Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1860 Page 3
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tfce aggrepkta rM*i;ita at ?be prreeot time would bare m. 1)1 -A khovv. u/1 S3 J amuuiii of toll* repaired t>: the Ibree '.id# wa *r ?tk.M iron U* opwfcu-c or caviga. o? to Septem r I, 'i Do. 1859 131,70- 't lucraaae a 1800. "7,833 7l> Toutl toll* roui?Ted ?- too Eu!Uk> ofteu, iroaa too "J*;*' t tog of oa?.gai>ou to sepwiooer 1U1M0 *} Do. ?t,?81 *' Ittcar* is 1100 8327,044 97 Totoi tolls fro*. *<? 1 01 to* Oaweg" itiOB frvi?u i^ V0 ?? m, of e.rlgatK* t VpK-mVrl. 1800 Do. 1859 " teflrea.eln thi fWJ tolls i*cel?ed 00 ?b? ffu>?!l.'? l- 361 n ..fssTigotioo w Sepwaaber 1,1800.. Do. 1889 _ oast Sri * sss^JTSL1^1oKgw'-s: srs^s-rsss I tolls tbe present d-ud J???r "no?B' 10 10 900, >4FA^?** 81,&18,38Jl lii 185?. oaIii .n 18G0> . 63b ' While no portion of the ewrplo* rar b" appl*d to an* ?liter ibject of State isdebtedn -m win tio canal etoc* Sebt of 1848. the ,>o<>i>l* will Njoice t<i learn that ssother onUlon ui iW. J, ot w.? oe p? aofl uext J^usr, oy oanai utiiH and ihst hey r ay coofldrnlty .no* to a epeeay re Bern ?< that mortgage from their farms and tbe trade el tbe State. THE D0U3LAS BARBECUE. Twenty to Thirty Thousand People in Jones' Wood. THE GREAT OX ROASTING. Terrible Onslaught and Deatruction of the Provisions THE HUGE PAW8 OH THE SPIT. UpeffbfS of SttpbfB I. Douglas and Htrsehel V. Johnson. 18 DOCGLIS W FAVOR OF FUSION! (vVVV, t Fusion If Breckinridge will Put Down Disunion. tllEKTlONS TO DOUGLAS, 1ND MS LVSWBES. Attack oil tbe kdnilnistration by (iovemor Johnson. Speech of Governor Jttorebead, of Kentucky. Scenes and Incidents Throughout the Day, a?M ^ The great Doug'.aa barto ,e is over. >>***' Wood yesterday w?t crowded?Jaswaed. All eorw of reai ms drew all ?ort? of p-ople td that spot. Hem* wanted to ?*? *n ox roa-ted whole: some wanted to ?e* Stephen A. l>oo?laa; torn* wanted to ee* tbe di?trtt>nt'.on ol the three thousand loavr< ?f bread; *ome wan'e.! to hear what Hersch*! . Joluiaon had to aay; eotne wanted to ae? the cm date, for the highe-t offleee In the gift of thta mighty people on the atump. there waa B.?metl.. % wo detnoesaUe about It; acme were ^ts for I?-on; -ome for ctnf tel. u; som went to the Wood for one cause and soinc lor aaother. The mul. wa. gr tat -imincnae. Iwrnty to thirty thoneaad Mople a ere there. The eceite waa an overwhelm^ tee one. Nothing lUf? it in poUtk* e\er occurred b^,.. before. The en.erpriae. the mlJ? ?pe-tnele, wis a atnpendoo. en* ?<>??. With tnia Zm*U demonauui-m in riew.ifthU metropolis roe- on tncrmftiC. and the Dadoa ...nrtreai onr politi *al me-dinga in l?fil will hare to h- held in sVntral Park. Our people will then be counted y be arre. StLNhS ON THE CARS /NO AT JONFS" WCOO. l-me to'ore fun y. eterJe; the <wm 4f th? 9* c<> 1 aad Ttrd ?rt?s w^ar t< be crowded, tery alloc), ly a* e: n, will p-ofil- (f ,ng U> ttie J<*.-e' vr,? I ?-ei val, <*,y !lb?int Wi.Bied, the "KnMMr IVra ) cretin Kelly?? mid NtvlHl Carnival utOi Rtati " t? u. -mi eg hud beta p forlornly done. iht toot ire! ebocid Lave-i P-Sf'.j boaa lartnod -m car eg," a'tb m oiber-: tost nreatt fmrw, it WW id better bmar the >un icalr idtioB'' lb?i either of the t??r*?tr ??: ? Tbe qr *'ie aa tie car oa which ovr ra,wrier w Bt r'.ijr J'eeutoed 'the i| prtarlmij "feaet,'' ? .-Be M errt ag .bet they had p>ae w 'hnct meat for two do ye. eeaatogetati appetite for 111 hi affair, ird w -e tew. Efl itm to ha ro eouigfa to Ian tb?? til? M*t toiaday." trbcrriaJ that they are 1 ttrjr little for wb*l tbey gtoxtld near, ?>tl ware 'toton* eed t > get all they ao<iM to ?al, ?a,?- a!!y aa *t oat e nb'og. Fart bar mna-'.i of a lor character wren* I- by fn iay, et-i eae grafle rai Oat.7 toad b e Uoihph, aa ha red, "It, prepare the ?ay for what mm to flrtJetr ' Cla amt eg at Jiity tlxtfc itmot ?he erowl n*di> ibe'r way a ae aaetmry i'rvt:ne tw the place of amettog AM we ?nemd tie ?pol the anna! a jb? of the (mehnlly of a ga.t/or . d of poo^te cr be p a n 1/ parcured la the larg- i' B|W if repdera of fimit, ,akm, iagar, aurfa eitaop ?<*ra, h. On# nag aeld ?'f>?og,aa eao tg at oka,** aaotba- bad the aa&a of I'm i ??r r re Prea?<^*?.' outdJate ph!?ted lo wry large iwtere a raa?x*e aad b-jng 'a It?? of bt ib> and iT-t'y otorwud a! pnr*>?e ttat b-' bad ra r* tad ? i> - a? aetro ? .nee tw r*to ?amy b ? Uger and aagart to any parvon eho did a >t cbmae to pay P>r tfiam, | ?a aa (.VicMe) W>?Id make ik? "a" tor at) " fbt ;w- .wot to tbo o'entiea " Tbn urewd did ant eeana ie bo lawptol by ha ?< tea* trim aMetopth at liberality, a oa? b ud .?f . eaaar aw net tiled by a me erMrprletag jdr-JBiSe,ma. | ?ia*U.d ?f the r'ayr r'*^ r( a taryn ceat at ad ah. if the oo a Haye>t lb tb* pie* <d narlDeanam. tbo "attBor ' ra ca rd ?? a reward tor b'e -wowm t? mty flea rwi-ia fb? ?an Srt aa die <-o.t amen- d !?> bam a fraata r i ad tat t ea to "j mp ma afm o" tbaa to may la the <ltab, the iti'f of Aa p* erty rtnol bet i'ltla r' ?*, aa enrto'a ly act atom tbaa oaa fk<r eat of the tannm *?? i leeaee , I?<? The B*a ntah Ae menlTii.( erratr" tr*?l todHm* taiidwsn to r;?lt "too <*?*" ?? a ' nra,'' aad what i.atotor I be po ol etoppnd at, tbe 4?y -r Wad wiUtlnd to Ibat r.iaborof maeart-wn '? TUM WOOD. ?b ator i-e tbe yreand tbo ?yt tig rvetod r? a baaar>r tu: or Ae Tammany can 'idam tor tbo of!?- 4 Prmi -t-a'. ea.1 V on froe'dent, and Uie ?ar wee eai itad erltb tie toartta) atmrfa of a (argn nra?e baad plertaor the toel-rt rt-.rr atraiof 4 "Ito'l 0>lnmbta." Ob rraeblet , tb? opea lib the bead era* bt -mg lit utto ?taw, eaatad at tba toot of tbe prtarlpal ptattorm, ead nm?ito?f by aa attontlra crowd of ! etaomw. tie tba taObeod tide of the ytAway \ largo p em of groead waa earbwad wiA a woatfna taaon, and abonh Area tboneatid yereoaa emrn rathe red ar med (two-tbirda of whom wre hoye nf the "r? wdy" clam) ahoettng, war lag em* itge ard "booriar, their gmaiaat aailaty be-ag to f t (bio eoea? fwinca wUtt tbay etn d be aoar tb? oear-yr, who <n> preparutg to 'eat ep tba bulhwh." to tbo ma ire of the amdomira more right temporary toWaa, emrtod for the pcrpom of bold og the mri woe of ?aawf oar earn, largo alle* af crwAara. tod ??# baaya of bw ware Terr boael'fel y tor Ad are jpr. ,aad en yr/ tempt^ y More U>e gain of the hoagry multitude. At about one ?'dock the oeslaugbt womdcM, and the carver eel to work wttfc a wflt. One table, containing the crackers, fronted on the east side of the unclosed space; another, botuing the large pieces of an oily looking roasted tat pig, laced e west, four others, on which the bread, mutton and eef were cut up, fronted on the south, and the rema ng two, on oae ot which were the piles ot' loaves, and on the other rested a whole quarter of the routed ox, occupied a more qentral position. The pit at shich the ox, the sheep and the hog were routed occupied n place in the centre of the enclosure, and wag about fifteen feet in length by Six feet in width and fo ir feet in depth. distribution or tes food. Am many of the surrounding individual sore qj^xiu <e, aa soon aa the carving commen ted, to he within the pine fence, the police were kept actively engaged, running about, driving the latrudtns out of the -sacred l.oiita," as none but tbu prose were allowed the uue unlets they were legal.j ecgig- d in distributing the t-JOd. Ike bread, having been cat into hags slice?, wan twuded around on trsys, each borne by two boys: sod occasionally, in tba un.ety of the "fam.sned mortals" to get at the atatf of life, the tray would be up set and a scramble ensue. The meal being also cut op in "obutls," were Lite wise handed round, but as "first oome firrt served4' seemed to he the wish of the crowd, a struggle ensued directly any of the pro vis.onr were offered, and, as is always the oase, the " weakest went m the wall," or rather to the oatkgruund of the mob, for by their conduct this part of the meeting could scarcely ho otherwise designated. DKkfhCCTION OP TU FCNCZ. At last tba petiense of the mob began to expire, and fearful that they might not be able to get nay of the gratuitous supply of roast beef, they resorted to physical force, and tore down the pine fences and buret into the enclosure. The police w<.