Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1860 Page 6
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BETCATTONS WAITBD-rKJIlIJtf BITOAVION WANTED- BY A YOUNG OIRL, TO aaelal tn chtmbvrwork and waiting or take rare of chll a. tkn pmlnrr ibe Nat of reference Apply at 91 We* 11|, between Cth end ?tb ava. AYOl'NIl IjAUV ?UHH A SITUATION TO OO Bo> at> a( rtftit claaa ealnewmman la a laaa aa I embroidery ?Din Heal oi refnrrnea given Iroee bar preeent rmployar. Addrvnt a S , bui IM Herald oftua. A ?III I HON WANTED BY A BBBPBCTABLB LADT at hnuMkeepgr or auras. Inquire at It# ti[*? Ayoung rnRvcn woman want* sewing in a family by ibe day or wwl, on the machine; no objection ?o go to a atore. Call at W lanront ? , acooud back room. . MTUATIMN wantid-bv a young woman, is L a good plaluenok, leather and Irouer, or would oo gone I houaeworh In a amail privet- family. Can be teeu for twq i ya al HI 7th av., top floor, back room. ____ I REHPEUTAHI.K WOMAN, WITH A PRRsn BREAST of milk wither ? lake a rctpocuble baby; uo oj? eiae I apply atitHMulnarry M. _____ A EESPKCTABI.E WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS plain aoi,Hid la an aicel'enl wratherand 'Mser. Bel bat of Pity rel ereuree. *??iie"'" i**8*1 * . top ?our. Irooi rocm lieu be teeu lor iw" day* Am PROTESTANT KNOblBIl WOMAN WANTS A SI 10 aion t* aii Inf-ni't a .rra or -ham vermai.l Owxi city nferrnc given. Ml for two days at tl Preen wleh aw. HKAMtTKB-X-A STEADY WOMAN WANTS A atiuAUoo ?? <r?iii?tre?a; can cat and ill and make heraed __?-a,ly ut-fu !? req-iired. Moat reapectahle city ratoroooe alvrn Apply ?t 91 llreenwlrh a?., or id: rime to vunlr.iat, will b? immediately aUended lo. A a YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO out, wohiog or aa chambermaid *eatntlrrn? or waltreet. Sett of citv rcfe-enoe from bar laat piaea. Call al SO 101 '.Hh >1, In the rear, top floor. AHkhi'KCT ABI.K YOUNU WOMAN WISdRN A SITUA llonat t good oook, w.tber and irooar, uaderamAda bak ing In al lit branckea Good city reference. Can be teen till engager., at M lib al. Arfspkotabi.r YOUNG OIRI, 13 DESIROUS op aUUnni'.g a aunt don a* naltreex I. it no obje. km to aa'it id ihechnmctrworh. 1! it ibe vary bcM of illy re'erdoe from her Utt place. Call for iwo d_yt al 00 Wort it., tlrit home fron ibe corner of tilh are. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKiPKiT.ABI.B young tlri, aa noraa ano lo do plain tewing, and it wtilmg ? it ~ "M timake benelf urn-ml. call fur twu day t al St Wen 17ib .i? |B Ibe (ear. liexi cllT reference if re ; mad LRRkPE'TARl.K YOUNO WOMAN WISHRM A SITUA Uoa aa ebatnlwrmal. : it a g.xid plain taunatrMi and nt>- olderer. City reference. Call for Iwo day a al 117 Kat; lb at , m ibe rear building. Akfift .1AII1.S youno woman wania a situa tam at rhiiubrrinaid and waiireta. Can give ine heat of ally reference Irian n r Lait place. Can be teen at Ud 7*.b av., bet tern J3d a 1 3dU da. A SITUATION WANT Kit?BY A RKbl'M ITASLK WO ?an, at I'fctmlieruaid end wadreti ;n a prlvaia famili; hat be ben if rpy mere ice. Can be teea al 1UU liar: iith Ml, teiecei. ltt and .'4 ava, tc ouu Hour. AKCHPECTAlil.K YOUNO OKRMAN QIRI. WANTH A aliuaii n in a 1'riAi tUut fami.y lo cu )k, waan and Iron. Ca. at Ud Vartck at , lev ied boor, rronl room. KF.SPICTAHI.K YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA Ivuai I'btmliermald and wattreaa, or chambermaid an I ait W. Oiitl - uy relerecce. Can be teen for two ilaya at Mi Waal -fill- al., be I wean 7lb and D'.ti ava. ? SITUATION WANTttll-BY A HIOHL.Y KESPKCTA ble yo ing woman, to do Chamie-wort and plain tewing, M chamberwurk an I MSB ivitu UM waiblagi oed teran yeart In her laat p ace u ibe cl.y. Carl for two Utyt al 11 7tb ?arc., iblrd atory, back room. A YOUNO IADY, WHO SPEAKS PKRNrB. OEHVIN and Kr gllab, w.*fc.-? tog?' ? gltc-j tjauc id in i llroulvyty Wure Addreaa Mr. laabeau, alo Sroadwry. A SITUATION W A STBD- BY A RESPEUTA tLK OIRI., to do cbijilic.-airk and wti'.jgiaa pi1 .ate family. City reference if re.)uue?I. Can iter iwr lay u.yr, if not en 4, a; utv :.a are. ARKSPECT AIIliX OIRI, WISHES A SITUATION AS ehamtermti't and ea,tre?a. or cbambarnuld and *? do Vain Kuti, ue*: of city reference If required. Apply at IM cat I7tb ti , for two daye. AKASI'Kf"1AHLB UIRU WANTS A MIOATIO* AS rbainhermald ar.d u r>e. or cbamberuirkl tnd a titer; baa fiml city reieranoa. can be tern for two Jaya al iti PaaiLc it, old door from Ku.,1 b, Brooklyn. A UIi-DLI RESPECT V It WOMAN WANTS A SI IUA XL ttouairot.k. btat ? l.:> r eieuMMlMglfw rota bar laat place, where aba kit lived yeart. Can ie ? eu for Iwu ilayt from Id 10 I u'ci ek, ai 110 lal ay., 1 >m, Iront ?aom. A *ot n iWoman wanis a mi. ai.on as nuksi and le.iuitucM, or ob..ini>eriaaid mul wabratt. cm <.v< good rrieren c Call al rbe . mar of lienry and Atlunlio tit. aver S.ranlou't grocery vlure, itrojalya. AHTTUAIIhV WANTkn?l!Y V REHI'rI.'T 1BI.K WO man, ail.rai ,-lata c?k; indcraainilt her ' wi-i-at; A?a ?o of pcU'm Ui ta? mi or wroulu pi Soulb Can be teen lor wo day a at 58 Natl ypth al , in .i.e retr. k ? ? r- ; . , YOUMO WOMAN WA.VIS A HITU L lnu m?uk wajfru<l inner. bar nemo' city re icnee. Pleaac i At *1 7tii a*., betwe-a 37Ua and i*Ji ale. ARtbPt< fAHLK tOU.Nii MARRIKI) tf DMAN, WHO bu H?t ber "wn cab j, ntah. ? a child to nurae .it hrr own neidri ce moat reapex-unie rain races. Ad'rraa N ur.e, o?k IT.: t.rr? 1 tine, or tall itSUbhis i ?i .i Je, llm k. n. X. J. ? SITUATION WANTED-RY \ Rr-PlfCTA HI.B WO n.en, ae r?,k ?te id rtmtbly understand* her b let mem ? an eirei.rnt baker ut uread ar,<l caatrv.wlli uast wuh lh? neahUig and inmin* of a *?ali private family. Cad ba tars for two <iay? at the bouse of her prenent emptuyar, U7 *'? iXb it. near Uroad way. AHTUATH'N WANTKD-BY A RKMPK' IT A Itl.B TOl'Nki Rid, aa chambermaid and *ru.ire?e, la an. .oi; to audit wWh the wealu i and imclag, or a*t--.t artlh the care of chtl <i? llaa the beat f city ralerettcee. Call ttia da/ at HI HmStki. ?L A RKsfFi TAIII.B YOVH0 WOMAN WARM A SITU A J\ fr. aa plain c> k ia aa eicelletl wanker an.l tntaar, at* a , 'taier Oood cky reference Iruat her ia.i place, fell at W A ret :-*h it. A TRl Turita BONKST AND FOBKR YOCMU WO* AN A wactaa a.toatlua aa toaeral fcraaewurher. Il a gi??1 Be cod act ncelleut naab-r and irunar, an.l a atIt mild er at bread. plea, Ac Apply at 134 Brvauiaay, up a' ?ur* 4 FITUATION WANTCD-BY A TOLNa UIRU TO DO A. c> imberworkar. watlinx ir. a private fam'r one *b> fearmghly jt/rotaa '? I er bua neaa an ! eaa me the beat of aM) re: erence I'll i ?e all at >o ill) Wrat I Ah at Uataeea tu> .a. Tlh air#., -ti?u. -inr. ilaa ao ot'jecuju u> go In the aounuj. AN AMERICAN O'BL W7KHBS A PKKVANKNT SITU hfon lu a ?teal'. prirate fanu!y, aa cbaaue.-kuaal ami to Aeatwtag, or * ... do cbae. craork and ?ra tier Apply ht Kr W '11 lath m le* ween TO. an . a jt at aa , lop koor. AS CSOK, AC -A BKiPK'TABI.l YulNCJ WOMAN A ? ako a u i.aum in a email pr<*.e family aa co dt aii.l M ua>: lu eaak kg ami r>?iag a a grid cod and I ater. and maeicrttacda pa.:ry. Heat of nty refer-ree from her laat place fell at 110 Neat 1Kb at, near ut ai , crat Soap, iroat loom. A Pill AtlO.N WAfkTkD-MY AN KXPK'tlPN to ci a caa gite batt add raicaaea. Apply at AU ffe>t LI" I Ml WOMAN WANTS A SITl ATiOM Ah I IR-T rlaaa !a tacre.a Can a' ' a" "1 city rafereade. facta ? at lib kaal 1Mb ? . it . ? , >r. i u . ruutu. Armh-B' tabm Tuc*.i woman inserts t orri 1 I, iraa .ad >? a. ? a. rmra i ?.. at Wee; 21et it, ? rear at r.h at. ARMPfi-TABLt H'RL WldHB A RtTVAflO* TO do ere#*' erarork and muSag ir ei.ainbara u? and eatr hat. ?