Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1860 Page 4
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THE CROTON AQUEDUCT INVESTIGATION, Second Meeting of the Aldermanic Committee. Replies of leun. Tappan and Craven to the Charm of Mayor Wood. The Citizens Desire to Endorse the Action or the Mayor. Another Adjournment of the Com mittee, The second meeting of the committee of the Board of Aldermen who bare u. hand the subject of the removal of Measrs. Tappan and Craven from the Croton Aqueduct la-par.inent took piaca yea tor day afternoon at ooo o'clock At that hour, however, Alderman Starr waa the only member of the committee present, end he Informed the meeting that he waa determined to proceed Infor mally, even if hi* colleagues failed to attend. Ht then commenced reading the charges of the Mayor as his Honor transmitted them to the Aldermaaic Board, and got through with the realmj of them in an hour. These charges and .pe el Ileal loos for the r moral of tfestrs. Tuppaa and Craves have already been published 1l the lLantin. M wotlme the other two members of the committee?Aldermen (le ast and Boole?occupied their place a in the committee, and the former took the chair. After the reading of the Mayor's communication the committee Informed VI. -r*. Tappan and Craven that they were now ready to hear their answers to it if they were prepared to reply. Mr. Tappan then arose and read the following response, which he afterwards leoJtrcd to the committee in manu 0 script ? To Tir* B?NOROIILr TBI toMMITTK* or Till BOARD Or Al.DKR mkk to whom m m 11 ferret a comrauuicatioc of the M*\ or of the city,out.tail lug c rtam c argon agamai Alfr d W Ormen, lii.f Kugiuocr, adiI Tnu* B Tapoui, Aw.aiknt Con. mim toner, of tbe Cn.tou Aqueduct Board:? Tbe underaignto reaixx-tiuliv aubmil the following an ?wt r to tbe charge* miule by Lie Hooor tbe May >r. Thjee obtrgva, ao far aa tbe und-riiiptied la couoeruad, are of alleged renoua .iiragrci.menl and tnaubordinalioD and re tention ib (tllce o( M.-narg. Cornwall and <J.>u boy So npecittraticca ? hati ver accotn|any the ohar.e of aerion* diBagroement end IcaubordiLiUou, and tbe uouere ?-n-d 1* bol aware of anv aerioua d Migrocmiuila with, or the extatci c* of, any iDiubordtuatl u to lb* Mayor of tbe city oo tbe part of tbe .(Tics of the Crotou aqueduct Board great rare baring been uutforni'V taken id nil the operation* of the trrpartment, whenever tbe Mayor tbought proper tooppoe* ita aotioo, to conform a? far ax poaaible to bia i taben, aa tbe following wl'l aboe, an 1 if there are any exception! to tbia uniform teuor of conduct and of oourteay toward the Mayor, they bare occurrinl when 'ndirtdual*, reprceeolli.g that tbey expriMMd tbe wiabea of tbe Mayor, bare 'leairol the n moral of certain prrnoas In me fVpartment, whom tbe ULd.rr'gned divi ned to remove unleaa Home better I reaa. ii than mer. political attagonirm could be allegid ' agamat ib. m So other reaeona having been preaenled, tlx ) ?ere retained: and tnaamurb aa the power to ap' I poini auburd:nal< * la eoiely v.ctedia tbe Crotoo Board | and a> do *ubor<MoaMor to the Mayor In tbie regard ta re-' quired by any law, mo. effort may not bate been to bit i mind when "tertoua U and tnaubordioatlon'' werr < barged agaiml fbe under* if tied, aud he therefore 1 proceed* to tbe only tubyecta of diaagrcereecl wbicb bare occurred, at- to wblcb the und. imgned reprita e?ery dn pneition iu thown to oblige tbe Mayor, cuoalateut with a mat performance of public duty the Crotoo Board were, by a three focrtba rote of the Common Council, dl recti<d to p 'aw an atntllonei pipe a. rnei the High Bridge U> incrtow the aupply or water?a mceaureof prenaiug ccveraity-and (to lower tbe mam pipe on Kighth mva Cue to . bform to tbe tew grade, and to do them or eay e work the Bret which was approved by tbe Mayor Uc mber 81. |h59, tbe other waa parrcd itorlog tbe pre h'uiyearai. approved by tbe May or February iW. lvio. ' Tlie r?,*rte? ot the city lay* ?Whenever any wore ie na owra-y to b- done to com pi. te or p#rl-ct e trlicular i >b, ' or ai.y auppiy la neceiwary fur any particular purpuae, w lich work or job i# to \>t uDd<*riAkt*u or supply fur unhid t?y, and tbe aevrral part* of the 1 aaid wck or tuoply ?Ukl together tnrolre tbe egpendi- I tuieof u"*e than 1^0, the ?ami shall be by cout.-act under -ecb rrgutatloi securer. <ng it aa eball be eatablnued by ord.nanr. o' tbe Ccitim<>o ( oun lit, i.nlnis br a rote of . three fourth* of tbe tacmbe-i elected to each Board it ?bat. t e ofdi Td otberwiee " The abort w< ilta were or. d"?eil to be u ne other*i?e, and be.leriog tbe c iraplet Ion of tb? aatne ;m.oriance to the city than tbe par ticular marncr .a which eaid work ibould be done, na the pun through whi b the Out on la conveyed over the II .gb Br icge are ? . email that while tbe aqueduct from Cm 1 n lake to the H |b Hncga la pnnstruetod Id .Mirer alaty biiiinu gallon ot water per diem, tbnee p'pee coly con trey about ba.f the q lantHy. and tbe surplus la drained It to tbe llaiiroi rtier. Tbier ptpw were laid at that re duced fapar ii <.0 tbt iri>uk.-u Idea that tb* huu of tbr city would be an; .piled by tbe re for aaany year- yet to row . . but the rapn itcrease of our population, aul th- wtaklbhnr l aud rxteraioa of many bran b.-a of tra rx uplig water, bait for equalling the earrylng power car ill? br eg- to tbe whole capacity of tbe aqua duct, m that tie u any dangera te the city, rteuli ng tr. w * <ti? inuth n. ruch a* tr< piently bap,>-n> of the of w.u rm In# diatrlbutmg renerru.r, may no b?r g. r exiat. Tb ? Cr ton Hoar (. in obedleaoa to. tbe re ?f'.utnw a tbe IVu r-"n t "uncil, wi re proceeding with lh< ae u.ort lintwu lain werlta. aa directed, on* of which I bat) tw. d ap woven i by hie Honor ao tbat there waa no rete. ti t lupi- ae that tbtre would be any Hyoctma oa at.d to ibal there wo..Id bo. be. a a coruinty of ntrpieiuw Curing Hie preen I work lt>g r> a?-d, when in'.ratal oa waa rcortre.1 that the Mayor Lad eiprtweed don .U about tLe leg* ?ty of Um tttiuntr of d" ng the work, and that L< ww>d not aign tbe warrant tor tbe aame. Sol w lloia .d'i g tbe gr>at lo-eeoatt) f?.r ax. a id.t.otini p,| e ncr.oa the br.dgt t. b, ng tbe water I* tbr cdy that ia now w .-tij on iba n< rtb tide of Hai lem river, and th ? lin.iun tune !or doing the work .? the I igbtb avenue. I tbey immediately dwcoattii ied. in order l!u May. r u igLi bare un opportunity <4 la.eatig .nag the aame .i.d ijoitee newt to Inm to that i In .? few dnyo a .>!. a waa re. .-ired f'om tbr Mayor aay tig w.?t be w.e.ic ipprwreaf tb. w rk n L gbtb are aue, waa in.i?udu.Uly re.wmmr?eed. and there ben g no teg .1 oM-wt: a again t oaa Ibal w..ila lot bo grtd Will M I tea Other, the CrnVm Hart aout at. iber n.n iiigg It tb* Mayor urging a apociy dontetaw nw U.e || lb Br. ge improretn. at. aa an atequ.te -HW.Hy of ' Water waa <1etwcu! i.g .* tb# additional pipe U tog liid dur : g in* prrar?t a. .? no anawer to which baa beeu m en eat, an 1 r. tbiog ban aln.W been duo* towarua the r-.mpietina of the w..rt. ?l i cept |? do a portion of it by contract la I tbua ? the work la comptian? to ita- wieh <? I tbo Mayor no iwnuh.wdtaatl.ia ran he traced Toe ah .re are tbe <*.ly mallei? ib? conduct of actual oparMMM " ?? I It.ce baa I--a a ciBbrraea of up ai .a netwnow ?be Mayor and tbe log.* a pi duet Board tint hare hnte fened ainee the undnratgnad ban boon a mawber tboreot. I and the rommur.waiion to tbe Board of Aldermen of aa r.oua timgreemetitn and ineubordiaalioa la tb* only ofb. iwl lafurronti. a tbat tbe uaderatgnrd baa that -her* ' ha* Be** aar dinag-eerneul The particular matter* coa Uiued w the caenrouu.catww of tb* Mayor to the bwwa Me the m<rnrd of Aldermen oa tb* lttb loot all <> earrod prerwua ta mr beiig a memb?r of th* Jpuloa W>ar.l,ei cept the |wring of forty a nth aireot In that r*a* n compwiat waa mad# about lh> i s* H e wort goaawM. whwb *w* referred to the Water PuM*yar for etaminw li.? and alter. I ma. who t wiled the worn daily while it waa ia p-. gre*e, a* alw. the (toarrwl laepreioe, with the la#|*vtor fit .barge <4 the work eoaaUwlO .? the ground. Wbnwr rwiitrlfi we hare Uiat the wort waa performed la arc.-dance with the ocUwl, and tbr uoderaigwel ban ao rec-iiert iw, nor I* there aoy ertdeare ia toe .dBce, that ?