Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1860 Page 2
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Whrh stopped whle n tbe ( ot> -Vpbcn I'ug! Ob, Stephen Dug! , ,,? r, (?' ? are loo Mall, To html tbe man we're bound to Mkt Our rreekkent ihta tail. Jfor-nr. H?r? h'? Olf th?F. hV? Of bu kft Stephen'* pocket. We'll get for htm an ambrotype. Of a dime act tn a locket; We'll naug it round hi* ui-ck a wbl'e, Till be shall larger prow, Then for variety will change H lor Uiaa Ihnsb Crow Oh. dtephrn Dog l>h, ?tepben Itugl R* r%r?*fa1 what vott do, Or John Covode will aurely come, ?ltd qirtckij t/ot yoo Utrotuxi' HURRAH FOR "ABE." burtttU lor cfcumj, let til ?DC /lttioa tetr JHatop out v"\ir bannera to the breeyg?, I on your work* (et ev*i / freeman, on Uie ?"'! of lurle Sam, Now put h j* abuuiuii to tbe el C>l, aid work for Aura* bam. The ablp of j-tatc hag been abuse.!?her frame 1* gell'ng weak, And every .southern gale that blow*, makca all her t.m bera creak, Bar crew a art of lubber* are,?her officers a abnm, So let -n turn them all aahore, ami put ;a Abraham. Hf'ii tutve brr cleansed from keel to truck?rank! all ber rigging aew, Stop aui h<r democratic leaks, and ship a jolly crew, for "Abe's' tbe boy to take command?he's noble, just and brave, And where be points ber mighty prow, will freedom's banner wave. Then let us make tbe welkin ring with voices loud had strong, Till ?*> Urn millions or our land shall join In freedom's Tfceo, democracy must bow before Um people's choice, The boned ncarted patriot, old "Abe" of Illinois. THE RiaiMO TIDE. WOKS FOB TUB UKKST KI.PI BI.ICAS GATHEBIKJ if KKIV. KFKrKMBKK 12. IW50. Say eesM, they oome, a mighty throng, tied and V?U?/ ?, ilu. )?!/ I'Ul SOtlg ' They sing of tie- fathers w ho made US free, Of Lincoln and Hamlin and liberty. They come, they eomo, a victorious throng, the foes wo have fought |o long: As way.* of tbe ivcaa subdue tbe sand They deluge the enemies of tbe land. They oome they come, with armor bright, The fearless defenders of irutb and right; No deeds of corruption their hand* shall stain While keeping ul allied our fair d. main. They eomo. they come, with freedom's light, AW pelting the darkness of slavery a night. That fain would o'ershaduw our virgin soli, I?" Hegradicg forever the white man's toll. And allii they roroe In proud array? O, what Is an age tu this glorious da)? Humanity's cause let us all proclaim. And give U> the nation undying (kmc. WIDE AWAKE. There's a labor tu be wrought. There's a ra- a that we must run. There's .. battle tu bu lu .gal, And a victory to be woo Vor a cheated natlou's sua ?' Ho )c people plundered ling. By the banded hordes 01 wrong; I p and on them, brarc and stroug. f 'r-ftln f?w our WWe awake, boyai WMe ewakel From me in r wroth, Creeping down the glorious West. With a blood mark on bla mouth .and a h rror on hla crest, ( unus a b ark Infermil snake' While he luiks with doublo tongue Now. before Ibr coil la sprung, gmne bim. brothers. old and young' T*..'.?>?! A Kg* u-11' l*.**'4 ? Wide a wage, boys' Wide awake! ?Willi I In every public crib, r.v ?ufc . ..i ujbeeves To three xebee on the rib, le .l.eir HMtbiy nen <>t mlrvea. fkat tbe Augran barn' and make ttoee for all a cleansing sweep, Wkh a river s headlong leap, hull .liui ui me a m. tini.'g . ?P Of obliv.oo'a huigry la .< I) T awase, boys.' W de awake! From the sea like murmur ,n* pines rhainlraa r ills "f Ua'ue. tc UM glorious Sowers and v see, Of tbe prxira-'s,! clam, Freer Um att res of ma and laae, lu hue ru?'t? Ul Km**' ftu>l K,? that we will be tree? Riar and let our wau hword be "ttaoeat Abr for free* ?rn'a sake! W Ma awake, boys! W. ;e awake ." A CAMPAIGN SONG. Tnr?? Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! (Hi Abe'a the roan to w.n the Cftbt, Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah Be etr nee for freedom nod the rlffct, Hnrrtb, hurrah, hurrah' Hell g'ee uU Bock h e walking paper*. And IC *?> poor fMr cut woudroue ctprt, Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah I f H-rrah, hurrah, hurrah! H?c boor baa ht)u?hl the people'g than, Hurrah, hurrah, hurraO |)l ttAJK art form (bait toad the van, Hurrah, burrali, hurrah! An! freedom"! bat tin la beeiiE. ?c win not r-et till irtorj i arc, Hurrah, hurrah, AC. Oar .end" ? tr-?. ar<t tried. end t rite, n.rrab hurrah, hurrah' B? bwor will o r country aevt, ti'itrah. hurrah, hurrah' And to ha rotor* t * f rnt nanda cm before the ria'ng et iat. Hurrah, hurrah, Ac. Hbamai ra y ta art the a'..?. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah' Of 'JC? r'Ja tranh we've ha I ra< ugh; Hurrah hurrah, hurrah! Od Ahr aih i -ant'- the Viigeau itahle, B i> ready, wilflng, true and abtel Hi rrah, hurrah, Ah. Od leee.l Buch h>a tbinge m at perk, Hurrah. Ir.rrah. hurrah! Be ?e f>l a Dee man .o hA traca, Iturrab, hurrah, hurrah! And Buck and Dun (hall go U?etaer. And row their craft way up Sat rtrt r. B rrah, hurrah, *. nr. B \TTLE GROUND OF LIFE. iirathera. m the OWAnil, Broilwra, m the coming atrtie, ynt' T bofd j on the roo'.et, Ta the batiie ground rf! IK Wtde unfar: yovr glome* banner, ! itorcad to earth e ref feet etraad, freedom ? high and holy watchword, - Liberty throughout the land." With wch braue and galiant loader*, Who would faiwi who ma fhtif Where ear Lib- ?ln lew a vw-lorteuA, JuaKe. right and truth prevail Wbt a our Hamlin, true to duty, St oma the othred tempting bribe; Protbrre a be! I are pauee to eater Where tuck noble but 'era guide' IA>eaa etond 'A toeee ofthendrr, let the well admiring aea, We art freedom a baetea born child* a. And we will and dare be free. free to act m Bad diracte ?, free ta eneerieaoe. free Ih vU, While to every rbtld we offer All It cbo-ceft hieee nge elUL let 6 bottle tor our I a <*. Utile' fee to glortou* lawt. Fer that rod old (oaatltutton, ? } eroded oa a rtghteeua nauae. Mgfit we are. aad right p-iremag. Soua the gtorii'Ve day will erne. tv haw bo dark aad damaing feature Wall Uaet our Southern boaac. Thea a oao united afto t, ( Vaoan -eat ana gnleee