Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Eylül 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Eylül 1860 Page 3
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frr-? Vti c the Vc uf UM*e 9fcM, iba /?er> un mwetonariee w.U dm o?wim to m.ltgn un icw .? tutu. aa beiure the Christian worm. Fu?, not- | w ithnwiid.Dg tt' fprewntstiacn of the Tuiglub mo J ine rwnc Ainonssadors to 'ho Torts, tiut''the Atd. a. tas wot' .n the right .0 the .Ma fi-was," jat Umw * publ-shcd a l.etr c/pm, ibo shove ttMiiiouod .Aadaj-rr, thai "we conosoj ullotu readers, the Protest aat krettiur, iini ouji.i.?, itroug faming! agairu-t these i wbc have rnxjalloufly prevented tneir burial." It n natural -.ur i ec/ile enoi'ld oe :dc wed by su ;h pereeversg olb:'.> to create >is, mi! if any u.moeiiy .8 man! <?et? i, ?< ar? rfgan.'til as tu-bu.'ca: ,iad bigot*!, and :to yau'ioopa oi the Trou-stani k m'-twuea la made a raiUhie I ta *aj,rt on ibo.r iS-uatioosiiaxg maiiouvreti, and uta ao'ni '.a .uforwed that there x pertoc .t.ou ud biood WookI (neb disturber* of the peace be tolerated any where. *ap*c ill-. 1 would *?k, in America intrt If not, when ?..i Amer-ces legations cease to cuuhtcaaacosuch pr*meed cgt n other lands/ THE ITALIAN IMBROQLIO. layaruat H|mcc1> by Couaat P?r?H*y?Stf* ?kficant Letter from bueUa Jfarat What Laid Falmaralaa TUaaa?Tba C?i.npiraM| of Uta Ulag'l Uaelw. aroRTAi-T -ratcu or cocmt pkmiont. Dm Count he T'.-rsigiiy, % l is capacity of President, ayeLvd Uta sittings of Ota General Council of the Depart aaii of tba oa the libit nil., with n apaecb of wblcb ?he following a a summary :? T.e Count uummenced by observ ing that Ua ?raa about ta j ttjnine um ekisUng probabilities of peaoa being main* (stood in Earops, anil said:? B? impeiur's programme of Bordeaux baa not bean ahaageu. Without prateou ug to abolish war, too kin error Kan, bo veter, repudiated tbc inheritance of mare igb'.ug for tbaaako of ringuaaje lvr tba defeats of tba brat empire. Befo e the Inauguration ot lb ? preaent am pere tao extraordinary oueetieot were pending, ru.: 'he Qsasuos of iha bast, and that of Italy?actiber ut which .jould be retolrud by meana of d piuinscy. Although tiia warn remking (rem those qoeatlntia could not oe avoided tbry were oarrkd out with promptitude, and the Emporor ?oaueeded in realizing the object lor which they wore on dertakea. The .eetruct. m of dabaatupol prevented R .aeia from taking poeaese.tiD of l>nrtaut: nop'.e, and tue Laatern ijuca moh waa exfldud to the ch '-ge of uulted K'irupu. as r?g?rda Uta war io Italy, the Italian ttatca were de livered rom Auatriau doacina'.iou, and the priucipal ob ject oi thenar "vm thua obtained, al hoigh th- lii'au a>? >w pa?dlze the mdapendenoa which they aojuired in mi-.j iunsa of the uur, u.e prmclp'e of goo .atervention, new a '?>ogni?."d rule of intornatloral policy, e\ercteea a domical sag inliuanoe over the further developeuient of tba ^ouetj -D. Th"ec are th# ouly qi-estiors which occupy the atten tion if . oropo at the present moineut Tbc apprebenaiona euo named in Cermaay res peeling ?he fth'oe i, ai.J the fuare of an inva^.on ourrent oi Enp land, do hut merit serious discussion. Tbc 'Uune >t no longer a strategic frontier. France, being much jtroogT wheu Oortmtcy us dividad, will never support the project of German unity for aay com yeraalioo she might obtain Concerning tne elation* between Hkglsnl and Franco, neltber cf that" !wo Towers des re to enter upon such a terrihie struggle aa a war between them wiuld be. The ailsb nation is puce' il.' Their virtuous Queen and the neat ?mbient men in power desire to maintain a good under atanding between tba two nations. In new of so inane great resotta cbtalned hy Fr<nue, an ! tbe lustre which they throw around the i rench nation, it is natural that ooeMkicas and ulstruat should have ar.sea in Kurope Fmiica, bowercr, did -01 create tin* cacspliciUoos in Kaly, neither did she con nasi Austria to tollow the teal policy which led to the risiog or tbe Italians, war is aba raapoosib.a for tba treaties waicb Aus tria ocnelnded with the Italian Fruicee. France used ?eery possible cTori to prevent the cm I'ict. If tbe Emperor kept eilence before tbe outbreak of the war p reforencu to.' it p-oraiaea to repulse tba at tazks of Aiutr.a up n Italy, li waa with tbe motive of tewriag tba Jul out io iguorwuce oi bis powerful ass 1M ?soa, which, had Ibey been aw ire of it, would haro npcMii .Dcreaand exeitcueat among them Thai Uia silence with which tbe Emperor has been re proached war disadvantageous to hi tne ell' aioce Ite same can be said in reference to tbe ceas on of Envoy and Nice to France. Tba i'.iliaas, a'ur tbe couclusian of tbe peace cf Villa franca, l avInt acted In violation ef 'resty on the other side of the Alps, Franca could not ream occ bar Alpine frontiers, teeing that a great Italian kingdom had beau eooti luted France baa never concealed her !n tentioBa. c.tbrr frira hWrdlnia or from kin gland She baa dsaeivad nobody. Tbe Emperor has eert ilnly replaced Frsoce in her legi tawoe poaltioe, without shaking the confidence of Ca Takaa as a rope vaken as a waoie, bis policy v?. pure and bonuai. V be Ims made war in Italy t was nal> because tbc other Towers were not will tig to enrage itielr own roipoosi btlrtv AS aoou as n war |k-ssii4 ? to arrive al a dehuiie remit be .included the peace Jcaire.1 by Uie world. Mince H15 France ban been fbroed to follow the rote Im poaed ujr.a her by tba tr- atiea ol i'teona. Anotbor spirit wow re.zds, and tbe political system of 1S16 has been aab\< rt- d by Europe he nelf This system waa tbo result of a v lot out traoaltlon. wuieb, by two - great ixmvuIaioDS, entirely anturt-ed tba Euro pean arpjilibrium ftnee the* it has been the great tntcreet of Europe that a geuural reconrliia How v joi'1 1 be eSeuteu but ween tbe diCerent iVwera, add l)mt IVmooe ebouid, by cow-noii corsant. raan ime tbe pesittesi wnieb oelcnged to ber in tbeCo-aeiUoi tbc ltiwi-rs kde ao longer :hri-aten* nor A thrcateaeJ. Her work ?? achieved, so l tba misaem or tba new Fmjitre .? oompiabed. The m.litary role of rrancc in Europe is at au end It kwds tee great h i rptreaa tob? eousrieot c ir'y a''"- t ? any that an era of peace and prneperily is now opeumg frr Eurapa. tbk mi rat rxarv at kai i.k.? ?t<isirit ast uKrrBu FROM FMISCK Lit IAN MUKAI*. iMironl or not compromuuug abjt of rny 4 thcr ..nta who her* written to me, I Answer their letter* igli tho Oot't'tn- 1 hart' reee ecd roar letter. end anew, r without delay. Tbo <uiy j oatliout a?c Hitrb.r to m. ora Barb >" ore 'mambig ion* Mi) opn T will aerhr make myemf ?? obetacle to tho popular with, hiwerer crrj oot.ii* i aiay appear to mo to be I aai a relation of !!*:? Emperor'a, ant) tb*rrf?r n't at bagather Trvr, aiy art of mine arould drag. tVnrh tollcy B?f cr ,.w and lo th* praarut slate of anlhql diatroat BOW ->->cf excited OT hoolilc pirtw aja Lit '.lie Aaparcr, to whon. I Am entirely deeded, oitti.ny eo d lae more prriii-Ho.ii that to lead i ditipr t,> eupp *e that Napoloue III , who m eolely .ou-et uu the welure and !? d?i penieaoa of nation*, li more y th.ait oj of rr,i' Ilia re'sl rat on the thnm* SI a rorotut.oo agitato* a poopr, th* pop?"er w.ll ataaa, fr.ety gxprerierl. i? able to pat aa ?n.t to dm-wrd and uremiaty, becAuan t foraaa !?r tacit' that iuprot.ii law to which ortj good Italiao eight tu t to the re-erat rtat? of thlnvo it will be prciHehie for Batf that a eaaat. tut iota gu?? asxut should be e- la J baton) >6 Naples aa apreduy li tmaaibie, m woer that Mberti may be err.ired and that the danger of ana-rhy or tataah* way be arerted It .0 proper, then, for too aa kaew that J awaid not tmkn pa. a IA ?. vmrao. ./ year frinygoei union t\r ptnplt ? 