Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 11
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ktlK KATJD. jjGCKNKY CATTLK-OF PURR BKBLi), AMD bii-aighae Kneep, far Ml* by W*. REDMOND, 43 Barclay Mum*. ? BARK CHABCB-A LIGHT MANUFATURING 3U etne-s, whl-b bun oeen est hlUb-d for teu years, v.Ill be eeid at a bargain, uo* doing a good cash trade, paving about It per rent p"o8t; aitlaii -tury re jnua tor telling giren. Ap gfr toHBOWN A BOSS, M Namaa street. Barker shop fob salb-a first class es tebltshment, well located and doing a large business. For mil particulars apply at VaN WINKLE A WI NAN'S, Mo 1 r toe street, N. Y. aBOE FOB SALE?SUITABLE FOR THE HAY, grata or gaaeral .relghuug ituAneaa. M uly at Mid Weal B tlOAL OIL FACTOWT FOB SALE?IN BROOKLYN. IN ) coniplKrt order, and capaoJe of turoAOg oat from 75 to WW karreJ* w+rk)j, wiJ) be eojd low lor cash, or oirb&nMfd tor ?User property. For ptrttdUMa addreM Coal Oil, Herald o>ae. EMIR SsLh-THE STALL AND FIXTURES OF A FORE A Mend, a large doable stand well jueatad m a city Market. Alee horse aad cart; to be Mid cheap to a caah puiohaeer. apply at 173 Kiaei atreet. R RALbT^ONK OF TDK FINK8T BILLIARD BA Inar.s for sale w:tb three new marbl- bad tabic*. a gaod Vim?tt Inquire in the ?aluOC^N o^uS2 Hrmlway. balb-the stock and rixrrKss OF A STORE BP a re?d' money business in Segare Ll qiiors, aad tiro wal he sow! at a revocable price. Appiy at the (lore, Greenwich street. ____ BM.RhaLE-TB* LEA?E, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF 1* onbllc b"t??e ooribweet oorner of Leilagtoe avenue and Twenty " lb street; -he best stand at the HnU'e Head; price law to a rash enatomM. impure from 10 to U A. M. R SAI.F-1HK RIGHT TO MANUFACTURE A PURR white palet. which can be made .it a cost of two neat* per 4 For uriber partir ilare and samplee Inquire at No, 3 rMupber street, In the store. & SaLE-THK STOCK AND FIXTURE-; OF A WHOLE ile and Retail IJ>;uar Store, with five yei-s' lease, n>w a good ouatnesa. Apply for two daya at V4 Weat Twenty, street. N. B.?No ugenta need apply. F?l K? ri CtOR BALE?HOTEL ON THE KUROPAN PLAN. NEWLT F furnished; lain a g>ed ?ocatlon n-ar Jersey (lie terry, Albany boats, Ac. For particulnm ad areas box 1,181 Puat F01 |R BALE-A LIQUOR STORE AMD BILLIARD ROOM ea Wat street, apply at at) Pine ? reel, room *1. IgSUB sal K? ABOUT 10W GALIiONR TARNISH. CANS. F Mesduren Bpirl e Turpentine, Ac. Wtll be eold very low. Am owner retiring from b itneM Inn .Ire at 3d8 Pearl i treat, yR SAT.K?A RESTAURANT, HANDSOMELY FITTKD * F? up^su -nese'uily ootid noted, long leaae; location for buei aeee unexceptional. and will be dimpose 1 of -eae.nshlr. Ainu Tyeter Sateen and Bar. C. B. HOWES A CO.. No. 6 Centre street, opposite the park. CR St LR?A GREAT BARGAIN, A CORNER Grocery, Stock and Fixture*. all eomj'.ete. Hone and oo; long leaae at low rent, doing a profitable buatnesa. ?am be rote, the owner baying other b ialneea. 0. B. HOWES A OO.. No. ti Centre street, oppoeite A r Park. r)R SALR-A LARGE LIQUOR STORE, WITH stock and liitoree, aid dwelling apartment* attached; rea eon forseliiag the owner bea other business to attend to. In take at 211 avenue A, near Fourteenth street. B*0B SALE -ONE 8TEAM KNOINE, TWBLV1 HORSE JP pewer, with boQere and pump and all complete. In per fect runn-ng order. Apply to JOHN 8. MYERS, 116 Weat Tenets arret,th street OH HALE?A RESTAURANT, STOCK AND Fix tures. situated down town, near Br><adsrsr, doing a good beaaneae; rare chance, the ow ner must sell at a great sacrifice hem nee be Is sW-k and cannot keen hie house longer. Apply M BISHOP'S, 144 Booed way. M floor. rR S4LB, CHEAP?A TEMPERANCE GROCERY Store up town In a business avenue; a large (took and ?atune, brn-M. wtgon and barneaA Must be aold on soeonnt aftte death of <>ue of the firm i'rice (l.UOO. Iu<i lire of T. QsViMl, No. 9 tambera street. rR SALR chra?-the stock, fixtures and lease of iitnibmni'i furnishing and fancy dry roods Wore, le i*>e of the beet ilreeta In Brooklyn. Thin m a rare shaus -e el snick Is iow and season able, and aril] be eold low if MyBed lor immediately. AddreM IC.D, box 157 Herald |gH>K SALE CUEAP-A GROCERY AND LIQUOR 81 ORE. F ane of tsc best * ande In the SeeenteeDili ward; rent low; kea apartments to ih-c In, le a good place for either German or Inter ha* only n c other More In the block. Inquire ai 115 Kmhth ntrrcu FMILTON MaRKET LEASE FOR SALK-THE LEASE am Fixtures of Cellars Ho. II and 15 Fulton Market, cor ner Bookman and Front streeta, suitable for a bar, dining, or Mktard f om The lease arid separate if required. Apply to BDWaHL NOR IB, 12 Duicb i rtei GHirCKKT FOR SALE?IN ONE OF TUB BEST WE sues lu the r lay for a whole sale and re'ail provision wore; a very cheap rem, m ist bo sold this week. Apply to U. MAXVthl.L, Real hats# Agent, Twanty-Mveaih atreei, Iter f nene is. GR<u kRY for SALR-WITH RTOCE AND FIXTURES ? o leuo of store, on Pnltou avenue, wfll bo noid ai n horsten. 1-rn.s easy J. O. UoYT, eoraer of Court and Mon te ? si* win. Fro.-a.jn A l/l iCK T r MUTvHKms-THH rtUT'-.HNR SHOP AND An jfuViresi. corner of VUii se'eiub ar??i and rbnsi am ine f'.tboap ? pply to W il tl IlKelfattO, in Fifty ?<riiL>.irti iirstbousa want o! t hird aeonue. OORLlC HOUSE FOR EALB OR TO LET.?F1VR I years' leaae. rbeao rent, eseollent l"* a ion and eiegan'lv rtwe up. ror psrticutars Wqutra of ALLBM CUNRBr, 101 Naoeeu streov. Qr*RTy. ROCK AND GRAIN MILL, AND PORTION nl the parcel for sale?tamed at the ra'nos and pruyed rest in far t, 'be ? nK mil' of valno In rn nem, rnd'xuag to ?n .a i able piiwtli r, wrt'*i sbffllnr grinding s irfnete Kljrro A ntJUTHWH'R. (U Naesao gtrrek. ^AR taORlNT S ADVKRTlkRMKNT ON FIRST PAGE . . K rTwaK KUK HaLE-4 VERT DKMK4BLK . muni, t brlnr ut a p'iaetpai etmel. It will ba an Id at a r. rtr a i?l r. > rtc. at the . ?i?r mteada letting the our. Brit ttry m.i- ri-ata Aj ply wi Mr. A. P. Hi HduKUBfi, anar trf ,"<,rtiai.dt and ureenwich Mrwta. rmm, A AT RKRSON DESiRIRH TO KMRARE IN A lib-mot and lacratlm 'malncaa ? For oalr. a Wnolloa Paaan jr ,e-tbe Plata ut Wwr.mmn. oa the Jne of a raUmad, m* rrrrj 'acildy tar ratabMablcc ? now and prvdu vie bual am I" an* pereun who oaa oanreand about S12UUU an at erlV-nt ocpnrtun't? la nWrred. For parUeiJara apply to ABEL EAbto.H, <1 Wall etrort, Raw Tort. __________ fO BV MM D, FOB <AHI! ?WIWI TO MBLmi TA I rrrn tniam ?Thr ioaaa tuttnoe. W'-n* and luraltura of aa nrg-at Knguab ~ba<ir?. eatabltnhrd ftftrrn yrara, dotnc aa mmlli r 1 buatoraa Poaaree <w gum If rauuirod. on '.be I at afiH-u :-?r l? II. V Hen n.r dtaacam. * death la the : a a>flk Far partienlara apply to Mr. MAJiNIeU, Am' ' m M Tw Rr> M Ulary atraat. Brooklyn. at All WILL BUT ONE OF THE BENT UQCOE 9JLOU blurra la tbr Tatrteeath ward, dmnr a rood oaah trane. low mat, paid t > Oct 1. aad food aparUMtiU for a fami ly. Apply at O Broome atraat AOIkll -FOB BALK, A LIQCOE KTORK OR WKBT fOoU. elrrat. at ant half Kb raltir rbaap root, doing a gnad baatoaaa, wall it ad ap, auat ba ao|d. Apply at Bo, to Kna BaOdiih a, Daaaa all aad. aaar Waat. ap atatra. ?O cnn -FOB BALE, A HANDSOME CORNER ?A.OvUk Uroorry St re. tat a flee locality, wa J eaUb M rd. aad detng ajr*?l baalaaaa. w*' ? dR,fW.^Tioiri(ii I baalaaaa, wMB bora* wagon aad i I ROBR, SS Ra AUI IM. RBORI, ACh TO LET. Abb PrTvaTB K a MILT WOULD LET FART OF A Mo dam Honar or would taka one or Mm ant 1 faal ba, win weald fiaralak tbair owe apartmeata. to board aa rary nodrra.r rma batb. na. Ac. Apply at 101 Waal All walk mar, old Ra. acw Ra 121. A SMALL FRIT ate famut will let a pabt of A a alaa Bnuer, wttb all madam noaraeleaeea. la a baallb fn! toeaium ap lowa. to a ema l raapataahia family. Rafr nauaa exchanged Apply at Br. fcdford a drug more, 117 MB aeaaaa. tare doora aortb of Forty aauiaid Ureal A NUMBER OF THE FIRKRT FURNISHED AED OR A farawbad Houara la thie Xty to let Also Ore fOrallbil fm h.?rd'rg For tbraa of team part af real tabao la board. Oar bad Iflruoma. App.y to N. C. BIHIIOF, 1M Broadway. SCd TKRT HANDSOME HOCHE OR BLOOMIRODALR mad ut Irt. wlkb tan arm of reiki rated Land Htoaa aad In aplmdld order; Will be let, faraMAed or am'ar Btotaoioran. J. M. Richards a CO.. sra Fonrtk araana. ERaF BERTS -ORK MOPKRR HOtVK, BENT MOO. ?two. 9X10. Ibrna, II to. oar. SI 10 , tare-. Smju nor. ? ?a? f.'dO. 