Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAT.!). WHOLE NO. 8775. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE Ylmm PROGRAMME. I OnSprmise Ticket to be Ai^oareed at the Union lectin* To-Right. Ho Quarter for the Oreen-Tuoker Organisation, AddrtM of the Breckinridge State Committee. Tte lab eommittee of the Doug las democracy remain ed In umlee at the 3t. Ntcbalas Hotel on Saturday until tfee approach of Sunday, and labored more zea;eoaly than at any time previous. They went to work like men luring en important task before thorn, and, with the aid of eereral prominent gentlemen, hare succeeded, with a little Sunday labor, In making out a programme which ia conaidered acieptable to the leading mercbante and Breckinridge men of thia city, and hope to take enough at ieaat to break the backbone of the Green Taeker organ nation, and place tb-ra where they will be eat of danger hereafter. Richmond, from hie drat appearance In thin city, haa talked fbeion, and haa admitted that they ehoald make oou I to the Breckinridge vote, or the merchanu and of thia city; but he baa, on the otyecMB to making any conipromiae with the preeent Breckinridge State organisation, aad haa bald a it iff apper lip whenerer they were apoken at One of the main pointa that ha waa driving at ia the fueion arrangement wan to take from the Dick:neon party ail the moneyed tateraat and the bulk ef their vote, w,th en! taking the leaden, and giving them importance, hi* Mi* wan to kill thorn off and to have them ont of the way for the future. Thua the report of hia own sub-corn mtttee waa rejected at once, the Volunteers were listened to until it waa found that they wanted the present Breckin ridge organization rocognlaod, and then turned them od" aad went to work bv themaelvee. Having drat secured their fox vacancies, the question waa by whom and bow wore they to bo filled. There being no organization that prtainted a ticket satisfactory to them, they were com pelled to take the matter In their own hands?a taak which they had no objection to perform, especially when there was the leaat prospect of laying out Green and Tucker, aad, la the aazt place, of obtaining funds for tbe campaign, which would, perhaps, enable them to secure a tow more Oongresamea than they bad In the last Con great. After promising and postponing until almost everybody had madcap their mind, that they were to bo ham bugged, and there would bo no change la the electoral ticket, we are finally informed that "something haa been done," aad that we are to-night to have announced at tbe Union ratification mooting, at tbe Cooper Iastltate, a fusion ticket, or rather a ootnpromlse ticket, that will be aatta Bwtery Is the merchants end business men of this city. The aagotlatians were eo far concluded yesterday that CSgger left for Albaay last evening, leaving Richmond aad Hubbard to oompiete the labor?to ahapa and polish up the struct are already blocked oat. Ch|ger, It is said, haa left a power of attorney tn Richmond's bands to transact aay business la regai d to this democratic estate, and to sign a J transfers aad deeds that may be found no cemary to fin lab this important work, ia his name aad for him. Wo are Informed that the arrangement ef the com pro man a the same is completed, although not fully eo. It haa been determined upon that the Bretktnridge strength of thia section of tbe State shall hare sis men ea the electoral ticket, four from the city of New York, one from Brooklju and tbe other from Wcaichceicr county. The only point under controversy Is, what lb y shall do with Brady. Bis retirement from tbe Breckin ridge ticket they consider one of the most Important points In the whole arrangement.] Mr. Brady. It seems, wea out of tbe city last week, and the negotiators, although they sought him la every quarter, were unable te get bold of him. What will have to be dane to satisfy him waa Mat night a mystery, but they hops to settle the question tn tim-- for tbe meeting to night, aad although the ticket la at present marked oat, the accept ance or rejection by Mr. Brady of the propooiuoo that will be made him may materially change a portion of the present elate. It la understood that the Lieutenant Govcraorsb p or elector at large is at Mr Brady e disposal If be will with draw from tbe field aa Governor, and upon this bangs a portion of their agreement. The list of names that w.U appear on the electoral ticket will depend upon the d'vi sion of Mr. Brady. Whether he seee^flt to aoocpt or reject, there will bo a com promise ll:ket prepared; at ionit so aay the powers that be. Amoog the names that will be drawn out of this lottery wheel will probably be that of A. T. Slew art, the merchant prince, Reabea Withers, banker; Wthoo G Hunt, or John H. Brower, and Wm. ft Duncan, for thia city; A. W plait, banker, of Brooklyn, aad Gouveraeur Kemble, of Wcelehester omiaty It Is aot yet positive whether these earnce will appear or aot. but a port too of them will appeer at least Mr. Brady a aasne assy be eabalituted tor oae of thaw, an I It may aot, although the number that will bo given is fixed upon, aad the issue also yet It M aot oartala whether all the parties will accept; baaldas, the nam* of at least one per esa depsade upon the reply ef Mr. Brady. Ia all of thia arrangement Green aad Tucker have bean effectually mobbed they have been passed over as mere hoys aad not worthy of notice Richmond, however. Aid lay the two letters of Mr. Green before Jbe commit, too, but It waa understood that the reject too of the reaoin lions of Mr Wood mrrled with It tbeee letters, sad no farther actjea was taken open them Time will aioae UU hew Messrs. Green aad Tucker will take this snub, or what strength they can gather erouad them alter this anion. A b attar predict too can be made after Mr Brady'i 7"he followlr.( M oadaralood lo be the ticket 'that WU1 be announced at the I nloti meeting. It may rary to a mm or two ? itarroM at taatit Boob? B Walworth. Human J. ltrdfl?UI or JaoMa 1. Hrady t?a* lab B Wroof lh?'Jnarlw floodyar. S?Ww. Piatt. IB-f.eorge C. Clyde. ??A. T. Stewart SO? lobn Mono ??lOttah r I'ttrdy 31?Ambroaa S Biggin* B?Reben Wlthf r* g2?I.icioa B Cracker t JM rwtwynor <>gdca. 33? I' erenr Mmdy 7?lam Robtaeoo M?l> bD M Ptr-.w . I? Wa a rtuaean. 38? Edwit U Aw torn. ??eoowrcf ar Krmble. 38?Jan-? M. fairer W-Otek-i ft St Jaha 27?Vr? flack 11 ? Htaha B Strong- 38?''harl? H Carr > I. IB Will-am Kent 2?? Add woe uardlaer IB? Martin Springer. 30? lofaa R kk'-ar-r. Id?JaoMS Kidd 31? Liree ao Burrow. IB? laaiah Bt? l .13?William William. M?Weary II. Rote. 33? -t?pb?n D. Ckldwell. 17?nartd C Jodaoo. Bddriw of tha Or?teTackcr Commltta*, ?IBTOBT OP TUB MUOTIATION. row A PUPIOtt?A THtiOOt KH OWnaHUATlOX CALUU) ?oa, BTC. To m NATM?at DaaornmT or rmt Siatw m Now lfoa* ? The eaderatgaed, Naliooai Damocratic -late Own-nittoe of the Btete nf New York, are tha regular and any orgaa teatno for Una .Sate repreerollag tl>- prlactplee of tha tearyland laatltuta platform, aathorrwl to act for tha IHeada of lot? C Brerkinrtdge aod Joaepli l.taa. Wt dartre oar authority from toe Wale Cnarrui 3 whifb ?? ?r?blwl at Pyraruae 00 tha 7th of Augoat last, t?: la I be dire, tern of tbe Nationa! Rxeeutire Onmratt.-e of wt oh ?