Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1860 Page 4
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Northwest*? Hut* She h-art the trsmp of men mus terins to the oveiihr-* of bee institutions But ehe und 1s mated, confident yet In the patriotic instincts of the American people, conddect to the frsierosl reused of her North.?, hut more OBtJdoot Mill to her own self reepet ; am cn-rage?Mr ?he will never subm'l to be wronged sod degraded, nor lire to see her institu tions brought un ler the b*ii of the governmeut She borrows lie spuit of the national song of Kigland, her mjthee soil esclntn*? 0 turd, our God, arise, Scatter oor eoetuies Aiul make them fnll; (Amen ) Confound their ptlllias, Kru? train their knavish tricks? On thee, 0 God, our eyos wo fix ? < hi save the Stats! fLond spplte-e.) We must detest this fierce sectiunsi league, nut ?are the government from their grasp. Why should ibr North be arrsyod agsinst the South ? There Is ample room on this ooslloeot lor the eipnnslon and working of our at stems of civilisation?systems which nro not oM hiding but which are admirably adapted to each other; far we cooMime your prodacM, anrt we supply yau wun the material for your industry Let the two systems work side by si le, the North is already powerful, aud ?our popuiation is rapidly increasing, by a steady stream of emigration which spreads all over your vast territory. There may lie disunionists in the South, but leave us to deal with them and crush them out In the same way deal you with black republicanism and crush It out. (Ap plause ) Slavery will not go wbere it is not wanted; It is governed by natural laws-of soil and climate, and we are content to leave it to Its uaturai expansion. Above a well defined parallel of latitude it cnuuol be profitably employed It is madnoss, then, to seek to limit it by le i striatum, by us .r|>aliou, by tnttsmtng the North against ! the South, and by proclaiming huinauitarlan doctrlues, as thallo* as tbey are dangerous To God's providence tbis great tnt-*rest m utt be committed; He sees tbe sub- ' lime march i f nations?He a'onecan guide our steps; and i it is stupendous f>lly, as well as audacity, for our brelh- | reo or the North to iwss away from the lines of tltsir own social system in the vain hope of reform! g ours. I have said that It would be s gro-s violation of tbe constitution l> engraft upon the government a doltcy luwtile to slavery. It would be more than thin?It would be a llagrant breach of good faith. Dies any man believe that tbe federal government could have been con structed t! It bad been understood that the powers were to be directed against slavery In tbe Slates? Why, It was expressly stipulated in the constitution that the fo reign slave trade should not be prohibited by the g ivern moni tor twenty jears after III adoption. Why stipulate for the continued Importation of slaves for twenty years, if It was to be the policy of the govern me it In Tut ire to eradicate that ina.itution In the States? Why not forth with cut ofl all further supply of slaves fiom abroad? Ho resolute were tbe framera of the constitution upon this pMM that the power to regulate com nerce by n bar majority v He ot tbe two houses of Congress was not granted untd that clause in reference to the importation of persons from abroad was first secured. If, then, the government could not have been constructed with a dis tinct understanding at the lime that its policy was to be directed agaiual slavery, ts it not both unaousti '.utlunul and a flagrant breach of good faith to seise the departments of that government?a government common to all the States?and turn them against that system of labor in ths Southern States? The constitution provides fur tbe re presentation ol slaves as an elementary part of the ma chtnerv of the gpvermnenl: and it prohibtti tbe cutting off a still larger supply of slaves from Africa for twenty year*. How, then, can It be sneer tod that this ts an auti slavery government in its un tare, a d thti tt was put upon the wrong track forty years since by admitting a alaveholdlng Stale into the Colon. Ought not the people of n Stale to ea.ioy the privilege of framing their own dorientic institution? Can hostility to slavery, upon the ground of its being a moral wrung, as Mr Seward aoaerls It to be. authorize a slat?amau to direct tbe energies of a common government ugaiusl it, when the constitution not only confers no such power, but when us provisions actually are made to |>er|>"tuaU tt* Is not thisadirsct appeal to the higher law All that the South asks is that the constitution be upheld; she demands noibtug but that the gorernmrrt be ad ministered in the spirit of that instrument Her enemies are the enemies of the constitution, and they can reach her institutions ooly by trampling tiial under loot, due does not envy tbe prosperity ol tbe North She rejoices in the increasing wealth sod |?ver of a kindrei people: she witnesses your rapid advancement, your wonderful growth, with just pride, and she bids you go on in your course of expansion and civilization she stea your splendid cities with hearty aatlMactlon, and glories in your onmmerce, which boars tbe flag of the republic to the rcmstest seas of the globe, she si content who her own lot. site asks no special legislating for her benefit, all that ah- Unman'Is la a full particl nation In tbe benefits of n common govern ment, n full recognition of her rights, and a clear vindi cation of her honor. (Loud applause.) Wronged, Un graded. excluded from the full booetlt of her own for era meal, aba will never coaaeal l? be, nor will abe aufler bar Inalitutiooa to be, brought under Ibe ban of thai government. When we surrej I be wide picture ol national power and glory and happiness thai apreada out before ua, we can nardly re preue our In Jignalloa against I boat' wild and wicked agi latora who seek to destroy It, and wr eaclalai in toe languagr of Miiu n'a nervous and earneet prayer agi.aal the eoemiik of the people of F.r(laud, "heave u* not a E>y to itieae irnportuoale wolves, ibat wall and lb ink g till tbey devour ib.i lender docka. tbve. wild boars thai have broken Into thy vineyard, and le'l the print of their boo'a on the aoula of thy aervanta ' 0, let them not briug about tbelr wicked designs, that aland now at Ibe cutranoe of the bottomless pit, expecting the watchword t? open and let out ttawe dread'al locuata and aoorpt<>ua, to reinrolve ua In that pitchy cloud of inforual Jerkm-m, where we nbail nevrr more wv the aun of thy truth agim never hope for the cheerful dawn, never more bear me birde of i ug Sing?' (l.oud anl repealed ap.iUuee.) Thia la a grand airuggle betereeu natioaaltam and sectionalism. The very raietouoe of the l uioo u involved in it men of extreme optuiona aeek to graap the rt'ina of guvrrnmenl, and If they succeed they will plunge the oountry Into irretrievable rum They | mual be pat down. National meo?otaleameo?who eiaid by tbe cvnetitutiun and love ibe Uinoa, and desire to nee uie lawn enforoed, they aanat be suataiued, and t > their ban la wa aaoat eomaait lbs govemiweat. Raah MM of -.actional views cannot govern this great country A per (ect illustration of what would folow Is found in the nine sirs I'h ? ton urnired but for one day to drive tbe cna riot of tbe Sun. he seised tbo reion?n bin feeble nan 1* tbe wild ataae - flew from their accustomed track, tne j ueiveewe waa threatened with daslrticlioa. and nut until a bolt lew from tbe uplifted band of Jupiter, burling tbe unp-'tuoui driver from bit eeal. could order be restored to nature B. I -rr far to keep raah, aeclioua!. imcompe tent men out of the seat of power than ruut tbe last to lb I art used WWAieaty of the American people of mato'ing order and hurling lh?m from their plac-w (Applause ) It is not the drai time. It It true, that the can digs lee for the highest oifieee m the repebltc nave been taken from ooe enttioa of the I a Ion, bat it moat be remembered thai bia election la made to turn atone on a aertioua, Meuw; every guaniioa of legitimate usll?ual policy M Ignored, an 1 slavery la tbe only question die cussed To lake candidates sow from one eeetioa?to proclaim war against another 'eeetioa?lo denounce the inatitulKM* of ou ordinate States Una la the leant before ibe oountry ibis tbe policy eabitdied to our view, and It baa never till sow threatened to late eoatrwl of the government If they come Into power It will be Ibe be ginning of tbe end this go vera men i cannot be admmis terwd upon that plan Tbe day that witoeanea tbe elec tion of Mr l.iacotn, If that calamity ts to be nailed upon ue, will wdaeag a eoavnlttoa which tbakee the metitu lion* of Ibla country b. Ibeir deepest fwiudalieoa (Tre meodooe rcUiuemam / runi c cimfldease will exp re? ?W<ka will go down?property of every dn?-.rtpiioe fall suddenly la raise?commerce will feel the -bora as if a storm bad swept the aaa and rent tbe aaiia of mignty ah)pa? and thn grand repsblicaa system?this glnrtoua confederacy of fre- and powerful rH ilea, sealed la fneodiy aliiaaoe upon a . ontiaent orer which tbe gwgeoua eoelga of tbe republic streams to day. tbe eymtiol of peace, of union, and of strength, will rook as un-ter tbe throes of an earthquake. The mariner cm dnearer w lib bte practiced eye lb* signs of the rnlng tern pert, sal even far in upon ibe land a bird Is aom-lime* eeoe flying before the fury of the eoming storm, which tbreel ens to sweep its billowy home ned I do not doubt met wtea of experwace, sweeping the horlsoo with their glasses, begin even now to read the signs of laager in some of these sepecie wh.ih the tinx-e diectone to tvur raw. whue they iwiape the obeervetiaa at a casual observer I have el way ? been for the Caton?1 am for ibe I moo lo day . bet the beet frtrada of the I atea may be overwhelms' as a faithful h dmeantn tl ?