'wo now marl 'a. MOO; nor. wret aulr. aouu aaa, waat Ml, ua* STIR, t'arorta for ??*'? root ?VJU lIMhlTM A (X).. SO Foor.b arm ia. rRNmiKIl BOCEB TO LET?FRcM THE FIRST OF Reratmlrr In tbr flrat of !an?, la Twmtr arooct at ran. Mar Four n aT"Bnr Brtil lliu pr. moatb M a mall narrl ,il hair FMtorn noma la food ardor. Addram boa I* Port ErcrRNiSERD norsi to let-in twentieth whit, I* bai*arn aFnnrtb araaua and Rr-mdway, cpiablr i<r< ?SB eretorl'ami 1y. poaaaawon lat Oev bor Apply to R. <i MAP. No M Btat Twrety armed atrert, from 11 u> 1 IjWRMi-TIRD Hor?R TO IET?I* BITTf! 1TBNUR. r Ra. n. aaar Werrrley plana. Tbe par .am aad rrwai are Brat and aierly fnralabrd. w-aaa baa all lAa ??? pM?M W.n ba mat till May vary ebaap. n RNIAHED HOrai TO I,FT, OM WEST THIRTIETH a aaat aad praUUy f iraMbrd tbrrr auwy 1 orUah >nar; airrUral aatrbborbaad will br rralrd UJ ma) rrrj rbroi Iraar lor a l<?i*nr trim van ba bail JAMHb R EHWaRDB. n Writ rwaalr tblrd atrmt ?tCMNIaBUl HOCBE TO RENT ?A NEAT. Fl'B ~ auhrd ivaiaaa la Rrwdarary.a bttlr rrrr mn bonr a rtor by railroad, fr-m tba rnr. Inminc haaltby aad pVaa ?wrl Attaebrd In bnnaa am aialila, barn. RarrtApr and rbi> Are b?w, Br , Ar . w*? about ait aerra of land Fro!; irrra in tto' ?!?<-*. larpr gardm For further paruralara adure-w bni f nor fv?I rffior. Few Tor*. totrHNlnlltn HOI'SE TO LET-BT THR TEAR, IN r Firth rrrnaa. arm lido bxwrr, Tbimy Mb aad Tblrtr atr b ?' mrta. tomm F.W, Innr Oorr Hnn ?.*>? For cardt In rWw tbr pramtam apply w. FIRi.l) A U uK *R, Na ? Ttoa airm HOVbE aBD STORE TO LET IN THE FOURTH ward. Ro. >? !^"rT. to1*** *la? H? iar P2 wrrrt fit.d tttodafnr buMnraa Inonlre oa tba |; ramn>T tom It to 1. or ak ira Radnwi'mmn. n tar rraatar. of |?r. > -Orwt HOLS* TO LET?WITH IMRRHItTR P(MmER?HiM. win.U '. orrrrrr'totaMr. and la fkr?t r*t? m u ,ina ? U 'ha arvirrn impw v? mrnta la, nrr at lit Beat thirteenth ew*rt.h?terra n.tthand rrvri.tb nmn-t OI bRK ASH FARTS OF HOCOBS BOTH FUR. trabrdant uafnrpUbrd \n Hon! In rrwry , tr; ?i iba eb?. lraanta anpplird wtlh ?nytb r* draurd oo nrdoralaiiat ?? Am.rtoaa hnal LaUPrf?m. BIT drua.'way, ta^! ta-m-nk HflVS* tf? LLT IN '1ROOKLTR. AND FCRNni'NR fu-tar K? I tiwp r-wm?aloti rwmrllatr'r Adl-m, bo? 4 2f)l Foal nRrr No boartLr< bd'taa bart or ?t?d ?BSE' MOVIES, ROOMS, AT., TO W; ^ /"iotTcB FOR BJNT-ON BUOaDWAY s*c1)Ni tj?v r" *? ry Irani Room. 836 par month. Apply to J, * LLOi I, Bro*?l**nr. ______? , PAST OK A rUMI?> ENGLISH BASEMENT BNM to let In Brooklyn?constating of two bedrooms, ?rn kllcheu, with rasge, uid the 'i?o of * hnndaome parlor; house modern lmnrnTtmenta ^taa^ unM^uU^hle di) minutes'walk ftom Boath or 'rtiwal "SHU# per year. Address Haatau, boa 151 Hamd office. DOOMS TO LOT-TWO LAROK AIRY, ROOMS WITH ft Hadi?*"? attached; Urcton water on same door; hoiuw K Hudson at reel, alao, etable 45 Tbomae street. Apply to T. M. ROOM AH, Metropolitan Bank, or to WM. LOVKLl,, At Hod LIT?TO A FHTSICIAM, A FROST BASEMENT _ Is a haodaoaaely furnished brown atone house, ettuated la Lnaingtoo avenue, near Thirty eights atreeL Addreaa K. a., haz 1U flerold office. r rLOT-THR NEW FOUR 8TOKV BROWS BTONB front Hnnae, between Fifth and Birth avenues, on the north rtde of Forty fifth atreet; alao the new three atory House m Weal Forte eighth otreel. between Histh and Bevenlh aye OMR Rent liw. AJBDKEW LBSTIR A OO., Hid Ohaaabera street. r LET-TUB WHOLE OR PART OF SKOONII AND third atone* of a nice, with all Improvemeota, de Mrably located and being handsomely furnlehed, part'al Hoard tf deadred, at No. 9 St. Clement'a place, near Eighth atreet, three doora from the north weet corner of Washing, ou eg mure. ) LET?AT NO. 10 ILRVKNTH STRUT, FOUR doora west of Broad war. a couple of Rooms, an the eeoood ?oar. furnlehed or unl urnlshed, with all tho modern tmprove r LET-PART OF A FIRT CLASS BROWN BTONB front house 166 East Thirty third atreet. Apply on the r LOT?FOR THE WINTER, IN A PLEASANT LOSA tinn, three furnished Booms on one floor. Can be let separately If required to a small family. Apply at 158 Raot Tenth etreet, near Fourth avenue. TO LET?THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR OF TU* house 7! Broadway. Alao, the entire aeeond floor, No. 5 Few atreet. Alae, two rear offices of No. 7 New street, on tb* ? conil floor. Alao. two rear offices on the third floor of No. 7 New atreet, Applv to Mr. JAMES CRUIKSHANK, No. 55 Broadway. r LET?FART OF A HOUSE, TO A QUIET, R88PON f.ble tenant; to a pleasant location, oocupled ny a tain ly of two; gas and water In the home. Adams lira. Allen. Broadway l'oit iffice. Rent In advanoe, as qnafUoie asked IfO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILT, AT NO. dS SECOND A even ie. four Rooms, on the third story, with gas and bah. Pleasantly located. mo LET-IRE VERY DEBIRABLR COTTAGE HOUSE X 197 East Twenty firat atreet, near Second avenue, baa all the modern improvements. gas, hath, range, hot and cold water, stationary wash tuba, in first rate ordar, owing bean newly Painted and papered. Possession Immediate,y. Auuly to C. H. BROWN, 121 Nassau street, 1 to S o'clock, or at 61 Fourth aveaue. rLET-A TWO 8TORT AND ATTIO HOUSE. 47 itKN wick atreet, with gag, Ac. Inquire at 776 Green , ich rtreet. r LET-IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST C7LAN8 THREE ati ry brick House, with all the modern improvements, within a few minutes of the ferries, and access! ,le by two car routes. Part of the Furniture and Carpets for sale. Addreaa E. T , bos :l <76 New York Post office. TO LOT?A VERY OKNTEKL HOUSE, BUT SMALL end In perfect order, with bey window and verondalis, elegant gas ttiturea and newly painted and tapered, corner Twenty fifth atreet and Lexington arenun. House open; can be seen from lo to 5. KIN8H1MKR A BRECKINRIDGE, MFourth are. rLET-A SMALL. GENTEEL HOUSB ON LEX tngton avenue, near Twenty-fifth street, In flae order; hat every modern improvement and splendid gas tb lures; suitable for a small family : proamnion immediately. RICH A HPS. BROTHER A CO., 270 Fourth are. rLET?THE GAH8NKR MANSION. TOGETHER with a large plot Of Ground, situated on Seventy sixth street sad Klevenih avenue, overlooking the Hudson river, and ,<ue Of the moat desirable country seats tai Manhattan Island. hou?" In good order Rent cheap to a satisfactory 'rnant. Possession Immediately. Apply la PERKINS A BROTHER, SB Bcwery. TO LET-IN ANN STREET, NEAR NASSAU, ROOW8, with steady Power, satiable for1 printers and matnifac ii ring purposes Apply to the Engineer, lu the rear of No. 57 and to H. W. BHIPM AN, 51 Ptna street. rLRT?LOWER PART OF HOUSB NO. 14 BOTHUWE street, near Abingdon square: two Parlors, front and back Bsaainsot, with several Sleeping Rooms, would furnish ana parlor If dertred; gaa throughout, range, hot and cold water, and large yar.1 mo LET-A SUIT OF ELEGANT PARLORS, WITH 8TA X tit mar y mirrors, alao larce baaameat Room, with pastries, suitable for an oflioe. Apply at 40 Bond street. TO I AT?A DR8IRARLT LOCATED FIRST CLASS House, beautifully furnished, at a moderate rent. The family of three, mad throe other well recneameaded persona, wbo *111 pay Ubernllv, dealre lo board. If agreeable Apply at No. ? M. < lament's place, throe doors from Waahlagnm square, near Eighth street. PLOT OB MANN?THE TWO SPORT AND ATTIO brtek Bo rne 80 Watte atreet, near Canal; has Juat been art In complete order and painted throughout; baa gaa end tfroton. Apply at 97 Weber etreet. rLET OR I.RAHE. -THREE BTORT AND BA8EMKNT House, 121 Fourth avenue 7 he Furniture foraaln. May be teen from 11 lo 12 A. M. Apply at ROGER'S Binihaliiia, 827 Broadway. rI,ET OB LEASE?THE RBAR OF LOT EM SEVENTH avenue, fronting In Twenty i fvli street, for the term of five or ten rears 1 be kit la suitable for a private stable or other purpoeee; K raWxkgfeet. Apply to OR VINE, on the g ra ti. Kef, for one week TO LOT OR I.BAFR?SEVERAL FINE OFFICHS, WELL Us bled. In Ike new bunding No 83 Nassau street, between Fulton and John streets, this city, alao, the Basement 104 feet deep, salts Me fee a billiard saloon. Apply lo FRANCIS Kt HNS. 133 Naaaou street. IJH) LET OB LB ABB?A HANDROHBLY FURNIHHKD _ ftrat elaan high ? nop Trellbulr Ho<ar. In ibarouch ?wder. lneatloo unenrpiuiaahle. Thl* la a fine op port inttT for prtrate partlea Boca other* Deed ed.lraae B, alaliao D. 1'aat X ri INT. LEARB OR FOB RALE?THE B1W FOUR atnry iWir front Row H Kaet Thirty aeacntb Ureal. roe Malar all tha modern tmprr Temeata. Apply to RDUAR 8. VAN WINKLE, 4>;Wall auaat. up Ada ^ rmm LBT. LEA RE. OB FOR RALB.