Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 2
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INTERESTING F!*OM EUROPE. ?B1T>1 fj( THE ASIA AT TH'S POET. T/lHEE DAYS EATER NEWS. t)ur Lwlor, ( alwar, Ms, St. Petere burn 2 'il Ferlifl' urrpspon .bdcp. Mr. l.iiutMiy's Mission to the ( nited states. Improvement in the Weather in England. Its Depressing Effect on the Price of Breadstuff*. THE SEWS FROM CALABRIA. STRATEGICAL MOVEMENT OF GARIBALDI. IMPORTANT FROM SYRIA ?mention of One Hundred and Eighty Moslems at Beyrout. ANTICIPATED RISING OF THE MOSLEM. WARLIKE PREPARATIONS IN FRANCE. 9 it tvEBim sEctmiriEs, Ac.. Ac., Ac. The tteen.ship At.*, Captain lit'., which sa.lod from Liverpool at ten o clock i>& the morning of the lit aft , Mi from vueenatowa on the evening 01? the 2d, arrive I fear* at one o'clock yeeterlay after noon. tbt Jura te advertised to take the place of the ^ant Cms. kraving Liverpool for Quebec on 11 e ?.!> Inalant. Mo adjourr ment of I'.rliamrat i tii led to a dead calm la politics m England. A tetter (ram Captain Young, of the Arctic i-rataer Fox, Aatou Ha Were iag, August T, states thst the Fox was on the point of etart ng for Iceland, after a successful survey ?f the Faroe Isles for the put jioiee of a North Atlantic Mopraph lb* strike among the weaver* of Coventry was at an ?hd. The weaver*, after aevsre pri rationl, Iccepted the Ito torn* of the employer*. 1U trrt street railway >n, 1 poo the America* principle, waa formally Inaugurated at Birl enbead ou the Mh of Aoguat, and the general .mpreeioa wao highly foeersb.e Mr. (leo. F. Train, the promoter of the enter prae, gave a grand banquet at K.ikechi ad In honor of tho and delivered a characteristic go ahead speech. Traw l efforts to ntroduce the ayateM .n 1/radon, hlie, Manchester and eiaewhere, were w'.tb 1 eaooeie. The louden li ?, in a leader oa the eohjed of Mr. LMaay'a miealoB to America relative to (hipping mat lore, raises an objection to the appointment and ta^ea ex ?option generally U the policy of taking the business of tha ?ountry out of the bend* of the respmalVe ranliter* at foreign courts and placing It In tb" band* of a rice*, Who purchase, by serving the country for nothing, a mod ruled license for m smansp u.rnt Yens, a ta s celebrate 1 actress in 1 oud n, It tlar Union Correspnadrnce. l.o?to*. August 31,1S90 M^Arted I '1.'.' -J King J). '-*?/.?mlt,ij uf Gartlahii *! Jbppio? Dttcrif<u>n .f (he So rouilirj Omn'ry?TV i>\f al ie? 'J GarSta'dii i'utti n?K<iu'k't Mum Wtmtt?Singular A Umyt (ujfom L'ptkt Antrim F,i pare Kami ? tfread of Amman Id*-: in Knp'ami? Mr Lever and Ike f-a'sny Ante, Sc. H M reported here In political c r.-lee ihvt the K'eg of Maple, tan left hit domlatans?'(land, continetiial and I that be tea left u. .mlineutty. He wrnt away ?iuitf onawnree; Bui he went, N,>b<<ty kr.' ?r?, ani nobody ciree ?e baa taken away tb rtjr million ducat I la epacte w lb fcmi realty, that ?a> quite lao bad. Tba beet Joke of HUa war?ihtn grand tbeauiral performance 011 a large amir, atKrf c<mcdy aed farr* were ?trmag-!y inlerra'ied with tragedy?ll>e beet neeoa .a the performance would kale lend tl.e Week .nglnn. or eom- olber rteamer after Ike ."tfrnt bell and rapture her, rpecle, ooarllert, king Mac <y?u know a yc- of dock la called duckling) and ail. If Ma could be brought baea aad triad for deeerllag hia fetagdeen, after Urn eg o tragtd all lawe, bumaa aad dL alar, ai d thea taken In Pweo aad t arged on the vary gmut d *i.are pc* r K of Marat waa abol, II would ba aa ad ef retributive J cat lee Bat hie people will he averred by blr learlac country, tbroae aad king dad, aae allow lag fata eab acU to obooea the r ruler. The ft mm holt aad name to a a teem a ana ill that baare away Ike bombastic, bombardier kuaeballuo, aad if ibe a aot ?aah by a bombshell, thea Just lee M eel done tia, and later di*e act get ha owa la good tide. Her.bald, eeene not to hare aided a.'t blr car at once M the ahcree of Otlabru, aa the Neap>1!tan teet in the ?arrow straits of Medina? about alt ra'ee la width kept inch good guard at to menace both hie cm hartal oe aad .and eg, eacept la the eight The here, with ha koala tall of roldlert,?? led uat north of the rock ef IWyl.a. whia the Neapoliiaa erularre were aachored aaar fkarybd a. The a gtt waa dark, aad the erer biaaiag ?Wornbe it never caet a lartd light a* a mere harol3 sense Not 1 aa mai. wea irjured. Directly back of Regg'o the grered rleee ap olo a eeree ef hilft, aad areataaily talo nouatalee, not qntte aa end dawly ad the rlae ef S MO feet d'rec ly back of Mae*'no, ? Utlc aaeidn. bat by got* | back a few in Dee the ?level ea is ceaatdermfaly greater oa ibe Caiabriaa aide. The ground ? act ae prectpuo .a but that It It celt I rated, aad peeaaati a fertile aad pwlnreeqaf *>*ae of viaeyerfc, nmherda,elite grease, figs and fmIt gardens 1 re on ma bar aae it g aa old atoaa bridge, of a etagle arch, that bad game eutrtaatml repa're It modem tlmaa, aad a Ulin tkaartpua apparently restoret? is which appeared the ?awe ' ilant ha) TVie bridge wee throw* over aae ef tbcee morula la torreate to common la the moo a la none dwtrcte of ticity aad OaUbrla. aad wbluh, If they are pei dor.rat ?tr-ame ge by the came of /aaaa, bet If tar mate, that caly aj petr at cerrtata eaaaoae, abee lb- ease te ma,ling <? the m i tent, they are nailed Jim mora 1 tire them to yeu aa pronounced to me ky my Biclliea guide at the lime 1 T anted I tea. r.itnra reader* of tietory, at a period af oae or two tbneaaad years Orm tow, will read the campaign of a 'inn bat af Uw tmelee*lb century of the Chretien em, which, ta pa tent tan aad beroam. tf not la the 0amber of men and the ear ft nary batUra fo. gbt will qelte equal the >?p' ta * the 1 mat African campaigner her bald 1 baa now got ibe moat diMsotl part ef hie wtet i?Sre h m?the actual capture of Ibe place, tbe reed/aia eg?( the rabble oa both aidea from pillage aad ptaader. aat the orgaatratleo af a llrm and permanen1 ?!?*! r We all baow the eeibarremmttem diCr- t #e ead ri?ir?eeee taper weed by the ftwisdert e U? Ar/r<tc rcpKbiie after Wuhwgtoa aed hie army Lad 1 rrate ut tie British. aad (lie reentry waa groaning nadrr iLa debt, tb* pi tat or. aad the poverty ?f a lung ?f1 'abaiat'rg war Now the c-cumetaanaa cf tic Sk ?? ard Nmprliten pe'ple Will be lite agercd by lh>* ?* rt * rrggU, bit the tapeeiateia ; rmed fay tb' Ita lian of liberty, an I the gr're (X. rtL*and"i rt., gent c) irxtrr of tb- people wil ai.eita pvwaaf rg npbtli wek to bring th?m Ittc a i.ub to a,per. it# a cmrMil-noi gnremmest t cttrlamtg, U*?r aad OarltaMi let aa hope, are tqua! to the to**- Kw a eet c<.a 'juration pr-nente teelf ?' tie drri mf aed Ibe Ronagaa. If Naples fall* r*a.i y. ?ar 'a dl will | rofaekty 1 riieeed at -ace to the f nja trirlleey end it Mnot tel e ;atad that the French >? T eterp ae t?> ebetaoie, or act at ml oat ef R me kae r. (treat tb. I tee <a tm the 1 ee- ? of take Onrno IT a a word be illrr?rg gpirit and bk wcalarfal omtary hire m rfg Aia 'bat go finder b* U tgt to be at tbe ae?t??- act 'n. Tbe prc?|rts of a general Cereptak war art ai?