Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 9
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? ^WIJ1 WAMTUMTEXiliBa A*",** V**T RESPECTABLE UTRLB OA* SKADiLf ?*??togj?d gj*uaM.?is w the Beirut Office of Industry, pi*** far employer! i?** gniv* help, mna r**tf^1,1frU I?*1 ?Ituutiona. Only those of esoelleai All.families amd good servants will find thel?r???od beat office in the rtty at 138 iUh st.. onnue {ha*. G.iud sttoalloue Immediately; also ?i?s, civil cipa W? h?Jp, to null aJJ who oali OirU lately landed wealed. and mall fir 1* in food reeprouble funlHre. ALL G1BLS LATELY LANDED WANTED?IN GOOD situations. to be h?d evurj day, In r.-.i.M'i dile families end gwod wi|ii; aim small atria wanted in nod at-ady oteadt placet, Immediately. Inquire .11 toe Large laautuie, 138 Klevoniti street, on corner of Hi it I arwnne A FIRST CLASS MILLINER WAMTKL? AlJ*> TWO uX'dr-aaBafeera To rnmyeteot parsons needy work. Oall far 1 Arte daya at 907 Broadway. 4T0UKQ LADY WANTED?WHO UNDERSTANDS atlk embrold. ry French preferred. Aim a youn* lady ll a food operator on Sloat'a sawing machine. (Ml at 236 Court at.. Brooklyn. ____________________ A CHAMBERMAID AND A WAITER GIRL ABE BR quired Immrdtiiel] in a private family; both muat be flrat oiaae servants. and will be paid the beet wag ea. Apply tide morning at 149 Grand el., where employer can be eeen 4 YOUNG GIRL WANTED-TO DO I'd AM BR it WORK, aad one 10 watt on table and ree to the dining room, e with good reference can apply at <19 4th at, oue dour went ot 2d are. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTED-\H PLAIN COOK XL. waaher and Ironer for 1. arnall family in Brooklyn. A11 |>ly for two daya at 81 John si , New York. A SITUATION WaNTKD-BY GERMAN AND BRITISH female help, far piTrati amines hotels, and boarding houses, at JU If'tLi KT.iiKA iM'a General Rmpi omeu* Institute, fd Great Jones at., near tbe Bowerr. opponll* 111 at dYOOKS, CHAMRKRM AIDS, HE \MS CHE-UK* AMD \J lanndretres. Protes-nt and Catholic, -ranted for first eliaa iltuationa. both te eliy and omi" jr. si the Obnrnh Hume And Intelligence office, II anight at, ooruer 01 St J- ho' 1 lane J^Hhtnsl at r B CHIC'GO. F.IL'R EXPERIENCED SERVANTS sranted In a snail prlrate family?n thorough cook, nume chambermaid and laundress: all n oat be Ural class mrrante. Apply Uda day at 149 <jran 1 si, where the employer can be Gibus wantbd-to go to a mawufatlbing vil lage flvr hours' ride frm this city, in Oounecticut, to whom employment will be glreo the year round, at remunera tive prices Foe further Information apply at No. 37 Brood way, up stairs, for two weeks Lace hands wanted?thobk accustomed to a re work on lace andrlrere foods; good prices and con - utanl work. J B. LK WIS, 441 Broadway. Servants wanted immediatblt.?wanted, eerrral good eooka washers and Irooera, eureea. aoam ?t; rases, chambermaids and waiters, for emnc or the heat fa milies te Brooklyn just returned from the oountry Apnlrat 10 Tlllar.v street, Brcoalyn. MANNING A CO. T> MILUNKR&?WANTED IMMEDI aTRLT, THESE OB fonr find class milliners, to whom liberal wages will he given aad constant employment A. ply to Madame Martelli Noumea, lot Clinton p hoe, Eighth street. P MILLINERS.-W A *TKD, A GOOD TRIMMER; ALSO a few agihnera Apply at 62 Clinton place. TXTANTBD?A COLORED OOOK, WHO THOROUGHLY YY underffiaade her buatneas and has good otty refereaoa. Apply at 29 Irving place WANTED-A GOOD. NEAT PROTESTANT IRISH OB Genua gtrl to go South; she muat hare good mfereoce aa to character utd ability; none other nerd apply. .In i>dre of Mrs. Hlltog, 14 South 8th at, WUliamtburg, near the ferry WANTED?FIFTY GK OD CLOAK MAKERS, TO WHOM the highest prises will be paid. Apply to A. M. A ?L Darlaa, N09 Broadway, up stain. WANTED-a U1UNG ENGLISH OR AMERICAN slil, to take uharge of a child one year old; the miut be capable of doing plain see ing. Best refereuoe requlr-vl, none others need apply a colored girt preferred. Call at 63 BL Mark's place "EXTANTED?TEN FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESSES AND TV plain eewera. ennsuol emetorment the year round and highest pi Icaa pato. Apply at 71 Croe iy street, near Spring. WANTED?AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL TO do chamber* orh *ad watting; one who thoroughly under Mher huatnees aad can give good r?ferenoea Apply at West 37th ?t. hetaeen ike hours of 1 and 4 P. M. Wa2225t^i2222S who ukowwtakds ?r UUa. beiVeVw AXSPj.. I*iulre aifstt ~ newer ? WUmn'i bawIo* m ?r.kU^TT_T# . operate on srsarrsr?;?58" KWuS?s WUJSs,*, ?S? S S&22111, ,??0'"?om 3^ *T!TI^ b "*'" ?VA T0 ?? Rood *aUr ai.<] Lrou?-. ApwrVS JSm$?trimm U * w f?u, Bnart ,0?...? urU t* le.rn ^?j7?V/VbIto I***"' "*? _y-T*lfln?Hoorr cJu.*^ "*???>>? YXii I Wwmwi... V't'SiVJ^Wui."!M,"JiS"??-T? Bi Hrm. trap'., lta lira., r up aS^ ],T 7 lo<|tiJra ouaCSSkSr ~ I fc'r *'?? Ma M? a ?1 i ??!!}?? frVftP"* if Jlroofcjjn ?** 11" W Oo?4|r?ti wyaffla^^AgL^.tjs W4E^2r.?.^ V?? "V,KJ Do THR "OOK i SKrw??K?S ' ipsSSs^ W^j??*v LSTCiU? jSjarja 'LV wML *?"> saw &* W A!E^.A#*{:?'?(?;? M i l-wr, .ad JgL^TyL-?-?.>? ?/? d ~nk. .?t? rajKr--"? -? - r,?. ^sur'aEc w Ars'wa??a ,'ir?rK.oT'* ? JWKljWif Appl; ^'Z'ZuHpy JTb^S,^" *"* W*Kfc* 'iLhlTV i*? To l?araa* H r<?- Wan.k? < wu i-.? - ?,, .??* *' *f1** a "Miliar., m n??|U ?a' A KIITn-TO ArtRTRT I* A TIR?T <l.4NA I>4Bi'|v,j arfeS'S dawas H<? Murh tMM- r*,. ilnad Ait'r*? ,^,k I" , 'T~* Ml raiwu. o. II iinmtnt ?? ~-j, ""? ^ **"* fj danjldw iial Li pa... at ??? m ? |. ^ .'!* Md doipi^ry Mam I M <U> rw? of a da*-r Oa^Z 2 MOT!*1 Wo"fcu11 *? *?WT?>? amlyailTW <Umr, ?. a. ? m *" u? W,J '? WA!!5>r4_???. TO WORK at 0KK? li lt* ?>*???* Mum Md Mp.if. cat a iod W*^1^7W "Ir*r'n f*rA?:.? or ?ad .atVUr, MM; ? rn aao l."' *^.1^17" y ^gV* - -? r^M. raqatrad. GS^lTS^T,^ WSIai2!!>.T4KE 0? a BMAU, Si< fisrsgirttsg ..yy VN A.,*I52:,AT V\* ; A,w,vR"rT <-(>rrkr m? *"?'' T *,?y*<> ?"**. ? eteaMaui M| ??Wgy warworn aa'artko-a nu*im*ii) Aprn WArr?*mi , ""?* ?W''' f,t|* "t?Ui com! fflMy rvf#r?aii, <,%{| ^ ! rnZ*"^* * IU jtb M WA.W"P> A Wf^to DO TtfR WORK OF A X*AU, *! ^ l?"'lr ax. m-m s* ? pni fl?in roofc, (>4 -mri ?uVr lE^EST A^"*4 "' ?-? 0Mrr.lST,Tr^ WSkk. 1D"T RATR WAtTRRF.A ORR TO AT d -rJTllId ranSy Ml>i. ?'??? N? >B _w*ggtA "tn^nnL.qigk w po wi I ?rW,rTW ?? ?4 Mh M. .aWaU iR^m SKA MA W*P2Sy~~^ei5B!B _S2r^!2el?|I Dy ARTRD -A mARRRFMAID f.ACRORRRK. RCRmH HCFp^' TawiirjKA awMi 3W^ BhwNhfBy, fw \j-ARTRO^A WAT. TIDt",|Trl At WA1TRR ARn *a4 tMau"1 tffi&sSJSWi i HKLF WADTBD-riCHALEIt. WANTED- TWO (HKI.f1; U?? AKCUOK. LAU Vi'KKSfi, mad to do gener?l h? >?ew,wk, th?? otker a* nurse and ?'.towrna to competent gtrli (rood wages *111 hepa'd, and tbr> will lliul k good home. App!