vt'eet. WUh the North aad South to guide thaw, All will took aae nana reet feeb to r'tunp aeru and eeetwah, hath torgettiag daw tad elan, 0*nx. rarh <u.d an an final la the Hrotaerbo<y| of a*a. ROOT HOG OR DIE. ?had trtw la I'll hare toe ail to keow, .a MM, Whea Abraham lit"1" <-nn f< r the Senate of the Plato Be dtda't get to the Araue, and 1 11 led yue the rtwe why. i A. Oougto* made h,m oar Hoot bng or die I dhd Ana mt A he, he alerted thwgh the lead, WMA a little hH of whiaaey to hit tittle caravan for the weary aad whiekey tor the dry, A. Ikiugtoh eooa made hira ? ng Boot hog or die ? _ Obi the would meet he'd try to hay h.a mte With'a ItUlo hit ot mooeyer poo ring whahydiwu b? lAinai. He dida't get their rotee, and ID tell you the raw tin why. Mephea t. made him etag Root beg or did f CM the went o? me and ftouglw look the Senate chair, B^<id hie w'fa about tt, "La' mo" aajra ehe, "Ah.. I do declare. Tear moaey ? ail .i-ml aad your wb.aky keg la dry. The little C ant made yea trot Root bog or dto "? BON OP TTIB DOUGLAS INVTWCTBliS. Bo.' car Bile* ari e, ibe ametnbly haa n-nded, The eword of the tetriot ho oda from ita (heath, ttor tog by Uve hoat? of the free la eurrmtadwl, Whom ewwre to defend it la tr nmpb or doatb High, bgb la each arm epruidtd to del-ad t, Aad bared la each h ue to rrkemt the fray, Faithful and true are the rhiefb ?be rf|?ert n, Than, lAoulder to ebmuder, lor Ikwflaa barrel! the to-l - w' err bright" tber* eualight le f'owleg, PI the gal' u t fO'.rg Wei ? r b" N'flt f i. [ .? n the eAored where If * h- a "?? Pa. V M owl-, m !hd *ar Ilvtri fc<*U ' f N. r" err At ae, the -now pevared h.!l, ft m mr?rtLj Bar i-i .heft ftf* ?WtH?f=f ta ieB tt? tntf; Th- foe la advar eg, ao rally, boys, ruHy, Come, aho.ider l shoulder, fur Hoaglm hurrah Onward, boya, onward, tho column in motion; -'w ft as in* arrow that icetda frotn the bow, h'lrong aa tbo thJiJertng bilktwa of uceaa, Burst la >our m'gbt on ibr rank* of Ums foe; Forsard, tors, drive ibe lanalios ocfoio us, Seal ter ibelr routed batla ions ike spray The > are of our l'nion are buttering o'er us, T1 in, tin ukler to at>oulder, lor Douglas hurrah. 01D BK'S PRELIMINARY VISIT TO THE WHITE HOUSE. Old Abr'im there waa who lived out In the West, Btl i ?> i by h.s neighbors the wisest and beet, And y< U nee. on a time, If you follow cuy ditty. How he look a straight walk up to Washington city. Hi tu, Ao. His borne was at Springfield, out in Illinois, Where he'd long been the pride of the men and the boys; Bui he kit bis white house with do sign of regret, lor hu knew that the people had another to let. Ki tu Ac. Bo Abr'am be trudged on to Washington straight, And reached the White House through the Avenue gate: <H . Buck and his cronies (some chaps from the South) 8ai round in tlie East room" rather down in the mouth." Rl tu, Ac. Old Abe eetred the krockcr end gave such a thump. Bock iborgbl the Stale ship had run into n stamp; He trcmb.ed all over and turned deadly pble, ?'That noiae," said lie, " must have been made with a rati." Ri tu, Ac. "Run Lewis, run Jerrv, and open the door?" And the "functionary'' nearly fell down on the tloor? 44 There's only one man knocks that way l m bleased' And he in that larnai old Abe ol the West." Rl tu, Ac. the Cabinet, frightened, sat still in their seals, While Abr'am. lmpatleut, the rapping repeals. ?'I hope It ain't Abe,' said DU Buck palo and gray, "If it is, bejs, there'll bo bere the devil to pay." F.I tu, As. At last, though reluctant, Buck opened the door, And found a cbap waiting, six feet three ?r tour; ?'I have come, my fine fellows." eald Abe to the ring, ?To give you l'alr notloe to vacate next Spring. ' Ri tu, Ac. "The people bave watched you, and made up their mind Turn your management's running tbo country behind; You re badly in debt, and youi plan Is a bold one? To make a new debt to pay off the oldono. Ri tu, Ac. "You and Douglas bave so split your party in twain, That fpuu'ding s best glue can't unite it again; And 'njib parts are useless, the country don't need 'em, For one goes for slavery and t'other 'gainst i/eodom. Rl tu,Ac. "So the people conclude that the beet thing to do Is to right the State ship and hire a new crew, And engage a new Captain as soon us they can. And It's my duty to tell you that I am the man." Ki tu, AC. "Come In," aays old Buck, "and sit down Mr. Lincoln? The ri murks you have made are something to think on; 1 don't csre a cjsb for the country?that's Hat? But if you'll beat Douglas you can take my old hat." Ki tu, AC. "St've Douglse," raid Abe. "he belongs to my State, Ami 1 did b it him well in the year '68; If 1 catch him agtia In the canvass, he'll find What !t ii.oa: t, when folks talk about running behinl.' Ri tu, Ac. "So you needn't fear Dug, let him scheme and, He's us deep In the mod at you're in the mire; And this moral he 11 learn when his game is all played That I m net by -squatting that 'sovereign* are made. " Rl tu, Ac. " Mr. Lincoln," says Buck, " your notions 1 think, Are extremely correct, and I ask you to drink. Wo ve the ii. i o. - B ' ' (Ireeu Seal' and old sherry. And I've no groat objection, just now. to get merry." Ri to, Ac. Ssys '.br'am ?" My Irlendg, I've com- bere to my That the democrat dog' has just 'had bin day;' The people bave trusted you more than they ought to; And all that I ask le a (Use of cold water." Ri tu, As. "Cold water!" tald Buck, "we're got It, 1 tkiak; Though 'tie not with our party a taconte drink; Our tipple we ?ake on us own naked merits, And we need soiuvlbiag strong to keep up our speritn." Ri tu, Ac. Tbo Cabinet searches tb<< White House with a will, But cid not find water p it down lu the bill " Jeirv black made report that, without any doubt, The whtakey wan pit my, but water was out. Ri tu, Ac. Bo Abe took h e leave and returned to the West, leaving Buck and b e < a* inei somewhat depressed? Fur they saw wltb glance hew 'twould and, without fail ? They were bound lor hall River, thia tins;, on a rail I Hi in, Ac. A \EW YANKEE DOODLE. Yankee