Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1860 Page 2
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THE TURF. Ttt? Kiihii? I'oaiM Fall Meeting. -?JUUT FOI'K MILK JIKaT RACE BBTWKEN rLAK'iT, IAMB. MOM AND (OKOAKU FOR IIIWI Mi# AMU DOLLARS PKPIUKKK AND PERFORMANCE'. OP THE UoKSKH KKOAC.AI)? HATCH POR TK> PHOVJSANB DOLLARS mete een the northern horse prophet AND THE VIROLNIA HORSE OtsTRRMAN? PROS PRCTR OP THE MEETING, EfO. On Thnrnda ?, the 25th tint , the Fashion Coarse flail nets commence, under auspices which guarantee A Meeting the most brilliant ever held in the Northern State* The vut amount of the stake* to be run for, and the high class of race born* engaged in item, compris atc the best thoroughbred* on the American turf, combine to render this meeting one of extraordinary interest alike to the lover of the sports of the turf and the general oom ?ultjr. The great matches between Kcllpeo and Henry, In 1823, over the l utoo Cour.e, Ixmg Island, and between Fashion aad Beaton, iu 1M2. over the Fashion <>>urse, In which the North was pitied against tho ctouth, yield to the fortb ocsnltig contest in the amount of excitement engendered in the pub ic mind. It is the sole topic of oonrersation in rportiog clrolee, and the question, "Who is going to he the next ITfldeatl" is not more eegerly and anxiously debated amocg politicians, than " Which horae is going io win the 120,000 sweepstakes on ?js> toy next'" is discussed among racing men. In the Southern States the Interest felt is equally great, If indeed not more so, than la this city, aa the three horses engaged m it are all Southern horaea. Planet ie the equine representative of the Old Ptminlon, Daniel Boone of ite* tacky, and Congaree of South Carolina, and each State la squally confident of the superior prowess or its champion sad ability to bear away In triumph this "blue riband of the tart" A abort lima ago we published in tba Herald an ao aocal of the respective performances of linnet, Daniel Booae and Congaree, and It m only necessary at present to give e br it! summary of (ht m, so that our readers atay form their own judgment of the relative merits of tba three boiree. As Planet stands first n point of age, era gtra htm the priority in place. linnet, the property of Messrs. T. * T. W. DoewaU, af Virginia, is a dark cbesnal coil, by Revenue, out of Nlaa by Bee ten. ? A clevtr judge of horses thus describe* him ?"Be is a dark cheetaut horae, without wblte, save a small star In the forehead. He measures about fifteen two, and looks rather long and low than leggy. Hie bones are large, and bis propelling power te aa good as w*er was seen under a boise of his (lie. The back sinews af bis fiat legs are apparently aa big as the oan aoo bones, and his hooks and knees are vry large. The dwtao w from his hip bone to bis bock le very great, and his quarters are full of musMe. His neck Is straight above and below. One of the moat nAllocable features bim is the apiwrenl l!gb'c?ra of everything above, to the great stri-Lglh and power of the ?runn*"'g goar' below. It ia no wonder that be has been at e to win race* with such a frame, for, with a good sound Internal ?egamration, anybody would say that a horse like Planet ought to 'run lor a neck.' That his Internal organiza tion Is first rate lias bc< n shown by the only practical met?hit running lour mile boats, In good time, wllh?ai 'bellow* to mend.' Planet carrie*much le?* top hamper thea t'ooraree or Dan it I Boone, but his propelling n chmt r j tain nowise Inferior to look at. The temjier of Use horse Is manifestly good, though bs betrays a sort of Impatience, as if eager for the fray. Be still bears the scars ol the bites be received when Exchequer got loose aad savaged bim, but happily no material damage was tben done to this capital racer " His first appearance n public was as a three year old, at rairtteid. Va., on the tin of May, 1858; he woo the Dnswc.i ttakes fir three year (ids, mile beats, twenty eight subscribers, 111 00 each, tig br. C. by York shire, < ut of Bi.ckey; br. e. by Albion, out of Berry's Ram, br. f. by Trogao, out of gfcidpia, and br. e. by Chllde dam by Clencoe. He was not tbeu named, but l the eb c. by Revenue, out of X:na oy Boston. At Rock, Va , Bay 11, be pa <1 forfeit id a sweep ?takes fcr three year olds At Petersburg, May 20. be na lr?t ss Planet, winning the Mewmaikel dukes for three year olds, mi'e heat*, twenty fire subscribers, at tl.00R.acb. beatu.g Daswell'a filly, by t.ieccoc. out of dt Itary by Harr.iel, Planet next paid forfeit in a sweep takra lor three y ?r etc a, two hsa'e. lor wblou Boldlaaf walked over On tN-.tober 23, at Broad floes, ,'l over lor a 1> irte lor aP ayre, m.le bent* Naat y ?r !>'' brgnu mrly, till Tunuteg an a ihrr" ycit old krrMi' tu> - nlwu nirim<u i)?ir their l*:? Irom tbe let ft day Ibatted of fr> u> I be J a: 01 January. At Savannah. Inimart 4, 1*41 he wire I..C iweetwtakea (or three year "ion. mile heu'n, mating I??l. tin January 7 hapniu loitail n ibe a ?n-petnkee for three year olds, two mile beat# At Char, I rbruara '' ?????? ?aa law y j7 v ? .. >a.. a-t.uu?V>w 'irekee, nple beat*: ?eb. 5, traiiru In Ibe Ji-ckey Club handicap. <>o to? 12th be Krun.e lnrnwlu a mat-ib at ton mile tteale, for I a aulr, at Mobile. Marcb 21, Flao.-t aoo the eweep ? a for three year utile heat*. b- at ny Ki.a Moore, ea Uw 231 be *a.urd over for Vbe Amncialloa eweep ?take* K>r tbr? year alia, two atlle h.jtu. Tbia cowed the jwrmrTT.ann ? of Puu>e<i In hie turea year old form, aod ha next appearat re waa aa a fbur year old at Aahiuad. Va, May 17. ? miey the poetatak* f f alt n???, baaiist: Tar River and Ik'a Joan At the fall -n?Hog at IVteri bory be wen the Haillabro<iC aukes tor lour year oida. ItrU'ix r 12. two mile beau, trentirg Fao\ (?okileal, Fanny Waabinytti.. biyaaay <<tett<?aa, u I CD. e by Financier Two day* nfUrwnrug bo woo the Jockey Club purse, three mik-k' ?u, dirtae< mf Frank Him* At Fa rile Id, Va,<<l?i?r 20. Flaunt woo a purae of $000. fne all ag?s, three tn.le beat*, beat'n* J 'bn I. , by Child* Harold, dam by tileacue. At Ute A.-hUud fVa ) fall meetiLg. llitoter W, Planet waked orer Tor the Jockey C uo pune of tow, far all fat*a. four m l? tieala Th# year, 1M0. Flanet, on the llth January. woo the mreteuke for all acre, four mile beam, Arthur ? aeon la the drat heat. At Charleetou, February I, he waa the Jockey Club puree of 11.000. fur all afea, four ?tile te-ate, aga o urewuciug Arlbur Macon ta the liral heat At AugoMa, tie , February 10, I'.eaet won the Jecaey (Tub puree >f $400. lor all ages, three mile beata, beat eg '< bo C Bre<, uiridfe the h cut oy Wagner aad Bui Alexander March 10, Planet paid in tae Camp hail handicap I r a' aye tWU BIM ltd ? M'f, won hy atel Bk<'t.e We i.ow And Placet a' Vtw Orleeaa, ?a, m Man b .10, he woo the Flanet , <leUke four fet-aU, I eat ley John C. lirecalnri lye aud La Vaaeti cave alterward I Janet waa u?H ta the Cream at iweteti i e. twn m'le bene, ayainet laurel lt->oe aud h|ha At tuning the 'i.lllaw waa it.< in one aya'net the tie id <o Planet, n?vr-th?'?e? Itaelel B.? .p- woo easily ta two rtra gbt nee .?Planet train< third lu the brut and fbgirt* il ie lanced la the ek ?n d. Alter I ma a match waa tafafn ally trade betweu Flanet and fiat. ?i Hnoue for W?? a file but it tell lbr? yli. in "00fe<pi*occ of ream-oe fully acate.1 l-vyFtreera. l> w?e||, u, a letter 111be Hawaii' watcb we pi?iiiit p-ib-mbed la tbe r->rtn earner rreat r?-- r tv jt h < ?t (at b ? ? ewy at a bee oi 00 000 each, tbtre kubnoriserv, with |.VuW aaaml by tha proprietor o' tbe F*? Oturee, )lr Henry CbNon), Puuiet. aa a bee year old, will bare to carry ltd ibe . ytelhf 10 Ida for the year to Kwaf aad te>a< irnree a bo are frur year nlda, and will e <narqoentiy earh earry 104 tM Ftanef ? new at the tUMea adlnuioy tbe Pbah'ca i o.ira-, .nder tbe care of bie ax| -rieood trainer, Mr. V<>un(. and, from a etall to h'in ?eaterday, we can eaafid. ntly etalr that b* le ta tbe flneet pmaih'ervadittou. tfamel hwae, owned by Memre CotirnU k Iteoadnai, ta by Iwxwyt'W. the eel'hrated feor miler.nut u? Mag xrlia by mil* rted U.eaeoe leilortoa, WUoee four m le t.m* M T Ib'e baa never barn equalled euner in ? ijlauJ or in UtM oucetry, waa tired by tbe rea iwned ilwioa. be by Tin jr.