< at till itig ? vet, ted tbf cfttt-j nate of affair* !n A'*trl*, the movements of large bodte* J ol Ruse,an troops southwards, Willi Uie meetings and ooa I uroou I and ju'.ruej tugs of every grade ol' crowuod rnonrrcb. from Crar to Grand Duke, *bow the geuetal BjKilatiou of political attain. Ttie lluhl of me King of Naples, the i?e*eiico of Kossuth In Italy, the journey of Napoleon and hi* Impress to l-yous, Chaxiberry, Mavi.y ar.d Nice, all point 111 one direction?the aeat of war?noon to be I u a greatly enlarged I round. Within a twk I ex poet to bear that I,ouie Napoleon has dropped in and maie a fr:endiy onll on bin g>sid bra .her and com, anion r aru.e, \ icfc r Kroanuel. Urea', a vast* aru in at ire for the w riter* of contemporary hiatory, aud pnrllciilarly for Ibe actor* and in tbin we, on thin aide, present quite n contrast to your thirty million* of people, who are ? utetly electing a President and gathering In your bountiful crop of cereals, to feel Ml the world aud all the world's sol dier*. Why let the stricken deer go weep, The heart trogelled piny; For Mane mat watch while aomu not', steep Tfaua runs the world away. Vou altrn 1 to your Immediate affair* of growing and eons oMdating into a powerful nation and one of these day a yen may be called upon to )oln in a grand struggle of the afaoio woikl. where barhariim, papacy and auperrtlllou, on ibe one eide. irny be pitted against ooneuiutional go eeruaent and progress on the other. That struggle? pirbapa in thirty or forty years from no??may oe as m* tenthte us the Crusade* of the hit lute Age*. Quite a Guy Fawke* afla.r cauie neur a fulfilment at Trieste, on board the Auririan ftigate Kaiser. Ibe first officer had a hole bored through too aide oi tbe powder magasioe, and bad got hia wire aud match Inserted to blow all on board to pr;d!tton, when he was heard, dis covered and retard, and he had just time to make a ru t din eait Irotn the- world by a pistol bullet fired lhpM||k his tead by 1.1* own han. .. ft was tbe oc 'anion of a fee itvlty In wbi-h some prluoe of the royal family was to ) lata a iart It was atilleipated that tbe explosion dl recily In the midst of a great number of vessels would have reused a vast destruction of property and ltlb, but the design was fortunately frustrated The Great Fas tern has arrived at Milford Haven, In a Toy age of eight days from Halifax. Tbe Secretary baa published a tetter staling that she will return to New York on tbe 17tb of October. That will give an opportu r.ity for large numbers of American tourtsta now In l'nro|e to take passage in her on tbeir return borne. The paMMflN who Come over in her StatS that no sea siuk nets oocurred on board, Rbe is undoubtedly, by a loog way, the finest passenger ship ever nutil. The inauguration of street railway* took place yester day at Birkenhead, w herb Mr. George Francis Train exhibi ted to a very dietingutabed cnm|mny, of seme live or six hundnd persona, the style and Banner of tbe Yankee* in carrying on tbeir city I rati, c Mr. Oargan, of Ihiblin, the great railway contractor Mr. John Ltird, of Birkenhead and I.lrerpool, the ftrooueshipbuilder, sod Mayors and Aldermen o' neai ly every city ar.d large towa in the kingdom were preaeat, Shd gave tbeir m>?t uu 'jua.tiled testimony anil opinio, s ill favor of street rail ways propelled by horse power. -Young America" In tb.B, as la other ma'trm, wi I undoubtedly be eminently successful. Be Is nrxl going to open some ol the .run highway* ta the rtrartaer Manchtster and Ilrm'ugbum. NMMkto affhirs are undergoing the usual Chung.* Tbe Jlrglo I.uso I rani! an line, Iam sorry to say, has sent 0 t their list Su'p to I.isbon and Brant The Milt'ord Ha rm left on the 24th Instant in command of j oung Mr. Bna sej? a most capable and talented young officer, a nepbow of Mr J R Cr.ekvy, ana for some time tbe first officer of lh? suamer Vandrrbilt, when c< n.m.Anted by Captain Biggin*. The Anglo-IrIso tin* broke up, or rather reae-d, not ftr want ct hngliab or Brar'lian patron age, 1 ot. n account of the treachery, false promise* and mean ne.-sof the Portuguese government and tbe planter of Portuguese agents. The whole seen*' of Portuguese com merctal ..lia rs la one of wholesale plundering, treachery ac' ksavery. The Atlantic Royal Moil Steam Navigation Company? ? ?slway and America?baa been improving in appear ante nud ib tt* shares lately, and has a brighter pros- I pect than ever for a profitable career. In the mio'T article of tbe ftmas to day, rehttire to the prices of stocks and shares In Ire'and, tbe Atlanta snares, as quoted, are improved to consequence of the late proceedings ia Gal way, where the town give a spiuodid banquet l> Me**ni lever and Roebuck ou the occasion of their late vis t. Tbe weloo ne to Mr. Lever was deter.bed as a perfect ovation of the most enthusiastic and cordial description. Tbe speech he delivered at the banquet, and al>o the rpeeeh ?r Dr Gray, of tne Dublin t'ren tint Jcvrna', show r inclusively fiat the outcry against the founder ol tbe Galway line was a piece of sophistry and treachery from which be suffered from the com nee ce ment. He has not been the chairman or the manager, and he oae been .n a minority on tbe board ever rmoe toe first tbrea months: and now It 1* clear that he has not been in the remouwt degree responsible for the wretch, d management of the company. Tbe w' ole math r hat been so dreedfal'y mismanaged that now It is flvta out that there la to be an ent te recm ?miction of the board and of lis rffiuare. Nothing l?m will gtie the company the slightest ebaaoe toobtata tbe regard and confidence of the Irish people, with whoa lies the main support of tbe line. It has transi red In tbe examination before the Packet Comm.itoe of the Ib nae cf Commons that Mr. lever re fused tbe offer of tbe Canadian Oouipaay last September to aell the contract when be held so Urge a proportion of tta Urn issued shares; ihal be could have pocketed J-llO ,000 > tear profit him *-lf. This he refuard to do, as it would bave fotared Galway by changing h'r commercial connection from tbe Vnlted tkales to Canada There le a large number of the oeopte of Q .'way w'.io are cbagrinco aid ferl cool towards Mr. Lever in cooee quercdof hit very tut male eeeociattnn wl'-h a Jesuit priest of tbe came ot' Peter Daly?a man of an armgaet, over 1 b??rmg disposition and dictatorial cbaracter,an.l who, by ! a natural consequence, is most unpopular with a very j Urge Dumber hie townsmen. Mr Rochnck, having [ G rown htmeeir. arms, body and anoi, tat? lb* rust. <ty of . lb- Rev. lather Daly, has cxuw.-d much merriment tn | hi gland?an example of tbe decadeooa and .lee tne of a oece powerful m.nd sad irduei.tlal puliGcian tothe pml lloc of the banger ew nl a 'ourtb rate |?rleh priest. Mow aro the mighty fallen' The oaoe keen end cutting Sheffield blade, a*a witty journal!*; ha* sa d. "transformed into n* old buffer.'' Oir Oalw?x CorrtipoMdrar*. Gil WiT, Ireland, iugual 28,1900. Sem SKcl'i ')*(<? ? L*rtrpeU?Ommtrvia'. Protpteh (4 Caiaey?Jiuk (ypemiwn to (he Galuwg Mnd? -V'* Rat'voyi /*ro/ert?4? Mtnril </ Jffuluv*.'?Jkt Htg '*r? of Gel- ey. <fv The renowned Kud Sick? MV M of Old England'* ?eaatovt? ta ? nitle pungent Mtttni touching the pro torrent of a certain eeagort ob the floor Meraey Mid the peop'e there bob 11 do well to remember ooo "Liverpool ? b'i all tke world." It to out I am bow ta tbo nrich talked of ood lately opraed packet port oa the wcatora roaet of Ireland Arriving at the railway (ta li, a the traveler alight* aad walka directly lata the Kail way Hotel, attached to tke aUtioa, aad the property of I be company. It la kailt of eat graatte, aad r wetnbiea the Alter Houae, but la leaa than half the etae It front* oa a (mail park, or pwbltc tqunre of tea or ala acrea, la tbeeeeua of the towa, bat from which the aawaatoad crowd are eteladod?aetgfekorla? hmwehoMera oaly holding taltomaate key* of admimioa Oalway ta aa qaeettoaably dratlaed to 0gure aaaoag the onmwevoial plaere of the world, and win be at leant the entrepot aad outlet of Ireland'I weal era r ran merer While Cork la a p< rt of ea'l. Beirut Ibe manufhet uritg centre, aad Dublin Uie prltl'.ral melropoli*, Sol say win be the commercial capital ef Irtlaad. Judging fro a what I bare aeaa during the pent few day*, the Galwagtana aeem. If not an Bind an Marrh harm, to *ey the very Iraat, ia a wonderful MM of rar Irani oa the (abject of their mail toibalJy, packet eta two aad ateam Ilea. While tbMflfeour oet ucBMeeured mal.dkdl'B* cpoa the beada ortr who op peard their Itae, there ta nothtog too txtnw re, too good aad too liberal lor them to beatow upon thoaa wta* bare gu en them the great eoanaerctal boon, and partlea'arly to tber Parl'areeotary repre neoUtlTe and founder of their it earn Itae, Mr. Johe orrvll Iwrer. The rery men whom Ireiaad he* a right to look to to take their part la a ttmggle lute the oat for tketr mall terrier?at leant arrerai of lhem worid hvavra aad earth to keep the country the mm merctal noaeatlty that Ithaimloag been, olmply hecaum all the dtrort adraatagea coo Id not bo poured into their own pxket* lord Moatoagte. who owan a little farm down oa the twonoo, at a place called foyaee, art up hn pwwa of rirer water aa a packet (Uliaa, aad here one be could ant get It traaefbrmed late a Liverpool or a Smith am plea for hto prodt, he did all bepowlbly ootid to klD the Gel way project from a peroneal invpeet' ? ef foyaee. I ahouid my It had about the aame pvetradona to riral Gal way that Cape May, or lxwg Branch, ha* to net ap aa epfoe.tlca to New York. There k net at pr-weat quite that great difference la the comparative ?ire of the two pHmea but Galway haa a npleadld bar bar. aa estecrlrc railway creeertina, twe (tree of ocean i tea mora, and 2- 000 people, and can he a greet nmmet CM I fleer, whUe foyaee to je?t no place at alt. and mint aleajr rrwia a m There to a direct rail wav t > imbna, aad w thin a year there will he one opened direct to Bel lh?t, wrhoutV"* *? PahliB; aad eae le aha. projected noutbwardly U Kant*. whirh will giro a direct connect tie with I winM-k. Covk, Waterkwd aad the Booth cf Ire iaad. The Ml lnnd Grmt Wealera Railway to Dublin wan i',er.ed It IWt I took ? trip orer it Ibe ?wk It wan r. Bi.