Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 3
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Mol mm or uCWers .llie J shii t .a is perlcraeatiie, ?Ml for eiin pay to >u.y of them for gallantry tact c?> i conduct on extraordinary occasions." In say sveut, aberefore, boaatioos like the one ,n <iU? t.ou would be nppropriated in tbe mode *ngg<?ted u your iae'- Very respectfully, yours, CllARl ?' HOWaJU), President ? Biukd or Pours, Bsi/nnon, July 24, i860. Mr mm. A1 tier ii*i *o*t h Co., .Vi? V.jrk fiwrrunrss?1 bare your far or of th? jue of yester day's date, with your ubenk for $360, tbe donation oftbe Japanese Rmpaesy to tbe polio force of this city. The ?snoot will be appropriated for the oenetli of the latter ? heretofore explained. Very ampec fully, yours,fcc., CHAMKj HOWaKD, President. PEOC&ESS OP TAB PRIHCE OF WALES. The Departure from Niagara Falls and Arrival at Hamilton. Apathy of the People Aloag the Route. Baying tbe Corner Stone of the Brock Monument. Admirable Addresser the Prineete the Soldiers ef the War ef 1812. THE VETERANS OBJECT TO THE PRINCE'S COSTUME, Ac. # Ac.. Ac. Hr>uios, 6. W., Sept. It, ISM. After bis two or three days' rest, tbe Prinoe of Wales Seemed j> One spirits this moraine, and made an early Start for Hamilton, by way of Qoeenston and Niiftra There ww no general turnout to see the Prinoe leave Ube Clifton House, sad but little cheering, and the Prince ef Wales, riding in an er ill nary and somewhat shabby back, teem?J anything but kingly. At Qne;nst3U tbe farmers gathered by hundreds, and the fencer were fringed for miles with thsir horses and vmgOM. The Prinoe was not very enthusiastically re newed, so.' all during tbe day, In spite of the efforts of the authorities, very little oheerlng could be indaoed. So remarkable bas tbis been Is Upper Canada, that tbe mem bers of h.s suits, and the Prince himself, have remark ?d it. A floe torrout of volunteer* awaited the Prince, end Mocricd bun up tbe heights to tbe very bmndaome monu ment. one bundred and ninety feel is height, erected by ?abecriptton, and flnithed in 1M7, from designsof Thomas Toronto, tbe architect. Heie the Prince received an ad dress rom the Veterans of ISIS, a line looking body of etd men, and read a eniUble reply. Tbe Prince and aulte were in ordinary drear, and tbta greatly offended the old bercve. and, Indeed, tbe whole people. Some ot the vote nana aned tears, and bitterly complained that the Prince Hboaid dress in uniform to attend belli and other placet, wad yet remove their add rem In auch an unceremonious Style. Tbo Veteran's addreaa coo Ulna no reference to the war or to tbe United States, bv.t is aimply a welcome to tbe Prince, and an expression of their thank - lolneaa at being able to behold the son of their beloved Queen. The Prince's reply was admirably read, and was an follows ? CsmJ9! >?I acwpt, with mixed feel ire* of pride and yarn, the addrean which yon have presented on this spot, pride o the gallant deeds of my countrymen, bnt palu nt the -election that so many of tbe noble band to which you belong bare passed away from the scenes of their bravery, of tbelr youth, and of the peaceful it orations of their rl;**r yearn. I have willing ly corrected to lay the cap atono of your monument, ?very nil on cay, without oiloooe to lla neigh bors. commemorate its hcrcet* am?, their deed of arms Uteir oohie deaths. This is no taunting boast of vo'tory, nn renewal of ioog pa.?i animosities, but a noble tribute no a Midler's fame?tbe irore bm o-abla becaiee we rea dily a-^sowledge tbe bravery and chivalry of that peo ple by where hands ha fell. I truat that Canada will ne ver wai t such volrtitoers as those who fought ta the . lac* war, nor her volunteer* he w.lhoat tuck lea dare, but no leas and moat fervently I pray that your acne and J poor grandioaa may never be called upou to add other laurels to thoee yon ba.e to gallantly won. Accapt from sac, n .ha Q*jeea's name, my thanks for your cxpree ?k>bi ?f devoted loyalty. Tbe i roaemloB then pr-weded to tbe Held beneath the tsaigt'A, wber* a sira'l obelisk Is ere tad upon tbe ipot wham Frock Ml. Toe Prinoe smoothed the mortar with S utr?r trowel, tapped the cap itcnc, and the ceremony waa tnAh* d. A great r .ah waa then made for the wharf, where the Prmce embarked la a stesmer and a*.led up the river to Odtown. N agara. In the vicinity of ijueenat iwn, la wall populated with nog roes, crowd* of whom were present at Ihc oalebratloo. Tbe people mid that a white man was admcat as good as a negro, except before a Jusuoe of the FUava, where be stood no ebaoc** The Prinoe looked fwrpr-j*d to see so maoy doubie colored couples and maad ctuldisn. At Star arm the Pr*aee waa well received. Aa lnacrip tioo oo an arch commemorated A eg'At 22,1T92, when the Put ol Kent landed at Niagara, than tbe capital of llppr Canada. Prom tbe kUtea tbe Prince received many bo .quels sad jars of preMrved peach-s, for his mother, the tfuoen. At Fort nalbo wio an arch of floor barrel! waa erected All a nag tbe route, w* re, of course, numberless ad dresser. and tbe canal formal replies. Toroatc teems to bare emigrated to Flamiltne, which to a 1 rely. Irregular built c.ty. of JO.oOO inhabitants. To roe to back men, servant a, people, transparencies and desortt am crowd tbe city. Tbe ace reached here about foor e'elech thM after ?mb. and was received ipleadtdly by n preesisMa, which Meorted fe'm through tbe prtnctpal i reets, which wore Mir y jtan-i w.lh people. At Fountain eouare, to King Street, TO.000 people were gathered, sad tour thousand Vicres tang *<H)d Rave tba Q>iten " lb aigM tbe Pr nca attended the PUllbarmooic eeaeert, Slewing tn reu/? tba flee itlumlnalloas. Artworks aad torch ghl pmcea-km. The Pr.n> e, the I?uk<* of Newcastle aad tbe Qu vara or Igain ri ? "cj'y tba rraid* ate of Mr. fassa, wbe to absent Ita I . \* i >ue* command* a in* vlnw of tba city, ' , , - .i onsly fu-uiabe l ?ud aerrooaded by ad d fard?ae and orchards. Tbe rest if the suite stay let nasi her privets residence lt d the Puvyal Hotel. 1 fa morrow tba Industrial Kxhib.l. o will ba opened by ke Pr r.o* Tbe city w overcrowded with strangers ami ae ruM at II cost mora. Titers has beea acihiag llhe It ace ba left IT utraal. JtoodM r* a* red a romplimsatary allograph lattar am ?'** aer-.l irwr*, rack* ug thr<~ hundred aohara, aa a *ee af ti e Prli set p vtaov* at bA performances. Tb A i rawer % formality t .as an eT|jance of the Prlscr'a a* tea*, meets which ur ga ? e lb* tbar day. gp sah*. ctRivirnnt it "tu wwroto?-tbi psfv ITT racxixM TO aTrreti THS tALL AT TITS afeswwv ? aaxisrr or r?K BU.L0 AVD MAI* ro M m _ . W??m*nron, Kept 1?, 1*?? pv# cms itte 'r?m New To* to invite lb- Preetdeut |to a*--td tbe -and ball te be * vea to the Priaee of [w? . .. i r v thlatoSWing Tbe l'realdeat ex |Hsm bA Irateful ?Btttostica fur thA dAtiagalehe.1 tta-r |p r r<*rard. and b'? detp r'gret that It would La wpoa* hieP*? him. wl ta proper-efereaca to bAr'h ltr- * % Aii New Voeb ea the vary laterstomgoc ?lea. The ocmm.ttee then called personally apon the Sacra hree. aa nteoded the taeltoM-n to them and tba r Ctvaa e^-era' of tba Cabinet wui undoubtedly ba prr bat CO the occaa oa-a'. lasAMAfc A tba AI eat lea new ?The rv.n-e af tTalae beedMI the akeorbtog here. Itb* iam of bA arr.val appreecbaa. T? li men* r-editn >1# to tba dr 'vrwi for' ra Vagatiena, that tb* MtaAters asd ib?.r r? "rtlva nite* w ii ail maae a to b* at beeet- ? g<<e.