Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8777. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1800.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. FOOD FOR C'ATTliK. FOOD FOR CATT1. E. Al UMd In her Majsetr's stables. bis Roval Highness the Prince Consort ? (arm Windsor; throughout the royal military Stables of I'rut Ma. by order of bu Kxaetlsttey bJeulsaiaat (.antral Wflllsaeu. Head Master of the Boras, Ae. Ac. This artlflctnbv prepared food for a* ,?tai# was Invented and Introduced to tbe Hrttiah people by 'he pronrteler about four Tram sine*. and It ban now he come a?t?i llahed aa a legitimate arttol* of comuu-roe. its uoe'ui character end heuMiuial elleota being nt-raliv rraogui/ed aud a lanc ed. The sule Baa been eon ntarUy-end rartdly ficieaslr a. not only r.inoogst awrkuUnrtsU ?nd breeder* "I "took, but with the pnbll" in general; and there ran be no donbi that. a* He mere t ere heilae nn.teralnod. it art'I become an art ? i? of universal consumption by all ah) hare as inlnrset t, < omeatio annuals. The iiu-t id Kuflsnq i ein.i a great rattle rearing country has dOUhr'eas given an Impetus U) Hie Study of .nlmtl forage, and led to that rrararoh stter the m Merit It best adapted for the parquet of fatinnlng and Improving a'oxk vhich bus resulted in the nroonntfnn of the above Fund, aed other valuable die ooreriea reg?' ding animal development Tb<T ej'? 1 a>d lor fault- naav be used for all animals; ita ef fect lab) huUnrete ihetr heal*h and liv-ranse their nbvai val power li is particularly beneficial In ree'orlu,' to Kcoodi ioo h rtea wh'.-h hare been overworked or heantne and work tiir- ugh disease. or of a naturally feeble cobsUu.udii Its use tor cow b Increase* the qnaulttr and en riches thr ui.abty of their milk It Is < Tamely uourtshing for ealvr* and iKmbe, rendering tbem hui lr and nrubying ran d jirt aih its (H' iioalltles ure. porlitps, the rnnet rem u k pie of any. and are well ant eoevlnchxrly dlaplayrd in feeding up plga. Ac 1 he lleeh of nuhnala fed w ph It ill grnat'jr supe rior in ronetttcqev and flavor to that of others. The ?rernetnr partleelaiijy wlehpe to w ale bore that great advents).- V 111 In* found m ramming the corn of horses gradu ally, a? ? vnddeti change In diet mav prndnse a contrary tie, t To what Is wbfced. animals are ?* sensitive In thai respect is b man twin.?*. It Is generally loiitid that they vrll eat tap fool eagerly, but lo.tsnces bav *"oeeuried where s? liret they hare Oeciiued to teste. In that case it is necessary to begin with a ?uailrr quantity, mixed well in their 'nod. altcrararrts inercas lug It. Wlie. they hate once eartakenof it they will not again refuse it besides benefit iu?' the animal the owner wi'l find that the ,ise if tms Food wbl be found a great saving to hint oelf. as Us properties sre such Ibat it enables the animal tn et r.-HPt muck u inert Horn subsume, s sucb asa'rtw or chad, wtuah before would bate bnen eaten with Utile bene (It, If not somsumt < wllh |>ositlra lujgry. Thus it converts the common re; I ro-eodi Into wholesome fool. In a hi It Ion to ita extensive use throughout Oust Britain. Thnrlex's hood for . aule is largely evno-ted to the United Slates Canada. Ronih America.Franc. il?rm?ny, Hussia, Dan mark. Bwidss. Cubs, and b is ?t various tuu?* been shipped 'to most other parts of the world. Including the Atlantic Islands and Australia The extent of the sppr-e'atton felt for this Food will be veen from tenlmoelats selected from a Urge nam bar roluntartly given by tb? writets. mar,} of whom occupy thai positions in soelrty, add ara cHsHniulahe.l for the attain meets In various branch.-* ol science, srt and commerce YHOFLEY'S FOOD FOR OATTl.1 TliOKJ.KY'8 Ffuil) FOR CATTI.R THORUtYTI Foul) FOB CATrL": cootaiMb.tter. aixbsrine. arumatic and balsamic proienles. eaeeutialU ueceses.-y tn the health of all our .t'im*aticatad aul mala. It ia pui el> a rageta' !e c .mpoiiud, aud when the food of oa'tle Is i - perl.v aesaired with it it giveo to the olgwUre ara other ti n, lions of ammala a healthy action, sonewhtt similar Id cfcac-ter to what la produced by spring grass; but withont any "1 the injurious purgative efleoia or the latter Tlfev'.lle and otter properties enhance the flavor and isallty of both butcher meat and dairy pnrtkioe, atm'iar to what av eel aceuted vernal graaa does In spring. aWERIUaK TRSTlHuNTMJt. AMKKlr AM TBBTIMUrtlAlA niow J. LOBI1J 1UD. ISO Tboriev'a Food for Cattle, 1 hsve found by experience? having uapo- led It before an agency sua esUolsbed in this country?to be the best compound u ,th which I nm acquainted for fattening and heaping In condition all kin la of atoefc For hones It has proven to me tta qualities. When In spring and fai' horses are weak and dull, I; stimulates them to their for mer ap.rlt and au-nugth: it hardens and gives them appetite, restores and pre -rves their wind, sod, as far as my expo-, r.rooe goes. 1 tbluh It la what it la represented tn be. J. LiOBlUdUlD. tuo* ana its gxriat" cowisx. 'ibax Ki'-ai < Cottragr. Yokk, rtor 28,1819, Dsai Htu?I hwc raurh pleantre In testifying thai I hare naed Tbr.rley's Food for Oatfle lortno-e than six weeks, and am vert ratten grail lied with Pa etteua. The horses are very fond of its llev.w. and eeem to fUwl. e g -est benefit fcom It It (Ivan thew a gloesy cnat, besides heroins them very regular sad oooi. I tVrref ire cheerfudy reoomsseoJ It to all who eeek to brlns their horses Into good condition and to keep them go. Respect' u!!y yours. J. D. WaIXaCC. rgoe whamv sirti esq UlSTlMART or IHI.VOON flotnttt Qtv, I Maw to ? l??c W. MM S I have used Thortey'a Find for Uattl* for m borsm. an-1 have much pleasure In leetlft tna that I have found sn* sub cortlniie t" "nd It v most bsnefisml ?s well as :.u ? ouomi * c.-tc ie hlat-e 1 have rossestred u?ing thw lood the qatntltr ? H amtt once- died m my stable amounts to hut a trtfis aud I tap sns* > t WM RKi RKRli. 1H ha-.: f weoty ninth street, gr.oa tut. kMcai.anoCK i k tcr conrikv I)Kfxssi a 19 VS*?. For on.- large stock of borsva we h?<-e used Thorley'a Food fwtatil- ac; we hereby certify that It baa i-sen very bene l)Ota to .heir ?? :i!?e invlgr., sAing. .at: hMitittRMoilKKR ICE FOtlFART. Canal suee; new Y.wh giretr op tsoiticl*l roon roa cart La at rsorga-oa CTttUOM LtBOKATOBT. NO Hit FntM * Hrtu I T, I New York. Jan. UK S ft; s?Ha- lng eompleisd the ehemi"wl aual -sis or the sample od "Threiev s Food for Ok" a," wsich was oMatnsd I mm of this barrels tn your warehouse, we respect! udy report that ti wan aarrlnUy tested lor arseuiam m hit. und other mtn real and vvsetsb-e ooisooous snine an iee bul wlticwit detecting ?haleant tmeeof either por lute we fmted aatytl.'ag In Ha ooanpoai dc.rtrrioim to tae aulna-.l eenncmy. tin the con .mn, 1: was toned to be composed .if tigiedleota yielding upon aue vat. sugar ktapov, oily matt-r end othe? substances wfai- k are hisbl nntrltire Ptaolni, a Imps ting toll em heMth sad vmte TV re Is no doubt that h will a rwbiable au'unii to the ordloary food of nua. and, therefore thoeld ?eat with a ready asa JaMEo It. CMll.Ttirt A CO Afialv ileal cb rro* an-ear *ii?