Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1860 Page 4
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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. Xh - Kail Trudt hale and >cw I'ublli a tloas. lbs rati trade sale of Kenan- Goo. A fx'i itiAOu. has brought together more buyers than have m before In this city tor many yearn. Tbe i-oulbern dlaios o Honda ?ad Iauisisaa, tbe Western ones of Wisconsin and ?ota, aad tbe whole of the Iastern part bare oootrlbuled, with tbe rest of the United Slates and British provinces, to tbe assemblage of buyers. Tbe bids bare been spirit ad?the retail trade being the principal purehasers?and the prices obtained have been very good. The average dally sain realise 1 U about twenty Ore thousand dollars, and from the seven preced og days it is confidently ex pec ted that the number of volumes that will be sold will reach half a million Tba catalogue numbered live hun ' dred and twenty sn peg's and contained nearly two hundred invoices of bocVa At this season ol the ; ear it is usual for tbe book trade Individually to issue a large number of new books for the holiday &al<w, and tbe cause of many of them being pub lished so long before tbe hoi.days take place Is, that the r*ta.! trade located in all parts of tbe United Stales and (he Br I.ah provinces shall be able to procure their sup at the time that the regular book trade sales are In aeration and they are in tbe city purchasing thereat,or no vim alter as to enable tbe goods to be transmit ted to their destination by express or steamer' In good season Although the means of communication from my one part of this Northern continent to this olty, lud fUf versa, are now far superior to the like lo any other couulry. sllU distance bss to be conquered, and time must be employed to aid In the mastering of the obstacle. If the books should not reach tbe spot where they are In tended to be sold before tbe middle of December the chances are that the retailer bas a large number on his ban Is, and any works published alter that time are almost Cure to be failures as regards tbe Christmas sales. By tbe following list ol new books It will be easily per ceived that mac; of the publishers have already issued B?me few of their Christmas juveniles, and expect to have many of thoir faucily ilJustrited works before the end of tbe month The lists issued by tbe Appletons, Harpers find Koulledge A Co promise well for tbe coming season, both far the young an I the *'fatr sex," who at such times Are liic cause of tbe expenditure of beery sums la the nurohaae of literary presents. D. APTLKTON A KB CO. litre very recently published:, new edition of "Vlrgli'e A*ind," Willi explanatory notes by Henry 8 Frtexe, Pro fessor of LaIIn In llie Btato University of Michigan. Thin book Is of s duodecimo size Also s "Greek Grammar," for schools and collegeby Pro fear or James Ifadley, of Vale College "Plato's Apology and Crlto." with notos by W 8. Tyler, Graves Professor of Greek In Amnersl Col lege, a course of exercises In all rarln of "French Hyntai," methodically arranged afler Poller ins' "Pyntaze I- ran,aise,'' to which are added ten appendices, designed f ir the use of scadrtnlee, collegee and private learners, by F T Wlnkclmann, A II and I'll D., Professor of Latin, I'reoch an J German In tbe Packer Collegiate Institute, an ' Elementary Grammar of the Italian teuguage," by G. B. F inlvna.anda "Kpno:ih Grammar," afler tbe system of A F Ahn, Ph. D ., Ac , Ural American ed.tlon, with key Separate A course of "Ancient Geography,'' arranged With special reference to convenience of recitation, by I'rofeseor H I. Kchmidt, I). 0., of Colombia College; a new edition of "Webster's Elementary Spelling Book,'' (en 1 a work on "Fundamental Ideas of Mechanics fin 1 Experimental Data," by A. Mono, revised, trmsUled and reduced tc Kngl rh units of meaiuree by ^jseph Bennett, Civil Engineer, are ready. They tare also, nearly ready, a " First Greek Book and Introductory Header,' by Professor A. liarkneas, P. D., Of Brown University, and a " Primary History of the I oiled Ktates," mad j easy ind Interesting for beginners, by C> P. tfusckenbot, A M. API LITOH'ii MIS KLLANKOC* WORKS. The " Hem in isconces of an Officer of the Zouaves," a work l-anslated from the French, Is now creating a de mand The" Ebony Idol," by a New England lady, tbe ? Uto of W. T Porter," by F Brinley, a" Manual of Church Music," by W H Walter, organist of Trinity Chapel Arnold's work on " I'.bodc Island,' vol. 2; and the fourth volume of " I'.as l.u'nn'i Herodotus" (com I>.etiag the work), and the principal miscellaneous pub 1 cations of Uie Appleton's during tbe present month. ArPLMTON's AKNOCSCSMkNTd. The following sro expected to be issued before tbe last liar of September ? ? Moral Emblems, with Aplio-lsmx. Adages and Pro kerbs of all ages and Nations," from J. Gat2 and R. Es rile illustrated by Lcigb'.on translated and edited hp P Ptgvt. The "Byron Gallery of Iteautlee,' consisting of Ideal po traits of lbs prtnc.psl female character* In Byroa's !>oema The ' Poets' Gallery ," a serous of 1'lust rations of tbe Br tish poets " Shakspere," s new and beautiful edition, edited with A vrjpui us revision of tnr text by Mary Cowden Clarke; L.axt rated " Tho Wit and Humor of the Posts," edited by W. H. V ils. Upwards of s hundred Illustration* ' Teonysou's May tpisrn,' 11 uslrated with thirty draw njs, by flna Mrs Muyle ?The Poetry o' Nsturs," with thl'ty handsome court ? 3gt, by Hsrrisnti Wstr. Among the juvenile books are tbe following new works a. .ounoed ? 1 Where There's a WIU There's a Way," by Cm ?'n Acs "A Tear with Maggie sad Emmie," by Miae Mrlotasl. "New Fairy Stories for my Grandchildrec," by George Kelt. The Fairy N if hi Nightcap Letters." ' The Little i^lldr snu ih? "Little Engineer.'' ' A Charming S>? of Jhillreu's Books." "] easing Tales and Prr tty ricturas," wtlh 130 colored ft: ustrstioca "The White Chief, a legend of North Meiteo," by Csptais Maym Re d, twelve illustrations. "A New -tory Book hy 't'rvwqulll '" The "Trtumobs of fersev raoor and Enter prite," re Corded as examples for the young and The "Child's Famous Picture Book.' u surras' mi works. The "Woman la White," by Wilkle Collins, author of tue Dead 8eervt. A* ; "Rosa, or the Parisian Girl," from the Freach if Madsme He Pressease, by Mrs i. C tfstcter, Frontispiece by Mclelsa "Cbaptw on Wives," Ly Mrs. In is, and "Italy la Trsutilioa," by Williams Ar thur, A M , are the recent new bonks published by this faterprislag (atsMishmenl A bee edition of "The IKeeas of Society" (being biographies of the moat em: bent womea thai bars ever lived:, by Grace and Philip W bar-toe Illustrated by C A tuyleasd lbs Brothers Dal sen tee;est barn issued, aad Is ta very active demand ? sRrsiw' AKNorNCRMrvre. The foflowug are npertel before tbs beglsnlsg of ( etcher, aad are repair el as being now nearly ready ? A volume uf tbe reres of Harpers' Greek and latin T-Xts, VIS "Herodotus " Thackeray's "lectures oc the Four Georges " ? I'wan liarrtagba, or b? Would be s Geatlemsn " By George Meredith 1' Wheat aad Tares ' Pis lake Keg ,as of < eatral Africa. ' By Csptais R. K Huron, II M I army, with maps aad engrav ings oa woes Ire a complete p rturv of etp*oeaiioa. ? Travels Is tbe Negioos of tbe Upper sod l.