'Itot-rf from a'l aa/taea-' wkoheo ?r. jAovlrf aoe- IttnJlf and > denar y iaeryc-l-d 'he tain of taring ia *> a pbgp ,/ tag. jaawfrn ? aag proper. p. I should tboa be eti .sg la lb* aoeeat of my o?aaia I abn .Id tbaa bflar witt ?-.? the flench *".ianr- the W>1* aag sure guagaaiee to XI* nation of aat.aa lagi paa tearv I aarr.fce, therefarr all pr.rat. latnreat of my owa, aau. car .ag aoiely for tlio public 'ritoreet I c.noiud- by repaaltnr whet there a'rwulv ft'-' 'lee*h-re which ?, thai Italy, la my nptaton, ?ili and again la a ona'ndera turn her aeeteet power ud ?plea tor ?eemte.feallemeB, the etp?o*a .a of my pa'Ur ilar laui. I. MURaT Caen a or km?at., A tg< at 1*. 1Mb LOW i?ALMBBATf?> <W? TBI ITALIAN AND VXArOLi TAN tjl fwr.oKg. b the Bcuee at ^.anrHu ao lar Mth alt i.i reply to a qoeet oa ha Sar tl. Bowyar, Lord rtunuunna aa>d - 1 am at i go og to fotioe the Uooorah.t to Icarae I gea Heman tbreugb a of tlie rrrau * the |?*t year with ragarl to ttalr. aettbar am I gmag to d.? net w th him the ipaeclatloar with regard to the fulare. R la true that at lb* baglaaiag of kj ijwnw* be aakwt for aa mtar pretai <n afrertaw potMa of lattraatbmal AW bat aa ita hlomelt tahoeawatiy ?i.pp'ied the m???nli ?? own *orat <n.a, I ?U! net Rirther attemm l reply to thewi Bat, #.r, I ?irt to act the Loworab an J i??raed gotta oaaa rwht at m a nligbt m.ecjaoept: >e nn tar wrnrt ha taAor* ? th rega'd W Aumetbiag T ani rupcuead lu Itaee aa<4 at the aneet ng to whtrh he hie -eft?re?' and at winch I am aoiry tu- did oat da .* the boaneof aiv ad-ng tHear, * ad laaghtrr.) I' m terta.alr tr ie that I 4.d lb a wat'ae, .a tirme <>f f*?et *r1 drarrved prttte. the rwenaer la wtn:h my aoh'e mead the member for the city of loadoo <Iat4 f l!n?aetl) had ?a 4tmtod the foarigr pahojr of that roantry ."hat "t I ia??a of mltr did a*e? te And t a tne min n ard twetata of Boat of vhoee arp- were iweaent on that on oaaum- rnear tear;?ont I oeruiniy 4H net meatKW. an ' a ad reenttcf that pclloy the laaiieg of Seueral 1* emof aad reeotlnt that pcltey tbr Ian 1 lag ofSeueral <**'?? haMt tn ftaiy I rtatrd that te a fact ?nd f g?? <? a* a ream loe M Ihg the laadKag of 1eae ?1 t.?rihal..i m.gtil ?a Alt peohhhllMk bring a -on* m >w r. .ueneea mti'. ?? *ad etenta of fnal f ptwtaarv, ami, tbcrrftwe it wae e? aertia) to aaahh h-r tlabwty'r gwremmewt to deal w.Ui ?Boar met tat art e?eota when tliey .Atn* te bo dealt wtu >a a ateav meboardthat her mmn>'? goreraafH yt awl the net will and eappoet of a rary t maiaeea Vie port nB'gtf erorm r? ? llmi RmsBn Ihn en ?my ag ihat we ted aav ettare '? toe tan I ag of twaera. Mrthaidi. bat mi merely a preMm?BH*jBI^^^H create tt gr?mi aprunr. m 'Or 1i?r. WHtiaf wh ? a Mmeway t fnreatiaent weald fegatf afl ?'?# eappoe' He f roe id oi ta)B. I tare only te any oae ward mere w in re gard te toe pr. fr te which the tfrKwah.r and ionrae I ,- n t MM hee mdWH<ed Gen t. Gartbt di m?y make ?t eh?> Id A* remematred that the K ie( ef hapm bat an ar nit dtt.Clnr Kitiau aad a nwt Tory mege ia own I [qioa w il aay ?n . h teenrra' >,ar hA:d ru f '? mrr%f? i -nether ttarefnen if tleaeral IBarthhldl ?? ike tor,wear which tee h n ccwip!.ar. ike ooroeta^ which tee hoeorabta bed IteraoJ icipaea it w c ear thai 't moat be aot by the force* wliieh hehe.afn te brae npon tue goeeeameqt of v ?p.-? bat th areiweooe of tho peoi.u- t'lnroeeirm -who may ;"d? ? arfhtldl la a i lorn pal .if tn ovoetbrow toe aurrirateat <d whUh tbov are bow airbfoota (Che<-ra ) It to *'110 lmt??lhli that the erpedlUnn n' <;en*ral i * rthahti -mttd am.:*" ualrw tt wpe? imood ay the nenp of that conatry. H"i?th?r they trill doaooraot] wp lew to iM fhti.m W fWOTe Mr Bonorahle*'nead. bow "*ee, tho peni d Iw T-rth (Br KlBoolrd). wt*h-d to know what rM theomte ot bnr ncgotiadlOBa a ragwd to ?ho putitum of Uio ytowded coworeoee at Tarw onu. eo epoi-l to the eoeotfoa if tho puh)>C law of aoropo ?r, H la wall grown that tbi* onadwearr war eaked r.^e ky rther i i.wera aad wat wnee <w leaa agraad to by all tke great Poweeaaf K- rvn At the oa me lima ? armaa |ue? mrmm tin* wswm vhib hmtt ^ .W^wiWi-rg ** i*>m it?# W* Ifw. ?* lb~f m an period at pres. at fho>J ft* Ik With regard 1' the MM* <* A aft*, UdB irni MM ;mn? **7 Mr mil sckn w ledgmer.ty any of the Towers, sad eevtaraJy ae*. "j wh.? .0 jntry; therefore it cannot bo mid jot to A.-<m port of tbe public low of Brarspe. Wth regard V? the animation of dnvoyto Kronen, tbat **? fi/or T P00 Par transaction, and certainly woo actone ofthe ordinary trans.. :tm?u> tor tbooeooioa by *?* sovereign <*? port ? ? of cio territory to another sovereign; oedaaesaavoj woo r.elu by fhe K mg of Sardinia, oubjoot Wo peculiar *ood . Mods .. inched to It by uve trooty of Vienna, to whtco *11 tbe cigul l ower* of Europe wwr* pertlce. Tboreforo it wee not competent for tbe King of Sardinia to cede, nor (**1 held) for tbo g iveramaat of France to accept, that terr turf 'o e wey to emancipate it from tbe condition* to which it waa subject. Now, one object of these cobdi licw* was '.be ?eep og rali|l and intact the freedom and indopvnd. nee of ??!tzerUcd, and it appaara clear Hut France stands in a very dlfle-ont poa.tion with regard to ttc maintenance of tbe .udepandeace of Pwitzrrland tnan wbeu thai territory waa in tbe hauda af tbe King of eUr din.a, because, Franco being tbe strougor Power, sh-j would seem to be more .'hagerous to tbt independent)* of Switzerland '.baa Sardinia could poaalbiy be. Now with regard to tbe way ia whirb that rossion waa made?tbe circumstances coaueetee with it trout first to la*;?the denials g ven at oae time and lb* avowal* mane at others, the promisee made a* reported by tbe -Tresideat of tbd Federal Council rf Switzerland; the promises made I January and February, that when the oessiou waa com pie led. Kauclpn) and Chablaia sb'old be ceded to Switeer facd? afterwards retracted and probably never intended to be performed?ail ihueo circumstance* must create a moat painful impress .on upon tbe miad of every roar. wltb rrjird to all tbe pnrtioe who wore a mce-ne J a ibal transaction. (Bear, bear ) They have produced an impression, also, upon tbe otber Stales ot Europe?an .mprenion showing that thujo States consider that, with regard to tbe future, forethought and preca ukm ought to form part of tbe duty of every Power. (Hear, bear.) The noble lord went on to way that be bopen Uu' the result would be that France would consider that thin truusatkin should ofoao cooatstenlly with a due and com plete secur'ty for tbo neutrality of Switzerland. Such a result would be for the independence aid interest of all Europe, and it waa not merely with regard to Switzer land that that arrangement bad beeu made. Tbe ?w s* de-drved the esteem uf all tbe world, for the/ were not oiteaaive ut their neighbors, yet they were manly and in dependent, and ready to defend themselves against all comers. There! re, this was not a questicu having ru.Vr eoce only to Switzerland, but -me that ha J regard to tbe peace oi Europe. Be ciuld not but hope tu* nren ih gov ernment won d tec that the eugageinents to which she was a i-arty, and the expectation* wolcb were held out to Switzerland in February last year, wo. Id be carried out, and that ahe should be secured justice in the Swiss Confederation. The honorable and learned raembtr for Br Ugwater bad goce at leugth Into other quel tKins ot' importance in Syria and lis y. tr. J ho mutt say tnat it was deeply to be lamented that uuloru oatr events beJ taken place in Syria, and he had als> ger.e into the nuuaee from which those dis turban<u n had originated. Be (l.ird {'aimers Ion) would not lollow h'ui Into the question of those anuses, as it waa ti e duly or her Majesty s government to prevent such evils for tbe future ratuor thac to