Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1860 Page 4
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lutc-isds. they oommaP'ted tbemarlvt* In '.I lo t for s it taut Uii't kturi-itv aud ..?u* WOC" <l?fcltoed U swtep the ntire South, Atcl lo nave the entire Sootbern tleclotai vote* cant ID ibeir favor But tbe policy did Lot t>. ar the total of alone A fbw brave spu-iis lo the South, aa you all know, liad to ?Met tbe issue, and to repel and turn bark this tide of BouUu-ru ?nument which at brat seemed to be swevpiog oyer tba itoulhero stales But to proportion as it baa been proved to be but a source of discord and dirtaioo there baa beer a very palpable and strong reaotiub lo tbe public in tod to Ute Mouth la favor CI tbe olUouj! demo emtio oomioee, and adverse to Breekiur-.dge *ud Land. 1 bar a told you, fellow citizens, mailera >*>u already knew, that ta tbe Northern state* Brock turidgs and Lane stand no abadow y cbance, no ebanc" of receiving a am gk Kastera Stave (A voice?"That's so") N<> aane man believes It. (A yolca?"Nor auy maltn*u tiMher ) I teU you that tbe o*u. e of Brock tnridge and Lane is growing esoredtngly weak in the South At one time, yrheu the Soutnero States supposed that they had a chance of the entire South, a large number of them were disposed to oo operste for the purpose or paying, a testimony of sympathy to their eru brethren, and their willlnirDeSS to sustain what appeared to be s great Southern murement At this point considerable condasioa aruae among the muMitiide, which swayed to and fro like a surging Ma. r ail* were made lur Itouglas. The CUAIKSAJI said that Mr Johnson should tirst be permiUed to hntab hit remarks after which Ur Houglas woold be introduced. The crowd became calm again in a moment, and the apeak?' resumed. Mr Jostto.v, In continuing, said?Fellow citizens, if you will be a bttlo patient I will very soon close (Cries of ??Go oo." "60 on.") lam extremely sorry that Utare h,lie to be any impatience on tbla occasion. 1 will cease to draw upon t'our patience .n a yery few momenta. ("Go on Goon.") 1 remarked that, In deference to what not'coed It be a great Southern movement In the outnet of the canvass, a very large portion of our Northern f-tends seemed disponed to favor the claims of Breckinridge and lane but f tell you, tellow citizens, that they are aluga ther mistaken In that view. The oauae uf Breoklurldge and lane is growing weaker every day. (" That's so.") They claimed when the nomination was made, that all the Southern States would give their vote for Breckinridge and lane Well, 1 suppose that they will give their vote for Breckinridge and lane. Just as Krutucky did not very long ago (laughter, and cries of "Good. ')" Breckinridge and Lane, I tell you In all candor, in my opinion, fellow citizens, stand but little chance to receive the electoral vote of more than two or three of the Southern States?(A Voice?"What about Lincoln")? and it la not certain ibat they will receive the electoral vote of on* single Southern State. (A Votoe?"He can't carry bis own.") Therefore you perceive that tho oon teal is oarrowed down to an issue between tho republican candidate and the candidate of the national di-mocrs-n party?the Honorable Stephen A. Douglao. (l/iudcboera ) He u> a inut, fellow cltiscns, born upon yo tr own soil. He is s man who baa stood by the constitution in all its progress throughout the entire course of bis public ? artv r He is s man who has been lust to all section* of the country?to the North and to the South, and there fore it will'be your pleasure?at least, you llM great do mocrats you national democrats?to rally round the Stan.iard of this great representative man?(Cheer*)? and t- see to It that this grout Rmptre State tbe centre of oomsMfor and of trails in our vast country, eball not cast brr vol" for the enemies of tbe constitution an l the l uion ("Bravo" and c beers ) If you will do this, fellow citizens, you will have done your duty, (toe other idea It is supp-v i by s large portion of the people 01 the North tuat the Southern States are about to abandon the doc trine of oon Intervention. I tell you, follow citizens, thai li e people of the South wtU, in tbe end, prove them- , aclve* true to the doctrine of oon intervention ("That's so.'/ They am tri.e to the doctrine today The num ber* ? U iptirai" And tbe result of tbe election in No vtyr't r neit will show that a nayjrltvfof the people of the South ti States are lo (kvor of adhering strictly to the doctrine of BOu interveztioo f Applause ) It may be ' " lS> uth cannot In that the popular voice at tboS> uth cannot be concentrated tipivo on* c.Ddi"sie for tbe purpooe of making Ibia do ministration; but it 1* to be remembered that Bell and Kvirett?tbal Bell, of 1 rm:e*rec and the party that co operate* with bm?are pledged u> the ib-etrtoe of non-ln trrveotioa: sad therefore evry vole that they receive In the ? ib is a voice in the South In favor of tho doctrino of roo ..?mention And I make the prediction today that w b. you 1 <>mt to snm up all th aggregate rotes of tbe > t.iern people foe lucigtsb, and for Bell and Krerett, > lj will see a very :.?rg?v maiortty of the people of in.* South giving tbe strongest evidence that they are oevotcd to and uiicud in good faith to adhere to the doc trine o' ton interveniio*. (Cheers ) Fellow citizens that ? all yon have to do. That I* the great iwiue or this canvas* li is the great ground of reasonable and Just compromise between the North and the South B >tb ae ttoos arc standing upon :t in harmany wilnmit the sa-ri See of principle And. stand>pg upon It barmcnlously, they van triumph in every pnitt cal coiitsat and preterve our I dk? throughout all torn- ig lime, and cam <Jown<>ur fr-e inst i ittoo* to our cblV ' o's cl. drcu to tbe latest postern> Thanking von tellow citizens, for tie- atleti t d you have given me. and begging paidon for ik<- large draft ah.ih I base made upo* your jiattetioe, 1 retire, ta o"ter tn gtw place 10 the mote distinguished and able -laie? who will now address you much m'ru to your ranshu tion aad edification Mr luhaaoa retired amid vociferous cheers. SPEECH Of HON. STEPHEN k OOUGIAS. Mr ! Wirt. LAS' ?c;? *r?DOff * u grrolet with a wild oa thttaia.m ibnt rwtmuod for some minutes. A form ?*s br?*ighl to the front or the tuoii "o which Mr I), took hi* position *ti<l, as ?nam ma the aa<1 nab bad is loao degree mhsided, br said ? ISuow Cmrcnni Saw Yoaut?I apprr bcfnr? you to da* for I he |uir|?.? ul making an carnal appeal io behalf of th* gk nuue I aum (Crios of "f.ood tor you' an t three there* mora hi- la.oglaa 1 There eta be ao dia untooiot, tbcra ran bo do enrmy of this t'Bloa, in the Km piro City of America (A voior?lnat ? ao, "Mo. No," and appiao ? ) Now York >a aot Northern, oor o she Southern, anr la abe Vcetera. nor la the Eastern; but abc la cratiuontal aad (Crieaof "To it's good." had cheera ) New York 'a tb- great c enmrr. al centre, the great monetary heart of the American continent, and a* aurh every New Yorkoe ought to sym pathire with every fhate and erery TVrritiry, aad ?very prople la the wtwlo Tains <l|pU ae.) Toon I aak your alteolioo to the aaode Id wblrh thit gtwimm Catoa alnti me><! aad perpetuated forever to one posterity There is hot owe mode a wbieh IB la can ho done I A v.wi Yo'll aieet ye*: aad you II do II (Home hy a '?and oa the ground ) Mr Ihmwt w??Stop that wiuew Although they are ptay teg uow the anew of the I'atoe yet wo wwb to alter I aioa eentimoau brat, aad thea bare lbs mat* after? war-la (ftm of "?ood," and aralaueo 1 My fellow d? tiioeraui, there ;a but ess mode m which Una glorious confederacy ran bo pormaaeatly preserved. That mode M b? mamtaiaiag taviotate every peer tales of the two sttttitom as aar fatbora made it (Cheers.) The I aim, usdee the roastitut.on. and in cusiurnilty with US goa ran lees m the greatest bleaomg ever lear?milled to and for the people (Crira of' i.ood boy'" Muaic aod a gun ?ring ) Mr florin no (ta the ? nmm.tter ? Chanel yoo sen-l onrao pel ww to atop that bush Ow or res Coaarma?It a a targe r irpany arr vieg oa the (ronad Mr fkwoi a*? I am told they are atill earning I have toe-o tetd that Jones' Wood a a* large enough to hohl all Me* York, bat 1 ted that Cteocr-tii-ut aad Now Joraey are aim- beta (Crtas of " (?'hod " Three cheera ae . a ? tiger A voter? That a ao," aad ibr-a cho. re aaore.) ??it I waa -etaart at u yen that it la the first doty of eeeey tmorina dttl/OS to |?K ra all b? obllgatMma under the raawtitntkw Own of " Rrave " I 1 care ant Whether ywa l*o ?w hatha all lie pronspwa yrt erery Aaser ran bora cit roe mate ad?r aa tn-rsd'tary oM ga tloa to filial its pee* aione, aad every aal maliard aad adopted fits** bar u??a an ? oth of Met ly to the moot, lotion (Cheer*) lier e, he wfao is eol wtl ng to carry owl ui good teth every e a re. every word, reeey truer of the ? aatitaihw w a i mi tor a his heart to to country. 