklyn, this day. HTANTED-A YFJST NCR?K. HEVI.THY AND WITH A YY fell bremat of milk , must hare stood references. Apply

at US West lllh it. WANTKD-A OOOD COOK WASHER AND IIONER. and willing to do getter..1 housework. M at . >me well recommended. Apply at 78 dammit at., Bioofclyn. WANTED?TWO OISL8; ONE TO COOK. WASH AND iron, the caber to do chamberwork uoithi* and aa sit in washing and Ironing; none need apply exocyt iltoee who lliAronNhl* nniifiMiRnfl lhblr hiiaiiiefcd Annlv tKia dip *?( r?U tl.nronibly undersland their b itiueas. Apply this day at 'Jt Weat *7tb at. WANTED-A OIRU TO DO GENERAL HOUgHWORK; abe must be a good uuok, waaster and iroiter, with city referen.-e Inquire at 87 Weat 33d at.. In the basement. WANTED-A WKT NUHSE, A REbPKCTA 1ILI WO man fa widow preferred!, wish a frerh breast uf milk. One who It perfectly healthy and caa turn lab uod" ibted refe remits as to character nicy apply at 170 Real lllh at., between 1 2 P.M. the hours of II A.M. and 1 TIT ANTED?A QIRI. TO DO GENERAL HOl'SBWORK YY for a family or three; "he moat be a fret rate washer and Ironer and a good oook. Apply at 316 Weet 16tb ?c WANTED?A WOMAN, AH WAITER IN A PRIVATE family; city reisreuoes required. Apply at 33 East lbth at, before 1 o'clock. WANTED-AT THE PKANKPORT HOUSE, CORNER of Frankfort and William ate, N. Y , two chamber maid*, I Mind i era and aeamatreea. None need apply bat those who in lei stand their business, between the buursof 8 and 13 A. M. fKTANTKD?A LAL'Ni BESS WHO WORKS WELL; TY alw a competent chambermaid; ea.-h moat assist ta wattle c on table alao wanted an sc ire woman M the kitchen, atid for iteneral boueewoik Apply for three days. 399 4lb si WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID, Ml KKB, HRAM*TRKSS. cos A, lauudreee, and waitress. for a first class private family; alao a girl 14 to Id yearn m see, to mind children. Ac. ' at No. 7 lllh aL, a Utile weal of Broadway , from 9 to 6 ?k WAN! KIV?A NEAT TIDY GIRL. TO DO GENERAL housework M ist be a (nod washer and 'doner. Oily reference required. A npiy at 33 Barrow at near Blee> kcr r ANY ED?100 FIRST CLAiS CLOAK MAKERS; ALSO slew geod mllslecre. and operators on Wheeler A YTil son's ec wing machinrs. Her (Id kinds preferred K. DCNNB, 330 Fulton at. Brooklyn. Wj w ANTED-A GIBL TO DO QENEBAL HOUSEWORK. Apply to 314 Bow try, Is the millinery good* atom. YET ANTED?FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND TRIM YY mere, also apprentices Work glrea o it to good hands. Apply to Madame Lao, (83 Broadway, up stairs. KE7ANTED-A BEAMNTRKKS FOR PLAIN WORK, AND YY agli TT a girl: or general housework, in a small private family. City references required Call at No. 9 St. Clement's place, between Waverley place and 9th at. WANTED-A OIRL TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE work of a family of 6re persona. Soar bat these compe tent need up rly. Wages, 98. Apply U 143 Weet 53d at, near WAN rRD?A OOOD ORDER COOK AND A FINE laundress, at < .ark's Hotel, corner of Jay aud Washing, ton at*., N. Y.; apply from 9 A. a. lo 4 P. M HELP WASTKU.HALES. A OKNTR WANTKD-WITH A S*AM.CAPITAL, HAT$8, A who CAB readily make frum t*J ut tM per week, by Intra dartre a valuable lmproremeLt, bavin* ready ?tie- Apply At ?W Broadway. "dot wanted in a ceocebry stork-a smart X> Aetire boy It 10 16 yean of a**, who oadaratends tha eroekrry Imalneao, Willi pood reference#, wlU find AaUuAUoo by ?PPlyln* At >70 Pearl ktreet, pent 10 Fulton lUnk. Bot wanted-from ii to is tears or age, to attend In a *rorary (tore: one ec.