lrvusl.gate the eauoM from wtuch tbey a roe* Ha trusted that Turkey wonM tal up tut- qucsti-m by making an example of the o'Ten ders, and the "?ke steps for tbe maintananse of tbe tran quility of tha country. Be boiievod tbat the etaps which were about being taken would accomplish tbe pur pose which was intended, for a corara.asion was to be ap pointed, of which Lord Dufl'erio ?. aid be the iiead, to con sider nu asaret which would tend to secure tbo peace of that country. Wjib regard to the q -et.on of the h mumble member for Toole filr. O. Seymour), as to the power* of tba Pacha to loans on the customs -iutka of K'gypt, there waa an arrangement by treaty that she ahouid pay a portion of those duties as tribute to the Suituu, s-.d the rema.ndcr was to be era ployod in any manner he pleased It was supposed that if the revenue to the .Suitau wasfi.llv paid, the rcmamder should bo eotirely at his* disposal, either aa a mortgage or a loan. As to Persia, her Us ,esiy 'a government regrette I that 3ir Henry Ha* J hoc had not though fit to continue there, but his retirement was en tirely his own act, and d d not arise frotn any wish ex pressed on U s part of uer Majesty's government. He was peculiarly well qualified to perform the duties at that court, and auoceeded in obtaining that good understand lug with the Shah tb d few ministers could hope to arrlv* at. The cause of his retirement waa because too misaidn waa traim rred from toe India Board to tbe I orsign Office; but tier Majttty s. government, considering tbeir relation* with Persia, and bow they were .m ixed up with Turkey and countries, thought it batter that it should h* Usual ,-rred to the Foreign Other, so as to nave tbe means of baring a direct commrnical on with Persia. With roaprct to Ui* expedition about to be undertaken by Tenia, it waa their opinion tbat the extent of it would be f?r lieyond wbul would b for tbe Interest or Use Shah or coui-i be permanently establislied, and they reaom mended that the .-ipetUtion shonld be confined to one of a more limited rhuartar. He eoull say thai The r rela tiona widi Persia were now or a met aatiatbetury kind, ai.d ther- waa a cordial understanding between the two governmenu, tbo Britleb government being moat anxious tbat Persia tb. uli be Independent and prosperous nm toCKT or tijFii.A'j cosgriHtcr. Toe following ll ft ft II account of the reectiOaivt congpl racy o' the Uiuut of Aquila, uncle to the King of Naples. He hoped, by m tnu vi allying himaeti with Mac* at and the ui>>b an t by meant of bribing tiro National Guard, to ovcrturb '.be present regime, aud then appeal to univer sal ant ra^e to nan :liou hit coup ti rial and eu.ct u.oi Re' (tat or King ? Tne all-red Woe of the Count of Aq ??'*, v. ho s'.srt .1 at r.rat or ibe libera!, kl.iiont tb ? radical, ictoreai, had for aeveral it ay* aaa'aeoed the aoapiclmu of the Ministers. Hot uc rial nr. lay hut bia tone *u to decided in tta change that it ?at evident aortic reactionary hi- w wua tUroatuu ed. A wag other ihiufft, hi* Royal Htt'bnea* urged the ttipptutaion of the liberty of the t>?ea*. the iianolutton of ibe Nattrnal fl iari ,? mango of Minuter*?uiore cape rally ar regarded I.iborhi Rout mo, who haa been the itol of tba people, and who war at flint recommended to hta Majesty by the Prince himself?aud, laatly, the exile of tb i emigrant# who hare Juat returned ?urpl ciona gave riae to i n real: gat ioag, and it dm aa eertatead that the Coniit bad eolieted a number of men in bit service at, some lay, t piastre a day. and there are tbcee who afltrm thai they tb taaatvw werr larai--r ?el with by the Prince and refined hit oflbrt Cat* and oviform* uf tb* fhebion worn by the N .?tal Guard were al?? orourht Irio NaphW and t grrai alMf ?' trui The to"t we re* to he armru *. u a rero. or and a dagger, and to b* ready at the signal ^ \ en, and for any ? rk as tigned ihem, and many wore V> inirodn*# theraarlvgs among the National iuar J^aa-I do arerylbing ti- y coaid U> mm rt then., or to dtaguet tha people by " oeeae 'n fact, many turh pemotta have be*a discover ed, na<l i wat wituee* to the arrett of one on Monday nigi.i lea' Moreover, there were dep'dnte of at Jtt la aeveral pari* of the .-ity. and. aa I bar- a.-eady :afortn edyw., the PiutUippo, which arrived iatl Monday, had many niu"ft*t* on board, tud many rate* of revi vers, illreeud to a Frrnih gentleman resident In, aad inlendeti for the Prince Of tne expected arrival of theaa iatt I! geaee hal been rommualeatad to ihr gore-a aaat, and they ware .'tad on Mo: t a: ,>*vi too. that iMIe "of the name* of many who werr v? bare been aacrlAeed hal been drawn up and a. < forthcoming, tmeng thra* are aevort: of tha Miawta-*. eape< ally IW Ma'tir.o, I. burin Ror * "i tad Gar. Ptanrlli The plot waa * evulee- that prompt ivnJ dactatvc met eiireft were twimedaiaiy decide, .pan, fond all the deUi't of the B'tm-'ua cwjapttinT were diatutaed in tb* Conned <>n Monday, wa.rh tat ? gt.t boum t hei.eve that there wa* eorn* d I Acuity in bring ng tb" Mm twrt to a una Diamj decltion, a* tvtne were afra. 1 that they m ^bt hereafter he called to account foe an arbitrary art by the , Parliament be, b iwtver. urged U* matter no aworgl\. to take the wboie reupnelibrlty up? himeeli, that at length all acceded to hi# views,aad it wae deeded thai the immediate remora! of the Comt of Aquiin tram Naplev ?ho? d be enforced fie Martini Ootn muajceteJ the dec's, >n of uia Coua< i t K, ny. wb sran. of course. much ttatrrn 1, but coasatite! to be d reeled by htft M oidtert H? atked perm.vstoii of fptaeUi ? to eee the Priaoe, but it wan refuaed, uJ ha Utat: wrata to hi# uaele, ordering him to laare the country forthwith, and eapreaaiag the hope of emb'tc ing him In b ?p, ier timet at tb' mm' tiri'ftva Pafomba war atnt by tne Couaeii to the Prince to ramm aitat" their leciai >n ami tta- ap Boval of tbeKint, aad to inform t o> that a# ilia:mi, rran to gn on a mlas'-m to Rag land for the ae vice of tha foverameot The derioieti w?* at dr t rat jitd, but bin loyal Highaaas waa inform,'J that h.t peca, nal taf'ly rariired It. that b* mntptracv wat wall k-aow aal that If h'refbred to obay m.'itary ?rleri he won.1 teat to the rattle The Princ then ioaeeatcd lo laar.. isder pro i,-at and before U.rer o'clock In Ut* modi ng of Tuwday be b*i emharlcd "v board hi# yacht, while the C> intra* ana b" lam ili took refuge ui tb' Irs I Ian rqpvtl of war ban loug hem bere "* thia, however, took p!nc? the aitnck of the V I we m th* Mnahrna, n tb" tmrt n'OMtniiamar". cam- off, tad M.uittera wt? would t,sv wa led in eouaoi' until the ?n.Hartaimr ra km an, were arallevd - gbt uJ left V ?ti wnp we*e tb* ?ppreh"i.?ion? of tb* M,u atcv that mor* lhan n> ? thought * prudent to ?' ep ,.ut of bin hiciae that aiyht, and, ar I bare already told you, the city was vifl unt.y ?i ardad aul pntnOM the whel* of the a gbt fte day flveii on foe tug m, lesnetii Wat m fart ih' Igtb, and hnd it ro? been for tha providential lAcorery of it. tha tlrecU of Vaplca wvild have n< w been Towing with bino! now. at to the u, be ?ccompl.ah"d ?</ th t mui letou* trTP?t The Marxiaitn Omhsto h?d been n'gvtated with, an I ft ??* ?gread that at ib? ry of ? V'ra la Ref-.h'-oa, tha ?>?nain* uf the Petnewsvac--1-> throw :hitree via on the mil.t?*y, or m anr os ier way rveate a owtar -taoc 'he King waa to have hneo ft *? "d*. w m* aay murdered, the Prince waa to have twu declared Rageal, and univarawl udrage invoked aa tbn with at iiw kaapor'W, tu order to d- 'Ile oa th# fetjre for luuev of the corauy. wnah ia a general onttiae of low ah-erinaiilo emorpeiar, would hart cm a say Cilljea* lot if live*, poat Wy the aatlun U Uhftlea, and have put an tha thraae the m aater who oowcelvod M I devise wy alormwtwn. not 1mm haanay, bat from higa n itboTitj . it sntvrecea the (aciaaa which the M.aatora ?'