4loud ? heel*. Oies of 1 i--?*d ho) ") A Yon a?Bow ihol l-rnaei * Mr fkwv.t o>?Bercr | tefl aboiitwaiste that they are tinned an hoawet area. U carry iale affect that clam* of the roostdutMa fbr the lumafiref the f^gitieo aiaer not ae woch ae every ard aay other Cmuae (Cevw of "Cord"' aad "That r aa" ) Rat. ta aaowrr in that gen ttewroo ta the crowd wlm aafee iwe "what about -evwa i ww' I loft ywu that wbea yon have psrformod all ywtw tielie under the estetMatee?when you ha c carrm Into r?1?et every pmrtaiec that the tantrumoil mated* there m aa esruaa. so j retail whatever for Noa>? o Load appiaaes Hoi I am prepared to mora a more mwoto ami open he aw?< to the Ian .try i<>*a of "Good' yea "re slwar* ready "') MTboa J lao'od at, M*r a.a a few day* ago the bea> af the Brora iarid?e odecooe*. i rfeet propounded to are Uao i.oeatvw whether tee u figuration of Ah rat a-*i L'seoia as rrseidaat of the Vaited wo tea woatd bo juatidahlo caa-e fur break lag op Una Uama (Cewo of "V?ver, aovey," aad rbovrt ) 1 aaawewd him ttwly, or, I will anwwor eereywhore w ? mrr ea that I go, that tho elaeuoa of any man by he A arrowy m aooned ng to Uw proviowmi of the for break eg np the go vera www fOtekfMw^ojg, viwM, aad loud applauao i A > ? ??? See about I he "'alas* a- .a l*?.tmtai-?top y.wr tenth with ooma af tb* ?d uao't Interrupt (In igb' ) a ?/ at-I ahnald r-gv-t ?r elertww of thrabam 'iuo * ? gr?at aathwal oolam,Iy I know htm wall. ?<> < rial's ae" and 'Yea hate arret '? Ym, I ?r ? -wane ta kaow bim.aad ha baa atid better ? a member mo. (iVwra aad taagtitar ) ? Bo win here tew* roa? a rat (I tughler ) V , ??_! bare oo wwrf of unktsdaoaa or per 0 . neat to attar cmcewaiaf btm hot I do hot love > Its political dptakms wbo-h, if wrriod out, ^ Wh I en Bp af alt tbo iwlnriptoe of Um ,??. aot italma (Orioe af "That a an. aad . ... ..Ad if M bo tree, aa ta edmoatm daim. * m *oaam la Uhbo ooartothwa, that very aiamv ty . - t. awry, fewtruetlro prweiptw wwhm ba*ter a ? ? autre daognroaa le the nwuatry (Lewiap ??? ) Ifdmr / am peapartad lo wr? wdU aB atew who wry / * i '-nteWua tad lAr I whw. #ed mod m , 4: r- m I fMim pgr*, wAtat /MMteteMAg 1 -e r.-, V 'Au (Cries of " That's proper," ?'Ttai U - udk," uid tip.aiae ) I wa? also saked, at s k \ir*'uia. Aa I other planes. whether. id the evef SH} Of thl Southern aun? Simula SSCed* If ti lb* Union morn Lincoln wan elected, i wouM *w for the enlorpemeol Of the law* of the f alon' I tell vou. as I told tbem, thai whoever la Pre*.dent is houuJ by his oati. to carry the Uwi into f . tlil ol e M otion (Cri.ii of "good for Dugl" and ch<. r? ) : aho ted you tost It li the duty of every low abiding moo I i ore out what may be bis politics, to aid nod A? .'l ID lb" execution of the low*. (Renewed op electod, wb planer ) Hence, If Lincoln should be ejected, wh.oh iinti id lis oc-c) forbid, (o voice "omen"' ond laugh tor,) be must be inaugurated according to the constitution aad me law* of hit country. (Ortet of "that1* right.") An* I, a* his fir meet, and atrongeat, Irreoon nia'iie opponent, will aoatatn him In tha exerriae of every constitutional funclioo (Lond cheer* > But if. after that thall be dooe, he ahall attempt to subvert the ? ooblilutioo, or vlolale ita provlaiooa, or make war upon the righu and mlereata of any taction of this on federacy, I will aid to the full extent of my power, ac cording to conatilxitlocal laws, In banging him higher tbao Vt'jJnia hui g John Brown, (toclforoua cheering, and erie^hf "Br^vo"! A Vote*?There'* plenty of rope in New York. (Cries of "t?ood ! little Claot"?"(ie It, Dug '"> Mr, Doc.u?.-.?We lire under the goreri government and laws. diur rtgbta, our llbettlea, our property, our Uvea are de pendent upon the lawa of the land for protection (Cheer*.) I have children whom I love ea tenderly aa any man on earth lovea bla offspring, and y&t I have no wiih to aee them survive the L'uion of theee States. (Olee of ? Bravo"' aad prolonged cheers ) When we ?hall perform all of our duties, acoorutng to the laws and according to the constitution, then we have a right to demand (hat every other man shall obey the same lawa and the same constitution (Cries of "Rear, hear,' and "flood.") I bad supposed that there was no loyal citizen. no friend of his country, who could find tault with thorn sentimeuto; but 1 discover, la ibr newspapers of the day, a protest against my Norfolk speech, signed bv Mr Keilt, of South Carolina and thirty, forty or Ofty dlsumonlsta, dec'aring that those sentiments must be repelled and resisted, nod calling upon the American people to repudiate me, In order to repudiate those sentiments (Cries of "They nerrr shall never ") I feel no disrespect tor the gentle men who have signed that protest, but 1 hare much right to protest against their treason as they have to proief-t against my loyalty and devotion to the constitutim. (Cries of "Bravo! ' flood for yon " and applause ) They ass. rt In their pro tost that I treat this Union as a perpetual bond to be ac quiesced in aod obej ed in all future time by the weaker sections towards the stronger. They misapprehend totally my p<sitlon. My positToo Is that this Colon is a perpetual bond, demanding and requiring implicit obe dion.w to the constitution and laws by every good clti sen? cheers)?not by the weaker aectlons toward lh? rt.-on/f r, but obedienco 'rom every hoocrt man to the government under wbirh he was born aud wb .'h be has sworn to support (Loud cheers ) Ret they tk-ert la this proteat their right to anctde from this gov. rnmert t tell you, as I .en. ral Jackson told the nulliiers lalSftk that secession Is but another name Icr re volution (Renews 1 cheers ) I bold that every pe > Ke on earth hare the natural, inalienable right of rebel ?u against their government, and revolution, whenever the government becomes destructive or the ends and pur posee for which it was established. It was on that principle that our Revolutionary lathers m the American colonic* acceded from the British Empire (Ap.'lamw.) But when Washington and Jefferson, and Hancock and Adams seceded from the British govern moot, they boldly and 'fearlessly avowed thai It war revolution, and they gallantly looked the halter la the raoe, aad ex peod themaeives to the penalties of treason if they .lid notvuocced. flood aad prolonged cheering ) Charles Carroll, of Carroll ton, did not screen himself behind the pica of "peaoeablesecession." (Laughter and applause ) When be signed the lieclaration of Independence, some man said to bins that he would escape the gallows, be cause there were so many Charles Carrol la that the King's sheriff would not Dad him. (Laughter. > That gal ant oUl patriot walked back to the oaak and added to the name three words, "or Garreltou," so that they might know b.m (Tremendous cheering. Three cheers for Carroll and three chcere for Douglas were given ) It those gentlemen who hare combined together to break up Ibis government are determln. d to carry their treason able pi eel1- Into effect, let ;bem take th" responsibility of their conduct (Applause) I tell you, revo lution is never ju-ti(le<l until the evils of submitting to lbe laws ara greater than the horrors of civil war aad disunion. ((Steers.) I appeal to you, today, whether there are any su5h arils sdlasing this country (Cries of "No, none. ) What country on the lace of this globe was aver more prosper ccs. more happy, mora independently blessed by Divine l*rovWence, than these United Mates' What. then, can >ou think of him who woo Id be willing, without oaoae, merely because the people had elected a President accord log to the eersttlulion, to precipitate this glorious land lato revolution (Ureans applause and cries of "Never, never.") Iboae disnniooists who protest against my Norfolk sprees. who have such a horror of the gallows, In the event .4 an attempt to carry out their purposes, talking of a protest against my making war on sovereign M?U ?