/ at Its Montagus place, Brooklyn ? ? ?? ?_ -JL WANTED?A WET Nl'HEE, A KEEPROTABLE W() maa (a eddow preferred., wttk a freah hr.^at of ark. One who la parvei til healthy ane can furnUh 'indon A.-1 rnifi aa U) rharaotrr may'apply at 170 East Ulh at., between the hours uf 11 A M. and 3 P i. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WollEU AND IRON er l? mo ? few inline from tha oil) la ATaai r,?.a. ty. wufijjwinolh Apply betatru the n.ursof lu and 2 o'clock, at 281 ha. t Broad way. ANTED- A PIR8T CLASS MILLINER AWT) TRIE m-rno objection to nalarr A .pl? at X?: Canal at w TIT ANTED?TWO oiHI.N. Ok K A HOOD HOOK WaHH TP er and mpoer, tip. .*b?r lo ilo up alalra work and tIk. care of tarn Wutrai. Must he wall rocoinm-udr t. apply at SKI Bridge at , Bnmklv i. TITaNI EI"?PHI EN UIKI.8 WHO' UN IXICMT A "II BOP TP t'tr g pteklabi noo? othrra naad apply Alao ore to label and wrap, logoud help steady w irk Apply Wardali A Leviug a 211 A mat M. WANTED-A WAITRESS. WHO UNDERSTANDS HER bust nam audit w ill eg to hrraelt generally uae fill A| ply at No 3 Albion place. Kb at WANT ED-GOOD MILl.INKRs AlJtO AN KXl'C rten.ed trimmer. Apply tmmadialrly at Era K. D Ha'Duui " 62 Kan) 12th at TTL'ANTKU-A RKsBiCOTAHLK TuCNO (. 1RI. TO ASSIST PP lnrotikiPL' aiao a chambermaid and walirem. Call at 2b I Clinton si Brooklyn, Una dar between 1. and < F. N. TITANTKD?a NEAT, TIDY OIRi,, TO Do I^IK WORK PP ct ion lathe family and ae# a .We: v<i? A* per month. Oily referrnaca required Apply at 235 East Khh it., fr, m 10 to 4 o'clock. TIT ANTED IMMEDIATE'A? A SMART TIDY GIRL. PP to do lite general ho itework of a email pro ate family; muat be a good plain enok washer ana Iroaar nt< rafa retiree reo aired. Apply at IAS Mouroe at. Wage* 27 par month. 117ANTED?A RESpE TAB E W..MAN, A- I I1AMBKR PP maid and to assist In washing and in nt"g, ?tth good city lefrrrncri. No 27 London terrace, We. t kit at. WANTED-A OIRI, TO OCOK, WAS" AND IRON FOR a email private family. Apply belwe n lu and 1 o'clock, at I81> Went 3Pih street, between 3th am 9th aves. TITANTBD?A YOCNO CURL FOE O EVER A I. HOUSE. PP work Wageii 27 a month. References ro.iured, Ap ? ly a* No 9 Leroy place, Bleeckar at., accond block ftooh Broadway. TIT A NTEIk-A WET NUBSK, A RESPECT A RLE WO. PP man (widow preferred), with a fresh breast of milk; one V. ho la perfectly healthy and furnish uuioub'ed rafa reaies aa in rharartet. Applr at 102 Joralem <n at , near Court, Biooklyn, between I! and 2 1*. M , for two J?yn ANTED?AN KXPRKIENOED CHILD'S NKRSE, English or Sc-.tch praferad. Apply at IS Kant Mthat. WANTED-A OERM aN OIRI. TO COOK. WASH AND PP iron and assist In the genera! housework of aainaVla mllt. moat hare good re. ommendati.ini for hnneaty and gool dtspoaltion. none other*-eed apply. 1 lood wages given. In qu re for two dava at .UK Drgratr at., between Court and rmuk ate., sou.h Brooklyn. Wanted?at m broadway. six good rands alneoeral setting alao uae good operator on Wh??le r A Wllw.n ? sewing nisohlne; t> til at rate hands cm>lant am ptoymentavd Uoeral wage, will he given. If MisaAuMn Cos tore wul call aa above she will hear ol something to her ad rau lase WANTED-A CHAM HERN AID, WHO CEDERSTANDS be: bnalnwa and la a Orsl rate laundrea* alao a young woman who underalau'la the bn*ln-?a of a vv tnar City refe rent es required. Apply after ?n elokat 179 East Ink at., near 2(1 are ANIED-a OIRI. Tt. ATTEND A BAEERT. CALL at 21 Atlantic at.. Br wklyn w w TirANTKD?IMMEDIATKLT. A WOMAN, AS SECOND PP omb: one who undarstanda the bualneaaof a r'aUu'aat. Apply at Wyaudatik restaur act HI sod 3d] Folio- si.. Brook ty n, opposite City llall. WANTED?A OIRL TO WAIT ON TaBIJC OF A RR insurant; none need apply wlthonl a knowledge of the business. Inquire at the Wyandaak reataurant, oil and M] Fulu n ttravt. Br oklya, ooptalte City Hall. WANTEP-A COMPETENT OIRL TO DO OENERAL buuaewurk In a small f?m. y. Apply at S14 Hold St., Mmiiljrs between 10 and 3 or! ek j Wantko-urmhiiakkrh; aijio marr* y, oonn uJrr, zw.r.:.p^t wh,to ?" -?? *?*5 ISumJff kurort aad m,* tn*wi?A%ZZ "II'aNTID?a HUT, TlDTOIilU'tP TlElOllinr ** r,?" *? btnA. UueM?U^^ref??-2I ztsi- App" ??*<* 2m j^jg? j**. ^uw-ul Quod cltjf mfmnc?i?>|<t. A,P7,1? fiTSEi i wuua M kMUM to cW.di*u m,, %ptfly u ,4 nUJITUl-A (1IRL TO do,* ~WAMI *Nn ih,.v tyAKTEn-TniB mornino. a ttrat r?t* noor V*' ?*J2&' '>?*???> 1W ui l 1| o'oknrk ?i R. ..?--? Tarutr Aird atrrw, dnor In.rn H?t*d??r '"*i rwiolr*!. R-w7 ?oWahwikM, r,i,u .i wIm!^ W ^"^TT0 "TRT * KTR; OTR TO I'OOK " ?* k And Irno.r lb- ,*** U rh^tmrrBud M?Vv./. tenc* rM,?ir?| A,,pl/.i?i Tor, wA^ve.,",5fi,T^; *' ?"*"* ,,J* Hn?Ml??x !?<?*??? 11 end 1 ? -! ??* UrAiirBiWA fork#<.m*k to takV^h^Tt of . Jitr tbi dr *,,,,? bul ?*r?u Bead upplr m N?. J tyAKTRD? A I*AOTTmTAAT ?I|?||I TO COOK vv ?Sj^u.ViV ??'' "J" *? ,lrm"'**d1 k??? *53 aMp rrfw mn. RMkakar? 1 sLizr#^"*"-*? ^svrSmZ W^Arrrn-A laot to no k iri with a **w7*7i W Vr*? '? ESSSE * * ""WOK**, OKK WA22V."j^T mT^.: m w*??i?: M WW ftT4*riw * ^ n* ivitrncmii, Apply $2^SdTLT ?mAUw mWj?*. ?Mt?M Kmm Ju4X *^w'?ilr 7? __ A"** '1WWrM ma WMtodT' , TWTR4 DIR. " 5ST-SSsir.r""5? T0.?.*? Fi*L?*?luV ""thi Ann "oT tenaaffMM'lBd >''f?"?A ? prvl r?d (r kl...,, . yj? cT1,jiTh7uT?.Tj" ;" Buwk l*aM**? .til1"?"*AP?K3 miRTRM B*n?b** ??? ?"? ??? P?r ?n^ M.r-n, we. r*pofm?ei ei | iw g.,^ ^ A lureur Mt Until*!!, j V' *rrihh ***** waktrp? a tracticai. w ?rk , Tl'AKTWn?TH**1 or TorR rati ROO'IU R*\""*** ''ITm **"? " "*??" M "?#?>. irj. Oru>?? RWfy.W.T. ?> Jdr?w Te J Retxne, ?|e|? rerddrT WA?Hnl^. M VL ^ I UTHOOR.Tilic ^^TCr iw. u M U tmttm . ARefcUrtMPet, IM Tain, .':'tT C?.?BR 'TTRTQV OtrTTKR OR* watr^xcrrsinu-*8- ??"" wtaprs?i txzT'Jz. syis: W RTTT-ATIOW. PT A l*n,ITRWhrIi har few/Sl *? *?"? .iAh wm. i., pm. T i f*d#p<Aeed? iuIIA Kiie.p. Dm a/ I? - - _ . yT*r*1.-**"'"'"*' <?"*? of r ,'"A" u,"+>~~ ? *??tee?p? Rer> Wa mo -nro ty riRCT r b?*. rinnvTY wirn | p*r I ?0 ?*m? pwi, ?i* I Hnk4| "Tip)^r**!"?? Alan *tn*f 4, ^9tr% txffii ap ! cu"t h-lkL i>n ? ikt. mnrwewin t?e, air M Rroatwur. ifUlflow. W ?XVAKTWn A RAKTR TOR \ romat AWO l \KR 2J- ?^ y ?'??: . Ate ?er ?ii m " Btrwirr, mrtrt of H iMua ?>, fram Im) A. *. r. >r?himt a no. | m*?+n A l? V F. I' TIRMH?tal * ( \R or* .*1"- Ml Mm nm no amk u>'i V "??f'Atel pef*te'?e"e? Mm mm mm. m pr+f-r* mm ylTLal!"^ ??'. ?? TUrwaor u RoTu n?P1IAII|?>0imFRAWTAM, Aim I>'RI?TIR0I1 iV ? ^.T- '"* l-P*"** * te?duo nur?MA pnar lueaer lae Mteril ? *n tM RnaMwrnr. 17*7^-?/ y<;V*? nKRimR Ml ri.ACKR COM VI MM - ' & *?"****?. "If" ??* qm,A>* ? Mllf. M'o Bisn4* ~*?te-?eua-. ?