?ed, and two a-e b prarar caaaot he givea to to# awn who had the nuurage to ao u#? the criminal aad newt oa bh caving in* oouairy imaodaMy. la Cart, ho lafl the fo*iowiag day, if* ?r -mbi-ii. a NeataPtah vewtet of war, towlag tba yecbt o-it an I rvat n ng uenr atitli the and th* Br* > i ao veeael arrived at Msce ilea ?? Cpoa tha dlaoovery of tha a plot tha following aoereapoadwnee waa had ? .??* eaty the Stag, ad-jptlag the ri -wt of thoGodt' cii of Mivwtera. aad roswtd'fPng the n waaMttaa of tba acvviae a: tne rayal aa<>, ordem yoiv ntgbaca* to en hark Imw.aaaA'iiy oa board liie roysi tttemtr Amaiho!,, where ynn will and InatracUniM In a fated aavelope, which jronv H ghi f may apah whe* yo-i are at a die I too* ?i' twenty miiea fr.,m lead. aad thia ta ardar to ar "imollai co?Bii?aMma tha royal aa*y. By royal or?'?r, your R.ghtiaaa, I uomaiunlcat# to ye t Una ?AKOPAU> I n sevnt A igugt U, lad# N'tvuw, asgoat U. 1MB I MP PatMWn Cvna?At th* atomael s| which you are preparing ta leavaour aaliv# tall, I annul rofra n 'rem aodrwi r* y.v. tlwar few .,uea. to bid yoo larawtl, Willi ?H th# aflWfooe which you kaow I eaieettia for ye* I ?w perwgidnd that yna will aoeet t thia aaauraace, wkk-b cianra irem the bottom of my heart. ' tak y?c, ia th# oeai# ?' our ara> t ,cw to writ# to me oft#*, ?ed b#?aiorwl that I ahall alwaya recafre aewa o' yo. with Jay. aad that wherever i may h# f aba I aera. f-wgat you. I a* oraoa th# w.ah that your Khirnay aad vo r future reai damw may baaa a< iweabl# lo yo? a# w#?ib|# a'an tony aanl, to a t nm you w.U iwew-at my an*-t ka. si# oornt, I leesip n#a |o my anuaNfo, yonr children, whom I praaa t w. my r-sii May ?M.I wid tha Ho'y fd| o fawrva bed | Ml wdhMMd ad, AT Mtf BUMMtf d MT MttBVy,a*4 IVf Our famiiier. I praj you lo ooaUr *5 to a: stF 1 me ?r r old affncti >b, ud >u aj-y ,uace yo<i iruv u ul n u.y -eo umsota, which will ever remain tat banged. Fa Jiting the dalles of a nephew lo an i cole, 1 bid you, w tU j.j my heart, farewell, and 1 sign atyaeif your ado t ? ua'e nephew. jRlN&S I. After hastily leaking he preparlioEJ lor dep.. i ,n?. Count Age lie weat at t&kniigui ou board J.o ?uk> o<r tfecai. which wis parch tee 1 far him tn FX, .J Tt. t;e ho addressed to the King the following letter ? "Fccn ttxjwn ? General raloratu, when lelvrxgto we my passport, and nommantoetlng to -joe the Ml*: ale rial order which cujoins me to go on board j, atevn >r, do clared to M, in iho name of the Protideir of the Ycnc.l, the true motive of the meatnra. Tt Is, he told ?>?, tfc-.t everybody la inorraed against me, and tr.M I ought In tmassatamos ta twdsavor, with the aim .t aoiicu .de, v> save the country from a rnc'l-gratl >c. and at th' **mo time to preserve my own life, wfi-h it u j longer :n safb ty, fbr my enemies would ase-mble age 0?t me. and 1 should flr t myaelf in g-eat peril. Your Mu,jaiy see\ thou, that th* mission gtvon tr ne in the letter -tfe-r"I to lit ft' from being a serious one; that it ia .n wn'.radii tton wild the real state of tstngs; and that, tberefora, as a nuoi of honor, aa a coostitstlnaal and Italian citizen, 1 caruot ahatt n from p'jtastluK. I do en inly after vxec utng the order to em bark, which 1 have tbia motceut done, at mo bo .r after midnight, Ibe protoat la not ma le to rave me from de Ctur>-. Far from that; I sb.t'1 <n?tt Naples a? who a* f U nave been r.ble to get Into ori?r the paper* e*??<otial for ao do nr. I deelr- only to tell your Mavwy that my Italian and conatltullotiai principles merited a d il'?r ent recompense, and that too black ial'.mry oi wfiien J am the object ia very Durdursome to a he*'t which feela itaelf quits dtiS-rent from the uuw "'by per trait thai It has oeon sought to mate of me. 1 ha l .nso another mutiw.not leas powerful, tor wriimp to your Majesty; it ta that /on h ive jot deip-ied to aJn.r me to your presence when I bad jot only commucicattoce to make to you. Out aJftn to express to you my tit* af loctioo, or have h..d ao many uroofc. B" that aa it man, I mast be permitted to write these hn.'nto attest my .unooaar*. and to orotcat to your Slejettv, be fore the nation and before the whole world, thai 1 have not door\ed th j trial Mlictad upon mo, *'ul that I Cava a right to expect another sort of g-atitude I hand thin letter to 'ivn. Paiomba. Ijaving it also V) b in to repeat to the K ngtane expression of ;ho seat meotn ? uiob Oiod ate w Ms Mv*ty,io i vi country. an 1 to Ila*v. 'am, with reapeet. he , LOCH f>K aMHBON 0? Btuxn rua Ano ivnt Mnu, Aug is I 14 <|ua tor past MM A. M. 1KB 'f?4W? ITALIAN BXCrR'ION?TCI BXCTl3lON TAhriXf TO -ICTI.T?THE YANKEE Hi. 1 OF KtLI ?cstbkdml The London papers coulain ibe following advertise ment>? A aeint parly of excursion lata intend ta vi?it douth Italy. At th' cocciry is somewhat uuactilcd, the ex ciirainmrts vr U bo furnished with moans of to'.t dcicooe, and with a view of reeagmzlng oach other will be at lliwd in a pictures | i? end ucU'oraj coatume. i enoral t.arttMidi baa htw r i'ly vanie.1 tbo excarslonista a Ireo paaaage to b cily and Italy,sud they will be Suppi.ed w m refreahm uui and attire suitable for the oilman. Infor scat ou to be obtained at Capt. SI ward ?.ylea' oiftces, So. ? Hi.l:e.jury street, Loudon, W. C. All persona de sirous of joining the oxcuraion, or willing to aid thj s.ime with the.r anha-iriptiona, are reqnos'ed to omm iuxtte unmeu lately with the Oommtttee of the Garibaldi Fond, ai No S Salisbury street, Strand, London. In anew er to the numeroua appHcattena for information which are made by letter, a copy of the foil >wlng circu lar ia at nl to '*rh applicant:? No. S SAitsaraT sivnr, Lonoov, August, lStiO Sia? in reply to your letter of the ? mat., I beg to lor ward you tbe following particulars:? 1. Tbo English excursionists will be provided witb a free passage, coattune, means of self-defence, and all necessary provisions during the voyage, an 1 satis factory personal provisions will coenmenoe from the day they 2 You can leave tbe English excursionists a any mo ment, but ebouli you do so before their return to tog land, no claim will exist to aay of tbe advantages which may fkll to others B A perioral interview Is imperative, when you can learn ail further particulars. The excursionist* expect to leave within ? days from this date. Three days' notice will be given to those going. Yours Iklthfully, EDW ARD STYLE!, Captain, Gartealdl'n staff. Tbe most remarkable oiler made to the oommittee in loodoo is one by a gcbUeman residing In tha neighbor hood of Lytbam Us says that, if made Colonel, he would equip eoO men, and land them at any point which tiarihaldi might wish. ?. SSSv^ATi. pbasM, tben proceeded to re*d the roy?l opeeun " fr-JK i SHH5kS.w? I sSS^^Sr&^Nsf^, 5aS!V3rY??>tzritsrvi :Tts^^rs therein, end if tbo ,,?* ^ "ui their own ***. lrr^l' or nioeod ? .un rcac-st on *? f rrr.^ ?t0 rem*? undU^i,^. tu- w-^ ?f Ni0? to fwM ^ n;; ,.i toon b^ But dor fej.* ?2.?ZJ"mTZ ?** P^MSw3HrsS rtotn'utral ty *>d ,? -I,t?h all lb, power* win were pertiop zz-jxss Uk, u. ,? M ?"W"*''.?" ii ?Srrar ?? "*a tv with lie. ??p* ^..^r, ,^ /wA ?& fit t ?* ? of AnMrtm. thf V.m;wr r <? _ Stat nr I MM in* ^7 aC L' -tor ?C Bat '?- .?"? <" rtm* "* ??; Ml L as sssSfjghp-as? ? tl thetoUMfc W lft* lmn ?., .,r mmii-1 Kr "** pnrt ifh? uofcinion. *? ween^ms ^ ill i-*ty to ?ior? y<*' thwi uer mm*7 rr~v t that at- pjetfl ""rturwe J^ro tKUf, Wr Kht?F *& ,1V Mimiitior? rc?u.11 in^ rami M t-.e.u at iu*l the combluoA nam. i tt bne. tborelote.iK-ee_b?- ,?v and a^r ally. the iii') m? iUry fofQtt it ' * ! , * rv,., n^g ntioui<) FjBTyr .r of the frtttcb b*l t? lUe < mat ^ *4 *MM4 rarrT1., 'Jr'm .* ?i?i.? ?? r?'a,? rr" i SVr'd" l,a.,-V^.n!nl,,;>n?lU.r , "tTvotT-TJ P ar a t.? urn' "*!???