Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 9
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P WANTED-PEKAtM^ WANTKD-MCHf COM* WELL RKOOM .ply for MUfVU Ptareaonl ak, Brooklyn. MR-WANTED. 4 SEAMSTRESS WELL ic t u iidy'a muil. who cu lake urn CAT. of ? l.o attend school. Address bor 640 Pot uttoe. Of HI. Of 4 H.KASANT DISPOSITION (W p'atn conking; mutt he a lOd Waaler And It to apeak KngUak. Apply At tit Boot llXb tt. I WANTED?BT URBM4M AND BRITISH 9 for private families, bnttlt tod boarding LKUETfOE 4 OO.'h General Kaulovmeut one* at , near tho Bowery, opposite 3 at. TBD-To DO THE UKaEKAL HOOrR mall f AinUy mutt be A good plum onok and Imoer, ?u|? 4s per mouth. Aupty At 141 r Bib uv AND IIOUSKMA'D ARK EE l gentleman's family; the cook mutt under ? and be a gooi baker?no washing. the out and Ok Employer to be aeeu thla morn ID- A YOUNG WOMAN AR FIRRT CLASS ?d city reference. Apply at 10 Xaet Mh ak, rAfTREHR WANTKD-TO OO TO NRW thin 10 minutaa' Ball of the ally; the coak conking baking. washing aad Ironing. the Jet In tan ?tnhink and -bimberwork Apply near Lexington nr. on Wedneaday. between tD-TO OO A SHORT DISTANCE IK THE leaaant. bealtby place, half an hour a ride She muat bare sat afactory referenoe. be a md and bleooit, aad amlst m the waahlng aad lb. Call at No. 9 Bast 22d at., from 10 to 12 tD-WHO IS A GOOD PLAIN COOK. AND ad and blacult, alio pudding* and plea, bach v r*c ?nmendatlona from her lad place, may at 36lh at . on Wedneaday. ers wanted -fifty good hands to Uu for city trade. Apply to J. M. Graham, CPPUED with cooks, chamber atreaaea and lanndreatrt. both Protectant and hurcb Home and lnteligenoe office, No 11 of St. Jobn'a lane, Oeual at. Respectable Irat claaa tlnmiloca. ID?TO DO ORNKRAI. HOUSEWORK IN lly. one that can (Ire pood reference, jf Apply ice. Weal ffld at. D-TO COOK, WASH AND IRON; MUST her buaina a and tome wall rescue mended, mine place, between 8tb and 9tb art. hi)?TO WO TO a MAN UP ATU RING fib jura' ride from thla nhy. In Ooor.ecUeot, In n! will be ataee the yaar found, at remonara furtber Information apply at No. B Brand r two wit he. RS-WANTED, TWO OR THREE GOOD , at w H Kemp'a yold leaf manufactory, A, adjoining People1* Bank. Canal ak IR WANTKD.-A good, capable wo lit encumbrance, to take charge of a boarding ilea. In the eountry. One who la neat, eoooo tous, ?n<l who perfeetly understands her bu reas Housekeeper, boa 171 Herald office, apply. -WANTED. APKOTEXTANT LAUNDRESS a large wash. AoonpeP nt person. with will get the beet of wagm by addressing box ode Island, I'ri AGENCY POR EMPLOYMENT?E8 i 1813? Kern wed from Kroadway to Tour aer of Third avenue. DomeaUci of the highest luppUed to order. N. B?Entrance oe 11th BKAMSTRRH8 WANTED?AN AMERI kderstands taking oare of an Infant, and can bteu led, wii lad a good situation by applying , Brooklyn. fALE 8EBTANTS.-A PIRST CLASS an English cook and lauudreaa. a G?r ind other superior dime* Uc?; also, a eo daaghler as chambermaid, may be Ob Euiplo)ment office. 148 Ninth street. IllLSTU WORK ON 11 ROVER'A BAKER S Apply to B. K Clark k Co., No. 121 A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. A GBR mm Id to 18 years old to do chainberwork. |eker at. Irks EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKERS, lament given. Apply at 1071th ar. MJOOD WOMAN, FOR THE KITCHEN; a brat rata washer and Ironer and aider I, and be willing end obliging. Apply at rrtADr. competent womam. to do ?worfcln a nul family la Bnwklyp. none I r>*l city reference Apply at Uclacr at "y. ?""""? A WkhnLSel A H It A LL private family, a wo ?oval kwmrt, ant b? a good cook, ?, f*y refareaeas reoiilred. Apply at 4 bat tMi Uuaeutd ana TUiery ita., Brcok OUMO QIEL TO DO THI ORMERAL r ? tmmllr : ami be a rood BP? BOtU . W <?a?*itj , mull DO W thorough Uuniiraaa, wapoa tu to a ct raat'ud at. "** MM> 0T*" App,;' PIRKT CLAP* MTLLINHB, TO OO ^ 5?*t W7:, ?oa4. ??* ataady t ft ML Markka place, fioaa 9 to 11 A.if, rKOTTOTAWT OIBL, AM WAITBES1 n the waahtac and Ironing. pood etir refe m the waahtac aad traolacijeod ettr raCe IratL apply at U Waat Ml at, between 1 Ha ALL FAMILY IK BROOKLYN A ouap womaa, aa aramaram and chamber |o?l aawar aad eoaaa wall recommended Apply at 179 Dean at.. Brooklya, after ? D MILLINERS; WOKE OITKK OCT. airly atM Eoade at. np at aim OOOD MILLINERS. APPLT AT a, &M Broadway. OK AN TO OOOK, WASH AKD IRON foar paraona Urla* a abort dlalaoae froat Apply at Zi Weat UUaLUuaaay. be PRIVATE KaMILT, TWO PROTENT ? ? <? ?k. waaber aad iraaer; tba other aa aitreaa. both Wuat bare etty n> aannla taal S7ta ak, taaa door aaal ut "ee?p mT t private Tamilt, a steady yo )PRK A TUBB OK OKOVJCK A M AK AM it a few uuit youay atria, at Vaoderboof a 1 WealaL JCNTAET I.ADT'S MAID AMD BBt?. t elty rafereaee ran aired. Oal! oa thli wean tW baara at 9 aad 12 at Mo. 9 Maat U* PROM II TO U TEAEP OLD TO IN ILIitH WOK AM, TO DO PLaIK aa aad ir?tap laa aaO family, wtgm, ar anoetb. Kataraai na raquteed. Apply WMMtuiaae.. aarw at WlbM. ^ AT, TIDT IT EL, TO r>0 OEMS a pond waaber aad troaar. wtuiaa aad icliy at 122 Warn tSd at. RPONMIRLB PKBSON, TO ATTEND W bmma for a daattr, at Ut EmI Broad ?abar aad troaar or to do moral Uouaa I o'r'ock at If Baa* Broadway EL TO POLIRR JRWKIJtr OME riaLrwai: LtHPEOTABt.B WOMAM AM OOOD Nareed! with good diy nfnaaai i Ap eea tba buariot aloe and twal< ? o r'oaa. -J*D ?OMAM TO DO CBUtBER wttb rhtldrea. Owe tbat oaa < twaea taad t e'etaaA atM H( mbmrmaip a protect a kt wo laada bar duVa aad aaa i radoaa pood ty at Mo. I NadBoa a*., from to to! T, RBRPBCTA8LE OIBL. ABOUT ape. la taba aara of eblldraa; a < -armae win ba kind aod atleatira a mmfmwele wot etU bcylraa. Apply at U Oak^a TO DO OBMRBAL RorCEWORK; raaaar at d Iraaer r*y rafaren< a ra laary ta Wapea IT par moatb. tO OO OKNIRAL ROUMBWOEC ? city rafaraaaa raqntred. laqulraat petest oirl ik a small rut *n ? par month. Inriire at Id Be RRT CLAIM *n l.INVM AND A ".r?.".'"T* "" objaal U aaileA " Matfk, from 9 W U A. M. oa tba ?am ?e Pbawrg oooc, limb _ .,,71^ r'"* "Uiara need rwiatrad. Apply to Br. Boroar. Ml I*'_??J_WOO II A OOOD feat MU. w ft55l?i.VTISa m??I?S2*?? 2E.?* onTu ercaea, to rook, waah aad Iraa. Ma _ MrLtmut|IC|adMMOM0 *0trr,L It Mraaaaay OOOK. W??n?l AMD tEOKEE, W orewnrk to a email rOeale faatlly a wi a eoapeteet gtM rtr la wtiima aed app y. Olty rafe' wiaar raq'UrotL V.K AOPp WOMAM AM OOOK. MBbee bitatneaa *la arhamlenaalit TO HO TUB WORK OP A PaMI aqulrt at Ifd Ue^y at., ta tba baoa HICLr WMTMD?yttltB. WANTNO-A FLOW** MOUNTSR, OB UKAMCBE A, At Jmmi Tucker't. 7* Broad wag. WANTKD-A OIBL TO DO THX HOUSEWORK of * (Mil nitrate ftmilf. Apply at D? We* 30th el . between Sth and Mi ay*. WANTKD-A noon OOOK, WABIIKR AND I RON BR, nuat ' htva city reference. Apply at 81 Leilagtne at. iipa 10 A. X. to a o'eioek f. M. UTANTED?A WOMAN, HBAJ.THT AND OAPABI.E TO M wet uurro ea imeat at her own borne. Apply to Mm. Cmoelly, tlfl Wooater atreet flrnt Hour, bark room. UT ANTKD?A FIRST CLANS DRESSMAKER; ON* " Uiat can come well recommended. Apply bafo-a ? o'clook la tbe morning and after a la the a renin# to Mra. Me Feuden, room No. 1 National Hotel, Cortland!