(laughter)?I desire them to understand that so vereign ri-ah * never commit treason. (Chesrs. and rrtee . Males (mod ') Individuals may do It, but Males never. (Re tewed Cheer*, aod rrtes of' ?' That a sound ) It Is the principle of this government that the lawa are to be en lorcvd tedividnala who vwtale them (Chears ) As Kmiuv,a*tic a *iaai?He kauwn more loan any oue else f beeea aud laughter > Mr >'i i L*h?Why, tticwe null Acre and dwutjioaina k ?? H tbl&k thai we arc Mill llvinr under thr old Article* MUmMi ration That oli eyilrm *ti- abandoned la mf r? ij because it pro rod nnpr* (liable. (Cheer* ) The (rood dmi-M la Uie old ayat. at of government ?v, that the Inlcra. government hut nopower to execute lla own '**?, tad her.oe they abolished thai grernmeni anil ad >pv d the oonetltulion under which wc lite, conferring upon lite federal government ail the power* nee canary to curry ita own decree* into efloct acxtrdiog to the cnealitai-oa. flheeri > Are the Southern men prepared to neauo* ledge the doctrine that a Male may -eleate her c tiaeoa from their oatha to obey the cnnvutiUou waa It la Vermont. la Wlaconaln, in Maaeurhumtte. aot luog ago. when the abolitionist* at hmpttv. to rrriat by neb violence the execution of the i ugltive Siave Ian Did not the fre*ideal of the United Mater t t I troops to Buetoe' Would It not be the duty < I the pr-etnt i terntivr, or any other who may aver be v.ecl<-i a rare the fugitive glare law waa reairted, to ?mploy ihe whole power?army, nary aod allllia? . if a eemry, to carry It Into elect acalnrt , n.ob ?j eoo ? (Prolonged rbeer* aod erlee "That's eo.H) | Are Souther* uu n prepared to aumlt thai fermoul can i .mm a thtt ra i. wl ? h ?? *? I .-rm >rtml I hart* h. IJ ten ealaaaa I jaea taw called ti. ? "ivmonal Liberty bill," to release Uao cnnfcirac** ol honest me* from the r const national obi fationa> (Oriee of "N'ever'"t Mo wh>nerer aay one of I hear abolition State* ataad up for uuooetilu l,i>cal law*, aa a.i eamae for reaianag the federal autho rity ?, ere will haar them higher thon Haoiao, for uwa a a . TVemeodow* < him and laughter ) A \ti-i-? -Hang up evrry da .Bed hla.ii republinaa I* the rowatry ><r fvu i iA? An I, my ft !owctti"u# it will aot dn lor Ihe abolition iete to net i.p the rn a that w* in m*. 10. war up* d the enveretirnly of aae state of this Unioa nierely he<a ? wr curry into eiacutloe, ta good faith, the court.tutraa an ' lain of the Country ; 5??W< | So, oa the < ther hand, when the Mate of South Chroilne, m lWi. at empied la r*wwt the lane of ihe I oilad Stater for the cnileetlun of the publM ireonwe. old Hu sury told Uo-m the* m st aed tw should ei?y | Applause | A torn ?i.ood for old Hicaury?we'll uav each a maa ?trala Mr Iks ' i *??i w eb to Cad w* had an old Hickory now*)?ta order that he iw'ght hang North era an-' .Weithem traitor* oo Ihe ?*?? gallnw*. t Deafen ia;B*ecr* I A* tunas I" me aat?You r# our Young Hickory Three oheer* foe liwngt**. (?mpemdad ta with vigor ) t Voint called lor ??Three ebeer* for the l aioo Ucfcat " hot thta met an rupnam Mr IN* i.uu?? Now . gentlemen. eon ran not fall to per ce re u at thi* I moo i* in daagwr ins* the rery caoana to which I hare referred. There an dwuaioa pvty la the land, toe they have rreoixed, wbenevei they oaa obtain a planait.le pretext. to precipitate Uu* coun try into rerotultnn ft rue of ' That'* a fhci *) ihee Bare a term to id ta maa.- Us rWtton ?f a hlerk re pnhltra* l*reetdrel hat pretext, aod, therefore, the real dWuhwc -ta dtmtre the risotto* ol Ijecotn, la order thxt they ma. aenoaiplwh thaths. ^ct (Tuofe-"They never ?hail " "T*nt w the tfe.-ckteri'tge party.") If I tnrotn <? w elected?iOM* ?f "Wweer" i?h* elect!>? will he brwughl aieuit tbrutgh the agrwry ?< thoae who are anw ?awmtag the ufn u .Itnmcwti perty (I ? man "they're traitor*." and cheers.) I* ether w-irde. hi* elect "B will be e dec ted by the inducers of lb w wti i rrcr ted at Chart, etoo aad again at halt,at ore ("Thai ? am'*) A Man ?* w> i xnevI* lb* honorable senator I* fa ec of foe on with that f*U) ' Mr pDti.iw?lf you wi'l >d?e? # *l!--?ce, ia ie*d o' obeying the ardor of year maater by your l? t.rruptioae, 1 will etower ta my own way TmMix m m l*e*n ( ndtgwaaliy)?Vko <e mr taaetvr Ihe w not ta Sewth Chrwttaa (Crtce of "Put him out"and great excitement ? Mr I* ? ia??ft", M him a! me I ha* ? k? wo Mew*. ?Cd holdere t? eeno their tcsde lie tore em mi" rmwde to iBlrrrapt w> d ti-er* ) Menrwrd crvre ? f "l*ni hsn wit," and a g>mefwi ru h to we Se Ihe , xwf>it.<aa MMividnal Mr lx?ri._*e?i .lr#*ee yw to let him acme He will Om-i owl what I IhmA h<-f.<re I ge? tbr agh. Hot I lee re l?. ten htm Umt ?? geatiemao ewer p?- in ? crow ? te hrena > p a amet .g A Yw.t?fke? real break thw up Ixaum ap p auee aa 1 alinu'a Of "flit htm owl." "Ilntxl hOM up " ? ton w<fTi him m the mi dot ,-f wbsh the flrr< kiartdger wag caught by the Ur<mi by a nma aewrh aad ?- -u>- ? In he I* wm aeel iwetl ef a rw gh handling ) Mr l*"i LAB aga.n com og t* h ? row a all?Tel: that maa to take Imp haa i? off htm aad let him a-"we (flsew liana. *nd Ud?r bring rrwiored. the apneAT mat n ed ) Mnw. my >liow eiuaenr. I re asont ear tec to jo* th?t I hare (? a achewrc to break up thta glorm ia I Uhittd . (. flgp ef ' Ihey real do It," 'They never n .New York ha* a my rfciiet .New York kaa ? my' .-xad the peel. ?t a to he the etertto* of LlMwl* Thaw who art grmuiae d roakmlata ic?ire bw eireitoa. (Urw# at "We will make you rreatdewi ") | ?o I olted Stotea i rharg. ah the llrrekmrMign me* Id lh< t oltod Stales W|th being dlmasmwta (? itood.' ) I, do hot rh*?r Mr lirerkieftdfk b.mmif with bemw * dwuh.<mwt. hn eipremmf Ira crmeietMa that there a eot a dmua hut f da ln*t*i Amerir* who a ? s a Orerl orvige mm. (Ohuei a ) dad now perm i ae te leiBtte ef yoe aad of Urea why, whew they pnt there ye* or* to me ?? to whether Urn election of I laenta wmwd he a good twmm a dwuabm they did aot *i*> propound taem |e their candidate My aae were at Noethto were pikiwhed in Ksatacky. aad ~ ?""1 attentma f? Mr llreck ta ridge *? rfc'ai aUentsm melted la them i ?it or e gtit davahotoee htt twtiaftaa egeerh la tha ?reweeed the charge Umt he waf la fheor of psrdoelfg .Vha Mrwwa (laughter i He aaewwred the la far "* 'Urgr that he waa 'n faevw ef Self foveeiimmi I* tne ? T-rruo-s.. ead Ire pfofeseed great atuchwent to the so* ?? tuli i aad t* the l aiea. but I have yet here ar e to tears that he eeer aarwerr ' the gmwtmn aa to whethe- cr not he wcnid raf trce the law* aguiaot thorn woe the- y attempt to break trp the go vera mew l ft Blare- Be ma'i aoawer ?*) ft dee* and mtMfy me toe i n maa to my thai be * ta faeor at the Cataa 1 have hewed khrew.'i P.hett amke the aame dorlaeatlow (la. ghiev ) 1 have tomrd Va I. Tkawey avow h* 0* reeton to tha Tnirw ead I have heard alt the Modem of I ua party -ake emotlh* | dmmaA Tbay hi! 1 itmimmtm*?rwtt m vtm,+*i?i a a cotrtlnjpMM-T la which they wnntd dissolve it Now j Utalre to know of Major H'eckm wlgo whether the contingency set forth by his electoral friend to Vir B*?ia, in bia Interrogatories to me, la the one to which wonld dissolve tin* Union (Cheers ) I bare a right to an answer to that queation. And hero 1 will anewcr tbe question of that gentleman in the *rowd who herama ao angry a few minute* ago? (erieo of "Put bun out) ?because I would not anawer him at oooe He desires to know whether 1 an- n favor of a union ticket in this State. (Cries of "Ko, no. none ") Tun nas i> run taown auain?A fusion ticket Mr IkX'Cias?Well, a unioa or a fnaion tlnket, whicb ever you pleaa*. / itU kin thai lam in f moor of a cordial kim.w of every Union man, eoery a/nstitutional man. every mam u.hv detirtt the pmervation of Ike Union and the con stunlitm and (he enforcement of (he lam in every ind all am tmyettciet (loud cheers ) If Major UrtdcinndQt it in favor of enforcing the late* apaimf duumiomuts tecedert, aMitvm utl, and all other clauet of own, tin the event the election dot* not remit to ntit him, then I am willing?(great np pinnae)?(ml I tell yon that I am utterly oppoied to any union or any fueion with any man or any party who wiV not enjartt the Lau*. maintain the constitution, and prnervt the Union in all contimgencie*. (Jheuri ) Sow, If my excitable friend?(great laughter)?whether bia man Itreckinridge la Inelde of the church, be nut get an anewor from that gentleman blmaelf throngn the Nor rolMoeottuni. (Renewed laughter.) When he anawern, ad pled yea himself to enforce the law* In the oootlngen oles named In tbe Norfolk Interrogator!