Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 10
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OUR NAVAL VICTORIES. Inauguration of the Perry Monument 1 at Cleveland, Ohio. M. ? ^ ' Thirty Thou i<??* Prt>l,le ?? ItTOUlld' OftATiON BT tt8,,r BANCROFT. 9KETCW V? CLT /EH HAZARD PTiRRY. Sham B^atUo Reprcanting the Brilliant 7 igtt on Late Erie of the iOth of September, 1813. ? < -J The furTi*or* 9( the Lake Erie VActrtry, Wtr iC'ty-Mven'sM ail:ternary oi Perry's victory en ieke ft-e waa celebrated ye-oerday at Cleveland, Ohio, hi ? very enu.i manner .u ihe inaugural ion 01 tt? ?Kvaamental int<it tp memory of Commodore Oliver Hazard Ferry c.e biro of that Laval ban e. Ibe city oVtteveiand vraa overrun with parlieipactn in the aitair, en . #f tbo process m pet-wed 10 review the helcoo-e-i ert w r.done tf the houses cn tfcs r?r. te of narmw srr crowned with smtiui, fares, tot to speak of the hi* erf llt'le boys on th-street '?mp poets, trees ard ??ore a *?.??,K?. Am Mf mose who took ar active part n the ceremonies w tc/s.t s .rvlvi -e of thrt n isoorab1* battle, a largo de M-gsAsscof veteraa soidie t of IM2, a body of one the j. sa-'id members of Ifcc Maaor.k: fraternity, Cor. Spragcr, of **Aode Ulau I, ard star Bishop nark, of Rhode Island: ?*r. Bar licit. Secretary of Mate, Rhode Island; Gov. Dsn vSmk of Ohio, and stall 0. It. Perry of Boston, ami Mrs Vintcn, or New ?crk (tho two latter ohildren of Com. ?xmore Ferry) OlUxui military companies, the Iron t dm light nan try, with the I'roridendS American band, Eclwortha band, of ibis city, and ten other bands; A. ?egat.oi.s from Rhode Island, BitUlo, Kocbester, lie, Sandusky Toledo, Columbus, I'Hlxburg. and all tho prominent towns cf Ot'.o?In aH not less than thirty efcsnaaad povnon*. ?' We're met the se'tny and they're ours." W:iD<FS, fair Cleveland's shady bowers: Thanks to tbe k.nd ITottc'.ng Dosrers f or gallant Perry' Be llree. while Frie. laves rte shores, Hero of ?nsl The .taugural ceremonies st the statue, In the public swoare. oont sled of addressee by Mayor Center, of Ckivo med He Geo Bsm-roft, of New York, and by Dr. Cue her ! "are ore, of I'rov idence, one of the last surrlv log eomirissiooed ottoers of the battle, and the surgeon of fhe Lawrence. Ibe ceremonies commenced by a prayer oQcred by the Chaplain of the day, Her. Dr.(J. B. Jerry, of Natchee, Mas.m'i p., followed by the unvc.ting of tbc statue, by Mr * a'.ou'.l, the uliat. This event was the signal of turner seeQlhoein.-'tn, the salute of artillery, the waring | of banners. and the sound of patriotic musical airs from J tbe dozen er mere military bands present. Mayor Renter accepted the monument in beba f of the ?Itj of Cleveland in an eloquent address, from wh.cb we make tbe following extract ? flciissL* u' ran Cowmrm?As Mayor of the city of Cleveland, and in beualf of Is Trustee*, I hereby av?tit bom ym this mem rial statue of <'?.mmod.ire Oliver Hi iard f'rrry. I" be ivr this our goodly city an ornament, ead incur citizens an honor for all coming time. Tbe :s*A ropce-1 upou yeu has km thoroughly and cum plef y Cero. From the ttrst rougS sk-u ii laid before tho t#l KMy Crane I. Nome yearn Nince, to Ihe prrh. nl boor, when yeu here prueuDl thw elegant ni?n itu.-nt as the c .mple U? rf your labors ami the fuldimrnl of your trust, you neve any ynurselvoa to your duties with a real akin to Ektrtooem and it wul not, I truat, when the days ol your v-s merge into the twil.ght of dot'-h, be among the least gratefsl rf the rem utacenee* of the oast, that you hare w-ei. so uslT imonlal u to ibe rity of your home ? . elegant a work ol art, and ?? etidurio< a mem' rial of great d?ulk Mon,. I o*< vr, a* therr n.ev . hooor at to you lor lite ..f. mi Iiahtni-ul of Una a rk, i le wowd oi pralae w due n'su to our fellow citizens, the M-serr .ones, wbo have w.tb surh good judgement ear. rid out. nay more, ant ui| md thi u>?. iu and a ao.w of I be eon>. In- i.U?r st tliry have displayed n tlie ? ?rk. ae.l the ooetgy thrv hare sbowu In sur to. ,ct nr the ? n?tnries in the way of its prompt rowple tw:, cbaraeterLe and .etab.tsh tbolr acre a? th ? mn?t - opts t .earn! -".leering rramfeNtatione of publ'.y Vplrlt" the naaies of tins.' whose a,most divine may cat.,.n an t . anusilwiy sk:.fui bauds hate d'Stgut and<l*e?pf liuruan grvy *>ea itr ard s'-ength, nod wbo have rtr. rdeJ the acts of hemes in never pn?b?''e iconum 'Us. bar.- ever l > :,d a pia-e !n t t rr. as m.-n wbom gemua has l Mkw own Qui it be tben, that Itni name of Wa. 'ill will be Rrgotleo, wi.'le the image of b^nutn and bravery no Jir itely grand, ?t r?"bie and no tterfert, w'tbefande tbe attacks of the ele e.rnte or while mere, ry endures- It plt-.jkvi me sol so t.> bel'err Tbe breezw that Ihsiied thj N? kt of theyo .infu'' commas l?r, oo that deek covered with me d a,I e:. d} ing, p'sy ee fre?vy now ar^ uid his Kilbllfiil brrw, in thlv green park, in which r,.-Ugtil is v a. tie save tlte Mukbns of life and peace. Tee waters thai were tber redd-bed wth the blood eg pair <ta. r. m ma. - d wth iba?''a powerful Me, el ill t .we as then, aeiet ibe ten rt the bvr<< llttag, bnt by tbeahoren iooo whr-b rieadn the rrarblc fonn of tbe her> d* vt. Tbe w cda tket waited the |e<nyr f.rvV (reward to dead'y -tr.fe, bk-w now ar bra but ibes till no aaile but tbuer of bigv arg ? .eof usamstiv. sua proudly will tire gallant man , iter who walkr tbe deck, p 'pl, ae he Is b >rns atoug, lo tbe ty Utal has tbita boaon-d tbe name an l the fame of a a hero brd*cr. h id may you be, felloa cltia Uai this day Its oomr to you, for su ?h eomes not, erne tbe life of mrerr man Here are gelt, ered tog-tber fir tbe time s nee thai day o' okrod and oarnige and vclory, turn wbo parted Soar rod a dh w< unde and wear,ad with strife for their country ? honor and tb. .r ooialry'e yssnj. It a a prdud day for Ibcm and for you that toe jset ard ihe p. rant may Ih'ie meei to do honor to tbe ?!. wig oi ? .l'.,d pro-id fr.r them t. at their eyes may rest upon this tesi.mouial of a g:al> ful p>eterity, and pfc J fit yrj that II le perm tt-J you to pay your re Specif i,j them " Lem before tbey d, part to re- aire their eternal reward ''or the r pair otism. Here, this day, meet an etdrr and a y> mger sitter n tbecimfederacy. The ooeae grevU tb-" i*ke. and both joia Uwh wiib Ibebee .t.f.. river in Ibe shadow of ILe macm,rial monument ft brave tebrv'er M Uk I'atoo Hitliar have cnwie, irooi the bills ?r tbc rati aaJ lr >ro tbe plaioa of tbr Irvm c tg aud few. tew i fr. m tbe shop and the Ceid. the noble aed tbe lum>'e of tbe land White hairs I bat were black is tbe days when the greet dee.Is we commemorate were are mmg ed jt tbe crowd before mi w.tta thune that crown tie !a that bave nougbi save s prrorst sat a *i lo-e Tbe kindly face of the malum who bade her boys l-od speed when the drum best to eras l ?>ks up by tbe of ihe yosmi ?r one wboee hr.khl eye beams wth ?oeddent h"iw that ate too may as bravel) do the of beg lime en 1 W frr.eretlon The ? ib)ert is er. ilees tn le -? geel.. ns but time peasee and yem will allow me, fellow ctltfWM ear yo wal drmend ef it* that I give place to the sifted man our c .set to whim tbe b:t iory of tbe pant in as fbmiiiar an the events of tbe pre sent aal wfmw ? rv fui pen has made th" record of brave tecihl mors attractive than ibrtlllng C tUw a Mi ens atr wee played by ime of Ibe military baa le ? '?r skti II n tiiern Ibsucrmt delivered tbe foliuoia. ??*' or ? ?'?> or i, ?">, frtnw On.""" o? Tno t'orTn <?r,if*?? i*?on ?. o.r c MBlrj J> o?t a bur.Un to i>? oh -au J, out ?? MU ?4hl? r (bt whiflb wo ?r U> oaoorl and a mcr*4 duty nhieb wo oro to lulttl Tho boron ,<t Ib-oo ?bn t, manly boitlo bar* Mood op h>r tbo a'ral o*.otot!r<< of id* e*lKxi, ?I t r row tbo f r.wtoot proof of ibotr b>?o i > t by paillliug Ui<.r Itrog n llo dofbaoo,6? ?rrf to h# .???rwiirnv.ratal by ? r<? ?, u,*i tbo 0*1 doo?-o of tbo if Of too may ho >tw fi-?.at to u? oy? of tbr r"> ? to Hy 1 t ?tu i>? oymr*?u? ? Hi Ibe r *01 rto. ?