-mMim-w drives from l.i> i? ?t by tbe fery of a rrelsttem l?mp*sl. <??hemes, let ae see you arise use oa<' man and give three bra lv cheer* for oar nohlr un a (The wh do tram here with a maaoa impulse eel cheer ed right 1 i ) 1st oa pat down bow, sal forever. ar< ..el aaa. loey exult In the hope of victory, i sprend thetr fleece leg) -as all ui. u U a army abut id Gromeell. let ue, like that gr? i old Christina eolIter, riw la oir impslaooa ai th sad col their lines to pie m The t alis muel ? ? ?erred, glorious oh eels lie hvlorou*. cmr deatiay as e *t>oa W aoi yel fulfliled (U>ud applause.) Maatco.Oaha ' great p*obi?ma?caa only be sol red by ue. Swap- it ' wt aow riaiag uadar the laapirit ng teaeh'ng at our etemp.e tat ua a<v- >apllea the grand sad beneflcenl obyevta of Our deatiay as a at too I pen yoe, geotlemea of Ike !*Ule of New Tort, depends everythirg al Ibis cr-aia. do not be dismayed by the magnitude of the task which Ilea before <on. tbiak of yoor vast eieetigth lb ak of the gl wy which wid crowa yon It, meeting lie eorgtag i-tllowa whioh have ,|aet broken over the that# of Na me, you my b. ihem 'fbuefhr ?hall thos come, and he hrtasr. sad bare shall thy proud warm bo stay id." , deemed applaue* ) It le ftorlooe to eee groat Wreog h d epiayrd in the be n ado at work of aavtag. aad not of deetr-ring Too aaa m*e a nnlioo?you eaa reurue tbe re Chile?yos caa ever you reeves all over with glory a laoadrrnoniaaa >b?<d al lb* pass of Th*rmn iyl. sa t, dying, earned immortality, they portebed baaatee tbey wove foehtr they oouatod but hundreds against ? h *i Bet yea see mighty?yon are teviaetble rise to the faU gvaadeor if tour peollkm. men* of the cnmnietlee, fries da of liberty, fries da of the republic, rtae la tbe fall maieety of your aireegtb end crush the enemies of year Cooatrp. (Tremendous eppaaar > The I "resident then introduced m Gov Moaewatb, of ?y , who w*e received with load cheers aad eppUuae Three cheers were gives fer Old Keolecky Wheat.rare ?trior, wontfgiti ? .erne*. Dot. M?aaia*i> mid ?fl sl *mer I thank yon from my heart for Ihta mantfrsulioa of kladneoe towards Old SmhMky. (Applause ) I appear ?-afore yon lo night n ohadiaaee to aa mulattos from the i-ponecta at tbe P'lnolphw at Uie republican party, to contribute my hum bin mite towards Ibe aaien of all national mea ag* net MwttoaaJImn aad the n imagery nNlawte noaesgneare?a d tempi lea of the lias which blade as together <1 use De ltas. f'Oood. rood/' and appi ooe ) Ithaagflod _ ("Oood. rood." aad apt*, am.) Ithaai r.od thai we are yet oa* people, with aspirate aad aweretga vales, prssaaatag perferl aad obsolete eqenhly of rtghw, tad a fodera' r >. erament whtoh blada oa ail together ie a common Bond of aaina. We are see ie Interact what . -or my be aaul or I hong hi to tbe contrary as# le I .striatic feel eg, ooe m language, ooe SS my Mead baa mt mid ?In the glorious memorise of Ike ptet And If wr do not wtlfhllv threw away tbe rtchaet heritage ever K tu"d*he' I maa, we shall oestiowe flwwenr oa* tn <mr T- "ire deati.. f. There la ae rant di veralty flf totore ta ba I'M the d Terra* eeal lone of th r grndt gaoMaraey lo A hm Wlif / onfcLhbi thai thert ?fl?M #? ? 1 tual drpendeoee of one se<-tion upon another Keotprooal interests grow out or sur geography mJ petition, creating a Common bonl to kuep ui it united people, if we should not wantonly and madly sever the tin* by which we are bound to gether That we batre rcache-: a ortm In the history of our oouotry, It seems to ran, no oue ran be *o wilful y blind a* not to nee It la. lu my Judgment, an alarming, a fearful crisis A bold, defiant, well organize!, rampant, domineering party bts e iruug upon the po meal arena, with a kibk'o idea aa their bond of Union, and purely aec tiooal In every characteristic feature. I cannot disguise tbe fact that I am profoundly impressed with this con dition of aiu rs The opposition to tbM party It di vtdsd luto three frag nent*; thtae fragments If combined bare the strength and the power to overthrow this dan ? irous and aeotionat party. ( applause ) I have deep and abid ing convictions as to the party best calculated to bar momse the discordant elements In our midst, and to re store our distracted nation to peaoe and happiness I have been all my lire a whig, (applauao,) a whig of the Henry Clay school, (continued applause,) and I am still one, and acknowledge my allegiance and fealty to the principles o( thai great party. (A planus.) But feeling aa I do, that the perpetuity of our government Is oaramounl to all party tiea, I do not hesitate to declare my wil lingoeas to unit* with all national Union m-u to crush out the spirit which vitalizes a moot dangerous sectional organization. How this Is to be beet accomplished Is not for me to say. I leave It to thoae who are beat acquainted with all the local influent** by which you are surrounded, to adopt that mode of combination which shall be beet calculated to attain the desired end. Your motto of "Cnton fbr the sake of the Union" Is the motto of victory as well as of patriotism. ( Aupla-taa ) I have said, and I believe, that this sectloual republican party la a dangerous organization It Is confined to one section alone Its candidates fbr the Presidency and Vine Presidency are taken from tbe same section It cannot poll one single electoral vote In all tbe slavebolding States. Appealing to all the fanatical prejudices agaiost slaverv, and oomblnlng the perhaps equally strong element of tbe spoils of otlice, they are waging war against the rights and Interests and prosperity of Ufleen stales of this con federacy. I do uot eav that there are not conservative men who have atta-b.'-d themselves lo this party under lh? vain deb sion that they can arreat the wild Intoxica tion of a blind fanaticism. They are wofully mistaken if they ihuik so They will be crushed to the earth, and thrown on as a useless Incumbrance In the onward progress of this higher lew party As Hanry (.'lay said to some gentlemen to whom he talked upon a kindred subject to this, " You cannot keep up with this party, if you attempt to do it and have ulti mately to stop you will be denounoed es a traitor to Its principles, and fall far below whu you would havebien If you bad never united yourself to it ' I r?{rot thxt these oooservattve men in different portions of tbe coun try have fell Inclined to unite, from one nurse or an other, with a party that I conscientiously believe to be i tbe moat dangerous party that ever arose in tbis govern ment, or any other government, according to any history that I have read of any country upon earth Whit are the principles of that party* They say that they desire to prevent slavery going into tbe Territories tint that is the only distinctive feature they have got?thai It It the one idea, (tome of them ssy that but one geotlemsn who came Into Indiana, to the border* of Kentucky, to answer a speech I had ma-'e there att-mpting to portray the dangers of sectionalism, agreed, so I was told by a gentleman present 1 dil oot bear htm my self?agreed that slavery ought to go where it is profit able, but not to Ibe cold and irozen regions of tb* North, where every Southern man knows it raaiud go Mr Seward, In the Senate < f the l ulled states, said that the j battle had been fought and the victory won; and he says i now in a speech he reoently made, that slavery cannot go into tbe Terrttor-es, unless you open the Afrioan slave | trade, and import more alavrs to curry there. Now Is thee any probabil ty of that* I tell yod?and I am from a Southern State, one called a Southern Slate, from a , eaveboid.iig Slate?ibat among all my acquaintance throughout the entire South, there are tine men in every ton?aye, ninety nine ia every ore hundred?who are op posed to reopening the African slave trade (Loud ap i plan-so) Now, If that la their object, If that portrayed really and truly tbe principle* of Ihli ri publican parly, I if they desired aaly to save northern Territory where Shivery caim d go, then sectional at that parly is. Inju rious a* it would be from its very sc. li -ua character, titers would still bt not so much evil it H it look at the doctrine* and principle* openly and unblvsbingb pro claimed by tbe leading tplrlu of tnn party?tho higher I law a* a rule of action, to the proclamation made by the I 1'resldentlal candidate of Ibit party " that a hou-e divid | ed agaiost Itself cannot stand, that we must hare all free or ah slave sulci"?to the Irrepressible connict?to tbe more recent proclamations of tbe mode la which the war is to be carried on against slavery ?ibe disbanding of tbe army and navy, because they might be used In suppress 1 ir.g civtl war and reballion caused by raids into tbe slave , botulng MslM, similar to tbey of Ml Hr iwn Inn Virgi bta, and because the South has an extended and unprotec ted