Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 8
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A A TWNO UOT WISHES A SITUATION TO ATTBNO A k gallery * ?p*" rn ?.1 In c ?. stag photographs ?u J am .id >hS .x'-.., Uwmun galiery, 381 Hoted ?rrr*Tio?* wvnrn-PT^iT.F.A AHkHWn ABl.R Wt>M iN WISHES A SITUATION aa nrrsaticd anant*tr"an Heat of re'erenee giveo On I'wul'r in day* >' < F A if , tap. ween Kicks wxl Mctiry eta. owrman mm., who do* mot s?kak ENtiuim, Urania n eHaaixm ae or where ?he cm do gene, .J h tec work. Apply at lit ileal* ? at. ACTUATION WANTtiV by A YOUNG WOMAN, TO In liani i - lb i n 1 Ulna li a private family; one whs fully under*in .a her O'lauttes and an glie the best 'if ?*!} retrrerice OeB hM * ert 1TA *' 'St "U (lib ?B 1 .lb ?ata. second tour. A SITU ATION W A NTKIt?BV A RICH PK'TAHM WO Jjl wui, m ?apferteut^ii ??<> kt niil In vtfUng an.1 iron mm AJpo. by m rwywfjhWi young +-'W*%n an *ait vn>. both perfectly rxtteraliu:d tbatr bunine** an t hava toe AMI of cRy xltnorti Call at lUl K-*'. Illh It., between let Ul xl >nl IWMUDTWIHIH A SITUACION to AT IK.v? ngaJle way, N. T | SITUATION WANTED-BY A KKAPROT AII^K A voting rlrl lately landed, .* .*w.bermaM and to .ukd ?wof cMM ra iswdltnge d obisg ng. i M,i for two days at .94 ;rn av , Ihl'd raw, tick room A RKfirKTTARf K TO 17VO WOMAN WAVT^ A PITUA A mm to do general housework 'or a kmall '*mi!r, or to tall "ire < f children fall ?? "*?> Brooklyn, ftnd Moor front room. k H \r K.r-A N KAfKRIKNt KD PERRON WITH A ehiidrenwi b'?u> engage In a email finally; can take ?fearge "1 ? very young lof'ni Can be aeau for two days at tti'a *r . ?' In. YcknUw.'t'e i \ ><? WOMAN W A NTH A Ml All >*, AS CHAM J\ berm.* d and to do tine maaslng and itor.fng, or as .bun s' noaM -.n<t waiter, i.oxl city reference trim her last glare. Olil ntdh) Wr? iPlh it, top Boor, In tlia rear. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A HITT'ATION AH I.AUN dr? *a, ur it? ck*mi ?rm>?Ul and tlun waaher au. trourr, .bOTOovtily underatan ? her buti: eaa. h?.l the best city rr.fe rente Mom met plate Call for two days at Ibt Went Joth at., second Boer, fiont room. ?MIDDLE ALEi l,AI T, OP KIlCCATIOJt ABO RK . Uoenient, wtabea a rltnatidn aa hooiwAoeptr aud to lea b . hour*r., or as nnrae toun in' alldi baa nad man) .tan npertenee as sui h; or would like to mtnnd a bakery where aM eoulo make It her b ine, hann. no friends, beiujj ... Baler object to her than hipb aila t Reference* or lh.' hMtrenpe lability ptsen I all at or addre s No 10 ear St. new Ki John's psia .''irons < eei. Would pe-fer :?> pi ?oath or West. _ AHKM'K1 TABl.B PROTherANT WKhRH OlMl, want* a nltaaiton as pe0eral bouse ewvan. luarMP 'dt mble lual, faitilj ; p.?? ctv releiem-e pnen. Call for two days only at 104 Wasn- ipton ?' ? Hr.?,kl' n. AW ABKHIC.tN WII' W I.Ai T TAKE THE entire charge aa hou?rkce|>er In a reaneotahle Protestatit ui 'ibrriea* ebtldrea ro objection; relereueea Risen aad raoutre.l. I an be iren taw day at 13 beaeh Kt. ARKePr. reHI.E WOMAN WANTS A PUtCB TO do (""<! I J-nn e.eAwtt. is willing to aaelet at waahlug and Waainp. If iwimredi the I est city lefe.nce can be pn-u from her last place. < an be a- eu for two days at SbJ ttb ave. ALAtIT IS 1 KblROtH To OBTAIN A SITUATION tnrentnf oar help, aa aaadreaa; ahe can do Erenck Msbna twaiitlfully. Can be seen at her present employer'a, 14 Kaal 1Kb at. ACITi ATION WANTIl.-BS A RiiSPBCIABUE yonnp pfrl to do chamber work and waiting in t prir .itc aaauly. t tty relercuoe tf required. Apply at 6C3 3<1 av., be rwecu 36th and 3?th ?la , atcond Boor. a \OLNU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO IK) A caamberwota and help with the washing and Ironing, or wea'.d do lemawork In a small pnraie family. Best ? it.v re BSrenr . 'an be wen tor two days at Jell Weal 13th St., bo ??sen Bib and PA at ea. ItKbThCTARl.K TOChO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tx>1. as a aureus, or chambermaid and waiticaa Tbc beet at rily iwfcrtnca cau be given. Can ha seen for two days at sea mb A SITUATION WANdKX) BT A PIBST CT.AB8 COOK. I rference from her last between 18th and lptk TV in a private family. Heal of etty rrferrnce from her last place. tMH for two raja al ltd 7th av.. ate . third 1! air back room A SITUATION WANTKD-BV A BKSPK.TARI.E OIRI^ aa cook, ah" wlll'aaa a' In waahlug aou ironing; c ui g*S the best city reference fr."n wl.err abe died lour years- Oaa he seen <or two days at ?tj lad Hah at. Annouiu un. wants a situation ap plain o< k tlrst rate wa her and Irooer, and ban no ob jee Ion to do housewurk In a ainall prlvita family, h is c.eclc ly rafaranee. ? an be >een tortwodaya. If ma engtged, at No. (t Pa nic tt, second d>a>r from Smith at , Brooklyn. AU'IOII OIRU WITH fioon CITT RIFKKCNCK, wae' a situation as wallreaw or ehamberoiaid end wil ling to itaaiai in washing and ?iwilnp Call for two day* at tit 2*lh St . between 6 b and 7A ara APK'iTKSTANT Tf)l NO WllMAN WANTS A SITUA U..O in a private family to no ekan.iierwoek and tins w Hi.,1 It OC aew tug Has three t rirs cry re eren-e . :*r tis sees tor two days at 633 3u av., bctwoen 3'th ana tcib au la the fancy stare. A RIP PEC I ABM WOMAN WANTS~A SITUATION AS foe' rate n>4 In a private fann y, atoohl Ik- woiUa.g bi .u> sa?< in lb' waabiog. can give the b?? of ndy re crenc Inaa Ser iaatplu e < all lor two days at 44w 2*1 av., vomer of Ibili at., if coor. in Jnib at MKSK tlOTNU 111 EAtJLAKII. A PROTRtTANT, tics r*a a iit'iavawi dnriUH the aoywge aa it rae or bt iy s matd S.IA a lam i g'*ug to r.urupe alte Rood refa ratwea. * at M , boa L14 New y or I I'.al o?. c ATROTIChTiNT (IKRMAN t.IRL WANTS A SITUA U'Hi aa aeatiiat'ewe nurse or n, 4o (ta?)wa.,rk, av> ovk* tpaniah call at ?14 lib ev., betweeu Seth and Jhtn tea , third ttoer, hwi k r.-aa. ? PKKNCTI UBT H UtSlROL'S OP OBTAININU A aliuatloo aa Uatelbng v<.i'.,.a.dou to any pari of the world . eel,reave ran he glvrn Address W K , ILA? e>inAre Past oCce A A ?ITrATIOJf W AVTKll?BY A RK-AI'KrfAltl.K I ? im.iiraaa !? a ?rt ortaatUr. i >g ~ I of I , u _ faarilj ar? tar fait a. ru Weal ZM at . loir Can be ami far laro Mtye. ALADV OF lUTKLUOIMCX AND RK'INKXItNT. an natoaird to tbr trat nclatv >? lutl akrirkarlifa h-.a ? paaaad. U d-a'iuua if (be poelUnai of mu at k -kfan er. ar a.auetlib atm'ar **.larv no* an mnca tho id". <-t m a etae. Addr.aa >'r? *. a atk-a. i.ji IK Urrakt hlTDATIOK WAXTBD-BY A I-BOTH ? t NT Mil beb tawTJUi b (OU?Ml, waaliar uw in.uo. in afnall if. ('a!! tnv two da; a at >14 Molt at A SITUATION Wa NTttD?HY A NfMPBOTAMVIt . youaf aonag aa ?MpM and wai'r a- la a rno4 M??r ur fall I * loo Ua/a at SMfif Ir-uat. la lb> r a Satan i i'tftj awl < bnnaa. a u ?)D. flK kDY. MtBIR UIRIi A alTCTA XL luauafl'.iala fatal! ? aa ar?Matr^a? H-Hmaab all btnria of tsmUy oDdeertamla abtrt eal'-e. emsrwdar/. lira! t tuatl bear ai fc**r I** altea Hae trf nil i^fir .. .. fm f I re id ci tor am aipa t>al! M two 4*/a at 2S? *A'?i KUi etr-rt ? Biutm tabi-? tot no wok an wants a itiTna Una aa aaraa. a taka rarr of a bal<T trim ua sjnli Iknrunrh f ? ? nrMaeaa tbe oariwr.Uua. f<J1 at Hf A31 at . c Aaron Tib aaadUaaa. a rRVnWTAJIT T H-mi W>U tN Wl. ilfH A -!Tl" Av "a aavttatraaa ran cb *tn\ id ? all at 111 T at. li'?Alyii A*. XX N r*.;l TMI ra TvTANr WOMAN l.iTM.l IK of larada wiaaaa a w.uatt {UlatlUK i XMat A bjf 1? ?TI V W A*Tlttl-BV \ blVIOTAU IflVIU J\ a . ran. a? f'd res* . uaf.i it nd? a It- 'a r , r'nc Sab'" ? '1 |i??U> la a Manil prtrai* fkatl/ i?. . N. nrt ? ?i t> ?ani?! i.i iaa iat. (tid irja.L,- ? aa ?nrr .a ? u-at of far MdOMBtca Ca'. (ar l??dA?a a! i'l <Mi Bin am TU a . a. A. a rAl I ' toatW-- ? .Mat' ffl- A -i. ??. taaa aara k or t- in a*M*cal Ua.t A! 131 ;t| arr . ??r I) J. at mail tUrnm iemb nana A UA "I WHO t rOKIftAlId IiJCK l'#l -an ). wlabedtugweat inaa.i <;in tj ?