<- m?o glory < ir >??. by oorm put itf tbo r ret >?? with lo?o. wo rooowr |i oorOWo BrrortO tbo t gorrago * b wbirh thry f-owrt and gar it- "on. I ny -nr* i? < ? thol OlMhmlkt pjWOr * I11 m to w Mttr ih ' r "itioplo QUMM . f f '"rotor f, Mfctil m b purp-?t .b t.?d M or?u. n iB*<r uwo , i" ? tool r 'wur Bt.1l1ror.-t by tbo | %to-..ii? oroi ftiutu wV< *0 bMioo "f U ?tr taio ?? 1 -1 U r -t by lb* o. oiMiag rorrty of thnr orinw-i irolrwiiorr, itara rn-'Od to mowuarot ol. < to ho- I-at P.-en aorotlod. lb ? -rw ? <? nr., ,? a*?rn.l>>,d I,. I' II, .aut.i. ? bo t oil. (??>?' 10 Mi. 1 awte 111 ttoo Ma? of iti ? poopto <i#t >uio. FM .Jab onu 01 CMoaoawmilii by ib? r Oooroot of vata ?"OB o b <1 w,tb ? orly oil 'h. otdor l'aiiod -:t??o, %r l ? I tbr t vwt h yhl;- Otrlllsad OaualTtM of tbo a Til Tb t I moo Of ttooiroi.. atoro OCO |o Hi fowl in it." "'d On ar >1, oc'l o l Ih. .>iot<> to tbo cortb of it, Ui lb Del rati ?K? % .1 IrouoJ, ,0 tbr iborian prmaaoto, a lroo< In riAiy *!?? of OH tao ro'il rri to. l? OtoO, oopori Hr In ? ? raasy. ?? thol ,0 ,11.thin .0 tb" a?ot?ftoo' airily of t unoo Hiv a tb Irwin ad frnodowa, on Word 000 bo uttarod nab. -?rt nf tbo .-.irobsl w rl.l for ri* 0 ?od nb-rty. b-. aay rlo a It a a foj> i. uitortal of yoor ?- o n It ,t lr?t 0 or <f fa ir f 0* 'othnra of wbmn y m "I past tfcol-L" tro-1. on 11'.# b.rit of VtrgH VUI b? IMM WW y?.-d.0Mbip of wir fr"*. k a tar aly w h Ibora ? i j ?mfc .?], who oi" to toko tbo owly w.ttUir f or,-or " 'or wtot our roaolot ou.ry f,(.? r- I'ftral from tin tatty pa a00 nf o bow io. on -ap.r.. toy laoitikg o. I -?* i n? m ?ailal paoyb- to oooatiwit ? frOB and nfloJ '? raooy Ubio rioaa hofhro tbo trorW a? iho ?h..-at: Witevoo to o* Kwrtoow raolpy at tbo J"? > BHMi prfoo'ido. A . oaaat/nwooftb yauagor 10 yoort tbao too whoaddroawB yoi. iwt kmg ago baaing at tio. hlo otaioBM hot la tb" oo*i?raol wgpnaB. n.a n inh*rg o raaBt or lOTgo a nopalotiM 00 tbot <4 oil l. m 1 a ?t gOTO o.rth to Rolotfh ood Mason. oo4 &oa^t?wro. ra nog OP 10 .-ootluuoao attoapta at -..loo t lag Aaori.a i ok ooo 01 bar .itbo itoau glo-' ln.? 10 tboff- 1 of tow own tal Hbo poraor 00 aooith tbot a at bo coapjtrd by . h'. uaaela of miBmaa, ood hor frugal lad not/ oob, and b?..f...;oot pr. pio, at oaoo doriog aod prnloot, aafot torod 1 .?o uoo of tbolr fbmli 00, root i-00 10 ootrrprioo do not owiwnuor tbo aeeuMolotrfiro nf tboir ndottry la wo.1 ai,.iw, bat or*r go ob to rowdortbo oortb |ro*..-t to - /r$ h?gyf/B< gad mora ooarab - at to aar nii> m vh^v . ? lha. ?????!?* *>ro?? c- ^WK6...-lZir* ;cwa ^lU> "W I ry >i crtaur', e Jfi ?*" ' ?? 1 >?*' :he* tt oh'**1 ??"" - ail ^ ' , ?rat **' ..gland ten r?>*ed *m* tbil' oon' I . HfloreiVl, eodow xg aud ?detaining . Oon?cw- tli,j ptner aemiuarten of learning. ] .? of iti dynamic tower of mmd .e acton aa tte . I fortreMen 'do keep* no Handing army but that ol fc?r Hto^i tea.dera, of whom the payn mora than 1 tweet? tboufutd ih provide# a library for every aobool I amir let she oouitu among her citizen# more than three buudrcd tt -tan.t ni-n who can bear anna, and aba tea m r? than twice that umber of children reg wered aa tt.dtnta in brr public acboota. Heie tte purity of do ne tt?: morale if maintained by the virtue and dignity of ' win...L. In tte ueart of the teinparata zona of thia conti nent. n the laud of the corn of wheat and tbe vine, the i elded daughter of the ordinate of feventaan hundred and cia'Ltr gcT'io, already the young mother of other common u?t tea, that bid fat# to vie with her in beauty, nee* in her Krt ei.nvee and glory, crowned with ciliee. and t hai e&ftf ;Ce admiration ol the world. Hither would coma the political eoepttc, Who, n h.e deepalr, if ready to p trend the ship of State, fcr here he may learn how to guide it eafely on the waters. -hould aome Biydcrn Telftmachne, heir to an 'eland empire, touch . there ahorea, here he may observe the vitetity and nreagth of the principle of popular power, late from tbe b<<ck of exper'ence the leeson that .a public affair* great ard happy roaultn follow in proportion to re lib in tne effl ca- y oi that principle, and loarn to rebuke id advised et-LKtllGni who pronounce the mast momentous and Certain of politics! trullus a delusion md a tailors. Ton anniversary of the peat action of Oiive? Hazard Perry Is ?el apart for .iiaugurai-n^ a monument to nis fame. tVho ' Lis not heard bow gallantly, forty seres years ago, the young hero, it.11 wuak i'roui a lever, led his Wtadrou to tattle? Ah If shield d by a higher po ver. he encountered death on his right Land, deatfcen h.s left, ever in advance, alnr.oet aloue lor tsro hours Ogb'.ing hts ship, till it be -arrc a wre- It. ?o thvt bat *ue of us gone 0> i Id 00 used ary 1 i for, ?cd uure than four -fifths of b I erem lay aroc J hiru wounded or itilied; then, on termed, standing a* banned h.s spirit, he pass ed .n a hout to the Yiniojurcd s'uigira, unfurled t h Lug, bore down w .tL.u pistol shot of h e ene my, poured into theiu broads.des starboa'd and hroadsiri-a port, and while the s n was still high above th ? h< rlx >n, left no o8.:o tube done but that of mercy to the Tanipfehed If the comparison does not seem fanciful, 1 will roll h ji conduct during lUcta event ful hours a complete lyric poem, perfect in alt its parts. Though he was carried away and raised above hlm-eif by Lhe power with which he was passessed, ibe pass, in of L.s inspiration wrt tempered oy the serene self posses sion of his fsuit'ess courage hs will nad the winged ra ji dity of fiery thought, and vet observed with delibe rstcness the combinations of nannooy and the propor <foe tions o' oicasurod order. Nor may you osiit due bosors to the virtues of the unrecorded dead, nor as mourners who require consolation, but with a dear peroeption of . the glory of their end. The debt of nature all mutt pay. ? To die, if need lie, In defence of the country is a common obligation, it Is granted to few to exchange life for s victory so full of benefits to their feliow men. These are the disinterested, unnamed mar tyrs who, without hope of fame or gain, gave up their lives in testimony to the all pervading love o" country, and left to our statesmen the lesson to demand of others but what is right, and to Hubmit to no wrong. ??Wo have met the enemy." were Perry's words us be reported lbs result of the battle. And who was thai "enemy?" A nation speaking another tongue? A elate abandoned to the caprices of despotism ? ' A people to human freedom? No! they were the nation from whom moat of as sprung, using the same copious language, cherishing after their fhshloa the love of liberty, enjoying internally the freest government that the world had knows before oar own. Bat the ex ternal policy of their government had been leas controlled by regard for right than their domestic administration; and a aeries of wanton aggressions upon us, useless to it oy England, condemned now by her own statesmen and judges as violations of the law of nature and the law of cations, forced into ? conflict two peoples whose com mon sympathies should never have been distsrbed. And is this asgrerslve system forever to be ad von Bos tired by her rulers? Bow long Is the overshadow :tig aristocratic element in our government to stand between the natural affections of kindred nations ? Even now a L'ritioh minister, whose past career gave hope of greater fairness, Is renewing the old system ? ciperiments nn 'ue pueti ile contingency of the pusillanimity, the lndiffer nee <>r the ignorance of some future American admlnn-iration, and disputes our bound ary in the Northwest, thi ugh the words of the treaty are too plain to be ptrvtrted, and though the Called states claims no more than the British Secretary of .