-y (twnpia nl waa mad# after that t me Aa th* maw burden cf the oomamnwatHW la nwoermag aaaiu-rt 'f ecgtaecritg, lht*e n.ail-rt oai, bee I b* aa> wered br I tbe geatlemea ap* cbargtd tbeerwiih la aaid com muiKwtkw the giloe tayn, "But there arr other (Wutea ''.,? "*? "?'J *' ? ten but Mr Tappaa la equally culpable Tbrr bare re-la ned ta idle* prra.u* who bar* a?e? prorrei gmlty .f ? iB-tal deltkquracjh onmmuted an dbcorr of the l<ep*i tm. 11, aad *|wwh* id th- can# <4 r- aa well aad Owboy. The o alter alluded to took almw M I tbd rarly part id June, 1MB, two tuoatbt prerwu* t?. my app.. a* a mrmiw-r of tii* Crotoa Hard The eg amiaatMW of the rate we* made In Orcemoer 1AJU, by to# Hard. Mr Myndeil Tan draaicg be eg then ITeai dett Tie teatim oy aa* nil taaea bef.-re Mr Vaa (trbawt. aad th. Uianww.ui tee. wmy M the Hard, an re, dered by b in wae that liter aad beet ao lateatma of wr.wg dotrg on the paring either tinaaweil or lira boy. I na that a rrprtamad and nautwa were drewwd atAcieat There w a* acta lag ta lb* rrdeace t-wdag I* impiwal* Meaar* Oaa well ?w < oaboy ta any oUlmwa to d*fr*ud th* 1 ' <7 Mr Owhoy w*n not an .dhoer la the depart aw it be ww* merwty a latewiag man w*rt<ag It tbe gang uader th* charge ot Mr Onatw* | and left th* emt- 7 of the rttr to work oa ha own aa tonnt. and whatemr w--wg wa* tnam.Ual wa by Mr , loan wet J ta lend-rig tb* puwder and Mold, *bick wera r* ? urted, aad l iowu.g nome of the men to lane* tb*tr work ' **aw* Mr Owhoy Mr. COaawill had no inlet eat in the work ' iber dir-ct or .adlrec*, aad beiwriag that th* -? "? ? wro ? t? anf m ?ni f "direr aad that tkere uerer had b?*a a prer tout rbarg - yT? ? *1 ^ ***** -at girua. after Mr ** Bad few.gred hw arcikw hw kwnr th* SMBt to kaaw whether IB* abore par tier worn em ??i?cn wern farneked W W *eked taa tbey be dm-barged teller "* ^ *r*M ,b* deooe wnn r* quaatod by Mr (ktiw aad myaelf to too* over th* tSrSry rqrCiSr ibti"/*# *May*.T wm'Ut.V#d Th tha* ha wa-M m? the Ibwrd, or oaa nf ita atomuer* aboat li Aid the aaderatgwed hederm that Um Board wa* oorrtct./ aa Inrwmml, iaa*w*rh a* taa Mayor hna ooerectly atowad tb* *arroato eewey (tertalgkl Mao* foe the pay *f Meaar* Ooaw-il aad company, room ha aa* again barge* wttb wrong doing Shore the aboe* oator reaae th* f'eeqoa Aquadurt Mnard hare hrtrd not Mag IVcwi th# Mayor riopeiting tb# mailer until tbe **i<t onmmuntaaMaa wan aeat to th* femora*!* the fewrd of Aldermea ta aabmittiag the above aaaweg to the charge ??de by the Mayor, tbo under*tg*ad w aid late tbe t|f?twity to aay that b* baa area ready *t mi* la afewg erary fantltty aad every laforwntm* i# th* Mayor rf the mi?, wh en by rift** n? be odlc ai pa ?tio* h* wa*Mt tlr) to The be deemed ? doty, ta ardap lhal the | ublif Interest* might not be prrjultcod.and Is n adi bi .1 willing at any timo to answer for any "1'"??* bi> KHiO but canuectioo with uyW IPKtfull? TliUS. ?? lArrAn, a ** intuit ComnuMioDtr Cttitou Aqueduct Hoard. SriTbaiibK 10, lttOO. Alter the reading of tbc abovo, tbe committee informed Mr t raven that Uiey ware now preimred to bear what ha might have to aay, ?hereupon that gentleman aroee and read a very volumiuoua reply, from which we append a. me o? tbe moat pointed portions. Tfc^y are tbe follow ing ?A mrtoage was tracimttted to the Board of Aldermen by tbe Mayor, on the 11 tb instant, tn which be aaya .? Id iKoatqueuceof aerloua dtaasra? ante ard lasubordtna llnu I hereby remove Alfred W. Craven from the office pr K? gineer of tbe CrxAoa Aqueduct Board, and Ihnmaa H. Tappnn from the oOtoe of Assistant Comuuaab uar of the sama Board. P In tbe use of Ihti language the Mayor appeared to for get that, by tbe charter, he bad no power to remove an officer without the express ooneeot of the Board of Alder men, nor without cause. Tbe message proposed to re move me without the consent of your Board, and without any statement of facta, enabling your Boa-d to determine whether the "eerlous disagreements and insubordination" exuitcd tn fact, or whether, if extsling, they constituted cautes for removal. BMcavom. I proceed to tbe first subdivision of the Mayor's gene ral charge in regard to the reservoir:? Pint That the excavahoa has been increased from 30.000 to gU.UO cubic yards. ? r seven per cent biasok. roa incus**. or xxr*TATioi?. . . (10.) 1 be earth within the working Unas id M? interior ? oped of the basins w 111 be excavated to Ue depth of forty feel below the top of Ibe exterior reservoir luniks, and ss much mi) tv required by the engineer" lo obtain mitlerUto lor the embankments i>r for the puddling Tbe surfsce of the bottom of both basins to be worked to the tame depth, and In such slopes as tbe engineer n ay direct. Its eisct depth oann-d be dow rtrined until m surface of tbe rock la uncovered. Wtaeu ever It tuny 1-e neceesari to go below tbe bottom of tbe reser voir lis it ehsl be rsi.bilshed by the engineer, lo obtain mvte_ ria's' for ewhank men i or for puddle, Ibe s-sc? so eioavaled shall ha Idled up with such wuste uiatoilals as the engineer mt) direct In the foregoing extract from the specifications it Is shown that we were luily wullv rtzed by the contract to order an Increase in the excavation, should it become rcriraaiy lor tbc pur|>oae of obtaining materials for em bankment. The necessity did arise, and lbs excavation aas materially increased Ihnn by. Ibe pecuniary ad vantage accruing to the city (nut the contractors) by the oruor to obtain the quantity of material from within ibe limits of ibe rinervotr will at once be per ceived by refer tug lo tbe contract. It ben any bsauris, seams or soft rock are found within the b.isin of tbe reservoir, or under tbe banks thereof, the rorkistibr excavated to sorb extent as the engi neer may direct, and tbe apace filled with concrrle. pud dle earth or sand, a* may be rrquired by the engineer. It will be a?p?rent from the above that not only wan our Hoard authorised to carry out these portions of the contract providing lor Ibis method of prosecuting the excavation, but that my duly as an engineer lef, me uo alternative but to avail myself of the provision made la tbe onutrart tor this ex pri nt purpoae let us now proceed to the coi sideralloa of tbe second eprciticatioc of the Mayor's charge, under tbe bead of tbe reservoir. Id. 1 hai ibe ptx'dle has beeu Increased by an a won til of twei If five or unrty thousand cubic yards, or th-rty-seven per < cent. rams or ixcmusb ix li'Uls 1st. Tbe porousnees and of the subterranean rock iMicoui.tcii'd in the puddle trenches, wblcb. as 1 bavo ? above ebown, caused an increase in the rock excavation, produced necessarily a corresponding increase In the |a:dd?- In many rases Ibe fiavures and boles in tbe rock! red it iitf ry uDfll for the bed or base of a puddle treatb, end lh? contractors acre rtqulrod, in such cats*. to continue tbeir excavation until they reached a bid of solid rotk winch was suitable for line purponc. Tni?,of course, produced bo b an increaee of ex-mrntiou and of puddle. Tbc deep-r the gxcsratlou for iho pud lie trench. the greater the amount of puddle required to fill 2d In sounding the groubl fur estlnates of quantities with tbe irou roes usou for such purposes, an engineer is frequently dewiv d as lo tbe amount of rick contained in tbe gro md, Irom tbe lai^ of tbe rod happening to strike up.>n a boulder or a point of rock which appears to be tbe main ledge this iccurred in our exaroinatious Upon exvavalllig,It was lound in many instaucea that where solid rock was presumed lo esist, Ibe ecgioeer'v soundiug ! rod had been stopped by s boulder, or by an upward pro- j jectiLg point of r >c,k, and tbul the main ledge was far be- i low the level indicated by the rod. In ai me such instances we were obliged to go ten feet dn pi r to ro?rb tbi main ledge of rock I'uder tie southern . baok ae were compelled by Ibe character of toe rock, alter rracbirg tbe bilge, to excavate through It Iwraly leel further to gel dt wo to a bed which was proper lor tbe puddle. The add tlocal excavat.oo both of earth and , rick (and tbe consequent increase f puidle), owing to tb -e causes under the western hank lli-oufh the tw.mi, I was esri-edit g.y great, the cba acur of tne ualurd earth require p it* entire removal for a widlb equal to half the width ol ibe bane of tbe emhaokmeeu nut egoavation vxtonded doanb the rock, and the space was filled up with puddle?a proper and justifiable arrangement of ma tennis. ___ i-k.