** torn*, It wiU be t<me eiKwgh to talk about he and f fusing or ooaleoolng (Threecheers ) Badartng tbat tbl* Union I* In danger. I will make any personal anrritioe to preserve Ik (Cries of ? Ciood " and three cheer* ) If tbe withdrawal of my tame would tend to defeat Mr. Lincoln, I would this mo ment withdraw it?(Voices?' Vou shall not do It I'' '? No!" " Never?")?more especially If such an act of mine would insure the election of a man pledged to the constitution, the Union, and the enforcement of the laws. (Cheer* ) A Yuen- There Is no man's name can do it but your* (ApplauM) Mr Ioci ias?Tbat is a very sensible remark of yours. (Great applause and laughter.) Now, my friends, bow Is this beloved Union to be maintained" I believe firmly tbat the ooly political organ 1 rat ion now In existence suth ciently national in character and sutncteoUy powerful la cumbers to command tbe oouutry Is tbe democratic par ty. (Three cheers ) lam, therefore, In favor of main, talnlng that organization for the good it wltl reader this country. (Voices, ?' We are also.' ) Tbe democratic par t m a gree! political party. Its proud achievements will be found recorded on every page or American history, and every great reform introduced Into our civil policy ba* been mainly owing to iU power and effort*. Every ( Xteni.ou of oar territory has been a democratic mea sure. and all tbose great commercial enterprises for which the United Fta'.es have become ao renowned are demo rratic triumph*. But still I adhere t > the old democratic party, within whose bosom I wa* b?rn, more for its ca paclty to do good m the fnture than tor Ita great achieve ments In the past A Bin. Fvsum-r Mas in tbe crowd?The question i? union or d runion, sections urn or union. 1 am a Bell and KvereU whig. As lapioaasi Dxwocxat?'Yoor'e a damn fool. (Laugh ter ) Mr. Dor MA??My vory xeulous friend, the Bell and Everett man, sajsthe qsaetle* oi union or disunion is now ibc bene. 1 fear that such Is the case. I believe tbet tbia Union ran culy be maintained by puttie* down all?<ctioLal U is wot enough if you pit down Northern abolitionism, notes* yon crush out and bury la tbe tame grave Southern disunion (--Good," and cheers ) The greet p?lltk-al question now involved Is tbat of Inter vrniion or non intervention by Congress with slavery in the Territories The Northern interventionist* demand tbat Congress shall prohibit slavery wherever the peo pie want it; tbe Southern soeen*ionisu demand that Con gms shall pass laws to main la la and protect slavery wherever tbe j*opie do not want it. Tbua yen find that both of them are ad v oca las of Congres aicuai intervention?tbe one in fhvor of the .South, tbe other in favor of tbe North, the ooe for slavery, the other against it. Tbry agree in principle, and they rfiflfer only? la the application Of that principle My friends, I will not ileum you miu y minutes longer (1/u.d cries of "Go on.'' " Go on.'') You have listened to an eloquent, able and patriotic speech from Georgia's gallant and fovoriie ?> r?(three chirrs for .fohnsnn) ?and you have seen this day that Northern men and Southern men can avow thstr principles in the same terms In every part of this glorious country (Great applause) Democratic principle* are tbe same lu Georgia as in New York, they are tbe same In Virginia as m Illmola?(applause)?and whenever tbe time comer tbat I cannot visit the land of my birth and the graves of inv ancestors, and carry my poiiti ml principles with me, 1 rball come to the conclusion that there Is something wrong In my creed. (Cries of "Good b?y," and cheer fl ) I set It aisled In oae of the newspapers of this city, on the authority of an Infolltgeoi oor respondent, that a few weeks ego Mr. I.tnco n told them tbat be was anxious to visit the grave of bia father in K'ntucky. and tbe grave of his grandfather la the valley of Virginia, there to explain his political opin ion*. but was fearful of porsonal violent? If be did so. (Cheer* ) I have very recently visited the grave of my Islhe.' In a free Wale and the birthplace of my children In a slave Mate, and in both paces 1 avowed the same opinions ((beer*, "Good boy ") And I have done more I bar* made a good, sound democratic speech la tbe Old Tenth legion of Virginia, dan* by tbe grav* of Abrahim Lincoln a grandfather (Cheers. ) Ks-nit ataanc laiHvmcAt? 1 bops yon will main it over hie own grave yet (Immense applause ) ~ ~ ~ friend,P Mr Iknoiai?M* friend, there would be no saere pa triotic duty on earth more grateful to mv foettns* ttaa to make <>t * over Mr l.tamtn'y political ptn (Tremendous (hearing ) I do Lot make the rru.yrk out of any unkind nrtw to Mr tibroln, but I believe thai tbe food of hi* u?n country require# bin defeat (Cheers ?ad ? voice, "1 an iberr 'I In my opinion , cbot tb? party of whlcb be lit* become tn* cbufcn lender b tide doctrtoas aubvrryive cfour oocatlloilon (* vole#?"8# did J#hi. Biu*t ) H< was the original autlior of the Irrrpreesble conflict, having declared llitt d<clrtor in bta canvara in llttnoia tour mouths before Mr Howard ma..t hi. Kocixrter speech Hence ( bavr appeal.d to you to day to clear up roar ranks.ard to all I'oinn lovtaf men. and all men in foror of tba enforcement of Ibr lawa In every motlrgeny, to rally to tbr ruppirt of ooe electoral t rkrt and lliua beat the abolilwoleu (Great aiplauie, in a tai.ib tbr BrecaturMge interrogator ana oheervrd to Join heartily.) Hal I conjure you. aa you love yoar country, and as jou a bp to prrarne j.>Ur hberttaa and transmit Uma unimpaired la yowrhlldreo, to make ?o bargain. no combination, bo fuama. no nomprnimee with tbe friends ol any candidate who will not flrrt pnb.iely pledge hlmaei1 to tbe maintenanee of the Calce. tbe nviolahillty of the nonet itut.oe and tbe enforcement of the lawi la all r#r-s and under all e.rcimatanon. (Thunders of app'auae, o which It waa oolloed tbe Breckinridge inter, royator ci ' not juta ) My fricndn, there are many elo queot <-l>MD|"ooa?rtbe drmoeracy n iw peeoeat. aad aa I have neither tbe vow* nor the atreatth ti norupv tnare of your tune even if I denired to do an t aball briny me r# marks to a oooeluai-w. in the roov.rtino that the great and patriote cans* in which we are engaged will be better roaee-Tid by !!.?*# greet aad gallant young cbamptoaa of dimorraay tbac by myself H' Pnagias beep retired amid nine cherry but returned to thr front o' th. at and toinc lately, with liorernor boorehi ad, of Kentucky He add. d?geabemea. 1 die cover |? the *ta: d a gallant old line whig, who 1 now pre ?cot in you P'Three cheers for Governor Moorebead ') He M a man who never bad nay more symiwiby for the Or mo-racy than I bad lor bit party?(obeera aad laugh lor)?a man wldi whom I took great pie Mure in aattog oe a memorable nrcaeioa when our eounlry waa la danger. M bee No-Uiem abnlittoalata aad (toothers da combined to plunge th.acountry lata a rrvwiatlaa la 1M0, ? Hey tbe Clay came forward and lad the I a wo a btgf ard tlie Yatoe democrats to a victorv la behalf of the great prioclptaa of ana later eawt .on hy Coegrem with ?lavery In tbe Terrn. rlea (Ihal) (lev. Morabaad waa one of Uxwr | at riot le old whig* ("Tbreo cheer* for M. or "bead "J He ta aa touch a whig to day a? be waa tab# i then, but he Irrvea hie cavalry me aa be Old then, as I If vpn do ant belu v? It call ua him aad ha will apeak lor himself ((.real applaaee ) GOVERNOR MOR> HEAD'S SPEECH. Governor Hoauu:,. on earning forward, aaet with a warm welrom|- He m.4 ?My frteods I cwaaa bare to day do listen and not to apeak I kaaw n waa a demo cradle warn merlin, and ! came, ae you have beva told, aa aa old wl g 1 waa aeeldaatolly ta tbe etty of New York, and t rame to bear that distinguished orator to whom we bare 1 ?trued with to mark pleaaare to day. Wetl, 1 would fay. I am fi* this t'nlm. 1 am far tto amiatoaanes la ;wrfret tstegrlly If I bate owe freitog ta my heart daar.r tbaa a 1 otHen II la thai the latest my be preserved 1 bare trtt aa my baenred friend wbo hae.iust lakes b.a vest las fell, thai there ta danger. (At this moment a band of m-ete pas* og la fraad of the stand caused t .natderab a taterropt.oe ) I have frit, my Maw alt iren*. at ! was speaking whew latermpte' that thai there la danger to th* fataa M heart la loyal to It. aad whea I aay that I can say T ether, that tbe twtlre bear! af tba great State bta wbewre t cams it aa kyal to II aa my owa There la act a atao to be found who <a and loyal to I. There la not a bemaa beirg breath eg ta tbe Mate of Keatorsy who ta sot ta fhvor of tbe af Ih.t Caloa to the