-iaer Amoor, sal the Rossiaa Aoqsianma ea tbe OteHsee of Ind is aad Chi sa " By T W Atkinson. F. G t ,F R. 0. f , Ac with mapa aal sumereus tUustrsikw* "Our Year " a ohiid'a Bong of Prose an ' Verse By Maw Mulorb Illustrated by Clarmcs Ootetp ? studies fro? l.ilb " By tbe same natbor ROrfLRhOB ? KBW WORKS. TV ?sterprisiog pnblt there of lbs Railway library tew )?st Issued s large number of pretty Jarealise aad Becks of sterling merit, as well sa works tftnirt trivial tharacler Taking advantage of oae of the great areata f tte day, they bare publish ad. la cloth aad boards, "Garibaldi's Autobiography, edited by AMxaader Da SMS, ted trass laud frem the French by Rosses. The " Wjs Gera of Sr lease' tea also attracted their at teat km, aad IBs ? 'Story of a PraaaatBoy Philosopher to sot daornod with OwtSbSnt, at least If tare oeet volsmea aa the ssbjaot eould too s titolmssy thereof. John S. Fdgar has wrttlea tor Ihsan throe worts wbteb bars booa added to ttrr already large ssrtei sf Jsrssdss The tities are "The Boyhood of Ureal Maa." ? Footprints of Fsas-me Mas," aal tte "His tory tor Beys, or the Aaaals of tte Nsttoas of M Mar ? The "Mas of tte Time," a work IBs lives of so IB >rs, artists, cap taitata, dl ? sea, dlscwr rears, rag lasers, aad 'lam. tbougk sot toast." jwmsliata, tm , to aow ready Hirrteoa AIM srorth has just computed s saw s?eel. well illustrated, entitled "Oaiagdaaa cirsaga. aad "laigb ll iat t Poems' tees baas added to RneUedfe'S sartas of "Bettiab ?'?-ts " Btosatwi Ulastrated "dbakspsrs"?tte sasptoyad la the editing of which work ?u mad* a pretest by iOr Fug *b CtMw* Champion fbr refusing to play Murphy alien ie England?is now complete in throe large rolamea, ?ad is toady in ell stolen of buidtng The Bret volume ofRoutledge's "Illustrated Nsturml History" is ready, with many hundreds of Onely engraved Illustration. KOI TLkUOB'd ANNOCNCSkSMTS. This arm has now In preea several very handsome holiday boohs, vis ? A beautiful edition of the "Poems of Elm Cook," to be Illustrated with one hundred engravings by Gilbert and others. They promise that thin shall be a superb book. Although "Bunyan" has been done and redone In ell ?hopes, alzga and styles, Routtedge Intends lining s handsome quarto edition In a short time. The illustrations or the "Pilgrim's Progress" are sader the carefal super intendence of splendid and well known artists, and ths paper will be first class. They intend also Issuing a new edition of "Barnard's landscape Drawing Book," srtth numerous colored Illustrations. Among their sew ju veniles la press are "Play Hours and Half Holidays " a boy's book, with illustrations; "Digby Heatboote," by W. H. Kingston s boy's book, with Illustrations, a new girl's book, by Mary Howltt, to be entitled "Utile's In;'' and "Clouds and Sunshine." a new girl's book, by Miss Bowman, author of "Foperanza," he. SOTLDON AMD C'OMPANV come in for their share in contributing to the supply of literary matter. Their edition of Dr. Tyng's "forty Yean' Experience in ttunday Schools ' has excited some talk among Sunday school teachers; and Abbott's seoond volume of the American Histories for Youth (to ba com pleted In twelie volumes), and entitled "The Discovery of America," colls forth demands from that country's youth. The "Treasury of Scripture Stories" ooutalns of Sampson, Noah, Rulb, Samuel, David and Joseph, with oil colored illustrations on toned paper; and G? Mart's "Stories of Scotland" is also now ready. SHELDON'S ANNOUNCBHKNTS embrace the "Life of George Washington," by Edward Everett; "love and Penalty," by Dr. Thompson; "Ufe an J I ettersol Emily C. Juilaon" (Fanny Forrester), by Dr Keodrick, Dr. Milmon's "History of Latin Christianity;" "Claiborne,'' by Geo. B. Taylor, illustrated. and "Excur sion to the Orkney Islands," by Jacob Abbott, also illus trated. | PKRBT AND JACKSON anooune.' u nearly ready for aale "The Household of Bouverle, or the Blair of Gold:" a romance In two volumes, by a Southern lady. 'The Uvea and Heroine* of the Poeta," by Richard Henry Stoddard, with twelve ?teel portrait* by Barry, Ac., will be an elegant quarto volume, and w II be soon issued. The handsome ocUvo volume of "Women of the South Distinguished In Liter* ture" is from the pen of Mary Forrest. Several other works are announced, but the date of their publication Is not definitely dxed. A new edition (the eleventh) of "Nemesis" Is now ready, and "Jacob Hopeton and Uis Friends, or the Advenluiua of a Georgian," is also but re cently published. FniNNBir, BI.ASHMAN AND MASON have Issued a very neat school boo*, tall btund, being the first of "Korls' Series of English Grammars ." They also announce as shortly to be ready, "Natural History for Youth." The "Astronomy of the Bible," aud the "Planetary and Stellar Worlds," two works by Professor Mitchell will soon see the "light of day, ' and two little juveniles, entitled, "True Stories of the Days of Washing ton" and "Bob and Walter," will be ou hand for the mul titude of domestic olive branches. ROBKKT CAHTSS'S KBUGlOUi *0113 stM occupy an important position in their part of tho publishing world. Their recent worts are "An Kxposi tioo of Ihn Book of IcclcaUstea," toy the Rev. C. Bridges, M. A.; "My Bnvlour, or Devotional Meditations In prose and verse," by the Rev. John Knit, M. A.; "The Children of the Plaius," by Aunt Friendly; "Peace In Be," eirmpliOed In the memoirs of Mrs Ann East, by hei husband, the Rev. John Fast, A. M.; "The Hsven and the Home," Illuminated on vers: and "lectures Do lire red before the Young Mens' Christian Association, in Fxcler Hall, luodon, 1849^0. Their aunounoemenU are "Blind Lilies, or Fellowship with God," "Days of Old,' by the author of "Roth and her Friends," Illustrated; "The Brother's Watchword," Illustrated, and "Lucy i Neville," by the author of "truth Always Best." TUB AMXBAGJlN TRACT BOClBTT announce three very naat little works, vli ? " The Life of Bcv Richard Knlle, of ?t Petersburg, I by the Rev C Blrreil, with ? review of hi character by Rev Angel James, "teamen's Narratives," with tss en graving! "The Young Hop Pickers," toy Sarah Maria Frey, with three engravings For the young, full of mci dent and pleasing illustrations or the life of- this olass of people in England, anl the aucxss of efforts made for their bent good. They have also issued their usual Fa m;ly Christian Almanac, a nee' annual, tor IWl T. MESON AND BONN bAv* recently published tne folio slug ? ? Our Trip to fgypt," by lb* author of the1 rtette. .Vay " "Travel Picture# or, Scene# and Adventures in Foreign lands " Illustrated. "The World's Birthday ."by Profeswr Gunmen of Ge neva. Profmrly tllostrated. "Favorite Narralivts for the Chr > Household," w th colored cogrsrlngs. ? stories of Boy Genius, w lb Liven of lbs Great Pa ot srs." Tranilate l from the French by *4y .'ervlt. Ulus mpsesof (<cc 1 -to or, Rock Pools mid the lei they Ttnch,' toy John Harper, with Illustration* by the luliiof BtAND PABblTON'S ANKOCSCIMNH. "Poems of Sarah Gould, edited by herself, is an oouucel by lb.a 0 -in a* one of the - "blue end gold" ?e rre of roeta "Poems" by Henry Lynder Flash, of Mo bile Alabama, is to be publ-ahed in one elegant lCmo volamr printed on tinted paper, clotb bound. Mons. Mube. -t after nrarly .