| minted with the bull iieai preferred, Cali at 3d W eat I Jt b at. Om artrr wanted -first class caster wanted At H. L. t Iai k A Maoa, 141 Wait at. TT'lCrLOYMRKT ?VTRTCR A CO., M JOHN STREET, All agar employment to lonap auat reapeolabtluy to Intra dure their ll'uatrated atandard worka. Apply Immediately m \fFTR0P01.ITA* INTKLLKJENCB AMENCT, 101 AND ill lot Maiden lane. New Tort.?OMce M&iri from 111 A. M. tot. P.M. Paraaoa la Beam.of male upon irbnaa hooamy ?" ? En*'Jab, French, Ormu taraat by cnUlu - ? who rente nelli wbTr^;T,Tr^?^Ted to ue, and chary* aothlny if the apr Itoaat la not eattad. Ohra na a trial. A re*talrv la kept for tha aale or ietun* oi h inaaa lota farma. Ac Wd.W, |.?d wall rnnanmamitad (trie, tar all htmda of baaaawwk, oooha chambermaid#. Aa . a Merman atria to da ahambarwnrk to a hotel a man and wife aad three alatlc man wteh plnaaa on larma C'.erkr and SesMSB warned. TkfBBCtlANTR, MOTEUB AMD OTHRRS BJPPI.IRD Jfl erata with rlerka. aalaaatao. partem, berk rape r? Ac. Merc hat. te Clarka Hejlairy, IS Itroedway 6. RAWUMdA. Snpartnlendant. r RTFR WANTED?IN OCR CARPET DEPARTMRNT; moat haie a knowledpr of that clam of rwti. and Hue to handle them U EDuERloN, ROM ERA A HATCH, Wl Broadway, KKSFKtTAW.E MEN SEEKING StTCATloNS AS laxAkeeeeen. ealeamea, eiark* aortarn. An. aho tld au ply at Kedpatn'e Mer banle clarka' flr*1atry n? ?, 78 llroad way. Httuatioaa pmrwrad. No m rmtmlon la ad-anre. Re laranre In trat rlaee honaaa Deah.iahed I* id M. RaWuINR, Snperir.teader.L 11* Ah TRI>?A MOOD I IN A HIT All. JEW TV elry at. re. Nona aaed apply bat tana a. , aimed wit* the fcueiaea# Seat rale?,are re.;-dred. AdJraas Samuai Elrt A Sun, ITS Beitlmcen at , Balum re. Md TArANTED?AGENTS IN EVKET PART OF THE tJOCN TV try, for Trttaer a aewly paten.ed m : feneratiijt aad re I i-aliay caa lamp adapt'-d tor tha laa etd at. State and emin y mbta lor eta, at tha laeaalom Etch. e?. 1? Wtiiiea vz WANTED?A N ACTJT1IIOT. 15 TEtSS OF AflE JAMES A. UEAKN A SOS ,*'. Hnwdway. ft* ANTED-A SINOI.E MAN. AS MEOOW AND COACH. M man. to *e * abort diaun? ta the nmmry a j > m* man 17 ar S? y?nm ed MS piwtarred Apply at 78 Heada * , frum It) ta II o etrwk ikie day. WANT*^TWf^IM^?AT^lE<N*^OLBRB?| ray at. for the (all trade Nona I e*d arrly -at tkme wh i are umad to bard wart aad rerleetlt n teracand the bam* Apply to Thomaa R A*oe?. ItUMreenwi A aad SI Mur TV A ITER WANTED? A VOL'NO MAN WHO THO Tf m-.ehly onderauede h.e 6 Hnnaaa Apply the day ha ? lava M A.M. ta Woodward A Potter, 4J Walker A ! TE7ANTBD?A SMART ACTIVE WAITER. ONE THAT IE NT or.-amcamd tn dtatag mlmas bmtaooa aad to make him aetf per ready naef-i!. tn rome well smnmmendad. Apply to tlaerye J #eiar. S7 Molil street, bet * tea 8 aad ? A. M Tl'ANTED? A STRORM ROT. ANOCT 18 TEARS OLD. Tf aa pertar la a nhtil aali ? ah'na b iae c .. . - rafernnoe. Ctxthia*. boi IN Herald uthre. WA*TTI1-f,,r*ri"'1* CLARE PITT EXPERlh v FD If maat'lla mlanee. Apply hetwean A and I o't wk P. ? . rp 7 and ? A. M . to Arnld, Co eatable A Oa. eoraer Oaaalaad Merer airerta WA!,T*P- ** * MOODS JORRTNO HOrSE, AN ff rtperlenrad eatry ? er% who ma f inUahanod raferaara aa to rhararter aad abtlhy Naae other aaad adVem boa t If Piae "\^**J^*D- SIX on EHJNT PRA'TTi'AI, RIM. POST t Itl Meet ah latdire the aaora n( ten ko ira of f aad t o'elor*. To r*d am Seedy em#leyawad n'tntn-4itiJinti.Hivii,i a i.armb first IT elm North uok aad Waatmra trade, raa ma ho a perme I.' i--iar'a?at to ?t? eSerA either a w or in a- >a'y SSSL wkh a wall MtebUahed hat, rap aad sraw gooda hn ma. A<* treoa, Wtth real name aad refereeee. ata toe amovnt it rade aad ?