caaal, where alone the army and navy woo! 1 be ne pessary\ in case we should provoke a foreign enemy to war nicer are some of the principles which a claserva live republican will bavet" embrace or in the end he con sidered a trailer lo hie |*rty lu the raeantur- allena tioo of feeling must between th> two s <eltons, succeeded in the end by bitter sod hostile feel h ge Human nature is tbe same everywhere Tbe entire South feels as oce man, that equally Is th* law of thrlr existence? teat me/ ta-. e certain oonniuuiioaai rig did, which with or without ao ?rmf ud navy, (hey will protect and defend They have newer naked or wirb-d ao army or nary 'for that purpoer, and ,t is Mmsaddest mieta-e he ewer made, if the .lietiogumh ed gentleman who has promulgated this Itae of republi can polirv , ti.pp.mee, a* he nnems to do, that H can in any degree eii. ct the tenure of Southern property. (Appniae) Bui It ta lamentable erldeooe of the deep, and deed, and iletermined hoatlllty, of the great leader and organ of ttiu iwrlv, that he should boldly proclaim an repub.iran policy, that the army and nary nbuuld be aboliahed. be I nine tbey m /lit be employed in preventing free negro >alda Into elave stale*, to commit murder and araoo, and excite servile Inaurreclloo and civil war. It la atlll more lamentable that be sboald wtab to abolish thoie arma of Dktioual defaaoe, because in hia opinion the North could defend ilartf without their aid, and according to him the South alone baa aa extended dafeeoeleea ooaet. and It la too rosily for the North to contribute to lit defence I bed thought that every port toe of thla vnat m mtry of our-, waa pert and paroel of tbw general govern meni That the I'edergl Ooaatitatioo extended ita protecting .tgle over all alike and that a blow (truck agaioal the w| \keat and moet d?feor*l-es reel,on, waa a Mow against the majesty and sovereignty of the whole I'Dtted SUIee Bet it MSB not to be no considered by thla great apoetle of the Republican party Pappose the army and navy abolished and a foreign foe should enter the harbor o! New York, soatt-rin* desolation and rum ta ihts great Umpire city, I ask yon If the remotest corner f tbia great rep.blic would not feel the shock and I Ten lure to aak you it you (appose, any one living being throughout the whole South, won 14 gutetly fold hia arm* and nay tbe MM a north I( Ma. u, and iv.xoa'e hue and we cannot aSurd to support as armr and aavy to re pal invaaioi a norib of that Hoe I.??nil-men I do not beheee that we have ne ?urh man in that a-c'.ion I glory that I hare an lolereet m every part of this great roefede-acy iMMpart and wctiou in |MWi ' th.a republic,aad I em, and Jon are all its citiaeua Th wbofe of It, North and South. last and Wait, 11 our country, the tame federal coeetttutl m, ao 1 bound together by that glorious I slon. which yon havecumn here to sight to reecaefrom the ban la of thoae who are faat hurrying it to detlraciKia Bow different the feeling now from what It wn- when the form of government under which we live wn lr>l or ganiard The total ab-ence of thai revointluoary mat nr.- and wild intoxication which overturn and pro irate Is the du t Ml the ?lament.- of eoclal?orgaiilMt>?n left our country after lb* I lone of the revolutionary war la a Mi dition per ,;ia-ly prepared to build up that ayntein of go v-m-neat m h.cb wa- be t calculated to promote the bap ptneea aad proepevliy of the people who were to live t Oder il There pa ihen no appea, b) artf .1 and de gn.of d magag. re to fanatical preiadtcr-. to array one -?ciioo oi the country again-1 another -no more gejfraphtdel par tiee to agitate and eoeralee the nation no utopiaa ?Theme of ei- "nary enthnata-t. tu eaptIvale the fan y MMvx t "ii whirh framed our >r t itlon m?t a the Irae eplrll of, with the deter xmatwa to make i m >ee perfect union than eit-ted under the articles of confederation. Slavery, whee we b-:?me an la J. (variant nation, existed la ail the States Whee our prevent rvc,Illusion xrae formed, it etleied In exery Stale hot one The Caioe waa mate with relereore te the then eiwtis/ state of things. Slavery pre et Med and so jartadietMn waa delegated over it pi tbe general government It was left to the .Slat-a to de with II whatever they aaw proper The Northern States abolished It wlthM their limits, bat the Afr -an a lave trade waa continued by c- net ? ? % axnrtion un III the year law Some of the alevehi.ding States were nppoeed to the ettene.oa of it. to that period Virg ola, part e ilarly, voted te limit It to the y-ar l*?. hut New Hawpeb.rr, Maaeerboaetla aed Uue ir-ticat were far eg. ten . ixg it to the lor.geei period The monopoly f the ehippirg Inter*at wee ta the North They Imparted the T them, aad lb elxxre. aad their owe (tares, or many of them, aed those which they tan. rted have ftonad tto-r wav to th< South, where tbe tita-ale is more r mgeolal te their nature, aad wberv 'heir labor m m ire pmdtabie They aided directly aad actively la ewvllleg tbe tide of our elave popelatuie I ml new that t has bev me hlHWIM w tta every lib'" of oar poi ttsal fahr e, (lie government itself toie-a <m thr A'rican e.ave trade fhr twenty y <Hre to lae-eaee it ia our midat. thla Republican parly evoke to ohtaia the re as of govern meul for tbe sole and asowed purpose of nrrnj tog it .a an altitude of I,net,Mi agalaet the very property which tor twenty years wan the* wa apou ue under the aaanttoa of tbe nonet itu Don (Applause I I aak If It is uaeatural If th* -.nth ahmdd feel #vaiy, aa" sometimes art and ? peak Improleetiy, under the taflu*ace of the maai'-ata t on of such determine! aa l persistent hoatlllty It ae eeaaartiy sad inevitably aheeatee the two great eeeti na from each id bev Ortm.oattoaa aed recnmiaalt mm la ceeeee daily that ailearntloa We are aires.i| fast forget l og that we befcma ta the aaa* great cnedsdemry reel tkgaof eetUod aad hitler hoatlllty must inevitable ea eaa aad if thla state of image should roatlnne long Do! only known how II will end Washington aaw aad felt th* danger to the perpetuity of our mat tut tens of' .at tort .e?t oaaller aa IB aow array ng the free agataet the alavebotdtag fltatea, aad ia that immovu1 farewell ad dreaa of hia ? ana ua of the danger of gaograph ral par 1MB. (Apptame ) Yet. when that waralag evmee to aa from 0?e tomb of Uia rather of hia Onentry, wa are ? neeringty aaked if each aa taatgntdoeul matter aa that, eaa gaall lha tamoltnow wavna of aeetWaa'ism aaw ? weeping ever taa eouatry When a aartlona, pmy find apriing aa epaa the qaaatkm of the admMMea of MtoanarRMr defferwoo, who la an ofYee aeoted by th e repeble-aa party, wrote ?? that it struck ipsa h? heart. " ~ ^ lJaM????? It tike tbe aktrm bnii of Ire at night ?? h? add thus inaugurating a aertiaaai party would hot dtopeaWoo hleawtagv **? - alaiy xratgh the bteaataga they will throw away agai tat aa aholrart prtactpie. they would came n.tow Ikey would perpetrate this art of of them dm re* and of treason against the hopes of the world " (Applause ) Not wtataa ding ail thla, aad alike heedless of the voice of rvaaoa aad th- waralag aad remoaatrannra of oar patr ot ?Iran, this repr.h.ioaa party W MUi bear lag alafl the sta her of aartioaanaaa, aad tn the aaaae of fraodom, -a the language of Mr Jegemoa. committing treason aga'aet the hopes of the world " Oa the ether hand ettrem* men In the toeth la had taste aad worse polvp, throat m to nered* from the utvm aad prertoMtata a revxMat oo Tbeee Often r?p?etr?1 ate have hat on -thee ed.-t than to lacrraae tbe power aad rflrteocy af oect eaa ttm TVcn ia a part of thus Country included la what i? denooi'rated the heith from wa eh no Serb theuata are b?ft The State ffam which t x>me?aij whet I hope uid ttpect to spend the renin*.at of n?jr life?it loyal, to (very impulse ol lit great end patriotic heart, to the con itituliou aiul the Co Kin We are alike opposed to the > ciiutialism of the North aad the Aouth. (Loud no liauee.) Situated in the heart of thie republic, with a re? toil frontier of nearly wren hundred miles, we are >aitiiLg, wtth all the energy demanded by our paeitlon, igauikt the sectionalism of the North and the disunion iud accession tendency or the South ( Renewed applause.) IVe do not boliere that disunite is the remedy for the lecttoooi evils of which we complain If we should be risited by the calamity of Mr Lincoln's election?and I think it would be the saddest which ever befel this nt I too?it would be a constitutional election; and, adhering as we do to the oinstitution, we do not think that it would aflord any ground for disunion or seonsni >u (Load applause ) The ligaments which bind us together are too Strong to be broken by nay such cause as that. Tbst it would impair and weaken the moral ties whici unite us in one common brotherhood, must be oovlous to fall That it would produce deep and pervading dissatisfaction and jealousy, and increase the nllenatlon aad give fresh aoo vigorous growth to morn hostile feelings, must be apparent to every one who wilt pause to reH-wt on the subject. The South knows that the North has the na mertoal strength, that if It chooses to embody as s mere sectional party, It can always triumph The eslreine South professes to believe that it will be so embodied, and that there will be no safely for Southern rights in the "irrepressible oontliet" which must ensue