* Want id?a y*w good hands, to maks head dremea and ladies' drees onus, tba .higb-at wage* will Ye paid; none but competent banda need apply at the More, 3ty>,. Broadway. Vantkd-a smart business woman, onk who la not airald of work and well oalrulated (without any In cumtiraorrj to taha cbarKa of boeaehoid dutlaa and each like, at Itl Weal Nhh *? WANTBD-A YOCNO PROTEST* NT OIRL, TO DO Ik. ore work for a email family: owe fond of a child, and wbo can come wall recommended, may apply a! No. 2*1 Cum berland * , between lAfa> etta and Dak nib arm, Brooklyn. w at ANTKD?A TODNO LADY OF OKNTIRL APPEAR I an e to attend Saloon. Apply, between 11 and t o'c uek, 71 Mercer at. WANTED?HANDS TO WORK ON LINEN UNDER, garmeote Steady employment and good wane gt ea Apply at 237 We* Utfc at. WANTKD?FIFTY OIRLN, TO WOKK ON ALL KIND? of emi-roi'eriee. Apply * Placet a tfl CI rand *., up Main, oorner of Bowery. W.VKTKD-A NKAT. T1DT UKKMAN OIRL, TO DO atoeral hon ework, mo* ha a rood waah?r and lroner, and know how to do plain cook , to luck a one good wagea al l be given. Apply at ty* 2d ar. WANTBD-A CHAMBKBMAID, sK AM8TRK88. NORSK, Umndrem, ceok and a wailing gtrl. (ioo.i wage* wilt be given to eltber colored or white Apply at No. 7 111* *., aeve Umndrem, ceok and a waiting gtrl. to either colored or white Apply rn! doora weal of Broadway, from 9 to 5 o'clock. WANTKD-A OOOD WOMAN, TO OOOK, WASH, iron and do genera! housework flood refarcucea re quired. Apply at Ml Sidney plaos, Brooklyn. WAN Tin-A OOOK, WHO CAN FURNISH OOOD KB eommendaLona, alio a woman aa laundreaa. Apply at 17 East 32d u , near Madiaon av , bet weep 9 and 11 o'clock. WANTBD?FIVB OB SIX QIRL8 FOB PLAIN SXW tpg work Heady work warranted. Onll at 13* New Canal atreet, aeonnd door, l root room. WARTKD-IN A SMALL PBITATK FAMII.T, young ?trl of kind and agreeable diepoettlon to mlM eLtld and do plain aewtng, city reference required. Call at 359 9a* luthnf. WANTKD-A OOLORKD WOMAN. AS COOK; ALSO, one aa chambermaid and wait rem; thoae who under - Hand their bualneen and oan praduoe good reference from thur la* place may apply at SO East 11* at., after 9 o'olock. nrAKrND-A TAST 1' HAND TO MAKB KUGUBS AND W* other fancy article*, one who undentauda store keeping preferred. Apply at 308 Bowery. TirANTFD-BT LORD A TATLOR. AT TIT BIB WORK ft mom* <98 and 800 Broadway, linen embroiderer*, aim experienced hauda lor children* outride garment 1 Apply briween the bourn of 4 and A ANTED-IN A MINISTER'S FAMILT, COMPOSED of two peraona n Protectant gtrl, to do general home work. Mu* he capable of waahlng and ironing an 1 knee aetia factory reference. Apply at 239 Sty *., Brooklyn. rANT*D?IN A VERT SMALL FAMILY. A PER fecily competent woman, na oook and Unndram. Ap ply el M Ea* 23d *., from 10 to 12. TYTANTED?A OIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON. IT flty reference required. Call for two dnya, from 9 to II a. M., at ?0 Weat 38th *. TXTANTBD-TWO COLORED WOMEN, AN WAITRESS VI and oook. In n tmaU prtrnta family, good aerranta only w ho underatand their buainem need apply at 780 Broadway, up r.alrm. ANTKD TMMBDTATKLT?TBBKK MILLINERS AND one good apprentice gtrl. Apply at 2ND <tk ar TXr ANTKD-A OOOD COOK, WAHHBB A ND IBONKR; VI alao a gtrl to lake rare of children and do chamber*ork. Apply at 186 backet ML, Brooklja. TX.TANTKD-A TIRST RATK OOOK, WASHKR AND IT ironer Good r?ferenre? required. Apply at 3S6 Mh are. KugLab or Urnnan preferred. Youno ladiks waktkd-to danok kvfrt even log ai Madame Sanrageea'a Dancing Academe 783 Broad way. aecnod door below Tenia M. mA liberal celery pel' every neeit to thorn well qualified In t reo reepeot. call la the at ternoca. w w* w TH? TRADEI. A GOOD COAT MAKKR. WHO HAS SOW* KNOW ledge or cntttag, wuu a stt notion la a Hon* to tnnhel. and uk? himself |?uor Uly useful. with a view to gain sip* rleoes, coo have Mrw yean reference front bis print pa pWyer A< diets for ana week R. O., with Mr. MeLeod. tnUor, jj> Broadway Diamond sett** wantkd-to sit ton stonbb only; one who wlU work every day la the week, Includ ing Monday Ainu, a diamond toouuler and engrarer None but Br* cleat workmen need apply to Bailey A Hunting, cor ner of York, and tlreen at., Jereey CUy. HOD31 CARVERS WANTED.?FOUR GOOD HODS* careers will tod Brady employment and good wages, apply to H D lanler, Ito WeB *7l? at ORNAMENTAL CONFECTIONER AMI) PAETRT COOK wanted. Bust be a perfect Boater of his bouses* Etta alioa permanent. Apply until October 1 to IT. Heat jr Waiter, K6T Broadway, toner of 2itli at. SION TAINT** WANTED?BTKADT WORK OITRM. Apply at WW Sih a to. rno utboosaPHIc printer* -wanted, in ha 1 Tsnnah. Oa, a mod workman, for a steady altueUos. Ap ply to willy WsllMk, m WUdnmB. rWATCHM ARRRS AND JRWRjl LRER-A GOOD watchmaker at to rears1 expertasoa. wh > understands the bustooM: aloe the erpairlsg M jewelry and esgravag ta all lie branches wteaee a permaaeet sogsgeweol Address H. B, Herald ottos. PNAKRRB-WARTRD, A FROOND HAP D, ON* WiL Iteg to Bake sdsDself unsfuh Apply at IB Grand p., between ? and 101.JR. rc:AlTni*RN ?WANTED, A NtTUATION AR FORE man to a boys and ektiitrea's clothing sstooiiakmstt. by a Bsural person, hnring held n situation SS foreseen for (he twrlre year* to some if the largest ho sss In thin rlty: either men s or boys', not particular, having had charge at bath Best of re'ereosss given Apply to ?news. Ht-Lman. Marvin A Hal. ebdhters. to Chambers B. WANTKD -A COLOR** OP PNOTOOKAPR TO GO Booth apply at gallery No. B7I Broadway, with speet TXTANTBD-A * ATT* NT PR1TTKR, A RO**R MAN. TT and oae who understands su buBswss thnroiurhiy. none Other need a ply to T" Reed. B John si. orMthtt.near Sd ave. WANTRD?A JOURNEYMAN TAILOR. TO 00 TO ? Virginia Apply at U Bth sr., betwseo 7 and 10 A. M. Wan"WD-att monmtpcnnt r dtktno rrtab Uehmrnt 4J0 Canal Brest, s good job dyer; one who un derstands cleaning an I presto eg clothes prefer re L WANTRD?A PTRMT RAT* RHOW CARD WRITER, aim a good lithographer Apply at 171 Broadway. rtTATCHNAERR WANTED-A GOOD WOBEM1N. TO TT Ren short dltosess Into toe country. Apply si Hairy tHansi a to Mnlden lane. N. T. tlTANTKD?A RTTOATtOM A* ODWTON CCTTRR. IN TT or ??> Of the rlty l>eM rernnsmssdsioss sen ha Bern Apply to Mr. Joa Reus all. with Wjman A Co., 10 T'aloo Apply square. QPARTSD IMMRDl hTRLT-A OILDRR ON BRAN* TT end steel sod two or three Nsretehere those who us drrtoeed the b netasm thoroughly Apply si US Broadway, np i ^^^?lOab orr,SE"^^^H H^JTrNnT* S < ? ' * Kh.ltBBA AMU OUtoMR? ?I MfrrkMik. MS Mmhmi iMik> mtmv of Abb BrtB, pbbb 225re,eleee' *A. *fTH^PW*N, AnBtaSLT* Aw C H. IIABPtNO b Wfl\ K? NEIRT TaCTORY ( AN ? be had the very beat made tolrte lapse w*ll fstotm?l so-' wrap lings good to sprlets for tl sod warranted Old aayitered No HI Bering street. A T THE APT* NCI OPPICRN OP L. JACOB* NONRT A eubeohtalaed te eay qua Utr aa Wat-hee Jewelry. fnoB vids, Nag arm, Dry Bonds Hardware. Wtoes Brandies, sed every deerrtpthto of Nsrnhaedlaa. or brmght, end the hlnhgto prteee Buttnsm strtct'y eoefldeetlei "omto Insured Rstaflwhwd la IM Frtattpni ottre W Will lam Breto . hramhcBtoe toff Rmsdway APV aN<1? UN DlANONt JgWKI.RY, PalNTINOB OT wtd boy A TdiCMDAR RTRBNT. M. BTMAM, DIANOND BEOKIE. A edtss eea Bssty to nay obobm oa Dtamenda. Watotton and Jewelry, cs beve the ees tar ossh Mr etoee will be alseedonill Wedtoeedaf morning mh after tota lay (frtdayi. fe^-sr.STtr sjtrti-t'M.'iS nem trammeled on Natucdsys AT RR BROADWAY ?P * WN gBORBRM TICKBI* A b. "bl tarI lamotoBi Wstahng. Jewelry, fc ito ? owy wTvaneed on the Rae. at ? Broadway eernor to FAT toe Brest, nxen ?. _______________________ A DTANCNN MAD* BT P. ??11*W NOCBTgt ATM A ere opp-wHe Oooeer IntoAeta. ee Jttamoade. Watehee Jewairr a^ all ef MersReedtse Pilreto eofeeee, hot' Jewelry, end ail amenm ? p a*rag *grheag* Bvohsr. M Poarth aeeeue. A T to NARRAO fTRKBT * HONKIMtN DliNOND A itosNw. egvweeemeieyoe WnB*e?A WtoeheewdtoBer mn hei tise twTmye tar gto*. el tor pitotoe oto?e ? Naneeo wrrwt .in. 1 Basissm KsMRW Art ladt orobntlrnan dbririnw to sbll or e? <-ie tssepiew t eg antoieiseU OS I bare side. Wsmhsa. *f m?T hs ff^ralir sed prtraSelr snemssytstmI tor tor Wit-II. toe Heed ray op stairs apposite Wsllsrk s. A prtvele rerss tar totose RBHTAl'RAWTB I hbralo uup w ahtep~maia a. AfOCNU HtK WAKTIU- W11H TlBoT CLASH qtutUOoMtous. ?a * light. *eoto?l. sure ?Bi b\u Isiuncly remunerative buMneae, one ra.abi.