< ttld a?e i ire of ch.ldr-i. aud ae* . a eel i t| retr -eB-a. And at 111 Ik* J ? at., tctweaa lioyt aad tkocd ai*, Iin>>k j a. 4 srruAr:' n w a.mki?-bt inrm an and naiTieii elm '??!!??* Mr pr reic f am Ilea, a da la an.l leierdtng at dUle l.KL'Mt roa A (M,'l li- ueral Km. ).*etd . ?"HT? RP /A a# IkSl at ItfR ? V '7. n ururiRi r.uu , ? '/ fe ua jcr, Aa ' .tee! . tea at. n? j the ikioai). oppaam il tv. A TOURS II IUM WOMAN HaVINiI lAWt IIBR bat7 Wdaalao m af uaieg m t" ?<a u in* las ore at ?at' naa, Bit Waat SAth at. KAMillBN SUerUBD WITH COOKS. CHAA'IISR meet*. Ian dramea ai I ??arri?Tem Aa. at Uie fh u I Mum* ?lid li le - ?*- il l.vgi t ?tr.-ei ???r au Ate lane < a atraat Nea.#<te ?or i>, anlcu : a Dm ia aRuaii. a. -sh P.e?e?A at a id calhood. LACMDSfeS.?A PA M11T. luaiR HS or HA VINO ih? r eea ?!< .t'*a <u" ..r their h ae, ? n!: dtter laio ai ej repeat with a re? .etk-tr-rkoa. Ad dr wa. oral #. M. I' raid Oilra. WARS. OU'KNS AOTNCT f?l* KMl ?UIYMNNT -MS Jfe MMSfed leu-Itnteo ? I f ont Mr *d?ey M ffer tree, a rias ?<rner of Third arrnqa Unma? SKa M the high fat a ? - pr , , aap, *v" :o udar a .. - ? I c? Ul t a .1 .tprcr. EBTPlr.T*!! B PR- T'-r A.*T OIK TO Tit A s r i uoa aa ehamaarma aa. I aad ? .Iter ir e. am awr ?lt a t ?a?Tea. r ? epi ?pi u at it 1* -jr. i.'mn Aa ?em> f># two day* at 1c" Wew ISO rt., near <th ar. CITMTTOMR WaTTID-BT TWO WOtH'A 0KB Ad Or #. i' > itaadaaii ? ?la,t p? king. ' ? ? ?" ? W'Ot j.' a A daapeM of i. e aht.'d ? A..?r . ?? tun. ?f .a her '"ia mm a y .. ?-ii,at hf. ? eei aw '..dwn'era .ia I. -1 her* a day ref-rewv. irom their laat plata C?u at &l Waal 17m i*.? la etc ( u at..* ith a e ercvag Sorr. SITUATION WANTSII-ST A YnCNl I.APT A* aeaaadr-m la a ?r,rv.? g aaa eaiefeemry .-ue'ft U raa-a. App'/ at -jr alJreaa net i* Ut kaei V tat tea. SITUATION WaNTIIVbSY AM ANNRt'pN I. ADY.TO I iratel aa Vi ? <ra;d or aeamatrae* *.#m ao ul^act. Addreaa ?aa . K mj'Iai.. SITUATION WANThD-A" CuW AMP ! AUNOSKad it a a ad biaat aad retake: A?-J r <r?p. e. at or tern dare at ar t Veal 14b ? oieeek It tad id. : i?, trm '.onr. ' raad Isaac QITUATlOXd W?NT?r?-BT TWO NK?P;: TlBLN O #^?, oaeaa hem'en AH aad p Aa the tie arm . n? ar aa aik.trea# aad t?> uh' dale #1 he ? raraal aertnt* taaatkar a laaaa. a ;han> ?r?nrk .nd war a of ,, eta et call area. ft. h raa t'"d e the h at t.-y re >-ea t A. , r a. Ill ph a*., i rt teer, 19th tod > r at*. I p oer fniat r.-.m. s: RS?PF "Tt. ir. TR teatat.t g rl. ad aatrara *nd M Id light ham "II tea .'a ? i . eh.ldUl '.tf reference g.eaa < *. It m t.i st h *t beta ?aalth aad Ma.*. wpl?., Im* i. tn. A aa Ve SSda for IIP laya. Tl'ANTNIVET A T0QN0 WOMAN. IN BR tONLTN. ?T at! lattaa te a aCiktr faaatiy, to row aad waah. aaa ia M-'iaa .. >.rea? parfarCy, aad eaa furouh tka ham ra (MP* from har mi ?mpkieer Apply at the a,, u aaore of Mr R" f ?" ? ? .'?dm A' ntla S . aaar Cotamtta St., B ? klyo WARint-RT A RMPBATABLK TOUN'i WOMAN, srinatiaasa la etreea. . a re?p"oUbi'- prretk 'aaM'y. or ia thT'C'i,! a- 1 ' do'ke tie eung v ! aa isHi-a , referee', baa r n the oast >4 any rrteednea. Uai at ;M Baat Rhh ak. let two day* WANTED?Jk SIT 'ATION, itf A hRePB WAB..I1 WO maa. ?? onrA, lea Sra? aaa faawiy. <Jord re. erkaoe. Caa be area .'of two -Vail ?? U Neat ltd* tf. T|f ANTTTV? A dlTTATIOSI AS UStMBBRMA I AND TT |o dMtet la thd w ? . .n-1 en. tt >r 'tape ? e, ?? aha-c f Vi- ran; can b x" k M# nf ! ,ie j t"w r ar it vatraaa ? iteill y rate - It. It a t aratr w'th ib? uwt of ?| refar-k.ja ^mbae pM:* kihare kt? o?? ad llrea yasSa, C. : hke ,.tdT, patrrAS BP b he MS M, Id thy? * !?;? MTVATIOWS WiNTBD-l,KS*lJM^ XWr ANTED ? A I ITU ATION All 8BAMMTRIC8B. ''"""J' \\ stands ill issnaklng o ituns and lltUug, san do i. kinds of fan. ly sewing and boys' ohAhtng fcw? noObjy*; ? cKr? ot Aildn'U. 'lood oily rfIfrflooc. Call M 131 Ysen corner of b -gh, Brooklyn. WANTKJD?A SITUATION. BY A RRMPKCTABLR OIBIa * ooukTwJh and iron in a prtvats family the beat f f lO CHJ11? I W ?? U WWW ' ? u A^WW L A eity INfere?ew fwm her last plane. Call at ?T Si Are., be tween SlK ?oa JA1 ats, for (wo dsis. BRm bsli Nn ?? Wanthd-a HITUAYION, by A TObKCJ WOBAM, to Jo chamber at rk ao4 waiOA*. or Uke ?ato of chit iren. Can be wen at h?r employer's, UlWoet Utb *., be tw en Broadway and Hth A?. WANTID-BY A FRENCH DRBM AND CORSET maker. supplied wtthoil Ike fashions, rmaloy merit by the d?y, tu ladle/ fumble*. Address Mm*. Ta*leer, Herald Wmtro-A PROTEST ART TOUKQ WOMAN, AS good plaiu cook, washer and Ironer. tboee wkh eity refe rence from Uat place Apply at 41 West SUh >t, between 4.h and nth ant. tire doors frost the church, bASement door, froea lout 12 a. M. WANTED-A SITUATIOW AS COOK; WOULD BR willing to ambit In the w tahir.: sad ironing Can come well recommended. Can oe seen lor two* at i33 SJd at. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A BBBFROTABLE joniig woman, as flnl rate rook; Is an eicellent baker; bts the best of eltv reference front her last place. Call at (St Its Ave., bet a ten Sl'Ji <~ad 3oiii sis., teoomi lour, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBIFEOTABLB young woman, as chambermaid and to do due washing and Iroolut as<l can do P ranch * atlas, or as brat rl?s? Wun di . ks ,n a private lamllr, the nest city reference can be given. Call lor two days at 227 hast 19th at. WANTED?BY TWO YOUNO WOMEN, P1TUA1ION8; one as waitress, the other as chamber uaU and llae washer and Ironer. prefer being logetaer with one family; have the beat city rcferenoe frmi their last plar>s <'il for wo day 1 at 319 lib av , near Sid at, Is lbs fancy alee. ?YETANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION, I? ua Hr-it class waitreas: would have no objection to an Slat with the rhamberi.ork, "ir would do sham bar work and wailing in a small frmilr. Ca.i be sees for two days at 137 (to etiee^ between 1st and 2d ars. Wantsn.-n American lady desires a situ alloc aa housekeeper or at aaatatant hMsakasper. or would take charge of a boarding bouse; would not object to take charge of a widower s family. Call St or addresi No. 39 Commerce St., near Burrow. WANTED-IJY A RKSPH IT ABLE YOUNO Woman, A situation as cook In capable of taking the entire cbarge of a kitchen, has no objection 10 aaalvt In the washing and iron ids fan give the beet o' city and country reference. Call for two -lays at 3(1 ,'th av., between 3M and 33d. ate WANTED-HY A BEPPK'TTABLE YOUNO WOMAN A allnniion to do chamoerwork and line was hlug. Can be seen for two days at No. S3 West 27ib at. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PKU teslant woman, as nurse; 11 red Ibree year* and six months in ber mat place; gj.*i city reference Call at 22. West 21 ft si., bstwen bth aud 9th ava , front room, Hp iloor. TIT"ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO COLORED It girl, a situation as chamoerin ud or waiter girl, or would do the geuera, housework >f a small ijsaily; ;hc oust of refe rence given. Call at 233 L'huroh at., msir Canal. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUAT'ON as chambermaid and waiter, besi of city reference given, j Apply lor two day a at 2M West Aitb St., bet seen 2ui an I ltl.b I avenues. YET ANTED?A 8ITU vTION, BY A RESPECTABLE II vour.g wotutn. aa drat rate cook and baker In a private family; would assist In the arasktng and troding; tbs bSJt of family; city rslereuce Horn ber last place, call lor two days at 33 CJi av., second :.oor, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RJWPB 1TABLB WO n an ts co< k in a private; la a gis-l baker, oan bake 1 an 1 biscuit; is a good meat an i vrgstable 1 >k, Is will leg to SNiist In the washing snd Ironing. Best of - l;y rufc ri. -n. Call at OS 31 ave., fcr two days Uuderstands de e ?Ms. TlT ANTED? A F.TPATION, BY A RESPECTABLE i| yourg woman a* nurse as 1 seamstress, or as chamber maid and waltr-?a and Jo plaii. In aaiu 1'. f-nuly. ? lood city reference. Call at lib 23ih sl, between 2.1 an 1 3d ava lET"ANTKD?BT A HE VLTIIY TOUJTO WOM Ait, A rI sitnalh n *1 wi; 1. irse. w lib a bel y I xu months old. Ad dreu Maria, Union ipiare Post othce, for two days. WANTBP-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A MtuaU nsseuok. washer and Ironer; la a g.iod pl.dn eook sn-f nrst rate wssh?r and Ironer. or to do chambarwerk m <1 in mBhi sod Iroul: ;. Mas tbe host city refercuoe. Csu be a en for t wo day a at No. 2y{ CUB ak TITANTED?A FIII ATION, BY A LADY 1 ULLY COM II pi L nt lo lake tbe andre charge of a mnlinery bualueia, ha- l ad many yeauV Otpertanrr; ran take a cloak and mnu'.i'.la depaiiment sl-i. Addo as W. D.. box No. ( Cntou *|iiare Post ML s, Ola Licailiia). WANTtD-UY A KKSPBCTABt.B YOLN'l WOMAN, A s uuitsoa as cbamlwraiakl and une wash-r a id r wi ildd ILia four veara' rn rencs from her last r'?ce. Call at loO Bast dith #t-. ilral U nr, b-k room. YTTANIED?HI A HEePRitTABT.R OIRL. A KITUA II lion as p als eook. war ier And hmasr o? u? .1 bou* work in nama Iprirats family Beat of riiy rel-i.-.i-e given iroiu 1 er att rmi o> er a t ail at 6M lid ate . for two da. a QT A NT ED? A BITUATIt.N AS LiFEDRRN. OR TD II do One a tshisg and trie ing and usaist wok ta - .a? bar rork; can co Ireneh luting. HouM cili refercuoe m> en. Call at 212 Wrst -M(h sh. between Mb and Pin avse. WANTED- UY TWO HIOIILY RE?rECTAPL? AND Industrie' ? young girla aii'tatlooa. one h? tlr.t uaea u?k, the fiber as rbanibe-m.iid Best rltr ref?"'n<-es. Canoe seen for two dajt at their present place. 22 West lith tt. w ANTED - h SITUATION. AS VIET NURSE, UY A lesimntaMe yo- ng married Seci * lady, tu a ntHanm'l If lundat * family; can do all klnCaef embroidery and needlework. Best reference, a dy ai Ibc Neat Is.u at . room No. A WANTED-A SITUATION. 15T A RESPECT VU'.B J. urg wo nan, as chambermaid or to do h iaaew irk for s ?, AM , ?4 U in ?-..r is 1 c9l?J,.n uM?m 1 ^Irrcu' ? from i i4t < m tt triu. tor tiro days at 131 8m "i K . Brooklyn. TITAN TED?A SITUATION, BT A RK 'PEUT ABLE II yenng wnmae. lo do chamber work and toa-slatai wash lug and ironing, or lodo geio rn. housework. Can a! ksr pre aenl silnatkw, at Cold at . Brooklyn. ll'NNTKD?A SITLATION HY A YOl *<i CldL. AS TV nnrsr as<l saanutrsas; can take cars of a Mf from Na rfaney. Toe beat of refrrem-e im be glirn 'r?ai her last place. Call at 117 Atlantic at.. Brooklyn, lor t so da> s W'aktvu-a Hitt <riojr, ak ? mamiikkmaio amd waiireaa uty nl?-uce ('Ail M 212 A am Jjih it, be twaen 8ik u..: ydl ku No obj?euou to go iu lAe conn ry. OTAXTKn-A SITUATIOR, BT A TOl'WO AMERICAN " gtr!. m chambermaid and arattreee, or ae > do etuniberwnrk. Uood trtereneee gtrrn. Con bp earn n.? day otiijr ?A *dt -lb a* .. nut to Urn oaaery. w ARTKP-RY A RK.if?*<.TAUI.K Tocm \V >21 AN, A ? t . .1100 m plain 10A. waiber and Inn*, or t ?> to |ri? ral bouaewnrk, an objection 10 go id tbeouurtry. . ba hlraa. Cel. ?T lUl Weal 27ih at rel-ret ? 0*1. I Tl'tXTrn !'T A TlJl'RO AMIRI'AN tllRL ilYEAU Tf f t a attnalMm la a tnacy More or millinery a a, whore toe can a?ki Keraalfuaial la the knee or at ire aa her em f ..iyer may dre're. Wagee are not in nek required an a :no-l boa- App'y al'uKaaiUu at., for two ra>> Ke.erai.ea girrn tat U'ANTIB?A CHILD FO WKf NCKMK. BT A IlRALTUr Tf married young * >*naa. bati?:?.-tor. relerracoe giran It ,'irr tor I*j 4aji m Mr. flu-la/, ooraai 4 j * . ??j a av. \t'A*T*P~nT A TOVMQ UTRL. A SITl'ATIt N AS Vf auraa aa>i pla.n rawer. or t" do dkam'?rw,ak an 1 wa;t ti.g. re'rrraeg tliea tf rcqalraA. Call at 13 M?i..e plana. hroki)l. hM.i? Wtkl tD-mnMiKt A 1.1. T AMfl.IKA AMD <KXlD HMRV aNTM will FIND U>- largeai ud best ogloe In ike ctty At IW lllh M , comer n e<a a* , root a nat'oaa krnmmtiate'Y, aleo ro >t, cir.i, cap* ble help, to enH ell who ,-all "line lately leaded waalod and em*.. eirle la go Ml re* portable famine AOi i>P N'l.U A KB WAK1RD-OMB VHO l? OOR patent to taee el,**ge at Ike Vie'oeaa. hi go to taiannah, Leo. A| i?flr at Ma to Miaeokcr at. batweca k aad Id A. M A PRITAT* FAMILY WANT A OIRL TO DO CIIAM tern i rk aad * aillag. Apply .4 5b Pita >r A ? FT tMllRRVAlt) WANriP-IM A bMALL FAVILT; A. .we whi u- teretAiidt waitirg an t la a p-ed plala eewar. ? U city i el e race- n , irad. Apply, bate eon 9 and II OA. ? k. at M frk >.t at. CllrOK WAXTBD-A YOCMU WOMAN, AM FJM.T n, AM m t. wuh (<>jd ally Apply at Ml KaetUihM, Bear Broadway. ~ I) RK-SRABKRH WASTKP-1 T LORD A W.wkrnet ?- aid jn Hroadwej FFMAlJI CAM Y AHNMRt WARnrP-TO HULL A M?W I--a nfka bat ei pert en at haidf need atlL Apply at Ro ? I. re*a# eti riW. New Vat. (i IKIA WAMTED-TU (HITO A H ANTF t> Tt RIM ; VIL 1 .ara re boure ride from tk.te etty, In i'ixioe.-ui at to at f enp jmenl ? be ,. . !,e ,.?r inoul. al r?NWb ?ee prpeea. for fartaar lalonaaMuo aptlj at H drool way up ?team, for two woaka GKNRRAf. ROrUCWORIt. -WAMTRO, A UIRL TW DO tb? f?oe -Al koreewor* of ? i ruala tamily la IL no* I a. Apply at eM CarlMB ar , tear l-a/ayaue Miujukr WAKTKD-TO O ) TO KOBU.R Ai.a. a l-ermaaer.t allCAthW and llbaral wagna udl be v.e?e<ljp a I rati u- wu.aar Referaacee tw, urad. Apply n A. W. MII.I.IRKR WAMTR't?TO OO TO CEAMLlaPOR, H , a i? ' ? - ? owe b?t !?' rU? ae*d A l id So A. W uu , 1U ct. ?alien tt Hafei race raoaireit. -wrruMR v? amtmd-ar ExrKRi*r' '7P w mar, to l' *-?. 1 and lit e tbe -are <M icfante ane mot pe-fecily Wetei uit bar taWbaa. be patient w tag aM ntl'kiat, eat I'le kiei rbtltrea ? f Aer owe prefpnet. Apptf at MD I, at Ivtlt ?.. a ,;k nefereaice fjv, rSATAL ?OUT*.- WAJITtn. a oonrAt rit I ?** (i*r r??nir'iijtfjv )n., <? ifctfetiari <M II ?n4 1? ?k<r*. M n?n 0 ?tf*Ar? M **? Li'AHl %?-* ?-MtkT. XWT ? ;ai? as <711 AM A.'a TF nta*. <s.? ? *-> *1 MnU??? ? i n?? A I i nc ?*.. **???? ' .it *4 JtM I Tib 1. tt'Airrir "?O?? Mtl.i.lMklUI; toRK "ITEM OUT *1 Arriy i? up ?i*n% II* A A TBI)?A ???**? Ok f|K?, 1 (*><>< iril Tp rx **<m lo ? ?r?rl?* tor.* ? ?i! X . ?WJ? r*'?r?. Applr M Jl?. U- r..?r,iU UrAMTtn A h,w W?lk*. T<> WX1*. w*M* <???<?. 1 o !?.'?--?cr? 3<,ir?ct. Apply li.-.. vy plx*. ? AMTtn-t?f A ?* A\ i f AitLt, TWO Pgt ?*t WW W ill-O 'fc - ? * w- " ~ ? ?' ?- - ?? r<? ?od !???'? Hi Ap t ? ? V<*?"?* ,",f fclv ?' , - Mi amm**4fe ?au?y?r, ?i.Vk4??,..a fn:?T ? w* M)*1H' IMIiO'dMi _ t?' *AKi : *?!""* * *> IW V? ? - . '* I *T "? MI'I v h? ? It!* ?I Mi u.f . (.<?? ?? i ? ? ? f ' i'7*ri.~-? mm'*, t*i'T f?nw. w TP h -'t tr t a ? ? r ?' > ?? > .- ? ?> l?'?t *? o-?| B? ?' All I PU.A. W^m ANTED?A GOOD OOOK, WABVR AMD 1BOMU. Apply IIU1K Mat*. year round. I"finn naai aaawea ihM iilieiilniian if uilnii ?