-m>meet on >r b*' w* tl.e " t of <N:tot <*r, ^.^yiieu:,- ice err'vai of l^rd Ranf.-rw A' .a ?W"'l aa ifcey a-e to the aimpl v'ty of o .r democratic evrt,th*v <ea e? to m?r fvi. by ti>*.r prieaooa, ?be>r ?ape* t fee tba ;?aa of rngtand an' bar belr T r r ? and ???emh'leo are rather d-ileet-ful to m , ? Of T* ?ablogtna Tbo ball tn lord Kapler was a hsid-d Mm; but it a pammmi mat ma baits mo |*r , r W ? .1 oe ?n e.. ? b *ud r, ,r i- -I <4 1 w ?b to be there Um iams mmm* m nw tork ? (tout saih at nn acaraav or acsig RnrrnriATrn tossntrrrmv or a m rrww m?mm ror. mv n, ?<in* mriKiiu fob waaniNO gv>\ o?- -.n* iv.swrrnarm nmrt t?? rsranwer a bp i.< rati nr. wc.. nr. Tbe f?uow eg rub coaasAMHi ts tabs ebarge af Ma att'Vonder wb -b they are reepeetive'y deeigeated fre bwc appointed by tbe oowmiuee af the b?U m b*. Lf Baree Tac'rew ? ? r.r. ? - * rr *r k, b W r. to"*!* S. .AT or ?*-*? tob'radt. J*ir * <fit>g i -ea Ke r, ?? am! l?" awa . 'H W *" - ' ' ^ L Hatatotiyn, v h itetd - r~ m ami M w -^ba? ?* i r r Ajb^Yar .iocpei, K'btrl L, Mar*lal) Iytfrm, 11 B : eld, June* Fee, Pastel Kinftiand. u* Polkx ami CkrrM4r:?J*ub r?r:wj. Anthony u Robertson, Beujantln 1'. kanitrrs, Will:*? V. wady, M" ward Prime, Jam?-s Htrper Omltcktuand f\naruy-Royal Phelps, Matthew . -t gai., Thomas Ttlaaloo, I>ory Grlnne!!, o V Fie it, A T. Stewart, M. B Fieid On DccortUiont.?Robert J. Dl.ian. George toleorn, J*? Buchanan Henry, John Jay, Robt. L. Stuart, C. D it ]? muk M B. F ifild. On Bee-wrton. ?Ramiltee r^b. TMur!<-? King. T.vtber Brad lib, Johu J. Cisco, R-bert B. MUilurn, Peril, C. O. HhlMsd. Ibe following gautlemen bav? beep appointed the Com mittee on Sapper aad Floor?Junes Dopoygter Of leu, John Romayn Brodhead, Arthur I nary. James W. Bak man, John Jacob Astor, Jr., William Allen Batler, W.I liam B. Duncan, Will .am C. Scheimcrhorn, John Van Warm. As the eommlttaa, bow erer, may prove insufficient tor the ei tgenctea of the occa .oa, they have boon empowered to add to their nam bo r, and several names will accord ingly bo added to the above llat. It haa not, as yet, bean decided to whom the contract for the supper will be given. It Is contemplated at prcaent (and the prefect will he acted upon aa soon as lis entire feasibility id demon strated) to eroot a Supper room for the occasion upon the vacant lot at the rear of the Academy, between that building and the lied leal College. A pace is here aftord ed of 126 feet In length by 15 or 30 leet In width. A roof would be thrown acroes at n distance of some forty feet from the ground, and the whole oonvertod into an elegant tented apartment. In the matter of music it id proposed to have the Opera orchestra for promenade purposes, and the band of tbe Seventh regiment far dancing. This would bo n very judioioua arrangement, the bands mentioned being appro priatciy^tulted to the purposes tor which they are re spectively designated. Tbe decc rations will be effective aad elegant, and In unison with tho character of the house. A brilliant gas effect will be particularly aimed at. Tho ooncmittee appointed to invite the President of tbe Called Stater, and his Cabinet?and which consists of tbe following gentlemen: Royal Phelps, Augustus Babel), John J. Phelps. Ilenben Withers, ftuanel B. Haggles, and Isaac Bell, Jr left for Washington yesterday morning tor tho performance of that daty. The Invitation Committee are greatly embarrassed on account of the small number of tickets at their disposal? the diplomatic corps alone absorbing about Ofty, count ing only the beadi of legations, with the ladies of their families, and the secretaries of legations. Tbe Prince's Immediate suite is not expected to be large. As ths com mittee have but two hundred tickets to dispose of, they will be compelled to oonflno themseh on very strictly within the highest official limits. The pressure tor vacancies upon the committee and tor tickets is overwhelming, and It Is much to bo regretted, from the limited capacity of the house, that many legiti mate rlatma will have to be of necessity disregarded. Tbe officers of tbe committee have no more power as to the dispo al of tho kckeia than any Individual member. Indeed, the only way to obtain them Is from some mem ber who does not require his full oomplomeat tor himself. The Mayor of the city has] already been Invited by n unanimous resolution of tho whole committee, nrd wo un derstand that It bos been decided to tandsr invitations to tho various other heads of departments in tbe city. Tbe Invitation cards and tickets will be gotten up in stylo of tbe utmost stmpiloity. without nay sort of orna mental design, in accordance with the taste and fashion w hich prevail in ths highest social circles of Europe. CANADIAN FESTIVAL TICKETS. Aa the Prince of Wales' tilting and bedrooms have been visited bp our reporters and described eysn t> minuteness aa the taoraw and carriages ham had a an pervAion from tbe aoir.o ee ergot 1c corpa and been duly reported; aa the ball rooms, mosical testivala and Urn works have been accurately chronicled; aa everything h.i Koyal n j aaai baa publicly done and aald baa been recorded;and aa, la (hot, emrything that il lustrious personage baa been brought before the notice of our readers lor their enlightenment end entertainment, we know no reeeoa why e-l'-ecrtption of the feetlrnl tickets thould cot alto be acceptable. QCCTtC. At Oceter. u tbe arch'.s there were all irreen, the c:mr. ittee doubtless thought tb# tickets ehould bo in gold, for they were all printed in that brfflhnt coi-w. Green and go.d la c-rtalnly a beautiful combination, piwrUlng there be not too much nf the former n m to overbalance and esttcguisb tho latter. Tbe wording of the t'jebee gold printed iurttation t..kct su to the effect that "The pleaeore of Jat Gordon Bennett, Bur.'s. com puny to the Citiama' Ball, glren In honor of bin Royal ITghrear the Prlneo of Walee, wag aoll cited," ending with a r< ,orrt that, tf the tnrltatloo waa aooeptcd, be would lufwta Mr. Trumbull of the faot. When that gentleman had been duly applied thereof, lie at oboe presented the Invited guest with n second ticket, Bra luehee by three and a half, alao printed la g"ld, to be i given up at '-be entrance door of the ball room. Oo outer tag tbe terpoichoreaa ball, a gild printed en cage men t card wan handed to the vlr'.tor, on which piece of pasteboard were '.late of the dancer, tones, stews'da. hand-, .te. these wire all the jnportanl feat val tickets la thia eity. KOSTtUli la tha city everything app*rU"i,rf MX*r,f stales bad a doenmral or ticket oor.aerted with It,and printed la ti e handsomest style. The Ural official tallma lioa tbe ibs ited gueat received wee a very bandeonae quarto post-aired circular, In a vary large rnvatope, so ctmpanled with a ticket, eeven iBchee by live, printed In ail the colore ?f theralanow, aa weU ae gold, silver and copper broom. Aa a piece of art thia card la certainly very handsome, being lugh'y i'lumlnated. Tbe following is the wordiag apou the ttcket ? """" eveeO * Of honor of tbi i rRivrr. or walw. , * I Prince of . .r.ams nr,|? *? ?a. * I. ? Tbe Mayor and Ctltnoa of M ? Renoent the booor of ? * JAR. COltllON BRVVHT. ^on.t, * Preeeare at the fsntlvHtrs to be tela daring the * * v tail of , _ J * HI? ROTAf. HI'.HNM TBI' PRTJfCK OT WALP? ? tui n Cum*, Secretary. < * An an war ia requested ~~"e- eeeeeee?eeeeee'?eO The "! ' Of the ttrst word of the top hoe wan In the media ml ??)