*?t*it. i.n VTi -n lit-11.? N. V.. Jan. 2S, l*hi I bate Btcati iWaenrw la hi lfylo? that I bar* taad Tborley'a raid fnr ratsie noon a fonr rear old mlteh <?!?. Before nam* " prrdn?rd naJr two quart* of milk per d*?. and af'-ar a >?di)t iu? r< Itahe produoad elkht quart*of milk put da*, and wo I i uauaa lo yroduoe lhat q amity, much to lua aarprtae of m.aal ?r?d 11 lkkbora. rcoknt valrrtirk raoa Ifflr a. *rri a r?o., rami trst aiiiftor TH* xiw voBw uii wail asiuiosn n auff tn* ?. lapt. (hp?T b**r nard Thnrlej ? food for C? Ua ior about two Mrmlha to m j rnttrBaiUafae-ioa. and bow feari tr e.ery m<tu U> ai: my bora**. and bolls, ad lo bo an ein*i'*at article I mm che**tuU* recommend II aa far an triad, and wlab too do trod ma a lark# oaak laarkad, HKNh.TM.WKKO, QnaranUae. Stales Island, rroa a. a. naaaizos. w?w., a. n. For* Ru n*o*p erst** I?w??n. March 6. IW Rra?I bar* mad* sat of TbnrWa Fonl f.e Cat"* aa! id rink the mryrba of AueuUard Nei'tembar, 1 X I ?ood ib* naa hi ii m two bora** that bad ^B^H^^B baaa dr1**n eary ba'd (or a nuaiiiar id ?**ra, and warn anmptairly wn*k#d Oowa. a tha' H wai'm oaaibV In rot ibam niu r??l ?? m lit >u Hmb an* baab on them. la abml two we**a altar Itaua t IB to #e* a rreat alteration la their condition and aot'lta. I from lb it t me lliey steadily tmprnyed t then left ml lb - " "" baaa a* > of lb ? frnd. whca tbey bona a* tik* a -nip team ot b? ? nwt nmnvaaetak to ba driven. I. ay ha e n continued up totheo i- eeui Uu.? II K HaRHI/OK. M. u. >?oa wiuxtt r. at a rra, " ~~ "",1890 hard . Mm 1 oow aa* a ureal I twuipe la tbeni. both la araara b*a'ta and condition front ruuea coats. I bar* Mad, Rloaaf coat* their appatltaa bam wonderfully Improved, aad. m fart. I tma aa* tbey arc aeu hwara and should you mca 1 will b? au*t hap or to tall aay on* what I I of lha article. Tour*. truly, WIllJfTT 0. HOMTER. ?amudiy thuk t Ta tha Afrr i of Tbo?l*y'? Food. Fpw Tort n ot tat anaa* tiraaw coarwa*. New To**. dart? 1889 ntir Sir?Obaerrlap four anbUaatina of rnr former t?ati il ol to* na? and ritect# o> fborl** ? Kmrt oa mi' boraaa. rbcf inform yon m a new I antra which I bare on per-ad dartj.f la uaa Oa the Rth of aprtl last, a floe younf and airi'r ' 1 ?*-, ? - n(tag lo tl.? Clin Kiprraa I'.miparr. kacfe frlkkt ftma hat lacacaava* w won* him, which kirtna baanaa* Kxoe >|*w bark on ha b<wla and frirttmtn? htm. b* -an away aeUI h* nam- opp tatf tha llownn- drm fpaea. Mr akaariel to jnmp It. but b*to? m bamnaa wa* tmfona aately aatiybt oa tbe aplkaa which *rw m?i Inchaa in leaath abOT* tha trr**bar*. Two of fb* ?olkea were .Irlraa Into11* My. txtwre n bm for* lap* Ik* ?? Ure e*gtb. aad in that pn tRIoo reaa'w-1 < me mmotaa. unit. h? tor* blow elf fro* bm* baa. 1 may any. hi* whol* braam oa the raar* lla blad i<ra Mi Mil at th* oa* aad rfleota m fborl** a Pmtd on mi - boraaa. Toowh Mfh lalwaiab?p aa ?aHMpBBPPPB danaRy oa bl? fr*l and an* 'nn allowed ta Ha down fhrfoar maBIIMdlMBMBI W B h* i* a'il* Ultra! Mom tha atabl* Boor, and haslhto day bars ta betn*aa to tha aipreaa *?r?. bay aptaio* th* food kept farar and laAammalion down. ?* wad?ol, and thr inab bit BM-kae** n*r*r knt biaeoadltkm, aad ta am oar inatarr* did be rnfoar bta food?thl* etreacthea ia? My optatmi'bat Thorl*T'* Food laanexcwll- it ttiiac. and aim I ganklemwa aad b ianeew dahl* mar aboold bar* It. Twtrm. reef r? ?pactfolly. J D WaLLaCR Adama kipraaa Onaapaay. Ta lha Apt it of TVwlay'a Fond fnr < aula ntoVi. o i.aenr, raw., prmrteu* if *'er*?a' Hme lata UaboonUm'* H *ef fl. JS U aad ? Broadway. Raw V-wt. Mar 14. I? Ma?1* ren t to ynnra m Ike loth led , I be* to aty that I ham amd TVwwy'y Food for *i boraaa for a couple of m iWh aad am ao well aalt?n?il wi b I', oath oa Bceouat of ba a*? to MP borer aa wall aa mohmt m oata. thai f aball ena - mmm th* as* ?f It. a* I ao**lder it la a moat am*Ur*t fool Th* anM yoa aer ma la not out ytt, but worn 4 ta f aba11 pea.! fur am***/ J- o UlAIIf. TotbP ip?*c of ThorWa Food for Rew fork, raoa J. p?**?*B rtPLar. aeq. Im?* i oeeiaoa. May R ItR I aa** md tha two bmaa of Iborley'a rood for Caul*, and amaddar It all -hat u * r*mmm*od*d Aa a auadlmi at In pm a biwar la h**'th. ;t?ah aad apUtt*. 11 le tim bael 1 bay- 'or y J lit ?KM VR FIXLVT. r?o**n etAi anon, a*.j Rf.atu a W*BBHot>r M ?.**??? n o Rrayrr. ? Haw Toaa. F*'. I l<Mi < t caMUler that my boraaa a***r did an w*ll aa aire* I ?>?- . pmmk ta tm* Tbortej'a Food fiw ? att'r Fee brtapt** hnrM-t (au> Mat rat* * oikhid mvdWm It mrialely ha> no aqoal, aad he rrdiadac their it bar food 1 ft ad R t ?ry roomrnimd m If Af.BtnTTOX. ran* r ? roaay*. a*o. IU-w near Albao*. ? , July*. 1-bM PTWP Iba?1 will feel ob'lpea by imtrreiidl*? me a half bar. m Of Thar * a T-od l'l**ee*end *i rip-- , t-1 tinany aad ?-4 at* a Ir-lrr e It dap aaair addrenwet hot ltd Fow odl-w. ,1 T hr I ?d uard tmfer" ?r- an ol 1 mare. wHtflb w ?* -?ryT?* -la. b' ' lb# moat lt#n*dela' ailm ?he wet M-wn,' i . Ik... ? and ea*?i*d hi k*t ib-nop* lb* airier V toi 1' a a. ruRRRd. rRua rattdi r. t-? Riwaowy L f.. B V anpoy A lapl. A ti t I' trr.f f WRWT^W-a* ?# *,. ry k T'lfW.11, |!T9?, T ? u. Ms" tarlr* rmmtba I fad Tb-vle- a rood to a tbo**wi*b bead raeina C-r Pan lire bb* ?M ib*a reoorarui* 'ram a aarr aemr* ?uerk of !.*l*mt>*r ,At 4r# abe Was detent* In W a ->ef IA bm abort'y *IVr It* oa* *b* I eprorad woadwrfnl <*) -v.! f nit b?r node* pr*o*'ata>n for bar en rape yhsJL m the Mr* m-ima I mi Island ' bmogM tmr To it, ?3Z!"a^V'ei?ed "Ffo?iM and Tome*. Thta waa ta JaVVia* au-"<k eomm*nclo? tbe oaanf TVwIey * Pood^ 1 am now fTed.rt It to ?f KM TViBu' aad ?m, ? a?.t I *af them t 1 tallr lnipm- lay. wt laasw. nat - l-Hlto C. BOTH. Tn the *ee-,t of TVwWX Food f ' ' T . THf?R? hr * FOR < *'*1.* ?? wiMUtne Tkbm* meke iwdatr. ?f id" 'd"** wi-a meaa .r* en llMM I*rr?? . . ........ Ill W Half ?a*k? r,?t,tttia* ?* ieed?. with me?uf* H ll H11. pHpf f w ?mam ml". m> manofbrieey. fbt'edor aa mad. f Mm Itep y for Ur'ir Wutaa *1 Broad., Tew tor* kpm-M w* -i-r-s r **ery elty b- l mwp 's U # lUMlift wbee* arm* ?e- frtdf mppmated ?HgPM U. nruiLT communication BY am AM BETWEEN FY New Tort and Liverpool, calling at !?eland, to had aad embark wnwwn and despatches. The U??r Mat. Maw York and FkUadeliihtaMsainahip Uoeapeay'aaplan yMabuJUkid Iran screw steamships ara Intruded to aali M mom ozw rou roa umnOL OITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday, Rapt Tt 8 Ah OAMOO Saturday, Rapt. M. KJi'PlHIKtl Saturday, (tot. ? tad every Saturday tAroughoal tbe year, truai pier 44, North river. RAT*" Of PASSAGE. OablB to QoeatiatnuTi nr Liverpool ITS to Lgmdon 'na Urerpod HO > to or Liverpool 30 In le-mlon 33 u returti Ueketa, available lor all months from U ? vrrpool 00 Passengers forwarded to Havre, Paris Hamburg, Bremen and Antwerp at ib'iugh rales Oamfirataa ot passage uaued from Liverpool to New York.8*0 " " '* Quranrtown U) " 3U Thaaa Maaaaara bare superior aecomm'datioos for paaaaa (are. ara oonamu ted srlth watertight compartments, and ear n experienced surgeons. For frelrht or passage, apply at tbe office of the Company, JOHN O DaLK 15 Broadway. Now Torlt, Are at. Id l.lvarpool to f* lb M * N To war Buildings, la Glasgow to WM. IB MAN, 6 Mooch square REDUCTION IN PR I IRS Atlantic stksm navigation company. NEW YORK AND GALWAY LINK. torching aH? main n. p.. To land paaaecgers sod receive ibe royal mall aod government despatches. The steamer* oomort?iug tku liar have barn approvad by tbe Admiralty, and ?ro (he NEW IRON SIDK WBEKL STEAMERS CONNAUGUT 4.KW tons burthen. I.EINRTEB 4,400 tone hart ban. KUNRTKR : 4 400 toat burthen. CLBTF.R 4 4tn ?oua burtnaa. PaHaNA 4 UlO toon burthen. The neit departure will be the CONN AUG41 from Koala, on 1 aeeday, October 33. to be followed i?y the PRINCE AL BKRT, from New York. November 30. from pier No. 81 North river Rataa o,- passage to any oart of Ireland, on a railway, and to tbe principle clt'ea < f England and deotiaod:? First clam, 8IMI. Jit), and 875. according to mater,mm accom modationa. Third class fit. 