Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 2
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THE WIDE AWAKE ORGANIZATION THEIH ORIGIN AND PROGRESS. The C rand Rational Demonstration In Prospect. City Organizations Their Govern ment and Drill, ftc M Tue g eatest feature of I So campaign of I860 baa beon tbe Introduction of a vast republican auxiliary, semi ?albUr.v u character, political in purisme, an J daily in catwe Dg in strength and luiluonce to an oxtont uu psuwlleied u tba jmlitlcal annals of our country. We refr- to toe organisation known as tbe republican Wile Awakes, mho mu..e their flint New York -leui >nalrali'>n ee tbe llib nut. The tleenjr G ihttn politicians, who we dujcuseing <>n toal evening, over tbeir ale, tbe all sbarrbing topics of fueion, squatter strereiguty, seot-s snt.back republlcaniFin and tbe Jonoe' Wood demon*, giving, perhaps, a side tbou?b. to the rati! co tton meeting at tbe Cooper Institute, were startlsl o it of aU propriety by tbe sudden brilliant ill urn.nation mi our t bo rough far"*, aud the appearance of Urge bodies of men. bearing bluing torches ana marching iu Uuo mi I bare- order towards the assigned rendezvous of tbeir varl ?u d.viiions. Kusb nan bore a tnin rati, surmount-d with a "arge twinging lamp and a small Americau Hit*, bearing the names of Llcooln and Hamlin The uniform of tbe privates was a enamelled circular oape, quite tat) and of good length, and a giazefl military fatigue cap, with % brass or silver eagle in front; some few uompanhd w?ve mlformed wllh blue, r"d, drab and silver gray cajis Mil capes, and relieved the monotony of the darker uli flDrm The captaias and Lon-o-rtimisrioued officers were Syg-ng i bed by an Inverness overcoat, with black cu ? and -undress mili ary raid In some com;' voles tbe ca.i laai carried a red, tbe aids a tri colored aid tbe lieuten ants a h ue or gieco lantern; In oluers the captain merely carried a painted baton. Tne measured tread, steady front and unbroken luies spoke of strict attention to drill, and the manner in wmoh tbe various bodies were managed by the.r officers showed conclusively that men sf wog military experience controlled their movements At tbe flring of a igual gen at ruioo square tbe four ArvMtoca compo-ipg tbe parade took cp tbetr march, under tbe command of tbetr Marshal, to the genera! run Aervo'js. at ti>e second gun tbey formed In line, under tbe command of Uracil Marshal <)? n J. II Hohart Ward; and at tbe third gun, in perfect order and without tbe ?Ugh! -st confusion, took up tbe lire of march down tbe ?snrery, through Chatham street and up Hroadwuy 10 Damn square, where tbey were dl*mi-.-ed. So litt e nctke bad been given of tbe Intended parade lb t tte mcrlby citizens of eur metropolis were oomplete y MM- n by surprise, when the long line of dazzling torches and tbe sound of military music awoke them from their aidnlgCi i! umbos. "Who.are Utesu Wide Awakes?'' *?W)v rt did tb?y come froc^j^aere tbe questious on every side. None could b<-het^^^Gho ra-t array before them Lad been recruited from W^iubltcan ranks of the nemo ratic strougl.old of tbe Kut. "For what purpn o are they organized?" was again asked. Soma said to eyrevl .nrvnciarism in Texas, other?, to attend tbe loan, iriratxm of I.lncoln at Wasbuigtoo, in o.der to rcj>el any attem; t to prevent b's peaceable p woesion of tUe Wuuo Bout" ai.o many morn- like amuaiug answers were given. Any en p.sjzat .u given by a wax regarded srilb tartru-? and reeeivevl cautiouay. In order to answer ?bem .-cstuu* we have decided to lay liefore our row l ear a foil accomt of the origin and h.story ot tbe Wots Awak-s as need}** we cau gain, r it from .nformalwa Jem . .I irv ui i njoi a bl. awuiu s A n. 1 j.-nt "i i.ueb grt .i imp -rtaiice and vast rasulis SO the omutr.g jeoHeal com.-*t should not be overlook.-d mr bc.tli-d. as baa been done by some democratic aud Know Nolblng journals, but demand.- Caret'il SSot The r ho radar and sU.-idiug of many member* ?f sir i-aimmnciy who have Joined m Una moveav nl, new p? as i r.vai-r in the ranks, give it ? weigt.1 -nd wpnai v-e ben-lotus unknow n to any p.l.ucai order. Morel lawyers, doctors mi l nn mliera of all IradtS ami profession- seem u. have caigbt the infect >a. aad a reference to the drill calls tally u--rt?sl .n tbe S|<eo!al antr ? lailumL f the TW-ver w.:l awl.sty unbeliever* of Mm widespread extent ol the organ tiiAltoa. OlKl. OKltllN. V a ri, *r.d clam* il* ii riD;>lac.i of thla mivmnjt, larv/crd beirg ifce U?cu? .. u oradia u ihr Infant in* hortiiren !l onflMUl ;> avldeot, liko many an ? ecent .ra ight with yrrat p .-lent, ?nl rapidly a* Hill* |>rt?roi /.garnii gpaporttata H luppeo?t in Mk* wmr ? i >u it" nigiil .if the Jilti of 1 >bruary. 1VI.) tin city of Hartford ?._* much iiio\. l liy ifm a Hunt of the Bui. Omuim 11. Ciay, the well koiwn re;>ub!ic*i tn^f, who waii to allreaa the worth/ eiti rent o. the i rlnlty. .<>mo etitt..<i i<lo young eap.i /?r? tf ibe iielchtxiruo-Ml decided to act at aa t*~or\ to the n tUliiitahM ylalter, and in purauaeci atW.A deign Uortowud fi.xn a hre r iujui hard by ?onto '?(ihe.r tii-m. n 'a toriiow efcr*io(f or a rather fa? *M oo? I m of mind, ana withal Inclined to prulecl Um r ?riot*, loth iron oily innoraiwe, they procure! a-imo gm. ???, chub and cat it u Ihu form of eajom to protect the r atl< . trll A lew c'irrd ca|>a competed the pre- 1 pnratioca, ai.d thda C'lUicyeU they ?tarled to meet lb ? I era or, Tte.r core1 hoi! m.htary *| .uarance attract. I rwMKterai an ItM a 1 i- w Mlk the plaudit* nf the awe jihad a. it. le, rewarding them lor their fore l*A|kt their return home one of the party *u at lacked by attnrdy dtm>cr*i. b it a MM from tbeorigi an W uk A white torch alret-ued trm on the ground an I ?lapped e.. ,rti.. r diaturbau-w Before dlamuwal a meet mg waa he.d, and aft* r erprrvaiDg their todlfaatign at iter attack. they ren?l?ed to form a nluh ef limited num< here, e-f.tpp*.'. with (winding torchea and black cape* a*d ate. to act aa a ai? cacort on oocmkh.* ?f ?ot.?'' i trade and be ready at all time* for auy like lur that in ght forward the repubheaa uauae. la por *m*ia*' o' lb- ee reoolulioo* a meeting of yoaog raeo war ?eld e* the 3d of March follow lag, wbo reaolred to form a ?? Wide Awaka" ciu? of fifty, under the onmiuaod of IMg1" " name* I*. Uia.aer, the (noll-maa wbo foiled the pag.Acoua damoarat oa th* Aral parade, a cntunitulHm waa adopted, oM?*r? elr. ted, and all the aaoeaaary Me pi I label. I"L< t'l'i-n:l,<? pre*, of iUrlf.jrd, little imagtu teg it* l Hi A wae the initiation of a gijautic nor. meet, ?ado ;i raiae.vea very merry at tb. eipewae of the Hart lord tf da Awakr*. alluding in Uxor uai.orm, they cbrU Met tt.rm the "kanllUA Cndai*, ' and. aa nine or M* ?rat nbera were young am, called then the "f irtr Mao r ator maiuaa d.dn't koow they were out.'* aaked that a "(tick of candy be prwwmtel bo each one,'' be., A lu aiule of Ihetr Jlbea and jeara the more aa.i *| ad Ilk* wiinttr*. and at the aeit meet lag, beat ocly three daya after their organ, ?num. they were obliged to ?eola with Um mmlinltiog their autaoerr and immediately onmllrd aauanterof new men be re At their tlr/t oandt, holt aooaaiVr, they counted by hundred*, aat their fami or Aid abroad la Ute sou ran of a lortuurbt eluba were etartod ji Brldgep. rt. Waterhqry, Norwich, Iaamrille, and m pearly all the to waa through ml the state Man af all age* and oocuaalmoa fratered and encouraged th* I BuaUta. do the 37ih nt March, at the <i?.jirjill..|i of Hartford, orar two ttKumand Wide Awaked . parading the atreeta in torchlight array, and, aw lag to th* UMDuaae number of tore., w making a moat briltmat tad impuaiag appearaace The republlcaaa if Hartrortt were orerwhelmed with letter* (row all parte of Me I ire. anting for talormaitoa touching their rule*, aacoer of organ irAtem, drIU*. kr It waa at iMtfotal ?niiirr to Inaugurate tome fyatem by whirb thw? amter* ooald he anawered, and a notice waa laaarted la ail the pet ublicao .lonruala, that Mr H T. ktmrrv, carret paw I aig eecretary of the Mart! ed Wide Awak. ? wool 1 glee ;aT: deairwi lOformatMi. to the court* of a few aaethi Ibat geullemaa had rerr.ved and ttied orer 400 PHBB^n alloc? Wa will glr* a f?w m a rpecimoo? bt. !om? Mo. J uaa an. 1MV The reptibbraa* of ihlar tr araaaum* to .r**alie ? Wile Awake . l and I am nmra< led bv the c .mmluea to ahtex A'. Inforwraww P we.t ? W* an- . Ipale a rre M a: rojgle, hwt ywi m jour fewai.rti Ix-om may real aaaureg that we are ready for A r?Pi* Rirtot Iowa, June J8. IWW. laaawertiO,n Var fr> ...?( r . w tha mi are rwadr to I .*?? roj.'.t Haw m retard lt? tk* drill Ae , ef the taanci llart'.fd W ido Awake* W* are ah^tl atirunj a club af aoreatyio eijMy a-d would lite m r.wm after emir mym fbair ten I ten em :ta and ant ua do a n aa .ay nf tea ?aat th.efu.tdr Wur A waa* -epn- n a?< la tee mala. JAAttricvJ. W + , J ute29. law Wir yon hare the kladoeaa . ? anal aw etrru ar* and aueh awnler aa yo*i no bora o?