-re in too anal) a force to keep the crowd now back, and b ? voftt dmcjuohtl bckhb ensued. The shouting mob rushed to the not ever steady tables on which were the provisions, and at once overturned them, with the exception of two, ob one of which were large piece? of pork and mat ton, and f t the police surrounded; and the other, being occupied by the principal carver, the crowd reepocted an long aa be ooold supply their demands. Bat nt Inst ho wag ob'iged to give way and have big peat, and an onslaught at once commenced. One mas attired la a puce colored ih.rt was very prominent, be having teeurod a hatchet with which he hacked Into pieces the <1 carter of tba bul lock and the larger Joints that had not until then been mutilated. A scramble ensued to get from btm portions of the several remains, and as faat aa be divided the game se were the pieces wrested (rem him. At last, having se cured a "small morsel'' of about twenty pound : weight, more or leee, be "left the field" to his unruly neighbors. Previous to this, a bag at table salt bad been sei/ed upon by some of the party, and wan thrown high Into the air. sprinkling every one over which It panned with the con tents, until some were in a "perfect pickle." Several times the gaid beg waa gent aloft, sstll nt last the con tents wort exhausted, and the empty bag could not be persuaded to perferm the same gyrations as when par tially Oiled, and It was left to rest upon the ground un less moved by the feet of the rusting crowd. The loaves wove new brought into nee, and a large quantity of guod wheaten bread waa wantonly wastet and destroyed, doubtless by the very partim who three years sines would almost have grovelled to the earth for one of the many pounds of provisions they th is wickedly destroy rd. The broad crackers were n >w served in tun same manner, and an they would, in oonrnooenoe of their shape, fly along with great force and lw:ftnens, they became quite favorite missiles, to the annoyance of raauy persons who Were bit over toe isce aud hoed thereby, at one time about a hundred of three edible* were in t be air together, coining to tbe ground in a perfect shower After the ammunition ol wtn-aleu food bad been expended, tbe liosee and re mauling joints of tbe meat -acre n.-xt thrown at one another, followed by portions ol the fence, and lastly by the i >ur or cracker barrels. These last mwetke* being anything but Itgtu, several persons were felled to?.-by, and -me poor fellow, ricrvug tbe ? .ptn oarl ovor his head, was fog s.>nie partially extinguish *1. Tbe nails that were in the slaves oi tbe S-irrei cut soap* nasty pases la bis countenance, preventing him for a short tun- from extricating httusolf. Tbe po 10, begtou ng to a- ? tr at tbe fen was vtry likely to prov -lamrsroua, a* I wo or-brie Igbla had already -uaned, rnamni la a body anl took tbe barre's ironi too ,.rowd and ' cast It-- u intotha pit," wn.cb lay. sa tl wire.yasnuDg to re et*a tbem. Wr.ilt they wer,- eogmr?} in this oom ip* ud-ole work, the unruly boat aeired upr-n tbe ualy labia that bat been pi-en- rved and began letroi.shiug tba pre V'oaa ih.-reon, and finally theta'da tw-if. ARRIVAL or DOTSLAS. Ai about twenty minupw before two o'clook toa cry of (?There's Douflai," and the postage of two carriages along too pathway leading from the F rit arcane to too hotel, drow oil a portion of U*e crowd in that dirooUoo. As the oarr'ige paaaed tho ltd too' itand or platform, on which there wefo a number of oooplea dancing, tho band ? hereon cbfti*R -d from the lively in. Muro they w., o playing to '?Hall CM rabia." la honor of tba a "tutgu abed parties then patting by. Am tba two andtJatti entered the hotel they ?i re (reeled with roclfi r>tu ducts from thorn there ararnth ?o. /round the hotel the people oegac to gather in th bopo of aee ng the''<a Ulaat 'uiaee but appearance it the deorr m one ef the window*, but la thia they wrraat laid ?on tnced that they were likely to be dtmppoint-d, and \ to begsrt to matter about I e frounds, aims amusli l tbri relrrs a .th ecupplng, ?lb?ra with electrifying then i eelT?-i to any extant tor the "low charge of Uuv cents," wt le a lurlher party, wo , were not lurlaaata aoo.fli to 1 getopweeef th< bullish, began ragaiiag iho-aerivea at I the earl tie > talls w.ih roost hoof, ?aadwktoes, w?ts, aor ' eapsnb* >*irr, ha. Others .sampled amaad a man wlih a baap.. who on.rorrd a mock elect loeeertag speech with (mei ;or ant gusto, to the dr'ight of his a- l'oa-o: ' white chars "urcheaeo from "a branch stand of I the botri" crista rolls of tho fracraat wood, nulled ?rg .ir, a blob IIwy Ut, sad strolled about, ap kr.-oiiy 1 >u toy -at Man'ly. Ke arsaam. ouflaa and oak?o, also met I with purchaser* as 'I d peach a and p era. the nappy ' (."tiip'nisr man had the eompaay of one of the wgtir I ???" p?i her to the platform oa which th* ewaetog was m. and yutar J to the torpdehursaa enjoyment, w th>- an >tc of a band twenty strong. HM example wa? ! followed by a fbw otbero Tb? dontcb bagpiper Mow oway with ell his might, bet did but attract so largo aa I auairrrte as dpi thr one playing ?a the In ah plpea, or ' lbs pei.r old blind fddler. Tbu meo of polities strutted 1 about with Unoglaa oad Johoooa ribbons ta tnetr nuttoa be>cs nr aw their hau, white so rue poronas of a qaleter I triioneeaamt oaMeated themaetres merely with par bsaltx a Cma'l portrait of the candidates, eaolnaed la a brass naaitg aad glssad, wt.oh they hutgn taoir but ' lues by mtana of rtbbobs. I'b?t>grapha o> the nomine* ot ?TurnTany ' were to be purchased n sJltoybs sod* a I si use, aad medals ware u> be bad (Mr rery mail ana of ntnaey. as two o'clock began to apprach the crowd aga'a ??ambbhi ae.'on Ike yardao and water treats of the b-tel, and oe> ur> ed petotKios an the rail lag* ul the weal rdr uidoatbs bUouoy at lh? aa>t, each iryine to ha before the otbe* le ft we the ftrft obeer to the oandidatee a* w>on aa tfcty made tbetr api>eaeai..,e, la tka weaatlme llama lag to tba Deed tbera oiatleaed rmxxwaraai rwntc ma mm t? tm PLatrow*. -Wordy after two o'clock 'he can t tolas sod ibaCr frirede fWen cd ito was'an, two by two, with th- ear captiea of where the acted iwdtr dual* lkema?' rm werw, Who were kappot - l oa either side by s fr'eed AS I bey paaard ?je* g the oread fbr asm abort time ooaid sot Ml wbkh wars i> > iglsi aad i <tumna i>.?m the rest, bit when one maa, painting dIractir to '.b ? two teuditotas, and by h >i<t j (? la.mteg who ti ty ?ete "txsd tee Identity ut M>. p. I a, ???ro? faint ?lion (He tore made u , ( t p a "4e>ar, wilhC't ?uch aWMM rbe wruwda hagwa b> Peck towarM ipetaatapltof rm mwtiht.'St dcr* esie i- Man srhitu ?i l4 in ?sr-mb-age, si n ?e ..'ubes >n lollose l f>en(nf to the tr mt rf tba a- ad noma aa* r. msrbed Chad1 "MhOMI ?w i t enough w > *t up the Litua tflant, great aa ho wot " TBA rI STFOUM wae decoratad with lisgs and baaoera auai>eadad fr-ea t c tram, sad with tne baanera of Ike earlouc ward elsbe wb > were atraauy oa the gr> ind. A large rowd ef ftt tm.' war- ? n too ulatf >em, h wad m the rartoua steak era ?ad the bocd. As Ooag'as aad Juhuanr tdrsaond t> the i (Vet tbay tmre gre?te?t w th 'Mat ehasso, wh''J> they si saervt by e, -r*<ria .I'y wsrlts their hau, WMah they bad prey " sly r< 'UU> ed froro thulr Ixedt Tbe ? hours I ?n->n.y ?>v r bepsste Mlue?w, as tba paoala ba*sn le he mrriw-i ib.l they were rheeriag ike right mno rt?or?lr siw r lh-4 theS'Seutb Wsr l Club, i -iwaedol ty their ha'. 1 sen s haaoer. larlMCtM by a g- idmi eagle, sod a brv* . hand. > * ere> lip fr?ind?, an I ibatr principal men h?>s I op the'r pesitKs no the left of lha ?pMwi. ratsiag 'he banner gltft fMrtkg thtr time the . > ?i p- ? ? . ?> i:r>s*" t< ry rap'itly. er? ry oar, eeem nrly, be<ag mm plrtely pse*r d when tt srrtrsd at the oaresr of the stead leading to iooee Wood. I Wd.t Mr Tr'.moot wae ehoaan rreoldeat *f li ? meet la* he berwi ?<idrke?tnr the rrnwd, bn> as hit Tale* meld 1 n.d b" !.<*? 1 IB th-em iraef Ike me?t<eg they look op 1 the ewe Of b*erteg efcea they aotmnd tkoea la Meat do ! so and smwtl"i?d 1? eroiuH rery sp.wr at tbst they i were often cheer?