*?r want a itnunnl tat. Good butt and ktrerijih are ln<lie pr usably requisite. tdrtreea. Mint Me, <ia?'ifieatloos, Ac, r?nn?# ?k' UUM& 0aM*> r<ak "***< WoUlnffurd, TIr ANTED?GOOD AMD IMDUETEIOUK GIRLS TO TT color paper, at the Mew /ereeyjiaoiifartnriog ?oeapanr'e Work' aboat twenty Are miles fraa Mew Turk ctly. Iaqulrs of H. B. Carter. JMjjfaMee la?. nrANTCr-A FROTRST4NT GIRL, TO OOOK, WASH " aed Iron for a amn'1 family. Gsed *ity reference re quired. Apply at Mo. 10 Beat 1Mb at., between ibe boure of 9 and 1. TITANTED?AT LENOX, MASK, A OOOI, A LABN T f draw, a waPer end a onree; mtml rime well recom aaended and be cape Be and willing. Apply at 111 Worn 23d at, alter 10o'clock thla day. TXfANTM|>-A IIOI'spk EERICR; ONR WHO UNDER. TT aiai da lh? huamsne; Irl-.b preferred. Alao, it good wateh dog. ' All on C. Klchardann, 130 Vwrick ai, for two days. WANTKD-IN A SMALL FRIVATK FAMILY A OIRI, who thornua ':W nndemtaada plain caoklng. waahlnif and ironing, fail at 161 West 16h at, betwoen 10 and 11 o'clock^ Wanted?a yocmo girl, mot ovkr twkntt years of age to do general housework In a amaU Dundy; nnit have the best of jaferenoe. Call lor IWJ da ..a at 13 John at., ie<iutre for J. W. WANT ED-A OIRL FOR ORMIRAI BOUSlWORIC ; ooe with good city referrnoea can a;ply at Mo. 7 Weal 52d et, between Broadway and 8 h stc. TirANTKr-A OIBL FOR URMKRA1. HOUSEWORK, IN TT a family of two perauna: must be a pood plain cook, and a good washer and Ironer. A g o<i, oompe-cut girl, baring the beat of relereuces, may apply at 130 Weal Idtnau, in the morn 'OK WANTED !>IMKDI ATEl.T?A OIRL TO DO GKMKKAL ho oar work fur a family of sti; no chiiuen, city reiereuce required. 191 West 20u> at WANTED?A COOK, WIIO THOROUGHLY UNDER alands her tnaineae and la willing ic eaeist in wethlng and Ironing, beat city ridereuce required. Apply at <3 West Mhh at. WANTKD- A YOUNG FEbMOM, TO TAKE CARK OF three chl'dren, one able to sew prefe-red. Apply a 190 Fort Green.' place, corner of ilanaeu pla ?, between Atlantic at. told Pulton nf , BrooS'yn. WANTED-A FIRST CLASH Mil LINER, TO OO Sooth, with good v*i "nd atendy cmploj meut. Only good bands need apply at St. Mark's place, between 9 and 11 A. M , Una day. flTANTED?TO GO SOUTH, A FIKRT RATE MANTILLA TT and ulna a maker and cutter, apply at 31X1 Broadway, between 1 and 2 o'cicca i'. M. T?TAMTKn-A OIRL, FROM BIXTRKN TO RIOaTFKN *1 Li ZI? %*hlo U<e r87 of ciiUJr?.-n ud tew. Ayply at 4i9 tin, one door went of 2.1 av._ *evv WAMkD-A UIKI. TO DO OE.NkRAI. FIOUKKWoRK, vv en.uj end Ironic*. Apply at Jit Ho ware, uuar "" ' le[ *'? A??. ? kirl aa improver *> ike uuiltucry buatnma \VA(J-S?~ii WOMAN TO COOK FOR A VKBYSMALL '?mily: she m>iat VU) nod Iron irei rate Alto, a wo MuU'baSSTem mST APPlr *' *?- 17 "tvtr*r Plwe. UT ANTED?A WOMAM WHO H A FIIMT R \TK '' *?**"' ?*? f""*' *wJ can do pia a cook in?, au.F Wlllltu to awist oocaainunlly In ike tentuaj kt inewurk. Ueli ie .o r^uw^_Applynt MO Meal 19lh.t ??'<-ien.e W"ARTKD? A aoon OPERATOR ON A (1 ROVER a Hakee Ifwl?* machine; met l>e a perpou aptveaWe and reapecutile. m board wllk lite advertuer. Apply at 407 *v ' 00 ** Uip aoor ryANTBI)? 8RYKRAL HI HI* TO WORK OR JEWISH but ?e?J ?W?Y. *< "o. U 'ANTED? 4 HI*!,. IN A fMALL PRIVATE P4M7LT wbo.inderetnn a coakln* and baking and l? a tat rate *1'..!' V lruutr/ ***> ? ?maliairl U> lake care of a child an l aaeiat in boneework; rood l efe-wnce required. Apply at No 7 < buyer place, .South Hrookl.-n. TI'ANTFD? A NTMRKR OF TOCNO LAMBS WH) ,y pw'toHT?da. at and afcak kid manUlli mtklok Mao ! owuln? """l ?ar-hln?e lor Una work. Owl at fo fteal Jelhsl , poaiUiely alur HI o'clock A. M TITANTKD-A RELIABLE WOMAN TOTAKK CARR OF .!* lvl-v; ""l" need apply without nnerrepUouahla cay reference*. Apr'y ai Ni. 9 Weal 9ik at., between!** and Mb avaa.,,.Ike boars ot" 111 and 12 A. M. t^ANTKn.-A tlKRMAN OIltL WANTED, AS COOK el n...r *!d l"?"r' by* Herman family now reatdma Cn 8ta.en laland, but lroui middle of October la Urookiyn. Apply 41 it Ktckanac place, atllet) No. OTANTED?A kllUlU AllKD EXPERIENCED I'KR ,'I., ?"?iwho,h**,be"? aocukontad to ibe care ,4 0h Mren. a tarton who underatauda unuLir and making all kinda of feral DMrfe'riiS' m t? "Akf1"-'** 5co?ralJy uaafuP Protestant MarCUbL^sl^ * * 7" App'7 ** 21^ 'lanry at., lyAATRD-FIFTT FJRtT CI.ASS CLOAK KINIHHRKS ?? beat and cotaianl work. Apply >t Ohailaa 23**** con,"-r ot U. oome and Oroaby ata., up MKbP WARTAIMULUI. ? reo ?.TAKiTBun.rT".8,tU' A RKWAY IHVKNTKD ,.V li; " thT* u no ""?pctittoo and ikn aala tin VTt! it ir <**> ? '*?? from ?ld to (12 par day A * llouaa Aroadway, Maw York, undariba Prea .at id r*.T!!K HertidMVi. *""" ^ reacea acd B?* *ARTCn-lR A RROKIRk OTFlOR APPl.T A * ?r<x>o1 s? 8 DR\ UOOOS t'LKRK WANTED?AT JOUM UAHT ken a, U7 opima at, cw uae ui bu.biatt it DUTOOOIM. FAI.E4MAR WARTED-ORK AOOf AIRT ?>?* tA? Otty trada may apply to R. *. Uudium, 407 ]\KY OUODH RAI.KdV(R -TWO FJIWT OLa.-d dti.Ka f' mati wanted. Apply lo Jamas Uiay A Co . 729 Uroad Mk* "rT op Employment, wlibiru to make 5 *2. ^ wll. do wt-i; ti? c *H on <?r M%riiu A. tj.. tdlAalkam at . ,b? f >t wy. Uitlwa to mind coatain .wo ibraa cast - wmniejo RWII'RI^AHLE URN KAEKINtf RIYUATIORB, aB I i ?fA*f,W*i, '"laiti, Mian, tioc.J app.y at Raa f~* f. M'tOaaU _ Clfrta' Raglatry i BKr?, 7a liroilwar Hinaitona procured Bo araareal. u la adeaace Api .c ,ain by mail u.uai? ncwae twa abuwpa " tr^AWl.TRR, (ap?riutaadaat. A?K"Tft AND ?wws. of a?. ?o, from 10 to bo yaaia, mala ? i.-.u n11 "u1 P*JI?1? b-ialnaaa, wtii a eapRW o? from $W L S1? Ui<fc** f'0? W W flu per uv Hm Hart ?kiob la a new bwaaaaa, aad will meet^wkk real) aale la all parts i4 ibe I nto i and all wko ara owt 4 -mptoya^al I w.-old adrtm a aa m W H& MB Br.adway, ooraeruf Polltm m., up atalrv i? m.'tj E. U BaRTLETT. tr'ARTRD^-A PRTIAOB II ATT NO A TRAYELUNO . 1 "mmtaakwi bitvtneaa, aad tr add ?#t fce? i? k'aadTAalaaa by I ramuii l>o? 111 llernd idb ?. tutb name a.el adilre?m WARTKD-A COMPETENT RET A IT. I)RT OOODf )Vi,.tT>*wM ^*1? |a anwtrkaaaaonera Apply at Redpelba Nrrrhar.ta ?1#rka' R?(Mry (???*. 74 llr.wiwer Jttnwamapfaaarad. RoogmMil T^lr^ kiaTuITJd I l!yi OtakAWURB, BayartaSdent. Y^'aNTIP-A TOt*RO MAR, TO ARBIBT IN AN An iyan'iMy: MdM <*?."? "T**" ?cu. IV'ANTED? A RRTAIL r?RT OOODR CZJCRK. MPTP . . wll reMMetbif Ba'ary (d per wwak Apple be'waen ?2 and 2 o cloak at KB Hienckar aa 1 ' WANTED-A "TOCT. ABLE BODIED MAR, Ad FOB V .Must arena well 'aenmmeadad aa to koaede aad ?okricty. Apply al baaeny a llotal, bei'Mt in aad II A M. WAJ!imri? LK2 PJ5** HOTiL Drmiio ha* k* ti?, ft, fj ib4 |6 UidirUie alip, oo? lutfe ciejuw iiu a nremaa. A pply early. ?Aner aiau VI ANTED?A TODMU MAR. ABOUT 19 TBARR OR k **?? J8?"8**8* "pdalah. knows aenMhlu of ike world, baa end addraaa wrttea a fair hand and i? acciwi >med Tim ?aroaya wttk e-nd^ 7f.rwn,4 ?. ?o?B a pera-enaa, Old Pwaa-al ampin meat at a re O-'dli'm y 01 *P?il>aboo to J. A. Oeoaet. R0 42 W!"T7n-.A rl?ATR WORKMAN IB HUT KB f Y and U se I Hlo Ike Wand of Cuba one who and? ralan la ^M-in' pr*"*'rrr'1- Apply lo Edruistuii rtrolkera. 2 b >wllu( IV'ANTRD-A riBkT CLAKA IIKAD WAITKB. ORB . wliOlBre uybiy uuderatands his u oeaa, aw a porter, wko eat. spat, >IK, ,ln<i.. ,uod, ao.ekeea .an.e Addraaa, wnk rafar. aara O., bu> Uu Herald Y1-ARTF1)~A TOtRtl RAR ri TEND A ORO ?kT ^ Apply from 10 t . llo'rlwk. of K. Flah^r. lid taer Of Wrwma, iba baat- f r> raraoca raqnlraB, Wm!Imf?rnI!? "ALWMRN FOB 1>RT OOOna, A " ,?ri,?, I ITT * ??**", fuae rnea for aieam ?? wobrjaljr iradea, two boys fot atoraa. ait dlrla lo 1111 w "1 ? Apply at 7 . Vwihara 7 |k.r. H*artrp -A_ji>pRo .mar, who car loan ni ' ? 2 ' ? -at.. a . le y IT*.; **". * """I iF' ir. y ?e. be loan. Apply at ?? HrOMwdf K* i ukA*f#f, VV41"*^-:* YOPRo mar of *?!rady hahitb. cdtHrr. ba mud waU avd be a d jadrr-' a.aeri a-iu.iierr y*?tj^.'j'**?' 'Wary w.ik dwaalll *. C, VV'AIlT!e?Ii,, ARTId T, TfJIPklRT IIAUKiIB ll Rlti ?? aed new peetea >a pteMNm bi <dl. Apply at 'i? bey a tlaliaey. RC Hi?ad?ar. pp ' OTARrRIW-A TO. R4I lit, A HI funi. AT Id* -?7 i ?T-lw?r' .7B * "?'F'e amu N.-ie <ab*r< need (?NO IP J Ma?(pf. HI ygrt f . owner ., l aaitaa Hr rdtlya. beWTIBTHT *~" ARTIRTfflAI. B 1RB PII.I.IR I FttR JbATI;! Tkdl R ?