ftoodle's come to town, vol on mature reaction. B go t>g to Jo U.2 black " Tabs' brown At Um next election. Yaakee Doodle beY quite wall, And cota a bandaome figure, O; Ho'* going to rota for Johns* Bel!. Be will not go for Sambo. Yankee Doodle does aa wall Aa an/ bod/ caa, air; AaJ like Um lad.m, be "a for Bail. And i'n,on to a man. air. Yankee Poodle never faila, When be*a reaolred to try, air, la rlect a mm for rpt tiling -a.U, He lb Lake M "all my ay, ' (ir. Yankee Poodle cola a rwelJ, Altbo' be will rot bat, etr; Yet he roea o for Mletar Ball And Edward Evema.a.r. AaJ be lat!tea yoo, one and all, Woala er tn?) ta your lalion, To rote for f iron and John Bell, And that will rare the nation. POrULAR SOVEREIGNTY. Tb > People are the rover*>ga power, To ber was given the precooa dower. Of every watch and ward; If to tbrmaelvea tbey be not true, Tbey bitterl? the boor will rue When faitnleM P> their guard. Party may eauaa Ibem to forget The metnortea tbey rboukl hallow yet, And lead ibem bi ndfald to the doom Where fettered tbey moat plan ? gloom. Their iiberttm betrayed. Too tate the roe lee will tail from apaa Tint aaw our countrr'a rag'1" rlaa, Hut da., led by ambitwat flora. Irllceay i ftima to I be mere Which tbey tbeaurlvea bad mala V Ben aea .ol>?tcd witb ' the PtaM" learn to remember arbai ? great, AaJ deem theme- ivea mat. ale;#. 'Tta tune tbey were taught ranecn; Tbey are b it agenta, t?d your w At It la their doty to fwlt.ll For otberwwe were ti eeaoa. Then, ao the birthday of our year, I'pnn your country > altar iwaar, To carry ?*t the plan Which wMh thatr blood your lather* warn, lad by uwmortai Waahtagtoa, And left a prtceleaa Irtracy, "While man rule blmaelf, that be prMeotleg all alike, the free, 1* beat W rule o'er man " A* ?b-n I be bow of hope appeared, I .Ike haatag wing of lantern b!rd, T? gutd*' the "cbcaea people" through The wikteraeaa, there Is la view I n m the broad Went, a br-Utaat light With ebeeo aa ateadv, full aad bright A* in* ia rummer rky Above the threatening rieode that lower, It thiaea with undtmiaiahad poorer. And patriot! ball a bapp-er hour, "And Pougwa a the cry * FYom Berth to Booth, with noe acclaim The rapturoua people ahoat hia name, Fnger to tl< hie meed of fbmr, So trite ta faitb la them Nor will the tide beneath the glow, > That prvmee with nwcOnee Tew, Pelay, but i nward atiU.aa aow, I'rrae id Utey place upon hie brow <1 Stale the dhdam ABE AVD THE WHTT* HOUSE. ma?" Widow kaekne ' Aha aim brer there t ? chip m the Weal, Oh boae' Abe ma--hree? A "Llttia Qlant" that * aevar at real, Oeh bone' Aba marhroa1 Aad of him they Mil talaa, lla takea out of the eatla iff all epiiMrracif ralla The wiad easy aad fraa; lay* them flat oa the r back, B?Ui the white aad the black, Orb boae' Aba amehreet Aha marbraa, wbaa November la oome, oh boae' Abe machree' Yaw apcech will become, ha meaoul, julte demh, ? wbhoae Abe marhrar! For the Norih aad the Want, Aad the South aad the reel, WU1 pal oa thatr boat lor the ? i-mat" yea aar, Aad yo asal get e *taU Bet where you V be bate, ob boae ecukhla machree' (Hd Coca, they U put yoo to ride oa a rail, (ir* hone' Abe maehree! With nothing ta r'ty ? tc at ml bat yaw tall. oh bow Aba oatrwi lie myealf that dam declare rial |cur grief yen moat bear - .ha1 ttkmt" ia c- n.b.og y ur bi.r Jo "north aad aa Dae. There lit * ? grief, II Wil bring n ? ra iof, OA hear' Ahemaihrset Aha maehree ,1a h theme for Ia eee ? ash! Ah macbre. i That the South aad ynuroetf caaaot agree, t-chbou- Abe macfrtr far yen wont hut a '. hi rw.1t Ue black and the SB ltd, .tad ee Jon t th nk that i rgti. Or ought to be For the b-ack fN h nk m r? Than the wkika yoa gnora Oeh boae' .th- ma"reel Of the IFhttd Fh iW, van aow faalda i art r Ooh i naiei Ahe ranchre? fgj ? g all A me aye. Batty Bart a, ? Get tdM' 1M ?A:t?w It's a hit cf roauoix, tor faith you've no cbauos Of a squint or a glance Tbe rot iM for to bee: Thai ?? Giant ' wU. be there Wbo ia combing your hair, OcL bono! Abe mvchree. Tien take my advice, acusbla msehroe; Oca none! Abe macbree: A: <1 for Ital name,) ou U be thankful to me. Oca houel Abe macbree; ' Take ear" and romtmber Tbe sixth of November, Hill split op your lember If *1 sorrowful loeee; It will lend you I know U be re tbe good Diggers go, Ocb Lonet Abe macbree. 'TIS DOUGLAS AND HIS MEN. "Oinna ye bear tbe Slogan, bey a?" Aia?"John Andereoo, my Jo, John." 0, dlnna ye bear tbe aiogan, boys/ 'Tie Doug lee and bis men! Tbey count (torn Maine to Oregon, a boat beyond your ken; ' Tbey itrike for popular aorereignty, Irom every bill and glen I O, dinna ye bear ibe slogan, boys? Tie Douglae and hie men! Behold tbe gallant multitude, emerge from rancbe and plam, From city, town and village, from workshop, Held and lane, With hearts brim (till of nnlty, from every hill and glent O, dlnna yc bear tbe aiogan, boys' Its Douglas and bis men! Tbe old, tbe young, tbe middle aged, sow all go band in hand, From mountain tip to ooean lido, tbey join tbe Union band, With erica of popular sovereignty from every bUI and glen; , dinna ye bear tbe aiogan, boys? Tie Douglas and bis men) We split tbe ranks of seetkxsolists, instead of splitting rails, And push the Little Giant on?we know he Dover fails To lasb bla hopeful enemy from every bill and glen. O, dinna ye bear the slog on, boyar 'Tia Douglas sod bis men' We greet the South, we greet tbe North, tbe Union and tbe West, We bavo a welcome and a hand for every foreign guest. We scorn your negro chivalry, from every hill and glen. O, dinna ye h<-ar tne slogan, boys.' ?Tia Douglas and Lis men I We walk and talk, and never sleep, but start at Urst alarm. To guard the wh.te man's ballot box from black ! mpend ing harm; We fight for white equality, from every bill and glen. 0. dinna ye hoar the aiogan, boys' 'TIS Douglu and tie men'/ ? The Wide Awakes, though half asleep, may thick It pas ting strange. That such a r.lgu of Never Sleep should thus before ibem range; % Rut lo! it la the giant tribe, from every bill and glen. O, dlnna ye hear tbe aiogan, boys? Tit Douglas and bis men? With heart and soul we welcome all, to this great Union drill, Why linger m that dismal gang, so cheer lees and so cbl'J f Here you may shout for liberty, from every bill anJ g.en. O, dinna ye beat the slogan, boys t '11a Douglas ana bis men! We all unite in this great fight, tbe <'.entile and tbe Jew, Americans and li ishmro, tbe ilermans good and true Cheered on by popular sovereignty, from every bill and glen, O, dinna ye hear the aiogan, boys ? 