*?1'** "l etAc'i W,1..4 ?.oma-??per^.t Chm* , , t!i w of Orm-t. ???ller M?.te?ty I JSST JhJb^Tbht t t Mil for Oi-k ,lrf?ic?* "ni011 arJ "w0 *? I ?rd? end (^llfWf,?r ,1 n^ t? with ?b>cb -W?Si"Sc?*i3T3 VwwetT t ro?U u.?t ^ T", f.Mh 0ee-k>i???.t VfSSSX mewur ? ss '? -- - -"trnu jvc.' law wti* b rrnulet^e tb< \JSgm0m * ,.M watabHebed ?"'?*?, ^ ^?u 2". ?w4 ^ .ortKv by court* ?*rt?1j?dJrrXZ?* 1. the rJnt WTTtce tbr_ ^in*,Jil,B?ir. rbar in# WU1 ytre , (,^ tb- ^??tf ?J i '"o ?',1>* TE22L^^2^ue i*ctiH '?*1 ^2*! Hoe bf tb? rn>i"-r?r ^wwiiaw Mr t pr??t?r mm****) h?5??" *!*nrd ty while ?r ^Utmh rwvaw >oh)?a with rrfhrd to ??*< for >n*i iwtertn ra. otlw* , .^IK_ _? , a iitfltrtorr nl'i.hilttrwt' whf h m,? ^."SL ^MWde\ll h?T ? << )'** ?? , rf o 4er ??? of e'-lt-noe ^ r-srsss.Sr'ss'&i - ?-nczr" a I n tied K hp tnw ?t 1 'd 'y '^a.tfatt lO-hWire tfct rSryH!-1 tart d tow W> itt-fWio ?t*w^- ?? m p>r, ,. ? 1 rb l areorc'ipte-l yof ** ,haiib n> tt? :iS?3i!rJ8ai<? THK %K*V tiTMT. rttn *? U m .Utea thwt Nupolwo. U. r-eolrwl to rrtnle fro are rrt tnen? of/<???'?? .. . Tt,, ?,wesMr? -? ?V> I*? '** etwt of the f*? of the Boorbo., dy?-ty ?* a. wTBt*. tityi, Anfiot B. ItW ?rtw..heu-j-t ??- r-??w ?'"-w J ..,.r.; Of ilet rM..^"' " TZTrZ L t,,?,ew ef the rmperor of Anwtrth w th Ote C?r, M -r,rb t ?u ue? wt?A?l lite Pri?c* JV*?" w",,k4 "* ?r11 no ?*?!? beer boeo UUcen with 'hot object up to the pr^ul Moto-ht either by the Fmperor of Auetr u?r the Out of ?x*.id?'*t,on to r?w. b<*b ^ rarefy OwU.r lro? Uh .f wi .t'-pe whtch ?.|tht bo Mktorproted m ? ?t of v?i.u? ^ V?wna, Aufuet ?. iv?> It 1. bettered lUt the r?or.hi-t ?? ^w polltMl rufbrse without wm'l?* Ibr the roto mthe Re irbereth, l? order to lewre tn the J^peror the whole merit ot ?poe&i?ee' ?iy adopttew !<?*? nk.TL.9t. k Tune i<raruei eeeert. the', the d*m\fi w the r r. ?-h wq tied roe .1 v.ple- h? rereired wr?nit# ntmnrretheptrtotertheulrhlity ?end ?" '* nithinf Utet tuhy ateetere with iho defoare of heptoi ?? " rt e order to preeent the d?r? of ??? n??rr rtnr fbr *c'.ty H -'efhdwl by the o. ethterthtf r^on lwa,?Ue|iA'J t4*i U>? *r.ri <*? \tjo u>? ?r d<cbtc am./ to joia the nat'? na), hor btgNM bo u.uirt^ ?jm a* u. wortet' a tae lemor?.i.*.cjn ot be army. The " to'trntl of dlepy declares, as ao low '* ?p ' pi, ? ? o the ;O fu?, tiny u? suby .1 to tbo will of 1 .be Mutator. Sai'ISO, Aug At 28, 1Mb. The Nei >ol tan troop* were attacked by Garibeldiaes, 1 t "nr Trni , by wbein ih-y were sunt meed ud defeated. As so ?? then proposed. Tne commanding oifl emr refurrod th>> r proposition to tbo 'Joosral-tn-CL'ef tar t* doc:* on. lo the the enthusiasm of tbo Neapolitan iroopo abated?urn/ become disorganised, and dispersed, leaving tbe batteries without any defenders. rOBTUCAL. Libso*, Aug at 20, tSoO. Tbe Vyie, irom tbo Bra.,1, arr.ved here this morn og, a*4 Will tony* for So t'sniptcn at ooon. She baa oa board AW.000 a apecis. nttbWtt* had broken out with increased violence at Mit.uga rdk h mired perstms hare been attacked a one day. and ilfty of tfc at hare dte-l. COMMLRCIAL INTEL!.ICF.NCE. Loams, tog.At 30, ISdO. The LondcmMfmm city art tit of to-day says:? The KtatbeA&riDg been Air for tbe iaat few dajra, tbe steak market baa again cloMt with comparative steadi. uvaa The account of tbe paoMc speech of Couat do ?er ?ignoy nt tbe opening >f the G>unctl o" the l>ore pro (biood uo alteration, although n Paris it appears to have huvklbe eifcct usual from ail '.brse uneaiy exhortations to tauldecco, Tit that of adding to tbe dulooHg of tbe Bourse. I he fact of n further large stnouut of gold hav ing been uLeh to tne Hank .Dinar' jd ? tendency to firm ness. About ?00,000 :n line gold was taken to tbe Honk to day. Tbe Ixmdon Timej lays considerable amounts of gold continue to be sent to Spoilt In payment for wheat, with tfcia osaeptlon?the conttnentnl demand is not so pressing as might hare been exited The weather this morning bus an improved appear nnro. Tte Biabop o.' London haa addressed a letter to bis clergy,oommenlng tue letting aj irt o. aoino early Sun day mr pay tag attention to the condHlou of tbe country, in connection vrtth tbe prospect* of tbe harvest. At Mark '.sue yesterday pr :???* Is. a 2- in advance of those of Monday wore lu ted, but net obtslneil, buyers be sg unwilling to oeoreee to the 'roprovement. Letters from Odessa speak of tfce excellent condition of tbe new wheat. Tbe r >tw in Walts'tiia are very good, but in Moldavia tbe q lattty ia unsatisfactory At Odessa, on the 26th, b.x.uecu was j valyzed for want of (hipping. accounts from Cast;1* and Cstalonta stale ibat wheat has risen ronsiderahly, in c.mseqoence of purcbases made for French and Fog,ill. house* tOVDO.V HRODIHT MIRCSr. Lemon. August 30,1800 Sugar?Th# only sate by public auction cnos.sted of 278 hbds. and 10 Uorc*s Cwta Rica, which sold at 33* Od. a 30s. Coffee market ittrsdy; the public sues are going at full rates. Tea unchanged; common Congou quoted a'. It. ;n,d. a l*. 4d. A flat mf mmoaowd apneas to the do mand; market Arm. Autpitre quiet; a Utile busioeea Clorday sftsr-'oon at 43s ?d for 61; per cent. Tallow? ket firm at 62s , on the spot: 62m 31 a 62s. 0d. .licto ber{to December, and 6 Js. 3d. a 63*. 64 , January to Mr.rcb. ? dUrutlag from ttic Pacific. out IAN TK AM. If CO COHJUaroKCANl K, HAS Fraxcmto, Ang'ct 13,1M Stale Pri.'cn Stamy da? Hif k nay, i-w -n rente for State /Yuen?Ann) Jfoonicnis?AV^iusuv Mat* Jor Ute Meym oj the Soul of Jerome /kmcparte? Outruetwe fire ac Pa cHeco?Losm and htturanca? .Vfia-/rr>m WxtHoe, <fc. A Lumber of oonvicls tnnaped from the State prwoa About two week* since, ud their ubm are now publish ed ?? follow? ?Thomas Lloyd, from star.t* CUrm; H M. lohceoo, from ?1 Dorado, Thomu lAirr-ooc, from SUn in law; Ab Con, from Trinity; Willful R. Carry, from Ne vada; William Wilds, from Har Kruciico, Thomas J, Clark, from Yolo; Maro Cork-km, from Oalaverw; Ramon Comalo, from Mariposa, awl P. Marshall, fr.rm HUolelaiur. They warn tontenced to term" varying from one to ton year*, ud wera mcMty convictod of grud leroeoy ud burglary. Several prisoner*, foond gully in San Diego of atta- Wmg tht ovorlaLd mail, tiara arrived barn en route for tho .-wte prison The detacbmi at of the Ftrii dragoons, under cominaul of Major Carlaton, which uu been pnatad oo the Mohave drwrt, at Camp Chdy, for the paat three month*, has' Ml that post and returned to Fori T^Joo. Tho foroe oonsiatcd of eighty men, with Lieateaut* Uarr ud Uavia *ud Or. Letter man Several Ulna were hold with the priuc ,vtl etirta They deny In the moat eoivmn manner haviug bean guilty of the murder of tbe white men?Williams, Jar It man ud Wllburn. They any that they were (ol lowed l>y Indian* from S?ll 1a*t, and murdered by mo I command of the Mormon*. The opinion a a*rally regard tog theee outrage ' ta thus corroborated by Hume who are ?noet likely to know the facts Tj-y assert toey never knew of the murders till they heard of them from while DM. Major Ketchum, United Statue Army. Lift here .vet Tbtiratlay, on the Pacific, for l*ortiund. Toe company f< rinariy oomiuudeu by turn la at ikuicia. Lieutenant , ftoolee is to take charge or the company A eoiemn requiem mass was celebrated this iitnrum* u ! the church ol Notre ibine oca Vic loir re lor the repose of i Hi- soul of the late Jerom- 3oou|>?rle. Tli> service* worn i very imposing ud larg-ly niuoied, the Hag at the Frt nali buoaulat* .? at half Baal, ud wid ructcu to lor three day a M. lAir, -nglneer of Uu i'rtm li onrp? of the talaee, at ri ?? od here ou the last a* ainer uowi lUama a* lue a*out ol the government ol Up- empire, to as, crtaiu to re eo.