-THB THBF.R RTORT ?hOiiwhibi Ho if No 1 Wai ooo. latahJC all modern lmnro<emenia, aoaneanlao *tTeolmm?dW?n If. Apply o M. PARTACaJJDI. 87 Paarl atraat. in OR FOR RALE?FURNITURE OOOD WILL aixl Imh of a Oar ikree atory Houaa la Maraar atraat. old eeiahilahed. ard bow dole* ammd koaiaeaa. Taraaa ?nitarala and aaay. Apply ia ofl?c* 27? Fourth aaanna. I LRAkW?A BEAUTIFUL FIVR RTORT BQURR OOR ner of Fifth atanne and Twenty fifth atraat. aiv-adlof to Hrwdwar. opooalta Nad I too anuare, for a ftral rlaaa bnardlcw houaa. la-iolr* at or addram Worth Houaa, l?? Fifth a ran or. N. T. RFNT - THE VERY DESIRABLE FOUR RTORT T?. RTORT BRICK iy batwaae Fnl r) BFNT THE VERY DESIRABLE FOUR RTORT EncUah baaemrnt houaa. 158 Waat Fortieth atraat. logr rethae with (U fixture*, window ahadaa helJ and reeapuon mat carpal" rant fttO. laqutre after S P . M at 108 Bruad way. rRENT. IN BROOKLYN?A FIVE R! bulldtaw on Fiirraan atraat. No 117, tnldara' few aad Wad atraat frrrtaa; It la adapted far a _ h?alhaturtat parnoana. aad wUl he natil low. la^ ilre of 0 R iaap. No m OalaaNa atraat. Brandy*. ar No. U Broadway. Raw Tark. TO HOTEL IEBPBBM?THE NEW HOTEL, EBBUTBO 1 ky tba OaaaUla llatel l ompaay (Va.) wUl ha erawplatad about tha lal of Jaeuary. 1*1 aad lha pnaaMwat aad dime. tare will rnretrn pmpnaale until the I* of Baaaatliai nan, tram any peraoa who will Inane tha aala hMakiaaat or taha ?harryfU no jrr the a'iyrrlWoo of lha ooaapaay. Hdima TUT BBOADWAT.-APARTMENTB TO LBT, IN I DI aaRaa, far famine* aad ancle rentlaaaee far lha wka Ww. Table d'hote at wi o'clonk. French and Rpaatih apafcaa. Beau vaal a la oarte. BOAHDI!t? BHD LOMIla. AN RIJU.aNVLV FUEJURHBD RUIT of roobi to let uwather or aaparataly. aad artlh txmrd. oa aannad Raor of a M rlaaa bona*, dinner at f Apply at N*. IK iBaw No. 119) htalh airaal. araal of and aaar Broad way. A Room. with heard, la a prteata family, loeatrm bat* " " * aad 6dM . I.BEAT*AN?fRINOLE) DBBINBR A FURNIRIIED Ronaa. with heard, la a prtrate family, loeetkjo kali Tkinleah aad Forty errand almeta. aad between Third Ninth araaaea. Tarw wual b* ?odarata Add** T. A. L., i oi 1M herald o*r?. ANBAUTIFUL PALOR WITH ONE OTBEE ROOM, to reel, with Board, to alack* renin aaaa. with a young widow; heuaa modern, raernaiwot la rare and aaaaia. Tha kiabeat leauaanaau* of rharactar eaahnaced. Apply at AU Waat Thirty nmrth atrarl a LhDT, HAVINO A HANDMOVR HOl'RE. WILL LET A t a* haea pai lor. oe tha aaenwd 'lonr to a gentleman aad wife, with 11. ard. aian two Kunene. oa the ihtrd Roar, to rea ibnien. I < of l he romfnrlt o* a home are in rite. 1 io rail at 173 Iwpau place, a few door* fro* Bkaechar atraat. Reference ?irh?nrrd AT NO. 91 CLINTON PLACN, NBAN FIFTH AVBNI'R.? F.r.e Kixnra ran bnoblMoed. p< rmanentir or tranateoUy, with or without Rrat rlaaa Board. Kafareaca* (Iran and ra qnlrad A PI.EAR A NT ROOM TO LET-WITH BOARD. IN A pr.rate family. Apply at No. M IhaaiatrC atraat. he tweea Uiuteuc aad Vartra airwetn AT M BaRT twentieth STREET. a PEW DOORN true* Knadway - ll<?r1. A gentleman and wtfn enn oh la ? ,eiy plenanai larrnabed frml km** Tina houae it drat eta a. nwWiomr all *od*rn rvmratuanoaa. I.ocnlloe rerr 1 leamat aad irwieaMRi. A nine prrr or unfurnished rooms to let, with iUmrd, la a neaaC nl P-atmo np low*. an Rabin It a email (enterl Uaally Aha "t?e or lam Honaaa. fueolaie.l <e HillIirel'ked. aultnbie for a gentleman %od ?Jt. Apply al lit Waat Put it "eewtid aareet. AM it UV a PA rtmf. ?Ts. BIOBLT F"RNtRHBA 1T? lea wf.h or wuhont ll-wrd alw Norn a for ample men or pen' leaaen and their wire* hmiae bed ail the modwen inipr -Tement" ?-r. laafhia to the lara Apply al Ul Beat Thirty aa end atraat Avert pi.earant ?uit or purr tubed room* on tha am nd fl*?r to let ? Ji floerd, hhi'dher in aopm-aie I Hmtae he* al! 'he m dent I tap 'orraieoi*. an 1 mratlon eery da i afehie. Applr at tid 'Baton fan. Br^iyc. APaBTNENTN. Pl'ENIRHBD OR UNFURNldHED, With partial or full Board, for a cwitleman aad wife, or fir eereral norle ernileBten. la a prfraie tsmlir. wlia tha ?amforte of home fral rlaaa h o?e Bafeieaoaa ei h?n*od lao-.tre at 1S1 We?l ThlMt n?hth atraat. AN EN' l.lRH FAMUT ARB DERI*Oil or LVTTIN'I a wanfrrtable Room, with r"Td Hoard t >alarle rmtla I men or a rente man and w fe; y?? thrmi.-h loe burn Re ferenee rm.nlrcil. Arply al No 6R Or -haid atrmt. 'leadoor | from oraad AONNTLEBAN OF QUIET HARtTR. AN EYPEBl eneed tearher of the pianoforte de?rra Boiol and lod* lac 'a a prlva'a family, where he ran at ien?t la part) ratnt/ ? *?" *?? lahna near Lnkm para prefer red. bent re'*. "a %od ^ Ad<lrM8 tor Ikra? da/a i'rgf. 1.1. A. BO&KBISU AMD bONlffl, 4 A FEW li-INllbUMKLl W\ BRUSHED H.XJM8, HUITA bio far gentlemen ud their with, or ?triple gentlemen, U> let, with Board, at lt*j East Fourteenth street, near Union square; dm oar at tlx. A SUITE OP HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS ON Broadway to lotto pwlemen: also slugje rooma Hut and cold watar, gaa, balba, Ac. Houaa tirat class In every particular. t?uod attrudauce. Location unsurpassed, tSXi Broadway, between Twelfth and Thirteenth atrwla. AT WASHINGTON HKTOHTg, HBDKON RIVER, FOR A ty lite minutes' by rail-cad and steamboat from Cham beta street.?Pa?iilea and single gentlemen desirous of spend In* the auiomn In the country will Hnd large, aire, oommo dloas Rooms In the Woodland Park Honae. Thin spacious mansion, nurrrmndsd by thirty seres of highly picturesque grounds. and situated in the nose late vicinity of High Bridge and Port Washington, cannot be surpsrsed for beauty of enene ry and cenvnnleooe of aaaeea Excellent sUbting, bf'llard room and bowling alleys rn the nlsee The oars Wop eighteen times and steamboat twtre daily in front of the lawn. For terms. Ac.. apply at the Hotel hL Germain, ourncrof Fifth avrtmeeiid Twenty seeoudstreet. SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LRTTHR CNTTBR freerd Floor, ani front Rooma on third tloor, furnished, w I h full or partial Hoard; pantries, gaa and hath. Local ion very pleasant. Apply at 39 Bssl Twentiethsueet, naarBroad ??y A GENTLEMAN WISHES BOARD AT SEVEN DOL lars a weak. Addrem W. A, Herald oflloe. At m iabt twenty fourth street-a rvall private family of adults tare two Bitting Rooms, with large Bedrooms attached, to let to Angle gentleman, with fall or partial Board. Heals served to their room*. A large parLob and bedroom to I.ET? Furnished, In s prlvale fsmily. to one or ttvo gsmidmea only, with or without partial Board, location Twenty Sfth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenusa, references ex changed. Address J. 11. M.. Herald office. A HALL BEDROOM FOR A GENTLEMAN AT $5 PER week; also a large trout Room, with Pantries, for a oaa pie of young men or a gentleman and wU'e; the btLle good; dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged Apply at No. 30 bieei ker ilrvet. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB, OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen, can be accommodated with a pleasant Room and Bedroom on second Boor, with Board, In a private family; re fareocee exchanged. A "ply ai 17o Weal Twenty second street. A FURNISHED BOOM AND EXTENSION?WITH A bath and gaa. on second Mir. to let, to two young gen tlemea or a gentleman and his wife. Reference given and re quired. Apply at 33 Jaoe street, near Hudnojp. A PRIVATE PAMILT WIT.L LET A PARLOR AND Bedroom elegan ly funilshsd, with ?r without Board, in a modern et'<ue I runt house, about Svs luinnlea' walk west of Msd'son square. A single gentleman'of reepeetabUity, who conld appreciate the comforts and retirement of a hand some private residence, may address L , box U0 Herald office. A YOUNG AMERICAN WIDOW CAN ACCOMMODATE A A gentleman and lady with a pleasant and uioely furnished Room, and Board lor the lady. Call at 1A Commerce street, near Bice-her. A PLEASANT PRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM-TO A. let, with Board. In a privstw boarding house, at 113 Lei Ingten avenue, a very ph-aaaut, healthy luOaUon; neighbor hood first class; very near to stages and cart; references ex changed. ? PRIVATE PAMILT WOULD LET, WITH FULL OR partial Board, a back Parlor on the tirst lioor. also a front Room and Bedroom on aecoud lioor Kefereuoea ex changed, Inquire at 33 East Fllteenth street, near Third avenue. A'PRIVATE PAMILT, RESIDING IN THIRTY FOURTH street, between IstxingUn and Third avenues, could acco modate a gentlf-uian and wife, or small family, with pleasant frort Rooms, with Board. Apply first brown stone house weal of Third svenue. References exchanged. APAMILY-ALSO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, MAT OB laln desirable Rooms, with Board, at 38 Union ?