-vbaab is kwuaxhusyt The third aubdiviatou of the May or a first charge Is ? That tbe emhai knient baa bvea dr -rvasaS by aa amount Of 111 r<? cubic ysrea, or oua third Ivaa Ibe rtwai'i ? li f this i.eervase are th. a? I krutn lb" apparent ralure of th-? ground it waa Is maty placet urn eriam bow fai weshmld have to go be low tbe natural aurfacr to find good mat- rial for the bed of an ? n.bmikmi nt. A a-gr allowable war male f..r tbia, and a made a Ut sprciflcmUmis for decrease should It be found a.n'?ab.e. As our work war Sev-liiped It wis . , II ,i i , iia'n pari* of the tr*rk we should nut be ob' gid H go to r.*h Mflk for a proper be t as weniticl patet). Si I lor which depth wi> very froperly bad made ai . f. uale i . S" . t Wat ilu-ret,, ? . ? -. .. but for lis same rraaoo bsa excavation was required; ?rat, the rveavatiou lequued p> go (own to .b" proper tsa-.i or tb,- i-tnbai.kmi it; Si , *?> on 1. the .-vi-avvu u , . I,. , Ma ii rv.< i In'* ,o m tk> lie- i-inbankiB-i t bad It (the i-e hai kso-i t) i'A tw-ea Ui Scoiasod. A" a \ aio !'* i .misted i-%?ih will i ? t otu' a )?',! of Otnape -l id tmi-uskmeal. It ? lavu.g or d.eiewa. ..f i xcvvati'Mi by ii . 'ii u!ii-R-,-ii ve ooi, ittc la,/-,id the a.n ?? it of di t rt aae tn tl e ? p "ur kmeM Tnus.ala'g,' aotouni waa ,. r-a Ml '? "?e city, ard M tbe pews 'or otcava Ikw to the ?? ma. l was a r?iaeweranee is>? (Sktok, Bel wilb?-ai"u'? BsmfigfiNM the fiMf, M ? ds> ywar) ??> ? "? v, k lars.-nt t r m , ? u ge" was great ly age nt the to.ti-ri?tt el the <? utr .ctor t Ak,. tie r mmm for deciewsa is is tve embankment i i. fia ? i ? ai it it s u ?-v r-w, ms? roaiem plated by the C nt al I's't Oouinimuaiera. around the , | a ... ,,a p. |i igdM MvstlwmgB of eur ha k? w ,ili a iSlc mafavtnls i- .t toatevvi witnibrir ii ad. n sua-' ?4 ? WWtsf threw s opve fioaa top to base w i h I :>? t ? ' ?' ,1 soil uw a t,., pr t i i t > ai I au,|?e. It e sn.,,, ul of this soil was I?i<tu t'ly tbelulnd : ? ci tnpm -tivr eelimate a*< iiihuikm- t evtivs rm?u avs rittjsi is m*?sv. TV- t. .riband filth aubd'tv >io: * tf t.? Jl .yoe's Ural chargi ar-* as folk's a? rthai the v we paei-vg has bese Ceereassd hy aa MM salsa yarra oe I Sssk ,miy of lbs nrtgtaal *" If t.flei Ibe paving Is ere,set bar isew tnresared by aa aa?unt id t" t?7 ? ubw yarfa. or ibaa uiae Umra greatsr. tutannss ft will br sr?o by ref. r-tor lo sertlna nin--te"0 if tf r ?!<* firatm a of the cmtra. t that it ? provtdad mat? 1 be latsvww i n^ea of all lbs baaka witl be covered wtlb etgbl ti rh a ta Ihwkiww of Vtavs to paw, kbrnab a two tarh nag ibibiewtl'be told 'be paving ?*? v-s" lacbeaIsi taiea ? air.s e riairae ,r abawa. - as 'W rd'-- si t.vW aa gleawnblbt ,.V last dry ard ?"!' ?"oesl was pinasra. U. ?. ? n t he .a.' ewva waaasv as n?? h* ittreetsd by lbs laglsirr the law M tbs pa,law uvriend to tbe nwk. or u> I teak depth as the eagtowsr may direr,. the eumee is be suea*. I "ipet shape te make aea* aswl eomnu week. The quaatity of stosr paving Baa not been isrreaped or dixniaiahed It is eimpiy laid sp is cement instead ?f ben g laid dry . Hav-r.g bee. me va'isfl d tbtt It would be utterly >? ,.a, ^ a || , any riapoeable expenditure, ta oooslruct a Pu .tab e ?tj e all oat id the rasa f mad wlthia the Uses of the reservoir, ead tbsonatral Ibat the eon trhctore should rrve've leva tor paving ta remaat mortar with the vtcae found w lib in the liuaa. 'ban for budding a dry wall out of pum procured by tbem etaswbers. at a meeting of the Crotca Aqueduct Board, hetd oa the 20th of May IHAd. al watch my the# aaeoriatea. Mes?ra My a devt Van torbairg and 'heodere R Its Korvet. weve prrweot. I ibtfudiicrd the fot; .wisg prvaruble and rsauia , tew. wblrb were then i.onntmou?iy adoptM ? Whereas a baa vwea fmmd dry Urn ehr?f eaptaesr) that tbs evruvaltow wwhia the llrssnf Ibe m w rrarr?otr itowo aw fwramb mnws of vaMetealiy sunt qaal ty t" mk? a ? u - farirs f w iba miartsr akywu if laid dry but that ik? am atoms wdl m?he a seed rsme wag g lafd ta kidrwuiw "*meii ibseer.ww grvr'?? I h*i Ibe vaM asq a wag be bad la wam t? eanb wleal w lbs nature rf ibe atouie may make It asvtaabto rwb rbange sad i uah rtoaractef uf the wurfi brans preo ?d fwa the eeatrwrt I It to pr. per to stats lb this oonoertKm that a wall of ptatoS laid ta by drolls mnrtar. la Ibe manner U v -t I !?? <s brlte I?r iV|, -|.?af," rli'l I was dvs soe-i ibaa aay dry wall which oou.d bs ooa slrurted an st.wi" wnalever. I rq ml dlmeosti'as The dry wall waarwtglaally wlertsd. aa a m? "-' seimsniy ghd It tbe Moaa bad pri.eed good, a dry mm. fgMfirwrlsd sf II Weill I haw k* ? ,fP.-ieally grb- Ills la the outwl lb.v.?h liable V r.q,,.re earlier rv^M. Wbea I fimad thai the itoav evravtfed would oot s goer tbe purpose I ebaa*<med the try wall tsf rm>rl?l is ll.e rvbet lute (already provided for is IhecutoUwrt), ? b - b lavdvtd the toast etyease to Ibsrtly There has bsva ta fbrl. tbevwhwe po deeevavs in Urnsl <ss mi irg tbe semr amowal if stuoe par uig a ui be laid aa . g gn ? ad f bdtag -a 1 In 1 ' ? I ,11 by drawl .c aw r tar tow the reasons above staled urns ?*g os i ovcaeTW fks gtatfe sabdlvtetoa of ths Mayor's IM aharge a ? Tbw the tn* rem maosary baa taea tin rvaasd by aa sawaf i "? V 'Up nil. ) arfn. at more tbaa tarty tomes Ibe yasMf _ iwigtowily reitmaisd. IBs ressoa Bar IBM la cress > was lbs charactsv of ths roek hvretabef. re described, as dev*l put in th* depths of inr *t. aval ton tow the pu.Mto Ire no ore It was fun I so fall r f gssuree aad seaam. even fiftgr MMfitaf Ml , teas sad e islatrgvaled pnrtt.m awav. that it waa rtwirlwI'T m1 ovary to mivut it with a layar sf anacruta, aa a toed or base fee the puddle It mat pifped theeu would be more or leas of tbeew fbwur.s aad Braius socnaatered, but It ass Imyoaatble ta divtote their bomber or extent, aad therefore :mn<w*ibla ta a MS aay nor a rale ?et nut - ta rvapuct ta ths qnaatlty of prmrteie anissary Is fill them Aaticrpst nt. bomevvr, that ocaerets might pneslbty , be required, the follow lag peevatea was i owned .a the roatrart ? am- ift Where aav *m nn ami re mfl roeb are b aad , r. 'L t mn O. tse free r - ?? ike rrvb a to Nvvvetv.ted ie e-ieb eiwrt M Ibe engineer mnv 1 ,t?l tsd <b* et ace ftltod 7, * .?**' R"*41* * wed tt may be reqaired by We eas'aew At It raMd out bs kaowa whether ft would be nwmaa ry to lay a bed of coaerete for the puddle aad lies, Is what exteat an eet wnle was made slmpfy of tb" ?? crete ahtob would be reqni-ed oa the surlme of tbe mtd die -r divid g"at??? sab" yar 1. wh ca is , )imt the aw at wbtrh mill be regutsed tbeva r*OH an inifKiit fn W ? o? w ?1 VtoMtrr i brni^m Uh hPPl Mi* | | ttry w!?>i largely increased the (Mount which the city must pay to the work. What la tbe proof The Mayor admits his ignorance of the subject. Be says ? It requires either the professional knowledge of an engineer, or tfci tipenenre of a contractor at. |u tinted with such work, to determine the actual value of the Olflereot kinds of work re quired for the reeervotr. had he adds ? Wot ha viae this know led**. I ham availed myself of the opinions of the moat tkiUul contractors. And where are their opinivps? He finds them in the btdaof Cummlng AGo for throe particular ltema of the work which happen to be lower than thebida on the una ltema by Falrchild A Co. Tbe total bid of Cumming A Co.. was the neit move to that of Falrchild k Co. What authorizes him to my that the bids of Falrchild k Co , being in Mtne instances higher than thorn of Camming k Co., ehow them to be reuiuuerellve. 