'ncluding cooked provisoes And to St. Johns, R F . Plret rltaa 8? Third elam. $20. Children under twelve yaare half price: under one rear free. Third dlam paaacsgera ara required to ftiralah beds and Una Perrons taking pane*sr. from Now York for the steamers sailing (ram Boston, will receive free passage from New York tO HoftOB. The steamere of this Company hav? been oonstructed with the oreatest care as r??*vd? ?kf?ty and comfort, combined with model and propeUinjr power, and ara built with water Usht compartments. They are confidently sipccted U> aur pt-s. In speed ard mush weather qualities, any vessel ever built, and are replete wi b elegancies and conveniences. An csperlenoedl surgeon is attached to each ship# Perseus wisbios to sepd for their friends, can obtain return tickets at the follow tea greatly reduced prices? . In third cabin, from ilaiway. $?. In third cabin, from an) town in Ireland on a railway, JJl' fiO In third cabin, from the principal dues of Raglaus auU dootland, *36. For freight or ^?,3#* VlMWALL. Agents. Nos 64 and 65 South at raft. rIE BRITISH AND- NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL PTKAMMJIPH yaoa new roa*. to uncaroc". Chief cable paaaasc ? $130 .Second cabin passage 76 I'HMM SC'STO.v to uvati-oOL. Chief cabin passage tl'O Reronil cabin passage 60 The ships from New Tors call at -loilc harbor. The ships from Boston call at Halifax and Cork harbor. PERSIA, Capt. Judaina I >AJ<i A1 >A. Oart Lang. ARABIA. Capt. J. .some. AMERICA, Capt. Moolle. AH'A, Capt K it Lot'.. | NI AC aR a. C.(,t. Aadr-im. AFRICA, Capt Miannon | RllK'tP A. Capt. J. Leltoh. ROOT! A (row buMlnr These warn la carry a clear wh te l.ght at maatheed, green on starboard bow, red on port bow AMa. Low, leaves N. York WedneEtay, Sept. M. hi BOP A. Anderson, BoMoe WedneeUy, Oi L 3. PKRflA. Judkln*. " N \ rk We luea.Uy, Oct. 10 ARA HI A Hi. nr. " Boron Wntrrvuy, Oct IT. AFRICA. Hl anmwt, " N York Wednewtay, Oct. 84. CANADA. Mu.iile. " Buetoo Wednesday, Oot_ 3L Brrtht no avcured trntll paid for. ad e-.xerteneed Snrseon on board. Tbe owners ol tiiraa ahl^a will not aerount .ble for gold, sliver, hullloa. ? jearetry, prectooa atones or metals nn era Mils of ading are Wgned iherefor, an1 the value therWif therein tiprraaed. for rrelght rpasanr" applv to t. CuNaKD, No 4 Bow,jog Green. .?tram. -mnr yore, bocthamfto* and airu. OARTOl DCMLOr s? Tbn FaaderbUt Baropaae liaa CgM Maim mail ?U t??n hnw York, K'-'itbemct.m aial H?rrn. Frotti Bfw to>k for I Returning from Ruttlhamkjn and Harra aad South Hurra | ampVrx LLlMOMw..,. Halunlay. (toot. D | Wadena ley, Om. 10 fAJrOBB?l? heiurday. On. St WadaneAey. Mo*. T LLIBOU Het'irdey, K r I I V^iyaiv. *w. V Thaa atraaaauto* ba*a walar tight oomn?rlm?n a OartttaaAr* of (u*un Meund t -na Baroim In l>*rlea Fu*dc dalmrad In 1/wdon or Pari* 0 TOUaMT Kf t.l. No I Howllaa 'Irene New Tor*. R. ?. WAIN* RH<UT * OO.. U Km Fatihocrg., Parte. A. M. CHKTBTIR, Harra. :>*1> A CO . ?7 'Iranaohorrb ana. Idled oa )T, HUOAIJC8 A OO.. Sonthamptoe. ER Of OCTOBtR ? FOR SOUTHAMPTON ANT> H AVRR The Caller Hteim rna.l wnaiaahlr ADRIATIC. Ioeaph J. rvaen, anmaaendnr. will aall f-ora Ur fool of Canal atraat, ou Heturdey. < ictobar A with aaaila. iiuwunn aad aprcle. for ihrrau.r* porta For freight or prmage apply at thr t*Br* at the North A Una Mr Weamabip Company, U Wall alrret, nom No. ? t. r. HTSPHKMH. Heart tar* STRANRR OF MCTiCMMFR a, FOR SUL'TH*Mi*TON AND HAVRE. I Coiled Btair* Mall 8laam*h.p I LI.I NOfS. i F. R Tarry maaiwl?r. * J' aall from pl-r 3 North 'lyar, New ! for*, all? M on Helnrday. rept. P arlth mate, paaane. para and apaeta for Raglaod aad Frew*. , Ftrat oebfe to Harra WO To bnuiAampwe f7? 1 Third da. do. ........ U To do M D. TORRANCE. Aflaet. No. ? Nowtlac Oraao. K. T. I -t "r TaederblH mOa October ? rl NORTH ORRMAR LLOTP'P 8TRaMHHTF BRR MSN. H WiiiiIi onmamader, oarrylad the Coed thai** **' ^ "baTTJRDAT. SETT 9. a? It o'elork M.. PVKMKN, TIArRO0TBAMPf0N. LONDON. HAVRRS^I^THAtirT'lN AND BRRMRN, At the following ralaa? IrB aahUi WO Mreoad ral >la Mo Ptr-mge Sid -psaf:? ICRCTORN A RKI'HRT.T 9 time -way. UH>R SOUTHANTTON and HAVER-ON SaTITRDAT. October 15 lha I'n.W Nana aa I r. wiu aett froat Pier No. 57 North rlmr. fmA ? Hatwrday. Oat IV at eon* Thia Baaiaar for aa/rty and n>mfart-h*e doubt* eagio** uodar dealt. tailnaai by water U?M compart tana la. ahtah. btu.lna attar raealla. teed. In the ?root of coUmtoa or alreadlng, to keep tta pump* free m work| aad anon re tan oarotf of umiil and aaaaaaai ia Frtre ad |iaaaag? la aarond rabta S7? aad MD. I or freight or yaaaapa apply to SAMURI. M. FOX. QBO, MACRRNSIR. apewta. No. 7 Broadway. The dawn rCLTON wtU aall RorambatflO rrrni hamboro American packrt compart a 1 pmll ateemahipTRClttNlA H Twibr. aaam iad?r. will bata for 11amhurt Nwttinipi'a. Inmlne and Harm oa C m day, Oetobar I MUM. Flint rat a. ?lt?> ?- md rebut. m atearecr, t-U O. B RICH iRa A HOAR Idl lima.) way. N. f. The aleeaanhip RAXON1A will ancraed lUa TaulaeB. M TO LOHDONDEBET. OLASOOW A?II l.IVRR poe panaaae v> Rnr pa. *>r u? tt.mirnaJ (MIAN Uiup, eoratwaaiar. fn jUfMgwi edBtai tjaitaa, letarday. kepi B Ratea .rf paaaajre to Ino.t mdarry. ? rrrpool ? f I ral nlaea 571 end MS. abmrapn, tjo a paaaam and free ttrknt rttbnr by way of Boa W IB (WbHo M otaw to Q en bar .why lloiana firar. LeAat Samp late MnoiraeHTkAwte Brcpet m Qaaben. arBR ita altlUapt at r*atatelaa orer B any pntaA For tnarbaa' dahB and rMneer apply at Ibe nompaay a nBen B Hmadway ?ABKL A AAA HlJL. general raaanocr areata for Urn Caltta males. XUIA/KR JvNW R macnr. C^m r i.ivRRPoni, -o.n m.Arc star ..inr-tttc farortte pactrt ahlp RReoucTk lylnr ?t Pter ?T. Nona r. aalla ibe t??h of Naptnmt-er Tbo RMPIRR aat'<tb*?1 at Oetobar For paseare apply au board or to WIU.I AJU A OUIOM, d> Fnhoe atram. THAirtcorr N unr or umrnoL a no u>ninin parktda ?Paaetra frt m or to la.erpo.,] or trmdon caa atwaja be engaged ht Jile wp'l k ? twrt'tee rniftie weak' .1 U?e earj lowaat rnt-e. aad deaPa for any ammt ??Walrmt payable Ml any part m grral Briteia or Ireland, hr apply ma to TAPrcotT A OO. Ro. 9 Nona aire*;, New Tork rROM IRELAND TO NSW TuRC NT PTE IX.?FAB arnpera bcnbad fnae Otiaww'-.wa flrelaadi It New Tort ftwfH), bwl'tdinr pmrW>ia, hr the aoleiwld fay a'.aaniahipa It the Idearpoiil. New tot and PbtiadelaMt tloa wot Q liaaebiwa rrrrr TbarwUy la tba jaer. fy paamgi apply B Ihpaarnpari) a oBee. It Brrmdaray. John d. dalf. a#??l E^m IB CALIFORNIA TIA PANAMA. A SrB alaaa Beamer a ill iaara New Tnrk tba IB. Mti and of mat month, aaaapt wb?a tbeea dataa fa 1 ne n-mday. wbea tba day at davartare will be ibe Snadir followOip. For freight or pwaage apply M tba oatr ndke. No 177 WaB Br gel. earner ad W arrrn D. B. A'J.KN. Agaat TDISHCR. RICA RON A CO N ACNTRAl.tA HHTPFRRA p Una - For Meic nme Taa rary aer-ertor ahip ADI RONDaCR. Swrmatnuw, mmntaedrr. wtU bare early dee palnb far tba abwra port. For Irntrbl nrpaaewra. bartag attpe ii?w aeormmedaltaea for BtB and areond r ym pwwriro ap olr op board, pier 10 Bant /trar. or to FI8I1RR. RICARUS A OO.. I* Bail atraet. Tub tree Bolldlnga rm R HAVANA AND RDF ORT.RARB FahRame m>> Oa Tea Star. Napt B IBS. B > n eton* F H.. from Pant of Barren Brant N-rth Bear, tfep BaneBi aad femrtw Bnam mtp RMPIRR CITY Haanan' H Rtunr I mmaodar. nnwir fcmhm i laaUeit and tvn t ereri ber anet up. with flan paw leek gutprooma. met'e and boiler* tbor?tgVy repaired and mated, and lb* reaaal ihrongbnut pot la Mat rata cmdHFrn, fnrwtabad B tbpoBrm, boor of aetliag. a.reet mrnm eared, aad tbn renaai lyronganui pai ta are *?n? jf btter form fnrwtab* pad po btltaoffadlng win be aigitad after tbn br ff fratgbt or paaaaga apply M Re. 177 WnB M. O ROBRRTR. WinttAwi N. R.