*. be by Fir Arvby. and he by the imported borm | ??ted. who wr n th- (I-vt Iwrby rare on record la |7bd Co the dam * ? |MM leequa' ? ? bead, at ?.?eacoe wwe one ?d the fap .?l and et muwt b weea aa tbe 0n?l?b turf He * a bright bay. w tb a email Mar iM tbe lorelwwd. tbe near bind beel while, aad wa'te I mg> around tbe mroneta b>rw*ed If ? bar rap tat Ufa ? idera, immearely . i-g and r.'ier ilar tuai. with et uanrv propelling pnwi He tteuda fuJ aiyteeo i b ib, and. la ? imtneaae bone and cfaer mnm-uler rai... Mr. rgy nweiab e h? r-e A no tier or haadaow.rr home ? en tot be w tneoaed. aad be l.v.ya? what be baa pn ved btmeett to be?a thor ugh rare b iraa. Be made b>* fl-vi atowweaaoa, wbaa a three year r41. at Leawyvn Ky May 23.1Mb. and waa becum la tb* Ae aor.tat . a Stake for three year aide, mil# nanu Th Mhaatn ii eolt byAbiar.dam by (.ertathva. wm, ana law waa dwtaoaed lr the third beat, w th two o t?r? hi the fail meeting at the aaine mace, drrtere rr 21, be waa beaten la lb* ireat Pr luce l'Ut? for three year aMa, m ?? beau, fit flatted, and 1.1 adorn, I'/ l-exinyioY, owt <4 P.eAjune. won At W,.vti?wn, K ai . di-.O-Aobar It, be woa the *wee|wu*ea for three y?*r ?1?, two re >? haale. beal Bf the ehe?dnut eon by Kiyirr. uem by IHeame f.iadora, be lexlrgtou, tndceuer. be Watacr; aad the bay Ally by taxing* o. dare byi.n ? 'te i M>r Cve At Mrmpbie. T.-an , Vkf tuber e n the by PA pin#, t?"? e hoatr b-r- i ? He .'up t-> I, Mary ITyfle and F rdrateber At M <t >, A'aua na March It. ISdO, won tbe Oa?pb"ii baueloap, twi aad a ha f taila heaU, beat ng KM a. | in, latter carried I at fba , flwia ?d Ibn At tha Me tairte ftprlhg lfoe*ing. April 2. woa tae '>?"? i'nefatabe far all afree, two mile beau, treating Plaae', by lf-ren i?, aaddtgina. by Kpatl"a. Than defeat of Plaaet wax attributed by bla fneady to ibe fact el hla havi?K- rua a torero fair mile treat ram. ,u?t Kdore, at the Mac meeting, and they ana land be wtu retrtarr bia laurata by beatiag Mo we wbaa tbay agau met I Ifaaiel Home la at tha Faahioa Ceerw andae tbe cam of hre trataor Mr Fat* rem. aa t M la that tpfen ud condition dnacrlbeo ai being "It to raa ?or a man'i i f*. ' Onega-? be'-nging to Mr Tboaaa Pnrrear, M hy imp. Bleaoi?, out a< MlUWued by Monaicb, grao ?m iViale by fWipee. yrml grandaa Mar* Went On bH orele be nam ore blood through Trampoline, team#. P ? An drew* and Jtre Andrew*. to the great t <. ?n ra.ier Kelt pee and to Waxy, Tramp and *ui aa. tbe oret and mrewteet atraln of bl vg ig tr^t oogntry H ig a b'igM bay. a trlfe orer Btteen hai ?? high, w th a area ??. ,r ig hre farehtad. and tha off b od be>d "t? >tn >ac'. ana .iOT aad pcwart'ul form rrfai ?? th ? |u * ? ifugg.. reeai of "a yrral bor?r in l.tbr r ?.r.i " Hre h-> I ie prei.i and rath-r entree, like ail of tbr viui hr re lire nert re etreeg and ttraight. food Mprelnere. fa wane* nto* cwlar thigba nkd yuklr good P-"*lf, *r l |oy? a* t wi a* a fail, n< twillieiar d bg The w - . he hre tarn-d tbr? gb At Sarar.t.ah,t!eorg ?. fan l.l i| (on gaere won a ?w? pa're' re f.? two ycari'd*. ? ?t ,igi beat i r Kayp ret. by tot Tirg--h.ra.d--> t -i *<, a. ta r'Verd pa t A. Ctk r. > ? 'its# F<aa? CWroftM stake fur two year olds, mile beats, beat tag ok e. by kup Albtoa.dam by imp. Levlathaa: oh. t b> j. i l arm, dam by imp. Moaarcb; Kalooiah, o illy by imp ci-noee, dam by Imp Prtam, ob. f. by Rsd Kye, dam by imp Glenooe, and ch. f. by imp ^tlbion, (lam by imp. ice h ban. At Peteriburg, Va., Oct. 11, pd. it. m O >w>rmtak< i for three year olOa, two mile beau. At Uun deu,? ft, lire M won tfie Kerthaw slake At Cam lea, >. > , lie-. 18 won the Wat ree stakes 'or three yotr olds two mile iieaU, beating the 01 'y by Red Eye, dam by Hero, aid Albino by Jeir. Davis, dam by Imp. Moaareh. lour others paid At Savautab, Ga., Jan 10, I860, pall lore It in a sweepstakes fbr three year olds, mile beau At Charleston, 8. C.. Feb. 1, won the Hutchinson stakes for three year olds, mile heaU, beating Exchequer, by Revenue; Kalooiah: Oorinse, by Red Eye, and Crinoline by Financier. Feb. 3. won the Hntchlnson slakes for three yi arukls, two m le heats, beating Exchequer and Crinol lire. Tt u other* paid. At AugusU, Ga , Feb 14. won a sweepstakes for three year olds, mile beau, beating Kaloo iah. Three others paid Feb. 16, won the Jockey Ciub purne for all sges, two mile heats, beating Fannie Wvhington, by Revenue, out of Sarah Washing: >n. aud Kalooiah. Feb 17, '-AW oyer for the sweepstakes for three voir olds, two veils beau. Feb. It. woo the Jockey Club purse foe all ages, three mile heels, besting John L , by Chiioe Harold, dam by Gleuoqe. He has thus ran tsu times and won every race. Daring the paat week be was sniftering from rheumatism, but is now all ? igbt and doing his work regularly and satisfactorily to his owner auu trainer, Mr Fury oar. Like Planet and Itu-iel Boone, be Is sow located at the Fashion Course tabbr. where they are visited by large numbers of porting n.en interested n the comtug race Tbslxttiog up to last week was about 1100 to >80 on ibe Held against Planet, although some very heavy i mounts have b4en invested, the Ooid having tUo i s i. A change, however, has sow Ukeu place, end Planet Is free " backed against the held. The numerous arrivals of sporting men and patrons of the turf from the South causes speculation to bo very ani mated, and the aim unl uf money bet on tb" issue of the race will be almc t la-redtble. Planet is iho favorite in New York, as be is considered s Northern horse, and re garded as the Norlbern represt u'ative. He has also hosts of friends in Virginia and part of Louisiana. North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and a portion of Ala bama are on Coogaree to a man; while Daniel Bo-mo is the general favoriu In Tennessee and Kentucky, where he was bred and rained, and In Lower Alabama. where be Is owned. It will be seen thet there is a sectional Eride Involved In the Issue of this race, and numbers will, i their partiality for owners and localities, take Sides sgainst their judgment. The best time ever made at fbur mile heats over the Cnion Course was by Fashion, when sne beat Huston id 7 mm. 32sec , May 10. 1842. This was tnoushl by ex perlenced turfmen to be, uuder the disadvantage of the course, luUy equal to Islington's time of 7 mm. 23 If sees ever the Metairle Course, New Orleans, when be de feated I?com W-, April 14,1836. it Is, bowsver, antici rau-d by good jodg-w that even Fashion a time will be eaten on this occasion, and even lower than 7 30 will be made. < ine of the most experience J, and confessedly the ablest turf writer In this country, thus prophesies of the rare?"I think Planet will run the first heat in 7 30, aod I think that just at the finish of It Boone will be a little ahead of him. I think Iftwme will win the race in two heats, Planet being the contending horse in each beat; but If the beats are broken. I unh-.-tutiDc'y pro nounce Planet the winner, Hooue distanced " The favorite mode of riiecelation In these races Is by what is termed "pool betting.'' The modus operandi Is SS follows ?Before the race a gentbinan who - ?!iu- .ates as auctioneer announoes that be will oommeoxr selling pools. An lio-ifinary sum. of say >1 000, Is fixed upon as the va lue of the pool, aod the horses are put un in roUt'on. In tb.8 rs. e, suppose Planet is Sold for >600, Dautal Boone for $330. an-l Oocarre for $3riO, the autual value ot the pool Is >1 200. and the fortunate purchaser uf the winning horse receives thai amorfnt If Daniel Boone or Oongvee should prove the winner, the purchaser lor nts UN receives $k'>0, exclusive of his own money. Tue sales of pools will tske place each day of the race at the Fashion Course Hotel and on the grand stand before each race. Another very Interesting raoe comes off in the third dsy of the meeting, belrg a match for S10.000 between Mr. Morris' Northern b<> Be Prophet aod O. P. Hare s Southern horse Oystermuo. The latter borne is noted for bSTiog beaten Col Hull's (of tbtsoity) Aonct ve Hall in a match for *10 600, while Prophet is lamed for having won the New York Hotel Handicap and two other races of two mile bests and one mile beats si the Fashion Cturte sum mer meeting. This match will be regarded with Interest, as bring'DK the North and South Into an "irrepressible oopl'.tct" on the turf. There are s-veral oih-r matches and sweepstakes to be run for at this meeting, for parti rnlars of which we refrr <>ur readers to our advertising columns, under the "turf" beading Intel ??uni( Hum tit* Ptrlflv OCU SAM FXAMtSCO COUtSSPONDKNCI. K?m Francisco, Auguat 37, jk?o Indian Atrccitiet in H"<uW?.Vrrn IVKite Urn Burned at :?t stair-Adventure* ?/ 'he Pirate Bark Meuengtr BBd-Oaptain J-un^et' Operatic, in the Philippine hlandi?iraudt in Silver Borland Bill: y ?U \Mioe? Xcwifnm the Sandici k Bland*, ?fo , rf,. Me H?