-tale who offered the treaty explained as Its meaning before It was signed British soldiers are now encamped on port of ?t? territory which bears the name of Washington With a mod' i alien that should have commanded respect, the United States waived their b'tier claim to Vancouver, and even to any part of it, thinking It conducive to lifierent i peace to avoid two jurisdictions on different parts of the same island, and in return for this forbearance, the Bri t lab Minister, yielding perhaps to the selfish clamor of a trading eon i?oy, as much against British interests as against American rights, reproduce# on an Americas island the inconvenience of divided occupation, which it war the very purprsc of the treaty to avoid. II' the ham of the American seaboard Is in part the echoof.ten- i tunents liom abroad, here the unmixed voiee ot America may be biard, as 11 pronounces that it Is too lat to wrest territory from the United (Mated by pre var cation, by menace or by force. Prom the English dockyard! it la a long voyage to ban Juan; the only good land rut.le acruaa the continent lias Mouth of lake Su perior; in a few years there will bo throe Ohio's on the ill-tree of It'' P.k iflc. It is England's Interest, oe well as duty, to tlve cft. ct to the treaty aa It was Interpreted by V. own ll.nlster to ours Your voiees ue this memor able day give the instruction to our own government to abide t j the treaty faithfully, on the condition that Bri la.: wiU do the same, but the treaty must bind neither partj- it b< l!. ovist ' ? ill good faith or cancel led The w u who h-'Lor the mum >ry of Perry will al wa>. know how In defend the domain of their country. Has ary i uropean beca mi?cunni ng the rtrergih of this nation, by aubetitutlng n reminiscence of ? r feeble eon federation for tee present (lite lent and al most perfect orgauiftn of the body politic? Has any '?'tigo ii? been so foolish as l? llatrn with credulity to the ta'it of impending dlaun.-'O Every man of the people vi (>hKi. this great central highway of uatioool travel, wld, a it tout one exception, ten the ' ilumnlaU r or the unb.d en r that 11 u ices of discs lent an. >eg us arc but l? evifwcen' vapors of MB'a breath; that our little domestic strifes are no more in in m>>meutary d.alurhan us ? u the turlace, ea?.ly settled among onraelvee, that I'. if the Ue ion wound its cords m< taaoiubly r<" nd the wb< 1c American wople Bo then our ImI word ? hail be or the I i .'Ml. The In Ion wil guard the lame of ta Msskri, and evermore protect our entire territory. it w,l' kep ai re ftr mankind Uie beacon ligbu of popu lar liberty sud power, it will diearade nale na .0 a .UK of unr.penoa fiotn attempting to found republican govern ra- nts l litre tin ) spting up naturally by an toward law. and its might) heart wnl throb with delight at every true advance in any part of the world toward republican happiness and freedom. TMo followed .students of the battle of Lake Erie, by Dr. l iber Pars ?*. Masonic Ci'remanow by the Grand Matter, Mora:e N. Blokes, of the Grand I edge of ??hJo, to.; wed br a aosg by oeetaa E. Dodge ami Masonic cbolr, concluding with a grand naval stock battle between op prang equalron* on lake tile, within full view of Cleve .and, eet resent.ig the battle of lake Erie as fought on the 10th of Mepiunb;r, IMi, by the gallant Oouimudors Perry. Cl KVIVIM or Til BATTLE. Amoa* il Mrtitort of tbe battle of lake Kr e are the f? i-i ,.k _( aj ia'd Stephea Oiaaaptia, l*. S N. ,a natlva el N lb hi.gaUu , vie UUi. l, bom Norraber, 17*0 ? amua of (oattarxtcra IVrry In iba war at lau bo enieru' Uii bat/ m .? 'ail mr Mar tar, and oommaadad a a ii b??t at N"?| ort Mr rac-i?r<*.t with Perry to S?. ketl'4 ('arbor and il*? lo I aba Erie lie commanded the fl 'rtoa 111 ll <- #i , afniienl and fired the firat aa<l taat Kui a tl e battle. Coogri?a preaeated bin a lb a ? worJ H -er> ed na tbe lab' a throughout I be war. aal waa at Trielj wa uded ?cd takea (TUamer m a kht witb the iii'iiai i ear Ma krnaw H ? wofiad liaa partially dtaahted b in ? rtwf bta who!* lift ?.aee In IWt haromwNaded t' e Kt lot, . t New Y k la ISM be be I cbar r of the r?*? i a at I' Ralr Id ISM be took entamaixl of the tt?u .i sc. Ii^tao ca lake Erie. lie la aow oa Uk reserve in i.ader i II pay It I abar I'aiaooa, Satgeoa at tba battle of Lake Erie, war bora la Y rk couatj . Mtloe. and eoterad the oarjr aa furfoe'* male at the *?? of 31. <hi lb# Job* A it ma. ta l?tl The "(fen and err* rolm leered for lb# lak* Mr Tx-r aad n .n#J l>rr> *4 frit ta Juar, 1IU Or. far ????? received a i vmmiae'.nd ta full aurfoo* afi?r the bat 4i#. la 1*11 be waa ?-d#rod to lb ' Java, an l la l?li went to the Mtdlletraai'ae. II# aubte^oeotli obtain# t leave of aba cue# and ttudiad la the tn?li at arboola of I aric aid looduo Return log In thiarnualry, ho iraa aut' n#d at Char tea low a Nary Yard.and while there vat appelated fr of trior of Aaatooiy ta Dariatorth College A (tor a j'-ai or l*o be rettled la general pra ttloe la Pro vidence, aad naa | i?inl#d I r<rf.oa tr la Nrova I nlver ?Itjr. Rv boa rre 4 tb#r# rver alar#, eieeptiag on# winter tp?i t Ir. Philadelphia ta I'rofeaoer in lb# Jefteraea Mid oal ttilieg*. and on# winter in Part* and Ism Ann lie re*gr.*d bta ceuiantaioa lu tbe narf la 1*33. hteing bold It more than t#n roar# He atarrM, la 1*33 M try J,, da-gbler ot R?v Ahlel I lot wee. ft ft , ef Cambridge Vaa* . a bo died la 193*. leaving on# ton. IV I ara-na I* aolbor of aeroral otodioal work a. a vol .to# nr. dieeaa* of a#? far ing aaen drat published la 1*33 nae on the art of making analnm.ral preparations, Ibid, a volume of Bnr'atna aad flake Prla* taaaya, 1*3* lie tit nrote lb# I if# of Mr William Pepperrell. Sketch** of the I.ivee of fmlotnt Physician* of Rhode laiaad. and tev?ral bator -\l and medtoal pamphlet# H# reretvel ib? honorary degree of A M from Htrrard aad Brown, waa tar three year* President of the Rhode Ulead Medical itvlrt/, aad la IW3 war elected f ret Vice free.dent of the A Birr Iran Medwal Association Another aarvivor la Mr Hwra fergeot, of tbwtoa, who waa a Ml lor oa the lawraacie H# waa a eedaer <m hoard, aad (red the ladt goa prartoaa to the ahaadoaaMmt of the .Ilea bird (hip. It waa be who, aa the hnai r tab it off from the reaael. haaded tbe Sag la Omimod <rr Perry, I matedlately ptaeed n arrnaa hi* ahooidar* aad dl j rented ^# men la p*J towards lb# Ktagara John Cha.'maa. who flred the irtt got from the Quae* tbariotte. aa th* British aid*, re*idea at Hudson, OhH tiimt or ourm itrtu rgwar. Thia brave at* idir waa bam at Nswpart, Rhode la'ar* a A foot. 1TW BU fhlhtr wai an ofl*r ia thp | Valed btaus r?Ty, mi the ton, Itiharllieg j,i? fotuei's Cdwra."* Md laelinatMa, soon exhibited a laste for naval --r\j amiRf,.?:" ' pursuits. He w- jfr ZZ" and great anerg) of ch*-actor, Mi la 1T#6 tutor?\ the navy m midshipman, and wm attach* to a aioop or**, commanded by bia tothar 1? W*f WW i? Oommodorc Roger*' squadron, than engaged In enforoiug Um embargo act, and during ihia pariod he w?a married to the daughter of Or. Maaoa, af Newport. In ISIS he waa promoted to the rank of muter ^, commander, and waa put m command of J b?ato at Newport. Friday, no .aaM^ of getting to aea or in Ktivg joTYloe on the aeab?ard, he volunteer cdjfor the la*# serriew, and '.n January, 1812, te repaired tq Lake Erie and reported hlnnu with a r amber of efceere and n few men to Commodore Chauncy, the naval commandnnt on tboee watera. Commodore Chaancy gladly availed himself of the eervtoae of an otfictr of l'erry'a rank and known spirit mid mat, and at once placed him in the petition where bin energy could have a dotd for tia diaplay, by reocivlag the appointment of oemmandant of the squadron o Lake brie. Among the dot*-' devolving upon b:m waa the superintendence la the building of addlltoual vcseeln, preparatory to un expected encounter with iue Brktth Beet, Kim cruising on Lake Erie. The poiitlon now given to FVrry waa ene of groat retpousibllity. In a few mourn* be built two additional veMoia at Uie town of Erie, atd in Auguat of the aame year aet aall in aaairb of the enemy. Hia heel consisted of two large brigs, the lav-rente and Niagfla, of tweaty guaa each, and ?even .smaller vessels, having in all Ifly four guns aud eix hundred men,-a large number of whom wore back woodsmen, who had never before aeen a ship. The Br: liah beet toori?'