~Fratgbt rnrnTrrd ob aad aflnr Th- reday. Neot ? lawn ? a*I cm ablummta by tbn Bnamar aaa b* bad B tbg *pb aampeelea at lM per oast. rt HAVANA. ratted fltatre Ma'' Ftramahtp Upe. 'rartag prpyy tirfnty daja from rarh rort HtRAMHHir QUARKR CrTT. R W. Ntr-fnld eowntttlnr. Phi* fartwVa atnaienr- wfll be 'brioragblr orprbaaW and re d ied and rrwimn her re?r-.l?rtr<r* for tbe atMrtW port oa frt dar fictnher f-. at It a i l?mb. f-aw ater tl Noch rtrar. Fnr fietgbl or pareage wply to 11 AR'fr?rN A CO , Rt *o- t ?trey Hpr at A Mtp* wttl r Owatmr B aad NorrB #r IS. IMIfTlllb, Fm Oh Ll V ER POOL?TH E SPLENDID SHIP VAN ?.r Ah)? Cantata del att rlU pus tta ly aetl on Wednes day Kc|iUml?r JJ Fur r?l?-? of u<wu(> apply on tarvrd, pior 14 saw river, or Ui JOSEPH JU'HFHY,<il couth slreel, near WW). ahipCHY Ok NKW YORK peetilrnlv sella In tavmw, at 12 o'clock for paaange hat-tor mi ertnr a< ? umui'xUtt .111 at lowxt ridea apt.It no board, pier No. 8 Morth mer.ur to P. k HkMaHRbT. 40 South street. EVIR VRI.ROORNB.-KaNGAROO LI ?B.-PACKET JT for October 1.?The elegant v I feil aalllnr ba-k ?Ki,' t?' Aim w loading and will anil aa above. The . hta auperior arcomrondatlona fnr flrtt nut accon4?al-ae vivnim af. tr I more of which oan be taken If ImmedlaL appll atlon is male For freight or passage apjly n.j txwrd, aider 10 Ktat mar, or toMalLI.RK. LORD A gilt ABAC llkl Wai" slreel. Havana and nkw ori.panb EVER T TIN DATS Passage 883. To aal' aa Friday, September 31, at 12 o'olook. The rieamablp DK BOrO, Oapt. J. Johnston will commence to receive freight oa Tuesday. September Id, and tails aa abote from pier foot of Murray vlreet, North n -er I I VfNUMToN. CRtlOHMRoN A CO M Murray at BIENVILLE will ml! on the lit and CAHaWBa 11th Oct. bar. fikOR NEW ORI.BANS.-POSITIVELY THE ONLT r Packet thlaweeh-The new clipper Ship SO JT. IRE l'KK ha* auperior atate room anrommodattnaa for a few ae rood renin passengers and will on rial 'It tail Wedneeday, 19U> September. Apply to O. A TEN RYCK. 67 South at Exm SAVANNAH and the booth ?the steam r ahlp HUNTsTII I E, Oapt John A. Peat will leaee pier 12, North River, op Iburpday September 2U at 4 P. !M Tlelete sold |> New Orleans 819 75; Mobile, $86; Wootunmary, 118. Knfala. 834; Mr mphis 881 78; Nashville, 877 76; Koox vl.le, 828 fO, Chattanooga, 823. Albany. $38. Columbus, 821; Altai la, 821: M aeon 8211. Augur la 817 80. Savannah. 816, In eluding omnlbna iare at oonnerttona Apply to H. B. CROM WKU A OO , 86 Weal street, and 838 Broadway. For savannah?the first class side-wheel aleam hip STATE OF GEORGIA Captain J. J. Garvin, wlllarl'nom Philadelphia for Hav nnah on Thuradty. Sept 2), at 111 o'clock A. M Superior atate rooms may be aaonred bt applvlng to A HRRMV. Jr 196 North Wharves. PbUadel pMa. 1 ha reamer KhTnTONH STATE will (all as above lor Charleston, sept. 28. at 1U o aloek A. a. For savannah and other points as below ? the lirvt claaa aide wheel steamship ALARAM 4, Capt. Gei.rgr R Schenck, will leave on katurday, Bept. 33. at 4 P M from pier No 4 Morth river. Through ticket* can bp bud for ?he lollont g prices ? New It leans 8-9 <8. Mobile. 885; Montgomery, 818; En funis. Ala. 824. t'olumhua, Nil. Alb.tnv, 823. Atlanta. 811; tbrltanooga, 826. Naahvffia, 827 78; Knosvllle, 82i 80 Mem pb<a 831 76; Auguata. 817 80; Miu-on. ** . Saiannah. 818. For freight or pan age upnlv at IS Broadway The auamrr SfAK OF THK BiiUTH t'apt Thomas Lyon, will anooceil, and sail on Tuesday. Sept 25 at 4 P M 8 AMI EI, L. MITCtliLL A RON. FOR CHART,EST ON, R.C.. SAVANNAH, OA.. AND THE South ard Southwest Throe nteamerua week? Tueaday, 8 buraaay and Saturday. Triweekly Unitad States mall side wheel Steamship line The apleudld ateainsalp MeRION, Vi I. Foster oumUDter. will leave pier No. 4. Norih rlrer, on Thursday, ee icmber 20, at a o'clock P. M. Rates of naa aage. wllh through lickeU aa foJows.-To darannah, Ga . f 6; Clmrleelon. H 0 . JI5. New Orleans. 8W 75; Mobde $35; Mont gomery Ala . 828. NaahilUe. Teun . 827 73; Meiaphta. $81 78; t.'hattanoora. 825. Knoxvtlie 983 60: Auguata. Oa. 817 10; At Urta. Ga.. 831; t 'harlotta NO, >22, O- lnmhia, S 0., 8 0 For freight or passage aoply to HfUfVORD, TILKciTON A Co .59 Broadway. The JaVES aDoER Oapt J. II. Phil 111 a wLl *u> ceed on Saturday, he tamher 22, aiad the N ASH 3 ILI.K Cap! L. M a urray, on Tueday. September 38. The Adams Express tympany's Grrat Southern Express la carriers oa this line The Express Agents South will give In formation aa to aalllng days, fare, Ac. THROCOH FREKIIIT ABBAKaKMKBT.?FOB BO* folk Portan outh. City Point and Illohaaoni. oouoacUug ?tth Norfolk m<l Petemburg Mid South*!-1? Railroad* for Lwbbur*. Indol. Mrmpfia nod lnU.nn.dlMo Rathm. freight received every day and through receipt* furnlahed M PNirLm^^lAMKTC'WE, Copt- Kklouerleave* every Two day MSP M Nleemablt. ROANOKE, iU Oooeh, wrery 1 hiironoy at S P M , ml Hag at Old Potnt Comfort to load pa* aemreru bleh?hlp YORRTOWB. Capt P?ri*h. every Satur day at S P Si freight to Portamouth or Norfolk. 7 oeoia oar ford; to city Point H "rota and to Mchamod hoaula P?**ag* to Norfolk, atvtrnxea and meal* laaluded^W, to or Hlrhmnod. RIO Kiruratnri ticket# to Borfilk and baoh, If. to Peteraburg or ***?"*. u5 Be-way. T*rANTRC? A GOOD VESSEL TO TtH TTO d? W three hundred ton* of ootl (la "hkkd) to Mf^e^roaa either FjiiWdelphl* or Be* York. Apply to DaS ID owl*, ?* Yeeey atreet. _ IRUSICAL. TTTuilK'i'wr**m-ua ? ? A Clinton hall. A*tur place an* Right* atreet. mw Droad ^,A1^a52oRTAL AltO CPRIUHT P1AJH*. >ew and am* "id h??d ft IK dal.t AMD H1KB ailowmnae made fqrhtralf pui nham* AQHFA1LT IMPKOTED PlANOfORTB. LKIHTK A BRADBURY. . Mauafartnrara of a nee acale o.errtein* baaa, patent taaula ted full Iron frame, grand and aquarv Plaantorum, Bo. Ml Rronm# atreet Planoa U) reut A" hPl.KMDID PIABOFORTB. 7 OCTAVE. WORTH CRM will be told for MOO The re*a>n la lb tt the n? oer art. I Uave lb* eonauy toon. Addraaa ltd Emit Twenty Urn meet A SOPRANO SIKOKR FULLY QUALIFIED WISHES a inoatuia la an Kpaeup.i church etthar la Brooklyn or In Bee York. Addreai U. S. -ot li- Hera'a udi?e. TrT LA FT OR OFBTLRBaB IB SEARCH Of A A. apleodtd rf.eewood Piano for j 'at <wM' EC""* Hire* ir YDtS* ago, may call at the ti-rate rmi*eBe*_ 8*1U< Blnth avei ..e, near the ceraer of lhlm tirat *t-ewt .. Ralere'iae.di red to mahera. Satle'actloo guM*e.?wd fudy. Coat WW Prtee >17R #11I10E.BRIRO A BOEB, | Maaufactvrer* of ORABD. SQUABS ABi7UPRlOfTT F1AR0B. Ware mom* Bt Broadway. a A BOBS have been a wanted thtrty-n*Mtp^ew ' Ik* aupertortty of IRWr maanfartar* t<* the pa? thirty lv* PI A BUB TO RRBT. JH A C FISCHER, sad BROADWAT. SEAR f'WR . teenth atreet offer at a great bargain a flue *e?"epn-nt their eelebrwed Iron framed overtU-ogfAO^'* " a. d Unproved patent damp.'; atari?NN|aeemdbahd r*?a ,ui Rehideoja Raenfectory SC. ffrW Twenty ei.hth etreev LINDERAB A BOBS, CM BROADWAY. FIABO MaSU fac-urera, eatajlRhed IS*. Theee Plaooe are highly rw.vnm.-r .i d by the foUoWlogem'neni art - ? - a. tee. Carl Acerb iU John JcPatUww. Mai MaroUeh. W. <J Dietrich. John Huekerl, linnav J. Bine, hat _________ DBIC ?on. BICHHL D* LA PERRIRRR HAS '?* honor to taf< no hie and Ihr pabitr tbM be h?a r? asm Abw leawma III '-tngtng Addraaa ISA IVvirt Rreek Brook l,n. or ion Paerlgtrvaa. Bear Turk. MrsjO-A TO"BO I.ADT WTSH1K A IIOMB WHERE ? mat- n. tee upon the pianoforte. and la ategl .i, would he r.wider. , awOMaal rrvaaeneell'-u eddrea* it V . Herald |pfl,r?