<!? when they raa'ly mtgkt not to do no I Tbeee aa the eater side rwtwstnod udtet, and, }'? tglag by . the medals asapeodod ffo0, the r rests, they oe mged mostly to some mber perty thai vhit tm sDich the meet lag was called tnfthrr to tapport AMOTMim fitnrtKut wnrD rKMOhtnk ooi upieil the attention > f n tare i-"tloo M th? crowd, rta: own if lha r'ggwrs empl -yod to Hi tho r-pe oa wamh Btoud a In to ws'k, nod *rb? wis nlcrit* to n fear ful height shore the beads nf the people, bolng ruspeoded Mm the main rnya la ? but. ftmaa peranas said the ?? man was mtor'ag a gey ?*T blmaelf,?, bat be wen only "? copied to tiling guya to tho t ght mps, a order to keep it the mora Only during the pert lead walk sf the par ftrww N I About half peat two several heavy were die cb?rgad at the MwlMI pier asnouao.iif Ue um-lag uf the United tJevrnlh Ward Clubs, >n winch Aidvrntan Bode waa very prominent. Tb.a party i.umbered ov its buiidred strong, and ware aecomiMoted b^ a piece of ordaaoee, a braes band and tbrea banners. On >ue uf tbe WUer waa ihe following very cur,one motto or Ktatemant, whichever may be oonai-lerrd tbe correct dee if nation ? ISo we travei through life a uneven waya on a I'ttW ; Douglas poey ; ha is inable two forty, on lb* Ufbt i inlng Use, art a {tarter ahead under a atrong pull j bit aiM a-.aiv 5 l I- ft a.v? Coup. * A fvtnwvw*' { iacb member ot tbe two ciuba bad a wbHe ribbon sua ptndrd from their bi tte n bole or pinned to the collar ?f tbclr coat, and an which waa yr.uuxl In black tbe follow er? J iLLbvesTH Ward Due-.-as and j->hsm.v Ciul i 1 OBoasr/en Jrn 38, 1860 1 Tbe 1-reaiueut C. ? Lowe, bad a blue ribbon laatened to hie coat, bar ing oa It the same an no tbe wblte, eg cepl tbe additional word "Presided " Tbe pruceaetoo waa an uaiun of tbe Anglo Same and the Genua Demo cratic Clubs of tbe Seventh ward. Alter marching from tbe wbarf in proHt>?,oo, on ar riving is front of tba piatform tbey tired n aaiute, tun tarmarcbrd, then halted. Bred a second salute aud die uerred, tbe banner* being p aced ia poalti >u near tbe platform, la tbe neighborhood of those of other oluba. I'i to long nflar three o'clock tbe crowd kept on In creasing in number*, and one person waa beard to quote Sbakspeare aad any? Tbe cry ia still they 00me. Up to that hour It was estimated that over twenty thousand people ware present ou tbo grounds, about five tbouaaad of those betsg moot of tbe time in front of the platform, the rest being scattered around during tbe pre liminary speeches, but when it became known that .John son waa gdoreaslng tbe people, the number around the mala stand increased to about fifteen thousand, the re maining five carina mure for lager nod oysters tbun for a political speech, although that waa tbe mala object of the meeting. THE PLATFORM, m WHAT WAS SEEN AND SAID THEREFROM. When Mr. Douglas bad Mr. Johnson were wta to ascend the platform the enthusiasm which their appearance evoked waa Haltering in the extreme. A tuoccasion of hurrahs, which, from the immensity of the crowd, wore nlifioit deafening, teat!led to tbe appreciate in which such distinguished candidates ty>r pnbli 1 favor were held by their admirers; theas, -n oac compact maaa, rapidly crowded about tbe stand, and, as the sympathetic eager ness to hear the speakers rose and fell, moved now hers, bow there, like the surging* of a sea. When the multitude, which bad been swaylsg to and fro la ebthualUtio anticipation of tbo proceedlt^s to come, had at length subsided into a condition of compa rative quiescence, H< n. Jons R. Bbiosh appeared oa tbe platfbrm, and requested that tbe audience be stllL In the course of tba few remarks in whloh be subsequently addressed the amemblage he called tbe meeting to order aad nominal* d for CBAIftMA)! MB. AUGUST EXT.MONT. ? Mr. Belmont's appearance elicited tremendous cheers. Die efforts to make btmaetf beard sere so futile thst be waa obliged to content : maalf with retreating very shortly from the stage, ait.. Lis appearance there Iter a lew moments had falltd to quiet tbe popular amotion. Tba following lb tbo nnticH or mm. august bklmovt. Fbliow Iifmockatw?T tbaak you moat oordWHy tor tbe honor which you confer up n me by permitting me to preside over your deliberations on tbts oooaalcn. (Cbetra.) It Is av occasion the Importance of which cue not be impressed too much upon oar minds. (Ap pinnae and crtea of "Bravol") We have come t ogetber in order to pledge our atip; >rt to the nominations of our rational and State oonvetulooa. determined to withhold tbe tbiity live electoral votes ef the great Empire mate from Abraham l.tneoia?(prolonged cheers)?and this to save this glorious repcbltc from tne horrors of dis union aad anarchy (i.-ud-taeers ) We have come to getber to listen to the lieirt stirring eloquence ef our no ble and gallant standard hearers?Stephen v Dou as, th? bole and C-ark an of the const 1 tut lot, nd the rights of the people, and fferscbel V. Johns-hi, the pair ot nod tbe atatenman. (Ren.-wed applause nod cheers tor P-mgtM and Johnson ) In order to share thu rare prtvt lege with yoo I have nacr's.a"! the pl> istng duty of attending tbe celebration by wta'.eh the city of Cleveland Uooored tbia we--- tne memory of an Uinatrtoos kinsman of my family. It ia forty seven yearn itnoe the gallant Perry fb't^Ul and oonqnervd, idler u most bl -o-ty etrugcle against MMmamtawfw o ld-, tbr on- n-lea of tain country -m lake -Vie. (Ot-r* ) let ne thin day pledge - ar - ailed and unwavering eriergf a u; n?ht und oon-i-ier the rae-n?ea of the constitution anl tbe I.nt-w arrayed urt nut te by Boetleen' Ibnatlc-sm North and H-wth (One-, .f--t\ vtnwh p the Msady bltca republicans.") 1 Kn-.w WU hare iV irf): -nlds to .:<jnf'-ed 1 against , btit we are fighting for tne main*, -nance of eur I beloved and blaaer 1 I'al-n. and tbe aacreditoas of our < tarte ro-al n ? ? us th< victory i. -ud applansj.) M ' os, then, aHancc to the ch* ge, atd th* llonheaned 1 democracy of tbts vast rspub'ie, t'rom (be Atlaetio to the j Pacific, will la N'uftmbor neat inscribe on its hanoars the 1 wemorahls words of P- rry, "Wo bare met tbe ? 'ny aad tbey are euru " (Y-viflsraua cheering ) ft Von*?We'll give then, a broadside that'll sweep | tbair doubt. Mr Bti mart?No*. ptat i-itnoo, tfco Roti Thoraoa 0. T tIJ wl : r?-ad to you the <f the VlM PrtwtdODtn. Th* nunc* of Ue ?o?oi><lary officer* wtro time read sod 1 adopted m folkrwi ? vie* rHK-iDirv is. K B Catt.DC, >i .fh U'l'U-ua !rr?lb, (>?> Daaglao, J.xai J. Bradley, N ;hoU> Wrnotte, A. V. Str>u?. Imac Ball, tiro Rob Murr, tmjui n Wood, hTJab T Piirdjr, '? Ctenfi, It B. Slrbbma, tiro S .Saodera, Amlrnw II. (,r?eu, (?do. W. MoLoal, i'otor D jtrei.y, U J. T i'U-j, J Vdolpbo Wo ft, fJ''""* '-A*10". J ? JMoRdfca, I Nathan C Plait, Wit C. Coaaor, a lAwmuoo, B ob. k. iMij. MrMUaOid, ?.. <? Cornell, P. a Jiuooa, Tho*. C i irld, W<w!ej ftatUi, i R ? bard Bualned, A. V Wllliama. John Dim-md, Audi* Krnmrmi, John Cmibraae. U?o. C. >??l, 11 a. CuBMiij, A. Am. it bod, Cbaa A. food*. J. X M. Matter, A. Dajro B Ur.Ab ,l. >.-emlab Lambert, Ueury Rood, I"bua 14 -'.wJon, Wro Minor, Dr. duior, fvtjma Bock try, M. i. Ikaonaa John iverr, r ? your *??!/, ' rbu?. V. Moofbrr, Juki 'labour/, DtbL r. . *o.?.aa, Cb*o. M CooDiUy, A 8. Vueburg, iiufhRal:/, J'to Rofork. Edwd C Watt, Joua Ur.aru ?ay , t%?. W B?kor, Win. H louoatJ. Jotoa drya >, JwoR %nltb, IMrtck Itenry, Joan 7. H Afaamrlaa, Tnrmcr Parley. Van I Kob.neou, 1 Aon Aid Taylor, lirnry IV Ganel, Tbaa R llavM. Jaa I. killer, 9. *. 