-i'lod act made a towg jooraey through tiwaemara, lie jf jce country, and the Valley of the Am new. Kliterary, he. Looking at the ttrerte, nbopn, dork*. wtorn? aad people of tialway bow. la re mi arena wlb the former period, I think there le a marked 'topfvemfol Tbere are more (trar .-ere bore, ?ad Ibera to evidently far more buoiaem done, the <we?a "I'-amerr arrlrlrg aa.l departing every w?eh to and from I <rei;?cl, and every two weeha te America, aad ? toe ef daily ?teainera oa the frank water lake (tawgh Orrtb) le 11 twe rwl.ed Ooag. thirty mii?e north, creeio aa active traffic, aad ?et a large amount of moaey la etr CQilliOI. An ft r the beggar* if Galway, they deoervn a Ml chap ter to tb'weeUv* A* 1 am btaemd with a vry gwnd ryt 'ght aa well a* mmm ry, 1 am inclined to thiait that there la a nltgM dim taut Mw ta aamber, aad that th* dirt ai d r*g( '.hat over tlnwn w* *eo are a (bade improved en their predvc?f*or* cf nine yearr ige The beggar* of Ga'wa* are ae n?dcd a* the larrarocl ul Kap'aw.aad a -w founded eight greater auiratm Wb*n 1 wan hvre la 19A1. myrv'f and frieid*, while pitting np at I ni fty betele and 'nigirg houvre, f-mai On. way literally a ? dra uf Ifi-rw* " iVtbee were *v?|ea, u nu were t-T'tva < |ra aad tw; it"tew, aad the part e* who had acr *? h?tag aac*r<d. la irveval earn* brought the pro I?r y berk, aad evidently caemtdered they wee* then ?e (it ed to ear good wlH, and eve a graiita le. home, ornu and l,ata i mpprarrd w ih marrello ? celer'ty A ffien I nf n 'a* who ban nevvraJ I railed Gaieay during the lent ira year*, arrant me that oa every or u * he ha* had b ? (** *tu?ea Icrktof at the fart that a rut pnv l< rt ca 'f ike n ?? tvre bore *buek rg had hew (the w> men by the way?the lower classes?weur no bonnete at ?II ia Itvu thereof an old pettiorwt, hung on their neads i aod curing down over their shoulders u> ? *4>rt of cloak), one would imagine that the * sombrero filching *? ? my laudable undertaking. Iheae little traitc of character are worth notxg, ?Ji the utiiailing tndlcvtiona of an enterprli'Jig re?pte; aril I have no doubt that?like the plraitoal Oshermru of the lagoons of Venim, a thousand yea in ago? when th ? tnergl-K of tboGalwagtaua are directed in more legitimate commercial channel*, it vlU make them a great and prosperous people. Among the "upper ten" flalway baa all the ebaraiter istk-sof a country Tillage?full of coteries, joal"usiee, clique* and squabbles, In which the parr one?at I cart one of then?play a conspicuous part. Ia the political, D?u t'cal. commercial, paiHamentary, municipal, aocial. mo ral, religlotu, clerical and journalistic affairs of Hal ray the re-it elected leader fur many yeara haa been a Jeault priest?cne Kev Pi lor Daley. While piOfteglag t# be a man of great self-denial, dleintereated ami patriotie, be bae managed to amaa* a large fortune. The farmer blah op i f the diotrra being a very meek man, he g> t tiiio un der bia thumb and induced him to throw eereral parishes into one, and make bim the |>ariab prleet. Be enjoy* the a roe ?hat princely Itcome of over aix tbouaaal dollar! a * car. Tbla cett iria of voluntary oontributlona, given bim lor the mire of their roula by a large number of per rons, a great many of whom are ia the very dregs of poverty. He kuows which side his bread is buttered; probably like Eob Soutbey, be butters it on both tides. Without any family, be r?sides in a palace; keepa a re tinue of servant*, one of two very good looking dbei; gives partus, balls and route, and "fates aumptuonaly evety day." This much It la necessary to know in order Ia appro*late the stereotyped opening of all his speeches; whi u, liter thanking hia bearers for their very Battering recept or. Hie "unexpected applause," Ac , Ac, be tells them with the sir cif a Mawworm. or an Aminauab .Sleek, tlat he Is reaMy "a very bumble person;" "only a poor priest," "desirous Of nothing but to do good," Ac. A short time sloeebe was dismissed from the chaplaincy of ibe Vnlon Workhouse by tbe Town Ccjmmlaaloners, and he'ned to get the ir derision reversed by appealing to higher authorities, but be received no sympathy or re dress He tried very hard to bo elected Chairman of the P< ant of Harbor a.mmimtoners, saying he wautrd the po sition "to do the place good " The Coromlasionera, how ever, declined to accede to bis very reasonable request. 1 l ive givtd more space In my letter to this local oelebri t) then he deserves rrom any merits or demerits of hia own, but in wrii .iig atn ut (lalway, to omit not cmg K?v. !YUr l ull y would be ? greater otnisaion than the play of " Mhmlft" with th# " mplnnriiftlB fkn* " left nut lii.mlil" with the " melancholy Dane " left out. I shall have to lake up the subject of the commercial resources ol Ireland and other business mutters In my next letter. last evening there wag a great dinner given hv the rltiafna of Halway to Mr. laser nod Mr Koebuck, toe for: tier and defender of the packet aervic* to this port Dr. Dray, of DcbUlj^jnade a capital _speecb, and the spreeLef of MHn. lever and Roebuck were l< ng and loudly tpplaudet. Mr. Lever bad never sp< ken or defended b mar'f fVom any of the statement* and accaeaiiOM, however absurd?and really they were most absurd and unfounded?hut last night be explained hit whole conrae. and evidently to tke entire approbation of bta wltH When 11 if to be pub lit bed ] am sure he will stand higher than be ever haa 1 ( fore. The weather continue* at cold and stormy as erer, and the prospects of a good harvest more and more discou raging. \m:r correspondents in London and Pari* undoubtedly live yon thr latest intelligence tVcm Italy. Hsrlbaldi i* fairly on the mainland with a large force, which la being augmented daily. Bia motto *1111 continue* to be Kxcel ?tor! thsr Parle Cerrsspeadaaea. Pxius, August 81, 1800 Another Important Ppt-X?Tht Fowar of France?The Syrian end Siciliem Imhrogitoo? Kffmt of <jut*n Vic toria'! Sptok in Franco?Keporiei Flight of the King of Xapla?Movement! of Garibaldo?Tke Weather, <ic To the two speeches, the one from the E nperor, the other from M. de Peralgny, with which at the present moment all Europe ia ringing, a third ha* now been ad-ted by M d* la Gueronnlsre, whose status ee a political writer attached to Ibe Imperial oooucila ent.ih-e bim Ir almost equal attention. But, In fact, the harveat la this direction had already bean gathered by M. de Peralgny. M de la Gaoronotere bae scarcely found enough te make a gleaner't sheaf. He take* for bit theme the assumption that Franoa la too strong for Europe, and Its government loo strong for Prance ttastf?aa assumption which ho demolishes by a tissue of truisms sad a mam of anmeanlog verbiage France haa atrengtbened herself by the annexation of Savoy and Nice; and la England to twit her with tblt, whose annexations in India have been Incessant, and who bae a aeatlnel placed la every port of the ocean? Prussia, Austria and Russia have all bad their annexations, an I shall not Prance accept?tor she did not aeiae them?little 8a voy and Ntee? As far the guar am wit being to* strong tor Praam, I' by thin m implied it* restrictions upon th* prroa, it la aoi m aoeli tba action of the government that tmpoaaa ttxac aa tha Improved nuoari of tba ago, which reflect upon the execution, and demand that a rbaok thai) bo given to ItoesttoueaeM, amumlag for Ita (viae