* aiauid t . W'da Awake rlutn Wa an rarwua* ? ne of eeaeati.i ? . 'be eontnj r*a ?eerri w 'ti ? and need ? me umr irt ? Tke /,?>l work hpaegi' ?*? > wKkd'eatenA auma lArmm^' .' haouie. Bp lO nbled. | Tb m Urn Wide Awake axireai'Tl wan oan jritol, rwptdly eato'.d'Bg t# ram flcatloa* from Maloe to li t aeuri Aa all the *t?r or to -?t ma were bmmd upon tke Hartford owe. we laaert the |>rramt>A an I c nf.ltu torn ef the Hartford Wide Awaae*. a* ? .daaatory of the wayeel and maaaer ui the reoeeal f rat .*?>?. Wa. tea nadamgnrit j ?-.*? man V ue e?* ef tiar* wd. deatrot.a *f aarurtnf Ik* awewdawey ? .4 pe-?m4Wy of tee prtaeiptea of t*a rar'i'>lieaa party, and tbe dteate* for < Bow loal' p.aee-nf km** an t tr ml a the r -am am t. do kmel r aaplhwl* te. are o r i- .-mnu mu# C mammae aad tee i ate*, mr <ipoflmu.wi wi interior**y* wtta alairry m tke StalM where lam iagal./e??se a vl o-k ,m pnaliled aad l anJteratl* . e-ermteal m lo ream by at; w ateaUroal mr.n* it* fi.rtherr iteaabm. aad p>Ar* ? iraein. ?> m* all kornran e me*.. for the a ee? * Id tni n^hof i ? r ,*? of ...e rwtabliran partr. aad ef Ike a.ertui ol a i to otm, r-1-i.yjrrrioa. Aarrrrrt I The n?a>e * no. twotea'IOQ ahid be " rbe Ra anMiran Wit# kwakearf Hartfnrl Arl g 11k ?*?? a oe ak*.^ nj nentiara held nixter ita 41 reruna. by mtererai a wow and tee reran* taHaeme f kaatemtwra ??*? t* a m.a ;?? tb - ; x-t forte la i?e -mainnle Art V 1tere,?ra y* .arahr tba . . i*m ; a fr ?dent atr \ ire rreakiwta * i rmar o tint twr-mry. a Ra mditu.- rra rteary ?au txw.i a lr.-?* ,??r %* gae. iurw t own. lire fir ?ai *n A- I vr of Aa au An. ? fiaorr.Xmaf .lie iwMde the IMonly* akal he .nder lifrwmt*od ri t flap'oa, who aba. *? ? nm x ?I'IKial aurk rib rl'nate ? ear* *? V m*y dee one* Art ? the aWrera ? . AsaemtHwrk* teaemwtbyt m<>r t'dodf lde mew'wra nraaaal at aateruag for teat pwtp'we. arte artrk row *>?? he b MrA Art. ( It tea., he tb* d<ny ?>< the Pramdawt '? irmh ?> if aaeeunira.f the d*e.> ieUr and to eail mem,nfi at aay um# ?Wider r ?dtW o o| k# ?rer*tt-er *aw!tx . Art 7.11**11 iteUr d ?*?< be tr?*? wr le rwwtr* ?n-1 >?M Ike fnad* of the Aw nx .ftaUa' .rar:ww*<? , apu* aa order from ike I ?eru .re C. mm tee at> n. tiahall be tee dntet f tke Bte.-iiire1 mim uu* t,| aeperlrtend aad amdrnt ill* fluaarlal adar* < f ike ter altew K fd iur Wi t, Jit I -bU v: Ut *d! ?' i*t Mi, M . psy'he nionevs ro er.I e-ted orer In the Treaturer. a dth?y *? -ir h u-? cower to order trd-ito parades, and i. saute | rui.mei*. and inejr shall axe. u? a ?*orr?J supernal u Off the all all? of b.* ass?autoo A*t ? ItsLslI he ' tc duty of lb*'lactam to call m -iluga fur drill, W' o< uJnot the wm> and to uk? coutm .ml 0 tbe As social.," on o (-Samoa of pultr urn -? e. Art 10. Each member afts.l pr--vide 1 ir himaelf. at hit "WO especae. a g.s.e.1 can and capo, and ahad pay la to the 'reasu ry ;br mm of lereutj Are c*uji, wmob thai! *antic lum to .ha itse ol a torch f> r parade Art 11. It tlta 1 br the Jitty of each mem bar to appro- lu each tor<'hU|ibt procession. and to all public paradoa ol lb As aoclatkm. Art 1J- Section 1 No boisterous or disorderly oon tout, or uDinrrtaary dein<>n#t?? turn of ati? ktod. shall bo allowed. Sec Any m.-ut>r who ret.isea or nrelecta to obcr the [ commands of the odp- rs or wr we conduct a nut in acoord * an or wnb tliliiaquirrmtnt. shall br liable to be expelled trout the A fori--allot. Art. IS. Any prrwm If year* of ac?, who will ms'italn and will lie foverned by ihta ?-ou-Utttuoo, may enioilht* name upon iha )t?t and be ?-?niaiitorod a member. Art 14 Ibis. .msUmnoo may be altered or amended by a twro thirds vole of tba members pr?aent at a regulor nwltted meeting. at which meeting one b tadrrd ihuli or a q i.truax. TUN DRILL OF THE WIDE AWAEE4. | - The other* are all ntcti of some uitutary experience, sag) have paid attention to the drilling of lUrir companies. In towns and vitiate* wln-re there are h it few am laemmla to engage the timu of the young turn, Ibe drills arr belt! frrqoi utly. It nt< rely rousntla->f toe morn simple Hgbl infantry nton omnia, according to llarilee. A lew Wide Awake tactics bare been lalro* duceit. In the ooi.uu-. inarching by nice, dtstau:c from tin' right or kit, ka. dome hare adopted a p i uliar cb. er of th tr own, While n<Iters give the old fasuiou - I cue the preference as a general thing. th < roe n of tte Republican Ass-ciatlon o> the Inoaiity * oar t a* ad ar wory slid drill roo-n Tbr torclir* are pU;e>t in raoaa, ai..l Ibe uniforms slowed ia chest* in; , in n ot mild try style. ready for us* at am.-ra.iit's u-t'oc Win re Wide Awaki-s exist in large numtiersjon orcaaIoii* of puolio parade a grand marshal is eloctetl, and I ie ?arl nua caplsibH a-e nominated ?? m trtnala Each marsh-,1 eh cm ants from bis own <ub olliorrs, ant lb t ichcl system in . stab lie bed. We giro ill ir sa th" general iitlini, a.thi cgli mauy other systems hive been adopted tn some localities THK TORCHES. CNlPORdS, ETC. The torch is a thin, siutr th rail, surmounted with a tin vwiugiog lamp, with tar Bewicks rtts lamp is to arrange) that the rail may be ht id in any positlou wit- out spitltug the oil A small American !Lu, on wblcb are printo-l tn-i names of Lincoln aud Hamlm, if fuil-med on the rsil 'ra mediately below the lamp Sometimes the lamp* are s ir rounccd by trl-onlored glass so ss to reeembls lanterns. The unlforma remit' of a buck, -Irab or stiver gray cape, made of enamelled cloth, coming down below the w list, and a military cap ef the same material, fin; otil ; wear a capo overcoat of the same material, ami either carry colored lac to rue Ir batons XXFKNSM. Tbe companies are all aeif-susulnlng. The averagorost of tbe untiorm* is $2 (>er man One dollar luitiat ou feu entitles a member to tbe use of a torch, whn b ??W-t wholesale about 70 cents. Asses-mcnts are in . le from time to time to defray expenses, attending |>ara.le, Ac Tbe estimated tmst of a jeirane, for music, oil, tku., Is tOO per 200 men. There is a loss of 10 per cent m the wear of uniforms and torcbsa at eacb parade. TIIKIK scMagus. FYom carcfblly prei-ared stati.i'rs. It Is estimated Ibit there are at present lu th" Rtsteru, V "thorn and Western Hta es, oner /"Ur hundred ihemeanii Wuie Awitket, drilled, um/i itunl and officered They have sprang up la large numbers m route parts of Missouri. A floe battalion h orgwved in Wasbtngton, and another tn Wneellog,Virgin la ibere are also a few l : Keulucky. They are steadily Increasing at the average ratio of 16 per cent a month. THEIR OBJECT. They are much amused at the various stories c'.r culni-.-d tn regard to the purpwe for which they were organized Rome journals having asserted that In tho event of Lincoln's election tney will r.-piaoe tba army and navy, that they ore armed with mussels in order to forcibly prevent Aoulheru secession, and raxuy like s--ertious Picy state that their pri nury of Jeot is to elect Abraham Lincoln an I Hannibal Hamlin l'rt-i cut and Vice President of th ? Culled .states, accord,eg to tie constituti u and laacoftbi country. For thi- purp-w-t they are banded together as political brethren, baviog tbeir Ink rests lu common, and going as missiuoari?s among their democratic fri< nde. ruey never carry arrn>, have no secret society gri|? or junuiaords, and admilout Bider- to all of their meeting* or drills Ibey are oqdt iv oppoaed to touohiug slavury where itexitls or aliowiug lis rxicusiou, and ariopt toe i.'hicago platform as their owu They are not alone luk-ndwl fur mrchligut process one, but ore designed to cooperate in all tbe miontim or Euhlical work, and by srgum -Dls, documents, au 1 ail nnorable uioohi, to secure ibo wavering aud persno-lu the bielile, acting as distributors, cber-gers. cbaUengord, sad patrolmen, bringing every vote to the polls TllK ORrtANIZATHIN IN NEW TORE. Tl.e city of New York, so lome<i for its love of exctto meal and aeusatlous, aeon caught tbe Wide awake mains. Alter tue grand tor blight proce?i:i.?u ol Wide twaKee at Hartford <>n Jul) M an < 21, the similar orgaui/ttious rapidly rolled up I., tbe city. (MntH'i Hani"! K 'iarvlt of tb. Tmeetieth want sr.liknowu as an euibm:?eiic an I hard working rcpuo.H-sn, orgaoia-d the drat Wmo Aaage txioipauy o the metr- polls, auu attemlel tbe Ha'Uord celebration, where b" waa prem-ntesl with an elegant un, form b? tbe Preetdent ot the Hartford Wide Awakes. Ao association known as tbe '//eis.-e Wide Avages was tieri formed in tbe Twenty ma; >u i aard.and a large company uniu-r the command ot ilol Heury C Kobe, m tbe Nintn At the Young M.-n'a lUpuoiicaa Cbiou. a large organ Izstim, none .sin s id tnr?e .-oniidtntes, was formtst. aud rah. d A.e Kail -q-lut rs' Hstwton. Mr tlixrlee R. Van Nor. en, ao i ll iet of th" twventn regiment, aud a p.oinl nenl reu tbltcea, was electeo msj >r o.a.tiui liug In In Nixtrcuih wu-d tl i.sel 8 Ir.siks l'.alley organized a romtany. aud was elected to .v>tnnan't Tbd f ?->utr UiH w. rd, uoder aptvoi l?- orgs K. Ovtsclunan the f.-nth. hipbl.'