?*, printed In gold. The top nnrt of tM "P" and " W'? wna alao gild; the tower part, and the remainder of the line, wan In in ultramarine crier, very flue, and the flourishing Mwnd the being in Una waving linen of gold. Tbe "Veleb name" waeiaiffver.and the remainder of the card In gold and other broozaa and colore. Tbe eiremJn wan printed in bl e, with the arma ? tbe e tv of Mooters) et ?be top in gold, and th m worded > y-n j bare I he brnor. by tbe direct ten of * ?Ittee of the City Oo ecll. oo tbe celebration is honor iof r; ~ h nor to e, i.r, your - ^ g;T.\ClfMt Y*T., City Clerk. Cm Hat-t, Wownnat./ugnetld. 1M?. Bin Ud pitti arrii td ? Un tity, oa appliesitoo to Uw Mnvw'toniee. he r.-ceivod a '*< d pr nted card rw quett og the l it r of 1i? presence at H* Boo.scoor'e rarllton, at the Mo'llnf of the : rinre of Wakg at Men. trenlft>r the rwP""* tok'lUng M tim "reception of H'.e Royal HlghMM-" Thin card admitted IV henret to tbe wharf oo whieh tbe Prtnoe won to lend, aid was caly given to the moot eele-t guetta Tbe next tmpartanl tdket wis that of the bell"onto, which was ul?>-geld, pr.nted ?m a very bandonme stvlo. the rrltee of Walr feolhrm being eery promts rut. and the principal ntitrat: o tbareoa being that II wan a?C ti mes' boil, in beoeeof H. R. H the Prsneo nf Wnl w.nt Mor'Teal." ho. Tha fportorn bad a special tlekst, wuich pare them the privilege of entering and leaving the room as often on they rhene to do so il alao gave them tbe far ther pe'vPefe of the use ef e room specially sot apart for tbe preen. Tbe program tie" had the lances and the engagement Side printed in bine, the nam w of tbe stew nrdt a.d lit title rM* it"* '?* W**1 UW * 11 ?old. The ticket* for tbe inae?"*MI?? of the Ytetaf.n Bridge wer. ef two kinds, msh t ? aches by four, those printed is go!., giving an mtixt to tha nailery inn. while tham n blue admitted the huldM to . "land tn the shot n.ont The toUotnag le the style of the gnltsey ttckeS - j T-rivnia sainos, norrnsai. I IVltSlto 1 ! Inaugjattan by M. R. ? THR RRI>CE OF } \ A. ..rat M. W'fl. linllery llekel 5 J he. at mm T saw VOJL RWA^ J, This tiehet gam the prlvllego of the party thereon aamod riding in a spea>ei train of caen to tbn bridge, an we aa t?e meet svs isbie pcn tlo# to bear se-l eee every thing. The t.rk?m Ut tbe fbiiew rg tbe 'es. gurn tlm wtr<s the w-we si-* mJ , ;ia;e<l 13 fold, w it ?cocr j thing of the sure kind c' w rixj. The tickets to ths id u> seiner arii mus cat ferttvs) were very neat. The former war# vi.aH u i?u? otored IBM, and iM Miliar ib bo.e. <K c* se 100 "Wel-h Plume " ?aa on both. mi' the tija war aboet '.tree nct-s by two. OTTAW As AC this city 1 at .ai.'Atioc 1 cfcet sioed by ire fly ao tlwrit.tB ?u printed < a ? p'sit card. the principal line l- jag iu go'J, tho ream.Oder black, and waa w follows.? ?*"" "7rLn?jof w auaaaCT^fwsT""'"? } f Plums. 1 1 X TKT CORPORATION OF OTTAWA i i Request Mr. Bennett tosacept ibe hospitalHy oftbelr i Jelly during the celebration la honor of the visit of hA 5 i Royal Highness, the Iriuoo of Wales. ; J ALEXANDER WORKMAN'. Mayor, J Oa the back of th* ticket waa ibe coat of arms of the city of Ottawa, with tbe motto, "Adratoe." The tickets for the admission to the platforms around the atone that waa laid by the Prince at the government building were ?ery plain, and the dtjeuner ticket waa after the aaaaa plan as the cae used at the inauguration of ths Victoria Bridge, both being the product.on of the legislature of Cucada. WXflVRK CANADIAN CiTIkS. At Kingston the tickets were plain and neat, but the unfortunate and ill advised conduct of the Orangemen presented them being used, nnd very lew wers even Is sued. Tbe Toronto ball ticket waa abont the same aiae aa the others, vi?: Biz Inches by four, and wna printed In gold. That of ths city of leaden, Canada West, waa also neat ly printed In the aaune style, hut waa lomswbat smaller. Tha follow lug A a copy of the Hamilton ball ticket, which we base just received. It A printed in gold:?. <v [ri valz. ""***"* i Tbe pleasure of the company of .Taa. Gordon Bennett, J i Kaq., A requested at a bail te be given in the City of > > Hamilton on Wednesday, the lath dept., 1800, i J rs hosor or J X H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. * X C. J. BRYDGEj, Chairman. 1 * E. L. Rnroii, Secretary. X J [ asai. ] X Ibe other festlrlty tickets are rery neet and pretty. With regard to ths ballroom ticket for New Tork, the committee bare not yet decided upon the exact style or wording. They, however, assert that it will be entirely different In ooe respect frvm tbe Canadian tickets, and that A it shall have no gewgaws about It, but be aa plain as possible, and yet so neat as ahonld net disgrace even Buckingham Palace if It bad to be lamed therefrom. THE CANADIAN AND AMERICAN PRESS. TO TliX EDITOR OF THB HKRALD. Hositiul, Sept. 10,1M0. You Kill reseiva enclosed an extract from the Quebec Chronicle, (bowing the jealousy with which moat of oar prev bare viewed the luooets of the Hbhald In giving correct and enrly Information respecting the movements and acta of the Macs. It la a lamentable fact that bat tor the New York pepera wa ahonld have knowa little thereof. The edltora of our journals moat have had pri vate ooenpattoaa, for they were nevor more deficient of Information than on the late oelebratioo. The New York dally journals are eagerly sought on the arrival of each mall, and a copy of the Hsrald for a week after the ball was a prise. The wander with all war tbe rapidity with which the intelligence waa got here, telegraphed to New York, printed and reaold here. 1 will mention one caae:?< in Tuesday week our paper* mentioned the doubt a* te what American port hla Royal nighnrea would tail front The name evening caaae the New Yoaa Bmuu> with the entire programme of hlepro poeed Journey from New York to Boetcn and Port land, where the fleet waa to rendezvous. Th e would not be credited In an American city with 1 So,000 population, having six dally pepera aad an advertising patronage that many ot your neighbors might be proud of. Our touroale are all radpaotaM*?edited by able men, competent to writa leaders and do potltioa?bnt they d* not profess to give local news. If a flee occur in Toronto, Hamilton, or other Western city, our Ural knowledge of It le from a Now York paper. Tbe news per steamer Arabia, In tbe of August 21. was not published in our city papers till tbe 23d?the first Intimation of ber news being the arrival of tba Kiw Ycsk Hint id on the 2*1. On a pretloccasion, one of onr own Oaaedtsn steam ers arrived at farther Point co Saturday evening; ber news waa telegraphed to New York, published In your ioeroal of Monday, which we received an Nooday night, before the publication of raid newt here. It did net ap pear tt the Montreal Omzii'r, or Il'raUl till the aaxt morn ing. Whenever our eteamers arrive on Sundays their new* la Ulegrapbid to New York, and returned here in pr.nt Monday nights. If a vearner arrive In Quebec on Sunday, ber n-wa ta always