Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1860 Page 2
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Court of General Nesaiu**. Before Judge Russell. TUK W ALTON-M ATMS W Ml'Kl'bK?APPLICATION TO DINCHABUN v lAbl.his JK1 I KtUW. Nut AO ? Immediately ou the opening of the c>urt, Mirers Brady and Halt, counsel for Cbsrles Jeflerdf, who U dow coudned io the Tombs charged with the mur der of John Walton and John W. Mathews, appeared to mote for a writ of habeas corpus The prisoner war in nltcudauce, and the epectatora ortnccJ much interest la the proceeding*. Mr. Hall submitted a petition of the accused for a writ of habeas corpus, which set forth, among other thiugs, that he w>i aol committed to prison by virtue ol any proper tribunal, but by reason of a preju diced verdict of a corouer s jury, the Grand Jury not having acted in the mutter. Mr ilall addressed the Court at length, and read a number ol all : lavits, their purport being that the testimony produced against the defendant wan Insufficient to hold him. thai the Coroner, Instead of collecting the jury from the cllisens In the neighborhood where ihe occurrence took place, selected men who were friends of the deceased men who were charged to have bt in murdered. Many of the jurors Were personal friends of the dett ased, who were very much embittered against tb< jirftoner in consequence ol family diOlcuilits thai bad bt< u brought before ibe courts. The motion <>i Mr Hall to lih< r ile Jeffords on bail was denied by the City Judge. Mr Bad) u.en add rep led the Court, arguing that the prisoner should be discharged at once, for the statute clear I) provided that if I wo terms of the court elapse 1 hofore an accused party was milled, he should be enti tled to his discharge; besides, the evidence of the wltuess es for tbe prosecution was sent to the LMstriOt Attorney on the Huh or Ju'y. and that olllcer had not submitted the catc to the Grand Jury Tbe counsel claimed that the prosecuting olllcer had clearly violated the statute, which provided the . eve > pt-rsou accused of crime slioul.I havo a speed) trial, and intonated that unless the Grand Jury found a bill against Jelh-rds very Speedily, action would be Uken against the authorities for false imprisonment. Judge hussell stated that as the iJrand Jury would tmug the labors ol the present term to s sloH ou Wl el iy they would have no time to consider the case this mouth. His Honor Intimated that It would he bettor for tbe do feudanl to wait till tbo Grand Jury was empannelied in October. Mr. Sedgwick, In tbe absiace of Dtatriet Attorney Waterbury, said bo was not pre |?red to reply to tbe application of tho counsel for the defendant, inasmuch as bo did not know what tbe III Wtcl Attorney meant to do An Intimation having boeo given that tbe Ihsuict Attorney would be present oa Monday, tbe discussion was brought to a close, tSe c ut! sel for the defendant giving notice that the motion would be renewed oo Monday. ALL&UKD AS8AlrLT WITH INTKNT TO KILL AN OYSTER SALOON KKKl'KK. The only Jury trial ol special interest was a charge of felonious assault made by John Saarcke, keeper 01 an O) ster saloon at tbe corner o( feutb avenue aud Tniriy first street, agaiust a young man nameil Christopher Cox. It appeared from the evidence adduced on the trial that , Cox and a friend went Into the saloon of the complainant and a'ked for oyster stews, whim were furnished Cox asked lor Mime butter and other coDduncMs, which were furnished, but Cox dAain'ed a more aliun ai.l supply , whea buaicke obs-irvel, " llo you think I can give you U vlf a pound of butler In your slswV "No," replied Cox, ?' but 1 want a quarter." Hie keeper ol tho saioou said, " You can't have any more," and fol lowed up umaik with other demonstrations of inso fence. He locked Ihe door, and raid the men should not leave before lb-, pi t for tbe stews, wu-rcupon tho friend of Cox told Scarck ? that he would |>sy for every thing Cox had, at the shu e time telling Cox 11 g i out aud he would follow him when be bud eaWu bis stew. Cox attempted to go out, but was prevent ed by the prosecutor, wh> sprang ujon him and held him back At this juncture of the dlfllrulty <fll<or Miller, of the Twontielh precinct, wbo w as seen led beh n<l a rcrecn, made his appearsuca and threw (ox down on the lloor, at the same time pulling out his club and revolver He threatens! to shoot Cjx if he stirred an t In order that be might not stir Mrs Saarcke stood upon bun. Puritg the affray Saarcke was * tabbed In Ihe neck and also in the wrist, and bis wounds are ol such n nature as to disable b;m for life. It wai alleged that O'X slabbed bun, hut the knife was not Identified as being the proper!) of the prisoner, nor did any wilo-;* observe the stabbing Cox w?? arrested and brought to the tlalu-n house, and having been subsequently brought before the City Judge ou a writ of habeas oorp us, was dis charged T*o months had eta reed a-.d the (J-and Jury not hiv ng found an Indictment, ulbe.-r M Her (atiad Upon Ihe Ds trlct Attorney to have C..x indicted by the<> and Jury in an aeaa ut aith Intent lo kill Mr -Saarckn, and acuorJiag 11 the rill was foiiO'l, and a he xh w errant y< eu Io off) er Mi.lerf>r the purt? ? ?l airesting <).* tVo?n h* m u convey i-g hi-n to tbe prison, this inolrl oftlc-r told Oax not to give tbe law) i re any money, but that if he would go to Nun k- and pay bun WO or gdO, hr (M Her) would use his lufiu-ncc w lib caarrke, and he (f >x) Would gat rid of the rase Tbe ofllc-ir gave him the as'urauce th it tl he pursued this course he wuuld not press a charge for a felonious assault committed by Cox upon him in tho ojster saloon The defendant did not act upon this advice, hut pre ferred to have his case pass*it upon by a jury Judge Russrll charged favorably to the acc.uc-d. aud in th] course of bit remarks to th* jury comitemed severely, and Justly so. upon the roudurt of officer Miller In al temptipg to compound a felony, which was a punlshab e offeuce, be also aald that Clilcer was a disgrace to the department, and ahould not be permitted to remain la It. The Judge instructed the Jury that they could not Convict of a felonious ataaull, but might. If the evidence war ranted It, find the deft-ndaul guilty of a simple as suit aad battery. The Jury were absent a length of lime, aud having been res ured by tbe Court that ill- law dbl not warrant Uiem in convicting of an aaeault with mlvnl l> kill, a verdict of "Guilty o.' assault aad battery" was rendered His Honor directed Oox to pay a hue of 110. which wss promptly (aid. It was said that elgat of the Jurors were In fsvor of convicting the prisoner of the oflvne. charged In tbe indictment. . last Meyers, a shoplifter, who was charged with st?nl Ing a piece of silk Worth I.V. from the store of Wild A Sayman, In Broadway, on tbe 10th of July, pletdisl guilty to grand larceny, sod was sent to the Stale prison for two years Saprame I'nart- *prrl?l Ttr?. Before Hon Judge Ingraltam the wa-iiimiton makaet came. Mn ?1 ? TV Mayur, <t( , ri fbylur imi Urmtan.? The ?i|! .ration For au attachment tn thie c*?- of ooa tfn | i ?i? Mt proceeded with. >? the city ?u put ta of tbe property under tbe order of tbe Court fwbrftf. TIT* OKIPIIKIN RAILWAY CASE. The niotku foe pe?