*hoe tr be of Indiana reoect'y committed na ntroclou. the ,*rt!cuUra of which .re give,, . Mcrianio paper. The victlma ootat.iuiad th, part, of NoVr?. H Ctafield, of Rutin county, who left <uw. Crr.eelag of the Trucke. 4tU of laat May. with the mien tioa of tletting Wtnnenracoa, the Chief of tte Waaboea ei hie ramp. oeer PyrMhld lake,and on laavor,ng to obtain' fr-in him permiaalon to mine for Hirer without molaatn tion The rrptdltlocieta, with the rlew ,.f loapirlug coo fld.oce i- ?fc?ir nienii'y nanumeum, ?ry ulllr!^, oeided to Uir Indian cam? without arme, with the except hoc of a rero ver carried by Cat,field a few day* af lerwarde the mutaacra at WilUama ranch took place and ?ke war which rtwulted eo alaatrmudy to Ormaby and hie folio vera neoteM. A korraapoodaat of the ?a-rameuto paper above referred to rcletoa what occurred to Can ?fid ? party ? Among the vohmtoera in the lal.. Indian . ipedition on iU'* wer* lwo svry mt meu fri?nds ?.f i|r cho fl- d, who uaed every ponlble effort to the f.t, of hw party; but, thougi tbef.rm and loaturaa of all the c0,*ml <?*? ?ere very carefully ecrutmla-d, none Were rvccgnixad aa be,rin| My rreembUao. to h.m or km know. comtwniona. a few day. after the ro,uou-ec were withdrawn from Pyramid Laae, the , o.ine thcr. .Utloned there, acme of the latter d.acowred among the cotton wood*, below where tha Ind-an village bad atood aLd Dear tha place wbira the Trurkec em?t;M 10lo the lake, tied to aa many tree#, the bodice or charred re maiaa id aeveii men, who had been buraed to d?uu. Tw? or three had boeo fhatened to the tree, with log chalna and the Beah had born eatirrly burned from tk.m the (then had been llad with ran h.dea, and Ik. upper po, w *ts ^ Si "iit 'i ICih Til TH I'l *"'i '? Tte rmaira of the victim# of thla terrible deed * Ail c+tr1\My int'-rreii in imp ?rftM - - wen* wood tree Jwar UnTepitT !??' dier* Bpdif Cipuia wtow?rt w ?a * ^ Aol .be bio^y o?? 'Z?"deZ^Tm^L rreparatam of the Pah I tea to attack ,' . STilL'"*1 were doomed to avenge the ala.n of thTt'a! Jul1?'? q-'. oiiy fell in hnuia. wti, mam - ??*** A llj I ? t? rt Tl P* A iaA O I IWWOIT forf Iff PUlta dealna .Z'h It m ,,#rrl?"'?f ?? ?. i?a cnoueid .1 Kl'SL.tL*1 '?ft?bt??n u, cv. he. cnmwM wwi Kl'SmiAdirwilier 10 ?ewVork, whaea hi. fa^r^-l*^'^ ?nUBl'' m,M* I^eaT ,ho-1 Z Me Cn, __ age at the time of h>? death It will ha ri memi Ttj that laat r*. __ .. ? S ??? i ho auhject of general eonnmt Ha *??irg l laptaln Urta, of tba bark Helen W aim- ree- w ?'?a. uifoem. ue that wh le in that pe-, Uoteul.Hr Krlawotd rereirrd ad?. .?#-ei.? ii_i JJ ,6r fhC'l l'iae elating ibai the r ,ri?k*If', JI?? ha ' torched at thatlelaad with hla i?rk J ,111' ""I** en 'Ler brUllaei awIOdl r, 4*r??^ m ?' m ac lato the . Lf. V^rg? arn.ed I rum. but h. a)>(*nr. la uJi VtT n t H'? of lorged lepern wnion *'**m fit h .WW -h. He went JTHnee m V^ty^ ! 7*a alter bw arrea: he,, e. ^"Y . ? I ?e' be, i |? a merrhuil cr ti,e _hn JITi I ?hi(.i>e? to H.-, la. an,: lwtu. ?n..o.-? 'u* Of'apt. pr.ehled to ami J | >,. >, latter eteted thai he waa houa I utdher X 5, WZ ,th* ?nd the moeey r?r wb-ot, ET ? ,!,*? aad m.wttie and monthe eUpmd. bat the bark peered et her port of -:?i^.i?e. bal bee de^rlH ^ c-r'-rsri . burK# P -*?? * Co , of Hemin. i ,r ? too eivt ii7. ' m ""**** ?"?-fir ^ ^ I? " ^TTSiirj- Jr sr'r-jyr'sri5 Ihr.wo epen the ha,.,it <4 tb? AloairtlrtTJ'r ' ** tad written teOwteol Uewwnte ? ^ ?*?rf h.?bou d t ike the firm opport^dr to ?V?k1" 'hU b* Placed under hi* car. and rharce ap ,0 ?"zzz.ixzrs,*????< ?".He | I fTi>f HM?yk.-.L -y"* ?? A C-. r.Tr^r bT.L^i,^Si.fc:L.a^ m,.o?.d mtcrwenaino,^^ ' J" " ^ ?h? i "untrwi aeabd* ? , .TIC ,7; ,!?..,hr P**0' ?" e,, ar.<1 tnlatmd, it w rurxxie that tiw. a fallowed bee. nrreetec ft. wg . .T . " h- ??* M of v,umay thai o,, re, p,,f t,^^vr co??.tia .d .early HI tha porta of enter , iav,e. enuing upon iheo, i, ?rr,^ tb.-ow be orwne n,y?m thelr jartadmiHW. thne bTS ef. fealty tab wrt la the priori pal porn ??,!, _ "? ttour are aevreaartly cmtr ,| aeatnad ?a i imi? barrw-a, nbet. tM kb--w^^ B,d 'ttcm'ed Ildt area tPeee Iran. e6| taceni^-,?*? m b b r be tte iej by htm wltn ea .tr Ua . .1? I fif> e? t'gwltba m-.f c neitutd rwviur r,^ I * . ,t the f-aotqe u-ean aad ,d ctiv hat w ? .?? ' ? i ? ? aa to nam. and ng to avoid ca t are lie/.-,! I ' 'bat hla pc'ife nddnn, fart ?? | i-^t j?,g ,,,?, I 7iM aa i eat "H"<7 a. id be flr.g* nary ? IMiMRM hidalgo bwwm the misplaced ooo tldenre which led b'm to tract to the wllec of the rascally Anr ericas. It is believed that he has bagged a baud ?owe fortune, and baa, perhaps, era this, sold his reeael and retired to enjoy the fruits of his piracies m some of the SpuLisb-American republics. It is quite a r?>u. in tic awry, coupled as it is with koarery, and may yet lor n the ba sis lor some writer of "jailer klver" literature raOM TDK SANDWICH ISLANDS. By the bark Yankee, at 8ui Frahctaoo, we bare dates frou Honolulu to August 9. A bill bad been introduced into the Hawaiian leg's!* ture giving to C. H. Blsliop and W. A. A id rich, bankers In BoeoIuIu, under the Arm uf bishop & Co., and tolh-ir associates, iheir "legal representatives sad asuigns," tbo privilege of Iseulug and circulating bills, as money, not ? xceediog tlto 000 la amount, in tiie kingdom of Hawaii: wbicb paper money shall be "received in payment of all taxes, duties and other government dues," and shall be payable in specie nt the < nice of Bishop ft do.; this privi lege to endure for twenty live years; Bisbop ft On. to deposit Hawaiian exchequer bills with the Minister of Finance equal to the paper currency issued by them, and to charge ibe government, uuly eight per cent on these exchequer bills?twelve per cent being the rate of Interest now paid by the government. Tho Chamber of Commerce reported in favor of tbe measure, and it uraa probable it would pass the Legislature. APT AIRS IN NICARAGUA. Our tmm Jsas del Marts Correspondence. Sav let* oki. Noun, Aoguil IT, 1840. Sale ?f Old TraniU Company Pryyrrty?Tht Last of the hilly f'suprvs? Condition of the Harbor? Monkey Pi ml? Captain Pirn's .Veui Rou'e?Rumors of Walker? JbIsr Alarm?The Chivalry of Nicaragua on the Alert Walker Secretly Desxrii? Port San Carlos?India Kub ler?SfrJhods of Prcj>ar\ng? Forest Produce?Trade? Pnli/tmentt?7he Hums?Court Solemnities, <fr: , itc. In July past quite n time was made in tbe sale of old company property, or, more properly, tbe remains and wrecks of old it>eculations is the Miape of'steamboats. The now rid rarrass of the once One boat Ogden, which formerly plied between Castillo Ilapids and the Inks, was knocked down. I visted ber after the rale, and It grieved me to eee ber head on to the bushes rotting, but with her bow still pointing up the ever Co sing San Juan. The good boat was sold lor a song, just as the la In the bank, surrounded by a Lumber of long, Sat, partitioned boats, which also were used in former days when tbe Transit was in its glory. Tbe hull of the once famous bun go steamer, or buugo tower, as the has been called here, being iu a mast dilapidated state at if despoiled by wreckers, with ber aides now knocked out and rotting on the beach, sold for almost nothing. The deck covering brought iflcen dol lars: bought by a Spaniard to make a sbed. Tbe poor steamers Cast-Yrisarrl and Catharine Maria, after braving safely the perils of the ocean, fell Into the hands of cap tains who formerly were carpenters, and knew but little about tbe river. Their fate la told, and new tbe aajanie who comrs this way and ascends the river In a buugo will see bow usefully American enterprise is brought out here to fill up the rivers and turn them from Iheir courses more i ucciss folly than a Belly, and wilhoat such schemes as Frenchmen only can get up. By the by, tbe last of Monsieur B.'s emigrant* or chef a'inyevirurs has left this place. Ho was without money, ? nd had received none. By pledging his instruments be i btalced a passage to New York. Tbe harbor la still as It was some time past; on the bar there are not more than twaive feet water at high tide; it will iu time get shallow er. as now tbe body of the Nan Juan river makes a short cut via the Colorado, which will perhaps eventually swal low it all, Isavtag this place with no port but an open roadstead, excepting It be removed to Indian river, or tbe hue.res; all Uowi to Bicwflcldx The whole bay frontlog Oreyiown is becomicg very shallow and filling with Host ing islandi, which become detached above by rains, sad after reaching still wuter take