_ da/ , aw * ?aaau? Vat 17 r*at K. aaAa a a NiWAtlfV virtbd HT a if? nr r -P& r XL iblr m u <n a*?f d bare ae ?>'? > a-.*aaan la waabtna aa wueiM N nti." ibAi ? s?/ Caa be arrr n?i da < at -at tu. i-.r!b M . aaar Ro a.<? an wA ?oar. froat mm, A b?M'bi ?'?[ ,?o woman wi?iik< a kiti' jTa at *t' i > ? < ?d l ' I 'ata arwta* nr . . Ube aare id ? All.' ?? ,r , / au law. r can /tiatkr ras nf rr f+rrt.. ' It m bar ? "MM we W> area far two da/a a* f? Wrat li t ?t i rat C* ?? A m>?ri iru>t>?" i *dt it?hia to r*o t"i? a'kai foabrId |?ara Mi. ta IrAis f . i ana < r a tnr irm-d wj U ban- I" Wi ?Wn* ?>* i,Mat / aaMafar ?r i.Vr /i.?n App'T at '.'A Wul -fn ' !* 'ff">d?t ?' * W ? Mjt tA'r 0 J55. a rni'*o n?.'r*" ?*???. 4 'm.* CMiC* *?*?? A n -??? u : ihiJ' * *fc?> ?f> 1-t hj '*r * *^.7 *?-atli lo n.l and fit l*?;?r a. " i.""4 ?"?' Art,* * OK* *?? ? nil k.i .u of Bar i- ? ,? lav <?T, ? I, * ?*. A "?2?iu ^.a-'.v;; ySTiwii, Of *?'!.'nor ? W**' oo, w?'* 10 ?? '"Iitra I r~cZT* r *? *<* itKHn-rAiu . _ _ ho Mil put rrfert*.? ?ir?o ihrn rtart in uaa piaoa. t'all at 07 Nmh . 'Wrtt I'm _ a ? r-a I ? ? I'll I. ??> * ? ?.o' taUtotl. Coil I'UIU at.. M;<row ITUi tad If'h Ml ______ A PROTEST AST VOC.fa Wn*AK WthT t RTTwA t 'in to di> fci 'towok It a tdtai'ft* Ci i* ia > 1a;? ri J" Mtrto>>l. >t ARrTRfTARLK tOUKrt til Hi. 1? !?' -*<?!? '?? , tibia .. t . ?' m.iI.mi ?? h mh- ?ti! ami ? *? m. bo v rt Hon n? put ri t amir.- 'ft* bo* ! no ptt II. :?r J a .1t;> II IW t r-: jbl M.. 1?r (*D 7lt W Rh . t N t. AMtM f TBI, OK'tRRB A AITI' ?TMT ** W itr?* , rr ' I ??'?ima'd i?r ?*-n't I* tUkf rrtt rbitihcT ti' !??? ? m?*i raNrtfttr RlTtn ? a Mk uj 1 AM Aiormm*! ? *??*? t tircAfto* *? t.*pb <?*??. it orOi"T? a ii loo rfil lo'l yj a H pilrkt'omal t?? hoi ? ? Ttjr m'or int. T* ti 31 Ul tt. .??# daio :r.?* lliatt Amniiit A-.rn kti T WA*t * ? m-Atf"* to _o>t? thro, or > n *0 to. hoot It tho .nil a I? ir !? atr?<l> >% ' o <? l*ft *t A.. . r. i .? ? ? fror* roaat a TTJflWOf** W ten A iir"ATlO? To - ? ^ hamho. ? *? ? a .? it ?. . r-v.aC MiBl?! ?? ?*? <V dIK ?T.t t r f. ?d ? ? I oii V Ri * of It'll tt f>? ? r <? <t ta AT'H *?? Wo?h!? wi-?ti*? ? rti'.ht ? ? ? athortid ir>nwr lit* um f ,,r. . .t? r. or,.. . ? lo oooti at >. I'd fad iii m . h* *??-. It * I It . a a rkapBi r a.> V hi f'mo w.n,- , -? J\ ' >m It* f ?*<? <*??<? -V ?ai's"*f*fi i'?i '?Ipi a Hi) ?nr*T?in*# Torwn #'i>M * ?*o*tm?n to a-t* a %. ** D unn? >r b *ai> fn?iid *r<1 ^tild n<M Jr :**t to a^jy! to v.% htojr *?d JV'Airg. iWi *1 1*7 A est of..?ct? <-t? tout Hh *vv. A RWFEi 1a lit K T or\rt WOMAN WANTS A FIT PA I turn u 'jiw ? ???? and P*"*" TtTfi " *' c *' ' "'?maid. ? beat of c Ay irfimm. "V ?t 11' *r.? at A YOUNG WOMAN WAN^H 4 llTCiflOW AHOHTL ?'S A n ? iP c'ernnpet nt to tahw fall oh*: *e of * youn. Infant earn h? W?ll rweommweded by bar prune it emploierm, fall ,t 2?t Jd av., corusr U 22 I it. ore* the sPMdrj itore, for two ft*\?. * KESPKiTA I IH GIRL WISHTS A SITUATION TO A 0" general b.)?fw"rt fo- a Mna:l family; an come ?ell r~i"?im?r.|e.l from bee Itud p lac a OAll for t V ) Cay* ?? 371 7ih av , top ? frosA A situation WANTKIV-BT A BlfiPKCTABIJI J"-.on a* i hao>hermskl; ran do plain ran n*; lae no olgerin i minlno rbtlcren. aood city reference. A|.pl? al 111 Wrat it'll at., third 8nor front mom. AKESPB4JTaHLB WOMAN WANTS A BITOATION TO do plain oooklsc, ?.taking an<l run in*, or housework, in a ?n nil family; bea or tilv reference. Call at H2 War en at, Ural boime from- Iluyt, Urokl'ii A LADY WISHRP TO SICCSK A SITUATION FOR A q?<.l rook who car beeeen at h?r j reaent p'a"e, 'Al Mh hv . ' n Tuesday ami Wednnadny of tbia v.r?k, from 12 to I u'.luck P M. A YOUNG YOMAV WANTS a 8I1UATTON IV A I'RT va?e fain ly al chambencaM or waitress or to ?? washing ard totaling or do plain n wia*. ha> cool puv refe rence Apply at ore door (rum ihu cortei of fo lumhta, In Pacific afreet, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. HAS HKR FIRST BAHY wants a al'nation a* wet n"-me has a baby m wrekauld. Beat ?.( oRy referetoe Callat (12 ii are., between diet and SV.i ate , second t uor, front room. A YOl*N?? WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION -SNEAK A atreaa la a uri - a lain ly > ? the day or week; la ?? A'ral npent-'tr on M hsslei and W '.son's rewind machine; under Stat da making boys'clothes. Call at 436 7ili av. bet. eu .'loth ami .ff h ata A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABT.E.GIRL. in a prtrat*- Amily. a? h'.:nhe?iti*ld and waiter Bant oily >. ;?rejice k' en. Call at .Ud Kaat 19th at, drat floor, back t'Kim. AKkSFBCTABLK '.TBI, WISHB4 A RITDATtON TO sunk, waah and it in, or In do ciaiuherwork or n .d city refeieoce If iciulre'. Inquire at John Clnrks. 1 '..t 23d at., bear av. A. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tins i? nurae and ananir raaa. Guod reference. Call at Vti West lu.h at. AN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATI JN AS BURSE and aeamatrei a Call for two day* at 1,4M Brciid way, be tween 40th and 41 at ata. A RERPBOTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A as chambermaids baa no oMwetlon to aaalat In washing end iron in r Apply at onraer oi Ilojt and Degraw ata, 104, Brooklyn. ? APROl ESTANT Olio. WIM1KS A SITUATION AS eblld'a nmre or to take e?rc o arnall children. Can be | seen at her laat place. 9U W'eal 'tlh at A situation wanted?i;y a kksputabi.b young wianag, a* chambermaid ami bi i?l?t in'be waah.u* and i lmuinr. baa no orirntioes I" ibr care of childri n; rood ray re ferencea nan be afrea traea her l>.at places <' seen far I I J. . . nt -TWO VP mat 1 eti L el Vtml .a om m% Tlk a ml hitk eve (t earn# t*" da-* al 23S Weal 10lb at., between 7th and bib nvo., first tlnor, room. AS ITT ATT OK W\FTKD-RY A RKSPKCTAB^JS PRO t?a aUL.1 tonnr* rl 19 years old at (Tiunbermai.l a%l p'aln l aeamatreaa, or vbaeibi iaaaid and waitn-se; is fnlty capable of | fuib ttnr - Itlier aituauon. Can pr.cttre the beat of city refe leni r Irian her l ist | lute, ihi he seen fur two days, or until ebjt*?e.!, at 34 Prim * at. A FBENCH WIDOW LADY DESIRES TO OBTAIN A aruatlon in a widower's family; doing Sunt! pre;err?d. She h..e so."d i tf-reocee. A^drtaa a. ft J. 0., Herald oOioe. SITUATION WANTED-H* A R(XPKCTABLR Joans Has r<d the beat of city reference Cell at 317 Weal Itkb at, third ilnor. from, for two days. ARE8FE.ITARLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA ti n to do cbaml erwork and plain se wtnr. or chamber work and wattler, or to nnrae a twt.y, or to co anv kial of Urbt wort np eutlrm. call at ifiifi Adelpfel au, between Fulton kv. and A liaiitA- at. Brook I y n A SITUATION WeNTRTl?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, an lady's n N(d and aeauiatreas ur nurae ami acunaireaa In a private fayillv; beat relercnoe as to capability ar rha raiter Can t>e wn from 10 io 2 o clock al her preaenl eui pko . r'a. l 19 Fnat 17th at, between id and 3d ara. A NH'E ENGLISH GIRL WANTR A SITUATION TO do general i ua*m>rk In a small lamlly; mjed plain cook ai.d excellent washer am- irooer; baa two years' refe re > e ' man tu r laat rlace. Appiy at UTS Slat at., corner of 9th avrnna. FaMsT-F.SS.