between the sections, and many go so far as to proclaim disunion as the ouly remedy. Kentucky is battling with all her giant strength agaiust this dangerous her<-sy (l.iudap piaute.) She believes that there is a deep conservative feeling In the North, which In the hour of trial will be our oafral and surest remedy. (Renewed applauae ) She relies upon it and uppcal* to you as lovers of oar common country?si patriots devoted to the Union? to rsliy against s sectional organisation which is daily weakoniug the ties which unite us (Cheers sad applause ) This organization proteases in words to be for the Union, hut if, fro in its very nature, us tendency is to weakeu these tiea, in the language of the Father of hit Country, It is "hostile to the liberty and independence of Atnerl en." 1 confess that I cannot help looking upon it as a kind of profanation when 1 bear appeal* made in behalf of the Union by ihote whose whole course is fast hurry ing II W the brink of an awfbl precipioe. If the South ffaoull form a merely Southern sectional orgaaizlaloa, such on this sectional Northern party, dividing the coun try by n geographical line, the drat great efficient step for disunion will have been token I appeal to all the lovers of tho Union, no matter what their past partiss ties may have been, to unite for the purpose of pro renting such n calamity (F.otbuiiastic applause). I am for the Union, (renewed applause) and it is because 1 atn for It that I have i>oinlcd out aome ol thi dangers by wbloh we we surrounded. If 1 have one feeliog dearer to me than all others it is that this Union may be perpetual. The whole people of Kentucky cherish towards it an abiding love, an unfaltering devotion, and thoy appeal to tbslr Northern brethren to rally under a cominun atandard for its protection and defence (Great applause). To do this you must crush out sectionalism. North and &>uth, banish disturbing attractions and adhere to the ooi ntilutiou as It was mate by our fathers. It seems to me that s voice is now arising from every battle field of liberty, invoking us to unite to preserve unimpaired tin-glorious heritage which has been trans milled to us I believe if the sun of this Union should ever set it will go down in blood, and there will be no morning to the dark night of anarchy and despotism wbxli will ensue It ts In your power to avert this calamity. I-et the friends of the Union unite, with n proud and Intrepid determination to maintain and vindl cote and defend it alike against the attacks of open ene mire and the more Insidious assaults ol professing friends. (Cheering and applause ) Let them bear slofi the ban ner inscribed with your motto, "Union for the sake of the Union," and march in one unbroken column tu battle and to victory. (Laud and continued applause ) At the conclusion of (?ov. Morehetd * speech there wrre loud calls lor " lirady," " Cochrane ' nod " Von Bireo ." The Cnairmao introduced Mr John 8 Hdmns, of B enin, saying that if they had patience, Mr Cochrane, Mr. Brady ami others would speak, but he fell assured tb'y would give precedenc to tho stranger, and receive Mr. Holmes with a hearty welcome, a* be deserved. Mr. Holmes then addressed the m<-< iiag at length, and was followed by Messrs John Cochrane, and Wright, of Missouri. Wbsn Mr. Wrubl hod concluded, there were several calls for - Brad; . ' but while the question of a selection from among several (rents-men who were prepared ta S|*0k was as yet undecided, Mr. HaJsoy, with a stento rian iHurl, announced that the cmbbisie outside were wailing for tbcm to-yuin in the procession, and as the nigbt was for advaaoed, and be was in favor of acceding to the outside pressure, he moved that the meeting ad journ. The motion was tarried, and tbn immense gather ing quickly abandoned the building. tuk i.rmnw. The following letter* were reared from gentlemen m ho. heartily ooocurrlog la the moremrol, wore unable to ?Head:? uhtir rxou i.xoaog mar IVurron, ttept 14,1140 Fm.iow Crrixjm?J regret exceedingly that aa iUmi, which locaperilste* mo for makug a journey, prevent* my aocepuaoe of yot.r tnviwtiuo to be present soJ to apeak at the maaa meeting In New York. No American cltizeo oaa feel more deeply than myeelf the uneiamplel loiereet of the queetloaa to he nettled by the coming elec tiou. tho great Importance of your own animated effort* (or the true cause, and the uecemiliaa incumbent upon men of patriotic aealtmcota and wishes unhesitatingly to unite against a ;>art> which aeeS* to seix-i the shadow of power, and to loss with It whatever conid make that power useful to thamaelvea or to the counter. It la im possible to mistake the practical results which would tot low upon the triumph of the republics! party. Th* Idea of dtauuloo la one which prtweols Itself only vaguely to Inconsiderate m.o la They do not ase bow It can be brought about, and too often rriect the thought, without examining IU purport or relations. Those whose hopes and aaptratioaa are implicated la the auooeaa of that party, aaldably refused to givr any oonaldoretioa to oon sequences likely to dow from their owa conduct. Others reseat the suggestion as If the South * ere to contemplate ?eoeaatoo, simply because of the elaclloa of a Northara that this m but aa indloatloa and I act tent of the time takea by the great contest, that in South made no objectloa to Adam* or Vaa Bureo, to liar risoc or Fillmore or Pierce; sad that it accept* now with ?attafactloa sad enthusiasm the name of a Northern can didate for the Vice Presidency w ho Is far from belug the moat unlikely person la tha event of the defeat of U>* Republicans to Oli the Presidential ch*ir I shall not dwell upon tha possible progress or details of ?vent* so disastrous as Uto- a which could scarcely fad 19 satua upon the elect 100 of a merely, Indisputably, literally sectional admlaielratton No question could b# praaeutad Is the Kpls of this country la clearer or more distinct terms ooori-nnf the conflict la am si.aped by nay plat form, hut by the openly avowed up ai ai of the Chicago nominee, and of bis mat prominent and ablest advo cates If they do not mean that the conduct at the re pub 1 teas administration, which tbet are endeavor-sg le ?stab I tab. shall be moulted by those opinions they are acting a dishonest part, are deluding their fotlewers, and are utterly unworthy of say eoofl Jeaoe Tones who sup po-t them accede to those optsioss. which have taken a form now never before urged in say Presidential elect .on The great doctelae upoe which the rrpuoliona party stand* at tha n><>m< ot before the country ?that to whica all others era rubor 1 ante, sad to wb'cb all others lead? is an "irrepressible eoailiet" between freedom sad stars ry, trot announced by Abraham Us > the ropub lioana sad subsequently urged by Mr Steward and others which puts that party in full concert with abolll-oniem. For this irrepressible con 111 A oaa mean nothing else than act sal hostility to slavery la the l> ales where it exists under the rocst tallou It la, thetefure, a doctrine upon which alara (Hales uj free Stats* couil hare no irisadly intercourse and no cml lmg..e with each other?and oat Upon which the I'alto could not stand (or a moment- sad Is one, therefore, to be resisted sad defeated, no* aud furrree, by those who lore the I'iwi sad hope to maia lata II (I la MM necessary to lareeltgate lbs means by which th* last calamity which could befall this republic might 1* put into a :t re operation. They might be im mediate, or the elate of open rmbittersaeat between the severs1 factions might teal to Tiniest outbreaks at the death sad the Mortn. ending In the reg-lar array iff armed furoea, sad la a struggle fatal to the future welfare sad 11 beetles of tbe country If they do not now, the time m ist eooo oome when meu of one miad must rtsad tog* tber, or ere discord, sad with II aoarohy. take the place of peaceful I drrm 11 better to ant.cipste nr.d prevent rather than wait the arrival of areata, dwgraos ful te the age and th* -latioc, and which, aa yet. at earn ptetely w thus our control This la not tha time la cal culate the alee pn ate of party ataocistma or oblige lion -to rueir to past issue* of paltry, or to keep up the forms ov the r mbere of this party or that Our bnataaas le to Mrs our country from calamine*, which w* belters to be impeadiag through the seltob smbl tioo or reck was fanatic ism of m< n who haregotadmla*i?o to the public ? sr. caly to abuse it We who d- teat their docteio'S, sad see their fbtal co larqt.- oee* to us an-! to all, ban'the power, by th'simple sod prerefnJ ipr? rfonaof our wtehee sad detrrm aatioa. to reader those mischievous doctrine* prwrr|ra? foe gea-ral sad perms ueat 'Til. both now sad forever. And the time le Bow to do It or nevermore We trite wih our /nod sraer bad rational t dgm nt, wh n sre o*fleet to u*r the proper mesas fteher. me, there I* not a sincere well waher to lb< 1 , sir doe* aot til his eye anxiously ui? n your rity sed Rule, and p-ay far such a Arm te*gu? nf defence sad cfteuoe among nam men, t?rg- It tag party, as shall make the union af the state, and w th II their future glory sod proeper'ly, as one ureal Republic, w-cure aud per pet ial, a* Ihrr tte-n wiU h- illuetrlo-s I am geaib m o, very reepectftilly, your fellow cttiarn. tltOBUE f.CVT. Heearu F. J Baowp, J 1 ?