'Vatlldge, Roo. W. Jackoot,, I?aa< Itolwla. C. I* S b*rmortaura,R?bl llcrimutt, Jaa. I . Imrahaa Jobu - Cilea, Wa. Honrr, Jaa J Huronu, Bob! L. CuUlny. luatph Uirarll, Wm H Holland. P arm C Kane, Prod. Voltee, (iilbnrt M. riatl, Jamee Monroe, ft n,.nt llmuy Jam** oaiaacMi, Jnhr Vaaee Rtobd C Uway, K mi hard Murpby. Jobn walan. Hoot O WU.rnr, r. M Maluary, Joba u. MuCabd, Jaa. M. AmiUi, Miebaol Boac, Mlcbarl Tlai-ua; C A amiUi. K. J. Rbaadley, Jobo Ma'4?ar<a, J. MoLood M J ? Bmoo.oc, Wa H aaarar, *iraard Rrliy, Andrew Clark, V Itrata ; vacua, Prior Mitahrii, rdwart Hillny, R'chard Sn"'r?d. ,fl8a Kt-Hy, Rroboa kaalay, Va. D. Kroatdf, fb. M. Twaod, Jobb A Urltn, O. ' tlaadorfar, f. O Urndy, Gaa. t! Barnard, A. I. Plaary, Palr.ok Korr.a, Jaaww CnoDotly, Ooorgo Koator, J. E WlUioaa, Obbtat V. Mama, to'lb Ely. Jr.. Tbaa Klvba, V J. Ptaak. ? O Brow or, John Oaary, Joba Murpby, Joba RksbardM. Vllana Small, Jaa. Marptiy, Oaraa Elaaay, J. T. Baaafr. Jr., dao Law, Cbaa. MeBr.aa. *? C. Crrw, 'Nivur CbbrlMfe, Joba H. *nt<obji, mar McKntcM, V. ?. Bayra, Bra,. l atrcbild, K. J. tiraat. Baary Bart, Robt. B Bradford. Haary P. Watt, C. Pwarj hamar. fowl. Wood. i>mm|Bi Oarlbw. A Malaraa, J. It^faU H?at, IWTiao H OawMB, Thoa. B. Tapiwa. Vnarlby. J. H Maaaure, prfor y. Catw, C J. lofoCarty, C. *trk Ma wail, V F Baramayer,/. T. Huffman. famm M. Vnlwaa, Daatal ? t.omaua, Janow I /nca. After a cbaarisff. ao yaboott nl fur aararai mlaatoa aa odkta' oflbrt could obaek it, Mr. Jaam A. M- tfaarra, ef llaa JVwaibb'i/MBWaf. read like aufa^o naJ laoolui oar wmmtvmm. Knaol??i\ Tba* in tbia l*rtw dantlai oanaaaa iw ta lroarulad to tba Aatorteaa poopla Uie laaua. 'o?rly I Hard, wbotbar w will lira la I bo Culon aa It b. undrr tbo aoart tutirwi aa o ir laibnr-amdo tt, or wbot'.or wo will porwiu aoe'loarl partloa to araripfuto >m no now M portmobto rf cavoramoai, at tao ? <wa of diauo '?i aad cltrll war. four Irod Th.t tbo aatteaal irmaeratK' ptrty. la la |W? boaornd plattorni or pru c'r.'wi roa '.rn>?-t it, > In It* fyilmr i miaatt io*, cm ib'- oalydtat -rt, aat'cr-uwry, ad(<,nair aad adxtiro aaaaa of porpotooi Dj tb? Co?.?a <>l II..' piat ?. and m bar moo ?.n I tltair tar- 11 r?-'? and w* ara tboro.orr aotnontn-l mmt aaratotly ta "ry on all I 'D on krrta* atoa tbo doty < ? i tatirg thr" rwlaa m fawnr ol tbo graai nbampioa m tbo llnlna. tbb bnrnia aa ?ortir of all iw . naatttiitl wal libnr- ra aod all u omati tuDonbl nbliaafoaa ?topbnn %. t'wftaa tnd tt mo worthy aaa ?oai. m tbo c-Vtl, Mw boaor. I baa ut tba ocaib. Bald ii< i v Jobaffaa. ItranlTe-i, tbal tho rnyn!?? VftmtmMtab of tb? party in tbia ^lato, baonac adnj.t?o an oiortoral tv-i A lia %oc-w Oanop wl'.i tbo uaof*a of tbo party, aud ?tano rum Hot , I'tr 1 at charkwt. r ?<k1 *?*l <t> .it i in....' hi. r??yt ?? of tba aaaraattawa wbku aootirui;~# ttirm, piouynd to tbaanawirt of Ikntyiaa *'l Wit*f ?. rail upon all raboorrattoa aad Pair a moo in rally to tto otippnrt, thai !u te a oMi ntt tbo qaari <u nnhm or ? ti.ol.w, tt.1, ibrr?f..rr all mm of ranarratirn princl r (dm can moreb iibdnr mtr bonotr In x '?t trrooo trl tnnpli tbat wr rmfra ibr ftUowtap rw'twda uaaol. nwotaly aAnptod hy tb* ma* m?'li.( of 'ho \?t"? tl 0m Ttatma, hnld In tbo Para oo tbo Mil' >4 fotpt -inbor, MM, nr. itmnlTMi, That wbllo w* rarnratly dwtr* thaaordlal and pormaamt nnlna "t tba damvrai W "art?, wr ara ad moaiabad, aa trail by rraaau w ny daarty p ir burnt aa BMwrm. tbat on uaina oar l>a altbor aaooaaV. I tt ii?kra hnl ?nih aa la fnondod <w iwrtrnt' t In pnarfploo tbat ail olUmpta to ratahlwb <tr maiatbw a unnm bi twaaa utnaa <h <vm: < aoatiaaoata. by wbatoTor nam* <1 may badlfD had, M but a ooali'ton boatila to bartno ateataetuia, drtanrali-ag ia all ite toodrm- *, doo rw ttTOof tbo lawnwto <M tbo doatootw'o rorty. tad IMTI (ably Iradiaato .irfoat. a oropdoa and dtagrwo Rraolaad, Tbat u.o eoaaaa of iba prtarnt fodaabl ai ?Hairtm'oa.rtaue adto bo damumai -. in pmeepfbia# V*o and foitbfol teaxmato iff bbMbor raabaa tRaa tbat they snrT.vt the vera' ? gemta** ? th? l?mo--alle "arty, a*e.-r w ant w,J re.-j- < <*tr* avrHM ?f ?il f?tr g- tod rU .Mi't honorable iu?i. an *u evidence of geltisb nndkC t ri'C ? snd pereet?' revenge urk . v. to <?.:r ttriors M * lJ m>d, ud jiiworthy the ciitrtiter of statesmen flKiai 1111 'tie r-*st?' u>d c,nlVieo-e of tbo Amer'oan people lift ? e?d, The *? \rrcoy ratify the nom,nation* for Hluto re mt'te by the convention of the rentier d'-mo. c?iii p""f aes.nihied at h'yraf re Anguet If, 1W0 ?hat .a W Ke.'y, Wi'.lfam V. .Uleo, Wlltiaoi W. Wright a'i.1 Wii .am C. Rh<?di<g, we recngo ?e rtl 'M amo. g the m et oiu neat of the btate, representing the various in'eeeete end .net ions of the con monwealth, and that inelr etn.tu.n will tie a tore guarantee thai the wiee und eno .oirical pr'p'.rlea of the democratic party wtU ha rr'oat.r'. rutr.! in the admnistratioo of the s'uve govern 111 ML t. Tn the reading if theae resolutions the popular nanae of approval waa Ireq ;eut.'y sxblbiled 'iy vociferous ohtere. SPEECH OF HON. HERSCHEL V. JOHNSON. Mr. Jog.vsna waa then introdrvd by the cha'.rmhn of the meeting, amid a renewal ol cbtrs th -t were itbacl' tely deafening. Be said:? I moat cordially thank you Tor the enthoaitalks greeting that yor tare extended to ma opon thia oocasww.. I am h-rs "rum the itecth, the sunny ud constitutional Sooth, in obedience to a 'til at onco rr?ea ing ud pleasurable, extended to me by your oorom ttee, to addrrm yon npan the great political questions that are , Involved in tba pending Presidential eanvaM. (Oheers.) , Tbo real multitude of freeman that I eee before me far- | mrh unm talari-able evidence that the great aftd betting 1 poDular heart of thia country .? moved ud agitated by | tba crlala which i? now force 1 unor ? by the p'~*?iiee of | political event*. I feel that it la good far u(, feimw elti sens, to he here. , Here the crowd became romevhat unraly, ?? much no, in fact, that Mr. Belmont waa somprilc-J, noVur inlaws, to I interfere with and implore a mora decorous regard for , Mr. Johnson's prewnce. Cries of "Keep atill, won't I you'You will hear hatter for, 'f you do, than bow," ? Koep back, plaza;" "Bock, bsuk;" j were the exclamatlone by which the obstreperous ten- ! dci.clce of the mare were auppreaaad. J net M mvtt?ri ware aaaemiag an aspect of oc mjarative orderlincia, the j Eleventh Ward Douglaa Club made Its entrance from the I gate, preceded by a darning banner ud uproarious oud, and followed by at laaal dvc hundred unlet rifled reta.uur*. At thf* point there wcra ciiea of "Our friend* from the Wovenih ward are here, ' then there waa a mighty com motion on the platform, ud a manifest diepoeiti. a to a loud volaed expression of friendly fbcling svj>ry?b re. One gentleman, unconscious, no de bt, that he wan ? E.b ti?t plagiarist, announced at the top of hie yolce '.hat "The ery is, 'st'll Urny ? ime.' " When at length the speaker's velOS began to be heard, notwithstanding tb* ruhaidiag .'.esaand i of gentlemen who desired the speaker to "go on," ud that, too, ?n l the aurgings of a crowd that awayod baikwaid sad forward la tba most uncontrollable mtarer, and despite the Aery efforts of a demorltratiro cannon sr, who belched forth his Douglaa thunder without the slightest attention to the propriety of she occasion, which were obviously held la decorous regard by Judge Douglaa hlnastlf, who sal directly behind Mr. Jshnsost, muffled up to ths throat la a ?<arso blue siir tout?when, at length, we say. Mr. Bvworr tst-rf. rol, ?n-t k jaouatrun'logly aa'd:?Gentlemen, unless yb keop qntet tt will he impoaaible for ue to proceed?the oon fustoa ceased, and Mr. Jommox weat on?Fallow citizens, If you wild all