.ed of aix large veaaela, amounting id \.. to aixty three heavy gun* and eTgbt hundred moa. It waa commanded by Coasmudore Barclay. a veteran otf ccr, who had loet an arm at Trafalgar. Ccrmo.o-o Ferry, who ccinmauded the American beet, wai at th e time but Iveuty eight yeare of age, and had never fought or eoen a battle. The British fleet waa represented to he invinc.ble; but that question remained to be disgusted with powder and ball. Ou (he mr ruing of the 10th of September, 111). Com modore Frrry descried the en< my, and gallant y bo.-e down upon him. Hia flagship, ftbe Lawreuce, led the van, with her banner bung to the breeze, and infer:bed "Don't give up the ship." The other Trmuki of his beet being too fhr in the rear to do service, ibe Lav rence poured her broadside* Into the Bri.lsh beet, and received the return bath riet of (be entire fl-et far | nearly two boure, in a fearfully exposed poeition The ' conaequence waa, the Law rem e waa cut to pkcee, her 1 guns dlameunted. and source a dozen of her men re mained who were not either killed or vrounde.1 Yet Perry would not currcuder, but at tbla criais entered bis boat, with lout half dozen of hia men who were still uninjured, and bearing hia bag on hia shoulder, passed nadrr the Ire of the enemy's guns .over to the Niagara, brought her at once into the action, and breaking through the British line of ship*, rake J them at pistol shot with both broadsides. The eilect on the British fleet was torrible. Commodore Barclay struck hia colors and surrendered. The American loss in killed and wounded was 123, and that of the British BOO, while 600 British that survived were token prisoners The victory waa nglorious achievement for Perry and for bin country. It saved the then Western frontier from pillage and Its inhabitants from Indiscriminate ?tt , and gave to the United States the free ooesmaroe of the great chain of northern lakes | .'he following is tbe laconic epistle sent by Perry to General Harrison, Inform lug him of the victory ?. Unas Gowlal?We have met the enemy, and they are ours. Two ships, two brigs, oae schooner and me sloop. Youre, with grunt respect and esteem. 0 H. PERRY. This was Perry's tret action, and be won it by skill and valor. He was promoted to tbe rank of captain, re ceived tbe thanks of Congress and n medal, and like marks of honor from tbe Senate of Pennsylvania Perry Joined Gen. liarrieon after the battle of lake Erie, and was present at the battle of the Thames, October 5. He ?ubeequently commanded a body of seamen and ma tinee in tbe iviomac, when V.rginla and Maryland were invaded end afterwards commanded the frigate Java. In 1616 be sailed to the Mediterranean to ndjimt aftaiis between the United States and Aigtera. A personal dif ?cully there with a com mane ant of marinas led to a duel, which was fought near thli city in 1816 The of Ccer of mailnee mweed his aim, and I'erry flrcd in the air. la 1819 Commodore l'err\ aallcd lor the West Indies and a cruise under sealed orders, and in August, 18J0, be died just ss his ship entered 1 ort Spun, Trinidad. The metal a varded to Irrry by Congress sfter Uie bsi tic of lake Erie our* en lbs obverse a portrait <h Perry ' and tbe words "cNiverua H Perry, prineeps s??gro Prtenae, otaoeem totam ouoludit, on inn revere.- a repre ' natation of the fight, and the words "\ era invent! vir tus aut far it, inter class Amen, et Mr It. die X Hep. ; micopxiu.-? Twoof O mmndore Perry'e children survive b!w end were present at Cleveland. Thoy area eon?Mr O ? Perry, of Icwell, formerly a lieutenant in the United States Nary, but at present tbe agent of toe M?idb*w>x mills, of Iriwell, Mem ?and to# only daughter, now wire ef Kev It. Melon, of Brooklyn DksCKirnoM or thx statvi. Tbe eutue that was inaugurated yesterday was made by Mr William Walcott a native of Oh,o. but a resideot of (hie eity The statue Is eight Test ta height, sad stands upon a pedestal of Rhode I tan J granite seventeen feet la bright ao that tbe et tire be gbt of the monument la twenty tve feet. It itaada ta toe 'entre of tbe public park of Clcvrtaad. and i ommanitg , view of toe lake that was toe aoeoe of Perry T exph te The statue is cat from a blank t f pure white SMrble flin a Vermont quarry Tbe propriety at pise lag it upon Rhode Is land granite te apparent when toe fort is noted that Perry was a native of that state, and that hia fellow ofheera were cbie6y Rhode letandere. Ga the front of toe pedrotal it a medallion rt|iu?llag In boa relief in mini lure tbe battle at that puiat of t'mt when Perry penned la a small beat from hh d Web tot ?hip, too Lawrence, and transferred bw flag ? Ooa't giro op the ship" to the peak of the Nwgsra. The muoumoet has betu erects t at a coot of 916.(00 Oar Cleveland Catrrapoiarfenea. Ci ?t*ui*n, rata, Sept 1,1M0 0"1roderr Prrnft &etw ? 1ke Inaufu. alum at Clem land? Large Ckweewrw ef Veefie?dreieal ef the Goner nor rf KknU ItlamJ and (Mm thattaamitked I uteri, d*. Thera bar* beea numermia err lead by the ralireadfi ud Ink* boai? in day, and tbc hoapttality of lb* Obt? lander* ad tb* capacity of the hotel* are belaf labd by Ibe thouaaada who bare already row to participate la the na figuration ftmnocm on Moo day Should the oolJ rataelorm which bow pre v* la (tire place to Ibrora bte weather, aa imnenae gatherlag la anticipated. Peroral military oompaaiee bare made there appaaraaee. and the ClerelaoU Light Guard, Bad other military rapt m?at*of tbacity, bar* beoo engaged la faceting them to the quarter* TV encampment of Ibe miliary on the Fair ground* eommenced the afleraooo All Um feoem raetoatap the trotting track aad the ebow nag hare beeo takea down, aar tb* aatira eaatero port toe at tb* ground! te aow clear. Two of the large ball* are fitted ap for diaiag room*, aad aaothar ball la aaed aa a kitchen. Company P, of Buffalo. arrlred on the lake Skit* train the tnoroiDf. The Cleveland Urate. Captain Paddoofe, war* drrwa up oo tb* aouth aide >4 tb* depot to reeettr* aad eeo rt th<m i< tb* Amrrioaa Houee Artillery Com panv A fired a aalute aa the train arrlred the Brace Light Utiarde. of Punk irk. are rxpected to morrow. Am ng the dietlngutabed puaete who bar* airaady ar rlred are hia Kierlltaey Governor ?m PenuWwn aad ataff raptain Champiln, laited State* Army, who omu man led the Scorpion at the battle of Lake Krie, Bee Pr Vinton, of Brooklyn, N. V nod hie wife, who w toe only aurvlvtec da igbtrr of Cm a "dor* Prrry TV Ooreraor and ataff hare their headquarter* at tlie Napier B- aae Governor Sptagnu, of leant with ha ataff mtmheru f the Rood# falaad I eg t* latum and Ibe IVivt ,;rnr* Light tafantry. with tv l>i,er Parana* (?<o? of Ibe fi ur gurvivor* of ibe haltie), aa tbelr g-rut, were egpoet ail by the a<<rr Ing, but did arrlra uatll evrning, owing to a fallur ef (be tile train to nounart at IHinklm. They were rrreired witti military boo on at the d.?p.>i, by lb* Lirbt Guard In 'tee are uniform Capta.a Handfned and the ?.ray a P J Ihrkman Fj . I a Induced Uoreraor Sprarue. *?'. ilani Graeral i*rr i.t.* aad other* of Ibe Rhode leiaad tekgath n to Ooreraor Pennlaoo and ataff The curate were then taken tain carriage* aa I coo ray ad to the Atyier, whilt the t.igbt Guard aad Gray* eaeortod the lYortdeme military to their quarter* TV Way ae Guard, ef Frte and Pod worth ? hand Chp taia 'bampi n ana "there am name up i w arrlrlng a* the Angler Una Harvey Rice atroducd Governor ^rag a* to Governor Pmmaoa aad pi iwanted the two (jmrraor* to the military and Yrowd in tbo etreot from the^^onr Gerrrni^eaniano then welcomed the Rhode Mead giieeta la the Mtowtap aneeh ? Goran woe ?e**cr* ?f perVrm with great iilmeiire the duty which ha* been aaatgned to me, of wrk-ommg yoa aad your raeort to the city To welcome you anew ua, at any lime aa the rbief Kremtlra of yonr ratrtoUedtaU. wbeoe fame w onaaa ited watb man* of tb* moat brtlltaal era leer meet* *f IV Amertraa ana*, aa land aad aea. aad ?hoe* triumph* m peace bar* h**a no Mp than .a war. would give mm ihe rircereat KratidcstMo: tst IC Jo to L?T* HP* the baa brought us I^r^r "ftl. _' -Tjr>. ?<?? to Urn Amer * T?X.. *?* a*?*. muob It ??y hav* ???" "? magnitude, nor any I <* col*.??t,iK'D'x? of that aoUl- ?jf^u ?r u?e Aaaor~iai jB .ue.aiib* ?b- ~ .?ury character of our nation; la *>? ,;;v 10 itie defeat of the 8riW)? (or?ea la Jaiu al?? .i.~ ? ? varwi^u ,?? """"nemoraUoe 01 u*? firs. . ?n ia a general naval action with a powerful n~ ? Cn'ti or lbs a&ftt plaining dutlea that it haa bean my lortuaa , to din barge. I may not dwell upon the incident* of that . In illiaat victory, gamed by a youthful hero who had never ,