-WaNTKD. H A FIRST tILAbH A scams;rear., work bythc month. Can out all kinds o f boy a and sir's c'otbe-. and do family arwioa of all kinds It" ulrr at 87 F"t ll'tb at, between Gth aad 7IA ara A norma nail, altaatloo preferred. a YOUNG WOMAN WISHK.4 A SITUATION AS CHAM J\ In naid and arattwr or take ? are of < kiMreu and do p ain ar w in* heal at city reference Call at 147 26th ?, between filk and 7th ava A SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to d.i tie r-ncat bnnaew.rk of a amall nrlrate family; ' waaber ? ahe l, a *?"*! plain cook a ,d au eaoelleet waaber an.| li..ner. wtr lit.a ilTctt ibree year* In her last plaae. Call at 2H Sth at, near the bowery, far two days. a CAPABLY.. IKINF-T AND ItKl IABlJt WIDOW DE f\ altea a 'annan.? ?h cook, washer aad lm??r ta a faintly where -he ee?'ld kavw her eon ia t.rlyht boy of flee year*, with h> r \s agea at. ondary to a rowftwtablc home Can lot aaea ?i her present ? mpiujei a. 23 Aeit 24th at , till eng*|e>l All Kl RKt-WANTKlt A SITUATION Ad t HIl.TVd nnriir hy * vrrr rripmiVf mldd'r *ye1 Priitaalant wn nun who nndrmtandi tbe oarr n' rbll.irrn cf ABT ran hrlnf Ibtm ? p hy baud, and 1* abla hi ftv* Ik* b??i of r*f* i.ia-a < h.r.i Irr end capability Ui. il?a ia lit* jna*l*r'* ,x. ? r, | TC limadiray, brtwrrn .tnji unit :U? au ATOUVO WoNAN WISHKd A snrATiow ro I>0 umr.M. b uarwtitk inapriia'a fminllj. to a ml plain mnk. find vaafcrr aid in mr and * fimd baker. to kind b> <l..dr#n Ilivid Cvr ? iu ear pUr. ku ItoMlddlr itlwiKii. I <01 m91 RoldK , Urooklyn, Itotarm Prnm and Water (?* AVFRV I T? PI TABLE T' l'NU WotfAN. l.ATW.T frrtr. <o .?!? nrott* u o u!n > aliuaAei to in An ?rl< m< f?ni' . ?a B.irar M.l p;?<? ueacr ? "ail for tmday* at dl' ?*h hit* . #??! Hour. hank n??n Amti <t:i?v WANirt-,-.t * Tor NO woman. *? rh ir rru'-ihl and waitmM. or chamber-mall. and to ? ..?I ?!?!, Oi# waahtoir -r do plain main*. In a pr?*iefa ?it. re prance iirrn. raut aact. 1 or two day* Call at iOa v??; ?: to. Asm UK'* \vAN?icn-itv a toi mi uiri., to Or f b i' nrw>rk n?l t? In ri. Arm: nr rbauiheramry a/nl ti i< ? or plain a. art < ft.-I rnirrea** nan tofhto ran h. ??<ur mndnyi ..I 1 U Wnt JSl to , '.rt*<<?n CiVi and 7Ui araa ATfil'JfO WOMAN WlftlV A STTVATION All taoil nook, m.iatinr und ire: .nf. fried r? nnrr ran b? il?ra i'iuIoi jfrlao Jala at Nn ir Tm 77lh to Aurdrv.-rtni.t una wants a dTTr*n?"?N an mad plaia r xA r >-Vi ,r?r null. W,.i**irt a I oil l> ?. Wat of rafei ?iu* (*a? al eld ?l ?> Wirrn .Hlh MtdSM .'a AdlTt'ATfliJI lli.MKI>-IIV A aK-spy?TAH.K , ymt .- ? m-t- ->1*mora la a *n<.ali prttaln family la a frx.l pl.m rm ?. a'al . a?!mr and Inrnai. *?.?! elO i?-fa rrnm ? a'l at .?< ,ta a*., kottar anota J?: at .la th* a me, for laa day* ? AYOCK<; T.At'd WTMtJT* a -TTl ATKi* Jit i.fjVBR !?#?? to t.'w I )>u? M ' lirn>iui'>l*<iali'. 1*. ur tail al iitvu It.. m\lr tra ?. rr AT.II M Hill. Wimps | HTI'ATMN I'Ht* arruti 4. {?? ?? t 13 L.r wa-h:nr. or rh*ti;'.<rmsia ? nil tafc. riif t'l lil'TB ll.M Tfrwiifr1 ' if ii i ilior i a .fl at ju <?. "?xr ?!.!??? Ko r AfTrspwTin:.r jncxu womv \wxrs a rttca . uw M cPmaTima. >d in ' w* tint. V uut is tW ??- iut| and f'H.ii'1 <*? > ai ."Jt l"?0 . brtnetn ?m> k -..?A IWrim l..r la. daja A XIPPIP Auro w UMA.V W.\STr A MkaPY ;lm ?? fitu4 n. A aa.1 i-akrr. an slijtcld* Ina-a.-i It >w dof .ixl not J>t ir>d< niaadi tor bt.rni a it.T- ..-' j C rr ? irurr raa It *i trv rut I* r-ra 'or l? ill'? II I _ _ MB i|>a'j ?i Xn .04 W17it a! brtnraa iili mj : h a* 1. ir 3d ttoT. ba k rv? AM* I'll A M ItkR V A IP KP 1 VAMKTIM _ t STT!' A Pi t. wirrt ti a mime* .'ij tt tma at ritual** R.a.d and tr.itt int. <* 1 ual-a-nalt! aad * alt! ?a, ?? wmld ! tit* carr of rTui'.'mt: ?? mrniior* nan !m ' k'i lam da* ? at X.? pc ?!> it . ottwtrn Sf.P and ait f . room He. U At exuk. ji'-tivr?r j?t a m^WTAHtF I a.'Sia atl' iWaiWA ?n-;U hirr to rt*"f,-?:.~n |r it ? ?! 1 ikt ratbita as ituaitii. e?id rip rfrvorr fr n ' b?? . ? 11'mr ' an l< a-?a nf im da/a att-'tk .f, b? 1 lirrrti ill iO.h Mi r**X S.i IP A I * XI' TAXr mtllt MR!. WAPT* A HT?*A ^ tdiiait- v 3.- rtamfcrTsa:! ti? r?i :g rr. raw ?? 'OT* a ?.n \thi* a* mutt (?,?? *? *!l "C 1B-.U tenpa. t m ? * an r rta?.. >a. a |, , ,,, c iruar rwi? pma ?? ?*? St., ? >-?4nr ' !?? A A?r!e,ritir.?d^';^r?*^;r. - wWhS n ? tt'.a*; ? ??**'*j ;wm ) in imti r-' ?? i , ?. <7 .?tVi? <> fcm?i ??? t?-a?>l.'* >>? ? -n ?*i ? cnii ?Mibr i ??*?}? .1 **i k; *?lib m. ? .* H . i??..4 Bw ?m or ,?<? ?t /i -ok ?rrr*t! i'? w**i?r> I* a rMvyr* r< ^ Vf It, I ? a inasAMI i? a? ' ?" ? '**? *>???"? If i in. ? an '.? ? ?? :t ' r i ? 3*i m-ata i? a , a .i?b?a at.-' a??? ??" t laa | ? ?aj |> ? ft ,,, II i * i ifti t?". > af . aaan at baa an. ?*? baa !i? ^ vfffc . i M m i-a?i ??*' ?a i- sli- ?t?; -' 1 "A* ? nai ? ?. tart ivrn M ! a?n-ari' i ? * *> ,!<f - '"a. V f J* M at t*r*-ti )M ?nA llib a'? ( ' ' v nurin hi A ? If *"/*K a MTi; n a b>?M i* NtantaM a ha ,?rt w ?tita4ao>?k .? ? ? 1 ? a^' at l,?, ..a at ? r. ? I t vant t OITT tK>T Wa* I* A AtTl I" ? ?m 'MjianMlaAPtlaWa |*amiti aa Wivvtn ???.??*? ? ? '' ? t ?''?"?? ? ?? AAdr!? a apvtifiar ri* (r Itam >??h aatlala a< at". ; rta tp-ik r f, iitalfnit ' ' if . *h|a an Quit m - a '!?? t ik t t#ra?a b< *ab?wi mrwr nf < ? .-.i A' at f"??mi IVUJi - v ? rr.M. r ? r>v:if w 1 ?'?<?? thuJItf tlt? i <VUt M l? IT*m ;?s rn. a><- ' *' ?* f*aW aa ? Ita. t nf aitj i<l,|?ur* Ml i It B\ !? Iit'1 ? ? Tt' 1 r "IT ( ' t' AlAO ?"!?!?' tt Matt. If ? !!<?.? Otl ITKt!? WATT n BT A RTtr* TAF* t< 'Tit p st'Tilbaai'-'?'"?* *?'t-4 'a ? a^.\'l t ni> fait ?. Artt!' ?* '4 at aH" a ab? bta (ant I ir faa*a t'.i* irvtrrn ha fw t?>, i t 'hula, ? blur Vt-mti' ar ' ptala ?-?? tt- aa arakaf M t4*t? ?< If A ? aNt. ?' . la- tb briatllf IT T ? l?" *a t Bar ?rrvATiomi v astid-females C'THATIO* f?*TKI)-rtY A RHm-TtH: K illUN I ?7 pir M 4o ' lain m tli? waabir.g uj iron n Miat in ? ."eptlouab e rrftrenoe given Out b? Men it 439 7th i. e . third Soer. OITVATION WANTKD-BY A RRSPK"TAB K Y'fUN I gfH: dipt rale ?ubi" nod irr-uer; Aa* no ob;eno :i la 1 > MMnl H^avatt 0 a maII private fam !y Cob foi two days A 1 SW B-oadwAy. between 48th an1 49 h *U a3ITUATIo*S WaM'Kil-BY A PRuTKKl1 A N f WnMtN O nn . nnk. i* will to oMlat lu waahbi ? and Ironing 4l#> by A re?t i 'Aide (lr ? ? . bu.ti verma'd Ami wnitiet., >r eeam'-er irmkl ami plain sewur. Apply at their preset t employer's, lid Ud- gtou Ave. SITUATION W4NTED?BT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO DO g 10-ral kawmrk in a mnnil family or do rhx n >?r? >rk nrd mind the i.ahy or chamberwoik And plain sewing Call ?? id ? Acelphl ?>.. Brook'yn SITUATION WANH 1)?BY A YOUNG SOU TO I>> rri.eral housework In A small family Inn are At Mia 1111 ti'A, 1CIUhrystle ?l., In Ilia tear. CrrUATTON wanted-by a good gtrt. in a SMALL k' family aa chambermaid and waitress or to take care ot children. Good relertnce. Call for tno day a at 211 Went did At. Situation wantnu?by a respectable vorv i atrl an eaAmtarroai.l and waiter or a? eh . r.nerai il I and to wadifng and Irordnr Uaa the oral ritv reference. ( an or aerr for two daya At Mil East >Xh itec.iid door. OTTI'ATIONS WaNTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE ^ rlilr. one AA outre aad ?ci.D.?tri aa, the other x? r?*^ ?j?lier *'M if ?er; I" ?i 'if city reference given Apply at ITS YieAl 22.1 at. between 7'b end 8th ATI. for two days SITUATION VANTKD-HY A KKSPKi TABLE TO UNO _ v.. uiai\ a* chini be.mai I and plain evurer, ort itak " a'" of ebtldren. or |r> aaln In wanhlng And ironing Call At .itu at . between titb and 7th A vs., far i wo days SITUATION' WANTKD-BY TWO PROTEST a NT young ?