-sbansltng the lovr of woman, now attempts to describe lb* "Liven. Inborn and Loses of the B.rda George W. Chapman, of Milwaukee, offers * "Tribute to Dr Kane," In connection with other poems, in a doth bound volume, and Mmsrs R ft C. will sooo bars ready th# Bret volume of the "Baliac1 series, enti t.ed '-Cesar B rottrau," translated from the original French by 0 W? Wigtn and "Dick Tluto" (I B. Good rich), to be published shortly. til ABLE* III niSMl'S PTkl.lC ATIOS*-, Uiit are announced as nearly ready, ore comprised in the fuiiow ag?"Morns' Portion! Works." In bine and gold. ? rbe Perfect Gin took, tor IM^dl " "f oUt Bongs " n book of Goldm Porms made for th* Popular Heart, by J W Pa'mer, M D , eoetala ag upwards of siity ortg.aal llluetrat.ona, with far nmdes of tne origlsal autographic copies of ffftesn famous poums toy the principal ports of the day ' Ttmethy Titeomb's" new work has, as la usual with his works, caused "a rash ' of orders, as it Is ?aid to be wr ittsm la bis usual mey and entertaining sty In. Ills eel.tied " Geltoert's Career." Miss Jobnaoo'a r nsgin on the Aipe,' or life and saanners la Bwliier land, is noeat vulutas. and Is considered by mnay erilies a* a - literary guide, versatile and wtds nwake " ' Rea eon and the Bible," nr the truth of religion, by Miles P. fculer, D D . and Aleiander ? "OommeoUry on Mat thew are l*c osw religious works to be pub.ishsd ay Una Arm. MASON BltCTHEIt? anovue-e Jamm Partno's "l.ltoof Aadrsw Jacasoa B. J turning ? "UT* of General Schuyler," and J 8. C. Ato b rtl's "Italy " . mffO* AND FNlNMV g list of "booas m prrm" Is oo* very large, but comprises ermr good works nnong which are "Wetis First Prtnel plee of (.eology," enibeUmhed with 140 superlof engrav ings "Robinson s New Geometry sad Trq^aometrj ." rewr tteo and enlarged by tjutmtoy, and a "Key to Robin eon ? Higher Ar'tbmrt c. ' whicb arithmetic IS a( very reeant pubilsation W. A. TOWNS*VD AND CO. anaousssaa remly "Cnan for lavmitdo," by Or Olbbss alae the "Cb*. sheerer " "Pethauder aad "Water Witch," all by Cooper They further announce as nearly ready a ttry haodssmely engrtrel book of poetry, under the title Of the "Foreet Hymn,' by William C Bryant. Illustrated by 4. A Howe Aim lbs "Farmer's Bays aad How They bwtni Great Men ' the "While Cs phant," and the "War Tiger " 4 AMDS MIL LIB, having tsnred lata the store formerly owned hy C. 8 French A Oo , is about to oommenes the pebltoeli-o of gnvrrsi w <rks. among which am?"The ladlaa Story BnnS " "The America* Child's Own Desk of Popular Fairy Talrs.'' brmiUfiilly Wuetmied by Am.rims actio*#, nod contaialag the moot pojutor talsa la UM BxiMh !*a |M|) -onllioer's Trarels " a new edit me, with bsanti fni iilutialUBB, ts match "B?ma Maaehaunan sad "Mother Oeuss's Moledta." Illmtrsaed hy Tbweiies aed other A marl ana artists; as sntirHy sew sdiMsa. MISOBLLANBOCd FFBtltdW laasm A N" ansimseo "Pees (teee>'? Popsiar Phy eim," aad "Pujol A Faa Herman ? (tomstrts Freaeh Coure*.' Ab? " Wvjiardl Rrvtssd drheel Hmtn-y ' lUicne A fUtaaa'e asw west Wlli tod "?# Open Air ^rtgo Onltnrs," toy Jshn Ptoiaa. Jom fmi'j mv books consist of only two work*, by John Rubin, vlr "The Stooea of Yenice," vote t ma 5. and "Mudern l'alnlers," vol. (. D. Dim, Jr., announces the "Moravian L.fs u tb? Black Forest," by the author of "Mary Powell," and "Baptolocy," by an old stadent, being "My Old Boot maker and 1 on Modes of Baptism." C. W. Maitk> has In press a saw Illustrated eatolog\.e, containing (bur hundred engravings. A busy A Abbott have a neat volume in the hands of the printers, entitled the "Electric Spark," by Jacob Ab both 1 (somas) A Co announce the following ?"Trench's Sermon's, Preached In Westminster Abbey," and "Trench's Study of Words," an entirsly new edition Rewritten. C. Buuiciuju) has just published the "Life o( Thomas Paine," mover of the Declaration of Independence, sad the "Religion of Science." D. A J. SanuBB A Co. have issued three out of the five works composing the "Metropolitan 8erlee of Illustrated Readers, Compiled by the 81sters of the Holy Cross." The others will be ready ehortly. PvhNsr A have In press "The Linton Pamiiy on the fashion of thin World/' by Sarah H. Bradford. the "Life of Washington," by the Rev. John K. Norton, and "The Chosen People/' being e history of the Jews from the Sacred Scriptures. M. Doolady has Issued a seat, email volume, bound .n green cloth, entitled "Woods and Waters or, the Sars nacs and Racket," by Alfred B. Street. Maps and Has. trail on s. f'owikw A Write Lave issued an "Expos.tion of the Swedish Movement Cure," by Dr. G. H. Taylor. Iaaim A have, as a new holiday book, a quarto volume (oontalning Ally Ave steel engravings), bound in Turkey morocco, in the beat atvle, by Somerville. PaiTCBAiin, Abbott A ]<oohis, of Augusta, Ga., have published a large ootavo volume, entitled "Cotton is Kin; and Pro Slavery Arguments," by E. N. Elliott, LL.D., President of Planter's College, Mississippi. This work comprises the writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy StriDgfollow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cortwrlghl, on this im portant subject, and contains the author's easay on slavery In the light of international law. Oar lUvUt Correspondeace. j HavaSA.Srpt $, ISM. Mart Volunteers for St. D"minga?Whul will bt Dan? ? the llaytiens?Spanish Captain General of the Oolt",p? Walkrr?Slave Curular or the Captain General? Crusader?Negroes I-anded at Bahia Bonia?Ooohe.? Vnited antes Oitisenr in Prism?Prompt Action of the Vice Consul, dc. Vou hare uotioea that General Font bu already sailed from fpain with 400 volunteers, mostly Oatalooians, for St. Domingo city, In order to aid Geoeral San tana la h:a border war tore against the other negroes of Hayti. This (orcc, added to those detachments sent forward from other parts, and preciously from Spain, will maSe ocer 1,000 good fighting men, which a ill settle the controversy in favor of the Spanish arms, and settle the other bone at the f?*"? time?ihe bay of Sam an a?which baa been for a long time tempting their near neighbors. When the Span iardi do go roaming on a filibustering expedition, they do it well and rcspectably-very little creeping, and no concealment?like their own verandahs, eternally open, so that everybody may see their game. Tb j Paiaro dot Oceano la to take down, on he' revt trip, a full cargo of gaioon stock and button, ranks, file, field and staff, com missioned and non, down to oorpwal's music, and a commandant, perhaps a general, with the additional war munttiooa oeoeatary to meet the extra fbrce sent out from Spain; proviatoos, field tents, camp and garrison equipage, tosptul material-all the things ?Wtfal t? make men comfortable whose trade it la ?? fight- This second ai mament will leave here by the lfith, If the government can induce the owners of the steamer to per m t her to anticipate her time. 1 presume the government at Washington have been aware for aome time of the tntentiooa? which are now res'itlvw?and acta, and don't care for the whistle which bse been eo long In the mouth of Segovia. The ?fD<>unn*' meotof this plot, when the groundwork was first laid, through your paprr, caused the defeat of Hegovta and his Trench assistant and led to the recall of the firal for tam pering with the municipal afialra and government of the oocntrv but It did not cause the ratificationof the treaty. 