staad go let la your positions, you will beta a cicdlMoe not only to hear the beet, but to be the moat contented of audiences and fbo must comfortable of itsicasrs. ("Order.") Ttis oorwston that nas brought togeiner Is one of momeotocs int?re?. iThe rattle of a hiintlog thunder el iud for a ntomvnt interrupte l the geatle uau's speech.) The questions that now agitate us are queeno. a that do, as they ought to, agitate the puh'h mil fr< m one extreme of our country to the jlher. (At ibis point Mr. Johns n was taforrupted by the excitement whleh had been oceMioned by the blatant bead of po lcomco who, having seised on an unfortunate dissentient, vk '<mt Yf epeted him, assld ories of "Pat him out") tt is be ocmlng la ns as freemen, that in th r .vioilngen v we m.v-t pf ether,and that weahoulddispatalooately cmai '-,r wt it la oar duty la ttate m ment .oe rrUls. (Cbeere ) The .great democratic party of the i'a.tcd Plates 'a the pne-mt day is now an ordeal which will test its Integrity to- reserve Its g verwmewt for tn-? future an t ha* preserved It tw the put. (ttieeni and "hi, hll,") We hate a happy country. (A voice?"Tb>.>c"aanoa.") We have a wtae fwwail lite price of '.evolutionary blood. (Confusion and eriea of "Order.") We barea great I'aloe, 001 tecrated by the prayers of Qbrjttlaa patrtuiiom. (Cheara and criea of "thank ttad tor Urn ") And yat yoa are called upon U thla wonntry to decf-l * wb "her t'.e ooMtitutioo of oar country * nil i>e preset. A la .if in tagrity, ana wbethur thin lama, with all -to bieoe.ugs, ?bail he beaded down to ?*r Meet prater 'y, or wbeti r It ehall be torn Into fragment* at the bidding of faaail gw ana eecliowwltaa. (Orlea of ?? Hurra"') This great democratic party of the Uatted <vatea ia a divided pany. We are aeparatsd by achlaua. Tt ii e'en tlut ae ?h?-1Id inquire wbaaoe the uoceaalty for ejeh a rieton aaiaie la thla great pol-.toel br-therl . 1. ?fee there ever a per - d, felt- w otti. ne, n the I lalery oi our republic when we cr.j. yed aura protection ur watm wa were crowned with t icher bieeela; , wbeo '*>. r re otived a m-?r* remcncrative r tart .. t<l ti.- cir ntareel. It '.a* been uaid by that d.. cage mied stave-tea who la ta>: great head end bM of tne refubtlcaa p*rtj , t' at .r guveirmeot, iln.e the year Ir-J0t proved a fa lure. |Tbat nweriioo Waa folio we-1 b.. aom* disturb ? oa and a very eaaphatlo contra lie' on? That'* a Its " lest your minds eboul 1 ha impose-: upou b, allil.*, I bag of yen to deaida this qcnetioi, for yo-reeiv.-*. Why, ttr, an far from ear mvemmect being a faV-re, R ha be "it oo eont need a i . uaH rabid ourco of j rogre?? ? rr??loir and fl -rr?(*)?vad ton m s~-ry ate ? ?e nave ecolaved an -w pgaltoh . beer neh'yved by net r Uu oauaa of hwan.ty, of li jsau Hhertf* of hu a?. u*i pia?*a and of hutuan . .r, ntta*. f iieenf "T: *? s* ? ) Gi-lrmphnl* per a moeoeot oar rat d grrw'b ia al. the rlrnxaia of neMonal prosperity ai.d graa'.nua* while we wars weak. Whan our awUognl career of giory and rr m Blty began wa were but Unrteea "uhw? sp*ra-?'y , ?d?scatteredaioag the Allaatle e eat?mnovr-'e'.--d by eeven years' eavotutloa, thraugb which our fb-l era mar-toed w vtMMwtiee ol the right# and !lbert>e* we ?awewja*. Me* w# nuuaar thirty three *t<-*a, ocvar lag all the from the Atlantic < oast to the fertile *tu-rr* of the Pac'Su <)e*as,aa4 from the nro/eo ragloa of th" north to the perpetually Sowing bock* of the Dr'f of M*xton (Applause au-l or!-*o' "o-j ' ) -rear nil these Terr"oeM yew aoe ?nattered thirty (B:l!l->n of free wee In toe - i>-yiaeut of thrift and kir-?.^er ty Oar Tefriiorb* are ?>w -JoIts-1 all nrer w th toe -v.imams >f , a b'gb aid yat adTW><*?g^ivi|if*ti'ai--<*ic'vet,-?, re.i yme. ledaetry?f" -Jooa boy.")?eaterpraw, everything that -wotrtboies to Ouroaa atevatiue ant toe- maa beep' M *# ' '? e-i,t. I to urn rye <0 WWT : uid, on every titU an! Mandate tnp, atory glta and valley, and oa -rbry : MM I'M ,B(5 qmm ? WMarar aide ynu 4 reel y-wr goer, wbrr-r-e yoo i.ra v-rey?e nrer at r i rood terr -wa . : Vh-Vd lb ? en if t cacaoes of tbr ft, of lad -? ? a tb tfd pror^.-iy rCbeer* a-d rr-w of "Watt, - ' ?e ym f-ik-w wti-?ne,'f ?-i?h a piet- f prveraii- to ih* o od of the ft r ae-l -an gla ?je ?? ito* in o r govefLmeu; ii a fa'lerr ? of ? Wa, no ') t a ro fatln're. (<><ee i f S t a bit af't. Tt O* n't '-o '") Bo* to thl* ?v lent -fi.-y ' u .1 Oc?s a la '--re?.a a- far that - oetart-a have bees thrown 'a the way it nr -awtrd m.m- of el h praepnity, and by ; *'t? daparlcrer "uti tb' -royla'oi e of the ciret t-it on if -cr (altera?(he cMMtit-'tinw oader wb <* era Im (Ua-eea) -vheuer r inu prtor.'o ?a -f orr CO0"t t'irtoB ti ? ' ' been r -late !, 1- .1* ?j -.rit dcr ger! i, to ' .at rt?of. ni l ttht ooly. tb--re er---1? ?* "fin a->urb ry Ret It le tlto aoa, an I It hae beer true tbro-'Wh-ct ail the par', nr.-1 th-- ua' w:i- be - i-n/y lr i? In UtoUturs, ttwi *be awwatitoWM under ?B"-h wa lire g|the re-y -?"at d?v ' at? <-h Cowan Ingaw ty can nac- t-1 the p -rpeae <4pmUHug free W*e la W? et, oyit not ui lliir r'eii*, h'ndiog togetb-r to r^ra e--4 t r-wory theaa r. e'e jrr*t-<J State*, so that eanb ruts may muc<> n ><* ownpafeeraaf ngkt. ef galy aedaf powar, *?4 that the Ir-ir-a? ?jv'ram--i.l war ?.an oio-.e ui .to appr [ rlata ? -?Were.- r'-nipgito at'eira a> f?> u tee p-iw r rj tr-iVdl- t ftw " aeagtng thnw^iugt wb h (wru'n lo "ItVMMf - arto'cro*! p-cper ty?aceh a^tiitstl-e* l?-y, rtr.-l y i-.,ij?r?-l to lb to" lo*.' re, will brlijj m(- a rhihor fruit* t"lto those H bar rod t?> u> lo th* pit C*hc irt ) Tt w a gb-rl'e* -otlr-pai oa fir > ? t? gian ' awrg ib' '-wa <* rutaiw i*rti a r i, all Teer'trr ' j vre B0? ?ir r to if bv -*ar* ed ap IWto ? -rrr-f. "tied, hovered by ? free and * str ,.ir pr | l-t,aa?f a-bea our pop Ut??w, Irer-w-i "f hd-og fhtrty million et tow Will lie ifersa b-nloetml. --- o'* great, rf? a"d t.nari , "opic.- fsj-i * - ?)- ?b ?? Ooc'^ |) e fe>nre w *0? it (belli g prnod th?I or l? >? An- ? *? e-t read (hrtvti) wbo w It that bae the hawrt t ? indnlge in ear wir? -"f po lity J in i-wpeaa ->?r Rgfali o- r rtrar -d jwwai-erlty, rti t !e, ??" a iw of W-i'cy /? on tl.e |Wft -'toy r?Mmo or any f-ott" i*l i-irty 'ifmen, wbirb mlgl't rwanll a the 'ereranee af to ? grea- ? inter hi i ?f vi*i?a,at. J the ?st ig-uf m of that m gbt end gp.r'rwe etor "f hnpd whirl, fc * n-u ert< ? ? lan.-il mod an -mired ?*, and wh'ct. rn^raregrw the d--wntrol4r wetlor* M th?* eart.. to too* ior ward te tb* ll.-ie w h-n th y ten mv en,,'?y lb* bUaeioge of i.hej y, ?hi b m e been be- nvtboj t-i nd (Ch rya ,u?d i r*n of "trav;- ") PeNntr cit ren*. why *bc d w* i-?<* >t, with i-ur - entry aa It la * wuy- ahMUt anybody vwtii or Wnath, Hb*t or W?at, ba dm--on tew tod with -mr 1st, er I a. . **- - ? . .A tn . I let I%e1. lha ae e*W> _ ? . t , f .t.U t_ . bedWpo* 4 to 'mtnrb^lh* ey egtor r-rl-r of tl ing*. b" diep *ol to kindle tb" drrg of fbrlM and I tan ird a-rmnt br- threw and dtosevsr aa and d'veri na rmat th*t p-? 1 pathway to tiannual t' rabuwr and wh h w ? are tees l!bg With a r*i>M <J onkooww Vi the hi*-, try of -.he et .i-red wt-r-df /it ears, awd arise H "That * so. *p1 we*h .|0't ym ' ) frut til t nab yog m, why nbeo'd d.*tii"rata v dteeetaHtou (Ol*W of "Vnwe in wor'dWhy ?b-,uM th"r" be n note of d asnfd tbew.gho-ah the ran ad o* the ?attaaei I aieetotle parte from ews eat rem* of '?? r^etb fto to the rfbar ? (i\-w? awd ertd?-f "Wegbrt View, '?Hor") *? tt * k'??tori sal ft* that cur g.'veron <?t throughout ill the past baa beat the main gu> **o m ?i?J ("rector of tbe democratic poltoy. (Cheers ) Vtmterer of preatDeae, whitov'r (f gbry -a a g :.cle ' wo k -ve achieved mitt on i)l it due to democratic poli"?, nod to the iu)min:*ir#tion of democratic leader* (J ?. . cheers IS front of platform ) I say itiu ft tbi from or .m* dissatisfied it -hocld b? a tourer of pr'de and co'igrat la Hoc to ovary democrat In everv section of ,--.r our ry tbat bo bole ops to that great political organize oo through wbosr nefrumtuUl.ty this gourumeEl acd'b.s oouatry have grown and warret strung from toe weakness of tafbr.oy to tfc? strength ol tbe preat r; of tbe W *t. (This allusion to Mr. Douglas drew forth r'-tii.'siooa cheers, Md three estrafor the "Mule ') Whai hr.t produ od these divisions? Whr Is it Uiat her a k ew York and in all tbe mates north of Mason and D t a's .ne, and tbio igbeut all tbe South, you od one portion of thr Irmocrttlc party at war with another portion What e thr n->jee? tf for such s division of tbe perty? Why, you are tud tba' it is nrctaaary that slavery receive at the hands of Cong. aet. lrgiflativo protection tn tbe Territories of th i "u toil States. In other words, tbat the Googrer* of tt> United States shall depart from the greet principle of v. la ar ventton wbicb has teen estab.mhed as a pern, aaent and ?le 1 baa.s ol vsu.ement betwrn the S .ril ana the eio ;tS fb? the pornoso ^f'ntrrv<*:ii#; I'frmat'ivs^- r the- " rr. tortee fur toe direct protection or slavery. Now, Allow, eiti.eos, 1 beg leave to secure your respectful and careful attention for a few moments whilst 1 the ?, mw tton tbat is prr;cende4 >d this new policy, sought to be Inaugurated n onr country, tn what is to be tbe effect of it?1? inquire whetner it is good faith a the part of the North r th" I'outb to dcparc frcm that pitu-.jle of nun intersect on; whether tbat departure is likely to roec.t in good