'Tie Doug Its and his men! Now, three times three for "Little Pug," lei shouts bo lend and long. Along tbe line of battlement, by muck*, speech and tong; March on, marrb on, to victory, from every bill and glen. O, dinna ye bear tbe slogan, boys? 'Da Douglas ana bit men: A DOUGLAS CHANT. ? or hearts Willi manly ardor (low, Hurrah! Treason's power to orerthrow, Hurrah! lo loourge :bc traitors to tbeUr dea, And (ire the rule lo hoeeel men. Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah I > or Douglas and the Union stand. We pledge ourselves to save the land, ado bring again beneath their away, The glory of our ancient day. Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! We march ? th hearts resoivsd sod strap, And for our ooontry raise our long; Preserve the rights of slave and free Ot the dtalea that are, or are lo be. Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! Then about tpaji the battle note, We'll conquer with the freeman e vole; Till victory crown our patriot oauaa We'U neither (hiat, nor lire, nor pause. Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah I JOHN ran Hark to our ooonirj 'a Bell I John Ball 1 What a world af joy aad promise should its melody fore tell. M it ringing, r ng ng, ringing, Fast aad West, and South and North, nil, like some celestial Singing, Its chimes of peace aeem brining Prat-ma! echo-* forth ' Ringing "I'nsm!" ''Death lo Pact.or! From nor t.rra 'istted action," TO the Untinnahuiatsio. wbrrsver u nt, tweJ, Of Kvrrett sod Bell! Heir Frorett and Ball! lha hsorts of all shall sshu to the mnsic of our BsUI lisar the mellow woddjig Belli Cslos Bell' What a world of btpp.MM Its harmonics torrtalll From our nation's deepest night, Ilow it rings out with deilgbi, With sacb molten golden note All is tune1 What s song of wy should Coat Vrum s glad aaooo'i throat, Very soon' South and rant rtag o t our Bel ' Wast and Vrth ita echo ? swell! tUke it tall Of the future "All M well " Share the joy that should - tnpsi AU to bear a hand la ringing, All to Join In aurb a aw oging Ofsnr Btll! Heir l>i! That alar Its raws may tell tbai a nati <o's oho ion is Bail' Bei Br!!' dell Hell! Ringing forth the oek .ration of the of a aaflca. North and tooth beoe-forth 'in!ted under BsUI lanr it toll Disunion's kaaU? Bell! BelN Bed What a world of roi su warnings la that fuasral aadaaoa swsB; A aatlor ares It* srror, Aad feci on shall in terror, Trembling alios bach te ite native nail. When the glorious site snail Saa*. From a (tea ratios a throat? "Our vote te?Bell'" Aad the people?aye, the people Shall rtag f ram -very steep a That g tad knell. Not tollisg?tot ng?to! Hag la S mv died mototooe. But a pea! of triumph roil ng That might rouse a heart of stone. H a oellh-r man nor woman, Be ? miner brute than bsmsn. Bat the boadmaa of ansae pany, who shall bear unmoved ; toll. let It rod Ita pjr m o'sr the aat<ea. Its thankful emulation! Bear M tell IBs* a nation's heart bante time la the manic of IBs "f our Bel.' Shoot la brotherly nomm.stoo Our peace shoal?"Union' Caiaa!" To a happy, happy r.aging of oar Bed Make it swell la bsarty ns.-lag' Jots the chime with hearty staging ?? Bell' Bell' Belr Belli Bell ef triumph' Ml of pram sal Bt ll Ml' HsQ! f t it r.aginr?set It swiactag-v Far John Ball i THE BOBBIN' CANDIDATE. Am?Bobbin' Araund. The " l ittle Baat'a" on a tour. Bobbing around around, amend; Ha a making speeches by the .sera, As hs goes aroui d Bs 'a bow ia the Now Kag and Steins, Bobb ng around, around, around; And spouting at the grsnwst rates, As hs goes bobbing arouu 1. Ba tries to Ins hla mother's home. Bobbing around, around, araund. Rut all around it doe* ba roam, At be goes bobbing sionnd Ba trlaa te Oad bis Iklhee s grave, Robbing sroaad, around, nround; Rut mora ha baron tries ui save, As be goes bobblag ar wad Ba finds kit ease a deep* rat- one, Bi b' tag around,,around. Aad knows thai runt, ng must be dooe, AM be goes bobbing around He's therefore b und la take the stamp, Bobb!ng'nroun4. around, around; Put drevlr that IHt a word eailad Hump,"

As ba goes bobbing around. Be oft bis daughter fb)n<tt>r'> dead, Bobbing amend, sr. not, around, tdd fired Been knocked her In the hood, AS bs w, at bob', tig Siouod And staer tb ?u bi inly pride. p bbtag ?Stead amon !, wound; 'Tig thought he 1 ? ..mmit ??,-j tde, ' A* be gors bobbing around. Dark lactam ''Bsn" he #14 ahn*e, Bobblag around, arc:iid, around But now Willi bin t? suits to rue. At he goes bobblag arouad. Pot the-r boe of te bo- -id tp \\< Brbb eg arour i. er-uud. in ted ?e :i ride them '? il on a ' r -o* ml, A?d arep Urtu bobblag arr-nd Now bonaet Mi where'er too ere, Bobu.Dg around, around, around, You d butler get 10 "freedom'* oar," Instead of bob Ding around. Tor otherwise 70a eao't come i, Bobbing around, around, arounl; Par "Uncle Abe" is to win, An jou go bobbing around. DOUGLAS AT THE GRAVE OF ?08 FATHER. tnran bore from burning Troy Hia aged father; fl la) boy I But, Tro.,au. own yourself ouUIodo By Stephen Douglas, noble son I be bad a father, and be died; And there's no doubt that Stephen cried; At any rate, he ne'er forgot, bong titualter sovereigns, that spot. Be wished to nee that cberlahed grave, Wilo Drioy tears its sods to lava; But oh, his grief I alackadav I Hard-hearted mortals atop hia way. At every station round him press \n eager crowd be mutt address; Be tells his grief to each huge throng In doleful speeches, sad and long Through tribulations deep and sore 7bat turf at length lie's weeping o'er; Palls full of tears "the Douglas'' abed I pon bis falltn father's bead. Then, touched with pity at hia grief, The pater oomes to bis r-lief; His spirit rose, and thus it spake:? "rtephen, cease weeping lor my sake; Dry up, my son, thoae watery eyes; ? Forget broken "compromise," The future beams with radianoe bright; In tons of clams you shall delight. The people kind will not 00mpel You in mat White House e'er to dwell; But, clever souls! will let you 11a I pon "the shelf," until yon die. Thea beed these words, my darling boy: No more your thoughts let Dune employ; Cease working for the nigger trade. And read yocr Bible in the shade.'' CAMPAIGN SONG. Here's to our flag, tbe Union flag, Till flag our 'atbers bore; Lot it float irom Atlantic's grauite crag To raetflc's golden shore. Let the summer brei /je, frc a the old pin? wooda, From encrise til) 'tis set, Awak.