1 like ihe apirlt of these things. It ta almost ai rlch us the talea of the bucoaneera to olden timer ? Robert Kiss, trace ta Drake?and noma leaa notorious in more modem the oegroea caught will be treated about tha aa Anaa treated hit Yueataa Indians?' car the exjeraee of Uie war, and re.mbume the Bean Urtln The (ataloniana are the kankees of ffpatu. Over there thry w .11 not be Idle when Ibere U no fighting lo do thry will be at work. They will have a colony, of which, from the start,they will have the gov ernmcul free of all control which dom not cmurtc from Spain Within six niontha there will be s chief, who may aa well be styled Captain General, Governor of the Dominican calooy, or In terms -s DotUini in day*. . . The first ee a "brought us by the new line ' Jf*?" O^col* from Truxlllo, H?ndwfc , I defeat of Wiilw and of hi? fitfbt aloof : oore, wtlb onl> Iweoiy tire woro out and wounded men-be, we w< und in the face. The attempt will be made lo catch blm to prevent lit- leaving ami lo sacrifice him. This I bare from a Ppaui-h m.xed native who came ovtr In the Steamer with catue. and who seem latallgent nhsst Bonders* political aflatrn lie remarked that Us M'^J of talker mifbt sare tbe life of loat friend, while tbe President was celebrating the victory in a drunk's o* rouaal Tbi- pan-on rays that no one would live under the government a* it bow Is, If they could help It **? of Walker's mea only are accounted for. They were rsk and taken os board the Brill h brig of war Icaru-. Ooe man (name not fuml-hed) died In the camp, from which Walker was ordered by the commander of the low" AI any rats Walker 1* at the end of hi elogular career un>!-- he r-eapvw with life and can get into Italy, where be would be at home Ju t now .^,a (hplain General Prrrano has i?vued aa order lo regard to alarm covert the whole ground The slave deal rrv are lo be caught before they are ,h"n?v^* *? to be good and et'oog as Ihe hemp of .lobo Browo. treaty obligations are lo he preserved with integrity, thaij?o soil n av come upoo official honor If a landtag is msde anywhere?If known-It la to be prims facia evidence that somebody is lo blame for It; tn? Governor and all other officers are to show that there waa no negllgenoe la their district, or that no cargoes were landed, that tney received no negroes or money for not seeing and not *DTUc Crnsader *was here yewlerday for two hours to gst aome marhlnery. could sot stay longer, aai thsy had re oelrrd a hint that there waa both-thing blark to the east ward It would not have anaweret'. for them to have looked Into Bayou Hoods, tor a brig was Ihere, and hsr cargo d?charged three ilays nam?M0. Alrwochsntp with another vnrg? of coolies, 190 alive on the Mh list A clerk la the rolted States Ooesulste was arrwstsd I few days sinor, without ihcoourteous at tent on owstoma'y Is euch esses. He wee an American eltl.*?c. and althowgn Ihe treaty law r?rbtda deteotlon over twenty four hoars, before having acres* to counsel, he... for hlrdefesoe, he wss kept le the dark tor fifty eight hour- The acting ot the Consul Geoeral waa prompt in calling the nllsnUos ? the Captain General to the torts: an explanation will ss received that II was inadvertent The offeooe committed wis ta prewumlDg k> defend hloseif from two men www attacked bun. ona of whom wss badly knocked es the hvad with a heavily loaded oane The rase will be tollowed wi.h enerzy ard ability Or Mr tUivagr. and I have no doubt ample satisfaction will VJrTewlUi remains good Bus'nvmi mors quiet. The Br iieh rotal mall steamship Tevml. from Vera Oral, here with U SSO.OCC, leatee this morning for St rnsmss. fur city la improving Many new buildings this summa,son the general industry advancing and News from Tscalsh. nil WAR or CAKTBi COKTIvrkU -OMAT ?T*W fO" MOMT-SkAT or OOVMNMNT WOVAI) ?M?M ??' hi on, rrc. ? . ? [Translated from the Dtario de la Marina for the Itsw Yeas Hsasi..- ] The (hvwMulfmsl of Merlda has bee* revived W *? August M, and brings, as usual, very little news of inter - The war of castes had not terminated, asd will pro bnbly newer terminate while Ute government of the ???# dors sot employ more men and money ta severity ?has Using the rvbel ladians Various meat" huve bees tried to raws funds, and Ute latest lo whtrb M Acsrsts has bad recourse In explntned In the following decree:? ??The Custom House of Rttnl will ndmil so foreign goo Is whtcb may be attempted lo be Introduced into the ns nstlestalined in Chmpesrhy, unlvm the imcortereewhmlt lo the payment of duties they would be linbie to if ?ornmg from nbriad The goventmvwl of the Cute wtU Intorm the supreme snttnaal govemssvat of Gt? rrwolalMi " thaw tbe TOth of August. lbs duties of the government bnve beer is tb# hands of Got Jose Zetiun, President of the Council. Governor Acereto being obliged to go to Iss mai and YnllsdoHd on nroount of bis toiling health, tha requirements of bW pel rale affairs and the "llretv dustee of being la Ibose plasm the ox at row. en 1ml for destroy Ing, with greater prim pin ess. the mnrt nations of the amiM i>i (f( ord^f " A r rralnr of the 14th announce# lo the authorities the removal, after the B?th, of the seat of govemmeal Is the City of IMMi. ____________ Ctnsns Items. I"WW HAMrPBIM. The Masrb" ter Mimr furntahee the folk wtsg toll rw port of the census of Hew Hampshire H*W1U M SSSS (hat the gala (rem 1M0 is very email ? Rorklngbsm cosnty W Shruftord ?? Belknap Oarrrdl j Htnshorougk " fi j! Hi;; Ooos " W ; tm i:t Ommusof ??17-,TI * ? M? ?ARSACRI MB" Oavwitswisu ?The eensaa Gle toa sf U>dB-h imemm is a aain? way -be sold to TIE L1IE lICHGtf CATASTROPHE. additiohal particulars. T*mm<my of th# Officer* of the Schooner Attgufta TheLadyllgin'iMhil BngtBobbod?CoL Lums den, of Hew Orleani-PreeeutiiaEsit* of the Calami:y-Chic*go Shipping in Mourning, to., tne Lale disaster oo Irk* Miahtgsn, which refilled t* ibe low of the steamer Lady Elgin nnd three hundred ?out* continue# to be the theme of public interest in the West, the piper* In that eecti? of the country devoting a large ehnre of their epece to the publloetloo of etete meoti. Incident*, to., relating to thi* affair We eub joln to this paragraph eh the addition* feature, of the case Oar Chicago Correepoaileace. Obioko, Sept 0, WM The Late (Monti Lumtden, of AY* Or lean:. Co.onel I umeden, ooe of the editor* end proprietor* of ,be New Or teens Picayune, left New Orlenhe, with hi* fa m iy, on the 80th of July last, with e perty of eome two hundred end flfty excursionists, who had been incited to visit Chicago and the Northwest by tha Chicago rail roads. When the excuralonlsta reached Chicago, by Invi tation aU went to Nlnptra, where a separation took rleee, some going east and eome back to the Pails of 8t. Antho ny Colonel Lumsden went with the party to 81. Paul, sua baa Just returned with his family on hi* w*y 3outh^ wbrn through the perauaaton of Captain WU?n, he wae induced to go on U?? Udy Ogln to deu was not rery well on the night ot the departure, and soi med to hare a preaentimenl tnat romethlng was golog to happen 8he said to a gentleman friend who went Jo bid her good by, that abe widhed he would manage to gel the Colonel not to go. Nrwapeptr Ac cow w to. ? i Prom the Cnioego rimee