to e tber section of the Union, or, on the contrary, whether a persistence .n the demand for Otugrme.nuul pro. tectloe sr.ll not nave lably lead to a Hgseembarmsat of tbe Ciron without br'ngug a corresponding benefit to any party or any ceotioo of ocr country. Yon remenber, felmw citizens, the oc u-focea tbat transpired in the bit/ of Char esion iu? ~g the :> ? inblage of the Mat.onal i*i morratic 'Ymseotiom. /' Y'?yea ") Up t that "id time?let ma ark you?did yen ever bear a ayUatfo of oomplainl coming up fro a:;, quarter of the Jnioa are foresee to tbe ;uestloii of protection in thu Te.r,. ?. e?? (Cries of "No, no.") Wbo demanded It' Wv > ariced It? (A voice?"Jefferson Davla.") Wis there uuyboJy in Urn Territories who had slavery there tba. des red lta being piotreted* Was ther- ary "tate tn the "nlon. on ?ept tbo -late of Alabama, that '. .tcre l a word of c *i pla'nt, orb syllable of demanu upon '.he CcsvenMon or spun Coui revs far the loauguritl' a of such fc policy ' ("if >, no '*) 1 aek r?c, then, op to that hour, ac far aayoa cr I know, or beliere, or are informed, do y a not know that the gr-at lat.cnal demgcratlo patty was a au'.W (A"Yes, It Tbat we were united as a band of brothers North and South, (orlea of "tea'' and Good.") end that we perfectly unJ_reiood each other? Wc thought tku It is great qccr.Uob tf ag tat.on h*d found .Is repose upon tf.te basis of compromise?the dootrme .if not Intervention?sod that It was out hecafefurlh to oe disturbed And do you not believe, fellow cil.zeus, If we had rrme net harmonious, If no schism had been jntro duced at Char'caton, and no new demanl made _p"n tbe ucmocracy, do you believe that there would have been a note of u.s.oid in aU the ranks cf the natWoul dimocrat'.c party in this contest? (Cries of "So.") Vo you ml believe that we would have marched or. to victory in this contest without a doubt ol ^the it suit, j .lit aa we have inarched on to vic tory informer contests? (Criesof "Yes,'' "yes "I Is It not almost a certainty that no matter who might have b'-cu the nominee of the Charleston Con vent!u% if hq had been bom nated with the oorJ'.el oo opemi on of alt ihe Stales, by the hatmonloue action of the delegates from all the ^tatee. thai he would have goae before the coun try, and that U?>rr would not bare been rawed a shadow of discord, an 1 that there would have bees a triumob more glorious than any of the aoblefoments of the demo cracy tn the pest? Why, fellow citizens, why U It tbat there arc aoy u'lawbacss interposed m our progress " wly,."" - - - victory '' Wby, Alabama sends her delegates to iliarics ton, demand log an affirmance of tae proposition that it was the duly ot Coagrean to intervene m the Terr torlas for tbe protection of slavery, and that in ti c ?vnt of a refusal to that dt uiand, the delegates from aln'>a> in should withdraw iiom the Oonv.o: on and sever tboir affiliations with tbe democratic pc ly. Now, 1 ask yo i, It How titlzcns?for tbe purpoae ?>( arriving at the policy pro ably was conUmiuatcd by tbis movement? juat to consider the puaitlou of Alabama our years Evloc* to thin lime. In lbM tbe Democratic te Convention of Alabama, through the.r cnalriuan, reported and adopted a set ot resoiat.ona, ouc of which was nsirucUng the- delegates fium Alabama to go to tba Cincinnati Coo vntlob end to lumand the affirmance <>y tbat Convention of the principle of noii-mterv-mi >n, and In tbe event of a failure to j-el it, that they shoe d i oon w.tbiiraw from the Convention, ("fbat'a so") Ibal was the poaition of Alabama In lt?M. Just four years afterwards, Alabama, under tbe prempttngs of the same leadership. sb "? s her ground. Her Democratic State tfon veni un Instructs her delefales to go to Cturleetoo to de maud wbat / Not tbo doctrlue ol o<:o tnterveot.oo, as in IWti, lilt- liimwcd a reversal |X thai position, in de mand aiervectmo. to d-rotod Ctwgretslonal prutwetion In the Terr hwies, sod la the event of this refusal to withdraw from tbe OoLveailon Now, rein w citizens, yoa perceive at ocoe that here ? a perlect revoluHno ot loctinn-at. I supp. -M it wua iioji-d m ISM tuat tue Natiouai TVmorrm i Coo vent.ou tn Cine nc-ti v. mid refute to cirnc up lo the doctrine of Bi d o Uivi-mton, an ' that Alabama sttM then ha e 1 ,? od i-tcuec, to withdraw. H.t tbo Oorvent.on ?isiobed boMty jp to .be '.??M, aac.mealy end g'.uriout-'.y, N< rtt and South, All to ; d"le*al.a fr o, ? .cry -lala Ui IL" I ; , >o vol it It UarwiHii'.mtly a tktar c.f thu d - irate of a m InPrrtulioj, which AUibaica bed ue'VI as a tite m*. nan, ud tLe irouole that war teen vol V.ljr agiU!"i dirapixtbifd tb" leader*. ul they were then furplvh-.-d wilt) *0 etouee to fy uS lo a boll. yA voice? "WV. ilone ') In IH.Obaa not lb- same tl boats revrratu her p r : be >?ie op ?u."l dogmude Inter* nation, Uiugrem uoal proi-oiuo. and her o u?(?i"V are li.atructod t> withdraw 11 tbe evctil of a refuw.! of I lliat dricatd. lb ltd", to CltllMliia, .1'abama eoeent 1 -l is reducing to br MM a large port'on of th? delegate" tr ni tb 1 aiulhcrr Sir ??*?U. 1 ;oimo Stai * TU?y saiiod la that dec.and. Tn-i 1 snunl wan r .i'j*'I. T y wita drea And thar upon ibe s-.a <1 ng por'.oe of ti e a. y prot rude.! to lb? i don th" <>.d cAc una" ldvlform ui?o wb ob we bad .ought and?uu.juer'd 11 1M and di ISM. Bet the tonvei t oo >114 not make a comical ton. 0 it of r Mpecl to tfct *? *ec lira PtaMe. anf u order tr et tbe vi'"%aci<* oreatad by tb e with trvwal night te fled, an adjovrnm ut <1 made to Bait,?"ire We g > tOerc, aod a bat 4e w rwst t Wby, ?r flport .t?g ,.at ?oe, theaaMaatBr other J ?tt n> '.m el* th't* -tjutbern *'d|r', ari l are ooofroe ml by otari d I- guttata a, (wiiited *7 tb? nai rial derfvra'e proper r t). *? eeoedieg Mtane Ifto moat ug deiogatna a->. ; ? I"t? I 10 g) by tbe way -f K.ri.mor ! ill 111 t" 1 tUtlawM, aad to r-ne ? tbe d?T and fur Oingr?#* ?i?l prsientioo, and, ta Urn nvn. or .te r. jool.'Wi, t<> with c raw Irwin U.- Gar. cut on. ! rlki* elll -oa, yon ttta re ?pert the f< nduet 1' m?-i. -vbaievvr W7 ra-.y do, if yon believe tbey are actuated by pr.,<)?. b it wnen >a? sondi at of men demooetrat'* 1/1 at lief bod# an dt .1 na to (1 .aupie, but are aotuatod by tho.- aooa.deiaii .ua, >>1. art briotrd l< withdraw jt t rev pec. fi ?n Ibf'f art km. TTieee ?ontendlnr detofaioa * * rn bled ooforu tbe uaw.tM >t Oedeotiaia tie a?or' tg lelech.ia rum I. on la ana and Aiaba ?ua ar r< acted, ,?) .ne m ? o letega' t>a ere aJui l< T e aero ,a^ one ''001 '?eerr a e?o a.or:w-d?|U.i.r-. TMt,imi?Ai 1 tbeCn-m dotraa t unc Iran >?*%'*? (A vtoo?e-lv> o >. r arawjnM, An' the rMedit,- di 'e^attooa from (J'-rga, b^ a ?..err V'4e, are m lar ..* vdmtwa v> t"?IP ?rate. .tw> ami t<> tliat um.-nti ii .ue;r<?:tfd tf> rente thia 1?Mt .1 ? ..ogr>r*.? ual pr tent too and o tbe T-nt t a , 1 ?* Uidra* yet tbey VMfe o" or* at tbe dvoioi ' > ? tie tVm dc'egatiin from Ixit'a na and Aut aoia w itudrer* from tbe Uartet.m. aad aever eingbt ; > I' tM tb'.r demand icr OertgneMooel yoiec trnr, but alter* Itely veal en upon * m'Tr uotbble, tak Bf .kbiteo_(e P..;.*? lb t *h do )?lerinf ?denoe at a mere preliminary par ammtary Uoe. ? (A Votoe ?'firy up;" ??give ae Lamgiar ") yon, fblrmr cltiinae.*ek yoo tvbrtr. In al' ;bia M rbe drvoti'in to prtauiplvf W by not call until, la tae r igi at enure, of tb* pvo. eea nga ?( tbe tonvnt''K>. tn-> tvo'ild have on oppurtun ty of reaie ug the dem ttl, aad have an 'Ppurt m'ty id outnplylng Wtto lb" nvtr .-ct :-ma of the Conventions nhich eeat Uietn to 'be Onsveatioo. Tae truth la, mat tiiey d;d net Mall, So asxioua avra tbry to produce tb.a rapture. Ifeey did act tat rev tbe opper I" "in men I p. arrive trboc t wcmld be ta order u. re 1 ?.. me tae l-n ?ne they were .act rue tret ti mace Now, I aak you to !? k at t) ree .acta, aad to tel. me wha' do y.ei { ? Ppr.aa nnef t.rv heea tbe cittat'g of tb'Oe who bare "toe prtlaml tb ? aefeMBi ..f u..- great dcmoaret'efMMy I Iv err body bn we aadadm ta tbat tf tau dem xtmiio iwrty | Lad r ami t and baiarunloov. a vietory w mM have Nana oeetain~tb*t newo Id btv? tr e.rj. rd u UiM oanraM u we tare u pr.-.ys og '/tier. (A Vu.w "We w 11 tr ampb. ') I t, ibiluw c' teas, wby te thil ?'hew la urder to abow profmrir uie Ua?