- the monalain ?idltud< s With Bell and Everett. COB" to the gathering! B. bold Our standard far and wide; No star '' .lipred?no wrinkled told; Our glory and our pride. Iter its com eg future ever be What all its past has been. Let it ware as free o'er the "Thirty-three" As over the "Old Thirteen." Turouph cbitl November's drrary Storm (As tbe m ray black douds lift), J!nil loom lie 1 olon's stately form, Amid the stoet and drift, Ah ive the tempest's rack and root? (he arcb enemy we'vo met. An t 'he thrilling, patriotic stoat Is tor Bell and ? vcrett. Cone, gather 'neath the I'nton'k fla;? rb? I'ag ojr father's bore; Lei it float 'rum Atlantic's f ran le crag fo Pacific's golden shore Uuflir* It by tbe grand old rea, Plant It oa village green; he' it wave as ft* e o'er tho "Thirty three," A? over the "Old Thirteen." UNION SONG. Trun?"little. ' Come, boys, let'* slug a aut g w> night, And rtng tha Ball with all our might, Hurrah hurrah! hurrah lor tbe (Jc onl Our foes th- y travel o er a Iaoo, But it's not the road to Colon plate, Hurrah hurrah! hurrah for ibe Union! Croara?We'll sav* th e gtor'oue Union, With Boll, with Bell; The rcion sand will aave tbe land, And lire or die for Culonl W-th Bell, with Bell; We'll save this glorious Union! With Bell, with BeU, We'll save this glorious Union! Our Northern foes are hound to fad, And ride their man upou Ma rail, Hurrah ! hurrah ! hurrah for the Union I And Lmdola green is CO'- tire color The Presidential seat to cover. Hurrah ' hurrah ! hurrah for the Cam I Cnvara?We'll aave this glorious Cn>oa, he. A 6 mat leads the Rdhst oes. But Da* Id >n our ranks he U r.ud, Hurrah ' i. irrah ' hurrah far tbe "nioa I The atone is from Mount \ eraoo a land, Tho sling is la our Fverett a band, Hurrah ' hurrah ! burrah for the Union I Ctonta?We'll save this glorious Union, he. Our fhthers bled to fbrm our cause, TO leave as Union and its laws : Hurrah ' hurrah ! hurrah for the Union 1 Far BeU and Kverett we've no faara. While o'er tbe land wa ring the cheers. Hurrah ' hurrah 1 ? urrah for tha "b oo 1 C* Hie?W* II aave this glor ona union, With Bell, with Bell; Tho Union band will save tha land, And live or die fbr rnioni W th Bell, w!ih Bell, We II save this clono. v Union! With Pell, wit* Bell We'll mva this glorious Union.' THE RESULT Or THE ELECTION. Whee we pot ' inooln n no ah* I know what W what. When we put !<ouglas 'nee shall knoe bow to squat When we put In there'.I be powder and UMikt; When we cbooee Bell and Everett 'twill be e good >oko , And when Houston Brut reaches the goal on th# rails Tt will donblleee rata larks with the m t on their tails. Now, se knowledge, sad squatting, and powder, and join, And so good showers of larks would Idem lags he to folks. Whosoever oomes .a of the gay brotherhood Yea may feel pretty rare ha will do ussomo good. ? GOD AND THE RIGHT." a ounrton muc. Bark' harkl over mountain, through treat and vale, Borne along oa the wings or the rushing gale, Com re the loud battl# cry of men in the r might. The watch aord of freedom?"G?id and the right:'' Paine your t anonrs high, Shout forth tbe battia cry, "Lincoln and Bam..a?Cod and the right U* From Atlantic ? blue wavae to the far peaceful ocean The gather lag boett af tan free are ta mot'oo; tlar'h.Dg steadily onward In join ta the tight? The glorwns content for "God end the right!" Proudly their uguante fly, Loud rings thslr hntUa cry, "1 innola and Hamlin?God and tha rlgfltf' From the field and the workshop tbe brave mas of toll, With one oomaaon object?Free men and Fran soil. With Arm, steady band, and w'tn eye beaming bright, Pr-ne onward to battle otffted and the rigMI Onward to vie lory, List to their battle cry, "Lmoola asd Ham) n- end sad the rgbt.' Hark' through the agbt the load toeotn le eoundsg, With bright. Joyous hope em. h besom is I Booa on us will dawn tbe miileaiaJ light, The glorious r-igu < I God and the right! Shout then for liberty, J?ta In tbe battle cry, "I-acoia and RamiJi?'.od and the r gbt? A PARODY. NT A ItMCKIXBlMK ABB I.AV1 HAN. Hark bark what sound id that I bear? Wbtob prune m harshly on By ear. Invoking men to aid a cane* That ne'er faste ned good whulmuuis laws. Ball and t* ereu led astray, Frr Brack and Lane huam, buzra. Hsll will ne ar be President, To Wmbisgton be cant be mat; And Everett's cause is nothing better Since e'er he wrote the Sumner letter. Bell and Everett led astray. For Brecfc and Laaa bau/a. Baton. Who would vote fbr old tofca Be LP Who dare not bin position tell, ??Hamh" hie word it M an go. Their pant earner ,ioth ptaiaiy ehew That Bell ted Pvurett ted astray For Brack and Lena uhsm. hussu Ball and Everett aasao'. win, Their oauea Is dally wlthe-lag, Ball keeps a padlock on b ? t ague Beca iae be thiaks bia party's wrong BeU and Ererott lead astray. Fbr Brock and Lane huzza, he. za Old John Bell ran never bo PrroidlBg o'er ihii la mo free; Kan ma votes show dear as Cay. That he die the Snath Betray Bell aad Everett load astray. For Brock and Lano kassa, buna Up, democrat* your cause in juet, In God and brawny arms wo trust, Remember ktik'l bloody plain. Where fought brave Brock sad gallant I am Bell and Pre ret I lead astray, For Brvck sad laaa homo, buim All who love