|Uare, corner of Seventeenth street and Fourth avenue. Reference required, A SMALL FBIVATM FAMILY LIVING IN ONE OP THE most desirable ioealkme is ibe city, will let n nea'ly fur nished second Floor, with Board, separately or tigether, to t entlemen or gentlemeu and their wivea Call at No. 13 East 1 weaty fourth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LBT a LARGE FURNISH, ed Pari t to one or two gentlemen without meals. Ap p y at Slti West Fourth street, near Broadway. A LADY, HAYING A FRONT ROOM IN A FIRST clam house, would let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen: reference given sad required. Call for three days st 119 West Twenty-first street. A FEW HANDSOME ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, on the second floor, 1 urnlsbed. suitable for a small fa mily or single persons; separate or together, home tirst clam. Inquire st IbM Lexington avenue, owner 01" Thiity i.rst street. A PLEASANT ROOM IN A PRIVATE BOARDING bouse on Brooklyn Heights, will be v.ieant in a fsw days Dinner at tj o'clock Ub?i al table, Ref-reneee e .changed. Apply m?l Henry hr< t. Brooklyn. A PRIVATE PAMILT WILL LIT A PRONT ROOM and Bedroom on lh<- se cond flour, well furnished, su Able lor one or ??>single gentlemen. Inquire at b? Bieecker street, aesr Broad a ay. Arm a li. family, hay iho two plrahant attic Brums. wo .id rant iliem lo genlieWM n only, with fiU or partial Board; a good guar aminod; price modarata. Ap ply ai MH Fourth street, two blooka weet of ttrjnd way. A FARI/1R, H AHKMENT AMD TWO B1DROOMH, UN A Inrnlahed, wanted, by a gentle.una end I lew! or ? Fur lor sod Bedroom, unfurutsbed, with Board. Lone-Pm, Wert Tenth street la ihirtW-th street, Ret, Fork. Address A. ?., boa l.33t PoMoAoa, ft. Y. ? VERY DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS FOR A genii, maa and his wife or two sin (la gentlemen, with partial board, Id a pri.ste fsmdj, si Ji Maed.vij-nl ?tree;. Kelt-ro noon cichanged, LARGE SECOND BTOBY FEOET BOOM, WITH hall Bedroom eommnoloaUajr, Is l-t separate or tup-ether. A hall Bedroom Obrnmuniaatlag. Is let separata ward rones, pantries, chni.dolera, Ac., at MS miaulea' walk from Wall mreot or BoMb 'srry; view of lha Bay, Ac . bath, gas, furnace, Ac. D.oaar at? j ;. t H Ameolb GENTLEMEN hat obtain a laroe, neatly f undated hall Boom, with partial Board, In a prP e?ta feasily; rafareaaa toqalred. Apply ai 117 WoataUteealh at reel. A private pamilt would let two or furnished Booms to goat toman. with Breakfar., at AI W rat Twenty fourth etreet, a few toon weal si Fifth Avsaua Hotel, helrrrnrra e ohangod. ALAROk AND PLEASANT R'>"M AND BHMM>? ?MTO let. with P.ard, to a gentleman and hia wfe, or dm-le geeL'emsn. laally small, terms and?rs ?; dinner at 4o'clock. Apply at lay West Thirty seventh air" t near >.gh'h avenue, lr. * inter. Alas, a yemag lady can be ncunmodnle.. AN Kl.EOANT FCITOF ROOMS, CONSISTING OF FAR lor sod Badroreo furnished, la a prtrate fanu'y, a f?w drnra from Fifth aveaae. Just above M.vUaan a,cure, will ba ? ruled to a stasia of inlet habits. To a gen lemon who wtabes lo lake meats at lAe r Ifih Arena* Hotel, or ta the Tmolly, these ronam are particularly appropriate Heferenrsw rer;Hired. Address Private, Madtauo square Poet ofl e. A HK'ELY FURNWBED FEONT ROOM. WITH BED A roam end psntiTm to I'd to a stag)- rani em in In a > reach family, at U Bleeek r street, east aide, near Broad A MICE HALL BEDROOM, WITH A PRIVATE FAMILY. A to let ui a (Wall, man an n aleeptni; room. Rant only Id per month. Appljhvt 1,T?H Broadway, let warn list nod lid ale. A SUIT OF HARDBOMRLY FURNISHED RoOMBON Urn second Buur of a Brat clam Hoses la Thlrtletn arest, oea- hl|hth avenue, to let with Board Apply to ths Nats York Hoard Agency, M Baat Fouitaaath street, Union sruare Alarum, wbu. furnished room-board, rr required to a lady aad geaUeama or a party of gentle men. In a geataal, quiet house, also, A Room, suitable for no > aire or lor two or thraa gentlemen. Terms maim all. 17? Maiborr) >u?*t, ooraeraf Brooms SUIT OF BOO MB. FTBNUHEI1. WITH BATH esoluatve, amy hatha la id or a party of three or irtvaMtabln tf tiara*. Apply at IAS Ninth ureal. tocr, with privet* a'ftw drore weal af Broadway. A MNiiLE OBNTLKMaN. OB TWO ROOMING T?i JB ther, can have a Boom, with Hoard, where but St# boarders are taken. bouse brown Mono Jrool^gar^babb, , at If Fast 1 wrnurvh mreet, batwsen Firm and Seooad eve ? FRW FURNISHED FRONT BOOMS TO LBT FOB grulldmea. Bo 413 Broadway. Oppoaita tha St Bhbolm Hotel, A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND BBIV room oa the oeonad Ssor, aha frost hall Bedroom on third Soar, without board, to gaatlemea only Gas and bath. Apply at St Poach arenas, aaa Honk from Broadway, near Ninth rtreaL A SUIT OF VBBT DWUKABLB ROOMS, WITH BOARD, amy bo hod sill* Wmt Ywaalyeaooad atrnet. This will be a qmat, social aad aaUaUatlai borne to lbs right pentaa. Call for two days E* erenow required. A FRONT ABD RACE PARLOR TO I BT RETAdtATM A < r together, furnished nlao. two Aorima on the third <loar, furn.sbeu ua one ui,' i>sr? Hmm, r.a'urnlnaed. a its gas aad bsfh. with or without Beard Apply at UI hlearbar at. A FEW SINOLR GENTLEMEN CAN HB AOCOMMOr dated wtili nieaaeidly laratshed I'er Logs and Badruoiua, balb in. lusted, alBsi Clement's place. Agrntlkman and win or two single ?en lirmen ' an be ac?amm Gated wHh a large I rout Scrim nod hoard to a private family. Apply at 4t routs Hub at., Wit Mataetmrg. A PRIVATE FA MILT WIIJ. CAT A Ml. IT nr ROOM t. handsomely fnrnlnhed. cnaWiug of tea amir* seooad bdur together or on, nrste. w Ithosl t-onrd, to gentlemen only. Apply nt ia ?in.b sweat, lard door east of Hruwiwny. AT lib EAST TWENTY FIRST STREWT, GRAMRBt V A pnik?I'lenanat Ka/ss for fnm ilea and single nm, b'.use rat Wo nod dent.-aMy beeted Dinner nt ?i. Kay lo Park . RR A NGRMRNTe FOR FIENT CLAHR ACtYINHODA *\ in nt. wlib n I'nrhw nnd Rc,eea . nn fie a.'r n> Not 1 Rust Thirty third street, sei.-od dour vacate 1 nest wee? At nRrORTABLh. AliMR - OR CHILDREN ?A LA DT log nabort d.itaii'e lr< m Hr riklyn to rarerva n eh ft nf unocr two mudt to lh.sra aad take charge r>, ,.ert?u'm reteraaeev gives. Addrrm Wtad.otl, Bronkly.i piw. 'Mm*. A>1 ?ndrw m aim Ugu, r.. -u arts he' w li ha lei una r*r tiiis.e gvnt.etuea u a una nlaaa tiouna la I ..icy fourh sir eel. near fifth s en u-. fain / pr ate Address (J. a I!"i e, tx ? ItT Hem . BHARD-TO LRT, A FARI.DR ABD ETTRVdlON Rr r.m and tw > bad Bedrooms p -.tier al a. o'ebich leram modsgata. .,'al. at N<. .f? Kaei Funr eenia street. Re f even fee evebanged Board-wanted, rv a voi ng IsAMT. inapri VAMfamllv wnerv faee? are 'ew -nardora. la tba op per part of the id y, where tM com'o.ta of b?me can ba as )nyed ftr tM wlater, a lumss rt A. v. . HeraW .*?. Board-a ff.w pinoi e orntlemen. gr dfnti.e men and heir wives,J nan be a< . uimdatevl wuh gor.) hoard la a email private family. In a ver? demlrshh hsnun. Apply as ?g Kaat Bereath auaet. betwner t-evood and Tbir I BvasaER ?l>A RD AND RUPERIOR ROOWR. HAS IW>NFl.T FUR iShed.-A be.bed number of re pe.-able perwms reeere ed. a .lb' ient In Seep up aa ewwiowtl torm A rbelee of runnm no seooad tnw. Hit and sold water gaa baihn. *e. Urn tb-n mom aad Hi Hraadway. below Uama noaiw ?OAHUIwe Aim LODOnff. BOABD.-ONK or TWO FURNIHHRD ROOMS TO I.ET with Board, auttabir for afMema> and wile or iw<> xln (la gentlemen. at 122 Ninth ureal a lew doors wont of Brutid way; Urn bonaa has all lbs modern Improvement*. R#1*I?