**..?, and others of thi Com MM l*iiss rsa* **n*e* a. ci-sr-ron. Met It. lMt Puss ft*?Tour aoto of the Utb las* , tntenang ma liial lh? lusrr iltee nf Ai ranglmists had *ri?rt?d me as oar nf the speaker* *1 th* grand I'amc Uses Meeting to ha held at the Osspn Insulate aa M a day next, the tfth lastaai. has Ke#s receirad Ahaencs from the nty on ye*tor lay prereotwl aa earlier rep y. A aersr# raUrrhal affbr'le* under which I am suffering at oreewal compels me rsluctaatly to deelin* the h-moe csmf'-rrwi on ?e tiy the committee tfhlMN IndtopntotlOU foe*ea me to (his coarse, t caa hut exprues the strongest lewlrt <ff my heart to- the Hfwm of th* object of the meetiog II nr?m* to m- If tber* ever sra* a period fa lb* h (store of the country when every patriot should res.pood cheerfully In the Seatl asral. ? The cotes of aUparties for the sake of th* t'aton," thai tIff* has are m 1 l-art.eaa r mfl rt* aa 1 strife* apoa del rate and dssg?wr-ua la mm have no etc Itol the pops %r mind sad ensb ttered a** aoetlou of (he country against the ither, that untoae th* good teaar and calm artloa of the panr'e. uarooteottod by petit teal leader* aha J arrest the evil sad n*e* mare renters harmoay to this great ant loo bound together ta mutual depeadr*t*by the these great ladaatetal mtaseeta af maak ad vtg Corns* sen age ics He re sad maaafhrtorea-lh* fsl. of osr rapuhllr wtU o* sealed, aad at a* very dtotoal day w* shall far a * soother evidence I* th* history sf republics "thai mas ta tuoapabM of sotf government ' Th* aatioaal tea deney of a'.! parte* * to ritersaee aad hatred of each ether, aad the great danger of torsi aad aaettoaal part s*, controlled mostly by asimaJ pamtews aad impuhas, la a desire 10 Irtumph over rash other by physical roe flirt Freaxy oeurpa the pfaes of rssaia. aad faaaticwm centre's the acttoa of maa aad law aad order present no bar-tor whatever to th* acsamplMameat of th* r object A* aa evtdear* of tha truth, wttases th* lavs ntou of Yfrgtato by B-osrn aad ha fhitowarr aad se* Ihe lawdmacourse freq -matey nsreued towards r<r t* of th* harth tehvtdiiag through ffneuer* 01* tea than thing* cannot be, and oar government loqg exist How ia the evil to be remedial Mo moat important question, ?lid, it seems to me, admits of but one * newer Toe for mat ion or organlr.ilou of a great National Constitutional Union Party, that will war ugaiuat all factions or section al parties, North, Soucb, lust or West. It is a miller of but little consequence to the people who shall administer the government in the Presidential Chair, but of the moel momentous consequence bow it shall be admlnls tried A National Aaministrstloo founded upon a policy which materially disturbs the reserved rights of any of the States, will ultimately, If continued, end in a dissolution of the Union ; whilst a faithful con stitulional administration of the government will not only restore |>eaoe to our distracted country, bat also insure its blowings to future genera tions. I am a Union man, in the most compreheu slve meaning and spirit of the term, yet I consider the Union of these States aa virtually dissolved, uolew bro thcrly feeling and kindness can be restored between the citizens of dithreat sections of the country. We may live together for a short time under the form of constitu tional union, but the vitality and spirit is gone, and do cay and final dissolution will soon follow. I look with great solicitude to the course of New York in the ap proaching election. Stand lug aa she does between the conflicting clementa, North and South, a heavy responsi bility rests open her to act in that calm, firm and digni fied manner, so as to throw oil upon the trouble 1 waves. Oament closer the Union of theae hit lea, and say to all faction who either desire, or whose policy would tend to destroy this Union, "What Wod had joined together, let no man put asunder." With sent lmea la of the highest regard CBo R. CLAYTON, i.rrm iko* WAsmsatou hunt Lomroar, Sept 8, i860 flavri i:\ii \ ?I have received your letter Inviting me to attend the proposed Union meeting in the city of New York on the lTlh Instant, other engagements, in the same patriotic cause, will put it out of my power to be present I |>ersuado myself that it ? scarcely necessary lor me to n??ure you of my raiment aop>oval of the ob jects of tbe meeting In the present crisis, patrt .tlsm calls aloud upon all men of true national feeling to put aside minor difference* and mere pirtiaan prejudice* In one noble, united effort to arreet the destructive progress of sectional strife, and avert the daagers which threaten the country from the mad endeavors of a geographical combination to obtain control of the government of the Union With groat regard, yours truly, WASHINGTON HUNT. OUTSIDE MEETINGS. T? nwui Pnpk En Bwse Tht Torch* light ProccoHloc - Delegation) Present Iron Albany, Pater*on, Newark, Brooklyn, Jer sey City ant Ebewkwc?The "Monte Hen" Out In Fad Perce launease Eat bo* ?la?a Bells, Bonfires, Bine Lights, Speeches, and Things Generally. IT the scene on tbe Inside *u slotting. ibst will.out In the square around Cooper Institute was positively be wildrring. At an early hour two sharp toogued cannon comm'-oced their reverberating invitations to the city generally, and almost as eoon as dusk art In, skyrockets went whirring through the air In a brilliant profusion that seemed to foreshadow the grandeur of the ocsasion that was to follow. Four stands bad been erected in dlf ferett for tbe benefit of both speaker* and hear ers who had been unable to obtain n foothold In the grand meeting In the Institute, while bonfires, animated by co pious applications of liquid tar, biased high and merrily on every side. Colli about nine o'elock, however, owing to n delay in tbe organisation of tbe general meeting, no attempt was made to organise the crowd outside, but la the meantime the boys took possession of the platforms, and the spectstors were regaled with a of per formances such as might hare been expected from enthu siastic specimens of Young America. Impromptu meet ings were called to order, llUiputlan resolutions were itn pro vised and adopted, and speeches mode as pregnant with tbe constitution, Union, niggers, Abe Lincoln, and split rails, as If they really stood In calf skin boots and broadcloth suits, instead of be lag barefoot raga muffins with their shirt tails hanging on the outer walls. Several turns those miscellaneous and villainous sur roundings were driven beltar skelter from their positions by the thick smoke of the burning tar, which at times enveloped the entire place as with a black fog. but as often, until tue out ol the flames, dul ti,?y return to enioy thea.'nu*u,g -ct-noe to win b the young 'r?g , Ugs and robert tails" gave so ranch n-wt Altogether tbe picture we* entirely beyond de mention Tbe immense crowd of ten or twelve thousand people, mattered through tbe square, illuminated by tbe flicker lug of boo fires and drumueond lights, the brilliant jets of flame from the bine lights, the booming guns, lb* almas phere heavy wtlb smoke, the dancing torches, the stouts of men and boys, the screams of infantile calliopes in ths arms of curious mothers, tbe a aw a h of efeyrorkata, the echoes of tbe distant multitude, the tinkling of tbe passing car bells, tbe hurrahs of new oomers.tbe epithets and tmpreoaliona of Ibi crowd, and the music of bands, mingled iu dire coefuskio, male up a scene of dtsoord which It is Impossible to portray At sice o'clock delegation, from vartoos wards, bearing banners, motions, and turning out strong with the boas and sinew of tlieir respective localities, arrived on tbe ground, and meetings were then quickly organised around tbe diflersnt stands. THE EASTERN STAND. SriFCHKl Of- KX-JT'DUI TBOKFBON, MBMMI SMITH. EOBUrr L. VII.II, BON. JOB* COCHKAM AND OtUM. , When the proceasios of the Seveotafoth Word Demo cratic Club, with torches sad henna ft, arrived oa the grouad, lbs lander* Immediately prooasded to the spacious stand which had bean previously erected at the junction of Third avenue sad Ftghth street, at the eastern corner of ths lastitnta. The hoy* who wore holding n Juvenile meeting there, and amusing themselves and the older people around them with humcroua and ladtcrous eihlhl tisna of Young Amortcnn syntax and outhastaam, wars soon cleared from of ths platform, and ths roagh and randy members of the asnoctatloa n sum ad its undisputed poamssiu* Ths bassers and the torches wars pisssd upon the platform, and ths enthusiastic oxupaal* car rted oat a jclet rveolutloe with tbe crowd below to keep u a cootiaaaJ jottifiealiea. Alderasaa OoraaU gas iboaea cbairmar. of the meot og, sad without eon time with say tat rod irtory remarks, further than lboa* of thankfulness for the favor, be tatrodoced Ex Jmlge Taowreow, wbo war greeted with load ap plause by the large aud onUu<la*lie aulienc# which bat now assembled la front of and around tbe platform. H* ion.