the maalle cf liberty. In regard to tha tnterruptlooa which ha to occurred la the Imperial pacific programme, ha aoya the quratlooa re latiBg to the bat aad to Italy ware not of tha Kmparor'a ortginattag, hot mated long before hla time. Ha baa ?imply the merit of glvlsg lham a lagitiaiata eolation. No oca ared he afraid of rraaea la her power, for bar mode ratios la ever pre eminent. It la owl/ la bar Injurious deprraeloa that the is daagerooe. Fraaoe, with fort/ mill Met at bar beck aad viator of Dollar ino, la laaa to he dreaded thaa altar Waterloo. The rpeech of M. d. Peraiga/ will hare already reach ?d /en, aa alae tba Eagllah cinanmeaU thereon. I hare been cnrlona to examine the effect It baa produced on the Kreach mlad, and for that perpaaa have thrown austff la tha way or mem ben of all parties. Now M. da IWrstgny aojo/e a peculiar character la rraaoa. He la knew a to be a maa of ardaat tamper, of gaod enteral porta, though aet partt-ularly brill tat bat hw dtatiagehhtag mark la hie attar dared Ma to tha par aaa of Napoleoa. aad what ha haa aald oa tha prreact oc carton la bettered to he partmtly ataoero, aad tha real echo of Napoleoo ? mlad aa Imparted la Pereigny. la there, tbeo, to be aa awd of war aad wer'aaiaramf lam efruid maa la Yreaco do aot aa road tha itgaa of the Umeo. They my the lea gee ge of I. Pereigny, ati Ipped of 111 on tar garb, meoM limply that Frame, hartag am earned aa imleiat poaitioa, wish ha andersd teenltieale the arte af ooeerqui aoea af that petit toe gradually work oel: bet If eh# la aot let oboe, however indirectly, bo la ready te break ffowa upon the world like m avalanche Look at the Boeree, It la aald; does It farm a ehade brighter te day thaa y eater day Are act all eeeurtliee teadirg down, down* Reed the paaphlela which day altar day imva from lusts'* prem throegh laaamerabla edition*. WlMthar these apeak of the Faetarn or the Italian qeaatMe, do they aot use and all declare that the real struggle m between lie aanrai ?I tec tee af France aad Fegiaad, egaaciea which meat are long call la the prettier intervention af their prtactpeb '* <;<> to the teat, wbtr* tha rivalry In mid te be lelaaas eveawbUatka two eattoea oscosibty act la enssrrt. TV re. aa 11. loate da Haodluour shown, whoae broobere bna reached a armed ndltloe, tba Marusttae ore tha pete ef ?aaor, the 1 Venae the protegee of lag laaa. wheat ta re team drea.l and welr.ay of Frnwoe lie nt the bottom of hi that haa happen-d. England, ft la d? lared by bar tarsal*. I -incited tbe I bums agnleet the Mania.ML a he are by for the purist ihrtttMee. with a view ta pro fit by the q-ierrei. Tba vtofest masmere thai haa eaaued waa of course aot forreee*, bat tha begins log of the evil to to be traced aowly to her France haa. however, aot |at her hut on the eoil "af rlley f*rm sen deeefr." Ara n, tern 11 linly, where every thing aaeine to prog delicate a .... ?? ? > , rat h r ttariOaMl and the right of the hirg of Kapha. TV gnvirtmetil papers already be gta rmst the alarm After the ceptere of Naples, It erai-1 a ' ?t thrr . >? ibe '!?. ?t , :?st aolve.1 Itrlnoi It The hleg of bardie* must now come forward aad state plainly a hat it w he r oca mm, and then It will ha fcr Fiance to make her mim heard. *sbi?, la the vary atche 01 lima we have o letter I 1CMB timet, full uf dark lesiatmtloiia Md pair, otic aheega>-<u. The writer sddrtatM his adherent* tbtnegh the |rea??hr says, i?*t by I aimed lately reply teg tu 11 m ht sbonM rue ibe rwk ef eomproatialBg thtui. TVra are many thinga a y?r igimt be d we eat approve of. out bewi-b-a the Koiperur'a diets' to bo vis hie before mi iu n?t omkiog tm iiesentwi mt grand .unset af aav memm-r of hla fismllf. if ? ? i ? i \?[ ? ? h - 1 e ? to piece a Mural na the If r< or. ehy llrn ebe Wwsld have the advantage of the Frrnrb Blltoeor The tn sea log being, of enetao. that If ill dore aot the pvebeb.lliy ie ebe will ent have the ease a , i st tare TV O an Ita will be aoothtr field af nmt-n tbs, for Frafra and fag'std. to. altogether. I hefleva I am irrfeeily sitfisd la l*l:iag yon that the three peitfie syerthrs, ehwh have the mpoctaece ni maalfmt ma, late ee jet psodoerd no tevy siotlble effbet la dmupet ieg the sorptc re furg engrefted on tbe pnblie mlad if i rei.ii ?that a European war ran aKme est tha knot ?lii. h eat Mil by the tiaiwe of Ittl Tie selhue a#t>c. rrctpikin bestowed cm the Ftepernr esaMnpreaa at t hambery ?.? si try* hers quoted to prove ibe Bitty with ehtch the aeaexalloa of Save si .1 b ee est wniwmed. aad the Irsgti Quia I public hatha be Mikity haa decreed cannot to i tn s-cure hla popular ty. MSMMne aa a blot to Rngiam when her torn cwiee to become a Freooh frontier. II* Vuees M ' aglaau a speech. It It* slli ttea to tony* aad Ktaai and the .mportanoe of oboeretog tha treat ee f Ull, baa cot been eeli raeeived here. The government mI?' s ttppr-m ary repression of resentment. but tb* mere m dependant ote? are Mm guarded When the gierle hi> ?"Tu rrralf, with eo much eoMetolty, tha trealiee 4 1*14, sre to priecet the s halloas m analogoaa hi the ci e ef thai yesr ere ins to be 0 piece nf Irony Thank hitveo ee ere na Winger at tbe period of one reverses. ? It keowt pnlpe ly wel it addremreaoectioa of tbe French t'opir stow- Birrs .?'eg-ng. ard Iand at race aegnt<ra* ike t'ateirret if Oent do Fere'gny whee tie eeye thtl the I reoth ere ihteel upon nothing eo iaor-fc sa ptnre Terr* W m i s pubi .c maa 10 France a bo dam not k b .? Vart know that ihe (art la quite the ooolrary I do eot mm- to sny. m'd ? Prince in my heirieg, the inker 1 r r4 0 name memorable by ita onnnecltoo oiih (lsr-t ibe Troth, that mero g'oey bos the fh" not ro It core had 'a Fmare but depend ap e I, tb* ef rtvrtgo Xr UM r*gt?M the Km perm or he frend i*t what they will?<u never so srdent, no ah , ?orbing, I nay nit.rm, :n the French breut <w now. I Thie morning a general report prevailed at Ibe various embastlta that the King of Naples had lied. H. waa aald that the agents or the King of 1'ledmoni hal exercised themselves ao arduously lu the ? services ' that all rau toai reliance bad given way. Those who would have stood by the tottering King could not do to with the hope of any support In thehour of trie), and from thta and other l ying rumors the report above mentioned >?.*? preva'ent. More certain information waa expected to night, hat too late, I Tear, for the pet Bv a telegraphic drenatcb of the 30th from Marseille*, we hear that on the 22d Kuad Pacha ordered seveuty of the murderers to be banged at Damascus on ' hundred and ten of the soldiers to be shot, and o?mpullel three thousand of the inhabitants of toe city compromise! tn the late (cents to be enrolled In the army Four thou sand Ore hundred French aoldlers had lanced at Beyrout. The wife of Garibaldi, about whom ao many a'.range reports have been circulated, to now at Marseilles, Intend leg, It to said, to croea over to Clvlta Veecbta. 8ae it a daughter of the llarquto Kaynicn 1, an Italian nobleman of Immcntc wealth, and was married a short time ago to Garibaldi. Some reporta state that beiore ibe aaarrtage waa conrnmnated rocb damning evidence was placed in Garibaldi's hands Ibat he immodiately quitted her. otbe t say that, about three weeks aft r the marriage, tbe lady wis caught Intriguing with a courier. There la evidently acme atrenge mystery with which tbe world is rot gei erally ao fuainled, and the lady's present Inten tion of going over to Italy say not be ao IndioaHre of a reconciliation, or refutation of calumny, as is genera'ly supposed. If the evil reports be true, what a glorious Cltlon baa this silly woman abandoned. Who wo ildnot tbe wl e of sucb a hero, and siw-if only for one hour? on ibe throne of Naples " The weather which, since my last, seemed to have assumed ao entirely Lew aspect, baa for the last two or three days returned to its former evil ways, aud any thing mere I rule than its appearance now cannot b i Ima gined. Tbe earth la covered wltb abundance, which mutt Inavilabiy perish without speedy sunshine. The Prince Imperal and tbe Prln-ets t'lotllde, both Jufct now deprived of their natural guardians, as Wince Napoletn. as well as ibe Funparor and Empress, are away,