km ? wkl e wrft, wabc'H pa?mn~ or pate. 'cb.rp Rfey-""1"-'" ? j E^r-a i)' M-T7t J? "<>,Y*flY. OF ? Iff* BIXTff Hfi lEr, ..*? A,' ? . .'if 2R -a* .'fn r.M (Old . Ill emmte II. arna^amTffiSk, j *1 fa a J? -.IF J ? u |-y JP f Kj f<> ,a. f" Wm trM . " ,P ' ' J" 'r ? ' ?*' I ?W?r, MO.. . ... Ill M. . 1.9. V . . .. Vj'oeuta P^'i ?i| SITUATIONS WANTKD?MALtKS ?h lOOTM man, havino riv* hours bv?ri( DAT I unoccupied, wishes (or employment <u bookkeeper la ?me line commercial house, he l> perfectly qatliSwl for the sMr?Ss?i33E}esm Span A RKHPWTAHI.K BOT, U TSARS OF AOS WU I A haa hots In the drug bmkaamthrw years, wishes to And a muHiao In 1 whdeeeale or retail drug store; aa'Wfaetnry ?? oommcadalioaa will be (irea. Apply W or address O. M., 108 UP ar. A YOWNO MAP WliHB A SITUATION AH VSBIS | A lADt clerk to make hlinaelr dreaa Robert r porter; cab wrtta well, and would be glet useful In ear way for a email miary. AA die, >1 Howry A, Brooklyn. A GERMAN WARTS A SITUATION AS GARDENER; A. thoroughly undereUac a loa business to all Ha orenobea Apply at N& 9weat 17th at. A YOUNG MAS WI911KS A SITUATION AS BAR tunder. Call la the alore, eorner of Slat at- aad let ur, for three days. A SITUATION W ANTRA?BT A TO UN 3 MAN, AB AB elaleiil bookkeeper, entry or shipf lor ? erk, m aome mer cantile biitlacra, reference from laat employers. Addreea M., box 171 Herald oflce. A SIfUATION WANTKD? BT A YOUNG MAN. TO take oare of ho rata, or work In a froeery (tore. Good reference can be given. Call at27t later., near Itch eh, for two daye. BOOKKEEPER AND CONFIDENTIAL CLERK ? Wanted, by a young married mas, a situation iia book keeper and rontldeaUal clerk, la perfectly compete at. Ad dreea K., box tuV fuel udlce. /TOACHM AH'S SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RR8PBCT \J able Koxliahman, of many year*1 eiperleooc, aad nan be etrlctly relied u, on for hnoeety. aobrtety and cleanllneae; good city references To aave trouble, n >i c need apply but tuuae wanting a thorough etable man and willing to pay fair wages Addreea Coachman, 170 3d a?. CIOACUMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO J man (Kngllah), who understaada the treatment of horses. Apply to or addreea, for three day a, W. B , 13 Seat 19th ?u rK ADVERTISER. A RESIDENT OF BROOKLYN, would like to hud employment in come respectable mer cantile b, in the lower pirtof the city, where SI JUB and hie nervier a would eeeure htm a email aalarv. Parties Is waat of a reliable man, with good referraoe, will pleaae ad drees Wallace, care of ' O. Hanson, 336>i Bleecker at., New York. TO DRUOOIBTB.?WANTED, BT A THOROUGHLY oomprlrnl apothecary, a i.uifle man, a aHuatlon as clerk In a drug store. No objection to go South Beet of dty refer ences PleAae addreea T. F. PlUMmoos, U2 3th at. WANS ID?BT A RJC8PKOTABI.1 T0UN9 MAN, AOED 19. a adnatl .n In an i flloe. or any oth- r capacity where be or aid make himself generally useful,! writes a good hand. Address A. T., <89 Hudson it WANTKP-BT A YOUNG MAK, A SITUATION AH t-ookkeepar Id a plumbing catabluumaot, and aiusod to the bnetner# la general, taking order*. rallmatlog on joba to have had lire jrum experience lu the biulneea Address II. W. y , U7 Graodat. WANTKD-A B'TUATION II? A SHIPPING OFFICE or a er wholesale hnalneaa, by a ynuog man wboapeake Preach ;iod haa a (cod knowledge of b nanuses. Addreea P. W., station B. VETANTRD-BY A YOUNG COLORED NAN. A 8ITUA M lion ?a roachnv. n In a private family; beat referanoea Apply ai l(H Weat 29th at. WANTS TO TAKE CHARGE OP A KITCUKN-IN A or dining aaioon. by a man who under# and* bia b nines# well; can eoofe. bake and curve; beat references. Call at or addreaa J. O., 171 10th ay., In the aploe atore. fXTANTIO-BT A YOUNG MAN CONVERSANT WTTT1 V Y the Knglleh ai.d Germanlanguages, aped 23 year*, a a tu at on an nast.-uiit bookkeeper, orcaaMor, In an ne wholes Ua houae, lii.i i laat city retercuce given. Address E. AL, box 170 Herald other WANTED.?PERRON* IN WANT OP A SUBSTANTIAL buftnpse raao and general trader to art a* a/eat or oilier wlee. at wait means and wall ar.|>iatoled In mom of the tpjuth ern and lA'rstern clt ee, and who Uvea la the Southwest, will meet with a (tad rprortunltunltv I y iililiaaadlg W P., Lbrou*h the 1'oat office. Nona but mau and buatueaa of oharac ;cr need apply. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A NIC AT YOUNG M AN, 18 years of age. who rp#aki French, Entlish, Italian and, eaa read and wiha Rngliah and ttaitan, would like to uavtl with a gentleman or *m,i fauiily aa an in'crpr# ter or waiter, brut references given. Apply at lb* ilavana Hotel, ho 7 Lcrny place. ALBERTO. FUK.NCII AOVEIITIIEKENTS. as DEMANDE-UNE FILLK KKANOAISB, yui 8AIT hlen coudre, c .llTer el qui rarle ea laogue eorractement. 8'a'lreaaer aa 107 ldme rne, entre 10 at > he area. SI'AMSII AOYEKTIhEMEhTS. JJN INhSThKADO RJtllhS DK FURlUBA A POiteAuO, a una iiuda aoven America, aolirlta itaepaaacon da p nurd, r trar. rasa Y ella pei-tlere a loa Kspamolaa, divigan la I routes atiou a Manuals, atshou D, en la rails A Uawa. DUI.UtKHY I^AbHlON.?P ASH ION PAPKR PATTER N8.-MADAMK ' DKMORISR GOODALL Inn- tra hrr anha -rlbera and the pubita, that aba haa received a second importation of i'auerna for the cisuing aeaaou. l adles please caL and see the chape and artistic novelties which are justly called the temple of faakluue. Grand opening September Ah Alb oaaai street, op posite Greene. 1." ASII ION A ill.K DRRH8 AND MANTILLA MAKING.? F M utame l.KHI.IC respectfully tafoime ber patrons Hnd the ladles In geuoral that she haa resumed her baaioeas at loll St. Aara a p.ace, East HI* bin street AM. FASHIONS.?MSH W. B. DOW DULL, SU _ Itawery, arnuld cGI llie attention ot the tad lea in her ex letipve assortment of Ladles' lvwraets. Dress Oape and Head I Dresara. 1 tease call and examine before ptu-Lhartng site i w Lere. /DRAND OPKNING OP PATTKRN8 OP THE PARIR ml 1 AJT tail and wdnter Pasblntie for ladies end chlldreo'a Dmes ! Vme l>EMOHK?T8 Magssm ore'Moire, ?7J Hraadwsy. S30 I t-aowl street, and Ife PMrrwvoot street, Hrowlye. Now rewdv, Demon*!'