* kera train I. Sat < and ? 'are. t?*i I nil Pr#? recoa, Warttr?-a -mart eot. aboitt hoe u tears Tf of AST* in taaa rare of a he roe aad rm erranfa ot ?t rrere wsB r?-amaiadad. An y tn .'eaepk Ilopklim. NU t k at , near Od at EETANTRD?A ?MART ToCDM MAN. TN A ' HINA ff aa ' e am s r-, ! > oaake men. (e-eraiij teafnl fmm e phte- n In twenty t-art d a#e, one raatdm# wiA Hsa pa rente >rd >r.,uairited with 'ha T ia.t.eao preferre.:. App.y at 4tl tkh a\,, tielwvra i'tb aad JS k *ta *"n W*rtSE A MOOD HAND, " ! * Efsmdway. Tl*ANTED?A ROT IN A DRT (loOPS STORE. nr-<T ff In 11 ?iaaa ??i orlaiiii r tn re-alt btmaogo *c.l ran ram* we" Ifcnmme dad. Apply fw twodayt a-Md t om' ak, rrwner "f S iwmlt, 8n?AI)t tl'imM ROT AN>l-T IS tear- OI.D D' tend Tf la aa ratar aad dmt*? ta. am. at II Aaa M. Call ah nfoeh k. Tl*ANTED A CARrER TO O'T COLD FEATS ff N,ae aee I preeen hunoelf Okcepl be -n ? rataedo f pnolaam. Apply at N Nal ten lane ttfANTFlhwA VOCNM MAN. AS Wt'TRR TN THE ff rrau -kot f Sweeay o flmei. M M en- wad rar jm me-ted. App!r hetweaa If knd IS A. M. Wanted- a moodotstkrvan to oran at the Tf hr?i. A'ai a niao to esot oy? ? e. ar 1 a i >'l rtner, Raa read kkP'V b'l' -Anoa who t ? -em ?e>4 e~e ntd hasta App.y at >M lyeter Bay. Ml way _____ W A.NTEI?-a TOCNM N IN TO A> f AR R h k H t?CP 1 Tf a-<draahear m a lis rlaas kae' tsactt nulsr New To k; ta cNS thkt eaa aa hie emp, ,'r IMJ m AVr. San nee pjrer ifc.# HKt.P W VVTEP-MAI.KH. ANTED 1MMEDIkTKt.Y?AT t>2 WERT 3D KT . : 112 old tmn'itr) 1 toorg oetMWt wul -r; be must under stand kit b'.tiMi. Call in day ai ill o alocA. WANTKT-AN INTELLIGENT BOT. AHOUT 15 YKAKS of age, " b-> writes a good band, la a per. mUjpI office. Address WV Boll, Herald office. WANTID-A I MAN i WITH OOOD JUVBURCI8. to attend A butcher"! sh > ; one ?ho la well atquainted ?lib Ike business and knows bow to treat cnvtumera V mar i li d wan In xovaactd j ears ereientd. TL-; beat at wages gives at 133 Broome at WANTED?A TOttB'i MAN TO ATTEND A QROCRRT and Minor tlore; tun acquairted with be busianaa, n> oiLer need apply; beat of reiarenoe required. ''all at 111 Diane nt. Be . Yon, from 9 lo 12 A. M WAN 1 ED? A YOUNQ MAM, AS POKT1B IN \ ORO . e?y; miiat uteersui.d :Le a?e ; horses. K?ir reneea required. Apply at 367 Hudson at., between 1 and 3 SITUATIONS WATTEH-MALEI. A TOUNO MAM OP SUPERIOR EDUCATION, ACTIVE, sober aad honest, wanta a situation at u&uttanl foreign correspondent. bookkeeper, ablp'a pitraer, supercargo, or in any cither capacity; remunrra'Joe a secondary eooaideraUoa. First class references. Address O. D. P.. Herald office. A SITUATION WANTKD?IN A HOT EI, ON SALOON, or to take cars of a ?>.m boiler, or as porter in a bote]; Is not afraid of work- tbe best of city reference can be rr ~1>| trow aia la.toln e, where be lived two years. Call at 31 Park at., m the liquor store. A TO UNO MAM AND HIS WIPE. LATELt ARRIV1D from England, wants aituatlooa at a private family, ihs man as groom and noachman and ihe wife as In door servant. Andreas A. Lott, 1J Susaei at., Jersey City, SITUATIOK WANTBD-BT A BE8PECTABLIC TOO NO man, aa coachman. Has good reference iron, his last place. Address T. B, box 134 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED. ?A TOUNO MAN, AO IBM AN by birth, well acquainted with modern, who has teen employed for a year and a half aa principal entry clerk In one ?f toe largest dry roods Importing ajuses la New Tork and who can* brii g aatlafacU-ry references, wishes to his ' ' Hod a situation In which ols abilities may be made of greater value to hint. Addresa