-.drt^T m iR Ml-'dwl. (*ni niLlTAKT. m.i.tqtt ?p?wim-i jrrrrrwo or JteT ?? A? AMd el tMim OM1, Mr L ^rTLtftL^ZZ^ vv.1; fULll'ICAL DOUGLAS BAH.tKk.UK AT JUNES WOODS ON WED ufttkjf, 12 Five tfuluoUtira front Met Blub ( Authorised by their Prmldenti ? ill re|>Ort at 7 n'rlork A. M.. oo Ardneedsy mnrrtug Sept 12 At the Douglas OuuaJ Club Room* nuruer of Thirteenth Mr am *ud Hmadwaf, te Ww WllgiOM. Chairs D OUOLAB BARPKUUE JONES WOOD. Merchants, marufnrture n sod cith?p patlen, OTP earnestly n que t?11.1 close their r*lahliahuiftita oo W K iNK.iI'aV \Fl EH; HON neplrmber 12, lrtft). t" give 111-Ir . mplnyls AO oppnrtur.ll? tu Allen I uu O . hots' ll Jot e*' Wood Hon Stephen A. Donates ad 1 Heracbr-1 V Jotuiaou will posi tively addrevs lb* meeting At 2 P 0 Wwocderof DOUOlaB UKNTKAL CAMPAIGN CLUB. DOt'OL?B AND JOHNSON CARNIVAL AND OX msst at .loom Wood, Wednesday, Sept-inner 12, ltd!) ? Tin stmuncr MAY QliKRN will rim Imo Ne? Y.wlt U> Jamas' Wih<1 from 9 A. M tl.l Ute In the evening. slopping at during ?level ulvr t "wtb river, pier - Kaai nvei Peck slip at d retuh street, asst river. MOHfaTKK DEMOCRATIC RALLY. GRAND POUTIJAL CARNIVAL AMD OX KUaUT JOEBB* WOOD. Oe WKDNKM)AY. September 11. HID Tbr ilemorrarv ot the dtp of New fork and vicinity ere ta Hied to MMn ble At Jt !fWS' WOOD. Oe WIPMBIItT, Itth of Sec tern her, la A grand deinoostratlou In honor of the ? ?CULAA NATlOa At niMOCKATiC NOBIKin roa PKaUMNT akd ? irr rvnniiM. STKKHKN A DOLGAB Aire HKR8CHEL V JOHNSON, who will pnetnveh be pnwetit aoiI Address the meeting Othcv distinguished viaIi wee And orators wtl< tAke part In the pro needing* let the democracy of New Turk gather to laeti might to wwu'i v their Bdelity ta the Unk.n and the n at dilation. DO0ULA8 AN1> JoBNsON CLUBS of tbi* and adjoi inn cities are invited to be present a! thh grand Jubilee of the demoararv. Th- mind ample arrangements have been mads by the oom mltiee ti? iirov'de fur ell The various h< tel keepers will erect marqtiee on the ground, for the convenience of goeeu t Lsunhoala will tint) ample faoiiluee for landing paasengnrt at tbe duck at Jimea' WokI Kitra trains will he run by tbe rations raHruad onmpaale* ever fl-e frinotea ic and from the ground* Several su Miu-re. Including the i hioopee, May Queen end Ma) Rower will run everv bal hour nuilug the day. A large aland will be reserved lor ladles. The OX ROAST AND BARHKTUR will take place daring the forenoon. The great EENTUCEY OX will be slaughtered by Bryan Lawrence, Esq., of Centra market SPb A KING WILL COMMENCE AT X P. M. PRECISELY. "Come as the wtodv onme, when forests are reeded; Come aa the wave* come, when navies are turn-sled." Ey order of Committee of arrant entente DPI til .AS CENTRAL CAMPAIGN CLUE. AT ATIONAL UNION CLUB OK THR SRTKNTRKNTH La ward?A meeting uf the AOuve club will lie held oil Wednrslsv evening ueit, at 8 o'i ioek, at Ttlforl 11*11 Seventh (tree* opposite the new tompiine msraet. All who Are in fa vor of the cnnstitntim and the enforcement of he laws are In vited to st'end The meeting art 1 be a dreesr-t by Hon. V. a. Ts'tnadge Krsstil* Ktuuke, l>r Dodge, And others By order, h. M TOWNtENN, Sec. K. M. CAKHlNQToN, Ohn. THE DOUGLAS barbecue ON WEDNESDAY W?U be lnoumplete vrltboiU DOUGLAS MEDALS, DOUGLAS BREASTPINS, DOUGLAS CH ARMS, DOUGLAS SONG BOOKS AgD The Oem vf the Campaign, THE DOUGLAS PIN, Conteinlig beautiful melaiae jtypi- likenesses of Mr. end Mrs. I>ovgla* in elegant moulting hve y body altei ding that Karhecue?and the signs Indicate a Xtoh?will want these beautiful campaign jewels, and the only place to buj the genuine Is at J. G WELLS', Comer of Park row and Beekman street. N. T. 7TH WARD YOUNti MEN'S INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC? CLUB. There will >t a meeting of the above ('lub oo Tuesday even trg. rep,ember 11. a the Seventh Ward lletel. 171 MaJleuo Street al 7K O'cl <ek By order of John O baast*. Sec PaTKICK H. KERN AN Pres. nTU WA?n TOLDNTKXRP. ' The Caioo mite! mid shall be artaerred " _. . . To TUB POPLB TbenndtrWgnriJ rcjua t HI of our lello. eltlznoa .hi are ^?pwdtolWtt roUOKtf Abr hem L'uci'n tor a? ' -? ? I ?be e ruled Mem. to enrnNr at HrnaKtge H f*J TTilDl **? Ulh ,M' ? ?? 8 P. M , to *?pr*M lh?lr nMnlom p"k T*dAJ?.k#iliy, Herobtrd ihrm n ?n if. H f razor. K. ( . (J^nei, Vfti?otlne Lut/ Th.>ai?s K. , .i^"'' * ? "rt-1 J k? "rl,?oi hlln hin thlBr Jr | .tonrge flrbunnan, Itaniel faeej, John Oinallo rhomaa Ma' ; fpl i;?T>*tf?WrrlJ fi,/&nJ?t.1Stt?,u: h. y hundred tXhe-e A delegm! on frton the Petoiaal Dew or ratio tolotlMra .til t. prent I p, j tt-pa'.hltc ntlh he tu.lno nuir meni of tbt prop In. n**1 *^8 *4y* J1*1*'* DKMOiIMaTIO BUB > '? ??"J1 enetoctioe hel< bepleoin~r Id, lull puretianl u noMt e, at t? Oneert'e. comer a - rune A and fifth aire.; J.h >lecher aid I karlea knurr being eupouilad lueuacuira lb* follow lug delegate, wore elected - uapacwra, | i , H"ih ' "'ngifm.mal (hut nation- W. W Oetaaeahalner W t^h.iie^1^' ^h*rl" *?*-?? *? ??? MjOouwU wed Jobi nt'&i^.nVTV^wtlon-Tbeodor. Frotaent. f. W. j ?niNict iiHuier, jr . r. *<>IlHiureo. r?. k hi ?* imh.w p Aw-mhJr^iinvb t?Iwc r>u' >i?, P^aick Rfilj Juha B.T,a((irtyl William Urenert, p. Roll wa??o ' J H f.HirfKR, | , CHaB K\<>KK j Inapecdora. rj | PMUMMAL. A DMH.-WILL PKF TOU oV fH kViVaT VI IHT THK MKhllhHH or fliuril I^IOHT or JVUK. (IRtKNPOIWT -WTUI. Ynt; HOT J J rone and aae me oooe nire nature .e leave here *h .1, SiPftr re"UVr,b- TS" "L %n' ^ H bar, ^ft ' b*J ?f yo?- II fen do not .tab to aae me an ear ^a M>d let at hao. the raaecm. Suepenae hi out agrouatite. I'' n*. JOHMfJCRHAMH, FOHMKALY A'le.VT PUR THK I l.udoo -tereoac ipe t-oiu: ar>) .ill add rue a Use I > II i? 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With a ana I to tannest Trnt that are aaa in. .a to gm to o uaineea eall for aa eiaaaatta Too anal ran .> Oak. fur the .atee btatomn tail! be ta >?w tea ha a da Arm to c BJ JtAJt. aw AJUO* A ou. lid Proni .j-<i CioMMwroir -tub AdvuatTpwr, mrrwi} con / reapoadeato to l/?dnw. teiahea to aaanrt ta hlnaetf mh rme h-uae to the cnrntaai. htm aaa Adlrtea KT, boa rrw I oat (dtw. ' IB "If* A MOPBBATM CAFITAU AM A OOOD ? bwaneee nam. aad neatrw to pwa a t?MVaaah .Mb my ton ? w I. (go to etoalllah ? ne ta ,a> abut un-. e'h-r TlaJi' ^ ' "?* "?? 1'* Tl**- tlltodH Addrtaa t itar Herald .dB-e PIHARlbhlt W tirTBIK-WrTP ?p ntto CAM f\PITAU ? tot^ewabrmrh honaein Maltnaert. Mart lead, tom "SrcOn edbea h nee l0 |> , Hy To the right tlad uf a aaaa ' *"h ? be btnnato modi p.* , flltCAlo BW (fly the Arm yw*r a"d ao rlak .heterer ffo nee.' oryleeteept thr-e ?tTtae the eaah and rwalr to | A o n., re nmeeaa at than iwtte* The head of reference* "?