Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1860 Page 5
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FMANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mondat, Sept. 17?6 P. ML We are at length enabled to present the official tables of the foreign trade of the United States for We tk< al year 1859-60, which Aided on 30th Jane tout. An intimated in the estimate which we pub fcbed in tLe ilmuui of 1st July ult., the total ex porta of the o ton try exceeded the enormous aggre gate of four ha dred millions of dollars, while the total imports fell ibout thirty-eight millions short of that sum. The figures are :? Fobkic.v Toads or 1IM-00. Sports $400,ier.4?l lwperta 301,797X09 Balance ia favor of ths United States $38,870,868 The exports classified are as folows t? Kxroais OiA"ajvun?. rican produce (exclusive of specie) <816,220,610 masts.... ?a9468*1 foreign produce re-exported >7,000,000 Total exports 8400,167X61 A further classiiication by articles gives the fol lowing results ibuxv UmcuB or Firoxr. ?ettoo $191 80S, >68 tu.uK', rood 83 066.494 Animal food, hides aad wool... 20 800,206 Manufacture* 86 464,044 "tobacco 14,900,641 Produce of the forest 11 760 000 Specie 60,946,841 Onr export of cotton, it will be noticed, is equal la nearly one-half of our total exportations; cotton and tobacco together are more than one-half. The Washington ComUitution, which, as a purely politi cal paper, published in a petty inland town, cannot he expected to understand much about trade, in stitutes the following comparison between the pro da stB of the free and the slave States; we publish it with the simple remark that the important item ?f speoie should be included among the products of the free States, and, further, that the state of the exchange* between New Orleans and New York shows that, notwithstanding the great growth of cotton,1tobacco, Ac., in the South, that section is generally debtor to die North. The C'vtuUlutioiiS article reads:? We propose to classify the amount tarnished exclusively by the free States, the amount furnished by both the free and ninvo States (where It Is Impossible to separate and designate the representative amount tarn I abed by each), and the amount furnished exclusively by the slave States. Free States exclusively Ftaherie*?embracing spermaceti and whale oils, whale bone, dried and pk kled fish $4,156 480 ?ml 781,817 Ms. t 183,134 Total free Mates $6,071,681 Free and slave States ? Products of tho forest?enbractag staves and headings, shingles, boards, p ante and acant MM hewn timber, other 1 amber, oak hark and other dye; ashes, pot and pearl, gtnaecg, siiaaaad tars 11,766,060 Products of agriculture?-o, animals, hoof, lal bldes, horned cattle, batter, cheese, gork (pickled), bam* and bacon, lard, woel, ?n?., horse*, mules and sheep 20,206.206 Vegetable food?wheat, Hour, Indian com, Indian meal, rye, oata, and other small grain and pulse, biscuit or ship bread, potatoes, apples, obioo*, cloveraeed, fl aimed and bops. 26,666,494 Manufactures:? Seined sugar, wax, chocolate, spirits from grain, do. molasses, do. other materials, vinegar, beer, ale, porter and cider in cat.It, beer, ale, porter and cider in bottles, linseed ski, household furniture, carriages and part* and railroad cars and parts, hat* of far or silk, do. palm leaf, mddlery, trunks sad valises, adamantine and other candles, soap, suuf>. tobacco, manufactured, gunpowder, leather, boots and sboea, cables sad cordage, salt, lead, iron, pig, bar, nails, canting* of nil other manufactures of; eoppsr and brass, and manufactures of; drugs and medicines, cot ? too piece goods, printed or ooiored, white ?Cher than duck. dock, all manufactures of; hemp, thread, bags, cloth, other manufac tares of; wearing apparel, earthen and atone ware, combs, buttons, brooms sad bruahasof nit ktada, billiard tables sad apparatus, um brellas, parasols and sunshades, morooc iand other leather not sold by the pound, Ire en gtnea, printing preaaea and type, musical In. stromenta, books and maps, papers and sta Umsry, paints and varnish, lewelrr, real anil imitation, other manufactures of gold and silver and gotd leaf, glass, tin, pewter and lead, marble and atone, bricks, lime and oe mmt, India rubber ahum, India rubber olhar than shoes, bud oil, oil oaks, artificial flowers Md quicksilver 86,484,644 Arlielsa no* .-numerated Manufactured 2,397,031 Raw produce 1X64.804 Total free and slave Mate* $00,820X99 Mava States exclusively Cotton $191,806 666 Tebaooo 16,006 647 ?nam and turpentine 3,T84A87 RMS - 8.667,899 1ST and pitch 161696 Rrown soger 103X64 44 662 ?amp 8X61 Tatal slave Mates 0814 X28,880 KMoarrrruinos. Free Mates exclusively $6 071.481 Vbm and Wave States 96."26X99 i exclusively 214.322 v>0 $616X20X10 la order to enable our readers to appreciate the vaaft and progressive development of the commer e ?f the United States, we subjoin a table of the im ports and exports for the past ten year* rmri. IwtpnrU Kmpmit iih i4i,?m.ta ia?t 2ifl?a4?w sihasoii im 'its Ma 442 jw ataxu laas 107 87#,647 300 443 240 1044 S04,663 391 JTS J41 064 MM 361 MS SSO 776 .1M S44 laaa au.eoam 32SM4,ooa 1MT ... MO #90 141 303 860 6X3 IBM 'JS1 611.100 334.044.481 ism na.Toa.iat 3N.TB0.44i aatt 301,107At 400,107,461 It will thus bet seen that the commerce of the United States has doubled within the past ten years, which it more than caa be aaii of the trade of aay other country, even of England and France, largely oa their trade has increased of late years. It will also be goticcd that wheraat, before 18&), the year's trade always showed a balance against the United States, ever since 1855 our exports 'hart beea In excoto of our imports; and that ex ceea has been ateedily progressive, from 111,000,000 In 1855 to 838,000,000 in 1*88. The following table will show thd progress of our exports of domestic produce and of >pecis fur the watt tan years:? rw* Ajwitf of 4m pr?6i?a< to ?fOmrU. MM ttt4A0JM 742J.8U4 MSI m 0M.US 30,471 743 10M 104 001,147 43.074 JM l5M 100 AO JOt 17 444074 MM 44,1 7 UA 41.4M.430 ]044 163 661JM 40 047,140 1000 '300 400.001 44,744.400 1S4T 370 000.710 SB.134 8*1 iaaa 201 At as aseMjot imo orsoot.aoo ?:mt4U IWR,.... AO ,610 I6.O40 At The expert of fMeign produce duvng the year 1049 go h stated to hare been 127.000,000, which is the large* e*pofl Of U?e ki?