Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAI.I) r r ' ,f WHOLE NO. 8779. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. OPENING DAY M THE METROPOLIS. THE GBEAT CRBOLfflE 8EI8AT10R. Tie New Terk Belles PrtpaHw; te Asteafeh tie Priaee ?t Wales* WHAT THEY WILL WEAR. ?rand Display of tie Modistes and BUliners for tie BalL The F. MeF.'s In a Flutter. ?riH iMskto eff Hki, Satias, Brecsdes, Me istlfMt, Pealt de Seles, DU MB*, Fleuces sad Farkelews, tin Ae>i 4c? ??Opening Day" In September, the autumnal equinox of Ike bahjonable year, pawed ever yesterday with more than its customary cclol, considering the weather. For the bust two or three seasons it boa been unpTopltioun to a degree that tested the enthusiasm of New York la Hes a the cause of fashion, and they hare stood tho teat tri umphantly Thi-r. w.ra more sty! ,*h equipages rolling through Broadway, and more lady pedestrians appearing and disappearing suddenly on the side walks of that thoroughfare, than were ever seen en such a day before. On theee semiannual celebrations Broadway always looks its best and bright est; Its windows dlrplay the richest products of home and foreign manufacture, glittering gents and shining silks and costly laoesare there la profusion. Indeed, on "open ing day-' it reminds one of that Italian city which, on a Fun day, centuries ago, opened Its Broadway and hung rich brocades and prioalesa velvets from doors and win dows, and displayed all its rare merchandise and manu Bcturee, that the Japaneee prinoea, In passing through, might form eome Idas of the commercial enterprise, wealth and Industrial skill of Its people. We have nsver seen s more successful opeclag day. The exhibition rooms, It Is true, were not 10 crowded, hut the interest manifested was more animated and earnest. The articlea on exhibition were as rich and teah looking as oostly materials and ssllful hands could ?ki them, and wall deserved the admiration they ex cited. The taste with which the bonnets were arranged sdded greatly to the general effect. Some in long lines, Uks bordering Sower*; gome in central clus ters, like bouquets; some standing apart, as If to challenge admiration; and others, fca'f bidden In a corner, as If trying to esoape notion. Headdresses always form a considerable Item In the fhll opening, for the winter with its round of balls la approaching, when headdresses are indispensable. But this season the dis play in that department was unusually excellent, owing, wa have no donbt, to the brilliant prospects abend for amusement seekers of all kinds. We have heard a good deal mm, both pro and ecu, oa the rabject of" openings" and their eUbct on bnslnemt Thai the7 cauM a great deal oC harried labor and thllgne there can be no doubt; that time !a lost la preparing for them, aad that gooda are Injured hp careleaa handling on those day*, arc unquestionably true; but by what other aoeana can an eatabltrhmect become to well known? in what other way can the euperlorlty cf !ta gooda be no satisfactorily ascertained? but above all, by wbat xyi tem can a reputation be acquired and a connection ex tended with each tacltitj7 The heat proof, however, of the utility of these open?gn to the huatuean community la the rplrlt with which they are kept op. aa we hnveaald, the "opening"' yesterday wan more raoeeeef .1 than usual?that la, the diaplay waa hotter,Tor our modulus were Incited to do their beet by many tm portant reaaoas, aad enoouraged by other*, foremost among which are the Inl'ux of atraagere, the almultano rja ret .rn of oar ranhteaablm from Europe and the water ing place*, the pbtteoui harvest, ute chewing boat aem proepacta, the an wot ted activity pervading every department el industry, the vlalt of th* Prises of Wales, aad the cnmntakcable Indioat-ona of a brilliant winter e- aaon. With all Utesa causes in operation, it la not won derful that the "opening" yesterday should have been vo noeuafu), or that the season which It 'nannrated should be pleasant to one class of our community and profitable to many other*. as it la eoaocded on all bacda that icatterc 1 opening* have an Injurious tBecl on thaa* oclebrattooa, would It not be well to aellle upon a day which should be II tad, aa Ute "Poavthf" Or why not. oe they occur in March aad Srptcmber, make them ootac Jeol with the vernal and autumnal equinox? Thla would leave co room for Uoubt or v.n irta'r.ty. At present the on'y thing settled about it la the day of the woek. We must not itargat to chronicle the opening of a mlllt aery estabUahmeal in Fifth avenue this eeaaon, which may he regarded aa osn nous of the future fate of that lo cality. The tide of bualneat will *vrotually art la that dlreetjon, and when It does everything meat giro way before It. We expect, before Ute nrit nil opening, to are T-'.bar ::.o eetah.sum. .1 of l.e i.nd there n fuj blast, ami not be unduly netted thereby. We have ao gray tradlt<ona, no arwtocratic amuciat.oee, eonaected w to nrih avenue. It la sot to tw what the Wsat Fad da to London, <w the Faubourg ft. Antoloe te farto. Wa oouVd aae It turned into a bus'.neaa tb.ororgbHar* to mor row without a sigb but why was not ute entering w, If- MrUd , aa \m,j ?c. ? tend I a 'renen rtcd&fc f Must I'arw aet the faab on in Utn aa well aa in other matter* ? " Av, there ? tha rob. ' However, let that pass. We have neither time nor ansa 11 itoeuau vwxed questions It Is our provisos to describe what we bare seen, ao that our lady reader* who live at a distance from New Trrk may b* kept an j" 1.1 /ear. or. aa we my .a oar more *cuctoe . ?ma cular, "pasted.'' Tbe following mtaMiahaaehte opened yesterday, aad wer* crowded from e.ghl o'clock m the mora lug oat! I the -est gleam of daylight faded n tto weet. Bkoaowst?WUiiam Brown k Co., A. Boyle, W, Flm moai, W. BamfoH, I.. Burns, Mr. C L*v;na h Mrs. J. H i toe roe, Meednmee lien vile A Jeree, Madame Isaacs, Mr*. S. P. Lovett, Madame Leo, W. Jacksoa. Ma dame w. Kaha, Madam'- R. Harra A Ben, Ma lama Demo rest lord A Tayler, A. T. Stewart, r.-rs A vwvi a?Madame Bono -"-nam*? llr* Foiler. Cos j "rumv? Madame Demerit* ftocda.1, Viae v.*!#, Madame -tolling*, M ates OoXer, Mr* Mslct'xxb, Mlai Inly. rtw Atcn-R. H K17 Bws *rnw? Mr*, nav'deca Braim -Taw?Mr* "'.trmrtlV D-vmosi Branxr?W Opp-nhym V Co , Mrs fesy. CLDnov ?wi Mail am* MnrSslil Nwttrar. foe* Twitrrn Praarr?Mr*. 9. 3. Barn us Bowxuv?Mr*. J. W. Dempecr Forum Bramcr?Mr* J. Add. Mxvw Avmrra?M/a Ayer, M jh ?Tsgg?, Mrs P. rgg .11, Domain Prawn?Mr*. M. C. Bktaok. Asm !