- or ho 8 fifth Mrwet. near Third at eaae ___ R* MCSIC?"THE PRIBOR Of W a LRU PwLEa." BY the celebrated roany-ower. Anffuatua Outl. A anpenor an lha for danrmg Prlre ? weta _M?iled free Jnet poh Itahed.byHORACRWATRRR. SMBroMWay. N Uahed, by HORAlT SillVOR LUIOI DAMA HATIBH RRTURBED TO town, will rea.uaa hie SU?gtn? ? Mel Ohfl or addrrae *7 Waal TweMy aUlh araen b.t?eea Broad w aad SUth aveaue, ?.w T(W% ^ S? E THORLXY'I ADVERTISEMENT OB PIRST PaOB. T mOHERB IBSTRl CT1CB RftOE FflE THE HARP, t. ?*" Alan H.?uwy Of lb- Harp, ' Harp Jour 2d * Ac. Addwm I'ewr, audri da la lUrpe. i" ? Thlr ty fourth atreet. Raw TorR. . ______________ w-tprmht aBD aqr arr piabob UmaRTTB a noVRIER. ?ao-d'aeturark. ** Mad Itoaaan Mel near Bw?*dway ?Oar Oprgbte are warranted wyaal k Seb^al la mi ir T? aaeouf aetured la the Muuitpy Piaaea h pent. - ?Wk'ABTEC-AlOCROltrRTT.EM AB WBOTHf>R lUHH W A^n,'defC;.*0d.?-.-e,mglveie.^w| to a rV.1. he . e?,,nete' to read, tn the family, aad he a for Winer. Atdraae R. h H . boi, M Harntd od*ea. A STROId ??d V. "ThcSa PIDB ABTROLOttlST. THAT EBFRtORBCA* A . - M Madam W1 IJtoB, who telia the wieot of fhr rjTaa^'a")? eater her room- Madsm W,'eua, R TheleJltert art "nit* rl*t that ever wae knc-wn. she will it'dt ST i^^Trfher^JSdMrf-il entwnea. aad tell all the eve me eg Zjtzz ??? He. ^Trti^surzMt ieerv ne thai enaan't her Sane may get a tittle Urn! iSkmub thrj reed n-'l fear foe ahe praettero emhla^ but wha ^V^hte p. ptovwoc^-a r ??l Mkf ?riUHV"^ Ukdjr H#r bmm bmm ?^Hwl^aad RtanVia aM-em. over the bakery fee B Btor ladle* arwl leellemro. Hi aeata t?WI fml) A p fOB ISHI??.?BAD ABB MORROW. . CR'ReYn A hnre wttS ? ?Mil wj gift flf forwlot Wis fcflw aooa M d -iea ,o" -U ____ ii*. >*!? iiU Fs# 2B Wfltl. *iwU! ?wjM>?rf ?op rxrp j ipi ?? M W* LkdMar ?rwm hetow Ho?o. o? am admitaed jj'.iai'MI feS'JSX mWSfi ^Jgjy yjw mratwRkml mullaal aad bud?a eowniu 5^TdI?,a'ad%blni. -"1 aatlafaett.? r-.araalmd al way*, or no pay taheu. ~ ... j, RARTET CAB IBFt'RB HIR.RASt M A{^2s. ^ rJZXLSrxri ','l If y ei vlah tha lra?V Jtrober g2 lad lee Ueatlemaa am admitted. arituvi ?it ro THB BEST CLAIRTOTABT ABD MAa:^'m .MUnUstat'm tH-.uM^bmm thou'aanda S thte and nthar nMea with ?nR" sMj, rV -i'-leWn. i.?al Sh . le'.lv IS- " '??i '.Tf^rb i- V, ? ale that cV be, vemr " t1ve her a eal). at Ml *** **"*? T"^*T fad lev gw waatat paaBa? B? | Ml MtfD BTRBtT. BBAR Zv?l wilbtER elmrvoyaet and gifted Spaa*' /^- "u , Ta,\? mrmerle*of fnturlie. Wive, eivrrtage amro P-nd* &v ? pmnw medtetnep for alt d?* H*M InPky ZSmn. prwwdy 1? W ?Urn. ha. w AHVRKMKVT8. ALLAOI1 THEATRE Mr. WAUilOI i*i*mm.Umn Mr. LEBTKR WiU.AI'K .kapw lutnr MR WALLACE has rrvkl pride in.I pie; jure in ai.oouunlm tha UKiUJa.M COMMENCEMENT or nil RSGCLaR SEASON nrru miuUt

THE ROl A LIST. TO N OUT. AMD EVERY MIGHT TIL). FURTHER NOTICE, THE UKKaT COM iOV ENTITLED ? line hiiyaliot. OR FORTY YKaRS AOO. Henri da PlartpBoul, a caplauu of Dra<;ouas of the Hoard. ... Mr. Lester WalUoh Tha Rnrnu HoolH-b ird. Prefect of tha Department Mr. Risk* M dr Grtgnoo. * meat ier or the imuucll Mr. Wauxd Ore* a. ? Mrrrwit Mr. Tuiu ixwivllls, a oorvural Mr. Uoborn Pierre Mr. oUrar The Oonuteas D'Autreral. a ruyallat lady Mrs Hoar Launle, bee blece MUa Mary Gannon Drapoons, servant, M if lha new and anpronrtat* music aaleclad and > n a axed by MR NO..!, To oonotada every erenlna with Lha lataat London stream, entitled PIT7.SMTTH F OP FITXNMTTHB D ALL Ffttamythe. of Pitzauii the llall Mr. Sloan Frank Tottenham Mr. Mort al Urepory Mr. v.ete* toy Mr P.rk* Mr* Kit/amytlie, of Flusm/the Hall Mr*. Vernon Kroalopa Mia* Ju'ia Trea lioo-a d*d at 7W; to punui'Doe aiSo'clouk. Hoi Booh >pao three days In adranae. Pl?nea DQiy uow lie aannrarl. WINTER GARDEN. On tbla eveolnp, WRDNEbPAT. Bapt, 19. UnnedeUpht ful delineator* of 1RLSU AMI) YANKEE CHARACTER, Mr. and Mm HAlLNKf WILLIAMS, WU1 appear in three or their he,t pieces. the charming PaIRY . IKi'Lh. OR. CON O' 'AKIII.IR'l OlIKAM, Uy H. G. Plnakett; to lie tollowel hr IS AND HUT ON PLACE. In wblrh Mr. Williamn nil) appear Id live character*; to con clude wltii THE LIMKRU K ROY. DAM1M1 ACADRKIMII. tLLMIK NNW DANCEL-L. 1)R GARMO, A BRu EEs' AHAllKMY.aMl BROO?]C STREET. The ball, with reception. drraain* a id prantldnp room adja cent. i oases* rreai adTantapya lor implla. All the taahmnalila dances wl',1 bo introduced, together wtth bo new and 'aau'lfnLPrenrb Ouadfilles, PRINCE IMPERIAL and LA K(IRKPL Ladle* meet TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, lUiF.K. Lantlereen, 7 to .lOJd P. M. Cblldren. WRIINKsOaY.I and AaTukDaYH, S tol P. M. J l.adt**' primary elaaae* lualruntnd by Mr*. BROOKES. Prime lraa.nn at honra nut oocupted by cliaaea A H the liablunable dance* l?uxbl In one court* of lewORR. The Opt bid* hnlree. Wednesday erauin*. September 19. i CADKMY OP I AM" HMO AMD CALISTHENICS.?MR ?V aud MRP. TRKMOR r'-openatbelr wa'Unowr raimi lift Weat Ihlrtv fourth rtreet. near II (>vl<riT, Near York ou Wed T.eedey, LMlh lout. Ill sou h Kisbth at reel. Be# ikly n, B D., I* no?r open on Moods a and TbttradayA Home c lease* and pri vate aehoola attended to. Call fur circulars. CHI H. rivers' dancing academy, mo. ma pul J. km atreet. Brook)yd. now opoa for ibk reception of ,'uotl* and f. rmaUoc of c.annas. Lad lea at three ok Tuesday vnd Prlday afternoons. tienil-tneu at eleht P M. Mimes eud maManiOB Wedaeaday and Saturday aftemoonA Portartna inply at tha academy or send for a circular. DM AMCTNi; acapemy.-thi undersigned will oven bia arhool, on Thuradtt StHh, at ITS Pr!or* struct, ?her* be will tea, h all th? UVit faahmnable new daaoe*. ORDKR OP DANCES. 1. Oraed Mareh Qeadriiie, 2 l/wdna Laneart, 2. Mazurka Kmpe.rial, ?. Vlrlorta Seta tfuadrlUk X OreUian Bride, 4 Star S.ti do t - Pore Pmperial Maiurka, A Caledonia do. ft Waltz Du Paa, II foirfe d?: ? UorlitiA 7. Polka di. 7 Varau'ienne, S fbrnial Seta do. r. Row Polka Kedowa. 9. Military do. ?. May Sowar Bchouteehe, W. itomeue d> Id. Kiublem do. 11 11 la bland Flln*, raav aaonao. 12 Bay ad' r*. 1. Quadrt ie, 13 Piabar'a Hornpipe, An' a variety of n*b?r fancy dances Good ordsr ani decayum will be prmsnad. PROP. HENRY KIGLKE. VfiDAXI 8AUVAOR AU'H iVl PaN< INO aoapkvt, M Broad way, meond dwor below T.-nth Mmet, la open erery afternoon ?r.l ereniny for laannoa. (Iran t nnlra? UunM ?*e.) essoin* from 8 till W o'clock P. M. All lha faahioonble mmi Wntbt la twolsa lessons Lr a new ailbrt. no acapkmirs and boarpimo icnooui.?A I own patent lady teacher nf dan -laic, la all tta \arv>na branch ?? t< o. iifu? ..f ,i n' . ? . 4 A'Mroaa Tencbet. Mb 71 Wll |. mail or* Pnat oBlce U I The baai of rafareiniao git** wcxr TTTTRTY MXTH STRRKT. BlTVm PIPTH nod With asemtao - Madame (Porraro) J AlKROIf had Aolargrd bar Ball Room aad will reopen bar Prlrmla Daoalag t<, Balardsy, October li st 3*. P *. 