?res a naval engagement, and of which President llaluton toatly raid, "?t waa never aurpaaaed In loatre, however l ia>. ? It may have been io magnitude, nor nay I df.i'u the Vmor.oaa navy, 1 " n; laeontrt- ' Juudl. Uld Hie aeieiioi lav urnm** ftr ' in securing an early peace to our Wenterc SUaea and for rttorias. Theae will be given by the'. historian of our country (Mr. Bancroft), with whoae presence we are boo< red, and by the AsnlrUnt forgeou of the LaTfMhCe (Dr raraond, whose humanity nod shUi In the dlsohrrgo of hie official dutlea. have honorably uaociated bit uauie e .ih that of hla lihiatrioua oaptaln. To them dlatla- ' f .shed gentlemen, and again, to you, air, ia the honor* 1 representative of your noble State, founded on the Mead art principles of civil and religious freedom, and , numbering among her sons n boat of iUoatrtoue man whore deeds hare shod an imperishable lustre upon our I . ctautry?o your eeoort and the members of of the Legis lature of your State, on behalf of the patriotic citituaia an,', .he public authorities of Cleveland, and of 'he people ft this State, I tender a hearty and fraternal welcome to ? day. Gov. -hTuaii br?*y responded, expressing tae pe.?ure fcit by the Rhode islanders at meeting with their bre , tl r ii of Oblo in doing honor to the memory of one who, though by birth a Rhode Islander, had identified nia name w ith '.no '.istory ol the Northwest. f\ ith dept. Cbaanplin, this morning, came Mr. Azaei 1 tVilkinion, pliof rf the Ariel in the battle of Lake trie. It is intended that Capt. Champlin ahall command the , list c the mock battle In tbo procession, which will be formed at ntun o'clock, w iii be a fall rigged ship manned by sailor* of the war ot Tbe body of Vnlerans of 1812 will partake ot a public dinner at tbe Railroad Saloon,after theoeremooie*. i>odworttTe Band, employed by the Light Cuarl.w'U rivd a grand concert this evening, at the Academy of , Music. THE PRIMCE OF WILES. Attempt to Drag the Prince Under an Orange Areh by lain Force. THREATS BY THE MOB. STRATAGEMS BY THE ORARGEMEN. E\01HTiHT BILLS OP EHTEETUSmt. The Orame Difficulties Amicably Sett lied, he., Ac., &c. Torosto, Sept. 9, IBM. mien the Prtnoe ?u driving to church this morning, tbe mob aeixed the horses end carriage when they were i near the Orange nroh, end endoaTored by ma n force to . Otam the vehicle under the arch. Tho coachman reemted ' by every meane in hie power, the Duke of Newcxstlo en ! oouraging him, and, llnally, by lash mg the horae* and 1 using hie whip treely upon the mob, bo succeeded in die 1 jogjuBg the carriage and reach leg tbe rburc'.!. It u ir tb e attempt that made the Prince loaTe by the rear door. The Orangemen bavo erected three arohea over tho i?il? road to Collingwood, under which tho Prince meet ride ,n the cart to reach that place. It In by nuch etratagome that thin warfare la conducted. They held a meeting to night, nt which it wan debited whether they *ould cut the tiacen and drag tho P. inc/s carriage under the arch an be goee to the railway nut ion to morrow , hut It wan finally decided that a pa-ly of wen ahould aeize the hornet and lead them under the arc h, the mob knocking the coachman from tho bo* if reeUUnce waa offered Thin plan will tell through, ho near. the bills for provielooe for tbe Prtnce'e entertainment at varioul placet have been sent in; but they are ?o exorbi tant that Sanderson refuses to pay, end litigation it in evttabie. Tiriosio, Sept. 10?11 P- M. At t-gbi o'clock thia mo the Prluco started P>r Collibtwood, ninety five miles duiUnt, by spoiMi train, ?topping for a faw minutes nt inveral plac n ou the route. About twenty thousand people netembled at the depot to nee htm oil, and cheered him moat entb All along the rouU thounandr. of poodle neaembici, and ul ntvtial p aces ho received addressee. A aai! of about au hour's duration on inks Simcoe varied tbe excura.un. At the town of Aurora an Orange arch wan oroot -d "vev li e track, wh.cb the Prince obaerving. j-cularly call J ti e Duke of V-woastle's nlUuuvo to the dev>< is. Tbe Jan aid ilml they bad given the Orangem u a *'id) i*Ht .? ?*on. and no further war tak u ai the dv.uou atratu*. At the next Ftn'.ton, callei UoUand Undiog.n 4odce < r i-rang, men were drawn up, but their appsaranco ooiy ex -iled laughter among the suite and the tralu pa*ed on. In the meau'.ime tbe public here wa* surprised to Wru thet the Orange difficulties were eof-ely settle-l, aud s wendering crowd snrroouded tbe Orange nrcb, from which banners were being taken down. It afrrar* that oo Friday last the Mayor wrote a letter to the Duke, which the Duke refuted to upon. The UUer said that he apologized for net infbrm ng th- Daks of the placing of King William's picture upon the arch; that afterwarda he thought the raamm g*r who brought bis let tern to tbe Duke would mu.ota c the fbet, which the messenger neglected to do. and that still later, sbservlng that Oat holies did 1*4 object to Ujc picture, be thought It unnecessary to tay anything about it fie Duke retorted that neither tbe Prtnoe nor blmee.f saw say thing objeetmonbls Is the portrait of K'ng William, who wis a most tUuslrfous peraonagn, bat l bat tho Mayor himself had Informed tbem that it was regarded as a party symbol, Tbe Mayor then took tbe blame of the deception an bimenlf, and lb# Duke wrote the fotli wmg letter, printed c?>pwe of which were poeted in the alrtsU in order W alloy tbe eieitemeot ? Serurim Ho? m. TowwiJ. Popt J.1MI. Si??I am a too* rely anatoua that all the painfuleveots of the last few days shoaid be at oMc and f.iraver buried tn oblirton and nothing retnenberart but the brert sttrrtng scene whteh last night proclaimed m the w. -rid tbs unanimous sod snthustostte loyalty of the city of Toranh' It W a relief temy mtad that I ens, without any enrrtfice vt duty to the Proee of Wales, aoeept tbs apofogv which ts oflbved by your Wtter juet received, 1 can only hope that from this momeot all dlM-reocrn may as cimptctcly vaot-b from th# minds of others as they will from that ft. . Mr yner vary obedleat servant VKW -Af-Tl V. A note waa added, mylng that the Prfboe would re oeive the Ooaamoo Onaartl at ten o'ciook 10 morrow, w ?trad of this morning, as the Prtnoe started un isuaily nerty The loyal delegation from Belleville will probably be received at the same time, and this afternoon the Kngetoa delegation made apfdiealb* through Major ORtelly, one of the leading barristera, for s similar thvor, wbnfa wi'l probably be granted At eona ae this tolbrmntwrn wa? oooveyed to tbs Orange tn-'S.a apeclni meet leg of ibe Maal r? ef the lodges In this dutrtet waa held, aod it following reoslutlon was ai'opled ? Resolved. By Uw Montr* of tbe rarioue Orange lodges IB Ibe dMrvrl ef Toronto, that while eveoia bare irorntly ocrurrad tending to excite tbe Orangemen of tbn d leu let, we imioot but regret that a tie prm ne who are not In connect am witb tbe Order, ??r gftful of the sanctity of tbe holy Sibbath. dl-l^wrtbout "?wwbtor knwwUdge U Ute MeeU-r or the OnmnlUes auich has charge of the <vaogr arch, uUoe therm* certain benners, rurroptlttmntj obtained truui one or mora ef the Urange halls ef this c.ty, ?ad wb.cb banrers wrra tak? n do*r. at the direct: ei ef the (mate mas of the Arvh Oow.mittee, and oat, u repreuealed by urne of tbe rlty paper*, by ord c of the Mayer or police, and while regretting ihat an laMttutmo beec-i on OrrLied ailanhmrDt to the gorereigt and fidelity to thvcorr'.ltstlea.aa by lee eewbll#t>e?l,nti -aid bo alight ed by any aothi-i 11jr ?( the empire. We .anew hot at Ibe wim time eap-em onr hearty uuograt jiatinje at tba ar rival ef bis Royal ll>gbn**?. tbe I rtneeof Watae, among as Tbia difftcolty stay now, therefore, be considered set tied, and so all here teemed to regard ft, Ibr the uewe that the Orti f*wr of Port Hope had burned tbe !