I alert ttmea. V, are so a tested that It la utterly 'aipoa ?Ibte for ae t < aepwrsu Me orrapy taa great ealfey of the Mtaaiaeippi we are separated by a bord*r af srvva buatrrd and dftj m las form !-** aa t We lira oa awe aide, am: Ibey aa tba other Tbe water* Sow from tba North and from the Hat th aad an4 a that valley, aad mlrftmf together they float dram to await th* angaty stream ladra with mmaeere* We 1,1 might a* waU talk of thcae mingled waters, of tba drop that rum aauth from the drop that runs north, a* of separating Kentucky from her a star Pteten (Applaaee ) tioa havt braa toM t>y tbe diatlagaishcd gratiemaa who appeared bef *? you, that oa oa# orcnaloa we en c pe**tM together ta GoagTeas la aa attempt to carry through some great miararn wblah agitated lha man try from one ead to another. Aad I dee rt bee# to toy UM i honor him for the rwmm be puraued aa that oeoaalaa (lha Speaker waa here agate taumiptod by the strata* af a band af music I I taw him oa that ooraaoa atari 1 by Ua aids af that greet, etoqamt oM man wham we Teaerato, aad wbo I ache wlodge aa my leader? Beary Clay (tmmaaaa aad long met Sued applaaee l I saw L m laboring with that wwe *M mas to phold the eaqpe of tba t a led, the ?nfo-wwat of the laws and th* aadatltnttea (Lead and re termed cheers) Aitcw me to any l was at urn time the rap-earn totire frm fed dtstetct ta the foato of km I ,r*y - fmm the Aablaad diatrtd, and had aa opwartaaity of niaraiyg bm egertwuia. the deep satiety, the onto f ?. tcUude wh eb he fbW wti * before th* mwetry trbetbee "? ^ ' ? a.' ikai^UtoMcatr) uat R pm dpMMy M] m t al wltboct my reference to put party feeling, to rally t? yrttx'i u.r the purpose of saving tbe oonetui tym, and Of restraining that (rcttoeal agitation vbicb threatened to deoirt v it 11?* him then, bowed down scarcely able to walk to the Capitol, aged, wornout?I aa* blm whoa bo * xixl rtae In his place, aud throw off htacloak, aland erect before that august tribunal ami look an though the baud of time had not been laid upon htm at all It >u wbra the "higher law" wan proclaimed, (bora waa an irrepressible about. He aroaa la the Se nate chamber, and la tboae toon wbich no man could bear unmoved, exclaimed, ? i bare heard a higher law proclaimed la tbia Assembly. Ves, air,'' he eon tinned, urn tog to tbe President of the decate, " there is a higher law;" but who gave that gentleman the autho rity to proclaim ttf Let ate tee your credentials. Higher law' higher la e! higher than wbau If he means to aay that it is higher than the ooaatitutioa of the I'mted Stat<a be is a traitor la bta heart." (Immeoae applause and repeated rounds of cheers ) He saw the daDger of s sectional agitation; and wbea he saw the heme agitation that was excited, and the exottement between the diffe rent Stales of the t'oloo, I beard blm disclaim forever ali part) feeling, and declare that he wis ready to affiliate with any man who would co-operate with him to preserve the in Ion He waa much dlaaatlahed with the ilate of affaire at that time, and he tald to ma, " I Intend to write n note to Mr. Ritchie, to whom I have not spoken lor twenty yearn, aad ask hit aid aad bit co operation to settle these questions that are disturbing the country " lie did write that note; Mr Ritchie came to him He said, ?? I believe the oouatrv le In danger. I ask your assistance Let u* bury everything, aad be towards one another as we were wbea we played aa boys together " Well, that old man seined blm by the band, and they did co operate together I Among all the distinguished men who wera there lending their weight, their Influence, their energies and their talent*?either inside or outside of Congress i here was none among lbs whole boat more efficient than Stephen A Douglas. (Applaaaa A vruoe: " I'll warrant bun for that.") 1 honored him for that I hooored htm aito 'or tbe bold, manly, patriotic, response which he gave ?n tb ? instant, on the moment when that Breckin ridge elector presented to blm the question, what be would do on the election of Lincoln, aad whether a disaoln Hon of the Union would be desirable. He answered "Mo, there would be do cause for a dissolution of this glorious Union?the moat magnificent oountrv on the face of the earth " (Tremendous cheering, and cries of "That so.") Why, a* you have beea told by the gallaat son of Oeorgis, do one ran come to the city of New York without beltev in tbe future progress of tale great coin try. Hut she is not con fined here; she la hlretchiag out her area Fast, West. north aad South, embracing every variety of clime aad roll. i?on tbe Icy regions of the lakes (down to the genial South No, she Is stretching out, aad marrbing onward with tbe steps of a giant?not a "little giant"- (cheers aad laughter)?In the course of material improvement She la developing her own reaouroea, she is casting off all her dependence upon foreign nations *he depends now almost entirely upon what le produced within tur own border!; she manufactures her own vast surplus, aad her works must inert ate la ail oomtng time. Is there s man here?could we suppose there Is s man within the wide limits of this country who would en deavor to sunder the tea thousand ties which form the common brotherhood of the Uuiaa! It la straage to me if, looking at this vaet country, with one eectioa depend ing upon another, and with the material Interest of ooe so bound up with tboae of another, any man oould dare to apeak o( dweoiuUou. I know there w a talk about the cotton attics having distinct into reels. Why, you help to manufacture their oottoo. (Cheers and laughter ) ... - " ' M You get the cetten aad make it into bats and cape aad cloth. Yon help them to get off their great staple. You take'their cotton from them, aud send it hack in a man ii "acttired state There Is, therefore, a material in to rest binding yoe together, aa Intertwining Interest, be sutc the ten thousand physical ilea that bind us together It seems to me ihen, that unices "roasor be dethroned, sod madness rules the hour," no man can dare to speak of the dimoiutton of this Tulsa. (Ureal applause ) Well, now, I have spoken these very tame sentiments la the Niutli 1 have told them that 1 would never be for disunion Rut some btve asked me when It would be lime to thin:, of a dissolution, aad what aort rf Invasion should be made upua their rights that should make them Id Tat or of disunion. I have replied that the fathers who save us the constitution were tae wisest men that ever lived in any couatry or any see. They gave us a const) tuttor, with such checks aad balances in the constitution Itself, as are certain to preserve the liberties of every naa la the Union. If the Congress of the States pass a bad measure, there Is still the Senate having power to veto U If the NodmIs passes a bill trampling oa the right* of tbe people, there la tbe President's veto, aad if by the two-thirds rule the Senate should aerertbeieaa pa* the measure over the PrewMeat's veto, there is attll tbe Supreme Oourt of tbe United Mates, to wh >rn we can appeal for the redress of every wroeg that can he ina>rted upon us by Congress , aud we can have all the laws that are pissel Infringing upon our rights tested by that Oourt Rut m aa extreme rate, aud supposing that all these should come against y? u and that the Supreme Court, by the? kcnon i>l a mctiooal President. should tie oecttioal Ired alao and that they should all agree la trampling oa your rig hi*?m b at abould then Be done? Would you not then dissolve lb' I nlonf No. Iaatd;! would Wen relet- the flag o< ear I oioo?I would tight, aad Kentucky would flgbl? aad the Southern Mde would fight for the Union After all the forms of law had been paeaed through, aad when every check aad balance had given way, we would still pro teat our beloved Cetaa, aad flgbt under its flag, (tremendous cheering, and crtee of "Bravo.") Rat, my rrtends, l know we cannot separate it We see so attaafd that there w not a rivulet that ran* down our bitlsld* that would Ml probably m .agio with the paler Dal fii><><J ud that region would again become the dark aad Moody ground. W* ray to our Southern brethren, who sir eo impri .olj and M b'H headed and an aurioua ( Irasl) to prwcipttur the Smtberu ar tbr rottoa Htair* into revolution, we nj to tbrm, ia it fair, or 1* it Juat, it It dolrf ua In Kentucky Jualice to rnoraror to proonpitate Ulnar M-tes lolo a rarolatida wbra we aUad u|><o the bonier and hara all thr fighting W> do* Our laud would be msde ttr Handera of Ainariaa We are unwilling to bar# it; mt won't bare it. Bat, Bay frteada, there la danger of sectional isbo I bare sow* libra quoted the remarks of the Father of bU Country, but a tb there extreme men it seem* old fogy tab to al lude to the 1 slher of bla Ow.utry, or to the counsels that be yare at, to aaytbiay that be aa>d at aay period, or to the ad rire which ba left to ca la bla fareureil addreaa Yet I cannot but re member that after passing through the aereo years' war to arhlere our ladepeodeaoe. when be ?aa about to onaaummate that graadrtl act of bla lift, Uia firing up ba < oma.iaahM to the ? rota a letter to the (rower nor* of our ftutea before our l-rearut form of for-rem-nt waa adopted, la which, among otbe- sold ?"ft oat meaaarea bartag a teadaacy to dlaeolrc tbla Caton ought to be considered aa hoetiie to the liberty aad Independence of America aad the author* treated accordingly " (Applatw* , Mr Websw bat quoted to aa eloquent Ibrm that neat men I of the Fat bur of bie tountf/ when be aalt?' 1 be.