|- %???' utaacth o ta tbii eaaa m; t po*lp.iied to tbe aMhoi of Mr C O Conor, ?ou-eol for ddfeudaiiU I lilted KltUi IHetrlrt Altornry'i Olltro. I UAKfJK or RBVOLT. Rrtt W ?Geo P Keynotda waa a r reeled, rh?**ed wtlh baring rubied Um aeotod mUr of the btrl Atai. Jobs T? U moo iu oloo or rent' I, ;Lar(ed with attempt. ir>K to rreoto a re oil on board tbe mine reooel, w bile At oofu?, lal end of Cub*. Tbe oocuood woo coinmtitod for OMfeUM Tbe tioror Ktbhe, fouod deeerted on th* einat o' Ctbo, to ordered to be told by the Catted Rtatea Mirabel ? OPARTHEniHIP ROTICKN. A I'KRUOR PKdlROIS or KRfRRIMII tXTO A n lueraUee 1 m? new hat'-tr a fpltl of A few hundred <" uIata. ntll bear of a rpVeadld ebaere hp addr-ae'n* I) Ad ? ar.te, N 1 tv# Prat odtoa. Brttofelyn. rta huetoe ? ta the tnp piylai of wbotaealo at%tror.eee ? Hh a da of an eniirelr neat chwerter ? htrk baa aireedj boea taoted. R? uaiila tor per ???>? deeuiile .if capital need apply. A PARTHUR WABTBP?WITH FROM RtODTnttiR. A to .tola Um en ham her ta a I'Ualnr and Mondtof Mill. In M. hobea. juit alerted Ho ruber mil tn tbe ?f. Call at tbe corner of Meadow and Hewart Mrerwa A PARTH1R PEHIRKD IR A I.I'JHf CAbR BtTRI J\ neeo. earta* fraa pt Uto to (A till per none need apply aalwa ha can ?lra f <nd referan ea and noBBaad (PR eeaa tmaaedratal y. fail la autre, M Twelfth atnet near Brand wa> A BARK OIARCR r<>R A PBRHOR. WITH PROR A. I to fi 000, i to ? rw la a eaab uannfa. Inner hn-tncan. now la a-ieceaafui ope-ntha Apply at Ul Broadway, top floor front ruoa. Brrwino a hp vai.tiho -farther wahtip t * Ur abrtre httamee# -The tuba-riser with n* to attend bta tuefeew a dae-rone to aerure a fnad Ban aa Partaar. with ali ul t UORH Oil) aak Tbe hrewerr ta well eaiebllehd aad dolne a food buwnr ae. and baa all tbe far Hit tea for dnf?r a iarte trade Batlroada : I ear a lap la all direrthion H. H -ha Uafa??.ej refaeeare reri-rert A Idreaa N T., Ouuar Martina browety, Rbhaaxla coaAty Ilteow (1A PIT AI .IRT* ?TARTbRR WAHTRD. tH A RTRI<*Tt,T J let* weie t 'aeaeni an I w.wl .tealraSta hualt.eaa where, with (tb'.IM to HMBI a .-eruin 'onnne can ha mala la t en or three eaara iJlrtOB A POCTlWli't. M Raooan atreet rAR< HITW T*~ WaRTRP, RT AR cit.O ARtt eii-wrtenaod arrhiteer eiw dma? hnataea In Ibe rMe a y tma. a anted bap wbn Would late aa lateimt la a lira rleaa Ittant aa i (Deo An bre ta w-abier to fora ao.h a h itiiwaa ? tttrll a Bay aidr a* H, arehi.ert, to the care of K la ?trttre |f(i,B R?at fourteenth atreel R. V rCAPITAtalRTR ARB R AHcr AOTCBflUI -TH? pa tea.t. a Of aa ertrh %l and h'ehlt uaeful aarl tar* tent tereaii a ;na? uene! la deewoata of lenttaa a partaer to eufara b the tot ate. I late m*ra?%e*a." Rone but reap utelsle pa-ttea rated apply Call at R?i ? Ijheny atr.m, third lat, batwaaa 10 aad II o aewk A. R . aad I to I P. M. WARTBD-A BPBCIAL, OR AfTITI PARTHRR, IR aa ralabhabed m*i t'aei'tHr* buuaeat, to ertead the ?ante for fall partteeiara aad rwfamv-ea apply at t. AM it Rht at, Lie RaartouraJ al/aat. R. T. R. U - Ho areata need w 'ARTRO-AR AfTTIt R OR MI^RT PARTHRR WITH a na?aal?f U.kOwR tA?i, to entire in a bnaneaa al ready eatabltehed. pay n< at '-eat M par east. A l lreaa *. T , boi I M N. T. Peat oBt ?#. Blltntn (Ml?A PARTT AB PARTRRR, OR TO 5* ltflf pwrehaae aa ?etab lehed Aai <na r?a BpTAdarar. r beaaeat read na the rrw. aad a thomwrb ?B>1 teeter Itora Andrew J R i nanlc(haB ho S Wall ?, rear haaaarat, or apply patanaal.j be? wean Id and J o'al ?*. ? 1 OHO S2 -WArtrp a partrir with tt/.vwy M,bhrnre awrnua. R?m city refr new (Iraa aad iRMM. AdtlraB Hah Reratd udlca -PARTRRR W ? HTrA -TRRAPrR at IB** j for W?erai ie?~ enoaaeAed w'U a we ?t?b I buatarw wabla tba ?*y. lea an napiRtRMI ti e tr-hue IM bOaeerR. wbbbUaoldonlyeaae. nat of It a row payiaanar f* (M pjr w,, b end t r*?t < <-a on band TbU u a (Otid aynaBa Pal, at M Hmadway. iuob a $rooo. lirt biMtori #1 ?*?oo opportvhitt por a reapeetanla RBP. te tela belf Interepi |n e wnalBal ? pmdaoa aad noniBBe' ? bo.tie. afi'tuod In one of the bee< i. *atf Be hi Be ?dr bad Mr hiweaea under <ery I iBlaia Ro baant reantred. bat aa ener ?eUr B e. atth tbe abore eepRai to tare* bt prudaaa. Apply ta the Bee in ihieae atrwet. near (Jreeawleh #9 fihl\ t*1 ft i*w "a party wfrif thir arocrt Vao'' "J te ei h eac bear of aa oppordnni'y to pe?hne aa late.-eac B a wel> eaaannebel hiwlaeaa paibif aboat (iAoO annna If. and ter. i be adt-erfaer reeetrea a Btarr -d ft.onr pew err. ? i ? (trte( ku pafunal aitenatna to tba buw. neea. a b -b | fMt ee<| ee ery would be aaeuiwd to A par. ebaeer wb" w capable rd are-flat te oBee brum ?w IL baalvb t lb ran..* lor .te?f? t to aril AddrwiflTS JMS .Mi-, of atAL amrt. J AN IVI'KoVKL. FaRM nr 1JU *CUti (FRAME house Kill i e. er falUn* ?prtnf en U partly retire! ?n4 ?M<f OUlUfKll W, KUtl eucrllenb. W i.lWA, about lK ? lit) ml'** Ir-lUl Brwa i lly, the Hutu c.pttAl and ??ta to be the tin-at part ot tort very d.-elrabl* * an invratmeut. *? property u rapt!ly riatr* la fitlui- there Wi.l b? cat-hange-I lor dry gmrt? or Kruceriee- Tuir perfect*e li K , box 4,712 Putt olh -e A BACRiriCR- THK OKKuTEST EVER OFFERED TO J\ the pnbtte One of the beat Hum m i Lot* on the north tide o' Thirtieth afreet, nevr Third Kieoue, miut be Kild for Ciutli Hutue S'jSb fe?l three ttory hurmml end; furnace IB end Kli the modern Improvement*; *ewrr**e complete end built by the day. Prior (7.780. Root f74Uptr >? 1-r Mortgage, (6u4t cen retna'n or bald off. and It way be purrbeted ell ftinrxiahed u h now le tf required. need apply J AJtJfei PRTTUBT0H,'.S17 Beet Thir Uclb i trrrt. A SPLENDID COUNTRY BEAT IN THK TOWN Or f txmforC, Conn ; fee ytew of the Pound; large bulldtnre and abundance of I'tnL l'rtce Id,MAI Would trede fur Btuoklyn or city prupeity. Otlor Farnut W H. MKLICK, 407 Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL PAR* OF 36 Af'RES, BO0BK IN CO* plrle order. 10 room*, ont bul'dtnga. Ac ; 3 apple oi eh arda Wtti ta abunderrr of fruit* 2s miJee iu New Jerary p ?*>; would trade for ltrooklvn or city property worth ah ml >4 tiro or leer W. H MKL1BK, 407 Broadway. A ROMANTIC VILLA R1TK POR BALK. ONR WILK above Fort Lee. rompi-talny *U teres wlih a rtTtr front of 340 feet, commanding one of Hie ronet magnificent vlewa In lee virility of New York; prk-e (4 000. Aleo one acre front tog on the Pellradee; prLed OOft tequlia of W H. KEMP, No 41 bompeon turret ladjalnlrg People'e Bank, Canal ntreet, New kirk or to JOHKFH tXYiR, ALABflR NUMBER OP YAIXABfJt UP TOWN LOTS for tale. Alan eprndtd modern built Ilooaee in every fart of the city; iome very low for r?ah A lao Ilouaea and -ut* to exi henge at Bergen Total. N. J. Apply at American Heal Katale t ffice, (07 Broadway, In biaement Brooklyn property for rale?in fort oreen placm near Hanson p'a r, end near the ferriea; take Pn Ion. Wall or fcotHh ferrr, rltv rar? and you are with hi 2t 0 yarda of the pri n-im-a; new three glory buildings with all Ike n rdem Improvemeu'a 1'rue low; lermseaay. f tOUM RY RESIDENCE FOR BALE CTHCAP.