> be lo effigy was remlved with ejaculations of oca tempt, and fnremoot am-og the tbnman's who cheered Ibe Prince oo his relarn from Onl iog weed were me* who is suited bin yreteadsy T > nigbt the city M brilliantly Illuminated, a tar die play of firework* is la progress, aod a torchlight pmora ?tea ia parading the town Tomorrow tbe Prince dosser immeass day's work, par t let pal tag ia ae lees th ta eight celebrations. At Its req nest tbe people win assemble la the ampitheatrs a, Da at eleven o eluofe to morrow as be says It was slm?at dunk when be landed, and be wishes tone# so mage.reset a display again. Tbe loss of Mr Ingham, of the Jnwrf.* Dliratrsfed AV"U, euitted great f-epng bare, pnrtlcnlagly inwr the re porter*, Who bad knows htm hot fbr ? abort time, but to whom be bad early endeared biasaelf by many sets of kl" *"* Bmurms, C. W., Rept 10.1MB. A drputntlsn omMlnf of Its busdrad up to Toronto m a uau W uiurrow, 'o p< sent an address A Aa Prince. It * bo pea uiti iha frit x witl (Uli visit Bell' vile, an J there .* tit l.tlie doubt t-u every Aing nom-i be made agrMtoie. OUR TOROHTQ CORRBRPONPKNCE. ? Tciwkto, Sept. I l^UO . _ , k~*i and CmdHitrn?Ttsr. Tkt '>ra*pms?i? Pu*r Ce^.u... ^ ? , ( _ i Public ftttcimen' Cbneemcip tkew?** j lo . j, Rice It/*, Pvri He}K and Tjrcn'.o-Hu tin>Jiu ( nodfc R#tp>?M, <tc , do- ' The Orange M -maney persisted Is, j wniek ffavWtod tbo lauding u( the Prince a'. Kingston, operated with an equally un'orlunate reeu'.tst bit neat place of call, Belleville; for the Orangemen, whi bad pa raded themselves A tbat town whilo the royal itea^er remained In harbor, Wit by railway, to the number of about two hundred, at four o'clock on the "^rni-g foi lowiog ter dei-..rture, for the fame deaileaflou. No sooner did vbey arrive at Be'doi :ile, at air, than they In prooeMion, arrayed A scarf and badge, and marshalled by a man u> hariequ'n coaumc, with tneir band playing j arty tune* an the vanguard. By the cheers that met ibein here and there as tbey passed along, ;t wan cv.dont tbat popular feeling waa not opposed A them, although popular tguoranoe may have bad a good deal to do tbat. Thoy took up tbeir .piar tors at a bctci in tbe town, out of one of the win dowa of wb.cta tbey bung tbeir Hag. Tbeir prescsoe of c urve created m nch excltemmt among the populace, Lalf of whom ap; carcl to be in l'avor of tbs O.-ang -mca ' holding out, uK ito oi.ier ball of thorn giving iu, b it tbe wrarors ot the red am' yellow were brm to tbeir aiotto of "No "irrfDler Soon alter o ne o'clock tie Mayor went on board tbo Kingston to acquaint tbe Duke of N'ewosatlc wuli the re a iintl'-u of tb>. Orangemen to po.u ia the prouomioo If tbe Prince ianbul, as '?j to allow Aeir parti colored nruh, creeled .u one of the streets, to remain standing. 'tr h e return from tbis interview Ute Mayor mounted a platform and HMrMH4 AS psoitis. He aa 1 tbhe i iiad seeu tbe 1Hj*?, and neard tbat 'he Prince greatly re gretted tbat be mould not Urn an opportunity of feeing . Ae'.r town, more especially aa tbey b? i gon > to so moon ' trouble and expense io their dia.<<rai.-?>? A certain party present bail rendered itself obii-amua. an t for tbis rcanon b!s Royal Highness bad besn advised no! (i I -nJ CUBOI no. At n >,carter belre ten the Ktegeton loft the barer* ><i uer way to Cobourg. Tbe gloom occaaiunod b> tali overt was oppreeaive; tbe triumphal arobta bad been erect*.! u vain, and tbe loyal iobsbilnnia were overcome etith dis appointment. lue Orangemen returned to Kingston with ont disturbance, and I proceeded on to Oibourg, whore I found everybody on tbe tip-toe of expectation. Tri impla. arches, transparencies and other dericca wore abundant; voionteor cavalry patrolled toe streets: stands wurebuiil t. accommodate sightseers; As town ball ha l a beauttfcl pialfot m and canopy in front, and iiu iour nally beautifully dcocrated: and all promised well, hf the Orangemen of Ac plaoe bad agreed nut to parade the lu | sigma of tbeir pnrty. Darkness succeeded daylight, nod still no Prince cams; bet sborily before him tbe roysl steamer arrived, ana ws? saluted b> the Kingston Volnotaer Artillery. It was then announced that hit Royal Highness would land at ti n, attend Ac nit:/ens' ball, and bleep ashore at tbe Lous- of Mr. ihnlA. Ae 1'ustmaaier ?.eoeral. Accrditg ly, soon after tan Ae landing took place, and open carriages being in attendance for Ae illustrious vis.ter and aware, he stepped iniu one in loinpeny WtA the I bike and 'lovornor General, w hen to his surprise the b.-ises weee tirrn! aside and tbe carriage waa drawn to Ac town Hall by a pnrty of gentlemen of Aa place Io fbtl erea'ng costume. The doers along the line of route wore M|f| rous, on! must have ciauToued the heart of him for whom tbey were intended. An address was pre arntrd to him by Ae Mayor and Corporation, A which be briery replied. rar KIM. st ronnrso. He then entered tbe ballroom, which was tastefully ar range! and by no ueuos crowded, there not being more than two hundred peouie present, rhere, for Ae Urn tunc in America, be danced in plain evening dress, and wa ked aboet Ac room with his partaer on his arm Those aocntwwaying bim were also in plain dress, tbo military atai. otlhiers evrepted. lie lanced otory -innce till a quarter A four, and then drove borne. On Ae following morning, at n f? i minutes be'ere ten, be left Ae he'iw< for the railway station, ewoerted 1/ a detachment ot cavalry, lie was In plain morning dress, and from Ac bouse a tbe station win enveloped in a flood of dust. He travelled is n spec! : train Awards Pntcrboro, his departure booig uisl-nguishcd by Ae bring of a royal salute. <? reaching it" r las, , where the railway is mil .u-russ a bridge three rallea "loue, the royal party embarked In n small >tc..mer ratned to-- Otannbec, and sailed among a group of Br oovered islets. <jn Ae north tide of tbe lake Ae la diane had rtccted an arob, and tbey bad must* rod there in i-anoee. T'aeir cblol prcaunted a written addreaa A his Royal I t-boor* signod m Indian and fjtgliah, after which be unot-re<l A Ao Priaeea present of b rch baaaeta foil of Indian work, wbtcfi was arnepted The train waa thru re-eater-d and saoved on A Peter uoro, where eruw.te bad assembled at Aeaiatton, and the municipal authorities ef U" town and county .iresrnAd addresses, i fct . h were replied to In Ae usual manuer. COKT HOI'S. Tt?e p?rfy did not rrniain long here ix-fure proceeding A I'wt Hone. ?b?r ? arch us were |Heat:ful an i tbe ishaoi Unit ap|>rsreil to be lu a atate <tf exuberant Jay. Ik- Town Hall was dtted up for bis ar .immodaiioii, and tbitiier be drove and received VAr**-* from ti.e tesra and r-mnty, a be gave one re ply He iBe0 went up stairs A s public iso< hens wh el psd hern provMed, and at which tb p? ml toar t* of tbe Aircn, I rlnce Consort and Prlnco of Wairr were piop sed and res;>ondu.i a with gnuuins and tf tprnJous .-biers The enthusiasm maniiesicf nl all po'nts .-annot wall be described, aod there was not s cloud A sully the brightness of Ais happy moxmg. Hoon af.rrwards thr f*rty re eni -red Ae <*rs sri |m-u ceeo.jpi W tulby, where S rT|>et>t. n of Aesaxrgiu rkiss Si me occirred. Here three sdilreases were .cad, and as many roplrw mart- by bis Royal Higbnes ,, wuu, immrdtatefv fuMc vieg Aelr delirery, drove off wvnr ls A ? wharf A eabark <si beard tbe Ktogslon "or ToronA. Hp prspls sramperr 1 after bis earriag.