- of Inking cbarti* ot m Otli e and nooduottug correspondence, mu?t bave *2m> mi? rt-uce required. PAY. <A7 2d av. AN ACTIVK BOY OB IOUNU MAN WALTBD?IN A real estate ufflie, imm aneostomt-d to office hosuwee and a good penman, bum tuidomtand platting aud uesbletoaeeu uoobR Addrea- (1. Z. II., box 121 Herald office. A YOUNG MAM WANTBD-OF ABOUT IS TMAK8 OP ?? eeeiM aacaahier, ami be well a. <j.tainted with we ourmoojr and willing to make UJmaeif generally ueeiul "aiding wlhhie parents preferred. Addrtws. with rltr referenda end what ealary expected, HAH, Herald uffioe. BOT WANTED-^ A LAWYER'S OFriCE. ABOUT 15 years old, who writes a gaud hand. Address c. W. T, ma aid uStce, wilh I BOY WANTED?IN THE OFFIOB OK O. B. BROWN'S P?to Extractor, 51houih eL. room Ha t, murt be eneart and ladaotrtooa, aed able to read and write. balary m et year BOT WANTED?FROM 14 TO 15 YK ABB OLD, TO WAIT in a saloon and make himself ueeful .Apply at the Bank fcatoop, Wo. 9 Ham lloaatou et . from 15 to 12 o'clock A. M. Cloak and shawl, halkhmkn wanted?expb rtenoed band a with flret elam ray refc-ru ?e Apply after 5 o'clock P. M. to George A. Heare. 435 Broadway. DBT OOODB CLKRK8 WAKYKD.?ON K OR TWO ?ret rate ealesmea may apply in the mernlng. from B to U), to Owen J one a 159 Bth ar. EMPLOYMENT - WANTED. 8KYRBAL RESECTABLE and etargelie men, of good business habile, to solicit eabecriterato a new book; reliable men will be Liberal!r treat ed with Apply this day and to m or cow to Johuaou, Kry A Co., 27 Beekuuut sk, or to W 11. Knahton, aecond Boor. Respectable mkn rekktno situations as bookkeepers, eelremen. olerke, porters, Ac., should ap ply at Bi-dpaWe Merchaota' Clerks' Registry Offlon.778 Bruad way. bliualtons procured. No oommimlon In advance. Ap plicants by audi muM enclose two etampe. katal :>ah'J In 1856, O. RAWLINS, Hupk SALKHMKN WANTED -?NK OB TWO SALESMEN, having a snort Umt aed reliable trade In bowery, while goods sad aoUoea. may address boa 2 523 Bust oihre. QAI.KBMAN WANTKD?ONK WHO*THOROUGHLY UN 0 deretands the retail Curtain business in a Broad w? y store None nerd apply unless fully oompeteok Address box 1.W7 rant office. SALESMEN WANTBD TO QO SOUTH.-TWO 8AL18 men soy sainted with the retail dry goods bue-ueae. Ad drees, with references and (alary expected, boa l.OU Post office. mBATKMJNU HAIJCSM AN.?PARTIES HATINO ARTI 1 dee w hlch they wrtsh sold booth and (feet on eommlastoo, can sec are the services of a travelling by iddrtesing B. E. D . Herald oUloo WANTKD?A OEltTl.EMAN, TO UNDKBTAKE THE agen-Hee of several Important Hhefflrld manufacturers; One thoroughly acquainted with the hustneos and with the hardware trade la New Tort sad the larger ottloa required. Address bug 1,579 Past offiee, giving name In full and refe rences. WANTKD?IN A FIRST CLASH SHTPPINO AND OOM mtaatoe bouse, a boohkeopevr. address fn own hand writing, a 1th refwonsss, O. M-, drop bog Post ofMoe. WANTKD--A BOY OK 1* OR 15, WITH SOME KNOW lodge of the dry goods busteeas, must have good refe reoce a> d reside op tow n. Apply to QBOAGK KKXBA, 241 and Klgbth avenue. WANTKD?A TOUNO MAM, FULLY ACQUAINTED with the hat and cap bosteons, for a large Honthern town; a competent person can make an advantageous arraagemeok Address for two days 8. A. V., Herald office. WANTKD?IN AN HOTEL, AN EXPERIENCED MAN for 'cftlntlrg and paper banglug; mast tmdentind hU buelnrsa thoroughly and give tha beet recommendations. Ad dress (Jardner Flagg, Herald office. WANTED?AN ACTIVK TOUNO MAN IS OR 17 TEARS of age, living convenient to 7th or 10th ward: sale ry 53 to54 per week. Address Men s Furnishing Hoods, 135 bt raid odice. WANTED?A BOT, AOOUHTOMKD TO ATTENDING In a billiard room- Apply at the Eanehe Billiard and Club booms, 350 4th a v., over Partington's market. ^ WANTKD?A SMART. ACTIVK MAN WKIL AC qualated with the oyster end billiard buatnam. must be competent In both. Apply at 153 and 155 tth ak, Wlilintne burg. WANTED?AH CLERK IN A COUNTRY 8TORR, A yonrg man from 18 to 33 years of ago. One who can ?peak and write Rnglteh and German, Is active, Intelligent, has had expertenee la the retail trade, sad will make himself generAby^ueeful. may^fltto^a permanent eltuatloo by applying ANTED?A HI HOLE MAN TO TAKE OARI OF A bores and wagons. He rntpd bo a good driver sad groom, sad wiling to make himself jpmerally useful. Good references required. Apply at 51 Mhrray street, up vtafra. WANTET?A COMPETENT SALESMAN IN A BOOT aad shoo store; cms that see bring good recommendations may apply at 158S *th av., hMwaenlStaaad 14th Ms., la tha shoe Wore. ?NTED-AH ACTIVE BOT. APPLY TO J AS. A. Beam kBoa, 775 Broadway. w w Wanted -a rmaet touno man, to open otr lore aad maka himeo.f sewer ally useful. Apply at 541 Broadway. WANTKD?A TOUNO MAN. IN A TEA STORK; ONE with some knowledge of the badness sad res dleg with hie parents ta vicinity of tha More preferred. Inquire at 536 5th av. VET ANTED?A BOOKKEEPER IN A FIRST CLASH HO TV tel. Mtoatad 11 hi vuw1 dtelaace from tha (Sty. Booth, with gsm) la cash at hiseomaundTtW For month will he paid, with board aad washing, security given for tha money Apply to 0. B. Bowes AOov, Me I Ovairs M, opposite the Park. ANTED?A BOT TO ATTEND A HOSIERY AND fancy Marat one who has a W WANTED-A TOUNO BOT TO ATTEND A BAB AND opea oysters Apply at the Fan-tab House, 513d ay., hetweiw Uih aad UUete. TRY AM TED?A BOT Ot A HARDWARE RTORB; ONE TV that reside# with h<e i eky WAXTED? BT A FIRM IX QA1.VK8TOM, TEX AH, A ?rat* mltaaata far the retell dry gonda or clocMag beeteaea: e bovMp of Ike" Oormoo language and good ro firtncm reqatrec. Al*> *uM l>; Hm? Ira in ?iKTlaor>>il boobkeeper, good reference required. Add/am boa 14" Haraidufflcr txtamtbd-a halehmam. ix a rotxixHixa ooonx TV keuie. e Iwrtoepar to go to H?rt'nrd KOf good wel ter. gad a ro,lrmor. Apply at Kedpnlb'a M> rehaalc* ? flerfce' Rrgwirn 0?r<- 18 Broadway. HMuaito*. procured, Ko ooa la edr&ace letoblwhed ta IMA Q. RAVUilf.1 y^AKTWO-TWO CLKKKB, TWO POKIER*, pMB BAB keaper. oee widan. two waltcre. two Placed preeuied for alarka. m teamen. awa oa awaai aad reMroaaa. boy* tar tradaa aad girls to trersL apply at Bo. 7 "YyrAXTBlV?A LAD A B<' 0 f U OB 19 TBAB* OP A OR. to attend la a etoer aad aute Mmae i generally naefel; Trg'leh preferred. Call at Tburmy'a Pood dor Oaule depot, B Bin ad Pay. ?WrAXTRD-A HAM TO DRIVE A If route, a Orreiee preferred, aauat ai una Apply at It l-aigbt at bktail mii.k furred. aauat node retail il the buai Apply i WAXTBIh?WAMTXD?WA MTBD-1.000 AOMTI AMD mere, of all age*. Doaa lOlotp rears. aaale or female,. wee a capital of from ?10 ^ la a eleaaaat aad peytng boBaeaa, with a capital to HD. Tkey aaa make f mm Bw MOper day aeUlag dart leu'a Variety flterelnpe, which la a aew buafaeea, aad will 1 wtik ready aaie ha all parte of tba U ate i; aad all whs are otu nf ampler meal I weald adiiaa e eail eooa at Mo. XT Broadway, aoraercf PmMoa m, ap atalre room J S