-ONR YV iriile firm Fort BBMAo* ton^'if, M the Palll ?adex amr* the Hudson liter, about one acre of land, In go-id 01.'Oration, a new Cottage House and Bam In modern atyle; will be a.ild ( leap for cash, or on eaay terma Inquire of ED. HifKlN. on the premise*, or of 0- C. BURR. No Id Ann at I ret. In the book atore. (IKN'l V A I. PARK I.OTB FOR SALE-FOUR FULL J I.i In of ground on the n rtb an"e ,.1 K phtv vixth aireet lx tween 1 biru ? pd Fourth avenuea Price lot) each Ap ply to ROBERT Jai KBON, 110 Broadway. FIR jT CI.ARR nOUBE FOR sale on PTKRRKPONT aireei. Brooklyn ?That three atory brown nine front huh rloop ha?. ir eni and eub cellar Ilon?e (6 Pierre join *tre<-t uear Cdnton; tlnuhed wVh nil the modern improvement*. H;/eof li< nae 2GtM feet; lot, ItlilfOfeet Will he told on reasonable lerm? with immediate poeeeeiilon. For tertna apply to JOHN M AYIlb R. lt? Broadway FHIR rAI.E?FIFTY ACKI8 OF THE BaT YIKW PaRM, or elyht entire block*, altuatrd on Third eyeutte and Fifty li'th atrert, Bnatklyn, nrar Bay Kldne. within thirty minute* of New York by city car* For nnvpr. Ac , mqiure of SLLAR HE". MOUR. 30 l'lne itreel. For bai.k-a grARTEH BRcrioN, in acres, op yery valuable unimproved land In Bane county, Wi-ron tin, abe nt five mile* front Madia hi. atror.rly recommended to the notice of rnu.'rar.u. For parhcu-are apply to ABEL Barton, 61 Wail ?treot. New Tork. For sai.k-a thrkb story house in thirty flrat etr.-et, pbaaantly altuattd, with all the modern In prnteireru and in complete order. For term*, Ae..*bplr to E P. HkLANCRY. H *ud 10 Pine etreet, FOR BALK?1 HE OONVKNIKNT THREE 8TORT AND bvaemi r.t high etrop brt -k Hou*e No 17 Kas' IN-rty drat ?tieet, bet wren Pou'th and Madlaoo aieuuee. Term* eaay Inquire on the premier*. ITOR KAI.K.-A OKNTLKBAN OOIM1 TO *P*2T?; P wll wll '.-tor It-ate bta threeMry. blabitooiJ. brown .tonern?l P?Vllte*! *i/e, ?"??. I'>1 WM: ll wjtaliw aU ir.dern Improtemei.ta, t? *e;l located and In li)" centre of the city a amell amcunbof raab and the balance lu ?took*; Pf* ii,' u the tint of Oetoher. Addreae Jaiae. Lyle. IB H-om X-. 1. Iretontaofll.e. r.viR HAI K -A SMALL SIZED HOTEL. ON KnEOPKAN B plan n'wiy llted np and fnraiahed throughout, In one of ,h. ?!? prrxrt'nem 1? cat:. ... for turn. .?*. h?.> eaee end >?* rent but ? small ?*?? ot E"n*> fquirjd do* n brrt rate 1". in* -alnon on W cat ?ui> l. Apply la fte More. If.J ( b tghematr. ?? TNOrVaXS-A. NEW COR NIR HOCRK. NO l.V) madi P aiiatf.oe; medium Mr*. oootatni all taapeavemeuia. la It pertect order, .'I V??-? Vr'm I T.rtnr r--y Ir (u re no the preiraea Irooa * to 7 1. M , or to H. OaLI'EN. Itffl Chamber*atmt _____ . <(u >; M V?1 TIB V V i'. V CONVENIENT AN1> RTRONO H I inn. f .nr ? rr, baaeneat, and *"h. fH*af I*?firu*C In* Ili.nao. N lit V "*? irookijn Apply to L. C. VTlST.^No 1, f rom atree., Brooklyn. L. OR SAI K-A CHI IP PROPERTY, THE ETORK AND B Dweilln* No til Ninth arrnur be: ween Thirty *fth and ? ipvipi. kiitb aTf* tii rftJlt*'! fiif P" xfnr All" for **.?? JJSp."ai property No. Ml ?* 8? Weal TMrtrUt\ -rem. , old Nor It ,-nre in Ibe atore 411 Mnih avenue. 11.1* day. | FO* rai-e-threk heal'tutt. huildino lot*, in lh? town ot Yonh'r*. located within Bra mlntitm walk on the but north of tor depot. wUl be ao.d whether or a^anoa. I to auit pnrebaaera Eon of the money iFf-RTF *,*e Por farther Information lnq*lr* of JOHN 1 at Mi'lfeu a teed Hore. In the ullage. 8 " " | rm till OR EXCIJANOE?A H11H TT1REE NTORT Uriel Dwelling. now l?t, In exirm order, in tfce Hixlvn'h war.1 tt'..*.*** fire and clear; or would?*< ban?? for a ?ood an.l unprovina lor.vd !*r.-Ulo? up town. Eton a l>e* wnntad up town; pa', pa t id caab. Andreaa. wilb i articular*,, ()* uifrce. Herald office FNOR RAII-EIVE NEW AND MODEEN BRICE ^IDmara ManUfnlly lxuOail In Brooklyn with toaalei*. >aa ami 5S? a bart-am, p'rtee .* Puto. neJIate appl eatiud U m?;l? W J U POIUAIN. M PUAOO afreet, Brookljn. fit n? 9 to 11 A. ?. TO: a tenue. Fir K *1 F - A FIRST CLASH THREE NTORT AND brown atone front Hon*. It by 80 feet, wHh the motera Uwprb^.^Tr??hed to uJb*Mi.tUi^u^aedo. Le. inrtnn *\ enue. eontkeeM wruer of l^.riy einib ?ireM quire on lbe prettiwe ... K~OrTaI.R.-T?1E NEW FOl'R STORY SlONE FRONT Houae No lib Wart Thirty DyiA atryyn** beat impro en.enU r-oewond <Ura ?? H* *5^NMiSl lb bi H Us 1*1 feet dc*p.^iwulr* oo ?f It. S HoOMAbka. on the prrtviaee 1/1 FT It AYFNCE HOLSF* FOR 8 A. r r. ur mLarf bifh n^op. tirel cleee Ho?e* fo* eele, wm Iib med'tltV '"J]"'*'* Buildta?. nit Sir*. T-tOLNK WAR1EH IK NEW TORE. IN KXCHANOR H for rity Ion or doe omutry m.near tbdttty Apply at ?11 Pearl atreet rear ,.fll -W. ,..f THREE NTORT BANEWENT NCBi ki.I.AE ^ Houae .? Mate rtreet. fntahed tr tba beat rtf le, aj^I aao^ dein inti-roien,one bUwk front the r*ra that run to a^l the ferr ea W Ul aeU en eaay ler^. ^PP^J",D_T OUI"L LlN, corner of Atlantic and saatib atra?la, awtltlya mm MILL AW PRITILERR rt'R iALE OR RI ?^.WUnd Jfrt.TTnr 'a&^ST^m'u i.m natter an.t ruanina a Urae nntportUn wl? be t?A>*to the article B.a le. App.y u> A AJMiON a mat), " Bowamaw atnet "e-"---" llPaT APTaTE IN RORHWANIA I* ]{ rw.str'ih nailer, 411 No^dw*rASM yerient UaLery eoat mer ^ j,^mi N? 8 BiaU Htrier CT urns HIT p*op?*tt ARD iMPRonro wjn^ S em tjarda for aale or arc bancwforBew' ork"r^ate nfooFrtT l>rf (Itodl or Her* bixndlee. lionet. uunMrn or Op cb. trill ex. bauae a p*rt at tta <-aaA ralne lw? a^AMa** ber of n w .* aetor d haad tbrrmra Applj't the A ?arte Kea *aiaie If'. Broadway la baaa?at la Dana emtaly Iba reotra ot tba p*a? wb*M am^ yff w*T. ^peratniaAaaeaof tmtyl.Um iriii ? Z?. It b- fourma ot "?&?&*&?US ZZ JUawa^T ? ? etewedlna 8NHMR-, K b WALKER Nutmuaaa. Wlaconato. if wo npttcrpId adj"Inin? I ... Hi.but hesweaa Fnttn* and Wall atrwrt feeriea. wo* td and W iV unTviTaUee^ for ml* < r to lap P%ather or aap S^wltb^pSrt-lSe bTpirrbAaa. ? -a, ter? o*e Kmaa audi, the rsAer *X80. buill #1 daf* ?*t unA*' ^ ? - or ia owwer ,. ^rt-ai, detail of 0*'1A? ?' WT>^' to and Bnabed m tba beat, J*8* Vf,\ essyriWJ! I. e1!T ^T2U?w wTwri sacuttr *? u* mmwwn*$ 3b, fM effmee enrr iwwy" -r tmimmi end J*r Jiirnew Of ** h*w ??,? PiZZLt? 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W-, U?H llwft M < lice U/ANTED-ro PCRCHAE* A BOI7E AND imjyi ?T rated abot. be rairew b atrwet ant betw ? U ilnat a .. , .... . . .. ??? , xerie* or tb ? ? " ? ?? ,IW ? irtlti all the mmter* iwprcewm^Bla. fr*a llfvtlto |1 a .**! Addrae* hn? t SM. Pom <a? ITEARRUATi 7aA, BOAT FOR AI.RANT AND TROT. Rb*1!0 Tn* 1 1 _jJ l.aiWrr "?- bewwer DANIEL DREW laa"* J.ybrwwt far aa^Tbirtlatb auaat, Tuaadaja Tbunatay* aad wTT* mo at for wvrr potwt, oornw all. www r: HHyWE " rfv1* ?all aore American ei rope an aw went iNDtAN ks rreta. New. * and ? Rro?dT-A#. Ct' dc- " f- w? Wall ... F?e*.c-a aa ' P -eelaof all dearrlglnna y e ?rT MaaAter m al i . ta rf E-.rrpa. thw W?t Ind'e* Afri-a tod ?T it. o- eiia d mute b the Baal Indiwa Ohaand Anrtraha. Hiirp p*er u*e?i ?'!.ur*>?# md ppnefel Mfeney eeffiffie? ?**ucwd on tha Mb BOW ARM OKI' GOODS, AC. ? SPLENDID Oi'KBIMft of PAKIS fl.?)WBB8. of Urn finest elm * R II. MAOl'S. ALo, very PINS VBATHSB*. I *<3 ire visiting our will M am* at Ha FINEST FLOWRRH, Kwi, ltudu and OI1.T GOODS, Ac, thai own be obtalacx li) Ulia country. Ot'SMMi OF SPLKN DID ltlHBO 0?r RU bon Department neter presented ana ^Mtlt boo Department nexer prea>nte^^^^W ^?v.ut BEAUTIFUL Rllilli)?t> u Thursday, at tb? great opening ol UlR Fall BTYLih AMD FA81IIOMS. cut in RIBBONS 7#e. a yard WHMW irorMI fhatff tev eall at l b Al IIKL'I, RIBBONS Oc.l M i'KHB BIBHONfl. ... We. rijrw......... go. 6,8Ui pieeaa Rlbbooa.. HIGH Colored Rlbbooa. 