are tbe only Imiwrtal lligbnessts we bare to enliven us. It to curious to watch there child ran?for such they vre both, despite the married slate of ooe of tnesa?meeting srd saluting as tbair respective cavalcades encounter one enotber In tbe Avenue de rimperatrloe. am: to think of y>c future u.llnenoe either may lave on tbe fbte of the world Already U.o little Prince prtcisrs the royal eatir so of 'ra'utlng," and gets through this drat a:t of klagrruft exceed irgly well. TtFmpets baa bestowed a handsome gold watch and chain, enclosed in an eWgaut ease, with her arms en graved, on tbe young woman who had the honor of plac'rg tbe shuttle la her band at I.yona, au<l affording her the opportunity of weaving Into the aiUt the letters of ber own name The salaries of all the public functionaries through France, it is isid, are to be augment*!. Paitn, Augost 29,1800. Tht Death tf Mrt General Barney Mrs. Barney, wife of General Barney, of tbe United States Army, died at her residence, No. 28 Roe de Belrl, on Monday last, 21th. The funeral service over her re mains took place at the Church of St. Philippe, Faubourg St. Bonore, with all the aolemn and Imposing ceremonials of tbo Romas Catholic Church, of which tbe was a mem ber. Amongst those wbo did honor to ber remains I ob served her sos, son in-law and nephew. Mr Fanlaner, the American Minister; Mr Calhoun, a planter from Louisiana; Colonel Stewart, son of Commodore Stewart, and many i thus. Tbe services at tbe Church occupied more than an hoar, and ware very grand and Impress, ve. Omr Bex 11m Comfyendeaee. Bxhji.v, August 28, I860. Tht Police SyHem in Germamy?Police Uemgreu at Siuti gart?The Unify of Germany?The Eject of the Late im perial Gnfercncei, de. A Congress is a small way has Just oome off at Statlgart, wblcb, though lea noticed than the royal meeting at Topi,Is, to not quite unconnected with It, being la fart a product of tba system that led to, and to to be consolidat ed by, ibat Interview. Tbe Cosgreee In qaeatlon was one of iboar annual police conclaves wblcb, as has been men tioned by me !n previous letters, were first introduced by tie notorious Von Hmckeidey for tbe purpose of concert ing measures to beep down tbe spirit of democracy, and to alp In tbe bed any attesspt ibat might be made to breathe with a little more freedom la police ridden Bar many. To attain this end the police admislstra tuna of tbe various States fbrmed a sort of mutual as surance company, by wbicb each of to sea became as It were a ring la the great chain of despotism, and a system of espionage waa esubliabed thai extended lis ramifications all over the country, and perverted the original functions of the polios from an inatttoton des tined for the protection of lift and property late an en giae or political oppression. Tbe ehlsf object of their de liberations this year consisted In devising some m-ans to put a step to tba activity of tba National Vereta, a national asaociatim, wblcb baa lately bean th? grrat bugbear of the rttci "Ur; jotera meets. Tou are saare thai tin* aisoc atiun sprang up Mt mmmr iuriij tfce exc.trmecf occasioned by lb* Italian war, aad la nonpiwl of delegates from dir?r<Lt par Ji of t.ermecy, members of the Wale Legislatures, ratable, and men who took a completions toil ia the ? recta of 1141 Toeir avowed aim ta the coast Rational aalty of Gdraaaay, which, b?weree, ibry bepe to bnaj about by conciliatory mures, without baring reoourae to rerolatiooary agl tattoo. Tbey propose to reform the aiimarnua abuses la the admit let rat on, by laylag open all that la faulty aad rotten la It, and applying t So teal remedies agaiaal m it I o rem meat aad other grierabaea. Tbey wish ta do aoay with tte many reeUioltoos anil la foroe witb regard to leeomittea from oae Herman Stau Into aaotfear, with the dtttc utiles thrown ta the way of a person desiring to leare thi place abert be wan borate aettle tan neigh boring kingdom or principality, aad with I be InUrteeemoe of tbe police end lb# oureauc/at'c In the ronosraa of prl Tele ladlTlduela. But eboTe ell tbey are anx'santo rtfoct e reorgaaimUoa of the Germanic Confederacy, under the ncrpireeef Prussia, la e MM fcrornble to the libertloe of I he people, nod with guaranleoe agaiaal lb> uiraelion of tbeir rights by each arbitrary eioteao* aa baa bean dleple)ed in Brree and flaaoeer t.rcal expectations were <atertalced of thla ataoeWltoe when ti waa bet or! gteated, bet aa yet It bae done vary Utile to justify Um a. and in lead of tahtag prompt aad margins action, the members bare been nreaming away ISeir lime la that elate of e?mi somnolency aa pees I tar to Her men point clane. wbi are ea Umtd la cractlor aa Usy are ad Ten to rone la theory Kerertbekwa. lie rery ex ttewo* ban a led the kings aad prisons with fear aad trembling, aad Tie ince of a nali< ml eonTratiaa. elected by tbe peop'e, net ting ee'de Ue I del, M la ltdS. aad anIMag a federal parliament to replace it, rise ep before their tarrHad optica Ibe more lanign.tcanl those principles are, tbe were tbey are alarmed mr tbe laMy of their trumpery browns Ibea the Oread Daks of Beans Harmafotl. whose territory a about bail the sine of tnaaectirut. bad tame of btatuhrclt, who are members ef the earn Ola I ton, ar ret led ami tried for high ireeroa Bat as nothing dad ntle conid bo prosed agaiaet item, tbe Ooarl waa ebfegad to acquit iheee d eterbert of the grand daral paaoe of mind, er .11i boweror. i.ka the IrkeSJury, Ibal tbej had better sot co ?o any afore. da leal aa tbe Terela waa eoaauaaamd, ar at least sol dlnrt-uraged. by Prumm I be other f"T iremewte, Ibxigh th?y mighl take Mrpa agami It a tbelr own Siimiamoe, were arable, to preeeat Its ta ll oases from spreading erer the greater part of f.ermany. eeeonded. aa It war, by the entire liberal preen, who lupporled tu teadractm with the earnest ardor. Ibe semee tun of the aetoriaUoa, expeltsd feam tbe rree rity ( ) or r rack fort. mat regularly, aomedlmm at Erfurt, ta Pruasm. eemetimaa at Ewaaatih. la the grand dr. by cr hexe Wewaar, ar at W ether, the resldeooe of the Duke of Jfex* Oberg, the Sety prtaoa who had declared openly la ila faeor, aad tbe Prussian polios, though ready enough ta cn operate with tbelr evlieagaae la Baaorer, 'Irene, fox nay, he , were a it aUoerad to molest it. lean tbe annual Police One greet waa daeltaad by tbe fi? tan goeemmeat aa i nneeemary la tae pi imat Mats at Oar many, aad fee a moment there weasome danger that this exquisite teal I tut ton would fell into ftmetede and be consigned le the lowih st all the HlartsMey* Tba meeting of lbs Prises Regent with the fe?r kings at Ba dee Tfedes, aad the negotiation! Usi prepared the 111 oaxae.1 ft r e iMr at Tupllti, bare completely changed tbe aspect ef afeua, aad one of the (rat trails of Ue renewed frieadsbtp wnh heMrta aad bsr aalellltm waa the coeaect of r resale to Ulead the fenugart Pol tee Cbagreea Of course Ue proceed fugs of this prsoKma am rrmh t have bees kept as secret aa possible bat it la am tea led that u least oae get I ami el (Baaoeer) prnpnasa that all fin thar meeting* of tha Vereia should be prohi bited by s decree of the Diet, aad thai R should be amd* a petal efftroe to take part ta them, ta the meantime it* moerweats wire to be closely watched by Us aathorl Ilea ef Ue dim real mates, aad tha old law* agaiaal pollM cal meet toga etrtelly eafWaed. Par the peaamt ttesa propers* bsea em negatlesd by Praasta, sad thoaa |t vrttimtnt* who are accintomi d to follow n bar wake, each ta Odeaburg, Ra.