* lllus'rated Q larte-ljr iteoort and M rr >r ?" ' i for sale i ol toe faektotiA Plica ? cents, end for sela at all the news depots. La BOM TON. A M ulb'y Report of Parts P ash tons. The October number now reedy (NiiaTi Pour SUpI Rage*rings beautifully colored:? Three new and handsome l leaks, Two fall s ial Patterns. Also a ?vet liitererliitg letter on 1'arla Fashions, by (ha Cowiteaee de Ruchebeune; beeilsa a large amount of other reading matter. Subeer^Uon onejear, M _Hn*le nop tee, 30c. TAYLOR A HON. Puhih ?OT Broadway. N T. LBINN8 WIU. OPEN THIS DAY, ?1NT, HIS s Urs*t Eastern MUUneay show Baruaa. the lamest In the work. Pattern Bonnets, dram Uonneta, velvet Honaeta, rhi Area's Hals. As.; Bona am ef every hind, etrew Bonnet# end tlaU. L. MINNS. Mll.ii.ery, HI Broadway, ap stairs, op posits Metrupoiitan llot E MRU. H. P. LOYITT. IMPORTER, MANCFaOTIKBE and wh >lreala dealt r la Leo lee Hr*#a Bonnet#, Drum Hoonnta. Drees <*pe and Bead Dreamm. will open a map- idneui aaacrimaal of novsltiee <? Thursday, Rapt At. The aUenfkaa of f"- thein. Western and home merchants and miUlowra la a? lo lled to the one vamp lad display at Mo. 7U Broadway, thrw dour# below Eighth BUdat. Mm DALY inyiirs urr prienps and thr pub ? ? tta renarall]. to oall at ?SJ tIsnal street, on Thureday, the MR, where Use beat style of Preach tunnels also thoaa ?assinlartarad In the eetahlkihaiwl, are sow ready to ha aaaa. Ktellna gratefnl for the liberal pelroaage heretufare extended. It shall be ay aim by onnataat par?JetkeaMim tothawRHai (< customers, to na nnoUausaee. MURaora vMUng the eRy. Wt1! fed tt to their tatereat to eaE at 1L DALY'S, il Cwusu street, near Tartak. Mill.INERT. HnXlBYRT Mrs UR1PP1N hogs te laform har frleads and the pub Its that ska haa just retuiaed fmm Parts, having ?Hh fee a arm ?ortmaat of MUUwary tlonda aoRak' d wuk her own handa, which aRa ? oa and attar Thureday, Sept E dints bar format patrons sad Urn 1 euuntne for iksmaalrm. Ptaaae i and elernat ssw rtment of MOliaary Goods soHaMo for fall aad winter. aoieaNd wth her own handa, which aRa wtU have aoaa I or tmpecikm oa and attar Thureday, fspt ?, lota. Mm U eenmeMy anUcMa 7~ la: to cai! and examl Peine street, Bronhlya, up maltR M ILLINKRV.?A IXttpRNlNG OP MILLINERY THIS d?y. tlrewl bsegaln for all Splendid ety .bth lloaaeU N- er cent lews Urn aay cUter hones Straw Boeoam. L l)l\>> jfUUncry. 3el Bruadway. opptoua Metrap.fMaa Hotel, up M>trti Cut ibfes "tit Madamemarteu.i notman, ios cmnton plage, Mahth street, la vltea epeclal ontli-e to har ep-alag ol leu aad ? nter Milliner., Head Treaeaa, Ac., Aa MJ ADAMR IEtAC#, (SS BROADWAY.-GRAND OPKN . lag?All fAt yeatorday Mwlame laaaoa' ap acton v sh .w r,? mm were crowded by e highly appreriailve Wron? who wete loud In their praises of the ^lovea of bowaake" dispkywd. The tsar roods ar duplies tee will ho r watsatly oa hand, aad tl,. ladie. of New Turk may st a 11 tin en rely upoa heviag the fmm Pa?ill patterns ehmceetaad meat recherche Ro Our Sees are now thrown span to the public tsdknrtmlnake ly aad era errdutby hope for a ehara of the public patr i vra V-tneke, Head D imes, (vuilaura MRR 0. LEVINS AND EES. I. II. fKMNON INPOR* the ladles of New York end vMaltp that they have lT' Titreaam*ile",'1? 01 M"lla*r> ' Drem Gape aad "?" MRS. C. LEVINR, 7E7 aad SM I w^sd-.. MRS. J. H tKMRON DM aad 7E7 1 M' 18 BAR TUN RRHPRUTPULLT INFORM* HRR frt nteand ladles aewerally the* aha has ao e.eswat ae mri.i of Pail MUUoary aowopaa. Re. HU Oamtl mreok, ae r Went Emedway. ^jadame Dot)tar has juft returned prom s.m Para, end bw?i to aaooooeo to the ledleo of Row Tort thai she will opto her megaaln das modes uw Maaday, asrptwm ber 21 with ach ine and rcehervho aeo.rtmwnt of Pane MU ? rj. Ilewddrise's Lrsoe llape, Fkiwart^Ae., el 2*1 atvth fait" 1 r eee are amh lower hart than la aay other aataMlahiaeui S>eeoe. betweaa Plfieenth aad atneswlh sir"A lmdlrw writiddi ?o well la eail bof.wa purwhaatag aim while, ae the N *W tfrt.LINERT goods" Proai the largs sale of wllmarfloc. Rogwat A Humbert, be opened oa iha Inh I nh and flea a* prices welt worth the stl-nWoa Of the trade, by laeaafca, ItM Daaoa Arret. Will be n uri the best ase ? tmerd o' rtl >1-a a, td'ks and Valvafe ooc eeery sit-oe -r'oegin* to the millinery trad# at the piluait aay th'imlr h<>o?? ta thiartty. T K ISAAOEli, Areata Ife Duaae t PARD WTt-LINIBT. GRAND OPENING FAIX AMt> AINTEE MII.LINERT. W Ihtkl ?. ItHN. #r? r roadway. up stairs, W 1 area na T f!' RFC I Reptemhar m. I PR) A l?r|o aa-i sa ? r,-*'<t Sea -ipset of M'lli'. ry for the FALL and WINTER SP tie ?wg Whi-b e 1 nomp.usaai it I ate el stylos aad SI tea) ties, and a tm loweetpivre. |t>t t'.?p and Oouetr? MUUnera ere . >? tted to etl le'ov making their pvirvherWeleewharw. {??!?. ? ? Bowii-tt b) *11- raee or r'ea!?. on l.iv ti|e terms, ?iw te-'? .e.iot ?r?tlliee"s or ihetr handt ads t'd??. ?#!??'? ' '. K 1 UN, ?? H?dear rr ste'ra. AfflRTINH. ]>UA rt Abj? 1aN TRtvR'RNN- .i< ALL PRE, WR 1, * ? IV# t f he*III ??P Ir e three in id # two ie t .? g tier-re. aABtah Pwudlsa, aad aM fee ire#.;# !?>,? t jr aaio r)-#.i A iao uartart Muhtag I arr.A* huebeak s t?;r i dtera. likMri I?1 a? rSTCR At WANJPM . ?f FlIIDtT ?*^T [ 2) -I .r' ?Nfaua J i e#a. f ?r #1* a aide In #-n ai?nc. at J ait? -? mid pig# v# m th# rr. id at id -e.,;# ?, ?u t' ? ? v i?re? r rgg for ae?' ?hw rske,.li#nu <t tta ' ni Puitoii Icrt} ?; I'.lcR vOhe'f, e aH h. MR# a r .? rvf glut M >f tfi t DfML ovrioi. Ah lady, whom hut km or imiDcnoi n to ? mbttiljf adapted lo youag bagtnaaia. havtng a taw ann hours la the day, will give Ptanafarto I nanna to two addltKial p. pUa.t their rnatdaaos. Fur cards addronsMaato. bo? 1,'JU YOUNG UQUIH LAOT IB DBBIEOC8 or OBTAIN laa a MMltoo aa governem In a private family, In oaa of Southern States; she la full* qualified to leach the usual 4 ?ou: tha Mi braaahaa aato lha r A LADY WHO BAB HAD CONSIDERABLE BXPKBI ease la la aehlng, and who la perfectly competent to taoab French. aad Mualo on the plain, altaar voeel or laslru - mental. wlaboa a' Miu.Uou In a family or seminary 1i too of tha Boutharn Blalaa. Adureaa Mra. Wa Lamed, No. 1 Irving plane. W. T. AM YODNO LADY WISHES TO TBAOHTHK ENOLHH Braarbca and Mualo to yniiM pupila to a aoh<>ol or faml Haa. T?mi moderate. Addreaa Teacher, MB Second aveuao, In the store. AM AMBBIUAN LADY WHHI? a SITUATION a governoae la a Trench family. In or near Near York, to leach The uaqal kngllah branchra and mualc, aalary eot ao much aa object aa the aeqolaiUoa of the Freerh language; re feranca git an. Addre.aW. L T , boi 1,006 fuat offloe^N'. Y. AT FAJMK'8 mercantile college, aa BOWERY, N. Y., or 283 Fulton street, Brooklyn?btudeote from olty or eounlry receive three moo tha' (aaennty eight leaaona loatruc tlon In Arithmetic and Frnumaaahlp, or Bookkeeping la" " nnllmlted for >IU. lad lea* Writing Inaanna ft Miteen lea Am obrmam lady, or bamy years- bxpiriinob In tuilioo, fee ires a re engagement aa gorarneaa or oom panloa In a private family, where tha a it aa lion would be per manent. She ut competent to teach all the gngluth branches, besides Oat-man, French and mualo. Mo objection to go abroad. The heal of raferencea given. Addreaa D. B., He raid ofBee. 4 M ERICA N SCHOOL IP8TITDTR, KW BROADWAY - _ ty t'nllnge, Dr. Ittwell Maam, Wm. Hall A Hone, A. 8. Hum A Burr. Wanted immediately, a eupertor French (lady) Teacher for Virginia; aalary SAO and board. Alio a tutor for a family; an English gentleman (middle age) preferred Smith, woodman a co. All educational arrangements cam br mads at the Natkmnl Teachers' tnatltute, 336 Broadway, by call ing on or addreraing Klee A Andrews. Kduoatioiiitl corrtv apondeota wanted, onr for each ocunly In the Union. Teachera wanted, for muato. French and ornameulalc. AX!