- is tl.iuwii.Ja, sud wrre kv-mmgly w lid wtA delight ss ntvidv si fiiwn.vto. Fr en WMlif P. ToroeA be was escorted by s da.'us or nvire eveoraioe steam *rs, which number im remed as the r?yal strainer imred Ae c-iy At a few m tiutse before revsst the inrtlnc took p' ice, in An prosssce o| tan tkousmd wop Is rvltrose-l on the wharf and grand ?fan.' as< amid salutes from vo.unmer artillery and rbewnera. an.i the bursas of Ae mighty Arosg, wka grreie.1 b in rapturou-ly A nisgniflraet canopy bed l>e?i erected on the -pot, aud hers ae addrese was de livered by toe Mayor. To this he read hla reply in ha I atari 1 y clear and .?) hM.c manner The proormtun was Ann form. I md Ae grandest sight of tbe kind Ast has yet attended hie program in UM New World tree exhibited. THE RECENT PARTY DEMONSTRATIONS IN CANADA?HISTORY OF THE OKANJK IN STITUTION. The Jfalr. i.di/m K-*'J (the nOt-iai <rg*n of Arth biehnp li gl et) I Ma week roatalm a forcible article oa Uk i ibjcci of Ura reooat diagmmru' arenas which have Interrupted um ealhnmamo aad general good (V-lIng by which the Frlaoa of Wafer reception la the Briliab lYormceo baa beca marked. Aflor uarrating the rr*?la that tuoh piaee la Kingston aflor Um IHaoe*? arrt ral there, the if coord proofed* la make the fbOowtng oom aerate opoo then What wth goeea v iclorta aao to all that What w.U oar fellow cMiaraa 1a erery mate of thia I elan, from Maine to Horida, mj b> Um reboUloo agaawi oar owalawa.aad ac taal murder of a fellow dtlr-a ta Newark, N. I , parpe tratrd bp arcret fxaoplralCTf b< longing to Um name Orange Aaaorlatkio oa the rery mubc dap that Um ropaJ rare)? WOb* baarded bp them la Canada > TV> newer Boat he, la both laataanaa. that < TaageMm la UM mme both n u>oe aad l baradar at borne and abroad ? daagerooo to llbeetp tad citlron eecarltp Tor b*i? we are wrung la aap'og that the reply would he to la both ?notaneeo. for gooes Victoria kanwa the trsth of it hp bitter riper trnce, while I be froetaen of Amrtoa know sntbing of U?e daogern to which Iber arc expneed at the hand* of rvaa^meo, diegueed no ter the t tie of the "Aaertraa ifoteotawt Aaaoctatu*." We trOI endetror to i.'.rn tiMor hy reference tithe butorp of Ireland, where the plague epnt waa Umt iatrod oed hp Um goreru n eat of lag land at a naae whaa It little dreamed of the )?et retribution rent o|ga it la Uaaada through the pereoa of the Frioee uf Wafca The tirwaga Aaaw-iatlnw waa or gan.ied ia I reload bp the Pkglleh (oror*B?at, In order to III D|U ih I it 1-a unity la that country, bp throw itg rottgtono deabt and dirto* a lain tho raak* of the ' ft tab tntuatoera." aad thua etre.? tho dlmulat'do af the hietp <4 galWM r.uara wddtorp who wrung front ' t* r the lu. epecooave of their conatrp la I'M, to qplp Id la i it lord ofprnwoa, aad ta the end nrertura the !ri?h ooaatitot on, eroalnallp waa momapiiahel bp the Art of I ohm For a <mh aorrioeo Koglaatl gmlgnaOul the Drang'own the " Inpal awo" of Iretaad, an) perm tted tbewi to aarcate Ibeir murder nee mloetew both no the Here ood l.hortnt of the hatbt oe el tho toll on loaf ae the petal lana ethied It he* h-co aiated that the !rWrti Orangemen can trace tb?!r fffh.U a party, to I be time of Um oltge of liorrp aad Kirg ? ,'oun Um Third Tin* i? aot oorrezt Tho m?n win' fought at Irntry wore nallp Irieh pair Mia, who de'n.w' the fluarl ruler* and the ChthMIe churev but wbnoe dee tend tat* a'terwarda roord with the fMople, met in - onacil at baogavni* fnr Irwh ladetwadmce, aad etoed tide hp aide with ihttr Cathnllc brethren in the r*nka of the rotualeera ftn It ?.ie with the acne of the men who * fn.gfct at the Wnyr.e I ike the te-rald'neo aad Umt ' ?ana, and f loekett. and Boaheo, thep wire Prnta? ' but won atnod fbrtb aa patrlnta Thep fired no the beet lerma with tti? Cathotlaa, and during the period uf Uie penal iaen frevjeaUp held tselr propertp In true! for ih*wi, the Teg'alaiom acd ptrwilttlag our Fallow worohip i pern to do an the fftght which Rag'and recetred hp ino r i.e i atlmi m au.i gggfe MMMhtKhl Mi her of eighty two thot,eaad, ro tho raaho of tho rotno feeri. Ougg anted to her aiad the Idea of the Oraagetnaa proper, ae r ghibllnd ta O?ha a tnal U ho Md for the imrpoaiof breaking up the fraternal all aaoe whlcti a|e hated eed (mend The Srot Oral grwmc la Irofewi wag twnra ialo Um hodp aad duly iaillatad la tho thea lriah Hoaae of Onoaaowa la Doliego Sreeo, with the aaaatlim of lard OmUaroagh. who nfiled the torp lewpio of leg.elatlna to lie tfaaa pnl ? ibr the purpoer, aad the Bible to be draei rated >a founding the "rgaaiiatlca which (arc nich fearfn! crt deaeee of tta parentage at Ring'ton aad Newark, N J the <<raago leadrra ta Tralaad fbwiroiad aad argad aa the aprtataf bf NR bp aearet tart Ire in order to effoe'. the aal of Calaa. Dnr ag that pear thep amarad opeoly la arm', aad were per at ted to perpetrate {ha a net i.orrl Me exreooeo oa tho fhtboltra?aurdor ag thorn ta eo d hbmd fregoeotlp, borolag Uieir ohnrobna almct wnablp, draggiag thgir pr rata from thoir 11 ahMH nightly, torturing some ui thcii best members by hoggings on UiiiikloB oreotud ou the (put now known m Bsrssiuiit ?'!Uare, Dublin, cropping ">? hair from Um beads of other* ud tb?n pouring hot pitch and tir over Um snr&os, to inai the etreaming liquid run into (belt syse. It waa nail tach orgies a* these that the pout of Um Orange Associa tion composed the song of "Croppies Lie Down," srhioh hM boon ret to the musk pinvert latotr *0 vlcomiMv in. the . ueels of Kingston sod XewsrtT^ * J web means waa Um unlrn botw- , . ? n a inly brought shoe" ? ?lrnjimf and Kng show a to be Um mas' -, and the Irish (humn lilted ' uupaUiotic, uaprtaelpiad and big* ihe " 111 ^ ?<*|g. England, however, pernuUedl wssi. eati0B ix, extended through Um influence <* partite standing roand the threat Obangeiaas had prtred iUeU t.loodthirsty at home. and, it may be, wanted tor ee r.our work requiring i^ Vo executed by bleedthlraty nam. /Coder Kit^'WiUiamthe FoujUt the duration of a aod oesa.ou li'ekng vested in the person of the Princess VMto i thy tow i.Meen Victoria and mother of the Prince of V.sies, was very disagreeable to the wishes of the Orange < It niters, amongst whom and before nil, unoetuml ra If may appear, stood bar own uncle the then Duke of Quae beiiand, the lato King of Bauover. The Duke was wan# Matter of the Orangemen, which waa then a raw# I numerous body. Arms hsd been placed in their bands tor the ostensible purpose of persecut ing the Irish Catholics, sod the orgsatsgltoa was e\tended t) Canada and other Britiah provinces* Their ?j stem of secret signa and pusworda was pirfWat, | so that our American readers will understand that even ? tin u the Oraagr bony was a formidable instrument, if UHcd'by base and designing men against popular liberty I or even ilie throne itself. I he Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria, and I grandmother of the Prince of Wales, became very ob : noxious to the Orange leaders in the middle end towards the latter end of the reign of William the Fourth. They ; aura lied In r mode ol educating her daughter, In the news papers, alleging that her former marriage with the Cat bo I lie Prince idiningen untitled her to discharge that i tal task towards the future Queen of England. Indeed. they even went so far as to make a motion Is Parliament j to remoro the guardianship of the Prinoena from bar no , ther, and give it in charge to some lady of high rank, but of what they termed "pore Protestant principles." This movement was rejected by Parliament after as ! animated discussion, during which the right of tbs I Duchtss of Kent to educate her daughter waa advocated I with zeal )<y tbe late Daniel O'Oonnell and every other | catholic of uote In tbo Bouse of Commons. After being fulled in tb>s attempt, tbe Orange party took opportunity to withdraw their sympathy completely from tbe Prin ces* Victoria, and to moro openly recommend her uncle,, the lieke ol Cumberland, for the crown. Ktiifc William the Fourth died In 1MT. During tbe last two yoafs of hit relgu the Duke of Cumberland was ao tlvtly employed la communicating will all tne Orange lodges oncer bis control, and directed his attention to the < a. lodges in an especial manner. He sent out war < ante in two or three British regiments serving tc that [ pforii c>'. and bad the treasonable intent oominunkateff to iht. many by tbie means. We say treasonable, for at that d quite a number of Orange lodgee openly an nounced Wit-u ,at* nt of endeavoring to toroe hint on the 1 people as King m eoaseoueaoe of tbe alleged Catholic len i denciea of tne mother o the present Queen Immediately bcfuie the Jr .ih of tire King it was deter mined to sscertain bow ntay armed men tbe Orange I bjcy could bring into the (1*'d on any one particular day, and commands were issued u. the diairiet Oranu Masts rn , to hold regular musters at oertam given points, and then i report to tbe Grand Lodge In Leedo* Tbe muster in I Ireland was held at Hillsborough, in the ?i:?ty Down, and tbe Masters afterwar It reported that tin v uad torty thousand men capable of taking tbe Held no tbe moment. Tbe Canadian lodges paraded a great force, and even o Scotland and England n very large number of men turned out. The Oat hoi r. and other liberal members of Parliament called the attention of the legislature and oountry to these very important movements of such a formidable se cret society, uml denounced them ss actusl attempts to forestall a revolution and alter the royal suocsseise. Three precautions produced great anxiety ; but King Wil liam having died rather unexpectedly, the Orange chiefs were thiown off their guard, and Qaara Victor!