*marr?Mr* J McKeague. Fruca Uijmst, Bkn o- - Mrs Gr'Xr BosaeU thla season are pretUer thsc ever?p axer, quieter, more dinrtfat, but 'eee str The large ah ape* have totally diss yponrod, ml th* fttrt has reced ed 0000 ag-vln to la "aatursl bconI?r**e " The erewia are rornd, the cape* fell and cuUtmmed. the string* brand and Ceat'rg, the trlmm'v.g* varied, but never pro fuse. ?gsnt etmpitcity m the el:-raster an c of lb* la mming 'aabtoas The meter tela areeoutiy; tbeahepeof Urn bat, tb" trrargrmemt ef the tr mming, and the r.Maed harmcay of Ute contrasted olore, sil rontrtbete to pr<idoce this desirable onset, and make "the last still fullest." f-aibsu I rater oaaMerably iato th* tr mming thla mmm, aad leak m thoy elsraye do, eiegaat aet durtmml. Very pretty the deHcatr marabout foather* look, their edges tinged with tbe ?uooudary color or 1 pped with white eiTr-g T.rg it the aipearea:* ol cluster lag dab u% ???res fit thi grunt pecu.larity of the ?easou a the way ef trimming m tlx- gold, wbeb M much and tbi nmera to the way of oraam-wt It to send to trown or hate, A emhmsdenag mik or tViHaae. "t glean* through ?i?w*y edging* Itke man Utm-igb a c-otJlp ?*y; it gtaaom amid heavy ?ri?grv ma*' ve taeao't. avd even T1?'. !!' T* m*rh ?l<"M?*e "f "tb* rrvgeora Hrrrr nf tb* b irulahed mm Mo other <t?d of triron'og t* en dtltteult to manege, none reqnlmseueh onreful hetid'iag: only peveon* cr oorrrat taate una una It wish wtvantar for f It m tnjndKuoualy d *pon?>t er p*rmitt*d to aasimo aa undue pwspmdivinr., iTlouita tawdry or burWw When pv-pev-v managed, koweviw. and made ?:be*rv^t to the gsnernl sdtoet. it ? both atnkmg and AtrfwiMr It imparts aa air ef rtohnma a sort of mettosred^ OrHmtai ?plunder, whtrk la attramlre from if very nnveMr hot Which reqntrre to be kept rtrtoUy aader control Although tfir bounnta oa exhibition in the different m tablisbnranto we vletted am alike la their genwal r*a tursa, th?r* la snlDttent llvaraily la the minor detntto to tawitoi a dtotiaotive character so the areatkme er adra lattoaaof ?tob house, and It toproctoely to Iheeemto* pntoia which are peculiar to each, rstber than in tbe rwemi dttoito wW-ra ere ec?m to en, that a visiter an dissever the quality and MMr efthe MttoUfl UM tut r?Mm or or lb* mMMmmL Tbft oubrondera ?*f w ?*??<? to.Am an Mm oftho 4 fie rent styles, we wtu describe a few of the mora beno tlful la detail. Prominent uku Umm wm "L'fcoUe," a wt ekraat promenade hat, formed of black nM. dotted with gold, which wm M exhibition at Frown'a. Ike cape wm of white aatin, and dotted with the name glittering aobetanoe, which gleam cd with a subdued loatre through the rich Chan till/ overt* pe. Outside trimming, bird of Paradlae pi tuna; tnalde, an exquisite mixture of black velvet, Magenta ribbon, disposed la a ooqoettlah looking bow; lea van of black velvet, veined and edged with gold, and twining golden oord. The unity of the daalgn wm preeerved even In the strings, one being black and the other white. Another bonnet of the aaaae style wm trimmed with black oord and uaaela, but the aombre hue of the maaatve laa aela wm relieved by a crochet oover of that peculiar crtm aon abada known m Magenta. In the name establish meat they bad on exhibition a large number of opera or full dreaa bate, many of which win grace the dreee circle of the Academy of Music en the oocaaloo of the Prince of Wales ball. Some of them are white, without any Inter mixture of color, and with their while marabout ptuaaee, light m foam and pure m a aaow wreath, they look m fair and delicate as a illy. A very exquisite one wm made of white uncut velvet?a beautiful material?and lace, the front of velvet and the crown and aide crown transparent. The crown win pretty and pe culiar, for from the central point a rich blonde edge wm oarried round and round In masy whirls until It reached the circumference around the crown, passed a roll of white velvet, ending In tabs, trimmed with deep h'.onde and clasped with gold pin and chain, which forms J n rich, graceful over cape. A magnificent crtmeoo dahlia, with buds and leaves of the aaaae rich hue, half hidden in a flatting mist of marabout, formed the outside trim ming. Inside wm a white tea rose, whose ormlaon velvet leevea strayed over a white velvet bandeau, asroM which bung In oareleM graces bud that nature herself could ad suriuss. A white velvet bow filled up the space on the other side of the hat, and through this bow and round the bandeau wm Introduced white end gold oord that looked at once rich and chMle. The strings, which were br ad and white, were part satin and part watered ?ilk. lest reason we cbronleled the appearance of two shades of crimson, the Magoota and the Fotferino. This Br a deeper hue, commemorative of a deadlier field, made Its appearance. It la called the Waterloo. TMa shade wo have seon used very effectively. In the establishment to which we have already referred,a vel vet bat of this color was much admired. The crown wm white and shirred; the cape white mtln, oovered with black lace. A flow of Cbantilly lace, Interspersed with velvet, depended on one side, and on the otner wm n bird of Paradise plume, shaded from Waterloo red down through every variety of yellow to perfect white. The Inside trimming wm n bow of Waterloo velvet, whtoh was Kwt In a bouquet of crlmaon and green velvet leaves, while on the cheeks were alternate tufts of black and white lace. Strings of Waterloo crimaoo, and, tnalde, strings of green, edged with gold, completed a rvery striking and styliab looking hat. Wo must not omit to aaentlon n quiet, ladylike hot of gray silk, quilted la wavy undulations. Over the crown wm n fail of rick point d'appllque, while from one side n bunch of gray velvet leaves of lanceolated form drooped like a feather, and, Intermingling with a black and gold bird or ParadlM plume, produced an affect that oould not rail to pleats a refined tMte. Another equally beautiful was oompoaed of black velvet and allk; with the excep tion of a deep crimson flower on the inside, black and gold were the only oolors used In this bat, and the com bination wm both effective and becoming. Gold oord wm carried round the cape and brim, n gold bookie ?hone through, encircling black laoe; plumet tie ctxj (tarred with gold swept over one aide, and the black velvet leaves that clustered round the crimson flower were edged and reined with gold. In Madame Regular's we obearved a very handsome wedding bat of tulle and point laoe. The front wm In the present fhahlon, round and medium sized, and the crown, which wm transparent and net shaped, wm crossed by roUa of white aatin, in n perpendicular di rection; a wreath of orange blossoms swept round the front of the bet and fell in unrestrained luxuriance over the cape, and n rounded vail of tulle, edged | with rich point laoe, wm thrown back over the crown. The strings were of tulle, very long and wide. In this establishment we saw many bonnets made of two different oolorod vel vet*?the crown black and the front and cape Solferlno, or He* wm. One hat, which struck us m being original, we shall endeavor to describe. It was formed of lace fulled In between horizontal band* or uncut velvet, and on these bands were disposed at regular Intervals