*.ACf aad pr.-v Jiellcy of th e muvernr-n , t te w?t? lei?* e* tt? ai.t< r? 3 :t- tBTr'nvnl We- are taey * >."hy. (? u w e ttreve. tkey are m?e ?h M ae ma..;, aev?? bml tn'B 'er pt u aaan tiha-eauy ?? ro 1 .a I' lb-: few ni:'? party. {" '?'id. ' 'food.') fbay S'? e v who new bai and who ewver p/ .fveenr :o heve ' any derjt.ot t> tfce l'c <m of ttA -''ale" Ab. do foe : m> ' fop m th'a Otvcat on, t *?e tvCg'Wr ae- ! ?? mh' g vi ebin-'B i TVy g- thef, aad tbe H e R. 1 ? ltt"t te* i lb? lead ar'.fe of tbat Oeevobt on 1 ut tott.D; 'O urn in at jru ft >n -.?y 1,. Ray Ijrsg Ibewetonof the Ca mi a ' ReitiMwa, i wn'llt three ? < od eg delenati'-nr go to llaft more, w th a CMC I-ted .dat'orm to one bant aad a Irawn r* ml 1 | to- tbev.Aol bey my to t.? tor rvtion, ' Hive t t!. ? 1 ptatf it or. ?t demaod or wv w.l! ?baatb t M awore >a the , l>.w we of the democratic 1 art v " , - mr three prieed- 1 . *? 11 fUIt uiorr a ?w mee are '.aft at H iwoad to ad- ' > ">ra ?'?oa day tod?y io>- to tevp m m e mt 'daee INBafbWi e-arm The holt at Halt 'n?*e a yinaetnmetwd t1- j wttntraa t ? tb* Ha.1 k ta^ II" hv 'lev' laetMete.aed th -e> tbvjr bom:aa>' a* 'todidaua or Pr.nid*tit aed . we pMfc at, Mr. dr. >e ,uf dge, 01 K-ntv.-ay, ind 1 eoernl Ui e,nf't'tut,, ant tliey p.t tbtet a ?iforwrrd aa ta rrpieventatiVa of tee true sat: ma. d?wn. rei?r pve'e o' tbe t atlod fBetra Why, eaa ?h?re ever ae?. anworctty I o ?trvt. 1 a tb* fbee of a annattitn |paopt< * (At 'ha r tt greet -aftMloii raeeed, and tbe Pre* taut f the meet eg mail aai-eretatapptal n- 'bo ? aging end I <mt b g crna t w iveanrve order ) Bear .a nunc acre ti"e t< m ' .1. ? ??*? me.}?. tbi saacnag ie|rgatre ?? mabi.' i Jrtl.-r aad th y anf a n mi na' k o of brera n ge. an 1 I?ia" ?* Utv./ oaad Asian. .Now, I adb you to i>e?r in t. > i tbe a?t< <?. deals of tb" lead r,g vptr it we. f ntponri tb.e Mntl iiayratk a. iw yea bnlwvw tbat Mi'wv If or# bad teen a perfect oaderMmrd ma among ? J" tone .'era of Urn Kubw ad Uuaveat m tbat 'bo Hwami nd Owrealeiu w.mlj have aemiaatvd Wr '? WkMridgc ?d <?<BV?a' Ijuiif I em t yoo perneiv tf at tb?f *?? a 1|gtla< t nea*rv an?iag, i-etb t r*.n the ivlei pit .poo wb.rb they wootd eti ??fore the ru,ntiy aad upon tbe crgaaitUMi af thu pa'iy Wimt ia tbe 'ogtMmate icadeeay ef eli ?ht? What ia to be the r??ijlt. Why, tbe very i-et pe'rkda -d lb* cmtairy, tbe moei liberal miad -l mm .evne tboae who hare bean oppoaed Loib ten-** pany, Le t op 1. tbe teetru t ea vsd overwirow M ta- aattoeal Imwaiy e lb ahum Bear af the atr <ag llgatatea eh rh B ud tngeUiee tb* North as I the ? mtd havebaaa vevvre.1, acd tbe great' detruarntta party te the >alr pr ill" il .tpaai vt'ne ta Mivtrmwto ?bvbv<ni aa Irme for tfce preaerrat:ea of ibe prnwo ef the c.icatry w hat mnvi he the ?bjer? aad latent, l ie War .lab - edeei crtue prw ??! nge nf tfciee imedme. wbar eg know tbat the'f Mt W.J ???? ! to Ibe..." fter.iW . fth? I ali'WO' !? mo:rat 1 part* aad Ibua eammiaato camber giaad pMd? n 1 *? **?'?*? of tfce d> e -% af ?i -a <-Aatte Now, ynq perceive. fr'\,? by reflwcttoR -rpow Itt) declaration of many of the Waning spirit* of tbw new movement?you peiorlve,! my, Dot only the foreshadow leg, but the narooncemeul k n??i >o *ord?, of the altl mslc rebuilt ol ibla sectional or*ani/aiioii. Whal are the <r< ciarsuona ul the h.aumg u.i*muen ut *>uUi CurolmaF What are the declarations M <n?ay of the leading stelae ntl of Georgia?--of Alabama" - of Mlmtastpiiof Klort d:i-?or UMrtetana??of Texas? Why, |h>y all announce to you thai, upon tbe happ' mug of a oaruin tlageecy, ? hey Intend to adrouate the dlseolmtoo ft * " at ute t'nior, and they arti pursuing a couraa .mended to bring about ibal result. why, fellow oitiaaoa, is there any cougar of such a result' Do you feel that this great, oat meal party ran be severed, and a sectional party, ooo ttoiy V.i tbe constitution, can be inaugurated Int.) power runout putting t^tbe test all tbe Umbert of our glorious ship ol State? He re In danger, fallow clllneua The tints are prrgnant wltb peril; and 1 tell yon that I ana lu alarmist I base so sympathy with lha policy which 1 have been conusmninf; but Itellyun, fellow alliens, that there is danger?(smsutlou)?danger Of s separaltou ?4 those Mater?va pause, and silence In tbe nndience)? " ? ~~ iastfin daegsr of tbe overthrow of our glortonn free Item- daeger that all the institutions of Industry and of capital and or comnrroa shall bo over whelmed In 000 0 amor ruin. (Impressive silrnoe) Couslde,' those things f< r your Helves. Look at the testimonies that "lua Ui around you on every hand. Survey them calmly Look consequences and results full in the lace Thru do your duty with Intelligence, with flri?ue?K, with patriotic devot'on?aye,and with a sub I'uie icdinrreu. a, ev> c to tbe triumph of party. Worship your com.try in preference to your party slurs. (LonA cheers "Three cheers tor Juhmron Now, follow oitl ? /cm,!.' us consider another qui attain Tbe North and the Sin it? 1 mean the great democratic party, and t in cluoo. *lao 1 he old ancient whig party, now the tmert :?d paiiy?1 as; we all staid ^lodged to each other la go? d faith to e'uod upon the doctrine of uon Intervention by Cotgnrr with slavery mthe Territories (Knti usiae tlc cheers.) I mtud nut 11 into a history af the past twelve y< ars to show yen tbe stops by which .be people; of the l'n.twl f inter?all evc. pt vh< ahoHuoi ista and tho republicani?have brought th.mselvoe to agree together upon the pletioiwot non n.UTvi jfh.11 as u ;xrruarieoi set tlcmtot of the ulavory question. You rcmimlier the Compromise V- asurea of 1?50. bow tbey stirred the pupu 'ar b: art and the popular mind throughout the length sad bieudth of the country ? Yut remember that tbo great rrinciplo abkb t uderhts tho "erles of mcaxurec which we est tbe Compromise Measures of 1850?that that great priuriplo is that tbe people of tbe Territories aball be left perfectly tree to determine and regulate Ibeir own instilut'onf. in the'.! own way, subject only to tbe const! ? luiion of the Tutted State ("Bravo'* and X cheem.) These mo*>-tiro? were adopted by Congest*. They wsro arqitMSeed hi by tbe people North and South. Tbey wera adapttulnour Baltimore Couveutiuu la IMS?the eou veuiioo wtlcb nominated General Car j fur tbe <*resl dency?an a flr it rrttiement of tbr- slavery ques tion. In 1852, it? tamo ?b!g party which nominstsit Genera Scott ainu aauotrd thi re Compromise mmsnrssi at u bc..l of tie elav y question, m 1A64, when Kanaka and Nt>bras.ka Territories were to be organ ixud, this great prluc'ple of Dor liter vent too was embo died in the Santas Nebraska bill, which was votK for sl moet unaoimr csiy by every mm. m the South, a. t by ? very large portion of the Northern democrats in bottk Houses of ( "iigrr as. And the prlii si pie which lie* at tbe foundation if thai Id is tbtThat the people o| '.lis Ter - rl tones shall be left per recti) free to determine an 1 rege late tbr-ir own domestic Institutions in tb-lr oat, way, subject only to tbe constitution of the United It wee ? (1 betrs.) It wee agued to in party convrni,ut, again im ittti, In ODcibi'sti. Sow, I ask you, fe.iow oil./. n?, why it i< tbst the platform which waa good enough in ilttfbv Mr. Bocb .nan to atand upr n. and fur Mr. Brev.k urtdgq to itend upon?the platform upon which tbey wrct before the c. utiy sa tbe slaudar<l iiearerti of ibcnational democracy?ns the phttfurm upon rbleb that coptiel ?m ,'u.ijtd ani the victory won. and tbey inauguraud in o po ver?I lay, why Is it Una tlm: plat form , wbtr h wee goud nougu m lttBd, Is oot gorxl -trough In 186?r Well, Mr Bucbauan ttys It is n-.t good enough for IkSO. Mr. Breckinridge says it tt 1 it good enough for lbud. to long as It s -rvod as the *j_yal In ? viruiceniality by which tbey could ride luui 1? war tt was an elegant platform?(A vo.oe, "Tbey split !?")