H. P., box 798 Poet office. IJMJ SOUTHERN MEMUANTS -A DRY OOODB S VLES _ having a thoro ugh knowledge of lite boat note, I wiahra to pro- are a permanent aitautlon wlUl a merchant d Ing ' Ivialueas in a Southern city; oun. if deatrea, take charge of the manufacturing of cloaks and rnaau.las. is now engaged la a dry goods house on H roadway Address dalesman. No. 64 St ring st. staling where an lateryten may be had. w ANTBD-A SITUATION BY \N AMERICAN BOY, 18 years of age, p'aiding with his parents. In a wholesale store, lo learn the bmlueee, hardware or grocery pri ierred; " * ' ' " ioc ant tbe wagea net ao much an object aa a good ant peimauent place. Address Hiram A. Huaou, No 30 Id ar. TENANTED?BY A TOUNO MAN. 18 YEARS OP AOE, A vT aituati in In a atat'onery or any other mechanic; busi ness; has been In the stationery btititieaa over three year*; good penman; beat city references. Address G. B [., box 131 Herald offl ??. Wi 'ANTED-A SITUATION, IN A FIRST OI.ABS ?onuaission or shipping- house, by a young man desirous of learning the buainesi and willing tn work; no salary re quired first year. Addresa T. t. W , Herald office. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A YOU NO MAN. AS clerk, assistant bookkeeper, aalrsmu, or any similar employment. Be? of reference can be given. Amply per sou ally or by letter to A. Mitchell, bookbinder, 100 Thompson street. New York. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A YOU NO MAN, yeara of age. an clerk in a wholesale or retail rrovry, has some kno?l? ige of the business, understand* h a.kkee, ing nnd can furnish the beat of retereneee from km present em ployer. can apeak Oerman. Address C. A. R., box 149 llerald office. FRENCH ADVEKTISKMF.3TB ON DEMANDS-UNE CUISINIKRB PRANi'AlSE. QUI romnrend parfauement Wen son etat. on prifere one q d dent d'arrtver. Auasi tin garccn. S'adrgeei r aa Ne. 13 i est l?th m. u N FBAKOAIS DESIRE ENTRKR DANH UNE PA mllle prtvee eomine cocker, ou ao gner tee chevani, etc. n k dfjh asrrt en ee pays i ?mr tel lwe melllearea rttt reocee eeront donngee. S'adreaeer xu 107 8th avenue, sec nd floor. TTNK BONNE PRANOAIME POUT ANT FOUBNTR DB L bonne reoosnmaudaUoos.' df.irr ae placer poor aotgner et ir.atru'.re des enfant* H'adreacer XU No ll.J47 r e, ( tor et Tnse arena MI8CELLAKROUS. BHL'Kl '8 AHNH A Lumourr-AIA PHTBIOIAHB ? know ibe aonj. rftil pa..: a .1 c iMlW of Arni -it. Mo pit. ' 00 earth, no Mineral under the earth can 001 rare with It in healing and cooling properliee. Rl'RD*ALL ? Lini ment rontalni tbe moot effective ami poleat prei arah rn at the plant that ebemica arleure baa ever pmdneed, 00m hi nod with ?itracta from other healisc her be of alm-et equal efficacy. The proprietor gnarautoce. under the penalty of ret n Mil tig the pur chaae money of the article, teat R will rive Immediate relief la Bbeumatiam. (tore Thioat Burnt. ScaTde, t'utm, Mp.<mne, lore Breaatt, Palua In Iho Urn ho, hide. Cheat and Bark; Strains, Br nana. Cram pi, ( ldlblatna and other eiteraal .Uaordeta and htjurlea. Frlce 15 cent* Mo 34 Beekman atreet fTOMSTIPATIOM (CCttTIYBMSMI AMD DTBPRPB1A AJ eoaapletely eurad wtQmnt aaedMnaa hneetlooa or balha, by Davy'a Mrralanta Craehore. ao agreeable and autrtetooe vegetable food, manufactured from Whartoa'a arlgtaal geoa tae orralenta. Rmbieel nhamlem affirm that the mVafcmta eoo labia more Detriment than the heal ?heelen boar, in the reOo of 1410 A CertUdblee of their mild and beoaddal laRuaaae a* tbe alamate aed bowela aaai he eaaa el Mm bahery. kfanufae turad and eoldooly by the mikemlkm, at hla wbotamde aade? tall variety bakery, rime Weenie per pound lMAAC Met* AT. MB Tereyth etreat, tear Hotrnhm. ipcMb. rvmm, fdra-at th* old ?wn-ABt.wsncn r Ameiioae rnre Mereho?ee.7? Matdaa lane and 1M1H-. ?. n etreet M t -8 PI III.LI Hi mom re?