root. They now form a thick morass, and boats cannot go Into them. There is a small rbasnel kit open through which the merchants here lighter their goods to the ships half a mile off. Thisplaee it not without Its excitements. Since Captain PIm I left litlie has been said about Monkey l'oint, down tbe coast. When be was here, so great wis tbe excitement, that tbe people tried to ouido each other is staking out their ground* and possess,one m iiemf. Before this they were hoaxed by some parties who went down to rei.itb Mr geld; they sutd away lor some time, but one of tbe party, to maxe the others Mkave gold existed, mixed K mc that be had m a pouch wHh the earth they wi re washing Of oouise when they reached bere every body go off to tbe great d ggiog*. But. unfortunate ly, the aecrol leaked out, ani the subject fell ttat. Mon key I'll Hit ought to be the root# from the Atlantic ooeal It will do away with al ilver travel, and the loan of utramv-atf will be lev* they belie on tbe lake. It Is taid ibai Capia c Vim hr? go ir to Erg land to obtain as sisiabcc to carry out h'a p.aos and tbe flan Juar.eros are ??? I'Lg Ma return. That this route would be better tfcan ibe ore now ort of use ro one can deny II (aaaea ihroi-gb a Lna part of tbe coast, and opens upon tbe low borders of lake Nicaragua 'ring In a straight Hoe to the g< Id land el Ibonialtt. W.tb a good road Irom the l'oint, suitable fur burses or stag-a. sod couuecilog with fine steamer* bsving tt e r ?n.,\r!? ot thnau wblih ply on our owl like*, it would be delightful From iL><m lake tbe 'rack at Yirx'u Bay. atd be In ikn J-;an lei Nar in three toLir and then take tbe sirtrner for California. If this la the route lo be opened by the English or Americans I hope it may b? done soon, and lay a groundwork that will offer, and ;?n this rich country, and give homes and plenty to ttnoe who are l ager and strong, and to those who long to settle la this ?and under tbe warm sun and er^jy their lis- long dayt In UrineM, seg r* and n.ettas At prcaiLl ibe business of the plare la very duU. are no vrasrj m the harbor, as English man or war. ibe Gladiator. llee outs, le, waiting orders and a rrllei Her provisions are quite low, not having received supplies, liread Is supplied from tbe uiwa at twelve cent* per pound, bak*d in hard cakes, they also oome ??b' # foe wbistey. Ac lbere have been some r .more of i.< ceral Walker being not far off this plar- aad when the fY| tain of the <? la>ilater ordered a night tterciau at the guns, beimt ru twelve and one at night, \l th-sound of the 6rrl besry gun Uie town * as alive with Nan,boa, Ja mai-a darkeys. NicarsguaLf. kc , or smjriuLe. as the g< verMDi-nt cans tboee *-bo ar? titled. N ime * t- laiard, "It la WaJier " seme .niag.ntd il- y saw the v rime I. some were glad, sad ctlrr* were ready U> run at sight. I Rml thai, ,t general, all Hie people of this piare wish for Walker ? return, at mured I expect many ,o ibe luiertor do, only Ibey dare sot avow openly for fear of o?iag Mi grate I ^ In the inter ,oe at'sirs aeem serene But who can HUT \t re |?cp)a lira an ra*..y witacnl tn?au?l .xertlon? w here tbey are contacted with a preen plan'i n, a suing of drlrd beef, ar t u a wash "uwo aome adulterated abo ct lau or parched corn mini! wtb water?where tbey Iter in a land where everything (row* ?|--.Uacnosly, they muat be no, and Uourwb to a day and 4?e U? Mictcty ?f Itr land .? immoral an l low. taere la na standard, except it be in the heavy bell of am.a old do i no, ? bu. perhaps. wax on re an Indian callle drirar. 1 hear that foreigners and white pa>ple are learina -.raaa ila. Anding it in-preainie to lire with anv neeuruy, and beiog liable to guar .unit* All tiie river* are open, all the old garrieoaa deserted. lurt dan Carina, at the brad nf the lake, la fort.bed greaser faabica. and thara all U-lla aid dtillM are collected. Ibe bead nf goeernrnrat ta aa bally aboard bar* aa It la at heme, and 1 am sure wan uraerrra It all. There H bow antne r^cttemont hereabout !i.d;a robber. B me parties hare cvme ri .<? the TaciBc, and are gnu p to rt.-wdelde. to try and pet a monopoly. Everybody in tbla town haa a piece nt robber, atretcatnp. pulling,, ataula lap. for earh party, yen reoet know, baa mme praal aecrrt about lla prepare*.<o Tne people here got a mama, and they barely a low what they talk ahoat. It la robber, robber. I beard anme talk of mix irp btaroita with eartaia p iP -os of India ruboor ullk an.I water to feed ibofe awfal Yanteea with who rroaa tbn way rhould It ?? bap|?t. apa.n Kerry tidy bare la euapertrd to l>e aa India rubber man. and ia rxpreted to atretrh awfully Hie Indiana bare a n > ittod nf on agu atlng the milk Immediately! they use * -rials wild viae, wbicb baa a curious sour smell when I.Delated: on anme it.r mtfc collect# into a ball, and in taken out and mar be j, then prraa, ?! and dried, la the .nterrr. dlf lerrm m-th'da are -rned. bat all amount to lbe aaaae Ihlt p?namely, getting tbe m Ik hard, the anode ef thir raattry contain ai.y abundance nf va - tbla prodoc li?t i?balaam coparta, dragon a blind, puma, rear area, mi.illa, larxa, dyewi.ais, and nthert too numerous to mention I waa talking with a ilerman.aa oUlllpeat prima. wn? aayr ha only deairre to -t?T?iope the rracurrsa of thw country, be lirra twenty miles aboen u.r m< it of the riTer c?a Juan. at Ui ,l, k? of tho i.-krado. To day he rtme down with I * laaor I* tea whnne piantaiae and exquisite buii.-b?? or banaaae. he -ler wild Imp an 1 him i na Bah 1 *- i leave this for Ihr (V.are>k? In a few days, there to ?tr? ;nin the dense winds of thrr trep-a Pweata My il-i. ?; <.a Or'l R ? ?. rr.U in the mute I ? li andear ? to eollwct aueh ii 'i-rniaticr. aa will be urvfal and euil the columns of the | U*K>.i> T! <?? d aa officer in the (oata Rrw ?'r no my that hi# I p mieoiteai fpen.rp r?li thr gh the "rate, j aud aim a pott <ei tne Allan tie, at a place oailed Mute, \ iter wiiru .1 ta but four d*yt to Chrtapo A r .rroy la aim to bo made anew of all tho taada and b'mndartee, and a new map printed. Dunfnea are arriving bora retry other week, tr?m Grenada rma'l iusds of i icy ?*?<'I, Mdte sod rkioa.ail of wh eh a I onpht and ? t. red here to ahlp ar so opportunity nd-re I have h> nrd t.?at shorn the ctrrerwenl is enlisting all pereoaa m -nkltere wbu do act pay rertata taaeo. hat I hatleva more especially to he ready fur e roe tea r. rotation. 1I.< AmotKaacram<trial spent. Mr. Rail, left this p'.aea last wtrk for the since o aoma beainea* unknown, lie leaaeo in bia plat--- n Mr (|. Walla. Ilia Amir;,nu Cu?Mi*e house In tb ? plnew tn tie fltest In towr. and ? dirt teniah d by the intra and r'rl|ie?. mder whieh it* aatleo rather ar 1 ui? pofitma. Thta ptbue. tboa^t Small. Im tkrao O n* . ? and a Tha It b?* a O-nrt* ,a !"? ni?"i * lodp.. and all nooaa tari paraphernailaa u- deal cut iuet re. Worn the court I# npt'n a f \rr etand# et tbe dfor and ahnwta to all tho la bahiteaia w-th a k> id voice. They a**emble. iiriah and po buwe Tho rtrne'a bete ar^ atueral.y n.lel with oown, h >rree. pipe, ohtcxena Ac Jr. maty parts m mains of tho botnuan ?? i t rtare oat and UJl m a ?\,h pity. Then tbo place was Amcrloaa now it a nothing n-.t a h<da for pri ?*?!?, Ac. The market, at iw"aent, ? low; ship atcrir, Ac , la demand; one> fntatoea. bema, -and'ea, pilot hi au. Cel., Ac., w aid r'tl, b"it art a laeen quaatltwa, the pr*a* r j<rtkn ef pomll rem r.g 'rn? r>:rapr Large ? 