-ntb. Sov*lite-nth au I itlisr wards ao *i fu I..wo.I suit Argue artniery co.p., c. noting o( th Km nor bucker an I K. l> M-.rgaii duzni, was a so forme I A latge an>1 irrti.eotnl asso- lalioo, aaiiml tb i "C ty W arAn.'g' .t is formed, and adopted a civil an I tiiiuwr> - -.. I <n >u to- u all of Ihe Harthir.i rawnoa ny. Tney ?l.-cte.| Inr Prwui <st Mr A M ?'?utln, of tlie Twenty tlist ward, a pr-iuine l in--r. U ml u. our city, and (Yipta n Rcyuiour a H it re, wen know n ai au utllier of long axpertvec ami casbter n ? oitt ?a ik. ar emu nan dant A hai us- ol VadM dr.stdsay were Oiled up as a headquarters, at I mtuy w. II known re publwwi s eoroliru as no in bets The rooms are oocil day ami uigbl. and caoipiyn dm-cin-uM.g all kinds kept re distribution. a di ill is given on ty and Satur da) rveulrpg A g'e? ulub wts also formed m ealivet, the miatitigr, aol irrquea.i ad ireaosa from l.tuocumh -1 rrpubpcaii or am a l-ms abr.ssrt have be, u detivereil bo fore th,-at. They adept.-.! a very handsome Uniform of allver gray, tbe etl' an wraarlng a blue plums lb the cap, and carrying a sliver baton. a mi'Vrmet t was set ou f -ot In the latter pa*I of Au gust to f .rm a Central Wide A want (lommiltee, to be li-u.p ?. I of t'lrre . I i. gx;,-a fr..m each Wide Awake aaso ctalloa tn the city .for tbe purptae of making arrange ments ft>r a grand national W de A?ak.- loomualratl >a and reunion of oelrgates fr- m every clnb in the fame. A comni'itie was sent tuson ward to lay be ore them the object of forming tbr central committee, au I to rrqip-st tne r . o >.p-ration. Toe pr?-awsl mm with an roth, riariic reception, and la lbote warda where no Wide Awake club exist?i c m,wnie? were ape-lily formed A moeting of di e-galet from evwry ward id tho city was then held, and a constitution and by laws for the got rrnm.-nl of tne gem-ral comaitlro adopted. Tbo clt.cers rlealed were the following ? _ I'd at J- ot SUta B nmeber. Flrat Vine Preeldent A M Mi Heoutni Vk? I'r-etaetit Ererardua Werner. K. o.r i| Nrrc'uj F W r'bepoerd t?irrrr|?H.du:g s nu-> Thome* H Mvl o Tria^cicr Allan Kmh.r1orI. Beryoant at Arm* John Biasing irroeral J [1 Hubs'l Ward we* elected Ureud Mat ahel ileorral Ward la writ known Mr bl gtiiaol ear Tlore through tbe U< tu u campaign Un wee r<-rgeen t Major, coot maud inn the tret-run r> gimeul Ceiled -iawm lufhulr), and pined To/toe with bin r.-gim-ot at Corpus Cbrtall. lia waa prearm at tbe b. mnar latent of > wi Br-no, the Urat act ion uf iba campaign, aa S at the ac Itooa i<VernUrur, Mooter, y am Ofo Gordo After peace waa declared be returned b >m?, and waa appoint* I Aanituuil O I rn'anary ibMII under I.on?ral (at. and upon lea'a retirement waa appointed Commissary tieoe raJ lia baa long c 'remanded Iba .dr >tl Life aoard. Ilm ? Daniel K. Garell, 8. Brooka IVisiley, George F Vaa Brunt and E Jnboeon were appujilod Araialanl Marabala. A commttlae, called iba I r-ui.mat ? omwlltee, were theo eleevad to make arrai foments T.rr the aitmoat dem- natrai ne, whicb waa a?wu ud to be held <m tue 81 of Ot'iber neat Tbe mem oca aalectod were ? Wm II G lleapia. Chairman. K. K. Tucker, Wm. Oarlock. Hamlia UaN- ek . Frank J Wbite Tlw Grand WarrbaJ. At intent Marabeliaod Frealdent of tbe General or Oratral inaaitka ware iteclarad a? aiala members of thia com at itlae Tbe iHwnooatratkm Uowmitlee are la et??ioo almost terry dap at their row. No. All Broadway, aat.rely prrpartrg for the (batirai Commuu.oAiK.c< were tent at an aerie day to ererjr Wide Aar.r Club lo the Bute*, ne't'ng bo lb ibe object of tbe grand parade, and narrating tbiwe claba too far dlelant rrom tbe metro,alia to tend whole omapentaa, to eet.d a uniformed del- iiiim. an?? ra hare baeii poortrg la friwn all pe'ta ?( tbe I aloa, aad man/ thou ?and M Ida Awakes bars attained their uuenlrxi in par t lei pale ta tba iraod political carnival of lb* awe Fram all tuwaa witb.n eaa/ atoaea of New York Ibe/ will oome ai ?uu.? Tb> Iemonetratton Onmial'.lee h*ra fjrwed a aowbar of aub onmmitteew, to ea-b if.wbnai a ape:lal dm/ ta aa SUagd. Tba tub committee on transportation are in oor mi^ndeaee with all tlie pnnupa railroad aad atea abiat Una. arranging for tba MMe of (xcaraioe ticket* on ?pe eial trams at raduoad rates The tub eonmittawa on Are worka, roceptloa. epeakart, musM, Me., bl, are equally ari'ra. rerb dab or rnatpear of thia eity will take iti abare of tbe riailwra lo enteritis To? Twer Ik lb ward battel urn will probably entertain the liart'md men. and the - City Wide Awake* " aa inde pendent organ iat i. ?, w ill at up their headquarters, al ?,">? Brcwtaay, for tba reception of tba ChiladalphlaOuati fieri (?', fi id# Awfifcf* In Unmeet inrt a -tale Ooareet<oa of Wlda Awake' dele fiiea will be held tbat Umaacticat may be repreeeated la a hm.d body, in ihe I pet ward a coaapaay <* 270 m*e haa been ftwm e.i the Wiitti hall boatmen hare Pirated a alab, aad will parade, rub a l.aadencn* boat, rigged oa wbaela aad daav rate-i aim banner declaring I bat < I be Mattery boy a are i for I nc 'n and Manilla." the ruamialag <t<>wn lawn war ie will be equally well mpnwenled From il>e great nnmhere who bare alreade ?lrental their nlentio; t.( , ng lr the parade, it it ttfimv .1 i At /rem tkrr.'y la /fT bunal aim will attmL Uaa rem >( I expanditnrc wul ?:ra m? idea of tba praparatl >n It it loand areamary ta par than m barrala of oil H fill (be tortbea of tintt ag < mpen iw Fnfrrtnt I onrt?? hainbrrti Beiorc I'oo- Judge luirahaia. V'-y A Killitew iw KukanA W Hmtm ti at ? Writ ?f .tan 'd ae'da and prjon>I nf? under It, rcatiuilot <.r. ? r l * iih 110 r win ,n f ti /firw/wo of M. J Mnmm, am inTonl. d: ? V drr arp-'ini ng grar ,?a (mi.lad. jdtM x Hmn'nw r*. Jato U Hamt H al ?Mot.'* da ne' e . ut feta to citbrr party r>a l.i A K' nti*t ta. JhFf> J, H red ear J. dt _Mt n I, Wtl* ?l?M* SENATOR SEWARD'S WESTERN TOUR. IMPORTANT SPELCHES OP SENATOR SEWARD. SPEECH OE SENATOR DOOLITTLE, Ac?i Ac., Ac* OUR LA CROSSE CORRESPONDENCE, La CmoHrx, Wis., dept. 14,1600. It wii with mucb regret that we took oar de;>nriure yesterday from Madison, the beautiful capital of tbi> State. Situated on an elevated alope between tl.e twe pic turesque lake* of Mendola and Menona, and wilb the blue water* ot several otber La*en glistening m the sunshiny tenumg wilb excellent flab ar.d ibc.r sbi it* the resort of gam, ? Uioie is no town In tbts West ern region more liiriling fur a residence. Uaduiou .:ae.f is handsome and well built, and the country arouct it fertile und prosperoua. Within Ave or Six miles , 1' it a ibe miHlei farm of Mr. J V. Robbing, wbi:b, tbougu u * bat four yeara aince the first stake waa driveu in, o? at. ta.ncd to sucb notoriety that it iiaa become one''l ine of tbe place. As a metier of oouree, Senator Reward and party visited it, and wr? cordially received by its enterprising and kind hearted owner. Tbc j tables, ? lib their splendid blood burses, tba cattle yard, tbe n. i p, n?, tbe farm houses, tbo cheese bouse, aud ad ti e chief objects of interest, were pointed out, at. I Mr. Seward particular y esiuced great interest tu all ibat be saw and beard. Tbe oUrrs of tbe party were no Km entertained', but Mr Sewtrd'S questions and observances impreesod upon Mr. Bobbins tbe conviction that the di-tinguished apoatle of tl.e irre preamble coub cv waa as muub st home in ail tbat related lo rural life aa lie was in all tbai related to political. Mr Bobbins is a m< nber of a large mercantile bouro in Cincinnati. Without uuy knowledge of agriculture, he purchased for ten doliaia an acre a homestead of eighty acres, and on it .reeled a noat, handsome little ll? soon acquired a la?U) for busban fry, audaJdel, o/ jiurcluse,souie live hundred aires to his orlgiual pisses sion. Mr. Seward, admiring the perfect order that was manifest ou all ban u, luquired bow it was tbat in so sb rtalitni Mr. Bobbins had attained sucb a practical knowledge ol everything |>ertalniug to a farm. Ti:e an swer was ibat he, Mr Kobbiui, wsa always willing and anxious to talk with all old farmer? and stock breeders, and tbat be treasured dp tbe btnla tbat be got from tnem, compared and weighed their respective value*, and from tbe sciencd of comparison and probability arrived at tliu remits. Now he la looked upon as tbe bwt 'irmer, dairy man, horticulturist and stock breeder In the West. Uu has prejared one great eurtosliy fur lbs approaching Mate (air. It la a cheese weighing over a thousand poiinls, tod thoroughly cured. The farmers at Oral (1 el the idee of lucti e monslrui.* cheuee, end IkoepM u en linjmesibi.iiy. but tut Las sc . at rest thsir cevilb end convinced them egeinet their will. It required, 1 o?l *?