lbs Union grand, Corns and join our noble bead, sunt John Bull and EvrreU, ton; To tho South they've pre* d not roe Bell and RVsrott trad astray, For Br vh and Lass nM men wo would Invite ue, fbr our canes M rl- hi; Why will you longer stand aetdef Holland Everett yon deride. Bell and Everett load astray, For Brock and lane t ? isa, harm Invert of old Keetueky e son. Can you support this recreant cnef Who dea'gnaul ll. nry t .ay "A moral dee pot - in his day. Bell and Everett lead astray, For Brenk and I tae btiflBa, hi- tie lust behold thta motley crew, Who doth oft tbair earn < renew Their cause is Itmplsg, halt ana lamo? 10 Ifty all It naa tbe same. Boil and rvortti i. I vrtrvy, f?r Breca ard Use b isra, buna. Wbige they were in HAy two, In hfty ail K. N. woukln'i do; And now in sixty what prostitution, To -nvoke the iiwi an 1 f'noslHutioo. Ball and ? vsrett tend aatray, For Br eon. and Lane huua, buua. CAMPAIGN SONG. DKDICATXD TO THE KVEHBTf GUAKB, BT THE ttTBOK. Sound, aonnd tbe bell! your bannera Wave! Tbe people In their might Are marching forth to victory Still guided by tbe light, The living light, wbone radiant gleimk Our rathera uaed to guide Whan Heaven alive red every cloud And battled on their aide . The Union, where our banner* ware, Appeara In Itnea of gold; Tbe oonatltutloa, aa n page Of wiedom ie unrolled: And iawa, enforced on Northern bille, Aa on the Southern plain, Shall check the force of rebel strife And peacefully reetraln. Sound,aouad the bell far Krerett, King out a peal for Bell. Kentucky takes the echo up? IJat to her bugle awelll She atlra the nation's pulae with Joy I Let Louisiana riae, la Union strength, with bannered boete, To join tbe true and wise. Tbe Union, where our banners wave, Appeara in lines o< gold; Tbe constitution, as a page Of wlsdem is unrolled, And laws, enforced on Northern bilks Aa on tbe Southern plain, Shall check the force of rebel strife, And peacefully restrain. BHOOT FOR DOUGLAS, SHOUT. Am?"Dearest May." From every hill uJ valley comes the voice for Douglas strong, Like the heevmg wave* of ocean swells the democratic song; Hie name la heard In every State, from centre to the shore It mingles with the mountain winds and drowns the ocean's roar. CBoacs?Then shoot for Door Us. shoot, For all his foes he'll root; He'll beat the black republicans, And drive the traitors ou?. t'pon the constitution's rock undaunted still he stands, To drive the black ills unionists back to their native strands; He met them in the held and on the Senate floor? Before him there his foes gave way?they soon will rise no more. Shoot for Douglas, he. Bis star Is biasing In tbe West, above the moon tarn's height; Its light is spreading in the liast, till all the sky grows brignt; Then rally roond your country's flag, ye gallant men and tree, ?y standing to a candidate, whose course yoo'U never rote Shout for Douglas, he. Ones more your country calls you forth, to save her from her foes, Then rise on every mountain side, where patriotism glows; And kindle there your beacon lights, for freedom end the right, And, though your foes in storms assail, yet God will gire you might. Then shout lor Douglas, shout, For all hia foes ha'U root; He'll neat the black republicans. And drive the traitors oat. BRECKINRIDGE. John Breckiaridtre, my Jo, John, 1 marked vour cold pray eye. Yon were then an awTul boy, John, In yeara awhile gone by. I never liked your phis, John? With ita grim and treacherous air, It iMka like "rule or ruin," John And broadly hints despair. John Breckinridge, my Jo, John, You've loaned youreelf to Buck, And we'll brand you both aa traitors, John, By the vote of Old Kcnluckl By Kentucky a acorn of traitors, John, We must pronounce your doom. And In sorrow aad In tbame, John, Consign you to the tomb. DOUGLAS CAMPAIGN ROLLING. A:n?"Irish Molly 0." A down the snowy crested, immemorial hills of Mains, The Douglas column rolleth like a vernal horricane; And, trengtheaing aa It rolleth, like the Hashing thunder ray, 11 circle through New Ham pet. re and Old Massachusetts Cmob?'The Douglas column rolling, boys, the Dong las banner spread t'pon the bretse of victory, that column overhead; The Douglas aong of triumph, boys, high hymning through the air F??- unto manhood's tn lependanoa every where, la Vermont was hie childhood nursed, lis brasses end '.is ruts, First luliabted tbe -leap of him whose name tbe aatlon BUe. Aad e'er lis crags and rtvniem, with overflowing Joy, The Douglas eD rareerad In sport, a curly headed boy. tnoHis?The Douglas column rolling, he. Count--licit, Rhode Island, and the Empire Bute that saw H.s triumph as a workman, and his work without a flaw; Tbe Jersey and the Key etone vista all Joyously attest Of all the wbe held tbe balm, tbe Itruglae la the beet' Cooki e?The Douglas column rolling, Ac. The Diamond -late and Maryland tbe mother State of all, Are muttering their fboroses to swell tbe Douglas call; The Boorter Mate, mis. Iowa aad Keoluc <. Mtmmtppi and Arkansas come spurring In the ruck! l none?The 1) ongiae column rolling, Ad. The tidings from the iroldeni.atr, and from the Ulricas BtSC, * That lall the Infant Oregon?electrify tbe breeae! For high score tbe factions they hsve waved tbe Douglaa lag. Aad shown their sitter sovereigns Jo Laos was but n brag. Choai-w-The Douglas ooluma rolling, As. The true brave men of Georgia, Alabama, Tenesmus, Are g^dlsg up their loins again for a Douglas victory; And Michigan ud Tex*., where S*m Houston rules the roost, Wlreoaem end broad Ili.aoia of Dour las triumphs boast. Cnoat *?Tbe Dnuglee oo.umn rolling, he. Aad soon the Carol lass will re echo back our strains, While Minnesota sends her shoots across the Western plaice; And, linked egala la I'slon, all fhetmaa wane and pale ~ ore the l ine Giant, who kaows no eooh word as (tail. Ooaia?TVs Douglas column rolling boye, tbe Duuglas banner spread. rpoa the breeze of victory, that column overheard: Tbe Dooglaa toog of triumph, boye, high hymning through the air, Hnsaaner uato manhood ? r.dependence