end Herald, 8ept 12) TEST I HON Y OP OPPICEK8 OF THE AUO08TA. John Vorce, Orsl mate on the schooner Auguiw-Re?i< e at <HMO New York; I shipped si Oswego under Captain J, nk in* Captain Malott took her Into St. CMalr rirer. they h?S^hired MaJoU by the year be went ^^Uverpiad wiili a vessel and eold her there, when he returned they ?!l b!m Tthe Augusta and discharged Jenkins. lb. An ,,.gU w owned by George W BiweU, of Detroit, there I ere ten band* all told at the time of the colltaiTO u was the captain'* watch on desk, tbesecond mate wa*on deck when the squall came up; be called th* captain, who got ? neck aa Ibe Muai; itruck her; thi* wa* some minute* before the coUision; I was cahed by the man at the whee , ai d struck the deck Ju*t as the squaU struck the vessel, the men were Just taking In sail: about one third of lb* f?rmai 1 and one fourth of the mainsail were UP when we struck the steamer. w ben I saw toewteamer'* lights heard the captan sing out?"Herd op," I Jumped upon the lumber anl saw the rte-.mrr cr.wsfng ?ir bow^hooW Mf the squall itruck u? about b. N. W., tbeursi that I knew of another \ew-el b#'ni out of the orrw tay to the caplalu, " There ? a Ught on the lee bow, atr," after that the captain cried "Hard uu " sod I jumped oo the lumber; we rtruck the steamer nearly at right angle* Trom elgM to twelve the wlud was northeast; the schooner waesbowUga white light oo the aampson post during my waich from right to tw*lv?: don t know whether It we* there or not et the time or the ootlirioo. it was not more than a minute after I Jumped on the lumber that the schooier struck, th* August* steers pretty wild?that Is, will sol answer he, helm very riwdlly, she doe. not steer as bed as tome vessels, but It what we cell pntty wild; did uot notice any change In her course aTter the order wss given; beard the helms nuu. answer the order, ? Hsrd up, sir,' it was not move than two mtnutee et the outside after the order that the vtssel struck, heard nothing said by any one oohs steamer atter we got oirar of the steamer we dropped off, and I askid the captain 111 should not let go an anchr r. he said jet; I got the fcmail anchor ready, ami was waiting for the order to let go, when he eang out, Hold on; he gave no reason lor this order; wc were et JkmUme out of eight of Ibe eteamer; my object in preparing to let go an anchor wiji to bring the iceeel r>und to Ito wins,eo Uiat if she Oiled and rolled over we would have a nutter chance to bang on to her bottom, we were keeping close in ehore, bemuse we were expecting ,b^'nd 8 W ; we beard no nolee wba-ever from the sieemer after ine collision. TMTTMONT OF THI toCOW MATH. Oeorg* Budge, second mate?Went ou watcn at It. It eras my watch?that is, eaptatnh watch; word wa* about \ N i ye.-sei's course wss 8 by L; under full sail, except main gaff topsail, showed a white light oo ssmt*"* po.1 OrH saw the etoaaeer's light, ahorttoc for# I railed the car tale, about ooe point to the weather bow It we# about twenty minat-e before theoomtlouwben I celled Uie captain; wind and course of vceeel wee# the same at Ikli time as wben I went oo watch, I had two men forward and owe at the wheel. 1 "JJj*1 Jj** because it looked equally . be came ?*, and I ehowet ** ii.hi to htm; he ran fo?ward and U*>??d at 11, I ??# ml know whether U "? ? slen'uer-.llgMora sroi ?el's, the certain look charge of the vwet. *ud rd*r^ Ibe men to settle essay the fore end alt canvass, the captain made no remark to me about the "git; rating something to the male, don't know wbsi; from three to ff?e mmulse before we etruel. be suag out to the man at the wheel to put his h.-Jm hard up, lbs order wa# obey, but the yeesei did not mind bee helm, she wa* Ij tog down eo in the srawr, w. espet ted she would roil over altt golher the water ?st oyer the ee rail we were In the '.rough of lbs see Ave or els miosis# beiorr we struck, wben the squall struck bourse was changed by th* wind rrom sooth by eael to easl ky Jouth, and we struck the steamsr almost at right angler I did not bear any nolee oo the ?t?imrr, e?r "J""*1* ?it l>ell the tugueta la a pretty herd eteerlng yeaw.1, if lb* su tmer had 7ung her bell and el wrn her whistle, doe t hardly thisk we could have beard It; wind b that ire oouid not hear ouraelree from -ue end of the yea ue; to th* other. Bret learned that the Kig e was euah a ben we were rowing up the river, Bret kdd me Mme of the tailors oo the August* *1*0 tswtiied be fore the Coroner s Jury On* of ifc?m, a Pruesiaa, whu was stationed fhvsrard to Its* out foe vr"??rl*, swuro th U he did not see the steamer 's light at all until Just ???*? captan ordered the helm bard up. A saisahle lookout . TOT LADT BUI TV. w TV lady Elf is wii bail id Buffalo, tc lb* vev U#l, by Bidwe'l * BiuU. Bad made ber Aral tri ?to Ch<c?g,? u0 dtr n mnud of CAptaln Apprihee Sh- originally anal t9C 000, and *u set down as w>rth $30 COC at pros -ol htw was tosurrd for $24.0B0, $1 000 each in lb# following ifficva ?tion, Hums, lu-nii, o New Tors, Republic, NorUi Meet or a and I'birutt, of Buffh>o TBI LADT lLOIN'B MAIL BAO ROBBID. Near I be spot wl.err tbe body of MoQ mda ?*? found, officer feabroeok discovered a number of newspaper* ia wrappers addrsasad to ra-lons partial, and also a pna blli TVse proved to bars bona a pnrlioaof iba noaieata of tbc I'ullsu mates mall bag that was on board he lady Kg a Tbe bag when made up at tba Post Hfllce oua Uinod all leusrs, all addreoned tc tbs Post OIBoa at Whit tle-ey Wioroosia Neither toe mail bng cor nay purtxm of tbe letters could be discovered near the sp?t where tbe newspapers a ore picked up Tbey wort aouat use baa urv-l (set from tbe wat -r, la a spot where toe wares could not hare deposited them, and it Is regarded as quite impossible laat tbe bag could bare baan broken opaa by ami action of Iba wavsa Tbe mail be* wadouh'adiy beaa rob bail be aootr of tbe numerous tbiesss obo bar* m vie I be mar lrer ac buy la plunder lag Ike baggage .tad rtllag tbe puekrt* of tbe di ad Among tbe paraoor who bare been arrested epos tbe Sbarge of plnadertog the tend are P W Thomas sad Charles Russell, of Erasstoa Tbey are euapeeted of bar tap robbed the body and trunk of tbe barkeeper of (he lady Rip a. Mr Lacy, of sereral tboussad dollars la r>o1 sad bills It was known that Mr Ltry bad, wbec be left this place on Friday night, two or threw thousand dollars la bills la his eoat pocket, sod s mastderabis amount m geld Is a belt, wblrb was In h'? trunk Mr lacy was drowsed. bat bis trunk was foun l in tba poaserwwn of Thomts and Russell, broken open, sad tbe oelt robbed of all its motrsta Tbey are locked up la Jail to await aa Investigation. TBI SHIPPING V BIT EM Nil | Tbe flags of all the Ttsoels In pert yeeterds; wore display# i at ban mast la tokos of mourning for those who want down with the III fated steam er Indeed, lb# tad teal iooi of mourning wore not visible with tbe abippmg alone, but ta every q itr tee ef the city the couataoaaoea of mm revealed the shadow of grief which baa fa lea upoo their Vans The calamity is fslt by our whole people, tbo-igb not M l?fl> or by the people of Milwaukee. Wbara ? many of tbe toot were residents. la her deep bereavement Chi cago lenders to her sister city tbe eoadoiene* of deep and heartfelt sympathy SAVBB BT A DHTM. Tbe drummer