-aeored with an nllimtua to the fact ib?t seventy hire year* ago that day tbe ronstitatioa of the Cait-d " *? Nabs oti adopted. Till tben oo govrnm*ot na earth guaranteed liberty to am*, for enlightened tuglaadnp pre--ed even bar own subjects I* lb* oolou ee At the voice of the nouatry tbe friends of the constitution met there on this onrmsoa. andar eircuamtsnrm of momentous imporiaaea, to show tbeir devotioa la the greatest and best government that bad ever existed upon earth. (Cheats, and erl-a of ' Tbst s eo ") Th?re never was an nigrncy when no maey rtttrso had amnnhlod together i i. t> show their devotion to the I'uioo. fit? newsd obevrs?A voter "We're all bere ") Norn" might prvf. ? Hesri.inrtdge or B?!I. and ton? prefer tluugias bat all who were per en I now ware a a. ted in i heir oppa-i Uea to luamla. (Cheers.) Tbea when this was ths geeat oh. art they aU bad ta new, he app-aled to each una tf | Ithem la asp whs oaald da ths mast "toward* defaatiag tl>e elect too ??fl.iaoola (Criw- of ' We ?:li ' ) A. the French I and Kagllah asMlera took the Malaeog of Run ma so let ths Red and Douglas and Brer k a rtdgo mm resolve that they will take the Makutoff of repohll smata (tfhrers, wid ere* of ' good For Ltneota and Hamlin we-f * > - a ssruaial party Not a Srulheru .tute was properly reprrwsoted la the Chicago Ooarsatlna which oom noted them Tbe policy of a sound mastitatk-i is that all nee lion* should he fairly repranenfod a coarsot. as. and yat lb# force of this rep. biiraa rooreatiaa -scsatly convened atCbieagn, w*aa direct vioialioa of thai acknowledged prtarlpto The prtactpleo of the eepubl ,~aa party were rena^ant to a large w^orfty af the Asseviraa psspls Why, they ooutd set send tbeir orator* Booth And If they Sonid n t eren .ftaaum tbeir ohaos on* principle* at the Booth, what would ths Souther* people do tf they ararepot into pra*tiee? fYo-eeo?1 pot them down") What line ef po.iey world the r-publ.ran candidates pur sue if they should he ele Aed' First, they would r?pml or modify the fagitire alare law TVs was rlsar'y tad BBl by the repohllmns la their pfoSfocm; for la fofW declarst on of priar.ples they te*?rl thai "the tog.tfv# alare art ef 1*N#. is repognsut to ths, to the principles of tbe tv-wiwoo 'aw. ?o ths spirit of Chr.sliaoi tv. and l< lbs ssnt m- i 1 ? id Ws, therefore, deny its binding form upon tb. ta" ma nan 1 densnad its imaM sis sad tots' repast." fhW groua-' that tbe republican* lake They array Uaafovw m direct laanHty to the law* of the hal. And yo> see thai should for carry out thw prtaadpds, u would he aeth'og more than aa overt ?1 of (Chests.) T%# rwpablieaa party, ahooid theyohtaath* wnulg Mc sar ends ney m I uleeory from the forrttortsa, *gs ret the sp|*? of the I, and a-> matter what th sanaMatM, and ao matter what the will oft be people I lahhhNiag the soil might b* upoa thai j -.sotioa. Thsa they set nt oought tbe doelsMa of the hghest iadieul tr, basal ,n th* oouatry . and regard th- ited Scott deci eloo ea nothing hut a nut on?a nr. we dogma * they nail It. when they father declare "that the new dogma that th* roos ilotion, of Its own force, earner sia sry talc an? or all of the tam torts* of the Called Btatm la a daage roue pol'tl al heraay, si rariitace wtth the e*pl cm pr sioaa of Ibst instrumen' teelf, w'th c itemporaneoua et pnsltloa. aad with isg sla'.lre aad preeodent is i-erntet ooarr la it* -.ideaey, and eubrera-rs of tb* K aad harmony of th* cooatry " They g* on to deny ?thority of Coagrrwn, or of a Tern tor al lag stature ar *f any tber p- ? tta glva legal stwtene* ?e ?j?rsry lo any o' th-- Ts - ? s? of tb* Caitsd Bute* Bit snruld ths repahi.can ,>?rty carry o?I the** ideas, Civil war would Inevitably ensue (Cheer* _a vo'co. "they wont have a ehae-s " InigtM.) There are m*ay - ? at* ?r In tbe rank ami #1* of the republican I parly, but th# lead * . . d-mv C ?s ?h - is tu paankm* and prejudices of tb* people that they may ride i into powwr ("trial's eo ") Bc-nner aad Brow*, aad , Andrew, the eandidats for Governor of Hessarbnestis, are mca of thW "Ump lleoce, he er-acluded that the < electr o of I.iocoiu, h >nl l sorb a calamity at his sis*, in' --fall th* COO a try,?If It should oot d term nabs- ths coafoderoey, would i radoe* a shock upea tbe eooatry from wltiea It wouid not speadliy. perhaps nerer, re rover For although ibe ( atoe might roatln .*, tber* weald he ao fraternal fsetlag. ro unfoa of heart* ta vtam ef the fmread,ng danger. Jfodg* Thov-pen* rat al urn aU saw lea af refahHeaawm. al lerert of demo wn pnafoffot fo stay fo aaftd ptfoani a* tfo foi *r November next to the support of the coast.tution and the laws. (Loud cheer*.) Nsieo.s "mra waa then introduced, amid the cheering of the crowd. The opprttetioue of England, he en id, which were endured bjr the feeble solonles of America, led to the formation of 1 o* oonititalien, uud the Union of the thirteen States, which we* the ktib of thi* mighty na tiin. (Ulicers.) There wan a perty lately calling thein selves wide Awakes?the republican party?the tenJeney of whose principles was to break up the established luati tution* of thia country; and the quest lot for those pre sent tonight to decide was. whether it can l>e done. (Cries of "No, no.") When the L'aion wa? formed all the States except oae had uefro alarery existing in them, and with that institution recognized cur fathers formed the Union?a compromise Union?a I'nlen that should protect and perpetuate the rights sad Institutions of all. (A vulor?"(loud for Smith.'1 Laughter.) It was a contract between tboae various oo mm unities under which our fa thers, under which the ttateemeo of those tlradS said they oould live in peaoe And |>eraoas who were opposed to the principles or slavery In those days were neverthe less willing to adopt the proposltioa for Union which re cognised that Institution, provided they could live in peace. That was the sentiment of 1774 That was the sentiment of the Declaration of Independence, which is unjustly cited by the republicans to show that It was the spirit of that time that the negro was 0,0a! with the while man. But all Intelligent men wid readily perceive that the words of the Declaration, which they misrepresent, were never intended to apply to the negro. It Is unjust for the republicnn party to put such au errmeous construction u|>oo It. All Instruments should be interpreted according to their ootem|>oraneous history; and all know that there eras no agitation about the negro at the lime of the forma tion of the constitution. Toe declaration that all men are equal was called forth by the oppression which the people o[ the colonies endured from the Brlli-h Crown, and had reference to the people of Kngland and the people of the colonies. It never for one moment was Intended to apply to the negro. (Cheers, and cries of "Good ") Passing from this topic, the speaker alluded to the principles of the republican party, which. If carried out, would array one portion of the Union against the other, and the fanati al leaders of that party would not top till one portion ws- -ubdnad. The e prin ciple-were ti direct Im-tillty to the principle?" of peace under which the constitution and (be Union were found ed. (Chrers ) Mr. Smith d welt upon the Iniqultou-at tempts of the black republican party, and their fixed detci initiation to agitate tlie question of negro sutlrage, thus placing the negro upon perfect equality with the white man. Should (hi be the ease* he asked. (Voioes? "Never"' "No, never'') The idea of the Union mau was. "The constitution and the enforcement of the laws! ' Therefore, In ctnclus on, he earnestly appealed to all Union loving citizen-, a I I King's.-, aud Bell, and Breckin ridge men, lo stand upon one oirmon ground, and to act lu perfect union, so that at the ei >uing olerlion tliey might defeat their common enemy?the republican nomi nee. Old Abe Lincoln (Loud d eer* ) Bunt L. Ykuk was the neat speaker. He was greeted at the outset with great enthusiasm. He spoke in the beginning of the fallacy of the policy which toe republt can party pursued in always agilaliug (be questica of the eternal nigger. For himself he bad nothing to sty about that matter further than that It was beuraeh common sense, com.non decency and men of intellect to discuss the miserable question of what ihall be done with a few niggers (Cries of "That's so" and cheers ) But It was for all lnteUllgeot men rather to say what shall lie done with our common country? It was now In peril in oonse quence of the spread of rcpublloan ; rtnelples It was through the d -mocrat c party, uoder tn? lead of Jeirerson and Jaokson, that all the bloes<ng* wlflch our people now enjoyed bad been vouches'ed to the country. (Cheers ) The republican party had never brought any benefit to the nation This blank republican party was now no more nor less ibsn an abortive attempt at Federalism. After remarks Irom Hon John Cochrane, Henry Arcula George Campbell and others, the meeting adjourned amid much enthusiasm. THE WESTERN STAND. BTEKCH or ?U P. NORTON. A mediae wu organized at Clinton Hall, and a number of speakers addressed the multitude from the balcony, among wbom were Ku P. Nouto.n, of tile City of New York, who addreesed the meeting an follow*:? Beyond all question, fellow cttiaena, the American people bare deralred upon them, at each reonrrlng Preet deotiai election, political dutiee more dlgnlOed and more complicated than hare erer before been Impoaed upon the l?ople of any nation. To the people, under the forma of our national constitution, are anbmitted question* which relate to the welfare and destiny of a republic wboee territorial extent equals that of the largest empires, whoee. rapidly. Increasing population?now.thirty three millions? extends to its rem Heat boundaries, within which bounda ries are thirty three Stales, with their attrlbutaeof sorer etgnly, and yet connected with, limited hy, and forming n part of, a grand national gorernmant. It M with questions relating to this national govern ment that our Presidential elections hare concern. Un der our natloLai oouatitatioo the people of the Stales hare rseerred to themaelvea and the Mates in which they '.ire the exclusive and undisturbed control orer certain tale rests, and mors especially their domestic institutions. Kellow cillzena, among those domestic Institutions there was net one which onr fathers were more saxioas to guard against the Interference of the national gorernmeat than the institution at slavery. The people of the sat rasas southern colonies were part leu lary sensitive as to any thing which might Interfere with that institution And lbs national govern man t wan formad In the ooofideooe that both la its letter sad eptrtt the constitutional com Ect would he observed In favor of even the weakest uthern State, without reference to the preponde ranee la population, however immense, of other States. Among the guarantees for the preservation of the people of the scveial States aja.nst the power of mare majorities, the Supreme Court was orgaaixsd, wboee decisions were Is be Aaal upon all questions relat log to the constitutional right.