*, the milk of e hundred end eighty cows for eight days lor be materiel ol th^a immense cake. We iba ild ell here liked to here cp-tit, m ire limeoa this model f<rm; but ui i.bedienoe to tbo political necessities of the hour Wt had to relinquish those pleasant He'd*. We ufl Med iron yesterday afternoon for 1'retrle du Cbnu, whence we shamed up the Mississippi lo this point oil e buet specialty chartered or reiher ueteuej by ltd owner*, lor the purpoec. rieiiator IfcioiiU.n, of to isoojsiu; bona tor Wilkinson, ol Miuuutout. Hon. C. C. Weshoarn, ol Wisconsin; Judge Goo rich, of M'.Duaesota. General llutus Hug, of Milwaukee, eud otnere, were new sc ceaalcbS to the petty. We here alto brought slong Cap lain ilarry Bingham, of Madison, with hie iron g,.u " young aim ric*" and e party ol artillerists At rTauic du 1'bl i> the usual guard of Wide Awakes was on bend sod escorted Senator Seward on board the ab ettrr Milwaukee. Ad ItrI" >rod grouped er mud the ?ten i n he hurricane deck ' >10 their flaming torcb-t, tbey pi s. nod a Strang" and picturerqu* eppeereuoe. Here tL?y were addicmil by M'- rs Seward and ( tie. I did not bear the epcerh of the former, bit I d.d hi ar i )?ot u the alter, and ess St ruck by It. Hav ing co ru les, I must give it lo you fro u memory. be esi.rirsea hut grut '.tliuu ?t the sireog-hof thin twe Awake organiration, and said it was possible tie tr servtcvW might not eeatt with the rl?ctiou. They had beard fur two inoiittir id I he last M-samo of Congress an asa; l Pos?li g ad to what the 'Uttj would do in ease ?>f a repub i an triumph in the Preaulrulml election. Tbst eontiugriicy was now a and ihi.ugh be did not apprehend there * and be any id rt made ti carry out there threat*. >it if any ifl^rt should ce made, th s Wide awake ? rg?i. wale d v. l *i 1.1 m.ghty convenient in stiUoig aiid ciusbtrig out any altempi to overturnm the gove.Lm.nt. Joan Adams bad male use of the un inoia-le expression In regard to the Iter boat no or lsdapeiuh uce, that "Wink or swim, Use or |?e, s'lrslvi nr i? rlsh, ho waa far malntatatng that ilenl., ration " The republican party bad made a aew Ita-Jaia lien of lnCrprtrOrnct; ate! ? tb .' .hn Adam*. tbey wmtid mainiuin It " Life or dto, sing or awtm, survivs or i N ? ? ti I We rtaejird la Crease at tenn'ciork this morning, an I leuo.i a Mtrge etowd i.l cu vent - with the isevitable Wide Awslug among them?asaca o'd on the laeee. An ad Jn sa or Wi onw waa pn suited to Mr Heward,oath deefc of the steamboat, lo which bo rep.--J as follows ? fc. Ih w r t./.'L? ?It has always been my purpose to an ttripetr the pri gri rs of ctrlliwaiioo In ti e W it, by t ,<u H Ihl p I I LI ? 1 l ie l untiueht before the III diso a id r ? racoe hate given p.a?to the white m>u,li. I. *mt r tl.e rai.ruad ihr tei graph. Won tbatfiew, I eyptofeil, 10 1*46. I be baaas of laha Muperlir. nee year only It advene-of the-stahl>hment o'eifibzt tion at St. Marie It has been my roiafortuay thai I bsee not been able to e*er its uir purpose to f sit Up I'ppcr Mistier lg.pi until I And thai I ran no longer trace on it* shirrs or blufls, or among the people who gather around me. a single f. at re .1 ihr portraits of "til n. who b tirtt made m- *? ? ? .th nutwood- ? ? . romantic regmn l on at tike you as ! dud you 1 bare come here at laet. al'eoc.-d by a '?? friends from the tastera MUlr*?from < duo, from New York, from M 'hi gan, from Maeesrhueetta?with th-m tov ?** for ourselves the winders of this great civilisation which ar* opening here lo hrrald the -ttaldiabmenl of political power and empire In the Northwest, (hit our autl cipation* ere surpaseed by what we see. Nona of us woubl have bettered that elegant ctlwe would hare mi rapidly sprung up on these shores; nor would we bare looked fur such eridypcre of improvement aad de rciopemcbi as weuld require a hundrel year* to ensoul In the Slates rrom which we cime. This Is gratifying 11 u#.bee?i.*e It shows bow rapidly tbsAmerl-an poop can improve rearu rres, derelrpe wealth, and establish -i nslitntlonal power and guarantees for the p-ofcttoo of kll dom If we louad you isolated and s-par?' Mm aitwo, distinct from nurmdvc#, w* still should ne lbliged to rrjolco In such erldenoea of pr'opacity and growing grealueop- Bow much more gratifying It ?for ua tn i bear, abundant Oud, in everything that we awe and hear, abundant wi deacea that we are, after ssparrta and lleuo-i pe-ph a?a t iitstir.i l peoples "f Iowa, Wtsconats, Mew York aad Massachusetts. but that wo aro on- people rrem Ply mouth Mock at fc>aM to the banks of the Mints sirpi Mi to ibe foot ol tM Ibsir Mountains /' us. assurance 'Aaf ?naM.* Iis I 'ramplf sst' r our /set '-wry weenie, -sry tkreaf rf .luweu-s, rorry aid i tnd spprrAewMon ./ *A? iluswm sna-o' i/ this gera' smydrr. lot we find in the sei.tiinenUI which yuo hare espressed to ua to day precisaly the tentiasents which were kindled two hundred rears ago on (Mym-oth Kvi, and which are afwradltig wider and wider, taking deep-r and deeper root* in Urn smer ean soil They giro us ths ?or* and tollable guarantee that under every pot gblo change of mnoltion and ton umntaoce th* American prop - will nowhere forget the e-mmoo lalereats, the com men ? ITect'.ies and the ootumon dt -uny which make thvm ail on- pi < pie Mr. Seward addrrs ed a large audience la the afW-oot i. He eald that he found it dlfflcult to dtarn-a thing' of the pa*l Marery, said be, as a f-deral Im tuMon, is o woiel.i la this land, only one argumenl rrmatas to the dem . t raty It cmim* to as loudly an I ciam-roualr from ta.i ttootbrru Mtst-s, and qoernloualy aad timidly from am >og ouraelrta. It is that if ws do not ebonee to give a in rooleet, and if wstlrcA cur candidate, the fhrrlo o th:a I'aioo aha I be broken down aad shad pariah la nia*. Thai le the oolr argumtnt left? that the I'aioa will b Jisaolred, If we suowd iu electing the hooorahle states man from tlltaots. Abraham Llacilh. Well, I prupoee to a<> or res a few words y moo lb- suh'ect, and tostt n ns how imminent that leng-r la with which ?* arem-n ?oeU The l/Bwa lalobedlseiilved Oartaui.y Why aot, If Abra bam I ineola, or the Gmgrees of the rutted .States antiag ? Its him, shall r. rain t ai.v overt art that shall be aqj'wt or oppri' to th- slave -Halts or to any portion of the l atoat Bet they will not wall for <bai, aad thsy are wt) wise in aoi waiting for It, becau** if they put tb?ir thrrataoa that coed.nun they would n the fret ptao* hare no argument against Mr Uncola'i election, aad in th- nnl pla-e thev would hare to wsii until after tbo election before they raised the a-gument. (l.taghter.) Mo it must be on tb* ouedltura, p. re tad simple that Abraham Uneoln el'all be elecbst I'resideet of the I uil?l sups Wr||, if hi' be elctod, It will be by a m*' trity of tli* American propi- espr-uairg their choice for him un der the hm s of tb- ?>oeiuutloti. and by the lawi marts by stacehoMera aad bis ofipuciaits, equally with free scdlere aod their frteans If Abraham Liaojht shall be ?Uticd lawfully ami toaotilutloaaily, then lb* govern ?tent Is to i-unse down Mieas my ? ml, fellow citir-o*, wt si can we d?f If we im# Ahrabnm Lmadia, as I am sore yen do?don't you'?i aye. ays )?if all ibe p? ?*!* of the 1'oltMl -'intra liks h.m better than they Ilk# John Bell, or "M-phm A. [fciugiea, or Mr Breakiarlilg'. htm can we feip bta being sfentedf (I ,t. f an 1 applause ) ff he shell be elected, what is that more than the pasplu of the t olled Male* ha . > been guilty of doing for Serettty yrars, every foerth year?eleetu c >ne mta whins they ilk* W iter than any other i .an' Is there anything wrong I* Hialf Un ycu contrive a^y way In which yoi can elect a minority man? * mn whim the people dt ant hktf If *o,l ahoald ike lo the patent pro lsoo.1 What kind of gov rim nt would It be if w# elected a msa we did not Ilk# Instead of a man w* did Itkbf My imprreetoc I* that It w-uld tw- a government n-t iptforing r-rp for fri-n tb* empire of Austt a, where they * ?ayi ratnsg" to elect a sav whom tb* p*opt* do n t l acre they her# aa aomtrahl* w.y , ( sav lag th* I'ol Ml by or ganh eg aa armi id Mm.ubn ?, ?? nrm- i lo the t <eih to man Is n the mae winnn tb? people do not like, rath -r tbaa let thria have the mar wh ?rn they do like (% V-tcr?That li ?f>* nay the dem-orala vre doing hem ) That ? the **y tbey woiM dorvery*&*r#, but that id me wry thing which raanot be a no here Fell * o.ti tee*, hi me say I* yea Met ir. wh ta'k about ilesiror e tb* I'afoe, and ereo linen wh., c..?r th>i it t* (pnag tabs destroy-o bees t? tb. t*,. ua whvt u?e* lawfully tnaydoard what tl < v hare s tsr.stMulloMhl r'.ht to do, know ti'dhirg al all of in-ai'b -tafwhWh lb-r tr-ttln ing. They h*?e ao ? leaof w. vi ti,.. r wt lb. They hare ?crtr ralbid bdir the g<.l# *j > gt, n*g ?>aur*<.ia foundation! to low, nor surveyed its proportl ins broadly enough to know what this Union Is. They nuderatand <1 as a copartnership ot thirty throe staten, ilfteen of wolc'i delight in lh? slayo trade, and eighteen of which du like and repudiate the slave trade, and prefer me hiring and com pen sat loo of free laborers. We may call slavery by gentle names or modest terms, but slavery la nothing