18a. High Coloied Rlbbona Ue. Ladles an feat m Md that*'liey call* Hp's for FaID flo 9 era of finding one or the ehn*?fa> and best as aorlaaeBU of RIAL French Flowen to be met w tl la this eoun try. They are not only One but rot up with ai qoWtaly Baa taate. EMBKOIDEBIK8 aid Una LACK*, opened yaMarday t PI EN DID VEILS In many varieties, opened yeMerday. HOBIBRT, OLOVEB and UNDER VESTS, day. LADIES' and MISSIS' UNDER CLOTHING la great earth ly. opeutd yesterday. LADIES' KID GLOVK8, the. beet 63 otnta, opened J eater day. LA D1X8' KID GAUNTLETS, <3e., We. and 31, opened yes terday. JOB LOTS of various klnda of set da, bought CHEAP, to elear the eatlre lot, will be aoid In lota to aolt PRICKS. purchaser* at eitremel^^. Store 201 and KX SUth arenne. one door below Fourteenth at. B. H. MACE A T 1,117 BROADWAY. 1.U7 Coiner Twenty fifth street, Oppcalte Madlann park ?cd Worth Monument. J. A. BLUXOMB EI.EOANT OOOI'S. NEW STYLE* AGAIN NEW LOTS THIS WEEK. RIBBOFS, RIBBoNB RIBBONS, 1'ixm Auction BIBBON8, At L per yard. From Auction RIBBONS, At ltc. per yitrd. From Auction. RIBBON'S. At 13c. per yard. From Auctten RIBBONS, At 21c. per yard. From Aucton. R 'BBO NR. At 25e. per yard. From Auction. RIBBONS At 31c per yard. From Auction RIBBONS, At 37?e. peryard. From Auction. RIBBONS. At 42c per yard. From Auction. RIBBONS, At from 50c to $1 50 per yard. J. A. BLUXOMX. AMKB CAN AND FOREIGN MERCHANTS WHO ARE in search of Chinese and Japanese Silks, Sauna, Crates Ptuget*. Pineapple Ureas Goods. I'lnearple Handkerchefa, Kaikenw. Maii.-at Handkerchiefs. *hawla anil Scarfs. Ctlua lea Seta, Lacquered and Inlaid Boxes. Ouspadores. Vaiea. Garden seala Ac . BngWOOd and Sandleurood Bracelet*. rch Frather Fans, from Ceina and France. American Indian andFacey Articlea and Beadr*. Japanese OurkwMea tad many other articles which are asaroa and rare, not to be |CO cured in any other establishment of this 0 nu try. can paralass them to tbeir rrealeat advantage, wholesale and retm, at FOUNTAIN A CO s India store. No. 6&J Broadway. A LARUE AND SPLENDID 8TOCE OF Avery variety. M *W*KK ??*? nR* ? >OD8 204 and MM m".S; .L,NKN TABI** CL?*HS and NAPKINS. UC XK Mitt itfiut. H y HxCi 2j"aboTinb~in"jc?b.s~" - BARGAINS IN TUN JOB LOTS SAI.K OF RIBBONS AT R. H. MACT! IN TIN JOB I<078. "J/>n I-J *JP0 y?rd? Rn)l?>o? hiyh rolora, J2c a yard 4 *yard? Klhbooe, high colore IV avert ioS til ,,ir^ h,?h ?**< SJw *?r>2 ^ *Mrf'* bl?b color*. 21c a yard jo? ?] ?.! r*!3" ^'b^yh *h r"lHr? Vr * ?*r' *Ji" a" I ? yarda Hi ohm* h'*b roinni, 3le a *an Tim fi_ 7 IS Tlr^* *JJ>bona huh colon S7e a yurS. i o &~I *? Slbl-or a, h'rh color* 44c a vartl JOB ?-7 IU1 var- a Kil^ou,. fcuk ^".Ti ?,* ! I!m JOB 10-7.100 > a. da Rlbbow. Jfc 7Jc , sdc , and 41 a jard. __ 1 Mb AHI) \ K TIN JOB LOIS ARK ON Ol'R COUNTKR8AT *HE ABOVE PR I ( IS THKT ARI CHEAP. CUSTOMERS PLKaSkIxTmK AND BUT TERM. "tore Rlj'h avenue, corner Fourteenth etreel " "ACT. C7t.0AK8-CT.0A 18.' * , . _ fALL FASHIONS. J. J. BKNRON. No Sio Uenat ?reet Baa aov ready kla Fall aad Winter atria For aknlmla aad _ ORy rat all trad* TV# lataat Parla atilaa. and alao bla on IVatana anttable for preaaat oraar N" 310 1 Anal aire. I. Oppoalu Mrreer CLOAKS AJTD MalTTTTAaA MAP ANN P. PINOBOM EKtrjL^ar ?.?saaswair mapami p. rip an ok, II BieeoRer Ml eat. qloaka. CLOAKI, AT WHOLESALE BROIiIRt FALL AMD WINTER CLOAKS All NOW RIADT. ?oMtAen b-ij-an are particularly Hon tad 10 ^ V u rltlra bafnra ntklox pnrckaua m CANAL STRUT. IlAlJAORn FLANNELS. B. ANKKT8 HROADri/iTRI r aJ a"1*' ?*?*??" '* La'Aa.. M<ul lue Mnr>ne Tah> 44 Catharine itreet**'' *U ml'l> ** M ATHENA, TTr?n*? duput a crkhamob. f1 Hl _ BROADWAtT S41 iSH-nS f2?SSmM"um" * ?"rJl> na. Rich Ladira IVMa aad Ball Claaaa. JS1" "a "?* atrIra. _ .. a . uawI Ktr<i, in fill pffftr! i na Df%rl J-<* *lu"fc lAr attention of the wholeEtuTJ2je^Tn?e?n ^riia" *4- ^ ^ U-T oSw ??.'wiJi'SSS, TTQCKKHiiy^ ? lkt OOOPS IN ORkXTfaBIITT. RRLUNO at LOW PRIORS B H. HXCrV, Fa SOI lot SM Mi'h aroom. JOB LOTS ~ hCSIKRT. OLOTO, AMD DMDU VEST* DR A WEBB, Ac. Cnr bfif Itid Glomi, Q c#rvui /dom h*UAP) Howrj and Olotn of ?Mfy qomilt/, ' D021N "?" Oa BATTRPAV arrt SIHOLI FA I*. Wa ahall odrr ecu a lad^crnanty.T cuMoaera purvhaMac Purine iba Orrat 0u}'? Pala ?a ahall aeu ?LU-^^b-MpaF. a, rrrf^^"1' OW,V? Not 71 >4 aod Ad sTith aaaana. ft n. MACT TOB LOT OF ff.a -* a. ' AMNRIC AMP Mrsi.IN SETS BOf I> ?"rtk 11 41 * H. MACT. J'>Bof 14 OaatbiIr atia Al >?tk 1 41 *? "r'15 l1St5?"iNrtr rrta It tU worth II 71 JOB of SIT ranhrlr acta, K to il worth t3 to 17 areaaa, rorwrr uf Pnnnnalh anal gOLOMON A HART" S,?'*,%U lkM? f"?l Hap-rtatlona^f B""dw*7' a ? M At RR1 4 l> AMD FlSNIK It IDTIRIV .? ??4 aon!d aall ibr r'rtVnla, aur.uiritf www .... ? ?" 'Arlr ? ? ndld diaoUj ,J "? ITTI.IW AND Rl^r iBrt.hTaTiojiN HRtiCATRLS. RATIN? ASH 8AT1M PR I.ATNIt, TAPMTRVS TABOCBRTS. I^CSHES. RET! LABTISOR BAMDSi 1MB STRIPED COTTON AMP Worsted damasks. piano and table covers nanas.'* larw "AXM A"? 1**'?_ANI' MI'M.lR CI RTAINS. .... 'MIKI'l.* I.iltt ?F|I Nlil'tra amd oi LD and painted wisi o* shApn* "" IWF "** ?uaufa-tnrr. vV-VS Ua ? a rd ? , . artiai atylr fv ah4 5v, alT^ nC V A MR MR ? . 1 ARE HE TARRKF TAMI EE varkff TARNEE tarkfr TANERf Tanker notionr, at Noa *>4 ard PS n?th at ra ta R g RacT'S Willi AMD iwicou. fcoTm wiii^kets?aptt iai. f in alorh a larwr a 'prly of I-tab Whia '!"? Anmat, Is?7. a?o l| oTrh^vl k*ch ?ku.. f "'Sroaa INISP WIIIISRETS 1 R"?v ?| he r new l?y. tetprrtrd Into Boa ?r*t~. ?T' T. a'ir'iBi. pal; aao 11 . R bShry. Sr.T^ 'wTI K TtJS fol.p rkai rr?? r< mrarirm wftbrdlMwi iiM ii k aL ^ U B K IRE I'slwaMrm RtLBI AOCTIOtt kT MOKTIMRK URIFF IR A CO . A0CTI1 iNKKRA U,Mia"fflS!BT HOP?KHOl3) Fl RRlTUHK AM) WORKS OF ART At public auetloo. The properly of a wrmn declining buieakeeplag. <>.. thta day (Friday; at 10H o'clock practaaly. At tkc ebpau. reei leoce of wr> *5 W. eat aire et, beta, en Fifth and Hlith eveauaa, *? ~ and nchcM aaaortmeot of Uoueehold Parol bdEK the to A thieaeaeoa. 1 he furoUurt waa all mad* SSSHS^SiSEr** So. Ckla'ofiueo at the bouae oo morula* of aole. Superb iy, octave Pianoforte, Prawtng Room 8u*i, tare and coally Work. of Art ^ 1>ldBlto)!t by enlaeol erUeta, Ormolu tod brooie Cbamlciiere. Me<ulUoo CorpeU, Drcadeu and Bevre. Hd UuM Mlrrore, ImbroUlered Lace Curteiae, ^ BaSa( ud Tabic. Bolld f live rwaro, Ruby and OryatolUlaaawara, Bbr&cld Tl"'Camber Furniture rtrte Looii KIT.; I Book, a r?o* ROOMS. _ I MxrrlVent rearwood 7X octava 1 IV rlcfccft lualrumrnt oil trod at auction thla ?.:. ,i clkMr lour roundaornera. overttrung bam, lined with wSh pearl M.hed all ?ade by rlty maker, and lully gaarantecd; Frooahagh COTCr btiol eoveree In brocade; roaaotmd UuWwj: Geeee . n,i prxifecAM*. H<*ii dc Kom MinjuHfrl^ Cibmfcti, l?dy i Aork Tabe ard writing Peak. Inlaid with pear.; KngMeA rsfts; -sftrlSrattteKg ?sswsawes Wore, covered la three ooloro *T d& O.^n marble top to match the .ulta; RMROMd. 1 la ?Ait it, t*A with utiowood, mirror door? ?nd b?cki ?fn? ? ??2nt K??y * h*irt; uuultttft, pt*r and ?ide Table?; Oil tin* a patent rcaay von.. ^ Kglaw. and other emlnoat ulhda AaaumpttaR. Mr?in Mitry, from celebrated P?J?^?L!S Ktorh Feme, by Ftn*arna*le Ae j iCZ ai.d t hatra to match, valve* Stair CdTtWjA?'? UUdrtb Ch? mbrra?Wilton and Ingrain rowwooa rr.arfiK.Bv:s..r,'TS!^ Sir'sjX I R'uri eH artn Chair a, elegant ecla cryelal and ruby are, Pecai.ter*, Oolileta . b. ,< m | > a gue.,1 .r mon?d?*WVJ?^?