1 have shown to you that by universal experience, the bids for special item* of a work are no evidence that suofa bids are remu nerative; on the oontrary, that bids oa certain item* are frequently made at a known lose. Why (elect the bids of Camming k Co., and gnore the blda of the sixteen other contractors? rerun is iWAXorao tub ootmuct. But it is raid that 1 made s mistake iu awarding the coetreet to FaircMld A Co as lower bidders than Cum mlng A On. m Tuts is net true. In the flrwt place the sward w8 not made by me personally, bat by the entire Croloa Aijue duct Board, in the next place there can be so "mistake" in an estimate of this kind, where there is not only no eeeertion or even pretence of perfect exactness, bat an actual provision for, and warning against, contingent de velop) ments. In the third place the award waa, per force, made In obedUnce to the charter, whloh requires wotk to be let to the lowest bidder. Tbe Mayor does not pretend to deny that the bid of Falrchild A Co. waa lower than that of Gumming A Co. by $97 384 32, nor that the bids were touted by the esti mate made for the purpose of ascertaining who waa tbe lowest bidder, while It baa been already rally shewn no closer approximation to the developed (hots than that estimate could have been made, wllbuut incurridg an ex pense unwarranted by tbe circumstances. SWOBS. I bag to call your attention, lor a moment, to the extra ordinary language with which he concludes this portion of his message. He says:? In ccmwenlinz upon this subject I have abstained from giving currency to any of the rumor* which have reached me. With what object, let me ask, was this allegation made? W?re the rumors which U wt in the air of the Mayor a otllce true, or were tbey false4 He docs not ooudescend to inform you. What was -their substance? He does not state K'um whom did they procceu and who were en gaged in tin ir promulgation.- lie is silent. Did tbey oornc from the vicious and corrupt, whose efl.rta at e* tor Hop 1 ban baillcd and defeated? or from some schemer for my office! or from the parasites of power, who hoped ror favor offering up the Incense of 111? ei iughte-ed reputation? He does not in orm you. He merely slat s that be has "abstained rrom giving currency to any of tbe rumors." li be professed to be too honorable t > give them currency why did he not abstain from staling the (art, If such a fact there be, of their existence? Was tt lntebt >d to set the imagination of men at work, and to aiinw tin m to give these rum.m tneir form and feature, each arcoidtpg to hi* own fertility and caprice4 1 bare now been engaged nearly twenty live year in the ardu ou* duties of my proUtslnn. For ekv. n years past I have been known to my fellow citizens lu toe resp- usi bie petition 1 now hold. Both here and to other p aa s I bave nicest fully prn6'cutrd important poblli works, ooettng millions or dollars, and until I read this ines. sage if the Mayor I never heard of any remarks prejudicial in the slightest degree to mv reputa tion. For my own part I do not believe that the Mayor has ever heard a whisper gto that effect from lips that were bentsi; and I ask you, and all men wbo, having character, know Ita value, what expression m the hjfliab language is applicable to one who, in bunting a inau down for bis otli *, at .ctnptt tn this manner to "rumor" away his reputation4 ravino or roirrv xixts htksst I ask your attention now to the *> rood charge of the Mayor viz ? lhal iu tbe work of paving Forty ninth street, front Third to Iw>tr>|tnu avrpue. with tran t>lork?. the engineer did nut ei emae proper vigilance, that Ike inaler als empl yeifwere u-s in aeeordmi ce with lbs contract, nut thai an Inferior quality of at.its waa used, ami aieo (bat tbe work waa performed tn ao netllgi-nt ani>r nrr aa to cause It to ?>Ule li oraav ,-aa-a nn inrdlately alter ita completion; that th liftou Ho-rd had n<> lice ot the drfrrtiir character ul the maiertaj employed In ih? work. ? n1. nrawl ban nillr.g. gave a lertiCiale of ita completion and acceptance fa hat is the proof to sustain this accusation? Nothing more than the utewuru statement of nine persona claim leg Ui be owner* of proper ly on the line of the street, end U.ion Mod in t i fi-elipg the assrsegeot for the wore. l>id the Mayor luveatigatu this -barge? Ikies he believe tt to be tiui4 (>.: the oooliary,tn tno ramo breath in wbich he makes tbe charge, he eg presses entire ignorance Ol it; beeanee be cays, "either the property owners are utterly n o taken in Uu ir emphatic oonuemr.atiou s| the work, or Mr. travel! has born guilty o{ gruae ..rgligonra in its supervision and e lean nation. I will now proceed to show the facts of tbe i aeo sawsm w sorrntTi srsarr. mxtx avxxn, tsixtv xtxra mkbt, rrc 1 have now to call your alleslioa to the third charge of the Mayor. Be ?ay t .? That an error of aUM inch- s la lbs maximum depth was ms '.e in Ilia gratia of a er?cr now in progrma la Foeileth nrrvi llls(h avenue, Thirty Hulk street and to.Ulh avenue which err>* mar involve Uie cUv la Utlgat o i sod loaa. ami Wl ? h a arrlowe reaponsl .ilny on the engli cer of tha Ivaif. tbowlug the want of 'he coWant c.rr ana e..ure seen racy r.? manded <e nor In a h-ee arcdeaanmal sfcUl Is animated ? DIM the rocstracuon of tmpeitant public woraa. It). OrntoS Ihwrd, inn tiding to make a contract for this work, directed the City Purveyors to prepare s plan and profile ot the sewer, by whl th the epcciSoatioos for lha work coal I he drawn and the nontrecl let It must be borne n mind thet Oily surveyors ere app tinted by the Com Doit! Ciuuicll, anil although the ChMh Hoard has I'-' vi- t iu He ir recciiimef.rtaiI'm or onotr.rl over I vetr air (e ui'trt i.t. Uiey yt l are obliged to < mploy them o a'l *?!' whlibwiotH' paid ftr hy aaeeoetmet the CH y - .iv vor serried f>r this work was 'Dgood standing, sod Mod Mm si cm A-yxl m MMIhf work In c mason wltsd'te other Citv Huiir . it Her mat y year*, to tba entire saKe te.iiiHi .d ihe fte.- <i He mide the plan and orotic, I. it It ?p, eats (fa r ihc contrast bed two let and th- w irk a >. pn?f .vrn.g, t at he bad erred li< his m'tiutre of tbe depth <-t i sravsl e n for tbe newer trench By this error, prttb ? ihe engine! p *u, uor line, nor the efhr'i ucy of the r??-r Iter II was ir any degree aided er im'.wired. Toe a.uiple r fleet waa. that al the f+wr cf Note ar?nu? and fur ty eihtlt street, the xa-lra. tor. In order t" get do w? to. be proper grade. wt< nblly d In exeavate uignt Incite* leeo er than was ?? diraird ay (be tere<s given ->n the original profile ? ? hi. n the CwilreCtbrs had baaed their pro -> sale. T?, ? a lit i eight licit** of eseavatiyo b - ?iae extra hi?t, lur whteb tbe nelttrtnr te uudoahwdly ea titled to ev ui|? eaatHXi. As nam as the error we* di* red repSVhefBlp n.e I r?af*rr?4 With the Uorpo tali ut r? uuref. end oar Hwa have, te hie nplr lna, and hy h '? *?! tire, d'die a'l that * new aery or tbe proircu. badb of the oobtra.-u-r and the public Mrurnon or rouwu i own o?mt rw mi tarwra?T or m Mriktaurr. Thr lourth chary* of lb* it*, or to aa 'jtkiwo ? thM Jifw IV?i?ri; in! ? i |,t? iV*v;,?ii t-mfatf lb* drpwiiam t who koi ? prtiair j b for ton nr<i?u?i MihI Ur Hi f orkrt. ? w?r? oc uoo.1 holer* lb* <> Urn A jnrd-ict board lo Iw.n-wcar INS# I f John ("hopp*. and ikr?? -Aboro, to ikn.trri Ik-1 I < mw ?l> hod rnrafetan pv*< or foa* ood kola bf no (in I In It* -Irt-utmn > lo ox* It lb* mrforamnna of Un pitvol* n mrw t Olid bad allowed man in fa employ of Ik- r .i>Brilr:it undar kta iu|?n?? In w nk-n- o -hw t? lor oad bod Inuin mUi f- urnr-l bi lb- do.on-oool tko Urn* lk?T war* Ibuo ri mird in tk a vntOa nmlr?r Una raimi ? to* maw t l-a pad - j III- do- oiUnoot f.? labor ;** firm-din rnrote w ?l, that mlwV.mdaii.1nn tka viowio id i m 1-1) hdt.iril Uol Ik ' ur nwa- powder, fnoa ood lords ? raw ' iwioal , I.-h id Uwaa mi ma ma fat rtU-nnd to tk* arrvw* id Ik* >l*r--n-nM tkal M- Tan or. iba than orlia( rramlrol. ood wi * I tha < Haf Baamawr -i*hl Ir- kin bod ikem iLdtrtad I rriaia uni tka pnhLr | rnfa lp lo tkal owo mm. aaa kmt tlaai niclmdrd bf ikalr mm ? ml c-liwr or brdrttni omj -glc* 01 dar tlo r*J i honor that wo bora III ha I bam hi roi l III* tha rltf of p.iMSn pmpoit). ro ftmad I-. tiaoaa Ikr m o. . aaidad rndralr a id Ik* taw imtat Ik- tt, and If baa pin iSam in aaroIra. hot a oub rwrwd tka tnod foTh aird boiatp ad tk* drportmaoi. Thr r* or* Tory arrtooa (barproa. ailagtag rary tkonaotta -dfiiia, and a-tre; r<l ta frfj alrutg long wag*. Mitod, if j tr-i*. to ih*tr m-nrl; What or* ib* foe Ik* Cbwbojr bad bam* a labnror ta o ! |U| ad wbdb Ooravkll was forrama.aad got opub mhnn ba oar a<d ta our a?|-ti.jmaail, fur nut aftag a am?n j pan air or bar af Y--fkv .ii*. It . raltoar laburaro. 10 Iba aoma roe*. hrlpad bo. to Ik* work at aurh mtarraM oa tkaj wrr aot rrqwirad bf oar dapwrtmnat, which lhaf liar a 'l?bt ?i do -T-.toil (Ttopj-ri ood ibrra -thara mrt loboa-ra whom ma had dutch ircd, aad who for rn-ma irano or vlhor irabaowa In ma, bore racy Ui will ogaurbt tt?rw wrtl. whom ma rata ad nwwi- r* r '?n?r*d?on ash rvaraoaiddartiwt I Mb at a I o? lo t-adaraloi. I bum tbaro owa ba u; diaa Btrmaeia hatwaai. ma or tha Ootoa BamrM and, tb? Mayo* la iba dtaoharg* of oar daltaa, brrmama, bf I Ha lama ord tha dmrthatw td powi-r* lorSiod to <ach, Iba-a |4 ao auk-art s via which il ? r-cwaij that ora alw til-l ooraa. Tba acttam aad daciatoa of tha Hoard on iba moilaia wtlh.n tka ir j ur<ad let loo ara gaol aad coaela atra. thara ranaot, Iharafnra, ha .af "dioagraamaat" ba tmrro aa, Ibwra map ba diaantlatorlKdl Nor ion t ttttdrrfUtid how 1 ran ba (nitty ?f"tnaabor dlkalHi in him. I at ir not ?u>?