- of tbe people aad the States. Unhappily for as, my fellow citizen*, their fra tarsal righto, which our father* aappoaed they had 10 well guarded, are now endangered A powerful party has arisen in tbe No'lhero States that threaten* to eei.e uptu the national government, and use all tin functions without regard to the de sions ot the Nipreme Court of ths United Stairs, for the purpose of attacking ant destroy ng the institution of slavery?ae institution og in fifteen Mate* of Una Union, enseal! al to an Industry which exports annually a product several hundred mil'tors of dollar* la dollar* la value?an institution which links with ttoetf the wealth, tbe domsatle bapptaeos, aad, aa the people of those Stake believe, their very existence as civi lised Not one of yea mistake ths party al which I point. I meao the rrpubiirsn piriv That party avows its determination to enact a law hy aa t of tot act of loogresn, and to eofovee II when snarl l, that slavery shall not exist in the Territories of the failed States Tin- Supi cm Co irt have decided that -uch a taw :s un noat.tuiiooal, aad nail aad ratd. Aad aow let us ?nppaot the rspn ;>can ps-ty id p<>w>?r, an 1 in p isa.-s-.oo of the Haste. II >aw of Repreonatatlves and I'rre deal of the United States let u- so pp. we a law prohibiting vlavery [aev.Hl tiiat the I'reaiseai aiopta the theory of hts party as to the Nnpv. tne I ourt and disregards Its I -crocs Wn ahall the people obey, the repub ic.m rreeident or the Puprem* Court' ? onld it he po?slMe to avoid a eollt >o between aa excited people awl the forces of a President who ou?lii In enf -ror a l*w ebrb ihr highest authority bad pruo< uaoed uaeuanlilattoual, and which they deemed bomitiating and oppressive But it may be said that tbfe mae:f?oto of their tat rot ion to enforce tb - prohibi t on of alar, ry ia the Te-'lloviee .? merely steaded for I*; rti-ct. and w I n .1 be MM* a part o' thel' policy when ia power If that M their istenlioa honest in -a should not aid them in tbe ennts a plated fraud But what security have wo that tbe republican party wtll n it pass and attempt I. enforce surf, a few, ?ad odred ma?? an aggressiro ??' u)oa toe taadtolioa of nlawry Abra ham Ltnoio, the republican condi tads for Praaiieot. has dsr'ared that "this liens cannot be pe-pel Bated -me bal afev* aad one I wf free " He baa repeatedly avowed him self devoted In the cause of aali a'areey la a recast speech at Bpriagfieil, Idlaofe, he prorfeimed hie devotioa t.-the cause W,ii.nm H Seward, the admitted leader of tba republican parly, recently announced in ths city of ftwrno, mat Abraham Lianata and himself ware "noidfer* I* the cause of the higher few and the IrropreasiMe con filet bvtwiva freedom aad afevery " William R Heward has afeedechtrrd that the mweton of the rvpi.liltcan par ty ia to uae, withla the limits of tbe conetituiioa. tbe am tloaal goremment for thr deotructtee of "Isvery aad who ? to define U>o*e cooeltt iioaal t in 's It aad hit party deny the authority of tbe Supreme Court Wist, then, hot the mitatMos fixed by their own will? But thai there may be do mistake ss to the nature of tba Stalest, the nampaiffD documents th ss expositor* of By "pistons, are - Helpor't Impend sg Crisis," nod oer'e and I ovvfey e ipeechee Hill was of cop'.et of theae dorumeata are circulated hy the managers of ths republican porty The speeches of Governor Award, that art sow being delivered, are spread over the country through ell the avenoo* of pnblteat ion -epreehes filled with sent menu that, to have been imputed tea public ?an wnald have oner bees considered Haaderous When bat now, when the mis da of the people of the North are suiierod to he filled w'th boaiuny against the Booth. would a* American Brest or, a statesman e'olmfef tar himself as his apeetil right tie chief magistracy of the American republic, have dared to advocota the abolition of tan army aad navy be rauae of thetr support of a pon.on of the steter fiats of this Uuioo Who would have believe!. I bat Wtl.iam H ifeward, who has hero loaded with honors by the people of the Btata of New York, wool-' withdraw from thtt city, thr metropolis of bin native stale and country, the proton fen of the American army aa I aavy denouncing tbsno two great a-m of the publ.r servfee. whose dee.,a how made the name of American lUaatnnue and hoeornd th roughen t toe w.wlJ. aa rnrroptor* uf th# pohilc virtus' Aad why in as deoouored? What ths limp rat loo of th? tanaH to his chlvai rw and heave countryman, and thi* roanmmeada two to the Anerlctn people, es wild a* to he room*red of only M the emanatwo of an obscure and frmrted demagogue! Hatred of the Benthl And thai the evl dene* a* to the latablmo of the master spirits of the repa toaa party might he accumulated, as as to leavu no doaM, thli Pras dratfel ran two. when ?U the apninanaa of party ore felt in their >. has been eaterlad to alter the cruet,tail m of New Tort, an 1 plane, a* voters, negroes utmost fbrre, | of thr Btale of upon on eq. aidv wlb wh.tem?n A distinguished i hoe of th- Nee York C JOsMtultaanl Cot. veatina of I*3fi Mt that at ear time part ten ia the city of New Terk were so nearly baianoed that urn* buudrod oogvo votnw gore the law to the people of our city Whot m anew ?n o to the ropublicaa party would ho the eeCragve of the al ;*et African race hi our rat let What ready metre meut* for all their deoign* upon onr taatttutiean, < tlr and national What aa array of AfrfewvsMl conld be gathered ia th s grunt metmpelfe to M In enneert with white voters la th* rami dfetrtcta, when* phltan tyopr id en rarely dtM rbod by runfemt with the angro My fellow rltiwae. however It may ho eMewhero, lBt people of New York onswet he denetvnd no to the ohnr orter of the republican party. Born all dfegofeoo are thrown aalJr It stands an the uumfetakoable sacegmor of theahol t on onetetimor lfififi. peoelalmlng tataatimo aad opinions whioh Arinur Tappan and hli osnfOdorodm would not have dared to utter Then all petit nal on err'oo wan d.srls nsed. New the ohjeet to avowfe to atfeo anoo the notional government. and exert nil ,?e Bwurs te abelish slavery, restrained la tho r e'eeti nnl? ?'ch I'm tat nus as they, vucoetpotled hy the Bopromo Otr-rt, may tm^ao tho c aott.t^n |o Impose. TIM history of the world baa " u* what WW tbe rwlra.uu of wriltoa law ? opposed to the rcaonuneula and passions of nartw In a contest such as this, involving the moiaeotoosTw-e whether Uu people of the Northern diatee ah all ornauT a nruende agates! tha Southern Stales, lite oiliaaaa city of New York caooot l>e indifferent spectators New York u tbe metropolis ol the whole repubilo. Here are tbe home* of tbe aalirca of every Stale lu the Uaiun Here oeolru the business iaureau of aluioat every com munity in tbe country. To thla city are linked the aSae tlooi and tbe lotereeu of every part of tha republic. Tha whole Union ia in sympathy with ua, and throughout Uw land the electric carreut fltehee intelligence of every puliation of our life. As the republic has advanced ta tbe trout rank of nationa, ao New York baa taken bar eland a peor among the greateat citlea In tha world. With a municipal government confessedly Inadequate, tbe national government baa thrown IU protecting arm around uk, and rained New York to imperial gran deur. Our abipa apread their laila confidently before tbe winda of heaven, for wherever they go the genius at Um American repubilo bovera around them. Our commerce fearlessly trackt every aoa, every inlet and every river upon the globe, for tbe American navy, that under tha caigenciea of war would spring into coloisai power, prw tecU it. Affection, gratitude, patriotiam?every aentt nient that eanoblea man?binda New Y'ork to the Union. Let. then, her ciMaena act under tbe uiduence of their noble lmpulaea. let them bare, upon Northern soli, en counter and defeat those misguided men who mistake n malignant fanaticism for philanthropy. Let them rise In tbe full dignity of American cittiina, and, lorgetttag Crties and men, with a due reverence for those wba ve preceded and left among us ao many monuments at national glory, for that poaterlty to whom, in tbe order of things, we are bound, and above all, for that beneficent Being under whflee providence wa have become so great, ao bappy and ao free, let lh< m maintain tbe union at these States, not as an enforced and reluctant confede racy, bitt tbe Union of a people loyal and true, conside rate of the rights of ulster Statdb, having for their "high er law" an unreserved affection for every section of their common country. THE MIDDLE STAND. mxiutioF MiMtU. .IUUK T. O'VlaTMK, UILCHBI9T, OObFBKY AMD OTHKRU. Shortly After eight o'clock a young man, who ooan slonally i>rnctt*n law In the Special Scmiodi, umuM the ? land erected in front of the Ooo|*>r Institute and pro ceeded to addreea hli fellow citizens. He waa eery mush intoxicated, and aa the " great untcrrifled'?