-? ^ Wariest being that of 1855, when the country <" re ported 126,158 A* of foreign produce. It will he remarked that while our export of do Ahstic produce has gone on steadily increasing from year to year, until In 1850-80 it is more than double what it was m 1852, our export of specie has not varied much since 1855. It is probable that ever since that date Europe has taken nearly all the gold produced in California. We know that estimates are commonly made of en annual yield Of 865,000.000, which, if Correct, would go to show that we retain from M .000,000 to 110.000,000 of gold every year in the country. This may be so, perhaps, hut aay one who tries to verify the esti mates will find it difficult to ftgurt np a production of gold equal to 060,000,000, or over 156,000,000. fifty-five millions is, in our opinion, nearer the mark; aad if this be the total product of Califor nia, It wtD be found, after allowing for specie im ported. aad for the product of gold mines In other Mates than California, that the actual stock of spe ale la the United States has lot increased dnce We trust we shall receive from Washington more details of the commercial statistics of 1859 60 in the course of e few days, and shall again recur to the subject. The bank statement made np thia day compares mm follows with that of last week:? W+*y t wMnq |>*nr./>????**tfa, ?8? ?8 sites Decree* ... fW III ***? MM mvhi TLe .onutued reduction ol loans, unaccompa nied by any distress in the money market or any refusal of aid to merchant*, must be bailed as a satisfactory event. The greater the curtailment* at present, so ioug as the banks can curtail without destroying the value of the paper they hold, tha stronger they will be hereafter, and the better able to afford facilities to the Southern banks in the winter, and the Western banks and ear own job bers next spring. The redaction in the specie ool nmn is less than was anticipated, fluid is begin ning to come North from the South; at N?-w Or leans some of the banks are arkiiig I premium for sight bills on New York. A very small further advance will induce free shipments of gold. The money murkot Is without change, and fairly active. The snpply of mercantile paper on the street, though not as large as sometimes occurs, is sufficient to keep the brokers busy. Some very choice paper passes at ??%, but the general rate lor first class is seven. Names less generally kuown go at 8 a 10 a 13. The advices of an improvement in the crop prospect in Europe are calculated to affect the money markets of the world in a benefi cial manner. The business at the Sub-Treasury to day was very large; the receipt* for duties amount ed to only $49,000; but the total receipts were $446,602; the payments, $493,523; and the balance this evening, $5, 589,447. The exchange market per the Boston steamer to morrow opens without animation, and the lead ing bankers have made concessions in the hope of reviving the demand. The beat bHls on London can be 10Pi a j for 60 days, and 110] a J for short sight; for francs, 5.13] a 5.14] for 60 days, and 5.11] , for short sight. Even at these rates the demand is light, and the tendency of the market downward. ' A check to the export movement of breadstutlh might cause a rally in the exchange market; with out some such change, the prospect is not very bright for drawers. The business done at the Stock Exchange to day was very large, and prices, at the morning board, were generally brighter. After the board, on the receipt of tho Jura's news, prices declined a fraction all round; in the afternoon the market was rather lower, and stocks closed dull. The most active stock of the day was Erie, w hich sold up to 35, then fell back to 34, closing "3] bid, against 33] at the close on Saturday. There is no basis for this advance in Erie. The condition and business of the road must improvo vastly before its stock can ever be worth $35 a share. It is very well managed at present, but that is all. The business will barely pay the inte rest on the mortgage debt, and the preferred stock and overdue coupons will come in before the stock now on the list. New York Central sold this morning at ?9, on buyers' option, afterwards at 88] cash, and closed 88] bid, against $8 bid at the close on Saturday. The business on the road is reported to be unprecedented. Hudson River jumped up to 64, and closed 63], against 02] on Saturday; the earnings continue large, though, from the fact that there are five Sundays in the month, the gross re ceipts may not show as great an increase as was expected. Harlem and Reading were both ] per cent better. All the Western shares were higher, the principal favorites being Michigan guaranteed, Toledo and Rock Island, all of which sold at an ad vance of j a 1 per cent at the morning board. Illi nois Central, which is quoted lower in London, touched 90, bnyer 30, but was afterwards offered at 89,[and closed 88 bid, against 88j on Saturday. Among the railway bonds the most active were the Michigan Southern issues, the Erie'a and the Illinois Central's, all of which were wanted at a small advance. State stocks continue dull, and are hard of sale except at a de cline. This is especially the case with Miseonris. At the close to-day the follow ing were the autho rised quotations:?Virginia 0's, 91 a ]; Missouri O's, 80] a I; Canton, 21 a |; Cumberland Coal pre ferred, 14 a 15; Pacific Mail, 82] a 83; New York Central, 88] a ]; Erie, 33] a ]; Hudson River, 63] a J; Harlem, 19] a ]; do. preferred, 49] a]; Read ing, 48 a ]; Michigan Central, 71] a ], Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23] a ]; do. gua ranteed, 48] a 49; Panama, 126; Illinois Central, 88 a ]; Galena and Chicago, 79 a ]; Cleveland and Toledo, 48] a ]; Chicago and Rock island, 81] a |. We are informed by good authority that a large proportion of the paper held by the Artisans' Bank, and classed by the Gearing House Commit tee as ' suspended paper sndfpsper in suit,'* will prove perfectly good, and that the profits of that bank will more than cover all its losses, leaving its capital intact. At Chicago on Thursday tho off rings of Eurtern exchange were very light, and the market was Ann. On the street I per cent was freely paid, and the banks sold at ] per cent. The New Orleans exchange and money rates are thn* reported by the fiewywne of September 13:? Henry a slightly dearer, ead capitalists uniformly pee diet a considerable advance The demand for specie, la the ahemos of aa ordtsary supply of exchange-, has caused the hsaka to restrict thslr discount movements, aod out side operators ask higher rates Tor all grades of paper Tee change, however. ? el heel a temporary me, as col too operatioas most sooo ootnmeace, be the price what it may, and an Increase Is oilertegi of nchange must as surely follow. Clear sterling bills, loo1, a llo. bank rates 110'? allow. Bill of lading drafts, 104 <* a 100 France, If. 16 a If. ? pee dollar Htsty day bills on New York, we., S a \ an t I per cent dtaeouat Bigot, >, a per sent premium, with some of the hanks asking J, pro Mr. Haws, the City Comptroller, opens to mor row proposals for $3,000,000 of the floating Debt Fund Stock of the City of New York." See tptice in another column. j(wpexed are the receipts of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Company for the first week in FeptMBtt**- I860: ? AT $T.S8S M K3T*. a.eee w ,1 118. W ?8 ; Some week in 186!': - rwimmin. ....88,71PM Ttvm (r?