* rwqotoed. Amrrae ?ith real aaae. Baiuanre Pod OStoi. Is-a fur* ?A' APTBO? A PaBTBBB U? A HOOD. PROPI f AIH.K, T? . .fartm-t, r o-?li.ea? . th . r. , . g. .11 t djaae.i. T Hera tt lAr-a etei ,c where aa lagmra eae he t'Xin wnj' re*r*ABl r-tR INTKARMT op % rr Mriri ,II. . . reapetwahie eaah ntaloen , j>cb nd^thhwd -titoit io*w. PWiutme .U he jw dallt aitenlt,.o ?sgoMSi'i attRffiarmi I toaw to te' ret 11 am energak. torn, la plane of a partner r. I "ft-1; 'f and pi ito - emtio*-mre _AjiP|f j at .1J? Brewlw%y mom IT. PORTRM A WHIfRrr. tl (KM) -T?i? AMTKHTI-ICR W'iruy UKU T? .f A' ?mapvly w h thia ant .oof i eaah Ii -da bin to biietog on ? whotoaale I aqnnr Store The h iwoewe h*e I be. It e?' ,l.i, ahed aore ,eara .do e for c ah and to la a pm I naif B I. a aa op poet Ii.ltr that ael.t Ota offera Ad dram .oh reel aana cniy i eaum. Uernid toitow. AM OHO *? ???-WAfrniD IMWBimiHtMr.^A '' apentoi o? art|. a partner la aa mlabllatom fcwaatsirarsjsarh'SS 'Mwl- pom ton real nanee attended to. ; ft(M| ?partwrr WAirmn, to tarp thr plwr* of a retirit g pardaer, who to nmaorteg 8 *be to.a ,| ler.tlld opporlohiiy f* making money ehh .... .toh. The htrnwen la cm that the meat aanmme hualnm nna teonldhe MWto ehh Th- incontmpanner ens hare "f.'be whnto naM'al Apply to ..OPT A l| t RBlHi tot ? Poowdwmy. nan Tn,r aakraeak MP r.dtoa am. nana IA^ toOOttJhKMill C' lJL ' a' tietoajm . WITH TUB ABOVR Uf trttb wwd ht'l'onl ban.yen either la If*. To?g or Rrorhlrw. Addren Pviaga of W*v? Herald otooe flt/> (10(1 12 ???*-FART!.RA WATfRO, IB A $r\ liOO 4Kn AfTir? pthTtiTA wAirnm 1. .a,, eataidtohe'l MtoMttfmt. .. g I cimiati lamfA rrtotoci. mtoir . * d a e-n t .. *?ia?o, ?aUtmtCer*. ttvA'tW/K KUBRnMtWTvb IliwrKtCTIOII. Ah tuft"** or ?*"!? M * NKHIP aN II KODttKtCktn n< ? !U . Ot.uuouwi by W ,). HOOtlLAND, foi many .earn *?'''**r K .iolnauiHh luatrnoU >u <u a fu'. praoticA. ""J lh p nulla laugh: day And evening At hour* li? itlk '?D*?r <>wp coov??ni??Dcw. A CARD.?TR* SUBSiRIMKK HAS KKVOVBD HIS A Academy of t etimanabip uj i><Adk,wplUj( [nun No ddt lo Nne 92! MIC 93S R-""*dway. C'inrr f Twrutv Brat etrael Hew pupils reocivnd a. 01/ OLIVER B <?. ?I.IWHITH. AH DIiRKsS NATIONAL TKACHKitH' INHTITU K, Sd5 | Broadway. f. v., for tearlirra. M-leaila, pu ll* (Intend ur UouA ?" teAiskl C>rcU'AiA. catalogues, Ar . for every part i>f .be Colon. School! for sale: one lu WllUaiaahurg km iu llr eStlyn. four m Maw York, oan to il.mnecLru, one la Pt I nay Ivan A, one la llaaaachua.Ue tod fll'tern t > tweuly other# RIllB A^ ANDKK#d. At PaINKS MERCANTILE COLLBHE. 62 MVIIT and JKJ PuU?e street Brooklyn Students ire taught Pen insnablp. Mooksee ilug, Ac. At hours suiting,dndependeul of e Insets Prom Rev A. Branson 11 A? great pleasure in reoo .amending lint, fame as A respectable muud*?ia p.etc at. mo r of bin protrusion. , t* l,l BOK OR A OUATK. OP HUMS KXPKRIBNCK IN A U-achiug. deelrra a aliuatoa to teaob for *a boor or t?vo each day either mschool or pilrtie family; hi competent to tench common English bruin bee. classics or matbaaallaa And akxutob l'ily or college rein-ucea furnished If desired Ad dr. e> K. B.. box 107 Herslo odtoe AH MKRK'tN SCHOOL INSTITUTE, NO. 596 BROAD waj ?Sihoib *nd families supplied with competent ear here, pareota with acbool ctrcnlain gratuitously tuid A teachers with positions. Refers to the Pnculty of Rutgers' College and Dr. LoweU Maaon Music snr Preach Teacbera wanted. HMIII1. IffOlDMAM A >?>? A TOUKO KWOLIKH LADY 18 DESIROUS OP OBTAIN f\ Ids 1 al'.uat m ne goveruras tu a imtrale liiulv. In one of the Hnutbrrn Mate*, the la fu'ly qnalliled toteaeb ths na;til brancbea of n thorough bngllah eduonl'mi. with Kranch music, awl the rudiments ol Unriunu. Address IC Jl , but 3 .191 Pod oBtS r ?? brijadwat-mr ooluka* kkkps t u lariiret ' Von mm ial Inalitutloa la New York. Oenlemen or boys ran enl-r lt-r pub! .<? ruotus At .lily U for a ape ml ronrae in Bookkeeping, Business Writing or Arllhunetle. 1 hree irala vac at AI.I. THE KNQI.lsn BRANCH KS-MaTUEVATK'S 1.A tin and (free*?A thorough tea? ter an 1 diaclullUtrUo deairca u claea or private iu Mew York or vlcluliy. Ad dreaa J A P., HO Second avennr. APKh.-N. ll nifh N Is DBBIROC8 UP OBTAlNlJfOA aituatl-m to teu-h h'rrnch and 'lerioin, either in a aeml nary or aa a govrrnru in t private family: no ooyet'iloa to go In tne country, South or to Cailforuia. Addreaa ldd Wlb at , betweea lat and 2o ava. Reference given. Messrs. i.kkpinassk a artkvua prbncu day and Borndtng Hchnol 117. Ptf and 121 i union place ? Mew ? bola'a admitted oidy under 14 veara of age The juv? title Ceiiartoieol 1* under the aoectal cars ut Mine. Lraplnaaae. Complete con'ae of aludiea. Reopened. Hudson oitt sbminary, n. j? o. uravrs. pkin ctpal- Tbia inatltutlna reopeaa Heplamioir i. with en tar red fa II tie# 'or a thorough EngUah and claaaical "dm atioa. Parenta reeldlng m the c'ty' are reipeotfnliy aolteiied to call and aee fo. Utmaaelvra, aa it la of eaa> acre* by the Jeraey Cttv and Hoboken oara each tan mlnutea throughool the day. LAO 118' ACCOM PI.IHH ME NTS. MR. AMD MKn. aPTdMMAS' NEW EST AHL1H1IM AN t, t'oodnetrd upon the urtnclj!? of a private European family. EXCLUSIVE'.* PUR THB aCJUIKEJIRaT OP ACCOMPMMltllkNlS. And Also tn afford those who visit New Vork for or If a limi ted apace of Uaa, a bom* waere Uiev ui-ty pursue ih??r staillae under eminent -trusts at their option, without being subjected to 'he ordinary rules and reetrtotlo m 04 i- ? .rdnr MMlh Mr. Aplncnmaa' eitn-sive leeching et-it-rltnre lo inn ton. Perls and New Yirk Ac , hea ooorlnced him of the utter imposaC-HI ty o' nuatu'ng m we than the Initiatory a npe In a niapli*b mrnta during the period ><t acbool deya wha h Is ape unity de ycled tn the culture of the mind, therefor < It la ? hen ibe prac -duectl at has been dispensed with th a 'be moment tloe) part of edneatl m has been dispensed with th a 'be moment arrives tor the culuvatluo ? f taste and the appreciation of the beauties ef art; and then only It la that an adeiue ppopnr tloo r f time and atleauon ran be heetoeod upon lh-m which, from the mu.