<np?n; one un .'bamhermald And fine wavh'ig ihr other a competent ? nitreaa. No to do r' ?!" ?? w li i. h'AA ?li yeart' rrlerence from her a>i place. Wool I are t?r living together Call At ISO Writ :3d at., between 7lh and Mh avi . fir. l Boer. SITUATION WANTTn-BY A VOUNO Ctrl, In do h oework In A ainall fxtndy: go .1 wmther and Ironer ? 'all at 2bd Houston it. conn r ol' luraiwih TWO YOI'NG GIRIf WANT SITUATIONS; 0"E AH ACnmatreM: r n<i< r*t*ndA cutting; the other ha chim'"r nmid an.', plair newer nr rhambennald and waiter, foil at 2M 7ih t( . 1 rtaern 14th and 17lh ill. far two davi. WnWO PROTBHTaNT WTHH SITU ATIONS IN A " private famllv. one w a pool onok and \ saber and lr .oer: the other aa rbanifa rtnald Ai d aexmolreoA. or aa ch?mbemi?,l.l r.rd asrirti nt In washing and tronlnu Hats pood references I >11 At 221 21-t U . twit ween Mh and frth a vs. TWO RESPRUTABLK TOUNO fllRlX WISH SlfOA tiora ?a chnnibciuialdi or wAitere or to take emre ot rbil dren Oood ntv references. Call At 1.19 corner of Smith and lie r*en aIa . Brmklyw Two pkotwtant otri.h wihii srriT ttionh onr na rbADit ennA'd And InundreAA. and the other as -Altre?A or f hamnermnid Can be >cm for two days, tf ootrnAM*1 At 247 West 2Mb At TIWO RRhPKCTAHLK GIRI R WANT SITUATIONS IN ' a aioaII pr1?Ate 'anuly: one is Aflret c1??a cook and evee! lent baker onnerslandA n i kirdA of IowIa imaI'iha iutd pnun (kkr Ihe otler A 1 Utifl rf work, both U) do the aorA of A i?>t rc'.Ahle fAnillr ( All At M Warren at between Smith And boy t Ma Br<v>a >n. the beat of city referenae pi- en. rrrwo besukotahik woyiew want stt.'ations; A one aa cook ?e.1 to do plain WAAhlnr the mh-r a? -ham liertnald and wiotieaa or ehamlwrmAl I and to ?aaM< with the wA>hh p and ironlup. Call at IMi Wett 27th tt.. between 8tb and tib a-a TWO blOHLY REHPKOTAH1JC ANO WELL RKCON mesd?4 able are folroaa of pet.tnp ait tat. na wnvr ?'* o? topether. -n cltr or country, one as down rvor? aervant. 1. a pood cm k Ati.l baker: the. ther aa cbAinbermold and lAnndreas or aa * fcUrtoa Coll At 878 6ib at. TO PA*aiE"?A HIOIIf.T NKSPWWARLK PRO teetanl woman ia 1> want of A Aitualiou ae ch .m'-e. mv'd Ard t nAUrt In the woAhtn* and Ironlnp or to do tbe hoow work of a very aicaII family. Call At 149 Front at., Brooklyn. In tlie rear. IfAbTRD-RT A KESPIOTABI E PROTESTANT GIRL I a ni iiAihei an plain e<?ik: l? A pood woeh*r and ironer, olh. mine rlinm ermaid and widtre?*. la not afraid?? wo'khbf Apply at 111 Wett l*th st., corner of 7th at. w v\ TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a n't iHtli ti an we' Dorne who hoa hot h-r baby el^bt darn old. han do objection to trav.'t alb a family. Ileal. it refe rence In.juirc nt t'3 hent 19th at., front room Aecood tlour. (BTANTED?A BITUATIO*, BY A REsl'HCrABLE W widow woic.aiii.ii' dAnrhler;i?i? an cook, ban no ob jrrtton to toilt III the washing and Irrwnni; the nthxe OA shank lie? and * aitrriA, an I will a.-bt In the w arhbip wt irnn ieg H.-at of rhv ref. r-nce Oil al or Add'wa did SI AT., be were 2Sth ai d 2tith aia.. until tuiti'd Wages 17 and AS. Tl'NNTEP?BY A B1HPECTABLE W..MAN. A SIIUA TV tioa aa look and to A?ist In the waolilnp and irouinr: in A pond plain co.* anil node rata id? biklop t.erf-. t'y, hat pnid irom her laal ploe.. ( all oi 875 M a?., Im-i*. co 2Sth ana nts , from 19 to 4 o'clock. In the fancy store. UrANThP-A SITUATION. BT A RKSPRUTABLE PP.O i. ?t?ni Pnc'iAb www. fo do pencra! botUH.w.wk In a rn.ail joiv?.e lan.iiy; te a p.od waober and Irotier. ha t the beat et rity rwinrcnce. Call for two rays At 248 We s 15tk at., be twot ii 7th and 8th ATA, In the rear. w ANTED?A B1T0AT1OV AS NURSE AND HEatf wreae, pood cwy teferenoe. OnU At114 Knot diet at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A KKS1 yonnp ptrl, as ohl.d'a nuroe in nprivate fan comi cu-nt of toktrp ahnrpe of a baby, and is a naal pfae the beat of city ret or en SI (an be seen for r ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A BESPEffT aOI.E e faielty; is fn It t neat aewer; ? an - . _n foe two dayi at f M ATT., betwrrn 96th and T7th AU. TlTANTND?A SmiATION, BT A RRHPRi" f A BLR VT vnnnp pfrl. as chambermaid and waiter and to r.aetst In TA>bb.K. beat of city reference given. Call at 139 iohneon at., Biooklyn. TlTANlEr?BT A TOtTWH WO MAR. A HTPATTOJf At II ctmiiiVramM ar,.l On* malw ?ml la nvw ??> rel.rut lauadrraa; o? wnuld taka of n lamuirj lya am?U family; la fnlly capable The boat at car rrrarrac* trrxa bar la-' plam lr rytmlrnd. l"*n l? ?'? for two daya Call at IM'i I .? * ? Tcnib itrert r >n.?r at atrnna A. WARTP.rv-RT A TOtltO WOMAR. A HTTFATTnR \H ntuar: ru UUr thr rrurn chary* m rvn tefanlnr rmwtng cblk1r?? or o .nilrt p> aachanlwrmai' ai,<| vtujt.tM Haa th.Uai of ety r?f?reee?a 14I a: IK Kaa: Caicuili Mrvat, c jtiwr ol a**Dur A tan baaaaat for twodayr. WABTtn?a Birr a tios, rt an avkbi'-an to Man. ?o take care of a baby and do < ban.harwork Call at :?l n it at. TI'ANTI.H- A mtVATl t. LT A Rt-tCai TAUI.K KHO II Uatarl alrl la <? ? A aid an.t Iroo U a ? . all family. Ibe beat of cltv ratcutore 1om.ii a at *r.i Baal 1 kta al , 1 ? ar at II. TlfANTtn-tT A IIMRI.T RKSPror At..* TOfRI II *trl. aiimatlcn aa rbamhcrmaM and to Aa plain at wing w??? tirm at >1 Li aailat ?iih It# n aaoinr aod tro 'ivf He* ?>f ill 11 irrema Caa Mi aran inrt?oo?>? at M Lii-nrty aL br<< ki} y. W Airrrp-nTTWo kiapkotabuc *orw ir>>?*. all ini'nra one to seat, waab and iron tu . ?Arr u rt ?lyb'-nin.M and ? '..?r. Ural of ? Uy irArrn a Call al 71 chryeiu: IL WAbTfcr-?r a luri tabik kh'M ?iw?. a ( :lc .tlnn aa la. ;idn ?? hi a nr. oiij^rtinn to .lockamber wrrk, >b* Ira: at rfty rrfefm-r gicea Ca'l at IHJ TStk at oakt ceo la: and At av 1. Wantmv-a RrrrtTiow nr a rk*** t*blr wp tr.aa aaat. maimer air lain) . entxpriru p> do aUkioda of family tearing C?U alter irrarnt empl <yar a, M Warn Ikk at. TtfAKTRP-A UTTATIOR. RT A RWFBCTABUC ft if.rtt t'u I aarbamharmaid art tratiraaa <w aa ikflar man: ar t plain aewer; baa i*e Terr baat at ctty ryfrraca. I All ?IKI Waal y tiat, Maatad ai-l'ib a?a ,"i.?p ft.**, irtml la*, for two day* jravTkn-iiT A niKrFiTiW.K n??u a tnrvKirn* ? to do plain r?n* Ir a. aa^n-.amd itocidc r ? n!? be - ? i-.-naooo: r. Htil r*j rafaranoe. IVI M fU It i? :jJt i? . Ntr and :?k a M , room LI. Vp ttonr. V4'ajit?i?-a MTt-*Tin?, *r a nwfr*fAi?ijt Vt ?ti.. ir do t liiarrrimn and nr ?? rUin ta l? M;>a. lefhilrVma be a igr two rtave at 11} ?...*;>?hat. l?*AMPr>-d arrr atiox nr a *R*rttrrr\*i.n TT rtoAt" mn*2 *9 '?bamSerwrift and aaatai ir ike woak ??* ami Iff inf. tin at ' all fvr ??-. d?y? at rd km CTAMKr-A RlTrATI* >K. ?T A *?SP?CTABUI Tt* a- *a i la a avd and at. ""i ? vie* >Ld fm?lt fctti ew, rv'Ottkee daU *l?7? ? or xnh It beUtei 7ba-.||?ha a *" TV AMKIt?A kl>l-Ki-TARUr WOWAK. iff A mi Alt ^ rtn e'Mrmj ii.maewori; a :? nnicratme ro >k L..'r , a. * ,w* '*'?"nw> *' U ' WH7F.~:hx ps*s*?A?*. wort* -.h .. L ' " J* " ?? v*T*l"l?Tfc Aepl} a: IK *ther W:m per. 2:4 ^*1 iti. V?-? orrtt. a , -? ;r.<t;.f.eterJS SiT llrM ' f?r fn vt?kai . '1 U'AAtfi. : t a m i Wii won?** ?? 1 tia>r?.?"ar,| ??!?- ? am; Mini* * jaakt . li ?*)Mr?e: > -uAiTtfatnn^ TU _ r~ ?JSL " Oai' fw m* ? ... Wit. ,Jf < m r? V?*iw" ? z~z* .. ...?<?2?wV?*?-- [ flow t<*m I T^TJkWemr AVrfVATin* a. AH?- r.ftAt! K Ol*t., fl eaWMlp'd" !**?* aod Ht* >tit * ober aid Ir rer; tl AeW1M*? kOr ViMf* ?e0. ?.??. ~m.-.<?? **??>* .eaerk ia ? ama'.l laallj. Ouad ti'jr rKerraoe Oa?l at mtaii) >i rn?t?ad.?a _ _ a? A*Trr -A A"THATIOW Ad COO* 0<K>D **r* y^ AAirn t a totau ?< ???, ?am-atio* am .. (b-,"lha *.<" at.d Wail'r H a . -;t ,-r ..f it; L? f? r. r-r>T." fr. n !?rt nt?r? OaU ?? W *aa W?Alnftoa plad*. ?anetlHr lraatrrrM. , PT???ay A RAM KK'W A Hi F Wowm, vraafltWT reM.aei f?n> > or a r? ?eot ?ara el Mr hT i?er Ad tl' IM*? VT U < n>"U k 'I d. reu ?( d>ae 1:1 thr rrnir? nu>? d-ran Kra MO'.MlM JT kk *.. ta Ue tf\t. bateren Haver/ ar.l N 11,-AkTrr- * vTr*T,n>! RT * *wrHP?4wa TT <?' rr 1 tr t,T 11 H ..aiharwrrt aad ?>?ii