-AT ? EAST roURYRBNTH 8TKKEE, BR X* Iweae Fifth avenue end Coiua square, wtth Rooms la aoiU, or tingle, for families or alngta r-rmilamnn WUB all mo dern aaaveaieaeBe aad waU furnished. Boaed-to LET, with BOARD. AT n CLINTON plaoe, Eighth street, a few doors weet of Fifth avenue, a handsomely furnished Parlor and Hedroom on Be aeeoed Boor, front; alao ooe on the third, with large paairiea aUaahed, with ail lha aaodern Improvements. BO* BD?AT 79 RAKT SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR Bfujveaar t Park; lull of Rooms on aecond fl *?r detaining hot and cold water, Ac., for a gentleman and wile, or two or ihrte rtngle gentlemen. Raferenece exchangee. Board?bbs. whbon oak accommodate a raw more familiea and single gentlemen with dealra jle apart mania; her hnuae la eligibly located, being within one block of all the Broadway atagea and Third and Fourth avenue oara. Apply at No. 17 Lafayette place, near Fourth street Board-single genh.imkn can find pi.rv aaat Rooma with Board, at *9 and 61 Weat Twenty aecond atreet, between Fifth and Sixth arenuee. Flrat claaa houae. Also, a aoit of Farlora, on drat floor, convenient for gentlemen and wives. BOARD-GOOD CLEAN rooms, NEW BET!9, WITH everything all right, without Board, can be bad on vciy ebeap terms at 112 Oread ?u re*. Call early. Location can tral aad very handy to ail business. BOABD-WITH HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOMS. FOB a gentleman and wife or single gentlem?n, in a flrat claaa home, with all the improvement*, may be obtained by In quiring at flu Ninth atreet, near Fifth arenne. Dinner at d o'clock. BOABD?TOO ETHER WITH A LARGE AIRY FRONT Room, on aecond door, can be procured for a man and wife or tingle gentlemen. To those wishing the qulatneaa and comforts of a borne the place la vary desirable The houae la oonvenlenily located for oara, atagea. Ac. Apply at No. U38 Greenwich street, between Morton and Leroy. Board ?a large front room on sf.oonrhtory, well furnished, to let. with board; houae tot* all the mo dent improvemenla family small and no children, dtuuor at 6. Inquire at 6b Weat Twenty seventh atreet. BOARD-WASHINGTON SQUARE. SOUTH -A HAND somelv furnished frost Parior and Bedroom on the second floor to let, with Board, to a smalt family; also itooms for ?Ingle gentlemen. Inquire at 222 Feurtb strest, Washing on square, south. BOARD.-FURNIPHED ROOMS. WITH I'ANTKIRS, gas. hot and cold water, to let. with H wrd. The location la pleasant, and cnven lerl tn cars and stages. Apply at PI Weat Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Dinner at six o'clock. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AMP WIFE, OR A FEW yonng gentlemen cad be accommodated with nice Rooms and good Board with a private family. House baa modem improvement* and ia well located. References required. Ap. ply at M Lexington avenue. Board.?booms for single gkntlembn, with full or partial Bourd, may be found at 110 West Eleventh ?treat, between Fifth aad Sixth avenues. "DOABD.?A SUIT OF FUBNI8HBD ROOMS TO LET, I) with Board, separate or leather, In a small family, where there are few boarders; the house has all modern Im provements, gaa, hot and cold water, bath, large pantries. Ac, Inquire at No. 9 Bank atreet 1 lags* pass within on.i block of the bouaa. References exchanged. Boabd.-to lit, with or without board, in a private family, a large bigh Basement suitable far a uhv aietan; also a Room for a single gentleman. Apply at 313 Flftb arenne. Board. ci.rirroN flacb.-a family and onr or twe single gettlrmen will lad very desirably furnished rooma to let. avEh board, at No. (1 Clinton pines, two <l?ar? aaat of Fifth areaae. Beforeacea exchanged. Board at m tenth street, betwbbn fifth and Sixth arenuee.-Fine Apartmsnta eaa be secured for the winter ia this deairable.locatiun. Beat references given aad required. Board in cunton flack.?stits and single Rooma for gentlemen aad their wives, or for single gau tleman; also the Bast meal for an oilioe, at 97 Clinton place. -DOABD BRAN UNION SQUARE?A LA ROB *UR D aiahed frost Beam aad Bee room, on aeeond floor, aad Booms up Blahs, may be aegagv<U with Board, by genteel aad permanent parties, at 62 Rial Kit team b street, aaat at Irving place Befarenoea given and expected. OABD ON MURRAY BILL.?LARGS PLKASANTLT i uralsbed Rooms lo let, with Board, la a private family U bS last Thirty-filth atraat, near Fourth avenue. Frirata labia If desired. B 'ty filth street, near ro? References exchanged. BOARD WANTED?FOB A FAMII.T OF FOUR adults; a Room with communicating Bedroom, and two small Beoiuoma required; location well uu town rreln red, and terms not over Mu par moalh. Address, with pariicu lara, L M.. Herald oBoe. Board wanted?a young gentleman from the South desires a plaaean*. Boo a and Board in a private bouaa. Location between Broadway aad Sixth arenue and Eighth aad Fowtdemh street*. Address L. M. Q , box Sfld Foxtufllca. Board want?d-fob a gentleman, wrra, son and daughter (adults) la a atrtctl* private family, where thare era no other boarders. Three Bedrooms, wo of tb* m ia aroood or third atorj; locailoa between Fourth ai d Eight aenlh atraata and between Second and blith aveeuaa. go *, plain food. Sinner boar 6. terms must be vary moderate trom 'dbth Inaiarl In May 1, or parbaoa le'ev. tlrel r\?m refer* ices Cm. Addreaa Englishman, lieraid oflica, auuog exact Iocs and lowest terms. _______ Board wanted?for a orntlemak. wive and Caaghlerta a pmate :amlly, Huorna must be eith*ron lor aeennd fleor lacing the sun; dinner at uae, lo sum weal of Broadway and east of Klgmh avenue l'n>i>>us listing fuck i auma may addreaa W. 11. R . hot nt Post idns. wh<eb shall receive ptumpl auaouou. The klghaai r elereucea girao aad required. w ioaid w arted?with two OR THRBK NIC at > but 'ureiehed Rooms form ft Ottoman, otto aad arse dwik?i <13, 11 and di. la a r?aiie-u%t,le uelghborb agl. 1 tmi u.l in uomiI lU inr ?Mt. Prompt pay nod y?<xl re leiem**. Address J. R., liv>M Gtl.oe. Board wartkd-ir a private familv. oh where but l?* boarders are lakes, for % gentleinoii. wit* ad<I ll'ilw gin. two large K?.n> on mcoimI iuait re |iiiral LocaiW'U ant below Fuuitretiis street, address. wild fal earth ukra. bwi 7U7 Pom uflina. Board wantad-for a okrtlbma*. wifk and w-.D, In . tniwlkfli b<> M M hUMM MHRI latr mr I n, abuse Fourth slrem hefeimva* eichanged, tor m pf rmiofltt uiuimi Add road ?,? 1,19 rvml udtue. TJOARD WARTED-IR A rRJVATR PAVTLT, BT A J J gentleman and ?i'? h?!>renrea Pay pr. mpi Aik'reaa (or two days, wtlh is ri. -a. Ar.. J, K. S. Herald office. BO\RI> AND ROOMS WARTED-RT A OBRTLEM4R AM tie wife Id a lira class lam * att oted below Targii third At ard shore Fourth, the wn'.' aide preferred Flirty dtUi*ra * '1 be required. Dinner on a nlayoti.y for the yen', J a ida d Ua<d reference" gt?en and re ulred. Add raw. with i ante ultra, l|D. W., Herald ou., a Boardinq -three or four roovr, wiTn hoard, ? Day be obtained at IU3 West fourteenth atrret The alio. Uow la one of the beat In :he urwi. and through p. Fifteenth Kraal The bnuae Is arery retpeel .ml slam BOARDIRO.-A PRIVATE PaVILT would let to ? gentlemen, or a gentleman aad Wife, a large aecni drag llinw. loralabed, with partial Hoard, at Id tvA K gbt naa bWwa snore Unuw a,tare bwtwaaa Broad h aeenna. BOaEDIRO-A OOHFORTABLT PURaIBHRD BOOR, on (Aire floor, amiable for twn qnlet young men. or bus band asd wife, how* In a amall familr. with hut a few board an. mom. board, gas and real at W per weak, cow v aad an I to aarm. Apply at 119 Raw Elnetesath streei. OARD1RO-A oertucmar ard ladt OR RIROLB ?an gat a nicely furrlabl 1 front Room, on I stray t. asd Ptft B AT. nwd fl WW, With the best of Board, by apply lag at ? M? rt'a plana. Eighth awaac Convenient to stagta aad aara Planer at E DOARDIRO- A O0MPORT A BLR KROLIBfl BASK JJ meat Parlnr. atiltabla for a pkyKelas, with or without Board; also, neenwtmndauowa for f ami Ilea aad TO'ingmeo la a flint '-Mas boons. Dinner S3? "* " "? JoABDIVO Rirn.V FIT MHBUD RfKlV WfTH > I tear-1 in I he brown ohmr Boone, Ro. J It. Barh't pla< n. BOAEDIRO ?FUEEISIIED ARD URFURRIRHED Rim to 1st. with Board, la a bnuae oootalnlng all the pndani Itnprur omenta. aad eoorenlent to cars aad stages. Boardiro.