-llpllalty of the objects of pursuii, nouul not be fore have been done. It la proverbially true that three fourths of Ibe aaplrauta for arucanufkbtnanU are dhwallad-1 with their aiuinmtnts, notwlthetandlei lei: that mu ib Urae and tuition invy hare been ooiiaumrd In th- al-rmsC The mete cause does not lie In Ibe wart o ability In the master but tn '. inlr IMPKRPht'T MKTHOD OP Nft'DVtNtl, Kwhlsh the lueb-ncUona mcetrri are of no pr?clu-al benefit remove so formtdaoie an Impediment la one of the moat ??romtarnl leaf res of ths establishment Tbe praefelne ret- X oo- ducted under tbe strict tuirvelilance of lbs principal, evert Iiasoii Is eflc-turlly learnt, sad a rapid program ibe Inevitable result. The admirable syvtem of every dsv less uj (lltty la the quarter) lh adopted aa the onlt eifertlre plan of teaching ia addtUon to the namrrous eatertalnmeale la the cltv for Ute develouement of ta-te, ? aeries -if S<>1 KICKS AND H4TINKHN, Or a high obpsk a tlx aa uiva* ntssni. isch acsaoir. The nsslstaucr of tbe m et ta ented a-cls*s has been aonnrwd for Hart Ptaioforte. Miigtag- i"rgnn, Duller. I Alienage* (HI Palntir/. WnterC- lor Drawing, barm-vopr anf 1 Vjinp-iaUi- u. Belles fetters Wn* Plosrera. Modeling, Tapestry *n I Kane Work fboeography, Ac The domeettr ar-aig-mrne ars made a lib e'rirt revar ' apply^H Broadway. * Tj] rest lenrc Is delightfully situated on Mnrrar Kill and ci . ul to s.i the principal areuuea for lurther MM? a y to Mr a IToMM AS. 114 Weat Thirty fourth streal, nr as tee K ROD US itoAHHlKU AND DAT H. II-mil POR Tl ytateg Is dies a-1'1 b? reopened oa Monday, Heptemhw 17. at &l Beet i weatv atalh street If lh ODDER H"Pf MAN'* P' EN CM AND K.N > LIS H IVI JKABDIRO AND DAT SCHOOL, In 1 Beet 1 hirty Bret street Will opea on Tharsdey, Sept *l. Mrs IfoPPM AN wtU be at home alter Sept. 1, previous In which data appheaUons uade to her by letter wtfl rami re prompt atteetb-n VI MM A. OollTAM'h PMh.vLU AND ?Ns4tl*il Rv.aMD irl Ing and Pay rlcb.?>l for yuun* ladles. No 179 rich ave nue O Slier Id Thirty lot street, wtU reopen aa Mooder. Sep tember 17. VfOft* I- 118 MMABD-VAL'S KN'?Lt*U AND ITi Keener i "!*??< al and Commer- isl Hoarding aeh ad Hud ww teris'-r, Hnhnhea. N 7. how lal etteuuua to th* modern languages ar-1 laimmsretal bran. has ON PPB<'I AL BAST TBRM1. Ki'K SEASONS WIIICM will be made roown to par sola, two American a-..a etll bradir'oedas '*wrier* in a ariert Aessleaa) la ItrtvAjyn Pretieh, epasilsb eed Herman laaguayea te-aht and ao< (am Addf can <J . Academy, MtooUiyu Kuat oiltce. r~ ROP. Bl tl. A. WIR'Ru M .... RUP. hi D A. *lhN#R H . I'KON. EUO. A. WIBNKM'H .... I'RoP hi it A. WlMBhliB .... PRO*. A. WI K.N hit d .... PROP. hi t A. WLRNhh'd . MC*I"A'. t'OisURtR, RUMl'TAL in LB ?<. ..... a > SHI AL I'dnUud, ..... la HAL iHihi.Aia. JTBKJhl. <K, , M '**1C AL, XA 44 Thirty aawad street he ween Pourth and Med'ai.. aveeoes Hours of reeeptam for lad.-s Msrsn Id and 17 A. M Ten ran are in tl.r day 's mo mng an-l ev*eln> f.t i-eaa, and this Bish'e hew tors Nn-.rter tan I*r.*ee?,r a portrtUt. and ipartK >ars about the c bar lab - pertarmence. PRoruuhiR J. NIP'S r a TO I ?PORN IT IB pupils aud the i-unite > a . that h? n ae..?ta. rs euasebl- cAsses ,.f 'our ad- -.-rs ai b s r-stleu* 164 Wast lblity r,ghtb eoeat i*n * r. real Hmolyelto pert'-rro ehuiew for e'git hand, ta two ptaansa Terma. 914 er iu?rter of tsren'y feir Nwems . ?i .-barge lag qaanr.le mustt. m ate ineAr iathm $MI per q-uater. ____ R OCX LAND FEMALE lXBTITtrra. NT Ai V, ON IHK HDIIBON Nee edrertMemeot la the Dally Tlaaes. aad World of Bat ureal. Sept IB ____ vf. efgril S L'Rst'MNE AOADKHT P')R fOOXO LA SJT. irtBriit tseuuss suspmi r-i ) ilea. Best Msrrteaem N T. TervaeBlhl. Spaninb laW 'Cahr -pnopbus.'B oorrin ran rc.os.~l tnsli inUns In the sb >vs Usr-U Usbwsbm- Apply fr m? uTm U' . cb th A. M at n?in 7 t-'U mm list . Artur p ass sad KgjhAh ttrwrt Beer Rrvmdway. _________ ny/sSRS RfillA AND IitH rurr-B PuKNHH AND gib* "Vavrdtng and Day Schnd No. U N-s< Twenty, "rem. near Mas tone aqoatw will he eoopewwd --u trn* SITINO -R APIDl.y IMPROV ID. OR A NBA if ,i- . , R oy ahkh tatise a. 1 ,r,.-leases aPh tetBhl h etpvrV" har.1 In twelve lasmss fervna hr nv . -oBcatton to rr lea i Le'Nu drum Ismdoa). al his rooaaa. Mi Bmed way. WAS I It A-A SIN'IJI MRNTLKRAR A* BKvlDRMf tmoher. who Is fa'ly hauwml -a th" Rot -?h bras- baa - alt a pvd 4" <!? artan ami ladnvtn t-ts sua may ap tip, to the fnesm-vm. at * Wwn ferrmy :tfth stresA rtiRwrrr mb. rt TR)N I'KNNtiNo A.b-t I Kha-triN i WILL PiND __ lt b- ir advanlarr al ? ?? -p.lLr-veiilpn.BOSI 14 Ml B list r-.set and *? VsKra wroeA Morses and yyM smfar rane vt-ig fam-.les la the eouo'ry .r-lij Carta si a it men. All ?md? "-tehllaB. fmr 'tlaenrs -'htaaware. Ai Bisli *r , r* aa.vnd v is oars aiai at our ilea -N. 4. in Burn. J. ?' M 'LIV.M fTH Pniprtemr HP rvffe . AT TUB KvilJC RNaMRII.RD K itRIf RB 44NT farbMT No. AM Kr * ?.j live tours above Nicne'a Ihrvir'. eir^snt and su WaaLal soils d 'NM -? ted f an* lire, at aii prtr es. ir >s Alh a->4 ip -varus W?rB. ~ -e MBMBMh he. tteuBs carvfidty pesket far the cr miry. A OOIMR BOWWl A Bt'BNHA M S pt RN.T1. HR RXPRRM AND PCH74TLRB Fa"XIR<? BNTAS'.IHt BRNT III and tit * est UTievssSh slreoA, bs-seco PBih and Sirth ?R IP .seh -id fniuSuiaof evary JseurtpL > bused en I ..ot bed m ail jar- v of 'he wnrta Pino- ? vnes Nthtuer. fiMa# Sir runt ' MBmaed .teerwaraearr and mitwI. . a?r* . va-sie ?'# th" reanwat of Pen tore to ins ?n try. -tir'tig ear's at >hr "flier at all hnwra. Bhwetw for Para-isffA Karai'-irv v.oght <m nrnem wwri griitt'MlR If IT OP ENAHicLRD PTT* NTTi/RB for *M. la aR ? -b*R of warranted maonfseWirw _*>? -heav "t' hemcar ft .iu pis awd "raemeetel 4PAB iffTp-p mi I Ml m Dimei Strem awwoMM IPhjsAW. >ttsh>4 a IMR AIR PRIOBOIVBR r >R RROOf'D HAND TURNI ire eed Ce/i r?s, to rrod/ le-msy All Oolls prmsptly at g to Address Ml Hue sou street, normr I' "Ty. fff HIT DRIN'I AND IN7TTAOR RRlNtTRADS. I / s inf-sdvar"a?y Rollable sprtur Matresao the beet |e use. sprtuv t- Is .4 all lb.- dtffereat patve lid Rv 1s aad luiS|W heat hair M other ? W Al K HA H. ?t' Wrtsa way. lo the baeeoiew'. tNAVRLLRD DHANIlHl* RfTTTR Of PTRNmT *u "oivre aed stglra. at whoiesah rv rv' vll, i t TH aed op* *rda: him Mattresses and Pall WARREN WARD, *TJ "awal rRNT D.W1VN RNAMrj.LRD AP i ? suelr r T .-rltif", It erery yiior aed t *. n't all A Mv itwBdiivg ef every dsRiVju-oe Isa 4 awd 4 WsiUvaw. two dmwa frcsa v'omI st ?A EnnmrRR ' ?rr? >? at ?dt wonkt.-a pa:? nisi giien la 'ovd/ atsvl tw PareRitrw ?n*WA ta Ac., at IX auth s'eaud, (i'*?iBB Rlwte an 1 Ta- <% 0nrn> ?H1PP1NG. ?I'HK BR IT If If A KP ft OUT H aMCBICaK EOfAL MAIL 1 Meftxuthip*, ? i*OM AKV *(??* TO liVAMPOOI-. bief cabin pre***** ,.91-*) Baooiid < abiu ^?u?i.hk6 , ...... 75 , , ?10i HO" lO* TO LIVBIIPOOI. < hi?f cabin pint**** 9110 M ?4?lid (dl'il) }lMkU?|{l* ............. 00 TJ* ?j fn m ftew York call a' <N?rk imrbor Ike jtbipa fro? r?;i m linMai aud ? ork harbor. PAkbla, Ckbt ?iuukhia. ARAB! A, Ciipl Mtnif, aHIA. i^yt K.