*k\: j? 6MP It- W W 88 Gain m IMP 87M0 M Tbe following he* refeience to th" aettfament of the arrearage* of taterOet on th? oeroiXl mortgage bond* of tbe Toledo nod Wabaeh read:? Wnlill, AMttnamier UmmmmxHUimM to proceed 10 enbaofe Um> Moklog tend beada beraieftin prepared Mdor U>' WTkB(?tn?ot vita the eeooad ?ort (0(0 boo4boki#r*. Ml oorrr 0?t Mill am moo no 1 to ac tor iteone with ibo roootatioo of the Board of Idroctora of Member W, im. That oU evsbtae ooroiogi of tho aol tho payment of tho OKf?l ?*k1 t Z4 . __ Mod* aad lb* eeveenl lootofoot* of mM ilaklag food oiiriii am to orrro* muter aatd arre^ew*t, am to (too ootioa of an reaotottea in ooo of tho wading newo | paper* ia Now York. ! (o parroaoc* nf the rarayoiag rMointtoa, sot to* 10 bee* I by firm that tbe Mid Pmkiag mod bond* ?ill be looood 1 in Uoo of tho coupon* of the aooood wortgaea boodo. doa Ntmwbor 1, Tbi.9. Moy 1, IMP. and VoriaW 1Mb. at throOtoaof tha farmer*' Laaa Md Troot Oampany No M Wail Hroat, 00 and after lb ? date. A BOMY. ft Ml Hot TkW.lR.Oi. Pan. IT, WOP. The Cleveland Columbia and Cincinnati road earned in Augnat ? IMP Ml OM 00 1MB.. 11P.6M M larrteM. PMjOM PT The receipt* of the Baltimore and Ohio Bailroad ?luring the month of Angnet, thi* year and la?t, are ?toted 00 follow* j? Mote 8H*. irot M jr. If. ("a Ttdoi. A*r*l. '?? ??? *? ?,??7 13JM .174,184 Aufuat. 1000 IM.7M MM MAT? tMJWT ? Kho-vlng a net Incroaae of 878 tH 14 over An gnat, 1Mb. ftaek BlthMfi. Moonar, Mt IT. IMP P900P Virginia PI WO oho Har RH prof. 60* 8000 Ntranort fla ... PC* IPONnrwtObAWorRR do* 1000 California T o.. ?? POO Roodio? RR id', aoto jt rnrotmo ? ?. M* 1M do **>??, WOO N Y On RR T'a 108 , IM do......bW ?#* *000 KrieRRtlten b* *8* 2P0 do 4*H 1000 do M 100 do... b? ?0 lMOOMtoboniiobda or *00 do...,, boo 41 ?< 8000 tttrh 8 ? f bda . 81* 100 do M ?P 6000 111 On RRbda ? 100 do......... dl'f 0000 IhC*Mill|bd> it* 86.*> MKh Can I_R.... T** w*p do........ ??, 100 da n\ 6000 3blckNW 111 m 81V 100 .40 bN 11 300006*;* NW2dm 36V 36 t,Btt/kgumcj RK 92* 2600 Ulitt?*iDb 40 SO do. M* *00 MweAMc lmcb M 100 M SoAN la &K. blO 21 44 ?ba Nattoaal Bk. 100 330 34 30 Bk of Odmniw. 100V 100 do *80 34 60 Canton Co 21 600 Co. 24 V 30 Del k Hod CD Co. 90 100 do 610 34 * 20 Pw>b Coal Com.. 82 1370 Ml 8 k N 1 n>l atk 60 60 Pacific Mall PI Co 83 V 60 do a30 49 V 900 N V Centra! RK. 88V 38 do 49\ 400 d& 38* 100 do 010 60 260 do blO MV 100 do b4 60 460 do 84*" 100 do (40 49'i 200 do blO 88\ 100 do >30 60 310 do 630 89 100 do >8 60'. 100 do.... bOO 89 . 100 do bdO 60 , 20 N .1 On 1st) RR.. 117 660 do b30 60 * 100 Erie RR 34* 260 do 60V 100 do ? 34 s 60 do 610 6014 100 do.... blO 34V 1116 U! Caai RR acrlp 89>; 1080 do 34* 60 do ?9V 100 do *10 34V 13 do 89* 100 do >30 84 V 200 do 690 80V 200 do *40 34 V 100 do ?40 00V 60 do.... >8 34 V 60 do b30 90 160 do blO 34 V 100 Qev k P1U RR . 13 200 do 36,V 100 UalkCkiKK.blO 79V 1(0 do b60 36 260 do 79 V 2V0 do b30 36 100 do blO 00 200 do b40 36 V 100 do b30 80 V 80 do 36 60 do ?10 79 V ICO do blw 36 600 do b3 80 60 Hud Rio RR. b40 64 JOO iTevo k Tol RR.. 49 V 26 do. bOO 04V 600 do 49V 360 dofr 44 1260 do 49V 60 do blO 64 V 200 do bOO 68 200 Harlem HR 19', 900 do bl6 49V 486 do 19 V 100 do (10 49 V 660 do 19V 100 Ob;c A Rock 1 RK 92 200 do 680 20 200 do 630 84.V 40? do blO 10 v 160 do 630 82 V 100 do ?7 10V 800 do boo 83 200 Harlem RR prof. 60 260 do 82V 40? do blO 60 V 60 do >00 92 1(0 do b?0 50 476 Mllw k Uiaa RR. 16 460 do 630 61 26 L* Or k Hill RR.. I V 100 do 60,V SECOND BOARD. 82080 Teon 6 a, 90.. 90 V 100 ate Reading RR . 48 * 4000 Hloaoari 6'?... 80* 360 kicbSAN I gt. b30 60 6000 lnCrAMU I * b. 24 V 60 do 63 49 V 1000 Mlcb So ? fbe. 81V 60 do MO 49* 24 00 LCtmAW 1 mb 77 200 do 63 49V 100 ahl CanUx Co 660 27 V 100 do b30 49 V 60 PaeUallHH Oo.bOO 84 ; 200 OvklbUaRR. MO 12 V 16 do 83 100 111 Cen RR I.. 630 89 406 NY Central RR... 88V 100 do . 88V 10041 d J 88 V 160 do 88, 100 do b30 88'; 20 CW.OolkCin RK 9(1 ICO do 660 88V lOOCakCbl RR >30 79; 460 do 630 88 V 60 do 630 79V 800 do 88 V 260 do 79 V 20 NorwfcWorceoKR 41 100 do 630 79V 60 trie RR >30 34 lOOCIevA (otedoKK 49 230 do 34 100 do 680 49V 600 do 660 34V 200 do bl5 49 V 360 do 38 V 200 do 48 V *0 Had Riv RR. b?0 64 V 200 do 48 , 60 do boo 84 V 160 Ch.ARk IdRR 630 82 200 do 64 60 do bl& 82 60 do >30 83 V 160 do 81V 60 do 83 , 300 Ch.BurkQ RK b()0 93 200 Harlem RR... >80 19 V 60 do 92 V 400 do 19 V New York Bawka, H?pt. IT, 1*M. Bar>ki Loan* Specie- CimU'n DepotUt. America $6 292,783 1.3C0 612 149 154 3,800,331 Am KxcbaRge., 7818,399 1,W3.&I2 371' 361 4 310 483 Atlantic 586,881 01 837 83 113 291.864 Artkans' 1 806.862 193 244 96 168 879,143 Bnll B Head 630,439 61 927 119,811 473,449 BnvrT 2 037 823 870 4*5 884 803 1 914.210 Butch A Dror'a 1 786 962 822 235 803,383 1,842.081 Corn Exchange. 1 736880 204 191 184 *37 784 073 Continental...,. 8,182.709 416 830 817,228 1,039,843 Commonwealth.. 12290,666 167,581 381 819 877 8*3 Ottluea*' 866,488 161 180 162 617 696 087 Chatham 840.651 126,174 127,296 680 451 Commerce 12 903 982 1 618.455 1,976 5.413.417 Chemical 2.098 833 871.774 806,090 3,298.110 city 3,189 841 440.137 ? 1,678 990 Pry I Male 467.269 38 616 147,774 276,364 Kant Rirer 370,815 71,371 97 017 2*4.504 rullon 1,403,108 382 081 332 481 1,047 449 Greenwich 779 420 68.874 169 786 682,073 Grocer* 693 684 129.016 64 808 435,767 li&norer 1.601.671 117.972 79.777 724,840 Irylng ? 26,273 120,493 118 964 696,684 Imp. A Trader*' 2.014,110 236,103 190 388 1,614.724 Leather Menuf*. 1,910.646 270 202 *7.106 1 108,400 Manuf k Kerch. 810,788 107,885 143 670 458,530 Mech. Bk. Ans'n. 790 303 97,100 116,744 414,000 Marine 1.033.514 148.900 146 300 004.030 Market 1 728,046 221,714 307.834 1.104 406 Metropolitan.... 7,079.283 871.482 254 060 8 933 342 Mercantile 2 530 827 489 492 29.090 1 845 131 Mecfa. It Trader* 1,138,824 1T0876 141,881 802 088 Merchants'Exch 2'204.080 297 674 134.973 1,394,930 4 800,070 083.680 810.120 2 804 654 Merchant*' 4.660,027 819,768 199.500 3 878,833 Mechanic*' 3 604.708 080 536 312,124 2,374,737 N*W York 4 069 303 006.040 4*0.090 2,080.904 National 2,102,403 176,613 174,388 946,560 North America.. 1 "20 947 199 0*0 79.897 844 480 Nasmn 1,987.841 186 6*0 136.808 1 301 712 North Hirer.... 670.401 96,791 77,807 496.134 M Y 1ichenge. 319 <820 30.163 100,311 379.903 N. Y. County... 4*8.088 47,385 88.030 344 686 Oriental........ 080,970 104860 101861 478.494 Ocean 1,979,419 373 .008 131 609 1 820 <02 Pacific 1.069.710 170 83* 181 8x1 818.900 People'* 781 099 152.065 106,000 505.115 ParlT.T 4,989,373 1.020,091 110.292 4,068866 Vitrei* 9,90*.948 4*? 900 144 A** 1894JM9 Republic. 3.655 997 099 811 294.497 3 591.098 81 Nicholas.... 1.107,319 147,004 97,418 697,119 Shoe * leather. 3.497 713 276 837 385 626 1.138.243 Seventh Ward.. 1820 099 199.491 946.410 092890 SUM 8 069 789 469 494 234.049 1,T72J4T Tradesmen'*.... 1 487 994 1U8M 913,831 747,400 CotoSTrT. 