a solitary daisy, divested of stalks and foliage, reminding the spectator of that broken but Imaortal Lower of the species which the poet "met la a luckless hour." This trimming, m we said, wm original and striking, but, in our opinion, not par ticularly pleM'.og, however, it Is a matter to be decided by l . . ual taste The front trimming consisted of a wbite latin bandeau, dl. Ided In three points, each point terminating In gold drops. An exceedingly uandaoroe velvet hat, fitur depeck* color, wm much admired. It was trimmed with a marabout feather, partly tipped with white silk, and partly tinged with the delicate hue of the peach blossom. In the same establishment wm a bat of black and green Velvet?the crowu blaos. and the front and cape green, which looked very elegant and dMtngue. The outride trimming -onrdeted m?r-> r ot a large green cactus bkirerm ptacod on oat Side, the froct trlmm'ng white and red roue. MM. In this d<pulmcni tho tcaaoc opena with brilliant proa poeta, which w# doubt not will be folly realized. All aw Import** iml storekeepers htTt undo ntcnitre pr-pars t otu, and wo noror mw Broadway ao foil of the pleasant harry of business aa bow. The establishments vie with each other la toe beauty and costliness of their imports tleaa. and the remit la aa unequalled display of fall and w ater goods. The beaety and variety of the dreaa goods oa r xhibitioa this season are something bewitderlng, and must be Irresistible to lady buyers, whose oaiy dlfl colty ttlU be whleb to select, (Mr edvtce to ladlee la sach bsrrassing uncertainty, and they wtll themselvaa admit that It la the oaly true eolntion of the dtfflculty, le, that wbeaaver two or more drtears present equal claims to their adm.rat loo, justice and impartiality demand that they alight neither By attention to this simple rale, sbwptng wtll be divested of its ealy drawback The materials are m?tr* antique silks of every descrip tion, plan, striped, chi ne, embroidered and mixed vel vet aad silk in alternate stripes By tho way, the old 'ashioni d watered silk Is about lit* newest novelty. Wo doa't know any thing more slaeact or disfiefes than black et'k, a bore romhre ho# ta relieved by tiay bet brilliant bouquets profusely scattered over It Another totally dill, rest style le that la which yeoasrtrical flguiee form the pattern, and as gold is the principal eoier these are both odd aad aiegaat. rem'ndlng ue etrorg'y of beraldte tie\ ins. Then we have the Irish, French aad Rntllsh poplins, all of which are very much worn; and the Otto man cktib, a very pretty and desirable style of poods for witter wear. Of course cashmere aad mrrtao in all its variety, plain aad printed. can never be oat of fashion; it IS like muslin in summer? indispensable, aad net to be entirely thrust aside by any oovaity. lie hare seen soon splendid spec I mane of street and ball dresses In lord A Taytor's, which we eball endea vor to describe, and at, In view of "oomlng events," the ball drseste are of the greatest Importance, we shell give Item the yes Os e af the prettiest of these iraeeas that any lady could wear was made af the ncbeel white silk. The skirt tr'mminga consisted of seven flounces of the *sme material aa lbs drees, aad sach tloucoe wna em broidered with white cheat He aad white busies la a sim ple diamond pattern The trimming for the oarage i ~ ?, hut I ? sews was of the same pattern, but narrower. Many drrsses wiiirb we saw were brighter and gayer looking, sr. l some more expenilre, bat we doubt if an] thing < onld be more elegant and ladylike Utaa ihe pure while, without any mixture of color*. But a* white does not suit all tastes nor all compter! one. U.ry have In lbs same eatabiuBuwant aosne exqaialte ball dreamt of other ooiors? pale blue, deep violet, Inlay Eeen royal purple, aad sober grsr, suitable for elderly ilea la the two deep flouaets watch formed the akirt uimalar, the ground color wee almost lost sight of. in ibe tmpi.-al irufnsioa of "buds aad leaves, aad sprigs, tad curlfcg tendrils," ymoofnlly dispoerd, which oovorod the greater portion of ike Oouacs. lis a enseal observer it would seem thai a flail of guipure lace waa thrown over there r.ounoen sa If le preserve Utnni from say rnde i -xh but. oa ilneer Inspection. you dad It Is s skilful piece of embroidery, sad that oh tee t of fosses Mippere profound riwpeet?" s pevmaneeey." The price of three i'<egaat ball dreams vnilet from one hundred doi'ars It ere hnr dred tad flfry. Ws must not omit sil mriitloe of tsrietaes, whirb forms very slagsat and light looking ball drosses. Bare the ua l verm I daoerator. fid, ebowi also used la wsvee snd start, an I l>*nr> nut to r?tera to the promenade drums* We moat jxra n- .se that Oh ao prevUMB opening hsva weaver eeea nay thing richer or la better taste thea the goals now oa ex. bib it let. The rteb aad slegait "omoadonr silk, the sttT aed stats' v motes antique, the sncient sad rmi-rakle wa tered silk, tad the brVbi sud brdliaat eatbroilsrad dresses, ell partake of ike seme character .stir good taste I.eft our fair friends should say that ws leave them in the dark on a matter of siota mp rt .oes ? the price of lke?e drveers, w* sba" stale for their h-iw-dt tbet scire aatique f eighty dollars ? dr-us wsterod silk seventy doOare, and some eftbe smbvot tared sift Nfof range almi at as high. We have soaa soase et'ioWte embroidered silks lor three doltsrseyard. aed a very good quality for twelve shillings Hating i arrlseed the material, the aext thing IS to have it properly made ?p, and we abail endeavor to give sn idea of the diabrvat styles to Which th e can be dono. m cottatox. We here aa novelty to reeord la the ttyle of the enr> sage, which la made plain high la the throat, aad buttoned in front A raw ef bottaaa rune from the aheuider le the belt, and complete* the waist trimming the front row ef buttons is generally earned down the shirt, aed am ueehlly ef a diflbrsat color from the dram, but this m net absolute. We have saws buttons the ester of the dr which ansae would admire still mor* Of aeck is admissible for evening os ball dram, still 1 legem with tm, but the iirvtaltae are outside the pale of aivllimtioe The Pompadour waist bee entirety dfoap peered. sad we hope this generation will sorer look apoa lis like again, for ft la, without ex caption, the mast die 8g n ring of all My fog. TWB ffLBBTB. There le mere variety la the sleeve thaa la the ear ?age. We have all the old shapes, sad some old enough to be new, for foahiaa poseemse the pewer, without say foWe, ef leaewlag her youth. She slsae la the "real, original" Fbmalg. X* ?M aerfoty to wbK* w? nifode is Uw w(bt oou sleeve, which is trimmed with baUoM, corresponding to lbs trimming which wo have 1M7 described on the corsage. Thin atom may bo made with a jockey, and will have a vary proUy effect ua an arm that la not too thin. Another atyie, wbioh