| ? ? r^^^H hie frtende aad the pnMtr generally. In el tin aad ooua^^^^l he b*e on hand an uauaually large aad eleaant UMtaW Fore of every d'-ecrlptloa. which be oRen at loaa than any other botiee la thl* city. 8. P. having been for many yeare ?la the pr?ctioai 1 ail of the b.ianim, be le eoat.led. by the moat airlet atteailoa to economy, and abiding by hie old motto, email prodie and quhra aalae," to give better eatlefaotloa to hie cut 'men than any other botma. Call, aiamma aad be ooBTlnaad before bopiag eterirbere. A V. r?M OHM DOLLAR TWO RBTKIPTB WILL BB BBMT any eddreee one to make wnlmg dhmppear from any paper or ; airhtnant without Injury to either, the other to make a Dye for the hair, black or brown, aqua] in any Uairdyeaetaat, and at loaa ouaL Addieea Cham lei. boa id Poet offioe, Wffllame TTOBT1CCLTOBAL I ROM WO BAM -ORKEMHOCBHR, n Coaaervaux tea. An. nenelnaiilad. with Hart wall * patent Botanic Meoh ligkt. Add mm L. U Banieii Mo II Booth 8a> reath olraat. Brooklyn. A D. MAMTMLA?TTIK BCBWRIBRR TMFORmh tha pahllc that ho M aa..lug Bant-.a. Ac . Ao.. rheapar than any other aarnia la the eLy .Tbnaa waking to bey ehoald raJ at A Kt.AHRR 8 marble Tnrd. 1U Kaet Righte-ilb etreet aear Third avenue Mew Turk 1.TBW TOMK WIRR RAtl.fMfl CONVMtt S III 11 111NK' ?M A U li'klBahH AR, tm 1 ed to J'.M Broadway New V.wk. Rett .loir ah > a Metro? duan, Mamifh-I eereand dealer* la Iron Re ig, Parm P'-ncea. lr.? 1 taw*. '? emndaha. In* PureMare. Caaiiog* and a genera, re rleiv of Oraamealal iron W wke. PROPOMAI.P POM cdal fob tub mrw TOBR FTRB Ileuartmeai Fund.?Mealed ony wait *11! be rerdved ua HI the ifih day .Metnember 1MB! r.y e.pplylag 3tfi vet of oral, more or Ire* The cnanmutre reeeree the right a. rajew enrh bide an far aa tbe latereet if the I^rar>meai mar be ooa (erned. Pur further Infcwwall w. apply 11 Ihe ubdernlgaed . .ana-iilee re Faet, n A Ml KL B THUfBQM, Ml Peek man area*. WILLIAM WIL'.UMS, 1U Wem N.netaaalhatr J*uSkRT "a 5 Bcfywer euweb Kooftmo a atkm or tub baolr rlatb oowpamt ere at en per** Tualtty. low earn ere proof, yield pert and 1. ? tain ted rata paler, aad laet a U'Mlma. fkiidee* ed drem the Agent of the empaay. U. Furuiaa, S tVirtiaadl Mi eel. Mew Tor*. CHOW f'AMBR.?IKIFFMAN A FBRtWII 8 BMOW CAMR P Warer.?*na 44 ."bathara at real A neutral aaa of bhoar . tareke| t e-Hmtaatly on hand. OU caaea tehee to M < baoge Ordaea promptly owned SIIOW > AHItft of every dearrL thwi ?eaafectnred by tl WTNTK8 Mo Id North W hao- mreat M B.?A good eeaorimea' w .wtaaiii ? hand cnowi'ASRM atii?rrr a bbottiriui. naml-paoto Jlp. I North Wllha-e mreet near Prank net'. ol?.i A larjje rs"c Mr.. NO BXTRAI r <>y t i*\ a 1.;- iso! a. ae dteroveml by a well kaorn rbiefelan ef yeal eml peace, while la the Faet Indie.. M a certain -ore for ilprainmp U rn. Amhme Nr-achiua. 