publiahad la Montreal paper* of tbe Tueeday following. Admitting the thanks or the commnntty aa due to tbe N? w York daily prcrs for mocb of the wire tea of tbe lets celebration, 1 am, Ac , A MONTRIALER. P08TON AND THE HMNCE OP WALES, [from the Boston Courier, dept. Id. I Tbe British Consul st thts port has Informed bis Boner Major Lincoln, that Widneaday, the 17th of October, la the' day aaelgned for the Prince of Wales to visit Boston. Os l is arrival at the State line he will be met by one or mure of tbe sure of his Excellency Gov Bunks, who has <??pssaasd a door* e< eo Operating with the city govern n.rt i in It e reespttsa, and the party w ill reaah the Long wrod atatlcn. on the Mnldsm, in the aft' -noon Mayor rotn and the members ?f the Commltlce or Arrsuga n.t nta, Cbuaistlng of Allcrmen Aroory, Brlggaand [ axon, ard O nrrllmen pradlea . President), Sanger. Bradley, Al I tun, Riley aad Hensbaw, will meet tbe party hers, and under escort of tbe First battalion of I.lght Dragoons, Major W. T. White, tt-ey will beesoortad to their <quarters In ihis elty. There will bo ae publlo drmonstrat on dor lrg tbe evening "n Thnrsday morning the Flrat dlvi ?to a of voles tee- militia will pa-ata by order of thailo vernor. Major General Andrews commaadlag. Tha Go vernor's staff will bo made up of ail the general ofhaars of the mi'ltis throughout tbe Stat* and Uielr stalls, flla Honir Major Lincoln wA wait upoa the Prince, and cur duct him to tbe Stat* House, and present him formally to tha Governor, who will leader him a re view on the Common. Ttere will bo tweaty flv* Bill bends, and the eumber or troops will be about throe tboueand (a tbe aflernor.c, at three o'clock, the Mayor and cuaamltle* will aoeornpaay lbs Prince sod ran* to tbe M -bic Bail, which will be appcopr.ately da.orated. Tbe re will be a vocal exhibition by twelve band red school eh Wren. In the evening a grand ball will ootne offal the Beaten Theatre. Tba price of tlskels will be died el $10 I ad lee fortonale taougb to ha aetrctad by hla Rnyal Btghnaaa lor ontUUona. ate., are eautkmed ?galnrt tpeak.rg except in reply to tbafr royal partner, and then only in mosvyllabtea. Ua Friday morning tha Prtaoe will vis.t Harvard College, by tpectal Invitation of President Feltou Ha Will be tha gneatof tha Pro* t dent during htn slay there. Ia tha aftermoo* ha will visit some place or places of taleroat la tha Tlctnlty at Bestan. A greed banquet will he givvn at the Revet* ~ Friday evening by the City CowmU. Tbe Cm?ft* nays will be a* speeohrs. Tbe Mayor aaay propose health of ' Tbe Queen. ' aad tbe Prior* may peaaibly re spond by proposing lb* health of "the rroa?de*i." but beyond lb* there will be "no long ovations. ' Tbe Go vernor, Il< n Edward Everett aad Boa. Robert C Win throp will be amcsg the gwata. Oe Hatarday tba Prlnoa ill leav* for Portias will leav* for Port lead, probably under enrart to tba ate lion, and from that port ha will go aboard his ahtp, and the fleet will sail for nglatid. Rraeblya CHy Tvwt. ivnwvrr Pnaa.? Punuaal to call, the Beard of U>tn miealoners of Pi us pact Pa k onaveoed at the once of tbe Atlantic loch Company cm foetarday at throe o'clock P. M. The minutes of the last meeting war* road sad approved. Mr. fopragoe offered the foUowmg rosolntioa ? Revolved. That It la expedient to rib ploy a suitable en giorrr to make e topogropl leal survey of tbe aadn set apart for the Prospect Par k, for the City of Brooklyn, aad to make a drllaeatrd map of tbe ram*. Tbe rrsohtkw wee adopted by a vote of nix to one, Mr Rodman in lb* negative. Mr. Bayrro offered the fol lowing, which wis adapted, vlx ? Kvrofved, Thai a committee of throe be appointed to name a proper p. rnoo aa a terr-poraey etglneer to make a survey and tnap of Prospect Park; where open Nfvero fop-ague. Havsee, and Tbompw-u were named as so b neamittee. aad Mr. S-ranahan, 1'rcsldSBt, was audau thereto Mr TT ,mp*on prevented the following, wh'cb waa adopted, Plr ? RieolTcd. 1l*t a r, mm M'-e n' tnr-e be spun -itcd |. oecsider the pr-nrlety of appointing a counsel tottia Ikmrd, aad that the salt c mm It tee report tbc'r cone! J (too at the earliest oprcrt <ntty The follow log revolution. presented by Mr. Rc'msr, wa* Mt by a raw of * b> 1, Mr. Rodman voting la the ni.irsnat vi, via ? Revived, That II is laevpedlent In tbe prevent sftua ?lo* ef ik- oor'nuaroy about tbe oonvtitctlonal Iv of tba taw'-raatiag urn* ram* '*i*n. aad a view of it* hcjnfti Me provlsfcts, to pvc??d tt prevent In tbe 'vvmtnatlno there" or ro?'rant any ebligatloa* for which tbe city may be rhvrged ?fte folicwl^/, of.c-ed by Mr Hayrve, waa adopted Reeefvcd, TW the owners of the property situated ~ smeelaSsfy a< " wMb.a toe limns o/ tba Pnrk be Immediately notified l,y tbe bet re ivy that the raid property by tew, h?v bee0 (?rsignaiad ? i pchllr place, and sat cpart for pub!*! ear BBS tbss tb*r be roqumted no* to disturb Urn grade of mM g: on ads, no- to trmt sew butjdieg* m other (true teres there" . td raneetelly tot Id eat, mutual* of in say trap ulare Ihs rr.'tri or ?had* tree* witfai* the I-m it* of tbe Park, aor si fter It to bs dona by other* Tkf %-aid si Wotted to meet at if* patiJeaee of Mr. fotrnsabaa. th* president, oa Fr day stent#!, tha 2lst last., at eight? ftecfc P. M Tn* Ararat. Cams er tub Rn n.rv Va<wt Oca rameiffon Monday, but owing to tha Ihrvataaad rata bat eight boats started en th* trip. After a cralna ef several hoar* ia the upper aad lower bay* th* yacht* a> 'ivvd at r.ravrwd in th* following order ?Bnl Based, ley Laura, Zings, Blra B.liver, My?tk), Early Bird, Vi) ham R Miner and Restless Here fbe itinerant crews esjoynd tbronselvet over a etem babe and after amsisfng th*meslv*? m Shoes for s eo ipte <d hours, the Oeewo dot* (Height) gave orders for lh? returr of Uie aquadroa In Break ten Th* crate* was a ' srv pfvdut or*, aad will !*ag b* rvumkvi l by al who took i*rt la ft Ierror \ Cowsry. t v ? ^.ight foosts a lew 'ends la Connecticut '.alley oro .rrofo le--t week Tfo? -esfi* b**a so tet* that th* very erg* cor v b*ro>y re?dy 'f e?e o*e -?s Y W el? THE CAPTURE OP WALK BE. InUNtUai OtUili or lk? Cwptwro of W?ik?r-4M Sent front Uaatruki*, dbe., Ac., Ac, The Ueameh.p Empire City, CapUm Easier. front Now Or lean* ana Havana, arr ved at th a port on Monday night. 9m t'r.ngs oo news of any mportance. Other portioned' ^imniarila con; oue to arrive in fan Domingo, wkern they bad eotabliahed a cewrt*per Owr Havsaa Correspondence. H^vavi, .Sept X3 lbttO. The Cap'.urt <J Waller?The Spaniard* in San Domingo, 4c, dc. Ify tba TVanctaxi da Asi*. Bpon-ah war steamer, arrtved on ike 11th from TVuxtliO, Bonduraa, we have the. news of the capture of General Waiter and the remnant of bis ccnimand, aaid to be seventy in number, lan moat de plorab<* condition. The men are to be permitted to re turn to the Halted States, and Walker, with bla companion Ratter, are to bo shot. The Icarus, Br.tSth war steamer, carried detaehment* o! the troops of General Alvarez and assisted la the capture ca Negro river, without any tight fBg of ooicsiueace. I think not a gun tired according to reports of the offcers on b ard of iho A*.a. "* The preea here are elated the tiaale of the Walker expedition, while they rejoice over their careful and polite investiture of the Dominican republic. On the 18th the Pajaru del <Jceano will take down another cargo of mili tary supplies and a few more officers to meet the addi tional emigration from Spain, and other parties of Spanish ?ubjeets or Spanish scions. They have established a pa per, the second number of which I send you, as I receiv