-r-itnato" lo him m art a-naa who la rar I am at- aagiaoaa Hr ? i It; nt?n. 1 am aa - dinar, *Bipioyad rmofaaainaallr oa Iba fdaaoiad aaamiiltoa af ptrblw Vorkg rraotfing ah ill aad ?diaBOa H? I* Iba Mot rr of tba rltf, and mrnlawtlp, but jaatif. arbaowlrdgwa his total dtnrum of to lh Tba lam baa nminiU*d ittarafora, an aurb Mlj at mahlog l?a, to mr ofltrmt (mra-llf, ? ?auto-rdinata ' to ht-n amd tba art Ot 1S4*. orgaiiitiBe tha O.-Wa huord on-l doNauu Ua dot m* od tba tbiaf Ir-kUMmr, ptaraa Una fact bay ami ? doubt nrrwai riarm mm rwa atvoa. Iba nrraa'ama rnhmb aroaa, radltag for tatar moiraa kaltraaa lb* llaror aad myaaif, war* of a two foid rt araotar rirwt Th* nfb?l of tha Mkfn- to (rtga war-aoU for tha pa; w?aot of ripaaaao lb crmatrocnrg oartata pahltc murk*. aaUw-rsad hj tba (t-mm<-o (kmarii, at <?atiw? on l ha gr tor A I bat tba or-raarra aft i.'-ogbl, and at an*bar t,m* batmair ba did uo* til* oar piaa of com at ruction aed. ?aeoMt) Aa attempt to coarca tba Bnarla tba aotoe ttoa of tbatr laatwdUa* of imrh. Karl; ta tba rurramt y?wr it amramo arr'aaarf, in nomaa

qaamoa of a ebaega mado ui tba grata of ta* R.gbih arm ana, to to mar tha ma.n omadait p'pa ta thai aaaodm, to onmfmm to tha ram ar- rodncwd g-ada. IV mala thr gh U traaum mnppit*m aa daily tuli y a la-ga prwtioa of u. wiwmm pmrt rf tb? rdy Toatrfp tbiapip*. aarmabta a tramoh tmatra fbai daap haU.wtt,la omnia Cirai thtmigh amtld rook, aad i< lornar Uia p i- t.? tba Mom. miiboul khottirgoit or laiax-uptthg tba mttr" b* of malar through It. for a**i. -ri- m > .to, mm a work twi dritcal* to omm l to tba har*rn? of a contract Thara mam lama daggar harm lhaa will N> a aoma potrla of amr mark on Qigh Kr lga. bat atUl Iba r won anTrc?nt fob t."1 rook a It <w:r duty to tmh f-?r parm nw-m to do Ih a work alao by tha day. A ramotutvm to that HI not am* paaaad r? lha Jgd dmy of rahmary. t*mo Tba rmmolmtum waa WI nt raJ. aa to Ilk (agmlny. with rmw ;u?| la ra ?f-raacm to tba High Rrtdga Tha wor- nga?.' oa tba Hth da* of fthraarr bi Mayor Woa-t * <m or ah?*tt Uia igth af ?arch. J?A0 N*b ibaaa amrbm warm cammaairmd. rrd aft*' amov.?*ah.o twogrma bod lAMJIMi, a * V r f>n t? oil** bad a-gwed to* ? ? 'of tbr | orir*nt rf |fn wnrkn.aa w mwa# aqrprtaad 10 li?r t at tbr tl?fiy- rt^uaad to m.atoraifa Unm On tba 161* May the Cruton Board, upon my motion, paired the following reeotutkm;? YVberrwa. a oneatiga turn aitaea a. to **?1 -2f..!*, hit,on "?!?: whir* Uil? aoerd Is bow prowsAlnj wUe UmJjw proreafM. at'ha HI** Brtdgv. aad >M loweringlh? mats V lp"i OB the Eighth BTBBUB by day. wort IBMCBO Of OJ ^^iad, ThatunlU hW Honor irtCTJOTsrBrttrawssss ?uDrodiv ?bout lb Of time?U>a last week la lUy?the rumor pre vailed in the city end In the public prlntt that Ue **yor Sed to remove all the teml. of departiaeaia, myself beard the" rumor. I called upon him, andfor reasons w b ich 'will .uggl.1 thmuMlvrt to your mtod., I bdif leave to ?Ute our cooveraatioo somewhat mlautelf. f loUlhtm frankly that perbap. m, 'aidcred rather abrubl under the clrcnmataaoee, butaa I *M generally In the habit ot going at my ? iJT|M way, I could ?#**? ?? First u>Uing him what I bad heard, I eald thai, as 1 p tainted the otlf good grounds for remortng an offloer Zr*either the waul ofebUily and fld.Uty, and as I bnva JJL. nattered by the general voice of the community into h,. iw.iief that the drat charge would not probably be the facia and I therefore called to Mk him If euch ?*re the cmc 'and t? my that I waa ready to answer and give ? and knew nothing fSi? obwrve thatthla interview wa. TTJZl be w- # ? t S& " the ml ar Wg-lfc ?? v.,i not vet told any one he IUtended to re move me. 1 told him that my object ^"*?^5*10 tain what be bad told any one, but what be Intended to A He then said, In ao many word., that he bad not arrived at hi. preaeot position without a aevera *truggU> and wi bout Incurring many obligation.; and thit hm - tii in removing bead, of department, ww to get oon trol of the deportment*, *> that ha could put who would oo onerata with him, and alM could pay otf ni. "Tm^r conversation ensued, which was *?, pliflcatlon of tins. As I ?" ?"*????? | me that be had not yet made up hia mind what be wouiu do, but that be would not act at all In my caM until tai day.*arter this be wot for ma. When 1 came to bis othec be told me It wa. .aid that ** arTmagemaaUtad been made by me with the Board of Aidermeu, by wbiob I waa guaranteed my place, on condition tbat they ahould have .lithe patrons*. I ropliwl that It wa. out of my mwer to prevwit such calumny; and that no fri?d of miLe would believe me cwpaole of doing anything of tha k,Beaald It wua an Alderman who wa. friendly to me that had made the statement "that 1 did not rvitrrna*". and bad aaid 1 wished it were In my power to eel dear of it." I answered that ao fat a* patronage per v was ooaosn ed. II W*. very true that 1 did not want it, |rr evi n if 1 had friends to provide for, all P?"?"*1 mg would be entirely secondary to my duty to P^h'l li . n..ifea? which reuuonl me to wi.JCt furemeu tor their menu alone That the premure or P?>?icUn. upon me in behali of tboir frtenu. wa. ?? great far every plaoe. however l( si*nibcanl, that the .election of IbSpactora was rof the moat wearing and unsatisfactory labors ot my i.ffio., .nd thai d 1 could do ao coufctenUotmly I *?"id willingly h t Aldermen or any other peraon select '<*?*? hut that while I was willing and anl'ou. to ayommodaU ibe Common Council by the emptoyn.ent of th 'ir friend, lo iht utmost of my power, my regard for my profs, silt a! reputation and lor my duly would always forbid my yielding ?" anyone uncontrolled power to appoint "Jpicior* over work for which I was solely re?;K>ustb e that I uever had, and never should, forge* myiB* ?? far as to make any auch agreement with any M4f of men or any .ingle man-that strong aa waa my de aire to retain my position till ihe reservoir waa finished, !h being a work which c.uld tol but prove a grval cra ,in,| and publicly, to all who were-eugag;ed upon it), the dtsirr was not so etroLg *.to make mt lor ,oi tll| fluty ss s mail tu ottlo#r, *od that I w^uld not Kto ii vZ?S the eip? nse o" My auch breach of trust a. thai Implied in his remarks. The conversation then ??ndeii. and I withdrew. . loi the 28lb June, having recived no reply Mayor, I called upon him at hi* office, when the following conversation iccurrtd ? 1 asked him if be bad yet male up hi. mtad whethor be would c? unterwigu the warru-Ulor tbe^ymimUoo the work, aud told him that, aa bad been fully wit ft rtb tit our two communication, to him, dated May Bland June 20, the niceesity for some action on the subject Wa. "'Tli'aioiwerwl'Uiat he had made up hi. min 1 n?K tomgn the warrat*. I aaki-d bias if he would notify oar Board in writ it g of hit determination, and b? aald he would do ao the ri it day 1 In en obaervod that he wa. assuming the r.w,-oaibm?y of dilaying a work, the ,?"ed??Pr? rrfc- #,? ? hich ww* melt tu iioriADt to lhA ctty, boto ?* Jo comfort and u. eaf. ty. He said he aho-ild be governed by bis own }. kmeol in that respect, and added ihat W. lias. O f. ? I w -'r g he work wa. ihat ne did ootlike the YZ He u? not .laic what rrsnect, nor did 1 Mk bim l ,'i.?wer?r li st w ib all do# deferaooe to him, urfplan -we ? o.aiirr ownmittod bythk ^tf U>e judgment ut the Ool/w tqovd.ict ttwrd H-?okedlf 1 miani to ray that he bad no . tbt to any^ r<aht V. supr rvue the deparlmc uta. I amwepul that as < nief ? ag-auate ba bad not ual) a right, holti^lwaa Va oi i, to taauira Into tba mannar of oooduet m? bnsloeya la art Ibe departioeuia, and to check any C iJboo'Sij or UnrroprWty of oonduct, If he fount It, but Uuit uj %U atlbn wb?ch, by lb# cijriw, e*? i*,TJ ly placid under'tbe control of the different deparlmeota, -V to a ociOcat. ...a M pla?i, he mod .uroly ?id rlain) no (Hobibitoty voioe: and parliculariy ln mater ol enginaertr.g scrnoe cajmectod with ha araa not the effioer .. go a oc ill call ano pa?a, ?" ,.,7,1 c. ilaiin no prohibitory voioe; and partKiularly ln Mur o. engiuaerlr.g M.noe connected wdh iL# Piriltt Aqutnluci, b* w#? not tb? ofttow legally at |?ut#u to dvclde. aad tbatfie could "ot p?"wr U maieWw opinio, a good ground for .topping a work of .'