-ceo of tho Waahue silver region, and > akWUate Hue the r prod act will i1u t tbo sliver ataiidard of J-Mrope. A destructive bre broke out at Pacueoo lol Saturday, in the store occupied by tijah Book, and before its pro grerr' could be clacked all the Ou l jg* uetwioo lite store ol Mr Book and Ute large concrete o..*a of l>r. J H i Mr others were Itoyed. Br the c xi lion* of the Pm he. J flbgine Com; any an i Uic . lliaca* generally, Uv dwelling h ouse ol lu C., situated immmiat-ty In tie rear >4 Ins oom.relr building, >h saved, lu A p.eventiug the itam-e from ext-uding iiii la r on the west aide or the ?I reet. Mr Boos sat ed IilcreHy aotUiug?Ml rapid was the spread of tbe '.evo .ring eiera-ut tha*. alui sit untoe oiaUiy Siter the alirrn was gneu the wh - tikMk was envelop* id lauiw Everything .a h.s store wu coo fumed. lucludiog ?iu ? aud bo-a a counts, to the aioouat Of about to 000 l>u ,ue -ppne te tutu <d the irocl ware the livery wtahie ud taeat inorset ol Mr. Vt J. Ualdwell, which were considerably scorched. bat by great exert os lory wait eared, aid toe gre we* prev-nilcu iron cm ibs tbe street, had it due to. tbe whole ra-tern side of the village must la.-vittbir hive been swept sway. Tb hi- was probably ca-ted by an incendiary. U 1*0 Moos, large etov*'of goods, saved loss estimates at HOddM; indured for (7 MO u the oiticee ?12,0(0 in the dbue rtice, New York. K too In Ute ttiraro (dtV Philadelphia. II 7M n tne Conll avntnl orhce. New York, el HQ u the l-woiute New York. B^tt'iiMm Hook, owned the occupied by F. Il""k Ufihnr with ? '.art* camber rd g a n sacke k? toes. I'.'.bOO inaared tor 1100 iu the P'.j uU '?ti:e, iUrl ford. iae.f* A CO., stock of giaal* iees. M 300 ueured lur 14.000 in (be following 'dtleae -12 OdO in Ihe Metropn|, Ian, Nrw York, ud l.' OOO la the Oily Fire insurance Uucpusj Bertford i B iwil. owned the building or mpM by himeeil a? a via shop, ho.. eared nothing iota, 97,000. insured 'or *4 000 John Ptitlnao. furniture, nothing eared. We are una b - to tears the amnuat M lorn by Mr. P l? J M Carother* nwawd the building ovcupied by farrish * 0b . Mas about MOO. ao lasurasoe A. J. k mg, dwell I ag house ud wemt market lose. teOO mo issuraace. MOV W tvHOl Thv J>rr it-riid ff.jKi* af Aut'Al 4 cunt* a* tbe fnl h wuig aewe ? The prmy rrpreee route is repnrtaii i,ear nf i/t u? u tar a* Kohert - creek, some three I, iadr?l m. es emu of OarWHi (ity tnd the termiuatmg p net of Dot fienuy's superintend eney My reeeal nfbrmetioa frnm Knby t'a'iey, it ai^wwr that ii two while w?mea reported capuves *?? ?? thu ma w" *tlii remain m their pu- - ? os Toe ?iuaw who br<-*hl tlie firnl new ay- they Uve been ooat<ell?l b> about tu ins rue I nntrauee sad ars ta Uie otmo-i dm tree-. ? epAg nearly m: the time It ? the lahatum of Lii'il I'r'km to attempt tbe n -ewe, u*ie*r sooner or derei t > < am,i Floyd |i is ronwetured trie) w*r- pmt if u ieugraei -ai|?r? vtar ytt D'dhicg po .tire ta known a. to wU, Uwy are. w how or abea they fell nhi the liud- of their brutal 'aptor *, Ueatrrlh trwi Items B<ai? rtai i kkiM rv res fciun ?.We are intormud, ?ay* the Me? ui nab ReyJJ von at tlie 0th met , that th i^galau-r* ?? -hirer Hill f*t P-ter i ? arlak, Beaut'ct di* I..A.I ' , i-ad op,on Wadsy last, lour persona acctiaed .. tamier rg with slaves, ud, t iding them guilty, war about t' fmug them Tliey, however, impriaaed them in i tbAwwe of oae of the rieideate of that ptwr< . la order to I set with-lehb ration in ponu-ameat of the ofibuoe bur of 'he prmonera, on giving bou rn for bm fbture g- id bo her or. was showed to go ahoei h * bwsineea. sad the 1 uiner three t man about illy yearx of *g-. ud h.? Iwo ? a*, were "rd?re.l to leave th- -toe Wr toart. I be r arrived a 7* v as ash by the car* fester Jay atvrnooc. look eel lor litem r<,mv tt '-r <" n.-itii C?* >:u ?!v ,e esid that tbe ] rotto* . rot' if North Oarnlinn wul be larger tha ymr tl ?n r -r'-efore. although the dt> -ght *1 one time ud the wet p< w w 'i mevsnrably *r rtee it Tbe 1 (T r 'Vf/ya/tk eaya ?1 ouiigti lias r - i"1 tmm Hie . I i peri?.ii ? nf a few year* past te settle l?ana"ft**d I t ii ? Vorth OarnilLt Ik iu ? fr.rt , may bs *ef d -we a* ' a cetf'A tele The soil and eHmate of a large portion '4 ? III .-rnil-r me cul' ii I . >P the nvwf, | wh le, s 'dei! to there the ?y?iew of twmp-wiiog marling, ' liming ud the itneor rdher frrtlllmm, tmUi'mte tamake it ie?? uat.l* te the diesw?e ud ra*ualcce which so eerl- , oi sty afhi t it ta more tfewlhcfB Rtatiie ?r-r-uv or s Bourn* M*wniv?i ?Tho mc-ctntlie com im.aitj of this rltr.eayg the Norton T a eel of tbe Ifrb i**l , w ere a good deaf e*cit?l or Cbaug- to day by the uoirueor maot of a rad event, the g?r jlda of one ;.f tbo.r ii'imber qu'ier the Mlowlag eirroinsurw a ?Mr foee, h t. Theyer, nf hda ? barf, a well known < it inn broker, of tbe krm -t .1 K Tl.ayer V Oo , was ebon hie bualnev* as urnbi .Icunt ibe furoenra. Alien minutes ? *rt twelve Pe wee ? oeti about Indie wharf, ud nothing part: mier wad noti ril la hit appuramw. At ten m a-nee paat <ae a Ab. rer Its the ?1. re w-nt into tt.c etvo<l story, when, wi b ? horrcr, he fbuiu' tbe b?iy orh* eir.plover ecepen.i ?d Vi th* timet'hg rope He had proe?ly ftfeoed a enr.t b * ew-k h the pope, en t then oar hlmse'f fmm one nf th- .,iper *Voroe u the place ehore k a bodv was fbernt. 1> wa* not I vac U ' y ' re y Atsuf age, ac-1 WJ gSoM gab Of kM Uv thJ ?,ML Tfce f?*e Aft*. Tlal happy n "*our ?ata C14" " harvest of aktiche* io tbs oeuntry * dm* eg to s cJese, and w ibill toon ritre loem all back again, wuh ruddy eteekn and well filled pert folios, renty tor a wrniar cam paign at ike ***.?). Church 'a rabidly recover jig fro? tie severe efiect of hie hung thrown from his carriage. Be ia at lbs bouss of Uie widow of idle, at Liks a broken winged eagle longing fcr it* hi mo among the rocky solItud.a, t>o he r* wa ting .mpatrerlij to dniah L.s great original 1 icture, "The Iceheryv at Noon ray." Hicks la at Tr :nu n Valla, portraits, fiidord la at the South?Korth Carolina and Vir ginia?In kta I irair ;r sketching ground*, m l we may os? poet to aee a new rendering of the delicioui Tie we abounding in the Bice Mo<oila.u* and tne picturesque val ley oi the Potomac and Jam? risers. Tboreiaoo, the aculptor, b?a just com pitted a Lead of one ol the "Motbtre ol a Mighty Race '?i. a, un Ameri can matron * portritt; medallion, admirable in sentiment, and wh.cb will add another to hla acbe-.Mii.uni triumph*. Janice M. Bart, tie inoet eccentric of the fraternity, le oil to the lorwt lakus, the home of loon nnd wild deer, and wo may axpr> t some iharming -* ol the hemlock, beach, biroh and ced.r round the "Diana u mir rora" of the great north wood*. Faeiman John ecu la hard at work in town upon a companion piece of tbe " Old Men lucky Borne." It will be by fhr the mi a* important of thia's very clever (in the EMghsh acnool) work*. J ItwlUbea Tankee scene, with all tbe eharactorlat'ce of New England Ihe. Bia friends predict for it a perfect success. Kliot'e "Head of Cooper," tbe only great and truly life-like portrait of him extant, ie attracting great atten tion at W-.'liaise A Stephens'. It la worthy of the beet dayt of portraiture of any age. and all who gaze upon it feel proudly that Eliot nobly hoi da bia own. Jarod Thompson w rusticating at New Haven, paiuttng the portrait* of several distinguished clergy men of that city. Bia portrait of a Jewish Kjbbi and Dr. Ilapball gave great satisfaction to tbat divine's many friends. Win. But ia at the suaahure rocruituig for the rough headianug ol next winter. Boo|htOD,al Paris, is et- dying with every aid that city can afford under the b< it inaaters. One little picture ia apokon very highly of by a French critic. It at win ter piece. Dehtsard's "Fighting Dusks" croutes a great demuud for lho-'? cjuainl i-flecta of color, original and captivating, that all true