everywhere Meteorological Register. The annexed table shows the temperature of tbe at mosphere in this city during the week ending September I, ths range of the barometer and thermometer, the vnrla Ueo sf wind earrenu, and the sate of the wualhm at throe periods during each day, vts; at B A. M., and I and e o clock r. m. 010 UK ABM. BMorday-Moraieg cloudy, and very sultry: afternoon, rntd banted to N., a aaower, with rata evening and sight. Monday?Mora lag, orercael aad onol; afkarnooo aad light clear Monday?Oar all day. Tuesday?Mcralug. overcast, aad cool all day; evening, light ram. _ Wednesday-Muramg, ovureast, aad Mowing a gals all day. sight, blowing fresh. Thursday?Morning, cloudy, noon, bright iter visible, afleraooe aod eight etear. Friday - Morning, clear; afternoon, clear and pleasant, sight clear. Saturday?Mora lag and afternoon, eiuar. sight, clear tarllght. RxncfenworKeaasmnioaWnmk?FirsMsatwrnso ? An aecMknt terurred at about Ore o'clock line morning, at Dowser's kerosene oil masnBrntory, en nostoo wharf fbmth Boot en. by which Ave men wore burned, noe of whom is la s daagormm condltlen The men, who are employed on tbe premises, were drawing eaptbi, which, with other volatile oils, Is kept Mores la a Ire proof roam. fbe> had been frequently told not to carry a light into the rsom, hot on this oceastou they paid no attention to the cantion, nod tbe consequence was aa explosion from the Ignition of rat that had tnoeped from Ute aaptha Ths meo were at oace enveloped la (lama*, but they ran talo another room, where their fellow workmen covered them with garment, as kpeedliy as possible, aad ex tmguisbed the Ore npon th-tti They were taken to their homes near by, and Dr York wai railed to at lead npon them. Their isjortrs uere chiefly open the fere nod band. Three of tbe number?Michael Clark, Petri.k O'Brien end Kdward (hmpbell?were id little lajnrod, tkat. after their wounds were dreaeed, they were able to walk out. Timothy Murphy was more asrtoualy injured, aod la rocflned to his hvuee, but In hia rues do eertoui result Is feared. The other man, Owen Campbell, war badly burned npon 'be fbou end bonds, and tae berk of his Berk, sad he Is considered to he In a dangerous cm ditk a. He h?s a ramtly. All the men have been em pteyid about ths works two or three years, to J were well ewere of the explosive nature of tbe material they ware tardl'ng. The onmpeay will like oare of them white* flknc* from tbe efforts of the ereldent The Bre wis i xi sgniah d is a few mlnrtss, by the use of eteam, with a ess of materials of the veins of aut more Hun t ff? or Trtetlltr, S^t. IJ. THE WAXiXBB KXPEDIT101. Interesting Particulars and BetaHs-lcttee e# the Kaflkb ladwrtite^ Walker's ??*? ?cats-Mate of Feeling Among Ibe People, *0., A?., Ao> Oar Traxilla Oomipoadtan, Tsrxnio, Honduras, August IT, tM0> AppicJlemicns <f an AUack-?Whereabouts of ft* Ditpc pared Oarrmm Tk* Citiemi Afraid to Rdum? WaLljtr'y Chance* of Sue: or? Condition of the Fori, tic. < >eneral Walker still bold* the fort and town ot Tmxlllo, although the enemy that was dispossessed by him on lb* morning ot the 5th still lurks in the neighborhood. It*, porta oomo in to uc hourly every day that a certain and heavy attack ia to be made upon ua by the enemy'a wboio foroe on the coming night; yet thus Car we hare psmtiil nearly every night undisturbed, but have been very v'gl iant and ready for our enemy, in raae he bad some upon ua. There are aaid to be several hundred of the runaway citizens ot the town at an encampment a iew league* from here. They have thrown up a barricade, fearing that the Americana might follow them up to br.og tbem hack, after the ffcahion of other "takers of a city," an such ia very commonly the case in Central America. The soldiers from the fort are near the people, in possession of a past, per ha pa the only one from the town that leads Into the Interior, which a few men well armed can bold against a large number. Aa we have no "faym at preaent to use this pass, they can bold it at their plea sure until they become tired. It is Mid mere are seventy five of these soldier* of the enemy. What arms and am munition they may have with tbem we cannot say to n certainty, but many of their muskets and shot guns nave been picked up around here where the brave sons of Mars dropped them In their hasty exit; and we presume their supplies of powder and lead not to be extensive. We do not, at least, antieipats much harm from tbemjin their unassisted eiiorts, and tome days must elapse bo fore reinforcements from the interior can come to their bilp. The citizens, however, ought to come bacs, for we make no war against tbem. They are perfectly harm less, and would be glad to oome back t j their homes, bet they fear that If they should recognise the authority ot General Walker by returning, that Guardiola would visit them wuh a terrible vengeance when they came within his bloody dutches. If they felt assured that during the warfare now waging in Central America, Goardiola's power to do then, barm would be stripped from him, and a humane and liberal party man be ontruit.-d with the1 executive authority; if they could hope for a speedy end ing of their long ?