<?", Piesadf mi"ri<eP "6 In regard to the plan, -rf %i i-h th# ncniwr 11 fiuif #*!4ed H# Ml.| h, ,M|(| c.b4##u?# ti. I IbMi r#p#4t#d my r#q?i??l M;;: ^ ,? ? W?in.,. and he rep.wt.1 hi. pr-WBiM to i?tukliava It without delay. (He b-s not doae to to " |*lh*n ipoke to h? about the IMpeel-w^ on the _ u,.,!, n*rr,re. wboai he had rafnaal to k. ansa ?f oer atu charg.a alleged L 4,i, ? to. oe aaiu sewer, wnieh cbargta be (lJ"c *ay r Si in w t'lig. notiked our doard were unfounded Ho ?au le w ".Id tenuguiea h m .? 7*'r th or e b which be trad t -ea appointed I the. urged t d ihat i( a contrac tor could aateet hi* own ia *pv> mr, and be upheld by the Mayor to doing ao, thera d t? die use in approwitng lospectora at all thM MM u a r. wirae er.wHd relaoiwh a preoadeai eatiralrtaB-1 vr,?irr el ail power to bar* work doae with any def?<-e cVboJ-mtyuridetitytotbe cty A. b- would aot be changed by aa> argumn t*. I withdrew mm i rnon. 1 tl I* trtw that I rnv nufcl" any "cuuit" whatever c '? tt.r plan" of tie K.-*ervut-, eilh. r " cxlcu aire" cr "peculiar." or oUirrwtae. Nirork tiv b>?a done,oriir ?h mptalrd. upon tba rvnorvoir except auch u ie aproiBcaiy neation o au<) |wovtd#4 for U> the run trari, and at prlcna therein limited. 2 It la true that there are variation* la Uke qu-?atit.ea of work aau material#, aa originally rati mated, aad aa actua l/ In he d. ae, ? ft la act true that tb?e* racial ion a are 'remark able," except ta oae at oar, that, e notdenag the raat oeee of the area, air' vhr itapoaat of mtkitg an exact aad rubteerapeao d?tlmah?. thrjr are " remarkab>e" la treari tn # r.? uparatirely an a abt a diScreace The art a ? lid acroa, pt, an Irrrg ulnr aurface of torha and im ran*, tip rorhy b.llock* riemg ? aoma l>>aci? ib.rtj 9?e feel the ?tram;* in the tuaa area The deplb rfoer eieaval ? nx-emtcl a anise place*, thirty fct The rat i matr waa. of oereeeltj male V <rr the eurtaee wa* brnkro for ihr Work, and I be quant.lire, an 1 partca larljr Ibr qualttira of Ut- e aroma milM and rnrka to be fk't.n t brceeth the eaifaor were, every engineer kaowe and aa I have captained In you, matkr* more or Ira* of uncertain ty, 4 It to true that for three vartatioaa. requiring add. ttual work aad materiale the oualiactora Wt.i be en titled to loae 0110 (k41 br)t?d their bid of 4631 T4S, tab < b traa baaed oa tlx quaalikiee aad quaJittee r ated la the eat! natr but It I* not trur thai the dial to the City fill be tacreaartl that ant act tvyoad my rat mate of the ouet madr foe the uer at Ibr gen .cement Sorb ret mate war (rxelwetve cf tlx-gate hnuaro) 41 021,000 rwaerroir "til bo built for 1140,0t0 leas, at leaal, probably much lower. I It ? not true that ta every cane" la which tbene teratmna have orruired. ? thny bar? proved very bra# ?rial to Ihr oootrartr re " (la tbe Contrary, aevera of ibrm are done at prtcea which tad rale a lwn, an 1 tha other* are done at p-icee barely remaaeratlra aad which a maj-iett) t1 the c mpvtilura wore not wtUlag U do for art; |*r neat advance ? It ta ant true that I made aay "rngtake la tbe award o" tbe ma tract I I did not make the award. II waa made by M?anre Van .nhatch, De Fhrrvet. myaelf (aa tbe Oratcm heard;, aad tbe Hon 4. C 4>agg. the Unmotrotler. unaatatoualy fainhild h Co , to whom the award wax made, ware the lowret bidder* n Fven had I atcme made the award. II wax made ebictly mccrding to the requirements of the charter there wa* no mistake lb any <me point of the letting 7 ft IB not trur uak the paring In Forty ninth atrert waa rxeciled without ??proper vigilance," on my part a. Water l"Brvryc.r, charge by law ich work, rx ined and |ar?d it The Proton Hoard, the Board <if Aaaeewor* U.? Rcard of Aldeemea. aad tho Board of Oounc.lmrei . iriflriard it Against the uaanimoaa action ot th<aa fire separate Imdlew, there ta do gvtdawoa but the una worn 'la lew eat of Btwe property botuerc, interest ed to defeat tbe aWiWB' it fid the work I It la true that aa armr of eight larbea. la the will mum. eu made ta tbe grade of a newer la Fortieth atrert hut It la not true, that the error wae made by am. cr that 1 ?"i responsible for It, or that tha city will aalfer xay loae be It Tbe error erea nab by a city aarveyor, appointed by the romance Penned, aad xrtU elmply ta voire the aad it meal charge by the contractor, for extra excavation averaging four lac bra in depth, for a limited dlftMDO* ? It la not true that aav of the mew le our depart pa/imeat hare been ge.lty of tbe fraud of converting the p*b>!e property to their owe ore or that we hare retain ed aay enrh atra In our employment la It le *><t true that there have been gay "d.aag-ee. mrwta." aero-rut or otherwtee. hetweee the Mayor aad myeww Bock a arnte o? farw la altwply impeaalbie. he cause, by taw la lb- discharge of our reaper Vivo dull*, there kc ao ror eutgart upon which It la nirtaaary that are should ag-ee. II It le m t true thai I have beew guilty of "leouhordl. ratted" to him I am aa engineer, charged with tbe re rpcBglblHty ?f tbe plan and egeeuttoa of public work re quiring ahi I and ec<raoe Re la a layman, aad Ute law ta not guilty of the abeerdlty of making me 1 aubordtaate hi him In tfc discharge of my doty On the contrary, the l eat if lMd. organ tier the department, impneed upon me a peeannal tenporo blluy. aad mak?e my declaloa, within , Ut. epbcr*'fmy Jar tad tot Ion. fin tl aad exrlnB'va It But It ta true that a/Vr hm repeated atlempta to ; oaerp the power of the department. aad to make ft tbe ?larr , f hie win, I have rawed thane natartma* which I j era* legally entitled to tnterpcar, u.| wheh are drmaad ed ef me hi ?nvi ivmetdr-etloa of fldv ity to ihe city FV the *mMf of not bevfBg aay important peWw work i dctayad, t have a ever, tor ma moment, etood upon the question of subordination, bot have yielded Id every until It came u*a xuretlou involving my Melity en en officer. He refined to ooonWritgu the warrant for the pay of an inspector, whom we hml appointed upon ? ?ewer, npoo the ground that he had premtml not te do no, at the requtat of the contractor whose cork the in spector waa to auperriae?expressing hta willinfMM to recogalne aech inspector upon any other sewer. I imme diately Introduced resolutions Into our Board, pledging nay co I leagues to resist these usurpations; and within Are d aye afterward he sent to the Beard of Aldermen his trst meeaage, proposing to remove me for " serious dis agreemeate and insubordination." Respectfully submitted. A. W. CRAVIN, Chief Engineer Croton Aqnedvct 1 apartment. Mr. Craven, after reading his communication, Informed the oommittee that besides the affidavit which waa ap needed to It, he was prepared to prove all the eiatemeata by witnesses. Alderman 9rsnn moved that a copy of the rep y of Mr. Tappan, and also a copy of the reply of Mr. Cr? res to the char tee made against them by hm Hooor the Mayor, bo transmitted to bis Hooor, and that he be allowed a few days, soy three, to substantiate his charges. v Mr. Jamb Wadbworth?By this course the committee would be piecing the Mayor in toe position of a public prose?utor, instead of treating him as an independent branch of the city government; and as he is such, he has acted upon this matter, and it is only necessary for the Alderman, aa another branch, to not upon it now. Alderman Starr?Every charge the Mayor make* may bo true, bat an lees the Mayor substantiate! them by proof I am unwilling to not upon them after bearing the statements of Mr. Tappan and Mr. Craven. Alderman Greet?It la bat Mir that the ens ems should be received aa wnil an the charges; end now, en they are reeelved, it thrown the onus of proof upon his Hooor, who made the charges. I don't see what other courae the committee have bat to hear the proolb to the allegations, as they have beard their contradictions. Mr. Jams Waphworth?At the request of several citt erns I bare appeared before you to attend this examina tion, to say to yon, gentlemen, that there are many citi zens who bare au interest here, and that they would likn the privilege of presenting the names of oertatn engineers and laborers who have been familiar with the