>' law -M ?ter*nt la Chatraaaa a onar ? Woo uoaur paaaad for .nlalligeocr, enlbn.iara aal ddtllty to nation ?J prtneipbm tter ah wot ia ad reeriag yon at tbe pr-eecl time a oD rtal'ir to aaanonor. with oafetgoot regret, tha kaal and swwirate fkfhtra of aa attenpt male by aa la font faith to aatta the oj^na?iu ,4 T publteaniem la tb * Slate ?aat tha orgeat tha eieeltea af Ut< ,a Aci oi in wuffoMm <4 wti peroneal ad t toe . < tb. I'r?lteal of tha letted Htetea. tha atom her. of hat Chhiaat, aid tha H eafciwrtdgo aad Iam Natloaal Paaoattra Committee, Md impelled by what appeared to be the deetre of a large amntilT tf oar moat toeate, we progaeed, If It eoaid ha edkrted hooorw b'y, to oowhtaa with tha Itoogta. party aad ite at Ite* upoo a togie ticket f-w rreeidettmi rieatera aad Mate ofceer* By aa Ate>?t 'tnaalmoaa rote of oar oam ? iltee wa went aa far ? aetf rrepeat. honor aad aoard poller woaM warrant, tm aa eadearnr to ttU.a lit* object, our orrrt trea bare beaa la tu. tag It rkThaed aad tha aegotlat at tbr jpOy brought to aa ead. par the Mt time tbe opportunity tea beaa given to the ?lm orgaaiaatxia to onaaoltdate ta tha Mate tha eotea ? emaeatoof therepoblicaa party Thay hare re tactad Iba opjorteaity u th?y rej?r?d Ft at thr ITtariea v n Com Mtioa aad at Baltunara, thamhy tor- ay upon ua ibe earn IV1 oaar'ntioa that they drntra tha da Wat or tha dMocracy aad tha eteetioa of I.tnmte to tha Prefodaocy, for all believe U>*1 Um republicans will curry thin 8tata, there being two democratic Uoketa In Uw ftekt Ik* negoUetMus between oar organisation sad theirs mimmiamsd o* Um 4th ImL Ik* CbtlrBH of our 3ut? OmmiIUmw that dn?, having been lufcrmed through lb* publlo presa that? suboomtuAlee bad boon nam*d by the Douglas Male Committee, "to confer with any utb <r or gaatsnltoo opposed to Um electtoa of ldncoln," addressed a Ml* to Mr. Wood, Chairman of *ucb sub committee, ad via tag blm Uiat we would meet at the An tor Boua*, New York, oo the 7th mat., and would be pleased to oon aider any propoeittoo h* bad to make. In reply, we re ceived a request for a sub committee to be appointed from our body, and we at oo*e appointed it. When these two ?ub committees of ooaferaooe met, several suggssUoos were made oo both aide*. Finally an ultimatum wits offered, vis.: Ike Lieutenant Governor and Gbcal Com mis ?ioaer on Um 8tate ticket, and one elector at large and UUM district electors to be designated by our State Com. miltee. At Brat Um Douglas subcommittee declined this offer, whereupon our State Committee approved ol tbe propoea) of their tub oommittae, and declared it to be their ultimatum. NegoUaUooa were thereupon closed and tbe Committee adjourned. The next day, however, Mr. Wood oau**d to be published in the New York papers a letter addressed to the Chairman of our Oommitlee, ac oeptkng, so Mr aahe could accept, our ultimate prop-isal, and premising to recommend it to bis State Committee. He did so, at da Baal meeting in New Y >rk, on tbe 14tb insl.wbto our proposal was definitely rejected. The door is thus closed forever, by the act ol the Douglas Stat* Committee, against any and all fusion or coalition between us and them. Our can didates for electors and State officers will be supported by us with all tbe energy sad means at our command. The old struggle between the two wings of the democracy in Ibis -date is again rene wed by tbe conduct ol' the pro seat Albany Regency. Tbe latter arc low allied, how ever, with the Know Nulblsgs, and their opponents are reinforced by some of their former strong support-re, who have already recognized the inevitable tendency and Unal result of the rq natter sovereignty doctrine We therefore call upon all national democrats to rally in be half of our principles and our candidates. Wo aak tbe more than one hundred thousand old adamantine hard shell national democrats of this State, will you desert your party now, to follow Richmond and Cagger, and tbeir Know Nothing allies, on the road towards the free ?oil republican camp' An attempt Is being made to form a Northern demo cratic party, with a free soil element of squatter sove reignty in it, combined with Know Nothingiam. This new Northern party la acting In concert with the Know Nothings of the South, and soch disaffected and misled Southern democrats aa can be deluded and deceived by the false hue sad cry bowled lnooasantly against Breck inridge and Lane. Let national democrat* beware !<?l they arc betrayed by the glare of false light* with which they are lurrouniod. The Douglas organization in New York have determined that this .stats shall be given to Lincoln. Do not Hatter yourselves, then, that by voting for Ikruglaa you are in any manner aiding to defeat i lucoia. A national democrat, In voting for Douglas in this State, will but diminish tbe volo.of our own party?lessen, by ao much the fkilh of I be country in the nationality ol New York?encourage squatter sovereignty, and, still further, imparl! tbe constitution and tbe Union. Tbe Douglas organization. In rejecting tbe only means by which this State could be prevented from voting for I inoeln, have reduced tbe practical question between democrats of New York in tbe coming election to one of future organization only, la determining upon which of the two democratic candidates they will support, It ia neceamry for them to decide now upon the principles they are prepared to abide by hereafter. Will national democrats follow Mr. Douglas, separate themselves politi cally (Tom the democratic party of the South, and Jots with the Know Nothings In both sections of tbe country 7 or will they rather ooatinue to march under the old ttma honored national democratic banner, wbich baa never been lowered before any foe, and which Is Um same North and South ? If you hava not made up yonr minds to deaert the national democratic party, be careful how you increase the vote of Douglas. By voting for Breckinridge and lane, national democrats will not only sustain the principles of their party, and preserve a nucleus about which, in UM future, will be formed a great national party In this Bute, bat tbey will encourage tbeir friends all over the Union, and be rseelved and honored in the next National Obnventton of democrats, instead of being r-|ected and despised?aa they moat auruly will be?if they present themselves upon the platform of squatter sovereignly In company with their new allies. We charge the Douglas managers In this State with having purposely produced Ms preeeut daiioulties In the party, and with peretlentlj refusing to allow these dlffl ctlties to b* adjusted. All national democrats should withdraw from the rule of the Albany Regency, and sup port the principle* and Candidates of thetr own party. "There can be no evaalvs middle ground." S|natter sovereignly is'but another form of (Tee sou republicanism, and necessarily continues tbe excitement, slrne aud bloodshed caused by fanatical emigrant aid socisttea,with thetr contributions of Sharp's rifles, tf it does not result in the unal breaking up of this c-iufoderacy of sovereign Stales. It is only another form of the conflict forced unon us by the dootrit* * of toward and Lincoln. Men must take ground either tor or against the equality of sovereign Males, and tor or against th* pro le tlon ol Ufa and pro|terty in the r<>mmoa Territo rles by the general rovert mtal of the country, dtatc? are sovereign and regulate their affairs is their own way subject only to tbe oosalitulioo of the limed Mates. Territories are not sovereign, but belosg la common to all the sovereign Mates Planting ourselves upon tbe platform of prtastplcs adopts* at tbe Maryland Institute, Baltimore, Is fuse Ism, auporttng Mr. llreskinridge la all the p sttion* aa ?iimed by him In regard to the Important quwtinna low ?gMaUsg the eapresss 1 in hw letter of ao ccptaoo , CooBdssl that tb- rigot ia mighty, we enter upon this struggle with a full assurance of u limale tri umph. Richmond and his allies refuse to combine with ?is fa a muted effort against tbe supporters of 1 incoln. Tbey persist la keeptnc two democratic ticket* before tbe people of this * e. We have ao alternative but to stand to our gun* sad make tbe best flghl we oan It is therefore recommended that in every county and town which doe* not already poems* a standing com mittee or a campaign club, the friend* of Breckinrid.o and laae througbocl tbe Mate assemble on Thursday Met. the JClh lost , or * -"?