3,047,749 4*1,900 117,001 189*908 Totala 9137,003,79818800,749 9894^83 70,860,760 CITY CGBAEKl'UL REPORT. Motoat, Sept. 17-0 P. M. An** inlet end prior* unchanged. Bnuiwrrrra ?Flour?The new* from Europe, com bined with lnrge reeeiple, prodooed a decided imprraeloo on price*, which fell off 6c. a 10c. per barrel at the open Inc. renchlif ? decline at the clone compared with Satur day ? ranee of quotation* fur aume descriptions of 16c a 30c The ralea embraced about 13,000 bbla , cloning within the fallowing range of prtora ? Superfine Slate 90 U a 6 60 Extra SUM. from old and new wheat 6 00 a 6 56 Ouperflne Weetern 6 30 a 6 46 Common to choice Weateru extra 6 76 a 0 10 St. Lout* antra 6 00 a 0 10 Mixed to atraifht Southern. 6 80 a 0 10 Straight to good extra do 0 1* a T 60 Choice extra family and M*ri brand* 7 60 a 9 76 By# 9our 3 60 a 4 80 0*rm meal. Jersey aad Brendywlne 3 60 a 8 90 ?Canadian Hour wan aim lower and an nettled The ante* embraced TOO bbla. at 96 76 a 97 60 for extra. Southern flour wan aomowhal lam effected, hat with Ore receipt* the market wan doll and beery, with *ale* of 1,700 barrel*, clewing within the range of the aburo quotations. Rye flour waa la Our demand but lower, efcsiag at <?ar Clares, with sale# of 300 bbla. Corn meal wan steady, with aalen of 900 bbla at ><wr flgurea. Whmt The market waa liai mai J by the late foreign aewn, and Ml <ff from Sc. a 4c . per buabet. Large trnnmnUooa were reported b. re and to arrlrr, amounting in the aggregate fur the dap to about 120800 husbeia, J 91 91 Kfcr white Chlttonita for export, 8l 63 a 91 60 'or chotoo white Kentooky, 91 19 Ibr prlmo white Mtohi fan. 91 64 a 91 48 for fair to prime white Ohio, 91 38 a 91 99 X lie red aad amber cot red Weetern, 91 94 n 91 U 9* Milwaukee club, 91 14 a 91 17 ft* No. 3 Chicago ?ring, 9139 a 91 31 tor npelag do. Orw?The mar ket waa hmrr and loww, with a g<?d local and custom demand, Betas were reported to the anient of 1*6890 buahak, at 99c a ?7e. tor Wmtire mixed. At the depot mine were making at The. a Tic br Wmmra iiwi yet tow. Rre?Sates of 1.300 huahek at 99a. Sake eft J90 henbak ikte eprlng barley were made at 99b., aad 4899 do. barky malt at 96c. Oats ware 9rm, with aalas uf Wetter* aad Canadian at 4lo a42c aad sutaa4 4t?. Corraa waa qalet, awaiuag the aaoum aale to eoaie off to muriuw. Oman waa 9rm, hat wttbeet ouotaMa ehaage uadw the aewa, with aatae of ebont 1.9M a 1899 betas ramiien were act Ire aad 9rm*r To Uikpaal atort (9899a99,099 haahak wheat ware ?mil, la Mlpk bag*, at IfljfO., and with two w three htm (U balk) at IMT'sI thectoae 14d- wae adfcad, la ihiph bags, and 1.Aoo bbk. flour at an. 9d., with a tat to Nk J 9k 94.: 100 bene charm al 10* , m<116 kbda. taltow at 10a. To ice v?on W.409 baebek wheat were rcgaged, la ahlppw'a bag*, ?6 14,600 buahok wheat, in ?hip's bag*, at ltd., CVo90 bbk flour at 4x, with 780 bbk. oil cane at 4s. TO U imm. *~ **"?"* "*? 9d.. with ream Mhaeeeeiaio ee.*^*lwa*lakmupft)rOarde, Wake, to lead with wheal k ahlpeere ZZ. M (l4WtV9fc9h)wmukra tor Harm at flOe a aac. _ Hat ?Sataa 0( <99 hata* arw wore made at 70c a Tie. MoiAiwm quiet Pant me? ?Pork?The atarket for pork wae martlet ?ad km buoyant Hale* embraced about 4*0 bbk.. m clod lag new mam at 819 26 a 91* 37)4, ?d new prune at ?14 a 114 90. Hmf wee unchanged. aad Oktae eoaflaad to 109 a 490 bbk. Baooo war Arm aad la demand lard waa qutat md beery aatoe flfl* bbk. aad tlrroee al 19e a 18!*e. tor Wlira aad at 120. a 13?e. tor Butcher*' Butter aad cheese were la good demand ?ad prtora Arm. Or ha Be ?The tales embraced 1,300 t 1 400 hbd* , chiefly Oahe muscovado. mostly within the range of Sa turday *? prtora. 3 H I P P 1 N Q N~E W S. E*raa?Mi aff Graaa fltoowtrt. raou BLaunk WeaiM. /ynrm. Aw*. /be ISPr=:5!Sir:::::tl t'to? K=Sk::::::S ! ::fclS Kwapa.. IkwvwL Brat f...,...Banw Adrians. - jnalbamnlim Sap* If...Mwfkf Bdmborx Urerpew*. .fepl If JtwM *&! u. ..Mr* t<wk II. . sew York Part kff Raw York, hep teas bar IT, ltMLO. utm Steamship Meant Verona, InySeid, MaraamJi-B B Crom well A In, Ship Kaieiald Tata, >'nrsl*h, Urerpoot?Tnpwy'i A Oo. "top <?***? * ??"?, P*?", lArenpoot-W T MOW ibip Bacon, n my. L?*rpooi-D usdm. Wli Ksishritr. Per Una, London?C ' J>ud-au A 00. .Skip Southampton, Pratt, London? Morgan * Whey 8hi| Pauio* Unary. Hour*. LonUun?Uru-nel), A Co Bblp A natty. RUnnon. New Orleans?N H Brig hem. "rl* Ooean Were. James, Cetlo J K W^rd A < a. Mrlii Circassian, Hnngan. Cetue-H 1) iirookman A Co Bit* Echo. Bice, Port tu Prince- IlelalVId Wileu? A 0|> Brig Indian Queen, MoOrv-or, Celsis-ll J 4 0 A Dewolf Schr erlete*, <'kuH-. 'scmel?Ruuhnrdt 4 Co. Rchr Kami (Br), Scott, HnrborGraoe? Roger* A Rich. Schr Ocean H.rd (lirj, I?*kbart 8t lotto, Mil?U It Dewu.i, Prbr J A Wood ho aw*, Terry, Ream* Rchr Be* Hmger, DeUiue_j, Penetooi*? B- oner A De.ike. Schr Me-eenger, ?, Richmond. Schr Barm Jute. Jones, Petersburg? Van Brant X Blight. Schr D J Sawyer, Hall, Philadelphia - "Impsou A 'Tapp. R hr Henrietta,, Pal) Hire'?M.iawr. Stoop WUlard, Hare, Wow port Mailer. AMHJVUI. Steamship Tentoola (11am), Taube. Hamburg, Sept 1, via Southern i urn tin, with indue auo *37 paa?ugrra to Kunhsrat * Co. lai mat, to the mouth uf the Hoc pnaaml ahlp Ino Ury not, bound In; 1Mb. pnaaafl the wreck ot a ?alcrlngrd v?w I, apparently an American bark, maata goue, Uih, ri ot' Sable Island, pinned ateainablp Prince Albert, hence for St lob a and U at war. 10th. off Ueorgoa shoal, paaaed sleamehlp Harare*, henee for Southampton and Ham burg SteamahiD Mount Vernon, latyneln. HaTaonah. with mean ahd paaaeogera. to n B Cromwell A Co. Ship Dreadnought bamnels, Liverpool, Aug 19, wtth mdae aod Wlphaaeoyere, to 1) < gdrn Sbtp Wed Point. Spencer. Ueerpool, An* 8 wtth mdae nod ZSt paaaengera (all welll, to C Carnw. One death (an infant) <>u the paaaage. Aug 91 iat 46. lop 3D, a poke barh II W Hurt m, from Antwerp from New York Ship Alice. Murphy Hhlnlde 37 daya, with mat, to order. Ship Old England lot Bath), Larrabee, Newport, W. Aug 1. with railroad iron, to order. Aug 19 lal 13 2d, ton 30, spoke wha eahlp John Coggeakall, 3 mo* out, on a crulae, all well wtth90bDl-< ap oil lame day, whaling bark .1 tl Durall. or Prorldruce, all well, X8lh. Iat 43 31 loo (U 15, fishing achr P I, Thompson, Ship Stag Hound, Howard Havana, 16 da ya with a agar, to Ireland A Tucker ancle .red at the Iarwar Quarantine. 12th lnal, oS llatteraa, czoerien ed a heavy NW gale, loet and apl.t ?tile Ao. 6th mat. Jame* MnClary, of Scotland, seaman, died; 6th, John Luvrei uf Ireland, died. Skip Ht Joule. Johnson, New( rleana, Aug fl, with mdae and 2 steerage passengeri pi Wm Nelaoo A Hone. 4th (rut, lat 13 67. Iat 80 68, algna&aed ahln Martians from Boatoo for New firlean*; 1Mb, lat 38 12 Ion 74 signalized a bark showing a bine signal with white centre and letter W in It. Bark John fayauo. Puller, Bordeaux, Aug 28, with brandy, to J A T A R Webater. Bark I tab, Williams, Sun Juan, Die, Aug 13 wrttb hides, to C 1 >urand. Aug 28, lal 21 Ion Ml apuhe brig A H Cook, from Penaacola for hew fork. Had heavy weather no the pamage; eplit fore and main topsails. Bark Klmlra Osombs (of Unonta villa). Drink water, Sagua, Aug 28, with sugar, to Wal?h Carver A Chaae. Bark Sam SW pberd, lierrtman Sagua. 