leas than the trade in slaves, for it makes merc'iau due of the bolles and souls of men. Now these lift cu States have the right and have the power, the uuqu"fll mablo and undeniable power, to carry on tnis trade ?n tlaves within these fifteen States tbemrelves. We do not Inter, fere with them. We have no right to interfere with thorn. They are sovereign on that subject, and are exempt from onr control. Bnl when it comes to the federal Uukio? tbclnlon which lathe government over us all?there their right to trade in slaves la the Territories of the Unitod Slates naa ceased, because the constitution is t constitution to es'ahlish just.on, not injustice; to maintain peace not by force, but by the consent of the governed, and to perpetuate, nut the curse of slavery, but the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity forever. This Union la thia nation?.I this empire ol thirty millions oi people. It is not made for trade, much less for trade in. the bodies and souls of men. It is made for the happiness of the people, for tin dereiepement of the material resources of the country, to guarantee peace and SSfbiy to ettry citlkeu in Una broa I land, ana to guarantee him in the full enjoyment of all his lights of life. hher'v ur.d property It opens 0) turn this vas'. continent for the pursuit of happiness, and by Its power acting oa the governments of tbo Old World and of the New, it makes the American citizen the citi zen of the world. (Applause ) This Union of ours gives us a property in the tombs at Quincy and Mount Vernon, and in the battle Heidi of Bun ker Hill, sod Saratoga, and Yoritown. Are lb ?o all to be surrendered if any State among us should become d scon tent od because tbey are not able V) secure all the advantages from tbo Union mat aeem to bo deeirahit! If the Union la to be dissolved, l have shown ? bat the way Is not very easy to doit. Now let mo know wno is to do K? ll has been laid that Alabama and Missouri, and Mississippi and Louisiana, and Florida and South Carolina will go out, and then the Union will bo dis solved. They say, "Yon will not try to tako us back; you will cot dare to imbrue your hands in brothers' blooa to re-establish by force of conquest a Union which we have repudiated and dlaolvel." They are right. We do not propose to do any auch thing. In the first place those states are not going out. If they go out they go out for a cause, and Unit cause is to save slavery. W-11, what are tbey in for. but to have slavery seved tor them by the federal Union? Why would they go out, for tbey could not malutata and defend themselves against their own slaves? We would see them march op, one af ter another, under the black flag, trampling unler foot those stars and stripes of ours. If It were possible I should like to see the experiment of old Massachusetts going out and endeavoring to carrv Plymouth rock with her. or I would like to aee New York go out aud carry the harbor and Oatskiil Mountain* with her. West do you think the rest of the Slates would say? I think they would fold their arms and see whether they behaved themselves, and they would let tbem stay out just aa long as they behaved themselves. Well, wbat would they do If tbey got out and did not behav* tbeinaelvei? If New York should levy taxes and imposts, and instead of paying them Into the national exchequer should keep tin m on her own account, that would not be behaving well Those who thlok that for nothing, or for any una gti ary cause, the Union ia to be dissolved or destroyed, nave en idea of the nature of the government under which they live, or of the character of the people. Go on, then, and do your duty. The lesson of nubile life is odv that is to be learned. It resolves Itself simply into this? tp ascertain, as yoa always aan, what, In the day in which you live, Is the great work for the welfare of mankind; do that work fearlessly, In the love of your fel low men end in the fear of God, and this Union will sur vive yon and me and your posterity for a thousand years. (Applause). Mr. Seward leaves La Cross* to-night for St. Paul, where he la to speak on Monday. While in Milwaukee a deputation from Cincinnati waited upon him, and invited him to visit that city. Ho de clined, on the ground that when he was about to speak there on a former occasion he wan not to be permitted to speak In flsvur of human freedom. The deputation repre sented that that day had passed, and I Cat be might now speak whatever he choee to aay in Cincinnati. It did not move him. He Ibuught Cincinnati juat a* bad as New York. -But,''said he, "If the people of New York will net listen to my speeches, they will hive to read them, or else forego the newspapers. Tbo people of Cincinnati can do the same " I do not vouch for 1 he correctness of nil this. I tell the ttle es it was told to me. Mr. Charles Francis Adams and his son make frequent addresses, aud never fail to produce a very fevorab.e effect upon their audiences. Military Imtelltgen.-e. lOl'KTH B1U0ADB FIELD DAT. * Die Fourth Brigads, New York titale Mil it .a, Brigadier Jobs Fwcn, compote,! of the Washington Rifles, Eleventh r^pimoot (300 rllles), Col Homer Boat rick; Natiooal Ca dets, Buty ninth regiment (200 muskets), Col. Michael Cor cor an, .urn the HigblaiHt Uuaid, Seventy ninth regiment (100 murk. Is), Ol. M'Lsay, para,led on Monday last, and proceeded to East New York for held exercise In e?o 'utrma uf the uoe, preparatory to the October Inspection. The forenoon was occupied In batlahou drill. At poon a wa* granted lor dinner. At two o'clock the Brlga riier ..eweial and staff ?p|vrared on the Held aad ordered the formation of lbs brigade. Tne Elerenth and Slaty ninth r?gUo*tita appeared in full uniform, and the Seventy ninth In fatigue drees, plaid pants, polka jacket# and small capa. The drill waa In the annual course prescribed by the Adjutant He nrrwl, and consisted of twenty fonr evolutions We do sot purpee, Lvwerer, to rpcak in dstail, but simply ml vert to the drill Is general terms. We say, with all candor, that attending circumstance# rendered this drill Ilie ?Ttit uiest ' one ?ui yntru that we tare ever atleo J ed. The new Higblaud regimen appeared is tb? brigade line for tte Oral time, and we were thereforw prepared I ?ew many I tt'e oversights committed m the execution of the rarn ua svulntMos; but we were utterlr uUmudrd to s ilucre tbr.Higb.uit tbe drill a seriee ??? gr..<? hinuderr eourra by a total dedclwscy of taMieai know'edg* on the tart of tlie Bold officers M tbe reglmeot 1. was n per leet farce to allow this regiment, or rather fragment of b rtgiment, to uae part in s brigade drill, until ih. y sere ?killed in the rudiments of tbe school of tbe rridler. Had It not been that tbry were made th eir* cling battalion la the principal movements of the drill, and hern deprived of the invn'unble mrvcm of Hngadwr Taylor, wn oouki compare A lu noihins elec tnai. a drill ol an aerkwnrd srjuai. The Piatt ninth regiment are a One body of cttlxm Ubwitry Xbry art oompu^of thai maieria) liui "* gteio nail Iters, and yea wn enanol pane orer their mistake* with, ut ml v. rung to them The line offi.wrs were rery tre?ri?rt in directing the* companies to the movements pa,-t.y fr?m s want of ooaprehnnston of the onmanda or ? ben uodcritood, n too spasmodic manner of executing' 1 them. In all justice, however, to Cokmnl Joroorau wn mutt eutn that his ability as a good ta ?truetor ard laetirtaa la beyond a dispute and ibeae qualities sere fully exam pi i tad on Monday while direct ipg tse movements of his replmeot I leu ten ant Cel langvat, the t.-cood to command. aiao displayed a vnrv thorough knowledge in the dir.-cli.m of his wing of the ball alloc* ? ?*"?? the Bret part of the drill, eieruted the movem. tile m a very prompt manner hit after the tenth movement m the course, srrural rata fak?e were committed, by a failure of the Colonel to eom prrbeou the Brigadier Heaeral'n orders Thlkibg la I he raake, a moat nneoMterly habit waa pvm*i,te.| ten considerable extent daring tbe execution "Tl |7,p7,*nl "?<"-<-"?swta. creating Babel le ow irtkShbb '"U rvgimenl the wn. pnrtuuuwly lb., general feature of the drill nxblbited a great deft rtciry of tacti.a knowledge on tbe part of tbe snbal trrte and guidee-a ta t winch should not he Healed u? I'gbti, by tbe Brigadier t^meral Ia r^7p, ^i1!u^ T*"1** **f ?"? ilnt'-w on Monday were d lecmtrge-l With ciwummete Skill, judging Horn the numrli which he oheerved aad corrected the minuteat more meats of tbe drill. mow ^Djedn,'. proceedings closed with a review by Geo. rile Mandamni Against the kapervliort The 1*0,000 for the tewaMalaalowerw .f Mecerd. srrBFwi coritT?omenuL Brfore lion Judges Sutherland. Booney net W. f Allen ^ "?1*'/"enyle hf (Ae rdabaioflti Cbaamiufen Tt / Rmrrd n. tkt Beard of hpnlrni Thla oaae .? mee up on appeal from the Special Term. It la a man ramus to compel the deleadants ta insert the sum of M0 . too In tbe tax levy for the Cummlaetuoem of Record. The relet, re allege that, pursuant lo Ihe autote, chap 407 of Ibe Sere loot lam. the Uommhslonere of Record incurred rerreearv eipenem ta tkenullaf the dutuw Jevolved upon them, aad made contract# for copy lag the mdense of m cords la the Reg later'a office, and In ISM --ty npplicatloa lo the Ronrd if Supnrvmnre t. value the amount n-ivewwr to rouble lb. m to complete their duties ?nd?r the etuute Die Rnerd of So|?rvi?ifi refused lo do so. on the ground that tbe net of 1* 4 wna no ooatltullonal. Thereof. the Ugiilamre of IMo enacted "that the Bowl of Saiweviw r. are empowered to enure to he raised and oolleciet a forth. r ?um, not exceeding ?H0 ??