1 v> igha iv.lde aed Qeearal Dehtiuy. The reiaedv wee (Uerm-red by h m when ku only eh'M ? .lankier waagfven ae India. Ilia .h' d wee eered. aad Ik no* a lie aad well twain at of b*a* tuag We fate* m * U a ha w<!l tend to who with Ihe letelpe ronU.aint fu'l direr, ee for maker aad aoeeeeWally murj the remedy, tree rm receipt 01 their name. With rami, for Mate poauire. tiiemOif Brawn A Oh. Jerrny CHy. M J. TNI TRADRI. A' "?ILB PTBB want* A RtTCATfOM-HR U CAPA Me of lakiwr . harre of either a alk or wimlae dye heme; alae year* refereere fr>? lam emrlmer Call <m or addram Dyer, IW Bh ae.. eeai feh ef . for owe week ACARPBMTKB WAMTBD fOMPBTBWT TO FIT WF adrugauee Addram 'Wpeatar, Herald Alee. Mavtbfrb M ABIR WA MTCD-ONI WHO THOBOUO H ? ly nnderemade he b-meeaa Apply ? Mb *rommawda tloeatoR Dree. IB PnHon atrem, M*"iok ?n. rBORM BAKRBA?WA WTBD. A MtTV ATTOW FOB A ready, arber fieemaa. rm '*a. P? tebe charge of bread or rake. uederelanAe bow la eenaMat take Apply for W. N eeeman, rnner at Wb aad tlraad M . above Rm at. w rt.ire. 1 .id 1 or. Willlameb'.n. eniraeea Mtb a rtiVNTTFTR-WANTWD NT A Tf)I Ni? ??* LATR of the Warn, who bee bad ?*a? i perlene* at the he*, rem. a at.<a?*m wWi one of the profe m v^vji *? ore or more year* Aey mm rw.oirlaf awieteaee will ph a> lreea M . denial. Herald f~ ~ rCIDF* HAKFR8-WAMTItn IMFRDtATBT.T, A tbllfnl aad orwtlred bead. Add m* with referaaoa aad terma. ltder. ho tdt P el oRl^e rTATtoM AM 1XPNRTRMCFB < CTTPB Wianrg e eftuatt.*. le a ? rm teae M> a*. e%n < rpaa .he ham of refareooe. A.tdraaaC. W. W . Herai.i Wee Tl* A NT NT-A GOOD RHIPRHITH AMD HBLPKR, AT TT V r '-T . n * . Henrif) I TR* tMTRD? t J088IMf?U)rR^vrFW OR 4 N'>T WHO TT haa worked at the trade tpply at M -we e be., ebnp Ud ''edar eh WANTID?rirrRBN HOOD GBtNITf NTONB OCT ten Apply at D. Tea Momnad a Ud lea, ay. net inbe it T\*ANTRO THRRF '?* FOI*R ?? iTR or* rfn* TT Rvrra wage* ftvea to Rood v wk-r-n at Newk r*. ? >r.nge ,-Tinir, MT. v te-m fr t. R 'and, aeie r ? far C Mll.K HAT PtMIMHRR? WaTTR i eTRtliv WORK r.%mnt#*d 11 g' ?l w-wkwen a: NAM" 1TBMT-> k CO, it, JO tprk-e m "* WATCHRI AMD JRWRLRT, /??"kMTT 1*R1*N Whr DP MP fo Mill Tf t| II T tf dtette-mRe ?- ?** m. t m r, feflbe " MB-' d ell ?*v1 r bar ?? V# MRJtftlVK i'jti R. .j .vki efreet _ jrmiiruii. TVTIPg*P?EN1CKBRBOCEER IC1 CORTfj XJ Wl. iu>ml?uail dividend ?i tki??p?r i eli.on *"J "tU:r 'i 1^1. %?? Ui'lr oB. ,?*S~ i . te Mensfer books ?ul be tl<???J from J u>/r9J'Hlmt" inclusive. C. R. Woktocdtek, 8ec. R. T. COKPtGN, Br "i* Tor*, Sept 6, taao. ' IfjfS'S ?f nOLLARS UNCLAIMED Tit THK |] ?WSfc v ij3y of Family A|M tod PcdigretmT^ men j. ?? NOT1CB TO BOXDHULDIR&.?THR ROTIW of 1 Row York and Mew H?T?mKallnJ1ul iv?rar, -n D member, INI, will be nald, with aw rued tat^Lm'rr ?tailca and xurrsedar. jlKlW. oNw.lSSi^T ty seventh atreet and fourth eveuueT^^^^^B Raw Tour, August 7, 1M& W. HEMENT N EW ORLEANS A WD MOBILE TVKm BOUfil AUttUBT HELMOhT A CO , 10 Wall mtvSj. aPTItlAL. KTUC TILKC.RAPI1 I1ETWKEN THR ATLA AND I'ACfWC hTATKP. TmtictT DcriRTmjrr. Jnly to li Propueaia will be received at title Department tag) j day <h Rsptembsr ueat, pursuant to the following net < gross:? An act to facilitate . I'nirrur.lcellon between IN 4 Ilia Eg I Pacific ctK ., a,by Electric Telegraph Be It enacted by the Senate and House uf Repremnia"y I be Lulled States of America, to Congress assembled, Tb Kecreoirv of the Treaanry, under the direction of Lbe Pre. of the Untied Mates, la hereby authorised and fitreeied t. Teniae for aea ed prop, aala, to be received for sutj dara I the passage of Ibie act (?ud the fulfilment 0'which sna, guaranteed by responalble parties, as in the Case el old* mail oontracie) for tbe use by the government of a line or] of magnetic telegraph, to be constructed within two rearsf_ the thirty first day of July, eighteen hundred andaortv, f| tome poll t or points on the west lice of the Putt* of n ?bo| by soy routs or rtrates which the ssid contractors rr-sy ? tnuinacUng at such point or potnla bv telegraph wkt the < of Washington, New Orleans. New York, (Tuirleston t'n.._ phut. Bosh n and