* LEAF Tt R NED.?00LD8M1TH40NIA N HTH tcm of Pemanali'p tought in atz leaaona, by the author, for three dolia-a, at the new and elegant academy, No'a 21 and 923 Broadway, corner of Twenty (bet ureal Day and eve ting. OLIVER B. UOLUSMITH. FRENCH AND GERMAN LANOUaGKS, OKEKK AND Latin.?Prof. E TKl.LEKInO, 819 Broadway leilablmhel 1852). will receive new lady and gentlemenscholarsfor private li.ttruciton In the above languages, attend schools and private famtkra, and make tranalatieta. / 5 RHMAN-AMERli 'AM INSTITUTE, SOB WEST TWENTY VT seoood atreet.? ThU riebool, eoodnetod on lha moat ap proved Oerman plan, alma at the hannontoua devetopemeci of all the faeulilea of the mind, the thyme u perfection and tha moral well being ut lie pupila. Numerous highly qoalldel teachers, native and foreign, employed In the Kngl lah. Oee man. French and bpanlah departments. Boya prepared tra business or college. Separate department for girls, In whtct plain and ornamental needlework are taaghL Term beglug September 10. Circular*, giving very full particulars, may be obtained at Weatermaanra, 441) Broadway; at Look wood's ill Broadway, and at the Institute. R. DuLON P. D. H. GEBOKk, F. a mb htivi will b* admitted at boarders in a select ac-wleyny - ?-?SSSSS sireet, Nrw York. L'? CRjiriNR IM FREN<JH AND TRANSLATIONS?BY A ??S?" .""nnrd In facte* Addreee Cj0. bnt 144 lEtldSaiee! Of applj kl 198CunU? rtrtet. Brooklyn. la iheeTsr*ng. __? Mvcsr s r FNPIN AffrE A AETKAQA'8 FRENCH DAI "BUE!a.&. 11? "d 111 unto.piaoe,?*; S'SSSrr; etadlca. pEssrA^ S ta2??^y ??* A-nrleata " Mg??fc* *1;^" f; Hon. Georie B*?eroft. ?? V 8^i K * ryj.. f? ?.* For ^Barnjuj further pnrimulnre apply to HHP BHRRKBHHO. *0. * Twentieth alreet, N. 1. ? -v^cNM ANM1IP AND BOOKKEEPING-?TAUGHT IN A P*^^UindAi^?t?T ***** "XSEFjTZ ^IK^.KiTHllLii'DliOF, 8U Broadway, ooruw at Thir CPAJtlHH LAROOAOB.?PROPRBBOA PORA1S Sr"Z| tnatracUon ta tke >t?n Uaraage. Apply from to*UtEEokTiTaTroom I Cltauo. Hail, AMcr pUand BteHfc mrmk aoar Broadway. mo aCADKWIRB ART) BOARDIRP HITOOJ.R.?A Toomp^-nt lady taaeher rf dan -tn*. ta all IWjarVnii i ? rm ?? (4i>i|ni<ui nf ft iltuftUon< Address Tftftftw , box 72 Wli <d?j? I_TV, M of refarencaa ?tr?a_ WAlfTBn?AR IMlfTtXT PFRAI.l TKATHR* lor Ibe primary department 1t a aelem eckool In Bomb Bro.d.r"...."TT|o3 mahmviioaa OaU <m Saturday, from 9 to U o'clock, at IU l>e?raw at., Bouth Brooklyn. Wanted--bt a y<htno~*a*. of a highly re lupruble Lunily and of good nldrees, a situation la a pH* [?ate ffttiiii? to Usethe entire charge of ehUdren, and Instruct i h? 331, the luclith branches of Iducatioo, also Drawln<^ainV ' tri%tnc Nc#3?e Work and the of Music; underhand* ?fiu^ irfn kSvTon oh^ettan to makta* klmaal/rv^ I rail* iiBcful Heat of reference gWen asloaapac tT, hrninety, L^lrtrtTand industry- Would hare no obiedinn toXoUto the STS *ra?P?W111? ?<?*- ?**"" *?? hag en, Hernia o4Rc?. ?? D rot)D. EHJl' i? 1>?oi^^kaTURD A T. liTH IRCT.. A WAtiTR r the .'?ra?r caa baee the J'?.?n&^T?L7|k BSTtpf ef pet sea n^ply io Joho Flian 11 R est luieenh StrcffiT between the hours of 7 and 9 F. M. - ea^.SKr&'-JE'-yik i. Z~ LnaT?IN rROWNlNO FCLTOM fKRRT, ON BOARD ??Zo1 or U^aiV the Myrtle am * ears. Brooalyn a r7??a ? at auMcnbara' name <t a aMotkiy 7ml. tSi JadL ?ui ba tibarali, rrwardad by lcarto. 4 w.U Wm. Ulaacroaa. ill Broa.lway. baw V ?rk. LOAT - RITFIIR rBARBBU ARD PR\RKUR ,iWu " ?'"?y, a Porar. brkAa umd wdk ki^ cncitaniar 111 aad aoma rk*af* A Ubaral raward will M i? inclr k?(M mScb raJaa as IM money w lha oauar U Went Twenty aaaoad etraak. KrT-lR A BAPIRO* AVK4U1 BTAUB. AT BIOHT ? o'e nek m Tureday ?T#ato?. a oUvk upar* .lleaa and i TM ioder wTl be pakl tb on iMTteg 11 at the atom <rf O. C. Allan. 4U Broadway. T OUT-OR MORDAV LABT. BT A LADY. OOIR'I FROM T . Market etreel Wj IM H vary, a Lunkne. *Itb two oleturvn ta ILa^araXy^nd.Plt rte? boAJnn tknm PwaiMr. oop IS it/tMiiNe belaa Ike likrriMa of mfcl ady't rtae-eead baa &?rs?^"A'~t2Zxs;zxr LTX* ."ASSKK^." ZTi nhar . ao're at Bnaortan' a. Tke finder will be wnlcwa ^^ssfurff-arss-sr^c!' t atreac w n.f nw Till RHDAT AFTBRROOR. AB<>l'T HALF I .. .Li Jl o rWk ta rotA frnm tke Ualnr Bank BUMinf. Avst^l'yesrvje; ~!?s# ."s^rsn-T- ?' i liberal re* ard will ka paM 11 retyaad in U. D ^ W nil sue-t, by Frtdny evening. rn> ssent is w**>pen. ??r"1: Vm . w fn agpt wui t [WtcA, 94 LitRA\IP ?RON NO. kl^NBET NINTH BTHI,? -? b (ana ootaiwd Ttallaa Pray llouad, aaewnrUA ta. Ike ram# Jf Ttirnr The (Irdrw Win reeatrea libera, rwwnrd ii lot ker v. ibe ehovw atiaebar. REWARDS. CHI .7I^t.p-M'lRRT RROKFRB ARD OTHERS ARB I re "uad eol t" aaptdtite ?w . ekw-ke d^twl Beptembvr IS. l v?, arewa It H H.e A ?a. Jo tke -ruer <* >\ k- ?!"?#, oa'be Perbaoka Bark, fv 1171 eoa Ml ravpar j-ly. tM mine ke.lac bees er.-iei, mil permeai tkamd wt r*d *?> RKWaRD-LOST, or vordat morrirp srft #?5 IT. aa old Sere.-A Terrtar SkH. bad on a bra*, an. ar, es-mera to ibe i>ia?e d 1.4a Tk* aboee reward w> 1 bap?-4 on r H.rrta* Mr to .tfl >Maby ttmet JpHB H ARAtRIL Q B k*7 rd ? a ur.HT tbi.ujw <?"THoy|?n B O kw. Frtdaj erena# ?>d reward will be paid far Ike d * byX A te it I Btt.k ? R .4 I Poaoe wreak f> r krWARO -I/RTIjS S*Tt lHAT BVRRIRO. UTH MO tvM , a Mark a?e okawl, to wu tit m Mrnadway^to Orwrd nreet fen.. Whr^rer will f\?rm Ike laaM to .11 kanakwat wHi receive the above reward. me BVWARD ARD ?.? tjrkSTIORR li) rw the Ipet a black an ' Uo Mil rfer dop, aotwere ?1,M! N.k., m so. ? S *r?L"?Z ivtrsii rMi'fa b' the ***?re sumoer will rermte be * HVTf rcwdu ? # the twwr >?t, a rky***; C'lti RT.WARP -LtaT. A r? v*iew $10 ennOokUM rod the rf^TrT^ * 7-wa. wfcktn a few ^n-^' ?^'71^7," FUMJCUL. A TTENTION.-MONKY TO BUBOFB.-BIGHT drai A from Hid dollars upward*, payable everywhere to O Britain aad Ireland. PMN, Germany, ftcandtuavia and* other countries of Europe, laaued by O. SCHMIDT A1 European Bankers. Bo. 1 Chambers street New York. C"8??tt-k?'riJ?T ai^mrecwrfoV thill ham thin 4ay deelared a quarterly dividend of all par payable to atookhoMerv, on aad after Monday, the let I October neat. By order of fee Board. B> order ul feu M^ard ?> WILLIAMS, Cmhh IDIKANCIAL?TO LO vM OS MORTGAGE. UPON "SssaffioA i Battle Nff-Oauw JUJ II , lean tireel. M W Cnnni street. aear Broad w a LAND WARRANTS BOUGHT AND BOLD Vaylor brothers, 76 Wall area*. Mew for Harrier, to bondholderb.?the poirm up ? ? New York and New Uavea Railroad Company, dot ^Hemler, 1860, will be paid, with accrued Interest, on ; aentatlon aad eurrender, at the Treaaarer'a odlee. ocm Twenty seventh street and Fotudh avenue New York, August 7, 1869. W. BEMEWT, N EW ORLEANS AND MORIIB FUNDS BOUGHT mAUUUBT BRl.MONT A CO.. f0 Wall NHIW TOR* riTT BIT PKR CENT FLOATING D ? Fund (due l?7f), lntereat par arte quarterly: tor In anma to euit purcnaaera, by WaLLacK A BBOulll Exchange plane, XrOTlOB TO CREDITOBB -WII.I.IAM H. WARD I> JAMES EDWARD WARD. ??rmpoiln* the firm, of H WARD A CO.. bv deed, dated September 13, 1MU. oom ed to the underslgurd nil their joint and Individual propert trutt for the pavment of thrlr debt*. Bald assignment la law hi ? corded In the Record office, or a copy of It ?aav be seen at I counting room of the uuderalgned. K0 Weal Baltimore atr Bald assignment cortaJoa