-t; aad uatoa, bow aa< foeerer, oae aad laauparable " Hut War hiagtoa goaa oa la bia farewell ahd.we# kaowtag tbe danger* of ?*cti.n?! ?a. and la a more emphatic tnaoaur tb.n l*rbape n any portloo uf that immortal addreaa. be tells ua to due* tnd'gaaatly upon tbe <ary Brat effort made to alienate nar portion of thta country I'm another a el' mr friend* what t* aow going oa, acm.Uiag thai tbe electee of Mr. I .neola would not be oai ee rn<?igb??? U la n<H, la my xtgmeat, cauae euougb tor lbe diaeoiutMMi of tbl> eonf.-oernrj ?.lor* out Mr. I.'* eotn's party al.?oole one seri.'u or tail enuatey from another* thiea It rot create a division m Ofl-en Stales of ttk* l otos against a parly that ar* called tbe frur Hutaaff ta It ?ot a geographical party Tt??ar geo graphwal i ore will be drawn Alienation 11 the ftrat reaalt Following that alieuatloa air httte- ho wile feating* thai maul eoeue Retaliatory meaaor., will be para-d, aad In pror?as of t.m* the tea itio<.aaad lie- by which we are timed together caaoet ba reuered ? a .lay. bat you break nor aVr another ami I* pro-esa of I me wo borne aieoa aad at ranger* to each other Tbe dtttagniahed grntiemac who uttered tb* higher law bar already proclaimed ia oae part of this rosiem fact that tbe army and naey waa ta be abo.Mhsd, sou that be would make war upoa Slavery erery where under tbe limit* of tb- cooMttatwm. ant oaly la the Tar rilcr..* bet ta tbehutaaof thai Var a What sort if a war can be make voder tbe I Unite of the onoat latum' He tblaaa ar can make aorne war to ??n? riv-ui. yet ta a recent apeeob ba dellre-ed, tbe wary last I bare eeaa. be telle yae bow be p-matrwe- tne cooatitutioa He ooa ? true* It (aad ft ia tb* ?uri nal principal by wh eh be give* oooatructlea to thai leetr .ment; that b* latoeeeer* the liberty of erery creator* in tbe Toiled fftai? aad that every maa who -turner* to rise far liberty ? eatilie.I , to do aa We k>-i* at bote thing* we examine tbem we a** a bat be la after We loot, ba . to tb* warntag twice of tb* Father of bla Country, and I aak you my brethren of tbe North: man who bare the same me mor e* men whoa* forefather* eogmp-d la that glorious struggle by which w* aow enjoy the ladepe* leaoe wbrb w# pimiaa lb* 11 beetle* which ar* oar*. (The speaker waa tab erupted by asm* aotae ia tb* crowd, bill after Silence waa reetored proceeded aril* l.w remark* 1 t.-Uo* rttiseoa. aaxi he 1 will aot deta a vou ? hot a fbw m' meat- longer Ailew am, then, I* aay that with ibe*# fee:tag* thai 1 puea<?* irvewtly aad ywlafa.iy ?eosibl* a* I am. of lb* danger* by which we are earrout ?led aad with wb.rb we are thrraMWr t.1 warn he appeal { to yau aad to eay that we aare recently f-vghl * battle ia bhe State o' Kent irky uber* we %r mphed o*er fbmtber* . MCUueali*m we triumphed gt riooalj ,-ontrar ? to the the expectation* if tb ?** who bad heew n*mmak-1 by | b'a auaediag Usawenttoo *f oa* ban. I red and are mea l While I aey-r baaed It proriatmed wnbta tba le-rder* of I tbe Slate of Rented thai Mr Brerkmrwfre waa a die | aaMmiet, I barr beam it ea.1 aad r?'t*rat*?i in bia oa a I town and tbe Suue uf Kecluehr that be was i tbe bend aad tbe rrprweeetat'w* of the <iteu**m * leasee i af this sat ion He aaa that they bad separated at Charies too, when, if ibey had remained fa. aa?l tbe oat* .<hj#r no* had been t> the dtatlagalah <1 g-ntl-maa who ad drieeed yon (Mr Pcuglas) they might pnaatbty haw* drflm'ed b * We saw Mr Yaaray goieg nut Into the street a af CTtarleetee aad pmrlalmlag that tb* ! pro waa ?lbh> d that would welta tbe hm.iry of a Heoth | ?vn iwaitmermrr aad three cheer* war* demandwt foe tbe Houibera fwafb1*mdy, aad they wee- glrea with a hearty good will We were oppoeed to tbla W* halleei J that tbia dmaaloa etrmaat exated la tba cenatrr, and w* ?isbed to crush it out I cam* bee# becana* I mm eattehad w lb?what do yut. nil ?'?foe urn, all lance, combination?wbatawer tt ta. t gteer ?a It, becaaae tba mea wnb whom you bar# combined belle** ta it.e east gr*wt paramount qaentoa?lb* I'aioe af three Mat**?aad I am willing to threw aa <1*%L post party ttaa to tnatala ami enpport taw t'. oo (Owe? ) TbW Talon or- alUaarw. ar wbataeet yon mav caU it, waa aot tba howty aad uaprameaitatad uhioe *f men aoxon* to a? er tb* tie I ef past party aUe y .aee aad affinity tt wwa hat a uataa *agaad*rrd by | la> i i<ma ar the pwntyema of an owerhaatad party real. it dM not rewnlt from tbe maddening Inflneww af party etrl'e, tt waa a together of patrleea, Who thrmgbt that it wan tndtapeaanbly areewmry that tb a great fmp'r* mate?a oatlon with n Itaeif? ? h'Hild crnah oat tba Ml aplrlt hi which tbla scrtlon* , By baa been built np (Applause ) For MM ptirpe- ? i proud to cooperate with tbem to tbe fbHeet extent la my power I bid yon go aa. Bad rpeed la tb* fW'S-w ranee in wbtab wa ar* ati embarkwl Tb * sue I tmeal party amy build ap aa imaginary cwtle, aa ideal caatle U llWrty, luaorT-teg ta galdew rapwali upoa tt, ??i berry ta the na?At*r," aad they may wataly imagine that the shark)** of elarrr* wit! gimp from the bawls of erery rihwa la uw eat tea. aad they will atam* bnlldlng ap taal Ideal rmmtt* they aid great confederacy (loud cheering.) Gavaraor Man Dead retired auiid great applause RPEECH OF MB. HAttRJNOTON. Mr fUstuM/ros then camo lorward, an.l was greeted wilt) loud cheer*. He reminded Lis hearer* of the peel victories or the deny cratic party, and oiborted bis hear m of L lab and German nadooality t* ooutinu.- onward in tbe same glorious path, and lead the parly to fresh tri umphs and when, having completed all their struggles in the political sphere sod upon the theatre of lite, they fcbould be nailed to the life shore, lie trusted that God would receive them into bearetii?rttli|a orad nUle faCOux SCENES ANO INCIDENTS DURING THE SPEECHES. As the reader is already aware, from the parenthetical pur lions of the shove speeches the roantfrsutlons of the crowd were of the meet decidedly miscellaneous char acter All, however, with but few exceptions, were marked by the ut nost good nature, and were evidently the result of the prut up exhuberaaee with which the en tire multitude appeared to be overflowing, than of any mere desire to rpeak for the rake of being heard. Occa ?tonally one would interpolate bis enthusissm in the wrong place, or say something that was about as appro priate to tbe moment and iccarion as would be the I.ord's prayer: but, ae e general thing, the Interruptions wore similar to those usually accompany occasions of this kind. In so dense a crowd, it ru of course impossible (or evcay one to he perfectly gent's and harmonious, and several times tbe immense mass was in a state of com motion, push.rg, jostling, tearing, elbowing, erowdmg and swearing at each other, with a vehemence that brought the less practical oratorical eloquent* to a sudden stand. These occasions were merely momentary, howev er, and after recking to and fro a few times, as if to ob tain an equilibrium, tbe throng would again settle into Its normal condition, and so remain until again disturbed A considerable source of annoyance to both speakers and bearers wan ibe booming of three or four loud mouthed six pounders, which, under the sturdy manipu 1 at tees of a dozen or twenty ambitious fellows, who doubtless imagined they were (erring their country thereby, wet* made to add their noisy reverberations to tbe patriot ic effect of the srone. Occasionally, also, some lunoaeiit band, at the bead if a tquad of young and rag ged politicians would heave In slgnt. and lor a moment or two every other sound would be lost m tbe clash of cymbals and the dm of enthusiastic hurrahs, but as the