boy of tbe Mil raatee I igbt Hoard was saved b* means of his drum. Hs bsd presence of mind ruffle tent w whittle n. plus sad eloae thr air vest, tbea leablap tbs dram to bis shoulders be trusted bim-all to tbe waves Tbe drum supported him, aa J aJsu four others who seised h. ld of It. but these, on* aftsr aaotuep, dropped iff Tbe drum carried the boy nearly arbors, when by some means one bead wss burst la and it tHon with water. The bo* aban toned It, and eeinep a frog meet of (be wreak roomedr<! in renrbmg tbe eVww Two drum afterwards came tebors sad was returned to the boy sheer life It had mved PUBSBNTTUfftrps Of TOT CALAM'TT. Tbe Mllweekee paper* contain toe fallen lag ta regard to tbe dismter ? fVrwm tbe free democrat I ftakrua PiuMumnRvi ?We are told that Mask, fblef of Police, oa tbe rooming of tbe late calamity, and ab .j? the hour it * (opposed to bare ocosrrsd. esddenly ?M? from bis rleop with t strong Impr ovum oe bw mlad of aa impending calamity of auoae aatars Tbte Improasioa bs was unable to I hake off He sals rally thoeght if It meant aa fining it vw la can act ion with bw datioa tv vrar4s the city, sad therefore supposes that ??*, IBUflary, murder, or snmeihtap of Hill nature might hare traaa plred or wsa irtasptrwg He repaired to tbe police bead qsartere and fused ab npbt '.bare, and sun ami rely visit ad nearly every ward la the etty with tbe ansae result Aftsr day lighl V? returned to bis new aad bed with tbe lmpreaaii.ii still weighing oa hH silad, tever mee, how ever, daring tbe wboie tune couaeetlap hie impi aedoo with Me eveurstoa, or Ibiaklag uf It. A Oca I sis* o'clock be pot op again aad rnnie duwa street. had sous after beard ef tbe terrible calamity Ws have bear<i of another -owe where a lady, whose boa band was on hoard aau among lb* met, doomed, about tbe time of the aeckkml tbst ea rupee* earns to bee lafomiap her of tbe death ef ber beeaaad, which, however >be refusal to bailers We have beard ef MUl Another ease, where s mother, when letttag, requested s friend la wbeor charge sae MX ber children to give them In charge to the meters ef Mercy It caoe she shoo Id never rHurs Tout request wee made playfully, aa If the mother attache-' no particular tmpcvtooce tc II. at the as use I'm* she would art leave salt' ab# had started a golems i ? - ?? tc that effoet Ws nypsae many worn stati lar oases might be cited Mr* Boyd Inform* us that on the night of the accident *he dreamed t\at Frank, bar so*, nt struggling ta the water, and that he came Lome bruieed and h?*;trd. to a* hardly to be rcoo;nlsed?(beta subsequently vende-l The wife of fapta u Barry dreamed that the an wrecked, and aa* her Lunband alnk Id the waves fVrom the Sentinel ] a*w bare the following from the lip* of the parti** well known in thia city, and wLoee character* arc ?uifi C,? f *J'aDt' ?f '?? truthful nee* . '"f had retired on Friday ol ,bt aa uiual Her niMhand came home at ten and retired alio A bent two ?term mo>L* huaband up m the naidai of the bw" "P la bed the picture of terror, but ..J*. ? expreeaioa to her fee I Inge The buaban 1 ?^1. fa "" mailer, and she tinaily dreadfu^wtln, ??l l?owi b? .ouiething vZ&X&ZttigtESZ' terror*, attrtbu a *aB>* undeflnable Imunvalon of eometh.oc dreadful clun? to her. and they finally got up?the hue baud euppoaiug her to be alck?and thev apent the real of U?e night In tbetr parlor. 01 In the morning they both came to the conclusion that It waa the effect* of a nightmare, until the astounding in telltgrace of the oataatrophe reached them. II te nome what ilogular, to>, that the fhwlly bad no relatives or near friends oo the 111 fated rcseei IMPROVEMENTS EN BEOOKLYS Th* Row Academy of Mule?Its Orl. Slit, Progress aad Preswnt Comdltlom? The Brooklyn Atheaieam-B.ech.r. Cbnrth-Niw Cltlsems' Uas Compaay'a YVorka?St. Pelsr'i (it. C.) Church?City K oil roads? Prospect Park, dtc. No promenader of Broadway can fait to have Lean tm prrsned with the extraordinary activity that is every where observable in the demolition of old and the erec tion of new buildings along the maagia of that great thoroughfare The two and three story brick houses of tbe last generation, that have maintained their place* until they have been surrounded and thrown into the shade by their more megnlfioeot neighbor* are dally giv ing way before the inroads of Improvement, and m their places are springing op those elegant structures whioh, an the embodiments of taste and art, have become the P'ide and bout of the metropolis. Nor is tbie feature of change confined to New Vork alone. Tbe same evidence* of prosperous advancement are observable in our adjoining cities of Brooklyn, Wil Itan if burg, Jersey City, llarlem and other tuburbe, where ar* going up private residences and public In stitutions at a pace that indicate* bow contagious is the enterprise by which they are impelled. In the former city this la specially observable, and as It i.% a matter of public Interest we devoto a portioa of our space to-day to * description of some of the moat pro mincut Improvements that are taking place The first of these to which we shall refer Is tub academy or waste. Though the city of Brooklyn a popumt oo of nearly a quarter of a million of Inhabitants, and ranks tht third in the fnion, It Is a remarkable fact that its citizens have been compelled to depend upon the metropolis for all tbe popular and fashionable amusements they ea>oy. There arc few or no placet of rccreatloa. Kotertaiamenta on a large scale for charitable purposes have sought m vtln lor accommodation. The rhetorical exhibitions of its literary institutions have never found room to scat a moiety of those who would attend then 8octelle* of various kinds have likewise called for eomu public hall adapted to their purpose*, whll# tbe Philharmonic Society of Brooklyn, which has ob Ulned s Just rep-itation throughout the country for tbe musical taste and talent embraced to the organisation, has never found wlocale adequate to accommodate the immense audiences that are drawn together by its en tertaining concert*. In view of this great desideratum, a committee of three geotemen, rlz Messrs l uther B Wyman, A. Cooke Hull and R. R Raymond, waa appointed by tbe Philharmonic Society of Brook iyn, to take the subject into consideration, an* in Cetober, 1851, a meeting of tbe citizens was held In the Polytechnic Institute "to dories measures to ereot a large and tollable hall la Brooklyn for musical aad other purposes." A large aad highly respectable au dience wtre prevent, and notwithstanding atrong opposi ttoa to tbe movement was an Let* ted from tbe clergy, the warmest sympathy waa expressed by than* gentle men, many of whom united heartily In aOurdlng encou ragement and substantial aid to these who have bad it ta rbarge Bucb was the aucoeee unexpectedly met with, aad so unanimously did tbe entrees come forward to amis! ta the work, that in a abort time after the first general meet mg over one hundred thousand dollars were subsorftM and paid in 0? lb' 16'h of March, ISM, aa act was paste* incorpn rating "toe Brooklyn academy of Manic, fur the purpose of enoouragtag and cult!rating n last* fbr music, litera ture and the aria,' where!* It was provided uut the cap,, lal stock should consist of one hundred and fifty thousand dollar*, with liberty to increase the same to two hundred thousand dollar* The said stock was divided lata share* ?