(l.'LoU. AKRIOA, Cap I bhttinon CAM % l>A, Cl9t l^ang \MRRICA, "apf MoodiO. NIA?? i K A, i Apt anilertou* . KCHOAa Capl J. Latch ROOTIA (now biuldlmr Tlu-m- v. *,.?!? carry acleur whit, light ? ni1lilsl*irins on Btiirboard bow re.l on poil b .w, ABASIA. rf-oe. Iravea Boston :.Werineaday, Kept. B at Kit' A. t U uun IfivMlt* York Wedsadu. Kent. 12 AMbhlUd Moorttp, le.v.e Boston Wednesday, Sept 19 AMA. leaves New Vo?k "-ilnaed.r Kent, 26 KUKOPa, lit ea..a 11. -too Wednaeday, got! 3 PRKHI *, Judkln., leave. rrw York Wedaenlay, Oct. 10 Berth, not wrn ed until paid for. An experienced .urgeon >n board. The owner, of theae ahl.. vr"l not b. accountable for Gold, HiKer, Bullain. -pecla, jewelry, Precious K tones or Metal.. unleM bui. of are .treed therefor and the value thereof therein express*,!. For or na-aage apply to K. tfl'N aKh, No 4 rtowknt Qreen. nriKKLT COMMUNICATION BY ST MAM BETWEEN Y? Mow Turk and 1-lverpo d, calling at Gmetmtowii, Ire and, to lard and .mhark naaarDgera and deepMohea:?The Liverpool, New York and PMIndelphU Kteatn.hl|) <V>mpany'n ?plenold C yde huLt Iron acrew ateuuahlp. are Intended to ?til an follower raon *rw tori ron itrteeoot. CITY or BALTIMORE .. a turday, Sept. a CITY or MANCHESTER Hat irday, Kept. IS. CITY or WASHINGTON Saturday. Kept. 22. And .very -alurday throughout the year from pier No. 44 North river. r .Tr* or riMitii. Rabin to Qussaslowu or IJverpviol .....Y7S " to l-ov-don via Liverpool *1 Steerage to tfi eeiutowu or Uverpool. .10 " to lavndon 23 " return ticket., available for ?!x mooth., from IJ vurpool 60 P?menger? forwarded to Havre, Part., Hamburg, Bremen, .nd Antwerp at throngb rate*. t erttfioatea of paaauute leaned m?m Liverpool to New York. 40 ? " " from yueeuitnwn to New York... 90 Ibree atrainer. have auperior aoooixuni) laaltOS for paaaen gen,. are nonet net-d with water tight compartments and carry experienced Burgeon. For trelgbt or putnytt apply at the odli r of the com any JliHN <1 DALE, IS Kroadw.y NewWork, AgeuL Tn IJvcrp hltoWM. IN VI aN, Tower -IciMlng.. In G amgow to WM INMaN, 13 Hlxou .treat. REDUCTION IN PRICKS. ATLANTIC BlE.vM NAVIGATION COMPANY. NKW YORK AND GALWAY LINE. uchlnt at St. Johns. N. F.. to land paaeengrre and receive the royal mall and Koverumeut despatch**. The steamers comprising thin line have been approved by the Admiralty. and are the NEW IRON HIPS WHBEL NTB4VKKH OONN AUGHT 4,100 ton. burthen, LBINSTkR 4 400 1 MCNNTBR 4.400 '? ULSTER. 4.400 " " PARANA 4,400 ?* " The next departure from New York will be oe TURKl)AT, Keptember 11, Bale, of pamaee to aay part of Ireland on n railway, and to the principal clue, o' Knx'iuid and KroUaidt? PirM nam Slut, SOU and S7&. accordtns to stateroum aocom ewdallnu. Third elm. S30 uialudtnn iv.>ked prorUrtooa And to Bt. John. N P.. drat clam S3S, third clam, fIS Children under 11 year, half price; tin lev one year free. Third clam pameuger. are required to famUb bed. and tin*. The rteamrrw of 1MB eompary have been oooatruoted with the greaUm care m regard, mfetv and comfort, combined wttb model and pnipeillng power, and are built with water Ugbl campartmeota They are ruaBdently expected to aur pnm, la (peed and rough weather quallllm. any vamela ever built, ullt, and are r< ulete with eleganoee and convenience. An experienced .urreon i. attached to each .hip Pi wtehing >o mind for their friend., can obtain return Uoketa at he following rrwiUty reduced price. ? In third cabin. fYom Galway, BSD In third cabin, from any town In Ireland mi . rail tray, SS2 SO In third cabin, from the principal ctvim <4 England and Ho Aland, S3B. For freight or pemage. apply to BOSfLAND k AHTINWAIX, Ageotn, Nna 64 and SB Sou A itreet OTBAM.?NKW YOBX, SOUTHAMPTON ANO 11AYRB. The V tndrrbllt European line United State, mail steamships sail between New lorfc, Kouthamot m and Havre. Pn>m New 1? k for | Returalag from BiHithamtoa and Havre and South Havre. | mptna 1L1JNOIB Saturday, Dept. n , Wn- ue. ay. Get. IS aNPBRBILT Saturday, Oci. It) Wedueaday, Nov. 7 ILMNUU Saturday, Nov. 3 ' WalvwUf, Nov. II Theae eteamahlna have water tight onmpanmrr.u t'ertlflcales of paeeage leaned f -em Kti Specie delivered la Lw4m or I'aria D TOKKaN i K, Anrut No 6 Bow ling Green, Nsw York. B. O WAINWEIiTbi a 00.. U Rue Paubourg, MontmaRra, Paris. A. N 'IHRYSTIE, Havre OAK FORI) A CO . <7 Iraeeehnrrb street, Londoa. DUNLOr. NUOALKK A GO., Southampton PR SOUTHAMPTON ANO HATRK n be; .."la;, be,I. 16. The United States mail (famahip Pl'LtON, J. A W at'.n, rommander, will nail from fler 37 North river, foot of Beach street, on Sat ardav Kept 16 at na ...i? piuvaed for mfety arid - mfort -kae ier deck, . ncPeed tiy water tight omparV mrnia, which loMWdes -ALrr reeuita tend In the event or col ?Mne or keep the ptoip. free V. wort, had seeure ?tMOW-'U* loubm ev .ieea. under the aafety of veeml and pam-ngeni Pasmure in second cabin ITS n-d MO. M rnx. . ?Biy MACK EN/.IK. ( A*raw" No J Broadway. The ?tearner A RAG') wli.' call Octob^Ji STEAMER OP OCTOBKK 6, o Pf)E SOLTHA.MPf'ON AND HAVRE. The Unite.. Staice mall eteamahlp ADR'ATIi', ioseph J CoeaWict.. cm nan o-r. will aall frr>na the f mt of Casal atrref on natordvy ? ictoier 6. with ma..J pmwugers and apeele for the afvwe porta for freight or pamAgw apnlv at the oflce Ike North atl ih oe Bimmmlp ' omeaay W Walleireet, n?ui No 4. I r HfKPHK W. Kc retarv. STIAMKK OF BKPTBMitkK ?Q r<>K xori n ami ru.v amu iiavki Cb ml *ui"? Mall M* vinahlp 11.1.1 Mi|\ P. R. Tarrt, rmiiiaan lair, will aal. fn.tu oIrr 3 S.xth P.'rar, [ fir* Yrwh at I"** oo MnturOa K. plan bar , ?Ul isalia, i..aa. n?ara*nd apaala. for and 'raaen Plrat naban to Harm ??' To bn.itha.Baton 3*3 i 1 hlrd do. do 36 To do 3U 0. TORRANCE Ad?nl, 3 Howilaa Drama, If. y up VaNOKKUU.T. talla iVX.bnr ?i rIK N>KtlI UKRMAN IJ/iVHH larKAMKIMP UK* RAN. H A'aaanl*. oouuaniHlar, carrj.ud lha I aitoii Run* ?all will Mil <? KATLKDA*. hi PTKM HER 19, AT U O'CMX'K, X., ro? BRIM KM VIA tmCTH AMPTON, aki . ... ? for U'ND'iJf IIAVKK 1 11 tiPToN AX!) urf.xkn. AtU>* Id? ' ~I - m w. rimi oaMa. f|f*>. * <? d IB) aranr 115. Ohr frntbt or | - -mer appiy to utLLfClili KKCTORN d RKNIHEl.T, 33 Hrowd way. Tl mam Br mi amirh'am packet onvnifii mwli at*-?mahl i HAVAKlA, I P Motor, 'Vxnoinndrr, will Warn for IWm 'irg, H? ulhtasplrw, Irmd m and lUrrw oa - u ilr ? Natn<-4ay. ropf '4 *1 ll ? *lr? <?btn ll'W wr-int ??5I?, tU. wrnir AM t K Rl II -Kll A HIIAh 161 Hr.*dway M V. tlx ataamahip Tit" TO If IA will aoraand tbw itattot K^B'TAl. MAIL HTRAMaHir AFRICA fi'R LIVRI % p...| ? Tha A FBI''A, I Khannon eodmnadar. will ?ail 'r * !V r**ip?p? ? dork al "araay city wna Urn m?lla ? 1.4 raawrQ.or* 'or Pnropn. oa Wndnawta? tha ll.a mat Paa wrurwra ar* raqnaatad MMng board by on# o rlnrl p d Tha AiUA wtM anil oa tha IMA UaA ? ? ~ m ?- CUM A III, Ma * flowttnt 'Irwww. 4'aI.AaT I.IMK \ r TV K ral Mall man* Mariratx* Hn?H?r'? Wwamwr Po|M? 6 flf.RhMT wtllaai for OaJaray, na Ht foAaa. Mr, ?nr II, at oooo fro* ?lar Ma 37 North Howl.AND A AflPINWALL, Afnnta GX)R LIV*IP<X)U-TH* MaiIMIFH INT MU X <*IJF P paw ahtr IM VIMCi BLR. 4'apt. HrpharD, will aall V. t If Tha faau* altppwr afloat for pawa*w la thM oohla abaa aa ulj <? v?rd, or * I. COLLI HI A Co., at Iho oRea, plnr Ma I Nor* rlrar. IXtffBfMf -THE MPI.IMIMll MM1P PATRin r llfcdRT a?ra f' Waf l? jm?