B. U BaBTLBTT. quatated with Ike city retail dry r oda to amart, entire mea good aatartm aad pmwaamt akaalteee wt I he gtrsw. Ap ply at tt9Hkar .fraaibtoie A M. aad ? to 7 T. It w AXrBD?THBBB EMABT TOUWM HUM. TO OAX i for cheap pobllratVma la Hamm aad BagfiaA whtrb M per day amy be reallted. Apply from 7 lob A. I aad ?te 7 f. to Bryee MaaklaanaTur let ar. WAMTBD-A riW BBPPBOTABLB rBMORS, OF both I ^ , te leer* a beenttfsl baataam, that la wen ml ed meady e?mar aad aaaaar la rrery my. aed wtll pay at learn 91* aad MO per week. Call aad see for yoaraelrm, at Ike Id renter a cMee. la Orchard aa TgTAMTBD-A MOT TO OPBX OTETRBd AT THX MALTA TV attorn, corner 1Mb at aad Kreadway. WAMTBD IMMBDIATBI.T?A TOOXO MAM TO AT teed a her aad I I hlanilf a mar ally uarf <tl. Apply AKTRD?A TOCMO MAM TO ATTEMD BAR; MOMt .. _l tkoae oompeteat aad barter pend referaoewa md apply. Apply between 9 aad IB o'clock to William Uaidwed, rat ear QoU and Plymouth we Hmnhlyp. (ATAMTKD A CLKRK tM A RETAIL BAT, OAF AMD TV far bateeem one who eae apeak Ike Baalim and Iter mail laeggeapea ami la thumughly .cqnatellA may appiy at Bllrn Kakn. ** Oread at., Wllltamakurg. HELP WAMTBD.-AMT OOOD BMtFBCTA BOiin -HELP WAPT yoUU.Mel iBmaaaa ynweg or old harteg MOO to laaa kw empleyar (beat aecurtty gtraei amy here a toe Wtnedne at at BU par week eatery, peer rowed aad permanent attuatem Bare chance ihte Apply Mr two day* at 90 WhMe wreak $500 VWETZ* map of a aaiaatelad ?B the taeapapar bnateaaa, ami tod ampteymaait te aa eld amabtttkad oWea. wtta gnod aa aurtty tor ao wwrh of Ma mower aa map be ataltl, by ad drammg CM*, boa 111 Itormtd .dbod. rHaBDIMO OM WAJIHIMflTOM BlfOBTE.-A TBI I ?rate family, rratdwg te itot hoaetlful eubnrn. wonld M lew) their bwr iynM srs ? the%BylH||,teP?m*amS*aa tore to Peru aanad atreet ?r rtty rare. The em ad a pteae aad a gnedjamall Ubrary wonld be maeddd tddiam for owe week Waahtegtaw HalgMa, tot 9 IM Peat 0OCMTBT BOARD WAMTBD-tW A FRITATB FABI Pear toek, Mr a ywawg amntad lady. wk? wtehaa in tad g pteea a ban aha r*mM bare Ma enaaMrte ft ? boaaa daring tkd temparwry nkeeeaa af bar bmjbawd. aad eketejao ntkar g^mSwa rt Jt?Z. eT* .'^SteiTn^M^'TSb Th*T BOAT FOB WBMT FOIBT. OOBMWALL. MBW 1) berg MPtna aad Fiiagkki i pig -He alaamHal AUD t will hew day dtemt pier datlr at IB A. M . teeming at TMr ttate atreet, end errtrtef at FowgktoepWa el I F B " leering FongMeepale at I P. B . ret em teg to the rtty at dM P ? Ft ?? i agrra Mr Al'dwy. Hey, ByMga er any paMt Wart aa. ?Ai*KB at AOCTIOM. A J 1*0. T. HUNliKAFOBD_A UO.. AUCTIONEERd. . hou?khou> ruKNi'ruRX PI7BUC A0CTIO*. On this day, Wed ewlay, At ihr elegant prt*st# r?dcoee No. 41 Went Rut?nth stroet, between fifth and HUth a venose ?al* aommeuciug it lit - o'clock precisely Th* catalogue roroprisiug the largest a id rti heat assortment of Household* Furniture, Ac (Mend at section this miup. The Furuitiira wu all made to order by city maker*, ami is of lb* beat desertptton viz ? Ho?wood ?ren oetave Plants ort* Drawing room Suite. Boskea?, Ktegere* Cabinet* /rvj, . _ OU I aiutlngo, Statuary. Roeewood and mahogaay ehamber furniture. Oak dm log room furniture. China, Olaaeand StJrrr Warm The Furniture was all made to order by Braansdorf. Well A Co. Drawing rojm Suite, solid roeewood, carved In fruit and tinware, covered In three colored brocade of the riaheet da acrtptlon. YU ?Two tele a t* to Sofas, two Arm chairs, two ReoepUoo Chair* etfht medallion Hack Chain, Ac., two Feoleml* two carved roeewood Centre Ta bine, btatuaty marble top to match, Etager?, lined with ?tin wood, mirror doom end marble top, eaparb Secretary and Kookcaer, Turkish Arm Chair* covered In velvet; Lady's Work Table and WHuue Deak, Inlaid with mother of pearl, made In Parti; (hu d fable, Marquetcrle and Roil da Race Cabinets, bronze and ormolu Chandelier* 0 lights, 2 extra leige mantel Mirror* rich owned f ramps; 2 do. Pier Mirror* embroidered lace Curtains, Kreneh Rustle* pearl Inlaid Htm reoaoop* with l ull act of views; superb Mandolin, Inlaid with lonolae shell; velvet medallion Carpets, mosaic Rug* Chess Table, antique reception CUair*ros*wood eofe Tables. MAtJNIPH ltNT HOhBWOOI) RlANOfOKT*. The rirheet Instrument ? Ifertd st auction this season, Su perbly nerved legs and ease, round corners, full iron plate, overstrung bass, sll the modern Improvement* made by vdty maker* fully tested by competent judges and pronounced a superior Instrument, elegantly et .uroid^ied cloth Cover, rose wood Canterbury do. Stool, covered in brooade, sheet and book Mtutlc. OIL f AIMTINtW by Cola, Inman, I-eg rand, Dan ting ton Eglew and Oelanrali; Ht Cecelia, Uorijras of Musle; 1 he Assumption of Virgin Mary, a superb ooov (mm the original to ike Louvre, Raids, Marine Vie*a, hi .rm at Sea, The Mnurglera, Winter Mesne on the Danube Market Soeue In Amsterdam, two mateh I'alnt trgs. Sceueetu bwitzarland, by RetcheU, elegantly piun'ed Landacapa on silk by Haley; also a number of very ftue cabi net Pictures and French Una kngravlng* hTaTUAR*. BHDNZKH, VASES, marble etatne of Washington. Cupid and Psyrhe, Pandora, Poetry, Musis and fainting, antique bronze buiuotlea, The Crusaders, Charlemagne, Ufcrl* antique bronze Vase* from Pompeii an t Hercuianeum; elegantly decorated Havre# China Vase* from the collection of Jerome Hruaparte. DIN IN U ROOM. Hnlld oak Buffet. richly carved, oak site?ion Table, 18 feet draw, H> rh's patent; arm Cbatr* butler's Tray. Dumb Walt er Ooaebe* silverware, ooflae Urn, oyster Tureen, tea Set 8 pluses, napkin Rings, egg Stand and BoUer, rake Rank eta, Caster* hpoou* hoi an. Ice Piluher* cut and engraved tils? ware, China Ware, from the celebrated bonne of Pee >ln A Co , Part* vtx: Deeanlar* Uobleta, Champagnae Wine* Car ad* fruit and preserve Stand* punch Bowla, uheSe'd labia Cut liry, table Linen, gold bunt dinner Het, done rated tea Be*. I'll aM BBBd. Roeewood Bureaus, Bedstead*. Commode* Wardrobes an suite, style of Louis XIV ; hair and spring Mauri'?a* Klea Wets, fc?J Linen, ltru?ele larpeU, oval Mirrors, .Sofa-, Hook ers, Ac. Also the fumiturwof the upper chambers A LBKBT H. WIOOLAT. ABOTJONEXR- -WILL dELL O* A Wedpsnday, September ? UMU, at I o'clock P. M , on the ground, 17 beauUful OuUage Sites located no the Hack an?sk Plank road, only at* miles fro? KngUah neighborhood, and within tea mlnutea' walk of the railroad slau?a. and only twenty minutes' rlda by the Northern Railroad fro? Jersey dry. The? bits van la sue fro? 1)4 to LI acres each, so cording to location. The land la Is a high Mate of oulbrmtloa. Oa H la a large dwelling ban?, a cottage house, farm hone*