* fifty dotkrn each, aad made traoaferrabl* in the ordinary manner Every original snbncrlber of five tunured dollar* and upwards la entitled, under end. regulations an the director* may establish, to a rrsa ad mis* ion for every toe shares of stock so subscribed?a provision calculated to secure at all times a nuclei* for aa audience, Up to the present time one hundred and eighty thou sand dollar* barn bene subscribed nod paid is The total Dumber of subscriber* in threw hundred Tae iargmi la diridual subscriptions are nix thousand dollars, aad are B fhitieoden, the President, and A. a. Lew. Tbe next laik< at are four and three thousand d Alar*, aad are by Messrs Themis Hunt and H E Pi.rrepoot. The Lumber of fire hundred dollar subscriber* is one hundred nod twenty See In regard to the dividend paying aspects of the ester prl*? , ?h. olrtotors state In their cuxilsr to the pubi c that? r Tie design trio make the prop, wed edinea than?. sx? -r S-rytys t?..,; "c. r- ?? ~ * b?Jd Tf If. prupert) . .a _ bored bj debt, ano (-??ramaoniu* tae hb.-r?, - --- 7i, i It would enable .u ta?TSf^SJ able piffll to o.poc ' ? rm*a* The locality asioctod for the Academy la probably the moat r..Bvecleci aad elglble la tba city of Breaklya aelng c* the south aid* of Mo tagu* *ira*t, between (hurt and Clinton streets, near which roaeerge all th* ral roads that rue through Bnmaiys, Williamsburg aad the so joining districts Tne com of tba ground wan *rtr fire thousand dollar*. rwi rimnoM of the building, which up sow so f*r completed aa to bo la processor rm dug, err?tsofb, two hsodrod ehd thirty, two fen w tdlb or drpth, a.nety -two fort h M Sullt of brlch, with colored Baudot.a? droasie?o tar the windows, doors, arrhra, moulding*. ead string umioss on thr faoo of tbr hoildlag, while its genretl stylo Me ooBibioet'oo of the Oothle ead Moorieh order* of arch' toci urs M n Mcolages stroot, through n porch am tha west rod of the frost ronsibf throogb nor of tbr triple doors, thr visiter standi la thr vestibule. which M forty tws fsrt wtds by Stlty right feci deep The corridor the perquette * Iweaty two feet wide, with breaches raealag off each side, forsblug, oa It wore oa outer circle Tha two nets Ida tor owe of tbeeorr'dora no erary st-wy era dreeeti g neane, hvSldae which era two eytvcmsa roaa.t tee iniae opposite the eslruare to the rsatihsle, saah sevei tna by twenty (bet, which annj be nla. used na "rraetag m>? wbeoaver occsWos requlrm. la roneertioa lib three la the eormrra. to whMh air itdi fhet wide, while from the eelraaee la tha is M a dtstaaee of *ighty mi feat assaatp too feat deep, aad of the anna width aa the hoildlag, saaapt at the rear part, where it M oolt arty SMS hot. The seme maaaa are uo sttsr aids aad mrmpy the florae re Tha ornbastra M aasaa feat wide aad Mty flat inag.M The aadltaelaaa caaaMs nf the pennetie, droas at. tare tare or geHarMa 1 ~ " ha al N M lotaadid that, teilha th fdnw Tart academy, erary neat Is the bee as, oa a pets of bimm tallsa, wd afford eatlro salMfhciMa th Itsears paat Tha ptrqaeiM will ana tela (? r be Irs, slssner to those la tha dew Tart hoadeaay, the drive circle ddt, tha trot lev tad, aad the waned liar has hsldaa thaoa, there trill ae fflar prnae-aiaw bo tea ead thirty twe private hwsso, the retire eedlterlaa helag designed la row tort ably aswoaaawsdate two thousand persona A eeei coMuawwdabw hwaeight has beeo ethic ted la the psovMMae atads fbr legraaa aad agreas to iht rarlosa parte of lbs bulldfag There are. fw,' an leas thaaersva dwtteet eatreacaa to tha psntetia, while a lartesalt betwaeo the att?s aad anditorisw, directly to the atrset fraot tha par* taut aad gallery. aad Mather twe aw the waat ead, opaaiag tan the apace at the end sf the betiding, afford In tha aadlewaa ample meeas of aa aapa ta m; emergency that awy ansa tee stairways are arise feat wide, aad era hull up betrvna b'tch woUB, sod there la aa additteaei ctit ate1'way la th* aar o?r of tbe stage oo MnU|? ?wi, behind the private IWUk ?! Tin raoaosMitm will be divided into two parte b> three nrchea, the outer oue lowerde the auditor lorn extend tag up to the oeillag, nod the other two being about fourteen feet below. Mte intermediate (pace will be ooeupled by aa arcade of unl columna in each of the oornera of the arehaa will be a u,, Jaliioo shaped apace, which will oe occupied by eonan appropriate device, while decorative deatgna of a ohaete and taateful character will complete the beauty of thte portion of the etruoture Like the exterior, the Interior will bo e combination eC the Gothic and Moor ah ordera, but eo harmoniously arranged aa to produoa the moat agreeahla eCect. It wife theubepalntedtn colore Tbe hwnlturo will atea dtoptar In Ita cotiilruclion the geueral idea main valued ihrooghowt tbe building LWHT. In resard to the mode of illuminating the edifice aa plan Lm yet been definitely determlnJ, but It * ha ltered that the light will be aive area of ground glass ta the U* jeU ofgen themselves being invisible. This to oDerate almirebly under otier clroumatancen, ana k la thought that, with all the faoilltlea pomiwed bar*jh avhtem or Illumination may be inaugurated thatwlfe prove aa efkctlve aa it U novel. fcMH ?*?a *"* vr 11 alio be burners acatteri d around the auditorium it der the gallertea, which will thus obviate the dlaagrtea ble reflection which both performer* and audience nam encounter In looklxg upon the aurroundlng multltuda. ra AHHBJIWT ROOM AMU OTHBR Al'iKTMHITS. We have thus described that portion of the Academy ta be devoted to the Muses. there u another department which yet remains, namely, tbe Assembly Boom. Tula ? timply an ajiartmout directly over the veatibale, forty (eer h'igb and forty two by eighty eight feel la width and ength, designed for either a dining room or s hall of sa embly for religious and other purpiwee. It la to bo eta antly decorated, and anhbed in Gothic style with a man ive wooden celling. From this apartment one may walk out upon the portico over tbe entrance. In the basement under tbe vestibule la a large kitchen, forty two by fifty feet la dimensions which is designed to be ueed wbeoever the requirement! of a dinner above m?y render it necessary. This Is to ba supplied with umb waiters, ranges, closets, pantries sod all ths nten lis Incidental to the object It la inteudad to subaarvs. The remainder of the apaoe under the vestibule will he occupied by the janitor aa a fainllv dwelllog. The edlfiee was designed by Mr. Leopold EtdllU, the architect, and It la under his aupervintoa that the want is now actively progressing TBB STAOa nervate wi'i be of the moat Improved character, and eombtae In their operation and eflect all that is novel and useful. The -tock or tceoes painted for the Academy of twelve distinct ecu, with which may be performed the following operas, vlx.?1 Lucrsala Borgia. 2. Lacte a lammermoor. 3 Barblere dl Hiviglia. 1_ Linda dl Qba mount. 6 Bonnambula fi. Maria dl Rohaa. I. Din I'steiuale. 8. Flglia del Beggtmento- 9 Norma, Id Fnani. II 8tradelln 18 Marts. 18. Etelr d Amara. 