a provision :or the prefereno ?ar payment of certain delta enumeratrd la a aened tie the annexed, of inch of the creditors of the nrm af W 11. War Oo. aa shall within r luety duva from (he date of the aecd, a o accept aucb dividends aa they may receive under the pr ?Iona or the deed In full satlaiactlon of their reapccuve ad and release aa'd W. H. A J. K. M ard from the same. A ' lease In conformity with the deed ean be aeeo on and a ' Monday next .September 17) at the counting room of the i deralgned. | All persons Indebted to mid Arm or to eithar of the i thereof, or holding sny property or aaaetsof mhl Arm, oreti , of IU membeie, are hereby notified that I he, moat pay and onnnt to the undemgncd, w ho alone La authorised to reo the deb's and control the property and aaeets of mid Arm the meat bera thereof. _ , FREDERICS FICKET. Jr., TrualP OFFICIAL. PKOPOBALB FOR LOAN OF TIN MILLION I LARS. I _ , . , ,T**a1P*t Dcrumnwr. Bept 8,18, I , proposals will be AScaiTed at Una riepartmaol i I U o'otock, aoonof Monday, the tweaty -second day of C , next, for ten mllilnna at dollars of stork of the United ? in be leaned under the act of ( at the tid of June I authorizing a loan and providing tor lha redemption of T eury notes at time the proposals will be opened , | decided on. The etnck will be reimbursable In tan yeara fn i the drat day of January next, and will bear lutareit at lire I cent per annum. pa>able semi annuaulj, on the Lrat uaia i January and July ot each year. \ i .. Ko "ff"' *>il be accepted below par. and nona for any I* tlnn of one thousand dollars. Nor wt;l any offer be ce | ed unleaa one par centum of the amount thereof la da , with a depositary of the United Htv ee, anblect to the ?.? I the Hecretary of the Traaaury. The eertitlaata of euckt i alt muai accompany the propoaala. In all caaea the o_ 1 mint be unconditional Without refereooa to other offarm. muat atate the rate of premium offered. I The proposals ?hou.<l be endorsed oat iheoutatde,'Piw? | for Loan of 1880 '? and be addreaaed, "Tothe Soaretary ofl Treasury, WaehiLgtun. I) C." I The beat bidden under the foregdng conditions, for thai gregate anm of ten >na of dollar a will be Immediately formed by mall of tha acceptance of their offara. and they ? depoalt the amount ao acceoted. with the premium I i with the Trenailrer of the l'nlte.1 Htatfc, or the A_ ; Treaaurrr at Booton, New iork, Philadelphia, Charity. New Orlemna, or Hi. Ioi'Ja on or before the t rente second i I of November next Should auoceaaful bidders deal re to Bilt at other points, their wishes will bo duly ng stated to thla Department. , Certificates of Insert bed stock will be tamed In suma not I than one thousand do lara each to the anoceaafui bidder their assigns for the principal an deposited, carrying Iota at the rate of lire par centum from the data af Bitch dep Ruth stork will be transferable on the books of the Tri agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Bbould any of the aucosaaful bidders require eertlficaw stocks with eoupona of eemlananal lute rem payable th from the 1st of January next, such certificates will bat with rich eoupona attached In Bums of oca thousand each; and such coupon stock. Instead at being tranaforn Um books of the Treasury, may ba assigned and tranafe., by the delivery of the certificates The Intereet <>n the named slock from tha date of the dep.wit to the 1st daj January next will be paid to tha auocemfnl bidder or L pcwimd^ depositary with whom the prtadpal waa| The preliminary deposit of one per centum, required all proposals under this notice, will be included la ihedet of principal and premium made by snaeesafnl bidders wtfl be Immediately directed to ba returned to the u-uiu ful bidders HuwKLL COBB. Secretory <2 tgl II KM ITT AN CK8 TO ENGLAND, I o, a. won. SCOTLAND AND WAI.K8. tight Bills on the I UNION HANK OF LONDON. NATIONAL BANK OF HOOTLAMD, BBLFAMT BANKING GoMPaNY, IRELAND. In suma frnan 11 np wards. Issued by TAYLOR BROth kbS, B..nkera, I "? wall atreal, New Tori r| CAPITALIST*-ANY PRBFON HAYING I and would like to realize II or 20 p *r cert on K mi so w It arm t risk tr trouble, by addremlng Alex. Po ] Brooklyn. L I , stating where an Inter .lew may be b-ud. T?a^4JI. S'L P?*D A},D MORTOkGilwR-!^ A *11^OOU ?? ba inreatad oo Bond and Mortgage, to sun y_^'.">d_'1Pw>rd ,?? eU* property; also about FaJ OOO Brooklyn and suburban property FIRLD A McLlAN. Auctloaeers, No. I Piaa sju I-NION DUE BAYlioS BANK, 1 ? ' 4 ? eomer of Ta-tck atraet: open ? worn ten to two and from flea to arras P M.; deposit* fl raeelrad. ?U par cast allowed on fwol under, and fire per cent on larger aunts Rows deuo ? or before October 1 draw interest from October 1 I 71 has bean receive,1 from 4.lib depositors In enters i ,T'" rr*1,1' ? day with tntrrrat In t*B and a half ysi to 8811 U. Money to loan on bond ant mnrtragr _ _ R. T. llALGri VTOUT I Gzarxig 8. Chai iw, (ecretary. WAMTRD-fttW) OR MODiTtO BR INVkFTTml FT the manufacture of Glue and Gelatin. This i? a rarJ portnnity for maktng merer, and would be attended with? 2tnt*wS?.hkif^i ?uck Wnprored Ciu'ttrs' 10 SSTfilDOO ?' nOfDAND MORTojl St w Tori And Brooklyn Dr >o?*rtTJ T.d* 7 f?r rM,t- and 1 , b' cd mor FtfM mh i.,, t_ a J Amart cat Real Estate Oa.w, 2b7 Broadway in'ikel O. HOUhl POuritiAL L* AM.CATI??,.or Tn* "AITfcRT AND WIlITkll. S5S56sK3Sifej i^:n^j no Too undrrMinw.i dcciarw in ??>>???'a Ml ?^lBf ?u iir.ub. AAil it m o /tliw r Julnti ,! lad ^5**1 If mpnhtmna wbh*^ r^a i, thw bS2 "hSv'^ VJ J g^.-ssi's v esiTt I J^l"J^r^T ^.I k"i. H"*h iSSi l%ci CV. li^ MklLl'NeT^.^B rMrk1 v2r2imT ^fssSszJi ra. VttzJtt&S JsEBTS3 DuoaaLj, J.wapk Wiray. John MntJl ' "l Ywomz. liMmtxwtg. ?aarimry"^1^1''* '"'nr' \T4H'.^??*(X:.R *T19. i?R_n?D,?ii>0B> no] rnaaa; and upon the aerrmd s*lim SIl ? eight rwn . utaw, and wa? thus nuiimfj. Brad ?y roc el I thm. the t'oatranaaa ajonmsL m^^TjCSfra.n^1?' Cgzitiga J. ?.... > . * aid as, nairmaa M? Love. ? BEcrrtsrt^v. N?w To.i. Rryt. n OBRrAJr ?k*l*act at Ar*i 12Tm,T,A,b2 ^*T^lt?rnK<OCRATfO CLUB NT BaUt air.. t Jnd ?ad. corner of F a! 17^^.15. BB'i A*v "TRtMrr union" Hlcb atX 9nT" WA*D"BRiniINRID?I Ajrft LANK--. Ww. B. Wa an. kasroury *>"?***. rraatdea:. Met Bkiom. LABTKXCUMIONTOTHK I HOLKBA B?w?STti -TO atmmrr Hl NJURhK will make ^ ",r altera Bank, on Muadar. Me, ir.nhar 21 Iron iriTiS r. ??? ??????? 8. Do?Mt F.uieta straat Wtlh<me> r? a VldFB Wroat, Prnktyn. at ?" , I'ark allr at 7 a ^-^,1 "_*???*'M; TNr 4 at h o'ekw* A lull ' a?irJ ewf^T mains ean ba Lad an board. "T|?y ? tf,4; ^ ; lanre wora azd rTtgaNToON-ANlKd flfw n.ct FaSarann, N J Wr ,?? Z.m 2,2. , ' a urea am. In* a era from B? orot. to ?i rlf " !*"* * ? TBcm FThWART. Frowrtmaw M*Tlii cfrtv ?afy, A.**A2f}Z r?ar, wctid wTwvTmm?i '**"<* agsmtar, tl.wOy wider ? X - - Jl m "?* ** 1IV Iianew .if ? ft og ady , ? ? rome means wl'h a rlaw to matrim * Aidr. d?e?b Ad?atax New Turk Prot u? u?. A 'a^UiLV- A 'KI> *"? BtKV <"IRCt;? t.r ) fit; *"***? >0 Ut? Mf, I# Mlt9m nt ? % r# 7, *l?y I*4* J? *rftE4 ry* lr I i > y. . v f?u Hlplmi r> ?!??' ??> ft*wn At , ,Wf IwL lmi P Ad ^tAa, i Hoa I.. Hay*.,. oMrw f b-bar V a* or Mtooh ci'y . 1 urwa t ra'ertad. ' * " UATRlVfdNT MADF f iSY"?WffTWTW I . u?H;rw wlp e , ,i-r % Wa rpard'ly . *?a.ilh?h?l sens, irwi raroute I as A to , | ,0 aim-a. V? AM Fkltadetpk* "m- -u