'fod eebootere *re the r*w* ft >*aela for tit ? port, Tbey vaA r ate u* r tfcc >i*. and -an penera ly abia r a ? l, sed ffteaar tt. gb thM aaar per a stb HAITI AID EMIGRATION. IllRhly laporUat to Colored PerwM Ureat Facilities and Inducements?Re port of the Secretary of the Interior. ?Vc., dtc., *e. [Translated sad condensed from I be Haytlen Mootteur, official organ of Ibe government, lor Vb* New Yoss Hie a in] KBPORT. Omre or PecunAKT or Hun, or tws !rmi >* 1 ASD or AUKJI.T1.TVRS? fKOTIOS OF THI hmttlOR. J TO Pin Eii-bussct tbb I'ejmoeaT or Ram:? I believe Ibe lime hss come to submit to your Excel lency the result ot labors undertaken by your order oo ibe quetlloo ot emigration into our country of men or our race. Alter baring examined, under different points of view, this Important subject, It Is time to substitute ac Hon for preliminary studies, and the more tbal definitive questions are now proposed to Ute government of the re public Men wbo have appreciated ibe riches of our soil, ibe mildness of our national manners, lbs working of our Institutions, Ute good Intention of your Excellency, de sire to put their band to the work. Direct prop, onions have been addremed to us, demands for information have been made of us. Time presses; they ougbt to bs re plied to. On the other band, we ougbt to state that In all that portion of our hemisphere which extendi from the river St. Lawrence to Orcnoco, a work of expulsion is In pro gress to which wo ought not to remain tnaltontlve. To profit by Utia movement, in weloomlng men of our blood, the victims ol theee ouUageous persecutions, la to con tmue the work of reformation undertaken by the founders of the republic, and to remain faithful to their national traditions. I will tiretly exhibit what has been done by my prede cessors and myself to advance this question to a practi cal result, and then I will submit to your Excellency the asaeiBSMj It seems to me proper to adopt. On Ibe 23d of August, 1869, the government, by a circu lar of the Secretary of Hale of the Interior and of Agricul ture, mails so appeal to all pernios of our race who sulfar I rum the prejudice of oolor. Hay ti offers them a refuge and facilities to come and establish themselves among us. To sgriculturlsts, particularly, they guarantee aa Imme diate position in harmouy with their pecuniary position. Tbry may become landed proprietors, farmers or laborers on halves (a wudie/ruUt), or by the week. Tbose among them who bad not the meats of paying their pamag* would be received at tbe expense of the gov rnraenl. It w?a slated tbat tbe immigrants would be excused (rem military service, tbe service of tbe National Guard alone being obligatory on all citizens Convinced of the importance of Informing families wbo derire to come to our country of tbe liberality of oar in stitution* in metier* of religious belief, tbe government guarantee conformably wilb tbe disposition of our laws, tbe public exercise of tbe worship tbat each of them pro frssed. Tbih appeal *" received abroad with numerous oom metidnliou*, i-maoaluig u much from thou* who wore U? m*fires interested an from the frteods of humanity. It inereasfd the honorable position of the government, which enabled us to throw afor off a ray of cmUza'.lon. But this, the first step made by our government, was oaly a general enunciation of generous intentions. Sub sequent relations with men well disposed bare called our attention to points of detail which It was useful to ex amine, and to which It became necessary to give precise replies. The government declare!, first of all, that an absolute submission to the laws of the country was the chief of conditions. Liberal anl republican, these laws offer Mr Iocs guarantees to all. Tbcy satisfy, as well in elvil as politics! order, all the legitimate wants of an advanced society. In making known its dispositions. It wss In reply to questions proposed meanwhile all the paints o' detail were not?xamtned; they were enlightened. Our Interior state Is little known abroad; we judged It necsn eary to dissipate all doubts which might exist la the minds of foreigners. Thus the government said that It possessed In all parts of the country demesne lauds in largo tracts. that among them there was found some of egoellent quality, and that the laws authorised us to sell them that the price of tbem was moderate. That at different points the ex lei. I wss so great that grou,# of a hundred to two hundred families would he able to establish themselves thereoo. Thai to each of these groups sites would be granted, a title guaranteed for I be establishment of scb >ola and chapels, whatever might be ibe religions belief of the membt'isol the settlements That on their declarants of intention to become Ray liens sed renoun.-e ail other nationalities, the emigrants would have the right of purchasing lands. That to booest laborers, vigorous but poor, who might not be In a pontiles to purchase, it would give all desira ble facilities for obtaining remunerative work, either as formers, as intervaled no shares (that Is. pay isg too half the crop as rent for the farm house and manufactories), or as day laborer*: work, of which the profit would ens hie ibim in a short time, if men of economy and good onndi ct. to become propriei >r? Thai, lurlber, the pubna treasure would pay the pas sage of Ibis c lean or persona at the rale of IS ptaalr <s (American dollar) for each adult man and woman, and of oglii p enile# for each etc.Id of leas than twelve years of age. or aged persons over siaty. Tbal ail the immubitw-s which other cltiaeis of the re public reply will be accorded to tbem after a reetdeaoe of out- year la the republic That the exerc ac of all religions was protected by our laws, and that our national manners guaranteed as ua llnoti 1 to all belie la That the ??< mat ton of nomaneretal own pea ire as let tag ta other c< untrue was autburiard hewer laws that these a?? l< .egnlatd sccteiits witn a collective came, without the trciseity d preliminary authorisation, uwnymou* societies, with the appro alien of the statutes by the got ?-rr meet. That under the empire of this legislation companies r.'ght le formed ss well for Ibe exploration of mutes and fori sts as the establishment of manufactures That we have no patent right lias, but teat the prlan pie exists in our civil law aad It capable of expansion. That the goverameLt cannot engage itself to estoourage, by a j r? le-tive tsrifl, articles which might be mxnufao tared in lUyti; eut that manufacturer* would Had a aithcirbt guarantee in our actual tariff, whn-b hat always sveragrd twealy par rem on Ibe purchase value. As our fiscal Legislators derive* its ohlef revenues from custom duttea. it Is not likely that It will, for some time to come. ahuaes this system. That the chief art Idee of fowl, being al ways abnndaot, there at no Moeselly for emigrants bringing provisions Irum abr-md, and noaaequeotly of waiving the payment of the riwlom Louse duties thereon, but that machines, kgt tculturnl Inalrumenle and unefttl eflecu ah*11 be free of duly. Thai as to the ex per tat Km of products, no cbaag* wil be made in the prseent ruatam bouse deties That the cordial reception given at Hi Mark to the Louieteaa emigrants by our people, no naturally bosplta hie, wan n proof of the oordmJ reception in reserve Ms there who may subsequently arrive That nothing shall contravene the religions ecru plan of these who regard it as a duty to abetaio from all no;up? twm cm the Pabbalh. It is proper to state, hoe#ver, that the monthly renew of the Nanonal Uuard ban bees held on the first Pundav of the moeth, bet it will be eesy u make a legal modifleailoc of this arrangement That a temporary lodging for the firm eight days shall be r Or red to iboM arriving, whlls waiting or trarsNing to tbelr dentinatmn. rbat mdspeadeatly of the ac boots that than# aew cltl tene may create, the ex let tag ge vers meet, which eoce plee itself without oaantng with the ears of public laeurno t'on.baa fonnded aad- will found anmeroes eels b I tab metis of education, la which the monthly charge Ik next to nothing, aad gratuitous to the poor That our lawn ivories no an# of Ibe right of quitting the country when they ere It, yet ths H*> i.-o who do serfs his at entry In the time of need loses forever his quality of citirna Ibe emigrants who may not desire to remain in Ray n will be at liberty to rn embark, but those whose introdectioa into the country shall have Wen al public cent ShaU not be permitted to leave until after three years residence, or aatil they repay the ex prnee which they occasioned to the go vera me c I. The government would not been regarded his tank a* rotrpleu If It bad not oollectsd the most r.rrunMtaattel foots on every point relating to Uta gram q east Km. After receiving the order of yoer t soaitanny, 1 nudum11. on the 20Ut of March last, a circular to the commanders of the arrvadmmmcoM and the rouncila of the rote manse, inetru'tiof Utem to informal! the popelatioan of the ooua try ef ibeormdltlea of atea of the Afrieaa race abroad, and to ank from tbem sa energetic oo - peratiue in the event that a great lumber of persons should resolve to tote np tbelr abode la Hay 11. Ths circulars have been made public, and the responses they bars tailed firth testify the mewl lively sent rneuta of iraiernity Kstewd Irg to the admialstraiiue of Bnanne, in their eapecily of men age re rf the aanoaal domains, Utln correspondence, which has been carried ra rapidly, aad ef which it Is only prettlde, Mr President, to nbm t to son a synopsis, has given us pn?f ef a get ? ral good will Hero there are effort of public euhecrtptlno, there