)n' rr 1 Ir to 1. r' .ait ar* :k at d or rkam |.?tm, t? aee Mte ?a'? "l .h'Mran. -.tie 'ae' Hiy ?alereaW ? -T fee t ? Men ai W Jtuti w . ?a?f Dede a air ART Ft' ?a MTfATI'.A- |A OKI* A*n ?>> A<-<I?T It in iba eetMpf ae* IrMlai 1? rafaran -" Can d|i War K ?> -? a i'tare fr^ii r?.m, Imra ? A. tt tat p k fie tao d?.a Yi**RYIMi~A lOTVAf IOA, RT A RI-;"I"*AR', TT tnaiana* W.enr.A ?a?li and Ireojkaa Ae l?r.t of ker ital jlaat. Tall ai f?TTtktr*., 1* 1 M<b tun Silk ate U-a'iap t - it" ? t ? ?? m , or, want *vn ' Inr n aa laaaietrtM. ban t ? Ht. tr'ff a Aprty ai ft *??' Akt?! \va: } mf ti ?*??? WV" SITUATIONS wantkd? fimalks. WaNTKD-BT a RKxPkOYAHLII YOUNG WOMAN. a s'tu* ion aa laundress mi.I ch tm'wr nald Can glee lb." > cat I f <-l>y r*f- renne t'al at All 3Mb at . betwaeo 1st -mi -4 ava, tm boor. back r<"m Tl'ARTKD?BY A RRr PKCTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, A T* ? I' latum ? ehb-nhnrnuul and lacnd'-aa Beet of city rcfrr-uce. (nil at No. 71 * eat 1Mb at. front basement, near bib av. tlfANTED-* HiTUaTIOW, BY A RKHPKCTaB'JI WO YY man aa nurse and first i-laaa chambermaid: haa go <4 i-fly rvtereuoai from her last place. Call at tl ?pring at., for two days WANTKD-A MTUATION, BY A HR?PtCTABLN WO mati to do light hnu-ewnrk to a faaallv of two, or to take charge of a child and to do light cbamberwork, ha? city refe rarer ? all at 1*9 Elizabeth at., In lite rear, tor two days, If not ei gat< >1 YNT ANTKD?BY A REW'KrTABI.R < 1TKI.. A SITUATfON n aa norar and aranuareas, or tnaariat with chain bar work: the hrft of rafrreuce g-ven Call at JUS Hicks at , oorocr of 1'k ti- nr-? kljn^aa.oud lloor, front r.??. U'ANTKD-A SITUATION AH COOK IN A PRIVATR family, and enttld aaair* In the waahb a and Ironing. Can give the brat reference Call at 77 Weal 19th at. llf ANTED?A HIT*'APION. BY A RK4 "BCTARl.H HTRI,, VY aa chambermaid and wallrraa, or aa chambermaid and fewer. City rcferenrea Call at 12131 a*. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG GIRL, All tesmstrera a d take care of and lew for eb'l-trrn Pall at MB Ka?t I lib at, between tat and 3d ava., m the store, for t ? ihrnne Welch. TI.'ANTXD-A SITUATION. BY A RRHPRCTAHLR OIBIa, YY na rook; W"uM be willing toaaatai la waabluf and Iron leg. Haa good citv reference from bar laat pla-e. Ca'l ai R13 V rat kbih at . brat floor, man room. llfANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ARI.E M young girl 11 - o peroral honaework m a ainal. private family; la a good a-i-hri ami Ironer. haa lived 'our yoare in b*-r laat plice. Beat cly reference gtveu. Call for two Cay a at U Vancair at TV ANTKlr?A SITUATION. BY AN KXPK*IEHnH? Tv no-ae, can take rull charge of an Infant and l* > child- en; bar t-oen twelve yrar*' tu brr last place Apply at tbe dry g - da atore, con rr or' Pulton and Grand avenues, Brooalyn. TITANTED?A SITUATION AB C??'?K AND TO AHSIRT >1 in >be washing and ironing. Good city reference. Call 11 185 West 2Mb at Yk'ANIRD? HY A nKbPKCfAB1.R COLORED WtiMAN, vv a altuation. ta at excellent la- ndr- a-. uoiertUucatluilRg, crimping. Ac . and '?otlly washing. good reference given. Cnu I r aeen at U Kawf llkli at YVANTEO-HY AN kNGLlbH PROTESTANT GIRL IT ? >1 .-?t'.im .?r . hamt>. rrnaii at d tndofli.e w ishing or plain sowing. Can be area lor two days at her preaeut piece, to A ral 11st at WANTED-A SITUATION TO DO IT RTAIR8 w -rk. an 1 assist In the Sn? washing and i'on tow, or rew ire, good city .reference. No. **fl 2d ave , aejoud floor. front rom ______ _ TITANTRU?BY A BESl'Ei "TABLE GIRL, A BfTU YY Stti n aa rook whu usdcrstan<la all kinds of work, and o asslrt in the wnebiug an Ironing; ??' bbJectluMI t > tily or conn trv. goo i city reftrcnoe If rcptlied. Call at No. 93 West lt-th ar __ Yk'ANTKn-BY A WOMAN, A SITU A II lion ta good plain cook washer and Ironer; la a go ld t akrr. OooU ci j relerence. Can be aeen at 221 W est 29th at, brat floor. WANTED-BY A R98PRCTABLE CTRL. A flTTl" CTTON as coot, washrr and ironer. Beat of c-tv reierenco. Call at l'JS Carll at near Will, HnxAlya, fir two days. WANTRD-A SITUATION BT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO rook, wash and foe. can make tbe peat of bread and bis cuit. < lan be aeen for two dav a at i\i West 19th at. YXTANTRD?A SITUATION HT AN AMERICAN W?V YY man an rliaw.hermald and drew maker, also ha-rdreM fri nf-l. r-i i hj.ctlon to travel with a lady. I n-j 'tire at tin Kaat linn ttreet, lor h. E , for owe week WANIND-A SITUATION AH 1HAMBRRMAID AND to assist lu the whsSIui or objm-tloo Li take tbe mansg'iuent of a kitchen as rook, either In a smail family or private Mstrding house, all years ?lty relereuoe. Can be seen for two dais al 913S>1 at, fourth flow, front ns>m. TI'ANTED?BT A YOUNO MARRIED W.'MAN, TDK II washing and lrvilng of ladkw and gentienmn Heat oity reference given fm bonrWy and cspahlltty t all at bsr own residence. 121 Kaat Battle at., Brooklyn, rear buidlng. Tl'ANTI.D-A SITUAT.ON HY A RETECTABI.B Tl middle aged woman aa cook, washer and I'oner, In a an-a'l family. Call for two daya at t73 *tk at. WAN IKD-A SITUATION DT A RERPBCTABI.R ynnsg s-?naa to cook, wash and iroa, or do general bo-isewo'k lu a ?utull fainl'i. b?s gnnrt city rcfereuCall for two daya at 189 Mem 2Mb aU, ie the rear aeeund hoiae, Ural floor. VI;ANTEI>-A HflUATTOW TO WASH AND fEON, OR VY do plain rooking, In a private family; pood nfty rata r- rx e t all for two day a at Mr. U. Ueory a, 25Atlantic at., Brooklyn. TfANTED-A BITUATTON, BT A WOMAN OF GOOD YY ctsrarter. an arsmnrem, can cut and lit boys' and gtr a' or ladkw' plain draaaaa (? would do ehamharworft ant plain sewing. Cau Irsen at 3*1 Oaual -t , onli' suited Wanted?a situation, by a kkhpect *bi.k you* g girl, aa rt'wwmiakrr; la napable of cuttieg and fit ting ladles' and rbndren a dresses alav doaka and mmnliUaa; ?1st as to iraiet . lib a lady. awd Id wU log togobuotti. Call kt 197 lit ae , between 1Mb and 13-b ata. W*NTRD?A RITUATION. BY A GOOD. RTRADT gtrL to take care of children and do plain aewtng fan bo maw until engaged at bar praaani amplnyar's. Ho. 4 ? at WANTED?A RITUATION BT A YOUNG SIRL, TO DO rbambcrwwt and arnlM In wavbtog and Ironing or to do the general housework of a amall family. Sail at lW East 1Mb drat -our, back room. fl'ANTR!>-MT A TODNll WOMAN. A KIHInTION IN ff a private lanily. M rhtahrrsud or Mi'JMt lniulrr At 77 Naet 27ta ?t. top flier, bath rwm IVANTRD-BT AH AMRRICAlf m*L A SITUATION M aa Burae ant M .Duareaa id a prim* familv, ooa who ran alf e Inat. i.cdlno U> child ran la ntndy. OA I I or two deya At 713 M at., lao door* ( imu H-h at 117ahrm>?by a nrat. Tinr tocno woman, a V? alt'iattnu ?? chamber-weM and waiteeaa u (ii>mm in the ?fcrbi~; nnl irontne or wonid doth* homework al a uua'I private family. heel <?! MMMM flafl for lao cl??? At il Atlantic ?U, Btoohljii. WANTRIh?NT A RKRFRTTAIIJI TOOWO OfBK A ? At'nation ami or 1/ daehamberw.irk am' ?am omahlnr ran J 1rrnl?? id a wan II ?r rata f amity; an other need apply t al lor two da; a at ho Itltlaaj place, between Unmans aad llrfTAW tu u'mtklyn. XET A NTRD? A AlTi'AT! |?. HT A RRspK WARUt TV nrl. h raiinw ?r rkaalaraul aad wait-ran la apn vaief-jsi.j beet rbj reft reu-.e. t an at Weal JUUi at, hi the ma. IR'ANTIW- A MTIATIOM. BT A RKXFK T AB'Jt W i nt( rrl. u chambermaid and waiire*a Iru- id hermaid and Ine w*aher and Iron*'. Ta a napa1 Se pir m h?rU III >rM? In her lart pl'??. Plena a call lor two <t?ya at IIS Weal Rah at , near Jth Ave. ii tvttr?