other cities In the AllenU.t, So., benil We.teru .States;, to ths city of Hsu Kranctsoo. la the bled ( sUfornla, lor a period of ten years, and *b*tt award ths I tract to ths lowest responsible bidder or bidders,V?vt ld-u a. troaer does nut require a larger amount per year I rena l p.ted Strte* tlutn forty thousand dollars, aLd I mission Is hereby granted to the said parties 1 wliom aald coatraoi may be awarded, I i, onRlhe of them, and their assigns, to nee, until the end of the I term, such unoccupied public lands of the Untied states ae rj for the right of way and for the be necessary for uie right of way and for the purpose <1 tablt&htng stations for repaira along mid Uae, not cxceedtfl any station one Quarter .motion of land, such stauona nl exceed one in fifteen miles on an average of the whole I lance, unless such lands shall be required oy the governed of tbe tlblted Htales for railroad or other purposes, and I Tilled that no right to pre-empt vr ? said lands under! the United btatee stiali Inure to said company, til agents or servants, ur to any other person or persona wbal ^^MMNihN'oluencontract shall bemads mull ever: Provided, That not mid line shall be in actual operation, and pay maula thereu to comply t ?hall cem whenever tbe ooBUftdori fell to good ply with contract. that the gorern?eni ekaU, M all times, M ecuili priority In the use of the line or lines, and shall have tee [ j lege, when authorized by law. of oosneetlng said line or Ik Iby telegraph with any mtlilary pants of the United States, i I to uae tb? same for government purposes, and provided, d I that mid line or Unci eicgpt such as may be cnaetr e'?i I the government to conuectnurh Uue or Unas with the ml open to the use dM ??the una of the aaid posts of ths United Mates. saW be epen to the use of alt I zena of the United Mates dormg the una of the sefid :ontri on payment of the regular charges for transmission of J patches, and provided, also, that such charges shall not exo three dutlsrs for a single despatch of ten words wkb the <il proportionate dedit' li ns upon jiespalabns of provided that nothlog herein enntainod shall ranfer upon! aaid parties any exclusive right to ounatruet a lelegra. b m I Psrlile, or debar the governmsnt of the United Slates fri granting, from ttaae to time, similar franchises and lo t '*? j other pa'ties. Hoc t And be h further enacted. That UM said oot'j or thr ir amigns, shall have the rtgkL to ooastrnel sad through any of the Territories of the U idled Mates, s bra line so as to oonnec' their eald line or lines with Ore gee. * that they shad hare the permanent right of way for mkl I or lines, under or over any unappropriated public lands ?In " ----- waters In tbe mid Territories by say route or routes which] term ol such lands as may be necessary for ?-hepur establishing Stations for repairs along mid Una or ItiMS nor j ceedlng, at any station, one quarter reetkm of land, such I Lions not lo exceed one in fifteen miles on an average of wtoie distance, but.should any. of said quarter aeetloaa J deemed essential by the government, or anyoomnanv authority, for railroad purposes, the aaidc.u L tinder Ma I ?ball relidqulsh the occupancy or au much as mag be t fur tbe railroad, reoel vtag an equal amount of laad for dhal la tissued. Bac. 3. And ba It furthar enacted, Thai If, In nay year dn TTTTTTW - the contln ianee of the said contract, the bnatama done lor I Roverauent aa hereinbefore mrntamed by saefa contractors I ? overauent as hereinbefore men not led by ? their asalgna ahull ai the ordinary rate