14. Guiramento. the last scene of Lucia dl Lammeimoar is a faithful repreaentation of the burial plaoe of the Re st us woods, with a view of the oastle of Wolfs Osg la the distance, and Is exceedingly effective. The opeatng scene of the opera of '-Lucreita Borgi*" isi a beautiful view on the grand canal of Venww. by moonlight, with t* different palacon illuminated The soooad aceue af the second set is s Gothic room of the pursel style, very richly oroameoted. Tbe mill scene of the "donnembula _ is ?'?*? unite picturesque. The machinery Is well oont-lvad and very correctly represents the moving wheel aad water. The drop curtain represenu the temple of Apollo, Ins God of Music The style of architecture ia Greclsa la ? be wntre of the temple isacoloasal statue ofA? The sun is seen at the back of this sUtua In ita foil I dor, ao contrived as to appear as If the rays en" tram the bead of the god blmaelf Four colossal L__?_ . rtpresenting Melpomene (tragedy), Thalia (comedy), fc terpe (music), Krato (lyric poetrv), resting on pedestals, upon which are baa ret left analogous to the statues above them, occupy the sides of the temple. The following are the scenes of which the nook is cam posed, to which allusion has not been made?1, a wood, 8. a garden; C a Gothic room; 4. a palace 6, ruuia hr moonlight; 6, Venice by moonlight.' 7, a street; 8, a vn lage, 9, a rustic chamber. 10, a tempi#; 11, a landscape, 12. a vestibule . Tbe act curtain, which la la contemplation, and a sketch of which we have Been. Is tbe representatioa or a magcifrcettt Italian villa upon U*& borders of a lake, Willi rich landscape In the distance A little to the left la seen a troubadour, surrounded by lad ice and cavaliers ia dine rent groups, lis tec lag to tbe strain* of bis music. The en tire |>alctlii| la endowed by a rich damns* drapery,with a deep gold border The whole of tbeee were dmigned end patated by Mr. Hannibal Call o, ai aisled by bw father, Mr. N. Oalyo, the well known eceuic artist of thie city, and hie brother. tub oponao of the Acadewy will probably take place on the 1st ?f J so usrj B?it, wheti s fraud nuftical and dramatic WW; va! wtU he held, u which will participate the pdaetpai artiste in this oountry It ie it tended to ho a Bignty a flair, and with ttctela at five dollars eaahtl Is p.-obablo that a largo and btgbly faahionable aodlanen will assemble to Join la the inauguration. 6T. rmBL'b cmuacH. ? Another edifice of rare beauty In procete of srerttan and now aearly completed is the church of 8t. Petar, en the corner of Hicks and Warren streets, lha building M one hundred and sixty eight feet deep, com parsonage, sixty five feat wide, aad has been i from plans drawn by P. C. Keelay, the architect, the eu per vision of the Bsv Joseph Franetotl, the pamw, within a year of Its Incept loo The etyle of architect** is Romanesque, but IU principal attractions are the ate fiat frescoes in every portion of the ohurch, painted by Francesco Angero and Marco Ores clou la l, aad raprteMfi log sacred ' ernes iUiwtratlve of various epiaodso la lha 11ft of our Saviour borne of thsao may ho enumerated:? la the centre of the celling is a figure of It. Peter (the patron of the church), covering a epaor fifteen fast high and twelve wide. Around the church am hnete of thn twelve apostles, la the tascttewsanctonem ere five large pictures, surmounted by angrls hold ug emblems of Ihn pa. Hon of Christ, the eeotre piece beleg the eeene of the Cruetfixtoe, with Mary M-gdaW aad 81 Jobs the Bay let prominent la ths group at lha foot of tbe cross On the right of this Christ b- represented aa preaohtaf In the 1 em pie, when he la fouad by the V Irs la preach tag among the doctors, who are listening to the dlstaa prn oeete Adjoining this Is a picture of Christ la the Garden of Gethermaaa, with aa augol brief sg a chalice from Beano, the three figures of Peter, Jasaae and John dnp Hi ta the distance _ On the left head la the eeane of the thro* Magi making offerings, the group being icimpmed of the Virgin sitting on the rains, Ht .toerpb aad tbe tnftat Jeans. Adjetalng this m a repram uiatwo of the annunciation, with the Vir ata pray lag Ibr leal four pictures are elghlMn feefi feg lad Bias feet wide Orsr tbe two side alters are ptelm* of 8t Bridget and ? Patnch, larger thaa lift All throe pain lings ars work, of sserit, aad are wnB worthy ot a vwll from those who desire to see a epeetaa* </ ibe modern tialma echool of fiburrh dean rat teas In Mi pure slats. It I: probable that the adtfiea will be spewed for a week or two durtrg the preoeet mooUi. whaa mm aa opportually wll be afforded. The const or at loo w? iosui shortly altar mi inooiLTK ems* run. Kitcnairo alteraUoaa ire bow boiag Bad* la Ito oea cert roa of the Brooklyn <lkK.i ui,co^w of ilMh and Clinton atroete, which w? eettrely ohang* Um eg. ptiiHM of U>? hall. They eoeatot m?rr ckdbmi?w Mag* with aa nrnamoalal pee hn.ub and peiatid drop certain, aad tea mm aad drraatag rnriaia tor Um |Hi hi ?. la which ike old mom waa doacMwt There wiu aiaa ha a ct? gallery raitreij aiouaJ da ream, eapputed aa Maa columaa wiUi a raiaad platform under it, thereby gtrlag ail Ike audience aa uaokeaatiiad view ad Ike at^a the retire Boar baa beaa relaid tor rtaaeb wMer ataira erarlad tor tka public Ike entire room la to be oreamaatod ftroco, aad wbeo fclabed. to Ike dratgaa, wfl be a lae ha. wltk ^omc odatiooa lor aboat 1 Ada gap ?one Ike work la bdtog done oader the aagarrMaa ad a* J W Mart roe, architect. of %ooklya He M alee ta) teed lag a dry gnoda euro tkroagh from AtlaaUe to PaaHa 'treat, which will make It aaa ad the largaat la Ike eMf, being aboat 90?300 tool TBI Cm/JBd' 04B COMPANY'* raw WOUI. The city od Breaktya, aa la generally known, la llgbtad la accordance wlib the alnasaa It la oaly whea Ma (anon la aboat it from oar bemlapbcra tka preeaot greek lya Sea Company light the at root tomga On ah ofhm nlghte gaaaengera moat depend rati rely aa the 11 lemma t.oa afforded by the alorm aad other prlrato eataMHh meata la aaa their wag. Tbla la all eery well la tka baatnem pari ef lha etty daring the early boare ad ike erealng bat la tka maaa fiahtoaabla porta ad tka city, where there are aaaa bad gr Tate rmldaacm, tko lacoaeeetaaee la eery great, a^g. c.o.iy la atraagera During tka day tkeea tocaltum gea aeat a dailghUol aabarbaa aggearaace, from the ahada treat which line bath atdda, bat la lha atgM all thia la ehacged. ard tbaaa dollgbttol araawaa, ar. aaggaatira tt rura oamtort aad gulet, bate a deaMadly eatlhroet IoMl lb obviate tka diSealty there baa beaa laneipiiiatag the Ctumaa' Saa Ugkt Oamgaay, lha work* of which era ?teailly giugieaeUg tawarda oomplet.or Ike drlrlag of the glim tor the foandatkoat od the aaea ral atractaraa waa comi?a*ced la ftbraary laat. Tka dial bn?k waa laid aa the lib ad April, aad It la axgeetad that H e wort wIM be ae tor oomgtoMd by the let od November earning that gaa tram Ike ca^ar will ikea ha waa. Ike property owned by the oamgaay, aa whtoh Ma warka are batag wwatrortea, oecaptm ninety tkraatota ad tool n heath gkmh i > n, rt wad lag from riftk la WeaaM aireel.aad from Onwaaaa wet ta am lib afreet tka load met aboat gM Jgg aad la vr?y brafcaa md hiagMim bat la a abort time ike nperntloaaof the?mpaay eg mxjs? ?asarstnriBws "JUSCJ""?? the city fl la onprnted lhat miba ed p>pe w< I ha latd dartag lha giraal (M?- thii gift ?d the weM km

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