29 PUKRITtilK. AT l'RIVATI HAI.P. A. pirrt clara ronrwoop furmturh, POE THIlKK DAY*, rrraa eia bt l? llva n'artek P. M. TV entire a ley* n F nrn iters et m.tuad In Urn ranldenre, 151 a eat T?eni) "rat street a few d-.ri from Besentb araana, will V dbytwnd of at prime aaU If spelled for imm ? Pate jr. at ooe half Ha actual worth li waa all made t > tritr, and wcnprtaea everything adapted to, ur requisite for, a faahl nails aad onstly furbished residence. Hold la nonaa>|tianoe of the wear leasing the rlly *mwi( who b ate two maguulnebl rieewtui Parlor dutta, beaultfnhy canted. and oorered In rtcb ?lib hrtwwlel; enornor roar wood IManuforte. row |iai two months ago. w,ih rvh r -- Par r I ham or, Doing It.ems and Bitraerr Furniture 01 esery d?artt|>Uo< t bins. Ham M are. An I'ur. baser* art lb nd it to tbetr Intoreat to no ? ?nine before pnrrbaelr f ela?wb*re pair prior oivrm for mecond hand pdrmi _ tnm and fart-eta. la ready mwiey. AH oaila promptly at ndad to Add rem IM fW M atreat, roraer I'erry. 1 4 !J. KINPH OP FURNTTi'RF. W ATTRE^AItS A NO B><P. A rltty. wholesale ard retail, cheaper lhaa aay ? bar at re, I il. W MKHRI'it. !ti3 H-iwry beta mm atantoo aad Hons b-o atresia. Onlr one prine oabed. All (ooda warranted and dttt sored free. Mote tbe number. IxAMPT.'.Kr CHAMBBR PCTTi OP Ft'EMlTCE'l I* ill ? -nkart nnd rylea. at trb I vale or nttail, Al 113 aud natran'i; alao Matlre-aea and Pal'lisaee. WAKKP.N t\ ?RD 177 t'anal street. Poor door* aaat of Kr ai way. E r fTM'RNlTURK BOUGHT POR REACT VOSKT ?A PAIR " raloe gt.en la rra-ly money for PnfpRara. Onraotn. It oti Ac , at 1)3 Fir lb areone, brtwaeu Ninth aad T nth rt. r RNTTTRR AT PRTVATK F tLE-BFIXO THR ENTIRE mounts of a Are atory residence. Tbe ad v art leer Vug ahept in romore to tbe country, oiler* for a few days. la lot to ? art p IT harem, bla eoUre el-Kant T nmUiire, r.ewaat.ny n< erar>lli>nd 4o be fn'iod In A ilr.t loa Iwiee, both oerf il an 1 mamental; in eiamlnatl-na will well mony taan>< la waat nd 'eel y Aral rlaea roll, aa tbey will be aold at a ceol aaerlll a ?oea the ortptoal at. Apply no i V pramiaaa. Ill What ?'imiloebUi atraot. between Klfhtb aad Nloth aaaawea RAILKOADR. Bm rratoN rivkr haii.roaii n?R ai.hant and <-nne>dlo( with traioa Hnrth and Wert. Ua and alter Mondar. heplemVr 17 I Ml trains will learo I hrtrhera street ae follow a ? |Tbr> nrb tirnm Train. 7 and II A. M. and 5 P * : Albany Noll Train, 7 *? A M.; Hleeotnr far Tram. !?Ml P. M., Hondaya nrlndetl Way Train for Me? ll?f at 9 IS A. M and I 13. 7 ...1 in 15 P. ll . for Tarrtinaa.dt p. M.; for Peebotbi,5iU . M. for rwipbkeepate, I 15 and .1*1 P. M. I .ar-nper* laben at lljirnVra fanal, rbetolnnher aad thirty rrt >trrrla. Albany Rml(r ntt Train, from Thirty Ural wren ml'* Tialra for Tork lanre Tuy *14 Id, Unndaya Included), an'i h 45 and 11.10 A M and 11'> and A B P. M. learo Alhnay about tblrty almiM later. Albany tut New Tork, 5 P. M Hondayr Inelnded). a P HRITH, Hupenntendenk Mew Toe* Feptwnber IT, IWO. N~'RW TURK ARD H ARt.KM R UI.ROAD. PARK Ttl AI.'wsFT Mt ~lin and ?'t*r Monday. Jane M H?' trwtat will lease tbe Twrnty Mtti rtreet station Haw fork aa followe:? For vriaiatir' fM?e and a'J war ataUonk 7 Ml. II A. M. and ? Ml I' V Pir Wb'te Plana ard all waya'attona 130. I and 5 r V Pnr WbNa Plains and all way ata inat 11?f> wo White depiA. Pot t rr.tna Paili frrm fwsmy alitb nlreet _nL f t| A afaippl ie at Wiuiantehrldfe aad Mntlonj .bore Pnr purer Plains tnen Twenty attth street dew*, t :I0 P M ?Vr . If at White t'laina and iteilma abnrn?itbtk train onn Vt P larma arery Hat'irdar areolae). Per Albnne from rarerti rn'h rtreet dep.* 1 1 II A. M., eiarms mall train, ?wo iitac*< *IHe Piaiaa, Metir *d. iVntno Pol* aad abuiana RKTI'RNIWCI, WHl Imee Wlllbtmkbrldpe, rvppln* at nit amy, IM. 11, u and I P M. wtnte Plains, r.oppln* al all way ktatl ma, land T A. N , 4 II and 7 P. M Irorer Pbtlnn, rtwpirr at all inert! of Pordhain d a M.?dbtn train learen Mi.lerlrm I awl Rondey mnrnlnd at 1 111 frnvm Pal la. I P M . atop Inn at a I i aiKwin ar.rtb of Pordbam. Albany. 0 A. M, aaup at a>. aiAUrws tx.nh of M b-te I'.alnn. * doHM Bl'RfBI .1. amtamat F-ipermtewdent ay RW V"RK AMP II 414 rv RAMiR'ltP BURNH* eeMlRrMMNrr T-? ?? 'ear- Tw-ei, fcbmil damn an f-.llowa IBII A M -Kiprrafif AIM ay Troy. -er.Iowa Hbar n Hrrtnta. Nlncarn Palm, l.aka IWwre I' atewt Fprlnna and l?ke Rabopan. oonneetlun ?? 4 haay whb New Tort 4>n ral Heilmad for Fhamw HnrlnrA wia?ar* Polls and all planon Went; alar wit) trains for Hnrato ?a .nd nil polnte North. 8 It A. M -Pnrfpvm Pal*, eon neetirn al Wohlea'k ftrtdpe wrh stnarea for lAkn Waeeih te, ..1 atVrrrnn Palln w*b ntacen for letke Maboner. 4 30 P. Por Dnier PtolOA eonnert'nn ?4 'In dee a Mndne with Payed fqr t ?>? Waeenhne. and al " ?-don Palis wttb Warm for l. ibn Mabnpaa JOHN Rt'RrllTIX. AHInnt Ntpermaendena Km dII.RO*I> WW* HAVANA -BRA* 'B PROM ^IR rtty to tie l>rr*>. T V < '?wany feellnr dlanoaed to eon I .e4 for the rnmPTWNlow of this line. H.e InnnP -.leor wb'-b b <a to V eifbt aad three <|"talew* r t.(> ?h milea. wrlll Ha t ariewmf*. on'er sealed enrem In the nftlr* of tbe < mpser rf t reKfr an I Inaoranre I* Alxnm ? Fan Irnartoa. N v M1U, Mbbarbt. till n? n of the 1'hh of (Irtevf nr on whi b da. tbey will ?* opened, and If 'bey be adto aMnle, 'be < m tract win be rhmrf tn fa- v of tbe heat bidder, praterew? v tar atvan P> tbe party who htnda h mael' to eonol'idntbe worn In the rherteat Una. The a yore t. an p antes nk*> dnwra id "bi't'en d' il.delpbia Iron Roil of lha bent >iunlity. IB ton* i nrnaranr Rlbowk or JalttA. dlonn NaFa for Hi Per rmtebetn v Pattter Pinion. 4 w?a t-rjew Nail* to faeten the mill to the a!*?pera. The nfT'poaiUwte will be rare I red |n the oMoe named, op M tbe *)tb dwi'lelh) of obrt tirwh. Ortohec, aad In earn of afnjbetneiit the arrnnnetnnnm will M made amordtnn'T. ""'plkri A W-lf. WRtMn. In Pbtln/e'nhht. fUWRRRNAT A P.WDRI tPA, in New Tort. PON UlVlR TROIrCOR RfHMjCR. In RarwtA Knwtoeer of the t 'Wnpanr. Tbe fremer will erbOdl drawinna of tbe maWlala and tyw tem rd er-ietr "tlon and tbe litter, the plana, ennditnma and rtv- e*o. red inform itloa la fbomrdlk It rant, Mo. 15. ft mi 7 ' 1! I? is the morn toe, AnVIBHRITS IBLO'N OaKDKN bole !.*????? ud Mnnarer Jurna M. Nlion KNGAOKlIKh (' OK MB KUHaKxr WKDNESOAk KV KMNii, oepi. 111. 1-KjO. HaMLCT Ilnmlet Mr. Formal i The Kin* Mr. J Onooll trbuat P. H Oooaiitr I The t)ueeu Mad fai'tl Folntuue C. Kiahrr I opheila Mr*. Conway Deorr r*vtw lit,, < uruin will rl?? <u 7", P. M Private Hoter J6mi.II" I Parqueti* and 'krcle ...SO eta Orchcatrn Chair*. $1 | I arnlly Circle i rorbi at IS cu bovr* unil i balraonly miy be *eruiad m n'lranne. Laura kbenk-r thkatkk LaUKA KKhNK'N theatric. LA I'll A AKKNK'd IHKM'BR LAUBA KKKNVN TIIKa I RE. LAUKA KKHNKS THEATRE LAUBA KkKNK's TUBai'RB. GREAT HlKVKHb OKK4T SUtvteN GRKAT BUCCKhM UKBaT RUDdCrS GREAT HI/CVKH8 OKKAT SUl'CKSR Aim BROOM 11 WKIK HKONU WKKK KKlOND W KICK HKCOND W blK SK.ONI) WKKC or rnr WEW ANll BEAUTIFUL PEW AND BEAUTIFUL BR 9 AND BEAUTIFUL NEW AND BEAUTIFUL BRW ABU BRaUTTVUL FIVE AOT DRAMA FIVK ACT DRAMA FIVE AOT llt?NA PI VK AOr DRAMA, pivk Airr drama. PITK ACT DRAMA, Bp T. B. Dc WitDUl, Can. palled the MoNKKY HOT, MONK KY "BOY. Monkey hoy. MoNKKY Bor, monk kv hoy. Monkcv uoy, MONKKT BOt, MONK KV HOY. MONKKT HOT. monk kv hoy. MONKKT BOY. MONKKT BOY. MONKKT BOY. MONK BY BOT. winca WILL BB REPEATED EVERT RIGHT TILL PURTHEB NOTICB. WlUi the following powerful "net: Pierre Renattd. a ronvlot Mr. 0. W Oonldoek Jaeuuea Kenaitd, hie run?4Kb Hotkey Boy. .Mln lAtrn Keeoe I.uclm Gerard, a painter Mr. 11 P. Dbly Jiaeph Hougrt J O. Burnett Tbr linn. H. Hpooner T. B. Johnatuo PI bet 0. Paten T?u|iln D. Lewa Mkiirlee Levleb Get-rale. Bernard Paul G. Barton Bao'il Llnrnrd A blind man Clinton Jueepb Goodrich MatAlae Henry Uttoerof police GledhiD I <? Nolr, chimney ewerp Mbw Jneepblne beo-y I Hem. ihlniury aweep Barter (Hirer Wren Famed# Mian Polly Marshall Roar Mr* /. I|7 Allen Na<*am Mignonette Mra II. Yinlng ( untne Mr*. Lotty Unui liiana Mt*y Oawtld Madame I * IlrMima Mlai Eroratl The orobaai'n win pertorm an ENT1KELY