?? but when their sands of political llle arc almuai ran out. I V?bu all a', oucc it is discovered thst Ibis plstlorm is not pod enough, s. d Mr. Bochaosit lends biineolf to s organisation in opposition to tbe ?crst n?uoi.i t mmo cralic party, lor tne purpuae ol breaking down vim prtm ciplc of tu.n isiurvrul.on snd in. ugursliug s ..vw pulley , tor (rpnrsting s new tenet into tho ereod, and th m scat - taring dlesenelon and diecord In tbe ranks ol th < ' cralic i*rty, and the, hazarding our tuoce&r. and making """ - ?mliusa t? prrdisl. i that the candidate of tbe republics party will irton ph .n itait oonlent- (Olfteront voices?? rivnoitt muntckic bim,-'"ruthim out," "Bkln him.") N..w, fel low ciUrenh, I wast 10 mske an appeal to tho conservative feeling of etery man w th.o tbo aouud of my \oiec. I would be ;.u?d to make su spprsl to the oooservstire fueling of c cry man in ibis broad Colon, and call upou him, IrrcHftcUvs of all mere party 1 oMidcraUutis, to rally u|ino this doctrine ol eon intervention, to rescue It lr?m overthrow, sad to ice to .1 that tbe govcrnou nt shall not pose u,h> the hands of a wettoMl thirty, cither Noith or .-Uiuth. (Cheers.) Why. fellow cltmrrs, lar ho It from me ho utter words ol darcnpect in reference to our cbksf rnagla uste. He oicvj itt a poalliou which oommiaids lha horn a g*. so<! ?he.rc?(>ect of cvurj man who loves lbs free ti'StliuiK.ns ol u'-ir land But what do you sec' ' sar youtoluokai plain, naked, indie, uiable facta, that are brought I el'.re you every lay. V\ b'il uo >/u v> uj?v la >11 the >rre Plates ol this I'liiioT (A VolBB "9< ? r, oldl bdjr.") Wby. you wiivas, y?i n? Um -lDe'ire ??? tbo admiiiitlratmu. (A\nice?" toriupiMiu.") Vou an* 1U1 footstep* ncryvken, urging oiucioral tUAeta tor Break, tarluge mod JeDO to be run iti *11 ibe free -Wv. jM writ M id the So' li.rrn ft*tea, win n tbcrc * do paM.ti.v hepa that Mi Urtckiurkigd utt receive > soUnsry 1. clonal ntt fnm one Of UlWO Ire- rtakD. (4 v.rtce- ? " Hio, be ratjiot. lmtniaa i i c bud.") Won, #rl - low cklHN, I <!' u t My luat Mr. BreCAln. IdgO dnatgns to promote tno skaslios "t I'm ropahbeas -,anti .Ilk t ill I ri} Dial bo baa got Ur lean ? into than 1 tap ,.oeed In- I ad If bo dor* o?? know 'fcV the crier- bo la pureumg .? c*li ulated K> prod too itiat result. Why, wb<* ur- tb< itreaklarig* awn tayodrlia* .-iau?f ? tXatoin I?i ??. o;'cia> ," 'WW efforpafrodage,' ?'Surf Vartl men ' l .ioaUlcr) Why, fellow cltler-i:*, it la a nolor out fnri thai lu all Uio fro* t la Me tba mm lap port of I bo iirockioritlgc liefest la compio*.! aiclutivc'y oC ?.!'<-e holders order Mr, and tbo'r aympa Ibinrra (A ri .ct?-Thai'* ?? ?) I <kmt I spot* ibe ,*li in !*??> aid lha Integrity of Uwar aoUeuen wao hop* P-a to be ao iiefi'ituna'-r aa to In, ?l ? ibc unlet Mr Bu ctiaeaa. I knew Mr Baehaaoa wuoM IM a ????*?. am! lot it go nut oa I bo U l? graph, to th. ofWeitlha' *1 bid aOkce tHMiieia woio at liberty K> ynto ae they pauei, ao cerdiog loth. <llc*i<? of tb lr J*i gnvnt. and thn. iholr pohtual it .<? - wnvld not b< rut or .ltd If tiff Vi uo an ||< I yon thai, lo too irre BtaMw, tboee wh V lap. l?>rt bmi aru <i da is die d?wo to i<-a toon awn .r ai a guard. i(t"ia) tallow cltiaaar, If I ha UBi -Ue'tor ib?t ia tt.w in power eunpna-e for own n. ? <eat it.*; th. ft .fa of tbi* oattUy am bi nd to i.'.cae facta it .a .? -taken ii It f.ivwor the untMjaak drui pcrncy al ibebuulb ..or t understand it it ?? lo.aiak - ee (Chirr re.) Hi" p-crlr brrra Ion iaiOtt.fs.nyi* tocot. and I hope thai tho nprialag of the free people la ll.'r o"'i.:i y Will foor upon tar aom uMratloa en oh a tide of nd inflation f* tbia \.aot of n ?,??? I to the prfai !ar will aiii treedoin ol opte >0 that it * It be coaapetwd. lo mere at I! fitt-o<. , to retire roiuotartly ? ?? it nwabb to .o?toretirt flora Ita pbtiiko aud ailau frae aaeo to VI' y Jill*.* (CTrori ) ilie adir iilftrali o pro I ft- m be ?xin n.rlj aoHrilnae that the reptiblfao 'aa did all. ain.uid be dvfe'atod. sad that U,. area, sat tonal do v.'.cral.i caod.diudi at.ufJ autxoad, or rat Oar Unt I'.rt blorldy auJ Ian. ahouM i ori?J, If (co> hid vnM??- ("lbey eaat.'M 1 kanw, howweer. that Utrj cannot ? that It i- iwipaeable far thrir to aoccot d. (U>M-a.| But at ad a .uaU thay pr.daso la be eilrrtotly adllrltinai that the repcb'icaa ? aadtdate abonld n? rtcfrat. .1 (A voir*--That'a an ") Well, what coo ran are thay purewiaf a.briwgabeni tba looa iBuiaii a ibey dea.rr?the d?f wi of lb? raj> ?> toaa oaadMate?to start him 11 Umy ran Why. Im are making war epoo the aatloaal rteamrrsry. To.-, are kreplag up a. onto I in the flee Ktame apd is Um - -nth ere fMatea, a .d erery wbarr lo the rraa^Utaa ivary mm wbo Inoka al the lacl." n oft I . Uiai tba -c > nari wbieti Brerk n ridge and I no* .an perflwm n 1b>e ?.ita ? preaibty? I hope Itwidnid be ro?bdt |?r?/ Is drew Teoo. gb d< oxoratk votna ;/mb iMug ae w gfee the free maw t le Ian. That I* the dan/nr jl> ? of '?ft mo I be tlouo"???Iff out oftbr genet ?? ' j hop* H canool be dooe. bat I ted job that Hacbav ta sod las aomiojdmtloE, if they bate lotaingrona e? .>*h w b-t worthy of tb< i?eition tbey <>? ne, are leiur. I b> re bat only awe reouN ran MBW'rrrni tb 'ronree th f are ,mr Meg I a|?*a | laie y (A Veto#?''?Tual'b ??.") Hit I e> deaeer ?<> apeak (arts Itai I i an? rig.M Id b. A at lbs < leirtU'd "f tb {Wbttd fonc! Of tr -? (bia cc ifitri . ?? tlougn it mey hr ia?rond ct of If.e old p- e'totus t ary amine f .(mm atMi hdgktsr/?eoa u. rr tlctee a. ?4i cy he la pureatrg, and to ?w wbitb -t or aot it a a. eel dra'w ef thai de?p d. \< t oo to (nai ry and to pr . 4aw and to |<eri? ml ? fa ?uo.mi cfBeartarijr the .?? erv IM (.1 a dte'iognirhe-l -imU i an *BBa tea I i* . k eej "' r with i|h (net .d agt an l won id al> ? i- \>t * ?d up a met refer li.f^e, lite !\ ... or??| om he M u>? a Wife IB ba latter 'aye " Imto.f.) WliM rb. U'-. Uoaau ay In it..: a.?rdge rad nadf lleaatMlo o. witMraa f -B n iartieet 1 Deer* and roire*? nml r ?o ") H- >ngwt to If'' aU wh m bb oenid oirlrot, Ntaih ' r Bnulb,p. to* ft ,, -bai nuai or not tmow aay >twia . ? u <? way <4 Um it -mtpm of * mM-ralie priat .j-lfa and if-n. ? it fx,l y?do o... pUs ?i an em >?ut fa th" raft if mir -r yree' oyer wnwb tba l?r.y oay sot paee-*fM oet oMha way - (oheere,. ^oep the traek ikar. (Chtris) flat tir.ld M IB rweM T?:tel ?''? <*'F HorlBhiio ? .g..t to My, f..rtber let the tonpin bam toe fy> e asatelba ft ttwWwtH?phattaMi ta tn> wnri.l t.iat all under it IMrwnw do pa'tB*. ia <4 I be gov-mortal,a I fwseoted wn-nead miniatraii. ., j >.g . aa *<*" ?i j wi pnwao, aad yw atnUI ?n? be I <? rmaerl to the fn i nline for "Terr ?<ru yout ri(M of votBg as jour irmec efbd .liriaiaa lot (Ml bp daws *M i wii jou. f' ii< w t I i*. thatttiem w,i: heabrdi e* warm ' rrdhf rl.wal k b.I'im 'a the heart of ibe dero r-v.jr of tbn> .v rib (hot wt'l MMap deer fee n> .nlr. add hblttr* rat*- tofftyer ia>- rue tea kt Ol I tsixddwm ff'xn the (WMS no"? wh.eti tl.cj hav- let b traced (luitse-inn at UMMdr > It'll ton, h'oa nnwor. that tl" em it pn,alar bean af II.MnmiDMy .? reyeiedfy ten" to ibe yy.wt tMBddNUO priarfpn *???. liwgkm.ue pr diple of aaa aloryeatiiB-e. ?hat ?f alio* D< the pr-op'e ol U.. reri|U>rm to tleroM ia* ngbf (.1 reft r.yrrorr i.t W Si. d iht (iftbenv rlitatHdl (heera) Tlmf W a d'eotbdi lo the (yeat etircipi'and tbie pobry vl'l?f> wtfd every ibem to ? 0rwttrmtnab if tbrre he no fTiwoa nppnO't>oe in (be rer.reset tb" swryenasst fO.ryra ) )dMw fi'.im, I DA* yoe Wl at IB t<> Id fall ( 'J by Ibl gllflidt (if tba Uatiodat der?.r?bt .< party as (tiritntnpM d by tlm dn?r'd?- and Ur. I vek pre to leeb eafr r M d-apoMteo.--*w ab the "Htm wirme I M In p. prvnd.T M'eir- :j on the arnaah." re?alid, and after yr>.Wa MUiri tba Whuk ground an mede yotirwr era -am, '?r ? <h all the tone adulated l tbn w lifbt apes u - of duty, then itoieirdyes bold!- aeo IPir'eee'y %? -fbf ty aad pairMmaiiy (Chaer., an. mm of'Weed" "good hey."i In taeonUri.fMlre rdiwdA.W the ryeat rvMwt m wbtafi we ara av t ear>-*0, when m gp'-erMp aad lose were andeaare* Id .hr e<" etry aggbe Mdlt ooteenf toe Iraaoendw pany, u v* * i Ife all the Mswtbara Meaea The r.ead psopM ergardrd ? af a greet dawthera omaau, mA there ware thewseda d at ?? 'he daitb wba M> t ID be idalr dnty ae fbmthees era to t" ohh WMMr urttsd, aMhsngb their jedfMeat ddapprM"la gf ibe paftey Tab, bMBMbetldj were Iwrfu V> t??iitdhb?W| gr v? V Iherh ae . w al id i bal for U >eje?t i fry >d?B (wadl wlldtre U> "MB* lof the NwthdPh