manner in which the work baa been conducted from its com means meat to the present time. I appear here not for the Mayor, but for these citizens, who conceive that the Mayor ban only discharged his dnty in this matter lint the Mayor bavtng fulfilled his duty, the interest of the cltlaen begins. Statement* and counter statements have been tnade, and under three circumstance* 1 now move for the liberty to such citizens who desire It. of present ing such teetlmocy as might tend to enlighten you upon thts subject This te not a case in which the Mayor Is to appear as a public prosecutor. He ta an independent department of the city government. .Now 1 would suggest that you make up your minds on this subject independently of the Meyer altogether. The Mayor has mack- no charge what ever before thta?comm<tVe He has removed two offi cials from the Croton Dep irtmint f >r cauco. Tho chart-.r reqnit .e that no official can be removid without the con sent of another branch of the Common Council. It Is for tbrfoommttu-o to consider whether they will recommend concurrence in their Board with the action of the Mayor. Any ritizen has n right to express himself upon the sub ject to tbia Committee. Alderman Stare?as one member of the committee I ant opposed to bearing citizen# upon this question. The Mayor has made charges of malfeiaancc. and he ha a right V establish tbtm; but until we have evidence that ihp people have charges to make we cannot hold an in viatisalion of them Let th?m make churgns aga.ust either of the gentlemen, or both oft hem, to the Mayor or to the Board. We .have only to deal with what Is before us. Alderman Gfvxt?W hat do you propose to prove, on be hail of the Cltizena Mr. Wads worth? Mr. W umworth?That the Mayor's statements In the matter b? fore you are correct. Alderman Goer?Thcu you come here to sustain the allegations of the Mayor? Mr. W.tMwoimi?Yes. At the request of the citizens of New York. Alderman Gtcnrr?And not at his request? Mr. Wadowokth?And not at his request. Alderman (lasrr?In what way do you propose doing this? Mr WADcwrrri?By submitting the names of parties for tneir examination, acd by asking the privilege of sug gest lug some questions and of auswerlng others. Alderman Gamrr? Have you any names of parties who detlre to make charge* before the committor? Mr W ?.rmwosAii?I have Mr Craves?I don't w lah to interfere with the commlt mitue aa I have male my statement, but I second the motion of Mr. Wadsworth for the purpose of having a full inve 'ligation of this matter. Alderman t.mrr?I thing it would take up time unne cessarily If the committee were to pursue the course eug grand by the gentlemen Alderman Ntabr?I am not wilder to art upon the sug gest urn of Mr Wads vol th though Mr. Craven desire* it. However the Investigation goes on the Mayor is entitled to all the credit for ripping up th ae thing*. He has made the charges and be is the nee to prove them. Mr. Tati ah?1 concur with the gentleman that the Mayor makia no charges, for L ? legations do not amount to charge*. Yet be come* bare In prove the allegations of the Mayor, and cannot come lor any other purpose. Therefore I boj>e the committee will five him an oppor tunity of proving the allegation*. Alderman Staeb?We bare cum# here to investigate the (bargee o' the Mayor No private citizen baa anything to say tt, them. II there are other charges let tbam be made in the proper place Mr. WAiwwowra?1 claim that the rhotee of the cltlarns and ihe object i?! the committee ebould be to have this wh-'le matter duly considered Tbe Mayor does not ap pear a* a maker of charge* against three gentlemen, but iw ft i1 ii to be his duty to impart to this committee, by an open, fa.r and official stau mem, the retaoos which in duct a bint to remove th< m Now, tha citizen come* iu and Hike the privilege of presenting his vitws. Abteriraa Hcnrr?Toe Mayor at** the removal from ( ffir< i f tht gentltauo. Mi Waiww. ant?Yci Aidi 'mar hmt-Uai he a right to show cause why he a>k? their remove. Mr Wait worth?Tat has been before the committee lb l> e paper bora the Mayor. Aid- ii ac Sa int? 'an you give oa the name* of the citixm a whodestra to have tneir statements or charges rti nvrd - Mr Waihwortw?I can give you the names of wit see***. Aid. i man Casrr ? W iccr.V names are not aecas SSiV. tr Mr. Cnavf* ?1 deetra that tfcM examination should go in w .!.c t interrupt, u of any kin J, yet tlo-r* ire *?me right* which I m<?t Stood up for If Mr Watawortb ?ar.te a. bare ? 'taigt ? m* I* hy ett xen* 1 Unn* it is right for Lim to *g'?t who they are Ajd-rman .-tax*?as a committee we know of no eitl w>r$ who arc oiaeAi.rie ' with three gcnlemoo against shorn tbe Mayor tnak.w charge*. or who have any icaaon t?. e> captain, and un that ground I am opposed to hear its > *U>" ne on itwee etiarg a. fcti f informal one eraation among the member* of the rnmr.iitiee row tanned, and Alder it. an star* >allau for the q .eati.'ti an hia rveoletwo te send a copy wf the rtplies to to the Mayer H < melon waa unantmnalv sad the coram t tee then -.djnurn-M till Moors, nrz. .tflrr baring Informed Mr Wndaaorth thai they would than consider bis eug gv-ttes. Thr PaRllU?* la It hod# lalaart?A Tarrl ?lMo It lot Hi# Woiudoc" el /'a rial <?( lb* "lb mat aai* ? Aa tn.rut an arm I) bare beet n,?cW the ? Hmuan fawn aai' ia iba village <? Tbura> , of laat work result ft U. tfc? iro?t r M.<u* an<> rhamelu1 ai-.oedaaar wttoaaoed la The pogllatic exhibition I war was a nn ??rf aad aa inf.,I In tarry paarwfa' cit m. and should baa. Vro an r?**r< r I and praeaatod by lb? authorities, aa il baa been ,r a m ? li Mi rx slaswhraa Whoa II w?a araa that ranoca arrr 8 fad u great ibr arr.vai of a prtia aalxrr. ? aa-y giaal run. a fait lhal Ua moral Ma. of <b< o mtanaily bad barn < uad a bra ibry aaw Uaa aaai lorca of ruff stuffs ibal (looked la In auaraa Iba f Ibibili-r. Ibry JuOlly (?and fbr Iba publw *a<rty Tba Bna.r dam ?otrau?d thai Ibalr faara ware wail fuutiod Afur iba crowd had ratoraad fr??a tba piaco of athibl tkm Ibay roagargstrj ta leal Office aquare, aad imbibed fraa.) at Iba nr.abbuflea liquor abopa la oaa of tboaa, kapv ha Mr Aldrtrb, thaj grit Into a quarrtl and cum triored drmotuMig iba fuirllurs and windows of Iba thop Tba lo|?r, fearing Uaa btum w id ba rated to tba gerund, dlarharged a man wguh tba rahnio, wh;rb bad tba affect ta drlra tftrm from that imar-diale vicinity Tba rcwdlae, beirg aa fu.l af Aghl a* of liqoor. now com marred a miamllaarrva >cmhim|p In I'm* <dScs tq tiara. Af bt.ig tncb clher, aaaaUiag poaroabte rit.traa, meorai of wbfxn warn ki.wked down, aad r.ateligaa art .a. riot, tb.airg ooa at tba melees Mi Nawall I'tippa aw eul'bad In tLa abdoiDao, receiving a datrfaroua Wound Tbaoa acM>ra roctlau?d .or npwarda of no hour, wban lb* oOl earn if tba panro art lard, and. nadad by tba citif na, cap lured aavarni of tba ring radars aitsr * atoul akaatarro, and ii raatorad qu at to tba aoana iW nf ie? r",taia took to tbair baala, and war# ckwd out of tba Til lage Only (bur war* secured In tba lonknp Maaimant* of Urnla. AT CatCAtfO. Tba O rage l>? t ? ? tba Tib laa* reports aa IWl< wo ? Tba wbeit maibal waa nal aa stjowg at Ibanpaamr of '(barge, aad a few eslea arare mad* at test (of No I. and AT sr a tea lor No 1 do . -wit iba mortal anna ba com. A'm and pr. ?s wast op In tee a ter w Mo t. and Mi a ? ,a Ibr Mo 1. at wbirb a laa boauiaw waa duno. I U117 ?lMf llOr a Aaw aaian of Mo 1 wrar a'an rapnalr.1 at Sir , at whrb lb? mortal rluaad Arm. rrd wiatrr waa qalal. w th dwiall offering* . lh?re waa a ?wnd taqnlry Ana bond do I or rlub alNr aM m aiora, and but fbr Iba amount nfferwd. wblrb promota ablppam from entering Urn mortal prima arwaM go hi|bor Tb -a wan only ? m.atarata bwtowa doaa la doer, at $4 a At M for aoprrflna. and Ad ti a M Ibr gate and oboNw astro spring wbaat brands tors w?- Arm al Mi fbr No t. and 3T? for Mo 1 do Own air .ay at lit Rya mom nrl'ra, at ?? a IV la oV?ra rretghtt Arts. bat Ibrtrarr ly of tihw nrrraol traraartmoa ta tba war ?f making rbar tor* Toa rrtrtpla wars t 7M bbH Anr, bad 101 Mg boabalsnf grain. afsj-?t * ?? bbls looa and I.H AM b> rhaia gram nam* Itr ? la ISM Iba ahtpmmta wrao I I'll hbk IWa.r M-* ?? 0*1 huaboki g'i's agali.*i ? ui bh> Pour aad lAd.tet buabala grain tor-aapno l'af day ta Ited aciarrrr py rsateut. TV Oioago ftenag days ?Tba grate domaad Ibr asa aa.