-ontinned oppressions oy this mean*, they would return to their now deserted haoltai<ooa ass pursue with confidence their usual avocations. Many of the Carlb Indians, who are htUswl as to what govern ment exists, or who is in power, have never left tows, but continue to occupy their huts as usual. I believe, from what I can hear ana see around me, that General Walker can t old this tort i'or ls unlimited period. The road bit ween 'here and Oomayagua a moun tainous, rugged and difficult of travel, and a courier weak? be some ten ua>s ia making the trip. Thus, Guard tola might have beard yesterday that wo were tr umphastly in the land. aiid If he baa gone to work to raise men and money for an expedition against us, in the course at s montb he may bo able to tmprem five hundred men, and start for Truxlho In the meantime. <Imwl Walker will be receiving large reinforcements from the I'nitsd States, and his men will be resting and undergoing military discipline and instruction in the foit here, wtuie Goardio la's men will be on the tiresome march, and deserting htm dnlly by scores. Walker has plenty of provisions, and oould stand a long siege; bat bo would not (tend tbo siege, for be could go outside and defeat .adrupte his own foroe. Hie strength of this fort la considerable, old as it is, and no doubt the Americana I eel as proud of themselves inside of it as the old Spaniards did m 1197, when they repulsed the large British dect which made an aWa-ik upon them. Ws have eight mounted guns, one brans 2-J,ooe brsial2. one Iras lb, two Iron 16. one iron 6, one iron 4, and one iron 2 The necessary bails are in abitndasos. There are alto thirty one guns of didereni c* Ibre, from two pounders to twenty four ditto; these are scattered about the grounds as of no account, but tnaay could bo speedily mounted if desired. All ot the moon tad gas* but two are directed to the harbor, which Is thus com pletely commanded. 1 wo guns of *mall size are at two entrances to the fort, directed so ss to ho s terror to an ovl ioomert We have a harbor rull ot vessels, although most of thsm are small schooners from the island at Kuatau. The bark. Carib, Hopkins master, Is to leave to-day or tomorrow for Bostcn. Ovr Belize Curreepomdemce. Bwntn, British Honduras, Aug*li U, 1Mb. Portion rf AjfeArt nt th'Time if the Pxyduion?DrteiU of Proxtdingt by the Local Authorities?Mr. Superin Undent Price? Walker'e MemmemU?Alarm dmcegtf the People? 1'tiJjn freer?Death*?Trade, etc. Yon wlU, I here bo doubt, bora Leer* before you re ceive Utle that General Walker baa takoo T rax .Ho. Mj object lo wrltiDf to you on tbla aubja.t a to alerts you of the modui operandi in which It wae aeroucpUahed Walker came down to Ruatm e*peeling to find tbat island gttoo up by the Brltub gorernflx-ol to the -bate of Bos duraa, aad If nothing had transpired at Ruataa contrary to the expectation* of the Brtllah gorernmem, the oolony of the Bay Island! would hare boon girea up, and use English flag bar* waved there no longer. But ooe of the member* of the Ruutaa 'egtahlerr? who felt, at did every other man on tbat 'eland, that It ww aa outrage to their feeling* aad oo toeir rights? wrote a note to ?ome of the other member* ui the ia*m bly that be thought it beet for them to meet aad tab* mewurta to establish their Independence, and eetablWh a gevtrament when the British government *ho.Jd with draw their protectloa from them This letter ww gipw to Mr. Molr, the presiding magistrate at Ruataa, who tent it In to Mr. Price, the acting Super'steodeat at Be lize. Be la aa old soldier?ha th aks nisaaelf all Mglaad. aau England all the world. Be took iwnage aa ewe ot ber Majesty's steamers for Raatan, and there declared Mr Kiwis, the writer or the aote. a traitor, aad Bald ha had two minds to bare hl?n hung at the yard-arm of the steamer, or words to that effect. Ms | laced a company of the Stoood Wset India rvglmenl and a scorn of artll lory men oa the Island, turned out l'opriotoo, anithae membtrof Amemb'y, and a jus turn of the peaie from hi# < thee. aad I believe several others, came berk to Beltae, aad eeat the steamer oo in Mnrch of Walker, who ww ro ported to be at the Swan lueada, aad also met despatch* by the Atton.iy General of Bellae to .fatbn.ja. to la'orm (lovernw Darling tbat Walkor and his filibusters were la the vicinity, aad be feared would take Ruataa. * lover aor farting sent back the steamer?tae Icarus, screw, of sieves guns?to look after Walker, aad rrotect Britwb ir I. rests lathe Hay of lloadurw: nod it est i*|imtnff that she was to espture Walker wherever she mild tsd him. aad that n no corn would she allow him to mad afi Ruataa, TruiiUo or Omoa. Mr Prion went in bar agate to Ruaten, and there made a fismoua speech, gave ao ner, aad then want over to Trusilio. where he had n grant dasce, and promlned to give Walker fits if he same again into the Bay of Honduras, wwt back to RaMaa la w ttrb a few of Walker's men who had bow left there; gs* two <d them I) turn against Walker, make a eooieaetw of wbet be iatraded to do. all of which ww sheer swam, aad intesSed to mislead Meaawhile aboet thirty at Walker * act had arrlrod from bar* oa th* tagtwb schooner Sprightly, they Mtf the pise infers aad crow of the ashonoer Liiifa a, which twm'4 cargo ww aaiaad her* by oar anthoriUsn fbr having contraband arudee en board These thirty man, and the other* who wave there, gave out that Walkor had retarnol to Now Or leona, ami tbat the expedition ww abandoned They at once chartered the schooner John Taylor (Walker's veieelj to take item up to New Urieaw. To ? sea made public. They west oa board??he nailed out of the har bor , aad wwt on la the direction of Mew > r leans. This bait look. The Sepertateadeat get up steam, aed came In to Bntise with Ber Majesty's ttasmer, which ww aaehnr ed la our harbor, aad tb* fuperieteodr-nt. who had very murh fatigued himself la hie arduous pursuit of Wa^ar sad bis intense application to th* interests of br tlab atar r ben Is in Honduras, with the comma rd. r ana all *f thn superior officer* nt the sleamer, want up t > Coronal to have a dance with the Bponsti ladies there, sad to root themselves after their iabere. leaving tae itmoar haw wltboot ttimer* and Bellae witboat a ?ipertatendemt wb.if Walher, almost without opposite a, mm *ru*iiio. Tt ii reported, aed ?# no doubt true, thst Walker was m some of the Bay lalaads, aad that the Joha Taylor only omt a few miles out of tight, wtiea she went n?cfe, cam* to, end took Walker aad his meo on hoard, and tboe they all I olio wed the departeri- of th* staervr from Hosier and wwt lo Trutlio, which, after a rer) fe-niv resist nice, he loos, aad si >mre hoisted the of Boa lersa Of hie mo rem cut* sloe It I* eipos- ?)e to speak wltt any degree of accuracy, a* Uiwro aw thontande of repoeta la elrealatioa aho.i tg. 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