of ehar|pk for prtV I duly i tries i mesas pea exceed the prtes oootracted to bo paid as af the Secretary of the Treasury shall, upon mid authenticated, certify the amount of (aid gi em prurided that the uae oi the Una be given at any I free of fig ' oaat, Ui the (least hurvey, the Kmiihsoolan , and the National Observatory for sctentlfls purpose*, and i vtded funber, that massages received from any tadlv company or corporation, or from any telegraph lines poi __ tnz with lids line at either of lu termini, ahall be Iwparua t. anamitied ta the order of their reoeption, eicep urg that l dfai'strhea of the government aha.ll have priority and pror rd further, that Coogram shall at hay Urns have the right alter or amend this set. Approved Jane 18, 1*60. ? The lowest otter for the use of sneb telegraph for the r tb service will be icjepled. provided the terms and -ondiuons < pressed to the sot shall be fully set forth aad Wtpnlaled m t pre pooala, which mast be snnomneelsil by n guar as tee. ut at r .rmtty with the twenty eevwnth section of the ask of Jaly UN,k regard to mall servies. to the eflset thai the Its* Uses ahall Es completed wkhm UM Uais presenhdd. and tl I the guantr tors shall then enter halo obligations n the Unit Mates for ths performance of ths ssrviosTorthaMMM under mid act, ai the rates offered in the Hwch guarantee may be In the faDowtng form ? The nadarslgsed, remilng at , ta Ms Plate ? , undertake and promise, that If the Secretary of I Treasury shall sceapt the with La propoaala, tinder the set JaaslAlMO, thsluuor lines of maguotts Mtognmh Mali eoespleied aad put. Into operaUoa on or before the lime BUI In the act. aad that we will thea exaenm with the parties atg lag the within proooaals aa ohllgaiuwi to the United Rtalaa, doe form, as snretiee for the performance of the,| osrdiag M MM tmma aud saadttiaaa - nislam la such J ? The above guarantee most bo scoompaaMd with tho cost sale of s Usited fi atss district attorney, or iietiVt J tdgn, an lag that hs Is acquainted with each of ths persons stgntag I g arantes, sod knows them to bo mos at sudd-ionl proper y It' xl the above guaranty. ? ? piopnaala sud guarantee mnst be ana led np and hrig The Be. retary of tho Treasury, Waakiagvm,ST C.," u w i mr ' ruM j ??? tun a i ngpm j, n nnI endorsed " Fuipsnsla for f'aclfle Tetegrarh HOWRLL COIR, Beeretary ol the Treaeary. P^wrpi-okaui row wo (no or thb cwotow wai Aaajt^p r opnasajj Isl.ut aad diaUMaUnr ' amok will Tha as .1 aloe* will law laiaraB aitbaiOtdil r?r ?? V' wiktia, payable < redeemable oa tb~ Tbe pmo?* A i prftr* p#f ihiM, and tbt | Will ha r*A'itr?d to 1m a.i ?Ub lb* itamhiar .ma at JOa hi\ c* Ml bear lararrB At Iba itM of tta r?r ~m yabla q after raar?y, ud Uopr.tclpbT WlU I lb* tm day <* RaraWar, UK ? will ?ma Iba annual at Moek deettwd aad a wnbla fa dayt afuw iba op enier of .br bid* (to na Iwtrb E= k> Own- rear* Aierly lacl'ulinc Oa* prea (Ml p rw?ii?( tn th* < umptrnllar lb* reaatpM at Iba <t*M brrWo fnr rarb drr -win. lb* parua* will b* aalftl*d ti ratwie kiikmHw few m'iaI a?'?iow of tba par ralaa at lb* at wA bra: r.f laiaraai fr aa lb* .lata* at pa/oaaal* K*. b pmpiwttbw Aould ba walad aad an bread - FropaaU for in* a Waiar Boa* at Iba at; ol New Tart. aad lb ?ur.? lackard la a aabmiI aaralnpa, umW io ibA (bai tba ilrkl b Irarread on Iba part at tbaO ie raja* IT nr ill of lb* 1 id* if rona.lend oecraaary la f r 4*cl r prq ab- lb* iitareal* of Iba nir ?"HT * HAW*, <" rtty at Ham Tort Dapartairat at f natter. < ??aptrdli*r,| Be*. 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