>e, Weimar aad OUurg. It bc'ng urged that tit* Maternal Amnctatloa baa not klU rrti bcrn guilty of tay oreet act that ooeld he eoaursed Ir.t i an Utsrn nana the pcltttoal Institution* of Uermeay *? by law eetabftebed but it was admitted that la cam tbey rhouid ehow any euch -alaatioa, er mmaam aa apttnltoa for Us recoastrurtlna of the Federal Union and lbs rrrrtKn of a nattoaal I arltamoat. It would ba the duty at tbe goTerniaenta ti ret tbelr feci aira'.MI It, aad to adept atearurt* for Ue pre?ereatt-.e of or ler aad tran quillity, ta which tbey wrraaM equally letr-eetod. With ih'r aemMetoa lbs anil national party bad to -amain at letted, ee well Uey m ght. fee It neatalgn a tastt a-trrwie.'smenl that Prweets errata to es-mrage of to evprr-x* of the oh ret for which tbe esmoiatioa was really founded. Piarnug fW in tbe shore propaatus* tt will not be diffouil to inter that tier- ate, re< f the am*, ciallon itself '* leootrpatibls with the mrlM-nvncc of "order and trasgutlityand 'rem th a dtgroemy there m but a efrrt step to iw DohI dieeol-f n. Wiiethsr ta tbe ecu el Hate of Perope? when *rga at 1 kgteera ar* Itkelg to eur ii ?r greet'T ia need of the rrafdeqee aad nllbdltoeia rf tbelr ptoplr?it le w'm to deny them *ny leimct of pearwfi I rrtorm, end leare them a- bepe ..f bettering their rend:i on rxeepi by tbe entire tulrer* ua of the ratetirg for ire of fa qu'te another quest oa, and will y te derided at no rery distant p-rtod Tbe (jettret* are s wiarre'louoly dcsltn aad g <od eatured race, end t-io ept t-i be led aetrty by fe r words ssd pew Bie'lbtl ir' -r- f., ne of danger s iwst but the erf" ?n?a they tare bad of laic ter*t Vee? opened ib?ir ejeg e i ttle. and 1 am inclined to naniwrt that at tbe r-rt rr e e their rulers will fed theia more wide eeeke tben will be mite eg'eeahle it f tgirre tf? w re beta, eaenature than tha peered rg * r ? ? t rg la tfcta cap tai | t? a met r g 1 of Gmu lawyer* who hnvc owne tog-ther, all hundred n> number. to interchange idoee on ibe project of law reform, In sa urgently required bore an in any country in the world. Trial by Jury was .a trod'iced in Prussia about BOeon yoarn since, and worked exceed ingly well till ila oourve w?a vitiated by the "do of reac tion tbat net in with the counter revolution of 1849 Soon alter tbat event, a ferlen of pernecotlorn wm commenced against leading member* of tb<- democracy, who, however, were almoet invar'ably acquitted, in consequence or which Ibe ocgnlzance of political miademeanora and of fences of the prees are removed Irom the jury and trans ferrcd to a tribunal coaapoaed of judge# nominated by the agined, crown, who, it waa rightly Imagined, would show them selves more subeervlent to government and more severe n their treatment of political offender*. Thua the very class of oOeaces for which the institution of juries is mutt requisite we* with Irnwn from their sphere of Mtton, and nothing .elt them but ctvU ana criminal ranee, thefts, burglaries, murders and so forth, which might be decided with quite aa much Impartiality by government nomi nees. This subject will undoubtedly be referred to iu the lawyers' Congress, and reaolunms moved ex poelrg the anomalous slate of the legislation In thla re ?pe:l, and recommending the restoration of Ibe jury to Its proper tumicae. But notwithstanding the liberal pio fiwli ns of the present ministry, there ts very UUle proba bility that three suggestion* will be aUcoded to, or that they will consent to forego a power which they hnd quits ae convenient aa their prtdeoemors. Oar St. Peterahmrg Correspondence. St. Pmaswt'Mi, August 90,1800. EntXutiam fir Garibaldi Among the PeopU <f Sutn%? The Gorernmtnc Vim (J Ike Italian Imbroglio?Sapo Utn't Policy DUtnuUd in Xuuia- The EaeUrn (Joel lien? amplication i/ Jfairi? JHeturbanoe* in Oau carta, etc , it. Our atleniion is divided between the East and the West, between the snfltriDgs of our Christian brethren la Turkey and the military operations of the bola Garibaldi. Although the former appeal more directly to our religious and national sympathies at the preeent moment,people In genera] do certainly exhibit a more lively Interest in the latter. We are all Garibaldi mad; nothing la talked of la oar talt ni but the exploits of the Italian hero; bis por traits figure In the windows of all our picture dealers; our newspapers chronicle his eueoeesea with undisguised exultation, sod even the Invalid, the official military Jouraal, devotes a portion of ita columns to his biography. If be were allowed to enlist volunteers In Russia I am persuaded bt would have no difficulty la raising half a dotea battalions, to which our young ncbUm, and pal* ttcularly our young literati, who are all re put beans Is their hearts, would furaiah a very respectable contin gent. Wagers have been laid that bt wlH be master of the whole kingdom of Naples before the end of this month (eld style), and the telegraphic despatches record ing sod anticipating bis movements are watched with the most eager anxiety. It may be eakily lmagtoed tbat the views of govern mt lit on this subject oilier widely from those of the pub lic. A statesmen ot high standing remarked the other day that the cauae o! the King of Naples was identical with that of moo arc by itself; that the sovereigns of Europe were nil more or lees menaced by the progress of revolution, end that U they rightly understood their own Interests they would bury their private feuds is oblivion and units against the common enemy. This opinion has found n powerful advocate la the Empress Mother, who arrived here from Nine s few weeks since, and whose influence over her eon Is very greet. Deeply imbued with the high conservative notions of her late husband, she ban betides a personal friendship for Urn royal family of Naples, by whom the most flattering and racAercAf atten tions were lavished on herdurlsg her reaideooe Iu Italy and Sicily, and whose distressed condition therefore ex cites her liveliest sympathy. The defunct King of Napier, toe, te mid to have written aa affecting letter to ths Em peror Just before his death, reminding him of the ancient nlllnnoe subsiding between the two dynasties, and re eeasmeodtng his successor to the protection of the meg nanimoua Alexander. To be sure, the King did not think It advisable to mention that, notwithstanding this ancient si)lance be observed the ?idled neutrality dur ing the Crimean weir, and even went eo for na to forbid bis subjects to subscribe to n Russian lean that was issued at tbat lime; but perhaps this may be exnoaed by the a ift euitlee ol bis posit: n and the fear of offending the W?stern fewer*, who would have been too glad of a pre text for picking a quarrel with btm If be bad shown any leaamg to wares Russia Tina feting an the part of our eourt Is attended, and perhaps strerirtbeaed, by an teereaned coolness In our re lations with Prance It might bare bean thought that the ardor with which the French government took up the Esrtern qu?aiU>n would have bean exceedingly graft I) irg in Russia, and we perc-tve tbat in the ol Europe, and ea:.eclally In (England, It M eanerallT ba lfeve<l t>.al a perlo'l understand mg bM been arrived at on ibx point b< twven the Cabinets of Paris aad ft Pe urrbuig; but from what Las transpired here this does not appear to be lhe cats The policy of Napoleua IIL exciter considerable diatruat, and there is a strung suspi cion that be only want* to make a ontB|*w of Rmala in order lo frighten the British cabinet into dnsnivtng at plats which they have haratnlbta oppmed. The ooo - not of M da Iboo vein at the c.mfinntta la Parla fires nome color to thla soap to ton It will fea recollected that our am baaaador. Count K'jeelnff. proposed that in the anme man ner a* feaacr ?aa authorized to sand tioapa to Syria to protect the Chr etiens In that country, other roarers aboaid be at liberty to interfere la Um Northern pro viaoes of Karopean Turkey, IT the auto of thiafs there cbc ula reaaer such ae laterveatloa necessary Tea protmaal of Count Kiaaaiafl was supported by the Austrian Amtaaaador; but ford Cowley periled epalart it aieet v*b? BMbtly, and after a food dial nf heme lag and haw ing the Preach Minister gave his rota la Ihrw of tag land The Brush plenipotentiary then suggested that a separate ale nee rhe rid be laser ted la the minutes ef the Conference, rxpresaiv rttpetattag that the taterreatloa ?f Prance In Syria should not aeam as a precedent tor Wmt lar action la aay other part of the Ottoman empire; thla, however, was decidedly rejected by (beat Kiaeelofl, who threateaed to retire from the Conference tf it waa maIIad npoa. Here again the Aaatrlaa repreaaalatlea aldad with Korria, and It waa finally agreed that the object shoe Id be pasted oxer rah lifrwfe, the oaaeeatlao raatrMiug lire If to the aflhlra of Syria, without declaring either for er against latrreeatian la any other qoartar. Prom the altltade of Austria on this ooeaaioa It la elear that the nmna ef an ntmU between oar Cebtsot and that ef