looka like the coat sleeve trimmed, 'a made with a aoooeaeioa of graduated polk, extending from the aboalder to tbo wrist. We bare also the loose aieere. with a wristband and turned up oof, and the odalisque, which has a decided advantage in displaying a rich underateeve, and another very popular atyie made with two puiib and a flounce. It will be very hard for oar lair readers to chooae among thin variety?tbla Ve.tiba.rrat del richer. TBI 8KIST. Flounces are the flnt atyie for the coming aeaton, aome amall, and numbering aa maay an aina an tbo skirt; othera in direct oppoaltion to this have two deep hocnoee, and aa a aort of amalgamation of the two atylM we have one deep flooaoe rurmounted by aeven or eight smaller ones. Doable skirts will be seen ofteaer In the ball room than on the treUoir. Plain skirts are a necessity for heavy material, soch aa moire antlqoa and water-id silks, ana they will be worn in lighter silks also, aa a matter of choice, by many. lumuu. In thia department the warm winter cleaka are not yet to be se-w, bat we under land that plaid will be very much worn in all the different styles of outer garments. Wo have seen some very suitable articles for the pros eat season made of heavy rep tilk, a kind of saok chape, with loose flowing sleeves and pointed collar, trimmed with a wide braid gimp. It was slashed up the side and laced with heavy oord, from which hung massive tassels. The front of tbo cloak was also embroidered witk cord, and altogether it looked very handsome and Hungarian like. This was reproduced in other materials and with equal success. The bournoos are made of velvet, with a quilt ed silk yoke, and will bo very expensive. The quantity of velvet which will be required to make one of these cloaks, and the extra width of the material?for itmuitbe all piece aooount tor this, but it will bo all tho more desirable tor those r- axons. In -very department of dry goods it is the highest priced articles that aro most sought after. In moaning we ban seen a very pretty cloak colled the "Renaallenr." It was made of heavy mourning silk, and trimmed with two toida of crape. It waa slightly nointed In the bank and rounded gracefully over the arm. The cape was long and pointed, and trlmmod with a hand some crochet trimming. Tho "lady franklin" wm much and deservedly admit od. The body of the cloak is similar to the "Rensaiicer." bat the cape la aa unlike as it be. It is bertha shaped, and extends possibly can almost to lbs waist In a deep point, from which hangs a crape rose, with drops and battens. On the shoulder and front It is pointed and trimmed in the same manner. Bournoos are also nude in mourning, and look very ele gant, in camel's hair cloth, with crape trimming. wunmm, opWM' oonoert" an<1 eT#nin? PVtlM, is the season,par mceUmct, for artificial Bowers !*?? "wreath, that cannot, and flower. that blow ****** *?**>"?*??? ' W"h 1U U,ron?,"? ?a?emenu, **?* rre4t*r demand than ever, in view of **? U>0*e wb0 ?Ka- for the public taste in th<a do isrsTr^ n# ^ ^ 10 * In the dltrercnt establish ment. devoted to this speciality. in Tucker's they have ?ome eiqulelte trimmings for ball dresses. One, in the 01 "7 C0'?r lUt wwild harmonise wlUi the dress, struck us as being particularly elegant. It nnd M caught at the waist, and, sweeping m ra"CS."K; ?SU*2'5J"? "??? tAmrz. "st thapee. Q?ld enters Urgtly into the com port ion Ihe 'ravMt 'r w!lh ,b? bright^!'and .raw nt hrllltant scarlet, with sober SdLhTn!u r "7 *hlte. One wreath, that looked as if designed for a bronze figure, wae . teases Made ** tt"u'oon dahhaa and white ESSS*s&s?3sS: wreaths, rejs^^lw Ml^sSSSeSKj^d'm'' &rsi ? sr. MOrnXTNO. Then are a great deal of novelties In mourning cooda this season, more, Indeed, than we ever remem'.jrtiba-e TM" ?!e^n bef?r'- 10 ??*???, 1. wool .toss we hav-l-ushessoloth. bom'.azetts, Eoipreei cloth, ca. mlsh.!r(.,nnr desirable ..Uv-ay, Jforwieb Ctu> "P?d?hrsi,(iaalyls identical with rsp s'lk). Basso*, eteth, Valour and othern. In silk, grcg d'Afr!1Ue, ?cm dslthin. mm royal, he. At mourning follows ail the mltallfoe of fb.ihlnn, we re uot ri-pr.odij ? 1 c | miz'nge with the so?lire ??-, u, , ?rm .b, outward ?how efgr'tf. It docs oat tpptar. in \oJ, iu l.cpx ru lap, and even la slight mourning It s r?th-r iterated | than sanct.ooed. Ifowsrer, iferarjot is perm itod toe-lgo Ms way it, why not g?tdf Mourning millinery and '-h | Unable millinery are, of oocrso, dentical m t ie form I and general arrapfm-ot. Therefore, what we hare mid coaoernisg the shape of the Troat. the ityle of the crown end form of the cape, under the heal of bonnets will srply to monrn'u* bats ss well. Haves premised Ibis mnch, we will t0 4^,^ ?em# mfumiaf hats which were on erbfol. two yeoterdny at Jadrioo'a nmrtlaf ttor<* w* srj^gK2.t\aia!' ^ 2st on the fonndattoe is the oni- ? tempt at trtmmlsg that Last* Jr . rM" ;^r|r*- '? hats th~r* r^*bi^t?52L!2: therefore we will pam to those int-nde,! fo, esteem-, a Ter* ViU nrrntrejru.^a ?,|!fl onmt ud SSSHJS ffixzi?xsJ% LTLTri!L,WT* lTlm**r M?J the deep purpie vnh *VSKr5'S5 tog Asothsr velvet hat, of ^h K k ' A tflmn*d e??de With imrpts and stack onrd, and bunches sf harries ami raiTit leaves, sad inside with a ?r mT. .!i __T^ Twvst eA"&suaas&i?fiSs5 mla? was violsts sad clustars of gold L?d Jrli"; limtC(M With loop* Of fold rathraiLrs.( A sy^,*^"xrt5?? rs 5aSwirt* rnar#bOJt fy*,hfr?- ""Tasgsii la the fonn thfoe nsvar yet has bass, sad It is deaMfoi whether there ever again will be, snob a \m ptay of jewelry as will fee wttaeassd at the grand hall which is to be givsa to lbs prines of Wa!?* Oa that oeeasloa the tad las win appear >? an their wssl'b sf ofosmeru, and ws doubt If the heir to the aritish ?rose has ever beheld anything move gorrnus or mag ' nifisent thas win be prsseaUd to his darrlod vldoa on thla oeoasMa. There la aothlag la which our Jfew Voric tor-**T<? say pratSMtaa to lUh.oaahle elegance considers herself drvssd w host s foil set of the most costly lewsfry [a th's paetleuisr they are m.d to be mors fotldtous than the m- .t ?, kio erstw of tha fhlr set ca the other side of th? o. ?sr fod we hare board of rs, who PO^ over a ban.' "T ?? **e form of '.raccieu, eeckgcc, rtnge, rroothas and ether prsevua of a Iks deterIptina. With all tha adranwiedfrd gee na of the worksasn, with ail tho abnodarl r??,J I IB tbtf ffnprwUot PBrfrtiikr m rwr n.., . t , s~sra{ asvr?r S'SS252 i s^-5Tth^y wL r*1 fT ?hcvt s foot and a ha f tb-wwud doiiars worth TU ome ^a,^^ sum? d!^^^TfL?!prlti " ***U!tpst;on 0; the ball. we ?S55a aa ahnadMaa tf mw -I li- T wtM hare rr W,<M? ? world ?# goods, but a fortans to It wuo Sf the style railed U uL s-r-rsLj^f-S ffWUfp.**. WW"um Um. ?irtr-m Mraat1! !Lg*<rAor *fta?"stsnea'' tha lewsitar ^itag IheTiSt mLwLi ?Iom> ?? ti* vary seldom to ha had for the tWWl Cth^eSt ~ ffthsas, tha solitaire, which glit | WW Is thf!h*?, wis elan wwH ?re the^iH ?e^rs, pendant ii n of ?U| tut itweahfarPctboaoty sad Ah '3 Ml Mb rainbow base liWB MUM. Am It U MM Mr Mkk |sfthA#gpiPMtoaa wo have o i Mt last ? will Iho Mlt IV jflMi 0* th I ^^^?wileim sow, tboogh Aeo ocellT, lo MA II MB eaapoaed of woo ^^^^^MofOmohU psoria. with Ma ?oMWwio of I Sfaiusfi nho10 miDj BawBrwpa. Iho b Adding of tho diamonds and beantifoi. I thofo woo bo ?n<i to tho dApAj Hs. A revolution, wo uaderstand, A taking piooe, In tho styA. so that in <r Simple baUoo. which A sow ^HMnTfl VO tohavethopendant. ThAAa of Immii lilt, oaB A bot another l^^^fcmateA BkaobOMOtor ofute fickle goddaci. Tbe leerrlamurefcnnsdef all Mode of precious otonoo, and