picture lovers want?at leeal cnu to fill soiuu cozy corner iu their art colleutioua. Cropeey la tea- blng tbe English to love American land scape, and us English scnncry. His picture of Ann hatha way's Cottage ia one of his oust pictures?the winding and willowy Avon glittering tn the distance. ralmtr has on hand a gran J conception. It ia a brou/n statue of Washing too, 100 feet h gh, to be cast in pieces by a new process, to stand upon tho highest point ol' the Central Paik. It will be Washington, tho laberatur?as >rl of patriotic Heresies, reslinc after his labors. Page, the "Venus ' p-i'ntcr, ia in town, and about gtv of as exhibition of h* laat picture*; Irom lueir great variety they will doubtless attract much attertloo. Powers, tired of bust*, ha* on Land an allegoric g ?imp, by Car ltu> most .inporiaul work be baa ondertaken. He rertaiuly owes a statue to ftirluue who haa ever m< >. k ndly smtloJ uj>un him Since but i.rsl eutrauce into the Uomaiu ol art. Manly, the crayon artist, is baring a :<r*st run in Boa too Iu depth of s at event and expression bo has never been surpamed. Van Burst. our beat mirlne paiutur, has brought many | ral- aliie -ketches from Lta lite cruise m tho yacnt Rebecca, and Mr. Jam- ? (1 Bunnell ia aald tube tbe fortunate |>o?aeaaor of some of hla beat nicture* Buntington is engaged upon those fatuous -wutnau portraits," which are -o delicately conceived and painted with so much feeling that no one who has once wen them but to dcaire* to rememeer their friend* thus adouiably delineated ?h.s success is commensurate with bis untiring indu'try. tVarren's portloiio is full of I be rorkxtud ware* of Monti Deseret, auJ we predict lor ml* young trtltl a brilliant future. Hubb-ird is hard -it work w .tu some fall elieuU. lie u*-iy, yvr ?xec'lew.-e. be railed lb<- (Winter of uutumti, bin Imid wape* are rare with trulhfntsMr, sod rich with nature Mr. IhflSBSS letter ha* juat completed at his s.uuio No bitk Urcartway, a picture called "the Age of lnuo ceuce " there us now .o the city 'be laat picture from Lie painted by Mi* Lilly M -o. or, wna-h wa* some tune tine* on exhibition at ."nedlcof "* Ltilery, OS RroaJwty. U ? said to he tbr oust pleasing and auc.uMl'ul work of that meriiorous artist. i-Oupil A Co. are now imnerting rear fine photograph* ol the putiures ol uie leading trench and Herman aitwis, ami any one d?*.rous of posre* a portfolio of lac similes of iLe se admirable work* of art will dnd a rare chance at the.r establishment. Of late year* Ihts oily has pr< ?ed so good a market for orig -ml picture* of the modern Fremiti and Oerm*n schorl* tnat we understand tbtr*- will Le a very large .uipor latum of that r.iaa* ihit lu-asoL, W well aar ?f hrsf l*a* ?n/rit i,p by European artists. RROWs'S "fA> AMD IITY Of xt* TOM AT ?PM MM." Tim | .rl ir>'. wttrb la too Brat Am^ncan laii tecape pamUU i?y Mr. <>. 1.. B'uau a,ace Lib rrUru irum Italy, i? bow om i xbib'tHw at tb? inrn Art (lattery. ft ta bat jurt to Aay it reel *ee tlie b'gb hope* of tbka aft.n ? roaujr iriiadr It givea a ui .liuuit epitome uf twealy mibM d.a tanc* from mux! y Hook to fourteenth rtre*( th* attad- I pout beiug H". - u H .gat* clearly perape< tired, in aa aerial eanae. tin aicjr ta r..h ia tuuabioa aad glowing with ? .oi.dn lorr?u of nuata nocture tlx Ctty u ai >?*?? tba tyyt of bar eotum'-r. >al rrewtiitre ? 4ud run i or tiery cumc ara 4. anchor .0 uer waters, while tb* Re bel .ra an I Mar a tie ? lolly at reel ta sealed aeati.rdr, | Leant* tar .I*n<) anora. art Martha* at ma home or two la* and LI MOOLR. ScTtral ari.att of sot- Lara .air y been to ?priogti*.U, iU.aoK. to paiat portrait* of Mr. l.iaouta. uio republican aonlti** for tbe Prr-a dency. among than Mr Harry and Mr Hiab*,af thiacily Ttw i.hraao* executed by Mr. Harry ?* in r rarou. aad mncb approved, *? loara. by 1 friend* of tba fan. ly. Ti>at by M' R;c?* ? lb oil, and baa b**b favorably aottood ay tba praaa at ?pnagftei.i. Though yemra.iy nnondarad a (end llkaoean. lb* baad hi perhai* a liMl* Idealised, bsnag Uta rrmgb p?lte Bed angular iaai.iree of tb* hornet old rail apiittar coin* what ?abde*d, aa<i aa efpre-iaiow of fan- mute yn.iBfnl 1 baa that if th* *r gin d. * Ui moot poraeoa bower er, tbcoe wwud add H> rather thae <t?traot ram tbe mi .u jf lb* | dure which m roaai<torr t a aaccoaaful effort Th* atat'iette of t*>jg!?. ant tba buet of J_icoto by Votk of I htcago. are both inimitable ae li. en?on, bar 1 iBg not ooly triithfu.nes* of frame* tut et rr*cl d*' aea tioa of 'bararter Tlia rut ?eu ? a l>ougla* i? 0 atary 1 par tic tar equal t. lb* marii.e atabt of the nm' c?t ror fJot Matiiete if Rprmfiu'ld. aod iwfitntaly aupenoe toil, a* ui ill.l .Jo in tba Mal ta 1 ta buad and , 1 nrnra are etight'y inclined for ward. arbtle m tb* etMu"'t4 . I tbegben ?b rk dftrrta.nad Tgnrr a'ao'to ml. and with ' tb* brail thrown * ,.U?* bmk, > tamgl*-. tr iba life. I arocab t aota.' ba* b**n Iwmi by tb* VaMorn "rwo* of aovri'portrait* ju utr : by Mr Or r. Tbla gmiUr man. wbo it bow a clergy ami, < r tb* hidHUM r.oiH- op* r horch tnd rector if M htm ? <t.rm -'iold. Illloobl, W:. be rriwrinbored *? as art ?s ? ifmorly re? Hag m N#? fork Mnmt of our rewilrre may renal to m.uu aa art.cie tbat weal tb* rO'iad* of lb* prraa >nat t me alno* gatitaui -if a ooRipllmoatary aotioaoi tbA laat purtr* t i( U DuomM tfartca. palatod.aa waaataiad, iy Mr. Tbomat HmM*. la tbto ar1 ele apjimrrd tb* Wtow tg ertrart frwwi lure *ri''t by farke apoa tba yktore It wh.c'i retcr?Ka ru ma i* ? Jfo ?">o4?r that tb. y ta nk m ? mad If mtii* la each a mo irwfal fA *.1 vory dr? >lai* iao aad. -o lort wed w!i?i ^ "l.etijB* trace. TtRrewat boweter a a.Mckr taattr ul ig tM pt at tr>t of tl tpw ture to Mr Hi M, aa It waa paialod by Mr Clorer aad aow ban* ? lb tbe parlor of the parwriaagc of tb* ebon* .odrr bit chary Oa tbe btM-k of tbe picture, wrttea by Jlarke bnamir, the miow'iag ? ? ! IbMbrd Moertniior If IM| OkdrrT portrait if 01* it tbe naly iwrrert 1 aeneaa errr d M.Ooaani C arbe tw elrr e'tlect aooa ? Tbe i!?ee from wbi*b tfixtirt t* (kkea *rre written for and prbliebidl la tbe Hmuib i< tt after tba eiWbffeWe w ibe prtur* and bat a abort t me he^we tba d*?tb ef boot ''larka. At the lime tbe pbdwr* wee paiwt-d Mr 1 nrrai- hAd bia etwrito n F"ltoo ureal w*et if eat 'u?t out oi RroAAmay ar..? tb* b??d. tbongo rmalt, ??d * ra Ba rketrb ?a* *thlbltrd In tbew.adiw of Coleman-* After*, and "' gro*r*t coru n "i b>r It* etrowg r*?rrr b'*n<* aad p*coliarly ?ad aad chara terlatt* fkpr?mw. Tl* Cwirr* ?"4*rr re V?w 0*i?*.?a ?W? MtltRl -Alle tb tt <#.*w <?>*"*. ? r*P*T? owe day Mat ww? for 10* ^*rt ilrof Ira 4 1>**el ar 1 it-relt Hide ? difl'jr*-! f* m ff ihf ?ft/. THE PfiBICE OF Willi Sore R*U) aw! f.eol) oi It- The frkw* L.iyn a ( trxr Kmc, IU?wU a UdM Rare, tfefafcl a Lcvec ami Hcvw*> lb* Ti?*^ M4r?Mi ami lavhatfem fh? t* a?ge rroubta* at aa EaR - Tbc Prhxc VUU Wb|t? ami tu* Rem aad PlaaU a Tree Be Muwli a B.iU, and Enjoy- Himtli, ac., ?*,. Tosairto, September 11, IStiO It bit mined all <hjr, interfering eomewhAt wttb iho Prince's programme; but not "ilhetondtng this tb* >? mot., amphitheatre wbore be ?rrt l-ded ?? ly fllieu this morning iu ordor that the Prince migc.1. a?