>n thereaft r aa practicable, f >r tb* p rpoee of organ!ml on Tne nuniv and real of the SfllM anouid be at one Tt warded to UM Cha.rman of our Mate committer, sad m<-ssurea be taken for bringing our whole vote to Um polls in No vember Is favor of Breckinridge and Laos. By orter of the National Mate Committee GustarnsW. Smith,N.York. J. A. Green. Jr. Onondaga. Thaddeu* P. Molt, ?' Norman Maltby, Oueida. Wm Radford, Westchester Abram H. Miller, T oga Jesse M folk, Kings Arnold B Watsuo. Utstgo. Matthew McMahos. Albany. J. T Raplse, Yatea. Jos. O. Baabrouck, I Ikter Albert 9 Wheeler, Monro*. 0ee H Taylor, WMhlngvon. Israel T Hatch, Er e. J.C. Harrison, St.Lawmoe. George P. Eddy, Niagara. THE RAMCAL ABOLITIONISTS. Yhetr UU RMlml CmthUm M Ijrrft ? aa* mud I to Pi wimIIr|i ? Bmi It Raltb, of Now York, IwtMl NcForUad, of PmmjItmU, Uio AbeiltlM Ttokot fcr PriiMiot aaf Vleo PreolMoat?A Pall ?doctoral Ttokot tor Now York, Hootol bp Fnloritk Dooflaa (Black Hu), Md a Stale Ttokot?diaoor Sort of a Ltottor from (torrtt kailtk?Tfco Bad leal A hoi ft loaf eta of Ohio ami III Inn I < la Motloa, toe., toe. ;Froa tba ) rinclpia, red leal a bo it organ, pu?. two la X*w lork.iMMUM b? William Utmdoli, radical abo Iiimo nominee for tloteroor RADICAL AOOimOV KAriOffAI. ifWtmwTIOv. Tha meeting noirnml at PTrmnae oo Wadored*T, JL 1. & MOOraMt, ot Aug-at J#, at loo o'clock A. Ohio, wm obroao Praatoeol. DIM Qliboe, of Now York, , V tor Proa tdeoi, nod U W. Pot nam and O. L. Bro-kotl, of 1 Now York, Reerotartaa. Pn;r nioOrvl by Rot Mr Oordoo, of Ohm. A Bnaineeo < orom ttee wm appointed onoawtm,; of Goo. Gordon, if Otto. Jaa K. N. Backi*. of New York .Nephoo 8 Footer, of MaM? tinaetM Frederick PouglM, of New ? York . Bra. BtMhr th C Ruolon, of Mow York, aod COM ) A Hammond ,af Now Yark. A tetter of I km. ?;*rrlt Faith, onclofaf #fly dollar*, to the looT.nltoo to th-n rood. Aho lefter* from UtM C. r?.te, of M -higan lao '?r?ff of New York, George B-nbaaao, "f Itonej'iran'i 'ante* Cat! n, of Pmutylra . ok. Mil C Hoofti, of Oil*. A Onmo.'tleo no f ntto? woe appointed. o taiat eg of <>.*# A Haaauod.J C. )iarrlogt?a and T. I Conoo, for the perpM* of attending m the printing nod diatribe- I II o rf lifkete. r?itvt?bi?g letter*, \c. Two o'clock P. M. to Ited a aa tb* hour for i ttooe Tb* But r<m*C mmtte# then retired, wboo Mr W p. fhttry, editor of the A? twi oewopeper at Newport, Ky . eddreovl the "on rent mo, odTn-atiog radical rtowo, M l iiapilatnlng if C a. car Ibr bW deoert <on of tb* rmtleoli nf Kertn-ky M th* bm-r of trial Ik* UmtraaiMa tben adjourned till belf pent oo* o'ahak ArrtoMKiN Mr. (too ? Pm?, et I be ipaoteg of tb# meet of, i>Ot r.-d ? rrwolal o* d< at HOC Of < . M. Clay or bM MOdMO toooidi the Kwtcl; tbol tints;<ll, wb.ek, after r>?ai dera.v* liwueel.*, eat loM ttpoa the Mm, to otuod to C. A H owner ionv?d Die r> m noting of dorr it Faith, wt cb. n'ter oeoe lerob'e .???? otkoO, w?o earr ed, o Tory re??ectnba m'n .ritf prefbrr rr Wsl'tam (? mdoD **aaet McTttaod, at b , wm ooa noted (Sir Y , Fro ?Mai A 'nttecttoo wm the* lokto sp to d*f>*y nenaomry " peoeta. A N.twooi Ccewaltt-w woo then appointed, eocatetlng of W. W Q.epwaa, of N T Atooheo 8 Faotar, of Mam: Mm F C Ktanhnu. of N Y , Chaa C Foot*. * Mieh., and T E M Cora Irk, of Oho, aa cbo rati Tne Contention then took l rtea of hair to hour, wboo a Ftote Oooreo lino to organ.rod at. 1 Cilia Cllrbee, of Montgomery. waa tailed w the ohetr, adtt '*? W. Putnam. of Median*. and 8. L pock ait. of One da, appelate i e.,xet*riee Tbe fialnw no patoM* were tfceo chonao aa ceo J< tatea Ihr Praoldent1J elector* ? Jtiearr* 0 /art ? Freiorlok ItofUa, J. C narrlngt n Outrtit fVToroCOM. A. Haanmod, Oeo W. PutMa, "tk P'mnoM, Poiea'p Hnrtoo, W. F. toelik.n. /aoM Brtwkett. Geo I,. P"<rk-tt, Jobn P. Baker. Robert Plko, 'Hoe j Poor Jaa netmra, Edwl* W. Loom A, W. L. 'J mao, Ulla i_l *bae, Wa rhottock, Tho*. ?. Whito, if* Hille, Bwgb -kt th, Victor Klegale?. Jm 8r*gg, Ctepneo ? Tall, We. t. fan*, Wmlfiwrr Merrvek UamlltM L tUaheld, Jobs B. Edwordo, Coiob ChkiM, #a A, Bab ooofc, sum T F>ler, Henry OdIUm, VflL a Duvnll, John W. fcwyer, Jacob Randal), HlnunB. Law*. William Goodell wae then nonnested for Governor, Sid ney A. Been for Lieutenant Governor, Zecaa Brookett for Chnal Commissioner, and KUla dishes for Stale Prlaon Inspector. A State OMiinittee, oonalatlng of W. W. Chapman, OUa SlmmooH, J. C. Harrington, C. A. Hammond, and George W Clark, were then chosen, after which the State Con vention adjourned mm die, and the National Convention renamed tie sees too. Qualm a. Bemoan reported, on behalf of the Baal neee Committee, the following resolution* ? Whcres*. the sole legitimate end of all true govern ment la the protection of human rlghte, the execution of equal and exact juetioe between a man and hie neighbor; and wbereea the parties whose nominations are already before the people do not even profeaa this as their great object, but, on the contrary, are forward to assure -lave boideia, who trample on all nil man rights, thai they will protect them In ao doing: therefore, 1. Resolved, That the friends of government, as op posed to disorder, vlolenco and outrage, have oo other alternative but to make a new nomination for President and Vice President of these l'nlied Ptatea. X Resolved. That while wo regard with unmitigated abhorrence tb<> dogma of tbo Breckinridge party, that slaves are, by natural law, the properly of ibotr masu-re, and hence to be protected es property in the Territories, still we are sensible that this position is the only one which any can consistently take who refuse to hoist the I'xg of radical abolition. and that we shall expect to see all who now occupy the compromise positions of the Douglas and republican parties, or the non-committal platform of the Bell party, to ultimately range themselves und.r the piratical flag of the universality of the rights ol slavery, or lbs only righteous one of the entire extinc tion of the monster. 3. Resolved, That for abolitionists to vote for a candi date like Abraham Lincoln, who steads ready to execute the accursed Fugitive Slave law. to suppress Insurrec lions among slaves, to admit new r are States, and to support the ostracism, soctal'y and politically, ol ibe b.'ack maa of the North, Is to give the lie to tholr pro fessions; to expose the?r hypocrisy to the world, and to do whnt they can to put far off the day of the slave's de Uveranee. J. Resolved, That the almost lnflnlteMimal amount of antl slavery professions made by Uic republican party is entirely maie.juale to cover or excuse the heaven defying effrontery with which it proclaims its intentions to '? quiet agitation" upon the subject of the slave's right to liberty 6. Resolved. That la ref mlng to protect the people from the desolating soourgoe of the rum traffic, where tt not only has the power, but an admitted rigbt to do so, It hsa demonatratrd that a party that allows the rights of the black man to be outraged cannot be relied on for protection to tbe white population 8. Resolved, That as rights are sot governed by tbe accident of color or condition, so, too, do we deny that tbe difference of sex causes difference In rights; that woman baa as perfect social property and political rights T. Resolved, That we demand at the bands of our na tional government a Homestead bill, whlob shall not only leave every landlSM settler tbe opportunity to acquire a homo without mossy and without coat (save the cost of transfer), but we also demandef it a statute against land monopoly. 