-hardnomelt r ore mint h roobr may be had, with Rtard. the entire ensued floor. with prl rata table. If daalnd. at 71 MaK Twenty third street, near Fnwrth areeae. "DOA J) In bonne. JARDIRO I* WERT FOITRTEBRTH ITRCCT A fmat Parlnr aad Bedroom on the third floor of a And riwaa and la a prirate familr. to M. to two angle gentlemen ar a geatlemaa aad wifa. wlthoot children. Addreaa A. A o . Bawmd odtaa. BOAEDIRO ?RBTORD BTORV FRfiRT ROOH ARD tall in it newt to 1st. at M Fourth araet, betwwea Urate way aad Howtey, wtth ar eWRaet Board, lefaraatwa ei changed. BROOKLTE.?A FEW UKRT1.EMRR OAR FIRD Pt.RA aaat Roewa and good Beard, wtth aa Aawrteaa woman, at 81 Fad'" street, flrr mlnutea' wait fratn Broth frrry. Ttnar moderate rod bat few boarders takes. BROOKI.TR BOARD -FIRRT CLABB AOCOVVODA tinea elKhi Hlrka street, near Warren, two rrntleinen or gentleman end wife; rooms single or la auh* handsome y furalahed. with or w.thout Hoard family amall. terms mode rate, flrr minutes welR from Routh ferry. Board ir rroorltr-withir fivr miri-tw walk af Wall ewd Bee* frrrtea Oee or two Keata rue llawten raa he arenmmodated with large sad email Rooma haadsnmaly leralahed; gas. bath. Aa. Apply at R ( Hmoa ?. Board ir,rrookltr-ir a firrt clarr bovrb, wIlk all the modern Impr ementa aereral pleasant and newly h.rn1ahed?Ronota are oflerad with fall or partial Board; reformers re i Hired. Apply at IS I i Uatoe air eel Board ir ro. 7? btatb btrot between Omitti aad 1 leery, lire minutes' walk from Wall wrrwt and Brmtb ferrtee. a large frost Rooaa. with Bedrnona adhdtilry. na aagowd floor, newly turn shad or uafuialnbed. no i.l Ray Mil, aad laager if deatre.l. ThiiARD IR HROOELTE.-ftEETLFRBR ARD THFIR i) Wires or Mbyte gentle men. eua be eultel with plmwant K""tr ? house has modern improrewtenle, home r-oaforUi may beerjoved loeatton dea'ra te, ooareniSBt to either BoulR or Wall street frrry Ro. II state street, bet?ore Hoary tad Ctlatou BWARDIB HRo kl.TR -A ORRTI.RMAR ARD WIFR, or two single gentlemen may oMma pIBbaanl aenomnao datloee and good board, by applrtng at <? Mowtague atraet; within tbree mittutea waih of wa.! street frrry. Mfaraooe erebwnged * Board ir -roohb to wtth B wrd to grntlemea rod their wleee or single gentlemsrn to a brown ?v?e banee pleasantly Pirated, otny a few m< antee' walk from Fulton ferry. Apply at 49 Ooweori wrest. Refereneee required Hoard ir rroori,te?d? bardb wtrket -a ?rr tinman end wife aad two 1W three Single gem leasee ran obtate pleemet aad dealrahle asmm nodatina on eery ? fhWMRt L?aDor d?. ykUal, m I* t l*TK . BOAROKO AMD IMMMi Board in Brooklyn.?a few maul Obn'lm n???n or a fatally eftn be ftoco??modftl?d wllfc ft itro it Kt>?w Uu) Hedroooi on tbe wooud ftoor, fufUMftd iffjjyftfu"ut?ftfta, with full Board, at ttl Plate street, uenr Plesaaut ooe U> n- Terms moderate. ? BOJKD IN BROOKLYN ?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS ? lie. or two rtngie geotlewer, out have pleaeao <va< ?>? v. li hosrd, at So Cheever piece, moreen Harrison eaoue r^WjHioJie and Henry street*. terms Moderate. OARI) IN BROOILYN.-ONI LARGE AND FM-VL?. Room now recent, with gnod closets, ebont ti.e m.-.u. ? ? lrum A ell street ferry. tee boose ll pleasantly situated mi. a nuuns ell the modern Improvements; relereuce ei ??) i pgcd. Aptly el ltl Montague street. _____ Board in bbooelyn.-im pine appi.r street, corner of Fulton, directly upon the ear route, mi t nut e sort distance from the ferries, location end upon ' intents C nersilr sll that coulil be desired, being neat, ormlortubie *| d penteel; none hut tirst nlsss boarders taken; gouu t nod refrrrnces give u and requited BUaRD IN BROOKLYN. NO. ? 8ANDK 8TRBKT, NKA K Fulton ferry. Two single gentlemen can .tie arco umo ileieri each wttb a verv desirable ball Bedroom, and full or par Mi.' Beti d. References required. Board in Brooklyn.?a jDEsiRAfUJi -suit of Booms, or rooms tingle, tor gentlemen end their w . ex. 01 Single gentlemen, msy be obtaiutd at 9K flark street. The lo cation Is coneenient to Wall street end Fallon ferries. Refer ?noes iequlred.1 Board in brooki.yn-bk.i ond and thtrd story, front Ri.oms, neatly furnished, suitable for fsmllies or slnglejieiiUemen^teniij reasonable. Ap. ly at M Bands street . references required. BOABD IN BKOOKLYN.-A PRIYATE FAMILY, OO CI1PJ tog a first clear House, eonvenlem to Wall Street ano ronth ferries, vbb to let lo a gentleman aud wile a obotce of hsndeoinely furnished Rooms, wttb Board. Apply at ?8 .state street, rorrer of Oardtn. Board in Brooklyn.?pleasant rooms can be bad, with either full or partial snarl by applying a 199 Washington street, near Conoord References >? changed Board in brooklyn.-singlm grntlknkn, wishing to rorm together, or with single rooms, can be >ccomm(a.ated by applying at tl Willonghby street. Board in brooklyn -orntlrmrn and tiikir wires or single gentlemen can be accommodated with piessani Rooms, with Hoard. Call at 2X Hick* sireet. between Booth and Wall street ferries. References exchange I. Board in brookltn-in a plrasantly situated first class Uoose. with a'l tt a modern'mpm .e merle, two or three handsomely and newlv furnished Rooms sreollertd. wl h full or partial Board. Kef, roucea required. Apply at 2A1 fib.ton sireet BOABD IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wife, or two single gentlemen, cau ohuuu ooerd and pleasant rarms. by applying at 07 Henry street, five minutes' walk from Fullon or Wall street Ferry. OABD IN BOOTH BROOKLYN.?A FEW KINOL* gsntleiuen. ur a gentleman and bis wife, can be modeled with pleaaaal rooms and hoard, by applying at 117 Wnodh ill strsel, k few minutes walk fromjHkmiltoa aveuue ferry. Board on Brooklyn heighth-a ornti.bman and wife and two or three single gentlemen can be ac v mmodaled w ith Hoard sod pleasant Rooms, In asnta'l fami ly. St IK willow street, Brooklyn Heights, bet wean Fulton and Wall street ferries. Board on Brooklyn heights?for a gentle man and wife or two gentlemen In s bouse where but ? w bosrdera>re taken. plraaaoUy located within a few ml 11 Us walk of lha ferries, and containing all the modern 1m pro .rmentA Apply at fit! flicks si. Bond btrket.-to lbt, on reasonable terms a Urge Parlor, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for one or two gentlemen. Inquire at hd Bond street. DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS. IN A PRIVATE family, to rent for the wlct-r Inquire at ii C union place, a few doors weet of Broadway. Elegant parlor and bedroom on first floor to let?To single gentlemen; also single Rooms. at mode rate rates, heuae In good loentlon, iss. bath, Ac No tt Twen tieth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. B Frankfort house, corner of frankfort and William streets, M T. ?Single Rooms from ilflc to 37n. per night, or gl to S3 per week. House newly furnished, with s good Restaurant attached. Open nU night. FURNIHH1D ROOMS TO LET TO GENTLEMEN WITH out board, si No. 29 Amity strtsq near Broadway, baths 5as and other conveniences In the House. Stages pass the oor. FURNIHURD-A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON FIRFT door, also, s Suit of Konmaou aesond U tor. aud a octroi* of single Rt usna. to let. lo gcqtlemeu only, without board, bonne first class. 102 F utrih street IT K \ IMIF.I > OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? 1 with ?r without parUal Hcanl. to slngte gentlemen. Refe rences eschnnged. A pply at 330 Tnnth sir -et. Kcrnisbed rooms at no. m ?e?t nineteenth atreet, with partial Board If required, Un* fitruily In vinall, B the South. the houM lepleaeanU) mtua'cd, *nj oouuunr the Binders coavcoiaaeee. Tm Fourteenth ureal alacee nod the Ninth a venae can put within half a blah. liU'RMHHKirROOM-A PLEASANT ROOM ON BK'XPNI) r floor.Ml .1 urivule family, to U-l U> ooe or t? o ;rnt.emnn. at 18 AD by plane, Lanrena atreet, between Uleecker aad A in tj Ktrccte. Breakfaat If devtre.l. F VRN1MIKD ROOMS TO LKT-AT SI ST MARK k. place Eighth vUeel, between Moaml ana Third avenue? FVKNIKHKD PARI.OR AND BEDROOM TO LET IS llh or without Boe'd. In a private family and quiet netfkborbwi, nil mod or n improvements in tfie ho-ive; Vnn > mo .arete. 12b Maoduugal Brent, between oleackcr nod Ami t> alrecla. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOaRi . TO gentlemen only. Ho me mnlalne nil the modern tmprov Benin. Apply at J87 Fourth street, between Bowery and Broadway. It'LRNlHHEH ROOMR TO LET-TO (IRNTLHM IN AND F their wlven, with full or par'lnl llun-d. or 11 Bade g. ?>. Hewlett, in recnoo avenue, near Twentieth Aduroaa H. M . hrailway t .?t nflji FURNISHED ROOM* TO LET WITHOUT IIIaKD.? Two rmtlemvn wlablne to room together, nan have a aire fryM Room, on veenod hour. In a prt ate family, w th gas and halb Inquire, with refnreooe. M I ? Prtace street. PDRNIHHKD ROOMR TO LKT-POR *lMni.K (JE?TLR men, wtlh 8'vm! 1 "ration .erv eonvenlenl, one Had from Hrclwer. Apply at No INdlen plare hetwae.u Waveri.y place and Klgb'a elrael. Knlerence required. C'KNTl KMEN AND THEIR WIVIH. OR SIMWLR ORB. J llemen ran hare large front Room a. with Hoard, on the eeroad ami ibird draws, at fit Went Ponneanth Brent. lunoeir at all Kefereaevw eiehanged. /"INTI.FRKN AND WIVF.S MR PARTIES of GENTLE 'J men who 'eaire an aereeai le home aie In rued I . all at Ibe Brvl dam buaee SB *??t Broadway, wh-oh baa recently teoi' ited up lor boartera. larms moderate. Relerrucee ehrlianged HANDSOME EC ITS OP ROOMS. BLEO ANTLY FUR ntahed. with p fir ale labia, at).ITS Hiaaidway. between Twenty C'lh and Twenty With am. near Fifth A raauv llutel HANDSOMELY FU RN1SHEP ROOMS TO LKT?TO (??ntlearrn. or gentlemen and their wives. with full or partial Hoar ), a Parlor and Ertenainn on SrB Uxor and Konma on vemo.l and third llonra, house tlrat <iv?? and all modern Improvements. Apply a' No. SI Nloi street. near Filth aea. Hall brdroom-with board, por one or two ?rDilemaa. In a private family, at 117 Hrnmae aire"., near ibe nnetVm of Knot Broadway and Hroad atrvvt ' 1*J tenlent in down town Bafeo. HOBOKEN -NBATLT furnished rooms por sir ?le gentlemen, oe gentleman and wlft, to let, with or 'without Hoard, la a small private family. Apply at No. 4 I ntoa pla n, BknmleM (treat, three mlnntee from the terry. Lbdoinoi-thb proprintor or this estab ll?hmaal baa reflued and fitraWhed M la a clean neat and tidy manner, and can oiler pi lha public single R<e>e a at It seats per sight, or (11& per weeh- We laviteeU tonall, Moer atreet Hotel, No M Roee atreet Mil MATTHEWS, HATlNUnTAERN THAT LABOR aad enrnmodhme hnnee 110 Hlae-mer street, two hi ?hs weetef Hmedwayi M bow ready to accommodate permanent aad trandeat boarders, or Ruoaae without board tt feBiad Dinner at L Nicr apartments to lrt-atsoamd sjuanhr vonrt atreet, mraer of Hndann mraet, Meoad ???>?, in each ho una four mm to earh euMe, rent R10 and *12. Inquire of Bra R EASf ON, *48 Hudson Breet JO M WENT NlHTH STREET, NEAR FrFTH ATE I ana ?RanaM to let fnntlehedoe naf uraBhed In enlta or i?lt. to (ealieaaea only, la a quiet Urw alaaa hnuaa. with ? ahfaas If HWrnl; arary allawtlaa paid, uaeaaapUoeabl# re ? eneea elveo aad reqnlrad. tro. m PRIMCB STRRRT. ST OI.AIR ll'HTHR. -KI.B It paat aulte of Rnomm newly tilted ap eapaelallv for pen tinmen. PartJhe about eera?io? mnmi will ted thle boum worthy of their attention. Uharrea aiuBOHIu. Mania fnmlahec worthy of their If deaired. NO. ? ST. MARK'S PLAOR-PCRNTSHKD PRONT Roam*'? the eerrmd aod third flo.ra to hi with Hard, 'te a (rat rlaae hoove nn moderate tmn PARTIAL BOARD.?WANTED, NT TWO TOCN'l MEN iBndeate). a Room and plain partial Honed; hath ahawnt i.i. Sunday a. Vvmtlon hetweeti Kl*l't> and Thirty Bath at reel* ?nd Second aad Etpbtb avennea. Refereneee *tven aad re Mitred. Addreee K . boi UW PoB ottum Parlor and nedroom, WKi. pi rnkhed. on lha aeeoad Saw. front with m and water aad the uae of ba h nnm. Am. wUl be let, by a airleUy private family of four ?daba, ?aly *0 a alnple pentlrmaa, without Board, for (fa meet, at la* Waver ley i laee, half a block frrm aiith aranua. Koons to let-a pine redeoom and pablor, for family Without children, with or without Hoard, or two aider 1" reotleraem, la a pi earn 11 Ivaalloa I lirm D. P. W., box 1(3 TleroW oBee. ROMMP, WITH HOARD, CAN EE OBTAINED AT W7'{ Weet Twenty PrB atreet. le a quldt aad raapeetahie re mlly. The bouae hae all the modem imi rovemeala, and i* heal If a I y altuated oppoBM t belaaa Park. oomt wanted?PfiR an old raohelor. par lor Bed -note aad Hmakfaet enaafarlahle qevrtera *HI a i,r vale family fourteenth Breet. near Seyeath or R<|rhtli enae preferred. Addraaa J Noble, MO Warn Thirteenth at K R OOMS AND HOARD WANTED?IN A OOOD NKIOII. btwbrvB op town, far tentleman aad lady en-iBn; two Hiwynv/leneclinn, vrlthrrBe andean In one Torment to eirrrd (10'per week. Heferenoa (Ivan. Addrem ?. R. W Herald rdke R1 I0OM WANTEP-WITH RRRARPART AND TRA. HT a fi'iH eman. leaynaher rami y naiy Addrem Home, Herald SfPPSTOR AOmMWf'DATlONS NOR NINOLR <IRN I I rem el M Weet Thirteenth Breet, near Fifth areata Hotter newlv aod heeilwi't faraBhwd Rnae hut thane will tas to pay a fair prior need apply. Table SrB ma Plaeer atBt SPLENDID NTRNISHED APARTMENTS PO MT tit a French prim's family, with all the modern Improvw men'* at T.'.man'k, 711 Hrriiadway. oppoate Wmhtapvin plaoa. TWO tiENTl.EMEN AND THEIR *"ITE*, OR POOR eintWt vei. lemeri yuan obtain Ronme that and fret ? aav boaed. at No.fS AlbMa plane, Fuorth Breet. Il? ?ereree en hanced. 'WO HANDROMNI.T rCRNISHED ROOMS, SPITARLE for two or three f-atlemrn. to ML W L'l. Wem Thirty urik atreet. houee trot aiarn. wltAhil the MotlkfR lspr?v? MM, fa?iiy pirate rru 1. 1 Rk H04HI)|\0 AND LODOtVe, mw<> UM1 front rooms and a nMOOM, A ulriw&nlly sad w uvsuienlly located to let, win Hdar-l. Apply At ? We?t Tweoij ?e<ioud street. Eelereu-os given ud rriUired. TWO #B TH1U VERY DKtllRARLK, NICELY F0E nlsbed lf?< lo let, U> genl.nnsu, wrh or without partial Hoard Tm ?our contains all u..?lt-rn umvenienom. Annf* At :t7B fourth Owl, part Lafayette piaoe. fWO OB THREE BIN9LS GENTLEMEN WTCX FIND quiet and agreeable Board, pleasant R<?,ma and goad ta ble , in a private American ?.'aaiiiy. Heiereuccs exchanged. Apply at Vn Hudson elrr*t. rl.KT FCR.VInHBD OB UNFUBNDHF.D APART incuts to Angle geutiemrn, wltb or wAbout board, or to a email private lamlly without children. in the bourn ?7H Wett 1 wecl) a'xtb street. between Sixth and Seventh aveauce, con taining all the modern Improvements .I'nmimlno given tm niedtatelv. TO LRT- IN AN ELEGANTLY FURNIHHEI) 1JROWN atone house, R etna with or without partial Board, lo gentlemen oidy, Apply il 3d Weel Thirty mm street. TO I.RT-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, WHBRR THERE are do children a handsome f irnlahed Parlor aad Red room, un secern iloor, with vae, bath, Ac., to one or two ma tlrmei. Ke'eretn'rs e .changed. Inquire a' M Lerov s'rret. XT ? WITH HOARD, A LARGE FURNIBHBD Roout, on the aeoood floor, front, lo a gentleman and hie wife or two single gentlemen. Apply nt 131 Went Twelfth ?ireet, between suth and Heventh avenues. Referenced hanged. TO LET-A FKW FVRNJKHKD ROOK8. IN THR 8T. John'i I'ark lintel, corner ot Lalghl and lludaon Arrets, one of the m et pleasant W.,linns in the city, with privilege lo the park for au guttata ot the ho ae. Meaie on the European plan. TO LET-TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIVE OR RTNOI.B man, a nicely furnished Room and b.wa Parlor, with Hoard, uewlv furnlahcd, gas and bath. N. U.?H peaks Eng lib andj-'rr neb 131 Weal Twenty third atreet, near Hiilh av TO LET?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. WITH OR WITH out Board, a famished lack Tar .or and one or two third story booms, also luroiihed or unfurnished, nn eutire neouod door lul'ablr for n family o( three or four peratnaor for a club of gentlemen. e ery convenience on this floor. Dinner at eix o'eloek. il Lexington avenue. O ROARDINO house kkkpers.