and neoeasagy outbuildings, also several fine springs of the purest water, and is wait stocked with ehotce fruit of various Muds The location Is beautiful sad perfectly healthy, and the property will be sold without reserve, to the highest bid der, to elnae the estate of Paul M. P. Durand* deceased by order of the Commtastoeera of the Orphans' Court. Persona desirous V seeing the property ?n take the trains of the Northern Railroad, al Jereey Ctty, leaving at 8 and 9 A. M . and at 4 and 4 P. M.; return bag at 7 CM A. m , and 4 41 and 9 52 P. M , thusaflordlng every (anility for the aooommodetioa of buslne? men and gnollemen of lemure. Ptfty per ?at of the purchase money eaa remain on bond and mortgage for three years si seven per sect, and the title la Indisputable. For further particulars apply to Albert H. Nloolay, Mm U WU Uam street, New Turk. KOBKKT CAMPBELL, 1 WM. DE WOLFE, > Co?mk?Mner* 0. L. BLAUVKLT, J AMUCTIOM NOTICE-BT ORDER OP THE MOST ? tug**.-Be It known to all parties eoonetned, that I will offer r,r sale, at pub Ir euctiso, this day, sit the contents of the private residence No. 88 West Rlghtecuth street, between Fifth and Mith avann? oonMeUng of a large ??vrtraent of rich Bon?hold Puna lure, tine oil Painting* antique Bronzes, Kta luetic* Vases and Ornament* velvet, Bros?Is and Ingrain Oarpetg and Rugs, elegant seven octave Pianoforte rose wood case, carved legs, overstrung has* with every modem Im provement and of very floe lone sad finish; la? and hrocatel Curtains with Preach Hhar a* pier an 1 mantel Mirror* roaa wood Par!? butt* Kteger?, Tables and Magic Back Dialog Boom Bee*? rut and Bedroom Furniture of every oascription usually found In a private reside*?. The articles have be in use but a abort time, and am ta perfect order. The sale commences at 10); o'clock precisely Strangers and others ? wlnng to attend the ?la witf And R son venlrst to take Broad way or Fifth avenue iteg? or oar* O. KELLY, Mortgagee. J. MILNOr Taylor, Auctioneer. Am barm orroRTiTNmr fob nebbon* in want ? of first ola? Uahinet Furniture or Household (kmda of any description. The otmtaola uf the superbly furnished rem deaoe No. 18 Ctlnioa pise* ta Eighth soae* a few doors weal oT Broadway, will ha sold at private sale at one half Ba vela* The aeanrtmeut embraces everything accessary sad desirable for eg?inland private femtfy. All IrM ela? good* bi fine order. A few of the leading ?|dm?I??A?ml|?? 7 outers rosewood Piano, articles only pan he mentloaad. sad Mental Oruaas?fit velvet black walnut and mahogaay rarlor. inning room and < easier Furniture; riah Window Drapery, Mantel cloak* Bronx? and Deooration* OU Paint ing* align? Table Ware of all description* An. There la no and tnfte oatatogus. Nothing oan be a?ed for thai wa ha? not got. Call and a? from 7 A. M. to 4 P. M. A 0CT10* BOTIOR. A M. a EOBY AUcnOmRH. i.aRoe a wo prk?mptok* h%lb or caekiauks, UAMKi, Ae.BPITAM.K FOR THE HOUTbBBN A*I> WK8TRRB TRACK. K7.RA LUDU>?, JR., Will HO. tkto day, Wodaaaday, At U , ? CmMr MrM, mposllr ita PotI four AOs All AAA! hooks wayA, rtoOA AtjlAA. top Harftos. two AAAtfd Waroaa. Depot or HllAl ?AAA W|(AA. AO at ntprrtor Bake ABC "nlah. AAd AUilAblA for Hoalhara And WaaOia trada Alan Aft/ Bala aAarIa Aod double RVMW Kale at IhA AbATA wlthoul HBBMI. to 0I0AA AATATAl Aoctiob none* -v. ronoirrr, acittiombb. A U1 AAU thlA day. At 10K O'OlOAk, At AAlAATOOB U ? AAAAA AtTAAt. A lArrr AAd RAnrrAl AMOrtAAAOt Of DAW AAd AAoood t And furniture. rtr ? Boat wood Parlor Haltes, Ia broAAtAl AAd pluAk. do. Ia hAlrotrrh'. BahnRaay Wm, Chain And Raefeara. raAA wood AAd aahnaaay HonkraAfw. PIar AAd Vat tel Mirror* I'Ard. Centra and rtar TablAA, with AAd without aarblA lopa. Rroaaato. thrae ply aad ln*rala ''arprtk. l-ouaraa. Ma Bad atnadA, auhorany French aad i v*tago HAitA?rtA in rraat ?a rtrtr, Aprtar AAd rurtod balr Mut waaaa. Cutlery, atlrar plated AAA th# wbute to b? pATABptortlr aotd. And worth/ the at lAAltna at hooaakarpAra aad '<thera Acono* botick-to southkrb and wkktmbb 1 morrh .nto -HkN R Y ORBRR, wtU tall, thti da/, at 10 Sd o'rtcek. at ItM ttliltjiin airtat. Orotertes, Tea. Moan. Oaadlea, Poa Villa, (tat Vo*l flour. Vermicelli, Vaatard. Maohe4 Horrtn*. 17 bblA Flrtlad Horrtn*. Dried (trmnoa rtart, Hal woa. Plua Tobacco, Cache. KM caaee 'taiwu Udo Rat Hub #7 bnietPateol Mediator*. 1 Rail Tnlatrarb for a hotel, 13 <? oaaka Hruhdy I cakka Old Pan Wloa, 1 do Ram, 1 do <lta, V 00 pouAda Whit* UU, > Into Hafao, 3 oaaka Pal* Ala, Roar I PuBpa.RtAAdC4Mka.Ra. AM VRkWTV. AUlTTOKRRR. , BY BANUS. MRBWIK A CO. IrrtBR Bulldta*. IB aad MM Rnoad way . iaiiUBb _ A (atra Works la Rctaaca, I "lactone. aad caaaral particular* aao eatA o?ua. , ray. Wednesday *raolua. tauiember 13 at 7 tfolork. Madteal I MtaeallAAonoa Books, A iaiRe aollooUoa. eabraetar tMaa - - - ? literature, Aa. for a. bicharh". auiT'ohrrk. too cahbh boots. As. riobari ? , Bboaiaad RniRaaa at aocUoe. bp HIOdAKDH A WHITISH on WodiMAdAT, ttrptembar It. a' lost o'ota-k. at Mara Bo. M CorUaadt eweet, b*in? a toll aad prime ABnrt ?idH Acotiob noticr-a curat har'iain -all tub | Pumltarw at a prtrata family. i?aiorad for ona rente uoe at mir to the atom Tt rtlttk atmuia. ooa door below W***rl#y plana. wtU ba aotd at piiraia tal?. tkta day at a Rraat aadri ft ta for aaak. noatotolnR of no* artMd mawwood Parlor Run. awl ? baa ma ttli will br a.Id for 11*8 oan a ltd man wood Holt, onrrmd la a man allk cloak, will ba anld for lilt a lot ad rati amid par or aad bad room PoroRaroi alan ?atkaRanr. aad Maoh wainat dlatAR and bodrauan Kuratiarn, (AarpaM, CRtahdb. aad tilaaa Warn. _____ AUCTIOW BOTHTt BCEVBaVB PURVrPURR RZ pnwa and PM-kta* RnabU<bmaai. Ill aad 113 turrantk Mmat. batwarA Plftk and Mstk arr?aa HtmaaboM fgrultnra of arary daanrtpttna homd aad abipprd to all parla of tba world PoraVura af faialltaa !???"> wBA aara. Rto rata far farakura. A t'CTIOB -PMRBOBB ABOUT RRMOTIVtt WTTJ, PTJTD A It m tbrtr adrantara to rail aa Iba Oraal MatropotRan ?. !_ I?0 VatVA or ? aad tt Riar Mraat. Pour Mora* traipnnarar nwanrlaR faMUMa la Iba muatry or Mtr liana at ail ibb All kluda of Mataary, Paiabaaa, Plaaafartm. I*t?r i in At . rraaorrd wub aara ind at oor rt*. Paroltara paebad aad Mdppad to all paru of thr world. T UOU1.DRV1TR. ProprlMor. AUTTtOB BOT7CR?R kVUKI. OBOOOD. ACCTfOV rar. It llaa atmrt. will ami. tbta day, at tba Mpirr Worth foal of Port Twroly fourth do*, at Id o'clock, a lot of Vac bit cry. Ac. Hold fr atnraa* aad o'hrr char rat Baa admrUaaarot la IHJly Ttaaaa. aiancd Haauri LpRRat, Hopar a nmoB nomt-DiRB "wmov or partvrr A able?RICIIaRO WaI.IRRM. Anotlaawr eeUeibladAy, at WtcWrr mraat at lou ovi-wb no* Iatr* trurt at cart llorar. oaa aormUnmr burn Horaa, two Cnrla oaa Trunk. I wo KM.ha Raraaaa. alal?k Bnlla. Wbr-la, Aa. Balr porturr and Aumo* KAtJt-<>? A I.ABOB ABO BXP1KKITR Moak af H ot. MaUoMtry aod knararlna*. at ?M Rmud way, oa Wr luBitay rrralaa. ?rpt It. at 7>, aad faUowlnR araalatta, Ull tba aaura Maoh tor J. B MkTBBR Anntlonror. i*(7waro BCWMBCK. APC HrpoBiuift? CPRRR PBRBCH AMD RMill.lHM FA MOT OOODR R A P. H SORBBCK, oa Tbuf ?y aad PrtdarfM flat toala, at ion Cats"*, at ihakr iilwum. ko Mt twai. Iba trsl Rraat aala af iba Boat anparb Faaar ? Mdaaaaaaa. aiMr itotAR a rary tonra lamawt at aa aaw aatoaraa ard tadtki ja? iBaoriad. amatolIar af BUKIAVT B. ? LVD ? U, H O'atnak A. H , at lha nrttaiw o'tV "ORood. Bai., wa DayrR. taJuuaakRMaai af ihaawaar RrttoRto Zu . Iba atonal HooarhaH Pamkara, Workaaf An, Ac rrata, roaatoliaa of auHa of rarrad a rtt a aim aad a mm* Part*, IdnM Roora aadBadraa a mitnra. aaw aad baaattful ptotmr, Wnrka af Art, OH toitowa aad Faaay Antctoa. aartaa ?ad, lUMmaara. Bad I Hrddtnr. INaarr aad Taa Krla of rRtaa Out (Maaa, Ar ; albar * "M iba ? Mr taa ParaMaru ?