*xh1 oab?a awl loo ad. J A. Pawro n b ?wht at at frmtly rwlooad rain fr?* far " " ~ " " N w. *t.aoir of IV is>h of MapWbar. inaaamd of norm aa haxado a Pa fawe I'aaaarnpa-a aauaaa >* board at ptor tt North rlr?\ at 7 A. ? of that ab f. fcUM il. Of.I, a .ant, li tiMadwar TMAPtdftrr* i.imi of i.ivrj?p hm. pai"* m - l'ao*M frl.'li *wpl --TV" arwil tl ?a a ad fa* aaJllaaw pardafl ah p ?KK ?Ur araVrr* Mar WMfla** I aaal) * baafd. At plwr W I ?' ,iaa.M IRRl Nil 1?> MRM THAI HTdlKtaf. PAN hr *wd fro* il*x*-.Ao?* Ir?l?rvl' b> Now Tori Aran ia.oxi"? ur o'ai *i? Ay IV ?. lm?ll I raw aaronuaiua Tl IV l.xrvol, Maw Tori and l*hilwdaalphla nr. I??rta* _ Mi aad rhaiadniphia lar.* Qnarr*.rwn wrary Thwradaay tw aha rnr Par paaaa?a applr V'-MM n. niLM, Atramt. IIV rajvpao/'A dtMm. adar hi ?Aa U 8mM?a| amawatpadi) Wtll ha l-apn'oAMfw Km omraaa aw ahoaa. ?a aaparlnr arwaaani'laixa* for Aral aad ami'*4 <*Ma rrrjuT^ tTO tttxxzr*- 'm f,K*l"*.<' !? I XMIiqiAR. RliARiM A Otl '? AUHTRAI IA flftlPPl^RN r l.iV For Ml '?oaman - ThA ?? ? aup -tar ?A>? *"l mov r?Af"K B*ia*?at.-r. rrTrwa?4?- a ba-n aar'j d?w jax-h for tba ahm-a pwl. T<* fr- ah* at ptaaaa*. Vrtoa au?i* w oa-wwn.adoltio.r for 3rd arj aa-. A r laaa -aax- i**A *f) 7 M Rata rti.#. nr in mill*. MicianIMI A W., no board ? lrr ta> Rata rti ?*. or to 1 to Wto< draw for m- Ri ..airga HV>R LIVk*PtM)L-TIlI RI.ACK BALL I.IM f'UP ? par rhtp HiKI A4T If (.'ARM *d* fr n plv 13 K?al rlrrr. V|>? it IV ai'itai-M. n Manila Vfit. 38. far ply to J 4UU1I *l'iK M. I" -o thatmwl L^'R I.IVKRPIK7U?<>..l> BLari 4fAlt I.IMK-TIIR r faa> nf parhn alup ''CI.Tl V A fl>R, laiaa at plrr 77 lUal Hirr. Vila ia Vlhkof rrtfrafiar TliaHRa-tLi Tl aal a on IV RlaA of Haawaiar for a aawaan fro* or X? Inrrpoit, or Iralta .? Roland and trrlnad, app|. W WILLI A dd A f?r|i>M Ml Poltv air ana LAI R miBPixH.- ?nNRAPWHCiJIT IJNK -ODA r ar* aAip aaad l?w?* rwtna ? f aa aplmdld clippar abip Rnl'UAl I np 'iiav>. w?il p.*ltim!? aau to M arrow, at U n r??I Pur a aavm aruly on bo.rd. plnr Ma < Morth ?O P ? I RMARRdf. ??*>wthatr?ak^^^^^M Ltiarponi V ri '.a' tar? w> Irryrpavil and l *aad fit. Par Ifet of ahipa. An . rparif In l'U<H C. M';1 UI, at dmath ix* i-i.TI. t -TIP MTIAMMHIP ? ITT UP MAMi'llRKfRR ?wUt lawow lor Ltrarpo"! at pt>ria*lr f o't,ft oa Ika It ?TV wn.i ii w? an l raaa ?. o* IAI.R i an o, !*h, p.nllraly a*la i In ml la a*?*d mMa aal auvraaa flhKAarr art.TtP-i*iTT Alt). IR alAUPUINU VIA PAMAMA ? A drat Rlaaa a>?aw i r a if *ara M-w Tori m? ML, llth and I of a* h aronth aaioapt n*m tlx na daAr* fall no Mataday ft%aai tba d?t id dnrort irw will ha tha MoaxWy fn. owlnw for fraatfhl or V vara Apply A tha nttlt idor Na 177 Wr4 Araot, onrwar of Wattw. D M Ai.IJI.^. A gaol ALdTRALlh-IhM ILV.if) 1 1 MM -!VAi".,:T PHI KIP tawahor to apiawd* aaltba* Al bnrh < II I AtldK. hndfa - HATABA ABO T^r^lATR. Mtotm PfMlV Dog.d.A?M "Mo l?<t MM* itfaad adrr aha in ' M '?! ' " ^^UVTfaiMTuMTcl r MRAii* A TO. Ma ? Mnrrwr av Th# (MatMaMr f?R MOW a"i oa frtdaf, Rapv n. and IM BPP Filial B Nbl*; omi. ?HtPMNU Ullt H . v < N V Telled Xt?t*e Mftt; Ktesatship '-.lae. leanng nen two Br ,k ? from verb porl. ***? bl t.441l.litP QUAKER CITY. K V\ tvhuleld'. lAjmmvadsr Thlsfahb'',*,,**,,,e,'w,l;.b* lh ,r" -*1' ' e'-rhsuied and re ailed and r?*_ k"ir ri*?ulsr lrtp? for the ab<,?.? port on ?r1 ??'t.rt?b?d II o'clock 'r on pier 16 North For frJLLr--? ?PlT w HARtJOLd A CO., 33 South krM. Ct^y*?|ygto j> <^sr?i< gnw vg m ?AVi*?lH Allt? O'H** PoINIn AS BKLOW - TLlVl^rw I iwV| HT*H or T** HWTH, Caei rbo."?a T^vTr,i-<my. **?? " *??*J" ??0 Pier No 4 North river Throng Utk-ta unu bn had for the 3?^ km; f,,r ^ "Wbswi. ?m m '^S>4K. ?A *11 ^phA.?Ji - - -?ni4 ^ r?te " ?IT?' r sens. Utf 7?1 Mobllf. &>? J*"*' 76; NnshvlilA. 0 7V KdoivUIsl I?r?, ja;,. Memphis. *31 /o; awvun see >-, ??"-? N), i hn Unix** MB', Albany $TT; Columbus, Ml Atlanta. , Mho.ii ?*l. 111(11.U. SIT 60. Kufsln, W4. Insludtag OAF go far# to bav sanah. H. H. CRO'WKLL * "O-, % WX street bod 333 Broaiwmr Ibe B. B. Curler ir.ceeads on Kuiurday, rieptembrr II ROUGH PKKIOBT ABBABaBMBKT.-^rOB HOd* folk, Pnrtemoutb, Oily Point end Richmond, ooahWtBM wtth Norfolk end Petersburg nail KouthRde Railroads *1 l.ynrhturg, Bristol, Mnmviu and InU .mediate station* F-cixhl received Avery de> end through rec-'pu furnished, (I pier IS North river Steamship J AMK8TOWN, ( apt H?lntier, leaves every TM day. at S P.M. Steamship ROANOKK Onpl. Conch. ?'??( Thursday, at S P M.. nailing at Old Potul I'ms'irt tu land MS ?rusers Htnnmshlp YORaTOWN, Capt. Parish, every Hntnr day, at 3 P. 31 freight tu Portsmoutb or Norfolk, 7 oauts par foot, to City Pntnt. B rents, an t to Rlehmmd # oenta Passarta to Nnc'i.'.k. ttaleriaim and naea.a Included, M to lVtersh?irj or Richmond, 1)0 Bacunu-m ttckr.s Vo Norfolk and bask. Ill hi I'etarihurr or Rlckmottd, 913 U? DI.AM A lUUfBRRN. Ill Bronhwng T)APbKd J Mayor Ml NlciPAETXVV'jkSnE i"-' -? PaoltiMn naruKh tils utisua i tig I Mayor for approval ? Resolution relative to Joba T. Cornel], Comtnia-onoer tt Deeds b ard of Cnuni-llmon HeptemberH. 10, Adopted b ard of Aldermen, eepteabar 7, 1MU Concurred la. Kewilutioo on petMna of rrahiruts ot fourth war. to hare enslne r?stored o Mir ne Company No IS fpiurd of councilman, nepo tuber 7. IhdU. fm erof pent ttani rs sranted B ard or Aldermen Neptruiber 7, 10 O isies and asm c.ntuind In. ? I He*.,In ion to permit T R issetl * Co lo place wat rtan tfO<i(h on aou'.hexa. ei?m> r of Amity aud Woosu r MretS Ilurlu( tbe pie sure of the Comatoo < o 'noil Bonr.l of Connrltmen, repiein'ier S Hflu. Adopted Hoard ot Abierme'i Reptwnber 7 l~4o ikinrurrnd in Hevoltit.ou to p.rintt T. Soste A Hro to em. t a Luollo' a lis 00 the south, sst corner f 1 b'rty eighth r t arid >ie und sve nue, to continue < uHug die elesnnre of >hr Common ? oucsR Board of Counrilmen, Augcs*. 13 1'hJ (in ayes and noei adopt ed Hoard of Aldermrn. Deplember 7 1RC0. C< ucurred in Besoluiloo tocoriee' name of Ambre- ? u.lcbrial iui the IMS Of (xinimlsslonnrs of Deeds. Hoard of Couueluneti -eplember S. 10. Ado ted Hoard of Aldermen. ? eptrmber 7, Idfiu. ( utn urred la. HeaulutloL to . orrect tuns ol JUcliard U imwieuce or Mm of CommMsioiirrs of l end* H<'.<rd of Ununeilmrn September 3. '0 Adopts Bonrd of Aldermen, Heptntaoer 7, lyfil). ( oncurre t In. Hesolut im to corre<e the name of Thus Panning, It m list of 1 'ommlaalimers of lords Hoard ol Councilman, September 3 10. Adopted. Hos. d of Aldermen, 8c itember 7 . -WO Cooeurrcd In. Hesoluttnn lo mrrert name of benjamin W Hucbanan SR list of ? uomlsaloaers of Deeds Hoard of Counrilmen Hepiember 3 10 Adopted Board of Aldermen. September 7. 