Vieaaa are aad wtthont headatlen. Wears in formed that Austria la rawdy to make every puaafMe eon rear tea la the Bmliia qnaettco fer the sake ef plaetag herself no a better feotfrg with Reaakt, awd the dwaatM 'art i-t ocoasleaed by the behavior of Fran Je may hare made ear gevarameat mare will lag to listen ta bee over turee. It w poasihle that the arrival of the Const of rail dere, aecnod am lo the Kiag ef the Belgium, n 8h liltnhui, la eoaaeeted with them h[' |^^m mersburg, la eoaaeeted with these negotiations King Leopold has frequently acted in the chart of mediator between Austria aad Bihar Pea The young Belgian Prtaea win ateompaay the Km per or toMoscow and afterwards to Waraaw, wham his ?Maty will meat the liumiaa Kegeat, and from eheaua, It la aatd, ha will procael to twaadaw la hare ae latere It w with the lead lag aatatsfeaa sf flirmaiy, aad, perhaps, wMh the Imperer Prsoele Jaeeph. There la sosm mik of a malrk hatweea the Onwet of Shmdita aad am ef Um ef the (Jmad Titches* Maria; hat ai the leuchlmkiii prlhOfmaa have bean brought op la the arthedrx ruth, the dlflhraaee of reiigtoa weald. I ah sail lma|ie*, impose an Insuperable harrier Is such a union. da aaaal.whsa lhar* are signs of a rupture with Prases end a inters to lbs Austrian all lease, the resignation of Prmee Ostlrhahafl a saaeueesd. It teaaalMaally affirmed that Immediately after the Etapcror'a return fram Warsaw the Priaoe will be replaced by Coeat KMarfeff. aad the races I embassy la Paris besUrwad or fount Kreptovllcb. savoy la Laadoa tor a short time after the Thw letter appointment would ' frit mph of the C.ermaa party, as It la salted from Ha etna pntby with lbs Herman priaclplee ef legitimacy aad right divine The Cbcat being n noa la law ef the ax Chan eel Mr Nimaliodi. and having been Ibrmerly fer many yanra ambassador ai Naples, be may he supposed to entertain a strceg feeling ia fever of aa A astro Neapolitan policy. Prince eustehekofi 'a frwada, however, deny etsummmfy that there la aay idee ef he retirement Arum efBoe. and I am set feeltavd to attach aay great eredlt la It myasV Biteaea being on more amlonbinterna with Austria, aad ar alliance with that fewer, there is aa tmmsaas fhMh It M set so rsoy to bridge over. U isatt mas should ha iavalsd la aarfhis ntfe Praam, it M very poaastbfe that aw past will shsini a friendly aeutndity. aad rrsa them with?lt? good wiehes fer the notary sf w anarchy ever revolutue, aad Uia raster at lua at leg ttmmto prtaces, bet any active on operation with thai tar the surpass would be as uspopular bar* antcmg all cfessm, the army included, that Alexander If. M set Itksiy to attempt it. Re father oouM van tare to set pub IM opinion at aangbt but thtege have - bunged etaoe th?a. sad thsrs la a (pirn abroad ia Peseta j.?i new might make it dasgrrous seen fer aa aatoarst ta d aard the feeltag* of the oatiou By late tdvicrn from the Caacaene we fears thai there have been rinurbarer# aga-a fe the Tbheram, where everything had beet islet since the carters of *-ham;L It teems a rumor had bees spread I Sat tlw Imaom had sn ooped from daraaee, and waa shout to rafrs anas more ?he standard of the Prophet aad prorlatm a holy war against We mtdefr. Thw had ceased greet exctismmt tax eg the mouatalaeeTt; seme ef tbe villagm tosh ?p arms a few Mrsy iveeacke wet* murdered, aad OMaaagee w-t* real reuse to the tribes mlimg npoa them te jola with their ee-rengtcswte m throwing off the yoke of tbe Mint off Tbeeaergeitc wireeurcw taken by Count Khdo kimc IT have crushed the 'rwurrretfeu m Ma blrih, the la surgrela baverither rubtelttrd or Bed fete the laarrwaat reereeee of tee wwrntalas, and the Oauet rewwt* Haiti prmeat tranquility s completely rr a tared, hut It IS to ba expected that tech 01 threat# wll' eeecw from time lo lima brfbre Uie Cku-asca aettfeednws usletly awdse a regular gwveraae*al It IS not Improbable that thus* Icrubles are rcaaetlrd wiih.tte effrrvmreoce wbfeh hue Wised upon the Mabrueedan m<nd through* u*. Attn, vod of ?h'f fa ih> masmcruo la ?yrm are one of the result*. > Tbe goeersireat of Orenburg, vacated by the demtw of fen. Kates is, bse brew conferred rpori ilea b>r?<. onatsfer nf Um fifth ctj? f,-rw. dm tVr- g * * d ebi is'ebed oB -re of artillery sad (rrrsd with ored t 'a the poiwn rumr# ft under the late Marsh*' I'.akaaltch Ht it la d?mbted wtetb.r he has tbe adutafetratlvi li bit* rfqe'red fer the important p<st to wb'Ui he hat been erpnirted. and wfc cb were d'rpfejed la an eminent a degree by h's predecerece. ? r mail hrtaga aa ateirtacug (pom ' - v r worfes fr which our Amhaaaa icr. ftes. Igvatirff has left fee l eHeag where he was to rwibark aa board a Saw .'er irir ?f war that e . t. . rf ,r ,.^lT, , n. Iry' tb tsd Ttwrrh sq .edror* bad arrived at tbe month tie P< be. aid Ihdle ?ti* a wre fref ar ng to defend itrkt* iK :? U(? art ???"*? ty hut an I ttie ftl* * t^tlr P?w??? that maw of the flrrt mandarins ?M f lM leave to mora their families and their trea sures 10 the Run mm mfeaiou, so as to be under the pro I & ?2! ?*? m U? metropolis should be oocn pied by the barbarian*, MB. LINDSAY 8 MISSION. The Maritime KilaUoaa of Re|leed wittx the letted State a?Our CeaitUg Trad*. [From the London Chronicle, August 34 1 The shipowners of the; raited Kingdom are at lenglb relleved Iroto a state of suspense which they hare endu red during a protracted period. Judgment has now been given in their controversy. 4 committee of tae Bouse of Gone Eons has it last pronounced aa 1 grievances. After many years' delay the shipowners hare this session succeeded in bringing their ease felly and fairly before Parliament. More than a year ago in* free trading nod protectionist shipowners made oomasoo cause. However opposed in optniou about free trade in aaviga tlon, both parties had a rery keeo sense of their ewn tpe ctal ihtereets, sod combined together to oarry out their views. If the shipowners in Parliament could net agree ahcut the qtuutio vamta of the geueral effect of tM repeal of the Navigation laws, at all events they ware an per fectly concordant as iher ever will he in soy reject which would relieve tbeshlopiog interest from the charge of light dues, passing tolls, or any other special burden of which they all eo loudly complained. However, at last a committee was lormed, and looking at its rem posit loo it would appear that, although Mr. Mliner Gibson, the President of the Board of Trade, wan appointed chairman, Mr. Horsfall generally occupied the chair, and the protectionists had a decided majority The committee eat for twenty Ore daya. The elite of the shipowners at the oulporta. having brooded for yearn ovtr their real or forded grfevanoe., and primed by ex acting Chamber* of Commerce and Mar ire Boards, came up to London to pour out tbelr afflictions. We have read their evidence very carefully, and w* must avow at onoe tbtt thry did col Ugure to advantage la the Inquiry which they bad provoked. Their doughty champion, Mr George t rederlck Young, we admit, fought valiantly, and made so expiring effort in favor of "protecting" ute oolonial trade. Almost nil the other witnesses on bis side betrayed deplorable Igor ranee, not only of their own Immediate interests, but of the law and regulations respecting shipping, and their liabilities under the Mer chant t hipping and Passenger acta, which they hid leagued to condemn. Of the lawn affecting the ship owners' responsibility thry had the most confused and erroneous notions. The shipping "admiuintnttiTS re formers'' were confuted, if they will art hereafter be si lenced, by the functionaries of the Crowa, who, sinoa IbM, have been Invested with the power to deal with be microtis la question, in one werd, the Intelligent As sistant Secretary to the Marine Department of the Board or Trade, Mr. Thomas H Ferrer, Captain Bulls so aad other officer* ooaneited with the departweale of sh'p ptog, "came dowa" upon the unprotected shipowners,. end, with the inexorable logic of facie aad flgurm, nder proved, to tbelr confusion, that they o total misoocoeptloo of the exact poo'Hon of the Shipping Intcreate of Ute country. Brit Ah veoaelo, which, from 1858 to IMP, had TO per cent cf the whole trade, leaving 30 par oent to bo cerrtod under foreign Cage, now