* Hiab| Plat tola. i WaRaaa. a jmrinr Oow. aad aararal lar*a Brahaaa oa A* Ac TMBooaa. with *K armanf Laad. will ta d oa Iba aaaa* day at It CaMk B. Tto BudaaaJUrar ilmad nan banfiatanatrato at TX n'toaak,aad TMny K auaa* at MM CaioKk A. M. ?UilB AT AUCTION. AT. OOULDBMITH. AUCTIONEER ? Pert oxntory and aliractlce AUCTION BALI Of maynlflceat and oosuy rosewood and mahoffauy HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, At the elegant private resideuoe U Warn KJeveoth street, be tween Fifth and Huth avenues. _ THIS UaY (WEDNESDAY), at .1'% o'oiock. Costly Rosewood Funofoits, Rosewood Drawing Soon Sulla, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, ? , , Elegant Rosewood Btegere, Karratoira and Bookcase, Royal Axmlnater Carpets, All the furniture araa mad* to order, by Bodlne, Rout A Co., only Uat May, and cau be folly guarenteod. Catalogues are now ready and can be had ear y Una rao-mng Parlors?Oaal ly auitee of raeewood oar lor Furniture. covered with crimen*. Bd and Hue eatln, aatln aeay Lnungc and Turkish Chair, y'a lecretolra and Boolumae^ pier, mantel and oval Mirrors. Made In this elty, aolld rosewood. doable round onrneta, pearl kc>a and Inlaid with mother of pearl; raeewood OamterWy, Stool and French cloth oover; royal Auimlnater Oar pete, moaaia Ku(m, lace ant brooatel Curtains, Oorntoee. els, Ac., aatln Dtvana, Ottomans, valuable oil Paintings, Eugruvtnge, Ac , real Brcaxee,' Roman Vi Parian marble Ornaments, Kncotgnuree, Boiade rues Cabinet. CHAM BEER, Roaewood mahoarany and walnut Bedsteads. marble top Bureaus Wcabstand, toUK Bete, hair MaUremea. leather Beds, feather Pillows, Sheets, Linen, Blauketa, Bedspreads. Lounge and Kaay Chain; walnut chamber b ulte of aoven ptenea, lace Curtaina, Cornices, Clock, Mirror, Oil Paintings. three ply (a (rain and Brume la Carpeta, caue aeat and eprtng t'halre, dofaa and Bofa Beds. DI hlira BOOM. Oak Krtenaton Table, oak Buffet and oak Arm Chain, Brae pels Carpet, bronze Clock, mantel Mirror, French china Dinner Bat of SOU pleoee. china decorated Tea Set. ivory balanced handle Knives and Porta, Table and Tea Bpnona, English cut Ulaaiware. Crockery, silver Oaator, Mirer Tea Bet, Aa ; Ac. Aleo neat Baeement Furniture, Kitchen Uteaslla, Ac. M. B.? Sale positive, rain or shine. wood Hun telle Board, velvet Carpel, lace Curtaina and I.i brikli e. Sc. Din try Room a?Klonly i H HENRY B LEEDS A CO. AUCTIONKKRS.-M. I LKEDB A OO. will eell, by sncllae, on Wedneadey. Net tember 111, at IS o'clock, la front of (tore No 23 Nassau ctree a black Hone, Id hands high. all rearao'd, long tall, warrant* aound and kind In a'l harncaa and under the saddle, vary ?t itah C river and e geod borer qp ? nanw, too hmubiib bi min, ni, >m irinnuny, umi tember SO. at 10% o'elnck. at the of J. F. Davta A Co., It Octtlaoat alraet. Freeh, aeaeoeable roods for city and coun try drade. Boll's Ferry. Auction notice-bourdon wniSKKY.-HB.vRir URBAN will sell, this day. at 10% o'clock, at 19* William street, per order of the uaslgnee, sc .cn casks superior old Bourbon Whiskey. JUOTION NOTICE.?CONSTABLE'S SILK OF bK l cars.?HENRY URKKN will sell this day. at II o'clock, at 1W WUHani street a large lot of Havana, domestic and tier- | man begnre, per order Thomas Cuahlnc, Constable. FOOLTON, auctioneer. ? Rich Household Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloths, An. F. COI.TON will sell on Fri lay. Sept. 21. at 10% o clock, the entire Furniture of a larye three story bouse, removed from Brooklyn to the store Heck mar street, In tbla city. Thla as sortment will embrace mucli that is really yood furniture, most of which baa been made to order, reyardleea of expense, and ta use bat three months There are several rich Parlor butts, in oak and back walnut! library and bedroom yood a, rhlnemnd ytaae ware. Eztension Tables, Ac. More full par ticulars to morrow and next day. Catalogues will be ready on Thursday afternoon. HKNRT K LEEDS, AUUTIONKKR?SALESROOM 29 Aasaao Street ? Kleyant sale of Itouaehold Furniture.? 11KN-- Y II. IJtKDH A CO. will sell at auction, on Wednesday, September It, at 10% o'clock, at tae private residence ltd Meet Thirty-fourth street, a ley ant Household Furniture, at made to order by Rout A Marks, and of the most fasbtonable description, onoslsttny of? Farlore- Rupe-h carved Rosewood Bull, with medallion heads In baa relief of the 1'reaideats of the United bistev, covered in flowered saun damask; coif (1 >00; carved roiewood seven ootave Pluto, nude by Wm. Hall A Hon, of superior tone; Rosewood 8uH,.ln yreee and gold silk brooatel: gilt frame Pier and Mantel Mirrors, two rtohly carved rosewood Kncotynurea, marble tops; rosewood, satin wood Inlaid Cheaa Table, rich lace Window Curtains, velvet Medallions, Carpeta and Buys Extension Room? Bneewoed Butt In yreen veivet, raeewood Kinnatae Dining Table rose ' carved oak Buffet, Table and Chairs Kruaeelu Carpeta Bed rooms -Carved rosewood Bedroom bull, c maiming of Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waahalands, " " ~ " r, OHr' ~ " - * ' Chairs and Rocker, Oilcloths, velvet Stair Carpet and Rode, hair Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Ac. KNRYH. LEEDS A CO., AUCTIONEERS -SPLENDID Japanese goo. a, Lacquered ware, Inlaid Cabinet*, J a jiuw Amor _Ka?c> articles Opera Scarfs Pag das. Ac., Ac. ?...<RY H LKKDRA Co. will sail by aunlon, ouThuraday, 10th and Friday, Zlrt Feptember, at No 7X3 Broadway, next door to the ooruer of Truth street, at U o'clock Cars day, at elegant Invotoe oi Javanese goods. Just rece red from Japan, via ban Francisco direct. In this Invotee will be found articles ?otlreiy new la this oountrv. soma of whieh are very unique, amnagfrtheas are larye < 'ahlnets, mounted with sliver, fr MtaooTToUet ~ " ' ~ Hoxaa clove do, Pagntas, Scarfs. Opersdo antique Poreelaln Brszlas, Writing *De? s, elegant neeire Table. 1 riok boxes and Tope, Trays eom lexc -lauaneee Amor, Fire Screens, embroidered with raised silk figures Egg 'hips gold lined Saokee Booties and Cups, Shawl Boxes and Trays, etrawtolsld work Heuwv, ?tth siding coon. also. Jananeea Vasee, real China, about 4 000 real Japanese Riwou suah as every one ? 1U desire to have. These yoo-'s will be on exhtbl tioo from Tneeday, IMk Inst , until the sale at the above store, and every an tele la ordered to be sold for what U will bring ts try the market F. MONTOOVKRT, AUCTIONEER.? 500 OABK9 Boots, Nhoee aad Itroyans si anctt m <m Thnrtday. bep LANDH ON THE HUDBON RIVER AT AUonON?WTLL be sold at public aurttna, at Mooocy's Hotel, Hull's Fs AJ be sold at public aucthm, at Mnoosy s lintel, Bull's Ferry. N J , oe Haturdav, the Bd iy of Sepiember Ipstaat at It o'oloak. Boon, the Farm lormsrly of Oathartne C. lonny, de unit, situated on the west side of the Hudson river, be tween Bud's Ferry and Fort Lee. about ooe mile earth of The homestead toumot vies about thirty acres, end MeUyfklp nt of 7T0 situated no the Hudson river, with a front of 770 feet oo the river, and forma a parallelogram nearly rectangular of about ?tllMhi 1,700 feet deep. It Is dliustly opposite lUth street. In the etty of New Yt rk The eztensHa of the Hudson River Turnpike Kara al-ey the front It la about # miles distant from the Bo en fern, and about T% miles from the Vorty second street, or Wcebswkea ferry, ermi ected with holh by the Iludaon Elver turnpike, one'of the daeet drives In the vxctahvof New York Nearly oee fourth of the land tide below the UU along the river, sloping finely towards the Hudson. The residue fi elevated asd commands extensive views cf Iks H wham and over Manhattan Island, Isms Island and Oonneetkot. Its south side sdJntes Iks nisllsen of John Fas Wart. Esq. Also, A Wood Lot at seven seres, on the hill, about sixty she Ins from lbs Hudson river, adjoining lands at Pareut Ds ^StfTSTprop-*, map bo^mmi - -tfSfcT.. No I Exchange plaes, Jersey CRy. sear the ferry. Mhaoripiobnt hockkhold rcRNrrchP -th* ad rrrU??r oil an far a few day*, at prima aala. tha aoiir* ?iagani P drnllara la the Bra story r raider re, tlX Waal Pour tonolh afreet, bat an? KlghU and Mtnih avenues, belag