8 Resolved. That for tbe present widespread corrup tion In public and In private life, the general indifference to tbe rights of the week nod helpless, and for tbe ruin which, as a nation, stares us In tbe face In consequence thereof, the popular religion of this country Is mainly responsible. 9. Resolved, That until s religion of love to tied and mau, manifesting itself in inffexl ble adherence to the known will of tbe for mer, and unyielding regard for the rights and interests of the latter, takes tbe place or the solemn shams and Imposing nonsense which are now palmed off upon the people M tbe true religion, wo shall <x?ttnue to bo cursed with the rule of slavery, rum, or whatever embodiment of selfishness and pride happens to be must potent In its influence upon the popular mind. ilr. Ctuixs* presented the following, which was adopted 10. Resolved, That red sal abolitionism possesses a strong temperance element; and it is the design of tbe ra dicai abolitionists to recommeud stringent legislation on this snbjedt, and to withhold their political suffrage from all the opponents of temperau?o. After considerable discussion, sad some trifling amend ments, they were adopted. The Convention then adjourned till seven and n half o'clock. la the evening Mr. G. W. Pi-nun presented tbe fol lowleg resolutions, which, alter remarks, were adopted 11. Resolved. That we look with pleasure upon the con ?tantgromth in the public mind of the conviction that slavery is always acl evrrywhsrs, an outlaw ever to be met with such means as an outraged people may obooee. 18. Resolved, Therefore, (hat the noble oonduct of tbe rescuers of Nalle, at Troy, a few months sinoe, and tbe courage and devotion evinced bv tbem on that oooaeton, art full of i nnouragement that the reign of slavery can not last forever. 13. Resolved, Tha'. the reotnt action of tbo Grand Jury, In refuHng to find a bill sgicst those rescuers, meets our h'gte t approbation; and wo trust their ex ample will be followed u> ail similar aesse 14. K<solved. That tho recent rescue of Fbtrmua M. Booth, by ten brave citizens of Wisconsin. Indicative as It is 1)1 a rls.rg sp rit W resistance among Hie people, Is In tbo highest degree enc.?< raging, and we trust that this noble example will be followed throughout tbe land in S'l similar eases. The resolution In reference to Caret us M Clay wee thaw called up, and adopted, as follows ? 16. Rcsolv d. That tbe recent conduct of Caseins M Clay in abandoning, and giving up to the vendor mercies of sn lufnrtated pro slavery mub, John <> Fee, and tho MMfi band tt MM ab- nti< ? .si* in Kentucky, is IB perlecl keeping with his bsscnaas wbsa, * few years sluoe, with loud professions of a love of liberty, he volun teered to light the bet dec of slavery In Mexico; and that m the light of these facts, the reputation for courage and devotion t<> r ght which h? has so long held is a reputa tion obtained under latse preteoeas, and utterly without loundatlaa. Id Ibe alter part or toe session letter* were reoetrcd from B G, Wright, of tllico.*, also a eel of resolutions rrom J B. Daw HOC, adopted it a meeting of radical aboil tk oieta la Martin burg, (ihio. The President, Mr M6Cormick, male tome remark*, when the Convei lisa adjourned. T. B. M> COKMICK, Free ideal. a. w. rnui, >,, G. L. Pjuxtrrr, ]a*MUriet. Lirrn op cubit smith. To nta Paaanmwr or tm? Ijuxdtt Pabtt CogiavriOM, to kS raui in jh Ban -a, Ai at rr tt, lSdO ? Stare the autumn of IBM 1 bare aot gooe from bom* to attend a public meeting, au Una time, until roosotly, my health I,a* been poor It >? now vgoroti* Merer tbelce*. my friend*, and probably moot otb> r persona, would think it too eoon after my entire prostration of both body and brain Ibr me to be taking pah la exciting public oraaatona. What ] bare aald will excuw me for aot being at your Oooreotino Be aaeured that my abeeaee from It ta owing to ao indifference to It. Your* 1a a Onnreation in behalf ol realning th- i-.iat ilea of oirtl government Therefore am 1 deeply Inter rated la II Among all myconceptkma of earthly good, elril goreraiMOi aad the Christian church ?land preeminent, At the church la Urn union of alt for the welfare ol each,ao also la the government It M true, that wbiiat the church la to look after I ha eatire welfare of all within Ma oare, the government it to do no more lor it* anbierta than to protect (hair person aad property. Nerrrthrtaaa, it la to occupy lib narrow range aa faithfully and lboroughJy as in the chur. k ita wide ami limitleaa one. A* the greet heart of the church ta to be erer oon oerood for the entire lap-rest* of all, ao is the great Cnerof the gererameat to he over - xerled to defend a person aad ]>roperty of all. I naed not add that ?ucb a church and inch a go* rnment are yet to he won. H.tberto both church and government hare ban oppron ?ore instead of protector*. Hitherto folee raHgt'*". aad eonee-iuanth folw polill. a, bare prernled la all the wrth. The day at' npersiltiona aad <**g|?*WaM has not yet ended. That of the religion of reason aad of Jason Christ?that of tbatmeehurob and thatmegorerom. it? i hw aot yet begun Or, if bagun. it ta hot ia toe earliest morning twilight. Members of the ohnr< b that now ta vote tor ? lave ratebtag aad dram*bop candidate*. U la ' trse that eome of tn?m do it with reluctance, and that noma of them would net do it at all wsr<> they not drtraa to it by party f-eoxy K rerth"lem they do It; and that, ton, (a the fooe of their high pretention* of regard for temperance and freedom Frsry church in the large deaomioauona will m> rote at the coming electloo. Kreu Dr. Cbeerar'* will. Re will not himself, for be baa la a gaad degrae outgrown hie religion. But the member* of h i church w it, for they still make more amount of the dectrtaal than the practical They still Judge rneo more h} tbfir doctrines thai their practices tie does not, an 1 Qod hlem htm that he doea not Aa to the gorcru more ne*d be laid to ledicate It* character man that It iKAhee* dramahop* aad ia the *la*eboldcr'? hoaad. I truft that your Carnation will rnU<- a national lirk'i aa t also a Vow York flute ticket. Nut that 1 ? uppoa. -iiher will get maay rotes. But that I warmly desire that the handful who wish to rote In w r lance with the cla ns of abaoiste rectitude, of Jostice and mercy, may lure the MMMNM for d<ong so. A man ia made bet tar and atmoger by rating a the way hta pure omacieoco bid* him rote: end bappy 1* the lallueheeof h* eaemptn oo those who aoe him to rote L eg Offn did 1 heroice mnrlrred that the American people here not rirtue enough to mpe. them to v >te again it elarery aad ihe .!ram* Vip. The ballot ho*. II ure.1 to thai and. would Speedily bnag alarary to a pi- em fel death. Rot the ballo* l> * must be left to aarre tisrery. as-l slavery must b*lsft to go <mt In blood. (to, ton. <ould the urem*I op ha quickly toted ta aa act Vet art be .see t will bo (eft to >naou actor* paupers, ao-l mwlm n and bWanbawter*. to All the land with perl to p*r?w aad property, to take bread from th* mouths of chtldrer . aad to creak mother*' bean as I new tbioge, lee iJonrentkro will do well art to call for ear great outlay of t me aad money to increase the rote for its imketa I here, from flrat to last, apent much t'me. aad teat of thousand* of dollar*, la emlearort tn^increaee oar abolition an I temperance row. A Utile done ia that way would oara been well But I did much more than wr? called for Th* time and moo-y wrre at l.-aet bad watted. Two year* ago I was simple enough to hope that by great ePiwt we could carry tar ahol. .ion aad temperance vote la th ? fltate ap to thirty or forty , or evn My th-oennd I expended between