|. rail a I'rrerrve, Celery and Fruit Mituda: Flnuer Bovtta, rari | ap marble and rubv /unrh Boalv Ud^r^A^Ulbaad Hn aa ntture. 'I eitnn of a> If, cath In baukab.e mocey. ^RSiaNKF'S 8ALK. ^^ ^ rri<Uy ,* io^ o'clock. R>gent c "et y Hooewood and mahogany HOrKIDOLD FCRFlTL'lt*. I Roaewood Fiauoforte, Ruliaof FarU^ Furnltdre, Kncolgnurea and MlrrotA Roaew-vKl chamber. and dinio* room furolture. ^"^'U^a^^'ruJSVe^rb'tti^MV^J; nutalced le the clegam rea dercc lately oecupled and belong U?gtvthee?tate^fAi|TOM W,IITJ(KT. ?Q . Vv 16 W r.t Eleventh at'eel * ',?w All the FumWum on the Ar?td^%yiof w*y last, an In rxro'leul order mid of the very beat fATti ()Rf> Th't'f unit# rttrred In frilU ttj* ?* ova. back Chair., together wd-h rtjjjjvem. >fahncZLl&tt 153iirS?S^;W?S Urland'ival Mirror, lace and brocatel velv# taarela. b.r.da, row wood marble top c-nW^? andeofa mae 1 al le?, aalln I our ge and eaav .*h*'r?. ^ fartan and gaat ormolu tllwk (ruua ? day.), Oktlre, Ac , rarian auu Bi.qu. Flguram PA1RTIROS TTI'I be found the rbolce.t ae ee'len o< we ()11 P^ntlnw ever (ITared to tie public. All b> eanient foreign artiata. Plvana, P'aVs-^ "Loir's, *21 :K5 ?V,1er fiiin'brro- It ?SI uI ?In'd e*am?iBed?FtiroIture, Mac, HHd Ar Alao nurarrv pervanl*' roow. baaement and cxi&nta ""rfeniJn.T.T"" *at> / Aaatgueoa. Til KObuK s Aa<JCl'L hit n 11. ^ucU-meor. a DMIRISTRATOR* RALK ROgTWOOO &? ?r HOI SKHOLP FUhRlTDRR. .... . ~..'?nr? of the late JUIHA1 HALL. Ro. lt? Meat Ft'teerth atreet, near leeeoth avenue, aew akle 'SUffKBbo (FR1DAT). AT 10K O'CLOCK. C<*UVOHEMOOD FlAROFORTR.wtthpearlkaym R0BEW0^0RRWt.Ol)K?R?.^ PIF.R MARTKU.,_^ARD OVALHIRRORR. ROTAL A*???^ABra>AIHTTirC?. AO.. AO. PRAW1NU ROOMS atatuary Looagea and Turk gr mite carved roaewnod Bediaead, marblo ^d' Bureau WaahrUnd. t'oaaaaode, <Hoc*. carted hatr MaUraaaaa. teeVaBM^mfc^y^i ^ ra-AA B^^SISm Bcda^Mmua2ea, Reddlng, tW <? r0lim PIHTRO ROOM. ^ Oak atlenrtoo Table oak B, ffet, oak ('hajra. bronm t-locab wi__ t.? s#tn rrutkcri ? OlMBirifV, Ivory ^"HH.'%.5rTiSLT!=* ? AlCTION RUTICE -DANIEL A. M ATTIEWS, ADC O- DM*. Ralrarrowi U (Wir alreat. oppodtr tb? Foal oRce Uri? utf prrrtnpDnr-j sir of El.KuAM HuOAIIOI D Fl'RKITDRB, MIRRORS. MB liALLlOR, TM.VITud BK 'MIALM CARPETS, Ac. BtlLRH. M HII.TZ A MaTHEWR wIU Mil at urtia to sorrow iSatnrrfan. at IPU o clock, at torlr aalaaroon 64 Oa 'nr Dirrrl. oppoeltr lit* boat otBce tor entire r<?tonia of a krr* at- rj Uioh'on honor?raaiorrd f< r eoovratMM af atlr tri n. Brooklyn- ?aal>iia| la part of rlrgant roar wood Parlor Snlia la < rtmarii damaak and eluah. rich (ill fraioa Ptrr ktirrae, stto Marble elabi aad Macketa, carrot narwtod f.rr aad <>utrr Tab Ire, elegant roaawood Pi?snf,aia. ronad corner* with rich reheat error; aplriild Bohemian rlaaa maatrl Vaaaa inrtr a aa; nab traar < rirtalaa aad Ourirwa. maatrl Ctoeh; Maqae aad panaa ftgurae, at* cant ar al.ioa aataat t larpe*. Aa; laanhar wtto bad aad atataa room Forn.tura, ?ti walant aad mabocaa; French Had (trade, mrlrtt hair and bnak Rati reman, PaJtlaaaaa, Feather Had a Hoke ra. Pillow*. Heddlnr. Ar , walnut and mahogna; drraa In* ard iabrr Rureetw, R aahetande Totiet Croaker;, Cam modra ? ha?1nr Hunda. Erai i Antra. bnenge* oak and walnat kitrraior. Tal>a iHmcg Chair*. Huffd Wdr labia*. cAtaa IHanrr and Tra ret*, (linear re. Rruaaala and tagrun )ar pa4*, n<?? Onto* Mau hh* Ac together wtto * general aaiorttornt of bllrbra Furniture. wtto a hick the aaia will row men-#. t aialognee rar y oa mot mag of aaia A mm J- btuioA iaiuk a ou . a ucnoii eras ' Bl.tflaNT EOFEWOOP, 8ATIRWOOD, WALKUT MAH03ART HOt ^ltHOt p PUBBITDRB A* PUBLIC ACOTIOR, At tbr rr?i letter H Waal Elabt< anto etna* a law doora riaaa FEto arcana, waat aid*. * Til IB DAV (FEin AT SEPT. n. _ At li'S o r oak. MAOHIFIi KPT FRARI. EETED ROSEWOOD PIAROFOBTB, EOBEWOOll ErEtilRK CHOICE OOU-BOTIOR OF BARB OIL FAIRTIWOR, KI R ra.WT ARD COfTLT BDITB OF ROBE WOOD DBAWIRti ROOM FURHITDBK. Plar. Ran tri and Oral Mirror*. Baal ArtWAtr Bmana, UKMOLC CI.OCE. TBLT1T, BKOtRSLA ARD IROBAlW CABPBTS, LACB ARD BROCATEL ''URTAIRR. With ration? otorr article* aroally too ad la a Brat rlaaa rmt frwrr. i.n r ainetrraa to waaitiw ta tola adrardMemaal "lie < guea at tonaa Re podpwt am aeoewal at waaihar. Am j. bi.rbcerr, acctiorrbb. . ABSOLUTE HALB OF 86 H ARI.EM IX alto BU<h armor*. UOth I1M. <*4to and UBto IlI.KKl h KB, *CH A CO, wUI aril M a >apt 17. at 11 n'clnrk at to* WarnMRlrl Ob Fifth arenue-B Iota a. a Wan Oa Fink arcana-A loit * a brtwee Oa Plato arrnna?4 lota oa to* * a Oa t.%to atrret?T bra * A II* fad raid of I BHHH On l."0tb rtrrat?? tot* * * 4.11 foot anal 4 Bti b ***??*. On I AM atrrrt-1 tout a. a 140 feet wad of Fourth araawa. On IW atm-t-ltvran a. Wu faal aaat of Fifth anni* '?a 1M b atreri Jt tola n. and * a Ul? fact eaat of Fifth aaaana In 131th at)act-II Pla a ? MO fm aaat of Fina imw Man; of l>a ahrta kaa arc a* toe I atrntr nrar lh* rfrWlrnrr (' I" ?a an to* baaottfnl plaaa of toa i of Chan Hoar; Ilall. fea . A Hum of Harka*. toa fifth a' rd. and amoa* tb* krrrBral a?aa of Harlrm, toa fifth aaaaua hrlna arwrrrd aad i lantrd wlto otrgaat ahada traaa abora Roant M.>rr*a ac|'??*o _ THR <?RaI>B of TUB WHOLE PLOT IB IXnr.LBJfT, TITLE PBRFBof. ABU TEBRB LIBERAL. BAIE FOMITIVE TO THR HIMbBBt RJDDRB. Mapa Ac , at Bt> 7 Ftnr alraaC CCTIOR BOTiri-BT VIBTTR OF A OHkTTBI. ?orl*ara RtcHAED WaLTRRB. aarttoa'aa, win aril o-da? Sito mat , at 10 o'clock praataai;. Ate entire Far a of tor Bortorre Uotal. corner of Curtbuidl and Waal Ikrr* nl; Cnrpn* plMa, Maatel and t'lar Mirror*. Bafa*. ha troir*, Rttmlna aad otk?r Tablra, OUnlalfe aad Mat for hrP* kitrhrn Fu'BHti'a. Alan the Bar. Bar Flituroa, o*a cplBitoM Racirli Brar Fnwip n*nra All wiu I ? [Odtlral; rold Wltooot Kadoa toa aboao da; and rr atorrd rm Tnreda; hrfnr# I F. M- TMati worth; lb* attorn to* of fnrawar* dr. Irra Orroalla ra*awwd. Pay ?aaia In correct Bw?ir;. Balr nd^r abtoa. A mm a. blMdeer. ArfTTfnRBB% _ I . VALl ABLE [.(ABBHoLPOR BARCLAY BIBBM A. J HI.RBOKBR. BOM A OD. wlll^aU W aacUoa. oa M?* da* Krpt it. at If o'clock at (he Minkaay fctbMF?, toa this* atort BtorWa froai brvk Baildlaa. ?A ttrraa mart anrt Ki-aLS * , prpi^r rorw ear nanrn, taraa aad awaeaenla. .. Brnar r 11.40, wtto a oar dorr aatwwtoe, oarartn? rattr* ML Lrt 11:11 aad BK7AW. Bawta far H.10U p?r Sau. Mia HI',? trrato. At., at To. 7 Ha* Mraat. * rcri"M rotipe-daribl a. mathbwr, ado PBRKRPTCRT BAI.B OFJW AMIMJO fw BDOOIBB. f"?p *M> PRPfV WAOOBB. Ar. Rrn.FR, Idlcitl A MATHBWB Wiu aril SAL.KS AT ADCTIOH. A BARK OPPORTUNITY FOR PIRHONR IK WANT OF Brat c'>? ( aolnet Furniture or II nuaehnld (I nds of auy description 1 he route ?te of Hi- guoerbly hiroilked rem two* Bo U Cliulon place, la Bights oLeei. a few da ca era* * Broadway, wil be aold itt prtrste (ale at oie half its vain* 1 he aeiortmaei embraces e> erything oeeeeeary and dewrsbie fir a ami eel and private fan Uy. All brat claw goods. in line order A few of Ike leading erticies m'y car. be meoliiuel Seven octave Ioaewood Piano, 1'ior and Mantel Ornaiaenti, velvet and other Carpets. maewood. black walnut and maho gaty I'orl'r, Dining mntn and Cham be* Furniture. risk Win dow Dreyerv, Mantel Olockg. Ilroaiea and DweoraLO-ia. Oil Paintings, elegant Table Were of all description* to There le no end lo the catalogue, boat g son be tited for that wa bare not got. Coll and aee from 7 A. M. to 6 P. X. A88IGNBKH' BALE ?WaTOHRH JKWKI.RT. AO CtJAM"KBB A FAIROHII.D, Anotinneera. will aed Una day (Friday) Kept U, at UX o'clock, at their aaloaroom 111 Nassau elreet bold and Silver Wat "baa, Fine Watch Mnvemeole, A general assortment of Jewelry, Sterling Silver Warn, Fine Plated Ware, A loo Ilea kg, Sol fa. Chain, Ae. JAMKS BTIIjWKI.L A CO , Aasiguees a uoyion NOTIOK.