la par fart order and the rarf brat daarrtpUna. e instating of every thine to ba f Mad la a dial elaai rortdenrn, sort aa a vary an Ktar re aa wood Ptaaofdrto. three aoiid rosewood Parlor AaMa, e?tn, ootid rueewuod ftadaiaa aaatra aad aida Tables, par lor rarwpUoa Chairs. elegant Tarkiah aaay Chairs, ptar aad mantel Mirror*, OU Paintings, oak Dlniug ronai Furniture, Chlan. ulaa* and Bll'er Ware, together with a largo i ariet of Bn* Bedroom furniture, In roaawuiai and mahigacy, bad* and Handing, Carprtn Aa Tha wh.Ak ha ring ml twar >16 000 will na aold la lou to auk purohaasis at a grant aacrl tea la lumen toaoca at removal. Pmawnrroxkr-b'bai.i h'i.iw a 00,:n'l'tr ta rtaa ati aat, will aall thw <tay. at IUW o'r.o. k. MM h Ik aad otbar Preaora. trao'o CI-chin* Oul.ln market* Mrrta hhawta, Ae. Ry ordar of H. PaKKKR, 17 Rorth William at. Rfl albor Praaora. wan'* CI.,thing. Unit* Itlarkata kbeeta, ... . . .. - ?' - B RK*, IT r - ? pwtRj.i, w wrboott, Afi-Tiojtirjtik^BP t pt ircr. _ Honaahnld PornRura at A not ma By ordar at Kroast R H<ak, R*-, To-morrow, Thursday at IClf o'clock. at No MM ? If lean tk straai, want of HUta araoua. maarrt?in< thr rntira hand* ana Iaraltur- ??f tkr houaa. ail of which artii ba paraaap torlly sold and mnat bereotoied to mcl lately from tkr pram ara, which go talo U>? handt of othv-.partiae on HaMrday. The better la handsomely fnrnhAol throorhoat, Pnc,itnre aatlrely nww, having ban* n irvbaeed Ihraa mnntha an aonatdlaf la part of rtah ?'a/|>ata ihmiigbouiath? how** two Trench mar and manlal Mirror* magatOnaot rnaawmd Plan ?fort a with four round corner*. a nob and catty laatmawnt, rood rwawnod parbw Pnruitnra an auita. compciilnc tminima ptaaea. covered In rleh Rr natal with rlip (mora; naewond aaatra and nlar Ta blaa. Mda < hair* and Rorkara In broeatvl. Kaar and Area (hali* in tapratrr and repa. till Patntlnga ami no wtuaii am Historical. Arahltartiiml and la oiamp' Views, rtrh Mania. Hrunraa and Vaaa*. oak aitanwoo Tahla. oak marbla top Huffrt, oak di.ilng room Chair* tint Qlaaa. Mire- roflee and tea Bar ilea lea Plufcer* Spoons, Po'ka Mat vara. Tamer*. Ac , Iranck ("hiiin mat Mirror* Tetaatotoa Umngaa (ittemnaa laoa Curtain*. Landmen* tikadra. rnaa trend marble lop Mtagar*. wMt a aiiMbw of baaotifnl at* C* Orn.maal* Pamuwgsand Rcgraithga. rosewood Aram Huratu, with marbla top*, roaaaaua marbla lop Weak ttanda. rich aarrad rtadraada. with large hair M iItraaam, Pal llaaae* to Bt. brd? aad bedding; Teigatvtea, aprtag *aat aad noting* (hair* Ingrain ('arpeta. Omaha, aaaa I'handa harm Turkish Intm A* : mahngsny furniture, enuttattng of Hndmeedn. Humana Tat aa. Maltmaaaa. An . with a largo quantity of pai lor, diamg roon. ehaMhor and htaamaai Rural turn, act har* enumerated all of which will bo nhrolutoiy a ud wlthnnt 11 ear i a. Pun-ham ra ran obtaia catalogues at tha hnoao and aiaMlao tha furniture prorlnua In the aala Papa sua will bo inquired of all purehMora. PAWRRROKRR'R BALK OP~HRRR CliOTIIIRli.?J RoRTIMKA will aall. n? Thurnday, Host O. a largo and ralnalla aaanr' " *- " .... Phola. Vaote. othor*. by ordor . h (iKRATRirT KAI.R (if ill! riNSriT l.tKp AMP of R. than baa boan aold la VirgtaM for the IMI Bfty taaoot of man'a clothing nonalattng of OoaM Ar j all worthy tha atlanllna of laalaro aad r of i. Mneh il Wraad dia l AIRO l? VAM7ARLB R COR OKA. OOmUMliTiTBRB SAM LAMP. RlTtSB, AC ? of adrrroa of tha ( irmltOnert for (krnilo --akar. u A* am i.OnO aaroa of Land Mtoatct on both aldm of tna Rap p? baa nook rlrw. about two) to mllaa hatnw Prodortrfcahurg A larga portion la lb* rnlobralad Rappahaaaoak rtrwr bottom, aol aohtaat te> ororftow. I* of mat farblltt la a hlak atala roRfradna. aad wall adarlad In lh> growth of wheat son aad t ibawo. It la r mllgtimia to anat ml wa. m nbnrrbaa Irlrigiu. m dWrrawl druvimlnetb* # ri Obrlabana and la In lha mldai <i a healthy nalgbmrhmd. wall ar tiled aad a rnluralad aad rl reliant aoetety, equal to aa* la Viret.ia Tha land I* dlrtdad by tha happahaaanrh rtoor Into two trarta. Mom Hack. cmUlnlag aboet IM arrea ilea oa lha amttk rtdo of the roar to tha on nty of Caroline About aerwa are la wood, heary Umber of original growth Tha rerddoe R arable Itad of line qnelRy. some AUO arras being rl.or loam, the ream near a aUd rmy anil The iMororement* oa this tram rnnaf?ta of a larga aad ala gnat bnrd attdna Bnlahi it la ISfrt cwialaMig aliteen rruaw, with atarbta maniela a larga hall, three pmagM aad Ml aorrbea, a Mh marble Iran There ana alao two aoMfurlab.e I framad dwelliag huaara oa the trart.gaa wnrta with *.l Ike Mir"1--- aa oWea. with all the nmaaary natholMlaga at* bnog for Mrty hnrrea. ah largo baroa aad granartea altera negro robins laibd and plaafrrad. ottk nrtrh ehlmaera and a I wharf A Bakery nan he easily eatahltehrd oa the laa t Thu . anpliaaar a aa <d>ea. with all the nereaaary oatholMiag* ata ktlDg for alrty horrea. ah larga baroa aad granartea atVe* negro naldas Imbed nod plaafrrad. wttk nrtrh rhnao*ia and a wharf A Mkary nan he easily eataMiehd oa the land Thir iron nta 1 ' dl?Hed Inpi Uirre narnata. ha< In* a dwelling hoi.a* and all Ih* ni na.ry tarm bMilliogs en eerk Parlay Tate, dotal lag about I T i) ink Mas oa Ih* mirth aide of the neai. la lha moat? of K lag .dmrga a ho i arg, aorta are la wood about 400 arras are nonlaiaed la a aoroaut. ?aiuah<o for wand and aa * rang* for rattle and kg., the mat dae la rtrar loam, af rare and >ueiha<w* bl# feruity. Therg la a Bahdry I Rail eh M> Uua Ind with lha aareeaary ? ntttt of baa'*, asiae Aa A* , and a Bah boom. The nthar Imrroeo Biente er.noha of t (oMfnrtable framed dwatlc a houaa. O a wlnlag eight neat. wRh all the oaeeeeary r.otwidlata; t?a nagro eablna. lathed and aiae'ered arRh t.rtrk ehlatney*. aid Ihraa Raw* baraa aad granartea Tha grain produoe] cm this tract Is dlarhargrd lain tcwtu by a apout. Tbraa trarta will ba sold, subject k> ainianniM by Ih* Court They wt'l alar ael. at Ih* same time aad atas. oae hi id red ?nd ality Br* alarm enmprWat awh.naVmw aerraaii aad farm hands, a larae aumharof knm anlra nut aat tie of Rapiorod breeds aad a I the na ad pWRtaitno aad farm ing tmalewieata "f the beat kind aed enamraeuoa. Tb* terms ot sale will he linaral The sale trtil ba roatlauad from day lb day uetti enwipletod. and tf p-atp. ead oa arc nai of toelaaaeat weather wfl take plane re the he it fair day Rlihard tVwbm. rmidlar at Miaa' Po k aad R. OnTOta. a Parley \ ale wU ahr e lha r rem am In aat ear da aWri* In atemtae (bem Aay canmaalmiioa may b* addrmead to, aad f arthar Mar martoa. If deal re 1. amy b* nbtaiaad. by MipkrmUaa to T H HAK.TOR. W B Couuaa. aad Ommtoaaaero af Ba r ? TlrrtAAwdlKMI NA.-KS AT Alt TIO*. ? mtjtr. 11 J < im.wii aw ?i iu f o v,*wi a a i, ^ . Lounc* Ohnlm. Taol-*. * targe atewlmfnt ul i m,* i li .nJiv 1 oil Pu,n;,iga leather UedA dry ?u , U-r>, lane and drapery ( uiu.m. A*. a. JM iRIARTT, AOOtlOERER WU . ?cure m Ohauiaui aueet at L, , f*?. Lounge* Chair*. Tabl-a, on# bun." " Cutlery, St J. BOO ART. AUCTIONEER ?THIS DAY, AT hd ? o'elc k the aurLuo MOUJ, No. 1 Noru WUkam n,,^J I !on*Ublr a nni.' of a lot in art I* lop Tatilea, OBI eolld n-..,a? Coupler, lot Oil ("loth; all to be .old a .black to i?o . u. 14 mortgagee. Aino a leaae ol 1be baeeeieu: u.orthwoat loruw a Pourth a_J Oreeue au mi)#. .MIVUaKL McCAMW, Oonambls, bliteanii ward SA J BOUART, Al.'CTTONMFRH.