18 day*, wtth sugar, to J K Ward A Co. Anchored at the Dower QnurtuiUne. Bark Palth, Keaaey, Boatoo, 6 dayi id ballast, to J W De ls no Brig Tltanla (of Eaafport), Falsera, Mayaguea PR, Aug 13, and Turks Islands rrpt 1. with salt, to arruwtmllh A BalL 7th Init, lat 31 30, Ion 76, passed brig Mary McKae, steer ing HE. Brig A P Pinker, Plye, Manianllla. 28 days, with molasses Ac toC A K ,i Peters. Anchored at the Lower Quarantine. Brig Ira (of Hearapon), Williams, Sagua, with sugar Ac, to master Brig Forward (Br), Conllleet, Lingan, CB, It days, with coil, to D R Dewolf. Brig ? spray (Br), Cole, Kackvtlle, MB, 9 days, with fish Ac, to P I Nevlua A Son. Brig Howard (Br), Hlcklet, St John, MB, 6 days. In ballast, to C C Duncan A ? h, Brig Hahao, Brows, Mew Havsw, 2 ilava. Schr Village Belle iBr), Harvey, Windsor, MS, 10days, with plaster, In 1) R Dewolf Scbr Ouloare (Br, of fwmbtidge), (haw, Two Rivers NS, 18 days, with spars to master Schr 1 Aura (Br). H?)d?n St John, MB, 14 days, with laths, to Hre i. Son A Co. Off Cape Cod, during the late gale, lust deck load. Scbr M E Hoy kins. Dougherty. Richmond, 3 data bchr T B Si sap auo Kills hurt oik, 3 daya Schr R K 'Jones. Jones. Aleiandrla. 4 daya Bchr H W Benedict. Kills. Aleiandrta. 4 days. Bchr J (lU'-st, Reiner. Aleiandrla, 6 days Scbr A B Wetmors, Bogart, Aleiandrta. 6daya frhrRf Jones BedelL Aleiandrta. 8 dava. Scbr E Hamilton. Van CUef, Virginia. 2 daya Scbr J Wright, Walllus, Virginia, 2 days. Scbr H C Bunting, Klcnardsun, Virglnm, 2daya Schr HeUe, I ublierly, Virginia, 2 daya. Schr Enterprise O't'onneU. Virginia 2 dgya Fchr ( orncllns, Blrdaley, Virginia, 2 daya Schr R A Cooklln, Bogart, Virginia, 2 days. ScbrP Ilencla Mouilurd,'Virginia, 2 days. Scbr J A D Cramer. Bole. Virginia. 2 days. Schr Direct Bevcrldge, Virginia. 2 daya Schr H T Wood, Chambers, Virginia. 3 dayi. Schr W Friend, Dovrland. Virginia, 4 daya Bchr W D Plus, Cary. Virginia, t daya Schr Delaware, Mt*r-hell, Virginia, 2 days, bchr Palrfsi, Mott. Oeorgelown. DO, 7 days Sehr Ann D. Newton Oeorgeiowm, DC, t daya Bchr Anna Drummond, Rowland. Oeorgeiow n, DC, 4 daya Bchr A Van Chef. Decnard Bahlmcro, ? day*. Bchr New Haven Ortffin. Philadelphia for Bridgeport. Bchr Jamra A Lucy, Chase, Am boy for Bostoi. Bchr 8 K Bart, Tonne, Bangor. 7 <Liya S. hr Iris, Huey. OalaW, 10 daya Scbr Oregon, Naah, Kocklaod I . - ? _ 8 days. Bohr Amanda, llolbrook. Rockland. 6 daya Bchr Gertrude Uorton. CendJeion, Rockland. 6 days. Bchr Pathway, Iangataff, Salem, ? daya with palm oil. to Knasp, Brothers A Do. Bear Cyrus Chamberlain, Hxllett, Boston, S days, tr Allda Knhinsim. Pblladelptua. er Sarah. Jones. Philadrlchia P T Usaru. HtdeU. Phllmtelnhla. BHCW. Bh4p Glad TVUnga Nelson, from ll vvre, with mdae to Wm Melano A Sous?was boarded 13th Inst, off Usorgea Hhual. by piled boat Ezra Mye Bark Jaapet. Bennett, from Marseilles, July S3. Bark Mary Bently, Pans, from eagU-i, Aug 2b. lirlg Atlantic (Br), from Nassau. Brig Belie. Wmd daring the Any R. v MlKellmaMU. f>TtiUtrnr On-irene?RaTsnnab Saul 13?A lighter with goods came *r this morning. Tk?- w rk nf rettlnp oat cargo In progressing "lowly on account of bad wentbar. but It <a < ipeet ad last all the cargo wilt be got oat with little damage?a baavjr ? might present. The steamer Um tolerably eaey. making little water ?<By tatter to kllwood Waller, Ret), dearetery of Um Hoard or Utiwartlan) Setr Cataca, Morrill, at Mew Haran from Sunderland. on the Uth loot, when wear port, rarrte-t away the fore topgwlant timd split sails, aod bad to put back to the harbor of Mew Baa* Hantra?Hear Maria Morse ML Palmer, at Bnafoo for Philadelphia, re porta, loth Inatlat SsTfell 1b with bar* Maahua (of Koatoe), Law ta from Mew Tort for Philadelphia, la a Ma k la?r ooadlUoa. aad look of all hsnda. t'acl I-ewls, of the SmRsasns ?<Kr.*s,,rs, s leak loereaetag aad the remal laburtag hard. AlltM Mt, b unded wall aad imind three fret water la the hold, being unable to keep bar free threw orer about twenty loin of rarg > to lighten her torward la hoeee to tutd tlie leak, bat n> no a rail. Hounded aeala al 7 AM, aad round live feat ad water la the hold, and the pom be stoking from attire eerro. The leak Iktaed an fax that st ft AN gave op all hopea of earing her. Maw a tail tlttren atUaa to leeward, w hloh prorad lo he'the ?arte Rotating. ma down aat reooaaled her to lap br us Wrather more moderate with a beery swell, the raaat'l rolliag badly. Let go both anchrs to brtn* her head lo the ana. H<-M a atuiaalUU' n. aad cooclode<1 to abandon bar, aha Mnk tie In twenty m tonus alter leering. Went on board the Maria Roianaa at 3 I'M, where we were kindly rect lred by Oapt I'aimrr. and brought to hat nr. Tl.a Maria Roianaa km a boat aad lor mill la a gale 11U total. Bigg, from Baltimore for fork, before reported In ?otllMaa with the wharf at 1-ocuM Ratal, put Into Norfolk Itlh last, leaky. Ha Rank We H Jrmmra. rhnr-btll. al Beaton from Ardmn ?an. no the Id nat. lal 46 40 km 30. In tml? from MM', broke mala topt .aat tr? neltraea and sent down the tnpinaat. ftma II 11>T?* (of laet-iorO, Traey. at Prmrtdenoe 14th Inrl frtea Phi ladal phis. at the aostaMCtstimal of the h.sry N W rule df to- ulh. at I PH. anchored 1 miles M of Moot ,uk, al lithe a ttr began to drag aitb both andtcaa aad the kadge oat, and to prerent har foundering wan oum veiled to throw orar'oard about 3000 brtrts. Mean W B Dew**. which waal aahore on Block IaUad night of kth tax. while on the pasange from lb ? ton lo Philadelphia, baa been unaied <M, a| >| smelly but attghUy damaged, and ar ntad al hrwportoa toe 1Mb. Mr** Am i me, of Bltownrlh, -I Roibory 1Mb InM, eame la the aaaal at eight. raoght on lha bank made by deepealeg the channel cw the Bnetoc Mde. heeled orer. filled with water, aod wee damaged from MM to 31000. Sloop Jolt Uau_ WUoo*. from Tort Karen for rawtoekx. lox deck load of eoa) In the MW gale of Uth um. while at aa rher under Palklaad laland. Ktoor rriaiJta Km. al Proetdenee from thattoun. kw! her boat and earrtod away hrr lopmax ia a heary sen, oa Wedaea dap lack Pieman He?rw At at Pre*, of Prorldenee, lathe gale of Wednesday alght, when at aw. boe m TarpanUa Onre, had to ?dp her debtee aad ran far Nlai ha Bight, bat by a mtanaleuia Uon waa ran uhors 1 mtlee from tha > nlraare. If the www ther om.Unu.e moderate she will be gal off, bat el ones Id ere Htesxree R R Fossae, with a wrark la tow, asdeuf 'edtp brig Mary Ptoree, of ead from Hangnr far flew I Is r en bsfora reported swpXied. emrsd at Pronaoetown Sunday AM. Oaaairer*, Kept B?The Loon. Larhin. from Ardnemu far Gcxoe, pat la here tot tox rwry marh Mralaed sad techy. jiWMmeeae. Mew,a for flea PreeMeiiB, witch got bank BRh leaky, li dtoehargtag. nuw or Gar* McCtruura-Oapt Book, flf the MUp Bella Weed, hence el Mew toll mi reports Mm Otot MH"nTlnm, nf the chip Cyncenre, dtod eaddealy ae ike Md ah. ok Oaa Key. The Opeaaera saUsd from ibis pari boaad to Mobile, rw Mo. Oullui'shodp wee hertsdatsaa. Oapt Bush put hie MM of Sear. Br Johaena. la eharge ?