* was permitted to take peaceable possess too of bar right. 8aon alter ber accession a committee of Parliament in vestigated tbe entire plan and working of tbe Orange So ciety. and denounced it aa dangerous and Inimical to UM best interests of the oountry. The,houses passed resolu tions declaring the lodgee dissolved, and that ao per sow who w*b an urangsmsn about! hereafter be eligible for cfOce under tbe Crown. The resolutions became a dead I letter very soon, for Orangelrm was still enconihged, al ; (bough a large number of men la high plaoee repu i dialed It. Had tbe Duke of Cumberlaad been permitted to oarry out uis designs tbo Canadian Orangemen would have eo toyed a measure ol impunity for every pcreecution of the : Oathoi lea, and perhaps have driven everyone of tbem from the soil The gall of their defeat al that lime baa never been purifled, and for this remembrance, and ibm alone, baa tbe Prince of Wales been driven from Kingston. < >rai gsmtn regard him as tbe son of the Queen who sent their leader, the lato Duke, bith frees a throu* , and from Fit land, and as tbe trandaon of s woman who was Catholic to her first love, liberal in opinion all ber 1 lito, end waa supported in ber poet Doe towards ber | daughter by Chtboiie Ireland and the Qstholics of Eng. Tbe Orange code has no forgiveness tor suob sine, and bonce the rot si parent and grandparent are stabbed, as it i were, through lb- heart ol the royal son. tuoh Is Orangeum, and sooli our explanation of tbe < Oiaage hostility to the Prince in Canada. Ae attempts ( have been made, and successfully, to introduce Orange Ism n la the Catted flutes, ?e may be permitted to ask, can curb a rystom laura to the moro rational enjoy meat , t>i liberty, the harmony of rel.gicua freedom, or toe ace* bll'iy of ou- republicanism? In oor opinion it cannot. It is s sj ?l?*m which eterv good m At coo ' dttnn as anhvervtvo of social order and good government, and kiln whlob they cannot rightly have any sympathy ' cr association. Complimentary Farewell lie a* tt l to Jack McDonald, Htriiaa'i Second. ANOTlim MCHOVBTRATTON OF TBK HI'KI'LIK CBRIA TIARA AT TUB CITY A ATWRIY RiMito". A (teci complimentary Icattinuaial end fhreweii beoelt eg tendered to J^k McITim! 1, the aec-oad of Heenan la the laletoAl.ouel eculent at l*rn borough, brft.n frieule, el the City Ainniubl j Kouan laat eight. The prioe of ad mtmina wan A.* ed At oae dollar. but notwiibk landing lata high tariff, the largo building waa well tilled by aa a ,dl row of about one- tbouaaod i<eraoaa, reprrwrn '.iag tbe totter dare of the (porting f aterait/. The number ol Sjotbwrnem prwooi waa a noticeable feature of lb# ereetnf. and oca lady, who occupied a retired petit** la one ot tbe gallerlee, watched tbe proceeding* with great interest. Tbe tlage upoe aticb the iparring took plaoe waa erected at the western aide of tbe rooei, aad was faabtcaed after the ityle of the P. R., with the oaiabl About tea mtnutm to eight o'clock the hare of the lain contest. accompanied by a number of hla frtaada, made hit appearance at the door, aod waa rretlred w tb a lo multiKuia denowatrattow by the aadlewc, who race aad Cbeeead bin aa he paeaed lb the room at tbe cod of too bo Ho leg, tbe band at tbe mme tine otrlkng up "Had, tbe Ooaqueriag Hero Uro#a ' tl rnan lonkart rinaodlng ty well, and wao dreaeed 10 a nun of plain black Tba 10 tor?*1 will the rommrat?tnent of tbo perfornooeea won Abed by lb? baad. wbo played "Hall Columbia, r-var,gird Banner. "Yankfe Inodlo" aod other i aire At a lew minutes after eight o'clock?tbe audieooo ta lb* wieantuse airing Test to ooaerow manIfroUHorn of iaa,? Mr William D-nenborry allaa "Barber Rut." introduced "Yetmg fiu, ' of Prorideooa, aad "Dualla Heck," or bo, after abating hoada la a eery oordlal waa aee, mi to >a ninety atyla " Youag fits ' ww rpcnarka bly roei aad oaatla? ? while hta opponent aeimiil mora rpry aad act I re, bat low carefal The latter onatia sally danred orouad "fltt. ' oe ,f o Imitation of Tom tayoro, at tbe am tiaoe getting la a camber tf apoot Mo wo. bowweor, by a roupte of well directed left haadore era! him twice orer tbe rope# into tbe audMwee, to the err at am of the latter, ml oweo effhctoal ly floored htm. The epvriag .toned with a clinch, both tbe rumb*uato t mTracing, aad rottrtbg with a bow. Aaroa Jowee, of Umdoo, aad Nod Prloo, of Rwlua, were toll iatrodaoad Tbe eyarrlsg betoreaw tbeei two waa ear?tod oa la a rery raattnue maaoor, tbe blowa if either Iteing boauttfolly warded off by tbe other, an that both during the Brat round put down their haado and *mtie<l at the laoffectual rwult uf their blooa After a i hart t me bowrrer. tbey went la work again, la ugh lag. If toe eahtbittag eoeeidorwWe eeteaoo aad getting la a number ol blowa oa hn aiilagaawt a oouanaaaoe, while Jtmee termed to take tbe aaatWr ta a Tory offhaad way. aad ecoLcmiacd Im sUeagtb, raaaiag hla bloir* tail well eheri aetil la. Tbe opainug eloaad with<-h aad ? after wblrh both tarn robraoed, aad, bowing la The Mat portion of the in gra?? a art-to bataaaw Hierui aad Aaroa loom?wn the eemlng*! eeteria rmeat thetr pee.turn, Ned Price ftepwed to tbe frnet of the etagw and mM thai Mr "tllgbcw, who waa aaaounend to take part -n a round with John C. Ileeaaa. would not bo pre r. ni, owing to the death if bio aoa, bat btofpteco woulff be inpptted by Aaroa J-mee Alter thli anamiaceRi-uil. the .jwrricg rcmnieaae.l Heenaa'a remarkable mtiacit tar defe1"pnent waa generally idmlred, m well aa tbe owwrtby, Moot fTaiue nTJ-mee Both mea led eff eery 1It?It. atd fw a abort lime none of the More were rue rreaful to rearhtbg tbe r intended object. Haeane at Magth brought hta Mt to bear, aad "wiped" ho aa logon at a Ibre at rem! uiaea la ewnwaaioa Ha riwwrwful dogleg of blown tuned at hla few U?e hand it Jomw ta ceery inetaaee. paartng error the right or left eh'dldrr without doing aay barm - w ? the loud apmanae '< the ncdtoncn. At the elnw of the aeeood round Hoenan got the brad of June* la c hancery hla left arm, tad daring tbe pcwwielug which aaeund caught he right la the rope?a predicament nmilar to that of tbe me>ne rabto cm-tort with Bnrf? ia lowland Tbia lltUe by pigy waa highly rrPohed bribe andienee and tbe efe.t ww greatly lacr?W#d when a wag la the ball abmitoff nwfl "Pifl ce'" "Pointer* TNto Utter rroark, It la almrwl ua neeerfary te atato. br wgbt dews tbe bonee. aod tbe two men. after rod her n-ord. in which Heewan related Wtb alderahly, retired, amid greet appl?ew. After a am to between J obi Waodg, of Rwtow, aoff "Cum," of Now York, ta which acme pretty aportrtaf woe doae no both aidoo. Mc-Doaaid pot oa the gfotw wttS ?Vto* The wen seemed to be la gooff WMRM.aMI seat at it ?lth a wlU. bat the wiry hrnwe, well Mem* ateeriw aad meetlflg blowa of "Iflw" www lee wectb Mr bin sntagoetet The ?parr tee, whto* wwa pwwnft Ma ItTftlrM of the eeentng, el wed with Me eeoal Mleeb, totor whlrh MrPrwald wan celled apes Mr a apinah. Bo atepprd to the front of tbe piaiPww roff I ?!??? 1 ** ?la eere tnanka 'or thetr large att a Haw W Mo wwwet no ceak'tt krd fcr their general hlaflatw darWfl >M ?**y a a merino if any Amerlcaa cawo Be MoBaad be malfl fjw for hiw aad do an Hi hla power Me Ha, whMhar Ifl wan ? ben eff I or a Ight Itm M*f i loudly j*mr<es2 rarxzi'si lefiwaM MWafft M Me# a Mw wore aparrtac