f wr and Are tboc?u-1 doBae* la hinog bills, tad in pay niar r'nter*. and <*citrer*, he., and I went to fifty lour n etting* aad begged, aa on my kaeee, for fot??. Bi.t .attend of geltiag ?o many at would encourage no to try I be balmt box again, we g >t ao few (but Are t>. *i* thouaaod) an to lanrn aa hat Uttie hops of goon, if Indeed of eror, getting more. I would go Ato ? couaty, aad net ho able to Aad a ithgig mas to row our ticket. I was everywhere met by old fallow fab r?i latheoaueeor freedom and temperance, who, last-.-u 1. giving nee Ibetr oooperntoo, tola me thai I wet ru<aiu* the republican party It learned not to have occurred to them that the republican party had mined them S?r did It Mem to have occurred to them that free torn >u l teenperanoe were better worth saving than the rek uulioau party. We do not need to employ presses and lecturers to con vtnce the people that slavery and the dramshop are amour the grealeat crimen and abominations. Th> people are ai ready saturated with this conviction. Bat we do need to employ tbnm to leach the people the true ruligtoo?thu simple religion of reason, common sense, and Jesus Christ Had tbey thin religion they would be drawn to rational and rlghieoue voting as naturally ?ed nooeeearily an the needle is drawn to the pole. You will need a fund of one or two hundred dollars 10 defray the e*itense of printing tickets, and getting them Into Urn hands of suitable u ditlereui parts of the country, who. In their turn, will give them out 11 the half dozen In tbo county, and the da sen in that, w ho ro fuse to vote the tickets of soy party, wnluh m so utheistic as to go but for white men, or so mercilees as to recognise the lawfulness of slave hunts, or ?unk so I >w in its a tews of human dignity and human decency as to ? o in the dramshop a human want. The eDuloeod draft tor fifty dollars Is my contribution to this end.! Thick not that I shall be sorry to find your Convention re fusing to partake of my toue of dtsoourageaaeat. I shall re joice If it can see encouragement to undertake to obtain a considerable vote at the approaching election, and if it can feel Itself warranted to entertain tbo hope of a speedy overthrow of slavery and the dramshop by the force of political action, I stand ready to work with your Conven tion, even against hope. To work with loose who are endeavoring by peaceful means to rid the world of op pression and intemperance would do me good, and them good, and the world good, even if the direct objeil of uur work should remain entirely una xempllsbed. Your friend, GSRRIT SMITH. PrmsoKo. August 27, UflO IlliBoia State leavcaUoa. KOnci. There will be a State Radical Abolition Convention holdeo In the town of Lexington. McLean county, 111 mow, on the nineteenth day of September (Wednesday), at ten o'clock A. M., for the purpoie of nominating ?tate elec tors to support the rominecs of the radical abolition party for President and Vice President of the t olled States, and also for the purpose of enacting a complete organisation of tbo party throughout the State for the coming cam paign. It Is desirable that every radtoal abolitionist in the State should either be present or send in hie name, with poet office address. Please address all letters to John w Malum acting Acretary of State Central Com - mittee, Lexington, Illinois JOBS HOSAC, ) I1R. J STOUT, G. W. BASS FIT, J B. H HLNMAN, Pontine, 111 , JOHN W. MAHAN, Lexington, III.; Acting State Central Committee. Lkilxgtox, HI, August M, 1140. !-Ottawa, 111.; Olslo State Cemvemtlom. All who are nnwtlllng, by their votes, to recognise law far American slavery, are, without respect to color, hereby notified that there will be a convention of radical abolition lata in Oberlin, Lorain county, Ohio, October 3 (Wednesday), nt 10>, o'clock A. M.,for the purpose of nominating electors fbr President and Vloe President of the United States, on the radical abolition ticket, and to attend to any other business that may be necessary. All the friends are requested to be preaent, either in person or by delegates or letter. A full meeting la de sired, Letters may ba directed to T. B. MoOormick, box 44, Oberlin, Ohio. 0 M. BROWN, East Toledo, Ohio. W. A. HUNTER, Bryan, Ohio. liBQME GORDON, Itura, Ohio. J. P. BARDWKl.l., Oberlin, Ohio. T. a McCORMICK, Oberlin, Ohio. HSCELLAXEOt'1 rOUTKAL HRLLMKVCE. MlWi(W?nw Nohwattouh.?The following table contains the nom mel ons of the four political iMulteu ;q lluaacliosetla ? Lincoln BtU. Governor John A Andrew. Amos. A Uwroneo lA Governor. John /.. Goodrich Edw. Dickmson **reUry Oliver Warner. Thommi Parsons " Bamoel A. Eliot. Rodttor Reed. J. Henry Bill All y General Height Faster. Heury Morria. Br-'itnridii> /A-uolai Governor .Ben). F. Butler E. D. Ile7h ' U. Governor. P. A. Oari - nt- r. Urn. rhomi?m. ^reUr> *? Gomel- vs. S W. Bnwornuu). Treasurer Geo. 1 lennetl. lease Adams. ????'? * M***"'- Jaa. Easter brook Ail y General, g. W. Warren. ciamaul 0. Umli. What ran RnrcnucAM Tars* or Mi-Qi aos The Troy Times, the organ of the black republican parly in llcoa selaor county, tnua speaks of the nomination for re election of McQuadc, the lender of the oorruptloniata in the last Legislature of this dials ? Ths republicans of the First district of Oneida have re nominated Jwn McQumle for the Asaembly lu do.^, iff"TP*.MoQuife was one of Hie number wb<>, m tbe ASMaiio i?*i winter iumi u> override the Governor s ystoet of the ?? ratlrrisd moi h"? and other corrupt schemes We hope be will be d? Tented; and tbe republicans of I'Uoa owe It to them selves to unite In voting him 1owa. Not a man whi was Identified with that conspiracy should be returned to tbe Assembly next winter Mbmimm - ,u tbe lets Mmaiaalppl Douglas .Stale Con Ten I loc only serec ooactiea worn represented An alec toral ticket was put in nomination, but It la doubtful if the nominate will accept. Jobs Calhoun was nominated tor elector In the Fourth district, bat It appears that no person of that name hyea la lbs dkrtrtct. Tho nominee for the Fifth district announces In a card that ha la for ft-eckmridge This la the aocosd attempt of the squat ten of tbat Slate to get up an electoral ticket. Tw New J' ssst Ft The new fusion in New Jer sey is upon tbe follow tag bests ? "If elected tbe entire electoral rote la to be cast n such a way as to laanre tbe dafbal of Lincoln ao.l Uamlin iv*'? c*#l ,or ''Uirr of the democratic candidate* ,.r for tbe lo'Oa count, ulional candidates tbat It will elect and if it will not elect either, to be divided at lbs dlecrc lioa sad according to tbe prorltvllka of tbe clectore s ways keeping m view tbe principal object?the defeat of Lincoln and llaaslin." Mains tLSroo*?Tbe Ranyor wti/j baa returns from 133 towns, which are reported as follows ? Waal.bnrn, ?3*33 ftnart.WUH Barnes, 1,413. Waabburn'a tow over Smart and over all lA.fflT. Republican gam orar last year fM2 Tbe remaining towns gave over 1,100 republican majority last year. Of Represents! ivrw sleeted, M repablleans and 10 democrats are reported. Pouw sr. Renos ?There Is a rumor eurres^la Huston to the effect that ths Boston JYmmlUr ts about to espouse tho cause of Ball and Everett, and Lawrence and Dickinson ft may ha as. Tbe fhtosUsr has sot yet spoken its views la regard to lbs aomlsatioas of the I'aioo party made at Worcester Tub I nor Passt ftw-rn -Last wash, aaya the Marion (Ala.) American,a bat of MOObstog made that thorn were sot fifty Douglas votes la Balma, A is., a thorough can ram of the city was made and tbe Allowing flg-irea ob tamed ? ??n i?ugiaa ft: Breckinridge . 