-M. Docourr, auctioneer, will aell Una'day (Friday), Bept. >1. at 1014 o'clock at 86 Maoeau afreet a large aaaortment of Household Furnpurw, Ingrain and Brv.seels OarpeU mahogany and raw wood Parks* Furniture, en suite. vt* Trte a tetea. Mofoo, parlor and arm Chaira. Centra Tables Oil PaJuttngi. eitenainn Dining Tablra, Bookcases, drawing Bureaus. waanetano*, neaaieooa wot treeeea Palliasses lamngee. Wardrobe* Ac. Ac.; the whole to be peremptorily aold for cub to the highest bidder. BROWNK A NICHOLS. AnonONMRRS HATURDtY, dept. 22 BT LOCK WOOD HROR, 46 MURRAY BTRFKT. TkW day at 10 o'clock, LAROK SAT.K ?.F MUKTS AND DRi WEBB, Knitted w<.ol Jot beta and half tlooe. Woollen < omfoila and Hoods 100 PIKCK8 BLACK AMI OOLOUKD BILKS. Ac , Ad. Ureiy new patterns rod designs jm.1 imported^ or uolstlng of FINK BRONZEH, HUrKRM PARIAN FIUURKS, ELEGANT BeONCE, ORMOLU. ANI) M t tiHl.E OLOOKS, HKYhW AND FRENCH CHIN * v??s,. DWCOKATkP FnKKCH, CHINA DINNER BITS, ftlPKRH Ot T AND bOHKBIAN oLAfllfWARE. El .Kb AM ORMOLU OOO'N. fUl.YFH PLATED WaEE ?r 1 a large variety of ntbar elegant fanry goods The Uiwli a ll! be on eihl' itt. e- en Wednesday. at the anted room 1A1IKF and thB PUBLIC g-ntretly. are Invited id examine U>rm Purcbaoer* coo have their goods carefully packed and ahlpped at a (mall mat PB1VATE RALE.?BPBN DID HOUSEHOLD FUBNf. jr* of the Ave atory reeldeoon. No. 1 8 Wed Fourteenth between tlghlh and Ninth (vernier: the whole coat over land will be aold le lota to rah purehaw ra at leas than price*. In cmsequeaoe of removal All those li wout or really ttrst clans Furniture are Invited t > examine the above. Y.rrry h'tie rcqntred far a large residence ran be found, both useful and ornamental. Auction notice -thob. bell, auctionkk*. and W B INOKAHAM-Thla day, at 11 o'el *k, io the aaleamomr, 26 New Bowery, large lot of Household Furniture and Housekeeping Goods, Cutlery, Show Case* At; al?o Crockery, China, Hoaterv. Bhawla, Preaao* Pawnbroker's floods. Fine Jewelry, Watches, CltAhng, Regard, Carnage* Piano, Palndcga, Ac., Ae. AM. MhKWIN. AUOTION1KR . By BAN as, MKRW1N A CO.. Irving BuUdlngi, 694 and 696 Broadway. FRIDAY EVENING, Bept SI, at 7 o'elerk. Bonkiel'era' Block?A large variety of bundard and Eiicnl- : Books. stationery, Envelopes, Ae. At 10X o clock at our itlwa m .15 Nassau street Saleof SargtBi BomkoM Furniture .made by Deasilr and other city maker*, asaalitiag of tomwoodand mahogany Cba e ber Furriiure, Ben steads, Bureaus and W?; ro ewwod Parlor t-alte *n green plush; do. la figured satin elegant sol d rise wood Frcveiary Book care, two oily made seven octave roaewmd Pit nofortes, roild o*k Beanfet. mark's top, with ex tension TNMe to xxarrh; Carpets, Curtains Mirrors. Chande llrrs, Ae.; Beds Bedding, Refrigerator* Chaira Oe-tre and Pier Tables. Lounges, Tot* -a tetea, Ae , also n lot o.' Kitchen Furniture ALBO, Air lane e a rale of thr stock of (locking gla s monutveturer, cocstaMng o oval pier and mantel Ulaeeea, In rieb riltf'amea; alro a large quantity of Mirror Frames, rtld-d and unSnirhel; Picture Ftamea,ln rosewood and (ill, together with a large kit of unfinlrhxd hloek. Moulds, Tools. Ac. mme place, at 19 o'eiook, AI.SO, 100 pairs of bleached lln-n Ln led States Navy Pent*, eollfly new. Mow reedy fcr examination. Browne a nicwoie. auctto*bkrh.-thib dat (Friday) eept It, at 1 o'clock, at our aaleamoma 16 No* Rati street a i umber of top Moggie* mad Wagons, don V* and singir liarneaa tiue six seat coupe liockaway one tour seat do., all iti good Older, ala i Bleukets, riling Baddies, Ac. BROWNK A WJCBOLft. ACCnONKF.BB -SATURDAY, Kept 22 at I o'cleek. to front of onr sales rooms, 16 Na? sail eteeet. a gray bnroe seven year* o!d, Warranted sound and kind, free from all tricks; boa been used under the saddle by a lady; a very tiue, stt I lab animal. Bold as the present owner bee no further use for htm. Edward schknck auctioneer. IMPORIXK'ii SALS OF BCPKRR FRKNCH AND KNULIhll FANCY OOODE By K. A F H SCHKNCK, this day (Friday I end Zlot tnata, at 10H o'clock at their saleanejm. No 141 Broadway, the Brat greet sole of The mas', anperb Fancy Goods this seaane. comprising s very large aaaortment of ee Kmm h lcdlow, Acm-iofmu-mi imhukt . Il< u'fbold furni urn, Wotkaol ArL An., of K. b. Oe god kri st bpnitcn lWy vlL I H LUDLOW A HO., will Mil at auction, no Monday. bept U. loCO at 11)4 o'clock A M , at Ik# rrsld tee* of P. ?. (Wood Kaq (In omMouemr of the owner going to Europe) wo elegant Hcmo-hoM Furniture. Works i f Art. Ac contained therrin. oonsistUg of salts at est v? <* rosewood. Mock wslnnl and cottage portnr, dtnlpg room SDd be dnvm Furniture, new nod brsuulul pstterns; OU Paint II'1, o'clock A M The bouse ond AM sores. Also ndrerdsed to be sold, kes been disposed of ml private sols. 1JI OOI.TOM. AUCTIONEER ? 1.4ROE A WD ORWTBEL nl at Hourekold Furniture, of every kind sad description; Osrpets. OUclntks, (Ml Painting*. Ac . It br lac entire farnlturs id o terse boose In Brooklyn, end restored lo M Itcrkmon sweet In this city, lo be sold this any (Friday). Kept >1, stlOn'clirk The shove furniture was mode to order to A May, sad meal of U to really good It smbrooes rick psrlo', dlnltic room. bedroom sod bseement mors; nlao rick nek Bulls to rrtber ? tth marble top Dreedaf Bsrtana French Hedsleoda, Centre Tnblen, dining nod exlenrton do . Curtains, one very old (Ml Paining, by ilnldo, end oast WOO. Ball ("hairs, patent sprt I Beds. In nay sooauty, wttk Malltisei and tsturea eompTete Also. China and Ulaaasraer, labia Cutlery Iltcbea Furniture Ae Catalogues early this moraine, ml lOt Fulton street, and also at H Besl men street Hole peremptory, role or i hie Hen by k. beets ia, auctiokbkh -labor bale mi Oiocense on FRIDAY HKPT ft At 11 o'clock, at Ike aaleamoma. No 1)4 Fine street Bmrlver'e sale of m teres stock of eknice Groceries. Wloaa ??d Before? by order of the importer Oonrt?ramrrMna arena aw black Ties ('< (Teen. whHa, yellow aad erdTee Augare, Spires, Plot if A banc es, (Ml (I Uvea. Rardlneg Ma-varum Ver mlrrlll. Flos'. Cheese. BuU-r foapg Coed lea, Stir eh Indigo, Fsilna. Bisadles Huurbce Whiskey. (Ttsmpsgn*. floret. Port, hArryy at d other Wlars; Havana, Oermaa and domestic Se rves Pisiform I robs, Iron Mnfe. Ae Tble ante la well worthy the sllrn'lon a" the idly end country trade. (teutagues will be ready on lbs morning of sale HU ENK~H LBEwC AUCTIONEER. N B. 1 Ekim A Ctl will sell by sarlicrs. an Roturday. Hnpt 23 at llo'elork. In front of Ban S3 Nsmau ? treat?A pair of well maiehad Black tiorsre. kind nod ran tie m every reepec l. ba<e trtltnd, single. In f 00, ard the owner be'lrvaa ran tret in 3 months lofTlbrr, sold only be mtue the on so further set for them. - _ . . (tenadtsn Prey and gentle In nil nerd for pUaaure diving or wntk purposes Ainu, a(htj wt*er, eultabla far work perpmen, end ins tngeinrr. bom amy nesttisr toe owner aaa r them. Alan. Pony, Cert srd Haroese A IS lands blah, dun color. B years old. kind baraaea end nodes'the saddle, stylish and HBBBY B. 1.ERDF, AUCTIONEER -B. H t.FETM A (*>., Win sell, by anrttoo, on Balurday. Bept ft. at 10<4 oYock ?t the sslcsmrm 13 Naeoau street. Household Purnl lure, removed for ' onvcateere of tale, constating of Hruaeete and n grain Cnrpetg rosewood Hulls, mohngesy butts, la bur cloth; roeewcrtt and mvh>* mr aerblr U p Wssbmanda cenWc tshies oik library Btut. In reps. Tele * Tries mae void R e teen mnhrwany Arm Cbstru parlor do. nl Uhiedellng CtteksH fr Further pelentan In VP steal TTBNEY B ljntDB, AUCTIONEER - H. B LEEDE A 0 f O.. Wtilenil by auttbm, ae fnlurlny. nt Uo clorfc. In thn stare. Wo. IS Wsesnu street ^ihe balsa re el sfrttt of the am Been Art tec lei biros nompany. conskeOr g of list nary. Basts. 