they wish to charge themrrivrs win ears of a certain number of persons, la ae teflalty ef places they will give (rent) lasda oo halve* acme will rent, other* evil tbem in fins, nil are deposed to make all proper arrangements. The report then proceeds to fire, nrroodtenement by armedtseemesl (there are twenty erroodmeeaMoia, or ones tries, in Heytl). n brief stnlement of the vacant pub ifit* private < states which ean be '?g*" ~nn1 or wntked on shares, from which we wdge tbat at toast 10 000 persons could he immediately domic.led la Hayti It apeak* also of the eagerness with whin toe officers are ttflcenliai clliseoa had reorlee l the petject of the government in mnkieg Hayti tne . h ero land of the colored rnnr Wo boot * s.??l map however (and there n no ecrurate map nf ilaytl published in the I'mtod Wtafos), or w'tbout *<w<tnpant lag geugrai h c *i <l*iaim, eh i h would unduly k-nsthee Utln hrtlci*. in ? rmrt of the report would W uasaiird to the no. .mM of an A titer .can jnamal. The report ronelndse by reoc-rimendlag, first, the nmnl cam* of agenta to foreign te a ealurod en. arsloti, seeoed, the In mediate designators * the I'.wne ot (ape Hettien.Pl Mark, port no briers, i tone tree aid Cay*# as port# of dteemherkmosl foe emigrant*, with the |V, wee of adding Port d* Pali, Miragnvoine, Jarsmte, Aquin and .tormel I* rase of need; third, Uh> nomination of two If? (ectors in the north and south of Hayti. for the purrroe of eurvsyleg the public leads, aad making aa cx?.t desOTlptfoa of them. fourth, the orderieg frow. Ibe Called -tales of a certain ctat*r ef eoodra h't.sen, wb'okmttld be .tnntediatoly pel up for em "greet* sixth. 1h* pinning at the disposal of annh Hai lira e-ir-tu of fmigratloa a locality destined to reoelv# the irai^iieta on tbe'r ilnembarkment, aad authorities them to nvnvhta for the'r wantt (W the first eight days, t'ghth, it. printing of Ihrsn thousand cpies of the re port The repo-t |? signed by f Jn lose ph. fowretary of th* Intern* ami of Agrtrulture. The report ? followed by ae srtthaane (arett) of - ? fel t .ieffraf,'. decreeing'the recoir niece aliens with tw report oo Delude* In it o ecu. lading pnetion of the Beeieetary '? report, he tays.- 'T>rr* ought to be, doubtless, still further m-'sri * takrn (that is 11111 greater tnduoemeou given to em-yrartr). but for thin purpose It in aeotaaary to bees Irg.slei vc so bortty " Th < ijmVr* spread to day. and !awg p. foeor smigra tic* will be >t traduced Th* price of the beet govern n,< r I >*nd w. i W Oxed at a lower ret* than Cnttod -taOas wi'd v tli rn 'ari'ie, and It is ween state 1 that to large .(?l'-geatmta. of w?ll rotate ?l -d *rortor. ?et* a l'ti le irecta r,f country will b*g<wt tovaly e v?n a -gnat a iw? ' THE IXW CRUSADE TO SYRIA. EiMitl?M ?? D?m*?en?-? Cttl. i?U Hang?One Hundred nntl Ten of the Irregular Troop* Shot?Thirteen Hamdrtd I'rrder Arrest?Ttae iioveruor Oeaerml Condemned to Death?.Arrival of the Da ten, Sardinian and Austrian fleets, dM. [Oorrtspondence aI the Bos too Traveller.] Bxyroct, Syria, iugust 33, 1S60 At ib* Christian world a at this in uncut on Itu </ut rtM to learu the'resulls of Koad Pacha'* m salon to in muM'u?, I am happy to tulorm you tba'. ho baa mats a good beginning, and he haa thus far proved Limsolf worthy of the oouddence placed in hint by the Sultan and the Ambassador* at Oonniantlnople Letter* Irom llanaaoua, dated the 30th tnat , inform n> tb*l early in the morning of that day sixty-four or the Motlem Cll1/.?ti? of 'hmuc<u were fonod huug be lore their own door*. "Three are the tint executions for the massacre In Damascus. This has throvo the city into gloom deeper than before. The few Moslems who had opened their shop* have cloeed them to-day. The Jew* keep to tlielr own quarters. lew Christians appear la the (treeIs to day. The Moslem* are down cast. arid many of them weeping. The women o' th Me banged, and those of the prisoners now tearing the worst, are weeping and screaming in their house* or in the streets, and curstng the dogs and swine for whose takes Moslems are being hanged. Too poor Christians La the Castle (about seven thousand) are fearful and animus, and more desirous than ever to get away. One hundred and thirty prisoners, tied together In parties of tea, hare been marched to the plain for execution, and three hun dred were sent away from the city with their hands in wooden yokes. Yesterday there were thirteen hundred under arrest. The Pacha la desirous to detain the Chris tians and Induce tbem to go to the houses from which he hss driven the Moslems." The foregoing Is the testimony of an English gentle man who haa remained in Damascus during the entire crusade information hss also, 1 learn, Jbocn received at the American Consulate to nearly tho same effect. The l/aited States Vice Consul at Damascus informs bis chief at Bey root that " lift y seven were bung in the city, Ave of whom were of the leading Moslems, and the remainder from the lower classes. Two of ttem were thane who attacked Vice Consul Mes baka In bin own bouse, and wounded him severely upon the head and arm. At two o'clock P. M , one hundred end ten of the Basbl-Basouks or the Irregular Turkish cavalry, were shot In the plain outside of the city, oie of whom war Ismail sgha, the son o' Shemdiu Agha, who was a military captain and a prominent leader in the in surrection " Thus has the first instalment of justice been wrung oat, sod we expect to learn of further txecuiKxui by the neat post. Noth withstand log tt is, Cyril Graham, who has Jnst re turned from a tour la the interier, after visiting u? msscus, Baebeiya and Rasbeyla, expresses the Arm conviction that Christians will never be ship to reside in Damascus again eo loug as the country If In the hands of the Moslem power. lie bad several very narrow escapes from toe Druses while in the In terior, who threatened and songht to take his life be be assured their cnlefs that they were mistaken Is the idea that England would sustain tbem in their pre sent policy. In reply to their assertions that the English and the I>rusea were brothers, be oootly informed them that tbey were no longer considered by the English as brothers, but as wild beasts and worse then savages. Be afterwards overheard them intimate ih?t be was an enemy of tbe I 'ruses and bad better be put out of the way. And his Algerlne guard had great difficulty in pre venting them from carrviug their pprpose into execution. Be found hundreds of bodies In a complete state of preservation, and tbe widows an J orphan children were ?till weeping over their slaughtered friends, lie distri buted among them shout twenty thousand piasters, and prevailed on Fuad pacha to sand tbem one hundred thou sand more. , The French troops have been pouring Into the country very rapidly, and the expeoted arrival of fifteen hundred Zouaves will complete the first detach men I of six thou sand of U>e French army, designed Aw the uooupatioo of Syria. Bejrout baa assumed the appearance of a French garri son , and tbe Immense amount of stores land jd by tbe transports sad the line of battle ships recently arrived somewhat belles the avowed intention of Napoleon to oomply with the conditions or the Convention and evacu ate the country In six months. Tbe crowded harbor of Bey rout is daily becoming mire crowded. Tbe arrival of the Dutch, the Sardinian and tbe Austrian fleets were announced by tbe uenal saluting cannonade, and the Spanish fleet la exiwcted next week. Hut more British and as many French line or battle ships are also expected. We still hope to see an American fleet or one man of war at least, to prevent hope deferred making tbe heart sick. It Is expected that the Druse campaign will begin after the settlement of all difficulties In Damascus THE BIDET OF AM A HEMIC AN MIESIOMABY. Bnvnoir, Syria, Aagunl 14,1MB. Tbe author of tbe following latter, ko Americas mleatoo kry tn Mount lebanon, bu been, with Ma family, to tbe midat or battle*, Ore ana blood, during the mountain war, aid hia experience aid tbe inforimktion oooulaed la hie letter to the Briliab Admiral, cannot fell to tnterkkt Amari oka render*. Rf t Mr..Benton, who la a deroted iBl**louary of tbe _ ... 