* t*e Cpaneore. to take hat into Mobile (where Mr an lied Kkh tool). bJ3 ?* MMbume. BR, Hi UM. hoe been sold at BUM At srkr Alersnder M. ItJ toet. baUt at Freetown in UP7. rebuilt 1a New Pork hi UML and appeared to UM 34M3. eesh. By aneMoa. U IMM of ship Rsjah. MU tona, htpu la 13M. M 37U0 cask. Lseecsm?A beenumi sahrof BB taee. e*11ed Me Psany Mom. wsa Lsonched at WoMertp, B I, an the IStk lax Rhe waa built by * Mreenman A ftou, In the moX snbaUallal sua mt. sed Is Intended for the li iMn i trade, under I of Oapt laaar T UsrlB. of W Mwlj. ftotteT from*%pl Bbermaa, of hart AUaaUr. NB. r,-porta her ai ?as Ang ?. tat 17 *. k? ?ai w, with wobtnae ou. to m,(M tmti. Kept, then grfsgtnto Payal. sW.'a&Vwtj-?? NpMheN, Ac. fart Uada, heaor for Matsntaa. Sept t. no tat or Mm. Bart liarlb steering BR. sept 3. let* ? loo ft. Bart I H Hamilton steering B, wae Oren Kept 14, tol tl B. Mm MM. A harh starring *. sh ute* a redxrnsl with s white dta mood ta R, war seen Hep* UTCape (tod RW 30 ssllea Purtlfh Porta. AnrMOMA*. Ang SI?Rid I'VtoA Pish liopt Oeana. Besc*r Nma kept I?OR, Atlaabr PsMkueeu. from Hew fork for Ik l PUD, Pepl 1 ?Rid town. TreM. Oerdlff and Vstart ma; 3d. Roceew* thaar. i P whttoer, Arery aad ?hertdan. RttseslI, ROtrmea HeaMUea. Aug SO?Rid Naretde. flrenler. fix Prtkilexi. BscowgarHir** Am B?ArrHetdRpragne IUllxxgilx. Mew Tort. RnewMeRtrrw. Ang ?? Art Anna ItolNR. Rtrtrter, WTort. OhllgL Aag Sb-Arr Btole of Batoe. Ualea. MTnrt. Cosmsnn rt. AngBh-Arr Widelmin- Ixsrxtoe New Tort. rifAi. Repi 3?Ait flraee Rom PeedtotdM, totodon (aad Md fee BUrtoaea) ?'I Mb. (Vmntorn of Rdaketd, NTork. Psseed by do 3d. Nkollaa, Pato-ttrteh. from Mttadcrlaad for "kMJforrit.BepI 3-Art BxtortRryaat.Mstoaras flumiw. Kept 1?Art he bra Greoksr, dtoptaa, RTort. Md let, Msdlds * whole, ROrtaaea l^sETn'rr, i&dx&ss&vs: Hrti. Repl 3?RWBee, NTort. HsertMs, Repi 3?Of, BtvrUugVm, Enm, from RoRerdeM Oardtf. _ Jirsk,Ang Kl- Air Arago Ot), Umm RTkrt. BU Beg4 I, Oeward. ivrrseha. Mohfto, Hasnt mo. Aug Si-Art Bakoata 4M), tUrt. R?w Tort. Or Rarth Meyer, day, In Strom Rapt 3-Art Psmaeroe M, 1-Aerisnde. RTort Itarta Riewart. I'renua. do, a II Htortae. Talbot. M John NB. Keaei, Bail*. Rnrdeam. ?Id IX. J at flmhrta, Ittmsn, Baltimore. M, M?nkMI?x, r?U oa. RVork. Jsstato. WDsrm, Rsitlmrre. 5M let. J teach Ktah, Voaag, Nt 'rleaae. , Kat oel 1st (?err. Bart*. ("slr>rtto: Kate Prlart, 'lemsk, ROrleatta. K>relator, bwlft, aod Bary AAR, ttweed, Rlurk; Itaroe. Orap, hat sneak. I.o?r?.n sept 1?Art RylphMtn*, Rron'and, WHminga w, R( Knl mil let Aehlllee, fist.sgber. Phtlaal ephdki ?-Id let, Csetlpe Bmilh, ROrleans tnd ? t from Deal 3tht Sid tram Urat meet) 1M, B WfltUr Parley, RtehoM Big fwc Hi Janeiro asd from Owl uexi day', 3d. T -ttows. My?r, lltii In pert Ut th'p? lubu f rur Kr.'gh( w<l Xia?I>>w port, I imorj, lor Busltm klc; <1 il iin4ll?5i, lor H Vurk 4?, Hi Peier. Harm for rb lsdr'..bin ito, Keg"'speed, i'lckrriag. a I. J WUch "f ike Wa.e, 1'udd. for Purt I'hlb . r my rran Windward. bunerl<jr, Hnule, Kdaa'd Hytnan, Nei I; J A nukib', tonoa. Leap.og Water, nardscr, Southerner. Sonlv; Unities Bull) Main; Mlirt rtte-?di?b (Jardlurr and Mklar Jia*. kdaunl Kverrll. Hilar an.l-IJ.uor>, tm iiKUih liseugsgrd; Ooi'lur. Hoillh, ??? a * lo ballot; bnrko H.i.i.wlb, (larder lor NYork (or BoeVmV big ArhllUa, lial laabar, lor rbilacrlphui. do; JaiioM Heals, Crocker, lor Hahi*; l\arbce, Kirmot.a, for KloJkuclro, bug Nuneaog, Noghrr, for ilo. LirkOH. Aug 24?Off, a Urge Amer brtgunlln* ' Maa.KiixO.-i Sept 3?Arr I A Word II >0, Now Viwk rU 01 i brahor. ViKAi.OAkr, tug? lo port brig War Kagle, Williams, for Ph Wdrlpbia _ Mii/inuiii. Aug V Arrprev brig Knudulpb, Hallstt, Bar be. n? In bi d for ivwlun MtaacaihO, Aug M?lining o. a brig supposed lob'' lb? I Addy Haul. ' Wxtauo/ Aug 25?Id port ichr Amelia, for Newburyport lo balloat t kayo Ntwaiiiv Kepi 2-Patted by, Jamai K Keeler, Delano, from lindnn lor N fork. Ntwi't-ri.r. Sept 1?Mm out, YYUdeaun. Driest, NYorkMlarl ' too Tlilr, Worklund, Stork. Cld lot, Kesouc. Maker New port HI. CwiwofO. SkpllaHl Margaret Kvana, Warner, MYork; Ketilere. NOrleena j Parta-il by d? 'id, Youog Mat banlc. Aniabury, from husder land for N York. Pt*mouth. Hept 2? Arr Prey, Km ail. NYork. riUMO, auk 1M?Arr Iiuloapptna. PokT All Paiera, Aug 31?Id purl brig MotiUeelln. Covens, from Hiatus air 29th, Isabella Beurmasu, I unfr an and for MSorh, dltgd, alio a bark from NOrleaua wllb molgraou, and a brtK from Hie ton wllb lee. Am*. IW, auk 31?OB tn? Hurl, bark ('orlulao, Hieeograie, I ruin N York for Bremen Hinoiia, Aug 24?Md IX' Yeoton, I'ote, NYork. HoMiaakaini, Kept I?eld Isabella r Jones, Mood barn. New York Sr Km*. Auk'id?Arr tchr southern Btar, Pee, Bllxabrth t Mi land kid Hat for Win tyrant). Ht M tones Aug 27- In port brig Ht Mary, Stevens, for Now Yoik toon. San Jnin Nlc, Ang 13? No Am vraaal ui port. 11'KKs IskABPt. Bepl 1?No Am yeaaal In port V a site, Aug 27? Arr Andrew Gkraey, Mayo, Liverpool America* Porta. ALEXANDRIA, Hoot IB?Arr eebro Henry Perkioe, Ooid ridge, aad Joe coug, Plersnn, Hootou, Yankee Ibiodle, Van oiler, and L P Phacro Cronmer, Prondpnea. Went Wind, Hur iielt, Palestine c'ombreen and dorprtoe, Cole, NYork. Hid tchr '"baa UoakU], Button. Troy. UC.HTUN, kept IS, PM?Arr bark Wm H Jooklno (BrI, i Churchill anrmu. brlgk Plkit Kiob, Heard, Mlragnane. Via tor, Haokell, Koudout; schra Wm Allen. Uraot, Alexandria; i Julia Maine, Prrattm, ant Paugatsstl, Waplee, Philadelphia; HW dodfrey. Weeks; do. H Enba-p, Hpott ord. do; J Max wrll. May. and R u Wbiidcn, .Veal, do, R J Me roar, Aobiotou, i and km II Malller, Colby, do; J May, Cobb, do, Neptune, Nye, and tteitora, BarUeit, do; Maria Roianna. Palmer, do; Superior, Moore, Kluaielbpori. Lauoo, Hearte. NYork. lAb-Arr ste-nner Uhmbridge, Howes Philadelphia; ship I William laird, Jr. Hie henDg. Liverpool, Ilr bark I<nranter, | Raymond Glasgow. brine Arbutua (Br), Maker. Ardrneean; 1 n II H iggle* Br , Blauvrlt. Ml Martini. Harp, Williams, Al eiandr a, TrlsdeUn Taylor, do; oruiiinbo. Traey. do, H Meant. Treworgy. do; IIV Hirb, Dlggs do Kmpire, Beaioo, Baltimore, J beaut, Frd-they. Phi .uleltihU; forest Stale, Cronker, do; Alltlon. Hawyer. allrabrthport; Unmtp Handy, I NYork; tchrs Wedge, tHri hmlth, AnKUitla; ilalllope Nell, ' WlltnlDgfoo NC, Haute Kiwo. Poland, do, cltlef lofOalveo too), Norria, Clryelaoi, Ohio, via yuab. o. Huatn. it'igert. Ru-hmond; earah Oardoer, Hardnrr aud binnenotn, f.alir, I ! Philadelphia; Mary Anna tllbbt. Alliance Ireland and rara Ku, Ualch Phlliuiirlphta. 0 V W Himinous ilodtrev; W I* x, Houek; Helen Mar. Nlekerarm; Ke llnrPm. Clark. Anne Magee. Wbeatou, KW Berrv. Wlielden, and !