1 terns. Ae Also, fsney tops sad Chpptefi to he eole wtmmal new re. to (Asm the uwoai l TTRNEY H LRBD*. AUCTIONEER. - B. B. LKXDtt A XI IV, will esU by aacttoa. on Friday Wepkswbos 11. at U Webmh.ln True! of More, u Basest, street, *'ark chateau! Horse shawl sixteen herd* blgb shout seven rears old be lieved to he perfectly sou ad. Is s sptenlld saddle haree tor n gentlemen or lady To be gold without r?I'n. T M( El ARTY. AUCTION ERR, WILL BELT. AT HIE O ? More. 173 I hmhsrs street, at 10 o'eloek. ?terpekn. Fea ther Beds Mirrors, Cloche 100 oil Pels tin go. Fnrettere, eueh so He foe. (hairs, lounges. Tables. Bedsteads, An. H teas trace, CtsUrry, Dry and Faney tionde. An T A B DH OM THE HI" DADE BIT RE AT A POTIOR.-WILL Li be sold at public auction, at Mooney'e Hotel. Hull's Ferry. W7J . on Raiurday, the EM dor of beptemper tnsSnal at U " Farm farmerty of Catherine 0. Toueg, de cm the wee! Mde of the Hndena river be 7 sad Fort Lee. obesd one mile ssr4 el I I's Mfl Ferry. The bemuwtend let root sine about tbTly seres, and la Sftflbty ?Stusled cm tie Hudecr river, with a front a( 770 feel ne the river, sad meats e pemllelo*iam sesrlr reotsnntvlar of about 1,700 fees deep. It to dtreruy opposite llkth street, to the cite of Eew Ink 1 be ester slnn of me H udwie River Tureptke L mf? I dMamfran the Bn "cwiy eneond steent, ?ensOnd wHb bnsh by the Ms Nearly ewe fourth of dm lend Bee ins river, shy ' " alevsud and passes olsstf the (nut II la I bohea fern, end about ft* ml W Weebanken ferry, snub mm at Ibe t.real drives nt the .trinity at New ? fourth <F the tend Nee below the Wll aloof Boel* towards tbn Hudson. Tie residue Is maede estenelsn vluwe sf the Hndena and lost late ad. I cms lslasid sad iVmnoeSSeet Its nruth Mde adjoins the reelderee -7 John Tan Wart. Fan A tea. n Wood Let of eaten acres, an the bin. about Mgty abatneimm Ike Hmteoa river, adyutn.uf lands of Bsrent De "isjsr'.m-v-Ti.m.? A. O. StHttlBKni. Wo 1 Ft change rteoe, Jersey tkly. near the ferry. MDCCOBTT. Ad TJONRKR. WTJ.I. BKUL rrTllOW . row Heturdajr, Bept 21 st 1?M u'rtosA. si III Fulton ?itret. between El. tern ?ue Nsnssa. He-nehoid FumRure. By ivdrr of ssstrnees. Ute . nlire start of HotwahoM Furniture. |t?eiber wpb St. Itvuive's and Irprain t'arpeto, gilt i ter sud mantel kt tcet r wewend ssj inshrrnnv Furlor dutm. roveend In ulutb. brceatel and be'rnbAh its Par lev ?nd Arm Chalta Tele s leten. Hcdsa marble ton CentreTallee. msho entry Card Taf>a. de I babu eTtenaSon Dtntns Taoiea Dress Inn Bureaus. T.'ssl?t>t>de. BedMesdn, Hair M slier meg ral Maee-eeowrea WFmoiw, AnnrmwRWRB. wnx Mil st sarinPU at their aaleeranma. 3k Wont Mrem. thte Tmy iFrMay, eevt. 11, at 1 o'o otk, a handsome r.uslgra warraeted sound kind sod gentle; free fror all wicAk roe be bv ad led by a tedr tw rhEd; seven rears oM. Ik bsoda high. Any ope te wast td s reMaMe botes for a tody er cMM will de well to icy A at uite one. roTITB -THE BALI AT ACCTTOR OT THE FCBWI I lure if U ftegnue. Eeri . et Bpuyten Duyvel. kit tlined to take place op Tbuisdsy, RXb lest. noeteuni il MS seesitsl of N* to lake riser op Thtuedty. loth Inst. postponed on eees teief Ike weather. wt!l be made en Moedge, Eapk 1A at IIM o'eloefe A M .on the pnsstam E. B. ?No pempueesneW " of Ike wen'her. J PH AWNBRDRRET BALE OT WATnWRR I Ac.?a. I. ORINTaLAJL enaMewaete B Ennm i:z?r^vsxspt2!sfs.tvttjmu;s tore' Tools, m osteal and mnSbenMtloal test rem sute. and various other aittelea. by order of J. L FkllRpA Itethnrtne streak PMAWWBEOKEEW RA1JI -JOWE MOETTMRR ADD lion ear, I* Bast Rrondwuy wEnll, Frtdnp. Bsilltnlill iii.u at toonoa, PAWNBROKER'S 8 ADR.?B. LEW ft CoTioSnSr ear*. 22 Oalaarlee street, will nil. this day at Hue (.'clock, a large lot of Men's Clothing. all* and olw Chaw la, Quilta, BiaukeU, Ac. Byottfirof m" H. BaRNRTT, u Greenwich acenue. Richards kingsland. acotionrkb. ' iiabhware cutlery, ac , at auction RICHARDS KIHUSLAND A CO will aoll UtladLr (EH day) at 10K o clock, at their aalcaronm, 148 Broad war 3tt) Iota Ktyltah, German aud American Hardware ?? triMog Table, Ceaeert and Pocket Cutlery, Rawa. Prai Uiaina, Ccnaors. Lira win* Knives, Chlseia, Plana Irons. Batta! 1- in11??r a Ptlea, Ac. ^ (By order of tha Receiver.) Fawa.?100 dozes superior hand, panel, rip, bittchara* and beck haws. Also. Sand Paper.?100 reams Parsno'i premium KiceMor Band and kmery Paper Sold for aeo< not of whom It may concent; a lcblly <am?grd bv CrotOO water. Cotton Ball*.?*0 balra cotton Bella. SA J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS?WILL BILL OK HA . day. Sept 21, at 3 o clock P. M.. at P. V. Fort'a HoM, 144 Pain* street, oo account of whoa tt mar ooooenfc Tr^.Cl^!CtAc.,AgCM'- * ^ ^ 8 A J. BOO ART, A UOTIOE KARA.?FRIDAY, MPT, fc ? at 10K o'clock, at the Auctloo Ro<>ms, No. 1 North M Dam street, Oooatabla'a tale, out trunk of Book*; alao, oa ee aonrt of wboga it may eouoern, to pat atorace and rxueiHta. two trunks of Clothing. JaMKB SULLIVAN, Cunatabla. SA jr. BOO ART, AUCTION EBBS -FRIDAY, SEPT. U. . at II o'clock, at the auction mntna, Na. 1 North WUltaai street, Constable's aalc of Tees, Coffee, Ae. .(consisting of 9 cheat* roots hyson Taw, ? cheats blaek Tan, N boiea chewWmt Hum, barrel Ktpltah Muetard, 17 begs Corka ground Coffee. Groceries, Liquor, Ac ; alao two Wagons, one llorae. Ae. JOHN R. raRRIKOION, Q-il-'r't SA J. BOOABT, AUCTIONEERS -THIS DAT. AT 11% , o'clock at the aurttru rooms mo'tcage aalr, tb? ellecta o' a Liquor Store c ualatln* of pipe* of Uln, Brandy Bar Countrr, Bc.ud Casks, Errs. one Iron Safe, empty Casks. Mrasorre, Ac. MICHaKL MoCAMN, Constable. Attn nay for mirtgagoe, Third ward, SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?MONDAY, 8RPT. ? 24. at 11 o'clock, at the southwest c jrner of -Uth areuna and Tenth al.