77 The above figures are not "straws," hut facto, and show bow the Breck Fancey ticket la awaepiag the state and "orerwbeimiag everything '? F.t?T * in Nsw IUtss ? An election for Assess am waa bald is New lis von oa Friday, wbleh resulted in thasno ores off tbe black republican candidal- a by an average ms jortty ef about loo votes. Pwmeat turn ss.? Five edltirs in Michigan have been nom mated for lb* Ingtaiatur* thl* year. An AffMRM Fries? ?W# take from an exchange the Allow eg Inscription <? a mon im -ot trartod oetr tbo re maiss of a wrtain Western Senator, which is not very bad - Here lyeth ye P-maaes of ye I ttle Otnnt, who waa kilt in ?a irrepresaille cone let for ya ITaatdeasy at Cbsv-ea Town. May 3, IsflO " No* wmumtm-n An AIM.?A public meeting was held la Abbeville district, R C., on tbe 11th sit , ntwbb btbe IW i wing i evolutions ware passed ? Resolved, Tbat to bold poll i lea I or commercial nter courva with a party whoa* only principle la hostility to tbe W.uib, evince* a total disregard of our Kavolutumafy , an - *t ry, and la treaaoa to the constitution of Ibe Lai ted I Steles Revolved, The' our wtf re pec t demands the matediato | estsbitshment ot t o intercourse, and wa pledge our selves Ui pair IB ire and sustain our merehanta who buy their r os in Menliera cltlas in prcfereooa to those who patronise Northers men bants Rewi red. Thai, In the opinion of this meeting, the ley ?la'ore ihould.'et its text session, levy a tax dla criminating bet?*-o goods p-irchssed in Northern cities and th-ae mporfyl d'j-ectly from Europe to .Southern porta. Tns rrWMB nv rat * ink Awikss ?The Hetreit FWe /Vest of th<> l?th last, says ?It is fr*iDually asserted that toe black republican - rgaalsationa known as tbe Wide Awake*, a rails of eld Know Nothing times, are dcviroed amply for. torchlight processions and eoeb other harmles- purpnaas aad have nothing whatever to do with elections And yet Hesator Wade, of Ohio, la hi* address to the Detroit Wide Awakm ths tlm day ?aid? " . 1 e- nfdemeelniha Wide Awakua. sad Wleee ibat Ibey will s ard ths pol-s sad uphold lbs so-''rumen ft. there you are. Tim Wide twakm are to surmi nd and guard the pol> lh,r ftci lt wU, g. , , ? is ? -iod THE PRINCE OP WALES. His Visit to Cklppcws Chsrch-UmelwHll y ?f SB Aacrtcsu?Tk? Prlare Tom Pins?He Is Deltftlxted wltb Hla ters?Hla Dislike of Crowds?Tlte Prlnre lavitid to B Bo (Tola Hunt? die Stu.tu to OtBcrsl Brock, the., Ac., Am Nuduu KAi.m, sept. id, isao. 1 To day .t darn, damp and drear/. Tb.a morning Ibu Prince went to Chippewa ob\ rch. The text <tu Sec >o I Chronicles, nmcleeblb chapter, eleven lb verse, as fol lows And, behold, Amur ..n, the chief priest, it over yo.i 'a all matters id the I/>rd; nod /ebadtab. the mm of Uhiua. , tba ruler of the bouse of I ud&h. for all the K ug's uuiiei *. also the Levitea shall be oliluers before you. U courageously, sod Lhe lord shall be with the good. Quite ao error was made in the daspstcu published In Saturday's Huuid. It was the llmum and not tii ? Loodon Times reporter who rode far the first time in the royal train, and who doea no', care to repeat the experi ment. TbJi changes the whole tenor of the paragraph, for the Jondon Times reporter Is considered a f blower of the royal suite, and enjoys sli their Am Americao crested much confusion yesterday by trotting his horse through the Prince's suite repeatedly, oov ring the Prince wltb dust and putting blm In no small danger, for tbe Prince rides with hla horse's bead loose, as it Is technically termed, and !l' the horse should bsTe stumbled his Koyal Highness would undoubted'./ have been brought low, and probably broken b's neck. Disbrow should correal ibis bad habit when the Prince reaches New York. At night the Prince cemo to Clifton House, stripped off bit coat, and rolled nine pins for some time. Being Informed that a bop was going on above stairs, be inquired whet a bop wae, and expressed bis dissatisfaction that be bad not been tell sooner thut he might have e dance. Afterwards, as he was going otf to smoso a pipe with one of h's suite, General Itruoe cap tured him and ootid acted him to bed. The PribCO Is delighted with his quar'era 11/.latiner man a, and especially that be can only have a small party it dinner. He said that he greatly disliked a crowd, a email party wae so much pleaeanter, aod wished tbe dining room at Hamilton to be small. To thin tbe Gover nor General objected, laying that hie Koyal Highness had duties to perform. Bachmeyer, tbe Queen's courier, has started ahead to pick oat hotels for tbo Princo. Those I mentioned Satur day will probably, but not certainly, be selected, ss, al though tbe Governor General announced the list, It wee not oflioial, end much will be left to Bachmcyer's judg ment. He will allow no overcharging, and lhe royal party will pay no more than plebeian price, it is useless to try any Japanese bills upon Bschmeyer, for be is not e Sew York Alderman. It la understood tbat Rlondin will receive s handsome present for his show on Saturday, as all were surprised the Prinoe did not give blm something on the spot. He should have received the rope's end, Is the Prince's opinion. A couple of Sanderson's cooks, who were left by tbe train, and walked fifteen miles, ao tbat tbe Prinoe sbould not be disappointed In his dinner, have received baodsom" presents from his Royal Highness, Earl St. Gormains having informed blm of the circumstance. Colonel Magroder, United States army, la here from Fort Ieavenwortb to invite tba Prince to give up bis In tended hunt for grouse and try to kill a bullalo. The trip would occupy about sixteen days, and give tbe Prinoe s testa of real prairie life and adventure. Colonel Uafrj ier's quarters are at tbe Prince's service, aod as Kurt Lewveaworth Is thi gate through which all United States troops pass, the Prince will have an opportunity of arcing camp life also. He raa make this trip and atili reach New York by the lltb of October Beyond tbe ball and possible levee, nothing is on tbe programme for to morrow. On Tuealay the Prinoe lays the corner stone of Brock's monument, at Qt:eanstown Heights, and receives an ad dresa from the \ elrrao* of lsl'i then follows tbe pro gramme from Sunday 's Hsaxi.D, wblcb does not reach Canada. ?t?r ti?adon (Caaada) ('urrMpoadrac*. Uihvom, C. W , Xept. 13, IflflO if ""iw ?'/ 'he nrinct?Aiidrtti/mm tAa K-ya.1' 'anadinn 1 a/Kt Club?J-lit ruling yarht Katr ? Ki'Kuiuim n) Du ptfiji+m IHqAgytf Prvndly BooiduS - inauguration nf a .Vne r?rk?IV Primti t'uit (o (V I'm terrify?TV fr tanval Gardens?Grand Ball and fWiciiirj, dr., ?Cc. Tueaday laal waa a buey day tor bla Royal High near, I acd equally ao for these who, like myaelf, went orer the aame ground with him. 1 had therefore little time to do Jiwttcn to all I aaw io my Jet er of that data. It was a pitiful light, although under oppoalle clrcum atain ea it would have been a Dee one, to watch the thouaasde that crowded the atreeta between ten and eleven oa that dreary morning?to aw them all malting foe the oe? point, and that one point the amphitheatre near the water'a aide. There were echool ohldreo mar aba lie I In long linaa, and dreaaed la a dozen rarietiea uf coatnme, the glrla with wet frocka and dirty clockings? for before many of them reached Iba dealred (pot it began to mm?and the boya with their trowaera turned up at the feat. There were clliawu and folka from the country of all deacrlptlona, and ?