|are outA oiooj form, torn the round to the pear shaped ^^Btiroeilots :t would ha oast to laapoaslbA to speaii w I still, but ta nothing alas Is tho matting hour habtoeaMe ladles so strongly developed. i that wo aaw wore valued at from one to each, aad ana al tho last named gem, Mb to apiAMMMe aoB in ^^?MfMofiit. Wo havo never soon pearls in nok porfbct harmony. Oc tho ^^^^?^^??Altely carrod oamoo; set round with ^^?*Nvd brUlfants and Ortewta) pwrls, white aroundlho WksoM Won Sfoaroa of poor A altoraaUag with bmda of dlasmda. A cowMmMm of tho braoolet and armlet, whloh wo ?aw, w|0 ofSll than Oriental magnificence. Tbe two were niltadby golden liahs, whloh are Intended to fail loosely fa tip arm. A lady wearing this ornament would bo the i/awiod of all observers. Tho hjir nhss are as usual of every style, and range m as high oo three and (bur thousand dollars, whtlo tbe same mf be said ol tbe head-droaaeo. of the last named art idee mere was one?a tiara?formed of leaves, buds and flow, twanged with tho moat admirable Us e. The buds and flowers were resplendent with Jewels, and, as they sway el on their stems with every motiio. .Ley emitted in lyarkllog brilliancy those vari colored rays that cuJy Uied'amoud of the purest water 1*1"luce of Wales. auction, Bopt. 20,1S90. JbePrlaceof Wiles Halted tte Provincial Fihlbitien this morning, and was presented with an address tj tho President of fee Agr;-ult;ral Society. lbs royal party lunch* 1 at Dcndura Casio, '.ho real dance of Sir Allen Mc.N'ab, and left for Detrj.t via tfco Great Western Railway, at two P. It the crowd of people n fee city to-day, drawn by tte Prince of Wales' Halt, together with the annual atcw, la immense. TH? BOARD OP AlOElUfXN AND TTTS PRINCE. The Board or Aldermen met last evening, Preaidcc*. Pock In tbe cha r. A communication was received from the Mayer respect ing the Invitation extended to bla Royal Highness the Prtnoe of Waiea. Ihs reading waa interrupted by Alderman Corstu, who moved that the reading cf the oommcnlcation be aus peaded. Tbia motion was negatired. Iho commonest oq was then read aa fellows-? 1 Harm's Omce, Sept 17, JSdO. _ Qgynevww?,a reply to a reeoiut.oo, adopted by your Board on the life tnat., I bare the honor to iracam t co plea of theicorteepondence referred to. It will be seen that the .crttattn extondel to hA Royal Highness baa be*" accepted. ,H# will probably arrlvt here on the 11th proximo, when I shall, aa Mayor, oTer to him the -seal bospltaiitlee, and bope t > have the oooperation of the members w the two Bear it .f Comraou Council In tte rmsASDO wood, Mayer. xnea miows tbi correapondenje, which Las already D?6n pa bribed. * Ordered to be jrlnted In the m'.sutaa and placed on 1'e. THE MTWCH'S VISIT TO Bnrai, From the rodowug rote-tic tad and exuberant ed'.orla!, which we flr.d in the Btrmuiim of the 5th icet., it cp petra to be eettlel that hie Royal Highness will lo*. ex tend his ilrit to tin West Indie* ? Tni P?1*C1 NOT COWTNO. A.l the gay U-pe??all the ngreeuble expe-tat ens toUtlirjmmitm of -legatar bmuty?all tbe well shaped Ideas lormei By a seilouaaaecutlvoc mm.twe fur erectingtriumphal arches and ch..o*uig ;n? dory dr-.'' af this good town of sort Into a brtJlaoo of color to hsr muo.ze with the fcltoonlcgs of dowers and 'T rrreers 1 nsga wb .cb were to appear n tasteful profus. ,u?all t-e becoming of a na t'xal people evo'tel by a t a of one hundred ?1 Ufty boats, from tl.u piria* w.ta it!. ^ ?rr.u*.l to tie bold ya-.lit that oo tid plougo the cocas. nu lc l to meet -.he royal touadroa as fjTESiJ11' Uw -Ver hern citturM?all tbe ex .borate or aptrits ?o >tg jeehtmen at thj prospect of t*u Jf'n " lri ibeee waUrs, o.ien to a.l n u I ?ts. with pcrsct r,f c.u liea .nf guinea*?all the gratlh, ai o.i f rreaenr.og gratefully worded ?ldr?e*e?. and hoi- ... T. h , r, .J US pleaaantmt of roicea is language genial, auditory, la If ree?la the * Hn^ua as to* .be f.r'onkl Srnmi'v.t?1 who, directed by royalty to kneel, would be to>iekod by the glintcaiag award and rise ?r Mraeoedy-a!l the 'n Ureo cr.rytmnt from the moat n^gc'Hcenl -f bnPe, not forgetting tbe rose tinted dream* (-rthe hew i tfu! tt - r '?sweet aar-atcen" aa to hia head la tun Janoo-ail the &,b Z"?1 ftntlvlty and flao "flow of an-1" ip-irkllng at the choleeat rf bv>n,rim?all rai.Mil nti.c -? n springing up n afl?r'!me a* a plaawnt r-mini -ace I ""I'.:'" :*tr . 1 * r ir ? d dcet.rr ; t, hi li a position laving trod iwfth res, looked de-m front r'.mo one of th-? One proapt U r.j n our three hun dr- I lalet* andeayyedthapecillareh?rir* ,t the a-.r-?a t it m 2 i. orneeitoH with lha fully exreetrd I y 'h of thM'rlroa of Vi il >? to Derriud*, ..?r' ica'i! r.-d i i to the winds ye.terdsy by an arrl-.l from New Yo,, brtaglqg authentic aocjuuts that hia Royal H^hacai had ! declined to ca.1 bero. Thla Icftrmatloa wr.s reoelerd ut or"\.n'4rt-!i eJi2?lSi22,ers *horl '-oia fr?iL? ?*.**?r- Trow, ntlrru rg that time wucld n H ad-ti.t < tbr rrmee paymg aa a valt, ana a deeratch from the Admiral to tbe -\me .-"ect W#rai??ot?aytp*t this'.aao has uir-a uswtrDr ? Wkea we saw .n our New York flea last Ihuradty Uvt depuUt cs of loadiag r?ra c roe freen ?tamr * w-re poi.rxg Into .oebaa, iav.Unf the ?riace toia I the great cttea they respectively ropresen- d, we hit at oe a that the prospect 4 a ? sit here r? be coming quite ll-ii. America is f^J eg [ioasurablo cx cil"m?t at har'ag bis Royal TTlghneae there; ncd ererr one ol reflection w a that etiouetie, and aapeciidly internal.oasl comity, would render bInnocent, wee of tbroe'nTlUtlona a matter not to be j^trnr. TheDntte of New-arde would know thai tbe poll-y of Kngiaod expected a wvm cordiality erf ecnti.r.cct be tweiu the inv ted and the nvltsr*. and that oothlos mu?? oaccr to pr-reet Ik-' Tbe multitude and w-nwe of theie American er- fjand tbe <m.tad Vsetho RrlKS lad at tave, thera.ore, e?