enjoy 00 per ceat of the whole trade, leaving 60 per oent to be carried on under foreign! llsgt: but ns the TO per etat was only upon UJOl.lT? tone, and the 60 per ceat upon lb 353,173 loan, it la la vain to allege that these results exhibit n declin e; trade, drain, in the pawergrr traffic, open which recti rlrtsa was laid by various witoeoaee, to the effect tbst foreigners had oelaad the grrater portion of this lu< tlve busineas to our exclusioa. It appears that while, 1843,162,000 psMergers were convoyed la foreign stipe 1843,162,000 pemergers were conveyed in foreign ships aad 110,000 m British, only 46,000 were conveyed in lbs former In 1860, and 56,000 m the latter. The report of the oommittee will, at all emu, recdeg It impossible to revert to a policy of protection, the point may aow'b* deemed Anally aad irrevocably set lied. No doubt the shipowners, sltoe tho repeal of tb< navigation laws, In 1550, have experienced many v'.cll allude*. Some of them have realised " fobulocs prodts,' whilst ethers have incurred Uuavy looses, to whtco thai property it particularly evpooed. It saemo, howererf upon a review of tho whole coos, that although lb owners of lew classed soiling ships suflbr in the rac vivw|niwwv W1>< w'l'iHg owwiuvwe lucrwu ws wuts<| m vv wy from the ocean by the Amartonnn, who, it is edm '.Uc have the advantage in snlling ships, we on Us ether band, for surpass these formidable rivals rtremors; end In the foes of various alleged liability and restrictions, our enterprising steamahipowners hart to fort, driven the Ootltns lias of packets from tfco pas tkn they 00 proud y occupied since tho orlgUrtl estefc.'isi ?gor f j? - meat of those famous Users, and we have sliced I larger proportion of the pooornger trade In every part 1 tho glob* than wo have over enjoyed. Instead of b*> repp lan led by the low priced thlpo of tho Swedes or No weglans, a* the foam of the Protection Ml* progrost'-at* speculator* from those countries aetoohy repair to markets to buy English built ships; aad what* premlon or depreciation may have taken ptsno inlBrU *btyping tine* 1666, the report before us shows t?>et the. change* or* traceable to ever production in ohipptn changes are tree mole to over production in ahippti both In Foglteh end la forofga oouatries, and to point osd commercial events over which Parliament has 1 mere control than the shipowners themselves The only Ingenious proposal which Mr. George rr.? rick Youag can suggest la his Inst agony, to remedy state of things which, la fort, Is peaslag away with t; [ reseat great dsaisail for shipping to tmxrt auppi n gram, sod to m"?i ibe reiu r muls fo 1 . . ? i. ^md WW to build a wall ef brae* i >? | our otloeMa, sail lo reeivc a monopoly in the ??>. n trade to ana frow tbe rut British possessions la era quarter of tbo globe. Thta most cbimerical prqjsot ?hedging la tbe oaekoo" baa mat from all sides ac u qaieocal roadrmnatWn. Not a alalia vltcxaa ptcipodd to resort to ti e Sex-gaiion lava la tbelr entirety, and tbe oomai >1 aaaalmoaaly rejected aa impracticable any a et'at j ? b icb bad lor tw object the re eateb) tabascot of en clue rr monopoly of tbe carry toe trade te aad ?Y .oa - | colonial Boaacaaioaa. Tbe aboittkm of tbe old MorigUil laws la taaa pronounced to be float and lrrerorr ble TbM declatoo practically dtapoeer of tbe aaroad quest J concerning tbe expediency of requiting foreign Pcwd baring coFooie' poaaeealona to reciprocate ereieadrao! J to our satigalion. No administration, wheibrr n uj raliTe or liberal, bad restored to propose that the rrt vl lory c la Bare la tbe Act of 1Mb, wbtcb here rMuiad >! I laoperadtro, sboaid bo pat la force. la 11 o praoiieal eolulloo of tbe difficulty ra wv. our owa liberal lefWatraa baa preeaated itself t j I ailada of any of tbe altof. The exnteaion of tbe aao roelproeattac Bower* rom owe ting trade woald bars no practical oowruive r?, | Tbe Amerl-nM bore no ootontee It M trua tt. y h' llably, or ababbtly," exclude 11* from User coast I trade low tbe A Una tie aad tbe Pnetdc porta, at I tboy persist la regarding so a coasting trmJ* B 11 ?Vile of lb toe LI W, wugmaoted br tbe still-* jit-.] liberty of assign loo lo tbe Troacb ooloolee, aad tbe ofel note pobe) of Ppaln aad Portugal, vr lad no valid pr< 1 ? f permanent injury to our marlilma Interaau. abicb a lose a reversal of poller c id be dafbcded. The ooMstUaa bare reeled a good daal of 'md?nai j against tba Foreign Office for not bortaa taken 'dec (dtps" lo extort by dtptoiaotlo aotfoa, foam for* I oarers, tfceaa adroatagsa which it waa tba ob-ecl ef I reciprocity clauses to aaeare la tbe last recoil Tba pi I truth la, that tba Baoaa of Oamaeeoa. at tba iaotlgatio' ] Mr. W. 8. Lindsay. tbe shipowner, bod latermeddie< nnraaarlly with lbs undoasted faacttaaa ef tbe ?i tire;aad temw raab parties, ateriLi i as, bad argid tbeodJ btete of "decided steps" to obtala Mate tba timi tba Freacb a treaty af aorlgteloa, Mat treaty of oommeroe recently roacladod ship oncere of France became so alarmed for tbelr I oelainor at the Fraaeb i-tp> 1 ?opals, i last tba at?i>ed tmpaaalbtllMea; bat If take oar adrWa, he win a similar eearaa fo futara, aad win ?? likely to saieiii la bio object by boring matter la tba hoods of tba mora comp? odrtoersef tba Chews, arho are oaaalMaliaaally e -at I ?IU tba exc)noire power af M Mid tag aad oonc rd I treat tea. Tba ?aparia of the r ranch, we are coat e< I la qalla papered to uoaoldn amy wall pwaaded ar I me na for a BMre liberal trraty of aartpattia Use 11 situ at praoset and by Jodlcwmn aineiuilini. at tre i per Itwie, be any ted biauwif planed in a pd t n to cede lo the (eneral wtah on U ta side He hm many i id la tbelr prated Ian lal prtwcipMn ?j ateaa aa ear atdaaf tbaObaaoei. bull Maaaa la tba rnmtr /ndra af tba crowi rtatedteo, la danUag wttb tba pecnlMrttlea or pre, id of bb awa aeantrymaa, than la tba edtanny af ear ted ateaa" wbicb might ba peedytad by lb* ra*t.( <? lain sated Brit lab sbipewaara. fTNaa tba lid tea Pad, A aged ? l Tba te c p dp Cudli baa recently esc led turn ||- w Llr daar baa been authorized to prneend lo Wast, artd ptaea before tba American Cabinet aad tba teem* I slews af bar Majsety's gnearaaaaat wttb rMbnac ex mi tag aartgatioa In we ef tba Btetea, aad tbte npaw ear dnrttime esdWMrca, aad te eater oprn re*. none for tbe of tbe Aderioaa mnwing W*Ba Brttisb shipping AMuwiiag Ibal the m lm. ?. rcrrsca, we bars naly te ubdi 11 that Mr W ^ L.ed baa before blai a eery difficult aad delicate m a* Tba yrtaclpbo af free trade bare aerer rl popular la Aaaartaa. aad rectproeity b a sa t wbicb, except la r*fcreaee to Cdnad* t, deral porernmeat hte ever r|ui??aaM Wei i net Med la bellere, If aefotlatione are to ba man,. J baaatmwwtt^ bnate ef tbe Brttleb Minster, 1/wd Ivnae aad thaij ltedsay art! wily be repaired to contribute aucb J ?are sad adrlee as bb pro line! tapartewo* ? ? tJ rbtpawser way be expeaSed te yield. teaoMd m e* rf tba k,ad eurfeted by mir onntaaipnrdry aeldo.n [Baas teefal raauNs. Tba mere rant or tba Mpmit pleyaiest of Mr I.lndeay wontd pat tba atembe,-" Asieryan rblrplng interest nprai the'r gsard IVy e? reytixt tbe , ,.**tioa wd one of rroit aad adr? sad ther would coatiaae toboM the op'.aloa th? r< i?ty tesefli* denred.rmm aa**sddt?s e^wt nr? rr r.<-?i ?b,r il.*o tbe rhaaoe rf err* eg ysM flote that system of roup *"7 * ii i ? by thnrrpeal of her nartgai^ laa?. ba? people ef America. But oar atmwaiporary further ? !ie public that Mr. Undaey m to aeg the snb*afl of belligerent fight# at tea, and b'lr - I nfnr ley a> jn*' ni'Et of tba taw af fteb aonat .-y reace te cnllMt'i>* tia tb? Mttar pdnt we haTr hev. f rut. brrauee the qudti ?> ?t d*n,?*e turn ^e J' t c. r? dered 17 the romniMBhm of ?v i fr l??? a irrtrher: ?nd, eeooodlr, berr.ud ? Iterrat of Um mil tbaali af tb* two ?antr.d lo be ' - ?rd espcaeaof a Barbie HUftelaa lof gbgfobd aaB teasnsm Hal the otbar gs*eHaa? ih, tear t-sse warlhrt?eunde la a eery snrlaae tnAst, - r or alt in The d; Mar at tea acaaxoB te the T. *?l |l x T w, of 1BN, saeets, aa portion ef tba p o B.r-re thet " pr Bleerlnf M, en i rinu-> *>?, I'b? < r y great ste> 'time pourr whiob baa dedtead w Set 1 N th I MM t ? fSpte baa twer ? \ I Mi t- i ?? ! With ? saxiag clausa ab 9