1 Mh? Amertc* n Board of Comtnl** loner* for Foreign M lee loo*, baa Heed emang the Druaea for aeyen or eight year*, and baa received many forora front their laater*. He I* ooe eI tbe eery few who bare any eoaAdane* la thsaa, and la, I > thick, the ealy ? balneary bndaw*ag^agaaM|WawwaM uy eoaBdeetoe la tkeaa, and la, > In My-la who entertalaa aay ' cooearetoa to Cbrlattaalty. ? aeaiwa. awn vwi/ wawiwiHM/ i hope id their etelltaatloD or t ib not ear or la tag, therefore, that he ahoaid be chart ably inclined toward the Druaea, among whom ha Urea, aad to whom ha la Indebted, porhapa, for aafoty during the mountain war. The America* through out s"jt la bare been treated paraoaally with much impact by i brae wily politic Ana, tbe Druaea, In order to obtain their influence In the day of reckoning Buiaor* Mount Lebanon, Auguat 1,1MB. Anxnui Mabtie, H. 3. M. 8. Mtrlboro ? I iulb Bib?In eompl ance with your hmored reqoeat, 1 mi at reepectfully place at your ear viae the folio blag oar rati re of what we bare eeen end beard, an -eel ret, la the midet of tbe late terrible ereate upon Mount Lebanon Our high point of okaerratkin, Bhamdun, la attaated la I be Inieo country, near the Dunaacoa road, four boon from Bey real, aad four ibotwaed feet abore the Msdttor ran ran It mntolna a thouaaad aaaia, firaeka, Maroaitaa ?ad Prataataafo, ail Cbrletiane, under r>mae promo, ion. 1* all prrriooe, m la the prearat war, Bbamdua baa al waj e malstaiaed a neutral poaiuoa and nerer been plna derrd or burned by either party. Stnoe the auaamar of U34 It baa. more or leea. been occupied fj the Syria miwion. and for tbe laat eetrea yaw by to# mlaelaaary lamily now rreidenl here, aa a elation of the A. B. B. F. M. Inrtag the third week of May laat, in a (traeg order waned by the Peoha bad (ha ICaylar makom, ?dd re re ?d la the tirnm (loromor* in tbe mounuia. for tbe ilflcieot protect loo of all tbe Amerkmo maataaartaa lb their reepectlre dletrkla, w* aw th* A ret iwcogaiaed Brm*al n of goeernmeat for a etrtl uvea aad Chrtetiam. We knew I their mutual animott tie*, bertd itary an 11 path lee. bitter retaliatkoaa, and th* eafre failure of govern neat to Interfere except far their lacreeeed ailenatkm and tbe efuaton of their bleed. For week* together we aw tha Druaea rumoring their foml lire ted goada southward, aad beard that the Cbrtatlaae, la like meaner, were removing northward. Alarmed at tbeae indication*, oo Tueeday, the Wth of May. I railed tbe chief Prcee, Akkal, in tha neighborhood, ?Bltoaa nnd earneet aa aye*if for prmw ileg peace, rug gerteu tbe united mad At ion of all (taper Ally tbe Englteb aad Frrnrbl ccneular antberttMa la Beyrwut to taterraae aad perreat tbe threatened barharwm of a civil war, aad waa meat aaaftdaatlally tenured that their medlatloa would h# m<el acceptable to all tbe Druae Akkala and Rhf .K. bat that the ifoelka, challenged to flgl.t, oould never eek for It, however desirtble it might be But, ale* for Lebanon' the war waa already begun. It com wooed about leu A. M of the naam day, thrue bourn beyond oa, at tbe White Back moualaiaa, kil ii iea tbe Chrlatmae from Zaleh?two tbcueand la nam her. mere or Wm?coming up to burn the Druee village*; aad ooe buntred aad fifty or two b i mired gathered to oppeee them aad defend the'r own country During the ame efleraeea another bead of i"h return*. aeverel bordred la number, from tha North, came down opuo Belt Mtro at live P M , at tbe aorthweat of a*, la fall view of ! ley rout compelled tbe flfty Druaea reetdcat there la retire aid burned their bona** aa<l other kamlata aad leoleled dwell lege of tbe Pr inea in that neighborhood la the oourun of tho nlgfct folio* og aJ moat all ibe villagea la the Matro dlatrtct. rf a mired population at the north of aa. were net ea fire. [Twee aad I h ret An neigbbore mutually ona tend leg for tbe victory In Una terrible eight mefllrt wr beer that oaly a law per Jena oa both etdaa were kulad. Tbe aval mora fog, Be.laeaiAy, May 10. after n eleaptoaa night. * hile I *m nub my lam uy engaged In Dtrta* worabip, tha whole pop.Ui.on of llbamdun. with kw ev.eptione exreptlone. auddealy r i?bed inward* my bouee, cry lag, Tha Druee* are upon ua! It waa a fofoe alarm Drtermtaad. if pnaathla, to reel are reaBdeac* and aare th* Tillage, oa condition Ifol Bona* rbiuild gu to war nor Area gun (a Khamdtm without ? tpreea order*, exmpt at the forfoitnre of hia owa life. I f'bered to Identify my re?id?at* aad Uoeeicai rltl renabip with tbe tranquillity aad prtaarratMm of tha rtl lege My poettkm wee m et folly auatatoad by the Druee fxirrraor. aad by tbe Am-rtcaa Ambeme tee at Coc??o*. | tinople. ea their oflklal rorreepondeaoe at tbe Am r.cea cooeuAte plainly show* Miaoe that date the Drum Dor , ?raor btmaetf, or hie repreoeatati**, earn* and re* dad , bare. i flea eek ion led* lag that the prearaoe and influence of the m ?eb rariee knee en eel hie TlHage. AW* re decler leg that Bbamdua eball not be plundered while be llrea. 1 It a ibe triumph of preachla* tbe Oonpel ar t llrieg Pro ' tee tact Am A eeroud >rg?gem<nt m tbe BeM occurred on We.'n.eday, the Btb of June. TbeCbrWiaeeeet oa Ore twe Druee boner* in Felugba, In fall eiew of lb a poaI. | H.rdrerf* en each etde were engaged nil oey. The I'meea, thrice repubed tbemeelrea. euccweded at laet In driving back tbe ChrtMlana to the vineyard* of /anlah. Aad, air, i fDwtbe aforeeaid Tueeuay, May ?th. uben era taw and be*rd tbe Iret flgbltr g aad burning af thi* war, for twenty- | ?re daye lu iucoeaatou we crmld A?aat tble point tbe mhece end fla*o?eofibie grr?i o-mflagraiieaeeBtiDuelly ee-end ia oee village after eaotber, aa tbe amuke of a furnace, , ttw*rd heaven; while It ritanded fhom B-umene. tbe capita' of tbe CbrtattoM, *"uthward to *fdoa, iwletH to B**? elf a, aad northward to Bealbec, over ae area of over ore thoti'aed tqoare miiee. Expelled U .r?e.le?* from 7-bi. b, in May of laat year,for onr hrnieetaailem. we bierd, with regret, of tbe euddeo eipuleloe of al tte larnl )w* by tbe Drone*, and the d*Mruct?<a of all it* r dmellfog* In a whirlwind of Are ffo H t Dine 1*. we raw ibe Tntktob u or i? poaetng aad inciting the Pnwe to ibe eiuwk ea the Selnrday prertooa, and beard at eim.lar tnoieawato to the aboeklag berberitiee of fidoa. Iwlr el Komr, Ha?b? tya, Beebeytn aad ImeAeecua AM. for Lf he eon and all fyr A' AM. for th* abeence of ell to*i at Aucb a time ' Atoij for the unfortoen'e d *?i< re o" Ibe Cbr Attaa Cbaaal* la the oppoeita !n*lr? - t ** ?ed idea* of poDrr ' Aim, for tbe wild pam ?et a-, I ?eifol, h!*t??d our fallen aaiore mingling tn the .-ennee en I dm ir'ieicen of ihfo ubmerclfol war I The wraib of ?id Almighty hi* fallen npon the goodly mcmbtoa Uhuaob IB *>d wnete Ikmiirai, Hernia, He r ?' Ki bit, /ahleb, and two hundred other town* art ri ?*?*, *re denclete, and eP Pyrl* ? r w tiled with V ?*!'?? wldowe and nrpbata. t ? new me. ?lf, 'bf f*. e thmaand I an w. t,* m Um united fl< ? ia -1 Fkgtoad aad France w ? u ? man gr ?ertim*?i. fn tbe rnme *c Mod md n'* h ir?e ??. ( 1 bid yen wrbente. ?n, and wwt aaraevt'r h ? y-tr ut ted f-tt dertttca aad ^fapaaatca icwarna' ,te **i*-a emnmuuiilaa or 1Mb unhappy land, In MI thalr Interest* aau retatiuas, whioh may acinrd with um Providence c4 Sod ana tua soda of Ml true government for the restored prosperity of tbe whole couutry and the ? octal and per manent uanqutllitv oI its Inhabitants I have (be honor bit, to be your faithful servant, W. 4. BKV[X>N Cltiion of the United States of Amertan The British and French admirak are nertlaf ovary effiirt to trace out the source and origin of the war, and French and Britlnh Gummi?m intra have been aunt to investigate the matter thoroughly. Vartoua theories prevail. The Drnae party, with their friends and sympathisers, contend that the Ubrialiane voluntarily \rutuked the war, and that all the evil oouao quences which reault from the war were brought npor. themselves. The Ijjgiiab party contend the war waa brought about by French intrigue, in order to give Napoleon an etuueC' tor an occupation of the country by a French army. The French declare that the war la the result of a Uoe lem conspiracy to eilerminate the Chriatiana, that the Turks urged upon the Prises to tight the Christians; that they helped by thetr policy act treachery, and thou com menced tbe work themselves when the Druses refused to be a mete tool at Damascus. The .American Consul and mfealonartes are entirely neu tral , and act only lor their owu protection aud safety, lit er ifi-aitallng to respoa i, however, to the CMl of huma nity, from whatever quarter. SAD SCENES?THE JAFFA 0CTKA8*. BKVHorr, Syria, August 11,1S00. Tbe excitement which prrvaded last wee* ou account of the ancoancemenl that a Frrucb army would aooo land In By rla, received a quletua in the proclamation of Um Governor General, who. with all the tamg fntid coo eel Ta ble, Informed tbe public that the French Iroope were coming by the