-A NiCinow to do obamnmrnokk II arirwa uay in aika il pi aia lair.;.v. 1.? r~...Dta m between SMI. and JAth ate., .aerond But. fruel nana irrAXTrn-RT a frof mrnrd woman ooor a M a-tnatKe Id a hotel or oth.-c laiTW eeubi*hniewi aa head eot*;hee a lherouah Aw wledaaa' afl kdedaof atali awt Ua r? dtahea. a aanpen-r oon'rrumv V NAh plain a ve omaaaea tat. aad uadetelaada the (wMla* at " r*Wiie? ta th- ?> ?elect mart et la a lao a Oral eleea hovwaeev '**. hwa# capable n* an pertelrfidtre aoy Wr*e e*wt.> aAwa - la'toe falBiled Ihaee n.ttea h< Ural rlaaa phwen. do r>< jartlw In leave the rity Fnr further rarumlan taqolre At 1A. Raw KU. *1- hetanao lac Aa I H Arte. WM'AFTRD-A MTTATION. BT A a" VTR*'Ta B!.C yitA*?lil AAno-h, wAAberaad Ineer. nv a* la indraea ahlrherer anna the heat rirr -afereore I- an Pa " laef nlae# tall lor two day a al lip Wroi iAhat . t.?p It aw ina f <? T1tA?TKD-A HI CATION, BT A R**FK"l 'A*1-* TV )?? .I'd ten, aa aook. I... cat aethm I., aaawi . 'J*' .ijhir, faod cuy ralerrn. a. IAU for two dare at IR, a li-.h It. ? mf ARTm?A WTUATIOT TO IKIOK WAAIl A TO , " ?b d iioodritr laWiawe. Apply ta BntlerW, two T dot*< in* Hoed bouth Wewhl.a WARTEO?A PITIATION BT A I.KM'WTARI.N 1 ) oiine pir I aa hi -tsiti eat, wuoM <?* wtill:m to do a aaCT.f red Iron lac in a awati I aw Iy H-el of - it; rer. ranad Chi' al 317 (n.a e m -?Td>-Trr-Nm7ATI"BB bt TWO BWMtrrAat* v> '"a. <? M <v?.k and Irnuor I be oU?rM pailm-a. K" b> Ub? rw? ...' vhtkirmm and an ar:^- oJr* at* 41 ** "= ?? aacnod door fr<? Pasinc K.."** Bi>-*>a. WABTNT-a mUAT.OB A ?onrt ?'?vi la d<< tr+' r?) b? i'f f?ni<ii if rW '.ihframk in.) f ^ r ? ai _ , |n *>fd ?nt m rt?y Itn-na, r t? bn > .at Waai Jl.bat >4a *bL * .,? '***? ** ** UTANTTIT?A nBATtO* RT a -1 l7 aitarab'f -nans ri ^ tHOBT.T RW- I |.?# fcf rd>?. |o da ??m r*4 ? ???< Pal** li?i'T. tab Wr. raAf ?a?I" ,ai?i?d ? ? '??? pala?ia rmrf ?lf rB If 'AAtt'f ^ ??d in oar1 (W'rMidHi mf jjlbtb hatur- ->?? c?a >t w tm two Jaw at l? Wot oil aa.1 *b aran *rn. atiot t<i ik> wop?Kwom i* a *t ra^fll Ptirtba famlit f-odlaa* 'fill da;t at 10a Waal Jfch *t. tiral dm*, la lb* ml. WAB-srn-BT a mspEi tabi.k m <mni ?inu. a ?H th-aPtd- 'tu.tpt ? nr| "-d trb"<n* Id ?d"rjraa?' I) W?i rli? r.fa nr* ?*Ai' for t?ro d*j? at ? I WwM'df Uttde* - a ad l"*ll ???. WAIH11-| BTTTdTTOR an OnOR. BT A mVTW lalf'WAt. lAbrWf'liSSJ'* oalarataada bar t-uab bfaaia ?i da V?i Wa atml. >ff?d Ua a-?t; to la at haVfr baai rpt rrfi taai a ? al fir Ibfaa *Af? ??ad* '?* I It T. hr'fr, II J" b IU *V. r? tvaktii'-h a HwrrfTANt.B woimn. ?ntr? Tl thm al lit 4 al*?a ruth la a p laalr fami'.r a.toh.fyd ? to aaito h oath ;if Boat i r?t rwfarrucca. Call at W Waal iUl ac ' 11" A XT t If? A HTl'TTOX. BV A BAftPN'T AB'.N TT tlrl. iA ifwali i^aorb la a aata 1 altala >aaaUr ta*i1 iff al 3W 7ld at. WAN 'Ft'- PT A tor.TG WO*.\X. A NtTPATIOX AN rhambrrt" M B?d ?alt"r, or a* rhtmla-atU and til M aM In lb' *?ifna? 'a w?i| a?o?nrartad lo ?ab<" tb? ooa nrthf f*bar tfl ?t 41 W*at liHb al. anfttar of Wa-arlaj pilar ft-at banr ha a mow TIT A BTTP BT A Bl/trW TABI.K tor??fl LtOf. A " aftnai'l-i in a dtT fav'a a>< fat ff alnrf Tb? ?d?ai, mr ran lltr !?? ??' rtf r^frritof aaa brat h?Ai and ta a ??>?! Hfaana?ii Afdiiaafof t?n<laja.*tl Ba?o>r? TirANTFII A btrrATION ,t? W KT NTA if A pp *t trit.hlf fmt*?'ti?!. We ha la a ?!<? .. at bar ba.h?r.d baa i lap mil h r i-a'..' Wl'1 H* baar ? of Int lbr? f dajt al ?? ll I ! 'b al %fa- aaa P. ?ff'T< f"r BL*.t>Tin- A AirTAT BT A f Hlt> TT t" ' ?? ab?t and it-?I r <lfl da) a dM 11 -aha . at tl*A>rr.? -IT A bl-app T.? I t. y ??! ?*? iVt* a T? atlnafaai ad ptd: ft i-ti;n.t o- 11 atai*1 tba a aa 4m| a- f.i rffaranrp. i"all ?l I* ?ta p al, bn iha ra*; 1 ?>al)a tt-'Mrp I Tt ITT * IiV A Bf-rF-fl 1 ?Al. I4T la* !aja at l?A N ?ai llat at ????rr lb ard lt??a grrtATIOlfB WAWTKD-FEMALKg. iimM KI)?A SITUATION BT A TOPNfJ OIRL IS ff years o ??*?. Ui lake earn of children and do pWtn irwhig ?ryes ru so muoh an object ae a eooaforuble home Call at ?8b Mb st WJ AWIH-HITUATIOHH HY TWO BMPSCf A8M6 a. yoiniM ?!'!? *m cook. WMMT tad the other aa ctumhermail and w?l'eee? have no objeatt'iato working together. h?<e Or heel of ritf rrlerecoe I sera until eu,;agtd, M Warren St, turvk V-'tae from Hoyt M*? Bio<kijn. Wanted-a situation, by a rrspri't able y?"ng girl, In do duunharsriwk and take care of ahlldren, or aa chambermaid an J to a?s-?t In Oia waablug lond dts re ferenee f nm bar tail place. Call for two day a at 16< 77th it., near 8ll? av. WA ? TAP-A SITUATION. BY A EESPECTABLB young woman. Is an ?v-ellent onok and linker, and la wi'ing to aaelat In ut washing and i ?or,lng: beet reference Call at Id av between JTih and Mb aM.,aeoou 1 floor, back room, tor two data It not engaged. WANTED-A f lTTJATlfiN BY A RESPBTTABLE WI dow. bailng a ptrl U . ears old in take with her, In A bakery ifc -nfe. doner's store, or wonld /o aa housekeeper la a prtvnie fauiUy;eau make beraelf itaefal to w<itu>g aid keep ing accounts. Advertises from her present situation, 18c Hen ry tt, whtre call or indices. WANTED?A SITU ATI'IW TO IM) OENRxAL HOUSE work in a amab petvste famtljr, or to do plnln cooking anil wash njt Inqnfle st 70 ' harles si Yl/ANIFP-BY A NkPPKCTABIB YOU HO WOMAN, A ff situation as goid , sin uook, wasber and Irooer, or to *a gene i' bouaework In a am all private family. Can bt aeen for w j day s at Bo II Kivlngton at., In the rear. WANTED?BY A BESl'KTABLB WOMAN, WaBHINO and Ironing, to take to her owe house s'hs Is a rrd waski r and ir >ner Wonld take care ot a gentleman's otflre; be well recuinmen. od. Apply at *07 Weal Mib at., bo id floor, troi twreo kih tnd 9th aveg , second floor, front room. ^ANY*D-HY TWO TOUNO OIRM, HI fUATIONS; Te aa eook, washer and ironer; ard the other at chim in a email private family; road cliyr re'cr*ncea will be given from their last employers, where they have beru employed tor 10 years Oall for two dayra at tttf . euston at., between Varick and Hudson. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RBHPBCTA BI.B WO man, aa rook and to ssetst hi the washing and Ironing Ins pr'vs.e family, gentlemen's boarding bouse ur restau mo*; no objection to a short distance In the eonntrv; good city reference from her laat place. Call -1107 Prince at. w ANTFD-BY AN KNQLIFH LADY, A SITUATION AS hour ' eeper; hating had the ch .rge of Urge eaUhllah its shr i ily atiirrsianas, all ihe duties that may ba requlr Apply at LlvtogaloO House, Atlantic at, South ferry, Brooklyn. W.V TED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNG GIKIN; one aa nurae and s- ? m stress and the other aa chain her maid Call tor two rays at IS Jay at, corner of Plymouth, brock lye. WANTED-A SITUATION TO DO OdAMBKRWORK and waiting, or tu assist In vrsahlng and Ironing, beat of rliyreuren e i ail at 12# Warn 29tn at TlfANTID-BT A BBSPECTaBLB WOMAN. THE Tf wonkier nf a family or or yomi* gentlemen. Oall for two dtja at til) West Kfllh st.. first tloor back room. WANTBD-A SITUATION. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, as eeamstrewi: caed to all kinds of needlework; g.od referer.-e If required. Apply at 31 Leonard at. w T Ah TED?A SITUATION, BY A BBbPC ITA^'LS nng wom> n. to ornk, wash and iron, tn a small pri vate fam ly; is a good ouok. washer and Ironer, aad can give rvferrnce. 7'an h gone rvferrnee. 7'an be seen for two days at 171 West 31at trout basement. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A FIRST BATE OOOK; uwfrrwarda nil kiuds of soups, meats and desserts, and la a *rst rsie hrfar and biscuit 1 alter; so oblfBUou to*large l*m lv. fan furnish heat of city reference, fan bo seen all this week If not engaged at 391 1M nr., near 18th at. In .ulre la the drug st> re. WANTED?BY A REPPE'TAB E YOUNG IRISH WO. man a attuatlrm to do cbunberwork aad help to wash andiron flood rrirrenee. Apply (or twu day* at 33 Rutgers St.. corner Of Mad sun. YlrANTED?BY A TOUNO AMERICAN GIBL, A FITUA ff tmn as chtmbcrmaid and waiter, or to take c*r? of ckil drcn. I ?n be seen for two days at lUSlst ar , third floor. WANTED?BT A BEHPEfTABI.E TOL'NO OIRL, A situation aa chara>>ei maid and waiter; la wiping to luaist In the wsab'ng; good city reference fan ba seen tor two days at Si- West 2Mb at., top floor, front room. WANTBD-BT A BEPBRfTABLR PROT WT ANT yi ucg woman, a situation aa of ambermaid *u l ??m atreia or ?? walirrn fan be asen for two dan at M R*at lfl'.h at . near Broadway lb- beat of ci.y raterencs can be given. WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION TO travel to the South aa lady's maid and ae?ma'reae. no ghUetkJOtuw It on or.e or two grown up children, the beat of reference given, f.'.m be aeen lor two i ays al l.TI West Uth at. WAN1ED-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO (1IBL. TO do afaamberwnrk sad plain sewing, or to take narw of children. would be willing to assist lu the washing and Ironing; good reference Iron her act plaoe. Ob be seen for two days at 174 J of alt in n st, Brooklyn. TITAKTFD?A snu ATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ff \<.unc gill aa wait?ra tn a private family; the roughly urderstands kcr buBneaa; baa the baatof city rofcreaoa. Ap ply at UN) East 1Mb tt . third floor, front from for two days w ANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 0IBL. a Situation as aeamatfyia In ? private family; won d aaahl tt rbsmbei woik or line washing. Hood city references . ? - fcht- ~ atyrn. inquire at 113 MA at, between 7th aad tkh ara, tlrst noor. bark n? m for two days w ANTED?A SITUATION. Bf A VEST RESPECT ABLE gtrl, aaeeiA, aha enderataada her business In all ha family, where aha has Uvea far the laat throe years, twodaya .I *> Neat l ib at, rear nmldu.g TETANTEIV-A SITUATION AS FIBST CLASS COOI U ff a private family . beat ol city nferom e glrea. Call i M0 Weal Ahh lb firaNTI D-BY TWO BRHPBi'T ABLE TOUNO WOMEN ff Mfuatl'ira'. one aa la'ur rrri. and the o her aa chum her maid and w saber Have the last of c*y reference. Call for l?od*ye at lb Wcet '.kh at SATIATIONS WAKTKU-MALKlt. At OIK I HA*. H YXAKM or AUK, WINHW A 8ITU alt .n ?? ?"? era] c rrk ai ? laoderata nalarj. la a goad parnan and ?|iu* and rorm I at figaran. h?a had aaraa ran rap nw in i.rai claaa Kogbah hooaea. good reftraooea. Ad tlraaa B. O. 8. Herald tMcm ATOCRO BBuMRHHtB. WHO HAS URN IN THIS enrol ry alxmt luar mat tha, and ?ho la wlllta? Wi make htma!: graaml y wfnl. wMhea fnr tome light ah-ialt-m in a lint rtaan bona* d. nu loan; la a good aaouaaaknaa, ttnd p * aoaaa a kixwlndan nr bonhhkapmg prarVkiaJy dng?g?1 In a euf-uia. trukro'a udir* ?n?l clam ralariaam notary nan da Sammy If raqnhad Addrnaa X. T II nara nf f?bu >fuarr. tttnfacikungr. curpar oI ..i* at. and Broadway S. Y. A NTT AVION WANTBD-BT A TOONO NAN. OF t.rid .? dr? ?* aged 41 and Utaly front i^mdan alihar In d aprrlut a atom or ndioa. If ? I rrapaatab a ah laQri] thitf howild mtka hinta- f uafal; IfnrnnkrMj nndaiaWuda lha >noi.rt rik'hatrada. tdtrnaa aj?i. llarnldoaea AfOI HO OWN AN. ? TltU OLD. WHO UMAX! ax* Knglbh and F-nnah fl isallf. mlabaaatu-ia I Ion. XHith or f~' aa aalraaiaa. clark or bonkt** ??r. A? : ran ad.|.l I Maaatf In naarj bnataaaa Malar; ui- '? tin. A4 tiwi h M. k . hot Hd nMra. Af IIKkOWtlTrS. WHO SPNaKH Til* T9K*CH kngliah and iiotaaait langcaaaa. and la a dm rlaaa xaat and reiaaarnat. in una rHT. la daai. nna or a ?I Addraata K-a ia. boa MM, Ilaraid odka. Al mmii??a'i? ?tN. iiAvmo aticd a* B'UtPkr aarMU. t aa;- man aad general atnumal. da ?area a adnaibm. la *11'.lag inirtaa p/u-r and o.aka iumaa'f farrra lr Ulrta!. Salary moderate iMd refarmnn aad da i-'trHj glaai. \<Jdm?a Willi ji> hoi Ml limll fl..k Arm ation ?tjru-ir a man in ink ?>"?7 H? l?ha .-barge of a gamla*i?i a pU.-a; pa fnnly nndnratandt :armor gardealng and : kit g rhsrffe <* ?' eb. gtral r- arai.ra fi.ak k i !?? ruipkuyar Addreat. fur lan d tya J X , N lit II ri.l ( A TOl'NO Wt* OF tOTIVF. INHITKTAIOCd RABITa, a rap d penn as and anronntaM and *ho liaa mart ;?an npa'taaaa In '"udaaaa in ibla thy. and arkonr rafk ra*.. a ,na of k ?b order, daa>raa awployxoal Aadiam w. bad 117 fwMalw _______________ TtoOBk 1BFBN- lYHAtOfOB ?A tWOBOOOHLT OOW " I riant *au nk dr?l rata rarn*na?adatt*a axtnbooaa ^ ??wrM <? r.ay IMA m.uklglee a t art * a* IMns k> * _ 'hgabxnarW^-adAMT imrnf' fi . aaah Ad SS! ? p.,1 - -*NT?n. a RnrtTK.* nt a ?otrwa r\*rfiflirr -? tblr :o >k. , barga af lha * w*r' ? *"*> V a tftt rlaaa auirr. ti~i4 rtty rata iraarrtpom dar ?rt*?? At 4 abxr of r^i> A Haja ranaa gl- ?n. Agplr at l>a , *"? nrtrr al t Motor aad LP a. * aw TlAftPWAkl FkADR.?A *41 IdVa/ H. ? ??-! *>?<.. o U. <? ^ i-STl,! ? ufc < . 'ivtn kn. ?? i?, ik?. .n? .?? r ? ?**. (?'*????? im iIm Aa*r?M A. 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TITAJiTED?B* A TOOK (J MAW, WHO HAS HAD TT H>ml years experience Is a briar's and ?uiW? bouse lb Mmpiol > situation as clerk, bookkeeper or any other capacity where work Is ng-- aa well ma the pen. Acdreas Msllor, box ITS HerKM ScT^ WANTED-BY A BERPR" TaBLK colored yocno men, u ittuailoa u waiter; to hornet end ImlMtrlnne Cull fcr two days el 202 Hold si , Brooklyn, in the ranr. WANTED-A SITUATIOW, BT A MAW 1VBRT WAT quall'sil;'*-, office cls-k in ? livery at this, or a plage oo A gentleman's (*'m. having charge <v the aioca. where there la plenty ni wrk i re?klna and training. Address Henry C.. DOI 178. Herald office. W AW TEH?BT A YOUNG MAW. A SITUATION lw A < canting bouse; he A a fall' penman, and quick and oor rrrl at flgniea Bel era to hla former employ era. Add rem M , Hera d office. _____ WAWTtD?BY A YOnWU MAN. A SITUATION IN n ii..