<), to meet whatever ?.m may be toe toihe contractor* with mmrnrnlooerr of Ruoril The Comptroller and ffupervtm-re were da y nottflrd thai there were due to the contra rtere adder mil w. rk > urns of (fK 17a M g| #43, SI lit6 43 sad S3 foil - ? and lbs. tbe defend an la Med to^nZnlJL ?meats Messrs J. W. Fdmondt, J T ?rndTan iW Fullertnn fbr the relators on tbe ;wrt of tbe defendants Mr lawrence contends that the application for a man mat by the sect am of the m-t relrrred to, 00 duty 1a lmpo?.,| on the iSniwrvtomn lo raise money to pay any rum to the oootmcto-e wild tbe C wn inirnmners of Record nntil a certain sum hu been found to be doe lo lb? m They also contend that there ? no Such body n? tbe CommMemoes of Record of the city aid conty <4 New ^ ork legally In rtlaleace, ami the nr., v?!oe? of the Sth eectioo of the act of April IT isno jL. |MN ami void. Owned las Uttt Ibe w, 1"AN, was constltnUesml, they en tend th? fy.irmlretowera of Record were not aetber red to ncur I! v; ncwu Wforth, bernuw there was do apcrow.w o. h tl. Treasury of 1 be oonaty r fDcient to o72 Z? 11:f.e ht the time when they were alleged to ht- 1. nrnrred. Ibey thrrefer. that the motion ton ry man damns aiiould not be liStomsM. - f I r?served. "*K1 Tor,torn rv ki'orti -Tbe IR I one (Mot | I r?)? th#t Ike potato crop baa been unusually ppoiias mi I Br* ln .juallty In that vicinity, and thai torn |Zm r, 1 off v.?t quanlitle* daily, not only to th. n.rtt , r " ? late which hay HBll li tivm tommht tottTsS^ ?as. New M.xico, aad evea to I tab. ' v v Ovb r'tTn a Co* J An, ? tr ..1 ?_ .V It- a..d ke. ,etici?aa date for Uongry .a the trnlB lis. ir .1 tl Pces>ylvssts. THE CHEAT UNION MEETING. Supplemental lUpert-?pMChn of the Hon. John Cochrane, of New York* la coaaoquence of the strain upon our cohtmna la our tame of yesterday?notwithstanding the (Bet tint we en deavored to accommodate our readera ky issuing a triple aheet?the following apeechea of Hon. John Oochrane, delivered at the monater meeting on Monday night, were unavoidably omitted in the Huuld's report yeeierday? At the out ide meeting Mr. Cochrane was Introduced by Alderman Cornell, and waa received with protracted cheering. Mr. Oichraxb said they were present to night, placed in position for the first Are Into the midst of their opponents; tbey bad been called from their firesides and home* for no vain purpose, la pursuit of no vain glory, but to teaoh the proud and Insolent enemy that they, as demo crate.were Inspired with the memories of their ancient vic tories, and .animated by their wonted strength?thai al thougn schism and division huf prevailed In tha democratic ranks, those ditscu.ious were healed, and that that party, the old democratic party, with Its ancient proud movtd victoriously forward to Its usual trminpbs. (Loud cheers.) While thousands upon thousands of our lellow citizens were in yonder room listening to the speakers who were there, thero were tees of thousands standing without, and under the naked beaveus, that they might listen to the great truths for which the democracy were contending. He (Mr. C.) had left his position w^tbia to tpetk for a few moments to the multitudes with out. He would return from his position here when his ta-k was flnl-bed. aud should bear with him the tidings which tbey, the tens of thousands of their brothers, sent nolo those in yonder hall of encouragement and God speed In the work upon which they were embarked. (Applause.) It was but a few nights since that the ranks of the euemy proudly occupied this square and that building. There was promulgated the startling assertion that beneath tbolr efforts the old democratic party should yield. (Loud ones of "Never?never ") There was pat to the assembled throngs the question, "Can yon overcome the enemv who so often has carried dismay into yo ir ranks " The answer to that question has been r> nderud here to night. We democrats an swered the question, and it la to he found In this vigor sua cheering, applauding multitude It is to be found in your firm positions and la your uplifted countenances. It <s to be found In tbowe principles wbich Inspire you, and In that determination which gathers you here to. ge'.ber to night. He wns not praparr I to go into the do tail of the principles which characterized the party to which they all belonged, and which dietlngulsed tbem from the ranks of their opponents. He had simply to say that on the one side they had a heterogeneous mass of people opposed to tbem. On that one side they had those who proclaimed themselves to be Lincoln and anti slavery mem still, on the same aide, they had those who proclaimed th-aiselvee to be American and slavory men?e tort of piebald sectional party?(laughter)? a party composed of the odds and ends or all parties, In oppositon to tbe grand, old, firm rooted, pa triotic democratic party. (Greed laughter and cheers ) There might as well be brought against you an army of hoys, for this ho t of democrats a-.sembled here tonight, In spite of alleged division, and In spite of charged achi-m In it- ranks, will teach its enemies a- of old that when the country Is In danger democrats unite and rally to Its rescue, it.real cheer ing) Where was the democrat who would ar-ert that because one man was a friend of Bell that therefore he could not act la unison with tbe friends of John C. Breckinridge- or where waa the man who would charge that thefnendeof Breckinridge and Bell oould sot co-operate with tbe friends of Douglas when the country was in danger? Whenever yet the country has been in danger, ft rgetful of all minor divisions, pa triot-- have rallied to its rescue and Its preservation. Die Bell man flung aaide his peculiar thoughts, and the Breckinridge man bis peculiar ideas, and Joined in a common cause, and ctune up to the support of the ticket nominated by the Douglas Couvention, contiJent thai in doing o tbey would achieve a glorious triumph. Mr. Cochrane continued at cnn-nderable length in a similar attain, and was heartily cheered at toe close. Towards the cloee of toe meeting within, Mr. Joint Corn nasi, in answer to repeated calls, oame forward and SIX.*, as follows ?Fellow citlSOM ' "TBI apose as lollowa:?Fellow citizens and Uuion democrats? I have just returned from action on the tented Held. (Cheers.) Yonder aky w tbout looks down upon SUM such as the patriot's eye glistens to look upon, and over which bis heart swells with emottovs of gratitude, while his judgment becomes satisfied that his country is safe. (Cheers ) I know not what may be tbe peculiar organi zation of those tedious hues of men which BWhtlsagO dragged he:r slow length along, clothed cape and anuod with torch and cap: but I know toe or ganie strength of the people who are here, and I know that such s people, In such numbers, vigor and enthuai asm, toougu sunk in drowsy slutnoer, are lit to meet sad ? ascuisb whole armlee ofVV'ite awakes. (Cheer*.) Amor* Important and amore p-.jci.lsar scene than |Mta which aoar presents Its-If !? ? -ar ey? * has necer b-en mailed in any previous political cam|iaign Never since I ant cannon roar Which Ibundored at Buukor'k H II?n.-ver since tho day M wh.rb thai hostile llag waa stru k al Y'orktown?hat, any political campaign been opene-l more prsgnant with toe late of principles and interest* thau la this present cam j sign of 1-dO (Cheer* ) And wno ar* tbey who u this coo (let r?po*c at ton haee of the ooaaUtnUea? Wno ar* tbey who, with tbe Mag of their country bound about them, procia m toamrelvea the champions of the rights of tbe people, the defenders of democratic faith and demo, emtio pru ipk." Are tbey not those who alway* have been enrulkm is the party of toe whole country, whose name* are eaaapfeMWe n tbe senate vtvered with the traditional glor-ee of democrat'0 ualt)? Are tbey ant those who time alter time, and year after year, have marc bel tteaony a bo older to stooider ever onward agaiuri tbe contending foe, and who an o.ieo have re turned front tbe osMaat with toe deed m>* the r shields, victorious banner* we? og over tbem, and martini mu iic prodiaimiiig victory to ibe party ?n the oouutry. (Groat applai so ) and It l* now a?-erled that this ever victor.owi army of patriot* .a beat-u and d.?