-cw, mortgage a ale, an BUliard Tables, complete. With Balis, t uca, Markers Ar. .1 AMES SULLIVAN, Attorney for mortgagee. WM. WIT1KRS, AUCTIONEER?WII,L SELL THIB TT day. at 3 o'clock, at IS Canal street, a large quantity ad Housebolt Kurulnre. Ac Mahogany Parlor dulls, la hair cloth; at i tre, aide, citcoaioa and other, pier aud other (?laeaea, lace ard damack Cnrtaina. Vases, Clock, walnut Book caw lttegere. medalJlon velvet, three-ply and other Car pi ta. haU Oilcloths Stair Roda, Bat Rack. mahogany French and cottarr Bedatrad*. hair, aprlcg and other Mattreaaea, large f rather heds, kbreU, rereads Blankets, TaMe Linen. Cutlery. Forks and bpojos. marble top Dressing Bureaus, War bat lam, Toilet, t Line D.nne- and Tea Seta, Wartrobea. oak cane ana other Cbalrt, Lonng> a bofaa Sofa Bedsteads L'balra, Dining Koitrt snd Kitchen ) urnlture. Stoves, Ac. WM. WITTERS AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL THIS day. at 2 o'r oek. at 4M t an*1 stre< t. by (MM of a chat lei mortgage U>e Furniture, Ac. aavtd irora the late bra at 460 Canal Street Alao, gold W?:ch. By nrdrr of HANKY BtSC'BOFP, ALtorutyfor Mortgagee. MUSK AL.. AT Wj LKXR'H WAREROOM8. Clinton 11*11, Attur place au4 Eighth etreet. uear Brued way, a large amrk of HORIZONTAL AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. New and ac:ool hand FOR 8aI.K AND I11KE. ? Allowance mvde for hir? if piuchaaed. A GREATLY I*PROVED PIANOFORTE LIGHTK A BRADBURY, Mm ? facturer* of a new *c*> oteretnmgbaaa. patent Ingak tad full Iron frame, grand and aquart Planofonea, No. 43t Brouwt atrcel Plain* to real. AN 1TaI.IAN I.ALT, A PIUTINGUISHKD KROFKMOR of mi.vie, wlahn* to occupy two day a a weak In h ochoA of young ladle, in New Ycrk or rlctoity no teacher of mugtag and mu o. 1 hi' heat reference turn Addree* for three 4ayi A, R. Prof em or, tniou aquare Poet oflice. A SPLENDID 8TOCE, JUST PIM8HKD, OP BAR morea' eelchrated Improved, over* rung baaa premium Piano*, eonaMmed the beat la nee. at greet Wgaiua. A One aeeond band row-wood Plato for SIOU. Mamu'aetccy and tram room 548 Hit ecker atreeL AfcPLKNDlP KitVEN OCTAVE RO.-IWOOD PIANO, rood cernrrm. Iron frame aealloped key* A it for SITU and our lor $140; one 6},' for HUO; one U ooure for $61), one mahogany Platio for hie. at 145 aveuue A, oorner of Tenth ?treet. ATOCNO LAPT. WITH A FINS SOPRANO VOICE, and well ?*?d to wuroh aervlce. wlabea an engagement tn au Kelriopal church, no or before the lat of November, Ad dreaa K. W . box S.P70 Prat other IHIOEBRING A MOMS, Manufaotarera of BRAND. SQL ABB ANP irPBIOHT PIANO* Wai arpomg M Broadway O. A RONS hare been awa'ded thirty-etfhi pile medaai for the auperturltj of thalr maaofaotiua for the pant thirty Bra rI AN08 TO BBNT. c D1 xRPOT OP Till ALEXANDRE OHO AN, ' Por . burohea, Cbapela. be hook and lira wing 2U6 Bnadway SOLI MEDAL OP HON Oh, at lee oni renal Egkhlahk of IMS. Thla tr ai nlBeeet Inat -mient (patented In the United n?elae Bar S. I860), which the brlUlaat prrfonaanoaa of Tb ALHKRtl, VILANOVA. MLLB. WELLIS, bare neAi iil aa popular la amarlea en la Baroee, baa bank adopted by the greeted artkta end oompoeere of oath BimM .0OTTBTHALK. LI8TZ. EOB8IWI, MBTEBBBBR. Ac , An. Tb* AleaendcrVitan kaeUir^edTor the ao.ldlty and lie colon of lu mrchanlam. as well ea for the fuller** and power of Ik lane, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly In tuae in all dlaalee Price, at the depot NA MO. B100. BIB) SIS. $236, MM. S30W, 8640. 64UU. ' A deaerljiti ?e circular eenl In any addrrm on a optica Hon to BERNARD A FaHKP.uURITEK. Jr . MS Broadway. * laportara of B-taaon Aecordrou*. Vloltna, Violin Mnoga, Aa DE GUTLMETTE 8 SCHOOL Or VOCAL AET -A NEW Clam for ladtra aed geeiietnan will be organized thla evening, al 8 o'clock. la room 25. Cooper IuaUtule. Ticket* for he rmiw M eat li IB SAIN?A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROffB _ wood Plane with rawed corner*, aeodoped heye and carved l*ge (reel SSo > tad hat been uaad but a year;, for Slit. Caa be aoee at it/ B en f ourteeoth rtreat. IP BENCH MUEIC TEACHER WANTED-I WISH TO F emplvy A lady fnUr qualified to Inrtroct la Preoch. and moatr with akgiog. Addree* me te Engtkh. JaMEkkhtLiilEE'L. aleieadna fvmaeBemtoary.Tg. GUITAR AND RINGING ?NAPOLEON W. OOULD, Roto t uttenat, from the artaclp*! eonoerla, Itatiaa opera, Ac , enable* hte pit .11* la a few Irerim* t < ?g ?od play tfferdivelT the koel adkired r inapnahloaa. I I lit 26 A mil) atrret N. B.-Thr taught. LIN DEM AN A SONS. OS NROAPW AT, PIANO MAJfV faotnrera, emahlkhed 1MB Thaee Pknoa are UgMy reune??iled by the lollowtew aiatnant antak.?Oakar hn( uw. Carl A each uta. John N Paulww. Max Marekek. W. ?. Pktrkh. Joha Buehmt. Peak? J. Btoaohal MUBIC.-CH MICHEL DE LA PBEBIBRB HAS VMM honor to Inform hk frier da and the public that be ton IW Mtoad hk knmna k Magtog. Addram lad Uooft Mreet. Bmth or IMS Pearl krret. New Tort. F?\ PIANOFORTKB-A LARGE 8TO0K OP NEW ANN aeroed hand Pkaolortea far aa r or to real at greatly re ?need prtrea Rem applied If nnrehaerd. Owe toe rue* wood Taeteee. Atndert a wake, at ?IS0 at CHAR J BETT*g (aan C*m->r io tt rm If l J (mix. Ma A I ???? klanklMl. abh. etweuT ? rioBia It Gtabi. No 4 Iwroy place (Bleacher gtreoti. IA NOB, MELODBON* AND ALEXANDRE ORGANS? New and eeeond head, tor eakar to rent at eL.te..,* .. !..? ^ ku I'll,. ? $71 n.mix. j pay week rw Ml curabaead ^^^?HIIHACB WATEBK. Agent. SB Broad way. SnnNOB LDIOI PaMA HAVING BETURMED TO ? town. Will reaume hk Waging Leaaona. aa uaual. thi or eddrrm ?T Wem Twenty auth atreek bvtweea rtpoed wny and Bilk eeewne. Maw Tat Ohy. SHITUATTON AB OBOANMT WANTED?IN NEW TOU ? or vie ahi. by aa eminent kukrtan, elan laauaa In jMm* ^iCo^'^T^STet A^?SnL?r B ? NOMRRN INNTRUt-TinN BOOE POB THE HARP. gtolVAS Alan blarney of tb* Harp " Harp Jong! All in-?? ' "fxaerraiotra de k Harp*, lit VTeet TMr fTPEKtlCr AND SQUARE PIANOS. U MARTIN A OUVRIEB, mannfaetorert, M Baet Hatoton mam, eaar Broadway.?Oar Uprlwhu are warranted equal to the bato todteem tine naaofeatrrad to the eoaatry Ptonaa to TENANTED- NT A TOCNO LADT, WHO CAN fUTB ef gtwid referent e?, ? RMMMB ** wermno dnrw m a o<~ ?A Bpkropal t referred AC drew., elthar m pareoa ar by kttgp. Maaiclea. 96 Joha et. N T. PEE6QEAL B EOT BEE JOHN - HCRNT HOME UX2T U VERS elek J. W FERPIN a ND HO'PMANN P P ON BBC N1WIC1C "1KB many!, k barwbv rrqaaakd la nail hk waarnoimato kwnwatoth* undarkgnrd. who baa reretved innonau arm for him W hen leal beard from. In Ikd. he Uvwd I* tldld Nkth avvnnr N. T. Any mfonaetloa la regard biuvakd HcOmu.u will be Ibaakfuili rvcrlvee by E BoWNaNN I ?n broad way np eteko. TP CATHARINE PR HANNAH PBI8C0L WILL CALL I to fourth atreet thav wUi ae* their old friend from He drira. tared TO j etra. w So !*!'. her daughter a Mra Perhery'a . 174 Real Thirty e"?'h atreet. on ta radty, Serlewtber U. N> ae lo hae w?. 1 k -ma. I Ark i a* Ne. Sal Wem ?.eety ehwh kreat Had -n a 'ilat aabne lr?w* black aproa aed lark Hgiired abael and blaek Nik hond with rttd Unlag In'rem* A n wiL be tbaakluHy received a. etikornf the above et a TNPORMATTON WANTHP-OP NABT LTNCH, A GIRL 1 12 tear, ef ear. who raw away from he' bom. ,a New ordain. an. oa Monday Iflh took -he Id h.xek ha.r k rvutii and ike .trail dower of 1h. right hand ta m-v-h 6ff >nn*d She w?a pnoriy c'.rr~ : * ah ? ?p rvntHial wren owl plalf dree? Any TafaroaaUon of n?r wb? r.aboma w<ll be m<wi gfatafuOy received by M PlUatmoj*. M2 Plfth treat, N. V- f fp W. N PECEIES. LATE nr t r . at in ilanp. I wlB aall at the Rateboe Bnim '.eeemau wre*. be may am ** old, f ?>**< f??TMaWBe aArwat Luct-opk hour one dav, one wei?-ub? day la lb. a'teroooo t hopa t arream. sept tO Hk' VimiE-lf LEWI6 B. JONEB, NEPHEW Of JOHN it Eirlaelngtne. of N.w'vern. North Caroltoa. will ad dram a Setter w> A I' koa SW Jkw Tork Poat aRoe, ?ktleg hk wherw abnrita he will <+ informad of a matter greatly to hk takrom W'ANTtp T . a vfi TB* RE! ATIVSSOP ONE JOHN >1 V ykrd Mlli?ed or fclllar, now r.npoeed lo be la Cantor I ? .Law wife and child have been Uvtae for anm* pan pern n Nlraroann. It k underknnd Uiti aaid My lard hen a tontWN l'vkg k mealty- Aynly k >1 ittgaMfc^??** IliafTART. ,o<Jc ."JErJr.ia

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