-rooms with _ full Hoard wanted, lor nun, single gentlemen, wbe are w.lllng to go two or ttree in each mom. 1 location oagbt to be not loo distant from the Medical College In Fourteenth street. Apple to Charles W. Fo'nmn, l'J7 East Fourteenth atrvet, near Third avenue, from 9 o'clock A. X. lo I o'clock P.M. O PRIVATE FAMH.IE" ?BOARD WANTED, WITH A _ private family of so lubility and reiinement. Any such who mat deeue to add to their family circle an agreeable, ?beerful young couple, accumomed to good society, who would i>e permanent I' mutually satisfied, wUi plane# address, staling terms, A ' , Albion, IlereJd oOi e. WANTED?113' A GENTLEMAN, BOARD IN A PRI vate foml v (American or breach, the latter preferred), with or without dinner. Leeatioo between Fourth and Four teenth Are eta and Fourth and Rlvth avenues B ardlug house keeyera need not answer. Bent of references given and re quired. Address B., A Elizabeth, New Jersey. WANTED?TWO CHILDRF.N TO BOARD, BY aXAXR rtran woman, who w .11 gtv? them a mother a care and n comfortable home Call at, or addreea. ttj Eighth avenue. TL'aNT ED- BOARD -THREE OR FOUR ROOMS FOR Tv a family, conslauag of a gentleman, true, two children, youug lady aad act vant m-iat be on he west aids of tba city, and In a good neighborhood; pr vale fan. y preferred. Ad dress S. T. W.. 40 Clinton pit OA WASTED?A PARLOR AND BEDROOM. WITH PAR tial or I nil Hoard for two gentlemen. In a highly respect able private familj._Address U. B. P.. box 737 "ust offioe. WANTED-BOARD. WITH TWO ROOME 0* SECOND floor romn. uuicating, anl one Angle Booui above, with pas. water and tire, lor two adults and three children Terms n t Pi exceed ninny dollars per month Address itoaid, box 1117 llerald ofllce. T T WANTED-A FBONT ROOM, FOE A LADY AND gcntleaan, with Board for the lady only, between Rleerker aad Franklin streets, Addrem mm P., station A, Soring atreet, for two days. No one need apply who A In (tneitiveor objects to doga. 20 WtNTKD?BY A WIDOW LADY AND LITTLE GIRL, a Par'or and sleeping Rooai with Board, in a private family or where there are few boarders. Addrem at.t'ng prir", ,t J., Horn*', Herald ndice, or statem E, Eighth avenue. Refcteuce given and required. WANTKD-A LARGE ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH Hoard, In a private family. by a An* 1? gentleman, ,n Hronklyn. near Wail street or 8o ,'h ferry. Addrem box J.iQd Post oBce. "IST OLAER BOOMR. WITH HOARD.?A FINE BUIT OP 1 four Rnnwia on aeoond si >ry. bach Room ?e third story, with isher Kooina, fine b'viiad, good loeatlon, with A1 the mo de- c ImproTemei la and good table. t'onveuient to Broadway and Astor place Inquire at US Scoot.d avenue, between Se venth and Eighth streets. IWaVKKI.KY PLAUK.?TKNIHHKD ROO.MH ARB TO let In the dea'rably located h<.tiding un the ooi ner of Broad way and Waver'ey pWc Partial or full Board can be fur nished If t f airrd. 4 WARREN Pl.A- E iiTIARLFS RTREETv-A NIi-EI.Y furmakrd second floor Risim. It- Id. to l?l to a alagla gen. llemun Partial Hoa'd, I're aad ga*. H A); two gentlemen, r'.i .vj. House urat clans, ncigbhorhood genteel, family aaanli and quiet. WERT TWENTY ElOHTH RTRF.BT. - FURNISHED _ Rooms to let in this eligible ovation for small select families and Angle gentlemen, with good reference. Dinner 1 at S n-elnek. A?Sk WERT FOURTEENTH STREET NEAR FrFTH I id Li avrcue,?Board hands, me y furnlehed Rooeia. in i tulleor Angle, bouse fl/at clsm Dfoanslnae. DaexcepUoo ! able reference required Oti OREYNB BTEEKT.-PURR lSHED ROOMN TO LET, I wU to gentlemen only. It anna at }l 7i to M .MI per w-ek. I Aiso a very neat parlor. 1 rouse has a tine yard, gas. Me., aad i U very quiet. ! un CLINTON PLACE FEAR HROtRWAT-A Pi.KA ! OU Saul suit of h'Situs, un ae cgid Hoov, Pi let, wllb Board; | also, one tingle boom. I UU ?RHT UNION Itgl'ARE-TO LET, WITHOUT I OiJ H'writ, a large Ruom and lledr-eea adyrauieg, hsn'?,?? I ly furnished buta risoia iruoung In Joe wioare, Wui be let 1 lugsaher ur sepanOel), sad sho othsr Roune L I ?1Q CLINTON PLACE.?II AN DM?MN BUIT OP PUR OO nshrd Room,a Pi let. on i.rA ttisir, three moms deep; also, e Parlor and Ha,1r<-Ut., ce second ths.r, with One both and dreaalng r<s-m <? asms ii.sw., uanle !,?? a party of geoiMmro a tailing plraaaci and ? uiforta-ie numa, or would lie let W a brv class family without eMMrco A | TENTH n KEBr, BETWK'N FIFTH AND SIXTH Til svsauea -Hea rab> Roima in au la or aepara'.ei), for fiMleinaii and Ibeir Wives tr sua e qenl)-men Alan aback rorkir and rilenak-i Boom, i'uvr.vr at Al o'Aoca. A a WEfT WanillNflTO.N PI. A i K - BOONS. WITH TT Hoard In a hoiaa deatra- !v ks-aied. contAnlug a.l the nodera imrrovemenut. and a here but lew boarders are taken, heferen-esgi an and re. ured. A A FIFTH STREET. BET IV EE N NO WERT AND KE I It coed avenue.?A frual and back Roam, an tfen BiI end , floor, to iet, a,tb Hoard, to a rmiir-asa and w.f# or Angle Btlemea. 1 he r- una neatly I ui u'sbed. aad pk H H aa-l cold water w| 40 51 53 WRST 81 \TRR.VTH STRICT. RBTWRKM ri'TIl and Hi Lb arenura ?To bat, a haadanmaly firaiabad at Una Bomb. * ilk BMm? atta.-ard t> oao .? l?o gratiriaaii. alao, a ampin Bomb for a grot'-man. with hrroafnat tf drairad. bona# nrvtilaM. pit<?lo French family. location una irpaawd. hal?-1 aai in aic.hanard. URKRMWICtl AVKNl'R.-TO l.KT. WITH Board, plraaaot Room, with r-Wt. on J>? aanm.1 Hoar, and a Parlor aud ndjnmlna Boon ua lha i.rai floor, io gaoila tnrn and their wivea, or nafl* reotlemea. laf-rea-aa rg | yilrad. WB8T HirTklWTH STRICT-A Rl'JT OF HARD aomaly (urnlabad tf ml K in at. with Board, la a ffrnilMoau rod wifa Alab a n?at Homo. aurjtbla for two (da Bernei,. Ilouar Drat rlaaa. with erary ow taaaoir Di&aag at all. Refaieat* rw| utrod. WEST TWE1 FTH STBRRT. HICTWEBR SIFTH ARD r-uth araauna-A faaally. without children, would bat. 55^^H wlih Board, to geatiaman air I their wfraa, enteral larva R? OI-. ??? of whbrh roaar. 1. I Mr. u? r at a.i ?, c o-i. Raft reuota eichanpad. f?T WRIT FTPTEBRTH hTRRET ?TO LBT. A FUR. Ua aiaaad Boom, with partial Board la a priata faaulr, whara lha mmforta of the taaanta would ba at id ?d. Tha brmaa I neat and the faatily . aaii. Botwoea Fifth and Bixth HTraiaa. . 7<) truth mi err, rbab fifth atrwuriicitb I L of Par Ion aad Radrtv ma. aad Ba?la Rooaaa to tat, with Board to raajfc-tah^partiaa Only thuaa aha wWh far par 77 CHRISTOPHER BTRRRT -URFURn 1SW.D PROMT I I Room oa aarond floor, alao furnished Boom ne third flinr for a patiUrmaa and wtfa. or a.ogbe gant aw la. Dtaoar al* priori. 7fl SPRIBU STRICT. TIIREB OOORB FRO* BROAD I V way ?To lat. aaanrni haodamnnly faraBdiad Rooaaa, la airgia aaatlaaaaa. Tha hmalitw aaar aO lha Brat daw hotala ygsCTo^r"*??*? (to (1RBRRB STRBtt. AMOVE HrRIWO, ACTOR < '?) Hoom -Blecantly fnrnleied aalia of Rooroa, gaa. Crania and erary nam low lor t.rireh?ping ee.mranlenllr, par Hetalnrly aultable for amal rear rouble lawlltw or war bo gaa tlrwrn. Boat low to parwaaant taoaala. a wit v street.-to ixr. fubrishio Boom, with fall or partial Hoard, to a gentleman aad lady, or I I wo atat>a tanilewen. Bath aad pan IWRST FOfBTBRRTH STRICT -LABOR AMD medium iH Rm ma. on armad floor, amuMe for InflriBaaor afaala rant wail, to let, with I,rat elaaa Hoard; hnoaa a rery bne ?*?. with avary twprtirawaai. aad wow ^ aaaiaaianti) and plraaai.tif 1,-rated. M (Kill CTRKET v IT HARIMOKBLtf fnr.tebod Fartnra no f rit door, thraa rtiowa darn. ?IU ba rrntad aaparatalr -* tnfthtr. alao a haadinntr a-ut oa ireond nonr. all tha modern newrrnbenena. Lonauoa rary plataaat, bitwiaa Bnadwny an i Uaiwsrviy plana. 93 109 108 124 WATF.RI-RTPI.ACB. RRTWRB* WASHIWOTOW annaraard With araana-Two pantlawaB aad that! and two or thraa aln*)a rm'lnm a nao oatain rary da Ira Mr and Mwdanwalr faniBhal Boowa Dtaaafat (o doah. aachaaaad. yijfl MABIROB AVRRUB-A tPRTI.BHAM ARM IOU wifa ran flad al tlmlr dtapnaal 'wo atitta of Rooma. to pattar or artmraw. wttk IVard, tn a Aral law prtaata hatw*. Camlanwaly looaiad. Tha bad of rafarameoa (.ran and ra - qnlrwl TOl RlRTFf CTRRKT-TO ART PI RHiaHRIt. A PAR lol tor with bad mom attarh-d, nr anpardaiy How pr.rmt and Aral rlaaa Uwnti m fourth hoaaa waat of war Hmalfaat mir'r' 183 BI.F.WIKRR STRICT -A FRW BIRUI.B ORWTT.R mrn raa br arrvaam-fatnd with plr*aant Rons a, with or without Board Hot ma (rat claw. Tarma modarata. li WTST TWPRTT TIHRII PTRRRT-A ST IT mr ?? ftin lah-d R -ana to Irt. with Roord for a paaUrman and wifa planar al an ? riorl t>f?r?i -m arrhaaard [THnRPRIbR 8TRPRT -A PARI/tB ARB RT. trnabm. with paa'rtra ai'arbad. to a Htitbaai aad wifa nr a part* of a'ryla iwrtlJ-man. naar Waahteptor aro. Katrrrnrra arrhanawd 210 R*AR" SPRIRfl CTRRCT-HAB.OW 200 220 -Rtanly fnrmabad Apaitmaata. with nan and mohtna otraeilB. arrangr.! for awm aataai bo wahaaataB m W 10 nWw WW fV ? jwm ftW ? I

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