meeting progressed, lat ter interruption* ceased, and with a vigorous exercise of lungs the speakers succeeded in sending their voices over the immense area of humanity gathered before them. While referring to this subject, we may add that few people have any idea of tbe tm mease ditlicultles which reporters have to encounter tu securing facilities for the proper performance ol their duty In the present instance some attempt bad been made for lh<- accommo datlon of the reportorlal corps by a |>rovialon of two or three tabbs on either side of tbe speaker, but to stoner did the dUtisguished subjects o' tbe day's ovation make their appearance on the plaUorm, than the crowd, la f-ptte ?f prayers, remonstrances or threats, pourfl over the railing with a* much energy as if thsv were *> mauy Zouaves scaling the walls of a small Sebastopol and lb a moment seals, tables and every other spare were occupied by a not particularly sweet scented congrega tion of roughs and gentlemen, in which One linen, eletn clothes, red fltanel shirt* and a pamfi<! quantity ol indt vldual dirt were most miscellaneously commingled. Half a dozen banners, more or leas, were aisu (long flanntingly to tbe bre< re directly in front of the stand, and there up held by a number of stalwait forms, whose ponderous pro port urns and profuse muscular developemcut prec lude. 1 any idea of a removal of the obnoxious objects by any means short of a miracle, and bid detlanre to all attempts on tbe part of tbe rt fortunate report.-, s to catch anvthlng more than passiiis glimpets ot the MM* transpiring in front of them. Of course the usual professional Ingenuity is not wanting on tbe partof tbe fraternity. In employing alt proper meaos to dotbeir duty to themselves and to tbe |>ubUr ;'asd a lien tbe work of eloquence commenced, tbe . ntire rrat might bare been soon occupying positions at atigbs which no one bat a New York reporter would ever r?-t?ecirf, wb.le bats, banks, rails. Moots and garments were pressed Into service to All the place* at IDe sub merged tables. TBI satNl t BOM TO STAND was striking In tbe extreme. As far a* tbe eye could reach acaroaly anything was to be seeo bat groups of bu maatty mattered over tbe laws surrounding the various objects of inter em Tbe crowd was Itself aa oh. rot of (irkaltjr, to i?) nothing of tbo virhna feature* th#? bad Iwn brought out lor tto attract t.i, nnd anvmemeot: and 00 philooofbor occupying ,tM> Idatfinrin enald bare failed, In cotit'w.r>lating the phrenology, iWyat.ignotny, human nature tod general ohnrwUrtatic# of tbo loatue mult I tude, to bare found ample food for reflegtiaa. Iran th* tram abor* were l.*dr,l down with moo tod boji, who found tholr lofty prrrhea morr cumtonatilr tbto tb* prwincti of the crowd, while MfTikgee tilled with cur too* itdir* tod g riitii'tnii,, prreoo.t oo bonwhtek, promenanit* frmtln, ttx> earirg flag* at the neighbor tnattond* the Treati br#?tbr fall lag kmreetbe rtw? liog at tba I row, the liferent tad rotbatlum of the audience. the <trnrtt t?nr* of th.- apeckera.uid gi? dit toot b?i of tb# btodo, made t picture foil of rlrld reality that eaonot be deacrtbed. Is tb* mete remote port loot of lb* (round* tho otnao tutorret waa t'.ao rtathle Around th carina* atorid*? WW* to a umber?erected for ?praArr* were gathered ?malt' oofrrfti loo* of tb?? who i#er<rr#d to IwUn to thtlr own frirr da Tbr awing* acre Hied with men and woman, tbr tropin alley *u w Pill oprrttin , htra and barroom* lawipnearllv erected on tb' froand found impfr potme age, while knot* of an tod Inort www ?raMet bar* tod ther> engaged la lb* kwiwnai ttumnU they preferred tbnrr tbr oratorical eofertoiBineat wba b bat drawn II.. m to tbr *pot Imn ediatelr aftrr tbr format I n of tb# principal mm ng.'.hnl' Itr r??. pMNdlttl organi*# ? il>ordl natr meet r ge ta tbr aerera! ptaor* procded f?ir th# pur poee Tbr argewt at (bear wan preotdrd orer by Or. Juki Mclean. ted nddr ??rd by Or. Bradford an t o'hrr prnli. BM. who worked tbrtr ami nan# op to a pttob at ?thnetaam quite equal to tbr Mg mat of tba dap. la faM around ail tbn ataad* ft ?u iiaeai tali la (bat tho "groat aawaabrd'' relwhed lha booM throato tad looal bit* and fret and oaay ttylr of oratwa Who tprang froaa tbr rank tad tl? quid* aa wall u lb# morr ornato tad argumentative diaptay at tho dmuaguiahrd g?Uamoa ta tbi .?tbrr part of ibo Bald ni cumb or m ntomtnivod. Ibo tile real ta tba groat atorliog orid?aUy bogaa to ?abold* with tba deparmr* from tbr otoad at Mr Doagke, though tho wall kaawa rapntotl m of O iveruor Merabaad, of Km took y, who aaotaodad blai, atiU kept tba la crowd mainly togatbrr warn Mr 0 ratirad bo waa lot to wad by aa lm?*e*o tbr mg who rnatird fWim all part* <?( tbr BaM feeeuta a ararrr flaw of tba redoubtable " tJMlr (liaat," aad bp tbr timo br readied tbr hotel la the ground# it namul a? if be moat b? thirty run down by tb# ragar aad tmpulair* uawd f)o aurorrdod la gottlag ta, bewarar, aad mod? bi* way to oaa of tba imi?. from which bo agata looked oat aad bower h*? eetaewledgrmaet#. Hi* himda aow began to pour ia upon bim ta k aU-ady atreaia and for aa h"ir or twaba wa* eompelled to aubmit to a uoaraa of tetrodec tioao, corgratnl*lira* and I.aad abaicing?, tbat wera In traded with a vabaaaawar tbat wo ild bare brokaa dawa th# caanItat ?a of aay Bat a wrii trained politician Mr. Jobaaon ? a* aim nude a *tm'i?r etetim. aoa ttaallp waa bawnghl art una tb* port am, where the crowd had r-aaaoraa* to lb* dtatiagu *bnl geuu-mra aad abaok hUa to their heart * rauietit Rati body waa la tba beat of ha mor, boweeer.aau aa awinnnl of <nitha*i*am waa iafu?*d lain their mnrameolo that lav rated th* oocaatna with tb* IraaMrat rbaraetrr, By Br* i. V lock the cur too* club* bod Bwmod to pea twmiea.aa . aouimpaalet h) their hand#, ware beadad for ih? r rraprcttre dertinat re*. ? uao retarmag hp tbo ? tramboat? watch My at the landtag, ua tba edge of the word, aa I "there atorrhtog to the etay oo (hot. Aprnpna to the rwcaetaa. a are achu<?er aaiaed Wephon A. fb>a* loo, but ? by Mr J Xurpby and launched ymtorday. a'aa lay at tbeabarf ha rug hr-wght to tbo t pot, tbo Ortega* ma from the 1 igfcleeMh Ward hi addreaor* were kfVewaruo made fenm the wia dow el Mr Daag *o' park*, to the rnaaant loft M tbo ?r*l. The beer wa* beeom n( late, boweree, and tbo htr ehtilT, no t tb f Uieral Jepnaitxoi mmif to bo to get bean* ao ?oen than fr-r a* a fhi wabto npoortuoity nfle-ed. to ? taeaarhtory rtblraefma of th* atteat<?a of tbo crowd. Mr rtongta# 0?* eo ted made ti ? w*y to Hn etr riape. and acrampaewd by two or three fltdada, dwra to hia botci Mr 'i tinaon and tlorerw* Moaeh-md tlw r*t -ed, aad in a abet t'me the ah'llt wblefki at toe d.? tout moa'.Pg atoamtmal*. the *'<rW booth* aad mtp h#if pirkrd beef bonea, bomra bottba, and iBtaaioeted ?trtggler*, were ?'l that -ematurd to muk th* drat timed itorhreue ard I*?- gto* Ox Koaet of the f'r*eldeetiai ctm pa'gh of l*dg NEW TONS STATS POLITICS. Tka rrnalwn BifMamwat-Tba Cwmawawwl* rmdlwma tf Jaha A. tiraam? Paar mt tka Daaglaa Rlaekwaa ta (twetfto?The Blatb' lartdge (wan wilt tea ta bt Bwmbbatl. Ac. 1Mb taatoa doctor* ware aaaaadtagty yalat yitlirdar? the giBBd barbBane at .'oaaa' Weed twmd to be of mere tmpertamca Is tbam the* a dai.n of all foraaa mk'kdt A* repnbiiaaao TWaa BwbmoM. bowerar. alkar a mwatag 1 rimnada ap Braadwap, and a etan to aeearai of ear mign'Bcenl atorea. a la Jvtaow. baa bona la makinri with a anmber at tb# taadiag wM Mm city, wMh wham tb* aabyect ha* hem thoroughly eaaraemd aad Mm aal^art laekdi at ta ail of ft* detotla. Tbera eaaM be aethtag dtmo bat talk, aad that la (be oaly thing tbat we bare to raaard la maMCtlea with tbta at) kbaorblag ?ubjert. Tb# gmweal IMWM? baa beea la abeul the auae fewer *a that reported la ptatentoyl Hbbalp. The idea tbat apmethlag mutt be done to mitaf/ tbo mor rbantaaad hu* nam men of ibid eMy boa hem tba pre ralliagnwo admitted aa aU aktea aa aowwaary aader tba praaoat otato of aMtira. bat m to tbo mndo of arrlrl^ai I tbat waa a gaadttoa mare dbg it*d Committee to Best at the 8; Nicholas Hoial, to Urn oWy. <* En-lay oext, at twelve M Jobs A. Green, Jr., ~-? Ban or the Breckinridge HUM CoaUDltlw, which met at the Astor House on Friday and Saturday laat, baa till to IVan Richmond ? copy oI the reaolations passed bp too Breckinridge Committee. By Ukm reooiutmus tola main Committee aid dettnitoiy oototoittod to a combined tit re meat against Lin'oolu, provided toe Douglas Qua unites eonoede to toe national d* mocracy tea elector* oe the