*a of Temix-mooo carrying banner*, and rifle com pan en in aombre garb Thine aaaembled by the hour of eleven, la a dene mean In and around the amphitheatre adjoining the royal pavilion, and remained In eager waiting for the arrival of th* Prince. But It waa oot till nearly a quarter to twelve that the open carriage, ?Uh the hood over It, drawn by four horaan, panned under the triumphal arch into the earloaure, where the twenty or thirty thonaand w<re congregated Then there waa a long and gl >-!ona cheer, which did the heart good to llateo to, ai.d bla Royal Highneni alighted, and taking bit ataud la the pavilion, llateaed to an addram from the ufS cem and member* of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, al, of whom were la their uniform ataodiag on each aide of the pavilion. In reply, be aald?'Gentlemen?I aaw we you that I take a lively Internet la tbone manly eporla which dietiagnieh I 'and and bar oo loo lea, more re pec tally when they are connected with that element on which her been erwn no much of the glory of our enmneor. country I thank you for the axprwmiou of your loyally and devo tion to the Guern, my mother, and for your good wlabea 00 my behalf." At the cnncluehw be waa aakad to beooaoe patron of the olub, and n needed Ha then walked to the rear of the alructura, where a wide awrep of the lake waa commanded, with the four tern firvt and eeeend claaa yachta that were to run to gvther drawn up ftr itartmg la the foreground He wont aa for aa the water * edge to give the algnal for nartlng, but' w er to tome miamanagemert a delay oocurred, and hia Royal Higbneaa, prvforrlag abe.ver to the ( tired under the railway (tattoo. At Una atage ol the pr > eroding* the crowd broke through tbe linea of the potloe men aad ruahed la dlaorder around the royal euttr Mean while the wet echool cbildron war ? u.|taf two rervea ?f the oallooal anthem, and tbe royal au.te * ?rr anaioua to Ibe ofl, hat bla Royal Ulgbneaa waa reeolred to aee lb* | elart ihatai.diug tbe ui? omf -rlajle lUfouridiiig* | iioe man puabed hi* way forward with an old umbrella which he held up, poealbly with tbe beat tntentioaa, and, | addrean ng the Pr i., a*td?1"Win you mkn my umbrella, , air " H e Roy nl Hirhneaa turned aaay with a amile, and 1 Uiafavor waa d<< ned nra rem iu> * In n few momenta after ibia Uie aignal for the atart [ waa Dred. Thai Inalant the Jibe and foranail* of the yacht* were boleted, and, round, they all went ofl well together inward* the Drat buwy, near Ihe *aet<ra | entrance i Kit llo-y rtood with a fuh aprerl of canvaea, I aad Ihe henry oreeaa them freely over Tb* [ tbnuaande lining the eeplaaedeahoutrd, the children am | 1 the dlaorder aabort br<ame greater, and hi* Royal H t . I neaa. *xpr*e*'ag regret thai be waa unable to await the 1 reeull eotered bla carriage and drove a aay, followed by j n tromendoua outburst oi cheering The Rivet, of Ihe flrat ola?a. aaveateea tvi, took the irad fynm the atart, aad maliiained tt to the end Owtig ( to It" stormy weetber, one of the r>aa*ta ran aground, two loat their bob aad foreatay*. and were obliged tn return aa?lh*r had her peak belyarda carried away. end gave up the race, aad Be vera I other a were or.mpelled to put beck for ?imiinr r*eene? the* ? eoctdeala, a* e m*? ler of eooroe canned mn ih dlaappo.ntmeot, ahd detrwci-d 1 rem tbe interact of the race An open boat race followed, and tbl* completed th* aquatic proceed lag* of the day, the roe hg OMMaee bar inn been postponed. Tl ap?ke well for tbeenlhuaienm eed loyally "t Ibe pen pie 'hat IV r?ab to lb* part after th* waa equal to that at lh? amphllbeatre, notwltbrtan lleg Ibe rain Tbe At. keorgea aad 9L Andrew'a anrirtee aad ihe llghland Brigade war# prreeal in the neighborhood of tbe owarae* covered ataa 1 rrected near the fooudjlioa atoae of the Vueen'i rtetue In ihegr<-u?d? fronting the t'a rrrtily, aa also the Aldermen of the fit;, General Williams and several of the Uanadtan Ministry Thousands beJd um brellas in ibe background. LAVUK1 a <?>r\k* mora. At bair past twelve the Prince arrived, and thts waa the signal for a salute from the field battery. He was received on alighting from bis oarrlage by the Mayor ac t Dr. MoUeul. the President of the University, and by them conducted over a carpeted pathway to the stand, passing on their way a couple of Russian guns captured by the British at Bebastopol and presented to Toronto by the Queen. The cheering was Immense during this time Biiahte having been restored, Or. McCaul road an address :o bis Royal Highness, asking him ou behalf of the int.* ji tun is of the city to lay the foundation stone of a ped'tul lor a status of the Queen. This being acceded to, a bot tle waa presented to bim containing gold and silver mas of the rt ign of Victoria; aiul copies ot the latest newspa pers published In Torouts, upon which he placed iho same iu the cavity In the lower stsas,as at (Hum. I>". McCaul tb'-n read the 1-atiu inscription un the Slate which was to cover the cavity, and U. s Is Royal H.ghinwe placed as intended. A silver trowel was then ham ed to him, and be at once proceeded Kll^lat spread some mortar ou the stone. The builder collated (be trowel work, and the stone was lowered by a pulley Royalty then applied the a par- and, plumb, an l giving the sane three geallo laps with a mallet, pronounced it lull, and the Park inaugurated. I>r. Mciaul upon Ih a announced Pi the people tho fact, and declared the latter opened to the public under the name of the Qieen e Park. Thts waa received with loud and prolonged cheer ing. WTIItARt HW. A review of the active volunteer force followel. The several corps were draw a up eastward of the stand. The ev tlutlous eonuutncod by the troops pres< ulu.g arms, while the bands played the national anthem, 1 m Royal Hlghneee meanwbila having advao-nd to the east front of the platform, fbey ne\t sbculdered arms, and form eg fours right, marched past bim In tu ck step to the m is.o of the "British Grenadiers." This ended the review, about the shortest amir cr.. -St ever witnessed. The troops displayed, however, n itc to four movements, couslderaOle etlicictcy. His Royal Highness Iheu drove to the University, wb-re he was received by the Chance lor. President and olb-r?, ami ssadnsted ti the Convocation Ball, a large nusaocr of ladiea And gentlemen were here asaembled, and toe students lined a passage through which the Price pasre I to the dais at the head of the ball, on which S throne had been erected. The Chancellor, Justice Burns, then read an ad. r-es ol welcome, winch was grsc ously repiled^to by tho Vriaos, alter which the former proposed the enrollaaent of hia Royal IPghm ss as a student of toe I nlverslty. n?e mo tion was carried loud cheering, after which the Registrar presented the college book to the Prlnoe, woo at once sigued it. The Principal of Upper Canada College, also in Toronto, then advanced and read an address, whim, being use* pec ted, wss sot replied I at the, but the promise of such being scut was given. Toe Prlnoe was nevt con ducted through the Museum and . lasa rooms, but not on to the roof, as originally invecded, owing to the Hate of the weather. TltS ROTA VI' A! ' iRtlRSS. Alter this he drove back to Government H .se, ? being now one o'clock, and lunobed. At three, the weather having moderated, he reentered bs carriage, and prooeeded to the Botanical wardens. These arc situ a ted a mile eastward of the cltv, or nearly lev 1 ground. An unmenre crowd htd assembled, both Inside and out side tbe gates, and as tbe carriage drove up It was com pletely, and it was with difficulty the police kept a passigt open for his Royal Highness to enter by. The cheering wss ss enthusiastic as usual, aad lb-re was no doubt about tbe genuineness of