> K Merah<m, i Allen. Phlladeluhia; Arabella, YVata, and llamor. Itoman, | EM/abetbiio-t, Kl Dorado, Cole nod Jane A Ku/.a, Hk-eardo, do. Ihalcorr Taylor coring Perth Amboy; l.ewle Waltb, Peine, Port Kwen, Pkebe K l/abeth. Smith and Plymouth Roi-k, Norrte. N York Signal for a ba'k hid Natnrday. wind W, eteamer M R hptulding ahlpt Shirley, Kentiteklan, Tellua Sunday wind W to HW. bark 'IikkI Hope; brig Auuie I.anrle HaI.TIMuHK S?|.t IS a lb Arr brem thip llermine, strtck er. t'ailao; baikt Columbia (Brem), Hemcke; Cherokee, llop hint. New Orleaoo, ocbrt Adella Kelly, Kelly, Portland. J W Kumety. Taylor, Boelon Kntb llalney Penny, Providence, F I II AbboU, Smith, and Alice. Davis NYork. At Cjuaraotme, brig Martha Washington. Iltll (rem die vanilla. PK. I'ld ehlp i ooi|uett Heart Ldvrrpooi bark John c! Brune. Uayle, Wet! I Indies blig Mtraball Dutch. Ctlkey, Boeton. trhrt l.u.xle Kut I tell, Marun, Atpinwall land eld); Alloc Kowe. Kimball, Writ , Indies, Naiad yneen, Huloe, Provtdeuce: I Merwln, Avery, and Hannah Martin, tilaigbl. New Y'ork. H ent to tea 11th tnat. thlpt Hremtrxarun, 'I'wl Ight, and Peruvian; bark Ktba, and tcbr Jbbn Williams; 12th, l arks Uambla, I'ncle Ham, and Uetnikk. BANUOR, Hept 14?<1d brig Beaver, Tapley, Barbados and o nakt BATH. Hept 14-Arr brig Wb.taker. Noooan. Baltimore. Hid 13th ship 'I-ran Send fnew), Jack. New Orleans, ochr Cherub. Bailey. Nlork. From below, ahlu Tranelt, Norleans. BaMKR'S r.ANDf.Vil, Kept IS- Arr achr Almeda, Carl wrlpbt. Port Kara (IBARblfTOY, Hept 13, PM?Arr brig L P Snow, Kmith, NTnrk DICHTON, Hept 14?Arr ochr* R F Stockton. Cronmer, Alexandria. Rod angle. Brower, do (with loot of lure mill. KAMI PtiRl, Kept 4?Bid tchr Dragon, Sadler POlladelpbla PAST MACHIAK, Hept 13 Sid brig Blylra, Clark, NYork; Okhr t rueoe, Kisler. On. BAST i;RRKNWICU, Hept lS-Sld tchr Mary Rant, lien dertoo. Philadelphia. I'klX HIYKR, Hept 14-Ayr trhro Y Irgiu'a. Darie. and Blrhard Borden, Arnold. Aieiaadria W H Kutau, i.audy, l'hi ladrlphia (with loan of lib); cow.ecttcul, Pratt KUsabethport; m Thie Winane. Davis, OYork; olnoo Isaao II Borden. CutUos. do; 14th, achr James MarUo, Hording, Philadelphia for Provt deoee. UIAK'CRHTRR. Hept lt-Arr Rtate Nantual School ship Momarh'iaeeUa, trirdler, Hootou mo o cruise). . MtiHIhK Sept 10?Arr thlp Cynoenre. Johnonn (late MoCul lum who died OA UK S). NYork, bark linden, Kerby. do. NITW ORI.RANH. Hept 11?Arr ships (hlaa. Wlggioa Urer pool; Montana. WUUamo, Motion, Bal e Wood. Huah. NYork; bark H A htepkeooco, Hrmmerv. do. Br brig Kate. H event. Belli*, Hon. vis kualan Island. tchr C F Smith, Wetierland, Havana Cld ships Stephen Crowell, Burgeon, llavre, R IJ Humner, Dyer, (lenoa 12th Arr ship Urandywtne, Purtntoo, Hoeton; bark Delpboa, Wilson, do. Below, snipe Potomac. Hand, from Llverpoil. Touloe. I i thur, Hultana. Benton, and Maid of Urleant. Den olo, from NYork. bark Den Taylor. Brown, from Boston, brig Ida RayDta Foot*, from Philadelphia, tchr Mary ('Union. R> an, from Baltimore. Cld thlp (laleoa, Dowry. NT or*, brig West Indian. 1 hum son. Ht Pterro, Mart; tear Itaac Touooy, Hanson. Orwctoe a lBco, lion. Towed lo eta SKh Inst, ship CYmgrem. NCR FOLK, Hept 14? Arr bark Agues, Thompson B vltlm ro for Cork, put In leoklng. ochre Albatruo?, I'hose NBedford; Mary Khxa, Lyons, and Tunis Depew. Kdmnoda NTork. NWW BKDPOHD. Hept 14?Ait irhrt KUxaJone Adams. Baltimore. Milan Rolman, Bowman. NYor*. Larktn, ksllsjr. Mom bom tor Alexandria, Hirmnger. Handy. Sandwich for NTork; 1Mb, ? C If ohm. FurnamNaneentond, Rmylre HUle, Atwood, NTork. Kid Ulh. trhrt Washington, Merrill. NTork; 1Mb LnrfcJa. Kalley. Alexandria; Ana s Salter, Flak, NYork. NEWPORT, Sept 14, PM?Arr tchr Angler, Reme. Wareham for NTork; (' I. Dovering. Jones. Taooum lor CUalieUiporl. Returned, tchro Victor, Vnrhlebead. an IC Matthews. l*b?Arraehi* W >1 DcniUA Block lalaad 'where the has been aaborei; Allen U Brown, Kdwordo. Klloabcthport; sloop Rleoti. Hriggs, do. NEW HaY A.N, Bept U A 14-Arr ship Chases. MorriU, Run drrlsod, tchrs Hrory, Janes HtlUmore, Mary A Kills Baaja mla; Psmale, Holmes, and J M Braloerd. ~1?ir. Bli/a hrthpori, Alexander. MeDlmlrk, Mary A Caroline. Adams. 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Roodonk Hid taM V i T i mrnnr. Hualiay. PhlladMphht, John B Holmes ?oak. aad D W haunlara. Al *^C8MotiD Hept 14-Arr anhrt Mary A Adeline. JeoAlna. Albany, D W Vasghan. Newbury. New York. Kid srbrt WT Ailtisnm jhittsk, riuitdsaue, (VmMaw, Mom. NTork. HAT ANN AII, Rapt 14-Arr bar* T light. Hawks, New Turk; brig Hannah Naleb, Osteins. Portland. SKABaPi>BT. Kept ll--(ld harks J N Jnkttnt. ffisha. Man trrlden sad s as; ?, B A Mthms, SiohnkL Rm JuMm HAl BM, Hept 14- Arr tehrt Mary BNmkh. Hmlth Wm A Haitim nd. Cain Huitowa C i lark Ulpsy, Ipgalla, ?n<1 Mar lha NW-kela. CallatAO. Philadelphia. Haniet Re.elL MUllag loa. and Rtatutl Ntsk. Dana BlraSetApnrt Niger. Hsrdlsg. Port Nwea Cnrln a M. J ones. NTork Md sshr Msatsvei Battar, PY4lt4tlpkI| l?ta-A" ?hrt Pansy. Mai haw. B R Waakon. lewig, had ?aria Pk-Anp. Raker, Phlladslpkla, Vtalon, cumaon, NRm tilhs Hid sshr Narnb mark. OrtOa. Philadelphia. HIPPICAN Rapt 14-Arr anhr Minnehaha. I an,We NTork. RTDNINdTON; Rswt 14- Arr tnhr Jane, barbae, sew York; ?imp Jnal HsU. WUoox, Port Rwsa for I'awineket. WILMINDTON, NC. Rent 14-Arr brigs Nteerrs (Dwtrk), Tanorserel, PYUadSipAls. 14th. Alhart AdUSA, Coismm. Hoe loo. tchrs Alba. Powell, and I If Dm, Cha?e, New York. Cld a brig* Kircoe (Dnlchi Hthrmi Rotterdam Vand ites, Ire . Phllsd. 'phta lkth Meam>hlp PsrkerAbu.g PowsU. New York; Br bark Arch*sot. Pulasm, Bull; brig Adrnaii. i ro J r?nw<>* a u a * unp to buppau> rottr oppicn, on A Tk radar. n?it lolba OUMAB. Ant pomon mirriiNo to adopt a tin* taafir girl, Ikrw ?fli oM, will pMa> adf *m i. 0., x-.t. a P Tfarl araaae. or bm IA' Mrrabl ntn. f'? OTA *Nk INPOBMATION WANTND-OP BARNNT M.THtUJF, mUKr of Um rono?y of Nonnbaa. Jrrlaad, wfen aallart for IM* emintry about tbrar taafi Nnoa. Aar tatfurmattoa wtl) M tkaaRfttitjr raaatvad br kta ootMOa tnw Vartin. No 17 Mmb atrart. jwatijn. Bar.lartna (fraa > Hfin ptoaar ?THI* BNNT THN IT* OP PBaNKTNAPI', OP baBa.Oarmaay, ba ?nu boar of maarOTlai to baa ?y cnUtar <m U Nan A Do, U Broad nmt TBONAB M. J ABBS WILL PL* ARB CALL BBPOH 1 Tbnradar aa>l at IN Broad* a*. ? baBa^a of lai ftmaar. aad obima i. * P nr ANTNt) TO ADOPT?A PtN* HIALTWT NOT. PRO* TT In birth aoaabnl Praarb, Kacitab or Aaaartoaa aaad art t Addroaa B. N. K OTUtoo B. Battoi -= ? rtow may babaA. TOBACCO AND IK0AM. Havana hboabi*?bt thn m on i.oot at a aatlrt* in IB* PwAaaar af ? f*r .dOTlItfjOT ***** *?? < pttara. abmbwtU rradUy ba ?WmtTTaradmi rtaminau?m. Pgr ?tJat /UIo. W. Hi H'tlJ), lanmrtar, 71 Utmtf mmt 1.000.00(1 ?K!*.TSE? iBMRt ?. ?ntuuemss n T?? LATf w* cuMinciTios. A ^ i1 v* uiHmiinj in <*tj. >-u rt l * ** ^i-"or?u<: ?? ?MnfsU""11 uaiu 7 ? ?Wf*?isrsjs: A "? m 4i>i r<i?Ki,c s> ffl ,r"?.t '!""*??<? Mut~? uu5 f""'-si'ssr-"??Efftui&Si torr^e gtjrSpff A cliu.blru 1 ?rou L|T |20PM *?* "AI.N V'KRT i'"-/>ii>jyy -?*??*? ?*??.r.w W"* *?? UIIW, u>tiiolia.,?. ^r*r;?K?. n>ui? 