*r pcll.l be omsa.oc of these .siand* Oom tbe royal L.r. Dtsajgointmaat and regret gen. rat at tfc * ni>w?. The cemaaun'ty was atlrtcd with eathualaam A.l 'vast# "Jf" W* b*T* T? V* t0 Wl*tttA ? "-ep .UtCMSt ^ hav jg for the colony > guest the hair apparent lo fee crown?fee Oastrious sen of tbe m et iw ored of ssrs relgB*. Ererr eflbrt would bare heon made, aa the cut line shore *U mdkiaie, to r ake the Prhoe's reception worthy of bla exalted position; and a crcd.? to Bermuda But ?e mart rheerfblly bow la higher ois.rae?the great in Uresis of fee mp./a. ? a *on?t or mrrrr. ice Ml twins characteristic addreea wva pr "rated by tbe rafVmen of t pper Canada to the Prta .e of w>'.-s dur ?ng blaabort tUy at Amprter ? To H. R H. nranuwii or R atxs ? raftsmen the Tpp?r <tuwa. em>"t aVsty of H,Mo men, the bot* an d ".new of Canada . m'*tlcg yoor Roy a) Blaham-- '-t) a raft W -0?r yon our hearty w?-lc me, and i?.-?-r *s <UrroUc>- ?*?? tur abaction fcr the (.seen. Ww*w r?Cr ?U>,r', H|fcc'"' ?* ro?sA the Prtcce oT Vnvwl Infettlgrewes. ??r?adT*ew fr-en the Brerl equadren to tho fh . LB.i" 'r|*l3 0 rgreaw war pr-pacing to ??are ?. ' Nkuliw f * f, 0, where she woul/ r mam ?ctr. mooths. Tb- >teaiB*r Argentina, of the ExrVrrx i, arrtred at Be-n*w tyrrn rathe 1st ult. it wa? nrjvwed the cXcera of thi party wtr. aboat learla* fbr the ' ? Red Vtafe. The iioipbm mu i> e . jig . . la at Arrre, where tlwre wer- term men of tear at an tbe- There was no I'stted ?Rates naval reeeel at Man Itndeo Tbe ruiaaki atcaaaer, *w t- erfe to FSrnr ay had ^ 0 h'"JJT f,Trr ""?? frig R abr'.d- ., Oem. T. oogtal^niug ffom Rio Rmelrofbr?t. Out irloet Bro'.l. u the dtb alt. The following officers bare been ordered to report on fee life of October next far d-.ty ra hoarl tho i.'n'teil **l<? ?lf<-p of war Cumberland de*tin<-d u fee !Ur?h1p of tbe H me P*)oadros -QapUln Jeoa Maretra I tea tec* Alexander Murray, John 8. Ma try, J H P-oebelle Otarlee IT Greene, Qiarlea K. Fleming Lieit ? war (, BaJgee baa been ordered to the Coiled i'latea eeoe tin* ship Alleghany, at Baltimore. Purgeooa JamenC. Talaaer, Will tarn Oner ant Cbarlas RrerrSeM bars beea datailed sa the Me.Ustl Board for tbe paynicai >o of aandMatee for admim ra te the -arml Aendemy between fee khth and 301U Sep tficbw. Ibe ttoreehlp Release. Lltut. G W. Harrtsra remmaa I eg, srrlTfd at Breton tm the 17th lost fr*m A*p'uw-a!l. The foil' wing ars her cfltoen -iJeut- oaoU F. *. Brad toed. (AH fier and Joseph 8. ttterreii; T. I'. Burke Cwo taia ? Clerk, W P Blag-ore, P*>ma?ter ? C.srk ACAoatrr or Mmr ? The "Trarlata" was given iait aigbt, with Fabbrl, Ftigelll and Fsrri?a very good da trlkutioo, which should bars atiraoud a larger andldnos Tba AaMitfi of fee Academy bars, bewever, been aocua lomed to ga to the Opus only upon what here been a tad as the regular night*. Added lo urn ciroumetnnoe, there was a vary severe rain storm laat sight, and an operat e performance elwwbere. Hiwerer, tba Irving glace per formnsea was an exnaVent one?all fee artfefe singing nd alrabty?Fahbrl as aarnest. Intram and affentlra aarrer Stlgel!. ?inglag with b.awtcla soul, and Farri outdoing all b a former efWwts. Thiserwlag fen "Stod'an Vrapon'' will ba gran, and to merrew erea'ag "Doa Gtorannl'' Thar# wiu be no mat.nte. CITY POLITICS. Tfe? Puloo naTeHcnl. atpolhtmiiit or a sub-oommittkb bt tub union msiting committer, etc. At mv fusion onmmlttoe appoints J by the chairman of Um greet Cnlon meeting met yesterday in Wall street, and organised by the election ol Jcshna J. Henry Chair man. Every member of the committee was present but (Starlea O'Conor; a letter was, however, received iron him giving hie hearty approval of the aovoment, act hoping that they would be able to bring about a ualon in recLlty ae well as la name. The preeent aitltadeof the parties wae dircns-ed, unl finally a committee appointed to MoSer with the two party organiutions and lee what (Bey wanted to unit upon one ticket, State and national, after which '.bey ad joarued to meet at the call of the Chairman. The meetln waa quite harmonious, and there seemed to be a deter mination amongst ail the member* to form a ticlco that will oommand the vovt aod aptroval of al those opposed to the election of Lincoln, and quo that will Insure hie defeat in this State. A glaaoe at the omnmittee will not, we lroagino. im press the firm of Richmond, dagger ft Co. with the idea that they have many ardent supporters among them. The above firm will find that they are dealing with parties that they cannot bumbug by their lying prom'see as they have all other parties that have attempted to negotiate with them. Foresee in their llvee they will have to do aa they *ay, and say as they do, even if It does about kill them to keep a promise. Breckinridge County .Vomlmstione* MEtTINO OP TBS BBKUKIN'tlDGB NOMINATING CON VENTION?INEFFECTUAL ATTEMPT TO FCS1 WrTH TBI DOUG I.ASITRfl?NOMINATION OF A STRAIGHT OUT BHSCKiNKlDOS COUNT Y TICKET? JOHN R. BR4DT FOR JUDO3 07 TBS BUPREMS COURT, IIAKLIS A. MSY POa RBCdllDEH, J. It. LIVING STON tor c;i/ judos, malcolm camteell for ? 8VRBG0ATB. An adjourned meeting of the Breckinridge Ccunty Nominating Convent on, convened in pursuance of a call of the Breckinridge and fane Ceneral Omm.ttoe to nomi nate candidates for city and county cilices, was held last evening, at the roams of the Young Men's Democratic Union Cub, Thorp's Hotel; Mr. Charles Francis presided and Mt ere. Huston and ContweU acted ua aocretarioe. The meeting came to order, the Secretary calling the rail and each memoir taking Lis seat as his came waa announced. Mr. Q. W. Sasirn reed the resolution adopted at the pre v oue meeting In relation to the appointment of a tub committee to confer for the purpose of effecting a just and equitable fusion with elements opposed to the principles of the republican party. '"uch a committee, he under stood from reliable authority, would bo appointed from Tammany Hall, tamed with the sub committee of the Uimat Fl present Convent.(mat Fiorenco's Hotel, al eight o'clock, or as so n after ts was convenient; and he thoref ro sug gested rat the sub oommittee should proceed to the ocn ference. Mr TBAdbitv P. Mon sr. J that if he do 'rod ho might bare jc n appoint-d on that committee, but declined do canso be d'd not l.ko to oc-ep.rate traders. He wan opposed to fur .on. Mr. Brr 'at* P. Rcseii moved that the convection take a ri-oeti for one hour to permit the -".b ooinmilt?o to m?cl the) lie oemm tte<< from Tammany Hall,andlhitth" com . tloe be nrtructed to return and report at the tud of that t mo. Mr. Ken moved aa Ml amendment thai ihe sub com m tte-i be discharged, as be did not wish the ' a uttcn to bo controlled by any aet of wire pvjle re T! e amendment s put to the aycl and ires red last by a vote I 29 to SO. The original motion of Mr. r.uaecil was then put and carried, upon which the Convention adjourned. The Convention m mum bled at a few minutes before ten o'clock Mr. G W. -sm, the Chairman of tha Conference Sub Committee, ? m.tleU se tno.r unan' no d r.