th- welooms. A large umpbilbcatreor rustic iievtli.uj had been erected Inside, with a reserved pla. e m lis centre for the royal perty. To this they wer<-conducted, and here an address from tbe Directors of the Horticultural Society waa read to his Royal Highness. In his reply he said, " 1 shall be content If the tree which 1 am about to plant Hourtah as your youthful city has already done." Tbe tree alluded to waa a maple, and after It had been lowered Into Its plaoe, a few spadefulls of earth were thrown about Its room by royal bands. He then walked to the tents, wber- * me (lowers and fruits had beon placed for exbib i-hi, and alter a short stay returned to the gateway, In tlx amdst of a disorderly crowd that gathered round, and stared at and followed him to bis carriage, making It a mutter ?f considerable difficulty for him to work his way through, and still worse lor bis suite behind. HIS exert.on red droed his faoe. but be laughed heartily, with the 'lover nor General, when he reacn-d tbe carnage. The Normal school, te which be drove next, wss lees than half a mile off; so many of those who had gathered in and near tbe gardens scampered after bim to have another glimpse ol the royal Bare. Here tbe addresK wss presented, tbe song was sung, and the bouquet* thrown, as mentionel In my last "Albert tldward'' waa aau written lu the visiter's hook. Knox's College was afterwards visited, where a r mi lar scene occurred, after which bis Royal llighniss re turned to the Government House. Meahwhilo the two or three hundred compos tog tbe Belleville deputation were walking about the streets with their badv s on th- f breasts la my Issl 1 bnelly mentioned tlx. reeu l I their mlwAk n Tho deputation, whi-b Mv<M the Mayr- ssd nire mt ml* rs of the City Council, bad b- <n re cem-d by bis Rnysl 'Digbn-is at two o'clock, and In reply to tbe.r cvpre-sions of regret, ana invitation to return, In which case sbo-ild occur to mar the harmony or the v sit, the Pr u ? raid that It pleased litm to seetbem, an J was cncviuood if tbe loyalty of tbe poopie and that tbe doing* of a wv tain party were u*s the withes Of the minority. IU wot.ld blot all ui I'leaaact roooU tloos from his mem try, and on reluming bosM assure !!? r M.tjexly of th ? l iya ly ol the cltlrens of B. evlile but prior anragea ? ? wi uld prevent bis visiting the town, otb r*'". lie sb v. 1 have been happy to do eo. An ad Ir-ss frt.m tin *n Council was tlicu banded in, and the members wers pre rented Individually. Til) IUM. Ttebsllln tbe Crystal Pa!*** m Uw> DC JI gr-al ml of the day, and prevented a magnificent gBtctacle; but lb err were scleral drawbacks attending ft Tbe nem a as built m the form of a parallelogram, ar.d taaie fully deooralr.1 with flags It was provided w: Ji lull length galleries down each a! Ic, and a separata dixit! m oo the (round Boar for snpper Tbe Prlnoe u id not arrive till a quarter past eleven, an 1 as daaclug did not oomiiienio before, be opened c mlb the Uidj HMrt a* hit partner Tbue. ?, ha<t roar rarly found tbe tiire draff oo \<rj slow ly Moreover, tbr whole bu.Idler waa uncomfortably cold and draughty, and remained so during the whole evening. Ik) much wan tbia felt that blue n wan. attenuated fea tures, cold bands and ooeas I'ttal ah vera were genera). Lad lee {ironounoed it the moat 'in brooming bad th-y had aver attended, and the conn 1* nt waa nicer*! Tbe Prtooe waa droaeod in tia uniform, and, witb b<a uiual penchant for dancing, took part in er-ry ti l the programme waa exhausted, tmg after four. Then s general scramble for data, caps and ooata look place, which rctulled In nearly everybody carrying away eonar body elar't garmeota inalrad of their own, despite tbc.r being tirkeud. Tbe supper arrangement at th.s l?U waa fhr riper or to that at Montreal, and gave general satisfaction. Tbem s take nf roping a plan- off for tbe Prince todanoe la, and providing n separate ripper room for the royal party, wis l.crc I 'd against l>-rd I yons. I am -orry to ni. waa not present, owing to temporary ladismtiio. Tits Royal Highness man ifeeted a decided obje-v <m to tbe polka Redowa and prefereo. - Ibr galoje oa th a oena aioa, tbe latter belag aubstltated for the former n < very one. net-aim at oi no raw*. At eleven o'clock oo tbe next m-gning tbe royal i-artv left by special train <? the i.reat Western IU .way r f/mdnn . calling at (iuelpb and other plnivw m rouie He waa loudly cheered on his departure by oncers; Ikes mods assembled In the ampltbeatre and lla ftcia ty Brompton and i.eorgclewn were the Brst stopping pU. ??*, and at each a large portion of tin .uha'i tanta had ooflSM ad to give England's heir a w.-.-nma, tluelph came next, and here a spieodld re-ept m awaited him. H i was eacorted to a pavilion front ng tna u na bell by tbe Mayor and other Buret kmar.?a, woo were la full dri ra A aai-.t* eaa Bred, nsarly a 'bo Mod children sang " < -?ve I be <JmNB," and ad 1mm were pre-, oled from the town and noon y reaped vr y. A buids-me arch wsa erected will r vlrw and other deco ratlous aboimded no all slde? The royal party ral'iroed ir it -? cars la the ir is' t rapt.irons cheering. Bet fee. Ibla and Barlla the party Inn. bed rm tbe oars. At Petersburg an addrrwa wasfpreaunlnd trr'termin an 1 an Impromptu reply returned to II by h.a Royal HigSoe-r. an Incldeat which delighted tha i -rmans At 'tret.-ird another address waa presented, and a aalate Bred from kwa pit rood for cannon, th.-r? being an metal g- ra r tl e ptaue Truly, no -weity is the mother nf laventloc St. Vary* was peeve-1 slow y to Use tmAlc of s tBo > sand cheer*, and at a Tew m'uetea pe?t four th t e ral iraln reached I.mdoo. Here the r-caption was vert en thuetaatic, and the display red table Id the town fr.e m>al party stepped lain ibalr user age* and drota w tn out delay to a pavilion, where ad lriwsea srera road hy mo Mayor and Warden of the Mmrtf to of which the Prlr.ce rsw.1 a reply. Cheer, were thee g v<w with in .ch | isto, and tha Prison re entered b'a earr age. the moment after which a rude and it anient br lie "-1 bia Roval Highness'hat off, and aatd "lat a have a <? ? at yon " Tliis outrage was 'toroa with ej.-eilsnt i?atp--e ht tbs Prince, who gracefully retook bia bat from tk? Ms*, There was considerable -Harrier Just now. the crowd making In op all Bides. In the rrvdut >-f which tbe ? >ys' ? arriage moved awav, snd tone te place m tker''"*'* ? MB The crowd th-t>ugh<ul acted In the most diagea *? M manner. At can po et the hnreee drawing te? roval ??a jriagc wrre stopped, and several la a occurred irtro g tie people btorking up tbe way. Th' cavalry force of the town acted aa the roar ' ?? boror, and their patience was severely tested However h s. he ! U.e Tecomaeb Hotel la safety, and dined there SI hslf peel e- m. after wklofc he retired early It.. uw rn'ng at a few momenta past Bias, be inft t) 'penal tram tor Hams, and returned at half | aat threw. An crowd aaeembtwl at tbe stat-.w, and chaerad him aa ha Si g! p i aid prcceeded to the betel oppuaite la th* oar r .age pvnvidad The weather A beautiful, and the earn of rufTwelem excepted, all baa r*>e wet 'he b<te a are ovrt lowing with runts, *r> 1 tbern t r " * of to Bight'a ball ' T pleasant') How ?Tha Owtpertrtowa (V V ) /oorml ?*} ? ?? tbe market haa been rather fl-irtoatlng dnr ng tbe past wees At out time the Ebgl'ati doty was reported b ghee, to-l buying la tha wintry abo- t -e**e1 For a day j? two pwat tbe apeenlallve filing appears to have A?v v?d somewhat, and tweaty Ave to th-rty orals eaa bo oh tamed lor lest aorta. The weather during a port .oa of tbe past week has been quits uotvorable, and put nf ha* progress* 1 rather slowly