|*r i ?that a vito t-Jrirni has rent tbeli rank < asuuder, and mat dis union has anatteiod toetn?that they ar* weak and wiling vietMbs to Uo miotaiit army at' repobli aao?, of 'No; b*v*r")?llrat division* prevail and soveeeioos have occurred aiming ibeee lately victorious maas- i. Forbid It, reisno' f orbid It, fact! let ridicule hwrt and ?corn rtboke ibe a I legal ion. We who wmpnee the people? actuated by the prlaclplee wh. b have rver Inspired tbe creed of our party?wn know tbat, a* of old, wc are yet united, and If moved with tbat rigor and Iron tbat hitherto have characters, ol oar ell rut and ac >Uflt with ( icon, luocrfs awa'ls sucb eOtirt* and itch action (Cbtara.) I bar*Hid that tbla was tbe moat ituportnot of all lbs political nompaigss Itot th ? .'iuut ry baa ever even or lla r?i>; In <-og*4id in And e t Ml M On tbe cue side la Hm eooeiuul on aa1 the intry on lb* other I* floatnum. division nrd danoloe. It it p*o;letmed that avid Uxte there la not aboltliouaui?lb at ertn 11a shadow la not In be negated? li not, wuy do we bear harangue u lar *tnui i*rt( ofthc land, (way wb<-re the Nortb alar ah .era, proclaim to aasmbled multitudes that lb>- republican parly la an abolition part) ? ibat the republican party. If I eat a. led to power, wlU eaeiu'te ?ia? y from tbo Ihrtrtct of Columbia and ahr urate tbe [Itlve Miav* law Why do we bear tbnm proclaim, trumpet note and triumphal (train. a bile gathering ? their raaka tba rad ca abolit>naia a of the land, tbat tbe standard of the old abuiitloa party la tdse tlcal with the aland art of the praeeol repubnoaa party" And perocmsg tbaee thing* away yoniar North, wby la it tbat away where tbe houtbera Crow gleam* from tba No iioere aky wa bear another tela unbduad, and are told that Abraham lincolu la tba repraaaotatira of tbe noraereaiiam < lb* laad, tbat Abraham l.iooela will be tbe protector of tbe atarebolder, >o tbat ba will admiaMUr tba rngitlva Mara law: tbat be will protect lurry and nontlaoe it with la tbe thatrtot V Columbia' Bow in It that torre m one ?et oi prtociplee at the North and aaotber art of prlnctpiee at tbe South?oue law for Rom and another f. r Atbeaa Wby la It that ihla slouch tag brimmed, l<arhaaihaa party oerrlea under ita bat two fares? (Cheer* and laughter ) Wby la It, geatleana, Mr. Cochrane aatd, aa ba meuatnd, tbat auch bypo-rity eiwta' It W h'cause tbat prior pie ? no loafer eater lalaed, but 11 become a mere aaeampttoe. It la be isuee there are gathered together la this lea<l a piebald crew of ear legated colore? bere a black apot aad there a white epot?who sheet to useable aa uoe aggregated whole?a miserable uatoc?a eeatbeieaa opposition, organ lard loooeteod agafhrt their aacleat aad tiaadfaat eeamy. tbeaa fr teeda of the ooiatry aad the la km. uader tM name of tbe aaltsd opputitma. (Appiaaee.) Tboaa ene mien of oura have died tbelr eyea upon tba abadow of if Bra. With a tblrat eireeiiiag that whleb oar meatai r* City cm properly estimate, they ban (lied tbelr loaf Hghae upon tbe running water* of fbderal patronage, aad, in their anxiety to imbibe of the at ream aad per lobe of the refreshing fto-d, tbeaa mrn of MMM t lew a?men who ooaa <11 no ooaaieteacy of fulbor of actma?mas who are animated with but uoe deal re, aad that one of eeif eggrunoixemeet?these mee, ilka baaa birtng together, lanteu tbelr goading gripe upon each other, ant are thus impelled, by tb?ir own momentum, agatnrt tba demoujtic ranks. (applacae ) And who am tbey that constitute those democratic rwkil Do they net com* lato tbe Beid with berees as captaiM of uoeqoertag boots, which, while rtrugkileg Ibr victory, rrfraln from firming Iratncidal bands agm*rt Uie'r brethren* fbeir array w unbroken?tbelr spirit as mighty aad as geaerotie as of art. Tba charges of their die traction are but tbe uaual means resorted to fbr We g* n lag of pelittral advantage. It M hut tbe recourse of roe at .cue weakeee-?a vary simple bat Inefficient dee tar of the enemy 1 bare but point yoo la yoader glaar ing llor? of freemen?our Bafcrt guarantee for a demos ratio victory in November?to antmfy all that wa are Indeed n united and rdectiee party .Applause) Tooagh Bell mr five come hrre from Tel. ureses, BrecVuride mee from heatucky. ana Unurlan mee from Illtaola icheer*), yet brm, en line New Yotk city ami, tbnea mea am mar Mailed la irrertrtlM* flat am* aa talon mea and democrats liemoerata who, irrespective of (arty diiWrmcen and local dienenatoaa, bare rigurd ? y lor the tatrrrets of the * me enuutry. I they lay !??* the soar ot Ibr r fatb? rlaad ail the patriot raw with n'.wh they art inspired. (Cbaeia ) It ? thus when danger threaten# an I tbe note of fearful preparo le* ta beard. V at maa of tbe North rally round the sun dard of the cocstitutiee la a rouregenut eflert to preserve II. Tliea W It. when ?teres! aifttcully aad menu leu pre neat Ibetanelre* tbat we area tar tbe oaeer ?f (bo parti which threaten*, tbat happily oar effitrte may seen it. Tbat danger threaten* roue ran dene. Row. then, are we to pri cent It* What I* tbe ratine of *och pertr II m tbl* Inst if Abraham l.lhcolti (bould he elected President of tbe letted '?ie?, ireubord oat .or. dWsrnrtoa, aadlliM and tceurrectton rti et Inevitably he tbe rma't. f Ap plattne ) And *1111 more that if ba be elected l-'estdent of the l'nlied "tales the rowrtltrtian of our eouutry will be trampled under foot In aitib neootlBfenev every man. no matter who or what. meet. If p weeae-d of the (tightest (park ?f patriotic principle, rush w> *arw his country from tbe threatened doom No ttiew, nr friend*, while we art tiers tn oar prtnclplee, let us carry our tltg proud.y aloft. Ilrt ue, a* we stand hrn.-aih the huanar rt mr rntoa, aad tr e Bag of our onantry tlouta upon tbe brer n mtaibettc pi in* of praise f* tba bMWlags whs I. we teioy. aad in a rigid 4st*rm Mattes u> lutaia th?m l-t u* atiil tnainti.n our falthhtitnean to thecone'ituline.ou* 8 le I ly ?>? the I'niooatdour olicd cnor Pi the law* ("berra.) It wa* ant hut adrlne that tb*v ?ho\M 'aril at auy name ?iou an elrrtorel lieset, ?r at any m?a thrrvhy repre sented. without refererre to the autkc- ty of MS ?<-wc lieu, or th' ' -*rr ?t. t ? ? -o- . , . . .., r aunatty should M if.1* eitgcacy lubj ?r i ?>.. - , i,^' to their regard fbr tbe t alon Let jur rui* tbcrtfor* be, Blled by predominant dee Ire, that the electoral llofcst? Union electoral Honel?presented for the support of tne Union seeking men ef the Bute, be elected. This dooa.theman of all the aandldetes, the beat with whom w Lrneoln, of oourae must be the man to be aup Eirted by the opponents of Lincoln In the electoral ool w", . can ?" wl'b no abandonment of prlnct i } rennlt, the campaign la ooo? ducted by virtue of but one principle?that (imple but pervading principle contained in the word* popular sovereignty, mis enanot be forfeited, nor In any event, save Lincoln's election, will it be Jeopar dized. To sccom;liah the object wbtcn thla veat ? bUge entertains In common to night, aeerltloe* of par tial itiea and correction of prejudioes are necessary I reel that the occasion?the magnitude of the daiger to be avoided?of the btcebt to be securod?the possible disas ter and the hoped for prosperity?are such aa to demand this tacriQce; and 1 feci that there Is patriotism enough In each and In all to sharpen the sacrillctal knife, ami to exercise each warmeal attachment to the common good. Nay. wore, 1 feel that above all la this self abnegating spirit?this self immolatlog disposition, present in the bosoms of those whom a partial people have elevated to the distinction of candidate* for the Presidential utUoe?in the bosoms of Stephen A Douglas, John C. Breckinridge knd John Bell. (Oheers ) Wheu In the oklen day the Roman republic labored In apprehension of approaching t vil, a yawning gulf opened m the Forum. C Histeraation mprtfsed the assembled slate, aud due forebodings pre dict* d the national rum. It was then that lndlridual pa triotism asserted Its supremacy. And as the citizen hero descended into the abyss, the pit udna of a grateful peoplo and relief from dinger attested the vlrtuo of the tacriBoe. (Applause.) Have we here in America, tu tois nine aenth century, no Roman virtue, no self immolating Outltual Yea, have we all of Roman virtue and devotion, and a Curtius more than or." rralyfortho required eauntloo. let the task then be by fate assigned to eituer Douglas, Breckinridge, or ReU, and Jepenct?upou It, tne -acriUoo of self fur the commin weal will bo cheerfully made. (Load applause.) Fellow citizen*, consult the spirit wlthtn yoar own bosoms for the ecvioe requisite to your proper guidance, and surrender yourselves to the execution of whatever that spirit prompts, and the battle will already be fought, and ibo victory plaeed within your grasp. (Great apnlause > Let the conservative portion of our poople stand by their colore. The people are reliable, anl In the language or one of the celebrated leaders, the people coold aud ehould Cvera themselves, (Cries of "That's so.'