-porl l.iat they ba<1 mat the Tammany HaU Committee, bat that no propositi ju (re* them hat been received they could submit lo this u a body. Mr. giwu ' ored a reaolut on t' ji*. itu ConToutcn now jerocoed to the oonalnet'on >f oaadkdateo for tho fol lowing iC'cr? ? Judge of tbe Supreme 0>urt, Recorder, City lodge, Surrogate, Nuprrvtaor and Reglfter. Carried. ?The Convention tb<-n went into vn nlr.r?al vote fcr tho i'ioii -1 a candidate for Judjoof tbe ScrrcT.o Court, wits tho .ollow'cg r.ault:?." in II. 2ra'y, 73, Barnard, 31' scattering 3. it wav oortJ that Uto Convention prtx-oc 1 to a rej 'u . biiUot, a majority of tho whole number of turn, ben! ;m muting tbe Convention to bo r "mwaary to v chotco. It waa moved aaan amenlm'Dt '.hat a 1?; r.-y of th'^o prrorut '>o ?? T. -lent to a bo'.co. Oarrlod. Two Wll. is were tbiii n mot'. m appointed,ant tho ballot wan takes. Tho teller* annovcoed '.hat only tit rotera *no fe.irdcl a* pr"* .it, but tbr.t U3 U lwU were four 1 !u the bat. Tho therefore ti"c tared the vote I. . M4 volt. A oo') aud Ccu' *et time Iplliwd, *ua..l whl'b * mn-y eorue orD. 'llouF and am. rlueate were offered. Tho chjirrnan, Mr. Irene!#, Lore rceigsed hM poi'.tico In tkvor o. Mr. 0. W tmith, who to.* Hi? chair, an! by the appointment of a nomWof rergoeaU at artnr, tuo cee let in fOtt!u the raeetiag again tt, order 'hi notiou of Mr. 1.1 - ii, the L tu.ontii.n r.-acioled tbo former m t'-.u to ba'ut f- r ran Udot * and prorjed"d t> voir r.ri eoe with the roe in? ilrady 77, barnei J 30, Hernpeat 1. Tho Cut i "trt !ctar*d Mr. Hr*dy nor sate I, end on tr..itloe lb# nomination war mado unan.:r . j. A oof a Wed >aru did not preratl,aud theConvention rrooeed'd to Uw nomination for Beo rdrr. Among the :i.ce ; roecat d wee that of Abraham D. Rueeell, whom 17r. Stephen P. tuoeoll declared to bo e rtoui a? m a, and the Chavman declared tbat ho could not it refute be e candidate. When the roll w*e sailed a ileeget; from the r tret ward voted fcr A. D, Ruaroil, which, by order of th* Chair, VM not r'oordel The delegation then de manded pcrmietlon to .eare the rueae, whmh they d.d immediately u, on the p^rmleiion being granted. lbs Tot ug far Recorder then pro ;oe ted w the el la Cr runl. o, n uitinfM blow*.?Cnerlee A. Me/ >53, Mal cof *i Cdnpoell J, blank 0. The nomteet.ou of .Vr v.*/ ?u '.t en m a naanlranua. The Gmveat on nest voted for candid ile ftr tbo OfTlce -f C.ty Judge, with the following result ?J. It I lv ng i. in 50, Kx Judge 'TCm.r 23, iteary 0. Veltoe 4, . uetiio Connolly 2. The Bum nation of Mr. IdrtBgiton wee ma>to inanlir?.T Mi mltr Campbell wee com-net el by eeslamet on fcr tho ofUoe of Surrogate. The Tammany Hall City Md Cotaty Convention. k rcurmora ma amono th* a nm?no* i -atio* of 'thonoi o. iaKwart r->* ? FitrtB C0r*T Ad'D JOHM T. HOFFMAN FOB RlCOiUJIUt. Hte T .raawy Bell CUf on I Conaty Conr mtion took plec at tho "eld * rwua" leet ever eg end wee ti e co coa on of n rceea of ezc '.tcm at, . nfualoo ? nd l.aid-r'.eg tfial ronld here dose honor to tbo pnlm ?t dey of the "?oel Bole.'' About ght C'dcflk the ocmretl.jn or. nlaeu by t o rlectlcn or W H am M. TWerd fcr c'-ainr.aa, tad Ocrgr A. firem ab end Bt rj p. Wcet ae leoretar ee. After erttling a few trlSlag dlfflenlUeef ea rned by eoe tooted dekgat-a in the Pint, ?!ovrntb tad Wtf de, a c mmunleaticn wan reeelved flrom tbo Broekta r.Jgo G>nT?!Son, expreoeing e dee .re for e ftalua on the ncmtnetlone for city aed county oWoora Co, a Comartttee of G/nfarr re, coo**t ,ig of M ?ar?. Witerbury, Clancy, fwctny, Belt, B tie, Frmmt Md Kimaer, ware appointed to <ienh?r*t" with tbe nrwu inriiigtm on e proner baela kri div ??u of the rpntle. a rreeei "! en hocrfrltowH, et tbe terni!ne'.. o J wblch tbe Oaiivent on ro eev mbled. tbe Don.' r-ncr Oftimilttee reported thet tbe Preckto ridge lolertrt claimed one half the tl ket, wh'eh propo eit'on waa reject-vi. The i><nver.ttoc esadame 1 the vdMa of tbdr commi'.ue, aal it wea tmmeiivUly agreed r, u to enter into B-vmA*t?na far een iulat?e 't>i BKdl n tbe OMV Mion thro proceeded to tmlint fcf ledge of IhO H- preme Court with the IbUewing reentt ? Rec-rlcr ceorge O Hvrnnpd .128 Judge J'lhtt R-Br*dy 3d Total MM The rrrutt wee rceeived with e ro m l of the m et to ?auttnora npptaoee, and the r. r cat n vrae d? 'arr-l mmM. Aftor e abort reetM the be Icid were again Br'pwr d, and the de.ffvtra pro. ewie l to rote tor e anil, let' f?r Brcordrr The rrruit of tbe fir ft balled when eonouccel at tod ? Al reham 0 MM M lohn T B< man IS Robert l.irii gftno IT Nfttfon r'm.tb 12 Rd. A Clarke t ?-ent'erief T A majority of the Onnrrntkr. not he-, ng rotcl for any Urate eendfdetw?77 v>tee b> eg ue aaary w a , tv ee? It wae annt'ince't tbet toother ballot (hnwd be had !u t vwtuel eflt.rta were made to ?t>t*in re m?ot to tb'f evening, but the bulk at the delegate* etr*?eee'' lhetn?. ee d. t trtniBe.1 H dnlfh up tbe eomlnatlf n of llenorder on the wpA TUej>rf??eh cf bwllrt making wea therefore vgito gone ibrougti with, while roneiderabl" tw*pt !ng and harga' were oh lerveble among tbe 'lelegvtra. tbe iwraot > int >.b, >ct evident'/ being to gain voice lor tbe fief etera dp In due time the ballot# were >ie|fietted oa the tetier'i table, ell reding exorpt Mr Joeea, of the Twenty eecon t ward, who wee at cent. (M the baitote It waa fo-.n1 that nrtw.that ending the a barer' of o?r delepate 114 vrd?e were e? the table ThM dwoov ry wea retkrw< I by tbe w ideal ronfnrteq Gn# deterete moved that the betlol be deelered Infer Rial, and tlwt e new ballot be had. A er Jeleirele ot. red ee emend meet that tbe npowerwl to throw one of the baikde from e bat.ant that the the vwteethen beeonnted. Thle amendment beting twee pot, e.arrted, end acted upon, the bnlMe wer* del/ 'minted, Md the retnlt *Uebo I bring enaronbrd wben age in Bp uproar ?m ocoael<*ed Mr,pm, the r',airman, "teted that b? bed h ard that a men le the UotiventiMi he<i aeetched one of the bellota from the bet. Herb nondort wm deeMrdly, and hp wpuld UM amy lObrt e hM p w to bring the gttiUy party to punishment. (Applauee.) The D.