ed It, of which I can make out very little, except that It is editorially managed by a captain of the * pan lab army. Tho Umpire City baa just arrived, and leavea immediately for New York. Tho Star arrived at six this morning. Our Trwxlllo CfrrNpondwra Tr.rxttio, Honduras, Sept. T, 1880. Capture of Walker by the Britith, and Ilit Surrender U> the ' Hcnduran .4 ulhori'iet?Sympathy, 4c. My la? t would have shown you that the end of Walker lam In Central America was drawing to a close, ss far as be was personally concerned. After being ordered off by i the commander of the British gunboat Icarus, bo was pursued to his retreat on Negro river by the royal steam er, carrying detachments of th# troops of Alvarez and towing n small schooner, having also troop- on board Walker and Butter, with seventy men, worn out and ex hausted with wounda and sickness, were brought here this morning by the Icarus and delivered at the castle, with the understanding hat with tho commander of the loarus that tho seventy men should be allowed to rotura to the United States slier taking an oath to return no more to Central America with arms in their bands, and on oondt tion that tho oonsular agent of the United States should provide transportation for them, and Walker and bis se cond In command to be dealt with as the authorities might deem proper. Their fate, I hive no doubt, is d-'termined In advance; Indeed, It Is currently spoken of ss a axed fast, although the shooting Is yet to be done. Such Is the fkte of the last of the filibuster*, so far ss we are con cerned, and Walker, who has been a terror to the wicked government of Honduras, will be shot, if not to morrow morning, in a very few hours, hiving with htm tho secret sympathy of the people of this country, who are over ridden by a brutal tyranny under the name of liberty. ,XK??PER ACCODSTS. (Trana.atcd front the Dlario d? la ItarUia, Sept. 12. for _ _ U? N?w Vokk Hduld J t^*ac'K^> <f* Aala, which arrived thto . ' '"?f"'? Tfu,lllo> w# have received Important let a Which the famoua filibuster chief bai faB5UJrif^"nW,tb* P?WfT of lhe ^b.^ AmcrwW. SflTiirit0?"1?!!? WM. U?rtber with Ratter, hie next , 0#*?J?il1 in the cattle uf thai port, about to be ahot. i 0! * glnnce at tlie pr.-greaa of even la in the or, Viii?? newe *lwwdy- pi.biuSed, aocurdtng to which nnmtrTwd^r *nd <J*t^??ed part ice rftroope, aa E^.u' Boadlrlu ^wal, Alvarez, had started The evacuation of Trnxillo being intimated to Walker ?fr 'nrtw corvette I.-arua, I_ . reaeoa that the Ctiatom Hours of that port waa Wtikrr'tof t U?* th" "?J'meul <* ?>? debt to Kngland, mm JH*' *? Z " of liuoo, d.slant ?o?* ten league* front TrnxiUo, the city immc 3tbl^t*!*!.tat? "? P0*****'"0 <* "?? government, earning *od a mall toamcr both oarrytng native troofi* sudor the oommand of tieoeral UrbW tvr ?"? Hi0 Wro. %> wfiTS ? ?**? 'ooroa proceed, d, and there cantnred Walker, Ruttcr and sevaty other indirl. oale, many of Ill0?*e^tkrlT'7 "i?t^ZSJZ T'?"K with their arm* " f. ^ tocrt placed bv ihe oomniHiidcr of the IhlTw- Ik ''"P0"*1 o!' ???r. 1 A): rez, on cot dition !?J7 T. rP 10 l" lr*",nd co?'"ratably lo mw and ri/rbt. idO th t \tir> mt\tniv other persons I nitSf ?utIedm,rtlir'1.L" lo return to the inlted . Utee. on their eg an oath to aerve ncatn in any expedition ayainat C-rlral Av er.*, -he Anglo American temmerci.T /.Kent undertaking to nrc vid" a paaaa. e ho*c for Hum. * p r.eaer.1 Alvarez immediately took charge cf the prison f"; wb? ?'n In th? caetie. end It wae ^neral'y t, **" I wt? eh let t ?? 'ild be it. mediately ahot -j1 ^PTAtlona were made in Umoa to-1 ho iotas.*, and 7*^?** *T*m* ?*sia?Oet.<.a in add he, aa honorable to An tral American spirit. that Cotonsi (\ro, .lovrcor of Tza SLJuSEH"* *Zl ,k ',:ml ^,x,y 1 rn ?- r '??r I , Ul* ;ntention >?: unit-.: n.ihibe U>'rt U"7 cmbarkod ,a a ?ehooner porcbaaert by the r roverrm-nt, and pr-v -eded the ^nn' i^Tu i?.""!"' to Omoa ei out on the mb of Aog lat. A.tfcouyh U. a bai ppy eter.l pro nlTujy..-r*,?lt'.7*t. Aeel Which the antborltkeof ,K*iBr ,b' ?-od h.i'.T-U.K!*oI? 7*,m*r ! 'AncdKO de Asia, whnh left wh^: ?^.^MrJ.*7i,?,rrJ 00 ,ho ?lt ?f Ouoa. 'roan fcrwTr"*l ?<? tb<- ?*?" 'ay, arris nt on 'be t' I^T-?!lnL ** W" r*oc!ToJ * ,l1 tu g'tavert dc iifht, act oaly by ecr countrymen ret.d ac there but by the Inhabitant* and aether tiee of Centra.' Amer.ut. Pollen lnulltgemce. A HamtiotiBonnFiamna?Aery-ant I.nrd, of the Sanatory eqna<l, having reported the ateam boiler now in ore in the piaater m.lla of Beiknap k ^ona, at No. IS Jaa*. aon a tree*, t> he leaky and h.ghly dancermie to the live* ?f the people reeidleg In that neighborhood, Jnatloe Itoeanen lam ed a warrant yesterday for the arreet of the perrprlrtora Meaera. fieiaap It Snea anon afterward ap *Dd |wo*l?l?r to a'tale the nal aance they were releeeed from ciatodr. all use of the daegerona boiler baa been ddoontianed, aod the ownsra ,r* *?w eegaged la getting in a aew aad more .beiantiai Wit, Carrt an or Atxr...?n Si oi i rvene ?Bl?a Reynold*, aliaa Uorrta, and Mary Watson were taken late ctwtndy on Monday eveninr by pol emao Weed, of the T.t.tb pre ? met, on charge of atealmg a piece of ttlk, valued at fhmlhllMrr of Tbornai Holtn<e A f<> No .107 iiracd "f*1 ,Tb* Prttowere. H appeared, bad jnat lea Mr. 1" wtrt wt.rt?f ilot|i nod Mrtti c>> aether, wbee the offirw ?*pte,i eportion ot tbe stolen silk bangtog uDderoeatn Mtae RrynoWn toirt Rnepertlag that the fair w-rs vhophft-re. be Immediately ?r 7"?^ them, flnbeaqnent taqnirlea proved that tbe allk bad hsea stolen from Holmes and Co "a ttore, and the pvt. ronere. an hetng brought befors Jnstles Brsnnan, w-rs committed fur trial la hshwlt of ball. s Tee T-sra Vwootjvo Airaar o.\ 8mr-aoua? ? Ths svami Ration In lbs oast of adolph ? nfwsreen, raptalo of the Ewsdnh bark Maria Matllds. who waa a-rested on Moo day tight Ibr abootieg a tailor boarding hors* mnner, named Cbarlse Ironaru rams oo yeetsrlay b>fbre .Tua ties Wslah. at the lower ^ I toe fVerrt. Tl.s evldrnos ell riled went te show that Inonard bad best, warnsd lo If'TL? '"'J*. **^- Mlltog ro to to, was sbol at hy ths prtsrwsr. The nail entered tbs rttnner'a thlcb near the bp bene, tefcf tor a -'srvero.ta and perflate fatal At use cone ums wf ths testimony tbe ma t etrate serMed to hold Utt- a>?.i??a V. be.t in tbe aum of fit.CO*, to tsrait ths reeni, of lb- sti M^mi..', Inln rlss. Mr .lamee Nrima 'r.hrson. o? Vo f,s Teeth str-et entered tnln tbe rsr)aired notnte. and tbe defendant wee Iberoupcu diaoharg-d from . aatedy TlttvT "ovwrwr rv j (iotonm flor ?On Sunday laat Mr. fawii, Co'di km.lit, dolag buamses at No. 396 Canal ?treat, m seed a totality of bet... bl la ? d coin, to t ie smo'.tt ef sr?, which be bed locked op In u lis br I and I<i n a sidebr..rd or bw rrrn"?e*. Ilia mepi ana at on. e fell i ( n a rolc-d boy named John J 7.ollle, aged f urtr'B. feeid'og with bis parent* at \o 101 Weal I rM"rnli nr. n, Who tad I r.? ae n on tbe day la ouea tlon Irr r ar. end the hone. "n,* p y wm j nod the rtren m'nrr fevtid a.on bla roraon He en frf?ed to bavltif taken It. but gas* no rearon f..r*o doing ?'entice tfr.eckeiil.iith >wim N him in 11 COO bail to answer A\ Un-MiMt Tnmr ? "at rick Pah'rty, of No. Ifl lanrsna etteet, apt<earod before luatl.