-THl? D?T AT l?; < o'clock. the ktjetton miiu, No i Nona Wilda? atreei Honaebold furniture, oonaletmg of mahogany Sola* thaim, Kerfeteed*. feather Beds, HraaeeWOarpiM, oral Mirror* Work table* Office Drake, Bet rlgeratnr, round black walnut Tn Lies, K lichen Furniture. Also, one bueineei Wagon on* road Wagon, bay Horae, Ac. SA. J BOUART, AUOTIONKBRR.-TIU8 DAT, AT MM ? o'slock. at the am'ttoo rnome. No, 1 North William auoet. Countable'* aale of our Herring'* Fir# Proof Tafe. JOHN B farrinotun. rooaubi#. lla. gag* SA v IIOUABT, AUOTIOMBBRB, -THl'RSBAT, ? X a. 11 o'c oca, at No 6b Haralay atreet, Uoaauble'i fmiffi t* e Deaka, Iron Safe, < 'ha .re. raara of Drawart, to.. An. oharijw r WATT*. Co?unta. SA J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS -THURHIIAT, 8 KPT. . *J at 1 o'clock P. M , at 734 Broadway all (be rght, title and Intercei ct (lenrgw Ptema, of and Into the Fnrnttarn and Ilaturea ol tbc Junes liuuae. CliARIJS y. WATTB, ( onauola. SA J. BOUART, AUCTIONEERS-WILL KRI.I, ON FBI . day. Kept 21. at S 01 lock P M at 1'. V. Port * lioud, lit Pulton atreet, on account of whom it tnay oaac to pay at rage and ripe.iM, a lot ol tint'aimed Trunk*, t'.oUilng, 4c., 4c. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS ?FRIDAY, BRIT *. . at 1UK ovinck, at the Auction Room* No 1 Nortk Wt banc all ret. Oonatatur a aale one trunk of Hooka aim oa ac count of whom 11 nuty ooiiceru, lo pay aloragt* and etueaaaa, two irtiukaol ilothipg. JaMKB o'JLL.vaN, ConaUMe. WM WITTTRN, ACtTIONRRB?WILL RKI.L THW day, at % o cock, nt 45t t'anet alre^t a. the ywnaii furnlltur of n larrr houur Pari a- Mil: 1 uuu, pier and maw trl Olauri. oil Palntlnfte lac and damaak i ttrtalna, onotiw. aide and other Tnblee, Kteperea. Book tun. aaa I'bandebnea, rlcpant veltct and other < arpeta, tbrc p'.y tngram, eta-r do.. Hods, hall and baaement (Mlclotka, marble lop and pta|p dram Bureaua, Waab etaada, toilet Ware, mahogany and otbar IleA eteada. hair eprtra and other Mattreaa-s. feather Heda. Bed uin*. lublr and bed Linen <1 nlng room and kitcbeo furniture, mabi ganN fo aa. raue and other Chair*, t'ouc iea, atone, Ika, wood and other W are*, the whole oompru. if a tine aeeortmani for family uae PKRSOSAlc ANY PXBBUN WIBHINO TO ADOPT A PIMB A healthy girl, three wreks old, will pleaae add rem J O.. elation P. 'third avertui. or boa 136 Herald offlee. for oat week BCRKF. -IP THIS MRKTP TIIK BYK OP T'lOWAA Burke or Patrick Burke, aoua of one Hluabcth Burka, ef Dublin. Irelamt, and they apply b) Meaari J. At' Ball. No IP Hume atreet, Dublin, tier may tear of aomethlng to their advantage. DAN 8. HAS JDKT ARRIVED PROM CL1NOB. allghtnally mixed. Doc on dren to da., and uunka yew mnat be tiibloua by tbia time Dam taou. all rtitbt I'onntrp aale arnaraUy. Your*. Ac... PLKUTIO. N. B ?Tboeaaa at a diacount. and rarr era two ceuu otwt to day TNFOPKATIOM WANYRD-OP MR M.'lll kol, 1IARKRB I Parqoenr. of Hrooklyn Miaa B1 en Pearaon. th, grand daughter ol Mr* ('reach of Limerick. Ire.aud. would like ke aer elm. Call at Ul wishlagttm atreet, N. V. INFORMATION WANTND?BLKKCKEA BIKKRT AB* Broadway, June 13tb lint. Will U. li, nddrewt or ml at Brady'* Gallery, Bleerker atreet and Broadway, tomorrow at a o'clock, as a lady wtahea ?olearn term* for leaaoua in the Italian anguage. Addreat O. li . Hern d oRm. Ma. W-II AYR BAD THB I KI.LOW FEVER AM . well now Do write me. Something of Importance te < imm'ntcalr to you FKRt R8. SOUTHERN.?LETTER IN UEOADWAV PlfBt office for you. Signed, H. XTOTICE.-If I.RWIS B. JONKK, NEPHEW OP JOHN is Brtaslngtiin. of Nrwbern North Carolina, wld aldreea? lrtle; to A. H . box iffZ New York Puet olboe. Mating bia where ahoulu If will lie informed of a matter greatly to hla Intervwa SHOULD BMP MB? Wl EYE <!l rilAN/. TRAPP or Ogitcrabelm Oermany. be will hear of aomethmg te Ma advantage by calling on L. Mart A Co 13 Brand at-eel M SCPPOBRD TO BK IN BOBTON?INFORM ATIOif iuM, of Jane I>u ty. supposed to hare lei; Callfbrnle m July leal. by Edward 1'tilTj. letcy linked la Naw Tot. P.'rase rtirect to No 1781 treaty second alree., corner of fM ate sue. Beaton paper* plea* lo^yr. i.:av m, LacoriUN. TUESDAY. 8KPTXMBBR 11. MR.i PRUPKNCB HUNT tng left her bnmr at 7H o'clock to lb* evening to rrnaa Catharine ferry to New York, aud baa uol bee . heard at aaaa I* '?* .cars old, baa bronn kale, la about A ; pet 3 tachea ta height had on a dark calico drew, llghl hood and ehawL a email earrlny lo not ea' one tooth out of the fruot at lar mo U> aud a large came-i breaatpla ta her pocket Aay la formats* arttl be thantlally received by her aoa Id law. Ik. 1'aiU iOn Water meant, hrooA.yn. OHO ?OAl> 1 B1E TOP THCRSPAT. SK!'T ?. IHdR, at 4 P M . at the place I aaw yo lief Dou*fadL aa I mual aee you. DOB. ~ LOW AB? rWWD. o5~DOBT~LAST FRIDAY NIGHT?LOUT A UTTU nh'te and black Dog, wuh a braaa oollar. Whoever return the dor will set a rood reward, at No. I D iana Luiimio'i batooa. riDND?A OOI.D W ATI ill AND CHAIN ON TOR Sixth avenue The owner can recover the earn, by callimi at o. P. Waahrurn'a rtore. 13 Eighth aven .a,'aud protlugpro per ty and^aj lag charge# TjKiUNP-A ORRTIIOUND, WHICH TUB OWNBK CAN" P ha>a bv aaylagegpaeees and proving property Apply at 77V Broadway. r>L'ND?ON SATURDAY, 1ITH IN?T . A WaTOBL The owner c.a hare the anmr by previa* propertv wed paying etpetaea apply to John t Inn SI Wee'. KiXeewdb ?tiret beiwn n the h?ura of 7 and If P. M. LOST?ON FRIPAT HYMNING, RBTTBKBKR ( WMI one took by mlatake. from the Merchants Hotel, N. T., a CArpet liar eontatnu a elntlUng, and lundry booka and Papers, armr ol which related lo ihe retail of Henry Sudden. de eeaaed As said papera are of valne to tbe ao 'errC'cr, h? wM pay fid reward to whoever wtll be ret im th- abc e Pi him, at hie residence, lu Depue-t. N. *., or to Jaoiea He Ifiolrt No ft Heco-id a.enue, N. 1 HKNRY KV ANA. T OfT?ON MONDAT FVKNINO, I THINK BKTWyBff Aj ISA Weal l .iteei.tlj alree; and ? mer ot fbrtii aveaua mm Fo-ttreenUi air ret a go d hunting Walah wHfi h P.- fiaia al ia'bed t,lrkle moveinr:.;, numbered fl.AIC l.kvt Tuetuidv wtu be well rewarded by leaving It ?lib JOHN K SHUT PAR If. al ISA Went riftmnth street o N't F. Via mrr-t N. T LOKT-BS RFWARIf? t RNAt.:, TAN CrL RBI DOG. a kite round the nerg and bel.v and anawr a to Urn uaaaa of Fanny. It retanted t > s; Iiefd ? Hal II Canal at aw. Aa alove reward will be paid LORT.-A FAIR OF OO PRPI'-TACotS tN APirtPLN rare pi Hroadwa' ha?ne?n Cecal and He nat n Arete W wltl be paid lor their delivery at tit Fourth alree*. Lost - a hank hook on the kbamkn & y ayinmp HanA >0 RM It waa in tae o at that waa at, lap from, tbe ar-ev dork, the finder will pteaae retm It te IM baak. Bo 78 Wall atraat N ;m Pn KR MoLl.KR. LONT-OIATriCSnAT. NBPTPVBRN U, A HBAVT (JOUB Chain, having a large gold book el attached, eoaietmag twomin-at, rva one of a lady tbe o'her of a unitlr man alee, a paw of gold hie Oleasee, an a large ,et I'raae. rnouatoa a thgoM. The finder wtll b?i an tahly rewarded b; ice*mr the chain ant AT. r>a at 11 West Pi . rleenib atreet Of If Ida Ireket la returned fbe otheefkrhdos amy be' retained ant aa putattooa will be aehed. LOST-ON MO AD AT, ITTH INKT BK..OW FffLTON at reel, a Hold Imeket Watch Bey ooata n* MAeo-m, aad TBluablr only 10 ha owner far f,,ecr will beaollabiy ra warded oa ea, og the lame with C Hall, (A Broadway Lot.i -on *7.Niiat aFtbknoon Is mTh mton acreet near Second arer ue cos < I A. lee a paten: all ear plated aeree <* ere Seven Aboole-a The finder will tie kha rally rewarded by lea,log " at ?? Br,indnay _____ L"o?rr-A HUT. 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