10. Concurred In. Resolution to ooutlrm awarlet contract for pavtne TUrm slitb street between Mfth and M.itb sveoues wtth trap block, to J U Brown for Id,710 til 100 Hoard of Oouneilmrn, Auyiat 13. 10 On ayes and ana* adopted. board of Aldermen. September 7, 10. On eye* and nana Adopted hcsnlution that tbe sidewalks around Abingdon square he flsgsi d aud th< curb and (utter a c nee raert. under the dlran tiisi it the Street Commissioner and that an award of ooatnMk be n-tumei to the Common ? onnell for noodrmnUuo. Hoard of (ounmlmrn. May Si, 10. on eyas end need adopted IVstrd of Aldermen, September 7. 10 On ayes and nose adopted heeolutlon that the rmsswalk at the northwest corner ad rairv sud in.uann st'esu be icpaued Uuder lh? iLrecUsn at tbe crutun Aqueduct Ivpartmmi Hoard ol Couaciimcn, a; lit i', 10. On ayes ant nsaa ndtplsd board of Alderman. Se '.esnber 7. 10. On ayea and new adopted besolulina' that Trn'.b avenue be Bsgted the full width o: ante a a * an the east site, from Thirty B at to lutr.y fourth s'reels wlirie no', already dnnr. and that an ordinance for VMS atmr he adopted bo<rd of Cuuhcllmea ^tay 3, 10. (ih ayes anlj awn Hoar J of Alderman Seytcin ?r 7 VfflU On syee and aow Adopted Hekoltili *n to confirm the assessment for paving wtth Ing lloalbirt) aci n'.h straa I' Ir (ton ', Poinh avetiae, | and to appoint Jonathan Trotter. C jdect.w of A.?s msmsatR eollec < r there' ' Board of Aldeimea, Se;'em >er 3,1 Ac On ayes and new oonftrmrd. hoard el Couacilmtn September 7, 10 0 . ayea and new com uired In. heaolutlon to cuiflrm as*easm> nt f.n i .vlug wi.t tra" Mat* pkvemeut Hlste st eet. from Mhitehsll street lo Hat WW place, and to app-Int J.eathan Trotter, Colle.'ior of Asaeas men s collector there, f Hoard of Aldarmic. Septembers, 10. Us ayes and sow confirmed. Hoard of ounstlmsn, hep.ember 7.10. Concurred In m h ? ? si ,! I oes Keen. lUon to conVm spportf nineet of esseuraenta far re win i' basin southeast corner of Forty second street and h e >nb strnue e.rt.rmeu cep;en, 3 IS#0 Coo rmed. .'ouucllmrs. bcplsmbcr IJM Una/et and dwr eoDeurre<l m. Rsr . i. Sa aeMMW Of Dai Id KIssuer, fur permlssua m ei iv I ? 1 i erty pole In < r i t of 23H Urnnd street Hoard of Alde'taeo Se,.icinbsr 3, 10 rrsyer of petkioamr granted and resep'twa adopted. H.ard ol t.'oui oil si u eeptrmber 7, lk'?) Coucurred la. Ksso utlua a> soallrm app anmaissit n asaasainsain far Bag ? t ? ?? 7? u 1 u mil. e .1.1 . .1 1 s o liver. h'lard of Udee-nen eetdemeer 3, 10 I di(1rm?<1. 1 ? .I.-. ? >u it . i ??? i ...? ..t i>ea rn ? er?c m adrm apporuoRmei.: of agRsaemen's for re c? lung bssm auulhasal o? rnrr Fix , se i 1 * 'eet * t Teadb lv" e I d AM. Tjien. Bcr'em'w- 3 IBM <y>nBrmr' lUnrl of t ouneilmen, b< p ember 7 10 tinsyeeand BOW erne' er?d la ll.'.daunn to etifl m spnonHaimert of aseeaamruta fSF . 1 ? I .1 si u tier II aid of AldF-mer Hep'.embsr 3. lWil Oi'ifirmed ' Cov 1 at ansa. hrptemtni'T, 10 Ua a, ca a-1 MM ori* urred in. a a - I > N ? M. lately die! -asded by the rtre I out nisei wafR Hoaru (it Alderxneo. arptember 7, I no I'rays tue psat p. " 1 I .' CouriattRsaa.Bapaember 7.1MB On ajey aud saw Ci'11 -real In > graat painlalnn to H.. Hard Fnwh aag ?ire I'era.nv to t rrct a aatrilag ln.ugh liifnalM Ha. 3M f I nee . 1. a. ? a ? u. he 1 >m ,? : 10. i'mytref 1 tiuon sis S'noted 1 |U ard Id Coum l.mea. rep'emSer 7, IM1 Cnaeurred Is. . . 1. dl g he ordisanec I r the eoastrm turn ad a Starr nasi Mramstrry Park mss to r*. , r:,or sf I T went'eth street Bad Ufamwaf Fork u laanty lal strsac ai d Uu . ..h I sen., A/a: ?Utr. t. as . ?? siiM tie Sewer ere !l the r??' e ? f a. I * * leT 11 ? v ? I a. euul." Board of slsermen. Hei>mher 7. 10. Adopted. ' u .ncUmea, September 7. 10 un a,et aad aaeR coo. urred la. keso'iupm ar< eptlnaleilla *. f accept tleuw- of use ad tbe Harlem and UiyvU ?avi?aian vimpao/'a beaag OR a huHnew eseamoa. IMS cr A idsrmee eepumb. r *, '0 aeoaplad sad A de nies, tAirnall aad Usrragh sp .'.dated s cow mm W. ?..?> I of (V eacllmen Sep'emher 7. 10 ? oacurrad Is I'.,a .'!? -I aaeu.l.n* -ea ...l as t' . u.' re* *1, >?at tS ha t In ea. h .* the eaoua11 , owners id the KlsvcalA a eane and t well tie th slrasa so aa to eaad ? That s rn'vert sad e?0 ha bulk .on the aorlhart. aad southerly sides 1 wrnueth sfrset U the Tsmh sveaim, R hR P r ' erst p.. i.t tf a *a n Lee tenth sr.' Rev nth oWW HMf grade eau'..ished I"r said street sa the a.t.-c spam last ' uei t-rr '?? ' " I ?V (d 1 'ed I Heard ?d ueueeOmee. wptember 7. IW < '6 eyas aad sew 00a "iired in Hewdutloa to grant pertaUMoti to M I ll ieaed to tvulld B VBB.I In fioo! 01 AW prerstsea. 41 and M .re-tie etrerd. Htatr-' of Aldermen .-riles er? 10 Adopted. Board of UuuasHmw, Mspt'ssber 7. M " m s,as (Hi aaw erver urreat la - ea-? of ssa?rait r?em?*wglrwtlaH ofatswoF la Haaaad aewua. loss -evso-j u.nth la Ktghag fc.'b ai eel, I'm--1 >n h H- ard of Aldarmaa. "spmmhsr 3. UBB Ua ayea and usw HffeBM ' ' uartlmeo. leprember 7 1MB (Vtaeurrad la m ''utwdalioa tngsad Sarh to the Wire iVimmleW'Weu for 1 ^^0 alder .tie Aarrjawnt sa 131 being - "a aim ..r . hla gta er egalnet Ko* ne Cotap .nlee S e It .nl 1! Hoard ?>' A Mermen, Wsieapy 7 10 Adopted. It. ,?r t of < Kit.aai. eptwMr 7. 1MB .m ayes aad aaea roneirredta Bwa and rdHmnai < - a- aad pump a lenth avenue, hetaeen 'me Men trel aed atn/ id ...e I! ,r. ? .1 a r. ? . . 'v.- . .warW Teeth .ve IradR. Hoard .<< Ak'ermen. x? tember 3. 10. Ad-pled on S| W Heap* at Cannctlmea. drptaia W 7. 10 Adopt ad w ayes aad t ran. (Irdlaaace reiaUee to paving Hi hai. sir. * >m Iraad waV Pi Riiri reel to ? e , , ,| . I , v. . 'a-w tag the nrveerit pavement Vi 1 a i sen up ' ra'ald a be aawlhsra esethna of the work. ?> i etw Mr MnrRa, sad that the f.wmaw erdMaaw retslive to <MR P?ev,( - ? a?id IS rev I ve re. lied it.and el Aetermee. Heptewhw B, MIR l)R a)st aad new - ' 1 _ hoard tt ? .'Vinci'jaen, Hep tew bar 7. 10. < n ayes as I sew 110 m a lasaaw lit fkr hulMmg SSWSF M R , from sewer le *?.!?' ? ft' ? Irtlisr. C-Uls wir <d vans sesR, utd V? appoint Js Hi? ' '?? oaar.? fVwmcamea. Mwt- -ft CWTeurred In ayes end -0 ??' ' ? - AIM! eK. MK\ IU. s Uf A?t?bH' '!'JE 1 111 AMI "Hi TU* rriA* >rm< 'bti pAiHTlMfi; FAlMTlM.lB ralHTTNtM """ ""?lEacs ""?r..ra l"b"ssusra 1 gblSIUAT, ?*"rr .1 tos ffti A TWW H?ADTlFl^r.;..i<jr .3 r| fU <?) F.'JT.V Over A'l Fi >' *r trerib erusaretaMrs <;? t"?,i m a*bricah amkri a id USwgaritJl. arbr. aN nri-'W" rw| ,y/ ,r< priit ? M*. W'tf f ?ri)\ * ^ Hrtiham *0. . B mM " *7 tsMk^P* B f>rL.rr!l.Tee rvm'Vee sad CVMfPtt, SOtr. mV.'PB- r ? !**.**? W1*

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