-e Q-ackeobneh Monday.aa prefcrre-f'nt agalnrt AooM. "7e* wbetr he rhsryee with robbing bimoffeo <a money tttder tb- foffowing clr amatanee* ?Heme time a nee bs fe-bd Ana la a deatltile condition, and provided her wfth a heme In Ma own bonae. Un Hnn.lay night lart ebe, it |s alleged, e|p.rt.d bee entrance Into a bedroom, ted frrtr a drew-r there* ahatiactrd the money, pnr t'rni ef whl. h she nbee. omtly give to e f.ltow tenant IP have rhertrert, thnv .fording evident* of her gain Tbe megblrste committed her U answer. j Cerehsri* Inqeeeli | |?- ?-? ?it?- i aat.<i ...j c**etw.?Ac nqueet waa l?.J ; v. by Cvrodet ?obirmer epon ths body of a (.? timed Caalaer foetteier, who wae klUed by ft'Ifug Inlo so area way, al the northwMl Mhrtisr of With arcane ard Tweity*ighth nrrot. The jury, In rendering a reediu, leek oceeeton to eraewr* ths proprietor ef the bniMieg tor leevleg tbe tree way In a.ich a etats. Us reared livrd at Ne. Ill Srreath treses, and wae about M } rort of og? ?ATit r>t: -An nqaett waa commenced by COrocer Jickmac at Beltovue RotplUI, yeetsrday, on ths body of ?? ir.kt.owr man, who wne brought thereon Monday, fefRpflM fV?wi fr*rtar* ot Hit akvlf. n milnnwl. m is etnted Sv beviey Mton from or being p abed off the atoop Of boees nil dreond avert*. In eonaev.usne* ef the ?bsr aee of the priaclpal wttnsaee* e* svtdanoessta taken end ar enm'eetfnn waatd.onrwed ever mtil to-day Oa "T* T?' ^ n.rmn * ???,?????*'fcnttoer inch? i beghf. and wan to n't appro tecs a native ef Ire lea.) i A genre men wan arrested hy tb* ?. rth eroc ad police . ensp cor ef havieg throws dewnerd off tbe etoop but *"* '"? wr spprod'lr. benry ertdsr-f tf> ar tw HIW YORK POLITICS. THE Ft'sJON MOVEMENT. DEAN RICHMOND LK.T WITH ???. AND BaiMiflS? THE UNION XXkT.MJ OOMTITirE NOT YHT AT TOINTID, ETC. The numerous politic.AM * ho Imtc uwn neng ug aruasd tbe Hi NicbniM Hotel for the isat week, end blue t< g al out fusion, have el lengto diMppoiired Tbesbov* fc el appeared cumperet:ve!y deeertod; tbe hall* tttei bed been crowded by these would be pet r iota were el cm*t vacant. The event, however, wu noon ascertained by the announcement thai Dean Richmond bad loll for Al bany; business In connexion with tbe Ceotral Railroad, it la Mid, demanded bis Immediate attention, and be bad left the rue Km lata to talk as they pleased. Having remained here just long enough to preveA the great Union meeting from announcing a ticket, be con siders all danger past, and shakes tbe dirt from his feet and returns to the Regency wigwam to receive tbe oou gratelat,on or hla associates?Oagger, CaMldy, Com stock 4 Co. There was no ticket announced aa being fixed up, but everything remains la ttatu qw> neither wan there a provision left la the stereo t>ped phrase', beard about tbe St. Nicholas Hotel during the past week, that '?something would be done." Rich mood ban left, and Brady was not seen, end there is no premise that he will visit na again. We shall therefore hare to turs to the Committee of fifteen, that the great Vnlon meeting authorized their presiding officer to ap point, fbr our fusion excitement, which has already been worn threadbare. The Committee of Fifteen baa net yet been appointed, and will not probably be announced for a day or two yet. Tbe understanding is that the oommlttee will consist of five Douglas, five Bell and Kvsrett and live Breckinridge mec?and with combination we shall have fusion, Rich mond or no Richmond. Tbe Regency may likewise And that the subscription from tbe city will not jwas into tbe.r bauds for distribution. Tba public can talk and surmise .ibout fusion lor s day or two yet before it In completed, hut they can rest assured that there will be a union ticket fixed up, end no mistake?in what way we can probably give more information upon tbe appoint ment of tbe comit Ittee. THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY EJECTIONS THIS EVENING. AMXMBLDfS or THM CITY AND OONNTY CONVEN TION TO ilOKROW?TBI CHARI AFTER THE LOCAL PLUNDER?LIST OP CANDIDATF.H FOR JUDOI OP TBB SVTKIMK COURT, RECORDER, CITY JUDOI, HU FF IIV IFOR AND PI KKOO ATE- ASPIRANTS JOB CON ORWHIONAL AND ASSEMBLY HONORS, ETC., ITU. The Meeting of the Democratic General Committee of Tsmmany BaU on Monday evening, and the promulga tion of the call for primary elections to take place to night?exclusively announced In yeaterday'a issue of the Hsw <id?baa given an additional spur to the excitement over the apolla, and the oftlce seekers appear to be rush ing Into the canvass with a vigor and energy unknown In Former political contests. The Tarn nany City and County CouTentlonp, composed of seven delegates from each ward, are to assemble at the Old Wigwam to morrow evening, fbr the purpoee of putting in nominntlon Candidates for the offices of Judge of the Supreme Oonrt, Recorder, Register, City Judge and Supervisor. The Congressional Conventions will meet on Monday, and the Assembly Conventions tbe Wednesday following We have already given tbe names of sevoral geitlemen who are candidates for the local offices; bat In view of tbe fact that a city and county ticket may be ebnsen to morrow evening at Tammany Hall, we re publish to day a list of the democratic office hunters, n that our read ers may form acme Idea in advance as regardt tbe character of 11.a men who arc likely to be placed before the peop'e by the antiquated b it Irrepressible machine of the "Coal Hole." The following I at, therefore, will be lound interesting just cow. Inasmuch as It points out the political com plexion of tbe candidate*. Many of the names will be recogni/ed as those which figured in previous political contests, and It wlU be also noticed that not a few btve already enjoyed the '-sweets of office" and the "pomp and elr-omstance of place " Our list will be found the completes I that has yst been published:? -rri.ixi court. lamwany I/oU. {u/zul'van recorder G. tl. Barnard, Judge Buhl, duot>*y, Judge I vim R. Brady, Fcignr S. Van Winkle, C. ?lt.i>r dse Hmitb, btnac, l>?y cm, John T. HuUiran, I'twd. P. Cowlrn, I Hon. John VeKeen, Fx Judge I'cnbod. . | Peter Y Cut ler ' Bartholomew O'Connor. H?m.'ton 1 ohlnson, ' Jetc T. Coylc. -R KROOATt. Fduird C. West, Alexander Bradfe J, Ma cotm CampheW, 'obn -edge**, Garret H Htryker, Isaac Dayton. Ambrose L Piooey, ? David A. I nwler HEilHTKR. TammuRH Jfatl. Maeart Hull. Msttnew T. Drrnsan, lames Lynch, Wm. B. Mlnrr, Rsa. D*a*e Parsons. John t. Giles, Joalab W. Crown, RfMican. Thomas Wholan, "nomaa W. Anton, Jt bn Wi'soe, Wm. H. Albertnoo, lease avmilyea, John Keymr, John lirewn. Porter fi. Bbsrann, Henry D. ??emmlbr, lewis H. Watts, Robert Is.ddsII Daniel D Oonuver, John M Harbour, Mem in R. Brewer. Jonathan Trotter. RECORDER fhntmany Hull. Ripaibliratt Abraham D Russell, HiarlenS. Spencer, John K. Dsvl.o. W<-ioowie R Beebe, R< i- rt 1 Ivlngtion. fudge Jsa. H. Welch, C Ra,abridge Ftnltb, John H. White. J.imes M. Smith. Jr., ' ?