-) From ttata ur the danger was averted; from this boar the country, which was gazing anxiously towards them, would take comfortable assurance Those who had been pausing in fearful suspense, doubting whether the dllferen es in the city of New York could be healed, would bo restored to coo 11 lenee, and the Union party woald move on te e double quirk step time. Tho newt would penetrate the bills of New York, and dance along too VMM rivers? thruugb Obto, Into Indiana and the fastnesses of Vftnoo sln?proclaiming thvt the people of New York bad aroused themselves in tbelr might and in tbeir majesty; that they bed determined, once for nil. to prove to Ibo world that they were defenders of the constitution, and thai when danger threatened there were none to save bat the ancient democratic party, untied, firm and lnvmctble. (Prolonged cheers.) TBI BROOKLYN CLUBS. The grand torchlight procession from Brooklyn, which attended the Union meeting at the Cioper lustitate on Monday evening, wan not compoaed o' Bell and Everett clubs exclusively, aa our report would seem to Intimate. The major part of the proceailon was made up of the various lodges or the I'alon League, an organisation com poaed of Breckinridge, Bell and Douglas men alike, ami pledged to the support of a Union caadldate and mm other. TO THX EDITOR OP TUB HBRALD. In your account of the great Union meeting of .last evening, I aqyepresented as assert in g that the republi can platform contained the following declaration :?"Tbn Fugitive Slave act of I860 Is repugnant to tbe constitu tion, to the principles of tbe common law, to tbe spirit off Chrlstlanty, and to the sentiments of the civilised world. We, therefore, deny its binding foroe upon the American people, and demand its Immediate and total repeal." What I raid was this "The Pree Democratic Uunveutiua which met at Pittsburg in 1851 was presided over by Henry Wilson, now n Senator in Congress Irom Massa chusetts. That Conren'ion oomiaaled John 1'. Hals, bow a Senator from New Hampshire, for Prt-sMoul of the United States. These two men are prominent and lead ing members of the republican party fhe platform of this Convention contains this declaration (repeating tbe one above quoted). Wilson and Hals have never diss vowed these sentiments, fbsy entertain them now 1 offer these facts, in connection with many others, as Hake in the chain of evidence tending to prove that black repub licans {and tbe party to which they belong, are in favor of the repeal of the Fugitive tbave act." Should my reported remarks go uncorrected, I might be charged with either beiug grossly ignorant of tbe con tents of the Chicago platform, or of attempting to de ceive my audience. Moreover, I do not (eel iDoltoed to Ibaten upon black republicanism a crime which Is aoC clearly proven against it. Like other artminais. it Is hat an act of mercy to accord It tbe beoelH ef a natural doubt of lie guilt. Finally, I am made to aay by ytnr re port that " Tbe policy of a sound constitution is that all ssctiena should he fhlrly represented in conventions." ? I said that "the spirit of the Ame> tcaa ouostitetion repu diated sectionalism la tbe elect <? of the two highest officers ef the government." Tbe owstitutioa provides ?bat " The electors (of President and Tine President) shall meet la their respective Slates and rote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at J-ast shall not be an in habitant of tbe asms .State with tlwaioelvea " Sanr. IB, IBM. a. a. THOMPSON. Tbe Japanese Donation tu tbe Pnllen. LXTTBKS UP TUB MAYURS AND POUCI OoUMIiHIONBKS TO MR. BKI.MHVT. ritoM Tim mayor or wasaownmi , Mayor r OtvkS. > Wa?h:*<itor. D C , J ily 13, 1M0. > ll.ssr* An.cvr Brimosy it Co , New York:? ? Unrnuix?1 bare tbe honor to aekuowlrdgw the re ceipt ol your favor of yesterday's date, covering ebeok on tbe Hank of tbe State of New York for til #00. sad jnpy of tbs Japanese Embassy's letter addressed to Captain Dupint. Tb.s i uexpeolod recognition of serviors rendered by the police of Una city by the Embassy during their snjourn in our metropolis oaunot tail ti be appreciated: aad I beg to returo v> tbi-m thru igh their grateful acknowledgments. Tbe police force of thin city M composed of one hundred offi Mrs aad men. Ihsvs the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient i? vest, James g berrkt, Mayer. rxo* tub batob or nnLADstmiA (>rrifa or rwe Matob, > Pro amsu-ria. July !?, 1MB. i Merere. Arm sr Bnutmrr A Co , New York city t>R>TLBMK>?Tbe receipt of the sum or three thousand three hundred dollars, which, la compliance with too wishes of the Envoys of the Japanese Embassy, you Re warded to me on the lilth u>st for dtetriouiKei among the police foroe ef this city, bee already been aosouwl edged This liberal teetiesoniai ef the ambassadors to the efforts far their comfort on the pert of the police at Philadelphia baa, ta aoourdauee with the egprumerf opialoae of the Lieutenants m Police, been equally dlvtdad amotigft ail nu mbers of the foros wb'?u services were spsctaOy rtqalred during tbe visit of the Japanese to MM city. Will you have the c ixluraa to oouvey to the lepeneeo Ambassadors, when opi-ortuolty offers, my ackoowiedg eject of their mueiheruoe. With renewed thaaki lor uto trouble which you bar- to kiadiy assumed in traosiatUiag thMgJt, 1 am, rsepeeUuily, AIJjCaNDKK HK.NkY, Mayer of Philadelphia, mow viie nuMinawi or ran mm bona rouca boa an. Omen BOutan or l our*, Salmons, July 13,1MB Mesera Arum Bblworv a Co., New York:? ?.? atlas as?our Marsbal baa reported to oe your fever of tbe IBM, enclosing e copy of e letter from tbe Japanen Embassy to Chpt Dupont, and your ehsck for $300, to b? distributed, by request of the former, among tbe potior ofnoers aad men of IhM city, In aokeowledgmsei of Ihetr ttttcteney ta ooatrlbutlof so much to the oomrort of the Ambassadors The wabof of Me Heard Mat sveryMMp m Ihetr power shoe Id he done to promote the oumfort of the diet leg* *h?d guaeta of Me city were aff<ctuaily oar rled eut by the potiee fores; aad we are grauAad to laarr that their eerrim were eosiwd aad appreciated. Bet sr all that they did wee la the psrfnrmentu of their res afoi duty, lbs Basra do not conceive theme* Ires lusttted In eutbortzleg tbem to receive tbe proposed donation, sr extra eompeneatloa. and 1 mm therefore taatronted re spectfully to return your cbeeh, which please fo>d mi rises ' herewith The theft from tbe hotel ef two swords be tonglag to some of the suite of the F/nbamy, whilst in tbie elty, was aa unpleasant aed mortifying occurrence. It la urusmeary to advert la detail to Me circum.taoeea ua der Which MM took place, but I wish to be allowed to avail myerlf of thM occasion to say thai it wee in no arte* owing to aay negligence or want ef vigtleooe no the part of any ef tbe eity police race. 1 em persuaded uaiCapt. Depoot aad the other geoticmaa of the Naval Unai ?Mains were telly aware of Mm, aad that they did not siMldsi the eity police ad directly or indirectly responsible or MamaRla. I aa, very respectfully, your obedwnt ear vent, CHaRLIC* HOWaRD, . rrmidanl of the Buard. m. wiwii'i ni'ii New York, July It, 1M0 Caitiv How tan, HK) , Praaideol or lb* 0u?r I of r jlioa IMlttaorr ? I in* Hih?Your ftTor of the llth mat. addrnaaed K By tenor, woa mi to me to Newport. H.ri?| mora*! to New Yorfc, I now ber leave to etpreaa to yuw my ru (ft! at lb? daculuu you bar* Mine to In relation to tho n.<?ey tracamlttod for '.etnbufon tami( Itv polmc lutat of yoar city. Tb' tckaow1o?lfm*ui leu !er.?l by ttw Japattee Unvote baa boon a ma plat by the tbroa .ahn ellwa. allbwyb tha* fbr I am BH informal by all of laa I t'naJ oiapraitMNi fiat will be mad* yf the w ,ney f.f tb b?i eti i f tba pa-tut tetoreoted Alloa me to I idfmt a briber it would be ta roafocmliT with the t,. aeot your board to add the amount received (rum tb* laee u??" Jtmbaaaadora to aome food for the beaetd at lb- U m tea of )our police. ?wu a? BO dnubt. ?e? ? ?ibtialirl In yoar ally Tb* dtopnaltioa I fori ooavtaeed would b< aa mucn la lb* tpirll and lb? iateB|| <a of the <inuor? w aa todlrtdaal dtatnbutioa Awaitin* yo ,r Kin.| aaawar ?ad bopBf you may allow m.- to rtiura j .j theakewk with tba abvva uiideritaetfikf.l am. r?ey iinjmirii tr y???. ACot'ir ?turn or Poura, B? r*?.aa. Jaty at, UM A. Batwovr, . V w t obk ? ruua b'm?I ham motived aad lubatttad lo Iba I your faror of the lath We would have preferred that ottr der.lia?# to ree> rt>-1 tbe . apaarar doaat oa bad be*a ar.rneared In.iMBt natter reen ter, d aa tboaaoitlrd, 11 betrj our dtatre trj e aiourtenanoa annoy our p.tca force Um Wee that they wt he allowed. directly or tndieeaily, to receive any r'atuiti<? or r -ward, except on rara aad ertruord nary <?x -?,r? t, beyoa I the MJartaa provided by law aa a com p-uiata a fbr ibo poblls aerrUwa It la Ibalf duty lo pur I h*iu. 11 arrma, ho waver, aoercely worth wbna la thnl pr-?eat caa* ta bo perttawcinaa M rdfnatuf to own; y I with ynur rr>|ueat; and aa you bare Utea the tronbto ? ? I ? ' d'y to urfr your rtewe apam upon ua, we will ebae- ? ft y our obteetiwi and aoorpi tba doaatlou ton d< rd II la prorided by tb* law cruallnt th'tRw Ihat all and ratra cowpenaatmti which we mi t Hi rire the police fomr to receive eha'l h. applied i> fui ?! "tr the lelief and eorapeu-almi of B<oit>ert of tb force injuied ta tb? c wcba-|a of their del), and tbd