BMW OVIRTURM INC DENTAL MUSIC, written c ipreealy for thla piece Ny MR THOMAS BAKER Alan new operatic arlcctlima from "Don tltorannl," "Robert le Dlable,'' "Lea nmteoola." and the "Child <,! Ihe Rm mem '?A quadrille on Wa'laoe'e new Opera of ' l.nrllne and N tread antra"?II Giurammto- T be Tmmnet Polka, wtlh ana lor cornel a utrtrai?Charartei-llntu uew gallop. Hie Conner In IrodurtoR I ell*, wbipa. i tainla. Ac. Door* open at acren o'clock; performance* oommema at eight o'clock. NOTICE. Ia art Ire preparation, a new three act Comedy by Tom Taylor, en'.itled A LESSON FOR LIFF Alao wll! be epeedlly prndtwea an entirely new Bpeetemlar Drama id yreat power and novel ronatruetlan, founded upon aee uftlie latent Peritlea nueonmee ir HOWKBV TUKABTK Sola Proprletm MPS-*- (i I. FOX A T \y UKOABn. WRIiMK^DAV BVKBIVO RR-T. IT. The l*aople a Pavwrtw. MB. K. IDIIN And IbaJalmtrd jrirm, ??? Vuok M1SB ?. UKa V. la the U. And Operatic in four Act*. ROB ROV. la the oonraa of the tmcctacle arrenl New hornet Hauls Tableaui, Ac Rob Boy Mi. E. Rddy frunrii Oi Al<l*ntn Mlm Fiuinr H-rri i? Ih.ujral 4|. U F'rf 11*1 ie fftenl Jarrla Mr. H W. I.lo ."ir.l Helen Mrtlregor M>?? a 'loe ? irar Vcrwoo.... AO. w (i Jams - ? ~aA|u: " Alter the Drama Mr. ti I, fm ? OMatn I'ahinrlne of TUB IIOMHCN A vK Qlira 'ael nm Mr (I. I. F-v HOOLBT ACAMPBFT.I/fl MINSTRELS, MUDdi'S RA LOOM. R. M. Hootey, ? C. t'n/npSe I and U. W. H. (IrUBa, Prourirt ire MOB DAT BVKWJMO BKPf. 17 AND KVKRT BTBM1NO Kir# work <f Ikr vary laughable Burleenne Bket A railed the INALOUKaTHN BMrL. IWlljr lurch It lite rre?l chnrivcter Bllljr lllrch l? lila greet ch?r?vct?r or rBRvioua nirrmiTi.TB. aa pel famed by hi a orer luo co?e?cntlie tlxbu at Magulre'a Open Uouae. ban Fraaeleoo, i *L O W. H. flrlffig..., u Rami*. J. l'r?wr>rth aa Ill-hard If! M.vMrr Kutrene aa Lady Macbeth and *?* MerrI lea A. Weaver ae Oorpnnl I nil lode* Other nharartere by the Troupe. Rear la mla.l Open Comedy, 1 ragedy a ad fan a, wbhn?? Boat*. Aria, lHncea. riantaUna Sceoae, Ae . all, aB, all00 lb came night, for perUccOara ane Prucraauaea. Tickets A cents. XniJUER OARDF* IN l ORtinl liAI.IAN OPKBA TROCI'B. TIE-DAT, THUMIAT, BATOBDAT. Medline OORTBRT b?* 'he boe-r to than ihe on d'c fnr the dU|'|HJW which 'hay ao MbereRr aranrd- l her rm h?r lire* even int. and am?rely true ? that *k? may falty merit IL bha head leave P> aanoiince thai Barlnl'a Ojera od MKDMA la at preeeat la active pre ar?iiun, and will apee I It be pro diMldi Bit OBD KVRMNd'l PERFORM AHJE. TIIUBHDaT, MBIT W Dnan vttl'a gratd ?ud ponular 1 r*gtc Open. tb TO. wl.t ba gtr*e. aupeorted by Mediae Cos i *h! Signer Mt'Hl AM M;tw AMODIO and * Ikgaor -V AMNt, wuh nthe-a. fTvndar'nr OARI. AN"< IIOTX AI'MlASliiN OMR DOU.aB The public are r upenfally lafermed iliai Benerrcd *#?>? la ti e Pre., aad Flr?l rinjlreand Paru'ietta caa b? obtalard friaa V A. M. an ill t P. M. without aim aharre Family Utrc'a Id centa ? iitr.irc? oa Orueby #reei Prime Hoi-a fr .mfd In fid, aner-rJIrs to lunallnn Dr. .ra open at 7 -aarirt et A unto k Madam" OOMTNBI bege to mamncr taut In ihe -nana of the following week KMMOB P. t Monro, brother tn the dMRBgutMmd barrttone. will amke hie Oral ap pearance Iu Ihta cuatry. N1W BOWKBT TUP IT KB ??00*11 BPTtVAl? Third alt h . of MR. K KUllT Who wiR appear jx a i?? ?dac *i>.ei '? Sir WaMer SeoU'a ROB ROT. aaahaed by a powerful caai Mew mec.-ry pew cnatoinea, fmm aorrect aeti^wttlea Danera. Mare lew. Aa. BRaUTIPri. TARI.BC X. OabaMieton H?U. Old Bridce ai tllhmnii t'o'leee Hardona Olaagew. Paaerd ty-bh'-d. View eM Uwh 1/imou* VrnuBrhta. feeut oil Wataah Ballet Bach plar will he Acted buUw1ar,?a the yrgagemen' H Mr. Rddy la Hmned S' ttmiBM OAMKS. lOMPt W<H?n TRt.Ki4 ?AT. sRrr n Btttf'e TlrheUt ?.*? eenui Tkiaeta edmHUag tlenl e ledl' a Mi real* BJBW TORK r'ALBpPRr AB ?T,rjB ?TUB MP* It BBS i* nf tbia I ah are birr I < *l(t*d tT meet at Ihe Mcr-er llrwiHi corner r* llr-vm- an I Mercer vtraate. at half p?# mren o'alrek Thurai ay mining, to r< Met.Ml .OAR, Ohtaf. Oan Oiunt. Serre cry. Bi/ortwn ?. bmibpim* The wreiderf il h nedla a aaemd teeuka cm the tlrht rm>? will lake place Prtday. flat Uier at .Inne* W tnd al t netnek lie wltl perfma the mo# Ortatr faam. end will aa read the rope biladloUleri, ha head laeloaad la a aaeh TlekaW D1 tTBBMLDORP OAU*BBT, MA RBOADWAt. ThM nartnUmt eolleeiloa nf PAlRTIMOB AMORTATUBB Mow oa oihMWna. Or? day amd erentag. Admtamoa Ma. MRB. W. B.PIRH WORAMDRTBKRT.-rHAATUl A wlga omiWAally '? baorl aad made to rtrdar w-atr w ra at praea Ul |ck the tlatee Country rwder-e immreiT ? tended Vx Remember Mo. tX! Oraad atreet. Mew Y .rt. WJRW TORRBB BTADT THBATRT r1 V aad W RtiWKRT rim aight nf _ RTMB WAOMT In der BRoTBEBmV. M-w Mc|t>Ti?tn?. wiih -rmgw. by A. II p? P AlrAiW OABDBM. MDdl- lUt.l, TO I.MT TO Ltrr. WW AMP MltlOVk. IBIRIt WHISTBTB, HOOTCH WRDtRBTB-BPNC1A1. Rotlea ?I bare now In Work a laran h ieoly <* 'rl*h Whim key, baixetad man HnaPm. Aariat, 1M7; alar II puncbana (part la hnad' flM BnatA Wb'ekey et aeaaic.- tHmatie, knne t, lAgf The abnrr* are praBirr / ti - 'Jdew aad 1 n?W Whtafeeya la Mew Tat*. Mill be Wl pure; aad f re*ee-?. f ily rbultenee rwwnparteon wtth nthoteen d at Idgher pricea. AMI. Oasoaaa Port, bntoed w Oymtri Hcnad? MA.M.WMwh-aBMAT#.^, firmi BBAMDT-POB rRRM*RTTMH a BtTtBIMR ?rit?> Per tale at whrdtwa.c only, bf T. W MC R AT. IM Cheta >? MUM. AMUHKWfKMTW. At Ati'MY Of MUSIC?VESPERS?OOLRON This (WEDNESDAY) eveniux. Hcpt HI. at 8. Firit Dlcht uf Verdl'a world renowned Ooetn of 1 UK SICILIAN VKSFKRS Ft: at appearance thi? aaaano of tbe faroiita Prima Mine FAUUHi t 0I-8O1* Flrat appearance thU aaavon of i he popular (euor Six NTIOWLU. Flrat appearance lr. Maw iorh ?l JU.iuvieui UKNK8REL. premiere H.iaao of tbe Imperial Academy of MuMe ta haa a i<l tbe Grand Opera. NewOileuaa. Second appearance of the (mat baritone, bipnor FEB Hi ftina -The directum o' the Academy of Muale hare thBBB tLfaeiii n to announce lo .heir pairoaa odd the public, that thaw have a eiootled in inakloir aii wi ron <eine> i for a limited a? bti of uljibla wuh th? reb-breled French haaao MONSIEUR tlKNKllitKL. from the Imperial Academy of Muale. In I'nri*. on hi* amvOB New OrlHane. w ho will hove the honor of hit debm. thla ever,uy |>, the important part of Johu of Ported* ta Tar dl'a (rand opera of THE SICILIAN VESPERS Thia WKDNhSHA Y K\KNINiJ. Sept P. at 0. Fits i ;jjh: thia reaaon of the new and celebrated Opera at .. , T11K SICILIAN \ KdrKRS, alueic by A erdl. the Poem uy Kurene Hi rtbe. T11K SICUIAN VR>PKSh Waa eiprenly compoeed by Verdi tor tie- (Irani Open tw Parla, end la nnlveraally iicanow tedyed or betna the yraaiaMt and nioat ellecbva Opere of Uia celebrated ?xnp ianr. TUB SI' Ii I AN VKt?i>ltRS Will ba produced at tbe Academy of Mueir WiTH NEW*. KNERY AND I'SOPERTIKS By Rlannr llariulbal W. t'aleo. fram the nnmal model of IBs (fraud Opera in Pant, obtain*d through the kind pi rnuaMaa tt hi.< K.veeilriiev Mouaieur la Muistre de la Malaoo de 1 hnpt reur, M. Aihlle Fonld. rilK. UMQU K AND PICTURESQUE PRESSES PreaetjUhg a moat faithful picture of ihe c atomea of the thirteenth centure, hue been mace In Paria by Mouaieur Us R' y, customer of that (Jrand t inera. and Mgnu.