<"d. nhn T. Doyle. Frederick N. lhllmaige CITT JUDOE. Tammamy Hall. MapmlMimn. J usi -e M chaei Connolly. Judge i/ue. Aenhnsb, Airnrose I. Ptrney, John H. Wblte. Peter Y. Cutler, Henry H Mownge, _ _ * I Co] John C. M'Taob, M?r*r' J/aU < so W. Maiteli, 1 x Judge acbcrmnrborn. Raid * 'no#. Jobb H Abtl.on. ?I pgRvison. Tvwmorty llall. JfrpnUsaw. Smith Fly, Jr., William R. Stewart. N. C. Henley. for Assembly Uters art a mnltitude of candidates In the held, assures to took niter the pickings and stealings at Albany. Tbe an para! tried snccens of till sorts of plun dering schemes during tbe see-ion of the Inst I eg*! tin re has had (he effect at Inspiring an unusual number of can ning politic Inns with the denlre of hnving ? Anger In the pin," and consequently the contest fbr the Assembly nominations it sharper sod mors spirited than ban ever been known before. Republlennn, Douglas men. Brvckln rldgerr, Cs'onites, Tammany men and Mosarters are alike eager for Abe prUe and It Is likely that a vast num ber of those aspirant* who Mt in proe rtoy regular notnl nations will stnmp It oti their own hook, determined to maba a deei wale eflbr; lor the plunder iff tbe republt eart rand ids iee we hoar little as yat, witli tbe exception of tbe i-ii *11 frv,' who are loudly sounding their own fnimtefs. bal, nerrrtheeve, do not stand a firing ohaace of being nominated by ttielr party. The It*" candidate* are boidlrg betk. "keeping ihaly," until the proper moment tnmii fur announcing their as -t. Tbe demo r ats arc less mysterious Is lb*lr man"diir?S. We bear of several candidates, nil In good odor with their parly, and sln?g xopiort to back them before the Assimbly Convection*, we b*?? therefore prepared a l.-t of demoerafte .-sndi'taiee. wb'nb will, no doubt, jw ro iclertstibg to three of our renders wbe keep an eye on politics In dnn tune wo sbal: present a similar l it of republican stp'ranir Tbe loliowiag Hat wtll e .blbtt the prin-lpei geptb men hailing mm Hie ranks of the "unter rlfird,' wlio draira to be n xiim or 1'iuniT. Hiitrirt, Wm rttrpalr'-k, 1 .y.wu Meveyv, Dtwrencn Hill .ijbu niaokbuin, ???Jam?n P. Dona. John F Jit. 10?James J, Rellly. .Ichn Callahan. I*k# f. ? bcaans. inward Tfsrr'rty, 11- fobo Hardv, (Air*-line l tyro, Wm. F.. Robtnv-n Isouh 1. I'm it 15?Andrew BMM/e, j?WiTirrat flrlrh. Rnmoel Metg*. Panlr 1 leannv I hnH*n L/ww C*rt 'mt. H tiW'?/, 13 ? Alexander Ward, Pvter 'TnwFord. Salmon HkInner >t?n?a Knglith. : human B. Cunhiag, Michael Vinrrrl C ark. Ik-nnlt Rrr*. 4? IT" "i. V r .nmaa lilggias Michael I'nnwsy. John Wilaoo. fir U?h'l?ney, II? T. B. rasrtoes, wm <n tiybea. M. Mtrrny, t_ Wm r.. (Vrr, Robert C H tchlnga. Geo. I - HireI, lb?George W. Vartoo. OiM Hanvett, is?-lephen M. Drew, irr atirs fyar, I'raok McOonoufb, kbn P, John Eataa, lame* BarfDrd Wm J Hamilton, Yak* Gen B. Hall M'oharl H Marooey C- itomuel T Webater, 17?OwL B aa ftmu, Wir. Hnl'bworth RobertWataaotoy. 7? GubtaTie Valentine, Thnd. Molt, Wm H. fine* . Soman Veitcb, ??Thrtne h Pnltt, Wm. H. Tone, twen* Rogvrt, Wm. H'Jl, Rd. (X brenaan. A P. Ingiabam Wm. i Otvany. For tbe hen*St of tbe publte in general we bare onnned to bt pr ated in italien the names of suob eandlAMm * wvr* anew Mr* of iha last Iryix'aiure, and reetrlbeted oj their vmea lo the iwrnngs of tbe islamooe railroad swm Of tbe (kmgr*a*loaai mad Ida to* we here already yb liabb-l a full f at, with brief katoban nf Ibmr ' llllliito ar d political Imntoff*. la <*der to keep oar rnadnrwmm tlaunily povlml we p-.aiobtbe jot iff todf. SMI tt lag, bnvuvtr, all bn% lb# iM rip 'not Sf ever the ?? 6, wen. e? i nd tbe i>D',wib| adi tUetitwerk >.? .*rSrti'y kr the norvmuuium at lb la f'r " ' >i grew ? '**T' . //"? <?,.. Jbhcm, 3??) 7, f%*m L&lc. S5t .^"S-, 7?Cnl. J,.|,'n C. M .Jena, u? . "iri"' '? **? j- . T*"" Noah UMtd#, JamfftrghRh. .'am-e!' PAu, ,1 W. Hrlue rfh-'ivrrn't. Aldermen l*e*.Jr, <len Hiram tValtOr dge, 1'rwmu J. P. Nalhe* r 'iRiMroeoui'y, Rube. r M-ItiiTi*, i'hilip W. tj,gH. An,nr J Will.ami' n Fbm Goo Mn(tk.) j? y ,ch*<?i Tn-mey, I*invIO on Themes J. Barr, tPsiAinp/u-t AW!, Parr*. Auyvs uv it Cow, John 'irlfTo, Itac Dayb i l?mf? K Krrr'gan, 8?Hon. Hor:v\e F. Clarke, .lini's lyr-'h, Dr. K. Bradford. P. Gamck, Onl. H 1- *nebb,a?, Owen W. Hrtnnan. Hear* B. Perk.ns, t-ffra H. Mo-lay, Tbos. McSpedrt, neunis J. Winset, Darkl g Jackson, Ed C. M'Oonnell, Alderman MM, Dr. Brrr, Geo. W. Me Lane, PkiUp //cmflJnw, Anroo 0, Alderman Rnseell, Stephen P. 'Imelf, Alderman Bogley, K. B. Connolly, Aid. Tbot. Adams Conrad "wackbamer, 8?Hon John Cochrane, Chan. W. Baker, Isaac Uwreoce. Jaases C. WdJetl, ?oho barrel), Gen. Jar. W. Ifyt. J Winlbrop Cbanler, Jmmtet fhirmcn, Smith Ely, Jr , llvn Ab'm Wakeman, H-m John Wheeler, Wm Owti# y.yes, O. C Genet, A. W Grin nil, F. I. A. Boole, /fen. Cm. if. Opdyke, F<ed. A. Cimiling, T. B. Fan Burnt. The democrats are In roman and the republicans la italiee. Candidates belonging to other parties have It Indicated after tbelr names In a few davs we will make additions to onr Assembly and Uoogreaatonal lata, so that no single aspirant may be done lnjustioo to by oasisnldB in our columns. Political Iatelllgeace, Fitra Sehrjo.n or nu Vmanna LKusmrrss ? Governor Letcher, ol Virginia, has determined to call au eitra ses sion ?T the Legislators, to iseemble on the ltth of Janu ary next. The immediate occasion for this announcement Is lbs arrangement of the affairs of the Jamee River and Kanawha Company. Nevertheless, says tha Richmond Enquirer, It is possible that the Legislature, on ast ern bltag, will And even more serious work to do, to which the following extract flrmn Got. Letcher's Inaugural mes sage of January last may fornlsh a suggestive clue:?% The ?' irrepressible conflict" doctrine announces'and advocated by the ablest and most distinguished leader of the republican party Is an open declaration of war against the institution of African slavery wh -rever it exiiiis, aad I would be disloyal to Virginia and the South If 1 did not declare that the election of such a man, ec tcrtalnlng men sentiments and advocating auoh dot* trines, ought to be resisted by the slaveboTdlng "ta'ef. Tba Id)a of permitting such a man to have the control and direction of the army and navy of the United Fta'eo, and the appointment of high iudiclal and executive oS(> cerR, postmasters included, cannot be entertained by tts South lor a moment. Poiinc.iL Movkmss-i.. in V incur a?Senator James M. Mason spoke at Wheel np on Tbnraday nlgbt last for too Breckinridge wing. Hon. John M. Bottaspoke at Harri sonburg, Rockingham oountjr, on Monday. J. Randoipb Tcokar, Attorney General of Virginia, and Dr. G. R. Har rla, of Culpepper county, (poke at Alexandria on Friday night, the drat for Breckinridge and the aocond for Doug las. l.ytttcton Tyler, one or the aaaiatant Douglas eleetora In Virginia, baa declined to nerve. He naya he haa been a great admirer of Mr. D., but can't awallcw ta Norfolk ipeecb, aud will now anpport Breckinridge. A MniTAF.r Ti'-kkt ?The Breckinridge pa pert n Texan hare up the following U0M ? Tor Preatdent, Malar John C. Brecklnr'dge: .'or Vt-e President, General Joa lane; for eleetora, General Waul, Cuionel Graham, Colonel Ralney and Colonel Wharton. A IYa-.