order of the Sultan, and consequently that no hostile demonstration wool I bo permitted oc tbe part of the Sultan's subjects. While, how ever, the Moslems afllct to believe tbe Kreoch wit come in obtdltnce to the command of the Sultan, they carry their beads lower than formerly, and avliently thai frealty humiliated at tbe idea of an occnpatlon of syrta y Franks. Damascus Is attll In a deplorable oondttMM. About one thousand persons have bseu arreatod by Foad Pacha, tbe gates have been closed, aad no one Is permit ted to depart unless he avails himself of tbe example ot St. Paul, and the corruption of the guards, by letting hkaa self down tbe wMl In a basket. Spies are every where M d If guise, and nice of tbe Damancus rebels were arretted yesterday In Deyrcut by Moslems dressed as Europeans. Fuad l .ioha is going on energetically la his work at Pa asaacua. Be ordered, last week, the execution of tbe baker who attempted to poison the Chriatiana in tbe Oaa tle, and tbe baker waa banged Nine others bare been condemned to death; but It is evident that more troops will be needed to curry into execution the judgments of tbe tribunal, for the Moslem* have declared that for every Moalem exesuWd Chriatiana will bo murdered. And lb is is no idle threat, for ilnce the execution of the baker three Christians bars been assassinated. This state oL" things baa caused tbe Christians to restive upon a gene ral exodus, at Ihsy are convinced that there is no '.eager any r.ifety for them in the doomed otty of Damascus. So vcral thousand have already arrived, and other* will fol low an soon as possible. AIM' for to? poor lunttui. TO? heart It wrung wltbr pity uid cotnpaMlon when ton caravans enter the city ot Bey rout with the poor,'denuded, Marring Chnrtiaua, rid ing on muite, if they are so tortunate an to obtain "?e?a. or walking barefoot over the mounUin roadi. Borneo8 them T knew I had aeeu tbem in their beautiful hoenia, rolling :n every oriental luxury, and had enjoyed Usalr bountiful hoepitality. Pome of the women were heaj11" fhl, but now what wreck* of humanity they are. 9e?e ral weeks of oonBnsnient to the enclosure of tan castle o. Damascus, and exposure to the heat of the midday Sy rian ran, and thedewaof night, bare reduced them to mere skeletons. The gold plate which oovered Die* the magnificent drapery of their apartments, their tewele, their gorgeous ooatumee, are all gone; the gurg Itng of their fountains is heard no mere, and the beauti fhl garden*, and the marble courts, hare passed from be fore thim. Clothed In rage, bareheaded and barefooted they cry for bread and pray for shelter and protection. Mothers know not yet the fate of their children, end fatherless children are running to and fro inquiring lor the-r parents. Had scene' eo lull of want and misery, it makes the heart bleed. Ib? Relief Committee feeds about two thousand of the i'arvlog eyery day; but their top piles are exhausted, AuU unless subscriptions come ir quickly from abroad, these poor persecuted people most die of starvation. Our hearts hare been gladdened to see a notion In tbo Ixwdon pepers of the rstabllnhrowit of a BrttiehHyrlan Relief Csmmittee. and many noble names are npoo the list. Relief will undoubtedly r?me,but It may oome toe late for tbe hundred thousand suffereri. Food IS the principal thing seeded now to sustain life, but wbeo cold winter approaches they must here clothing and shelter as well en food. Will there be no relief eommir tses formed In Boston, and other large cltiea of ton railed SUtee? I bellev? there will, and that tbo appeal In behalf of so many thousand victims will meet with a hearty r< rpoose all oyer the broad States of Aaaerttm * <Apnrrben*loos are now entertained that upon the arrf y*l of the French tro<ip?, which are expected to morrow, tbe Druses will put their threat into execution, and mart acre the twenty thousand Christinas now la thei; power, bsfore fleeing to the Interior, where they bop* to elude justice asd their puimsaia. Happily sew**!'fofl" mentr of the twanty-fly? thousand French etp*e?r?psr Zouaves, who will be able to Ibliow the bloody Druss to bis mountain lair, and wreak vengeance upon the m.o* aererr or ten thousand Christians, The Heat now before the town Is oomposed of ton* British line of-battl*ships, three French, one Dutoh, '.bras Creek, two Maid la iaa, three Austrian and four Turkish frigates and ships of-the Una, and n large French Beat In daily expected. It may be hoped, therefore, that with more than a. re-re of th# largest class of veassU of war of all the, Ennpean nations, together with shout twenty Ave thno aand French troops est the ltad, Syria may be kept qttwt until the Ave great luropeai Power* shall de* ee sura method by which this on a try may be saved frota future massacre* and deluges of blood The Jells outrage, committed about three ysaraann - upon the family of Mr Duos, has been thrown entirely In the shade by the massacres that hare been prrprtraiek? slur* but notwithstanding Ibis, and the troublous i.aset that ham fallen on us. tbe raproeentatlres of our govnrD ment have not been Idle la demand, as redress for net rages committed long before the war between th* Mam nives and Druses. It may bn lbs (hots of the Jaffa outrage are sot eotimry familiar to your nadirs la January of MM an egr* ural missionary, named Discs, resided is tbe ifanmai - some distance from Jaffa, is n eery dangerous sod es pesed place bh daughters war* daily in the hahH of am lag sod oocversing with th* Arabs of the vicinity, and on* sight th* bonne eras attacked and broke* o we. the wt men were omtrngsd. and in th* melee th* huabaod of tbe eM*M daughter, a Preoeiaa named BUiaboch, siiial. the property was stolen and the family ruined. After many attempts to secure th* real cr-,astasia, th* ? Consul at Jerusalem ooly tueoeodnd la arresting partww dote aedly pot forward by the author it i?a to scram the guilty. The earn was floaliy trasaforrnd to th* Coosa! at Be; rout, who few Had out the guilty part Iceland brought four of them to trial and sooamd their ooorKJtioa Ttwy warn condemned by the Porte Is hard tabor for ttfo at Acre, and about Are thousand plasters (or $3001 Indemnity was uffbred for their losers This tsdema-.ty and verdict Mr. Consul Johnson rafassd to receive as sal .elec tor r, asd Onleael Williams, our smbssssdnr at the Porte, protested against each as inadequate punwb mesk He cam was Anally adjourned over until tae merdarar of th* Prumiaa. Mr. foeisbect, might be arrest ed. Time satirical having claps*1 to show tha Impeasi bUlty of *" *-* ?' " **"" >r reeling a black slave who had eocaped to thw Bed mi os la th* Interior, lusttce has Anally beeneeor-fod ?r verdict has b n glym at the demand #f tin given at the dtadH Amer'.i an author i lief in Turkey Tbe last sad Snal ver diet Is lo th* following sflhst ? 1 Th* unarrested criminal, wbmtaksa (for th* sroosm Bstent ef which no efforts will be spared), to be pus hy th* lafftctloa of th* rxtmmsst penalty of ths - law?vis, deslh. A Th* taut prleoeers now In truss at Acre ere to b* re moved ts Oanslaatiaople where they will be imprwmxvt < for lifo at hard labor, antem their crime shall hereafter b* regarded as mar it lag death, la whteh cam thsy wUI ha executed. . g An tadsmstty of twenty Ave hundred doltam to ibo family of Mr. Dtion and tbe widow of Mr Btembnck. At last that Mala of th* Dtsoa tragedy has bees re moved from the Americas escutcheon. Afo SUM hope ? that all lb* criminal* wiB be *MewMd, for thsy riaM: deserve death in the optatan of your hsmhls oorrenpoo* sat. Tha MM Mam mmd Wemsn nff rwetdsses. K I. The follow lag list or perwms comprise all that am an erased la the city ef Prei Idoao* for pi upsety amouatlag to Alt* 0S0 asd upwards Ths whole ralaatwn ef ths city Is Ml.111 too:? .... Alex Duncan.. A bra. B Dike ... IWjO Job* a Mown.. TH 70S Wm Otunvesor... *TJ MS Robert ?.lvss... 1?M Tally D Bswen... J"*** Moms B Jenkins M M JshasGiirhsm.... >?$?? (kens Ball MM Srth PaMford ... 1A4.AAK Mer?hail Woods. IHM Mahal Bntehina . 1* ?> Cbl'teR Oeddard C?M T. Hartaes*' wtM Bee lam in Msppta MU M* Duty Kreese Id*. K? zpsl. *"5 txsjssr: mZ bjjtsu: isf (ST A Bowhrd WW Ritas Wsterwias . ">*? Amass Haste*.. 390 200 I * wis P. Mead ... Mo**" Aw* D foaiib . 3*t 000 /srbarish Allen . 1? tnc inewh Cbapte .. ?' W Beary L Kmds i ljOMC) rwi y Maaoe .. tTt 40S Uarduer T. Bwarts lil.nsr. I#we P. Child... MM Hear* An'tumy . ltt te?* 1 award P uree M3 AM (1?, M BWis?t4 lJOfoO j.etS eteeee. .. 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