- wluilrtcle h> ore; ba- had three years' experience In a Brat rlaaa rrtall tsucy rtore; It a good writer and quick at flgttree; would accept a Her aalary for lie first yeai' Refe rence fmni present rmployer. Addreea H. II., boi Wo. 1 Brooklyn 1'net office. WAKTKO-a situation, by a yocnq man, as hotel Or s'ore rlprk or bookkeeper: has had considerable experience lli?t. rate ealarv aTgikltarf Heat of re.erencea p ven. Address II. C . box 178 Hera d office. WANTED?BY A TOUNO MAW. PERMANENTLY, I* the house of a private lamlly. a fnrntaaed Boom, with or without Board; I-ration muat a central, and not above Fourth street. Address for two day a, Haailltor. Herald offioe. WANTKD-IIY A YOU WO MAW. OP STEADY HABITS, aaltuutkie In a wkoleaale or rtraa lass retail grocery at. re; would be nhle to tvfl euro c.nntry custom. Add eag klonaon, care of J. D. Holbrooh, 1U2 Maiden lane. TV"ANTEn ?THW ADYEBTIWMB IS DRRTROUB OF OB T? talinug a elttutUoo wilhaootiou broker, or wornd eater Into partnerahla to form a new house; la well acquainted with the artn le. and could control considerable trade. Addrea B. P. room 139 Glrard House. YXTAWTED-A SITUATION, BY A MAW. 30 YEARS OF ?v age, as correspondent, bookkeeper chipping or entry clerk. S??' of references given ?a to capability and cha rm t- r. Aiidreaa Q B , Henud offi-e. HELP WASTED?MALER. Agents wawtkh-with a kmai.lcapital, sayw, who can readily make from SRI to 180 per week, by Intro ducing a valuable lmprovetnet t, having ready ante. Apply at 1$: Broadway. AORW18 WaWTBD-TO CANVASS EVERT STATE IN Ibe Ur It n for the R amnio EelMtle, published monthly at ?1 per annum. Maooy A tickles, publishers, corner of Broome and Crosby sin A t?t CI) BuV WAWltU?AT GBNIN'U, US BROAD' way. Abc.y wanted-to assist in a hat storh, a boot 17 or lByearo of a*-; one that has some knowledge of tlie business. Apply st Smith's. 13: Maaau St. A GENTS A*I) TRAVELLERS WaNTRD-TO SELL A A. patented r.rtirlo need In every fam ly, bavii.r a realy rale. 1 hey will be required to deposit gl it, the onet of the srtl-'e that *re cnt usted with Apply to J. Phillips, No. M Beaver St. Boy wahtrd-im a down town mercantile business: one who is a bright h?y sod a good pvnssan, re siding with Lis parents, wages tit'1 per year. Wo 2 Liberty place. Boy ranted-about fiftwew y k a its old, to make bin self generally ueeful abont a hovae; eoloree pre ferrc! None tier.I apply unleae well recommended, be tween 9 and 12 o'clock, at ltS West 23d at, near 7th ave. Drug clbrk wanted b? ist or ootubkk? a yeung man aa junior assistant In a Brat class drig store; be may he well srquala ed with Ike city trade. Address with references, Pharmaceutist, Herald office. Dm no CTREE WANTED.-ONE WOT AFRAID OF work, w'th good references, may apply la T. C. Godfrey, 3d he., corner t.f 2ist at , Br mktyn Salary ft a week. A German, speaking good English, preferred KVPLOYMENT.-A FEW INTELLIGENT GENTLEMEN I wanti 0. to canesss to- a wnrh that has only to he shown? It will sell It-eir. Call at 121 Niveau street, rvsim Id, froan 110 3. T his is ibe best chance In the city. Call and see. Lad wantxd-about u years of aob, to at trnd a first tdart retal store, the very beet of reference* requited. Address 1-. U A Oo., Herald offioe. Metropolitan iKTEU-iGEwni agency, km and lot Maiden lane. New York ? Offiae hours from 10 A. M. to 6 P. II Parsons In se?rch of servant?. either male or fe male npoe whose honesty and Integrity they can rely, whether English, French German or Utah, will eooaaR their own In terset by calling at our uffice. Wr recommend none ant those who oomr well reooinmraded la ua end oharge nothing If the applicant is not suited. Give ua a trial. A registry is kept far the ails <>r letting <4 bouses low farms, Ac Wanted, good, wrll recrsnn ended stria, for all kinds of housework, cnoha, ctsnibermnlda Ac ; 2> German girls to do ohamherwork la h hotel a tnan and wife and throe single mea wMfe pluoea a* farms. Clerks and pot tan vranted. s M^HAN AND WFPK WtlU III MA* TO TAKB | ca r of lorara, rr.?? Ac , am) a-nurt a *?rdanar nnnwbc h?? a kn< wlcifc c.r market raidanlnf prrfnrrod, th? wnmaa lo laki care of poultry and the ? la try. dpplrbeioro 1 ?M ihla day at iba ?Mailt. Uaraaln. corner of Bth ar acdBilt. R^MtpRiTAHI.IC MBN 8KKKJ.NU HTTUATIO.N8 AS ? taokkaaprra rabwman. rlarka, port era. Ac. aboold au ra? at K ad pat b a tf i rrbanta lllarka' Wr*tatry -?e? 7H Kroad ?>** u?aikiSf fa Mac pUeuttU by Ball BuBencluaa tan staaapa latakllaltiu! 18M. O SAW 1*4, Bu pari man Seat SAIJWMRM WlNTRD-TO 00 TO SBW ORLEASB; one rack for allk and bnatary Vpartoirnta; oi'tat hara S llioaouah koowkd*d of Ibnre brnuclian of W? b>iain?ra L lUUf A CO., Mo. 8 Barclay ?L WANTED- ASAUbtMA*. H AVISO A LABOR FIRST rlaaa Northern ami taorn i-ade. caa atM a iitrma aat>l arraa?a?<rat lo t*A? art art attkar ata or la 'aaaary nan wrtk a ??U oBabllahod hat, rau and Brow ro-tda hotaa. Addraaa. with rati nam* aad rafarnaoa, Mattna aaaoaat W radr aad a bar* dxstad Hat t and t 'ap?. boa S.OIS Pool odloa, WANTkl'-A KMART TOO BR MAN, I* A t'HIRA aad glar* Bnr<\ to maka htaaalf pn-arallr naaftl; fmaa Miktarp m tarnty 'can M ?**, our i wBrtlng wHh tur paraRS and arqnatoird nltk 'ha bnaianta prnerrod. Apply al Ml MR a*., baiwaoa 37th and 8Ab eta. ? TIT ANTED?A t-AO. U to IS TEARS OF AOE, TO DO TT tba ? rk r a tmaU I'laor a ah-at dot nice iu ha ootaa trt Al'trl unr. -atnnd tba ear* of hnraaa Oanaaa SWM I alt at 13 Murray al. TRfART>.JI?A 1U)T WHO CAN KRAD AND WRITS n trail, to at.and a paint oka* aat Warn tba pain-la? bnB paaa; a FpoaaW d nrnfafffi Apply afw 8 rd ? at tha torrrr or t *-tir aad Donptaa aM.. Br -drtya, la tba paint Bora. TA'ASTRD-AN ANNUITANT IIOOKRKRPRR, A OOOD TT antry and r iraap-nrrtn* r'arv a harkaawar >nd a Mi U.'t t Applr ai twpaih'a MtrcSauta' t'larfca' Argmrj tdhoa, 7* Broadway Mnat?.t.? procured. Mo eosue-aalue ia aA R RATI 1X4. N.i,,?r1c WANTED IMMKDt ATICI.T?TWO CAHV ANNSRN. TO aanrraa lha rr.a?ty t.f Oraata, S T., for ' Portent Ufa of India a 'uit .r. For parttculara addnai J. liBSt, ObMa Oi SRI ctrna ?. E. 1. WANTRO t rOAC-OMAN, WHO FERKECT1.Y OR n aantun la k'a btwlneaa Call al J3 Rarciny at., bcStradB U and I a'aioaA Tl ANTAl. A Max AND WIF1 TBI MAR AS ' OA'lHl Tf Ban tba r ata an mnl, la lltr with a nrlrala fadRly Ml Ibarbt. ?'?: twrruad lAelr btiBnaw aad a??>? roBMS^Arcly at Frmrh'a Hrori. M7 ANTKD?A LAD IN AS OI Fit-t BALAR If IrB ?rv A. D ? . Harold M uB ha ','Oakaad arlinac to mt I TJLrA*TFD?AtlRRTi IN Rt'BRT FART OF TPS OOCS 1 IT trr fnrTrt'nn a a aawty a Wad aalf saaaraBac aad I rrtu ait raa Unir. adaaAad fur tier dtawaad ad. daB aad aaar l; rttbta ? aala at tla I. imtra' Rfcrhaaca. m WllJ aB W'A*r*r-A 'nrm wan to writw WHf> ? A t amJgf FTOBAB oau Rlil. Norton, 3d. ;>* *??? T1*.A*TFD- ?* ItrtRICA* SoT, ^)LNB FRS ?' Irrroai f.ran U t > W yr iraar ana. Tha M .haat pr*ra far Ik k"'y and rf wan rr.iitt-?d tpply tIM das en > brtwarn I'" .it llo*.!- k, M CartaU A Ok a ?1 Srnn/ aat cr-rnar of i at.alrt ,?r. Roar. AN IKFORTTNO HOPfR A LAD TO \\ a. aorh of a U?Lt rtia. ami la ackBa kaaalf aana " ffiB, _ "ho raabtra ? th Ma pa>? aiafjiad fa fRTAirrFD-A I inir RATI! RaRkRRFFW. OMR WWO TT a^nra?ai)t,? W1 arda a Ian a ww4 mm, tt nyMHBna. ? W< maal alth tha baB uf 111 aiaaaalaNa* Apply W ( ,'anil., na?r Brliloarar, irnaa inl a'Wnttfe a.JT^ar. A SOT IN AS OFFT'-R, Id TO II TSARS \\ AStRD? aqrtWI a- "f'traa, rratdr ?ttk hta rafdMn In J' tAl fuatA anrr'lnaahln raRnrndaa. fail rana and Pr.r hltn. al*? ?' AA'raaa baa I M For >ai?n. real drat a, alih tii-att* |||| ?T^.n-7 ?r7t sn*Mt.'*. I* TRR TIA, t'OFFRB U A*'? * ) **,' tr rw thai haa had aitro ard ?NI*i rfx, - ITASTTT WtXTFO Wk<mp--",,i ? nc-ro of ?') airo !? "? ?Ha*Sfanra, ., f n& St n a p'aaaau' an* pa*V? ?'*?**.? ?? ? Sfe TT Thar ?nn irair ' Ml W m tf MS d*F S?lta? Tt"? Va* lati Ti,.a'.u.< al*t A ? a aarr buaiaaan aad ??. with raadt aala St art nart' ?< tha rnlna: aad all ahonro f nf r Iphijwt al ! tr?t'd ? "???-maall arrta al So. W? SWaa WVitOraSraf Infra at ipaatrr nran S? ?M A L SA RrLRTT. m T'-a-f, ARAI. RRAFK'TASLR HRS OF OOQD W Mho >?*.-r at aaar aad papSMs ar?h. 17. m aa > aid rKMnp TU ba IthgaMj Wro jdjrt? S ? ' - V l ixnon Fry A Co 17 BmE iraa at nr w H S naht B. ?aattnd Anrr _ . UfASTFi. 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