-especially the Juvenile porllonaof the democrdcy are overflowing with the mirthful element, they could not refrain from embracing audi a favorable opportunity to have a jeBy time. Fellow cltiaena', aatd the orator, ahall yon not be independent? Stall you not be Aral, tecond, thirC. (Voicee?'? We will," "We will." "Q> it.") Xhla, M low citi/ene, la the land of the free and the home of Ike brave. ("It la," yelled a crowd of Juvenllee, who w?N crowded around the stand. Another young democrat la Informed the apeaker that the nether portion of rn outer garment wax visible, or In democratic phrMeolbgy, "Toe tall of your ahlrt la out " Another called out far " Three chevrx for the Little Giant," which were gtrea wllb great enlbuaiaam. Still another free American cttt yen requested the eloquent champion of demrcratle prtd ciplea to "dry up,'' while another geueroua democrat uiv.ted him to take another drink. Fellow citizens, continued the orator, after partial ailaaaa was rtelorcd, 1 come here to night to edareas you la ee half of Union and victory, in behalf of everything that w democratic. In bobalf of everything that waa opposed to l.incoin. Lincoln ism, and every other d??d lam ("Geed le'low,' "Speak to ua about wilekv," "Can't you be any"Go In, rail aplitter,''were aome of the brief speeches of the populace, which, of course, with the constant booming of the cannon, the eonatant arrival cf ward clube, and the yelling and cheering of tbe promts ruous assemblsge, rendered It Impossible for the speaker to proceet ) The ooofUfeoe was so great that be coald not proceed for ?'veral minutes. At intervals be would My "Fellow citizens," but tbe democracy would not let bun go any further He made a last desperate ef forl to be beard, by appealing to his fellow citizens to lend him their ears. ("No we we it," ahouled an indignant democrat. Loud calls were mads for "Brady." The crowd was dow getting Impatient, and ax they bud exhausted the Tofnbs advocate. Mr JoH-N T OTiysk came forward and naked for three cheers for tbe Union, nothing but the I Dion He west In for equality and justice, but excused himself from speak lng, hoping lliey would take tbe will for tbe deed While Mr Flynn waa briefly addressing the turbulent crowd, ro| feted calls were made for Brady One domeorat oh served ibat be was sick. "West i- that brother's natnef" loquired soother while Mr Flynn was speaking. "Keep Silence, boys," counselled a portion of tbe multitude A young man named GiuvtBinr. of the Ninth word, was tbe next speaker. He mnarXed that the occasion which brought them together was one-fraught with Immense cow sequences to this ginrtooe Union Many discorusat elements which heretofore separated were now broMht together for the purpose of stamping?(A Voice?'* electing Douglas ")?with their preeeooe and with their roles la next Not ember, the fanaticism whi -!i bad ipreng up in tbe oountry, end which bid fhlr, If carried out eee ceeefully, to divide this glorious fabric of our llbertlaa (Three cheers were proposed for Bell, which the crewd refused to give ) The speaker felt confident that la No vember tbe conservative sentiment which pre railed throughout the length aed breadth of tbe land would hd equal to the emergency la which they were pieced. (That's so; "Ten are played out ") He hoped thug would defeat the black rapuMMaa candidate, and It waa their duty to do all they eeuld to beat tbe feet ions, dims crwttr geographical party whleb placed the country la such danger He remarked thkt If they were Is ? of biack republican legislation by lla doings in this , the result le a national point of view would be d wast runs. (A Voice?Tbe treasury would be empty.) Tbry most elect coaaaavaiiee men to places of powar? those wbo would look after the beet interests of the people If tbry did Ihst the rrquium of blsi k repubb can Ism would be auag In November, it would dts n pea mature death. sad sink bark into thai merited obllrtsa (rum whence it sprung, unwept, uahooorrd sod unsung Three cberm were again proposed for Douglas, and the air was rest with rounds of cheers for tbe "Litlia Giant " J out A. Gopnurr, of Col.fnrala, wee Introduced, and bad it not been for the coafustou thai prevailed be wewM hare made an eloquent speech He xbenrred that they bad congregated upon tbe annireraa'T tt tbe adoptioa of the on of this Oelea They mrt to support s max for the Presldeecy who woaM be ready to support the coost lulioo sad tbe rights of every (Hate of the lie too. All the opposing elemmts Of L.oi oin had mrt to defeat the candidate of the Incendiary party, wbo wrnt froiu village to r.llage carrying tha lurch ready to bnro the oooalitutloa to ashes (Voioee " They cas t da W ") He called npoo all Union lert^ men to defeat a party that sought to crush out tbe rights of tbe iilleen (Hater, wbo ware ready to recogatae taiy owe eerttoo and that agaiast tbe etbrr It bad bees taught to hint (the epewkerl that political organnotions, beaded by military lieutenants. were cceqa i! with the political organ.sotioae of Fraace, welch were organI rod to euypnae tbe legal ruthorlly or tbe empire for the purpose or earrying their ends Tbe Wide Awakes la tbe Northern country, organ'ted by military leaders, was a party -*t na toot to ort| Are to tbe coaat i jiiou sad the I.'mi'o lir was ready to sacrifice bis life hW toriuaa and h s honor to r pport tbe I'nioe sad any man other loan Lincoln whether II be Douglas the statesmaa, tha uoble sad gifted Bracklartdge. or the gallant and t?1ed iUtremaa John Ball. Bagtai Ml INM ftar d Smith, ueaeral IJoyd and Dr Bradley made brief sad sirring ?pee, bee. all ad <*11 ng the union of patriot* to lefW the ek-eUoa of the sect.joal caadidalr, Abraham l.aoote THE OTHER STANDS. At tbe two Other steeds speeches ware else mode by e mbert of ladir deele n the earn * strain as those share reported The eat re oosasrea was wound up by a greed toewh light proseeama. which was participated ta by eoewe sit ar eight thousand, la aad out of uniform, tbe roata being around Cooper tnatltato down lbs Bowery, up Breema street to Broadway, sad Ibsace to t'lm square wbsre M wtodwm toad l>?leg?t oea of "minute mew" wwariag asw I ferm. aa.l bear or earl O"tared tore bee as I banners with ell eons of funny sad patriotic designs, were present from Albany. Cattereou Newark, Trmtom, Breeftlyh, Jersey City, H be*Idee Urn large oat pourtef f-om tbe city ItaeJ. ill between the cheers ?f the ihroug ee 1 the flashing of Are weeks, the enure I. ,. t', ("or'isiOi. wa? mar ved by a br. i*ncr oad mthce a*ta that bee not bfi unowned le this etJIS ay naiiST orr* Ion. Tb? pvc.^dli.g* IB bHh th/haB e,d the ejeart did sot to rm Utile until s late hoar THE BHOOKLVK AND NEW JURET D1UC CATIONS. Aboal n.n- o'eleek lest night a dslspatiae from owned the Bell oad Fr?rMt eiehe of femhlyu wee sees adraamay ay Fuitoo street from the 1 red loo of the ferry, preceded by e wages, from which Romoa candies were 1st ? ashy ?charge d Tbeadraacsd guard oaststed of youag men, dressed o white rapes sad cape of seme glased m stored, aad bear ag leag white ?tares, at the top of whtca blared fell shaped laateme of ceteeed giam They were followed by a number of other ? rytag tasnbeaeg ef jddtad (spa. Mill, ronelatiag ef lUlegatea from Jersey City, Newark and Paterone, who defied doors Fnltoa street, beartM parti colored laa torus, beg shaped, flambeaut aad traw pareactea, wNh appropriate emSlems aad imwriptieM '?d r at tee of a determioaDoe to upheld toe I o ea and to pet down eaeUnssHom aad fens ttewm The ?neawlie was a vary long oas. aad *w HI essay the rente with a coattana. bloa* of they, tea, shier id the Haauu> ta pass ag had fhW datogM ea pamadrneadibr^mv f by q perfect blase ai pyrotoeh* ?I *h# direction ef tha SI -as the Inevitable Veil shaped, J.irL stored laa"?rM "eC !fk?od la sctrtet rapes aad caps, glased. ?PfeNetetosle of the other letonttaaaT *Aem came a larger body, hraim e solid tmaiaan. Utolenf-^lb^leto *** ' ***** rabrcutored produced e very Was MM -r? . ESS? iSlS**42-1 "? paeaad. thay pea ??. All tr.sae bodies were prefmely oeppiied with bed*, fee emblem of the party, betag a praetlaal pea aa "**???* * **? Prueldeatlal ceadktata, by asms af wbtoh aa laammaot clatter waa kept up The feoet of the ?Jf o?J all aiaag tha lias ef mareh. were throned wife tbouaaadt of epeeteto-e sad the eeth jtaom *a Whbe-iiBded

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