'nr ca I, i flj* >ce in ii>nUkixu?wia aW.Ii.*! V**" $,t**W or 92 UUU Mo_i[6 Third tteuut. ",l' to Jt*UN F?TTHCrcH, BOARD-A FAMIf.T, OR (iKNTI.KMBM Z can I. mpamidiki i*u. | . * AND W1V*KH. unfurtiiUi.d at 178 Weat Fourteetu^L'"*/."?"?*bed or OcJock. i-af.rencen g.rtu and nuiumi Duuwr at Ax G***^*1*0 or PARia At 385 and 757 firoa?'wtty. Mr*. C. Lftrtsa lufcrma the )%<)??? of N?? v^rw ??a . and toe trade in aeo.ral, that toe ha. ??dl2d JSh ZJT1' i,11 ??-?.?" *? ^kd?,, MI1.I.INBRY, RONNBTd, DRKD8 OAPH HKaDDREhhm i- ? VS?*"*.** w?25!!!w ' M-~* ?"? "? received evtoy month direct fnm Paria. In C. LEViNd, . *? J. H. OOMBOJf, ia*??< W Prow I a ay. New York. VIABONIC-l KXiNiiTON l.ODfJM, HO Jlo ~T~A If KWi^fSBS^&??r-'tss: ?S=^SSSr? - " CcT":.grrXrrl'Um hV kain w *. O1'^1".0 f'RM,.C0ll?HKO?*5rS' ,W?*TH IUTO ?lT '-bunts And tTtllioerv wiU do wHUn rlflVT* Tblfr,,d*/- *?r i did MBQrtmsnt, At lilS'h < W\, ' ? Q???*atnillk<,0ttr,P*?0 door from k,"^, lN> * ">? **1,00* WAbTKI)?HY A FAMII.Y OF TWO PART n? a House. consisting of three rm it%r ART OF At ! ble nei*hb?rhood. Kent not to kH!"*' 10 a "?PeeU dre?Ueoe*.R W, boa1-7VT^Toffi^ P' r Ad" MWT AND FQHWD === to O.V JBUM V iW<WT l^KuW7l01sr7w<r r ecrew, uitad by bullilern. Tito own. rein h,...!- ? br Drone, property end peyln. for lhK Los^ Ef A" "*i1' P?P?"? *r? or vkl ie lo the kub?rtber hJ'Jlii T OdT-ON WKDHMDAT. IN OOlNtl FROM wWi wm? w'^? ?* "fwz&jzzttsxjz, Lnmi?to lU'A'to IeorTthRi?!.,,W ,8TH l'ysT . A ew>h?^ "heV^pe? toe* P^[ directed to Lotrjo,'? UotelT ^ ?* 10,1 Pom- <><*"** LOST?ON SATC8DAT, BKFT IS rROHMlNtl tri.ii kirn.te, down Twellth .trMtto F.rk lUnTlr . THIRD ?Ilk Forkel ,nd Needle ? J?r> ?:?? ??'lnr?.,'? .rt,;i?l1,"?""*,T 00 Bndeeport H?,? oqo,, "T^vtok .to'skTTouW^ L08T-ON HATCRpAT, 1IRTWKKN TH* AMKRIOA^T MtiMam m-t ike !.<>o. I.leod Rkili. jod T.?,^ . L' . inootiAle. 'fmtktntn. kbout ?g la bulk and k led v ? Hnlil i2l brooch Al' not Tkluktilr, ithichl) arlzed eud if ret^n^!? to toe owser. iRe dnder U Wkiiotok toltkhttk^lhitUJTMLu Tl John Atrtwt, up sisirs. ?lu*n 10 "? Loht--on Saturday aftkrnuon, iath of hrp U?mbf?r, hrtwr? n th?* houra of Sti ?.nd ?? n??LWw teT Of the 81* h kreaoe oere, L TMm'toli SuWt i ta?iS2 r-r, ssVb^.vcr v2 1S L0i;T-O? MONDAY KVKNINO, I THINK HKTWPVW I Wert Fifteenth fltreet end corner of fttitli a rune kid rout/rroth toreet . col hunUne Welch Mth hlit 7?w " to' had, lib kip movement. numh.-re<l hi ftM will be well rewarded by*Ito J<mtN I"../": 1 AB1?. ,, Ito Wrm riftrrotk ^'or^ F^Jket * T piCKID UP AT TIIB FOOT OF OMYRR RTBITRT A f .hip k Ikrye yawl Roto. For pull ultom tnT,n7re ??Tw^ J. Wkir-O, wbo rkkle miter '."y J."1 olre?' ? b*? kllp. kd imuln. Oktoknor lerry ' ^ 1,?- 1 ( CTRlTkll OR BTOI.EN?A KINO CHAR! Ks nnu m ^ ,hr'^?T. ktomt four oekmk, eniwfnn. L.^ie^Ll^ ! it Veto ft.ri^to JirSr^ W,a ^ by r"lWQ'Q? ?"? ? | . . KKWARIXf? -"a.oar.'a.'.n: hi"*" kwera to toe name of Fkoor ,^c* *? HO Wooator toreet will ra^iv. ? kif.tok. to No. Hi ruth to key on.' returnto. kkid aerew fkrd ^, Flfto ^ and had a atrkp and efetoa om ker m*?' PtwT 00# "O will b? piud lor hrr retiAm. ^ aboire rtwvd $25 fock". J- but ??iiikhi? u, u MuU toiwet ,tl recelrt Lbe^rewnril. $50 p?"" thb _nta mji or k Forrkl Mare. Wk,,? and J'.if as ^ au*s,v^ STwwto'nkk^s/'sijr^" ?q??a^S ^aipon t *.inu?d black ami ?trnwWto4 t?^it wRArnit Unlnf; ss-"- .TnTiiasi'sg ? WM. dJIlano** $50 "t^f^DaT/ fW)UT T,lt nMT or junr piper. Id ao v alue hut to the owner Ttol tot,*^?T"!2fnlnf ?>Tydto,7 WTkt^? $100 IN ^ ?2irt ftbto735i to i: w H. .IRI^Fmi. ' WlUkfd Table Manufacturer, lad Faltoa atr% $200 SJwA?-''~l>LR"LA*T-TH" qou MO. ?r&dC5 ^MKK A. MABKHKLL. Fretodeev* t widow or jrwu( 1*47, *kn rtkhl tropetty U>qMH to her ??-_ ,n? ?bleb akall?tot remain Ui tar owl mum, tad to wklck tta eentirman raw. and will a id a narrpwf uwtar amount. Tta utawnw m from a kichly r?i >an> family, haa <-?r ptowatty aivinc kis a haa.ianm- and liberal tadittdu *M1 ha will at** the lad7 retlnfartnry refereinie. ai MATKyOWAIa A* ITAI.UK TOCKfl OHHTUDfAN WIHItn TO for? the ar^r.inaana of a Krrdaami yohac lady. wKh rtmomy, taa mtiai ba wall adnaaiaij of retaed ? apwM aaaaM, aaad to kick Ufa. and otora to iko Thnee thai anawer for fu or hara *.? tta atare MMdMloaaratr. Addraaa, atttar hi OtatuB JL Tuwitt, Hadlana nwa 4 II AinmirAK OKKTI.KH AN. WHO HAN TKATKI.I.BD A tha paat year It Rurnpe. a widower. acta M roam aC atrwtii mural prtectplee, arbla heart, elcarona aad well form M oottattotMw. waK ad orated, 4m addraaa. of aorta. rata ad aad dtauwir tabua, data I to form a mntual ' tatb a elewlo wedlock, wna aaote ana _ * - , v mm , m tar metal potatoa. aad " aad to wkkrk it amonau family haa CKli\ Ri '? fk] larf w will (tr? the lady ratlnfartnry refrrenee. aad tfce rea" mm ?f raenrUeo to taa method of leutaorttne. tafora an Inter Itew WwllrtteiT To the lady who ran ir afully aoaply to the abova, tta irrnuewaa raaprotfnlly entiotta In pnr? warerny, onrrr-i <mdet re whtah Btay ta anaoyaona If datawl, and to all nakera no mam will b? uh?a. Addraaa Koakaor, Herald n#-e, New Tork. ? ( 4 TOCSQ I.ADV, t'AI.IKP ?t hkr mncirrw B*?c. A Ufnl. tat lac attaiata Ike af* of nineteen, and talec Mrad rdalB(la Mamedaaaa, takaalhia method of nadtta a aiata taa la rtanad. amlahla.aad of a Inrtac dtap-aauon. the trnti-mtn ?net ta pood Winamp, anla to earpnrt a wife llta eta of Ma area aunt ba blank, kla halckt flea feat aickt or tea tnataa aad one tket haa an nkwedioti to red tair, aa temnaa, Irteh or ?f! naaa i if - ' Addrnaa for ihraa daya Hta Julie v#r ana, kni 1W Herald 'dfWie ratrihoK!ai. -an amkrI' aV, <)I uoon c5X ?_ ? 1aMfiwa? tart I ptaaa. witk Ma-a hair " taeae toaor . and atanre Prnaaatant, a cam atwaawywi n?? ? .^ r ?r~ d lepnoni-m, a fair anaaploaioa, 'MM or krowa ttar. taa toear of nature, aad Wtiliac to taW mpaity tta writer to kla p Me of rummer reonrt, where be tatade the aaaa la Wear hint tantlw*. he Tta Ital ml Ita time Would be aprta aatwtly ai the old honaeataad. TVma Wbe wiita and dealra (orttae Infra taailna ran dap-id w- a rauahie aaawar by II ifgt. Oaoet oara oCMr Wm Mrr can, Preble aoenty, Ohio. WAKTBD-A HURHANIh?A W>01'WN*N*R 0*7^4" aiar-l. ky a lady if reAaeaatat. and tae education. No notlra takno of My bnl teaman aad Manara aaawarw Ad 'Iraaa Ariadae I w tkree d iya km I It HernM n?-e. LKOU ROTICM. tpuBMiruB RVIIIKKTRAJKB OTBRM. 1 ATI no U?. i cal tataas In Irmdrn or aher parte -f the Hatted Itta dnai of Oreat Rfttaln. The nndeeoMata. kaetmr atodled lawTa Ike oftae 'f Kratra HtmtaD. IMrytapla A Dftao aottrHnea, of No tt ParltaBMit atreet Woatmtnotar. tacthad. aad kae Inc baao admitted ho prorata Ut Har M?i-me'a ? art* of law, lota kM awn ta u a prnfaaatoaal adetaae tn an otaWrra mqiitrlac a knowledaw of RnpHab law and efartira tn aald emirta. Alro. tah?a rharee at any rla>ma for eoUwrtlne withm tha nrWdmttna of H'r lit taj lV^vrta AjflU. ?Afnvi, tdtoa itfetrd Mr) B*tH (*??. Pfw Tart,

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