-auv Witney th* aidemblnge, hi* Royal Hlghncaa de-ring to apt rare 1 upon Ula arrival, but, hue owl ?nror?, this wa* uu.uoce.niul. I'eopI* were Uter.. in Miouanrds, hut soon utter the Priu;* arrived Ute rato Ml lo torn uta. .n<l umbrellas roue like a crop of tnoibrtion*. Tho I'riuce sl-sid beneath canop*. and refused nil vtlera ul' umbrellar, bis lint* rubb -r coat protecting btm trem the rein. The enlbii.ia.m v* grrat, .u l anjoaburof children tn white Hhlveriugly sang "?.ort oieTetbe<.Suie*," una then wsd >1 b?me umbrollaies. tuiough the mail Mil rein. The Fre.lil" at of Um> Toroolo Ya lit Club presented an tddresu, anil the l*rinoe w*A male a |*Lrun of tbe club. Tbe rcgutta iheu ?tt-ted. Twenty tu.wis entered. "B>* prize for tba i.rnt niasx w is won liy the ltivst, ol Toruuto, and the second by tbe ularce, of Kingston. Followed hi the .hound* i abide, the Prince then drov* to Uusvcrsity J'arlc, carefully avoiding th. Orange s-Tb, which .. m quite a dilaidilaUd oondUlo*. Here be lakt the corner (tone ol a etutue oi l}ueen Victor* with iho canal oeremoniee, anil then declared lb? Par* formally opened. Throe companies of volunteer militia, one of 11 gtl ml era, one cavalry, and one of artillery, then de 'lad b tor* the Prince, and On. *? colled a ravlaw. Tbet.oopa could scarcely be aaan lor the rain n? Vriocu then pmceeJed to tbe University bell ling, where an undress waa praaonted froui Iho teachers awt .lot), us The only p.ssura of Interest In th"1 addr'aa M us Toiluw. i? The grauttealion we feel in welcoming to yotha heir of tbe Brtti.b erowu, the destined suc-iear-ir ot our reyai family. iaeei>eci. iiy enhance I by Uwoo-axiT* tloti ih?t all*, by study and travel your Royal li gbne* ia twin* trained for the du.,oe of the cxallel posiioD yotl are abort to occupy. To this the Prince replied I .ni at th.a uroineui a m.'ialar of a more ai> cieui .han your owu, but a .a not on that account the leas inclined to rtspect and honor those whute ulewt* are directed to tho spread of knowl-iga an A Je&rii k in a udw ?nwbtry. I fcvm )Rth.*>6 wltW heart, y with the -Peru which yon are on bcualt ol tcio. ce and literal ire,nod I talievo U*t uiu ,u depvad* iiiiou jour i xcrli?ns, and earnestly hope th* toe beat evidences of tha iucc< -mlul exertions oi the Uuln.r?iiy of Toroi to may hcreallcr h. found lu the progress and proa perilj of Cauada The Priuce ntxt proceeded to Upper Canada i oltega, received an address, w.s carolled as a etuderl of tba socomi or S >poomure claes. and ??ned thu hooka. Returning to the itoverDmeut House, I, ne.b wan rrrvad, and alterwar Ja a lev i ?? wis held for d? ugatnoa. Tb< Mayorof Boiler .He presented a tnuuiutpal addroea. A delegation of four kw>< rod cit.Aeus trom the same city preeruted an .ildreas, urging the Pr.oco to rutcrn Tba Princ replied li*t ho wan haw to receive ibe ? Id eee, UMl phase 1 to And that ro.mall ai-orlion of tbe oil n? approved or the riciwt d*tnrl*nccs there He coukl not il oapi- iot those peraoun at the Wet who hud a." *Jy prepared lor h* reception, but otherwise wouio 1 av? been n -at baivy to vieil the city A 0. c.alioo reprewu.lin* the M.0C0 retidenta ar. umf Be I lev ill.' presented an addroer expressing imtignxtau at the recent trouble., JoUhlng the trouble, of the e-d moa of sigl1^ years whoba.1 Toughl in 1#1U, aod were uoar urable to fc the Prtnce The Th;kc of NewcaaUe and lb? Govern, r Genera' could uoi cue -al tbel i leaeure, w the delegation wu tompoHU ot tbe leading men of toe cona I try. rrp-esenting all .ecu and creeds. I After a lu.ig i.uut for the On man, an addrew ei -be ! si '.'iii elt" -<>'.<ty Oi Km--' n wis ,>-ewnlid by .'ki ' President, M*jor 0'Rwlly, w,l was very graci uxly re ' celvcd, Ho Priox, eap.1 only . milaig b* thanks fna I Duke of Newcastle said lie h id no reply ready, but w..uU I forward me as soon a. |o- UP Th' I'riuce ilien tor k a Utmu on the verac tab, anil ! lie lie legal IOCS gave three . heera fiw ibi trine H A bokaof Newaa-tleaad tl. .. vcrnor General, ail j* tent ' U' ai J",, iu*. tbe peoplo begin to see that the Duke ia aot so hud a mar alter all, eapoeiady siroe lie publ catlnn uf Ha ] Magston letter ,n reply to the Preei vlur *b, ns I whe-b i.e say. tn*' t is w th eg'at that he lake-"><* I Si res ahlch ? iwu.e of Jity I the Prince r?) ire.aad ax 1 pre?-ed a beliei in th. loyalty of tbeiif.lgen w. tel n A toetucg ge;it th? Ia.h..'? real aeolim'CU ! .m the p??pie. ?nd gav,> them a a ru g idea of hie tca'ai' r, and caused the gr accr pari >i the iirtK-ulGaa. ? It -bteriag th< t. .verm mora, the jwoite w -e o. y gla l to ' sprad the partiaa guoal," foe it * now s?tt! -d that ha leaeea on i16m of October aest. Mil ia tempt rarlly .nceedei by s* r KenwiC* Wlll?j?s the Ura g? tronblr r yaoban.y taateied thi> dc **Kui. The Mayor of Klegatee w.a at the levee, b it could ?.4 a? pan Lltd. bera'iae he ,111 aot give a mutable repty to | '.he Dufee . rvnnouatrasue. He neiked iheamodvm sdl | tm oi tile ka.ght M the Rueful OmbMaanC A d'-legatw* from PttUburg preiented an add-eea, ??? 1 .eg the Priace to .top at thai < t?, and r* ! f,rr i.g to da belag nam. i alb r tbe gr. a* aU.-s??o, Pitt Tbe Prince rouscuted to atop a abort t.use n. bla l-aaaaf tbc .gh a dillerant fate a aaito'. de'egalKina "'?>? j Bi'Aalo and RoChealer, wbmw invilaliona wrre C" .rtceua i ly decline-l oa account ci want if time. , taring all tha whua the aire, la ware a /a with a* e ; |,,air old era, the bands pUy rag oowtly To a-w th* ! del a . Kiuab ra ta.* t > lh? siJewalk. aor? .at of a j Iituo n.j ia the street, wootd htve ujiguatod the mem ! brrs 01 our galUnl trter their in th* j piUoila i.f'on at the inaugural '*? I Al,ar ibe kv*. the Pnuoe pr.seeded W open loo Bota I ak-al Gardcas. A ruatle pavilion, built eet reJy 'f cedar, [ aw erected, aoi th* inevMoM* addrv s wee read, tbe 1 Prince plaaied a t'aaa.. *r map tree, and taap*- ed tho d .Splay of fTnlta an 1 Aowera. H? then drove to I lie N<u ie?t wluwd, wh?li wae aot i* sewioti and *?? bored by aaedbar addr- re. fbe Prmee ii xl r led F. Knox Pf'-eVyter se ?'olhgo, ta I imf ? Id the l i uestaats, and ia rt,ar?i*n m the i*aolt to the tluutre^ clergy, aod lis eesd with m??s attention to a luag ?srteh of the b'story rrf thn IT... yter .an church, which will Jmtblraw. ia j, book f-mn Ivwi't to? clergy ?? ow that on* reas.ui o' the alleged populardy of Oslb Hie Pahojw with tbe Prmre * that they real >*iy ahwi sddreaaes ' This ended the day . lobars aeveral items if pro g-imins being omitl' ? ?* a? ?uat ?Clt< r?.o. Tb? ' -rangemen Uva de, .de I to call a tooet ng ?d all Protrataats as men as tbe Prince tee ??, but re *t areata have wjuaahod ran atniabl' idea Tbe Prince', bomee tare tseea ardetod to N*gar*. * bet he-they t ' av ani>K*y him thrvwt the Va t?4 -* IS doubtfbl. They edl rwa o* .he Fam-. - U>srse, however, aal l>e told ia New York and xs de i karwta has a crowd ready to .wear that th? rr'Lje r-sfe th. in i # A Phi adeiphia g? I ? rvtt. teeight a petr yeatrfU. M,r ? cwd rights,-tl hundred dotlura , VI ' Prince alt tided a bal. a tb iy?U?i Jd* evrnlng Tbe w." very #n? A* a* the Bamstee*' rteept'on, the Am. rieaa ladies carried i ff t'-a I ?? *'r bedut; .nd rtrb aiasara, aad tb* bei.e ?te Mm. I'-od, of RnrhdStev Many Ame-t"*ns were pregenL I ThePr.n # loaves r leu . tewwr-ew.hj f|e: ?1 j tram. St aleven o clock RktoitrtP * Atwr i*TifaTto- ? canso?. Tonosvu. Rapt. It, IMO fftotr of to day says that Bif t l?"?d Head mill pe SHIvsly have Csrads abo-'? the m.ddl# of'l , ,n Pf . loceeOod I y Mr rredera a Will*m?,ee lemfi-ATf Adm i ir'rsuw of Hie government Ohliury Uyt J*as? autre.*, .me ol tbe t "*e*r .elite,send obl set r.'.tirer* *' Auburn, N Y , tied u* the M Usl , d? th* pgth yasr or ?I* age He was bora ik Pbitadeii fc a tar lag tba ''.evolutions, y war aod wt.ea be wse ooiy **ev** years old, he votealeered to pevfbrm snch dutteeMbe vs* capable of eteei t ag In defand.flg tha settlement at lost pise* sgfcM st surprW parties of Indiana aad tor**- H* wtm ratn'tel\wlUi th* dot,re of ? sent,eel, **?! e'en* upon drty, a* a.ieb. many a liwsg sod 'ads*' e,ght, In iM .tetany ..fdatem.K Y. Hs ?m* also empteyed ba miH* tary duty dorlag lb* war of IVIt 1* ? a Hr-iaar.Hr. 'adh aask .,1* ta?' tma IdglsHttarv, irem lie ,fss ?uaiy,d>*d ddi tMly

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