* dLrtag tba pant low dayd has aiaarad oar part of arary rraft aulUbV fbr earryfcg f.J No Ma than IwaoiT two TMWild eJaamd tnm bars as yiadw day fbr ?aatara porta, witb IU.M4 buabala of grata aad SM harraia of Soar aad, la af tba largo raroipte of wbaat aad iba baaay larnaoi of tba bwaiorteof iha R?at ran bound reads, wbiab praam ta tbotr 'vrryla* grata, aroasi owbora ara aatlag M ad ran fa it rataa? ttc ba'sg iha arte* daisaadnd Mw maaais to arrtaa fbr wheat In Mamie Tbteo am l. gb Agtrrw bat aa a may large float la mported 00 the way cp ws ball bo grotely iblatakas if aomo of tbcoo who aatinpaio rorh high priori are net m? pal lad to Inwor tbolr flgorrw Tbrra ?? aarb a thing ad go tug to ostraaaoo. ar.d wa th ok that rwrnot man hava aa awfst taunlag la that dlrrctmn la fate, Iba pas mot prloro of wbast in:' not a-iataln ? '--.gbi* aad. ..Dim wbaat adraaoro frrighta win b?r#to roma dows. Manosw fVroyt ?T>a b.ark rop?ib|tear>? rf Mmr?no county bam nominated lobt M Mow ft "* tba A-mrr.1) y ?r Mt waa ia s aaw oua FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tuhgdat, Sept. 11?? p.K. The following ia a comparative statement of the exports (exclusive of specie) from the port ef New York to foreign ports for the week and "itee January 1:? IMS. ism taee For the week 8871,908 1,634,418 im? Previously reportel.UJUS.OOS 44,447,OH eo.MjU Since Jan. 1 $44,388,210 46,881 643 62,886,876 The shipments of breadstufls during the week have been as follows:? Flour?Dutch West Indies 83,704 Wheat-Liverpool MM Flour?Liverpool I1M London 64.786 Wheat?London 46,886 Glasgow 08,816 Flour?Glasgow 68448 Corn?Glasgow 8.WT Wheal?Cork 60,176 Flour?Cork 18,888 British Colon lee 42,816 British West Indies. * 18 816 mtisb Guiana 12,138 British Australia 48,888 Havre 8,786 French West Indies 8,688 New Granada 8,886 Total 6786,186 The aggregate export of the week ia swelled by the large movement in miscellaneous articles, 1 of which toe Booth American nnd Asiatic countries are taking large quantities. Since the sailing ef the allied fleets to the coast of Northern China oar exports of domestic goods have greetly ' fallen off. The news from Earope is calculated te moderate the export of breadstufls, and to cheek the speculative movement in oar food market?twa things which are quite desirable at present. Thin | morning, on the Corn Exchange,prices were lower and the market was dulL Money is reported easier. Several private bank* ers are lending at 7 still, but the rate ia main* taihed with difficulty, and choice short acceptanoea go at 6) readily enough. By the end of the week it seems likely enough that the standard rate in the loan market, and at the discount houses, for short prime paper will be 6 per cent. The receipts for duties continue moderate. They were to- day 1141,000; the total receipts being 8146,895; the pay ments, $121,027; the balance this evening; $5,581, 078. Foreign exchange continues dull at our last quo tations, viz: 100| a { for sterling, and 6.13) a 14| for francs; sales of first class bills are occasionally made below these rates. The importers are so easy in their relations with their European friends that they are better able than they have beea for yeara to dictate termn to the foreign bankers. For tha present, from the indications of the day. the flow of specie to Europe will be moderate for some daya, and bankers' bills must be covered with commer cial exchange. The activity in the stock market continues, and we note a further advance in prices. The most popular stock of the day was New York Central, which advanced from 864 at the close yesterday to 874 at two P. M. to-day, and 87j at the close of bu siness hours. The earnings for August were $689,124, against $591,919 in August, 1859; increase, $97,206?considerably more than was expected. We hear that every car on the road ia frilly em ployed, and that there is not rolling stock enough to do the freight and passenger business which offers. Large purchases of stock are said to havo been made lately by partiesat Albany; their friends here talk of par for the stocks before January next. Dlinois Central was active, and advanced at the morning board: the closing bid was 87}, against 87 yesterday. The last quotation in Eng land, by telegraph, is 14) discount, equal to about 911 here. The first week's business this month ia said to show a large increase. Galena, Toledo and Rock Island were all higher nnd in active demand. The first week on the Toledo gave $18,008, against $14,159 last year: increase, 63,849. A few mora xuch weeks will enable the company to resume dividends. The first week on the Galena is said to show over $10,000 increase, though last September was not a very gool month. Michigan Southern continues to advance; the company receives daily communications from the second mortgage bondholders, expressing their satisfac tion with the proposed arrangement. The busi new done in bonds was moderate. United Htatee lives are 4 lower on the announcement of the new loan. Everybody seems to think Mr. t'obb'a ad vertisement the most remarkable of hit flnanoiei exploits. The closing quotations of the day were, the market ml log dull:?Virginia 6'a, 61) a}; Missouri 6'a, 81) a ); Canton, 19} n 20; Cumber land Coal preferred, 13) a 15; Pacific Mail, Hi4 a 4; New York Central. 87) a ): Erie. 3?| a |; Hud son River. GO) a i; Harlem. It J a); Harlem pre ferred. 47 a 4; Reading. 47) a |; Michigan Central, 714 a ): Michigan Southern and North era Indraas. 12) a 23: do. guaranteed. 48) a ): Panama, IN a 127; Illinois Central, 87] a ); Galena and Chi cago. 79) a 4; Cleveland and Toledo, 47 a 4; Chi cago and Rock laland, 79) a 4; Chicago, Burlingtea ?nil Quinry, 90| a |. The ?tatementa of the Phnad?l,hi? bank* fx the pant two week.* compare u follow*: ? bra 10 Capital clock 6H.7M.7M 11 7*7 170 lot MM loan* rOMO* 3/2(4 I* Ior 129 1M ?Swr.* 4,7*7 0 | 4 7*3 7 <9 t?? t M Iwefmm bank*... 1*04 124 14TJ727 Dk 1KW I?*ii> buki 3 1?f0 5 24.114* lac. IT Ml lupnarie ll?a:M J01U54# Mc 1101<44 Clrculalioa 1*3* 174 1 *01 374 lae M464 Tlir fichangea at tha Bank Clearing Houaa tha morning ware 174,144.01? 04 and tha balaacM oi. The Milwaukee and MiMiaaippi road earned m Aoguat: I*** O40JMSO MM 41,041 ? Iucreae ? fit a*4 M The foUnwiag it a atatrmrn: of Me ear.ngt ai the New York Central Railroad for the month at Auguat. 1*60. compared with it* earning* for tha corresponding month of the preeiooa year: ? l?? torn it* ? Wt Ml Alt It tKTMM MTJM m The hank* of Booth Carolina make the following atatemrnt for the month of Ang?t: HaMMww Jfawwcw capital ate m.041 Hpoc>? M.Tt na C rci.juua ? 4*0 417 R*nJ rHM 6 >4.4*3 IToCte ra herd , i IT* 4*4 h lMM 2.4 iM Par *?. X* 1.441 0?4 Do* irow bwka . 4t# *44 Oayeaita 3 44* 473 Inniuu Dot ??!? J.tll "40 lX'Biratlc *xcb'e 0 Ma 014 iMbtr il<am .. 1M4M foreign rietannge 34*7* ?: Hoaas a4 itaaha 141 MS TSln aat.aa* 4*4 !tu*po?<le I 4.-H . 1 .-4* 10 Branch* . 1.34 43* Mat* *4 *44 (?iMr .tew* MtAM Total Ml/M 444 By comparing th.e with the ?tatement far tha nxnth of July we lad a de raawe in clrcaUtioa of 0K74 730 40. making the total derea*e atnre Pah rnary last |5,973,670 a decrease in tpKie of 1179,6V 11; a darreaae in dnmeatlr # change of ?171,561 34: la foreign exchange to th? ertent nf ?24* .fill 56: a deoreaee in depoaita of fm||M M, and an incrtaae in dieconnta cf 154.111 34. Tha New Orieaoa P,rjyw* of tha dh mat. aayn Oar market baa mered * oag eery iu#t.y, and iramnw fcoaa fur the any were farther r ?irk led in eeeg 4apart meat of b' ttaear The bonk* d aoouBted what fan* pamm ?*" ??Mem to thea without beta* at ? to aae woea than a trartmo of tbew lecnme, and nyiiriiinna oa |ha atroat ineltKlee e > rwuad arrxau of My rlaaa nf 4a??tor?a. faorki im k?? root naorf flat, aad >a aalaa imipWti far the la tbta OwwriM^a ef aernrlttm Katanga ralei Ml a?|bevi la fa.or uf buyara. aad taaeamaaa ware bill i.H.e better than nominal la eithar faroign ae dnmeoiir la fact, ilie or.iy opemtk a far tin day that ?ai entice ww a lot of b'H? far MO falaa <* aa*. elaiaa (rectal nnttae _ km, obk* chaafaa naada at 1MM, and wil* modorata ofirrieja "fa.i r?rm. the market okwod baftt The fhiragn JVem and Trt"**. un*r dak* af Friday ereoing, thaa notkea the ai<iange ui money i?arke7 of tha* eityi ? Tber? wae ? mn*emtn 4m?ml far Bnmaca ttrhaepr to day. uf la tha ?ariy r?t of ?be day Mm? b it iba *bwt wyi'tr * tead*d toM: -?*? w