electoral ticket, this being toe lumber already conceded by them to toe remnant of toe Know Knotting party. Mr. Green has alao seat to Dee* Richmond "a copy of a letter addretoed to htm bp Btoih 01 in Wood, of toil city, Chairman of toe Douglas Oam mitiee o( Conference, accepting oa toe part of htosnb comaiUee the ultimatum at the Breckinridge state Oaa trai Committee. Thua, to-morrow, the whole mibjaat comes aqoareiy and fairly before Daae Ricnmond sad hie Doogtoa State Commitoe. Upon them devatvm the re apooalbiUty of deciding whether or not toe vote of thto State shall be glran for Lincoln In November. The countnnication of Mr. John A. Green, Jr , aUbeagh mid to be In thin city, had not been received bp Rich mond at eleven o'clock laet evening; toe question of tea electors has not, therefore, come officially before him. It matters, however, bet little, whether he receives it or ; not, toe programme is uuqaeoUooably already marked oat by Richmond nod oeaociatos, and srtu not be changed 1 bp communication or orertnrea from the Breck inridge Committee. On tola point the tnena j ben oi that oomuilttee map rest Minded, ton slate it flxod and they are counted out. A compromise, however, will be made bp the Richmond committee enlam the programme should be changed by outside pressure before Friday noon, which, from present appearances, la not very probable, but this will tie done without nay re ' gard to the committee of which Mr Green in chairman. The indications at present are that four or fire of toe district electors from tots city now on the nougtm electoral ticket wlU resign, and their piaom Oiled by leading merchants and bankers of this city who are known to be staunch Breckinridge dm, th' names of R>yal Phelps, Wilson G. Hunt. Mease Taylor and Watts Sherman have b?eo mentioned,as being the men most likely to be substituted for those who wtfi i resign By this move they bope to take nine-too the af I the Breckinridge vote In this city anl the adjaoeot coen tiee, where they assert toe bulk of the rote is. If the \ above names are not placed upon the ticket, others af tost stamp and of like standing to the city will be. Thin | is unquestionably the programme at present of the Doug j las committee. It la not expected that it will be satisfactory to ton present Breckinridge organization, neither has Richmond ' and ht.<- aids and councils any desire to pieaac them Thai will be the laet thing that they will do The comnoanlen tioe of Mr. Green, If received, will be laid before ton State Committee, and that Will be the last that will be i beard from it It w ill go the same way that Dana s aats Irginlativo resolutions did to the committee at the Syra cuse Convention Nothing will be done to comproanias on the Hate ticket, but it to thought, under the shews arrangement, that Brady, who Is aching for an opporto j nity to retire from the political fleid, will reeign before election day. Everything that is Jons about compromise by the Doug last to? will he doae thto week, and the subtest ever et-Twads dropped, a vigorous campaign commenced at once and followed up until election day. Whether they w l'be able to get the merchants and business mm of thto city to subscribe tbem funds enough to carry the war into Egypt, under this arrangement, take Been. They having issued their edict that there would be no sinews of war famished without n union of the deseo erotic factions, toe qnenton will be whether they consider the above arr at cement a un.on Richmond, Cagger k Co. will nrotwe n bitter hostility from the present admin tatmUon organ :aaI ton in thto State, who, m pay (or beiag thus snubbed will fight with great desperation and may rally around them n (renter form than toe Regency and Tammany managers count upon, and will only add to ton confusion ef political aflaira in thto State, already sadly n irtced up by the trading politicians. There to any thing hut peace and harmony ahead There to a targe number iA politicians in the city from abroad. Kelly the Douglas candidate for Governor, waa at theft Nicholas yesterday Bntoler, the chairman af the Bell and Everett National ,-omtniu-e, to alee in town, whether here to aee how the tee kail men arc to vote, if cbuaea, we are unable to stale. Sim lark KamlatlUa. ? PocbHHurr.a, S?pi 13, 1MD Tbk Republican Convention ol I be tkotflh C-agree t.oekJ Dtatrict at Pocghkeepe.o to da> aoramiled fteyhka Baker, of I'ougUkcopeio. CITY POLITICS. lairlfaa* of (ho Palltlelatu Caayw ?laatl a ad Clijr Kanlaatlaaa latltr a Barfiala amd Hale?Tbc Aiplraala la tha Hla? Campet Ian far the Caa|rra aloaal Belt*?No ail aat la a ? Made I atar the Bafaa Taaaiaf CaltvAailatf Aaaagat the Trading PollUelaa*? la dlBereare at tha Peaple. Ae. The telegraph a dally informing aa of the nomiaatiee tor Omgrrm ut thin or that Coagnaainaal dfuiet thruagh oat the Stale, bat the mia of rotert la thll nty hare bat titUe kaowtenge of the oombiaatloaa and wtrepeUiag of the arroral Ocmgi aeliiaal aapiranta. So much ha beea an id about the Prceid -anal caaraev. the probebiiitiea ot a oompromae between tha and that faction, that the aaam oatme of caadutatee for Cuogreee baa beea -nl.rely over looked. Then baa been for a long itaae a el amor innpi tie conferral ?? maaare ia far or of a oaioa o< all tha laetkme aad politic* oddt tad enda agaiaat l_aeota Thaa ooireraai demand from tha aee oTloe aaeking roteri <d the dtp ban beea not red r.pea bp a naiaber of the aapl raaa tor Goegrraaioaal boo ore, aad naed aa a lexer te ad ranee their own canoe to the eipanee of a oof to of the enaserretire foreea. their moremrnu are anaongat thaw n ataacee whore the wlab aad the ilmiga ol the peblie have beea thwarted by ealhah aad uaacrepuloue politleiaaa te ptaee toeaueiree ia pewer. One of the leading ? oagraaeioaal arpiraata baa taccied ed ia placing himaeir on the CommtUee of Coaforewee be tween tb? two State Central Oemmltteee, preteadiag ha be teboriag for a a a.on at the Brockinridge and lnogha forree oa ant electoral ticket, yet doing h i ulaaoat la make that name a Mopping alcae far b maalf aad i brewing every obataele ia the way of every propo?IUaa that dar? ant directly aid hie arid* eada g number of the ether caaeidatea am la the name boat, aad by thedr labor* are keeping bock a nine between the po.iUetMB noon tho freeideetlnl lick a', ft ? the an dab manage aaaat of the poKe-taat that has no long prereated a aa.aa In tbla HUU Bad It not bean for the - operation tharo wwrid have been a perfect aatoc week* ago, aad the whole army of conaei i illre rotor* of tbia stale waadd bare be?w to day mnrrhing ia one .olid mi*m* to moat the mwttoaa: fee* oader I ho land of Abe Inaeela (hher? who ore oow eoeklag tho aomaMioa for Ona grraa ore hot rtaily after that peattwa. hot bar ing roa e?der*Me laluoaoo with the nominal lag oomm litem aad ttaae who make the aomtmatioa for the people, they held oa te their graep far the porpcae of fort tag none one of the prominent aad loOegatial raadMatee la buy thrm ad. by eeecrtag for them the nominal 10a to enme fat oAre lb the city, and will withdraw, and throw what littlr lada rare tber here la favor of that ' ngi manual .and idol a . who w u do tbe mml lor tfci*. <)ae nlaa* of ovr rrtimaa bar* mode thin thr?r eludy daring the eatim nane 1 T ier have Mifiod te carefnlly or- i the mole of bringing > taw maa N0B U"? oelml. aad bow they ran nana* a ? ;? b w tk thai candidate, aa a general does the -daaa ? ram.wif* for a toog aad ardneue war Maay ar ! them hare brought It lata an alee a eyatem ihai may I riatr bat to tear* the wtrea. ae the f H-graph oparator daa Urn krye to hit tuatramnt. to here htt to-nee aa tf by nagto arrayed iwfiwr turn Be err <tn-e l?M that aar!t aad mirh pr-mme liar a re ralred thr nomtneMeo of the people I mm tto ir cat- eta tor l.ingrvaa. letwlatuf or enme other other - a aaaerttea that doe* oet enotain I tie leaat aetahlame of trtta The form of boMlog the priaaarr mre tinge may have hgga goge through la the aercrel worde. but only dr.mated re ere lie attend to three tor thr rorpnoam r*t..yieg the bargain, aad erhgmta of pander ooaoooted by tea pea onal poltth laaa K ne m i of too of all tbe On from , awmbera of the legwlatgr*. dlieriaea aad mom ef tho OomaM.i i-mucii rV-elve Utctr n>m rattoM through tho bargain aad aale that r Tirade la lie ratnldaa thma into all tho minor rliqiteg from Tammany M mart Bolt emit the rep Blfeao beodgcarter., down to the etna* mi *et <4 poumtwc poma-mae la the arvaral warda. 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