- roR Frsio* r\ Taxis ?The follow'ng 'a from the Alamo tj^rru, tba Cell and Everett paper a; San Antonio, Texas ? A propoaitlon la now on foot in thin region to rnae a new electoral ticket, to be compoatd of a 1 pctiea ;p poted to Bieckinridre and Lincoln. Thla ticket wilt be voted for by the friends of Houston, Bell acl tiuglae. If tfcry carry the State, tbey go Initructed to vote for the atrongist of these three, to beat Brerklnrldgo and frr Breckinridge a dernier renort to beat I.lncoln. Ibepro pf filler la a fair one. and rhould meet tbo b' irty anpport of all lovers of tbe Colon ind opponent* of i- '.ionaltam. It prrmi-e* to become the plan of action In Tejai, there by fate will decide our prrferencea, and rruah the fatal ij irlt of dltunlon that la now running rife .n tbe land. The httj/rtu advocates lb la combination, and I'm other Indications we abould rot be at all arpr.s- d !T tea be tbe plan adopted by tbe oppoaltion in Texan. A Mu-rottTi xB.?Tbe black republican Jo -oa.s of tbW city have been rejoicing over tberact that an ex wd.-man ban left tbe democratic rank a and jo'ned tbe -r 90 it tee. Tbe New Tlaven Jouron', tbe organ of toe ra t Splitter* In ronuectlctt, ool >ldtrs tbe accession a iria.'or re trd thi r Announces tbo fast:? Tbe reptihltcan parly in N>w York city hai me- w:tn a rerlou micort ire. tin*- William J. Bria.oy, a d'-rLOcratii alderman of tbo Wood faction, haa deliberate'/ r*Muoc?d democracy. ami avows b* intention to a iruor: l..a nj> and Hemlm. Wa trust the party will Hour ih a st te of sueb an adcttton. IsMTiTt To I ritk ?Joel Pickett, a acbo< < f?e aer. wro tbo pl.t thai John Brown's Virginia re d was r.j'til, * *s Invited to leave Ghent, Kentucky, a e? otys since, by the citix'tir. He left. Tiik Doioiaa Pi'-ta ,n Loiliaxa.?It Jaiksci ij..- tc, 1 on,slat a, It la said there ir?? but two Do tj me n t, acd one of it-ear la In ja'l. The I.ate Past Office Defalcation* YKITKP PTATT* H STRICT COIRT. Before Hon .ledge R-ita e*pt 1*?O'l rpt /at.' end Uurlcm .t. <"ou. *? <. i.Vj | ( ntlfd Sic Mv?Tbe plain lis on appeal, (aw arid tttcover, were sureties lor laaac V. fowler, et '-sboaster of New Terk, end tbelr eourael <? t re R-on ? and Vr H. W Ri'btnron, have presented the fbllow-ng asaea to tbe United ft ate* HetrWt Attorney:? It appeartrg to tbe Court tbet this ease pree< nta diAcult Ttiestmna of fa.-t wpu-h ought to be tried ny a .ry , now, tterefnre. it is ordered that IB* neat into be sub mitted fnr trial by a Jury to ho empannelted at a regular teim of thle Court, to wit ? trtd the eotriplr .Jai V, George Law, ever deliver, entboriMt or aaaent to, or ec< u eaoa a the delivery to the raited Stale*, or to. or for their u*a of tbe bund is tbe penally of aevrntv f re thoutand dot la ra In tbe complaint mentioned, without ita Dr ag also executed by Oliver Cbnrll hf DM thec?tnpla.Daat.< osta tut A. Coo over, ever deliver, or authorise, or assent to or arquKfce In tbe deliver f of the said bond to the I'alted (Mates of America, or to or for tbe.r una. with out Ita being executed by the said (Hirer Char I ink' DM tbeaald George law, prior to (he 10th day of May, INO. know, or have reasons to believe, that the en d bond bad been delivered lo or was held by the obl^evw or for tholr use without its having been executed by the en d Otlvar t harllok - Did tbe said G. A. Cnoorer, prior to tbe 1 SUdsy of M*r, 1 Mitt, know or have to reason to believe that tbe said herd bad been delivered to or held by tbe ohilgeea, or lor their use, without its hsvtng been executed by Uto said Oliver Cbarltck? Lid lbs raid Georre :*w and Om issus A. Cotover, er either of th m, and if r ,, whes did Ibey.'or the first time, inform the goverr.msnt of tbo I Mini Metre that they, or either of tbetn would not bo boi nd by the aforesaid bond unless tbe ssld < beritck be came a msurltr tberela with them' Did tbe aaid Geors* law- ami Guotavua A. Chooser, or either I of them, and If so which was. sad If so i wbtn. for the Crat time, inform tbe goveraaMsA I of tbe Lnlted States that tbey, or e-tber of ; them, would not he bound by said bond 'a roans I qcenee of tbe aaid Oliver (Tin*lick omitting to Become a | ro aur.ty w 1th tbetu? Was Isaac V. Fowler Deputy t'oet n.aster of the el'r of New York at the not* ? hew said George lew and '.natavis A *X" utcl as d boo t, j a dofaudrr Id the Lalted states of Ameroa, for or .a re gpeet to t'.r motiera whteb be bad receive.] as wpoty P.ettnset. r, and if so. in what amountf Was taa aaid I I V Fowler. PoetmasMr at tbe city of New York, at any time when tbe said Geo Law delivered, or aclbortned tie oeilrcry, or r< i smte.1 or arquleooed la the lei!vary i f tald N od to thr Called states, or to or Ibr tbelr ae, I a dtfbniler tethr t'otted Htatee for or la reopect to tbo moeeya w btch be bad received as Deputy I as'.master, and ir to. on wlct aaaouat* kit tbe aaid f??a* V. Fowler, Ivputy I'istmaater of the city of Now ' York, at any time, when tbo said Unatavus A. Ceoovar ' declared, or authorited, r r consented lo, or acqiteoaa-t la tbe delivering of taut hot.4 to tbo l aited itslcr, or to or 'or their nae, a defaulter to tbo Lilted -tales for at la reopect In tbe moneys which bad moetvod as ieputy Cnetmaster, and If so oa what ? loom t > lud tbe aaid George law at say time wbett he executed or atith'-rlxed of esaenled to, or aoqul eored in tba delivery of asM bond to tbo ' ailed -tales of ' Am. rua, r r to or frr, kaow or havo nntioe, rr bavo rri-na to believe that the said Isaac V Fowbr waa a do .ittlier te the goreroment of the Veiled -tst?s. DM the said rineiavua A fbaover, at any lime when be ego rules ?r cotlrered. er anthori/ed or consented to, or ae eats* u in ?be Celt very of mid hoed to 1 o ted 'talsa of ,<ns?r>'?. kanw, or have notice, or have reaooe to t .*iev<. Ibal Ibe tail laaar V. Fc wler wa* a defaulter to ' Ike grrwrotneet or Uf I'alksd matea? D'd the proper ? R.rgfW of the foot Office l>. partr cat or cftbelklllod Matrg. at the lime, when the said Georre few '(netted I until baud, brow or bate rf tiro that lite aM laaac Y. I iowler wa - a defcalter to tbe g vernment of tbo t altod i flat*a. DM tbe )*oper ( fflrtra of tbe Pool "fltne DeparV I atent, or of tbe I nlt*d (hetr* at any time, wboa tba mid l ( serge law declared or aulhrrned,?r udoacted ItSM I fpterefrt to tbe delc.rry of mid bmd th the t Lilted Hi*tee of Amerlis, or to or fnr tholr I I m knew or bev-* notice that *aM 'mas f, fowler wae a defaulter lo I he go rear meal of I the Lulled Mat's. It .l the propor oflloora of the rust Iwpartrrecl, or of 'he Lai ted SUP v. at tho tdco . whtaihe eatd GnatI.rtat A Oworer eaocutrd m d bocd, snow or hare nottee that tho aatd lame V. 1 owler wag a tli fa dler to the gnrertimerit of the t'n tod -'tales. DM j the proper officer of Hie Pert Oflicn Department of ths I nfled fMales, at any time ahea tba said GustamS A I t oaorrr declined er antborlred, or connected to, *r anqml I .seed la 'Be Sclav of thin b md Is tho Hsilsi "mam at Amer ra, or to or Aw Uwir use, know or bare aaliaa thai I tbe nsid lease V. Fowler wag a defaulter to the govern ment of Ibe l slt"d Malts In the bond ft firth fa tbe c mptatntof George lew and Geoaavua Chooser, the dead ,nf ',eotg? law, own of the complataaats abort named t In tho bend set forth la cotoplaint of fl?ofgo Isw SBd t. nam via A. f carver oca at the compla mrls thav^ Psvs- InStl*0 - The above |irn;iared ancra, act bsTga iiSerua to by "ttber of He w '.hio partes, rJomd u? they r'- tpsn tho rsw-i aa the 'm-wr ' ??led by W t'oirt ? b? tried la ?he Ttasn