-trial anor uiy, he iaid. was la the room, and he wuu< > cms ill him ?a to what steps ought to i>j i^q h? m-trd the of fender's oauie waa Fester. Cries or ''Tbv.'e not so," "You're wrong," "It'i a damned lie," her . interrupted the speaker, who was obliged to discontinue,{' A Ihuun arose lo an eic.ted manner, an l dof..arad that there was no power Is th? Convention to pon'?n th? offender. He waa opposed to Una sort of humnses, and moved that .he vote bo nnnoiiuctd rheCHaiKnan and Mr. Water bur v. District Att rney, declared thejr would use all means to puuisn the oil under, and oryed the propriety of basing a new ballot. Mr. M:>sa opposed this proposition, and moved an ad journment, which wnn voted down, the Convention being almost unanimous la fhror of proeaadtny with the Domi nation and h iving n new ballot. Dunns ah thin excitement tho doors of tho oonventloa room w> re locked, nod uo oo?i whs ullowed eiM, .ut the polio-men had received suoh o deri from the "big gatxn" of th' dele-ate" H wi< sometime befbre the doors were unbarred, notwithstanding a orowd of Ibirity sovereign! pt-adud o tho moat earns it manner. The vote about .vblch so much confusion wnn bad wan n follows ? HoBtaan 10 Ruase'l 01 Scattering S a subsequent ballot resulted In the nomination of Hoiiman, by a vote of 109 for to 40 for Raise 11. The other nominations lubteiueolly mode were an follows:? Fbr City Ju4gt?John C tfoCunn. Ft r Surrogate?Kd. C. West. Fbr Brjis'rr?Malhew T. Rreanan. For SufrrUor? Smith Hy. It was bu!f past three o'clock this morales before -he Convention completed their proceedings ana adjourned. Owing to tho lain hocr, therefore, wo are unable to g'TO any fuller report than tho above. A CARD FROM JUIUr TIAMrLTOM. to nm tprron ov Tint ''j>. Bfookits, Kings County, N. Y , Sept. 30,1900. The slut* riu-nl in the New Y x; Hxk.ii:> of yeelerdsy, that I am a candidate for Oongmslonal nomination by the republican party, Is Incorrect. I shall rote for b'lepben A. Douglas at the nest election. Your attention being thus distinctly called to your mis take, 1 am quite sore you will correct It, and, wilt thank you to do to !d the Issue of to morrow. Your obedient Servant, PHILIP HAMILTON. TTIE Cinr JCDOE'HIF. P. Y. Culler. Erq , Is not a candidate for the office of City Judge or for auy other otiieo. City Intelligence. ror,,TH VvB!?* Uaim -tuo following ieu?r tu "" offle? of fee Croton srssssr"-1 ih?ot>m?irouer' Uw^ljniog of warrants for the day.' work on the Croton Taos. Stfi mwg, Esq ? Va ?_ 19, 1M0. iS??S?SSSSB38 ?3aastsga?? quirir., it to be done by oonu^t TL^m re" SSTftTCTi given by the Corporation Coul.cI to jour dni.rti?T.t upon Uiie IT any other kindred etiVc't in wh? h 2?i tamo prluclple lj Involved. RmpectlJlJy. The Croton Aqueduct Board Immedlatel/rrnii.^ ebore ormmiinlc.tlon, and it leovnJEt .at. . i? J.fiU^dUBcuitywu/rjttote^iV' * ftW utter W^TMaM" *AHK"DtnicVLTr?The cotnp ' wllh lte P?*w of the Sheriff, took poaaaaaioa morning^* Ian Bcatx? ,*? to W,d. atatement havlrg been publiahed that tbe Whitehall bowmen had formed a club and would parade with a hsnJa^me boat rlggtJ on wheeit, decorated with a banner declaring that the Battery boya are In favor of I.lnc. In and Ilamllo hu caUtd forth a demonatraltoa on the pari of a largo cum her of the M.tekail uni Eatery boatmen. .4 meeting was held by them on Wednesday last, when it waa de clared by rcwdntiou that tbey knew aothlDr conr?*niin? the lorn ation of any such erginiaatlM,udfe^TTM heir In; r.t on to rig a u'a on wheiiaTwtoJ K^mTii^kTtf pe"?n Errcm f>*.in.-Coroner Henlawsad held an iaitwal yciterday ?? TwnakLnvllla, 9. 1, epoo fe, ^iy 1 lonotty, an old ree dent of statee Inland, who anddeotly dropped deal while leeriirg againat his own fence, rte allf.. it " IW*,ln*' b?;ng aubject to dieewM of Ugly.' WM 100 ??wn. Verui.t accord Urowhlyn City Vcera. Ki.r>r? "cow; 1. ?Toe body . f au unknown man waa f and In the Atlantic baain jester lay. a waa dreaeed fn Ma*, and c . .o. the log* of the errrw waa ? rje WMM 'Vl lcntiy that of a rnapoctahJa ?cJr"tDJ wife" n,'Ck"" ?f ,h# 1"" ? *blte po- ket naDQacr I..el, wlib tho Mine "fenhh"en II waa found L,:a'' - ? "-?'ml sys? IJ.V'r. "' ? ' ? "? -feet evening the CharVr Oak Etfltc U-mpnoy No. XM l.atUnrd, Conn., Prwented to the bane ball clnb of the ntno name, of Brook!;* a cu'^!irn,u<i iL*'*r <*b* t?*ari^ ri?1)*'m,iub:^"???*?*? o/Tba' to theCh'.ii r ? U, In* r,Mi"V^jDt Sr*1"' No- '? iUrtr?'<i, Coon ' *t > J wui ro? !(* Ht a irp|J kfiomi biiiiarJ v ai/v?? b'?'r-.-swffs . Intelllwence. la^I-i '' *"rsu> ?r-Hf'eny,arrived in town veater f> *fl'I " Mopping at the Mi ,r potttan Hotel mo?U'J V ??!!u of 1/>ul,1"e. end Oeo. T. 11. Waat tnore 0. New Orteaaa, are anrptng at fee New York j VTZ^r."' W. ff. F. lee and J MrfVmald and u*r all of Tifw. ^ art atopplag at fee Kverett 11 >uae ' * 'im M Eu'" "*"? ?" ?WtmufiZl D. W.,*ina, of niloago; 0. K ne.ofpt Pani* w n ? ?Wr. C New V rk alohnwm ?d pTrty^f' fcuta rw J- Harlde u and thanly. ef New iJrleans end n^T AddlM.efUiiAwnin, arc ston Df u the Metropolitan FWc ?;t?l*MH,?f ?* the Colon J. B Ci rile, of Col: m hoe; T V.Baker of Tm* n r hoti? le ,ph U ? '! U . M11,k 1 n* e?<! K. 8 Lpk he both of Virginia, are .to,,.!,, at fee Lalhrge b?? ' I,1**"": ^ Jfe/ton, of New Jnmty, eg.Gov. Met. jian.of liiiti >1, W, W. (iiBVfric. of CtDUMllrut R _# Bnffam. .. A Halt, 0, l/n,,iT f H,^'ft leu 5, h Church, of New York, and P tr ^ libra, are ctoppieg at fee t?w Howe. ' W JltyIn<ff?*W*r>: T ^*rB0? ? fretldent ef tba AJner.can .jje-arb t mpenr Wbiieni Kelty, of RninV berk J.. !*e fn. ,lau of Vtorlda. Col. ^ndtrenu rf uS11i:'t?5i!fr1.Ir^',,"W Plate, Owmi u. India, *pu ^-atoo. O' rn/fAi?ff warp imr?? the arrival, at the ?. Nichoiae Hotel y wtcrdar^ The I.Mfe tterlXeiif no the Harm, tnd rv. .. ?7lM,*'?rr? KnllrwM. n tbo Janfsv.Ue (WW) Bemoorat, kept, if 1 ' oior |J, we Irare that fee reeo rrr tram beend we-t ee lh? ''vr on vt nav ..g m b.".?, t ' rtrwtee.*ti r. lorn n, irom I be eeent; mtr at Elkhorn **d w,Uf ?? tboir un.uU au.ppW el ,s ~ r"* nu> ^ lkn ??'? freight tram ? ?* 'l? "?* ear waa amarbed :a Dimw and fire terror* MfM HA aome flflaen mora or i.L? Tbafctlowtnt la afet of tfflS^ M "* * - * Mw^weAeeedenier of iviaraa, u?e llujaitl bttean. Of l*riea; Mm nuvie of Sherewe !'n'' ' *r. Hols van. and s a n n ?r ?' U ,K'J ? v"iraa- The n.mea of'the wocndaA we liar, b" , unable yet loimrn. the Ci'd'e of -eturdey evening leame that a Mr* Ba :? Al,r? ? t.rove. waa fouad cead on |er fee wrvk "f J ?,-dlfcatt Mr. Jobneee, of Ir.haeaowo Coelr * ; ?." ? *" *' " f ' -tr the train 'topped J..IV, I'weaty r J. from the depot, niey a , CM btn feera mora thaa a w note before fee freight "* ? Born 1 ki.cra raa?e rounf the curve in fee rend, wl.ieh la rather eharp at tble pntat. and ran Into fee m. Wagf r train The wood ree p eiawm wae crowded wife menan'! oye, but ihey fnrtnnaieiy bad lime to tump me. it end aare tbrtnaei'ee The wood car in than driven r?rwerd la to the rear pae.eaga r oar, dear through II, tad a portion ef 11 pmatmtwi fee eeaeennei ear bcy< nd In lit peaeare tt luei cleared few Door end swept terry ae.t. with their nonpnate, *B who Uriel an ?rdrrow eg the pomage fe? e<dea and top of fee ear ana (?lied lb# wreck Into the eptuw between fee earn and upon fee war of the aett pamrngvr mr abend, f'poa tho too nf to 1. .rvt UK. wood ear renred itaoif wife tie whaeto tad the whreli rf the power err ear which had da nte'iebori Caderaeafe all thia ware none eevoatv Ore r* e'gbly h. iuee holnge aomn killed laetaatlv other. wo,au.d itai'r, mid ^her. wrtfemr ?a' ? M wf?inAh' *l,JWh" ?"r Bheteae'y were fee >r*t? of fee d.mallahad MB )awmed 1 *cfe?r that tt waa half an hoor bekwo the wrtek could be clenrr l eo feat fee people eoald begot Thia are bleat baa evidently been the raault ef awdaaa I"!!' *2. *^2? Imwe la ebarpafeenM babetd ?o U.? itr.cteat niiwtAlllty