* iiruackl. ooa turner I rom the principal theairea In Italy 1UK hKlV ACCOUTREMENTS aNI? PROPERTIES Are Irom Uie celebrated manufactory of Monateur aft", armorer to bta Majesty tbe Kmpeeor of Uia French. PHiNfir au character*. Tlie Prlncras K'ent Mme. UOtMOW A i riyo Six STIOMUM The Uorei nor of Moaforte Sic FEJUtf Ptocida, Chief of ihe it(iiopirntora Hons. IFFNI SECONDARY t'HARACTKKS By Mrue Re.chtrdt, elfiirmi I/ail, M. Barllt, Crottaa, Ximet ea GRAND CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA Musical Director and Conductor Six* On THURSDAY, Sept 20. at S, Seoord appearance of the treat dram wile Pome Donna MMK. INF/ Fa llllitl. Whose flirt apper ranee at the academy on Monday ltrha tana iei elved w th a i much enthusiasm. in her cele.brwtedrnU SC Viulettaiii Verdi's popular opera of i*A TKAVIaTA MME INh'/. KAHHRI fn hep crent role of VioletM. MO. STllfKI.I.f (b'a wron I appearance) aa Alfreds. ' fif. FKRKI (iin- treat llarltone) aa iferaat. ?. nrical IHt ccior and CuadudMr. MAX MAHKTIIK, ON BA1UKPAT EVENING. SEPT. GR AND GaLa NIGHT Ihe eale 0! team for the SICILIAN VESPERS and far 1 K A A IT a will eommence thia monitni *t 8 A. M.. at the baa Tl'-e of tbe Academy of Muele: at ?IneU a atatlooe- y Store. U Wall alleet, nod at C. Hreiiainc'a 701 itenaiway. MISS AHKI.I.VA PATTI le a new role. The director to lea crent pleuaure In i.enounetnx thai Hint A I d LIN A PATTi will ahortiy appear :ta Linda ta ISxiAaettPn mnatarworh of CHAMOUNIX. MUSEUM. Under the pereooal auperrlaioa of F. T. B ANNUM. ERST VENTILATED LEOTURE RtXfM la lha world, and ric.l*htfuUy oool and plenaaat. EVERY DAT AND EVENING THIS WEEK. commencing Monday. Kent 17. ihso THE sfl.KNDID HISTORICAL DRAMA. JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN, JOr.KI'H AND HIS HKKI'HRHN, JObKl'U AND his bhnthkrn, Waa received wi h aneh lenmenae favor by the patrona Of IM Ali.setim (be paat wee a. and attracted each unwonted erased*, 'had the Manrrement will CONTINUE IT ONE WEEK LONGER, With all tta aoraroua aw eompanJmenta, ita apiendld mtmmmf. bnlBaat cnaTuiwea, macalAoeni crooplnxa ard unequatlad tma chenieel rt'erte It w.ll be pmd'ioed IHfB EVENING, aa "" ,oi or*. THIS Ai fERNOON, at S, Ida new ~ 1,'jO' ore. tiiim Ai 1 kan 11111*, ai 3. tne new immeaaw, en third the LAST HOPE, aa acted la VadaaM Oa leMe'a Lyeeuin Theatre, London, will be produoad b, OBB aC ihe beet com nan lea In the country. All the NnveltlM ant Curloaiiaa of the Muaeua wtl ha BB bla at all houra, Inci udlna luEs range and mtntertqur aeimalm. THE "WHAT CAN THEY BE*" TWO IN NUMBER, AND OF DISTIKOT SPMUtMM One of which baa TWO DISTINCT HEADS, but ONE UM. ami la WKB Fts iTEli. A TATTtiOED NEW ZEALAND CHIEF, LIVING -WtUT IS ITf ' OR MAN MONKBT. The moat Intereaaina, amuainx and wuodcrt ol crawtura MM *r?wn. THE GNRAT LIVING ROAR1NO BLACK BRA LIOM. Tha only aitlira! of Ihe kind eiar aeen ta the A'.lanBa BWM. THK WONDERFUL ALBINO FAMILY, Each wtth pure while akin, allken white hair, iInk ayH. thnuah born of perfectly black per en in. TIIK LADY WITH LONG HAIR. THR PINKST AQUARIA IN THK WORLD' ruled with LIVING NEa end RIVER FISH, from VMM eilmea, aa ihe lieauUfnl ANgEI, FISH, SI'Kl KI.WD BROOM TROUT. FLYING FISH, LIVING ALLIG aTORJL LI TIN# ! CEOCKODIlKR, Jr., Ad. IheramouatJt ING LIGHTS CAl.t ULaToK LIVING MONSTKR SNAKES. LIT HaHT ANACONDAS LIVING HAPPY FAMILY, Ol VARIR1V OF NhW WAX FIGURES. All three, liealdea all the Wonder a and Novelties of lha ?? arum oollectloai. ?Lh rmbmeea ma laaa than KVKUI CURIOSITlRN From evary pari of the world, are all yea, ALL. TO 1IK SEEN FOR K CENTS Children under 10 years. IS re?u MUSEUM OPEN FROM 1 A. M. TILL 10 P.M. Bowkky tmkatrk. Ueoraa Wind ... TMK I.ARUKkT AUDIKWlt cyer wlttaia :be v?ile of tfcia theatre last o>*hi RKW AFRIT AuC'.AR M.AT, and by tbelr appltnae pnmroared h ? ORKaT RflCOtM. It wU< be repeated Pi M*ht, with all l a NKW h. KNK.KY, KM (WTJM1*. HPI.KNMU AFPuIRTtlKWR. v AivinncwT PR' vrwnNRbnAT ?i fmimii, hkft i? 1*0. Will ba MA' lad Ihr farirl e r rame eaUU*< WoMaR. Rr.a Lory' Ilia Faith' Hra Taiti*' To conclude with ib# rurreona ap-etAi'? id AaTAN OR RaRTTI: fir, Tin I?i ao ? Pm.i. I Vile. Ibe Demon Pa*? Mi W. *1. LBfMaa (btMFnM*. ... tic K J. Tbua ?avtaaahm Mr. a. BRTAirrr mirrtrriji Merhaalea Itall. f7i IIROADWAT, a bore D-sad ??L MORDaT, birr 17. and eeerr nlchi diutaf ten wMR, IIRTaNTR' MIRHTKRLM la a sew eaitcly of Koa??. I'anoe*. Hurtawjua ftaytaoR (M itRtaa Ac D R WAM80I.D In his f?TT.rlu> Ballade and lamhahla Dub* Raajn MBl Folks a la Toiisves Power at Muale. IKK1<aND AR IT U -rveoteeo sad a flona White WaB AfRR JKbRT AMD DAW RRTART. lb# pop mar hnaiH, la tbnlr w.wmal ear a pop n la/ linaiM, la Ibatr mates! raynwn and SyteaooR IllJt'K RflARII a la Anderena. UI-aI'K WTTaBIA Doors open at 7; to hub n rue# ai Xo'alocR. Tina maR w* 1HTAI.1AN OFIRA. MIBIX) ? OARDKM. A CARD TO TDK FCBLH'. Althno-k bnlh lb* puhlle and the monies! world BAf par ' ? ib# ? mi' at lb# card pobUake! in yealrvilap's Ml am n. by Ctreeilroof the Italian <Terra at t! e Ac j of Muate ?ef I r maiilrr It mr dot' tar I be eake at I r* ply to Ibnr groan aad ubq nalHad Wrlemm talned la the Are! place, t r-*lleely deny I hat darter my taM aw casern-nt ?Mb tb-m I bad at any tbae broad at?eeo ?o'efpaRa Irrcaylrtnf anr ??| 'eeentaiw? of Italian I ipera la 'b#a mty pea i iron In mr departure for the mi aad of Cabs In lac In Bp wrt'teti at. r*em* ui mad# with i1i#b. no bine at tta# kind In la h# (rood. I bar# H ready 'of lbs .on of any itna who may l># rortone In tnrh mailers. The aaaerloa lhal I had sirens pttettlae In eneh an effeel la ln>r'y - ttew kma for eu*h a roeottloti a not of eo tight a eharvnar as in ha oailtiad from a n ntlen ? ootrart more ,'aapei lal.y wbaa R la drawn tip by manarers of lb# server aad abrewdnaaa af ihoe- wAo at preaeat rorero iba aflalrs of tba Auadaar af M iWe . . A a In Ike Intrir'iea of wbieb I ana arenaed d lino J Br laM erraremeni r ItA lbent ererrbndy know- tb?t agaiW pn? eeerffera would bn mere properly attributable I ? 'Ji# rkB ai la1 nf lb# in*eeforanf tba Arwlemy of Rnnlr Tbe p-hps at pra seat la n? ipo*e in be doped by falee ntatemenln * >4 tb# Unas has arr red al wblrh people ran ji. Ire tar On sine raa. Uapaa aiooaielv sod ralmlv. la matters of tela kind. For ml eondi rt ae a Rasari r. 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In roeoloeton. t aa fatly awars thai ay eareer aa a ha per of flpera Is crowded with dilhmMtes. Tel t am dever-mtaad to?tro*r'?b"'dly wwb te#m. bnrtara pecf#et me ? dear# Baa an eslirbteeed pnbltr like Itatnf AinerW a ?dti alwaysBi r-eetaie tbe broeel efforte wbleb areaawle by aa artlai waaM Ue retmnare and app-nbwtlro I here Urn brooc n ai*n ayaaif tea paidtr'a moat 1 ASA aerrAat. O fUVADIO. Aoai>fwt op RHP to. ? Tbe Il reeOwe rf tee Aea-lemr Of R ale take r~*ei ona r ore In aaaonntlaa I bat teey are m MSBly ante tee eelnbented *omrtwu? rnn.rrp* Aad MONAIBOR OR.VRHRR1.. teein, for a fair nlrhin of FKRRi h op**a Al tee Aeadear of M'lCtr Fall pvte-ulara In fntn SHPlRRTPO m*TT?OMlAU-A RPARRIMO FMTBB ? lalnmeni and I'roeeH will tabe ple a at tb# Art t'aero "rprerl ??Aa a. HI Rroedwey tele ar<*dne*d*r aren nr. baa - ?ember IS, fur tbe benefit of Tf>M .IRXX IMfls, of Mew OF leers, whose rrrerl oiler In Heft Red PrV e tar 11 OB sen peri ? been nreepted. Mr. Jenolora. dnrTna Hie etbibntea. win lemie a ' heller ye ta say man la tbe eooniry lor $1 'M bar B"te. TWkes M repta _____ GMVAM Tlil.rwflbRnRM. 41 ROWFRT OR AMD IxT' HTaIMMBMT BVBRT RMffT Admiwrton (I rem role. We ?? i, two isty danoer*. AW?MTHA(I COMf'F.RT HAIL mo Aft BR'IAPWAT - Oard ? Tie mw?ro>*M nf tHIr eetsellehment reyeaBe tee mansrrrn nf mlnn* wv -** bale not Pry tlttr its ..-smmea. but W, try .ml ^d bi. ^ rMB TOR PROrWRRfnx WARTFIl PipPFilOlTOMI ?l, Maalreta i?t- ? Itflteii *+*m ? n# ' ??!*? for Wnr?' K ? l \ t -r* J + m ?*T M? ?M |i. fi jiff Ni